Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 27, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Volume ID: VID00003
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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VOL. ZII. L '.


NULLIU ADDICTdS JoUXAi 'I '* M o'I I" j 1to

From 8ATtJRDAZ Auot SATu M 3., 7

NASsAU: Printed by Jbnx it.", ai PHning Oc ^th BAT.

European Intelligence. ta id *WSdof nd Ue c ,11
third hts Iefdfl O alc
under fauoris n ach.itVe fram a nt Ci DOW C LL-dan 8 Zawjr. arrGow
L ON I O N, Ma 4. Ilrinre in tlh Dowes neat aMlidto d A eaw Jb r w ai t s PAl F .
t OtD OBOROG OORDON waited "pon wod not heave Op their are orlo3e Isl i I1 0 ,
Mr. Jcnkinfo on Monday morning, as one until ey were redreled. teItrasa fourth secret u i b withw I M.rI y t I tshe a
dikte Kog's rfdnt 'al friends, to reueft him to opportunity for a diloyal man to r frized ca. poi ement of theCooxeMd slm to oqaimi
fry ome Intellgence of tr e geatt importance jld Gore Gordoin uwa the geh o atn the ar~lmes of their
ounfeiience to hls Maje.y, and the whole aIe. t crift. offered bthe Opcrt weavr nt iee to their tfri.
gde of Hlaner, Itrmiedately but Mr. Jenkin.- t lafgo fIr a rec u man to ecoarage; fairam predosfin -r hc 'rei A .
Snot being arrived from his villa in the country, but Mr. Pitt ad he ha ber make tfie whole Hafue, they cakent bui a1gert1n r t l
Ld George Goidon wrote a note to Lod dBte, the tubj of a ktter tohim, Ma underthe gtliery lij liilstended ste.renilie. Try ft I au)
o bfolicit an Immediate interview with his Lord. whea the Hold of Com mon. wan d It averm1. Jea'touni, suintndr ad bp a hin r.
lip-to whict note Lord Iutt was pleaded (in finef was aot a convenient pltce fy tre atinlt Ith in, ag thI ocasao with ,the tad LtiM
than half ar hourJd return the following cry natters. Lord Ocorge Gordoo thn left Mlr. Pit Grncra1s, Oracm Snlidir The r
lirte Anfwer: and as h wi coming don Iair from the ob, o the Pmre m mP er as, who lre f*rtti
oei hto Lo.rd OeoeOotdono he met Mr. Jenkinfen coming to the HBcl A frw tremfl ktkwife oar nrtri To the Right Hod. Lord Geoo Mon e pafed. Mr. Jenkinfon tidhe houMd apply have ledhere ith their rlcha Hfe ln t
SWclbck- reet hby letter to the Secretiries of ate. Lord Georg the prote in theit High M;htireffee rotth
4' Lard Bute presents hi comp iments to ord told himi he had ju promifd to write to Mr. trannyr -fte Inqflon. and the uiHndted m r
SCrorgt Gordon thefiate of hi health isrfuch, pitt. devulInoogre cIio'ain, I.soce.' Portui, a.d
Stht !he eaft attention tobufinefs would be dif- Lord George Grion Is determined not to fly G rmau lr e wife Iprteie AtmS rta re.
Stfli.ig to hi and is therefore inder a necf- from his perfcutors, though he ha been Inv.ted crate teifdlimd impJtler on of the repulb
fity of declining the honour his Lordlhip in- teery year to cone down to OlaGt w, ev.r ance 'ic with Priie, (wh rantc rltaia the flae of
a temld him. ,, he was in the Tower. ile hau alured the pro Rome nnl ad th y nutht l do. They fe their
Monday morning, My S." tenants within thefe few days, that It and thIr *i fotic t' anqu4ity now n ereid bv J, as well
Lord George Gordon then calltl at Mr. Jn- enemies Ihull foon he found liare unto them, a md u there frtmurr commerce. hdlenmsdecr. and fn
iilfon's again, to fee if he was come frtim his they hall tread upon their hijh places. vereignt. Thev were hilmt to tiebrr coifequenee
illa Mr. Je.kinfon was not come. Lard Oeorge They that truft in the Lord fiall be as Mrent nf the f'ly at farfl i t anw, by the bIBn of
ft word h cwh ulrcallagai iaI halt pat two. He Zion, which cannot be remd6ed, bc t ahdlt Pr. lence thee forstre tb rt mifchlefs ofthedr
dir to Mr. Jznkinl'n iva then gone (as Ie er- ever. As the mountain are rmaud AdSje"t hatrfh union with defp6iic FP nce, as wel as the
anti fa il):i t.e HouSe of.'ommons. Lord George Icm, fo the Lod is gound about his pee from Eng; do, wo begin at b, to s-
0 rdon n thn wt to the. secretary otf State's henceforth, even for ever. For the rod of the kno teris theweakneftofthtrkcaders, MHlml
bffire, at St. '., and aceiai. d for the Prime wicked hall not ret upon the IeAof the rlghterot Fax rd Pit. in hebg einfiaredd alhnred Iain l
Minit r. a.'m dltlred to knor it thCe Co tscril were l It e r uiaf r...e h their lands uatn ini. nmonornomcoa)t o. wthIouowr mamini nt Pr
itung --Tl S ,.crtr.i.r; tl.d him Mr. Pitt W'. quity. Dq.,god, O Lord, unto tino i tat .it. P.utrble ar tagu ts M *=ang th ile
not thtlu, rd th,-e was .no Jpnwcil.-Lor good, and to thm,that are upriht in their hats to the hnoltmn ihrrtwhen It f@itsfit ntht
Ceorgt Gordon then went to the Houte of Corn As for fych a turns a&le unto their crooked ways, mnclinatinh okbe rrconeclled toe prtnE. S
mons, and fent in two notec, one to Mr. Pitt the the Lord Ihall lead them forth with the workers of Fons, pimphlfterr, and oeatlte not wanted
other t,, Mr. Jtnkinfon. It tuned out that Mr. iuiqu'ty but peace hall be upon Ifrael. in cithereontr, to rrrkb, we, amd hanra e
Jrnkitifon ws not yet ar ved Iat the Hoonf of It slhoped t Dukc of Gordon and his fainty in oraife of mr.ixrd moltlud-'As fnlts prafice
Conmmion, bht M.. Pitt (.iter a confa't :trin pon will now behin to feel thufhed at their condusa, inceffiallly oat people upon atful rs, urle to de-
It with Mr. ir undas) came to Lord George O:r. rtpeeting their. brother, Lord Oeorge Gordton, feid them, I like manfYi 4I bore ftud 'en the
eon, undrr the galery. This was the rrft time and enabled to dflcrn..beforl the eyes of the- dleftormion intended it lR th# replhtics the
tley had er poka. From what the by:--flaners whole nation are mixed npon thr', that the dona- deeper the ar* wgre nere lofia'cc.rltt.
atc, Lrd George Gordon was ve:y ftort with tlons, titles and oftce, lately bestowed a pon The eop e i0 HPlIlland = -oIot heart like
ln lie told him in a few words, that many them by the cireditary Arch-Tieaturer of the the Englih. and too much ril3b ty aofm dm, an
wore nhameful particulars were come out refpe.t- Holy Roman Empire, are on y co sl by wife pond-wfl towards menand too tealn e a know.
tig the ilftlutions to the Treafury Spies, who men, athe fmall dnft ofth balarmceih weih. .r'e t Whole world. toentrtain any r pe emplovedly the Crown to watch him and ed with the heavy fcandal w bilcompaine juIu':c rf Ithis caltghttend are, againlitthe Cmnt
t's Piirltant Fritnds. That there was no occa- them. .. de Maillrhois, I eesote bie is a uatce f Pramce.
6fii f, i fquandering the public money to watch We hear from Glargow, that the peoie there Good men and good fadiiEW r dilerftd .er
himn; it would be better employedto watch foreign art all in a ferment on account of Ithe pofed the whole world. Rat Coormirt Id IQ W. ,being
power an.d krland. As to his diloyalty, be de treahoery ofMt;Fatrrfon,.itheprfesoftelrtylive tainted with theItalfan religion, makes lNm vn
Ired them to Ihew it, and dared them td do their of their Societies, reprefenting frtem rtebfaai unsafe to be latioduced min g i 't id etls i
t'orf A' the fame tinmheagred that th, H.uft perfon who is fufpetedl of having betrayed their rrformed provinces and sallns. audsni. l
of pfrla re had been entirely underhis thumb ever interelts, and ofhaving fold them and heir addref etmong the Pr teanots, who kbw oetfyi thai
since the royal rflint being given to the Popr) to L ird Sydney and Mr. Pitt, at he time ot the the introenial ad iamplnyrlnt or a pyfon a
hbl. i Englr d ?nd Irelatnd; but he hld lwayr rge for addrefling the Ki. Poor Mr. John Pa. tainted,. n any military c ulas, bat this o
e .dmll d jtmfelf pritinltly. He then toLl Mr terfto's ltnition, in thefe lrcm rances, is more a daring rea.and iolunl If the pood
Pitt. that in 9. wbrn he went loSot. alv to be imagined tha. Idflbthd. TheFracionus a.ofH U tl rslM *
lrd, fome of tIm lea Ic s there took him aide. countenance tlh mslarflteeld MA t ilL4hew hiam bepin now MIf and n a n geaM a*
and alter intinig ome or'iht qh fashioned wordl f.r procurihg that unhappy W f f hnU him ditiotp r as n tWt dinld. ,
t hi, i, which he had uIaR in il SI $pchtC in the mnrc at Olafiow than any tW e t I quld penIency a la. l h 4edalr em a fwor fr-..
lHoiie of Commons, against Lord North, they poifihy happen to hipt. Thia l nue of the rant to .dslit man "em
told him they had an afledion for him, and alked court operates on Sc.k prt fealike a malignant e ~tm t r t t ae l tu .-Tther b4-- "
Irn whether he only oppo'd the mini ry to g lever Poor Mr. John Paterfou, aot being able re gi to Ts t
olicsandilemoluments, tlke LordFrederick Camp. o b' e hr is new cout f inds and longer, has and f fat O.
b:il, anl the rll f the S-otch nobililt and mem. written to his okl friend Lord George Gordon, I to h d eh e.
kr, or whether he really meant to be hodtll brgin a letter.fromd M Lordfhi for puhlicatlon, sit. Ioh Itsamere adrittlitteo ,
Loid corrge Gordon amiurng Mr. Pitt that hi. to reftort his former charaner, credit, ad peace port the an edeafrts
anfwerfatinfyin.theli er s thcy opoIedtomake of maud. a odd dtl upon thelr l ntI o uthe.
him King inmmeiately inleCad ohi prfetnt Ma. We hew alo from G iCegow, that Gter hom o- Id o tie s ti to- them, wMt t" whl
jefty, which he loyally refuted,. He neat remind- hertfn, and the tIso.tssm e .o r kndr d t MMad efAd taklM pseM
ed M. Pit the. foos after that, in the year nyo 0 ighr,.w aem rrcr *t continue lam lunch against pi bt~ we at o
Ie h' fifty thousand men in London whom he Mr. Xit mad the Itlh pr potlon. s Aad they e. mam els oa *me am wm an '
brought up as petitioners to the Houm: of Com. pref. the greatert Ivelol at the whole iadsaln ii lesd oal th (l tdheili
atons, quietly and paceably, not one of them tionogo"vrnmet eteeontinueGd lpaer*i on rh a lwl
concerned in any riots or usnlwff oeeing, of Lord eore rM, tir sat dee ate onu at r y a M i
and he s .. tri ,od f hgh tre n ou d O iw. o in L outso. (s
ev, t. Some time after that. the Athole,iffhlan- We hqf r 4 that the Alie
dt1took poflffion of Port l op'h, d wrote to of Lo, an-d we hae appel Lselg toSnl
km to comeloswn to head them, ad that there 'leo~rg oedo'to ttmh In oppoma g s Ips's trlsr
Ia. rreat treatfure there at that lree,'te cdrli. P'tt'a Wodad aiMt I dA O .i
sislge up aianbftevery body tite. ala thcke p Lordthip t ha alrfr d dy mttllm e I nlO y amda rt 14
l iutiflfire in thel latrerlt, theacd l plan to tlss, kp* &tht ce. f4i "skb ywihwi nhart.

tioer t.belo. ll et O ourehvt the the Ontf*la e; w l r for pCts. 'shticl was granted to lotng .tfi a th
frins of the republic. Ihe.jthe hknr ob hIm." t dIcere

M Ai T lNodl@ f tic. 1 4, A fot owle lreo ly 4. Inr*du aoft-sleridea S ihaeot 3Sr
fcriie myf ri with the o c ceth paci att thes aflilentirn rtea, A co o the u and
raySla., or w hit very lanpotant ad~e rutord Pc al their irty I. t nav

w lu K lR without orny tho anyo tplcp fe iaet Zc M a

Ia eOed t thIanuastn prlt' ino I* wrn* ntetare r w sted oTtofl>tothe m o- rcer n ablm the trou nd ofJ. w cdther fto
Sand ntniut wevey) a s c rec lont oaar ntlo with the heIr and wauls ha
G. OORDO." i h or to obtain fatisfalto oarn, I ll ot .f RiiO lebm-ndia. co np t pri-t i etrem ftheeed epromu ns perfia inCurt aob ui. In. wind. emyWith out muse fa
&mruea, Ma 2 l. .cafes Ole IpelIal Majetl y bhe a lhed, that th, people in thisPR 'a6 by
C I have the honour to ,iP I O t ie el of, ll tMa u 1 i. a n ldto br ed dent, h e mounted r in bAln mQ
2 901"o to r ip l t MA*. ,t with M ll hnner forces, woateV fferinone tc It i an aicon which the. l
OCAR4ARTHftt, OW Of bt W.. E--er~f may judge oiop.r to take As the molt being able to deceive either ,,n rt r

rrr or LordShi'T s waJ broughtpb to their at ar d a s i fooa as the n rom alparn, *nd wet h ernaoje
Aod otoe d n u rl ric ca o er a il r ch m w t n ts haove at ther ideas 'o huar o rf the tu
Lerr or rft(he Empi re decaiarn that The will nevcr depart gain their end, theycare t warc.
", And y r-Idl to.l.e wt' he f in, in reflutih toih w ed o er hon r eh all the ofish dOnThu4. Iae4
S i am -your t desl p to lat. p en OW er. i fer liceo, which n bot only t hir reciprocal alliance, eleven o'clock rt, wMr. dren r Ct pa
a to expet the wfol. protea o l e, but alo the repeted proofs of the mot fincere afom the ground ofa Htawofth, n
St mcntAainut CAtnAo who treated my tIes a riad the grae hath ad u, ditren tihes rieci- tler. ie d r m T ay was again vq m iUt
Sumtion.t et is extremOy danlO rous ed on, the Imperial Clort, may llrquire wind. without the fmale t d l
hve the Jhnour to he, W7< r i'e nrra e ung the nigt was buried dent, he mounted r laplid in git gh am
MyLod te e condM.bok ofn ndHrood, oE thingwaton: He digiotr no eourfe ofhad eer rC i
S1o a ollip to nd was bryughtr t the gravet e and aa fol no s the from all part, and who direefal tl ,
s be under any apprehenBon of prnl dane r ial fevite a oer, an arch wasi tund no raioern ithed at the i randeura mo te iht alet
ter myself a mom t' rcf n wl ceffid in which was placed over hain reaft a intrepidity ofextre cadvetouer. il ree.fa
coni4 yo ht th . mawof a pIece of w hite marble with this inlcriptdin at ha prwsi oiiiu rate, was ferasn to temti
Sfully c t to 7u a t y p N aNllo nia ma o. lUderv hi head wat cloud, arndm al Taft wasfinally ot the tsa
a fon who m fCy hae thrCattld yr Aslife, wheni. j Bnthe rave wat fied fet, and tile tuflalsl. feai t scr. fe inford ai, ned tha t
RI ou can proLe oh threat to. ib down, the fix gentlemen who followed him tT throghere the cloud, he rate tdwa
"Su. 7i ansti'tj, M 14, 1718. tie grave luna the tioln ints of the aoth ode of not !efo than two miles vand
Sfon or any extraordinary inrfheerence of o e hand oo of Horace. vewith thing was done higher than he had ever but, ed
a Ino atib rry to find your Lhordip m should n ill according to his desire no ell tolled-no one that he experienced a difagrealen tote
" be tinder any apprehenflona of periial danger, was invited but the fix gentlemen; and no relation reaPlration, and a mos fevers pali in bagi
Sbut p hitter mark of a moment's rctlewiou bill' followed hie crre; tire coffin wat painted gIben, tend edwith entree cold, tolch a de
" cohwn it t you that the p liar ofduy the Land are aceordin to his dir ton, and he wnv laid in it he wah oblired to take IBrandy fevert t
., fully ceraa. to tatediou again qtny per with all lir lotists on. Under hi- head was pta. warm himrelf. At this time the hal
.on who miy have threatened your life, wlhen- red Sanalian's Hcrace, at his feet, Brntley's Mui. being In fhch ratified air, brainsed violnth
Sever rou can prove fuch threats to have been to; isn lit right hand a cmall Greek ein ent a hwas ready to b hourt and he wa o mod
I havelymrc. There cannot be the leafcca- nth ap ifrton in gold letters. In hi left that he could not opn the vale, withth.
Sfon for any ea.rordinary interference of yo- I hand little edition of Horace, with thinsnferip- fixed for that prplfe; but, am
" vernment in order toproe you, tho' I make to--Merfu, y. V. and Bently'a Horace found it frosn qulte ftio, and ftranatt rft
Sno ubt but your Lordhip may rely on every d under his the airn th i n wa fallen to the
Sproer mark of attention towarle you bting Alefr the ceremony was over, they went back i stand limaewiefrI beneonfiderably. t~g i
Ihewn by thofe whofe peculiar duty is toopre- to hir ob. where his filler had orviderd a very lth huaigt, that he al w nohain e ftbheae
fTh e the public tranquiliny. ntookme fTprpe r; the cloth 'wing b laken away, thrTe i.larters of an hour, and the clelao i u
e of have the honour to ,c, the gentlcman fu ingr the 3sd nal of the il a ,ok of ed to him as if raolinF on the fufitae do It
p Myr. Pt, faorct n rank a cheerful glafi, and v ** t home le w s in this fantin. on ha krfd oftranfpae nt

days ago. and no Geps having becineaken by Jobn U..aiwood . v .' hiif iii* n in i;tply offil
"Yoomr Lordl dip's about eight. ilCng round him, ibu ch from the nvelocit f the
"Mot ii beicent fit left near ocol. to hwi fiuer it, upon condition yo, made a. Tmn balltioo l atphen re Lu t
lumbln e ifcv.rvt, of her aobfrrig ifi tis his will. lie ordered her to hadoe neaf the ballnm alfo appeared .tOt.
CARMIARTHEN'." gicack oftlhe gentlemen so guineas, and dlrfird cluda., and feenmed pfinge in a diffc"retdL
The above iorreipondentr took place in confe- that tri y would. t wotcome in boclCroathes. Then Aoue r trhnhel; upward, a of fifty miled t,
quence of the ithcindiar y and threatening letters followed a direction for hit burial Ar above; antd alilghted iver Po~n frar. five minutes t
accoinfi Lied yGorge (ordo n having uii4d fIit by thM will ended th ; olwhich dien Inw ul t hear o't 'otk. t',nfortiunately there was aes
ths Lor:ldhip to Mr. Pitt, at his own r sequel, ten m lte a c beerft ,. a ad dire otatr o t f near hrin bi,t a nim oonc honrfehack to
days ago. anI no eps having br .eiiakc nn J-h U,,. i z., fa. 11,. -i i' Ill, I v-n -n-m .A. y r e onffiltlt
vernmeat to protcA him, notwie thfandi t the Leoni n, yasne o On the ar4t of May, at nd rhe wafrom him.--le now threw crt hwil
com tency of the taws of the land i l ich cafes. lln falle, Mr. CroAfie mounted the car of n, l- Illind ironpw r bit from the velocity ithea
we verg, aadyp The Empr es has order- loon, wlhch rising a high as the roof of the bar the cordl larped v io a inantd which was iolt
reda nw forpedtion to be un ; taken, tthe .bjct rack., it came doenn with fuh rveloity, a ndit ly at leant. veThe balloon then rebounded
of which ito doule the coaft overies made by the a little di alarm the of aupetor far the f fety ,l the fea.nd kt n ear the earth and to rainfe t ie
Itufdilt navigators, and the fucccfn of which muft a rial traveller. It wa, found Crofbic's weight u no every thinf he could, anc d he wa pulledtthe
tend to improve the hcin-es of geography and ove rin Ared the balloon, which rwas not fificient hi. mensta frnm the car. At la it wau aflendt
nattiurae hiry. toh, Iv it o tke him up. In an ilmedat Mr. tween two tree whererit, m kin and Mr. 1n
accompanied ly feverad perfons difiniuiPfid for M'Gtire, late of the collter, bit now in thear. vot bi:t; I-ui, unfortunately, thewcamej
their knowledge, is to embark at the man th of my, prung into the boat and dirrell threw or t gt i of wind. which forced ig farait t
Sthe river Anadr, and thence to proceed to the unov e hba. of ballet, when he artoe with mwch ,iad he t to a prdged, hiding by the car t
coal, of the iflaoda ilO 64 deres latitude, whicr aweul fiendor. A val numer efliorfremen, who hands rpatirdareft twou mileca thrtolgh and,
we have already experienced t b- adlvaintageoul d l, r rd anr olt wed the motion of the balloon hcSaler, and iolently d a oed ataind a eotqtl
fiuated for their trade in f k;ize ; a td afterward to Ilowthl, a y it dam mre cn with great rap.dity, till at length, otercoue by fatigue, and then
hf is to double the coaR of ILtchultki, and to d- at the diflance of about nine miles into the fena. won-tl ant brulfes he had received wnd fat
fend by the nreihtq which rcparate Siberia antd ourd 1i Fitzgerald anti other gentlrmtn icoljveu. o obbrylt o f vjoyane, he s oldt
Amnrica, and to continue hit voyage to 54 degree ring that th balloon had cracked (which happened his hLold, 7and the balloon ilrntly aflcnded
latiulfe to be the fha) or to have received l hmei damage, a0ronihing rapidity, making a noi relie
.;,tp arie e asr The following is anextrao got ready and fent to the Ratt advntrererhew- It IN and probableyit would go far. as it*m
of the dirpatchee lately receive d from the n ovrar liet a wherry and onic open boa tht one of which lily get to a iproidicien height, where tM
nor.Gene l of Sunq came tip moln l rpportanely to fave him, wten he being greatly rarefied would caufe Ittobul
T he Indian prince honaulal hearing dhcred could not ha e rolk le i mtcr h longer. baIin t Sadler alon procured a horfe and, trail
war againA usdit ace fr ed oa the diRtrift of already toonf more t an forty mointea. I he that manner tillhe cointd in qcihalifeOt a
Ilde ftlem, Ma.erimf. l A ird, Salem, Domaf- balloon E wa fcand t atonfiderable dliaance from Manchrber in theaderon couple ra
with th face e nrche d to attack thefor- Mr. M' tre, wir h l lte l dpy taen plac thin l- and was received with are ctl
tener ofwa sonqr e ot oftdbr trae e ent out tion t the country poer, wch man y bd ob hi recovery ofjoy.m up
under the orders general to mand too ti... confecf total ohe Eaf.eInd it c an his Lodn, r enounce he adnta geinrgef
dithoeln and i a. the enemi na .n I h. The a rrlvi.n tho was received their nac gaoe to the Amernd to trade to hi
twp armies met at Chapet's., when falo'o the Duke and Dutie.of Rutland. Here hewas India lIfland greatly difguled many
traouap, ore defeated, and the nccefrary fuccoura brought toa public hotnle, and his cloathet chan- aable bodltea of men in hielkingdon.
town intoe Sodnqaelic. ged, and from thence to town, where he carried it tllers the Parliament of Rm Mr. ote
ue The Indian prnce haring ri ered the siege. a little after o'clock in pcrfed benlth. it i faid to his bhihey on thfubjetr, haont
was parfted, anti a second battle was foaaht at a his Excellency the Lord Lieteant has been plea. strong rtrms again at the edt by whici t
lege's rdiaraue from Ooaohrim, here the ne- fed to confer the honour of knighthood upon Mr. tere i anted. As the poInt in qedtiwea is
my wa again beaten with very little loft on the M'Guire. nlicableto our own situation at pv*W
fide of thePm ugnuefe. A third battle waaferight &xtroeaf a Ietterfras B,.ia, 7aviry4, 1E. Iar" before our readers a eople

gedy as Maidrle, on oftr i .ifl w dmn s taci amotf the country powers which may both e belonging of th to e tmhm up th a
S tee i th e lahsld e to and tool outmotr confequrne to the ea--lIdit company, im to renolance the advantages b e

Tatoma, thnd e i fbitren of t tri Cuile, Sindias haI d throw wawer intojhe hands ofne of general by tane of their trade we
lithoiina. Unit, blixi, Anon. and Maneriur.- I the Sift men in India, his name is Majee Scindia, our own colonies and to our nsamnmut

General oi then dtow fubed too mbod of ,oo friend t the Enatta was po: eaid. that two of he here the qut Paroamnrt., WOs
M l4o at tac the province o i ar hi o t there they c r ho tondhe King ofeofcer beloh h n dl nour btoy ahi it appear, that ot
t* or delcon-ed the vilhaget.ofContiaia. Ord. relied, he toilued one ofthe, and itwaer teen P ancend her Iflan=h In the Wob
da. tfaei,'Tuem, Parh,.wh I* aelebirat-d between hu it d the chief hat they Mhold at. theriablance of o million of live
Pagedga. Msandrema, and Vit fewoo rdays tack tha other it the on I but the evening of the mother countryI which ad -
afte k O6nna-es, a trilo he at nc of preding the intended the chief, whom hiamet lassly declares wl beb
ilkrna, the inhabitants of a ,-gi Scindla had Joined, a nated in 168 kent, ed by the King's edict. Anodsev
-nsomae other townas t doi tok as oath f coastre the attac pond. Scndi had fage is, where the Parliament,
jldelty to the governon'llrn -ujeb thug ftE.e addref, enough to prevail apon the officer belong. diltonour to his'llffy' flags W 3m

edip& ewe in it i1vl porta Ift
by the Atricane, til x a4"dd 3ie i
, shierld t Ii" I ;tt ciaie, "PF. ( u lag
Dwi t nt aid apti aB
Wa& fenltid or rti W
thete twop asa r m M
arife that the r lots In Amei t M
rar7 africt in aflpf een a estancith
tem of commerce wih our own Idt; wt
a& the American United States what right
have to complain of as eoclullit.wlift li
o every nation in alliance with Praucftt1
dulaon, which they will not fahto ydft 1 ,
if they should one day beconar pu rfled. .T
Mandse By what title can they claim In
that trade which has been always ree d and
confined to, the fubjeda of this countrt liJt
the indndpndence which they eOjoy, o tic
they owe prinJclpaly to your M ajefty' Uon,
a fulifcient rich pretnt to them I ft v*ria
berisced for them pur treafres, ourt ltt, pa
uraie, are we to ceW*n all ythe f1iJlce o pr
Sde, the force of our future profpeity f Ltt s,
aot be feductd by the ofentation of a d ansIous
enerolity, which may perhaps, be one dal I
equited. Gratitude isbut a weak bond betwc
nalons. The United States can enrich thetmfrti
oely by ofurplng the trade of our colonies, or that
et the Spanlh flettlements. The proximity of the
Antilles would facilitate the flccefs of ft :h an en-
tarprife." Thus France begins to fee the impolicy
of the aid fie gave to the Americans and now
Itembles let the United States, the creatures of
her own hands, holdd Itrip her ot her colonies
in return for their liberty.
Ycfterday Mr. Lunardi ascended with his bal-
loon from the Artiliery-Orourid, amidft a prudi-
aoua concourse of fpecators, many of whom were
tfth genteeler Irt. He went up alone I and the
lloon taking a direSion nearly ovet Oray'lInn.
was f r from every part of the metropolis.. In
kf than half an hour the Ibew was over, for the
teloon burft. and down came Lunardi, balloon
rad all, near the Adam and Eve gardens in Tot-
trnham Court road. The balloon was afterwards
Uken to the Pantheon. Tile mob were a good
4Ul exafperated, and Luanldi not without fome
bazarid erip I from their tury.

Amn~cican Intelligence.
SHELBUR N k, JuIt 14.
LAST Wedltilirly evetiing arrived the brig
Good Intet, Cptasn.Buller, from a whaling
voyage, with four h.,,drert and fifty barrels of
(pnimacet oil. ,
The lfucctf< which hiks attended our whaling
wifeb, since thei, firft fert:rngout on that lucrative
ln.fs, hs butn fo 1 rert, that It cannot but
adrd cncouraycwnt' t to tver? promoter of the
tUnmerce anid gul of th'e infant fetlctnent a
ad mufl .ldfo inter' every friend to loya ty, in
the'fiture lhppinfl andn prosperity of thli re-
pCdable ho'y of citircns.
N fI. r r, uy 8. Though we have not arri.
1Ato the fummit of thole vicer which destroyed
6tece and Rome, vet our proximity to it is alas.
tag; we nm.y consider luxury to the body poli.
tie as death to the natural body, and eery one
tlt to inveigh against an evil to ominous ofruin
In thefe Ratre: roi bid it Heaven, that a douttry
tied with ftateflmen and heroes, like America,
who, in delnce of their sacred rights, food forth
sld oppod the greatest power on earth, whofr
ditaao eertlions tore down the fiandard oftyusn.
T, and a~ded in its ficad the banner of free.
lnm and independence, 1uould fervilely copy
&t 'ices o'i at'lctry natir whom we ought to.
dteft; and thus to otfr iup t;eir libertie a ready
tifice toan accu led life of lr st dipa isir
fetinually groaning at th: harmTfsof the timc,
ite fercity of cab, and our hahily to difcharrge
*' de' t, any perfon would fIupb(e, that ifwe
but to act a rational beings, we iould retrench
ry unnccrlaiv expense, and that we Ihould
*ty roimy in all our tranfadtions. It is ac.
wmlelged on all fides, that luxrny in what bV
and ever will rui.a kilrgdomau ftt b"
dit. Itthenbecome us Ireno lyto o "
An Dot frffer it to lin more gro, hait
S*taipollfNcr. Stranri partake of nd e
OP rextravaganee, aL the fame ti time tt 0r*
b tty our impruience. We need not Otly
Oti'elves, and imr fieceefa I certia.
'weanllow ere &i; at on by fbftpon,
tms.a",a a uuldzt, Ateciriit to CIp22Iho q*
fald people, to be evotedto pl t u
t lash or Vurhall En
e b pen employed n ft,.
ar y anr inlhttlot re 5 r I
voti" "ng and Aiddy. timitrl
ffbrtCI, wr lt iboda ofth lH r relief, t, introduce new and

eIm rr 4l ia'.) ts indale,

ter, to" tug and was a.t

to Rc er n, Juno. edfa s a rit ofeolnins DEATH. Capt. DatlSrA . CaM ovdtoi.
copper', ad : loflbeloda." i i
ABtor t r thuaeT r, y certain t Anbnoi.
r Intelaseee .ef l, we ay n Aug S.l Sift3AW "

r t. tat molte tr.ert ieat of e late S ea, c a nte 't tit ll~i
line of the WIn w

tatyl.tae'a place onathe the bnloNwfound a9 oo. lty iiCao iIs Iu at lWii.
lade.uadetathe diae eU onofthbBrdtllbco modore SItL>& an # -.*-; :. .. i 'anR
foed i to o their I s aa, ating aTrade.
o ,per "-thn, me. ttr of Eato afidas.

in piaea al.wot them btyateti for clrne and 3. BrFrie ea p Sheddoan, Cert6alt.
pte(eTln(retlerrhfirrJry which oultrgeo extr. o --- ... --
t1 o aintta/y'anadnJphl,, power, baroens. fORB l.'fs "TlEV'aJ
mil (for to ther rain to cll thedift. .... n i

e br the mdt aearioux irantloa of Wreftin from .t.. e "v tM Riri.fete Clat. AOnilo
t p1ace on.the nsewound 9. cho.

our 1has that modt inv oluab fiapne, and thum H Pt. t ""
reducing uato a fituiaon the moftabjeaahd de- dor F OJ 8 A r

pendmn" an uAenenira ortment of URO.
The ltew York packet of Monday ]asA contah Iins E d'AS IA GODIS.
to a11"wellf them by treaty for coring and V3d. r PI Sd 1 Casrana
'4hkiritr- which outrageous mr* -

inthe foli in htetligcice: -To th aecoutnitso- t. OD L 0 -
ready p'fhtd of te future of (fip, nc. be. | Ttioim the culr e oftae .e,
our hawk that moft invaluable Aaple. amW thus W

lording to the citiaen of the united fbate of de- A i. F 8 A erX-
ancein thatof whaling ec ian helotgia tothis Ditt Mr ditto i, o ent
pot, lately laid violent hnfnd otn, near thc har. Sh ENryd and DA
bou i of St. Lucia, i nioit of Mafhipse. be. L 'prof Jmticar d po.ater
loosing to the citizens of the united hates of by rrc aok b & ons

port, lately laid violent hinds oil near thchar. Sherry ditt. K
bour ofSt. Lucia, ifiSt ofMartinique* High proof Jamaica and I ,adTi Sp
A letter from London to a merehatit in Albany, Weft India Rumi pun- chm and Cabe.
dfed May t, fars, Although we have no par- the,. iand hogtotad. t Acc'
ticular information, we think the punsl will he gi- Which they will dilpof, on the mofltreafon.
uen up nat year, but not in time fr, you to reap able Terms, for rg O Biol'et Vidarea .
any advantages in trade that fcafon." or Prd,,r. .
By a gentleman lately from .anadad we learn, S i nt
that it is the opinion of the bet Informed perfon For Sale rivate jtra.
in that country, that the wterna ipofs wlU begl- I'rHE Plantatj at Orange iH situation
yen up the i nfulng Qlring. ; and ismpilmecnt. re tngl known to
X'he Richmospapar of Juily s,.aduiesr that reitire a deh"iptiin. For fi particular*
on the i9th Of June. even men were furprfed at apply to the fintir, or .
the great Ianhawi, iy a fmall party of Indian.* ROBR1til? PRLINO.
(headed by one Simon Girty, a white man) who ih nCogflrt eraip of DiW- Td'r i 7s-
killcd arnt fcalped flte out o f the even, Among err olved th a Pers
the kilht, are Mr. John P. Du-Val, Idkaor for ieg rdiolved, they rqrt al Perfia
the difirti of Mononah al and Ohio, and Mr. ;cOunts, and thoeinedebtedtothe sterac.
Gallatan a young French gentleman, who ment meIlate aynmnt. as 'ar d to giv
from this city a fet months ago, to that country. no longer Indulgence.
Yeftirdiy was 'old by public vehdue at t-e HtH Di
Coffee.Honfe, the frigate Alliance. with all her JOHN DINISTO
tackle, appurtenances, &c. Ac. Colonel Aytet Nfau, SrptemHwN. a, O.
purchaft her, we Arc informed, for 9eyol. Penn- .ou, 1tld, iS .r onr
flvanlia currency. O N a f 86, owner&0 "ft
rr. rdeTcribing it, and saying for thil rtife.
meant, may have tagan. Apply tot iter.
TH&AT If t ,, a ^ e
,4o1 kToaon the Bar, for sl. T to the Tftwado at. R j
RESH Flour on the White Grolud, at pirei pea ed a
]Iiao in coin ;P]ts k by
Ham .I. ks a well improved Garden. '
jamaica Rum in hloglhads and For ters appty I* JO Is a.
Coffee;, Loaf ikigir Nf SI Is a ..
Hyton, Soucho,.g anqd 1"B1l Ta l OtI E 0 .H.BT tIV, N I ,lm*brron_
adleira, Port, e rry Tsene and Lifb In4 .abted to dh i f Ea m
Wines fid, 4 make Iemmediate Pat a da;
Mould and dipt Can4ite have demands -IalI the bid rW t( J
!permceeti dlitt acieunts propCar lsesttae, to
Turpentine Soap OMAS TWEDT, Aalahsr 'r
Coria lopck, dc. &e. Ac. .. e aor. ...
ASr NTED thiemnelre from the Slubfrber.s %Oo, .l hi. a i..lby r41t
A at the timedte eryea ieofChttrko.
It follwtgt o M11 e0ben ,lben F l,7a Mn 1 kfth
ki ,o, o. a 4 n. k Ne
tse ofr al, eh ol* ln17;: bKd 0h ft S AsgeiSYS
'r. L Sb taer, ^te g f u .heta miout is w.jien
SWthen given fbrrirtus, dim cals a

an Ap to any o ~ ~ i tTo .l for N.s
VON b t mtr list MAN;
ita", Twao, Dollars.. -. ... sial
5 y ,, -. .,a pltS -1 t '* '" '
H~n~r.Far8hu).LI~ IYiV'phefl~~)hatrhl f,5i

tiatese.t y JO.H NW AL So
.^ ,HiAS FSnoif ~ ALt

S A "t -1 '.,
SZEPIAS lisc Jopme o CA.
MAZwEu, hue Dy'l's ilA'
ral ad Gonour efoaid M *Eie. qdpoki kPfT
IT^ l* didon th I th o af wllBmls .r
i s ibrftrr, r'.n MV'*
a rbhavinrhg rantso o Uthat Ldwaia2o=, a, ,B
sofIw th felk~bli, orfom ---. Soutaba
&IiNe ki tin t troa eit the bdsune Aianch r
a bl at ,ao o .t. sthe ciday of Enfierlda's aker Kd Tbles ol Ia .
*hetl o th ork of t at e 114 In r t I .t R i i's, Ir ,Bi -, "o l s o.
the fn.m. htbI aldl nl CounDll' AND Cocker'sn d law 's Ra'dh I 'sMl(ai 4vo
the Arithmtcle Wilkett's tofusoep
g eeaw the fd Wtio e np there an Dliat~erc tarh' rfe
s -a% a I-tair'. Beek-iping Jade l ,w Dlie
,tdayefch, on by mt grant ngan jhfre aS ain ar e- i'rla'ic
mnomof the time o lf r'p eriig in Clai for cht's, FaeniC ir l otiae

I Pcrsbnc Hue yet gie in their >nd DBi ]mrT o'f
Saforidl DO t I orby and wth French P 'ocket udin g Cu l e tid
e -dviU and cofifcnt of h| Majcf'e Honourr- PonY' eFrrodmn remmr Soumn'e Aitl6a
M< Coafl, olfd thil Iroclaclion, (tlly Mtuitr1' frtoth VoA MtrCinwr'. Coerp
tqiiinv"t ell P or arone hihrLCyl"anum or Grant, by -------. .r fr
ae frored, and rclditi; the aid In.d., RUdd.M.m'. XL.di lrdn. lLn.Uk diK
to i n the fA or n thereof, on or B had t li Oruner cShrw
the 9I d 1of No ta tlolhhe CClerk of L Ully A Farena c & r Tt hOla Rn ld'.s l Yer.

the COuncil. 1 ^ rll ot within the aid Clr rk' t sn duiem Cr. Atl'.- L-El t D er.
Iflnndi, Ordt h SllbwedT welle the from the i ft da of g ad m Tables ef Rotm ,
Augut wnxt erfuinlt nmake return of fuch Mair's Imrolde Kieo IT MedilA, Dcmi-
thcir Clims or l tla Ainfw oh'l, Youl'e nd koyl, thick and this
CVRN under H and an thb Great Seal Entick'e Latia DiAi Feoio Palt, Gilt, plain,
of bt/aidi I at N u a n, thi twhen F- varies black egd 4Ito a e ,
dvird ao co rt n t ie r of O rl ur od uthrie's Gelrc phy Fooefrap, & PAl Writ-
On' t mrei ad retfi j t Salmoan' Oiterr Piaper
narem t SScar" Hil Mejhle o ignl. legdnt E traidt Cte roe. BlotMgal, ard
l&ME EDWARD POWELL. spetir, 8volt WrP ng .l t
Jte Council. An C rmmand, Rambcr, 4 eolu Milli e bot
PndlL Moi, DA as cretar.. Mhirrr 3 vole Oil andplia aiMe getad
G O D 8 A V l T H E K Ih N LJy't day rarL, a vola Name Cgard
Otonomy of Huma n Lfe Msogul, lnry VIII. and th
cJU T aIMPORTEd n D, DSeal t Latin ~.Foy nd, Gt, lain,
Drydn's ViraIlt r 3 vole "Card
In th ri PlFtassHI, Cp slrtO, from -- PoCet, i Red & black rnk Pow er

A I TO BE IOLD, Popo 'tHcmr ; voe Belt Dutch Quill & Occ
tafosable --- Works, 6 Tob Pern
#r aj a in the ref our Lrd Guthrit's o pby uolfepSt Parts Writ.

By J NCHR TI E, -- cm,,, ,,W S~igy's' Pe.ani v..s ana
Hudibria, ro Srapers
a t ai ST O on the car Mafon's PoEema n mx r ahoarg PrtiaUic Wrt.

SHINGLES. TWhomA(oR' Poemr, 3 volt Carc
AO n---* Sfono Crown, HtIlf Crwn and
O his AI L E Sealer Poem, 4 vole ommm n filed Wfelar
By JON MORRIS, &o Co. Pot.ic, work. of Rih.- rd bbrk -,in. u
P IIP LOwM a T T arvl. arifon, 3Addif on Lt Writin g et"m&age
GODlton, SAVETHEray, m nt
JAMAIA R oe info'e, and ars S Natel, nle e Pei. and
aTmn JBme 4 vein A.t Skin Memonradum
JUST I MPO RTED, Dcath ofAbel ,Nery Andrw PlaingBoo

in fth oi laadasir, Ca Siks fm of hPe world Red & EP. t rnd Powket IBk.
WNawt tUT de Roi Fables, a vole Pwter and JIponked Ink
tl m k$n *glatbiea Toao, S-n' Works, 6 vole Rdpe

Albt On the Ma.noHiny' of the Devl Mlaaddur n'y Black LWea
Al,0naratita of PINK BOARDS d CEDAR 4 rao lackP Leather Travelling

o BSHINGLES. Tor D i Poem, Sli dCafiteto
r rr ne icka voln Cramn Hair ron ndi
0 R 8' A tCl Rederi Rtndoem, vol Boi e of Water Caloeer

SpirigTkd Ad ine I mhri ^ NightTa- Chinl Inka
lBy in N MO & Co. o lf d Cheadcr b-of "'h ed 7 PKSein a
A L 6 I of 4 vols Iruen
A ~a u rD GOODS received by ton t Gray, Delm, d and

J UST IMP ORTE D, sh^c '.n-,".,^ IU d2.*ooLn
qu~pan 4tity Tom Joe"r, 4 v olts Af Skin Memorao dum

Ja k- Madeira IFa LOu DON, Colmi' W gork 4 n Pcket Lcdgers
-".fdTa o m Si o.D, Lod Che tcrfild's Lltnere Bnk Books of vrioos
S qRTRUMER te al Pewter and apanned Ink
c o boted Pter by e Hin e o u Stand.t FO s.

wrose Wart -- *nbsys *e o Lading, sementl
STo aDaeidhiPhsr. g 8 td. Artcl3e,. oete, Dill,
4;l rT e te ampri Tofl Soall 'nd h lior Sh Antdoe Powar d et
Lo 0914a111f >Sa4 I tl axs Works Vte IttdTspa
uteM ase at ,ftoy of the DcvIr Middlaton' Black Lead

lm z;d tt bol p h ab SBit D so e, B g 4 tip S o di
B bya b e*Ala1 M'eregruane l'aelne, ;0 vial CAmni r rMnei .

O m< t Pnc ilsm. .,
Roderic Random, 1^i s
B il t !e a A v o xoses of W after coloura

Anant B Chrietryo o Jtsh aa MindsvilSa vols Shell Paintc
Splitin an od Chan dlto Grery bw ma e, 4 YT C ol'? Booki

Cf.C'o4'io ut tBi t rof u 'j4ToS tal lers
ANd"o Le by Roi O CtI a vol's. le Book', a Id and


Rat ts. Spea
1Isaa ~ a~i

"'Ira geaoeS trial
Drool Hewds and .aru
Ibaionfir~ t khe
Ptataadrf Uih gh ~aad
A Oelelool of Mdr,
1=127= 1#140a
Aawe Song.ooe,

M'fe Shie. end Ken See. afshp
& and toutii
shoe. Kmee ad I"el PO'ad
uckle, As
Breaft Pins
suv"r Watches LI As I
silftMASte rzi'
Buds. and Scatl Pos! rlhI
Plated 50mat ~ L'
Gilt ad bralsluatll Key Ch ad;rY
Gilt Watch Chains, Abe"
Ila Letters Lsdps
r~lrst barrelled Pie Ladlis St
Fencing Fllls areaE8ht
ladtt steel CallatenrUI.
Cyph anad parnMeSll
Spare Dice Thread 0
Bili.rd Balk, birlle ml fdl

Rpourthani's Pocklt Knive film
Botes of Marainal Ty n re& n silk U
Wax Tapen ad hAt Red Lathis
Stands To '.
Stoanking Pmai. Dobkais
Moftchalle end jin MWa Nlth
Powder Ouleeee.
Hard and fofz Poaiatta faee Chsinb
Efetreof Bergamot, LA- Torkile lieSHo
men and Lavendar 0a Tongs..
Mahoany and Japanned Spat Peat
Dre ttflincaenidvarlosal Pactitd
tons 0slkilssu
Tortoite Shell, Ivory sad go
kiot Goamba tuk libetled
having BoIes eor oafd
Powder Maira LOWd"
Sealiry't bell Cat Steelr Pigtail Tab...
Hemet's Dcratfrice a"
Teoth Powder lOeb, a
Fallen rst_
THIAT 4* and wellsnalba
I nn the hite Ground. the~n
built by Mr. RegaR STase. StIance
ncw Hours. 24 by IS. wirhIitth e.
improved LOT p Fle aly adt a
the landing well Adapt Its%
one of the malt airy a
For termasstipply t

BeLY ti d topr afl.
ficient I
rIlotatn ifa a bI

SIM in-beybde
in the


an t 5ii

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