Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: January 7, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00022
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Fron SATURDAY, JAIuArYN 7, to SATURDAY, JANA- r 4, 786.'
From S A.TU RD AYT, JANUARY 7, to 8 SA T UR 1)AY, JANUI.ARY 14, 3785.

NAIsAu: Printced by YJON WRLLs, at the Printing Ofice on the BAY.

nhe following Extl s fom a '4tter, whih a
Oentleman here as teceaved froi his Corred.
Sondent in Lnndpa, are published for the in.
frmation of the American Loyalifts fettkd in
(bthefe Ifands. .'. .
S I R,
TN confequence of the power attorney and
i. ppers you were plated to comrI't to my cae,
I drew up. and on your behalf presented, to
theCommilluners pointed by Ad ofParliament
for inquiridg into the loftea and services of the
Aiwrican Loyaliftl within the time limited by
that ad, a Memorial, in which I Latcd as fully a
Iwan able, your Lahj, LPi, and tsirle ad
to this Memorial f annexd tiht power and the
other papers; therefore hbd ye be In England
(where the personal attedasod e dJhe latmant
as then required) you might h ve ad your ea.
aination, had it crime to your turn to be heard I
and of thefe particulars, you hve already been
made acquainted. Ot I did not think it prudent
to recommend to 7dO to coime to ngld.S .
Becaofe of the r pen attedu n such oyag,
and the length of tm that might la before it
came to your turn to be heard. Wim, lih in
your situation muft be very vauinuth,-dly. Be-
caufe as the ad expired In its own limitation in
July. had all the Loyalifi been on ihe fpot, ready
to Cuiblantiate their claims, it would have been
inpoffib!e for the Commififonter to have examin-
ed one ha'f of them within the time preferibed.
And--dly. Because I was well aired that ano.
their anq would para, not only to continue the
former adt, hut that fame plan would he adopted
to the Loyalifta the trouble and espence of
attendance in this country, and to aford an op-
portunity to fuh as from peculiar circumstances
were unablle to lodge their claims by the ajth of
March, i794.
An ld a, paffed la the lait efflon, prolonging
the timr of hearing and receiving cldam. One
Comm;lnner in added, and Robert Mackenzie,
I q; (lae Secretary to Sir Willam Howe,) is ap.
pwin'el i the place of Mr. Coke, who resigned.
Two oft er .ntfmimnesn have failed for Hlaifax,
in ord, r to hear the claims ofthe Loyalift in No-
va Scot'a kc.
Y, ur clai being now read to be. proceeded
on, (and which the Commidionera will take rwth
Thenn) it will be proper to point4out fuch matters
as may he necct ary fnr your attention, and the
proof you ought to produce in support of it. on
your examination. Indeed, the produdion of
fuch t flimony is of to much importance to you,
that no opportunity should be loft in collecting
and digering it,previous to your examination,
that the juice and propriety of your claim may
fully appear.
I have, therefore, t recommend to yon, in.
To prove your loyalty and attachment to Go-
vernment, and oppofion to the meaftlrc of
CongreIb, and your fulerings in conftqueaec
tlereof. The earlier you manieflled that loyalty
and oppofition,the more meritorious you will ap-
pear.--sr y. Toprove that you have been attaint-
ed by name, or indicted under the laws of the
tate where you fortgrly rfcded, because of yr ur
loyaty and attaebhant to Governmecnt; and that
lour citate hath beenrelised, confiscated, and fold,
In confequeafted of eb attainder or indiamat.-
idly. Tour title to the eatte to seized, conafcat-
ed and fold, and the value of the fame in Gold
and Siver on the srth day of Aprilt syrs, or at
ant time befior.-ethly. If ou he rendered
4ny cflmtial s vor t the Nit or Amy, par-
tikcarly a&W e aflot or g ride, ;t oc rldiktel.,
betart d vs ori e).
ilgenee, bought eprlpeiui a vit4 Scea
me ad b ole"t, "1.orwMhi
any manner alUg4 inlhtfar pthcinnd
forwarding hi-aey'ife Yo i
nrltforwa aoy uch n ie tdp-
the by thb Uh dce
RImi=Sle, iarvi obery deg

of credit. And no doubt the Leliflature had this
in view, when by the aft of Parament the Corm-
mifoners were diteAed to Inquire lont the Serr
vkre, as well a Loyalty and Loldef, of the Ame-
rican Loys ll.
In regard to the blo of Pre, the Commit-
Iloers will eapet the-highel edenca, a well
of the erilence, as loas of Property, for wh:ch
compenfation is claimed. It in, therefore, woar
thy your consideration, and, indeed, I would
recommend to your attention, a faril conformity
to the following requlfition of the Board, which
has been long fized up in their office here :-
It 1i required that titles to landed property,
and lles of enafifrcted estates, be proved by
authentic documents from the reCfpetive re-
cod odclts i the fevera Provinces," if poffi.
bl to be obtained otherwise, as the ixt bclt
evidence In your power, by perfonal voiva rat
teftimony.-Sch authentic documents I should
imagine might he procured from the State In
which your lands have been confiscated and fold,
by writing to fome fricd to apply at the proper
ofces for them, and have the ame properly
ecxmplifed under the eal of the State. And If
fuch documents cannot be procured, or should he
tefufed. then you muAt offer tothe Commilfionere
'the Higheit evidence in your power, of the fdzure;
conflfcation, and fale cf your eftatr.
As a voyige to Nova-Scotia or England, wlllbe
attended with cxpence, I have to recommend
to you, a& well as to all the other Loyalifts in
finilar fituatios, not to make yourrelves r e n y.
as the Commigionern will in all probabi'ly go to
the Baham'o,. to examuti the claims of the Loy-
alifts there I and if they should not do this, they
will give you fich notice of time and place, where
they will attend to this butneis, as mry **f
tflfeiually tend to the advancement of Julice,
and your obtaining that compensation, your Ioy
ally, Loft*e and Services will be found to deserve.
Iean allure you, a moreworthy fet of gentlemenn
could not be found for the purpofis of the enqui-
ry, than the Commifioners are ; nrd you need
not fear but you will have ample justice, If your
preteuilo"s arc well founded.
T' his Excelle Y John Orde, EJiare, C~p;in-
Crl ind Csriner is Cbie, n and enar It&
a wd qf Doi niea, Camerllor, Ordinary, -ad
r d" AmlmiralterifWa, (f. Le. e. e
The ADnaisa of the A nH caN LorYALCTsT
fettled in this IfIand.
jir il pleara ror xB.vll.nry
IMPRESSED with a deep fenfe of your Excel-
enkcys' attention and goodcefs to Cls MI fy's
faithful American Subjets, who hae.taken flge.
in this iOand, we are happy in theopportunity of
returning your Excellency our us laed thanks,
and acknowledging with gratitude, the benefits
we.eajo from your Excellency'sfvorand kin4
interpo lion.
There' the progrefl of the late nnnatural war, it
was our late to experlenc calamities in commonw
with thoufahds, who rellaqulfheo aafe and com-
fortable polffioM, by adhering o the righttous
cafe of their Sot~lgan and the event of the
conglt has deprived s for ever of he eni6yment:
of property, and comforts attending It, which
affidcity labor had made our own.
In this Ituatioo, we consider ourselves molt
fortunate, I having an asylum in an Ifland, in
which your Exelllency governs ii chief where.
we have already expteritcd yor .Excellency
care and peotdo',I and .hene we hae every
repfon to hope elY l cellency'q Intention of
rendering us inPat re.tappy. as he ircum-
ance, of thke .Oow et tcoih united to yoqw
charge willadmit, 'w W e re the t Rp d
Guipaen. '

lenc. totad i ly ts e h Cion ill 1 Houte
f A bly of s d hi Majdy'a Loyal Coeny,
for thi i Mabk OlW they have t geMtr gul

afforded usi for which we can only make return
by coaduding ourselves as useful and peaceable
Cititcns, and by willing them a long onatinuance
of the happiness they enjoy, under your E ce*
lency wife administration.
We beg leave alo to espref how mneh we
are indebted 4o the different department under
vour Excellency's direllote who (taking example
from your Excellency) have executed nor buflnef
with alacrity and dilpateh I and particularly to
your Excellency's Secretary Mr. Brown, for his
cheerful endeavors, to reader rs krice, on
every occafion.
Dniowiae, tad SeJ. rit.
Stephen Plan. Arent the RRlht HI. Lord Arden,
and for himself and family.
John Rofs, Attorney for my L.ord Hawke. for
Major General Tonyn late Governor nf EaR.
Plorida, for Henry Strachey Eft sad fur
William Young for ilmftlf nd hmily.
Mathew Stewart for hi;melf and family.
William Rulrel for himself 4d thmily.
Samuel Gray fo himfelfand family. '
Alexander Connineitam for himfle hand bitly.
fohn Marlhal for hi tfef and family.
Nicholas Warrinpton.
Henry Newberry for hlmfelf and family.
William Johnfon for himfelf and family.
Simon Brnce. late Serleant of agie's Ranpers.
Tliotas Goldfby. Pierre Cunyac. Daniel Conner,
Thonma Stafford, Thomna Bnargers, Tefe Inr*,
J"hn Meshing, RIchard Pool, Zarharihb
Briant. Robert Stafflrd. Charles Manihan,
John Nidray, Thomas Jntin, Charle Watts.
Several of the Toyalifto heing in the Country,
and others not to be met with in Tomn, are the
reasons more have not fubfcrihed,
To which his P eelenry was nleafed to return
the following Anfwer.
GCrvrme,-trte., Rtansa
a4Ph S*f-. xss8.
.,, GCnTrIMre,
T Return you mv .4mrmtl thanks for your very
Al afionate Adder,.
It gives me the greater pleasure to think that
my earntft endeavors to reaier the fitnltion of
fo deferring a let of people comfortable and con-
venient, have met your approbation.
The knowledge of it will, I am fur, he molt
acceptable to our Gracious Sorereign, who has
beep acquainted rith your merits and sufferings,
and who continue aflrances of intention to re.
ward the one by.relievlng the other, a far as
circumftacen will admit.
Yqur acknowledgenwratt to he Council and
Affemhly, defied to be made known through me&
fr their liberal addnd alliance (and which can.
not be too hit ylftpt o of ltalb*mmunics-
ted to them te H* t "opporfniprt,
l:am happy tfjear thret Onmen In the dif.
fermnt departmits habodnate to me. who have
had buinefeto trsafatwith you, have merited
yeor thanks. o
. Be aflured that no relaxation (hall take place in
y endeavorn f rve you it Is my duty in the
il instance, ua loa fincerely my inclination a
(te next.
I have tt htbnr to be,
Your mou obedient, and
mok humble Servnt,

A LL PFrlee bh.; Iim nr the Fftate of
Mr.A.lNa Ria deceased, late
ofthis town, amr a tender in tatra of
thrkdclahm, pms.a to the fhb ribrer I
and thof who ate dfrto the tat ie re-
queled to make pa a edtel, ht the
N *N, fert m W s a



European Intlday as o Jame s ? idderf. E ct days, at
L and adme anattiAdr by (rfoat I the g t ..
'-I 0 D OMr Sa, s7. their titek t deittes, an preceded
HE appointed cfinn octle Ihop-tax Iivellmrs of th drapersmo and maldhasn and
1 attempted togs0lo tthe ancilcbber t cin,. proceeded from Drapers-b'll to til lth? S a
OuildMhra, but wire rif l 'il ttance, grea- *here they"were rfarn into the ofict.of tchera Cf
able to tirc r lution of the ladf court of cunaioi or the year tnaiinro. Atn la d oe

alter, Mr. Merry came into the it". ak n meet ,Xuiopean markets. lie reason for it ha ini-u tirsrOp I taI
the carhlltttee apjiifitiil'to wait on Mr. Pitte while Oreat $ritaJ hadil all this pirdcta nrd w At
an,! oem poit up to the hi4iaPr he delsAed to Tohe ganary&f.orit eioltor, iPC it it nwat la_ Mire I v
know what utihref was during Ed5 tlr d by if So csrgma f tollaccoliot3 cargoes ofrscccsoic of .th tier
Mr. E.vrett, they were met .to J1.1.- home oli ian was wanted, it made Iut little exc aimed
Aop tr, Mr. Mirry repill e trat the corpora- difftretneltrhe price for they were *ll hurfed .1' i k
tiori hring drte.amned, that the Ielf created till the hniee confrtmptlon or foreign mal kta kw h I have nad
commlffionrs Ihruid not have the iufr f tie halt, made a call for them. and then they were n st ain dating
he wnicleard-mr chat their impudence, in acting thlercomnroditie fold with a protenroreo .oft4 r, ary to the f(id resolution ; .i this maiy But the ctt lisui~ iatefqlly lalrTd. lhrca '
wirda rnfurd, and Mr. Merry in the end threw .market is in a maarsr igon t at fift it was glut i
tire books over there rail into the hall, and hilme. ed-by ftragglingthips, vlckh catifed dr'a eri ctr*a- tsi
dtavfey ialkid down the ltcpe. Mr. An!I'twa tion ofcourfr, and frme of them were uidlr tIc-- Cl
gave him a pulh, which nearly threw him down, uredfity of falling at a*y p ico rnilir tilth wait Ih ct for
on which Mr. Merry returned up the fliep, and for a better. The home conifmptioh ha alr nl Lereis no
after fame altercation tore their paper, threw been aedledl In the fame manner, and a (eierIal land, without
their pens and ink abolt, and behaved in a (pl- dplreciation hab erry wheretakenplace, which t tary, n on
siled mtnner. will ie ftme time before our mteriuant caI get and a&,Ja
Mr. Everett 6;dled the city marital, and char- the better of., . .... f
gd Mr. Merry withhaxving committed an afflni't Fraqklihaa departure from the Court of Pralce t lle
on which Mr. Merry was taken intaclltody, and was, If not ieffary from any afront'girrn him, ft
carried before the Lord Mayor, who was fitting at e;ft i. a )rvg fe, fiom the irdifferetce and ifen si,
with th Aldi-rmen Skinner, Le Meflrier llopl;in, general neglle lie had fallen into of late f and antiC1ni whn Ir r
Watlon, Plomer, Hallfax, Boydell, Hlammer, ther altered frotimenta are undetflood far beyond- account, tfe ere and al t
Newnham. iianl the Recorder. his individual.pcrfo.n, to the caufl *f which he the prtent doithit
Tihe Lord May or deflred to know what offcnce was the repr fetatie and adent. The rcnlate Iabou the Mt
iMr. Merry had ten Fuilty of, and was ant.reire, having found, though not with fue( woeful eas order wai ,
of al ffaTult. ani of rotouny obitru .ng thecom- ,perience as our own conntiyiner, that America i .wle It
miffir.nre oft'hl.hop-z in thedit.hargc of thiir not the country for liont metnto sbark thtirt unoill 'fo rll
mechandife. to the afti ,
She Pecorder faid, before Mr. Merry could Le *The emlifar'es of America in this country, are to Pott WIItm.
committed, or bhel.o bail,.it was nccetllhy to nfing veryelort loprevail on Givernmient to la- of Debirnber ft
rtabhlih t"o faas. The firi was whether the bhifi the adminion of the flips belonging to their were alimble4, I l e
Cominlirioners were met legally in diiharge of friends on the other nie if the Atlantic, into our board th rC~rnip
their duty ? Secondly, whether they had any light Welt-india ports, which they affert is abliiutely petnc,
to meet in tbipoildhallof the city? He referred effential, and that Great.Britain mftt be obilged
to a v tcty o ai), none of which appeared to to tal to fubalit to that umeafrre., The Continietr- I
give right td any.t of citizcns whatever to ufe tal Colonits, when on the eve of irrlt, in 4ai i thkth l n rt o
the hl l.n ary to the gcnera lenfe of the cor fame manner thought, that ilhir traffic wa s lM kept hZaljuit
port in, idt hedcelincd livinpgh''spinion fully iteY, effential to the WetS- Ihrntian and 'tibs' 'age, towfah 1d o 4 g .
untO lie had clirtcrately confiderrd the latter. Yorepruribie all commerce betwern them. Yet mentt time of aelirnet, nd w
lM. Everett went oartof court, and applied to eigt years experience lath rvinced, contrary to -'elifted. This iOla I l4l
Mr. Oarrnw to af as counsel for him and hils mnaliinantfroultion, that it l pnfibkl for th 'fect annually to the tow
I-lithlr commilfloners, but Mr.,Garrow declined. rWef Indies to eiar end to profper, were the inAd a general aipahetPtl of tl
bMr. 'Everett then applied to and tngadcd Mr. United States doomed to prietual fitedlitt. lmy,.a nyhm .,ranl '
trii-'inr. and brought him into court. A 4oubli marriage is certansy in conlcmpl.a- 'hfrer it '11t a.tlme ope a
Mr. tleiv entagod Mr. Oarrow, and the h.ft- tlcn betwecto our Court and that nI Hgli,, vi., *the friendr and relations df
netf of the fflionswa poppon ed, and the Lord one I tween the Bilhop af .Ofrabur"h (lnd the 'rho rma' he In'lndl.'4
mavor drfired tt hear what bo;h parties had tfoay. Princess Clhalotte ElizahbethikCrlftIi a ; the Other' e*.d ,at Madrsaf and B',tL fbt
Mr. Fittlang coirteidl d that Mr. Merry hadi betweenthe detlI4 fo of thehrir'tothe Proun iti wretched policy may b rs id
affilted his cliencts,by throwing away their Crown, nil one of our PriaceifTs. pett;ng recruit. forthePl I lC
books, pens. &. it&c. "rl A nliort time cc the Dilie of celct with file dnltft juc
Mr. yarro w deni:' tlhcrc was any iTtt7't 1t not Q eCnlb ri ny made a bet of a thoufarid pu(inea, rwel known tf't to which
a.jy pti'sn had fwere to bcing.4ffaultrr ed;..n nl as (at he .would produacea pln, wvho wotld eat ~l th tefoufe of Cd~0mil t
to noting, it was impri~i ,' his c'i;.t ;:iilr: by store .t L 91 meil, twnn Piy Sir John .ade. codtrl service. for ithtr cl
whrheotifr.,i had, thTnujhorit the whonl buli- oiattI, tiut hria Orae not being able io ttr.d Oi7ehr i. ,Y Tl Sjr r
refir, oft b h p axntaken not onr arn over ofi- h exhbitiioni, tie war'e ta his ag.nt to k lw ie nt-Onerl ff hM
ciou, hut atn iunrarra.iit.) i purt ;'hlie\v' clear whit i'ucte(, and ac:-rding!y receivc.l the fol- (OnIvernor of Qtbec, an Sir, A
i opiiioin that ithe Cmmifnioners h:d no hu!intef lowing notc.: b-l, Major-.ento.l of hi M
on the hiuting and aught to ai v.. My Lord, prnorof Fs rtiCPra, A
grint; he comnciderd tire fpir:tcd behuriou of I have not tine to late, paltic!ara..but. irre'nft nhle'Kcd gi the
Merry, who, he tid, Ihl I aited as bh-ca.mea merelyy to a.cquttint ,uir Grace, tfrat your mas Qrnrei rthe Bath, t.' '
gorl citizen i As to ihol4lng Iis cliete to bail be beat his .nt-tonilt by. a jrSnda',pl p .l.' ", Pfrirday morning an eplr ri
decla,. d that ie coildtnot f'ee-ai rttht or phWtr A morning print contnar an advertirnait Itnev Count Polon's, t11 4
there ewa. for committing him:; Iand'ai 1ir wa"t rnCpering al .luiiioi, which twi;ndl up with the t'ir: Court, frnm Tgri,.
a rrfpditlabi citizen and a mciaber ofthcorpo tollowing cu;iious a,-cunt --AmoPCR all the cn- death' of the Puein ofS
rAtion, there was no fear of his running away. riofltic an gJpti..r Muiinr, which wns tre linger ilnet, ,which her
On the other hand, his client modt afitreily h aild Ii piprig of Marc Abtorny and Clopatl i a reteft patience and rel n.
a gooda4tion agaioft thofeelfct-created gentlemen, n,ial s irkick, wh'icl byh the bet aninuirians Pincef remarkable or any
for the afftlt he met with iadlta what the hall- *, t I pftlunced to hure boen aade by.orl of I pinety andhartty. Sew t
keeper oughtto h4ae donae.but. as Mr. Efett 4 the Children of lfradlwkilisaondagt in ,ypt, In o pan, and was itare
was tongrlat a read tothll0op-tah to run fom .*, wiib( t 'ftrr tltre"roprieltor hir bItn ft tet *ref of StrslIl.a. f, wxlioo
th. he should not advife Mr. M cto ctirge hfim isco "intssl for 0r. l ad this, ye Jew. and tn cldren. r '
then. but leave the. ullqeis toth dee lon of 4 GetlleT Autdentic letter rr
etrt 6f law. '' Ther ie to bee a few pernfcus pr4rjidicc, nientian, that the Cr
The Lord Mayor euprnrTed a wilh to p4lpI f oh which eacn community Is incorrigihle not bh(adtraori.rltdi
giving any opinion on the buinefs, and advised *een ecperinee can make at wife. Oibraltr to the Court of Madr
othpartie either to mae p the matter, or re. is this to Britain. Sevep rg nts, a tin of ar- mater a prefnt.of
fer it to a jury, which ended this curious tranfac- tillery ad l 'tmfougihoet called the bitlr
tion.toa.the prefent. .'' ormquly extravagant -.r ii~liasg ontra.l of ratuty, ielaf
Sepla er s9. The Qeen't honfe at Windfor, e, & c. kc. e.-audg all for what to pr.te' of the l In, .
which is fettled upon her as part of s jottaure, i trade which i never otherwiae' n in n peac forth it grain
and for her country rfidence ai fe .re ilaould than Infignfincaut, ind which M tia*If ecxilt 'ditr I tlmie for
furvive his Majefty, is now omnplatb In this all!, .. . tkh eifft f I l
building, a matter feldom occurrg in royal pa. A difpute happened a .fw daa Anee.,between of which ifi
laces, elegance and~aovealece, have been more an eminent lawyer, and a&no., etmdient pliyli- distance. .
attended to than in any of the gqodler buildings cimn, on the cafe of udyi .ifg r eeal profe ripe, to
in this kingdom. The u tm rer spacious, flmo. I am ItUlid t id. fi thvtfi piec1
without being too a, tht reire the 1lr4
thefenli asrer wlh mehtis and greatetift I of .et ig reloe, .
ftoge few other dl eeled)i ply qince, Ac." Parlon 0m4, Arwe4thother, inl
delegait and many oftan l ats iM~ en ,,~ r phtitan feeqp t$%rpmltqi tL addes edi
eaeotp. a'e the work ,t "ad ree edn. tor you bi to tleaoea e bdibeli
eelqs, kM of H fee at.1 4&PJIAAe e
tic a oreowuibened .' iq.,.ti., wbeeta.tlwyer hato edN>
S lks e and w < ,. The 4 Teiaf teda41 W tlhat throp d

~ A I I( -. .3 K
p rebch.buitlt ttdii del. i,-t V NC T
ed 1to is, "fall lugh b
holy wI "' .AI dd. PfLer1l.
bticl~dtdrd, and nag protec, 80110w .A jaS .3.~1~ Dollars ii Ut a9 ryals.
Sit in toa FritT ityl, thek tlSMtaW-Sb.
&I,, for cqnlpji several Seand Ultsn:hs% IgoGL, from Lo*unss "
etal, which, t Ia (cid, A1e,104ts.PP" 4a i TO 11119 91 -
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ISO 0 . rtoithpst rsshdas. Pjooec. by m the Ptogido A
JOHN MOS. I~eiietto, t-' 4~s~ast~a.the too. hrutmal. sSjbytePoros

LONDON, SdpIjo r 14, 3785.
Dac''on of the k of Pniflla, which waS
de;ivtrlc by hl. EItal;cnzy Count de Lufl, the
rruillln Ambaifidor, to the' Mrarlm of Ci.-
marthen, one at his MaJely'a Principal Secre-
taries of State.
'" 1'Ht King believed to have every ruafo to cx-
.. JL pe that t the Court of Vienna ad i up
all thi.uglita of an exchange of Bavaria, or an
aquilition thereof in any other manner after
tirch an acquifition had been proved to the aid
Coal tto beinadmilmtable, in the conference held
at 13tainn, in September, 11778 after the laid
Court had rinoinaced all its pretenfiona on ayva-
iia by the peac: of Tefchen, and had become it-
It, atjethtr with the other contrading and me.
diating power of that peace, guarantee of the
c v,ulia ai of the Huufe Palatine, whereby that
TIouil ii not allowed any alienation, *r, as it is
elFrtillil, any exchange f its poifeflons." Hlis
JM.. fly, however, having been apprized in the
ninthll of januiarg.of the pefent year, by the
I)uke of Deax P1ots, that the Court of Vi(noa, notwithrtaniag there Important conlidtra-
ions, prnpofid to that Prince an exchange of the
whole of Bavaria, tog their with the Upper Coun-
ty P3ltiac. and the D';chiea of Neuburg, and
S nlzb.ich. -for a pait of the Aulrian Nether-
lails ; his Majlcyt wat anxious to communicatu
bi, u*ritAnefa on dllat account to the Emspref of
?roflin, asa guarantee f the peace ofTefatha. The
anllfvr which her Imperial Majcfty gave to the
Kineg, thoi,;:h her mr m oitr Prince Dolgorouckl,
thai aftir the rcfuna of of the Duk of Daux
Points. there aas no more thought about fich
an cr'lant:," mngfit hate been a fufficient
a'.firi)ce to the Kiin, if h. Majelv could have
bh:cn cqa.illy fecure with relct to the Intentiona
cf tlh Ciurt of Vienna. iut that Court has too
evilcntly thewn, by the fleps taken in the course
of the prefcnt ycar, as wril as by the fyftem it has
at all tincs purfiicl, that it cannot ring itfclf to
nn entire renunciation of the prnaicd of making,
to ner or later, an a,.quili'ion of B avarla.
1 lie fnid Court, aft'r halving in it. firfl circular
1C1 f-l on dilii:ou'ated the cxiflence of tita pro.
jc*l, aflt.rei ince;m in tie latter, in Imitation of
tih declharj in ufthe Cou-t of Rufla, that it ne-
ir entertained, nan ever holdd entertain the I
leif thol :ht (f a vil, nl or forced exchange of
lvar-ia. But this dilAinlion between farod aind ,
e hmutair, lit ws evidcnt!y thit the Coa t of Vin-
l nflil tntcrtainu ant idea of thea~ hdty of a bar-
teI of Bavaria. Thia cn j ourcl, already ftrong
aprnuh an itfclf, ii too wvll confirmed by the
aifRlt'.olf the Court of Vienna, That by ir.
t:n: tif ,li; uf L)3 cn, the Houfe Palatitie
4' has fua llI yl to xtxhange its poloffoian It
It tr:e the :ith article ot the pace of Badcn haye,
That in cafe the Hiauf: of a.vatia hfnds it run-
SIu, ext to mak,'/f.ot eteranar ofits polfdeions
n" nretuln for other, his MolT Chriltian Mijelty
prn mires not to oppose the fame." It follows
clearly, we, he frm this very article, that the
ctnlracireg parties did not mean thereby to allow
to tle Hlioulc of Bavaria any thing farther than a
partial exchange of fame f;4ia wor r pfaif -eairtr'
Iuitable to its interest i but it certainly wa. not,
nor could it be underlood atjhat time, to allow
Stotal exchange of a large eSlorate and Fief of
the Empire (which being undathe dipofitioa of
the o.ilden Bull, was not at aUliabto an altera-
tion of this nature,) which would baue too nearly
affActed and overturned the atlnal %onfitutlou
of the Elecoral College, ad even In t\ interlty
of the whole confedecatire fyftem of e Empire.
Admitting even that by the peace of laden, the
Houfe of Bavaria was allowed to alne a partial
execharie suitable to Its interest. of fot part, of
its pocrimons, thia power hatice a ibroga.
ted by the th artIcle o the peace Tefchen,
and by the feparate at. concluded at thefame time
,between the Elreor Palatine and the D3kte of
ietax Ponts; because the covenants of the Houfe
Palatine of t17(66, li, and 174, mare therein rc-
newed, whereby all the elhicAS ofthe Houfe
of Bavaria Palatine are sharho with a perpetual
and uaalienabie Jdeiopi. e ancient Pr
matic Santion of Ihat HIeu, eluded at Pavia
In the year 39.i II likewud i' rred to thereint
whereby that iwhok illufri oak has bounn
iltrlf never to exahanke nqfrth i* alienate the
kift part of Itspollfiona. Now, a th pee pe o
Ttfchcn, tngttbcr with all flparate ai, Ii un-
der the guaUntee of te Kin and the ledcor of
saxony as principal conkrtisr, pintla ofthat
rfice, kewi upedr theeg t'ite of the tw'
rn:dratin' g powenathe contafofluiulB ndrrunes
ai-the "whole lpirtR, i fpro 1#, tLherefore, that.
n, exchange of o ,fria ,whaeier. ca any more
take place without tlb'eehfltanad otco rrenwo of
tho.power juft .entionedi and efpecialy not
witho, t the Intreiitlon of the in amid all hi.
co-,nIates of hf Empire, I iwof It ist-t tLhUis sI !ndlinPo=Do t e tpach

rish IhoouJ remain with the Roure Palatine g be. welfe of the 0 It
caufe It muf be Itriklin to every body, that ilnde- ation of ttl
penadht of the peolrphlcal an4 political djQ je td
portion between theAulrla NrethcrItnando hn tt. Mi A e a l
whole of Bavraia trine ran~p r of oI large and t a aa micwb Ch r t
ine a country to thl Hoou of Arila, and there- his dtfl teto C
by rounding as it were, the At.lia monarch Britannic, M&Ay l
(whic already reponlerate too much) would Brunfwic
takeaway all once of power n GOermanyl and I Curred I the
the frcclty, a. well at the liberty fall the ltate thereby H Erb a I
of the Empire, would only depend upon the difn. fentlmentncdtllde
crtlon oftbe Hoptl ofA urla. it eems t that this the iaecell ty of the K. 0 a
gfat and powerful Houfe ought to be cobnteted Which iave occaont ....
with its taftmonarchy, and not to think any more TI. rl -'gII pa0ttr
of an acquifllton fo alarming, not only to er. ters new lite to ati
many, but likewise to all Europe. which halre t eot. iai th1 1
It Should likewise remember that In the barrier tween the two iB
treaty of ye, it lhas been promifcd thm litime w ith hif IritanYlol g
powers never to alienate any part of the Nether- for the welfare oaf nd iG *
lands to 4ny Pi since hbt of its own Houfe; a ipuS common t, I
latlon which cannot be tet aflde without the coa- which h an .e el atn
Snt of the ooptraoint parties. The King cannot nesf of the re ni
therefore perliiaded by all that has been m -
advarced, that the Ch trt of Vienna will not very J" CaUDB "t rs
oon.o, or prhaneer, give up the project of mls- A Jol i CaNos a a
king, sooner or latter, an acquisition of BRarlo., heiSouthrn tad t

and poWerthencf fit Majeft t hotght he could the-3 t garro me. a
not jn this cafe do klet for his own tecutrity, ar bro htI.Trsta t h
well as for that of the whole Empire, than to pro. dataon nr t,.las .p t t
poe to his co-enfates, to enter into an afflalatlo ton '"ofO tht ro'm n oher
conformable to all the fundamental conftitutlon not for the beneit o te i al
of the Empire, namely, the peace of Waetphali, Amerlc ar hb.ei beeo 4 e
and to the capitulations of the Emperors, and atre ,t t of m n loyalI irt l
founded upon the example of all cerntnrles, ten- eed thei fornn an ~dr .
ding only to prifere th percent and legal confll. oftheir ICng rl
tution ofr the Empire, to maintain every member there are W l rop We'rt '
thereof in the free and tranquil enjoyment of bit il fredom ne d ari "n''w "S, '
tights, hites, and poLtian.n. and to oppose eve. theirown .td nl I do 1I 1..ip
ry arbitrary and illegal entcrprihe, contrarT to the dut, oial im ent ,o tsM
fyftem of the Empire. His Maefty haingrmet "me elte, b the r a tl
with the fame rentimcnt in the Molt Serene tlc. r/dRight He. axrt e i
tor of Saxony and of Brunfvic Lunenburgh, ha "' anod a s f roan ed & yi he Comas derl
juii now conclnred and fipcd a treaty of union An of the N. ..ros en jft. e-
with them I which treaty is not offnrive apainft *o to theNt.. le of ewIs nttia ted
any perfon, orany ay deronitory to hedignity, in fore,) to order a nd di 1f tha B r
rights, and prrogatives of his Miajcly the gm hnoldire.)tor .erhe ad, re.otha gJ
peror of the Romins, and which has absolutely 'f th'e Southen State. of Ae at
nothing for its ohj(t. but to maintain the contli. their made their refepe. or wIo
tutlonal fynem nf the Enpire and the objectajuft brou h Mawae tc rae tcinaply, wie
mentioned ; and which therefore cannot give the rptember, o, (the dae of e y fri
leaft uneafirenf to the Court of Vienna, if that ifard to me frot .I. te ite
Court has the fame view an d intention for the i .or em tenr, where N
prefervat ion of the fail rynem, at there is reason I i s inan own
to expect, and a' is i deed expetcd, from the M li'sc Printing O i
greatneft of foul, ald loyalty of the bead of the h ri-ing their
Emoire. It cannot be doubted that the King, as erhfeon inhabit"t '
an dIlcaor and Prince of the Empire, and as one o irfoe I" ,nbta ntos
of the ontraailng parties, and guarantees of the l ire to y Negro
pea et of Wrftphalia ah Tefrlhen, haa an incon. ha te a P.ieram m
rh a v e a P atr fan m tpnc d
teftible right to coic!'unae with his co-eftates of Etq' Commir, of" ? "ai
the Empire, fuch a cofltitutional and inoffenfive riht igrnt f aa
treaty. A nag tiat tnone g
Thle King ha!inea eied in a wiar to prieent hereby warn all pen
the exchange and al rrther dicm rment of! a
Bavaria, (which war was put an end to by the t c Frernh orpan ,'
peace of Tef-hen,) it MIajefy haa thereby ac. pace for ale, afain e on,
quired a right, anstd particular and permanent pr _rwce v ,r eri,,
ittereft, to oppose any exchange of Bavaria, pre. may be deti n
font and future ; and in fq doing thli by fnch maS a e dt a"en in
Sf ince of Governme ."t
measures as are conformhie to the laws of nation once mean cruel am 'n
and tothofe of the esnian Empire, his MaflcV un"worthy" amen r
only fulfils his obfation.and rights, citlhout uTortmoey a a ",
provoking the diffitifaftion. or reproach of ilia. i .lthoe nf.the N ili ac
Court of Vienna, and w'thtut livng any juft t' r." '. .
cafe to attribute to him an o enfive views or ho h ni; r .''-
fteps again that Court. The King could.not, tot o
hintfotr, but ke in tome mcafure affedlcd and country, 0 i m O ,l
lurprized, when informed that the Court of Vien. tothe e / r"
na exdamined arAint this union in It dcclAration, thiea as .*I te f ,
publicly addreicd to all the Courts of Eurbl! .,, -
and of the Empire, ncadeaming even to give the *S i' of Alti tCA
faid treaty an odiou color; I thp it O'f s 't iq
l.M1 g leybeli e nosallb ve given the leant have ,Paes fron
cafe to uicl a pretr T but rather to hnare t Ia V t t U "1
merited more juloice, Lr. oen, patriots; ande
difintereted condua, as well before as after the loln on na
peace of Tefchea, in what miard Bavari an aS air t l anh
the Ioufe Palatine. ly Mai v will n at inita llretl. IV an
the manner dopd the id d lr e e
will take fpecaleais not tocriminatc. e ;
fatisfr hinfefit wih appef to th theftlm .P r v'
the Eletorn and Primat often Empire, w ..
atteft, that without aniyJggelion or a Qtip,., E ... "
whatever, he has c midlf 4d to eviaceti ". rlov :ti' ,
them the inadmiiabltllt dker fair any :
change of Bavariak. a ndprlpoe to then;ttt' '
enter Into aIncxagit t hl.O t uch as tat* P wa thas mq, the !
laid before the whe w rld,..oT wmOve r to a'gT.m,1k -',, ]plS
doobt about the puriiy of the intention of, ir
C-g., and the eof te phe tat< of rS3 vyo'--' -
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