Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: March 4, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 8+

'GA TIrEf.


From SATURDAY, MAXca 4, to SATURDAY, MARCH a1, 1786.

NAssav: Printed by JOIIN WBLL., at the Printing Office on the BAy.

Account of New Books.

A Iirj SBAItON D TrOTT. Co.taingt tth State
fl7he un rti/ mperi in tlh CriMses, daur tih lafe
War wilt Ruf. With tum res Afo edlt
I, ,as Olrttrieo n thae Maa rta
Cgom ef the Tu.ti and Tartear. Trn fated
ew tke French. Fer. Se.
iCoacLulo rIaoM o*a LAST.]
s lri proper to ob*rre, that clta, more elevated
Sthan the ria of Egypt, i bounded towards the
a by a fotef of paln-ree, called the Foreft of B er
h, the landof whtch is much higher than the higher
tiing of the waters; and this topographical remark is
Mtient to defroy the fyllem of the formation ofet,
by sediment. A country which i higher
tetet inundations, cao never owe to them i, I
fediment could only oceafon the divisdtTi
re bianhcsa of the Nile; bat neither thi.circuleaa e,
Bi the eriflence of the iand which operates them,
idern fo much attention; and M. Mailkt might have
tired himself the trouble of reviving the fcm of
Ehorue on thi fubjee&, which feems not to have met
with ny regard from his cotemporariee."
Dr. Shaw appears t t have adopted the opinion here
mro tertcdi anl Herodotlu, in calling Ex)pt the
Ortr or N ILt, hath bcappl d to s an auhoriy to
give it crclirt.
The piefcnt population of Egypt is aloailiing. The
Barn wea arured that this country cnntaiit nine thou-
fa1d village. and upward of a hundred thoufund towna
r lhur'ht He f.ems to credit the account from what
hehinflfhad eibferv.d : On my flopping," fay he,
" at M.ntoabts, below Fouca, I counted no lil. th.uI
forty-two of the n in running with my yce over the
khoti.n, and the moft dflant of them wa linet two
leJf "e oftf.
Ihe fDruggle for power between the different Beyo
of Egypt have frequently thrnon that country inr,
tcofuufon. 'I'he incrfercncc of t-e Mnamalukec geic-
nllly adds to the difcrdcr. ithe late rcvoluti ntt wi t
preufofit. The Baron, who was a w;tt.eli, givcs the
lowing brief account of it :
After the death of Maheamoiut Bey, of wnlnt I
heave spoken ahove, the Beye uf J1g/pt, divided into
two parties, prepared, in ciLenc. ti.e meant of cahl
ether deftrulion. Murad, inspired hy the lfame am
bition which had pofffed his old mafler. had formed
a conjun&ien with Ibrahllim, Shck-.eBllelt, and fame
ays of let confequence. 'I hcfe cercifed their tyran-
ny undifurbad, while Ifmael, Juflif, and bime other
Seys, watched their opportunity to fize on the go-
Ifmsel-Aga, a man of abilities, crafty, difflmula-
ting, and perfidious, seemingly attached to Murad
ey, governed in hisname, and was suiity of a v=r-et
f prllions and ectortions, of v.hich many Turkih
ad Coptic menrhants were the viaimn. on
hit return from the hhatkia, where he had been ro lar-
sfte the Arabs, learnt that one of his domelbics had
been bolinadned hy Soliman-Kiachefl. dependent of
Jafif Bey. He therefore fent for this Kiacheff, and
Safted the ccrre&ion to be repaid with ufiry. Juffuf
e well diffembled his anger this affront, that Murad
believed he night do as he pldfed with impunity. He
lhdeven been received, on his return to Cairo, with a
hind of triumph ; and both he and Jbrahti imagined
thatftClvs in complete security, when, on the 18th of
Jair, Irmacl, Juffif, andall the Beys of their party,
with the Mnialukes, allied out of the city, to gain
the command of the Nile, by frciing on Old Cairo,
Oad, at the fame time, fumnnoncd the Shck Elbelet
nd Murad to fubmit voluntarily, thicetening other-
Wife to obliTe them to it by famine, or force of arms
So fd cn an infurretion did not give tie to the
tei party to aImble their Mamilke; the only
i ce left, wae to poffres themfelves of the Cafle
f Cairo. the officers of which are alwa at the difpo-
I1 of the ruling party. Neverthele Mored and
lathim, infultcd daily and Itut up in the Catls by
the troop from without, tried, in vain, the power of
nte Firman. of the Pacla, whom they kept prlfner,
ht who, probably, did nt defre to ptricate them
Iem their rmbanrrneate ... .
Whet moa difrefe4 Mar4d watlthat Ilhiait-Ag
wo as his right-hand, and. whom we have before.
.latiMed,. innead of coming to the CafUe to join hk
e An order, in fotn of s edi,; which the Fathae
O nes Tails, Ailed Vifire of the Deh, lo InS the
of (the rnidSeigier.

mailer, went over, to the opp1 party, with more re to be considered, according to the laws f lrid,
than eight hundred thouflnd feqini, with which he as ali ; lt although u fuch they ejoy mar n important
was entrufed. This treachery prefatly obliged Mu. itmunities sad privilege, which he pecif8. In cne
rad and Ibrahim to ly into the Upper Egypt, with but rld, he jufly obferve after Sir Matthew Hale, that
few attendant. the law of Egland rather contrast than extends the
Thy took poifemon of Minies. The traitor, If- lfabilitiesofslieas."
mael, was advanced to the dignity of Be, a was Soli- Mr. Chalmers, fecoodly, examine the regulation
mnl-Kiachtff, and the houfe of Mad bellowed n for opening the Amrican trade ; the prinlple or fpi:
the latter a an indemnifiation for the hbainedo he tit of which, he ihesw, is an aiety to remove the
had recevedt fortnight before. Peace wasproclaimed various ohblltdiUn which hd been thrown into its
at the fame time; and Jufluf Bey, too mnuh blinded channel by retenament ad retaliation. In concl uence
by his pride, to perceive that he had oly been made of the aes which were the refult of this fpir, the
ure of ai a tool to bring about this relation, ditco- Amesilean c mmeree was foon turned into more farou.
verd, too foon, hle intentions to nie bh'mel! above cable chanel th that wherein it had lotmerly Bewed
hils compnioui. The two Ifmtacl *ere not long when the United States confituted Britilh colonies.
before they pUnilhed him, for having fo much un- Thit our author proves by two diftind views of our
der-ratcd their abilities; they &affallted him in his tranftclantic trade iaf, of the eporta Iron, Great.
own houfe; his partisans underwent the inic fate; Britain to che United States: and, secondly, of the
and the new Bey, ,Sliman, was deprived of his dig. imports from the United States to Britain, a bth have
nity. But thele events did not promik a durable been regulated by the late proclamations. (nt the
peace, aud it was to be preftumed, that the tyrats our author propofes ftme neteeary regulationI,
would not remain long united, after the deftruason of wh'ch wvuld overturn thofe that ue eflabliisd.
the furitives." Liberality of condua is always right: bot in
The Baron re-imbarked at Alcxndria, and coarlld mercantile regulations it is the more lIudllec, Ieaiufe
along the fhore of Egypt to the harbour of Ja. Thlence we fe, in them, the diduaes of interef fu often pr.
he proceeded on htrfeh ck to Ramc, a city in Palef- feared to the fuggeflions ofjpolicy. It is to be rgret-
tine, where the Agent of the Holy Land had conime ed, that the Anicrican cititc received unkindly the
foot Jrufalem to meet hlian. Front thi, city he ira- cemptiqi Iarom taxc,, which all other alifle formerly
velled to Acre, Snide (lthI ancient .Sdun), Barut faid. Such a reception of fuch a boon might have e-
-Tlipoli, anl Lattakh (the aicicnt l.soc'iete) liThoee cited the jealoufy of neighbouring nations, whole en.
he proceded tllrough the country of the Dtufle, to nmity or regard i of greetr importance to us. There
Alrppo and Alcemndietta, where he tok flip for the arc wife men indeed, who think, that the abolition of
illc of Cyprus; and having touched at Rhodes, roaled the slivn duties would promote our commercial inte.
tile fi;de of the Arthipcelagu, crolfed rclls : there are atelligent perform, who fuieft, that
Africa, and t ui Idte rui old Carthage, the iupaling of the alien duties on alien si;p rather
he returned to loulon, where he fir embarked; and than on alien merchandae, would auagmet our naval
here his Memoirsend. strength. The fentimenti of both may be cofideredas
From the ewtrads we have given, thelauder mny jui, in proportion aswe are direed in our deiroe to
form fume judgment of the a4i4ci. of-the Author, the accunmmation of riches, or to the acquifion of
and of the tntert.tiiment and information he is hkely power. We boaft in vain of our religion and lUberty,
to receive from tlih perulal ,f the work itfldf. of our law and our wealth, if our Iips are driven from
our element as iflaner, and we are obliged to nmake
Opinion oa intreitg Sojeia of Plir Ltc and conceflcos t our foes, who have lately fonFit ues
Ce1m,0rcial !'o" arIty frow eriran lde- the ocean with ifieror fleets. When the lagiflamrs of
perdrw a. t u oulbCHALM, aolor of a naval nation are bout to give encouragement, or
lditiral AnBl efts t ,i:d C nLe1 and of dprot. dion, to the itiduery of the peonet, they ought
ja'lljcjal Acnale ofthce retn'c treclonut/, and of toflz their cyes fletly o theo te-mar which dlred
ra Ffimote of th ct pcaratrtiv Sltreng rfBri- the national efforts to the invioration of maritise
tari. A scw Edition, corresed. lrength, rather than to the increase of private opulence.
AFTER the late peee, the situation in which the And in thefe colideration. of nautical force and public
A acknowledgment of the Independence of America fifety, we discover the fundamental principle of the
had placed Great Britain and the American States, at adts ofnavTgation; which though they were eflablilhed
once uncommon and ill underianod, gave rife to many in opposition to domelic and foreign clamours, hane
difficult quelions okublic law and commercial policy. produced fo great an augmentation of our native Ahip.
The attention of theLorld was again routed by fuccf- ping and fainors and which ought therefore to be
five publiicati, ich propagated very different facurifced to no prujegs of private gain, or deer of
pinion and yroFred very diaitilar imeaures. In particular rtification. The Dutch have indeed pur
thde circmflt.mce., AUr author firtfl eoilUnlrs thie qtc- l ued a different policy: but the Dutch have there
flion, whether the citizen of the United States are fa len to a late of weakef, which is now the obje&
confldered by the law of Engl d as aliens; what privi- of pity, or of contempt. It was owing to the want of
loges they are entitled to whin the kingdom I and filors, and not to the fault of their oficers, that the
what rights they can claim I e remaining colonie of ten t ips of the line which had been Ripulated, during
Britain ?" The faithful A iran colocifts, who, i their late imprudent quarrel with Britain, to join the
the epoch of the peace, e in the contemplation of French fcet, never failed from por
the Britilh law till Britilh bje&s, are till entitled to "' An attention to thefe confit lest does not lead
their birth-rights, which L ver be forfeited e ucept us to approve atoethae of the meafare of aowing th
by their own milbehari r, and can never be taken ann:anutadured ptodns ofthe Amernclsia ate. to be
away bu bby the will oft Alr feihw-citizen expreffed importedin American vefla."
by ant of Parliament. the law of nature, and by Our author jointly, but with great madatllen otdia
the Englifh law, which allows the fubmiflion of indivi. gage, which gives trm wihen els, jsh greater
duals to fupeior and irrefiflible force, the American weight, fisd fault with pruret xprlamatioi of th
loyalifs, who remained within the limits of the United privy council,which wars tifedn a very ercipitat
States even after the peace, are flill, according to our and ill judging anxiety to conciliae Amarican regard
author (and we fubfcribe to his rrafoning), to be re- and American trade, as if that had lten t ha nly caao
guarded as fuhje&a, d entitled to the peculiar privilt- merce worthy of ur care t he alo juily cenflres
ges of frbjedis of at Britain. of the measures retfipe bli' at rt bea
*" ilhemay it therefore the lands of their an- adopted by certain Amera* tat
cefsors tey ma af as merchants or as faLoro in the Mr. Chalmers neat toad trees I
Brkfth platitf; they may a0 mariner or matters the priy council as they ra ltMl wll Wio.
navigatet y if veffeli and they may execute any He florehgatec their want., re lsl t iH L .
ofice of profit or trru, or fit in either houfe of parli ply, and argues at letgthi aa t.l f' .
ment : and when A of ithef rights are denied them policy of admitting A eb better
(if we eept the *fftin in pliament), He clearly doio t, th it .oabletand
ma eort to inttere redrefsofotme of inter of b tl, 1P10a Br 11 Wla.
theIr wrong ~u s admninflared happily. Indies with preSi*i and l s, withoettie
acordi to i of sigid law, itht re. American states He then Iprwd to evince, theo a
arditg th di lE e f o vennce" con erelal tlity with lthe Aulkea tratoe their
'Td tihe cd Do w. a ttu( .ehievl I.he as t clsau'f e.b erb ae or w ld
mrotl hy I irt, sad wo w t*erm l her *tageo* to Ot ear.t QAaUsjl
refdenco thi of the UIihlte Sau, a on d vkerry faapo m ao s hsod It kni l
dine l uaun a> heeato e aofeee ul qoif tha lLH i t
ry Stews, without ynw- law fob th e CSlTa^teo .

the ilapFk .ly of the new hates, eimrled from to All upth intervals of the howl with their fong. European In
thirtere into sfow-sd.atwenty *, evr attaining to that and harpo. In thefe they rchearfe the actions o
unity of Intereftn sad harmony of cuunfel, which are the anetor of the deceafed, bewail the bandafe L ON D O 'N, .
sceMarr to the fomation of mu*es with foreign of their country under the Englith government, N YEST1R AY --
p wm and gely onlud with advidnlu the ouurg d d ESTR1nAY at lw
P." M.` . . t-- uln kmen and maidens to make the hen le of their o E fqw. 0.
What are the equivalents ich the Americans time, fr ty will fon, or all their present ed clnre to the Corn E
.e7Jr... for .. b btl to be ..... an Mirk-lane,, an oo -
f o.m beena e h.n0 tthe ny oin7 "r! lp blb o,.. .ch.d under the tab., like th deald t lb rk-ant, frnd o g
o u e given for mthisg tos ulene, fr peur
The A ulerican fRates have precluded thenielves, by before them. fur peru. Y. a
treaty. fro granting to it y peculiar f iiy a the Bad this country ever produced, light-culou ed coat, h bah
In trade It asaben ruggltled rather than lkewn, that the la and the greatell was Carian the blind. al, lit lie bhowe to the i Sl
thsn.rant oany eclullv fupply ofanyofthe manufa. He was at once a poet, a mniticia, a comp rer, before lie wet Ils.
tnea of Britain would be hurtful rather than beneficial and fung his own erfes to lii harp. The original le was exptlied more than hl
to her gcoine inlarell ; would be an evil rather than natives never mention his name v ithoit rapture I any person, at hi arma.were iasuit
a good. But we olcr you large markets for your both hlii pctly and n.utli' thyv Hav by heart; dcr" which made hi ece.mofi
mtufaitures, fay the American flatet we give you and even force of the linLlifl thlcmfelvir, who A g:eat ca~coitr of people wera.
late credits, fays Britain; Bitilt traders furnifh you have bhlen trantfplantid Ilier, find hia mulic ex- and the Slr ctii attended on hor-m kCai I
with capital. in proportion to the deas you detain from tremiely plesino. A fny ictriir;ng f'Rr'erke' oi.:crs, the two eity .nrilal, 4
thexn and they openmrove an atenoive fale fr all nolre re ll i.'er e f ra tr.' ',aitl v i .i e. C omanl"alh. lI.abt were truck
your unmanfalttuedprodntas. Aewe notcuttomera Swiff, il of his com.porl,. i .'tin lhourr h per- large ft'" e C..rn miahnrkt, rtir
to your tradelinen for the annual artount of three Ehi.f y .hi m -a 't i L . : hii p"er-. El; for peCrioy." --
.. . Dy this p e ,ln c, ,i-w," v] It ri l ,t s
million, nay of fi million, of sterling pound, i fabj in i yet b the ;, -; it i li.i U'a.,'arr n On Satlrda
the American Rates: the queltion is not, Britainrp i, _in y y o imth i t .. Illt o tra, a n, Cf'hrl ao, !r At&nal isrLr in
whether you are a reAt cut,llecr, but whether you e" tcerhl, mfy oe ", *,' ti f. n ,1 .lr., of.d.r, m' iy b" le otr his houc i '
are good one: Britillt merchant, fenre enough as*te l'hae fccqascntl> th ma i1 hr. of ifgrgi. f."nilft, lh Fort frmloo ha te in -
to know, that they grow rich by fnppling not one ali", nlld are com fcrd !l Idt'lo ll tiy written. Ite S tth of France. He took kalewi
great cufomer, but many fall one's: :irstil thatefmen for he cold not write) menr y to latel frme man f ends the preedning day, but hotd.
fee clearly enough, that neither ihe intercr nor safety of fortune upon fome exccileicc of tire kind. fee them again. It was jipoan
ofa manufacturing country can vtr confift in traSick- In thefe one man i. praifed for the xcer!enr'e of : to Iay in F.nland, unlei he ec j
ing with one community to fo vaft an extent, that any his flah'e, as in Pinmar, anor..tlr aor his hcflit I- cdle pr;eincr in his own houe."
accideunal failure, or purpofed non-inmp.,ration, would lily, a thild for the bv.!auy r' hlia w'e .and chil- A "ngociation between thle CCouri
occasion outcuies and Lonvulfion; whereby one of the dren, and a f,:rtlh foir thelll n1qilv ofli filam~iy, atlrd ?Ipain has leen a lo time gihl
reatet of nations might be fulbjeetd difgracefu!ly to Whenever anv ofthe orii; 'ivv offditintiatll matter is b.:inly as follows At
Sercuflomrs and debtors. were aflfmblltd at fea.ti g "O t cli', t'arolan Fl'mida ws ciled to Amiln the
e It muo afford confc!ion to every honest mind to wa ngccrallv thee whe.t Ie -.i ahiay' i. ;dy ornce hiTtcld a tflgn of getting
be mnfored, that, In the irrfe t late of American hi .to. -,: A He '., N,.,| it r: i ioritincnt, IlIr after
trade, it is plarily im ohlible fr the American fate to i I v nlatu.C formed f. ir i o)iie .fir la e WaS ful'y cinfitmed and ratiled, afe
"k 0 e lv uf, 'T u r 1 at-cfrited lair |li, .I p oii,,ti lir r w f nflhmed and rat,6.4 eqi
tare any r" h st hr ep P, ro .e o n 1 n bli.d, t" ali1 VI ponl L ofa moft Spatlard: tflen.fl-fves I nor wau it tic
merciad intrrels of Itrtain. Wn re they to stop the of ol aar l nor waa itt.
whole ofthcir exports to the Brit;ih WcL-ladie, they .alnit ang memory, and a f '*cttis turn ofl think- evacatlpn ,,f tat province by the Birt
would thereby gie a bounty to .'anada, Noa cotia, i'", vhich gavr his entrrl:icrs infinite fatiafac. that they dif',avered their deligy. A
and Newfoundland i and they would by this means tion. Being once at the Ihonfe of an Irifli nible- howeeer he..on made to theCaltolef
force Britain imo that ryflcni of fiipply and navigation man, where there w.a a rtri:ician prefJnt, whlo the filbia. ofa France might be per
which Ihe is prevented from al olting Ipon.tanei.ully, was eminert in the pr .'iia, Cco'.a' immrdi. come 'piral'::Aier of efates on the al
by the prejudices of the many, rather than by the atcly challenged him to a t.ia! of Ikill. To carry theieaf, wilh the privileges of Spanif J
reafonings of the few.v Were the United States to im. thejeft forward, his ardlip lpeaf e a'' the mu- The Coturt f M.:dl. complied, and fuol i l
ofe ta s n the import of BDrtith manuiuf.urce, rthi frian to accept the clial't'ge, nl lihearcordinply diligence ,f thel Frenclh to promote this
ep would equally lead to tihe rcal advnitage of Bri- played over in hlia fiddllr tll faith conc, rto of Vi- that the French hare heen the wN p
tain: if the taxed article Ioull be nr.n.flrire, the va!di. Caraolim, immnncdaiatclv tai., il. hi harp, To clhif the li hole, France bhs m now
American confumtr would py the duty : if they played over il,: wihoile pice'aft-r him, without made a prr.nofal ofpurchaling EaR lFI-.ii
lould be only luxuries, which the American citizen milli g a no:c, though hi r !; nl~ v r 'heItr it be- Catholic Ki)g for an rcl ivalent, and tht
would do well not to onfumne. Britain ought nott i fore; whliclh :o ld ftoe fr, ip i: b.t their is now m thie anvil, and likely to he 16
Prndence to f tid the ynad, that cinanot be rpecdily paid nltorihli-m t ircre.,f ii, hr e af al;-d them he plcatct. 'Thus is France likely to get a
for. I f the oungrcl, ltiald h a c%,n ettablea to yo lthe ci,1ti1 make a cei:iato ial tiiin, ar th aie tlhinfacf, verr near i:cr new allies the Amerkan
full lhagth of el.adrillg, that the ilae a, hich vili l lcf.,
treat Ihall not trade, the intrceft ,af souhll whaii Ih he inll:ail) cnaa i a til, v ;it fuch wvli;h of alt, r political intrigues may at ;
equally he promo.c,' : for, rt, the a.imuait of tllh fpirt atal e-'lrac. tl;t it in.r; c t .''c (flr we diflirt pri:ld he highly fatal to thiacstB tr.
itc.ff-rics. the mcishanti of Bri i il l colatinle have Ili) i,'hth; finaeri ,a-,n frf. I' t.talv. onlyvish r fi t to trade, bit alfotoe(aofi.
to Lnd, a.thcy lentthcmdulineil., -ar, by li.ndart, ll. ctlh v. :11 t 1 : lrn r ra-L. lhan hii poeii.ns which lic rear that part of ithef
by Holland, or by Fra.c l; v.! 1: ivilahr a .1I i. r liG' Il.mer "v.nas n 'ri m ry I..aL' .1 i g'ial than nent.
ptnclual traders wioul baicon;. or 1.3-.)lllTer, vih. he ; ie wV:rthl dritk whoi l pilt I r-. i'i 'cbaubgl, Drta 'r of CMAtsa SAIs Plsousmi -
are m ,re indter our rCL : a:.' a- itr.aufi t il,. Lt i;tr,! n d, as he Wild to Itlink, with>iti : v ili c infce. Ni ,,, /r 6. At Tyrnail in Hingart
States great cargue. ol fi. It lii. i anl tlrc. Ji nLt itqner.i,. I1: iiltemi: n.rai nc, r I v, vr'. a i. iis r'e. rene I'ighn tf Prinre Oenrr e of M iP
wart and cannot poli',ly i.y .f'r, .an be ju fr id by fer', at !earthbroi it on a in '-iih I' ii'ifrtlr, trd-.I, y'rtin ft brother tO the Qfen.m
no mnaim ofl itrtcainlle I !.iy By prudent lperlfevc and wheu ilinftt : thie ;ioint f ,I .l!, v.: r'I!.d for '4. A t Ihis Ca:fle if Aflife il France,
rancc in meafures tladr..:c ..ld jull, nrtlich alre:- a clip of li I loved lili '1i t v,,|, were year.% Tr.cwi Phiilip. Duke of Orleans, A ]
dy been gained. To dcrrvc cv ry aoffible advai.ta c flanding round ll:n.,;fi. < at thoe d!rmand, en. ,**ftle R,"v.l Mllool of France. He It f
from the American trale, nothing n:ore is wa.ltinl, dtavourCd to p-rifnuier h;ni ltothe conlraryn huit Iby Ih il li. fin, the Duke de Cha" I
than for the nation to he q .ui, and the parlan"dit to he pelted, a~vI when thf howl .val rnroit him, permittcd to enjoy the title of irft
fi naill. Fr the intntre f indivduapli on besth wid atterr.ped to drink, hut cnild not ; hetrfore, Bloo.l i but lhi prerogative cea feat
willf.elly regu ate the demand and the 11upplies, wiv,- g!' ny awa tile howl, he clLft he trit a
out thie inter renc of the legislature, cr the help of gn away the bol, i o'rvl, ith a file, is hen it ii to he transferred to thefirk
a comnmercal treat ." that it would be hard if two fnch f ircnid a he and of the DIl;r D'Anin lfime. The llt
The pain. that Mr. Chalnier has taken to inform the cup lrould Ilait at lalr without Liliing and is now ) uke de Chlrtrelh.- 'm a. U.rV ,
hinftlf. and to communicate his information, with his then expired. exp-ctlly, as the preceding even g
own juft rcmark, on fubjada of the laft importance to a cha.sge for the better, Mr. John H
this trading nation, mert the wavrmft thanks and ap- - / I Cov.nt Garden Theatre.-In Alb eMril
plaufe of hs countrymen. This performance ii a F R I p 'ed 74., Rchardl Glover, Efq; anttlk
feTlcr and joft centre of the rafl conduct of tho &c.-Der. 6. Tuefilay at ihr
minifiers, who in their eagernofe to pay court to the ihe a nt Tw# -r 'rickenh.-.n, the celebrated
Aei-ricans, a.d the rage ot innovation, would have L V E- O A K, clve. "
facrtficed the naa.,ltion laws, and thrown all the i- t!~Q 70 ton s, ci doubletikeit, i ,r,'a rr Yeflerday theRliht
nterelts of England aloat, a it were, among the bil- ( ,, -, ,,,,oa ra el al to w ll known, 'en kified hands at St. James's, I
lows ofa tmpeltuous ocean. that ny ncomio r Carlther Ao trarmdinary and l;Miniftr Plcnirot
I u'e Hrif CAOLA.n, SLa /nJe latis Baa. count of her is un ary. For Ternm apply Caurt of France, fir the purpode of
r. G uitrTto TAR D F. AH & Co. certain enmmercial ajrangemenat
H E rittsa bj Dr. GOLD. r tTH. T Bt, S 0 -i Thin fituatioriwas offered toI. I
T IERP. can be per apa no greater entertain. T B 0 LD the Minifter, fairly, frankly, and
eateothan to corrpare the rude Celtic limpli. o A S N, the eound of his thinking Mr. Id
city with modern rcfinment. Books, liowerer, 01,! JAMAICA RUM in 40 and 6o Gallon it with advantage to the public, the
feem ineapahle of furnishing the parallel; and to C.,fk, ju;t imported in the above Vefft. question being extremely eoanis i
be aiquinted with the ancient manners of our I I K I Iw IS r, tant.
own ancelors, we should endeavour to hkoil for Frclh Snpen fine PHILADELPHIA. FLOUR in In order to lay before the pnblic a Ur
their remains in thofe countries, which, being in BarrelO, ntd a few Ticries of new Rice. Apply the frars, which happened on
tome measure retired from an intercourfe with as above; Hyde Park, it is necehry to bt
other nations, are till utlindtured with foreign A au, Mrla rto, t.786. ing particulars:
jnelimenmt, language, or breeding. l w-. nd Mr. 8---, two
The Iri wiltl fatliy curiofity In this refed, aFOR ST. T H AS ', e lie r. hd .. tA
referaably to all or nation I have fen. They, F S The B rI1Tt fnce, t a veryfahiona.bltw
in ferf parts of that country, ftill adhere to R E hood ofOrofeenor,-lirr. It
their ancient language, dree, furniture, and fu- R A G E R rence In opinion e f a the
rreitions federal coutom among them thatftill ll ll pofitiv fall on Tucfday nitleman lat refrit fr
Ibk the orlgnal; and,i f lrfmerefpi Cular's j --l;i next, windand either permitting. -- ae Mr. S-the H
iplo of the Ancient Brito applicble For Freight ge, apple to Mr. S- oon alter departed I
to them. Hont DsaN, or the Mate board. Any morning fent Col. O-- wt
Their Bards, is partiular, are All held in Letter. left at Hugh Do tore before W- ThcmenltagC ewr d
great vneration amnong them. Thofe traditiqa- Monday evening, willbe taken oft And any the following wtds
ary heralds aweleiilted to every funeral, in order Perfon who has Ooode to ilp that quarter, IR .
My ihe fat Veriot, ad the ten states that should have them on board by he time abobe e* You have IldalalIed me in
hv been ate.I abl1 in the fte country which fiecined. the charader of a geIotM 8~-
. bounded b -y 9 U rMtli, and the LAe. Nfsr,A Mareb als, t7 will make a proper apology tn

has done ae the honour to deli verthis maefe theothi id& ~etn hond by a N 8 A MARCH II.
I am, &a." .btrecb, ta I>siies will naceLaily beCH I
Mr.W-- replied, that he knew of no fich Inv e lwars ad be again e fed to the A DICI fr- b and dated late in De.
lafult, andwould make no poly." danger o l all h fruit oft teat fs ces .. A emerge reted at Antigua, mention the
The Colonel faid, in thatcafe e was inftruand it hau made.t appointment of Lord Duamore to the Govern-
to require Mr. W--'s attendance in Hyde-Park i* The sture of things (continue they) and meant of Bermuda, haint asahll taken place
the nest morning, at quarter before feven, where woeful experience, conarma bow impofible it i nd add, that I u eptet etd e Bahama ad8
wr. o-- would mret him, and decide the point, to carry on war with accef, when the country Bermuda I d would he formed nate one Go-
s In thefe cafes is ufual. Is divided, and dooaetic barmnooy broken and vernment.
'J Mr. W- inornedi the Colonel, that he as there is yet no hope thatthisdl lreeable prof. Sir alme Wright, formerly I overeour of
should take time to conlder the matter, and that pea can foon bettered, it is evident that if a Oe. r, died in London in Noembcr lat.
he liould f. nd an sl fver by three o'clock in the war Ihould ldenlybreak out, it would infallibly Rear Admiral Innes died at Klingto n Ja.
afternoon. The miter here retted for that time, accelerate I own ruin whereas fume yearn of a'ica, the s6th of January. The command of
ad at three the foil ng letter was fent by a fer- peace are n lfpenfably necefrary for putting do. the Squadron on that nation, has thereby devol-
SIR,. refloring to ~nprus of Govnmeut the aecf. Commodore Oardiner waa espeaed to arrive
You fay I have insulted you, and the matter fary order nd ativity. clfides, they obfrtve a ut this time at Jamaica from ngland, with
mayor may not be foa It I pofneta too much that theine ccs .f the greatest part, if not allof a fma squadron of Frigate and Sloopt.
mood fnce to rift my life again your's fur fu fio- the provinces, require a late of tranquillity which The i rL Bahama, Ewing, from Honduras to
ilh a circumstance, as I am at present lituated. is equally necefary for the recover of the Eat this Port. s ahure on the Bimnie. Some hopes
It is, howervr, in. our power, if you chu'e to and WetIlndia Compaies, s weas tas the private ae entertained of both vcrel and cargo being
eight, to enable me to meet you. trade of individuals, which form the fippost of fad.,
O You are an ti..miarried man with a good fnar the States" Exral ofa t.llir fran th.e Baey oaf lM ura
tune; and if you icire lhot through the head to. Such are the reafonr, allededhy the inhabitants dattd FebrasrY 4 1 .
morrow, tliro cr idll only be a fathionabl tear for of that State amainll the treaty, inl their millive to With refcict to our situation on the Muf-
.y or cxat, ald the heirsat law would rejuic, at the States of the Proviice of Zealand; and quite Shore and in Hondnra, we ale at present
the chicuitance.-l Inm a niarricd tan, at.l have though they harc not Ltcn fufticient to ftop the t rather a prcaious Rate. The Spaniard fay
a wit and nine chilltcn, an aged mutlihr, and conclufon ofthereaty, they yet are faidtohave the Shore by right ofdifcovery, a well as bythe
two litters, who ait depend upon re for their dlAi m.ade citflderable inmprt Ion on the n.ini of the ft treaty of peace, belongs to them I and linl
ly eliAence. Thy have no other father hbad e ty, an y eas a as a powerful that the article on that bead, the th, is To clear
or protedor ; ant II am but tenant for lilt to an remora to tle extcaution oftihe articles. s not to admit ofdoubt, much lf ofdiute. But
fllate wliich, at my deceafe, if I die before my Extr. o/f a lit,'rfrum Madril Newmtr m y. the Britih, it appears, are not inclined to under.
a-,d mother, goes to a family with whiom I have (* It h, hiern percired fur fon.e weeks attn, Iandit in the fame point of iew. Inconfequence
i,,~ been at law, and who in that cafe wouud not that there ha. been a more cofe andi regular cor of which mifunderlanding, that bu.nefa i now,
give lixapece to min.e. refp.con'eice than rinnall between our Court and and has been for ten months pal, under negoca.
I regard the pun dlios of a gentlleman as that of Paris; a ceffio.n of fome fettlements on tio at the Court of Madrid, but is very foon ex-
no.h as ait,y othci perfon, poridcd thofPe lmntli the ASmrican coirtinr.t,. for an eraui alcrt, to pec o cloRe, when it is fuppofd the Shore will
lios Arl witli I thie tond of comt f ft n'f and Franie, is fald to be the certain objft of tli I c- nr qien up, and a larger Hextct of territory, in
t*ieletoie, in or'cer to prove to you'laJ ami not tgieation. Time only, however, canfurni. par. con.equence, grantedto the Hondurs Settler.
afraid t niet ou in the hillet-Field of Honour, ticuars." 'Ths, in my own opinion, is making avery in-
I hereby pcr. jinfe to Iglht u, either wivti pistols Deremt r s. A.ll is peace and tranquility In 'equte compenfation for fo great facrice. Here
or witlh fo.,;s, wh '-gver Iu hall have fcured, Indi. Ne t frTion of Parliament, therefore we re filfered by treaty to cut Logwood only
in cafe otfmy behbikiled, jo1. per aninu tr my willpafsawaya ithitanyn rtofit beinconfi. whe at the Shore, they have the protecionof
wife, ."t .! per ,uim eacl o my cilt i med in tediou aid ftru fl ltati ono In- the naivti Indians, and perhaps one of the fincl
du.1n: it r ie.. Tha ill enable thc t llee dian affirt Te 'ppr nion finding notns countries in the world for the growing fall plants
nt ile twixt th tropc and mahoganyin tthe
when I am g. nc. If yuo rot comply v.ith thi blame, vwi!l .udge it t pediti.t to remain flent. i" "e betwixt the tropics, and mahogany in the
reqiit, I l;l fll pp iic tCt yo!r cat!c, .- w:w. i 'Th f-eteerasit oa a commercial fyltem with greatest abundance.
:,. nA i es prcr it brf do, tknwli.:. w\. t t FInrr rvil. it is hn,!, y the foundation ofa The present Inhabitants of this settlement
family I lhim ; a;.d that y n are afaid t., iict mn': lo:g and hflirr pcsse bett' cen te two countries, ar fullcient to do more than fupply the eonlump.
no.v that I ve i t it in yir p rr I thew a ir a icral cmmii tin, which cannot tont OGret-Britain and her difereat markets of
I] .xtt l:' a vsit'ral mahomganyt al Ih cr cannot when
whithve )i II hate comiagl or itt. Yo.i rci ot I il f liing the fithjirdt oftht two Crowns more "ep rt, vith mahogany and Iogwoodi and when
p'-all wnii of monty oin ihis orcali on, hic.lle I ilral asd manly fCntime. Li olf ach other. Ma- "e principal of the Shore Settlers are added,
l.,w y. i fir ty thOiRand o aund in tl csk, ny wars halippl .d for wd lt ofa commercial inter- our wood market will unavoidably fall fo low as
ncliluiv, of ia I nr mltatc ut 6o*ol. per aililunin. cOnrfe theicfore let us kpe, -when the great ot ndercutting an oje for people of com-
I :!n, & C." .' -0t L16 aecompliflied a Letter ard more peaceful !ng. aiirte proep
Letter Mr.khe f n f l li d, a btter rd more pccful n ibe adlnitt c, which Is not ihly to e place.
Tt, tha letter M'r. S-f- t bac article ofthe treaty ofpece be-
iTire lKingi nTf i RIff Indm lnflffln averly unn turen Spain and Gret- Britin wi p t out to
s f, t ye r a eOward, anoI fla t'all rare y fitutin, i tre gr l of quarrel, nt of our imit in thai and country,
tI I I. t t !;'. I at, &is" with three different i.r;oi., the Dante et cklrit, the intr
o -I i t i: W t little atn rierr at l which areouch contrafted to what theysweremfor-
r" W\--- .v tt e l ck. t ha to. If ever yo n t'I:t- D n Itch, ann I he nll rearo r at tile fam e tim e fa, wn nl r eo
S :,-y rr to ii'advrntag, ly ( I w,11 little at lhherty to aft a1 offeitfive part, that he m ri,, l i
t orfewhip ,oi> until I make you rec; thmn. I dots not know how foon he may he obliged to n"ahe Spanlards lll continue to receive our
f :d nnow y.Ou are ;ii arrant o.arnl I all, ast on the defenirve; at ar this laft cafe would f.ves and others, when they desert to them, let
& be an mmedia e cc'nfehierce of his attacking any their crimes he of what complexion they may.
J twro oneoft e t l flieatcksl Dsiti Ittblila T his is one of the greatefl grievaces we labour
'I'ile to gntlrmen .cci.en;tally lS on lhr.r r- o rne rf" k thl ue. If h-c attacks D int.ick, Rl. .. o,.f -h g t .... ..
backI the ton coming into town, the otherr oin oarantec s, L a r t mk under, and the very reafn why the Rio HMeed has
b n m i tr guaan atis in a tamper to make good her not one fetticr, although it is the hef river for
ou!, on Sntnly morning laft, in iydc-Park. part: If he attacks Holand, France guarantees, not one fitthcri t he line .r Thpar r fore
Each had a firil d and a servant with him. J.j1 and mift i rtere : If he attacks the Em ror logwood within lthe olained. lar nt e
as they carnm p, MriQ- cried out, Tl'cre the whole omntned phalnatx fall foul of him at "wic ith other matters already m oeffoned ,
t. coward V- 'V-"l W- turned Ihort upon once I thrfore the utch talk to him in thir which wth othermatter alreadmentoned, will
ilin, and ,: ikini- njwith lis nii, ttunhtedl him hili flyl. -ot e cry inviting to new fettlers, who have any
O ff Isil horr r Iu' n rccotvcid ort his legt iju as The regocidalin which had been fuppofed to be means left of employing their laves otherwise.
Mr. '--ju Spd o lI., hrle. A hattlecommen- begun for the reaoration of the fetlement of But if any there he with you, who are anxious to
M h tb ths refcration of the ,ettl.ment of try their fortune@ in this quarter# my w opi.
ced, in wh the two friend s and the fervants N'gapatnam, ich wastaken from the Dutchdu. t their fortune l this artter, my on op
ane.:r intert d, until Mr. W-had in falt horfe- ring the course the late war. is wholly dropt on nlon of the bunters ist, t haed bhe defer it
vhIpped r. 8- to fuch a degicc, that he now tl- part f sfloll`1 ; but whether from a confide.- ntll the determination ot oerment is flly
lies dangeronlly ill. 1 he cautr it.'the non inter- ration ofit. not lng (b valuable as they hadcon. known, rcp to in the sMfquito Shore. The
S.ce w owinr. to .linut te.i lutchers Is ceive, or thati aw araor ntry to be (thre for richnefe of foil, and
Sc w o.n to it tei hiutcheis v eiaseid, r that hey te, i a few yenrsoere- orcenef of air, perhaps the ineft In the world.
w a came p, anti fome o.her's of hat fraternity, en it y f tl eans, i, not known. uthe Sairds, lies the do I the wau r.
n i i:filled on the go.Ctlemln fi.:hting it out, as Th "tike e Crtre., tire present Duke of ut the Spaniard, like the dog in the manger,
e a ill let no one do any thing with it, nor illt
t'Vey ,i ar1l th.t the difpu:e was about Orleans, is t icilt fbjet in theworld ith .-Hisl d tleno one doa thngwiti or 'i the
who lhiouit b!v. U thu'i bianian out. personal eff inte the death ofhis father, are John Johlnfth n, Ei and D. Co m ,
Sie clnie; qIit olf this battle is an indidmennt elimated at e t ,ool. and the states are 47,600oo. Oher Jrom non, E* Fl and Dr. Cobur ried
for an alatult by fr. 3--, aii an11 inditment for annual value. here Aanm iat.Floria nlce our gL,
a cha!e ,ge by DMr. W\'--, both which wilt pro- A Letter from Editnturgh, dated December Mar. ssi P Wallace
b*bly e hl, rd at the next trials at the Old Bailey. 3, Cfys, Yefterday forenoon an experiment Mar SPoll Walce, tlN. lorid
Amfnr.!da, NKry, ,ibr t6. The Prince Stadt- was made at Leith on a rvelel of a new contruc- so. ly y,y Adrs N Gle
holder h., wiittcn a mof ferious letter to the tion, the invention of a gentleman of this city. o. lil Jted d Gally t. ry's
StMeen-Gntnral concerning the ill treatment he She confitBe ofa veffel of about 6o feet lon Itral Seou te, Smith, 5
;latly received from the populace of Wordt, y feet broad, cut in two, lengthways, the rit ons His MaJe farmed Ga ditto
h!ich the States havy resolved to make an imme- placed at about even feet distance. and Joined Adder, ipuet. A"very 5 ditto
d 'e inquiry into, ud uniflh the delinqu.nts togetherat top by tronl beamslanced over, o .eis es arm 4 ditto
with the utmrol fe Ity of the law. Jettcrs from as to reprefent upon dec a refe of the ordinary De pe nceiJ 't. W
the Pefident have t t to the Prince, giving proportions o feet by is. The experiment S8 Oak M Ide, malca
mn there af d ran proved hlg fatisfidtory. and fully anfwTred ea. SO.. Ul ial
SLsnid, Do. am no The Burgomaftern of' petatlon, notwithftanding one of the principal S L moonlo
the province of iddleburgh have, in a very fl waby an accident prvetedfrom heing pro. f..It, M s Uoretowo
Prong manner, fignifled ther dif.pprobation of perlyfet. hswaattended bythe King' boat IE. H l ysarme lleyti St ar
the treaty with France, which they think will be at Leith, w l r ckoneed a fat failing boat of Ar t
attended with the moet pernicions effects. They her fie, butlthe new vell out-faled her, and MAI, S, i c. n. p
y in their memorial to the States of their pro- when theb, e intcrnaed left her about one mile a _ ch. Otn.-iylAgas, Charleoa
:in ic, that if the critical situation of afirs be in four. I ris faud that the above velRi is ca.
cofliered, and particularly the probable confe- able of c arft almoA double the quantity of ALL Perfbls h 4a4fy d. --rAA M.
qOices of the Germanc lea ue, t is rather t al ofone l t ed iMrt conrtio, and tbh A AR. Ga tL ,arA.
fi apprehended that the dilrences which Sow fame length and breadth, andt ha this peculiar to give in tates E `ag t b i-
rm' ItMay oblige the geat powers an the neib. advantt e that e only draws two bet and a debated to make b
--I tod take an otive part on one nde or half water. 3aOH I ait rat r.

By Nif DoaqTrr nrvs.
NATURE*'s lrt.born, hail to thee,
Rultlc Nymph, Simplicityl
Deft in robes of rufflt sicr,
Sprightlyt the month of May
Fairer than the Oraces three,
Rural Goddeft, hall to thee I
Come, and finiling bring with thee
Mildly bulhilng Modelty
Innocence, with brow ferenet
Roly Health, the woodland Queen I
Calm Content, with cheerful a r
Piety the heaven born faidr;
Virtuous Love, devid of guile,
Tripping on with infant flnle)
Blefmng on the happy, plains,
Artlef, nymphs, and conflant fwain;
Votaries true to Love and thee,
Rural Q0een, Simplicity I
Coddefs come, and fit with me
Underneath fame aged tree ;
Listening to the woodlark's lay,
Sweetly warbling on the pray i
Or the mllk-naid in the dale,
Tripping on with brimming pail;
Whif her twain, with eager feet,
Hates his much lov'd fair to meet
Now he learns her fiothing pail,
Jocund homeward from the vale t
Now they it beneath the (hade
Nature kind for love has made I
Breathing frefli, with harmless glee,
Tales of pure Simplicity.
Or we'll join the harvcft train
Shouting Jonrial o'er the plain ;
Hear them jeft, and ring, and laugh,
While their nutbrown ale they quaff';
When -be fa mer all the while
Views their mirth with heartfelt mile,
PFeas'd to fee the ripen'd ear
Rich repay hib honest care:
Scees like thefe belt fruit with thee,
Rural Queen, Simplicity,
Thee my Mfe flhal frill attend;
Thee, the Mutes faieft friend;
Lead her to thy fared bower,
There thy fofteft influence shower,
Which inspired the bards (if yore,
Rich in Nature's genuine lore,
And of late, with heavily fire,
Oray and Goldfmith did infpite ;
Happy bards, belov'd of thee,
Queen of Vcrfe, Simplicity.
Ooddef,, fill to thee I fie,
And my earneft prayer renew:
Oiveme Shenflone's gentle lay,.
Or the tulcful lyre of Gay;
Or at leat the Doric reed,
Cunningham's inferior meed,
Breathing trains inspired by thee,
His bet-belov'd Simplicity.
Let me charm the nymphs and fwains,'
Pleas'd with Nature's artlcfs trains:
Let me draw the silent tear,
From the shepherd's eye sincere;
Or in fRtains that foftly move
Melt the maid to virtuous love ;
Or on country feftal days
Tune my reed their mirth to raife
Tbus, unenvied, let me ing,
Jocund as the filing Spring
py, ifapprov'd by thee,
Rural Qoen, Simplicity.

The EL'tuP
L Barthen a It too barrels, has had
in Is tons razilletto, 7oo bufhels
aly' and udhels corn; is three
y ars ld, New.Providen built of cedar and
uahogany, fall remarkably her fails, rigging
and cables only fx months had lately a tho-
rough repair, ud is now com ely found. For
terms apply to
N. B. If not Sold at Private le before Mon-
day the th inltat, be will that day be
old at Vendue, at one o'clock under the Ex-
A HOUS blalr ar of the Town, and
eicatw U r ii ail ay. Apply to tu

Foa L O N D nd 2 Ir So4" at ?IV Ptin-ro
Tr 8a t ta i e sJ i 0 bt Prrw Two:Bltvs,
The A nl Y, The Bahama Ali
N A N Cal ul tce for the Yar of O*ur
JoHN Clo,icitL., For Freight of Colton, apply to the ftting fc the Lun and Moon, i
Maltcr on board, or to lTY le, Title Table, e. c. A. .
FOR LO N D ON, A Hounf of Mr,. ita.du in
The SHIP. or 'r: ms p!eafe to enquire at the
S A L M y i Mi o rL ..
ALtXAaP O .v(VIo t O)T'TON, Salt, Brarlle
Arzznon n.v r.cHh j^ "0.Wood, &c. for
Will ftil it all Match For Freight -A Wood, &c. for S.
.r PagPi, apply to, I Fitt-.
rAI.CONER .B, Il & Co. or Tllii fRcri.r gives t ule u titl
VLI.M tB!. Pi.ins resident ele 10la
inil'.lItetd to the Holtfe of CloounrINA
J -1 N \V L i ..... ,> S..., ah, rl At their
At hi SH OP oI the I'. Y, &. v i!l. wi : t diftnilinn, Imueatt
I AS FOR S A I/ E, I"' t'Ie t'' 'I an Attorney at T.w, tl-B
E'MH H4,1'n Teafromn Gcntlciti', ', Tres di a' yeirs tndulgence h;,e
the E.tglifh slf-.lndia brown ,l l lcer & Ki tl o t r 1,ducing the ie fire! efi .
Warhsoute Glove s AI.LXANDER J. SPmIft
Black Pepper I.ndoln i de S..! 1!'s ;' "". Y'*, F u'r r 4, 786. ..
spiced salmn in kitten ivrl r cl I PAN''ON, L ES LIE &
French Olive. Ilated Spur
Pickti- Caper., Onions, (i.I S;lk I thrtlhs /:' ;.1" Fp, tira, al tle Crwr 41
WI'lniut, cin Gerlkins Violn., (:.,i'i. Srn rsr id thei BA*, -
Ihidi S. ];ieriani Ihnit r'id i-' II A V P. FO ) t S A T. ,
ter inre in ; IIAI. Affsrtm nt of P, ROIA3*i1
P.rTr, in liMrrln srce r As'- INIA nOoDSl affi, M
Esilli and iifh Pniter Htcr.i t'. Il)en f.icc .l '.i. r. t the li quality, ShipChandler y,
'it inil and Smoakir. 'r- Tth PI'.wr c;.:r. Crockery, Crnckery Ware, &C.
bac e.I Ii oe*. ill nlt on the monf reatoable termsterC,
Scot qnf Ivoryn lan Co Il Ctb s i illr tel 0mt.1o,
C ndb c gt it' ricd i r N Ba-T C K LE E
La..gon aid Chip mists Powder J.r'. thi It reqQe ta tI
[Ladje Ridig It, IVt r.:rld fift 1, mto4atmu I n jo h4 reau f t

I.adics Ti:'en. Packthreal L.l:rc of itr, e no, lr a. .'.'IIitrtg their rcfer. aiecntt. All lt-
and Crof.hlune Stay. .ineiilr sland .cmon ln~,il any demand against him, are deJll
Ladicl IDref Silk & Sattin I .iies Si.k & Hair Culh.- call or p "yment. 1
Shoes in, He received the ProvidenePt
l.adice Stuff and Morocco I ur t Irons neat 1 flirtment of llonabve Broad CItl
Shoes -. r I'in Krriymeeri, with i'tabe Trimmlnga, l
Girl arnd Children', ditto vi ;n~ri r :1ap in, I anmt Silver Vsi m Lice, Epaulrtil,
Gen!,'s Drci' *l. .' ,*. liall' lierr et.ral RitntRl i., c. .which hewiltD tel .
GCrtnties. Played S .l ne Si. s : P iiS C rc C*1 .hle fo r.i art '. "+
BSkls rif tha. novelt L.::' .clI Raors N. B. The 'l'A YI, R's BUSINUESI OaiS "
LSpa t sIr ;It i l-s Ca uompleut on a- i'nal, at hii, flfrCe l FtreCleiic S1e t.; .
Lad: "i'ald I' uc -, I'an s"r' .ctiiitg C *kl V',icti, 7,,o .r, t;. I,, : ,,'
Srt Stun.A & Kni o CkiL'i K)1,i. 'is V--.-; da- _ -- -, Shtut anld Kncn An' silver -Watache JA' !e* owit5nt of- d onalde d iaa
with cthrythll l, r ~l. Alm I 'F: cp.uT vii a ; new D R ne bultNO
Fafionalle Witch Strin_ LuiC' Fliri :,lod rep.3ir, w it h a new lone b ri tm
l.adic. ccolourcd Habit'an It 'lt-n' s s lr !f re honfe:, and kitchen alf, nlt
Kitl Glove hi M- :l.- h-fh'e, c *e. 1'"-I and iuccliry, with theoLot
FO el. to., very larte, ,and contain a
F O R S A h r.., t'ry fire water, a gairdIn and vacpt
THIIE HOUSPE and LOT there STsPHFNw T' hew'olc i IundSern gord fence, modlti
HAVEN, Elit lately refideAj the Houte is tew. the Pofts, rail and ls of cedar
neal, and conv:enicnt for a finalamily, and the I"'eny : the rttstile in lafant. b Seg
fitlationi advantagtouIns; the Icres of payment ro"iinl at tihe Wet End ,f the Town,
will be made eafy to the Purcihaer For partico- i!inz a v'wv of lthe Pa and Ofiag, ..
lars apply to pply to THnstMa ROKI in Nala -

IU S ,t L E, PerrI" n. haTinsal- 1 l aga. 1t&

Poffliion will be ,ivrn on a bout tlie aoth f foon as pIluile, to AE
April next, ai lic l'nrnittre coatniiig of Ta- B C t
ble,, Chair, Bcfltolteas, Bc will be tid ona ac z, ,.'. S* '
the IAme condition, tbyi Na, MArn i, x ne. t

AWho intend fain or Engl in April et, At P.ate fo' alu IItaL, f l
and delires all PerTin havi any demands I. fired t give in attenm ar
against him, to call ani recer payment; and S fribera and thofe inde toth
thofc who arc anywi c indebted him, by botnd, mhe immediate payment, th ihe
note, or book dcbt, are reqacited to discharge ftate may be fettkud as t wn
their accounts immediately. FORBBa ft be nectr
lir acNNlr t i ntcndng to tallforEnl Attorales for AR* t-. lIn AI
J land in the courfe of next month, requcis all A'raa, Februaryr 54, ty.
Person to whom he anywie indebted, to call A LL Perfon ag de
and receive pyn t, an thofe ndebted to him, 1 Mr. 0mALtAxnit Roo I a
to pay their r l riccounts without delay. ofthi ton w, are defIlred retTde
Ne alfo, for the tim, requefte thofe indebted their claims, properly a to
to the late Copa tner of JOHN PETTY, & and thofe who are indebt : ie
Co. to pay their accoutsimmediately, as there queed to make payment
ia an absolute necemty cr dolng the butinedl o alfinr may be ftttled as ft a
that Concern before departure.-Merchan. ANTS RK
table C tton, Brazillettd Bark, Logweod, Box. Nflsa, y narN.y 4, aI p.
wood, and large Mahogasy, at Market Price, will ALL PTrfoas hwing d
be taken in payment. A1 of ANTHONY iMor i TA,,I
The Buinets in his at nce willabei carried on, deceafed, are delred to dreli a
ae utsal, by Altxainas TATs*. the Sublablrir properltrytI le
WANTI D, in all net month, a quantity of and allPerfoswho arel ladbtedto
Cotton and BraxolHe o, for which Calh will be are requeled to makme ieteiatd s
terrn Applyo s iabore. MARY MORBE
Nta u, fierarly t, y6. Nal f,, FphruSr 4t, 1s71.

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