Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: February 18, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00028
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Voz. TIL







NasSAU: Printed by Jonx WELLS, at the Printing Office on the BAT
/sn -, '*b .

511 hem-late t% 0 O ,-

/a*nd,, t. Et. (1
Nsw.Ptonncs. ) &-

THEREAS by the th of His Honour
Vv JaMUn BrMW WILL, "q Li"te-
nant rovcrnour and C der in chief, the
Chief Command of there I nd has, by virtue of
his Majefty's Royal Cono and Infirutons
to his Excellncy Jo.n MAs t.A, EqAulie de
evolved upon me; I have aref thug = it,
by mdi wth the advie da h ajc t utcil,
to ihbe this my ProclaemdiUo l oi the fmae
to all his M ey' lolvng Sl with n the laid
Iflands: A I do, by ndw the advice afre
faid, hereby require and tuth ie all Oficers,
Civil and Military, within the flnds aforefaid,
to continue in the cxercfe of th ir federal Ofices,
until further orders.
OWBN mider m, ldad and tih Creat Seal
f she laid IIand, a Nolrm, thi 7lth day
of FebrurJ, in Ik ar Lord one
thoufand fews ian ldred and ovbl r,
a,,d in Ith s6th Tear f His Majeyr'
a, Iii Hownor't Coimaird,
Htai YTons, D. Secretary.
BAN.M*-6IsaD, 7 r.
Hsaw-Psaovo Nac.
In the Colst of OnoRDINR.
t1he .nramri OW BROWN, b/Aflirt
Prjdnl and Cmin in Chef n and
ever thr faid i ds, .baetlr, rgemid
ral, a nd i y oinr o f/amr, rc. er. t.
W HEREAS Hern Ton, et Ilnd of New
V Providence, fquir h on the behalf
of Roert IHiM Pews l, fire, o)y Son a
]lir at Law of rtwn l rd en fire,
late Lleutenant-Oovernour decCaed, Aluektb
Mnre and mar Tr.g, Daghter of the Lid de.
o afid. the laid Hn I .n v. lio.etb
sfor, and MarN r p, beil the next of Kin of
the Lid deceafle, made hu e eruit tome to grant
him Lettcr 1o Adminihttloof the Goods and
Chattels, Rights and Cres t the Laid deceafed, a/ ent of the Rid r t illiam
Pwill, and by the content of (aid izal e
MIors and Mar, the Dan ere: Thde
tl.errfore to Cite and Admon hlt and singular
the Creditors of the laid dece that they be
and arpear before me, In the t of Ordinary,
on Thursday the 9th day of March next, at ten
o'clock in the forenoon, to Ihew caufe, if any they
have, why the faid Adadibtration should not be
GIEN G sadrf my and and Seal at A .Aro.
ad Na'p In N W-Pr evddm afer o a
Dated tis tsth day tf f mat, I* g
f r w

By Hi a H,
ol I R u 'a n

jIHE Subfcriber gives this plc no to all
A Prfbar refdent In theIf an dwho me
Iodcbted to the Hotk of C sNma ns and
isas, of Savannah. that tht d, notd
kc. ill. without dlUtflin i, I it be pui
lnto the hands of attorney l to bno
vered, as frl ye ImndlulenceI been giv
without producing the deled r
er, FParyi7,4, '378. 6

A FRENCH SCHOOL l opened atthe
SRHoute of Mr& WMadd in aw (d trnt.
o Term. pleak quire at the fa HoUk of
M4ts MonTtn.o.. lj

m W B

To be SOLD or LET,
And may, k B9-.d a- -,m7,a ., .
A NEAT and airy D H0O0 s i
L good repair, with a built cham.
ber, Sore bonfe, and kitc et K, new out.
hooues and necer, te Lot beor
Iereto, being very lae O contain ll o
ver fine water, a grden vacant ground.

new. the poti. raln and i of dar and ma.
bogamy the Bntloln ld~it, belg a rm
around at the Wett End the T comma
ling a view of the Bar and O Fng. Forterms
apply to Twonas RoSna, in Naau.
y-imy s7. tt6.
A LL Pmr hvn dtMag lal the Efat
AL ofAnaruT Mon t, t ofthi Town
dccad rtedo accrn@h irc to
theic Sub nte mMi tL ih delay
and all Perfoa E the faidti
are rM ed tod e tn u edly o1

Nr. VPerfsaaies :n les af.
A LLMParibasMAW agdont Mrs.
A an a aW nua&ed
to give In ltats of the ftani a thiel o.
delto make payment, M DAN.

ALILT~t ba~~5na n the filee of
oftowen, at e tordr IIn fleats
aisir grei r tta to to h btOherowa
ad thire Warei ted the Cathesa rmre-

aNffil armzs ham 4
Aaeonnur. Beat of Hnste g
xtrafmt 7inay timer.104
a Perim wh, o ft" so Sim in
St.Ad I athe CAIMI, Fem ees

A thed atire of lit z lm~ sd41

nteedto nh ~rlrrow~ too*
oan NbinP, 13. 3aM.

46% '

W HBRUAS an Advertik tlut bth been ra fe Sil or k th Ar ft1 -rt.
peatedlyU iafttint ltOa fett w pen. a mTh a1ewl
ons ilcbtd tothe *b gD tl' far a d P L Y,
Tall, to paythe fIme d b thelddMvrti. o
me botht.tih,- little it .M, in fcU.^lTON, MIr
therefore gienthatmatBT dcbt s t A n. *n C of 'ab-o.
(for Duties and Toa, dfullry their tt= POiP Pa r .'
rrefoeive debts within ten daye frs tih dt M apl Mto
hereof, the ne will be unto the hands of the a u e rhans oro
A er i La, to be fdor, without rtrfpa ? ,. AN, t C
SReceiver PARR O, Fox L O N,
is ,k,,, 1.6.. o '*ail i Ia*. ,
;1is I. fiBEkit GIVAN to the inh.. (r fs, Vkfr Cr .. e.,
bitants of this flnd, that theydo without pi r
delay, call at the Re ivear Guria O re,. TNIN
the e r ey their eYepeatre Taes fr the Y Caaa ve, i Matr
as well a all Arrears of Tases for rer Years: S he i. l ts a.l I hwif
And that warrants to levy the fame by difrefs, iler, good ASomode.
will ifle aalonft all fuch who fhall rfute, or ne. tion. Fr Pafge, her being already et*
glet to do fo. gaged, apply to Capt. or to
Recel -General and Trefurer. N. B. To be Sold by Capt. A~mS on board
Neu PrI.vnie, 7t, 7!6._ aid Ship, lately carried from London. 'ew
.t..HN PNlT .g -y-ifr. Hamper. Trifh Potatoes In ezecllrat order, Wired
OHN DENNISTOn to fato flor Enric Porter, ad Tripe in Lg.
Sand in the course of neat month, reque f all rebr .y e 6.
Peru,n, to whom he is aywife indebted, to call
and receive payert, and thofiadebted to him, FO L 0 N DO N,
to pay their tfpeltive accqojtt without delay. r, S a-io ,se .JI.. h .i a-,
He alo, for the lat time, ra I I thofe Indebted "" s ,
to the late Cpartnerflhp l,0OHN PETTY, & Z. hN A ,
Co. to ay their accounts I edtly, as there N A | ,
il an hlibh te nectity for Iag the bufnet of ~ f Jb Cattrlest Maier
that Coneern before his dmre-Mercha-n or Freight of apply tlcl
table Ctton, Brasiletto, Logwood, Boa- Mater a board, or to
wood, and large Mahogany, Markt Price, winl FPeJriy to, rU. JOHN PT1TY.
be taken in payment.
The Bu6clG in his raience will be carried on, FOR L 0 N N,
s ufual, byALESanDl TATv&o. The Ip
WAN D. n ll alln moeth. a rqantit of s A L .
Cotton and letto, for which Ca wir. be AI ti maerw
1"n. Apply8a.s A fescnne
gefaWill fallg In a nat Wonth. 1o
F-O-R-S AL E, 'S o.
1 HvATI, BEfIu ltely reJdi the Heaek Is o 8, It. 3
neat, and coneestt Air a 4lu hmrl, and the TTANTED a fw CARPENTERS an
islation advantageofl tel Bof payment W LABOdRU to MNw,. in
will be made ~ eato the Put orpartle- Aauce. Good wil be
lar apply to Apply to Waft, to
ROBERT JOHNSTON, 7arty |s, vetd. A CHRIrI.

l i d r a ood met s

- .. . .

No. 8i:


I F -~*

iExtrnrfl sue a Pr edins Jtl GOural Afni. citizen of America. There is no profc,,n ft to the Secretary of Congretfs ojt t
yl of tin satia. Freev Cartj'a Peaisflvaia precarious as that of a merchant. Me incurs Jay, Secretary of Foreig A t6a
Jwnia r' aod, Detimber 3, 78t. great trouble, great lnk, and great expenic: his tineafinrfs that a fuller reprell(ItwlR
f N mtion of Mr. a nfiom reumned the profits very uncertain. No country under hea. tken place in Congref,; he having
Sconfr eration of the bill for encouragement v'el it fu well calculated for iviegation as Ame. ormmin advice, from surop e f gI,
of naviation and shipping. rica. All the materials lhe puTffees within her- porterr to thi' meant, andhhaic
Mr. f /lbi I. I hae read and conBdered the felf. Her people adive, enterprising, and dili- lay before them. tte tois
bill with mention, and it appear to me to fet out gent. Before the revolution, our navigation was Goverd*sr, rignJbhn n
on princlitpia too extenSive. It takes in Europe, inrrafing In a rapid and firprizlng manner, hli-e, ehqiling whth tliif
Aia, and Africa. I conceived that it was dl- owing to the enteprling spiritt of our people, into any commercialoppoltion to Gstes
readd agalnl Great Britain only, but It equally But at present, f welook roond, we hall find It and whlther'we agreed with tfemln i
aims at our friends. It will spread an alarm in declining all over the world. It li fu far rcftrian- Congrfs to eiulatethe commerce
France, Holland, and Spain, which nations And- ed and cramped every where, particularly ii of the United lStates.
InE we are about to lay burthens on their vcllels, the Weft-Indies, that our Ihips can hardly fnd Mr. Spirnlr willed to know the piea
will be induced to retaliate on ours. The French employment. If we do iot emp'oy our fermen, Houfe with rrfpelt to part of a i~tl!
Conful will doubttfs write to his Chrintan Majefty thofl of them, who are not natives or citiz le, delegates in Congirtk, relative tp a
on the fubjeft. We Ihould maturely co flder will defert us; and It is well known that we hive would le incurred in contttengour'd
what we are about, add not give offence to friend. numbers belonging to other nations. As tw.the -44eorair whetle4h.blnfhels -h.d
Iy powers. For theft and other reasons, I move friendly powrrs if ill .s nt iva ti tllferrIl to the Committee of Ways asd
that it be committed, tights, how can they tkie uffluce ? In tl'. cafe Mr. Re tl niht that Casbmktee had
Mr. Smilay. I am not a friend to this bill; but we have nothing to ,iprehcnd from them,-an-. baivief, on i i tir Itdis Alheady. A fm
I an willing to gointo fach a one, provided it is I it does invade thel rights, how Ihull we be mit tee wouldl ertralhy be better ~
direded agalnt a proper object. I was in the late able to gain information uiilntf by puhlilhibr it.- that lHonf had Ilready determined to
houfe when this bill was introduced, and if I re- I am therefore for the publication, in order to vildicat.ilg th'ir right to thel.ndlin
called right, what gave rife to it was, a general collrel the fenfe of the people on th fuuijea. if ithe Conmm ittre.of Ways and Meaa
dcre to counterad the reftririous of Great Bri. Mr.- Sily. I muft c.ckiow!ldge, Mr. Speaker, of opinion that aih'anicai adjule ai
tain. At leaf this was the idea that went forth I .my hfeiority in this argunment I dii not pretii d coniitLIrtrfy aptearedmoanfeHgib ekt
but it now appears th it is levelled again all jto be deeply verfed in it. Hut I uri!erltand a tl w uas not of fnffi~ient valise to enonura
the nations of Europe. hope we Ihall never con. i plain truths, the infercce I draw Ir.m whicli, 1 pri arvcraince, in titheF ad thofe cabl,
Cent to pot France, Hland, and Spain, on the that this bill Ihould not be pullilieil in iti present wou!dl HIitd in a very aukward prndea
fame footing with tho nations with whom we form. The candlour ofthie Cltirman who rpoke GcnrrlPitiney wilted not only to
have no commercial treaties. If a bill be intro- laft on the fubji), has the more firmly convinced notion tor a special Committee toa
duced for reftriding the trade of England in our rne of this. He adnit. that there moy befo me- thie latulion which wi Rood m u to
ports, I imagine we (hall all agree to it. thitg in it inimical to the friendly Powers. Now dary line between thaltate and Oorgla;
Mr. Clymer. I may be insular in my opinions; ifttis he pofile, I hold it ahfolutely necefftry to wilicd to extend thl* lneigation to the
hot I cofels, 1 never could fee the wifdom or c'nonmit it, in order toI void giving them ontelr. dary linebetween us Nort Carollnar
jollice of framing laws agrinft Great-Britin ex. ie Mintlters of thole pewcrt are certainly very ,, become n fl'nt lal ncefary,froumth
clifivrly, as many of the States have done. They cApAle to fee the tein tour of the hills and Apply for that ate twac s. She had dea
mut' have ailfen from a want of attention. Both aI alteration. But we Ihould never reduce them. hoomilaty line run ring Britllhgqe
France an I England have exclusive fyftems of to the ncceflily of this application. Whatron- bCIt i property n y the had
trade for their coloilc, which are of long aftad firuidio will they put upol our conduLa Eitlhr as he was i.f,o.rmtl by giving grants t
ing, and by which the fipplying them is confined that the Lgillators of Pecnnfylvania are ignorant po, fin for running lan. in t prt efo
to their own vcfiel. ,1 e origin of this in E- I or wicked-that they are to igiorant as not to called XAw lekqu:tflon ; the new Rate
gland, was with the flous Navigation At ; and know the existing treatlic or fo wicked as to tco had done th fame ; fo that gentlemen
in P.a- ct under Loub th tourteccnth, about the feek to violate them. 'I his bring the cafe, fl.ll perceive how preffed theywere toeaterilOt
fame time. Previous to the revolution, as we we not proceed with ncatio, ? bliall we give ay m.n-ftres f.r afcrtainlgin as piecife a ni
w .re tfuMjeI of Grat-B.ritain, we had an eemp.- reoon ol jaloufy to our fritnds, who, in the hour p,,file all our boundaries; nor did het
tion irom the operation of this aa. and were tn- of nle.t.lty rendered as every fervice ? A gentle- :1 ,lI tut hilt that in the event It would appe
titled to particular privilege.: But from the time m/nn [Mr. Clyinei] Iha.. fid, he dilipptroves of ou r bo.tulnies fhonld extend Rreatly beid
that the revolution took place, and that we be- makng aily invidiou.t dialtinaoio with refpl to limits at prrltnt generally mtenitllood.
came an independent people, we were in the pre. the 1.tngi. I entirely differ tom him. I would Mr. R,/fnAke t ie quienon-he
dicament ef a foreign nation ; and the old reg la. deal la ply l with them. They do not Rtand in the (;cori ,Ire dy poIefa. fal' as ich land, aes
tions operate against us, without any addition fame lgheit Wit rcTfit to r ., as a"y other o tlt now contacted, a could be gover: il '
bring mide to tliem. F ance has similar regula- nation. One of the arlicXq of the treaty thLy pepyrirty. g ea
tions, which ine has at times fufpended, .nd haven't coml ed with-ti tyill lrtAi oulrot n I i r i rather thought it wJM
fukffred us trade to her ilands. But this has on the north -waftern ir, n tirt. I mitI cnfhlf hlttr t, confine tl hit hnueft to fuch p ialnfl
tiver been more than temporarily, fo that we I t.o not think we ai c alifc fot, m that nation. -onuailatics ai had (ricklly come to ear-
have not derived much advantage from it. The holding thde lis t n with their 'lege. IItw had the Hourefufficlent authoi
Enl Ih ar in general more favourable to us, and conltl in other rhfts. I,,n *l, e pfet dinfrt- hir li.,ing that any i nji encroachmi.ts
wh* we call new reftriltion, are rather relaxa. fed RIate of their fi s wit pi i s ers wer raJe v 011 illate of Norh.
tionl. rom the old ones. t hat do commercial have they not made ro iuppirt il.ufL men whofc From all accounts tlil he knew, fuchrb Ak
treating produce ? T'hlly are marks and symptoms rge alid maliue e have rluv 1 fu tilt ? Have they were fettled on on- boundaries in that i't,
i,ffriendthip and amity, and nothing more. An nt raife.I half a million for ilt.ini Arc nation. country, underflood themfClves to beolalt'
ida has been fitggceted that by this bill we Ihould commonly fo grattlfll No S, il, ut Iritain ye gnr, rnment, and lived in due oboediao "'-
extrmpt all nations w th whom we have commer- c xpctts to have occafin to r thlir services. laws.
cial treaties. England is at all times ready to en ----- ---- r P. C4 could not give an opid"i
ter a commercial treaty with us, snd has Eilrad fr-m tie I'rsoeldingS ihe i Hmoei of prefnt whether it would be proper to ratet
o-irced u1 terms, vsich we have refused. To Rtpref'nintivei if S,ihL-Car),'ha. From tVe a contest with North-Carolina or not, for be
level at England oalcifively, would be too invi. Charlfla atinti j'ml' not thiik fach land a) lay on that boundary
dious, and it were letter and more suitable to FiBaKUAY a, t716. un: 'cild asto thle flercignty, could a
our circumstances, o have the bill fupprelced 'PHIE Governuot's Secretary brought down a flifieit number cres to form a 6nfle
altogether. L a mt""t'ige, with feral official papers, let- ment; but he was axus for all ll
Mr. R. Morrts. I never hd an opportunityof ters, &c. Ilat nad bn received ihi:ng the reclti, tiins being made dx urfelv juti *
informing myfrif of the nature of this bill, but on among which were she followinl,:-A letter fro:i dil.uite with Ge'c by ecrey means t
its fccond reading, ant fid myftilrather tnpire- the Secretary ol C rctls to hli lxcellrncy thel er, conftenItl justice; puticularly,
pared ti gointo a if. uifis ofit. But from what Govetnour, iuf.or'lif g that Temple, Efl.,;t fe we had l opri ted part of his
I onceive of it, I find it to be a bill of the great appointed by hias itiannic M ijlly Contf u-Gcne- to reward our Idieri for their fervices.
st. Importance. I cannot make up my mind, ral throughout the Uniitrl Statt for the Britillt he conlilerxe G oita A much bound iatlpI
what may be its operation. I had determined to inaoon, had becn rccogniticd by Couarcef, and gratitude to reward thlle soldiers as oiU-
travel with it, till Its publication g and, during that all pnvilegrs, which the laws of nations and foralth-')ugh they might have fought tod;
the rcers, to examine it with the attention its of the land give to a Conful.General received by frontiers, yet in doing this. furely the Het
ir.4gnituade requires. It Is intended to encourage the United States from any nation with whom Gorgia was alfo fecurl. He felt hmCfetm
our Ihippnmg and navigation-oit f requires great they have no commercial treaty, had been granted dingil hurt when he considered with S
ation to prevent t from oLritmg inlmicaly to to the (aid John Temple, EfqT -A letter traif- friietdly motives tilh claim was ued
the n. Our eaclufion from te Britlt Indies ia not mitted from John Boonen Graves, Efl; relative not appear reafonable thpt GeOria ec"Pa .
it confequence of any new rulation-but merely to three hundred and twenty thouiflmt, and anllt in feriois hopes of fccefs. Akh: It '.
the tffea of our new situation; as tie exclusive hundred and fifty thousand guilders, borrowed of tie Georgians had been fo illiberal aL
laws remain the fame as formerly. Every nation individuals in Hlolland, during the war, and ne- fame of their commifioners were intla
has a u~doutedly a right fb regulate the terms of gociated by Commodore Gillon, for the benefit otherwise they would not baefiAg tBh
tile tre of its colonies; and declare we hall or of this Rate; ordecid to be referred to a Corn- he w.s present at the igal rof g f
1,tal not tra e thither in our veRels. There are mittc.-Letter from the Secretary of Congle'rs, did not fee th lt ga oane
r aftures to be gone into, to produce a treaty informing, thnt Congrefs having a great anxiety Commilfa ners for OGv bdl Iet
bah tl.fe powers. I cannot on the whole, fee for a .Ipiedy clore of the public accounts, had hbt believed t4 bom Illiberal adM
' poffilde aanger from the publication of this limited the time for receiving claims on account rather to evade e treaty.
bil. ie Frenhb have here a Coful and Charge of the army unto the ift of Aungll next, after Mr. Ilhster I been informed, that .
des arfaires,-the Hollanders have a minister and which time no claims of that kind will on any ac- of land was difputd, wery valuable hath 0*0
a, onful-and fo have mot of thofe nations, with count be received.-Letter from the Delegates in count of its foil ditation, by NI"thC
whom we hb.e entered into trea.ies. Should Congrefs, part orhich related to the appoing he could not ye an accurate .faksl "
:.1thl discover the bill to militate against the right of agents to meet + Gof Georgia, for the pur present, but d not toubt thet. fs.
iori jterefs of the countries they represent, they poe of forming a r ral Court, to har and de. Chaneell.r util hd fh r *af a ,
will make prop-r application, to a to prevent ternlne the claim fet up by that State against mttee belngiam to mnqti te H Wt I
its ilriaous effects. Th mft certainly know thi, for certain lands; alfoan eimate of the ex the real fate of this bundes. ThefLtm
th* Tfference between a bill publi0led forconodfe pence that will attenJ this contet, amounting in two points neceliarn to be a fe -lls L
ranson and a aw enafted and no measures of the whole to ten tloukand dollars, one half of wa whether it would be cosaflunt
retaliation will be taken until they have waited which lum, agreeableto a fedion of the Confede ciplesof equity and juice to o
the event ofthe bill. The navigation of America ration, mut be defrayed by this State, and the ifthis be thought proper whether wet
rolesoc in its coaquease the int c s of every other ilf by that of Gcorgla.-Letter addrelcd money for that pufrpore ? gould

Sths Committee for going on, it ld NASSAU, F a T 2. andfeloft d atthefametimehetkare
b onalry to refer ;his rqrort to the Commit.
Wt Wat ad Means Ior arllince. As to the TN the court or a debate which took piact on "f much thikr that the Stak ennd of a goof
"asdy lie between thi ate and NoIrt. a t"d infant. inthe Almbly o ouh.Co quill, that it Is at firt filgt "eidat it mur )ied
i. he wa. tied that tradl of land inj thee diency of calling a Con. wel. he Fench lat nnully n b r
e w -Acq'-tlon, nevr belong-d to any etooth People, r order to have fame alter. and March if poflible, and then not in ever
le late than thil he had taken pains to I ations made In the Conlitutioa, Judge Podletoa rains. However much It may be fllitd
e this pint, and at different times had i aled,-s What fort of Conventio could be x time in dy situations, it recee immediately
pt*fo lif that Honf Yon.daredI thower or two. Ineve hd cu
orefd to prove It to gentlemen that were in the P- .f tat ou did not aptat one A~ A f Ispon a f o t tower or two. never had th
t of'our fiter ite. It had been a id by Of Convention that he never walled tofee, a Con- riflty to determine whether t produces more feed
aslqma that our pISfeff a very au e o by the People. Ieron y gentlemen rmus h tn het kind, bult apptara.rerc tongly
IO lasnd, depended on the lue of an cqui. I anticipate the aofequnt horroni tt miuft tend intitt favour. t)e e recuharity muf otm he forg.
Regulation of the boundary line between this tuch an aftAembly, eas aotl Rt ehi.n, might be Ifcut before t has fended, it rattor, or fit outs
ate and that elf North Carolina ; furely this eapeted to follow." well, hut ifcut afer, it is very apt t, de. When
Ild be considered as an obhjet worthy the met Ipliwtt o aO Letre, fro a. Am ritau L jlJf planted early, it may be, ut four times Such of
hanlos onfideratloni for although another etr. /- e li o te airta. your planterI as cu'tivated hIdigo in outth-Caro.
anlo cl, ha id ton i .opinion, that a few hundred The more yotr ld are explored. the line and Georgia, and are determined to attempt
teen d ive t a fitted Is uf pome they will be found feery that culture with you, would do well te depgnd
aMi was a I that cUald beconlidereod aa.n df, kin .. ony on the Frank, ant they ay baha l ruditwl
.put, y.t the iES u of gentleman h t fropical culture. I will reform mfclf on on the rpn, ant th ey b arel iri I
t he t lie t of n any entleman coul i itu to im.b f be that cafe a Certain a crop td the Wrdlndi
a. ...r be admitted as fuicie authority f h f if it (hall be in my poter to aflfil your be It that cafe As certain a crop in the WcR -indigo
rnr t e admitted as Iumct.ut aUthOrity "r tnat l ate a in North-Amrerica. 1 leir title way to pro.
Hoiue to proceed upon i bu a Committee would planters, by ~ ainting out to them and drlriins cure the feed, in from Ht Ianiola, t m any opporo
tat be attended -iet any eapelnc, they would fuctbartic t| as experience bath already demon
draw together whatever Intormateon could be Rented to be worthy of the plnter attention tunity offers but then they mutt pay partic,llae
Sot at attention to the folos ing caution. ir fome pnrts
pocured, and by this regul r ml de of proved ure the Vr lndie s and by propofing fuch others a b t n o t r
that Houuc could take proper Aeps for doingthm. have been tried ere, bil Ihave failed through i- while in ohe, thit the nam onlyte Maroonpied to
r j n *norifnce or I hvpinencls. I ile in O"hen|,thty l term in only applied to
s jue If they report that the land s cannot at this at n of the year cure Baflard kind ; to prevent mifes. therfore, it
north coite ding, every endeavourhoud i "I to re thi e.n of th e ear pcdr e nt will be neeltry to write for it athe name of th
ited; if otherwise, then the matter wonld drop anyf further upply of Nankeen Cotton Seed, ran ih will prec a n f
corfef. It want nClieI Cvd that the iien tumewhen it II hlo nld it not b in thei power to get it fro
i rather le d n ripea I am ai oniflh ed o that o have no or nt t it
eorgia rather leaned towarat an am n dcabtle iucn thence, it will be in vain to loe. for it erm m this
Jollment of thl dispute i it were fo. perhaps, .monl youThey are Ireatly depended upon lande as none capn sbe fpard frlnom thai fr f Mu

LT cilculatetd tor f amiln Al tnof the Fortuanksch o rher e nre the aIieo fld m ntined in my '"' of d h> rei,
heCommittee might gain fatisf ory inflation and in uch parilie where they are planted time. 'lr planter t not bein yet fteor
l o n this pint; alV t h d o not te atile iloabitants of la nob tthing to fear from huri. e a I
....... .that care they ren ulunt out fome of tb *cdn
aeed to report in h e. cares, on the forer of prove Inns I hane always that cafe thdy mulp plant, out fre in er the fo d

ied o report in end n ite, folln in .c h l r y e t t wc ht I
Spimeor named Chan eillor Rutle g o uf tlh int he mlds of them, and conequen tly yoi, i nd depend pon that tunfery, fr a un
Mr. S$oea~er nam.ed ChaneeU e t utledge, by ivet- uty- -' .. .. ply I will mentinn the method I f.twed w'tk
te,. yPi ckey, Mr. Read, Mr. Bee, and Mr. F "t ha always plenty to I i td iotwith- the feed only wag ml oi i t p I pnethe
C, lloun to be a Committee. Iaiding the general fcarc ty which has prevailed te for s o hi, o
in.. .any.pari.hes c...... .tht Pwo Aathhlrica P ed three rr four grains. in holes at the c'ianc of
inn o nanyparidi r p he F terfnoetoetwolhrurrIcanes, fourfeet. togivethe lackTrootofpwandrar a fted
my people never knew what it was to have a foelleet. When they grew to be fi inhes high, Ied
fcanty vital, and I have alwaysean proton for ",I. Wh en they pgrewato befionsh high, Ir

ts alanIh gtie al muhd in rmato o othiion for drew them all up in wet wea theo vnr, e in lneti
F 0 R S A L E, faer, without injuring my crop by the culture Ie. dre the all u In et eathee in
A IOUSE and LOT S Church Street, at ceflaryto raif them. 1 hey are f different kinds ech ho and tranlartted them in thie ime
r p.rtnt occupied by a ue friber. Its I tu. with qualIti e peculiar to each. I will ndeavour n-" and found they flod this n ode ar well
atin is well kirown to ecalatedfor hulef, t" find ou ome cals of them, with ample in. 'n cabbae or lettuce. By thetr means. in little
that, further defrpt "would be nneeefry. ~~ticn relative to their culture. At pref, I lef than a year. I railed a u,erv of four acres
thath tNthehdetrptaswoulfdob eIes ther bat Spantu f, d. '
Pnlflo,n will be given or about the noth of can .t fend you any flt plics except a little more fr'om eR than hafl rte tnoful rf peed. M noler
April next, and the u itre, ctnfinm or o -, oa tte Frank or Free nsigon eead mentioned in my fery hi, hiod dro.ghte. hure r the and rainods
ble, Chas, Brden ads, e r. will be fnld on ola N Sn e o. 6.]a and fome Mountain Icice, t e
tLe fame condit ions, b e ithf n nre account. of ach. d'y at different times, and mult he calrefulv ga-
J Ei SCOTLAND, The true Fraik or Free Indige, as l informed their d ait they ripen, becante after they are dry
Wlih intends failing for t in ip e, At yoi formerly, is chiefly depended upon by the t'i e Rver open and rztnfe the fee t aihe hrn i
anl di all Pr ing any demand F 'enhin Hitpaniola, except in cold bleak fis t The l e a tmte ie d aro imOa.o but
aainft hi, to cal and r Cve pymetl al, tionin the mountain, in whict h the pal le. ket pcnfttlyflut, andin thatmanntirrop frm
theuf who are anywife in'e d to him, by bond, cide anfwer ber h this laf is what is cutivated in the btsi. Whenever therefore the fed is picked,
note, oir book dtbt, are re ted to ndi charge Nororth-America, and grows wild all ovr the the g'oliud mut be examined to pick up the
theer accounts immed tel. Wefl-ldinent The American Loyalits, when they pod' which may have fallen off.
A d ilr t Vots m L E i e attempted to introduce the cult ule of indigo here The Mountain Rice will not antvr ir place
F 0 R S L E, i in lls, betng ignorant of the onher kind, planted lille tolon droughts but inall faable pa.
A I. ..... .. hN wh .ll the Ba tard o fconrfe, and at the fmes me, made rfles here. it grows to admiration, urin hi'l. a
A VAl ,UABI NEGRO AN, wh. .would te ana.. .. a wetm flat land. I ha vry
A ul 'or A Hof Sran atore Negro. trial ofthe ruatimala. h reeyearsuiforme I w l as hae eetn it produce futpti.
F.r articulr a rs lire onf erience has protrd, that although the Gu e. fingly. It is not the culdom of thil e untrv to
A NTII. ROX IEURH. main i hardier in this climate than the Batard, pant it. but I m certain It would well repay the'
",,rm. e,.,v-2J r t6. neIther will land cultivation, cxcAptin the moun- planters trouble who tried It. The people lere
"i~t S796 -tCain,, and often not even there. They never can prefer hilyldr American rice at a p note Per 00'h.
AN EDl T R N he raised in low and warm ftuations, ex pt to planting any for themselves r the trouble of
.fomeimes upon tew land rjul cleared after this cOeansi g it they fay is too great in this country.
A 'O[1 E in an airy part of ei Town, and they die continually, and no art can make them Rifun tmeatil A f cnt'eman n teli neithfo..-
1 calculated for a mall family Apply to the live. Fortunately the Frank fi,nrit es in all thete hood; planted a erp efthi Meertttn Riee It I
P ;, '0 r, n ]a1 fit u5tions, and a variety of information from year. which prnmifd well, bilt when nearly .,t
1..t onsI ...i any ...inf th different quarters of Hifpanioln concur toprove o1aluitv It wai defi-red hv the 'F-
A OEHlA r Jon HaL el dy ncr e l, arr that it is the chief and alnod the only deper bIrt r Ih s aid to be he the C enafon for lst;nl ir.
A l t, li ,i t i .notte ; dracr to li dcnce of the French, who export annually bout ha een itlated, fr a winter clrp, for
In erib ; and thokr ind to the fame, td two millions off nd it f I ya' o f ut tmall grain to fee. p oultry. "
mike immediate payment, the anlirsof the colony. A Poll .a, w a- h wp ortthe Iuth ni. r o m
itatc, may be fe'ttled tfoon pofmihe. ter mun n mfwer for indigo, it may her. rt the buth in. for Barbados. tiung a
ORBS. & STEV oNS. Lthelsts be presumed from their tro pcal ltuation, leak on the wtth, and was run afhire ol the
ittnrgcies foar S i' t . lE All .nineroi. *that no other fties will ever fuEceed there, Samphire Rect about even league to wind.
Attnrnies for An. Ha L Ad except the FranL; and for thai reason, I wil ward of this place. Thecrew and par of the
V~n 'S, Fertunr 24, ,1"6. T 1' give as much information on this head at p:flhle. tcaro and rigging are favcd, but the vrefel in loft.
S" Thle Frank, like every other fprcies of In. AtanvL n t wart, Prem
PANTO? N, LES E, & Co. digo, grows heft in aloofe rich foil. It is fi t to F. Prig Peggy, Gardner. Whale Pilhery
doahlir at t cut in 8 weeks i whereas the i alard takes a sqO. Brig Ranger, PatterCon, St. Th'mlri
.G PN O RL A t INBUROCIIAN& abl ; but thIa period will bc enail determined by ug1LSn, doe*
.. EAST INDIA'0n fuchf your planters as cultivated Indiglo in ao. an. Sho, Live Oaks cK ns
softe qly, hCandl, Harld. North Ameriar, because in thin as in the other
WI of the cIr quality, cChandlery, Hard- fpecies the bottom leaven turn yellow, and drop
r. Grocery, Crockery Wre, &c. wih they hen a mturit. It ha a much more n PETER D N & Co.f
felt on the mol reafon I. terms for 0? melthan bthe thinleaf andliquor, Y a AVING toldoff, and tinethe Dryf
BefE F A LE Ilre ulep s adbth oe efily and requi le and Retail ilnela h e e t, etr
JO H N B U K Y, waer i the indigo It prdue is alto finer. It thak to thr C e d requel
a much to the cre the other, and much on debated to them, to tie and pay if rt
T Grocemy whochavery W e t tho.a more to the vat, which Is owing to its mall fins, refperlve accounts immeand ely.
wiEnll f hel e i et t & woodc they wto ho at moreA ground mui a be goneove r to l ii oneP but
!r him with their command wi be pld to the n advantage, a one let of vats- ll of con- D UN away from the DubIyies calwarmy of
difeharge their retteeiveaceas. At! Perfon sequence take ofl more weed and sooner; an m- IX the town, two eenw Men named tg, and
luingany deunno again ae d d t potanto ed tothelndigor later Whentills 7. tre Is a middle aged o, fell moth,
all payment. ery youn it s liable liketh ethhcer hisfndt.I s mth aylothrCot aredwitte tablle .
.e hasd od by td PIc et, re: y very hardt ntml w ic sobutwhen it ia three pox. tal is pr.t tan, verf hbla.k p a .vev( D
nes AfnorttsMo fafhiona r Clothe ad oro week oldt it pldanlerothat acont. rood Inglitu. wn dever one ac oun
0ertymeern, ith uitable min F i ing mo areaid to be ouder it tan the other both to me, Ihl have w Oau reward fol
f"od and 8lilv Vellum Lae pallets, $yth kinds. Icannotfayfoayertfrom myown ape. encd1oftbhei, lalto fert wra any prfanorper-
Rehimental Bu th i &c. twhte will afell at I risee. NotwitJbtanding it dlminotlve Uxe, no ftns rm brho drlg, employin, or earrrIn
Sroaiele adIAe ed a er d enetaeofd edl Planter, ho er lanh o he them o thisi, wan am detnalmed .top n
N. ha The by S r I maybery It tonlb iviewite hen I o yele akned w thatdots.
ett, "fad. at nit Houtein ede uc Street. to maturty t 7 w o Ciien s I be. t i leave_ lthough l Is tholi 11 1s ls
lieffort, wj x7- |t fatDandota seglren o'Mootath and lh, o a i Macco nte. w i, V

Account of New Books.
AJ&iirs eBaoon OD Tort. COsiiai thi Stale
!f/h Twh,5 ria Jrew ,,, q a. a h iwMn u edeates,
m, OrIta u r llM. 5wrrw o

SALI AOA. O, here will e no want of pei-
SIes Iu li one Iearter of an h.r ourr watch
a t a ube all have ordered doe not arrive, here '
mn whip, gea it and ofe it as I have done.
In Ta, the quarter of an hour ws not capired be-
fhre e Primte, ifited by three of hi brethren,
brought .d the provifona, without forgetting the cin-
After fach a proof, hew could I deny that Ali't
reept wu the belt of the two, or continue to plead in
behalf of humanity My error was inconceivable, but
evidet I fnbmitted, and, in pie of my feelings, left
mi condulor to trovide food in future, without dif-
puting about the meuu."
In palling through the country of the Noguait, the
aron remarked the fomilarity in cums and n man.
er of living with thencien t Nomades.
The plaios' fs he. we erofled are to level
and open, that no irregularity could bh teen, nor even
fo much au tree or a trub i nor did we fce any thing
during the whole day, except fonie Noguais, whole
heads the piercing eyes of our Tartan diftinguilfed
when the earth' convezity hid the ref of their bodies.
Eauh of theft Noguais were riding alone, and thote
whom our patrols interrogated, reheved us from the
fear of the pretended trouhles which had arifen.
SI ws curious to Unow their bufileft, and learnt
that thee people, uppolcd Nontadei, becttue they lie
under a kind of ten, were settled, however, by tribes
In allie, eight or tn fathom deep, whith interfia the
plain from north to tfoth, and which are more than
thirty league long, though but half a quarter of a
leaue wide. Muddy rivulets run through the middle
of em, and toemnate toward the loah in fall lakes
which commuuieate with the Black Sea On the
borders of tht rilets are the tents of the Noguais,
as well at tUl Iheds meant to give Ihlter, during win-
ter, to the numeroe ocksI and herds of thefe palforal
Each t oprietor has his own mark, which is
burnt into the thighs of horf. oxen, and dromedaries,
and painted with colors on the wool of te he eep.
The latter a kept near the owncr's habitation, but
the Other Iecies, united in herds, are, towards the
Iprilng, dri en to the plaint, where they are left at
large till tis winter. At the approach of this feafos,
they fleek aid drive them to their fieds, and this fearch
wU the bul noet of the Nti guis we had met.
What is maol singular in this fecrch, i%, that the
Tartr amr loyed in it has alwayen extent of plain,
which, froii one valley to another, it ten or twclvc
league wid t, and more than ihisty long, yet does not
noow which way to dired hi fcarch, n"r trouble, him.
Ielf abou it. He pui up in a bg fiipouia of the
sour of ro fled millet, which i, fufiLcient to fall him
thirty days. This Irovifion m ,de, he mounts hit ho fr,
flops not til l the fun goes down, then clogs the aniniii,
leaves him to graze, lup. on hils our, goes to fliep,
awakL ani continue. his route. He negledt not,
however, etl obfrvc,. s he rider, the nmark of the herds
he happen, to fee. Thete difroverics he eommunicatet
to the diwerent Noguats he moetl, who have the fame
purluitt, a nd in his turn receives luch indication as
elp to put an end to hkit journey. It is certainly to be
feared, tiln t a people to patient may one day furnilh
formidable armies.
'. The: end of our irlft day's journey was fixed for
the neare I valley, at tea leagues distance. It was now
nIar fun. let, and I few nothing before me but a vaft
uelancho ly plai,. when I suddenly felt my carriage
defend, uai oehld a fie of obas. or tents, to the
right and left, leading farther than I could tee. We
ru0ed tile rivult over a bad bridge, near which I
found three of thel obas oot of the line, and one of
them ino ended far my elf. The cariag were placed
behind, tud the detoahan t took up its qsuateo jaul by
Ml r n ca was r to aamine the whole of pidure
of whl m pary fortiedafepate group. I pitic .
brly teowrked the.& b de i which we were left, and
aM ta mre a*Io ak It, because I tuppofed my.
telf a ob that in fte a place might well havo e.
cited atioety. The Min bhadd kfh me, on our arrival.,
to go and demand prpilo ei while I, in the mean
time, e zuaied the *adrajion of my Tatarian houte.
It was ar klusd oie lop, the paling of which
m i* a nrclular tfrm. o=r thi was a dome open
at the top. A felt c l.har enveloed the whole.
ndn ai' o ofthisftame felt was thrown over the hole
n the ne which erred to ivent to the flooe.
I obCred lto, that the obat ins ted .b the Tartan,
aPr in wni'l thee wura o re ltindled, had eh o
It *Motlwstlus.e sA e i rortn pcturte whuck thel
teouniusw ntyi oer, aad the facility with which
a cpeitoa iht be drawn between their bl and
trn l Moldavia rod Poland, and the advataes the
"a'o. yet b i thfore e habl, and to relative
sa the M lea iof men to habit, that it vanlm an
toao ao Tihe ol eooaeelreit Ilnposle to o-
hk t a p w inmo enneb them tho pevli.
1 Y aou trveld reat way." gio d m afdle
Twnve 0.e. with whom I waa intiate e bt did
Iesm b.efIortl e mm ~ lft nr'

them dthifai pim offt, taened in torm f a bt. in moan pars of Plaen. 41 i ,l
aer drded towr the wind. and futaned by along concerning which the ena .
pole which pr td outof the oba. Thi ne pole been formed by the hand tof
balfo An .d io eer e felt, and Ihut the vent.hole, thofe fode which cch foldle
when the Ar being estinguiled, rendered its Nesiau mafenbltem over the t 8, 1hi1i
ol rl y aa sred the (aldity Iad delicacy af t.ace, where, as well as in
Mtd t hbl r was a on edr by lipr of raw al oiner places tuber they a te
,hid u l art that mynt, a de fed r young Inlo. his tlity of e
bride, ws a pane of her oaesaiage portion. nearly at equal Bdiance, sad -hKW
W we re hnr.f and were glad to fl. the tieon a, wtch ftes eratkher i1nal
Mhimn tteu withd riof mhe a d.ettl, which he mere thefe of chance, ow nloela
had Imemed. Thefyl.ended the kettle tothecen- ritual cul e im, the real ca o
tm o fe oof drek feLt ia the form of n pyramid i ptettnd miutolretml Ain"os,,
and the kitchen thus efillat'4 the Miesa, the ier, may be found in the gfade w
and lome Tartuar, proccedtdIo kill and dilet& the when they go re wr, of pwiawtZS
l(eep fonme filled the kettle, while other prepared army ought to follow by hillhetob
fpits to roall what there was not reos to boil. I had each other. Thetat tvatihe it lot
taken care to bril b-ead with mte from Kichcla. therc I have Jtb antioned, land wt
to _gthe adk o of site* no 0ho lade
Thisi, a luxury with which the Noguai are unai, quaint. I the atil of aget on the t rficne f
ed. Tleir avarice rali forbids ti en the habitual oft I may It c ot ce added, hs t
of meat. although they are-4 iy fond of it My hil'ckis of the ancients waed only
cur.ofity made me wilh to kflio l" maner of living, their route, and ihus Ininfe their
and to add lume of thcir i sIhes to the ig4d cheer they fpir' )f conquell, which made di
were preparing. I ifionasd the Miri af thit whim, kitowa countries. muf al oe mlake h
who filed, and difatcked t l'arlr, with or der to fervIng, froman toocfy dreArdl eIt.
furirl! my cirlofity. A the ne fmti
SI' i man feoo returned with a v er I full of mate's are only a proof that they occalm
milk, a fall bag of the lour of roasted millet, iolnie chreC to in Geneals ad Gldlern
whi:e ballsfabout a* big aan egg andie hard a chalk, niarc; but moll of thtm which ha.a
an iron klttle, and a y oui Nlogu, toleraoly well in Flander. have proved they sdtal
d eus, tIe Bl u cook of the hode. I diligently obatl- poe ; and if we mould h berught to
ved his parceeding he frti filled his kettle three Iatn ille light I have hinted, this htSih
full of wcter, putting in about two int; to thi d- expnlcation of the laboun which Xe' e
ded Ct ounces of his meal. Hil vefl he placed ner inhirsR ctrtr of the ten thoiald. A
the fre, drew a patula from his pocket, Wiped it on oul, every tlome e, p he ro re
his fleve, and turned his liquid all one way, till it be- more difirnlt to anuaquimh, and inan loiet
gant ftimmer. He then uceandcd one of is white cd. than the nations they had to Imhoall
oall (they were cheef, made of mare's milk, fuaturafo fI:vw ino ppntsir e or cnrtr
with lalt, and dried,) broke it in fmall bisn thtwe bnrear s he Nomaiinii avd the tll-rimi J
toimn into ho ragoot. and again began to turn. Hit place. Their harveft, bythc fdesf he
acli thick a he .ll tuning, though at aI, with fere only a. -nf0te to traeller . s
effort, till it became of the confidence of dough ; he preciuion prerarrd t'en, ba Ih ile.
then draw away hi, atula, put it again i hi pocket, rion, nnth'ng can ptoel ,heir cields hfe l
turned the mouth of isi kettle oi a hi hand, aid pre- fitl .irge. Clouds of loare fi
l.tled me with a cylinder of pafi in a spiral form. their plains, and givin the peferoles
I was in halle to eat of it, and was really ttoer millet, ravae them in an nLaftt.
pleafcd with thi o than I had apecd. I like darkmns the horizon, anod, t onruil
w t talted the mare's milk, which pethapal Aould tude. it bide the light oft fIn. Wh
have found equally good, could I have dived amyfelf men happen to be r l ily n
of j asdie a ntimed eivcrt the Aorom thoir eruta, -
he T i wa thur oi icd coocernng my fopper., rie ; hc t when r tee here t loeuil
Smoch more iiitrctllang fene was preparing for sii.- n eld. and there forma npfiarf mLav
birion. I bcf .re ohlrvcd, that he N,)uai., at my or. Ti the noul of their it uece c hat of
rival, retired each to hlt hot, without fhcaing any lS- vnurine'ilmivity; it ret. i- t he raUdia lf
tiolity to fr. me; and I had pacified my .vaity on ht it, eonfequence. me .
thi, lead, when I perceived a confiderhle company ad- Frt ;tfelftA+ toeno t fi nor i. here vIs tb' a
dancing tawaids uL. Ihe order and flowiefi of thei geta tion tvlhe found, when th-" take
motions, deprived u of ail apl.rcheaioni on thi rpnr, and go elfwhere to sdot likedia l RIX =
though we did riot fufpe their motives for this vifit Thi, plague, aoal, wou-ld ha e.; e
Whn hey were about four hundred pace distant, th ein e iuntris better tv d and w h
(topped, and one of tlien, adwvncing to the Mirna, my Miner would be m f requenri- eapdyre. I p
conidulor, informed him of the delire which the pnn. Black ge, g fellow mn of thorefal. a
t,pal pe.,p'e of his tribe l.d :o fee is; adding, that tempt so paI, that 'rrj r.
unwilling, in the lead, to trouble o ur report, he had iI have often eft he 0"aw"fIlkl jI
ueenI d poured to alk whether thil curiofity would giev towards the BlPbhoewn ef Tlhnee. eo" ld
me o-ince, and it not, how far they might come with. driel ,emainl. I fnch ,ifir"i ho er
ouit prng me to the crlea inc.nvenien. lktel e alo!g the Brand, withool a algl
1 answered the anbafllador nyfelf, and affured into a bed of thel fitinney cllte m Calat
him they were welcome to miingl with us, for that, he true casue of oltir deIrondlion.I uMt
among friends, there waj no dilminitin of place, much of f blfcrvatoin ws wirns. is-bt 5l
left a precift boundary., The Nogual miiled on the Form which them t d nw SmL
order, he had received, and the Mina s f to indica their bod el we-re op t ai sa.snd,
how near they might approach, to which lcmitd thief Thi rModued n o great, thielm foon ame. I did not fail to meet, in ,d... befo he esle--a.pce
order to obervne them th nearer, snd procure myyfei f We arrived bef: laon a' the V i
the pleahlrc of being acUqjted with licle good folkLs whil -,' tt en f ebo. w .hele u
When I came within a certain dance. they all rotIfe, prore fr"'"l, hres I pe"V a
and ihe molt remarkable of them, to whom I addrcreed INlu'i..oraais s bl lrd ade t
mnytlf falutced me by taking off his bonnet, and in- I itnned. A young an bc.tegelwh
Shis body. hadl the hide of the animal thrown Over hIs
''t1: ftme ceremony had been oberedl, y their A woman, who performed the oicer
deputy to he Miz, t which I n the more fur. gr erity. then be by t
prtlfd, because thi Turki never uncover the head, dret., following with b et cfarst
except for their own Ifc; and that, when they ar I neck, th fal ofthe I bo ne.. jls
alone, or in company with thiir moft intimate friends. formed the Afee, andhe Ad eof thi
It is for thi realon that European Anhballor, and ti reach below the tneh. are
their attendant, go to the audiences of the Grand fullain a kind of ral lc r l le I
Scignior wii their head covered for, to pnrcat ally adhered to ohe f e y-.
thenelves tioierwie before a Turk, would wt ethe r poded, wnit e nll e
oftrefpei r all have other more important re'rks two fore fise, and the Atl Wo U ss
to mAke relative to the fmilarity of cna betrwen 5 our almost m W who t med ma
and the Tarthi while ..'te lik.enm w
The little iuforimution I Rained from my Niogtis, hi ha, in tcl then picu e hiwe
wea owing, no doubt, to the want of waiting them tt, iles uhan t be.h.ald
proper aucnlions. The fatitfadCion, however whieh ri. T his I tiSi
solt always brings, made the d ,ofe of this day n i t h the b.e e
ateal enouLgh. I reeoneiled mTrelf vnry well t kre 1.
tI nnper;aut as to my people, Tartsiai ooahkery oLfandein e oora wh .le--o, l
owel its ccef. with them to their great hunger, e"t e a Ined e
which fde LeC y thing good. They unSlcal od na t ion cct seris.r. t. .
0eM dedrine of amufilg themlfelve with their wanus,
and I was apparently the obaje t of their lame.ataulmns.
Blt I perceived they only wioed my personal e *go&, o l egf a 'toka rh
that they ,nht ugcqire right o frey f bewailins ad hl
their wniridual privatil onL By 1ng the dli iw "hea .fl u.ih int t5M5
my could I lence them and I giv this receiptto all s an dt ei .
orwvell sn, as the heft they a follow. osi m rd.
SHlh e erllantrfthing isigod T aight be, ealg rI
Io seloey Ray among them and Bhep the d beIng In arrro on1 Air.
nIgt In ne t al vue y theI departed very emrItoa Dlta thyI mak
taw the a appear i the heral oon the plaie.U pemeve further tr e.. J
uavsettdo lea. We dilfeoered nothing during N"aX --
i b ltmiPin mlept fon ilM hi lliuk ali tlOa nfct N Sir. o drfY 4.l

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