Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: January 28, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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No. 79;




NASSAU: Printed by JoHN WaLLS, It the Printing Office on the B4T.

European Intelligence.

LONDO N, NovInMaa at.
Tr! warlhke preparations both by fra and land
Share continued with fuch vigour by the Court
dpttcrrburgh, particularly the railing a new corps
efgrn.adiers and chalfeur, amounring to s3 or
J6,ooo men, as feem to indicate a defigu to comn
sncc hoftilities the enfuing spring ; but against
what power they wIll be dircded, is yetj problem
among the politicians. Certain It is tXat if the
Imprrdf has no fe ious dcfign of entering into a
war, her immnnf etxpeuces arc entirely thrown
away: She has too little dread of the Porte, and
is too well acquainted with the diford*r which
prevails in the Ottoman Miniflry to make fuch
]rin t.ltions, had the noother view than to defend
trflf in rafe of an attack. Next Ipring, howe
ewr, will discover the p:an of the two Imperial
Court$. it is generally thought that Poland is
o,.ipreleinied in the scheme of aggrandifeumnt
furtncr by its two powerful neighbours.
Eilthhehe rcpolt of the Emprefs of Ruhla quit.
tir.og hr conilc tions with England and attailhiln
bert It,- Fra;.c is gronidlels, or the account of
th Ki g tSf casting a Memorial to be pre-
fented to the Chancellor at Vintina, flnlifying his
I en ion o(f Init ptrmiittilg the Rut'i.n flets to
lp out of the Orc n imtutl te Me iterranean, mill
I pt natir. his mraftre would to tti highclt
dk rcc irritate C..thatii e, n hofe ambition is to bc
a it.;. pv, er, and erjoy the freedom of the Ila
itic ttlion. c; til a' ihe could not iln talt of .
ruit ire I-rpe f r allillnce ldirc~lly or iiidiriltly
fruom Franct .Pg.inft paint, the lault ctesravour to w I ond,. *f' AIility flill cioltr U ith Glteat-
Bri ain, wh, if Ille doeCS inot talk anl op.n part inI
tIh q -t.. cl, ill )tr permit Iet sailors anld o:f et*
to itner in'o ttic uffian frevice, wl,:ch is the oiti)
th' n th t cin rnalle the fleets of tile Lm ,ief to
Cope wI t. f, ol Spain.
'Ihi Il,.tlch King has offered a premium of
lo,uo, livilc to the person uho r inds out the b.fl
ll thb:.p .f way of makii.g bre.a of potatoue.
Many i xier m n been already tried for that
pit pu buit % i Il'ut flucef. as to the pi ie.
V nat,, O)li ber 14. lie Botanit lhos,, who
by o i:cr (o ti e I'nir ror acc mpa..ete Ihe pioftf-
for M.- rton in o Noith-Ameiica, rilluned abiit
the ndt tif .'p'ecmtlr, bringing with him upwatids
of toco Amenrcan pilanta, which are placed in the
HBuo, ic parta n of Schonli unn. Mr. Boos alfu
bitught flint hltr birdl and qiadrupids wth.him;
tI' p. ofcirr Moitton is fuppofed to be tt pr~l.fnt
at tlhe Ca'r i.f Good Rope.
Brlr,f aovemier I. All the regiments fent to
this Il.ct bIy the imptror are fill with us, and
ire 1t II nlnl nt l Ilut cinlonon ofthe Definiive
Tleaty. Misitiicht isthronly ohebt as yetagrecd
"pon. B.lder's regiment iF gone to Germany.
Threc iaili:l glcat talk heic ofan exchange taking
place betweeti Baatia atnd the Low Conaltrics,
atid eicry thing loei to prove that the Cabineta
ha'e t il ontempla;ion.
(Itpenbge, Oflok, (6. Tip Prince Royal,
hl sI gpot, on a tour into OG~sany, is apttelcd
ltiee biy tlie conc'ilion of tle month, as we learn
a lip is put to his futthir*progrefl through Eu-
rpe til the spring, whvn hen is ag;iti exptOLd to
ftoff on a whlt to all the Courts with whi.m the
King is in alliance; it is probable, in fome of thefe
"fits his H ghnefs may form lfnclconnelti no as
stay Iccule tu him 'ie Throne in the prtfent
A'ati, OR tr. The band of robbers, who
intit this city, and which is laid to amount to 4o,
smurs whom are fome perfons of family, coUn
",itt their mal-pradtices; but as f me of them
w"ho had concealed thlienrilve in different parts
f the city, have been taken, we are in hopes of
traveling their leader, and by that means de-
Wroy the whoil gang
We are informed that the only companion of
the. fmous robber Angele, who tfcaped, is reti-
red to the Province ot Salernum, where having

joined fome other banditti in the Dutchy of
Laviano, they commit the molt horrid outrages.
The Agent General of the Duke of Laviano nar.
rowly escaped being afaffinated by them.
L adon, N.emher z6. Yesterday arrived the
mails from Ilolland and Flanders, which bring
advice, that the Conde de Efpilly, having re.
turned toAlgiers from Madrid, with propofals
that arc aca'ptable to the Dey and his Council,
it is cxpeCled, that peace will be finally concluded
with that BarLarian Regency.
NHltwithflandlig the reports which prevail to
the contrary, we have good reason to believe,
from good authority, thar the Princcts Royal is
certainly engaged to the Prince of Deemak ; his
Majefly, it is raid, wifhle to delay the niptals
for flre time, as he does not approve of the eary
rmairiage of hii daughters. The Pritnce of Den.
maik willcertainly not pay a visit to this country
before the spring; and it is not determined whe
tier even then we are to be honoured with his
The catfe of the amazing and rapid rife of the
funds is at laf dil'covered. The miniitr inte ting
that two millions of controls should he paid off, has
employed lume of hi favourite bh.nkers to buy lip
about two mniliot.n at'various prices, from J8 to
61, wh'ch ,n in average have ntit conf Itol, 'oool.
'Jhis flock is entirely taken out of tie ma, ket.
nid is now ready it he all .ili ated by an adt for
iiat poupofe. Hadtih Mirifler lift the puichafr
of the confols until theopening of his hbiigct, the
flockholdtrs tioi then have run ul the price to
Jal enormous pitt., and it wi(uld have been im.
poflile for thstAlin fcer to have omc at thm n,
without givingal. nccur; t heiefore, by th': piu-
'ent tip, the puillic will be eafrd of tio mil ons
.f the dent at law price, without blIing obliged
to give any doute r whatever ; and it i. fntp fed
tl.e 'nvelrina of the Cultonls will be fufficiet to
pay f>o telt flcer.
A f hen:e has been fubmitted to Govenmrnrt,
for Ith ab.liton of army and ravy aglntr. The
exhibit( drift ofit is to abolifli this fufpicioui or.
('e of men, to n;a ke the butfneft hitherto ego.
elated by them part of the fic:al roitive, and
thus not only to profit the public, but to econo.
mile foi individuals, Iy dividmg the price rfcom-
tnifion between them.
Monday an eminent Attorney in the City filed
a declaration in the King's Berich that contantedt
9000 llitets, the duty of which. at 4d per fheet
.mounnts to tiot. and fix briefs were prepared for
Couinel, cn etatining 400 Ihctis each, which, at
35 4. 4!. per liert, amount to 4C0'. Thus the la
txpences, on one fide only, as a preparation for
trial, amount to more than S3nl. aid the fum in
qucflion vhich gave rife to the law filt, wasa
gimb:ing piece of bLulinrf of no more than
'The Duc de Chartres has jult imported into
France from this country, a complete pack, con-
fifing of fifty couple of Raunch fox hounds, a
huntsman, and three whipper.-in, in order to
(few his own countrymen the difference between
Gallic and Britilh fox.hunting.
The late Mr. B:rdmore, the King's Dentit,
dilset by his will to be interred at Nottingham,
the place of his birth, and that this fingular in.
fcription fall be engiraed on a marble tab'et in
the church: -" Near this place lie the remains
of Thomas Bordmoree, &. who acquired an ample
and liberal fortune by Toth drawing."
No.'mbn r 1y Thee flatements have appeared
at Pars, in the form dftables, which have already
found their way into the cabinet of a number of
pe fonis.
I he rift concerns the land forces, whick it
makes amount to fl(boo men, including the pro-
vincial troops. TIhs statement gives an account
of the nantsl rfalrM of all the corps, with the
nanses of their Comnannders.
The ficond fttemtent is for the marine. 8. it
we learn, that Bate the return of peace, 9 flip1
of the line have bees built in their hathours,

B111T. I
Guns. Gunr.
Lea Deua Frere So I LA Superbe 74
Le Seduifant e4 | Le Mercusn 4
RociFsr rT.
Le Ocnrenrs 4 ( L'Orioan 4
L'Audacieax 74 I La Fouguefe p
Le Boree 14
According to the fame statement, France has
now 71 thi.s of the.line, 74 frgates, aS corvettes
or chebecs, 36 flutes or gabartes, sa cutter or
Itggtrs, and 19 honmb-pallot or gui t ats, in all
as6 vff is of war, mounting.togetfer 8368 puns.
The number of men on the peace eflblilhiment Is
48.oco. and on the war tflabliflhesa170 oooe. We
fee by this that the marine department has by no
means I -ckened its vigour.
The third Table is entitled, a Viewofthe Ad.
mirilira'itn of the French Finances for 17ts. Ac-
coiding to this view, the receipt is divided into
three chapters; the firfl containing contribu-
tions or impofts of every kind, which amountfto
Igs,ooo,eoo livres the fecond, the KIng's r#*-
nnr as forefls, doma; r &c. sscooooo INreid
the third. the tistl on the Colonct', 7,oc aei
I vist in all 617 ooo,aoo livres. From this fun,
however, ntuft be dedudhd s oeo,coo line for
fLizlres and difrains, the expenses of which can-
not be ern',ed among the r ceipts, the effreise
total of which amounts to cy7 oc 0 coo the g*.
neralamenint being asafirefaid 617,o o,roo. The
expence amounts to 6re.)ponoo. Thus we fee
that it except's the receipt ia.Joo,ooo livres But
this ':iffclence is compensated, and more, by the
.17 millions of reimburfke itas which have beca
According to the befl accounts of the Rate anst
situation of the marine force of his Catholic ia.
jelly, as it could be colle led upto the ift of Au-
iuft laft, the total is, y Ihips of the line, he.
file 'ilgaes a force fupeinr to any that Epala
has witneffed for two ctnturil palt.
The Papers have announced an answer to the
King of Pi uff's Declaration being drawn up and
flon to be dclhvrcd. This may be true, as far ae
immediately regards the Ptovince of Holland; but
the anfwr to he given by the States General is
b. no means in tuch forwardnef-, nor dora it
feem p obab'e that it fuon will, unkfathe irlAuence
of the Province of Holland can operasai talU
charge in the difpoition of the reft of the corft.
deratt s. GOeldtrland, which ies nearet. td tlh
Pt unian territories, and which nould ofcatRnl be
Ihe fiflt vidim to the refentrnta of the idghty
Frederic, is firongly inclined, an amicabhblec
cemmodation, on the teraopropofed by that
Monarch. Groningues is of the fame opinion.
Utrechts where parties run higher than ever, can
hardly come to any resolution to that the De-
puties from each of thefe Provinces having no pa.
fitive orders on this head, the matter does not
fcem likely to be fMou conc:wled. The Prlii
Mininler does his utmoft to haten the boufinc,
but hitherto to no purpose.
It does not feem'obe the intention ofthe tadt.
holder to return to the Hague foor, as ihofeof
his houlhold who had remained there, went ta
Sunday to the cakle of Ldo. Mindful of hbisde
nity, he meant not to return till matters he *
perT fettled, and till he receive fatisiteod f
the insults offered his family. The patriotic mr.
ty, on the other hand, doeit like to glee up h
schemes, is training everyIre to come to as
accommodation at any l with the Em peor,
and to form an alliaese lth France, lIginain
that fo fpported, no power will be able to op
their plan of anslMlltlia the power of the tt
SutroaI d/ Lir r Jrrma hrI, 680ir 2f.
5, Prince Ferdinmdof Bunforick arrived behn
yeferday from Potfdlam and has taken no his re-
ndence at the Palace of thePritce cf Pndia Tb
arrival of this Prince, the tour said to bare bee
made byf nerl M1, li d mlaif leIa ti Mw

eooeleodaeiren mmee, iee room for fpecula- even in a bulefs like the ptefent, to attend to clergy of the eftabitle
toeI ad It Is ot doubted, that if the rights of the mediation of a mess I and accordingly, I as d will, we hope, foop he
the Cmpire and the preferatio of the balance of the hero of the North, he Ias fgnined to bir, as trious Soverinlps befnar
power l would require it, our Sovereign would re. the heroine of it, that the difpnte between him dom, Jnftire, and magmn
oum e the tnpk be h ha to well deferred, and and the city of Danz!ck, as It alteds themfclves calRls leave nd douti4
that his arms, under the direction of abf OGene. only, mult by themselves only be fettled. The mshb ajewe! to their
ra l wfl maintai theirformer reputation." interference of any foreign power whatever he Tr t aIre twg a tggti
T ae bhjed of the medals, as mentioned in a confiders as an Infult ; nor does he fcruple to de. By the treaty between the
former paer, given by order of General Elliott large, that if the iaiftirates of Dantzlek do pre- the PEmperor was to hilvt
to the Fol Family, and to each of the ofcers tfume to create any more difficulties in acctdiil to the Rcheldt. A fhort tiat
and older who erved at Gibraltar i-On the the rontention, to which he has to gacioudlly gi. concluded, an Imperial ei
ce ofthbe medal is a representation of the Rock rwetb his affent, he wil' think it incumbent upon is fuppofed) fallen at the
motto on the legend Is, Pr let dyifrimina reraum I him to recur to his original prtisflrne and as the was brought to by the Duc,
*eergue XIlf MifD LXXXII. On the re. fuardlan of the lights o his fuhlaje, renderthofe as formerly. Thlb circvmItae
ver i a brown of laurel, with a OcrBrn motto, pretenilons valid, by mrthnod which will alike noticed by the Empro Ip a
nurfiba.l,~ Bgnifyiasg brotherhoods within the command refpet by their exedition and their ie flty, that the Dutch hade
.wreatb aretbhe na of the four principal officers, efflat,. The King has cetainly been much indif. his vrlel to pay ; forlf Ie w
JMode, Lamelor, SS l/, Blltu. The dies were porrd lately, thou h ret to dangerolnfi as hias r!ve. i, by the treaty, frm..j
executed by Mr. Pil0 and upwards of Zoo have en represented; but In wh ever ate hi body wbti the fea, the fea is hre
been fruck in gold d filver, for perpetua:ing may be, it in plain that hlifpirii ieta:n all their Dutch fay, that the was either
th memaor of o ifrtoua an event. juvenile ardour." in the Ile, biht between baot hl
y a letter fromVienna we are informed, that Nothing can he mnre i:nliiotnl and contempti- c:II tihe f!'nd. H dta inan am
the Porte isdetermined on hedemarcallon ofthe hie than the condue. of Oppoition; thty firft nifying harh.ur, &e. ain H4
limits, and has drawn up the following lropoti- maintain with the Minitter, that taxes munt he markabic, that this very e
tions, which are offered to the Court at Vienna, railed for the support of Government and a dimi- situation of the Hondl, wasme
viz. I. The River Olle, and not that of Aluta, nation of the national debt; but no fooner are negociation of the famous treat
as :he Court of Vienna demanded, is to ferve as proper and produdive taxes levied for that pur- but it was dropt for tome reatf'
the boundary of the Turkilh Wallachia, at leaf pote, and their falulary efcd! on public credit is now appear. This fa( is adduled
*rom where that rsver enters the lait Province of manitelt, that they en.eavour to excite popular in farvoIr of their prefelt t ndt& -
Tranfrlvania, to ts opening into the Danuie, on difcuntent by denying them, and have even the trary, the Emperor demilnd si
recaditionthat the Imperial Court allows the limits effrontery to exclaim agAinft the Winslnw-tix. mitt ; that is, where the h~de i
of their Province of Dalmatia to remain as they Nesvw3er 9p. By advices over land, dated the Ilulet heginsr Thequefitn
ate at prefcat. a.' In order the better to prevent Calcutta, M.ay i, it inpears, that hbliflililti with the hands of the French, who, ai
ever kind of depredation, the Porte confnts to the MIarattas do not wear that appearance they to pf.-rrtain the boundlarle. Bt
yiet ap to the Emptror all that part of Croatia did fame time fine, but they ate only poltponect lilt ilti.'ation was, that he w
In their poldfion, and which is fituated on the for the prefant; thrv will not fail to take any op- no fcrhl place as the Hnndt, ad
otherAde ofUna, from the force of that river portunity whichh may olfer to break their present mult loin the f a. A little tile
:t that part of It called Nov!. 3. The fortress alliace with us. lilc Frnce efpofest.
*Wihace, fthaaed In one of the iflandsof Unna 'Whatever fangine idras may be formed of ',vmr a1. His Majelty WtFl
,and near the Turkitl Ihore, is not to be included large fortunes being made i in India, by the people isp,)int Sir Gny Carleton, Goeea
in the above conc, fimn. but remains to the Porte of this country, '-ho are all on the wing to get lDenzl, and he is toet offwl(hth
as before. 4 As the Rirerof Save, in Efclavnia, thcaifclreF, their fiietind anrl dependtnta, out in To Aile Fnglitfimen and FrenT
form the mnot natural lmit between the two Em- the Compa.iny't ftvi-ce, yet they will find them- enemice, i wsrfrthin adrbr. It il
pire., the Por'e cannot content that the limits on felves nmifrahlynitkkctn in tlhetlial, fuch a redtc. N.u/.re is Provdtu.iecAnI-andPr
that fiJe Ihould be fixed anew after the Treaty of tion having been made in the appointments, lthe wan to be the erwor of man. Inder
Peace of P.iffarowitz. It is neceffIry to except trafurirs fo low, and the nnuber who maybe fair- is particularly pointed out by Heavf
the Diftri between the Verbas and Unna, the ly faid to be transported, and ate gaping for em. two nations. it feems tohe that t
limesnof whicharcto be fettled anew by theCom. pIllinmnt fo great, that the probabilitv offuccerf in amnity and commerce. Britanbhai
.iffoners agreeable to the fame Treaty 6. The infutlue cannotihe-jdgedl .f.unltras ,tntrolnied by milt liquor, hardware, andi woole I
fubjcts of the Po te continue a free navigation on Adminilrt.i;,n, ai the Ctomspany' p >er is new cl, th, unequalled hy France.-But I
the Save, the Vetbas, and the Unna. much cilcicnm lied. 'I h truth, of his ohferva- tern not with hern winnes, ol, oive
Frederick the Second, the late Landgrave of tion is iilitiled Ly c,'-ry tcc rst Irceived lately a.d 'aces. Blitain allows to Fran.
HteCe-Calel, was bornthe 14th ofAnugun, s7 trou m I'ltI;n alnd wiheCn tlhe iirue of health is ta- miiitiry honour, and the Grace,.
He very early in life married the Princefr Mary, ken into the hiarg.lin, without which nothing is drriec to Britin. bravery, solidity, a
daughter to his late Majefty George the Second, valuable, no friend whil advift a trip to India. phy. Were there nations formed Im
by whom he had one fon, William the hereditary Two Danith Ihips are niw in the River taking enmity with each other
Prince, the present Landgrave, who married in paffengers for Indln, in dcfiancL of the Con- By tie lall Dutch mail there IanIl
shout so years inoc fe Princetf Wilhelmina piny'I regulations, which are extremely severe on vi ev prfts Intuit offered to the Priacta
Augulta ofiDenmark., thole people who git out without leave -Thefe of i)range, at Meppet, in the coant
Yesterday a wodejl lady preferred a complaint Indian poachers flouuld rcnllic the old fong of them, tn their arrival there with th
In DodCors Commons against her hufliand for lht King oefFranr. aI nl irty tlfulnd men, liron Oroningen; and that the tuil
igita rypl hn the husband appeared, and in his de- .* Wnt upa hill, anll canc ,d.n aain," great, that f:veral mtot were fired, Mil
.fence Charged her with the fame misfortune.- killetl; atnd hid not an areJ partyed
Thelearned Judge, after hearing what each party "ant take care it may nit owe day be applicable appointed to escort them, hasly
ihad to lay, dfiiffed thecaufe, advifingthem to t them. blooi'.ed mitR have ened. T
go home, and mtake' up matters in the bclt way As a religious toleration fCeems the leading fea. were happily houten when the riot
*hey could. ture of Roman Cath;lic: ixilicy ill France, Gcr- wss occa tncd by fomeof the ppu9
i Ihe flips lately arrived from Newfoundland many, and Switlcla.ld, a correfpondent hopes, l.(,ters from the Hagie fay, at
.are all ordered to be paid off, and laid up in ordi- for the honour (f human nature and the lory of ,.ireirated there with qreat conSle
nary, asthe fquadronon that station wilibechan, the refpe.dive countric., that the mild King f i,g, that atthe feggefho, oftheKlg
ged for others. Admiral Campbell will however SpaI', ad hia i(tfe, l .iuftl and klnevolc:t a lpcrfton.l conference will shortlyy
continue on the command. Qeen of Porttgiln, wold proclaim univelrfl li- tween that Sovereign and the "tal
* The bolleowig is an accurate iatement of the. berty of cm.fce.nce dn the privilegcs of worship whether this Inte'view will be in the
loaded debtoft lls country, and the interest pay intheir way, to all ltran;rru or fitihjeta diffei.ting his Pruffan Majely, or in thet
abie .oar the Iu: from the cGtabliflnid church in those kiangloms. general, no one pretend to aftrfal
or Dt,: 4o,0tS4gl. 1. td. The wi:gs of the iuquifitio:i are pretty well etreas of a lter from Part, deaw
abte 1 I 9,,36 6). 4. 4 d. clipped, efpccially iin piipi, where is prefent Carninsl de Rohan appears now
I with fuc load of debt, and fuch an ama. ty has taken toe m.rt.gemcnt of that fevcrc Indoned by the Court of Rome; fto
Inrgfnto payl fully forinterell, fuch is the tribunal into his own hlndl and ab;ogated all a committee of fix Cardinals met
.cedit oftMhlcooNy, for its honour and pnnctu. capital punifhtment.i for ever, u"lef the fentenc c Council, to take Into confllerati ob
.ality of payment, ht all foreign nations whohave be fgned by hin.felfiu counctli The utmol firetch pathe, ft om France relative to hil
any money tofpare, invet it in our funds and therefore, of inquifitonal power n yextrciling toaffi his Holicft with their adi
therapid manner in which they have rifen lately, Spain, reachie- only to fine, public pnnatce, it nuiht be moft prser for him to
. iew that trade andommcrce are in a ouriling and a fort imprifuoamnt, fo that ajuriflilion, al lair. The Cardlina present
;late. once the terror of mankind, is sow fcarcely more were Albano, Deanof the Sacred c
Iiesb -f.ta L. ttnr f trliet r,, t7ie la. Mail. formidable than a Proteftnt Ecclelahical Court. ni Pro Dat eof Rome
.M The tffair of Dantzick, I think, will never In PortiEa!, Brazil, noa, and the otier fet- ria, Buon Cait(l, Secreta
come to a final conclunon and great hI the mif- tlements, the tooth of the inqifition is, indeed, B,,rchi, Grand tentiay.
.nderftanding which fill fubflts with refped to 'little harper, extending to whipping, branding, rcliberation w that three
, artitlet of theconvention agreed upon hy our pillory nd.baniflment: but there ends its power. patched by his Holines, one
SCourt with that haughty city.Fro one of those Notols are now prepared, no gallows erered Majetty, another to Cardinal .
aticiet old Frederick, wit his ufual firmnef, for unb:lievin .,Jews or Ipolatizing Catholics and thethird to the Chieftd
.hdlares he neither can nor will recede in any the former are left to the law of Mofes, and it mentofParis. Immediatel.A
Ilspe wlatetr. It is the oas which uxe theb honest in their dealings, need fgar no injury and of the Committee, hi
Iyment of a duo e duty at Blockhoes on goods the latter to church cenfute, not extending to Be ris, the Ambanfraor fren
Irom Dantsick; I d his Majefly maintains, that, life or limb. From this account, which is literal, of Rone, arrived in town r hI
wete he weak e h to relinquish his claim to ly true, of both countries, dance the years 769 ed to attend the Council, an
bi doube i would eventuallyfacrice and t3 what remain ofthe laquiltion teems his Bloprick of Albano, t'
tothe Datsl kem holecommerceetall fa little more than an Attorney General's5 sofi after the Coneil had bre
a well ai Prot r and thus reduce to a mere ha- proceeding by attachment, and ininitely lets however, was'afterewards
dow all the g effe which had bern proposed than tse Enlilh Star Chamber i the reign of lk with his Holinefs, and the
by his faid co tlon with them. The Emprft a of our wings. This great Itumbling block State; and a little betsre
bo, .. s, knw. a sa me-ht being now pretty well removed It of theRomih etraordinary wait difpael
iatly ende thoiad to aiten nd p o fe(t and party, who Ill quety obey the muni- brought for the Kitn Is
u ourts in te caUh of the r. Dantie*k cipal laws, and give no dirAer premeditated of- denae termn, asmd dte i
In. dredfch, ar, emsi e difod, fes to the dorine, ukth Ceremonies, or A r does not attempt to

n"cdono fhlispo eer ortitowlthdraw" fert NASSAU, aFtIUAty 4. P1.TER DEA N. & Co. *
not only Bflops. but the Cletrgy in gcne:r.l, from A AU A Y 4. PFTER D N & Co.
the jur diion of fcular tribunalr, nor g does he 1 AST Monday was launched from the Ship TTAVING fold off, and lined the Dry ood
pretnd that fich an exemption in favour of the i. Yard of Mefs Beribe Ilid Anderfon in this 11 and Retail Bufinefs the p.fent, rttur*
Clergy is of divine right; he confnes himfelf im- Town, a very fine Ship of three hundred tons thai.ks to their Curiom and rtqucf all pcrr
p to a requlft that his Majefty will fltfer Cardi. burthen, named the Polly. She is the property fonis indebted to thtm, m title ad pay off thei
ta de RIohlu to enjoy the full prerogatives due to of Meffrs. Crooklhanks and Spiers, Merchanta refpeiive accounts Imme itely.
his dignity and rank, and intimates that though in Oelw' as and is the latIft vefel ever built in
his Emitnctce fhioild he tried and acquitted by te there i andIs PA N ONT L ESn I & C
Patiament, he muft be tried over again by the Th.atbeefolinwloWlg'imgraphs are copied from" ANT N LE & CO.
College of Cardinals, where he cannot enjoy his the Charleton Papers of the sath of lat month. At tteir Ntqw STro, at tr Carr (j UltoS.
ditnity. without maintaining his innocence before NOw rirh, Decemobrsj. ThePAeket Irings' StautT aid tin BT.
his bother Eininenccs. By this the Pope would al account, that the Hon. Meffrs. Adams and II A V E P O R S A L P
Inlinutr, in order to avoid the inconvenience Jfferfon had fut an ambaffador to the Day of A OFNERAL Affortment of' LUROPBAN &
and delay of twd trials, it were better the Cardi. Algiers reading the hostilities lately commenced EAST-INDIA GOODS alfo, Manresa
nl were tried at brce by the Sacred College. The b, his futl ijc agaii;ft the cjmnericof the United Waan of the irt quality, Ship handlers, Hard-
King's anfwcr td.his lHoInefl's letter is not yet Str'es ofAmerica! Mr. Randall. fe ofThtmas wa"e. Croce ry, CrocktyWa re lc. wh'l h they
known beyontlie ci cle of his Majety's Coun. K"rd.ll, 1Eql of this city, appointed Secretary to wil fell on he molt rea abk tims for C6, or
cl." the Fmbhiffy, was already arrived at Paris, on hlis eod Hilli of Exckange.
l"way thither.
1r-I h tapiaN ote"' nmbr 2t. The Carlirle JUST I POR T ED,
J U 'I" S T v 1J 0 R T E D, C"ltte, of the 14th int. has the fo!lowvi g rti. In the lhI VE aLI from LONDON,
In the Brigantine P.pVIDENCF PACKET, Capt. clc:-" By rveeal perlinsa lately returned from AnD 1a us SotL CnsAr'
IhCLi ]rc m LONDON, the wcltern coatry welearn that outheir depar- d l FREDIdEICK STAGE, d& C1.
A N BE S O L D, lure from that place, the Britilh were piepali ng A3tY RED Sssoe, 6Ar 0..
On Rai NAiLe T'lMI, to hold a treaty with the Indian. at Fort-Detroit. thr ""Su, ti Carm *f MVLsaT Sta t,
By O H C H RIS T I E, What their re Fonus are for attempting to hold the PARADa.
At his Troar n ore B OY, next door to the tr eatie atu po which tould long intce have oPatto d and oal creamP oloured doi
At hiG B eeCF, been given up to -hin country, mult be either to die ront and ovalcrem coloured DiAt l
For Ci, Orntilltt rC iiitt tce ti f.,ages agdinfl the peaceable inhabi. f di re. z* RoyalD Ptt ditto ditto flt
Ar a I' to,: or Co ta't. of the U;iitcd Statts; or, ifthey fill intend Plate, dittodilto ditto Dfert ad Mulin dita.
An AflOrt n t Of G OO DS, to retain thir prefint unlasfil poffillons, to dito ditto Pleafi.r Boat Pattern Turtens, dl
AMso sT WHICH AAE, aint them in tht undertaking. ditto caviled Bowls and Butt r Boat-. dittf
BROAD Cloths i ile itc t tWe hear agents have I:ely been fint to the ditto Eutter 1 ubh and Stands. Muard Pots and
.,lital:.oon, Lati;e, Riding Hats with piratical poner oif Aificrs and Morocco. Mr. Spo"oni, Mugs of different forts blue Coffee,
Ca,.iinances / Fathc L inl, late a Captain in the Amrrican army, is T'a an Mi k Potr, ditto Sugar Dilhes, cream
Diur.ur / I ,y, and Girla Hts d-.' tcd to the to mer i and Mr. Barclay to the colouried r'I and C'.re Pots, ditto Chamber do.
Check and Line tripes Silver'Tablc & Te sipoons 1otter. Thlf gent:cr en are now ini I'uriop-and ditto ditto Milk rrcrs and Salt, grey Tel P.ts,
Srilped lllc a Tia Pit e ,e Iave real; n , hope the rommimrcr ofhe Uni. variltated firuled Tea and c vered Mi.k ditto.
cd Tick BMuilk Pit tcrl Sitit %n ill faon feel the igod effla of their cream c,, ,nIred ltlgs, luted and plain Sa'tf,
PSrint' arld uek B u h i "is m:(f n-ill iowei ing the prefcut xuaobi*at r.ltc role ennamelled Coflbe and Tea Pots, ditto baroon
FPrintid aueil Ctk B Pa, ch SIellais oif infilaice." ditto ditto Sugar Dilhes and Mi k i itto. fine
Fpirniture L t Salt Cellars AtRIVIt D N rE Fromn marine penciled Pirchl Bowls cf different fize,
kPr richt in ilr:hnd e IBckle 7 n. 3). Sloop PFtcr, Wittleworth, AntiU Iis eciTor me ll dditto Litodittn, Blue ditto ditto
Nnt Gil and e Watches Fti4le f 4~b1. Lp Sail)r, Cuic, ChArtou n itto, Pitnk Patter Tea (ups and Saucer;.
Pi', iI. Iid it-lnl S ILIDF, For Do'p'in Butter, ..ats, Lanlfcape deep borr,'rtd
l a: isl,:l t,;!t ing, a Foi Pb. 4. s oop Halnnl D'wortli, Pai'adliAia dit tol, ftathertdgcd fit and fiup Plate.,
il'r.l ] IF r.n'la cream coloe.rtd habitled Cups nd Saue rra, ditto
tnil Ii, rb r t D in 10i ,i is
Cpnr, d fiuredi tcve ,u.t n. N.SSU (.A' It I RUhT L URRENT. ditto Pepper C;ftor,, IPafons and Chamnhr Polt,
r i6ie, i r.el 'liit C. Phl.pia Flour, 8 dni!'all the hariel. ditto ditto Turietns, Rote en1-melled Cups and
iV.l i-.n Dnyd ea isart Pins Indinl Coin, 9 ylA a I dol. the I uiA. Lauiers, Oval D.fles ilh F h Drailers. houiin
I, imvr Sl \iare ;ce, i p. 6 r .1 4 ps. the loolb. "fcollped, fqars, united and oetagon Sallad D',f,c,
Ir, ; Linens .o Iinmmor.ry Ifl Potatoes, a dollars tl.e barnl. variegated and plan Waflihnd Ban: QuOcn't
b! c :: r' P nr tl'nleYc ditl, a us. the hbrrel. Pattern green edged ue flat and fup
II '.,,. C I GI lPon1 er a1nd liot Englifh Chite, s a irvls the lb. Platec, one, two and tfe quart cream coloured
R,, t.h .,t i:tania, Chil iteh No. t alt u'tcr, lod. a lid. the lb. Jua, bunjdI Btaking flies and Baf no, Agate
1,.'. 4, 6d, 8, d, 8d dd, o & rill Mef Beef, 3j a t4 dollars the barrel. Tra and Ciffe Pots, ariegated and buff lMugs,
Coii 1. onttrpianae o 50. -il -- Pk, Ir 16 dollars the barrel. purple ennansellcd dit dito, Landfeape Tea and
S1,,- ,, -t Ivry (ombs Dcili liams, Amn rcau, a r)ali the lb. Mi:k Poet. Sugar Di cI and Bafons, ditto Cups
1. In r.lca ln Cotton Irih utter a- Flil, a2 rylls the Ib, anti Sn'ccr, ,lo. onn ri eled Tea and Coffee Sets.
I lin G;lcuccltr Chefre IlTm, Jamntaic, 9 ryals a s dol. rhe gal. Chnco!at1 CIrps andtilpcer, purple ditto 1itto.
Wt, im,, ,ito S lo:ln Porter in Ck. ---Wtt-di, a p. the gallon. hlrck penciled marit and red ditto ditto, dep"
M':.irury tni's I 'marot, Mufcovado Sugar, 8 a 9 dollars the icoib. pit.'pi b'., eretld ditto, Temple pattern
lir'i, an. Youths fne \ hiiie, Yellow, Rod and Loaf Sugar, a rals the lb. Chila dlto ditto, and red penciled marine
bn unl llocs Plack Lead, ground in Pltcre, London, 3 0. per hi4. per hid. 'b o oes, Plet Boat Pattern Tea an
W, nren,, irtl., and Chil-. Oil Brazillctto, 3o a 35 ps. the ton. Cot"e Sets, ditto ditt a f pint bre.kfaft Bafona
dtens "'llinanco Mo- Green, Bic and Red Cotton clean, a royal the lb. and Saucerr. flited and tiit ditto, Tea and Cof.
rocca & leather shoes saintss BA II AMA C URRE N C Y. fee Sets, finc pinled, gi, b'ackpenci'ed, China
an Pumping. Ilinfecd Oilin Jugs d. Rya. glazed ard ennamlled ug, Fgyptian itred
Dred ('Ca~l Skins Paint Fruthes t Ryal, fterling and blick Tea Pots, red rciled and lined Tea
M1cnr black cocked Hats Ac. Ac. Ae. S Ryals. I Piece of Eight. anl Coffee Sets, Powder A&s and Shot Bagsij
A L S O; I Piece of Eight, 3s. 6d. after. various foits, Candle Sn Ncrs. Court Plaifter
In the Brigantinc HawxE, Capt. CONSTAsla., i Dollar, Piece of Eight uI Ryals Huntirp Knires & Forks, avir, Buckle, TootS
front m AL.TIuO, -: Jeweller's Bitflhe, 'ylor and Barber',
SUPIERFINE td fine flour, in barred and half t c Sciltrs, Nail and Pocket tto, with R.el cafes,
S bNrrels
i Cobarrnel ih OT)TICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the Inha- a vailety of plated and pl hhbeck Buckles of the
Indian Corn in g of a buielhash N b tants ofthis land, that they do without newcft patterns, Childre Shoe Clafipl Brafe
ship Bifcuitlt delay, call at the Recriver Oigwral'i OPe, and Dog Collar Locks. new fa oned Spring Snnfere,
Crarint i tto g thele pay their tefpttlive Taxes for the Itar IJ3, Si!ver Watches, ennamell Balloon Snuff Boses,
Rict in tierces and halerce as well as all Arrears of lTaes fio finer Ycls: Steel ditto, Chains, W Chapel and common
Ric in t'lrce, ntd hne rc And that warrants to'levy tle fame by ditrefs, Needles, Sliding Pencil, ne ennamelled Salta
I'ih B ard, Sh u ,gle &e. &c. will ifn.- t all fuch who hall refueL, or nc- Silver and silt Iat Buck l Landfcapc japann m
H1, o,, S , gl Ink Stands and Candle icks. green, pink and
A lc nichconm Ieoi Ru." Hllands Genev GEORGE BARRY, praved ditto ditto ditt, fine Stirrups, Shirt
Railin adu Cirrant., Piglit and If Tobacco, M Receiver-Gcneral and TrAfurer. PinS, Ivory Combs, Tortoife Roman Ink Standi
drira, P'orr, 'encrif and loii Wine, freth Hyfon New Providmne, PFlar, 1786. land Waiters, ditto ditto Japanned, ditto
and Bohca. To s, b the qt t, chcft, cheft, or leI& PIIE Amerian Loahlii, fttled on this and the. and Tea Trays, Oval Landfcpe ditto. Maho-
uaniy, arn,ac. A other Bahama-fand, who are dfirous of gany Shavig Ces, complete and elegant, fne
'o be SOL or LET, joiining in a Petition to Government, for a further areen read Banets wih Londreape center, Pea
8 ard Pocket Knives of all fIorts, Paintings on-Glarfa
And b, he Entere n irmmediatel, Supply of Prov;fions, &c. are r" cd to lend Blridle Pitts of different kinds. Knives and PorkLS
A NEAT'and airy DWEt NG HOUSE in their Names to the Pri t on as Razor Stlaps with and without RaXors, agr1r
Good r gp ir, with a neAone built cham- pofible. viety of Trinkets, Seals and K
her, isure houle, and kitch n, affo, new out- n'No u, february 4, 756.' Wailhcoat Patterns, Coat and WaiKlcat Bottoni
houses and neceffary, wi the Lot belonging F O R 8 A El Linens. Checks and Stipe*, Onbrigo Breg nDr
thereto, being very large, d contains a til of O d LOT here Stasit ham Mulard,Cork b rocc, O ld
very fine water, a garden vacant ground 'TH HOUSE and OT here etnroe]i, haes eunau Corsy nes. &C. lt. s,
The whole is under a good fe e mool of which iI 1 Ha-t*, Ef aly red the Hoof is
new. the po~fs rails and Oa of cedar and ma. neat, .aid convenient for a nma family, and the 'H Stilhfcriher leave acquaait the re.
toany the aiuston I.s pfeat being a rifing citation advantageous; the ms o payment fpeable Public ihis fmn In partict.
round at the t End of th Town, comman- i will be made cafy to tIe Purcha r. Foe !atic t I that' he Piaie toe on the r BAR INO
in a view o the Bar and i fling. Fo terms lars apply to ROBERT OHNS N. BUSINESS as fual, e to allow no more
P to THoMAS Roar, in l u. L -Perlons who ave not givc in their than one month'a Crf'dlt y o'his Csnomers
7Y*are B 7, i,86. .4A account the ette of HoaTrIo being is asrear for upwar of ix months, I)
ANTT D, a few SHIP PENTERS and Mte h miary of Proviion s at entreats they would make Cedy lpaya t, t
SLAT OURPRS to g t6 Mar wils, 6 St. As A n tt te rq to Prevent further trouble.
A mn. Go Encoudage n t will be gives.. fe OhB P Cttef Nt to fFRrrj STAGE. t
Apply in sNfau, to a -BER 8 '" T i o B or h rd N goi ,'an 4, 7S6.
7ta.rj at, 376. JO1; CHRISTI& 4ttor.ey for the Adminiltratrti.

f et-the I r lt charascer of the age. Mr. Sltratn's eries theft wk htl attained is ,
t- to iDr. franklin in the yeaN 1t69, nrielg" the oilan- it nuy recommend tdhooft
CHARCTI rl f Lith Mr. STRAHAN, /*'e tlent fthe Amicans. publidlhedin theLondon Chro-. gnce if to the latter h it Pl
'. .. Lees eI fpridlkal PIapr, ptli/lhd nide of the 31rh of July, 17l, ew7, the juf concep- ancient fellowllp, and utarl
at Ldifyg ctu 1785. tion he enrertainid of tie important conetuencei of pride of wealth or of fltion,
iTHE advwntges Aj of Biography have of lte that difputc, and his anxicr as a good lubjei to in- frleroes tillfailion by refint1
Sbeeon often men ed aJd are now to univer- vnigate, at that early period, the proper means by iall chear one hour of
fail allowed, that it is needle f*r any modern author which their grievances milht be removed, and a per- the youa If it hli fta o
to fet them (rth. That department of writing, how. manent harmony refloredlelween the two laontliea. rfural to the umfnk sunate. t,
ever, h. Iben of late year o much cultivated, that t hI the year 177 he was cleted a member of parlia- clarf of my radrrn will io
ha fard wih Biography a with every other arc; it went for the horUlh of Maliniaury, in Wltihire, exnmple,'and connde, that It
has loft much of Is digity I its commonanef, and with a very lluullaus colleague, te Hson. C J. Fo ; of heroes or of atefnin that
many live have ben prud to th public,fromwhich and in the fucceding parliament for Walton Ballet, in pn or pt cte renat of ile l fut
little iillruction or amatement could be drawn. Indi- the fame county. In this action applyiig himfelf with ce ite the frl. thoe let. ra
*iduals h e beed traced i minuteand ordinary aions, that induflry which was natural to him, he attended and demelle life.
from which no consequences could arife, but to the the Houfe with a fcrupulous puno quality, und was a
private circle of their own families end friends, and in utieful member. Hi talent for bufinela acquired the -
the detail of which we faw no palion excited, no cha. onliieration to which they were intitlcd, atd were
rather developed, nothnthat Iould difiinguilh thei not unnotced by the mininilr. U C A
from thofe common occau es, lt his pillticAl con rslions, he was constant to the On WEDNpEDAY the 8th
Which duly todk their add were forgotten." friend, to wham he had been first art.ihd. I ewa I
Yoet hen are few een oih .recomp. il ing. ileady fuppotter of that pirty who were tuIned out ol I
ale en ..u fe co.a ..tiV ,,t ,i itifratiion n in i.g 1784, and ,.fl hi. ,.t in ,the Y O H N
itcant live, in which men fa, riou. and t inkiingK By H N
ll do no feel a certain degree of intcreft. A plv I of Comniuns by the dlfolition of parliamnt J
mind cai trace, in feemigly trivial inidens ai com. with which that change was followed; a fitution nINIT li .
mon situations, fomething to feed rtlactiou, and to wh;h he did not l ew any defire to lrcume on the re- S L A E 8
folder thought; as the folitary naturalill culli the rod- urnlo tlhe cw pirlinmcnt. new Ilt nre I
den Ica.s and difcovr., their form and texture. O"i Inotive fGr his not ilhing a feat in the re rat In flt sareeeAA t
the principles of vegetative nartte. The nimtive, too, P h. dr.lment, was tereln d of'lrme clnlfr itl h.adlllC COnW I fil
il tihe rclicr often helps out the unimniitatcc of his hih ad rAsh r fui ced from th long flings ind POhR CAR NTP.RR
telationn and to the ingenuous and .frce ible, tll;e is h e i tours with which he pr' iticl warl't,- in the ltf WRIIHTS. 4AWYI,.i l
.fclin not umpleant in. allowing for te partility of had been attended. T,' without any hxed lfleale, TFRS. HOUSE WEN
08 titude, and the tedioufncfs of him who recounts his his lrength was vifibly declining ; and though hisIpi. SL AV ES.
obligation. Thl e virtuoua connedon* of lif and of rit furivt hi ftiregrth, yet the vigor and a.tivty The Conditions will be aoa
a.t.. .. e ..inp...d .. idfo onficeerbinp lu.:h eon. orhn lo
the heart it iS wasl palafin to trace, eve tho..ul the of hi indwas alfo cn y i n.
obj.e. are n er i. nor Iliking Lihe th.i fami. t "ed gradually to decline till his dealb, which hip. f e .
liar paintingsthat Ihew thie inside of cottages, and the p."ed on Saturday the 9ih of July, Ej., In the 7tll A"y Per ron willing to fm e thl i
cxercife of village duties, nch narrations ce tc home Iyear of his age. y part at Private alefe f that tif 3
to the bofom of the worthy, w.u feel tlie relationship E"'dud ith much naoral fagac:ty, anid n attentive know the terms, by applying to
of Virtue, and acknowledge her fan ly whrt-.ever it ii olitlra"tinu of life, lie owed his rite ti t-;itl Pation of .
found. And, perhaps, thcrc is a ca'mer and more Olulercc an,- rrlpecr ahh he.ati,:;Ii razire r to iia AnS ta.I, Ir 1,4 tyld.
placid delight in viewing her amidft tlur. i uinitportant own taknos a"'' eerti.. t. an t ny a ,ccidental accur. -Tf rtitr1 n
**Aficl, than when we msol up to her invcttd in the "ece of favoural.le tr firtulnal cilaenmitncc. Ili' difTolve the tith Fl
pomp of grcteftsH,.estitie'ri of power. mind, tho' nat deeply tindletrd wit. learning, was they with to have all t 1 e
I ha.e bo il'to th e crt e ionsa an account with no" uninformed by letters. I'ren a habit of attention before that da,
which a orrefpoade:lt has furnished me. of fme part. 'o l'le, he haI acqvirl a Connfiderblic pnionn of criti. pet ns ilt whiom t th t ec nt
culars ,n the .- of an, a native of this coun- l acu'ten"ef of the difcernment of its bea.Llri, and t
try, who died a few weeks ago in London, Mr. William def dts. In one branch of writing he himfl eell ecelld. I tht adet t* WtI
Strahan, Printer to his Majefly. Hi, title to be re- mean the eliiolary, in wshilch c he t noy Ihewed the Their remaining ST hand
corded in a wbrk of thi. fort. my correspondent argues precifi'n an cle.rntcAof fllinef., lbut ipo!,r f da .elts .. 'F ;hipl Cihanlerr m. a nd
from a variety of confiderations u.necelfary to be re. as 'cli as luency of eprelion, whlih I have lkno.n will be difofed oi at Publ uio, ian
peated. One, which applies particularly to the public few letter.writer rm,. l.tfrr-w;tin was oo, the r4th of February n at thldI
office ol the Lounger, I wi.l take the liberty to mention. t his favourite animf:netri-s; and ani.o his coiirrelron- Nn.tlu.
Hei was the author of a paper in The Mirror a dents were men of Ii, h ennc-cne m . i talents as well Nnl anu, Derember s yi
work, in the train of which I am proud to walk, and repaid his endreavour re o certain ttlrni OIt n of theft,
am gld of an opportunity to plead my relation to it, as we have befre irnon inedi, wva. tlhe jialy ilchrated JO H N L t L E Y1"
by infcning the asuot (I take that word a cuftonm lhas. Dr. raini, origiunaly a l.inltr like Mr. Stralhas, T KE the lit t'
fanaficd it, without adopting its abftra& fignification) whole frien.llhip and nrr li l e lie cininul to I entlemen w h" e
of anto it wtriter enoy, notwithflandin g the ilillt. nct of tl cir fclnti. n, wth o hstive iJg i ndas
Mr. traharnwa born at dinburgh in the year i7tS. mnis ia ilitical matters, v hidh ofen fi,rled p'.- him asth their cmman s<, be
His father, who had a fmall appointment in the cu. f try, but never mied any *hinr :crilnninis in ithr i'arge their rtefpcae ae s..A A
ftons, gave hi. fon the edVation which every lad of leters. Ore of the latft. hle rec, i;cd from. his illu. any demanls again him t re
decent rank then received in a couilry where the ave. furious and vnetr Il:e friend. cotnnred a huImorous alc all for payment. i
nuesto learning were eafy, iand olien to men the gnry f the ltare of politics in, drawn. Il.m ite hle has received ht the Provimee d
~molo moderate circumrtancer. Afiur having paled r"fellion of Piniting. of which, th.lligh the Dojq.,r neat AfTortment of fafhnntahle R l CIdlI
through the tuition of a gramnmar-lchool, he was put ad quite the exercife, he had not forgotten tile Kerfrymerr, with fitable Trin'l)w n
apprentice to a printer; atnd when a very young man, terms. old and Silver Vellum Lace, Ipan Iueth'
removed to a wider fphere idi that line of balidiuc, ani There are flationa of acquired gre rtnef whiI h mike Regimental Buttons, &c. which he will
went to follow his trade iniLondon. Sober, diligent, men proud to rrcal the loweitfl if lint front .'wih :hcy reafonable adtvaner.
and attentive, while his fnoluments were for fome rLie. The native rmincnce of Fr.E ilin'. mIn.d w.s N I The TAYLOR's MIttSINIlbi
time very fcanit, he contrived to live rather within Ahbove ouccalingthi. lhhmile't(i. ,l his orilin. *I hle no 1 t at his Ioufe in trEdercl c I
than beyond his income ; dud though he married early, "on" who pi4lefa no intriti ; llevti i iui se are ri l Ily, A11 f.ntrr 3r, itn 'orll "*
and without fuch a prolifion a prudence might have the hnnours to which acc:del:n ha. reared tlhm, by the 3
leeocd for in tie eitabllhment of a family, h ecoli- reccIlktion of that obfurity whncih e they irint. A LI. Ptrfon. having deml on the
- ued to thrive, and to better hit circumtfancee. This On this tccolleaion Mr. Strlhanl was tr'hir proud J Mr.ALEXAnDIR Rno waM de
he would often mention as an encouragement to early t han lhamcd; ad I han heard thelrfe wh wrtl difpo- of this town, are defretl ender In
matrimony, and ufdt'fay, that he never hada child lc to cenfure him, blime it as a lind of oflntatio.n i their claim properly att to the
born that Providence ud not ftnd inmeincreafe of in- which he was weak reou;ih to induilZ. But imthinkL and tione who are indebtedo thee
tome top.ovide for th nereafeof his houlhold. With 'is to consider too carnoufly, to consider it fo." unrfied to make pyvment I tedia
fufcient Vigour of mid, he had that happy l.,w of TIhere is a kind of reputatior wh.icd we mIy landably aff lrs may be Gftled as fron
animal fpirite, which ot eafily difcouraged by un- drite, and j.ftlyRrj ) ; a,ld he oloh is Lic, re c.;ouah A T RO c1re' I
romiung appearance By hint who can look with forego the pride of anclnry and if birth, may, with-. ANT, m. RgOrj. '. U
Irmncf. upo dfli.ultiei their conu ft ii already half o"t much in'putation of vanity, allume the mterit of Ngti- Ti n aiy -6.
achieved; bt the mane whole heart and fpirits they h nelevat.n. A on in a ma
lie heavy, will scarcely able to bear up aainfl their In that elevation he neither triumphed over the in. MA14Y nALLA deceafed.
prefure. The forecall of timid, or the dirgult of too f'ririty of thole he had left below him, nor f,,orot the to ive in flates of e fame; and
delicate minds, are very unfortunate attendants for equality in which they had formerly food. ,.f their debted to make payment, to
men of bullnefai who, t, be facceffuul, mul often inferiority he did nt even remind them, by tclen.- GM
pah improbahilitles, and bear with o o. titcaiot tation o grand de r, or the paade of wealt. i hil TEN GUiN AS R
Hisa ablit.e in hia prof. lion, accompanied with per. houfe there was none of that fancy train, nne of that
fea integrity and unabating diligence, enabled him, Rate or finery, with which the iliheral delit to con. ) UN away from tl ub
after the rft difficult a were overcome, to get on with l annd and to dazzle thofe who may have formerly leen I~ hirts, nam t and k
rapid fu -cf*. And he was one of the moft loutilhing them in left enviable circumstance. No man was more n haled at Mr. HA a Xales.
men in the erode, when, in the year t77o, he purcha. mindful of, or more folicitoou to oblige the aequain. owlfh compleion, ot
fed a iare a the patent for King'. Printer of Mr. Eyre, tnce or compiona of his early days. The adviee 'inb, is a fnrt, nat like
with whom he maintained the mo cordial intimacy which his eperlIF.e, or the ifflSl nce which his pure nearlythe fameage. Reward
ithri all the res of h life. Beldes he emolunment could afforhe was ready to communicate; aind at his will e paid for m, d s
.anrifngfron. thi apintment, as well from a very table in l.oalf eVr iScotfman found an eafy intro- _
ertene pat bb lef, he now drw largely from a da uion, and every old aequaintance cordial welcome. bored b a Whit fn, on
teld, whih requi rnd me degree of fpeenlative fra Thiswas notmertly avirtue of ofpitality, or a duty of offender. J tAMES
city to eltirate; I th t ie ty benevaence wit him; hl felt it Walrmlay a fentimet, D UN AWAY t the eat. J
ei hiach eb iredr Iea hoag the lite -riar ofp and tht paper .i t e I o theo whh men. a out mad io h

fome of the moa cebrt of ta e te. o t oned i n u l author i(the l dte from London in aboN o o tyears t

oef wasi rMr. looke lo oth it may be s'toge r tm. Ioin ate. Hies ffigtt Reward .o 1 1
thibtle liberaily kcpteq pace with his pruden the 94th nemeds) W eai e uaed, d gen
sad in fion cafs went l father haInd it. N ie. pai nt or f hi fe. If on the rec oddli tond buy o = mlala k w
ver hd flch rewd becd to the labours oflte i o h hii yo had been ipent, pld of tofe com-. te -with
rary men, now owe ct d from hi A hu is aib n. paniona with weh ;it had emn a isdented.. who a m l at
tem io at" r iht n atothor. Such of them ill fonnrvive bil, wil, read'the hone behind the
Iavi n ow the -f reat oblj& of bu. Ifaort otcount of his life with iorarlt mnd with plI~afur ie er to, t +
tef- s I, .w da with a voy &low& te others, int may not be l'togIdar &void renter .r Jewe 0111b wrdati t
Sire 9 it o the mlal a of political nk and el. talented or of ofe. If amothe addling d hufy -b
sntt, Politie had log nepd Iis aiive mind. rlm of mankIL it can a Ian enwm ursqlmenl #"O 'TO?, ,e U
whieb h o a s p ed Iavorite t Ith lsndnr-r of tI o w p beginning s ....
anhufamoat kytogSfpea(ln enf as htts a w ith b lat. life, or fanlia -. of niodeenulen to ZUma

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