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Title: The labour spokesman
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CARICOM Chairman and Jamaica's Prime Minister
Hon. Bruce Golding told reporters after a meeting in St.
George's, Grenada, he hoped the new mechanism would be
approved when the regional leaders meet later this year.
"The concept would be that the ambassadors would be based
in their respective countries, they would head what we have
termed the regional integration unit which is to be established in
a few months," said Golding, who chaired a one-day meeting of

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Be Prepared

tha rilece and butalit)
must be stamperd out.
He told thec media at hiis
mion 11 p re ss

e. We cdnesdal
*(Al~ueust I rth) that
thle proposed
Intrcecption of
Bill \\ill assist la\\
cOnfo~rcementi in
fighting crimE as
enminals are using
cell phone~s. pacel
anid courier
se~n ice~s andi otherr
forms of'
technology! to taker
whlat Is not thcirs
''The\ are
using these to
ii maimi anld kill

wish51 including.
sometimelrs. -the
wrlong per~sonl : to
w~ reak, hlaloC in
hiomies aid
netih Llbo thloods
across thle
Fe~deratlon: the'
use this technology'
to lure i o~ung girls
awa1n froml the ar
classroomss and to
create bedlam in
our hospitalss -
puitting oiur nurise~s
andt o~ur doctors

(cont d on pange3)

~ia urged to help public
nderstand ~nterception of I 'LI~ I ~~I ~ (r
unications Bi~ Il 1~~3~~(1(~I~

St itts and~~ Nev~~is

(CU~OPMI) St K~itts anld Nev~is Pnrim Almlslter Hon Dr. De~nzil
L Douglas has pult crmnalll~ l c'lemnt'ls in thle' COunftr on notice


St. Kiitts andt Nevis Prime Mlinister Hon. Dr. Denizil L.
Douglas at Wednlesdag's Press C'onference


Privacy rights will be

protected, but violence

and brutality must be

stamped out

Caribbean leaders

agree to

establishme nt of

council of

Am bassadors
(CUOPM) St. Kitts and Nevis' Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil
L. Douglas and other Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
leaders have agreed to the establishment of a Council of
Ambassadors as a new mechanism they hope will lead to the
effective implementation of decisions taken in the efforts to
deepen the regional integration movement.

Published bv: The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union
Ag. Managing Editor: Dawud Byron
Masses House, Church Street
P.0 Box 239 Basseterre St. Kitts West Indies
Tel: (1 869) 465-2229 <> Fa: (1 869) 466-9866
Email: sknunion~i)


"'Nada" to contribute

01 Vat BIII debate

Nada. Zero. Nothing. Nought. Zilch. Nil. Zip. All these words
can be used to describe the People's Action Movement (PAM)
and the Concemned Citizens Movement (CCM) contributions to
the recently held debate on the Value Added Tax (VAT) Bill in the
National Assembly after three days of incendiary arguments. The
only thing missing in the exchange on the bill was fisticuffs.
The Bill was eventually passed into law on August 11, 2010.
The opposition members came to Parliament unprepared'
offering no level-headed alternative or sound rationale for opposing
the bill, other than that of playing politics and seeking cheap political
mileage .
Prime Minister Douglas was not short on adjectives when he
described their vacuous arguments as "ridiculous", "absurd" and
Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, Mark Brantley'
even went as far in his absurdity to say that "even the dead will
have to pay VAT".
Maybe Brantley wanted to say that if we don't pay VAT we
are dead. That might have been a more logical statement given
the fact that the Federation is undergoing reforms to stabilize the
local economy. .
Eugene Hamilton, Parliamentary Representative for
Constituency 8, was just as absurd as Brantley when he said that
he recommended a 10 percent VAT rate. Hamilton clearly could
not have been serious.
Anyone with a brain could clearly see that he had no meaningful
or sensible recommendation to make. Hamilton was simply trying
to score cheap political shots and to give the impression that the
PAM was on the side of the poor. But poor people will not be
fooled by his party's desperate attempt to win their confidence
and trust.
PAM Senator, Vincent Byron Jr. spoke passionately about
personal income tax, which the Simmonds-led PAM Administration
abolished when it got into power in 1980. When asked if he would
want to re-introduce personal income tax, he said he didn't say
that, but that he preferred it to the VAT.
In these times of financial stability, the world over, it is no
time for pie-mn-the-sky solutions to complex and challenging realities.
It is the same folly that the PAM brought to the election
campaign earlier this year. .
When many countries in the world were talking about cutting
back on spending and so many people have lost their jobs, the
PAM was proffering a raise mn pay for public and other government
employees; and also zero unemployment. In other words thev
were offering to the people of this country utopia.
Hamilton s recommendation of a 10 percent VAT is svironvinous
with their ludicrous offer during the election campaign to sell land
at 99 cents per square foot.
The people of the Federation rejected the empty promises and
lack of real commitment from the PAM when thev voted the
Labour Government back into power for a historic fourth



The Labour Spokesman


stated Ambassador Wu.
Prime Minister Douglas
thanked the ROC official for
partnering in this venture and
stressed that the slow
processes of past decades are
not in line with the need to
analyze and present optional
routes in a very efficient and
desirable manner. He stressed
that this system is part of a
general civil service upgrade.
"There is the continuing
pension reform initiative
especially to include non-
established working who are
now referred to asGovemnment
auxiliary employees. There is of
course the ... revamping of the
old general orders, replacing
them with the new staff rules
and guidelines that are going to
be critically important as we
make changes to ensure that
we are keeping pace with the
[developments] taking place
around us globally," the Prime
Minister outlined.
HRIS is typically
considered an excellent tool for
career growth and development
of employees.

Bas sete rre, St. Kitts,
August 16, 2010 (SKNIS): The
march towards e-Govemnment
continues in St. Kitts and Nevis
with the recent launch of the
Human Resource Information
System (HRIS).
Prime Minister Honourable
Dr. Denzil Douglas clicked the
login button to officially activate
the system which is an online
solution for data entry, tracking
payroll, benefits administration
and performance record in a
more cost effective manner.
"It's a proud moment for
me," said Honourable Glenn
Phillip, the Minister responsible
for Technology. "The
Government of St. Kitts and
Nevis continues to maintain the
position that Information and
Communication Technologies
(ICTs) do have a role to play in
transforming the internal
operations of the public service,
in addition to providing support
for the repositioning efforts of
our national society."
The comments were made
at a ceremony held at the
National ICT Center to
commemorate the official
launch of the HRIS, which was
designed collaboratively by
local technicians, and their
counterparts from the Republic
of China (Taiwan). Minister
Philhipannounced that workers
at the Human Resource
Department will undergo a
comprehensive training
exercise to manage the new

Resident Ambassador His
Excellency Rong Chuan Wu
was equally pleased with the
system's activation and the
ongoing relationship with the
twin-island Federation.
"In St. Kitts, for the last
three years ... we have
successfully launched and
implemented eight to nine
different systems," the
Taiwanese diplomat remarked,
noting that this was the highest
level of cooperation among
Taiwan's Caribbean allies.
"In fact the HRIS is one of
the most important one s
because as Government
officials we all know very well
it is more difficult to manage
human beings than machines.
That is why we believe that the
HRIS is the locomotive to other
e-Government systems,"

and Nevis is one of the last CARICOM countries
to introduce it.
There is nothing to be feared from the
introduction of the VAT. Its implementation must
not be viewed simply in terms of reducing the public
debt but it must be seen in terms of Govemnment
collecting sufficient revenue to improve the services
that it offers its citizens. In the long run both
Government and people win.
Pnime Minister Douglas pointed out in one of
his press conferences that the VAT was only one
step in an eight-point stabilization plan among
countries of the Organization of Eastem Caribbean
States (OEC S), which included tax reform and
financial reform among others.
Despite the gloom and doom painted by
opposition parties in the Federation, everyone stands
to benefit from the VAT mn the long run.

consecutive time.
On one hand they charge the Labour
Administration with being fiscally reckless, an
administration that has racked up a huge public
debt but on the other hand the promises that
they made during the election gave no
assurance that they were concerned with
reducing the debt.
The PAM highlighted during the 3-day
session in Parliament that the Govemnment had
been grandiose in its spending but never
underlmned the tremendous development that
has taken place in the country in housing,
education, increases in entrepreneurship,
infrastructure development and the advent of
a thriving tourism and services sector since
the closure of the sugar industry in 2005.
The implementation of a VAT is nothing
new in the Canibbean Community and St. Kitts

POEMTHE IABO"R Government La u nches
S POKSNIANHuman Resource

Information System


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 20THI 2010 3




(cont'd from page 1)

- and this the Interception of
Communications Bill most
assuredly will do because under
the terms of this proposed
legislation, it is a High Court
Judge and a High Court Judge,
Only who will decide whether
or not any particular
interception will be allowed,"
said Prime Minister Douglas.
He, however, assured the
public that their democratic
rights and privacy as citizens
will be preserved and
safeguarded in keeping with
the laws and constitution of the

and other medical personnel under undue stress and pressure "
Prime Minister Douglas said.
Dr. Douglas said while his Government will do everything to
protect the privacy rights of every man, woman, and child in this
country, when the proposed Interception of Communications Bill
becomes law, violence and brutality must be stamped out.
W1e will therefore fight fire with fire, and technology with
technology where crime is concerned. But we will do so within
the confines of the laws of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis
subject to the keen review and guidance of our courts," Dr.
Douglas said.
The Prime Minister said his St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Government
cannot and will not sit idly by while the criminals who are few run
rough-shod over the law-abiding many of the country.
"It is the duty of my Govemnment to protect the innocent and
this we shall do. It is also the duty of the Govemnment to ensure
that the rights of this country's citizens and residents are protected

candidate s to replace
CARICOM Secretary General
Edwin Carrington, who
announced his intention to step
down by year end after 18
years in the job.
Mr. Golding said the
committee would be chaired by
Barbados Foreign Minister
Maxine Mc Lean and that he
hopes the committee could
come up with a preliminary
report and a list of candidates
by September when the Heads
gather in New York.
The Jamaica Prime Minister
said he hopes the new
CARICOM Secretary General
would be in place by January

the CARICOM sub-committee
on Governance.
"Some countries already
have it, like St. Vincent and the
Grenadines, other countries
have a unit which is for...the
implementation of the CSME
(CARICOM Single Market
and Economy) obligation.
"The concept is that we
won't have to create new
institutions where these exist
already, what we would need
to do is ensure that they are
calibrated with the new
mandate of the ambassadors,"
Golding said, adding that the
jobs ofthe ambassadors would
be "to follow up, make sure
that domestic action is taken to
give effect to the decisions of
the heads .
The me etin g followed
concerns raised at the Jamaica
meeting of regional leaders in
July that there was a need to
improve the governance of
CARICOM and to advance
plans for the review of the
organisation of the CARICOM
institutions and secretariat.
Prime Minister Golding said
that he hopes that by July 2011,
the Revised Tre aty of
Chaguaramas which
establishes CARICOM would
be further adj usted to recognize
the Council ofAmbassadors as
an independent organ.
He told reporters that in the
interim, the Council of
AmbaS aors cou be set u
The meeting was also

attended by the Prime Ministers
of Dominica, St. Vincent and
the Grenadines and Grenada
and Guyana's President His
Excelelncy Bharrat Jagdeo.
Trinidad and Tobago's
Prime Minister Hon. Kamla
Persad Bissessar, who is a
member of the CARICOM
sub-committee on Govemnance
did not attend the one-day
meeting, since she is on a 10-
day trip to the United States.
Port of Spain was represented
by the Foreign Affairs Minister
Dr. the Hon. Surujrattan
The meeting also agreed to
the establishment of a nine-
member committee to begin the
process of pre-selecting

-- P"
(CUOPM) A call for the St. Kitts and Nevis media to assist in
ensuring that the public understands the Interception of
Communications Bill has come from Prime Minister Hon. Dr.
Denzil L. Douglas.
"The Govemnment will have no power whatsoever to determine
whether a particular message, phone call, parcel, etc. is
intercepted," said Prime Minister Douglas at his monthly Press
Conference on Wednesday.
Dr. Douglas giving the assurance that the rights of the residents
and nationals will be protected when the proposed legislation goes
to the National Assembly for debate, said he was counting on the
media to ensure that the public understands that "even when the
nation's security forces are confident that a crime has been, or is
about to be committed, and even when they are absolutely certain
thatthe interception ofa particular person's communication would
yield powerfill evidence, they would nonetheless, in every single
case, have to seek the permission of a High Court judge before
any interception can go forward.
"And it is that High Court Judge who will always have the
sole and absolute authority to allow or to disallow any such
interception," said Dr. Douglas, who pointed out that the judicial
branch in St. Kitts and Nevis is independent of the executive or
legislative branches of the government.
"And in the proposed Interception of Communications Bill, this
jurisdictional distance and independence will be completely
maintained," said Prime Minister Douglas.
Photo: St. Kitts and Kevis Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas
at his inonthly Press Conference on Wednesday. (Photo by Erasinus

9f 9


Who Departed this life on 8th August, 26004

) L 1Gonte, yet nofo~rgotten,
although we a re part, 8
8 your spiritlives insideuf us
forever in our hearts.

8 8a

Privacy rights will be protected......

Caribbean leaders agree to

establishment of Council of

Am bassa d ors

4 lf, The Labour Spokesman FRIDAYk, AUGUST 20THI 2010


The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Regional Office of the World Health
Organization (WHO), is an international public health agency with over 100 years of
experience in working to improve health and live standards of the countries of the

COUntry Program Specialist

PAHO/WHO is currently seeking three Country Program Specialists to work for the
Eastern Caribbean Countries Representation in different duty stations (Antigua &r Barbuda,
St. Kitts & Nevis, and St. Lucia). The individual will be responsible for providing
technical support and assist with planning, developing and implementing the country
technical cooperation work plan.

The successful candidate will have:

A university degree in any of the health related sciences, public policy or international
health development from a recognized institution. A master's degree in a health related
or social science discipline would be an asset.
Seven years of national experience in a senior management position with increasing
responsibility for design, review, implementation and evaluation of health development
and cooperation projects and familiarity with international cooperation mechanisms at
the national level. Experience in multi-country project management and
implementation would be an asset.
* A very good knowledge English. Knowledge of Spanish would be an asset.

Thtis is a locally recruited post and is only available for citizens of CARICOM. A written
test and/or interview will be held for this position.

PAHO/WHO offers an internationally competitive compensation package, including six
weeks paid vacation, an excellent pension plan, and health insurance. Qualified candidates
are invited to complete a personal history form on line at www~pahlo.ore
(Welcome/Employmlent/International Recruitment), Vacancy No. PAHO/10/FT398 by
27 August 2010.

Diamond Security Services Limited at the CAP Southwell Industrial Site,
Basseterre seeks highly qualified individuals to join our company as Security Officers,
Drivers and Supervisors. Interested persons can apply in person at our Recruitment
Drive on Friday 27 August 2010 between the hours of 1pm-6pm and Saturday 28
August 2010 between the hours of 9am -2pm.
Descri pti on
Conduct unarmed foot and/or vehicle patrol (interior and/or exterior).
Control access and egress. Compose reports. Deter criminal activity and
misconduct. Perform other duties as specified by supervisors.

* Candidates must meet the following basic qualifications for this position:
* Be at least 18 years old
* Be able to work flexible schedules
* Have a high school education
* Not use illegal drugs. You must be able to pass a drug test with negative
results (except when undergoing documented medical treatment).
* Be able to pass an extensive background check, including criminal history,
personal references, employment and education indicated.
* Be able to successfully complete all training required for the position
* Be able to operate radio or telephone equipment and/or console monitors
Demonstrate an ability to interact cordially and communicate with the
CHECKLIST: **Please bring the following information with you.
* Two personal references that have known you for the last 7 years included ing
contact information) and ** Police Record.

week for afresh, fun and fashion-
fonvard take on Caribbean style
and popular culture.

To Magistrate, District "A"
To the Superintendent of Police
We, Delta Petroleum now
residing in #3 Camps
Commercial Development
in the town of Basseterre do
hereby give you notice that it
is our intention to apply in
1st day of October, 2010 to
the District Magistrate at
Basseterre for a Retail
Liquor Licence respect of
our premises in #3 Camps
Commercial, Basseterre.
Dated this
18th day of August, 2010
Signed by: Juan A. Silves

pleased to be associated with an
activity that will empower young
people to recognize their full
creative and artistic abilities
through technology, as well as, to
foster a deeper appreciation for
The spokesperson also added
that many oppo tnties utillu b

the camp as an avenue for
identifying career paths in
journalism, advertising, public
relations and entrepreneurship in
the near future.
This year marks the second
staging of the event that is jointly
hosted by Talents for Christ and
Island Expressions.
Picture: Participants in a
working session at the 2010
Graphi al Arts and animation

KITTS (Wednesday, August
18th, 20 10) -
CaribFashionTV~com, which
launched on Friday, August 6th,
encouraged its readers to live
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Consumers of will
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also music, culture, lifestyle,
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Log on to every

TDC endorses

Graphical Art and

Animation Summer

Ca m
Young persons from across the
Federation have been given yet
another opportunity to sharpen
their creative skills by participating
in the 2010 Graphical Art and
Animation Summer Camp, backed
by the Corporate s pprt of the

The local business house
pledged its commitment to the two
(2) week long workshop, which is
designed to introduce the use of
poetry and graphical software
such as, Adobe PhotoShop CS3,
Adobe Flash, Gimp, and
Blender, while providing an
additional platform for positive
ofAccordlin go representative
Marketing Department, "TDC is

St. Kitts-based Viva New

Media! Limited Launches

Ca ri bFa sh ionTV. co m

the rate of 10%. I wonder how that
leader of PAM arrived as the idea
that a 10% VAT is better for the
overall economic, social and
financial well-being ofthe country
as a whole than a 17% VAT.
Economist Dr. Terry
Sommersall came to St. Kitts from
Barbados inl1980 to advice on the
matter of the abolition of Personal
Income Tax. PAM however
disregarded Dr. Sommersall's
expert advise and went ahead and
abolished Personal Income Tax.
The abolition of Personal
Income Tax was a disaster for the
vast majority of people in this
country, but it was a blessing for
the people who paid the Tax.
The Tek-way-key Minister
went on radio and boasted that the
commercial banks were
overflowing with cash and that
people were better off as was
evidenced by the tremendous
increase in the importation of
The Tek-way-key Minister
forgot to tell the public whether it
was rich people or poor people
who were putting the money in the
banks, and whether it was the poor
landless worker who was
importing the motor-cars.
But the poor Tek-way-key
Minister, who is sometimes
referred to by his very own
colleagues as the "Illiterate
Professor" was soon put to shame
and disgrace as the UNDP/FAO
held a meeting in a certain South-

American country, either Chile or
Peru and issued a report on Socio-
Economic Conditions in the
Caribbean and LatinAmerica.
The section of the Report
dealing with St. Kitts-Nevis
declared that our people were
suffering from high unemployment
and under-employment, low
wages, poor housing conditions,
inadequate housing, poverty,
despair, food insecurity and mal-
nutrition. As a matter of fact, the
Report stated the nutritional status
of the people of St. Kitts-Nevis
was the lowest in the Caribbean
and Latin America save and except
for the people of the republic of
You see that was the awful
situation into which our country
was plunged because the PAM
party refused to follow the expert
advice of Dr. Terry Sommersall.
This time the members of the
CCM/PAM Coalition are plotting
and planning to plunge our
country into an economic and
social doldrum by pushing for the
implementation of a 10% VAT
rather than the 17% VAT
recommended to the Government
by the experts.
We must never forget the
trauma that the country went
through because PAM refused to
follow the expert advice of Dr. Terry
Things are not always what
they seem Skimmed milk very
often masquerades as cream.

The opponents of the VAT
have been screaming that the VAT
is a Regressive Tax. But so is the
current ConsumptionTax which is
in force. So the government is
replacing a Regressive Tax with a
Tax which is less Regressive and
to me that is an improvement.
Seventeen per cent (17%) is much
better for consumers than twenty-
two and a half per cent (22 1/2%).
PAM, as usual, has got its
knickers in a twist. PAM is
comparing apples with oranges.
The VAT is not a tax on income.
The VAT is not an Income Tax. The
current Labour Party Government
is not replacing a Progressive
Income Tax with a Regressive
Income Tax as PAM did inl1980.
I would like the PAMites to
explain what sort of tax is Wheel
Tax or the payment for a Dniver s
Licence. Are they Progressive
taxes or Regressive Taxes? Does
every national of St. Kitts-Nevis
pay the same amount to obtain a
PAM abolished Personal
Income Tax in 1980 and replaced
that Tax with a new and novel fonn
of Personal Income Tax which the
party called a Social Services Levy.
The Social
Services Levy
was a direct tax
on Income. Now
how many
months notice
did PAM give to
the public that a
Social ServiceS
Levy would be
introduced? NVC20/
The members
of the opposition
Coalition are in
st r on g
opposition to the
VAT ad areThe Property de!
using every aucti
possible te dy
argument to The successful b
bid and the balar
prevent the
implementation Posse~ssonof tht
the said property
of the Tax. One
such argument iS The Purchaser w
Certificate of Title
that November 1,
2010 is too soon oni property wil
to implement the
VAT. Even if the
VAT were to be ALL THAT Iot p
the Island of N
implemented on Shaws Estate,
November 1, the SOUTH-EA~
Foot Road, 19:
2012, those described in a Ce
o p po ne ntS Fol"o 277 of the
in the Parish of S
would still say
that the time iS
too short.
One of the
leaders of PAM
declared that the
VAT should be
implemented at

The debate so far in the National
Assembly on the VAT has opened
the eyes of all right-thinking
persons. The debate so far has
exposed PAM, the Democrat
newspaper and the members of the
CCM/PAM Coalition for what they
really are, that is purveyors of lies,
half-truths, mischief, false
allegations and baseless
Our deepest gratitude is owed
to all the members on the
Government side for the National
Assembly, especially the Hon.
Prime Minister and the Hon.
Marcella Liburd, for debunking the
multitude of false premises,
exaggerated claims and the
unrealistic conclusions of the
opponents of the VAT.
Even before the relevant
information concerning the VAT
was disseminated by the
Government, the opponents of the
VAT had already launched their
attacks against the Tax. The
question is, how honest and
sensible individuals could discuss
a matter properly in the absence of
full and relevant information. You
see the members of the CCM/PAM
Coalition had taken a decision long
before the Government had had a
chance to inform, enlighten or
educate the public that Coalition
did not want any VAT.
The members of the CCM/PAM
Coalition did not even wait to find
out exactly what the VAT was all
about. The members of the
Coalition took to the air-waves to
criticise and condemn the VAT.
They fed the public a steady diet
of lies, half-truths, mis-perceptions
and exaggerated claims.
The CCM/PAM Coalition
never did explain to the public the
international or multi-national
circumstances that gave rise to the
introduction of the VAT in
neighboring CARICOM and
OECS Countries. The opponents of
the VAT simply stated that the
Government wanted to introduce
the VAT in order to solve the huge
National Debt problem.
But that was so silly and so
childish for government had other
options. Government could have
selected one Tax or a combination
of Taxes to solve the National Debt
problem if that was the real or sole
The opponents of the VAT
were belatedly surprised by the fact
that the VAT was already in
operation in other CARIOCM and
OECS Countries. When the
opponents of VAT caught
themselves they rushed around
telling the public that the rate for
the VAT in St. Kitts-Nevis would
be the highest in the region. They
were not decent and honest

enough to tell people that those
countries with lower rate of VAT
have Personal Income Tax and St.
Kitts-Nevis does not.
Insofar as the movement of
prices is concerned, the
government has stated that the
introduction of the VAT will make
some prices go up while others
will go down and some prices will
remain the same. The net result
would be that the general level of
the prices for consumer goods
would go down.
The opponents of the VAT
have said that all prices will go up
and consequently, the cost of
living will rise. So far the
opponents of the VAT have not
produced any convincing
evidence in support of their
argument. All that they have done
is pointed to a few selected items,
the prices of which will increase,
while disregarding a much larger
number of basic consumer items,
the process of which will
Opponents of the VAT have
simply not done their homework
properly. They have not done the
Math. Any argument against the
VAT must be based upon statistics
and economics and not on shallow
partisan politics or on what
happened in Grenada or Trinidad
and Tobago.
It is obvious that PAM and the
Democrat newspaper are
opposing the VAT simply because
they are committed to opposing
every policy, programme or
proj ect put forward by the Labour
Party Government. We must
remember that PAM opposed our
move to Associate Statehood as
well as our move to Independence.
And in between, PAM opposed
the introduction of the Social
Security Scheme.
Not every increase in price will
affect our Cost Of Living. Itis only
increases in the prices of
common, basic, everyday
consumer items. Increases in the
prices of goods and services that
are purchased occasionally or
rarely or only once or twice in a
lifetime would not necessarily
affect our Cos Of Living.
And increases in the prices of
common, basic, everyday
consumer items, must be off-set
against decrease in the prices of
other common, basic, everyday
consumer items.
If the VAT causes an increase
in the fees paid to a lawyer that
will not cause an increase in my
Cost Of Living for the simple
reason that I do not have to pay
such fees once a week or once a
month regularly.

t i

A. D. 2010



scribed below will be offered for sale by The Registrar of the Supreme Court by public
court House, -Prince William Street, Charlestown, in the Island of Nevis, on Thursday
of 2010 atdfo'clock in the forenoon,
idder will be required to pay at the time of sale a deposit of one fourth of his accepted
nce within one month from the day of sale.
e property will be given to the purchaser on payment of the deposit. Any taxes due on
Must be paid by the Purchaser.

ill, after payment in full of the purchase price, obtain from the High Court of Justice, a
e to the property.
be available for inspection prior to the date of sale by appointment with the Registrar

,iece or parcel of land situate at Shaws Estate in the Parish of St. James in
levis bounded and measuring as follows:- On the NORTH-WEST by lands of
256.60 feet; On the NORTH-EAST by lands of Shaws Estate, 197.15 feet; On
ST by lands of Nisbett Estate, 157.40 feet; and On the SOUTH-WEST by a 20
3.84 feet and containing by admeasurement 1.13 acmes, all as the same is
rItificate of Title dated the 24m day of September 1993 and registered in Book 31
SRegister of Titles of the Nevis Circuit in favour of DUDLEY HARRIS of Combermere
t. James in the Island of Nevis as registered proprietor thereof.
The Upset price for the above land shall be EC$148,000.00
Dated the-~ ayof 2010

Registrar of the Supreme Court

The Labour Spokesman



Un ava ila ble

Un ava ila ble

Un ava ila ble

Un ava ila ble

Un ava ila ble

Do ur

bn ing


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The Labour Spokesman


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phone :

center adagio. Participants are sure
to develop a strong sense of
phrasing and an awareness of
ballet as a vital foundation for all
forms of dance by the end of each

Interested persons may still
join in on this artistic educational
opportunity by registering for the
week 2 sessions in the genres of
Modern, Modern-Jazz and
Aerobics' Training. This session
will focus on the development of
core strength, alignment, and
artistic expression. Material willbe
drawn from a diverse movement
vocabulary to stimulate and

(cont' d on page 17)

Ms. Greene during a
performance with the Children's
Dance Theater

The Labour Spokesman


As oci herojec Cmunmn

Caribbean Healthy Lifestyles
The YES Programme
hospitality class is under instructor
Dominic Steven, who told the
gathering that since the class got
involved with the A Ganar
programme, he had seem a great
improvement in the area of team
building, conflict resolution, and
had tremendously boosted their
confidence. Steven is assisted by
Jasmine Lake-Isaac.
Short speeches were delivered
by YES Programme students
Karando Otto (who was the overall
in charge of the luncheon) and
Kahilia Challenger (who was the
supervisor of the students), and
captain of the U17 football team
Clyde Mitcham. Present were
Esinton Watts, the U17 team
manager and Alexis Richards, the
assistant coach, and Leroy
Hodge, a member of the SKNFA.


YES Prog ramme

trainees host Sugar

Boy z' U l7 her oe s
BASSETERRE ST. KITTS (August 16, 2010) When the Youth
Empowerment through Skills (YES) Programme and the St. Kitts-Nevis
Football Association (SKNFA) collaborated with A Ganar Alliance
Initiative in hosting a luncheon at Football House on Friday August 13,
the two succeed in killing three birds with one stone.
According to Leslie Connor, manager at the YES Programme
secretariat, the luncheon which was prepared and laid out by the Keys
Community Centre-based hotels trade class students, was being used
as a platform to assess the trainees for the customer service aspect of
their training. Luncheon guests were members of the successful St. Kitts-
Nevis Male U17 football team.
"When I see what they (students) are accomplishing, it gives me a
sense of feeling that all is not lost when it comes to young people," said
Connor. "Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas, when he started the YES
Programme, had seen the light in which he could showcase and make
sure that young people realise that there is a space for them in every part
of their lives."
SKNFA's coordinator, Troy 'Bif' Mills, said that his organisation is
an implementing agency of the A Ganar Alliance Initiative and through
it, members of the U17 team who had been exposed to table etiquette
were also being assessed on their behaviour. In addition to the two
aspects of assessing both the sides, the luncheon had also been held as
a way to thank the footballers.
"The U17 will be journeying to Trinidad and Tobago on Monday
(August 16) to represent the Federation in the U17 FIFA World Cup
qualifiers and they are being exposed to situations like this and we
needed to have an appreciation with the training we have done, where
they are standing and I am pleased to say from what I have seen, they
have done a wonderful job," commented Mills.
The SKNFA's coordinator added that the luncheon "was also a means
of saying thanks and congratulations to them for winning the first leg in
Antigua where they emerged the champions for the zone. Both parties
(YES Programme trainees and the U17 footballers) would have passed
with tremendous colours. We want them not to just maintain that standard,
but maintain on it."
Attending the luncheon was Elneth Harvey, the A Ganar country
coordinator, who said that hers is a programme that has been piloted in
Latin America and the Caribbean, whose major objective is to provide
young people particularly at-risk youths with employable skills,
recognizing that unemployment among youth are a major problem in

YES Programme trainee Karando Otto who was the overall in
charge of the luncheon shares a light moment with from right, Elneth
Harvey, the A Ganar programme country coordinator and Leslie
Connor YES Programme Secretariat Manager. On the left is Cynthia

Latin America and the Caribbean.
"So far in the Caribbean we have Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St.
Vincent and the Grenadines, and St. Kitts and Nevis," observed Harvey.
"We have here in St. Kitts three implementing organizations, the Football

_j~-_r -- ----y

Taking lunch orders from members of the successful St. Kitts-Nevis
Male Ul 7 team.

Lunch is served.

2 0

Su mmer

Se ns ation

Da nce

COnti nues! j

As promised dancers are
receiving a thrilling, engaging,
muscle-working, memorable time!
The 2010 Summer Sensation
Dance Workshop, which ranges
from beginners to intermediate and
pre-advanced-level dance
participants and emerging
choreographers, is being hailed as
an ideal training endeavor in the
arts by the participants. The 3
week session is being led by Ms.
Stacey Greene, a performer and
choreographer who started her
dance career at the age of 17 with
the CFBC Dance Ensemble. She
later joined the Vivace Dance
Company and has been training in
the United States in New Jersey
and Philadelphia PA areas in
Ballet, Modern-Jazz, Hip-Hop and
Gymnastics. In continuing in her
growth she has tutored both at the
Fireflies Dance School and the
Vivace Teen Academy and has
been a guest tutor at the Children's
Dance Theatre. Her dance career
so far has led her to appear in
several memo rab le dance
performances such as the
renowned Ballet piece called "Don
Quixote" under the tutelage of
Graham Lustig, artistic director of
Princeton Ballet School, New
Week 1 kicked off on the 16th
of August in the dance genre of
Ballet. Emphasis has been placed
on correct alignment and
movement dynamics as the class
is covering a wide range of ballet
vocabulary, from the barre to

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 20THI 2010 Jll~lI13,13

p) /
IR 11


In spite of the economic prosperity that so malw enjoy and the fact
that warfare has been restricted to certain trouble spots instead of raging
universally, people are generally dissatisfied. Discontent has become a
characteristic of our society.
One person is j ealous of his/her neighbour who could afford another
new vehicle and he/she can t. Another person is frustrated because his/
her career is not progressing as had been envisaged. Yet another person
finds his obligation to his family becoming a burden, hence he would set
out to pursue pastime that interest him more.
In whatever form discontent may express itself, the cause is always
the same. A comparison with others leads more often than not to the
conclusion that they own more or enjoy greater social prestige. Thus
people lose their scale of values, the way is therefore open for emvy and
dissatisfaction, thus life becomes onerous.
It is said that the secret of contentment is knowing how to enjoy
what you have, and to be able to lose all desire for things beyond your
Emvy is one of the great enemies of inner peace. It steals contentment
from the heart, plus other invasions. In fact, it is said that the five great
enemies to peace inhabit within us: avarice, ambition, emvy, anger and
pride. If those enemies were to be banished, we should infallibly enjoy
perpetual peace.

Since discontent breeds emvy for the most part, every attempt should
be made to guard against such an insidious enemy. But what is emvy?
Emvy is the desire to equal another in achievement or excellence or
possession. Ancient folks referred to it as a malignant or hostile feeling.
Augustine lists it among "the passions that rage like tyrants and
throw into confusion the whole soul". He went on to describe such a
soul as having an eagernesss to win what was not possessed to the
extent that whenever he tumns, avarice can confine him, self-indulgence
dissipate him, ambition master him, pride puff him up, emvy torture him
and sloth anesthetize him. How terrible!i "A sound heart is the life of the
flesh but emvy the rottenness of the bones" (Prov 14:30).
The reality of truth refuses to let us push emvy aside. The fact is we
won't be able to have our own, or enjoy most of the things we see and
hear others enjoying. What is worse is that instead of our being happy
for the other person whom God has blessed, we become suspicious
even resentful, maybe downright angry.
It is about time we expose our inner struggle with emvy to the Great
Plwsician of our soul- God. Like revenge emvy is another tumour we
dare not ignore. Let us therefore invite the Plwsician's scalpel and allow

Ad vertise with us


Vacancy for

Sales Manager and

Operations Manager

~At J. Thakurani L~td

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Colors -- Duty Free JewellerS
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Him to excise it. If ignored, emvy
can become a terminal illness of
the soul. Envy desires not so
much of its own happiness as
another's misery.


proT well-know~n1 rable o0f th
fundamental point worth
considering. Note these words:
"When he had spent all, there
arose a mighty famine in that land
... and no man gave to him" (Luke
15: 14-16).
If we apply it to our own day,
we might say that he was a young
man with enough means at his
disposal, but sadly squandered it.
The words "and no man gave to
him" express his loneliness and
despair. He was ruined in body and
soul: that was all he had achieved.

How often has this experience
been repeated? It is on record that
the famous film starRita Hayworth
now deceased was quoted in a
newspaper as saying "When I was
young and beautiful, I was a
goddess, a queen. Now I am old
and ugly, they have discarded me
like specrr nof paper .he The
once the queen of Hollywood.
Now she roams through the front
garden of her furnished flat.
curses the trees and talks to the
shrubs as though they were
Whoever imagines that the
fulfilment of all one's earthly
wishes brings happiness, the
deepest and final satisfaction of
the human heart, is making a big
The biblical account of the
prodigal son teaches us the
opposite to the mistaken belief that

"things, money, and pleasures
satisfy". The young man did not
leamnwhat happiness was until he
returned home. We can only find
true peace by returning to our
creator and finding forgiveness,
peace and joy in the arms of God,
our Father, whose heart yearns to
wele eeissa stanza from one of

my favourite lwmns: "It pays to
serve Jesus, I speak from my heart,
He will always be with us, if we do
our part. There is naught in this
wide world can pleasure afford.
There s pace and contentment in
serving the Lord"
How rich is the blessing the
world cannot give. I'm satisfied
fully for Jesus to live. "Though
friends may forsake me and trials
arise. I mtrusting in Jesus, His love
never dies." Yes readers,
contentment is only assured in
Christ and eternal values.

islands in the Caribbean lands
against any weather systems that
are forming in the atmosphere, we
speak to the wind, the waves and
the floods to be still and to line up
with the word of God.
Father God, we come against
any form of destruction,
incidents, accidents or any loss of
life or property to your people.
Father God, now is the time for us
to put away our religious and
political differences and come
together to pray as a people and
Father God, when we get to
heaven you would not asked us
what church we used to attend or
what political party we used to
support or what our standing is in
our society with all our titles.
These cannot save us but you
would say to those who are
faithful, follow your Holy Bible
and those having a genuine
relationship with you, "Well done
my true and faithful servant."
Father God, we thank you in
advance for protecting and
covering us under your precious
blood. We thank you for providing
and opening up doors for your
people today, many seeds have
being sown and a great harvest
awaits them.
Father God, let Faith arise like
never before and give them a spirit
of expecting great and wonderful
things to happen in that situation
at hand right now.
I rejoice with them because the
change is definitely on its way for
your honour and glory.
Thank you for saving those
who are lost and do not know you
as LORD and Saviour. There is
power in prayer! Know that your
miracle is here to stay and great
things would happen for you this
coming week in the name of Jesus
Christ Amen!!i

Have Far th

Written by Floy Hensley

Faith: "Faith is the evidence of things
HOf Seen Hebre ws 11:1

It's another weekend and God has brought us thus far in spite of the
many challenges that we have faced and the situations that are at hand
and seem like there is no end at all. To my dear readers throughout the
length andbreadth of St Kitts and Nevis, the Caribbean isles, international
circles and those of you connected to Wide World Web.
It'sjust simple word of encouragement that comes your way weekly
to encourage you not to give up but to continue to have faith and trust
in the Almighty God. He told us in Psalms 55:22, to cast tly burden upon
the LORD and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous
to be moved. It's all about having a real relationship with God because
man looks at the outside appearance but God looks at the heart. When a
man's ways pleases the Lord, He maketh eren his enemies to be at peace
with him.Proverbs 16:7.
We cannot afford to live our life how we please and think that God is
not watching our every move because the eyes of the LORD are in every
place, beholding the evil and good, Proverbs 15:3.
When you are blessed and walking in the favour of God, you can
truly say that. The blessings of the LORD, it maketh rich, and He addeth
no sorrow with it, Proverbs 10:22. We have to guide our heart and what
comes out of it; Keep tly heart with all diligence; for out of it are the
issues of life, Proverbs 4:23.
We really need to let a lot of all the cares of life go and cast them at
the feet of Jesus Christ and see Him tumn things around for us for the
God has given us the Holy Bible as our manual guide to every day
living, everything in life is written clearly in the books of the Old and
New Testament in the many chapters and verses. You need to read the
Bible to help you with the answer for your marital problems, children,
order and discipline in the church and work place, respecting those in
authority, judging others, obeying your parents, health issues, walking
by faith, health issues and the many miracles of Jesus Christ.
Some may say that miracles are not for today but we serve the same
God of yesterday, today and of the future. In Africa today many persons
are being raised from the death.
Is it because they have more faith than us or they pray more? We
serve the same God and that's wky we have to take our "Faith" to
another level of believing and trusting in the true and living God.
Our heavenly Father said to us: If my people, which are called by my
name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and tum
from their wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive
their sin, and will heal their land, 2nd Chronicles 7: 14.
This is the perfect remedy God has given us in His word as to what
to do to get our prayers answered. We have to really pray in our islands
more than ever especially as we are in the hurricane season because we
know what happen during theses time and floods and all that.
We have the power of prayer then we must come together in unity to
prevent any weather patterns from coming to our shores.
Father God, as we come to you today as one voice lifting up our

14 IJtrrThe Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 20THI 2010

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The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 20THI 2010 15

- PrTE 11

Dear respected reader, some of the contents of my article
might disturb you, because you are accustomed to the teachings
of traditional Christianity. My mission is not in finding disfavour
with you, but to try and broaden your vision, perhaps in some of
the questions you have been secretly asking yourself, for man is
always asking questions. Sometimes there are more questions
than answers.
In your disagreements of some of the things I mention, still
read on. Don't condemn the article in its entirety. Prove me wrong
before you condemn me or the article. The Holy Bible is the
mouthpiece of the Christian religion, but, even though it was
written by inspired men, there are many contradictions therein.
This does not mean that it does not contain guideline for a disciplined
and respectful and rewarding life. It is a useful tool in which to
raise our children.
You see, dear reader, God, in creating man, presented him
with a mind, so that he can ask questions and unravel a number of
life's mysteries. Some of the questions man has been asking are
'1What happens to man when he departs this life? Is the grave the
end of everything? If the soul of man never dies, when man dies,
where does the soul journey to? Is there a physical world and a
spiritual world? Does a man only live one life? What happens to a
little child who died in 1838? Is that the end of that child? Where



Minimum 3 Year experience in store Management
Diploma in Accounts
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Job Advertisement
Position: Personal Trainer (Full Time/Experienced &
Summary: Conduct fitness orientations, fitness assessments,
plan and implement personal training sessions
(individual, semi-private and group), conduct
aerobic and specialty classes (Pilates, Yoga etc.)
Duties: Call for specifies
Required: Minimum two years education in exercise
science or related field or two years' experience
in similar position; Internationally recognized
personal training certification; Current CPR and
First Aid certifications
Physical: Able to physically demonstrate proper usage of
equipment and form for exercises. Must be able
to lead classes ranging from moderate to intense
exertion levels
Hours: Changing shifts from 5:00 am to 8:30 pm
Remuneration: Commensurate with experience

The prison population in
America is more than the
population of all the Caricom
Countries and you can include
Cuba and Santo Domingo.
Teachers and school mates
are shot down by undisciplined
students. We have a culture of
disciplining our children, but we
E are giving our culture away to
Sa culture that was always based
or the on violence and mndisciphine.
early, Our culture says Adam and Eve
self to their culture says Adam and
dies for Steve Eve and Adina. Can
o bed, Adam and Steve, Eve and
tave a Adina multiply and replenish the
arrive e arth? A diffe rent culture
so that imposed upon us by 21st
o settle Century Lucifers who cannot
time create havoc in heaven but are
doing so on planet earth. Where
kely to are the voices of the churches?
ill say Those who are in authority to
;udent. pass laws in our land today,
planet reached where they are
n s because of the culture of
schools discipline handed down by our
fore-parents .
oman Looking at today's world with
just uprovercrow eldprsisons file
ntelare grateful to their parents for
bingin themup the wa thatathey

s them have the gang culture in our midst?
walkingg Is it any wonder then that our
Swear young men are behaving like
de and packs of wild dogs, tearing up and
;o their devouring each other up? We, by
boots adopting a foreign and alien
culture have allowed the rawness
s itd and the wildness of our youths to
Ster over-shadow the goodness and
d their the goodness in them.
Man is destined to acquire
certain wisdom, to search for it, to discover
certainn it: study to show thyself
t by a approved. Man needs to study his
on the role mnlife. Why did he come here?
n time. What is his purpose in being here?
Y, they Do I just come and go? Am I here
to make planet earth a place where
e at a
all mankind can live in peace with
oo t each other despite our political and
young economic differences?
we say Can I love my fellow man just
l1 must as much as I love my God who
line is dwelleth in me? Is my reason here
o bring on earth, to destroy it with bombs
en and so that my colleagues and I could
cursed amass huge fortunes through the
: killing and maiming of innocent
civilians and persons who could
have been my brother and sister if
we were living mnpeace, harmony
ut they and respect for human rights and
we are human dignity?
Ine on When willlIbe able to still that
poilt at raging within me to the point
he rod. where my God, in whose image I
ca has was made can speak to me and
:a that direct me into the paths of
when righteousness? Why am I living
hl o in fear? Why can't I see the God-
ness in all of my fellow men? Why?
reteWhy? Why? Iam raw and wild and
me rate undisciplined. There are more
called questions than answers. I wish I
wYorld? could answer!

is the soul of that child from
1838 to the present time?
We look at a ship sailing the
seas. That ship disappears
beyond the horizon. Does the
ship cease sailing because it is
out of our sight or does it
continue its journey? When
man dies, does he transit from
the physical world to the
spiritual world? If the soul of
man never dies, and, if weend
our prayers in church '1World
without end, Amen", where
does the soul of man reside until,
as the Bible says "The day of
If we end our prayers:
"World without end, then,
where is eternity? When is
Isn't it easier to believe in
living many lives, redeeming
one's self with every new
reincarnation, climbing the
planes in the spiritual world until
we are near to the Creator?
That child who was bomn in
1835, must he only 11ve for two
ears? Mstn' nheo e f ve

Those of us who have lived
miserable lives on earth, does
a loving, caring, compassionate
God just put an end to us with
that one life? What of the
parable of the Prodigal Son
which demonstrates the
Father's heavenly love for
those of us who have strayed?
Have any of us travelled abroad
and come into contact with
places we are very sure we are
acquainted with? Have we ever
seen a total stranger and swear
that we know that person and
have met them before?
Man can only answer these
questions when he is disciplined
at an early age. When his
powers are harnessed at an
early age; when the rage, the
hatred, the wild rawness in him
is tempered at an early age.
When man can tame his
wandering mind to the point
where he can think about or
focus on one thing at a time.
When man can find that inner
peace within him, man would
be able to listen and be directed
by the Heavenly Kingdom
which resides within him.
We are hurting our children
when we deny them the
chance to be disciplined at
home and at school. Which
child is more likely to pass their
exams? One who parties every
night without studying, goes to
bed late, wakes up late, takes a
shower and rushes out of the


house to sit his exams
child who goes to bed
disciplines him or her
wake up atmidnight, stuck
four hours, returns te
wakes up, relaxes, h
shower, eats breakfast,
early at the exam room
he can have some time te
down, before exam
Which one is more lil
pass? Of course, we w
the most disciplined st
Our whole existence on
earth is based on discipli
why abolish it from the s
and the home?
A young man or wn
joins the Army, do they
and give them a gun a
the to an dfigt hwa

disciplines them: teacher
to obey orders without t
back: teaches them to
their uniform with price
dignity. Shirts tucked int
trousers, their shoes or
well polished. Their cap
properly on their heads
hair well cut and groomer
faces shaved.
They go to sleep at a
time, they arise at a c
time, they have to ea
certain time and be (
parade square at a certain
When they go on liberty:
have to return to bas
certain time or else? L
what we are doing to
men and women whom
the home and the school
not discipline? Discip
discipline. We are trying t
discipline to young m~
women, who could have
their parents, showed
respect for the el
disrespected and used
words to their teachers, b
now join the Army and
implementing discipli
those we caused to be sy
any early age by sparing t
Somebody in Ameri
come up with the ide
children prosper better
you do not speak hars
them or when you spa
rod. But look at the crin
in America, the so-e
richest country in the 7


Fitness Plus,
PO Box 208, Basseterre, St. Kitts
(869) 466-5005

16 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 20THI 2010

(August 19, 2010) Minister of
Social Development in the Nevis
Island Administration [NIA], the
Honourable Hensley Daniel issued
a challenge to residents of Bamnes
Ghaut to be positive role models
for persons living in other
This came at the Aug. 18 on
site launch of the Bamnes Ghaut
Adult Educational Centre.
"The centre must become a
focal point in the community.
People must come here for
programmes which reinforce the
values of hard work, discipline
patriotism, decency and good
manners," Minister Daniel said.
The minister's remarks also
highlighted the NIA's commitment
to serving the people of Nevis.
"The construction of the
community centre represents an
approach to governance which
seeks to invigorate the
communities and provide lasting
benefits for the people.
"The NRP locomotive will
continue to roar through the
community with community
centres in Jessups, Charlestown,
Cotton Ground, Fountain and
Camps in a very short time,"
Minister Daniel said.
Funding for the project comes
from the Caribbean Development
Bank, the Canadian Intemnational
Development Agency and the
government of St. Kitts-Nevis
through the Basic Needs Trust

hMinister ofSocial Development
in the Nevis Island
4dininistration Hon. Hensley

Fund (BNTF) fifth programme.
The Barnes Ghaut Adult
Educational Centre will house two
classrooms, two restrooms, a
computer lab, an elderly room, a
library, a kitchen, a storage area
and an office.
According to Project Manager,
Mvrthlyn Parry of BNTF, the
centre will be used to enhance
computer skills, offer career and
work preparation classes as well
as classes in education,
mathematics, English, accounting
and trade skills such as baking,
serving and arts and crafts.
The project is expected to last
five months and is contracted to
Curtis Liburd of Beyond Homes.
The village of Bamnes Ghaut
will be the first in the St. Thomas
parish to receive a community

~ ,... -4

(L-R) Minister of agriculture on Nevis Hon. Robelto Hector (middle) witnesses the signing of the minutes
of consultations held during the preparatory surlyvfor the Fisheries Centre Project in C 1,,1, i.. rn I by
Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of agriculture and Marine Resources Dr. Herinina Morton
4nthony (left) and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of agriculture on Nevis Dr: Kelvin Daly

Project in Charlestown, as an medication of the commitment and
deepening relationship between the Federal Government and by
extension the Nevis Island Administration and the Government of
Mr. Hector's comment came on Thursday at a small but significant
signing ceremony betiveen the Japan Intemnational Corporation Agency
(JICA), the Federal Government and by extension the NIA, at the Ministry
of Agriculture's Conference Room at Prospect. The event signalled the
conclusion of Phase II of the project.
The Minister noted that the time was ripe for a revitalised fishing
industry on Nevis. He said the facility would upgrade the industry and
pave the way for a better life for the island's Fishers.
"If there is ever a time that the industry needs new blood and
invigoration it is now and I think this project is taking us in that direction.
It is an opportunity for our fishermen to enjoy a higher standard of
living. It is an opportunity for our fishermen to be successful in achieving
what I rvould call that primary goal of helping to feed the nation.
"It is a time for us, in terms of our value added products, in terms of
our nutrition, to recognize that there is a place where our fishermen can
elevate too," he said.
Mr. Hector used the opportunity to thank the visiting team and said
he was hopeful that the project would be moved to another stage closer
to the completion of the fisheries centre.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Kelvin Daly
explained that the signing signalled the completion of phase II of the
baseline survey and the articles of understanding between the NIA, the
Federal Govemnment and donor country Japan
W11.1 no i have signed this morning is just articles to indicate there
is a level of understanding between the donors and the benefactors. It is
in no way a done deal, we are hoping it is in the future but in this
document it indicates the terms of which we are going to be operating
and to get this proj ect moving forward. So I am very happy at this point
that we have reached this far and with phase II being completed, now we
are simply waiting for Phase III to be enacted by the Japanese Cabinet,"
he said.
Meantime, Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of
Agriculture, Marine Resources and Constituency Empowerment Dr.
Hermina Morton Anthony, described the ceremony as a significant step.
"Today's signing represents a very significant step towards the
establishment of a fisheries centre in Charlestown, Nevis. It is going to
be a very significant achievement for the Fishers and the Nevis Island
Administration as well as for the people of Nevis.
"As we have indicated before, this Fisheries Centre as it is named
indicates that it is time for the Nevisian fishermen to step up in what we
would want to see as increased fisheries development with respect to
the safety of fish, the processing of fish as well as an improvement in an

all round presentation of fisheries
in Nevis," she said.
Dr. Anthony also said she was
hopeful that the Govemnment of
Japan would approve the work
that had been completed and at the
next meeting, drawings for the
proposed development could be
Senior Advisor Fisheries
Development Japan Intemnational
Corporation Agency Mr. Shunji
Sugiyama during brief remarks
said JICA believed that the project,
if completed, would provide a
good opportunity for the fishers
of Nevis to improve their fishing
operations in one sport.
"They can get their fuel, they
can have their engines and boats
maintained and they can handle
the fish in more hygienic and safe
conditions and also consumers
can have a high quality fish from
the centre.
"So in this way \ve believe this
project will serve for the better
utilisation and management of
fisheries resources in this country
and on behalf of JICA we would
like to express or sincere gratitude
to the St. Kitts and Nevis
government for supporting the
study of this mission. We believe
that with this project we can
enhance the relationship between
the two countries further in the
future," he said.
Mr. Shunji Sugiyama and his
team which comprised of
consultants from ECHO and JICA
representatives based in
neighboring Haiti and the
Dominican Republic consulted
'vith Fishers during their mission
on Nevis.

Residents of Barnes Ghaut

Barnes Ghaut 4dult Educational Centre under construction

Cha rlestownn Fisheries Centre

project draws closer to realisation
(cont'd from page 10)

Barnes Ghaut First to

Receive Community Centre

in St. Thomas Parish




Da nce

COnti nues!!

(cont' d from page 12)

develop the dancer s technique
and imagination. This week will be
conducted from August 23rd to
27th and will see beginners 4:30 to
6:30pm and Intermediate to Pre-
Advance Dancers 7:00 to 9:00pm.
The final week which begins
on September 30th will see
participants engaging in Basic
Gy mnastics Training and
Cheerleading. In this week

The Labour Spokesman


players make themselves available
for selection "in accordance with
normal WICB requirements."
Consequently the Caribbean
cricketing public was able to see
the players who had been on strike
- Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo,
Shivnarine Chanderpaul,
Ramnaresh Sarwan, Denesh
Ramdin, Jerome Taylor and
Sulieman Benn- back in action in
the regional one-day tournament
which preceded the Champions
Leagues. The recommendations
also required the WICB and WIPA
to resolve issues relative to image
rights and fees for the one-dayers
against India earlier that year to
facilitate signing retainer contracts
by 01 October 2009.
The WICB strongman Dr.
Julian Hunte, the president of the
WICB, stated his commitment to
restart negotiations with WIPA to
try end the impasse when he said,
"The WICB is anxious to hold an
initial meeting to discuss a
roadmap which fulfills the meaning
and intent of the CARICOM
The Caricom governments
intervention had to intervene
following the failure of the
negotiation between the WICB
and the WIPA under the mediation
of the CARICOM-appointed Sir
The stand-off needed to end
before West Indies' tournament
opener against Pakistan at the
Wanderers Ground on
Wednesday, 23 September 2009.
It was reported that the
International Cricket Council (ICC)
wanted a full-strength team to
replace the make-shift team West
Indies Team in SouthAfrica. Inwas
believed that the ICC worked
assiduously to have the mediation
completed to allow that to happen.
Despite setting an 11 August
deadline for national boards to
nominate their 15-man squads for

Peter Adrien is an author and sports analyst. His latest United
Nation's sponsored book, Sport Tourism, a must-read for policy
makers, tourism investors, hoteliers, academics and students is
now available. Call Peter at 869-6689752, 869-4651603 or email for a copy.
Visit Peter's website

the Champions Trophy, the ICC advised the WICB it would take into
account the exceptional circumstances brought onby the labour dispute
and allow the likes of Chris Gayle, Denesh Ramdin and Shivnarine
Chanderpaul to play at the tournament.
Likewise, its broadcast partner, ESPN STAR Sports, impressed upon
the WICB their desire for a full-strength West Indies team to compete at
the eight-team, two-week tournament. That was then very important for
the tournament organizer, the ICC, as the Champions Trophy had been
criticised in the past for lacking context and prestige in a crowded
international calendar, and the ICC was hopeful the streamlined format -
and the $4 million prize purse would reinvigorate the appetite of both
the players and the public for the tournament and the 50-over game in
The Caribbean people are fed up with the combative behaviour of
the governing bodies at the time cricket is not in very high demand, and
the performance of the team is in fact pushing its patrons out of the
Last year I wrote, "The feeling for the sport lovers in the Caribbean
and the Diaspora is best described as painful. The emotional bruising
that every man, woman and child is experiencing with every body blow
that they get with every loss in the ICC Champions Trophy in South
Africa is simply excruciating."
One experienced but irate Caribbean fanatic said, "There is a body
through which WICB should direct all matters, that is WIPA. Failing to
do so continues to deride the efforts of the players in getting solid
wages and benefits. Stop this going behind the WIPA s back business
and do the right things. ... This shows that the Board has been in total
shambles for a long time, and they keep electing the wrong people to set
it right. I have no faith in them and I know that this perpetuates the
failure of West Indies cricket. It splits nations apart and the combined
team will not perform under derisive management. Anyone who knows
about business will tell you this."
Another angry follower said, "The best solution is for both boards
(he is referring to WICB and WIPA) to be reformed. They clearly don't
get along. They need fresh faces on either side. All these fiascos sound
pretty embarrassing and really can't continue."

What is your frank opinion?

participants will engage in a
combination of high level,
energetic dance skills with basic
tumling skslhs oosehaodw forth
Registration forms may be
collected and returned to the
depe d gsnt oe Cuhsouraa onell a

Due to the high interest
requests and inquires a master
class is now being offered and will
be hosted on Saturday September
28th at 2:30 pm. All sessions are
being held at the Youth and
Community center on Victoria
Road. The general public is also
being invited to come to the center
on Friday 20th and 27th at 5:30 or
8:30 to see the beginners and
Intermediate to Pre-Advanced
sessions respectively in a
showcase displaying a few of the
week's training.

Consul General to St. Kitts and
Nevis, Mr. Brian Keeley.
crThein wIlnd pondteon:

early start with prayer and
worship at the Holy Family

rEppsd peron hucnhday sM 2
faml picnic atSTrodpical Partkh
Se tember.
The St. Kitts and Nevis
Association of Florida, Inc is a
Non Profit Organisation,
founded in 1998, which seeks to
stre then the St. Kitts and
Nev s community in the state of
Florida, establish cooperative
partnerships with other groups
and communities within the state
and further the development and
international awareness of the
two-island Federation through
programs that focus on
healthcare, education, sports
and culture.

which the association and its
members canpositively impact the
lives of others.
Due to the alarming number of
catastrophic natural disasters in
recent months, the organising
committee has been mindful of the
need to recognize and honour the
immeasurable service and sacrifice
made by healthcare workers.
In this regard, the keynote
address is expected to bring
awareness to the importance of
service, and will be delivered by
President and CEO of Baptist
Health South Florida and Honoral)



-SKi titians and evisians ienthe

preparation to celebrate the 27th
Anniversary of the
Independence of the twin-island
The St. Kitts and Nevis
Association of Florida (SNAF)
is finalising plans to host their
12th Annual Independence
Dinner and Ball, on Saturday
18th September.
Under the theme Building
Our Future, Honoring Service
focus will be placed on creating
a framework for continued
success through its
programmes, a platform from

Com ba tive M ood!

F ightingAgain! Pain andlamlentiatini~nthe land! Even inrecession'
we seem to know no peace! Yes, the It seems that we have accustomed
to a conflicting relationship between the West Indies Cricket Board
(WICB) and the West Indies Players Association (WIPA).
On 15 August, 2010, the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) reached a
settlement with its players which ended the impasse between the WICB
and the WIPA over the distribution of the participation fee for the
Champions League Twenty20 and issues concerning the team's image
rights for the tournament.
You would recall that Guyana qualified for the Champions League by
winning the inaugural Caribbean T20. This was immediately followed by
a painful dispute over contract negotiations between the GCB and the
WIPA which raised doubts over their participation in the upcoming
The crisis grew when the GCB secured an injunction against WIPA
from the acting Guyana Chief Justice, barring WIPA from making
alterations to the board's contract with the tournament organizers. The
injunction and the escalating controversy prompted the intervention of
the Guyanese government, leading to a settlement after a meeting between
Chetram Singh, the GCB president, and Ramnaresh Sarwan, the Guyana
What was the bone of contention? The WIPA had objected to the
WICB's decision to keep a third of the participation fee US$500,000 -
claiming that "retaining such a large sum could have a direct negative
impact on Guyanese cricket and its players". It reportedly alleged the
GCB had not responded to its proposal of distributing the remaining
two-thirds. Also, the image rights of the team members were claimed by
the West Indies Players Management Company (WIPMACOL), which
is said to have sought the WIPA s involvement in the GCB's agreement
over the same with the Champions League.
We will have a West Indian representative team in the ICC tournament.
Guyana will be the representative team in the Champions League. Singh
summarised, "We consider this the end of any problem with contracts
and are now focusing on our preparation and training camp for South
Africa. Once there is an agreement, the injunction is not important... that
is of noimportance whatever, Idon't know what the legal term is but we
consider it over.
Did you know that the impasse served as a repeat of a similar
breakdown in negotiations between the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket
Board and WIPA prior to the inaugural Champions League last year in
Do you know that last year around the same time, the two fighting
sporting organizations were fighting each other and threatening the
participation at the Champions League?
On 13 September 2009 the West Indies Players Association (WIPA)
accepted the recommendations made by the Caribbean Community
(CARICOM) to resolve the contracts dispute that had rocked West Indies
cricket and pledged to restart negotiations.
One of the important recommendations was that all West Indies

Natlona Is in Florida prepa re

for Independence 27th

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The Labour Spokesman


West Indies

R und 5-,

Mo t au

Teas BV bos Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex/

Vs Antigua & Barb~uda WamnerPark
Vs Anguilla Conaree Cricket Field

Round 6-August 27th ,2010

"eoniam estTeams Venues
St. Kitts Vs Nevis Wamer Park, St. Kitts
Bermuda Vs Barbados Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex/
Anguilla Vs Antigua &Barbuda Conaree CricketField

Round 7-August 28th, 2010
Bermuda Rest
Teams Teams Venues
Anguilla Vs St. Kitts Wamner Park
Antigua & Barbuda Vs Dominica Conaree Cricket Field
Barbados Vs Nevis Elquemedo WilletPark Nevis

All Countries will rest on 29th August, 2010.

The Government of St.Kitts & Nevis 14th Annual 13 &
Under TDC Ten/Ten Competition

Countries for the ten/ten will be determined by their final placing in the
twenty five overs regular competition with the Champion Country
receiving abye for the semi final.
30th A ut, 2010
Game 1 Second place Country will play seventh place Country
Game 2 Third Place Country will play sixth place Country
Game 3 Fourth Place Country will play fifth place Country

31th August, 2010
Ten/Ten Semi Final
Winner of Game 1 will play winner of game 3
Winner of Game 2 will play the Champion team

1st September, 2010
The Winner from the Semi Finals will play for 1st and 2nd Place, while
the loosers will play for 3 rd and 4th place.
The Official Opening ceremony will take place on the 21st August-
2010 at Wamner Park a 10:30 a.m. All teams will be asked to sing their
countries National Anthem.
The Closing ceremony for the Govemnment of St. Kitts 14thAnnul 13
&U Cricket Toumnament willbe held at Wamner Park on 2nd September
2010atl10:00 a.m.

Fixtures for the 14th

Annual 13 and under

Cricket Tournament

(August 21st September

2nd, 2010)

Round 1 August 21st, 2010
Barbados Rest
Teams Teams Venues
Nevis Vs Antigua & Barb~uda Elquemedo Willet Park-Nevis
Dominica Vs Anguilla Edgar Gilbert, Sporting Complex/
St. Kitts Vs Bermuda Wamner Park, St. Kitts

Round 2 August 22nd, 2010
St. Kitts Rest
Teams Teams Venues
Bermuda Vs Dominica Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex/
Anguilla Vs Nevis Elquemedo Willet Park -Nevis
Antigua &Barbuda Vs Barbados Wamner Park, St. Kitts

Round 3 -August 23rd, 2010
Anguilla Rest
Teams Teams Venues
Antigua & Barbuda Vs Bermuda Edgar Gilbert Sporting
Complex /Molineaux
Barbados Vs St.Kitts Wamner Park, St. K itts
Nevis Vs Dominica Elquemedo Willet Park Nevis

Round 4 -August 24th, 2010
Antigua & Barbuda Rest
Teams Teams Venues
Barbados Vs Anguilla Conaree Cricket Field
Nevis Vs Bermuda Elquemedo Willet Park -Nevis
Dominica Vs St. Kitts WamnerPark


www. freedomskn. com

Cricket Board

Ma ke s


To The




(SKNIS August 17, 2010): The
annual Under-13 Cricket Festival
in St. Kitts and Nevis has received
a financial boost this year from the
West Indies Cricket Board (WICB),
as young cricketers prepare to
compete in the series of matches
starting Friday, August 20.
The Hon. Glenn Phillip,
mnumster responsible for sports, has
conveyed a message of
appreciation to Mr. Emnest Hilaire,
the chief executive officer of the
WICB, for the contribution of
EC$ 15,000 to the Cricket Festival.
Minister Phillip described the
financial and psychological
support as helping to instill, in the
young players, a deeper sense of
pride and commitment to cricket.
Ministry of Sports Permanent
Secretary Lloyd Lazar said the
Under-13 Cricket Festival is the
only one of its kind in the region
and costs in excess of $80,000. He
said the Festival is an investment
in junior cricketers and the
progress and support of West
Indies Cricket.
The regional Under-13 Cricket
Festival has been held annually
over the past 14 years, and is
designed to help improve
standards at the junior level,
provide an early opportunity to
identih em ronng unioe dc iktmr
motivated as they develop in the
sport. The Under-13 Cricket
Festival is endorsed by
CARIiO nandC th~ePre al
contribution to youth sport
Info rmati on from the
Department of Sports, which
organizes the Under-13 Cricket
Festival, indicates seven teams
participating this year. Matches
would be played between teams
from Anguilla, Antigua and
Barbuda, Barbados, Bermuda,
Dominica, Nevis and St. Kitts.
Tournament regulars British Virgin
Islands, Montserrat and Trinidad
and Tobago are unable to
participate this year. Games would
be played at the Elquemedo Willett
Park on Nevis, and the Conaree,
Edgar Gilbert and Wamner Parks on
St. Kitts.

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 20THI 2010 19

is pushing on the Interception of
Communication Bill soon to go
to Parliament here. He asked if
PAM was in power when Noel
Zambo Heath's phone was
unlawfully tapped to get some
evidence to use against him in
the U.S Courts some years ago.
No one got the permission of our
courts here so to do. Yet the
man's privacy was invaded just
so. So what criticism can PAM
really offer to this Bill?
The late Sir Lee Moore
attended a party in the privacy
of the home ofafriend, years ago.
Photos of him were taken at that
party and later placed on lamp-
posts around Basseterre and
others were sent overseas to the
Bahamas and other places by
PAM leaders to discredit and
destroy him. Really want to hear
the Opposition criticisms to the
Bill and the Government's
The VAT law has already
been passed and takes effect from
November this year. We are long
past the political bickering stage
and the PAM spin about how the
National Debt came about. PAM
itself should be making positive
moves about educating the
public about the law. Continuing
the negative criticism makes no
sense People will experience its
day-to-day workings in their
dealings. They will know which
goods and services have gone
up, remained the same, or gone
It is now the law. Not a
political PAM, or Labour thing.
PAM and their Sheriff needto get
real. Even the Chamber has
decided to go on an education
drive to strengthen the
knowledge of its members and
their customers about the VAT. It
must redound to the Chamber's
Get real PAM. You are off
track bad.


The Ministries of
Health in St. Kitts and
Nevis are monitoring
the Dengue Fever
situation in the region.
There is no outbreak in
the Federation at this
time. In view of the
excessive rainfall,
prevention and control
measures must be given
the highest priority.

6 8 '

By: Vigilante
SParty sources have confirmed that over a '/2 milliOn dollars
have been paid out to "silence" members of de Gang of 5, whose
campaign to oust the rejected and embattled PAM leader is growing
by leaps and bounds.
De fly on de wall" and his terrorist gang in de party are saying
they have to shut them up now especially the two ringleaders -
and they have reportedly identified certain elements in the party to
carry out their dirty work.
"De pompous fly on de wall fellow" has become so desperate
that he is sending all sorts of vicious threats to de fellows and was
heard over de weekend repeating one of his earlier threats that when
he done wid de one in East, "neither he wife, nor he children going
want him".
He is so hell-bent on crucifying and destroying poor Glenroy
that he paid thousands of dollars to break down and destroy all the
big billboards displaying his photo as the PAM Candidate for East
Basseterre; and he ordered the loud-mouthed shopkeeper, who
betrayed Michael Powell, to remove all of his photos (posters) from
his shop.
But, dey 5at w\ithl all de threats and big talk from "De fly on de
wall" and his evil gang of conspirators, De Gang of 5 are not letting
up on their campaign to get rid of de Harvard pappy-show and
make sure that he never ever wins a seat in this country.
Dey say even Daddy and his better half agree wid de Gang of
5 that his political career has ended, and they are pleading with de
joker to give up de ghost and return peacefully to a normal life with
his family.
Rumour has it that another "talking cock" showed up outside
his house one evening, and as it crowed aloud, it shouted "you lose,
you lose again". But he didn't pay it any mind, until he went to bed
and was rudely awakened by a bad dream which revealed that he
was going to lose his election petition. Wid dad, dey say, he wake
up with one bawling.
De sleeping M.P from Cayon is having a real hard time trying
to convince people, who saw the photo on U-tube, that he wasn't
sleeping and snoring in Parliament, after exhausting himself the day
before playing politics with the VAT Bill (which he made a total
mess of).
He made a fool of himself on "Inside the News" on Saturday
and one fellow panellist pulled him over the coals for his party'ds
poor performance in the House (on the VAT Debate), saying his
10% was downright ridiculous and they were incompetent as an
alternative party to the Labour Govemnment because they offered
no meaningful suggestions or alternative to the VAT Bill.
He made mention of bringing back Personal Income Tax as an
alternative, and immediately he received several text messages from
the Big Lords in PAM, chastising him and asking him if he damn
One prominent PAM lawyer reminded him that they had to
reprimand the senator severely for saying de same thing in Parliament,
and he had to change he mouth when he went back in de House for
the winding up of the Debate by the Prime Minister.
Dey say Shawn was pulled up by some PAMites for not being
in the House with the Sleeping MP and Juicy Senator at the end of
the Debate. And, he cursed de dickens out of them, saying he tek
orders from de Sheriff, Eugene pushing to be the leader De Sheriff
will be the man in charge of the PAM/CCM coalition partnership
and they went there for one specific purpose to disrupt the
Dey say someone in Nevis asked de Sheriff if the CCM wins
the upcoming local elections there, will the party abolish the VAT.
Dey say he responded by saying that the VAT was very essential at
this time; a CCM Govemnment would need the VAT.
SDe talk making de rounds in Central Basseterre is that the
Juicy PAM candidate has been heckling his friend, Leroy; bragging
that he (Leroy) has his hands full in de East in his bid to become
the next PAM candidate there, but he cool like a fridge, because
his only contender is 1/41b Onion (a feather weight).

By: Sotto Voce
The political climate in St.
Kitts-Nevis is heated up so much
over the past week that I
wondered if perhaps, some of us
forgot that the elections were
held just 7 months ago and is not
due again for 4 V/2 years.
The bombs being thrown and
the heavy ammunition being
used by opposition elements
against the government makes
you wonder what was being
hatched up.
The anti-Dr. Douglas
sentiments and flames that
preceded the January elections
are again being famed by the
PAM brigade and their allies in
the Sheriff, Ask Washie and "the
Nowhere Man).
The Value Added Tax (VAT)
debate and the conduct of
Parliamentarians during the
passage of the law and the
announcement that draft
legislation to intercept
communications on public and
private networks with the
approval of a High Court Judge
will soon be heading for
Parliament; were seized upon by
all the anti-Labour Party set and
politically propagandised as best
they could. The spin doctors in
PAM spun ridiculous weaves
around these issues.
They however badly
underestimate the intelligence of
the St. Kitts public and its
passion for truth and right. Not
the nonsense spins of
opposition politicians and their
Their effort to demonize VAT,
which was already the law in all
the other independent Caribbean
nations save for St. Kitts-Nevis
and St. Lucia, fell flat and deflated
when the Labour Govemnment's
Parliamentarians were finished
with them. What compounded the
PAM Opposition's dilemma, was
the fact that PAM has no
alternative to offer the country
in these challenging economic
In fact, just last Saturday on
WINNFM when a direct question
was posed to Eugene Hamilton
about what PAM's alternative to
VAT was, he stuttered and
stumbled about before saying
that PAM would have taken the
issue to the public to seek out an
answer whatever that means.
One thing PAM is most
consistent about, they have no
answers to anything; just
criticisms in abundance. They
can point out everything on the
negative side of any issue or
measure; but how to solve or deal
with any problem, they don't
have a clue. It does not matter

what it is: Whether itbe crime, the
economy or anything else, they
have no answers only criticisms.
The King Konris has given the
advice that one should never wake
a sleeping tiger. That advice seems
to be lost on some people. Ask
Washie ran his anti-Denzil Douglas
radio programmes almost daily
leading up to the last Elections. He
had full and undiluted PAM
support throughout. He even
returned to the political platform
peddling the pro-PAM
propaganda alongside Massa
Caines and Oliver Spencer. It
continued on after the Elections
But he found out how much
PAM loved him when he dared to
criticize Lindsay Grant over his
Marriott Hotel video with the
overseas joumnalist/investor. The
sponsorship of the Ask Washie
radio shows came to an abrupt
end. They done with him and told
him not to come back. That was
tolerance, transparency, decency,
fairness PAM-style for Ask
Washie to experience again. And
that was the thanks he got for
pushing their propaganda for so
Something could be brewing
again though. The anti-Denzil
Douglas writings start again,
Maybe the radio shows soon
come back.
"The Nowhere Man", gone
back againto trouble Dr. Douglas;
come like he catching the flu virus
that PAM pushing. Dr. Douglas,
just 7 months ago, led the Labour
Party to a 6-2 victory over PAM in
St. Kitts. The new #2
Representative won her seat
convincingly in winning all the
boxes, something which the former
Representative did not do. And
she even did this in spite of the
fact that he did not support her
actively or openly.
Dr. Douglas himself won his
seat with over 90% of the votes
cast in his favour. What that man
gone to trouble Dr. Douglas for,
ch? He says that Dr. Douglas
should not be leading either the
Labour Party or the country. Why
he don't jump back in the bull ring?
Labour Party supporters love,
respect and fully support our
Comrade Leader, Dr. Douglas as
both Leader of our Party and the
country Too bad for people like
him who want somebody else.
Some people forget so soon and
display rank ingratitude too easily.
The negative reflection is on them
and not on whom they seek to
denigrate. He had better let
sleeping tigers lie. I was always
told not to trouble, trouble if
trouble ain't trouble you -Enough
of that for now.
You know I heard a Rasta man
on radio, condemn the spin; PAM

Don't Trouble Trouble If Trouble

Ain't Trouble You, Mr. Nowhere

20 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAYk, AUGUST 20THI 2010

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