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St. Kitts and Nevis gets greenlight

for OECS Economic Union

JUNE 13TH 2010 (CUOPM) St.
Kitts and Nevis' Prime Minister
Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas says
the integration of Caribbean has
been an important policy plank of
every Labour Party Administration
that has held office in the twin-
island Federation.
"The creation of a single
economic space in the region will
give our people more room to
express and manifest their
immense talents and capabilities
and will prepare them to venture
confidently into global waters in
search of opportunities. The
Economic Union would also
provide the framework for the
people of the Caribbean to pool
their efforts to fight crime and
other social ills and to build
stronger and more effective

that I have the honour and
privilege of leading today," Prime
Minister Douglas told the National
Assembly as he sought the
approval of the lawmaking body
for St. Kitts and Nevis to join the
OECS Economic Union.
"Indeed, our National Hero, the
Right Excellent Sir Robert
Bradshaw played an important role
in the West Indies Federation and
served as Minister of Finance, and
actively supported the
establishment of the Caribbean
Free Trade Area (CARIFTA) and
the Caribbean Community
(CARICOM). When the Federation
collapsed, he did not give up on

institutions for the continued
development and for safeguarding

our society. This was the vision of
the founders of the Political Party

Blanchette fired for criticizing

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(coiil'd Oil pige 23)

PM Douglas successful in

getting international

endorsement for CARPHA

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Citizens applauded for S it n
educational-grasping Nei'VteI o
approach to VAT m SC O

Caribbean and he was one of the
leading proponents of the Grenada
Declaration in 1971, which sought
to bring a number Eastern
Caribbean Countries into a
political union with Guyana,"
Prime Minister Douglas.
Prime Minister Douglas said he
believes that integration is the
vision of the people of St. Kitts
and Nevis as a whole.
"Indeed, I am convinced that
the people of the OECS have seen
the benefits of collaboration
through the existing OECS
institutions and are now ready for
the next step of the integration
process. I cannot help but detect
a sense of frustration among our
people over the relatively slow
pace of regional integration," Dr.
Douglas told parliament.

(cont'd on page 2)


The Labour Spokesman


S THE LABOUR Citizens applauded for
POKESIA- educational-grasping

Published bv: The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union apprOach to VAT

Ag. Managing Editor: Dawud Byron
Masses House, Church Street
P.O Box 239. Basseterre. St. Kitts. West Indies
Tel: (1 869) 465-2229 <> Fa: (1 869) 466-9866

I r

Time allows PAM

to reveal itself
Life has its peculiar way of revealing all things. The more one seeks
to hide the true motive of his actions, it is more certain that in time it will
all be revealed.
There are some who often clamor and call for the demise of others in
condemning and accusatory tones. These folk see others, imagined or
otherwise, as reprehensible souls and point the finger at others not
realising that time reveals all truths.
Over the past few years PAM and its leadership have sought to
discredit the Labour party. Time and again the party mouthpieces wagged
their tongues saying that there was no accountability and transparency
in the nation's governance under Labour. They said Labour exercised
too much power and that should they win, they would enact legislation
assuring a two terms limit to the leadership of the country.
With all the flagrant and unfounded untruths spoken by PAM against
the country, who would have thought that "Sprat would have come out
the water to say that Sharks have sore eyes"?
Who would have believed that there would have been internal
wrangling in that party of a magnitude that candidates of the party
would not be invited to their party's caucus after coming public to say
that PAM's leadership is deeply corrupt and hurtful, lacking
accountability and transparency?
Right on the heels of the General Elections of January 2010, whenthe
topics raised by PAM included allegations of corruption in the Labour
Party, of lack of transparency and accountability in the government, and
of too much power reposed in the office of the Prime Minister, the nation
now reads a petition signed by five of the PAM candidates who have
insisted on new leadership in their party, citing these and other reasons
to justify their petition.
The PAM candidates said, in writing to the party chairman, that their
leader's involvement in a bribery scandal was damaging the party's image
and its electability. They pointed to his "lack of transparency and
accountability with campaign finances."
Mr. Grant was also accused of abusing his powers under the party
constitution and excluding "candidates from the decision-making
process" of the party.
One of the candidates after the PAM Caucus of 2010 went on to say
that "the re-election of Lindsay Grant as political leader of PAM may be
perceived as an endorsement of political corruption". In other words,
people may well see that PAM has openly embraced Mr. Grant's brand
of bribery, unaccountability, and lack of ethics as the party's standard.
But this is no surprise to those who know the creature called PAM.
The candidates should have known all along that they were only
errand boys, for Labour told them so. They all knew that only those of
the aristocratic ilk of Lindsay Grant and company have any say in PAM.
They all knew that they were being used to make ordinary people think
that common folk can sit at the PAM table and bring their opinions and
interests, but they chose to overlook it for the sweet promises which
were made to them.
For some of them, this was not their first election running for the
PAM party, but they are now awake to the reality that the second bite at
a bad cherry is just as awful. For some the 2010 election was a second
attempt to sell PAM as the party of the people at the expense of
conscience and country began to grate against what was left of their
seared consciences. They even insisted that they will fire persons, as
high up as the Governor General, when they win.
Time is now revealing that the people were being lied to in the

general public on St. Kitts is being
applauded for the keen interest
shown in becoming fully informed
and educated on the pending
November 1st implementation of
Value Added Tax (VAT) system
here in the twin-island Federation.
Such high praise was given by
Senior Tax Officer and Public
Relations Officer of the Tax Reform
Unit at the Inland Revenue
Department, Ms. Sonia Boddie
while speaking to this newspaper
on Monday night of this week
(14th June), following a town hall
VAT consultation held at the St.
Peter's Community Centre.
This public discussion exercise
came as part of an ongoing series
of island wide VAT public
consultations both on St. Kitts and
Nevis being conducted by the Tax
Reform Unit in the Ministry of
Ms. Boddie explained that
most persons so far have been
quite receptive to the fact that VAT
will be implemented here in the
She said the VAT town hall
meetings are intended to basically
educate the general public on the
Value Added Tax and how it would

impact them, how it operates and
the benefits of that tax system.
The rate at which VAT will be
applied, as indicated Ms. Boddie,
is a major concern of individuals.
When asked about the
proposed rate for VAT her
response was: "At this point I
cannot say what the rate will be
but what I know for a fact is that it
is going to be less than the average
rate of the present consumption
tax, which is 22.5%."
"But I think, they have been
quite receptive to the education
that we have been giving them and
they have been asking quite a lot
of questions and also have been
giving us a lot of suggestions, and
to be honest we have been noting
them and taking them back to the
drawing board and to the policy
makers and some of these
suggestions that have been
brought forward are being
seriously considered right now for
revision," the senior tax remarked.
Customs tax specialist
attached to the Inland Revenue
Department (Tax Reform Unit),
Jason Christopher in his
presentation outlined the
objectives of the VAT town hall
meetings which he said are to

present the basic concepts of the
VAT system; explain your rights
and responsibilities as a final
consumer; explain the
administrative needs for a VAT to
operate and highlight the potential
impact of a VAT.
Additionally he said the Value
Added Tax is tax on consumption;
it is charged on the value of
imports and that it is the final price
to consumers (including mark up
on goods and services).
Consumers' right and
responsibilities as it pertains to
VAT include knowing which
businesses can charge VAT;
collecting sales receipt from
businesses and knowing which
goods and services are taxable,
exempted and zero-rated.
A VAT public consultation
took place on Wednesday night
of this week in the Tabernacle
community. Copies of the White
Paper on VAT are distributed at
each town hall meeting.
Additionally, a second phase
of the island wide public
consultations will be conducted
when the applied VAT rate is
Contact information in respect
to suggestions, concerns and or
queries on VAT can be directed at or 467-1931.
Additionally persons can visit or go to the
office on the 2nd Floor Ministry
of Finance, Church Street,

St. Kitts and Nevis gets greenlight ..... (cont'd from page l)
"This is vastly differently from the situation that existed when the ill-fated West Indies Federation collapsed
because today, integration is not being pushed upon us by outside forces. Instead, it is being recognized by
our people as a potential force for significant social and economic transformation," said Dr. Douglas, who
recommended the Resolution for the strong and unequivocal support of the National Assembly..

campaign leading up to the January 25 polls when
PAM said they were "Ready to serve". The revelation
is that that party was, and continues to be, so
fragmented and disheveled that each candidate was
hoping that uniting against the common enemy,
Labour, would have caused the government to have
fallen in their laps.
The candidates, for once, have been saying what
the nation has been saying all along; that PAM is a
lost cause and Lindsay is leading it nowhere, fast.
They admit that when PAM has power it seeks to
destroy those who speak in the name of democracy.
They have watched, with the nation, how Lindsay
sought to selfishly channel the party's resources to
win a seat for himself, to the detriment of other
candidates. They even recall how he promised to fight
all their losses in the court and then only filed a lone
election petition for the seat he contested at the last
moment giving the others no time to take up their
own cause.
They have watched him botch the electoral reform
process. They marched with him calling for finger
prints and other bio-data on the voter identification
cards. They stood with him to their discredit, and
now they admit that he has failed "to provide
leadership" to the party and by extension, the country.
The height of duplicity is that PAM now says
that Lindsay Grant is the only person with the means
to run the party. Are they saying that should PAM
have won that they would have used the state
resources to create new men and women of means to
ensure that the promise of two terms was realized?

In other words, if PAM cannot find a cadre of men
and women of substance in its ranks, today, to lead
the party, by what other means would they have
identified new leadership to deliver on the promise of
a two term limit for Prime Ministers?
The truth is, Lindsay only wanted to become Prime
Minister and once he had gotten that opportunity
and the two terms he hoped for, then his party and the
country by extension could go to hell, for all he cares.
Grant as a leader has no plans for the party or the
people who PAM seeks to woo into its rank and file
for the sake of window dressing.
The PAM creature has revealed itself again. The
locks at the Democrat have been changed and one of
the disaffected candidates, Glenroy Blanchette, has
been fired with immediate effect from his job at the
paper. He is persona non grata, unwelcomed,
discarded. Neither he nor his young family must eat
because he dared to hold his leader accountable.
Time has revealed that keeping Labour in office
has been a wise choice even when we do not know
what exact evil PAM was up to. But as Blanchette
asked in the media this week: 'What if the People's
Action Movement had won the General Elections? Is
this the way that members and supporters of the Party
would have been treated?' We say, it is this way they
would have mistreated ordinary people.
Time has clearly allowed PAM to reveal its inherent
culture of polarization, victimization and corruption.
You do not have to believe Labour when it tells you
so, for time is allowing PAM to reveal it.

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JUNE 18TH 2010 3

The attention of the Ministry of Health, Social Services, Community
Development, Culture and Gender Affairs has been drawn to an article
captioned "Everyone Needs a Nurse" printed in the Labour Spokesman
of 11 June 2010.
Having reviewed the article, the Ministry wishes to publicly:
1. Disassociate itself from the contents, which were offensive,
without foundation and intended to besmirch and sully the character
of a highly competent, experienced health professional. The views
expressed in the article were therefore not reflective and /or
representative of the Ministry's position. Further, the article was a
veiled attempt to tarnish the reputations of the vast number of health
care professionals who continue to render selfless, dedicated service
in pursuit of Government's agenda to deliver quality health care to
the populace of St Kitts and Nevis.
2. Reaffirm its fullest confidence in the professional integrity of the
Director of Institutional Nursing Services dinsS), whose work in the
health sector and dynamic leadership of nursing continues to be
exemplary. We reiterate our support of the DINS, who is competent
and dedicated and regret very much such an unwarranted and
unsubstantiated attack intended to diminish her invaluable
contributions to the health sector.
Notwithstanding the publication of such a misleading article riddled
with inaccuracies, the Ministry remains committed to continue working
with its very dedicated cadre of health care providers to ensure further
quantitative and qualitative improvements to the health sector.

Israel Pledges Support For

St Kitts And Nevis Agriculture

Israeli's new Ambassador to St
Kitts and Nevis, H. E. Amiram
Magid, has told Senior Minister,
Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, that
Israel is willing to assist St Kitts
and Nevis in its efforts at
agricultural diversification.
Ambassador Magid who is
visiting the state over the period
June 13-17, 2010, met with Senior
Minister on Tuesday, June 15th.

Among the areas of interests
were support for irrigation and
watershed management,
application of green house
technology, pest control,
aquaculture, and agro processing
Dr Harris thanked the
Ambassador for his visit and his
interests in agriculture. Harris said
Israel's succession in agriculture


An article entitled "Everyone Needs aNurse" was
published in last weekend's edition of this newspaper
(June 11th, 2010).
We would like the general public to note that the
views expressed by the writer of this article are not
the views of the paper and we hereby disassociate
ourselves entirely from its contents.

.,I 4P)*flP *hf4

I f r Date: 19 June 2010 r
VI Time: 6:00pm until
v (Place: Constituency #2 Office, Central Street
en-Mutton-Fish-JerkPork-Rice-Macaroni pie-Sweet
A Potato Pie-Pumpkin Fritters
And Much More
Admission: $25

^s- ^~&Khl.< r uB^ TJKJ

PM Douglas successful.........
S1 ** t

(cont a from page 1)

Institutions: Caribbean
Epidemiological Research Centre
(CAREC); Caribbean Health
Research Council (CHRC);
Caribbean Food and Nutrition
Institute (CFNI); Caribbean
Environmental Health Institute
(CEHI); and Caribbean Drug
Testing Regional Laboratory
The Partners Conference in
Washington on Monday was
chaired by Guyana's Minister of

was admirable noting that Israel
produces 93% of its own food
requirements, supplemented by
imports of grain, oil, seeds, meat,
coffee, cocoa and sugar, which are
more than offset by Israel wide
range of agricultural exports.

We, however take full responsibility
for the publication of the article and we
sincerely apologise to the Director of
Institutional Nursing Services dinsS),
the Ministry of Health and other
personnel in the medical and nursing
fraternity for any misunderstanding and
inconvenience caused by the article.

Managing Editor Labour Spokesman

Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy at the
PAHO/ WHO Headquarters in
Washington DC.
The forum brought together
international delegations from the
governments of USA, Canada,
France, UK, Sweden; the global
organizations, including the World
Bank, Inter-American
Development Bank, the Caribbean
Development Bank and the
Caribbean Tourism Organization
as well as Non-Governmental
Organizations (NGOs).
Director of the Pan American
Health Organisation, PAHO/
WHO, Dr. Mirta Roses and more
than 25 international partners gave
their full approval to the new
agency, the release stated.
Prime Minister Douglas,
whose country has led
responsibility for Human
Resources, Health and HIV/AID S
within the Quasi Cabinet of the
Conference of CARICOM Heads
of Government, gave the keynote
He emphasized how this single
voice for Caribbean public health
would assist the international
community in working with the
region, and in implementing
international health guidelines.
The CARICOM Secretariat
will now coordinate the
development of the resource
mobilization planfor CARPHA, for
presentation to the Caribbean
Community Caucus of Ministers
of Health for approval at the end

of September 2010.
Meanwhile, Assistant
Secretary-General, Human and
Social Development, at the
CARICOM Secretariat, Dr. Edward
Greene has described the proposed
creation of CARPHA as "an
investment in the health of the
people of the Caribbean."
Dr. Greene was giving remarks
at the opening session of the
forum in Washington on Monday
where a platform was provided for
strategic advocacy in engaging
partners in discussions that will
garner technical and financial
support for the establishment and
sustainability of CARPHA.
Dr. Greene told international
development partners and other
delegates at the forum that when
the CARICOM Heads of
Government approved the
establishment of CARPHA at their
Inter-Sessional Meeting in March
2010, it marked a significant step
in the history of public health
development in the CARICOM
The creation of this new
institution, the Assistant
Secretary-General explained, would
serve to demonstrate further the
invaluable role that regional
institutions play in advancing the
regional integration process.
Initiatives such as CARPHA,
Dr. Greene added, would help to
cement the effectiveness of the
ambitious vision and mission to
achieve a CARICOM Single
Market and Economy (CSME) by

SGet your tickets now at the
Warner panrk Stadium Ticket office

For ticket information call


0U Please present a valid photo ID to purchase or collect tickets

------------ 0

4 k3

Training for Empowerment
The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades and Labour Union, on Saturday 5th June
2010, held its third in a row training session for Shop Stewards, Union
Officials and Union Members.
Participants engaged in discussions on Family responsibilities as
they impact on workers in the home and at the workplace, and on
termination of employment issues.
The session on family responsibilities was ably conducted by Pastor
Troy Watson who works in the Ministry of Gender Affairs and willingly
gave of his time, energy and expertise to assist the Union in its quest to
empower its personnel to enhance their role in society and in the
Many ideas were exchanged as to who was the head of the household,
where both parents live together in the same household.
As the discussion progressed, it became quite clear that participants
were agreed that both parties share equal responsibility for the family
group, for its welfare, prosperity and development of the children.
Another important feature of the discussions surrounded the linkage
between the workplace and the home. Participants were made aware that
many workers take their stresses and conflicts of the home to their jobs.
This impacts on their productivity, reducing the quality and quantity of
their output.
If the work being done is assessed as a group effort this poor
performance of one member can reflect adversely on the whole group.
Also the mood of the worker will have a negative impact on fellow
workers. Such a stressed-out worker may be grumpy, easy to take offence,
argumentative, and creating unnecessary conflicts with fellow workers
and supervisors.
If several members of the group import their home stresses into the
workplace at the same time, the adverse effect is even more pronounced.
The reverse impact was also acknowledged. That is, workers may
take their workplace stresses and conflicts home with them resulting in
disharmony in the household.
They may be too stressed out to give their partners and/or children
adequate attention, or to deal properly with situations which arise during
the time they are at home.
Participants were urged that they had a responsibility to provide
help and support in both situations as part of their role in carrying out
the mandate of the Union.
Many other issues impinging on family responsibilities were raised,
including "How does a worker balance having to do overtime work
against giving quality time to his/her family, when does a worker
communicate her pregnant condition to her employer?" There were
concerns about other health conditions and confidential issues which
arise after communicating such information to the employer.
There is the question of a family member suffering with HIV Aids. If
a worker needs time off or an adjustment in working hours inorderto be
able to assist such a family member, does the employer have to know of
that family member's condition?
The topic dealing with termination issues presented by Ms. Eudora
Nisbett who is an Advisor on Labour Matters to the Government, was of
equally absorbing interest.
Participants were reminded of the various grounds on which
employers were able to legally terminate workers. Such termination must

Walk In Appointments Allowed for

Visa Applicants Affected by LIAT

Bridgetown, Barbados,
Thursday, June 17, 2010 The
United States Embassy for
Barbados and the Eastern
Caribbean is doing its best to

accommodate visa applicants who
would have missed their visa
interview appointments because
of the ongoing LIAT strike.
The Consular Section of the
Embassy is advising that all

be in writing.
They looked at instances of
dismissal without notice, and
other instances of dismissal with
notice based on length of service.
To deepen the interest in the
session and to gauge participants
grasp of the principles involved,
three scenarios were created by
the presenter and introduced for
discussion. Participants were
asked to analyse the cases
presented and to give their
opinion on the possible outcomes.
The presenter said that she
was very happy with the results
of the exercise. The participants
generally were able to grasp the
underlying facts of the case,
separate them from other
extraneous matter, and arrive at
their conclusions accordingly.
One of the lessons which came
out very strongly from both
presentations was the importance
of communication. The worker
must have a high level of
communication with his/her
partner to minimise or clear up any
misunderstandings or differences
of perception which may arise
There must be free
communication both ways with
the parents and children.
Communication at work is key
to smooth working relationships
between worker and workers and
between employer and worker and
also to promote clear
understanding of what is expected
of the worker and vice versa, what
the worker expects of the employer
The training session was
closed off with thanks to the
presenters and others playing a
supporting role including Mrs.
Celia Christopher, Ms Telly Onu
and Mr. Joseph O'Flaherty,
Assistant General Secretary of the

applicants who have missed their
interviews due to the strike may
come for their visa interview any
day, without an appointment, once
they are able to travel again.
Such applicants should come
to the Embassy between 7:30am
and 10:30am, orat 1:30pm on any
day the Embassy is open for


The young Kittitian I. ,/. a Omari Liburd surrounded
by his proud parents, Donna Simpkins-Jackson and Juni 'Big JL'

Son of the soil excels

at prestigious USA

By Precious Mills
Congratulations are in order
for a young son of the soil, 24-
year-old Shannon Omari Liburd
of St. Kitts, for making the
Federation, his family, friends
and well-wishers proud of his
recent accomplishment in the
academic field.
Among a total of 1, 580
students at the esteemed
Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT) in the USA,
the Kittitian scholar graduated
with a Master's degree in
Technology and Policy at the
institute's 143rd Commencement
Exercise held Friday 4th June on
Killian Court in Boston.
Shannon's thesis for his
Master's degree was to evaluate
the "Solar driven humidification-
dehumidification desalination for
potable use in Haiti".
He is the son of Donna
Simpkins-Jackson and popular
radio personality Juni 'Big JL'
Liburd. Both parents and young
brother, George were a
supporting party at the
graduation event.
Liburd said the achievement
and past academic success of his
son "are tangible proof that
where there's a will, there's a way.
His success also highlights the
fact that ordinary and grass-root
people can succeed at whatever
they put their minds to. Therefore,

Applicants are asked to bring
their visa appointment
confirmation page and proof that
their flight was cancelled. The
Embassy will accept such walk-in

we, the parents and the Liburd/
Bryant family rejoice in his
According to him it has been
a sacrifice and struggle of both
parents to put the young scholar
through MIT, adding that the
young man has always shown a
determination to achieve set
Back in 2004, Shannon
completed his secondary
education and graduated from
the Leon M. Goldstein High
School in Brooklyn, New York. At
age 17, he went on to complete
the programme for Mastery in
Engineering Studies at Houston
Additionally, this would be
Shannon's second graduation
from MIT. Two years ago, he
attained a Bachelor's degree in
Engineering with Honours on
June 6th, (2008).
The young scholar's many
accomplishments include Youth
Ambassador to Germany, the
Ukraine and Japan; Member of
the Arista/Archon Society;
Student Representative New York
City Council Project and
Representative of the Select
Programme in Science and
Engineering at City College, New
The LabourSpokesman takes
this opportunity to congratulate
Shannon Omari Liburd and wish
him all the best in his

applicants until July 16, 2010.
As a result, the Consular
Section advises that there is no
need to contact the Embassy to
reschedule visa appointments.

.1*5.r" Th St Kits-eI T e an aouNno
4C:~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 'Tu Be r dvrS"t .ffsYU

Appl at: M s s **tos kacm tvt.Bscvi
Tel.~~~~~~~~a 8634522 mi:snno(sseile-s-~-

The Labour Spokesman



The Labour Spokesman


Statement by Dr the Hon Timothy
Harris, Senior Minister, and Minister of
International Trade, Industry,
Commerce, Consumer Affairs,
Agriculture, Marine Resources,
Cooperatives and Constituency

My attention has been drawn to an article in The Sunday Times
which makes very damaging allegations of Japan buying votes of the
smaller member states of the IWC. St Kitts and Nevis is mentioned in the
said article. So too are conversations purportedly attributed to me as
Minister of Marine Resources. There is nothing in the article regarding
my conduct and behaviour which reflects anything improper on my part
or that of any senior official in my Ministry. There is nothing amiss
about St Kitts and Nevis' conduct and voting at IWC.
Two officials purporting to represent anti-whaling interests held
discussions regarding the St Kitts and Nevis' vote at the upcoming
IWC. I indicated to the individuals that our position was neither for nor
against Japan, but that it was one that relates to the sustainable use of
whaling. We are committed to follow the scientific results of research on
I also indicated that a decision in relation to a change in government's
position was a matter for the Cabinet of St Kitts and Nevis. There was
never any discussion regarding any gain for myself or any other person.
It was always a discussion of the interests of our country (St Kitts and
Nevis), our Federation's policies, its needs and its approach to IWC.
My discussions with the "anti whalers" centered on an explanation
of government's whaling policy and, beyond whaling, sustainable use
of marine resources.
Much has been made respecting Japanese support to St Kitts and
Nevis. It is a matter of fact and of public knowledge that Japan has
supported the construction of two fisheries complexes on St Kitts and
has committed to construct another in Nevis in the not too distant future.

Our Votes Not For Sale
St Kitts and Nevis, of course, welcomes resources from both

developed and developing
countries as we attempt to deal
with our own challenges of
development. Indeed our
international relationships and
contacts must be leveraged to
assist our small vulnerable
developing country in its
developmental agenda.
The urgency of international
support must be more self evident
now as we grapple with the severe
impact on our vulnerable country
of the global financial and
economic recession caused by the
developed countries particularly
in NorthAmerica and Europe.
Contrary to the reports in The
Sunday Times, our vote is not for
sale, never was and never will be,
neither to Japan nor to any other
entity within or outside of the

Foreign Policy
Foreign policy is about
furthering, promoting, defending
and consolidating national
interests. Our strategic interests
now are to further our
developmental program.
Obviously, there are some

countries that are willing to assist
us in this regard. Naturally, we
would be minded to assist our
allies in promoting and furthering
their international agenda where
these are mutually beneficial.
We must not fail to see the
extreme lengths to which anti-
whalers or their supporters and
agents are prepared to go,
including using illicit and foul
means to attempt to score points.
Some people have wrongly, yet
brazenly, appropriated the right to
dictate to sovereign governments
in small island states what their
policy positions should be on a
range of issues such as whaling,
Taiwan's, memberships at the U.N,
the death penalty etc.
Once they fail, they then
access powerful media to impugn
and discredit the characters of
those who hold an opposing view
and are innocent.
I must reiterate that this
allegation that St Kitts and Nevis
is a country open to sell its vote at
the IWC to Japan or any other
bidder for that matter is
unfounded, dubious and
nefarious, and can only be the
product of persons who are deeply
obsessed with denigrating the
good name of the Federation of St

Kitts and Nevis, its Minister of
Marine Resources and for that
matter all citizens and well wishers
of our country.

Legal Advice
Hence, I have sought legal
advice with a view to confront,
repudiate and expose the
perpetrators of this most
malicious, sinister and vile
orchestration of lies, innuendos
and insinuations against our
beloved country and its officials.
I have acted in this matter with
consummate integrity and
professionalism. And it is most
unfortunate that in the
antagonistic and adversial politics
of whaling and IWC in which one
group seeks ascendancy over the
other this broad sweep of the
brush of disparagement and
character assassination should be
directed against a lowly Minister
of Government of a tiny nation
which is seeking with honour to
survive and succeed in this harsh
and challenging world.
I really would have expected
better, much better from a
publication such as The Sunday
Times. St Kitts and Nevis shall
continue to act in its own best

Discovery trip to

The Alliance Frangaise, with courtesy of the French Embassy
in St. Lucia, is organizing a competition for individuals between
the ages of 18 to 25 years to win a discovery trip to Martinique.
Participants must be from St. Kitts (holder of a St. Kitts passport)
and must have minimum of CXC pass in French.
To enter this competition, participants must make a presentation,
in French, of art, poetry or any other form of expression on any
subject. Participants will be required to make an oral presentation
of their project on Tuesday 29th June 2010, at 4:00pm, atAlliance
Francaise, Greenlands. Two winners will be selected.
For more information, please contact Alliance Francaise at 465-

They that trust in the Lord shall be as Mount Zion
S- Psalm: 125S


Greetings Coming from family,
friends, & Co-workers at the
General Post Office,
l wishing him all the best and long life.


Notice of Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 37th Annual General Meeting of the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla
Trading and Development Company Limited (TDC) will be held at the Fisherman's Wharf,
Fortlands, Basseterre, St. Kitts, on Thursday 1I July, 2010 at 5:00 p.m.


1. To receive the Report of the Directors
2. To receive and consider the Financial Statements for year ended 31 January, 2010
3. To receive and consider the Report of Auditors thereon
4. To declare a Dividend
5. To elect Directors to replace those retiring by rotation
6. To appoint Auditors and to authorize the Directors to fix their remuneration for the ensuing


Maritza B wry
Company Secretary



OAS Representative

pleased with proportional

project allocation for

St. Kitts/Nevis
CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (JUNE 15, 2010) Organisation of the
American States (OAS) Representative for St. Kitts and Nevis Mr. Starret
Greene said he relished the opportunity to continue to work with all
functionaries in St. Kitts and Nevis to ensure that technical cooperation
projects and activities the OAS provided for the Federation was
proportionally allocated for the benefit of citizens on both sides of the
Mr. Greene made the comment at the official launch of the Disaster
Management and Mitigation Project, Nevis at the Nevis Disaster
Management Office (NDMO) at Long Point on June 09. The project is
funded by the OAS Special Multilateral Fund for the Inter American
Council for Integral Development (FEMCD).
He said the project was testimony that the OAS had made meaningful
progress in project allocation and on completion Nevis and the Federation
as a whole, would be a model of disaster management preparedness and
While the OAS Representative thanked Director of the NDMO Mr.
Lester Blackett and others who had designed the project which ultimately


Memorandum of Understanding for signed for the Disaster
Management and -iAi. 'a Project, Nevis by (L-R) Director of the
Nevis Disaster Management Office Mr. Lester Blackett, Permanent
Secretary in the Premier 's Ministry Ms. Angelica Elliott and OAS
Representative for St. Kitts and Nevis Mr. Starret Greene

O, ,, .....,, of American States
St. Kitts and Nevis
Representative Mr Starret
won the approval of the OAS
Education Committee and the
IACD Management Board, Mr.
Greene urged future applicants to
utilise the same format.
According to Mr. Greene, one
of the most attractive features of
the project was
t h e
involvement of
agencies from
the Federal
and local
levels; that
each entity had
a unique and
special role
and their


prestige to the
"The OAS
sees this as a
good example
of a project that

USAID pledges support for youth

development within the region
By a Contributor
The United States Agency of International Development (USAID) has assured its
support in the development of youths throughout the region for the next five years.
A rapid youth assessment conducted by the organization throughout the region in
2009, unearthed several major challenges faced by young people. Issues regarding
increased crime amongst youth, lack of proper family structures, drug usage and negative
cultural penetration were amongst those highlighted.
Mr. Mansfield Blackwood, a representative of USAID revealed that both youths and
government officials throughout the region have indicated a growing need for programs
geared towards youth development. Given the concerns outlined, the organization made
the decision to make available a significant portion of their resources to address youth
growth and development.
"The two broad themes under which we will be providing significant resources over
the next five years will cover workforce development and youth economic opportunities
like micro-enterprise initiatives.
"We are here to stay as far as providing the country with support as far as youth
initiatives are concerned.
"Our youth programming will be part of a wider program which involves support to
HIV/AIDS issues as well as a new area looking at adaptation to climate change because
that is also a significant issue which we have to look at. And so going forward our focal
point will be on those two areas with significant focus on youth and of course St. Kitts-
Nevis will be benefitting from the resources being placed within the region."
According to Mr. Blackwood it was his hope that he would be able to dialogue with
the Minister of Youth, the Hon. Glenn Phillip, regarding the future of youth development
programs within the Federation.
The USAID has recently funded the youth development program, A Ganar Alliance,
which was launched in both in St. Kitts-Nevis and St. Vincent in May. The purpose of the
program is to train youths in vocational or entrepreneurial skills that will allow them to
become employed or re-start academic studies.

partners, thereby allowing for the
sharing of best practices and the
exchange of information while
promoting and encouraging
broader participation of all sectors
of society. Such projects catch the
eye of the OAS. It allows for the
efficient use of scarce financial,
material and human resources
[and] that's an important fact. It
leverages allocated financial
resources by attracting other
entities and in the process
optimises its funding and it
promotes the mobilisation of
external resources.
"In this connection therefore,
this project shows considerable
potential to meet its stated goals
and objectives," he said.
Mr. Green noted that the goals
and objectives of the project were
far reaching and it would require
the unwavering cooperation of all


the relevant entities involved.
He said it was important that
every effort was undertaken to
ensure that the project was carried
out within the stipulated 14 month
period and as such bottlenecks
bureaucratic delays should be
avoided. However, to achieve the
objectives of the Project, it would
require good management and the
unwavering cooperation of all the
The OAS Representative said
his St. Kitts and Nevis based
office stood ready to provide any
support necessary and also the
OAS technical experts in the
Secretariat for Integral
Development at the Headquarters
were on standby to make the
requisite inputs that would ensure
the successful implementation of
the project.


PAHO/WHO Office of Barbados and the Eastern
Caribbean Countries

Country Program Specialist
St. Kitts/Nevis

The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization
(PAHO/WHO Office of Barbados and Eastern Caribbean Countries
invites applications for the position of Country Program Specialist, St.

Basic requirements:

Essential. a university degree in any of the health related
sciences, public policy or international health development from a
recognized institution.
Desirable: a master's degree in a health-related or social science
discipline would be an asset

Essential: 7 years of national experience in a senior management
position with increasing responsibility for design, review,
implementation and/or evaluation of health development and
cooperation projects and familiarity with international
cooperation mechanisms at the national level
Desirable: experience in multi-country project management and
implementation would be an asset.

Languages: very good knowledge of English. Knowledge of Spanish
would be an asset.

This is a locally recruited post and is only available for citizens of
CARICOM. A written test and/or interview may be held for this

Full details of the vacancy can be accessed from the following website(s)
at or
All applicants must apply on line in order to be considered for the
position. However, candidates will be contacted only if they are under
serious consideration.

Deadline for the receipt of applications is

June 16, 2010

The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman


The uual AM


During the period of the run-
up to the last General Elections,
the fly-weights, light-weights,
welter-weights and heavy-weights
as well as the cowboys and the
clowns were all predicting; in one
form or another that the Labour
Party would not be returned to
The cowboys were basing
their prediction that the Labour
Party would not be returned to
power on something which they
called the "Incumbency Factor".
The clowns, on the other hand,
were basing their prediction on
what they called "the Wind of
Change" which they said was
blowing across the region.
While the different categories
or classes of "weights" and the
cowboys and the clowns were
busy predicting what they
considered to be the certain
electoral defeat of the Labour
Party, the flim-flam propagandists
in PAM were busy campaigning
against the Labour Party on the
AM and FM radio stations on
At first I was puzzled
wondering why PAM was on radio
in Nevis campaigning against the
Labour Party, seeing that PAM
was not contesting any seats in
Nevis. Then afterwards I came to
the conclusion that the PAMites
were preparing the ground for the
leader of the CCM or the NRP to
"yes" to a request for a coalition
in the event that PAM made such
a request.
PAM never did win enough
seats to form a coalition with the
CCM orthe NRP. The PAMites and
their allies were totally unprepared
for Labour's 4th consecutive
electoral victory which caused
them to run amuck in bewilderment
chatting childish rubbish.
Although the Labour Party
won 6 seats out of the 11 seats in
Parliament (thus forming the
government) and appointed the
successful NRP political candidate
to be the Attorney General, the
confused PAMites and their gang
began to ask whether the Labour
Party Government is a Labour
Government or a Labour/NRP
Coalition Government. What a
ludicrous and preposterous
The next thing to happen is that
the PAMites went around saying
that the island of Nevis has gained
nothing as a result of the
appointment of the Hon. Patrice
Nisbett as Attorney General.
But this is the usual PAM
hypocrisy. It is well known that the
leader of PAM himself was
prepared to appoint successful
Nevisian political candidates to
the PAM Cabinet in the event that
PAM formed the government. It

must be remembered that the
PAMites were predicting that
PAM would form the new
Government either alone or in a
coalition with the CCM or the NRP.
The hypocrites in PAM forgot
that in 1980 the NRP joined with
PAM to form a PAM/NRP
Coalition Government. The NRP
members of the Coalition were
treated with scant regard. Nevis
got nothing from PAM except the
troublesome and controversial
1983 Constitution which was
designed to keep PAM in power
indefinitely wit h the help of the
We know for instance, how
PAM treated Nevis and the NRP
during the premiership of Mr.
Simeon Daniel. We also know how
PAM treated the CCM during the
premiership of the Hon. Vance
Amory. So whether it was the NRP
or the CCM in power in Nevis, it
was all the same to PAM. Nevis
got the same shabby treatment.
And talking about the wind of
change, a wind of change seems
to be sweeping through the PAM
Camp, but the political leader, Mr.
Lindsay Grant, is stubbornly
resisting the wind of change. The
seers were right after all, but the
wind of change was blowing to
effect changes in the leadership of
PAM and not to remove the
Labour Party from power in St.
Kitts and Nevis.
The 12th of June has just gone
by without fanfare from PAM.
Nobody in PAM called the 12th of
June "Freedom Day" and has taken
to calling Labour Day by the name
"May Day".
Generations of Kittitians have
wondered why in June 1967 PAM
circulated a leaflet advising
workers not to go out to work on
Monday June 12, 1967, as that day
was designated to be "Freedom
People have been wondering
ever since whether PAM received
prior approval from the Sugar
Producers' Association and the
Chamber of Industry and
Commerce to give all workers in
St. Kitts a holiday from work on
June 12, 1967. And which
organisation was the one selected
to pay the wages and salaries for
the one-day holiday from work?
The wonder in all this is where
did a political party which had lost
the General Elections the year
before get the power and authority
to declare a day in June to be
"Freedom Day" and a holiday from
work for all workers? The Labour
Party spent many years in
opposition and never did anything
like that.

Anytime that the people of this
country refer to the failed coup
attempt of June 10, 1967, the
PAMites respond by saying that
the people are putting a "spin" on
the events of that day. But
strangely enough, when the
Anguillans refer to the 10th of
June events, and thank the
PAMites for their involvement and
participation in those events, the
PAMites do not tell the Anguillans
that they are putting a "spin" on
Contrary to what the PAMites
are saying it is they who are
putting a "spin" on things.
Members of PAM used to travel
to Anguilla to do practice-shooting
at the rifle range at Junks Hole in
the eastern part of Anguilla.
It was the "Prominent Kittitian"
who oversaw the practice-
shooting sessions of the PAMites
at Junks Hole in Anguilla.
Members of PAM organised
for trucks to be on hand at Half-
Way Tree Bay to transport the
Anguillan invaders to Basseterre.
It was the members of PAM
who circulated a leaflet declaring
that Monday, June 12, 1967, would
be "Freedom Day". What led PAM
to come to such a conclusion?

At a public event held in
Anguilla to celebrate "a certain
anniversary of the Anguilla
Revolution, Mr. Ronald Webster,
who is called the Father of the
Anguilla Revolution, thanked the
PAM party openly for its
involvement and participation in
the 10thofJune, 1967, sordid affair.
Dr. Billy Herbert and Dr.
Kennedy Simmonds as well as a
number of specially invited
Nevisians and Kittitians were
present. Nobody said then or
thereafter that Ronald Webster had
put a "spin" on things.
The "Prominent Kittitian"
encouraged the Anguillans to
launch the invasion. He told them
that members of PAM would be
waiting to join the invading party
as it landed at Half-Way Tree. He
further told them that Kittitians
hated Premier Bradshaw so much
that at the first sound of gunshots
the people would rise up and take
to the streets and overthrow the
Bradshaw Government. The coup


At New Haven,
St. Kitts.
8471.11 sq feet



attempt failed. The people stood
solidly behind Premier Bradshaw
and his Government.
We have a comical situation in
which the Anguillans are giving
the details of the part that PAM
played in the events of June 10,
1967 and also the details of events
leading up to that date. The
PAMites on the other hand are
trying to sanitize and whitewash
the very active part that they
played in the whole sordid affair.
Each side is pulling against the

A.D. 2010 g


In the Matter of Section 144 of the Title by Registration
Act Cap, 10.19, and in the matter of an Application by
Marcella Flemming for the issue of a new Certificate of
Title for a lot of land being No. 160 of Ponds Pasture
Housing Development to replace a lost Certificate of
Title recorded in Register Book W2 Folio 260


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that MARCELLA PLEMMING of Thomas Street, Ponds Pasture,
Basseterre, St. Kitts, has applied to the Registrar of Titles for the issue of replacement
Certificate of Title in lieu of the following Certificate of Title on the basis that the said
original Certificate of Title has been irrecoverably lost by misadventure namely a
Certificate of Title dated 22na July, 1997 and registered in Book W2 Folio 260 of the
Register of Titles for St. Christopher, the land contained in said Certificate of Title being
ALL THAT lot piece or parcel of land known as Lot No. 160 of Ponds Pasture Housing
Development in the Island of St. Christopher containing by admeasurement 2,268 square
feet bounded and measuring as follows:- On or towards the East by Lot No. 167 40.50
feet; On or towards the South by a Public Road 56.00 feet; On or towards the West by
Thomas Street 40.50 feet and On or towards the North by Lot No. 161 -56.00 feet.

Any person who may be in possession of the aforesaid Certificate of Title or may have any
information that may lead to its recovery is asked to contact Gonsalves Hamel-Smith of
Suite 26A, Sands Complex, George Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts, Solicitors for the

Dated the day of rVkIQ- 2010

Solicitors for the A plicant




Police Commissioner expresses confidence in

the crime fighting initiatives of his force

By a Contributor

Mr. Austin Williams, Commissioner of the St. Christopher and
Nevis Police Force, has expressed great confidence in the
advancements of his organization to detect, reduce and prevent
the instances of crime within the Federation.
During a joint Law Enforcement and press conference held
as a means of informing the public of the crime fighting efforts of
the Force, Commissioner Williams outlined the new initiatives
implemented by the Force and ensured future development and
enhancement of these features will be done on a continuous basis.
One such initiative includes the Police Boys' Club which was

started in November 2007 with
just 12 boys. The group now
boasts over 100 participants 80
in St. Kitts and 20 in Nevis.
The main objective of this
initiative is to give male youths
an alternative to crime, and
teach them life skills to ensure
that they grow up to become
productive citizens.
The addition of Operation
Future throughout the schools

within the Federation and the
reintroduction of the School
Liaison program are also programs
geared towards diminishing youth
involvement in criminal activities.
The Commissioner indicated
that the Force was working closely
with other youth groups in the
Federation, providing support and
other assistance upon request.
"Our twenty-four hour mobile
patrol program was established in
2007 and remains fully operational



Abbreviated financial statements 31 October 2009

As at 31 October 2009
(expressed in Eastern Caribbean dollars)

Cash resources
Treasury bills
Due from Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Due from banks and affiliates

Loans and advances
Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange shares
Other assets
Customers' liability under letters of credit
Premises and equipment

Customer deposits
Due to banks and affiliates
Letters of credit
Other liabilities

Capital accounts
Retained earnings

Country I

For the year ended 31 October 2009
(Expressed in Eastern Caribbean dollars)

Operating activities
Income before taxation
Adjustments for:
Loss on disposal of premises and equipment
interest income
Interest expense

Loans and advances
Customers' liability under letters of credit
Other assets
Due to banks and affiliates
Letters of credit
Other liabilities
Interest income received loans and advances
Interest paid
Taxes paid
Net cash generated from operating activities
Financing activities
Amounts remitted to head office
Net cash used in financing activities
Investing activities
Net change in investments
Investment income received (MM Placements)
Investment income received (securities)
Purchase of premises and equipment
Proceeds from disposal of premises and equipment
Net cash generated from investing activities
Net increase in cash resources
Cash resources beginning of year
Cash resources end of year

2009 2008

$ 2,718.694 $ 2,522,897
54,106.250 49,187.500
8,846,574 8,060.642
192,192,709 188,975,655
257,864,227 248,746,694
206,645,651 197,457,626


5,107,580 3.360,250
2,800,183 3,340,022
2.576,171 1,522,155
10,483,934 8,222,427
$ 475,018,812 $ 454,426,747

$ 178,468,222 $ 178,569,267
281,987,532 264,175,141
5,107,580 3,360,250
8,494,115 7,813.411
474,057,449 453,918,069

961.363 508,678
961,363 508,678
$ 475,018,812 $ 454,426,747

Eleciah Boone
Manager Financial Control & Planning
Eastern Caribbean

$ 8,9


For the year ended 31 October 2009
(expressed in Eastern Caribbean dollars)

Interest income
Loans and advances
Other money market placements

Interest cost
Net Interest income
Other income
Foreign exchange
Fees and commissions
Total other income
Net interest and other income
General and administrative expenses
Income before taxation
Net income

2009 2008

$ 15.549.468 $ 14,860,729
176.112 639.487
3.358.393 3.212.887
19,083,973 18,713,103
6,756,234 7.280,580
12,327,739 11,432,523

1.337,442 1,533,227
2,642,355 2.677.976
90.410 82,548
4,070,207 4,293,751
16,397,946 15,726,274
7.443,974 9.107,380
8,953,972 6,618,894
2.169,230 1,191.933
$ 6,784,742 $ 5,426.961

For the year ended 31 October 2009
(expressed in Eastern Caribbean dollars)

Earnings Total
Balances -1 November 2007 (unaudited) S 567,923 $ 567,923
Net income 5,426,961 5.426,961
Amounts remitted to head office (5,486.206) (5,486,206)
Balances 31 October 2008 (unaudited) 508,678 508,678
Net Income 6,784,742 6,784,742
Amounts remitted to head office (6.332,057) (6,332.057)
Balances 31 October 2009 $ 961,363 $ 961,363

To the directors of Royal Bank of Canada

We have audited the financial statements of Royal Bank of Canada St. Kitts Branch Operations ("the Bank')
2009 2008 for the year ended 31 October 2009, from which the accompanying summarized financial statements were
(Unaudited) derived in accordance with International Slandards on Auditing. In our report dated 15 April 2010 we
expressed an unqualified opinion on the financial statements from which these summarised financial
53,972 $ 6.618.894 statements were derived.
In our opinion, the accompanying summarized financial statements are consistent, in all material respects,
92,297 803,078 with the financial statements from which they were derived.
20,420 7,892
83.973) (18,713,103) For a better understanding of the Bank's financial position and the results of its operations for the year and of
56,234 7.280,580 the scope of our audit, the summarised financial statements should be read in conjunction with the financial
61,050) (4,002,659) statements from which the summarised financial statements were derived and our audit report thereon.
88.025) (19,275,470) Deloitte & Touche
47,330) (3,091,430)
92,938) (193.129) Bridgetown, Barbados
01,045) 23.546,079 15 April 2010

17,812,391 63,425,767
1,747,330 3,091,430
(187.013) (2,315,097)
15,171,303 14,855.970
(6,825,117) (7.353,326)
(1,232,631) (1,471.340)
12,195,875 67,216,795

(6,332,057) (5,486,206)
(6,332,057) (5,486,206)

(25,000) 1.500,000
193,200 772,130
3,358,393 3,247,874
(272,878) (211,942)
3,253,715 5,370,762
9,117,533 67,101,351
248,746,694 181,645,343
$ 257,864,227 248,746,694

Incorporation and principal activities

Royal Bank of Canada ('The Bank" or "RBC')) is a chartered bank operating under the Bank Act of Canada
and is registered in St. Kitts as an external company under the St. Kitts Companies Act, with its principal
place of business as, Basseterre, St. Kitts. The principal place of business of its Head Office is 200 Bay
Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
The Bank is licensed as a foreign bank under the Banking Act ("the Act") which governs the operations of
financial institutions in St. Kitts.
The principal activities in St. Kitts are retail banking and related operations.
* Registered de-mark of oyal Bank of CanadaT
The Uon & Globe symbol and RBC are trademarks
of Royal Bank of Canada

The above in tionis aa from the ful
Gnmdal statembents withinthe morning ofSeci 45
ofthe Financial Instituion Act. 1996.
Full financial statements can be inspeed a request.

RBC Royal Bank
of Canada

Mr. Austin Williams,
Commissioner of the St.
Christopher and Nevis Police

today. We have also added joint
Police and Defence Force patrols
in known hot spots conducting
targeted and sustained operations.
"A quick response unit has
been positioned in District 'B',
which includes the West Farm area
to Lodge Village via Sandy Point.
We have also seen to the hosting
of town hall meetings to improve
police to community relations. The
addition of an Anti-Gang Unit and
a bicycle patrol team in Basseterre
and the immediate surroundings
are also initiatives we have
The addition of CCTV
monitoring in both Basseterre and
in Charlestown and the use of
marked police vehicles in
communities are also initiatives
that have borne fruit.
According to Commissioner
Williams significant successes
have been seen to date despite
several challenges. In the first half
of 2010 alone, 26 illegal firearms and
835 rounds of ammunition have
been taken off the streets and a
4.5% decrease in reported crime in
the federation has been noted.
Some 63,000 marijuana plants
found throughout the federation
were also destroyed.
Meanwhile Commission
Williams spoke of the Force's
intentions for the upcoming festive
season for the Federation, that is,
Culturama in Nevis and the annual
Music Festival in St. Kitts.
"The police have taken actions
aimed at curbing incidences that
can mar the festivities, and intend
to intensify operations, even post
Music Festival and Culturama.
Residents have already seen an
increased Police presence on the
Sea Bridge and at other Ports of
entry in Charlestown and
Basseterre. We urge the support
and cooperation of all especially
passengers and ferry operators,"
he said.

7000 SQ. FT.



George Street -

Upstairs C& C Superfoods


The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JUNE 18TH 2010 9

By a Contributor
Commander of the St. Kitts and Nevis
Defense Force (SKNDF), Lt. Colonel Patrick
Wallace has cautioned members of the
media for their branding of gang related
homicides within St. Kitts-Nevis with the

broad heading of Crime.
Wallace indicated that not only may this
be doing a disservice to the Police Force as
the number of reported crimes within St.
Kitts-Nevis have fallen some 4.5% but it may
not be the correct label.
He stressed that, "we should rethink
how we categorize what we are seeing here
in the Federation because if we don't do it
we will never solve our problem. We will be
looking for a solution for a problem that is
wrong and so that solution will not work.
We are facing a civil war of sorts within our
borders and whether or not we want to admit
the fact that is what we are dealing with."
"The killings that we are seeing from time,
to time they are not just someone walking
down the street guns blaring like the old
west, these are planned and executed
Wallace emphasized that the issue of
gang violence should be addressed on all

levels not just at the final stage with the
involvement of law enforcement officers.
"People are observing their targets
gathering reconnaissance and intelligence
and choosing the most opportune time to
strike. The police cannot prevent that, the
Defence Force cannot prevent that, however
we can seek to lessen it. To do this we need
the assistance of the public, we need the
assistance of parents and families because
these guys who are doing the shootings
they have logistics support."
He said logistics could be seen in the
numerous visitors gathered at Her Majesty's
Prison during visiting hours. Wallace
explained. He said that these supporters
could also be heard by merely listening to
the radio programs where several requests
are being made for inmates at the prison.
"This to me is a form of encouragement
and we have to attack this problem at these
levels as well," Wallace said.

ftCUj 9 9 :. ERS I~r

What we seek I





|We are currently recruiting two (2) Assurance Managers for our PwC St. Kitts office; a small but
growing Practice with great opportunities for talented individuals with demonstrated ability to
advance their careers. Our client base includes banking, telecommunications, retail, construction,
hospitality and other various industries.
The managers will be reporting to the partner, and the main duties will include
managing audit teams, coaching and evaluating on-the-job performance, liaising with
clients and the partner, managing a portfolio of clients and involvement with staff

|The successful candidates must have external audit experience with a major accounting firm, be a
qualified accountant possessing a professional designation (ACCA, CA, CGA, CPA) and a
minimum of 1-3 years experience at the manager level. Strong IT skills are essential since the
firm makes extensive use of the most advanced computer assisted audit systems.

IAn attractive and competitive remuneration package is on offer to the successful candidates.

Qualified candidates should submit their applications no later than June 25, 2010 addressed to:

Jefferson Hunte
Cnr Bank Street and West Independence Square
P.O. Box 1038
Basseterre, St. Kitts

Fax: (869) 466-9822

Subject line: Audit Managers 2010

About our Firm:
PricewaterhouseCoopers ( provides industry-focused assurance, tax and advisory services to
build public trust and enhance value for its clients and their stakeholders. More than 155,000 people in 153
countries across our network share their thinking, experience and solutions to develop fresh perspectives
and practical advice. "PricewaterhouseCoopers" refers to the network of member firms of
PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, each of which is a separate and independent legal entity. In
the Caribbean, our network provides wide geographic coverage with member firms in the East Caribbean
(Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia and St. Kitts), the Netherland Antilles (Curacao, St. Maarten) andAruba, the
Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago and
the Turks & Caicos Islands.

LOC puts

limitations on

local food


during CUT

By a Contributor
Food vendors should expect to operate
under some limitations during the July 23rd
-25th weekend at the 13th Biennial
Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT) Track
and Field Championship here in St. Kitts.
Interested vendors who seek to conduct
business at the Silver Jubilee Stadium,
during those days would be asked to reduce
the repetition of foods being sold at the
meet, as well as being the holder of valid
food handling documents.
Mr. Iston Williams who is in charge of
Operations at the championship games
indicated that in order for there to be a
variety of safe and quality foods, these
conditions would have to be enforced.
"If there is someone that would like to
come to this meet and provide local foods
that would be a good thing because it would
allow those that came from other islands to
partake in something from our culture.
However, what we will do is have some
limitations on to many persons doing the
same thing. We won't have thirteen persons
on the grounds selling barbeque because
everyone will not have an opportunity to
profit from the event."
In regards to food handlers permits any
vendor without a valid permit as at the dates
of the championship would not be allowed
to sell food within the stadium grounds.
Twenty-one countries will be taking part
in the 13th Biennial CUT Championship
including host country St. Kitts and first
timer St. Thomas.

Letter to the


Our Heritage
Why are we so reckless with out
heritage? Our forefathers who toiled for
years; season after season to maintain the
engine line around the island must be
turning in their graves to see how we have
virtually destroyed almost half of the
sugarcane transport system.
Now some would say "but we don't
make sugar anymore so why bother?" but
look at the striving business that the sugar
train is doing.
Now I am very proud of the sugar train
and will wish that this business will
continue for a long time to come but I se
what is or what could have been a huge
business opportunity for another sugar
train to operate on the other side of the
island which is not being serviced by the
sugar train. Kittitians who have money,
wake up and do something if it is not too
late. I wish I had the money.

By Von-Evans Peters



Culture Minister calls for public

support to contestants in

Culturarna pageants

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (JUNE 08, 2010) Minister responsible
for Culture on Nevis Hon. Hensley Daniel issued a call to Nevisians to
support the contestants who will vie for two pageant titles for the first
time, during the island's leading annual cultural event Culturama from
July 22 to August 3rd. He said their participation would help to bring
tangible returns to the economy.
His appeal came on Friday when the six contestants for the Miss
Culture Queen Pageant and eight for the Miss Culture Swimwear Pageant
were formally introduced to the public at the Arthur Evelyn Building's
apron in Charlestown on Friday.
"I want you to join us in putting a positive spin on pageants and I
would want you to encourage all the participants because the potential
that pageants bring is tremendous.
"You will know that during Culturama, cosmetologists, fashion
designers, and all the people in Nevis who sell clothes this is their time,

Carib Brewery and TDC

Bring The Karaoke Idol

Caravan to St. Kitts
After the successful completion of the Nevis Karaoke Idol in May of
this year, thanks to Carib Brewery and TDC, SEN Consulting is ready to
launch the St. Kitts Leg of the Event.
In speaking to Noah Mills, Lead Coordinator, he explained that there
is so much fun to be had by Performers, Corporate Partners, and Audience
members that the event is never considered to be a Competition. That
is, "each Show is an Idol Family Fun Day."
The first (1st) Round will start off with thirty (30) Performers, and
then, as time goes on, that number will be trimmed until there are three (3)
Finalists vying for a 1st place Prize of US $1, 000. Second (2nd) place
prize is US $650.00 and third (3rd) Place is US $350.00. There are also
many other gifts and prizes that Performers will receive along the way
and at the end of the Idol.

Show #

Weds June 23rd
Thurs July 1st
Sat July 10th
Sat July 17th
Weds July 21st
Fri Aug 6th
Thurs Aug 12th
Weds Aug 18th
Thurs Aug 26th

Fisherman's Wharf
Frigate Bay Beach Hotel
Timothy Beach Hotel
Marriott Ballroom
Fisherman's Wharf
Marriott Ballroom
Fisherman's Wharf
Marriott Ballroom

The Show opened on Wednesday June 23rd, at the Fisherman's
Wharf, starting at 7:30 pm SHARP.
Similarly to the way in which it was rolled out in Nevis, there are
several venues being used for the weekly Event, thereby allowing more
Operators to financially benefit from Partnering with the Organizers, as
the Venues are allowed to keep all the revenues generated from their
Kitchen and Bar Sales. All first (1 st) Round Shows are FREE, YES FREE,
including the Opening Night at Fisherman's Wharf. Thereafter, a small
contribution of EC $10 will be accepted. Please see Table below for
scheduled Shows, Dates, and Venues.

When asked why the Idol was conceptualized, Mills explained that
there are five (5) basic objectives behind the Idol model. These are to:
1. Help Showcase local Talent on St. Kitts
2. Assist in enhancing Nightly Entertainment in St. Kitts
3. Allow local Businesses the opportunity to make some additional
revenues in these challenging economic times
a. Five (5) Venues will be rotated and allowed to keep all
revenues collected from their Kitchens and Bars
4. Provide Corporate Sponsors with over three (3) months of
extensive exposure using a variety of traditional and contemporary Media
Channels (prior to, during, and subsequent to Weekly Events)
5. Introduce Locals to a variety of Music Genres, while developing
Karaoke on St. Kitts
The Platinum Sponsors for the St. Kitts Karaoke Idol are Carib

so it has great potential for doing
those things. So when the ladies
come forward we want you to see
that they are adding value to our
Culturama," he said.
The Minister indicated that
participation in the Miss Culture
Pageant had been on the rise and
he thanked all the sponsors who
continued to support the event
over the last 36 years.
Mr. Daniel pointed to the new
format the contest will take this
year which he attributed to the
imaginativeness of the Culturama

Brewery and TDC. Apart from all
Venue Management Alliances,
other partners include WINN FM,
Choice Community Radio,
Driftwood, and the Marriott

To Magistrate, District B
To the Superintendant of Police
I, Royden Hendrickson
now residing in Main Street
in St Pauls do hereby give
you notice that it is my
intention to apply on 2nd
July, 2010 to the District
Magistrate at Sandy Point
for a Liquor Licence in
respect of my premises in
Main Street, St. Pauls.

Dated this 17th day of April,

Signed by:
Royden Hendrickson

To Magistrate, District A
To the Superintendant of Police

I, Celestine Stanley now
residing in Upper Prickley
Pear Alley in Basseterre
do hereby give you notice
that it is my intention to
apply on 2nd July, 2010 to
the District Magistrate at
Basseterre for a Retail
Liquor Licence in respect
of my premises in Wigley
Avenue, Basseterre.

Dated this 1st day of June,

Signed by: Celestine Stanley

Minister responsible for Culture
on Nevis Hon. Hensley Daniel
Committee. What had been the
Miss Culture Pageant for the past
35 years will now be two separate
shows; one with separate
contestants showcasing
swimwear and the other which will
showcase talent and the island's
The Culture Minister used the
opportunity to call for a peaceful
and productive festival and
reminded patrons that they should
dance, prance but not chance.
Notwithstanding, he said he

To Magistrate, District A
To the Superintendant of Police
I, Rajesh Tikamdas
(Monkey Joe's Port Zante)
now residing in 23, Morne
Heights, Bird Rock in
Frigate Bay, do hereby give
you notice that it is my
intention to apply on 2nd
July,2010 to the District
Magistrate at Basseterre for
a Beer License in respect of
my premises in Bldg #24,
Unit 4 in Port Zante,
Dated this 13th day of May,
Signed by: Rajesh Tikamdas

To Magistrate, District A
To the Superintendant of Police

I, Agnes Gaiton (Minnie's)
now residing in Durant
Ave in Mc. Knight do
hereby give you notice that
it is my intention to apply
on 2nd July, 2010 to the
District Magistrate at
Basseterre for a Liquor
Licence in respect of my
premises in Durant
Avenue, Basseterre

Dated this 2nd day of June,

Signed by: Agnes Gaiton

expected the usual controversies
that had accompanied the festival
to surface.
"We say to you, celebrate with
us, celebrate with the young
ladies, give them as much
encouragement as you can...I
would want to know who will win
the show but I believe Culturama
queen show has to be attended by
the controversy, it has to be
attended by all the challenges we
face and I am sure we will have
those in 2010.
I want you, therefore, to join
me in making sure that we have a
successful Culturama and most
importantly we have a most
successful Miss Culture talent
show...I want to endorse festival,
endorse the queen show and seek
your very greatest support in
ensuring that the girls are
sufficiently prepared, build their
confidence," he said.
Mr. Daniel also said it was his
wish that the public shifted its
focus to positive things that would
allow the contestants to be better
prepared over the next six weeks
to deliver a great show.

To Magistrate, District A
To the Superintendant of Police

I, Nizza Vergara (Sol 'e'
Mar) now residing in 41c
Calypso Street in Frigate
Bay do hereby give you
notice that it is my intention
to apply on 2nd July, 2010
to the District Magistrate
at Basseterre for a Beer
Licence in respect of my
premises in Bldg #14, Unit
103, 104 in Port Zante

Dated this 13th day of May,
Signed by: Nizza Vergara

To Magistrate, District A
To the Superintendant of Police

I, Petrine Whyte now
residing in Ottley's
Housing Ext. in Ottley's
Village, do hereby give you
notice that it is my intention
to apply on 2nd July, 2010
to the District Magistrate
at Basseterre for a Beer
Licence in respect of my
premises in Ottley's
Housing Ext

Dated this 16th day of June,
Signed by: Petrine Whyte


The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman


Saturday 15thMay 2010, Daryl
Rawlins of Conaree Village, St.
Kitts, graduated summa cum
laude, (with highest honours) and
completed this tertiary level
education, receiving his Bachelor
of Arts Degree inAccounting from
the University of the Virgin Islands
(UVI) St. Thomas Campus.
During his tenure there, Daryl
was very active on and off
campus, where he held various
positions, including: President of
the Future Business Leaders of
America, Senior Senator of the
Student Government Association
and Vice President for the Class of
Deepening his ties with the
university, Daryl also became an
active member of the Accounting
Association, St. Thomas Chapter
as well as of the St. Kitts and Nevis
Throughout the time he was
President of the Future Business
Leaders of America, he represented
UVI in many acclaimed business
competitions; wherein he
showcased his intellect as he
contended against many
universities across the continental
United States.
Daryl also attended a number
of Leadership Conferences which
took him across the United States.
Ultimately, in 2008 and 2009,, he

I travelled recently on LIAT
and in their Zing Magazine that is
issued on the aircraft I noted that
on page 12 they were encouraging
readers to respond to what they
refer to as the "Dialect Dilemma".
I thought to myself how
interesting, since I recall quite
recently that Mutrice one of the
writers for this paper wrote on the
same topic and felt that there was
nothing wrong with speaking
Many discussions have taken
place on this topic and I daresay it
will never go away, since dialects
are spoken not just in St Kitts and
Nevis, or in the Caribbean and
indeed the whole world use dialect
that is germane to peoples of that
So then what is the problem
with dialect? I would tell you
nothing is wrong with it. It is a
very effective form of
communication for those who
speak it, and for those who
understand it. Certainly, it can also
add humour, which if spoken
properly would most likely lose
that humour.

was afforded the opportunity,
through the Gateway of
Leadership Organization, to intern
fora Fortune 500 company inNew

However, my belief is that we
speak too much dialect.
Unfortunately, our children hear
and speak in dialect at home on
the streets and listen to it on the
radio and my oh my our Disc
Jockeys who should be setting an
example by using correct grammar
and English, perpetuate the
Dialect has its place. Alas,
many of us do not know the
difference between proper English
and the dialect and that in my view
is where the problem lies. So our
children hear dialect daily and
when called upon to speak or write
properly, the grammar is all wrong
so too is the English. So tell me,
do you not think that it is time to
cut out some of the dialect.
Perhaps too, for those of us
who know better, we should set a
good example when we speak to
our children since we know the
difference in knowing when and
how to use the dialect and when
and where it is necessary to use
the standard English. It we did
this our English pass rate in
schools for the children who write
the Caribbean Examination
Council (CXC) in English would be
much higher/

York City, there, he was able to gain
insight to the career path he has
chosen. Daryl's high level of
performance was noticed by
everyone he worked with.
At the end of his time at UVI,
during the Pre-Commencement
activities, Daryl received an award
for his outstanding leadership,
hard work, dedication to his
education and involvement in
extra curricula activities.
Daryl is the son of Lynette
Foster of Conaree and William
Rawlins of Molineux, St. Kitts.
His mother Lynette joined
Daryl, his father and other members
of the family in St. Thomas for the
Graduation Ceremony.
The Labour Spokesman joins
in extending sincere
congratulations and best wishes
to Daryl, his Mom and Dad and
other members of his family.


Andria Hall Communications

Scholarship Deadline Extended
Foundation offers awards to US and Caribbean students
SCOTCH PLAINS, New Jersey (June 15, 2010) U.S. and Caribbean nationals interested in pursuing
studies in media, broadcasting or public speaking have another two weeks to apply for scholarship awards in
the memory of Christian communications professional and former CNN news anchor, Andria Hall.
The SpeakEasy M.E.D.I.A. Foundation has extended the deadline for the application process for two
grants which will be awarded to a high school student from the United States and another from the Caribbean
region where Andria Hall featured at many inspiring tourism and media conferences.
Each grant will total US $2,000 and will be awarded to individuals pursing media-related studies at the
college or university of their choice.
Applications for the scholarships and study grants can be sent via email or via post by June 30, 2010.
Applicants must eitherbe a graduating high school senior in the U.S. or 5th/6th Form graduating secondary
school student in the Caribbean with an overall grade point average of at least 2.5 or C+ average. Participation
in extracurricular activities, community work/social service, school, church, volunteer or work experience is


United States Peace Corps (St. Kitts) is inviting suitably qualified
individuals to apply for short-term positions ranging from 11- 20 days
between July 26th and October 22nd, 2010. Trainers are expected to
provide interactive sessions for Peace Corps Trainees ranging in
ages and experiences and based on a set curriculum in the following
Institutional Development (ID / NGO)Trainer
Participatory Analysis for Community Action (PACA) Trainer
Youth Development (YD) Trainer
Working With Schools Trainer
Further information regarding these positions can be obtained from
United States Peace Corps (St. Kitts):
Tel: 466-5591, Fax: 465-3079
Applications should be sent to: Email: mhuggins@/
United States Peace Corps
College Housing Project
P.O. Box 246
St. Kitts
Deadline for receipt of Applications is June 21st, 2010.

New Commissioners

Appointed to Eastern

Caribbean Securities

Regulatory Commission
Two new commissioners have been appointed to serve on the
Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission (ECSRC), the
regulatory body for the Eastern Caribbean Securities Market (ECSM).
The ECCB Monetary Council appointed Dr Vincent Richards of
Antigua and Barbuda and Mrs Lucia Livingston Andall of Grenada to
serve on the commission during its 66th meeting, which was held on 5
March. The new Commissioners, who will serve for two years, have
filled vacancies created by the outgoing Chairman Mr Calvin Rodgers,
GCM of Antigua and Barbuda and Mr Crispin Sorhaindo of the
Commonwealth of Dominica whose terms of service ended on 1
December 2009 and 18 October 2009 respectively.
The Monetary Council also appointed Mr Errol N Allen of St Vincent
and the Grenadines and Mr Arthur Thomas of Antigua and Barbuda
as the new Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively. They will
serve for five years. The other Commissioner is Mr Ambrose Sylvester
of the Commonwealth of Dominica.
The primary functions of the five-member ECSRC Commission are
to maintain the integrity of the ECSM, protect investors, promote
market efficiency and facilitate market development.
The ECSRC has also appointed Mr Kennedy Byron to serve as
Secretary to the Commission with effect from 1 March2010. Mr Byron
replaces Mr Henry Hazel.

By: Jean Thomas




The Basseterre Valley

Aquifer, Churning the Waters

Toward Conservation

By Alecia Daniel-Blake

PART 1: The Beginnings
In the not too distant past, there had been much
"water talk." Residents were encouraged to conserve
water because of the drought which was gripping St.
Kitts and Nevis and the Eastern Caribbean. World
Water Day, celebrated March 22, acknowledged the
importance of clean water. As a matter of a fact, in
her message, UNESCO's Director General Irina
Bokova stated that two and an half billion of the world's
people continue to live without proper sanitation and
that 884 million have no access to safe drinking water.
Yet, St. Kitts and Nevis can indeed consider itself
blessed, particularly when it comes to water! Our
Federation was among the first to get a reprieve from
the drought, and as far back as anyone can remember,
residents have enjoyed the pleasure of pure, refreshing,
clean water. Interestingly, in addition to having access
to surface water, from rain and rivers which has been
captured in reservoirs, St. Kitts in particular, has the
added advantage of aquifers that have been an
excellent supply of potable water. The Basseterre
Valley Aquifer, in particular, has become a precious
element in the local water supply network. As climate
change continues to alter the world's previously
anticipated weather patterns, it becomes even more
critical to preserve fresh water resources such as the
Basseterre Valley Aquifer.
So what exactly is an aquifer? Many locals refer
to it simply as a water table. According to the Oxford
Canadian Dictionary an aquifer is "a layer of permeable
rock able to store significant quantities of water, through
which groundwater moves." In other words, the
underground rocks are such that water can move
through them in a specific direction. To place
everything into context, the exact proximity also needs
to be established. The aquifer in question, is located
in the basin between the Olivees Mountain, to the
southwest, Canada Hills to the northeast and Conaree
Hills to the east and covers an area of approximately
eight square miles and widens to the southeast as it
flows south and empties into the Caribbean Sea at
The importance of the Basseterre Valley Aquifer
is brought to the fore by the fact that it provides 60
percent, approximately 2.5 million gallons of water
needed for the daily consumption of residents of
Basseterre. This translates to a whopping 40 percent
of the total water supply for the island of St. Kitts.
Despite the area's importance, certain

indiscriminate actions
such as agricultural
pollution, inadequate
management and control
of water extraction and
inadequate protection of
the Valley area and its
ecosystem function,
began taking place over
the years. Not desiring
to see its valued potable
water source become
contaminated, the
Government of St. Kitts
and Nevis decided to step
in. In 2002 the
Basseterre Valley
Advisory Committee was
appointed through the
Office of the Prime
Minister to examine the
feasibility of establishing
a National Park on the
site. The underlying
thought being that the
sanctity, safety and
sustainability of the
Aquifer would be
maintained with the
expectation that the Park
serve as a green area and
a buffer from external
contaminants. The
incorporation of the
various economic sectors
including tourism and its
potential for financial
profitability was just the
beginning of much
promise. Hence, the
name of the initiative
became the Rehabilitation
and Management of the
Basseterre Valley as a
Protection Measure for
the Underlying Aquifer.
In 2006 a Memorandum
of Agreement was signed
between the Government of

(cont'd on page 14)

The area of the Basseterre ValleyAquifer from a St. Peter 's vantage point

The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JUNE 18TH 2010 13

St.Kitts Investment Promotion Agency


0 ,**7 1
;1 iOiPPO111 RTUNlill IT//IES9i9l ". iir,,


Development Bank

leads the way in

social investing

4 1,f.

The Labour Spokesman


i U

Marva Burroughs (left) hands over the washing machine and
cooker to Health Minister Hon. Marcella Liburd
BASSETERRE ST. KITTS (June 15, 2010) -Federation's Minister
of Health, Social Development, Gender, Community Affairs and Culture,
Hon. Marcella Liburd, has said that investing money for social needs
especially for the eradication of poverty is the way to go and has praised
the Development Bank of Saint Kitts and Nevis for leading the way.
"There is much talk these days about social investing that is
supposed to be a new emerging market," said Minister Liburd. "A lot of
investing is in health, to better the lives of people, and so it seems as
though Development Bank is on the cutting edge of what is happening
with respect to social investing."
The Minister make the remarks on Monday at the Mary Charles
Hospital in Molyneux at a function where she received from Marva
Burroughs, Marketing Manager of the Development Bank of Saint Kitts
and Nevis, a washing machine and a cooker the bank had donated at the
request of the hospital's Operations Manager, Launette Adams.

The Basseterre Valley

Aquifer ........
(cont'd from page 12) S

St. Kitts and Nevis (GOSKN) and UN
Office for Project Services (UNOPS) to
engage the services of the Global
Environment Facility (GEF) under the
Integrating Watershed and Coastal Areas
Management Project (IWCAM).
Hence, GEF-IWCAM became the
chief finance of the Basseterre Valley
Aquifer Project, willing to provide up to
US$530,740 while the Government of
St. Kitts and Nevis agreed to co-finance
in the sum of US$217,380.
The budget also includes an 'in-kind'
contribution of US$22,145,000 from the
Government of St. Kitts and Nevis.
The purpose of the project is to
demonstrate the proper management
and protection of the Basseterre Valley
Aquifer in three main areas.
1. Mitigation of threats from
2. Protection of the aquifer, well field
and supportive ecosystem
3. Improvement to the user resource
management interface
The upcoming article will focus on the
findings of a hydrogeological survey which
is basically an underground survey of the
area, as well as a proposal for a national
park complete with proposed legislation,
operational financing and structures.

Hon Marcella Liburd addressing

"We are always happy to
partner with organizations that
show such a good heart in order
to produce and deliver effective
health care to our patients and to
the community and the country at
large," commented the Minister of
Health, who was accompanied by
her Permanent Secretary, Elvis
Newton. "We want to thank the
Development Bank, (and) we want
to call on other organizations out
there to partner with us."
On handing over the two
pieces of equipment valued at
$4,300 (duty free), Marva
Burroughs said they held the
belief that 'a Nation's health is a
Nation's wealth', hence the reason
the Development Bank was
honoured to make the
contribution as a way of partnering
with the Ministry of Health in
making services and life for both

staff and visitors at the Mary ( li .. Hospital in Molyneux.

the workers and patients at the hospital better and more vibrant.
"We have in the past been partnering with the Ministry of Health and
so it means Development Bank is not just all talk," said Burroughs.
"Development Bank finds the pleasure of partnering with the Ministry of
Health and with Mary Charles Hospital in particular this time around and
we hope that the equipment will be put to good use, they will be cared for
and that they would accomplish the purpose for which they were
Operations Manager, Launette Adams, observed that the delivery of
health care is very costly, and Government which has an obligation of
ensuring that it is accessible and affordable, currently subsidies up to
92 percent of the provision of health care services. Terming the act a
social good, Adams thanked the Development Bank for the donation of
the washing machine and cooker.
In giving the vote of thanks, Assistant Nurse Manager, Theophane
Lawrence remarked that good things come to those who wait and promised
that those appliances would be around for a very long time, "because
with the staff here, we take good care as we do with our patients and
anything that is entrusted into our hands."
The ceremony was witnessed by Sonia Daley, Director of Institutional
Nursing Service, Gale Cranstoum, health information systems
administrator, Curt Lewis, Project Manager Development Bank of Saint
Kitts and Nevis, and staff at the Mary Charles Hospital.

I~n Oe

InTune( witA.

A map of the Basseterre Valley Aquifer



The lamentation these days throughout the Nation is why are we
losing our young men on such an unprecedented rate and frequency
through gun violence? There seems to be no quick fixes or easy let alone
simple answers. So the brain storming continues as parenting comes
under the microscope.
As this is Father's Day, today's study will focus for the most part on
the wise man Solomon's advice to Fathers articulated in the Book of
Proverbs. Let's face it; it is tough being a dad these days. It is almost
impossible to live up to our own standards, to say nothing of God's.
And the toughest thing of all is that, deep inside every father knows he
is leaving an indelible thumb print on the life of each of his children. This
analogy might help to illustrate.
Concrete cement has certain internal properties which most of us
take for granted. What is of great significance is the properties that
determine how the concrete can be shaped. It is greatly influenced for
the most part by the moulding of external forces. This concept may be
applied to the moulding influence of parents in general and dads in
particular. To that end, let us examine what Solomon had to say on the
topic, shall we?
By way of background, let me share a few generalities about fathers
from a Biblical perspective. By definition a father is a male parent. Scripture
speaks of the kinds of father as (a) natural (Gen. 28:13), (b) ancestors
(Jer. 35:6), (c) Natural leaders (Rom. 9:5), and (d) heads of households (Ex
On the other hand the duties of a father towards his children are to
love, command, instruct, guide and warn, train, rebuke, restrain, punish,
nourish, supply needs, do not provoke.

Local fire and rescue

officers complete

certification course in


By a Contributor
Four officers from the St. Kitts-Nevis Fire and Rescue Services
are now certified inAircraft Rescue Fire Fighting after the completion
of a five day course at the Fire and Emergency Services Training
Institute in Toronto, Canada.
The course which consisted of two phases began inApril of 2009
in St. Kitts. The initial phase of the course focused on specific
theories involved in aircraft rescue including Airport Fire Fighting
Operations, Airport and Aircraft Familiarization, Apparatus and
Equipment Operation and Incident Management System &
Fire Sub Officer Dwight Alexander, an officer that participated in
the course, explained that the second phase of training involved
simulation exercises geared towards preparing the men to deal with
the new technological advances made in aircraft construction and
also to ensure that they acquire the necessary skills and knowledge
in order to effectively and efficiently perform their roles as Aircraft
Rescue Fire Fighting personnel.
"We were taught how to remove passengers in a timely and safe
manner and also how extinguish any flames or deal with any problem
we may find on the aircraft.
"As we all know St. Kitts is progressing rapidly and we are now
experiencing larger aircraft coming into St. Kitts with more
passengers and different types of aircraft. We have to be abreast
with everything that's going on so in the case of an emergency, we
could deal with the situation in a proper fashion and this training
course would equip us with the necessary skills to do so," he said.
It is the intention of the St. Kitts-Nevis Fire and Rescue Services
to have all officers certified in Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting, at
present only eight officers hold this certification.

The Labour Spokesman


It is my understanding that
near the end of the nineteenth
century, on the heels of a bloody
civil war, Josiah Holland wrote:
"God give us men! Atime like this
demands strong minds, great
hearts, true faith and ready
The reality is that God does
not give us men He gives us
boys. To us as parents, fathers in
particular, God gives us the task
of forging these boys into men. To
help equip us for this mammoth task
God has provided the Book of
Proverbs, which is largely the
advice of a father to a son so let us
attempt to glean a few essentials if
our sons will ever grow up to be
the legacy of ours, we would want
them to become.

Solomon advises dads to
prepare them for the times when
they must take a stand, since
chances are the time to stand
alone is not a farfetched situation.
"My son, if sinners entice you
do not consent. If they say, Come
with us, let us lie in wait for blood,
and let us ambush the innocent
without cause. Let us swallow
them alive like Sheol even whole,
as those who go down to the pit.
We shall find all kinds of precious
wealth; we shall fill our houses
with spoils. Throw inyour lot with
us; we shall all have one purse.
"My son, do not walk in the
way with them. Keep your feet
from their path, for their feet run to
evil, and they hasten to shed
blood" (Prov. 1: 10-16)
How many of us are surprised
that the Bible is so relevant and
up-to-date for our times? Notice
the three commands: (1) Do not
consent (V10). Do not walk in their
way (V15). Keep your feet from
their path (V15). Gang disciples
take heed.
Certainly a time will come when
a choice between the crowd and
biblical teaching will come, but
choose the latter. Peace groups
exert relentless pressure to
conform and follow the pack. Take
mouldy bread in a plastic bread bag
by way of similarity. It has a way
of spreading its degenerative
spores to all the other slices in the
loaf. The onus is on fathers to
prepare our sons.
Secondly, we must teach our
sons to be open to God's counsel.
"My son, do not reject the
discipline of the Lord, or loathe His
reproof. For whom the Lord loves
He reproves, even as a father the
son in whom he delights (Prov
Believe it or not a tender heart
toward God is one of the hallmarks
of manhood. David was sensitive
and open to God's counsel and so
should we. If sons treasure our
counsel, then to treasure God's
counsel in their adulthood will be
an easy transition.
If sons learn to respect the

correction of their teacher, coach, employer and others around them, it
will be a natural response to respect God's (and man's) correction later in

It might surprise many of us to learn that Solomon had a word to say
about how to handle money. The subject of finances covers four areas:
We should teach our sons how to give, how to earn, how to spend and
how to save. They should learn to honour God wit h their income
(substance) by making giving number one ontheirpriority list, especially
giving to the poor (Prov. 22:9).
In addition, sons must learn some skill with which they can derive an
income (Eph4:28).
How they should wisely spend and invest their money is exemplified
in the woman of Proverbs 31. The principle of saving is best seen in
Solomon's illustration of the ant in Proverbs 6:6-8.
Finally, we need to teach the importance and value of hard work.
"Poor is he who works with a negligent hand, but the hand of the diligent
makes rich. He who gathers in summer is a son who acts wisely, but he
who sleeps in harvest is a son who acts shamefully (Prov 10:4-5). The
soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the soul of the diligent
is made fat (Prov 13:4).
In a nutshell, hard work pays off. Hard diligent work also pays off in
raising our sons. Believe it or not, years of planting, watering, weeding,
nourishing and patient waiting, the harvest of our diligence will become
evident in our relationship with our sons.
As night follows day, if we have led our sons to walk in the right path
based on ethics and values inculcated, our barns will then be truly full
and prosperity is certain to follow. There is no substitute for hard work.
In this age of endless temptations from all angles and sources and
when youngsters seem to want easy money, falling prey to the
allurements greed and wiles of the devil, the intervention, advice and
guidance of fathers rise to the level of imperatives.
On this Father's Day, View Point extends congratulations and best
wishes to Fathers everywhere, Happy Father's Day.


I 15

-) he bamiOy o the eate
IKaen Eeizabath a7aw'nsZ
o4 Seaton Street, Bassetetle,
wishes to express
heartfbeet thanks and appreciation to awee
IM hose persons who extended condoLences,
gave wo0ds o4 encouragement and support
o in any way shared out bereavement.

I Mav god Waf beess .om.
qhe entire Raweins

-:96 T-t- 0

16 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JUNE 18TH 2010

Nevis Pig Farmers

happy with FAO

sponsored feed to spur


CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (JUNE 11, 2010) -At least two pig farmers
registered their satisfaction for free bags of pig feed from the Food and
Agriculture Organisation (FAO) through the Ministry and Department
of Agriculture on Nevis.
The feed was purchased by the Department of Agriculture through
the FAO's initiative on soaring food prices. The gift which was meant to
stimulate pig farming was distributed at the Prospect Experimental Station.
The distribution was supervised by Director of Agriculture on Nevis Mr.
Keithley Amory and his staff on Friday.
Mr. Charles Bussue a lifelong small scale pig farmer who was on
hand to benefit from the feed told the Department of Information he like
other farmers felt gratified with the gesture.
"Indeed we are very thankful for the donation made by FAO. We also
want to thank the Nevis Island Administration for organising this for the
pig farmers on Nevis. At this extremely difficult time that we are all facing,
I think any help would be a great help and this time I can tell you one
bag, two bags or 15 bags, they are all very, very helpful to us the pig
farmers on Nevis.
"I have been a pig farmer all my life, however, this is the first time I
have been an actual recipient of such donations from the Agricultural
Department that has been sent here by FAO and again I just want to
stress I am extremely thankful for this help," he said.
Owner and Manager of Webbes Pig Farm in Webbes Ground,
Gingerland Mr. Sam Webbe, echoed similar sentiments. He was one of
the large scale pig farmers who received the FAO sponsored pig feed.
"I must say I am indeed grateful for this gift that was presented to us
here this morning from FAO through the Agriculture Department in Nevis.
I must say how happy I am for being relieved of the cost of going to the
Supply Office. This contribution would run us down for three weeks and
I must say I am really happy. I am just really, really grateful for this
contribution and on behalf of the other farmers, we just want to say
thanks. I am a little overwhelmed this morning," he said.
Meantime, Mr. Amory said they had expected to distribute about 750
bags of feed to some 100 pigfarmers. He explained that Friday's distribution
was the continuation of the FAO funded programme which had
commenced in 2009.
"This initiative had started early last year but because of some
logistical problems we were not able to finalise it. So we are here today to
finalise the distribution of the feed to the deserving pig farmers.

Lifelong small scale Pig Farmer Mr. (i, /,. Bussue

Director of Agriculture on Nevis Mr Keithley Amory (secondfrom
left) speaks with Pig Farmers on hand to receive Food and
Agriculture OiQ .'i... sponsored free pig feed ;hii' ,iIi the
department of Agriculture

This initiative was based on the
collapse of the economies, so
many farmers who were involved
in pig production or livestock
production had ceased to continue
production because they felt that
they could not afford to buy pig
"The FAO decided that this
initiative would help to stimulate
and continue to encourage
persons into pig production or
even livestock production. So
what they did was to give us some
money and we are now here to
distribute pig fed to these farmers
so that they may continue to
survive in these harsh economic
times," he said.

Contributed By: Shaday Peters

Advances here can be very swift and 'more
than impressive' as some Rams may be
bringing big deals, those 'in play a long time'
and other types of 'last minute opportunities'
to a completion stage by or before the 17th
with 'highly profitable' potential likely,
especially for those in the banking,
transportation, communications, publishing,
medical and entertainment industries.

Good news is likely for Bulls who work in
family businesses, deal with siblings, Gemini,
Leo, Virgo or Cancer personalities or are in
the entertainment, health or communications
industries. Those who work in banking,
investment, real estate and other 'big ticket"
commodities may see 'red letter"
accomplishments but not without huge
investments of time, effort, 'rep' and even
money, especially the 17118th

Cc i-hi,
A more 'aggressive' type of energy may flow
in and bring opportunity early in the week.
Power people appear most obliging the
15/16th and may be 'promoting' you to either
other power people or those 'above them.'
Moves, changes, upgrades and 'lateral'
cooperation appear to be supportive,
especially the 14th, 16th and 17th. Some level
of 'doubt' may give 'reason to pause' the 18th;
work through it.

Some of you may be very busy 'setting up' big
deals or projects and at "this stage" may be up
to your ears in foundation work, timing issues
and trying to get cooperation from legal
sources, permits, financing, grants,
government or 'industry insiders' and all
appear rather promising to keep you "on
schedule.' Lunch/mid day meetings appear to
go very well near the 15th to 17th.

Things can 'happen very fast" this week and
even projects that have seemed to 'drag' or be
'near impossible' can take on new life and a
faster pace. The 'end of an old problem' is
likely near the 17th and may relate to finances
that were 'held up' big ticket sales items,
Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer or other
Lions. Travel and/or 'off site schmoozing or
weekend work' are any/all likely the 1 8/19th.

Lateral moves appear to be very well received
this week but there is one glitch; coworker
clashes or envy could contaminate success.
Be sure you are pleasant but keep your cards
close to you belt and keep them on a 'need to
know' basis until everything is 'a lock.' Power
people are helpful the 15/16th but may not
realize they throw a roadblock up the 17th
and/or 18th. Say nothing at this time and
focus on outing it the week of the 21st.

.p -ll,

Owner and Manager of Webbes Pig Farm in Gingerland Mr. Sam

Lr brq
Your talents appear to catch the eye of power
people near the 14/15th and your rep can
become 'beefed up' quickly if/when
'recommended.' Returns on past efforts
appear to 'come full circle' the 15/16th and
MAY be a "two fold or more' profit potential.
Another impressive 'recommendation' is likely
near the 17th and/or 19th but may happen out
of ear/eye shot and 'get back to you' closer to
early to mid Aug.

A very busy and demanding 15th AND 17th
may have you 'multi tasking' and/or traveling
or negotiating until your head spins. Dealings
with those a distance away can make
communications complicated, especially if
foreign language or different 'systems' of
doing things are involved. Seek the common
denominator in all dealings. The health,
medical, food and service industries are
highlighted the 16th to 19th and travel also
appears to be involved.

Sa ~ JLa-
The 'bigger the risk' the greater the rewards
near the 14/15th and the risk can be high but
manageable, especially if 'shared' by a backer
or partner. VVhat you do with "your part' of the
rewards can easily out distance anyone you
share them with. An 'opportunity' of some kind
is likely to be 'served up' to/for you near the
16/17th and may come at the hands of power
people, bosses, Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius,
Cancer, Aries or Libra. Working the weekend
IS possible.

Advances and some praise are both possible
this week, especially near or from the events
of the 15/16th. Appear as 'organized' and
.ready' as you can. A 'loss of some kind" is
possible near both/either the 17th and 19th,
both due to "taking chances' or 'gambling' you
should not have done. Be practical and use
common sense.

Aqu urljja
Beauty, ease, enjoyment and/or pleasure
appear to be driving forces behind your focus
the 14th to 16th. Any 'hassle or complication'
factors can really sour you on your "current
path." Keeping 'the flow' and 'attitude' rolling
along nicely and being 'happy with the karmic
paycheck' as well as the financial one may
'take all the difference' this week. IF you feel
that element is 'missing' from your job
description, find a way to weave it in or risk a
downhill spiral that will begin to show as soon
as the 16/17th. Answer all calls quickly the
17th and focus on 'the small/bottom line"
details the 18th.

Get as much gathered, researched and/or set
up the 14th to 16th as you can because one of
two things is likely to happen to/for you the
17th to 19th; A.) Opportunity hits in and long
hours, locking down, travel and extra work will
be indicated or B.) Common illness, fatigue,
injury, complications that 'keep you from being
available/hands on' or functioning, 'up to snuff
threaten or retard progress. IF you hit B, look
to Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Pisces
or other Fish to help you carry the ball.

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JUNE 18TH 2010 M 17

The never m didL Elo[Uve1'U i their 1mount

Dear Reader, in 1952 Adult Suffrage (the right to vote) came to us
through the fighting efforts of the Labour Stalwarts, whose motto has
been and always will be "For the good that we can do".
This means the good that Labour can do for the country and its
inhabitants, whether they are PAM or Labour, CCM or NRP. For the
privileged, but for the poor, down trodden and oppressed majority of the
Leaders who can adopt this attitude are good inspired people; the
Moses, the Joshua's of Biblical fame. These persons possessed the
spirit of those slaves who rose up to attack the unfair and oppressed
system of the Plantation system.
Most importantly, it can be said that they loved their fellow men.
They were touched by the inhumanity to man. They believed that no
God of justice, mercy and love, would allow his children to undergo
such abominable conditions. Man had strayed from the teachings which
they proclaimed in their churches on a Sunday morning and evening
and from the lessons espoused in their bible which was outlawed to us.
It was that Good Samaritan compassion for humanity which forced
or propelled the leaders of the Labour Movement to take such actions of
liberating their oppressed fellowmen. Compassion comes out of love
and the inner presence of God.
Dear Reader, I have to reinforce the point that the Leaders of Labour
were not touched, they were inspired. In 1956, the Ministerial form of
Government was introduced by our Colonial Masters, with the Queen's
representative, the Administrator as he was called, still in charge of the
Islands or the Colony, as St. Kitts-Nevis and Anguilla were called then.
The planters who were the Kith and Kin of our English Masters
could not achieve the status of Minister, since, after the introduction of
Adult Suffrage where it was one man one vote, the majority of black
people, despite the many enticements offered by their former slave
owners, voted overwhelmingly for those who had fought for their release.
The Labour Party consisted of men of conscience, men of vision,
men of inspiration, men of conviction, men with the divine spark within
them, who, because of the limitations and social discrimination in the
economic system and social society could not attend the highest schools
of learning in the land, but ensured that they received the highest of
what was available a Seventh Standard Certificate from the Primary
School Education System, the equivalent of a modem day School
Leaving Certificate without subjects.
In the days of the Labour Leaders, a black man was not encouraged
to be doctor, a lawyer, a dentist, an accountant. He could only be a
tradesman such as a carpenter, a blacksmith, a cabinet maker, or a tailor.
His highest rank in any military or semi-military organization was that of
Sargeant Major. At the banks in Basseterre, they could only be doormen,
sweepers and cleaners.
Into this social atmosphere emerged the ministerial system of
government. An improvement in our political system and agitated for by
the Leders of the Labour Movement in the Caribbean and South America,
especially after the 1935 Workers' Riots, which started at Buckley's Estate
in St. Kitts and ended up in British Guyana now the Republic of Guyana
in SouthAmerica.
One has to admire the Leaders of the Labour Party of that era, because,
in an age lacking in Universal Education, in an age lacking in modern
technology, these men were very educated. They were self-taught; they
visited the lone Public Library and read what was there.
Mr. Cyril Halbert, after whom the Library at Burdon Street in the CFB
College Building was named, ordered books for the Comrades. They sat
with each other and amongst each other and self-taught and self-educated
each other. These men were more aware of world politics than those who

attended Secondary School and
were to be their Advisors or
Permanent Secretaries.
Dear Reader, in a previous
article, I wrote about the
emergence of the Greenlands
Housing Project, giving
ownership to black people on a
large scale for the opportunity to
own land and to build their own
homes. Many of them were to
become Permanent Secretaries to
our new Ministers of Government.
The simple reason being, that the
Ministers did not attend any High
One would have thought that
the struggle waged by the Labour
Leaders to liberate their
grandparents would have
encouraged them to lend support
to the Movement. But these Civil
Servants felt aloof of the ordinary
folks. They were the newly arrived
uppity ups who considered
themselves more aligned with the
oppressors of their folks than with
those who brought pride and
dignity to them.
Their fore-parents were the
vast majority of people who were
still working the Sugar industry. So
important did they feel that all they
could do was to partition Mr.
Bradshaw to help them to break
down the doors to the white people
tennis club at Victoria Road. Not
how they could join the ranks of
the liberation Movement of
Labour to break down the barriers
of oppression which still stalked
their less fortunate brothers and
sisters. No! They were only
interested in upward social
Progressive black shopkeepers
who relied on the meagre wages
of the oppressed to buoy up their
businesses wanted Mr. Bradshaw
to treat them differently to the vast
majority of the oppressed. When
Mr. Bradshaw refused to comply,
they joined forces with the
oppressors. Needless to say, when
their children graduated from
school and received jobs in the
Civil Service, they distanced
themselves from the poor and
down-trodden who were

sustaining their parents' i
grocery shops.
It took the Clarence
Bryants, the Lee Moor
Probyn Innisses, the Fran
of Sandy Point, then later,
Douglases, the Sam Cond
Timothy Harrises, the Eai
Martins, the "Ghost" Phill
Jacynth Martins, the Dr.
Wilsons all of whom had
to Secondary Education t
the secondary Education
1966 to come aboard
Movement to give it the ne
impetus to survive the hami
the Ministerial system
recovering from, the Den
Newspaper, the more ed
people, and, surprisingly, f
Permanent Secretaries wh
fun of them at their drinking
Apart from making fun o
they were also leaking infoi
to the enemy, causing
projects to be sabotaged.
In the 1960's Mr. Bradsh
to get rid of a lot of them an
persons from the te;
profession to be Perr
secretaries. The Horatio Ve
who did not attend High
but studied and sat GCE S
before journeying on to J
and returning home t
serious, loyal, dedicate
national support to
government, were gra
accepted. People like Hor
not forget their origin and
inspiration to many a
With the dismissal
original Permanent Secr
who were readily absorb
Private Sector, confidential
progress manifested thems
the affairs of the country
Reader, you can never b
comprehend the enormity

prevailing conditions in my day,
never mind in the days of my fore-
parents, unless you begin first of
all to discover who you really are
and the roots from which you
When Workmen's
* Compensation, when Holiday with
Pay, when the Education Act of
1966, when Provident Fund were
introduced in 1968, when Provident
,E Fund gave way to the Social
Security Act of February 1st 1978,
nm and these were improvements to the
social advancement of the
Fitzroy ordinary man and woman of this
es, the country. Who in their right mind
k Mills possess brotherly and sisterly love
the Dr. for their fellow men, could oppose
ors, the such positive moves, unless they
rl Asim hated to see the ordinary folks
ips, the arise out of the stagnation of
Norgen poverty and hopelessly? But the
access Labour Leaders, though not the
through product of Secondary Education,
Act of were of a special breed. They were
d the fortified with vision and divine
cessary guidance and intervention.
merthat These trailblazers of the
n was Labour Movement have paved the
rocratic way for all of us who are alive
Lucated today. They did not take up office
romthe with the intention of seeing
o made personal gain. They were servants
Sbouts. of the people. They came from
f them, tribulations. They washed their
rmation robes in blood. Washed them in
many the blood of Jesus, tried they were,
but firm they stood. Mocked
haw had imprisoned, stoned, tormented,
bring torn asunder, slain with sword,
aching they have conquered death and
nanent Satan, through their might and
:rsailles faith in God.
school, Whether or not, dear reader,
subjects you support the Labour
amaica Movement, whether or not you
o lend agree with my article, you have to
ed and agree with me that some person or
the persons had to pave the way for
tefully us. Somebody had to create
atio did history and we have to honour
were an those who created a history of
young sacrifice and ridicule in order to
make life better for us and our
of the children yet unborn.
etaries, On Heroes Day, let us hold
d in the Church Service and give them the
lity and flowers form grateful hearts who
elves in are enriched today. They deserve
Dear our prayers and appreciation from
egin to this side of the universe. God Bless
of the them.

World blood donor day


By a Contributor
Young persons around the globe were encouraged to donate blood
on Monday 14th June, in commemoration of World Blood Donor Day.
This year's theme Nc%\ blood for the world" hopes to foster a new
generation of voluntary blood donors that would be able to provide the
safest blood possible for use wherever and whenever it is needed to
save life.
Designated to be celebrated annually on June 14th, world blood
donor day came about after the 193 member states of the World Health
Organization made a commitment to support voluntary blood donations
during the fifty-eighth World Health Assembly.
St. Kitts-Nevis became a part of the celebrations on Monday with
the commencement of a two week blood drive hosted by collaborating

organizations, The UWI Open
Campus, St. Kitts & Nevis and the
Blood Bank at the Joseph N. France
General Hospital.
Speaking to Mrs. Olivia
Edgecombe-Howell, Resident
Tutor and Head at the campus she
said that the collaboration with the
JNF General Hospital came about
because her organization wanted
to hold fast to the knowledge that
an adequate supply of blood is
indispensable for the support and
maintenance of the health needs
of our citizens, visitors and the
region as a whole.
Mrs. Edgecombe-Howell
indicated that a blood drive being

hosted in St. Kitts so close to the
West Indies Vs South Africa 2010
Digicel second test match was of
major significance. She recalled
that the blood donation of one
world renowned cricketer saved
the life of an opposing player.
"We remember that the West
Indies cricketer, Sir Frank Worrell,
has been internationally
recognized as a hero for being the
first person to move and give
blood to Mr. Nari Contractor, the

In One,

In Tune4 witk

captain of the Indian cricket team
when, in 1962 during a match that
was played in Barbados, Mr.
Contractor suffered a fractured
skull. The donation of blood saved
the life of Mr. Contractor," she
All able-bodied, healthy
persons between the ages of 18 -
65 years are urged to come out and
donate blood at the Bank daily from
Monday to Friday between the
hours of 8:00am and 2:00pm.



Rotary Club of

Liamuiga and LIME

join forces to save the


By Melissa Amsterdam
A valiant effort to safeguard the country's environment was
undertaken by the Rotary Club of Liamuiga and (Landline Internet Mobile
Entertainment) LIME on Wednesday 16th, with their newly launched
cell phone recycling initiative.
Speaking on behalf of the Rotary Club of Liamuiga, President Mrs.
Laverne Caines, who is also the Vice President of Corporate
Communication for LIME said that the cause is to aid in the challenges
faced by the environment.
The phone recycling project is the brainchild of the Rotary Club of
Caines said that the Rotary Club endeavours to do things in the
community that will ease the strain on social problems.
Discarding cell phones into the landfills will no doubt create
undesirable problems she said. There will be the challenge of increasing
the toxicity in the landfills.

"We want the people of St.
Kitts and Nevis to become
ambassadors of the environment,"
she said.
The Rotary Club President
called on persons owning a phone
that is not in use to carry it into
the LIME offices located on Cayon
Street to be donated in the worthy
Mrs. Caines reminded that the
phone should still have the battery
in place when it is being donated.
The phones will then be returned
to the supplier.
The project is not only
environmentally friendly, it also
carries charitable weight.
According to Mrs. Caines
some of the phones when traded
in will be worth something. The
money received on the phones will
then be used for worthy causes in
the community, spearheaded by
the Rotary Club.
She indicated that phones from
any service provider will be
General Manager of the Solid
Waste, Mr. Alphonso Bridgewater
expressed his joy of having
partnered with LIME and the
Rotary Club of Liamuiga in the
worthy cause.
He said that by contributing to
such a project would be rewarding.
Mr. Bridgewater noted that to
build a landfill is very costly and

by recycling the phones
that would help ease the
challenges of finding
space in the already
rapidly growing landfill.
"This project is very
timely because we have
reached the capacity of
the landfill. It is believed
that we only have six
more months of use for
the present landfill,"
Solid Waste's Manager
Mr. Bridgewater also
called on other members
of the commercial sector
to become more
environmentally mindful
than they are already.
Mr. David Lake, Country
Manager of LIME, who donated
the first two phones, said that he
was thrilled to have LIME
involved in such a commendable

Photo Caption:
President of the Rotary
Club of Liamuiga, Mrs.
Laverne Caines (front
left) along with other
members of the Club by
her side while LIME
Country Manager, Mr.
David Lake (front right)
and Mr. Alphonso
Bridgewater, Solid Waste
General Manager, unveil
the new Cell phone
Recycling Project.

Local investment

promotion agency to host

inaugural event
By a Contributor
The St. Kitts-Nevis Investment Promotion Agency (SKIPA) will host
an Expo and Summit over the two day period June 29th-30th to build
public awareness of the company and its purpose. This will be the
agency's first event.
Founded in December of 2007, SKIPA's aim is to promote investments
within St. Kitts-Nevis through the establishment of businesses. This is
done on a local, regional and international basis marketing the Federation
as an ideal investment location with an array of opportunities.
Investment Facilitation Director at the company, Ms. Dorietta Fraites,
said that the decision was made to host both activities simultaneously
to give individuals the opportunity to learn from persons who are
currently part of the business sector as well as provide a venue where
one canbe exposed to the available products and services of businesses
around the island.
"We thought that combining an expo and a summit together will
bring out business class people, potential investors and individuals
who may have an interest in establishing a business in St. Kitts but may
not possess the knowhow to do so. So we thought bringing everyone
together for the summit and the expo at the same time will be beneficial,"
she said.
During the summit a number of panel discussions will allow for open
dialogue, giving the opportunity for persons to recall experiences that
they have faced during the business time including challenges and how
they managed to overcome them.
Persons will also get the opportunity to hear about opportunities
that are available in the different sectors that one may be interested in
getting into. At the same time the expo will be running so that persons
will be able to see the goods and services available in St. Kitts being
Ms. Fraites mentioned that there was an overwhelming response to
the event. Some 30 business have already signed up to take part in the
expo while other businesses have shown great interest in partnering for
the two day event.
Under the theme "Exploring our investment opportunities" the event
is hoped to simulate investment opportunities within the St. Kitts-Nevis

Local pens inspirational book

of poetry
By Melissa Amsterdam

Abook of inspirational poetry,
providing encouragement to
readers has been penned by a
resident of the Federation,
Christine Clarke.
The newly published author,
originally from Nevis, who resides
at Stapleton Village Extension, has
been writing for years but
seriously pursued writing after
assisting her daughter with a
school assignment.
Her 'Reach Out- Give Praise:
Poems for Inspiration' started
some time last year and was
published under Author House in
March of this year.
The book features poems on
various topics: Youth, Nature,
Inspirational, Encouragement,
Relationships, Health and
Poems penned under these
topics, Clarke said, were inspired
by her life's experiences and she
hopes that others will find comfort
in her words.
Clarke who is also a past Prison
Officer said that she believes her
poems will bless the hearts of

many, as she herself has been
through many trials surviving
two almost deadly traffic accidents
which could have left her
permanently paralyzed.
"I am giving back to God for
his goodness for giving me the gift
of writing," Clarke expressed.
"I am currently writing a book
on the nation," Clarke said in
relation to a book which she is
writing that would feature poetry
on the nation's most prolific
figures past and present.
The poet has been
acknowledged and awarded for her
writing many times.
Through the Ministry of
Culture her work was introduced
to a Radio programme called, 'Piece
a Me Mind' on ZIZ Radio, where
she reads poems daily.
In 2005, The International
Society of Poets awarded Clarke
with a Silver Bowl Trophy and
Medallion to honour her poetic
dedication and achievements for
the poem 'Be Confident'.
Additionally, she has been
acclaimed at the 2005 Symposium
and Convention in Washington
D.C and inducted as an honorary
'International Poet of Merit for
2005-2006" among other

S h e
thanks all of
h e r
friends and
family for their *
support and
enabled her to
write her first
book and
dedicated the
book to her
n o w
mother, and
her three
thanks was
Age n t, .i
J asmine
Daniel, who
C a r k e Reach Out- Give Praise: Poems for Inspiration, the
described as .
described as inspirational book written by local author -
Christine Clarke.
many years
who pushed the idea to get the book published".
The book can be purchased for EC$75 from Christine Clarke, who
can be reached at: (869) 667-7368.

The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman


ay books to me even at 5th form level,
too strict, but now I appreciate her

24 year old Jenna Evelyn,
graduated on June 12th 2010, from
Nova Southeastern University in
Fort Lauderdale, FL. Ms Evelyn
was conferred an MBA with a
concentration in Finance.
Ms Evelyn was an OAS
scholarship holder that was
granted to her in June 2007 which
she used to pursue her most recent
Prior to this, Ms Evelyn
graduated from Florida Memorial
University in May of 2007 with a
Bachelors of Science degree in
Marketing which she also
achieved by way of scholarship.
During her plight, she was no
stranger to Awards lists and

Fireflies Dance School

Celebrates 5th anniversary
Having a love for children and a passion for dance, Ms. Heidi Slack
founded the Fireflies Dance School in September 2005. Why the name
"Fireflies"? According to Ms. Slack, just as fireflies are little specks of
light that can illuminate even the darkest night, so to her young members
are tiny dancing balls of fire whose talents shine ever so brightly.

seniors cross light

World blood donor day

By a Contributor
Young persons around the globe were encouraged to donate blood
on Monday 14th June, in commemoration of World Blood Donor Day.
This year's theme Nc'\ blood for the world" hopes to foster a new
generation of voluntary blood donors that would be able to provide the
safest blood possible for use wherever and whenever it is needed to
save life.
Designated to be celebrated annually on June 14th, world blood
donor day came about after the 193 member states of the World Health
Organization made a commitment to support voluntary blood donations
during the fifty-eighth World Health Assembly.
St. Kitts-Nevis became a part of the celebrations on Monday with
the commencement of a two week blood drive hosted by collaborating
organizations, The UWI Open Campus, St. Kitts & Nevis and the Blood
Bank at the Joseph N. France General Hospital.
Speaking to Mrs. Olivia Edgecombe-Howell, Resident Tutor and Head
at the campus she said that the collaboration with the JNF General Hospital
came about because her organization wanted to hold fast to the knowledge
that an adequate supply of blood is indispensable for the support and
maintenance of the health needs of our citizens, visitors and the region
as a whole.
Mrs. Edgecombe-Howell indicated that a blood drive being hosted

memberships to honor societies
including Delta Mu Delta,
International Business Honor
Society as well as Alpha Kappa Mu
Honor Society and served on the
executive board of both societies
at her respective school's chapter.
Jenna states that her
motivation behind her
achievements was mostly sparked
by the urge to make her parents
proud but as she matured she
realized the value of being
educated. She credits her hard
work to the respect she has for her
parents' tireless efforts to instill a
educational foundation as they
never passed up an opportunity
for her to learn more. "I remember

The aim of the school is to
provide an opportunity for
younger children, aged 3 through
9, to experience the wonderful and
fun art form of dance. At the
Fireflies Dance School they are not
only taught various dance
techniques but also learn
discipline, improve their co-
ordination, strength, rhythm and
flexibility while in the process
enhancing their self confidence
and team member skills.
Five years later, the school has
successfully hosted four dance
recitals, done several guest
appearances and now has an
enrollment of 55 dancers who are
taught a curriculum of basic Jazz,
Beginning Ballet and Afro-
Caribbean dance techniques.
The Fireflies Dance School is
currently rehearsing under the
watchful eyes of the Director -
Heidi Slack and Tutors Nerissa
Mourillon, Sonji Isaac, Tricia
Greaux, Liska Hitchinson and
Allyson Wilkinson in preparation
for its 5th anniversary dance
recital currently slated for Sunday
July 4th2010.

in St. Kitts so close to the West
Indies Vs South Africa 2010
Digicel second test match was of
major significance. She recalled
that the blood donation of one
world renowned cricketer saved
the life of an opposing player.
"We remember that the West
Indies cricketer, Sir Frank Worrell,
has been internationally
recognized as a hero for being the
first person to move and give
blood to Mr. Nari Contractor, the
captain of the Indian cricket team
when, in 1962 during a match that
was played in Barbados, Mr.
Contractor suffered a fractured
skull. The donation of blood saved
the life of Mr. Contractor," she
All able-bodied, healthy
persons between the ages of 18 -
65 years are urged to come out and
donate blood at the Bank daily from
Monday to Friday between the
hours of 8:00am and 2:00pm.

"I would like to thank the Almighty, first and foremost from whom
ALL blessings flow, without being connected to The Vine, my fruits
would be spoilt. I also would like to express my deepest gratitude to my
three biggest cheerleaders: my mom, Tamena Byron, the most active of
all as she took herself back to school with me to ensure I was well
equipped for my exams; my dad, KeithEvelyn, who has always provided
the perfect cushion for support in numerous ways; and finally my aunt
Lucina Byron was the calm in many rough times, I can always depend on
her to keep me calm.
I must also recognize my extended families the Byron and Evelyn
families, as they have served as my backbone throughout."
Precious Jenna Evelyn would specially like to praise the Prime Minister
Dr Denzil Douglas, for always assisting her throughout her entire life
especially her college years. May God continue to bless him richly as he
leads our beautiful twin island Federation.
The Labour Spokesman extends congratulations and best wishes to
Jenna and her proud parents.

Have Faith

Written by Floy Hensley

Faith: "Faith is the evidence of things not
seen" Hebrews 11:1
Whenyou wake up in the morning and say that God is your JEOVAH-
JIREH, the one who provide foryou and you don't have to worry because
your heavenly knows all your needs before you pray and asked him to
bless you and protect you. 0 fear the Lord, ye His saints: for there is no
want to them that fear him. The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger:
but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing. Psalms 34:9-
10. We have to give in order for us to receive and not the same person we
give would give back to us but God has a way of blessing us in so many
different ways. Greetings to my wonderful reader through out the
Federation of St Kitts and Nevis, the wider Caribbean, the international
circles and those of you who are connecting via the internet. It's my
pleasure to come and bring words of encouragement to you weekly, to
assure you that the only answer to all of life problems is believing in
your creator and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. This
article is going to be well red throughout the region and that life's are
going to be change to the honor and glory of the highest God.
Anything in life doesn't come easily and if you want to achieve
anything we have to work hard to get it because God help those who
help themselves. We all have dreams and aspiration and want to reach to
the top of our profession or what we were called to do. One of my dreams
is to write best sellers and with the help of the Almighty God and His
favor that has gone before me in advance, this would be accomplished.
We have the power in our tongue to decree and declare what God has in
store for us and to call it forth.
God has a way of just connecting you with the right persons in the
right place and uses circumstances to create that opportunity.
Is there anything too hard for your Lord to do for you today? All you
need is faith like a mustard seed and just believed in your heart that you
have already received what you praying for. Prayer is the answer to
"ALL" of your problems and when we don't pray nothing would happen
in that situation.
I do not know your situation right now but really allow the Holy
Spirit to minister to you in that situation right now. Speak to your Lord
because He's always there to assist you, just reach out to Him right now.
Father God so many of your people are hurting out there and do not
know where to turn but only you can wipe away their tears.
Father you know them by name and by nature and the amount of hair
that is numbered on their heads, where they are located and every single
one of their needs.
Father I know that right now you are ministering to someone as they
read this article because this in not any article but one that has being
ordained by You.
Father, use this article to touch lives and to save those souls that are
lost and just seeking for worldly pleasures that cannot satisfy them.
Father, God thanks you for making away for Your people today and
having mercy on us all. In all things my faithful readers just begin to give
God thanks and praise and see Him do great things in your life, through
your praise you would get many breakthroughs. Trust in His word and
live your life according to the manual given which is the Holy Bible.
Thank you again for reading and you have a blessed, productive
and favour filled week in the Lord, my prayers are with all my readers and
do encourage others to read as well. Stays blessed and connected to the
Almighty God.


Jenna Evelyn gains MBA degree in Finance

20 -

21st Century

Democracy makes PAM

fire Blanchette from

The Democrat

By: Sotto Voce

PAM practises "21st Century Democracy". This is the word
coming from the freshly re-elected Quarter Pound of Onion,
Chairman. So all the PAM Candidates are usually invited to the
Annual PAM Caucus; but not in 2010! No invitations for
Blanchette, Flemming, Welsh or Hodge. And the Moo-moo Luis
only made it through the back door with his Constituency
Delegates. How dare they to challenge Grant's leadership?
And, according to Grant all the issues raised by the 5 Candidates
were thoroughly discussed and dealt with at the Caucus. He did
not want to sweep any issue under the carpet. What a democracy.
How could he have the issues properly debated in the absence of
those who were making the accusations?
You mean the accused political leader and the chairman were
judges, jury, prosecutors and witnesses all at one and the same
time? Sounds real crazy to me! But I suppose that is 21 st Century
Democracy PAM-style, led by Grant and Osbourne. One can
well imagine how wonderful a discussion it was in the absence of
those making the accusations. And how fair and unbiased the
decisions were when those accused were judges in their own
Then the Onion Chairman opined that he did not expect any of
the 5 dissenting Candidates to be Candidates in the future. At
least 2 of them had been thanked for their past candidacy,
seemingly on a farewell exercise; these were Welsh and
Then, the Onion Chairman's announcement that Grant had been re-
elected unanimously as the political leader of PAM, was met by


By Al Edwards
- 1, ii Officer Department of Agriculture

Eat local Day is here again. This event is akin to the various culinary
festivals that are becoming very popular throughout the region. The
main difference is rather than concentrating on one commodity the
focus is anything produced locally.
Hosted by the Department of Agriculture for the third successive
year the activity would take the form of a food festival held at
Independence Square on Friday June 25th. Several local caterers would
definitely satisfy the taste buds of hundreds of patrons with local
dishes done in all forms and fashions. Added to that, local fruits called
the Kittitian Fruit plate will be available for those on a diet. Drinks
made from local fruits and produce (sorrel, guava, passion fruit etc)
will be provided by The St. Kitts Agro Processors and the Fahies
Agricultural Women Cooperative.
The Taiwanese Agricultural Mission is expected to provide slush
made from local fruits as well as dried fruits for sale. All the way from
Nevis will be smoked local meat such as broilers and pork.
Apart from that, the Department of Agriculture will be using polite
persuasion to get the service sector to join in on this worthy effort.
The request is for the service sector to provide on that day, complete
local meals to be added to their menu so that those persons who
patronize their business will definitely have the option to eat totally
This request is also being directed to home makers (house wives
and house husbands) who will not be able to participate for varying
reasons to prepare totally local home cooked meals.
One of the underlying objectives is for the consumers to develop a
taste for the local produce and make demands on our farmers to
constantly have these foods available, hence in the long run expanding
the local market of several commodities. At the end of Eat Local Day
each year we see a greater demand particularly among the service

Blanchette's comment that such
could give the public the
perception of PAM's endorsement
of political corruption.
Blanchette's remark was
too much on point for the PAM
leadership to stomach. So next
day, Blanchette was fired as a
journalist with the Party's
newspaper, the Democrat.
Again, here was a
demonstration of 21st Century
Democracy PAM-style.
The pain of the allegations
made by the 5 Candidates about
Grant's lack of integrity and
accountability was just too
much for the leadership to bear.
So the members and friends in
the PAM Executive must hit
back where it hurts all or any
of them.
Our country is fortunate not
to have a PAM Government in
power. Their intolerance to
opposing views, their verbal and
physical violence to anyone not
in support of their views and the
high levels of spite and terror
dished out to opponents are well
known and documented.
The 5 Candidates, including
Welsh and Blanchette are only
getting a little taste of what it's
like to be bitten by their own
fleas. The country watches in
awe at how PAM treats its
own. And this is 21st Century

sector for local produce (meats in
particular) and this is a very
positive sign and we trust that it
This year the use of breadfruit
as the main carbohydrate and the
delicacy of rabbits are being
promoted as two big attractions.
Breadfruit is a very versatile
commodity and we waste so much
of it each year. We are hoping that
through this event the breadfruit
will be treated as a reliable source
of food and harvested and
marketed as such rather than
ignoring it as the nuisance that it
now is.
The Rabbit is seen as an
alternate source of protein not
difficult to raise and when it
become popular it can and will
compete with other meats.
Friday 25th falls in the middle
of Music Festival and we have
partnered with the Musical
Festival Committee to ensure that
persons who are here for this
Ministry of Tourism event will
actually link up with Agriculture.
It would be remiss of us if we allow
visitors to come and only taste our
music as a part of our culture.
So here is an invitation to all to
patronize the Eat Local Day with
food, drinks and snacks all made
locally being sold at very local
prices. See you there!!!


Democracy, PAM-style. The sort of democracy this country can
do without.
And who fool them that Grant getting into Parliament? The
courts have their work to do. But no Court can choose a
representative for any Constituency. The people do it. That never
changes anywhere. And St. Kitts people ain't gone moo-moo yet.
The man born with the silver spoon in his mouth is doing
everything to demonstrate to Kittitians, his total unfitness for such
a position. His own handling of his integrity in public life issues
has been a revelation to all those who before now, thought he
qualified. His own treatment of his 5 colleagues has shown one
and all how unsuitable and unfit he is for such public office.
His leadership qualities and potential have been adequately
spoken to by his own colleagues. And we know the old saying
that "If fish come out of the sea and tell you that shark got sore
And need I remind you of what Blanchette said of his re-
election as PAM Party leader? That it gives the perception of
PAM's endorsement of political corruption.
If Grant thinks that all these happenings are "internal Party
issues", it demonstrates his political immaturity and absence of
savvy. The few side-kicks in the Party propping him up cannot
win a seat for him or make him the next Prime Minister. It's the
same public he is studiously avoiding that can make him or break
him. He can run, but he can't hide.
And right now the 5 Candidates are more credible in the public eye
than Gant himself, and even Hamilton and Richards alongside him. You
don't become credible by hiding from and not confronting the issues
head on. All the unanimous crooking of corruption can't change the
nature of the ingredients cooked or the ultimate taste of the meal.
It never rains, but it pours. The Sheriff ventured off the mark on
Wednesday when a caller from St. Kitts asked him for his views on the
situation of the 5 PAM Candidates and Lindsay Grant. He said none of
them were members of Parliament, and it has nothing to do with VAT or
the cost of living, and it was an internal matter for PAM. Can you believe
You want to bet if it was not happening to PAM, but it was happening
in the Labour Party or in the NRP, that he would have lots to say? And
the cost of living and VAT would not be used as escape routes? So
issues to do with integrity in public life and corruption only matter when
it is Labour or the NRP involved. This Sheriff is just a waste indeed, lots
of talk when it suits his fancy. But he mouth shut when it is PAM, his
coalition partner.
I thought that sin is sin wherever it is found. It is a bad message
when we appear to be partial to evil and corruption and wickedness. To
many listeners he would have lost a few marks on the credit side for such
an answer. It is not even election season now. Such smart or crooked or
clever answers make some people now see this Sheriff in a different
light. Inside our small nation with its handful of inhabitants, all issues
are open to everyone. Nothing like integrity and corruption can be swept
under any carpet or hidden away from the public.
A thief remains a thief whether he steals from a Supermarket in which
he works, or from a Sports Club in which he is a member, or from a
political party in which he holds office. In no circumstance would it be
an "internal matter" making his scampishness private. More so if he
offers himself for public office at any time.
Try again, Mr. Sheriff. You would know that your non-answer
provides no escape route for you or your friend Grant.



Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 11, 2010 (SKNIS): The United Nations
Children Fund (UNICEF) Representative for Barbados and the Eastern
Caribbean Tom Olsen has called on regional territories to adopt a policy
of inclusion for disabled persons and indigenous populations.
The comments were aired on this week's edition of the SKNIS radio
magazine Perspectives, which highlighted the outcomes of the UNICEF
Mid Term Review meeting held at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort.
"It is time for the Caribbean to acknowledge and also ratify the
protocols in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,"
Mr. Olsen said. "It is of paramount importance that we recognize that
people living with disabilities, regardless of what challenges they do
have, can make a significant contribution to the development of the

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The Labour Spokesman

The Labour Spokesman




Embarrassing! Embarrassment could make us cower; frustration
could make us withdraw; failure could make us disassociate with our
mission; humiliation could make us rupture our bonding.
My dear reader, this is one of the most painful articles that I have
written about the West Indies Cricket Team playing at the famous Warner
Park Stadium, St Kitts.
It seems that every time that I have to write about a cricketing event
at the Warner Park which involves the West Indies Men Team, that I
have to plead with the cricketing public to go out and support the regional
team, no matter what is the state of things!
Can Captain Chris Gayle and his Caribbean Maroons conjure some
magical performance to give the people something to laugh about -
something to shout about this weekend at the Park?
More importantly what do I tell the people to motivate them to pay
their hard earn money to go the Park in a recession? What can Chris
Gayle tell them to galvanize them into action behind our cricketers, as we
saw in Boston and in Los Angeles in the just concluded National
Basketball Association (NBA) Finals between the two rival teams -
Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers?
Did you know that the West Indies selectors have named an
unchanged squad for the second encounter, despite losing the first
encounter in Trinidad heavily by 163 runs? The Maroons entrusted with
taking the desired twenty wickets forvictory are the injured Kemar Roach,
Ravi Rampaul and debutant Nelon Pascal, who went wicket-less in both
innings, Dwayne Bravo who took one wicket and Sulieman Benn and
the debutante Shane Shillingford who captured the bulk of the remaining
13 wickets which fell.
And that is despite the fact that the batting remains very brittle. The
same line up which crumbled for 102 in the first innings in Trinidad and,
chasing 457 in their second, managed just 293 (with captain Chris Gayle
passing fifty), is regretfully retained. In fact it was left to the spinning
duo Sulieman Benn and Shane Shillingford who had done well with the
ball to limit SouthAfrica to 51 runs in 18.3 overs to bring some cheer to
the West Indies fans. They batted merrily during a 66-run stand in almost
15 overs.
The full squad is Chris Gayle (Capt), Dwayne Bravo (vice-captain),
Travis Dowlin, Brendan Nash, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Narsingh
Deonarine, DarienBravo, DeneshRamdin, Darren Sammy, SuliemanBenn,
Shane Shillingford, Ravi Rampaul, Nelon Pascal and Kemar Roach
Sahil Dutta, who covered the first test match wrote, "For West Indies
fans, the past fifteen years has been a case of dragging positives out the
wreckage of defeat and today only Chris Gayle, who resisted stoically
for 73, and Dwayne Bravo emerged with much credit. While in charge of
England's bowlers recently Otis Gibson had twice watched SouthAfrica
denied by iron-willed resistance, but in his first Test as West Indies
coach there were no heroics from the batting team."
In fact, the demonstration of fast bowling from South Africans must
have reminded the disheartened West Indian supporters of the glory
days of the fearsome foursome of the West Indies Team. It was Mome
Morkel and Dale Steyn, the most incisive new-ball pair in the world, who
took the plaudits. Fast bowling has suffered under the torrent of lifeless
pitches and endless cricket in recent times, but the South African pair
gave the few spectators at the Queen's Park Oval memories of old as
they efficiently chipped their way through the tired surface and West
Indies' top-order.
After the humiliation of first test match; the two whitewashes the
T20 and the ODIs what is in store? What are we to expect? The West
Indies was humiliated in the final ODI partly through misfortune but
indiscipline really cost them the fifth and final ODI in Port of Spain which
ensured SouthAfrica swept the series 5-0 for the third time against West
Now what are we told? We are forewarned by the CEO of West


(comt'd from last page)

society and the nation at large."
The Convention is an
international human rights
instrument of the United Nations
designed to protect the rights and
dignity of persons with disabilities.
Parties to the Convention are
required to promote, protect, and
ensure the full enjoyment of human
rights by persons with disabilities
and ensure that they enjoy full

equality under the law.
"They are not, and I want to
really stress that they are not a
burden. ... they are a significant
positive resource," Mr. Olsen
remarked. ... "As we move forward
in creating a Caribbean fit for all
children we cannot continue to
exclude part of the population. It
is not our right."
"The Convention on the
Rights of the Child and the
Convention on Human Rights is

Indies Cricket Incorporated, Mr.
Ernest Hilaire that more
embarrassment in store from West
Indies.' He is reported to have said
on may 28, 2010, "fans will have to
endure more "embarrassment" in
the years to come not merely due
to the lack of quality cricketers
coming through but also because
of the overall attitude of players
towards the game, with money and
fame favoured over excellence. The
decline of West Indies
cricket... was also a reflection of
what ... was the virtual irrelevance
of the "notion of being West
Indian" to the younger players. "I
listen to our players speak, and
they speak of money, that's all that
matters to them instant
gratification. There's no sense of
investing in the future coming
from them. We are producing
young people in the region that
we expect, when they play cricket
for the West Indies, to be
paragons of virtue. Thatjust won't
happen. Sometimes when you
speak to the players, you feel a
sense of emptiness. The whole
notion of being a West Indian, and
for what they are playing has no
meaning at all. They have not been
brought up with a clear
understanding of what it means,
and its importance. But do we
blame them? This change in
attitude was a product of the wider
societal ills in the Caribbean,
Hilaire said. "Our cricketers are
products of the failure of our
Caribbean society, where money
and instant gratification are
paramount. We as a region have
some real issues and problems
that are producing young men in
particular, that cannot dream of
excellence. Excellence for them is
about the bling, and the money
they have."
Captain Chris Gayle reinforced
our fears when he warned that the
West Indies Cricket Team may have
reached the state of "inability to
win- that is, mentally. In his post
match interview, said, "I'm
basically disappointed that we've
lost so many games but, generally,
everyone gets on well with each
other. The one downside is to get
that win, but we've worked
extremely hard, preparation-wise.
It's just unfortunate that we are not
getting the results out there in the
middle. It is a mental situation

very clear on this matter. We must
include all, we should not exclude
anyone," he declared.
The regional official noted that
delegates encouraged UNICEF to
champion and advance the cause
of the disabled and other minority
groups and Mr. Olsen declared
that he was prepared to "run with
the challenge."
Target areas to be addressed
include changing the culture,
perception and mindset of the

Peter Adrien is an author and sports analyst. His latest United
Nation's sponsored book, Sport Tourism, a must-read for policy
makers, tourism investors, hoteliers, academics and students is
now available. Call Peter at 869-6689752; 869-4651603 or email for a copy.
Visit Peter's website

we've actually reached now, but we have to come out of the situation as
quickly as possible because, unfortunately, losing is becoming a habit
and it's a bit difficult to get out of. That means that you don't know how
to win games anymore, so we need to try and turn things around."
Now, we are treading onvery frightening territory! If the team capacity
is weak; its mental acumen is feeble; its vision is blurred; and its poor
performances teach no positive lessons, we are in for a prolonged
drought, is not set up for national humiliation!
Now, what do I say to you! Should you go the Park over the weekend?
Yes, the quality of cricket will be highest (at least from the SouthAfricans);
the regional needs our support; and the outing will be fun-filled!
See you at the Park!

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Mexico's win leaves

France on brink
Two second-half goals gave Mexico their first ever victory over
France to leave El Tri well-placed to make the last 16 and the 2006 runners-
up on the verge of elimination.
Mexico were the brighter of the two throughout but were unable to
take any of their chances until just after the hour, when substitute Javier
Hernandez broke the offside trap and rounded keeper Hugo Lloris before
slotting home.
Another Mexican substitute, the 37-year-old Cuauhtemoc Blanco,
sealed the victory from the penalty spot after a third replacement, Pablo
Barrera, had been felled in the box.
It leaves Mexico level at the top of Group Awith Uruguay and a draw
between those two sides in their final game in Rustenburg would send
France out of the tournament.
Mexico and France met in the first ever World Cup finals match in
Montevideo, Uruguay in 1930, with Les Bleus cruising to a 4-1 victory,
but this keenly contested encounter was never likely to reproduce such
a scoreline.
Both teams showed greater endeavour than in their drawn opening
games, with France in particular looking more lively, but for long periods
neither possessed the cutting edge to truly punish their opponents.
The French squad is reportedly in disarray, with suggestions of a
training ground bust-up between coach Raymond Domenech and
midfielder Florent Malouda, who was not selected for their uninspired 0-
0 draw with Uruguay, and they have been criticised by former midfielder
Zinedine Zidane.
However, Malouda was recalled in place ofYoann Gourcuff in a line-
up that kept faith with a world class strike-force, spearheaded by Nicolas
Anelka, that has failed to register an international goal since last
Malouda showed rare glimpses of the form he showed throughout
last season for Chelsea, forcing Mexico keeper Oscar Perez to palm over
early in the second half, having earlier begun a free-kick routine straight
off the training ground that saw Frank Ribery flash a drive across goal.
This was the closest Ribery would come to affecting the game from
his central playmaker role and, as against Uruguay, Anelka was largely
anonymous and was replaced at half-time by Andre-Pierre Gignac, who
also offered little in his 45 minutes on the pitch.
Mexico's attack is exciting but too often lightweight. Their forwards
missed numerous chances in their opening 1-1 draw with hosts South
Africa but all three players retained their place in the side although
Arsenal striker Carlos Vela was forced off with an injury on the half hour
with only one skied shot to his name.
Another member of their attacking triumvirate, Tottenham's Giovani


All natives ofAnguilla, St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Nevis, Saba
and Statia. M/V Mutty's Pride is introducing a new cargo service of loose, dry,
chill, frozen and containers between these islands.

We are accepting Cargo as follows:-
Anguilla Monday at Road Bay Port
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St Kitts Local Agent:- Coastal Shipping

Dos Santos, produced another
lively display to match the one he
produced against South Africa
and, but for Patrice Evra's
presence, would have been able
to get greater purchase on a shot
that bobbled wide just before half-
Mexico's chief offensive
weapon in the first half was left-
back Oscar Salcido, who regularly
found himself in advanced
positions, but his execution could
not match his intent.
He had two good shooting
opportunities in the first half but

(8 am 4 pm)
(8 am 4 pm)
(8am 4 pm)
(2 pm 4 pm)
(8 am 4 pm)
(8 am 4 pm)
(8 am 4 pm)

from the first he shot wide of the
far post from 25 yards, and then
saw a close-range effort blocked
by France keeper Lloris after
William Gallas had inexplicably
backed away from Salcido's run.
The opening of the second half
had seen a clear dip in quality from
what had been a decent first 45
minutes, but two positive Mexican
substitutes Hernandez and
Blanco altered that, with a third,
Vela's replacement Barrera, also
playing a part.
In the 64th minute, Marquez
chipped a ball forward from

Tel. 264-497-0197/6334
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Tel: 466-9557 or 762-4728)

midfield, Eric Abidal played the
Manchester United-bound striker
onside and with the French
defence static and begging for
offside, Hernandez was able to
advance onwards, skip round
Lloris and slot into the vacated
France's response was meek at
best but the Mexicans, by now full
of confidence, continued to press
and were rewarded when Barrem
was tripped and Blanco charged
in from outside the box to dispatch
his penalty into the right-hand
comer of the net.

Round 1
*South Africa
;*: Korea Republic
I Algeria
* Japan
I lltaly
iNew Zealand
j IC6te d'lvoire

1 -1
1 -0
1 -1
1 -0

Francel I
Nigerial I
Korea DPRS
Switzerland NE

11/06/10 16:00
11/06/10 20:30
12/06/10 13:30
12/06/10 16:00
12/06/10 20:30
13/06/10 13:30
13/06/10 16:00
13/06/10 20:30
14/06/10 13:30
14/06/10 16:00
14/06/10 20:30
15/06/10 13:30
15/06/10 16:00
15/06/10 20:30
16/06/10 13:30
16/06/10 16:00

Round 2
ESouth Africa
I IFrance
J Cameroon

0-3 UruguayA
4 1 Korea Republic;*:
2-1 Nigeriall
0- 2 MexicoJI
- Serbia
- Algeria.&
- Japan *
- Australiaa
- Denmarkl
- ParaguayZ
- New Zealanda
- C6te d'lvoire II
- Korea DPRM
- Switzerland U
- Honduras=

16/06/10 20:30
17/06/10 13:30
17/06/10 16:00
17/06/10 20:30
18/06/10 13:30
18/06/10 16:00
18/06/10 20:30
19/06/10 13:30
19/06/10 16:00
19/06/10 20:30
20/06/10 13:30
20/06/10 16:00
20/06/10 20:30
21/06/10 13:30
21/06/10 16:00
21/06/10 20:30

All times quoted are South African time.

h- -

Ike Labour Spokesman


The Labour Spokesman


By Vigilante
"Little Papa Doc" went on a drinking spree on Sunday night
bragging to his friends that it was money that did the trick at the
stage-managed caucus, that evening, to get he and his 1/41b Onion
Chairman re-elected.
Dey say he bragged too that he did everything to make sure
he kept "Fighting Cindy" and Barcoleta out of the race, because 1/
41b Onion carries out his orders without questioning and he needs
a ruthless and trustworthy hatchet man like him as his Chairman
to clean up de Gang of 5.
"De fly on de wall" at TDC was heard boasting how soundly
and well he slept on Sunday night after all that show and hugging
up put on by Little Baby Doc and one member of de Gang of 5. But
when he heard de evening news on WINN FM and BBC his blood
pressure went sky high and almost pass out.
Dey say when he caught himself later he telephoned %lb
Onion quick, quick, crying aloud: "Boy Glenroy was on de radio
painting Lindsay and de party black. We got to stop him now before
he talk everything". He bawled "Lord ah sleep so well last night,
how ah going sleep tonight? PAM mash up, and Douglas and Labour
laughing at us".
On the orders of Little Papa Doc, an emergency meeting was
held the next day to get rid of Glenroy, who they accused of being
the main ring leader of de Gang of 5. Little Papa Doc absented
himself from the meeting, but he gave %lb Onion strict orders to
fire Glenroy with immediately effect and change the locks at the
Poor Glenroy was treated as a common criminal like his
predecessor in de East, "Mikey", and was handed his letter of
dismissal in the dead of the night, as /41b Onion looked on to make
sure the orders of his boss (Little Papa Doc) were carried out, dey
say he even looked him in the face and laughed at him.
Dey say 1/4 Ib Onion, shortly after, called up his boss and
told him the job was done and the boss responded that he was
going to deal with de Gang of 5, one by one, for daring to criticize
him and challenge his leadership.
He concluded by saying that if they think Simmonds was
bad, he ten times worse; nobody in de party, who ain't got any
money, going mess with him. It is his money that is running de
party and paying de bills at the Democrat. No poor boy like Glenroy
going get away for criticizing him.
People want to know how de good reverend from the Moravian
Church (1/41b Onion), could be so heartless and ruthless to conspire
with his boss and the thugs in PAM to deprive a fellow Moravian -
a young man with a wife and young children of his livelihood like
that, for speaking his mind.
People want to know if PAM could eat up and devourtheir own
people like that, what would have happened to Labour supporters if
the people of this country had make the mistake to vote back
PAM into government. It would have been "old mass" in de country
as Powell used to say.
The actions of Little Papa Doc and his power-hungry gang
have demonstrated beyond a doubt that there is no difference
between "Old PAM" and "New PAM". Only the faces have changed;
it's the same old khaki pants (old vine in new bottles).
New Town people want to know how Lindsay Grant and PAM
could spend so much time talking about foreigners and still turn
around and use a foreigner (Guyanese) to help starve of a young
man, who is a born and bred Kittitian and New Town man.
The "Fly on the wall" and his agents are now busy finalizing
plans with Little Baby Doc and his hatchet man to deal with the
No.2 man, who they say is the other ring leader of de Gang of 5 -
to make sure he keeps off de radio.
Leroy, Juicy and 1/41b Onion have now been identified as the
new PAM Candidates for East Basseterre, Central Basseterre and
West Basseterre (respectively) for the 2015 General Elections.
Rumour has it that de loudmouthed PAM trump in de East
who used to buse Little Papa Doc openly, when he was handpicked
by Simmonds, saying how he was not a people's man and that he
was a pompous spoilt brat who was born with a silver spoon in his
mouth, has been given a dose of hush with a brand new car

Minister Skerritt hopes

Nevis' Four Season Resort

will re-open soon
Nevis' Minister of Tourism, Sen. the Hon. Richard "Ricky" Skerritt is
hoping that Nevis' flag ship resort will reopen soon.
Mr. Skerritt, who was in New York City for the Caribbean Tourism
Organization's annual Caribbean Week, sat down with Travel Agent and
discussed how important the anticipated November re-opening of the
Four Seasons Nevis will be on St. Kitts.
The Report states: As if the economic downturn wasn't enough of a
challenge for a small island like St. Kitts, 2009 also suffered because St.
Kitts's sister island Nevis lost its crown jewel, The Four Seasons Nevis.
Although located on another island, St. Kitts lost a good chunk of
business when the hotel was pummeled by Hurricane Omar in 2008 and
forced to close. Before the islands entered their most challenging year,
they lost one of their greatest selling points.
Although not located on St. Kitts, Skerritt says many people flew to
St. Kitts so they could take the ferry over to Nevis and stay at The Four
Seasons. It's very common for clients to split a week's vacationbetween
the two islands with The Four Seasons being Nevis' most popular
However, with the immensely popular selling point closed for close
to two years now for repairs, the repeat Nevis guests are no longer
staying on the island, which means they aren't flying into St. Kitts. And
the less people flying into St. Kitts means its revenue guarantee
agreement with American Airlines is injeopardy.
In fact, Skerritt told us the fear of not producing the agreed upon
revenue with its American Airlines flights has prompted the tourism
board to cut out its mid-week New York flights from September to
"Once The Four Seasons is sold, things will begin to improve for St.
Kitts," Skerritt told us, noting that the building needs to be reopened
first before a sale can take place. "It's much easier to sell a property
when it is open. When The Four Seasons reopens, we expect it to be
sold shortly after. And this will hopefully mean only positive things for
our destination. Whoever the owners will be will know how important

Sen. the Hon. Richard "Ricky"
(Photo by Erasmus Williams)

that hotel is for tourism to the
The closing of the property, as
well as the economic downturn,
lead to a roughly 11 percent drop
in arrivals for St. Kitts and Nevis
last year, which wasn't that bad
considering it suffered a 20
percent drop in the first quarter
only to rebound for the rest of the
And even though the
destination is up about 5 percent
so far this year, Skerritt isn't
"It's all relative," he said. "I
don't think it's that impressive
when you have an increase this
year because what island really
doesn't? Last year was so bad that
I would expect most islands to
have some kind of an increase.
What I would like to see is a return
to 2008 numbers and we are still
quite some time away from that."

Blanchette fired Kids Coalition Receives Grant For

(cont'd from page 1)

entitled "Disgraceful: PAM uses,
abuses and discards its
candidates" is quoted as saying
"the five disgruntled candidates
fought tooth and nail in the
campaign leading up to the
elections and now that they have
lost, their voices and their
concerns are of little or no
significance to the party leader and
some in the top echelon of the
The editorial went on to cite
examples where PAM candidates
were victimized. Such candidates
include former Deputy Prime
Minister in the Simmonds
Administration, Michael Powell
and former candidate for
Constituency #3, Royden
Benjamin; (Also the late Mikey
Roberts, a former PAM Candidate
for Constituency 7).
"That is the history of the
PAM. The "infamous five" are only
the latest tragedy that really shows
the true nature of a party who uses,
abuses and then discards," the
editorial is quoted as saying.
Mr. Blanchette is married with
two children and concerned about
providing for his family. He is now
left out in the cold to fend for his
family, while Mr. Grant also married
with two children is basking in his

Summer Camp
Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 16,2010 (SKNIS): The Kids Coalitionhas
been recognized for its contribution towards youth development and
received support from the Caribbean Cable and Telecommunications
Association (CCTA).
Marketing manager of The Cable Telecommunications Lornila
Matthew explained that the Kids Coalition received a US$750.00 grant
from the association's 2010 Community Charities Programme. She said
the grant recipient was chosen because of the outstanding service and
assistance it provides to the community.
The donation was received by representatives from the Ministry of
Youth Empowerment which oversees the association's activities. Maluska
Lapsey told SKNIS that the funds will be used to purchase food items
for the annual Summer Residential Camp.
The event teaches young children a number of disciplines including
computer, art and craft, cooking, woodwork, cultural drumming and
dancing. It will be run from July 18-28, 2010 at the BeachAllen Primary

Photo: Maluska Lapsey (center) accepts donation from Lornila
Matthew while Director of Youth Geortre Hanley looks on. (courtesy
Ministry of Youth Empowerment)


24 ii The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, JUNE 18TH 2010

EvWjy Wednesday & Friday

General Cargo, Barrels, Small
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