Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 3, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00004
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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140. lt ALa wlAbl~oadOcacelfderstioat' shich Mia -4
-W tochat the latE g.ntcd to tbe And d arkl qf-ho 1.
,~his letters patent, for *ftty jeqtaes fqur stex
94A . ..uare an the Use"''~'

sndgrntrdn loplwin oiSay-kiook, vk inras,:81c
hly Thatie fi 5 lajch are 't Lt I OfS aid charter tbat I
orb~i 'I, And w (a iad 0*ovinc& was jariftelythm
Wfieft_ Irv ges for .
whte and bikt*4mais F child, of whies .aadjr4otg'll7 agsin ahkrtered. 4fKing Chace tferul
ithe ;to labrothictheDuhf oft~contrary,
bto16 law madeQuty;thereforehis.te IIIad our dl
of 1* 6thIild gor qiit fut che, ,.g no fundat16n-U ., *all
m~enct4 AP(M., eii ita 01 ded and, witirig l WH t

vary hiiagrgd4 acreg,,to mmenea at rI aht Idi
S-n b a0fd i tberefrddHi,:xq hlwhuil and void, ii)4 iadla.iw, Normn
at obpad~thc~iEl7&thereq$. fatdstbateaaotbcdenIed yauyper nofatf 1!6~
cdfatt fw ctbe ,ot 4 And anlcuaa preparations an making not only
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co ai.?maln 'to, his 1-ho havebut to aule a refuqd fur itch roerty a.s lse been Vt
been r. fidentA 13 ani oftb ~ qtca receivedbythettleoflands, bc in lhdprovelmw, fersig
mow t 1c L41iite Stated Of wh- oft Cader faI& title#.
oi3ccoum of thr ,iroy4Kt okiio. s j theref4d caution thepublic In grnt- of Cal
awilny ob cor,) remove t hie 'tci not tO buy or coati ad with ary man or body Mo
Zndi, t yoj-rdr ot t rent to Us. qf fea whsteyr, for any loand In 3few.Mion, -cojoa
afer in th me dasoat 0rdt a t0 am ed ocal ntt Caders,; (ei eorrarastdas eregivenbythe but ft
m~aLidS;Le&t litail no 0 and be, Earl of 4lbo 10 vistue Of the fieft charter, of and a
44114 faid Suhiedis, coif hal l n Won u Will b~id utasod. ONe

b:e untiafter the aix yetraf bich thire ere many now 11b4g b utma ,
the datd, on .thf- e w fbddyajitiea wre veuved to Wbe id ]Eal is thoft 'I
Mat it is his Majefty's Roya ud Pleafure graInts, this' is thercifore to caution ipell u a %I111
ai he deivered to 4the efetleof afall hiever. not to opes ar work say mitten o tat.d
,Vn :r watevrver: I ]DO TI F E by and, eras witbi the boundaries of. aid pwaxincefAili E gle
"fth the advice ind On! f bjefty'A the lal dkIre which ehaktueacase wunvei. real ga t
NItanorxhle Coun0f,iffrt*~lea ,it0ltls -..-.. ... acI1 qu eir
%dbymakin known to% 4f uedI Thofe that doubt fhe reel~o itle caim' r0 ~every i
pol Applicatiaon to cdll. they will referred oto fi r er of 3 M00a for leds fine
Iacetu Warrants of th ur~ j f~ ingoufthei. inng from the"e charter. withl
rrmr ft W. xyrants of $utt, tio i tirroe o rulo V crbm bl't

.0 agre dclcabie to hisMajfftils u V o ful &ttuay be thrown oa thio mate c
t Cir family rights. A, Ildrwoo1y, reading ts long fince depodeddtia Slamtho
WIEN oador may lass? As.k :aleaa Buthrlington and-Pliladelphia. or not11
0& Aid uaa, at NAJsDA shdib. fI/ Mr. Smith's hiltry, oeofNew.jcrtey. dud
smttr'rr, imhre A10- Tiuccoples is Latin and. lifl "Itb a w
ja;ifv naaudred ON Tb* n ihcb tr rcgiftered in Di bn, ant at a tca
I eIfft rear UPhs'iq uriie thi 6tend and feal of fthe lard mayor of lW ai
Lit.S IrD JM Dublin, Mslay 1784, may be ten b Iy appilyn t .*
loftr' Captaii Cape, at titi tase-arroat taverns How- Vau p
STkPHUPIsJIA k trestle
0 _GOD S A V rG CIIAIILES VARtLO,,rtowne=n her an
IATOI'4 6 LI R Co. age 1 ;Jm nt for the above.lofklb tea
iaahtr N ATP y itshoelgbt theater aluo"atewlll
IR A Y Eis OR L2, eiilap becWre a treaty b etwen,-,th*m r x d
.LA XE N! 'Aflrh a RO l'l the witll be brought to a lu lk
IEdre. GioDey ofe threatened that the tresityes-jid
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cod on the Royal Eaikkang~ e ttr yoi
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spme, And held thre 111A5I70 0..m- m^^,
fbinS I t,, f, AB 'h is S ao P o n t h e -B "BX

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dlc you lo ci d l0a oB i ort lutoOrtatBritainm 0*, ie. r 1 o .

in Ames ican bottoms, aticle dot the produce of Cdtke r d Maair's **d 's td4* -
the Americen Stete, a. another proof a deter. iAr~isnmue WSt', tIfara and Ct KS
gftination teisjlre their ceieomwe. Tk, bhow- Mai' .lSeekr eping l ,, Ip,'.tLoir b M | g
they cannot yet have toklrt, that in the inalaee he', & one C alenoki -
Un.f J~oiB'.1 -^Lwi. ld, .L ht'rodlB SS
complaineil of, they pre pclfelron the (ate Chemband's Frac h e 2'hons aid majea A Colkheld
fNotmg with other forelgnrd.S TIh nIIcIe of s, f* A Taurble, of Ineeref P ,

teln ny gobdh or hitrl, sMt the tbwth or ma. oyr )re,,ch Grammr ---- Atlronomy NrweA ftTlff
nufatlure of ute Country to wdhic ch efielsal Diioanr --- scrcifta Sco"h -
bClonq. What chlah the Itew State, can have rentch Pocket balloinary M. Eledlrkit f .' ll
Fti the keencit Cafuit yet produced in the Am- Murdoch. lanch Vca. Mariner'. Compaat es ,
rcan &hool, to pohtl out. On the principle bultry alsndar .
of Rd ip,'rcir, they will no.. harly adTance any P uddaman' Latin Rudii. 5udh1ans Doamclac bdi. P aend
for wh' as tkre beelpy thIng ike ficad, m ad Omar ,cne & ucte
Whip, kindndori r retain, maui. Li0ty'sAnidencekGram. 0, Ral^aldas *o 5la
fde rd on their art m On thtle iontroraltin. cot h a "S' r -anlsno C4t, ". S a
ranc e Sp "-ir rand Portt.g-l are it kr b a C Id ,lar' tIn. de&i e, Cr. A1i -t, nd Teps.4 t 1 Draw.
in Amur tahit, nbotos, a herdot therd ir re- of saldsi, Cafsr A tog 5 erak

d h Colonoe exclua.y T to thc ,fles zi'e th. s' rodl ion a .Ms... "a
dothe Aperia Sltequlty the objeto rentr. Ainworh '. 'sn oylr hick rad thLu Gl ha d,, *
innt to the United Sntci. ThT vcflatl of BritaMi Enhick's a1 ,a-laae LnVll ol'Poll, Gilt. D ilt 'ateh ad
cely rce forbid the parts of sew-Hampfiirfe and na rie a black edged 4ta Pel, Ola LoacHt ,
the)achlnnot yety. If in return for thi manrk of CGahrm'. Oeraphky S oelup. A Pri Writ 'rond Wailc C;- hrM l
omteeption, the cl It belojning to the e two States Salmn's .a azisetter i r taft ba rrbeellled il Laq Ufk
oh.ld beforbid the Pdrt of Britain and Irclandl I lega.t Enradta Catri, bttn. g, ski rrJan Sol l Dre ;hrtkhe
orthoudte vcdt ifNorth-America bc prohi. Spectator, Sale Wrapp;nk Paper XMlin Steel Ceollae f ntlaMen' W
bited carrying to P ane and Ireland, eay other; Rambler. 4 vole Mlitacr Palttbord Cy .phe iad leral. Cavte ga
articin than wht . the roe o e ta to Mirror, Ts .hn OGlt ud plain Mergeand 'k hBTmal / OnteavttB
whichthey tayrrfpcitvely belong; Ihouldeither Lady' Librer 3 wot Num, Cerd are o '? nc.1 e.igr
of theft ftulationu 'ake tiofn what epithet* of OScionoiyOe an Life ahmgl, Henry VIII. Tables oall. tisPa uiee wh
abite would be wittl hltd from the Britlho Le &.if Death f Abel A M.erry Anodrw Playilg A Ci
lnt.ure of 'lifverCl State which formthe Ame. re yds V a C ..e- e
overe;ng. akdnd eof ac h h r. t* w 7 & OicVe. ?p= 1 6 Scot
ltwre the thrill of I'lew Nr n t ary i s6 aa a
to Orn Britain, the rice, tobacc indlJo, Ac. --.. Poeml,* vole dvinta,' Pcnaveiw end tmnoalkiag Paf '. f L
tc. ayVrginiad Carolina ad d t e gantn l- iLw, a ola ecra a Msarc arle fHlakr Wil
them an indulence, to which liy rfoduider t Mafon' Poems, Vote Mahorin Portolic Writ. P.orwd s l
could rilul tothe Southter Stat On the carl 4 vol BSla K L caror Travelin Eeneeof J L. TikaWlt isr
trying t1o their produce t t irkelng rcArnn d Thoimfi Pouem, a tot CaRfeu men and Dedr OP Ta
to their own nd Brstlilh ce ---- eaon C. b, Half Crown hd Malotny jp esr'ed n toll PnR-
On Wednefday fat were br e htre by (apt. Seldc Psena, a lol common l Cas d Wafer lrefll &Ft f iBuke Pkled!,
W tekini In one of our wttialit flelt, thinry Poetical Work, of lchE RJed black SalinA Was .*r .1
panlards, being t the PI tr dCrew of the aordo, Addioe, Lyt. Writing VelUam& Prch, To iftrel .
Havana faor Cadia, loft a l fort ht lnt s hotane C and Garh Slat e*and Sle Pen Dilma s Shavig oe,
.oAcur oNatioa l', In ln tarita the outr tie veliha 5 c ola tradd f I e
i Yiv:sty d Ito. S R&I

of Mr. Td immtedlately pltahedoffin Cheyfal, 4 col Sare Glaefr ia ..t. Piilera h''S
ahst to ker affiftn orid found bhe to be fmall St, rn. W ork, o RedV Ta s
Iaft made of planke and fpart lth d Iogether, Hittry of the Dev.l M hiddla'. Back Lead FORBES & STEV
os which were no fewer than (eentoen men, who C.s a Tral Pendl -w w
were al tlh nearly knee deep in wattr, and with Do Q.iaote, 4 votl lidingditte A of A ( O
diAculty could prete t theshlces being waifthed Pickle, 4 volt Clemn Hair Pencil. *si 2
away by the feI breelng over them. Mr. TodN Roderic Randem, aol Bloae of Water Casolo
got them aill af oAn horse butt f they were weak Jolia Maudeville, a vale Shell Paial
that he w Itas ude the neceity of htdl them Arabian Nighltsersai. China Ink W
carried to hi outer. maTheir and ru T mrgo. mest. 4c vol. Copy Books L" i Sl2i
by tlhe kep of irtheon li atulo'f ad B rTlta Ron un'. Elolfa. 4 Iule Ivory Paper KIAialtoeshe artr t l
Aor (houk the ac*l o Nort^AAi A e prohi- S td a n sd Ir(^i l 1 e es ille

dpo ar t y, 4ddo l t sered an d pkin

thatt they e there rew F trench drow INtend mi- RlerQly s "ca a t.r
artilon othean wt the proe fo rownd oFthe lSt a to Mi vl, Bva Boil lire R Mc..l e a DIto Mlrhatn

lo t h lf a r n t h ; t b a a h ad I relta be n d a y o n th e R a W y s, l v o le 4 T l o f L a dI t .n g M oe t .. W alt m.n d .I
they lcjft the ir o et frntl l he cv y Iat lo h ul l tser raTi hr 3y oT N, ArI old cipt Slroke ret .
they bad fr^ mr.ame ta withwid ad thef 1h01, e Cltl la t r -k Vielk, no koat Cab l l. Tee.m,
oys twhec l e attempte et Bm Od w to 4lss oLf, 0. 1 sardild a.
place; that the e hek S s eit day e s Hify of viz.
hc.t onef Virgtheinia eopCani Cdrowon aon t ldid, ol a tIHlle I"gale. Dil lI
theman iendulgthat, to yhich blen reve day. Manlonth Poemays, a cola ofLPortabieg Sans and 4" Ii

to their omw and th'itrh wets? orb Cpbow Halfilietsd i no adr se amoo*

Sons, whencn Mr.m Tra ite her byCp. ld, cola ,tr commoneat f s, fila latlwU
atcai one of ourU thiryoeical d Work of h Re&blcSitealin Wax

ePolq Preono. Pedro a t r, fro tken Ofle D o, tmeet H dait i"
on the M ort S. Piirtf Ca Tonlih' iorm 4 Lw A6 Skin bcsdua- powderll

ao iaale b fedMor rcbrT of lintg e. v Opid
rIl ofilift, rtua. wasoq obsl ofo the World, .vos It o rs and R-a'o
cove 1 IN16ie ipt, 3 voe J.'01' fot4et 11iuhr

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