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Title: The labour spokesman
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S-t. Kitts aIrxcl N^is

Construction of St. Kitts'

multi-million dollar

private jet facility to start

February 2011

ULG~ pegall ,_1

DELA $13.97


New bridge linking

St. Peter's to F.T.

Williams Highway

completed, work

continues on new road
......... 1 -iiiiiiii

- b~

BASSETERRE. ST KITTS. AUGULST 25TH 2'l1 (iCULOPNl- Consiniction of St. Kills multi-million
dollar pri ate jet facility at the Robert L. Biadshalu Inten;atonral Airport is to start in Februan! ne\t ear
U.K-based \eling A\ iatlon iUK) limited Consultant. Mlclihel Dmgnemnais saidconslnmction finns or goups
of indiN iduals and tradesmen \\ill be able to register their interest and complete Ile required paper \\ork
He said Ile main conliactor \\ ill be selected b\ the end of the ear and construction is scheduled to .stul
in Febrnrn 21111 The filst phase of ite FBO Terminal is to be completed b\ August 21112.
The project \ ill be de\ eloped in sex eral phasies starting \\ ith an FBO terminal mid \IP lounge as Phase
One The initial and immediate size of the n estment \\ ill be in the rneton of U S6 million The pkises to
follow% aie la) extension of the apron and (b) e\lension of the FBO Termnnal." Dingremins told go\ ernuent.
Port Aulhonti and pn\ tie sector officials at the signing of an agzremeni bent een \eling and the St. Christopher
Air and Sea Ports Authorit ISCASPA).
Mr. Dmngenu~is said \eling \\ill use local contraclos, craftsman and tiadesnaui but this being a specialised
project x ill alo tap into inten;atonral epertise
"The principal objeclit e is to build a product that cutl onl\ enhance the country and its lepulatlon 1i a
prenliei tourist destination. This in turn \\ ill attract further foreign direct inm estment,' he said.
The project is a Build Operate Tmansfel IBOTI pronectl \ ulh term of 31 i ears. The de\ elopmient \\ill be in
pluses and \\ill complement the o\ eiall de\ elopment of St. Kitis and Ne\ is in the tourism and real estate
Tile ltoal n estment ma\ \ ell be in lhe regiion of LIS$15-nullion to US$21-million. \\ ith a completion
pcnodof li to 15\ears.
"This project \\ill lead to futliher investment in the couilr b\ (conllt'd ol page 3)

\\ork coiiinues oin lie nei\ bridge.
has been completed on the construction of the new bridge over the
College Street Ghaut in the area of the Robert L. Bradshaw International
The 22 meters wide and 20 meters long structure was completed
last week, will link the new route leading to New Road and St. Peter's
(cont'd on page 2)

Laptop: Stepping stone

to upward mobility and

Government of St. Kitts and Nevis is set to launch the first phase of a
project that provides high school
and college students with their
personal laptops by the end of
the first term of the new school

Prime Minister and Minister
of Finance, Hon. Dr. Denzil L.
Douglas said the laptops must
be valued and viewed as the key
to intellectual liberation and
academic advancement.
"I urge all recipients, then, to
see them. and use them. as

(cont'd on page 2)

Be Prepared

oleby generating sets
mounted, installation N e Cmetitive


The Labour Spokesman


S THE LABOR oleby generating sets
POKESMN mounted, installation

Published by: The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union
Ag. Managing Editor: Dawud Byron
Masses House, Church Street
P.O Box 239. Basseterre. St. Kitts. West Indies
Tel: (1 869) 465-2229 <> Fa: (1 869) 466-9866

I Ir

A national

investment in our


The results are in. The students of the nation are rejoicing at the
CAPE and CXC results. The many nights of studies have paid off.
The preliminary results reflect that our teachers and parents need
to be commended for the preparation of our students and for the
encouragement that they gave to our young people who sat the
While the glory goes to the students, these results reflect
favourably on a policy of education of for all started by Comrades
Bradshaw, Bryant and Mills more than forty years ago. They reveal
that in St. Kitts-Nevis, the sons and daughters of ordinary men and
women share equal opportunities with all their peers.
Our education system continues to show that it is a blessing for
The skill-sets of our young people continue to amaze us as a
nation. The good that continues to be showcased each year reveals
that no matter the criticisms levelled against our youth; there is an
abundance of hope in our youth that must be further developed.
The accomplishments of our young people must never be
underemphasized and so this publication, along with the St Kitts-
Nevis Labour Party and the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades and labour Union,
takes this opportunity to congratulate all 2010 examinations
candidates on their brilliant successes.
More than this, it takes greater insight and understanding to make
a good thing better. The education system today must continue to
offer opportunities for advancement to all our children.
Now that we have offered comprehensive education, with a school
feeding programme, free texts and subsidized uniforms to those
who need, the time has come for us to weigh the requirements of
the age and see what else can be offered to fully prepare our children
for the academic excellence and future service to the nation?
After having done this, the Labour led St. Kitts-Nevis Federal
Government must be highly commended for its commitment to
further sharpen the skill-sets of our young people by providing each
high school student with a laptop computer in this new academic
year, starting with fifth-formers.
The education policy of Bradshaw, Bryant and Mills will be
continued to be upheld as all our young people would be fully
equipped to cross the digital divide. In this new dispensation,
information and resource materials will be evermore available to our
With a generation as technologically savvy as their first world
counterparts, St. Kitts-Nevis is best poised for economic
advancement within the region and the international community.
We are poised to create greater employment and entrepreneurial
opportunities ranging for data entry and analysis to computer
software creation and hardware design and assembly.
One day, accounting and other software that will be created by
nationals of St. Kitts-Nevis will be rated highly among those created
in the USA, India and the Asian market. This anticipated success
would have founded its genesis in the technological progress


Photo shoes the storeroom, Motor Control Center and cooling
system andfuel treatment building. (Photo by Erasmus Williams)
two new generators at the new Needsmust Power Plant have been
mounted on the concrete platform at the new Needsmust Power Plant.
The two 4.0MW Holeby gensets from MAN Diesel arrived on board
the Antigua registered BBC Ukraine on Saturday and were mounted
earlier this week.
Superintendent at the Needsmust Power Plant Mr. Kevin Bennett
said the engineers are presently connecting the high voltage cables
from the alternator to the Switch Gear and the cables to the various panel
and fuel lines and radiator.
Civil works are continuing at the new site, east of the Needsmust

Power Station to accommodate the
four gensets, all of which will be in
place and fully commissioned by
the end of February 2011.
Rooms housing the Motor
Control Center, control panel and
medium voltage switchgear and
office, the electrical annex,
radiators for cooling and the fuel
treatment building to treat fuel for
both HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) and
LFO (Light Fuel Oil) have been
The two generators were
purchased at a cost of
US$10,828,000 and the two
expected later this year and to be
commissioned by February next
year were bought at a cost of
US$11,031,000. The total cost for
the four gensets is US$22 million.
The largest engine, a 7.6 MW
set, was damaged by fire in 2008
and two Caterpillars sets
purchased between 1989 and 1995
had to be removed from service
due to their long history of failures
and problems, poor fuel efficiency
and extreme unreliability.
Between 2007 and 2011 the
Ministry of Public Utilities would
have procured a total of seven (7)
4.0MW Holeby engines costing
approximately US$38.2 million.

New bridge linking St. Peter's to

F.T. Williams Highway completed...
(cont'd from page 1) ,, -

with the Shadwell Link Road on
the western side of the runway of
the airport.
Work is continuing on the
drainage system and the 300
meters road on the eastern and
western sides of the bridge.
Base works have been
completed on one side of the road
and as soon as the other side is
done, asphalting of the entire new
road will begin.
The existing curved road at the
end of the runway is to be closed
when the new road is opened to
The new road will take
vehicular traffic to and from St.

developed into our education
system by this government and
the laptop distribution
It is our time to envision the
greatness we can achieve and
strategically work towards it. Let
us not just pass the exams, and
that is good. Let us take these
skill-sets that have been created
and achieve sustainable national
growth and lasting personal
When these and more have
been accomplished, we will look
back on 2010 and say that this
was truly a progressive period

Section of the new road leading to the BNFT Road.
(Photos by Erasmus Williams)
Peter's right along the western extremities of the airport and into the
BNTF Road leading to the new Shadwell round-a-bout onto the Frederick
T. Williams Highway.

in our nation's history. We will
see how our nation planted a seed
of faith in our youth and watered
it with encouragements, and
God will grant us the increase.
Soon and very soon, the
school bags will not just tote
texts, pens, pencils, calculators,
and exercise books. Laptops and
the promises of technological
advancement that they represent
will very soon form a part of the
education of our youth.
Using the words of Prime
Minister Douglas in his weekly
radio programme, Ask the PM,
the nation as a whole is

admonished to view and value
the laptops "as the key to
intellectual liberation and
academic advancement. See
them and use them, as stepping
stones to upward mobility and
empowerment; as a path to
constructive information and
knowledge; as a path to greater
Parents are encouraged to
assist their children to care for
and maintain the useful lifespan
of the laptop entrusted to their
care. This is national investment
that needs to be embraced by all.

The Labour Spokesman

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (August 26, 2010) "Value Added Tax,
because of its nature, will make us as a country, more competitive in the
global environment." So believes Attorney General, Minister of Legal
Affairs and Justice in the Federal Parliament and Parliamentary
Representative for Nevis 11, the Honourable Patrice Nisbett.
This came at Tuesday's town hall meeting for residents of St. Thomas
and St. James parishes at the Brickiln Church of God.
Among issues addressed were details surrounding the
implementation of the Value Added Tax [VAT] on the supply of goods
and services within the federation of St. Kitts-Nevis.
In avery humbledvoice, as he appealed to members of his constituency
to support the government in its tax reform efforts, Minister Nisbett
underpinned the equity involved in the implementation of the value
added tax.
"It has always been said that the burden of taxation is borne by the
underprivileged in our society. It is borne by the poor and those who are
most vulnerable in our community and I believe if there was ever a tax
that was implemented or that is going to be implemented that would
capture as broad a base in terms of the tax net, I believe the Value Added
Tax is such a tax.
"It would impact upon those who are well to do or well off in our
society, those who are a part of the middle class and those who are a part
of the not so high class in our community," Minister Nisbett said.
The Legal Affairs Minister also expressed the importance of reforming
the federation's tax structure as his government seeks to make a transition
from an agricultural based economy to a service oriented one.
"The Value Added Tax has been recommended by the IMF and the
different institutions as the tax that is best suited to deal with that transit
from that type of economy to a service oriented economy," he said.
Minister Nisbett, who expressed the belief that "this Value Added
Tax is a response to the present fiscal situation that we are faced with in
St. Kitts and Nevis," said that although residents had grown accustom
to receiving subsidized services courtesy of the government, a system
had to be put in place to ease the financial strain on the government.

Laptop: Stepping stone....

(cont'd from page 1)

stepping stones to upward
mobility and empowerment," said
Prime Minister Douglas.
He said his recently elected St.
Kitts-Nevis Labour Government in
its commitment to close the digital
divide in the twin-island
Federation, is continuing to
building on that record of uplift
and liberation begun under the
First National Hero and Father of
Independence, the Right Excellent
Sir Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw
when, in the late 1960's, despite
howls of objection from many,
opened the nation's secondary
schools to all children, regardless
of race, class, gender or religion.
"For the first time, then,
because of the Labour
Government, every single child in
St. Kitts and Nevis was given the
opportunity to be exposed to
information, and skills, and ideas,
and knowledge which had
heretofore been especially
reserved for the select few. The
lasting power of that moment was
crystallized in the fact that for the
first time, a brilliant child in some
rural hamlet, given the same books
and the same teachers as a child
from more comfortable
circumstances, knew what it felt
like to actually flower- and bloom,

and grows. For the first time in St.
Kitts and Nevis, if any child,
anywhere, really applied him or
herself, all things really were
possible," Dr. Douglas said on his
weekly radio call-in programme
"Ask the Prime Minister."
"Since then, though, times
have changed. No longer is it
enough for a child of constrained
circumstances to simply be given
a pile of books with the
understanding that there was now
a somewhat level playing field and
that with discipline and dedication,
all things were possible. Gone are
the days when, as long as
everyone had the same reading
material and the same instruction,
it was a matter of one brain against
the other regardless of gender or
class," said Dr. Douglas.
He noted that in the Caribbean
today with education fully
integrated into a globalised world,
the child who has to trudge to a
friend's house after school with
the hope that they'll be given a
chance to use the computer or to
the public library or an internet caf6
after school and hope that the lines
aren't too long, or that the facility
does not close on him and is at a
severe handicap if the child has
neither friend, library, nor interest

Reed Data Services to discontinue

operations in St. Kitts
Reed Data Services Ltd. (RDS), the tasks performed by RDS, will
a division of Reed Construction be transferred to a third party
Data (RCD), announced onAugust vendor and, by the end of the
19th, 2010 that RCD is fourth quarter of 2010, RDS will
restructuring its operation as part discontinue operations in St. Kitts.
of an overall strategy to innovate "On behalf of the RCD-US
and reduce costs associated with organization, RDS Management
its bid project data processing and thanks our local partners and in
other services, particular the RDS Staff for all of
Under the restructuring plan, their hard work and dedication.

"I believe that there is only one
way the government can pay for
these services and this is through
the revenue that is raised through
taxation of the citizens here in St.
Kitts and Nevis," Nisbett said.
He appealed to the residents
gathered to give complete support
to the government in its tax reform
efforts and to look beyond the
criticisms at the overall benefits to
the federation's citizens.
"If you enjoy the good, I
believe that you must contribute
to ensuring that the good
continues and so there must be
equal and shared contribution or
rather, equity in the contribution
towards the furthering of the
cause," Minister Nisbett said.
Among those present at the
town hall meeting were Premier of
Nevis and Minister of Finance in
the Nevis Island Administration
the Honourable Joseph Parry,
Junior Minister in the Ministry of
Trade and Industry Honourable
Dwight Cozier, Cabinet Secretary
Mr. Ashley Farrell, Deputy
Comptroller of Inland Revenue
(Nevis) Ms. Neva Manners and
Deputy Team Leader for the Tax
Reform Unit Ms. Kimone Moving.

"By the time that child goes to
the address containing a computer,
waits for a computer, uses the
computer if he or she is lucky, and
then returns home, those hours
they spent in search of a computer
would have been put to far more
productive use by those of his
classmates fortunate enough to
have computers at home," said the
Prime Minister.
Dr. Douglas said that St. Kitts
and Nevis is not a wealthy nation,
especially in these economically
difficult times the world over.
"However, my Government is
committed to ensuring that by the
end of this term, every Fifth
Former will have access to a
laptop, because we wish to
encourage and facilitate the hard
work and dedication that CXC's
demand," said Prime Minister who
told students and their families that
with rights come responsibilities.
"A lap top does not cost $5.00.
Most importantly, not every
student in every country has
access to this equipment. These
items must therefore be valued and
viewed as the key to intellectual
liberation and academic

They have significantly
contributed to the reengineering
of the processes associated with
the acquisition and management
of RDC's bid project data,
providing the impetus of RCD to
invest in a relationship with a third
party vendor who can take them
even closer towards achieving
their long term goals", a press
release issued by the company

Hurricane Danielle aims for

Bermuda, tropical storm still

travels along the Atlantic

By Charles Miller Jr
According to American and local weather reports during the week,
forecasters have detected that tropical storm Earl's direction could shift,
while hurricane Danielle is scheduled to move in the direction of Bermuda.
On Thursday (August 26th), Tropical Storm Earl was located
roughly midway across the Atlantic at latitude 14.9 north longitude 37.1
west or about 2795 kilometres (1735 miles) east of the northern Leeward
Islands with a speed of 17 mph.
The storm was said to be moving West and was expected to shift
towards to the North West during the next 48 hours. It has also been
stated that Earl could develop into a hurricane by early Saturday.
Meanwhile, hurricane Danielle is reported to have the possibilities
to strengthen into a major hurricane by today (Friday).
The hurricane has appeared to take a course away from the northeast
Caribbean and towards Bermuda, according to reports.
In a brief interview with a Meteorologist here in the Federation, he
stated that hurricane Danielle was moving towards the North West and
could make its way to the North East.
Danielle has been said to have strengthen and has become a Category
2 hurricane and was moving at 17 mph but was expected to slow down,
indicating the likelihood of further strengthening over the next two days.

Construction of St. Kitts'...

(cont'd from page 1)
other major hospitality and
tourism companies. BOT is a form
of project financing, wherein a
private entity receives a
concession from the private or
public sector to finance, design,
construct, and operate a facility
stated in the concession contract.
The infrastructure is to be
transferred in full to the authority
at the end of the concession
period," said Mr. Dingemans.
He said that the construction
phase will provide work on site for
a good number of locals engaged
in construction activity. The FBO
itself will employ a minimum of 10
full time persons, with the staff
count rapidly climbing to 20.
Selection of staff or the FBO will
be based on the
ability of the individual to
deliver a world-class service while
retaining the island warmth.
The FBO will be between 1,000
and 1,500 square meters. There will
be around 350 square meters of
office space. The balance of the
area will be devoted to the VIP

advancement that they can be. I
urge all recipients, then, to see
them, and use them, as stepping
stones to upward mobility and

lounge and terminal. There will be
extensive landscaping on the site
as well. The project has financing
place which is a mixture of private
equity and bank loans.
Mr. Dingemans said that the
three handling agents presently at
the airport will continue to operate
and will use the new facility
Veling was formed in 2002 is a
partnership of two like-minded
individuals who own the company.
Uday Nayak, the Chairman, based
in London has had a successful
career in the Banking world and
comes from an entrepreneurial
family from Mumbai, India.
Nirvan Veerasamy, the
Managing Director lead successful
sales campaign in Asia as a Sales
Director withAirbus Industrie and
was also the CEO of Air Mauritius,
the national airlines of Mauritius.
They lead a highly pro-active and
hands-on team made up of
individuals who had successful
careers in the Hospitality, Legal,
IT, Banking and Aircraft
Maintenance field.

empowerment. As a path to
constructive information and
knowledge. As a path to greater
efficiency," said the St. Kitts and
Nevis leader.



4 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 27TH 2010

Beacon Heights Development

Moves Closer to Realization


The Beacon Heights
Development, a residential and
commercial development initiative
by the St. Christopher and Nevis
Social Security Board, has moved
a step closer to its realization with
the signing of a contract for
marketing and sales on Thursday
19th August 2010. This event took
place at the Social Security Office
The Chairman of Social
Security Mr. Halva Hendrickson
and Mr. Mitchell Gumbs of the
marketing firm of Gumbs &
Associates Ltd. signed the
contract documents to pave the
way for the necessary marketing
and sales of property in the
Beacon Heights project.
In attendance were the Director
of Social Security Mrs. Sephlin
Lawrence, Board Secretary Ms.
Sandra Davoren, Legal Officer for
Social Security Mr. Leon Charles
and Secretary for Gumbs and
Associates Ltd. Ms. Sylvia
Manning; all of whom appended

Left to Right (Leon Charles, Sandra Davoren, Halva Hendrickson,
Sephlin Lawrence, Sylvia Manning and Mitchell Gumbs)

their relevant signatures to the contract documents.
The Beacon Heights initiative was launched in December of 2008
with a symbolic ground breaking ceremony. Since that time considerable
site preparation and infrastructural work has been carried out in advance
of the building stage. Within the next few weeks and months, the general
public will be provided more information as the marketing and sales kick
into gear as a result of the contract just signed.
Gumbs andAssociates Ltd. is located in the Cable Building on Cayon
Street in Basseterre on St. Kitts.




Meetings with Disaster Management Officials on both Islands,
Disaster Management efforts in St. Kitts and Nevis received some
attention with the visit of Mr. Jeremy Collymore, Executive Director of
CDEMA, on Tuesday, 24th August, 2010.
CDEMA is the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency,
and is the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency. With more
than US$5 billion in losses to the Caribbean in the last two decades of
the 20th Century, CDEMA has refocused its attention on Comprehensive
Disaster Management (CDM) which is a new thrust in disaster
management for the 21st Century. It focuses on all cycles of a hazard,
involving all sectors of the society, and concentrating on all hazards.
This strategy has been endorsed by all member states and accepted by
the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) which will see it being
promoted in the Latin American states of the ACS. At the crux of CDM is
a well informed and aware public supported by activities that are designed
to achieve full compliance with CDM.
While in the Federation, Mr. Collymore, intends to meet with
Emergency Management officials both on St. Kitts and Nevis, as well as
the new Minister of National Security, Hon. Sam Condor, and the Premier
of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry. His visit is his first to the region since 2007,
and will include a stopover in Antigua, Barbuda and Anguilla. It is also
his first opportunity to meet with Hon. Sam Condor since assuming his
post as Minister of National Security, with responsibility for NEMA.

The First recipient of the
Stanley Amory Technical
Scholarship, Mr. Mark Caesar of
Sandy Point, St. Kitts has been
successful in his pursuit of

academic qualification in the field
of Heating, Ventilation, Air
Conditioning and Refrigeration
Engineering Technology. In May
of 2010 he graduated from the

Ferris State University in
Michigan with a Bachelor of
Science Degree. He was also
successful in sitting and passing
the EPA Universal Certification

and R-410A Refrigeration Safety
Certification Examinations.
One of the conditions of the
scholarship was that Mr. Caesar
be engaged in teaching of the
subject upon his return to the
Federation. Accordingly, he has
accepted a teaching assignment at
the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant
College of Further Education.
The next iteration of this

scholarship unfolds in 2011. In that
regard, the Social Security Board
will engage in discussions with
relevant stakeholders including
institutions of higher learning in
the Federation to ascertain what
areas of need there may be for
assistance by way of scholarship
to train other persons to teach in
the relevant discipline.

New Susanna Lee Scholarships Awarded for 2010

The Social Security Susanna Lee High School Scholarships for 2010/
2011 have been awarded to students entering the high schools of the
Federation for the upcoming school term in September. The worthy
recipients are as follows:
Kieshmoy Hutchinson Sandy Point High School
Glenkeith Richardson Verchilds High School
Khijana Huggins Saddlers High School
Jemar Davis Cayon High School
Kishma Dunrod Basseterre High School

To Magistrate, District A
To the Superintendent of Police

I, Juan Antonio Silves
Michel now residing in
Cunningham Street,
McKnight in the town of
Basseterre, do hereby give
you notice that it is my
intention to apply in 1st day of
October, 2010 to the District
Magistrate at Basseterre for
a Retail Liquor Licence in
respect of my premises in
Cunningham Street, Mc
Dated this 16th day of July,
Signed by: Juan A. Silves

To Magistrate, District B
To The Superintendent of Police
I, Laverne Taylor now
residing in Stone Castle in
the village of Tabernacle,
do hereby give you notice
that it is my intention to
apply in 1st day of
October, 2010 to the
District Magistrate at
Sandy Point for a Beer
Licence in respect of my
premises in Stone Castle in

Dated this 16th day of July,
Signed by: Laverne Taylor

Phelicity Woodley Washington Archibald High School
Leandra Browne Gingerland Secondary School
Zarina Alcendor Charlestown Secondary School
This year, the Saddlers High School hasjoined the ranks of institutions
coming under the purview of this scholarship. That school was opened
in September of 2009 and serves the area of Saddlers and surrounding
A formal ceremony will be held in the very near future to provide an

To Magistrate, District B
To The Superintendent of police
I, Patricia Hope now
residing in Carty's Pasture
in village of Tabernacle,
do hereby give you notice
that it is my intention to
apply in 1st day of
October, 2010 to the
District Magistrate at
Sandy Point for a Retail
Liquor Licence in respect
of my premises in Carty's
Pasture, Tabernacle.
Dated this 16th day of July,
Signed by: Patricia Hope

To Magistrate, District A
To the Superintendent of Police
I Dun Rong Zhang (Wei
Xin Zhang) now residing in
West Independence Square
Street in the town of
Basseterre do hereby give you
notice that it is my intention to
apply in 1st day of October,
2010 to the District
Magistrate at Basseterre for a
Retail Liquor Licence in
respect of my premises in
West Independence Street,

Dated this 25th day of August,

Signed by: Dun Rong Zhang

opportunity for the students to be
presented with certificates of
scholarship and for their parents
to sign a commitment agreement.
The Social Security Board
congratulates the proud awardees
of scholarships for this year; who
nowjoin the other 140 high school
students who have benefited from
the program to date.

To Magistrate, District "A"
To the Superintendent of Police
We, Delta Petroleum now
residing in #3 Camps
Commercial Development
in the town of Basseterre do
hereby give you notice that it
is our intention to apply in
1st day of October, 2010 to
the District Magistrate at
Basseterre for a Retail
Liquor Licence in respect of
our premises in #3 Camps
Commercial, Basseterre.

Dated this
18th day of August, 2010
Signed by: Juan A. Silves

Stanley Amory Technical Scholarship

Marks First Milestone

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 27TH 2010 5

LO is theonl Prtythahs

66 afIe the it r s of th

leeor IaIS poe

The leaders of PAM are
currently in strong opposition to
the VAT and they are claiming that
their opposition to the VAT is
based upon their commitment to
improve the welfare of the poor.
The leaders of PAM are saying
that as part of their long-standing
concern for the poor they are
pressing for the VAT to be
implemented at the rate of 10%
rather than 17%.
Although PAM has never ever
been committed to the protection
or promotion of the best interests
of the poor, the party leaders are
making a big song and dance over
their pretended concern for the
welfare of the poor for purely
political reasons.
The PAMites have even gone
so far as to falsely accuse the
Labour Party Government of
having abandoned the poor, when
the truth is that historically it is
the Labour Party only that has
looked after the interests of the
poor and the powerless.
True to its nature and its
calling, the Labour Party
Government included or inserted
in the VAT legislation special
provisions that would ensure that
the poor and the needy are well
taken care of.
The opponents of the VAT are
so bent on politicising everything
that they have purposely
neglected to tell the public the
whole truth about the VAT and its
full implications and ramifications.
The PAMites say that the VAT
is a Regressive tax, but the VAT is
not replacing a Progressive Tax as
was the case in 1980. The VAT at
17% replaces the Consumption
Tax which was fixed at 221%/. That
is a significant reduction (51/2%)
and will be of great benefit to all
PAMites say that the VAT is a
Regressive Tax, but the VAT is not
replacing a Progressive Tax as
happened under PAM in 1980.
PAM should cease and desist from
its campaign of fear-mongering.
The VAT is not an Income Tax. It is
a tax on Consumption. When
consumers purchase items, the
consumers pay the VAT on the
items if VAT applies.
There are some dangerous
political hypocrites who go around
boasting that they are honest,
decent and upright and that they
are interested only in raising the
quality of public debates. Yet those
same people go around spreading
fear in the hearts and minds of the
ordinary people. They are telling
those people that when VAT comes
it will bring all sorts of dangerous
and harmful consequences upon
our people. They are not making it

known that when VAT comes,
Consumption Tax will go. The
message that those hypocrites are
spreading about is that VAT will
be in addition to, or on top of the
Consumption Tax, which is not
true at all. When VAT appears, the
221/2% Consumption Tax will
Our people are being fooled by
the political antics, pranks and
gambols of the members of the
CCM/PAM Coalition in respect of
the VAT. People are not being told
by the members of the Coalition
that the neighboring OECS and
CARICOM Countries with a lower
VAT rate also require their citizens
to pay Personal Income Tax.
In St. Kitts-Nevis the standard
of living is higher and the cost of
living is much lower than in many
other CARICOM Countries.
During the period 1980 to 1995
when PAM was in power, the
nutritional status of the population
of St. Kitts-Nevis was the lowest
in Latin America and the
Caribbean, save and except for the
Republic of Haiti.
This was also the period during
which PAM had abolished
Personal Income Tax and imposed
the Social Services Levy. This was
also the period in which the PAM
Tek-way-key Minister boasted
that the people of St. Kitts-Nevis
enjoyed a period of plenty,
progress and great prosperity.
When PAM left office in 1995
St. Kitts-Nevis had a Human
Development Index (HDI) listing
that was very low. After a few short
years in office, the present Labour
Party Government was able to
raise the HDI listing in the UNDP
Annual Human Development
Report to a much higher ranking
which puts our country, St. Kitts-
Nevis, just a little lower than
Barbados which has the highest
ranking among all of CARICOM
The flim-flam politician from
Constituency No.8 is playing his
usual game of gutter-snipe politics.
He is accusing the Labour Party
Government of not caring for poor
people as the said Government did
not agree to his recommendation
made in Parliament of a VAT at 10%.
But that is how the flim-flam
man behaves. His politics is
always gutter-snipe politics. He
seems to think that people have
forgotten how he conducted
himself as Manager of National
Insurance Company after the
passage of Hurricane Hugo. He
never looked after the interests of
poor people.
The flim-flam man facilitated

the Board of Directors of National
Insurance Company in awarding
to Sir Kennedy Simmonds and to
Mr. Hugh Heyliger the full extent
of their claims for compensation
in respect of the damage caused
to their property by Hurricane
The claims of Sir Kennedy
Simmonds and Mr. Hugh Heyliger
were settled in full on account of
who they were. Poor people in St.
Kitts and Nevis who were insured
with National Insurance were
treated differently and were denied
such special treatment because
hey were not Ministers in the
ruling PAM party.
A mysterious fire broke out at
the Democrat Printery. At the time
of the fire the Democrat Printery
had no valid insurance policy in
force at National Insurance. In
spite of that the flim-flam man
facilitated the payment of the
insurance claim that was filed on
behalf of the Democrat Printery
even before an official report on
the fire had been received from the
Fire Services Department. The flim-
flam man should tell us how many
claims form poor people he treated
in the same fashion.
Our flim-flam man from
Constituency No.8 was involved
in a Civil Suit in the High Court

against Dr. Denzil Douglas and Mr.
Cedric Liburd. Money was used
to retain a high-priced lawyer out
of Trinidad and a big-shot PAM
lawyer as well.
You see, the flim-flam man like
his colleagues in PAM, does
nothing to help poor people while
he is in power. But when he is out
of power and in opposition he
cries out with a loud voice that he
and his party love the poor and
the Labour Party Government has
no regard for the poor. Of course
we all know that that is standard
PAM rhetoric.
Shortly after the PAM party
was formed, the Industrial
Relations Officer who was part of
the anti-Bradshaw, anti-Labour
political movement would visit the
sugar estates regularly and advise
the estate managers and estate
owners not to do anything worthy
to improve the living and working
conditions of the sugar workers.
During the year 1976 the PAM
leaders sent around their
messenger boys all over St. Kitts
and all over Nevis to tell employers
and employees alike, not to
participate in the Social Security
PAM was not acting in the best
interests of the poor, landless
worker, but in the selfish interests
of employers who did not want to
pay to Social Security the
matching contribution on behalf of
the workers.
Some years later, PAM imposed
a Social Services Levy on poor
people after abolishing the
payment of Personal Income Tax
by the middle class and the upper

class. PAM's fiscal policy in the
early 1980s was concerned with
satisfying the selfish and greedy
desires of the rich and the well-to-
do people.
PAM entered into government
in February 1980 and from then
until 1985 the Simmonds
Administration did everything
possible to destroy the strength
and vitality of the Trades &
Labour Union. How could a party
which claims to love the poor do
things that would destroy the one
organisation whose mission is to
promote, protect and enhance the
best interests of the poor?
Early in the life of the PAM
party when the then Labour Party
Government introduced the policy
of Free Secondary Education, the
leaders of PAM raised strong
objection to the policy and
opposed it with everything at their
disposal. This shows how much
PAM really love poor people.
A keen observer of the political
tactic of PAM will realise that
PAM always attacks something
(project, policy or programme) that
is good for the public at large and
claims, in justification, that the
party is attacking the thing
(Project, policy or programme) in
the interest of the welfare of the
public. We heard the same
stupidness when PAM was
attacking the introduction of Free
Secondary Education and the
Social Security scheme. We are
hearing the same stupidness now
that PAM is in opposition to the


Applications are invited for the position of
at Brimstone Hill

The successful applicant for this job, would be required to assist the Park
Manager in the daily operations at the Brimstone Hill
Fortress National Park. They will also be required to work extended hours
on certain days. The basic qualifications for this position include:

* Possession of a valid driver's license for a manual gear shift vehicle.

* Possession of at least (4) CXC/GCE General or Ordinary ('O') Level
passes OR a technical certificate (automotive, electrical, construction,
plumbing OR a minimum of two years experience in a supervisory

Applications should include a resume and the names and
addresses of two referees, and should be addressed to:

The General Manager
Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society
P. 0. Box 588
Taylor's Range
To be received not later than Monday 6th September 2010.

6 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 27TH 2010

Brown Hill


State of

the Art


(August 23, 2010) The Nevis
Island Administration [NIA]
continues in its quest to provide
preventive rather than curative
healthcare to the people of Nevis.
Its newest accomplishment
was the construction of a modem
medical facility in Brown Hill
At an opening ceremony held
on July 23, Minister of Health in
the NIA and area representative
for the parish of St. John's,
Honourable Hensley Daniel spoke

Liburd and Health Advisor in the
NIA Mrs. Patricia "Patsy" Hanley
were on hand to witness the event.
The newly constructed centre
includes examination rooms,
reception area, doctor's office,
kitchen, laundry, pharmacy and

The newly constructed Brown Hill Medical Centre.

of the significance of having
healthcare facilities located around
the island.
"It is an important component
in the preventive care programme
of the Ministry of Health.
"It is also an aspect of
decentralization where we are
seeking to ease the pressure from
the main facility at Alexandra [the
Alexandra Hospital]," Minister
Daniel said.
Permanent Secretary in the
Ministry of Social Development


Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, Member of Parliament for
St. Christopher #7 is pleased to

advise his constituents that a health

walk will take place on Saturday
28th August 2010. The walk will

start at Belle Vue opposite Lida
Lake's Residence and end at Ottleys

Hard Court. A healthy breakfast will

be served. Walk start at 5:30 am

National Caribbean Insurance Company Limited
having made sworn deposition that policy number
56795 on the life of Leighton James has been lost,
and having made application to the directors to grant a
special policy, notice is herby given that unless
objection is raised within one month of the date hereof,
the special policy asked for will be issued.

Dated: 27/8/2010

By order,

Judith Attong
General Manager

and representative of the Basic
Needs Trust Fund [BNTF], Alsted
Pemberton appealed to nurses and
other healthcare professionals to
administer quality service and care
at all times.
"Responsiveness to
community needs is a key element
of primary healthcare. Therefore,
with this new facility, you must
redouble your efforts and
reconfirm your commitment to
primary healthcare as an essential
strategy for delivering, promoting,
preventative and rehabilitative
care to the people of Brown Hill
and also those who access its
services," Pemberton said.
Several government officials,
including Premier of Nevis
Honourable Joseph Parry,
Permanent Secretary in the
Ministry of Health Mrs. Jocelyn

nurses' station.
Funding for the project came
from the Caribbean Development
Bank, the Canadian International
Development Agency [CIDA] and
the Ministry of Health through the

S The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College continues to give adults the opportunity to fulfill
their dreams and unlock their potential by offering the following programmes.


Below are the courses offered for 2010 and 2011 Registration & Commencement will be in the weel
of September 6th.
Human and Social Biology Chemistry Physics Integrated Science
English A Office Administration Accounts Principles of Business
Electronic Document
Preparation Management
Information Technology Math (EDPM) Information Technology
Caribbean History English A (Jan 2011) Math Social Studies

Economics Sociology Economics Sociology
Law Law Law Law
Management of Business Communication
(MOB) Studies Management of Business (MOB) Communication Studies

Effective Writing Baking and Cake Making Introduction to Psychology Sign Language
Interior Decorating Drama and Dance Effective Writing Woodwork for Women
Literacy Classes Intro to Computers Literacy Classes Literacy Classes

Faculty of Humanities Faculty of Social Studies Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences
Literatures in English Psychology Math
Spanish Sociology Computer Science
French Management Studies
History Economics
Masters of Arts in Education
Masters in Business and Public Administration

For further information call 465-2856 extensions 104,108 &109


National Caribbean Insurance Company Limited
having made sworn deposition that policy number
55816 on the life of Jacqueline Lorraine Liburd-
Claxton has been lost, and having made application to
the directors to grant a special policy, notice is herby
given that unless objection is raised within one month of
the date hereof, the special policy asked for will be

Dated: 27/8/2010

By order,

Judith Attong
General Manager

The Labour Spokesman


St. Kitts-Nevis Senior

National Team to Host

Antigua & Barbuda

Senior National Team

in International

The current Executive of the St. Kitts-Nevis Football
Association (SKNFA) is continuing its commitment of Putting
Players First (PPF) by adequately preparing the senior male
football team for upcoming competitions.
Over the ten (10) month period from July 2009 to April 2010, the
senior Sugar Boyz have played six (6) International friendly football
matches at home and away, an achievement which is unprecedented in
the history of the SKNFA by the widest stretch of the imagination, and
the Association is now about to embark on yet another friendly.
Saturday 28th August, 2010 at 8.00 pm will see the old rivalry
continuing at Warner Park between the St. Kitts-Nevis senior male football
team and their counterparts from Antigua & Barbuda.
Apart from looking some practice for their upcoming Digicel
Caribbean Cup (DCC), both teams have quite a lot to prove.
Antigua & Barbuda currently ranked at 129 on FIFA's International
list will want to prove to their supporters that they deserve that spot
over the Sugar Boyz who are ranked at 145.
In addition Antigua & Barbuda have defeated the Kitti-Nevisians 1-
0, 1-0 and 3-1 in their last three (3) encounters, and would want to keep
their victory record in tack.
The hosts, on the other hand would want to assure their nationals at
home and abroad that their victories of 3-0 against St. Vincent & the
Grenadines away and the same score against Guadeloupe here in Sugar

Property in Cayon
*: 3 Bedroom House
4* -Fully Furnished.
+ -Air conditioned bedrooms.
For further information call:
between 8:30a.m -4:00p.m -
Monday Friday
Ideal for University students
who wish to share a house.

City were no flukes, while
simultaneously extracting revenge
over the footballers from Wadadli.
A small contribution of twenty
dollars (EC $20.00) for the stands,
fifteen dollars (EC $15.00) forthe
bleachers and five dollars (EC
$5.00) for Primary School children
will be collected at the gates.
The general public is therefore
invited to bring their families and
friends out to Warner Park at 8.00
pm on Saturday 28th August to
witness this massive encounter
with both teams having quite a lot
to prove.
Don't let anyone tell you
about it.
Be there to take in all the
action yourself.





Exciting events to take

place at Beaumont

By Charles Miller Jr
The popular family
destination, Beaumont Park is
having another eventful day of
horse racing, music, food and
drinks on Sunday, August
The action kicks off at 1:00
pm with free admission until
3:00 pm, after which adults
pay $10 and children are free.
Apart from the exciting

horse racing that will take
place, Digicel has also hopped
on board with Beaumont Park
and will be having a Treasure
Hunt. There is also a 2 for 1
special on beers as a part of
their Carib Happy Hour.
Musical entertainment will
be provided by Tombstone
International, the Grand
Masters Band and two of the
Federation's young leading
solo artists, Rolhensha and

!R Is & inf oHratio n

Giving you the best in Music, News & Information.
with the hottest and liveliest DJs in

Tel 869 762 5030 I Website
design by 762 4181

More Water for Nevisians
development will also take

"We will be training our
people at NWD and we are
looking as well at making
the Nevis Water
Department a statutory
body similar to Nevlec,
similar to the Ports
Authority so that they will
p be able to get things done
in a much more speedy
h manner so that they will be
Junior Minister with responsibility for Communications, able to procure their own
Works and Public Utilities, Natural Resources and the supplies and equipment on
Environment the Hon. Carlisle Powell. a timely basis," Minister
a timely basis," Minister
CHARLESTOWNNEVIS (August 24,2010)-The Powell said.
Nevis Island Administration [NIA], through the The project, which was
ministry of Works and Public Utilities says plans are approved by the CDB in March of
progressing as scheduled for the $30 million water this year, is currently in the search
redevelopment project. for project manager stage. While
The project, funded by the Caribbean the NWD will select the project
Development Bank [CDB], is expected to include the manager, the NIA has secured the
installation of fire hydrants and new valves island- assistance of other qualified
wide as well as the purchasing of new equipment and persons.
vehicles for the Nevis Water Department [NWD]. "Fortunately we have the
Junior Minister with responsibility for experience ofMr. Brian Kennedy,
Communications, Works and Public Utilities, Natural our Water Development Engineer,
Resources and the Environment, Honourable Carlisle who we brought back to work with
Powell, said this redevelopment will bring about a us and so Mr. Kennedy will be
complete transformation of the island's water service. playing a very important and
"This will see us for the first time since the 1980s integral role in the development of
build brand new reservoirs. We will be upgrading a the new water system," Minister
significant portion of the water lines that we have in Powell said.
terms of the pumping mains and in terms of the The island's water service will
distribution mains that we have on Nevis," Minister also be improved through the
Powellsaid. funding and constructing of
The NIA's redevelopment plan is geared towards several water wells. These include
the longevity and sustainability of the NWD and as wells at Indian Castle, New River
such, internal changes to foster growth and andHamilton.

8 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 27TH 2010

Development Bank official

says investing in young

people is paying dividends

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (August 25,2010) -Manager at the Nevis
branch of the Development Bank of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Alexa
Pemberton, is saying that the bank's policy of investing in the
Federation's young people is paying dividends and is a boon to the
economy even in times of recession.
Speaking after paying Parry's Woodwork in Upper Hamilton a routine
business visit, Pemberton reported how impressed she was with the
developmental steps taken by one of their younger clients, 29-year-old Pro,
Larinson Clifford Parry, whose business had grown considerably, a whole Cliff
world of difference from the day he approached the bank for his first in U
"Larinson Clifford Parry, also known as Buba, approached us several Dev
years ago as a young man of 23 years, and we decided that we were and
going to give him a loan to start his workshop," said Pemberton. "He did Sch<
so well that he came back (for another loan) and told us that he wanted Adn
to expand and get better equipment and we allowed him to do that." was
According to the Nevis branch manager of the Development Bank, Pem
they follow up all their clients to not only find out how they are doing, start'
but also to advise them and in so doing they were quite impressed with who
Parry's work and the way he repaid his loan, that at one time when the app
bank wanted some work done at the office, they hired his services. woo
She says that Parry is not one who sits on his laurels, because he I
expanded his business further to the level that he came for a third loan, fami
which was approved without hesitation. To show support to their client, was
when it became apparent that the bank is soon to move from its current whe
location in the heart of Charlestown to Stoney Grove, Parry's services fron
have been used to do more extensive work in the new building. start
"We opted to work with Parry because of the fact that we have been and
quite impressed with what he has been doing," said Pemberton. "As for cup
his business expansion, I was quite surprised when I visited his workshop toge
that he had done so much and he has improved on the workshop so close
much and had better equipment, even some equipment we did not give hou,
him money for." Nev
On the visit to Parry's Woodwork site in Upper Hamilton, the com

Schakima Parry '(,,i '. the workshop Administrative Assistant,
shows Alexa Pemberton some of the tools used at the workshop.
Looking on is a member ofstaff

Larinson C l, i .... Parry shows one of the industrial machines to
manager at the Nevis branch of the Development Bank of Saint Kitts
and Nevis, Alexa Pemberton.


in hi
23 h
on t
his v


d entrepreneur Larinson
ord Parry at his workshop
pper Hamilton, Nevis
elopment Bank of Saint Kitts
Nevis official was met by
ikima Parry, the workshop's
ninistrative Assistant, who
at ease in reminding Alexa
berton that the business was
ed in 2002 by herbrother Buba,
had initially worked as an
rentice with a reputable
'arry's Woodwork is on the
ly land and the first workshop
just above the family house
re after gaining the first loan
Sthe Development Bank they
ed with fabricating business
specialised in building
boards and putting them
their, widows, doors, and
ets aiming at low income
ses that were being built in
is. However, when the
pany made a name for itself
started getting orders from
er homes, it was time to move
)igger workshop, and building
ed in December 2009 and work
in progress when Pemberton
them a visit.
The company has grown and
y it has six persons in fulltime
loyment. Parry's Woodwork,
g loans from the Development
k, and also money generated
he business venture, invested
gh-tech industrial machinery
tly imported from the USA
ch enables the workshop to
luce items of high quality.
Larinson Clifford Parry said
he was greatly motivated by
Development Bank staff who
Id pay him visits and give him
ce. He noted that at the age of
e got his first loan and bought
s that made things better and
er. With the second loan he
ght a truck, while with the third
he bought industrial
hinery which has now put him
he cutting edge in the line of
'If it were not for the
elopment Bank I would not
e gotten these industrial
hines," said Parry. "My job is
petitive and to maintain good
its you have to produce top
e line products and that would
be possible without the
strial machines that I bought.
ie of my clients include the
is Housing and Land
elopment Corporation, Nelson

Chance to provide growth

and development for my

people rewarding, says

10-year Nevisian

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (AUGUST 23, 2010) The ability to
provide opportunities for growth and development for the people of
Nevis has characterized the 10 year span of Hon. Patrice Nisbett's
parliamentary career. Now the Federal Legal Advisor and Minister of
Legal Affairs and Justice in St. Kitts and Nevis, he said his parliamentary
career has been a humbling experience to represent the people of St.
James and St. Thomas.

Hon. Patrice Nisbett (left) when he served as the Legal Advisor to
the Nevis Island Administration with Premier of .. i Hon. Joseph
Parry at a moi ,, of the Nevis IslandAssembly
Mr. Nisbett made the comments whenhe spoke withthe Department
of Information on Thursday. He said his constituents had put their
trust in him for the past 10 years and he was grateful to them for the
opportunity to serve them in the local Assembly and now at national
"I believe that I did in fact prepare myself for representing people,
it is what I have done all my life in my professional life, in my political
life and to me the most rewarding thing is to see that the representation
that you can give can in fact bring some meaningful reward to the life
of a particular individual.
"As a result of your hard work you are able to improve the quality
and the standard of life of that particular constituent whether it be by
providing a home to them, ensuring that they get a scholarship, ensuring
that their children go to university or ensuring that they own a piece of
the rock. It is the opportunity of ensuring that the opportunity exists
so that all our people can benefit from the national pie," he said.
In response to what his most outstanding achievement has been
so far he said it was when he was considered to become Attorney
General of St. Christopher and Nevis.
"I really never thought that I would have been given the
opportunity to serve the country and to serve my people at that high
level. So far it has been a wonderful experience to be in a position to
serve the people of Nevis from that level and to ensure that the views
of the people of Nevis in policy making decisions are in fact considered
and reflected, when the policy is to be made and implemented in such
a manner that would bring benefit to the people of Nevis whom I
represent in Basseterre," he said.
Mr. Nisbett noted that he was in a position that allowed him to
provide a voice at the national level, which ensured that the concerns
of Nevis and the island's peculiar position [twin island state] was taken
into account when policy formation was being carried out.

Springs, and regular house owners both in Nevis and St. Kitts."
With the strides that Parry Woodwork has made, the Nevis branch
manager of the Development Bank, Alexa Pemberton, is reminding other
young people that there is so much that they could accomplish as long
as they are focused in what they are doing and with the bank's help,
they can make things go according to their dreams.
"I know some young people would not have the finance to start
with," observed Pemberton. "If you have relatives that could help, you
could talk to them. If not Development Bank encourages a lot of young
people. We are right here to provide financing in any industry that any
young person wants to go into.
"Once you are eighteen, we sit with you, we evaluate your proposals,
the project that you want to work on and we help you to determine if it is
viable or not. And once we are convinced that it is viable and that you
would work honestly, and will repay the loan, we would work with you."

Two new electricity generators '

off-loaded at Deep Water Port

on Saturday -


The Labour Spokesman

The first Holeby M4N being off-loaded on Saturday at the Deep

The Second Holeby-M4N set on the flat-bed truck at the Deep Wa
Port on Saturday.
new generators for the Needsmust Power Plant were offloaded at
Deep Water Port in Basseterre on Saturday.
The two 4.0MW Holeby gensets from MAN Diesel arrived onb
the Antigua registered BBC Ukraine and are expected to be commission
by October. The other two are expected to be commissioned by Febn

Ancillary equipment being transported to the Needsmust Power

Water Port.
S Monday afternoon, Permanent
Liter Secretary in the Ministry of Public
Utilities said the two generators
that arrived Saturday were
Two purchased at a cost of
the US$10,828,000 and the two
expected later this year and to be
board commissioned by February next
)ned year were bought at a cost of
aary US$11,031,000. He said the total
'9 cost for the four gensets is
US$22,031,000 and not US$30
million as previously stated.
Civil works are continuing at
the new site, east of the
Needsmust Power Station to
accommodate the four gensets, all
of which will be in place and fully
commissioned by the end of
February 2011.
The largest engine, a 7.6 MW
was damaged by fire in 2008.
Additionally, the two Caterpillars
purchased between 1989 and 1995
had to be removed from service
due to their long history of failures
and problems, poor fuel efficiency

Construction of Private Terminal at the

RLB International Airport another step in

developing high end tourism, says P.M

AUGUST 25TH 2010 (CUOPM) -
The construction of a world class
Private Air Terminal Facility, to be
used by local Fixed Base Operators
(FBO) at St. Kitts' Robert L.
Bradshaw International Airport
would significantly advance the
quality of service provided.
Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil
L. Douglas said the facility has
become an important need, as
there has been sustained and
substantial increase in the use of
the airport by Executives and
celebrities using private aircraft
"This situation provides an
ideal opportunity for the Port
Authority to develop this area of
business as part of the long-term
development strategy for the
Robert L. Bradshaw International
Airport. The launch of this facility,
therefore, represents the
recognition of an essential area of
growth that must be pursued by

the Port Authority," said Dr.
Douglas at the signing of an
agreement between the St.
Christopher Air and Sea Ports
Authority (SCASPA) and Veling-
a Mauritius-based company on
Thursday of last week, August
Dr. Douglas said Veling
Limited brings a wealth of
experience in the aviation service
industry into the project.
"We welcome them in the
knowledge that the agreement
reflects mutual benefits to the
partners, and I am sure that the
facility would be a great influence
in the continuing development of
our economy," said the Prime
He said it is important to
mention that the Private Air
Terminal Facility would be a
complementary service to the
Government's approach in
developing high-end tourism in St.
Kitts and must ensure that various

kinds of services buttress such a
"Tourism is a globally
competitive industry, and we are
in a process of creating a product
that attracts both visitors and
business opportunities into the
country," said Prime Minister
He said that building St. Kitts
and Nevis into a world class
Caribbean destination, therefore,
requires the institution of certain
standards in key areas of
infrastructure, and this is an
ongoing process.
"In the case of our airport, we
are talking about creating facilities
that would translate into greater
comfort and facilitation for the
targeted passengers, enhanced
efficiency in the servicing of
aircraft, improved capacity and
capability for Fixed Based
Operators, and the creation of an
overall level of service that is world
class," said Prime Minister

and extreme unreliability.
Mr. Peets also clarified that
between 2007 and 2011 the
Ministry of Public Utilities would
have procured a total of seven (7)
4.0MW Holeby engines costing
approximately US$38.2 million and
not US$58 million as previously
There are now two generating

7000 SQ. FT


George Street -
Upstairs C& C Superfoods


stations, one is partially
automated and the other manual.
The old station contains three
generators with an average age of
thirty four (34) years which will
soon have to be replaced also.
The newer station will house
the four new Holebys.

(Photos by Erasmus Williams)


-ilNE -

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10 A

Electronics company gets

greenlight, local business to

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, AUGUST 23RD 2010 (CUOPM) Anew company is to begin
assembling electronic devices for the local and regional market.
This has been disclosed by Minister of Information, Sen. the Hon. Nigel Carty.
In a recent Post Cabinet Briefing, Mr. Carty also disclosed that a local company has
been granted concessions to expand and applications approved for new restaurants.
Mr. Carty said that the local company already engaged in the manufacture of windows
and doors has been approved for tax concessions on imported material to facilitate its
expansion into the manufacture of various roofing materials.
Similarly, a newly incorporated company has been granted concessions to nurture a
business in the assembly of certain electronic devices for the local and regional market,
said Mr. Carty, who noted that in this time of global economic recession where employment

The Labour Spokesman

can be difficult to come by, the country
would do well to have new manufacturing
businesses created and existing
manufacturing businesses expand, thereby
creating job opportunities and spin-off
business opportunities in the local
These kinds of activity will continue to
receive government support because of the
positive economic impact they are likely to
create, not only by way of employment
opportunities but also by inducing
competition that will drive down the price
of materials and consumer items.


reappointed to



Judicial and

Legal Services

24th 2010 (CUOPM) -Prominent Kittitian-
bomjurist, Dr. Joseph S. Archibald QC has


In approving the applications for two
restaurant Licenses in St. Kitts, Cabinet
asserted that any legitimate activity that is
likely to create employment opportunity,
expand consumer choices and promote
property rental should be given positive

Photo: The St. Kitts and Nevis
Cabinet with Governor General
His Excellency Dr. Sir Cuthbert
Sebastian (center at front). (Photo
by Erasmus Williams)

(cont'd on page 16)

Optimum Care

prvdding health care and assistance at khme

Care Assistant Jobs
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OPTIMUM CARE Agency is now recruiting
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Care assistant jobs improving the lives of people in need.
Contact: OPTIMUM CARE Agency, Taylor's Range, Basseterre, St Kitts
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Offering day services and health monitoring Social
interaction and recreational activities Physical and
occupational therapy

Opening : Mondays to Fridays at 8am to 5pm
Saturday 9am to 2pm (by reservation only)

Contact: VIOLA'S Place, Taylor's Range, Basseterre, St Kitts
869-466-9173 / 869-465-9172

Dr. Joseph S. Archibald Q.C. (Photo by
Erasmus Williams)

Photo Courtesy: Lesroy W. Williams

Fifth Form Cayon High School Students participate in Customer Service Course
at the Cayon Community Center (August 16-27)
Ms. Seana Williams is the facilitator for the Customer Service course and is
assisted by the Public Relations Officer for Caribbean Healthy Lifestyles
Programme (CHLP), Mr. Geraldo Herbert.
The course was organized by CHLP and funded by A Ganar (Spanish for "to
win"), a cutting edge project that uses soccer and other team sports to equip youth
with skills that prepare them for employment in today's global economy.

The Labour Spokesman


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"~~ 1~
=~ -i
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dib p



Residents of St. Kitts and Nevis to

benefit from Value Added Tax

(AUGUST 24, 2010) The
residents of Nevis and St. Kitts
and Nevis stand to benefit from a
drop in prices on select consumer
goods, when the Value Added Tax
(VAT) Bill takes effect from
November 1st, 2010. Thatview was
expressed by Attorney General
and Minister of Legal Affairs and
Justice in St. Kitts and Nevis Hon.
Patrice Nisbett in a recent interview
with the Department of Information
on Nevis.
In an effort to compliment the
efforts of the Tax Reform Unit to
help the public better understand
the workings of VAT, Mr. Nisbett
addressed the matter while on
"What I would want the
general public of Nevis to take
note of, is that VAT is not really a
new tax, I want to emphasise that.
VAT in itself is a consumption tax
and we were all along paying
consumption taxes which were as
high as 22 1/2 percent. What you
would be moving from in most
situations is a rate of 22 1/2 percent
to a rate of 17 percent. When you
go to the supermarket now, you
are in fact paying consumption
taxes on the items that you buy it
is already built in the cost of the
"In some situations goods
should become cheaper because
you would be paying less taxes in
relation to some items that you
purchase. Some may become more
expensive but a whole host of
items will in fact become cheaper
because the rate of the tax to be
applied will in fact be less than the
rate that is currently applied and I
want the general public of Nevis
to be aware of that," he said.
Mr. Nisbett further added that
the introduction of VAT would
also benefit business owners since
they would be in a position to
conduct their business cheaper, it
would improve their cash flow and
therefore allow them to operate at
cheaper costs.
He explained that they would
be able to reclaim VAT when their

Attorney General and Minister ofLegal I 1.11 and Justice in St.
Kitts and Nevis Hon. Patrice Nisbett (file photo)

monthly returns were filed with the
Island Revenue Department after
they had paid to acquire goods and
services that they sold to the
Notwithstanding, Mr. Nisbett
said there would be select goods
and services exempted from VAT
which would ease any undue
pressure on those in the
community who were less
fortunate than others.
The Federal Parliamentarian
said it was originally felt that
electricity would have been one of
the services that residents would
have been paying VAT onbut after
much discussion electricity was
"This exemption applies both
to both domestic and commercial
supplies. So the business houses
and your residential properties,
those who have a supply of
electricity would not be charged
VAT on top of their bill at present,"
he said.
In relation to water, Mr. Nisbett
said there would be no VAT
charged on the domestic water
supply and therefore residential
consumers should not expect VAT
charges on their monthly bills for
water consumption.
However, though he did not list
the other items that would be
exempted from the application of
VAT, Mr. Nisbett explained that
there was a set structure with
regard to the VAT rates.

"There is a standard rate of 17
percent, there is a special or
reduced rate of 10 percent and this
rate will apply in the tourism and
restaurant sectors and those who
are involved in tours related to the
tourism sector. They would be
charged a rate of 10 percent on the
services that they provide.
"The third rate is what we call
zero rated. There are a number of
items under the legislation which
are zero rated and this is in an
effort generally to have the VAT,
some view as a regressive tax,
operate in a progressive manner
in that the items would be zero
rated," he said.
The Minister further explained
that there was a food basket and a
number of items were included and
would be purchased at a VAT rate
of zero percent.
"We believe that this will bring
tremendous relief to those who are
poor and vulnerable in our society.
It is in an effort to assist them in
terms of their general purchasing
power of these particular basic
food items," he said.
The VAT received safe
passage in the National Assembly
almost two weeks ago but the
public awareness drive to
enlighten residents of the tax
continues on both Nevis and St.
Mr. Nisbett said the tax was
believed to be a fairer and much
more efficient system of taxation
and as the economy was
transitioning into a services
oriented economy, the necessary
tax structure was essential in order
to compliment the move and to
ensure that St. Kitts and Nevis
remained competitive in the global
For his contribution to the
ongoing awareness programme,
Mr. Nisbett will host a Town Hall
meeting for his constituents and
other interested members of the
public on Tuesday at the Brick Kiln
Church of God from 7:30pm.
Officials from the Tax Reform Unit
will also be on hand to address any
questions fielded by persons in

Have Faith

Written by Floy Hensley

Faith: "Faith is the evident of things
not seen" Hebrews 11:1
Another week has passed and we are still in the land of the living and
this is enough to give God all the thanks and praise for His goodness
towards us. Have you stopped to think if it had not been for the Lord,
where would you be today?
Well you don't have to be religious or spiritual to figure it out but
only the mercies of God have kept us through out the week.
Greetings to great women and men throughout St Christopher and
Nevis, the Caribbean isles, international circles and those of you
connecting via the World Wide Web, welcome to another inspiring and
encouraging article with having faith and confidence in the true the and
living God. When you think that all hope is gone in your situation, just
know that God is presently working it out for your good. Things just
don't just happen because what was meant to hurt you and bring harm
to you God would turn it all around for His honour and glory.
Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen,
I will be exalted in the earth, Psalms 46:10. God is saying this in your
situation right now because too many times we want to take matters in
our own hands but when we allow God to fix it for us the real results
would come.
Our words have much power and we have to be careful what comes
from our mouth because we can send blessings or cursing. Parents be
careful what you say over your children because they may become what
you have spoken over their lives. Speak love, blessings, prosperity, joy
and happiness over them that they would be productive men and women
in our society.
Speak perfect health in your aching body that your miracle is here to
stay. Speak love, joy, faithfulness, happiness, loyalty and success over
your married. So shape your destiny and future by the words you decree
and declare over your situation today. Think positive and have the right
attitude in spite of what is happening around you today and allow God
to fight your battles.
Father God, your people come to you today with their needs and
situations, you know it all and sees it all. Father God, allow your spirit to
touch them in ways that they have never experienced in their lives before.
Father God, religion, money and fame cannot save us but having a
real relationship withyou is far more important than anything else in this
Father God we know that in spite of what they have done and the
lives they have lived, you are well able to forgive them and to make them
new vessels of honour unto you. Holy Spirit take over, guide and protect
this man and woman that they would make the right decision to serve
and honour you and follow your biblical principles that governed our
lives. Thank you for reading and I pray that you would have a really
blessed and productive week in the wonderful and precious name of
Jesus Christ. Stay blessed and connected to the creative power of the
Almighty God and know that your miracle is here to stay!!


A Benevolent Attitude
Can our hand of friendship give hope to the lonely?
When you extend pure love to everyone with selfless motivation, that is
an attitude of kindness.
Can yourfaith in someone unearth courage they didn't know they had?
When you send good wishes and pure feelings to those who are in deep
sorrow, that is an attitude of mercy.
Can you lift someone's heart by seeing the best in them?
When you see the virtues rather than the weaknesses in people, that is
an attitude of compassion.
Can you meet someone's anger with so much peace that it melts away
like ice in the sum?
When you bless and uplift someone even as they defame you, that is an
attitude of forgiveness.
Can your respect help someone walk a little taller?
When you tolerate a situation and take responsibility as well as give
cooperation even when not appreciated, that is an attitude of humility
and self-respect.
Every second, every moment and every breath of our life is nurtured by
our attitude.

The Meditation Centre, Taylors Village, Tel. 466 2550;
661 0933

The North Eastern Caribbean

Accounting School
at Greenlands Park

CXC Principles of Accounts

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+* CAPE Accounting
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The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 27TH 2010 13



M opmz TOAL

To the surprise of no one, the sayings of Scripture having to do with
money are numerous. There is an interesting verse part of which I now
quote "Money answereth all things" (Ecclesiastes 10:19). King Solomon
wrote them almost 3000 years ago.
It is to the credit of the Russian novelist F.M. Doestoevsky (1821-
1881) for his foresight when he made the same observation and wrote
"Money is the mould for the freedom of one's will". Naturally that makes
the humans urge to obtain money understandable.
It is astonishing that Solomon did not act according to this principle.
For when God granted him a wish in his early years, he asked for wisdom
instead of wealth. The extent to which his request was fulfilled is well
known as a wise judgment even in these modem times, still known as a
"judgment of Solomon.
Solomon's sayings on the subject of money cover a broad spectrum,
including getting money, (earning and inheriting), releasing money
(spending and squandering), investing money; saving money, and
handling money wisely.
The synonyms used in Scripture are many; money, wealth, riches,
lending, borrowing, spending, giving, losing, silver, gold, plenty,
abundance, want, poverty and many others.
Few topics in this life are more nerve-racking and energy-draining
than those emanating from financial irresponsibility. Many are the
heartaches and headaches of being over extended. Great are the worries
of those who continue to increase their indebtedness or spend
impulsively, or loan money to others indiscriminately.
Financial analysts and others of similar standing qualification
describe our times with three definitions (1) Recession when the man
next door loses his job; (2) Depression when you lose your job; (3)
Panic when your wife loses her job.
I must tell you that long before Ben Franklin penned his wit and
wisdom in poor Richards Almanac, Solomon's words of wisdom had
been around, available for all to read. Here is a suggestion: Pick up your
Bible concordance and research the topic of money and you will be
amazed just how varied the subjects are that have to do with financial

Having researched the subject through Solomon's sayings a few of
his warnings jump out at me, thus making them note worthy.
Those who make money/fiches their passion lose much more than
they gain. "Labour not to be rich: cease from thine own wisdom. Wilt
thou set thine eyes upon that which is not? For riches certainly make
themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle towards heaven" (Prov
Use your imagination and picture the scene. For that reason I think it
is appropriate that an eagle appears on much of the American currency.
Take a closer look. Who hasn't been tempted by some get-rich-quick
scheme? The electronic media have, in recent times, drawn to our attention
thousands of people who were drawn into the broad and juicy appeal of
scammers who promise they can make a killing for them on a "deal".
Beware of such persons.

Public Notice

The General Public, particularly those persons about to,
or presently undertaking initial construction developments
as well as persons about to, or presently undertaking
renovations to their properties are encouraged to contact
the Department of Physical Planning and Environment
(DPPE) to find out the appropriate guidelines and
procedures that should be followed.
The Development Control and Planning Board, an organ
of the DPPE, has observed an increase in applications to
develop properties as well as in the number of illegal
construction. This may be due to a lack of knowledge of
the regulations and building guidelines. All necessary
information is available at the DPPE and persons

Before we proceed, let us
refresh our minds of the opening
text. "Money answereth all things"
(Ecc 10:19) wow! We say. Money
can provide anything. How
modem that sounds! But can it do
everything, really? It might shock
many of us to learn that money
cannot buy life's most valuable
It is strange how many people
live under the delusion that a fat
bank account will make possible
"the best things in life, when in
fact, it will provide no such thing.
Don't misunderstand the point.
There is nothing wrong with
having wealth if it has been earned
honestly and if one's perspective
stays clear. The thing to bear in
mind is that "the good life" should
not be equated with "the true life"
which Paul Calls "life indeed" (1
Money will only buy things
that are for sale ... and happiness
or a clear conscience or freedom
from worry is not among them.
Money can be used to purchase
lovely and comfortable dwellings
and so on. But the priceless things
in life are not for sale.
Priceless possessions that
money cannot buy include: peace
of mind, peace of heart, peace of
conscience". Better is a little with
the fear of the Lord, than great
treasures and turmoil with it" (Prov
Another priceless possession
that money cannot buy also
includes a good name, reputation
and respect. "A good name is to
be more desired than riches.
Favour is better than silver and
gold" (Prov. 22:1).
Finally, money cannot buy
integrity. "Better is the poor who
walks in his integrity, than he who
is crooked though he be rich"
(Prov 28:6).
Money provides solely for this
life. It is just as serious to remember
that money does not afford us any
freedom with respect to God and
the things of God. It would be
ridiculous to imagine that we can
bribe God "Neither their silver
nor their gold shall be able to
deliver them in the day of the
Lord's wrath" (Zephaniah 1:18).

undertaking developments
can visit the office located
at Bladen Commercial
Development, Wellington
Road, Basseterre, St. Kitts,
from Monday to Friday
between the hours of 9:00
a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
The Department of
Physical Planning and
Environment and its organ
the Development Control
and Planning Board, looks
forward to assisting all in
achieving their home-
owner dreams.

Josephine Amelia Burroughs-Adams


FaraweffourPets rMotdhr,
Yor race an ear is done
Younowrest frm al yourlabouri
Awaitingour ord when He turns
AkldorAgh ourheart ma
and our eyes are fled widi
we ae dwtankfd lit wead
to loe and guide us trough de years
You wer aIbay an m4nraa, your atnb, it
We know at Cbod Is blmdessed y,

rSoaeoour sModze, you m iablu

Oscar Anthony Wattley
Who Departed this life on 30th August, 2001

matk hWs soi"L Rest LW. Teace


| Lt rrieM asaiah -I .,

.- -'-Died 1st September, 1990

Amongthe herishedfaces pictured n memory's
V,. among
familiar voice ats din memory's halls, the *
Loving face oyAinhts h dearest face I see,, the gentle
voice of her eetst sound to me. there's a
Ssad, but sweet remembrance, there's a memo fond
2] and true, ahda:token ofaffection and
T heartache still for you.

SFrom: Thyra Gumbs on behalf of the family.


14 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 27TH 2010

Evjy Wednesday & Friday
i~vrJ~z'itJ: .iinduJ

WJrJdwjds Jr/y] .JJ0jj-u
General Cargo, Barrels, Small
Packages, Hazardous Materials,
Perishables, Personal Effects, Live
Animals and much more...

Small Package Service
starts at $35 usD
+ applicable destination charges
SPS shipments must have advanced
reservation to take advantage of this special.


For packages weighing
up to 601bs
Additional services are

- Customs clearance
- Door delivery
- Storage
" Note: Small Package Service is
an Airport to Airport Service

s For information contact
St. Maarten: 599-545-2952
or e-mail at:
St. Kitts: 869-466-9595
or e-mail at:

The Labour Spokesman


at a w i orld w l i

Dear Reader: In order to reinforce the topic of my column today, I
would have to build my argument on historical facts and, thereof, have
to take you back into the pages of history. Our history books tell us that
Christopher Columbus discovered St. Kitts in 1493. We all know that
this could not and would never be true, because the island was inhabited
first by the Arawarks, thenby the Carib Indians. How could you discover
an island which was inhabited by people?
Christopher Columbus was the first European to visit these parts of
the world. He was the person who introduced the oppressive and
repressive system of killing off and raping the inhabitants of the country
in order to seize their land. He enslaved them in order to amass huge
profits from their labour.
The system which Columbus introduced here and to the rest of the
world was a system of cheap labour and supply and demand. Columbus
did not stay around too long, because there were no precious metals
here to repatriate to his King and Queen of Spain.
The English came 1624; they were treated with friendliness. They
were taught how to cope with the weather and how to survive, by the
Carib Indians.
The French arrived in 1626 and the island was divided between the
French and the English.
After Christopher Columbus left, the Caribs were incomplete control.
When the English arrived they began farming. This meant that they
needed land to farm so they did not negotiate with the Caribs to either
sell or lease the land to them. Whereas the Carib Indian's armoury
consisted of bows and arrows, the Europeans were armed with guns.
Might became right and the land was forcibly taken away from the Caribs
to plant tobacco, using the same Caribs who taught them how to survive,
as forced labour.
The Europeans (French and English) came up with this cock and bull
story that this Carib Indian woman who was so head over heels in love
with Sir Thomas Warner, the head of the English settlers, warned him
about a plot by her Carib brothers, to attack and run them off the island.
Now, dear reader, it must be borne in mind that (1) when the Carib
men held their council meetings, it was far from the Village; No women
were allowed to come nearby. (2) The Carib Indian lady could not speak
English. The simple truth is, the Europeans wanted the land and they
massacred the Caribs, running them out of the island totally in 1628. To
ease their consciences over the massacre, they decided to romanticize
the event. But murder is murder and massacre is massacre.

It was the same thing they did
to us in Africa. They introduced
sugar cultivation around 1636-
1639. Sugar needed large acreages
in order to reap huge profits. The
soil in St. Kitts was volcanic ash
from the various prehistoric
volcanic eruptions. But, Sugar
cultivation also needed cheap
labour. The white Europeans could
not stand the burning tropical
heat, they coming from a cold
country, so they went to Africa, a
black country whose climate is the
same tropical setting as in St. Kitts
and raped and plundered the
inhabitants and the country in
order to bring us here as slaves to
work on their sugar plantations, so
that they could amass huge
profits. They did not care whether
we lived or died, as long as they
made money from our sufferings.
The system was rotten. It was
oppressive and repressively
The same method and the
same system still apply in the 21st
Century. In the more industrialized
countries like America and Great
Britain, weapons of mass
destruction are being
manufactured on a daily basis.
There are people who have
invested large sums of monies in
these arms factories, but they
would not be able to realize huge
profits of the manufactured arms
are just stockpiled like that. Some
of the arms are new experiments

In remembrance of the abolition of

the Slave Trade (1807) and

Slavery (1834)
Message from Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, on the occasion of the International Day for
the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition; 23 August 2010
In this International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures, remembrance of the slave trade and slavery,
one of the worst tragedies in the history of humanity, prompts us to reflect on possible ways of alleviating and
overcoming such painful memories.
Since its establishment in 1998, the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its
Abolition has afforded us the opportunity every year to pay tribute to the struggle led by the slaves themselves
to recover their dignity and freedom. The uprising that took place on the island of Santo Domingo in the night
of 22 to 23 August 1791 led to Haiti's independence the first victory of slaves over their oppressors. This
revolution had worldwide repercussions and a considerable impact on liberation struggles in the LatinAmerican
and Caribbean countries, some of which are celebrating the bicentenary of their independence this year.
The Slave Route Project has provided UNESCO with significant experience and expertise, enabling the
Organization to contribute substantially to this critical reflection on the ways and means of securing the
reconciliation and rapprochement of peoples through the shared legacy of the tragedy.
On the basis of the new strategy defined for the Project, UNESCO will continue to implement innovative
intersectoral activities and information and awareness-raising campaigns to disseminate and ensure recognition
of historical facts and of the substantial cultural interaction arising from the slave trade and slavery.
In order to ensure the vitality and sustainability of the project, new themes are accordingly being addressed
with a view to studying this issue in greater depth:
(i) African presence in the world; (ii) the psychological consequences of the slave trade and slavery; (iii)
the transfer of knowledge and skills from Africa to the rest of the world; (iv) tourism for remembrance; and (v)
cultural and creative industries arising from the tragedy.
The Slave Route Project is a highly ambitious initiative with its sights set resolutely on the future, to the
extent that it contributes in the long term to enhancing mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue. The
challenge of "living together" in our multicultural societies implies recognition of each person's history and
memory, and at the same time, the sharing of a common heritage, in order to transcend past tragedies.
On the occasion of this International Day, I invite all UNESCO's partners, including national authorities,
international and non-governmental organizations and civil society, to provide opportunities for exchange
and reflection that place emphasis on the beneficial effects of cultural diversity, recognizing the importance of
the continuous transfers and exchanges among cultures and the links established since time immemorial.

and need to be tested.
The other day, in Pa
there was a fold. Bridges,
houses, plantations
destroyed by the waters. T
matters worse, rain is still
People cannot get anything
They are starving. The s
includes children. Yet,
merchants who have food
have raised the price of the
items because food is scar
At a time w hen their b
and sisters are dying from
food, all they can think a
amassing huge profits? W
happened to their hum
Demand is bigger than sui
make a killing out of p
misery. What a world we li
The same thing happen
in 1989 with Hurricane
People's roofs were blown
the price of nail, boards,
and cement skyrockete
same thing happened in 19
Hurricane Georges. Supi
demand, so prices went up a
of people's frantic desp,
sympathy at all for pe

sufferings. Only the buck counts.
But all is not lost in this fair
land of ours. There are still
business places like the Desmond
Herbert Enterprises of Bird Rock,
New Town Bay Road, where those
less fortunate and shut-ins can
receive a meal three times per week.
We have the Coury's Whole
SSale inLower College Street, which
Assists Senior Citizens in need.
E We have T.D.C. which donated
a goodly amount of Scholarships
akistan to our young folks so that they
roads, could realize their educational
were goals.
o make There is the National Group of
falling. Companies which share their
Sto eat. profits with the Staff and there is
tarving the Hope Chapel Community
those Church which supplies a
Sto sell Christmas Dinner to those people
eir food on the streets who would not
*ce. normally be able to enjoy the Spirit
brothers of Christmas.
lack of There are scrupulous business
bout is men out there whose main purpose
hat has is to amass huge profits from the
anity? misery oftheirbrothers and sisters.
pply, so They possess no heart, no
people's compassion, no concern, no
ve in? feelings, and no sympathy for
ed here their less fortunate brothers. Here
Hugo. in Saint Christopher or Saint Kitts,
off and there are ten feet tall men and
roofing women who remember that they
d. The are from a saintly island and that
98 with people are important. They do
ly and count. These ten feet tall men and
it a time women of Saint Christopher, Saint
air. No Kitts, change folks frowns to
ople's smiles. They light up their lives.

New Operation's Manager

The Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society is pleased to
announce that
Mr. Leonard Stapleton will join its management team in the new
position of Operations Manager with effect from 1 September, 2010.
Mr. Leonard Stapleton, born in Nevis, attended the Gingerland
Secondary School, the Charlestown Sixth Form College and the CFB
College. He is a trained teacher with 14 years experience at Primary and
Secondary levels and was until recently head of the Geography and
Social Studies Department of the Verchilds High School. He is a Certified
Accounting Technician, presently pursuing further formal studies in
accountancy. He has also undertaken occasional part time assignments
in financial accounting and heritage projects.
In addition to his job-related experience and accounting expertise,
Mr. Stapleton brings to the position of Operations Manager an
enthusiasm for and knowledge of the history and heritage of St. Kitts
and Nevis and commitment to community development, as evidenced
by several projects and memberships (including head) of various
committees over the past 17 years.
Leonard Stapleton is married, with two young children.

Gates to be closed at

Warner Park
The general public is advised that the gates at Warner Park
will be closed at 9:30 p.m. nightly and reopened the following day
at 5:30 a.m.
The closure is a security measure designed to protect the facility
from vandals. As such, no unauthorized access will be permitted.
It must be noted however, that planned nightly games and other
activities will continue once permission has been given.
The public's cooperation is appreciated.


16 3 E The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 27TH 2010

YES Programme is

a success, says Carty



Minister ofEducation, Hon Nigel
Carty, is of the view that the
Youth Empowerment through
Skills (YES) Programme,
introduced by the government in
February last year, has been
successful in helping young
people to acquire skills that they
will be able to use not only to get
employed but also to start their
own businesses.
Speaking on Tuesday
evening August 24 at the St.
Johnston Community Centre
during the second graduation of
the YES Programme trainees, the
minister said that the time they
had spent while training helped
them to nurture the skills which
they acquired and built upon
them and invested time doing
personal work and research to
ensure that they could build on
the strong foundation which the
YES Project had created for them.
"This programme wasn't for
any and everybody," said Carty.
"The YES Project was catering to
young people who have ambition,
who have skills to build on, and
who want to acquire new skills
to empower themselves in the
economy which is unfolding
before us.
"Young people, the world
before us is very uncertain. There
is nothing out there with your
name on it. The things that you
will achieve in life, you will
achieve because you would have
set goals for yourselves and you
would have reached out to attain
your goals and your objectives."
He pointed out that the over
700 students who would have
successfully completed their
training in various areas among
them information technology,
joinery, carpentry, bookkeeping,
hairdressing, auto mechanics,
hotel trades among others that the
first step that they took was to
gain an education, which he said
was the key to success.
He told them that
irrespective of the vocation they
chose in life, understanding the
area that they had chosen,
pursuing knowledge in the field
that they had chosen, and
pursuing opportunities to develop
skills would further enhance the
ability for self employment and
for employment generally adding
that those were the things that
would help them to be successful.
"Normally we look at those
persons who have graduated from
fifth form and sixth form and the
university with all sorts of
degrees andpapers and so forth,"
observed Minister Carty. "That
too is important it has its
place, butI wantto say toyou that
the training that you have

received also has its place and I
believe will give you the
empowerment to become
successful individuals as
employees or businesspersons."
He told the graduates that
they had been given an
opportunity and with that, they
had the basis upon which they
could build. He advised that as
much as the economy was in a
state of shock now, the
construction industry and other
industries, auto mechanics
industry for example are going to
grow and to blossom and there
will be a need for skills.
He gave the example of
Germany, the only country that
has shown signs ofrecovery after
the recession because it had
instituted a number of training
programmes and when the
recession came and people lost
their employment, they were able
to do little things for themselves,
by becoming self employed in
various areas like mechanics, IT
and hairdressing among others.
"(At the YES Programme)
they have given you the basis to
be more flexible, so that when
your employer says he cannot
employ you any longer, because
the auto mechanic industry has
gone sour, you are able to have
other skills that you can rely on,
andyou can have a paper to show

Minister of Education, Nigel Carty (4h from left) poses with some of the graduates after they received
their certificates. Also in the picture are members of the YES Programme management team.

that you can take to some other
persons as an option that you can
pursue," Minister Carty told
members of the graduating class.
"The training which you
have received is highly valuable
and you should be proud of
yourselves and be encouraged to
not only pursue further
development of yourselves in the
area, butto seek out opportunities
to improveyour own wellbeing,"
said Carty. "The YES Project was
conceived to do exactly that: to
giveyoung people an opportunity
to retool; to gain new skills.

"I look forward to meeting
you some place somewhere, self
employed, or somewhere in some
place holding down a job of
which you are proud, proud
because you can train for that.
You can look at people pass by
and say I got training for that, you
can take out your paper and say I
got something and why I am here.
You have an opportunity to make
the world of a difference to
yourselves, to your families and
your society, to your individual
communities; a difference of
which all of us can be very

Addressing the graduates
included Chairman of the YES
Programme Management
Committee Joseph Edmeade, his
deputy Elvis Newton, Chairman
of the YES Programme
Implementing Committee Fitzroy
Wilkin, and manager at the YES
Secretariat Leslie Connor.
Permanent Secretary in the
Ministry of Youth Empowerment
and Sports, Lloyd Lazar,
represented Minister Glenn
Phillip who was off island on
government business.

There is life after YES

19-year-old Hakim Boyles is in fulltime employment repairing
computers thanks to the Youth Empowerment through Skills (YES)
Programme which was launched by Prime Minister Hon Dr Denzil
Douglas in February last year.
When the Prime Minister started the programme, he was looking
at equipping the country's youth with skills that would enable them
to gain employment in the job marketplace or to set up their own
businesses. The Programme would undertake to train them and those
with prior training would be connected with employers for job
Boyles is one of the few who had prior training before approaching
the YES Programme. He left Cayon High School in 2008 and had a
stint in Tobago where he trained as a computer technician. When he

returned home, YES Programme was in full swing and in January
this year he was sent on a six-month job attachment at Peter.KN Inc.
He is now employed and is sending out an appeal to all young
men and women, whether trained or not, to check with the YES
Programme Secretariat for the opportunities that are available. He
said: "YES is a nice programme as long as people do not abuse it. I
would advise young people out there to join the YES Programme and
they will benefit."
Peter Chevozerov a director ofPeter.KN Inc said that he is quite
happy with Hakim's performance that he would wish to clone him.
But because that would not be possible, he is ready to approach the
YES Programme with the hope of getting another young person who
would be as good as Hakim.

| I
Hakim Boyles after having gone through the YES Programme now has a fulltime job at Peter.KN Inc repairing computers. Picture
on the right shows Rinele Richardson a member of the YES Programme Hotel Trades class at Jack Tar practicing to serve diner -
clients here are fellow students.

2 0 ,

The Labour Spokesman


- A A *

YES is an ongoing programme

When Government introduced the Youth
Empowerment through Skills (YES)
Programme in February last ear following
recommendations by Prime Minister Hon
Dr Denzil Douglas, it was meant to cater
for approximately 500 youths for a period
of six months.
Eighteen months on, and over 1200
trainees having undertaken various levels
of training, the YES Programme is still
running, and over 700 trainees will be
certified in batches. The second batch was
certified on Tuesday August 24, while the
third batch was certified on Thursday
August 26 having been trained in
accordance with the primary objectives of
the programme.
Asked what the future holds for the
YES Programme in an interview held in
his office on Friday August 13, Chairman
of the YES Programme Management

Mr Joseph Edmeade
Committee Joseph Edmeade informed that
the government has no intention to do
away with the programme as there is still
needforit. Two hospitality classes and one

NewYES classes in September

Echoing what the chairman of the YES .
Programme Management Committee PRQJEC 4
Joseph Edmeade has said (see opposite
page), manager at the secretariat, Leslie
Connor, is saying that after they are 2
through with the graduations, they will still
follow the former trainees to ensure that
the programme has achieved its goals.
"At the end of the graduation we are hoping they would be gainfully employed
permanently in whatever area their training is, or to open business in their line of
training," said Connor. "The programme too will be assisting in some way in some
measure to ensure to a point that persons who passed through the programme are fully
He observed that while there are three classes, two in hospitality and one in computer
programming that are still ongoing the office is bracing itself to receive applications for
new classes that are due to start in the month of September.
According to Fitzroy Wilkin a director of the National Skills Training Programme
and chair of the YES Programme implementing committee, the project focuses on skills
development, employment opportunities, career and social development through a work
experience and job placement programme.
YES is specifically geared towards the placement of participants in private sectors
businesses where they will be provided with the opportunity to develop the necessary
skills for eventual fulltime employment and establish meaningful careers in various
occupational areas.
The project does not emphasise the passing of an examination. It concentrates on
the mastery of the fundamental principles and practices in the respective vocational
areas, through on the job training.
Project YES was designed to provide productive employment opportunities for five
hundred unemployed young men and women between the ages of 16 to 36 years.
The key components of the project are vocational training which include the
development of knowledge, skills and attitudes, job attachment and entrepreneurship
for those who wish to start their own business.
According to Wilkin, the project adopted the methodologies used by National Skills
Training Programme (NSTP) to manage the implementation of the programme. A record
of attendance, conduct, tasks performed and the skills developed is kept and participants
are certified once they would have met the necessary criteria for completion.

computer class are ongoing while new
classes will commence in September.
He noted that the programme will
continue as it was mandated at its
inception, and should not be seen as a form
of employment. He stressed that it is a
training programme and once the various
modules that they are involved come to an
end the government would expect that they
will move on and establish themselves
trying to find ajob in the job market "while
we recruit new entrance into the
programme to provide them with the
necessary employment skills and
"When we started the programme it
was intended to last for six months per
module," said Edmeade, who is also the
Chief Secretary. "We then discovered that
the numbers were tremendously greater
than we expected."
Accordingly, some of the trainees
have done two modules while a few have
done three modules. He expressed
gratitude to business houses that offered
to have the trainees attached to them for
on-job experience, which has greatly
sharpened the trainees' job skills to the
level where they now possess the required
minimum job-seeking qualifications.
"One of the challenge we have had is
that for a number of the persons that were
attached to a number of businesses we
would have thought that once the period
of attachment and training had come to
an end that the business community would
have assisted us in absorbing some of these
persons," observed Edmeade.
He however noted that due to the
world economic slowdown, that has not
been the case and its indicator was the fact
that there was not the level of expansion
that would have been expected. This
resulted in a number of trainees who would
have been attached to businesses not
getting jobs, and rather than send them
home, they would be enrolled in other
A number of workplaces have given
jobs to those who had been attached
through the YES Programme, and
according to Mr Edmeade, they have been
having some positive feedback from one
or two of the enclaves in the industrial
estate, including the call centre at the
Stanford Building which has absorbed a
number of the YES Programme trainees,
particularly those who have acquired
computer-based skills.

To find out how effective the
programme has been, he said that they
have had to evaluate the trainees and a
number of them have been certified.
"We have started firstly to ensure that
people were able to graduate out of the
programme by the issuing of some
certification for those who were doing
competency courses and so were able to
certify the level of competency in certain
areas," said Edmeade. "Others we have
provided certificates of attendance and we
are saying that we need to get back to the
original thinking that people basically
don't see it as just providing a level of
"We are certifying the bulk of those
who have gone through the programme
and going forward people will be restricted
to the specific course of training, certain
competencies in skills in certain areas and
once the six months have come to an end
they will be graduated out of the
programme and we are hoping that they
will be assisted in finding employment
after going through the period of the
Working with the Sugar Industry
Diversification Foundation, a revolving
fund has been established specifically to
assist the graduates of the YES Programme
with capital to start and get into their own
businesses at very concessionary rates. The
fund is managed by the Development Bank
of Saint Kitts and Nevis.
"We are hoping that that would be the
beginning providing some seed and
monitoring of those graduates from the
programme, which is geared specifically
to the graduates of the YES Programme,"
he said. The loans will be in the amounts
of 15,000 to 25,000 dollars, and they can
go there and get started getting their own
business and at the same time the
Development Bank will be providing them
with the oversight and the guidance to see
them through.
"The programme is not closed. A
number of persons have been in the
programme now going for eighteen
months and we have put, not a halt, but in
the meantime entrance into it has been
restricted because we need to get those
persons off and out of the programme,"
explained Edmeade. "They have been there
and now we have to try to get them placed,
help them to develop their own business
ideas and move on while we address how
we move forward."

Fitzroy Wilkin of the YES Programme
Implementing Committee

Leslie Connor, Manager YES
Programme Secretariat.

Members ot me YES 'rogramme noter iraaes class basea at me Jack lar notel
and Casino. Instructor Michael Guishard appears on the left.

18 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 27Tn 2010

Graphical Art &

Animation Summer

Camp 2010 a

Resounding Success

22nd August 2010)The Graphical
Art & Animation Summer Camp
2010 in St Kitts ended 14thAugust
and in Nevis ended on Friday 20th
August, after catering for some 32
young people ages 8-18 years. The
Camp which was coordinated by
Talents for Christ in collaboration
with Island Xpressions had as its
major objective to bring out the
creative and innovativeness of the
youth by way of poetry and
A formal graduation ceremony
was held at Buddies Beach Bar on
the Strip Frigate Bay St Kitts at
which the successful participants
received certificates from Mr.
KervinBenjaminaka "INFAMUS",
and in Nevis Mr Alstead
Pemberton, Permanent Secretary in

the Ministry of Social
Infamus gave a stunning
performance as songs were
chanted acappella and he brought
a message in keeping with the
theme and spoke to them about
life and the value of love with it. It
was a surprise for the graduates
and parents alike. Screams of joy
and hugs of love and appreciation
were well received by the
upcoming star as autographs and
pictures were taken.
In Nevis Mr. Pemberton gave
remarks and congratulated the
participants as well as Mr. Browne-
Maynard of Talents for Christ for
his commitment to community
development, specifically
focusing on the youth, as the
theme "Why, When, Where, What
was reiterated.
During the 10 day camp which
was held every day from 9am to

Jet Skis
AUGUST 23RD 2010 (CUOPM) -
St. Kitts and Nevis is lifting a 15-
year ban on the importation of jet
skis into the twin-island
The ban on the a small water
sport craft mimicking a motor-bike
used at certain beaches in St. Kitts
and Nevis was imposed after an
accident at sea involving a Jet Ski,
left a victim with significant injury
to the head caused by the propeller
of the Jet Ski.
"Over the last 15 years, the

propulsion technology for jet skis
has changed thereby eliminating
the propeller blades in favour of
jet propulsion, which is a much
safer technology," said Minister of
Information, Sen. the Hon. Nigel
Carty in a Post Cabinet Briefing.
Sen. Carty said new guidelines
on how and where jet skis are to
be used have been created and
approved by the Cabinet so as to
ensure that the use of the sport
craft remains safe for those who
use them and for those who use
the beaches where they are
authorised to be used.
He said that the lifting of the

4pm, atthe National ICT Center, C.APaul Southwell Industrial Site, Ponds
Pasture, Basseterre, and the 3 day camp which was held every day from
9am to 4pm at the Alberta Pane Community Center in Nevis, the attendees
were introduced to a number of applications including Adobe Photoshop,
Flash and PowerPoint which allowed them to use cutting edge software
to develop and understand graphics. Through the use of the various
applications the participants were able to create, manipulate and explore
their innovative skills. Throughout the camp they were excited, highly
motivated and used every opportunity to demonstrate newly acquired
skills as a mathematical approach was also introduced, then expressing
what they wanted to say Love is or what love meant to them by way of
a poem. The best poem in the category (8-11) went to Mr. Clerique Ward
of George Moody Stuart School and (12-18)went to Ms. Nigencia James
of Cayon High School. The prize for the most outstanding performance
i.e friendship, helpfulness and behaviour and went to Ms. Sheyjona
Bass of Bassseterre High School.
As the students excelled they were rewarded through the
presentation of various tokens donated by several businesses on both
St Kitts and Nevis. Businesses which contributed to the success of the
camp included: Island Hopper, TDC, Social Security Board, S L
Horsfords & Co Ltd, Royal Bank of Canada, First Class Jewelry,
Ricardo's Home Center, The Cable, KFC, Kiss FM, Von Radio, Choice
FM, ZIZ Radio, Island Bakery, J's Shop N save, Buddies Beach Bar,
Harpers, Mac Pennies Ltd, St Kitts Co-Operative Credit Union,
Ashburry's, RBTT, St Kitts Bottling Co Ltd, e-Caribbean Ltd and The
Wesley Methodist Church.
The coordinator Mr. Browne-Maynard wishes publicly to place on
record his gratitude and appreciation for the positive support received
from the business places. Their sponsorship ensured that the Graphical
Art & Animation Summer Camp 2010 St Kitts and Nevis was a tremendous
Special thanks is given to the silent supporters and facilitators Ms.
J Rogers, Ms. G Edwards, Ms. J Nias and the Director and staff at the
National ICT Center, Dr. Garfield Alexander, Mr. Laurent Fough, Mr. Garth
Archibald and the Owner and staff at Caribelle Batik who played an
overwhelming role in making the camp a success. The camp was another
tangible effort by Talents for Christ to ensure we equip young people
with the necessary skills so that they have options in the various fields
of computer development, Poetry and mathematics. Based on the
enthusiastic response, the coordinator has begun planning for camp
2011 which he promises will be bigger and better and will cater for more
young people.

ban is likely to create new
opportunities for water sport
operators who claim that the
demand for services in those areas
has been growing over the years.
"This then can only add to the
development of the tourism
product resulting in increased
intake for the local tourism
industry," Minister Carty said.



(cont'd from page 10)

been re-appointed for a second
three-year term as a Member of the
CARICOM Regional Judicial and
Legal Services Commission.
Chief Justice of the Caribbean
Court of Justice, The Right
Honourable Mr. Justice de la
Bastide TC, QC in his capacity as
Chairman of the Commission,
pursuant to the provisions of the
CARICOM Agreement
Establishing the Caribbean Court
of Justice and the Commission
made the appointment with effect
20 August 2010.
The Commission appoints the
Judges, and recommends the
appointment of the Chief Justice,
of the Caribbean Court of Justice.
Members of the Commission, when
travelling in the Caricom Region
on Commission business, are
granted privileges and immunities
similar to those granted to Supreme
Court Judges.
Dr. Archibald, a longtime
resident of Tortola, British Virgin
Islands, was jointly nominated by
the Organisation of
Commonwealth Caribbean Bar
Associations and the
Organisation of Eastern Caribbean
States Bar Association as required
by the CARICOM Agreement.
Dr. Archibald is an
International Lawyer who was
called to the Bar as a Barrister of
Lincoln's Inn in England fifty
years ago in 1960 with a special
Certificate in International Law;
was appointed a Queen's Counsel
of the British Commonwealth thirty
years ago in 1980; is a Member of
the London Court of International
Arbitrators; and is one of the three
Patron Members of the
Washington-based World Jurist

St. Kitts and Nevis lifts

ban on importation of

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 27TH 2010 E 19

By: Vigilante
*After spending all that money in the last Election and receiving
so much blows from LABOUR's young sporting icon, Hon. Glenn
'Ghost" Phillip, the failed PAM leader has lost his tongue and is
still suffering seriously from shellshock.
The excruciating body blows and rejection by the voters of
Constituency #4 (who he continued to describe as "ungrateful and
crocked" have left him in a stupor similar to that experienced by
the doctor in the West when he reportedly went "missing in action"
some years ago
The pompous little Harvard University fellow show is so hurt
and distressed that he has virtually gone underground to nurse his
wounds and avoid facing the public; and when he has to cross the
path of the Hon, Glenn Phillip (who gave him the knock-out punch
on Election Day), he hides and ducks.
One of his friends at the Central Bank told him that the VAT
might be the best thing to get him out of the financial and political
misery he has found himself in after foolishly and recklessly wasting
all that money in the Elections and coming out a sore loser twice.
The throwing out of the frivolous Election Petitions in Dominica
earlier this week has been a real devastating blow for the failed
PAM leader and his rejected party; and it has caused a lot of panic
and headache in the PAM camp.
Since the historic judgment was handed down the Harvard
University pappy-show has become more desperate and restless
and his lawyers have advised him to prepare forthe worst when the
judgment in his case comes.
Dey say he had a call from one of his lawyers overseas who,
after learning about the ruling in Dominica, told him: "I told you long
time, you had no case ... you were just wasting the court's time. I
hope you get the message now and stop wasting your money".
Dey say de judgement has hit him so hard and left him so
depressed and nervous that daddy and his better half themselves
have become worried and continue to plead with him hard to "give
up de ghost", done with de politics and stick to his family, his law
practice and de chicken business.
PAM's biggest fear about the proposed interception
Communications Bill is not Labour as claimed by PAM
propagandists, but it's the man (in the party) widely regarded by
PAMites as the biggest hacker and wire-tapping guru in the country,
"De notorious fly on de wall".
Dey say he's in de business long time, working with
international gun-runners and drug lords and that's why the FBI
and DEA detectives, who were on island not too long ago, seized
de computers.
Inside sources in de party say it is he who changed the front
page of the Democrat some time ago, after he couldn't have his
way in de party and was sidelined at the business place he works.
It was he who tapped the phones during the specially convened
meeting between the PAM Executive and the Gang of 5, tracking
down de culprit who leaked the information in the infamous letter
signed and submitted by the Gang of 5, calling forthe resignation
of the failed PAM leader.
*And, he not only brags of having cheques in his possession of
monies paid to members of the disgruntled gang by "De Bigman",
but the telephone conversations they had with 'De Bigman' every
week, begging for money for their election campaign and personal
De basketball trump acknowledged him as "de Hardest Hard
in de business", after he (De fly on de wall) exposed him and
revealed that it was he who sent the alleged bogus PAM e-mails to
BBC and not any LABOUR supporter.
He reminding them that he tried the same trick on the Basketball
Association and the National Carnival Committee.
Mr. Politics and the PAM representative on Inside the News
on Saturday, spilled the beans when they confirmed that there are
in fact PAM spy agents (Whistle Blowers) planted in the Public
Service, to leak sensitive information to PAM; and to discredit and
sabotage the lawfully elected Labour Government.
It is understood that these "Whistle-Blowers" and saboteurs
are highly paid by PAM to do their dirty underhand work.

By Sotto Voce
I really think it would be in PAM's interest to take a break from the
constant politicking and negativity to try a bit of image building and
positivity for a change.
Not every issue has to be given a partisan political twist. When
PAM does that, each time they lose PAM remains a minority party in St.
Kitts and will lose in the numbers game all the time. Why PAM constantly
sets itself up for a fall beats me.
Trying to make politics out of the naming of the Sandy Point High
School, for example, completely baffled me. The late Charlie Mills of
Sandy Point has done more for education in St. Kitts-Nevis than most.
He remains an icon, a legend, a hero, a pillar of education here. He
started small and took education to the heights it has attained and the
respect it now commands on the world stage.
He was student, teacher, administrator, Minister and Parliamentary
Representative at various stages in his life. If anybody deserves to be
honoured in his own home-town it is Charles Mills. The naming of a
High School in his honour is but a small token of appreciation for his
life's work.
Those who try to make politics out of this only show how puny and
thoughtless they are. Those who get "legal advice" to collect signatures
are just as ridiculous as the advice they got. I am sure plenty more
signatures than that can be obtained from the villages serviced by the
Sandy Point High School (SPHS) that would be pro-Charlie Mills.
The Prime Minister is right. How many town hall meetings were held
and consultations/discussions organised for the naming of the Kennedy
Simmonds Highway or the William Connor Primary School or the Bronte
Welsh Primary School or the Mary Charles Hospital?
I have nothing against any worthy Kittitian or Nevisian being
honoured in this way. But why try to insult the memory of an icon in the
field of education because he was not of your political ilk?
Don't mess around with our heroes, please. Keep the politics up
headquarters and over your FM. We should be educating the younger
ones about the heights all these honourees have attained in their different
fields of endeavour. Not pushing party politics on the life and times of a
deceased legend.
Every year when the Kim Collin Day comes around, you can see the
political knives opposing the government being sharpened for partisan
action. We need to keep the memory of the historic event of 25thAugust,
2003 free from politics. Kim's achievement was fantastic, memorable,
great, and pure joy and elation to all of us who witnessed it here on
television. We will never forget it.
The honouring of Kim Collins by our government was quite
satisfactory to me. The 25th August was named Kim Collins Day. A
prime stretch of land was named the Kim Collins Highway; the only
stand at the athletic stadium built mainly with Taiwanese assistance was
named the Kim Collin Pavilion.
He also received one of the houses built by the government at
CARIFESTAVillage New Road.
I doubt whether another athlete in the world has been as extensively
honoured for winning a gold medal at a World Championship. We will
always love, honour and respect Kim for his superlative achievement.
We got the distinction of having our national anthem played and flag
raised at that event.
Let's face it; Usain Bolt of Jamaica is the most celebrated athlete in
recent memory. He won gold medals in the 100 metres, 200 metres and
4x100 metres relay events at both the World Championships and
Olympics. In addition, he broke world records in all those events. To
date, Jamaica has named a highway in his honour. No Usain Bolt Day, no
public holiday, no Usain Bolt Stadium, no politics being played over
these events.
Let us honour, respect and celebrate Kim's achievement. But we still
should not get carried away. I am hopeful that other athletes will emerge
and blossom in the future and follow Kim's lead.
We also recently had to deal with the closure of Reeds Data Services
with all the loss ofjobs by those affected and the negative impact on our
economy. It is always hard when any business employing significant
numbers closes its doors. We all need to try to cushion its adverse
impact on all those directly affected and be our brothers'/sisters' keeper.
We have had more painful losses of this kind in the past and we have
survived. These happened in less hard times than now. Hundreds lost
jobs when the panty and brassiere factory (Wellington Limited) closed.
That factory employed up to 400 workers. We had too, a television plant
in Curtis Mathis which employed a lot of people. The Sensor Scientific
Factory (or Don Roberts Factory) also employed up to 300 workers
when it shut down. The Four Seasons Hotel closure saw over 600 persons

put on the breadline all at once. So
our people have had to deal with
adversity in factories/hotels
closing down from time to time. It
happens everywhere. We are not
unique here in St. Kitts-Nevis.
In these challenging economic
times, some may consider that we
have been lucky to have had less
negative economic travail than
other places. But our people have
shown the understanding and the
resilience to weather any storm.
This world-wide recession
thing is said to be the worst since
the great depression. There are
some political smart-men who feel
they can hoodwink our people into
thinking that somehow the Labour
Government in St. Kitts, caused/
created our economic difficulties
all by itself. Why some people
believe that every single issue or
problem should be milked for all it
is worth in a politically partisan
way, beats me.
Why put a political spin or
twist to everything. PAM has so
twisted itself out of shape that you
can't see head from tail, or top from
bottom. Not even Simmonds
seems to be sure who leads.
Leadership calls for qualities and
abilities that seem to be quite
absent in his favourite choice.
They had better set their own
house in order and pick the beam
out of their own eyes first.




On Thursday 26th August
2010 at about 1100 a.m Police
responded to a report of
armed robbery at the St. Kitts
Nevis Anguilla National Bank
LTD, Sandy Point Branch.
It was reported that a
masked person armed with a
gun entered the bank, jumped
over the counter and took a
sum of money from the cash
registers. No one was injured
in the process.
The investigation is in
progress. The Police is
appealing to persons with
information on this crime to
call the Sandy Point Police
Station at 465-6261.Police
Press and Public Relations

Schol,- s a f ti-ng Ibut



The Labour Spokesman



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