Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: January 14, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00023
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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4. k No.0 77o



Prom 8A-A J UT 161'A:! Vrr 4, .' 1786.
NAss-Au:' fii~ted by.,jobnx 1'W;Ljs, at the Pining Ofice on the ]BAY.
l li - --t -

"; ;nr 0" ii darrll ncEur en nt. nedo
European b i e totur t r to have onevts to
S LOW DQN beoi e MediteraaMea I flac le
L ON XD 0. N, "Ocitollgsothe Up. 0omee ad the ndrr of our i
1imB emperor's dtll ute with the lDutch wa countrymuethal t aI one rdbrne It trade
limply about boo4arile( of donlote, s id. falls, another ;is found e at and a the a
freedom of agal n. Te Kliri Pr la't poftfe houf m ea* i aL agatI fblN of t
_utec is of a two.fd natite itk. 1 bouint fet *d et- f Ru.Mlf adMi, ide le than
Stheboundaris of dominiosons beatw.atlIf pr eighty IM mtt tbhs ty tie up at the
d the Dutch, and the retul atlon h ldl ter- JIaTmo* Cole4o*f. bhnd for thaM 1flld.
l policy or political conltution t.hat to .x r Ldre H ammond is talked of to
ao boundaries orpower, prctoitl and pri prpeecd rfr R lha g uhe is the naval coin-
ikege, between them anteir Chlf lMlratr mand on the Leeward Ihd Utioon to go out
te Prince Stadtholder. iThs Irikes at the root in Much neat.
eftheirexiftence aa a frce dependent nation. If 'Lord Manlled'l rqlrty, averaging in one t
ItPrullianMajeftyinterfcrealnlxiaa4*ndeltjii itol hib aag e i ngl ad rnd, the a
k the pwer of the Stadtholder and the llhite tin l ;ftc. Is co;, ted at 40oo0.0.
e obedience due to him from the people, thin .r. Aderl, report fr fas relatting to
frai that moment they tlo% ttir cohflttittlol tbe L heric cklarly ovinoed the important
aom him, and not tfrom tbcfclvec, s a people advantages that my result .to the nation, If
Irgilating for thetrmclet, and veting the execu- ovcrnmcnt should Adopt hi plan. The northern
the power of the laws In a part of theinflves I part of ou* Ifland hb been ong negled, and I
sad we all know that the King of Priluf, inf fe. every well-wiLr to lh country woald rejoice to t
ilag a new guvernmtnt, or renovating an old ones fee coimmer louIiing among a brave people,
will lean to the ide of dcpotc power. _ldelt, who ,hvc hitherto been difitinuilhed for their
tIe Stadtholder being etabliflid ad maintained poverty and deprenodce.
h the xe- cfe of his power by the King of Pruhl. Itl with pkfurtre ,we hear that the plan for p
auft confqleitly liecome .his creature, deperA carryNl ona a trade with the natives of Kingr
deat on him, and fubjed to the will of bit e -ra Ororac' Sopud oa the north wet coft of Ameri a
tari a ate totally incompatible with the head f ca. likely to be attended with thehappleft elfe
a fce and independent nation. Therefore Ihe to this sovtry, as the Iheme of thie truly pa.
Detch have need to conldcr well the probablg. tJriotlo adventurers is not confncd to that coal c
and cnuingent events b,.fure the oaeer in- ogly, a.t;exatid to the iltd of Japan, the
to any nai ..ret ... ~ m. t aW. f which at pifent the Bnglifh are totally f
mennt a nation t ctfituti giv. cwed ll'id 4IffH a.ld this part of the plan Cu.
urpin, her vtg.try and ldeend iport.t h vr on this
Thu part oi Mr. Pitt'sl b wbich ga n care-s adope for Japaneef tesliC) it will he 01
rtrn tol fwar to their foiitneats cqlirer in moi, eeco tfgipmetothis lti0 than.Ianyot r

a bition., The bLl ha ,rit hme Iome ot the -.-When Qumee Mirlaa Thr a, mother of toe
solatoren both civil and iltart, who have re- fent pwro ws,~ltd to throw herfefl-i
tuer n tdei rnplomentO o ivmiel, be- to the arms of thole Hungarianm for protedtlon,
cmfe they faw thai their ini9uidU.ptadtic t ith hod been IUstedt with fuch feverity by her I
would, in future. tie taken cogninanc f: There father and s e appeared before the i
en. to tther with the Opponitlio, look ppon it StcS, t-g,- e (the present Empaeror)
a Mig ty grievance, that a man not ou obli- her r. *, mdr thenm I l cat
ad, on his return from the EIt, to tie an ac- fa'd-- Abando ed by llyfied, p-re-uted. y
:nt f hit foi--e- very sat who 1 afraid my enemiese snd Atta#sd4 by my nearet ia.
t f u s a- , a .e. rh hfot~ftedarl andi 1
that qbi 'vorkirul a knwim j. will Slo tionts, I h aso isibottoarce but in your 1 i
vie'w thu ~it ult cthe bill in thC~CKple1ht2 buit t-in your valours, ead-n my own refolst~.I i
the virtuouk ard ,he good wnillbegld ofl t thererfte deliv.rerIlO.r . hoandshedatlgha ...d' I
hereby an opp'ruubity f approving Ihis +u ot to ofyour lace -A ty in you."
he friends and to his "county.--l men have been fIe wdho e w & r nion at rh tmDiefa ,
guity of cruelty and opndiron, I. it not Jut ad ai maor ted mev and Sarah, Da bci f
oqitahle Iat tfYIsuLdbe punllied in prpo.l DoIwtr a b iht a fberlpt on
ut nto thr demq ,If thy hve acquired im. foit Ilk 11nglsdat raied an hundred thoud
ere oLII the ape butn cy and pnse IIf, k it~atte duenc-a-who, howe-
Marc 1.4% pts it I exe d tdt.A red it. to t-
jllcc. i ii nt reaffiontjie .th4 .1li fi bde v*t. ke4 idhlideffLA .diLArhcrtefu Ylit t
amenah'e to the laws of their country toi .8 at: Acmcep f m C a ,id otiuon.
redlynone p-ill ever raif: ay ,c.lonS.,Ii g ade bat he' ioe bt a:--n
this part of t)he bill, btt thq to all Tu o aoft sIslud Is mliag t
trder are grtvanee,'n:l bi h0 o p t et t I. .the mewa mp-to t .y of that greate .a,
latitutlun whIcb Isn tirfra1it upclnlOqli lul hlch hlotba e l
"l'dic S aa. i o qt forththi th o mt ehe -ch nK a trem In general"
I-te poad or Cagtrouil, ion th liete appdint- odsd 00 tfbroc to tb a hole
r.4 I I OILl, feot e f ew.bolewlevod Glrifmy'" h1-

u it-office, that they wiii tht he aelwas

cstinuin in ludlbmuno tltn o li sp rl; ea I tro mt eatS..D- one+-niht a e
at the mt. .:- WvkOla wt'ha w r a e
h revfionof h0.Iadtr O g e Lt rl s he toI
the earliend topics hottr the stamear to tha
atben h hln w'o ,fb ezie o biteIs, f etahs'ihe Alw h .y
.qu rfit, that yti 4muM wilfl;l -e. Ifh iL ld lt 4l Otilelle f
'he returns frremlldla olloheprefe T overlook';.lt) i Is. that VI hathe ofacb o-
so fcer th paotlim of thA mot 1agarpo4I' per 0, aftyahe- Uisgi h a td 11ot5b,
&Llo in morientl coacram fw-- ,a --- .dhU o s shie a 5l owI ib
The river ie afulllf outtward-hound Dnmip e atsi _. myllclitldlT ovr hi older. Now'u
.ne was koow. Te trade this ointry, Iwli readily pardon tht dem-, Ip il put

Irutw min.e. 7iT t fabnahme hint made the
Jr1l4 ery clO for the e dof Ie evemin.
A anport s ow every current at Paris that it
In the eitermplattoo ofthe rech GOovernme nt
o rfinqiMh tie TlBd oef Corc, It being found
v ey. O hrtaie piaffio, in eonfauenoe of
he.invevhpr e ad nconuerable comiy of the
aliret towatds the IFench nhlabitant, who be-
dee being uMble to heep them in fubordination,
ire cTrkd d-inl great iobers by the nhealdtL-
eft ofthe climate.
Thomtlaitre between the Emperor and the
Dutch feems to be a temporary expedient.
whereby a foodath n will be laid for future hof.
iiites, which probably will terminate In the an.
lbilatlo, of the Republic.
That a tlifegrecement threatenuil to be pro.
dilse of ferlous contfriqunc, did a (hort time
ubsl between our Court sad that of France,
will not dmit of a moment's doubt a for the fa&
Sevidently nowd, b the failing of the guard.
hpsLout of harbor: But tie fleedy real of
bhoe hips isa palpable ind:catinn of the continu-
ace of peace. It is with pleafnre we announce
hat all cafe of difute t removed, and that the
Minister, of 1otli countries are now bufily oru-
led in racing fuch a commercial treaty as hall
operate to the recprocal beneft of their revenues
nd commerce.
Tie Clermg of rance take a lively intercft in
he a4raI~ laim, with reteful flrmnefs, the privileges of
he Epiedfco body. Hie Mejefy has given the
olUowi lnwer to the rcprentatlon which he
was pleafd graclouly to receive on the xtth of
Sr I hall attend to the Memoir which the afClem
Leafed wilthno r-#..- -lGnted to f"-..,,ln-
rhe Clergy of my kingdom may idpendi'n my
mrotelion and care, to preserve Inviolate the
privile"ic which my prededtforn have granted to
hem., -
Avarie, the charauerlia1 weakLne of the
Dutch, ha, hroughit on all their diftrefne. From
iclneiplee of avarice they' nlt fornilhed America
with arms, and other articles of war; from av.-
ret they loft two millions at Enitatl I from ava.
icetiey formed a Fetach alliance, that hal nearly
leftroyd the conftitation of their coon'ry by in-
lerui divilon t and nowM we And them Ipulatin
lo psy ten asilons ofeflod in euequcncc of
Ihe oe n dflfs s **'L.,
* Itblaims l leo wfeipm t to the American
Iltdent- Wht Powers r.can you have to
i-escelide even the mot trivial agreement on
I the poet of the.Unltd kates, when you muft
" be cnfctoun of the Lhlity of your Cntres
~ toi ind *y one do too ft teo?"i-H*r#=Nott
I olehe w koka buit t~l~atAnericaun aint
te *lled with bltonmo' ag iinte bodies of
!t ehan tato Ikthe Ti e ve, intrefin
then to trout Conrem ia power o retultil
mt te i merte.. -D ela this prove that
ngrehno fach owiriptleiatt ?-It would
be sitrel, o our MieT mOac evererhd t than
saytheleoppa s"ta a daed t ntto foppe
Ctbm friwaunIa, that
Otloinofasy 1111d11419 fm"tfklyun.
b o dtrthepwer btot beam
=_y. iMw l haM ple powdi anted
ham, wbd CongMre all be '61ee1 i-n the l
ths It* Ast I thio eerhtf Im not
elot .l*te the bl tre we OBM we m bmhe
vio(Htola leIbm. o m At.oPara
wairt miah m i a ho Cahl eil ibt.
liofadoisissi areM 9i u b eet C. 14n t lat
wmi AIdolte obt cetht ddcrW tie Ifult Cf
coift h da o

%dleke the bet I-e., we c wol make with the
Woibdhto IO t Am1o1e let1I011 d" onsO

p:1 their faleftsorcltisees l rjlAdebts fed to appoit Henry Tucker, jun. Elq; to be Inquilit;es, a re l I Ii
a ld aUke prem ft -l-i-nhdr -co rp-o. Seelrta7m "nl Primoflt I.iAlrial Genenl of the ainit the lo piitS
den berefor the koi av een hrdy Boe lnds, iAmeria, inthecroom of Win te riadw
enorh to euusast thmw fTwI. c can dothi O'irie, Bf; who hasr.cge d of the S .
oluakctllaircitiens homacndlMlr atheirdeal. ds.iii, ayir t aIesdra defin ned
ing,% the ,i" want veTy lit eomrm mqu. for Catth t4 aIn the Indles. confif ling of .ofip .o n I
lativu; lade 'will fiqd its sn way, as point of ik HnlnW o, a frigate of5o, and twO tranft 0
out to goerhdnent ei netclary alteratons and port, one of 41 the other of o glns, is now *Is
regulation in trade aid navigation. Uttil this prepan for fau inder the command of Don be ollofed-lehbanot
grand regulation takes place the flet our m her r I Brildier-Gentral in the army. a arpe.number of rotae
hant have todo with thethe better. Uponthe Thetra t aret to take on board, andIand at books will not be hbrthen ea
whole, we do not wifh to fee ay commercial Carthagesathe M rincel'sregimentof foo', which -The pppoafltion aretrtrem
treaty sake pla -hbetwee 'es anod so Iy reign ha. re eved its full complement by a numb r of the charatr f Mr. DuI
cauntrywhaUtoever, until we have better arn otia. men dratd from other regiments. From thence end. ere JtapoglA t.a
orn than ttbfe men who made the provifdoal the fqaidron is to fail from Vera C u, and there quential egreeor,
treaty for us, and4fbricated fBr the eleven prigi- unload a argo of qircki'ver, raippd here (pr roft ditemrble a<
nal Irith Propotltioa, and thenworked them Into the purpose of rotking at the mines in New to their objea, the
the trc*ry.plltptipilp that were litgd at their Spain, and then Inally proceed to the Havanm to hirnh oTIlM l tlllte
birth in Ireland. Londo. o,.08-er 17. It was thought that the. flow frta l
Paul Jones, lnateast ofoing en the voyage to lol of Amelica would prove fatal to theaommer- i* t.orir vcat r
Kimchat&i. ai to be employed, with three or cial intrrefts of Btitain I and that from that era or the. c( Jt
four Uat-a tllibeblt adl1tibeprairteafrom her' trade would gradually decline. This is, tthertits.)ofl
the cort of Barbary,-whcn the frigates are pur- however, far from being the care; for our co.rn- prove of thl
chafed, nrat d, vidluedi, and anlen| l meicial horlitn gVows every day more orikht and Bench Ota01 ItrAtak lt
The United States flrm to thae inftiled lefloas serene. Our trkde in every part of the world, I of udges, yet thoft
of dtll'unon into their kietb ad Migbty Allies.- a in a florrilhlng condition. So that if we are to much more wealthy, po
Oh, ye powers of ridicule I Can there be more judge of thing by their erent. it will appear rhat I rfpr iabrr, than they a
truly latisical epithet than United, conferred on the lotf of America is rather an advantage tha- a it of Any aecnnl with I
the Revoted Colonies, except that of tHt mand detriment to thiscountry, lc(cinsliya it coil C(* poptl1ar;y, that t m
Ui.ght on .their fealtf, gr tf, Msairgnimus vernme t. at ret lfent erhio hle, l rum for."l forfeited efates'it sII In i
fnmrie -tlhe Dutch I defence'r I ftlp,ort. lhe .ollrilhiig flate ofeort p ion, and )alat 'Mrf. aI
Providence fecrs to be raenging the cault of mcrre in this coantriy, and the ba'nnce of trade in belovedQ b e oery seno atmns
thii much fartalred lOe-the Amenevns for their on favour, have roufcd the Jealolfy and envy of men. 1t falts with them re
pefidy, and ereting their independent irtrees France ; to tht the has lately paired an edict, no fad btt thofe which thr
Stripes, are receiving a aemm.krb Srie not ou'y prohibiting the fale and importation of Enrgllh According to them Me, D. l us
frn theircivil difcordamongthemfrelvea butfrom commodities. Thiii rlid. however, does not land, continues to row bmorefo
f.meirner -The Spasiards have been obliged to fenm in the iaft to h Ie affeLtedth trade of Bri. be more to. Let them tal.on;
throw aide national pride, and humble to Barh. tain. Thtre are ic: at eotnmoditle, which they very little weight not0 dayn.
rai Piratese-and the Seven Uried, or rather cAn have no where eltl a at to good a market, ad Tie f nwn i lwg iqth letet writphy t
JDi' l ftirolJ eir have paid dear to the EBn- in the hamn perfeAl;od and, in particulrr, po- of Priffia to the telOes Ge fral f
p rr f.or thrr uajnltti'able trmdud to England, tifhed ftcel, which they commi mtn to a rery Protiocci rfthe Lo Countrie I "
who was their beft and lrmet fhicad.-i-Let great amount. So that It is probable the Court Hijh and MItg Lords, ad
Faeand te'and nd e fee andtiemble. of Veilailles will fool find themfrelves under the good friends and nelghboup, &c.
Dawing wRl hbe the favouTte amufernent of this nectility of revering this decree in part, if not 1" 1.We, Frederick, by fie Gr#ceofOi
falon as it was oftn Uta, very much to the de- altirietherd Fiom theft fa&t, the unpjuldicedl of Prriflas, MargrTave Brandebouir
trmoreut of the concerts. The Snrs red, and Sco a will clearly perceive, that neither our commercial After having conemiltncated to
emnotr dra r, un er the aufpice oftce Prince of n r our political vigour, art inthe teat upon the Mighlinerles our unetlineft had int
Wales, are now the reneial rage. The Prince is dec:irne I bt that, on the contrary, they erery ample letter of the scth of Cebury,
adroit a, the Hug.Atsadfli., an hat as many of day acquire new ftrength anid ability. Other year, refpeiling the dilagreeable ttut
the chara&erdtic Aeps t fthr provincial dance as nations aie f.farf rtom defpilfng that they view time before of the Lord Herdtar
any Chieftain of them all. The falhionhle tunes will a'tcnilhment the profprrily of a country, Prince of Orange and Nalfaa : an t
of the year theref rc, iinfcald .t the lullahy nrn which they had To lately juldged to be upon the ted on that head, On the part of or s
fenfe ofthe E'inlifh fc oiols, will be at laf1 win brink of rii. tineffes, by youth answer ofIt Au i
trr--.nvany r -Captrin M'Jai--ristrtirg Caftle One of the moth clamorous of thofe perfins year, altTiances to agreeablerefpe
-Gri:'" P; ei--John, RIt StuJrt-Gar the who came home from Canada to profectte cbarget we did holpe that thefe clrrnumftal
filly inake e h hrou' the wood of Fyvie, I agill Sir Frederick ialdimaitnd was Imprifoned have facen place more 1 butohu1
&c--'Turmr.s 0t,. wound nuake a man more than hy him on the cleared infrmartlon of hicunvcv-. that the io i.'t- *'. oIrlfe
lhail dead ance. Ing traitermro intelligernce.g.; ielc r if fatle trepn quite xerlcfe Cr
NoN thewi tr approaches, tiheblles ofmrnTj a.. ,t,- ly. is ne inlelct for his !Fra ofHereditAry tadtold
~tooired d)ir'fT a nlt thIeure ..- ,cwe I paper wa aully fmrnd wrapped'trp the form nut e d,, ta er.i
;-1.3 ea-.. ,.lttaierne eof neutr, on the c(fb hulakr,;and fulied intt a tonfe, i whichbe. rome very uPfavouratlhe adVicefr
bru~ai f)caion, arunmes one general cal of/,rst. twctn the lines of a Io,lo French fange there was Provincers oflla ouih b ticnetret trom
From the iacealing fle of broad brinz and written in milk an account of all the thip, and cited u to dirpatcb t iti t ordes talt
broadbar t.r, the Udaes feens determined to bid ;rength of the Britith ,in Qlebec. Y.t thi, man Proince of Iolland nd Wtlt rif l~da
dcfrince to ridicule, as well as to th*. gaces. came hnmetoromplain th hwa fevemrt lytr. "ovince df ola c ndopy i A ind rii
Falhion mult be ever Ifetingt bitt why, ye fair cd in b-in- confined of whch a copy i incl oed. -
ons of the creatmnn, dyordrft in a tile that is Comte Mirabeat make the filowin Brctrai. loe f e onvity, ncd o "f yhclron
fo much at varance witb the symmetry and pro. ture of the Emperor and his pr"enllewr, which lve 6f equity, a nd Nof theirac r i
portoa af naturee, of which there is centanly probably not objerstionable fori.ts fmilr;tde. i;t the Sand of the t, which Prosie
."Ie tlArdard of perfection? To lengthen or certainlyvrry admiralre forthetflrenthandlhu, earnetltly p tray T ntr High M ghtdnes,
i a,rten a petticoat, or to display a little ore or moo r ot many of the firoke prefety, re a onelhbour Man htid, t
Ict. ,n the brfon, may be done without any vioa. Lknow that the Emperor ptfee for a man fril c reft, neithbour and t od
ltiun ot propriety or decorum but in the name lot ardor, but without confarCiy agitated with will ath referit greable l uttheLitts M
of(er, thlingthatisprepoltro.ausadridicaloun, tdtblent ideas, without ut qIftmanwithout or. will addr'fs with rrl bo tnhe 1
wlry til theworld that you wilh nott piciel ve deer mnd ho eafivity often refmblesa delitrim. of the other Prvineelin wher n heef
to a Hfmi ardla r i the enormity of your ltis tid,lhat hisgleaningiarenofgvingrt that hi, thstrhLord lirlltarl tl r
hac.fra.r ? % Dutchmm, wilhhalfa doen pair dominion area rmp, not a empire ; that he is bly d thtthe Lord tHeloaint
of breches, iajuft as -aceful aigure, ftderOria perferly a riqinte with theeoutaeofrechan r s, y t at tha e ight bke ln from bmi
a a modern nymph eucrcled by aeald-pa,. anrha no finrnccs that be is matter of military tat a perfect harmonymye
STo do the gentlemenjafutice, they are abun. difcline, and knows nothing of war. Thn we recom d hrony a e
dantly prone to exctf -.h'le enormous buckle, It is remarked, that his prete"Gormiaraedlifpro. o *u manner toyorn
t:Ve tihit breeches, the jem aywailcoat, the limb portionate to his means, too lrasthing to the.eon. the W elrious n nere t of t
stit .ayin coat, all border ,o -the ridiculous- rincat which it menaced onlbyhitities itheat th welar, oAlndt intelcr1eadoftrel l
Milk or Rofre for gentlemen after Ihaying, ik now. he 'rocees too rapidly to glPl l ,le, ly, Stadtholder, ofgro dear rc l d thitra
adveriltng in all parts of the town; it removes unlef the nmitfaes of other pssaw lbhis riln .which' gherefore much f l thit
the imartrner of the foap, and renders the chin WliSners. Like a child who fees the moon in d tl s, taneford e the rwid at
dehlc.,c finooth,-0 7onmpnrrn 0 Merel wIell, and cries, d I will have themoon ;" to the t it'e andad ke th t Leadoft he
It s hard to be f> very frvere on women in Emperor, 1 will have commerce," without tstm aonnde, that we emwot be
,te . poor thingsI they cannot figure away knowing how, or from whence, or what wit be ferfg the eul aus i ritel t
at ire ba, northunder in the pulpi.; they are the vital fource,.r theexternal,fspport ofitc mal t wthqd orr useat ut, oiaS'e
etc: ulcd lhe army. they can wear no eterior por yet for "lhbmi, orAFwhat dintauit, or .. lu li watchve ther firc6 oS
hbO e. of 4inour A deprive of every hoas rable .. tely fpeaking, for, what I media.e oeo, u. tocah, l wls lwei ta
Ina k thIt, can gratify pride, or recompene tbher abours, nor how many tdi t it willi cof hel evf r
f rrcs, it wouid be really usijut to reafona hem over himself, ,before ,,ican oLink ffor eign con.
oft 4f`htiVrklF' PIR*Ml-di I tmerce, sor how mefroak epreeferabl is wternwf toi.: an;h us:li a
On'te bane of a riulc nrhe north ofIreland mtrae, which is almoa tht only branch within Iis Web o
i. a one with the foll.ig cario, infeription, grafp. r We hope to W tl
Shich was no doubt fntended.for the in.frmatie HLeknowes dylrbowtecommand-notthe be fl- w e felh e
of strangers traveling that read:-" Take ontics. wayd guidi g maen. Obfetie kis condo i to P peio t -B- ae le ant alI t
that when this .one as .et a. it. at fate land, to VpiOe, to Germaoy, where thelwsM f 0 F I'
t,afprntherivrl" This is fo. thing fmilaroihe theaged, thoutb not exhluand lion,.haa el nced n .' *'' ,
fismos finger pok whicwas enreaed by order of him4 to Haluary, to the.bharier towns, to the
the Surveyor of the ro.s fome tars ago, in ent: lergy, to the living, to the dead-he will have LAN Ih- l lisit
" This is a bridle path to FPefhamtifjm esm'l cohmaer, yet e is an enemy to ca l liberty.
reda,, you had better kepme main road." There cannot be found in the annals the of aL6rge, s c.t h t io hee
Mutl Odls r The llil cat plea1 Roman peross nor even in the crl at the pf ."

SAmerican IntelligenCe,
QU E B IB C, OcTrosa 30.
.ESTEtDAY arrived khs Majyefy' ket.
I bot AntelItes, t. 5 pthorn, ain wee
FaFlmouth l i me pbcnlegem Sirohn
ksfoln Bart. wit ladr and child Col.
afon of the oyArtiliry, and hi lady I
li Ro K of f the t Cat. C eith of the Ro
tillery Capt. Orah ofthe 6th, and Eaf
jaclay of the 34th.
Metal, Oeikr to. On Sunday the i6th init.
ae ir was darkened Ly a thick fog, which dii
ated about so o'clock. The atmosphere was of
alumiuous, fery colour. About two o' in
the alternuon, it became dark by degteae A fuch
manner, that about halFIn hour after two, peo.
ao could not fee one another in their houses.
hisl ated twenty minutes, and was followed by
i~lhtnig, thnnder anil rain, which gradually di-
pinilied the darknefe i It was however very dilf-.
tult to read without candle ght gt three o clock.
his period was of liort i for the dark-
ts came on again at mi nute paft three, and
it grew lowly u dark au befo mfomuch that
so night ever was more uobfre it wai at this
time. The black clotid dife ; about r4 r.i-
autle paf three, but lightning thunder, and a
kheay rain continued till about f after Avg.
Doctor Serre, who refides this city, 9Ty,
that having perceived the rain ster that fell du
r ia thcflio er, to beof a black oloor, he melt it,
and finding it had a fulphurco fell, he placed
in the middle of hls yard a mto n handkerchief in
the torm of a funnel, at the to of which he
ftund a black fcdiment l hI t rubbed it be-
twcn hil fingers, he found thb t fmcil wa owA
ing to no othercanre but the f hr which comr
pofd its fllntance. Hence he a of opinion that
the oily cainf: of this phenomenon was the Inlam.
matio, fjomne nelghbouring mines, whnfc thick
ioke beiit condenfed in the air, was driven by
the wind over this region.
St. yrbh',, (Niw .runfie,). Navenkr it.
On Sa urlay atiTed the tI i) ethia, Capt. Ell I,
ith ipwaids of ore thousand barrels of flour,
rom EnclaA d, fir the ufe to the American Luy.
slill f lti. province.
B/ lo, a'semTr aS. Late laft FridAy even-
iig", f ci Ih' g del.,tc, the Honourahit the Se-
ate easrz:' d ,he Bill fnt tip from the lower
li.urt, r,.r.:ig all laws refpeF.l i the tefugeca
ofcvr ,. civ tlin.
P/m-ith,. A'-.,'kr 1. It nuft give p-calier
fatifaicliLi, lay, a cov rtpondent, to ever friend
to Ihumarniy ant the ateful arti, to hear of the
ate inpi.ri.:t difonvcry at Dartmouth. A cer-
tain Mr. Al ll oit that town, but oiiginaly from
Nantucket, has, we are credibly informed, in.
enlted a mnachne, by which he feparatre frcfl
water from Ic, water with facility and expedition.
He totn rnot yet exhibit his machine to any one,
which is faid, however, to be very simple and
portable, ain the experiment has been tried to
the rati faFl ,n of l'cvral ingcnious and ref, eab e, Nove m br I. The Great and
Gt cral Conir of this Republic, having flifthed
their I. linB.) at Concord, adjourned to Welinef
day the liftl ay of Fcbiuary next, then to meet
at the bsatchloufein this metropolis,-How far
the Irgiflaturc has Ihone in their public adi,
during the Ial f Iion, is difficult to dttcrmine.
Thy Itve palrc, amnhg others, the Tender
At. he aft is, hy fume, fevcrely reprobated ;
a1I others are l)d- in atfcrting, that the conic.
qoci t likely to 'rtlt from it, will equal, if not
urpafj, all til. vils we might have experienced
from a pZpTr currency.
A'eaw ork "1, a. Yesterday being the anni.
verfary of t. AndtIw, the tgtelar faint of Scot.
lanl,the ST. t'ba 'i SnC TY otthis iate hl d.
thtr anini fail Iembly at Mr. Pradford's.-
Tlc Scottlli g l ts adifplayed on the Coffee.
oturfe at lfun.ri[i. At twelve o'clock the mem.
tbre convened, ind eleaed the following gentle.
mrn illiccrs of the society : The Hon. Robert R.
Ltvingnon. Efq; Chancellor of the Rate, Prf.
dat. Walter Ruth-rford, Efq; and Colonel
'illiam Malcom, Flre Pre/dtrt. William Shed-
4., Samuel Kerr. Hugh Henderfon, avld
lithelfori. Thnomas Lawrence, and James
Saidle; Ailants. The R-v. Mr. John
Mafon, Chaplain. Villiam Maxwell. Efqi; rea-
.rer. IRobert Lenex. Efqi Steretary. After the
ElJion a number' of refpetable citizens were
admitted at membeV., and a conri crable film of
faocly collteced to fupport the binteolentpur-
Vfie of the inftitution.-The ordinary buntinls
lihke day being completed, the faiiety, hanoured
wir the company Of ln Excellency the Go-
tiOor, and their Honots the Mayor and Re-
cader of the city, fat dod to an elegant dinner
svid.d by Mr. Bradfor t After which the fol.
'"ing toaB. were drrt), viz. I. The day and
sln'honour It. s. TI Land of Cakes. 3. The
11 u in. 4. Co9g1"c1. $. Genral

Waflilngtot. .s.ieasehti riolean'ir -oBl iper*tp *ith Inteo
bairs, and all who like to I in lot ien' arms. to elude this to flfeiture of veftl
7. Health and wealth. 8. Al the, boay lates cargo, tack h e
that Ni aaor the thr. .' ob. Gib's I On nue ioniarfl contravrantlon of thl
contree. to. Q die NOre leAi. f i to ad, burden of proof re Sa the claimant ap o la
all the eTialeofSCotlatd. 1I. 'i ocber'd manta.
Crammaad, ol Ma heoour a i'e ot nd 7. From Jhe im (t day of M h, foreign
atimnue to be the bauraerftla of fcotfach I Lirs fhtall pa SI. per ton more.h an Americain
sr. Art, Apiculture and Comeree-The re* American built vwe e, owned by foreigners, to
mainder of the day ad even w eatwith I go mor than f owned by Americans.
that happy convi lality d .fti lpi which I his a nt to contravene trey ie ofl ace
alwa, prevail at themet ntai of lal. I or commerce made by the Cogrenf of the United
We can anure the public ftm the bef a". States..
thority, that the Indians on the weft da of 9. To be In for Stl Congrs hall be indeed
the Ohio river, are determined to tlppoat their with power to related the commerce of the Uni-
right to the.lands claimed by the United State, ted tate* r and until, havingpaled an ordinance
oilers they are regularly prchafld. Theyhave for that purofe, faid ordnance gha.l take effe.
lately held a great council, and came to a rcfolu- I cad and ordered to lie on the table.
tion to bury In obllou their former f animoftles, I Mr. Fitarlmmeooa id this bill was of the utmof
and Rand in readieftio repel thae ujult ernah. momenI t much depended on it. He therefore
mente of the white people who owa bo to rve Ihquld call it ap ery shortly for a second reading
general diratifafalon, Thcy deny th right of This notice he gave, tat gentlemen mightmatk
the Britifl to cede their lands, and are greatly fur- up their minds on the fabjet; and prepare their.
pli ed-that the United State of America, to re. felve for the dlfcu on. -
markahle for wifdom, should evtn entertain the .
moftdiltant Idea of founding p claim to their ladl ds ..
on the ate treaty. They wonld not pe rnil the, NASSAU, JAipnif Y' .
geographer.general, and the alSfant flruryor of trROM dil lt i-ida of (->e--- -
the Uited Stat.e, to ehter upon the czecutiof r wCe wr ve ry faaiale"a the
of their busontC, which occalioned their return. Crs of Olunea Corn Pete G e white
AnradeWs-On the evening that the Hon. are now mostly got in. ,The oft
Samuel Hardy, Efqi was Interred, a woman, who Cotton is begun, and s aid in genel to pro.
was standing among the crowd, (fayto another, mire well. I "
If they make to much fufe about the funeral 1( kht ~ et ba here oi, etW ea
*O' one member, how nuch more will they ne Suahnah Buc, hLch lat it.d fro
make when the Contrcef himrfelfies." this forCnral'ow. On the 4tJh, loat. a. no.
Chal, /lo, y7,a a. We ha from Phiadel. 'ong. he was, by a fudden Aqll laId dowa
'phia, that in the house of Afcmbly, Thuirfday, in the water, maritbhed Ii after reaniang-
the s7th November, Mr. itzfimons presented to eternal minutes In that Itoutiao, The righted.
the chair, a bill for the encouragement of hipping on her foremat being cut away.
and navigation, of the following tenor: Aina v Ia Miles
i. From March s, sytl, no goods, ware or yet. rs. ship Naffau, Huat, Bermnds
meichandize, to be imported Into this Rate from 6. Sloop Porter, Boato
any kingdoet in Europe, Alia, or Africa, but in 1o. choo. Thomas, Eve, Charikcto
vcthl belonging truly Td toaie. to people of Sloop Live-Oak, Macbam, Cedir
this tate, or of tome other of the United States, SAiL, "r.
and of the built of, and belonging totome of the y ,. t,. School. Gen. Shirley At.uec. Chlrlefloo
fail states, and whereof the matter and mate hall S oo, SIady Point, Pearfe. N. Carolina
have taken the oath of allegiance to thior fome
other of the Unittd Staltea or which liall not,
before the faid firft of Marci, be &saide pur- PUBLIC AUCTION,
Shald roned as afoiclaid; or. which Ihall t On MONDAY next, the 3d of Jaiiuat inf,
be made legal prize of, or forfeited and lglly At fIN .'Cltl,
condemned in fome court of admir.ity, or other AT Ti STO R or
court within the United States, and owned alto.
getler by perfons at fi Uillted States or unlet. PETER DEAN, & Co.
Imported in velrrel belonging to the kingdoms, or SUNDRY ARTICLES of frct new GOODS, being
coUintries, whereof faidgood, &c are the growth 0 a Coonignmcnt, imported in the lad Veffel from
preodice, or manufaeure, or belonging to the port London, vi. 6o pieces Irill Linens, as pieces hia
or place whence fich goods. Ac. can only be, or and oarfe Printed Jelbs, aewef Patterns, o3 pher
are ufuallt shipped for exportation, under the ine Printed Cottons and Callikoc, a pieces hlte sad
penahy of iorfei:ure of the ilps or tetrTl, with white Frniture Cotton, so fie Printed Linen sod
their cargoes, guna, tackle, ammunilion and fur. Cotton Gown Pattern., a dosen fne Pocket Handhew
niture, one half to the beat -of the common. chefs, 6 doen pe Hked dito does Cheek
wealth, the otner to the pctfUns who t all inform ldio. piee s 30c bl d mea
or foe for the lane. Checks, a piece h ad W ilsat di, S
Non gods. &c. of the growth, &c. of Ea. pieces Sna Striped Holland, eae Corduroy, 6 Co
ton Count annm s pe e rd wide Cord i
t, Aria. or Af iea, 0 all be imported into this Dimity,a pr ditto t eerd ditto, a i
From any other of tLe United States, by lad Dutch Cord, to pieces M vaylnso forts, n pe
or water, unleft it Ihall appear by the oath df the Sn white tllia Drtb 3 en Ladies Pocket e doors,
moiginal importer, certified by the colledior ofthe t res-i black and colorJ ilk Hmdherchkfs, 1ti
port whence laft hipped, that fnch goode Lc. were Pain Women'sn uff Hogad Lof Sugar.
imporred into.aid port t place, in vcfe a belong-, neat Gold Watch, 6 O Mwhie aid yellow plaza
inz to inhabitants of this fate, or fime other Metal Buttons, o piece. Oa r, ctlt rfo
ofthe United State*, or of the ktagdom,.&c. Tea, rwt. Oblashor Sat dosen Artifical
wherrof th r thegrowth, c or toinhabitants Flow I er
of the pott or place whence iufally lipped for A t 0,
deportation, under penalty of forfeiture of faid f!e olag Artides, tenKenat iif
goods, &rc, if by land ; and, if by water, of kthe. lt 'l 4 4'a s"S "C Gs. tdr as dtied
vteiels wherein hnp d~ one half t the tatesthe ti ts 'tia llb Sol and Pump
other to the fetsci p d cr. *, 0 u
This ad tnot til etdt oldolaet; .-
or bunitilli l t a taken as man Steel, a l t ee ,,T s dito3
prizec. or bywar of FW, ps or W r, a 1 frad pad e tledei
commiloned for the t e ts. art.t-I- i a d a rpl rg
4. From the firlt f( 7, o fOreign, s Bed w ,,e r l 6 L eL iNls t
built thiporvel lfhalldhetlgets purchafedbyor Tbacco ap'mpy, bblck Tg k6l, d n
belonginlgtoihab;tantsof ayof f tbel iteitd atres aa, dSeitaieatea'a BaL of Coltony Coa itui
or ejoy the privileges o the tame, unblet eor wa arWsu. *s I Ladie sIt 8hoe Blrilet
theyctlaiihgtt fame, Ithmlotake it apadto the L i W I1 S, .
fuprme executive cou o t the navoi okdcer sn Cedr Pall, so" b Mahbogu y Bedteade, r
and colleor of the porbt Pmidphi that Whie it Oa Stves, o picet MaKhogay rI Pl i
orthey are citiseaa of or a in ofe the e tc. At. BA.
united States, and Ihall k an oath orafflrmna N. .Th 61* W to be ldonht aw
tion that fach a hip or has b ree, &ten Adn Conditions, as obdure .
and for "auaWme canfideltioar.apurchafed by him niLINU A
or them, before the ia llrtt day of March JON DSI ST ON.
which oah or affirmation all fpecify the fum TNai ar, VYam e If
fnr which, the time when, and the prfanor P FTE D N, & Co.
perfon from whom fid l Ip at' enefl AaN benN d an lld te Dy
purchafedi who (if any) *e part owners therein, .AVIO fold r, a edt Dry ods
and that no foreign, direly or' indredly, has H Ld Retil fAr the present. retusls
any part,, ilerrft thein. On oam. thank to their Cutis and rquc all pa r
piling with this, t eahlledor Iball fIrnilh the ons i ndebted to t e nik d pay O dr
owner or owners a citle or citizens of refiedive a Ia ly
thfde rate., I t e rberem it tal thence. N. & Their a I eWts, ln d place o. reo.
forward c jo,4 a ill tlcgte l =111 dee bee

For the BAM.Au &DAZTT.
Ms. WtLLi.
Wh il e rc nre the mifornty in all the work
of the Almiihty, and adore hiL i It Prifov
drnre. we cannot bt reartd with pleafure
thaof of hi Vicntt non etl, wlofe power
is exnted for the bendtt of -ukind. In a
pa, icular manen we ntut e Intertled I the
prferiv tion of the life f that Monarch, whofe
death tuisht plurge millions of the hutan rae
in all thr lnrrner of mifery and diftief; f or
fuch i the terror o hir namet that the mighty
miorderer of the wor d an, white be reils,
afraid to begin, the baarlromw game of death
anid d, ftraton -Thi Monrch, this Hero,
Lrgpfltr. Patrio, and fPlnd of Mao, i>
for great he certainly ia-who lately forbade his
fellow crer.ture to heiM to him the knee* coml-
derili that an homage de oniy to the Almightv
Creatcr,--anrd whefe coalnad i the care of
Arnold the Miler, will caufe his name to he
mreverl, whe t a.trare of bhi wrll foght
battles and g1nloku .aorid will be loft, or
,fCe I O arsa of ths ifltrmpali Perfio-
tIelr, wnwit tieear thirty year fline-and I
am to remocat ou wll favour It with a place In
yojr paper. HOMO.
NagrF, 7Janry7 17U.
CHaQrETS Of the KING of PRUSSIA, i7t7.
T iHEar o m fithlful and fcrupulous hifnorian
1 woaad be the beft pinegyrift of Frederick
aing of Prtn I pIeterd to be neither, I only
attempt the Oalndlte of hi chara&cr, whicli even
cons pora l a k f, cnry and malignity, are
forced to a airen, ua which amne impartial o-
ttri'f, if it cat btietr. i nI amol alore.
By the mere natural ltAcitkl and fuperinrity of
Lia goinu, without experience, he broke out t
once a General, a Hero; he dilflnEuidhed with
parfioSn what inrioaro ndta never difcoier at all,
the liffram between great diffictltira Rod im.
pflibeil l; and being n er difcomtreed by the
irmer. h fte rea t femdI to ecOte the latte--
InI, letipahly lathiiota and tive. coolly interpid
in aCion. he ditco'ersa if by intrition, feaize
wih rapidity, tr..l iiapror wi b I.,ll the tfort,
favourable anl ifettn 4ccifir moment o of battle;
amoid and m ln .insnon arcr vid4 ry, he be-
corime tie cn iieat ptaratoi of hfi fulluend cap
tire eormi a; ertniutc and unleIedtl in misfr.
tune, te hrs :f a fowtiw to t!ire (,. and frgg'e I
with ,tifichiit wacv cl* o toaotge nor conflancy
but hii owe w<:ui ba he neCted, or could hae
At a Kini, he is a Man, a Cwiltn,, a Legilator,
al Patriot; hJa now eclulive mind trims alt
iti plans of r/weavea nt, ruba nd, by felfilh ni-
nifterial mcrekd and nirtrefentatrios.-Jufice
and llu ti;rnty are hi only Miniltrs.
ln bhaoma dlomaiion Wel has reformed the law,
an.t reduced it to equty by a code of his own
diAgrtiag he has thrown cavil out of tiKe thifflhg
ad wavciing tcu of justice, amd poised them
uwally to Ill.
ndulgeat to the various errors of the human
mind, beaefe tAintrr with ta few himself, he
has dabliflwed utih alKtltiun, that decisive
charaderlic of tmr tliion, natural inltice,
fncal benevolence, and eve good policy; he
equally abhbor the guit of making MArtyrs, and
the foly of o.Ki0g HIocrite*.
Greatly amo eeB nraw local prjwiice I, he
as invited and ae Iling maralm.. rap npler Oall Mtiouto fettle
hi his doinoiosM a aeomlnaet and rewards
theiadultrious, bhe dirdle -ad h- ier i ea
cd ; and mum as mawhetktr oprx ed bl
or perfcruted by Ictatlc tyraml. fhdde a (ie
rrf-fte in hi fe rAIof 4ji dSellnamselaty,
*hick the purepk robe has ue been able to inmo-
tber.-iHe the Man and the Piloblphir, anal.
loyed by the Ktg., and ufallied by the War-
efl..-Neithet the toile of War, north cases of engra his whole time ,bt he enjoy.
a confiderable put of it i yf familiar cOa-
Vcrftitm rith h eqmia'- en.
T at:ttC Copartatclip of Jo-.i a Co.
i dlialies the ath of FebR next, and as
they wilh to ave all tkeir feln ttkled on or
before that day, they thee e define, that all
gnrirns with whom thq bhae cnnt, may come
to a settlement with thl m as as poffibe.
"Teir remlinini S' o hand, confiting
of Ship Chandlery, Ironiagerand Dry Good,
will be dlfpofed of at Pubec Au ion, on Monday
the 14th of ferekary oapt, their Store in

OT ONT SaN k Brill t tiablagy, Hard
: 'Iod, kcf i iS^Pnydw *

p J gesCas, BAsr,. Co.urfarer t1th PANTOW, LE
SfnrfnleM lj Pr ol f the Sautbrit sStat of New tojin, ST iM
SW riv, anl lte .madin r Oas rr f RT M e
Airafih M t Pro issoaf t R Fl &r HA V.
oTTHERleitS I have received infoma thNt A I ENBRAL
W NeF e, the property of the Inhabitant g BIAST-INDI '-
of the Southern Statce of America, have been Win of thk eft
brought away from thence, In iolaton ofthe or. ware Grocery, C r
dersof Onvernment, and for whom a flll proper will fll on the kmoft .
tion of the Prvilon and other nera iel, ent a Bil I b .
out for the benefit of the real fufferers in the s
American War, have been received to the Ireat UST IM P
detriment of many loyal people, who have laMscri .
riced their fortunes and riked their lives in the th rintine Po
cauf of their King and C unitry: And whera,, I ell., froM
there are Negroes, property as aorefaid, cim D TO
lon freedom and receiving ware, a& if they were O - '
their own mner; I do therefore conceive it a B, JI H i
dttty iB 1 incumbent on me, from the powers in At his rTOR on the ay, s
me vcetd by the ipght Hon. Charles EarlCorn. I PT TiiJO Ovrcl
owirj, approved of hy the Conmander in Chief, For Cal B dlttr i s
.and ftnitineed by 1Hir Maljty, (which fo long as An Aflor h t P of .a_4
any of the Negro committed to my Chtrge, in *
or the vatle of them is not restored, continue An olsi W"rm.e'
In f,-ce.) to order and direct, that all perfons R Tchi*l)' a iot
the, inhabitants 'onsa
holMsnO Ntereei the property of the Inhabitants C.",i.s als .e
of the northern States of America. that have l .anr.. ,aSl
Other made their refrpe, or who h eae een .de i i .e Sand r....
brought away clmndellinely, fnce the ri6h of ql.nd Halltd r UP SPs
Septemher, l7sn. (the date of mycommifflon .) rele ik Milkle T't*
to forward to me. from all the inlands under this rld Bun Hair lWr
Oorernment,. wherrr fch prorrtv may be, at Mr. Prntred and C Bhar d Punc--h LaJ
t arr'i' Printing Office, an e iac lift of the ftmr, F.rni'sre Soalt
deferieing their fes, condition, and the tim they Printed and L l ai
have been in their poffremln. And I 1o warn all trrchirfs Silver1114c
erronl, inhabitants of this country, from pavrin Nnteenal OoMld nl
hire to any Negroec from the Snothrrn iStati Periosn Ooldritie
ofnAneiica, pretending to freedom, inle o the Marfi'ls Qillia plainot R'U
have a Pafr from me, or from Rheor, Rnllinepf O'l. e nd ttAlr Dpn
Etq; ConmirTanrry of Zlail; one eife having had Cordel and S1ed1 D Sl- aI
any right to.granlt fch. miries ran eBBmt
And that none nway plead ignorance, I do White an.d fyed Jean Hatl Pm
htheby warn all perlmin from in future loe inean'"" e lr enlm
to aery Negroes of the above description, to i et inn P rIemt,.y
the French or Spanibh Iflnd, or to y otih.r Plrtille Onn P
place, for fale,au flr i meafitre* are taken, a will Royal, and Briltnnin Nll C'ot wk It
produe very feriouI ctn(eqiencc to thofe who Dowlafa 40i, 6d, Sd. Ni0
may be detrcird in profecuting a traile, in deft. Cotton Costtrepanss o3. il ..:-
a-ce of oierrment, and which it itn itself at ihblnm s heaitingln I
once ean, ernel a ungenerotn and every way arr.nd itvo Cnmbe Nails '41
trnworth,, of men who boaft of loyalty. AMen Thread sad Cottln rill Butter .
To remove any apprehenflnna from the minds Hoae Ol-uterfterC
of thife of the Nrgroes, whonb their services Wonten ditto l.endeo Prsi
tn Oomurenment, rendered themfelves ohlnoiont Military Shoes Potitat
to their former owner, or t the pop' of the Me'" "n T"1th 110t Whi;e. TlarI
country, an d who maybe in danger hy returning hound Shnes Lis
to the State.. I do hereby pledge mfelfo to them, Wo W i'"" l *. and Cbthl- il
that they ftha remain here till hie Maieflv's drens "allitrman Moe- Gree. I
pleafr is ; kown. Ar d all Blacks of the Sori th. j e uen lh Linf.e d OP t
ern States of America, claiming fret-lom Ince B l" Psf i Linf Siin rint s
refrtd Clf tkhus Patnet3ebrg
the .rth of Septemher. rtgo, fuch ecepted as h ea li cw. Hoaked a1
have Parle* from Col. Baltingll, are herehy di- .A L S O
reftedto give in their names and placesofahnlde, n the Brigantine Hawtl, Crapt. e
to me, at the Hitufe of Mr. Re rtS inra,. no the frOm lB*lTlIM6,
White nrmind, on or before the ift day of Fe. T CTTPRlINI ad is. F1er, hllin
hblary next; and thofe on the Out Tflandq are I barrels
ilefired to fend their Namen to Mr. W/lh'se Offic, Indi Con in btls of a b a Ina L
on or bewre the tt day of March next. Ship Bifelit
G/iAN ads.r m Han at '. as, Nv Pilot ditto
Proieainec, itia ittb dn af7anna r,. 1786. Cracliers in te :e.
JOHN CRUDP.N. lice in tireen, and half trep 'I
Pitch and Turpentine
THIS DAY It PUBLISHED, Inc: Board,, Shingles, Are. St.
Peri Two BrTTs, T H 0 M A S R
The Bahama Almanack, t,. r ,e to form h
Calculated for the Year of Our Lord, rt6), 1 piblie. that he carriesae t
-tlinog the Lunationn. Belipfes riling and Rh'tSmwitb'a fRifl), in all it
letting of the Sat and bMoi Holidays, Money Shop, near Mefrs. &Bje so4
Tablee,'&c. &c & ) Yard.
JOH N B U LKL Li AL Perfona hasvld any deI~Is
rAKi the liberty to riequeft that thorts I + t a' -"-" u -t d"r -i
1 Oentlemen who bhaveAne fo good as to h to. 9o e i nates o the m l M
nor inm with their cmimas d, illTbe pleaded to debted to make payment toe
ffcange their refae Lcont. A'I Perufo
having any dema a im, a re detred to TEN GUINEAS h
call for p ament.
PHe ha.. .ci d by Prne Packet a RUN away from tT. e b
neat A o otme"t o"f faaieBroad Clothl and Gn Oirl, named _D
XerfeyneerS, Wstu chafed at Mr. HALT' Sake.
9e e whiTrimmii lowdib "complei"n l^'ab
Gold and Silver Vl aLe, Epaulets. ilwlri csPe? a
-- Ebe as= ... 3z- qeh, is I fmart, 0it i
Regimental ttn, sa whe he wll rfll at ,a ne-rl i .a fImeat Sat
reasonable advance., I al t m -g-. .
N. B. The TATLO s' BUSINESS carried will he paid foe ea d
no as ufual, at his Houfe rederic Seet. bor""red by Ia Ilt
Nafsa, 7JmiarJ Is, y. onfnder.
ALL PeTfons having demands on the Eflate of UN- AWAY abait the
Mr. ALIa B.nDt Roalo ti>. deceafed, late a aot as i,
ofthis town, are dfired tojnder in Sates of sholluto a sd L'nae
thtr caims, propate to the fuferibherI has aflclated hafe S
and thofe who are Indebted t e estate, are re. h -
alstramy b fettled sit im poffible. ald eo tthe C,
... t a N AOdar. I~l",t .... R:
XlfUp Y- q 4o 1
N^,iut rZ 4^tr / WS^ S

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