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Photo: St. Kiitts a~nd Ne\is Primie Mlinister a~nd Mlinister of Fina7nce Hon. DI: Denzil L. Douglas introducing 11T
legislation i n thle Na~tional Assembly. (Photo by ErI,7nsmus W'illiam ns)

V4T. starting that it \\I1ICll rslt
inl a wilder Tax base
--This would greatl?
e~nhanlce equlit! In the s! stem
since instead of de~pending on
a fell entlties to cans thet ta1\
bur~den it \\ would no\\ be spread
o\ r`Talarger number ofentities
therefctorem~\ entuall! lesseningl
thE liabilit of taxpa! er's.
Pnm MInistcerand Mlinister of
Fllnance. Hon Dr Denzlll L.
Dougl s told thea nlnak\nn;i

opcninlg sessionl of thle debate
oni Friciln morninel last
"Thecre ls clear c adecelc
that the VAT in maln\ c'ountries
is generatitng buo\ ant revecnues
and thererfore this is a ~rTe
destrable feature of thle Tax
Indered wer are hoping that
cl entullhy1 thle 114T \\ ill help1 to
f-inance a gradulU3 flowering of'
o~the~r ta rates throughout the
system Ho\\veter thiis is
dependelrnt upon successful
imp~lemntati~on and
sustainabiliti ofthe Tax\ whlchl
would be a1 function of' thec
compliance rate of busine~sses
whlichl \\ill collect this Tax on
be~lialfofthe Go\ ~lernnint Thle
self-p~olicing feature of' thec
ini\oice~ credit me1Cthod can
potential m mitigate ta\
aloidanice and rlasion and
Imlprov e revenues stability.'" Dr
Douglas said.
Thle M~inister of Finance
said thant thle V'AT \\ill also

(cont'd on pa7ge 3)


Have no fear of Vat,"
~Ti~i~i~ )I:
ys Premier Parry II IrcS-


St itts and~~ Nev~~is

Thec 2010( \alue Added Tax\ (VAT) Bill \\as~ on We-dne~sda'
night. August I Ith. (110. passed into la\\ b\ the' Natio~nal
Assembl\ after three dl\ s of~ Intense debate~ bi Membelh r s of hle
It w\3 as pproved b\ the Natioinal Assemb le w\ithi s cral
ame~ntinientsl to thet 127 Clause' s that lnliake up diet Bill.
Thec Prime M~inister anld Ministrc of Finanrc. Dr. the Hon.
De~nzil Douglas \\ ho pil~te~d the Bill through Parliament w\ouid
up thle Debate In a \c~r7 comprehellnsive. crrudite and generous
manner. tharnking ll( 1 \\ ho co~ntribut e~d to Its succe~r ss
He hollever had~ special praIse for thec herculcan task
successfulll carried out b\ the Tax Reform Unit. he~adral bi MRr.

Edw\ard Giift And Ilie then l
invited all stakholde~r s the
Oppo'csition. the Business
colmmnunit! and thle p~ubllc toJoln
\\ith his L'Ovemmelllnt inl e'nsulnng
thant the' Implemenntatio of the
VA4T on No\ member 1 st. 2010 Is
also successful
Llke the Deputy Prime
hliniste~r. Hon Sam1 Condor.
\\ho labelled It --a working
process thc Prime ~inisterr

ma3de a passionate appel~c to
pu"t aside` ranc" ur anld pertti
partisan politics. Insisting that
we must all contmnue to make ~
VAT w\orkl In1 St Kitts aInd
Nev~ is for the common c'ood of
all our people.
In luis openings state~ment on
thle' second rea3dlng of' theC Bill
on Tue~sda! morning.g August
111 )IlO(. Dr Doug13la ointed
Out so~me of the benecfitsu of



National Assembly

VATrL Bill

app roves

Published by: The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union
Ag. Managing Editor: Dawud Byron
Masses House, Church Street
P.O Box 239 .Basseterre .St. Kitts .WestIndies
Tel: (1 869) 465-2229 <> Fa: (1 869) 466-9866
Email: sknunion~i)

I I 1

VAT (V r

)8 eeblA TT CR 0

Parliamentary debate on the Value-Added Tax (VAT) Bill, 2010
ended on Wednesday evening with the passing of this bill which
legislates the introduction of VAT as a type of tax reform in the
While the bill was passed after days of seemingly acrimonious
debate from the members of the House, the Bill, after passing the
committee stage and having gone through a number of changes,
was passed with a good level of support by all the members of the
House present for the final vote.
The irony is that there is still great angst and considerable
suspicion in the minds of many who for months have "swallowed
the kool-aid" that his tax measure needed to be opposed for the
sake that it would hurt the poor and other vulnerable groups in our
The passage of the VAT Bill has cleared the way for a tax
code that could open greater opportunities in the business sector:
make a wide range of goods and services more affordable to
consumers: and provide government with a broader revenue
collection base, all at the same time.
From November 1, 2010 businesses will cease to pay more
than 12 taxes, and will pay VAT of 17% which can be reimbursed
once the business is VAT registered. This reduces the costs of
production and operation of businesses. Businesses under VAT
will now have the opportunity to become more competitive in
pricing and thus lower prices, or with increased earnings, expand
the business operations.
The ordinary man will benefit in his roles as consumer, as small
business operator or as an employee. As businesses are allowed
opportunities for growth, jobs will be created along with the
establishment businesses that would offer complementary and
supplementary goods and services.
Lower prices with more income will allow households to further
invest in land and home ownership, education, or even business
The Federal Govemnment is headed by a Labour Party that
was founded and continues to promote the values of social
democracy. The government would be better able to provide the
people with the many social development programmes it now does
with the implementation of the VAT.
Viable Healthcare system that encompasses the operations of
four hospitals and more than a dozen satellite health centres: well
equipped education system that sustains the operations of 10 state
run pre-schools, about 19 primary schools, 8 secondary schools
and 1 college along with uniform and examination fees assistance
and a student feeding programme: the upgrade and maintenance
of road networks and drainage systems along with infrastructural

The Labour Spokesman



receive time to change over
from one system to a new
system of tax collection.
In response to the
Oppositions criticism of the
VAT, Premier Parry said that
when the Nevis Reformation
Party was in Opposition, they
never sought to divide or
mislead people like the present
Opposition party in Nevis, the
Concerned Citizens Movement
(CCM), does now.
"The introduction of this
new kind of politics to Nevis is
not healthy, Nevis is a small
island, an emerging nation and
we do not need this behavior in
our country," commented
Premier Parry.
During the program, The
Premier informed listeners that
the arrival of 17% VAT came
about after a consultant from

11,2010) Premier and Minister
of Finance, Hon. Joseph Parry
tells residents of Nevis that
Value Added Tax (VAT) should
not be feared. He made the
statement on Tue sday morning
during a recent episode of
"Breakfast with Waltv" with
Host Walter Morton, on Choice
Radio 105.3 FM.
"It is not a new tax, it
replaces consumption tax.
There are certain items that are
exempted from taxation and
certain items that attract zero
The Premier noted that
consideration will be given to
staple items to assist lower
income consumers. He also
stated that businessmen will get
consideration also, so that they

Premier of Nevis'
Hon.Joseph Parry
(File Photo)

P~OKEESMAN (Have no fear of Vat," says

lm,,,a~,,.,~ mU Premier Parry dM

Dominica along with a team
from St. Kitts and Nevis did
some studies of population and
Gross Domestic Product of St.
Kitts and Nevis.
According to the Premier,
the team looked at the impact
of 17% with the intention to
make sure that the cost of living
in Nevis would not go up.

revisits to our water and electricity generation
and supply; and aid to farmers and other business
pioneers all form part of the government's
mandate to build a more stable and viable St.
Kitts-Nevis .
With the passing oftime, the costs of providing
these and other government related services
including policing and overall national security
will continue to rise. The VAT, however, is
expected to provide a means of revenue
generation that would cover these costs and allow
for balanced budgets with the least drawbacks
on the economy.
The drafting and passing of the VAT Bill are
the easiest parts of the whole implementation
process. While they prepare the way for the
success the government seeks, by themselves
they do not guard against the fears that linger in
a silent many among us.
The period between now and November 1
calls for a commitment from each citizen of the
Federation to understanding how VAT works. It
is always wise to exist and operate in an
environment in which one is au fait with the rules
of engagement.
It calls for accountability and for checks and
balances in the system. The interim period calls
for an understanding of VAT, that consumers
know their rights and do not feel as though they
are being cheated in the system. Businesses must
know that they must hold themselves to the
highest levels of ethics and accountability by
which they seek not to recoup VAT paid from
the treasury and still from consumers. The
government also will have to be best prepared
to protect the consumers from unscrupulous
business houses which will seek to cheat both
state and consumer.
We are entering a phase in our national
development where many other nation-states

have passed before. As many countries as have
implemented the VAT, none has repealed it as
yet. This means that VAT in and of itself is good
The proof of the pudding is therefore in the
eating. The successes that we desire from the
implementation of the VAT is to be found in the
goodwill, the purpose and the commitment to
which we each give to the reform exercise in
which we are presently engaged.
It should not have taken the former Barbadian
Prime Minister to speak to us on national radio
and television this week about VAT for us to
realise that there are some blessings in it for us.
Owen Arthur spoke to us on the shifts in trade
liberalization which made VAT implementation
necessary in Barbados, since 1997.
We too face the same challenges in St. Kitts-
Nevis, plus we have closed a sugar industry in
2005, we restructured our offshore banking
sector to meet with first world dictates after 9/
11, and we continue to have the need to borrow
to keep pace with our developmental needs.
It therefore means that we must see VAT
from a position of agreement, a position of joint
personal, commercial and national interest.
The words of Opposition Senator Vincent
Byron and the actions of Member Eugene
Hamilton in the house on Wednesday testifies
that for there to be success in the implementation
of VAT there needs to be broad-based
understanding and collaboration.
We need all to heed the call of Prime Minister
Douglas to rally around the cause of national
development that VAT represents. We must
move away from the rancor and cynicism and,
like Senator Byron, stand up and say the "VAT
is not a bad thing." Let us achieve our benefits
through VAT and the overall tax reform efforts
of the government.

(CUOPM) The Denzil Douglas Labour Cabinet has approved
the structure and foundation principles of the Constituency
Empowerment Secretariat.
The unit will be headed by a Director and its vision shall be to
help "create a dynamic socio-economic environment that provides
ever-improving experiences and equal opportunities for all citizens
to achieve a more peaceful and more acceptable standard of living'
an enhanced quality of life, and the right to engage fully in the
overall development of the country."
The implementation of the plans for the Secretariat will unfold
over time and will use existing human and other resource
allocations within the government.

National Assem bly approves VAT

Bill (cont.d from page 1)

consolidate and modernize the tax system, pointing out that a
multiplicity of taxes at different rates is inefficient to administer
and that the move to VAT would eliminate twelve (12) separate
taxes as outlined in the VAT White Paper. .
He said another advantage of going along the VAT path at this
time is that more than 150 countries have travelled this road before
with several alternative VAT laws and experiences to start from
which made it easier for St. Kitts and Nevis to devise a system to
suit our particular circumstances.
"Unlike the personal income tax, the VAT only taxes
consumption, not savings and therefore can have a stimulating
effect on savings. It is expected that with the introduction of VAT
the cost of living will not increase as the net increases and the net
decreases in the cost of various goods and services will balance
out," said Dr. Douglas.
For example the cost of goods which were charged
Consumption Tax at around 22.5% should decrease as this will be
replaced with a VAT at 17%. The cost of some services may
however increase where supphiers of these services do not make
any changes to their cost structures.
The VAT will also provide a substantial benefit to businesses
in the form of additional cash flow as they will be able to have
access to the equivalent of the input VAT which they will be able
to collect even prior to the goods being sold. Under the
Consumption Tax regime businesses would have to wait until their
goods are sold to recover the Consumption Tax. Under VAT they
can claim the input VAT which they have paid at the end of the
month mn which it was incurred.
The Minister of Fmnance said that the implementation of the
VAT gives St. Kitts and Nevis a head start in preparation for the
erosion of border taxes which has already started and which is
expected to intensify as the Federation begin to fulfil its international
commitments with respect to CARICOM, the WTO and the EPA.

The Labour Spokesman


At the Swearing in of the
Fourth Labour cabinet, Prime
Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L.
Douglas announced a new
policy to institutionalise
participatory governance
through the creation of a
Constituency Empowerment
The objective is to provide
a mechanism where members
of the various communities
organised into electoral districts
can become more involved in
decision-making and
information sharing to more
directly impact their own lives
and the life of their community.
Efforts of this kind are seem
in Jamaica, Barbados and
Dominica, although the scale
will of necessity vary.

The Minister of Constituency
Enipowerment is Senior
Minister Dr: the Hon. Tiniothv

netorsewould be re pornsbly

Judgome legislation already
exists such as the Anti-terrorism
Act of 2002 which makes some
provision for authorised
interception, but the
Interception of Communication
Bill is setting the stage for a
new and comprehensive regime
of interception of
communications by mobile
phones, fixed line phones,
telegraphs, wireless networks
and devices, mailing systems
including parcels and couriers,
and other means of
communication," said Minister
of Information, Sen. the Hon.
Nigel Carty.
He said that The
Interception of Communication
Bill will provide public
authorities with the scope within
the law to intercept the
communications of targeted
suspects, and help solve crimes
which hitherto have remained
difficult to unravel.
"The bill is a tool that is
likely to reap dividends as it has
in other jurisdictions where it
has been in existence for some
time," said Minister Carty, who
added that The Interception of
Communication Bill will be
introduced into the National
Assembly shortly.

Minister oflnforniation Sen. the Hon. ,;.. I Carty.

The Inter ce option of

CO mmun ication Bi II heads

fo F Pa ia ment soon
(CUOPM) Draft legislation to intercept communications on
private and public networks with the approval of a High Court
Judge will soon be heading for the Federal Parliament.
The Cabinet earlier this week discussed and approved The
Interception of Communication Bill for introduction into the
Parliament for the creation of a single legal framework with
which the interception of communications on private and public

r 14 '-uS e


4 IlAF=rrlrC The Labour Spokesman FRIDAYk, AUGUST 13THI 2010




A. D. 201 0 -r 8>- .9



For Can ~iicaef Title andnotings teron anCveoats fo tewekenig h 2
day of LC 2010.


19 Jan ary 2006 MILDRED JOSEIPHIN\I E Request for Issue of First Certificate
MARTIN by her of Title for land situate at Stapleton
Solicitors BRYANT & I.Vilage in the Parish of St. Peter in
LBR the Island of St. Christopher
containing by admeasulrementt 1,876
square feet and bounded and
measrn as followvs:: On the North-
East by the Island Main Road 50.43
feet, On the South-East by lands of
Stapleton Estate 49.20 feet, On the
Soutih-llest by other lands of
Sla leton Estate 40.82 feet and On
the North-West by other lands of
SFlirpl~E tcdnrla34.65 feet

* Preferably a national of St. Kitts/Nevis (or someone willing to take
up residence on the island at short notice.
* The chosen candidate will be a quality driven individual with a proven
track record in restaurant management, an eye for detail and a passion
for excellent customer service.

* Must be business oriented with a strategic mindset.
* Must have strong leadership and team building skills. GrmdS f0? cn850pW8$.
* Must have strong organizational skills.
* Must be willing to do what is necessary to get the job done including working long hours.
* The candidate is responsible for the efficient, effective and profitable operations of all restaurant
outlets located in St. Kitts/Nevis.
* Ensuring customers receive the best possible service in all our restaurants by way of efficient
stock management and control as well as overseeing cleanliness and quality control.
* The achievement of all company established sales and operational targets.
* The effective control of all company assets located in each restaurant including cash, inventory,
vehicles, plant and machinery.
Ensuring strict adherence to production and quality control standards.
* Responsible for the ongoing recruitment and selection of team members at the line and
Supervisory level and maintaining optimum staffing levels.
* Ensuring that the team maintains the highest quality customer service through ongoing training
and employee motivation.

* Minimum of six (6) years experience in the restaurant or hospitality industry.
* At least two (2) years in a management position will be an asset.

A. D. 2010

Claim No. SKBHCV2010/ODSD
IN THE MATTER of Section 12 of the Title
by Registration Act Cap. 10.19
IN THE IMATTER of an Application for a


For Certificates of Title and noting thereon, and caveats, for the week ending the
30" dayf 2010.

Date of Request Person Presenting Nature of Request, whether
for certificate of Title. or
noting thereon, or caveat
Theodora Lewis of Harbour Certificate of Title for all
\ "C~Sihe, 80 View Bird Rock, in the that lot piece part or portion
Island of Saint Christopher, of land containing by
by her Solicitor, Sherry- admeasurement 8,697
Ann Liburd of Gonsalves square feet and situate at
Hamel-Smith Harbour View in the Parish
of St. George in the Island
of saint Christopher and
bounded and measuring as
fonlows, that is to say:- on
the North by lands of the
Grantor 135.0 feet, On the
South by a proposed
Culvert 135.0 feet, On the
East by Lands of the
Grantor 64.5 feet and On
the West by and Estate
Road to Suncrest 64.5
square feet.

Dated the day of 2010 ~I

SKBHC 2010/ 014 b



t/ day of

2010 I

Registrar i

Registrar of Titles

Culturama Prize Giving

Ceremony Tomorrow
CHARLESTOWN, Nevis. All winners and participants in the various shows
for Culturama 2010, along with the general public, are asked to take note that the
Culturama 2010 Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony will be held this Saturday
August 14th 2010, 8:00 pm at the Cultural Village. The 2010 Culturama Road
March winners the Ultra Sonic Band will provide musical entertainment after the
ceremony according to a statement released yesterday by the Manager Culturama
Festival Secretariat, Antonio Liburd.



Govern ment to give a ssista nce to

businesses during VAT transitional

The Labour Spokesman


concerned about any potential
unfavourable impact of the
VAT oncthepoor and vulnerable

." .'Hbus wh swe oar
use this opportunity as a means
to exploit the poor but to be
honest and decent in your
business practices. This means
that the markup for goods that
you will offer for sale should not
be calculated on the input VAT
that you pay at Customs for
example because you will be
able to claim this amount back
from the Inland Revenue
Department when you submit
your output tax. Your markup
should only be calculated on
your value added," said Dr.
Douglas .
He pointed out that his St.
Kitts-Nevis Labour
Government has included a
number of basic food and other
items on the list of zero rated
goods specifically targeted at
assisting the poor and
vulnerable .
"In addition you would also
observe the exemption of
water, 150 units of electricity,
educational services and
domestic transport to name a
few. Government also
continues to take a close look
at the social safety nets which
we currently have in place to
ensure that those who really
need assistance receive such
assistance. We are of the firm
belief that a more reliable
stream of revenue would allow
government to do even more to
protect our youths and all those
who are in need of such
protection in our society," said
Prime Minister Douglas, who is
also Minister of Finance.

- St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas
has implored with businesses not to use the introduction of the
Value Added Tax (VAT) to exploit the poor but to be honest and
decent in their businesses practices.
Speaking in the National Assembly, Prime Minister Douglas
said Govemnment has taken measures to provide additional stimulus
and protect the vulnerable when the Value Added Tax (VAT) is
implemented later this year.
"Apart from the reduction in the cost of most goods which is
anticipated as a result of the difference between the Consumption
Tax rate and the VAT rate, we are also seeking to provide additional
stimulus to the economy at this time," said Prime Minister and
Minister of Finance, Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas.
"Therefore in order to boost employment in the construction
sector in particular we have decided to delay VAT on the labour
component of the construction of dwelling houses for a period of
twelve (12) months. We expect that the resulting acceleration in
the construction of dwelling houses will stimulate growth in the
economy," said Dr. Douglas.
The Federal Minister of Finance said the Govemnment is very





Dr the Hon Timothy Harris,
Senior Minister and Minister of
International Trade, Industry,
Commerce, Consumer Affairs, .r-
Agriculture, Marine Resources,
Cooperatives and Constituency
Empowerment, on August 05,
2010, held discussions with H.
E. Rong-Chuan Wu,
Ambassador ofthe Republic of
China on the state of As
agricultural cooperation.
The Minister's delegation comprised the Permanent Secretary-
Dr Hermia Morton Anthony; Director of Agriculture, Ashton
Stanley; Agricultural Officer, Alistair Edwards; Clyde Thompson,
Department of Cooperatives and Ilis Watts.
The Taiwanese side included Mr Mars Shiue, Chief of the
Taiwanese Agricultural Mission; Ms An-Ling Lee, Specialist, Agro
Processing Unit, and Mr Hsin-Fa Lin, Specialist, Horticulture.
The Meeting heard updates from both sides on the state of
cooperation relating to agriculture, agro processing and horticulture.
The meeting agreed on several mechanisms for deepening the
cooperation. It was also agreed that the Agro processing Unit at
Needsmust and the Horticulture Programme at La Guerite, will
be passed over to the Department of Agriculture as soon as the
relevant skills and competencies were acquired by a local
Dr Harris thanked Ambassador Wu for his government's
consistent and meaningful support to the agriculture sector and
his commitment to take the cooperation to even higher levels of
engagement. Dr Harris underscored the need for training at an
advanced level for its understudy thereby ensuring that there will
be no void or deficit in the competency levels available at the
Agro processing Unit. Dr Harris also exchanged views on how
the Taiwanese Agricultural Scholarship Programme can be made
more attractive to locals and how vocational training in agriculture
can be used as a mechanism to identify and promote potential
young farmers.

time. We believe that we have a small agile economy and that we
can handle the transition to VAT effectively in the given time
frame," said the Minister of Finance and Mover of the Bill.
Dr. Douglas said Govemnment is prepared to guide businesses
through the process and have trained several professionals who
are able to literally hold the hands of businesses.
"Each registered business will be assigned to a member of the
professional staff of the Inland Revenue Department who will
visit the business and give advice as to the changes which are
necessary for compliance. We are also offering to provide
technical support to any business which has difficulty in making
the necessary changes to its accounting and financial programme
to accommodate the VAT," said the Prime Minister pointing out
that the assistance will be at Govemnment's expense.
"In addition software and hardware reasonably required for
the introduction of the VAT will be granted Duty Free Concessions
upon application to the Ministry of Finance," said Dr. Douglas.
He said that his Govemnment was confident that the VAT
implementation date of 1st November 2010 will be achieved and
used the opportunity to thank those of who have been providing
valuable input and in general doing the civic duty by getting ready
for the VAT.
"WYe are prepared to provide you with as much assistance as
is feasible to ensure that the implementation is a success. I assure
you that my Govemnment is ready for the introduction of the VAT
and I am sure that private sector entities would be more than able
to rise to the challenge and be prepared in the given time frame,"
said Prime Minister Douglas.

"After the VAT is implemented on 1st November 2010,
businesses will be required to report to the Customs with respect
to these bonded goods those which were sold under the
Consumption Tax system and which were sold under VAT. At
that time the applicable Tax will be collected based on when these
goods were sold," said Prime Minister Douglas, pointing out that
it is quite obvious that this sort of accommodation by Govemnment
will require that businesses operate with integrity and transparency
so that the Customs authorities can ascertain the levels of their
stocks prior to the start of the transition and confirm the level of
stocks after the VAT Date.
"In this way it would be a win/win situation as Govemnment
will be able to collect its fair share of revenue and businesses will
pay their fair share of taxes," said Dr. Douglas.
He said Govemnment is aware that some persons and entities
are concerned about the time factor.
"However, we are all aware that whatever timeframe was
given that there would be those who would always need more

Additional stimulus and measures to
protect the vulnerable disclosed

Prime Minister Doug las

im lores businesses

not to exploit the poor

following the

Introduction of VAT

(CUOPM) Provisions will be
made during the transitional
period of the Value Added Tax
(VAT), the Government has
Prime Minister and Minister
of Finance, Hon. Dr. Denzil L.
Douglas said a month prior to
the introduction of the VAT.
businesses will be allowed to
arrange bonded facilities and
other measures with the
Comptroller of Customs
whereby they will pay only the
Duty and Customs Service

The Labour Spokesman


socit and ek eel ta sdia si

"If a person can afford it, it is just
like having your own vehicle.
Years ago, a local person had his
own dialysis which helped sustain
his life for seven years. If a
personal dialysis enabled a person
to live for seven years, then the
10,000 persons in Nevis ought to
purchase one," he said.
Marjorie Morton, the President
Nevis House of Assembly spoke
about a dialysis machine that
enabled her husband to stay alive
for seven years after his
diagnosis. The machine, she said
in an interview was purchased by
Shell. Ateamfrom Queen Elizabeth
Hospital in Barbados trained her
husband on how to operate the
dialysis machine. "At times he set
up the machine himself and sat on
the dialysis chair. After he learnt
to master the machine, he trained
It was not difficult for Mrs
Morton to learn the dialysis
procedure as she is a trained nurse
who was not allowed to work as a
nurse in St. Kitts and Nevis by the
then colonial government because
she had trained in United States
and not in England.
She said dialysis procedure is
costly because most of what is
used is disposable. Extreme
hygiene has to be observed and
tubes sterilized. The procedure is
time consuming as a patient has
to go through it three days a week,
four hours each procedure.
"Should the body be overloaded
the procedure can be undertaken
in between," she noted.
Mrs Morton explained that
after her husband passed, she
donated the machine to the
Alexandra Hospital. A
nephrologist came from Barbados
with a chief dialysis technician
from the hospital's kidney unit. At
the time, the dialysis was in good
working order. The Barbadian
team recommended that another
machine be purchased to
complement the existing one. It is
not clear why a kidney unit was
not set up.
The Ministry of Health, Nevis
Island Administration sent a team
to Anguilla headed by a former
Minister for Health Jean Harris.
Although there have been efforts
to set up a kidney unit in
Alexandra Hospital, this has not
Mrs Morton holds the
conviction that there are many
kidney patients who would benefit
if a kidney unit is established in
the Federation of St. Kitts and
Nevis. When she had a dialysis
machine at her home, she said a
few patients living abroad because
of dialysis treatment would come
back to see families and often used
the dialysis machine in her home.
Mrs Pemberton, Chair, Nevis
Renal Society talked about kidney


Ne visa n woman fight

ag ainst kidney failure

hig hlig hts dil emma of

kidney failure patients
Article Courtesy, Nevis Renal Society

Nevis, August 8, 2010.To stay alive, a 66 year old Nevisian woman-
Blondina Williams, affectionately called "Blonny" has to travel to
Anguilla twice per week to have dialysis because of her chronic renal
Every Monday and every Friday the Nevisian grocery store owner
flies out of Nevis to St. Maarten and sails to Anguilla where she has a
four hours long dialysis at a concessionary cost of EC1,000 per treatment.
This does not include her airplane fares to St. Maarten and the boat
fares from St. Maarten to Anguilla.
She has been receiving this treatment since 1999.
She was diagnosed with a kidney problem eleven years ago. She
spoke about the symptoms at that time. She recalls drinking water ever
other minute. She recalls feeling doy in her throat and had swelling on
the legs and face. Preliminary tests revealed water retention in her feet
but further tests confirmed the problem was in her kidneys. Prior to the
diagnosis, she was diabetic and hypertensive. She says she no longer
receives treatment for these two past health conditions.
Her kidneys have completely shriveled. She has facts about kidneys
at her fingertips and seem to remind many about biology lessons. She
explained in an interview that kidneys are responsible for filtering waste
product from the blood.
Speaking in her local dialect, Blondina, who always manages a smile
said during an interview in her Brick Kiln residence "I do not pee pee
anymore (do not pass urine).
Blondina explained that since her kidneys no longer function, a
dialysis procedure has to get rid of waste products.
Dialysis, is a procedure that is a substitute for many of the normal
duties of the kidneys. Dialysis is enabling her to live a productive and
useful life, even though her kidneys no longer work adequately.
When she goes to Anguilla for the dialysis procedure, she sits at an
assigned chair that is like a lounge chair. Treatment lasts for four and a
half hours. During this time, the dialysis staff checks her blood pressure
frequently and adjusts the dialysis machine to ensure that the proper
amount of fluid is being removed. She can watch TV, sleep or read if she
so chooses.
Blondina admitted she was overweight and did not exercise prior to
her having her chronic renal failure. She felt that her daily chores of
operating her shop and doing all the household chores were enough
exercise. She worked long hours to provide for her family that even
proper rest and relaxation were often ignored. Her poor eating habits
also contributed to this condition.
Now she has to monitor her eating closely and has to measure her
food and fluid intake. She avoids fluids. She cannot eat foods that
contain high percentages of potassium. She does not eat mangoes,
bananas, peas, beans, cashews (which she loves very much) and peanuts
and many others. "Everybody needs to exercise. People need to leam
from me. They need to eat healthy and drink a lot of water," she said.
Also of interest is the fact that Blondina also has an older sister and
an older brother who developed kidney failure in their later years. They
both got the condition after "Blonny" and both have passed since then.
She also had a niece who was on dialysis and passed away soon after
receiving a kidney transplant.
Asked whether anybody has offered a kidney to her, she said she
was told by a doctor that she was high risk for kidney transplant because
of her diabetes and hypertension at that time. Also because of what
happened to her niece she was wary of that option.
In the course of the interview, she vividly recalled the day her renal
condition surfaced. "I was flown to Antigua one evening I was out of
breath. I do not like shortness of breath," she was quick to point out.
She stayed two weeks in Antigua until her condition was stable. She
travelled to England and was treated at Heartlands Hospital. After an
eight months' stay in England, she came back to Nevis and began
treatment visits to St. Maarten Medical Centre twice per week. She was
treated there for two years.
After sometime, she sought treatment in Anguilla where the cost
was somewhat less. To establish a dialysis medical services, Blondina
explained, a hospital requires back-ups. She said Anguilla has five
dialysis machines.
When she started her travels to St. Maarten and Anguilla she had a
fellow villager as a fellow patient. The now late Adolphus "Fuzzy"
Warner was much younger than her and had started dialysis before she

did. They both travelled together to receive treatment. Unfortunately he
developed other conditions and died two and a half years ago.
Her wish is for the government of St. Kitts and Nevis to make ever
effort to establish a dialysis unit in either St. Kitts or Nevis. Since Blondina
was diagnosed with the condition a number of other persons including
very young persons have developed and succumbed to the disease
because proper treatment was not available in the Federation.
"Our Mom was never one to let sickness keep her down and do not
believe in staying in bed when she is sick. When you do this she says
"the sickness keeps you down". She believes in "keeping on the move".
One would hardly know when she is sick," her daughter Alexa Pemberton
Her daughter feels that her mother's positive attitude to life has
helped her to cope with her dialysis treatment and the constant travels
back and forth.
Reflecting on how it was at the beginning, in October of 1998 when
she was diagnosed with kidney failure she and her children felt stranded.
There was no dialysis machine in Nevis or St. Kitts. "We did not have
adequate money or health insurance to fly her out. At the time, our
mother felt like giving up," her daughter,Pemberton explained.
Mrs Pemberton analysis of the journey her mother would begin
thereof has been challenging and intriguing. "With the help of Dr.
Dwayne Thwaites (to whom we are so grateful to this day) we flew her to
Antigua in Februan, 1999 and started dialysis there. There we met Ms
Estella Challenger-Gumbs at the dialysis unit at Holberton Hospital, to
her we say "thanks a billion. Prior to her illness she did not travel much.
but she is now one of Brick Kiln's number 'one' tourists. Her illness has
taken her to Antigua, England, St. Maarten, Aruba, St. Lucia and Anguilla.
"Going to Anguilla, though hectic at times, has sometime been
adventurous and despite all her ups and down she is full of humour and
makes light moments of events that others would consider as unpleasant.
When relating one incident to us she laughed and said in her local
dialect Bass dem had to fish me shoe out of the water today cause
when I was stepping on de boat one of my shoe fell off."
"God has a purpose for our Mom, He knows what it is and he is
working his wonders. She has made so many friends in her travels. God
has revealed himself in so many ways in the relatives, friends and
strangers who have been kind in many different ways, monetary
donations, meals, accommodation, assisting with her luggage, a lift to
and from the airport or seaport in Anguilla, she has even told us of
getting a lift on a plane once or twice, imagine that a lift on a plane. She
has the most pilot friends," she said.
"She now has no fear of flying and she tells us of sometimes when
she has to calm other travelers when the weather is bad. Thank, thanks
to all who have helped and continue to help in so many ways.
It's been 11years now since Blondina began the dialysis procedure.
Her daughter Alexa Pemberton has worked hard to ensure that her
mother's experience is positively used to prevent others from suffering
from renal failure and to find ways to help those who develop the
condition. She has been instrumental in working with a number of
community minded persons, in setting up the Nevis Renal Society.
The group started in November 1999 with the following objectives
as its focus (1) to raise the level of awareness of renal care in Nevis, (2)
to raise funds to assist persons who need dialysis treatment and (3) to
help with establishing a renal dialysis unit.
The society was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2007
and has been involved in a number of public education and fund raising
activities. Pemberton would like to see the membership of the noble
organization increase to help champion the humanitarian cause.
Dr. Glenville Liburd of Eureka Health Services is a member of the

(cont' d on next page)

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 13THI 2010 7

But there is something else that I would wish to speak about and that
is the habit of fooling, confusing and misleading the public exhibited by
both Sir Kennedy Simmonds and Mr. Lindsay Grant.
During the period prior to Independence when PAM was in
opposition, Sir Kennedy led a vicious campaign against Independence.
He and his party members as well as the Democrat newspaper contended
that St. Kitts-Nevis was too small and too poor to afford Independence.
Moreover, Sir Kennedy declared that a Referendum should be held first
in order to ascertain whether the population as a whole in fact truly
desired Independence.
Sir Kennedy became Head of the government in 1980 and took St.
Kitts-Nevis into Independence in 1983. Needless to say no Referendum
was ever held and neither did St. Kitts-Nevis become larger or more
prosperous. Sir Kennedy had pulled a "fast one" on the people.
Mamy years later, that is in the year 2000, PAM lost the General
Elections. Subsequent to that political defeat, the Chairman of PAM,
echoing the words of Mr. Lindsay Grant, declared publicly that "Electoral
Reform is an Urgent, National Prioritv".
Everyone in PAM at the time, from Captain to Cook, was in favour of
Electoral Reform and gave every indication that the participation of PAM
was guaranteed and assured. However, after Mr. Grant could not get his
way to manipulate, direct and control the course of the Reform Process,
he decided there and then that neither himself nor his party would
participate in the Electoral Reform process.
You see, PAM and the Democrat wanted Electoral Reform, but on
their own selfish partisan terms. But this was not possible and so Mr.
Lindsay Grant and PAM and the Democrat decided to boycott the Reform
process and to try to derail it.
The question is: Was Sir Kennedy being honest and sincere when
he led his party in the campaign against Independence? Was Mr. Lindsay
Grant and PAM being honest and sincere when they were agitating for
Electoral Reform with the slogan that "Electoral Reform is an Urgent
National Prioritv"?
All of the foregoing shows obviously that Sir Kennedy Simmonds
and Mr. Lindsay Grant are both moved and inspired by the same
principles and values. And that is why at the recently held Annual Party
Convention: Sir Kennedy could have said publicly that 'PAM is in good
Now, just as the electorate did not trust Sir Kennedy as leader of
PAM, just so now the electorate does not trust Mr. Lindsay Grant as
leader of PAM.

NOVISa n woman fl ht

Bajainst kidney failure *****
(cont'd from last page)
patients living away from home. One of them is Calypso maestro, Ellie
Matt, who is resident in the USA where he is able to access dialysis
treatment. Another patient was flown out recently to get treatment
overseas due to kidney failure.
According to Dr. Liburd, technologies ought to be developed or
purchased to respond to a need, "it is out of that desperate need that
development ought to evolve. If you wait for enough data to respond to
a need, you will never get anywhere."
Dr. Liburd strongly advocates national health insurance and says it
should be mandated, "health insurance means taxing people while they
are well. The government must use the good force of legislation to
establish national insurance."
Asked whether there was any dialysis machine in the Federation of
St. Kitts and Nevis, Dr Liburd said the peritoneal dialysis is not ideal for
Blondina due to surgical interventions and her diabetic condition.
Hemodialysis dialysis is more effective than peritoneal.
As Ministries of Health and relevant stakeholders decide on how
best to resolve the dilemma facing renal failure patients, Blondina will
this week and next week and indefinitely travel twice a week to Anguilla
to have a dialysis at a cost of EC1000 per procedure and this amount
excludes her air and boat fares. Actual cost of dialysis in various
neighboring islands range from US$500/EC$1,3 50 to US$600/EC$1,620
per treatment.
Blondina and other kidney patients on Nevis need your prayers and
financial assistance. For further information contact the Nevis Renal
Society, President at cell phone 869-662-4641 Email:
noi iistenalodeil th!.lloo coini mailing address P. O. Box 643.
Charlestown, Nevis.

~cl (

him to step down as leader.
Following in the footsteps of
his predecessor Sir Kennedy
Simmonds, Mr. Lmndsay Grant
selected one of the members
of the "Gang of Five" Mr.
Glenroy Blanchette for the
most humiliating of treatments.
Mr. Lindsay Grant fired Mr.
Glenrov Blanchette from his
job ofAssistant Manager ofthe
Democrat Printery and cut him
off as a regular columnist for
the Democrat newspaper. Mr.
Blanchette was also notified
that he was no longer the
political candidate for PAM for
Constituency No. 1
Just as Sir Kennedy fired the
Hon. Michael O. Powell form his
position of Deputy Prime Minster
because he referred to him (Sir
Kennedy) as "the biggest
obstacle to progress in the
country", just so Mr. Lindsay
Grant fired Mr. Glenroy Blanchette
from his job at the Democrat
Printery because Mr. Blanchette
was one of the "Gang of Five"
who called upon Mr. Lindsay
Grant to step down from the
position of leader of the party.
It is obvious that Mr. Grant is
not Prime Minister and Mr.
Blanchette is not Deputy Prime
Minister. But nevertheless, the

principle is the same inboth cases.
Mr Powell and Mr. Blanchette were
punished for speaking truth to
power. This shows a total lack of
Democracy and mutual respect
and complete disrespect for
human rights in PAM, both in the
time of Sir Kennedy and in the
present time of Mr. Lindsay Grant.
At the 1995 General Elections
the Hon Dwy er Astaphan
whopped the daylights out of Sir
Kennedy Simmonds in
Constituency No.2 (Central
Basseterre) by over some 300 odd
votes. Naturally Sir Kennedy was
not content to give up easily and
so he decided to devise a scheme
to take back the seat from the Hon.
Dwyer Astaphan.
So just prior to the Elections
of 2000 Sir Kennedy brought an
action in the High Court to remove
from the Voter's List the 300 odd
names by which he was beaten in
the 1995 General Elections. Mr.
Leonard (Nordie) O'Loughlin was
the Registration Officer for Central
Basseterre. He was represented in
Court by Lawyer Damian Kelsick.
Sir Kennedy lost.
Mr. Lindsav Grant followed the
example ofSirKennedy Simmonds
and challenged in the High Court
the results of the 2004 General
Elections in Constituency No.1,
No.4 andNo.8. Mr.
Grant lost all three
cases in the High
Court as the
presiding judge
ruled against him.
The leader of
PAM failed for the
second time in
2010 to capture the NEVHCV 20001
seat in
Constitu encV
No.4. Theleaderof
PAM is currently
trying to get the
High Court to get
for him, the seat in The Property d
Constituency No.4 autir t te
that the voters
refusd to e tO The successful
reue ogivet bid and the bal
Mr. LindsaV ohess ionope
Grant has followed
fast in the Cetfc ase o
footsteps of Sir
K en nedy Vthpeuprty
Simmonds and
many of the
circumstances and ALL THAT Iot
the Island of
events that arose Shaws Estate
aroun Sir the SOUTH-E
Foot Road, 1
Kennedy also described in a
arose around Mr. i, oh Pris of
Lindsay Grant.
History has trulV
repeated itself
insofar as Sir
K en ned v
Simmonds and Mr.
Lindsay Grant are

Isn t it surprising how in the
course of human history certain
circumstances and events seem
to repeat themselves?
Most people will remember
that in the early 1980s when Sir
Kennedy Simmonds was Prime
Minster he had as his Deputy
Prime Minister the Hon.
Michael O. Powell.
According to reports and
records, Sir Kennedy fired the
Hon. Michael O. Powell from
the position of Deputy Pnime
Minster, because he, Mr.
Powell, declared that "Sir
Kennedy Simmonds was the
biggest obstacle to progress in
the country". Mr. Roy
Flemming, the former PAM
political candidate for
Constituency No.2, said much
the same thing about Mr.
Lindsay Grant, the current
leader of PAM.
The General Elections of
January 25 brought shame and
disgrace for PAM and also a
split in the ranks of the PAM
candidates who ran for
Elections. Five ofthe candidates
broke ranks and formed a rebel
"Gang of Five." The members
of that gang expressed great
disappointment over the quality
of leadership exhibited by Mr.
Lmndsay Grant and called for

itt /

A. D. 2010



described below will be offered for sale by The Registrar of the Supreme Court by public
Court Hou ;-Prince William Street, Charlestown, in the Island of Nevis, on Thursday
ay of 2010 atdfo'clock in the forenoon.
bidder will be required to pay at the time of sale a deposit of one fourth of his accepted
ance within one month from the day of sale.

rheprosety bwil bbe g enuto the purchaser on payment of the deposit. Any taxes due on

1 hfe raopment in full of the purchase price, obtain from the High Court of Justice, a

,ill be available for inspection prior to the date of sale by appointment with the Registrar

piece or parcel of land situate at Shaws Estate in the Parish of St. James in
Nevis bounded and measuring as follows:- On the NORTH-WEST by lands of
256.60 feet; On the NORTH-EAST by lands of Shaws Estate, 197.15 feet; On
AST by lands of Nisbett Estate, 157.40 feet; and On the SOUTH-WEST by a 20
93.84 feet and contammig by admeasurement 1.13 acmes, all as the same is
Certificate of Title dated the 24m day of September 1993 and registered in Book 31
het.Rgi er of Tilsof theNNe is Circi inrfavour of DUDLEY HARRIS of Combermere

The Upset price for the above land shall be EC$148,000.00
Dated the-~ ay o 2010

Registrar of the Supreme Court

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 04, 2010 (SKNIS): TheMinistry
of Education is ensuring students focus more on the business of
actual learning by being more engaged in the classroom.
Permanent Secretary Mr. Osmond Petty told SKNIS that
increased Student Engagement Time is the goal of the new policy.
A recent meeting of the White Paper Implementation
Committee focused on the upcoming school year and the
importance of managing the extra curricular activities of students
in order to reduce distractions to the tabled subjects.
White Paper Implementation Committee members agreed to
a new stipulation that all agencies and other groups that require
the participation of school children in their programmes submit
their intent prior to the start of the school year.
Additionally, they will be required to work around the schools'
calendar of activities s.
As such, approval will be granted only to those requests that
add significant value to the children's developmental experience
and which are age and needs appropriate.
Mr. Petty added that it was important for students to have as
much time in class as possible to ensure that they will be suitably
prepared when sitting examinations as they would have received
the necessary amount of attention required to assist them in their
understanding of the subject matter.
Other topics discussed at the meeting included the roll-out of
laptops for school students, education awareness month and the
start of students councils in primary and secondary schools.
Mr. Petty told SKNIS that raising leaders and empowering
students is the overall obj ective of several of these interventions.

St. Kitts a nd Nevis-flag ged ship

rammed by Panamanian-registered

vesse I off Mum ba i
BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, AUGUST 8TH 2010 (CUOPM) Crew members were rescued
from two merchant ships after they collided off the coast of Mumbai, India on Saturday.
The St. Kitts and Nevis flagged MV Khalijia was rammed by the Panama-registered MSC
Chitra and the coast guard recued 33 crew members from the two ships.
International media reports sate that following the collision, the container vessel MSC Chitra
tilted sharply and got grounded near Prongs Reef Lighthouse, located four nautical miles off Colaba
in south Mumbai. The Coast Guard officials attributed the oil spill to the ship's tilt.
While Mundra Port-bound MSC Chitra was carrying cargo containers, MV Khalijia was loaded
with 30,000 tons of steel colls. Traffic at Mumbal harbour was suspended after the colhision.
On receiving an alert about the mishap, the Regional Operational Centre of the Indian Coast
Guard sil ifth rushed its ship Kamala Devi to rescue the sailors in the affected merchant vessels.
"As of now, 33 crew members have been safely evacuated by the Coast Guard ship and Tug
Vamsee-III. No casualty has been reported," a Defence Ministry spokesperson, Capt. M Namibia,
According to Capt. Nambiar, there is oil spillage in and around the area where MSC Chitra is
grounded. '1We have a reason to believe that oil spill might have taken place due to leakage of diesel
from MSC Chitra. The Coast Guard has deployed a helicopter and ship to contain the spill and also
control pollution in the area," he said.
Saturday s the second occasion during the past three weeks when MV Khahpja-3 was involved
in a mishap off the Mumbai harbour. On July 19, the same vessel carrying a cargo of steel coils was
grounded off Mumbai's coast, after water entered its holds through a leak.

pretext that the matter is
"Once again that position
demonstrates Mr. Hamilton's
lack of appreciation for truth
telling. Mr. Hamilton is well
aware that final submissions are
yet to be filed and served by
the parties, and that the Trial
Judge is yet to rule. How then
can he claim that the matter has
been concluded and he is fre
to make public comments."
asked Mr. Anthony.
Photo: R4M Parl ainentaria

onte Ntoal~s l ina to

ToTh Spritednt tof Police
I, Laverne Taylor now
residmng in Stone Castle in
the village of Tabernacle,
do hereby give you notice
that it is my intention to
apply in 1st day of
October, 2010 to the
District Magistrate at
Sandy Pomnt for a Beer

pr mies in Stroe Castle i
Dated this 16th day of July,
Signed by: Laverne Taylor

a well kept secret from the
constituents of St. Christopher
8 and the people of the
Federation," said Mr. Anthony.
"As to his claim that no one
visited his lawyer's office to
inspect the Green Card, that too
is a red herring. There was no
need to physically inspect the
Green Card since copies were
attached to his affidavit which
was served on all parties," Mr.
Anthony added.
,HeR fthe staedsthat itmas

Hankltn tocndnue, suab '

comment on the case on the

Toth Spr nent of Police

I, Juan Antonio Silves
Michel now residing in
Cunningham Street,
MVcKnight in the town of
Basseterre, do hereby give
you notice that it is my
inen ion to aply omthlstD ty o

Magistrate at Basseterre for
a Retail Liquor Licence in
respect qoh my Spremises i

Dated this 16th day of July,
Signed by: Juan A. Silves

The Labour Spokesman



Mr. Anthony said that at a
Case Movaement Conerence
held on April 29, 2010, lawyers
representing Mr. Liburd and the
Honourable Attorney General,
sought adi btnine dueOrde
Lordship Mr. Justice Francis
Belle, requiring Mr. Hamilton
'to produce for inspection any
passport, travel document, visa,
or other instrument relating to
citizenship, immigrant or
residential status issued to him
by any State other than St.
Christopher and Nevis, on or
before May 13, 2010.
"Mr. Hamilton filed the
evidence of his Permanent
Residence status as required by
the Order of the Court on May
11, 2010," said Mr. Anthony,
who went on to ask "Prior to
the Order being made, did Mr.
Hamilton ever state publicly that
he was a Permanent Resident
of the USA? Did he ever
release to the media or the
public, a copy of his Green
"It was not until he was
ordered by the Court did he
finally admit to having a Green
Card and being a Permanent
Resident of the USA," said Mr.
Anthony, adding that "any hint
or suggestion by Mr. Hamilton
that the production of his Green
Card was of his own free will,
is misleading and
"It is safe to say, that if this
action had not been brought by
Mr. Liburd, Mr. Hamilton's
Permanent Residence status in
the USA would have remained

(CUOPM) The opposition
People's Action Movement
(PAM) Parliamentarian for St.
Christopher 8, Hon. Eugene
Hamilton deliberately misled the
St. Kitts and Nevis National
Assembly and the public and
abused the privilege afforded
him by his membership in
Parliament when he said he
produced of his own free will,
a copy of his United States
Green Card in response to the
Election Petition filed by Mr.
Cedric Liburd.
Mr. Hamilton, who was
declared the winner in that
Constituency following the
January 25th 2010 General

Election said he was served
with an Election Petition on 5th
February 2010.
He told the Speaker, other
lawmakers and the country on
Friday: "Following meetings
and decisions of the (High)
Court, I went a step further and
filed a copy of my (United
States) Green Card front and
back in the Court, which was
not an Order of the Court and
served those copies on the
Petitioner (Mr. Liburd) and the
other Respondents and also on
the Attorney General as
Intervener in this matter.-
But one of Mr. Liburd's
Legal Counsel, Mr. Sylvester
Anthony, disputes that

Hon. Eugene Hamilton

misleads the public

and abuses privilege in

the Nationa I Assembly

St. Kitts and Nevis

extends congratulations

to Jamaica on

Independence 48

oB~ados Labou MP & Farmer ~besdoi Primew halser

VAT is the best option

for region, says

Ca rib bean Statesman

Owen Art hur
(CUOPM) Barbados former Prime Minister and eminent
Caribbean Statesman, the Right Honourable Owen Arthur, has
described Value Added Tax (VAT) as the best option for the region
in the age of trade liberalisation.
In an interview over the weekend, Mr. Arthur said he was
surprised that it has taken St. Kitts and Nevis so long "as the
twin-island Federation is subj ected to the same forces in St. Kitts
and Nevis as we are in Barbados that warranted the introduction
on Value Added TAX (VAT)."
Mr. Arthur said he supported the introduction of VAT in
Barbados before he became Prime Minister and when he was
the Opposition Spokesman on Finance.
"WYe are living in an age of trade liberalization. What it means
specifically, if you take that concept and break it down, is that to
be part of a Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) we
have had to remove import duties on goods coming from the rest
of the Caribbean and also all Caribbean countries that are part of
the CSME have had also to reduce their top rate of import duties
from 45 percent to 20 percent to implement what is called the
Common Extemnal Tariff (CET). We had to do that in 1998",
Arthur said.
He explained that in order to compensate for the loss of that
revenue Barbados introduced the VAT in 1997.
But subsequent to that the region has become more and more
deeply involved in relationships that require the removal of import
duties, the former Prime Minister said.
"Recently we entered an Economic Partnership Agreement
with Europe which is about now to take full effect because it had
a three-year grace period. What that EPA involves is removal by
the region and economies like St. Kitts and Nevis of import duties
of good coming from Europe that historically have carried an

(CUOPM) St. Kitts and
Nevis has extended best wishes
to the Govemnment and people
of Jamaica as they celebrate the
48th Anniversary of

import duty", he said.
"The region is also
negotiating similar
arrangements with Canada and
I would imagine that other
countries would sooner or later
ask the region to put in place
new trade arrangements with
them; so in the age of trade
liberalization, countries that
have historically depended on
import duties for a large part of
their revenue now have to
remove those import duties and
you have to replace them with
something", he added.
The former Barbados leader
said the Value Added Tax
(VAT) is one of the options and
the best otion.
Arthur, who was adamant
that he was not trying to get
involved in the domestic politics
of this country, said that he was
surprised that "it has taken you
so long because you are subject
to the same forces in St. Kitts
and Nevis as we are in
Barbados that warranted the
introduction ofthe Value Added
He said one positive of the
VAT is that countries could
target the implementation to
free exports to make their
economies more competitive.
vou can also target it to
allow the sectors that you feel
are areas of activities that are
worthy of exemption from
taxes to be exempted from
taxes, he said.
But more to the point, it
brings an assuredness to the
collection of government
revenues to enable you to have
Sound fiscal position. The
Value Added Tax allows you to
broaden the base of taxes to
include things that historically
have not been subject to tax,
said Mr.Arthur, pointing out that
with a broader base of tax, the
rate can be lowered.

"On behalf of the Govemnment and people of the Federation of
St. Kitts and Nevis and on my own behalf, I extend congratulations
to you, the Govemnment and indeed the great people of Jamaica
on this auspicious occasion of the Forty-Eighth Anniversary of
your country's sovereignty," said St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister
Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas in a message to Jamaica's Prime
Minister Hon. Bruce Golding.
Dr. Douglas said it is his heartfelt wish that Jamaica and by
extension its people will continue to be rewarded with progress
and prosperity as this milestone in the history of Jamaica is duly
"May you take pleasure in the many commemorative activities
surrounding this year's Independence andlIhope that God's many
blessings maintain sway over all future national endeavours," said
Prime Minister Douglas.

ders Paradise

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To Magistrate, District B
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residing mn Carty's Pasture
in village of Tabernacle,
do hereby give you notice
that it is my intention to
apply in 1st day of
October, 2010 to the
Distract Magistrate at
Sandy Point for a Retail
Liquor Licence in respect
of my premises in Carty's
Pasture, Tabernacle.
Dated this 16th day of July
Signed by: Patricia Hope

The Labour Spokesman



The Ministries of
Health in St. Kitts and
Nevis are monitoring
the Dengue Fever
situation in the region.
There is no outbreak in
the Federation at this
time. In view of the
excessive rainfall,
prevention and control
measures must be given
the highest priority.

10- The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 13THI 2010

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The Labour Spokesman


See page 12)

times like these when we hear
so often, about violent activities,
deviance and other negatives
from our communities," said Dr
Harri s. "The people
particularly from Mansion and
Christ Church are
demonstrating for third year

(cont' d on next page)

The Labour Spokesman



withe8r8 points. n the frt
Anguilla's own, Singing Vinnie
who was crowned Calypso
Queen and National Calypso
Monarch on Wednesday,
August 4th. She was awarded
783 points.
In the 2nd runner-up
position was St. Kitts' reigning
Calypso Monarch, King
Socrates, receiving 739 points.
He performed confidently with
his two pieces "The Real
Health Scare" and "No Reason
At All" and in the 3rd runner-
up position was De Bear from
Antigua and Barbuda who
performed his two songs
"Calypso Come Home" and
"Don't Sing About De

podgsment". He gained 726
Other calypsonians in the
extremely exciting competition
were Kandie from Montserrat,
Astro from Nevis, Kanfu
Plentae from the USVI, Baker
Junior from French St. Martin
and the Luther B from the
British Virgin Islands.
King Konris has made
history inAnguilla being the first
calypsonian to win the Leeward
Island Calypso Monarch
competition back to back in its
entire 14 year history.
Konris arrived home on
Monday night, August 9th,
where he was welcomed by a
motorcade in his honour.

Konris repeats victory at 2010

Leeward Islands Calypso Monarch

Competi. the competition took place on "Mommy & Daddy", his heart
Com pe ition Saturday, August 7th, at the felt song about the negative
Landsome Bowl in Anguilla outcome of children who
By Charles Miller Jr whr aysnasicuig receive little or no attention
When the reigning Leeward the reigning Calypso Monarch from their parents.
Islands Calyp so Monarch, of St. Kitts, King Socrates, the In the second round, he then
Konris Maynard was 2010 Calypso Monarch of performed his energetic piece
announced as the winner of this Nevis, King Astro; and the entitled "Sleeping Tiger", a song
year's competition in the early reigning Leeward Islands that sends the message "never
hours of the morning ofSunday, Calypso Monarch, Konris underestimate your opponent."
August 8th, there was no Maynard fought for this year's In this performance, he fired
disapproval among the title. back some brand new lyrics
audience members that ranged Konris performed the two taunting his fellow competitors.
throughout the Caribbean. pieces that won him his crown In the end, the young
With Kittitian comedian and in the 2008 St. Kitts Nevis calypsonian walked away with
TV personality Leslie Calypso Monarch Competition. the crowd and judges' approval,
"Sugarbowl" Morton as MC, In the first round, he performed snagging the winning position

S. ,

: Dr Timothy Harris is introduced to members of the Stone Deals' sponsored Heights
Netball Club by the netball Captain Jameisha Henry. Behind Dr Harris are Alexander

Nikolic (in red cap) and Lloyd Lazar.

secretary (Lloyd Lazar of Hon Dr
Youth Empowerment and Develol
Sports) to make the Kitts an
commitment which we shall World -
deliver on we shall deliver on "It is
the commitment to provide a people (
spanking brand new hard court come te
facility for the people of what is
Mansion and we will have it in that c
done by this time next year,"
said the Minister.
Five teams, Tabernacle,
Back Street, Front Street,
Christ Church (defending
champions), and Heights, are
taking part in the PetroCaribe
James Harris T20 Cricket
League, while four teams,
Stone Deals sponsored Heights,
Back Street, Front Street, and
Christ Church are taking part
in the inaugural Community
Netball Competition.
The 2010 cricket league and
netball competition have been
sponsored by PetroCaribe
PDV St. Kitts Nevis Limited, Part ol
Parliamentary Representative Harris
for St. Christopher Seven, the Comple

Timothy Harris, the
pment Bank of Saint
Id Nevis, and Office
St. Maarten.
an excellent thing that
of the community can
together to showcase
good and what is well
immunity, especially in

PetroCaribe's General Manager,Alexander Nikolic,
making an address before the league bowled off.

f the crowd that witnessed the PetroCaribe James
T20 Cricket League at the Mansion Sports

Mansion-Christ Church

community promised

netball/basketball court

by Dr Harris
BASSETERRE ST. KITTS (August 9, 2010) After
residents voiced concern that Mansion-Christ Church was the
only community in the country without a netball/basketball hard
court, the area parliamentary representative Hon Dr Timothy
Harris has promised that one will be constructed within a year's
President of the Mansion-Christ Church Sports Club, Levi
Bradshaw, while making remarks on Sunday August 8 during the
official opening of the PetroCaribe James Harris T20 Cricket
League at the Mansion Sports Complex informed the parliamentary
representative that they were for this first time holding a
Community Netball Competition which would be played on grass.
"The club primarily endeavours to provide opportunities for
the wholesome development of the members of the community,
and we are really pleased for the support of our sponsors," said
Bradshaw. However, with respect to the game of netball, he
expressed concern that Mansion/Christ Church was the only
community in St. Kitts without a netball/basketball court.
When Dr Harris, who is also the Senior Minister and Minister
of International Trade, Industry, Commerce, Consumer Affairs,
Agriculture, Marine Resources, and Constituency Empowerment,
took to the podium, he reassured those gathered that his
commitment to the development of the constituency remained firm
and sincere adding that it is an expanded commitment.
"In that regard, I am happy in the presence of the permanent

ID e i~r' '-I''
r;f~ ~c? !i* ~Si~rr
~ ui

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 13THI 2010 Jll~lI13,13


that sponsors ofthe tournament
played critical role in investing
indthe community of Mansion
cricket brings communities and
indeed entire nations together.
In the opening cricket
match, defending champions
Christ Church were shocked by
Heights Cricket Club who beat
them by 18 runs. Heights batted
first and made 61 runs for the
loss of 8 wickets in the allotted
20 overs. J. Browne 16 not out
and bowling for Christ Church
J. Harris 3 for 12 and A.
Charles 2 for 11. Defending
champions, Christ Church,
batting were 44 all out in 15.3
overs with A. Charles 11 and
bowling for Heights S. Phipps
4 for 9.

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away from trouble and that it
was sports that he had for his
cons i~tuents, which required

'"That is true indeed because
sports keep the balance in body,
mind and spirit," commented
Nikolic. "Body because you
train it, mind because you need
to be focused in what you are
doing, and in spirit because you
have the joy of winning or
sharing with other people in all
what you are doing."
Permanent Secretary in the
Ministry of Youth
Empowerment and Sports,
Lloyd Lazar, who represented
Minister, Hon Glenn Phillip, said

7000 SQ. FT.



George Street -
Upstairs C& C Super foods


Why was this so? Is the
question to be answered! How did
one who had all the makings of a
"winner", wind up at the end such
a loser? Samson's family
background provides some clues.
Read the chapters suggested
On the one hand it is entirely
possible that Samson spent his
whole life reacting against the
emotional fanaticism of his
parents. On the other hand, one
could as easily argue that
Samson's adult life was not a
reaction to, but a repetition of his
father's qualities.
Samson lived what Socrates
would later call "the unexamined
life" and thus was tragically
vulnerable to a real attack on his
being. When Delilah first asked
Samson about the secret of his
strength, overgrown child that he
was, he responded playfully.
He was so unaccustomed to
serious, self-reflection that he did
not even realize what he was doing
or what her intentions were. She
succeeded probably using the
age-old weapon of cosmetic and
tears. The lesson for all of us to
learn is "It is one thing to give
away our life, but do not throw it
away". The Philistines came and
easily captured Samson, put out
his eyes and reduced him to an
obj ect of sport and ridicule.

After all, the world is full of
Delilahs. People who want to

know our secrets solely to manipulate us. Twenty first century Delilahs
come in various disguises probing for our weaknesses to manipulate us.
If our weakness is lust for power, lost of the flesh, lust of the eyes or the
pride of life or as is the case, these days money, greed and an insatiable
appetite for egotistic limelight. Manipulations are hard at work right
For example, there is a whole field of industrial psychology intent on
finding out all it can about the human secret, so that they can sell us
something and use us in ways that further their ends. Like it or not, we
live in a world that will exploit our secret if it can, which makes it all the
more imperative that we leamn to love ourselves properly so that we can
avoid "throwing away our lives".
Samson was never serious about putting together a coherent sense
of self out of which to do business with the world, and this fact, more
than any other, accounts for the failure of this one who possessed such
extraordinary natural gifts and talents.
Samson's life spiralled downwards to rock bottom but thank God to
restoration, renewal, new beginnings. All of this followed the Samson's
ridicule at one of the Philistines' cultic gatherings. Nevertheless, Samson
asked to be taken to the place where the pillars that held up the roof were
located. There he prayed one last prayer a petition of anger and hostility
and revenge. All he managed to do in the final act of his life was to kill
himself and in the process, to take more Philistines down with him than
he had ever killed before.
What a waste!i What a tragedy!i He could have given his life away so
effectively for the Hebrew people, but he chose instead to hti
away. Will we leamn anything from Samson's example? His story is a
warning to us to think through our lives, take stock, don't allow success
to drunken us and make a fool of us.
We only have to reflect on the demise of celebrities, icons in the
fields of entertainment, sports, the professions, politics, business,
religion and other fields of endeavour who seemingly had everything
going for them, but sadly failed to understand that success is a journey,
not a destination. Some people reach the top of the corporate ladder
only to find it is learning against the wrong wall.
It behoves all of us to learn to be nice to people on our way up
because we are likely to meet them on our way down, given that success
sometimes make failures of many of us. Let us keep a cool head, avoid
the anaesthesia that superficial success claims to give. True success is
anchored in spiritual ideal, core values of ethics and morals. Certainly
not in money power and sexual exploits.
May God help us to realize this!

The other day I was perusing my thesaumus in search of an appropriate
quotation for an article I was writing. Lo and behold, I came across this
one: Success has made failures of many men". (Cindy Adams). On the
surface it seemed paradoxical to me so, I decided to give it an in-depth
study to convince myself that the quotation has in it some underlying
truths. Please join me for what promises to be an interesting adventure.
I was viewing television one evening as a documentary on the life
story of a certain celebrity was placed under the microscope. One thought
jumped out at me when the narrator said "Everything he touched during
his career turned gold". You can think of many persons I'm sure in a
profession, in the field of sports, in politics, in the ecclesiastical arena,
also in the business sector to whom the same accolade could be given.
There is a well-known Bible character of whom it could be said that
success had made a failure of him. His name is Samson, that hero-judge
of Israel. Samson had all the gifts that any human being could have
possessed strength daring, flash, likeability and his exploits were the
kind that make for great drama and entertainment. The account is given
in the Book of Judges Chapters 13-16 which chronicle Samson's life.
Believe me they are master pieces of storytelling.

Samson was magnificently endowed by God to be a great leader of
his people in a time of need. The children of Israel had entered the
Promised Land by this time, and were hard at the task of trying to
establish themselves in a new environment. Samson was to have been
instrumental in this process, yet he never lived up to his extraordinary
potential. Instead, he had spent his days rather as something of a buffoon
and as an ineffectual play boy.

PetroCaribe's General
Manager, Alexander Nikolic,
;hpo wtso acompanid by hs
Mendoza, recalled that last
year Dr Harris told him that
sport was the best way to keep

Ma nsion-Christ Church

community promised
(cont'd from last page) positive things are happening
here and of that I am truly
that much good things and proud."

Lloyd Lazar walks off the pitch after throwing the first ball in the PetroCaribe James
Harris T20 Cricket League's match between Christ Church and Heights.



August 10, 2010
Over the last three months Shell branded operations across Anguilla, St. Kitts,
St. Maarten and the British Virgin Islands have been rebranded to reflect a
prominent Silver, Blue and Orange hue. On completion this rebranding project
will formally signal the introduction of the elegant Sol Retail Brand to service
stations and marinas across the Northeastemn Caribbean.
In 2005, Sol's journey began with a carefully orchestrated partnership with
Shell and over the past five years, Sol has continued to garner much success as
a licensee of the Shell brand. However as a regional company contingent on
continuous growth, Sol made the decision to rebrand its sites from Shell to Sol in
an effort to solidify its presence in the region. This re-branding process, which
began in April, will signal the continuation of the Sol Retail Brand which was first
revealed in Haiti in August 2009.
The Sol Retail Brand has been developed as a modem, innovative and easy
to maintain solution. Mr. Gerard Cox, Chief Executive Offcer of The Sol Group,
emphasised that re-branding its operations with the Sol emblem and colours is an
integral part of the company's desire to re-affirm its position as a new and improved
competitor in markets where Sol operates:
"Re-branding is part of our process to solidify Sol's presence in the region, by
making our brand more visible...we are excited because the design is modern, innovative
and its personality is warm and responsive which makes us immediately recognisable,
allowing us to stand out in each of the markets where Sol can be found. "
The completion of the re-branding exercise is scheduled for August 3 0, 20 1 0
and will result in the establishment of the Sol Retail Brand at 19 service stations,
11 marinas and 7 Sol Shops across the Northeastemn Caribbean.
The Sol Group is the Caribbean's largest independent oil company, operating in 17
countries across the Eastemn Caribbean, Guyana, Suriname, Belize, Puerto Rico and Haiti.
Sol supplies fuels, lubricants, bitumen and LPG through an extensive service station
network, marine, aviation and commercial operations; and acts as agent for Shell Marine
products. Sol uses the Sol brand under license across several countries in its service
station network, where it acts as the sole distributor of Sol's fuels and lubricants. This is
fully backed by Sol's world-class technical expertise. For more information, visit

Written by Floy Hensley
Faith: "Faith is the evident of things not seen"
Hebrews 11:1
To God be the glory and great and wonderful things, He has done and is going
to do in your life. Welcome to all Kittitians and Nevians, regional, international and
those connecting via the World Wide Web technology, readers to this weekly
inspirational and encouraging article.
I trust that you had a very productive week, in spite of the many challenges
faced but knowing that God is well able to deliver and see you through your situation.
We know that God is indeed good and working it all out now for your good, right
now and with,"Faith" all things are indeed possible with God. So let your faith be
increased today, with the understanding that God is in total control of everything
happening around you. God is about to do something great in your life because of
your constant praise and thanks giving to the Almighty God. So know that a great
breakthrough is coming through your "Praise" because God wants to do the
impossible in your situation. So just step aside and allow God to blow your mind
with what He has in store for you today.
Well at times you would think that nobody cares and you feel like giving up but
I am here to let you know, that God cares about you very much. When you have
lost love ones close to you through death, martial problems, family situations,
problems on the job, children problems, business deals not going the way, it was
planned to go, financial crisis, in school situations, verbal and physical abuse.
We have to speak life in our situation because life and death is in the power of
the tongue. When you have the confident and trust that only God can make a real
difference in your life and situation.
Well at times you may feel down, so depressed because of the many cares of
life and distractions that would keep your focus on negative and not the positive.
So keep a positive attitude, stay focus and allow God to be master and Lord over
all in your life.
It comes back with experiencing a great outpouring of God's promises in your
life and developing such a strong faith and confidence in the true and living God.
I give myself the adopted name of "woman of Faith" I speak faith and I am
living by faith daily. Faith without work is so dead, so step out in what God has in
store for you and have faith in the right things of God.
Father God, we pray that this week would be even better than last week,
believed by faith that God is about to do something great in that situation being
faced right now. God seems your pain, the struggles, the frustration, the cries deep
down from your heart. So let him comfort you today and make things night, so he
can get all the honour and glory in your life. I pray for God's blessings, favour,
protection from incidents and accidents, that your situation is in his hands right now
and he's working on your behalf.
Father God, I pray that your people would have a personal relationship with
You and knowing that indeed You are working it all out for their good. God is very
much concerned for your soul salvation today, accept him as your personal Lord
and savior because God is in deed love. So have a really blessed week coming up
and stay focus and positive with the right attitude and know that all things are
possible with God.
Miracles come from God and to continue to maintain your healing is to continue
to give God all the thanks and praise for the breathing grounds for greater miracles
in your life and situation.

Us SoOf My Men ta IEnerg y
While I wait at the bus stop or traffic lights, what is going through my mind?
While l am bathing or cooking food, what type of thoughts am I having? I sometimes
check myself: "What am I thinking?"
At a time when world re sources are at their lowest, and people working towards
conserving energy, am I throwing away enormous quantities of thought energy by
the second?
When I use up a lot of physical energy, my body becomes fatigued. In exactly
the same way, by expending large quantities of mental energy the mind gets tired,
giving rise to frustration, boredom, tension, etc. When my mind is tired and fatigued,
every task becomes difficult.
It is good to examine myself and see just where my energy is bemng lost. Even
if I eat well and nourish my body with care, I may still find myself feeling tired and
womn out if I do not use my mental energy wisely.

The Labour Spokesman


NEMA operations centre."
The Brigadier General, will be
accompanied in St. Kitts and Nevis by
Ms. Sarah Lionel, who is the Senior
Programme Officer for the project.
According to the NDC, the gathering
of information will play a significant role
throughout the entire exercise, but
particularly at the latter part, when
consultations with the ten National
Disaster Committees, key agencies,
including the disciplined forces, NGOs
and private organizations, will be
"This critical exercise seeks to
strengthen the already comprehensive
disaster management structure," Mr.
Herbert said, "with a view to revisiting
existing committee memberships in order
to address concerns and challenges to
mitigation, response and other
Review of the National Disaster
Plans and procedures will result in a
report prepared by the Senior
Programme Offcer, and submitted to
the Technical Manager, Preparedness
and Response and the NDC, at the end
of the second stage.
Minister of National Security, Hon.
Sam Condor, has expressed optimism for
the undertaking, which he insists, is
absolutely vital to our Nation's ability to
survive and to recover, from disaster.


Meditation Centre: Tel. 466 2550, 661 0933; 765 5785





St. Kitts and Nevis has been selected
as one of ten Caribbean Disaster
Emergency Management Agency
(CDEMA) member states, to receive
technical assistance, in order to review
and to update the National Disaster Plan.
National Disaster Coordinator (NDC),
Carl Herbert, says that the proj ect which
is being managed by the African,
Caribbean and Pacific States and the
European Union (ACP/EU), and
spearheaded by CDEMA' s
Preparedness and Contingency Planning
Specialist, retired Brigadier General, Earl
Arthurs, is to commence shortly.
"This mission will be undertaken in
two phases," NDC Herbert has said,
"with the first phase comprising an
information gathering exercise, which
will begin with a CDEMA audit and
conclude with an assessment of the
roles, responsibilities and functions of the

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 13THI 2010 15

In O~ne

fy 7Mtc wit

Vacancy for

Sales MVanager and

OperatioRS MBRangAF I

At J. Thakurami Ltd

Please replv to:

Colors Duty Free Jewellers
Port Zante
E O. Box 1823
St. Kitts.

teeth. When they are brought to
the station, they are placed in the
police cells, as a part of
disciplining them, so that they do
not run away.
They are taken before the
Magistrate where they are
remanded to Her Majesty's Prison.
When they are taken before the
Magistrate, do the police allow
Them the freedom of their hands
E and feet? hy I re tm
them, secure them and discipline
s which
adte them, they are shuckled to prevent
ind the flight 'Discipline .
ThoseThey are remanded to prison
until such time. Can they do as
abit the
hyae they like in the prison? No! the
coea prison is a high security
an o institution. If you want to break
esad the prison rules, they break you
lethy rst. They can add time on to the
led they rime you were sentenced; they can
seet lock you up in your cell all day;
gwlthey can put you in solitary
Wht confinement.
You are a prisoner and you
hlwe have to behave like a prisoner. You
sae.cannot disrespect the officers
adae much less the Superintendent of
sok the prison. You cannot tell them
.that you are not wearing the prison
nodr garb? You cannot tell them that
er you are not eating the prison food
llm f if you have been sentenced?
n't talkYou might be raw, wild and
t itth thless when you are outside, but,
pieh when you are behind the walls, you
an t have to be disciplined. In order to
nwlavoid our young men from being
ofter incarcerated in droves, wouldn't be better if we did not spare the
rod and spoileth the child?
TheWas Granny correct in her
Poie saying. An ounce of prevention
an f is better than a pound of cure?
Man has more potential in him
g them;
sude than to be locked away like an
or them

d to the To be continued..

Dear reader, somewhere in the book of Proverbs, it is stated that "We
must never spare the rod and spoileth the child". Today, man has
introduced his own set of laws, denouncing this scriptural passage in
Proverbs and implementing his own version of how to raise up a child.
It is child abuse to speak harshly to a child. It is child abuse to spank
a child. It is child abuse for the teachers in the schools to whip a child.
Those of us who were bomn in the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's know
what it is to disciplined. The number of us who ended up in prison can
be counted on both hands. The hands would not be used twice nor
would we have to migrate to our toes to count.
We knew that when our parents sent us out to purchase anything,
we had to make haste and return as quickly as it is possible. When our
parents sent us out, they would spit on the ground and tell us to retum
before the spit dried up.
This meant that we could not idle or go to any other place other than
where we were sent. When we awoke at mornings, each of us had our
duty to perform. Some would sweep the yard, some would fetch water at
the lone stand pipe in the street, some would catch the fire and put the
pot on to make tea, some would be sent to the bakers to buy the hot
bread, some would clean out the house, roll up the lodging or old clothes
we slept on the floor and roll them under our mother and father's bed, if
none of urinated during the night.
Some had to go and tie out the sheep or goats and look feed for them
when we untied them in the afternoon.
There were some parents who kept the animals under the house and,
when school was over for the day, those animals would graze and fill
their bellies. We still had to look feed to last them during the day when
we were at school. Despite all the work or duties we had to perform at
mornings, we still, without shoes on our feet, tread to school with our
bare feet clean, our hair combed and our teeth white as snow from guava
bush, peas bush or cane husks, because we knew nothing about tooth
brush and tooth paste. We had to arrive at school before the last bell
rang, or else it would be licks from the head teacher. This taught us
punctuality. This disciplined us. We did not end up in jail because we
were poor and did not possess material things.
Not one of us died from the lashes which were inflicted by the head
teacher or any other teacher for that matter when we misbehaved and if
the teacher reported us to our parents for misbehaving in class, even
though we were already punished, more punishment would come from
our parents.
Such strict discipline did not kill us and our prisons were not
overcrowded with young people. Those who slipped through and were
sent to prison were ostracised from the community. When they came
out in the gangs to work at the cemetery or elsewhere, they were so
ashamed that they hung their caps over their faces to hide their identity.

Our parents always instilled
within us the moral that we must
never grudge any one for what
they have because we do not know
how they came by it. Today,
everything our youngsters see
anybody with, they want it too.
But the moral is as good today as
it was yesterday. The moral still
holds strong.
When God created the world,
he created the dumb beasts. He
did not want to create man a dumb
beast as well, although man is a
part of the animal kingdom.
The Master did not want to be
sitting on His heavenly Throne
with no one with whom to
communicate, so He made man in
His own image.
He gave man a mind to think;
to differentiate good from evil. He
gave man a Mind to invent things,
to conquer the Universe, to ask
questions, to seek truth,
According to Matthew's
Gospel, He planted His Kingdom
into every man. The Kingdom of
heaven is within you. Man,
therefore is God Like. But man, on
his own is raw and untamed.
Man needs discipline in order
to curb the rawness or the
wildness in him or else man would
become a destructive force. When
you take away the need to
discipline a child at an early age,
when you take away the authority
from the teacher to discipline the
child at school, what are we doing
to that child? Is it any wonder that
our prisons are filled to
overflowing the world over with
our young men?
In 1666 the French, who

/ s


occupied a part of St. Kitta
was divided between them
English in 1626, brought
green back monkey as pets.
monkeys ran away and inh
mountains and hillsides. T
running wild and have be
nightmare to our farmers
households with fruits tr~
back yard gardens. Whi
were pets, tamed and train
brought laughter and amu
to their owners. Runnin
they now create havoc.
about our expensive dogs
we brought to guard us w
are asleep? They have er
They have j oined the pack
now a menace to live
belonging to poor farmers.
Man has to be tamed i
to save him from himself
reader, read with me and te
you agree with me? Dol
roughly to the child. Don'-
child. Spare the rod and s
the child both at home
school. Those children ru
from gangs, rob people (
hard earned material good
We report them to the
who go in search of them
police find them. The
shuckle them as a me
controlling and disciplinin
but the police, in order to
them, did not go hunting fe
with empty arms?
The police were armec

Bonle Evaporated Milk.

milk. He said that results show
that the PH level is approximately
6.2 which means that the milk can
be stored for a period of time.
"The other perimeter that we
looked at was the fat content
which is normally 7.5 according
to international standards we
were satisfied with Bonle's fat
content," he said.
The milk canbe sampled from
now through Tuesday the 17th
August island wide at major

Bon le Evapo rate M il k

launched in St. Kitts

By Melissa Amsterdam
The launch of a new brand of milk Bonle Evaporated Milk was
done during this week, 11thAugust, at the Ministry of Trade Conference
Room, Bladen Commercial Development, Basseterre.
The milk launched by the Senior Minister and Minister of Consumer
Affairs, Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris, is said to be of a more affordable
price than that of the now popular Camnation Milk currently favoured
by consumers.
The launch of the milk here in St. Kitts according to the Minister is
partly due to give consumers great quality milk with a great price.
Minister Harris said that he realizes there will be some challenges
with having the public accept the milk that will replace Camnation.
"The challenge is a marketing challenge," he said, "It's a challenge
for which there is noguarantee but consumers will have to deal withthe
reality. The need to share information with people concerning Bonle is
critical," he said during the press conference used to launch the new
brand of milk.
He said that the milk is of a quality comparable to Carnation but at a
much better value.
The Minister explained that Bonle will not be the only brand of milk
available on supermarket shelves, however it will hold a more competitive
"Of course if you go into the supermarket now you will see other
brands of milk that are there," he pointed out.
Director of the Bureau of Standards, Mr. Hiram Williams maintained
that Bonle holds international standards.
There were some special tests done to ascertain the PH levels of the

16 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 13THI 2010

Members from the R4M CCM~ were absent on the opposition benches when the vote was taken on
Wednesday night.
goods and services including interest and loan payments; some medicines for chronic diseases; bus fees:
residential rent: local farmers' produce: fuels such as gasoline, diesel, cooking gas and kerosene; articles
specific to disabled persons; printed reading material; and some imported food.
(Photo by Erasmus Williams)

"cSwine Flu"S no

lOnger a serious

threat; Health

MiniSter issHOS

Statement on the

Deng ue F ever
On Wednesday August 10th
2010, the Director General of the
WHO, Dr Margaret Chang, issued
a statement to the effect that the
world is no longer in phase 6 of
the H1N1 influenza pandemic alert.
The world has entered a post-
pandemic period meaning that the
H1N1 virus, commonly referred to
as i\ line flu has run its course
as a new influenza virus and is now
one of several seasonal influenza
The general public will recall
that the Federation experienced
two waves of H1N1 influenza.
Overall, the people of St. Kitts and
Nevis fared well during the
pandemic phases.
Appreciation is extended to all
health providers for their
outstanding performance in
responding to the H1N1 pandemic
and in caring for affected persons.
Special thanks to the various
media outlets for helping to
disseminate locally relevant
The Ministries of Health of
both islands will continue their
surveillance of influenza viruses
and other infections in
conjunction with CAREC and the
Pan American Health
B. Dengue
In a statement to Parliament,
the Hon. Marcella Liburd, Minister
of Health reported that there were

exist for an outbreak because of
the unhealthy practice of littering,
excessive rainfall and the presence
of an increased number of
confirmed cases in the
neighboring countries.
Reports out of Trinidad and
Tobago indicated that the
outbreak there started in rural
communities where people store
potable water. In St. Kitts and
Nevis, the need to store water for

(cont' d on page 19)

uniform assistance, foster care, etc.
Federation is EC $ 20 million.

The cost of social programs in the

five (5) suspect cases of Dengue
Fever but no outbreak situation.
An outbreak means that the
number of confirmed new cases
exceeds the number normally
Every year, there are several
cases of Dengue Fever in the
Federation usually less than ten
(10). So far for 2010, one (1)
confirmed case has been reported
in the month of January.
Surveillance reports do not
show an increase in suspect cases
at this time however conditions

St. Kitts and Nevis

Parliament approves

VAT legislation,

opposition benches

empty when vote


and Nevis Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Hon. Dr. Denzil L.
Douglas wrapped up a three-day debate on the impending Value-Added
Tax (VAT), on Wednesday night, escribing the measure as a necessary
component of his Federal Govemnment's economic stabilisation plans.
When the vote was taken at 8: 00 P.M., after spending 50 minutes in
Committee Wednesday night, the opposition benches were empty.
"The global situation is harsh. It is still not settled in the way one
expected it to settle. We do not have the luxury, therefore, of delaying
anything. We have to move fonvard," Dr. Douglas told Parliament as he
brought the debate to a close with a two and a half hour presentation.
"We have to move fonvard on our programmes. That is why the
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank ... is working closely with the various
governments in the Eastemn Caribbean Currency Union to ensure that
we stay on course in terms of stabilisation of the economy and ensuring
that there is growth and development," he added.
When the bill was voted upon and passed at the end of the debate,

the TVppositionch hes w een at 17 per cent, takes effect from
November l.
Prime Minister Douglas, who took over the Finance portfolio after
his St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party secured a fourth consecutive term last
January, insisted that the central g vemment is doing its part to stabilise

"Having the VAT introduced is only one part of it. I can assure you
that we are paying very, very careful attention to the situation at home,
he said, adding that the Cabinet has before it a document from the Finance
Ministry outliming how various ministries have been controlling their
expen i ure.
Additionally, Prime Minister Douglas said other government agencies
and departments have also been working with the Govemnment's Entities
Oversight Board to make sure that expenditure is kept in check.
This, he said, is "to ensure that everybody stars on course.
"These are some of the things that we are doing, Mr. Speaker. We are
not just coming in here and introducing a VAT. We're being very, very
prudent in the management of the government's affairs," he said.
Dr. Douglas said further that his Labour administration is in the
process of implementing "a comprehensive plan to stabilise the economy
and promote growth and development in order to move our country
fonvard "
"Our policy is not to introduce any new tax and leave it there. It is to
do other things, to have replacement taxes and really stabilise the
economy and move our country and our people fonvard.
"We will do other things," he promised.
"Mr. Speaker, we will, of course, have to look at a business tax, the
new corporate tax we will reduce it from what it is today. I gave a
commitment to the business community. I keep my word. We will reduce
the corporate tax to ensure that the business community does not have
pain and making sure that it is working with them. We want it to work all
Prime Minister Douglas said the government wants to ensure that
the local business community has the opportunity to improve its
competitiveness and has already taken steps to address that.
"We've put in place the Competitiveness Council, which is working
.. it has had a body of recommendations to bring to my attention, I
understand, as to how we can stimulate the economy and making sure
that we are more competitive as a jurisdiction in dealing with the rest of
the world.
"This is a comprehensive package and the introduction of VAT is
only one aspect of it," he said.
Among the taxes being abolished with the introduction of the VAT
are the Consumption Tax, the Hotel Accommodation and Restaurant
Tax, the Cable TV Tax, the Vehicle Rental Levy, the Insurance Premium
Tax, the Export Duty, the Public Entertainment Tax, the Lotteries Tax, the
Gaming Machine Tax, the Traders Tax, the Telecommunications Levy
the Island Enhancement Fund and the Parcel Tax.
The government said there would be exemptions for a range of basic

Minister Liburd highlights

implOrtant health issue in

VAT Legislation
In her presentation on the VAT legislation, the Hon. Marcella Liburd
pointed out a number of issues that were of importance to the health of
the population.
1. In light of the Federation's high rates of obesity, high blood
pressure and diabetes, and the resulting premature loss of life, kidney
function, eyesight and limbs, there is need for tax policy to make healthier
food and beverage items more affordable and accessible to the public.
2. Several items that are either vital or essential to promoting health
and maintaining health are exempt from VAT. They include:
a. Water
b. Food produced by local farmers and fishers.
c. Certain imported food items particularly those made of whole
grain, low in fat, salt and refined sugar.
d. Essential medicines i.e. those prescribed for the control of
diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, asthma, cancer etc.
e. Medical products used by disabled persons.
3. VAT is a measure to provide government revenue to
a. Keep government health facilities open and operational. Health
centers are totally free. Senior citizen homes are also totally free. Hospital
services are free to most residents. The cost to the government (Federal
and NIA) is EC $52 million or EC$ 1000 for every person.
b. Maintain social services such as the home care program for the
elderly, food voucher program for persons with HIV/AID S, school meals,

Job Advertisement

achan lo h m a n really

indicate a fall of the great
athlete, but rather a hiccup. Just
before the DN Meet, Bolt
called it quits, cutting his season
short because of back pain and
injury before his loss to Tyson
Gay ~~
Bolt had been complaining
of back tightness. Manager,
Ricky Simms, wrote in an e-
mail that he would have
treatment to loosen his back and
then rest, skipping IAAF
Diamond League track and
field meets in Zurich on August
19, and Brussels on August 27.
Simms said, "He has a
tightness that restricts his ability
to generate power in his stride
and continuing to race in this
condition could risk injury to his
hamstrings or calf muscles.
Bolt then lamented, "I am
very disappointed to miss two
of the top meetings on the
circuit ... but trust that it is
better for me not to take any
risks this year. 2011 and 2012
are very important
Championship years and I hope
to be back fully fit and healthy.
I would like to thank everyone
for their support and look
forward to coming back
stronger next year."
When is it evident that an
athlete is no longer skilled?
What causes even top athletes
to fail? Chris Sonksen (2010:6)
suggests four reasons.
First, they set too many
goals. They fail to focus on just
one core goal. In such cases,
they set themselves up for
failure rather than setting
themselves for success. The
advice is to setting goals that
are out of their reach as this
cause them to work harder and
dream bigger if not elusive.
Second, even top stars are
not sufficiently accountable.
They set goals as a professional
and then fail to follow up on
them. In some cases, the goals
weren't all that important. The
advice is to set goals and put
into place a system of
accountability, and on a weekly
or monthly basis, they are to

;ialal o Rn


Fall or Upset?

Upset! When do we witness an upset: when do we see a fall?
Did Yang exposed the crack in Tiger's wood: did Tyson Gay expose
the crack in Usan's bolt?
In the recent past, the world witnessed the fall of two great
sporting titans. Did the world really see a fall or did the world
simply saw the weaknesses of man that are in every super star.
Y.E. Yang chased down Woods in the final round of the PGA
Championship outside Minneapolis, handing him his first loss in a
major when he held the 54-hole lead. The prevailing question
throughout most of last year's PGA was, "How can he possibly
lose?" Now, on the eve of this PGA, it's more like, '1Will he make
the cut?"
Tiger Woods shot all four rounds over par at a tournament for
the first time since the 2003 PGA Championship and shot three of
his worst scores in 48 rounds at Firestone during the week of
August 08.
Woods, who shot 77 during the final round, had four straight
rounds over par, leading to a slew of negative "accomplishments"
that will remain difficult to comprehend.
A glance at Woods' scorecard tells only part of the story. His
game is in tatters along with his reputation, and the thought was
that getting back along the fairways would be his salve.
Unfortunately, Woods can't find a fairway. He hit just 22 of 56
for the week at Firestone, and that is only the start of his problems.
He hit indifferent iron shots including a semi-shank during
Saturday's third round and couldn't save himself around the
greens. And it started from the first hole.
Woods hit atee shot in the left rough, tried to hook his approach
and saw it come up short in a bunker. He barely gave his sand
shot a moment's thought, blasted out well short, never studied the
putt, and needed 2 strokes for a bogey.
It was shocking enough to watch Tiger Woods finish 18-over-
par in the Bridge stone Invitational. It was more shocking to see
him hit shots without contemplation, as if he didn't care.
His personal problems are affecting his play. How could his
mind not drift at times? Plus, on a tangible level, he became the
world's best player by blending extraordinary talent with
supernatural drive (much like his good friend Michael Jordan did
in basketball). Woods has spent far less time practicing this year-
he said, because of all the issues swirling in his life.
The numbers convey the magnitude of Woods' woes. It's
nothing new for him to hit wayward tee shots, but he's dropped to
163rd on tour this year in driving accuracy (from 86th last year).
More striking is his inability to reach greens in regulation 16th
last year, 166th this year and his sudden struggle making putts
(23rd in putting average last year, 86th this year).
The other major upset was in the area of track and field. The
fastest man on earth Usan Bolt was upstaged by Tyson Gay.
From Beijing to Berlin, it seemed that Bolt and his long-
turbocharged strides were more than a match for anyone over
100 meters but lightening man was badly beaten by Gay.
Gay beat the Jamaican in the 100 meters dash at the DN Galan
meet in 9.84 seconds at the same stadium where Bolt last lost a
race two years ago.
The American seemed in complete control against the world
record-holder. The pair raced side by side in lanes four and five.
Gay, looking comfortable, drew away while Bolt strained to keep
up and finished second in 9.97.
Bolt has run faster this year, finishing in 9.82 a month ago in
Lausanne, Switzerland. A sellout crowd in the 1912 Olympic
Stadium turned silent before the showdown. And the tension
heightened even further after two false starts.
Bolt, coming from injury, said. "I'm not unbeatable. I can be
beaten and it showed today. I think it showed that I wasn t in the
best of shape. This is my easy season. If you don t beat me this
season it's not going to happen next season because next year is

Be Prepared

The Labour Spokesman


I~ -_ -
Peter Adrien is an author and sports analyst. His latest United
Nation's sponsored book, Sport Tourism, a must-read for policy
makers, tourism investors, hoteliers, academics and students is
now available. Call Peter at 869-6689752, 869-4651603 or email for a copy.
Visit Peter's website

make sure that thev visit their goals and the progress frequently.
This will keep them accountable and will cause them to take the
goals more seriously.
Third, even top sporting legends are too lenient in their appraisal.
How does one react when he or her fails to reach hi or her goal?
Some simply say "that's ok, I'll do better next time." Self
admonishing is sometimes important. Obviously one wants to be
self-encouraging, however one has to feel responsible for not
reaching the objective. They need to understand that it is not
acceptable and should begin to possess a sense of urgency about
the poor results.
Fourth, even great athletes do not always have a strategic
plan to reach their goal. Sometimes they spend time setting the
goals, but little or no time creating a strategy to reach them. Could
you imagine, that would be like a pilot leaving Port of Spain and
setting his destination for Miami and not putting together a plan -
no flight schedule, no thought of fuel, no checking on weather
conditions. In this case, the pilot has a goal, but no strategy to
successfully obtain it. The advice is: when one sets goals, create
a strategy to obtain the goal; break the big goal down into small
steps and make yourself accountable to each step throughout the
journey. These small victories will motivate any one to the end
What is your verdict? Tiger may be ion real trouble but has he
reached his fall? Is the second upset an indication that the
"Thunder Bolt" from Jamaica has been replaced by another? I
think that what we saw was two cases of professional athletes
being emotionally and physically unprepared for high-intensity
I really don't think in the positive in either case! What do
you think?



Duties :



Personal Trainer (Full Time/Experienced &
Conduct fitness orientations, fitness assessments,
plan and implement personal training sessions
(individual, semi-private and group), conduct
aerobic and specialty classes (Pilates, Yoga etc.)
Call for specifics
Minimum two years education in exercise
science or related field or two years' experience
in similar position; Internationally recognized
personal training certification; Current CPR and
First Aid certifications
Able to physically demonstrate proper usage of
equipment and form for exercises. Must be able
to lead classes ranging from moderate to intense
exertion levels
Changing shifts from 5:00 am to 8:30 pm
Commensurate with experience
Fitness Plus,
PO Box 208, Basseterre, St. Kitts
(869) 466-5005

18 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, AUGUST 13THI 2010

Ministry of Social Services host

fun day for children

Public Education Forum
All are invited to a Public Education Forum organized by the Senior Minister, Dr the
Hon Timothy Harris, Minister International Trade, Industry, Commerce, Consumer Affairs,
Agriculture, Marine Resources, Cooperatives and Constituency Empowerment and Member
of Parliament for St. Christopher 7, slated for 19th August, 7pm sharp at Joshua Obadiah
Williams Primarv School formerly the Molineux Primarv School .
Topic for discussion:
"Opportunities to Better Organize For Valued Added Tax (VAT) and
the Current Economic Times."

Local Track and Field
Coach Craig Connor, who is
attached to the Department of
Sports, is seen officially
recieving his IAAF CECS
level 1 lecturer's certificate
fromElio Lacotelli on July 9th
2010 in San Juan Puerto Rico.
Lecottelli who is incharge
of the IAAF's Coaches
Education Program lecturered
at this follow up course for
Coach Connor,who is also
alIAAF level 5 Chief Coach is
now one of the most
experienced level 11lecturers
in the region, having lectured
on five courses to date, three
within the Federation and the
other two in Grenada and the
The Dept. of Sports
within the Ministry of Youth

Empowerment, Sports, Information Technology.
Telecommunications & Posts extends congratulations to
Coach and Lecturer Craig Connor and look forward to the
athletes within the federation and the region reaping
continued benefits.

By Melissa Amsterdam
To celebrate St. Kitts- Nevis' 20th
anniversary of the ratification of the UN
Convention on the Rights of the Child the
Ministry of Health Social Services.
Community Development, Culture and
Gender Affairs organized a fun day on the
LIME Playing field on Saturday August 7th.
A number of energetic children could be
seen jumping away on bouncing castles and
playing other fun games.
The majority of the children participating
in the event as was told by the Acting
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Ms.
Sharon Rattan are from the Children Home-
Foster Families and the Special Education
"We decided to bring together Foster
Families, families from the St. Christopher
Children s Home, and families from the
Special Education to spend a day of fun "
Ms. Rattan said, explaining the day's event.
She said that programmes such as what
are being pushed by the Ministry target
vulnerable children.

"Our programmes are designed to
protect them and placing them in homes,
she said about the children who she termed
as "at risk .
The Permanent Secretary said that the
fun was very enriching to the children
"Firstly, they are learning how to play
together and developing social skills as well
as new friendships," she observed.
Ms. Rattan said that she sincerely
believes that the children would grasp that
there are people who really care about them.
She thanked the social partners who
worked closely with her and the Ministrv of
Social Services to make the day possible.
Ms. Rattan also mentioned that everyone
in the Ministry pitched in so the fun day
could be e jovable without a hefty nrce t g
due to everyone's generosity.
Ms. Rattan said that anyone seeking to
become foster parent can gointo the
Ministry's Office on Victoria Road, adding
that to be a foster parent was a noble and
selfless act.


.Executive Search
The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) is seeking two talented
professionals to join its senior management team in the capacity of: (A) Senior
Assistant Registrar Human Resources and (B) Information Systems Manager.
Both positions will be based at CXC's Headquarters in Barbados and will
report to the Director, Corporate Services, CXC.

The successful candidate will be rqITed tOUR:
Develop Human Resources policies and programs for the Council in
the areas of: organisational planning, organisational development,
induction and training, employee relations, compensation, benefits,
safety and health, and employee services
Originate Human Resources practices and objectives that will
provide a balanced program throughout the Council
Coordinate implementation of the above mentioned points through
Human Resources staff line management and hands on employee
education programmes
Suppo rt, adv ise and assist the Reg istrar a nd the se nior ma nage me nt
team on Human Resources issues

The successful applicant must have:
7 10 years experience as a seasoned HR professional gained
through increasingly responsible management positions within
Human Resources
Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Human Resources. Specialised
training in organisational planning, compensation, and proactive
labour relations
Post graduate degree or equivalent in Human Resources and/or
Certification from a recognized professional HR body (SPHRI
M Cl PD)
The successful candidate will be required to:
Provide proactive technology solutions that meet the core needs of
the Council and its stakeholders
Provide technical advice to the Council on information technology
Manage the Council's data processing operations
Provide technical assistance to institutions and member countries
on an ongoing basis

SD toctdeane opxp s ade escu pier relat ent rrse-wide disaster
recovery and business continuity plan
The successful applicant must have:
A first degree in Computer Science or related discipline from a

::-"nse pos: "iduate qualification in Information Technology
or related discipline
At least 5 years experience in a Management or Senior Supervisory
Knowledge of RDBMS, Object-Oriented Methodologies and
Structured Analysis and Design techniques
Project Management skills
Must have the ability to translate technology speak into tangible
returns to the Council and its users

Demonstrable track record of successful delivery of organisational
tra nsfo rmatio n a nd change manager ent on a nu mber of h igh profile,

sttrattegiic changoek aojects obl ogramnmeptual thinking and decisive
decision making
strong bias fo r action and capable of translating the strategic agenda
dnrtioeattionable, qualitative plans; conveys a sense of urgency and
Comfortable performing multifaceted projects in conjunction with
y-trieo-drieactd ie eab lewhen necessa ryto beassertive/pe rs uasive
with internal and external customers
Superior interpersonal abilities. Ability to get along with diverse
Meurso li es eau mf cnf de ial ty required for the role and treat
all issues in a manner that promotes the integrity of the Human
Resources and Information Services functions and CXC at large
Ability to quickly establish credibility with team and others. A
decisive individual who is able to flex to recognize and support the
organisation's preferences and priorities
Participative management style--advocate of team concept
Experience working with an education body will be an asset
CXC is a performance driven organisation and offers a competitive and
attractive remuneration and benefits package and opportunities for further
training and career experience. Further information about CXC can be
obtained from the website:
htt p://
Interested applicants should email their Resumes to:
Resumes along with a cover letter should be addressed to:

The Registrar
Caribbean Exammnations Council

and should be received via email ONLY on or before 13 September 2010.
Only applicants who have been short-listed will be contacted. Thank you for
your interest.

Loca I coach officiaIly

recieves his IAAF CECS leve11

19CturerS CertifiCate

"Swine Flu" no longer a serious threat; Health Minis-

ter issues statement on the Dengue Fever

By Vigilante
The 3 blind mice "Up de Hill" performed so badly in the VAT
Debate this week, and disappointed so many of their own Party
supporters, that right-thinking PAMites have been blasting them,
saying it better they had absented themselves from Parliament, for
they made no positive contribution whatsoever to the Bill and the
Other concerned PAMites are saying that instead of making a
fool of themselves and d isgracing the Party, as they did, they would
have done the party some good, by staying home and sleep like
"The Sleeping M.P" who was caught red-handed sleeping in
Parliament, reportedly suffering from "political fatig ue".
Dey say they spent so much of their time and energy ranting
and raving, trying to score cheap political points, that that poor
Green Card fellow was forced to take a good nap before the session
started, took off his jacket and snored like a donkey.
We are told that he complained angrily to one of his PAM
friends who reminded him of the old saying that "Love so, ain't
have so" and the Golden Rule of the good old Sunday School days:
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".
SDe Sheriff is vying for the leadership job in the proposed PAMI
CCM Coalition partnership that is presently being hammered out
between himself and some heavy weights in PAM, to get rid of the
Harvard University pappy-show.
He say de Harvard University pappy-show spells disaster for
PAM, which in its present state is no alternative for Douglas and
the Labour Party. Only he can make the difference.
He say the coalition partnership worked in England and Trinidad
and he has a dream that an alliance here in St. Kitts and Nevis
may help. He can't wait for another ten or 15 years to fulfil his
dream of becoming the third Prime Minister of the Federation.
The official word out of PAM is that he had several meetings
with the PAM M.Ps and their advisers, planning strategy to sing
the same tune at the Debate on the VAT Bill -without the knowledge
of his Party Leader, Uncle Vance.
But, while de Sheriff sang for his supper, pushing PAM aenda,
Uncle Vance remained in his usual neutral gear. And elders of the
CCM Party are now referring to de overambitious Sheriff as "a loose
Like "No. 6", he (de Sheriff) woke up de sleeping Tiger from
Nevis 11, and he had to tek it and mek run way in de night, leaving
poor Uncle Vance to tek all de blows in de House on Wed nesday.
*Asked why he ran from de sleeping Tiger (de AG), de Sheriff
responded by saying that he was not part of the CCM Government.
Uncle Vance must be a man and tek he blows by himself.
Wid all de big talk about "poor people", neither de Sheriff, nor
his PAM colleagues said anything about the Bill, nor made any
meaningful recommendations to improve the lot and welfare of the
poorand needy.
*Asked in Nevis, why he spent so much time talking about
poor people de Sheriff remarked: "Boy, all that in politics", and
added that, that was just a smartness to win votes and win de
upcoming elections in Nevis.
Sandy Pointers want to know how Shawn could openly abuse
his own family and fellow Sandy Pointer and describe the work of
he and his VAT team as "laughable"
Rumour has it that de "Fly on de Wall" (who likes to show off
he "pretty legs" in his short pants) and "Queen Cassandra" fall out.
She is accusing him of trying to teach her better half how to drive
Volkswagen cars, with shift gear in the back.
People want to know how de Tek Way Key PAM Minister
could be so brazen to talk about democracy and decorum in
Parliament, when he used to join with his leader (Dr. Simmonds)
and other MPs of the ruthless PAM regime, using all sorts of dirty
and neaga house tactics to try and silence Dr. Douglas and his
Labour Team in de House; harassing them and threatening to bury
LABOUR, 6 feet deep.

The Labour Spokesman


"foton andiloatiic tis, ed dus
diplomatic relations were
established on the 23 of September
in 1983, four days after
independence. However our
efforts and activities began in 1981,
through cooperation in agriculture
through the Taiwan agriculture
technical mission.
He went on to say that for some
twenty nine years, this partnership
between agriculture on St. Kitts/
Nevis and the people of Taiwan
has been expanding and has
brought benefits through all areas
of agricultural cooperation.
Director of Agriculture
(St.Kitts), Ashton Stanley was
thankful for the farming gifts and
highlighted the challenges over
the years in getting the equipment.
"Our machinery pool started in
1985 and since then, the
department has been heavily
criticized for its land preparation
activities. When we embarked on
the machinery pool there were a
lot of concerns and fears regarding
its sustainability. Twenty five
ears later we are still with the
program and while we have not
purchased many pieces of
aqimet ane can boast of
course agricultural development
was not pursued aggressively
back than as it isbeing done today.
"We have also embarked on
what we are referring to as the new
agriculture. With this new
agriculture comes new thinking
and new actions. One of the new
actions we are pursuing today is
the empowering of our farmers, by
making these equipment available
to them. The decision made on St.
Kitts is to sell the equipment at half
price to a number of famers who
have indicated an interest in
purchasing them."
Meanwhile, the Director of
Agriculture in the sister isle of
Nevis, Keithley Amory was
pleased about the contribution
made by the Taiwan Government.
He stated that there are smaller
farms in Nevis compared t those
in St. Kitts and saw the donated
machinery as being beneficial.
"We are now getting deep into
back yard farming and these
machines would really be anasset
to our small farmers. Trying to
maneuver a large tractor with a
quarter acre of land is very
dif ficult. However these machines
would really help us to have better
control of our tilling and farming
operation," he said.


In For World Health Day celebrated in April this year scores of
people gathered in downtown Basseterre, (on Fort Street) to partake
in a health conscious event organized by the ministry of health in
collaboration with the department of agriculture and the
department ofsports. Taiwan Technical Mission in St.Kitts and
Nevis members:(L-R) Anling Lee (specialist), Fang (Engineer) and
Yang Chih-Chieh (assistant specialist) had their preserved local
jams, dried fruits and abso local drinks to display and sell to the
The handing over ceremony was held last Wednesday afternoon at
the Department of Agriculture, located at La Guerite in Basseterre by the
Taiwan Technical Mission in St. Kitts and Nevis.
It is understood that the machine include twelve power tillers and six
cultivators which willbe sold to farmers throughout the Federation at a
reduced price.
The Minister of Agriculture, Timothy Harris, spoke highly on the
diplomatic relationship between Taiwan and the Federation. He expressed
the appreciation of his government towards the assistance and working
relations which strengthens the tie between the two countries.
According to Minister Harris "It is a relationship that has been long

.' ..

1 &

Local fruits and vegetables vendor, Heather Greene selks l pound of
seasoning pepper to 22 year old Lornette Lawrence. Greene says she
buys her produce from the locals farmers in Lodge and Phillips.
Greene's daughter, 8 year old Krysta Phipps is all smiles.


(cont' d from page 16)

drinking, cooking and washing
has been eliminated because water
is piped directly into homes.
Nevertheless, with the

continuing heavy rainfall, it is
possible for water to collect in
containers such as flower pots,
cans, tires, shells etc. allowing the
dengue spreading mosquitoes to
breed. The Minister of Health
appealed to all persons in the

community to search out and
destroy all mosquito breeding
sites in their homes, yards and
adjacent lots. She concluded that
community action will go a long
way to prevent an outbreak of
dengue in the Federation.

Taiwan Govt donates to

SKN Ag ri culture

By Precious Mills
The resources of the Agriculture Department here in the Federation
of St. Kitts/Nevis have been boosted, following a donation of eighteen
machines as well as equipment spare parts by the Taiwanese Government.

The Labour Spokesman





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