Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: March 18, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VOL. HI TH E. No. 86.



From SATURDAY, MARC H 8, to SA URDAY, MARCH 25, 1786.

NASSAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the hinting Office on the BAY.

aw_- -ASI
AMERICAN INTELLIGRMCE. thout it ifornm ig the owner of the wbes, r his us lay tiste our he"rsi itis a truth Imped bythe
AMERICAN NT I E creditors, in what part of that, or any oth dty, they uiperiene ofe
may Cnd him.-Probably, after being p nto the I know it i* hid, ad willbe faid ain ad gaa n
FALMOUT H, PFitrUAl T. hands offoingeniou an artist, the ach'will go a that Congfe hawBtialfel ats e idn to porl.
UR brethren in the weft appear to be mightily long time, witheutfli. culr States-that ume Stateshave reffa sd do a
U pulled in ndiag wJ,. a.d orra, to flence the Crdlen., fM u J Decmesr It mit to their aeighbours-and thelufre we (a enf Lafis
pa, .U mtlice of the three eaftern counties, for indc- give pleifure to every benevolent mind, to)lahve the chuftts in particular, who bae bees ft kbametfll
ence :-They fometimes fay that we are troubled liberal proceeding of our houle of repreflettives, at injured, sad in confequence of r nertions to fer
uith a rrkfliam difrdar, and kindly prefcribefree .d their late felion a very refpcrable ajof wof which the nation) muft not give or irnet any more to Co
r'd a the only temedy.-Sometimes, that indepen- (141 to 18) manifefed their reverence national grefs, until justice isdone.-Thi language will do from
debate wol't do yet, call another time, very bufy now: treaties, by voting for a repealof thofe la* concern- one nation to another, but not front any State to the
-And, by the left Bofton papers, they are under the ing the refugees, which cireumflanees her ore ren- had of the Union.
fulal apprehenfons that Great Brits is at the bottom dered expedient, but whofe abolition noW,. s aMfe I an forry fme States have fo much reafou to con.
fit all-that the means to divide, and then to conquer lutely necetfary to the support of the faith ld dignity plain of indecilfn In Congref, and of unequal mee
ut and if we fuler the old Huffey to (frike one Aroke of the late; and it is tobe lamented, that my branch fores; but the injured States mufo take fth methods
with her political cleaver (particularly aimed as this is, ofthe legislature Ihould prevent a meafare, which cer* to obtain redress, ua are oenoftent with the Confeder.
attheir very Bulawj) h(e will goon, hewing and fplit tarinly ought to have been taken immediatelkupon the tion our great national LAW; which mot bee ferup
tin, 'till the United States hall be reduced to mere ratification of the articles of peace. Ournatioal honour loofly r guarded a the fared band of union, the high
ua bwf aa -This is not the Arft time that innocence should be a national and individual objcdt the left pil ar which fupports our ftrengsh and glory.
bath been wrapped in bea Ikin. and the dogs fte upon violationof which mull certainly lekeas In in eftima. In regard to a claim for Iuftle, is hardly to be
is:-'Tis hoped, however, that the *d car- of Mafa- tion of other nations. fuppofed that Congref w**d rem i deaf to the call
chu;tts, by their particular fagacity, will feit out the It is nt only our honour, however, but owr tetre, of reason and justice, if the injured gtate fevered in
chet before they commence the cace.-Milfrable hunt- which is concerned, in regard to onr condu towards prefing home its denand.-lf it should be aid, the,
ing on this fide Pircataqua river.-No game-thy that unfortunate cltaf of men.-Have we not by ftit- the experience of Matehumett contradids this Ideas
nladepetI on'--Norame ting the door of mercy agaiof them, enelu d much for that (he has been prefin Cogref many year for
.o, r ys. A fae American, on being ared wealth front the fate, and given birth to a colony, juftice in the matter of the old money,- would reply
by hi ft, when he tlhoiigt Amesica would be a geat which, in care of a future rupture with Britail, (which that this inflance is greatly injurious to the faith L
pen:le c replied, when they are a virtuous pcop.e! Heaven avert I) front their convenient ftlation for Congrefs, and of the atess and the delay of justice i
And when, continue the fon, do you think they will harrafirg iur filhtr., and from the inveterat enmity this particular has hurt our nation more ta en timus
become a rich people ?-ween thiy became an honeft we are forcing then to retain againfus, wil make us the worth of the money,-but byway of eucfe, it ha
people. Ano when Iluial America be refrepted by the fenlible of the rror of rur condu. been faid, by Members of Cogrefal from other Oate,
batons Of Europ ?-when, repli, d the fage, they pay Let us tread back the falfe flep we have ttken, and that although Malachufetta did at fame periods wrist
nore attratsa to thtir public faith, and left attention redify our condud, where it may appear to e been to Congrefs on this fubjcd, be never puoed her claims
to trfld -However simple the Above aidfwrs may wrong Let us consider, that we ae r makin er with that teal and fpirt, which is commonly exhibited
spcar, the) are tI ths in which the interest of Amc- out enemiesof thoe, whowould probably heI t R ne by the other States, when they have important claims.
rie ttr at y concerned. vAlusble citerrns-that we are depriving outrelves of And as numerous objeds of importance are always be.
Lae.y took his departure from this country, Mr. wealth, and creating rival, in our mof lberadn trade, fore Congref!, no claim from alate will gai attentid
lhbc t'rit, atelded by Real P'.rictifm and Public (fupplying the Wet Indies) and, above all, that our unless the claimant manfetf pereverrig energy, that
ith. Thi. chari er was fo well known at the corn- ~nttrloal chara&er fuaerR, while we purfue a condud will not give up the caue of truth and i Aiec. And it
anctment of, safduring the late war, that it would to repugnant to our interest, to good faith, ad to the is clear, to me at leao, that Mlachfetto wold leag
kt tdleli to delicate it. He wa. much refpceced till principles of our religion. since have obtained justice, if her reprofetatives, for
llate-patriots f ited him at the head of their table., fr sbh MassoC strrI CIartI yearspafa, had done their duty. Her claim hIsulice
d whigi complimninted him in the ftrects; to him the This i a critical period in the politic of Antr ia if itfcif, and the faith of the fates is unitedly, and fep.
Sbowcd the head, while our youth paid him their your Reprefentative now trife, it may not e in the rarely, pledged for the redemption of the money.
tace. Our varr~rT loritd in his company; our power of wife men hereafter to remedy the oails that Therefore, if he perfcvta in preling her claim, lo
pe council aiked ia advice, To him the aged ma- will enfue -Thefe States cannot remain free, and fup- mult fucceed.
Ita l: drop the veorable urtfey, while our young port a national character, without union and union In the mean time, let the people charge the delay
dfe, t.mplimente him in the ftrains of harmony. cannot he preferved without a compliance with the of justice in this matter, in part at lare, to the want of
Ou ctie rung with ispraife, and our villages refpon- conllitutional requifitions of Congres. energy in their Reprefenrttives. BAt fo lon as the
s, echoed back the ftrain. He was of eminent fer- The States may, and ought to remonflrste again State's finances are condnded in the present mode, them
'it in the etirpation of tyrnny, and in cr.ting the every lretch of Congrel, beyond the federal roltitu- never will be energy in any part of the fyfem. Had
p'e of liberty; it was he inipircd the pencil which tion; but all requilitions within this line are binding, there been a refponfble commillioner appointed fusa
it poutryed that memorable edifice, independence. as the ads of the Legillature of a State Is upon the years since, to fuperintend the finance ofthe State, e
tompleated, our libhrtict fecured, and America towns within the State. If this were not the cafe, might have reduced thing to fyftem, and have give
hid fr 4nsher eemies1 who ardently fought her Congrefs Ihould be an empty name, and our federal it vigour. In the prefnt oofe mode of doing thi
ftiuaion, h roAiilfdJimtc f much happinef. But, government, a mere bubble. therefore, the States bffinefs by committees, we can exped nothing but
rcverfe-ingratitude hde Having received feve- are bounden by the federal conflitution, to omply delays and loffer-and were it not for the advantage
mlirks ,f oeuteippt from fume who were hi. profef- ptnilually, and immediately, with the late tequifitions derived from the inceafnt labours of an accurate Tre.
iriaends. and feing Mr. Self-Intereft, a man ohnobo refpedling the national finances.-. lo alk whether this forer, our finances would be in a much wnrfe fate tha
m to his feelings, careffed by all ranks, and in a or that State will comply with there rquiltions, they now are. But as the olce of Trefarer caunec
&tilar manner by thefc, in vkofe Iriendlhip he is in fat querying whether this or that State will comprehend the whole fyI~t of Snuace, why iehld
'ft he co,,ld firmly rely, he determined to Iave REVOLT! It sa obvious to common fenfe there can- not the Couamonwealth avail itfelfof the ab.ltiesa o
country, for a clime more grateful-this he has nt he even the shadow of government, where every thi*experienced and faithful oicer, by appointiag h
it to elf. d-and is ganm-jse ear for ever. one is fupremc, and may comply or not comply with to fuperintend the whole as Financier There gd
Idrery A r.umlermf petitions have been pro- rquifitions. reafon to believe he would ave tothe Comma nwealbth
ted to th. honourable the Houfe of Rerreentatives, We are citizens of a Nation, as well as of a State; including every advantage, an imA ntee eret. As
'it thefe few dayspaft, praying for the million of and as the former is the greateft, it claims the high- his present department is reduced to fch order, under
*money. eft obligation. But in the appellation of fovereign- his nfpelioan, a gentleman might eoaly e fnood to
Time one wa, ys n old cnrrefpondent, when ty, belonging to each State, we are apt to lofe the condutd it with the fame accuracy. Were ar bIamm
Slat.nch Ameean fund himself interefled in the idea of national obligations, and obedience to national reduced to a god fyftm, oea hal te the a df th
free pri--Many gentlemen, fayshe, now authority. From this capital error, hath proceeded the General Court might be favd, and government we
"nm fficc, thl flood rca y, with their ALL, to numerous evils we now fuffer-eod hence it is that no longer discover its prefer t wealaife. Te O
at it -They did not the, think at I centious. fome important ads of Congref are o little regarded, nour, whofe abilites i this line ae weu ll nha watl
Sit dared I. rryl en. KiIT, abmfilve and not only by our own people, but by other nation*, glve great alliftance to the Pinanci. Ther rl f
1f'r free."-He Uill hopes they have not loft taught by our example. This certainly is the way to their mnacescondudted wit frlefulener, at
ter tecm for it, and as there is NOW an ruin. Who, that is a real citizen of America, can fit public debts faft deareang, would fel ngo
"todifp a it, they will not be backward. unconcerned, and fee the piddling Memabe of fome confidence in government, e dheern farlyp wh w
y We are informed, from good authe. LegHlatures, debating whether they hall rant, (as necearily demanded fthm.
tihe muc talked of procefi, refpedalg they abfrdly term it) r omply with the requiltion of CONSIBDRATION.
io *tf i4 from fat water," hath evaporat- Congrefsa With equal ablfrdity, might every town, New-eF r.i r %J I t. Wae a told that the in
/I !and ts Proojeot decamped, to the no upon the receipt of a ta*-bill, firft debatewhether it was lately offredOor rBowdain by Seath
stiirationof a worthy and reverend chara&r proper they mould grant faid tax. Certain t it, we will be roefider"d natolall, and r fe sfied cl
Lftbo -laru cou-ty. cannot remain a free people, without decifen n Con- Lsft Wednefday be g te Birth-Day of her Me
pint it, 18. We lear .rom Mid. grefs, and obedience from the people to their onfit- the Quee of Grent-Bo in, the Cot a-Oea u
a 1 Cn t, that one Daivid Ahd, from ial authority. Therefore the states are now brought the Court of St. Jame's ave a ery elmamt .
.whohad in residence in Middletown, and to the touchstone, to comply or not to om y-And taainment a his he e an reet, at wth were
hianfelf g experienced Watchmaker, had the whole people ought to remember, d ever to etent the Premier, and tm plked l
together a confiderable number of watches forget, that there is but one fep from FREEDOMto housrable the Con de Sc er of Sag Me
Pr ein that quarter, to repair--ut being better TYRANNY-that If they have not virtneo p the foreign aflaio, Minlaer from the
t n Londoo than inConneicut, its thought price of their independence, and to fuppir X ir o u d Cmt, and -
at th r to complete the neceary repairs, vernment. they may bheanea r pre -

fais vr t. MoNtrvtore in hit difettationi f-ll down tI rivr, naAriy the Came courfc, twerle present, can hadly be remembered at ..
on government, remark.,," That the mno into- miles, and at fven o'clock, landed three quarters of tefore. ; o-lln-
Icrle of tll government, is that where the Go- a mile from th lie i dividing Panofylvani front A letter from Newbury-.P601' lI L~
vernour exempt themselves from taxes, or where Virhinia. Iq running this line, a lrre vill of6ofeet Theruary 8, fays, Captain William
they engrofs the public money, under pretence of wide was cta too riles, as fur as the eonmmi oteri cfrl 'town, now affent ca a u ile At
rewards for their refpedive employment; in line, have proceed in afcertaining the line. We pledged at the seth of December lbt, at re oalae
when they render the fabjed trbutary, iad divide one Dawfon, wh has beea two years on his plateta- about le e S. W. f y oon e
Samo thhemflves the federal fubdile."-Whether dan, and hone man wirl, hm. Lat year he raised fail whiel hfupfedwas bol ttohe
th* 'ebr varioan arc applicable to our prefat fituao even are corn, which was hoed oce only, from but after b laha p ldd himaota.
ion, the judicious public may determine. This how. which he received 603 lunhelr; and thi year he ed, and made towards him, with alb the
ever as obvious, that our country u taxed beyond wllt ougthed h ground and hoed it twice, and ha loo .. until the came within reach., e -
it can well bear, yt there ie no account ever rendered Mhele to et acre. over him, on which he hove to. nt them
how the public money is or has been expended, whir On thentS, we left Dawlto'svery early, and at to he a pirate, but, en a ne 'a l r le a.L
i certainly a fatidalion that every freeman may of to o'clock P. M. arrived at Wheeling, no miles fr m mneted with a whole brse.ensde *
right demand, and what no government (unlef the Pittiburg hb water, and l6 bh land. This place has ordering hi, to firike, and imna U
A tic defpot) ever deny their fubjedts of which the a flne iflandn front of i,; and from its situation, mul., with round and .rape aot thiea fis m11
prefet King o France ahihits a noble easmple there in a few ycrs, be fle ihing; being asnear to Red i,,tired iom whme s he e ere.
we behold an arbitrary Monarch rendering a minute Stone on t)e Monenalela, as to Fort Pitt, by land, was his lading?-AIIl this time tIe poe lI
nd faithful account to his fbja.s, of the ependitute and that pi*L i. 40 aie. up tile riverfrom Pitt. One Dutch. onerdthe nt ts-.... .e al
ofthepublic revenue. and inviting them to cruinize Ici rculanc I ought in- to it, that the Monn uiri w hr l
it.-Whit on the other hand we view the fervants of hela, afterr runnang frr, t r.,y about t. f. In o from iEnri r the. bi eyed, he watn serli
a fre.d, s.rati fl.te, withholding the public accounts Pitt, take a more C ry dl:reaion, and from the run, loaded with nurqre, hal into heyt h
from the eyes of their conlituent, who at the Lan head waters of Potmw.o 's it the Mononrg.hea, the liber y to imae ars, n
time labour under the maft excefive weight of taxes, portage is but five miler. r, ni -c ptain Armd habo f m,
that ever aonsry was burdened with. Ohl, America; I Ihavenow travelled 630 niles, 300 of whibh the w ih, ; ntihn f gnfe, and eh da dut m.elr
is this the liberty which thou haft purchted at the cx- people of my country have cotenidered a. alo. ft defli- ,,d 'wer como 'a the a
ence of riers of blo.d tule of iabitant,; and I .ever wanted a good bed, fler, ,il-,; bu did not toach .te bfll."
7ae.r Congrelf. have been pleaded to ap- and very pvntiful fupplict of the neceffaries, ind moilt C i etl*, bur did6 no. tiehte alln.
pont Major IShw, (a gecntumn plefed with every ofthe lunies of life : this I mention, to corrne your r' rerm,.' nNcwYn hor n ramaca l .r e l
quality ofimd and person for the important rank) to opinion oftho populatrin cf this country. d. I l crewld al Ta *
be C.nful from this nation to the Emperor of China, Nov. lt, we left iw cling, and landed about mueda crw wr and am m llB
asl he will embark in a few days, for the port of 13 miles low at a p'ace called Grave Creek, frm a letter-from Me.r Lamar, i a
L=anto hop of arth raifcd in an.cit time, shlout IAlf a n,:le t l h ir, to th ir. .-.. .o(Pod i ?N
A correspondent fays, it i the fixed opinion of one from the river, called by fome, an Indian grav dsatd ,rr.-s' , r ?I, .r _Y-d l a
of the firik charaders in America, that the salvation of This I vietred-it land on an exenfive plain o*txcel M-' orifh r Ianhored in this Yet :tr
the United States depends upon an implicit compliance lent bottom land covernlc with wood; it is railed in fort with rwo unse ; anchored tho be ad
with the definitive reaty of pence, and that our failure pyranidical form, the ,.. ablot Ito or io feet, and h c es about teh wo un.; gne f Ceam to s'd
on this head. is the reason of Great-Britain's r.fufii. the height about 63 or 7o fIer, the ardle of afcnt is endr'aried aou t G -n. The Cgaiml
to give up our frontier pot--or entering into coi.: about 45 deg. the top abut 4 or j et leaving a cersit"ird on the Gvernear. whogavet Ihmaewi
mercial treaties with us; and that unless the latest perfect nurginal rinm around th- circle ; this pyramid taton. e thy ere fitnlg t thenls
t - his. t Mie, the brig Riehmond rame a u fr
liberty to fuch ptrfons to return, as through fear, or iscoveredwith trees, ft.i h liere *ak, I believe 'ni n "rt h d e to din t fpt |
other motives of a fimilr nature, alifconded at the feet in crcumfercuce ; the trees on the plain do not fue in dowe, and hauled Amer icap olej ,
commencement of the late firuggle for liberty, and appear as ancient as thefc on the pile of earth. The "R. L. differ, ohq was pretent, oblad lt
who have not rendered themselves oboxious, by ta- traditional that this was an Indian burial ground:- M"or'' eye fixed on that obhed; with iklillld
king up arms against their country, or in other wae. I amn moe inclined tu believe it a tower of defence, or co e"n ""lce, and that -c e garner f el I
alting our common enemie. the confleuences will a place devoted to al&t of -vrTHip. to hisofer indicated p fall di'lf
prove alarmingI The above are the sentiments o a From this place we fell down the river alteout 30 They' threw out in convereatioa thteymat
charalcr, who may well be termed the father of miles fro Wheeling, and encanptd for the rfil time. t war with the Amtric.;,n, but were orddewl
America-the real pariot-the honest citiaen,-whnfc -On the ad, decamp il, and fell down about 2 'e FPperor of Morecto for theirimprowmieti
name Ihall brighten the page of future annals, while mie, where we sain et camped, and fed plentifully v"' ition. oan particularly to anchor at Ma d
hiflrilans, enrapt, hall record his deeds with pleasure. on a dilrious rc. ted turkey.-On the d, we came obtan .the Goverwmtir's ctrtificam, thar dy lb
Phiadrelbia, Feruary 4. At length the Virginians up with the trops who hind let Fort M'Intolh five acio"li gly touched here.
have with a good grace pafled an Ad for the erc&ion days b:furt u, aolr .t night encrn ed on the Virginia T morning rame to chor a bC to Id
of Kentucky into a Itate independent of them; this is ftore -On the 4l, we. arrived t Mulkingum.-This ie *' r et'. b ting lte tommodore ofthleS .
Great advance toward that spirit, which, accordSig d.ay I have empioyjd in reconnretcring the country, Wvhi t c -fnl of fourfhip., the othr wo-vill
tothe clebractd Price, Iould ever be the criterion fer and have travelled about to mile, much to my latiis e l
the fubordination or connceion of any bodyofpeople, fadion..-'Ie.mnrro w I hlope tr, pr.c-ed. Th*isph they talt of being at *l M c* II
to or with another, via. RxJiprocity of advantage, '' Should I atterrpt a del.r. d ~ton of the country front orld, th-irrft enquirisc were after Ameenlm
which did not aeilt between Virginia and Ketitotky; Fort Pin to thi -lat e, w..-d n. ldfi.l to give you r'ede,,re oe them, who appeteietbellnmnl
the benefits of the connedion (if any) being almauf a jul idea of it, riches a:d inetimnable value. It. I- I. fW t'it wa, their re at bed. and theLe teWn
etirly in favour of the former. vers and creeks abound it file tof an excellent quality ,; r three months l.etwen the ClrlmeLi
The depredations of the Algerian, and the addition the cat-filh are frequently from 33 to.6lb.-fPcch .I :..I the Welfern Illnds. If foe, s nli
f the Moors to the enemic of American commerce, have Ieen weigh from 8 to rylb. and pickerel of to dil.rrfi or commerce."
mua give the moll poignant untcafinem to every man d I1b -Turkies, bears, a.i leer fill the wood- -
who ha at heart the intercita of the confederation. ducks anl geefe are without mLither on the rivea and
Perhaps Congrefs have not been as alert in this buinef creeks-w.nd the land proiiu: fponcmeoufly many T 0 B E S L
as they Ibuld; for certain it is, tnat a long period ha fruits agreeable to the tcae, vi.l a, omatic hetbs, roots P U L I C v/ l
now elapted and nothing been done, although great and Ihruls, which have as r:. a.ut lruang a flavour as AL C
difpolitionatowardsanegotiation have bcenmanifeled, the bel nldia Ip.ct; and hair it impregnared with (On MONDAY, M I
if not by the Algerine, at leaf by the Emperor of them fo as in many pilactto give a delightful icnfation if nt_ &., u t er A
Moroceo-uan it would not have been very dilliculr to in paling the wood,. 'hel wild ;giger, which is -IROM Forty to Fifty a v l
enter on a trcary with the others; but however tii, found it our country, is here i:: great plenty, and falls AMILtK, moly t I
may be, the evil is now arrived at the highclt flage, l.trle thert il strength, and none in talle, of the gin- MILI oTy f C
and calls loudly for the application of a speedy andl ger imported from the Well hIdies The arortell Florida, and uner-cptiona
effedutal remedy. We have hard it faid, with foose feice I find, and the befd flvoured, is called frieeroot A reafoable Credit will't lmlWe f
degree f eonflilence, that C.ngreft have it in idea to it bears a lei like parflty, and a root much like that chafer giving hond with approtedAly*
preltt them with In armed lffel, comp etely fitted herb; it is in quantities, that may be gathered per For frthcr particular., ap to
oat-'nut Heuven avert fuch a decifiu!i What! will hans 6olb. per diem, and lapeears to ne like to be- IH TAT tN
they increase the force of a faithlefs, barbarian, pirati- ceme a greater article of expetration than ginfcng,
cal enemy, to be. perhaps in a few monthhence n- whith alo grows hcie in great plenty Another A'Nfna, Marrc St
plowed to our d oetruion ? Prudence, policy, and c.r;ifi y is the cucumber tree; it grows to about one
national honour forbid! foot awl a hilf diameter, asd bear a leaf refembline T O B
Iebrurw an. To-morrow the General Affembly of that of a popar, but much larger. The firl ear COMPLEAT H
this fate will meet, urfuant to adjourment. Among growth, the leaf is fifteen inches long, and Icen as fland on te
,the various objea) of difcuflin beware them, none bi the tee g owr older. The fruit is about the bigneft n d o, ? N
fair to create fo warm debates as the motion relative to of a butternut, and is filled wath feeds like a ccuunr. nqulre of
the Bank, whereof the honorable Robert Morris gae her, which it refmbles in fhape and tafe; when ripe F R A L i
notice, during the lafk felon-and the bill far regular. it is a bright red.F R
tion of the theatre, which hao had one reading. Or~t K, :t .v, N ,v 8. A HO13E and l, 'Ch
By a gentleman iutt arrived from NewYork we are This morning we arrived here, where we found A recent occupied t i
Intrtred, rhat a Treaty of Commerce between the i families. Col. Lewis is here, and one Squire, from nation t to well known to
United State, of America and the King of Prufla had Norwich. Oppo."te the Kanahway is a fe country, that a further description t
arrivedd in that city, which, it was ecpedted, would be well worth the attention of our countrymen. This Pofilefn will be given on
immediately ratied by Congrefs river leads to the back parts of North Carolina. The April next, and the lnrnitu
P om the journal of Coagref it appear., that all the Bfit falls are about 8o miles from the mouth, from blet. Chairs. BedRteadl, kc
tates, New-York and Georgia excepted, have velrtd whence to the head waters of Potowniack, 1 40 miles the fame condition, by
that body with power to levy certain duties upon goods only. Tne prefeat portage by land, 16o miles to the JAI
imported into the IRtes from any foreign port, ifand, fettlemento on the eat ofthe Allegany. The Kanah- Who intends falRing ai' dle
orlantation, agreely to their recommendationof way, I judge to be in about 36 degree North latL and deSre all Piefon I
Ar 713 ai nt a tide.,t
letter from a gentlma n in the welaern country, Felar7y sa. From the report of the committee of aalsot him, to cal and mrsl
to his friend in Conne&icut, dated River Mulkinghum, Cgrefs, nn Wednefday la. it is manifef that unlef taofr who are anywift Indebtd
Nov. 5, ty78, (aye, On the 9th ult. we left Fort the molt freedy and deceive meafures are adopted by note or book deb r ar
Pitt, and proceeded to Fort M'lntofb, 30 miles down the federal states, to comply with the obligation' the their sacounto Iamtedlately.
the ri irthis place is is lat. 40. 49. N. twelve miles lie under, as well to their own citiaeo, at th LL Per haw gdfs
N. of Fort Pitt, And the course nearly N. W. This s a foreign allied, the model dreadful confouences (horrible A .if SAIIL F. A S
t lar work, with two beltiens, two demi-bations, even in idea) mull result to the union. It is therefore st rl l
uil the certain next the river defended by a block- hoped, that the delinaent States, who have not pad reted to deliver tm
hoak ia the centre of tha line. The fort a built on attention to the rei tions of CongrF i from motives anl without ift
* large high flat, not commanded by any lad within a of julic, honour, virtue, or patriotifi, will be in- the fald d ate, are I I
mioe ad an half, and appear to me an important pa dneed to cormly with them through regard for their foon aIt p lUe, to
fer keping up the eommnaicea with the lower own fofety, which to all appearance Itand at fake.
gls the river. f r. t sy Such universal complaints of dull times,
naola.k A. Ve'uickh. weIn ktha pot ad want of money, and stagnation of trade. as revail .t NafAi. Aln rbl It 1t16

N A SS A U, MARCH 25 wsinaturatlfo and acla ndt iefroflovehav. a bow. Nsetre feak a* r dte revei, and Do*
bas s- conial- betweenn hm _e and tcs merchmrt's J hi f- ds a t.u" ,n" =eS 3 dla
N riday lat week a paly of Woodagl decker Jfephl, who wa an anly chil, h e a ith a eWa voic emtao i inumv wrmtle., dle
S&ntin q.ctd .t a Gan of Rnwn .l. .led. md to her .ate of hell. nd at of ~heed, make redy yo
roec, who have for fome months p4dt cma it- b s med Joeam, e died a fw hourin ine for the guilty, and take nor bloody hands
d many theft with impunity, ill In wil4 their o.r, wit.rh, lhflhbe.ptO of ssof ,ho hadta fr n the in sett fe (toi uo the -
camp on *th Blue Hlls in the Iteror Drt of this p-ife. Te t o e eog ledi furvived her bek his cowl) behold the bth d the murder of
anl were they flUrprifed three f them in a des bca ftew d&y. e-d fth l hinm~i fo i Jo feopha!
e a o a'Laf r, known bythe name ofndl anesvet of Mendlnd s, maMdleor, deed of gift, The wkole affemMy started with to ent ; the
rS maklln refianee, and Attempting to leapC e l 'inphe w i ln the o m oder. ijdr trood ai h ft I id v rn d dme a of t turtn

Onbfp otnfdte nR, the Sky. from N.fby inyndx he les aawht i tGM ft a onc 'a y s tve yoffmanof l
aW. tilld; the two others an a very and hl Oe, ht it would fnd e th l hiepelf foit i Prd eye fa th e Meei wih hr and
brought to town, Ont utevening of the fame JIA anf~ they e ould eei o io o I Tt7 ilaeil rerwhoto istBeefl
da, alumthir of he appa ras apprehended In omju a, to which he wld ly ak bu be d my yen, sid thell Monk, i the to of u ase et f
a r miicl fm, fimit bot gree~ all ti torture i th world ad for e n So my ci Onc wfla a your ieorm n: e u con0 ddg
town -W-e o0eT ton- olour avei cin our power tll leity. e id therefore to co o eL it waf ti to te m for the l-e, cri l then eher innt, r d py frit.
ire rtill count of ifee reft of h 9 miti, whn tht rchant with he hI d, nor lued t foll d hi ifoIn to our fettilent o o ihr w rit
wa .tafures a re cidopted, which pro.iv e anc hfre to intedrr oCi Jt ofp y the ca wife, i ,hte here ifadd tee tw tyyer itho i it rt
b.i ...(.rr "rers .n. appe rt ie a a, Inequiy, oa hU your tpyelte wih uman age
tual fuppre flon ot them. Whilu t a was prep rin, Don Jo n without be- t which once your lien to u m ha ow tu,*
On Wdnefdayeivening, the Sky, from N. by trying the ]saEllarm at what wa oag forward, told W it|h j e-- .
W. to N. N. F. afrumed an flile very anufual hit jum s that it would tfae tch n V himself ione I Proceed, fid the Jtnior jiodgi
Icre. At about 30 minutes pfi there wait trouble, if tey would receive his co olffio upn tr- I Thati gultleffuffeerr. who now Ieolnlhollblefoea
ofpprvedt a lumnnotuh appearance, it omethng of tao ,ainc, hi which he would w l y f ak, but beyond my eye, Aid the Monk, is the oan of ti excellent t flu
termed tPical format Bheera t we he t .t degrees whihi il ce torturenintheworld cd noht fore t e thcr, who; ruin iemy de eftaiend fic hewd aonfided
aovc the hof izn b eing before otir became gr near th fy e e te never untlood f tu, be hit wafpr 0 to my care, beimmd then adilIna but, nd my friend
deeper, till within 'a few mlnlts of 9, when It le, of toheirch inat with whom he ihed nor acli e followed hie, rt o our f.ettlemt, In the Ursild

AnaITFB HEar, Freng ledigdit, anl prayed God forgiveSfs for a noence, At lait perfuelon, meacues, uad the l ding
Mar. sf a Shit er, Brimfn. S Baccfe chnpet o whiied d b eJo inta ntio thewiio by mhe tyener- he rcfided there t ty cneur without visiting Portune
icSAL rties ein. At,, he fpenot tie of nurti taffd o the emaif, hma cE rge, once in the rime; he remitted to d pmany t ms of
Miar h Bit Providence a Id i n i minuteafter hih hwevr, he acknowledged hi, not be e wa it n money on his on f account. At thio time own nheli
,r i iled: lhat he was the n ofatr gentimrn of cou der- thout arofe in my mind, which the difrel orfmy,
tt'ire lty diajpeana c al fortune in tde teauilo, whl o eflhim an infnt to af aic and a pem illon or etravance inflired, of me am
The novelty Sof ei f an appearane excited o the cour. of the menchunt in queliol t 'hats t shre veininge popety of mmy e to mur ty o ace umt.
R t e in a e e .m thowe l rto eo r con to a n chirfo r ee w hWe kia tco hial s. cd tolade to crall in t. rea tI oy unhap ife, who
ipurei TeBrce. f, however little iregnn to hid. by his own ae ra end this bon done in hie. i r noe r. bhe accounted let me fda the juldice to cOn-
.p e it Pr, other th ol.n the bano eo icy, he watauht o believe, th he wo an o anfcfs he wirhlod them lrn ly fore time. till fortune
frYokfhitlyre inurope and in ortb,America; youth, the ifon o diln t relatineto the pelohn who frwyeda fupn e, ah I nd nI was fiink my edit even
termed the .aur, r Bre 1. hlt he have not adopted h itm h ie lbgd Nis judh, therfiaprtoee ry hour; ra. Afredr f.e .ti the fa6 en and thine
heard of its being before obfer1ed f4 near the f rye. that dhe flver unaerflod lofqa to be hii fntir: betwe en me and rom diate Brui buthi am he ws
Eqintoir. I bhot as h e beirg wth child It him, h aocinc rp. b e diet.e
Ar a ITFl He Froml. lergged it, o prayrd God forgivi ef for an olk de, At lgrnhe wpa niton, In atnld tcrl, thrtmd
Mar. Shia Hero, Bryan, Bardadne which it .,d ben he intent. to trpati by mor ying prefure ofnecefity conquered her virtue, and ITo ees
SrillA _r her: 'hat with refje oto the p unrfo cr, he certainly dd to the fraud. We areed to adopt the ina Don
Afnr. at. Bri Providenee Packet, In lits London did it er hits owd e husid die othy te f. the orphan fun of w dft relation of ou r own na. .
Soo..h M-rk, Redmoid, Clarlclton flk aieonfectucire of hrpeyguan, and being cf"id I maintained acorefpoadence with bhig febenby letter
A M A CrU c N et l rmor fe pron h hid driven, hat d freqi- retendd to he written by the Ant, ancd I fpported
NASSAU PRICE CURRENT. lred hint t, order certain dreg he an apothcari, ast my l n a f did endtraaganer e ib the abli
. .. .if. f or lioy fe, which he uatordl it didw and h e oueil y mcurer, trceivrd from the when r. At lenIth
pila pi c ia f ht, a dol. the barrel. t lied they werae rithonflly m nia, bfore mch as Ie father f roDon un died, andl or ilbl nt ti hi
.... 4 "r a h- 5e ,en ther barid d w beuat h
Ship Bread. ofrirht ry Ir the b r. aood by the ma hill he prepard the 4a ine, and fortune to m n hfilre of ehin a yod heine In hd
.uinea Cornt, roat tIi or the bmohll. fawoh ery ingrpheediacno ntue co already advanced To far in uilt that were tmptaet
Indian Corn, s rls, the ul hl. The iudger th.ereuof Med in if he wculd take |of thi tue in. the met w fi nour eirinlae mty hmind
ASwet P tatoes, Ra rla the iolb. it oprcn coo ce tol fe that e lad did e te d n de b a teruin pe removing this bar to my aunb
arnm lot TrO. the tooib. pitfo o IDon Juan, burfia ion e ters for the br rln J W pre1.0o m. wife to ediutethe nprie thonr
R'ce, 4 e. the toetlb. lime, anofr .e to, his lternaltonew he knewthat he frtt had hung within or roch by the alsnatlo
Iril le(I eref, t4 dolllare the barrel. did die by pioan-Ah-W, uha pdn contained ih the of i heir. Sc e revolted foin the ine withmt hpo

W-ritn 4 R Co ntitNO fi. work of finner., fl imputed it toem. lhejude uS.which uits dmnudednd our tcrimdei4ferred.
TPoE olw rko t i nrt the b;trrel, aeditcie Ilhe tok d It wh -Done he imputt e the tatinte nd fr ou time her thou ght remained in th dlf
rYfthire llom go rlo. the ori of micngc the h ai ro ani' e r rdine to the acpothe cary, tbe a fiatr, that I did not think it pdrdent to rele
;lwh t Ra ttier, 1. a td the n b. ir did abe take it a, himself l -lithc the s pt hccr : he a ticl. After fame time, the an of the decea
Ed ltfri Chctno tf I. a tr d. the lb. Ju or hif 'lf wat s guiltyDid trhelady frol a prlcilclc fed arrived in Lilbon from the I.anlto hond mr he
of Suel a-- n-. to r in. the i. othe ne(hthe wa tien aIed) o nmit the &r a offuicide pri to my t Iorrefpo-adce, i; becameneceffry foe
lby t fe r fer he w i. twih I hnd i no te the ip fon without his knowledge e m o lifooer to Monk prono o the e aword I
Th ntlemn hd for fom tc x t the h tr fleoed ii io horror at the qurelon, end took God t what t undferious toine to. te whrethed Don Jtreat

Svery (niry life M hi. cle in the neighbourhood of r ni m "of h rm i him on t what fortune he' was Irodad to. tl h is elxlioc, th nea.
BSad wa rIs. a, the libh wir.efn tihet Ile was intaeenolthei de ed. reed with fl e and deeteio a one hamd, and

r dd wih cr r n r f oe 'mela iuhe anle, whfic nw coarfnded, and for a tid e tempted by av.riceride,. ad the -devi on he ot er.
choly hbidon. he rci.~n e which madO. e ra n u any. urher inurroltorby e debating I won over my urdern at eife tor p icipation o a
WeRin tn tn rlIe. amn were o f t r the l rh t amgll d te heodrell, lny hIN erfke hene crime, snd we leed that dbfoe wi po hea iye ami
7rgillvttog -4o pi. the ton. 4,( L-ii obfcrvciin the priforte, that wording to we believed wait intended waa intended for Dd f on

rwa, in feh era. circulation in the neighbourhood futern hrrd cr1th is every limb, the .weio hers of darknefd ther li, if hb ce ff not
I.wh oote c hipt. d o h k inhdot ti. I. iiion he hat fld re did die by poifn, aud but which in (a wat destined for our only ahil.
i 1 A M C U It. It E N C V. yet I-) the airftreo he hut nov given, it Ileld tera She took it: Heaven difhargedit vengeance oa o
9 a a ii io eanett to h oquit every prefon on wham buupiy head; and whe fw oar daughter expire in aoaen be
a;r foleji fterlirre," ripa cti p rpllofbiy tei there vmw however one intr, fret our eyes, withr this e bitter aal ton oIFa ubl.
R ryl at i a pite ot eiw ht. toratorty I which unnatural it wat he would ut murder, for the child wrs live within her. Are thee
d pdce o< eight, e r 6df. itiong. t hli for furms'fke only, hbdore they yroceedtd .to words in language to nepets our lamentations' Are
Sphi c^ of rimht a rylt r r tdel'ar. t gre at extre itie. and that quefin involved t the to e in the each of e ven our Invention nt
.n.- lathe r or n hr.rr of the I JylDid he t rea to impute compare with thoe re wet l. Wt end werl oe the hrIn
....- tie rid intcetien of utrdeing thr child to tehe tlo of mature in the heart of our expiring child ;
SA F F F C I N N It R '' IV prentt-No, replied the pfner in a firm tone of aled s. Ds confolad, nay e even forgve o
Frot ii- TaE OBasIvev ,'" a SerieofXA, rl pon voie, I am. certain no fuch mnention ever entered the To Don Juan we made immediate cofelincan of our
dSfe,er t S heart, ..of tho unhappy parent, and I tfould he th Iuil, ned conjured himtowimitthat pilment upo
i f, byRCVciclDeKLe lj workt of fitners, ft imputed it tothem. 'the judges I I ul dcemnded, as d our -th a aimentie ou
T'1E fllhwng poly i info extlaordcinary, that [f I ufn thie dclcse with one vtice, at he hwa trifling Itwasin this dreadful nloment that our daughter with d ajhoity i the co y h th court, and gave oridr, for the rack; th.y her left breath, by the mo foleun adjuradtions, xgaed
where it hppne I mld have n rd it the wld however for the la ti demand ohin, if and obtained a promise from Don Jun not to eapo
invention of fme et fr the fable of I ,u nt. n. 'Sw rrwI it was that di.d Pifon Juleiha? to which her parents to a lic eation,b difloaing what had
A Portuagete m hhom h o leae h niered without heeitati, that ho di kenow, but hlee. Ales I ale we fee no. plinly how he kept
ddfcri be no oth ifet than by the name of Don Juan that uo ronrure. Ioemld force him to declare it, and a word behold, he die a mart7yr to honour! your
weA lately br.tru o rritl for poifoninut hi hUlf lhaer they might dirpofe of him as they Low fit; he could infernal tortures have destroyed hm.-
by tse fame farr after the was with child by him o d' i t tortu e th. e had lid. No founer lied the Monk pronounced there words in
Thig gentleman had fr vione years before hi, trial led a They now took thin preremptory recufant, and a load and eriaus tone; than the wetthed Don Jlan
ver? fnlitary life at hi, caste in the neighborhood of ripping him of hit tipper .nents, Iid him on the drew a figh ; n fond wold have followed, but li-
M,tniremn, a town oil the road between Lilbn and rat ;a frgeon wan called is, who kep hi s en o Ioer could tolerate the agolis of inecnmee
Bajlrn, the frontier artfon of Spain. I waS hewn on his pulie end the executinners: were direed to adftoFa
hi, catle, as .1 palled through that dial country, begin their torturer, They had given him one fever Th d fied i n him hl ih
about a mile diitlt from the road, in a bottom fur- tetch by ligature lied to his grcmitiea &ad paled terror; and a hbe wretched out-hi mangled lmbc at
roundcd with cork tree,, and never aw a more melan- over an nle, which wag turned by a windla; th ifiks ie gapt Aseurfed mnitern, he cdin tedsmay
choly habitadon. 'Trhe circomllnees which made rain upon his maukles and joints by the aioa of this God requite his murder on lour foulsat the great da
againo i t l Itlemn were fo Erong, and the flory infernal enpne w dnreaa ann Nature ftfoe her ofa jdement His blood be on yow hedad, ye miniS
wa in filth neral circulation in the aeighorhood fuering by a horrid crh in every limb; the fweat f heanl vanc i n
Where he lid, that atllreugh he laid out the greateft flartcd in lare drop upon his face and boom; yet appeared m i mids f latnae
part of a coderable income in ad of charity, nobo- the mn was tn amidt the aonMa of thre marine, mye ae evetd eoal will find fam cnflation in do
dy ever t lohedgates eo thank him for his bounty, uc a gree Cped, and the fiend who was touring th ging t, that you putsk It teemonta,.
or o ,ept one poor Joi of e eron tndat of the helili work, declared they maent uo a voc ar b h
ofolicrt r p oo r p u k o di Jeremy. Having uttered t In a T"kne human. he
mite oaenvr IMontiemo. wh was his canfelbr, creaef his tortures upoh the nt ug, for at his t lugea ie a o hi be whilft ha. blood
And aedasiIsne at diferetion. ifehad sot varied a eiroke, nos abadlsi Itrngk rte the vemn drpdad opon the bady
A charge ofblack a nature, involving the crime of ine t dege. .of Don Juan, an epired wita gron.
eDan well murder, at length re.hed the ear of .ho tormntoe had now began a fecond operatic ea
jaice and wa lent to MItacmo L to with mng violence than the former, whichW their devi iTHI Ilubrihergibrr this puble notice to l
make anqai y into the cafe. The fuppofed criminal l ingenutty had contived to vry., fo u oetort Perfao refd'n tte Inand, who arm
made no attempt to -cr but readily attended the acutr pno ro hae a lle of the nloandebted to tthe pr O ,f CI.oo.h Hifl an
fun.monas of the Cona-urlfle. Upon rrthe tvialit came that hadmot yet had there fall Iarn eofthe rteognyt .oos, s..
the depolition of winefes, that De Joan had lived called oat to the Judges to d i from torturing that .ill, itout t in medIntel be pt
from h infancy in the family of a richmeechant at. Mi. In tc t man, andtake the nmcanfln of the murderer intothe hlda of Attorney atm"w, to Do rir o
Lan, who carried on a considerable trade and corrfpn- from hiown lips. Upon a igeal from the judges, the vered, a feverl n lindulglre have been live
dencein the Bruanils. Don Juan being allowed to take e tionrers tgo cte le at .ea, and the i to wlthnout produchig the dtld efl
this merchant's nm it w rally fuppo d that he apped audMiby Ito ebeaiuLrlee withb the elpflllesy of ALEXANMIR J. FU1M.

___ LanIe, has r de the fnialleft mention of fo extatodi

LITERA RY ARTICLE. 17, 1 i the c irnmftne that e tnic
proer. of aifattion sationg the Italinn to have been
Coentcthieden toDhe ifnfcovrie of the Portugtfes and Spa.
&.^ .*,f i ^o' ./ir o America. ', CO ?.Ir difer isy
art. tri t td froma tAei, French eof bl. MA oiart- TLhetis preferrved in the library of Parm, a
Lin. t ra la rm #IT French n. L* erabphial dart with the date of 1436; it which we
A.T Du Br. I ndlaid dow> a great land or iflaid to the weft of the
ROM when Chrflopher Columbul derived his Canauie, preiaely in the latitude of St. Domingo.
Sidea of the probable sleil.ce of A weiern world, And the Cun Carli. a learned Italian. formerly prefi-
is a quefion that has been only lightly noticed by hiT- det of the t ncil of finance at Milan, and whofe
tooian. The ge..euf part of them pretend that fuch immeefe erudion hat thrown light on a great number
as id a was fiuggeted to him tfrm am attlatiV eatode- of fada relatiW to hlfory and antiquities. reperte, in
ration of te common map of the world. The celcbra- his Americn leiters, that he had len a chart erfcbly
ted Rtolbrtlf ha. adopted this featiment s and A'bhe similar in the hbnd of the Procurator Folfea-In.
aynal has carried it to a ridiculoo length, by afrib- There are pt other maps of the 4th and nith cen-
ng theproj.d ofColtumattasthemereforccoftinin. turie, where c ntmote illes of the ocean toward.
Both thfc o, inton,, however, as they are gratuitous America re aced. The library of Geneva contain
taken up, mudl I ,f fumewhat of their crcd t when we four marine ch t ih folio vellum, paoed upon wooden
attend to the following circumlfana : To the place tablet. Ahov the Fortunate Iles the author hia
where Columbu* was born, to the fcene ol his fudies, written thefe ordt. ,i a, r;- ,eI.r plce 9'e. r.
aid theepoch of his cotrprife. Two very well authtn- ca ,'lt. mwr. Ac. Thefe map., as indit.ted 'Wy
ticated faas, entirely pafed over by the above-men- a note of the me author, were '!rawn in r476 fIy
tioned hilloians, throw abundant light on the true Andrew Benin fa of Arcuna ; tenfequently they Ire
fource of the maritime coaceptioon of that great navi- anterior by 16 ears to the difcoveries of Coluoniho.
gator. It would he to conclude from thefe different do-
The expeditions of the Portuguefe have fe iuch Oe. comments, that it ciompifing them the authors had al-
gaged the attention of hiforians, that little or no notice ready a ccrtinlnowledge of there ife, or of that
has been taken of the commerce, the nautical know- wed ern world rfe edfor the refcarchea of Colintih.b.
ldge, and the navigation of the Italians in the 14th Perhaps the ancient tr.ditionn, entering Atalantt
and sth centuries. When we rcefai that a Revolu- and the Hefper father than fatlv. :ight direct
tion, which entirely changed the face of the affairs of thefe geographe to anticipate difcnverie. The can-
Europe, was brought about by Cabot, Columbul, Vec- clufion, however| in equally the fImer that there then
pufiu', and Verazzani, four mariner, belonging to a prevailed Il an univerflvr l opinion rf the rxiletce
nation that is now totally forgot in the empts of the of another continent; and that. independent of the
fea! what power can flatter ifelf with being Iheltered reverieand dif:olerics enfntiquitiy, rely coojettural,
from the vicifitudes of fortune? this opinion reftdl on reaflo'n l the fruit. of an espr-
In the rsth century, Genoa, Pifa, and Vcnice form- rience founded ulen extensive praalice in navigation
od tha centre ofthe produdioin i o mfintmrce ill Europe. anid. perhaps. aion certain (.erls, the ev;derces ,f
The Venetians, especially, poflffing the greatest cl eet whtih have not cnme down t, o. Uhen we fee fich
and the greatest flare of foreign trade, were likewise monument among a maritime pe.pie. rich in bold
thebe provided with marine plan and charts. They navigators, and fenous at that tim for their entetpri.
were perfedly acquainted wih :he enterprise of the fa,; when we mocorcr ronfider thi. almost itflanta.
Portaguefe; and Lewi, Cadonuolto. a Venetian, in neou effulgence, Ihere courage joined to fe;ence en.
the service of Portugal, was the person who had difco- largely on all idlce the limits ,.f thr known word, we
wered the greatest part of the fuuthern coaft of Cfrica. cannot doubt but that this Frand epoch was preceded
Sebanin Cabot, another Venetian, and equally ex* by a reukable aeumulatiin of knowledge. Inflinet,
pert with Coluxbus, was. while a refugee in Spain, genii,' or fortune might create one fuch voyager as
the fira who encouraged he enterpirifcs of Mcndozo Colombu, ; bt the enlightened fate of the imes
in exploring the wclera ocean. In the relation trauf- could alone product ten (if them at the fame infant.
anirtel to u by Ramudo of the unfucceeful attempts of It was by tracig( the fontil< p of his cr.r p-tr;otr
thu viceroy, we can perceve, that Cabot had ffpe-a that Columbuo pirfued the patl I( ilifroverty and
ed, and indcet almost armed, the exifence of a com- immortality. I he deftiny which await-d him wat
mOunication between the Atlartit and the weltern fea. favoured by a nioitextenlrve edatlrini. He had bern
It was he who firlt infpircd the court of Spain with the taught every ,lhog ihen known, in afrltnor.y. gcome.
dea of tranfporting by this rut e the fpieries of the try, cofnmogranhy, a..I diirmn He flno!ird at the
Philippines to Meico, and from thence to Europe, in univerfiry of l'.aua, a Vencti!a city, where the Icien-
order to shortenn the palffge of 1763 long leaguil, and e relative to naviption cte taiirht. a th, foundation
(pare themfelvet a multitude of dangers an ida. how- of the power and profp.riy of the rtpiblic There
ev.r, that was but imietedly adopted iin the cflablilh- CAlunmbut nmuf haw iilhced notions rti miiL rsten.
ment ofa gallon at Acapuko. The views of Cabot, five; here the ra i of difc., rice. aircady made, or
as well his great dicoveris, attell fulficintly the difcoveries meditated, w il.l le ,lifclntlid to his trow-
blae ofnautical knowledge that enlightened the coun- ing ardour; there he hrKnce acq,,ainted wi h the
iry where he had learsehi. trade. marine chart, of which he was foon to verify the
But there elift even to thi. day a remarkable monuc prognoolie.
a at t of the great progref, the Italians had then made in The firft of his vnlges was in thc Me lirerranean in
the fciences of geography and navigation. In 1439, the year 1467. Italy and the ace in which he lived
the Seate of Venice gave orders to Friar Maure, to have a right to lhate hi. glory, as having produced
defgn, according to memoir furnilbedi him hy the him. Upon a review ot tile celchrated navigators his
Admiralty, that celebrated planifphere of four feet compatriots, one mvi lay of it. *irw martr.
eight inches in diameter, which is till to be feen in the Colunubua traced the routr, and foin.d the enaltry, as
library of St. Michael de Muran, near Venice. Upon one gcrt out of forl byt the alliftance of clearances
this planifphere we find diltiatly laid down the' whole made by the hands of men.
weftern coatl of Africa; the Cape doubled, the land To thefe anterior lights of the Venetitni may he oh-
of Zanguibar, called Zinzibar, and the island of Ma. jeied their ind ITerente in profiting hy them. It may he
dagafear. It likewifc contain :he northern part of the alkcte, Why did this rrpuhlic neglcit to interest herfelf
coats of Tartary and Siberia a, fir as Japan. in the difcoveries of the I'ortugucfe ? Why lid Lhe not
The value of thislngular work is enhanced by a nun- purfic that rout to india, of which (he already hell
ber of remarks interesting to geography, nav:gallon, the thread, and lhidh at lall proved the tomb of her
and natural philosophy. In one of them we read, that commerce ?
the Cpe of Good Hope, then known by the name of It is efy to point out the caurcs of thli fuppof, l
the Cape of Diob, had been discovered in 140, hy a innttivity. Prudetrc. peirhAps, at firlt rerrained the
Ship from India. The author fpeauk elsewhere of the republic fom marking with he. funtfti Ir a rout to the
ASu and reflux of the tide, and afcribec their to the Indies, which other niatiol woull he fire to follow.
prelre and grit .tion of the moon. In another place Such a coneudu would have been throwing away the
ie arms. that the conquest or Indian witffel fall with- commerce of the Eaft with her mvn hand: as fion at
out a compass, although they make fe of an altrolahe; the cape was doubled, it wat no longer to be epetned
an observation that tenls to destroy the general opinion that a people thut up in the Adriatic gulph nas to
that the Italian derived the ufe of the compaf. from the command the commerce of the faft. HoI could the
ladians and Chinefe. Venetians have defended and preferred their conquefit
In 1459. Alphonfo IV. Kin of Portugal, requefled in the In ies without a single pnrt on the ocean and
a copy of this planifphere. The Senate deliherared while obliged, in fome measure. to demand a paflage
Upon it; and at la permitted the mnnaf try to grant a from the mafrers of the ftraits of Gibraltar I
op ; which being iniled in 464, the price ofit was The fuccefs of thee rrpedlitions, by nexiting the
id down in the nameof Alphoofo; all which circum- jealoufy of other power, had already prepared the way
(tance are vouched by the book of accounts juft now fr the league ol Cambray, which was formed in the
aifing in the nmnftry of St. Michel de Muran. year ISoB. The whole maritime force If the fate
This copy ia ftllpr fervd in Portugal. in the con- was at aft employed in the wara againft Dajazet.
vent of Aleobasl; from it were drawn the charts dell- The Sultan of gypt had alfo engaged at the fame
vacd to Vaieo de Game and the whole nf the Portu. time to free them from the duties on their commerce
gaefI expeditionsforthe purpo.e oflifcovering a pafac to India; an immenfe advantage, and which contribu.
to India, by doubling the co tf of Africa, had thi pla- ted greatly to difceorage the dangerous navigation of
, fphtrs for their foundation and guide. In the voyage the Cape, where, in the race of 13 years, ot of rz4
af Alvaret, pIbtiihed by Ranlfo, we read that Din fhips feat one to India, no left than 59 had perished.
.natinel, in the year 1487, caufcdio begiven to Peter
Covigliana and Alpholfo de Payva, up -n their filing -
to make dicovries in Africa, charts etrated from an Rutlfr a Man of Wit and Learmoir t mate lan.
Ialia map of the world; and fhis mp was no other felf a difqrvnable Companien.
than the ptifpkere of haure.. OUR bofnefs is to thine: therefore you muft by
What vry trange, ark fitregly the inad- I Jil means prevent the Ihining of others for their
rtotane of travellert ian g l, is. that of all thofe brighlnefi may make yoars the lefs diftinguilbed. To
Io have rnoatedtheirtraveals Italy. and who have this eod
taken notice of many things either entirely ufelef or Lrit, If poflile, engraof the whole difcourfe and
llthdy w~l kawa h mno e, e cepting M. do In wha ither mater fails, talk ndk of yoarfelf, your

edoest* It ,olad Ie
d 1ensni a ur tawledged N e t .
frecrffrs in ucinefs, yonr lar
own ife fayltgignd: bfrltetl --
flo A. .ce h e .. , .
Secondly. If. when yoa ann l mAis .
the compopy hlhulIL f.iC the Oan"h l2Z
fomething, watchl hl words, And, it l
fomewhat either in his int ipaAt or a
stely to coantredia and raife a dirpulat
than fail. criticize even his mmmnru
ni rdly If anothBr ftie 4r'faii; spl*
odm rli, ing, elihet give no Itrtlop (t 'l
him ir lraw away the attention elo2d6t3r
can guefa what he would it at. bkleirk mng
b tore him; or, if he gets It faid, atd y N4i*qk
the company pleafd with it own It to ba a
thing, but nithal remark that it had be-ar
Itacon, Locke, Bayle, or ofme other eutmis Wami
that yon deprive him of the reputltah*klaii
tialed hy it. and gain fame yorftelf, as upa
lihw your great rending and mmer y,
I'urihly, mWhan ondefl men havi been 0rl .
ted by you a few tinie., they will cheofe rdre ,
be silent i your company: then ype may I
w thout fear of a rival, rallying them at the fmnIdi
fr their dallni.d, which will e to you a a a liAw
Th us you will be fore to plea re yetu lf. Tl
Ite m tan aims at pleading other,, It yo '
beyond hin, even that A mtan cc* epIlk
in one company, but may at the fme Ilm u
to twenty. le can plefe only *here M he'
wherever you tae not. ;

The SH 7.
S A L L Y,
AL.tNaDUs OrlL t, h1t16r1
Will fail in all March. Foar fr
or Pal'ige, apply l
rALCONP.R, itRrEP, & Co.
fi Sail in a few .
The HlioA Ita
s. T For Freight or Paflage, apply t
L'. -j the Mailer 'n board, or to
NVIJ.,n, Marrt 17, Fy66.

I li, Iflind for fine Mutnh.. uNftNs om
pefino iktlhtted to him, to, their *
pcaive .wcotnts immediately; and tbofe lbg
any demands against him, to call for payment.
V,.i/fi. tir, trel ty,6. 0
As trlir Aeu STOat, at the raer qf Usse
STREET and te HlT,
A ENE.RAL Affortment of IJROPlA
WaIn of the firft qnality, SipCh ldlery, Hard
ware. GrOcery, Crockery Ware, tc. whchtW*
will fell on the molt reasonable terms forCA Or
0.'I i/s ai / Exrchranoe.
rAKEi the liberty to r tl t that th
1 Gentlemen who have Iel fgoid al* tobm
n, ;ir him with their command, wlfl bepltald to
'irclhargc their rcfpelive acc nti. All Perfl
having any demnuud again n, are deied to
call for payment.
lie ha1 received by the Pre dence Paklt,
neat Aruortment of fashionable sod Cloths a
Kcrftymeers, with suitable rimmings
Gold and Silver Vellum Lace, Epande. S37
Reeimenal RButtonl, tc. which he willUtr
reasonable advance.
on as tifual, at his Houfe in Frederick Stret.
Na o, Faonuary t;, 17;.
Aneon. Good Incouragement b4 e .bll
Apply in Naflau, to .n I
fYetery aS. I -. J '.
HOUSE in aniry part Ton,
Calculated for a f ll family. Apply
ALL Pcrfon having de and o the O
SMr.ALUa. DtI Ro.On. 5e.Ito *
ofthis towa, are deflred o render I
their claims, properly atte to the I
and thofe who are Indebted 1 the ttelafR
qtefted to make payment l edil
fair may be fettled as foon aspAFib.

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