Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: March 11, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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No. 85.




NASSAU: Printed by JoHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the.BAY.


M ADRID, NovsaMsag I.
SETTERS from Carthagen in South-America,
L give an account of an arthuake, which was felt
in the city of Santa-Fe on the Ith of July laft, at eight
o'clock in the morning. Two churches were entirely
destroyed, and many public and private building
greatly damaged. The hock was felt in the cnighboar-
ing towns and villages of Tugativa, Caiica, and others,
where the churches have alif been left in ruin. Fortu-
iately the number of lives left appear to have been fmall.
In 1 nta-Fe the perfons killed amounted only to f.urteen.
The Archbilhop, who is likewise Vice*y of Santa-
Fe. has .lde over thi whole revenues of his diocefe for
the relief of the fufferers, and has received on thi; oc-
c..i.ul 'he thanks of his Catholic Majel'y, with liberty
to d aw 'rom the Royal Treafary what further afflilance
he Cray judge neceffary.
Ln.on, November it. Intelligence arrived on
Saturday ei a India, brought over-land, fay, a battle
had been Itlugihtin the Mylore country, between Tip-
poo Sai aind the Mlahr.rtan; in which the latter were
completely v:;rii l, compelling Tippoo to fly, to
fav h.s perfon, at er Ioleig a great uumnber of men,
killed, wounded, and ma.c irI,.ner", together with
his artin;cry, camp equipagr .Ac. '1 is virlory is ilm-
prrtont to 1l.t.i hecale I i ,oo is the ally of France,
and an tenltey to us But ini war, lbtween hint and
the MalItravas, will cvntual'y introduce France and
Engl'-.d perhaps at linrt oliy uy way of auxiliaries, to
fIlpti.Pt thrir rcli.eclivc alli.s Thii, was the cafe with
the war ill i7so, under Geieral I.awrence alld Colonel
(ifterwar.i l.rd) Clive; that war was at firft betweirn
the c lint y poe;i, but it tnded si a war between
Fiat ,e ir.dl Etglandl.
Exr ,t ol a lrtrer from the IHagne, November tS.
After the signature ot ile iDcinitive 'reaty be-
tween this RKpublic and France, which tourk place at
F 'i.tainble.iu ini the 9th, at ten o'clock artnight, the
Treaty of A tann,- between their High Mightin.lIc
and the Kit g of France wa alfo signed on the Sloth, by
witih t.ic yp' Itili in ol their High Mightilnilits both inl
and out of Ltlope,. art guaranteed by the French mo. I ll. irary contains fifteen or flxteen articles,
in whi.h it i erimong oihi r things fipulatcd, that in
cafe :his Republrl. r attacked, Fiance is to furnih themi
wi.h to,:;i men inl.urry, an0d 2zoo cavalry, together
w.lh four ITh r of ver : ld three lrigates; and in tale
-ranrc is atreli d this, Reu blic is to furnish all th.t
foi-e to he King, with II ty for their High Mightl-
sriftes to choole wlicther itlhall be in kind or in money.
Thi- isreporttd to be the lunflance of the treaty which
we brought fion Paris to this place yesterday riorninig,
awl uill be f nt this day or to-morrow to the Provinrce
to he ratlfi d "
L.rcrtena t-General Rainsfurth, the newly appointed
Gov.i 11 o .., will let out for that garrison
in:i i-d rty aier Chrillmas. General Elliot will, im-
mnedi::ly after hs arrival. fet off irctly for Englar.d,
whtic he may be expedcd about May, as he is to vifit
M:,rrid and Paris on hi rout home. '
November .5. The Prinee Eraefl Auguflus, Au-
pguitu F.edcrick, Ohd Adolphus Frederick, their Ma-
jellies three youngell faon, are all under a course of
tuition fr public life; Prince Erneft and his younger
brother have made their eledion to the fea, following
the example of Prince William Henry, now command.
der of the Hebe frigate at Portfmouth; while Prince
An ',lu,. has chofet in preference the land service, to
v Iich le will not, however, be introduced till he was
attairicl he age of flateen years; he is now only on his
thlrteriih year. Prince Erneft enters the navy next
fprig, he having entered his fifteenth year. Prince
Adilphu#, who is only in his twelfth year has two
years more to complete his fludic. For the forwarding
of their knowledge in rea afairs as much as pollible in
the ry, two very elegant models, one a firl rate man
of% tar. and the other a frigate, completely rigged and
equipped, have been presented them; the firl of which
is a noi l ingenious piece of workmanship, being con-
trived fo ro open on one fide, as to Ihew all the inner
apartment from the quarter deck to the bold.
The price of gold in France, particularly that whichis
coined, being to.flver as I to 15, there il aquellion of
giving to loam d'oer a lef, inirinfic valou than they now
bear, by the weight and quality of the metal that is to
comniiof them, the louis d'orn ill to prefeftrt four fi
livre pieces, or s4 livre Tournois. A declaration of
the Soereign, which is to he rciftered in a few days
at the Mint, cuads, that ll thou who hve loin d'ec

in their peffelton, tOall be obliged to bring them to the
exchange offices and there to receive s livres for each;
the fuble.d will gain thereby, but the new louis d'or
will be smaller and the gold leIf pure; as si-th is to lhe
taken from each, 4 louis d'ors will, when new coined,
mike five. his fpeculative precaution, which owes
its origin to M. de Caloane, will bring back much gold
to France, and keep the goldlnithe from melting louni
in their cruecbles to fabricate jewels, &c.
On the 2oth infant died at Orton, in Weflmereland,
the Rev. Richard Burn, I.L. D. Chancellor of the
diocale of Carlile. author of the Juafice of the Peace
and Ecclefiallical Law.
Through the whole of his life, the late Richard
Glover, E.'; ;vai by all good men evcred, by the wife
efleemed, by the great fometinic careffed and even
flattered, and now his death is fineere'y lamented by
all who had the hainpinmf, to contcIpla'ue the integrity
of his charal er. IMr. Glover, for upwards of o years
paP, through every vicfllitudeof fortune, exhibited the
molt exemplary simplicity of manners; having early
attained that perft tt equanimity, which philosophy
often recommends in the clofet, but which in 1cpe-
ritnce i to,, feldon exercifed by other men in the teft
of trial. In Mr. Glover wete united a wide compass of
accurate information in all mercantile concerns, with
high intclicual powers of mind, joined to a copious
ilow of t:oquence as an orator in the Houle of Com-
moon. hiltl Miltmo he was f:cond to none of ur En-
glilh P, eti, in his dilcriminiating judicious acquaintanre
with ll ancient as well as modern literature; witncfr
his Lconilda, Medea, Boadicea. and London; for, ha.
ving formed his own character upon the heft models of
the Grce writers, he lived as if he had been brdi a
ddiciple of Scrate. or companion of Arillides. Il nce
hit pon;tical turn of mind, h'nec his unwarred affcltion
an. a; live zel for the rights and lib.rtiesof his coun-
try-lhcence is heartfelt exultation whenrvcr he had to
paint the impious defgn of tyrants in ancient times
fruftrated, or in modern, defeated in their nefarious
purpofre to extirpate liberty, or to trample on the una.
liena'l rights of man, however remnot in time or face
from hi, in,mediate presence. In i few words, for the
extent of hi. various erudition, for his unalloyed pa.
triotildi, and for his daily exercise and cnnlant pradrice
so Xenriphon's philefophy, in his private as well as in
public lilt, Mr. Glover has left none his equal in the
, another citizen hall arife with eloquence, with cha.
railer and with poetry, like his, to aF rt their rights,
or to vindicate with equal powers the juft claims of free-
born men. Suffice thi. tetimaey at present, as the
well earned meed of this truly virtuous man, whofe
con !odl was ca'efullv marked, and narrowly watched
by the writer of the foregoing hafty Ikctch, for his ez-
traurdinary qualities during the long period in human
li; of up sards of 40 years; and nriw it is fpontaneoufly
i Rered an a voluntary tIiibut, inftllicite, and unpure-
hafled; but a. it appear. juftly due to the memory of
fo excellent a Poet, Statefnan, and true Philofopher,
in life and death the fame.
As the late Sir James Wright preildedcin the pro-
vince of Georgia two and twenty years, with dillin.
guilhed ability and integrity, it feenm to be a tribute
juftly due to his memory, to give thi public tefrimony
of his merit as a faithful fervent of his King and
country.-Before the commotions in America, his
example of industry and (kill in the cultivation and im-
provement of Georgia was of eminent advantage, and
his faithful difcharge of his executive and judicial com-
million was unlverfally acknowledged by the people
over whom he presided, none of his decrees as Chan.
cellar having'ever been revercd.-Uoder all the dili-
cultiea which attended the latter period of his Govern-
ment, his spirited condud in defence of that province
was fingilnarly manifeft.-His lots is deeply felt and
fincetely lamented by his family and friend., as well as
by hilsnfortunate fellow fuflere from America, whole
cauk he moft alhiduoufly laboured to support and fuli.
cit; and the fuecefa which acterded his a&ive excttions
in their behalf, afforded him real comfort. under his lan.
guifhing fate of healthfor fome time before his deceaf.
November 8. By a proclamation in Saturday's Ga-
zette, the Parliament which was appointed to meet on
Thuffday, the tft of December, is farther prorogued to
Tuefday the 14th of January.
November So. The rabd object which at present
nttrael the attention general politlians, is the agi.
station of the Oermn Empire an object of great alarm
to all Busro as well a of cancer to the patiea in.
terefted i It it ue and final fttlement. From the begin.
ning of the world to the preflnt time, for Empi re or

Empires have been gradually firetchiog over the nigh-
bouring nations, and swallowing up the liberrate of
mankind. Improvement ai war, in policy, and we
may add in political and fiancical calculation, have
taught the geat powers on the Continent of Europe a
IeCon which may be pradifed to the endangering, if
not to the fubvcrtfon of the independence of the nations.
To divide the fpell of flme weaker fate, to reap the
fruits without incurring the mifrie and dangers of war
is the policy of France, Auftria, and Ruflia. The
Emprefs purfuee one proje of aggrandinement, the
Emperor a second, the French King a third; and a
concert is formed for mutual connivance, if not aid and
co o craiion. The Emprefs supports his Imperial MIa
jerty in his claims to the Elecorate of Bavaria; his
Imperial Majefiy fupporta the Emprefa in her encroach-
ments on the Turk il Empire; and the Court of Ver-
failles encourages an exchange of Bavaria for the No.
therlands, that the fieft and richest territory in Europe
being cut of from the powerful protecion of the Au-
nrians, may at lft well the grandeur of the Houle of
Bourbon. Thefe are apparent, and there are no doubt
other object& of ambition involved, which cement
a temporary fricadfhip among the greatest powers in
the world; we fay TiuroAnr, because should theft
powers be able to goon toparcel out among themselves
the dominions, or, at leai the independence, which
is the fame thing, of other fates, they muf fall upon
one another at laft, and prolong hofilities until it should
be detern ned which mater the old world was to obey,
the Rutiarni, or the Princes of Bourbon. We here
furpole that in the progref towards universal empire.
the dominlions of the Auftrians would be funk into the
prevailing monarchy of one or other of the two compe-
riterrs for the fevereignty of the world. For thefe
lying Ietween the territories of France and of Rufia,
would present dillerent *bjeCt of ambition and points
of attack to both; and, the principle of partition being
Aill pursued, it might happen that an amicable concert
might to mutilate the dominions of Aufria, that his
Imperial Majer.y might remain for a time a dependent
and nominal monarch like the King of Poland. At lat
he would drop into the sphere of whichever of the two
contending powers should prevail in the great contelh
for the matcery of Europe. If the Emperor in order
to preserve or prolong his independency, should join
either France in an attack on Ruffia, or Ruffia in am
attack on France, the party might indeed prevail whom
he should favour, but he himfelf muf, loon after, fall
to the Itrengthcned arm of the viAor. Let us fuppofo
a third cafe, that the Emperor fiould endeavour et
maintain between his formidable neighboure a balance
of power. Before fuch a fyflem of policy would be
adopted by the Court of Vienna, its power of carrying
it into effed would probably be annihilated. For,
according to the fpiric of partition, the French and the
t ullians would have agreed on a partition of his domi.
niun.. Beides, it would be extremely difficult to turnt
the balance between fuch enormous males of matter.
Convulfions, impulfes, agitations would arife that
would let all attempts to counterpoife the one againfk
the other abortive.
It is natural, in indulging theft hypethefes, to fpe-
culate concerning the probable condud and fate of our
own island, with that of Irelaid, which nmidfe fuca
grand views and movements on the Continent, would
be left to the management of Great-Britain. We, that in
our retrotejpoflerity, would no doubt ad from a jeas
loufy of our powerful neighbours the French, if, which
is not impolible, before lunch a jundure of affairs we
Should pot, according to the fate of Ifands, have be-
come dependent A the Continent. But, fuppofing
that we Ihould hov preferred our independency, the
military fpirie w d have fled from thi country, alre
dy enervated b haury and begining to lagh at the
high point of laur, nd all that e fumrif to
our ally, wlid be moaoy and fllp The&a however
would avail little in a centltef th fovweremgety of
Furope, a t heat h ,-sd not the ocean. Men,
previionl arms; thefe ae the laflrmets which the
genim olthe contending paic*s would ufe is driving
for the aftitery of the world. There li, as we hare
frequently observed, in th preflet age a rage for cor.
merce and nival power but, after al, it as power am
vsana rneaA, it is continental power, that is moft
fuble and meft formidable.
Thefe conjeduree, which embrace io wide so etent
of lime, fpattend oot lfgenele, nw so doeeb
appear vague, (artai, ani prsh whincL
fomee of onrre;ra And miman m -withetir
clerks and commie who re ianfted with fome fecre
and design of their reitive uo mar safe

deride the fpeculations uf uninformed men.-We The f, iel (s to .1r plti;alefornm, in the connfli
Wouldrecal to the a tention of fuch critic,, that ai tuition of the royal blir' l in Scotland, agreably
reat objedt is fern bhei at a dillane; that too to that prfcve'rnce htilich char;dterizc. the
near an approach magnifies the pasn, but hides Scotch, flillg, ol. H'!:avre 'ktrmineld to poon
the whole I as a man bewildered in a wood can in (pite of every o0.r.:;e,:, t, ur1i their cs:r.i to
examine a few individual trees and meanders, freedom arnl ]pIl al renrefernation. Anmidt tihe
but is ignorant of the extent, and fite, and general fluntatln of huCrman affairs, ad the imbhcillliers
afp c and contour of the labyrinth in which lie is of declining empire, the effu'ts of unity and per
loft. We reason on general principles, on the feverance are prodlgiols.
common' enta.and the common course of things. December r. Yesterday Bingg the anniverC ry
Partitions of power have been made in former of St. Andrew, who is the ncrrieft Saint in tile
times, bygreat leaders, and commanders of great Kalendar, the price of flheepv headl< andt h~iCirts
military forces, in order to tvoid an appeal to rote fifty per cent. and tiot a piper or idlelr w.'s
arms k o afterwards quarrelled and devoured to be had for love or innnry, tn1m Hyle Pack
one another. It was thus Odavius Cefar role to Corner to Mile Enl. In the cveninr the foni ant
be Emperor of Rome. It was this that, in the daughters of ICar.,loni (, Ec(.I.:e-'trI( in '*ri'. ..
declineofthe Empire, the moft powerful gover- parts of the mtropoti.--to h0,i e their h
noursof provinces ift madekpartition ofthe I Im to the exhilarrtin.gI lli.nsi nof Jihin Roy Simlt,
perial doma: n among themselves, and then ie- Tullnch Gorar, and the Bri.a onf':llyuer. The
termined by the word which Ihould' wear the concertos ofClameir a:.i C.i;1:11 gl.r:ll CplAcst ltih
purple. The fceds of the partition tyften are (Iratlfpeyn of Neil Oin' lirime i, er; a rdl
lown, beyond all doubt, and appearances on the Duncan bacgrerorr'i h aepi:; more tlan cimni l -
Connntinentror.gly indicate its rapid growth. fated for the trailth oul "l.iunlIe The 'i':*
That prince who fet the example of this fyftem of the rape was nrt ;liha.nI to r.iigle with Il
by the partition of Poland, alarmed at the com- neft Ferntofll, and many a brl Il.d was tent Iteiilg
bination between the Rufllans and Auftrians, and to led.
the good correfpondence of both with France, Such isthe clcapnef. of b i.lion, that ite ln.m!
begins perhaps to repent of his rapacious policy, have ordered two million, of guineas to be inmme-
He is now employed in the evening of his life, diatelycoined.
in ftrenuous coffrts, to eflablilh and perpetuate The friends of the Mihlry fAv that the three
the libertiesof Germany, by rating up a confede- per cent, c,..ful. will be at 1; before the meet.
racy against the ambitious views of the liouile of Ing of Parliament.
Auftia. It, Joubtlefs, is the interest of all En- Lord Rodney relatcs a circnmfiance which
rope, except of thofe powers, who by humouring happened on board hlis i nf in the aaion with
and fesonding the views of his Imperial Majefly. Count De Gr.afe, which is perhaps fearce to he
feek tbeirown aggrandizemrnt, to co-operate and equ.lled for Iravery in a.v age whatever. A
support the King of Prufia -Mr. Pitt, by pro ar ler, who aded as one nf tI e gunnere, had ilis
moving the design of his Mliajly's acceding, in right airn flat away ill 1. le was going to fire
the name of Ianover, to thie Germanic League, the gun, when owilhoth tile Iat apparent concern,
gratifie at once a predilecion for the illulfrilu he fiatched up the malcq, fCyirg, cl-n y.lur
friend of his father, and Fporues a Jaft anid en- eyes,what, you thought I hll bnt nee arm."
large policy.-When we cmnider the wcfttrn and A demand of three marriage portions will, we
the eastern, the nurjhern and the feuthern boun. undernland, be made by the minister, in the elrfui
diaries of the dommiio.1s now governed by the ing fellions of Parliament; one of fifty thol;ufnd
lHoifes of AHftria and Bouibon; when we caon-l pounds for the Prir.cef. Roryal, nd two of forty
der the alliances of blood, tnd the political lir. thousand pounds for the Princefs Elizabeth and
mo .y w:ih unites thef. powers when se ref di Princers A )tlfia.
on th immcncte extent, and the growiln greatnef. The Englilli Prince(fe, marty whom .lnt when
of Rulfia, and the pref nt complacency and good they will, wili doi hoi; tr tio their lhufoands by
corrra.,ondencc which fuhfiflt among the Conirt their virtuiet.
of Vienna, Paris, and P.cerfburhl, we liall fAnd Anecdote of hi Prillin M iefly nail an Bri
refon to be alarmed for the tafea of other ina. tifh Amball.t:lr -WI S;r .nd.ewv N tchcll
tions. Cato, the virtuous repulb:ican Jf dcgenc- held the polt if I.nvo t ;'; in lii; MA.cfty to the
rate Rome. f(id of the concert between Court of Bellin, at the time of the dliillte be-
and two o' herchiefs, that it was their union, not twren Great nritrin and ihpjin relative rothe alffir
theirdifc.rd, that threatened the Roman lilbrties, of Palkland Illn ll, thle Ki,:;e of P'ruf rl ciprefned
There is a triumvirate at present, whofe lion his filprifr that oer Co. -i co.nll be 1; co i1 and
threatens greater caltmities to Europe than could paltite under whatt ie cn lonii, is a .iot daring
poffibly nf w from their difcord. infult; the Aniba dildir aii\v redr, Thitit
It is true. that the political vigilance, which in the chlracteriflic of this c-intry not to hl too
the prefrnt period is excited by the a'dvt:lr-mcn halty in the commilion or h ,nilities; aind that it
of knowledge, leaves lef; room omro an appre. was fill hoped the hoiinor iof:pirin wiull incline
beniton of univerfal dominion, than would olrthr. her to 'o juice without viiti;Y to c tremrties."
wife take place. Bnt a concert among a u.reat The King, who hii a .tllr..l vacili 0n ltothc Spa.
numberof inferior or fecondary powers in difficult niards, replied, that he foppifedc if Ewglatdl
to be former, and flill more dificnlt to li miain- had been invadedri, Ity vw ilid then truft to Spa-
tained whereas the unity, and peifeverance, and niti honotir." To which :Sir Anrl;dr. tirijoieds
promptitude of one great power, form an engine The c.,fe winiil ticn b" nmlterially ditfternt,
that is prodigious. anil that ilie wolilhave thelrn t tilnit oly tIo God
Tte commotions in Poland might lead ltoan and her allies."-' (G .1! liys tile Milnarch)
experalion of ftme revolution in that kingdom, if is he then one of voi.r ;l lic I -" Yes, my Lrege,
we did not know that it muft follow the motions (fays the Env iy, f,;newh it nettled at the IiCefion)
of thofe powers among whom its strength is now amd uoe to whom we pay no fablitd fir his alli-
divided. The Polilh nobles are like files caught ance."
in a nt. They may toal and tumble, but follow After the battle of lockfht, the nD,~c tf M;rl-
the draught of the fifhers. borough reviewing the prifncers he h lIt taken in
The Dutch have extricated themfelres from Blenheim, observed a very fine ercer.ier of the
their embarraTmeiit with the Emperor, by the regiment of Navari, who had dilli'l-iiiled him-
mediation of France, who now appears in the felf a battle, alnd wlo pifctfrvcl hii military
charatcr of their proteftor, that hereafter lie demeanour in hii captiv;ty. If the King of
may appear in that of their milrefrs, with let lots France," I iti tih Duke to the foldier, hail a
andwithgreater honourthanwere generallyprog. hundred thouifnmd me.i like you, lie routld he
nofticaed. Ceflions, on the part of the Empe more iucceisful in the war." The greradier an
ror, appear in opposition tothofe granted bythem fwered, Morb:!n nly General, it is not .an
to his Imperial Maiefly. In all this matter we hundred men, like me. that the King
beho d the predominant influence and power of my master want--it is one min like you."
France. If the Emperor hall not be able to oh. An officer, who little deferred the dignity, the polfefion of Bavaria, which it is probable forrefeing and trembling at the dangers of a bat-
that he will, hisconduA mut appear to be nurato- tie. reqllried of ti- DIuc lie Vendome leave of
ry, and utterly unworthy of to powerful a prince. abfence to go anl fc-e hin father, who was ill.
A negotiation is on foot for a commercial treaty Go, Sir, go," fays the Duke, ob.y the
between England and France. Btfuch a treaty, commandment-Honour vour father and mother,
whatever it may be, the confequenttncitement to that your days may be long."
colnmerce in both national, mut increaf the ablo. December g. Sir GuIy Carleton, who goes out
lute wealth of both ; but not, perhaps the relay. Governcur of Qijebe, in the room of General
tive. Of this the political French are, no doubt, Ilaldimand (and not to Bengal aa reported) will
fenible, and therefore they will be cautius how not fail for that province till Aprnl or May i)86.
they add to the profperity of the manufalturers December 4. We hear that a great Lady has
of England. in negotiation the French excel absolutely refuted to accept of the Prince of Den.
more than in arnn. In tyo9. the French King, mark for her' Lord; but we can fcarcely credit
preffed by the Confederates, folicited a negocia. the report, for we have it from pretty good au
tion for pace. Prince Eugene of Savoy aid, on thority, that though or rtures have certainly
that occneinc, that he would negotiate with the been made to our Court by that of Copenehagen
reach only In the field of battle. for a matrimonial alliance between both, the fat.
The Irfih natiod, notwithstanding the effortsof ter has not named the Princeel with whom It
the minifty, appear ftill inimical 0o the commer. woMld with to have it formed. On the co'rary,
ll regtito proposed by England. the Prince Royal has resolved to fee all our King's

1ighptertr, Oln chlne for himfelfI he wli
court nor be married by proxy.
The late Duke of Orlcntis has ae k.
provieon for the .Lady who lived with kbi- -'
years before his death. lie has ihe m t"
thousand gineas a year fv r life. It Il hut li,
to this Iaiy to fay, that though lie nia
any other title than that of CountefI d
ton. the was In fat married tothe Duie. I
as flite a not f a lank toentitle her toma
w-ith the firfl Prince of the blood, and ase
cIenrly the cor.fent of the Court could aot
obtained to a public marriage, the DukeiA
her privately, and flhe was fatisfied to fores
honors of fich an alliance, and to bear .
mily name, inflead of the high fouandilgtllet
her fiiz.hnref the Duchefs of Orleans. stislt
nothing however by her humility, for Ihe g
treated b ery r ped ton of quality with thel
refiiet as if her marriage had adjually been reg.
Government h..v it in eontempliation tal
on the Ball tor aln account of all the onelurar
fillds anid lividendl which, it Is fid, amount
to a proieious fim. The money is intended for
the ef:abliniing a fund, for the purple ofpayhla
offthe national drhe.
His race the Mafter-Oencral ofthe Ordnante
has appointed Capt. Grant of the artillery, au
ofieer of prer.t merit and experience, to the oace
of Ch'et rire-malter ofthe Laboratory at Woo.
with, ill tIT room of the late Capt. Tovey.
The lachlrn who is now forming a confeder.
cy am tig the Anerican Indians, to check the
encyrachmentl of the New States, Is ailed Jo.
fepT Itrant. Tie is a warrior of the Mohawk tribe,
one of the celebrated five Indian nations thatfor.
melly were the moft powerful in that county.
lie wa, edulcater under Sir William Johafon
unerlrftandi EPntrh. and is to'erably verfed to
thle learning of Furope. lie was in Englianis
177.., andl on bring afked his oinioa ofthe pro.
priety 6f emnpotyiil the Indian$ against America,
he ilinii.:!cl Adininiftration from t, becadu, he
al!tlcz'ed, if they were once excitcd, it would at
he eafy to allay them; and, by their mode ofur.
ryitng on the war. their indiftiniiiiin rgavaes
wouil hle defrultrtie to friends as we llasfoe.
lie conveyed there ideas by a strong metaphor is
the Indian flyle, walking the Minifier, ifhe wiled
to lcftroy the property ir fome of ls enemies ist
L.odotr, whether he fhroild ft fre to their hou.
fea when the winl blew frtongly fromthe north-
caf F lie waI nelwilhftanding, an 3aive parties
under Sir John Johnfin, and dittinguilhed himi
felf at the liree of Fort Stanwix, as irll asi
many aiinlmr, in rcncert with Colonel Butllr.
A letter from Paris fjys, A Chymift in til
capital h .r found ot a method to tranlinute h.
mati boncr into glara, by lthe means of fire. By
this difrc"veiy we liall h.te it in our power to
vitrify the diin ofnor friend and relations, pre.
f rve thiir cffizies composed of their own fuaa.
fiance, ant look on them as our household gods.
If tie ncients had been acquaianted with this fe
ciCt, they would, no doubt, have made a rllU-
gions lft of it."
A letter from Kilkenny, dated Nov. as, fay,
The difputcd pnflZflion of the lands of Bally-
multa, in lthe county of Tipperary, which ha
already occasioned the Il ofrt fl many lives, is
likely to be attended with Aill more serious coo
fequienes. The party now in ponfllion of thel
lands having fistified and intrencliet a natmber
of their adherents, it is found nceffary again to
call in the military to difpoffcfI them I forthis
purpose all the troops quiartered in Calhell, aided
by a detachment of artillery from Dublin, comic
handed by Lieutenant Colonel White of the 6tk
foot. from the city, were to make a grand attack
on Thlirfday laft, the refilt of which, no doubt,
muft be the total difcomfiture of the garrifn .
And as every precaution was tal en oi both fidesI
it is dreaded that the conteft has beea attended
with much lloodflied."
On Tucfday evening a catle of falfe imprlfoiK
meant was tried in the Sheriffs Court, judgement
having been fuf'eied to go by default. The plain-
tiff was a reftpetlable military gentleman, who
was arrested fume time laft ftmmer as he wa
walking with a friend in St. Jamets'-ftreet. He
was niflaken for one of thofecockaded fcoundotla
that infelf this metropolis, and who, in the
character of officers and gentlemen commit de.
predation on the credulous and lufdrlrios part
of the community and as fuch this geatlemak
whofe conduct hs., on every baccaSlo, done( hb
nour to his profeffion, was treated with partec
lar indignity and harfhneft. Every thhg that
could aggravate his difagreeable Stuation, was
pra6ifed upon him i and notwithtaiadlV tT
poffble effort was ufed to convince the ImotniW
the man that employed him, of their error, it wr
three days before heconld obtain hllhert.. Foe
this severe treatment the adtlon was woht
against the bailiff and the tradefman. ThtjlI
brought in a verdi with jol. damages.

Wednefday the cauie wheetla federal Lafearl exatimely prtial i They have lately captured with advice of the Codil,(1tn afe fleh pot*ed
wer plaintifis, and William Morfatt, Efqj of federal l 1p belonging to the Portaguefe, which Ins fall oblL-a the due execution of th
Ojens. fauare, owner of the ihip Kent, in the have turned out very valuable prima to them! laws) to call out the Militia to luppnts the
ofvie of the Eaft.India Company, was dfen. they have alfo taken a large Ihip fromCadiz bound fame, and employ them as be may don caf of
dant, and wherein the fluid William Moffatt had to Carthagena, loaded with all kids of naval iavafion or inkirretloi."
I.iadd in abatement, that James Hunt and fore, and fnt the crew into slavery. This cap The Ship Charlotte which arrived here on Sun
rimaty Cultit Efqr. were Joint owners of the ture caufe great unetafnefs among the Spanifh day lat from London and the Cape de Verde
lip, and that they ought to be fued with him merchants, who are now obliged to have convoys Ilands, brought from the latter about forty head
for the Lafcars demand, was determined in the with Ihips of anyconfiderable value, lotwithlian- of black cattle.
Court of Common Pleas in favour of the Latcars, ding the peace to lately concluded between that The Bahama, Ewing, mentioned in our Ita to
and a verdict given to as to inttle each of them to Kingdom and the Dey of Algiers." be alhnre on the minutes, is loft but considerable
cover the film of ial. 1o0. part of the cargo is fared.
Nothing can more strongly evince the mpar- The Schooner Harriott, Grant, from Curafow
tiality and vigour of the laws of this country, N A S S A U, M A H IS. with Goats and .heep for this port, is ashore on
than the prosecution and condition of the public A NpTHER ihlance of Governour Orde's the Sail Rock, about tj league to windward of
defaulter who lately underwent the fenteice of A. benevolent attention to fuch of the Anerl. this lnd l .
the pillory. In the course of this buifinei more can Lovalifts as have reported to the colony Yelterday arrived here from Charleton, Job
money has been expended than would have filcn over which he preludes, is afforded by the follow. Vaneerhorft, Efq; and Mrs. Vanderlart.
6ed juice in any other country-and yetthia ing Notification, published in the Dominica Ga. nEATIH-Thu morning after tedious Illnef
man, with all the advantages of an immeifle for. zette of Jantury V. Mrs. Sata HALTr, Relid of the late John
tune, and all the influence ofpowerful friend, 1 oft e or Loma arur, s,, .t(6. Haley, Efj.
was puniiled as fevercly, and witn as many tir e His Excellency Oovernour Orde is pleaded to ARRIVPD 1treF, Frow
cumifancel of ignominy, as the meant fubjecd direct public information to be given fuch of the Mar. at. Ship Charlotte, Oibon, London
would be, who had been found guilty of a umlr American Loyalifts in this Colony, as may have Brig Spcedwell, Carr, Jamaica
oItence. occalon for medical asIltance, that by applying is. Sloop Sally, Cole, Charlefton
In the p rilh church of Kedliftone, within three to Dottor Hartis of the General Hofpital. they Sattlal Fr
miles of the town of Derby, is Derbyfhire, is a will receive medicine and advice grati, for them. Mar. 14. Sloop Ether, Wattlewortb, Antiga
monument to the memory of Mrs. Curfon, from felven, their families, and larve. sj. Brig Ranger. Turner, St. Thomas's
whom the family of te- percent Lord Scarfdale is I. CREIOHTON. RalnaIs W slnouD.
defcented, which monument reprefents Mrs. buperintendant of Loyaliftt." Brig Providen Packet, Ingli, London
Curfin, wi'h two infants fucking at her brealti Public Spliit charaiterizrs the proceedings of
(he holding both. This good woman after being the new Alembily of Nova.Scotia. With a view
long very ill, was to all appearance dead, and to encourage Inulry, and to promote the in P U B L I C U C T ON,
was buried in her wedding ling, and other tcretI of the prTvtince, they, in their late Sflon, On MOND AY t the seth infant,
iarapharnelia of her person; the rogue ofa Sex- pirfei tIhe following Refolutions. On the Bi of Nssatv,-
ton took the ring, &c. off her finger, the firft A '*hat a Preninum ot Fifty Pounds tliall be On Arcoun off UBanwaITs,
night the was bured i in to doing, he gave her to allowed and paid on the greatly q;afuilty of mer.- ANTITY of large BAY MAMO-
much pain, that fe hollowed out I The Sexton chantable hemp (not left than a tonr) rlifc and A GANYI about i ns unehipt LOG-
ran out of te church, in the dead of night, mnauurd by any one perfn in tileprovince, WOOD; SAILS, ANC 1 S. CABLES, RIO-
fared: iheg out of hercoffin and grave, walked and brought to market, within two years from OING, a PATENT C BOUSE, &c. &c. c.
home, was l(t in by her hiilband and had the this Sciffon of General Alrcmbly-'Twenty-five faved from the Wreck of the Bri Balama, cal
two chilk!re (twins) repretefnted on the mont- Pounds on the next apeateft quantity (not left away in the late al on the ulimi Rocks/.
meit, and flve others. An instance ofthe fame than a ton) railed, manufadured, and brought to STERLIN -tI MACKENZ
fort is on a monument, in the church of St. market, as aforefaid.-Fifteen Pounds on the next Vene Mafters.
Wles, Cripplegate. greartct quantity, (not letf than a ton) raised, ma- A A
December s. The Dutch may triumph as nufatlurcd. and brought to market, as aforefaid: FOR SA V A N NA HI,
much as t ey pleafe in their two treaties recently And-Ten Pounds on the next greater quantity, In 0 E 0 R O I A,
concluded withthe Emperorand lhe FiencihKing; (not letr than a ton) railed, manufactured,*Ind 7. Sail i .equ day.
hitiftheywerenot atblindasbigottedinfatiuated brotight to market, as aforefaid.-And, that In J Bi ioATalI
mren can he. they woull plainly fee, that they bounty at the rate of Five Pounds per ton, Ihall J L I E O A K
bae been,. all along, the dcupes, and will be made be allowell d l paid, on all other hemp, railed, ALax M'Dz EB A
the ficrific, to Irernch policy and chicanery!- manufadtur'., and brouyiht to market, as aforc. .. For al to PMlage,
The lare recital of the late trani.fiions amounts faid. s I t P '
to a demoniration of ouir population. During all Th.- a bounty of two liillings and fix-pence the Mafe on board, or
the time of nepociating and mediating between per buhlitl, he allowed and paid on all clean, freli, E
them adverfar), the French Cabinet al i- nerchantal!e Flax Seed, railed and manufadtured aau, Mrch t7, .7S.
fnl!y k-pt back its own defenfivc treaty with the within thi pIrotince, which fall be brought to F F Sibfcrie tind absent from
Dutch, thereby holding the rod over their head. ; market within two years, and pafs infpefton at I this Illand for tome sreqiets thole
imaning, that if they did not acquiefcc in fich any shipping port in this province. perfons indebted to him, tol:trge their tre
terni as the French would orq could procure 1 hat a bounty of Five Pounds per ton, hall fipetive accounts immediately a thofe bavn
th'm, they would be an undefended, helplcfs be pivne and paid on all Pot. Afh, mde within any demandsagain him, to cal payment.
tpeole, cxp.fcd to all the firy and refntment of this province, which (hall be delivered clean, and H H RO S /
the Empren, on the breakiiig offthe negnciation; well muanitfaured, within two years net enfuing, Nafa, uMarb rt, s786.
they the French not being bhund to protect them at any dippingg port in the province.
by a trc.ty unlgn d; and no other Power was That a Premium of Twenty Pounds hall be To be SOLD or LET,
willing andl aice to pr otte them agiainft fi power. given and paid to the proprietor of every Saw Mill And may be naterenld imnediaelr
fil an enemy, perhaps anifted openly or covertly within this province, which may be bun and A NEAT and airy DWELLINO HOUSE i
by the Preach themfelvcs. completed within the year li, on proof bepg .L good repair, with a new tone built chami-
Tihe St.tre General may now deliberate, de- made that there have been fawn at fuch Mill Ie her, tore hour, and kitchen ; alfo, new out-
bat and re folve ; they may take things ad rifre thousand feet of merchantable boards, at feaft. houses and neceflary, with the Lot bilonginl
rendu or ad refrseb indum,; biut they muft take That a bounty of ten fhillings per ton be thereto, being very large, an4containsa we of
their order from Vcrfilles what they are to do in allowed and paid on all velrela huilt in the pro- very fine water, a garden and vacant ground.
aII great affairs of Rate I The Grand Monarch's vince, and launched and fitted for tea, within the The whole is under a good fence, mtot of which
f divi will be more prevalent than a thousand year 1716, of tne burthen of forty tons and up- new, the pots rails and pall of odar and
nlruments or reafons to thle contrary! They are wards, carpenters measurement. hogan j the nation s eant, being a r
hogany ; the rntuation It ptanfant, being a cai A I
from hence-forward neither better nor wore than That his Excellency the Governonr be em- ground at the Weft End the Town, command
Vafali of thi Grand Monarch; and his v/c vla, powered and requested to order materials for ding a view of the Bar and Offig. For tcrms
&c. will be as conclusive to them as it is to his hor.e-building to be purchased and supplied from appTy to THOMAs Roail, in Nfala.
Own Parliament The beginning of the laft cenm tim to time as they may be wanted, to fuch per. Yaruary t1, ls16.
tary fw the United Provinces emancipated from fons, being Whale Filhers or Mechanics, as may
the Spanil, yoke, and the latter part of this cen- come into this province for twelve months, for iOHN DINNISTON intendnlg to failfor En
try iecs them fuhjugated tqthe French yoke t fo the purpoft of carrying on the Whale Filher land in the co urf of next month requ s all
tt hhey have now only clanged hands from Spa- and that a am, not exceeding Fifteen Hundred Prfons to whom h s anywife ildeLed, to ca
.iiih tyranny to French tyranny, perhaps a little Pounds, be granted and applied for that purpofe." and receive payom t, and thole ladebed to ham,
more softened and civilized, but not lets fure and In addition to the above important Refolu. pay t r ive accounts without delay.
Ptrmiannt. Here then in this grave we bury the tions, the Legillature of Nova Scotia voted the He alfo, for the la tme, reqas thofe indebt
cnOlitution of the Seven United Province of the Sum of One Thoufand Five Hundred and Thirty to te late Cpnart ip of mOHN Pte TY it
Nrherlands. Pounds for opening a road, in ts dired a line a CO. aty tece tr Intmedliatel yi as ther
Parliament is called upon by Royal Proclama- poffible, from HalT ta to Shelburne, and froan is n a olute necei for doBag the boiaels ot
tio to meet late in January, for the dispatch of thence to Yarmouth. This road will embrace that Concern before his depsture.-Mrchaau-
vers weightyyand important affairs. What thefe all the fettlements on the fea coaft, to the welt- table Cotton, Brasietto, Dark, Lowood, B-
htportant a:firs wip br, we know not ; but hop ward ot Ialifaxquite to the Cape, which hitherto wood, and large Mahoany, at MartPor ,wi
I Minifner will be a little more circumfpel in have had no communniation with the capital of be take in payen t.
'bat he lary beWre Parliament than he was lat there province, but by fea. The tea In hi abtne will be cul*ada,
;a, and ikewife in his manner of conduing The legislature of Virginia have enacted a law, aaufit, Ahy ALaa nasa Tasoa.
h fchemes through Parliament; with a little declaring t higb-treafoi to t-ret or cltablilh, WANT D in all ant moh a ul tit
met regard to the refpedable bodies of Manu.I or cante to be ereaed or efabiled, any govern. Cotton and Braillett for CI wal b
ituerns, Tradefmen, and Artifans, who may be I meant fparate from. or Independent of, the faid given Apply as abov
"tAhl$ n.d guarding their refpelve concerns commonwealth, withithe limits thereof, unless F o L O N D O N,
a Parliamentary conlderation. by ait of legiflatnre or to hold any oace, legif- T
Ss ioft letter from Gibraltar, November r4. lative, executive, judiciary, or miaierial, in T
The Mediterranean fwarms with Algerine any fuch ufurped gaternment, or to fear r S A L L Y,
ea".in, who are now become very alarming to proefie allegiance thereto."- The fame law A ni. ns OoaIla, Mali;
o ntio tOns bordering on that fea, as they pay aio declares it a high crime and misdemeanor Will fa a March. For Freight
"tlard to the flag of any country, but take to attempt to tet up any fnch government, or to or Pab p to
L under venels of every nation that fall in instigate, the people of the commonwealth to fuch I'ALCON0B SItF., A Ce. o
S way, except the Britih, to whom they are attempt".-It furtht tempowers f Governour, WILLIAM B1GBIL.

Should interrupt the court of thee principles, and nI. That it was not averred the
Sery judicioully fated the difference between an a houfe in the Haymarket, tboul
LONDON, N MBER 6. ffdr d an oflence, obfferring, that there ndkmet to he a aten r r i
ATKINSON, a PILLORY. cold be no rompleat idea ofn oAn" rc without wa atrrened before be went into h
ATKINSON, ad tbe PILLORY. safflciatin the idea of a perfon as the offender ; II. The third oejedfio was to
CONTRARY t to genera o'clion, which often h obfervd, that erery evc.t and effeC of moral ments of perjury, andwhich wa til a ll
ierr, ifqerday at twelve o'clock Chariopher i ion was either good or bad in itself, but with to two rt
Atkinfon, e formerly Member ot Parliament, a reference to the human mind it waI good or That the firlt sffgname did
mounted the pillor, the ep ofthe Co E bad, the human ind big the only force and the dfedant' oath, only t
change, In Mark-lane, purfiant to I lretcnce of u guilt or innocence ; he obferd that defendant had been at his fadhhe
the court of Kiag's Bench, for wilful and cor. however (hocking to humanity the agosies of a was arrefled," which was admittedhfl
rapt perjury. I man might be who has received his death wound tiff' oath he infiling only that he tf
As the temper of an Englilh mob does not al- from another, yet no.gilt was to he aferilied in his houfe.
ay overlow with the milk of human kindnef, to that perfin, mnlierf he had maliciously deviled s. The second amgnment was, thit&
Mr. Atkinfon, wifely taking time by the forelock, and intded that fpeclir miclchief, or intended fendant was not arrefed and taken
pruaently arrived in Mark-Lane by even in the fome deed decidedly uila'sful, andt the homicide of hit faid u:swnarddoor." The objibmu.
morning, remaining perdue in a friendly houfe, had followed in the peipetration of that. was, tnat it was adding to and epl
till the awful moment of hbi appearing on that This homicide, he obifered, was the effect, ind defendant's oath he never having, lui
Jg, where, let the performer be err fo mucit the event was to he considered. lIe quoted the preffion outward.
Su charafir, applaufe isfo fldomn gien. following paflage fiom a modern writcr:- IV. That the aflfgnment added the dl-.
The Sheriff. attended on horfe-back, with a What isfi rf to God is not irlito n,;l.--fdit Alugnft) to the defendant's oath, anod liuj
Suitable train offervanta, which gave the whole a begins with caufst, and goes on to effe l, the very offence of the offence; fueh tgi
Ariking appearance. -man begins ilth cff:~ts, and goes hick to having been before averred or mentklitbg
Contable to the number of three or four hun. cAufe." So, faid Mr. Fieldilg, proWerdv the wva of r.cital.
red, were Rationed around. With great di- law ; it considers the eflca, namely the homiciilr, V. That the indiament did not htal
culty and patient perfevrance, they kept the and from thence gi ca back to the caule of that to be of, and concern:nl tbeprsrifeglal
multitude all off who, crammed clfe as dried homicide, which is now the fllhjedt of e nqiry: but of, and concerning the nmplnit. .
figs, comforted themfelves with reflecting, that IIe then ablfrved, that the place where the crime On there federal ohjelions Mr. Erkhll
though the laws punished with feverity the was committed, waN the only proper, competent, ly relied; and the profe'cter's eoanMfet
trantfrefflon of theU r, yet they afforded not and adequate juiifilitliin to enquire into, anld in- prepared to argue thi* validity ofthem,
the fmalleft Ihelter tithe viur of the rib. dvetligate the crime itfiif; and the crime, faid ric, rant.l a rule to th-w cauf T
Mr. Atkilfon bowd federal times, and filed wa committed on that fot where the prifr.ncer
often on his friends,1 who were numerous. His nood, when he filrnilhed tle evidence of a guilty
countenance was ferenc, and wore not the badge mind, and betrayed h:i unlawful and wicke pur. -p IE Snbfciber gives t tm i h
of conscious guilt. He had a great coat on, with pole, that purpnofe having led to the event whiih 1P on resident in th hands,
blackfilk waincoat and breeches; and hi appear- produced the homicide, as:I that Tpot was laid indebted -to the Houfe of C Is s nI i
ance wain every othgr refped pertcl egIteel out of the jurifdllient of the Admiralty. ,' IRas, of Savannah, that thr bnod
The Sheriffs cannot be too muc ihmended Having thus eindr v,,rcd to remove the p-ifT- &c. will. without diftirdiion, i iedllia~
for using every precaution to prevent the populace ner from the juriil! of the Admiralty, lhy into the hands of an Attorney atw,t
fiom difgracing therfelves and country, by corn- living the crime to the I'pjt of its commencement, vercd, a, fi-vral year ind lgenc axebbn
emitting outrages (which has too often been the namely, the firing the Fun, and not to the plaLe "itliihot producing the idelred er R
carl) equally legal as brutal. Happily their hu- where the mani was hot ; he went on in a very ALEXANDER J. M
mane and spirited endeavour succeeded to their learned and app:ite manner, whither the limits .V,";, ArArr 24. 1s96. r
utmonf with. l of our paper cannot follow him, infifling reneral-
The hour Atkinfn was con- ly, that the blow ia, nit given w thin tie Ad- PANTON, I, ESLIE, & O(
duled back in b rt ety, a'il on Sunday next is to be iiralty jurifditli-i, te uiafe of blow was on Z.t t.eir re., Fri r, af te Crner If
fet at liberty. Sports, as to his future intentions, tho.e, and the blow! itlci v.,; committed within Sn F r l Ed ti Ray*
are various. One is, that hemnans to conduct the b.dly of a coriiu.t. H A V F O l Iq A L,
his hbuinefias a corn-merchant ;-another, that Lord Mansfield obiccd, that was no part of A GONFRAL AfrIrtmet of EURO
the South of France i ito be his rcSdence, till this te cafe. iE AST.INDdIA t'OwS alo
affair is blown over. Judge Nare, vtlo trl; the priflmer, faid, that Winr of the flrft quality, Sip Chand
Advocates he yet has many-they declare his nothing wasa laid, or hli.ned, ,it the trial by coin- wr. Cr-ocery, Crockecry Ware. &c.
ocencewe as to intention, and lament his having ecl or by any body in curt I cl eire to the defriip- will fell on the monf reafonable termsnftr.
ten ldered in the intricacioeof legal autho- tion of the place irli e the wound was KiveC, rod Hill of Exchan.nge.
ce Etr man who is condemned by- hi but that it occruied two or thrce days afterward's
et.... fupp d uilty-till he has palfed that to Mr. J.tice oklld. f () Y N B U C K L Et^
tribunal, no i station can affect him. But hay. Lrd Mansteld l ilf ame> she parties, that i '1K.R the liberty to e t tio
ng done fo, it omes, in our opillion, a reflec- I whatever remedy th.y n.ght have, the fingie nentlemen who have eu fLgoode
tion on h ges to dispute the itice o the queflion then before tell Ju lge, was, On whait our him with their crmmnds, willnl
fenence, tloul we fometimec may lament its qeftion did the ney l et ,1 o that and tIht only difcharge their refpraivetccounts.
severity. they ought to give their opinion. thing any demands aga; t him, ar
Perjury a crime from whence a hundred Mr. Attorney General on the part of the c!l for paymnr t. t it
ethers origTnate, affeding the deareft interest of Crown, infifted, it iw.s on the open beach lIe has received hy th Providence
society, and ought therefore to be puniihed with fronting the optu frra; anld that the deceafed v a neat Aftortment of f, lion le Broad
rigour. For the fake of example, we are happy jo yards from three Ih re, when he was fhot, not KcIrfymeers, with fnitall Trim
to remark, that not a grain of the sentence in an aim cfthe fea, nor .i:;y haven. old and Silver Vellum Lc Epa
this cafe baa been remitted. Mr. Garrow Swas goiig to follow his learned Regimental Buttons, &c. which bewll
leader on the part ol the prifoner, but was foon rearonahle advance.
EXC HEQU ER CHAMBER. stopped hy Mr. Ilaron Eyre, obferving he was N. P. The TAYLOR's RUSINESLi
Thursday all the Judges, except ford Lough- going out of the iquieflion, and that it would he on as unfial, at his Ilonle in Frederick SNi"
borough, whofatat Ouildhall at Nifi-Prina, met better for the Judge who trird the prisoner to A'nfal, Y.enmrr T3, nI18.
In the Exchequer Chamber at Wellminfler. They prepare a report of the care, and lay it before the l ',f Perfon, having demands the
were convened as advifers to Mr. Jultie Nares, udge., and let it be put into the hands of the A Mr. ALEXANDER ROKau R
who tried a prifoner of the name of Geo. Counfel for the prifner, which leing agreed to, of this town, are desired to reer iti
CoVmbrs, convicted of murder at the laft Admi- the matter was adjourned over tothe next ternn. their claims, properly ateterd, tItb
raley Sclon hiscafe being referred on a motion and thloe who are indebted to
oJMr Fielding. A number of Lawmen affembled AMIhulmnb Tirm, 1T8g. qoiited to make payment imed
on this occaon, when Mr. Justice Nares flortly Tbe Ksr ngi, AAlyett. af airs may be fLtttles as ton as
tired the trial. The defendant being blghiiht up to receive the ANTII. OXB O 1
Mr. Fielding entered very fully into the cafe of judeg~rnt of :he Cou;t, Nt,,/an, Jlaur, i, 4, I; 6.
the prifoner ; he recited the ao of the s8th of Mr. Erikine noved for a rule to fhew c.aufe A i,. Prfon- h~im -'e -a i
Henry II. which erected the judicature of the why t! e (hoiuld not be arrcftcd, on the LT.Perf AwrToN MonTgdeaL Late
Admiralty on land, the aatute of 3 Edw. VI. and plea of feverai defeds in the in.lilimnt. cafe. ae dr to deliver tir
alfo the adt of a Geo. II. c. sa. which enadeld, I. Mr. Erikine fet out with icherving, that it ilce S' fcr deirer to p elier their,
that wherever there was an offence, part on the was a c'car rule in criminal law, that the char: he d aSl Perfibr properly ldeted to
land and part on the fea, that Ihould be refcued muft be laid pefitively, and not by wy of inf A e- all Prr h e det
from the Admiralty's jurifdiAtion, and brought rencc ; and that nu one can le guilty ofpertury, are requcfted to make payment l
to trial on Ihere; he hated, that if any part of but in a judicial proceeding, and not in a private MARY Mt ONTE
the crime was committed on (hore, that refeued fearing. The ilinicament plates, that, at and i./if1.Pebrar -
it from the jurildition of the Admiralty, and it upon hearing of the taid complaint of the faidl At' ilns-haingde 1n
wa a homicide within the body of a county, fub- Eward Aylett, the laid Edward Aylett, on his t of SQAMIr. PFAL' E
Jet to Common Law, and not within the reach oath aforefaid, before the faid Edward Lord requested to deliver them py
of the Admiralty Board. Thur:ow, thce) and there having fullcient power Fahfcriber without delay; tbo0
He proceeded thus: 1 perceive I hall be obli- aid authorityy to hear the complaint and admini- the fid estate, are deAred to A' k
ged to folicit your Lordfhips attention to much eter thl! oatl aforefaid, did fay, depole, and de. foon.a polffile to : O
minute, though I hope iuf reasoning, and there- clare, that he had not been at home (after atten-
fore intreat your Lordlhips to forgive me, if in j ding the cauft) but was arrested on the teps of Na d r y|
the purfuit of that reafoning, I Ihould be obli- his own door before he entered his houfe," The Nafae, March r, o7f.
Seo te-repeat certain propofitioan, in order to flrf objection which Mr. Erikine made, was divi. A I.L Perfons having
reach the abldt of my aim, and the objea will i ded into two parts. A Eltate ot JOHN HAT
be, by recurring to firf principles to trace their I s. That it was not pofitiely averred tlat the defred to give in attett
operations on, through all that fyftem ofjurif. complaint was heard but it can only be collect. Subscriber I and thofe Iaf
prudence on which I Rand, which is the Common ed argwnds, which Is not fulcient in criminal make immediate payment
law; and if I etablih the principles, you will cafe. tate may be fettled
be obliged to admit the conclofion, unlef I ~a That fuppofing the Court muft understand FOR
iintake m my deduion from thofe principles." the complaint to have been heard, it does not pfAttornies for 8aan JNIALSY,
Ie thca reod, that aothblt but podtive law i date by whom It was heard. N.ja4, Frebarrj 4, 171

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