Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 17, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00006
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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Voi'tL ..'*'yp aL
-: BA .

' rf : i- % kr 'J

From 8 A T UR A St

NAX- #:s Printed by

Europ t Iktelligence.
L, QL O N, Jua 9.
SnRINCE EDWARD, whodifembarked at Stad
I on the sjd l was met there by his two
Royal brother t Prince Bihfop of Ofnablrgh
and Prince Wili nry, Who waited his arrival
at that place N y day. The next day they-
went to Luncnbolg, where they flept, ad from
thence proceeded ta Hanover, where (hey all ar-
rived in perfect hbialth.
T1he events of the two late appeals of Inchiqiin
and Fitzmauri e, and Morgan and Jones, will
fervt to cool that plirit of attack which hat of late
fo wantonly arilen altn the decrees of the Lord
Chliicellor. In the Itart fe, the Houfe of Lords
determined that the )pellant was entitled to
So,cool. and to no l according to the original
dtcrre:-In the lailtF the only variation that
wa, made lir the iecrce, was in favour of the
ltfj.ondcnt, Mrs. Jones, who iiftcad of having
26.oool. according to the original decree, will be
now entitkd to about asooo. for principal, lute-
rclt and coftR.
yu.n 1o. Ycllerday Mr. Gilbert made a Report
to the Ilonfe of Commons, of the (even refidutuion
crime to in the committee of ways and means, on
Wednesday lat, and which are verbatim asol-
low :
Refolred. Tha it is the opinion of this Com-
nittee, that towards railing a supply t be granted
to his Majelty, his heirs, and fuccelprr, within
the kisinlom of Oreat.fritain, by very match per-
fon, never having been married, who Shall retain
or rnplny any female fervant o klervants, the
f.'ral additional fums following, that isto fay,
every perfon who (hall retain or ea hoy one
female fervant, and not mire, the iditlonl fuo
of Two Shillings and Six pe~ rfor two Ifmale
fervanta, and not more# tl additional fum of
Five Shillings I and for thtg or more fet le fer.
vant,, the additional fuir Ten Shillings
IRrfolved, That It il te opinion of the Coan-
mitter, that towards railtng a flpply granted to
his MajeOy, his htirs, and fucceffor, within the
kingdom of Grcrt-Britln, by every male person,
ant having been married, who ha'l retain or em-
ploy any male fervant or fcrvanta, the additional
yea ly (un of twenty-five Shillings for every male
fcrvant, who (hall not be retained folely for the
purposes of hufbandry, or manufadures, or of
any trade or calling, by which the matters of fch
fervants earn a liveliho or profit. -
R folved, That I is the pialltn ofthil Com.
hitter, that for and upon every warrant mtan~
date, or authority, granted to any Solikitor A"
tarnry, Ntary, PioAor..Agent, or Procurator
in G.rat.Britain, to afltate, commonanl or to
defCnd any fuit or prdpctio n anIy.f hil MIl-
Jety's Courts at W fitter 9 ian e.Bockia-
tical Cnmurt, or in any-ofthe Cr rt ofAdmiralty
or Cinque Pats, qt ay of h je Majelfty'Oourt
iaScotrian 1, the Seff Ia n Wale.or nl
any Courts of thl 6onticesad atine, at in my
other Court holding Pleas,,where the debt or da*
age oull amount to metr ethan forty C fpilli%
there hall be charged a Damp of two aimlig ant .
fx-perce. '
RItflved, That itiatheopini6o of.fHit O*C
hitter, that for eery Solicitor, Attorntr No.
tary, ProCtor, Agent, or Pruata, admitted r
enrolled in any Eeefialtkll Court, or in any
Courts of Law or .qt It Oreiata Britai, when
fnh Courts lhal heo peas pa malb than fdty
killings, hall prVisa to Ms oaamnOdg or do
*atdin any fit tis ot anenlly
a certificate f his anmil InrOllinutit '
SRefolved, it i is the oe biof thiCom-
mitee, that for.d u Wo r l atlb
taken out by a W Solicie, ,, N .tar,
tor,, or Procuraontelwo iall 6 d
n any of the Inl of CoUrts ~ea thti la 01of
Lhdn or W, imltder, the Borough of Sotl-
wark, YParitbel of tilnt; P iaa andit. g I.
ase, tor ithin the Ld=* of mortality, odlMa

. -AlL .. .


24, 1784


'4 NY V --- -)

he dity a n dtnb A e be chi # dii to gin hi t lemn afuran, e i the
hampdtf l a. '., ae haed aligned the want of afi
stVwhd, pisthlodo otbis Coiq. ( ljtrai p from Mr. Atki or
inmttt that fr .f tHml Certikati b take, hlSicit d without their knowlerniW his
out b ySollelt Attoraiy Prodor, Intention ( i that in point of fa, hewa
Agent P rtort, who all nfide I any fhlnfefl t that there was no r. hbt had
other part of lOrlitain. there tla t charged merely at the want of it, from IC hng that
a namp duty, of three ground, t It was t commonn prafice to charge r, it, but,
hfoltce, That t l the dptlon of this lCo- being dormiant writ a not to make it omt, and as
ittce, th ththe alowane now made or warte or It wus hi duty to atign crery poffibl error, he
leakage to brewers telling ber or ate in let quan. atd taken the chance f this baf m ng done d a
titiea than calk rrontani four gallons and an tie prefent cafe. ,He added tome e ration
half, be difcontin'ied." o fs upon the afdavit e but concluded wit ring it
The laid Refolutiona eing sn d a t r d f e entirely to the t loctlon of the Court, whether or
cond time, were agreed to by the Hodfe. not to.make oSd new writ. The rule was made
It was afterward moved, ablol ute Ac. d. .
That it bean inflrualon to til Committee of Wednefd ftlloon was launched fom Bou.
the whole Houfe to whom the Servant Tax Bill lo a in France, which took up Mon. Pilatsre de
is committed, thatthey do make proifiAon in the Roslere, and another Gentlemaa ;lhn the were
fgid Bill of the firf and feconde the aid Rcfolu- at an amazing height, the banllofi Are, and
tlons." burnt the cords by which the ear was fufpended.
Moved, he That a Bill or aills be brought in ind the ahove Gentlemen. were dalhed to pieces,
pultuant to the fre laft Refolutiona." d in a manner too Mhocking to mention.
yune r6. Mr. Pitt is at this instant at leafl a HOUSE of COMMONS, yrad i.
tlnpop:;ar as Lord North or Mr. Pot ever has AusMaCNt LrTLssrI .
been, andi longer marks of dliapprobation have The Order of the day lfr golnito the Con
been fthem to his inefure the hnop tax, than the hitter of Supply being moved, Iw l read, and
noble Lord experienced when he loft America and the Petition of the American Loyaii, the Re.
gave Icland a fr trade, or the Right Hon. Com prt of the Commimoner appon l td o enquire
moner when he gave Ireland an independent legif. i nto the claimlof the Loyalif'1el father relative
nature, and formed the celetrted Coalition. documents, having been red tothe fa;d Com-
the Bif op of Olhaburg is in the conirumon mitteh, the Speaker left the Chair, add Mr. Oil-
of manage the affair s of Manover, and the third bert took his eat at the table.
onthe HNbe willbe Preftdnt as the older Merm The Wtamelledrgr lkww then rote and
bher die od Piri Edward. wnl affo be pat in opened the bulinef ofthe American oyalifts, by
the ome cafamibon on the Art vacancy. rsrerenfing them as a fetW people, highly enti-
it I fLidl, that Mr. Adaes, the Ameriegt Am- tied to fb e ominierat"on and humanity of the
baifador, was f'embarratbed at his frft audience, Houfe ; their fulnerinn, e id, w ere great, and
as tt to proLmoi e the dompitiment prerribed by he eau of thofe ole erloag ias their altichmen
etiquette. Th reat perfobefore whom he aood, to thi country Irea theribre persuaded there
very good t i3a edl d by, the omirnon, and would be but one ion thea motion be was
told him, t it thati h oo not be -a pleatng ready tdmake l1f ( omle gentlemes
circumtancto recl te embaffl fyrithofe who perhaps might think.It a r to defer the
wfre once Hl.sfubject yet the right was infur- bunnefs tW next flon, and notto introduce it
ed to them by treaty., b Mr. Adams, might de- until the CoI aifloma oud hoe flnilfhed their
pend upon being treated wai ever mark o regard enqdirsy, norat io late a period, and with f this
and proteatin., a att nI ts a et but fac weas the fItuation of ma
Wila ,elterdi fe lftall ehrieJ ny ofthe baartunate perf la this contepljti.
Wil Henry wtay topat on, that thoid tir relief hepoponed
for a Lieutcoant wa rTd rt tre Sfitons, tley would probably he ouf
at C Mor Mrh n fro hco be able to c-i y or ree ivte tebuty of Parl t.
pro ee ided l e ole, Were d' i tthi -prodtiedd to make a R eneral fihtetaat
.the .vr i ere ittaoducd to him the amount oftheldeli e fuhtaed bythe Aimartea
t eule he ad i thea Navry. woUch his LoyalltR the Whleae thedemngrtei ainntal.
ptsI FO ttif lis I t~g-7boo.o n and ed to between for' and hundred tbo
CoUi and oas e me d pmandei of this fea f6or hundred and r
f pa t i H on one tha) hi bhad ben allowed by the Co
H I afoe an ohas m (rothat had been
egL to thilt 1a etru t. o e Commtaoners
Hi b me *a mp1 o f t oim b laimant,
fee e r iee, l the a thmir l erynit leditoO y e dM.
Oneity I e i were ndcuded toa
red the Co rt oto tha certaa mate
the rule he hhad =- i aiamostfed to l, ol
fo. I toi e cla e o fhl u he dbon a
hlralrsatoe itf V A: tor o' ferl hcd atuall Afugt e
the 0,1 III 111 ofheare
Mlo 11We k wit j the
ola w to as oe oa
a tol a*hp Ill Rcrit'b riou tha "the rrU r,ig
SAdlei the CoonfelbUht b foe stoe entitled to remuane-
01- 1 raifoni Ccu di y n unoc der fiedic ee-

tllt onto adec u listed by,
asil 3 I the Ca ^nal 000j.coo allit h
*1 0 d ase Offa

mel-ta tNdedH vf t hew Iiws* O
wma (ir o blicic) o,

law wl"Te
topiuat nd to c hry utatios =oftlk/ibi| hId tot thrrfur te thenhLco"

4VA1611IT11 Hor.3~


U e tl'trodmi lft4taIl-ewapus fhee$ fee l tbS4d'W4
to s3. oioool. e .woi tibk'biqt i d, hljheto u p~,
theims w Vhim*.Zorii telo
hence, that z ought to e tIt y to aI ruli that ita'rpea ohI i
relief grand to tl Ar a tl i e't W numeroua, Inconveniet, a
sernet blt diftenhdegno'd L a lh i plated tales, fioul nethe .Iloi of C
.anta, ft ic e tho Cotiens more cateftol, how they laid freth bur- ous lrtal
the omillior isdi g the whole I thens athsopl and that afuller enqury into i ada
ate claffes. It was not, be id, his dea thlJe tb. ejory and prtfe1t circumances otf tLeo Loy. oo it
whole of thofe claims-hould now be dlfcharg5r ~its fMed the mon proper, as It wonld proul % c
and in what he proposed louMlbdon ,'hlno l bet found, that the fatal Aserican war wal tiont e a .th
tended to have asew li Uliobbiiblit ofTlinc.L continued to that pernicious length by their to. he Iou o to r i
of the ffIm ecing that amends in another couragement and litigation. He could not but earlUitent, unlel the qn. L
place, to w h th re titled, on the grounds think, tat the prooters and obstinate adhe rents their, and moved likaewil hew A
tpublichithand n nalconidencc. He iuldo 9 that w, if th had the decency of rpentance laid be'fre the H'oue I d atl t
f the h r-tprcc opoe that the fum of aosot, For the aMthefs they had occafioned, ftuld stand it appeared what redualus the Comd
*fould be granted for the purpof ot paylf fbg forth, and offer to contribute largely upon this had made, it might atIo appem o hat
Much on account to the American Loyali., b occAron that the noble Lord, the great chan ftch redu&iops wey made. thatiht li
way of affording them a, iao'rtrvlef. 'Thi pion ofthat war, the pcoilemian who wawitAdy to 'be very proper br ?,b3 4 W
fum to be apportioned to the veral claflesaccor. pay thirteen hiillings in tlue pound for carrying it ~.mrtlnuing tiher envc ,'It, what the
ding to he rate of forty per cent. oa te allowed! on-tile Minitler, who renj d Mr. Pcnn%' Pti. -tioners Ihr tdone r hduld-'di b rorIt
claims of the two first claffes, and ofJo per cent. tion-alfo several dinlonguflbcd friends of the Irre- as there might be rule paid oI
n thufe of the others; he faid, he was the mniore j rent MinifIlr-and the varitis descriptions nf per. from a very defering ald
happy in thu. fuigclting an aft of bcnvolnce and funds, who had enriched themtilves, while the ftould niilti to have thatan dl
junioc becaufe it could be effetad without any poor were frarving, lhoud make Ioeic amend) to new Bill paffed, %shich tal Itnt
diredburthtn on the people. How this fum was: the public, by ealiug their burthen of iundemnify- as the pretcnt act would i and
to be railed waS not at prefcnt fo immediately his in, thole of,.the Loyalints .wbo houhl appear to hint lip their books on the 6t)tly
duty toexplain until the Committee of Wayiland have really aeied upon principle The Lobk Lord, The C;iacllr of tiv e Cnlda
Mlans fhoald fit ; for the pretett, therefore he it was true, had ficquently with a t:inmphant air. prove either of the Lifts or
fhouild ouly nrntinii that the plin for railing that of undaunted courage called loudly for enquiry, before Parliamcot. What tbmi
film was by a Lotlery, which from the proposals but the tnob:e Lord ought not to allume much man had mentioned feemned Id
he had iecase he had rcafoatn calculate would merit for fuch challenge. Mr. M.'rtin Nlid, It pcrfonal delicacy to himfelf the
produce the film of jso,oool. lie therefore appeared to him to Cfaour little more of coiira;e rdiniioners, to have the appr a ofii
moi e' than infnrlting a man who it w s known would of their proceedings. He made o ru
rhft the film of iro,cool. be rranted to hik not fight, for that this country hail i a grt. t lhi.t from the knowlrleige or opit6in he l
Majefly for the pitfent relief d on account o fich perfons who have fl'ffer~.iu their tihisi funk 1 iQd4)lence, fclfilbrrs ant iniifference to pAffre heiween them, and from bthetonfld
and properties, and have gi fatitfa' doy the public welfare; thli.t the man liwho for m.iny of the Reports ,Ihcfelves helntir.lyappro
proof ofthe lolles they halie rred, to.thr yar, they haiil mlft tied to, had iinred it what they hal done,, ndltn doubt the
Commifloners appointed for thatpurpolk." elorcil handr of poltti, l fritndnlip iiith tlh per. wouid continue to pace famn confide
The Refolut n was voted. f n he had taught the nvt.orr it Lexr ii ; aand them, that they had very rly placed hi
IMr. C nur neal xt rofe and apologized to the though he fay. in hi. ,~'.i;e thy d' ffnil on the pafning of the ad.
Committee for te trouble he was about to give only rtefrcaing that tfi'ifr-, bunfiiicf of the Amenri Mr. Il't nat laid, that he fhtould confined
them, dleclariihi that he flodl up in the place of .ca.n ar, the lIHoourbler ecit'kmian contip.1 i'l pirincipaltyt)tthe rcafn the hqmuisrableOcotl
one of the Members for Bcrlll re. lie then went himnfelf completely, LUy d-e"'- in the highfeft dc- hi gitren for recommitttng th eReport, nt
into a thort It.atement of thu mniti of Mr. Plhilips "grec from tic nL b'e Lord oni t r-:Aer lilttr taimig that lie might make amntion fo'eertaln lilh
the iiventor ofcertain uftful pouwdcrt, in proof ,f wiinitrre/nhgfA,./rr.?, namely, the RIform (f Parlia. prodlircld. He did not fee any good purpol<
the excellence and :iility of which the read,a cer'i- meti. But It! therelf biondlls .l ti) be indiffiluble, .1 proilution could answer; he fupplod &p
ficale of an olicer, who ha.l recently tried the and this amiable connedinMn to l1 eternally. tion had been made to the honourabe OtMl
P. wders. He mentioned that in i7;S,a Bill patf. Mr. Mlattiiu fii, that rpc'i occasion he by frme of the parties, who ithed It; b
ed that floufc allowing Mr. l'hiblps firCl. for a" "could not but amnt the fernl,. iljuflice f the much doubted whether It wvmld be agreao
full dlicovery of the ingrelients of his powdcrit, public in the violent rage mainoield against tile the parties in general ; ecaufe the layinghl
but that bill failed in the other Houle. His pur. prcfcnt Mirtiler, on count of an injludicious tax, Parharment, would immedlatnleanfeltoael
pre now was, he faid, to niive for f finally a fum when at Uve fame tiuie they feem.rd c9mpnctely to ed, and it might ihtlnre or rafe their i
as one thousand pounds, with which Mr. Philips Ioitgtt the tnormous grievances of the American and connedions oan the other ide ofthe All
would be contented: He moved accordingly, Iwar, an.l the never to-be-forgotten infilt offered It would not be neceflary by tit lmodeso
and the Commi;nte dtridec, Ad t68. .V'es a4. to the public in the coalition of the twio m'n cho them what was reported dire to theuabl
Mir. Martin wiihed to know of the Kr{port of lhad o veoleatly and fo c'nnlantly oppofed cach they wIerd kintw that in a very lhort ti~a
the Rnetou' T:n relative to the American Lcv- other during the cou ic of it. they wee pid 4ol. or ol. or any nther gli
alifts woulli be made next day, as, lie I:i., he Mr. Vt.-rin laid, that in reward to a lottery, he per cent. on the total oftheirlof ; pert
fbould iyove for a paper refpedling them, which ilould be ve-y forry if it should be neceflaryly.or was, the only objection that coatd be h
he thought ought to been before the Com. that it was always attended with ilufiiteprejudice against a partialipayqnt, thattheltalsaatill
nl t.e.r, to the morals of the people, and gratlypromoted I know Iy that means the dtermintlona
Mr. Fix obfervenl, that the Commiifioners to the pernuiious and defnrnclive practice of gu- i Commifionefr, befortjhe wholewas get1
whom the American claims had been referred, bling ;-th4t deeply impreffed with tire ileas anrl cmnfidered togrtho "A to layiktlalte
were cc thinly entitled to fome compensation fo 'which he hiad he fea ed, but very imperitlly lbfoire Parliament, It s I matter that'ig
the ,rouble and pains they had taken in the dif. endeavoured to communicate to the llnuft, he much confidcratioar there wct enity re
charge of that bufinfs, and prefumed it was the should humtly move, which might make him with to have theb
intention of Government, that they Ihould not be That a correct lift of the names of tbofe per PIarliament ; on the othertand, there wil
forgot; he therefore, aiked. would not the pre- fons who have delivered in their clauns to the obiedions to it; he had rather the loo ft
feet be a proper time to come to a'vote on that Comnifioners for fettling the claims of the ihiige of th:m than himself: onething wlp
fulea .nd defired to know the feni.menteofthe American Ioyalift, be laid bfore,. this Hloufe 'rent, that the Right Honourble Oeutlol
Right Hon. G ntleman oppofie to himn. as lopn as .it can be made, oot; tether with ving brought forward a mraef rbr par
The Cian//llor .the xc.-.qutpaid a handfine t" the amount of each original dmaid, and like; *ment on the frims found due, did bri
compliment to the Qommiffioners, but thought wife what hibeepallowed by.he Co. miffiboa fare giee an approbation to what h
on fuch occaflns as that in which they were en- ers to each clraiant." ... under the aC. .o
lage, the payment otaht always to be deferred After reading the motion, mr. Marti'aaid, thait Colonel 'aadas faid, he could not
ontl the bnfinefs should be Bfniled; he regretted if it.flhold appear clearly to be the geineal fenfe thatpportunitj offayin# that he likewit
that this idea had not been originally adopted in of the Houfe that the papers moved for ought not .many incoIvern'ncite m'ght arift fromsn
the cafe tif the Commilfloners of Accounts, and 'to be g inted) he woeaI not trouble g elien Reports breare Parliamenot.
ie thought it by all,mean advifcab'et tofollow it by, a di: m, bLu that hiel ukldw th*l tion On tie Rafolhution bet olead te'coiattd
il the percent intac, apa iing however aL the ko' ltand to the jonrna'tb tthe publimd 1 ir. tlrw faid, that a for one retuars
fame time that the Commifloncrs for,&iquiring ktow .thd their ep it had A+ en thanW tl *Ie Rillht Geotleolm
into the claims oftheAmerican Loyaliltia,ought wholly tthnive t tthe lbed, and that Ir ie ihe aeafare he hbidraf fo s rd lIfsfa
by all means to be liberally rewarded. f iubal l tal1mt been why it would be 'tle L6tali(l at f he tiD p olitp
Houses of CoMauis, ,e t n ioppert th frc4paper aold not be laid be- raprding his entirtoe the Oe
foreth lfou(. i. were appomot to e211thhis
The Report of the Comntittee of Supply having The. Speaker told the. .oouritble Gentleman ishlivted the oL ad ad
been brought upp by Mr. Qibert, and a f.t h t;S pr er hoda hnto intr iTseri e were ew. pos ntabeplitnse tMw
Mr. Manth. faid, that though lit'a not the mdcei mif oe met tImd f t st. s.eRq ,oonou e tian
sto ,d much to fatisf theoal
honour of bring mrnch jc"iaatcd thany of papers itl Vhjet. The flto V, tat
the r4e t.llCn: w i d rin The eraayeitas
the rrP&kbg enr' u ytaten tee wunl'kwipt0hedld m h d. ,--;d aitq beqpaldtbyjals itt-tDo
examine the cl.mieaf thoft pOrfontss cil id A me- Sir r sawfe dl wrfdwoltth-lb. firilthod.161 tiot
rica Loyalluts, yet from the gencti goaod cba- jd, anJ had appreblded ;ntil oIg, that the doie for pr iolJ mel nlt
rader he heard of thew, he had no doubt Of their paper defircd by Mr.'benllasi 'ld Tbeas"ilfs tnllet It
being worthy of a 1v trul tlat could properly be Hotte.i their n ss, 'ld
repoed iiu them thc t b Ltho llt, that min Mr Bd, h 1 bel latiefled ro euioltlhe di
meters, w'r the'tt .* oiluty I with u ) w whi c caul. d bA theys
were deeply cnieried, tb elt ea ati$ta topilhd q4 e atossgt.q tes,

he VA* total frt om sihy b irlt uMl or bjr -t'
revenge, ut that be could not but make a dilr- made bdha' Bapge/jd to m Iverluale againdi, haili t e t-
entoin blillfli i lsWe, bktween two dekripiptus Iind or a Memher of Wt U-ti ts o .~yle
of .1yaI ll'pamCIe, fibch as Ihould appear to Mr. b.p akid, that as "te smlaiol; had so e.inhCtr. atblebdd
.attd.. lp. /ilrli .mPb ""e ,inrigbt dl+ beml, 4fA d.ea ep thg+hiIaa

af~~d~tfiai. 4fiifabxri tbeT fu.

th Thu ytheo Pdal
9 to, g muftC
411tft-C41 t'llm~ait Is r I~nd -%
It 11 1 Itlw a salpv rs, no.e Certift r
o e p. -~ fh eoal Ifland PI
the )aaid of lbsiHoour the Litutten -
f t h mh O'hdoul f I #a the aLlevi.RO
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foll"r I howin & tesoi Ti shie n de a ore et the Cmo PRo

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to Yawa aa duty 17.t o 'nther f y Spilt dea Laie Morrowher Shoe
,tllue' bAfoeg W rall J

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to vte MbuU eIn, t SI varet TwQ i er 0 C a dH

jai ohip MeAry hisC* PentII ann & aart
an d other yof ndic Chperet, w i Awnbrode ot ee Aale. U Sail and Lo i
S ure t ad po, t h g r pr ce f tup p r f h c Smed d eA ofI N etenci n wi th h h the a w I C uM e ts s and afHf s sa e -
in-c t o Laid Ld.b e paid g'..,-1, I 3 3 Trpmieniiz t blue, r radir Mo.

h7~~~ ~~ fh fr ~ ~ teeIr~ttra in anlad 5.lTp Ccsaidt oe Vrea Sh. latie
Iwe .. bwharf* anra Is Vsnd, injured I ; t e S l.. Zoath 1110C. tmem
Lend'trot ort$his PTV, Kinth drove r atir thelneIf sR CiamoiNet
l ame t o tn agt ollowin h Relolution; an iz. .uer lied tS Siootg MenI flie rls

I to t he Irit tof IS.e ma ii tper binl fow Mih e Toszaee, ,tma but. is ..t hur ; rgB.Fe
6l 7rat of th Affo to exaiiuith the ehe loanaireatlonlti priL Pd 6 '1d Tsure
lblea pon I irofs prices at which tc* Uwrso h Soia liShtarl ihaWressal
talld d" A d That, art aduty uponall g~brfbar`erround dn the fotlnrro Bareyslit Lildies Morrocal Shoc
,14which 4 dlivcr4d to the buyers by hr fcrbl) Q so sa
11s Ef-Id py there th 'all be paid S1. Thec Tranfppit I Tw.' 84r. William ad PoBitr Dit* ,. iuc, blc
.or.. and hr.11Y Of 71- lics er cent. Mary, nd the woith the Ship .iryp mad" Part aq elourrl
b ctIon thM. gr," prices at which -.ill.,pic,' rode a c e. i Woneds One Leathe
C IrC thereid du tics to b paid Som e idea of Kr er withhwhi' h thl, ind M erm and Is Pumps
(Kit UA 1TC erall f G' PLP NI i lwd itn Pa ., s and Sujpe B irl, and Cbild'ia UM o .

IIthepucatr tho dmar Ia i bile w may i he1,i.'~ m I Wlt a &;Dri. Is,. the Tt gr.
fr i 11t 1 th e I.sw in g thr erdining the C..sia, feveirls) e Wo! te,, il Usuckiagd.. llpe rd 8.1pe. rcco Sh"i i
Lordrvac i,f teai ot tw heny uto-nf 11 e t t is 'Cry. M n fin i
eight be r .isal n And, t bill was great'e )odia, I t illfuully Dkwite I Z;. Ncol t 6.1'Yo \th& a
bo .e br aa d in i I"hi Rtetlution z ; and Bedc leam ditto Men% fine U0

d,, r .,, Dyed4 and, hai~ en andt Fine &ae'Cil Shinsrect r'rtiHa
Nihon wag trcar b made Iac the.bill ror the mi-g aott-n.n i dir I., I
- ers of t'c.,,ire, to rxamint the ew:.ttitift M *eP 0 R iT F.' I
r ,I"~ ..r l~l t,., irglrinri inls t. l tIl "A", (nk, I NlkP C.prt. I'

It is I-i, -ilwe feel an'it,. Lo.*iitD' ,,l oeiSoe ,or., Cs
ti r n p uD P 0 i

rcn l ifoer .,fl n. l il '9w, hills iu Excbsit
IIIItr I er r'i,. ,t,," St o (,
at of Vchc Q R 1 Nif d) r. .tin d tIrc,tW nd
"4 'Isiin (A Ae ttIi. nc LI- .U I"

is o r.',,Ir. ath e ant'id of lC, 41!~ cuf d 1, ritor .Ini. Srib $wit. % 8prig' j So 4 1, 'il 4 It
e Lord r f,n r t:or then ri' C,,). tfi.,, uI l had & p, dir t
tua 'v t lie Court t f King'@, ctT ic oMr A"s cNo. oot e It'.. .
t"r r' t i'.'i' pr i ir haon ,,, .. 111 A l.r t -i tiftarel. be- Mrj Ml n.. itt. irir, X".a
r~rft.t -d ..u.:ri j i, liri; rhevan rrn, h. l'aspk rnalnahtz

t. '~e,.on 1100lof Cu CLIr(ro lOuuasbea Sr~oal dad i eo.Il r clr i.. aa
Sm i,,ut q"d Wm*u Cons w .1,4 ,I kSSrucft ise t -t' Ha

jON LJ' ackets. Trawlers a -1d Cottont 1,K Fclp arj
aII IrL icb I ,sI ,a t fcqurh:nd ti Saltod a l.) M ailu api 'iet _ rft m v

~~~I I.t g atiltuc in NiIr.ncCrr ihlkteul s K c,,)b-
0d It ;etaazd IT-,roN " And aoa I .
at, fl I c pe~~ r ~ ~ : : olource S. wing ,,be, I:.

'I.~ n 'r 1141i~1: 3 ; f \I"If' ..... "h ito "ftel "'f Spott;0~ I a -l .JW
A!, ;ni k ll ji;e :
l, lt 1 to niik irr Id~t pay. ,:h: b.I~h 'c
It cet~it-, uill:,x put kito~ the l,~an i t~,cd C 4 Cot "II' &E InJPill, C~
~: 0 JF. I 'I ":T :. ,'I
,xi a tcn ( 'clockr will li fi- e, h1, 6 A"
~ te l;~d~Cu~rJ I'l-It IThr;- 1~~:I. Ak Aildrew r,
of ffe 1111'd fundry :1,r ch k- I, VI
slidI IT 12a l ~ il ."2 : d .
''', It i~J ilvt W41ches.
spo ~, p 'l~li~:: R~n9:Cr Smi Silk, Th- nd R, 1 0, nd 3nl, S.1 1"r sdllllI..I I? ..
Au qerStihlB .d ARs ai d RIWlc, , r.
o l fr ei rlmnniv il Shot, 10"i~ l, Pllr( I Ir~\
J, it* 941 pr.$=~ inted H.tiki chicfi all,( ut.k IN6 1- tliliw%
Wilri tt-A, icls. shwh UfrV.J
I K 8 W I Inn' -T
,i: ,,, 4, ICM, O "11, A Vt -K l VL
',r li:f be f,;l Iq Bagpli Stitt. frorre N-up 4 1. A ~ ~..;. 11", lr. 1, ,-. .
e"...1:11 1 .3. ivp~t tilic pwfm. NLIi Tttr -- ,m N,. I a ?.hin St~rrthl, Sce RrI ~ ir Y, lA .-IR
16.Ay N", Boy. wetl knu rt I. 6Y ir Powd& B-
t, been in At W, dmn t:: lb~ C, "Irid Qmllluig 4bu l d Aipt C'ared -r 1, !!,T1l and 4?Wl rJ r
breed `uar -c, lncIlroir11 MI'llit- Ali AJIII~ l 1, !-
iS.I'f', r4 i ycr.&gcr y 'Ntasni. outhri. Ad ($0l- 841W 01,. Mand ard mollor.r~l~lr "a~r
4 iieft tigu d 8C ladl at Ciaam 8,f. sr. 14 ;'- j
101jN LLYVE. lai co= le m =3Ei tsts aill nvo(
I WCA,," GQirt. and mr itaotteb nd 444 r~gnyC
RalBup lis,, rd an !,v C -I lox I r~ip P .: 1, ')
tili, mat W. .115,11c asd Calli- Nex nn. T14, Ittip
Ingtru dit (74r, P"',te :;e, I~
are 64ment. 2"" Do .uble ( ;i U-49'r krl, 1:" ip-A Md ., 'i..If
lzfla. *ad 'Ve-4,v ar r il W4-z i k: ,, k,,#&4 u 413 'Pl "r
1." oL Y lit the U is. alp all, I 1AS %frtwt t NWA k sok
44, 1,78'. V~, ;R c. ssw W Al ~. "I s ; 11l5 44 I~~
;t: .L.- ~..ak

their fer at prnaclo
irk 3 t der Lk, ch thycthou ghtb4 fat
*cF, B kICf y to lp IN; that it rpp e '
IShb M the weight nr nmeroas. Ilconveninlt, ad
t. omplhated taste, Ihould mnake the Hotk of
Co nis more cattful, how they laid freth bur-
p e the isn thkeopl alnd that a fuller enury into
i i thcbitlonr and pretet circumhiace of tle Loy .
iftr lsil, fede te more proper, as it would prob-
ea ly be found, that the fatal American war was
I mcs continued to that pernicious length by their *.
ther couragemcnt and litigation. He could not but
unds think, toat the promoters and obftinate adhercnit
pud 9 that wir, Ifthey ~tadte decency of repentance
o r the ibefa they had oealfoned, lftuld hand
f ib forth,' ad offer to contribute largely upon this
Sby 'ocaflon ; tqat the noble Lord, the great chan
ihi 1 pion ofthat war, the scdtleman irho wal'idw y to
rcor. ity thirteen thillings in (he pound for carrying it
wed on-the Minifter, who rejeed Mr. Penn's Pcti.
.ent. tion-alfo feverAl difting lfhed flrinds of the pre-
iore fent Minifter-and the va.igus descriptions of 1.(r.
and fun,, who had enriched themfclvie, while the
any poor were Itarving, Ihould mke foome amend* to
Iwas the public, by cafiog their burth i of indemnify.
Shis in; thofe ofa.the Loyalifls wbo houlul appear to
andt have really adhed upon principle The hoblk Lord,
* he it was true, bhd fiequcntly with a triumphant air.
hast of undaunted courage called loudly for inquiry,
ifala but the noble Lord ought not to alli'nm much
suId merit for fuch challenge. Mr. M.-rtin faid, It
fore appeared to him to favour little nm~re of coiia;ec
Than inflating a man who it wis known would
his not fight, for that this country had in a gr st
t nOf wafure loft its breed of noble lcoodls, :;.nl uas
hta rl flunk in 'dillence, fclHl irrdi and indifficrericc to
cmy the public welfare; that the man who for maitiy
the ycari they Ihal moft ti lied to, had joined in
Sclorei hand, of politi al friendship i ithhe per-
fn he hadl taught the nait;or to xi'.I'cr ; anid
the though he fay. in his 'rincc tlhy haIvc tiffiCl
;iar only rTfpicaing th t r t'fi/,ig, bilicfls of the Am ni.
0 of caii wai, the Honourabie :;'ic'lkmn coratia i"s*
cut hinmfelf completely, Uy I 're ng iln the hghRift de-
ips 'grce from the n, ble Lord oi ai either littA ;I iTRin,
iof, wiinterrelingfubhjct7, namely, the RIt form cf Parlit.
i- menit. But ill llthfe bonilds ar to be indiffiltable,
the and this amiable conneirin to la1, eternally.
tt. Mr. Ma lia tiold, that i'poln ti. occafinn ihe
ra l'could nt t but lamcnt the fenii;: irijufice of the
s, public in the violent iage manitcled against the
r. prfecnt Mirlcler, on a6countof an injildiciois tax,
m wll~Vn at tUl fame tinte they feem:d completely to
lps loigt the enormous grievances of the Americafn
ly, war, and the never to-be-forgotten iinfitt offered
14. to the public in the coalition of the two m-n lwho
ot had fo violently and fo conflantly oppoftd coach
v. other during the cou re of it.
ie Mr. ta'tin faid, that in regard to a lottery, he
ch Ilrtilloul lI very forry if it fhduld be necefary*for
m.- that it was always attended with infiite prejudice
to the morals ot the people, and gretly promoted
to the pernicious and :leftrulive practice of gum-
d, bliig j-th4t deeply impreffed with. tile i lcea
ol 'which lie haid he fea.rd, but very impetrfttly
if. tndeaioured to communicate to the lUoufe, he
,he should humbly move,,
bc That a correct lilt of the names of thofe per.
S" fons who have delivered in their claim to the
iat Commiiioners for fettling the claims of the*
he Amcican l4oyalifts, be laid before, this IIonfe
:" as flon as .it can be made, o. ; together with
ne ," the amount of each original demapl and like.
lt a: wife what had been allowed by.the Commifnion
n- er to each claimapnt'it, .
d After readlmngthe motion, Mr. Martinajid, that
d if it.fHiould appear dearly to be the Igeneal fenfe
in of the Houle that the paera moved for ought not
d 'to be g Uted i he would 0ot trouble g lentmen
it y. da~ in, but that e Aloualdv wifl theotijn
he Ito tand the' jorltht the pttblid
rng know th ateir Kepr i bad note
ht wholly native to the abe r, and tllat lirte
fublftatl Uagmi hW been ge why it would be
improper at fa4or paper fhotld io' be laid be-
fore the lou ... .
S The, Speaker fold tly Epnourbhlc Gentleman
rft teat t~p prfpeuP thod.obr him to intrudc ia
anotliop would b, Pr4 tomW for tie rll it-
he met. af e Rpot o then to ami&A thea
f papers iltedtola 4d b before CToai ,
t tece tfl Itt T lSlhl be nalftied, .'i,:
e- Sir de rm UIa If wordsion thetub-
jeq, an had appre until no& that the
Ir pardefired by iMr d beenlhc tlie
be Houre ..
n Mr. ftid, be OAi be rfct fatistfed
wy ith's a tl wl -iolht oeit.rould bec*h 4
91 eoowil4t e t whih,.
te the. rpei 4edcom esr ax(odingly
d, m .14 rec tiBt, ..?Mr<.
that the mqta L nd to have

to Mr. hu that t" vmrlylioeraluhd
Iur-: i( ir:Jjai p i0 thcL, elrU~ii~olio

tio u er day, thought
thibuo^ mould ol tolsIlargd
Parliament, unlef, the H9n. Oen
their, and moved likewife fort
laid before the Heufe; aid at the
it appeared what redudtlns the C
had made, it might alfo appear on what
f1cli reductions wel made. ,i theit
hte erry proper before Lnt.abt as
rl-tinuing their cnqttftr, .tha what the
:lioners had dohe fhould bi bribturej
as there might be rules paid oi
from a very, defetrlng pi a he
lioull wilh to have thatat difeulled
new Bill paed, which Iptutl .ir beint
as the prfrnt ad would Epl, and t r
lnitt tip thrir book on the 16tit July.
'The CisueC/llir of tilv Ploh could'i
prove either of the Lifta lr 1 Reports h
before Parl;ament. What thelonourabl
man had irenmioned feemed tie mere tA
pcrfinal delicacy to himfelf d the othet
rwimioners, to have the approbaion of P
of their proceedings. He made no fcru
that from the knowledge or opinion be h
Conmnimfioers, from the communications
pAf(l between them, afi from theton
oftihe Rlpolts .hlcmfelves .he tirtyapprowi
what they had done,, and d no doubM theH
wonld continue to place T fams 'o4flnr
them, that they had very rly placedial
on the palling of the adt
Mr. Jilinot laid, that he flold coafiekhti
pl inipilaly to the reafon the h ahburableOql
hid given for recommitting tielepl t, ti
that lie might make a.motion forcethla liU
pro a proiludion could answer; hd fuppbe, d I
tion had been made to the honourtaMe
by fume of the parties, who wilhe h; 1t
atuch doubted whether It woeld b'e
the parties In general; ieeaufe the aI
Parliament, would immediativeifett
ed, tnd it might, itnjre or a;fe tlhet
and cronneftions o tlhe other Itde ftl e
It would not be nveffitry by tiler
them what was reported dae; to t
they would know that in a very lhtW
they wr e paid 401. or Jol. or any other
per cent. on the total of their loft.
was the only objection that sould l
against a patialpay gnt, thattheNilW
know by that mecii the deterrinllq
Commiflionete, bforq b wahle 6was w
and cnnfidered togethb At to laylbittk
bt fore Parliament, k w> a matter that
much consideration; tfiere wert Mfa
which might make him with to Lhae tell
Parliament ; on the othertand, there cqst
obielhiora to it I he had rather the IlfO
indige of thzm than himfelf: one-tbhing
''rent that the Right Honourable Oe
ving .lIrought forward a meatire for p
ment on the films foand due, did
fare five an approbation to what h
under the act.
Colonel'irsda faid, he could not
thatcpportunity offayint t heat l
.many inconvenience might arife from
Reports befor i Parliament. ;
i On twe Refohltion bd inTead NAtom
ir.n Dempuer fad, that one rqnt3
thanks tal We Right .a retle
the ireaftrise be ha fiibag
'he Ltoalils,; that bhe o
expreffing his anti oid t
who were. appointed to C
believed the Loylifts bad t
there were afiwp ints bewit
tei Rigkl Honorable GOeat ln
end much to fatisfy theLoalj t
he- 4ti4. The firt wa hat
iaitto be paidby iaiallm
fift sfotanee the ol it
done for proffBoe neas
*lifti Vicd that wee ty
on their denSons, fltUeld I
aet. on the opa lM W
LB teyrecesi f; &.a
sAdSf fpaca t d eb 01154-
ral the
h pa,. JIMM OW
Iaalst it, WhSltt 'blBoe
it yet heatMyslg
SesiIn a coatry 'LiJ

EKe'arret gatl. t U
7ocufe inimical to 14 aid W author
flpfthe lAW,. m6
onens, Yuaq., Le N oson
b.came tot t'9 fnluhJW lllgho* nsieI~i vj.-
That the WUof i L ion. 3 iiath now
aledo a M aadut upon all
am which lb lre to the buyers by
E* O i P my, there ibll be peid S.'
cenot ;and tY of 71-. #0. per Cent.
Elie u rol prices it which
%JW11 trA 11411 V the ftid-dutice o in pid
Sth~ rcha to mp'anY4
I fial[lt the I~iw in bbirj reftaning: the
sonc~v f tea kages a twemy pounds
weight be r- paab And, a bill was ordered
to be houul!Rt in ti Refiutions; and pro-
vifion was dircded tb be made in the biil for the
fi, ere of the cusirie tb axalone tbhe,91orticl41
of, ... (,it,. r". .lb
Yv. C.dy. gcuihl w W40 to the
;ht of ~ the King a whistlep~ rh~
,Oer Mr.'.. UR a d for
lit Askif ri, the Attorncy ta' 2al
.~tubrlt t4 the rown. the bit i
.,vu put to the J tda pretest.
Wh o W.lir there L ay erfw lathe rretaid of
I ,--l Chief of UMe 0040 of 2011A4-
dijicred 4b iinOW15 090i~ 00
,I'hitno error lathe recordd of
J!rt. Load Chavaieiwo them m-'
Iu. at 6ts i Court of Kinag'
bc.,fhirs tuhiphiupon tht queqlo nbeC
Lw:18o cordcss ly.
t. wis ~isa

S tiCherintendieg to embrace theo
tunity of'a patIge to lglaplmfnA
rts, iq dltroui O returnilat %&
thalrsk to thuoi Who'lkate belit phe"t
him with their C quAinds lies'low
I 1o whom he lo-Vbt1j4Iien
of thci hccrintsh on befbee,thesday V
next. Andafllthaewhoe lodeltt.
are herchy dtlired'to mahtlI mediato
or their accodiW eiflbepbeaPHInatheb
toan ay. e eIt I .I. 1. het
t dntls d t netim wil 0 il be
At te e' ort1h6e T

ayhich Alto xv, a .Nc

"t rme time will t'

Waitler, V
mhgre AIn t. AR

in~wof '
fore e .a

4a jo t, 73j u

The; 'IranlIpn t 8 TQ er.e
Mpryi afd the Au jthe UKitp
le. -70
SOM~ idea of PI wen wit Iwau ~

The loh il tCo
great, a D

IU Iu~mLvr i P o RTEI) ", lo
itj o R T Fl
J.eShip Mha8CoiLY, Capt. JOHN OLSa
from Lonnot a Cal
A 14 D P0O I 8k TE; A

On 16V -.4 ClweSO 17erief~
amy J1HN D ENM4IST%) *Q M
WvbLS5ATA Sif1rdl- IT. t

A. tua......a3I
At etfits14FchD1A.Lt STIO4 8rp--e:

'For snGoOP l

jfMn an d

'Stacrk neldc *ii
*, oa aeei, ei d Hal
0 M11, Pat idolk Iil
Prificas Sinif -p
A Maryet of fathiaala tn

i C o t Ln a wn io a nd ',
4. a endk
VJU. a

*-rAe Heels P
Ditto alllmaw: black
& colourkL t
IRwine ,r~
Oils and ChildaN o.
reco Shebi
Mae, fine tad
Youth& and,
Me. l~ne Sa
I/real are~ la
Fine waxed 169Sie
Wonmeil Poe Ften and
Theal Hall
Menu dit-a'dkt.
Mlens & WnitsAs Silk do.
Wormeno Cohgwa 6
and Wint.
Woiw iend whiat
Ditto i and Italian

r~otttdb Jackets
Wn ditto
CaUis d
rind polite Shinn:a
L e Duck andi
-Comma.TrA "~e

aw.PIoI as ans,
p s Hi w s rDWARD POWLLt
J jdmiral, ead OrdiseJ f teanf ea l r. r
S WHEREAS It Is Hi l Majoty's
S Royal Will and Plcafurei figl-
flied by his InfltrunlonM beaing
W Q dae at his Court at James'%,
I "91 ttenth dayof September 1724,
the Lands within h1 i raid
Sma-.lfands, Ihall be furveyed
and granted on the owing conditions that is to
lay, That forty acrof land be granted to ever
crlon, being mailer or mitrtef of a family, for
himfclf or herfelf and twenty acres for eery
white and black man, woman or child, of which
fui family dhal confift at the annual time of rant-
Ing Aich warrants ; at all grantees be fubjed to
the payment of t killings sterling quit rent for
af hundred acr to commence at the expire.
aof two yearn frn the date of their refpetive
granter to be paid e end of very year thereaf
ter, in default of ich lthe rants to be void:
But his Majety has a gr uy pleaftd, as an
encouraiment to bhil S ubj, who have
been tlrdents in any mCo r or Province
now the .United Statel merica, and whu on
account of their loyalty hi Majiety, (hall or
maY willingy, or by n, remove into his
m dlo to order, quit rent to be
R n the federal Gran hereafter made
to his laid Subjeis, Tall mmence and be
payable until after the eapir ten years from
the date of their refpeCtive tI which faid
grants It is his Majely'a Roya ill and Pleafure
shall be delivercd to the fiveral ttes free of all
expence whatever: I DO THE FOR, by and
with the advice and content o his Majey's
Honourable Council, iffle thi my Proclamation,
Itby making known to all persons concerned,
trat upon application to me in Council, they will
recess Warrants of Survey for running out their
lands, agreeable to his Majefty's laid InRrlidlions,
and their family rights.
CIOBN under my Hand and the Great Stal of
thebr'J YInd, at Nafuu, this fifth/ da .
Septrlemn ir the rear f Our Lord One t bu-
aftem hundredan dehty i jw., and in me
St0'1'41 ty. Tear af i J Maj'r'a Relign.
Je hiL Honmur'" Csa ma-,
StrFHuk n Hiavr pro Secretary.
''O be Sold at Private Sale, b the Subfcriber,q
a large valuable Town ; it bounds to
the South on Government fe, to the North
on Mr. STVaI s', and fronts a the Eaftward, late
theiroperty of PAus O.Ec a.
A compleat two Story H SE which may be
put up for the reception of y Family at a wry t
mall elpence, having door windowuv &c. all
ready made, abd of the beft n rial. If they a-e
not dlfplbfd of at Private on or before.
Monday the 26th isft. they wil e be Sold b
Public Au;oo.
avs &fteamhr rid, stlj.
F 0 R S .L E,
rTHAT neat HOUSE ,a buI by the Sub.
fL rber, adjoining to the 1Weward of
Dr. Romley SeoT'ar, Hpo et Bay ar
haa an extennve LOT pr al in, a plcafant
and healthy situation, at 7 pied by Col.
IJmn DovctLA. For t to
Na/*a, Sfepte 1er 16, 8yt. M
A NEAT N:w HOUSE, wit a r, Kit-
tchen, Yard, and a Kae a nquirel
ef the Printer.
Nafs., Sstmekr I,1g.
8 the Subcriber intends to go in the lrft
Ship far En and, which Is to fai in three
weeks after th date it is requested of allpefoa
who are indel il to Nm, to cal and diTbare
the fame, otb~a ifhe mull be under'the dl
ablee ncel of ImIa them in the han
Attorney. Ikrlew9t, a perfon haTing
account ait him, are deflrcd to call andre-
ceive payment.
B"*^, Seinemhr Sir 17Wk
3 OBES9N YORK, Inteo for nffnglad -
J mediately, 1eque ftllk& Perilou havingt
demands agalft him, will d r their accouat
to him, at Kim'a Ta
Stuernkr sJ S .s. l i _

lan t hi rIs swiip, Capt. SIUsso-. so B
-J Sir-YORK,
Q aia Twarsi, J thes
At his oRn on the ByA, Wine, inle -/ qa
For Le Pkto, or Cottoi cabe oiMb h--
A Quantinyf BOARDS and CEDAR VidnalI ddit t
INOLES. oMaknov ,
by the pacap or foul.
FORBES .tFVENS,. ler qua tity
I ,,,,on, creen and &am
At thebr STos On the aj, oppt te Cat Olono I'e., by th Chee ter.
S Jo "NaTO's. I fmialler quantity p
HAV FOR SAL Hiams S le

Mdrio Wine, scdl af oSpruce r i. An Ai orttit of DH0T00j
the qu atern a or o Beerf a n ork i i ee. IbNilf. A .
........ GD p1rt PANTO N, Liw
Hi proof Jan d '.*D A i ,Sop ri. ......
waft Indi Rum in pn. \ a dra:b Ce HA E A 0

or Prodes. f which the, Tin fell on the
1frONDO,, orticoEred P erj ,

t IMP RTEa D. For Sale Prt
inathe nAb t Salo.v, i B na, aPrioa .. Pd_.
3v ROBERT UMF. R, I ani improvement are
At ieSltor lately o piedl .D i M'Pherfon. a ey te Pa l Rtor
P ICKLES Ea lhen Wsre
1 Tongue Chl cen' Toys TlE arnerhl of Al
JUSTP Tor .c-e-

t Vinegar in kes Bl rrelled Guns and benl ifnlved. they
Pnrt Wine in bottles Pin CUM drmanda amaint thes a
Bottled Porter Mu. i n.lrumeont cr nits, and thofe it.deht t
White Bilket in kegs Ship lh mriliate payment, as they dutl
OGlocenter Cheefe Saddlei no longer ind'geence.
Double rfind Loaf H a rniture
Sugar Hats Stetemr li1, iesf .s JOHN DRl
Per fumery Pn eraot& other A KEN op adrift. abohl ti
Hardware i a near the White (roundst
With various other Artics, all which wil be I fret k l, mahogany btle.
fold off immediately at a very low advance for in, hi, rtiat, tso ptyl
Calh, Cotton or Riaziletto, s the returned for faid her ag
ngodt a e to he made by the Ship Sally. ncr J.Hi
OiOM New.York, but from Abaco, a A tI1"su ebteI 7ma,,
o t.Prade, h ing L loni i cceffulypritifed "the followtire a eg ea, Pow h
MIDWIPERY, ea inform tbe Ladies bl iD, t
who may be plefed to e her in that line ware oin ed sa hoad a
that they may depend upon greatearnd Th were pu ae u
ltntiong. C"at '"To r rlof Wadtllaw. Woaf,
*. of Mrs. Lawry, his Siter,
'T'HE Soibariner returns hiamol grtefuithank s ond then given orthe*, r
A for the iftnr hath meivsd ron his Friends and an indemnificatIo, to that
and the Public ia this pleae, te he encred into ha. David Stwarf.v. A reward
f under the Fi or Joan Snult an, S t Co. bt t whatevdertheymayehls orw il
Bading the Tlaod D Saies on i and Eports e to ton to any person who wil
ennorm thit he ii under the Socfi ty e decining our Attorney Mr. Seatiu, rat
further Butn or in the a therefore dloIvr theReward. Their e nce ill3
the uad Cop rtnertip from rthe t hereof. COLCOCKh &
Iuch PeRfis s are ildett him, to Joa n tf'rleou T7s5s. foIA<*b o 1 n
SUnr.iN & Co. ae requeSted wok payomen to m e
MIePl. 'dHOl i, WIUIAM l h Mon, *r either P.INOderned b a
ot them in whode hpnd he blta ,he t akr, and Thy riegr puehs all
Ae ns of the rlt peain se ie ltank s l n. tcient invfor n afor the,
n thai t count e or ttl y of del n atio n if astt Wr
IAibletnslsavingmay7enmuda hiam, r faid tfrilnn rfta
amrtsCrliip of John 8uiva>, -u dfircd to a.epro Slae r .
their aenuont. he ayrmnt.L Suibfcribereaotoa all. g

'HE Subifriber take thi opportunity to ad l the YRewrdea. e
I quaint his former friend, and utnnnr,
~tlyErom St. At, use, that le he ffora
y chue to tend him ther Fh o t tL
read a formyk C. on eI teucrmfrtd atku patyseos to
M lFoMt, W J rth NOdeterReDERd toGE.

he aeS p aa. a r UN b AWAT all"
Itemnof the r(Pediven sco.t eena lea. Orient information aL be

IVAN. acforl
sOTICGE tS HIREY f OI N to alt Paieo illtn L i ee
tA Pernmiiidtauti ybMistrpiK -, f ia t h re O rtd ro

f e tasc d n the Its ofee' Paym ti &ub6c d re..
fe, t Subcrker takes thisat pat, od atie ter Bi-as "
.h mStnd. ;in, ,ht hetad in ask t ie ,

Ig t" ... ..
Zafusftr.%os. D, W

IU.orod,.l s~ wen bltk Tn

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