Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: January 21, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00024
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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NaIoIA Printed by Joux WELLS, at the Printing Officen the B.r.
A .- s

On WEDNESDAY the 8th of FiaIavAT est,
NIaerT P uR
S L A E E8S,
L ZetJ reabki to I PatMs t,
CoNsasrT or .
The Conditions will be a own at the time
of Sale.
Any Peron willing to puoc the whole. or
ty part at Private Sale befoE t at time, may
know the terms, by applin MO .
Na~au, .mnusiar 4, '8 1.k4
tn the 8hip LIOHTtN*O, CaPt. BUrTOU, from
At his SHOP on the BAY,
PORlRlt ATS nf the KIht and Qusta. from
-tie crleclrtel Painting'of Z. I.ny, Irgee
eleral'y fame d at4 a glazed ; fira'terPortraits o'
their Mitlltr' I a large Mryotinto rr nts of
R.N rv N s .v.I Vidt.'ry, mth of Artl>, 7.s,
flamed aid piazctl colouttl Iandlm(apco. mi h
aI D)iaon l Mirror to view them i Family Bihler
In rich Mn cro hintieigP. Court Kalcndarq for
t76, It ak IlHooks of an fw.rt, Cotntiail Hour,
tilrs, 1'rnknivt7, Inkp .wder, Minllhton a black
.lead Precils Camel Hair Pencils, India Rublhr,
China Ink, Irawing Bookp. Slip C,,pies, Writing
Paper of all forts, gilt, black ed .I ,l d pla-n,
Ornamentelcd Sheeft fo S. holars folday Wrt-
hge I'icres Pocket Cnmpaffes, a C'ame.ra Obfeura,
Silver jiintrl Temp'e Spedlrc' l4alances fo
wer~h;rg Half Jobh ni I. B Iho 's Dnraiihtp with
Dieti s, omatr.' Glf and Windwa d Paff.ges
with Diret'l, n, Charts of the Atlantic Ocean.
St. eoitge's Channel, Enylilh Channtl, S. W.
Coat of Ireland, Weft-lndirt,, aa nlela-
war &c. I oin Ha, p, German F'lute, R,:man
Violi .rtinps, Vilin Bow, Hair, lnoin Boxes,
&c. PN.r t1 C-'mpaniool tor the Violin and Ocr
san rtlute, a (mall Colledli.n of New Milic.
Country Dances, Minuets, finglcSongs, &c. &c.
A L 4 O,
Spired Salmon in, Yorkh;tre Bacon Hams,
ling'ill and trii Butter in firkina, Hart's Potter
in ihhs. ai, hatlrelA, lyfrin Tea, Black Pepper,
Fretnclh liver, Pickted Walnut,, Glrkins, Ca.
pers, asil Onions India Soy. Mufiroonm Ktt
cap,. Q;]i]'s Fifl Sance G.arden Seedt Mare-
lshlle fchnted and plain Aair Powder, hard and
.fft Pomatum, Windfor, Snap, Pinching ano.
Tupec Irons, L.rt!uar Water, .Powder Boxer
nd Puffi, Ladies let Shoe Buckies. Gentlemen'
lalhionable plated Shoe Puckles. ft Knee andi
.lock Bucklte, Oentlrmen's Dre f Shb ', e. Ldies
Drtt 8ilk and Callimanco Shote, Girls dittb,
Children's Morocco Sh6es, Ladies fathinnable
Drefs Hail, a~d loops. Leghorn Hats. Ladies
ilbit Kidl Cloves Gettlrmen's Drei Gloves,
Ladies faihionab'e Tickerr, Packthirad, and
Crofbhnne Stayn. Piptail Tobacto, &A. &c. Ac.
Prwe Two BITTI,
The Bahama Almanack,
Calculated for the Yar of Our Lord, s gS;
-*Mtainin, the Lunations, Eclipte, riling and
tUlng of the Sun and Mdon, Hoidays, Malr
table, Tide able, &c. e. te .

European Intelligence.
AMONG the reports that are circulated at this
Time, It is faid that the Prince de Kaunsit
will lhortiv take journey to Ratilbon,on buAnefs
of high importance.
It is alto reported that the Spanifh Ambaflador
fame days ago presented a memorial to the Chan-
cellor, in which the King, his maner, made
known his intentions ot no longer permittingthe
Ruffian fleets ot men of war pafllig out of
the Ocean into the Mediterranean. This projett
was talked of fome months ago, but lnice that
time loft much credit i but if the above-mention-
ed memorial contains fuch notice as it is faid to
do, fuch an occurrence may actually take place.
It iS ailo mcntltned, that so fail of the Spani
line are ready to fail on the irft note, in cafe of
the approeh ofa Ruffian fleet but however, it
is not likely that much can be donethis year, as
it is not probable that any RuManl feet will silt
the Iat Sea till Spring. In the mean time, it k
well known that the Coutt of RuffiA is uSng eve
ry effort to efablilh a formidable navy; and they
will by next year be able to make a powerful op.
tion to any defigns of the Court of Spain to tncir
It has been for fome time reported that hofllli-
Aies have been commenced by the Turks on the
'rondier of Croatia i but the Poite hath no psrt
'herein. Several hordes of favage aid undifci-
nlined Turks have committed fame excelfe', antd
it has n t been pffible for the Balh:iw of the
neighbouring province to rcfltain thore phtn-
Berlin, fldober it. Frederick the Great, to
the ftin'tadtion of hs people, is almofl recovered
from hi late inhfpifi ion, which was what the
Faculty call a wandering gout, a disorder which
is hereditary in the Brandenburgh Family, and
with which his prefeit MEjeify's father was much
Public works are carrying on here with the
unmoit rapidity. At Poltdam a noble hospital
has lately Iten enlarged, for the reception and
maintenance of so,0oo foldiert children. The
bhys are bred to agriculture, under peafant in
different pallt of the kingdom, and occlfonally
taught the tceicife of a soldier on Sundays and
hilhlays ; fo that throe fervants of the public are
equxaly calculated for the word or the ploogh.
iare;i a proof that, however numerous the
Pruffian army be, the King encourages popular.
lion, and does not neglect the cultivation of '
lThe author of a paltry libel, Intitled Let
Matinees du Roi de Pruffe," la which his Majety
has been treated with great acrimony, wa, lately
taken into cuflody here. It was thought the ferlh.
bier would have been severely punitfhd a but
Frfderick, with thit greatness of mind peculiar to
.is character, dirent poor fellow at liberty, and make him a present of
*a bndle of new pens, as his lat." the King,
with his dual poignancy, faid, were in very
bad order."
Though this country is at prent in the moft
profound late oftranquillty, preparations for war
are carrying on with tht utmoft alacrity, ourfa.
gacious Monarch torefeeiog that tie Intrigues of
two great ncighbourilt powers will probably ter-
minate in an attate upon Xleka.
LAndon, Newsrr to. The Antwerper, h
feems, had battered themfelves that Tveel(. -e
longing to that city slouBl be permitted to o tip
and down the sehEldt, on paying fome ti ng
duty to the Dutch; they had even ted the bsar
then of the seilel which were to mjoy this plel
lege, which, in fal, extended to all pflp., ecep
men of war. On what foundation the Aft4i
fp. culatorsbuilt fl hopes, it not afb o W
cover, Ia nsothta e ntaned in the atile
liSted walatislat I m a* wry mi efff
coarueaoa be puit .poe ik as lo ofa th -

rerr' foerel gty to Saftlhnm, au though the
che'dt loft its name at that plae,. and was toak
thence to be conlfderd a te fet. Be this a It
may, i ut bt too certain, there hal been foa
misconception, ~id that fitel explanations ar
unavoidable, t(fttle that moittr on 4 Axd aid
unalterable foodnl. Theb trelh regulations will
according to custosi, rather injure than beat
the Republic, of whofe compliance the Hoonf n(
Auffrita eems to entertain no great doubt. At al
events, in whatever way it be settled, it does not
admit of a dispute, that a poltie and concliive
settlement, which may eftSually bar all futuit
dicuffions, will be a general good. The Empe-
ror, to all appearance, reem aIcely to with Its
that he may, without fer of irptlon, purfu
his other pLam, particularly bis otentlio refpeot-
Ing Ra arii i which. If we may Judl fro the
refutation publinled by the Coort of VlMenu.
reply to the King of Prfia's declaration, he has
by no means given up.
,trll aR a Ltter frow Cilr/tf, Septekr It.
The Rnfnlain feem fetioutfy engaged in aug
meeting their marine, and extending their com-
merce on the Black Sea. The Barmn de Rofirowita
the Imnerial Coifuil general at this place, is lide-
tigable in hi endeavour to turn this new branch
commercee to the advantage of both the Impe.
rial Courts. In orter to do this, a dire& Inter.
course between us and the AfIrlian dominions is
ti he opened. Mr. de Rofarowit In flttlinout,
at hit own expense, a thip called the Mieerva, t
he commanded by the celebrated John MaIkenzxe
who is to come under Rufflan colony to the
month of the Nefter, and g op that river a far
as Gallicia. The bereft of this navigation wil
b enflhly felt in Au lfrlan Poland."
Faiatfrl.r, OMain & According to a priblad
account the King of Prufma's army confift at pee.
tent of tgsa..j men, of which sisSJg are Infa
try, and 39..48 Cavalry.
Ltaqd., N'oe ier ,. An expreft packet wr
received yrfterday at St. James's, from his Ml.
ieli Confal at Leghorn, giving an account of the
tfeverl Newfoundland and other Brillih fhips.
which have tifited that port in the course ofthi
aft Ai morths. All the Britilh Confuli in the
Mediternaren are dirtaed to tranmnit homes
,very lx months, a fmilar account, in orderte
determine the fate of the Britih commeme to
that qunater, vh'ch has been for tome years f
remarkahly on the decline an attempt being in-
tended, if poMble, to revive it.
Much has been laid concerning the fepi takes
by the King of Pluffl, relative to.the intended
exchange of Bvaria, but notklnt of the reatfo
that tend to jtnliry his MaJ eft's ondu ia thn
bultneit we fital therefore trantte from th
Ball asrea as much as will fer t t throw
proper light upon this Important matter t-
SIt It be expedient that ll the prIclpalit1%
Should be preftrvcd entire, and iln ap nIdiidd
Sate, to that justice nmi4Oan4 n lraubar e
and that good and faithful ftJe may enjoy ar
uninterrupted paee ad tranquility I the rde is
far more apple catle to the gand cFncilt
domains, rito, and digpity of the znot. for
we would at with the greater caution le .lth
Tprp givig way, the whole A ed olld
fiw to tIe Iun.
In the erf place then. we will ad c nd
by this Imperial EdiA, that hece rds, nmd
jr are, the grand m icent Iprlnt ptles, Aisc
as the kingdom of Boa a Cmo ty Palatine ao
the Rhine, Dukedom efxoy and the Mani
Ws of Brandenbor th tl terrtories, i
tiona, n alage, = qd other .apartenarce thereto
belorlig. .fla t, at say.t or b si t anm a
nr whatever, be divisd or dier mbe~l s ed 4t
on tie contrary, Ihil remain in their whole.
liafrparali Rate.
** adly, That the ldeta f do fote the
eate, o that the whole t s ad r I
tai so per 1 boaii IfVohwtI.j=lan
r any other mental or odir lal ty, the i1
ec4 fteea prM en Ir c hf MIho ti

sil W* Gowfrnemnett i te, sud to Ih eafe, troller Ceneral, I to replace the Marquia de golden medal, u well a
the "Afee l to dCvolve to the eat hlt he bce Caltr'es. and in the marine department, M. de Family. I took th oppon
ing alay man, and the nearcft in In the Gagalaziere, intenoant of Alfatia, is to be uc- more flrck "fpr Alver,
male ad diredt line, who fcterthele Mall be celor of M. de Calosue. one for yourfelf, othr
obliged to bellow oa his brothers and n con. B arrrt of a letter from Fc 0 I t Db La Wote. a
Ifult Ihent of al goodaefr and liberality, contl- The aIAg of France has ofcred his mediation My wih is, thau 6us
butingt to their fupp t, ace riding to his means to f. I the differences fubfiftig between the eJ to each of the
and income ofbi patlimoi y l ridly forbid. Frmpror and the King of Prufia a courier i feived at Qibraltar, thf
ding him all divnun, |taril,. and difmembering arrived from the Piince de Rrcefe, the Imperial 179n, and did not leave the
of he whole, or any omr u principalitice or ap- Amb.,lador at Berlin, with an account that Me brigade returned to Hianrfp,
purtenances thereto gbeoaling, lu any way or Prufian MNjty had readily accepted of hi Molt Inok upon it as a token fa of
manner whatever." Chrilian Majelty'a offer. The fyftem of the titude, whih will laRft
A motion wan made on Mond, the Coutt Couit of France frcms to be a unninerfal peace. trary to my cxpetlatlon
eofi g IBench, to (et dde a eradltaid it was His Impeiial Maijfty i exceeditg'y pleafed with fiiftcient quantity of med
fuppirted upon an.affidavitoftwo of thejurors, the cindiudois of the Du'ch peace; and it is to have more Aruck, and
which llatta that the Jury not having b en nb e to expeled the Dfinitive Treaty will be concluded opportunity. My old friend,
determine iupo what verdid to bring in, there without i'elay.' with whom I have kept up a
being h f fofi Bding for the plaintiff, and fin for NXzemher i6. Holland is not the only part of dence during all that time, ytl
the d fendaut, toifed up, when th plaintiffs Europe that tper~nierc thore internal commo- f fe a mdal which has tr
fri ada won. i- n, which a r tihe ntcecllry rcfult of it mode of ufpices of his 14 y. y'
It was ackpowleged by the counferfor the governments ; Poland rones in for her lhare, as "i Your Ecel wil. .r '
motion, that the veredt coincided with the opi. will appear by the fo'lowit g Extrad of a Letter freedom. The being
aion of the Coeut, and Lord Marsfie.d a&ked, was from Warfaw, dated Oit-,ber 23. will Increa in ccan Ji
there any objdcion to the verdd Several Pohlh Nblemen, under the pre- I the honl
The counffl anfwred, none t but that he re- tence of difcontents. have withllawa themf.lves, (Signed) 0. A.
lied upon a cafe reported in Sir John Strange, and another revolution in thin kingdom is appre- i rirli, 04atbr as. The K;ng itl
where a verdid was let afide, on account ofajuiy 'ended. The principles of this moaarchi-repub. recovered of his indifpo(ltion hib
having dcrrnimied their verdih by ballot. licn Government are nlaurally had ; every elec- mounted his horfe, and faedm
Lord M Isaield obfcrved, that in that cafe the tion ofa Sovierigon i produltive of fatal cataitro parade.
applicitiuon wa founded up m the affiJavir of the phes. The cabals which the ambition of a crown The Duke Ferd and of R-nafw
idlif. who had locked in the juiy, and faw gives rfe to, generally affr the neighboring ycftcrday at Pota(d and il etxpld
them through the window-and not upon the Powers; and the internal dilfenfions almost al- ly in this cap tal. t
affidavit of ter jusrs. ways produce quarrels bctwenm thofe govereigit Cadi/a. O aN r m. Oe the lrth
A letal coaicfpftdent observes, that had the whore territories bound Ihole of the Republic. becs, which' ad d that day fto
aMfd "it on the ab vs caure been admitted, the Europe wbgins to growi tired of wara, arl when terranean int the an, and whic
jury would have b;cn liable to a writ of attaint. clouds arrfe which threaten its peace, the present wards know to Algerines, ats to
Otn rThurfday tne yth of Oclober dile at Be- fvtlrm of politics fcrmto he to endeavour tr dif- appeared n figh fthils port. whit
erlvy i Yorkili, in the 69th year of hit age, perfe t:em by the meant of mediation. Po'and kept confanfy ulaing at a lltte dil
Briga.;ier OeneraiPliver De Lancey, late of New alone, from its form ofggoveinment differing front. the entrance oft Bay, an fearchkniig
York, in Irirth Am rica. He waS of one ot the all other, cal he an obilacle to this fyftem; and they faw. Tn commander Sullree,
not refpedtable fannlice in that country, and pof- the only way to lecire a continuance of the blecf a 11 ip helonping to the Order of Malti,
filled ot a large and very imptoTcable estate. In ings of peai to linrope, will be to put it on thie St. Zadharie, and thefrigate St. Eli
the war before th- laA, be cm'nanded a regiment fime footing, hr making the crown hereditary, had arrived here o the Isth in.tio
of Provincials. co fillg ft two tbattalions, with and putting an end to fadti., and ambitio.. The moery arding from he revenues of the
which he feivrd wi h very greatcredit. He had quorion is. on what family is the crown to he d drmred tol in hae' of them ; he.
beennfth-fcvera. l.gifa ire birdie oftheprovince ahotored f This ii a quelliou much more ali.y ; erry mornp., and Ciled innrfuir
of New York, where ht tor a ftris of years wae alkcd than anfwertd traiibnle-a, ON. ap. The Definitive
Temarrtd for his prohit andi v r:ur of mind, Ilip- Ag ntle an lately re'u-ned from Ph;ladelphia, Ieace between the mrperor and the State
porting with firm.,cf .11 mertures whi h tcnded Informn us. that heconvcred with Mr. DickiEfmn, ral of the United Provincre of the Low a
o the good of hi. C.untry,and the wefareoftlt one of the frft poli!ica' writers on the Continent, tries was signed here on the t'h it(A
conftitu ion. Having openly and refolutey o0l- who alffied him that ote yrat' importation of mediation and guaranty of the Klnr.
p fd every fiop t,,ards the late rebelliouni A. goods front Europe could not be repaid by left Portlfixaotb, Nov. r6. This mno-at
nmeric', wh.n he found the war to be inevitable, he than five years expoits of all the produce they i Admiral Campbell, with his Mleflty' lhiI
j'ine.d ti M jeft)'s forces, and again accepted could raif. in America. The gentleman from bury, Echo, and Merli, from Nlewond
am nt ry rank, raifcd three regiments, at the head whom we rcci el this information, Ia led from l..,eei, Niir re r i. Tie followitdi
of whlch he was placed al igadier-Oeneral, and Ainmica to Hoard-aux, where he found many letter fom the Emperor of Morieco, wl
remained dloin do y during the whole of the houcai of the riftcharadler fo rmharralled by the appeared in moll of the foreign papen, l
ar. lie fatta ed with the greatelf phiiofophy credits they hiv given to the Americana, that writtenin ronfequtnce oftheolinae90ol
the rev if: ot fortune nOcafioned by the unhappy they were under the neceflity of falpping. The grines refnflig to enter into an imti
teritniaatin of the conteft, and ftipported tIe French merchants at B,)rdeaux werc c.rfing the nfnl treaty of peace with the Spaniards.
gtar change as well iu circumanances a in tre police of the Calbnet of Verfailles, which had lite Imperial Majefty, whom God pIR
co fquence which he held in America. by th cengiged the nation in an ipcnrfive war to lead the commands me to write to you. In order
confi.leat on, that the fa;rnfces he had made were mercantile people to deftrti.tion. In the ports of may be informed that a T'eptttv from At
In defence of the caute in whick he had engaged Fr.nce an American cannot obtain credit even arrived here for the purofe of obliging tll
f-om prire pite f yIryalty, and regard to tl real lor a hogihead ol. lrct. rines to make peace with the Spaniard., th
welfare if i country. The Hague Gazette, of thIb- h Inftant, after the mediation oi hifaid Imperial Maj y. I
B'at* tfao Le.,arfrom Ma.ieS, 0O. 1. an encimium on Gceril E iott,*whole defence of Algcrince should rradiiy comply, the
"' The Elector Paratite has lately met with a OiLraltar is a f:at of arms not to be paralleled in here; if they fould peinit In their
eircumttance which It no meal thews the alfec- ancient or modern htlory, gires an account of imperial Majr+ y will order ten Ibips of
Ion of his Bavadian' fafi hl About ten days his t icellency hairng front to Fidld Marechal de be Ratirn d offAlgierr, anil otherportsd
fnce, jult after he had nlpt into bed, he felt fome Rhedcr, the hiver medals firnck of, for perpctua- to that Rtgercy, with ten fhips more
body rn leavourins to get from under the bed; ting the memory of fo glorious an event. They There fqradrons tall not fulfer anm
hi IHlichnet's mm diately rang hi; bell, and called are defined for tie officers and foldiers of the to enter or come out of the faid
for affiAarce. A fervant, whr lanin a continuous t lanovrcian brigade who ferved under him, and cafe any fhip or Ihips app*-ri ninlnt tdthe
clofrc, arrived in time to prevent the man from to whofe condud the General does ample justice, Powers laould attempt to force itsn t
mn k ng any attempt I hut, b. mg no lefs alarmed in the following cltter to the Ficld-Martchal. agapift the orders of his Imperial Majlryt
than his matter. the mm contrived to efeape ir, his faid Majelty's men of war fall fetie
through the door at wnich the fervant had en. I take the linerty ot applying to your Eacel- Ifips, and the capture he adjudged to,
terej. Nodifenv:ry has ytt been made ofthilsper.- .ncy in a circumtance, which to me appears very and lawful, and the Emperor all deeam
fon hut he is fipJfed to be irherfomermonaftic remarkable in many refpecds. The King, my war gainft the nation owning the Ibc
enthnfn"it difl'tisfied with the rforms made by maler, having been gracioully pleaded to permit (Signed)
the'.tlek or in religious matters, or fome hot- a gold and silver medal should be flruc-k, in order P. CuiAs I, Sc etary for foreign
beaded pattiot, alrmned at the luppufed xrchinge to convey to polterity, the remembrance of that hie Imperial Majefty."
of Bavanr. It hse at all events madeagreat Air great event, which in my opinion, has been hither- Fe,, St 4, tyig.
In this city, and greatly alarmed the Elcitor." to unprecedented. By th's alone, your Excellency The Affurance, of 44 guns, It
Entrea8 of a iettr from Paris, Noaewt r 6. will comprehend, that I mean to peak ofthat frigate of 3a funs. and three othee' aV
"' Anew alliance between France, Holland, renowned brigade of his Majefty's Eleftoral to be equipped immediately after C
Spain, and Sweden, is now the topic of conver- troops, who have displayed the highcft courage to be ready to leave Eng'and by the
fatioa in ths city, in oppofiion to a treaty be- during fo long a tume, ad incircumitances which of the month of February at lirth Ilt
teen fane other maritime powers, of whl.h wold have proved a tet for the virtueof the moot to relieve the following thipenowwat
AOrtcaB-B'tain and R.illl are the chief, faid to be sublime herces. Your Excellency, no donbt, which are coming home in the l
warly comprl-aed. If thele are comp:erted, a will not fufpett me to be capable of thus pub. exchange of the flnadmon on the
new fytem of laws reip ding the navigationof lilhing praifes o well defeved, with a view of ta tions: Janus, Capt. Pakenham, f
the frat will e the cornf.quence in a very 1hort king for my felf any art of their merit. Flora, Capt. Stoney, of j Ie i
time." A Oeneral is. fully fecured from all manner Hutt, of to guns; Iphigeni a Capt.
Notiwmvitr 14. They write from Cherburgh, of anxiety, even amidft the horrors of war, when of a gunsi Swn Capt. Huntert, *
that onxt year s4,Ooo men will be employed in the he can depend on the coorae and attachment of The Januh, of 44 gune, was M
wolkt at that place; and that a bagnio, moaga fuch troop, who to the ftrit observance of latehburicane. The Europaof agoM
snn., an I dock. yards are to be built there. The military difdipline, oin eal, patience, and bra. Rear Admiral Inne has hIsla,
Chevalier de Ccflhrt who is at Parist confirms very-who cannot be daunted by the harder and on the fatioo, as he is a new il
what we hive already aid, that he will want no mont unremitted labours-who fearlef can bear I completely docked before the
o re thin is cones, and that be hopes to termi- Acknera and wounds-who have familiarized their her roa land.
ate hi plan oln 3 in. "elg to the aolon conoant probed offamine, and I On TuefaM the slth of las t seen s
We lean fr ,m Parl, that a change It expected never enjoyed plenty. Your Eneelleney knows of the Freehode ofthe coty of
to make place a the Miniftry. Mr. le Noir, who them wil ;I should never have done, were I to to consider the bill fordimlifhlilnd
-w 4armerlyt ieutenamt de Poiee, is to facceed fa of them all I feel In my heart. Hi Majety augmenting the falane of the
.JM4do Irretilli Mr.4 Caloe, IthM Coup. hait eoodfc ded to a0 pt oan i t&os t a There was at of be

1 116 be"n Utpo, ay3' ee lti coaniyfgfth I licatlon waye pecMd. Ma the emtvy will
a1 of Loudun, S.r Wlillem Cuinniaghame of thks determine whethet they will kitioa Partla
ibtstland, Sir William Conaplihame io.C1 mat.
st.on, Colonel Montgomery, Mr. BofCell of Adre tfr fifroem Par, NstlNmhr I.
5illeck, Mr. Hamilton of Sundrum, Mr. Report layl the Elttlor of Baviar is to be
Blair, Mr. Cam pbell of Fairftld. UMj put 1 poalon of the Awuelan Netherlabd, ex-
pof Dulop. Mr ullrton of DRofetueoat, ep4ti the dueby of LusauMterg.aad the earth.
rKennedy of Dunure, Colonel Crawfrd of doa mN itur, which ae to ho ceded toPrance,
,ifornl.ia, Mr. Reid Cunninghame of Au b. as a com i ent fr he acceA on of Loais XVL
srv e, Mr. Hamilton of Orange, Mr. Fairle to the prol.etd eachas The Netherlads
sfablie, Mr. Ballantine of Ayr, Mr. Smith of thus transfrred to the Ihdtr, this PA ace ft
pranan, M-. M Rcadie of Parmtow., Robert he created and MtlId Kl4'of Burgundy. *Afl
BHilie. ftNi Mr. Reid of Adairon, Mr.Caap. Prufllf Muaon shis hi Meje not to bepia.
ag." of Auchma,och, Capt. M'Gie, Mr. Shaw ed aer by a bible, will beat in poffe on of
Stewat, Mr. M'Kerrel of Hllhnufe, Mr. Aadrew all Stiary, with no other condition than his gl.
le, and Mr. Mooe of Blarieione. ving up the dukedom of Cleste and Jullre, as an
Colonel Montgomery was put in the Chair. addition of teitory to the new Kin of Bar.
The debate was opened by Col. Crawford, wo. undy. 'As for th E ret6r of Saxony, he h to be
maintained that the bill wuan attempt to Infringe heated on the throne of Poland, and the crown
te articles of the Union; bet that we Ihould made hereditary In his family, while the prftent
(efent *o that infringement, upna condition of King will etllrei n hit former Aate of obfcurk
srit ningthe in-limablepriti:ge of atrial by jur with an annual pension ot four millons of lives.
jecild caufes, a in lorl*nd. Tihe Colonel en- The Emprees of Rulla. as a recompntfe for the
lqed on that privilege s kallhtlied by Alfred part ic bears nl this ali ir, is to be lifted ball
te Great, andl c ntit ued to tbieday. He faid t tie mpcror's forces todrive the Turkaoutof
had himftlfoccaionl to know the different mo'es Europe, and feat the ecoed fcn of the Grand
of carrying on law.ftita iln Scotland and in Eng. Dukt (n the throne of Coniantinople. Hitai.
lad, and Ihew d how much better it was in Eng. petial Majefy will pae offf from the whole adhia
l d. lie then read a petition to PIrliament a- new acquilit oni, fome fall pottion for the Ve.
filn the bill, tulel's trials byjury were grantedt, etimns, whojoinin he leagueagaintthe Turka."'
Which he moved should be approved by the A.4f.. f a ALtUrfirI Paris, NAn S.
oniity. ." The Itrli0icar of the accommodation be.
Mi. Fairlic of Faille frconded the motion, and tween the Emperor and the Dutch have cautcd
fipported the Colo cl's opinion as to the trial by the greater altonilhme.t hrre, at they were kept
wry, with fltray gIod efenfe t fecret, that it was from the Hague we received
-Mr. ioftwllaid, as he had made the motion the iil rccntiats ofthervery turpiline off i made
for c'l. n thiameeting, he th -:ht it incumbent here by ulr uwn Miliidfer. The Dutch Ambaffa.
ct lim to niettion hif reafona ,s it. He innced dors at this Court were poltively and peremp.
warmly vii the artic'ca of the Union being sacred, torily bound up not tloofer the Emperor more
and oit if tie power of the Bltilh Patliament, than five milli.nas ad whalfof ortne wlii: his
repeated the ar;,nmcnts in his Letter to te People Inmesial Maiefty as po tively dCclared his lied
SS irt ndl. and expreFed an indignation at the determination not to recele one tota from his
aran ,1 i, uhiic the country had been treated, demand of ten lit ions. Both parties ftemed
b the tteript to.burry fuct a bill through Par. to be immoveable in the resolution; the one
,i,'ti, which certain y would have been the n.t to more, the latter not to take lefs i
c fe, h.d It t thofe who were combined in the the one btc.itfe he wnold not commit his charac.
Mneaure hr'en checked. He fhewed how much ter uith the public, b departing from the (X; refs
klot'and %a il. obhgit to Sir Wiltiam Anrunu., terms of hia s /lnal ; the otler, bccauie they
Cuaringha ,rc, Mr E.,!n,and Sir Matthew White thiugl.t it better t ilply the money in main.
dljity, fo tliheer 'ppfition tI ithe bill. He then tailing their rights y the f'rce of atrm. In this
m,,ved his first rcfo ution, of tle articles of the critical butiefs C de Vergennes, frrefreing
Union hting iomt' .tlile w tout the people of that a war was i table, unlefs fume expedient
Sc ,tllni'., tlt, w!ichl p'nf: ,aim" ufly. could be found to titfy both psttics. hit upon a
fe tnext n wevd his f.c nd rtfoltition, which plan of prmifin n hie mailer's nameto p.7r the
erigltinlly I ore, that the attempt was unwiR, difference betw the fum offered by the Repub-
rall, an.l ii folent." lic and demand by the Emperor, amnnoting to
,tr. Iluter I air (Lorl Prooft of Edinburgh) 4,o,00 000 flo .' The Dutch could not oppose
trferd td thire who had mude the attempt, ailed- an oifer whith would inflantly rImuve every ob.l
gig that bhe% dul no' thi. k it an infringement of iacle to pra, and put a happy period tothe
the arltcles if ihe Union, an that a mtmher of negociatlonm, From that moment there was no.
Parlhrrent ounaht not to be cnftired for brigingi thing to prev t the fnn of the Preliminaries."
in APn hi I which he thinks right. tHe did that 'oA~r br sr On Fliday lat died at his Seat
thre wa tomn o b. a piblication from that quar at Btilinerig, in Scotland, the Right Hon. George
ter, llrting thle matter to, the country, aid he Lord Elibank His Lordlhip's title and date
Ibout Ir i would be proper to dc:ay proceeding defend to b nrphews Alexander Murray, Efq;
further ril 'hat ,ou'd beconlideed. of Blackbarot, fun to the lte Hon. and Rer.
Mr. ltnrmlton of Snlidnt, Mr. Kennedy of Dr. Murray, Pbendary of Durbam.
Durue, Mr.Fatlie of Fatliie and rfveral other It is reported with confidence by the friends
gentI n ', whoi wele for i resolution ofnfuire, of Mr. John Macpheifon, that it wa not his in
thought the wordn rather toaujeerr. Mr.Bofwell tention to reign the Government of Bengal to
faitlie wa ftnfible hard worts cold do nogood; Lord Macartney.-This very fiigular rumour
hr had cxrp rffc. hi. own feelings, for we had beta feim to be circulated for the purpose of prepa-
fI'ame'illy uifd; hut was willing that any other ring the minds of the public foran event that is
words lttli'd be fuhflituted, provided the mean- likely to takeplace inthatpart ofthe world. Eve
min was cotvecd. 1ll w.s happy to obferve the ry body mtLt know that Mr. Macpheron has not
ftrltted ri folve of th county of Linllltgow, and influence enough to attempt to be difobedient on
he J itild ht fony tthis pieat cnunlydid not his own bottom. An expedient was necelhry
ftec th4t we are nt. fnch plnive mules as fterm ftme time ago to counteract the party of Mr.
to hI.i bren fuppofrid. The words were altered Haftings in Leadenhall-ftreet-now that that if
to n mnft im.ropr and dificrpetful He added, accomplilttet, another epedient is necefThry tore.
we Illu'd ow cift, rewhlt was pan: If thate live Minifter fronmtheembarratnmentof having
who we r, juflty.ij reid tlioAud icl ward make public spirited and independent gentleman in the
an apolng y, we might rectivn it. Supreme Government of India.
Mr. Huiner lir B infifl ed fr a vote, which was The blue ribband, vacant by the death ofthe
pCt,and he fomnd himfelffupportred by Mr.Camp- Landgrave cf Hetfle-Calel, will mot probably be
tllof Fairfidd, Mr. Smith of Drongan. and Mr. difpnfed of to the Manrui of Backingham, unless
Blane ,,f Bl;efieId, against all the ref of the- hit Majefy should thinhproper to give itto Prince
itretili. Edward.
.'h o third ifol(lio agve rife to a long debate. Another Longitudinarian has lately Rarted on
rhirh was ly fuap td on bo'a fde. The the Continent, and this one, if we believe hmn, is
qftii.n wlJwhetber d fift epphcitly on a cock fute that hit ditr ry tI infallible. He has
trial by jr ryi one. or to.add (as poved by Mr be fays. found oat tllongitde in the alcet de-
Fairlit) cfin, oth r mode of Improvcmtant it the agree, and is ready to e a4emonftration of the
procedure of (he Court of SRcllid it was argued meant which alone cEaUtd l It wthk certainty.
on the one Fie, that it wa> inmpoIible to have any Tht he will do to any potentate. or hit miniler,
mode fo gSo a a trijT y jurys On the other tt o rifed t itpulate reward, which he s not
ISae, that prrap met ling an good, or better u c'. ttllle eAbey of H dlfcovery Il fully
mtilht he prop, d,'and we Boght not to preclude &d. Bot, il not all ( he offer to pota
uiftie.e. O0 thequift6on put,it was carried metHd into execo which will infallibly pre-
b one to adopt Mr. Pairi~s aitlon. vent the i ranking ips of any rate or burthen,
Mr. Blanc of Bliantld.d though be y~ted for either from a le g owing to bad coatlrue
the idlditlon, frkhe with warmth on the xczel. tionm the confeq t oan aOlon at fea, oray
knry 'oa trial by jury. ana, looking t6'Mr. iof- other nanrmtm en t t.
Tl.i, fiid, the man who ouaid obtain it for this -
coutry, would deferve rltatue of gold. '1TorrON, sai a to, Mahogday, Hard
The meting dour n to the Bfir Tuefday j Wood, &e. 7fr the priotors at
r aa= w-da the promited pub. ftalM

-NASSAU, -AnUAW tr 8.
f'TUESDAY l dtbe tb it. being the Sirt
SDay of the liM oui fFlaanas c KINr of
lposAp the Bovlette ree Maflb. in honour
ftlefr Ot Brither, a' d dlatlMngad Patron
othe Aociet Craft, save a Ball and Spper at
SMITH' Tavera. to a numerous sad brilliant
Afembi of Ladfle and Gentlemen. etwaen I
and 8 p clock in the nlEening, theCompnay afiem
bld,. fsoo after which Dancing commenced ; at
halfpft it, they retired to the Supper Room,
where yn IIpentiful cold Collation was ft out
Ind Stile of that did Credit to the Houoe.
After Pupper, Danie was refused, and conti.
nhed tIll A .1 o'c lckl, w*h the Company broke
up. high y flatlled with the at had
drawn ft many happy Peftens t other, and iea.
fed with the polite Atlntin or the Gentleetc
who had atrd au Mmanicrs of the Entertainment.
It is faid. by prate Ldrces from England, to
be generally undertood, that our Court had de.
tertlined to rolinqlulh all Claim to the Murfanitd
Shore hiotlhig in the Teaty of Peace made by
Lord l.aldf/dol *arrantin. a Perfvetrance ia
retaining Pou1fln of that va unable Count r.
AaaRvan MIusa jrem
F7e. 14. Ship Lightning, Bnrton, London
S7. S1. Fnny, Bumball, put back in diRrre
7n. al. Sloop Polly, Wallace, atfA.Folrida
af. Sloop Porte Ordered "ut
THE HOUSE and LOT here STrerH
HAVEN, Ifq; ltely rcfd I the Houlf is
neat, and convenient for a fmi family, and the
ltration advantageouI the ias of pa) mnt
will be ma tfy to rcb r. Po parricu-
irL apply 11 F RT OHNSTON.

F O S L E,
Th Sair
4 year, old, North Carolina built,
coperpcrd an ble decked, bur,
lSouo barrel of flo drws a feet water.
hen loaded, was late fitted up at London foe.
n aft India Packet, d fails remarkably fa,
terms apply to
If not dilsofed a few dTay. the will
d immediately for L on For Paaline, ha
nlo elegant and comfo ble accommodation,
p'y to the commander (rej Bare on board
at the Counting Hou f Peter Dean, & Co.
N. To be Sold by Capt. Bantes n boat*
Ship. juft arrived from Ldodon, a fi Hai
P Irifh Polatoes in excellent He
P and Tripe in keg.
y ,au ary7, 7. 1,
To e SOLD r LEt
Aidr may hI Stirel as lfr
A NBAT and airy D LINO HUSE in.
Good repair, with a ew ftone built cham-
her, ferce houef, and ki hen, alfe, new out-
houfte and necelrary, h the Lot belonina
thereto, being very large and contains a well o
very fine water, agarde voeant ground -
the whole i under a good c, mo of which
new. the poas, rails and li of cedar and man
hogany the fitation is p at, being a ri8la
irroud at the Wet E he Town, c
ding a view of the Ofing. For tl
apply to Tnomas Rct a so
yanur $, Is-. .-I
ANTBD, a few SHIP C ENT sen
AvAco. Good wncora ill be giva
Apply in NalNau, to CH
i *C y
7avaary aS, 278.
ALL Perfons who have ot given t thdd
accounts against the estate of HloASrT
SMITH, Efqli lat Commifary of Provllons a
St. Autuhine, are for the laM time rqucadja
fend in the fame, prophet attred, to
Attorney for the d I
Nar 7,a m nt, a -76.
IA ter rNw Tot, at Ir Cmanr se UIsou.
STasT n i e BaT,
L 1AST.INDIA O D8 i arl, MaDlasa
Wtis eof the irlt quality, Ip Chandlerr. Hard
ware. Grocery, Croery ate, Ac. whch btey
Tw fell n athe mt rfi e e NC,
g-ail D tk q(f 8eeh

. to recomen the elsic and it o Prl U te t 'To Ptif
SHAG U E, NOTBMBER l uIt. the cae.s of Holad nd Wel B iA M A A
TrHB srifwir made by the Siates of Holland sad Friefland. rfr very lkn Iri f Jon. adjoUred in the 8 .
.Weft l nmfltd to the 'it Of Pruia' .ate es* 4th o this month. Thisadjourtment wia t l the tn~li .to .te -
ollu!ati ,n, is falaur of the l rce ltadholder, is of neerflity there wa. f r their Ittnlg almna doily for Sml i to ID'fta In I
the filaern tetor: thonths pao. no longer twifl. Thi. relua'ut, it i c o e Ca 1-0aa tI h
Meifhigh and meo feren Lord and Kil hoped, is the frertneir of peace bIae ad ad at nd I ndln that it wauid
We haew cceived 1i due time the letter, dated home. The day their Gret and Nible Miehtiner f ine to rerkh ltro It
the 18th of September Ial, with which your Majefy adinred, there yohs a* ar sad arm' drbntr. their ed li owe to Wv AysonifI
hk bhee pleed to favour ua It was with the livelsea' ft oi which was tih la letter horm its Proff.n nitih AmmnhIaradr bI htlui
fati fatlo we tfoad thercia repeated alI., ates of year Mujelly to the 8tat11 GeSeres -There wet pve *tile- and I oamfldet I a duty tt
good will an rnd radlbip towards the Republic, Uof nmeq of opinion relative to the free that Rhould h h e I, ilfre I 'Ie thle
which our Proeince conttneas the principal part. We returned to it. I hr Anti Ortnrl0 were *r erlndire known to them, thyouh h t
knew to well how to price them both, ot to leta pro. fpirited one, calling in quenifn it* rl t he aftmed paper, the refhlt ofin Am
per value a fs&h f mean time teltif Sar gratitude in the moai floan cnmmorn ealrth..-T i more m. dente, hecwr, per- celon he met with nuam"
manner, our mert ardet wllt being that the Republic vaili in a motion F r rejr ti1. poptnftion, nd ci s."" "ni ntormle me t
m4y hlg contii.uo to enjoy Io vluible a bleiflng i but fnr Lending n *"nfwrr, of which the following it the pr ale's the hn'.leyt aw.
the purer ioser tdefr to cuativrte them, the m rte fn. fabnanct-" lhat there is no inenrtin any whre in irttt .p t he m,-.ity th.
fib were we a"cted, as finding by )our ertecr, that the State to trench on ,t e real reroratiriv of the lthat'.mcould 1 t4 i ef tiht' H
one of the principal motives that occAsoned it, being Prince SrdtlholTdr-That there eif(t no fArhij of tht een M ndt cnmpT ai
written, is ground on the information rirtn to your ferinu, diffentin between his Sr tne H;rhnefs and the confltll""t. as will ap r w hy l
Majely, ten i t to infinuate, not ely that we meant rateir-And that i. rnfequence the mediarinn ol.rrrcid CtrIt) of a letter.ft e him to g
to deprive the Prince uf Orang of a right, that might hI his Majefty is .hf'utell with,,nt an oh e&."..- from tlnhnrpe street. May lb1.
b lon to his quality of Hereditary Stathodecr and 'Thi. sioner rhav.;n herm arel to by tt,.r :ttra of 3d of Septetmnr, Il. ,-.
Capta.n.e0nlle r hut al( tr'at from the ate of afTrr Holland and 'eft Frirtlnd. wms cafrie the famr d.a I am, & e.
in this provi ce, it appeared. that the real intention to the ,Staes OnWral; anti then the other eror:nrc, JOR r
was t wel from the laid Prince fcclfive!y. the modt ce r the dihtory fyfrem of the republic, tre, it JVau, 1fyle Prev4as
ef nialandimporanlt privilgesbilngingmt to the fittdt. ad rferernd ilt. "n c e aryS4,f' ( '
lolderlhip, to as to leave him the bare title, ucd mere iruary tw, ttsw,
nfdow. EINO aRt lT rte-w i,
A. farlatch inforatilons are confisd toa vague J U 8 T IM PORT 0 1 E D, S not h lIwin mt llsrp
and general ftatement of the tcel fas, it ii hardly Ia the Brigantine PanOIIDItct PaciiT, Capt. for the mnner in which it was
pomIble for u. minutsel to eanmine an i eq ire. whe. INGLIt, from Lontwo, niome of their articles, In my
other without our kowluitgcie d against onr will, ny A N D T O B S O L D, only inar'mifrAhle, but in (n'aine
attenlt ha. be n made ere or there, whith neaoht be On Rhtato nAL Tanis, m hive n the rightand dl ltyotn
ths, c aib fle ter fined M j et.ywiCtlht; atk or. By JOHH HR I S T I E proape, for isance, to he el I
dialihy. oouhedt that locv for jAllie, which ,,u At his STorY nn tile Ilr, nt d to te ndh t nd tfthe rlM4
ae peaurd cock uiedg in that h.wevcirfertihle PaNrTitr OrFFICE ove tfhe terrinr, hyfixed hv thie
we are of the IeT .. rce the prttmg 'n ef- For CAn/, Brisl tte, or Coett. *a to fioli'te, tha the KInnr of S
fadul oop toll lau a chm s, wh ch t he allowed to fnd hi m rnop
o I) tend to t*dct oft sc ; iD tlo.h An A Ortment Of G O D S, a likewise in the unhappy raft of I
we cannot refitfe our noneurr rr t rrcdrtef fuel gri.- AmeonaGT I HAIe ate, teen ltuain anid Enlanld, they aUd
nanceq. yet we naveru e cofrcnted, nor Ihah at e 7y )ROAD Clothe Whire IHts ** ttorr fhatld he confllered rt.tral. 0e
tie tuffee, that any rh ulation hb a.lreil oulrar p to I Jt Shalloons die Riding Halt with of their having hbenformerly Fn| ll
cur Iegal snd l prmanI conltitut oti, adr l iogatory,to ; Cal imencoes FeathRr rt which rcrcrumlancet altgelrher wgl
the lawful right* f the Heredsliry .t.ahoilder, ota Dur ate y t and Girl. Hats a a. mitch as if that p trt of the hP
any body ef. We ltrer ourfilre., Sire, that the lip. Check and Iinen Stripes l Tabl A Tea Spoons ,s Eaft-FPlrida had been give n to
cere afirrat.ccs we. hr give o yur Majelty wi Iful N i Sr ped Holland a' PA Indepn,'ent Mitice to do awAy the uitfaourab e inlprclliinrs, wh.c Bed Tick Prtl a tionr *' pe i0 Snc ribte in mney.
hay e have been the confeqtincrs of crroe,,nu, and as it Bed B nt. u Binr ons Tlo lah I wml to obnte you In ,
appears. e.tircly vapuc infoLtti,.,n h ping that ., Prrited and Check Bed Pt adlet it that Iottl h depend on mbe hyIn.
,M iy un ill liktwife 1tot totf.ler fr.,, bhat hIi A ruIrniture 'al etht coul dcend on me. ig
' cn laid more particularly, it we Loij -dure frum yoe Printed and Linen Hand. Sil CTralls nature of the propol' are not our refoution of the th of Sept. a ,n a..dt l. L,.h.f. SilCe hoe Buckle. me to intefe ren I it f."'f'.'r
ld againil the acinowlcd d d and iuntellihli ri i Nankeens O a14 I ilr Watchen
df the aid St.iatholder, a ec can melt pulitive.y al Perfians O lI T HE Copartnerfli In Jo Maz
that neither the contents #r meaning of the f.d refolu Marftilles Quilting, plain Far Ri l rtrlfnolvee the t onPf n ry Ne
siln chime even in the ledt artrle wth whathath be and Drop kets they with to have p t ire fer t
tprcfentel, or hare anyttentlency thereto. Corded and figured Di- Sleaei El 'i that d.,t t th t d
Nothing but our regard o your Majeky n rea kiss rriowitb ,hn e a I
uince au. o enter into therTe eplanations; though Whie ad Dyed Pi to ei wIh t ey haveoo as
cents leration ft slidc, were it poflible to dil.ufes Brown Bearer Hard W The remtailn S OK on hlnS
filj.i, we t tild have stronger stalnnt to Lw r Irilh Linens I ryin Their rrm ininr I OCK on a
I.ncrn t zhe Aouhts, which to a l apparan e Sheeings A wdip l'h',- ,"r. t i A t
L beeIn figglle4ta ydr Maely, concrnit l tlire. P:,:illotes Cn I' rand ot will he' airp. of at hlic A
fid ea ie, a' iuch ought rend bt fitEoub fl, Royal anmd Britannit P("o No.r the rath of Fetrus aett,
whe h r we who arc yoitd dif ire tinReeld wath the Dowlaf 4', 6d, tod, 2od, & Noaffat.
Sovereignty over thi.- ovince, have a right to au ho. Cotton Counterpanel '31d. 1ail.,' AN fl.. mA, rOf.
tife. for our owsn ffI, in nrde to reprefa the civil Ribon 81,ethin andi Decking a I I C T
commotions which our own eye. have wisneffed, and Horn and Ivonry Combs Nails I
ewipawer thie aflrmbii:y f our Deputies, whole duty 1 heno Thread and Cotten Trift Butter M'R K.S the y to qtIelt ti
and deparrm, nt ir is to look to fuIh matters, and at I Ilone 01 ncefler Cheefe 1 Oentlempn have n f Io
whoet deliihMons the Prince of Orange has a right ? Wtoens ditto .ondon Porter in Calks nnr him with their comm ds, willbe
to afil. 0nto nin the miitary girriincil in this place, i Militry Shoes Ptotato itlcharge their rcfpe0tive ee ti.
enneslting moltliof our'own guards, and storm fuch Mins and Youths In White, Yellow, Red and hAving tny li mands agal him, ar
.*.tachments u. ailt rfore public order and tranqui. bhund Shoes Bliak Lead, ground in call for pmyrmrnt.
I I Womeni, Girls, and Chil. Oil fIe haa received by th ovidesetlI
SWe cannot therefore lsfpc& the Prinae having I drcns "a!limanco Mo. Crecn. Blue and ted e... Afi hrtment of faflinn e Bsnd3l
t ed fuch information. to complain, as it were, f roc c & I.ather Shoes Paints Krf'meer. with ftaIs Trimad
Sr tMairly against u, once we mual fupporc in and Pump Linfctd Oil in Jug Cf aynd er. with Vellm Ti
r to, clear a knowledge of our couliitu ion, rerfed Cal Sitins Paint Bruolles old ad ir
,too great an attachoecntto the rlat one which it Mens black rocked Hats &c. &c. &it. Regimental lattons, &c. whi
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II l w" w teadily fah rliF ft" sire, JOHN MORIS. 1(

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