Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: February 4, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00026
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VoL. II.




No. 8o




NASSa: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing Office on the B T
-a / --W

Nliw-PKt.v IrD NC.
Br re lIonv, rable JOHN BROWN, F/quire,
Prefiddet and Commander in Chief of thefaid
Ifaundi, i e. e. f.
TIEREAS hy the d f of His Honour
JVV AM E, AD A )WELLt, EI; Lieute-
ant Govrrnor and C nrmransder in Chief, the
Chief Coioniiand of theFt Ilands has, liy virtue W'
his Maiclly's Rloal C mmifllon and InflruCtions
to his i'Exel'i, cy JMMAXW LL., lfqiuire, de-
volved uiris' me; hae therefore thought fit,
by and with the adice i his M:aji 's Council,
to ilffe thi, my Pioclam ion, notifying the fame
to all hi, Mal.iet's )ovino ubjecls within the faid
Ifllmin: nl I ido, hy an with the advice afore-
laid, hereby require and thorize all Officers,
Civil an.l Military, w thi the Ihlands aforrefa
itocniniue in the rxicifc t thcir fvcralOfficcT,
Iunil futhtr order,.
GCrIN ri4r my f. hnd the Great Seal
if tie ilid l/audi, .A4!II, thiJ Vh daiy
f Irb, tr, in the ar of'Our lord one
t/'ow [ feven hun ed l orisirdy-x, ,
d i thi e 26th re r ef 1iis A ///s
R, *On

II i YnNot, n. Se
S0 1) S A V I T 11 '
PlJ 1J311 C A 1 1 I 1 N,
On M I ( A Y reit, e itlh ixant
l, 1s A. ,A U.*
A LL their S'TOCK I ('O()lS remaining on
SHas11!, co.rilt;!ig csf Shy (.Candlerr, Iren-
airwe,, (oord .- C.
1. I K #W.I S R,"
Two v.nllh'e ind vell. kiLon iI SCisrorWsn.
called tle I.1, IN anJ (UlyE lt, commhinulrd at
Intent hy 1INVLLt iM ilT t 'an1 d WI L't I s
J) TnToN bo):h yell t d ani c mnpleat in Sail*,
it pirin., 'c. to he deli d in gRod irder when
ttiey teii into this ha our fomn Windward,
wilrrethcy a r iili nw p' ite for IBrazillctto.
C N 1) I IO .VS.
A'l Fint uindtr I o Pi. c andi a I a ve that Amount to be three Montlr"
Credit ; Ith Purchalfr giving Bond with approved
euni ity..
At /,e f',ne Time and Place, evill be So'd,
Ia oo Ihll s' of Salt, lying en Ragged Ind,
in good orklr. i /
," .. r tr,,vrf 7, s;s86.
NOTIlCl IS llIItE < Y GIVEN to the lihha.
b t ins of this n lin', that they do without
dtely. -a: I t thr Rer,ivrer CGeteral'i Ofr, and
thete pay their iriefptive Taae fior the Yiar t17t,
as well a. all Arrears of Taxes for former Years:
And that warrants t) levy the fame by idiftref,
will iffne aSMK all fuch who hall refufe, or nc-
glitd to do,(.J
I Receiver-General and Treafurer.
A'nu Pr*ideinre, Februar .1, 1786.
HI'E n,,iran Lo.ali/, Ilttled on tlii ::nd the
o their n lhama-lflands, who are defirous ot
janinhg in a 'retition to Goverrnment,fo! a further
Supply of Pro\ifions, &c. are rc ,lced to lend
thir Names to the PrintilU.O a foon as
nifu, February 4, sy16.
SLABOURPRS to go tq MaxwasL in
ainco. CG0,s,I EncourantmcBt ill be given.
Apply in 'Natfli, to
S a7rsllr ,i, 286, JOHIilUCISiTIZ.

HE HOUSE an LOT where STrnpHt
SAVrI, Efq; lat4 y refided the Houfe is
neat, and convetnknt r a fall family, and the
situation advantageouB the terms of payment
will be made eafy to t Purchafnr. For particu-
Ivrs apply to ROBERT JOHNSTON.
Najfius, yanuary a, 1796.
In the Ship LIGHTNING. Capt. BUaron, from
At his SHOP on the BAY,
DORTRAITSi tlhe KINO and QUIE,; large
Mezzzotinto Prints of Roonsv's Naral Vic-
tory, asth of April, 1782, framed and glazed;
flourIed LanlfCcape., with a I)iagonal Mirror to
view them i Family Bihlcs in rich Morocco bind.
ings, B'ank Books of all forts, Countinq Hurfe
Files, Penknivea, Inkpowdcr, Middleton a black
lead Pencils, Camel Hair Pencils, India Rubber,
Chi ia Ink, Drawing Bookv, Slip Copies, Writing
P.iper of all f.rts, pi't, black edlredi and plain ;
Onlamented Sheets fo- Shiolars Holiday Writ.
itlg Pieces, Prckot Compalres, a Camera Olfcura,
Silver jointed Temple Spectaclra, Balances for
weighing HalfJorhainnfet, B-.lhoto Drarrghts with
Diredlions, Roiman's Gul and Windward Parfagcs
with Direations, Charts of the Atlantic Ocean.
St. Ocurge's Channel, Englilh Chanln, S. W.
Coaft of Ireland, Wcft-lndles, Chbfapeik, Ilela-
wa.c, &c. Foian Harps, German Fllntre, Rtnman
Violiin itlinugs, Violin Bows, Hair, Rolin Boxes,
&c. Po, ket Companions for the Violin anil Ger.
mann Flute, a (mall ColleCtion of New Mufic,
Country Dances, Minuets, tingleSongs, &c. &c.
A L S 0,
Spiced Salnon in k;tts, Englilh and Irinl Butter
"in firlini, Har't' Porter in Ihhds. and barrels, Hy-
foC Tea, Black Pipprr, French Olives, Pickled
Walnlti, Gerkins, Capers, alid Onions, India
Sry, Mulliroom Ketchup, Quin's Fillh Sauce,
,Garden Seeds. Marechallc fccntcd r d plain hair
Powder, hard and fft Pomaturn, Winidfor Soap,
Tupiec Irons, Lavtdiar Water, Powder Boxes
anl Puifa, Ladies flt Shoe Birck!es, G(intlemen's
lifliionable plated Shoe RBik'ts, ftt Knee aind
Stock Bnrkler, Gentlimen's Drcs Shi e Ladies
'"lefs Y 'k and C.allimaico Sho1m, Girls ditto,
k hilidrtn's Morocco Shoes, Ladies falliionahle
Diifs flats and Hoops, Leghoin Hats, Ladies
Hab:t Ki Gloves, Gentlemen's Drers Gloves,
Ladies falhionab!e Tirken, Packthrear, an
Crol'hnne Stays, Pigtail lTobaco, & c. &c. &.
To be SOLD or LET,
And ma) bte Btered as immediatelrl,
A NEAT and airy DWE I OO HOUSE in
good repair, with a nF one built cham-
ber, rtore houfe, anid kilc n, alfo, new out-
hounes and necelfary, wit the Lot belonging
thereto, being very large, *d contains a well of
very fine water, a garden d vacant ground;
the whole is under a good frece, mooftwhich is
new, the pofts, rails and il of cedaind ma-
hogany I the situation is p afant, being a rifing
ground at the Wef End of the Town, command.
ding a view of the Bar and Offing. For terms
apply to TnoMat Rostl, in Naffau.
iansury s7, Is* 6.
ALL Perlons who- hat not giii initheir
A accounts agailt bhe estate of HORATIO
SMITh, Efq; lat romifl'ary of Provilions at
St. Augrutine, l e laf time requcled to
fend in the f V lY attefled, to
Attorney for the Adminiftratri.
Noaffu, Jansr s9, 1786.
TTOON r Briillet Mahogany, Hard
Wood, ec. ir SgaltI tk Pr isten at
"unu, |

H AING fold off, sod dlined the Dry Goods
I and Retail Bufinefs the ptefcnt, return
thanks to their Cuflmerl e d reqiucl all per-
fons indebted to them, to ftlc and p.ay off their
refp'ecive accounts immediately.

In the laft Vss ats from LontDOn,
AnD Is a* SOID CasIA
As rierSSor, th Coerner f Mtint Lea Fy STUr,
near the PAs rD!o.
D OYAL Pattern fts of Plates, do. do inup
IN ditto, round and oval cream colored Dithre
of different fizes, Royal Pptter, ditto i;tto flat
Plates, dittoditto ditto Defert and Mullffi.i itino
ditto ditto Boa Patrrn Turceni, I'itoe
litto covered Bowls Id Putt r Bost*, ditto
ditto Butter Tub and .tandi. Mullard Pots end
Spoons, Mug l of difrent forts ; h''e cll,.,
Tea and Milk Pot, itto Sugar Dfhsl,, cream
coloured Tea and Co e Pota, 'ito Chaml r dro.
litto ditto Milk Ewer nd Salts, grey Te P.r,1
variegated figured e Te and scored Mi:k ditto,
cteam colured Mugj uflted and pain Sa'ts,
rote ennmtlled Coffee d T ditto ditto Siugr Dihi and Milk I ilto. fire
marine penciler Putlch ei wl rf diff rrnt lirze,
rofe eanramelltd t idito &il to, Blue dittoir lou
'dilto, P:nk Pattern T Cups and Saiucerr
Dolphin Butter Boats, L dfcape drep borde red
ditto dlitto, feather ede flat and frirp Plire
eream coloured hardld p.s and Saucers, dift,
dkto Pepper Caftors, Baf and Chamhbr I'*"t,
ditto ditto Tuzeens, Ro ennamelled Cups anA
Saucers. Oval D files wit Fi f Draine,. houR l
rcoltoped, ifiars. flited an oetaoDn Sallad D ll.
variegated and plain Wa and Batons, Q_ wr n'a
Pattern green edged an blue flat and flo.p
Plates, ineo, two and there quart cream coliured
Jugs, bound lakirg Di a and Bafi rs. Agare
Tea and Cofee Potd var gated and huf Mt,.,
purple ennarnelled dit'od o. Landlcapel 'I, ,i d
Milk Pot, Siugar Dilea ni Bafton, i' Ti sri
ard Saucers,do.enname 1 TrA and (Cole S Ct.
Chocolate Cups anI Sa eru, pirple d.toilitno,
black penciled marine Id red dilto dittn, drTp
purple bordered ditt ditto, Temple ratfira
ChinA ditto ditto, bla and red penciled niarire
Tobacco Boxes, Plea re Boat Partern Tea and
Coffee Sets, ditto dit i half pint breAkfaft Baglofs
and Saiccrs. fluted and.fruit ditto, Tea and Cof.
fee Sets, fine painted, gilt, black penci'ed, Criins
glazed and ennametled Mugs, I|gyptian fired
and black Tea Pots, red penciled and lined Tea
and Coffte Sets, Powder Plafks and Shot Bars of
various forts, Candle Snuffers, Court Plailter,
Hunting Knives & Forks, Shaving, Buckle, T,.ioh
and Jeweller's Briitres, Taylor's and Barber's
Sciffari, Nail and Pocket ditto, with lrel cafes,
a variety of plated and pinchbeck Buckles of the
newest patterns, Children's Shoe Clarpa. lPrsa
Dog Collar Locks, new fashioned Spring Snufers,
Silver Watchen, ennamelled Balloon Snuff Baert,
Steel ditto, Chains, White Chapel and coacns.
Needles, Sliding Pencils fine enn.melled Salts,
Silver and gilt Hat Buckles, Landt'ape japanned
Ink Stands and Candle Stickd, green, pink and
graved ditto ditto ditto, fine Stinups, Shirt
Pins, Ivory Combs, Tortoife Roman. Ink Stand
and Waiters, ditto ditto Japanned, ditto
aid Tea Trays, Oval Landfcape ditto, Maho.
pany Shavin Cafes, complete and elegant, ine
green BreaBd Bafets with Landfcape center, P. m
and Pocket Knive ofaliforts, Paintings on Glaft,
Bridle Bitts of different hide, Knives and Fork,.
Razor Straps with ad without Raznts, a great
variety of Trinkets, Seals and Keys, elegant
Waitcoat Patterns, Coat and Waiftcoat Buttons,
Linens Checks and Stripes, Ounabrif, Bel Dor.
ham Muftard, Cork# by the Occ, Otll8dhas,
fl. kc. &*.

Amrin ntelligr to humanity an the tfdl al, to hear of the Prefdent, with Mr J. T
American Intelligence. lateimporttat ditcovery at Dartmouth. A certain viTg re orted. I.
:Mr. Alien of that town, bit originally from Npn- Tiat John Temrie, s
ST. JOHN's, (Now Broufki,} OcTosta 1g. ticket, has, we are credibly informed, inverted the United States in Cong( d
SAT Sunday morning, little after daT-break, a machine, by which he feparater h tnh atter from mfllfon in dtte form,
L there was an inftantaneous mid night dark. fte water with facility and expedition.. February las, frlhi his
netf, which continued but a fimall pace of time, The water which e obtains in this manner Is tltutiln ad a ntl3n
whcA a heavy thunder itorm commened I many bid to be fift, pure and feet like rain water. of his Iad Majny r t
believed it to be an eclipse, which i fble, Wt are not cxa&ly informed in what proportion is yet no commercial te r
a themoon lain oppofitiom we therefore fppofe he procures it, and are as yet ignorant of many Ingbetween l Britanic
it to arife from th thick codeafed clouds prc- interefling particulars, which sae the natural rub. States, wherheby either ha e
cluding the light. jedt of ci,quiry in a matter of this nature. From blih Colhkt il the dom i
SNevwma r a6. Thursday lat, the s4th instant, fame gentleman in that vicinity, whnis better able that amicable negociatlonh, *
the poll for elleing members toreprefent this to poflrfa hir.felfofall the matetill fatts, we in. reciprocal advantages, ae now
city and county in the General Affembly, to be dulge the hope of receiving -In the mean although the iffile of & To
held here the first Tuefday in january neat, finally time, whie the report is but general, though it is uncertain, it will neverthelti
closed, and the following gentlemen were duly from a refpclialle quarter. and we lifen to it with United State, on thislnd
clected Tertullus Dickenfon, A. Reed. t. fatiitaetion, flil it is difficult to baiili every de. to obferve as great a degreet
-Lightfbot, Richard qofall, John Boggs, and gree ofmncredulily refpectig it. etinfif with due rcIdto their
Peter Grim, Efquires. e Obtlinate union of the partir(ls of fAlt with fea- nd welfare ;" theri E,
BeIfm, A'nveaer t. it remembered, that water, which has been hitherto uincnnti(erable by Reofelod, That Ih A J MLig
on the s5th of Nove1 i j all as refpetC- art, yielld wi h utdilii:tly to tie owefiul lope. anid t hereby is rce nd
iogthe Conflratorts i ue, &c. ofthilsttc, ration of nature. A f.pWtia on fretlh water, fal GOneral of hisl 8 anne
were repealed by the ueral Aftrmbly of t lT from the ea, every day te place, gently and the Uiitedl tates, and that hi
chifetta. by a majority of one hundred and five impercept;bli, by ext.i Iti, or to fi'ak more rpiRtered in the ecretarytoals.
to eighteen. L I properly andi phil, forhli ica ptrhaps, according ARf lred, That all privlegep
DeceMn r 3. We hr that at a meeting of the j t the ingeniuua Dr. HaaIL n. by the gradual authority which the laws nof atl a
inhahitantsof the town of York, on the silt ul'. foilulion of wa'cr in air. it is iftedcd letffre. land give to a Conful Gemnr(l
in con quenckof a circular letter from Pdeg quenily, but more rapidly nd ccpih illy, bywa- United .tates, tr a ony atli
H'uadfiert, Efq; defiring tile appointment of one tr-f.polti, wl irc fupport a column of frtll have no rommercrilA tteuor cantv
or iore delegtacl to meet at Falmouth, In thl water in the acoity, that is ever in their form. tothe id John'rTe gle sl andJI
county of Cumberland, in January next, to con- lion. Frim theft fpouit, it it faid, the iniivenortur al him.
fllt on the expediency of eittinI the counties of of the ma:hinc a-,ovc, derived the BiM Orderel, That certifled coole t i
York, Cumberland and I.incoln into a separate hints which gave birth to hiis ircovery; if fo, it folutions be transmitted t the
State, and of a method of carr) inr the fame into al.rdi tit a new evidence of the ailwift and benc- different stoteC for their format
cBfet,-the inhah tant' unl'ni;muioly declined ap 1 I it ceconcori of thle ret.' Aw.hor of nature, Phladellr ia, Dccmkj, Tnhe
pointing any person to represent them in the f.iid whn li. made nitlhing in .in, and who can ren- of a law officer by the I fe of A&e
airm'nly, and affigned for reason that they were dr th frtremendoisvoiiori cts~..iiharc fo terrible purptffe of framtig a rerifig
parties to tl.r conltittlion of Malf]chtfetrt, rand I in jo fatal to triaril:r;r, intimately produc- very jan'i, iius measure td ofilich
could not, confilll ntly therewith, appoint a dele tire of their poefervation And hliappine l. fity, that it will hard mect with
aIte for the expieft purpose of its dellruition: uIsddltn, (Corn.Riat) Nov. as.. the choice of one, g care will
Iat they crnciverd the avowed intention of the ExtraI ofs klter fnm Fort Pitt, dated Obtl"**"oupo proper pe photo
plopofil curivention, was to violate the allegi- -s, sily, it agentleman in tbi ity. killl, m.y aidl A cl erfnding,
ance they owed to the fid Commonwealth, and We marched from Weft-Point the yth of table getcrl iknw of affairs.
that it w.i.ld have a tenldnl y to fir up civil dif- Septeniber with a full company: of to men, cn- Should tle appoi et'fll upon aCi
cord, in which they h:idno profpleotany advan- pleatly equipped with armn, cloalhing and camp of this drfription, he good coaf
tage; thAI on the fuppiitiqn the inhabitants f equipage, an we. airiived at this pot ycter- will every fenfibly eit. Theroomt
thle thie -counties were uanimous in thdlr opi- lday, after a mai ch of thirty fix 'ayp, with as lit. that is left in the laws, by a cardeleti
nin, rfpedting the mrafire, and that the fame tie trouble ai could be expected on to long a ming them, will be dome away, and, as
bhall be as readily grantedIy the supreme lgilla- march, and with recruits. ver of this lidinefi has very ijudiciouayoh
ture of the Commonwe th, and by the United The is healthy and in good fpilits, filch ieqnent ~Icurence to fupplemett
States in Congrefs affembd, as afked, a feparate except two mnl. who were left upx:n the road, by no lo~Irrieonfcary.
independent government for the f.idt counties refnin of their lickncf. iE ::it dcflrtdl from us A stitr pf traEts from letters iw
would not, in their.opiion, be beneficial in the dui i:g our maich, anl we ere fo unoiifrltunate as iritons to their iends in America, I
present infantile fate of.the afid counties. to retake none of thn, t. We (hall remain at this fubicd t Ameiic onommerce, fays a e
ft. Bcaufe the expInce of fiipporting civil pft butt one or tro dvys. Col. IIrrmic met us dent. I lately I le their appearance
government, in addiioh to their proportion of five days before our a rival, (;n hli rout to New- ent news-paHpel al5 i the contintnl:t h
the debt incurred on account of the late revolu- York. lie Informed its that oilr 'r Aination is knoiw'icJ e of Pmerica, and of her real
tion, would be far beyond t eir ability to bear. down the rier Ohio, as f;r ais liiki.,, which an aliird, ce'meicial nation, feem to bI
That as they are boridring on the province is 1o miles distant, where we are to hbuid a fiprrficial. One ohrerves that Brial
ofNew-Brunfwick, a (ovcrnlment under th: ac. fnelkade foit to prevent our bling i I'llted hy the reapr, thle lhal emolument from theA1
knowlldged dominion of the King of Great Bri. Indians, and huts for the winner. Major Doughty trade !" Pruo) their own eotnputaliom J
trin, and which h~a lately had large aeceffirns of with a company of Nrw-Yr.ik trotp;, is now at autholifed to Cy, that th flimrlercat
perfons difaifftld to She independency of the Fort M'lntolfh, wailin, c:ur arrival, ulhern we hall tain was a.nrn ly ppli with at letl
United tatr, collettily and individually, their go down the river together. M ljor iamirach offer iliain flellipI ,f Americll
fway and inluelce linth nm government (liould was at Weft-Point when vwe dep.ited, with a this arife from ? It 1s tt that A
one be eiezd) woula probably be fich, as to company nearly complete, ani expected to march cruelly andl rnjunlrt pp ed withloll
embarralf its inlafir a lnI finally to annex it to on in a tHw daiy. Col. lHallmr expc to fend on that the IBritilh crown, eith as a n:w government two companies more from the State ,f Pennfvlva. were city levied miitil m Ad
thereof, or at an happen ge of New-lBrunl ick. nia thus fall. One company that he re-inlifted admitted then we ar ught inour ol
3d. That whthe the ti hall arrive for amend- from die yc.a's trcn, has gone down tothe Miami and prove that this r enue arofechle
ing and rvifing the conftimon by a convention rith the conmifnlisnrr-i, upon the treaty. The no tax, from the Am ican commnemt I
of the fame fate, (in 1796) it will be full carly whl.o>; firce here will thtn confift of f:x companies. the above author is milaken.--crsl
en iIgh, in point of tine, to have the matter tully Col. llarmer will exett himlielf to have a refpec- Another fays, forci. iler gl .
and t,,rly conf.lered. tah!i garrifin in the Indian country thi, winter, as great advantages a Brltonadiel
e',-crmr s. Wednesday laft this town met WV fln.uteroutiflves we Ihall Iperil the winter ve- flocked to America to court her ommt
agrble to adjournment, wlen they came to a ry .agrecby, as it is excellent hunti:g and fahing foon were repulfed by contrary ae tII
dec ifn in the important quellion ofincorpora- where we are to quarter.-The commimioners de they will have no concern with theM
ti m: the which appeared at former meetings firted from Fort M'lntol the soli ult. to go home or abroad, or credit them a IA-tel
for a Itotng the rieafure, seemed in fume degree down to the treaty.-The fierveyorn are tome of third fays, Americans are the lofenli
to flhfidei and thi pt 'ioncre were ce,'plim nt- them at this place-We had the pleafnre to meet merce with Etrope.'1 f'bi h is a
ci w ti t e honour ot having leave to withdraw Col. Sherman here, wIho has been down the Ohio wuadill kly It aie; but eveyr ne
tieir petition. i forty miles.-Capt. Hlutchins with fome of his that iour commegee was p t
A gentleman laft. week from Portfmooth, in- fiIrveyor began to run the eat and weft line; but at home and abroad, bo tih oI
forms as a fat, that a gentleman from rBofton have not proceeded *more than three miles, they be obviated-greater advantages wm
bound in t'e country, met a lik. ly girl with a apprehend it unfafe at present. The Surveyor- by foreigners than even now. A
child in her arms, ani invited her into his chalfe, General is determined not to proceed till he has build and navigate, confequetl
which fie kindly accepted, and in riding along the protedcion of fore of the Indian Chiefs i for would be mutually greater, In Ik
they agreed to put up at night as man and wife i which he has fent a inefenger among them, who favour of foreigners, as now, tol
coming to a tavern late in the evening, they took has not yet returned. If this meafure is unAtterd. ftrudion of America.-b 'lha
upper and the man went to b:d: the woman then ed with fucccfl, he will fet offinflantly for Con. Foreipdne would aot have "
in the chamber, gave the child to the man in bed t grefa." difapoted difgufted ad half
upon the child's crying, the woman faid Ihe would AnKu-fior, Decanmr 7. parfued a difercnt mode of
go down and get something to quiet it ; but not JOURNAL of CONGOISS. can be fo flupid as not to know, tha
returning, the man became uncaly, got up, andI tedntfday, N elmer So, 1sS. tu robbed of all hia money, iso
went to enquire after her, and on finding ie hal: Congref alfemiled ; present, Malfac hufetti, of him I
made off, was going in purfuit of her, when the New.York, New-Jerfyy Pennfylvania, Mary- If we e Britain's" w4eead i
landlord feized him, and detained him, until he land, South Carolina an ,Gorgias and from of new mf es for fupplyi f d t
save faictent fccurity that the child should not the fate of New Hamplhtie, Mr. Long, and from landss" they ll defeat the A
become a charge to that town. Connetiicut, Mr. Johnfod. s it they be itrie twll make theiWrt
Agreeably to the request of the two Hounfe, hi Thbrfaly, Detrker I. In their own produce and boI vt
Excellence the Governour was pleaded, on Thntf. Congress affembled, present as before. should be routed, Amerlc wll
ay laft, to adjourn the General Court to the firit Demsrer s. felt until they eooeto rweld ti
Wednesday in February neat, then to meet at the Congrefs a lbled, prefeat as before. qucnce will sb e mI O 1r i s r.l
State Houf in this town. The Secretary e United States for the de- walk without g ddingrj ,
h6 Mk, N emhr v. It mu give peculiar prtmentof fore i, to whom was referred Europs wl m t er
uAis fay &sacorrefpondent, to Meve r d l letter of ath to his lradluecy the pla

The project' f f tlabliilg eolaoiel on the
North Wlft coaf of America, though it etes at
prrfent to be a favourite topic of the people of
Er$1and, muft be connderd indeed as truly
chimeric al. In arising at this remote part, atd
returning back, a voyage of more than the ciar
cnmnavigation of the globe mutt be ade, and
without numerous colunies, that country could
not ever be cultivated, or it trade worth pur-
fuir. If the Nortb.Faf or North-Weft paflage
to c:ina anl! tIle Eaft-lndies could be discovered,
It mtlft then turn out a matter of the moft iapor.
tint concern ; but nature, with a ealous hand,
has barred thcfe pfalages with the invincible ob-
1uele of eternal ice. The niltians are the only
people that can form tettlemcnts in theft quarters,
and derive talf'ntial benefit from the fame. As to
the fea otter kius that abound in theft parts,
they may idIlced turn out to great profit, but
they could not pofibly be procured in luch abun-
dance as to compensate the rifque and ecptnce of
fuchl a voyate.
RicU,,niil, (Virginia) NAvmbrr r9. Lft Sun-
day evening came to this city in the Ilimpton
Aage, three Algerines, two men and a woman |
they acme "o this Rate in a veffrl from England ;
aiuu aie, Wr have been informed, to be detained
'ere, at the public expencc, as tbere is too much
reafon to tialicti their errat not to be of tile
mIRf fiiendly nature.

On TUESDAY next, the l4'h af FFENUAY inlt.
WII 1. L B E I 0 L ,
NlNITT.P i"ra
S L A/V E S,
It LetI agrea Is the Pureha/iri,
IL aVI 'S.-
hLe Cnditionl will madc known at theTine
of aSlc.
Ary Pelafi willing to ptrlclhar the whole or
any rait at Private Sja! bLcrte that tinl, mn,'
know tic tcrh,s, by apl~yiig ro
X/'11", February 10, 17
U ] I C A- c TIO N,
(n WViDNESDAY n'xt, the 15th infant,
AT THt S'l'CRE or
Mcf-s. JOHN MORH IS, & Co.
F1 btrein at I'Ll'IEA' o'Cltrk, can;,ti;uc from Day to Day till the who!e
is Sold,
DR Y G OO D 8..
CoNisTiNO or'
TRIH I in'n., Shecting', l il1neso, Britannia,
Sviih anl lron S1liAefia, 7-8 nain Lawns, friped,
ftriiiedt, and check and ie /die worked I.awn
An-.. 1ilan and needle hrked Lawn Hand-
hrr ii, fltiped, ribbon ordered and brocad-
Cl Iouc Ilandkcrchlefs, a Qa lity ol Printed .Nhwli,
I).i., and chin Silk Ganze, wilie and dyed Futlians
Ird loInv. a Quantity nf Lute lag., Tahbincts, 311-
war and G.ld ground Flowered ilk, Durants, Caem
Setr,. Irifa 'I ickig. Darmalk. 5 Chistr, Checked
Camnlii., painted Gauze, Shaw Velverets, Thick-
fer-, and Kini'' Cord, Nons ThrIl, Ifirted Tapes
ard Garlerins of different kinds, b IkSik and I.nen
Hanlkerchi,. f, Men't and Women Leather Gloves,
Hiard Ware and Cut.ery, Earthen c, Iron PIuts,
Calh, fr all Purchafco under Two nndred Pieces
ofEiht ; fr all above Two Hundred ce of EighaL
and if Ihan Fi, Hundred. Two nrth Credit;
anld for all above Five Hundred Pieces oEFlght,Thrce
Months Credit will be allowed; the Buyers giving
tnd, with approved Security.-The Good, not to be
dlivercd till the Conditions are complied with.
Na/,u, Felrisry 1a, 1786. / f l
RUN away from the Su i ftl wary of
the town, two Nerg cn named Tem and
Tull. rTom is a middle fizx negro, full mouth,
fomcthing yellow, a little marked.with the fall
pox. Tul,'/ is pretty tall, very black, ftpeak very
g'od Englilh. Whoever will deliver one or
both to me, Itall have One Gaiae reward, for
each of them. I al forewarn ally person or per.
fons from harbouring, employing, or carrying
them off this iland, as I am determined to pro-
cute any that does. H1 D
e1r0ar1j 10, <786.

NASSAU, FIUAnuv T i, Fol L 0 /D Q N,
O \ Monday night died here, after a tedious t, iln elr
Sand lingering illneft, in th fixt-ei (O -fhth f a, C a k C po er .,
Hntr of hi age, His Honotr I 'l Ir iD" -e j
OWL., EfquPre, Lieutenant.tavernour and J
commander in Chief of there Mland; and on I L 1/ HT N I N 0,
Wednesday alternotli-hia remains wre inter. CI AI BUTon, MHtter;
red in the Ch1uph Yard of Chrii Church, with She pper bottomed, is a fwift
great funeral f(tmnity. A Captain Command Sailer, d has good Accommoda.
of the 3th igent led the proce on fom the to. For Paaeer Cargo being already ea-
Government HbiOifc the Fre M nl, of which gaged, apply to Ca Bart. nr to
Society his Honour had ten Deputy Grind ITER DEAN, Co.
MaHer in Georgia, arra)ed In the habicments of N. R. To be Solby Cart Bert,, on board
their order, precctded the Body; the Pall was faid 9hip. later a ld from London, a few
fnppotted by lix Mm ibe is Met of. hiM C Hampers hli Poati in excellent order, Wired
Cili a lot train ofMaurnersfuccedd, and were Porter, and Tlipfe likeh
followndby the Officera, Civil and Military, and Feruary ir. 1 16.
a number of the Inhabitanit. From the moving -o / 0 /
of the corpce till the clofe of the ferrie, mint h d Ote /
tgwa Lere difrclarged from Fort Naifau, and three h SHuit
follies of mDletry weri fired at the place of in- S A L Y,
terment. At l v, Maler;
The Government ofthce Iflands, by the death i Will faleln I onet Month Fo;
of Lieut. Governor Powna., devolving on the W Fr ght or P a t Month. Fo.
lion. JOHN BIowns, Efquire, Prelident of his Freight or Pto
Majfty' Council, his Honour, on Tuefdiy laf, AI BI7 0FGBRA .
iffleld the Proclamation inserted in the beginning LL Perfonr, all hn a aft
of thia Paper. the enae of Dr. P t SAlnu, drcrali,
We are informed that eleven fail of American are rrqieftcd tn bring n tr accounlt prope ly
Vca'elIl ire been condemned within thefe tw atteftd ; and all thnfe who are indebted, re re-
taft months, in the different prts of St. Donii- qicnled too mae tlhe uhfo i
go ; and that the Trade of the United Statel with b, who ha haind Lett of Adminfra
the French Wcftr-lnia InMind is now entirely ON the faid E.ate.
rcflriled to their carrying thither Lumber and qAAC BUNIN
Live Stock, and from thence Tfia and Molafls. lCaFns. br lr, IT. Tr6r.
A Letter from a Gentleman in Antigua, elated -
the md of Drecmber, fays, Tihe ftrienefs PANTON, LES I.P & Co
with teledp to the Americans exc :ifed here, At teir A FTe. n,' t, at t e' r
il fcarcely to be etceedcd by that of a Spani 'h r an' F't, n t'b nee/ Ulron-
Inqauiltion towards the Jews. The rcendlnce of ST I T -d Ce ATv.
the malel of a vcffcl's family in Amedica, al. H A V FO t R A r, Fp
thloueh himnfelfa Bhiton born, has condemned AC P FAST. NrIA (~OD; af P rROPPAN
a vcfi ntherwife navigated according to law.- Wrr the ih tt Chandlerv. Iad-
Otlr Wft-.lndia News none, excepting the nf the fCrlaitrv. Sl Chandler, theyd-
alilnrt ilic hy the iunaways at Dominica, w cel n -ry. Cr c ,k ble t o A thoy
There weir Ifhipped from hence yesterday, am wll rll on the nor roafable t' for C /b ,
andl a ,oinn;tilrn for the Ranrc rAriinig there to l ______...___ .
riluce tlltin. lTht elangrsare chihflyAm:;ica'i T'l lF C-pitnerflinr Joy Mn,,r, & 'n
Woolfmen, Itefugce 1'he mode o aAin will TI 'ifnhnrhte th aC ii ary next, ad as
bL cLanecd with tirm from bufth fihtiLg or a fair they w mh'tihave all ti afirs fettlen on or
crlIce, to ilolpig andl curve lti-moIt pn- oi, cfe ha. the that h desire, that all
louI r'ck... whee they may Iloot a man acrofl a perf`nr ith whom they 1e accounts, mav come
ravine, arne it A itI ot them two hours to get at to cttlement w ith th-m r foon ai poffihle.
the holy." T'heir r.mainin* STOK on hand, confifting
The Society inftituted at I ondon for the en- of Ship rfhand!erv. Ironic ery. rid Dry od,
courasement of Arts, Manufadl.res and Comr willlie difpofer oiar Pntb c An tion, on Monday
nrcre. ha've offered a premium for the greateft the 74th of Freruary next, at tl,eir Store ins
qna:ltily of Oil eelratd fruom Celttl S'ed, a dle. Nafil.
th il of the prices to be given by the perf.n claim- Narfl, Reemtfetrr aJ i
ing the premium. IfauIy four readrrs cn afford T ft N BI GE --
iiatrmationon this fihjet, we nal. be happy in t N t Lre '
the opportunity of cu oin nniciaingt it to the .PKFS the liw y rerirft that tahof
Public. Cmorm have 'een fan onod alto ho-
ew SHno vr hiRm with e mm on wilt he p'eafed to
-- dlifchargte Itih r re ,~ iveaccrantf. A'I Perfone
On MONDAY oth infant, ha"int any d4,man I again him, are desired to
WILL BE SOLD A PtIBI.IC SALE, cal for pl'yment. I
Under the V'ePN o HOUIF, He hal rerreiveT the Providence Pacet, a
T HA' airy, neat DWEI.LING lOUSE, with neat Aflbrfment f ~ItArahle Proad Cl'ths and
ian Mcitenf IaOT, arijoini to Dr. RoaAT lKtrfrymcrrr. wi'h fnitatle Trirrringw, A./
SorT', at prefrntocciielby CoI. JH Douo .M and Silver 'lrim I re, Fpa'rt. it
The Tarms will be made known at thi Time of Sal. Reg;menal Buttrn., &e. which he will fell at a
FebJuar MORRIS. reafonHale adverre.
F nar to, 1786. W N. B. The TAyrFOtR's USIIEtS carried
ft o o L on I ,f Ial. at hi, I tofer n Frederic Street.
F FOi L U 1 N N Na,f,. rYanaro r, 716.
r Sail we or f Ther ef of hpri nxt, Li.. Perfon hai, dcem odlon the Flatte of
k The new S ti. Mr.A.xAnnV Rnoxlao deceased, late
after; ntrea whore y atteotod tendud rmest
P Or L L 1 Y, ofthls town, re ntdfired render in fatre of
JoHn MAcNuGoTO4 after I their claims. properly atte Ld, to the fubfcrib er
elrtbcn joo tons, built Malao. A"nd thoe whoare ;nebtelto the fate, are re-
any, jud off the flocks. For Paf.- tltefted to make payment mmediallyat the
ae, haringher Cargo already engae apply to le may be fettlel as n asa Tie.
*de Mafler on board, or to ANTH. OXBUROH, Adr.
PETFJ DEAN, Co. f'nYu,, mur 7n4, r R86.
February to, 117l6. u'HE Sariher bels leave to f it ther-
Sfpe labVe Public and his Ctomersinpart icu.
FO R L O O N, Iar, hth hefhatl continuetoc efnthe BAKIN
r. Sail aboua the IJb f M arch nmxtt BUSINESS as ufial, detrrvned to allow no more
The it, than one month'. Crditi y of his Cllftome
N A C Y, being i a'e* r pw lof months, he
entreaty they would frpeedy payment, to
o JOHN ConiS L., Maer ; prevent further trouble.
For Freight of Cton, applyto the FRECB IC STAOGE.
Mtarer on board/or to V-trv.l,-'Pr Fi
LATELUN away fo the Subariher two Negr
LATELY PU BLISHED, 1 8.Girls, HHDand Tmv'ab lately pr.
.nda to k Sld at abe PaIrTIro OrrlcI, t hafed at Mr. I'tw'Sales. Dartih i of a yel-
Price Two BITT.,, w compieqo, about flitteen yean oold
The Bahama Almanack, a"sn. tea I a tt uat likely Ublck irl, of
Calculated for the Year of Our Lord, ry76; nearlytheume A Reward of Tal Oavua
nontaiing the Lunatioan. Eelipfel rilin and will he paid and Ta O.,,., if har-
fetting othe Son &ad Hool, daysy, oe brsed by aWW ?bsont W eolei of tLe
Table, Tide Tables &e, *e, *. o* dar. I J&u WIU q.

Accom nt New Books. ill be diftinaly perceived. t the chaneir of ml. 1 ld It weight In .d aied
vidualo is far more afiedrd by the nature of the govern. indlgence wa bougllt ata dot s
meat than the induence of Clim We a e the length they gne in their awem a,
IAbeoireigt iaon e DToTr Citanlh tl Sn rt power of notel Caufel conllantly predomilnating over which the rand Scignior to s
fth Trogi/ ir itb Crimsr t ir la r** that of phyl a', and be ahie to account for thote varti himself, only flrd to dmneoahtr
Far fit fi. %,ibth unu A8lo, ties which icem molt dlficult to eiplais. but aiarice, enrajd to find iDgUi
Fe.M, and Owarot a t Me iSlrt ar d If we consider under this pant of view, the do- co e to torre. to procur. the
Cufeas f re aur I T4rs. ITrati f[eendents of Patroel. and Aeh ile, we hall percive who had nnenifltnce.
fro thsi Fren h. s .b P .k that, under the ampreions of the fae sli aue, dcfpo- The Bdtll.nadi e11 wae
ARON de Tote p. ftele tags over many tifin, which enslaved the latter Orrek, before o rible opreon he Io a
who have written a the je tf the preft qured by Aleander, while it fet upon them the mark tested to. ad rodiouls f.tets
work. To fome he is fupero tlity, and to others of it. slavery, could not efface the traces of that reli- secretly through their hind~ '
in information. His remarka gen.ral!y founded on gioua pufillaninity by which the Grecian empire was were continually emlloed,witiet.
fadtswhichimmediatel llw hi own obf.rvation, ruined; and if we gs back to the epochl of the glory prettdled trub but they were
and though they wnt (and thedo want) thole charms of the ancient Cre el, we Call find, in the nature of rice of the Prince, w which iwalloiwed a
Swhich to delight and muts us the c hatd LCttera thofe early governments, the coircdives of a climate of the riches that the Armenaln i
Sf Lady Wortley Monet t they compnftiate, in wrch invite e more to the injo mer than the contempt mnrce of his faihir. Tht trolnrtara J
Sme meaare, for thi 6t te y heir fuperorocura- of life. 'lhe wretched dclality of the Lower Fompire and was obliged to redeem hi life r
''he Baron had opportltie for deriving intelligence exlted with the love ol gl.ory, irtue, and liberty. and excellwe.
from the rir force. He s rpanied M. de Vergennes, Under the yoke of aEtual ts rasl't I hylficl caues mnln Such is the juflice whick thq t
the French Amba to the Ottoman Porte, in regain their insiui nce; thr(e an nily be overcome by glly, i.e fince a& law coad t
the year r7J, and f the Itation he held, and the moral ones, w.ich are ever ais.ti.ilated by dertlclfi, rics, and tht t.bit of fu tfring pr,'t
conneaions which he Id famed, h was enabled to the faecies of g rtvrnrtnent which, of all others, takes pants
devclope the chararl of th optole with whom he leeit effid on the nultitulde; swho arci rer fcrificild i The Baron examines the isoelopks TUlf
center d, ond to uletto fa crtr into theirfyltem of its orpreflions, because its great icliaree ij on thole founded on the code with regalrathe1b i
pic and goirnit, than a man of equal or even who are the principal infiruments of the calanuties of nals; and thews the alual tife of power ea
up ior abilit;e cou avte effeaed, without enjoying the people. the tr~td Seignior, and that of he Jdf4e
the ftme adantges,hich happily fell to the lot of If mhe climate which the Turks inhabit relaue the liances he product f the uort aMtec udn
our Author. The c ce refold a himbythe irat fibres, dlcfpstifm, by which they are enravcd, incites the rnmmon rights ol hunmanty, are faohl
clicero of the Turk lh cnire, and the Grand Scignier then to violence. They are fornltimcs even brutal; every liberal mind c mal horrid idea aJ
himself, and the very adive Fart which he took in the and thi ferocity is increased by their douriue of Preo jiriill rsdnce; and oncile us to wcory
defence of the Dardanelles against the attack of the dftlimntion. 'ilisprijudice, which, in atll climate, vance (,o iequ mtlyail by ouorw .i
Roian frit, octfitncd a report not much to hiscre. night have rendered thrin brave, in a hot one only d lc sitnt), whin we ` lE hownsay onl
dir, ls. ihat he had rno,-ced Chrillianity, and had infpires them with ternerty and fataticifin*. rerpe. creatures are rolhbd lhe mol Aend r
Turned Mahometn. The apouacy of the celebrated tually hared with this fever, thI. sltpife whatever is human nature; arn IId od theirlies tad
SCount Bonneval, in a hn il r situation, was refcrred to not agreeable to the man rls sI their nation ; the Cr. the mcof fceble and precarious tenu .
by way of pas lel, to give the story credit ; and when ceff"ry rofu!t of which is pride and igneirance So that, F ah quarter has its Melkkemal*,in wih4
it was considered in uhat a fcrnful light Lhrilfiatns of in the very country whiri wvas the nturle of the ait attended by his Naibt. fl alt Io ay logs, to l1i
all dcnem nations are univerfally held by the Turks, t ano prduc r, it an oce prduel a P I, I Euclid, and a HomerI, ll and adminifter juftl hich bid
wa. irR prefumed, and then positively airrted, that in the ,i, nces are, at prtcent, treated with deriiun and prompt, as the payment cf the expenses n
order to acquire that conkquetse which the Baron en. contr"ppt. The love of fai e, however, will always tsllllo tihe Ir irente.
j I" in tie very bofom of Mahometan bigotry, he retail.Lnnong mankind ; vanityi.iutiinually in aAion. Thra wlis the StaimlB.Kffendi eat s
sIua of course leave renounced hi religion. fhe con- but iss rews are different. I he Turks are, perhaps, refred to the promiaons ofi capital, i
idare, thou h natural, was not true; and though the only icople who fcek celebrity by murder, wilhunt dtiiterclred, though it has, i ai, be*n a o
frreuent'y caled,. yet the tUatoi was not in fa&, a having luffiaient courtae to commit it deliberately. psouu app|s.rancc. He tfiest price oI om
rereg d He was en:itld for his employment foe When the climate cnrlecist, at the fatm time that def- proel.ims then, and take e either by s
ly to hisab it ca; md tofe abilities would in allpro- putilm incite, to violence, intoxication, only, can im- is fub-delegate, called M b, that the we
abtiy have n-ver been poyd in the frvice ofthe part refliuti n fullicient for fuch a rini ; and its ifeafurers ire hIseft. Prl ed by four jaa
P.rte, if the conternatiouif the Sutan,'nd the gene. conunflion railf the criminal to an equ :lity with tie drelt in their habits of c ron, with thtrle
ral a'prel't on o f daticl m the Ru fleet, had deflot." their hand,, this officer, m need an hortcbaeA
not, for a no ment, fujn ed the pRe of reli- I he Author gives Lady W. Mntarau's Letters the round the eity, with one of i.t attendant by hi.
fiof, ar ma e the M h etan, i th fafcty, praile of ingenuity ; but denics thmc the tni re lubltan- hol'ing the fcales, while another carrien the wei
I c light the King of Prlisa. and wi h the bell recommenda- entertainment was their fsily sljcdt ; and, to aerom. are provided with cldgcltandothcr inlwpualt
tion, ap lied to the Rci Eflfndi for employment in plifi, this end. irith was frel.;ntly falrificei to fiction ; pe'r to punilh ite gui'ty.
the Tu kifl army. Hi tainted asdi nece; his rccom- and while lhe fair writer aniutd the fancy, the was not This trt p isalw preeeede by feme peare
nien'ttion. were approt l of; but," fays the fentn- cry lirupuls iihonut thtl nic. i -le rorrects fonc of guided, who uonpedie y, ftrie on the brutad
,i. there i- one hlttleeq whi. c w hw h you fcim to her niflakles *; but heccrredsthenl Ihke a gentleman. ihop; the wrights and plelfomef.llr ofM
have forgo,. What i that?"' demanded the off- lThe Baron landedat COnll.rn'itc,,plenn May 17 3.- other cnmmnahty, or tevcr lfe may c
cer. "' Unl," replied the Turk, the trying cere- He gives an account of tic city, the fcraglio, the fraudulent dealer.
money of becoming Mahometan." The officer, with mnfqute;-lhe iantner, a.,! cufloms of lthe Turks of I he b ead, brought to the magiltaU,
fome warmth, (l .Af. de 'ott as a proof that a different; their amueislcmnti andeaertain- f the ils Against the weight which it olght to.wa
ChridMn n bce *aplTyed. Aye," lays the Otto- mnt; their political, military, and riomctlic regula. while the baker, a&rcady fi'eid, and in the praial
man Msnitir "* that is very true; and appear. to all tinnyd incidental occurrCteces to wlich he v as a wit- his j'ldge, cxpeCts the fentens,, by which ht i
of us very falltli tng; hut that is no fort of rulk- nef ; and multif tious circutllances, vhith would : arqurteIl or condemned to the baftinaO llo Uai
the Grand S:ign or cholltes it'Jould be ft, ajid w exceed our bo .nds, were we to detail eve til e heads. I pi tihimentt moore fevrre; fuch as having is
ntil obey him; but tel you oqce more, that t i al There i, one idea thich im r.I fel it with peculiar to hit Ihop, r evcn to be handed, accrdl
example which will not b redea d.-M. d Tott'ls force, and which the ICthr will not ermit t to loft ca'rice of his judge. But what moft rema
a very extraordinary cafe." It nedits to add that figl tl l-and hat is, t injutli and delpoitilit o theil the r the Prflian s filer was not emp Iyed. T k h government; a lie fi erlhition, bigotry, wh.Te knavery Ihould be punified, is not
Thia anecdote, while i flhe the eltrememabig y and ilfpitable choaradicr of fti M :.nlmact in general. this affair; hr quietly preserves the daily pl
of the Port, fulfe cleat the baron from m A more perfect ;idgmtnt," flys he, may be falfe weight which miners punihment, and
mnof difgraceful imputation tt could polfibly hive formed of the proceedings of the Turkill government, one of his journeyme., *r the foreman of ml
been thrown on his characcr add prncple a; 4or what in the matter of ficceffion, by the manner in which the the danger and trouble of thin shameful predia e
name is fo univerfally abhorred as that ,t a RzsaoaA trlafiry reckoned ith thrife, who had the manage- for double pay, agrees to represent his malcer I
noo who will give anman credit fr honour, 'when he imnt of the affair of Rac ib Pacha, who had been a advantageous polk is me lately folicised
foruwears his region, only to obtain a poFt of profit or long time married t a rifler of the Grand Stignior. journeyman, when the irft geta hanged;
an ofce of difinlison ? "'Jhis Vifir, celeated fojlhe aslivity of his mind. difco.rtages no one. Butt t muft be
In a defultory piece of declamtion calkd a Paste- the cruelly of hi c hradirgand the futility of hii cnlM aments of this Ort are not to frquenly
asINART Dtacouusa, (and which a man may read capacity, died in oflficd andl fo high a degree of ere- as they are deferred. F
without being able to recoiled the various lubjcda dit, as feened to leave no rrifon for uneafincf to hofe The cmpnutnfatfon which the maile bak
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Compare a Man4eo Tartar with a Tort of army, when attacked. takes to fight before it is bea- -1 c r tHV J.
is C.ompa -o Tartar with iof ten. But her fico the r Turk, whnen the can p C to r D juftice n'o adsire"-or
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wards obferve the Greek and the Turks whole hg ffea o f it; and in thela0 w wiltd 0e Iul]n., thole gre t = 9cee, whie, as wall u as !W
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Chi f byat the eArab, wh., benoat the thI c, Colls t Ourre demr will bear in mind, that the 4th "e- A A Prfona having
himbe found to he a g ret r cft4 bbO,1 this m o thwi lme of the Letter wee not written by Lady M.W. WART 0.,IR, Cc
Tbfntarsaee araehafe of the gyptiane hIt -onaya Mont u and that we gave tothewehh thtis of to give In Rates of the a"da

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