Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: February 25, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00029
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 83.





NASSAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAT.

asiw-PaolDoNCt.) ""
In the CovUl of OaDINsAr.
it s HesnrawUl JOHN BROWN, B juire,
freldent and Cowmaaler in Chir in and
oewr tbt faid fland, an Otellr, Fice Admi.
ral, and Ordinr f 4tks/ fm e. e. &,.
WTHERIAS nH Iatg,of the Ifand of New
V Providence, t.fqire, hath, on the bchalt
of Roert IWiFam P. l, Efquire, only Son and
Heir at Law of 7ata dward fPoell, E(quirc,
atie Lirutrnant ernour, deceafed, EAinhbe
M ,, ad War r =4, Daughters of the faid de.
m f.-d the faRid IR Wiilam Powedl, Jisetb
Aletr, and aM'y ron,. beinl the nest ot Kin of
tt faid 'rceafd, maT humble nilt to o o Int
him .etters of Admia ration of the Goods and
Chawtcls, RI ht and its of the faid decearfd,
durante arf, tia of e faid Rehkrt Illiam
.well, an, by the con t of the faid linaketb
MAo e atld Mfar rnge, t Daughters: Thef are
tIlerefor; to Cite and Ai onilh all and fingular
the crrditors of the fai eceaf and a; pear hi fore me, in e Court of Ordinary,
on '1 hurfday the 9th day f March ntxt, at ten
o'clock in the f-re, oon, to hews cIule, ifany they
have, why the fid Adminifiration fhoild not be
GIVEN andlr mi Hand and Sal at Armi,
at Naffai in Nrew Po vni ce ajoref d.
Dated thU t6th daj of Feherwrj, in h e
rear of Or Lord, one theafnd fween
nU dried and erieLtl Ji, and i i the lenty-
jcts 2ear of Hit hoJa r's Reign.
By His Hone. 'a r'emand
H her Y n, D. Secretary.
SU0 K 8/A L E,
A HCUSE and LOTIn Church Street, at
preltnt occupied bythe Subfcribr. Its fitu-
a :on isr t, chl known to becalculated for hufinefi,
that i further description would Annecctfry.
Pfffilinn i.l lie given on or a ut the soth of
April n; xt, and the Furniture, uonfifing of Ta-
bles, Chlars. Il.flead, &c t will be fold on
the fame conditions, by C
Who intends failing for eg nd in April exat,
and delires all Perfons hav] any demands
againli him, to call and rece paymentl and
tuole who i ce anywifc indeitrd to Pha, by bond,
mote, or book debt, are rcquedJ dzhfe
tihrr account immediately. t VL
F 0R b AVlL,'
THE HOUSE and LO where STIatPI
J Havn, Efq; lately refldt the Houfe is
neat, and consenient for a fmi family, and the
situation advantageous; the rmo ot payment
will be made eafy to tH Purch r. For particu-
lars apply to
JOHN DIENNISTON intending to for ng-
land in the coufe of next mith, rquefa all
Peifn to whom he is anywife idebted, to call
and receive payment, and th indebted to him,
to pay their rfpAdtive accous without delay.
He alio, for the lila time, requ4. thaOf indebted
to the late Copatnerlhip of it N PTI'TY. &
Co. to pay their accounts lmn. atrey, as there
is an abIblute necelty for clh fin the befine of
that Concern before his depart e.-Mercban-
table C tton, Brailletto. I Lk, m dogw Box-
wo. d, and large Mahogany, at Market Price, will
be taken in payimnt.
The BufBin. in hi abfence will be carried a,
t1 ulfil, hy AMinnDa TaT 01.
WANTD, In all next month, a quantit of
Cotton and aiullletto, for which Cab will be
gmen Apply as above.
NA'Ie, P.Mnmnj is, lt(. I
C' OTTON, Salt Brazillett Mahogany, Hard
i W6od, Ac. or Sale by ePlrietes at

At his SHOP on the BAY,
ETRESH Hrfon Tea krom l.adie floured Habit sad
Sthi Englifi Eaft.India Kid Oires
Warehoule Getlemen's Silk, Thread,
Black Pepper brown Leather & Kid
Spiced Salmon in kis Olove
Fiench Olive London made Saddiss
Pickled Capem. Onions, Silv cape Twigs
Walnut., and Oerkin Plated S&pa
India Soy Green Silk Umbrellas
Mularoom Ke dup Vio!inl, Guitar
Poiter in barrels Germ.a Flute and Fifes
Eaghlh and l.ilk Butter A long hce Lopt Piano
Pigil and Smoaklng To- Forte
.ao Scented and phli Hair
Scots Snua Powder
Irif Linens Hard and foft Pomatum
Cambrics Mareehalle Pomatum
Leghorn and Chip I'ats Lavendar Water
Ladite Riding Hates Eence of Bergaet, La.
LadicsHoopiofthennewet vendor and emon
falthon Ladies Silk & Hair Cub.
Ladies Tickn, Packthread ions
and Croflbone Stay@ Tupee Iroas
Ladie, Drefs Silk & Sattin Hair Pina
Shoes Windfor Soap
Ladics Stur and Morocco Walk Balls
shqe Shaving Sexr
Gils and Children', ditto Ca Steel Razors
Gent!cmcn's Dref Shoes DrlhEn Cafep ompleat
Gentlermn's Plated Shoe Patent iBa.king Cakes
Buckles of the aewft Keyer's Pills
patterns tOderf(a' Pills
Ladies Paelt Shoc Buckles Godfrey's Cordial
Set Stock & Knee Buckles James'. Powders
Mourning Shoe and Kaee MaIgnmeia Alha
Buckle. Dary'. Iliuir
Silver Watches Epfom Salt
Watch Chiyftals Medicine Chets,
Falhionable Watch Strings Ac. Ac. c. _
rT AKES the liberty to request that thore
Gentlemen who h good as to ho-
no!!r him with their cyhmands, will be pleafed to
Jifcharge their rcfpe*ive account. A I Pcrfona
having any demands ginft him, are dcfired to
call for payment.
lie has received b the Providence Packet, r
neat Affortment of f unable Broad Clothe and
Kereymeerr witLs h ble Trimming, A /.
Regimental Buttons Ac. which he will fellat a
rcaftunabl advance.
N. B. The TAYLOR' BUSINESS carried
on as ufual, at his Iloufe in Frederic Street.,
Nafau, asurr It. t78;6.
I7 Sail sheI th sleth of irh net,
The aad,
Joni Caoiesl Mafteri
For Freight of Cot n, apply to the
SMaiter on board, to
FPeruay 1o, I78N
P The s r
S A L L Y,
D, tth

THE Subfcriher give this blic notice to at
Perfone refldent la t Ifands, who are
indebted to the Hourfe CtootNanat and
Sriea. of Savannah, tjt their boa., notes,
kc. win. without difI an, Immedlatel be put
into the habnd of an Att at Law, to be reco
vered, as fe .ral years nd nee have beea given
without production the effrC.
Nafe, PrfrmarY s4, t7y8.
At thr Newr SiTo, a the Cgrner 0q Uniro
TraUT d tth BA,.
t. EAST-INDIA 0 DSi aio. MAWlDai
WINr of the Brft quality, hip Chandlery, Hard
ware. Grocery, Crockery re, &c. which they
will fell on the mot re ble terms for Ce. -
fi Dill slf Exciage.
To be SOLD or LET,
Andme k N se n lnetlarr,
hr good repair, whb a new tone built chain.
her, ore hofe, n kitchen I lto, net cltm.
honfes and neceffir with the Lot helonging
thereto, being very Ia e and contains a well o
very lne water, a garden and vacant Iroud.
The whole Is under a good fenee, mnf of which is
new. the Pofl. rails and pals of cedar and ma.
hogany l the situation is pleafant, being a rlflng
ground at the Weft End of the Town, commnu-
ding a view of the Bar and O0f(l. For tetr
apply to THOuMA RoaiR, I Nafau.
Yawurr sy7. I d
A LI Perfon haiinde a ali ithp eAfe
1.of l..L FAtRLT, fq; eete~t, are
requested to deliver them pr prltte*,d tn the
Subfcriber without delay thd indebted to
the ald estate, are defred to mak payment as
foo ua poSfle, to
A idlniatrriz.
fN au,. Marb is 1786. __
ALL Perronhin g anyflsdo atarit the
A Etnate ot JOHN Ht Efqi deeraf-d, are
defired to give In atteedfeonts th.renofto the
Subfcriber and thofe id ed to the hme. to
make immediate payment, t the aain ofthe
Estate, may he ktled a aeel n prie.
Attornles for SIAAM HiALv, Adminifttrati.
NafAn. Febrvu*4. y16.
ALL Pcrfoh "ing demands on the I Ra:e ,f
lMr.AL _ANa RoRneante deeeafed, late
ofthis towniare defred to render In Rates of
their claim rlyattrtej, to the fuhfriber i
and their wh re indebted to the eftate, are re-
quefted to pyment Immedaterly, that the
affair may be tied as Coon uapoffe.
/AUTH. ROXBM Oj, Admr.
A ILCPsr ahavis demand agalnO 'the InA
1 of Ainneov MoonTaL, late ofthis Town
deceased, are deed to deliver their aooamrs ta
the Subfhtrber properly attleed, without del
and all Perfonswho are ndeMbed to the l l. 11 ti'
a requested to mak payment inmmh lately t
MARY MoNTrLL, AdmbiItrftn.
Avkv, CimR 16, list.

AL ZAisa.a OfUtE, Mfiu; U away if*on the tubl d ecfRwrdly of
WIN fail I all at Month. Fr Ith the two lero Mee Umned rom aS
Freight or PFanaj iPP'j to % ti Mdle tud nerge, ll month;
FALCONER, SHIRR A Co.r e ow.Ji little marked with the LL-
WILUA:M BGU. E _m ta., y ack, ipiaka
Panrar 10, *nyt. I IBsdEs Whoever wm deBvr ons or I
F r S At to t, hal have C O Cni, rewa foe
F 0 X A each them, I aoferewarn any pmBon ao .
A VUABL RO T *o haO ,crbouring, cmpl1nto crrCs=
fuit for a noo kea o eg. oW, theliked, uI |iaid to pro!
ANTILHO. |g -s.
or. Prticu Ma Ofon tt a do"
Wvie, e 54sP-Y 5?jSAj 'W *5b h91w s

American Intelligence. een for t happias hiSpeopl in evcry coinmillteaiiinntcd for ti lic
part or the empire. lie. fliry'con himfelf twicilt,
HiX, (No. 'o ) (eriuda) i"arY 14 We hear me. irt with thiefuije, being abf t
HALIFAX, (No.ScoTs) Dca 9. th prpration are making for carrying on the 'en a ,ill for a paper loan wa
T H Houfe of Represtatives having made whale filherr in thtfe 1InlilA this f afon ii a viol permir fion to tingle i ct m ri t dn
bchoce of m Sal.r hw Bk Jlfq on more cxtenive manner than I,- year. u """npli' mnta' ry, andlliabllied
Monday lal waited on his Bxcellea y the Ooter, Iar.t Tuefdar fe'n.ilt.t, aiout ten o'clock at i"it, might in ithe event be produi a
nour, sai prifented their Speaker left. His night, in a violent gale of wind, which lased all nifchirf. Evei in Colre w it uwas
nicelleny was Iteald to aidreoe oftheir choice the r ot of the werk withllnt intctmilion, the hrig mctr.l er to ofier motions, which iftrc
and afterwards made the allowing SreCH to Nancy, Capt. William Clarke, from Philadelphia, eitcred on thejournals, wouid h "e
both Houfcl. bound to Alinutiu, laden with cin, flour, Ac. ran fil ; and it wai the prafice to moew i
Grmcmei o/ fk Csehil ~fd Ha ufAn upon the rocks nfflhe wn and fr thcle Inllnsl si',a quetion,iu order that thea almgt .
TR)Boinolutlao of the lIte HouIfe lAfembly, tent over and kit on fcveral terydagcrous Ili.laIs out. -
and the calling of you together, have been till within about a nmile o the fllre, when a,, Chaacellor lMatthews withed thel-l-i
obliged to defr until this time, from unavod came too, dropped anch-r, rnid viathlrle it out iii a litt ildherenee to parliament l
able neceflity. till day, and then pfiitrel her cbles ; lut fi I I alvar. furry when h peretrved"l .,
Several matters, well worthy your attention, afterboardedbyotor boati,anil brought intlol.y's itned lnity peir.itan infringement &
will at this time, prefcnt themselves to your con. I harbour: S-he inc water, which aii cin 1 uk ; ii the prefenrit intanic a ioZ
federation, which, fromthe progress of agricul I fiderably arni;c.l her rcr:i. 'The vfll it ii p'rociedintw, c ul behcfh fornotwith
ture and commerce, did not before appear. I ilonght will be c nil,l mi:.,t. unitt t o 1, to':l, ;:entlrniman did not appar t
In rcfpct of the latter, the profpedt of an efta- ea. hill fr\; ird, yet if leave were t g
blifhment ofthe whale lilkry here, partie'llarly Satird.ty lIt lt non the Sloop J'Ihl and I di.u .n thiat Iloufe, how dii they
aftords a well-founded expectation of benclit and May. liam l.oiwnr mia, ter, f'amn New- lite .'i, lt 'fut i? Perhaps *hi ve14ary
advantage; and Iam confident you will not fAll York in three daty l a, a'f, 11 .ov.Ir the rci 1 lt :alt:n-c .f l ime..a and fU a matter
to give every suitable encouragement to a matter o the weft end, in a hligh I. :, .-nd came ne'r tl Ini-r.l upon them, contrary, in arate
of to much concern, as far as you fiall think it fhore without touching, when the pilots broun.-t to their inclination. r
lecefary, and confft t with the conittio and ier into harbour. She was bound to St. Croix, Mr. I'mr thotuglt that the bill nmhtth
circumntancesofthe p since with four, lumber &c. I nott hlat he was friendly toit, Itur Io a i
The year beint to advanced, I recommend Yanuary, l. W\.Alcftay a fine new (hip of A. viillt re hlced oait of doors.
to you the re-ena g of thofe laws which will bout 12o tons hiurlIhC, c'lird tir Commnerrc, wit Jul. e I'endleton faid, that Mr. pdt, &i
expire at the end of it, and mult be contii.c ; launllrhcl in Bailet's Itt. [l.iill by Mr. J lhn Ou:- i 1:; g'.u!, Ibrought in and carried tbroueh
and to defer to a more convenient time, tlore telhridge for Milef'. Jeiini,. Tucier, ,: Co.n.! n ore ci. ,:iunce than any oth matters which are not immediately prclutig, and is thilliiht by Jii(r s tu I-c re ofthe finwlt Illip eI1 .' lli that adminilration, upona
require a full and mature deliberation. ever built here. nio:;,; 'r leve.
Searnetlly recommend unanimityl in your pro. Tucfi!ty night 1,,oot ni' look, the f,':Uonr e i vi; :. rl'.r Matthcws fet forth an ensatm
ceedingis and that you'willgive the public bliut- s.i'l, !.rvi Marchad, i nls"r, from li fa x, prct.'i|.atio: in the crlebrited hillsfer rll
acfl the difp.tch ntccfllry at this feafon. to pre- boundi to Virginia, n i:! co.Af;h, &.ic. out 58 1d t-., th' io 'rinenr t in the Eit-lIdies, whieicl-
Sent the Inconvenience which a long (cllion -nay ripeateldy beat fl l!m torlntincnt by ga'e, an.l ;:rou;:;.t ihto the BritMli parliament at L3
eccadon, on your return to your refictive homes then in the gre.alcfl f ,i'fs. fir wa;t iofva'er, times li Mr. Fox annd 1. Pitt mad ins '
and tyoarprivate afdr. irtruck on the rocki 1; I'th W it End, above on.,iiteI wats it ajoited, were coap
The proper officcti will lay before you all pa. lelages fiomn land, and I nfl.tly went d!,,wn in |i..1 h iiii. .nch
per nece tiir for your information, and yoil may fitr fathom water. On htr li k'.n one ofthe nmen, l.I.TR s I iocolteOr a BitihPalif al
be allured, bentleinc, that my utnmot wishes il attempting to cat t bi at !"'e, and am tler, ci rii. 'hia hit gY Implicit coidee at
will be iatlsfled in giving my alent to every pro- who wa,, palergr r, were .lrownued; the retl of ,fer.l Iq. mioiinfti fir the Crown. Thiey uii
po tion, which may promote or fccure your hap the crew, confhtinF if the mtn/i r and to men, n '.tIt from all he I great law officers in rnf
pin et and welfare. with the greatest difli-ultv ,'t to the minimal their bi;i ; in this country fuch aff=tanmi l
T' bai Extilllent JonHs PAit, Ffq; GOeirmur, head, where they ren.iin(d till t, o'clock the lnlt Ie. looi;ed fl r : confequently morelthia
Captain Oneral and Comman Jr in Chief in and next lay, a heavy fri f~.~lulnty walling over nt efl.iry. that fCine laws as were pafled -
ever hij Majjefr's Prvinruir f Nova.Scotia, the them. !I.ippily the pr-p'c tf 3i t erfat f.iw them carry \t:l them filch an appearance of wlfed
Ijiands fi St. John and Cape-Breton, and Ifr- about a on Wcl , i or, n.:, an ot not- Ir:, ionm, as wiouli eni'ur a leady obedinfeoar
Aid airal ofl.thtf/mn. titbfl..l:ing thevt put off ii.t intil fr thti.' 'licf, iir til'atles front thie people.
Tel Humb/l ADDRESS of the Ioufc of Repre- they wle not tile i t fctch the wreck till s, i'l he bill wai received, real a fiit tilue,
fentativea, in General Aftembly. owinlg t- a head w,- d, wh-:n the thlrc pcifont ,t it red a reccond rea ling.
Mnl it plef r Zellcney, Wvre t'':ci into the I-i t 41:i liifetfs. They Chiairrilhr l. l!ei',',, a cti irtnn ofacogM
iWE, hie Matln 'sy dultful and loyal fulljce/s, wcr; inl.c.liatrly bit iY b t oin fh re, and th te i't po-l~ ed lilt Inrtii; II the l g;listI0u3
in General Afnembly convened, return you our wrecitctr care taken oftl;, i. air if Co nmi :a*re Gilln, to brriwia
sincere thanks for Tour rp'-ch. The v:;ilaice ofl he iii it ,i ofherf ifll.nda f-r cipowacrin C.ngic's to regulate the tl
We beg leave tqlexpicfa our entire fititl timo in ka ping a watchful h, -ouit .rmii v: lics w"hic'l 1i '.iia.-r-if it le United States, r
In being afTimblcdl atdrr your juit andi prudent may ce rmc rer o:ir llhoi irli pniticular!y .at bill fir carniipoweingg Congr.rce to regrilat
overnmentip and io atl'ue you, w'e liall mnllit;ht every mrning, i, ift.:,, ttuindd with in'l fmi6gn trade in Europe and
heartly co-o0ratwith your Excellency in every the nilt happy clf;.Au anl:d ll'rve- the warmi it WVel-linie-, fwir the flia:e of ,s ycaro, butltei
thing that y t to promote the welfare and Ithlink or every fCli't h It. .\I ftion n an y lbe ir rre wiltinit nine StateA Ining prt"ll
happinef. ofhi province. veffel isn fce in ,liftref, thi b iat, which arc a.- Cnlrr ir whenlis fich refi lutio is determtll
Weohbfcc with the hitheft fatifaaliou, the v-as kept rti) ), put oiTi:ila.') toithA irlif, ai with refiraition am tothe flaretradeel-'
rapit prog fs of agriculture and commerce ill and very frequrtltly in f h ra catha'"r a.\ perhaps ni, palt of thia flatt; allo to repeal an ad
tbls country. The ctablilliment of the whale other pcrl .ns i, the w,.ohll wau'd a.tteillt tl;) I r. l:t for the trade with Brital."
fihry, we r.o.filrras an objeto of the fift im- rut, andil ly thcf mnean-; fae a :rra: iaumta:nr f Mr:. Read, r. Budd, Col. I.uuhicgtao -L
portance. The nidiber ofvetTelsthat have already live., which von' I otlrwvil- e bel1. oI'. VIrr, all wiherl tor the lonFeRfday t
cen ftted out fht that ufleful branch of buinefn yawa 28. S v ral v and the fatterin profit we haveof that illery thefc fe !,.:ysfor ritrktf1 *i's. lha.ii;gob"o h.l if iti and i:uportauce.-WdN4l.
being effedtually andanuently elablilihcd on fine hiiihlr p.l ii lger wnlho fiClly go lthe iw. agrecd on.
our coaie, afford i she higher plealurc. We every faftwi fti. the pu iofl of Iahin faitr. Ch.annccllor Iltledle reported, as clU 4
heartily concur wit your Excellency in confider- By th lil aceanmts i th t.'I, C ico,% we lerar, i he cin.mmittec appointed for that pur, .'
ingtheencouragement ofan undertaking foliil hty tht there w(r( -abn,)e fiy v, a ls in \V'crt H, fr itiathri ingl the delrvitrs In Co ongit t
benefcial, to be an objcd of the greatcl Iu!)lic bour aud l u:hr p i:ces nai. \uitii: for wrc.kni I l a 't0ttiul in tile lh CteiCion of the CO ',
concern. We (hall give our mot feriou. attell- rati.. : I -
tion to this, and the other important fi:rli:t FIvxransi r.u t.'- P I :.-Ijx ''i Ite 'liu HOI l f The; i ill w real a firf time.
which you have recommended. I R in, it ,i r.'.,1 3 of I V-(n.,. ru,, Frii ildc Pru.:,cixi faid that he had ia tll
Fully perfuaded that your Excellency tv: o n i .'/ .' Vt,r Ims Iwitl.'r fi liua civnen notice, in conforofty
all occallons be ready to forward tle proitliriyy oi l r.r. inr rr,. I';luon *.flte tittllin, that at a futil ll-
this very improvible country, ,on iour parts. tl IDrf. Pc-: itulan afl i lave ti In lan ii a lilll he A outli offtr a bill to revive the reprc i-
Shall be folicitous ro do montlrate tr re.itinefs to J for ameniin.g .in act rilTad da lii,;g .ill nceting of the p:mlie It 'waitllowcd that ets
preferve unanimity, and to contbute to thle cafe of the lg ilaturc, for ilTifing a i.a,)er la.1i; he ita- ir.ade of rlletihg reprefcntatives had bhesll
and permanency of your admintnttl. tedl -cirtcum ntcs of lhardllii;i which the inci- eel with grcit inconvenience from the tgrn
We thank ydur Excellency for )our attrlc:,n chants in pirt.ul .r lalbourd ui,,'cr, aith vrll~fet bcr of incm.anl necetary to be retolnriill
in having been pleaded to dired the proper officers to mikikl p. ;ipclt of fuch dclht ai lihy owed at happened, not unfrequently, that ge M
to lay before us the fercral papers necclfiry for the :retilry; the Treafrrers could call on thin not willing to fervc, and fame pla
our information: In theconlideration of which, for money. and when the merchant refolted to fi remote, that eltors could notattefra
and in the difpatclhf all public bufllefta we fit.ll the only rcfoi:rce within their power, an apphlca- the time of framing our conftitutlo, Mtlr
ae nxpeditious as tih nature thereof will admit. tion to fuch individual as were indebted tothcm. atterationa had taken place ia thiu "
a Animated with the ifrongef fenfe of duty and the late .ic for regulating fl. re. permitted with regard to actual property, amd
loyalty to the eft of Kinlr, and peflerfcd with their creiitors to ofler property initcad offpecic ; inhabitants. 'le difrids ofCaunde"al
she fullef confidence in your Excellency's affec- fo that, in t'e, the had notbiag in their power Six in partiiesr had become far mo
tionate regard for the' province, we hall not fail to give, and ~l treaftiry was empty. Indeed owing to To uclan Itd having bm ea lW
t0 ufe every meal i our power to make your fpecie was at thi time fo fcarce, that, he.believed their reprefeitation is Iill the fa .'
Government agreeable to your Excellency, as we if all the real property in this Rate were to be ex. objeaion was, the difproportion iai po u ,
ruf t twill prove happy and advantageous to the pofed to .tle for c.fli, it would not bring 6,oofol. bers between that Houfe and the ao
blic. tHe had heeh informed that rome gentlemen high tainly hcini improper to throw am uP 11
f ubish kI Bki mtrll a, pktlfte pIrtur the in estimation with tite public for abilities and the government into the hands of Co
fjlkniqg Answax. 'rudition, were 4t opinion, that the Court of ber of men. It would be better, thL--
OlNrT1ela,9 Chancery wquoldreiee, in cafes fo peculiarly- ourreprefentation, fo tatit nailiT t "-
TOUR loyalty to his Majity, and the tenfe hard as thofj wich had come within his know- er to equality i for which real beml
uou entertain of admialtration of the govern- led. our present reputation in the OIio /l
ment of tihe r igve me the highest atlsfac- nommod Cillon fcconded the motion. ner: IThie nate lring been dirited i
tion; and I hoe ato ointeadeavour will not Mr. Rea. ought fuch a bill as was at Irefent ties, of 40 luat mites each, i
dil of 'Iecef, in prying your welfare, sad offered woald come before the Houfc in a more Charlefton thou% l return two fenat S
gratifying the anua ofr moetb gracus rria r m runer ifit were Iatroduced by a irmmbra to th Houcl, and ctry
of ou re t.'t .5 -I

am senator and three members ttis arranzf; Mr. ColAouB llouit Lbthe otice ular and N A A 6 A-U,
.set would add nine to the Senrte, ad reduce that It was incumben tt o that t litute MA CH 4.
theirnumberto o. aq 1uiry into the repretntaltiota but then he TOWARDS the clole of laft year, f.eral
Mr. Colhoun oppod a anoe member bena w to f this done by committtee. who I ar" rech Tranfsm ts, I *n bacpd
allowed to bring in fuch'a bin asthat proposed. would vlligate the matter, a ilt 1 s judged Nbot one t.ou ..e...d iq inc atitnl at
lBe wilhed rater for a committee. necftiry, light report a bill I nuote they ou'd Nmw Orlans fr Rom he ll h France. To thelr
OGeeral Piackney thought previous notice Lf fo. migrant th Spani (Glvtment bath atltited
houldbe given to the people before uch animpor. Judge Heyward called for the not ct of go da lan n ddieat parts of Louina. A um.
tt bunfifs was entered on, and that they Ihould et In. mand on ben-cad. It apired that t he r f Acadians are alfo expected to fttle in
ot be taken by lurprice indeed it \outl be words nxt (flon." weer Intr4 .aw a no the iloridro.
aaelfary in junfle toagrce o a gaf of the Houfe uc bi had been offered lhat feffir, of eourfe Thle reluliacen which the French Inlbitants
on that day when it was appointed, dpicially If this notice fell to the ground. He llubmitted his of Loutilian manifetre to a change of Soae-
this bill was viewed by others In the fcla us light opinion to the Houfe. eana,, is within our remembrance. It therefore
ttat he Law it for it went In its tendency to Mr. Read obtrved that the lion. Memlier trilies u al.fmewhat extraordinary, thatFrench-
fsp the foundation of our pre srt mode ofrvpte- (Judge Pendlcton) was ajudge i now if le was "itn i"ould now voluntarily beco'ie the Subjet t
fnltation, by throwing the election of reprcfinta.- fated on the ech in his official capacity wild Spain; iand givs rife to various conjrtuies
ries into the hands of proprietors ofbarren acres, he admit ofthisbeing a good notice of trall .trc. r Iting tile probable caukf that led to fo En.
ifiead of pcrfons pofflere of real property. ly not. And was that Houfe to go into Inrl'lnr. :ul;ar an event.
Judge Pendlcton denied that it was polfible to under an idea of being regular int their mtole -f I Accommodatirg the unfor'u ste Acadian
take the Hotufeby furprics, when a diltaut day i pr ccedinr, upon a not-ce offuch a kitdl as ,oulll Exi'rs with territorial efctaliflam.ntp, caries an
filed for the introducion ofa bill, and whert at is be cou.idered informal by the torls Ialow Cer. I :'l'ar"ance ofphilanthropy, ad wit to alleviate
maturely deliberated in the Houk. Suppose tlhe thinly not. Yet this was exptatd il tile ,reirlrt i 'u"acritcd difncr anit nAany applicati n for fo
committee fo much called tor should be named, inItance. The hrnoniable g 0ntlkm .n hid e etter i lc"nolent a purpoli, woull c mroand a ready
where did the difference lay astothe evils fuggeet- amend his motion, take a longer ltle fur br hrin ir tatttio at the Court of Madrid. Additional
ed by various itpelactss Wih regard to the maln. thl bulincft to ani ilfie, and h) this dclayv I eiht might alfohav been give to fuh appli-
ctr of precteding, a committee might be inaftrud- cc~lii int matters of hligh lImpoartanie ln,hi cation, by a fugseflion of the Barrer to Amercan
ted to bring in a bill; they would perhaps do fi, intentr~ to alter the conltilutilo wltl go liond, "croachments being ltengthetedm by fo confder
and then of coorfe the Houfe would receive it: a d pf.o without dooIr be ofll ifed of the f b- able an acceffion oftbjeets, whom every principle
but how were the member benefitedby th!., with jc of 'ratitnde wru'd prompt to support, with teat
reard to information ? Did they know the prin. Judge Pendletn' n believed, that althnogh much a"d alacrity, the interedit of their new Sovereign.
cple apon which this bill was founded ? They d c e meailres of the French Court, however,
would be a much It the dark as ever. On the ti.ary to legal pandtice, it would be found upon can ftldc m be afcribihd to fuch difietereted mo-
other hand, if leave was granted in the manner revitelig the accuitation that ltcre sauN no ties. A eecn attenti to advantage, either im.
which he had the honour to piopof, fober deli. f1t ii the indi&timcnt. The lail fclion was "'"iate or future, w little hbfilation about the
heratioo would take place, and very advantage literally a special le; it It 1a becn called bygo- "s"' c"'Iplo" d, bavre lon been co ered the
that could be derivco Irom wildout and ability, v.rninat rIprefalyto rei, v the natnal ien. lin featues in their charadl. The intro.
would be brought forward to facilitate a mealtire cis aand diftrcfs and upon thefi nieeteia, *efCu- "lm)'ton of there Acadian Sftt'er. into Louiliana
fo lrentially necefl'ry. The ideas of the Houfe til,s wcre entered into to take ip fnae pCti )ai Fl wda, may t therefore, pthe p rwithour fu t
would conicttrate to certain points, which were Ih bufurfi, and no other. How, Ihertef~i, coiad ole nce, bt regarded s a meadfre prdfiir to
looked for at their hands. gantlemcn think him compelled by forms to iv Ather change i the Sovereignty of thofe cun-
Jude Bui ke eaprefled a difrpprobation of fuch entire of this intention to the Legiflnatc e at tile tre. The eunwildinefs ofthe Spanlh Amer'can
piptat on in cale like this. Surly o mate- .t fitting, when they had revcd to ke p mrthe greatepence of the vil and military
ill an alterin of the constitution Seqircd time only pjrticnbar i elinef. n But to leave thli- oin l ctblifmncts in Louifiana and Florida, without
Ia. anteralin of the can"tatutit a r t a only r a ny returns whatever from either, to ceomponfate
for criiderationi. In the country it wai the for he did not re y upon it, he was regular, aial "la return e whatde er fr om ither, to cnmpaynat
common mode of talking, thalt convention is fataioned in perl ctrantcc y the co.afitution it- i' i" 'y degree: Thife confidrations, mayl at
foon to be called to alter the cohnitut. o; buti felf; itw.lsthcte exprtfiv lrcla ed in manner to very distant peiodt, give cflt 'y to ay over-
hLe \vas a propo;.ti.n for altering the conilttutiot c'earr as not to admit ofl ojection, ttht Ieve y fevel arf" 'frm the politic Court m Verfalles, for
witlontt any cunva.tio:l-it wui to oo it by an.,A yrari flicl a planes lie proposed, lhoull 1) carnic a ctllip n oy. the comuntried wt qaueotrop more
of Afnembly. Would this he fuffiictaliy iattiac. tito effre. Seven year. lad aellady ex in I, and etecially. i accompanied with a pre tian to
tory to the people in gescral I He could not think w t liti tep became an indifpe,iible dih v Ptr. -u11''''rec to Spai he other tratatlanmtie do.
foa from what lie knew of their opinion, and haps, even this plain definition might w ith u l""lt .
front what lie felt hmfelf; for as it hid been well o bjai o ns, bt te b tiBns could be only fnch f oArqrinig the fln i of the extennve, frtim e
oblerved by an honou able gentlcrait (Gen. as Coutfel would urge to a-mdsf a JIy sl a be. rtA eit olf oi and Florida, is an irper
finckley) it was an alttration of the reprclnta. nile their underftindings from atteenitng totne al'' .jera t l oFranc. c Thay yidd in hun .
tion of the country from the valuc oflands and '.lid principle of Iw for hIf was convinced that .e:tcc every I ortle or amerilan prouonies wcnd
anmber of inhabitants, to the eCuanttry of land the legifinture could not p. ls overthis pointit it ith eed ot; and their *entric al ltuatlon be-
altgetther. Hecoiifequcntlywadlforacommittee waa due In jnulice to tlhcmfelres-it was3 ue in t,e e territories of the American States
being appointed. jnAfice to the citirelsta thiay hid a right to exprlcd i t iro, wold give to any other than
D1r. Budd was againfl the bill's being commit. thil Invelligation from that HIonfel, tecaul they ti rlt polfrio, a, ad hith de ree of c-rre
ted, and declared his fixed deternaia.tlion ofoppo. had been promifel it by the coillitatiion. As ta a ie pret poitior, a higt aee of cofe
fing it in every tage-he thought our large re- g:itlemani' opini m Ielative to a coirrention of -ence in the political feat e "of te Wttern Cal.
piternation was the grand p.l;adium of our lil.r- the people, thi I '.lj:t had heen difcufid blrore, ,ient.-- of of matters mdid ellcpe the omer.
ty ; and that if any man or fct of nmen had art a.d negatlivd ; lint fort of Conventilln couldbe p rland i nor we they left unflageted while
and influence enough to leflen our rrepirentati,n e.pcedli, if that Ilfe d;d not appoint on A irt th"e 'go;ai fr the late pea, was pending.
to one half, half Ihat art and it.fluenct would ofIConacivtion that ih irever iflhed to rc, a Con. But ifort atiel f B in, a Landd.a en.
reduce it to what number r they plealfd, till our v nation by tie People. Eacry gentlctman ift tifortunately for Britain, a Ldon t h
f c. .. 'ipi " l tir:te,. .!er councils, and was fiffened to tars ith
prefe.t happy, free constitution would be fuc- the hc coulquent hlr,l t, that mull attend ier 6Ctr by acrnil;es and onfeeffion, which
ceeded by the woift faor of government on artl fch an AIT, nbly, as anoiahr Revl,tion mi;.ht be her nA inofLnt of her enemie had nete pr
-an aristocratic gove nment, whei a the arbitrary expected to follow. He wilhre getcnlemen to meet otne to, hope for.
will of a few nalie the laws, ad puts thue his propofitii fally. and not ntriuk front it. mDEATH Mo.trA t.i Mawlt.c formerly
in force; whee the ruler ate lo:da, and the p.o- Mr. Read took lire at what hal fallen fr.m the of No-rthar.olin. MAWIL rae
pi flaes; if the nl:rs agree, it it to opprf, the lHon. Gentleman, about that Houfle hiing afraid to AarDo Mei., naram
people ; if they qulrtel, the fubje t, nmut light diculs his motion, but beIng called to order, ap- Fe. Sloop AEHse, Arthr, Bermld
their battles, without any expectation of breaking; pea'ed to the chair. p ur
their chains, but only to change tlatir inalfers Judge Pendletin called the honourahil g:n'lir- -
Though rIer.mark was once a; free a country a. mai to order, and procrrdcd to exp'ai;.: This F 0 R S A L E,
any in Europe, yet the incroachment of her nobi- occaritied a little alieieatiot, ad and appeal to The SUooP
lity obliged thepeoplc to thirctider all their rights tihe chair.
to the crown. '1 hat and other iritanccts lithold Mr. Sipealkr agreed that in the course of this IS LAND PACKET,
make them aft with caution, when. they were dlhale, fevcral gentleman had rather hlRt fiht of t /o 'L Burthen about. j barrels, has had
called on to alter or to amand the conflitlution. the clucltion, but it was fo very Irkinneri for him in an tons Bran etto, 7oo bulhels
Mr. P. Rutledge could not accomrt for fears to call gentlemen to order, that he had pa rmitted 'd t Salt, and o buhels corn a is there
entertained by gentlemen that b/ permitting a an irregularity on the present occali)n. lie then years old, New.Provi kce built of cedar and
committee to be named, an alteration in the con- informed the llononrahle Gentleman ttha:t he "a' anm ogapy, fails remak bl h fails, rimling
Aitutlon would nteciclrily follow I all they could out of order in this instance, the Incltion beint, and cables only I o old, had lately a tho-
do, was to report a bill for fuch and fuck pur. whether the notice was confltutlonal, or not? riugh repair, sad is now apletehy found. For
polas, and then it the Houfe thought proper, that Mr. Read wurld not crmte,d a point in-oppofi terms apply to JO.y PETTY, t Co.
bill might be puhlilhed. and by this opmn manner tion to an opinion from the chair. N. B. If not Sold at PriW Sale before Mon.
of proceeding their cooftituents would have au. Chancellor Rtledge observed that the honour- day the ljt Inntast, the will on that day be
thentic infommatior ofa law intendtat to bipalff:d able julge had tlielded himfelt with two points- Sold at Venduc, at one o'clock under the EZ
for altering t te conttiton. Befides a commit. the one was, that he hid eiren relar notice of hi change.
tee would wifely digeft and methodife this bu- intention to bring in a bill for altering the contli 'HE subicraber atcerig eolcavc thiee lifnds
efs-.they could call for information from thofe tution-the other, that as fecn years had expired I early in May neat, Teq a. thofe perfone
who were competent to give it-fuch as the tate fince it was framed, that Huufe wascalled on to indehted to him, to make f ed pavmeat and
of taxable property, return of militia, tc. When revile or alter it infuch manner as was pointed out thoe to whom he is Indebted, are dfrei d to dei
al this had been done, then, perhaps, a hill by the conlitution. An the 6rf point had been ver in their accouts for payment.
would be resorted i although he did not think given np. he Ihould apply only to the fccond, and
there would be found ten memhea in that Houfe in order to meet every objcilon that had been -F O R 8 A L E
who would vote for making fuch an alteration as oneted, Ihould move, that a committee be ap- On FR ID A Y the rsth instant,
hbadt bean ood. Advetsm to the. qotion pointed to report a plan for proportinnini the re- Hi DWELLING HOUL. Coeditionof8so*,
about notice, he thought the fpirit, if not the let. prfentation of this fsatc, according to Ie com- Calh, and catraner oa the o Aprl.
ter, ofthat aceia our conAtitution h been mif. nraelve trenath and rtaable property of white .Mreb h. 71l6. WrLLWo BOWMAN.
osftrued ihe was clearly of opinion that when a Iahabitants, ctiens thereof, agreeable the Isth WANTED T INT.
bil was eVn agreed on for the purpoeabove article of the conuittot!lo. i WANA HO iN .
mentionedi t was neceIfary to give o days pre. Agreed to. A HOUS ia am tf Towen, fd
~O, noti to the people, before it ought to Fpal .l ealc.lad 9W a hilly. Apply to
ato a law. P iMUr.

Account of New Books. Havrnfaeetaided i thi tot maod but
.... ... or m w Oto. irfpre tie anglier with cteige i who, thoulh he
S. / wau the only one who had not Bed, (hewed no great
Irmrai#efaAlao Da TOTT. CouaiAt thr SI te resolution in the remonfirances he made to qcitse ny
f TT.fLr Il tmrin k Climtdea, dr s ise la liryi I, at laf, rather Slenred than animated him,
W ur it R.a ilth, n u resw Aisetetr, by proml6rg to eapo e myfilf to the fame danger. I
is, uan OEr tirw n amn ise Are nu r and took my nation on the one work, behind he can-
Cai ner f (t Tlarl anvd Tarlrs. Trarl ated tno, and felt a Ihok like that of an earthquake. At
them te Freeth. s YWI. Sew. the diftac.e re three heodred fathoms I faw the bill
[CoNTINaeD reaM ouna aIT.] divide into three pitec sad thlefrgrmennts ofe a ~ck
T17 have already fers, tha the Tartar hornk croffld the trait, rebounded on the opponlte mou-
V are left to wander over he plains in coma- .tai, a d left the furlace of the ftea in a. foam
SIeI, and diltinguidbed by the proprietor's mark; ut through the who!e breadth of he channel. Thin eape-
each individual so oblige to contribute to the publk r meant, by dilf)paing the chinercial fears of the peeo
ervice. There is, therefore, a certain number appro- pie. the Pacha, and the engineers, proved to me i'ke-
laied to the ufe of the community, and kept within wife the trrible ffcir. of fuch a ba 1; and I cut through
Ig of their habitations. As theef animals run free, the epaulement in the d redcion of the p;e-e.
they are not edy to catch; and the choice sectciry to t" I his battery, whi.h covered the caf Il, was in
furnith fiddle and draft horfes from among them adds I tended to contain a rant of the heavy rtil!ery, in re-
to the diliculty. In this the Noguasi f.cceed by a pairing the carriages .f whirh I had boen empin ed
method which, at onne, gives their youth, always ever ficenmyarriv I At thc Daadanelle., with the afflif
delliled to this kind of charge, an opportunity of be- once of a French ca-pnper, whon I had ibr.ught on
coming the mofn intrepid and the mol adroir horsemen hore for that plrp. fe, uid whole abilities I found cl-
la the world To fcBed this they take a lonK pole, to t remely ufiful.
the end of which they fatena cord, that terminate in Anmog the number of pieces, which we'e to he
a loop paired through the pole, and fo form a running empl-yed in there Iatteri a, was ar meormoun* cuiurin.
moofe, wide enough to receive the head of a bor e. car. yig a ball of utry pounds, wi:ch ws fTo rofined
Furaired with ahis instrument, the young Nlogueie by the arch, which Iervcd for ar enmrafure, that it
mount their horfes, without a fiddle, make a bridle fittuation, and its great wlght together, reelered all
of the halter, by twiaing it round the under jaw, ride the toans common) empltocdl to remove theft piecer
to the herd, pick out the horse they watel, purfuehimn in ffedulal. I fetr to borrow, fromi the men of *ar.
with vat agility, come up with him, notwlthfanding the apparatus which I judge I nllcefrry ; hut the flip-
histricks ad turning-, in which he thew iiinfiitkead pina of the Grand seiguior war fo ill flp l;cd, that ray
dream, and fcising the inflant when the end of the pole application was to no purpose i aoid I could not refrain
Is beyond the head of the rfet, fip it over his cars, from crifuring ll.ff,.u-.Patl. who was then only
tightcu the knot, flacken their course, anl thus retain Captain of the Admiral's fair hip.
thoir prudaner which they bring to the general recep- b This man, whom we have fince feen diftinguilh
tac'c. hitfelf fo much by hisraif courage, proved to me, or
The Baron'a account of the Crimea, its foil and a- this occasion, that he rhoe ght a refol tion to overcome
tural biao-y, together with the cu:ons and m unel, of any difficulty would fupply the place of that kr'nw-
ics nbabrtats, isby fr the moll i.ttrelling aait of ha, leddre which can only be acquired by profound ftldy.
Mlcmornor; ad is the molt ample, and we bdicve the What would you do. fGid he, with yioar cordage ain
osll accuatue, that hath hidthito been given to the blckf WI a 1 fitnify thef: i ven ions, when we have
Public. I ft many hands ait cinmand ? she* me what you wlh
The third part, which begins the fcond volume of to hAve retntovc d, anI leave the reft to mne.
this work, chiely treats cf the Baron's military en. f Hw! faid I; would vt u carry, hy firenrh of
gagemeats, in the qal ltt ofchieftngine r at the Dar- arm, a piere of ordince which weiits nmore than fevent
daiiellce, when the Ru ian Leet, under the command thousand potonl ? Ho v many men would you emp'ey ?
of Mr. Ilphinfton-, cari ed e rtur to the inhabitanit, of Five hund-ed, if t'c flary'. replied he hafily. Whit
Conflantinople. In dnfplasing his ona confcquence, itnifie ih. naubear, provide I we do it ? I find, fad I
he xpaofs, in a very lively marinrr, the puli.lanimit), t, the Pacha, who v ta prefer at this singular difiuf.
igors ite, and grof fu p.r.ti in of the Turtk. h tef hat the bray. HuTian ftreew nothing an impith
he tollowiu n rcla:iuo we particularly fIled as a bilry. L- us fee where hs fine hundred men will
proof: place their hod.
'Ihe Simoii, that celebrated river (which, never- Wh. a I.lan colledced his inltnments, and we
theleft, is only amra:l channel the rain wa er prepited to go and fonr a j dgement of ihe manner in
forms a torrett), deJcend. from the maintain, and which he would emi'p y thete, I rent my carpenter to
falls into e the fa, th lle i of Afia. I th ught procure from an board French rnem el, fit felor with
It proper to aerc a battery, nhich, fervin for an the cord a rd brafts al ir fo whith I had in taiu ap.
epaulement to the caifte, m ght conalin a part of its plied tot r rurhifh ed In ta'
arti lery, while the at proachn to it were. impeded by D' Beinl arrived, with thie Pacha, at the cauverin,
thi brook. Ihus I could cover the lid. of ute caule, e foon faw Halfan counirg, with his thrdy comFp-
the artillery of which commanded the Strait lcgth-_ nion: bia t the firil thirty whoa Acitnpted to m loe the
wife. lte: being as many at coull J. nt' round it. re ucecl'
a It was. alfo with this view, that the Turks had tleir comrades to be mern pednatiri of their fiuit.ef
placed there an enormous pieat of ordnance. which etltieavoiral Thli trial was renewed by other, with
would carry a marbl ball of eleven hundred pound cleffrti eqtal'y itteffe9lu l'.
weight. This lice, call in braf., in the reign of Hall'n wis verxd at the ill tf:ccfu of hi attempt,
Amurath, was compiled of two part", joined togeth r a 'n erifellr n hinf to, rcoPic ; wheri the nl fuilwr I
by afirew, where the charge is cantsined, after the had requitld arrived with tie ntceiT.iry lcrkle, and in
I.ariner of an Englilh pitlol It maybe i afupoled, it It. I than a lqu: tr of av hour t,c piee wae laid upon
asi c becech retted agaiBaf a mally Itont work, it had tho plat(int t.
been placed, by the mean, of large lever., under a It wa' ill] in be plac l into its carriage, when
fmal arch, which fev d a. anembrafure. I c. u'd nut Hiafn, inot thiin'in; my lit a. :re fufflicieit for fuch in
nalLe ut- of this in. rrous cannon in the outworks; undclr;a i g, o'acred Ie antin the alflance of his att cr.
and, as they were ditlolcd in fuci a mannlrct as to fite antre. F r what ptur;oe tai.l 1 ; ft'ur of my pei ple
vent it, Uiig fired, the Turks mui mured at try paying will be fulfi in t. I iiton litely flett fir a gil that I
fit tid. r gerd to piece of artillery, whih h ct, no et, h II caued t he madle, the u4i of wl:ch was
l ea not sa equal in the univerf:. ainklown to the i'Iure.n Nht hiog c.iuld furpae lio, ir
T'he placit madefi te remonirancea to me, on a 'onifihmen, wlen theyC law this prodigioua weight
that head. He agreed, with nae, that the diliculy of raifcd, wih cafe, by tihe firengh tf only four men ;
chargitig it would rot allow, in cafe of an .itac, to nd thi. thu t;!h ni t very remark.Ab'e in itself, had a
fre it mor.r than onec: but, he ur.ed, this f igle dil-. r'ct 'dle iti Ha1'n and bhi 'tnrpnionn.'
charge would be to dcftrudeive, .nJ reach to rar, that I h h u tEe aU- ..'. li ua i n Ini' emrpliyments c-.
n. ou.e entertaired a do-et but it would be, aloue, poled himt Ii tie c; e. i.i at ihat timet raned ior
foffiicat to defirpy th: whole S et of the enenty i It u"rkey. et lie nas To fortunate a, to efrape t lis
wa ealter ior me to rice way to tli, prejudice than dreadit l in'a.ady. In rhte pan of his Mreitl,.r lie
ever.hrow it. and, without changing my plan of de. attributl H is prlcrnerr tin to ti causticou ang inl tie ra. i
I ace, I could, br cuttil through the ep'itle net, in when the red t(f his rolpamni.n fled to their ten'.s oi
ra lircedion of this p:gcec allow it roonl ti be fired; dhli cr nird in r th-r art, he (rys O''iiged et d
hbu I wrne willing frlton judge of it, efict red the woirkmen nile. ,omia ofwhom were at tacke!
.le throwd t ihr t me trembled it this repoftl; hy the dilenii-er, I al to prefer e me from it
and the oldelt among them averted, there w., a trad h 't lte f.lut'riau Cimcll of the forges, and the precau.
tion, that this piece, which had iuver yet been dila t'ic"' a rv n' dit dire is o wrt the head of my cane.
charged, would occasion tch adhck, uemuaeoverturn Bu', perhip., whurn inetl refierredl me from tiin(lei.,
the cal'le and the ci'y. It wan, i iced, polible it was never iCint myfe if up to fear and the melancholy
n gi:t flake fome hose out oftlhe wall, bu I aLTfured ideo i't aeog"" prefer t*
rhns they mould not regretted by the cig- xven ruor Ati ior had made himfell fulficiently
n.r; and rhat the direioon of thi p.ce would rtt acunaiticul 'n h the chi rcr. manners, aitd Tverrn-
a law me to imagine the city would ftr by the x-. me"' If tie *rnbc i iConanliniiople, he willed to ea.

reputation. friends and anemio were alike to luacr Sultan and tihur to mark the vari.tioneand thade of
Irom its fury. A morth wee ow elapfed litice it was diffcrcnce produced by the diflnce of the depot from
determined to load thispiece of artillery, which repair. the capitl of the empire.
ed no lefa than three hundred und threty pounds weight The haure which had crept into the federal elabl:ili.
of powder; and I feet to the head engineer, lo prepare minutes of the French commerce is the i.evant, and
a prmnting. All who heard me give thi order imme. which appeared to ori'inate, ether from the inturfe.
tiiatldlpp t, avoid the predided danger. re' of diftiordant ad contradictry laws, thn a ne-
l'he Pacha hiin "f w' boat to retreat, and it was gle ofculomary regulations. determined the iovern.
w.r then ta i _col perfnaded him that he ra ment to order a general ilupeaion of the maritime
to rit. in fad k nar the corner of the cattle; towne. With this commtilon our Author was entrua.
from wence he m otwhfandiagr hfeve he It carried off that year li,oo* perfons in Conil.a-
edA of the ball. "iople.

ty. He failkd fIr Toet-
Crete; .aa In the helh I
Alzandria. Thence aS
visited the pyramid s.
monnments of ailey it
Delta; and mode obktler a
ead above all, that glory of gypie
is rnmarka are jndlcitei, nI
enrate; bet w meet wi lhlittalwehI
famili-r m an who sae rvseddi.jae
ph of this comtn ry. .
Speaking of She ft, at th- affides .
in a note : M
A traveler, named ernet he, I' e .
to have discovered them. I few, a1 (a*. 6
who was his guide and remalpOtnie O.
who allred me, that he ad no hsIewl
d fervery. It may,, he ehj
re! min. like Mr. Bruct, wa, nala ofn hi. dtifrcori e rto, aale i.
tle pide of elektr'y vanif(te. Tr ilr n
iifrpFir, and become only two men
by the firon efl; and the fcrvuo I is-
horn in the country, would errteaily h
Mr. rnce's affeetioni, In a dilcosry s
phical."- 1 ,
"The whole rauntry of Egypt." the
i" indeed, fo low, that, at a dlflaneistl
d f covered by fome rifiry ground, f~sm
rf ancient Alewandria, and the prod il
Ponmpy'. 'llar; the whole coall is er
lertrs n at fea, nothing Ie to he peFait
prlm trees, which free to riCe out oft it
not, ho v.ver, merely to this IlSnc f, thm'
period: al inundation by which It it wasars. Iwe
We have already feen, that the aen )
frihe nnrthweft, driltnr the ntlse*
An nis. blow in the diiredina *ofthei* J
mat prrevive, h, by forc:ne hack tat
river, thrr lecrme the principal rci efilla
inr. IHav r arrived at it heih t aknbt l
of Serrenhr. the wioa, then fentling do iM
rcncur w: h the natural ci rfe oftheNile. 4e
the dra;ninn of the warer; and, at the mg
e -lleabl the firlr If cloud. no longIer aefdiel
nia anol Fthinri, to arrayy them twards Ihe
the Fnphrate.: wbcre the fame phane.n a
perr 'i al inundation, enriches Mefi otanlr do
of r.gypt.
At that time, a rn'ltn ofclotds sl ftnmlt
the Red sea, award. the Ilhmus of luet, pde
Fy,i. anld rather r ,nd Mount Arariatc. w
fame fettled wind, in the GuCph of Perrla, amg
the warer.ef th Fuphrates, procuresto Ma4fl
hv the lame means, the fame advaiutaggenwiL
Thin metarolnlical ohfervation, il nyrl
concerning which I have h en Pcruputlody etaI
every ye.r have in, truth aeertailued, hi a
where the c'earnefs of the heavesnrenddrn ali
mir't leaft liah'e to error.
All ,he deferiptione of Frypt how, B
greteden confder the mud. which the wea
during ih increase, and at length depoieo dl
de'ed lands, u a manure by which they ar
No vregeative quality, however, io s Ii
analyo;ng it, here its union with thed t
tr4,eFer with clay. con pole* the foil odf(i
in the fame proportion at hey are in the
of pottery. _,
This miti, liewife, it only EJ
Nile from ite two hank*, with the cleyey d
it hecomes loaded It* lightnefs t ll f
motion of the wa ert. keep the parties
till at length, the randy art lnks dows.
in heap., after a drereafc of the iMd.'
the indufry of the huflin mana turns t
t mpe;ing the drynefs of the fand with
and the freds of wlter-melone, whicL
on1 gather- an abundant harvelt, btfofsthe
nlods again dcrLtoy thefe Ields d and lose flea'.
T'Iie turning of the water, which pdt
Sriration, refut, neceffarily from the d[lbJf
th- firean and the ga8inla ltd
:he Nile to, norwithltanding this ag itdle
-onfine. tlat many field., lo'er thin Ihe
river, are prercrve i. during its inerte ,
drain definlCive to their produn&lonis
damu of mniltened earth, not morse e
incchen in hi;rknef..
This method, wh'rh ccofts the ncuktivo* i
troi-ble, i* madee te of to prefere De
threatened by the Ieod. This inflt. -d
produces there harveftn, ise eoinrul Yf'pro
chine., cinlofirtcr d on he Mile. a
through it, hut it rarely ir In da-t *iO
lowedi eud this rich part of gnrF* l
the fe., wulo he fi:l sler.t 11159IN i
the river, did not the wind, hlori j
one quarter, raife the waters f eet.U
ard e South.
[To as I' *1 DOE

W ANTED, a few 51Hi A
Anace. Good Encouraprtp h r
Apply In Na"flu, to
yesawrl stS, 1118

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