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Year 56 NO. 50FRIDAY, MAY 16th 2014 EC$2.00 At The Pumps This Weekend Maximum Price ULG per gallon Dated : 22/04/14 DELTA $16.68 / SOL $15.77BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, W.I. TRADE UNION NEWS* THE THINKING CITZEN* CANON PERCIVAL SO TELL* EARL CLARKE SOTTO VOCECOMMENTARY BY CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, (CUOPM) – The Nevis Island Administration of Premier the Hon. Vance Amory is reporting that the three-year IMF Standby Arrangement for St. Kitts and Nevis is now reaping benefits for both islands and that the economy of the Federation is on the road to recovery. “We see a recovery in the CCM Administration Reports St. Kitts and Nevis on the Road to Economic Recovery International Monetary Fund Country Representative for St. Kitts and Nevis Ms. Judith Gold and Premier of Nevis and Minister of Finance in the Nevis Island Administration Hon. Vance Amory outside the Ministry of Finance conference room on May 13, 2014(cont’d on page 3) The ruling St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, led by Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Dr Denzil Douglas, will hold its 82rd anniversary National Conference this Sunday coming ,May 18th, at the Marriott Resort in Frigate Bay, under the theme: “SKNDP: Better, Stronger…Ready!” The Conference comes on the heels of the massive Labour Day March here just about two weeks ago under the allspices of the Labour Party and its sister organization, the St.Kitts-Nevis Trades and Labour Union,which saw more than 10,000 Labour supporters marching through the streets of Basseterre, while thousands more lined the routeall boldly decked in their “red Labour outfits” and demonstrating to the world their full confidence in the leadership of the Prime Minister, the Labour Government and the Labour Movement. The Conference is scheduled to commence at 10 am on Sunday with the Public Session which will feature several items, including the Invocation; Welcome Remarks by the Party Chairperson, Hon. Marcella Liburd; Fraternal Greetings; Presentation of Awards to the 2014 Miss Labour Kristal Maclean of Constituency 8 and other contestants of the pageant held on Saturday 3rd May; Honouring of the Mothers from the 8 constituencies in St.Kitts LABOUR Holds 82nd Anniversary National Annual Conference on Sunday LABOUR Holds 82nd Anniversary National Annual Conference on Sunday and the Keynote address by the Prime Minister and Party Leader, the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas. Over 600 loyal supporters of the Party from all 8 Constituencies, including representatives from Young Labour and Labour Women and also the St.Kitts Nevis Trades and Labour Union will be in attendance. The Public Session will also see a number of Invited Guests in attendance. The agenda for the Business Session, which follows the Lunch Break, features among other things the Annual Report from the National Executive of the Party; the Treasurer’s and Auditor’s Report; Resolutions from the Executive, followed by Resolutions form the Various Branches of the Party, Young Labour and Labour Women; the Election of Auditors and the Election of a new Executive Committee for the ensuing year.The outgoing officers-are:-National Leader-the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas National Deputy LeaderDr the Hon. Earl Asim Martin National ChairpersonHon. Marcella Liburd National Assistant ChairmanHon. Nigel Carty National Secretary Ms. Diana Williams-Humphreys National TreasurerMr. Patrice Ward Labour Party Leader Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Dr. Llewellyn Denzil Douglas The New Four-star 224-suit Royal St. Kitts Hotel Aims to Bring Back the Good Jack Tar daysPAGE 03


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 2 OPINION / LOCAL NEWS THE SPOKESMAN ESTABLISHED MAY 1957 Published by: The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour UnionMasses House, Church Street P.O Box 239 Basseterre St. Kitts West IndiesAg. Managing Editor: Dawud Byron Tel: (1 869) 465-2229 <> Fa: (1 869) 466-9866 Email: Website: Editorial Cabinet Approves The Revised Foreign Policy For St Kitts-Nevis. By Javon AlfordAt the Cabinet briefing on Wednesday, 7th May 2014, the revised Foreign Policy for the Federation, presented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Patrice Nisbett was approved by the cabinet. In a post cabinet speech given by the Hon. Nigel Carty, Minister responsible for Information it was stated that Nisbett stressed the fact that a foreign policy would be dynamic since the world’s events define international relations. Mr Nisbett also stated that the Federation faces challenges that local action alone would not be enough to cope therefore a foreign policy is well needed to build relationships with outside territories. The accepted revised policies outline the principles and priorities of the Federation that would be guiding the interactions between government officials, foreign governments and regional and international entities. Ten (10) foreign policy principles that were established are: Sustainable economic growth for all; Human and social advancement; Respect for the environment; Non-intervention; Peaceful settlement of conflicts; Right to self determination, International peace and security; the Promotion of human rights, Democracy and good governance and respect for the rule of law. Minister Carty also outlined the 16 Foreign Policy Objectives that were identified at the briefing including: to promote trade, investment and tourism through bilateral, regional and multi lateral cooperation; to facilitate and promote investment in the Citizenship by Investment Programme and also to strengthen relations with traditional partners and non state actors. The Cabinet also approved new Foreign Service Regulations. They were brought to the table by the Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon. Patrice Nisbett, who was praised by the Prime Minister as he described the regulations as a way to improve transparency and strengthen good governance. The regulations are expected to provide guidance to the duration of posting overseas, privileges that staff and dependants get and also the accountability of officers to authorities. Standards would also be set for governance, conduct and discipline of foreign officers and also financial management at overseas missions upon implementation of the policies. “Leave Them Severely Alone!” Listeners to Sugar City Rock on Monday morning of this week would have heard one of PAM’s founding members, Michael Powell, talking about worrying over our young people and, amongst other things, what he sees as a lack of opportunities for them to obtain a university education. On what planet does Mr. Powell live?He went on to call on them to be concerned about their future and turn away from Denzil Douglas and Labour, and that, dear readers, is what his posturing is all about. He claimed, quite emphatically, that he is not looking for anything for himself, but that he has this great concern for our youngsters. Put quite simply, we of this newspaper assess Mr. Powell’s utterances as being nothing more than a warmed over rehash of the ploys which PAM used in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s to bamboozle and use our young people to ease themselves into political office. His seemingly altruistic claims amount to mere mamaguy. We consider that our people would do well to remember a few things about Michael Powell and other founding members of PAM. First, their sayings are not to be believed at all, for it was their first leader who stated, again quite emphatically, that “POLITICS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TRUTH. TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO BELIEVE, AND TELL THEM AGAIN AND AGAIN. THEY WILL BE GULLIBLE ENOUGH TO BELIEVE YOU.” As we have reminded you before, for PAM that edict was dogma, and that dogma long ago became the hardened doctrine of PAM. It is what they have and will ALWAYS practise. It is a major part of who and what they are. It is in their DNA. Michael Powell and PAM are trying to fool yet another generation of your young people. What a shame! What a burning shame!! Secondly, let us remember that before getting into power in 1980 PAM platform speakers and their other agents spared themselves no effort in going the length and breadth of St Kitts and Nevis, and persuaded large numbers of our people to refrain from paying their National Provident Fund and Social Security contributions. Several of them fooled people into believing that their money was not going to be unsafe as Bradshaw, Southwell and other Labour leaders were going to steal it. As soon as they managed to get into power they changed the law and the regulations to allow themselves to become contributors to Social Security, which was not open to politicians before, and today many of them are great beneficiaries of that which they encouraged thousands of our ordinary people to avoid. When in the late 1970s Labour sought to make the payment of civil service pensions a more sustainable affair PAM raised hell and devil. They tried to encourage civil servants to rise up (sounds familiar?) because the Labour government was trying to take away their pensions. During PAM’s term in office they effectively stopped pensions for civil and other servants of the crown, by legislating that all those who entered any of the services after a certain date would no longer be eligible for pensions. It took Labour, upon return to office, to restore pensions to servants of the crown. History, and, for most of our people, the bitter experience of having once had to live under PAM, has taught us that whatever PAM says is not to be believed. So that when they and their new-found friends, members of the unity concoction and others, claimed to have been visiting the grave sites of Labour’s fallen leaders to pay respects, we know for a fact that the opposite is the case. You will all remember that they tried the same thing on the Sunday before Labour Day last year. Our people were deeply offended and became incensed by those actions. The offspring of our National Heroes were especially angered. In our edition of the paper for Friday 10 May, 2013 we carried an article penned by Mr. Poesy Southwell, son of National Hero the late Sir Caleb Azariah Paul Southwell and Lady Gladys Southwell. He wrote: “... while I have no objection to anyone paying their personal respect at my father’s grave, I would vehemently object to the sacrilegious posturing of those who still profess to be Labour praying and laying wreaths at his grave site while cavorting with PAM members who mounted a coup to kill him on 10th June, 1967. I am particularly disgusted that Sam and Tim would stand with a party whose leaders remained silent when one of their major supporters, a former official in the Fire Department, urinated on the grave of Sir Robert Bradshaw and proclaimed that “his bones should be dug up and thrown into the sea!” That is the unforgivable nature of the folks with whom Sam and Tim are now linked. Comrades need look no further than past remarks against PAM made by Sam, Tim and especially Astaphan for evidence of the depth of their betrayal. To those of us who are “authentic, dedicated” Labour supporters, the captured and brainwashed former members who insist that they still love us, and still support us, have become nothing more than “weeds among roses.” We stated then, and now re-state, that this newspaper concurs and identifies with the sentiments, concerns, outrage and feelings of horror expressed by Mr. Poesy Southwell in that article. We know for a fact that the sons and daughters of our National Heroes, and indeed all of our people, agree with Poesy and feel about the entire matter as he does. When, therefore, Timothy Harris, Sam Condor and others could so callously ignore those deeply hurt and offended emotional and spiritual feelings experienced by all labourites, and indeed by all decent and moral persons, it shows that they are totally lacking in common decency. Our highest compliments go out to the daughters of Sir Robert and Sir Paul who removed the items of disrespect from their fathers’ graves and threw them to where they should have been placed in the beginning.But, even worse, the sacrilegious and offence actions re-confirm that PAM, UNITIM and their obscurantist lackeys are immoral persons, individuals devoid of character, honour and sensibilities, and peddlers of lies, misinformation, deceit, disrespect and ill discipline.We also know that they are hypocrites and demons who specialise in promoting confusion, disorder, unrest, lawlessness and violence. In short, they are still the very same kinds of people who our late Comrade Robert Bradshaw always warned us to “leave severely alone”. They are still the same scorpions Sam Condor always warned us about. As Condor said, so famously, if we ever go back to PAM we won’t stand a chance. On Sunday 18 May, 2014 our great party assembles for our annual conference. This year’s conference will be one of the most important ever. Let us commit ourselves to attend and participate fully. It also falls on the anniversary date of the passing of one of our National Heroes, Sir Paul Southwell. Let us remember his great works and many years of solid contribution to our beloved nation. For our sake and the future of our children and those yet unborn, in a salute to our National Heroes and the fallen comrades of Labour, let us all go forth to make this a most successful conference, one that will set us fully on the path to victory once again. Let us go forward with FULL CONFIDENCE IN LABOUR.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 3 NEWS The New Four-star 224-suit Royal St. Kitts Hotel Aims to Bring Back the Good Jack Tar days BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, MAY 15TH 2014 (CUOPM) Complete renovation of the Royal St. Kitts Hotel, formerly Jack Tar is continuing. John Zuliani, speaking to the Communications Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister during a tour of the facility Thursday by Prime Minister the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas said when completed by January 2015, the new four-star resort will comprise of 224 suites. “We we have taken an approach of renovating the entire property to a four-star quality. The first phase began in January 2013 and we have 62 completed units as part of that Phase 1. We completed 40 units as part of Phase 2, so that’s about 50 percent of the overall property completed,” Zuliani told CUOPM in an exclusive interview. He disclosed that another 72 units are scheduled to be completed by August 31st this year and 50 more units by January 2015. “We have our work cut out for us, but it’s good to bring back the good Jack Tar days with a new spirit,” said Zuliani. He said the overall cost is around US$20 million. “We have spent over US$10 million so far in construction, with another US$10 million to be spent.” “You know it’s giving the old lady a face lift. The property was old. It was getting outdated and we had to renovate. We are not trying to be a five-star property. We are trying to be a four-star resort that is clean, affordable and target that middle market,” said Zuliani. He said the 224 suites will be a combination of luxurious studios and one-bedroom and twobedroom units. Zuliani said while the resort will accommodate medical students, the property will also take hotel guests for overnights. “If they call directly we will start to work with Expedia and other hotel tour operators as well,” he said. “Work is also continuing in landscaping the property in the areas completed so that we can be operating as a hotel, but while we have all the construction going on we continue to accommodate the medical students,” said Zuliani. When completed the new Royal St. Kitts will have several amenities. “We are building a new gym. We have an Indian restaurant ‘Copper Chimney’ located on property. We will be opening another Indian Restaurant in the near future although we haven’t set a date yet for it but there will be quite a few. We will also have two pools,” Zuliani said. “Of course, that has been what we’ve done. My family has done for over 30 years of service to this country in the hospitality industry. We had a period where we were closed. We had to renovate the property and accommodate whether it is long term tenants or overnight visitors. We have to Photos by Erasmus Williams show St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas on a guided tour of the renovation work by Mr. John Zuliani of the Royal St. Kitts Resort. cater for all and then there is our goal to keep the staff employed and keep the operation going,” he said. He said during construction, the workforce ranges from 50 up to 150. “We currently are at about 50 construction workers with 75 hotel staff, but that also increases during different phases of the construction period. When all the phases are completed, we will be about 100 staff between administration and working in the hotels for maintenance, housekeeping, security etc, etc,” said Zuliani. PM Douglas Visits Schools, Police Station, Furniture Maker in St. Peter’s BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, (CUOPM) – St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas had sound words of advice to pre-schoolers and primary school students. “You can be anything you want to be,” was the theme throughout his visit to the classrooms of the St. Peter’s Day Care Center and the Deane-Glasford Primary School.Prime Minister Douglas, who was accompanied by Minister of Education, Sen. the Hon. Nigel Carty and the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party representative for St. Peter’s, Dr. Terrance Drew first stopped at the Day Care Center where he read to the first class and spoke to the tots. Dr. Douglas read the book “Stepping Stones “and then asked questions about the story as he went along, much to the fascination of the group who displayed apt attention and answered intelligently. Drew spoke of the need to be focused in attaining their goals to be successful. “I can be whatever I want to be,” was the refrain from each of the classes visited with students indicating their goals to be policemen, medical doctors, teachers, prime minister, veterinarian, soldier and criminal prosecutor. Prime Minister Douglas also visited the St. Peter’s Clinic, the Stapleton Police Station, a local furniture maker and spoke with farmers. At the Deane-Glasford Primary School, Prime Minister Douglas, Minister Carty and Dr.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 4 TRADE UNION NEWS TRADE UNION NEWS By: Batumba Tak General Secretary How Do We Know If Someone Is (Of If I Am) Having Trouble Coping With Stress In the words of Charles M. Hayes, “Safety First” is “Safety Always.” Occupational safety and health has always been one of the St. Kitts/Nevis Trades & Labour Union’s very important key areas ever since its inception in 1940. However, despite the progress that has been made in the improvement of working conditions and the environment, and the efforts undertaken by the competent authories and others who are very concerned with occupational safety and health, there are still many challenges to be overcome. In addition, the protection of the workers against sickness, diseases, and injuries arising out of employment is one of the many tasks taken seriously by the St. Kitts/Nevis Trades & Labour Union. Moreover, the St. Kitts/Nevis Trades & Labour Union is of the opinion that all employers have a duty to safeguard the health and safety of their employees, and thus are obliged to carry out an assessment of the risks in jobs and reduce these as far as possible. However, there are legal duties that apply to occupational stress and employers, including the competent authories, are legally required to consult with safety representatives, workers representatives on all aspects of health and safety, including stress risk assessments. Nevertheless, in today’s article we will continue where we left off in a previous article by looking at, “How do we know if someone is (or if I am) having trouble coping with stress? Very careful research has shown that there are many different signs and symptoms that can indicate when someone is having difficulty coping with the amount of stress they are experiencing. Below please find a few of those different signs. Physical: Headaches, grinding teeth, clenched jaws, chest pain, shortness of breath, pounding heart, high blood pressure, muscle aches, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea, increased perspiration, fatigue, insomnia, frequent illness. Psychosocial: Anxiety, irritability, sadness, defensiveness, anger, mood swings, hypersensitivity, apathy, depression, slowed thinking or racing thoughts; feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, or of being trapped, lower motivation. Cognitive: Decreased attention, narrowing of perception, forgetfulness, less effective thinking, less problem solving, reduced ability to learn; easily distracted. Behavioural:Overeating or loss of appetite, impatience, quickness to argue, procrastination, increased use of alcohol or drugs, increased smoking, withdrawal or isolation from others, neglect of responsibility, poor job performance, poor personal hygiene, change in religious practices, change in close family relationships. However, careful research has also shown that the below quiz can help you to identify your stress levels.Do You Frequently NO YES1. Neglect your diet? 2. Try to do everything yourself? 3. Blow up easily? 4. Seek unrealistic goals? 5. Fail to see the humour in situations Others find funny? 6. Act rudely? 7. Make a “big deal” of everything? 8. Look to other people to make things Happen? 9. Have difficulty making decisions? 10. Complain you are disorganized? 11. Avoid people whose ideas are different from your own? 12. Keep everything inside? 13. Neglect exercise? 14. Have few supportive relationships? 15. Use sleeping pills and tranquilizers without a doctor’s approval? 16. Get too little rest? 17. Get angry when you are kept waiting? 18. Ignore stress symptoms? 19. Put things off until later? 20. Think there is only one right way to do something? 21. Fail to build relaxation time into your Day? 22. Gossip? 23. Race through the day? 24. Spend a lot of time complaining about The past? 25. Fail to get a break from noise and crowds? However, below please find an interpretation of your score (based on the number of “YES” selections. 0 – 5:There are few hassles in your life. But make sure though, that you are not trying to deliberately avoid problems. 6 – 10:You’ve got your life in fairly good control. Work on the choices and habits that could still be causing you some unnecessary stress in your life. 11 – 15:You are approaching the danger zone. You may be suffering stress-related symptoms and your relationships could be strained. Think carefully about choices you’ve made and take relaxation breaks every day. 16 – 25:Emergency! It is critical that you stop and rethink how you are living; change your attitudes and pay careful attention to diet, exercise and relaxation. As time is of the utmost importance we will have to stop here for today, but in a future article we will continue by looking at, “Do all of these signs or symptoms happen all at once and what level of help should be sought?As I take my leave today, I leave you with a quote by an unknown author, a poem by Bill G. Horsley, and a safety song by J. R. Simplet & Co.“Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.”– Unknown Author.SAFETYBy: Bill G. Horsley.Safety is a subject, That should be dear to every heart, And those who believe that safety matters, I have a few tips to impart, First in the matter of safety, Is the thought that safety depends on you, If you take time to think of yourself and others, Safe practices in life will see you through, Take some time to think ahead, Try to plan for what might just occur, If you look around for unsafe items or practices, You’ll find that your own safety is ensured, Look out for others around you, Help them to know the safe way to do the job, Every workplace should be well ordered and planned, Not look like some rushed and unruly mob, Have a plan for what you do, In the workplace and in daily life, If you plan ahead and think about safety, You will encounter less pain and strife, Just a little foresight and planning, Will make life a lot easier for everyone, Safety is a matter of thinking through the process, To get the job well and safely done.It’s Up To MeI want a workplace that’s injury free, And if that’s going to happen, then it’s up to me, I can’t take for granted, that someone, Has done all the things, that I should have done, I must, take the time, with each task I do, To look for the hazards, and think the job through, To check the procedures and follow them all, And reject taking shortcuts, no matter how small, When I walk through the workplace, I must stay alert, To watch for those things, that could get people hurt, And if I see a hazard, I won’t rest until, I have made the thing safe, or know someone will, I must question each unsafe behavior I see, And encourage all others to do that for me, I must always give safety, the best I can do, And expect that performance of all others too, I must always remember to let people see, That their safe behavior, is important to me, Every act is important, no matter how small, For the safety of one, is the safety of all, We can all have a workplace that’s injury free, If we each one commit, to making it be, If we all do our part, and each of us see, If it’s going to happen, then it’s up to me. Unionise


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 5 NEWS By Thinking Citizen The behaviour of certain political parties and the antics of some politicians have created a mass of puzzlement among a number of our most discerning citizens. We know for a fact that in 1980 PAM and the NRP joined together to form a Coalition Government. It should be pointed out that without the alliance, or in the absence of the alliance of the two (2) NRP politicians PAM would not have been able to form the Government in 1980. What is quite remarkable is that there was no popular or public outcry from the different sectors of society in Nevis in respect of the merger of PAM and the NRP. Again in 1993, a member of the NRP joined with PAM to enable the party to form the Government. Just as in 1980 there was no popular outcry in Nevis concerning the action of the NRPite in helping PAM to form the Government in 1993. In both cases that is in 1980 and 1993, the action of the NRP was crucial for without the alliance of the NRP, PAM would have been unable to form the Government. At the 2010 General Elections the Labour Party won 6 out of the 8 seats on St.Kitts and consequently formed the Government. A member of the NRP was invited to join the Cabinet of the Labour Government as Attorney General. The NRP politician was not invited to help form the Government, but was invited to become a Member of Cabinet (Attorney General) after the Labour Party Government had already been formed. Now the NRP had joined up with a St.Kitts party twice, that is in 1980 and in 1993. So it was expected that the response in Nevis would have been the same as it had been in 1980 and 1993. That did not happen. The political sophists in Nevis got into action and created political mayhem out of the action of an NRP politician who had simply crossed the floor. Let us now deal with the matter of NEUTRALITY. In 1993 it was said that the leader of the CCM was invited to join-up with the Labour Party or with the PAM party. The leader refused, starting that he had chosen to remain NEUTRAL. However in 2014 that same leader has thrown off the guise of NEUTRALITY and has allied himself and his party with a St.Kitts group or party that is in hostile opposition to the Labour Party Government. At a certain stage in the political game, so the story goes, the goodly Sheriff had no use for either the NRP party or the CCM party. It was said that the Sheriff expressed great disappointment in the leadership of both the NRP and the CCM and was in the process of forming his own party in Nevis. Uncle Vance, being the shrewd politician that he is, called in the Sheriff and made him an offer which he did not refuse. The Sheriff is now Deputy Premier in Nevis. The question is this: Does the Sheriff have Full Confidence in Uncle Vance’s leadership? There is a new game in town which is being played by the Leaders of the CCM /PAM/PLP Alliance. The name of the game is “Blame Douglas”. A matter was taken to the High Court by the CCM/PAM/PLP Alliance which Alliance wanted the Court to order the Speaker of the National Assembly to make provision for the “Motion of No Confidence” to be debated without further delay. Also it was alleged that Prime Minister Douglas was directing the Speaker in the matter of the discharge of his duties. As part of his judgement the High Court Judge ruled that there is no evidence to prove that Prime Minister Douglas had been involved in directing the Speaker concerning what to do as the CCM/ PAM/PLP Alliance had alleged. Recently some 1800 Public Servants in Nevis could not cash their salary cheques because of a certain financial problem between the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) and the National Bank. The CCM Administration in Nevis blamed Dr.Douglas for the mix-up or fiasco. The truth is that the CCM Administration in Nevis allowed an unresolved financial matter with National Bank hangs loose for some 14 or 18 months. The CCM Administration kept its eyes on what was happening when the NRP was governing Nevis and did not look after resolving its own business or finalising the unresolved matter that had been left hanging for some 14 or 18 months. After National Bank refused to cash the Civil Servants’ pay cheques the CCM Administration did not say that it had been careless, reckless, irresponsible or imprudent in the discharge of its duties and responsibilities. NO! The CCM Administration blamed Prime Minister Douglas for the financial embarrassment which befell the Nevis Civil Servants on pay day. The CCM was engaging itself in the new game called “Blame Douglas”. The CCM had more than enough time to resolve its Does the Sheriff Have Full Confidence Premier Amory’s Leadership? outstanding matter with National Bank. However the party spent its time on concentrating on the relationship that formerly existed between the NRP and National Bank, and did not bother to look after its own interest. In the end the CCM did not blame itself for its non-action or for its own failure to act. No! The CCM blamed Dr. Douglas. Every government is responsible for its own behaviour, that is its own actions and nonaction, and should be held accountable for such behaviour. The CCM Administration holds itself responsible for the good things that happen to Nevis, but does not hold itself fully accountable for its governance of Nevis affairs. The leaders of the CCM accept Responsibility but do not hold itself Accountable. When it comes to the matter of Accountability the CCM plays the “Blame Game” and acts as if the NRP and the Prime Minister are Accountable.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 6 NEWS Basseterre, St. Kitts, (SKNIS): The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) has completed its preliminary assessment of the Basseterre High School (BHS) and has made a number of environmental, maintenance and health recommendations which was submitted in a draft report on 12 May, 2014. The CARPHA team, Dr. Babatunde Olowokure and Lesmond Magloire spent three days meeting with all key stakeholders including parents and teachers, President of the Parent teachers Association as well as a representative of the Teachers Union. They also took samples and toured the entire BHS campus. Dr. Babatunde Olowokure, Team Leader of the CARPHA mission said that “we have identified a number of environmental and health issues associated with Basseterre High School during this initial preliminary assessment, and made recommendations to the national authorities. We will analyze our findings in more detail, including the results of our laboratory tests, and take other information into consideration, such as the CARIRI reports.”CARPHA will issue a final report towards the end of May once they have received final test results and drawn on the findings in the final report from CARIRI. While the CARIRI report will address areas that have been identified as ‘hotspots’ such as the laboratories, CARPHA will be looking at the school and its surrounding environment in its entirety. CARPHA also intends to return to BHS to review the remedial work before recommending that the school be reopened. Both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education have welcomed this as the best course of action to ensure the health and well being of pupils and teachers. Health Minister the Hon. Marcella Liburd said that “after two CARIRI visits and several tests and inspections from local experts the staff and students of the BHS continue to be in uncertainty as to the cause of the health problems that they continue to endure. CARPHA will work with the other specialist agencies to find the solutions we need looking at the entire environment of the school. It is clear that there are a number of issues at Basseterre High and we will continue to work with the specialists and the school authorities to ensure that all recommendations are implemented as speedily as possible.” CARPHA’s recommendations, which were based on their preliminary findings, include: •The development and implementation of an environmental management programme which should include regular scheduled maintenance and cleaning of the school environment, •Increased frequency of removal of solid waste material from the school; •Implementation of a pest control strategy; any and all health complaints and should be reviewed on a monthly basis, or earlier as appropriate; •Ministry of Health and Education should develop a communication strategy and should be proactive in their communications with parents, media and other key stakeholders, and information should be provided to all stakeholders simultaneously. Recommendations for any CARPHA Makes Recommendations on BHS •Training of auxiliary staff to ensure a clean school environment; •Servicing of air conditioners on a quarterly basis; •Implementation of a liquid waste management programme which should include review of the entire septic system and a test to identify if there are any leakages in the system; •Laboratories need to be opened to allow for proper ventilation; •When the school is reopened a full time school nurse should be available to actively monitor the situation in the school continuously for at least one year; •Records should be kept of further action will be dependent upon the results obtained from laboratory tests. CARPHA will return to review the remediation work carried out to ensure that all recommended work has been completed prior to any proposed reopening of the school. The final report is expected on May 26, 2014 provided that the laboratory results are received in time.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 7 NEWS S tatement by the Government of S t. Kitts and Nevis on the Abduction of 200 Nigerian School GirlsWinning OAS Project Reaches Implementation Stage Basseterre, St. Kitts, (SKNIS): The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) is moving forward with its plans to implement its winning OAS project which spotlights non-traditional agricultural systems. The project, dubbed Provisions of Organic, Hydroponic, and HybridSystem Growing for Caribbean Schools and Model for Local Caribbean Entrepreneurship, was derived under the OAS-FEMCIDI theme, “The transfer of knowledge in science and engineering and the promotion of innovations and entrepreneurship.” Project Coordinator Dr. Leighton Naraine, a lecturer at CFBC, stated that “the project’s submission and approval has gone through rigorous stages and reviews in an extended process over the past couple of years” and is pleased that it has emerged as the winning project concept in the Caribbean and Latin America. A planning meeting was held on May 8-9 which included participants from St. Kitts-Nevis, Barbados, Haiti, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago. The CBFC, with the engagement of Science Lecturer Stuart La Place and Dr. Naraine, has already had its implementation with a series of experimentation over the past seven years that led to the proof of concept. The CFBC garnered the support of the University of Central Florida, with Professor Kevin Meehan and Presidents’ Scholars, to fund the CFBC Plant Research Facility, with support from local businesses such as Digicel, TDC, St. KittsMasonry Products, Bottling Company, and Carib Brewery. The next step is the implementation of plant growing facilities in the various counterpart countries, including Nevis. St. Kitts Nevis OAS representative Starret Greene acknowledged Dr. Naraine, Mr. La Place and other experts “who made a gallant effort in designing and implementing a well thought out proposal.” “The proposal articulates a vision on how best to address some of the climate change challenges faced by countries in our region,” Mr. Greene stated. “The recommended actions to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of this phenomenon are deserving of speedy implementation even as we consider that climate change is not futuristic it is already happening and impacting on all aspects of our development.” The Government of St Kitts and Nevis expresses its profound concern at the abduction of over 200 innocent Nigerian school girls while they were asleep in their dormitories at their secondary school in the village of Chibok on April 14. This attack has devastated an entire village, where families are forced to cope with the daily anguish of not knowing the fate of their daughters, sisters, granddaughters or nieces. This act is morally reprehensible and has left a gaping vacuum in the entire community of Chibok and has had ripple effects across the nation of Nigeria and indeed the world. It has forced people everywhere to grapple with an issue that has been ignored for much too long – the plight of the over 65 million girls world-wide who are prevented from receiving an education. The Government and people of St Kitts and Nevis stand in solidarity with the people of Nigeria, particularly the families affected by this tragic event, and add our voices to the call for the immediate release of the girls and their return to the their homes and school. We also wish to join the mass campaign on behalf of girls all over the globe who share their daily battle to secure their right to receive an education. We welcome the global conversation that has intensified as a result of this act and hope that it will precipitate a global pact to defend and champion the rights of all girls to attend school. It is our hope that the Government of Nigeria will spare no resources to locate and rescue these girls and will continue to embrace offers of assistance from third states. The Government and people of St. Kitts and Nevis continue to keep the families and the girls of Chibok, Nigeria, in our prayers.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 8 NEWS Bethany Greene of WAHS Wins Junior Tourism Minister Title Photo Courtesy Daryl Charles (Modern Elegance) : Participants of Local Tourism Youth Congress 2014 Basseterre, St. Kitts, (SKNIS): Students from five high schools in St. Kitts were once again given an opportunity for their voices to be heard on current issues in tourism at the annual Local Tourism Youth Congress. The event, held on Friday (May 9) at the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, heard the views of an all female panel comprised of Bethany Greene of the Washington Archibald High, Trudela Spence of Verchild’s High, Leantel Matthew-Heyliger of Cayon High, Ackila Hanley of Charles E. Mills Secondary and Naomi Callender of the Saddlers Secondary School. Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Richard Skerritt, stated that it was important for young persons to get an opportunity to learn about what’s taking place around them, understand why it was important to their lives today and in the future and to their well being and how it will improve the quality of their lives and their families. “This event seeks to give young people the opportunity to be heard, having had input from advisors, their family and their friends in their preparation,” Minister Skerritt stated. “It is certainly a great way to listen to what are the ideas and thoughts that young people have about the various topics that are used from year to year.” The topic chosen by all the participants was “Accessible Tourism.” Bethany Greene, with her strong personality and intelligence, won the judges over with her presentation of the topic.Ms. Greene stated that every day before school and during lunch she and her teachers would gather together to practice her speech and was given impromptu questions about different aspects of tourism which proved beneficial to the mystery question round which she won. Ms. Greene will participate in the Regional Tourism Youth Congress scheduled to be held during the State of Industry’s Conference on September 17 – 19 in St. Thomas, USVI. The congress is viewed as a vital part of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation Youth Awareness Programme. The local event was organised by the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport in collaboration with the St. Kitts Tourism Authority.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 9 NEWS Machel Montana HD to Headline Opening Night of St. Kitts Music Festival BASSETERRE : Machel Montana HD will climax a magnificent night of Soca and Calypso music on the first night of the 18th Annual St. Kitts Music Festival, which takes places on Thursday, June 26th to Saturday June 28th, 2014. Themed as the ‘Jump Up’ night, Thursday night will also feature Destra, Explainer, Skinny Fabulous and Elvis Crespo. St. Kitts Minister of Tourism & International Transport, Senator Ricky Skerritt, described the Thursday lineup as extraordinary. “I have no doubt that these enigmatic Caribbean artists will electrify the crowd and make an indelible mark on the event,” Minister Skerritt said. “Machel and Destra are no strangers to the St. Kitts Music Festival, and it is not by accident that we keep inviting them back.” Legendary calypsonian, Explainer, is known for his hits ‘Lorraine,’ ‘Not Me’ and ‘The Monarchy and Heroes.’ Skinny Fabulous is an unmistakably energetic soca artiste from St. Vincent & the Grenadines, well appreciated for ‘Summer Body,’ ‘Badder Than Everybody’ and a collaboration with Machel Montano called ‘Fetting On.’ Elvis Crespo is an American-born Puerto Rican Grammy and Latin Grammy Award-winning Merengue singer. Crespo’s popular songs include ‘Suavemente,’ ‘Pintame’ and ‘Sopa De Caracol Yupi’ which features Pitbull. The Thursday night line-up will also feature the local Small Axe Band which has excited St. Kitts Music Festival opening night crowds on numerous occasions in the past. St. Kitts Music Festival features a wide range of musical styles on the popular market, including R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Gospel and Contemporary music. Past artists have included such prominent acts as John Legend, Lionel Richie, T-Pain, Michael Bolton, K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Congratulations to LIME’s Mother’s Day Promo Winners BASSETERRE, St. Kitts: – Saturday May 10, 2014: LIME would like to congratulate Ms. Cleopatra Lake, mother of two on winning our Mother’s Day Promotion, and walking away with a Samsung Galaxy S5 for Mother’s Day. As an added bonus, a random draw to select five participants who took part in the Mother’s Day promotion was also done. The five lucky winners of this bonus draw have won themselves Brunch for two at the Carambola Beach Club on Mother’s Day. Congratulations to: Ms. Vernicia Buchanan Ms. Rosetta Jarvis Ms. Shermine Thomas Mr. Denzil Edwards Ms.Dawn Blyden On winning the bonus draw of Brunch for two at the Carambola Beach Club. LIME wishes to thank the Carambola Beach Club for partnering with us on this Mother’s Day Promotion; as well as to congratulate all of our winners. Happy Mother’s Day! LIME, Value Every Moment.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 10 NEWS Water Not Infinite! Campaign Pushes Conservation. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Works Hod. Dr Earl Asim Martin at officially declares the launch of water conservation campaign Basseterre, St. Kitts, (SKNIS): “Every little action counts” and “water is not an infinite resource” were the chief messages at the launch of a climate-conscious water conservation campaign by the Water Services Department (WSD) yesterday (May 08). The campaign is supported by the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Rallying the Region to Action on Climate Change (RRACC) Project. Ms Tecla Fontenard, Communications Specialist for the RRACC said that it is important not to overestimate the amount of water available to us and that each individual has a significant part to play in preserving this precious resource. The launch, which took place at the Independence Square, featured a number of stakeholders including the departments of Physical Planning and Environment, Water Services, Agriculture, Marine Resources, Tourism, Constituency Empowerment as well as the St. Christopher National Trust and Kittitian Hill, who engaged attendees with information and demonstrations on the impacts of climate change on various sectors and what can be done in response. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Works and Utilities, Hon. Dr. Earl Asim Martin said that because water is not an unlimited resource, residents of St. Kitts and Nevis will eventually have to change their usage habits and the best way to reduce negative impacts of water Ms. Tecla Fontenard, Communications Specialist, RRACC encourages Kittitians to do their part in helping to conserve water. Speedtech Energy, a solar power company demonstrates various solar panels for home and business use. Attendee at the launch signs her pledge for conserving water. scarcity in the future is to practice good conservation habits now. The minister also stressed that St. Kitts has done well in moving from a small ground-fed source of water to a large, reliable system, featuring above ground sources and advanced pumping mechanisms and treatment facilities. However, personal responsibility is still essential and individuals should do their best to assist the State by reporting leaks in public lines, respecting signage and regulations of the WSD and employing conservative practices like using rain water to wash cars and water gardens. This phase of the campaign encourages individuals to “do just one thing” to conserve water and to note this in a pledge form that was provided at the launch and is available at the WSD. The form suggests a number of options and also allows space for other creative ideas. There are also direct rewards being offered to businesses and households that save the most water every quarter for the duration of the campaign.


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The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 13 ADVERTISEMENT Alzheimer’s Disease and the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) Conference in Puerto Rico Dr Joan Rawlins, Health Sociologist recently attended the 29th Annual conference of the Alzheimer’s disease International (ADI) which was held in Puerto Rico, May 1-4. The theme of the conference was “Dementia: Working together for a global Solution”. About 700 persons from more than 60 countries attended the meeting. Alzheimer’s disease international (ADI) is an umbrella organization for Alzheimer’s disease associations worldwide and has its headquarters in England. Until this year there were 75 countries registered as members of ADI and at the conference in Puerto Rico five (5) new members, namely: Morocco, Monaco, Nepal, Norway and Slovenia were added to the global ADI family. The conference sought to meet the needs of those in the international community who have an interest in Alzheimer’s disease, whether they were professionals in the field of Alzheimer’s disease, individuals living with the disease or carers. It showcased leading professions in the field presenting their research. The latest innovations in dementia care, practices and treatment and ethical issues were discussed as also were the misconceptions about dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, degenerative brain disease. This means that gradually, over time, more parts of the brain are damaged. ‘Plaques’ and ‘tangles’ form in the brain disturbing its normal functioning. The condition mainly affects persons over the age of 65 years, however, in recent years numerous cases of early onset Alzheimer’s disease, as early as 45 years have been recorded internationally. The disease is one in which the main manifestations are: memory loss, cognitive impairment and personality changes. Alzheimer’s disease is only one form of dementia as other dementias include: vascular dementia, lewy bodies dementia and fronto-temporal dementia. Alzheimer’s disease however, represents about 60-70% of all the dementias. Marc Wortmann, Executive Director of ADI in one of his many speeches at the conference reminded the participants that as populations age around the world, the developing countries included, we will be faced with increasingly large numbers of persons living with dementia. It is estimated that at present (2014) there are 44 million persons living with Alzheimer’s disease worldwide. The research tells us that every four seconds another person will have the disease. There were at least twenty five (25) persons with dementia attending the conference. These included six who were among the presenters. They helped to establish that Alzheimer’s disease should not be seen and treated as negatively as it tends to be, and that with proper care and resources, persons living with Alzheimer’s disease can continue to make a meaningful contribution for many years. Among the 80 member countries of ADI there are many Latin American countries but only eight (8) Caribbean countries and of these only four (4) are English speaking. These are Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and (Bermuda). The other four (4) Caribbean countries, St. Maarten included, are Dutchspeaking. All of these eight (8) countries were represented at the Conference. The Pan American Health organization is the Regional Health Agency with responsibility for providing support to organizations concerned with dementia throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Dr. Anslem Hennis, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean was a presenter at the conference and reminded the participants of the need to keep in close contact with their Ministry of Health as they seek to provide care and support to people living with Alzheimer’s disease. In 2011, at the United Nations Summit on Non Communicable Diseases (NCD’s), the UN declared that Alzheimer’s disease should, like hypertension, diabetes and the cancers, be included among the Non Communicable Diseases (NCD’s) based on the growing numbers of persons affected and the need for care and resources to be provided to support groups and carers of those living with the condition.Dr. Joan Rawlins who until recently was a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI, Trinidad, now resides in St. Kitts. She attended the conference as part of the Trinidad and Tobago delegation. (She has been a member of the Board of the Alzheimer’s Association of Trinidad and Tobago for the past ten years and is a former Vice President of the Association). She would like to assist in the formation of a St. Kitts/Nevis Alzheimer’s Association which would promote understanding of the disease and provide advice to care givers locally. Alzheimer’s disease International (ADI) has already pledged its support, if and when it is needed.May 12th, 2014


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 14 GOODS NEWS ARRESTS Brian Francis alias “Junk a Body” of Needsmust Estate was formally arrested and charged for the offence of Obstructing a Police while In The Execution of Duty, which was committed at the Circus, Basseterre on 25/4/ 2014. Patterson Phoenix and Donald Dorean Gregory, both of Lovelace Road, Green Bay, Antigua formally arrested for the offence of Possession of Cannabis, which was committed at the Port Zante Marina at 4:30 PM on 23/4/14. Dwayne Matthew of Lodge Project was formally arrested and charged for the offence of Possession of Cannabis, which was committed on 25/4/2014 at Charlestown. A juvenile was formally arrested and charged for the offences of Taking a Vehicle Without The Consent of The Owner, Driving Without a Driver’s Licence and Driving Without Insurance, which were committed on 26/4/2014. Trevor Edmeade of Chapel Street, Tabernacle Village was formally arrested and charged for the offence of Wounding With Intent To Commit Grievous Bodily Harm, which was committed on 23/04/14 at Tabernacle. Joseph King of Verchilds was formally arrested and charged for the offences of Battery on Police, Resisting Arrest, Obstructing Police, Threatening Language and Malicious Damage, which were committed on 3/5/2014 at Basseterre. Keith Braide of Government Road was formally arrested and charged for the offence of Possession of Cannabis, which was committed on 2/ 52014 at Charlestown. Eugene Davis of Newton Ground was formally arrested and charged for the following offences of Carrying Abroad An Offensive Weapon, Resisting Arrest, Battery on Police, and Obstruction Under The Drug Act, which were committed on 3/5/2014 at Newton Ground. Dionis Morson of Upper Market Street was formally arrested and charged for the offence of Wounding, which was committed on 5/5/2014 at Newtown. Lionel Warner of Dieppe Bay was formally arrested and charged for the offence of Wounding With Intent, which was committed on 5/5/2014.Vernon Henderson of Dieppe Bay was formally arrested and charged for the offences of Failing To Comply With Traffic Direction Given By A Police In Uniform, which were committed at the Bay Road, Basseterre on 8/5/2014. Omari Cranston of Tree Top Housing Project, Sandy Point for the offence of Threatening Language, which was committed on 8/5/2014 at Tree Top Housing Project, Sandy Point. Mervil Johnson of Middle Island was formally arrested and charged for the offence of Possession of Cannabis, which was committed on 9/5/2014 at Verchild’s Village. Jonce’s Merritt of St. Johnson Village was formally arrested and charged for he Disorderly Conduct By Fighting, which was committed on 10/5/2014 at the Basseterre Police Station. Ishan Huggins of Lodge Project was formally arrested and charged for he Disorderly Conduct By Fighting, which was committed on 10/5/2014 at the Basseterre Police Station.COURT CONVICTIONSDISTRICT “A” MAGISTRATE’S COURTMark Archibald of Lodge Village was convicted for the offence of Driving Without Due Care and Attention which was committed on 24/5/2014, and fined $1000.00 which is to be paid by 16/5/2014 or in default will serve thirty (30) days in prison, and disqualified from holding or obtaining a Drivers Licence for thirty (30) days. Police Round-up


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 15 GOOD NEWS Classes Continue After Shift Thanks To Premiere Dental Basseterre, St. Kitts, (SKNIS): Students of the Washington Archibald High School (WAHS) have now been given more time for their studies thanks to Premiere Dental. The shift system, which was implemented on May 07, allotted students a half a day for their classes. Washington Archibald High would have the morning shift from 7:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. and Basseterre High in the afternoon from 1:15 to 6:00 p.m. Premiere Dental stepped in to aid the school by giving them an extra hour and a half of class time in their building at Taylor’s Range, just a couple steps away from the school. Form 1A2 students Nashaunt Sutton and Tyla Hector stated that they are quite comfortable in the new environment and expressed that the arrangements of the desks and chairs gives the feel of a normal classroom setting. “We have benefitted because there is extra time,” Nashaunt said. “Class normally ends at 1:15 p.m. and now we have an hour and a half ending at 2:45 p.m. We at the Washington Archibald High School would like to thank Premiere Dental for investing in our education. Thanks for giving us this area and rooms.” Teacher Dwight Berridge stated that the classes have been working out quite well. “Teachers are here, the management team are here to assist operation of the classes,” he said. “In terms of discipline, students understand what they have to do and work is being prepared for them. So we are quite satisfied with the extra classes that are being held at Premiere Dental.” Mr. Berridge commented that the students and teachers alike are enjoying the clean and spacious rooms and are benefiting from the extra classes. “I am able to come in and reinforce some of the material in the afternoon, to do some revision and prepare students for exams. SKNIS Photo: WAHS Students being taught at Premiere Dental “No TV Week” Basseterre, St. Kitts: May 15, 2014. Under the theme “Let’s Quell the Storm, Take Bullying by The Horn”, the Epworth/Maurice Hillier Memorial Junior School is celebrating its 14th Anniversary of “No TV Week” with activities running from May 11th – May 17th. The initiative which started back in May 2000, has become one the school’s most anticipated activities in its calendar year challenging both students and parents alike to have one full week of no television as a means of fostering more social interaction between schoolmates, as well as parents and children in the home and wider community. As was noted by school Chaplin, Reverend Arlene BruceWilliams in a recent television interview, “we are hoping this week could help bring families close together”. “It’s an opportunity perhaps for parents and children to read together, to play games, to sing together, to have fun aside from just sitting in front of the television that seems to occupy so much of the children’s time”, she further stated. LIME is proud to once again partner with the school in its 14th year of empowering its students, faculty and parents to look beyond the television and indulge in positive recreational and social activities.LIME. Value Every Moment. The Ministry of Education thanked the company for their kind gesture and its willingness to provide their facilities.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 16 NEWS -Two Premiers In Nevis By: The Point ManWhen PAM came to power in 1980 they created some ‘first time ever.’ Do you remember they were referred to as the ‘three piece suit Government?’ All of the members took car numbers between P1 to P10. The members of Cabinet all drove the same type of vehicle (Laurel). When they saw Labour people working they got vex…. as Michael Powell.The Minister of Finance had a Junior Minister who was his boss. The Junior Minister presented the Budget Address. They created the first ever Ministry of the Environment without any staff. They dismissed a Minister on All Fools’ Day. There were many other firsts, you the younger ones should ask the older folks. Now that PAM and CCM have teamed up in the Unity concoction, CCM has been taught some of the PAM tactics. So CCM now learn to create first time ever. So in Nevis, CCM decide to have two Premiers for Nevis. And so every time one Premier says something on any issue, the second Premier has to say something different to what the first Premier say. The conclusion is that CCM decided to have a first time ever in Nevis, to have two Premiers. This has to be the conclusion! To think otherwise would be to say that the second Premier Mark Brantley has no respect for the first Premier, Vance Amory. In fact one would have to conclude that first Premier, Vance Amory, has no control of second Premier Mark. Nowhere else in the world does this type of behaviour obtain in a Government. Other people have concluded that it is not a PAM first that CCM is following but a Labour first. They have said that second Premier Mark is following Tim. They argue that for years Tim was undermining Prime Minister Douglas. They feel that the closeness between Second Premier Mark and Tim has rubbed off on second Premier Mark. And so he has learned to undermine first Premier Vance Amory. And he is doing well. Nevisians believe that something has to give because this two Premier thing for Nevis is not working. Second Premier Mark say the bank could go to France, first Premier Vance Amory say we have to work with the bank. So who will win, first Premier Vance Amory or second Premier Mark? You can call in to VON or Radio choice and give your view! Dr. Nilda Arduin Ombudsman Sint Maarten PHILIPSBURG.On Saturday May 3rd 2014 at the 18th Annual Woman of Great Esteem (WGE) Emerald Awards Ceremony at the Ritz Carlton Hotel at Battery Park, New York, Dr. Rachnilda (Nilda) Lynch-rduin, Ombudsman of Sint Maarten was the recipient of the 2014 Woman of Great Esteem Emerald Award and awarded the Emerald Award of Excellence. The Woman of Great Esteem 2014 honorees represent women who develop and advance their communities without regard for race, ethnicity, religiosity, gender, age or national origin. This award recognizes outstanding achievement in area of Politics, Religion, Education, Health, Economics, Arts, Law and Leadership. Dr Arduin was the recipient of the Award of Excellence from among six nominees: 1. Honorable Sylvia Ash, New York State Supreme Court Justice 2. Dr. Carissa Etienne, Dr. Nilda Arduin A warded Both the Woman of Great Esteem and The Emerald Award of ExcellencePRESS RELEASE Dominican native, MD, PAHO Director since February 2013. 3. Dr. Suzette Graham-Hill, US Virgin Islands, cardiologist. 4. Ms. Yolande Nicholdson, Esq., Native New Yorker, corporate finance attorney. 5. Ms. Sharon Gordon, Jamaican, journalist and media specialist. 6. Dr. Rachnilda LynchArduin, National Ombudsman Sint Maarten. Dr. Arduin was honored in the field of politics for among others her pioneering work as the first Ombudsman of Sint Maarten, the “Guardian of the Constitution”, as a scholar and lawyer, whose dedication to making the Constitution understandable and accessible to the general public with among others the booklet “The Constitution made simple”; producer and host of the wellknown television program “Law in Focus” which empowered the citizens of Sint Maarten with knowledge of various laws. Certificates and citations of recognition were received from NYS Senate, NY City Council, and US House of Representatives. Dr. Arduin accepted the awards on behalf of all women, who work diligently and passionately in their communities to better the lives of all persons. The Women of Great Esteem Emerald Award was founded in 1995 by Brooklyn based, Bishop Sylveta Hamilton Gonzales, who had a vision to recognize the increasing contribution of women who have excelled beyond normal expectations in a multi-cultural society. Bishop Gonzales points out that, “The Emerald Award is a vehicle used for the empowerment of women, honoring them for their relentless efforts to nurture and serve their communities.” The annual event is a fundraiser for MACADEMY, School of Science and Technology in Brooklyn. To date, the organization has honored over 150 women from twentyseven countries from North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Bermuda, the Caribbean and Central America. This is the first time Sint Maarten captured the Emerald Award of Excellence. A globe representing the award, traveling around the world, will be officially presented to Dr. Arduin in June 2014. The globe will remain in her possession until next year, to be passed on to the next recipient of the Emerald Award of Excellence in 2015. Dr. Arduin returned to the island on May 5th 2014 to an elated Team Ombudsman and friends. Commissioner CG Walwyn Speaks Out On Youth Violence The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force in unison with the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions thank the police officers and prosecutors who sought justice for the Zakers family in the recent court trial. The Jury is to be commended for their dedication in ensuring that justice for the Zakers family was received. There are no winners in this trial, the Zakers family have lost a son through a senseless killing seen all too often throughout the Caribbean. The young men who were convicted are among the all too common statistics of our young men being decimated or incarcerated due to an epidemic of senseless violence among the youth. “I realise that St. Kitts and Nevis has a problem that needs to be addressed with alternatives to the issue of gangs and gang violence. In order to combat the crime and devastation brought on by criminal gangs, communities must first recognise when gangs have gained a foothold in their neighbourhoods.” When a community has gangs, there are drugs. Where there are drugs, there are guns. Where there are drugs and guns, there are homicides. “I believe that the citizens of the Federation have accepted this as a fact. The success of gang reduction strategies will only be recognised when law enforcement, school officials, community leaders, business owners and local citizens collectively conduct a thorough and accurate analysis of the situation in their communities and when a gang presence is discovered, acknowledge the true nature of a gang presence in their community, said Commissioner, Walwyn.” He stated that in order for a community to become inhospitable to gangs, a supportive law enforcement presence must be put in place as the foundation to regain economic sustainability, and promote a safe and healthy environment. Studies conducted by law enforcement has discovered that communities that work with law enforcement, and crime prevention experts, have experienced successes in driving the presence of gangs out of their neighbourhoods and have seen the crime rate of their neighbourhoods decline. This he said is evident in St. Kitts “as we have initiated the School Resource Officer Program and have full-time officers in the Cayon and Sandy Point High Schools. There is also a night time Juvenile Arrest and Monitoring Officer who patrols the streets at nights and if it is after 10 p.m. and an under 16 years of age juvenile is found unaccompanied by an adult and the juvenile cannot satisfy the enquiry of the officer, that juvenile is taken to the nearest police station and the parent either picks up the child from the station or the child spends the night at the station.” But he emphasized that the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force is not about locking up children, we are about giving our children alternatives to gangs, guns, drugs and violence. Through the sanctioning of a program aimed at saving our children from self destruction, the Federal Government up teamed with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office of Orlando Florida and began teaching the M.A.G.I.C. Program which is geared at reaching elementary school children before they go to high school. Mentoring Advising Guiding and Instructing Children offered children alternatives to gangs, guns, drugs, and violence. “This 10 week program recently graduated 374 of our elementary school children. The Federal Government in support of the police force and the efforts to reduce juvenile crime within the Federation, will now partner with the Houston Police and a Teens and Police (TAP) program aimed at closing the gap between police and teenagers in high school. It is a very successful 11-week program used in high schools. Our society cannot afford to have any more senseless killings like Mr. Zakers; therefore, this administration is dedicated to establishing a policy that will actively work towards removing the criminal activity and terrorism perpetrated by criminal gangs upon the citizens of this Federation. We ask the public support as we embark on recovering the peace and safety of our Federation”, stated commissioner Walwyn.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 17 COMMENTARY BY EARL CLARKE Dear Reader, before I proceed into the meat of my article today, I would like to correct a mistake I made in my article, “Great Leaders were born, not made, dated 25/04/2014.” I mentioned that the first test was drawn. In truth and in fact, the Dramatic Test was TIED. It was the very first time in history that a Cricket Test Match was tied. West Indies batted first and scored 453 all out. Australia batted and made 505. The West Indies, in their second innings, scored 284. Australia scored 232. Both teams scored 737 runs in their two innings. So much so for the correction.I must or should point out that my duty is to supply my readers with historical facts and, if I make mistakes, I am duty bound to correct them. Now, I must introduce my topic of the day and it is a topic which is still in existence till today. Divide and rule the black man. To get my message over to you, I hereby present to you, a letter from Mr. William Willie Lynch himself, advising his coowners how to keep us in line by pitting us against one another, a tactic which is still being employed today. Here is William Lynch’s letter. Gentlemen, I greet you here on the bank of the S t. James River in the year of our Lord, One thousand and twelve. First, I shall thank you, the gentlemen of the Colony of V ir ginia, for bringing me here. I am here to help you solve some of your problems with slaves. Y our invitation reached me on my modest plantation in the W est Indies where I have experimented with some of the newest and still the oldest methods for control of slaves. Ancient Rome would envy us if my programme is implemented. As our boat sailed south of the St. James River named for our illustrious King, whose version of the Bible we cherish, I saw enough to know that your problem is not unique. While Rome used cords of wood as crosses for standing human bodies along its old highways in great numbers, you are here using the tree and the rope on occasion. I caught the whiff of a dead slave hanging from a tree a couple of miles back. Y ou are not only losing valuable stock by hanging, you are having uprisings, slaves are running away your crops are sometimes left in the fields too long for maximum profits, you suffer occasional fires, your animals are killed. Gentlemen, you know what your problems are? I do not need to elaborate, I am not here to enumerate your problems, I am here to introduce you to a method of solving them. In my bag here, I have a foolproof method for controlling your black slaves. I guarantee every one of you that, if installed correctly it will control the slaves for at least three hundred (300) years. My method is simple. Any member of your family or overseer can use it. I have outlined a number of differences between the slaves and I take these differences and make them bigger I use fear distrust, and envy for control purposes. These methods have worked on my modest plantation in the W est Indies and it will work throughout the South. T ake this little simple list of dif ferences and think about them. On top of my list is Age, but it is there only because it starts with an “A.”The second is colour or shade, there is intelligence, size, sex, size of plantation, status on plantation, attitude of owners, whether the slaves live in the valley on a hill, East, W est, North, South, have fine hair coarse hair or is tall or short. Now that you have a list of differences, I shall give you an outline of action, but before that, I shall assure you that distrust is stronger than trust and envy is stronger than adulation, respect or admiration. The black slave, after receiving this indoctrination, shall carry on and will become self refueling and self generating for hundreds of years, maybe thousands. Don’t forget you must pitch the old black male against the young black male and the young black male against the old black male. Y ou must use the dark skinned slaves vs. The light skinned slaves and the light skinned slaves vs. the dark skinned slaves. Y ou must use the female slaves vs. the male slaves and the male slaves vs. the female slaves. Y ou must always have your white servants and overseers distrust all blacks. But it is necessary that your slaves trust and depend on us. They must love, respect and trust only us. Gentlemen these kits are your key to control. Use them. Have your wives and children use them; never miss an opportunity If used intensely for one year the slaves themselves will remain perpetually distrustful .Thank you gentlemen. Editor’s Note This speech was delivered by a white slave owner, William, Willie Lynch, on the banks of the James River in 1712. Now, dear reader, you have a documentation of the methods which were used by Willie Lynch in the West Indies and transported to Virginia in order to pit us one against the other. Looking around you today, do you see any Willie Lynches around? I have discovered one a long time ago and that is the founder of The People’s Action Movement, who sold out our black brothers and sisters’ way back in the 1935 Buckley’s Riots. I have detected some Willie Lynches who, because of their lighter shade of blackness and their professions want to treat us like yesterday’s massas did. I see two traitors who have sold us out adopting the Willie Lynch philosophy of dividing and ruling us in an attempt to destroy the Movement which has fought to bring us to where we are today. I have seen the Willie Lynches on the airwaves and listened to their Willie Lynch gospels of miseducation, spin bowling, and brain washing as they try desperately to turn back the hands of time so that my brothers and sisters could be catapulted back into the dark ages when we suffered all kinds of indignities, where the cattle, the horses, the donkeys, the mules which pulled the sugar cane carts were considered more valuable than us.I have seen the Willie Lynch in the People’s Action Movement which emerged on the political landscape to halt the onward progressive march of the workers and their party and organizationThe Labour Movement. Bearing the same symbol, The Democrat Newspaper with The Man Over The Wall which was the mouth piece of our former slave owners party, the same slave owners who made fortunes from our sweat, tears, toil, lives.And you know what dear reader? The People’s Action Movement has made no apology to anybody for using the Democrat Newspaper as their mouthpiece. I don’t blame PAM at all. I blame those of us who wanted to feel important and who wanted to forget our background and therefore want to distance ourselves from our roots. PAM did not hide their identity. They showed us right from the onset who they were, what they stood for, what their intentions were and who were supporting them. When PAM came out, they heralded that they were for the rich. Labour is for the poor. They were not ashamed to show their true colours and their true identity. They were not hiding who they really are. I have said over and over, that the founder of PAM knew us. He was a Willie Lynch and he studied his black brothers and sisters well. He realized that, when we have achieved a little progress in our lives, we tend to forget who we are. We try our utmost to climb up the social ladder even if, in our feeble attempts to do so, heavy boots are placed on our fingers to hinder our upward progression we grin and bear the pain and the humiliation, because we are afraid and ashamed to jump back down to where we originally belong. So, it was no surprise when they, PAM, resorted to the Willie Lynch mentality of pitting those who went away to study, to return home and forsake their labouring and working class families and friends. Yes! Willie Lynch did say that they must pit the intelligent ones among us, against those of us who are not so intelligent. We must pit those of a lighter shade of blackness against those of us who are of a darker shade of blackness. Those who work in Banks and big business places in down town Basseterre, must be made to feel superior to those of us who work in the fields and the farms even though we are the ones who are feeding them and even though we are all workers. Labour Day is a day which is set aside for workers, but the men and women who work in the Banks and the Business places, do not see themselves as working class or workers. Willie Lynch has told them that they are nearer to Massa, so they are not workers: they are his helpers, but helpers can and do get fired. Anyone who works for a salary or a wage and is hired by someone is a worker and those for whom they work are their bosses. The Willie Lynches of today realize that some of us are possessed with blind personal ambition and raw greed and that this blind personal ambition would cause our principled stand to be eroded and to crumble. What we criticized yesterday, we would support today. These unprincipled stand open us up to vulnerabilities and present a” For Sale Sign’ on our foreheads. If we are for sale, it means that we will sing for our supper for anyone, if the price is right. This is even more so, when we have a reputation of being a raybin or ravenous person. Today’s Willie Lynches have sought out these brothers and sisters, have paid them handsomely and are now standing by as they observe these black traitors working on their behalf, to ensure that they once again return to the glory days of owning both the political and economic power. The Willie Lynches have hatched a plan to keep Nevisians and Kittitians apart and to ignite hatred and rancor between us. In 1883, when Nevis was annexed to St. Kitts because of the failure of the Sugar industry there, due to severe droughts, we were emancipated only 45 years before. We as black people were voiceless and pennyless. It was a problem between the white colonial masters of Britain and the white planters of St. Kitts and Nevis. Yet, today, we have observed Willie Lynches among the black people of Nevis taking up the white planters cudgel of yesteryears, pitting Nevis black people against St. Kitts black people, in order to advance their political fortunes. This pitting is done despite the fact that whole villages in St. Kitts are populated by Nevisians who came down here to fill the gap created in the 1930’ and 1940’ when Kittitians banged water and migrated to Cuba and Santo Domingo to cut sugar cane. I have written this particular article today, so that I could educate the brothers and sisters in identifying the Willie Lynches amongst us who are trying their utmost to divide us, so that the hands of history could be reversed. Now that I have opened your eyes, it would be to your folly if you still allow them to continue to fool you, by pitting you against your brother and sister and attempting to mis-educate you on the airwaves on a daily basis. To be forewarned, is to be forearmed. Sing the new Gospel song, “Yes I know who I am.” The William (Willie) Lynch Philosophy Still Exists Today Among Black People Looking around you today, do you see any Willie Lynches around? I have discovered one a long time ago, and that is the founder of The People’s Action Movement......


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 18 NEWS -Development Bank to Showcase Clients at Business Fairs to Mark its 33rd Anniversary Manager for Human Resource, Marketing, and Product Development at the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis, Ms Danienne Brin (right) discussing the forthcoming business fair with Intern, Ms Nadia Francis. BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS — The Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis, which was created by an Act of Parliament in May 1981, is celebrating the 33rd anniversary of fruitful service to all facets of life in the Federation with business fairs in Basseterre and Charlestown, to showcase its clients. “The celebration is being held under the theme ‘Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis: Promoting Total Empowerment through Economic, Social and National Development’,” said the Bank’s Manager for Human Resources, Marketing, and Product Development, Ms Danienne Brin. “The Development Bank has been a key player in the economic growth of the Federation, and high on the agenda will be business fairs that will be held on Friday the 30th of May from 10 am to 6 pm in the Independence Square Basseterre, and at the D.R. Walwyn Square Charlestown.” According to Ms Brin, the Development Bank is aiming at exposing its business clients to the general public by giving them a platform where they could showcase their business talents and the contribution they make towards the economic growth of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, and what they have to offer. Good news out of the Development Bank is that the fairs in Basseterre and Charlestown will not be restricted to its business clients only, as an open invitation has been extended to non-clients who would want to take the advantage offered by the bank to showcase their products as well. Applications forms for participation are available at the head office in Basseterre from Ms Brin or the Marketing Support Officer, Mrs Vernitha Maynard, while those in Nevis could get the forms at the branch office from the Branch Manager, Ms Hyacinth Pemberton. Deadline for the applications has been extended to Friday May 23, and according to Ms Brin, bank clients will take part in the one-day fair at the bank’s expense, while non-clients will be required to pay a token to cater for the rent of the booths, tents, chairs and tables. “We have extended invitations to the Customs Department so they can come and let our business clients and the general public know the ways in which one can clear goods and products from them,” observed Ms Brin. “Also invited is the Social Security Board for them to let clients know how important it is to take social security contributions from their employees and also to make social security contributions for their employees. We extended an invitation to Inland Revenue for them to do a presentation about taxes, exemptions etc.” From the private sector, telecommunication companies LIME and Digicel have also been invited for them to get an opportunity to let people know what packages they have to offer and how clients can go about getting their phone and their cell phone ready for when they have persons calling them on demand so that one could be ready to serve their customers in a timely manner. A well-known DJ will be on hand to entertain the visitors at the fairs who, according to Ms Brin, will win attractive prizes when they answer correctly questions posed to them in matters relating to the history of the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis. Small tokens of appreciation will be distributed to all the visitors. Assisting with the hosting of the business fair especially in St. Kitts is Ms Nadia Francis, a second year Business Administration (with a concentration in Management) student at the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas Campus, who is doing her internship at the Development Bank. “Ms Francis would be attached to the Human Resource and Marketing Department for the first week that she is with Development Bank,” explained Ms Danienne Brin. “She would specifically assist with our business fair and then she would be attached to Accounts and Finance, and Business Support for the duration of her stint with Development Bank.” Ms Francis, who will be at the bank up to the end of August, said that she specifically requested that she does her internship with the Development Bank of St. Kitts of and Nevis because she obtained her student loan from the bank and is keen to find out how the bank operates. Other activities to mark the Development Bank’s 33rd anniversary include a health walk to the South Eastern Peninsula on Saturday May 24, open to staff members, their relatives and friends, and which will culminate with a healthy breakfast. The following Saturday (May 31) the bank’s staff will have a fun day at Frigate Bay. “Everybody knows working is not easy,” commented Ms Brin. “We want to show appreciation to our staff so they could enjoy the company of each other even though we are with each other eight hours of the day while at work. At this fun day we can sit back, we can relax, we can let loose and enjoy each other’s company.” St. Kitts Teams Up With British Airways in Second Great Gatwick Ticket Giveaway Record 1,751 participants on St. Kitts Promotional DayLondon, UK 9 May 2014: A record 1,751 commuters took part in St. Kitts and British Airways biggest ever ticket giveaway at London’s Victoria Station on Thursday 8 May, St. Kitts Day of a four-day promotion supporting British Airways Caribbean Campaign. Hundreds of commuters using the Station had a chance to win a pair of plane tickets to the destination every 15 minutes from 8.00am to 8.00pm by testing their flight skills on a flight simulator. The 1,751 participants were up from last year’s promotion at the London Station, which saw 1,685 commuters enter. To ensure the challenge was as realistic as possible, commuters were asked to ‘check in’ at an airport-style desk and control a virtual British Airways Boeing 777 aircraft heading to St. Kitts from London (Gatwick) airport, with the most accurate pilot winning a pair of British Airways tickets to the destination. Built specially on the station’s main concourse, the arcade-style flying game awarded 48 pairs of tickets from 8.00am to 8.00pm. All 48 lucky winners each received a fantastic St. Kitts goody bag to give them their first taste of the island and get them in the mood before they jet off. St. Kitts reps were on hand at Victoria Station throughout the day promoting the destination to commuters. This fantastic ‘giveaway’ was part of a four-day British Airways Promotion which showcased one Caribbean destination per day, highlighting participating destinations flying from Gatwick airport, reachable from London Victoria in only 30 minutes by train. The St. Kitts British Airways Promotion was seen by over 100 million commuters who transit through Victoria Station every day with further recognition via the main screen at the platform boards. Minister of Tourism & International Transport, Senator Ricky Skerritt, said, “The promotion has been a tremendous success for St. Kitts as a destination; I was delighted to see the extent of interest, not only in the huge numbers that entered the competition, but also in the way this special day was shared over social media. I understand there were numerous tweets throughout the day. Promotions such as these in partnership with British Airways are important to St. Kitts’ success in the UK market and we look forward to welcoming all 48 winners and their guests in the coming year.” Colm Lacy, British Airways head of commercial for Gatwick Airport, said, “British Airways was delighted to be working in partnership with The St. Kitts Tourism Authority at the Victoria Station Ticket Giveaway as part of our Caribbean Campaign, offering commuters the opportunity to win a pair of tickets every 15 minutes to St Kitts. It is great to work in partnership with St. Kitts as part of our drive to promote our leisure route network from Gatwick.” “We currently operate twice weekly to St. Kitts, which proves to be an extremely popular destination for our customers. We are confident that our work with St. Kitts at the giveaway will ensure this route goes from strength to strength” said Lacy. The St. Kitts Tourism Authority has requested residents and visitors to join in the conversation about this promotion by using #stkitts and #ba2stkitts hashtags. St. Kitts is currently served twice weekly on Saturday and Tuesday from London Gatwick by British Airways, the first scheduled carrier to provide regular airlift to the island. For winter 2014/2015 effective October 26, the two weekly flights to St. Kitts will be on Wednesday and Saturday. Salt Pond Declared a Protected Area By Javon AlfordThe Frigate Bay Salt Pond and its Environs were officially declared a protected area following the cabinet meeting held on March 7th 2014 where the plan was approved. As stated by the Hon Nigel Carty in his post cabinet briefing, the Salt Pond and its surroundings are protected areas under section 9(1) of the National Conservation and Environmental Protection Act of 2006. He also stated the Salt Pond is located in an area that supports and is linked to the breeding of different species of birds so the Protected Area System’s plan is to rehabilitate the area under consideration for eco-tourism and educational purposes. With the area protected, the continued use of the space for recreational purposes by locals and visitors would not be threatened by development in the area; it would also be preserved as a green space for environmental aesthetic and the establishment of management to oversee the area and activities. The area has always been a great asset to the people and would continue to be for years to come.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 19 NEWS -LIME Internet Service Update LIME “May Berry” Blackberry Handset Special Regular Price Rebated Price (w/ Data Sign-up or Upgrade) Prepaid MyPlan 12 My Plan 24 Prepaid My Plan 12 MyPlan 24 Month Month Month Month BlackBerry Z10 $1,899 $1,799 $1,549 $1,499 $1,399 $1,149 BlackBerry Q5 $1,499 $999 $699 $1,099 $599 $299 BlackBerry Q10 $2,599 $1,899 $1,849 $2,199 $1,499 $1,449 BASSETERRE, St. Kitts: – Wednesday, May 14, 2014: For the month of May, LIME’s Flag-ship stores in St. Kitts & Nevis will be having a May-Berry Special on selected Blackberry Handsets with sign-up or upgrade on mobile data. With sign-up or upgrade on any prepaid mobile or MyPlan (bolt-on) data plan, get a $400 rebate on the purchase of a Blackberry Z10, Blackberry Q10, or Blackberry Q5 while stocks last (terms and conditions apply). Netopia (grey) modems. Configuration changes within the upgrade process have facilitated this, thus enabling these modems to be fully functional on the upgraded platform. Notwithstanding this, customers who are still experiencing connectivity issues are asked to log a fault with our Customer Care/Contact Center (466-4357 or 611). LIME wishes to extend sincere thanks to all of our customers for their patience as we work to complete our Internet upgrades. BASSETERRE, St. Kitts: – Wednesday May 14, 2014: LIME wishes to advise all of its Internet customers that following our most recent upgrades (on Tuesday evening) to resolve network issues, there is no longer a need to replace the Paradyme and or ECTEL Council To Strengthen Competition Rules in the Telecommunications Sector Castries, Saint Lucia. 14th May 2014. Ministers with responsibility for telecommunications in the Eastern Caribbean have reaffirmed their commitment to improve the regulatory environment of the telecoms sector post liberalisation, with clear rules for the behaviour of service providers. At its 29th meeting, which was held on 24th April 2014 in Saint Lucia, the Council of Ministers of the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) approved a new draft Electronic Communications Bill (EC Bill). This EC Bill has new and improved provisions to address anti-competitive behavior in the telecoms sector, and also includes provisions for increasing access to the telecommunications networks and infrastructure of service providers. It also contains clearer processes for dispute resolution. The ECTEL Council of Ministers agreed that the draft EC Bill be forwarded to the OECS Legal Affairs Committee for its consideration. The ECTEL Council of Ministers also deliberated on a number of acquisitions, mergers and joint alliances in the telecommunications sector in the region. The Council noted that over the past year, these mergers and acquisitions were for the provision of wholesale and retail telecommunications services. The Ministers expressed concerns over the potential impact of this trend on the competitive environment, and in particular, on the choices available to consumers. The ECTEL Council welcomed the announcement by the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) of the establishment of the OECS Competition Commission. The Council expressed support for the role of the Commission in the regulation of competition in the telecommunications sector. The Council approved a recommendation for the establishment of formal relations between the Competition Commission and ECTEL in the regulation of the electronic communications sector, which includes the provision of telephone, Internet, broadcasting and cable television services. In addition, the ECTEL Council considered reports on the operations of ECTEL for the first half of the financial year, and approved recommendations for the implementation of major regulatory initiatives such as number portability, review of interconnection rates, roaming, and new integrated spectrum management and monitoring systems. The Council of Ministers of ECTEL is responsible for the formulation of policy on the regulation and development of the telecommunications sector in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The governments of Antigua and Barbuda and Montserrat attend the Council meeting as observers. St. Kitts and Nevis Showcased in Washington, DC’s Around the World Embassy Tour! Washington D.C.,–The Embassy of St. Kitts and Nevis, along with the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, participated for the 3rd year in Cultural Tourism DC, Around the World Embassy Tour and showcased the culture, art, and spirits of St. Kitts and Nevis to over 1400 visitors to the Federation’s booth. This year, the Coconut was featured, as well as the many products made with the coconut such as Sugar cake, Rum, and Craft. The Embassy of St. Kitts and Nevis welcomed the many visitors at the historic Fraser Mansion on May 3rd from 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. with the rhythmic sounds of the Steel Pan, Calypso and Soca Music. The festive event displayed folkloric costumes of the Clown and Masquerade, craftmade from coconut, and ceramics created by Eustace Brown. The Batik corner highlighted the unique paintings and fashion from Caribelle Batik, in which the Embassy staff was also adorned. Paintings from local artist Curtis Mulley were also featured. Products of St. Kitts and Nevis such as Brimstone Pepper Sauces and Essences, Carib beer, Ting and Malt of the Brewery and, Brinley Gold Shipwreck Rum were also in the spotlight. The Embassy partnered with Tropical Fusion Catering to create ‘Tropical Fusion Coconut Grove,” a beach bar/restaurant treating patrons to the tasty array of Brinley Gold Shipwreck Rums, particularly the Coconut Rum and signature cocktails, sugar cakes, coconut rice, and coconut drops, with the lively sounds of the Caiso Steel Band in the background. Visitors danced to the infectious beatswhile enjoying the festive day and spirits of the islands. The Embassy created enriching experiences while sharing the history, culture, music and food of the beautiful twin island Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. The Embassy appreciates the support it received from the St. Kitts Tourism Authority office in Washington, DC, the members of the SKNNA-DC in volunteering for the event, along with the children of Embassy staff. Frigate Bay Salt Pond photo by Eramus Williams


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 20 NEWS -St. Pauls retains the 2014 WICB/ Scotia Bank Kiddy Cricket Primary Schools Cricket Festival Championship. The 2014 WICB/ Scotia Bank Kiddy Cricket Primary Schools Cricket Festival Finals climax on Thursday 8th may at the Lime grounds, before a small and suportive crowd. The Festival began with a brief offical opening ceremony where the participants were addressed by St. Kitts Cricket Association President Mr. Stnaley Franks Jnr, Leeward Islands Cricket Associarion President and WICB Director Mr. Auckland Hector, Minister Responsible for Sports Honourable Glen Phillip and Leeward Islands Territorial Development Officer Mr. Junie Mitcham. During the ceremony it was a beautiful specticle to see see each school well adorned in their Scotia Bank Kiddy Cricket Shirts. After the brief ceremony Mr. Mitcham escorted Mr. Stanley Franks Jnr, Mr. Auckland Hector and Honourable Glen Phillip to meet and greed the participants, this was followed by the playing of the matches where the excitement heightened as the six top schools battled to be crowned the 2014 WICB/Scotia Bank Kiddy Cricket Primary Schools Cricket Champions. The matches was keenly contested amongst the six schols, however it was Estridge and defending champions St. Pauls who defeated each of their opponents to play in the finals. It was an exciting finals between Estridge and St. Pauls to climax the Festival, howeve, it was defending champions St. Pauls, who were able to consistantly apply the basic fundamentals during crucial moments of the game that enable them to retain the Championship. Match Result: Estrdge won the toss and elected to bat first and made 122 runs, in reply St. Pauls amassed 177 runs. Mitcham said the festival was geared towards providing the participants with an opportunity to compete amongst their peers in a competitive but fun atmosphere and while doing so display their skills, talent and knowledge of the game. It also affords the coaches the opportunity to assess participants development by seeing how well they were able to display the basic fundamentals cricketing skills they were taught. Mitcham, further state that the Scotia Bank Kiddy Cricket Programme has been playing an integral role in the further development and advancement of St. Kitts Cricket, and this was evident when six of the players who participated in last year’s festival, represented St. Kitts U15 Team in the recently concluded Leeward Islands Regional U15 Tournament that was held in St. Kitts in April. And of the six players, two got selected and one on standby to represent Leeward Islands U15 Team in this year’s WICB Regional U15 Tournament set to take place in July. The six players that represented ST. Kitts U15 are K’ ‘Von Esdaile, Shaquan Pemberton, J’vral Ward, Javrel Alford, Malik Manners and Cordel Romney, and the Two players who have been selected in the Leeward Islands U15 Team are Shaquan Pemberton and K’von Esdaile and Javrel Alford is on standby. Mitcham went on to say that the Scotia Bank Kiddy Cricket Programme will be expanded at the start of the new school term in September, with the inclusion of four Private Primary Schools, and they are, George Moody Stuart, Seventh Day Adventist, Maurice Hillier Memorial and Immaculate Catholic Conception School. Awards were presented to the following schools and players Best Performing Fielder: Kizivor Jeffers of Estridge Best Performing Bowler: K’ Von Esdaile of St. Pauls Best Performing Batsman: Jaheem Wattley of Estridge Most Improved School: Violet Petty Most Disciplined School: St. Pauls First Runners Up: Estridge 2014 WICB/Scotia Bank Kiddy Cricket Champions: St. PaulsSt. Pauls Celebrates Championship 2014 Officials and Teams


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 21 SPORTS -Darren Sammy Advises WICB of his Retirement from Test Cricket St John’s, Antigua – Darren Sammy has formally notified the West Indies Cricket Board of his decision to retire from Test cricket. Sammy has also informed the Board of his decision to continue to make himself available for selection for the other formats of the game. Sammy, in his communication to the Board thanked the Directors, the Selectors and Team Management for the confidence shown in him as a player and captain which he served as from October 2010 to May 2014. Sammy said that he will always cherish the memories of representing and captaining the West Indies in Test cricket. The West Indies Cricket Board thanks Sammy for his service to West Indies Test cricket both as player and captain and looks forward to his continued involvement and contribution as an ODI player and T20 captain and player. Sammy played in 38 Tests, captaining in 30 of those appearances. He remains the West Indies T20 captain. SKNFA Final four tournament kicks off tomorrow By Javon AlfordThe four top teams competing in the St Kitts-Nevis Football Association (SKNFA) Premier Division League have been officially announced and are expected to do battle in the Final Four tournament which starts tomorrow Saturday 17th May, 2014. The four teams that made it through the immense pressure of the regular season and into the Final Four competition are; the Rams Village Superstars in first position with 57 points; S L Horsford St Pauls FC with 54 points in 2nd followed by the Hobson Enterprise Garden Hotspurs with 52 points and the Harris Paint St Peters FC with 51 points. The first match on Saturday night features the St Pauls FC and the Garden Hotspurs at Warner Park Stadium. This day has been named by the SKNFA as “Signature Day” and they have also introduced a promotion where any fan who is willing to get a complimentary mohawk haircut in their team colors or a stencil phrase “Final Four” in their hair will earn a season pass for the tournament. On Sunday 18th the Village Superstars will do battle against the St Peters FC in a match expected to be well competitive. The SKNFA has dubbed that day as “Double up Day” and have introduced a promotion where any set of twins attending would get free entrance and any two persons who dress identically would pay half price. A 3-legged match is also scheduled for fans at halftime where prizes could be won. In an effort to market the competition properly a “Jersey Jam” is expected to take place today (Friday 16th) at Part Central (Central Street, Basseterre) from 5:30pm, where the fans, mascot and players of the Final Four teams would be competing for the prize of the biggest and boldest fans. “The final four tournament this year would be a competition like no other,” as stated by the President of the SKNFA, Mr Anthony Johnson at the Final Four press conference held at the Football House on Lozak Road, Basseterre, where the tournament was declared officially open. Much excitement and competitiveness is expected from the competition this year as the teams have already proven themselves to be eager for the championship. CPL partners with WICB to Fund Regional First Class Contracts-contributes US$360,000 annually towards professionalization of regional cricket St John’s, Antigua – The West Indies Cricket Board announced today that a critical funding component for the professionalization of First Class cricket will be provided by the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) which will contribute US$360,000 towards the annual retainer contracts for First Class players. Following the last Board meeting in March, the WICB announced the approval of a 19 point plan for the complete professionalization of First Class cricket in the Caribbean starting with the next season of regional cricket.As part of the plan, 15 players in each of the six territories will be contracted on a full time, year round basis. This will allow for 90 First Class players to be annually contracted joining those contracted under WICB Annual Retainer Contracts. “The professionalization of First Class cricket in the Caribbean is long overdue and finally we have taken a firm decision to realize this. It will be a most costly venture but one which is absolutely necessary for West Indies cricket to move forward. We are exceedingly grateful to the CPL for this significant commitment towards the funding of these annual First Class contracts,” WICB CEO Michael Muirhead said. CEO of the CPL, Damien O’Donohoe praised the development. “A fundamental part of CPL is securing the future of cricket in the Caribbean by creating a platform for the next generation of stars to showcase their talent to a global audience. Our partners at WICB are working towards getting West Indies cricket back to the top across all forms of the game and we at CPL will endeavour to play our part in that mission. The WICB approached us with this new vision, and following discussions with President (Dave) Cameron and Director of Cricket, Richard Pybus, we didn’t hesitate to embrace it,” he said. West Indies Players Association (WIPA) President and CEO Wavell Hinds, was also positive about the development. “WIPA welcomes the contribution of the CPL to this programme, and we have also played a pivotal role in the process of bringing the professionalization of the first class game in the region closer to reality. Our members voted unanimously at our last AGM to support the initiative, and agreed to take the steps asked of them to make it happen. We see it as a great opportunity for a broader base of our membership to earn a living from the game,” said Hinds. Under the new Professional First Class structure the contracts will see players being part of a First Class Franchise system, the details of which will be made public shortly. OAS-UWI Scholarships 2014 The Organization of American States (OAS) is offering 15 scholarships to qualified candidates of the Americas to participate in its master’s degree programs to study at the University of the West Indies (UWI). Qualified candidates will be able to study onsite at the Jamaica, Barbados or Trinidad campus. Deadline to apply to the OAS-UWI scholarship is May 31, 2014. For more information, visit http://www .oas.or g/en/scholarships/


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 22 NEWS economy in economic growth, primarily driven by construction and the [Citizenship by Investment] CBI receipts that have been able to fund the [People’s Empowerment Programme] PEP as well as some other investments as well as recovery in tourism, especially in Nevis in 2014. The season, we understand, has been very strong. In St. Kitts, a little less so, partly because of the connectivity issues related to the bad weather in the United States,” said International Monetary Fund (IMF) Country Representative for St. Kitts and Nevis Ms. Judith Gold. Ms. Gold in a Nevis Government Information Service (GIS) release posted on the FaceBook of Nevis’ Deputy Premier, the Hon. Mark A.G. Brantley, also credited the Federal Government for its prudent fiscal management which resulted in the Federal Government providing a 13month bonus to civil servants in Nevis and St. Kitts with the assistance of the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF). “The fiscal situation is much improved both because of prudent fiscal management in both St. Kitts and Nevis and because of substantial revenues coming from the CBI and [Sugar Industry Diversification Fund] SIDF. As a result, the Government was able to provide the 13-month bonus in 2013 and proceed with the wage increases in 2014 and plan over the coming years,” she said in the GIS press release on Mr. Brantley’s Facebook. The Nevis GIS said Ms. Gold, spoke to the Department after a meeting with Premier Amory and Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Colin Dore at the Ministry’s conference room. It said Ms. Gold who led a five-member team from the IMF and two representatives from the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) in Basseterre that concluded the ninth and final review under the threeyear-old Stand-By Arrangement with St. Kitts and Nevis which will expire on July 26, 2014, noted that the recovery was driven primarily by construction. “I would say there has been much progress under the arrangement in the last three years and we are very pleased to see that the country, we think, has really turned and things are improving and we hope they continue to improve over the coming months,” said the IMF official. The Nevis GIS reported that Ms. Gold also commented on the Capital Expenditure in St. Kitts and Nevis and offered advice. “The Capital Expenditure is now improving more in St. Kitts than in Nevis at this point, but this is a work in progress. The external situation has also improved and overall we see positive signs. I think going forward, our emphasis is to ensure prudent management over the coming years to take the additional revenues and use them carefully, to make sure that the situation would be sustainable into the medium term,” Ms. Gold told the Nevis GIS. The Stand-By Arrangement with the IMF is a fiscal reform programme which the Federal government entered into in 2009/2010 to reorganise its finances and to put St. Kitts and Nevis on a path for sustainability. Included in that programme were measures to reduce the high level of indebtedness. The main component of which was the Land for Debt Swap for which the Crown lands would be sold to pay debts, to which the Federal Government and the NIA have both agreed to. Premier of Nevis and Minister of Finance Hon Vance Amory and Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance Mr. Colin Dore (head table) meet with International Monetary Fund delegation at the Ministry of Finance conference room on May 13, 2014 CCM Administration Reports St. Kitts and Nevis on the Road to Economic Recovery (cont’d from page 1) St. Paul’s 5 Found Guilty of 2008 Murder “The St.Paul’s 5” after six years on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison were brought before the High Court in Basseterre on March 11th 2014 for trial and after some eight weeks of deliberation were found guilty for the murder of 20-yearold Gregory Zakers whose lifeless body was discovered on a cliff in Black Rocks on Saturday April 12th 2008. Zakers, also a resident of St. Pauls, died as a result “severe traumatic head injury caused by a blunt object”; his body was discovered at Black Rocks two days after he was reported missing. Convicted for the murder are Moses Gardener (27-years), Shenroy Francis (23-years-old), Nelson Challenger (23-years-old), Jomi Rawlins (24-years-old), and Glenroy Smithen (22-years-old). Initially, six men were arrested on suspicion of the murder but the then 25-year-old Clyde Norford was subsequently released. Their lengthy trial saw the Prosecution calling on thirteen (13) witnesses to give evidence on its behalf, including Zakers’ mother and Forensic Pathologist, Dr. Stephen Jones. Each of the five was represented by a different attorneyNelson Challenger by Robelto Hector; Shenroy Francis by Fitzroy Eddy; Jomi Rawlins by John Cato; Glenroy Smithen by Natasha Grey; and Moses Gardener by Chesley Hamilton and Suzie St. Brice. All lawyers for the five men standing trial made applications to have the case dismissed on the basis of lack of evidence. The Prosecution team led by Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mr Travers Sinanan, responded that on all counts against all the accused “there is sufficient evidence…and the matter was properly advanced to the court”. The case concluded last Friday 9th May, following the summation of the trial Judge, His Lordship Justice Dashan Ramdhani and the deliberation of the 12-member jury who returned an 11-1 guilty verdict against the five accused young men. It is understood that they took less than two hours to arrive at their verdict. The five convicted young men are expected to be sentenced sometime during the next Criminal Assizes (in September) after completion of their Social Inquiry Reports. DPP Sinanan was assisted by Crown Counsel O’Neil Simpson and Greatess Gordon.Photo Caption: ‘St. Pauls 5’ able but she aint good enough. Just because she not in favour of de Unitim concoction and she is one who sign de petition, dat’s why dey treating her so. •Dey say de rearbin hog ask de big pappy PAM dem if dey can’t break dey law and mek him dey leader at dey convention. Dey say is de red hog put him up to it because de red hog want to mek sure he completely destroy PAM and all de rest of de hog dem. He tell somebody ah never like dem before, ah don’t like dem now and ah will never like dem. •Dey say even Bacchus was shocked when De traitor in de west admitted to him on de radio last weekend dat de Labour Day March was so massive; it was big like a last lap jam at carnival time. It was indeed a big bamamcoo march despite all he, de other hog, de red man and PAM misleaders did to discourage people from taking part. And de ten thousand and more had on dey Labour red shirt in de band dem. •People in Nevis say dat de publication of de so-called fire repost by the Premier is(continued from page 23)intended to be a distraction to the big bamamcoo and highly successful Labour Day Marchthe biggest march here in St. Kitts over the last ten years, demonstrating to the world dat Labour is large and in charge. •People in St. Kitts and Nevis who have worked closely wid King Puppeteer say de report has all his (King Puppeteer) DNA all ova it. •Dey say now dat it is crystal clear dat whether de boundaries change or not de young charismatic doctor and Labour will win de seat in constituency 8 hands down, Gene is seriously contemplating to use his green-card to take up permanent residence in de Big Apple wid he friend, PAM Lennox. •He say Dr Drew was instrumental in getting the Green Valley queen contestants introduced at the Miss Labour Queen Pageant and dat Cayon people can’t be trusted. •Dey say he busy doing everything to get de lady who ran for PAM some years ago fired from her job at de big business establishment in town, all because she say she’s supporting de young doctor for Labour in Constituency 8.


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014 23 COMMENTARY/NEWS By Vigilante BY SOTTO VOCE The St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party’s show of popularity and strength of support on Labour Day still got the PAM/PLooP/Rescue scrambling for answers up to now. Their propagandists on WINNFM and Sugar City Roc are totally embarrassed and now have to find fresh tactics to appear relevant in the present political climate. Clearly, the cursing, demonizing, scandalizing tactics of the past and present are not working for them. But they seem not to be getting the message the people are giving them. For all they are doing is intensifying their current approaches which have not been working. The SKNLP remains the obvious Party of choice for the vast majority of Kittitians everywhere. The SKNLP has one united team led by an extremely popular and experienced political leader. Asim Martin, Marcella Liburd, Konris Maynard, Glenn Phillip, Norgen Wilson, Denzil Douglas, Vance Gilbert and Terrence Drew. The Pam still scrambling to put a team together. And desperately trying, under their puppet-masters Dwyer and Massa, to concoct a “unity” brew out of a set of wild, loose ingredients that really cannot blend together. They can’t find a candidate for Constituency #6 up to now. Their puppet masters should take a break from demonizing Dr. Douglas and try to finalize this “unity” brew concoction. Something is wrong with PAM Condor. Most definitely. He goes on to the WINNFM Voices Show and virtually admits that the Labour Day march was one huge, bammancou march. But the thousands of marchers, according to him, were not supporting Dr. Douglas and the Labour Party. So over 10,000 people, dressed in their red, the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) colour, who marched on Labour Day, came out to show solidarity with who or what organization? If not the Labour Party, then who were they expressing their support for? It could not be for the PAM/PLooP/CCM concoction? Or for their spokespersons, Massa Caines and Dwyer, in the Rescue Operation? And to crown it all, PAM Condor declared that his pollsters tell him that 70% of our people don’t want the Labour Party in government. And that following on the Labour Day march, that percentage could now be higher than over 70%. Really? Such an analysis, in face of the real evidence to the contrary, could only come from a warped, sick mind. When Condor was associated with our Labour Party, he would have heard that same crap coming from the PAM and their pollsters whenever a general election was imminent. Before the 1995 elections, PAM declared that they would win 7 of the 8 seats in St. Kitts comfortably, and the remaining one, which was constituency #6, was “iffy”. Well the Labour Party gave the PAM a 7-1 walloping in the 1995 general elections in St. Kitts. And since then, for the elections in 2000, 2004 and 2010, the PAM polls always show that PAM would win handsomely. But in 2000 it was 8-0, in 2004 it was 71, and in 2010 it was 6-2 all in favour of the SKNLP. Now that Condor is an integral part of the PAM, is like he too seeing spooks. Maybe he saw the over 10,000 marchers on Labour Day wearing yellow and orange colours. And not the bright red they were all attired in. By now PAM Condor should really park up his spooky polls talk. For not a soul buying into that crap talk. Look how long PAM gone een. The PLP is a fake organisation from the start. And it still ain’t get off the ground up to now. Now tell me which 70% of Kittitians buying into them there? Right now the PAM stall/stick on 5 constituencies out of 8 in St. Kitts. And the PLP stick on 2. And the PAM and PLP vehicles can’t get in gear to move off. They stick on “park”. They need to get real. Why are they ducking and dodging from the truth? The PAM and the PLP and the Rescue are one organisation under the Peoples Action Movement umbrella. No one is deceived. Everyone knows that Timothy and Sam are in the belly of the PAM. So how many leaders can one PAM really have? They are confusing their own supporters. All the window dressing about PAM convention and caucus, when the PAM done prostrate themselves to Timothy and Dwyer and Sam, is laughable. If the Unity working, and it is so sweet, then name Timothy the political leader of PAM. You see what happen? Timothy ain’t got no organisation. The PLooPs is bogus. And PAM ain’t got no leader.And the PAM car stick on 5 out of 8 constituencies. So why perpetuate the deception that everybody is seeing through? So done with the twisting and turning, and bobbing and weaving, and name the real leader of PAM publicly Timothy. Not Shawn. Shawn is a follower behind Timothy and Dwyer and Sam. Not a leader. Such like Shawn is not the material that leaders are made of. When Comrades Bradshaw and Southwell and Moore were around and alive, nobody had to ask who was the leader of the Labour Party. And the same is the case now with Comrade Douglas. Nobody got to light any lamp to see who is the present leader of our Party. Dr. Douglas is large and in charge. But it seems like the PAM has too many Chiefs and no Indians. With Massa Caines, Dwyer, Terry Adams, Sylvene Henry, MOP all pulling one way, and Shawn, Jonel, Gene, Lindsay Bopeep all pulling another way, the real PAM leadership is as confused as ever. Is like the blind leading the blind and they heading for a big fall in the ditch as the 2015 general elections approaches. The impatience of the PAM/ Rescue/PLP/CCM concoction for political power is blinding them to the truth. Trying desperately to pull the office of Governor-General into the political fray is foolish in the extreme. No Governor-General in his right mind can go outside the provisions of our Constitution to change a lawfully and popularly elected government. And Massa Caines, Dwyer, Chesley Hamilton and their unity need to get real. The people, the electorate, will always decide who governs them here in St. Kitts and Nevis. Our government next comes under review in 2015. That is not so far off now. So why this desperation? I really believe the Labour Day activities of the SKNLP gave them a reality check and a very rude awakening. They trying to catch their breath through Town Hall meetings and massive daily political propaganda over WINNFM and Sugar City Roc. Their united efforts since the 2010 general elections are not yielding fruit. And the 2015 general election result will show them up badly. I know Kittitians by and large are not impressed with anything coming from Dwyer, Massa, the PLooP or the PAM. And the CCM has been an embarrassment to the people of Nevis since their election in 2013. So the unity concoction really got their hands full. But it’s really shameful the way they are desperately trying to pull our decent, respectable, honourable Governor-General into the political fray. I am sure he is not moomoo like those trying so hard to lure him out of his crease so they can stump him. The PAM crew of the Rescue, the PLooP, and the Sherriff wasting time and energy on a non-issue. They done put the No Confidence Motion in the court house. If they really are convinced that the SKNLP is illegal, then put it before the Court. Just belting out hot air day after day and no action is a waste. Take the “illegal” Government to Court. Let Massa money talk. Not just beating the airwaves with emptiness and non-issues. Just a bunch of jokers and pappyshows. The SKNLP Is Strong, Focused, Sexy, Ready. •People say de Anointed One tell he mother dat he never did so frighten in all he life so he had to run to de Police. He say when he see how de Village people was behaving wid him and de Marriott man, he aint know how dey escape unhurt. •He say he was watching how de Marriott man going on like he is some bad man, wid he chest push out and he head up in de air and all de momma hog doing is blowing she whistle and de moomoo hog just dere like a statue (wid he two hand dem between he leg) because de momma hog tell him not to move nor talk. •Dey say only now dey know dat de momma hog and de moomoo hog losing it. Dey say she tell a close friend dat dey gon claim Squatters Rights on de property and try to get it for free because all de load of years dey dere in de captain place, he never one day ask dem to pay rent. Dey aint care who say it look bad. Dey is Unity, and dis is how Unity does treat people who been good and kind to dem. •Dey say de Labour traitor in de West was trying to convince someone in he constituency dat de captain ain got no case. And dey say he tell de man dat he (PAM) lawyers dem tell him so. Dey say de man responded “Un gala gala” as he buse hell outa him and tell him he coming a scorpion just like dem damn PAM people he join up wid. •Dey say de man went on to tell him dem PAM people want him to pull a fast one on de captain and tek way he land, like how dey did to de Battice fellow, who dey rob outa de house he godmother leave in de will for him. De Battice fellow dead gone without de house even though de court ruled in he favour. •Sandy Point people vex like hell. Dey say is pure disrespect and knock bout dey getting. De big pappy PAM dem just run all de Sandy Point people from off de executive and bring in all kinda ole time something come back again like how de rearbin hog use to call dem. •De Anointed One tell somebody dat is only because de leader dere for three years otherwise dey woulda run Shawna too. He is de worse leader PAM ever had. He colour wrong. He brokes, brokes. He aint no big shot. He don’t have a job. He nearga house and very uncouth. •Cinderella tell somebody dat she kow dey was gon throw her off de executive so she aint even bother to run. She say from de time de hog dem reach, she aint good enough. De momma hog tek over de mike. She aint good enough to talk on mike no more. She was to get de senator wuk, but dey give it to de Juicy big shot fellow because dey say he come from good stock. •Dey say Cinderella say she had she radio programme. Dey done wid it say how de ratings low. She was to run gainst de PM. All of a sudden she aint good enough. She say she waiting for dem because dey know how much she done do for dem. She use to chair de public meetings and rallies and dey tek it way gie de lady in de airline business. Dougie right. Is hog dey be. •People want to know where dey going wid great grandfather 1/4 lb of onion. Cinderella tell somebody he teaching since in de 60’s. He nearly 75. Dey say she say all de black dye in de world can’t help him. She young and


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