Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: August 13, 1785
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098611
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 25097670
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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(7 PP 7 tdW
]jig B A R

.'-SAT U RDA ItAuo u 13, -to) AY, Atiup .T-o, 1
S ,a7. -5-

d aA 8 CSoA 1h. A' a. ahoo V IT o2 Tta the, siev
.I .. ..r .. ..... .
;hdr.Lodfilhrto afttI Aollogri AreuenIct I"Kt Iibi i, e ,,' ti ,- bej a*e

Rattoil Hcrl C rm haf ble laoi a e t ct
for the Lordfs.p ited Iito hi Tt Chateo n. MrC a.Y.. ",,.C t te O-ne!no
Ltod. I.Prfidet whben the bat q For atertW LI
tle minutes of thti vidi t, mlee ofMen -Yoradt k, ad itns tiher ..
ordrd to be printed. r li .ohe """ ofa-- thMlet'is "a'' ...... :.
C uiwere caed to tche r of rea tive to the tlee Of te t
s T a dr s br e wuc on c- R IA0. o. T s t_ Z- -, T " +
reeaing his writ of ouH. *.d th=rcfe t of theGas Citi.
td as Codhe kl fore MIr. tt o a It aT Ichh Nae, s Tiwfay tAhe hEr
gi &adlearnCedargumelftr l .A w if ant, a: Irto'c:tgl n t thet ornlin C tod r i
allowed bpy Mr Wo oooad oll na the on 4 propkerp i to Ibe.IA ture at I
e w o d t tht rfar4herCo- Atttl fr a irtdrear of the gi s ;, er
ou up na lsTh put odt lla r l. t ien a this. Stalte aourdr, froa eth d '
Ciptai j Bullrc,;of((l r S lmOU r, I trillion and p bibirlt'Iw t trade. '
lumedistely. in addition to ClIefua- e h i a '
iuditel. nWr thia advice* tfr.o t he llce, in I f.rits; t i, ; '
Can. iIbeil little dobt now enterttalre.ef"he Le
1111'. in +"l pro o-c db! th t i rd ih pr
fted c ap tib tof tn e l to lreof that State di"No 'ipes Mtoney, at
i tCo.mirlt o icn Motdyi. akr th- 4Ldfcnh twhlbec i b ope tt i
credtol of i rtla t, and for re- tembr. So deitdol is the public op.r lin of
B athlits of lr d utI m Ol a L of blak meal in plit tlht pdoperti .llint l
otn e molaas hdi, onomunrad a high~ l
That t ra qumtlyt hbplen Ib e af, by s crt. ln ai d fod '0.

tea, or f other caute are t e f
S roe thi det. Y
fisr, That doubt barMe bra c i e^aAOR Cpt. WjI t
Stt t aoe t. Cowi u3"l*f O tl5.* Y' I '. n t r r. _s" ,
abroe anowe atrtborigis4tait A*ia G, dGammas daughter .
soatl ofwde a ieT, thEeodia Ac a e S r of.A
rte of n creditor hautIf, althoulb TWA. .lr. Joear Mownrat, *~ i ,
be cpable ofprelfdbother fl clnt ofEtflorL M. f '
whereby great loffe and itwconlreuclt eir A *i meis aIIe s. p'. 7 C -
ty be ccafioned to4eaiton. e *- ag. rigN o y. sri r e i "' r. "'
hWUahferdwadi, That it hall be lavw. 9 m itef iSlhef ayicld, Rhodte.llnd k1
R*OCommifitonrsl ofBankript, e oicateio ofif ptc. Blet, Ne.Yol I .Atr
asBde to appear that any redlior canr.ot o. soo PoI Lcroix. Chrltf i i y" r ,
rI lke proof of his debt by bhi owrn S uf.lfi 1l t Co. r T ... '
sc in prooof fucb dbtl the tcAi. f i boardd ri Whaleliit p .' ,rp, '
erfon uCalale of giriel evidence to o Z It fi+aY a *o+1:, .
B.Si ,11'.l ibion, SewY ,
taae illreeinag the Pe -
to1adiiit t ee oly Dib New.Y te
pIce t o. h P I Noll Btlt laltim
rfoni dofn de btr doe aFilhtrHewitt, XI.crp i
tin rtefeft of Ach poUlk, tonlef.
r o h 1 fell f*tcauatothe lca -.Wati r' N ^RIr G t'R
thr Commi fS l receiertbhe ew-rrl A YI29. YR te arrdval. of the A.
tur A.IMntI pro of the debt I tip ofCM aict Ca n" ra lctc i .I : t, ; .. ... in $
.ha.U not ac the authorit don, the gentlian of the Prlttegi n o P
m Lord Keeper, or Cormitoiner tti. w lh ob n tg to'e.-ath e u. r .
;-fradmtin creditorup- their Mletintlo In whih .he p hed ., ....
Seal-(or nntnn aa acrdito opal 4 .
bt nnircpt' s afil *ny .erfoi *ho Iil p't7"U 'L.MOi ta l t .i .It. law w, "
lteive creditorot h bankropt, in re. a ctn burnt "thet grond in ti Ioute ooft t r *r :
pi nd ot ila c 0o late C1 il lCAIntL war, but Us lo .h Po
V io ut P fnt the Scabury,
10ilon eclc n .aco rnt on f .oT..Maldimad is eIpeal v -er hour in C I .-. ,.
rupt. before the data, hl if "t t ad 'r AnOd we be friom g ood a toiity. that
dtit e dlhenfa. lmbe of enginerL s who i r toll ri ed from I -
OlawrtQ. frfn on, ibt on. Theen l.*iiqti.rn (< dep cntt th I e .
-o-u of nkr t C#jIlr l itr. drovel iffii "* toP bet lilp I
o d maf urtie r tin, tht Car t of rlpair the workL nrttls a qIther ero r". ; t. .,
=rld2 itl not b.h, ati.Ie.r calrri l. laIy an otort.' fi i *e' '* .... .-., *r.
a ala .......rm iedna afutry i --onrt d -e l.u i -. r, o ,. -i a
known, but the Mtliim eodtcd --. hatTtintLhat .. *, ;B we t
ftbe ga e rall that any olhi l i ..
i ht Ln t ii tr o tihreIt> th ? d it peiaalidt to tlcot iiM5 r Iel = hT .... .. "- A.
r Cou of Meani-r o hwa M at, Carlo& Ne.w. TOti.-liqt W ldermA -" --'; memor1a; to*:,in.e L 1111, i
OL + d .X l,. I, tI 10 ,-iw lt rbhatei A,"'m I da .' RIHT
0Tol' the WU s a r i 0ll t ho t,. i *li h t, "' "i ;I,. a':t.'>, ." ., tir t T'or"m7 '
in Loide. to trav aL pl litllI i m h. '
^Si ormoois &k rcdarlb p^Sb^ ; b" L: P' . 'r ,* *

R N ?W E1t L Bi
oau~sis II(B 09 i'OrLt t FOR SALK.
Wiwrfeibier l c hin At his Snov on the BAY.
Rleemea of cricuirme,
raw aarrA md thtortar Vt e BltP TQI w a
A PROO A AT 1 N... rieogn Hook's idl,*I vs
Em~au zL, cellew amill in c
"Irr eW"'. and Dydh'. Ad10M~r I 4 wals. l
,~speti. Smke lada.'s Tosa. wwok,.
Decembr PI hlls I nh Beams qLeaLyesp 1 ,ol
quittoos M5 1ilesa pery Man his owe Law-
liag OI z o Landsftom the I .lqorh A11nsa yet
3ai~primcrs ot.le SM Da .llle, or rom l--- Daokrkspsal o comtoJTrumni
Liculcuila.'O m stli to ablbit the (ine Croaouale op surm ejititC4 wolf
or a cal thereof, on or the Ith day of Safidiapa&U Shanikrbee's Ctnuaitmil'
114jrch, :q th' Cltsk of the ocM. in order tha till". Ia in' .e 4 Tells
the tree might be lad before Council aAF) s oeke. sId Aheir's RuNhPndae9, 4 gala
WIEKEAS the tid Proc's io wi, ot Asithfieti Wirkettt ltnfuraee
igsh d"y of Mtuech, C Illu~d me, grati1lairs oov'efiag jc&Cob's Law Vittiorsnay
on 61 the tuid oL in'kClalms lr jyWOas. Bailey'.. D* binar.1% loth,.
chase IttO a Y h itfning's Leg- Cuahth Euclid
his & iiousrics S'elerha's Tahb:c
fleei tica 0s the Jab Gh= o preach .cr. Thlaufu'ts and Reyres'
stil tae filis Gruammar & Pit- Tables of lWtererr
ASnt italimve, 't p-- AnMroMhi
mant r eAs htave yet Iel stiae add D
ftfis afeorfetdDO "I tIfe and with 44net P ienary l.'t Irieity
Wtace and conaent of Hohls* Ns' Scanlan's ..elflant
e Council,. th bis my ftl:dly =rd Me Frch 2Oe. MParinecs COmpas
rRtt all O hav or Oripase bWhey Keadar
oReidsd 'a ua Latin Pedi-' Dv.e,e m~ flr Med
*0ive in U* r I& a, the or he- ae and Otaanua Tei
Me The Ist of t. hp Clrk of Lilly'sAeetanene & Grain- 6 fl'sc P.l' & Fr
the CbtRIAVP And 40 'ot witlin the Cud a mey'a Cne9Lr.
Ilands, and havirnjip an 6foef1`.d, ar here. Clach' Allmkl:eph1 .1lDraw
by allowed Twelve Mitb t from ctoe aft 4 of d c17 leatonus. Coita k lag Paper
Asput noia efliftlu ts make V riturm docl Mr'4 Iutrodud e Purl
their Claims or Grannts. is#lesanr od.eii s. Medium, IA mi
JJiffn ssA&W Aran tioua sth Orator,. S a,' and ~ uedadso
Oa wf oi tlmd as N4fasj pawn An Lo &22 iT C ailt. plain
ti d &7 "' Ir nants & black edged ito PeR
ab le ie Oru#/a Lord Gathrie' V(:^grh, Peoolica, hPePa Writ
Ck kr e~pifbtmrs Salmons, c.uslrr~r tlg P~ap
doi-is, S r l at M Ate Ir Fktart xx EutradlI Cartrsago, blotting. oa
A dWeAR ,Av LLp. t ac.ltor. 8 ole l rt.nurse
gKLT 0 S D. Se c'tay miffiner brased
D Pi AtlD eeen invrw, 1 eooP Gilt and plainmMeffag as
O'T AI T 2 H I N G. Ladye6baht prals Nao Cards
JRBEHS &- EVk.N V Oe Lif 2lgul. Hnary 'ill. r.
dl ~ I u1111, k, go s. un'~a~ vat b*
7 o N Tlal Red St blae hilul, Powdei
AVI A o 0 v Pa0tenul lat Ink Coke@
A Lap nd d oineil WA 'e Msawr. 7 'tul DAeWft"b W~aIl A O1r
7ArpdR AST-IN Works, 6 vole pct.
c, t ~ Pa' 4 To06 Swrigpye Peabl*8 an
p SIikre. S oleScr'apers
B J Ht MIA MRafusP'ouse, 1141s M h poet"kkWrii
05tX tP o I rwae? th~ton's'Poeticel W1e, ls.
JAMAICA S'~iP.11 by 34.L.- opts. ienate Travelle
J d f ThoW,5)n'6 Poerar, & role car
qenotaff -p -aitn em'vote Hall Craws an
Lescet peoe'u.5 2 left Pleua, Ilisted Wafers
tieulari'u NMia 4 lt an!* SPetkal Wees of Rich- Red S: Q& a Wi
i p&pi, a*fr 1 aedjen, Addilet Ly. Writing
a o end btlsu er !-I tOt ay, Deahm. mcml
Vidoula dit s mnpu en ( na~ler Sh eoftesn. and Garth Ila VV
L bynt M d Sgr ty Tom. lTJi.., 4 vol .3k Skin
or W wl n lio of Feling Books
Iev RMro~hrodothotLlm tobd
orea and dr Pala de Roubigne, a Toal Pewer mnd jaued iI
Teta, by tim C* w deyina. t h.e"
144110 -p-ity V VChrY(l 4 yo1 $aerc olafefe o ditto
IC Cha vl e Sletrn's Woeks, to I0 t, led Tape
f.M ll~ed W-at-.4 0a a lystriety all, other 11rll of the DVorl Mid~lata' 11 Le
4 In tamnain Grocery Cyrus 'feav.,;l lentile
lie n erip adhaf Clu l Its. Q;ate. 4vl& Slidinle ute
;# S1Petowru Pickle. 4uol Came arH Peoftl
As ilortilt f DY Sorecied oyXaicdei Ra*Unda, a welt Sauce uF Watcer Coelunt
As AUt th DRY S rcivd bI Jlia Medeyille, a vob Shell Iain
tie Nadl. Amabiae NikfIrtartai Chine tlk
T *E I 0 TeWi, 4vl "it con Boke
l*evo 11,40ua'ania. 4vab to rPaper ftvee
)RISTTOf hot -4SM 4 vool,4Q %sliller
A dr Sooax vjCau e4. Rolin" u go. I t Qayt. Bie eat,% aa
lofeph Aadrews,1valeot 66

Dread in iad Shahefeas'A Work., 11va1e Dill of Ladling 1ole
Backi in hlp idor a T.atrre, a yle seept Book.
DaI Cowaan'a Wurkh, 4 wall Pichtt Ledgrs
a~~e Bet lsLord Chelctelfdie Letters Blinkb a3,o i
amhn satil-beeh 4v olo Anxe, rld and tilan
Led Homne' Hillry a( Fog- Carea of Vatkemaanauic.
$mfe .ocIp'aad T40 Lao had, 5 yob Leuent
-Part. -2m Effaa, z vai Partee Coepaies
-Battlet'. Bm e V of 111116 Shaip diest
"hclaim" oulla Claendrentuon
apdu i 04tld s a & 4 Pls chains
'" F JA C~ot toc s s
8won Lea D ~ it 3- *ed fatsagin Redor
8k s,.CooLes stake
rAle :8wlI "estory te HOVSI CCU'sm Hiuhn of time H&."r
as dw Ied. end lately It-aaPaiprurs,16vols Palace
bl eaZ oaVwtL fitwe We of No. copa
Ts. Wsa Philip it.j vTole Thra'aett&I in Sb I
t laoe aa Pi d is Rallies Ancient Hitllry. hod eaagaay, cf.
sam of the ORe t ebloolh about T. SVole S.. D"st ftr this huct,
Psctrmeeepl a JN14MOSS 0=6' Poem'. ve to View'a. so places. a

I A bw t he V bill
.:Plroaurad Tebse, ;
:p 1 ehord. "ine
rl.te Ad Fife
A (CVitlftdkiel of tpk,
iGEle lfengsills; Poog Iaeka
kirad n
."'Ac Iflongeu h
bMne. Wiieed Sac

Dedo KousedM

IP'ew W'atcesee
silver ead Steel Seall
Plated S e
Gilt Watch Chaise
Oit IaAl~ckets
Gfeoad Wasah Crb d
adbaveuaelled Maese
Itcoting rails
Atli" Steel Calila
Cypher and Fancy Sh*'
SBool Damkgwwr Tabbe
Spat: Dice
JM BolarlD.i ards

Wt papers sa"-
el l .ieeade ~
Somaeli ~Plow. )
S Powder
Ward sod SR Pw ssmat
ifeam of Dergamot. rot
al bad Lauudar
g M-ahopoay and japorgad

lSitae Shell. Ivory ad
1lien Gomnbe
Shaving Doses
t Powder MeAs
yilgsf. btl Cal Steal
monst fetikrie ad
2 Twh.
Fcluh t oawdv

San ell l~t)

as IIe bhaves. augde
fellow olt St
under lip kis
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ed a little
renr tey nse
4y. e.arv
ehllet in Noail. of 0 =
eelye Two Daima Id

N I MR. AVO Ilbnl
me them

the 000
:54 1r

bt. eYln Av
whatever *1
mton to A
kis 4W t~~e Mr.
the itma Th~eg
Se. ,Iea e.YI




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