Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 24, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00007
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Ictus 1a04ai 71V VXRa~ Massorta H


NASSAU: Printed N WzLLs, t the Ptinting Office on the ATr.

LAN i C. kingdom of all parties I his Mnners areea aind
3 B ' >c unatuming ; he has purckhafed no borougft be
JAMES EDWARD POWELL, COXN WO T N has purP Med no votes wongft the PRo r,
,-4 s. s--&wmolr and CGmmandeJr tis t_ "o whom he is Indebted a time fle m% Stca
,f In'.s i.t r thU ,iad i, Cianal 'r 3 Soth of I n the head of the late to his own reptatlon and the intererrO t
r in a aid l radvir named Pachawa exped Britain, fr the ot Indep ident h eren and
a Ad iral, A iNa on the gate ofthe Stglio1 and on the 9th infant. eCa&Uia fuppot that any Btllh ay I p
iA TKON M l 0 C t 1 J .k', his tucceflfr Haznader Ay acht made a public riod of time, ever ecelved from his l r.
a HER i is lHirs jeely's entry Into this capital, and took polfellion of ihe Such has been the great Influx of M fom all
r I:,ed Pleafrie, figni- dignities of his office. Thi folities of this Minif- quarters into this country within t yar, that
11 .hit frudions bearing ter ar of a complexion dlSerent from thofe or hi the Directors of the Bank found it Me, mrto
at his Court at St James's, predecefror, he being difofed for War, for which lower the price oa friday from i3. 17. Sold. to
the tenth dayof Septrmber 174, event every pobfile effort l nakingi butit is pro- l. 7s. 9d. per ounce. This fterlingfat prfea
that the Landi within his [aid able the severity of his temper may rclax, 'when more in favour of the Commutation Ta, thia all
Bahama-Iands, (hall be furreved the conferences relation to certainingthe limits the fine fpcecheK 6onftantly hear agli t cam
Son thefollowing conditions; that isto of the two empire hall be renewed with the Im- counterat .
lb, I r acres of.lal.e granted to very perial Internunclo, with whom the negotiation hagsu, Im i" Letters from Mantou advife,
on Pt r atl mtinrfs of a family, for was fome time fince fulpended by the Captain Pa that their Sicl Maiefll serrived on the 3d in.
S elf I t tw ty Acres for every cha, upon the depifltion of the Grand Vizir, de- fant at Boulogne, b ing met by the Enmr near
fl l womnr. or child, of which cining to interfere in foreign politics, on the flea the city that on the 6l this ilunllrio company
Irfttyn lfl ionlfft art atkatill time of rant- that his time wasoccupied in procuring proviniins made a tour to Verona, and return at night,
g inch warnts; That 1 grantees be fuhjett to for the inhabitants of the city, who were threat- after having been present at a bull-iht ; that the
the payment of two ihilliigs ftering quit rent for ended with famine, and in reprecfing the popular Grand Ditke of Tufcany arrived at Boulogne the
Event hundred acres, to commence at the expira- tumults which their difreffs excited. Conmmail- 7th, and that on the qth the KinAd Qcen of
tion uf two years from the date of their rerpctire fionlers have lately arrived liere from the Lefghis Naples departed for Parnia, as d be B -or
rant, to be paid at the end ofevery year threat. Tartars, inhabiting Georgia, wvho under Prince for Cremona, Lody, and Pavia si hbt iay to
1er, in default of which the grants to be void: Heracliusmake Lcontinual incurfliors ion the Pro- Milan. where he is to give their sla Majefti
But his Majety has been graciously plcafed, as an vince nfDagheftan. The late Grand Vicir, anxn- the meeting. j
encouragement to his Loyal Sub ents who have out to preserve tranquility Ibetween the two Im Londod, 7une sg. The famous French Difcoun.
been residents in any ofth or Provinces perial Courts, declined a Compliance with the tinmgbank has nearly regained its credit; it now
Idw the Unit'td states of erica, nd wlh on requilitious of thi Lefghis'e, but their deputies difcounts at the rate of four per ent. per ear j
account of their loyalty 0 hilMaleuy, hall or expc their cafe will be efppitfed by hits fuccclor. bills of exchange at three months date.. The ban.
may willingly, or by co ulion, remove into his Within thefe few days the plague ha' again bro- kers and other monied men take the bls without
faid Ilands, to ordet; t the gwit rent to be ken out in the fuburbs of Pcra and Galata. any hesitation: their capital lIs in bank, either in
rcfered in the fevenrl gr tsito betleafter made Lesion, yfur .4. Nov that hia Ecellency Mr. fecie, or in bills of Excha e, payable at a tlort
to his faid Subjedts, iha t commence and be Adams is publicly flatiolud in this country, as date.
payable until after the ex ton f ten years from the Ambaffador of Amcrica, the topc of a com- A very remarkable cafe to be agitated this
the a tir, refe t ants ; wh'ch faid mercial, interc urfe is revived, asid gentlemen femon at Lincoln's Inn Hf, which is briefly as
grit It is his Majerty's sIWill and Pleafirre louly argue for the propriety of the me flurc, follow :-A gentleman w as a' lunatic, hal
hali be delivered to the f grantee free of all exhibiting the late carmorola proceedings at been for several years und care of the Court,
expence whatever: I DO FOREFORE, by and Boon as an argument for the intercourft. It is requtfls to have his Ratute olnacyremo. d, to
with the advice and cono of his Majey's effentialto men ntr ito the difcuion of this have the care of his own and eon,and
SHonourable Council, ific th y Proclamation, point without p')iidice. Let lus enquire licriinlly to he permitted to marry, proof begin
hcreb minl known to all rfonaconcerned, into the fait. Is it necenfary to the supply of our fully rips ments. The re I ofthelunatic
* tht i application to me irt council, they will Weit-India inands vith lumber and rvifions, (ho it feemis really returned tooundjudgment)
r e Warrants of Surey fo uinn out their that she Am eicalit flould be fufilcre to carry oppose the plea of being reflored to hii proper
lands, aseable to his Majily's aid Inftrudions, them thither The answer to tie question is plain. fencs, and eminent Counfe are engaged to plead
and tIhel family rights. No-for by a petition to the Houfe of Commons, on both fides.
OiBN sn&r mn arnd ad be Great Srof ligued by jon Captains and Owners of thiip, we It iscertain thattradehas ot fonTriliedinAme-
se raid flan at Auir tbir fft h day l find that t hy are ready to supply the Weft-ndia rica fince the recognition of their inde pdence.
embr, i te Year f r Lord One tru- market with American produce. Thepirit of adventure roe to fch a height, and
( anr, mr sk andre I ,d and imthe' The Bdotn people btgin moft fevercly to feel fich quantities of goods were poured in the
Im, leT fn ear of i, MOiC P' Reis" the blcffd efc l f their Indeprndency-" We mnrkcr, that the pricesofaltkind.ofcormt
IJAMBS EDWARD POW ELL. have no calh, rit trade is uined byEnglith mer- fell below prime coft. The farmers hadltl -
b i Ro .ur'S Command, chant rtdlng amiongit us, who monopolize all vantage of this overflow-They bought Cs
H tro Secretary. our trade," fay they-and then they come to very thing that they rr-atcd at of rate uncorin
O'Ob D 8 A H E K I,' 0 .; wife resolutions of tornng thce- ruiners ofcom. cheap, and they fold their commodities in r
mcrce outoftheir warehouse, fhops,houfet, &c. at the-own price. TheMerchantshareth
T 0 B S '.O L D,, mol of alt ch they occupy, and make room for been ruined, and every fenfible man is turning
AT I? U st JL C A U U T I 0 N, thenmfevts to Low potatIes and pinips. view, to agriculture, while the violent adve
On, o D The spirit of ermigrating to Amerisa, as at are making unwlfe and inignifacant rt
aOn MO ngth rlubided* the melancholy reports .,ven by against the Britifl Merchants and Fa
S'TEAl "E au I thofe who have teen there, and brou gh' ack for at the fame time they never cas
SAai Ai. Va AlYt want of p.rrchfrs, have had a very hrry effed tion.
Ey G Ki f j { S upon to whoe ma inaiosteemed with worlds 7li. The Bio ,of Ol
o wealth, and whole chimerical Ideas put them peted to it England I the co
i whom are C t a Cooer, IHoule into full oreffilon of them. funmcr.
who are l an wathet t s It. was well obferd by an ol d and From the continued residence of
y young Glf Mlt at table, andt. ieteaable.Englilh author, that taxes and Im- Oratbrugh h Irs .owa doinioi ns,
a l who have bee tned to boat a, pofitloist ought to be in datet ats il in a (hip, of course inernate In fashion with us, a
rg c. All of t' ye Negroes are .4 not to cliargeand oerlade it, but to conduct ig military academy in Qermany.
t a, d r o any pars a ndure i ad tbi beenr duly attended Mr. ylverton who is flortlr to
acrA be'e to, the maay e onid e.on t ,oflte, to the Idafe of tPers, fa Irelad,
M I SAKE I would lasn been re aoided. unfor. an Ulher at Buck's Academ, i Ki f
hJ e &a;rie- st, yig ** tatel, r 1 Ir hare not considered Qointown-green, Dubl. tow
' LL Perfoninadchted to the B At of or the d&. ot*jft a ogy o r iproted in this claffcs was extensive, s tulation ra
an I rt nediate ctlnWt ae n Letters from Patis )juui no, gontl*d, centaed to L'ondo where. he entered hilfelf*
oItfttritostes that the celebroatd,Dr. nha a few days. be- Itudent at the Ter ad, during his terms, br
oo biorw the fore, had take IeKi the Roin dthed uimdllfin Coepao y with Mr. Scot, the
oIlyat t d immediate pre Chia f Jutice l Treo by a tranlatios
out fo the froi whm t he f su, sand oceaflnal alt ce to the
Stoft bark or .... o rio Aiprapt then pl rised. kbt
Sfaja o lrd o re i 'ga ri oft remarkable lli.d
u S Dnlimp r m14 frd,0 a4,tlek
vh f n-110 tA anoints of A In Ireland.

Slate lteration ine it'I r. t<
l no- c appachintg Sor u. ,"l S t th
S o we fix op- forc initter for war :<- I !J
Sly ov a ern the n ... pt
"i* ,re of& jme.: re0s .ich r .,tIl
It Epvop bad ,C.1,4. Joh. de.' ( s'* 51
Mdo the le thee l.t Ie t as hL'- .nrdcT ;n CbIft
iaIulel t op nl termsof ter of the rrstianro two il t! ltt o I
i m h tmehe a the - Hideprtu:e will be .' o, aC 'l ..
oilo, med on te ref no r Hilh M ib-. Commodore Bow'T,, w:- iunhatd thekdt It
to fend peput ld to Viea, iasa cert n mneld ofhis MA e ,t y' h ti,r:d wlelio tlrh
of the Sutca~ odenaliai and that te Mfedway lince tihr Ieace, hs eligned I and In
be ll bi. l the 6th or ycth of July, confuence three L,I i' r cds of the Adm lrtalty l
Ihr nd the cmhsat nd in of I tI tltu ir d f
t iW thedr tfi vlle. i taarc appointed Sir J :o Ham modw n
S'H hl gf aIr la it Paris, i had the command at dio t.o ise ae ward rt
On thae d of Ma la died the celebrated to ficeced him, who h broad pepd ut Opi n t tbed
rbil Bonnet de Malty, better known here by Ioard the Irrefitible uot o at C on gae a p to U
the name of Abbi dte Mobly. tle was born at I Thurfdaydaft. te between the
(.:,noble, in Marc'h v:o. He has left behind ColmmodoreOower, iohis I h ameP and
him two MS. one entitled, Du Dres et I de. England in the Hlebctiel ceived In i tio a
uoir ,u Citoien ; the other, Du Beirn efl es a'alea from the King and Lords the Admiralty, r .
which are in a flate it for the press, and are faid touch at Libon in his wai to 3ibralter, in older Mradrd, cfrjs
to be in no refted inferior to hlis Oi4ruvaions fur to [hew his toyal Higpie khe Prince, te api-. tian have condemhb
'H~ la L r le, or his Entreriir di Pbocits tal of Poi tugal ; the Prilc: iloe there, how er, afterwards to perp
fo'r i r~ert id Ia Moral, la Polat.,ir, or his in a private character and is by no mean tobe aa old Frenchman,
Pr.ncie' de I.T ti which are confidercd as introduered to the Court of filbon. of lap uascd, accul
hiil l'ter p 't I rfaid to have been a man P'a Si A H n*tiai of the Aothour'ri foraed and hain ident y
.t. e.scaibTl m .llrtin of great integtirt, ani an .t ;,if the Im sn Pa4ros Ol. -t
,;t .,fat~ del .r ii, I ,,i.tde '"' ,e. *Y It i. rott .dcdc by tic i, dsof the Refolutionti, Pr
.ri wnou i da tosst ,ail sd ,w rc ir t n, -.' ', ,*n th It their' gpvrc to i ealni buit -ery n tle r th egpeenth iE
Your Je eisIrgeJ o 'aulr rlr,. etr, t m 'rs poflt wha, fe aIreadi pollees; from the con- net ll tise t
,.tNbre de Is et'vnpl nts ourl /l cf .- Il cellions .nft-trnerMi ir,t. idithebeenfmri- cruise, which
.r ored u lt ,sr dferire 'H ,,.i',, t is 'he times repcicfuted, as ii tIs ;igtgeoce wouldolf tendaedto makell
t,, y whI < i ,3 'tl knowlm in V. '/ I 't ly be inonlinal, remain' a o e dead letter, while with the Brtllh e
ity c,. 'The tIo:fe F. Cominn ,o .l i, the conm merce of the 's it: lomi will continue, pletely round the I
i, committce, t, co, tIr r Cer I( l 0: blti e. iint as it a insist he prefentmoment. through the Cliw(
I is, cam to O!lt flim Iri ofHharfiis.r. oo c t ci ihis has nitev o er pretended, the molt Cirerli c gu.
4 That every bdrls, ,,o ilhing tollc properly fangrinse advo-ate of th.- rew yem not having The Prince Rep
fitted out, and furiil bi m y law rrqvirre, Ihail ventured to pronmiefefri it oie single consequence f is eighteenth yew
be allowed to lib it of any port ;n Great-Pr- of pfcritive heefit to th; kingdom i and even this He will make ble
tario bhetnotie sof June asi thl ilia't O'ohl r, inn;m e or tlle P t i,' i l principairy refts on which is buildag.
to proceed to their Fificry St iltit. to c.f0 Itir the sof maini ., i brought from Ire- ias present ferom
nets, writfout being obliged to .cn!r ,I it aty LiTI.d to prove, that il get nothing by this The intened
other port or place. :' .cafur, to vt kh t'h .. felicitous to cifore Dane," to ttrhi
SThatr te Maitersof bules and filing refelr, u. cefr. On the O cn0 i i nfilted by the to a RoyalOp ella
in s lyd li the herring lithert, hall he at liberty oppolen.t of the Rr. .'i Firit, In a commer- Accordinr to e
!" 'it i harR herringl s of boat fitf er, and to cial view, that the pri. of the Propoftlons have given the moa
;- d ir, on r t any pate of Great-Britain. refpiling the rlanafath, I thetwoconntrieils ofthe Britilh Rea
'I hatt f. i t n ,i ma l 'tncoraging the cod not truly fair and equ : t w hi give a decided Infturtions fros
f y r the I ,n Ireland, the own- prctrenrcet itohe mantu of Ieland, even in planation of the c
e1 ~fiv ry set ts n, e I l be atliber- our own rmalcts, as .in the Irlih and fo. forces beg emb
ty to ts, in the 1.. .~. i sti, r Pfalt, reign m iark et from ti, parative priceofla- Tndies. b Open
dli' free, &L. bourt, expencisoflivinl, al 'outhercircamitances the maortyo the
T''he btlles, is.c otr ti r vels 'l fhall in, of similar eflr,., li the p, tf the wocountritet failed from Co l
itr, i, pc ,nsitted to be en*:retl for the bounty, Second, That the pr .. iions refpeding the ports, under ove
v :liour lit imtlon of their I wrthen r tonnage: colonial trade of the to,, entries, have a direct efir) which were it
1. t si: i, %trrl of Ilfs than twer t) tons, listen telenenc totesderlrect r the torehoue andmart the garriftle of
be tlstlud t- cny IpUantl and etcpt that no t ell att'cl0( produced bhy colonies which Great- the two fibarida/e
busi, or other vrel, u l be entitled to thl Bt Itain has purchledl ap: etaintained with her sovereignty ofthe
i .int, for ,lse than to tons, although of at own blood and treaistre. ridas may be eon
gor" '.rtnen Thirdly, In a Politeca ;. that the Propofl- it was becohime
Iht 1h.l R. ,.ieml.tyel i:le hes ringfthiter tlrlns immediately allual it famous Navigation body of troopl
Tlbe ;l ,,.l., ('.," t] r t" 1nlnce at rea, Aft, which Ilha been hit,-: o l lppofed the great gen, es that
to a' I is g, .: I hake, as well as support of i avaldon|, i *t that 'et affair
:i: .. g ;, .'' to : i'~ regulations, l1ort.y, Thatthey itrr dtely dflturb how wel ht whatever
*o. i t ri le l ,ie: uris' fllh with exteni rely ct.not yet be kn own, the whole tf.l Cnat olic Mae
.. o n, e x, .- in t ll f rev tle and i,) jlfringourmanufac. that tranquil it
That duties pan.,ble or filh caught and cured :lv,. wit' eventually pro -ide thole refoureei Rored ; but th he
hs Briiitth fuljedts, fuch fills being entered and l .ih mai ~ et be. neccil y retrieve our nation to rovidefor fe
i lned as by law required, for fre.h fitbh or hornme 'i circuimst mli a nwas akingt be
Soumprtioe 11 craeftA, a tnd lifo iic." lifthlli, ThJat they w ll '!ius neceffarily affe among which rwa
'ihe fod R. .- ti t- cs rdayi tlh fe uri:, of l.e Itilch .-'cr, and lefen the va- jea of the Envoyes
T-e rlt.l t iw LT rt: .;, the Dutch ls r of tiLs i t. the :,r ,'older, holding forth A lodge ufj_
la i: t .]ir l .I t.!t *d, Ls.t 'int t ,:diation of tr.l,'tati o t.o r m:l:r.-, StrerLitemigrat.with at Paris, who differ
I an e Ir;di .ile t ita .. ..It or nm dan lin l w:, -l thl c nr ato. from their ow fe
I.. isade, ir s'rt 1B .:it ,li of them are ,tlil, "'h a it will coI-ta. e'i- blon4 All thei do not da.
',wsi that he h)i is havr rc rd their favou- piliic iiv si eI:l, that ryftem f contraband ttc i lodge .
K'" ) ;- !" ,,",,, ,, "eh ; ^rXeldw, but I w51, ,, it
xrte point of not entirely opesmig :L Sche!dt, but trIa'.. h tis. Mil nifter haincf1 htuly endesa
in litethereof are to pay the Emnl r a handsome vro ,e I. i, I, naIt arhritary, unl. and hur-
doucensr. thenlk, r l: Itnr ;, to fuppref. And thef Pre- wH E Subrikrr I
The new filhionable colour for gentlemen i I;. it':, i i' ,ien enfsrc c'i by Petition, f .om undu asu er
called the Pig an's vcing; fecarcc a rooh has tak n I t.n itvy th cc of the principatmanufadu. ance., in er
t' .t for. Ln ic time pn"t to any of' the watering. s I. or' crrtialtownsltantd cits Whothcn o- s a- ,
pae -u, who lit tot t~h pr b ,Nrin this gaOrt L a tri, irm cthiPlari St&ant, todl. der an una a
'The fnpprelha n t io a.irt's work i I ,ante. .,Te 1 tt conductt an la t l triotic hMinal I enlld d hi l I
anid he imprilonmcrinct o' Beanmarcl i., parolnl .. ht pl,. e?~,llatistheobjtoheobtleted Iay r'fel
todlicc that country's rtlt un to its former late p re v,. And what to behazarded
ieaftry anld t hrctrith til h e ,;ree' d ell s of thia kmindom, both in a rl
to W d atreaiy oflten.,e and ,nd defrnfive ha comi ;:n,! political view. Surely, if the war tet at
Made between the Imrperialldts and tof Rtms.- Pro,,. .,.. f e nor, as they have been thoiu, Mt b e
.; 'nd in particular it the 'irks fit o:d t rm- rin kid in equitable,.to enforce Sm i l d in a
Ice hoflilities in Europe, thcle two Powers ar. e I.. C tt t itnf ances, Is evidently the e- .anto cIioola
,to cml each other, in which cafe the Otlohlllmls 'raet ir ci Pfi and lemerity.- oce lflwOi
y perhaps get into a war that will nt he on sr certain late e,.rineso "y -- Jke the
lcel bt bu b their tlithing all thei r lt ro'5acn it . oerl IeflaentlrtfortlepuiS ok ? 'eatiO
dbminioas tothe conquerori.. ot ,t Itir : it MW of Ile commerIal der ofOreat
yulyl. Atreatyofmianiage isonthetapishe- b ne I d;.d. , 'h "ible lPtes clmly tat of -C
tween lard T.rethaL, Con oflEarl Gower, antd Ite vc t ileins u Eai-Ihdlaittlements. Wis AM
the Countefs of 8utherlhsd. he w. :in the other day, and iith rdmegree of
rtrefday lat died at bb houn in Upper-Hariv !10 ',lt I rt freedomm, ass Ild, the advantages tat
Areet, in the ISth year of his age, the ightlo, t'" i rrf It to this nation a free atdo I
Charles Colvear, arl and Baron of Portm-'e, "v rn .t. "r5t, 4e waa t old m0ollok me
Vifcount Mililtown, and Baronet, Knight of the i s. ..r1l :htna ti Salsa- tat that .i s e
=mot Noble qd' Antlast Order of the 'rThilc. made rather agll n hlt p rofieflib, at w'in
,as& 8. It is ery babl that the Dutch are tobe fuppofe froml xP t e es e thath
wore obliged to tkhe b their pae with painswoudbhe r e f ale or t ma
Slgiop 1i 1 111a to aal lonft an, the 810oe. Here the ontahsriaUcir fo
S Is iN+ riY + : V- +

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and, ad ti

,will oitb h|n
wl pt v l

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ted at the i

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thie Maqaafifi
dnhe present

cold he the v
ohon, had ro

toaeeflcry meafrtie
happen y
Ile prefeat
wrold bet 1i no

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that ehih d .

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any men towa

'*'143d Gateo mlit.

S":*.,MdmUmLey were owetM to itan(dl--
S.. t f (bmeothCer port. pF1iy, Sw t
I', s.p. It is confidetly teportel, to Capt.Hi fd a olie.
by ia atuf kne wife.acres drawing the iongaitoC if W oIAbta. and chiomBer
I.; c t fo pt, whereby tis late has behrlgtato Me ierleaktA&. Co.-.yrench
i't et Oue Thourand Pounds, cO Ship was teeoa thesltSby tlt4p'eom the Mif
t late of the former fmnal dutite.- tail, aud U (ippo ed havee cdTt4 fg jjl
f i refilla have already altered their ~O her's.
to f(uthwadl--lf there had been a The Sloop that wear I qeft s d LShip N,
ifo roenm.nrdal ait, not to hare taken foud her fleft agtoundseioa nd a anont trn
'I(i ot r astted had pafled a similar one, le"noer to the Eafltwd r hi artT, peopl
VU kvr te, before oulr tyci were Ihit. on bonad were all fared, hbt ti -hlel l.
A.g. i,. Agentlernanofnoindiffel Mr. Armtftrong' aloop, which wadrtven outto
t ir, onfirrted, that there Ia now more fea with the Hope, is not tieroed without sh
y h merica than has been fur sen- ving fulrred any nmalerli injury..
., I And why, fays Ianothcr in About the n4tl of' August, a bheay gale did
.. ,t be o fCarce 1" Betufc, rplies considerable damage at St. Kitts. Antlgna, NWevCi
er -p reohaln, and 'tis impoflibic that and St. Ealattlu.
1 .i have a futicieLy of mney for By accouta fomn Charleflun, tted the s6tb Alt.
';therefore it a "cry natural to con- we are informed t~at the Legitre of So4th.
o.tThece mani c;* rr<-A ir mulOt be in Carolina had met, and had not l n u any d
r.'ret-I/'c ;'tion to Fratift ether r te gadnl fpecnlaor
rt: c/ j !Ilttr/m fi.. aentnlain a arpland, with an emiiwnn of Paer Moa. or ti Nkew-
c, i *i it ti na, .',!, I,1 and a a nr Iri % airived here from prohibitioi of Bntill Commerce.
i., fliartly after y7-. asa heret, ion.Hnred It appcrars from the American Paptr, that the
Ser'iI'v tIl .rvr..' dirAhed fcttlcrs, A ho anmioun defire which the ibcitldrl Statte hate
a: ed o the i Air l-wllt fide of Ohi'o, rungianrdedly betraved `'ar obtaininl cedlons of
Sti'i lnJase thiy :et that ca'aitry, 1-' iand fiom there Iand.i. 1>a Lf thInlly fruftrated
v ofii uclijch intk, b 1. killed in one tle atcconp;i, inba-ntl tf a I objrt they had in view.
S.* lersl a tarinct, fi.; TIrfRanIs hae difarowed
e.alperon atc',' Frot '.. 1 tic lfi the deeIa 'f the inlividu ,s of'tl'eir natiqe, who
-t , i foame tri,'rx; r.' ,i )ftfl! h,,d le t ianfch cfllen ,.: ,*
Sler, ti Ti. recent cor' 1 th Spaniards ltoards
S! and lth'. (x riled, the Indi,n, is. a gheft l ie uacelitory
y a h, t b,:, n. e prroe' incfa cd p .iti. "I' rat them In their
S .,t- a..' .., i an *., ,, for Ei'ih good, and Endilh traders
> '""'"~ f^ ."a *, .. r'li,.tA, ,.i, ..- ,ew.n thL ftiitcft atteeiUlOtot!e per-
FSa, i'' h I h'e ] a' inata c of thetr rrg.gements aadfprnifes to the
t 1, ,l tl w i.i,i Creeks, Cho taws, and Cherolee;
.i .ttl I "lt C nade ,.- f"t Ita, iatilo., wiclc rengrr h trender tema ether alus.
t I' --.'I Itp toget .fea ., Ith th le le tranlld, or torn:: .ble renilce. An aged
attt .I r,; r I ., o the laket, feem Chicf of :;C Creeks, whole youth hadbecn anft
1I, TI inu. ite ctiona, whick wt entire: tged in hoeility aaFir. the Spaniards,
ay fu ,,. i tc I army chernicd at a puba ;, 'ccetmin, wlcn o ehi ofl t of the 8a -
f' friil, b : ii v lrrecterat;eneeric. ni ilh oaCernour were the I:f,;ea of delbraon,
)1 prloi.: ::, :irlth r tel. A to prevent de!,Yc., ijirnl elf t, Ihe t folrnw ngte .
S,,ewa i 'iile )f io, I am conn- "I When ofa good Cr;ndnardetbttlbCrt Eng.
;i. ac Ifl .i a'w t 'h aaa aaltu,- Il liaa, ,rI in our ie i ehdlir ,,nd,wehad nocaufe
k a letti .:: t grar, ng it tllthe to tall. f tar h thihby s we pro. do. l ut thoCe
l ( l ,r ftllh i fpCedll time ate tne, tr can we h,.r itttr C e fuch
I .' po~ i ), ar.' pcna i t i, ., for gain in our en ott l r wa
A i frl o, ,t .e V i a means r.oTtrdto me, lj aflly oliyerdAhe mtI into
*' fah oum I.L.wde property readyy itatt!e, end was c arnnc thi)foremolt ward
S t i*tt u, C h rnyin tales, i rd ,:tor of my nation. The fctlp of oanta Spa-
r..v l ll r a I I.. ted. tap :'i r;.ir.s twitnceId mIlens in tthe flds daler.
'a r et ?rn I, iu -a r,' oit i, we arnde weted *r f f't, h frienj ,n
P, .u , I q u ro! t .' :liea i," t1 anot by any intoperate flrv, make eneniles
SI t Richino ud, Virginia, ldird Aug. Ther with to befr lih ul, sidit Isout in.
t, Wedncfjlay citing i. a a, ex- tcre t be Sowitrm. Do Iou not knew that
v, ,i i, *';it about the firft of t., that the Snrarth.K : m: to fear romI
It saty ,: is to h.ove been held Ixtoer theCn as we have (I ,,irl.v lmulft be puffed
S' ~nct ''' td lthe Indians; that upon thrr uuh, bteore tli9y n t' ,et the sulh trrai-
Sr A1, ,i .er ilde from Point inry beyond the watert of "' Ml anppi| and
he* : .r, fi, ,ht Ohlo, the Indlians, he fame dcrer for gold an:: I;vr wh w indou-
', l irl; I.. i,.czations as ed the SpanLard tol)o ti ce, wl prompt the
tt *d ,.d, crucllT and fraage I. Americans to aNttinfto dipnoni. them. The
Soi.r it_.--Co. Thomts Lewls, Spanri ,s htlnd dtnour.h of their ow, they
vp lirt, Lambrton, and another want noneul of T, An:ricts"-a everydar'
n.' .* ttempting to take rome from us. Thelpmniar' I
t C.i, i 'r-n; i Septrmbr I. are rich, the Americant are poor. The Spyia"a'1
S ./, ":r ,te a tIe menm am jBOmrs allow our old friend< the Enalifr traders, to I p-
4,. 4,,:J. Ar. aid, e *r JIAi in tiAr ply in with goods, the Anite, ari re the ner des
Scfa our iirnds, and cannot fiiappt dI tI wwr'dnor
';nce I.:tsis, whowa fbppo&ad to be kil- fi chr:ip; nor can we ever have the fame dna.-
l a ndiana, has latly ba rouht in derc in them. Ily being or ,ord Ueon with the
t' ten Shawanef c ft hor c d gpanin ra ,, te ll b t more foanidableto the
t ,"'t' t- Mintc Cnwhod T wo werc Amc:;ani. When the Auie.r.xe Sand We wilk
A biat fired on him and hla pntly a to have either talks nor traje with them, they
wr"i t. ,1 t( .'reat with th Si&awarefe at w il n lt trouble l an. A -. have sothinsg ro to
Sdepe.p l nn, hot our owe fltrength and nuibern,
S i.... ~ beI let us, br imnpot'ing tblr l:n:e f'pIp c% ea*ble
I.r v. Ue ' tictwiber, twoindented ourfeves the more powerftily to SPethed eC
ir. 1ant 'I. wbo :r well own w ., whe aay injur dnetou wd a Il
a. rho,. -fllowit Negroes, viz. iaij up s. urA Id, the Spajlirds behave
rwl l th ie l it a t oh- ht I' eti
:r, a ca(r*t off hi tools w him, old hi .t the hltchetO cotnuIB-Te1 a
re d Will L'- gi to ths trfifi ep mo of t'Ihe raluctakendto the
'tat I ; d "el Icr toert.lhe J*ai*. any con he approl .on at4d od wfll eofnll
0.L., .'.rin t r iq ,. or w oeho fnulr tmhe ft ld. .
rad tih, l Reward wt to l h On 9 yraft id hNroe,' W; Ca* Ta irS
S, f av^iK Han lIoonsoy wrik f Coot. Tomine Haodgos.
Aairntt '* Athesro ie. Pan
(actrt of. tthsol
JE&, uri ~ 01iKi'gg^ M~hA, sMr NO
rBS 1P *** '" i:CL^^^

A ClliIse Of BOOKf 1l
Ipita adid ToR a

A' At Ai &
t the Yxanus.
ix Valuable N I
Warrnted property the ter
otor it. J, .OHN

G 10 s;E
GAaon dESit

To be Sold by Priae Coqr
A LOT of LAW to the Weiwmd,
Sttr.HS*'lY 'ad TaULINO CanTL
plearantlfly itd, atonts ao the water
hon it two tMtchedsCaias, a ood -
necd 19, and a Skittle Alley in corn
For foAthr particalars, af to MARY BCIS
nla the hip Manv Capt. Jo0 Oaloi.ltl
MN i, Losno
Ox the m,# RreA6kM Terms, f"
At hit STosa in FIIDELICK STRtL,
For Cs4, Zill, f. RotCrtke, Cost e snmil rn
and other vuwm e ,.
SUPIRFINE Broad Writing PrpA foo
Ccshu & Trimnaings W er ,
Coatinrl, Duois, & Friist Womena SiM
Rofe & cemon Blnket OGlorve as
White, blue, grace and Ditto whi ",wlea
red Flanuls Lesat lt k
Green and blue bISies India Pe O n, bl
Surtout and Watch Coats whit ck
Sailotckiets. Trowfkrs, Mock Co.Bs
Frocs adul Shirtr CeM s
Irith Lineals4.4 7- a (-4 t. Q its ries
Dowle, Loa rwesn t l
aSroer Holndu auc d Sering
Rumt ad irictib She St sl-u
Cunbricke. dwrLaw" Som 3
orit wroM dito V
A t uad H ka of hilluoail.
Prlnted dalicoes & Cotto es A,
ahite rnd brown Jeus Lawn o dI0
andJeanetes. ier
Linen and C'otai Checks. ll. & Andreftlay
and iripeo Cards
Silk, Thread ad Cotton 4, 1a, and sad, I*
s~tai a Cutsand Hand Sa
Dwranut callauce and Ames nd Hatchet.
'Fale Tat lI Bluoe Bl Knee,
Printed Handkerchiefs f Stack dd
shawls Sanu
O:anburC and Coatoo Cut eln, t& PraKnveh
Ba.t, .. Shot from No.4 to
T 1peHanovet Lace Lotf Sugar, Meek PeppeO
ium Thread from PNo. in Poland Starch. Seeted
teo 6 Hair Powder
Cohared and Oaanbrg Mould and dipt CUadleQ
Thread Turpentine Sep
Mens, Youthl, and Chil. blid O, Moilrd
drens coloured black Naumega, Clanuam
Hate Clasand Mace
Miea.. Boy, Girls ad Hyibe, Oree and Ases
Children Shou and Tea
Pumps Malis, and Curnsen
Women Silk sad Call. New pAfs Batter
maneo ditto Otk Porter
*ilh Teluame 'pl Do"h Gloanetetwo
d f I 0,
A ft riindMIInmalu6idwad flatd ZM
MA Bef 5PdufSrik, S diP ~ like
MUard and a&ry W n e.ld a. tB,
makur ,"W L ft 4.

ef Ranma, has been
Ial*aa soMIydald a i
117,41tan a w Si fe g i u or this
Iffedol, cw itica a" _Mtralb, mi
h'i 6e a I Am toa Ina e a
faint to mayc pod, on U1
hlnatgienjmteme ws. iaB t's W*4 1111 F be rt
L. Simm~ with ha kern th

.... I --

J+o io^e n ;tjUST m 0 E
I4 1 L I. tAL hb Hltr2 PMc"aT, caApt N
ne flie BaM. u*, ro. Loeou, ..
eA C te4 8i 8o a erfN D T o' BA ll 'O L
Us 11 of Mu e,
'a55 xra).uB-n. By lconer, Shrreff, & Coi
AIa and Elephuat kie
L"I Paper Plated, ulst meaning At their T ipi on the BAT. N
:Imperia, Super R Sho 8e and Koau su. I OU3LB and lagle Ladies H oopw A
S oal, Meiuam, kla rdined Lod ua Silk Petticoaf A Qloti
SRoil., thick rA BrIIP Hylta, ScarlSe Ckrdnials, ermin ed
Folio Pol, Gilt, in, Silver Watuc Green, TEAS Fine Walilecat Fringe. FORBDES
S&black ed4gtoPol, Siver and Stel Peail Souchong& Agreat variety of Ribon, F B
Fo olfiap, Pe t Writ. Cafes Bohe J Sewing Silk and Twil Al their STORKI o H Jhe
S a l pg Paper Plated Sprs Currants and Raifin Mode, Sarnret JoNit
Cartrioge, Blotting, ad Gilt and brf Watch Key Brown and White suga Black, blue, green & Ma- H AVB V 1 0
Wrapping Peer Gilt Watch Chlnis Candy narcen 'Taffaties
lillincr a Pa ord Sk d Sik and hir Watch bago, Fg blue, Starci Muflin Cyprela, bref A Large and i A
Gilt and plain Selkg and Strings Cinnamon, Nutmaeg, and French Net, Croton P AN and EAT-I
Name Card Olaf. Lockets Mace Srot, fine Ilob and Silk < OA
gnul, H VII. nd Ground WatcrtChryflai Mullard, Salled Oil Striped G.,ite T OND'W particllr Wi~hr
SMerry Ar Playing Bri f barrelled PiflO Pickle, Ketchup W.omeus aysa, L Madeia Win, by asr
Cardud i Fecing Foils Barley, Split Pearc Ladies X Monoco Shots the quarter calk ber do. bffl
RedA black k Powder Ladies Steel Collars Celk and London bottled French Heels
teat Ink Ce Cypher and Fancy Seals Porter Ditto Callinanco, black Ditto Market ditto Plk*is
Bel Dutch ills & Ofice Book Backgammon Tables Madeira, Port and Sherry & eolout sherry ditto TMller
Pens Spare Dice WVilu, Womens fine Leather High proof Jamaica lRd PliWes
Sevripgn Peaknives ad Billiard Balls, Maces, sad Melt Sclf and Pork Pumps Wel.lndia P. Anchoe
scrapers Qasc Turpcntine ope Girls and Chjldrens hMo- cheons and h a
Mthogy Portable Writ- Cribage Doards Linen Lecksard lrlpo eco shoes With they i ife Of
BlAe As Sportfm.'.s Pocket Knie afforded Men. five an.l colrfe Shoe, able Tery T r AN ,
Is3 Leather Traveiling Boxes ao Marking Types Furniturc Cheeks Youths atd Boys ditto b n ITerms,
Calfe Wax Tapers and Brofs Bed hunt., Ticking Moenfinr lioots or Prodae.
Crown, Half Crown and Stands Dyed ad India Jeans and Fine waxe. i ( 'nf Skins JU T
emlnonn filed Wafers Smoaking Pans. J'anet. Womenr Stle CoGtton and
Red k black Sealing Was Hair Powder Ilain and figuredlDimitie Thrcad Hoe h In t/e Sib SALLt .Tfrm
Wriitg Vellum & Parch- Hyrd nlld oft Pomatum Royal and Imperial PRi Mens ditto ditto AND TO SO
meat Elinceof Bergamot, Le. Quiltinogreal ad nick Mens & Womens Silk do. 3y RO E RT R
Slates and Slate Pencils men and Lavcndar Cotton Counterptnes Women, coloured Glov r
Afs Ain Memorandum Mahogany and Japarned A gieat variety ofPrinted aidl Mitts Atlt I/Sore aie tle tI dlyf
Boe Dreling Cafesof vat ou Linen, Chintz, & Callr- Habit and Jean ditto T)CK.ES / B
Etwel and Pocket Books forts co Gown Patte;n Vw, it, us blaiL uki white 1 Torguella Ch
Pewter and Jaanned Ink Ivory and Horn Combs Ditto of Printed and Cot- Sk ililtt Rci Vinegar in a Mar
Stands Shaving Boxes ton HandkerchiefL Ditto \ 1rh itl Italian Port Wine in b PHtol
Spare OllTefor ditto Powder Malks 3-4, 7-4 and yard wide Brown Cantbklt Boat BtIlled Porter Mulicil-1ft
Red Tapd Sevigny's bell Cal Steel Irilh Linem l.Ciluk White Bifk-t in Ships Heart
Middleton's Black Lead R:.zos Set. of Cluit Bordering Cirton rte rackets GlouceflerChefe ,Saddler
Pencils Hemet's Dentifrice and Striped Check and plain F-rrrtn" :a;fion ditto Double refined L Hoalhe I
Slidin ditto Tooth Powder Mullins Brvcr 4.t (,at. Sngr Hlat
Came~ alt Peneil. Fillets Sprig'd & Needle wrought ('hek -4d len Shirts Pet rfumery Paper
Boxes of Water Col.,ar.l \h. h Balls ditto Yard wid: it uiled shirt. Hitfrdwre iratlo
Shell Paint Cloth Powder Book Muffin LinHan I Liin, Duck d W h var other At tl
China Ink Smelling Bottles Mulhn Ntc. t& l.rrnet. Ca.s- Iorfers With imous other Aiticls. 11 I
Copy Books Teeth Infirumens Boook Munlt and Needle Canv.- rrek frll off immediately at a very loi
Irory Paper Knives Toupee Irons wrought Hlandkerchid Fearnluglit Great [nat, ('anl, Cotton or Btaziletto, as thereit
Rulers Powdecr Machines& PIf I .otng and c!'cr Lawn Ready Iltecchrl Eooin a-e to be made by the Ship Sal
QZire Books, rnled and Boxes of Medicines for rFle Catnbricks J.ra and Camblert ntort .
Plain Plantations liitannias Coat, PAN TON, LESL.I E
Indexes fpLp+m and Glauber SatE Nankeens PurpIle, ~le, rink, and At ther snv lon at (e I ls
Bill of Lading lookS AnArron'. Pill. Brown and white Ruia il'lk Dlurmat quilted it A O at O i 1 .
Kcceipt Books Godlrcy's Cordial shcetings Petricoats I A PO I 01
Pecnet 4dgere lanc io Powder knownn Silefs Mets black Hant A ENERAL Afrtmen
clank a of various affTys Elixir IIckabmck Plai and fronted Hair .' S EAST.INDIA 00
fines, ruled Ind plain Kiy fer's Pills Spotted Lawns & Oauzes dier dl'r, Hardware, Orocery,
English, French and latlin Mignefia Small shawls hd ol., fo Pomatum whi'h they will fell on the
School Book Tarn. Emetic Table Cloth., S4 and .4 1 wr !o and P l for Cb, nr god Rllj of R e
BLAN IgForM, V Powdelred Bark in Pint Coarfe and fine Owice v tndar Water or lb
Bondi, Ails of Sale. Is bottles Threads lauber Salts, Ipetcuana For Sale by Priv
of .ading, Bit of Hannay's Specifc Oxnaborg; Taylor's do. moinle Flower. 'IHE Plantation at Ora
charge, Set e 'a Ioruy Syringea Oznaburg i larl,, Crean oflTartar a nd improvements are
Article., Pwi of Gintlcrien's fal.ionable Sail Cloh. No. eto4 Iiarhm' l'indure of require a defcTjptle nn. Forr
Attorney, Ind aure, ccked 1Hat Superfine Bla ( Cloth ark p to the Printer, or
Writ., &c. Ditto brown falhionable Blue and other fal,ionable tfed Oil and PIainte ROBERT
ireat variety of C rt Spor'ing Beaver, colours dittq il Tubacca
Cao of Matheniaatl In. Ditto brown broad Riding Blue Caflimer C a Ware, confifingn f Aof TL Perron having denma
C ant, ditto WI 'e Flannel rtcr MNg., Tea Pt rs of Iloa irlo SUITHI Efq)
Poc Compalfe Ditto black ditto, with Black, white and blue mell'dt Pint Balo., of Prt,oifions in St. AnSfll*ilNe Wl
Ship ditto tand, arnd buckles Tammie. j nt cnamell'd Cupt fend in flats of the atse IP
Circunrfrentors Ditto brown ndrcen do. (l;tto, ditto Durants I nccsl., and breakLfl or before the i day fot
S & 4 pole Chaias Lies DrIc ana. Riding S.ttincts,, DCnifme .Setts i
Magnets Hat, of the newest fath- Mojnriag Craes flaf Ware, Yellow Ware At y
Dividers ion, with elegant trimt- Bombareten, (Camblets in Ware Attorney for
4 feet Gauging Roda ming Three point Blavkc ard and Cutlery ditto Naja.n September Ia, IsJS
Center'. Scales White and black Chip Striped Linfey., MtraTT nA Affortment of Iron- 8 the Sl hfcitri teni t
Pocket and Long Telef- Hats at feathirs tiffercnt lits ongry Ship for England, which l
cope, Paper ad Pound Pins .and colourn 6, 8, lo, to. 14, 3od, and weekkfter this date, it I
ladley' Quadrants An laflrtaeoat of Rib. ife and fine thald Spike Nails who are indebted to him,
Temple Spetacles bohn, lgin0G (Gun Po,-der the Bame, otbhrwife h ne
Thlermonctets in fiih Iin LifleThreeid Do Thread Lace Shot No. r to 6 gecahle necedityof leaving
an'l mahogany cafe. Irilh Linens Black .Lce, Tape. Pump Leather, Oaktm an Attomrn IUkewife. all
San Diil for this latitude Cambricka Lawa and Love andker. Roll She:r Lead
Port Folio'. OfOaburgs chiefs Deep Sea Line., Log fi. 'o, ts a atln t r IM ared
Views Sea Pieces, &c. ladies Morocco Slippers Black Thresd Ganzc Hambro' do. Fflhintg ditto w A
aientedonslafi& framed Ladies Silk and Sottin Shirt Btton s and Moulds Sewing and Seine 'TIinoa ell
rC-umr.ou s rints DrefaShoos White Chappel Needles Cordage, &c. &c. &c. Sam s1, 1 T
A long flop Pianol p GentlemCn's Drefs Shoes Pound and Paper Pins .ubfcrb tLake thi
Barrel urgan Cordo'vn Boots Which with their former Affortment, will he .Sold t, ai.t hit former
Guitars OGcntlemon' China Silk & e.retlonale teema. r otn;A A ai
Guitar Strings in fets Thread Gloves A i'
Violin of different price. Saaddlec with furnitmr. F O .R A L E, ma ychnfe t~reftnhil S
Violin UBasand Har fo compleat HAT neat HOUS lately b br th Sub- Bread as forritrly.' on 1
ditto T ibribier, ad oini t V, Weft
i Cafes, a 'idg Sle r Twit L fcribr, adjoining and to thk Wftward of frontilttp (1 e Wel
Pegs Green Silk Umbrella's Dr. RoaIT ScoTT',t front. upon t Bay and
Be Roman Violina ogs Red Leather Truhbk. has an extensive LOT partly pail a aplefant 1 e "Il ItnY
Rofin Boxe. flTfoa Te and healthy tuition, at present c ed Col. ba3rd r fo
German &commnlklant, I ,osl og. Josn Douiolls. Forc.tanm. yt a
B and C Fif es Yorkthrms JOH MORRIS.
Drum Head, and Area OTn .* Taf -1 r , J. 1D greai g
Pipes and Tabor IT. 'Pe e, s j ju V'OTTON atI I .d
toanwsfin he fclh o. *,41 pk%7*s*U or1"* Mobl -
faplchihd, O itar. GdrtkiefsllndM Wood, Ac. (w I t ait ,9a1%


,_ : ^ M

"^ "Z -p-
'- =-f o or . L..d; ; y
*? :; ,'I ,*d1It

W id: ALJ*K ^ y ^C^!?; ^ ^ -* -< ^ e < ^ < f Z *|






"ell PAL
Vha lid
Copy *I.

Quire S

Bdi of L;
Receipt I

fizei, I


areat va

ship dittt
5 & 4 PO

4 fret Ga'
Pocket a

AMd nu
Sun DAl

V' o ae Piees Ice
3= 0 rwbof htecd: ortiC

Gulir St'

ditt -aS 'ihj a~
viola& *mm Di b&*to
pa epa hyi~p 4 AtI vaes. Aotea;

Eand haatan
'= Hcr'
x v.*

, .- <^ J 4c n

ec. Ace. &t.

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