Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: March 25, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VOL. r1.




No. 9 a



From SATURDAY, MARnc 25, to SATURDAY, APILt x, 1786.

NAsSAU: Printed by JoHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAT.


LONDON, DecNassal a6.
\N Friday a deputation of merchants in the Ameri-
Scan trade waited on the Marquisof Caermarthen,
Ships office in Cleveland Row, to propose fome new
nuoaiions in commercial bfinefs, previous to Mr.
men's going to France.
DeNeim.r 17. Yefetrday died, in Suffolk Street, Ca-
osdilhfquare, aged Tj, Sir Thomas Pye, Admiral of
Ak White, and LieutenantOeneral of Marine.
7ar.y 5 This being the day appointed for the
ehbation of the New Year, the uiual ceremonies
wer observed at St. James's. The King, Q.een,
priaeefs Royal and Princefs Augufta, came to the
qyaen's houfe to breakfaf, and afterwards went to the
iawing-room at St. James's, where a Court was held.
At soon the' following Ode written by Mr. Warton,
wn performed, as fet tr moaic by Mr. Stanley, Mailer
f the King's Band.
S P~E.AR to Jove, a genial Ille,
J Crowns the broad Atlantic wave;
The fca"ons there in mild ffemblage file,
And vernal blifoms cloath the fruitful prime;
There, in many a fragrant cave,
Dwell the fpirits of the brave,
And braid with Amalanth their brows fublime."
So feign'd the Grecian Bards, of yore;
And veit'd in Fablc'r fancy-woven vef
A visionary (hore,
That faintly gleam'd on their prophetic eye
Through the dark volume of futurity :
N r knew, that in the bright attire they dreft
Albion, the ;reen-hair'd Heroine of the Weft;
Ere yet the cl im'd oldOcean's high command,
And in tcn'd the tsident from the Tyrant's hand.
Vainly flow'd the myftic rhime ?
Marl: he dcee from age to age,
That fill her trophy-pidur'd page;
And fev. with all its strength, untam'd by time,
Still glows her valor' veteran rage.
O'c Cilpe cliff, ind tfeepy towers,
When 6ream'd the, red falphurqes fhow'rn,
And Death's own hand the dread artillery threw ;
While far along the midnight main
It'sgarinl arch the flaming volley drew ;
flow trumh'd Elliot's patient train,
Baffling their vain confederate foes!
And met th' unw ted fight's terrific form;
And hurling bac the burning war, role
SSuperior fiery Ilerm
hIthere an Oceai that forgets to roll
Beneath the torpid Pole,
Nor to the Iooding temper heaves ?
lir hardy k I the fubborbillow cleave.
The rugged Neptune of thawintry brine
la vin his adamantine breaf plate wears:
To search coy Nature's guarded mine,
She burRt the harrier of th indignant ice;
D'er funleft bayI e beam of Xience bears:
An1 nrouing far anod the polar fleep,
Where Drake's d enigns fear'd to fweep,
he fees nw naion ock o to fame fell sacrifice.
ShI feeds, George's fage command,
ty from cp to deep,
ndzne tone nJhe binds;
From (here to thore, o'er every land, j
The golden chin of commerce winda
Meantime, ollt ta nlore .
Her own rich
lier native Flece new fetvoClr
And wakens ll its whirling icel.
And mocks the rainbow's d die.
"Mre wide the labours of theloom the fpreads,
10 irmer bands domestic C merce weds,
Ad calls her Sifter-ife to'fare the tie; r
Nor heeds the violence that broke t
ertt tilial realms her own parental yoke
a cttie, throng'd with many an ttic dome,
not the banncr'd baftion, maf tLroof; i
Pum as the altic's feudal roof, n
Stands the Briton's social home- t
11 Claul, of Bngland's liberty the lot! t
lbt, order, law, prote& her imppef plain

Nor forn to guard the shepherd nightly fold,
And watch around the forest cot.
With coafciont certainty the fwain
Gives to the ground his truited grain.
With eager hope the reddening harvelf eyes;
And elainm the ripe autumnal Gold,
The meed of toil, ofindufiry the prize.
For our'a the King, who boats a parent's praife,
Whofe hand the people's fesptre fwayst
Our's i the fenate, not a fpccious name,
Wholea&ive plans pervade the civil frame;
Where bold debate its noble war displays,
And, in the kindling ftrife, unlocks the tide
Of manlieft eloquence, and rolls the torrent wide.
Hence then, each vain complaint, away
Each captious doubt, and cautious fear!
Nor blaft the new-born year,
That anxious waits the Spring'l fow-whooting ray:
Nor deem that Albion's honours ceafe to bloom.
With candid glance th' impartial Mufe,
InTok'd on t o suspicious morn,
The present fcens, the dillant fienea purfaes,
And breaks opinion' speculative gloom:
Interpreter of ages yet inborn,
Full right fhe fpells the charader. of fate,
That Albion fill fall keep her wonted ate :
Btill, in eternal ftory, thine,
Of Vidlory the fea-beat Ihrine ;
The force of every fplendid art
Of old, of future world#, the univcrfal Mart.
1Yanuary 6. It is certain chat Mr. Pitt has new mo-
defied the Irilh Propottions, and will undoubtedly
bring them forward again early in the enfuing fallions.
It is reported that Spain has positively demurred in
the matter rcfpe&ing the cefion of the two Floridas to
France : and that he has offered to cede both there
provinces to Great-Britain, on her providing an equi-
valent, which the French are faid not at this time to
potfers. Gibraltar is the place that the Court of Ma-
drid certainly point at.
UnIcs the Grand Signor should hazard a revolution
that may lend him from his throne to hie grave, by
sacrificing too much to the Court of Vienna and to
peace, a war is likely to break out between the two
formidable Emperors ot Germany and Turkey, the
former of whom will be fupported by the whole power
of Ruflia, the Emprefs of which wilies to fecure to
herself and liceeffor the polleflion of the Crimea, by
putting it out of the power of the Turks to affect their
ancient title to the supremacy over that vafal Province.
Our rcadcra will remember, that for fome time back
there have been negotiations between the Courtt*f
Vienna and Conflaltinople, in order to certain and
fix for ever-the limits and boundary e of the two Em-
pires; in the course of the laf month the Divan dell-
red to know the ultimatum of the Emperor of Gemany
,n this head; the following is prccifely the answer
which the Imperial Juleph has t-anfmitted to the Porte,
and which contains the final demands of the Court of
Vienna, from which the Emperor has declared he will
not depart in a tingle article.
t. That the Fartrefs of Wihaoo being abfelitcly
necefary, as well to fop the inroads of the wandering
hordes, as to prevent the defertion of his Imperial
Majelty's troops, the ceifon of the diftridh in Croatia,
litoated beyond the River Unna, (offered by the Porte)
cannot by any means be accepted, unless the above
Fortrcf* be included in the difiri& offered to be ceded.
s. If the Porte contents to cede to the Emperor
what belongs to it, in the Province of Wallachia, as
far as the River Unna, the Court of Vienna will con-
fent to wave its claim to an extentJn of its territories
as far as the River Save, and fufflr the boundaries of
Bofbia and Herzogewine, to remain in Rai yee.
3. Ilfthe Porte conftnt to the second propeftinn.
it will be then necetary that au often as there flal be
a quftion of depofin the Hofpodar or Prince of Wal-
lachi, in order to fubftitute another In hisplace, no-
tice muft be previously given to his Imperial Mijefly,
who Ihall be made acquainted with the motives of the
evolution; and the aforefaid Prince of Wallachia, for
he time being, faI be bound to deliver up all defer-
er> from the Aultrian amy, that may take refuge in
his dominions.
4. The troops ofhis Imperial Majcny flal be put
* poileffon of the Fortref of Orfowa.
j. On there terms his Imperial Majfly will observe
he rldleft peace, and cultivate a fincere amity with
he Sublime orte.
There term however are to very unfavourable to

the Turks, that it is not much erpeded at Vienna, the
Sultan will dare to accede to them; the mon obje&iot
unable is the third article, by which the Porte would
lof the foverelgty of Wallachia, the Prince of which
the could no longer depofe without the approbation of
the Emperor of ermany. This is not a mere matter
of etiquetteor ide; for by the frequent changes of the
Wallachin Prince, a very great revenue ariles to the
Porte on their inveftiture.
Matters in Holland begii to be very feriou, and
public tranquility to be threatened with difurbuace.
The Stadtholder having left the Hague upward of
three months, on account of the ummand of the ga
rifon there being given to a French officer, is determi-
ned not to return until that officer il perfeded. The
States of Holland, an the other hand, are u determi-
ned not to fecede from their former refolution. The
Kinr of Prnla threaten--the people are divided-and
as tie time draws near, when bufiaels of the firn
confequence is to be agitated in their allembliers
(which cannot he done without the Stadtholder) con-
fulion muft inevitably follow.
7famry 7. The fecrily of the weather for fome
day palt, has exceeded the ufual meafure of cold it
this country.-The thermometer has been 1s and 4i
degrees below freezing, and this with every wind from
the Eaftg North-Ratl. ronnd th: North to South-Weft,
and South.
The Emprefs of Ruffl is Lrengtlening herself on
every fide, to that the may have little to fear on her
own frontiers, from her surrounding neighbours,
Should the be obliged, as there is reafoo at present to
think the may, to carry her arms either into Turkey or
The Swallow Eaft India pocket from the Eaft-Indies
is arrived in the Downs, on board of which Lord
Macartncy is come hois paffenger, and who arrived
ycfterday about two o'clock at the Eaft.India Houfe.
The Swallow Packe left l Bengal the 16th of Auguft,
called at the Cape the 18th of Otober, left it the
.oth of Odiober, arrived at St. Helena the z4th of
November, left it the 17th of November. The only
paffengetr were Lord Macartney, Mr. Moore, and
Capt. Church, of the to.d regiment.
y7anary to. The following are the authentic part-
culars of the melancho y lofs of the Halfewell Eaft-ln-
diaman, as conveyed to us by a correspondent, ae
whom we can rely. She left the Downs on Mondea
the ad infant, with a fair wind, and proceeded
down the Channel, and on Wednefday laft had got to
far wefeiard, as to be nearly of the coaft of Cornwall,
when by contrary winds and a violent ftorm coming on,
the was driven back, and the violence of the ftorm en-
creating and continuing with very thick fnow until
Friday morning, the then (having been in the utmeft
diftrefs all the preceding night) fruck on the rocks
fouth of the Race of Furtland, near Weymouth in
Doirethire, when the horror of the crie muft have
been dreadful and shocking beyond defcription. Cap-
tain Pierce, almost the oldeft Captain lathe Company'
Arvice. with his two eldeft daughters,'one about
seventeen and the other fifteen two Mits Templarn
of Bedford fquare; three other young ladl ; fever
other pafenger, and all the officers except one mate.
and mot of the crew, have perished; and in a few
hours, the breakers running to high, the fhip went all
to pieces, and with the cargo entirely left. Th
onl officer and a few of the men who have efaped are
molt terribly bruifed, and ofme of them have brekea
limbs from their being dialed aflere on the rocks. The
rfrviving mate arrived in town on Sunday from the
wreched fcene, and brought the abohe melancholy
account; and yesterday morningiounlr. Tuemplr,
with another gentleman, fet efo rW mouth, t
take care of thebodis of ch of the unhappy crumtar
as may be caft on Ihore. Captain Pierce, aa left a
amiable lady, with even more children, todeplore the
inenpreflible lots of an affedionate hollaia, tw o oval
daughters. and a tender parent
There were roo recruais defaid for the Eaft-laln
service on board of the Halfewell, every e of whoa
perished. The fscond mate ad Mr. M'Manus, a
midshipman, get athre onahcnooa-e Thefrgee
after tying round his fiolUens a bg, into which he
had pt fome nvalee efefla4, committed himself to
the lea, when a wae Immediately overwhelmed him
and he role no more.
The Minifters of the Courts of RuaI and Prtni
have not et terminated the aain relative o the eo
vention o Duaictk.
Lip,& D0lerA sI. Omsrqepsame asare NS

to the me of waw ready that are defined to cruif before his L&iaely and the two Holue of Parlhmtioat meeting of rle o Gentlnmen who mp
al the Algeri who ae now become fo dfp.e- aware ifnabi, ecefaryr and opera. the arcomypanyintg Refollt
rao l ns to xem terror to the fiuroundtg VillI. Krefelved Thet i committee of fifteen G02* 1 hurfday next, the 17th 1lvat.
rfisa and darloi, aus to spread terror to the fairrounding IIIIol eri I ne*t thnrtnd
nations. Orders are fo given to equip fevral flout tiemen, fele*ded from the inhabitants of Calcutta, he ballot for a Committee to condal t
ritM,-. whc are to erulie two in company, o. it I. appointed to prepare perition tl bi MajAl afi the The mode of ballot tronfad ti, .
knowr that the t vTididive plunderer have a two Houa or liawaeat, sad to core(rdlb the Ihdall hring or faind Ij1t wt ltw
large number of vwdel at feat Many of them are Inland Ilation fubonrdlina to this Ovemrnaent, ind oajotrty of eala thue ivesrn tiv C
fqu .re rifd. which mount from t o to 44 sou ad with the other Preldeciea in India. And that it be men mty be returned sea COemMa
e mnd with ouscrous crews of deferate ruLasn, tecommcndedtothem, totkeallfuAc mcafurs as they oa,.ry a1. By recent kulereiiJ
fome of their large. vells have lately been en up. lhal judge neerar for tranfaniting the faid petitions it il niI, that Mont. do Mo ntegsa,
ward of o leaue e wef of the Wftera Ila. to Europe, and for promoting and obtain;n an effer- Chief of th Kinr'. forces i a ri
as. 7aamry A metfre arrived this mor. tual rcdrecs to his Maefly's fubjed. isn Inti. And nrd.'r to halen hib i media retur t
sing m Verfailei, who brou t the ratifsation of that the ad Cnmittee be empowered to fill up vaa- in ordfr rancU the t lu. r
the Treaty of Peace betee the Emperor and the dc, as they may happen in the coorfe of tme. Ilarey I take p'sB e i are nowa
ir at General, a. alu that of the treaty of alliance IX. Refolvcd, ThtI eordfiderable aprnee mnft be pitrh in that country.
ilh the Court of Franc. Unavoidably incurred by our c.dleavoulr to obtain re Orders are gne down to PetAtuli.
Afoeerd., mwe,*y 3. The townofDorthosgiven dref of or grivasncer, a fubtlbi tion Ihll hbe prald a t quadrn r fatl, hioo at ta
its Itv.e to the Prelident of the States, relating to h the Committee, who (hall be cle&ed by this Affem. Spithil.. l, '" f
theepreelntat en that were made to the hsifray h I and that ast foot at the petitiuon 1ill he ready for A revifina is now nrmah of the
of that place, co .crning the vile treatment which the figsat ur., a hbiok hull be produced f ir the faIidfub. between trctt.u-itain and Holland d
Prince met with fame t lne e on his paiuaig through icriptiot, to the-end that every man an.y have the o". of KhRi Charles the FirL. teldill f tidm
there, which we hear has been couched in fuch haughty fortuniry of prmoinrig; by a voluntary fatirice of a hei.i., permitted to filh on our cot
term, a to gave much ofence. It I. dificah to fay ma.ll hare of his proper ty, that fccuriry of the whole, fine or toll; rhe pradeicsieng elr stl
what fteps the ate may, or will be obliged to take, which is the grand obji t i four pertilonr. or ill, become oMhulrte.
wien ontheir next me.tiag thismatter comes olicialhy X. HIcult I'hat all fu'liriptios bhe received, 'lihe Grand Duchets.of Tuftany Is
before them. whether in fprcie rr in paper, and that the amount T his Prin'eft has had more chiKjsie,
LdeIs, Janaior I. The public may reft aored, fubferibed Ihall be paid by each fubfriber to fuch perfoi hr rank in Eulrpe, oIr Q a neepteit
that L ad Macariety peremptorily refused to accept or periona as the faid Committee, when eleAed, Ibil had s many a, her Maji ly. What Id i
the government of engal. And he not only refused appor to receive re fame. ipariahic in this cafe is. tht he Iba ld
it, but delivered a Aper, containing his resaons, to XI. Refolved, That this Affrmbly do authorie the Snisail.rd (dighter to the King of 1pd
Mr. Macphrlon; and a copy of the fame paper, we fad Committee to di!rprf of and expend the whole, or Smniflt ladies, though early brhedm e a
unoderfiand. he his delivered to the Court of Direodrs. any part of the fuam o money to paid, in fuch manner cl llrrn at a much earlier period tha the I
We alo learn, from an unquefiionable channel, that 1ha appear to them brll calculated fr th general other country. Her eldtf fon is ni a
Mr. Macpherfon has been much thwarted in has go.- benefit of the cuole for which they were fublnribed. and relides with his uncle at Vinea w l
government by the Hon. Charles Stewart and Mr. Sa. Xlr. Kefolvad, 'hat Mr. Charles Purling be a for his frcefr in the empire, by.o.,t
blues, the other members of the Supreme Counil, who Member of the Conimtree, and that he b requellel King of the RoImanw. .
have oppofed him in every meafre I and being a nman to jirmpoue forarten other Gentlemen to the meeting Newt Sclsa of Parliarnnt will he ae
without dicilion or firnmas, he has been to tiaced by ir therapproval, the eitrient. The public inane lln*irf
their opposition, itkt it has hurt his health. He is no XIII. Refolvle. That the following Gtentemen dit flourilhel: arid eonmrmree Ro.rfloa,
able to sleep in Calcutta, and by no means wifhes to rlrein snorowl are ele&.l, for the purposes mentioned to a riSh 1till more. Unilef three ,r
continue in the station. to the frrgoing rcalutions. few (harp thine reltive tothe fairs nl
The following papcr C,.which arrived by the Swal. XIV. Resolved. That this AFembhly of the Brit;Dfi to.acernt for the fetdrimn fMr. EdnM .4
low pacet, w.Tl Atew, In a frong point ofiew, inhabitants of Calcutta, having the moa a erfedcttnfi will really fit like m emmernt In St. selhe
the cffe& Mr. Pitt's Bililu had in India. daces and truly in the uodihtnefs, Integrity, and shi- wi ll ad not toits men of bhuai but
Al a MCding of Ithe ritiAj fClatre, he& lities of the Cnmmittet, chosen for the condoat and tHer Royal Hirhina she Prinetes iu
ar thi .at el,n I ItIl, thi t y7lty, in. lf- management of their interests, and for the protcaion little bitter on Thulfday evening ena4
a rAe fs Pboias i s th ilk *Hi S at t si alnd dfence of their rights, a fubjet.of nreat.Britain, hrerrecovery is ill mncertaln. Mhe amN
Crep/lef th Gran ys;, f s tl I 7.e I.,j', fr do, in order to viguIi anil cdfiecy to thl;r a, time in a day. This eacelive left of
#bk pref. ,f taing ionta ce Jiderstio, the pr frsp y a ni and free them from future trouble, embarrafinent, ter p!euretic disorder rendered nlr; C
nefhy ofa P. itiso S certain iprts of an All e. tle and obflir&iiou, delegate ro them full authority, and on f fnl fymptonm of a drmpy.
4 of ia prefe,,t Af jf int*tled An A& for txpre fsa plenary relnce on them for the exe-cile rf It i with etrenme concern we lorm the
** the better regulation of the aftairsof the alt-India it, nli dlo Iledgc to ithenm he concurrence and support Prince Augulin is iangeroully iL Hl Ii
** Company, and of the Briti(h p.Ifilion I in India of lt:. f i Alfembly, ,a the frilleft manner polible, to Cigra to much the attention of tfe Qyel
and for efablilhin a Court or Judicature, for the all me ,fuii they Ihall legally adopt, for obtaining a her Macjey's l late folictr for tie i
"i more fpedly and cfdiial tria of perfns accufed repeal o' the opprcllive prmu of the aforefaia Al of it i; feard her health will fner.
ofl frncerrcncmmitied in the Ea'.lIndics;" Pariai' ntn. e Itern of a recent date from M1*,Ii
Th. fillmwinh RsaoIl.utti r w'rr pr.orfed, a.jn unri. XV. KRfolvnd, Thit the think of this meeting, he thle d;ifpute between the King of n paln and
ly agrredto. given t the Gr i d Jiiy, for hAving conveneda legal Alfitri is mt finally fett!ed, hur that af
1. Rfolved. That ii. M.jtcy'- fubjecit in the Eafl- and cornfitutional siietUrai of the Britilh fubjec in hin hilities only had been agreed to till de
Indies are entitled to the Irotertiain anil fupy, rt of the this fett!cment, fir the purple of petitioning lhs M.a ro nth Thee letters add. that a panel
lawsof England, in common with the othitr lubjcct of jelly, and the two H lofo or Parliament, or rer.rcfe fl'n in nwiT a hIkrbary cnrfa r,al At
the realm. of thfle heavy grievances imposed on them by the after a drperas enfagpment, in whi
II. Refo'.ve, That to much of the AA of the 24th beflre.meitir edal Ao of thle I.eglhfi re. :miardi and upwards of thirty f th
of his prefen. Maje, y, chap. at. ihtituled, r" An ArA XVI. Retfolin, 'ITht the thank uf this meeting be were killed. wa, taken,
for the better regulation and management of thealffTir given to Pnilip Youge, Fri; the High Sheriff, for hi I.etters from Ferel., ia4 Dei
of tie E .lalidiaCiomray, and of the riiti(h polrcllion patriotic confuA in calling tlhe Afembly, at the re- .that rvern fhips ofthcl lie .afre
in lita1i and Ior ci ablilhing a Court of Judicature, q1icri of the Grand Jury. thr arnmfl erpalition evea of the
frthemorefpeedlyandeffdtualtrial ofperlons accfed XVII. Refulvd, That the thanks of this meeting parinp fore ta a Carthafgersaa d Alet
eloff. accacommitted in the Ealt-lndie.;" a conipels lie given to Charles 11arling. Efq; for the great preci- the Spanilh Monarch beil'r d $li t
the fr ants of the Eaft-lndi Company, upon their lion, canliur, ant. regnl:rty, it. h which he has con-. rnf attention inhimnaval edt bI,1r0 .
return to Great Britain, to deliver in, upon oath, an du&ted the bunalnre oa the day.
inventory f their whole property, under pinaltics of XVIII Refr.Ied, That the above Reflutions he .. .
excelire tfcerity, is grievous and opprel ive to the printed atl nid ad public. T B 8
fervant of athe faid Company, and repugnant to the K rnt. r -rr' N fri tnit,. e It"l t, anrd ageret o /f At P U B L IC '
Conftiruri.n of our country. '7 A 0f MAt-r, n;i. by t: (OjI s.i f, fl, it 'r,1d
III. R f ivr. That the erection of a new Trihiinal lr,<'de, f Wernd .it C*:pa .r. On MONDAY ne sXt
by the (4id Ad, for the fiecial purrpofe of trying 'l'flt gcerl noice of the Gi ut'lin at thia latint. A FFpV picea f Sail
oences, charged to have been c,,mnitted in the EPall taking into conliderati,,i tire mnet proper mode of oh-. / Strip.s, Kerfymeera, La
Indies; a tribunal unretrained by the fettled rules of training a repeal of the adeil of raI. Pitt's lndia hil, kerchief Irilh Linern s,
law, and fu, to 10o appeal and the d pricing them i hi.h, under the nfia ilapca af delinquency on Thread Stntckinga. Printed and
of t,reir undouaitd birthrighr, the Tri id by Jury, arc or irt, conrinarte nf Jicature. Itrchire, Seine and Titrtle@
vioastion of the great chrtter of our liberties, an!l. Ii- 'lec folilrn nmended to the perrfal
fri egimenes of tlae mot facrd principles of the Dlritibh of thli Ocn ltr e o"inl at'= approved of, their Pcartheu it'ct Vermilliot
Cn 1t tltiaart.ceet rr.f StaitE. 0rinted1 f.lnens
IV. Refolved. That the laid Ad, by cpofing no hi. that aiBritl we are entitled to the protecton Ier' and "'fln.Wiet
Maieay's fdljtw,, reading udecr this Prlfidcncy, to and tfuipo t if the anicnt and efrablihed Ulwsof Eng- fe picce ol S'il t i
be ent forcibly into Elgland, and there to be tried for Ian1. in rommaon with the other fuhjedkdof the realm. Porter in harlst and bs
offr.ce committed, or charged to be committed by It. That the inventory required from the feranes of Flour, and a few t s of
them within thefe l'roinces. is highly dangerous to the Htn. I aft-India Company, and the New Court of STe .LtNO
the tecur;:v f their peroins and forunes. J;udi:.ure, confituted by Mr. Pitt's Bill, tor the Kf, Afrifut 1 17t
V. ReflIved. Tlat it i in urious to the fervanto of trial io delinquent, are contrary to the laws and cunf
the United Company, to be anbj.edd by the fi.l A t)m ui tangland, infomuch thar it tomrel, undererr On VnneslOYl
of Pnariamenr to be d n fl e4 from their employment fcvere ipraltic, men born free to ive evidence again ft I" e y M
in the Balktadi, or to be recalled at the pafure of themfves, an.l deprive. the fuhe of the ineftinmable A N A^""'O
the Crown, whih ia, in other words, at the will of bk fiug, and his birthright, ** hi:,l hb his Peer." good, fome
the Mi ier. Ill. That it is the duty of every fa th to support a rl olr
VI. R folve. That the provision of the faid AS& of the laws, and by every legal and kn endeavour to we very day next w
Parliament, which enactr That all wri'ing which present innoiationsin the Coftitauton. t
kA l have be-n trnlmf teed from the Ba .Indies to the IV. That we do moft folemnly believe the New
Court of )ireoturs, by their oilers or fervnts rcfident Court of judicature, coantittrd by Mr. Pitt's Bill, to
i the atI*4.di.e'in the ufual conrft of their crref. ItCbtntrary to the Conftitution.,
man ee with the faid Court of Dircaors, may be We further resolve, tht To foon as the federal opi.
idmnlted tb Ihe Colnimllioner to be offered in evi. nions of the Gentlemn at this nation ca be obtained, a eA
dnet and iaU ot a. deemed innadmtflible. or inem- we wil n led by ballot a Committee to eorrefpond with iRpue.Tu eat
*ete. i.fubverfive of the eftabUlihed rules of evidence, the other Committece at the federal ftations, and &aid a dvi betliweethe
and m Ifelly dangerous to his M jefty's fubjcO s re. and ait their g sd endeavor April 86, any Pe
tweniog f*o'thia ounste to Gruat-ltnmn Refolved likewfir, hslat when called upon, we will the asid Bit, and Se
VII. f Ied, Thea i.thereforebecom.g, and chearfull) fabferibe what proportiotate ftm. ofmoney a econta beforeth
highly exped.ent to his Majty' fubje&o in thefe pro- may be require i iapport of thls ar auft eufe. tholse'indeed to the i
,sees. to a.deavor. by all Iegsl and e.ofitwte NB. wTe .above rati. wr faced by the of hand, wL W
,ean to obtain a repeal of fuch etalesi the (aid Ad Gentleman present at this meeting, and afterward bt tiodl.
Shrlament, as impof thele and other hardlhips circulation, and at the tfubequent meeting on the 17th WILLI
op them And that for the peepo f obtainingg offMarch, 1785, by about iso. .K.U J AL .
l. p baal gL a ohni u IaaCcn It was alo are at. hisa mlti at, a agr eea
^^^&^^w~~ ~' I.^ ^dtoa-Lt~a

Weft-India Intelligence.
t. T lN'I, /ra7ail-'MAaca 17.
A RIVt1U on T hefday liat L'A&if, one of hi
SMot Chrillian Majely'a frigate, commanded by
-ea "irr dc L.i Ro lue, having on board the Che-
,,i. o Dillon, Aid de remp to the Comte de la Lu-
~a, Gov.,rour (of St. Dinioigo who brought advice
ashis Ecellenlcy the (Oneral of St. Denkm no bring
.iddsly tAk," ill on beard of L'A'if. they were
o ied to land hint at Port Ltoui, and that the Baron
I lulncr, General of Guadaloupe, 'ho wa likewife
i. l '' by thi fuildcn accident prcvenead front
uyint thy, Iflandi a vifit, is they intended.
VPo iav, (y amaiea) aa.) 14. On the 17th
gof olicr, i;lat 35, leng. 17. W. Capt. Blake picked
. the tng.h-bat, with thirty one of the crew and paf-
feger., ol the Frenlc* mfp Lc Ferme, Capt. Jcan Du.
Stier, from Bourlleaux for Martinico, which fitip
uandretd, at three ddlock in the morning of the 1tth,
by lightning, which lhavered the mainmaft to pieces,
sid took a plank out f the fide about twelve feet long.
Two ladies, the forgton, and one of the failors were
jrowned it the flip Itwo paftnges, and one of the
oEicrt, set uof in the yawl, and were not after fern.
capt. Blake towed the long lbot till he came dole in
withc Madira and after lupplyong them with what
thy were in want of, tnt thein all ont i ore, exccrt
loun tp.caircri, whio he catriid to St. Vitcent't
During the time they were iu the boat, they had
fobfibcd un bred aalnd brandy, not having a drop of
wvoaer, .
St. 7a',O dA Ia P.5, yaenry 6 n6. In lt. 3.6, 39.
long 13;, 37. C'at.. alr)ynile, of the brig Barbara.
ullin wittwn tii(atcs, belnging to the EmL'perr irt
J tiroicl., ho obliged him to huilt out his boat and g
on brarid thcn; after cxanliinng liia papers and being
Ltiaficd will% his p.iltport, they let hini proceed on hi.
XKc ij,, Fta,,,.'i 4. A letter of a late date from a
canilcmanl at Quebec fays, th.t the refugees from
the Colu.,ice, nw the United States of, are
fettled te the number f about 8one, at the two extrrime
of the province. Tl'h c in the Oilicr parts have made
ta atonioiing progrefa in clearing fome of the moat
fertile lan.t in the world, in a fiec climate. The
fet ler. i. the lower parts, about Chaltur-Bay, enjoy
good land, and carry on a lucrative cd tilhbry. tJy
the K ng's bounty, it provitions, clothing, inmpltmentc
of tllhbn.l.ry. aill fupplics of Lvtry thing to niake the
blues they ertA ctoit',rtable, they arc c. bled to get
v#ld hr nar in ie world ag;:., filled wbth giati ude
t thr 'i o S.vcvere.gui, and withi a lively fcnfe of
the lhbrah it, f a ge.nrouo nation. They are a valuable
aiquirion trithi province,"
Iy i, M.l y A.n. Dclargue, from the MiNrlifpi,
but i. i fi..,Lie I'r. ocou., welearn, that there is a
74 in:: tlo alihd an armed Irlg rlationed at the Cape,
thi. ltt, of which a lw days ago fciaed two Amerri.
ca., w" !-.
I',,t ,y 0llf failed for th- Mualuito-Shore, his
Mul.jc'lv' Ih;p :avmila. John hlut, Eri1; comniaotcr, b ", i detach meiit of the Iit Dlttalipn of
th Sr t. r ritcry, under the command of a nouncom.
n i ,fli r, tic rhlicv a Intall detachment of the
4', hbit, .i,. of the laid regameut, in order tojfend
th.rn (ir, at-Br tain to join their corp,.
F ltr ej a i rr from N 'u-r a, NIutmerd..
it uI the illegal, unprecedented, and diabolical
laIw of tl", State. which prevent n"y Iinig your
biineo l (f.tter with-- a. the d--d voai, wil not
pay intercn, and do'juft a thir pteafd vith impunity.
,\ e friend to the Brtllf conlhitut io; tuft fnlmit, atd
whilfl we remain here either pnheir iifiJ partial
tax, in g4od aoit lirvr, or o ta il; sud wh.t tio:".y
is die to us, is paid in the StrCrti.fttt, worth atout
five Ih i;!i in the osid., 'Wht think yu of Con--
gref, or V-hat of l'0;j? Ond ROW r'*
M:e Ih 'Oin Sa jray larI his Majetry's fioop of
wir ,he B01 E dward Margh, Efquire. com-
mnn ier, cith AS A-erican i 1mugrlri nddr her con-
vn y, whi hjibcn lri.d ar dirpfet t ut prt, by
IMrt. I I, archer of hii; Majeitty' Cufotma,
ar I at e'rt Royal.
T'he nam e, f the prizes c'Antb &ed into port by the
Bull Do., are, th Ship Brother., from Rhude Ifland;
brig Riyal Midfltipman, from New-York ;floop Con-i
vrrt, from Ne'.-l.,n4n, ; brig Friendfhip. from North
C r lna and he fshoonetAurora, from New-York.
"here vrffe arc le deep g laden with naval ftores,
lW.a'wr, lf.t fif, o1, fpo aceti candles, wine, bran-
dy. in., &c. and it ts luppofed will prove lawful
fir aure...
Thie recent aid plaife worthy exertion of a certain
Revnuc Olicer, in this pa.tiular iittance, obviously
contributing to the beft initerefts of the Empire in
Fen.ral and its tranf-at antic appendagel in particular,
by fe ing no lefithan flw American fmaggler, may.
without ftraming the import of the vulgar tongue, be
aply called ti lamentation of our arwame brother
jonathan, frirh loft of his ill-intended profit.
a-_ _- .-
EOS leave to inform his Frtents and the
Public, that he makes and repairs all forts of
Saddlery, trims all forts of Riding Chairs, .and
oufe Chairs, makes all forts of Matrarcsin the
te*ltt manner, and on th joftmnoderate terms,
t his Shop. thi E m of the Bay and
Geurgc's Street.

r E following Addrefs, signed by s< rtfpeA&
J. acle Loyalifts, was presented to Colonel
Dundla and Mr.Pemberton, a few days after
bhcl arrival at lalifax.
r tol Haowah Colonel TnOMas DvNDAS
and JIaaMeIA PaIMInaTO, Efl Comaif-
flowure a pinted by the Bri'td/h tIjfatlce to
examine the Clai, of the La/idJli in Ntwa-
Scotia, NA'e Brinfmire, We.
WE, his Majeny's loyal and dutiful Stub.
jedsi, being refidlent clifly in this place, ant part
of that numerous body of people, who, In con-
fequence of their attachment to their Sovreign,
have taken refuge in this province from the Unti
ted States of America, beg leave, wi h great fin-
ccrity, tocongratulate you on your fate arrival.
The intcrefting oiutintt with which you are
charged, as it will moft afniredly immortalize
the liberality and good faith of the Britilh nation,
to will it alto perpetuate your names, already to
diflinguiflcdl, fo rwmotcft pofterity.
With lihcere pleafitre we flatter ourfelves,
that the .knowledge of there provinces, which
yonrt rfearcht will leail yoii toi, will fully evince,
that they are blcffcd with all that moderation can
will i adti that our exertions to make ourfehles
comfoi table and happy, have not been inconfi-
0 Scnfib'e, Gentlemen, as we are, of the bane-
ful effedl of civil ditcord and contention ; and
convinced too, that under the ineftimable patro-
tage of tle B itilli Government, our perfcverance
will proclaim thefe provinces to be an afylum
for loyalty in diftref ; fn, we have no evils to
apprehend, while our invariable ol.j, is to de-
ferve and receive a continuanace el it.
We moft ardently pray, that your inveftiga-
tions may lead you to the discovery of the real
truth.-Thlce can be but one wilh : That each
impollor may bedctcded ; and that the truly un-
for tiunat may never be ungrateful to that muni-
ficent hind, which relieved his diftrtfs.
P1crmnit us, GeOtlntemn, to add, that the in.
dividuals who prefcait this address are adtated
by no other toltite, than that which arifes from
hearts overflow;iat with gratitude to our motto
gracious sovereign and the Britifh nati mn.-Al-
though we are happy to fty, that many of us have
no claims to make; yet, this laft great and rene-
rl tm attlrtioei to our fuffering friends, affect ust
molt fe:fibly.
lou W.h th Ie CGinmi Tonerr returned Ire following
WE beg leave to return our thanks for your
congratulations on our arrival, and for the hand-
fctiI manner in which you are pleated to express
yduirfclves towards us. It will give tLa the higlheft
ftisfaltion, if, purfiing the generous intention
of Parliament, we are able, by the molt unwea.
ried attention on our part, to afiti in relieving
thofc mncitorioua perfinm, who have fuffercd from
their loyalty and attachment to the Britih Go.
We heartily agree with you in the sincere
wilh, that our enqiries may lead to the discovery
of tea truth i an ohjrft, which, with perfons of
difpoitions hcnourable as thofe you have mani-
fllc'd, it will not be difficult, we trull, to obtain.
We perceive, with pleItiI-e, thofle fentimcnts
of latitude, which you entertain towards his
M.jrfly and the Briti l ration; and, we cantuot
hut thlr,k, that the gicroity of their condu
thlul wr.inly acklnowlccdged "by thote who mote
immediately partake in its bencfln, will be ad-
mitted and applauded by all mankind. We are,
Gentlemen, your niot obedient. and molt hum.
ble fcrvants. THOMAS DUNDAS.
Halifax, Xovember 16, 178y.
On Tneflay laft arrived here from Jamaica
His Majefty's Sloop of War Bull Dog, command.
ed by Edward Matfl, Efquite.
From Antigua we are informed that his Majef.
ty's Speech, at the opening of the prcftet Sefion o
Parliament on the a4th of January, was teceivci
there, and that it contained no alluflon to anl
profpet of the peace, of Europe being foor
We are informed, that orders have lately beet
received in the different Britilh Weft Indi;
Iflands, commanding the ftrileft vigilance ir
enforcing an observance of the navigation laws
and that all foreign built velTels fcized and con.
demned for illnittrde, F(excepting only uch as ma]
be absolutely reeqifite for the droging bufincfi
and there not tolk registered) (hall, in future, hb
burnt.-The edentintention of this order i
to prevent fortgn bilst veffels being intredoced
into the Mercnnts service, to the detriment o
our own thip building.
The aroline, Grant, from the Bay o
Apalachy fo London, was entirely loft in I
gale of wind the sioft oflaU ath, in the Gulph

In aIt. ss, so. ong. o. The CreW, it in nufl
her, after remaining on the wreck for five days
without provifion or frelh water, on the fithb weri
o fortunate as to recover their yawl, in which
thev got to Andrna lfland on Monday evening.
I hey there met with a turtling veTrel belonging to
this port, who took them on board, and brought
thetn to town on Tkurfday morning.
DEATH.--Laft night, Mrs. DOROTHY VAM-
anotorT, Wife of John Vanderborft, Bfqi of
A RRTr eD 1 eal s Fro
AfIr* 27. Sloop liobfler, Mafley, Jamaicae
Sloop Hope, Eve, it. Chrftoer
a8. His Maiefty'a Sloop of War ....
Bull Dog, Capt. Maril,
Ship Hope, Fergufon, ditto
3r. Schoo. Suannah, Buck, Antigua
SAll i, Fer
MAarh 2a. Drig Pggy, Gardner, Wha'e Filery
29. Sloop & Sal!y, Adderly, Baltimore
Apri I. School. Sally, Berry. Barbados
MAY IaIL. aErol o0La uiIT.
Ship I.ightning, Burrton, .ondon
Ship NITcy. Crofakill, ditto
Irig Live Oak, Macbride, GrorgiL
Sloop Polly, Cnrythorne, ditto
uloop Slly, Cole, Charlefroa
loop Paolly, Edgerome, Jmaica

Nw.Pl OI DCl.
By the Hlonoural JOHN BROWN, I fquie,
PrrFdent and Commander mi Chief of t Ba-
hama IJfands, Chanceller, Fire Admiral, and
Ordinary eftlh/)me, We. e. &r.
WT IHERAS the GenerYAd mhly of thefe
VV Iflnds hands proros ed to Monday the
.1 day of April next; ND WHEREAS it ji
thought expedient that e Aid General Affem-
lly Ihould be further pr tued: J HATs THIa-
rone rTnovur TrT, ylnd with the advice and
content of his Majefty'i onourable Council, to
iliue this my Proclamati noroguing, and I do
hereby prorogie, the fadl neral Acmbly to
Tnrcday the 6th day of Jne next, then to meet
for the dispatch of public ufiners.
GIVEN underr my Hand and the Great SCal
J thefr ifands, tis joth day of March, iL.
the fear of Oar Lord, ene thhMfandfews
hundred and eight r i, and in thV j-
ixrb Fear of Hii M a 'i .
By His Hsnom'o Commantd, R
HaieN YnoNO, D.-Serer f
On THURSDAY the 6th of APRI.,
At TEN 'Cl.,1.
Tr HAT convenient HOUSE and LOT where
SMr. JANM SCOTLAND now live,, in Church rests.
A L S 0,
Six valuable NEGROES,
confiting of Houfe Wenches, Wafhers, and lraner,
a very good Cooper, and a handy Waiting Mil well
known in town.
CoNTITIOle of lAIr.
One half Calh before the property s alerted, and
the tlher Sfi Months Credit, giving bond with appro-
ved security.
SrFURNITURE, in very good order. Conditions, CalI
before delivery. ,
, A',/F., Maret I3, t786.
iN Eletion of Parilh Officers fChrift Church.
will he held in the Churck, on nday the Iyth of
April, hbing Eafter Monday, betw the hours of 1a
Sand z in the forenoon,
N* Naau, Mare 7, r786.
S fo a anywife indebted to thiEate of the dece.
fed Mr. BCeNJAMn Smair Li at, to make psament
by the ift of May, as there is absolute n cty o.
doing the afairi by that ti ; and all Perfton to
whom the Eflate ii indebted, doefred to render in
a fites of their accounts, poper te d, by that time.
SThofe Perfon who do not give them ia on or beho
i that day, will be excded from receiin paymn
I Nj.Oe, Mnrch 3o, s78. ,
T HE Subfcriber again uea that no Perfma
. whatever wi1 0 a-lo within his bound.
rie on Hog fland,without prioul obtained
his pcrmnimion. Pecrfons o after Il cotl,
F may he aflured of having the ru of the law pu
in force agali them.
Na fa, Maerc 30 176.

__ a e he haa In view thia the opoirng the Scheldt or
t. fOITICAL STATE t NATIONW humbling the Dutch and alfe frr the purpof of m-
SUTICAL STATE- R i NATIO brvitN king Ime conmenirnt exchanges of tcrritm let likwif
a of EUKOPB. fubfervial to his other purpfein coatcmplaion. This
Pr DOcasNrI yi78. is not very politic in the Detch; for itope aa door
ARIAMENT, after lng prorogation, is called to for the Emperor to lay i funre claim toaay Ireater
ia- et lae In Janmry, for the eonfideration of di. pat or the whole of their dominions; for by the tane
van weighty and imp- ant asin while the Iri rule that he lay claim to part, he may lay claim to
Parliaatmet lled on o mat only tr he difpatch of the whole, whenever he find hinfelf so a conlitlu
banie, though fomewat earlier than oun: What and at leisure to afert the fane.
the MiiArumeeam by theft diLftiienm we an not clear As to the Franco-Dutch Treaty of defensive alliance,
abst, but we think the smeas extraordinary mat- It is clear that by this ad the preceding treaty with
ter to be laid ber them, and th me thr me Emperor, they have now thrown themfdtvs whol-
ommo Mine bdUma ko be sgoa through in the ly into the arms of France, to and and fll by the
frual aner and ifm. will and piaure of the Grand Monarch. Hi and me
The Duke of Rutuand's eatur. through divers alone, i to he their defender against all enemnies and
pars of Ireland, has been produdivw o nothing politi- alto ale guarantee between them and the Emperor;
al or lmpoeanta ut hao turned out a mre party of that is, lle empire of all future differences between
pleur and friendly citation of the Dukeand Dchefs, them. The Dutch have now no need f il-e Prince of
rily csafidered as fuch, to the nobility, entry, and Orange for a Stalthlt!ldr. The Grand M.'arch will
mecantile people of that country: As fuc they have lienceorth condefcecd to be their Stadtholdcr, a&ih.g
been received, entertained, and careed with great by his deputy the Count de Mailleheis, Cmmnander in
redialit by all theoe ranks of people; but no; ing Critof all their land forces! Thee want. nl one
brth. u ato have bee doMn, aid or thought of to linkto make the chain ...mpleat; that is, to contitute
far ewe can trace: Therefore the twenty propoltion the fame commander or fome other Frenchman Lord
fcommercialarrangement remain inaL4 a. High-Admiral or Connninder in Chief of the navy of
While our commercial treatiwith reland is ftr t, Holland, and then the bifinefs will be all doa.
common report has uht very forward a commercial What we have all along expeced has come to paf;
treaty with Faoe, t the aid four ambfladr, vil. that the ending (,f the negeciation between the
who has been at a boave thefe four months: But Emperor and the Dutch either in peace or in war,
conmaon falne aaufual radls hrfetf with verylit. would give a new fac to the affair of Europ. rance
tle ceremony for juit as the treaty is all ready to be wavering and undetcrmincd, while Great-Britain re-
Ilned, we are told, that a asw minair is to be fent mained prfealy neutral, referred and impenetrable,
over o Paris to neociate that tray with the French wasat a of which way to teer and what pan tedop',
acurt. Aa eaoy anmisir pleipotentiary isacord. flein that when Ae Ihould have formed her party by
Ingly appointed for that purpoeuring the coeinuane dimdin the powers of Europe with as many au he
o our other mnbafy!-Strange kind of i onomy could raw into her interft, Great-Britain might at
prep tryto pa the national debt!-The felcdion the crifn of the ng c France wa about to play throw
of te an too for the exeeution of this aduous com,- her whole weight into the adverse ftale, and thereby
mifioa, hat made no null difterbance among the dif- make the French one Lick the beam. The moment (he
lerent parties of ouret folk, the polfor of stand found Britain had made her elcion by forming the
canidiae feroyll o fvopwer, hohnsra, and riches. PruIlian league, the French cabinet developed the
-A. uo au we are o frm wondering at thefe whole echmne s firft Iy hnrrying the Emperor and the
things, that w are rather apt to weder that any of Dutch headlong into a confufed plan of pacification,
them olld make the lA wonder of it: Knowing which ma be conflrued to any thing or nothing nu.
heir own hear, they nd only look there and fee the der Freih arbitration and didtation ; and then hy
fame thing in cmbry, *jdy to bur forth into a emo fomiong the confrdcramiun we have fame time beet
the mmamnt i is cae upon ; nay, their own paI apprehenliv of, confifing of France,he thewo mit irsc
tranfaians are mere precedents for this v fcene we of Germany and Rulli, and the Dutch, with one or
are now contemplating. The minifler wl be at the more of the other northern power., against the King of
greaucfoisto pologisefatidfatorily to hisown nume- Pruffli, all what other power. he can draw into hit
rou friends, he majorities of both hours, for thul Io:ague, IcfideI the King o f(rcart-llritain as Eletor of
publicly fighting the whole tribe of his own fapporters Hainver '-This is the very rime FraKe wanted to
aad goen to thethick of the enemy'srankfor a cho- play, and has quire difemharrffcd her from all her
fei k on' ati in this important bullnf*. We think doubts. 'ifficultier, and Icrplxities, leaving her a clear
there% 'Q me murmuring in the ranks about it, and fair field of aiAion.
ii and w on egreeof rcafon. Yet thbi very rxtr.ordiinry confederacy now forming
Or abM at the Hague isreported to have pre- by that rrlef% ambiti.u, power, has its radical defead
fented a memorial to the State-General of fuch an el- and the feeds of its owln diiTutlion ail its very conflite-
traordmory nature, that they know not how to take t, tion, if the other power. of Europr had hut found and
much left how to anfer it; nor do they feem to care able politicians to guide their aff.ils and meet the
whether the anfwer it at all or not -So low are our coming form in a due late of preparation to braak its
ainiter all Un in the ellimaion of our near nighbours force, and damp its firy, hy it own, imbecility On
uad quondam allied and friends I this, perhaps, we itall be more explicit in t next
Our ministers feem to he ambifrador-mad, fending month, to begin the new year.
unbaffdors every where, and duplicate* fomewhere, The King of tnfli has not only this political
yet doing nothing, or what is worfe than nothing, phalanx formed again a liAni On account of hie opposing
any whre!.-Not content with letting the Hanoverian the difinnmemtsrn nt of the Gtrman empire hy the ex.
Minister manage the German afftin, they have put change of I)avaria fr the N.therlinds, but he has
their Ambaffador at the Court of Berlin in motion n separate groandi for quarrtlling with two different
the fame fubjei, which we fear will be produdive of powers in hia own right, the Dantickers on the Icore
something mainuas to Great Britain. of trade and navigation, and the Dutch on account of
Our commercial treaty with the United States of territorial 'bundaric; and ulfo in support of his rlla.
America goeson avery owly, if i goes on at all-The tion, the Prince of Orange, in his riglhi, irivilrci,
Dey of Ale:rcn is reported to hae declared war against and powers, a% Stadtholder of the llnit d Provinces
that new at.te: Whether he declares war or not, he All thefe cirumiftances and the mattenrifing out
carrire on a vigorous predatory war against them, of them, are plentiful feeds of difcrd, animosity, and
which is a fevere check upon their commercial enter- war, among the leading power. of Europe, which may,
priss in the European fea. They now feel the effeds probably, fprin up abundantly ia the ensuing fimmer
Wl their dilfmemblrment from the Britilh Empire. if To, they will yield a very bloody campaign, a mere t
dependency in to them bot a fine name for diflrasion, prelude to many fuccecding ones, poiibly odua&ive
aarch and confafien in the extreme. of fame great revolutions m the pfLem of Europe;
Venk makn a better Agure agaio Tuni., than the events which all good men, friends of the human fpecies.
SKing of S d all his confederates made again would wil to prevent, by forefecing and guarding
lTr. I lot ai their refolute and pirited oen. a in them in time. But to crel this great and
natder would e the Dey of that piratica State faar work, great and able tatcmen of wife head,
hearken to the oi f reafon, and learn fome ruleof ad found good hearts are required! Nothing lef will
Jufica and equity-f fo, he willdeferve gteat praife. do! Weak bungling minillcra interfering, will make
The early t of this month teemed with intelligence bad worfe, and throw all into confuon, heaping con.
of the Definitiv Treaty being lgned and ratified be. foion upon chaoh idrelf.
swrea the Emproer andtheDntch; and alfo of a de- Poland too, among other powers, begins to feel p
fenive Treaty of Alliance between the French and its internal commotions. It has been a fine bone for p
SDutch being mmaediaey after ed by both parties certain great powerlto pick e They have not picked a
at VurLills. The Sre of thefe wa very rapid, it quite clean yet; and this may become a bone of
contrary o the whb tenor of the preceding nego- tension among thofe Potentates. who formerly
clatio which g ith to it, which was as flow s i tecd to harmonioufly about the division ofitslimbe.
as the other was t .-With regard to the merit Thus we leave Europe in a very perturbed and irrisa-
or demerit of this finitive Treaty, we muft at pre- ted Inte, in our lucubrations for the clote of the year
Sm be filnt for want of fulclest documents to form l78,. May the coming yer wrov moreopropidous
our judgment upe it as we cannot look upon tlhe than we fee the pronCt of our launching into it S
arnicLe ld i l d the foreign print*, and from tI
thencl copied into 4 ar domefie papers, to be
authentic, accurate, ple. But i it were PANTONM L ES &
tch an mdi cop p the maty, we are fill incom- SAN 4,- L & Co.
punt to judge z ajuilce, equity, wo police of the at IMr Ntw STOka, a Atth r f Uatoa-
ranitla, neflrthe parties contrading will pleafe STaIT ad t he v,
to ftd u a trI ofthe cat tor map whichit HAVE FOR L E,
teermo they bav anfed she made on p oe for the A r
joint .pi.e their refpe v. e amberfdor- Til A GENERAL Al'ortment et ROPAN ok
s we ft fal eid our cariety on that iubleja EAST-INDIA 0OOODS00 I Malz t
bUlaroin te at preakt it appears to ntolw WIa of the firt q hlit y lard* a
.e taned aIto a money-job, to f(qus a rmad wre. Grocery, Ctrockery w thi e q
am ou of the Dutdhme n' poke to fill thea mpo- will fell on the moa raol ble ttem forC or a
'ge .afi fl r the ar ofil m other greater nter- LS iAU i f vea e.

On MoNDAY, A t

-" FAMILN S, moft ly S-
Florida, and s l
A reasonable Credit will
chaferl gihig bond with approved
For further partliculart, a to
A'fauro, Mareh S, E786.
THE Subfcriherg ves this 0
SPrefoa rendeut in thc
Indebted to the Houke of C ta
ts., of Savannah, that tirb l
&c. will, without diatirD Con,
into the hand of an Attorney Lawte
vered, as federal years indulget h tb
without producing the defir e
T"12 Thelr .ni
S A L T..7,'
ALua esa 0 as' Ialn
For Freight or q*
rTAKES the liberty to mreiqut t
J Ocntlemen who have a '100d -
tIo',r him with their command wllibe
difcharge their refpedle acuut. Al
hvinl any demands againA im, ar
call fir payment.
lie has received Iy the deuce
neat Affortment of faihiona Broiad
Kerfrymeers, with fuitable Tri nMIk
nnld and Silver Vellum L Eprulm
Repimrnral Buttons, &c. which bewfilM
reafrnmahel advance.
on an itnial, at his Iloufe in Frederick Sbtre
Kraut. JanVnarr rj st 6.
V LABOURIRS to go to w
Alsco. Good Encouragement zbh
Apply in Naffau, to J
.7-,udvrr %8. Ultg.
A IIOUSE in an airy part of sT-MR
calculated f r a fall family. i ri

HOUSE and LOT In Churc
p ent occupied by the 8u
atinn iq el known to hecal ed
that a fit r description w he
Polffeolln wi given on about th
April next, an he Fnrni re, co t fig
hlac, Chai, a c. & wrlh
the fame condition,
Who intends or g ka.
and define al ti
gainfi him, c and r
or who
hofe who an ife inde
note, or~ adt, re u
heir a unt im e&liate .
O 8 L
Standing on the New d For
nquire of y
THE Sbtfcriber Intfadilrto be
r this Ifland for foinj .tdtha
erfone Indebted to him, to d.crg
edive accounts immediately; i adt
ny demands againA im, to call Ir
Afefam, Marsh it, 7t(6.
A LL Perfont having denaIm
Sof SAMV L FARLar, l d
cquefted to deliver them p
ubtcriber without delay ; a
he faid estate, are desired to
on as poblo, to
NafaIe, Mari l, ty1 .
A LL Perfona having dcea u lia e
Mr.ALlisssnink Ross S Blt
Ftil town, are de red tAi
hir elainm, proerly atteitoA til
ad thofe wh aneledabd
ne to make ptayme
Taira may be L 04 o
UNTIL a Awliffi

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