Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 20, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00002
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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From SAT U RDAY, AUUvoSti id, t 8 ATU RDA Y. AUoUST 27, 1785.

NASSA 1 e inted bi-fJoiix Wiiii, at the Pk'intihg Offibe on che BAY.

-t -r

lAH4*,a-.iLA 101, I
NEW.PaorDotNCa. I or.
Jfq; aIrmnant. Gvrrrur no Commendlr in
Cbiuf in ad ovr the faid I/lan, ,Cbaeindlor.
Drie Adirsal. nd Ordrara sthe fame, C. i'c
S_ HEREAS His Exccll-ncy JoHiN
MAXWILL, Efq; Capta|inOe.c-
ral and Governour of the faid
Sllands did on the ith. day of
W December lat pat, iffut his Pro-
clamation, requiring all Perfton
Wq having Granmtof Iandsftort the
roprietori of tlhe aid Bahama-llandsl, or flro
Lieutenant-Oeneral SilraLCY, to exhibit the fame
or a copy thereof, on or bet re the isth day of
March, to the Clerk of the uuncil, in order that
the fame minht be laid bf: the Council i AND
VWHEREAS the faid Proc thation was, on the
J7 h day of March, cotitin by me, granting an
4xtelion cf the time of d ering i Claims for
JLLand, as afottfrt.ld, until th day of June laft
AND WHEREAS the flid e wila on the jilt
da of May laft further t*t by me until the
it day of Abgult next tenfil ND WHERE-
AS initwithftanding ficirepca Proclamations,
n.ny Pt nonrl have yet neg'et o gite in their
Claims a .iforecai 1 DO there re, by and with
the adire and ron l et of hi. Ma ity' Honoura.
blt C.nnril, if ml this tm Proclanatloi, ftsidly
reqdiiing all Pcrl ns having Claimns, or Orantr
a. afrtlla.4l, and reading within the Tlid Itlaads,
to0iv iii t te ralric, i a coltY thcrrof on or he
farc the ,f day of Nioveiber next, to the Cle k of
Ith Council. And all PcrfonS not within the faid
lUQld', and having Llaim4. a aforefaid, are here-
ty allowed Twelve MoZnthe from the tft day of
Autiit next enfuing, to make a return of fuch
their Claime or Grants.
GIrEN under my Hand an.d te GOrat Snl
if hreJ, IJ.i,.n, at Nnfa~n thi twuenty-
b, d ida5 of Julh, In the 2 ar /Our Lard
On, tlhad fmrev bnered and a ightylf.
,ad In the stb rear ofHi M4i'rf' RIKVn.
b Lij ionoeur'i Command.
Paitlr Monaa, D. Secretary.
') lI E OL D,
Ar P B. C A 1t C T I O N,
On MOND A A 14 -th inltarnt
At Mr. CAIsaLC L'S Store.
S The of the Bale
N C Y-
C z I in Majfty's Court
or Bmi aa unfit for Sea;
'*-' ilf~W, her i, y fails, rigging,
id boats, in lots to fu e C chafer.
L. f K I S U.
Her Ilarpouj and other %hallth Utet
J C. V.l

On MONDAY the syth ofLguft, ift.
A smas,1. GANG or
Three Stout NEGRO FELL A
A WENCH andawo FtPaleW ILDRIN.
: B. The proer warrant
A es6,,, 1 a co.
CATH R Catloop Hai aN, JOai
Tl DlLWnaTr Mafterj uft arrild from Ph.
I1lelpIia. ConiI f Ichu Pint Seer and
sxaS.' to n *dA

Amerikin Intell!gence.
MIONDAY laS arrived here the thip Ceres,
VI. apt. Sr. arbe, in t day from Cork. In
het came pflengern. the Hou. Jonathan Jckfi, m
and Nathaniel Traeey, Efqrn, of this town ; Mr.
John Trmp!e was alf a pallenger, but died about
a week befise the vefldl arrived.
Bolon, June ts. One of the Arft objes of the
late fI lion of the General Comhnwa the folingu a
new valuation of the federal tows In the common-
wealth. The change of propqrtg occsaoned In ma-
ny places by the peace together with the dillike
which generally attends the vacation of the time
bcit,g, had made this measure highly expedient.
Real or ftpnored inequalities had altf greatly Im.
pedcdthe tofthe lalltasandno funtheriefi.-
ment could ue reasonably exrefted tilltheft were
Scmoved. The returns, as ufual, were committed,
with intruidiuns however fomewbat different from
the general practice. The relative value of counties
was not as heretofore to be afcertained but the
towns were to be taken up in alpibaetical arrange
ment, or the lihre town frit, and afterwards the
other towns of any county, according to their
local fltuation. Notwhbitandirg great aertions
were ufed on theprt of.the e.mamittee, to bring
this buflncf of Aot luation ll a perfrC Rate before
the couit, it wa.i found to lp impradicablc, and
war flially'rtfel aed toanother year.
The doubtful Rate of the ipeft iluty which
was granted to Congreft, was t 70Ibed of friou
o6avrc nil without doors a Nor did it reiape the
note of fome meminrrof the lower Houfe. Im-
preftcd wtlh the nerdlity hf this m-aftut. which
he crmocurrence of twelve States in the union bad
f ntt ned, t!ey felt too folicitoas for its fucceft ,
,o remain idle fpe&ators of the delays that It
received in a nrlghbourig at. They
accordingly introduced a M IPMWtf duty of
t wenty five per cent. on all gods w h should he
mportcd from any State which had nor adopted
this grant to the confederate. The fertrity of
fuch a bill did not fail to alarm many gentlemnt.
I'b y thaiht it a dirt breach of the ontfedern.
don, and thbuld the other States not take a Rallar
Itep, the blow would fall upon u own heads, by
our beinx the only.Start prkclitded from the coa-
merce of Rhode-Iland.--Nevtrthelefet a ferfe of
the necetlity of paying the contihtntal debt, which
it was thought the lmpitil was brlt ca'tilated to
,lo, preailed fo far as to carry the bill through
the lower Houfei where however, it ineer re-
turned to take the force of an a&. EheadCuate
for a Congrcflonal duly, notwithitndig, d
not give over their attempts to enforces ii
fnpported a further meaftrt n aid t the t Ir
jtt, as will prefently appear.
Perhaps .for reasons above dated. noi tt
was mare for a dry tln but.acnmmittee was at
fed to consider gert(Jlly of ways and menus to
fipply the treifury. Their report conl)rde oftwo
mcafurs, the one, a bill ImpSng dotlte upon
llernfed velltm, parchment a d paper the other,
ha bill for granting an implt dlty ot fe per .
o the Uitcd State, to he i.n fred wbit er
twelve States In the union Ihoold agr e to it and.
granting likewlle a-annual tat of si4.45f dollar,
bein the Statc' p ot of the remainder de
fdt te ncftel of tbhe b debt, after ealdie
the procetedl ofthe i l, orthr e terem o l em
five yeare, e e a he rtcomuinedatide or
Concrei of pi11 l8 .* *
The paflOn nftlpp.At wasf bntohbe e
of the so*t ieieult settre* (hat could have oec
cmesed. The weight rtolhduties was&
Sive no the -ade I fod A1ngSd In e
right of lerIyitthe lta wa eot unconftdItlmal,
and eacifk. h4vhee ko mk to a m er.ayBde of
raiing I revenue. ot it as the mneatb that
ritain bad adopted to eurCelt her preteWded
right of tmaation I in he bands It has been polat.
e4, and it wa to be feared, that the name had
become too infamous to allow that credit to itb

pinaciper which perhaps they In ft dtferved
Such were fac d the prejudices ofthe people I
Under thfe cih mnapnce. many IenthTs were
for refniig it to the o anloo of thel07onfitueat,
pr Iouda to ts euplhtian. DBt rs op*oa
his ftep,. as the dl datn tla d u npwortu va-
leginltora. They wro l ruebw Ai "npopula-
ity of the cXcic law, at the bteii*lng, which
had now hIcome a, riarite tax with the people.
leRdes, the very pro" oang of the ltion would
imply a dirr of thebitn. that, I ill probability.
would be decie aapiat it. Tjldiicultie at,
ending the buRflutiwere not cotmed tothis points
The eAablilaing of tbedutied sttl-and the rate
of payment, was alo greatly el rreled. The
jealoufy betwicn the bonimcrcia landed in-
tereAs contributed not a little to ti; a jealousr
eer to be lamentrd, ad'whih w ill venture to
fay it b equallyijudons to both Interetis. whe
well underLtoud. The ill, ne ertbecit, was hel
up by a fall, though Arm majority I and having
hers contelcd in veery Asre, was now tulffred to
ret on the table while the Hloufe turned their
attention to the iccond part of the report of the
committee of ways and means. This confined of
two nbjea, the one, a grant o in t polt duty to
the Unted States, by i States in the union; the
other, a dry tax ao the Lurn aore-imentioned,
fr thbefp cof sj years, in order to ditcluari
the Utnal debt. The merits of the former fub-
j Ea I been large'y taken up in the iU already
d 6leed, Mr taxing articles Iported from States
lteh were delinquent in a like trafure, and pat-
i without oppnstlanst Ion IS c ttcr fubieE met
with a very nifferent decion -Whether It was
Aem on Idea that the mpoft duty alone would be
a tluilenf t Oiking fInd for the afe of the union,
tbou'h it was not a'cuated at more than a million
droilars annually, or wethert the dificettls ot
ng1t mo" a dry tax. imprefd the Houfo
with a fronlter dea fthem maagrrde ofthe gratnt
certain it Is, that the latter pat of the report was
rej ted by a numerous majority while the or
mer, though founded on the fame recommend
tin of Colgrcls, and forming a part of thef 1e
itfem, was adopted without a diilon.. Thus
rtily accepted, the bill wes tranklrren to the
Snate, but did not ail their concurrentee The
rigor with whrlitel I wahandled, however,
in al probabty. laid the fid4atlon efa better
fortiinc rte namp bbin. It was now ea dently
aferted, tha t uentkame could not t iti aId
-with anieaieoiblolb inacy rne every mesra tht
were ofred far. raising the monies. If otr cre-
ditor in Europed and at home were to be died
their demand, ril the civil Hlt irdly were not to
be fAived, l. the present ate of things, to trillin
WM the pioduce of the land ta, that without
further reforce, law could neither be made noe
exeented I And to wit grant In al ;
to Seop the wheef4 ofbowf risj wativ

IimJ t in I L after amne alteratie
In te w e fnl thea l atile.i t wa
dA b of* lhe age oe
w s esi. ied the prat ECharie
d t tmrietem- etl a eato the

*ioe mawlde to 466p e rthe t "nil
the aer o rei e late BOWr
im he r, Ifc e .liHip |
Ingi iTf -river, passe
Md. foe ai relrit rom in britgSin,
ai a b lassfit, that any ferve
in fean to Wipe away the recolleion
their as th e wa r.
161 .10-

we m et with propofal, which, however inrde. r rthi a, there Tlh i nt be eottede from
equate u Mna appear to cf ted its delned obe, potl barber. erls, ha or in riet C
e ur notice from t he benevolejoce ur il aa por ant y oier o lace within this Combmon weait,
rip. l ic his was a draught of alt opentt for uc- ay eo, l by warde of erchaunci, the lirol th,
teio to the delegates in Cpurpot. whereilt con matofamtureor produce of thle or any of the Uie-
wert direnrd to move that body, to e their inlu- ted States, in any itip, vedi or crnt of any ti ll
eeine t t the Court of uropec. to crtablilh f clae eltong neithe in thole or i part) to, or btrde
mode of deciding national diferenee m other than tl proP of any the fubjtiet of the King of
that of war, which haed been fo lon the fcourge i rea itB urto.
and doifrce of mankind. If the attempt should ic my fPd, Tha tef/rl, and whereas proclama-
prove neficacious, the letter obfer pwe frch an i tions and orders have been ilad by the boaer.
rxeltion, though fruitleft would be considered ouriln toffet era r ofethe ritila dominion t for
as al uffr of gratitu to the ropoeat unrvernour of prohibiting ctrary belonging to ar y ot the United
the u tivelfe, who had granted fo many linal ateis from entering their port or trafickit
favours to th e people of America. The dblyIgte there ith their ladinr That in caffi the fad
he rcintrclfdt if it carried noiEncnnftncy with proclamations and ord hi Dpll t, revered, aot
the ufge of Congref, to cauf the letter to be an open trade allowed to fitlh vefeles, and the Go.
*erl an their journals, as a perpetual memi nto vriaCour of tRir Commonwealth being certified
to their fpcceffor to improve any opening for thereof, Ihall y advice of Council publicly figniy
efeding this dfcirab ipurpior. When we cotir the fame byhis proclamtions.e then Iall the fore-
der th e philanitrophy of this motion, every man g oi n cll a i of thie ae f be dilcontnued, and hall
of feeling mlt lament, that the country fowhich cade te t during the te time fu open trade
iw orilatervis, has not greater means of enforcing fhrall ie e lltwed.
it abrtod I and malt be led to hope, that the fuamt And b it ftrlbr sased Ij tbe nuthfromr afre.r
Jl"rpofition may continue when Providence may faid, That fiom and after the laid fir n day of u-
not charge her powers and her inflctence. Whether fult eaxt. ifany hip, velTe or craft of any kind,
it were from despair ot efrin ing the e of i view, as aforeftid, be found in any port, harbour or
nfaker a fatr of appearing to intermeddle with creek, or any other place with this Common.
the irefant critical situation of the powers in Eu- wealth, talking on board, or having taken on board
rpin, the lower Houi thought proper to with- while Ii this Commonwealth, any of the articles
old their afrielt to the propnoftioi until father aforelanld contrary to the true intent Ast meant-
attention could be paid to the f oubjel. l ing of this a ft, every foch (hip, velfel or craft
On the 8th frtJun t the General Aflbly or the e otherplc with their ladinp, ihall be foreited, and
S ate of Connedicut finitlied their Sprang Srlrt io, Ihall and may be Feited by ay NnAv.dlOfftlcr, Col.
at the clofe of which his Excellency Greciver prte of lrcife or his Deputy, or by any other
Grilwold offered the following addfe in citizen or citizens of the Unicter Stater, and the
igment to pnl ofa uh Canratul and fame may pe rfud for, protefecute and recovered
p Grleu, or famine Hourte .fwRepr ian enraSi I in any Court of Record within thisommonheraith
SThe period nowri he arrived wh ryou arelled propr toin try the itame anri after deltding the
in the aou er of Divide Pturn ever, to retire harge of ptifecting thie fame, from the gafr
ta your habit llonw Your t eal and attbc mention to prduc there of, the remainder other g:vn one
the blo, ahii th beef the fifaten, july demandld tie moiety to the person or perfonri n t Iu al have
tarnkiul aktnowlet ime int of all concerrwht ; foi ma. the ty izure an d profeuted the fame, ano teri
which good fcrvice I n return rou pub ic thank. other moiety hall be paid t into the treafny of this
"v But,h gnterlemen,thouh yo the aernly awor- Commonwaalth, for the ufpo of the fame.
tlhy part fo far at you have gone, yet your truth IsA nd An is f flar Snalded, That from and aftrr
ot carried into rll epnta compkat refxution. to m the brn t tlay or Augurl neat, there haln not be
promote piety, virtue, duf y f aliy arfordd a t, k n out o landed ryom on board any p;ip, ve-
ced obedience otlic laws, arc all important duties fdl raft, nlot wholly belonging t, opr the pao.
tnbt do and will conltindu to c .1 aloud haor your ptrty of ite citi ans of the United States, any
mclt attentive exertionis. 'l hie example of law. yruodt wares or merchandise, in aily port, har-
nakers f ths naturally a powerful implha aton on e future to pyr or the other f..ace within this
finds of the people, if properly difrejed-ict of LonImpnwealth, except the ports of Sufi Pal
eminen t fcrvice to lead and condu t them in the mwvrb, (iil, an Br? alnd Durtoble ;h and if An.y
tpr ce o arrd to ntoifort and h capinfso. Shotxed licgo. ip. velll or craft, iot owned as aforfmaid, hall
tioufn! f take place in the land, it would be an bt fund in ant port, harbour or creek, or any
u ingratfu return to the Father of alt our Iercru. other plan within this Comitonweath. Uxcept
for the itnemairte faiou ry and fene its rcei vel the p anrt a t Barr almourb. i C, (al b) paid
and i a iul m the duAlmighty in fchcafyi, ll de ghteeons Dar ruth, as Aforefld, difcharging her ading,
judgmentlfo funhil a, ugrateful people, hand or any pArt theft, otherwise rthi aborve.oei;.
peantiac, or e aminet or the word o f an enraged toned the faid ollp, vetel or crafth together with
enemy- or thou peipr mit the grnd adtverfry of her lading, Lh. a be fezed andforlite, to be re-
mankind to fw the feeds of ditord and enmity, covered and appropriated as e faid dtf.
ii ruch a nasnrr as to turn every man's fivord And be it/urtir Enaanled, That from and after
agDinf hvi fellow, till the arh become drenched the faid pr, it day of Augult neat, there inafl be
with blood. as hath been the fite of kingdoms and paid by the mlter, owner orconfignar, of every
empire in fundry ages of the world(took place fo ip, o 1en el or craft, owned either in part or in
Seary as the time of Cain and oAbn)what a ditrcr. whole by any foreigner. at the time of entering
ed undone condition would the people be in To the laid fiph vprml or craft, into the hand of the
avoid fur.h terrible calamities the only way of Naval.Offi, of the ports of BoRon, a lortbf
cfcape is, by repentance and rformation, to im- and Dwrrtb, aforefarid, for the fae an benefit
pliA the divine protection, which Is the only ark ofthis Comonwealh, a duly of feilligiiv per
of afcty, capable of affording compleat fecurly ton, fr each afnd every t hn efid vefel, mar meo-
and deliverance. What people hae ever i eperlen- fa by aght appr meafrurement, and a further
cfd more tgnal inoanee ot favour, or had a more dut ot t1l ihr, g ad eight pefw per ton, asp
srcale foundation laid to be ecat and happy than eight money, in aditti to what by law they are
thefe of the United States have had I What Ihock- now fuhjeet to pay, for th: ufe and service of tIe
ing inurAtitude muft it their be, and how ircuco.- light litoifes ; and likewie, pay unto tile Co)lerfor
fable mrlt the people bet if they wilhlly rejet the of Impo and Excite, for the counties of S aolk,
means put into their hands to enjoy the blcfilgs C a ferland and Briaol, bouyle the duty on the
of peace carried into its full and oompleat execu good( portedinf id veflel, a is or may be piI
tion I 1 would therefore urge you in themoRt at tha t. (e upon the Ike goods imported in a vf.
preffing manner, to ufe your utmot influnce to fel belring wholly to the citizens of the United
promote piaty, virtue, inda dry endfrugaiity, jlu Statea and further duty ota her te hallbe prid
fice and benevolence to mankind-frown upot upon every buhiel of fat imported in any (hip,
every vice, and impre* a the duty of ylfang due veil or craft, owned either tn whole or in part,
obedience to the laws ; alto to crltliv!tn ha- by any of the fubied., of the King of Great- Britasi;
mony that has fC happily taken place i t'atet and previous to t heir breaking bulk they fLall give
and info etential tothe weal of po pol I bond to the faid Colkeor foar the payment of the
#, Under the pleairo gptfed that by yur faith. fame.
fl eertions, attend, with the kin influence of Preded rtnw terth ,f, That the raid duty ofa.
Dine Providence, the people of thia rate may pimn per buinel on falt, tall not be pld in care an
.LruO the itieftimable blemngs of peace, I now ex- open trade lhall be permitted is the Britifh domi-
-e .aTerrou from any further krvice thisAifons, and niona, and during the continuance of fuch open
SIffartily with you all a comfortable, pleafa;ut, and n trade I, fch permrilion to be dignified by the Go-
f e return to your feveratnhabitatlon." t vernor's proclamation, asaforefaid.
Boronw, 7xl 7. i And wheres fo- ewrfots for the fake of cnoy-
.is ACr fr the P Eglat, in of Nagr stis ar Ing more eltenfivre privileges in commerce. Iave
CarZstoe. I bad double lets of papers for their veffebl, in orler
WHEREAS it is become expedienind necef- that they might appear theproiperty of one nation
fary for this Commonwealth to make oe Com. I or another, as might belt afwer their pur-
ncrciai Regulatihons for the nctouragliem t of ; pofetiaor the prevention of which imposition%
their own trale : Therefore, I it enaed That from ad after the firt day
Be it BERad bt Mr Smote and NsverIfRe. of Auget neat, any vefel which may aptar to
to*'s ir O. neaal Court afrimi, ar by so-.. have two feta of papers, by the one of which (he
t',,r ste Ja m. That from and after the frrA may appear to be the property of the citizens of
UAu 14 Audu; neat, and during the coatinanie the United Sutnts ad by the other the property

of rfmelmt e lt I aio l e4kd(h.l
any velel that ha. dlid at XM l N
t bh Cmmoawealth, 7i4he p ofptbhe
of iher!'e State,. hall aierwrudenteuf sai.
her cargo taken In and cleated pKi r f a h
MfoIin port. al the pOpeny a ;lger,
velutl pon her return Into r
(luil be fnrfelted, and maybe l hthe
Officer ofthe port where fle maytue tfc 'Qg
any other perfiu or perfani, who m
for the fame, to be recoved and the
arifing from fach forfeitore,tobe ppliLj
la d, and the matter of flab ve al dS S.
Ilall forfeit and pay for the u of tlbl
w e a lth a ft m o f w a J IWm ~I -J to be
vered a frefaid.
Arid e t finrtSr Bnaffd, That eak m
ficer in this Commonwealth, prev iou n hi
mittiti any.Jtfel to an entry, Ihall adalal
fololwing oal (r affirmation,)to th mlae,
one of the pricll owner tBertof,
velTl thall appqcp be the p rperty of t
of thefe StateLo). d certify it Of the bae
regifter (if not done bfoee) nthe followiag
Then personally appeared before me
one of the principal owner (or the
der, as the cafe mat be) .fthe
made folemn oath (or afilemat m) that
fail is the role property ofthe d
or tIr United States, and that dofe
rirretly or indirectly, hath anyt pan or
therein. NA*.aL-OnIhe Cf
An id ilfthr fumrthe enaled by reahwl,
That ifany Naval-Officer or his Deputy ai
fume to enter or clear any verfel, con trwyt
true interlt and meaning of thi adu of asl
lat Oftcer, Colletor of Impot and R Icie;
their nrprnties, hall nrrte anyo the frtlet
qntlrrt ofilihem by tls ad. heorthey. InRl,
or neplefting their Tefp ae duties. Iall fh
and pay the fumofteehsNaredpeot,one ni"L'd
ty there for the Ifldofthis Commonwea'th aIsi
the oer moiety th eof fir tIe ufe orfi t inMt
or peltons who tra rofecute for the rime. to
fnied for. ann rtcrnyed in any Court of Recwsft
th Commn wen I i rnper t tv the fitr Il
in addlition there at ber ilotred ltsim
any fu tlier cx e of bi or their refpeftre
ceS. ""
Pfei;, /.. 're tri, Thlt nwthl Intl e 'hi
(ha tl ti conflti to prevent ay Imip eort
lun;lt in this 'ocfmonwealth. and owned rther
whole ot in part by any qfth- fntheafilhd l
of Ore I Rritnai, from taking a cargo
firl departure from this Commnefamlt.
the fame trm.i, anc ne further retIt l WS
faid v. fcl was owned by the icelle" of
And be it futlhr ~enal i. That this at
tinne in free until the Unitc State Ih It
alrembl d, (hall be vetled with competent
for the purpose, and fhall havepafetcd an
for the regulation of the commerce of thait
and the perito may arrive when the orid
it to t take .ff,% .d no longer. rP'afj1
N,'.'onrt, ual. A. We &e einnform
girCf, fome time rnce. came to the
Ib'ution rrfperi,,g the Petition of fIdb-2 h
chants of the town of Rofton. vi&.
Ordered, that the Petition lie antil
Itall take in'o connldeatlin the fslani p
Comm:tte ,in an applicatirm othere
veft Congrf.with the power. of g
un'er certain Provitifes.
l/y.23. We aWrevforwnsil that I
1 Court of Mafftchufte Itnlri *g heir bl
resolved upon proool i 4, tn he fub'httr
Co federation of Cor. a, a the Leg
all the States in the Jin m i thL
tion nfa paderal yen
rtvifrig th Conf ii o
fibfervient to nerJ Intre' and
the several Sofve COpollg! thi

ined to keep polrcflon of the p- olsino ti hat 't' fl e w Int&flly he e ; hi though perhpe itl
aad as a proof of fuch ferious deterIn.- pors aid afford ard fe Iwr rmoaltri we be xer for i P iare .
tey have lately reinforced the garlfou at O. bum b leave to r Ierttt that fa kut are .. ,as Th ew l toh e calle the ommn.
rwib two companies from Nlagata, and ar. Ianguifiing lit prilons for debt cdt a t in thisn wealth of Kenttuky. md er nirputatlon contains
ri feet back a number ofperfons, fubltte of country for the neerlrires ot life, many hate wore at thitime 30.oan fmils I but b fore a feparation
t Sed States, who were ontheir route to the out the enerfity of their fritndi, andattbis mo. ca take place, tiaA he vilit increafrd.
Country for the purpolea of trade. ment depend as the Icity of their creditoNs for sr The ovaf gis' ontinr to o mifthief,
"qfa kiterfr/rm Milade ~i, datled Ju s. their lIberty, and others muft pcr e holdtihe though chleiy atlothe Ohio river| but it is not
1 rhe re ar various reports In town, rela jue Julice du from the action be fol po~ e- f any conder 'feqnnce."
lae ate Indian dept eda los. I have been at wretched examples to the fr'nd of onarhy, leudi, We are infrmed, that
painr to inform myfelf partieuarly on the whIle they remain tu espofcd to fuch complica much mit-hfrfl ~lT been done by the Inliana
So a.,d from what I have been abl to called, ted cAlmityf the whi'l to fettled clear Cnmbltland
lto believe, that what has happen ed is not a~ But we fotliir farther to urge thofe y
ial fair, i or a mere fall of their disorderly divinevirthes of companion and lufice, which Risrd p. ry rrntlemian luft arrived
mcr, but in confequence of a regular and know animate your royal breast, in humble co i r the uiry. we learn. tht a family,
eplia. Oie pretty frongev.dence in fup- dcnce, that's your Majefty has been Kracioufly settled in p valleyv, were attacked rhbot a
of this opinion is, thatthey began at KBu.. pleaAfd already to rectmmend*ont cafe to Par. Fortanlpht flete Indi.ns, and two m-n and
on the Scioto, on Hoclocking, and near lament, in aonfequence of which an ad pa. fonr children d g-the mother of the children,
etin, about the -fame time; and a Mr. Walker feds appointing commmifoners to afre.rtain our it;, i tnniF4, wa ervrrdl t h, them.
i arrived in town from the call branch of Sut- claim. You will again, Sire, condtfcend to re-
qskerannah, informs that fome people have been ,ommend to Parliament a fpcedy compenfarion -
killed on Tiega, a branch which falls into the luch claims as have been purfuatt to the faid N A S.S A U,.. AUouT 27.
clquchannah, abcut eighty or ninety miles above afcertained and appointed. N the 9th inft. the chip fophia Bailey W. R.
W oiing. All thefe thing combining, feemo to And your petitioners, as In duty bound, 0 Swan, mater, from Jamaica for London,
ucate a general difroertcst among the Indian. wl will was drivMt ashore port Cape PFlrida, but was got
Antlieman from Pittfburgh, with whom I have (incd) JA. WRIGHT, off the day after, ht the etrtions of the crew,
V. god deal of converfatipn, tays positively, By the dlrefion and in the behalf of the aided by f(ur wrecking vefrel belonnfing to this
tat they are by no means 14tiined with the late Agents for the American Loyalifts." port.-Capt.wan, In a letter to Nicholas w.r
tlty, and will not, he thinks, give up tie terri Ju!r st It is reported that a new effort has tier, Pf f ofthis place, fiays "t Capt. Bell and the
toy ctdd. Indeed this feems to be the general been made by the King of Spain for the reltitution ref of theCatainshave behaved with the greatet
opinion of many of thepeoplefrm the back count of Gibraltar; but that Mr. Pitt, the Britilh pre- civility and (hall make itlyhuinf csto report
ty, who all fay that the Britifll take great pains micr, had put a positive negative upon that require their flenlyv e6ndnft, tonjll the underwriters at
to0ecite in them a je.i!outy of us. Six or feren fition. Lloyd's Coffee.honfe. l will be pleaded to
moments are ordered horn Ireland to garrifon the Other reports are circulated, that great part of reward them for their trauhl."
pitilk potts on the lakes." the if'nd ofHifpaniola hs been offered as com- A few days after a panif Polare was raft
y ly 3. The laft inips fom America to Lon. renfation for Gibraltar, without effdc. away onthe FJoidaJre. The crew abandoned
oe, having carried tu ew remittanci fiom our PiladLpht, Juta 13. On friday laft general her and carried of fails and Ipat of the eargo
*trchantn, and fo many pleas ofinabihty to mike R. Butler, one of the Comminiuncrs for Indian ftme of on wre have since fared great part
d their payments, that many capital dealers Affairs, left this city, on his way tothe Big Mianre, of the remaindii rcnfiing of wine, oil. &r.
Lvc refufed fending out goods, unlela that rfture where the Commiluoners have ordered the Indians The fch o r Thlrast Capt Conner, frmm
trrs are accompanied with drafts on appro ed to be alfembled on the firft day of Oobtr pext, Por Reft for this port. on herpaflage fp he
oixes in London. at which time the treaty with the weecrn nations the Ship from ramaica for Londoa, in lat. ef letter from Lon*dom will commence. f Wo IJ am all well.
Cltain it is(fiom the bet authority) that the 7uaI 14. No mrafre bid t fair to draw from AF ,r as. roml
Ipourit ofalmontall the.argeft claims f the Ame- individuals the knowledlye eflential to the forma- Aug. hon. W. IenT Reading, P Plori'
ricn l.ovlitr are allowed by the Commillioneli, tin of a liberal and defenlfie f fiem of manufac- A .lotp Hannah. Dilworth, Philadelphia
Certain funir, which it is thought will gre:.')' tu e trade and commerce, in this country, as the fchoo,. "omas. Conenr, Nova.-cotia
rceed thecxpeatrions that had been ftmned, al- inliitution of a ficiety for the promotion thereof, t. School. Swallow, Ewing, Virdinia
thetigh in lfme degree falling short ofthe amounts on a plan nearly similar to that ot the truly laudl. SlrtsD. P.r
vl, i : nd it is imag'nedthat a certain fim will ble agricultural society of Pliiladelphia. Nctlr Aug. ar. hrhoo. N.mncr, HTit, Clemrwe
c Pa:! r sin to eacl claimant, and the remain- would the Europeans have attained to their prrfnt a3. Sloop Nl'!y, Cr, fill. Charleton
ier paid. ffin a.i.ual inltalments. degree of perfection i, valioLs branches, but for aS. School. St. Mark. Redmnnd, E. Florida
The Loyalift in order to prefs the Legiin.. liftitutions of this nature: and the reafin isobvi Sch. iifannah, Deaerer'x. New.Ynrk
ore tiexcrtions in their favour before Parliramtit ous Perfone engaged in trade and muanufaetures,
rifet, have presented the following petition to his however deficient of central knowlkilgr, are, for
Majily. who is much their friend, over and above the month part iutelligent with reflwd to Ieir own J US T. I M P( R. D,
their own immediate applications to the Iluufe of particular branch ofhufinef.: they perceive where In the Brig PViIN"-utI. pt. af from
commons, viz. i re those pinches there i and can cafily point.out Naw- at.
To the KING's Moft rxcellen! Majefty. the means to beadoptedto bring it to perfedion: AND TO R0 L D,
'Th PETITION ofthe Agents for the American now, when an enlighteneo bdy of people called On R,41ona '7 j.
Loyalilte, in behalf of themfclvca and their this information, and digeft itinto fyfem, the le By JO H N C S T I E7
Coanslltunts. gilature are c.fed of five niaths of tketrouble they *. ,.
Mffgrarior Soiereign, would otherwise experience; they proceed, more. At hit rms .ill
WE the Agents of your Majely's faitih'ul over, on a more certain foundation. Indeed For C., S Br eail tiO.
.American fobjetis, who have suffered in their amidA the diverfitv ofaffair which togrofs the t. A Qgtny of PIN ARD nd CEDAR
ihts, properties and pollfAions, in co9fcquence tension of our 'e fltture, it willnot, unleft plan *
I their loyalty to your Majety, and attachment ofthitfort be adopted, be poifiole fo them toat- F O R S
WtthcBrtifl government, molt humbly beg leave tend toall the munitiXe of trade, ortoapproach at
Sap, roach r royal person, and to recall to all near prfedtibn. We are particularly happy to THAT pleafants airy Water OT, adjonin
n Mrjcltly eollr&ion our catdy perfeve- inform ourreade, that feeralpublicfptredgen- tothe Wetwardof Mr. snT lraca's
rance, and un mplcd ftiferings, i support of tiemen have had this in agitation for fome me te on the White Orbd. at poieffed by
Or Mal's tor ki, the rdfence tfl e CGonlitu. par ; fo that wvhoover has a wilh to reader his Mr, Jor. O rL feet and a4 feet
sin, and tht irkv lion of the Empire. namc ceklbated, as the founder of fo beneicent font. with a new I on it, s a, and ha
Called u i common with all your Majety's a focicly, n retd only tdep forward and fubmil aji.u. a well improved Gad .
tubjea8, by oclaoiations under your royal ig. dicious plan to the public, wIhich we arc c dent Por terms apply to JO ORRIS.
aturt, thedt !arations of your royal wiil by your will be entered into warmly. Na ewq aPw a, s tS .
Ministers, and the refulutions of Parliament; and Recent Letters from Europe inform u, tlatthe T'HE SilhTriber rA iia meof irrtefil thanks
simulated by our own principles of loyalty and Pope has opened two port., Civita Vecchia on the 1 for th- favors ath received from his Prienda
atffeion to your Mal we did not hcfitate to Mediterranean fea, and Ancona, on the Adriatic and the Pblie in laer, faet entered into Bu*
;pofe the rebellion in erica, in every teage of gulph, for the admillion ofirefels belonging tothe famer* ad'r bhe J1,* a.irTAs. & Co. hu*
Ifprogrefi, unifonatr S the conffcations, at- United States of America, onr terms of pcrf Sandllte thiml al s and ianrtss.refo
t nidrs, and dlIath, 'ch our perseverance, reciprbcdty; and has, mnoteover, iqminated normsm 'hat l pder t aely of declining
In the cafe iof yohr l] y, and thii country, fors at each ofthefe ports, to renderery n u' tri ms a therefo dIiffola
Were threatened, and thoe Wpofed to. fry service to thofe Americans who may a ithe i ihtim or to Je
"Many of our flflit's have borne arnm there ; lfipuating only, that the fubjeAs of the 8,av. & are S o male p ym"ct
Guder vo Maje Generals, who can teftify Papacy (tal meet with gniilar friendly treatment MeSt K i raw& Moss, aors-el
ier seal in the co n caufe; others are Icdme in the perts of the United States. e are infor- of them, t heads he bL the Boks, a
the dditute widows and orphans of fathers and med that application on the above fabjedc for the flatercive a i as he intends k.
kulbands, who mingled their blood with the purpose of opening a mew rent for the NewIeng. viathu ft'fewarw a
lncce of i heir property: All of.ts have been land co.filh, was made by the American Coe. All P Ingai y ep again him. or fai
deed of or Amerian polftion, and the a s minuoers ia Burope, to the Pope's Nuncio at Cee e f. v nllimi. & Co. are delied a
fuafickr and conlifeatlon pared' agaikht os, Pari,. who trinfmitted an account of the propof.- e heir d o for payment. *
te kben ratMf*d b the arty ofeae. tlon to hi Sovereign,iby whom be rwas pow JOHN SULLIVA 1.
i' huct whilit we tbus faw our loperties made cred to conclude the buli rik as above smetioned. 1rsm, Asa* s7. vrft.
price of peace for our fellow fbjeds, we truft- .Etrd af a ktnie fom DeasdUi, teta s. KTf IC I RuY OIVEN. tu al Perina
'i" the hoi.ur ad justice of the Brtifh nation, fled J 31, tyS. iJ debeed to ftl ate of Pasrasa Ioaer, decea.
wholC behalf we 4ured, to tompenfate us for n Our econdconvetio ha met, aqd is now fed, ti make in imiae p rap anl than l e t
k faerfice oi which were mad the vtitim I fitting. They bae refolxdo a making applleation have demands aI* the a aP flad in
Your Majrfty polUng, .a we do, in an to the Legina'ure'i t Vrgnb~l for o ad o tpa. pac N .ted, to
miltdegree, tlhejder aealol s of bothhuf. tion at their net f nd a petition 1 lla m MAI TWEII YT Adminifrator.
m4 aid father, w defend to cofider khe drafting for that nQ which will be re li *., i S, iny.
eekednefs of ly reduced from aluence to ihe convention tLi ay. .An addref will ii be r' hereby forewarns at P--fmB
natirt. who a i able to pocure the comlt handed pt to thepeopse, on the expediency tht a ng or crediting his Wife Mar
'rtll f o life, for their wea and families, and Sefere. ~tA L.t,, le will t deem himfelfacc ntauw-
hge of there .fetingl, Aold their pirfent ,Sev late ass of the Tirlia A bl, r any dAf b ie may coltrai, either lin a
rfm k aggravated by delay a rtappotint. wh*ri p te rie on this dltr hare an. or Ip his nade after thisdate.
t .. ti6cipwt theapplcatiot toad nvlier period tha A sSy*, s RICHARD

Wood, &c. -b r t
luru. a. 1 h
Fr R 11 L ,
O TUI Lows Siet .
JAMAICA sPlRITS ry br. o
pudisoan or llaer t
don particular Mderies hnd es
Wine, is piap, qurt ,.
oftalk nd botale i
Videaii din t I l ir ir
Loaf & Mwfead l _r ov i.d '
by the kage'or ILah ai
lHt qsantity
Nffn, reen -.s, byr lhe Ct* ctoede
fnaller quadey ?aTleclA
Hams loat Chalis
Linrise -ad llad Otil Ad Vdtery df their
pliritofTurpetina GooAl in th Oree
fice aierl sad half andShip Cladlcr7
giare fenC fit.
4 as o,
An A firtmeit of DRS GOODS, received by
he Naau. .,.
To 4D,
.At I STOs t WbAn ,for CA*S Otly.
Indian Cor
ihip Brad In ad nir taies
iftcuit in kegs
Carnd Beef in tobl
S Jamaica Rum in og a and barrels
Cole, Loaf Sugar
I lyf1, Souchlag and Bo eas
S dailra, Poratt icryi, if, and Lifoan
Moold d dipt Candle
pmacrri ditth
Trpentine Sosap
Courage, B~l ot, &cc. &c &C.
,T-'- S f ---- D
In thi kip SALLY. .frAm Lownuo,
AND TO BE 1.1)D,
At thieStan er Irpirly Mr. David M'Pherton.
PTCKLES Erthcn Ware
Tonsgn Childreha' Toys
Brf V ieeg in kel Blue barrelled Guns hd
Port Wine h bottle P oifl .
ttied Por r Mnrc:al Intruments
rlo 3)auble Lo I nuihel d Furniturk
Sugar 4 Hate
Perfumer Paper Htngings & other
Hardware Stationary,
With vat r ArtMc, all which will be
ald off I at a very low advance ftr
Cafh, Cot r ahUtto, as the return for flid
goo.4d a t he mnlde BIy the Ship SallyI
BEING determined to prosecute to th utmok
Srigor of the law, all fch agalnft whom fuf.
icieut information mall be given, for which infor.
nation If alaRt a white Pr n Twrdiv Iellrrj,
If agill a legro Te s, and if against
a Negmr Four rs will be aid, the
LIbfcribe r as all rfom from harhbnuring
er emplo> a certain nort lout black Negro
yellow vi. lld RO bIN, was lately employed
in the rdlance Depart t. '. Dolar will
be paid upon hi bring de to
DI D ZUBLY, jman.
He Inform hli friend Public, that he
sow lives in the lunfe Ittl y IHflliam
Itnr o M ,il, Bftil ad re his Ichool
for tht eduetsi os oth, io. r'l;x,
and ,riiseekf. ano, tiil ad Go.
Ira, if deflired.
OM New- r, but Tately Abaco, and
now rlving on Old end of
Ohe Panade, haT lon0g praised
MIDWIPFRY, begs leave to I e Ladle
who ma be plead to employ thatl.ine.
S'hat they map depend upon the cpt.anmd
.\ TO BE S LD;
P T AT lIrT and wnt lie Ity SIHOat*
1 oa th. Wihe around, the ofni. as l
bwk by S eMr.lay trsMca, wi *th 4
new Wombs, sears with Rit Ovea fa. ae
Improved LOT W y ia do b
an of the melt airy ead laMy aboutTews.
For tersessity" _
Jn Bode, 317.d S 'ale' of It-
a. wneYj, Bills orA dEaeata eeg 'a Auil-
deNSiP. c a. tab t n ce.

Ac his SzOP on the BAy.
W 1 S" Itlemaet of Criciea, a
Telatnts. i .voll
Prnypr Book de o H s Arild, v lof
boned Mid gait je'. H le% Gmen..
Chiuch Prianier> vib*'t LUe* .o the
Dilworth' a iW D4ychi' llrih Admirals, 4 6s1
yl Beidorts Aae% Vuygt .
h n' Bookl JI oiuell.titrtS, wi0
W lling Didionaries Every Mala his wn Law-
Dalwath'l Afillaht yer
S- .-- Book-keeLpi Cuomplerterymair
Crosall's Alop ir"ms J*lice, 4 vloe
.EnLied'ip aket llakillic. Contaiati-
Hill'% ci inilt, hr', rine, 4 vol
Locker's, and hitir'l BuB1ead's Saate( 14 Ool
Arithmetic Wilkit's Inftrance
Mair' Alook.ketping acob'. Law DidConary
aobfor'sl, Baley's, Dy. rlimlan'.EuI
ch'., & cnniig's Lng* 'Cion' Euc'ti
lilh Didiunaris Sherwin'tTables
Chapibauod'i French Exrr- Thomfon's and tayes's
ciles, Gran.m=ar& ic. Table of Inlterl
tiol*ry urguf uie .\Aechai;cs
Boyer'l French CGrmmar --- oy
and Diaionaiy ----- Ecrcift
French Pocket Didoner ---- Elerkcit
PI'rny'f e'Fach Caramn.r Scaian's Aliftnt
Murdoch'. trench Veca- Marincr's Comparf
bulary --- Klcnidar
Ruddmaman' Latil Rudi. Buchan's D.imcnic Mci.1
mcnts and Gi a.nnar cine
I.illy'sActildoet;& iGraim. lale',, Ra.iald't & Far.
m. r l )'s Contke
Cl.rk'a Irtrodudion,Cor. Atlas and Zlephant Dr -
dcr, EtLmnus, Caftr A ing lbpcr
Oa.l Imperial, Saper Poyal.
Mair'. ltrodudion Roy.,l Meiudm, Itemi-
Ainfworth's, Younls and Royal, thick and thin
tEnrlck's Latin DAIo' Yoliho Poll, Gilt,plain,
narics & black edged 410 Pofl,
Guthric' Ccography Poolfcap, & Pitt Writ-
Salmon'. Gacitcar ilng P'per .
leegant Extrait, t'arri ge, fBllttin', and
Spe iator, 8 Vola Wrqpp g Papcr
gaablcr, 4 vula million', PafrtAoard
Mirror, J vol Gilt andplaln Melfate and
L.dy>' Library, 3 vole Name Cards
Occonomy of Human Life Moicul, Henry VIII. and
Dehb of Abel Merry Andrew Playing
Lrydnca' Virgil, j voll Card.
S 'otm,, i vole Red & IlIck Ink Powdir
-- Fables, 1 voil Patint Ink Cake
Pope'b Honmtr, 7 vol Beft Dutch (Qillt & Ofice
-. Wolkt, 6 vol, Peoi
Poems, 4 vols Sevigy' bituknivci and
Hudibi'l, I vol% Scraperi
Maf.o's Potem, a voll Mah-gan Portble Writ.
Milkon' Poetical W~rks, ing Det i
4 tole Black Leather Travelling
ThoImf~i's Poemsi j3 vol Care
-- Secafos Crown, Half Crowni and
Selet Poems, I vols common filed Wifcr
Poetical Works of Rich. R1c & black Sealing Wax
ardfon, Addilon, Lyt. Writing Vellm & Parh.
tcltn, Gray, Denliau, muei
Shcnilune, and Outh Slarie and Slate Pencili
Tom Jones, 4 Toll Alt Skin MinvrAndiJim
Man of Feeling BooLk
Man of the Wurld, I vol Etwel and r~otke Book%
Julia d Roubignt, a voh Pewter anl Japanned Ink
Evclla, 3 volt Stands
tCryfal, 4 vols pare Glfes for ditto
Sttrnc'b Works, ro Vol R(dTape
Hitoly of the Devil Middleto's Bhck
yruT't' veb YPencils
DoE lxote, 4 vole Sliding ditto
Peagrime Pickle, 4 volt amelHanir l'ncrls
Bodcric RIandm, a vul DBtoes of Water Culo'ire
Julia Maudville, a vole Shell Point
Artbian IiNgltantertain. China Ink
meant. 4 vnlt Copy Books
WrleUa io Bkji, 4 vla Ivory Ppr Knives
\.'ofquility,4Ovlil Ruln
I nils a eCru V90 QOirc Baoki, ru ajnd
OIl Andrews, a vols plai
WoiW. Advent'sr Indea
Bloktfsr' Week,, I v Bill of fadingg Books
ViAt 'l eatr, A. ro l Receipt Book
Colman' Works. 4 Iko Packet LedIer
Lrd Chrlterflld' Letun Blar k Books of various
S4 V lies, ruled and plain
lume's IRtory of EBo. Cofeo MakatematKial aI
land, I vob ftbrmntl
-- Elfas, Bos Pocker Campsair
Srielle's Hiflory ol EB-n Ship itao
land, 7 vol Circn tfrentrp
Oo Malth's Roman Hif. eS 4 oleChuin
tory I U
lIterion's Hil~r ,of Di= s
Rmles aIbli, S AfetGaugllg Redx
lN 's HrIft *f ta r Scaleal
'sHl ery.r f th ~"' ao 'drantis
*tea m p ai ? d t t Lotng Tele&
gibieb~ wealth i

Smo'b. h, I n fhi d lae i
COWS '. Pa.., a Vb PM fowl

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