Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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 Material Information
Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: September 10, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00005
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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S OL. Il P* :. ." H g : *


Wr, NoUI asr ti AhiaD JaAX asoru MJ oK

NassAUv Printed by Join W ia, tiie mB *

d oend.Pcusseimyewa*-lHD.e t le. s *jqItswia hj.% *c
.uP*.,kiNC.-, Mw..-,.o.. ,ppoti ym'rmnsb mor,*=Nuri5pB..A PflOCLA A I ON.-
SCuNrtEISB of the ORA iD in order t" 1 h d lO L
ROR8 tomdt th ur t hol : Intra:le

T r efet, as glances, rthelt rflt D, ltain, and as a pemlum ar ln.; Cr t Omet L
nu o edition t~Court Houe bad AV. We Po and Cwm eep.

rlu also the wanjt l m of rretion, hng a .d rdely houd eby nqiroe and withi, uh, s e aC
d JPlacetof4a J Mor Neg roe. Nothing, a t f anl td raepl dif egetim wtde to tPe iia naa beur e
uSi rlSoy K lnin of the roo aAND with. rat announce tht c gho likefe y a ty acres of lau' ad e ranted to el r
RORS stit thed n Injury afpfti r 1 te Greu. .6.000 rr hi latS rilt

therSflnt r ri ne, the pt runfrtunate riocupy trn hatched as a ipn cl r bei mat er or elr f aa family at SJtI
d .s, aband oned ials ad diffolute Daven a wattled pnc without any chime kr bkrth; r I 4 twenty acres fo
fii. We pretbnt prievanc, the great nio, nIormaton of John Wood., obert ed, and whire and m*tan. won or chil, of w
SdPof unlicenfed T ing Houres Nothis tol Tacker, ing th fpmoply htI.l. dBat theandal timellfgnut

ndgneihbourhood. VII. We percent Geor0ge ofenw1~ick, tuch wairaryhan t aS granted, be.b1e
p. We preii s ca r Iraope, thae potmic tu for bencochhp n the abli t to the pautg amon l e tc eflc iAoditiong qui ttat
la o eiorting the law ich prohibits a the peang unnoa p of t ty years Asbourd thereby e ty .* 8 tc of lsed bf at theor
luc ering d retailiq of dy goods, groctria r obmmun t chd f t a number oI ert o l w a from the date of lthir ,
Slquors, a i egroes anl lattoe s. lt peopJa le'sad a Dtaiel Stu r mp, for on grants, tet thc aed of every
04 We pnfnt, "ane. the great 0 Informaion of joh Wood. Robert Bcel and wT'"< a< (M WIMC o child, orld
Kr of unllenfd ling Houres in this to 'Tucker. QixCh family 4 cqna4 at thcaea(l thnew forlt
rn.-hborhood. We prercnt Georgc, 4"kfa trhWar trIitet anteest be flh tS
--W. Werefatti,as a gricmos, the total he- |for encroachgh aon the public hroadl aid lop. "x payon of taoAnr frlaquit resta
il of cenf.reint the law *hich prohibit the |ping pa pa of 6>rt> years hudinp thereby ever 11401" WcoaMilem at the cnlnk.
Iockncrinlg and rctailigg of dry gsod, groccri*a obftiruing the pFille to a number liffiemt !I00 dt n e tk dat Of their r'
imdliquors, by ncrocs and W ulalttoc. people's ahOsf:* aIo, Daniel Stunrup, for cD. g8nt1, t1bepa#atthe endoat
IV. We prfent, a gievace, the want of crocing on the public high. road, after legal s def n t of which t to
pxer rregulatirlH fIrr ro parts. or notice belong iven them on information of Ja But is Maefty has ifleafd.
.V W prnfent, a t iVancei the-ant of al p and Richard Sweeting, commifioers of enomeBto thl wh
tiachment Law. PO i ., de lrtBeolaor i
1. We pr eeat d revande ti waec oft I Vi. We preknt William Charo,, owner n*w e ed a ,f America, and
eljfntilrgolae sof Policc1inttiltown, fr a. thatbed cabin. fituated adjacent to Scth Ac aOtnt Of t to' Mir
cntly mAniftftc the frequent aims occa Dead'i dwelling huntc us the Wkt Oound, bi
frjd rm fires f ~,j gki ng made in yardn whereby great dnatr fom Ire a apprehended; lands, td the rt to be
under wooden i indd v, wiihoot tchmnli I t* ainfarmationtSath Doed. rarertd In MrntISO afteraad
l srth, particularly by Jacob Miller, Siverfamth XIX. We percent Samuel Bairets Jan. at the to his Mf Ihall not ence and be
wheeby the property of every inhabitant Is ct: White Orbid, for keeppig a fuie i board for pay :tleot ftl year, frons
pil o the moft immln6st danger. negroes, t bted encouraging gambling and other the date of th e e 6nt which frid
VII. We prefcnt, as ia iclace, the want of vices amonIgfi aes; on inforrmtion of Daniel lmatp it 5s his a .Wi Pleafr
b nsines and Bucketp ; and we carnetly h iLurrnp adJohn Carmichael. el e ddt al free ofi
Wemepd, bat tpq L at my b taken for pIPnXX. We prefnet Ifta Antrobs, anW aaio wl Pt-IFler a*nt
llaf t material eIofafty., Juttice of the Peice. for trmting- ielawful war. t i e f -
,Vll. We prefer a a grievance, thnt the rants In four of negro laves, atoft white per- m l
all are not kept order, and properly secured fons; o0 inforatf ta of $amunl Parley.
encroachment and that the roprittorof XXI. We present, a a great Wancet te i ia tomeCok i, tbe
Sro noble clear them of bbifh and little attention that has been paid to the t. ern: A'S.r r'uning ot the
Tprejudicli a the health and comfort of meats of former Grand Juries. I t his MaJdyt tidt IntArlnetie
ltinhabiaint. .. And Iatf, we recommend that thekf our Pe. yandj .
*ft We present, a a gi evance, the pretnt atenteId be pblilhed In the Behamta-G 9, a 0, tIH atlf
ate of the burying ground, aa hLcking to cevi a JOHN MARTIN, POimaq, (,
anfilecency and !actet due td the remalT T HOMAS DARRELL '
*.gor pillow creatures. DEA -' S Sr
I. Wr present, as a rievance, that nonroe OH DRA.
allowed to go about bwn in the night time, HIj CRI .,
I!. l /r1 bak read, Jn a dirordeily manner, "4
rMml riotous Xnd tumqltnbus a cmblies, t ''
s re4t disturbance of the nelghbourig inhabl, "* N'
Jqi Nrticula,.ad the mmiaunityln aeah .
,. We present, as a givance, the .at of
iii market places I and we beg avcto
ad, that premig m may be to th
W 5prfons, who.within a jim e, quantity of tlh to aret.

ade ,ulion of AiS R'
which Etau

e linat.

twumve., o ,- *,

I" ofI

.ft .^ 1: ,I

lo 0 A D 0 J.w .,
LONDO ( jiles 8,

tlt country. Great in.quo.isu ilit si
for want ola mlniltlr theri th Oat.qsal,' ll
rtions. To remedy tle e, it irfald, the Zarle
Enbuham as to go to America In that rop i
yawse as. General Haldiinand. .wha h IIortlI
jo embark for his goernment of Qieecl rries
out with him the plan* tr butainToiume w forts
n Canada on the buadarie which e parle the
nglih fettleinenita from the A trltta dorlibions.
DclunF of ;1 pe Bginaer who ar to direa the
worik add about tbree fcore mafone and brck-
layers, the remainderofthe wormt aretto be eectu
d by the foldicri, who are to be allowed a settled
Upend per day, the fame s utihal. Theft new
crediot.i are ire in number, two of which ar to
be on or near the Orcat Lakes, to protel the
trante called on by them with the Indian nationi;
The two regiments of foot, one on the Britilh:
nsu the other on the Irit eftablihment, lately or.
tdred for Quebec, are defined to augment th
garriftle in anada, and to form two new onee,
vwhiclare becomebhighly need:ary fick the fepa.
Iation of America from Great Blitain,
A proposal of a vey eitfrordinary nature has
been lat'y nade,by the Court ofMadrid, through
the medium of Itl Earl of Cbeftrrleld, his Mar.
flby's Anbaffador in tt city, for the Kings of
Bpala and Great-Briltin, mutially to gaarantee
to each other certain poflefions, ilaiadr, and
fettlemnts in the Wefterm World, which are near
or adjoining to the American Fmpire. No rgu-'
ar negociation has been cet commenced on this
buhint-, which is but newly come upon the tapis
before the Cabinet; hbut it i faid that his Catho-
lic Mjjecty, in order to incline our Court to enter
into aiIrtaty of fuch nalure, hs offered confidera-
ble advantages to be exc iiflvly enjyed hb the
King of Great Britain and his fitjtct5 for ever,
n a commerce to certain potts and places in South
America, from whence at prefnt all nations what.
ever ale xcludrd. The late treaties between
France and Holland, which have given fome dif.
uft to the Spanili Count, is fuppoled to be the
p fon of this proposal to th0 Rritift Cabinet.
u Yeltrda in coCiequenceoftheSlop
iTfa. aiing the Royal Afe on Monday, molt
of thb rea fhops in Wefti- er, the Borogh,
Strand, wf orie, Fleet.atret adaew in Uneap.
fide, were At up for the da
On Tuefdt a confidleab bob afebled at
the end of Ilning-nfreet, nait for Mr. Pitt's
going to the Houft of Ca a n. At a quarter
pal three i went down am much hooting and
OL ng all way His h drove almost as
bard as t td gal but the mob being
Jatio rap on each e they pridcd hard
upon i JaB as he fo in Palace Yard and
Or ii ot, ooShop tax 1 trih ill I attempt.
lay hold of him as he lighted tom his car-
.tgt hitting into the pafage leading to the
Nteat tirl ,enapld without any damage.
Ti b e bL evening wa extremely riotour
in mal pau miiet and a strong guard
vwa c icd Mr. .itt' houo. in Downing.
t. n tof eR ies Of Mr.Pitt was burnt
v eral thi to n, but we did iot hear
arde i were under orders of
rdhde wlwole ourfe of Tuefday, to
mt rS ag which might ari'e through
mo u mting, which was appehended
'Iof the he e of Lod and
s-* ^ ....- a .r....s.

btl b it. To argufrmm the pl t
pleriqor of the r(mal confequegnea to Aufrlan
commerce, from the lat war, the prelt upA
Ibl point wilt prorAb be very ih ll alr at
L i it wl W, venr Ion belie it can be otberwife.
te T9. o The ote?. iy rance is rer-
imyiy tho omenliei I trot bis at Conlal-
tilople. It e tl malxim ot the V.encO CoaIt to
citre its ow* peace by prootimi wan aMS4
the othu.. Poer of lnr ;. The power of the
imperialft, during. the Rel of Chatrl.e the
Fifth, will never be foiotten ythe French, aad
the before it is furrior poiiey i the prefeat fate
of the Oertnn cinhre. to find employmnt both
for the trafrry and the amy. A 'Pulkid war is
coafidered a certainty at Vienna.
y6 rl. On Saturday eeping died, at his
oufei N ernffteet,in his It year, illiam Stra-
han, Eftq Printer to is MaJtety. Mr. Straban
was Member of the two la Partlamentsl in that
diffoved March 4. 11y4. be fat for the Borough
bf Wotter BAtBt, aNdl the preceding Prli;ment
for Ma'mlbury. Pew men hagb pald through
lffe with moe charter, and greater claim t it,
than Mr. Strahan a fadt fully evinced by the
eminence to which he had attained a a Printer.
As a man f bifleft there fcarcely ever was an
Individual more aidious, are accurate, or more
Intell gent. In private lift, te wa facial iberal.
humane, neaielent, and friendly i we? acquain..
ed with men and things, and molt afabl y
municative to all who re nelled and food in n
of his advice. Thofe who employed him In his
profCfllon, derfed great advantage from his kill
and cxper since, his fidelity and integrity. Thlofr
who cnjoted his intimacy, knew bhi to be firm,
a9ive. and zealous in bhi attachmnrt. By his
unremitted inditri and his per'et knowledge of
trade, he has left an ample fortune to h;s family.
.y hit many attention, to thole conneded wit,
him, and hi read'neft, on every occalon, to
m"te the interclt of all for whim he profe!
gard, and more fpecially, bylitever hoblingb '
an open, and a protciing hand to modest inrf-
ence, he is sincerely rccretted by a large circle of
ticnds and acquaintance, who feet and klmntt
that the community ha loft a meft worthy and
valuable member.
yadu i3. Althe~th the Dutch have made up
ma terms with the Emperor they mean to contain e
their warlike p-eparations until they have J
themfeltes in atefpttable tate of dc nce bot IIc I
I, d and fea They e intinuc their re l mting lbh re-
fore, and have la tty Lnt out a fquad ou of Ihips
of war to cruife in the North fes, while they are
building ort veffils asfaft a poCble but a fat.
lity Apptak to attend all their larger vcfftls, two'
of them hating received considerable damage in
the launching, one of which, of 6 gmat, broke
her back.
The great Soverlger of the Noith, who hIL
ffna'ifed every year of her glorious reign by a
of gtenrty for the advancement of fcienne, and
difcoveriea lefeul t mankind, is now about to
give a further proofof her great attention in con.
tribuling to that end, by an expedition appointed
and dirtedrd by beife'f, which is intended to ter-
m nate the uncertainties ill fulaifLting with regard
to he coa of Eaern Sibrria; libewif of a pat
of the oplofte Contiaent of America and of the
Ifles toned between the two Caontient. Th
oUctr appointed to command ths ezpedionl
Mr. Bil1mng gentleman awho accmpanied the
famous Captain Cook in is lat voyage. He ls to
proceed b laud to ERatern Sieria i tlento deter-
mine thtre rtuatioa of the River orima, and
the oasti of the country Inhabited by tih Tahr
fkl, who hare voluntarily fibmitted to the Sep-
Sre of CatberiMS IRe b arterards to embark at
S ri, i, top )eed the chart of the
w tribaitr lo laial, and the bmrbours in
J eta. ltL teA I hotem Okhotk g?
td l i i he will ll up the
Voida havickilb i^MiH elet,in i~fte
.jt s *si -

di rom e ti war.,

r nrafthe
nd u e oft IIAXr
-a Tke ro M 3
agindt thte llr ahed
a Ithe wind was ir theviA
quic pn 1 a to Allinrr. ota
Ma oa. Tnet ant e 6t
to Join (hem thee. ur ad
drelar as nd aAnrm ti

r.mnrion Stat-ln ofTiiM 3
there Va tkely to a he
agalnft that powr. The
aore nn meoe thV e Ter. a ,
accounts the Algerine have 4t
and other efl k a the Tuhi ,
Tripolines s| and
feCen or ;lfu niwr H to ia
in ronliun ion lata|t w
afrteirils re at war. The t
Canary and CAp de Verand il4j
end to by theie t alrled." h

^4~O'O' B 8Tg&i
U AT ,,bL Av
On W goEt)

l Ieth e t ir mgt.

V.r. r c. r I,

ait orll e. L
0 be Sor d aol* Pwrec Sale,
Ia lree Ia ih't T A
thelth tl onthb n vem
e foMr STDOt'. rnd to*
the proiry Of PAUL. .PaS.*

SA e nmp'eat f wen[i ift
mt ip for the recent I
fatll eruproce, hAvii't
ready eand na the
oist dired of t Pr
*Monday the stth lft. th

n'aiftu, Sie~andr w, li.

1 (criber,' tliainit a tn te
Dr. roals Storvr's, i
has an erTenive LOT
and healthy ntuatle tm, t
JOH DooLa. J .For tol
M ship tor fdt r it, Tyl$
*F 0 R AAI
A WE"TT New `h ". 7e01g
of the Printer.

luShip for trniand. wa"ll r
weeks after this datillt h still
s.nae indebted to him, t 1 A
El. ame. therwife he mB bt mto

tha the Mmeri
yanplt with
^d Sta
d u tRfiti


are m a ,m a

.I 4 hrcua

f. A klatm apd anfoer was ezhtbitkd by ihe-mik.
terof the lo np, iaehalfo hbisowner, Mrs.,
eorpeDebloId* ft jan~tit -
chants.In it he tat I
ebolswereo inew.
which theyft lft at th lvad atofl~fmby
liar Howe, MWd n eoquee thYra efhe
48a fd the elioo jpe .awe cvweefitAed,
re a p* Ouieb a itrwd a That diati
atre wwrX relmd at New.
t, and c the -ka. t ilgt to
Slalifax. WI ow r~ellc ~tiie
American SIfcih w h,
led their fct t ,at hie
51oo sally o;,ddNwtbh
Scda. Sat Rhod aniIy.Torjadpd M
fqr Hal4iY, wbeie ie arrtre4 fin~d Ma:zS: ?bat
en the arrial oftb~iaid Sloop i rileaz.MtT.
ebloilppied tol Most. 41 .
amblof 9uCb r a S 40A4
that they granted the aUPS.tJ5StiIL~tl~ .,


tone;, dtietcd a y r a. witt
ROOM* RlalirDavuhrh

Ikiewy. v PP.a,,,Lma
Del p-,m, haft I@63
Anna died at ditto


Jiyzi1iuimd the *boau

or their ioyallt 1 -I
b bim and Yev*
four teaean e a
bad made ft tc
and wa then cletce
that the had not t4
illicit trade.
T.J khe ",r.


: 5n a ,

, a tI


Of . . .' .> i kl.'., . woeul 'o rhbeew
LITrArY ARTiLB. iRegnt, ont, hat tade a m: al

Iuch upon the =a ,"..h -L t., -. a lfem Wa t r tl hevlgytents ofBtmhi .r atoIh
ng. on'erha o rt". "wry bat re tow ard.l f "p" r e Ilk It tidornmento nt. as oesu ts. Sin tohsl
in rOrley eaaotoue a Iesad M ppib Inea tsy pr~eible, In prop tion ton their rnfpefiC; t"he t aid In the woid oC'S
aUrret i ti p monly oft rt une trdc J hI a bllitt l n tlrt eJ Wlott ionf. to the re uet r to te wi L I
owCp u th na ib luettprol- whelchthey eq~t e.oyr I nrt~ pt t egt t Prian.e, s p qlte o reum t .a

ti m lattIhipsiof the k ourVw t.,a mauncaen t to the iot, l t i etan t .tha r eat f I naR
oo a ohur S nd of i t he owmner.r, I l arcalnt ella d tnooptrihatc n ploftioto In th s Brig F DHI pt .
and three.ourth ofthe mBiriai te it i t their r refrties ttt h re dat. In ths e ob bw M I ltc
fubjcAa *f5 prohai.ited, upolpn p5 t i off in |ri on or ja aoftluims m cont ,. iht it A i f T w hats A N OE O ,
thap andicaf a.otraiing tothe ritsof e cd theb tquly oacr tgi qalit oftulatlof. eno ua it oe/aursr ,N
cnItr. t t cp litloa, ofro Tedl.eiploaed i ry tal, it muwce obfcd qndc fte nll, which he z on C o e S TI
thec a en ha d wo mOr0, d Dutiic. we lle Realy upoi b ac deltiniar ifntb cforr ofrt. re- A hi. '>t lt. ,
whmat rjlygralef the ehaihulkttsor tU r nti Cbo Ymenti end, mane to aiti tncqwel. l iA. U atl
r l h lifoichs .areabotvede. z umantailot of dijtcra j t tale I Int ll O fl*m t c P cla o pi d W
~ro hAil y klthcarric to G15rh t lmt o o atola th e itonr, safd the other t rinhe
Icrihe, or in flt p of the country whet thofe take much fi. rter. Ic ecce of teb I rot in r Hi tOLEq. .la,
good are reuctf riat of which the wner buhi lty, buh t Ilia;l, in mot carh eorfiete I y obp F R 8 A L I
up f, ani trefo in tbiofthe mrio eri, il coef tratnonseq that inequality whcth I i ron By JOHN MORRIS, 0 i
taprte~n l country aotn whlre Imploed ceen by a paitcular tax falibno unctqiay e te B y J h C S
hI "tpe ofthla latter hind, they areulabjra todou- '*h, i.articular fort of private retenlie r hic. 11 A A. On TIlt8 L i a wZl*n. *
ki alfinddUhty,. illmpotttedi flAipofany i)thr aletd byit. TAMAbCA SPfaaTShy c rg wem i
country t thpe lty a foGreftle of ITip and II. The tax whlcu ac Individual In bound to thep fochr oorlf r t T
goods W6n.ti iat d awi mrad tle utch were, pay ooght to e I certait ald dn ( oarb t rary. The htantiy V
what th.ry ill ar, th t m rin of burope, time tnf ymearnt, thni mml of t payment theC LNuopnthp utarileir 1 l utJi l tM 0'
leod by.thpl gi llmo t th eyere ti hrely excluded quatity ti et a tO h ar a plain Wine, in br*eog qNuaZt erl IQ Foi Ca
from hiti e carrier ll to Great tain, or tfom to the contrbutr a of a ri u taere en I f. aonc ia, tdIto* hI B A r ed l
I1p during tidus o n i odh ofa ny otcrEuohonn wWhe lc .oierr I fc ter, y perfon riitoth LaTaf&Mu MS Ss m "
country. .. tax i put o or-ic k let in the pewes It r icf dn tonA- o t or iha F R S eeful 'l -
nThirdly, Ai lp *blety of the moad bulky airt. gahtrer, whf u ran 'her at ravate the tax upon le q aityfnE
ported,.en in B ntilh Ihrtp, from atty cuutry of oUchn agkjont lat lor t present or penrnifte to Tes, by the Chef r C f.
but t(it in w Ich they at produced Under p atin himfletf. i uncttaity of taxationa encourages fm!l quantity M i
fo (urfeitin h Itlp a id cr.o. Thi regulttlon t thine nblrice and t avi t he o srr r.tio of an or- HamI Boar is
rwa probiabys ntetded algaIi the Dutch Holw d der f wh o t nat urajly o. n puar, evn Lint fei and Salldl O And *otty
wa h n the l the griat cmporimh f uropl w, t e they a nitnl irftt n o cf rrunpt. The laDSpiri f TiNrpeinie itna a e
uropeand gyodsland by thie rer itulion, Brctiu eeC ilnty of pwhe it al ay in to he r intercr s half inp quu
gooa ot any other European country. to ter cbidtrlbat, dtree of ia c quelit, it appears. iA i O, o
Fourthly, fah i ofall knd, whale ns whtaer believe, frm th i ri, expie n a faiftlbj ato t An Aflbrtnent of DRY GOODS rec
mount. d blubber, not c ht u re s in te ry pfmll d thrre Dof the Wafau.
on board Irli. *effl, when imported into nntam tT .. f..
OrThBrit ltiegsl uti of thodeoube bltantduty. Ihe Be r W ta n ul't to heleed at the ti J U S Iupon Me P T
Thle ndo ch. thto ate ill the pblnopal, b ere or nt tnhe iannfr t wheih it ia aot likely |o He *6p, Orem., .rAn LBoo
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