Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: February 11, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00027
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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No. 8<.




From SATURDAY, FisBuAtT ii, to SATURDAY, FEBRUAXT 18, 1786.

NAsSAUV Printed by Jon WELLS, a~he Printing Office on the BA.
^_ ,-,^ ^-^ --/_ --- -j- a

Ratl -hA.IILA0DI. .
)/is-PoCIaNce. "
I the if Hom ,able JO% BROWN, IAdre,,
Prident and Coms iA Chit/ f slhefad
Ip~ad, f. We. e .
W HEREAS by te death of His Honour
V Jau EDWA D PoWi'a., EEf; Lieute-
tnt Governour and commander in Chief, the
hief Command of thb Ifands has, by virtue of
his Majcfly'a Royal C minion and Inftrultion
to his Excellency JOHNs AXWI.L, Efquire, de-
volved upon me; I ha therefore thought fit,
by and with the advice l is ajefty's onscil,
to i(uc ths my Proelamat notifying the fame
to all his Majeft 'a loving CjefAs within the laid
lMlainds: And I do, by andith the advice afere.
id, hereby require a all Officer,
Civil and Military, within he Ifands aforefaid,
tocontinue in the excrcie their federal Offes, furt her orders.
GCrRN under my land and the Great Seal
qfthe laid Iflandi, at Na/,ai, this 7th day
of FebruTry, in the Year of Our Lord oar
thousand even buidretd and eiflt-As.t
and in the a6th Year of tli i ajtrRy's
I, li Hlcnseur's Command,
HEsYv YoNoG, D. Secretary.
At his SHOP on the BAY,
The Following ARTICLES, viz.
.tRESH H-fon Tea fin Mourning Shoe and Knee
1 the En lif Eaft-lhdi BcU .htl
W.rehou' Sivcr Wiaches
'als Peper Watch ('hCiyals
iOac.d Salmns in kitts Fahionable W tch stringo
Fnnch O'ivc, Idies colored Habit and
Pickled Capers, Onions, Kid Gloves
-- WJn uts, and Gorkiis Gentlemen'% Silk, Thread,
India Soy brown Latherr & Kid
MI(hroom Ketc:up Oloves
iin a Pilh Sauce Scented and plain Hair
..,tr in barrel Powder
-Saghth and Irifh Batter Hard and foft Pomatum
Pioil ad Smoaking To. Marechalle Pomatum
br I.avendeu Water
cots Sauff E ftnce of Beaitot, La-
rden Seeds in Affort. vendar and Leatu
t Jenrt Ladies Si.k & Hair Cuil-
Leghorn and Chip lHts ions
Ladies Riding Hats Tupee Irons
L.dies Hoopsofthe newef Hair Pins
fathioa Windfor Soap
Ladies Ticken, Packthread *wah Balls
and Crof-bone Stays Shaving Boes
Ladies Dref Silk & Sattin Cal Steel Rtaso
Shoee Dreffng Caes compleat
Ladie Stuff and Morocco Patent Blickang Cake
Shoes Keyfer's PIlls
Girl aad Children's ditto Anderfon's Pills
Gentlemen's Dref Shoe, Godfrey's Cordial
Gentlesre's Plated Shoe Janme'o Powders
Buckles of the newer Mainefu Alba
pattern Daffy's liair
Ladie Pale Shee Buckle Epfom Sais,
inSt ock & Knee Buckles Ac. hee.
To be SOLD or LET,

r, ore houf, and kitc cn, new out-
outles and necefary, wi the Lot belo a .i
thereto, being very larne, kd contains a well of
very fine water, a garen ftd vacant round I
the whole it under a good fe of which is
new, the pote. raila and ols of cedar and ma-
ogany I the situation Is peafint, beng rising
pound 'at the Weft End of the Town, eomaa-
ging a view of the Bar and Offig. for tmerl
qIyto TnOMAs ROXIna, in NAktu.
w luari 7. 17 .

6St itfl 1 2D D 0 N/f m
ri br e Jew Snar

SP L L- Y,
JoAn M aU oo n, Master;
Burthen j toan, built of Maho.
gany, Jult the Rocks. For Paf-
fage, having her Cargo already engaged, apply to
the Matter on boaid, er to
PFh rp to, ty(E. ,f
(Or lef, if r Care, a he, p Aif ier,)
2-iee Site
'CHAux Buoaoa, Mater
She ia coper bottomed, is a fwift
Sailer, has good Accommoda-
tions. For Paage, h Cargo being already on.
gaged, apply to Capt. sea, or to
P ER DEAN, & Co.
N. R. To ie Sold by Capt. Surte on board
raid Ship. lately arrted from London, a few
Hampers Irih Potatoes in excellent order, Wired
Porter, and Tripe in kegs.
Fetruarj st, 5,86.
To Sail na t f tt b of tirtb wxet,
The iSor
J"Nof Co.rOsbL, Maftler
For Friight ef C on, apply tthe
Matter on board, r to
Febrary 1o, y786 JOHN PETTY.
T Sun
S A iL L Y,
AttXA OtMDOi.VI, Matct;
Will fail in 1 next Month. For
Freight or Pa ge, apply to
Ferslary o.7, y786.
ANlTl.D, a few aH t ARPENTER andr
Aan. Good Encor eaent will be given.
Apply in Naffau, to I
yanur s, z. -6, JOHN11ISTIi.
ALL Perfons having demand on the liDatIof
L Mr.ALIxaNDEa Roxauals deceased, late
ofthis town, are dtfired to rcer in latea of
their claims, properly attetd,' the fabfcriber i
and thofe who are indebted to t eate, are re-
quelled to make qnmet imme tely, that the
affairs may be fettMat foon a tble.
ANTH. ROXBU 1, Adar.
Nnfas, Vansar 4, sySt.
ALL Perton. who hie oet given in thar
accounts against the estate of HonrTIO
SMITH, Efqi late Cmmaifar of ProvdI
St. Anguftine, are for the a17 time reqiM
fend in the fame, properly attefed
Attorney for the Adminitratriz.
yqsau, 7aiy ia, 0&75
ALL Perfons, who have any demands agamn
. the ofate of Dr. PsTna lAU, dccealbd,
are requitfed to bring in their accounts, propetlly
atteted and all those who are indebted, are re
quoted to make fpeed ynment to the Subfr.
her, who a obtained Letter of Adminftration
on the fOld tte. A UNTINO.
H- lb T at rjp iT. S? a J e ~ "
A tfe Peos g havin any la ds agalnft Mrs.
A u GoALL eTsa, de rea neqieed
togive It Bates of the tame I aO tose I-
debted to Smae emt. to

Ad srir nffAIerbTo, atf i U nso.e
grniT ad HA IB FOR ALE
SEAST- DIA 000 Rift, ManSsnA
Wina a the frft quaHtpahudlery, Hard.
ware, Grocehryh, c &. h they
will fell on the mot trira fer Ce e

PETER &A c Co.
H AVING fold oe fd ned the Dry Goodl
Sand Retail BuBef th prtefent, turn
thanlu to their Cufteerl and request all per-
foan indebted to them, to e ad pay off th
refpeive accounts Immediately.
In the Brigantine PaovlrrnW PACESIT Capt.
IsOLIS, from LonDoJ,
On asoAOn0asa Tanaes,
At his Stogl on the BAY, next door to a(h
PsrsTIsa Orr7cs,
For Ca6, Brenuilh, or Calte,
An Affortment of GOODS,
AMnossir mICn a&s,
DIROAD Clotbh White Ha
Sj Shall dle RidiaIl Hamu wi
; m-o. feathers
Drusa Boys end irH M
clik and Lidta Stripes ilv Table a Tm poem
Sirid Hol Tea Po
l Tidt Milk Pots
Bed Bant, Sgapr efone
Priued ad ead Pel e Ladl
Furniture I h Cellan
Printed ant Hant- N O&
Pcreild. 1 O l Wus.

rfCille i plat Ear RAng
kand brderd Dre pLOhkte
Corded a d Dl. ke amttom
Mnitlea el Bucklne
White and Dyr Hat Pies
Bhown BDWer Hard Ware
Sheetimo ptruMery
Plttailloes Irmewder sad
Royal Sad oe gl Cloth No.
Dowialk 4o, Kd "14 SId, s hd*
CoettCa da Sod. Nalls
=ibbtas eathing sa Deking
Horn ad Ivory Cenbs NeHall
Mens Tread uad Cst Iifc peter
Hotr O la elerChalM
Women ditto Lando PWter in Cmal
Military Shoes Ptoe
Me and Youths W tu d e Red ma
bound Shoes lak Lead. grogud
Womua, Girls, aud Ci- Oil
drme :Ulli as.O Me- Orem. amin ad a
racc> & Leherihoe Paints

d L 8 0.
In the Brigantie HawaS, Capt. CoNsITAL,
from DALTIURtt
QUPERFINI and An Fiver, Imnrs andW heif
S barIrels
India Co in b eg of a bealehm
ship Bifault
Pilot ditto
Craekers Ln kge
Rict in tierems, sad hlf tircas
Piteb and TapiMa
lbach Shinles, ht. te.
H) Ii4.41ar Saks
A fe Jaica Km., Htolade Gmeys
ali-asd Pitall audLer Teho, Ma.
dira*, bT IandsdViconl Wim, fAt Hyia
and oh the rourtun ift, eft, Ii
"ati, ku(i4luJ

'For tb, B.4;AMA GAZETTE. e ow. d nailed he N SAU, Fin
PAPf2ikrteSChAIl the Culture .of the GRAPE grapes in different its of I, and finding them In N 'ut oay there 1
VINE and the making of WINE. enral ri e, which ryou may fton kmow bytheir c fid I
Diremosis Arpreferwimg and trostg Vias CUr* beguni! g sm grimyd d anyd.e Se;1theju idthe or a con iticre to of
rfefh h.'i b iond Ct tihirter pure It o ou r t P ree t
INN CUTIGIO ru be t ffS the t ihu pr-ti the above IAs yo nayf
ke pnt, o er nbe,'fhbl s l to Sather 'l immediate, having yeau ,," i ;1 t a .
ogble; crih ePuttini tould be iboui 1tc' om Pithall welbd ad fit prd to rC I G.t 1 m flh h '
on the pa t y the illy moin aout, al iP oba yourcoder
them, to convey themy4di;ra 50 1111mg '. it ulo tllthe ajsts Tca O ataIh
grdukndr two art lo ad lae p a sml rm a iT.l ptre b thib 0 t)s, ii-lpo, ,,.
geo alu It up. tln the n Talkdi s.all i ,
whiso b should have A h ichL welea torhe lth, e h bte
dtb th e te ou ne est 'a nd ther or A ie t nhe bi'sr a t h t iew tp
b o tto m o f it, fi lledi b m tdr t i yt hl' l l r i hw hat h am on y ond u a [ts
adle, we.yd tfn I wuler it nto 4hl Wd tlli thefi legs and thighs hare up' the hae use i r tl
teatdily d i In a Prtef that hol fim )hpui lanre ht t, it l aod 'r

th T t a thehe my I wl nt hv cl atledd to geath er 46 it A>c,,t e f.. ... at x
Isher. they mayfar a d oe nieteche i I' t have tven or c~ill mani to reat t
i reet o nefl them with convenience. ft t eianlr proportion for Wtr. prfs l- tiiirhe v n My .nafts j
this itanner"ttlleiay mayl e wiYtdotun ot, e abtheetenn chh a in f hisit, e or ct- mnt
keeping them madersthel'an mOonitt jointly Ma ,t thofen u A .i ; itn bea re fou t Aftcoe Oo it nd unritr te it
on the pairfage. As b oon -s they rrive at the hli bi e w'r. I rO f I n)Arrand Atu
toot I V iOntj y a latee wo hbe it t nuiilly moving aboiutit, and t a oa yolr cnndu. -
ld u ncsp thewirfiinner o ub lautne *,lrtr each t elunto icTd m tion, the f" attention to uie
growth, It ou he hrplu.ged ,f it Th i, tic a t ... ... W
ground, in tome cot tho trel .iac up ttI ri, f trn entn lhein e v*e 14 1.thirmn t fiu.t in Loprri e o Iian 1ao o 1"
and kept, i b before, modern cly m dma till the fal vina .d tn pfi it tiin 'a ll loite f e oi r h- tht o, i r c ta d h
of the leaf; fton ofter which rtw on three ,io lllmdti t to ii+ ll i fuyrpigte
weektr) they may be taken t othe calk, and 'fifty homra e( ifi ie Iont inin tl h oe fep Ti Lrca iserl
planted, by wily of nurlry, Into p.wwI, fi' feet 'pf to rcofr out, e iir the I ine:Then oric L 're h inrmt II
apart, nd eah plant three feet d ar ethe x hont by i trifP it i tin all ahan~ ti for ting an: ,
rows. They should nothenave vegecatedi s tr willhew tir i ti !t r

Sth tt To kep the grand m thaf eplaty r rhi llo t Sf cret'ryr IIqh e idirn In I
saiPnde, they may be planted int rowul three' ad all the juie orf gtAiiintai. le \lntamI, tlhrlos nd, h a theelibr
fAet tr oin oe ctrc, and a oot apart in the the P, i Z, whic juiLe forI b drawn nf at tie 1d'kV'Ocf big lAft" tC
rowst, keeping them onoantly mncit the fIkln hole i it ,. the bhi-i" o re PY ote made u aT eblu 1ou A n.
yeo r. The Iucceeding, ut a aum aftee theyhave f'1 th e prpo f r Atr ritce 'tufl be pu t It ot large tnr .r1 n t if l a c pti n n t
truck root ande tho ir ao e moy hp.e onn e Prnel ut he1mtio puttllr ae wri and it i f acordI f

ctrhan planed iov t oh e initne fi t, he i tonf uo thank. that %4lUolitntilli the whilc quari. th l.. iu pI

futaryeard woli, yilo row it e it tnc t& fra it tit rr than t lll cer ; ad fit m" A n ;o vrnanl
raell. pantild betixt cv-ine ytrned ou, are it~'t b within a pipe, i few gallons more or lr' An At to m a
rVineyrd.or into roer.oldA fiet apart, inabovc, "After yo have d ri off l thelteen ~'ol muft p anr F"'
al br e ta t the t erin, felli"a nd nfee I J-* r t.p in a help t i ing ic the' h io n
byhaofurcrtY t'e o grreapfurther liapplyarof wafute yinvre, onaI .i a bheap fm an ii' DMie the filin A Ocr
iottan f 1 o _fr r edier t isnfhrmcl. oft~e P rfar oit ver3all vhich of f thie fllio tawr a i
So n .rn e Iyfa'o rle board, anti thea o with nfrong igrew prT r. ia to COnti thnu
Tlb.e PrTitouIar Vanua CoLTUIR. intde for the pt rpouf.i yorln lcte hout all 'aOt'iiprtntM_ a"V
IN planting Vino e S coon e ta bev fort wio the 'miillure trial rt, :o i teM which juice t e all
dki.tron rpaidiia au' e tmkc'a trench the mu be taken great ,rr ', and p ut intadia trl e t, g;e i Rieeity in t Seneta e
length of the ground if on a plain the depth of intirthe fame tonctl it relr ofthe ine for l;foi n A t for an eit nt a
three an a hlf fet if a iit five i fi feet; the th bitterefst at Iss b lt'e, c. pevs err its to th, hbnd grven by taieis tof l
d i the distance of two and a htal fet, plant your turning fur, which i it rraly do wit. il. nl, ie Sc I n l t.', in
JVi pe in the foflowigh manner V ithout'dung.--, a t it an d the rtnn l c ,h'cointaiis thi s f ntr t eli r-llt, tim entr ird A ." '.
At the boaout of the trench, make mnyhol loln betI t Ed'.hte as many hot for nlfpcniin, f.r aa le deheMd
withra tick or ikne as your trench will tuitions, roo n to feitlrncut i o tl to Itri witok u lon an At endt, Aft dA.
obrving the diltauce as AbovC ; menpQttln the o.l n'i, l~', f it I R l e, we or a toiiz ticrmInt (of fi rclTic'r and nft
foot 6f the Vine i oit the ho'e, dos It oh' hie moI loi f l, ril Thtiit t fi f t' rloi in c I albfi 1t, ,oltlif. llnti d."
surface retiv near hori whtally, boutp :n eina .to hcn bo ma y pr t thA n 'lt r tiT' -i fAine thiy iltr L for the leriferrecrtli alll de
chsc from which double or kffot, theoot flhoots tizjtnr. AlatLath "allons oi rvdy to each pipe", the L.- 'lout of Nwv PIcirvidJencea ndti
out; water whim filltup the tach, ranui it an let it remanina tll tlu i: t fll. finc ii fit ir n a.allooarice for ni Iftour Mtaflef
well. If hilly, betri ev r twishecy t nchs, mtake e t be drawn oif iqtq final cQ or pilur or hog- An At to bie Mcants and ter
a li tl," wa to keep the ground tothe rotsal Ioead ha li c )nqIO iDnY d inh M'rch or Apiit t. ig Pe'otlir infto k'fe llltqd a f nhJaI to4ij
.od obfgve that the trenches be t ain d a io blf i y .c l tn l 'i t hle &cuti ncr ru cnerl. od
os diC ftant from each other. If w.r o heild it e ,to a io uss. A' iii Oflhcefo tcthed il'.n I tet

r t h- n the fort, id the" flk e ydti, icgat t T natt N O s. ith e n ti th h lbis llct tl
ter shi foreut. and the fral, ithe ad lwia Ali fur cif4tiNrsl and tngglt
ear t th t the ground, ai t t TlSCou tsof Judicature within thefr fla
twhettom. o teep the graft from tie rather, ' o An'At f ir u l iflahig an OIul
jad to fecure it in its place tye it roaun. with a JA "ce.ia hhg ll mdof O awdIctanceW
ting. I- i t more t fy and rCedy reovcry of fmailldl
r PD A, or Prining, is done from i)e r neir o r,, thlicr purpofen th rela mentioned. ,i
Januity. In pruning always take C t:1'f orfC A. The Iho for, t viic to come out at the All ifi.or.ilie bhIle axpliflig1 an:Jl
the Ilro ge t fl ol S eid gthatWhich- t ti e m bttft. in i tk ith year tl hi reint jf la5e
bittons r ee.fiouW j i. Pr: oul! 1,i nMuch better male '(il ttl'd an At fo 'lO lin uty o *
lut be left above twen e ijnche g, ut fr fwoId'thn 'f alltl h a iuiocrii nd s orll ner ,te" gr;iis tbca bf I lu brdtrtip O i j
fitr yearr od:', you may I ave it lir ftt awl in tie firmur th. latl' ; int it m y. hbe of It r n or tof ,'iei wnihwr tIt fe m
o;if rut p.rlt.aularlyaftei baving olge prued your i '.it bignefa vou pr'i ,to hold glralcs fiflrfricit Ai Adt to himend an Adt IpAl la.
ie,, yo u :iu .t .evichrhulon ly n I ooe t rohind the i+ to 'pr ue frm. thre to tw:vF or i teo pUillB i., year of his pl'n t A 0, A. l.'s reign, 6-1
6:ft, to e tmaon for fruit, thefe beog called fadle rtckiri nr, eat ullir 'te hndlrel n filty gallwr ill g ard rctrilnating tlr ; qitallucalionsg o.
flouil. atnt givet no raplf ; hilt lhe neaalt y Har, of winne naurc;,tlA .boicLs of it may tibe fro a!.d nhers to fItvc hl tihe OGneMrll
t'uef a llut ou t o fthe former yeast for the two rd a i ill feOt I i two ii tt cfi t i c herhiii. if [li. f In il l ta10a .
l Du p f ou v etattior, u or what is called a chill of fo that the prnte n ci ive4aentlyy tre d ir ,), al, r 44rd.naicc fdr th' apr t a_
te oid one. gnrpl i vmid that the 'I Pcr ,nirt of their thighs Al.r h .jr 4 tj, fiaft; tf the Middle%
A it, e-ldom happens that alil the Vines you may niol be eucumbih Li. is it i mpolThle fbr iJo'suidi, to ieu Agent to adl Wbdb ,
pAin, take the art year, in o'derrto fppply the the men to IAy in the Prfsi four or five honri, I li'ls,'
ptace of thofe dlccienlin a motetpeditioun mann afltr the wie b:~aSn to ftrmmiit, on acao nt of its6 .fA .:I
n-i than repllfti tg, have rcoui fe to the follow- great heat and i ng inell, there ought to be a. Tihe diffi:encei between the ti aal
ing n eclhod --Dig the fide of the Vine you prf'- nothei.fet of m ready to relieve them erery A uiericartis fttled Ii the conry at d
pi: makng sil of. as low as the root, making a four or five I rs. When the Vines are firi liana, ha:ve for the prtcent fiobU e.l
trench of the fill length of the tolk when laid planted, yfou I d leave c2 o wo knots above iii .I T: or at the iNathez hC iwlyrt
down, then fix a the lhoots into the places you ar'u id. n isg .rhe fIsent trInd el 31 opled Withl
plop,,fe fu('plying with new Vines, ad leave to ard pro0riglf mi.l tBd i lbF .
eaci of them out of the ground no more than OTO !C' Is" 1IEKJl ONVEI to the Inha- I' gaslnr," U 1 thcows i gI aA
two eyes or buttons, from wbich arife a sew ialk 1 bitants of this lltid, t"lsA't .do without loIl Don Frqni 3Boi1.
or.Vie ; and giving it in this cafe, A baflct of 'delay. null st the Receiver Gsra'" Ost ,nd Ice, lad Tim Exceiliucy thie "Cnuii
ding it will pulh u Itrnger. heray their iefpetive Taest the Year 1 t7r, nrdi.thq Vice Royalt, 0 Me l
CVA, or dlgeing round the Vine, Is done as alul Arrears of Tarea tir former Years: allowed ti' retain the Caplle
nut April nor My. when the fun begins to be A at wrranis to ley the-fa by iinrref, Lr'uifana. it ,
little warm, for co'd hill them y hnrn the uwi, l- agi all fuch vlho (hall refute, or ne. Mjor Onenral Don Juan Io
o it; mte wholeVinemunftbe dig about fourteen ltdoA. "'ckor engra f thegnom
inches deep. g" adoRf OROE BARRY, beire IttIr ( le ot G douO"N
hIR nD ora n, king, is done when the'Vine is Rbcejver .ltntreThirt igr. r', .rn o
Ibot out about ten inches, by placing a bort Stake New Prgidentre, PA"rr, 3. st6. Cubal apdtint7Mn.a Tido Te&.e
in the ground, abbut the height of 'the nalk of Oi MORDAV the 90th iat nant-Govtrnor of tis a
the old Vine. which fhould not be let grow to be an ..', I e rot rOfCm~ a ..,
above two feet to two and'i.halfefat from Ihe Under bL V"nua o ousHove& 'Avicetrectived t' t -'I
ground; then tyinyp it tnereto,for detenceags neat .DWElLING torsy, wi"mC tion tath. t
the AiTd at weight of the fruiswic, ea DRlt Natw tht hi
111 l O 1 u~t r 'i s done about theed . 77Se 1r', at prefentoccspiedbT C .ol. s 0 ouO (LA6. fIng pcrpeoflumin f'#g MC_ m
fifune s thhis ithe tmeas me former Ci ) TlhciTas will be made known at tiheTime of Sale. i o h'Age ir r e
which is the lal thing to be done till the grapes AL-,, 0,. 'o S Mde$.ipdn -
are vth~red. A Qidty of 41tPt1 CK-ANDIR1.Y, itay c tln tCan&i
6 NsVouat, Or the Vintage. It gteierally, be. Do, ku c Ir
gInf rm the s h of SepmNer, to Jhe Jsthi of JH tI111oD 10 ItCo. twee.. IO- ..
milol alewisg to l dlr fh T1]h NIP$ Fe. anrtirl, 116. ..111 f1br ent rinr IIt I 001t11i an

renewal and contiuation of the Crufado Bull. able when called upon. The State beinglaid out, JUS T IMPORTED
A truce of thirty year., with the Algerines, and divided into counties of about forty miles JUS,'r P t TED,
bah ten at length happily accomplifheds by the fuare, I would recommend the throwing the In the"laf Vi IaLS from LNDOaO,
dle D0'Ffpilly, and includes the Portugufe, Militia ofeach county into one or more regiments, Aas& I as SOLD CRtAP
Sthe Neapolitans, and fame other Itlian NA- agreeably tothenumber ofinhabitautaUtheymight By FREDSRICK STAGE, & Co.
tins, as well as the paiards. The Sum to be contain. I prefume alfo to fugget, whether the As siir Snor, thek trner .I MUllssair TSiST,
d to the Algerinseby thefC powers, is two il- appointing a gentleman of refpCtable charader, mar tar Paeana.
rn, eight hundred thoufand dollar,, in annual and approved military knowledge, with an ade. OYAL Pattern fts of Plates, do. do Soup
antalinmeint of ooooo ach, T be conc ling uate ftary, will rot be a means to facilitate tne ditto, loaoud and ova cream coloured Dilh
this bfiief. was Immediately. followed by the defired end. His appointment and duties, you of dinerent fies, Royal Pattern ditto ditto flat
relet of several hundreds of Chrinans, who had will be proper judges ot. The principal prt of Plates, ditto ditto ditto Defert sad Muffin ditto,
for many yeart been experiencing all the miferles the latter, will be to review the regiments ditto ditto Boat Pattern Tureens, ditto
and horror, attendant on wretchedncfa want nd throughout the State, to fix on the particular ditto covered Bowls ard Butt r Boats, ditto
avery. As a mark of royal approbation of the times and places of their general rendezvous in ditto Butter Tubs and Stando, Mulard Pots and
Cande D'F.fpilly' trcnrices on this occafi(n, hlis the refpctivecountie- for reviewing, :nd to make Spoon, Muflt of different forts I blue Coffee,
Catholic Mjfty was pleafed to appoint him a report of the condition and number of each rc Tea and Milk Pots, ditto Sugar Di0oe cream
Conful Geneial to the Regency of Algiers. g:mint annually,- to the Gr.veslfr and Corn- coloured Tea and Cffl~e Pots, ditto Chamber do.
The General Affen lly of Nova-Scotia was mander In Chitf for the time tir g, and to take ditto ditto Mik Ewers ard Salts, grey Te Pots,
difloved in 04tobe lat, and a new ore l.,ce fuch other efps for the trainir.g and exercifini variegated figured l ea and covered Milk ditto,
tklltd, which met at Halifax on the 6'h of Dc- them aj.nall be tbourcht proper. ce:amn ,olouscd Mugs, fluted and plain alls,
cn ber. '" 4th. Svel al ,fSceci hecoling vacant, by rofe ennamelled Cofflt and Tea Pots, ditto bafons,
.he CLmmilioners of the Loyalif Claims de t' a firt(giitiiii flice the ialr cetingoi teI ditto ditto Sugar Dillies and Mik t itto fine
entered on the bufincfa of their Office ealiy in Lcl;llAti re, have teen tilled up agreeably as lhe marine penciled Punch Bowls of diffirret fizt.s
December laft, at Halifas; and htve pculie iutice Law dlreas: A lift of the namncs and offices fo rifc cnnamell-dditto ditto ditto, Blue ditto ditto
of their meaning to rcfid at that place dunig the liuppitd fall be p:efentcd to you for 'our ap- ditto, Pink Pattern Tea u,.i.and Saucers,
winter. probation. WILLIAM MoaLTr Dolphin Butter Boats Landfcape aep boridred
lhe Royal Oaette of Jamica,'of the ith ad AP.savtb HERF, Frmon ditto ditto, feathrr edced'flat and foup Plates,
14th of Lecember, has the two lollowmig Ar-. cbl. 7. l., op Normann, Davidhfn, ]Jnslaca cream coloured handle(I Cupa and Saucera, ditto
tiNks. pI. a*,p Ca.olint, .ittcitt, Chalcfl.i ditto Pepper CaBort,, afonn and Chamber Pots
*" A gentlemarn ho arrived on Thurfday aftl in tloop Ifland Packet, Bonman, Gcorgia ditto ditto Tuzetns Rofe ennamelled Cups and
one of the iaffe fiom Lotndon a.d Madcira, in. 14 Sl.op Belfy,. Bltterfield, Jamaica Saucers. Oval Dtl, with F;lh Drainers, bound
forms, that the French (q ladlron which had been '6. School. Gen. shirley, A!.gus, Charklfln. fcolloped,fquars,fla d ani octagnn Sallad Difhc,
cuzing for f me time otihe latter pace, confift- l'cb. nerr va ri gated and plain Walhhand Bafiain, Quaen's
hin ofoone 74 and ten ftigatcs, had l~el e for the t. 9~'pSalyand Bf nr ,umhallS, a rltdo Platern ne, twod and blue fat anol foup
ofllt of Aircsia a f da) bef he Ileft it. The fts a 6. tDrig Halkl.e, (Cmuttibl d to P e one two ai thee quart cream coloured
svc circumilancr ad'dedl to the dltcnt for's IS. ,loop Saltv Cole, JuTA aking ilhen and Daflon, Agate
etnad oi latt b) thi French on that caft, ferms Now Ton.An, puea and e Colte Pots, ariegatt d andl buffMugs,
to indicate funmethiign-ore than a bate p oli.ion FHip Lightne n r, Irt. Land n r na ltd i ditto L ap Tea
oflhtir trade: We hr pr our yi y hlalfter will Ihip Polly, M.cN.ughton, dilto Mi k Puts, Sugar Difl and Bafuns, ditto Cups
ep a fharp look out, nid jut falitr liin klf to be Ship Sally, Ogilvie, d:o and -aucers, do. ennram ed Tea and Coffee Sets,
blin ed by tle fair p offfiiin of that li'btle and ship Nay, 'rnfkill, d:ti Choro!ate Cups and Sa era, plrp!e d.tto ditto,
petridious coutt. Ship Ni'lla Hunt, diitt black pencil marine tid dilo ditto, diep
I, letters of a late date from Halifax in Nova. Brig Froviil!rce Packet, Ingl;, it.i purple bordered ditto tto, Tnplc pattern
fcot;a' th.t appFl'cation had been made SlEop, Wattlcwarh, Antigua China dittoditto, black a d red perciled marire
to hit Exc Ilrecy CGOternlour Parr, from a iimblr 'Tolbicco Boxes, Plafure at Pattern Tea and
o: the inlal ita:is of Naitluck, t, fi, the i.r.ult of --Cof tre Set,. dit'o ditto has' pint breckfaft Bifosl
atrad of :ai, on the f.a-coial uof lt pr:v:nic, P U B L I C N O T I C E and Fictrs, nluted and fro ditto, Tl'r andl Cof-
In ordcr to c.rry on antr tenltvc fiber uiior the Ic r an Adve.tiement bc re- fee Sets, fine painted. ilt, ackpen'ced China
,nltltlaaASi an AsVeitifement hntnh eea re- le and sarmald ret g in Mlted
afpices ofthe Biititlh Government, fit. 110om the W eatedly infeted rn tA 'azette, fi All pr ad blaz d Tan Pamelted M egyptian flutedT
hoour. ell atl. carf Int ii, ic '. ted e a e anr d black Tea Prt, red cie d land lined Te
atre of which they weregaclta tothcI. illfauatme to pA the e ad s the laid adertife- arienis forti, Candle Sn Court Plaier,
countryien. Mf1iY were alratly arriviol, tome bti h itait erylilt cfftd This linal notice lfia inr Knives & Foa,Fh vig, Buckte, Tooth
of whn were rad to bewcalll, a it ti h ,he,,rc pi cn, that cf Ihc s inachd i t' '
p prd ould prove a valuable aLu(iti on t to lst itherfre en, that l t.e.e, indebted ani Jertellcr'a Brilhes, T lor' and Barbe'r
i The lette doa i y ethes for Iutite alnd T 'xe, fltly dif large their Sciff rs, Nail and Pocket d to, h ieel cafes
hln caoiny. t rat ic iiee lr, bi it, efpective dbchts wilhi en cslays fiom the date vA, l-ty if plated and pin beck Buckles of the
thci, rec o qlt o d hereo the Trate aw s aut iotac hand o an p''t paotn, Children Shoe Clalp. Braf
,sa, it apple ra tilat thcy would villi:(ly t t fidfor nih t rlpa Dog Colar Locks, new fated Spi .Snulffers,
change th i i station oi any term. PARR ROSS, Silver Watches, ernnamell Balloon Snf Boy,
Thige Affir mI t uth Cr< lira mnet Lr Sttcl ditto, Chains, Wh' Chapel and common
C..he An thsl it ol la tih Can h. Onst h late R ceivcr General and Tacnrec Ner. dles, Sliing Pencil fine ennamelled Salts,
init. Govena usl M ltticl et f to tthe Loverl ouI fcf ece, F,,, Silver and gilt tat B les, andcape japanned
Ith following M.ff.ti. TOHl EN ON ant 'ing to failforEng. Ink Stands ard Candle Sticki. green, pink and
r ** Mr Speaker and Grnt/kmn of :'e .i l-ife J la n the coll fc of ne month, requefls all graved ditto ditto ditto, fine Stirrups, Shirt
Rtrfitatiasl'c lli, to whom lie ta nywif indebted, to cal Pinls, Ivory Combs, Tortoife Roman Ink Stands
GtG,',mei. and receive payment, and t "fe indebted to hin, and Waitore, ditto ditto jvpanned, ditte
AS the fi,~fn of fhl ycar will admit of your to pay their r(fperlive acn nts without delay. anlI Tra Trays. Oval Landfcape ditto. Mahn-
ltterdance in a legiRlti capacity, without in- ls ailfo, fir the laft time, lrfiarf thofe indebted gany Shaving Cafes, compete and elegant, fine
jury tl )yr riva:t conclieri I cannot entertain to the late Caipatnetirfhip I4 ON PETTY, & green Bread Bakets with .andfcape center, Pen
the imnlcltl lamlbt but that each of you will, from Co. to pay their accournta realialely, as there ard Packet K.ivm of al fort., Paintings on Olafs,
the tk.,' le.fe you may be polTfeld of, exert is an abfolute necclity for afing the lbuinals of Bridle Bitts of different kinds. Knives and Fork,.
your abalit:ca in promottag the puht'c welfare. the Concern before his darture.-Merchlan- Razor Sitta with and without azors, a great
Itlying oni the wifJom of your dtelthrati in, .I tal,!e C tton, Br.azillttto, B k, L.ouwood, Box- variety of Trinkets, Seals and Keys, elegant
eel mvftlf pericrlly feature in the hope tlht no- Wojd, a:id large Mahogany, .t Maikct P.acc,w;ll YWitcoat Patterns, Coat and Wailcoat Bltttons,
thing on your part will he wanting. Such matters be t Ofa ptlhlC IlatIlle a require your attention (luring The difincfs in his akfence will be cried on, ham Mu"ard, Corks by the e O iadltoact,
thii fiaon. whi h have b-en received by me iuce as uflral, fy Ar.r x 'nDn TAY.LOI. &c. &c. &c.
your latt adjutimtent, I flall regularly p' clut to WANTED, il all next nonth, 4 uuntity & ---
you for your information. Cotton and Brazilletto fur wlii Il J 0H N B K LE Y,
'" Gefntlmei, g:ret. Apply as aHove -i. P AKES the libet request that thofe
ia. I beg leave to recommend to your fc- ~T Peri s having demands agfl hlat I Centleen wh ae been fo gnod as to ho-
riouts rReii. n, the property of veltilg the Con. A ,,'fA r IoIvY Mia'oELL, late of this Town nor! him with thel commands, will be pleaded to
grest of the Oiaited States will full power to re- deceafed are deliver their accounts to liafclirge their r dive accounts. Al Perfon
ptlale our conmmenrce and navigation i and I take he Snbtfcriber properly attefted, without delay ; ha' mg any dema a against him, are dtfired to
the Ihlnv to obrve. tha ilthougk fuach power nd all Perfonathat are indebted to the fd Ltate, call for payment.
may be attended with fame difedvalitge to oa,- are ruflcd to make payment mme to lle has recei by the Providence Packet, a
fh!ts, ,1 a State, yet I trull we fall not be fo -arc q MRY MONTELL l rix. neat Aflortment fashionable Broad Cloths and
twanit, in our attachment to our filter States in N ~ as, lFebrsuarly 6, 17t1.14- Kerfeymeers, wi suitable Tnrmmimgs, Af.,
tre Unin, hut that we will'fa crifice fume local Cold and Silver el"um Lace, Epaulets. 37th
a oalat;,gt' frtr the geitfal good. You are called A "FRENCH SCHOO L is opened at the Regimental Butto &c. which h will fellat
tioa, in a particular manners, by thole Stat'en H'ufu of Mrs. adding in F eri Sret nable ne
a, have already p.f'ed a& for the regulation For Te pea to quire a Ho N. B. Th LOR's BUSINSS carried
their ia !e and navigatton, td joiq them in tomc MIrtf 14 Tit r L. on as ufial, at his fe in Frederic Street.
thing similar, nlI1; havee thepower. -- r- a nau, Yaw a l, 71r6.
Such acti aa have been transmitted tome, and F O R a LHE Copartaer frll Moais, Co.
the letters attendant hall bh laid before you.: IE HOUSE and L where STPrH n di'F vep t rhe of ry next, and as
.h The calling in our Quota of the Con- i E tqi tt d ithe louftc they wilb to have their a airs settled on or
tinentl Moey, and the providing for tat fed at, d conve t for fam ad the before that day, therefore desire, that a
by this late during the war, and for which our fti uttn advant usi il term or payment perfontwith wh they haveaccounts, ma coin
faith Rill remains pledged, demand your attmin beIn afy tot part to rt a t, atcmn t wI them as foon as pofbl..
ive confleration. 'im opply to .e mi STOCK on hand, confifting
2 d. I bee leave, Gentlemen, In the flrotj t a y ROBERT JOHNSTON. of Sp Chard ITonmong.ery, and Dry Oad.,
"t lo impreft on you- ahitide that, as our NfY ymJ agrys, l786. willbedifl ofd t Pubic Aal on a Mora
te ependence ie Cate of lwar, mofbe onlour l-tahi,Ha the th i obf itel* atf theAu r a In
Hski&,we t lould iow, in the moment of pea tO i i, Ma ,
PAy the tai dft attention'to the forming andu n' tor c ,+ & IaleeNro at Nl, l.*.2 .
Iaitins the. properly, fo a to'bllles faevie. jutaa, 'Hu"-a" -- j -a-

Account of New Book..

A mrJAifsBA*on DI ToTT. Cni lmr she Stat
STr A in th Crinesh, rivg tae let
ar piti Rtia. Pith nnweri e Amo l ,ed s,
Faes, and Olkrwvetiu n- e Maer and
C/tass qftm i T nurit nd arrJ. TfrantUed
from tIhe prenb. ftl,. .
IConTirno raoa *son LIAIT.J
rO thef precuuone, intended to inlature head t
J I the 1ade of provirey the ovrnms nt awdd
the right of fiing the price. Bat thip are not pid
Ahe lefs fr on "Lat account, unier a dcfpotic admini.
iration; the multitude is ealy deceived it is ant a
late of afe whihe they al i to that they never were
accftomed ; but they are fonmtimen feized with Sit
of fury and defpair, when they tafine he character of
their maters, and will be obeyed. They think they
have obtained their end when, to remedy their ex-
cclsve dearnefs oprovidD the Vifir conmuads they
aell be fold at a lower price and going oat incognito
during the promulgation of thi ediA, perap orders
iomibaker' journeyman to be hand. Nobody en-
quires on what grounds the wretch wa facrificd, but
every body oind the broad better.
Is it not range, that h great a ehitempt for hu.
manity iould be acecopanid, gmon the Turk, by
the moa obturd beaneolence toward animals the lea
viruil to society Barbrity itself has need of fame
relation; it crult men under the weight of it iron
f.eptre, but file on object, the inligificance of
which can gve no anxiety; and the pride of defpotifm,
while it confounds all beings, chutes its favourite from
among the weaken.
SIt is on this principle that the government, while
it enforce the mo rigr monopoly of the corn,
which is confumed in the crpila, by z eaClion rui-
nou. to the cultivator, and a lfribuion lef burthen-
rome to the baker than the onfuaer, allows to much
er cent. in favour of ctrtle-doves. A cloud of thefe
cird conlantly alight on the veffel which crotf the
port of Conlantinopic, and carry this commodity, un.
covered, either to the nmaazines or the mills. The
boatmen never oppose their greedinefe. This Farmif.
Son to feft on the grain rings them in great numbers
and familiarisci them to fuch a degree, that I have
feen them Itanding on the shoulder of the tower, wat-
ching for a vacant place where they might ll their
crops in their tutr."
To finish," lays our author, the dccription of
the Turks, and give an idea of their fludied pride, it
will be fuffcient to q ote one of their favourite adages:
Riche in the lndie,
Wit in Europe,
s And pomp aming the Ottomans.
A retrofpet of the proceiaon of the Grand gcig-
ilr, on the day of his coronation, may enable as to
form a proper ldgmeat of this pmp, of which they
boaf to much: though I cannot but ac knowledge, that
there i romrething bath brilliant and agreeable in the
retinue which accompanies the Grand Seignior when
be :oes by water. Te beauty, lightincmd and richneft
of barges, are to be compared to nothing that the
French have of the kind. His Highnes ha alone the
right of an awning covered with fearlet, over whi h
Uar three gilt lanterns. His barge haa twenty-fll
rowers; and a fmilar one, following it, is always
made ife of on his return. The different otlicer of his
ourt accompany him in their federal barges and the
great number of them, joined to the renanefs of the
ro ers, and the fwiftnef of the veffel, prefeot the
mol majestic appearance, joined with the mnol agree-
able prolped.
When the on of the Grand Seignior is of age to
Appear in public, his, barge, likewise manned by twen-
ty fi rowers, is diftinguiled by a blue awning
beside whom, the Vifir is the only one who can have
an awning, but it mufn be green; and his barge is on-
ly allowed twenty-four rowers.
The Multi, e e4 i his to the inclemency of
the ar, lthe he a lowi, i vate person, is only diltin.
guided by aioe and the right of having
two men on eac The other bargs of the
geat, whofe number We s are, in like manner,
determined by the importance of their employment,
have only one rower on each Bench; nor have the
foreign ambaL don more, or any right to the awning.
SBut the barges of the haramemployed to convey
the women of the Grand Selgi are manned with
four-and-twenty-rowers, and hah white awning,
ed and eclofed all around iith httice. They
likewise make aue of fences of life cloth, forming a
Urrow pafflge, leading from the gate of the Seraglio
do n to the boat; and when they o abroad for plea-
tre, which is very rarely, th linen fens inlofe
the rural harm, where they rt themfelvs, and I
into which they are introdedith the fame precau.
tion. Black eunucha furroand this inclofre ; and the
AIequis.* armed with earbinl Tform af ecnd line of
eircumvallation, to forbid all a ch; and wo be to
him, who, not apprifed f'hb danger. fall come
within reach of their bells: t. re of death would
be his frt notice. It in thl manner the wive of
the monarch, continually penned np like heep, ome- t
tine enjoy the plestfure of brthinl in topen ir. c
Thi extraordinary divers, certainly, g no
rat idea of the habitual enjoymea t to be fond I
hse aram of the Grand Seignior. It may well be
believed, ththe women live there in a ftl agreeable
muner than n thhi little pk, doe it I uolldeed

0 Befolaudi-Al is is a eoten bend, hich aA.
cut"e the ole of n pfrove_&ofehep pLac Ik I srm.
""e d dho 06"Pua of dnnulth le,

a aa entertainment. This re&eai* may, I doubt.
be of ofe to cored our ideas. Thofe I had at SrI
formed, on the civil and military government of the
Turks were halty and undigfted. It is eaflck to
judge of men when in adlion and I (tall leave fur-
ther remarks on them to a narrative of the events of the
lft war, when I had better opportunities for circm.
IpeA obervathon. Thefe hilorical anecdotes will bring
me back to Conftntinople, whkh I left in 1763, to
return to France, and inform the Minietr, that Imull
ofe my time, and the King his money, unless I were
employed in fome bufine of more real service."
The arm, through the inluesce of the Duke de
Choifel, wa. tent in 1767 as Readent to the Chamn
of the Tartars. His route was from Paris to Vienna;
from thence through Poland and Moldavis, to the
Crime, and the country of the Noguairs Tartan.
Ali Aga was his conduaior acrofs the Pruth, and
accompsaicd him to the borders of Tartary.
The following dialogue between the Batrn and hisi
condudu r, will give a pretty clear idea of the intfo
lenee and tyre ny of the Iurks, and the wretched
fedality of the Moldavians.
Toe Baton. Your dexterity at the pafage of
the Pruth, and the good cheer you pave as, would
leave me nothing to defire, my dear Ali Aga, were
you not to beat tlhef miferabic Mloldavians to often
or were you to beat them only when they are difobc-
A.L AoA. What matters it to them, dnce beat
them I mufl, whether it be before or after and ii it
net better to proceed to bufinefs at once, than after a
lets of time
Toa BAnow, A lots of time! And Is your time
well employed then to beat wretched who have not
offended you, and who, with all ood will, fubmilion
and exertion, execute things arol impeflible'
ALI Ao4. What, Sir! have you lived at Con.
flantinople, do you fpea our language, and know the
Greek,, and are you ignorant that the Moldavians will
do nothing unlcfs you dfir knock them down Do you
fuppof your carriage would have paled the Pruth
without the eercifel gave them all night, sad till you
arrived at the fide of the river P
Tea Ban o. Yes, I believe that, without bea-
tn g, they would have done it all for fear of being bea-
ten. But be that as it may, we have no more river to
croft, the polf-houfes muf furnith us with horfie, and
we fall only want provisions, which article I am molt
intereled in : and let me non, my dear Ali, the mor-
fel you cut lor me, with the lalhe, ol your whip, fick
in my throat. Leave me to pay, that is all I dcfire.
ALI Ao You would certainly take a good me
thod to avoid indigenion; Jor your money would not
even procure you bread. I
Tlu BAON. Be thu *my concern I will pay
fo well, that I l al have eery thing of the bet, and
with greater certainty than lau yourself.
"A A A I tell youlyou will not Iet to much
a bread. I know the Moldavians; they in nl on being
beaten : besides, I am orrdred to defray your qpenu
every-where, and thef. infidcl relcAls are IhItgh
to support the heavicft imp< flt. This they ill I a
light one, and will be well failed, pros p hbe
well beaten.
STun BARON. I beg, my dear Ali Aga, will
grant my requea: I am willing to pay, an4 I will
engage they are willing to be paid, -i well a to be
kluadiyrested a fitfr me to mange this matter.
"A A DA. But we hall hae mi bed.
Tit Bacon. No,. no; I have taken it into my
head, and mun make tih experiment.
AL AOA. Well, tou are positive, and to he It
proved with your eaplimcnt, of, at ferm,
you land in need to k.1w tlhele Molduoilna : but re-
member, it is not jull at I hLould go without my
upper, and when younoratory and your money have
both failed, you will, no doubt, think it but right I
should take my own method.
Tun BAioN. Certainly; and there flipultions
made, I mult beg, that when we approach the village
wpere we are taite, the Primate may be feat to
a, in order that I may treat with hint amicably for
provjoans a. d likewise that we have a od re
Indtme Oeltdr, where we may paf the night
wite t mixing with the inhabitants, and without
lague, which la made its appearance in fear of the
In that cafe," faid All Ag., I have no ocalion
o go before." He then ordered one of his people to
ide on, nehdo what I had defredI and again repeat
ed fmilingV that he would not go without his
frupper, ,
Th wlanth w we had to make would not
permit us to arrive before fun-fet, and our reffing-
Place was indicated by the &a which was ready pree
Faithful o engagement, my condudlor, when
we alighted, t toards the 6re, fat himfelddown
with his elbow nming on his fiddle, his whip upon
ie knee, and silently enjoying my ap ohing dip.
pOintment. I, on my pat, wee not lef eer i my
open of procuring nopu met from that humanity,
hich fits neeemlie I shed for the Pimate
hey pointed him oI t I approached, laid down ten
rowoe apon the gronnS an fpoke to him in Trtkil
ad in Greek and lhea following terms, faithfully
rau ated.
" To BAONt. In Torkil] Her, my friend,
ker Is moo!. to bu the provillos we want I hav
Iways love the Moldavias, cannot hear to te them
Treated, and bel o rill immedatel procre me
* A title equl entr that of Mayer, but hi foun.
ndi erin ropectinh tlver N aa ft= Lc mrty,

a heep and brea. Keep the 1li.J
ney to drink my health. ---
Te Monavitow. o It I
Turki( He not know undie r 0 -
Toe Bano How I ai ndU!n
understand TurkiL t
To% MUotvAl. l h9l t 4L
Toa BAcon. speaking Oredt.
talk Greek then. Bring me a llG.a
and that is all I at. S "ug hI
T oe MOLDAVIAN. [COtlsa o ,
tance, and making fir to ftw tiluh,
the village, but that ihe peope are
No bread-P-or---He et know S
Tus BanON. Whatl have y ia us
Tue MOL *DAVI. No i
Tnr BAson. Unhapry Peop
you I but you will efcape ati
fomething. It is ditmareeab-l, an
fupnprlcfs; you, however, are a prodo
fortune happens to many hoawft eo
my dear Ali, and muf own, than It
no influence, neither could pyor frin
Creatures have no food, for which I
than for my own momentary nci a
have the better appetite to-morrow.
A An A Oh no ; for amy prt It
better to-morrow, I afure yet, thea It l't
Tie BAson. It is our own fauk. WV4L
let us flop at a wretched village, where t
to much as bread? Failing mUlie beow r St
At AAOA. A wretched vllaigel Sr, fL
nets did not conceal it, you would be ens
a fall town, where every shing is a "ada,
cinnamon* i
Tot BasRo So, Tf, I fOppefo yp *
it is come on you again. "
AL AoA. Byno meani, Sir; It li maly
ping fit; usih certainly will ee leave me.
order to fatidy y appite, and pros to ye
know the Muldviana ttr than ya, m
(peak. ifl
Tue BAso. And will your Iogglagst~el
ALI AcA. Mol undoubtedly. If ye IN--
a very excellent upper in a quarter of a hers1
Ihall rrpay me everlroke I below.
Tu BaRON. I take you at yeUr word Ie
member, if yru punish the innocent, I will madm
tainly return your favors, and with a bLeae
ALn AGC. As heartily as you p eaf
only remain as lent during my negoci atl ,
during yours. -
TIt BAeON. That 1l but reafonabl I i*
your place.
At. AA. rRifes. hideshhiswhlponderhl
advances arele ly towards the Greek, sod tp
his Ihoulder] Flow oes it, my friend. how n
Why doll not fpeak What, dofl tohn eot
',Jiend, Ali Aga !-Come, come, freat.
"* Tu MtMotinvtAN. He ot kniowdmade '
S" At Aoa. HeI not know underflhsdlL.4le d
"This is aonihin g! But ferioully, myfrienddit
not underfland the Turkilk Ingeage?
TeI MOLnavtAN. Noi he nt h
An AcA. [Knockshim down with bilsl.
keeps kicking him while he ries.] Take lth, all
take that to teach thee then.
Toe MOLDAVtra. [In goodTm lit.l r1iW
you beatme for? Do you kntew vwryw wdl,
an. pr people and that or Princes Ie l IM
Lth air we breathe '
Al Aoa. [To the Baeon.J WtUlr,_eJU
am an expert malaer he fpakca rki* T ia
rraelofly. We (ll now e able to have a
vrfation together. (To the Mn.LDAVA, lula
hisi ouldr.] gice it appear., my fried, t
underfandefl the Turkih tongue, tellm IWbo
with thyfelf, thy wi'e, and thy children f h
Tua MOLDAVAN. As wenllautcs wfi
whore often in want of neeffaries,
All AoA. 'Plhaw! thou artjOfil i
art in want of nothing, prept of elgf wJ OI .
little oftencr; but allin jd tio me
bhelneft. I muft inflatlyad e two OIS W I
fowler, a donen of pignas. My peoundstiW
oeues* of butter, with lt, pepper, I Its5,
mon, lemons winea teaJld, 6 dgMddoil4ddl
in great plenty. .
F Tie MOLnAIAN [weeping]. I hi
told you. that we re poor craturee, wilthoetlh
u brad tocat. Where mufn weget dain e.
AM. AOA. [Taking his whip free
bit, and betin the Mldavis tlI bh I
Yon hai not hmbe ld, a .tall l
make you rich lia te, e.oe fmway I W.
your tongue. T I Oalst ie aid Au LZ ,
turns, and it the Ire.) Toe ee, Si*, m1
isfomething better than yoars.
Te llBAeN. To make the d kO
hbt not to get a I : for which n I1 I
I am a quantity of tripe in'eIL dtle
tbsd o pruain provri ku *Oftn
[To e s.rinun.1 -
I A good Itn "aep is worth dissB
Th Tuef .r vamy food ofth ; Ui.Aldu
in ll their uame, sad e mapire itf t ,
I fn~anmi~walgtdsbuim

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