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cooperate with its allies. Ma said Taiwan
might add new cooperation projects if
St. Kitts and Nevis Embassy established

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Baptist Health International
nter of Miami Brings Men's Sexlral
Seminar to St. Kit~s Il I~C3,


St itts and~~ Nev~~is

St. Kitts and Nevis releases

White Paper on Value Added Tax T;

The Federal Government of St. Kitts and
Nevis has released a White Paper on the
Value Added Tax (VAT) that it intends to
introduce in November as part of a reform
of the existing tax system.

However, he noted that the present tax businesses to of
system has not kept pace with the paid against the
development of the economy and continues "The introdh
to be based to a large extent on the levying Tax would there
of duties on imported goods. making it simp
"This results in distortion and inequity create more equ
in the tax system which must be addressed. consumption in
In addition to the transformation of the The Prime
economy and the need to ensure harmony government wol
between the system of taxation and the entire tax system
economy we must also address the as a whole
unfolding international pressures that implementation
favour free trade and the necessity for are no dispariti
countries to open their borders," said Dr. this change.
Douglas. "We will th
He said as his administration seeks to areas such as th
achieve macroeconomic stability and Business Tax,"
growth, the domestic tax system must be A number
placed on a sound footing. Organisation of
"We believe that this objective can be (OECS) have
achieved by the introduction of the VAT contemplating i:
which is a modern, broad based tax on as a sub-regiona
consumption, charged at various stages of St. Kitts and
production with a mechanism which allows OECS.

Taiwan President

pledg es to expa nd

COoperation with

a llieS
President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), His Excellency
Ma Ying-jeou says his government will expand its cooperation
with allies, if necessary.
President Ma made the comments on Monday (April 19)
shortly after accepting the Letters of Credence from the newly-
appointed St. Kitts and Nevis Ambassador to Taipei, Her
Excellency Ms. Jasmine Huggins at the Presidential Palace.
On arrival at the Presidential Palace, the new St. Kitts and
Nevis Ambassador was greeted by the Taiwanese President
and a Guard of Honour. Ambassador Huggins, accompanied
by President Ma inspected the Guard of Honour.
Inside the Presidential Palace, President Ma said St. Kitts
and Nevis has been fully supportive of Taiwan's bid to j oin the
international community and added that Taiwan is grateful for
its support.
Since taking office in May, 2008, President Ma said he has
pushed for flexible diplomacy and ending the diplomatic battle

'fset the taxes that they have
taxes that they charge.
auction of the Value Added
:fore reform our tax system
ler and more efficient and
lity by taxing all aspects of
eluding services."
Minister said that the
uld also need to examine the
mn to ensure that the system
supports the smooth
of the VAT and that there
es that arise as a result of

erefore be looking at other
e existing Excise Tax and a
he added.
of countries within the
`Eastern Caribbean States
either introduced or are
introducing the VAT system
lI initiative.
SNevis is a member of the

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St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Hon.
Dr: Denzil L. Douglas (Photo by Erasmus
Prime Minister and Minister of Finance,
Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas said that the
White Paper, approved by the Cabinet on
Monday and released during his monthly
press conference on Wednesday, "is
intended to give our people an overview of
the VAT system and how it works in the
hope that it will invoke meaningful
discussion and consultation.
"It is imperative that all citizens and
stakeholders acquaint themselves with the
policy and administrative issues related to
VAT as it will affect all of us," he said in a
message published in the document.
Dr. Douglas said that the Tax Reform
Unit would be engaged in public
consultation exercises throughout the
Federation and that he was encouraging all
citizens and stakeholders to participate and
to contribute to the discussion "aimed at
crafting a successful VAT for our
He said that the local economy had made
significant strides in transitioning from one
heavily dependent on sugar production to
a services based economy with Tourism and
Financial Services as the leading sectors.

St. Kitts and NevisAmbassador to Taiwan, Her Excellency Jasmine
Huggins (second from the; ,gile and President of the Republic of
China on Taiwan, His Excellency Ma Te ,~-n... nght,~,! inspect a
Guard of Honour at the Presidential Palace on Monday.

with China.
While relations
between Taiwan and
China have greatly
improved, President
Ma also said Taiwan
will continue to



Published by: The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union
Ag. Managing Director Editor: Dawud Byron
Masses House, Church Street
P.0 Box 239 Basseterre St. Kitts West Indies
Tel: (1 869) 465-2229 <> Fa: (1 869) 466-9866
Email: sknunion~i)

F 1 1 h*

Foo s laugh at t err

OWII Cal RI~ty
The calamity which took place at the St. Kitts Marriott Hotel
on Sunday January 10, a mere two weeks before the General
Elections, in which Leader of the People's Action Movement
(PAM), Lindsay Grant, was involved in a US $1.7 million bribery
"cash for land" deal with an unknown foreign investor, who he
could only describe as a white "business executive representing
some large company" with a British accent by the name of a
Graham Wells, seems to have been brushed aside by the embattled
leader as laughable.
It is only fools that laugh at their own calamity.
Grant has been the laughingstock of a multitude of people,
who thinks his actions were foolish, naive, imprudent and lacked
integrity for a man who considers himself a mature politician, a
virtuous leader and worst yet, an aspiring Prime Minister.
If Grant were running for political office in the United States
of America or the United Kingdom, he would have been forced to
resign in light of the magnitude of the scandal and the corruption
tendencies that he showed by embroiling himself in such a scandal.
The rank and file of the PAM, too humiliated by the scandal
and too proud to give in to the call for Grant's resignation in light
of the scandal, has kept silent, afraid to upset the status quo.
Like Washington "WYashie" Archibald, who has been the voice
crying in the wilderness to make straight the way for some other
leader to replace Grant, others are joining the Advent chorus.
In his recent column, "Ask Washie" mn the "The Observer"
newspaper, Washie declared that Grant's actions "was indeed a
reckless gamble, a squander of all good will which a large segment
of the population had showered on this leader".
"PAM must find a fresh candidate from the many available
prospects in the organizations. This is not to say that there is no
gratitude for the part that Mr. Grant had played and the sacrifice
which he has made. Then he was the party's greatest asset, now
he is its biggest liability," Washie is quoted as saying.
Washie indicated that Grant's colleagues in the last General
Elections feel that the scandal did a lot of damage to their party,
resulting in its dismal performance at the polls for a fourth
consecutive time.
Grant betrayed his own colleagues by not telling them about
the deal, only to have them suffer a severe shock when the drama
unfolded, Washie said.
Of course, we don't expect Grant to bow out as leader; he is
too arrogant to do so. He will never want to give the appearance
of weakness or submission to his critics and detractors. He will
hold on to power as long as he can do so.
But the scandal of Sunday January 10, 2010, has shown the
weaknesses of Grant. It has shown that he lacks sound judgment
and has integrity issues.
Grant is yet to accept full responsibility for what took place,
another sign of weakness as a leader. Instead he has blamed the
Prime Minister and others for setting him up. Not only that, his
version of what took place was presented by him as a man who
knew what was taking place and that he was in total control of

The Labour Spokesman


(MIIAMI, FL) Baptist Health
International Centre of Miami, a
division of Baptist Health South
Florida, partnered with Prime
MinisterDr. DenzilL. Douglas and
the St. Kitts and Nevis Ministry of
Health to host a seminar on men's
health and related topics for
healthcare practitioners and the
public of St. Kitts and Nevis.
Titled "Sexual Desire, Drive and
Dysfunction: Preserving Your
Health at Any Age," the event
took place at the St. Kitts Marriott
Resort on Thursday, April 15.
The seminar, attended by more
than 350 men and women, was
designed to educate the public on
the importance of sexual health and

well-being with a special emphasis
on promoting healthy
relationships and sexuality in male
patients battling chronic diseases.
Prime Minister Douglas, the
Ministry of Health and Brian E.
Keeley, president and chief
executive officer of Baptist Health
and Honorary Consul General of
St. Kitts and Nevis in Florida,
collaborated in bringing the event
to the island.
"Men in Caribbean societies
are usually not forthcoming when
it relates to their sexual health,"
said Prime Minister Douglas. "It
can be a sensitive subject, but by
presenting attendees with relevant
facts and information we hope to

enhance their quality of life and
continue encouraging dialogue on
these pertinent issues."
The seminar, directed by
DarrenBruck M.D., urologist from
the Centre for Robotic Surgery at
South Miami Hospital in Miami,
addressed the high incidence of
diabetes, high blood pressure and
heart-related diseases as a key
underlying factor in sexual
dysfunction. Other presentation
topics included: The Effects of
Chronic Illnesses on a Man's
Sexual Health; The Connection
between Benign Pro static
Hyperplasia and Sexual
Dysfunction; and Barriers to
Sexual Discussion, among others.

is not restored to peace and
harmony. That is how
development thrives. So I have a
personal interest and l understand
their fears their concerns and I
could tell them that I am just as
interested because this is where I
have lived all my life and this is
where I continue to live and so I
want to live here in peace."
The National Security Minister
concluded: "I am focused and I'm
discussing with my security forces
how we could address the
situation and I know I have the
goodwill, the support and prayers
and the encouragement of the
majority of the people in this
country and I shall not squander
that goodwill and that confidence.
I want to work to make sure that I
turn around this issue of crime and
violence. I have confidence in this
government and myself and will
not get distracted."


the situation.
Yet, the video of him meeting with the
foreign investor tells a different story, one that
is a far cry to the one told by Grant.
Grant was a mere puppet in the story, tossed
and turned by the "wind of change" that
dominated his party's election campaign, that
led him to the precipice of corruption and
concern for his party's dire need for cash to
fund his party's election campaign. In the end
he lost his soul, his seat and the elections.
But, Grant is still contesting the seat in
Constituency #4, which he narrowly lost in the
January elections. He still sees himself as a
paragon of virtue and a champion of the poor.
But all of this has been poisoned by the Marriott

The questions must be asked: Would you vote
for a man who was involved in the negotiation of
a bribe?
Would you vote for a man who wanted to sell
your patrimony (land) for next to nothing? Would
you vote for a man who has shown serious
corruption tendencies?
Would you vote for aman who showed political
Would you vote for a man who lacks integrity,
sagacity and sound j judgment? Would you vote for
a man whose credibility is questionable?
Mr. Grant it is full time that you stop laughing
at your own calamity and respond to it. It is also
full time that those in your own camp break their
silence about your poor judgment and stupidity.
Others are laughing at you!

N atlO nal Sec ur ity

minister focused on

a tta cki ng crime
(Labour Secretariat) Deputy Prime Minister and Minister with
responsibility for National Security, Hon. Sam Condor said- in a recent
interview with this newspaper- he will not allow himself to be distracted
by the opposition People's Action Movement (PAM) in the Government's
fight against crime.
"I haven't heard much of the response from the opposition. I try not
to get distracted. This is a mammoth job, a serious task and so I try really
not to get distracted and I want to be focused, said Condor.
"The opposition (what is coming from them) some of it might just be
crocodile tears and a lot of hypocrisy and so I'm not getting distracted
on these things."
Upon recollection of the recent violent crimes, he said they are of
different natures and according to him it "Makes it difficult. We have a
challenging situation but I believe we will be able to get under control
Condor said he recently met with returning nationals here on St.Kitts
and has assured them that the government is at work in arresting the
social ill of crime and violence.
"I have a personal interest in having this matter solved. I know nothing
could continue in the development. Nothing could happen if the country


~ I r 1 I ~1 II L ITI IIII I I I I I rl I I r I I L I 1 I r

rrr~r r

IIIL~ll~l~Il ~


The 12 taxes that VAT will replace .....
(cont'd from page 1)
Nigel Carty, in the Post-Cabinet Briefing listed the twelve taxes that VAT willbe replaced as follows Consumption
Tax, Hotel and Restaurant Tax, Cable TV Tax, Vehicle Rental Levy, Insurance Premium Tax, Export Duty, Public
Entertainment Tax, Lotteries Tax Act, Gaming Machine Tax, Traders Tax, Telecommunications Levy (IDD Calls)
and Parcel Tax.
He said milk, infant formula, diapers, nice, sugar, and certain medicmnes for chronic diseases such as
hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease are among the basic goods and important supplies that
will be zero-rated so that these goods are most affordable to ordinary and low-income families.
The Minister of Information disclosed that in addition, a number of transactions, such as the sale of real
property attributable to a dwelling subject to stamp duty, may be exempt from the value-added tax and all
goods for export are to be exempt from the application of VAT as well.
According to Mr. Carty, Cabinet was able to benefit from an extensive discussion of the plans for the
introduction of the value-added tax (VAT) that is due to be introduced in November this year.
Financial Secretary, Mrs Janet Harris, and the VAT Officer, Mr. Edward Gift, led the discussions in the

Congratulations are extended to Valda Morris-Slack for successfully
completing her Master of Science Degree (MISc.) in 'Library Science' at
the Catholic University ofAmerica, Washington D.C., U. S.A.
It is significant to note that Valda obtained her early education at the
St. Theresa Convent School in St. Kitts. After obtaining her CXC
O'Levels, she went on to further her education, obtaining her "A" Level
passes at the Sixth Form of the Charlestown Secondary School in Nevis.
After completion of her "A" Levels, Valda taught at the Basseterre
HIghUSnhoo o Hbriond befor e o aellng t tahe USA.dShe erled 8 at
completed her Bachelors of Arts Degree (B.A.). She them moved to
Maryland and completed her Master s Degree.
Presently, Valda is employed at the Library of Congress in
Washington D.C. Valda is married and has two (2) children.
Mr. Valentine Morris and Mrs. Beulah Morris of Shadwell Heights,
St. Kitts, are very proud and elated with the accomplishments of their
Mrs. Valda Morris-Slack extends heartfelt thanks to all her teachers
with special mention of Mrs. Eileen Grey of the St. Theresa's Convent
School, her family and friends who encouraged and supported her along
the way.
The Labour Spokesman joins in extending congratulations and best
wishes to Valda and her proud parents and family.


Dr the H-on -Timothy Harris, Member of
St. Christopher #7 is pleased to advise his
constituents that a health walk will take
place on Saturday 1Ist May 2010.
The walk will start at Belle Vue opposite Lida Lake's
Residence and ends at Ottleys' Hard Court.
A healthy breakfast will be served.
Walk start at 5:30 am

r~s,4 ~~ Application Opportunity
Is curntrenl l acc_;epting ap~pllcalions~ for twho
Successful candidates must be able to teach and
to ke care of children from birth to three years old
Interested par ties. please email a cover letter,
resume and three references to

The Labour Spokesman


Valda Morris-Slack

gains M.Sc. Degree


Public Notice Labour Constituency #4
Residents of Constituency #4, Challengers to New Guinea
are asked to take note that there will be a

MOnthly Constituency Meetmng
on Thursday 29 April, 2010 at the Old Road Community Center
starting at 7:00 pm.

All residents of the community and the extended environment are
asked to be punctual as important matters related to the continued
strengthening and development of the community will be discussed.
The Honorable Glenn "Ghost" Phillip, our new elected and exciting
Parliamentary Representative will be present to listen to the views

Presented By Mr Carol Evelyn f

Ma na er of Ha rowe Servo Control

At The open in ceremony of the Shop Stewa rd s

and Union Officials Workshop

held at Masses House

on Saturday 17th April, 2010.
Good morning ladies and gentlemen I deem it see script at this Opening Ceremony this morning. Let me
congratulate the St.Kitts Nevis Trades and Labour Union for their foresight in organizing this Seminar.
My letter of invitation refers to this Seminar as part of a wider programme of education, aimed at the Union
Membership and Workers in general as to their rights and responsibilities at the workplace. I did not hesitate
to accept this opportunity to make remarks because I do believe that as an Employer whose employees are
unionized that I have a role to play.
My association with the union when I was an employee at the Sugar Factory Machine shop has enabled
me to recognize the importance of being unionized. Today that same training and knowledge has helped me as
an Employer to understand that a good union is not an enemy but a friend of the Business sector. We must all
have the same goals, thus ensuring growth in our businesses which will result in more benefits for our
Harowe Servo as you all are aware is in operation for thirty five years. During those years the St.Kitts
Trades and Labour Union has been the Bargaining Agent for the employees. Over these years the union
has enjoyed very good Industrial relations with the Company. It is clear that the union has played a very
significant role in the development of the employees and the Company as a whole. Many of our employees
have benefited from training both locally and regionally. It was only last month that Mrs. Jacqueline Francis
attended an ILO workshop in Barbados. Mrs. Francis today is all excited and ready to put in place what she

The theme of this seminar refers to workers rights and responsibilities in the work place. I do believe that
this workshop is timely because there is a need for you our shop stewards to understand the labour laws of
St.Kitts and Nevis. It is also important that you can fluently speak to the Contract which governs the terms
and conditions of work at your place. When a worker comes to you with a grievance you should be
knowledgeable enough to give them good advice. However as shop stewards you must be proactive. You
should be strong enough to guide a worker in the right direction. You should also be ready to assist workers
who are having issues not just at work but also at home. The issue of money management comes readily to
mind. They must understand how to spend their wages or else they will always want increases and ready to
stop paying dues because the union cannot help them.
Today I challenge all of you to go back to see script members. There is the vexing issue of some people
who pay union dues and some do not pay but every body benefits. You are the ones who have daily contact
with your fellow workers and must make your union strong if you want to be recognized.
It was in 2006 that the CARICOM heads mandated that the Caribbean Private Sector be unified under one

The Labour Spokesman


guard against such external shocks to our economy.
It is an effort which must be mounted on every front in our society.
Our Trade Unions have an obligation to play an active role in the
promotion of this awareness and we have sought to do this on numerous
occasions. However, such efforts need to be sustained until our
objectives have been achieved.
Accordingly with this in mind the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour
Union is mounting a 2-day Workshop for Shop Stewards and Union
Officials, the contents of which include the elements of Collective
Bargaining and Awareness of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).
This is seen as part of a wider programme of education for Union
Members in particular and the wider public in general.
The training will empower Trade Union Officials and Shop Stewards
to be more effective in impacting their fellow workers and act as catalysts
for the adjustment in mental outlook and behavioral changes which
must follow as we strive to move forward against the many challenges
we encounter.
The first session has been held despite the inclement weather last
Saturday and we look forward to a successful outcome of the second
session this Saturday 24th April.
The Minister of Labour, the Hon. Sam Condor is expected to attend
the closing exercises and deliver remarks. We give thanks to the persons
and businesses who have donated support to our efforts.

Building awareness of

workplace issues helps g ua rd

again st e xte rnal sh oc ks
I remember mamy years ago as a young boy, during World War 2.
there used to be severe shortages of flour and milk.
The reason for this shortage, we were told, is that there were German
U-boats in our waters and the cargo boats were unable to bring flour
from Canada.
Much, much later in life, just a few years ago, there was a shortage of
lamb and butter in the country. It was pointed out that this was a result
of a truckers strike in the USA which halted cargo from New Zealand
which was our principal source of those two products.
In recent days we have become aware of a disruption of air travel
between the major cities of Europe and the rest of the world. This was
contributed to by clouds of gas and debris belching from a volcanic
eruption in Iceland.
Thousands of holiday makers in the Caribbean have been unable to

MOW *~

return to their homes on schedule.
These are all dramatic
illustrations of how the reality of
globalization can impact our lives
and how, try as we may, there are
external forces which can derail the
best of plans made to stabilize our
economy and stimulate its growth
and sustainability.
Knowing all of this must
increase our determination as a
people, nationals of St. Kitts-Nevis,
and generally the Caribbean,
working together towards
optimum productivity so as to

body to be called the Caribbean
Business Council. One of the
signatories to the memorandum of
understanding is the Caribbean
Congress of Labour. The heads
realize the importance of this
partnership. The issue of the
tripartite system must be part of
our thrust for the future.
It was last year when the global
recession struck our economies.
the OECS Ministers of Finance
realize that they need to look at
how telecan put in place t stemr

economies. They quickly took a
decision to bring together here in
St.Kitts Busine ss leaders and
Trade Unions from within the
OECS to discuss the way forward.
Your President and General
Secretary Represented the St.Kitts
Nevis Trades and Labour Union.
The issue of productivity in the
work place must be seriously
addressed as we move forward.
Here in St.Kitts if our

manufacturing sector is to remain
competitive and continue on a
path of growth we must be the
leading advocate for a
productivity centre here in our
Federation. The union then will be
better able to address the burning
issue of a fair day's pay for a fair
day's work.
In closing it is clear that if
St.Kitts and Nevis will remain a
favored destination for investors,
the workers of this country must

knpwosibillti srRespo sbiliticas
be punctual, regular and
productive. This seminar is
designed to give you the tools that
are necessary to spread this
message to every worker in
St.Kitts and Nevis.
I wish you every success at
this seminar.
May God continue to Bless us

Thank you.

St Kitts Tea che rs Union

NOt ice of Gene ral IMeetin g
All Members and Prospective Members of the St Kitts Teachers
Union are hereby advised that the General Meeting of the Union
will be held on Tuesday 27th April 2010 at 5:00pm at the Basseterre
High School Auditorium. The Meeting will be held under the theme:
"Mobilising Solidarity". All are encouraged to attend and be punctual
as very important matters will be addressed and information shared
as teachers embrace the power of unity to further the Cause:
Agitate, Educate, Liberate. Teachers are also informed that general
meetings of the SKTU will now be held once per academic term.

Ron Dublin-Collins (Mr)
St Kitts Teachers' Union

Un ava ila ble

22,922,775 21,763,788

5.001.217 5,001,217
1,941,734 1,941,734
4,432,827 3,860,947
11,546,997 10,959,890

22,922,775 21,763,788

2,859,400 4,232,386

2,859,400 4,232,386

$ 0.57 $ 0.84

The Labour Spokesman


Balance Sheet
as at 31 December 2009 (expressed in Eastern Caribbea n dol lars)

31 December


Statutory deposit with Central Bank
Cash and due from banks
Loans and advances to customers
Investment securities
Property, plant and equipment
Other assets









Total Assets

Customers' deposits
Due to other banks
Due to affiliated companies
Tax payable
Other liabilities

Total Liabilities

Net Assets

Shareholders' Equity
Share capital
Share premium
Statutory reserve
Retained earnings

Total Shareholders' Equity

On 23 February 2010 the Board of Directors of RBTT Bank (SKN) Limited authorised these financial statements for issue.



Year Ended 31








i 828.600j1

Interest income
Interest expense

Net Interest Income






(4,31 7,080)


Other income

Total Net Income

Impairment (losses)/recoveries on loans and advances
Other operating expenses

Total Non-Interest Expenses

Profit Before Taxation

Profit After Taxation

Total comprehensive income

Earnings Per Share Basic


Independent Auditor's


To the Shareholders of RBTT Bank (5K(N)

We have audited the financial statements of RBTT
Bank ISKNI Lim ited i~the Bank") for the ye~ar ended
December 31, 2009, from which the
accompanying summarised financial statements
were derived in accordance with international
Standards on Auditing In our report dated
February 23, 2010 we expressed an unqualified
opinion on the financial statements from which
these summarised financial statements wNere

In our opinion, the accompanying summarised
financial statements are consistent, in all material
respects, with the financial statements from which
they were derived.

For a better understanding of the Bank's financial
position and the results of its operations for the
year and of the scope of our audit, the
summarised financial statements should be read
in conjunction with the financial statements from
which the summarised financial statements were
derived and our audit report thereon.

Deloitte & Touche
Chartered Accountants
Bridgetown, Barbados
February 23, 2010

Financial Results for the Year 2009

Statement of Comprehensive Income
for the year ended 31 December 2009 (expressed in Eastern Caribbean dollars)

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 23RD 2010 7~~r~

~~BANK (SKN) LIMITED Financial Results for the Year 2009

5,001,217 1,941,734 3,860,947 10,959,890 21,763,788

5,001,217 1,941,734 3,860,947 10,959,890 21,763,788

2,859,400 2,859,400
-- -- 571,880 (571,880) --

-- -- -- (1,700,413) (1,700,413)

5,001,217 1,941,734 4,432,827 11,546,997 22,922,775

2,754,322 838,568

(1,700,413) (1,250,31 0)
(1,700,41 3) (1,250,31 0)
2,523,553 8,516,580
17,926,077 9,409,497
20,W49.630 17,926,077














Year ended 31 December 2008
Balance at 1January 2008

Total comprehensive income
Transfer to statutory reserve

Balance at 31 December 2008

Year ended 31 December 2009
Balance at 1 January 2009

Total comprehensive income
Transfer to statutory reserve


Balance at 31 December 2009

Year Ended 31 December
2009 2008
$ 4

Cash flows operating activities
Profit before taxation
Adjustments for:
Impairment losses/(release) on loans and advances to customers
Capitalised interest on investment securities

Operating Profit Before Changes in Operating Assets And Liabilities
(Increase)/decrease in operating assets
Loans and advances to customers
Statutory deposit writhl Central Bank
Interest receivable on loans and adva nces
Other assets
Increase/(decrease) in operating liabilities
Due to other banks
Customers' deposits
Interest payable on customers' deposits
Due to affiliated company
Other liabilities
Corporation tax paid

Net Cash Provided By Operating Activities

Cash flows from Investing Activities
Purchase of investments securities
Proceeds from sale and redemption of i investment securities
Additions to property, plant and equipment

Net Cash Provided By Investing Activities
Cash flows frorn Financing Activities
Dividend paid
Net Cash Used By Financing Activities
Net increase in Cash And Due From Banks
Cash And Due From Banks Beginning Of Year
Cash And Due From Banks End Of Year















Statement of Changes in Shareholders' Equity
as at 31 December 2009 (expressed in Eastern Caribbean dollars)

Statement of Cash Flowvs
as at 31 Decem ber 2009 (expressed in Eastern Caribbean dollars)

Incorporation and

Business Activities

The Bank is incorporated in Nevis. Its princi-
pal activities are commercial and retail
banking operations conducted from a sole
branch situated in Charlestown, Nevis. The
address of its registered office is Chapel
Street. Charlestown, Nevis

The Bank is a 95%b subsidiary of RBTT Bank
Caribbe~an Limited, a company incorporated
in St Vincent and the Grenadines, with the
parent company being RBC Financial
(Caribbean) Limited (formerly RBTT Finan-
cial Holdings Limited) which is incorporated
in Trinidad and Tobago. On June 16, 2008
RBTT Financial Holdings Limited was
amalgamated with RBC Holdings (Trinidad
and Tobago) Limited to form the new entity
RBC Financial (Caribbean) Limited. RBC
Financial (Caribbean) Limited and its subsid-
iaries ("the Group") are engaged in the
business of banking and the provision of
financial services.

Th~e Bank is licensed under the St Christo-
pher and Nevis Banking Act No. 4 of 2004
(the 'Banking Act") and regulated by the
Eastern Canlbbeanl Central Bank ECCB).

8 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 23RD 2010

Arbovax, Inc. To Start Pre-

Cl in ica I De ng ue Va ccin e Tr ia Is
RALEIGH, N.C., 21 April 2010 --Arb~orax, anearly-stage company
developing vaccines against insect-borne diseases, will start preclinical
testing of a unique new Dengue fever vaccine in early Mar.
Arborax has signed a contract with Hamden, Connecticut-based
RxGen to conduct the trials in non-human primates at the St Kitts
Biomedical Research Foundation. The Walter Reid Army Institute of
Medical Research is providing additional assistance in the testing
"These trials represent a significant milestone for our investors
and for global health" said Malcolm Thomas, CEO ofArb~orax, "RxGen
has a very experienced team that will complete this work by August
under closely supervised conditions."
The Arborax core technology was developed by Dennis Brown,
Ph.D., and Raquel Hemnandez, Ph.D., at North Carolina State University.
"We believe our proprietary approach willbe shown to offer unique
benefits in vaccine efficiency. It offers potential for widespread
campaigns against Dengue and numerous other diseases that are
mainly carried by mosquitoes, including Japanese Encephalitis, West
Nile, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever."
The privately held Arborax is targeting the initial study to test the
effectiveness of three of the company's modified viruses. A similar
follow-up round of testing is planned.
The firm has been propelled by more than $400,000 in loans from
the North Carolina Biotechnology Centre and more than $1.5 million in
Series Afinancing.
Arborax's initial focus, Dengue Fever, is ranked second only to
Malaria by the World Health Organization, for its devastating global
-- -. .c. --. --- .e ..- --- --- --~~. ..- --- .. --- .c.-- --- -- .- -- -. .

3 ~~youthc Outreach 8
D Fiance Mini'stry /School of' Dance

SThe youth Outreach, Dance IMinisjtry /Schootr of
D Fiance cordially invites the general public to its
P3re-Mothier's Day Dance Gatore
o n Sunday 2nd, May 2070 at the Old Girt's Schoot,
8 ~Victoria Road starting a 5:30 pm.
SSpecial appearances by the R~ising Son,
D livine Praise D~ancers, George Moody Stuart School
D Lancers, The Passion of D~ance by Tawcana Riawrlints
and much, much more.
SCome and be blessed by our young and talented
8 ~singers and dancers
SSpecial fare foar the first 1-0 mothers w~ho arrived
8 ~at this prestigious e~ent.
9 I~~Refreshiments wit/ be on safe
8 ~~Support this worrthty cause
. 4, , ,, , , ,, , , .. , .

States Secretary of Defense Hon. Robert M. Gates said he hopes Friday's
regional security summit in Barbados and President Barack Obama's
Caribbean Basin Security Initiative send a strong signal that "the United
States is reengaging with this region" after drawing down its presence
following the 9/1 1 terror attacks
Speaking at a joint news conference Friday with seven Caribbean
government and national security leaders Gates said he s impressed by
the innovative approaches being taken to promote collective security
through the initiative. .
Following what he called a "very productive" meeting to discuss
furthering those efforts, Gates lauded the Caribbean nations' work toward
marshalling limited resources to address common threats such as narco-
trafficking and violent crime.
These challenges touch U.S. shores as well, and demand that regional
nations mount a united front to confront them, Gates said during a jomnt
news conference with Barb~adian Prime Minister Hon. David Thompson
and St. Kitts and Nevis Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National
Security, Hon. Sam Condor
Gates conceded that the drug trafficking problem has worsened due
to the success of the Merida Initiative and Mexico's crackdown on drug
cartels there.
"Narco-trafficking is a problem for the hemisphere as a whole," he
said, "and wherever you put pressure, the traffickers will go where there
is less resistance and where there is less capability."
Going forward, Gates said he would like to see broader efforts to
connect the regional security system here with efforts under way outside
the Eastern Caribbean. This includes efforts by the French, Dutch-
Colombians, Peruvians and U. S. Southern Command's Joint Interagency
Task Force.
The secretary praised Barbados as a strong U.S. security partner
and leader in promoting security cooperation in the EastemnCaribbean.
"The United States stands steadfastly with you as you pursue long-
term solutions to these problems," Gates said after meeting with the
Prime Ministers and national security ministers.
Much of that support is provided through the Caribbean Basin
Security Initiative that President Barack Obama proposed last April during
the Summit of the Americans in Trinidad and Tobago.
The initiative has been built with extensive input from Caribbean
nations with a central role for the regional security system, Gates noted
Friday, all aimed at helping regional governments face up to transnational
The $45 million the United States has committed to the effort this
year will help improve regional maritime patrol and interdiction capabilities
and domain awareness and provide for additional joint training and
exercises, he said.
Gates said details about how these funds will be allocated are being
hammered out by technical working groups, with one convened Friday

1 rr

in Was ington.
He emphasized that regional
nations will be the ones to help
determine how the funding can be
most effective. The United States
already has committed three
inte rceptor boats and
communications equipment, but
Gates said he heard suggestions
on Friday about the need for more
law enforcement training and the
stand-up of major crimes units.
However, Gates emphasized
that the Caribbean initiative
represents more as it provides a
comprehensive approach to
regional security. Its scope
extends beyond military and
security assistance to address
equally critical components of the
re gion's economic and social
The initiative aims to provide,
"not just improved security
capabilities to confront immediate
threats, but also development
assistance in hopes of addressing
the root causes of regional
problems, such as the lack of
educational and employment
opportunities, particularly for
youth," Gates said. "That is a
strategy we strongly support."
Fifteen Caribbean Basin
nations are included in the
security initiative: Antigua and
Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados,
Belize, Dominica, Dominican

Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti,
Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint
Lucia, St. Vincent and the

Grenadines, Suriname, and
Trinidad and Tobago.

St. Kitts and Kevis Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Hon. Sain Condor (in the
foreground) at the discussions with United States Secretary of Defense Hon. Robert Gates in Barbados
on Friday.

U. S. Defense Secretary

says Obama


"Ireengagin~g with


St. Kitts and Kevis Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Hon. Sant Condor (left)
the news conference with United States Secretary of Defense Hon. Robert Gates, Barbados Prime
Minister Hon. David Thompson and Grenada Prime Minister Hon. Tilbnan Thomas.

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 23RD 2010 9

NRP the opportunity to join with
PAM to form the government.
The CCM based their decision,
not to co-operate with the Labour
Party in 1993 on something which
the party called noutl.I.II I) Now
in our system of government there
is no place for the concept of
neni ln )II l ". In our Parliament you
will not find three sections one
for the Govemnment to sit, one for
the Opposition to sit and one for
the "Neutrals" to sit. There are
only two sides or two sections -
one for the Govemnment and the
other for the Opposition.
The CCM idea of neutrality
was the biggest hoax of the 20th
As I said earlier, a CCM/PAM
Coalition is nothing new. The
CCM is using the same tactics and
strategies to oppose the Nevis
Commission of inquiry that PAM
used to oppose the St. Kitts
Commission of Inquiry.
PAM reacted to the St. Kitts
Commission of Inquiry by using
all available means political,
diplomatic andjudicial -to prevent
the Inquiry from running its full
course. The CCM is engaged in
the same tactics to prevent the
Nevis Commission oflInquilv from
munmng its full course.
The CCM is attacking the idea
of VAT in much the same fashion
that PAM attacked Social Security
at its inception.
The CCM has not been able to
convince the ordinary people of
Nevis that there should not be a
Commission of Inquilv. The point
is, if the Commission of Inquiry is
already much too expensive, then
dragging it out in the Court will
make it even more expensive. If the
Hon. Vance Amory is indeed
innocent then the Inquiry will
vindicate him and exonerate him.
The CCM surely should have no
problem with that. Unless of
course, there is something that the
CCM knows and we don't know.

beach that is a favourite with
locals and visitors alike.
On Tuesday, April 20, two
care hampers were distributed
- one to a resident of the Cardin
Home, and the other to a patient
at the Joseph N. France
General Hospital. Community
service continued on
Wednesday, April 21, when a
public bathroom at St.
Johnson's Village will be given
a facelift with a fresh coat of
paint. The following day, vouth
workers were back on the

Is Dr. Douglas or his Labour Party Govemnment "responsible" for the
high level of crime and violence that exists in our country as the CCM/
PAM Coalition has been telling the public? What is the meaning of the
And is it true, as the same opposition CCM/PAM Coalition has been
saying that the Labour Party Govemnment has not taken the lead in the
fight against Crime and Violence in our country? If the Govemnment has
not been taking the lead, then who has been taking the lead?
As most right-minded persons have been saying, neither the CCM
nor the PAM is really interested in seeing the level of Crime and Violence
goes down. Of course the two parties talk a lot about Crime and Violence
on the radio and in the newspapers but that is basically all. You see the
high Crime situation provides the CCM and the PAM with political
ammunition with which to attack and condemn the Govemnment. Once
the situation returns to normal the CCM/PAM political opposition would
have nothing with which to criticise the Govemnment in that regard.
All the talk about the high National Debt falls into the same category.
Neither the PAM nor the CCM is really interested in seeing the National
Debt drastically reduced. Such a reduction would lessen the amount of
political ammunition that they have in their arsenal. So they talk about
the National Debt only to be able to score political points for themselves.
What has PAM done, as an Opposition Party, to try to help to reduce
the size of the National Debt? Has PAM ever been on a campaign to
encourage individuals, groups and organizations to pay their taxes?
Does PAM say the right things about our country in order to encourage
or attract foreign investment?
Did PAM say the right things about our new Wamner Park Cricket
Stadium? What about our new Athletic Stadium at Bird Rock? Did PAM
say things about it that would make it appeal to people overseas?
Insofar as Crime is concerned, the CCM/PAM politicians treat the
problem as something that can be turned off at a moment's notice just
like an electric light bulb or a water-pipe faucet. Just tumn the switch or
the faucet and everything is under control.
But Crime does not work that way. Crime is a highly complex societal
problem which does not answer to a single or simple solution. The
difficulty with Crime is that it originates in the mind and no one can put
a Police or Security Officer in a person's mind to stop that.
A good mamy years ago there was a serious outbreak of violent
crimes in Trinidad. The Govemnment there engaged the services of a
noted Criminologist who was a Professor at the St. Augustine Campus
of the UWI.
The noted Professor advised that more Police Officers, more Security
Personnel, more equipment, more training, more patrols and stiffer
penalties were not the complete answer to the problem. The problem of
Crime originates in the mind and all efforts should attempt to deal with
the mind.
Crime is a form of Deviant Behaviour which occurs when a person is
not properly socialised, that is, when the core values, norms, beliefs and
customs of the society are not fully internalized in the person. When a
person is properly socialised he or she refrains from doing certain things
(anti-social acts) not because of fear of the gallows or of a prison sentence,
but because he or she is convinced that doing certain things is not right.
The conscience of such people and not the law stops them from doing
certain things. The fear of the law does not stop people from breaking
the 6th to the 10th Commandments, but conscience does.
The agents of Socialisation are the Family, the School, the Church,
and Peer Groups, the Mass Media, the workplace and the State. The
State socialises persons who engage in criminal activities (deviant
behaviour) by putting them either in jail or in the crazy house.
In order of time, the Family is the first and most important agent of
Socialisation, with the State (Govemnment) being the last agent. The
Family is involved in the formation of character, attitude and personality
and the inculcation of the sense of what is right and proper and just.

Youth Empowerment

Ministry Celebrates

Co mmun ity Ser i ce
Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 20, 2010 (SKNIS): Youth who
improve their communities through voluntary service are
celebrating this week as the Ministry of Youth Empowerment
prepares for Global Youth Service Day.
The April 23 to 25 observance takes place in 100 countries
and is organized for youth to identify and address the needs of
their communities; organizations to provide opportunities for youth
engagement; and media and policy makers to promote awareness
of young people as assets and resources to their communities.

And now I retumnto the matter
of Crime and Violence. Those of
us who can hear and see and read
and understand know that the
Government has been tackling the
problem of Crime and Violence. Of
course what the Govemnment has
done and is doing may not satisfy
the desires of certain people, but
that is no reason for those people
to say that the Government is not
doing enough or is not taking the
lead. That is neither fair nor honest.
It has long been noticed that
some people are in the habit of
crying out that the Govemnment
should do "more", but those
people have never, ever cried out
for parents and Families to do
"more" in bringing up their
The Government is not
responsible for bringing children
into this world. Therefore those
who are responsible for bringing
children into this world should be
held responsible for rising up their
children so that "they may grow
in grace and in the knowledge and
love of God and of His Son Jesus
Christ, our Lord".
Crime is a complex societal
problem that cannot be solved by
one agent acting alone. The
agents of Socialisation are the
Family, the School, the Church, the
Peer Group, the Workplace, the
Mass Media and the State (the
Our children do not come into
this world already programmed to
be thieves, robbers, murderers,
scamps and vagabonds. No, they
come into this world with what the
experts call a TABULA RASA, a
clean slate. A new bomn child is
presumed to be a tabula rasa.
Now what is written on that
tabula rasa is written by the agents
of Socialisation, particularly the
Family, the School, the Church and
the Peer Group during the
formative years of the child's life.
We should ask all agents of
Socialisation to play their full part
in a proper and timely fashion.

It is strange however, but
understandable that when
Opposition politicians raise the
issue of Crime and Violence they
always say that the State is
"responsible". They never say
that the Family or the parents are
responsible. The Bible says at
Proverbs 22:6 as follows: "Train up
a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old, he will not
depart from it". It is known that
that admonition is not directed to
the State.
Self-serving politicians will
always blame the Govemnment for
the results of parental neglect.
That is for the failure of parents to
bring up their children "in the
nurture and admonition of the
Lord". You see the politicians will
lose votes and popularity if they
start to blame parents for not
burning up their children properly.
On the other hand, there is nothing
to be feared from blaming the
Whenever an Opposition
politician raises the issue of Crime
and Violence on radio or in the
newspapers he expects the
Government to stop all acts of
violence immediately. This cannot
happen and when it does not
happen the politician goes on
radio and declares that the
Government is doing nothing or is
not taking the lead. This is so
hypocritical. Of course the
Government has been taking the
lead. But who is following?
Everybody is putting forward
his own solution to the problem
and is convinced that only his
solution can or will work. Washie's
(Washington Archibald's)
solution, which he is currently
putting forward, is for the
government to make the growing,
sale, distribution and sale of
marijuana legal.
People should not be surprised
if currently there is a coalition
between the CCM and PAM. There
was such a coalition in 1993. The
CCM refused to join with the
Labour Party in order to give the

Director of Youth
Empowerment Geoffrey
Hanley told SKNIS that a
number of activities have been
organized in commemoration of
the international event. These
began on Monday, April 19,
with a Tag and Beach Clean Up
Day. Residents wereasked
show support for the
observance by purchasing tags
from persons around
Basseterre. Meanwhile the
Ministry s staff ventured to
Cockle Shell Bay to tidv the

streets cleaning and
decorating a green space on
the border of Fortlands and
Five Ways in Basseterre.
A march through the streets
of the capital today, Friday, April
23 and a servicehat the Zdion
Moravian hrch on Sun ay,
April 25, will bring the week of
activities to a close.
Director Hanley issued an
open invitation to persons
interested in participating in the
observance to contact the office
of the Ministry of Youth
Empowermentat 467-1393.

Crime is a co mlplex

SOCletalI problem

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amen onu,0m ~ k

Rc WEB Wu oog a 88 a od e2
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mQo ya -o s 0 < 5 i or za < ra o zl(oo <<
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mwwww w u t Q w m w w w me e me w m w w w w w w w wwom

I I I 1 I I I I I I II I I I II I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I 1

m aW cmnzlou m u m o a u m e a
mamm memmt evmi m m m m cwom rr cr v, m em ,

The Labour Spokesman



Nevis public urged to

take advantage of

red uced cost of solar

water heaters
CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (APRIL 20, 2010) Minister with
responsible for Public Utilities and Natural Resources on Nevis Hon.
Carlisle Powell reminded Nevisians to make use of the solar water initiative
that was implemented by the Nevis Island Administration from Januarv
The reminder came at recent interview with the Department of
Information. He said the matter had been discussed earlier but was
announced by Premier of Nevis and Minister of Finance Hon. Joseph
Parry in his 2010 Budget Address in December last year.
"Premier Parry announced that the government had waived the duty
on solar water heaters and so as a result of that the general public can
now get their solar water heaters much cheaper.
"That programme would allow us not only to use less energy interms
of the electric water heaters but would allow us to save in terms of our
expenditure on fuel which we currently use to produce the electricity. [It
would also] allow us to improve our carbon footprint in that we would be
saving all of those gases which we emit when we are using the fossil
fuels and will allow us individually and as a country to save money," he
The Minister described the programme as one of importance to Nevis
as the island continued to develop it's clean and green energy under the
watchful eye of the international community.

How is Your Self Esteem?

Self esteem is the foundation of our self confidence and self
motivation. Self esteem is how we feel about ourselves at any given
moment. Most of us have been taught to base and build our self esteem
on the wrong foundations. We build it on something external instead of
something internal. We often tie it
to our positions and pay, our possessions and by how much regard
we receive from others. This is why it seems we seldom meet people with
rock solid self esteem. Most of us leamn how to disguise our fragile self
Very briefly we look at the following seven insights related to self
esteem which are intended to help us check and evaluate our own levels
of individual self esteem.
Insight 1: You are Unique
We are each unique human beings, with unique histories, patterns of
thinking and personalities. There is no duplication in humanity. One of
the deepest habits learnt from early childhood is to compare ourselves
with others. We forget that we cannot be like any other person. This
habit of comparison and
imitation is one of the greatest killers of self esteem. It stops us from
everbeginning to know ourselves. So the first and most important step
in building our self esteem is to break the habit of comparison and to
stop unconsciously
trying to be like someone else.
Insight 2: You are Already Beautiful
We are all already beautiful and always have been. However we do
not know this beauty, for it is hidden deep within, and we are not taught
to go deep inside ourselves and see it, feel it and express it. Inner beauty
is made up of the innate qualities of spirit, and these qualities are always
found in the heart of our
consciousness, not the heart of the body. When we don't regard
ourselves as spiritual beings and only think of ourselves as physical
bodies, we try to find beauty outside ourselves but this does not lead to
high self esteem.
The rebuilding of 'real' self esteem is therefore an inner process of
self realization, self knowledge and self awareness. We need to spend
sometime seeing our own inner qualities and appreciating them, and
most importantly expressing them for the benefit of others. In this way

Nfanipura and Studio Caribe Tl'team up to beautify Barbados
BRIDGETOWN, Barbados(April20, 2010) -Tivomembers ofthe familyofthenewvlylaunched
Barbados Enirepreneurs' 'enture Capital(BE1'C) Fluidare aiming tohamess the creative expression
of primary school students and to beautify their community. .
The Workuman s Primary School projects a beautification progranmme which \\ill improve the

The Labour Spokesman


Minister responsible for Public
L'tilities and Natural Resources
on Nevis Hon. Carlisle Powell

"I think the rest of the
Caribbean is looking on and the
rest of the world continues to look
on and recognize that Nevis is
moving forward in avery measured
way interms of our sustainable
energy programme," he said.
During the Budget Address
the Premier also pointed to the
geothermal and wind energy
projects, when completed, would
allow Nevis to become the leading
clean and green economy in the
He said the island would
experience energy security which
would provide a platform for
multiple opportunities for local and
foreign direct investments.

we gaduallu cme to know our

Insight 3: Public Opinion
The strength of your self
esteem is always being tested. You
will know how strong and stable
your self-esteem is when someone
eniticizes you, or you hear what
someone has been saying about
you behind your back. If you are
in any way affected, i.e. if you react
in any way, it means your self
esteem is fragile. You are
creating and feeling the
emotion of 'hurt',and vou will be
thinking you have been insulted
and experience a disturbance
because most of us are taught to
base our self esteem upon the
opinion of others. We forget that
the feeling of being insulted and
upset is a choice, not an
inevitability. It is a habit to react in
a negative, emotional way. It
doesn't matter what anyone says
or thinks about you, as long as
you think
well of yourself, then you will
not lose your inner stability, your
cool, your inner peace, your power
and your ability to respond
positively. Everyone is entitled to
an opinion. You know who you are-
you know your own intrinsic
qualities...don't you ,or are you
dependent on the opinion of
(To be continued)
Meditation Centre:
Tel. 466 2550 or 661 0933

physical environment ofthe St. George-based
rural primary school. The project is not only
concerned with beautifying the physical
strtictures ofthe school but promises to inspire
students, parents and teachers as vell as unite
the conmumity
A student proudly displays some images
created in collaboration ivitl artist Anna lee


This is to advise the public and all entities
that the Cockleshell IBay Lands which is
located at the Southeast Peninsula, Parish of
St. George, in the Island of St. Christopher is
hereby private property and under
development and any persons) or entities
having any materials, vehicles, animals,
equipment of any sorts, to be removed
immediately or they will be discarded. No
persons) or entities shall enter the
Cockleshell B~ay Lands without permission
from the owner and its affiliates.

Please forward any inquiries to: Cockleshell
IBay Development Limnited, Sugar IBay
Complex, 2nd Floor, P.O. Box 2!35, Frigate
IBay, St. Kitts.

'The Weapons Effect'

How Guns Up Testosterone, Male

When discussing the causes of crime, an alternative to consider may
be the effect that the presence of guns in society has on levels of
aggression in young males. Here's wky:
A 2006 study published in Psychological Science, found an interesting
link between guns and levels of testosterone and aggression in males.
Psychologists at Knox College, Illinois, invited 30 college men, aged 18
to 22 years, to participate in the study.
The staff collected a saliva sample for testosterone testing. They led
each man into a room where he sat at a table with an obj ect on it. The man
had to take apart the object and put it back together according to
For half the men, the object was an automatic handgun. The other
half of the men worked with a child's game called Mouse Trap.
Fifteen minutes later, the men gave another saliva sample.
The Hot-Sauce Trick
Finally, the men were given a 3 -ounce cup of water and a bottle of red
hot sauce. They were told the water would be given to the next man in
the study, and that they could (anonymously) put as much red hot
sauce in the water as they liked.
This hot-sauce trick has been used before. The more aggressive a
man is feeling, the more hot sauce he tends to put in the next guy's drink.
Sure enough, testosterone went up about 100 times more in the men
who handled the gun than in the men who handled the children's toy.
And the gun handlers put three times more hot sauce in the water than
the tov handlers.
The more a man's testosterone went up after gun handling, the more
hot sauce he put in the water.
"Such findings raise many of the usual questions about whether the
presence of guns in society contributes to violent behaviour," the
psychologists conclude. "Although our study is clearly far from
definitive, its results suggest that guns may indeed increase
aggressiveness partially by changes in the hormone testosterone."
After debriefing, many of the men said they were disappointed that
the water they spiked with hot sauce, was not actually given to another
unsuspecting man.
Source: WebMD Health News: July 2006 issue of Psychological

Davis to beincorporated within the murals.
ArtistAnnalee Davis, the founder ofhianipuralInc. a enture Capital fundrecipient- offered
tojoin forces withthe students, principal and artteacherto assistinthebeautification process. "The
corrrent surroundings vere designed for functionality and are more like an institution than achild-
centred learning environment. I intend to help the students add colour, fun and creativitvto the area
by creating eightnutrals to replaced on exterior valls corresponding to each classroom,"said Davis.
"The images generated from the students in the work sessions will be incorporated within the
murals to ref lecttheir life experiences and their conmmunity," she added.
AlanipuralInc. is one ofthe five companies thatrecentlyreceived fundingfr-om BE'C. The
company manages two artistic brands Anna lee Davis, a contemporary body ofivork that looks at
universal issues through aCaribbean lens, and Manipura, commercial line
that celebrates the beauty of the Caribbean.
The culmination ofthe Workman's Primary School project will be a short film directed by
Sanna Allssopp of Studio Caribe TV (SCTV).

12 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAYk, APRIL 23RD 2010

ambassador Cruz de Jesus Bello congratulates Kittitian
Sonia Rosita Boddie who presented the history of the
independence of Venezuela. Looking on are Khyla
Browne who rendered a song at the celebrations and a
young I enezuelan 4nna Guevara.

Resident I enezuelan ambassador to St. Kitts and Kevis
Cruz de Jesus Bello delivers 200th anniversary v of
independence message. FFth him is embassy staff

translator FFlba James.

(Petrocaribe) are steps
being carried out to allow us
to advance towards higher
forms ofpolitical, economic,
cultural and social
integr ation to transform
Latin America and the
Caribbean in a large block
of development in this
challenge of building a
multi-polar world," said the
He explained that all this
is happening because after
200 years of independence,
the Bolivarian Republic of
Venezuela has a
Constitution, which
promotes participatory
democracy and the
inclusion of the
(previously) excluded and
gives rights to the
minorities, to make
Venezuela a territory of

Kittitian Sonia Rosita Boddie presents the history of I enezuela 's Independence.
peace and social justice, and seeks the integration of Latin America and the Caribbean.
At the celebrations, which were coordinated by Wilson Paulius, Kittitian Sonia Rosita
Boddie, who is fluent in Spanish, having studied in Mexico, presented the history of
Venezuela's independence. There were presentations by former Spanish students (Kittitians)
of the Venezuela Institute in Greenlands, and primary and high school Spanish language
students from Cayon.
The celebrations were attended by the Minister of Education and Information
Technology Nigel Carty, Cuban resident ambassador Jorge Payret Zubiaur, Chief Secretary
Joseph Edmeade, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth Empowerment Lloyd Lazar,
and the leadership of the St. Kitts and Nevis Trades and Labour Union led by President
Clifford Thomas.
In another development, Cuba's Resident Ambassador to St. Kitts and Nevis, Jorge
Payret Zubiaur, delivered to the Venezuelan Ambassador Cruz de Jesus Bello, a two-page
letter dated April 18, 20 10 signed by retired Cuban President, Fidel Castro Ruz, to Venezuelan
President, Hugo Chavez.
The letter, headed Reflections by Comrade Fidel and based on the brotherhood between
the Bolivarian Republic and Cuba, said in part: Nit esl at any time, has any government
done so much for its people in such a short time. I am especially delighted to send his
people warm congratulations upon the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the beginning
of the struggle for the independence of Venezuela and Latin America.
"As fate would have it, on April 19thwe are also celebrating the victory of the Revolution
over imperialism at the Bay of Pigs, exactly 48 years ago. We would like to share that victory
with the Homeland of Bolivar. I am also pleased to send a greeting to all our brothers and
sisters in ALBA."

ambassador Cruz de Jesus Bello posing with some of the persons who attended the
celebrations. He is shaking hands with Minister ,. .;J Carty. Cuban ambassador
Jorge Payret Zubiaur appears on extreme left.

ambassador Cruz de Jesus Bello cuts the independence cake with the assistance of
young I enezuelan 4nna Guevara. Next to them is another young I enezuelan Brandon
Caniacho and looking on are Venezuelans resident in St. Kitts.

T ;.. :-=-m Il"~''S~
ambassador Cruz de Jesus Bello leads in the toast for the Bolivarian Republic of

ALBA is the

realisation of a 200-

year-old dream,

says Venezuelan

Ambhassa dor

By: Peter Ngunjiri
BASSETERRE ST. KITTS (April 20, 2010) Resident
Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Dr
Cruz de Jesus Bello, is saying that the Energy Cooperation
Agreement with Venezuela (Petrocaribe) and more recently
the creation of the Community of Latin American and
Caribbean States (ALBA) is the realisation of Simon
Bolivar's dream 200 years ago.
Addressing guests on the lawns of the embassy at
Greenlands in Basseterre early Monday evening for the
celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of Venezuela's
independence (April 19, 1810), the ambassador said that
the government of President Hugo Chavez Friaz has
redefined the foreign and energy policies of his country to
bring about integration in Latin America and the Caribbean.
"This was the big dream of our liberator Simon Bolivar,
of Latin America and the Caribbean united as one big nation,"
said Ambassador de Jesus. "Simon Bolivar who liberated
Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador and created Bolivia,
said when we dream alone it is just a dream.
"But when we all dream together, it is the start of a reality
and that reality at the present is the big country of Latin
America and the Caribbean, the one that Bolivar dreamt and
the ideas in the letter that he wrote (La Carta de Letter from
- Jamaica in 1814)."
Based on the Declaration that was signed in Cancun on
March 23 this year by heads of state and government of
Latin America and the Caribbean nations and whose purpose
was to find political, economic and social integration, the
ambassador said that this now covers not only Venezuela,
but also includes countries like St. Kitts and Nevis, Cuba,
Brazil among others.
"The Bolivarian Alliance for the people of our America
(ALB A) and the Energy Cooperation Agreement

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 23RD 2010 13

have an opportunity of being part of St Maarten's carnival so with these
very low fares I am very confident that the public would take advantage
of this offer," he noted.
Outlining the new fares the VP of marketing said that fares from
Saba, St. Barth's and St. Eustatius would be US $75 roundtrip plus taxes.
For travelers from Nevis and Antigua it would cost them US$ 100.00 plus
taxes while travelers from Montserrat US$ 120.00 plus taxes.
However, Buncamper pointed out that rules for the promotions
includes that all fares are roundtrip only. He said that the promotion
regarding travel dates is valid from April 16 -May 3, 2010 while noting
that sales would be from April 15 May 3.
Regarding penalties, Buncamper said that monies paid are Non
Refundable adding that changes being made to tickets would result in a
US$ 25 fee and must be in same class or having to upgrade their ticket.
He further added that the special discounts for children and infants
would be applied and that seats are limited
In urging the public to take advantage of the new promotion,
Buncamper pointed out that it's an opportune time for the public to
come view the St Maarten's carnival stressing the need to use the
opportunity also to have a deserved vacation or excursion.
St Maarten's carnival is being celebrated under the theme "Sweet
Revelrv Again for Carnival 2010".

One 2007 White To-ota Fortuner Vehicle
in OXtellent condition.

For Inq~uiries Call:
1 -869-465-25 19Q Ext 107 or

used in medicine to recover
patients who are in a coma; from
here the hypertension and the
state of excitement which is
experienced after taking it, as if you
were in a drunken state.
5. The regular consumption of

Wi nair

an no an ces

Ca rna va I

fa reS
Winair in its continued effort
to play a more meaningful role in
aiding travels within the Caribbean
have announced a massive
According to Vice President of
Marketing, Claudio Buncamper
this promotion is once again
geared at providing some special
fares to patrons wanting to attend
the largest cultural festivity of St.
Maarten. He noted that these
special Carnival fares are in
celebrating St. Maarten 41st
carnival celebrations.
"As an airline company
serving several north eastern
Caribbean destinations, we feel it
very important in supporting our
destinations cultural events.
Buncamper said.
He pointed out that travelers
should make maximum use of the
fares noting that it provides them
with an excellent opportunity of
being part of the carnival
celebrations. "Travelers certainly

RED BULL triggers off symptoms
in the form of a series of
irreversible nervous and neuronal
CONCLUSION: It is a drinktbat
should be prohibited in the entire
world as when it is mixed with

alcohol it creates a TIME BOMB
for the human body, mainly
between innocent adolescents
and adults with little experience.
Forward this mail to Everyone and
Let them know about this..

FrHOOe DeHIrk aVe

banned it front the


RED BULL slow death ***
RED BULL slow death ...
RED BULL slow death ***
Do NOT drink this drink anymore!!
Pay attention; read it all
As a public health safety, please pass on this email to all the contacts
in your address book especially those with teenage children?
This drink is SOLD in all the supermarkets IN OUR country and our
children ARE CONSUMING IT ON A TRIAL BASIS, IT canbe mortal.
RED BULL was created to stimulate the brains in people who are
subjected to great plwsical force and in stress coma and never to be
consumed like an innocent drink or soda pop.
RED BULL IS the energizer DRINK that is commercialized world-
wide with its slogan: It increases endurance; awakens the concentration
capacity and the speed of reaction, offers more energy and improves the
mood. All this can be found in a can of RED BULL the power drink of
the millennium.
'RED BULL has managed to arrive at almost 100 countries worldwide.
The RED BULL logo is targeted at young people and sportsmen, two
attractive segments that have been captivated by the stimulus that the
drink provides.
It was created by Dietrich Mateschitz, an industrialist of Austrian
origin who discovered the drink by chance. It happened during a business
trip to Hong Kong when he was working at a factory that manufactured
The liquid, based on a formula that contained caffeine and taurine-
caused a rage in that country. Imagine the grand success of this drink in
Europe where the product still did not exist, besides it was a superb
opportunity to become an entrepreneur.
FRANCE and DENMARK have just prohibited it as a cocktail of
death, due to its vitamin components mixed with
GLUCURONOLACTONE', a highly dangerous chemical, which was
developed by the United States Department of Defense during the sixties
to stimulate the moral of the troops based in VIETNAM, which acted like
a hallucinogenic drug that calmed the stress of the war.
But their effects in the organism were so devastating, that it was
discontinued, because of the high index of cases of migraines, cerebral
tumors and diseases of the liver that was evident in the soldiers who
consumed it.
And in spite of it, in the can of RED BULL you can still find as one
of its components: GLUCURONOLACTONE, categorized medicalkyas a
stimulant. But what it does not say on the can of ,RED BULL are the
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series of WARNINGS:
1. It is dangerous to take it if you do not engage in plwsical exercise
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2. You run the risk of undergoing a cerebral hemorrhage, because
RED BULL contains components that dilute the blood so that the hear
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3. It is prohibited to mix RED BULL with alcohol, because the mixture
turns the drink into a Deadly Bomb that attacks the liver directly,
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4. One of the main components of RED BULL is the B12 vitamin,


Ap p ication s are i invited from sui ter Ij q/ ual~;1 i fi ie person

for the academic position of

Instructor in the Department of:

Anatomical Sciences

Ual ifications:
a) M minimum qualification of Master's deg ree i n d discipline or related
b) Some years of experience in teaching~ll? at the g raduate/professional
level a plus
c) Experience in dissecting human cadavers

Salary com mensu rate with qualifications and experience.

Letter of interest and CV to be sent by 7 May, 2010 to:

Fran k Wag ner Psy. D.
Special Projects
Un diversity of Medicine and Health Sciences
P. O. Box 1218

The Labour Spokesman

FRIDAY, APRIL 23RD 2010 Promotion runs March 24 to May 10, 2010. IME Terms and Conditions apply.

Mr. Maynard, Secretary of the National UNESCO Committee
p.. s.. `as' the UNESCO & Memory of the World certificate to Prime
Minister, Dr: Douglas. (Photos by Precious Mills)


.; .

Archivist of the National Archives, Mrs. Victoria O'Flaherty posing
with Mr. Maynard, Secretary of the National UNESCO Committee.

who spearheaded the project,
gave a brief overview saying that,
"St. Kitts is lucky to still have its
registry of slaves, some of the
Other islands in the region -
including the sister island of Nevis
- have lost theirs in fires and in

hurricanes and have had to rely
on the United Kingdom Archives
to give them access to the
information that is being held in
those registries".
11 \\ .l intense work but also a
great pleasure and honour made

Governor General, Sir Cuthbert Sebastian, perusing the registry
which contained the details of the slaves.
even sweeter by the fact that the said.
submission was accepted without
need for amendment," O'Flaherty (cont' d on page 18)






we bsite

launch and



ation held
By Melissa Amsterdam
The National Archives here on
St. Kitts on Tuesday 20th, held the
launch of the UNESCO sponsored
Basseterre past and present
website along with a presentation
of the Memory of the World
Certificate at the ICT Centre
located at the Paul Southwell
Industrial Park, Ponds Pasture,
The launch ceremony was
attended by Governor General, Sir
Cuthbert Sebastian; Prime
Minister, Dr. the Hon. Denzil
Douglas, Minister of Education,
Hon. Nigel Carty; Secretary General
ofthe localUNESCO Committee,
Antonio Maynard and
representatives of cultural
institutions and other invited
guests and students.
Mrs. Victoria O'Flaherty,
Director of the National Archives,

The Labour Spokesman


(cont'd from pagel1)

St. Kitts Is On Sale From New

York With American Airlines
**~ Fly Non-Stop, for Less from JFK from Now Through
July 31 **
Basseterre, St. Kitts (April 19, 2010) The St. Kitts Tourism Authority is pleased to
announced that American Airlines is offering two low fares on its non-stop flights to St.
Kitts from New York's JFK airport, perfect for travelers visiting the island to attend a series
of high-profile events.
For travel between May 1 and July 3 1, 2010, a $300 round trip fare is available (book by
May 7, 2010: 14 day advance purchase required).* Or, fly from New York to St. Kitts for just
$389 round trip between now and June 7, 2010 (book by April 21, 2010: 7-day advance
purchase required).** Fares are valid on Wednesdays and Sundays only and a 2-day
minimum stay is required. Applicable taxes and other fees are not included; additional
restrictions and charges may apply.***
"These two fare sales are ideally timed to help drive travel to St. Kitts from our top US
geographic market," said Rosecita Jeffers, CEO of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority.
"Particularly in this modestly recovering US economy, the fare sale may provide the final
impetus travelers need to book their vacations to St. Kitts for our upcoming celebrity golf
event, highly anticipated international cricket matches and 14th annual Music Festival,
which add value to the overall destination experience."
American Airlines flies non-stop to St. Kitts from JFK on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Flight AA2051 departs JFK at 7:50am and arrives into St. Kitts' Robert L. Bradshaw
International Airport at 12:30pm. Return flight AA2016 departs St. Kitts at 1:40pm and
arrives into JFK at 6:20pm. Flights are listed in local time.
For more information about American Airlines or to make flight reservations, visit or call 1-800-43 3-73 00 toll-free from the US and Canada.

(Photos courtesy of the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan in St. Kitts)
an Embassy in Taiwan in 2007, when Ms. Huggins was appointed Charge D'Affaires.
Several students from St. Kitts and Nevis are studying at universities in Taiwan, but
Ambassador Huggins said one of her aims is to expand this area of cooperation between
Taiwan and St. Kitts and Nevis.
"I shall endeavour to vigorously pursue the educational opportunities that exist in the
Republic of China for the youths of the federation wishing to further their studies," she
"Our people-to-people exchanges, whether political, cultural or educational, can only
serve to foster understanding, engender respect and build lasting relationships that would
serve us in good stead in years to come," said Ambassador Huggins.
Another of the ambassador's stated priorities is to promote her country as a competitive
market for investment opportunities in areas such as tourism, light manufacturing, information

Stec Kto s a evi 1 .assador to Taiwan, Her Excellency Jasmine Huggins (left) and
President of the Republic of China on Taiwan, His Excellency Ma Ying-jeou after in
discussions after she presented her credentials.

;;;--I-- **

Photo: 4n 4merican airlines aircraft taking offfroinSt Kitts'Robert L. Brad'shan,
International airport (Photo by Erasmus [ Flliains)


Ir1''''I 1 LPYI,
.I t~a-
'1 r 9 6 II
r~ I
g r~l C

'' 4

~ I n k-r rl
I ,.,,
dr u


ice WORLD ~iz





sa~8~ertl raa3 ~ ~ii~i~~
,i,, ii

Grrm ~Con inn yml

The Labour Spokesman


national economy and achieve better results, not only by the opportunity
to capture increased sales, but also to acquire a greater share of the
domestic market for fish.
Our fishing industiv provides several job opportunities for persons
in both urban and rural areas, and has the potential for very good income
generation in well co-ordinated efforts and activities by fishers.
In fact, it is my earnest belief that we are at a critical juncture where
we must launch a new frontier of economic development, through the
judicious and proper use of what I wish to refer to as "marine-care".
It will only be through a careful process of conservation, protection,
management, development and utilisation of our marine resources and
ecosystems that we will achieve meaningful marine-care.
My Ministry recognizes the immense importance of the fishing
industry in national development. To this end, the Ministiv will undertake
the following initiatives:
Urgently and actively encourage our fishers to lease and utilise the
new multipurpose vessel, which has been provided with the assistance
of the Govemnment of the Republic of China on Taiwan.
Work even more assiduously on acquiring the second multipurpose
vessel to continuously provide local fishers with the experience of
operating such vessels.
Improve the operations of the fisheries complexes in both Basseterre
and Old Road to have them better satisfy the needs of fishers,
householders, restaurateurs and other food vendors.
Develop, and obtain Government's approval for, a wider package of
incentives, both fiscal and technical, that will stimulate the transformation
of the fishing businesses.
Require compliance with marine zoning decisions to ensure adequate
protection of living, non-living, cultural, and/or historical resources
Develop activities for the celebration of World Fisheries Day on
November 21 to highlight the importance of fisheries and fishers in our
Encourage and assist the formation of fishers' cooperatives, and in
particular the establishment of a national fisher-folk organisation, that
will serve as the umbrella body for fishers' cooperatives in both Nevis
and St Kitts. I recognize the excellent work of Mr Ralph Wilkin of the
Fisheries Department and Mr Clyde Thompson of the Department of
Cooperatives in nurturing the establishment of NFOs.
Promote and encourage the expansion of aquaculture in St Kitts and
Nevis as a natural complement to traditional sea based fishing. In this
regard entities like Snapper deserve ongoing support and assistance.
Challenges facing the Fishing Industry
The enormity of the challenges which confronts the fishing industry
is stupendous. We are duty bound to face these challenges. Fishers
have complained about the high costs of fishing boats, outboard motors
and the need for greater support in terms of incentives and concessions
from the government. The government is committed to give its fullest
Beyond these challenges which stalk our fishers at their individual
levels there are macro level challenges which are sectorwide and national
in their dimension, impact and scope. These include interalia:
Efforts to conserve marine species and ecosystems.
Decline in the fish population that has been caused by years of
overfishing thereby posing a threat to food security and inhibiting the
development of the local fishing industry.
The need to supplement the existing fleet of artisanal type fishing
vessels, which operate in close-to-shore areas as day-boats, with a few
industrial type vessels that are larger and can target fish in areas
inaccessible to the artisanal fleet.
Availability at business places of a wider array of fishing supplies
and gear. Often, fishers experience difficulty in obtaining some items
when required. We have to ensure that there is a consistent supply of
flares,1life vests, fish scalers, fish line, claw hooks, etc.
The Response from this Forum
I said earlier on that our coming together here today is a watershed
experience. If ever we needed to make bold and binding decisions, it is
here and now. Accordingly, as the Minister with responsibility for Marine
Resources and I hope we can find some pearls in the ocean, I mandate
that, in the final session of today s proceedings, you must properly craft
the way forward for this our new approach at revitalising and repositioming
our fishing industry.
In doing so, I have already given directions to have a plan of action
developed at this session by incorporating all of the views and
suggestions that will emanate therefrom.
It is my profoundest belief that the people of St Kitts and Nevis have
arrived at a time when we must appreciate the necessity of 'now because
time is of the essence, and we need to make a reality of the hope of
having a vibrant and robust fishing industry.
We must soar from underachievement to real success, because now
is the time to haul up our fishing industry from marginalisation to
prominence, for the benefit of ourselves and posterity.

Thank you and may God bless us all!

I am pleased to welcome everyone to this historic occasion of the
First Annual St Kitts-Nevis National Fisheries Forum, which can truly
be described as a watershed in the annals of our fishing endeavours. It
is indeed a great honour to have everyone here today, as we earnestly
seek to bring together the stakeholders of the fishing industry in our
proud Federation.
Recognition of Participants
I am particularly pleased and heartened to recognize that this forum,
this colloquium if you will, is truly national in scope, with the participation
of fishers from both islands of Nevis and St Kitts. It is certainly worth
of our tremendous applause.
Special mention must be made of the hardworking Staff of the
Fisheries Department of this Ministiv, who continues to render highly
invaluable service to the countiv. I wish to compliment them for their
excellent efforts in ensuring that today's activities are so very well
executed. Let us give them a resounding round of applause.
Also wish to congratulate the staff at the ministiv level for their
contribution to the hosting of this inaugural event, which will be repeated
and improved upon in future years. Please give them a resounding round
of applause, also.
Special mention must also be made of all of our facilitators and other
participants, including those from overseas, who have made their
presence here a priority. Although Mr Lee Graham is unable to be with
us today, I know that he is a most ardent supporter and advocate of
fishing matters, who wishes this Forum well. On behalf of this Forum I
extend our best wishes for his complete recovery from illness.
This is the first coming together of stakeholders since the portfolio
of Marine Resources was created. The Marine Resources Department's
realm of duty will ensure that the conservation, protection, management,
development and utilisation of all marine resources and ecosystems, of
St Kitts and Nevis, are conducted in an orderly and sustainable manner.
This duty covers the operations of fisheries, but as we all observe, goes
beyond this subject.
The vision of our fishing fraternity, which includes the Govemnment'
must be to remain fixed on the rapid progress which we need to make, if
this country is to bring its fishing industry to a level that is dictated by
prevailing scientific and technological advancements, and that is
consistent and congruous with internationally accepted standards and
best practices.
Perspective on Fishing Industry
Fishing is a time tested and time proven industry which has been
with the human race ever since the creation of the world. When the
Good Lord made the sea and all that are therein, He obviously envisaged
the fundamental importance of fish as a great source of food and nutrition,
and of fishing as a significant means of commerce, trade, navigation and
Our own people in this countiv have been fishing for centuries, as
we are very blessed with an abundance of sea space all around us. Truth
be told, we have manifold more sea space than we do land space. Some
of our fishers are engaged in commercial fishing while others are involved
in the recreational aspect. At the same time, the dynamics of the industO'
continue to change, and present new challenges to the several players
who constitute this highly critical sector of our national community.
Equally, these dynamics are of importance to our general population
who are constantly yearning for locally caught fish.
It is against the background of the relevance and importance of the
fishing industry, coupled with the mandate of the Marine Resources
Department, that we are enjoined here today to have a national forum on
the prevailing status of our fisheries. In so doing, we will also chart a
course forward in which the industry in St Kitts and Nevis should
navigate, in order to achieve industry wide integration and maximization
of resources for sustainable growth and development.
Significance of this Forum
Today's Forum represents a sharp and abrupt turning point in the
management of the fishing industry. And by management, I am not just
referring to its regulation by the Marine Resources Department, but
rather to a collective, holistic and comprehensive approachby all parties.
working in tandem, to ensure and secure a vibrant and robust future for
the fishing industry in St Kitts and Nevis.
That bright future, of which I speak, must begin from today. Over the
years, as people, we have invested much time, energy, effort and money
with a view to see substantial and meaningful improvement in the fate of
our fishing industry.
While we can point to some gains that have been achieved, I am
obliged to submit, and am sure we all will admit, that some of our
anticipated goals have not materialised to date.
These goals include national sufficiency in fish yield, affordable fish

prices to domestic purchasers,
utmost utilization of the fisheries
complexes as the primary
marketplaces for fish and the
provision of deep sea fishing
vessels to fishers for actual
commercial operations.
However, we must never be
daunted. This Forum provides the
opportunity and environment in
which we must redouble our
efforts and recommit ourselves to
surmount the obstacles and
setbacks that we have hitherto
Post Forum Action Plan
Within two weeks of this
consultative process, my Ministiv
will, in conjunction with a cross
section of our stakeholders,
reorganize our work plan for the
remaining eight months of the
vear. This plan will identify areas
to be addressed; actions to be
taken; committees to take these
actions; the required physical,
technical and financial resources;
and the timeframes in which these
actions will be executed.
From the month of May 2010,
we will work the plan through the
identified committees, which will
be charged with the responsibility
of providing helpful and timely
reports to a small oversight team
for evaluation and/ or approval
and/or directions.
The oversight team will in a
timely manner arrange meetings
with relevant stakeholders and
appropriate committees to update
all parties on definitive positions
and decisions.
By early January next year, all
of the foregoing actions will be
consolidated into a single printed
report which will be distributed to
stakeholders at least one week in
advance of the 2011 Forum.
Importance of the Fishing
The social and economic
development of our Federation,
over the last several years, has
substantially increased the
demand for t'ish by our citizens,
residents and visitors alike.
This demand has created
avenues for the local fishing
industry to improve its operations,
play a more important role in the


Address delivered by Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, Senior Minister and
Minister of International Trade, Industry, Commerce, Consumer
Affairs, Agriculture, Marine Resources, and Constituency

Empowerment at the First St Kitts and Nevis National FisherieS
Forum held at the NEMA Building, on Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 23RD 2010 17

Georgetown, Grand Cayman, April 13, 2010: The dust has hardly
settled at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex in Grand Cayman following
the successful hosting of the 39th CARIFTA Track & Field games for
2010 yet already there's a buzz in the air about next year's event.
And much of the talk has centred onthe historic partnership between
LIME and the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) which resulted in
the Games being televised "live" for the first time in its 3 9-year history,
providing track and field fans across the region with a "front row" seat.
Lime also provided "live" streaming coverage via the web to thousands
of viewers across the world.
LIME, the region's only full service communications company, was
the Presenting Sponsor of the meet for the first time and, without doubt,
dramatically changed the experience of these Games.
While CARIFTA has always been the platform from which many of
our greatest athletes have emerged, it has been a low-key affair that
generally is only experienced by the country hosting the Games each
year. As this year's Presenting Sponsor, LIME brought a totally new
dimension to Games using its multi-media channels to bring an entirely
new level of visibility to the Games.
The live television broadcast of the games was seen in 26 Caribbean
countries through the partnership with CMC and their affiliate stations.
In addition, the live streaming of coverage on LIME's website attracted
more than 55,000 visitors from 32 countries including viewers as far
away as Sydney, Australia. The streaming also proved to be a hit with
LIME customers and Caribbean nationals throughout the Diaspora
including the US, Canada and UK markets.
LIME also had an on-the-spot correspondent Terry Finesterre who
provided regular updates on the action from Carman via popular social
networking sites including Facebook and Twitter.
Chris Dehring, LIME's Chief Marketing Officer said "CARIFTA 20 10
was a fantastic display of the Caribbean's enormous talent and LIME
helped to position the Games in their rightful place as the Region's
premier athletic event."
LIME invested just over US$300,000 in its sponsorship of the Games
providing support for various aspects of the meet including the
impressive branding of the stadium and the overall promotion of the
LIME also launched "REPRESENT" a Caribbean wide advertising
and promotion campaign which gave schools across the region the
chance to win a $5000 Sports package for their school as well as a visit
from international sprinting sensation and former 100m world record
holder, Asafa Powell.
LIME also helped athletic associations in nine of the countries where
it operates to send teams to the Games by providing financing to offset
the cost of travel and uniforms.
Building on the success of this year's CARIFTA Games LIME is
looking forward to being part of CARIFTA 2011 which will mark the 40th
anniversary of the popular event.

professor at the University of
Maryland, whose focus is on the
management of water resources
and the impact of climate change
on water systems. Each of these
scientists are leaders in energy and
climate, and their research and
advocacy will give you an extra
added benefit if you take
advantage of them. And I urge
every country to nominate your
own science fellows to facilitate
greater learning and discovery "
said the United States Secretary
of State.
Mrs. Clinton said the United
States will also promote the use of
shale gas. "I know that in some
places is controversial. But natural
gas is the cleanest fossil fuel

rn OA

available for power generation
today, and a number of countries
in the Americas may have shale gas
resources. If developed, shale gas
could make an important
contribution to our region's
energy supphy just as it does now
for the United States. And the
geologists at the U.S. Geological
Survey are ready to work with
partners to explore this potential.
And we want to do it in a way that
is as environmentally respectful as
possible. So there are some best
practices that we would be more
than willing to share, and as
countries develop the legislation
or regulation necessary for this
industry, to make sure it gets off
on the best foot," she said.

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 15-
20 10 (SKNIS) : Coordinator of Early
Childhood Mrs. Vanta Walters
says a strategy is in place for the
advancement of the unit's day care
programme as the Federation
seeks to maintain its high ranking
in the region.
The Coordinator told SKNIS
that supervisors from Government
owned centres throughout St.
Kitts and Nevis attended a meeting
on April 13th to carry out an
assessment of key programme
areas including the High Scope
Curriculum, the Education White
Paper and the Early Childhood
Environment Rating Scale Report
She added that this was
toward the overall improvement in
the execution of supervisors
responsibilities in their respective
The High Scope Syllabus was
discussed in light of recent
training unde rtake n by

ECERS survey was carried out with
technical and financial assistance
Additionally plans for the
upcoming Child Month
Celebration 2010 were among
agenda items. Although Mrs.
Walters did not reveal the theme
of the June observance, she said
that similar to those of the past it
wouldbe relevant to children's and
societal issues.
The Early Childhood Strategy
for the implementation of the
Education White Paper was
reinforced at the meeting and
copies of the relevant sections
were distributed for further study
in preparation for its full
The coordinator disclosed that
a similar meeting would be
convened with the supervisors of
privately owned centres to
discuss the Education White
Paper, ECERS and the High Scope
Curriculum later this year.

supervisors. They were asked to
indicate ways in which the
curriculum had changed the
delivery of care in their centres as
well as how the children have
responded. Plans were put in place
to address any weak areas that
were identified in the
implementation of the High Scope
St rate gy and to ensure that
supervisors had a good grasp of
the curriculum.
Mrs. Walters revealed that the
Federation has been the region's
leading child care provider for
decades, with Islands such as
Antigua, Dominica and Grenada
currently using St. Kitts and Nevis
as a model in the implementation
of their respective early childhood
According to Mrs. Walters, the
results of a 2007 survey on the
Quality of the Early Childhood
Environment in St. Kitts and Nevis
were discussed with a view to
addressing weaknesses. The

the environment and they're bad
for your health. And there are low-
cost solutions some very
advanced cooking stoves that are
cost-effective and can eliminate
many of those issues. The U.S.
Government is working with
private sector companies and
NGOs to encourage the
development of low-cost, more
efficient, affordable cook stoves,"-
Mrs. Clinton stated.
She also disclosed that the
United States has named three of
its top scientists to serve as ECPA
fellows, and they will be available
to Caribbean and Latin American
nations as consultants and
advisors or educators.
"Ourfirstis Dr. DanielKammen,
a professor of energy at the
University of California at Berkeler,
who also serves as the founding
director of the Renewable and
Appropriate Energy Laboratory
the co-director of the Berkeley
Institute of the Environment, and
the director of the Transportation
Sustainability Research Center.
He's a very busy person. And he
was the coordinating lead author
for thelIntergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change, which won the
Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.
Our second fellow is Dr. Ruth
DeFries, professor of sustainable
development at Columbia
University, whose research
explores the consequences of
human behaviour on climate,
biodiversity, habitats, and
ecosystems. She's also an expert
on tropical deforestation and its
impact on carbon emissions. So
please take advantage of Dr.
And third is Dr. Gerry
Galloway, an engineering

Photo: United States Secretary of State, Hon. Hilary Clinton
addressing Caribbean and Latin 4merican Ministers of Energy in
Washington, D.C. on Thursday.

Early Childhood Supervisors Set Stage

For Impressive Term

U. S. Pea ce Co rps

vol un tee rs to be t ra ined in

renewable energy
States Peace Corps volunteers are to be trained in renewable energy and
energy efficiency.
This has been disclosed by United States Secretary of State, the
Hon. Hilary Clinton.
Addressing an Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA)
Ministerial Meeting in Washington, D.C. attended by St. Kitts and Nevis
Minister responsible for Energy, the Hon. Dr. Earl Asim Martin on
Thursday, Mrs Clinton said the United States will work through the
Peace Corps to advance renewable energy efforts.
"More than 2,000 Peace Corps volunteers serve in this hemisphere.
From now on, many of them will be trained in renewable energy and
energy efficiency and will share their training with communities and help
implement those practices. They'llwork with microfinance institutions
and small businesses to provide financing for renewable energy projects
so people can power their homes and towns without relying exclusively
on generators fueled by oil or open cooking fires," Mrs. Clinton said.
She noted that cooking fires are one of the biggest sources of carbon
across the world and produce the problems of all kinds of bad health,
especially for children.
"The issue that we have to confront is how cooking fires are bad for

Moffett were topics which were
used as tools to further educate
the attendees.
The week's events continued
with a dinner at the Ocean Terrace
Inn (OTI) and a movie night
tonight (Friday) for members of the
association and community
project at the Cardin Home where
gift baskets will be distributed on
Saturday April 24th.
The activities will conclude on
Monday April 27th, with the
hosting of a half-day seminar for
students called "Charting a Career
Path" at the NEMA Conference
Room, hosted by members of the

traditional way," Maynard
While describing the apt use
of the website Maynard noted
that, "Students as well as the
general public would be able to
leamn about their own history via
this website. More of the world's
cultural and educational resources
are being produced, distributed
and accessed in digital form rather
than on paper".
He stated that the main goal is
to have the city of Basseterre
inscribed on UNESCO's World
Heritage List, second in this
Federation to Brimstone Hill
National Park and Fortress.
This, Maynard explained is the
next step in packaging the
Federation as a culturally rich
tourist destination".
Also speaking at the ceremony
was the Minister of Education,
Hon. Nigel Carty, who launched the
He commented that "Although
the history of our Federation is
short, it is a very proud one". He
also thought it important to recall
how our people came here.
"I am pleased that the
UNESCO Commission has played
an important role in establishing
the website of Basseterre's past
and present," he disclosed, "in my
view it will become an important
education and information tool for
a wide range of users here in the
Federation and abroad".
Minister Carty commended
Mrs. O'Flaherty and her team for
the extensive and invaluable effort
exerted while making the project a
He added that he considered it
to be a start of many other good
tlungs coming from the archives.
"It is my hope that teachers
will integrate the information being
presented in their studies in our
schools," he concluded.
A certificate from the
UNESCO's Memory of the World
- validating the inscription -was
presented to the Prime Ministerby
Mr. Maynard, Secretary of the
National UNESCO Committee.
The exciting and culturally
vibrant website can be accessed
at It
was developed by eCaribbean,
based right here in St. Kitts.

18 31~r-

Ad min ist ra tive

PrOfeSSIonals observe

Week of Activities

By Melissa Amsterdam
The National Association of Administrative Professionals of St. Kitts
and Nevis (NAAP) is currently observing a Week of Activities that was
officially opened by the Minister of Health and Gender Affairs, Hon.
Marcella Liburd, with an address on ZIZ Radio on Sunday 18th, under
the theme: "Administrative Professionals Surviving the Challenges".
Minister Liburd said that the St. Kitts Chapter of the NAAP 'joins its
regional and international partner associations in celebration of
Administrative Professionals week".
"Administrative Professionals including other administrative support
staff are pivotal to every work place whether private or public. No work
place can be successfully run without Administrative Professionals,"
she said.
Minister Liburd acknowledged that as the public and private sectors
grapple with the effects of the global financial crisis Administrative
Professionals have accepted expanding and wide ranging responsibilities
as part of structural adjustments within their organizations.
The Minister said that the celebration of Week of Activities "presents
an annual opportunity for employers and other stake holders in the
various organizations to recognize the invaluable contributions that
Administrative Professionals make to the enhancement of efficiency in
the work place.
"Let us give serious consideration to the challenges faced by these
professionals. As women in the work force they face the perennial gender
bias that view women as unprepared for leadership," she said concerning
some of the challenges that willbe highlighted during the observance of
this week.
President of the National Association of Administrative Professionals
of St. Kitts and Nevis, Cyndie Demming, explained that the week of
activities are celebrated internationally annually, in the last week of April,
and the Wednesday of the week was observed as Administrative
Professionals Day.
"The day recognizes Administrative Professionals for their hard work
and for their achievements over the years," she stated.
As the President of the Association, Demming said that
Administrative Professionals encounter a variety of problems in their
"Administrative Professionals are not recognized as professionals,
like persons such as accountants, teachers or nurses. The pay scale is
low, because we perform a multiplicity of jobs the pay scale should be
higher," Demming divulged while naming a few of the challenges
experienced by Administrative personnel.

The Labour Spokesman


"We are the single most
important person in any office
setting," she said, "we are the
ones who actually manage the
executives and what happens in
the office on daily basis.
Demming said that the face of
every organization is the
Administrative Professional, they
are the first people anyone comes
in contact with when entering an
organization she explained.
Although the profession is
dominated by more females than
males, Demming extended an
invitation for more males to think
about it as a career.
The Week of Activities was
very extensive. It started with a

church service at the New Birth
Gospel Tabemnacle in Cayon on
Sunday 18th and continued with
an interview on ZIZ's television
programme, Upfront.
The week's activities was
highlighted with a significant one
day seminar held at the St. Kitts
Marriott Resort, held on
Wednesday 21st, which was
attended by 55 Administrative
Demming said that the seminar
was a total success and important
topics such as Protocol presented
by lawyer Tapley Seaton, QC:
Time Management presented by
Analdo Bailey; and Leadership
Training presented by Dr. Jennifer

"History and some of the
record connected to them will be
online for students to use in the
hope of encouraging research in
local history," she said, adding
that, "we hope that we can also
get the attention of the adults who
might not have had the
opportunity to learn Kittitian
history in school. We have made a
start in making it available to
anyone wanting to read it when
ever and where ever they may be".
Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr.
Denzil Douglas elaborated on the
importance of the registry's
inscription and the creation of a
historical and cultural website.
He said, "The registry will be
of great value for persons doing
historical research. These
important records help to
formulate the picture of the social
economic activities of the period
"I must commend the Director
of the National Archives, Mrs.
Victoria O Flaherty and her team
for the very diligent work done on
preparing the project for
submission to the Memory of the
World programme. With verylittle
resources they have done a lot of
work and have achieved for us so
much that it will now be
documented in the annals of
history," Prime Minister Douglas
The Prime Minister believes
that "Such research can help our
people to appreciate the struggles
of the past slavery, colonialism
and independence and how it
has shaped us as a proud people
of today".
"TI ere is much need to further
expand the teaching of history in
our schools from the primary
level," he suggested, "so that our
young people can make better
connections between the past and
Presenting a message on
behalf of UNESCO was Mr.
Antonio Maynard, who expressed
his pleasure at being a part of the
symbolic ceremony.
"The launching of the website
which is being positioned as an
educational and tourism tool is
just another example of delivering
education to students in a non-


Arch ives



(cont' d from page 14)
The Archivist explained that
the registry is a compilation of
records from the period 1817-1834
and holds the names of up to 20,
000 enslaved persons who made
up the bulk of the population at
that time.
In 1817 when the first register
was compiled it was the first time
that the enslaved population of St.
Kitts was completely documented.
The creation of the registry, was a
way to record the names of slaves
while preventing them from being
illegally smuggled during the
period in which the slave trade was
abolished in the English colonies.
The records listed the name,
age, gender, colour, place of birth.
occupation, and name of the
enslaver of the slaves that were
The project was proposed
when, "Other National Archives in
the region recognized the value of
the series of registers and
submitted a proposal to the
Regional Memory of the World
committee. Alexander Cummings
of the Barbados Museum and
Elizabeth Watson of UWI
contacted the archives that still
had re gisters to obtain their
support for the proposal,"
O'Flaherty disclosed.
"In recent years the Memor
of the World listings has become
a magnet for tourists interested in
the heritage aspect of their travel,
I hope that will also be the case
with our listing," she stated.
O'Flaherty then mentioned the
reason for creating the Basseterre
past and present website, which
she said was started purely
because of its educational value.
She said that it was a fact that
many people do not know
that the Federation has
historical records; hence the task
was set to make the information
readily available in a way that was

By: Jean ThomaS

C ARIWA is fo rty years

The Caribbean Women's Association (CARIWA) is celebrating its
fortieth year of existence. But what is CARIWA? It is a regional
organization that embodies and incorporates the English speaking women
in the Caribbean from as far north as Jamaica to Guyana in the south.
CARIWA gets its strength from the non-govemnmental women's
organizations in the respective countries. Its objectives to name a few
are given: to create and foster alliance and linkages among Women's
Organizations at the local, regional and international levels; to collaborate
with other National, Regional and Intemnational Organizations and
agencies concerned with Human Rights and the status of Women and
Girls: to monitor the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination
of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and related
Regional and Intemnational instruments.
This Biennial Conference is being held in Dominica from the 25 April
to 28 April 2010. The challenges which the Caribbean Women faced
forty years ago are completely different today. It is with this in mind that
the chosen theme for this conference is "Caribbean Women taking on
the Global Economic Challenge for Families and Community."
We are now faced with problems that affect our economies and we
must find ways to overcome the economic hurdles: we are faced with
HIV/Aids and the need to continually inform and educate our youths on
this topic since many believe that it cannot happen to them; and one of
the other major problems is the senseless loss of lives of our young men
and women taken through gun violence.

IICA thankful for opportunity to

assist Nevis Agro-processors
CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (APRIL 22, 2010) The Inter-American Institute of Cooperation on Agriculture
(IICA) St. Kitts/Nevis office registered gratitude to the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) for what an official
said was the opportunity the organisation was given, to contribute to the development of the Agro-processing
Sector on Nevis.
Assistant Executive Secretary Mrs. Ingrid Greene-Mills told those gathered at the official opening ceremony
to commission the Nevis Agro Processing Centre at Prospect on Tuesday that the assistance was in line with
the Administration's efforts to enhance its diversification plans and its efforts to add value to the various
crops produced locally on the island.
She described the path which culminated in the lab's official opening as long and winding. The IICA
Official also pointed to the Organisation's assistance with accessing approximately EC$13 5,000.00. in grant
funds for the Nevis Agro Processors Cooperative.
According to Mrs. Greene-Mills, in 2001 IICA commenced a consultative process towards the development
of a National Agenda for the period 2002-06. One of the areas identified was the development of agro processing,
since it had been a long tradition for many Nevisians especially during the months of August and September.
"The Institute wanted to ensure that this task was approached in a methodical manner and as a preliminary
action it set about conducting an assessment of the Agro Processing Industry on Nevis. The assessment was
undertaken by Dr. Bob Bates and Dr. Mike Talbot from the University of Gainesville in the United States.
"Three of their recommendations which stood out were that the highest priority need was for training in
food safety and preservation: that IICA in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture on Nevis should
encourage and assist local processors in the formation of a cooperative to serve as the focal point for a small
processing industry and that the feasibility of establishing a community processing facility could be explored.
The facility would spread the cost of equipment, containers and utilities over many users," she said.
In its quest to realise the recommendations, Mrs Greene-Mills explained that IICA undertook several
strategic actions. Among them were two four-day workshops conducted by Ms. Judith Ann Francis, IIC's
Specialist in technology based in Trinidad.
The first workshop was devoted to theoretical areas which included the principles and practises of food
processing, presentation and labelling, good manufacturing practices, the use of food preservatives, small
scale equipment and the need for standard.
The second was used for practical training. On completion of that workshop the participants were able to
utilise the new information to produce better quality controlled products such as chips, jams, jellies, hot
sauce, mango chutney and chicken ham.
The formation of the Nevis Agro Processors Cooperative was actively undertaken by the Department of
Mrs Greene-Mills outlined IICA's assistance for the establishment of a processing facility.
In 2004 the Institute assisted the agro processors in obtaining a grant of US$5,000 from the Caribbean
Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI) for the purchase of agro processing equipment.
In 2005 the Institute was also instrumental in arranging and funding a trip to Grenada for the then Director
of Agriculture Mr. Samuel Powell to observe the layout of facilities there. He was also able to dialogue with
various operators with regard to some of their best practices, some of which were incorporated into the plan
of the Nevis facility.
Later in 2008, the IICA Official said the Institute collaborated with the Department of Cooperatives for the
development of a project called "Enhancement of production and Productivity of the Nevis Agro Processors
Cooperative. It was submitted to the Canadian Fund for Local Initiative (CFLI) for consideration. It was
approved and funded in the amount of CD $21,793.00 and was used to purchase equipment and to conduct
training in food safety and technology.
"In 2009, the Institute was able to access US$10,000 from the Canadian Fund for Local initiative to purchase
a walk in cooler. Through the initiative of IICA, the Nevis Agro Processors Cooperative received a grant of
"This was used to assist with fencing the property, installing the walk in cooler and purchasing a hammer
mill. This mill has the capability to convert cassava and breadfruit into flour," she said.
Mrs Greene-Mills represented IICA's Coordinator for St. Kitts and Nevis and former Director of Agriculture
on Nevis Mr. Augustine Merchant who has been recuperating from illness but was able to attend the facility's
official opening ceremony. He along with Premier of Nevis and Minister of Finance Hon. Joseph Parry cut the
ribbon to commission the facility

The Labour Spokesman


parked in a road at Saddlers
The accident occurred around
5:45 pm while Thomas was
travelling along a road adjacent to
a small business his mother
operates in Upper Project, Saddlers
Project, a Police Press Release
Thomas, more known as "Ben"
reportedly lost control of
motorcycle P2175 (ownedby Royal
Schlosser of Bird Rock) and fell on
the ground and collided with the
unserviceable vehicle parked on a
road in the Project. He ended up
under a car which rose numerous
blocks upholding cars in the area,

the release indicated.
He was imme diate ly
transported to the Joseph N.
France General Hospital by the
Emergency Medical Services
(EMS) with serious injuries to his
head and hands where he later
succumbed to his injuries.
At around 9:15 pm, Police
responded to reports of the
accident and arrived on the scene.
Measurements, extent of damages
and explanations from eye
witnesses were recorded.
An autopsy was scheduled to
be performed on Thomas' body
yesterday (Thursday, April, 22nd).

oz jMemolnom

IMr s. Eg la ntin e Ag atha Za k ers
a.k.u. "ultiss. Lakr!"
Sunrnse January 14th. 1921 9
Sunset April 20th. 2009
It seems I~ke It was yesterday
When your body was laid to rest CIV
God chose you to fulfill His plans J
Because you were the best
You re gone but not forgotten
We miss you everyday
You re with the Lord In Heaven now.
Living a better way

SadlU missed bU ) children & grand-children
Signedl: A~lbertha ZaIkers-Mayl!nardl on behnlf of the
entire fami,.

n ehey er'sConvention

The Cayon Church of God will be hosting a Believer's Convention
from Sunday, May 2 Friday May 7, 2010 under the theme "Stir Up the
Gift". These services will be held at the Cavon Church of God and the
times of services are Sunday May 2 at 8:30am and 6:00pm; all the other
services are at 7:30Opm.
The speaker for this year's Convention is the Rev. Karl Johnson of
Jamaica. Rev. Johnson is a graduate of the United Theological College
and was ordained to the Christian Ministry in 1972. He served in the
pastoral ministry until 2001 when he was elected to serve as the General
Secretary of the Jamaica Baptist Union, an office which he still holds.
He has represented the Jamaica Baptist Union as Member/Chairman
of the Board of several educational and civic organizations in Jamaica
and the Caribbean and is the immediate Past President of the Jamaica
Council of Churches.
Rev. Johnson is known as a powerful and compelling speaker. He is
married and has three sons. Those who love to hear preaching that
soundly expounds the scriptures cannot afford to miss any of these
services at the Cavon Church of God where a warm welcome awaits all.
Those in need of transportation can call 465-7307; arrangements will be
made to get you to and from the services.

Two yo ung men

hospitalized after

FO Ce1V ng g unsh ot

inj ur ies
By Charles Miller Jr
Police are investigating two separate shooting incidents which
occurred here over the past week end, leaving two young men injured
and hospitalized.
The victims, according to a Police Press Release, are Shaheed Williams
of St. Paul's, St. Kitts and Mwarima Wilkes of Butlers, Nevis.
On Friday, April 16th, Police at the Sandy Point Police Station
responded to a report of a shooting incident in the Newton Ground area
near the Island Purified Water building sometime around 9:00 pm. Upon
their arrival, they discovered Williams with gunshot wounds to his body.
It is reported that after he was shot and wounded, he ran to a nearby
church for assistance and was later transported to the Joseph N. France
General Hospital where he is being treated for his injuries and is said to
be in stable condition.
On Saturday, April 17th, Police at the Newcastle Police Station in
Nevis as well as the Task Force responded to a shooting in the Butlers
area at around 11:50 pm. Investigations revealed that Mwarima Wilkes
of Butlers was shot in his upper right arm.
He was transported to the Alexander Hospital where his injuries are
being treated and is also said to be in stable condition.
No one is detained in connection with the Nevis incident; however
in relation to the Williams' investigation, Police are in search of one
Both Williams and Wilkes are said to be in their early twenties.


in trag ic

a cc id ent

By Charles Miller Jr
A 21 year- old Saddlers young
man, Glenroy Thomas was killed
here on Tuesday night, April 20th,
as a result of traffic a traffic
accident involving the motorcycle
he was riding, which collided with
an unserviceable vehicle (P 9892)

20 The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 23RD 2010

people that are here. We estimate
that basically they will end up
employing somewhere between 30
and 40 people from the island," he
Other highly skilled labour, the
CEO explained, would most likely
be imported from outside the
Caribbean, since that expertise was
virtually non-existent in the
region. However, the general
contracting would come from
Both the 10 megawatt power
plant and the power plant planned
for St. Kitts which WIP hoped
would follow on quickly will allbe
located at Spring Hill, at the top of
Westbury road.
Mr. McDonald explained that
the earlier exploration holes that
had been dug to obtain
infonnation on the resource and
to conduct flow tests would
eventually be plugged and
abandoned. However, the
experimental hole at Nevis 3 in
Hamilton would be flowed a few
more times before it too was



Ministry of Health Takes Time to Relax,

Rejuvenate and Refoucus the Deparmn ncofd port

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 13, were anticipating another fun day. funday as well as the LIME SF
20 10 (SKNIS): In the midst of much The Ministry of Health took the Club for the use of its facility
health-related meetings, opportunity to thank officials from grounds.
conferences and taking care of
others, all in line with the National
Health Plan; the staff of the .
Ministry of Health took some time
to relax, rejuvenate and refocus at
a Fun Day.
The day to unwind was held at g
the LIME Sporting Facility on Wr
Friday, April 9, as part of the ,
comlmemoration of World Health pF.,
Day 2010. Following through on ==
the theme for World Health Day of
"Urbanization and Health," the
Ministry of Health staff focused
on the aspect of physical activity.
As such, there was much fun and
games as the activity enabled staff
to istessfrm te lfeanddeah minister of Health Hemourable Alarcella Liburd and Chief~edic
deciion tht hve t bemad (2ficer Dr. Patrick Martin look on at the ,Sports Day
regularly on the job.
Games included lime and
spoon, tug of war, baby race,
needle and thread, wheel barrow
along with drink and whine, just
to name a few. Akinto the schools'
sporting events, the Health staff Ec'i
was divided into 5 teams of blue,
green, red, gold and orange. The :I
blue team, emerged as winner,
second was red, while green ili
followed in third. Gold and orange
brought up the rear.
Participants included officials,
employees of the various health
departments and units, hospitals
and health centres as well as iii '
workers from the Department of
Social Services.
The St. Kitts and Nevis
Infonnation Service was infonned
that the staff had a wonderful time, Health gqficials and Staff take part in the Drink &~ Whine
so much so, that they said they


Geothermal Developer

assures Nevis of 2011

ge oth er ma power del ive ry

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (April 16, 20 10) Chief Executive Officer
of West Indies Power Ltd. (WIP) Mr. Kerry McDonald assured Nevisians
on Wednesday, that work was on track for the delivery of geothennal
power by the first half of 20 11. He said work continued behind the scenes
despite what looked like non movement on the ground.
Mr. McDonald was at the time updating the status of the geothennal
project in an interview with the Department of Infonnation. Mr. Kerry
had infonned in an earlier press release, that financing for the US$43million
project had been secured from Scotia Bank with a guarantee from the
Export Import Bank of the United States.
"I know everybody feels that it has been a long time coming but in
fact we are moving in the industry at what's considered lightening speed
in getting this. Come next year, in the first half of 20 11, the island will be
powered by geothennal power.
"If St. Kitts signs their agreements, there will be continuing
employment for construction of the power plants necessary to supply
St. Kitts also," he said.
According to Mr. McDonald, equipment was being purchased for
the geothennal power plants and a team was at the moment in the United
States to evaluate the various drill rigs necessary for the next stage of
drilling. Their recommendations were expected by the end of April.
He said based on the reconunendation, down payments willbe made
on the drill rigs then they would be shipped to Nevis. Drilling is slated to
commence in the latter part of June.
According to Mr. McDonald, drilling would include a test hole called
an inj section well at the base of Round Hill. Its purpose would be to test
the site to ensure it was a suitable area that water from the geothennal
powerplant could be returned to the geothennal system, at a safe distance
without cooling down the system.
"The re injection well that we are talking about will go down between
6,000-7,000 feet. It is made so that it is basically at the same level as the
geothennal system that is feeding the solution. So it is again following
the same fractures that already exist.
"We are not making any new fracture paths or anything else, not like
what we call the EGS System where they have to go in and fracture
which causes earthquakes. This is following the same fracture paths
and that is why it is important that we do the test first to say yes, this is
an area that will be able to take that water and send it back into the zone
we want it to go back to," he said.
The WIP Official explained that the engineering for the plant which
was being carried out in California was near completion and the first
draft of the Enviromnental impact Assessment for the plant was expected
by mid May.
With regard to the promise of
jobs for local workers, Mr. Kerry
noted that screening was expected
to take place in June just before
drilling conunenced.
"The first part of June is when
. we will start drilling. We will be
~looking for people to work on the
drills at that time. The contractor
ChiefExecutive gqficer of the who will be in charge of the
Westlndies Power Ltd. Mr. Kerry construction will be on island and
McDonald will be looking at the skills and the

Chief Operations Officer of West Indies Power Ltd. Mr. Bobby Tinsley
tests steam temperatures a ji~om vent at 5)ring Hill on Nevis, the
proposed site of the 10Omegawat geothermal power plant

Race participants prepare jor the Lime &i Spoon

The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 23RD 2010 Jll~lI13,21



There is a short, but somewhat penetrating verse in the Book of Job
which deserves our undivided attention. That being the case, it is the
focal point of our discussion today. Here is the verse: "For God speaketh
once, yea twice, yet men perceiveth it not" (Job 33:14).
When people speak to each other they are expressing their relationship
to one another. The conununicative effect of words is like abridge joining
two sides of a river. When people fail to talk to each other there is no
relationship. By means of words we can reveal and express our innermost
thoughts and feelings to our partner. But our words also give the lie to
our character. To that end, it is said, "when alone, guard your thoughts:
in the family, guard your temper; in company guard your words."
The living God has always spoken to mankind, showing in this way-
who He is and what He thinks. It was His intention from the beginning to
enter into a relationship with His creatures. And even thought sin
destroyed the original relationships, God has never ceased to speak.
In Old Testament times God's messages were communicated in
different ways by His prophets. That is how we are to understand the
"divers manners" of which the Book of Hebrews speaks. Then in the
Person of His Son all that He wished to tell us become a reality.
It would be instructive at this point for us to look at that text in

In Loving Mernory of
A beloved Daughter,
Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Friend

a.k.a A.V.,E
Who deprtedf this life 25th Aplril. 2009
Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep
From which no one ever wakes to weeP
A calm and undisturbed repose
Unbroken by the last of foes
You are gone but not forgotten

ti0e a~~ts you M W ca

Your loving Mom Youlande:
The Cotton, Bassue, Carey and Thompson Family

Zhan k 2on

(nie 'Futi~ Ofti CA&fte

14/iQflami ChaG2'es 7/Gghan
~t'isies to thantalplfor your payers, card- flowers

andulyoessiots qfon Coluonces
- four Kirdsupport duivig our mnunents ofbereav~nemen
a~s~ nwst greatly' appreciated

Larry 'IazgCa ar8ettr a77E -Eitr a

our Dear Belo~ved Husband, Father, Grand-
Father, Brother, Uncle and Friend

L...vace .** c
Who departed this life on April 20th, 1993

(Ve do not need a special day
r,,, brinesfooj to nurmindson
Is ~vey hard to tind
Memories are things no one can steat
Death is a heartache only God can beat

Gone but definite/U not forgotten

Signed: Louisa Clarke(wife) on behalf of the entire family.

"God who at sundry times and
in divers manners spoke in time
past unto the fathers by the
prophets, hath in these last days
spoken unto us by His Son whom
He hath appointed heir of all
things, by whom also He made the
worlds." (Heb 1:1-2).
Since the birth of Jesus,
therefore, God's way of speaking
took on another form. In Him God
Himself became Man and not for
Israel alone, but for the whole
human race.
The Person of the Lord Jesus
Christ is God's message to
mankind. He came as the perfect
manifestation of God's thoughts
and revealed the Father's heart to
us. In Him God built the bridge, so
to speak, to bring the trusting heart
or believer across to Himself.
The relationship that was
destroyed is thus resorted. The
mission that the Son was sent to
fulfil is the supreme expression of
God's love, but it is at the same
time His final word to mankind.

In Job's case
Job had complained that God
kept him wholly in the dark
co"c"""n His dealmdgs wit un

with him as his enenw. "No" says
Elihu, God speaks to you, but you

do not perceive Him. So that is
your fault, not His. He is designing
your real good, even in those
dispensations which you put this
harsh construction upon.
What a friend God is to our
welfare: He speaketh to us once,
yea, twice, but men perceiveth it
not" (Job 33-14).
Believe it or not when one
warning is neglected, He gives
another. What enemies we are to
our own welfare, as expressed in
these words, "Man perceiveth it
not" because we are not aware that
it is the voice of God. So man stops
his ears; stands in his own light:
rejects the counsel of God. Still
God teaches and admonishes the
children of men by their own
God in His patience and
longsuffering speaks over and
over again, tries different ways to
convince and reclaim us and that
is by providence, affective and
merciful (inwhich He speaks twice)
but we refuse to respond.
Job complained much of his
diseases and judged by them that
God was angry with him; but Elihu
shows that God often afflicts the
body in love, and with gracious
de ignsE if gosodst otheesol bTis

great use to us for the due
improvement of sickness which is

only one way God sometimes
speaks to us.
I am convinced that in these
closing days of grace, God is
speaking to us as a people, as a
nation, as individuals through
natural disasters, through
circumstantial messages of
warnings, but we fool ourselves
by believing that we are God's pets,
or that we are special. Nothing is
further from the truth.
The Bible wamns that "God's
spirit shall not always strive with

God deserves and answer
When God called young
Samuel he responded by sarmng
"Speak Lord thy servant heareth".
When God spoke to the rebellious
Saul on the Damascus road, he
asked, who art thou, Lord? And
the Lord said "I am Jesus whom
thou persecute: it is hard for thee
to kick against the pricks". (Acts
And he, Saul, trembling and
astonished said, "Lord, what wilt
thou have me to do?" and the Lord
said to him "Arise, and go into the
city, and it shall be told thee what
thou must do". Saul through a
nprtualeaonn sio nbac r known

the Apostle.
One lwmn-writer expresses it
this war. Jesus calls us! O'er the
tumult of our life's wild restless
sea, day by day His sweet voice
soundeth saying, Christian follow
me. In our joys and in our sorrows,
days of toil and hours of ease; still
He calls, in cares and pleasures,
Christian, love me more thanthese.
Solomon warns: "He that
being often reproved hardeneth
his neck shall suddenly be cut off
(destroyed) and that without
remedy (Prov 29:1).
Today, God speaks to us
through the Holy Spirit's striving:
through the revelation of
Scripture: through His creative
works of creation; through the
preaching and hearing of the
gospel message, through
circumstances in this life and in
other ways. Above all, God speaks
through His Son.
My advice is: Say like Samuel
" Speak Lord, thy servant heareth."
He can give you a new start, a new
nature and a new outlook on life.

The family of the late

Express our heartfelt gratitude and sincere
apprecciation to the many persons who offered
support, prayers, sent cardsF, flowers; or giave a
waurm embrace in our time ofbhereavement.

Special thanks to Dr. Sahlely and the nurses at the
Intensive C'are thrit ofthe N. France G~eneral
Hospital, and to the Headmistress, Sta~ff and Pupils
of~the Basseterr-e High Sch~ool.

-W~illiam and Cecelia Frazer and Famll




The St. ]Kitts Tourism Authority announces the vacant post of Accounts Officer, and
encourages suitably qualified persons to apply.

-Prepare cheque requisition documents
-Prepare requests for Stamp Requisition
-Prepare Bank Forms for Drafts and Wire Transfers
-Post expenses for Head Office as well as the Overseas Tourism Off~ic'
-Prepare invoices and receipts
-Prepare Reminanlce Advices
-File financial documents
-Liaise with the Ministry of Sustainable Development re Tourism Statistics
-Disseminate tourism data to interested persons and organizations

-A graduatel c of the Clarence I- I rray~ Brymtll Co~llege31nst~i have C'NhC' Accounts or
some other acsountin certificate
-At Least two years work experience in the area of Finance/Accounting
-Must be able to communicate effectively and work in a team.

-Commensurate with one's qualifications

Application Deadline
Interested persons should apply by May 6, 2010.

Please send applicatioins to the Chief Executive Officer, St. Kitts Tourism Autholirity.
Pelican Mall, Bay Road, Basseterre. Tel: 869-465-4040.




The St. Kitts Tourism Authorit! announces the vacant post of Senior Accounting
Manager, and encourages suitably qualified persons to apply.

-Supervise, manage and develop all staff in the Finance Department.
-Ensure that all montlhl\ reports are accurate and are disseminated on a timely
basis to the relevant persons and o-rganisastl1ions
-Maintain financial records and all assets of the Tourism Autholcriti
-Ensure that the payroll function is conducted on a timely basis each month.
-Prepare mo~nthl. quarterly and annual financial statements.
-Be responsible for revenue collections.
-Coordinate all payment records and requests for payment to overseas ma~rketingl
-Verify Bills/Invoices and Clear Advances

-A degreer in Finance, Accounting or Business Administration.
-At least three years work experience in the area of Finance/\c~c~ount ing
-Must be able to communicate effectively and work in a team

-Commensurate with one's qualifications

Application Deadline
Interested persons should apply by MVay 6, 2010.

Please send applications to the Chief Executive Ofltleerr. St. Kitts Tourism Authority,
Pelican Mall, Bay Road, Basseterre.


The Labour Spokesman


Elvette Decosta also widely
known as "The Mighty Anando"
or "Soul" said that he sees an
urgent need for the fife and banjo
Decosta who is originally
Nevisian and who also holds a
wealth of knowledge in the area
said that he has been a keen player
of many instruments other than the
fife. He has also had the
opportunity to learn how to play
the guitar, banjo and quarto all
instruments integral in string band
As one of the workshop's
facilitators he said that his
expectations are mainly to revive
the almost forgotten art form of
string band music.
"I expect good performance
from the youngsters. The older
folks are passing on and we need
the tradition to go on. We also
need to teach the younger ones
how to play the cultural
instruments," he said.
He said that there is a constant
need for persons who can play

these instruments. Decosta added
that music is a great outlet and
persons who are musically minded
will have no trouble learning in the
"It is important to carry on the
tradition," Decosta said
Re gistration forms can be
obtained from Nisbett himself at
the Edgar Challenger Library
(Street), Nisbett indicted that he
can only accommodate up to 30
pupils at a time, hence space is
limited and persons should sign
up in advance of the deadline.
He said so far out of the
workshop many have excelled in
the area. At the end of the
programme Nisbett said that, "We
will be issuing them with
certificates and the students will
be playing a selection for the crowd
to hear".
He said that if the first batch of
students does well he hopes to
pursue another sponsorship to do
a similar programme.

that they can step in the shoes of the older ones," stated Nisbett.
Banko of Banko Mass Camp who captured several titles during the
2009/10 National Carnival will be assisting, (along with some other
notable individuals), in tutoring the students in the arts of banjo, fife,
guitar and quarto playing.
In the last workshop, participants were able to make fifes however
Nisbett said that they will focus mainly on how to play the instrument.
This time around the fifes will be on sale (the price is yet to be set)
Nisbett disclosed.
Nisbett revealed that after discussions with Dr. Patrick Welcome,
Chief Education Officer, it was concluded that the programme should
become school based and will include students many of whom Nisbett
said, will be coming from the St. Paul's Primary School to engage in the
"We also hope to establish string bands," he added.
"It is imperative that we preserve our cultural heritage and encourage
the youths to be culturally aware at an early stage," Nisbett stated.
Nisbett spoke highly of one of the tutors, Mr. Elvette Decosta, who
will be in charge of teaching the students how to play the instruments.
He described Decosta as a fife extraordinaire, saying that he has
many years of experience which he would like to hand down to the
younger generations.
The cultural preservationist said that the classes will not be difficult
and reassured that Decosta is a proficient teacher.

Constituency #7 of the
'.-St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party
wdi be holding

A Toke-Away Dinner
at th Edgar Gilbert Palvilio~n, Mo~ineouxx
on Sotrrdbay, 22nd May, 2010 atl 4:30 plrn.,

Fife a nd Ba njo workshop starts

ne xt week

By Melissa Amsterdam
Youths and other interested
residents will have a role in the
revival of our cultural heritage with
a fife and banjo workshop which
is scheduled to be held for four
weeks starting on Monday 26th
The workshops which are
sponsored by the National
Olympic Association, will be held
at the International House
Museum and Edgar Challenger
Library located on Central Street,
Basseterre, from at 5pm and end at
7pm everyday except for Sundays
and Saturdays from 10am -3pm.
Cultural preserver, Winston
"Zack" Nisbett said that, "This
workshop is expected to run for
four straight weeks and is expected
to generate much enthusiasm
especially amongst the younger
"Our cultural art form is slowly
deteriorating," he pointed out,
while explaining that one of the
well needed but vanishing art
forms is the one of the expert
playing of the fife.
"In order to carry on the
mantle, we need to involve the
young generation and get them
motivated in learning. We need to
create an environment for them so

"g'jgypg a


The Labour Spokesman FRIDAY, APRIL 23RD 2010 23

( (I ~r~~l ~ i (I1 I I(I

but was not elevated to the post
of Leader of the Party. Why did
this happen? Shawn and Cindy are
alike. Were you to trace their family
tree, a mother, a grandmother, a
great grandmother, a father, a grand
or great grandfather or some other
member of the family worked inthe
sugar cane fields?
Both Shawn and Cindy are
extensions of working class
people. PAM is an extension of the
Planter class. The colouring of the
skin has paled in some, while
others still bear the dark colour of
the oppressed. But, those who
lead PAM have inherited the
attitudes of our former
oppressors. It is as if our former
oppressors spit into their mouths,
so, that is why the behaviour is
the same.
Having been catapulted into
the senator seat, one expected to
hear brilliant opening bat account
of the new man. Instead, one was
made to listen to a dull,
uninterested monologue. Very
disappointing! Nothing positive
in his maiden speech, the same
doom and gloom of his party. This
was followed by the maiden
speech of the new representative
for Constituency number 8. The
same doom and gloom.
When will PAM lift itself out
of the doldrums of negativism and
experience the sunshine of
It is said that all power comes
from God. They were given a
chance to prove themselves,
fifteen years of a chance to prove
themselves. They are given
another chance to prove
themselves in opposition, having
smudged the first chance with
greed, spite, hatred,
vindictiveness, abuse, and
corruption. Instead of using these
last fifteen years to redeem
themselves by painting a new
image, they are preaching the same
doctrine of hatred and strife.
When will they leamn? Where
do we go from here? God knoweth
best. He has placed the right party
with the right man at the helm.

Dear Reader, as I write this
column, I am sitting on my hospital
bed. I am still alive and giving
Thanks but I am duty bound to
my readers to supply them with
reading material for the weekend.
It is nothing life threatening.
Last week I ended my column
by referring to the horse races on
August Monday at Pond Pasture.
August Monday is supposed
to be a significant day in the
history of black people, for it was
on the 1st August, 1834 that the
shackles of slaveny were taken from
our wrists and ankles and we were
so-called set free.
The first Monday in August
was supposed to be Emancipation
Day, but Massa obscured the
importance of the day from us, by
bringing in his horses to race at
Pond Pasture, making us look at
the day as horse racing day and
not Emancipation Day. The
significance of the day was totally
The Leader of the Opposition,
bless his soul, did not know that
the National Debt is the total debt
of St. Kitts and Nevis. He thought
that it was just a St. Kitts thing.
Before writing any article, I always
attempt to get my facts correct,
because my mission is not to
secure some hollow political
victory. My mission is to educate
my readers and to adhere to the
Motto of this newspaper, Titus 2:8
"Sound speech which cannot be
If the Leader of the Opposition
could only disrobe himself of his
arrogance and pettiness and really
take up his position seriously,
putting country first, he would be
a better Leader of the Opposition
and a respected orator, uttering
If he researches before he
speaks, if he can rise to a high
plateau and criticize when
criticisms are due, but praise and

congratulate when these are due,
then he would gain the admiration
and respect of his adversaries.
When he walks down the streets
of Charlestown or Basseterre,
children would run to hold his
hands, the young and the middle
agers would salute him and the
senior citizens would offer up
prayers for him. But, if he persists
in belching out doom and gloom,
he would find himself wobbling in
the mud of gutter politics.
Be a statesman Mr. Leader of
the Opposition. Let your light so
shine, project yourself as an
alternative: change the company
you keep. You are not so politically
desperate that you have to keep
company with them. Rise to a
higher plane Mr. Leader of the
Opposition. You do not need that
kind of political baggage. They
have been tested and tried and
have been found wanting. Do you
need those kinds of hindrances?
They need you more than you
need them. They need you to
project anew image of themselves.
Chart your course on your own
accord. Leave them, shake them off
and let them remain in the mud hole
of political abyss.
I now come to my friend and
parliamentarian of 2 years who is
supposed to be the Leader,
officially of the CCM, but who is
not the real Leader, because he has
failed to come out of neutral gear.
If I am the Leader of a political
party, democratically elected
Leader and the Leader of the
Opposition is to come from my
party, I as the Leader must be the
Leader of Her Majesty's
Parliamentary Opposition, or else.
what is my role in politics? Must I
always stay in neutral all the days
of my life, allowing time, history
and events to pass me by?
I, as Leader of my party should
allow my Deputy to come and
surpass me to become the Leader

of Her Majesty's Opposition? If I
do not want to assume any role in
the National politics of mycountnv-
why should I be running for
office? Simply put, my role seems
to be just to enter the Federal
Parliament, say a few words and
collect my monthly salary.
Whenever we reach the stage
where we have no interest in the
national or Federal Affairs of our
country, we should step aside. We
either make a contribution or we
step aside. When we are in the
political arena, we should all be
asking ourselves this question:
How will history judge me? I will
assume that if I run for political
office that, somewhere in the
future history of my island or my
country that my contribution
would be recorded favourably and
that, at the end of my tenure, I
could hear well done thou great
servant of the people".
Just the other day when there
was the crisis of the Deputy
Speaker, why couldn't you step up
to the plate as a statesman and
show everybody what kind of
mettle you are made of? Instead of
following those who once wanted
to starve the people of Nevis, you
could have had history smiling at
you favourably.
Look to the hills man, see the
rising sun of hope, of life, of
energy, of great expectations of
things to come and, at the end of
the day, look at the Western skies
and witness the beautify sunset
where the sun, having performed
its duties in this environment has
gone on to give life, hope, energy,
health to another set of people.
Yes my friend! There is a
brighter side of life than the doom
and gloom which CCM and PAM
are preaching. Thermal Energy is
a plus for Nevis, St. Kitts and the
small islands surrounding them.
Isn't that positive for us? Nevis
and the Federation as a whole can

be on the map of clean energy.
Look at the income it can generate
for Nevis? Isn't that a plus? Can't
you praise the efforts of the NRP
Administration? Why do you have
to preach doom and gloom about
the Thermal Energy? Come on
man, put off the diapers of a child
and put on the trousers of a
matured man. Your countiv and the
Federation need our positive
output. Rise to the occasion man
My grandmother, dear reader
used to say "That is life, nothing
bad ever happens" and "If wind
do not blow, you will never see the
rear end of a fowl." It is quite
evident for all to see that the
People's Action Movement(PAM)
is not a democratic institution or
party and that PAM does not
elevate those who come from
grassroots beginnings. Look at the
high members of PAM? Those who
were born and raised in sugar
estates or plantations and whose
parents were the oppressors of
their brothers and sisters. Those
who want to forget their
groundings. Those who are
ashamed of their past. Those who
have just received an education
and believe that they have arrived
in the social stratosphere, it is quite
evident that the likes of Cindy are
just to add figures to the
membership of PAM, but there is
no real respect for them. This is
evident in the selection of the
senator to represent PAM in the
House of Assembly in2010.
In 2004, Lindsay Grant lost his
bid to win a seat in the General
Elections. He did not tender his
resignation. Shawn won his seat-

males living in the villages of,
and around St. Paul's and
Cayon to [visit] the health
centers when we host the
Men's Health Clinic."
The clinics are held on
specific days and features
doctors and nurses testing for
diabetes, hypertension, and
heart disease using an
electrocardiogram (EKG).
Based on the results, follow up
testing may be recommended
such as prostate-specific
antigen (PSA). Persons are
encouraged to call the relevant
health centers for dates and
additional details -
Ms. Edwards also
encouraged persons to take
advantage of a free prostate

screening at the Joseph N.
France General Hospital on
Thursday (April 22). The test
involves drawing small amounts
of blood and will be
administered to persons who
have the relevant forms
completed. Forms are available
at health centers and doctor's
Her sentiments were echoed
by Troy Watson, facilitator at the
Ministry of Gender Affairs. Mr.
Watson indicated that men in the
community welcomed the Men's
Health Initiative.
"You can t get cheaper than
kree," he said. "Health is not [just]
about a response to something
that is going wrong but it is also
about staying healthy and it is
important that our men are aware

of that."
Mr. Watson had high praise
for the Minister of Health,
Honourable Marcella Liburd for
her leadership in the campaign.
"From all indications she is
gender sensitive and all remarks
made by her are gender sensitive

r rsq-a he epa nd, strssn
that the activities of the Ministry
of Health and Gender Affairs are
based on gender equity. "The
request she has made of our
Department in particular is to
ensure that we are gender
transformative so I am real happy
that she is the one that is working
with us (as Minister) and she is
committed that we grow together
as people, and the gender norms
are observed."




Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 21, 2010 (SKNIS): Approximately
300 hundred men have been screened for various medical
concerns and the Ministry of Health has called for more males
to access services from health institutions.
On this week's edition of SKNIS' radio magazine
Perspectives, the Coordinator ofNon-Communicable Diseases,
Petronella Edwards said that the Men's Health Campaign -
designed to boost the number of males seeing doctors and visiting
health centers has been proceeding well.
"For the most part the Ministry is pleased," she stated, noting
that community outreach screenings have been particularly
successful. ".. But we have two climecs that are bemng piloted
as Men s Health Climecs and we are not satisfied with the
attendance in those communities so I would like to appeal to

The Labour Spokesman


idd G1&l~ 3

3~1~rr~ I

mals and

much IT


Fort packages weighing
up to 601bs
Ad~ditional services are
available upon reqluest:
- Cargo Insurance
- Cu=astlomns cF~Slearance
- Doorr delivery
- storage

Small Packagce Service
starts at $35 use
+ applicable detnati ion charges
SS ~shilpmntsl mrusat. have! advanced
reerato to takes adanag of thisr~ speial

" Note: 8nmil Packagei Sertv ces i
an Airor to A~rport Service


4 For information contact
"t. Maarten: 599-545-2952
or le-mail at: sales.sxm~,

St. Kitts: 869-466-9595
o r e-ma il at: sales.skb9@a


about. Playing against the young,
talented but relatively
inexperienced Chicago Bulls, they
have managed to stave off the stiff
competition from Derrick Rose,
Luol Deng, Noah and their young
brigades. James himself, in game 2
scored 40 points and took over in
the fourth quarter as his Cavaliers'
fueled by a rabid home crowd that
booed every move by Noah-
maintained home-court advantage
by beating the Chicago Bulls 112-
102 to take a 2-0 lead in the Eastemn
Conference playoffs.
But make no bones about that
- the traditionally known Bulls will
never be rolled over whether they
are playing before they home
crowd or on the enemy territory.
For example, in the very first
encounter, the pressure was
already reaching boiling point. The
game turned testy at couple of
junctures. LeBron James and Brad
Miller were assessed technicals
after a James drive resulted in their
collision. And James and Deng
traded barbs as the half-time
buzzer, while the Cavaliers led, 56-
But the talking point is what
happens beyond the encounter
with the young bulls. Will James,
Cavaliers be able to out-perform
the stronger contenders the
resilient and stubborn Atlanta
Hawks, the ageing by aggressive
and experienced Boston Celtics?
This will be the big test the
deterministic test the purifier of
the metals.
While we follow the courses
of the teams, the players and the
management as the teams battle for
supremacy in what has become a

7000 SQ. F T.

George Street -
Upstairs C& C Superfoozds

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both push-up and wind-out windows


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Something Together. And remember we are open all day to serve you better. Our telephone numbers are
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The Labour Spokesman


Peter Adrien is an author and sports analyst. His latest United
Nation's sponsored book, Sport Tourism, a must-read for policy
makers, tourism investors, hoteliers, academics and students is
now available. Call Peter at 869-6689752, 869-4651603 or email for a copy.
Visit Peter's website

world championship (because it
has drawn players from every
nook and cranny from every
major playing country, every race
and langue: and it attracts the
global media and magnetize the
global sporting audience in a way
only the FIFA World Cup and the
India Premier League (IPL) do).
No doubt we will be
emotionally bruised by the time the
NBA Finals come and go staying
all night, biting our nails, and
restraining our heart beat but the
real nervous wrecked will be the
owners and executives of some of
the major franchises in the NBA.
Yes, the next few months will be
riddled with anxiety for the
executives who run the Cleveland
Cavilers, the Miami Heats, the
Atlanta Hawks (Joe Johnson
wants some measure ofralidation
and will not be satisfied with just
another playoff experience), the
Phoenix Suns (after fighting to
establish his presence and
importance to the team, Amar'e
Stoudemire desires some
reco gmtion above and beyond
another playoff berth), just to
name a few. One wrong turn could
cost them their franchise player.
What about the defending
champions, the Los Angeles
Lakers? Despite the recent lack-
luster performances of the Los
Angeles Lakers, one would be full-
hardv to take them out of the
frame. The Oklahoma Thunder
under the leadership of Kevin
Durant may be putting them to the
test, but Lakers are a champion
team and will produce

championship performances. The
good news is that after their first
two games in the playoff, they
would have discovered that the big
switch they have been able to fhip
over the years whenever a feisty
opponent requires it is still at their
finger tips. It also tells that they
need that flip given their 87-79 win
in Game 1 and the 95-92 win in
Game 2. They couldbe champions
again if they could regroup quickly
Moreover, a Lakers/Celtics
contest in June is not unthinkable,
despite what the Cleveland
Cavaliers is demonstrating against
the Bulls.
In the meantime, enjoy every
game. There is a lot at stake in this
NBA playoff season. In addition,
there could be upsets. The
Charlotte Bobcats, the Oklahoma
Thunder, the Atlanta Hawks are
playing exciting and testing
Who can doubt that anything
is possible in by June! The
basketballers are simple crazy for
money, power and fame!
Stay glue to TNT, ESPN and
ABC game is on!

Peter Adrien is an author and
sports analyst. His latest United
Nation s sponsored book, Sport
Tourism, a must-read for policy
makers, tourism investors,
hoteliers, academics and students
is now available. Call Peter at 869-
6689752; 869-4651603 or email for a copy.
Visit Peter's website

I I I L'I ii

The Craze for Fame.

Crazy! They are crazy for fame and fortune! The outcome of the
2009/2010 National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals could bring
trigger decisive changes in the highly commercialized basketball industry.
The outcome of the Finals could determine the posture of key star
players and the salability and profitability of their associated franchisees.
If the desire of these starballers is not matched by the outcome, their
relationships with the team, the management and the market could change.
It is, obvious that when the championship is declared in June the
desires of all concerned can never be met as there can only be one and
only one champion team -one holder of the coveted NBA Championship
Trophy and one team who can lar claim to the coveted NBA rings.
Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heats would want a parade in June, but
he not ,like to have it as the Heats will probably be going home in May
to an uncelebrated welcome they will have to come very much more
determined to overcome the burly, "brutish" and "rough-necked" Boston
Celtics in the first round Playoff coming from behind. [
Chris Bosch of the Toronto Raptors wanted just the privileged a
playoff victory but he is denied that privilege. The Toronto Raptors
were touted as a playoff team only to finished with a losing record (40
wins to 42 losses), and are headed for the draft lottery for a second
straight year.
Chris might have been satisfied with a mere show of progress a
playoff berth, a seven-game series, but he could never be satisfied with
being in the wildemess injury or no injury. He would preferred to know
that his team makes into the playoff even if he had to seat ion the sideline
just spurring his team members on against the opposition. Unfortunately,
not even that token victory was manageable.
The All-Star power forward has made known his discontent. He was
quoted as saying, "We're not [playing basketball the way we need to.
For some reason, we don't like to secure a win basketball games." Now
what is likely for Chris Bosch? He may become a free agent, and could be
heading to more promising pasture some say the New Knicks where
the management is determined to invest in building a winning dynasty
no matter what is the cost.
LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers wants something
resembling world domination. The unofficial "King" of Basketball, wants
to be cast in the perception of Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers,
Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heats, Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics,
Chauncey Billups of the Denver Nuggets, and Tim Duncan of the San
Antonio Spurs and much more!i Nothing will bring that international
reputation the industry good will but a championship title under his
"King James" expect nothing less than a championship. He believes
that h8is Cavaliers has the best record in the NBA (61 wins to 21 losses
- this season), for the second straight season. While is true that the
franchise has done much to surround him with high-caliber players like
the burly experienced Shaquille O'Neal, an unaccomplished goal could
send the young super star insane mad by the lust for power, fame, and
Well so far in the playoff: there is much to remind the home crowd


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The Labour Spokesman


The St. Kitts and Nevis
National Olympic Committee
(SKNOC) is pleased to
announce the Handing over of
the Kim Collins Trust Fund.
The Trust was established
in March 2001 in collaborative
effort between a number of

provte :i'odwvikhuas and i n
Nevis Amateur Athletic
Association (SKNAAA) and
the National Olympic
Committee. The objective at
the time was to create some
financial asset that could serve
as a "Nest Egg" for Kim in his
retirement years.
An initial sum of EC$
85,653.16, which represented
the net proceeds of fund raising
efforts, was placed in National
Bank Trust Company with the

intention of growing the fund to
EC$ 100,000.00. National Trust
facilitated this effort by
providing a favourable rate of
interest. Once the principal
investment had reached this
point in June 2004 therefore, and
in keeping with the wishes of
Mr. C Hinsn altl iees earnin

private savings account.
To date over EC$ 43,000.00
has been transferred to Kim in
this way thereby showing a
yield of approximately 67% on
the initial investment made in
Mr. Collins officially retired
in September 2009 and again in
keeping with his expressed
wishes the principal amount of
the Trust Fund of EC$

100,000.00 is now being turned
over to him.
The National Olympic
Committee extends its
immense gratitude to Mrs.
Jennifer Nero who as a private
and impartial party has served
to look after the fund and the
mnte etr .f all concerned over

The SKNOC congratulates
Kim on reaching this stage in
his career and again expresses
its boundless appreciation to him
for all the things that he has
done and achieved for St. Kitts
and Nevis. This country can
never really repay the
contribution that our hero has
made. We wish him God's
speed and continued success in
all his endeavours

The love story is in the best traditions ofBollywood and now ends
with a wedding
When Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik landed in the Indian city of
Hyderabad in the early hours of Saturday, he had stars in his eyes.
He had come to marry beautiful Indian tennis star Sania Mirza.
But he had no idea that his romantic dream was going to tumn into a
nightmare complete with criminal charges, police investigations and
finally divorce from another woman.
After a week of media gossip and intrigue, the saga of Shoaib Malik
and his first wife, Ayesha Siddiqui, reached its climax on Wednesday.
The move came as a big surprise because until recently, 29-year-old
Shoaib was stubbornly denying ever having met Ayesha, let alone
marrying her.
He had apparently met her on the internet and they married over the

Intense press interest
Ayesha on the other hand was seething with anger and had vowed
to take revenge for her humiliation. She had taken the matter to the
police, charging Shoaib with cheating, criminal intimidation and domestic
Such drama superstars from bitter enemies India and Pakistan caught
up in an apparent love triangle contained all the elements of a Bollywood
movie and was the stuff of dreams for the South Asian media.

B;;r -r

on hold.
Mirza's bungalow, perched on a hillock in the upmarket Jubilee Hills
area of Hyderabad, did not for a while present a happy picture.
The initial celebration, laughter, music and dance gave way to silence
and tension as policemen and security guards tried to keep over-
enthusiastic media teams at bar.
The palpable tension inside was clear from the tired and sleepless
face of 23-year-old Sania as she stood side by side with her future
husband while he defended himself against serious charges.
Nearly three dozen TV cameras and an army of reporters descended
from all parts of the country, ever ready to shoot any movement even
though the gates and the windows were firmly closed with the main
characters apparently confined inside. ~

Painstaking efforts
The hysterical media coverage did not however stop Sania's mother,
Naseema Mirza, from doing some shopping in Delhi and Mumbai in
preparation for the marriage including the purchase of the odd designer
suit or two.
Before the drama, the Mizza family had chosen the five-star Taj Krishna
hotel to host 800 guests for the wedding. Ironically it was the same place
where Sania's engagement to childhood friend Sohrab Mirza took place
two years ago with equally great fanfare but that relationship broke

community at large.
"Ever since this issue came out
we... were trying to resolve the
issue as it was going from bad to
worse. The community was very
much perturbed by the
muckraking," said Major SGM
Quadri, the chief negotiator
involved in the efforts.
What exactly transpired in the
negotiations between Ayesha and
Shoaib remains unclear, but both
sides have now apparently agreed
to abide by the decisions of the
eldee settlement was reportedly
hammered out in accordance with
Islamic Shariah law and was in "the
larger interest of the community".
A e sha's mother, Farisa
Siddiqui, said that community
elders had asked her to come to
some sort of settlement.
"That is why I agreed and my
daughter agreed. I am very happy
that finally Shoaib gave a divorce.
Justice has been done to us," she
Maj Quadri said that Malik had
also "agreed to go by our
Sources say that while no
financial dealing was part of the
compromise, he agreed to pay
15,000 rupees (about $337; 220)
to Avesha for three months
maintenance in accordance with
Shariah law.
The Siddiqui family in return
informed the police that they were
withdrawing their criminal
complaint against the cricketer.
All this means that the way is
now clear for the marriage of
Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza on
15 April a true Bollywood ending.

Story from BBC NEWS:
http :// .uk/go/pr/
fr/-/2/hi/south asia/8607586.stm

The story has generated intense media interest
In fact the intense press interest meant that police in the southem
city of Hyderabad had a strange task on their hands.
They had to find out whether there was any truth in Ms Siddiqui's
claims that she was Malik's first wife and investigate his insistence he
had never met her.
Caught in the crossfire was Sania Mirza, whose plans for a dreamlike
wedding on 15 April at one point looked as if they would have to be put

The happy ending has come as a relief to Mirza family
down two months ago.
So what were the circumstances that led to the apparent negotiated
end to Shoaib's first marriage?
While there has been no comment from amy of the three main players
in the love triangle, those close to them have not been afraid to speak.
The answer seems to lie in quiet, behind-the-scenes negotiations,
the painstaking efforts of Muslim elders and moral pressure from the

Kim Collins Trust Fund handed over

Twists and turns in South

Asia celebrity love match

By Omer Farooq
BBC News, Hyderabad

The Labour Spokesman



r *

By: Vigilante
* Even some of the biggest PAM trumps have agreed
with Washie that Lindsay Grant is indeed "a reckless
gambler" and that he was a great asset to PAM, but he's
now the party's greatest liability.
* They agree with Washie that with him, as leader,
PAM will never ever be viewed seriously by the electorate
and public as a viable alternative government to LABOUR.
*And, if there's a by-election in Constituency 4, he will
lose to the Hon. Glenn "Ghost" Phillip by a much bigger
margin (over 100 votes).
*Washie is meantime rallying his troops together to
dump the gambler and loser Lindsay before the next PAM
Convention and he now has the ex deputy PAM leader
(M.O.P.) firmly in his corner
*Dey say M.O.P. is threatening that all hell will break
loose in the party, if de gambler and loser Lindsay does
not respect the wishes of his candidates and party
supporters and step down peacefully. He's now the biggest
stumbling block to the party's progress and success.
* De expired PAM leader (Lindsay) meanwhile is
accusing certain members of his executive of ganging up
with Washie and M.O.P. and paying them handsomely to
spearhead the vicious campaign against him.
* And he say some of the very people he did so much
f or to make them somebody are involved in the plot, but
he will get rid of them, before they get rid of him, because
Simmonds put him there and not one of them could move
him from the Party's leadership until he's ready.
* He bragged to his buddies at the Brewery and the
Central Bank that he alone will decide when to quit. They
could talk 'til they drop; he's not backing down. He has
given up his US Citizenship and sacrificed too much.
*People wa nt to know with all the confusion and
fierce infighting in the party how come Watch Dog and
Straight Talk have not come to his defence of the failed
and embattled PAM leader; and why is he (Lindsay) keeping
such a low profile.
* People are blaming PAM for poor Mule's unfortunate
and untimely death. Dey say if they didn't object to his
name on the Voters' List for Central Basseterre where
he has lived and voted all his life Mule may have been
alive today.
* When asked why he objected to a well-known PAM
trump like Mule who lived at PAM Headquarters for so
many years, Roy said he was told by his agents that he
(Mule) was an illegal immigrant from Santo Domingo. He
only knew him by his nickname.
* People want to know why didn't the PAM Candidate
for East Basseterre attend the funeral of the taxi man
who was a well known PAM supporter and activist in the
constituency and country.
*Rumour has it that the former Tek-Way-Key Minister
blue vex with the preacher for his sermon last Sunday
morning about "keys"
*Dey say he say he told a sister in the church about
"some keys" he was given by a doctor in Miami that have
given him a new lease on his "joys of the flesh activities"
and bragged how Lindsay and dem young boys can't touch
him now. So he's accusing the innocent preacher of talking
his business in public.

Photo caption: Minister of
Agr clure ano Go o atie

the official opening ceremony of
the Agro Processing Centre at

upscale requirements ofyisitors
now existed as a result of the
new processing plant. He
pointed to the increasing
diversity of Nevis' population
which he believed provided a
suitable ethnic miche market.
The Agriculture Minister
had some added advice for the
agro processors and urged
them to seek to market their
products in ever gift shop and
su ermarket in the Federation.
"Of course I do not e pect
yOu to strive to do this
individually. There is assistance
available through the Marketing
Unit and the Co-operative Unit.
More importantly, as a
cooperative [you should] band
yourselves together to
purchase imports in bulk, in
short, operate as a true Society
where unity means strength,
he said.
Mr. Hector reminded the
Agro processors of the advice
he had given them at the launch
of their Co-operative which
included sharing the knowledge
and skills they had learnt; the
importance of attracting young
people to the industry and the
significance of utilising the
The Minister used the
opportunity to thank Premier of
Nevis Hon. Joseph Parry and
Cabinet colleagues, for their
support in the initiative, which
he said formed part of the
Government's economic
transformation thrust that was
started mn 2006.
He also singled out past
Directors Mr. Augustine
Merchant and Mr. Samuel
Powell for their major
contribution to Agriculture on
Nevis and by extension the

Nevis Agriculture

Minister urges Agro

Processors to utilise

new Agro Processing

processors on Nevis were called on to take advantage of the new
processing plant constructed for them at Prospect.
The call came from Agriculture and Co Operatives Minister
on Nevis Hon. Robelto Hector at the official opening ceremony
for the Nevis Agro Processing Centre on Tuesday.
"You were given training, you were assisted with organisation
and there are incentives offered time and time again to ensure
your growth. You now have added infrastructure and our
expectation of service from you is a great one," he said.
Mr. Hector described the opening of the agro processing plant
as a quantum leap from the farm gates to the supermarket shelves.
He said the facility provided a real opportunity for the agro
processors to launch their products on the export market in the
reion and be ond
The Minister spoke of agro processing as a lucrative business
and noted that the Nevis Island Administration's decision to
construct a processing plant to accommodate the agro processors
on the island was a tangible demonstration of the Government's
true commitment to the cottage industry.
He said the centralised facility managed by Mr. Dwight
Browne, would allow for the added advantage of meeting better
health and safety standards and increased volumes ofproduction;
the opportunity to promote a greater variety of products better
product presentation and labelling.
However, Mr. Hector explained that the NIA's investment in
the agro processing plant should drive agro processors to remember
their duty to food security, revenue generation and the provision
oemp oyment.
"Most of our agricultural fruits and vegetable crops on the
island are characterized by gluts and scarcities. We are today
ready to extend seasons by providing even a processed form of
such products be it jams, jellies, pepper sauce or souvenir baskets
just to name a few. For agro processing to be sustainable, we
must do our agricultural planning with the industry in mind.
"The agro tourism linkage can now be explored even more.
This linkage can create a substantial economic engine, capable of
driving the economy forward," he said.
The Minister explained that the opportunity to satisfy the


The Labour Spokesman





~2: -

P r I

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