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C A R I B B E A N C MPASSThe Caribbeans Monthly Look at Sea & Shore C T T T T T T T T T T T h h h h h e C AUGUST 2012 NO. 203 Choose to Cruise in the Summer See story page 24 KAY WILSON / WWW.INDIGODIVE.COM On-line




AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 3 Click Google Map link below to nd the Caribbean Compass near you!http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?t=h&hl=en&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=112776612439699037380.000470658db371bf3282d&ll=14.54105,-65.830078& spn=10.196461,14.0625&z=6&source=embedCompass covers the Caribbean! From Cuba to Trinidad, from Panama to Barbuda, we've got the news and views that sailors can use. We're the Caribbean's monthly look at sea and shore. As soon as we arrived in the islands we began hearing about Caribbean Compass and reading it. We could see right away that there was a sense not only of readership but of community built around the Compass .Ž „ Jack and Bobbie Greer S/V Moonrise AUGUST 2012 € NUMBER 203www.caribbeancompass.com The Caribbeans Monthly Look at Sea & ShoreJourney on JunkIsland hopping on Hobie hulls ..12Safe Landfallƒ but where are we?!? .........14Somewhere Near SalinasExplore Puerto Ricos south coast ...16Tender TalesDinghies, lost and found .......20Closing the SeasonA farewell cruise and haul out ..22 DEPARTMENTS Info & Updates ......................4 Business Briefs .......................7 Eco-News ..............................8 Regatta News........................10 All Ashoreƒ.....................16, 19 Meridian Passage .................28 Sailors Horoscope ................30 Cruising Kids Corner ............31 Book Reviews ........................32 Cruiser Portraits .....................34 The Caribbean Sky ...............36 Cooking with Cruisers ..........37 Readers Forum .....................38 Whats On My Mind ..............40 Calendar of Events ...............41 Caribbean Market Place .....42 Classified Ads .......................46 Advertisers Index .................46Caribbean Compass welcomes submissions of short articles, news items, photos and drawings. See Writers Guidelines at www.caribbeancompass.com. Send submissions to sally@caribbeancompass.com. We support free speech! But the content of advertisements, columns, articles and letters to the editor are the sole responsibility of the advertiser, writer or correspondent, and Compass Publishing Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any statements made therein. Letters and submissions may be edited for length and clarity. 2012 Compass Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. No reproduction, copy or transmission of this publication, except short excerpts for review purposes, may be made without written permission of Compass Publishing Ltd. Caribbean Compass is published monthly by Compass Publishing Ltd., P.O. Box 175 BQ, Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Tel: (784) 457-3409, Fax: (784) 457-3410 compass@vincysurf.com www.caribbeancompass.comEditor...........................................Sally Erdle sally@caribbeancompass.com Assistant Editor...................Elaine Ollivierre jsprat@vincysurf.com Advertising & Distribution........Tom Hopman tom@caribbeancompass.com Art, Design & Production......Wilfred Dederer wide@caribbeancompass.com Accounting............................Shellese Craigg shellese@caribbeancompass.comCompass Agents by Island:Antigua: Ad Sales & Distribution Lucy Tulloch Tel (268) 720-6868 lucy@thelucy.com Barbados: Distribution Doyle Sails Tel/Fax: (246) 423-4600 Curaao: Distribution Budget Marine Curaao curacao@budgetmarine.com Tel: (5999) 462 77 33 Dominica: Ad Sales & Distribution Hubert J. Winston Dominica Marine Center, Tel: (767) 448-2705, info@dominicamarinecenter.com Grenada/Carriacou/Petite Martinique: Ad Sales & Distribution Karen Maaroufi Cell: (473) 457-2151 Office: (473) 444-3222 compassgrenada@gmail.com Martinique: Ad Sales & Distribution Isabelle Prado Tel: (0596) 596 68 69 71, Mob: + 596 696 74 77 01 isabelle.prado@wanadoo.fr Puerto Rico: Ad Sales Ellen Birrell (787) 219 4918, ellenbirrell@gmail.com Distribution Sunbay Marina, Fajardo Olga Diaz de Perz, Tel: (787) 863 0313 Fax: (787) 863 5282 sunbaymarina@aol.com St. Lucia: Ad Sales & Distribution Maurice Moffat Tel: (758) 452 0147 Cell: (758) 720 8432. mauricemoffat@hotmail.com St. Maarten/St. Barths/Guadeloupe: Ad Sales & Distribution Stphane LegendreMob: + 590 690 760 100steflegendre@wanadoo.fr St. Thomas/USVI: Ad Sales Ellen Birrell (787) 219 4918, ellenbirrell@gmail.com Distribution Bryan Lezama Tel: (340) 774 7931, blezama1@earthlink.net St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Ad Sales Shellese Craiggshellese@caribbeancompass.com Tel: (784) 457 3409Distribution Doc Leslie Tel: (784) 529-0970 Tortola/BVI: Ad Sales Ellen Birrell (787) 219-4918, ellenbirrell@gmail.com Distribution Gladys Jones Tel: (284) 494-2830, Fax: (284) 494-1584 Trinidad; Sales & Distribution Boaters' Enterprise Ltd, Tel/Fax: (868) 622-6580 sales@boatersenterprise.com Venezuela: Ad Sales Patty Tomasik Tel: (58-281) 265-3844 Tel/Fax: (58-281) 265-2448 xanadumarine@hotmail.comISSN 1605 1998Cover photos: Kay Wilson captures the laid-back essence of summertime Caribbean cruising NEAL DAVIS ROSIE BURR


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 4 Regional Customs Body CCLEC Terminates Use of ESeaClear CCLECs ITC Officer, Aaron Smith, reports: The Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council (CCLEC) wishes to advise the public that the working relationship between the developer of eSeaClear, Digital Port Control Ltd., and CCLEC has been terminated effective June 30th, 2012. Consequently, CCLEC, and by extension Customs Administrations in the region, no longer support the eSeaClear brand, service and application (eSeaClear) and as a result the CCLEC End Users Licence Agreement and Privacy Policy which facilitated the capturing of data for clearance purposes have been withdrawn from eSeaClear. CCLEC is very mindful of the consequent impact of discontinuing this service to the public and sincerely apologies for any convenience caused. Please be assured that CCLEC is expeditiously embarking on the development of a new system which would service the changing requirements for the clearance and facilitation of yachting arrivals in the region across border agencies; this will in turn provide a more rewarding user experience to all parties involved. In the meantime, yacht skippers should proceed with Customs clearance procedures that were in place before or have been in place alongside the eSeaClear electronic system. For more information contact the CCLEC Secretariat at (758) 453-7705/2556 or Secretariat@cclec.net. ƒ As Expanded ESeaClear Launched in Antigua Meanwhile, Bob Potter, CEO of Digital Port Control Ltd. reports: An expanded eSeaClear service will launch in Antigua & Barbuda on July 25th, 2012. The eSeaClear team has been working closely over the past several months with all three border agencies involved with the Clearance process there: Immigration, Customs and Port Authority. The results should speak for themselves in significantly improving the clearance experience for all visitors arriving and departing by yacht at one of the three compliant clearance ports: English Harbour, Jolly Harbour and Deep Water Harbour. Improvements in training, computer equipment and bandwidth will serve to expedite ALL formal border procedures. Antigua & Barbuda have set the new standard for eSeaClear compliance and as such will be the only country where eSeaClear will be immediately available. Other countries will be encouraged to become fully compliant, and as they come online, will be announced on the eSeaClear website. We hope that several will make it by December, in time for the upcoming season. For more information visit www.eseaclear.com. In-and-Out Clearance in Grenada Chris Doyle reports: You can get three-day in-and-out clearance in Grenada. This is very handy for those making a brief stay on their way north from Trinidad or for those wanting to visit Grenadian waters for a few days from St. Vincent & the Grenadines. It is a little known fact that the Grenada Yachting Act 2000 allows for 72-hour inand-out clearance: Section 5 (2) A departure report shall be made up to twenty-four hours before departure. Section 5 (3) The master may make a departure report at the time of arrival provided that the master intends to depart within seventy-two hours of arrival.Ž Unlike St. Lucia, where the in-and-out clearance is automatically on the same form when you request it, in the Grenada system you will still have to ask for and complete both the inward clearance forms and the departure forms when you make the clearance. But you may do so as long as you are going to leave within 72 hours. For more information on clearing into Grenada visit www.grenadagrenadines.com/ yachting/clearance-procedures. „Continued on next page Info & Updates JEFF FISHER


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 5 Reliability. Durability. Simplicity. Antigua: Marine Power Svcs: 268-460-1850 Seagull Yacht Svcs: 268-460-3049 Bequia: Caribbean Diesel: 784-457-3114 Dominica: Dominica Marine Center: 767-448-2705 Grenada: Grenada Marine: 473-443-1667 Enza Marine: 473-439-2049 Martinique: Inboard Diesel Svcs: 596-596-787-196 St. Croix: St. Croix Marine: 340-773-0289 St. John: Coral Bay Marine: 340-776-6665 St. Lucia: Martinek: 758-450-0552 St. Maarten: Electec: 599-544-2051 St. Thomas: All Points Marine: 340-775-9912 Trinidad & Tobago: Engine Tech Co. Ltd: 868-667-7158 Dockyard Electrics: 868-634-4272 Tortola: Cay Electronics: 284-494-2400Marine Maintenance Svcs: 284-494-3494 Parts & Power: 284-494-2830 www.CaribbeanNorthernLights.com Reliability. Durability. Simplicity. A Family of Generators with Relatives throughout the CaribbeanC001 www.CaribbeanNorthernLights.com „ Continued from previous page Turks & Caicos Increases Charges for Boats in Transit As reported on Noonsite (www.noonsite.com), prices have increased for short stays in the Turks & Caicos, from US$15 for a seven-day stay, to $100. This fee is payable even if simply stopping to refuel. If you remain in the Turks & Caicos islands after your seven days are up, you have to pay a further $300 for a 90-day cruising permit. St. Martin Press Conference Addresses Yacht Issues Metimer, the marine trades association of French St. Martin, held a press conference on June 29th at the Maison des Entreprises to discuss local issues affecting the yachting sector, including the numerous thefts of dinghies in the weeks prior to the meeting; the wrecks threatening security inside Simpson Bay lagoon; and the danger on Sandy Ground bridge for the youngsters using it as a game at opening time. Present in addition to Metimer officers and members were representatives from marinas, dive shops, environmental groups, the Dutch sides Maritime Administration and the press. The organizers expressed disappointment that none of the invited French-side government representatives were in attendance, especially as critical issues such as dealing with as many as 25 abandoned wrecks in the lagoon as hurricane season commences were on the agenda. The problem of youths jumping off the Sandy Ground Bridge is of serious concern. Bridge Operator Regine Hee reportedly decided not to open the bridge if the police cannot be there regularly to control them. It was estimated that around 40 youngsters, ten to 15 years old, gather for bridge openings, usually at the 5:30PM opening. There is a real danger of a serious accident or even loss of life when they jump off as boats pass through. On the subject of dinghy thefts, it is thought that there is a business in selling stolen dinghies and the criminals employ young boys to do the stealing. Two 14-year-old suspects were arrested some time ago. The problem occurs on both sides of the island, but the Dutch side has a registration system for yachts, dinghies and outboard motors that helps in recovering stolen dinghies. Thanks to Metimer and St. Maarten Divers for information in this report. Eight Bells Michele Webb writes: Philip Scully, a man who has been widely hailed as a marine geniusŽ, a consummate professionalŽ and a unique friend passed away suddenly aboard sailing yacht Starry Night on May 22nd, 2012. Only a few days out of Antigua enroute to the Azores, Philip suddenly became very ill and died, despite offshore doctors assistance, advanced medical equipment onboard, and efforts of the crew to resuscitate him. In an article in The Carrigdhoun (an Irish newspaper), friends and colleagues describe Philip as a giant of a man despite his small statureŽ. He knew more about sailing than anyone I know; he had the most capable hands, a huge brain and, because he was small physically, Ive never seen anyone to be so nimble on a boat,Ž said friend and Cork sailing school director Eddie English. Philip started sailing at a very young age and was a keen racer, competing in the Admirals Cup (now the Commodores Cup) in Cowes in the 1970s. He was also involved in building and designing yachts as a teenager. „Continued on next page CHRIS DOYLEMetimer is concerned about daredevils using the Sandy Ground bridge as a diving platform when it opens to allow vessels through


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 6 „ Continued from previous page Philip managed several yachts but is best known for his 20 years as skipper aboard Starry Night and while the present Starry Night was built by Oyster, Philip spent two years working on the design and build. After many modifications, it is considered more of a one-off design, one that Philip was very proud of. I first met Philip in Antigua on May 5th, 2002 when I was invited to join Starry Night as a delivery cook for my first Atlantic crossing. I ended up staying aboard for three and a half years and that crossing marked the beginning of a very deep friendship with Philip and Starry Night Rarely in life does one get to meet an individual as remarkable as Philip and I am honoured to have shared his life. Philip had an incredible depth and wisdom. His acts of kindness and generosity never ceased to amaze me. He is by far, the most interesting man Ive ever known. He loved his life and truly appreciated every day finding enjoyment in, as he put it, simple pleasuresŽ. Sunday afternoons at De Reef beach bar in Bequia, taking in the music, chatting with African and the other colorful cast of characters is what Philip loved most. The warmth and hospitality of the people, along with the beautiful landscape made Bequia Philips favourite Caribbean stop. We would spend as much time in Bequia as the schedule would allow and would find any excuse we could to return. During my last conversation with Philip he said he was tired and ready for a vacation and I thought that perhaps we would meet up, as we often did, to spend some time together. I was deeply shocked and saddened to learn of his passing. Philip, my anam cara *, I miss you terribly and I will never forget all that you taught me. Home is the sailor, Home from the seaƒ *Anam cara is Irish for soul mate. Armed Yacht Robbery in Bocas del Toro, Panama Two armed assailants boarded an American yacht anchored in the south anchorageŽ of the Bocas Marina, next to Isla Colon in the province of Bocas del Toro in the early hours of July 8th. They held the couple at gunpoint and tied them up, then ransacked the boat and stole everything of value, including cameras, electronics, a computer, cash, and jewelry. The couple was also reportedly beaten during the robbery. The victims have filed a complaint with the Panamanian National Police. The community of English-speaking expatriates in Bocas del Toro have rallied to support the victims. Fellow cruisers have pledged about US$1,600 dollars to a fund that will be paid to anyone providing information directly leading to the arrest and conviction of the assailants. A sketch artist will create a likeness of the assailants for reward posters. For more information contact Don Winner at don@panama-guide.com or visit Panama-Guide.com. Cruisers Site-ings € Readers of our review of Squalls and Rainbows in last months Compass should know that we reviewed an early first printing of the book, and that typos have since been corrected. Anyone seeking more information about Jim Richardsons writing can find it at his website www.TheFloatingYears.com which has links to his books, pictures, route maps, and other information. € The quarterly magazine Cubaplus is the only magazine circulating in Canada exclusively dedicated to informing readers about Cuba, its history, culture and traditions, and more. It is distributed throughout Canada and in major US cities. CubaPlus has recently launched a new website, www.cubaplusmagazine.com Simply the Best In the Travel + Leisure 2012 Worlds Best Awards readers survey, the readers of one of the worlds leading travel magazines picked Vieques in Puerto Rico, Harbour Island in the Bahamas, Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, the Grenadines in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and St. John in the United States Virgin Islands as the Top 5 Destinations in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas. Currently in its 17th edition, Travel + Leisures Worlds Best Awards Readers Survey will appear in the magazines August issue and at www.travelandleisure.com. Welcome Aboard! In this issue of Caribbean Compass we welcome new advertisers West Shore Medical of Trinidad, on page 6; the Mango Bowl Regatta of St. Lucia, on page 11; Marine Solar Tec of Panama on page 31; and Rolling Thunder Transportation Services of Puerto Rico, in the Market Place section, pages 42 through 45. Good to have you with us! PRLINKS COMMUNICATIONSVirgin Gorda, named one of Travel + Leisure magazines Top 5 Caribbean Destinations


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 7 BUSINESS BRIEFSHealth and Hospital Service in Trinidad When in Trinidad, care for yourself as well as your boat! West Shore Medical in Trinidad was founded by a group of doctors who, as professionals, were worried about the state of healthcare available in Trinidad and Tobago. They saw an urgent need for a medical institution operating with private sector efficiency but without financial returns being its main driving force, i.e. a compassionate, patient-driven healthcare service delivered at the most reasonable cost possible. West Shore Medical is just minutes from downtown Port of Spain off the westbound lane of the Cocorite highway, nestled at the foothills of the scenic Northern Range and overlooking the serenity of the Gulf of Paria. The location offers a relaxing environment with sea views and beautiful sunsets that help calm and heal. Here you will find state-of-the-art medical services, expert doctors and superb personal attention that provide affordable healthcare thats always available when you need it. Aside from operating a 24-hour Accident & Emergency, Intensive Care Unit, Step Down Unit and a Cardiac Care Unit, West Shore is a fully equipped surgical hospital catering to a wide range of procedures such as gynaecological surgery, cardiac surgery, gastric by-pass surgery, neurosurgery, nephrology services, laparoscopic surgery and even plastic surgery (both oncoplastic and cosmetic treatments). For more information see ad on page 6. Three IGY Marinas Win Clean Marina Award IGY Marinas has announced the granting of the ICOMIA Clean Marina Award (from the International Council of Marine Industry Associations) to its three marinas in the Yacht Haven Grande Collection. Meeting all of the ICOMIA criteria for an environmentally aware facility, Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas, Rodney Bay Marina in St. Lucia and The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol in St. Maarten have responsibly fulfilled the initiatives to become cleanŽ. Some of those efforts include: € Proper waste and recycling management € Clean and efficient storage of fuels and oils € Prohibition of sewage discharge € Inclusion in local Port Waste Management Plan € Documented emergency (pollution and fire) plans € Environmental policy property-wide € Customer awareness advisement on environmental best practices € Staff trained in environmental best practice As part of the Gold Anchor award, each marina is subject to the three-year compulsory environmental audit by The Yacht Harbour Association on behalf of ICOMIA. The three marinas in the Collection are currently under review in the Gold Anchor program. ICOMIAs Clean Marinas Program was established in 2008 and is intended to encourage national and regional clean marinas programmes to meet a common set of internationally recognized criteria drawn up by experts from the ICOMIA Environmental Committee and Marinas Group; applications are scrutinized by a dedicated panel. Current ICOMIA Clean Marinas Program members include the marina industry associations of Australia and New Zealand, Germany and The Yacht Harbour Associations (TYHA) Gold Anchor Scheme. For more information on Rodney Bay Marina see ad on page 10. For more information visit on ICOMIA visit www.icomia.org. Transportation, Customs and Provisioning in Puerto Rico Rolling Thunder Transportation Services serves cruisers in La Parguera, Boqueron, Porta Real (Marina Pescaderia), Mayaguez and Aguadilla. Rolling Thunder also offers Customs and Provisioning services. Aguadilla Airport in Puerto Ricos northwest offers Jet Blue, United and Spirit/Southwest flights for as little as US$180 round trip to US connection airports such as Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, JFK, and Newark. For more information see advertisement in the Market Place section, pages 42 through 45. For more information about Puerto Ricos western region visit portadelsol-pr.com. Get Cuban Charts in Havana Although various electronic charts of Cuba are available, youll want paper charts too, and the best yachting charts of Cuba are, unsurprisingly, published there. Cuban charts are published by Edimar, a division of the Instituto Hidrografico de Cuba, Cubas competent hydrographic and geodesic service, also known as GeoCuba. They are presented in a series of seven spiral-bound chart kits. Cuban charts measure 15 x 22 1/2 inches; each chart kit contains from six to 15 color charts accurate for use with GPS. The charts range in scale from 1:150,000 to 1:5,000 for selected harbors covering all harbors of principal interest to yachtsmen. Depths are in metres and the charts include information in both English and Spanish. A table in each chart kit shows distances between marinas, and a separate blackand-white chart shows the location of marinas. Kit No. 1 covers Marina Hemingway to Cabo Corientes; Kit No. 2, Cabo Corientes to Casilda; Kit No. 3, Casilda to Cabo Cruz; Kit No. 4, Cabo Cruz to Punta Maisi; Kit No. 5, Punta Maisi to Punta Maternillos; Kit No. 6, Punta Maternillos to Cayo Baha de Cdiz; and Kit No. 7, Baha de Cdiz to Marina Hemingway. The chart kits are available in Old Havana at El Navo bookstore, at 119 Calle Obispo near the Plaza de Armas (on the block between Oficios and Mercaderes). For those who read Spanish, a series of cruising guides to the various parts of the Cuban coast is also available here. In addition to nautical charts, El Navo stocks old and new books, as well as postcards and magazines. El Navo is the only shop selling used and new books approved by Cubas National Heritage Office, so anything bought there can be exported. The profits of El Navo and other special shops of the Historical Centre of Havana are devoted to the conservation of the old city. Spanish-speakers can phone El Navo bookstore at (53) 861-3187. Lyman-Morse Invests in Panamas Shelter Bay As reported in Soundings Trade Only the Maine-based yacht builder and services company, Lyman-Morse, has expanded its activities by opening a repair and refit facility at Shelter Bay Marina, located very close to the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal. Operating under the name Lyman-Morse Panama, the new facility offers haul-out, storage and pre-canal transit preparation. It has a 100-tonne travel-lift and can haul out yachts up to 30 metres (100 feet). Larger craft can be worked on afloat. Shelter Bay Marina offers 170 berths for yachts up to 76 metres (250 feet). The timing and location is perfect for us,Ž the vice president of Lyman-Morse, Drew Lyman, told Soundings Trade Only The new locks that will come into operation in 2014, will dramatically improve the experience of transiting the canal, opening up these cruising grounds and access to the Pacific.Ž For more information visit www.lymanmorse.com. Horseback Rides in Isabela, Puerto Rico Craig Barker reports: Imagine yourself on a beautiful Paso Fino horse ride along miles of pristine white sandy beaches, tropical forests, and crystal blue waters. Experience Puerto Rico the way it was meant to be. Come to Tropical Trail Rides nestled in the town of Isabela on the northwest corner of the island. This relatively undeveloped region will capture your heart and soul. We provide gentle, but spirited, healthy horses that can accommodate beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. Open seven days a weeks with two rides per day: 9:00AM and 4:00PM. For more information visit www.tropicaltrailrides.com or contact info@tropicaltrailrides.com, (787) 872-9256. Award-Winning Shark Documentary Available on Video An award-winning documentary narrated by the legendary ocean explorer, Dr. Sylvia Earle, is now available on home video. The majority of This is Your Ocean: Sharks was shot in the Bahamas, with additional footage shot in Asia, the Pacific and New York. The 48-minute film examines the misconceptions and myths surrounding these misunderstood predators and promotes a call for global shark conservation. It was part of a campaign led by the Bahamas National Trust encouraging the Bahamian government to increase protection of sharks in their federal waters. This campaign resulted in the prohibition of all commercial shark fishing in its more than 240,000 square miles of territorial waters. For more information or to purchase a DVD copy visit www.guyharvey.com. Choice Restaurant, Portsmouth, Dominica Amy Peterson reports: What initially brought my husband and me through the door of the tiny restaurant was not the name: no name can be found on the pink facade. What caught my eye was the lit-up glass cubicle with fried chicken legs and homemade fish bake. A Kabuli and two yummy legs later, I was happily satiated and curious. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I like nothing better than trying out local cooking and peeking into the kitchen, which is exactly what I did. Behind the curtained doorway in a closet sized kitchen I met Catherina, restaurant proprietor and cook. After taking a few photos and showing her the results, we quickly became friends. With a warm smile and gentle voice, Catherina toured me through her simmering pots of stewed chicken, fish, and assorted pots and pans of side dishes. Catherina arrives at her restaurant six days a week at 5:00AM to begin cooking. Upon our return to Dominica a month later, Choice Restaurant was our pick for a lunch stop. Just three tables big, we were glad to arrive before the local rush of carryout orders began and the remaining two tables filled up. After a warm welcome (Dominica has the warm welcome down!) Catherina plated up her delicious fare neatly arranged and tasting so very delicious. Neatly skinned chicken legs had been simmered to tenderness in a simple sauce, provisions (local starch vegetables), freshly cooked red beans, spaghetti in a light tomato sauce, Caribbean flavored rice, salad and the most delicious garlicky potato salad weve eaten was all quickly devoured. The best indication of a good cook? A clean plate! Before departing, I ordered some of Catherinas fried chicken legs to pick up the next day for our sail to Martinique; there is no better snacking food while underway. Choice Restaurant can be found on the main town road in Portsmouth, heading north from the town dock. Look for the pink house on the left. Open every day except Sunday.


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 8 Caribbean Eco -NewsProtecting Whales Throughout Their Migration As reported in The Rserve Naturelle of Saint-Martins quarterly journal, the idea to protect marine mammals in the waters of the Caribbean is spreading. In fact, the Dutch government would like to create marine sanctuaries in its territorial waters around Bonaire, Statia and Saba, which became municipalities of The Netherlands as of October 2010. In addition, the Marine Park of St. Maarten has indicated it would like to continue to work with the French AGOA project in creating a sanctuary in its territorial waters. A meeting requested by Holland to discuss these projects took place on June 4th and 5th in St. Maarten, with representatives from the Dutch islands, France, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, plus the Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (RAC-SPAW), the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary in the US, and Dutch scientists. The discussion was centered on the necessity to especially protect the humpback whales in their corridorsŽ of migration, from the warm waters of the Antilles archipelago all the way to the northern Atlantic, with each of these environmental entities a link in the chain of marine protection. The intention is to multiply the number of sanctuaries and create a network so that these marine mammals are protected throughout their entire migration period. Concrete ideas were evoked, such as equipping the humpback whales with GPS chips in order to follow their migratory route by computer. For more information visit www.reservenaturelle-saint-martin.com. Jamaicas Pedro Cays to Become Protected Area As reported by Luke Douglas in the Jamaica Observer on June 13th, the Pedro Cays are to become a marine protected area following the signing of an agreement between the Jamaican Government and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The Pedro Cays are four small islands situated on the Pedro Bank about 66 kilometres (40 miles) south of Portland Point, the southernmost point in Jamaica. The Pedro Cays are best known as a fishing resource area that is occupied by hundreds of fisherfolk. The cays are also considered one of the last remaining healthy marine ecosystems in Jamaica and an important nesting ground for several species of birds and turtles. The move forms part of an effort to replenish the fish stocks in Jamaica and the Caribbean region. The project also involves an area off the coast of the Dominican Republic as well as the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, located between Colombia and Jamaica. We are looking at the ecosystem in a large manner. If we (continue to) deplete the fish stocks, its going to affect all of us,Ž explained Nelson Andrade Colmenares, cocoordinator of the UNEP regional co-coordinating unit which is based in Kingston. For more information on UNEPs Caribbean Environment Programme visit www.cep.unep.org. IWC Allows Continuation of Bequia Whaling At the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Panama last month, the quota of four humpback whales per year was renewed to St. Vincent & the Grenadines in respect of whalers from the island of Bequia. Bequia is the only place in the Caribbean where any of the great whales are still hunted. Amid objections, the renewals for three aboriginalŽ quotas „ those for the indigenous peoples in Chukotka in eastern Siberia, the Alaskan Inupiat of the United States, and the Bequians of St. Vincent & the Grenadines „ were bundled together in the voting process and were jointly renewed. Peter Sanchez, speaking for the Dominican Republic, said, We recognize the needs of indigenous peoples in the US and Russia but we cannot support the [joint] request by all three countries.Ž Referring to Bequia, Monacos Frederic Briand argued that whaling started by a settlers family as recently as 1875 does not qualify as aboriginal.Ž The Commission voted 48 to 10 to set quotas for the next six years for indigenous whaling in the three countries, narrowly achieving the 75 percent needed to approve decisions. The current quotas last for six years. St. Vincent & the Grenadines will now have the right to take up to 24 humpback whales between 2013 and 2018. For more information visit http://iwcoffice.org. Extinct Snake Found in St. Lucia The St. Lucia Racer, a snake that was declared extinct more than 75 years ago, has been found alive and well in the Maria Islands nature reserve off the coast of St. Lucia, it was announced in early July. In late 2011, researchers tracked down 11 of the mottled brown snakes ( Liophis ornatus ) and outfitted them with tiny data recorders. Scientists estimate that 18 of the snakes live on the reserve, said the British-based Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trusts Eastern Caribbean program manager, Matthew Morton. „Continued on next page Fishermen in the Pedro Cays. New protection is aimed at replenishing fish stocksPEDRO BANK MANAGEMENT PROJECT


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 9 „ Continued from previous page In one sense it is a very worrying situation, with such a small population restricted to a single, tiny site,Ž Morton said. But in another sense, its an opportunity... It means that we still have a chance to save this species.Ž Once abundant on St. Lucia, the St. Lucia Racers were decimated by the arrival of mongooses in the late 19th century. The gentle, non-venomous snake that grows to just under three feet (one metre) in length was declared extinct in 1936, but one was spotted on the reserve in 1973 and rare sightings have since been reported. Late last year, Durrell, with help from the US Fish & Wildlife Service and other groups, launched a search for the snake on the larger of the two Maria Islands. A team of scientists and several volunteers spent five months scouring the rocky outcrop where they found some of the snakes slithering around during the day, looking for lizards and frogs to eat. Once they captured them, they implanted microchips that will transmit data including information about their lifespan and other details, Morton said. British conservation group Flora & Fauna International pointed to the success story of the Antiguan Racer, a species that formerly held the title of worlds rarest snake, as hope for the St. Lucia Racer. In 1995, only 50 Antiguan racers remained on Earth, but thanks to protective measures their population has swelled to 900. Grenadines to be Evaluated as World Heritage Site The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has sponsored an initial pilot project to evaluate the Grenadines island group to qualify for World Heritage Site status. The World Heritage Committee identifies cultural and natural properties of outstanding universal valueŽ that are to be protected under the treaty protecting World Cultural and Natural Heritage and inscribes those properties on the World Heritage List. The committee is composed of representatives from 21 governments that are Parties to the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, adopted by UNESCO in 1972. The World Heritage List includes 951 properties including 739 cultural sites, 183 natural sites and 29 mixed cultural-natural properties in 155 countries. As of March 2012, 189 of the worlds 193 governments had ratified the World Heritage Convention. Existing World Heritage Sites in the Caribbean include The Pitons in St. Lucia, Habana Vieja in Cuba, The Garrison and Bridgetown in Barbados, the National History Park (Citadel) in Haiti, Brimstone Hill Fortress in St. Kitts, the Morne Trois Pitons National Park in Dominica, the Barrier Reef in Belize, and more. Lead Coordinator and Executive Director of Grenada National Trust, Gerrit Scheper, will be accompanying two official evaluators on this UNESCO WHS mission on a week-long sailing trip up the Grenadines, visiting a number of the Grenada Grenadines and St. Vincent Grenadines, and meeting local groups and conservationists. It is hoped that the Grenadines will become a cross-border World Heritage Site spanning Grenada and St. Vincent waters, and that World Heritage Site status will provide legal protection to the area with international support to maintain its natural beauty for the world and generations to come. For more information visit http://whc.unesco.org/en/tentativelists/1925. ƒ While St. Lucias Pitons Escape Danger List Meanwhile, the St. Lucia Pitons has escaped being added to the World Heritage Danger List by the World Heritage Committee. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, IUCN, had recommended that the Pitons, along with Lake Turkana National Parks in Kenya, the Dja Faunal Reserve in Cameroon, and the Virgin Komi Forests in Russia, be added to the List of World Heritage in Danger. However, the committee, meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia in July, rejected all four recommendations. We are disappointed that the committee has not inscribed any of these threatened sites on the List of World Heritage in Danger this year,Ž said Tim Badman, director of IUCNs World Heritage Programme. These four sites face significant threats to their values, from threats including major infrastructure projects, the extractive industry and property speculation.Ž According to the IUCN, the Pitons Management Area has been subjected to significant development since its inscription on the World Heritage List in 2004, and development threats risk irreversible loss of its outstanding universal value. Recognizable for its two eroded remnants of lava domes rising from the sea to heights greater than 700 metres, Pitons Management Area includes a geothermal field with sulphurous fumeroles and hot springs. The forested spires contain eight rare tree species. The larger one is inhabited by some 27 bird species, five of them found nowhere else on Earth. Coral reefs cover almost 60 percent of the sites marine area, which is inhabited by 168 species of fish. Badman said, Inscription on the Danger List is not a black mark for countries, but a way of drawing attention and providing support to the sites that need it the most.Ž The World Heritage Fund provides about US$4 million annually to support activities requested by governments in need of international assistance. The World Heritage Committee allocates funds according to the urgency of requests, priority being given to the most threatened sites. CHRIS DOYLEThe Tobago Cays, jewels in the crown of the possible Grenadines World Heritage Site


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 10 REGATTA NEWS Aguayo is Caribbean Laser Champ „ Again! Raul Aguayo of the Dominican Republic won the 23rd Heineken Light Open Caribbean Laser Championship 2012 (Overall and Standard) held June 9th and 10th, in Orient Bay, St. Maarten. Twenty-two Laser sailors from around the Caribbean competed in nine races, with ideal weather conditions: fair and steady nineto 12-knot winds. Kevin van Otterdijk (age 17) of Curaao dazzled everyone with his talent, beating other top sailors for a close second (Overall and Standard). Kevins performance was all the more remarkable when, after a premature start, he clawed his way back to the top of the fleet to win that race. Third place overall was multiple champion, Karl James from Antigua. Last years champion, Benoit Meesemaecker of St. Barths, came in third in the Standard Class. Local teenage sailor Rhne Findlay, sponsored by Maclaren, won the Radial Class, ahead of Jonathan Woods from Tortola; third and fourth place tied in points, with Jolyon Ferron of St. Maarten breaking the tie with Henry Fondeur of the Dominican Republic. Karl James took the honours in the Master Class, breaking the tie in points with second place Markku Harmala of St. Barths, with Frits Bus in third in this very competitive class. The Junior 4.7 Class was won by Matthew Oliver (15), very closely followed by the only girl competing in the regatta, Mollee Donovan (15) „ both Tortolans. Third place was Jose-Luis Riviera (15) of Puerto Rico. Co-sponsor Club Orient was the host hotel, providing chalets right on the beach for sailors and families. Sunsail provided the start boat and Heineken Light the after-racing beverages. There was a great competitors dinner at Bikini Beach Bar, and Papagayo Restaurant hosted the lunches for both days, plus the prizegiving on Sunday. Race Officer was Andrew Rapley and the St. Maarten Yacht Club was the overall organizer of this Caribbean Sailing Association-sanctioned regatta. For more information visit www.laserchamps.com. St. Maartens Bus Finally Busts Marlow Regatta After six years of placing second, Frits Bus finally clinched the win at the 2012 Marlow One Design Regatta, hosted by the St. Maarten Yacht Club on June 16th and 17th. Among 16 entries from six countries, locals took the top three positions. Roel ten Hoopen, long-time crew for Bus, challenged his mentor, finishing third overall, while second place went to Han de Bruin Kops, with brothers Peter and Paul Soons as crew. After a disappointing Day One, Karl James of Antigua showed his true colours, finishing fifth overall. St. Barths sent three teams, with the combination of Mowgli Fox, Sophie Olivaud and Serge Maziero finishing in the top ten. Team Curaao, with Michel Ruijter at the helm, also placed in the top ten. The Anguilla Youth Team made a valiant effort, placing fourth three times in 24 races. Special mention goes to Team Nevis, as this was their first time entering an off-island competition. Vice Commodore of the Nevis Yacht Club, Mark Theron, and SMYC Board member, Kathy Gifford, exchanged burgees at the prizegiving with a commitment to pursue future inter-club endeavors. Thanks go to the regattas principal sponsor, Marlow Rope, in the Caribbean for over 25 years at Budget Marine, the latter of which made a huge contribution this year with volunteers, dinghies, and the committee boat. AMCON ensured that the change boat didnt drag down the lagoon, and Tropical Sail Lofts Ernst Looser was Race Officer. The Marlow Regatta brings to a close the SMYC 2011-12 lagoon racing season. USA Worlds Team Wins Sea Star Team Racing Champs An all-time high of 78 sailors competed in the Sea Star Clinic held June 18th through 20th, and 15 teams raced in the 2012 Sea Star Team Racing Championships on June 21st. The clinic was run by internationally recognized coaches including St. Thomas Yacht Club Coach, Agustin ArgyŽ Resano; Gonzalo BochaŽ Pollitzer, Manuel MannyŽ Resano and Esteban PiloŽ Rocha from OptiSailors.com; Eric Bardes from Team Florida Ocean Racing; Santiago Galan, US Virgin Islands team coach; and Justine OConnor out of Miami, Florida. The 15 teams of five sailors each took to the seas off St. Thomas east end to compete in the Sea Star Team Racing Championships on June 21st. At the conclusion, it was the USA Worlds Team, made up of Roman Screve, Ivan Shestopalov, Wiley Rogers, Nic Muller and Will Logue, which emerged victorious. Keith McSwain, District Manager of Sea Star Line, says, Sea Star Line is very pleased to sponsor the 2012 Sea Star Line Clinic & Team Race for the fifth consecutive year. Because we believe lessons learned on the water are life changing, we take great pride in promoting the youth in events that help them build a sense of self-confidence, purpose and discipline in an environment where sportsmanship is as important as just having fun.Ž For more information visit www.styc.net. USAs Logue Wins 20th Annual Scotiabank Opti Regatta Only four points separated the top five sailors going into the third and final day of racing at the 20th Scotiabank International Optimist Regatta, held out of the St. Thomas Yacht Club, US Virgin Islands, June 22nd through 24th. „Continued on next page DEAN BARNES


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 11 Check SLYC Website for details on possible INAUGURAL FEEDER YACHT RACEŽ FROM BARBADOS TO RODNEY BAY, ST LUCIA, STARTING AT MIDNIGHT ON NOVEMBER 24 & FINISHING AT THE SLYC DURING THE EARLY AFTERNOON OF NOVEMBER 25. Also see more details in the Sept. edition of Compass DECEMBER IST & 2ND THE INAUGURAL ST LUCIA YACHT CLUBOpen to all Senior Yacht Classes including: Surprise Class & J24 Class will race together with an overall Cash Prize plus Sponsor Trophies on Handicap for 1st, 2nd & 3rd for the Short Nine Race Series Surprise Class will also receive trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd J24 Class will also receive trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Racing & Cruising Classes will receive trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd CONTACTS: Franck Chevrier SLYC SAILING CAPTAIN Cell : +1758 4841003 Edgar Roe SAILING COMMITTEE MEMBER Cell : +1758 5187784www.stluciayachtclub.com GREAT SOCIAL FUNCTIONS ARE PLANNED FOR FRI, SAT & SUN COME & ENJOY THE FUN! Entry Fee: US$100.00 10% Discount if you pay & enter before Friday November16th. Visit: SLYC website for payment details Sponsors Include: Windward & Leeward Brewery, IGY Rodney Bay Marina, Tropical Shipping, Palm Haven Hotel, Johnsons Hardware, Island Water World, Ferrands Ice Cream, Endless Summer Catamarans & Marigot Beach Club „ Continued from previous page It came down to a tiebreaker to determine that 14-year-old Will Logue from Connecticut was the overall winner. I didnt do well in the second race this morning, so it was really close. But, I came back strong in the last race to win,Ž says Logue. My strategy is always to stay positive and do the best I can.Ž This was Logues first trip to the Caribbean. What I really like here are the heavy winds,Ž he says. It was great sailing.Ž A record 127 sailors competed in the Advanced Red, Blue and White Fleets (11 races) and beginner Green Fleet (16 races) over three days of competition. Sailors hailed from 16 nations: Antigua & Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, Curaao, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain, St. Maarten, Trinidad & Tobago, the USA and the USVI. Logue won not only the overall championship, but also the 13to 15-year-old Red Fleet. In the 11to 12-year old Blue Fleet, it was Ivan Shestopalov from Florida who finished first. The BVIs Thad Lettsome won the age-ten-and-under White Fleet, impressive since Lettsome has been sailing only a little over one year in the Royal BVI Yacht Club Sailing Program. The Dominican Republics Justina Pacheco earned the Top Girl award. I always tried to read the wind shifts correctly and get good starts,Ž says Pacheco about her strategy for success. In the beginner Green Fleet, it was Mateo DiBlasi from St. John, USVI, who took a commanding lead to win. I always went where there was the most wind,Ž says nine-year-old DiBlasi. The USAs Logue also won the Pete Ives Award, given for a combination of sailing prowess, sportsmanship, determination and good attitude both on and off the water. Meanwhile, the USVIs Maggie Finley earned the Chuck Fuller Sportsmanship Award. The Scotiabank International Optimist Regatta, organized under authority of the Virgin Islands Sailing Association and a Caribbean Sailing Association-sanctioned event, has been sponsored by Scotiabank almost since the events inception. For full results visit www.regattanetwork.com. For more information about the regatta visit www.styc.net. CSA Regatta Organizers Conference for October The Caribbean Sailing Associations Regatta Organizers Conference and Annual General Meeting will be held in St. Maarten on October 20th and 21st. This is a great opportunity for regional regatta organizers to learn and interact. For more information visit www.caribbean-sailing.com. 20th St. Croix International Regatta for November The St. Croix Yacht Club proudly announces there will be a St. Croix International Regatta this year, held November 9th through 11th with registration on November 8th „ three days of racing for only US$100! The 20th Anniversary of the St. Croix International Regatta promises to be a regatta not to be missed. The organizers are offering the skippers weight in rum for the winner of any class with at least seven registered boats. What you can expect: € Great racing off the north shore of St Croix € Affordable accommodations for visiting sailors (check website for details) € Free dock space (limited availability) € Race courses to fit all classes € Experienced race committee € Nightly entertainment with food and drink available € Trophies for all classes, plus winning skippers weight in rum for any class with seven or more boats € Shuttle service for boats on moorings € Customs clearance available on site € Expedited Immigration services (check website for details) € Shower and bathroom facilities on site € Restaurants and food stores nearby € Taxi and shuttle service available € Free airport transfers available (advanced scheduling needed) For more information contact St. Croix Yacht Club at (340) 773-9531 or visit www.stcroixyc.com/regatta. New Event: Mango Bowl Regatta in St. Lucia! The St. Lucia Yacht Club will be launching the new sailing season with a new international event „ the inaugural Mango Bowl Regatta is scheduled for December 1st and 2nd, just prior to the arrival in St. Lucia of ARC 2012. Dates were discussed with sailing colleagues in neighboring islands in order to encourage maximum participation, and boats that were below 12Ž for the hurricane season will have ample time to cruise to the event. Races are planned for Racing Yachts, Cruising Yachts, and J/24s together with Surprise Class yachts, the latter having sought a combined event, although there will be an overall winner for each of the two classes. „Continued on page 35


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 12 Full Service Marina Mini Market Free WiFi A/C Power 110/220 Fuel Dock Showers Car Rental Dive Centre Sail Loft/Canvas Shop Beach Bar Black Pearl Restaurant Prince & Queens Boutique Book Exchange Laundry Mooring BallsSunsail Marine Centre Come rediscover the magic of Saint Vincent… …your one stop marine centre in the Grenadines PO Box 133, Blue Lagoon, St. Vincent, West Indies Tel: 1 784 458 4308 Fax: 1 784 456 8928 sunsailsvg@vincysurf.com www.sunsail.com WHEN my partner, Ben Pike, and I arrived in the Caribbean early this year, we knew that it was definitely a corner of the world we wanted to explore. Ben is from Cornwall and Im from Guatemala. Just one month before our Caribbean arrival we had been in Europe, trying to get to Africa, because this is what we love to do „ we travel to see the world. But with a slightly short budgetƒ So while we were looking for a boat ride we met two mad Ozzies by the names of Matt and Rohan, who were planning to cross the Atlantic on their sailing boat from the Canaries. The invitation to come along was thrown straight out there. With the temptation of having such an experience, Ben and I sailed away aboard Providence their 39-foot steel ketch, for our first-ever sailing class. Twenty-nine days later we arrived in Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. Once there, penniless but excited to explore this tropical paradise, we started looking around in search of any opportunity to see more of the islands. We didnt have much knowledge about the sailing world, but we did know that we were eager to learn more! We decided right then that we would go through the island chain, and we were going to do it by ourselves. What better way to travel in the Caribbean than with your own boat? We stayed a couple of months in the BVI, saving a bit of money and discovering new ways to put our dream into reality. But time before the hurricane season was running out and we had to leave soon. In our days of searching we saw a pair of abandoned Hobie Cat hulls in a barge dock and eventually found out that they were from Richard Bransons Necker Island. Even though we didnt get to ask the man himself, we got in touch with the guys on his island and they guaranteed us that the poor old Hobie was junk, so if we wanted the hulls we could have them. And thats pretty much how Dick Brano was born. The very same day we had to leave Tortola, we pulled the hulls out of their misery, strapped them together with some rope and towed them to St. Martin behind our friend Patricks boat. The journey was an opportunity for Ben and me to dream and imagine about how we were going to build our own raft. And once we arrived in St. Martin, we got to work immediately. „Continued on next page A R e c y c l e d A Recycled A d v e n t u r e Adventure! by Moon MatheuJULIANA SIQUEIRA


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 13 „ Continued from previous page We stayed long enough in the French side of St. Martin to make something out of all the things we collected from boatyards, beaches and peoples donations. The idea behind it was that with no money to spend, and lots of kind people to help, we could provide ourselves a way to have a down-island adventure. Despite a handful of disbelievers, we got everything we could think of that we needed and after only two weeks we were cruising to Anguilla and back, testing our super yacht! Surprisingly enough „ for everyone else more than for us „ we were soon making our way through the Leeward Islands. First stop, St. Barths! We stopped in places like Statia, Montserratƒ but it wasnt until we were in Guadeloupe that the trip took its toll on us. One morning we got ready to move from Point-Pitre southward to Trois Rivires. Guadeloupe is shaped like a butterfly; Grande Terre is the windward wing, Basse Terre the leeward wing, and the main city, Point--Pitre, is in the middle. On the way to Trois Rivires we gave three friends a ride out of the city and across the channel so that we could spend a bit more time together before Ben and I made our way to The Saints. We naively thought of this days trip as a short one, and neither packed everything away properly nor filled all the fuel tanks. We dropped our friends off, and halfway down Basse Terres east coast we started to think about it all. We were on a windward coast and that day there was more wind and swell than we ever would set out in. The coastline of Basse Terre is full of very shallow reefs and cliffs that the waves use to rest on after miles and miles of Atlantic traveling! Apparently because of giving our friends a ride, the extra weight had made us use more fuel than usual. Three nautical miles away from our destination our poor little engine choked. It was completely empty! The wind was right on our nose and our raft was not designed to sail upwind. This left us stuck in almost three metres of swell, drifting right towards the rocks. Our options were reduced to taking the kayak ashore to try and get fuel, and staying onboard to try to anchor. Being a girl, we knew that it was more likely for me to get a ride to a gas station quickly, and Ben could handle the boat better. So I threw the kayak in and off I went, falling with the first giant wave that threatened to smash me into the rocks „ it just happened to be that we were really close to the only surf break in the whole of Basse Terre. I made it to the sandy beach with the help of a local surfer, Simon, and rushed to get fuel. I was praying the entire time, hoping that when I got back I would see my two brave boys „ Ben and Dick Brano „ holding in the midst of the messy watersƒ What happened next broke both my heart and our beloved Dick Brano I was too late. The sea had claimed them in my absence. A massive wave swallowed them both, leaving the boat upside down in the sea and Ben out of sight. I jumped out of the car and started swimming towards the heartbreaking scene. Wave after wave I screamed Bens name, but it wasnt until I was less than one metre away that I saw him holding onto one of the hulls, one hand clutching the bags he managed to rescue and the other reaching out for me. We swam back to the beach with the help of Simon and the local surf instructor. Once there, the rest was a plus to the story. Dick Brano was seriously damaged and wed lost most of our gear. But in the following days we learned that it doesnt matter your nationality, social status, color of skin, language or what it is that you are doing „ theres always going to be someone willing to help you out. The good hearts always prove to be bigger than any problems you can face. As we prepared to curl up on the bare floor of a restaurant on that first night, a boy called Audry called us from the carpark. He had brought us two steaming hot pizzas, a pile of blankets to sleep on and even two pairs of new, and more importantly dry, shorts for us to wear. The lovely family of Jean Marc, the fisherman who helped us save Dickie from his death, also helped us save some of our remaining belongings. He, Celine and their daughter Leane, opened the door of their home to us, gave us clothes, food and strength with their embracing smiles that asked nothing in return. Bananiere became our temporary home. But I say temporary because this was definitely not the end, thanks to Jean Marc and all the amazing people in the village who donated food, shelter, help with repairs and just every little thing we needed to continue our voyage. Only two weeks later we were back in the water, destination The Saints! This little experience only spiced up our trip. And Dick Brano took us onwards to Dominica and Martinique, where once more we were welcomed by smiling faces and incredibly helpful hands, then finally we went downwind to St. Lucia and St. Vincent. Now we are in Bequia and we can be proud of our little raft that has taken us so far already. Hoping to make it to Venezuela for a grand finale! Follow Moon and Bens adventures at http://dickbrano.blogspot.com. Newfound friends in Guadeloupe helped Moon and Ben get back underway (above) after Dick Brano was damaged (right) in the surf Below: Ready to depart St. Lucia. Next island, St. Vincent! Surprisingly enough „ for everyone else more than for us „ we were soon making our way through the Leeward Islands BAREBOAT CHARTERS FULLY CREWED CHARTERS ASA SAILING SCHOOL PO Box 39, Blue Lagoon, St Vincent, West Indies Tel. 1-784-456-9526 / 9334 / 9144 Fax. 1-784-456-9238 barebum@vincysurf.com www.barefootyachts .com Barefoot Yacht Charters & Marine Centre € Doyle Sail Loft & Canvas Shop € Raymarine Electronics € Refrigeration Work € Mechanical & Electrical Repairs € Fibreglass Repairs € Laundry € Vehicle Rentals € Showers € Air Travel € Ice & Water € Diesel & Propane € Moorings € Island Tours € Surftech Surf Shop € Hotel Reservations € Quiksilver Surf Wear € Restaurant & Bar € Boutique € On-site Accommodation € Wi-Fi / Internet Caf € Book Exchange Since 1984


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 14 After Sale Service Tel: +596 (0) 596 74 8033 contact@caraibe-marine.fr www.caraibe-marine.fr NEW NAME FOR CARAIBE GREEMENT € MORE SERVICES Martinique Le Marin Marina Finally the big day dawned. After endless trips in the dinghy my brother and I managed to cram all the stores into the 22-foot Van de Stadt sloops tiny cabin and storage lockers. Food in tins and Tupperware containers pilfered from the kitchen, the cooler packed with ice, beers and other essentials, scuba gear, speargun, cameras, clothes (i.e. shorts and T-shirts), towels, blankets, pillows, fresh water, fuel, spare sails, outboards for boat and dinghy, cassettes, books (which never got read), plates, cutlery, pots and pans plus thousands of other odds and sods. However, before the offing there was the tricky question of navigation. Although I was fairly confident in my sailing abilities, navigation was still a grey area to me (in fact, total darkness), and I needed Gerrys proper sailing knowledge to sort things out. After all, he was the one with the letters to his name. So we had a deal: I was the captain; he was the navigator. „Continued on next page Canouan Believe It?A CASE OF MISTAKENby S. Brian SamuelIDENTITY We were so busy doing real sailing we forgot to navigate. But dont the yacht harbors in Canouan (top) and Carriacou (above) look just a little bit alike?CHRIS DOYLE (2)


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 15 „ Continued from previous page The trip from Barbados down to Grenada normally takes between 18 to 24 hours, depending on wind and current, therefore you leave Barbados at midday or early afternoon at the latest. Accordingly, the first entry in Jump-Ups log read: Monday, 29 July, 1991, 1150, clear Carlisle Bay. Set sail for Grenadines. Seas calm, winds light. With exhilaration and butterflies we watched the low hills of Barbados recede over the horizon. We were on our way! That nights sailing was fantastic. The wind was directly at our backs, if a bit light. Nevertheless it was a pleasant, easy sail, perfect for settling into our month-long trip. Having no spinnaker we poled out the Number One jib, played out the mainsheet and rigged a gybe preventer. We fussed around the boat, putting away all the last-minute stores and generally getting the feel of things. With Santana on the stereo we cooked the first of many corned beef dinners, made coffee and had a smoke under a brilliant tropical night sky. We toasted the trip, each other and our absent brother Thomas. Wish you were here, bro. At about eleven a big moon rose and lit up the vast expanse of glittering ocean. Stars twinkled in the cloudless sky. I had never sailed at night before and reveled in the wonder of it all. This is real sailing My euphoria was short lived. The next morning we tried out the radio direction finder. Gerry put on the earphones and swivelled the gun in the general direction of Barbados. After taking the bearing he plotted a line on the chart and repeated the process for Grenada and Tobago. The triangle formed by the intersection of the three lines gave our approximate position. I was impressed. To our extreme shock, we found that we were way too far south „ already level with the southern tip of Grenada and still 70 miles to the east. When we checked our overnight course we found that the current, which was supposed to lift us northwest, hadnt moved us one inch. We had sailed exactly on a bearing of 235 degrees, although we had reckoned on sailing a true course of 255. The northwest current must have gone to sleep that night. These things happen, but our mistake (number two) was in not checking our position during the night. We didnt check until 0800 the following morning. We were too busy doing real sailing We had two choices: head due west and come up underneath Grenada to St. Georges, or go northwest over the top of the island. I wasnt too keen on the first option; Grenadas southeast coast is rough and rocky and there are several small islands and reefs to watch out for. Although it was only 0800 hours, we still had about 70 miles to go and I had serious doubts about approaching that inhospitable coastline in fading light with no prior experience. With a barely suppressed grin, Gerry reminded me: Its your call, my man; youre the captain.Ž We chose the safer option (we wimped out). We came about and made a course bearing 320, heading for the north of Grenada. Whereas before we had been clipping along with the wind directly at our backs, the wind was now coming off the stern quarter, Jump-Ups least efficient point of sail. We wallowed along on a broad reach, barely making three knots all morning. Triangulating our position more frequently this time, we charted our slow progress as the day wore on. Dont worry, Gerry, Ill figure out where we are,Ž I boasted. I know these islands better than you.Ž Why oh why do I make these rash impetuous, stupid statements? We studied the chart and matched it against the horizon. After much head-scratching I decided that the large island to the northwest had to be Canouan. Apparently we had arrived a little far north of Carriacou, where we wanted to be, but at least we now knew where we were. As we approached land we could see a string of reefs to the south. I checked the chart again. Yes, those rocks over there must be Dove Cay, but what are those rocks over there ? Reality didnt seem to match the chart. But what the hell, press on regardless; must be old charts. By the time we approached the southern tip of the island we had abandoned the chart altogether and had resorted to navigation by sight. I was at the bow calling instructions back to Gerry at the helm. White water to starboard, looks shallow.Ž We sailed between the island and an outcrop of nasty-looking rocks. In the fading light we rounded the southern tip of Canouan. This gave us some respite from the rolling waves, but we still had a long way to go before safety. The chart showed the leeward coast of Canouan to have a wide anchorage at Grand Bay, the only danger being a shoal at the southern end. By the time we entered the bay the sunlight had disappeared completely; using shore lights as navigation we inched our way up the bay, tacking at short intervals to avoid getting too near the banks. I could see the mast lights of yachts at anchor ahead, but the wind was dying fast and Jump-Up was having a hard time making headway. Come on girl, just a bit farther! Scouring the murky depths with a flashlight I finally saw bottom and dropped the hook at the earliest opportunity. It held; I played out scope and cleated it off. We were well behind the other boats but I didnt want to do any more groping around in the dark. Who knew what we could bump into? Huge relief and more high fives. At last we could laugh and express the fears that had been silently gnawing away at our nerves. The rum bottle was broken out to celebrate our safe arrival. Gerry did his navigation stuff and announced that the voyage had taken 29.5 hours and we had traveled 143 miles at an average speed of 4.8 knots; probably a record for the longest passage from Barbados to the Grenadines! We tied the dinghy to a half-submerged concrete jetty and went ashore; terra never felt firma! We went lurching along a dark, deserted road, in the distance we could see lights on the hills overlooking the bay. We entered the first establishment we came across, a little rumshop-cum-general store. After another celebratory tot we asked if they served food. You wont get food here. You have to go down to Scrapers for that.Ž I asked, Scrapers? Isnt that in Carriacou?Ž The lady looked blankly at me. Yes, and where do you think you are?Ž I was so baffled I actually answered the question. Arent we onƒ Canouan?Ž The man on the stool next to me turned around slowly and looked at me. He smiled. I smiled back. Then he started to chuckle. The chuckle grew, slowly gathering momentum until it flowered into a deep belly-laugh all the way from the pit of his stomach, his body convulsing in spasms of laughter. When he had finally composed himself he pointed at me and wheezed, E tink e in Canouan!Ž and off he went again, curling up in peals of laughter. The lady behind the bar was unable to contain herself and she too succumbed to the hilarity. Before long the whole bar was rolling with laughter as news of my case of mistaken island spread. I could only laugh at myself. After all, when you have been proven to be a total jackass what else can you do but laugh? Later that night as we were bedding down for a wellearned sleep aboard Jump-Up I remarked, Wow, Gerry „ mistaking Carriacou for Canouan. Can you believe it?Ž No,Ž said he. Canouan believe it!Ž Left: Gerry, the navigator, has a snooze Below: Now we really know where we are. Jump Up flying the Grenada courtesy flag


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 16 Halfway along Puerto Ricos south coast is a place called Salinas. On first impression this sleepy bay might not look like much, but with the rolling Puerto Rican hills in the background and a calm protected anchorage where you can leave your boat, this bay makes a wonderful place to stay. The water is not the most sparkling blue because of its mangrove inhabitants and it is nutrient rich so watch your anchor chain. (Letting five or so metres of chain in and out every so often deters all but the mightiest of barnacles.) What especially like these murky waters are the manatees, or seacows as they are commonly known. These large and gentle aquatic creatures inhabit this area and if you are lucky enough you will have them swim and frolic around your boat. Be mindful of them when you are in your dinghy and stick to the speed limit as fines are enforced to protect this endangered species. You will find Salinas Marina, at the northwest end of the bay, very accommodating with a dinghy dock, water and fuel service, laundry, book swap, bar and restaurant. Every Friday night the marina puts on a barbecue with reduced beer and rum prices and great tasty food. Just outside the marina is a new bar opened by Jean called Sal Pa Dentro. He has a great happy hour, bar food and free WiFi on the waterfront. Up the road farther still are more restaurants and a panaderia (bakery) also with WiFi. The supermarket is just that bit too far away to make walking convenient but it is still manageable. If you fancy a swim in clearer water take your dinghy past the entrance of the bay; between the islands of Cayos Ratones you will find a nice area to swim protected by the reef. If you fancy something a little more shoreside, listen carefully and you will hear the hum of racing cars „ that will be Salinas Speedway, a twostraight-lane racing track. Visit www.salinasspeedway-pr.com to find out what is on. „Continued on next page Explore Puerto Rico, Starting in Salinas by Rosie Burr The anchorage at Salinas on Puerto Ricos south coast makes a fine base for visiting sites such as the Yokahu lookout tower in El Yunque rainforest ALL ASHOREƒ


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 17 „ Continued from previous page One of the great things about Salinas is that it is a safe place to leave your boat and do a little exploring. Cars can be hired from US$35 a day (ask in the marina for Sidney). From there you can go anywhere, for example up Route 52 all the way to Old San Juan with its blue cobblestone streets and colorful colonial houses decorated with pretty latticed balconies and hurricane shutters that preserve the Spanish flavor of this walled city. Sculptures and statues adorn every square. Impressive Fort San Felipe del Morro dominates the shoreline and Fort San Cristobal guards the entrance to the city, which is actually an island joined by three bridges to the mainland. Free shuttle buses run from one end of the old city to the other to make sightseeing easier. „Continued on next page Above and below: Roadside signage abounds Left: With a rented car, delightful Old San Juan is within reach Freshwater fun at Mina Falls


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 18 AMENITIEST: 787.863.0313 F: 787.863.5282E: sunbaymarina@aol.comParcelas Beltrn, Bo. Sardinera, Fajardo, Puerto Rico € Professional and Courteous Sta € 282 Fixed Slips € Wide Concrete Finger Piers € On-Site Fuel Dock and Diesel Delivered on all Slips except on Dock AŽ € Safety, Cleanliness and Service is our Primary Concern € Whole Area Patrolled by 24 Hour Security € Camera Surveillance€ Ocial Cruising Station of SSCA¡ VISIT US! at Fajardo our webpage www.sunbaymarina.com or at the Administration Oce at the Marina, open 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 4:00 pmTHE DIFFERENCE IS what we do and the way we do it. what we do and the way we do it. Join us today and be part of our family.€ Complementary Cable TV and Wi-Fi € Water and Electricity € Restrooms and Showers € Laundry Facilities € Nearby Ship's Chandlery and Convenience Store € Near Small Eateries and Upscale Elegant Restaurants such as El Conquistador Hotel and Casino € US Custom and Immigration Located 1/2 mile Away by Dinghy € Ample Parking is a tradition, in family boating is a tradition, in family boating ... is a tradition, in family boating is a tradition, in family boating ... Close to: „ Continued from previous page Once you have soaked up some Old World ambiance, visit Puerto Ricos tropical rainforest at El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the US national forest system. Rising over 3,500 feet above sea level this rugged mountain range affords some spectacular views out across both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Stop first at the visitors center to decide which one of the many walks or hikes you want to do. Everything has been made easy and accessible for you. Walks are marked out with how long they will take and what you will see. Dont miss Coco Waterfalls on the road up to the first trails „ you wont even need to stop the car. Stop at Yokahu lookout tower at Mount Britton for the spectacular views of the ocean. The 28,000-acre tropical forest boasts more than 240 species of trees. If you listen carefully you can hear the co-quiŽ of the small coqui frog or you might be lucky enough to spot the Puerto Rican Parrot. We chose the Mina Falls trail, with a 30-minute walk down a manmade path shaded under a tropical canopy to the pretty waterfall with pools to swim in below. This is a popular spot so be prepared to share with the crowds. If you are feeling hungry after, you could try the many food kiosks at the sun capitalŽ, Luquillo, where the beach stretches for miles. Or stop in the hills at Guavate for a plate of succulent roast pork from one of the many roadside restaurants. Take a drive back through the small winding roads or take the coastal route. For some more culture, head to Ponce for the day; the countrys second biggest city offers more Old World charm. Visit the tourist office at Plaza Las Delicias where you will find the conspicuous red and black building of Parque de Bombas or the Catedral Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. For art lovers, the Museo del Arte de Ponce is not to be missed, housing a vast collection from around the world. Finally, on your way back to the marina stop at one of the many giant supermarkets dotted along the highways and fill your car full of provisions, readying yourself for the next part of your cruise. Rosie Burr and Sim Hoggarth are cruising the Caribbean aboard their Corbin 39, Alianna They have traveled through 23 countries and more than 17,000 miles in eight years. Visit their blog at www.yacht.alianna.co.uk. Statue of Eugenio Mara de Hostos, who believed in the creation of an Antillean Confederation between Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba If youre lucky, manatees will frolic around your boat right in the anchorage


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 19 I was recently anchored in Soufriere, St. Lucia, updating my Windward Islands guide. One of the things I had to do was to find out what and where Marthas TableŽ was. This restaurant rated as Number Two on TripAdvisor for the town of Soufriere and I had never even heard of it. Martha turns out to be the sister of Benny of Harmony Yacht Services, and the restaurant was just above Harmony Beach. The restaurant was under an open roof next to a house, and you could just catch a glimpse of the sea. On the counter was a framed photo of a blonde wearing a crown with the title Miss DallasŽ. Overwritten were the words The best food in St. LuciaŽ, signed by Miss Dallas herself. In recent years beauty queens have not been known for their perspicacious views on such topics as whether evolution or math should be taught in schools, so I wondered how they made out as culinary judges; in my opinion, not much better. Dont get me wrong, Martha served us an excellent local meal for a very reasonable price and her macaroni cheese was some of the best I have had in the islands; I highly recommend it. But I cannot imagine how one would rate this higher than eating gourmet food in Dasheen, sitting on the edge of a precipice, or eating in La Haute with its pool and spectacular view over the Pitons. I decided not to try Hotel Chocolat, which gets the highest rating, for fear their food might be as bad as their architecture. The location is beautiful and they have a gorgeous old estate house on the grounds for inspiration, so why a spidery tower for a restaurant and rooms that from the outside look like some kind of storage huts? After lunch I happened to chat with Captain Mango of Hawksbill Adventure Tours. I asked him, What kind of activities ashore do you find people on the yachts like?Ž OhŽ, he said, ziplining at Morne Coubaril Estate.Ž Ziplining at Coubaril? I have Coubaril down for horse riding, so what is this? I keep seeing new places offering ziplining „ three in St. Lucia alone. In my time contributing to Compass I have been a crime reporter and put my liver on the line to get numerous regatta reports; is it time to put my body on the zipline for journalism as well? Is it something I can do? Yes,Ž says Anne Purvis, who was sailing with me and had already given it a go at Dennery on the islands east coast. You wont have a problem.Ž I instantly imagine myself as Superman zooming between the Pitons. The next morning we ventured in to the town dock. Soufriere is a lovely old town and most of the people are charming, so it is perhaps unfortunate that the first ones you might meet when you step ashore are those who are about to beg you for a few dollars or cheat you for more. As I arrive a man asks to watch my dinghyŽ. I sometimes wonder what they think a dinghy is? Some kind of recalcitrant kid who is likely to start playing with matches and setting the dock on fire as soon as you turn your back? Happily the town now has guards at the head of the dock to discourage dinghy watchers, beggars and self-appointed guides from pestering arrivals. In this endeavor they are only 99-percent successful; at least one always seems to slip by, but the guards are still a blessing. I told the man that the guards would watch the dinghy for me and he was suddenly not around anymore. Outside the dock gates a taxi driver asked us if we wanted a ride. Morne Coubaril is a mile from where we stood, uphill it is true, but very walkable nonetheless and also on a major bus route. Still, if he would take us for the proper rate for short ride, EC$20, I wouldnt mind giving him the fare. How much to go one way to Morne Coubaril?Ž Twenty US dollarsŽ is his reply. No problem, mon „ we walked to the bus stop and were at the entrance to the estate five minutes later. But as a guide writer, I wondered about the effect this gouging has on others. So later I returned to the Soufriere Foundation to discuss taxi rates (and not for the first time). Every island has a standard list of taxi rates, as does St. Lucia, and you can get an official rate, say from Soufriere to either airport, but there are no local town rates. The Soufriere Foundation has tried to establish them through the local taxi association, but seems to have gotten nowhere. I have had a few drivers quote a reasonable fare, but many try to rip you off; dont fall for it! A one-way taxi ride from Soufriere up to La Haute on one side or Ladera on the other should, at the most, be about EC$30 (up to four people). If none of the drivers by the dock will agree to this, then buses going in either direction line up at the main square and are plentiful and cheap. You are always within reasonable walking distance for the downhill return. Morne Coubaril is a beautiful old estate that offers estate tours and ziplining. I wonder how I will feel about launching myself off a tall platform in a harness attached to a wire. On the one hand I do not enjoy being at the top of the mast, and only have a reasonable head for heights. On the other I remember when I was a little kid, my father strung a rope between two trees, on which he put a pulley with lines hanging down. We would grab one line in each hand, hang free and shoot down to hit a big cushioned sack that would break our landing, the best toy I remember. Our guides, Anderson and Dalton, were very reassuring and told us they would do everything; all we had to do was enjoy the ride. We were put into harnesses and very comfortable hard hats, which in no way hampered our climb up a wooden staircase to the start, which was up a wonderful old banyan tree. As we climbed we got a great view of the Anse Chastanet headland way below and in the distance. To our right on the first leg we could see one of the Pitons rising over the hill. Standing on the platform we got our final briefing. The gear includes a pair of gloves with built-in brake pads. We were told to keep one hand on our harness; the other was to be put as far behind us as possible on the lower wire (there are two wires, one over the other). This stops you spinning like a top and when you need to brake you just pull down gently on the wire. Anderson took the lead and waited at the lower platform. Anne followed, completely at home and relaxed, her legs out well in front. My arm, as far behind my head as possible, turned out to be about two inches from the back of my head. Having achieved this, I lifted my legs and was soon zooming, much like a sack of potatoes, over a retired horse (the estate no longer offers horse riding), across a field and up to the next platform with one of the Pitons over on my right. Braking is really not something you need to do until you are about to arrive. Your weight pulls the line down so while you zoom at maybe 20 or 30 miles an hour going down, as you near the next platform you are heading uphill and slowing down. At this angle a slight touch is all you need to make sure you dont fly in too fast. Dalton followed last, freestyle „ hanging upside down, no hands on the wire, to keep us entertained. From each platform we took a short walk and climbed to the next, then off we went again, at one time zooming though a small gap between two trees, at another over a pond. I am neither good nor elegant at this, but it is very easy and I felt completely secure. The scenery is great and the tree platforms fun to climb. For the sailor you can imagine yourself with a cutlass between your teeth, flying between two ships, ready to board. I traversed the last and longest leg in a rain shower and realized as I zoomed up to the platform that the rain significantly decreases your breaking ability; I stopped just in time. It takes about an hour to complete the course. It was fun, especially as a new experience. I recommend Morne Coubaril because, apart from the zipline, it is a very attractive old estate and a pleasure to visit. Next time I would like to try ziplining over a slightly scarier track „ over a gorge hundreds of feet deep, or some such. Maybe when they string a line between the Pitonsƒ. ALL ASHOREƒ Putting it All on the (Zip) Line for Compassby Chris Doyle Above: The author, putting it all on the zipline for Compass! Below right: Dalton shows us how to do it free style The course starts up in a beautiful old banyan tree


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 20 THERES my boat, but where is my dinghy? It was there when I left this morningŽ is something a boater loathes to think, but there I was wondering exactly that, spying our sailboat in the harbor from the window of the passenger ferry as we pulled into Red Hooks ferry dock. After spending a day in St. John, USVI for carnival, my husband, Chuck, and I returned to St. Thomas to find our boat bouncing giddily in the swells, but our little fiberglass dinghy with its 2.5-horsepower Nissan engine was absent. This was our backup dinghy, the number two. I turned to my husband, I dont see the dinghy.Ž He scanned the harbor to catch a glimpse of the back of our Westsail 32, Valkyrie and as the boat came into full view, our fear was confirmed. The dinghy was definitely gone. And it wasnt the first time this had happened. The first time this happened was almost a year ago, after Chuck and I sailed to Bermuda. I went to the States from there to attend to a family emergency while Chuck continued on to the Azores and Madeira. One evening I got an e-mail from him while he was in Graciosa. A storm had blown through the anchorage that morning creating terrific swells. His relatively new nine-foot Achilles inflatable with a five-horsepower Tohatsu engine broke free and careened into the rocky shore. He realized the dinghy was gone just in time to see it smashed into the rocks. The conditions were too dangerous for him to retrieve the dinghy before it was beyond all hope. He watched in despair as the waves viciously pulverized the engine and turned his inflatable into a deflated pile of Hypalon. For the next few days, Chuck had to swim to shore to keep in contact before pulling up anchor and heading back to St. Thomas. We met up in Red Hook after his Atlantic crossing. We got a slip at the marina and began to hunt around for a used dinghy for cheap. The dive boat down the dock had a decent-enough looking dinghy tied next to it. It was filled with water, didnt look often used, and had a motor. Inquiring at the dive shop, Chuck learned that it wasnt for sale but the half-sunk seven-foot Plastimo inflatable next to it was. A hundred dollars later, he dragged home Poppy as the name in black 70s bubble letters read on the transom. It held air. It also could have qualified as a habitat. As he cleaned it off on the dock, I warned him not to let DPNR catch him destroying a reef system. The underside was thick with gelatinous growths, seaweed, and all manner of scurrying crustaceans and stationary shellfish. Poppy came with good oars and was a strong rower for an inflatable. We moved Valkyrie over to Charlotte Amalie harbor and began looking for work and an upgraded dinghy or small engine. We found an older two-stroke 9.9-horsepower Yamaha for sale, but although it ran great, it was way too big for Poppy Chuck bought it anyway. The engine looked like an oversized sea mite attempting to consume poor Poppy Carefully we ran the dinghy like that, until the transom showed signs of stress. One night after dinner, we were sitting on the back deck enjoying the sunset when Chuck said, You know, one day the transom will blow out with that motor on the back and the engine will go glub, glub, glub all the way to the bottom.Ž Unamused with this prospect, we put the engine on the deck the next day and we went back to rowing. I started mentioning building a bottle boat out of used plastic containers. It seemed like a superb way to reuse plastic bottles and get a dinghy in the process. Chuck thought this was a ridiculous idea, but I didnt think it was any more silly that the guy we see around with the old, modified, mastless Hobie Cat with an outboard, plywood deck, sawed-off plastic lawn chair, and 15-horsepower engine. I showed him pictures of bottle boats from the internet and he still wasnt swayed into thinking a bottle boat was an acceptable dinghy to have off of the back of Valkyrie. In St. Thomas, inexpensive, used dinghies can be so scarce that people will use most anything that floats as a dinghy. Soon enough, a boat-neighbor came by with a charming cream-colored fiberglass dinghy in rough shape. He said we could have it for free since we liked rowing so much. He also ran it with a too-heavy engine, but had devised a system of ropes and pulleys to hold the transom on. He bought a new inflatable more appropriate for his ten-horsepower engine, and gave us the dinghy. We had brass oarlocks that fit and a good set of oars so we gratefully accepted the dinghy. We felt like a two-car family and we now had some of the best upper body strength in the harbor, thanks to having to row at least half a mile against the wind every day. Soon, Chuck got a job in Red Hook and we took the boat back over to the East End. We sold Poppy before leaving and bought an old Avon inflatable with an old two-stroke, five-horsepower Yamaha engine. The Avons hard floor was made of painted plywood and it leaked prodigiously, but, like Poppy it held air and the engine ran great. We eventually found a two-stroke, 2.5-horsepower Nissan motor for the fiberglass dinghy. It also ran great, although it was a little primitive in design. As soon as it was started, it went forward with enthusiasm. There was no neutral or reverse. It was exactly the engine we had been looking for all along. That is why returning on the ferry and seeing it missing filled us with dismay and dread. We knew it couldnt have gotten far. The east-northeast wind would have pushed the dinghy towards the beach. As we rounded the corner in our inflatable, we saw that the fiberglass dinghy didnt quite make it to the beach. It was against the rocks. Chuck jumped out and attempted to free the dinghy, but it was so filled with sand and water that it would not budge. As soon as he got it tipped to the side to pour out the water, another wave would come and fill it. Worse yet, the engine was nowhere to be seen. We had only been gone six hours and the intense wind and swells had caused the dinghy to chew through its line and break free. Chuck lamented that it was like Graciosa all over again. After a great day at carnival, our mood soon matched the overcast skies as we headed back to the boat to figure out what to do next. I went back to the beach and with the help of two men, got the dinghy out of the water. While it was still light out, I snorkeled around, hoping to find the engine submerged near the wreck. No such luck. Next, I tried asking around at the nearby bar, a local sailors hangout, to see if anyone saw anything. They all agreed the engine was probably stolen, but no one actually saw anything. I did hear that some kids were out in the harbor making trouble that afternoon. They had been chased off of the charter fishing boat anchored near us and had overturned some Hobie Cats at the windsurfing rental shop. Returning to the beach, I searched around briefly, cleaned up the flotsam and jetsam from the wrecked dinghy, and went back to Valkyrie dejected. The fiberglass dinghy suffered a five-inch gash in the floor, the seat was ripped free, and the bow had been penetrated and filled with sand. It could be repaired but was in such structurally poor shape that Chuck decided it wasnt worth it. Lessons Learned We learned some things over the last few months in dealing with dinghies. The first is that theft does happen, so be prepared for it. A dinghy in the Caribbean is like a car in New York City: hide your valuables and lock it up. We, or people around us, have had go missing anything from gas cans to life preservers to entire dinghies. We began running our cable for locking up the dinghy through the handle in the gas can. „Continued on next page LOST FOUNDby Jennifer CarterDINGHIESOnce upon a time we had an inflatable and a fiberglass dinghyƒ


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 21 „ Continued from previous page The second thing we learned is if the weather is going to be rough, dont rely on a single line tied to a single point to hold the dinghy. A bridle system is better for distributing the stress. On an inflatable, the front ring can rip free from the pontoon in a heavy swell. A hard dinghy may chew through a single line from the friction of being bounced on the waves. Check lines frequently for signs of wear. The storm that came through on July 4th was rough on the anchorage. Someone elses hard dinghy is beached further down from ours. The third thing is that new dinghies are very expensive and used dinghies are hard to find at reasonable prices. It is a sellers market when it comes to dinghies and engines. There was a dinghy in Charlotte Amalie that we nicknamed FrankendinghyŽ because when the pontoons began deflating, and patches and paint werent working, the owner stuffed the pontoons with queen-sized air mattresses and inflated them. The pontoons were stitched back up with purple and neon-green shoelaces. He said it was cheaper than replacing the dinghy. A few days after losing our fiberglass dinghy and engine, a fellow boater brought word that a woman was interested in buying the wrecked dinghy. We are still waiting to hear if she is actually going to go through with it. With the one dinghy left, the subject of the bottle boat has come back up. My husband still says no, but I think a few more weeks of one dinghy will soften him to the idea. In the meantime, I have to find somewhere to hide all the plastic bottles. Main photo: Poppys underside was thick with marine growth. As Chuck cleaned it, I warned him not to let DNPR catch him destroying a reef system! Inset: Poppy underway with the 9.9-horse Yamaha Try a Little Dinghy Dock Etiquette As dinghy docks in many parts of the Caribbean become more crowded, it behooves all of us to use safe and civil dinghy docking practices. Apparently, some boaters are unaware of the damage they are doing to other dinghies. By nature cruisers are reluctant to inform an offending dinghy driver, so here are a few reminders for those who may not have been previously exposed to crowded dinghy docks. Please: € Unless you are the only one who wants to use the dock, please dont tie sideways preventing others from docking. € Dont leave the outboard tilted up; your propeller can be lethal to a rubber dinghy. € Remember when your mate enjoyed using the dock ladder at low tide? Dont tie at the boarding ladder; disembark, then tie your dinghy to one side so the next person can use the ladder. € Dont use your powerful outboard to push all the other dinghies aside. The brute force approach may cause other dinghies to be punctured by sharp objects so often found at docks. Use your arms to move the dinghies, practice finesse, show your skills. € Dont speed into the dock and bump other dinghies when another party is trying to load; the treat they spill might be your dessert. € Dont allow your dinghy or outboard to rub against yachts moored at the dock. € Cruisers at anchor come to the dock to fill up with water, so dont block the supply. € Tie your painter under the lines that precede you, which makes it less likely your line will be inadvertently untied. Please carefully retie any line you remove. € Leave your painter and chain long enough „ at least eight feet or more from the bow „ to allow other dinghies to reach the dock to load or unload. If you have a 20-foot painter and cable you will have great flexibility and can park in a second row of dinghies. € Use a stern anchor if warranted and watch for stern anchors on your approach. € Place your painter and locking cable so other boaters will not trip over them. € Ensure your lock does not prevent others from unlocking their dinghies. € Practice reading the No DinghiesŽ signs. € Remember the tides and currents and tie accordingly. € Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Remember all those times when you objected to that other dinghy? Probably most people who read this article to this point already practice good dinghy dock habits. So, how do we change behavior patterns in those who dont? Should you encounter a boater who is unaware of safe and civil dinghy dock practices, leave him a polite message. In a small transparent baggie, place a small rock and a copy of this article or an appropriate note. Leave the baggie in the offending dinghy. Perhaps it will occur to the erring dinghy driver that he has done something wrong. In any case, it may make you feel better!


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 22 SHIPYARD REPAIR SERVICES Covered drydock Drydock facilities up to 65M & 1000 tonne 40 tonne travel lift Woodwork & metal work Sand blasting Welding, painting, berglass Electrical, refrigeration & mechanical repairs MARINA SERVICES 22 berths for yachts from 22M65M Electricity & water Shower & toilet St. Vincent & the Grenadines Phone: 784-457-2178 784-456-2640 Fax: 784-456-1302 VHF Channel 16 email: ottleyhall @gmail.com Prologue This past June, I accompanied my brother-in-law, Scott DocŽ Petersen, to the British Virgin Islands with the major goal of hauling out his 56-foot Sundeer for the 2012 hurricane season. I need to mention this journey was bittersweet in that Docs wife, Elizabeth, or Libby as we knew her, passed away on Mothers Day this year. I mention this because she was the real sailor and, in fact, the boat, Sleepy Lady is named after her. I proudly dedicate this story to her. Some Play Before Work June 12 … 15 Our plan is to split the visit „ the first half we sail and the last half will be preparing the Lady for hurricane season and hauling out. Doc picks me up at Beef Island Airport on Tortola and we head to Village Cay Marina. Once at the boat, I stow my gear and we set sail, clearing Road Town channel, south down Sir Francis Drake Channel, through the cut at Frenchmans Cay and across to Jost Van Dyke. Destination: Great Harbor and Foxys. It is an easy start to the cruise. A nice dinner at Foxys, back to the boat and lights out. Up early and the plan is to sail from Great Harbor to Anegada. The sail could not be more perfect: very little traffic this time of year, winds at 15 to 20 knots, seas calm, headsail and mainsail full as the Lady cuts through the friendly seas. A total of 28-plus miles on only one tack! Up early next morning, raise the anchor, motor out through the coral reef, mainsail and headsail up with our course south to North Sound, Bitter End, Virgin Gorda. Another great sailing day with perfect winds and seas and the Lady cruising beautifully at eight to nine knots in 13-mile-per-hour winds. It is a short sail and we are on mooring at Bitter End within two hours. A quick lunch at Bitter End and a salute to Libby, as this was one of her favorite spots. We spend the afternoon exploring the area including Biras Creek and then swing by a new yacht club called Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. We head back to the Lady late afternoon for dinner on the boat. Before leaving the next morning we dinghy over to a new development called Oil Nut Bay. Back to the boat and we slip the mooring around 11:00AM, sails up and motor out the channel headed forƒ wherever the winds take us. Soon after, we are under sail and greeted by a surprise visitor „ Yacht Shots. Its quite a sight watching the photographer tethered to a dinghy while taking photos of the Lady, one hand on the throttle and one on the camera. Soon we clear the north end of Virgin Gorda and head southward down Sir Frances Drake Channel. Its another great day sail with favorable winds and seas. The sail takes us past Spanish Town, south by Ginger Island, Cooper Island and Salt Island. We are, indeed, sailing where the wind takes us. With Doc at the helm, we sail out east and pass Peter Island on the Caribbean side then south around Norman Island „ our target. Our destination is The Bight on Norman Island „ one of the southernmost islands in the BVIs. We secure a mooring around 3:30PM. The Process Begins June 16 Up at 6:00AM and Doc makes the decision to get a head start on the laying-up process. Recess is over; it is time to start prepping the Lady for haul out. First, we bring up the dinghys outboard motor and Doc begins annual maintenance on it. I am directed to the stern and begin scrubbing the dinghy then applying a coat of weather protectant. Doc finishes the outboard work and heads down to begin cleaning the living quarters. When these tasks are completed, we clear the mooring around 11:00AM, motor out of The Bight and head north up the Sir Frances Drake Channel. Destination is Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour and Boatyard. This will be our home for the next few days. We arrive at around 1:30PM and motor in to the dock, drop fenders, secure lines and tie into the docks electrical and water services. And now the serious work and laundry list of duties begins. We hose down the forward deck and prepare to bring the dinghy on board. Once on board, the dinghy is positioned upside down. I will finish what I started this morning by scrubbing the underside this afternoon. „Continued on next pageThe End of the Seasonby Neal Davis Above: Sleepy Lady in Village Cay, Tortola Below: Last look, a view from on the hook „ Anegada


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 23 „ Continued from previous page Doc continues duties below deck. Our efforts continue until close to 6:00PM and we have yet to put a dent into the hauling-out duty list. We have access to dockside showers and this is the first realŽ shower since arriving five days ago. June 17 … Up early, as always, and we continue the spit and polish job on the Lady. I am scheduled to finish polishing the dinghy and then spend the day washing and swabbing the decks „ bow to stern. But waitƒ theres more! Doc was to cover and hog tieŽ the mainsail but we find the sail has collapsed over the boom so we must raise the sail and start the process again. (The procedure, like all others on a boat, must be done right! There is no pulling over at the gas station for help when on the open seas.) The task bites into our morning schedule and isnt without a close call when the boom and sail swing in a wind gust and nearly take me over the rail. A real heart stopper! Cover on and sail secure so now I begin the topside cleaning tasks. First, the polishing of the dinghy underside, cover and tie down to deck. With bucket and long-handled brush in hand, its to the bow and start the swabbingŽ process. As I peer back toward the stern, the boat appears longer than its 56-foot length. The routine is simple but arduous: hose, brush, rinse and repeat if necessary. I start feeling the effects of manual labor mid-afternoon as the winds subside and the sun dominates the now cloudless sky. While I scrub away, Captain DocŽ is below tending to a bottomless pit of duties that include but are not limited to the following: clean and vacuum all floors and bulkheads, clean refrigerator, drain port and starboard water tanks, dry bilge, clean drains and water tanks, close dorade vents, clean galley, pantry and cabinets, turn off windlass, etcetera. He next will tackle the engine room to include closing all fuel lines, then turn off refrigerator, lube all terminals, turn off autopilot motors and close through-hulls. And we havent come to the close-out procedure when the Lady is on the hard but more about that later. As I work my way to the stern, the scheduled 5:00PM finish time is in jeopardy. Work on deck continues with the final topside washing and cleaning of the transom and then the task of waxing all the hatches. Doc appears and suggests we remove the dodger „ another hours task. The deck work continues after sundown and I finally head ashore for the hotel while Doc continues his duties down below. He will work another hour plus. We have put close to 22 man-hours into our first full day of hauling out duties. We are scheduled for haul out tomorrow morning. The Haul Out June 18 … Up early and to the dock around 6:30AM. Today is hauling out day. On board, the process of clearing the decks and securing remaining gear continues. A look across the harbor tells us the Lady is next for hauling out this morning. The travel lift is in position so I hop over the rail onto the dock, release the lines and Doc guides the Lady into position for the haul out. The travel lift is an interesting-looking machine capable of lifting up to 70 tons out of the water and moving each boat into an assigned hurricane pit. Its a marvel to watch. The Lady is gently lifted, on three straps, from the water. In addition to the lift operator, several hands assist to ensure a clean lift and no damage is done to the boat. A quick wash-down of the keel and hull and the lift begins moving the boat to its hurricane-season home. It is close to noon. The process takes much longer than I anticipated. Once the boat is on braces and secure, we climb on board, continue detail cleaning and maintenance, and begin the close-up procedures. The final shutdown process is underway. Duties include storing all remaining gear in the forepeak. Our work continues until 4:30PM. June 19 … Final close-up duties await us and the plan is to be finished by 11:30AM. Duties are split and include stowing winch handles, covering all winches, storing all cushions, lubing parts above and below deck, and removing and storing the steering wheel below deck. One of the final tasks is changing zincs on prop and shaft, and changing weed/spur cutter bearings. The scheduled completion time comes and goes. As we prepare to close up the boat, there is one more hitch in the close-up procedure „ literally. When closing and securing the entryway, the hatch cover sticks and will not fall into place. Another 30 minutes of effort and the hatch falls into place and is locked. We double check the boat bow to stern and leave the Lady, knowing she is secure for the season. All is quiet in the boatyard. A last glance back and I give a small wave as we say farewell to Sleepy Lady until November. Epilogue The day sails were sweet and the equal amount of work was both educational and exhilarating. The hauling out and closing up duties noted are abbreviated but represent a few of the requirements for preparing and hauling out a boat for the hurricane season. And of course, when you head back down next fall for another sailing season, the cycle begins again when taking the boat from hard to splashŽ! Happy and safe sailing everyone. Neal Davis, Sr. retired in 2009 after 29 years in banking. In addition, he worked in publishing for four years with Mountain Living Magazine in Flagstaff, Arizona. He currently works part-time as a freelance writer and photographer. Neal has contributed economic development articles for the Northern Arizona Newcomers Guide magazine and has several feature articles published in Northern Arizona & Beyond magazine. He has also been published in magazines including Latitudes & Attitudes Majestic Living Route 66 Airliners Four Corners TRAVELHOST, Peaks & Plains and most recently, Aviation Maintenance. Neal and his wife, Cindy, reside in Phoenix, Arizona. Up and out. Sleepy Lady heads for a long summers rest


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 24YOU can cruise during the summer in the Caribbean and you can do it safely. The tradewinds blow with greater consistency than during the winter and many of the best anchorages are less crowded. You do need to stay clear of the hurricane zoneŽ and you will have to keep an eye on the weather as tropical waves do form, bringing with them thunderstorms and grey skies. A few tropical waves will become tropical storms and even fewer of those will ultimately become hurricanes. More on the Value of 12 I mentioned the value of 12 „ i.e. staying south of 12 degrees north „ in this column last month. Lets consider this concept further. Because of the Coriolis effect, storms and hurricanes deflect to the right in the northern hemisphere. What this means for a cruising boat is that the south of 12Ž safety zone makes it nearly impossible for a hurricane to strike Grenada, Trinidad, Venezuela, the ABC islands and Colombia. However, once you get to the far western Caribbean the probability of a hit increases, as you cannot maintain safe latitude.Ž In other words, the entire distance from Grenada to Colombia, about 800 nautical miles, is a safe cruising area during the Caribbean summer, at least insofar as hurricanes are concerned, provided you sail south of 12.Ž (I still recommend giving Venezuela a wide berth, notwithstanding that they are not in the hurricane zone. It is simply not worth the crime risk albeit that there are those among us who insist that there are safe zones.Ž There are safe zones even in the middle of a war, but I do not want to be the one who figured it wrong or was just plain unlucky!) One of the things we know for sure „ and you can be sure your insurance company knows it as well „ is that the probability of a hurricane is significantly reduced below latitude 12 north. The Caribbean pilot chart shown on the next page is for the month of July. It demonstrates that the tradewinds have more constancy during the late part of the tradewind season. The wind direction is primarily from the east and east-southeast and the average wind speed is 20 knots. In the month of July, the average number of tropical storms (not all tropical storms are hurricanes) is one. For this month, August, the number jumps to 2.5 and for next month, September, to 4.5 before returning to 2.5 in October. That means that the month of highest risk for a tropical storm in the Caribbean is September. Most of these will occur north of latitude 12 degrees. Tropical waves are frequent during the Caribbean summer. They are a type of atmospheric trough, an elongated area of relatively low air pressure, oriented north to south, which move from east to west across the tropics causing areas of cloudiness and thunderstorms. Most tropical waves do not become tropical storms; however, they do bring cloudiness and thunderstorms. The summer in the Caribbean is wetter! You will take many cockpit showers.Ž As illustrated in this column last month, as the hurricane season gets older, the storms form farther to the west. „Continued on next page Choose to Cruise in the Summer by Frank Virgintino CARIBBEAN VOYAGING Above: The Caribbean is big. Even if you stay below 12 degrees north, youll have a large area to cruise Below: Last months pilot chart shows the consistency of early summer tradewinds and invites an east-to-west voyage Set your cruising sights for scenic Cartagena, Colombia, well out of the hurricane zone More rain in the summer? More rainbows, too! CASIMIR HOFFMANN MARCIE CONNELLY-LYNN US LIBRARY OF CONGRESS


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 25 „ Continued from previous page So, Where to Go? Take a good look at the map on the next page. The Caribbean is much larger than most people think. If you were to place yourself on this map on the first bŽ in Caribbean SeaŽ, you would be about 800 nautical miles west of the Lesser Antilles. You would have to sail about 650 nautical miles to reach the southwestern tip of Cuba. Santo Domingo would be about 350 nautical miles away, and Panama would be nearly 400 nautical miles away. Even if we stay south of 12 degrees north latitude „ it runs through the southern part of Grenada „ we will still have a large area to cruise in. If we choose to cruise the Caribbean during the summer, we could easily plan a cruise from east to west. Assuming we are in Grenada, rather than staying put, we could sail to Trinidad and Tobago. Tobago is an island that is relatively untouched, very remote and not often called at by cruising boats. While Trinidad is not a good cruising location, it is an excellent location to undertake work on the boat. Inland exploration is something special and guides such as Jesse James, who has catered to cruising boats for so many years, can share the countrys fascinating culture as well as its natural wonders with you. Once you decide to set sail, as you head west you will have the wind and the current with you. The ABC Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaao are south of the hurricane zone and can be safely visited. Bonaire is the first island you will reach and its simplicity and its beauty will charm you. Curaao is next to the west and has many good reasons to visit. One good reason is Willemstad, the capital of the island. You may very well agree with me that it is the most beautiful city in the Caribbean. Curaao is very international, has a wide diversity of cultures, and has good boatyards and competent workmen if you need work done on your boat. The westernmost of the ABC Islands is Aruba. The island has much to see, and the capital city of Oranjestad is a shoppers paradise. If you still have a hankering to keep moving, Colombia, with its two major ports of Santa Marta and Cartagena, is still farther to the west and also out of the hurricane zone. You can even venture as far west as the San Blas Islands and Panama, although my own preference is not to go west of Colombia during the summer season. This is because once you get to Aruba you will find that the winds and sea heights increase as you go west. The average wind speed in the holeŽ between Colombia and Nicaraguas east coast is always at least five knots higher and many times ten to 15 knots greater than other Caribbean locations. Sea conditions also make for much higher waves. This is largely due to the fetch, as the distance from the Lesser Antilles to an arbitrary spot off the east coast of Nicaragua is over 1,000 nautical miles. Heavy sailing conditions are always better navigated when you can anticipate a stable weather pattern. If you finish your summer cruise in the ABC islands, when cruising season begins again in earnest, in late October, you can cross the Caribbean Sea to the north and visit Hispaniola and then either Jamaica or Puerto Rico, depending on your routing. If you go west and go to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cuba are close by and can be included in a prime season cruising route. Happy summer cruising! Frank Virgintino is the author of Free Cruising Guides (www.freecruisingguide.com). Above: Colorful Willemstad is just one good reason to visit Curaao Below: Pirates Bay. Tobago is still a relatively untouched cruising destination Right: Trinidad isnt for cruising, but its a popular place to have work done before you head outBETTY KARL CHRIS DOYLE


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 26 Visit: marinazarpar.com email: info@marinazarpar.com Tel: 809 523 5858 VHF Channel 5 € High Quality Sheltered Moorings € Slips to 120 with depth 10 € 70 Ton Travelift (30' beam) € ABYC certified machanics € Shore power 30, 50 and 100 amps € All slips with fingers € Showers, Laundry, Restaurant, 24 hr security € Immigration office in the marina for clearance € Free WIFI and Free Internet € Dinghy Dock € 12 miles East of Santo Domingo & 7 miles East of International Airport Marina Zar-Par THE FOCAL POINT FOR CRUISING YACHTSMEN 18.25.50N 69.36.67W M M M M a a a a a r r r r r i i i i i Z T T PRODUCT POSTINGSSummers here and the time is right forƒŽ well, if not dancing in the street, its probably working on the boat. Whether doing routine maintenance, making repairs, upgrading your equipment, or finally realizing that slightly crazy project youve had in the back of your mind for months, the following products might have a place in your summertime arsenal. Fully Integrated Antenna/Modem Technology Earlier this year LinkScape Internet Service announced its partnership with KNS, designer and manufacturer of high-grade antennas, to create a simple-to-use and fully integrated antenna/modem technology „ the latest UltraVSAT solutions combined with antennas from 60cm to 320cm. This new combination allows for a simple two-cable installation, with a single 1U below deck unit with no other external components, and provides shared and dedicated bandwidth for yachts and commercial vessels. This newly combined functionality within the two companies provides Ku and C band coverage across the Americas, Caribbean, Europe and Asia, and extended coverage worldwide. Its the fastest internet on the market with an extensive virtual office, phone, fax, e-mail, web and data service offerings that are fully monitored and managed by a team of professionals. Customized term options are also available. For more information visit www.linkscape.net. Affordable Maritime Broadband from Iridium Also earlier this year, Iridium Communications Inc. announced the launch of its second-generation maritime broadband platform, Iridium Pilot. Iridium is the only mobile voice and data satellite communications network that spans the entire globe. Iridium Pilot is engineered for enhanced durability and packaged in a small, lightweight antenna. It has a fixed, electronically steerable, phased-array antenna, designed to maintain connectivity in rough seas. Iridium Pilot offers broadband connectivity in addition to three independent phone lines, all of which work simultaneously, with data speeds up to 134 kbps. The platform offers a suite of new capabilities for vessel telecommunications optimization, including a built-in firewall for traffic management and a bulk configuration capability to assist in efficiently managing large volumes of units. Its small form factor, enhanced capabilities and flexible service packages make Iridium Pilot an optimal solution for vessels large and small. In addition, Iridium Pilot maintains the best service program in the industry, and the industrys only standard five-year limited warranty. We currently see a rapid migration from legacy narrowband services to new generation broadband solutions in the maritime satellite communications market,Ž said Richard Roithner, Senior Consultant at Euroconsult. MSS broadband solutions, in particular those positioned in the lower price ranges, have seen significant growth over the last two years increasing at around 120 percent per year. Euroconsult projects growth to continue in the coming years as these systems provide an attractive value proposition for lowand medium-end markets, including fishing, shipping and leisure vessels, to provide safety communications, enhance ship operations, improve crew welfare as well as provide complementary services for VSAT.Ž Importantly, Iridium Pilot will be compatible with Iridiums next generation satellite constellation, Iridium NEXT,Ž said Joel Thompson, vice president, product management, Iridium. Iridium NEXT, scheduled for deployment starting in 2015, is the largest commercial space program underway today. Ship operators installing Iridium Pilot can have the confidence that their equipment will be supported well beyond 2020.Ž For more information visit www.iridium.com. Weatherlink Gives Real-Time Reports Worldwide Boat owners with a computer or compatible mobile phone can have access to thousands of detailed, current local weather reports through the WeatherLink Network, hosted by Davis Instruments. The community of Davis weather stations at www. weatherlink.com has more than 9,000 real-time reporting stations worldwide. Davis weather station owners can use WeatherLinkIP software or a WeatherLink Network annual subscription to easily and automatically post their local data to the WeatherLink Network. No web skills are required. Anyone with internet access can view data, including temperature, humidity, wind, barometric pressure and rainfall, from the worldwide reporting stations. Davis WeatherLink iPhone and Android apps make it simple to monitor conditions. For more information visit www.davisnet.com. Electronic Chart + Nautical Reference Library Heading for the States? On The Water ChartGuide (formerly Managing the Waterway ) cruising guide authors Mark and Diana Doyle present their eighth annual update to the rebranded Complete Electronic Chart + Nautical Reference Library The 2012 Edition adds to and updates over 4,500 NOAA and US Army Corps of Engineers electronic charts and 180 US Government publications, reference texts, and nautical calculators. The authors list the following benefits: Loading electronic charts and e-charting software turns your computer into a powerful, relatively inexpensive, and portable chartplotter. If you already e-chart, chances are your cartography is stale; update your charts and add important nautical references. Have 4,692 charts and 180 publications at hand, easily accessible and searchable. Avoid the hassle of cataloguing what you think you might need, then navigating multiple government sites, searching and downloading. Digital documents eliminate space, weight, and mildew issues. The two-DVD set costs less than one or two digital charts or publications. DVD 1 contains the entire NOAA raster chart library. The charts are organized into nine popular cruising geographies and catalogued for easy loading and unloading into all of the popular e-charting applications, including Coastal Explorer, Fugawi Marine ENC, The CAPN, TIKI Navigator, MacENC, and others. DVD 2 contains the entire NOAA and US Army Corps of Engineers vector chart library, 180 nautical publications, and several free and trial e-charting software applications. NOAA covers coastwise US Waters, the Great Lakes, and Pacific and Caribbean possessions and interests.Ž The USACE is responsible for Inland Waterways including the Great Loop route from Chicago to Mobile. Cruisers can easily reference and search government publications, reference texts, and nautical calculators, including The American Practical Navigator (Bowditch), pilot charts, coast pilots, light lists, chart number 1, navigation rules, the CIA World Fact-Book and many others. For more information visit www.semi-local.com. Safety in Shore Power Cords Shore power cords, and the electricity they transfer, can become fire and electrocution risks if they fail. Some considerations: „Continued on next page


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 27 B & C FUELS ENTERPRISE Petite Martinique The best fuel dock in the Grenadines for: FUEL € OIL € WATER € ICE Cheapest prices in the Grenadines Unobstructed dock in calm water 16-18 feet of water alongside Suitable for Large Power Yachts Easily approached from Carriacou, Union I., Palm I. & PSV Contact: Glenn Clement or Reynold Belmar Tel/Fax: (473) 443-9110 email: bandcfuels@gmail.com BEQUIA MARINA Open Monday to Saturday 8:00am 4:00pmLook for the Big Blue Building and ask for Tony! Water & Dockage available. Electric: 110V 30Amp € 240V 50Amp € 3 Phase 100Amp, 50 Hz Bequia Marina, Port Elizabeth, Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines VHF 68 € Phone: (784) 530 9092 or 431 8418 „ Continued from previous page To be watertight, the cord should be totally encased in solid PVC material. For flexibility, lightweight jute filler inside the cord jacket makes cable coil neatly and lie flat. Devices such as a strain-relief bullring alleviate stress on the conductors caused by boat movement, crew traffic and rough handling. A molded flex neck helps prevent right-angle cable damage, as well as accidental pullout of the cord. To prevent overheating and burnout, a copper crimp barrel termination, the type used by power companies, is superior to brass. Copper barrel sleeves „ when used to crimp the wires to each terminal „ provide more secure connections, better conductivity and longer life. A locking ring should be present for proper alignment of the connector to the inlet, allowing a completely waterproof connection and preventing accidental disengagement. The cord should incorporate line-up notches or a similar visual indication that the contact is locked or unlocked. Some shore power cords utilize indicator lights to visually confirm that power is flowing. Likewise, some also have warning lights to show that incorrect, dangerous wiring conditions exist at the power source. Any such visual indicators should be molded into the cordset connection and fully watertight. Its important to know when a cord needs to be replaced. If the jacket is frayed and wire exposed, its unsafe. Electrical shorts and a cord thats warm to the touch also indicate its time to buy new. Any singe marks or discoloring around the male or female cord ends are a warning the cord must be immediately replaced. Hubbell electrical products are built with the highest quality terminations and materials. Founded in 1888, Hubbells marine electrical products include UL Listed shore power inlets, cablesets, adapters, plugs, connectors, weatherproof plates, ground fault receptacles and accessories from 15 to 200 amps. For more information visit www.hubbell-marine.com. Comparing Anode Types Anodes protect against galvanic corrosion. Immersing two different metals in water can create a small electrical current that steadily corrodes the less nobleŽ metal. Salt water, which is highly conductive, speeds this process. So does any stray electrical current, as could be found in a marina or even aboard the owners boat. Sacrificial anodes, made from the least noble metals such as zinc, aluminum and magnesium, have more negative electrochemical potential than other metals. The difference in potential between the less noble and more noble metals means that the anode corrodes, so that the anode material is consumed. Anodes are meant to be destroyed, so expensive equipment isnt. Anode inspection is easiest when a boat is out of the water. Zinc and aluminum alloys work well in salt water. In brackish waters, aluminum is better. Magnesium is the only metal alloy that will offer anode protection in fresh water. Readily available and inexpensive zinc is one of the best-known anode materials. However, zinc anodes contain small amounts of cadmium, a heavy metal known to be toxic. When a zinc anode corrodes, small amounts of cadmium are released into the water. The environmental impact of zinc and cadmium is one issue the boat owner should weigh when selecting anodes. An alternative is aluminum alloy, which contains nothing environmentally threatening. Aluminum anodes perform as well as, or better than, zinc. They have better electro-chemical properties, are lighter, and have become competitively priced. CMP Global is one supplier who offers a broad array of zinc, aluminum and magnesium anodes to protect boats in all types of water. Its Martyr II aluminum and Martyr III magnesium anodes contain no cadmium. Martyr Clamp Shaft Anodes from CMP Global are also available in cadmium-free aluminum and magnesium models. For more information visit www.cmpglobal.com. Meet Titan Marine Chain To better reflect the strength of its chain products, CMP Global has rebranded it as Titan Marine Chain. CMP Global has also expanded the product line with stainless steel chain. CMP offers a range of windlass, anchor, mooring and general-purpose chain, all proof-tested and calibrated to exacting standards. Titan Marine chain is embossed with the CMP stamp, which ensures it meets or exceeds certification requirements. It is the only chain on the market with such quality assurance measures. The companys new 316L stainless steel chain is calibrated for windlass use. Manufactured in an ISO-9001 qualityassured facility, its available in 6mm and 8mm links. Titan Marine ISO High Test (G43) Windlass Chain utilizes high-strength carbon steel for a greater strength-toweight ratio. Its short-pitch links make the chain flexible. Titan Marine Mooring Chain (G43) is well suited for high-strength applications, with long links to easily accommodate shackles. Short, compact links characterize the Titan Marine BBB (G30) and ISO Proof Coil (G30) General Purpose chain, both suitable for anchoring use. For metric windlass applications, CMP offers Titan Marine DIN766 (G30), with each link calibrated to the latest DIN766 standard. The short-link design Titan Marine Grade L (G30) is manufactured to Australian Standard AS2321-2006. All Titan Marine carbon steel chain incorporates a hot-dip galvanized finish for superior protection against corrosion and abrasion. Product is available in quantities in pails, full drums and half drums. For more information visit www.cmpglobal.com. New Anchor Rodes Hold Up in Heavy Weather Adding to its high-quality Titan Chain products, CMP Global now offers durable rope/chain Titan Anchor Rodes. Three models fit all major windlasses and feature twisted, double-braided or plaited rope. All Titan Anchor Rodes use nylon rope, which is elastic and serves as a shock absorber for sudden loads caused by wind and waves. Nylon also absorbs more of the loading energy, helping the anchor maintain its set. Titan G4 HT Chain is used for the rodes, made from CMPs corrosion-resistant Hi-Test steel. This surfacehardened, high carbon steel delivers better strengthto-weight ratio than proof coil. The Double Braided Anchor Rode and Eight Strand Plaited Anchor Rode are exceptionally strong, flexible and easy on the hands. Braided nylon is easier to feed through a deck pipe for storage. The Three Strand Anchor Rode uses stiffer, twisted rope that is easy to splice. Economical three-strand line has more twists for extra strength to avoid fouling equipment. Anchor Rodes from CMP Global are available in overall lengths of 50m-98m, including 4.5m-6m of chain, with rope diameters of 12mm-16mm. For more information visit www.cmpglobal.com. Stainless Holders Keep Push Poles in Place Storing push poles and boat hooks isnt always simple. Accon Marine offers Surface-Mount and FlushMount Fold-Down Push Pole Holders that are easy to install and help keep poles in place. Both the 710 Surface-Mount and 708 Flush-Mount models are constructed from marine-grade 316 stainless steel and UV-resistant glass-filled nylon. They fold down flush when not in use to avoid tripping. Three push pole holders are recommended for optimum pole stability. The 710 Flush-Mount model is easy to install with only three #10 screws required. No cutouts are necessary. „Continued on page 45


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 28 JULY Crossing the channels between Caribbean islands with a favorable tide will make your passage faster and more comfortable. The table below, courtesy Don Street, author of Streets Guides and compiler of Imray-Iolaire charts, which shows the time of the meridian passage (or zenith) of the moon for this AND next month, will help you calculate the tides. Water, Don explains, generally tries to run toward the moon. The tide starts running to the east soon after moonrise, continues to run east until about an hour after the moon reaches its zenith (see TIME below) and then runs westward. From just after the moons setting to just after its nadir, the tide runs eastward; and from just after its nadir to soon after its rising, the tide runs westward; i.e. the tide floods from west to east. Times given are local. Note: the maximum tide is 3 or 4 days after the new and full moons. For more information, see Tides and CurrentsŽ on the back of all Imray Iolaire charts. Fair tides! August DATE TIME 1 2354 2 0000 (full) 3 0045 4 0133 5 0220 6 0305 7 0349 8 0434 9 0519 10 0605 11 0653 12 0742 13 0831 14 0921 15 1011 16 1100 17 1149 (new) 18 1238 19 1327 20 1417 21 1508 22 1602 23 1657 24 1755 25 1854 26 1953 27 2050 28 2144 29 2236 30 2325 31 0000 (full) September 1 0012 2 0058 3 0142 4 0227 5 0313 6 0359 7 0446 8 0539 9 0623 10 0712 11 0801 12 0850 13 0938 14 1028 15 1117 (new) 16 1208 17 1300 18 1335 19 1451 20 1550 21 1649 22 1748 23 1845 24 1940 25 2031 26 2120 27 2203 28 2252 29 2337 30 0000 (full) MERIDIAN PASSAGE OF THE MOONAUGUST SEPTEMBER 2012 FREE CRUISING GUIDES Compliments of: Marina Zar-Par Boca Chica, Dominican Republic www.marinazarpar.com Dominican Republic Cruising Guide Haiti Cruising Guide Jamaica Cruising Guide Trinidad Cruising Guide Cayman Islands Cruising Guide Puerto Rico Cruising Guide www.freecruisingguide.com Boatwomens Wednesday in Rodney Bayby Suzanne LongacreIs it time to get off the boat, get away from too much constant togetherness with your boat partner and our boat-centric lives and conflicts? Do you feel youve lost your identity as an independent woman in your own right, not just as crewŽ or first mateŽ in the often predominantly male yachting world? Is there a place for us to expand our social lives, our minds, lift our spirits or just let down our hair with other females? Well, Marsha on S/Y Crusader certainly thought so a couple of years ago when she initiated the Wednesday Womens Therapy get-together at the lovely fivestar Bay Gardens Beach Resort on Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. Her idea was received wholeheartedly by female yachties and wannabes and the group has been meeting enthusiastically ever since. The difference is that instead of being a moveable feast, this feast remains stationary and the group is variable, because of the constant change inherent in the lifestyle of a cruising mobile village. On any given Wednesday morning, around 11:45, the weeks 15 to 20 participants gather at the Lo Tide Bar to informally socialize and often partake of the special drink of the day: Mango Tango. Around 12:30, the group moves to the Hi Tide Waterfront Restaurant to order lunch individually off the delicious and varied menu. Customarily, the leader then calls on each woman in turn to stand and introduce herself: boat name and type; where from; personal, professional and sailing background; along with future cruising plans and/or works in progress for those still connected to the WŽ world. Each woman is encouraged to share a cruising tip from her own experience. It is always remarkable to learn of the varied talents and accomplishments of the seemingly random group of diverse women who show up each week. By dessert, many connections have been made and it rarely takes six degrees to find a common link over and above the boating link. Often, plans to meet for dinner, a concert or shopping trip are put in place, as well as swapping favorite books and movies. After lunch, everyone is invited into the beautiful Bay Gardens pool and jacuzzi for total relaxation. Even the men are sometimes invited to come and swim towards the end of the day and stay on for the managers complimentary cocktail party, just to show we really do love them and enjoy their company most of the time. However, it is a given that What is told at womens therapy stays at therapyŽ „ even moans and groans that might otherwise be stifled in the name of peace on board. We all know how cathartic that sharing can be, which is why its called therapy and not just gabbing! Suzanne Longacre and her photographer husband John Gideonse are cruising the Caribbean aboard the catamaran Zeelander.


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 29 Slipway 1800 Tons Drydock Draft 18ft Depth Drydock Beam 55ft. Drydock Length 300ft. Wetdock Pier 250ft. SERVICES AVAILABLE € Steel Work (Crop & Renew) € Sandblasting and Paint Work € Pipe Works € Diesel Engine Installation and Repairs € Electrical € Woodwork € Machine Shop € RefrigerationOur commitment is to get the job done right the first time so your ship can get back to work as quickly as possible! Slipway Guide Jetty, St. Vincent Street Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, WI Phone: (868) 625 2927 / 2962 Fax: (868) 627 3056 info@maritimepreservation.net www.maritimepreservation.netSHIP REPAIR & DRY DOCK time capsuleDigital Communications: The Ham Radio Alternative by Robert Cleland Since marking the milestone of the 200th edition of Caribbean Compass in May, we take the opportunity to share with our current readers some articles from the past. This article by Robert Cleland was published in March of 1998. It is interesting to reflect on what has changed „ and what hasnt „ since then.Hi Mom! The weather has been fantastic in the Windward Islands. We wish you were hereƒ.Ž For the first time in 12 years of cruising we have direct communications with home, right from the comfort of our own boat. In fact, we can send messages to any Internet e-mail address in the world and receive a reply, no matter where we are, without dinghying ashore and searching for an elusive communications facility. Certainly gone are the days of standing in a windy telephone booth on a noisy street corner, frantically searching your pockets for additional coins to keep a fragile connection alive. Now we tune in a friendly fellow ham operator with special Internet connections, establish a radio link with his station, and send a pre-prepared message or a group of messages with a single keystroke on our laptop computer. Much has been written about the various commercial services now available to do this sort of thing, but little has been said about the service available to licensed amateur radio operators, of whom there are many in the cruising community around the world. If you happen to be one of these fortunate individuals, or are interested in becoming one, what follows is written for you. The amateur radio community has for many years operated a digital network somewhat analogous to the Internet, and has been instrumental in the development of many of the techniques and protocols (codes) in widespread use around the world today. The amateur network is a mixture of VHF, HF, and VHF/UHF satellite stations interconnected to allow messages to be passed anywhere in the network. The HF digital mailbox stations (MBOs) are the ones of primary interest to mobile hams, because they can be easily accessed with modest equipment over long distances. The protocols they use today, AMTOR and more recently something called PACTOR, are outgrowths of the old radio teletype (RTTY) code. PACTOR (Types I and II), developed by two German radio amateurs, supports the complete ASCII character set (can use every character on your computer keyboard), and employs sophisticated on-line error correction and data compression techniques, all of which insures swift transmission of messages, virtually error-free. Ham operators can leave messages for another ham at an agreed-upon MBO and the messages can be picked up at the recipients leisure. Theoretically a message left at any particular MBO will be forwarded to any other MBO around the world. Of particular interest to this story, however, is the fact that most of the MBOs now have Internet telephone connections and can serve as gatewaysŽ for Internet E-mail traffic. In the case of E-mail, messages are pre-prepared and addressed to an Internet E-mail address. They are sent to an MBO by radio using a computer-controlled digital controller and filed in the MBOs computer. The MBO periodically (usually several times each day) uploads all the accumulated outgoing messages to his local Internet server where they are sent on to the addressees. Reply messages are addressed to your callsign, at the MBOs Internet address. To read your reply messages you simply connectŽ (electronically link) with your MBO and ask to have any pending messages downloaded to you. Communications with the MBO stations are accomplished through commands to the Winlink/Netlink program which governs their operations. There are now programs available for your remote station which virtually automate this upload/download command process. It must be pointed out that since you are using the amateur radio service, all messages must be personal in nature. By international law you are not allowed to pass messages in which either party has a financial interest. Thus you can ask a friend to make airline reservations or purchase a spare part for you, but you cannot sell life insurance (!) or order the part directly. In keeping with the amateur nature of ham radio the MBOs do not charge for their services. They are operating their vital stations as a hobby and in the spirit of public service for their fellow hams. What do you need to get on-lineŽ from your boat? First, of course, is a valid amateur radio license, the equivalent of a US General license or higher from your issuing authority. Second is a ham HF single-sideband radio with good frequency control and stability, rapid transmit/receive switching, and an accessory port for audio in/out and push-to-talk functions. The ability to display and control the operating frequency to hundredths of kHz is useful but not absolutely necessary. Most modern ham SSBs meet these needs. Check your particular radio before going further with an installation. The third item is the all-important digital controller, sometimes referred to as a terminal node controllerŽ or TNC. This device is analogous to the telephone modem on a home computer. Popular units include the Kantronics KAM Plus, the AEA PK-232, and the SCS PTC-II. Some older PK-232s must be modified to do the PACTOR code. The PTC-II uses both PACTOR I and the new, ultra-fast PACTOR II code. These controllers go between your radio and your computer and generate the coding for instructions and messages. The fourth and final item you need for your station is a computer. Almost any computer will do the job. It serves mainly as a terminal for your station, to send and receive instructions to/from the controller, and to write, store, and receive messages. The Windows 95 operating system permits use of some of the most recent and convenient communications programs, but all the controllers have DOS/Windows 3.1 programs available. Many long-distance cruisers already have satisfactory radios and computers. Addition of a digital controller for approximately US$300 (up to US$950 for the top-of-line PTC-II) will put you into the E-mail business. Here in the Caribbean there are several MBO stations available to the maritime mobile ham. One is Bernie, WG3G, of S/V Transition. Located in Trinidad, he is in easy HF radio range for most cruisers. Others include Steve, K4CJX, located in Nashville, Tennessee, and Pat, N0ZO (November Zero Zulu Oscar), in Lady Lake, Florida. These fellows are the true heroes of this story. Their stations continuously monitor a published list of frequencies, waiting to lock in on your call and take your messages. Give them a call, introduce yourself, and make a valuable new friend. You can be sure that your mom back home will be the happiest lady in town! Robert and Julaine Cleland cruise the Caribbean aboard their Vancouver 36, Tropic Bird Roberts ham callsign is N8HGS. Now we tune in a friendly fellow ham operator with special Internet connections, establish a radio link with his station, and send a pre-prepared message


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 30 jerry king AUGUST 2012 ARIES (21 Mar 20 Apr) Complete as many creative boat jobs as possible before the 24th, as your energy will drop off at that time. Some of that energy will be used up by frustration in your love life, which will not help with business matters on the 15th. Balance that negative aspect with pride in a job well done on board. TAURUS (21 Apr 21 May) Romance on board will stabilize your course, while your ingenuity will meet choppy seas and garbled communications until the 23rd. Then you will sail into smooth seas and great reception. GEMINI (22 May 21 Jun) As your love life settles on board, you can use that feeling of comfort and security to push through some boat business or financial ideas youve been working on. CANCER (22 Jun 23 Jul) After the 8th your partner will demand all of your attention. Other than a few fluky winds everything in the main cabin will be smooth sailing. LEO (24 Jul 23 Aug) This should be a productive month for creative and verbal efforts; theyll contribute a brisk breeze to your forward progress after the 8th. Dedicate yourself to these aspects before the 23rd when winds will turn unpredictable. VIRGO (24 Aug 23 Sep) This is a good time to just set the autopilot, enjoy gentle breezes and recharge your batteries. During the last week a zephyr of potential romance will pick up and give you a bit more headway. LIBRA (24 Sep 23 Oct) The winds in the business area of your life will be brisk so dont let a downturn of enthusiasm in your personal life deflect you from this course. Use it for positive progress before the 24th. SCORPIO (24 Oct 22 Nov) After the 8th your love life will get a nice lift to bring you out of the creative doldrums. Any communication frustrations youve been having will clear, but be sure to concentrate on positive aspects of your life and not indulge in self-pity. SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov 21 Dec) This month will be creatively productive if you can pick a course, stick to it and not tack all over the place. CAPRICORN (22 Dec 20 Jan) Seas will get rough where romance is concerned. If you dont keep a steady hand on the helm it could have detrimental effects on your finances, especially around the 15th. AQUARIUS (21 Jan 19 Feb) Even though creativity and communications are in the doldrums your business or finances will be under full sail and full of opportunity and potential. Use your analytical skills to choose the best course toward potentially successful contacts. PISCES (20 Feb 20 Mar) After the 8th your love life aboard will get fresh breezes, which should make for a very satisfying month, especially during the second full Moon of the month on the 31st. The good vibes will continue until the 7th of next month. NAVIGATIONAL WARNING!If your wish is to confirm a Permanence on terra firma, RUN — as quickly as you can Whene’er you meet a sailor man! If you think that the lure of sea Will be much less than lure of thee, Though sailor man may make you swoon, Prepare, dear lass, to meet thy doom! When you first view this sailor man, Looking good, nice shape, nice tan, You like his manner, like to hear The tales he tells of far and near… He talks a lot about his boat, Seems it is the best afloat. You’re rapt, your admiration grows And now he invites you to go To spend a day out on the sea, You’re thrilled, and you accept with glee. You think that “All I’ll do is sit, I’m sure that I can handle it”, A wee bit scared? Some niggling fears? But then anticipation clears Your worries, and you start to plan How to attract this sailor man. New bikini, floppy hat, Make-up perfect, seen to that, The boat is docked right over there, “Ahoy” you call, with nautic flair, Is sailor man not there to greet His nervous guest, so chic, so sweet? “Welcome aboard!” at last he yells From down below, and you can tell His irritation from his manner, Then he emerges with a spanner, Clutched in his suntanned, manly hand, “Cast off, girl!” and there you stand, Cast off? Does he mean my clothes? “The lines, girl!” His vexation shows, Oh yes! You struggle to comply, And clamber back on board and try Not to mind it when you feel, Terror set in — a sailboat heels, The wind picks up, and so do waves You envisage your watery grave! You think, “My God! I am a fool!” And sailor man, he’s looking cool, Wheel in hand, relaxed and laughing, And all you think about is barfing! You are now shattered, wet and teary, Battered by elements and weary, A life at sea is not for you, So goodbye boats, and sailors too! So if a sailor should hove in view, Take note, my girl, he’s not for you!— Nan Hatch I s l a n d Island P o e t s Poets A. THODY


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 31 CRUISING KIDS CORNER CREW VACANCIES!email: crew@tradewindscruiseclub.comTradeWinds Cruise Club operate a fleet of catamarans across six destinations in the Caribbean. We are the fastest growing charter company, operating TERM CHARTERS, all inclusive, 7 days. We are looking for crew, mainly teams in the form of a Captain and a Chef/Hostess. We prefer couples that are married OR have been living together for at least a year. The nature of the job is such that the better the understanding and teamwork between Captain and Chef the more successful your charters will be. Requirements: Captain with a Skipper's licence. Chef/Hostess with a basic understanding of cooking. Dive master/ instructor for either the Captain and/or Chef is a plus. We offer full training onsite in the Caribbean. This is a FUN job with great earning potential. If you are willing to work hard and have a positive disposition to life this could be your DREAM job. Anyone with an interest is welcome to apply. If you would like more information about this job or send your CV to us, please use this email address: crew@tradewindscruiseclub.comor by mail to: Bequia Marina, P.O.Box 194BQ, Port Elizabeth, Bequia, St Vincent & the Grenadines Tel. St Vincent +784 457 3407 Tel. St Maarten +599 5510550 PICK UP! Ahoy, Compass Readers! When in Grenada, pick up your free monthly copy of the Caribbean Compass at any of these locations (advertisers in this issue appear in bold ): ST. GEORGES AREA Art Fabrik Grenada Yacht Club Island Water World Marine World Port Louis Marina Tikal SOUTH COAST Budget Marine De Big Fish Essentials Mini-Market Grenada Marine Island View Le Phare Bleu Marina Martins Marina McIntyre Bros Prickly Bay Marina Spice Island Marine Turbulence Sails True Blue Bay DONT SWIM IN THE QUARRY!by Lee KessellTrevor lives in the island of St. Lucia in the lower Caribbean and his cousin Ernie, only a year or so younger, lives in Barbados. Although Ernie has gone over to holiday with Trevor, where they got into the usual trouble, it was better for everyone that Trevor should go to Barbados. Just the thought of Ernies home sitting high above the wild Atlantic coast with its back to the old sugar-growing valley romantically known as Sweet Bottom, is enough to send a thrill through Trevors adventure-seeking neurons, and try as Ernie does not to let Trevor get the better of him, Trevor always lands them in trouble. Aunt Josefina would have the two of them grounded for all time but Uncle Solly just shrugs and says, Boys will be boys.Ž Nyna, Ernies little sister, would go off with them like a shot, but Trevor just scoffs and Aunt Josefina wouldnt let her go anyway. The first couple of days after Uncle Solly had picked up Trevor from the airport he was happy enough to hang around with Ernie, playing with Rusty the old dog, riding on the back of the ever-patient Matilda the pony, being sneered at by the supercilious goats that Aunt Josefina keeps for their milk and teasing Nyna. Trevor wouldnt even let Nyna swim with them in the bay a short walk away and Nyna thought this was really mean. Now having been an adventure-hungry boy himself, Uncle Solly had bought the boys two old bikes and laughed off Aunt Josephinas objections. Poor Aunt Josefina, she should never have mentioned the quarry, but she had read the story of a young boy who had drowned in a rain-filled quarry in St. Lucia and forbade them from going near that rain-filled quarry they all knew. Now, swimming in a murky, cold, deep quarry was the furthest thing from Trevors mind, but this became a challenge and those thrill-seeking neurons quickly took over. So, not telling anyone where they were going, Trevor and Ernie got on their bikes and pedaled off, taking with them the packed lunch that Aunt Josefina always provided for them as she thought that hungry boys were sure to get into mischief. After not too hard a ride, Trevor and Ernie arrived at the old dirt track leading to the quarry and they wobbled their old bikes over the stones and the ruts and jumped off at the quarrys edge. I dont like this place at all,Ž wailed Ernie. Its real spooky and dangerous looking.Ž Of course it is,Ž scoffed Trevor. Thats what adventures are all about. Lets eat our lunch and youll feel a lot better.Ž So the two boys ate Aunt Josefinas egg and lettuce sandwiches and drank her juice and indeed Ernie bucked up a little. The sun was shining brightly, a gentle breeze was ruffling the surface of the water and a swim seemed a good idea after all. Trevor took off his shirt and shorts, left them on the bank and called to Ernie, Hurry up, I cant wait all afternoon for you.Ž So Ernie took off his shirt and shorts and now in their underwear, both boys stood on the edge of the bank. Ernie hesitated so long that Trevor gave his cousin a mighty push and poor Ernie went under water with a great splash. As he came spluttering to the surface, Trevor leapt in almost on top of him and began swimming confidently to the centre of the quarry. The water was cold and before long Trevor turned back to see what Ernie was doing. Ernie hated cold water and the fresh quarry water lacked the buoyancy of the salt water he was used to, so in no time at all, he was in trouble. Trevor swam back to Ernie and holding him tight, managed to get back to the bank. But the bank was four feet above his head and the sides were straight where the diggers had cleaved away the rock. Trevor was treading water, Ernie was shivering with fear and cold and Trevor wondered how long he could last before both of them sank forever into the deep, dark water. He managed a few feeble calls for help but his mouth kept on sinking below the water level. It was as if all of Trevors nightmares had come true and he was at his last gasp when a strong black arm reached down and yanked them both up and onto the bank. Wat de hell ya doing in de quarry? Ya be damn lucky I taking short cut to reach me home. Ya all be my kids I does tan ya bottoms so damn hard ya no sit down for a week. It only I does see ya bikes and ting dat I does take a look. Ya put back on ya vests and hurry back home.Ž And the man walked off with a final shout at them, Does ya mudder not tell ya nar to swim in de quarry?Ž Trevor and Ernie were so full of water that they had no breath to speak. They lay panting in the sun and when they had dried off, they pulled on their shirts and shorts and silently pedaled home. That night when the two boys lay next to each other in their beds, Trevor whispered. Gee Ernie, Im sorry that we almost drowned, but after all, it certainly was a great adventure!Ž Ernie ground his teeth, turned his back and pretended to go to sleep. THE END jpqyg “I don’t like this place at all,” wailed Ernie. “It’s real spooky and dangerous looking.” “Of course it is,” scoffed Trevor. “That’s what adventures are all about.”


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 32 SUMMER READING No matter what youre doing this summer „ working on the boat, sitting in airports, or planning your next cruise „ a good book can be your favorite companion. A Sail of Two Idiots, by Renee D. Patrillo. International Marine, 2012. Paperback, 290 pages, B&W photos. ISBN 978-0-07-177984-5 Subtitled 100+ Lessons and Laughs from a NonSailor Who Quit the Rat Race, Took the Helm, and Sailed to a New Life in the CaribbeanŽ, A Sail of Two Idiots is a combination textbook and adventure story told in a breezy, folksy style from a female captains perspective. Renee, a technical writer, and her husband, Michael, an engineer, got tired of what many would consider the good lifeŽ in Arizona and decided a major move was in order. The Caribbean sounded promising, but how to choose which island to live on without seeing several?Ž Although neither Renee nor Michael had any sailing experience, Renee thought that buying a boat might be the way to go. It took her a year to convince Michael, but when he came aboard it was enthusiastically. They bought a catamaran and cruised from Miami to Grenada, eventually settling on St. Kitts. Knowing that many others wanted to do something similar, Renee decided to share her experiences. Her story is full of lessons and laughs. Wannabe or newbie cruisers will learn a lot, and old salts will grin at familiar situations both good and bad. Available from www.ASailofTwoIdiots.blogspot.com. Sails, Whales and Pirate Tales: A Collection of Poems by Jim Richardson. Second edition Harpoon Press, 2012. Paperback, 64 pages, B&W photos and illustrations. ISBN 978-1-60458-886-6. The author, sailor and poet writes, I have discovered three great sounds in nature: the sound of rain in the jungle, the sound of wind in the pine forest, and the sound of the ocean on a beach. I have heard them all, and of those voices that have spoken to me, that of the ocean is the most awesome, beautiful and varied.Ž Let Jim take you away to hear the voice of the ocean with this collection of poems. He finds music in each wave. For availability contact Jim Richardson at jim@thefloatingyears.com. The New Caribbean Home Garden Handbook by Shirley Hall. Guardian Media Ltd., 2011. Paperback, 378 pages, B&W photos. Although aimed at backyard gardeners in the Caribbean, this book is a treasure chest of information about more than 160 local fruits, herbs and vegetables, ranging from the well known to the rare and exotic, and describing their uses, modes of preparation (including simple recipes) and health-giving properties. According to an interview in the Trinidad Express newspaper, Trinidadian author Shirley Halls grandparents were farmers, growing rice and sugar cane. Her father drove a tractor, working long hours every day in a community that survived by agriculture. After a stint in the corporate world, Shirley returned to the garden „ and found a mission, not only to grow her own produce and relieve her own stress, but also to return others to a healthier state: Do you remember when the country had all these slim, sexy women?Ž Sailors know that they are at their best when nourished with fresh food. Newcomers to the Caribbean will need to learn about all the unfamiliar fruits and vegetables, and old timers will want new ways to prepare them. Shirley Hall is a great guide. For more information visit www.shirleystropicalgarden.com. Available at book stores in Trinidad or from the author at shirley-hall@hotmail.com. Virgin Anchorages published by Cruising Guide Publications, 2012. Paperback, large format, color photos throughout. ISBN 978-0-944428-84-9. If youre planning to cruise the US and/or British Virgin Islands, dont think twice, just fork over 30 bucks for this book. If a picture is worth a thousand words, its a steal. Virgin Anchorages features high-quality aerial photos of all the most popular yacht anchorages and marinas in the Virgins. „Continued on next page STUNNING UNDERWATER PHOTO TIP!Hard, reflective light such as on the seabed comes from sunny days with wind over the water. Overcast days with dispersed light are much better for taking photos. If surface light is reflected, use a "fill flash" to soften the shadow effect. Excerpt from "How to Take Stunning Underwater Photos Using Inexpensive Point and Shoot Cameras" by Scott Fratcher, available on Kindle, Apple, and ebook.


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 33 Real sailors use Streets Guides for inter-island and harbor piloting directions, plus interesting anecdotes of people, places and history. Streets Guides are the only ones that describe ALL the anchorages in the Eastern Caribbean. In 1980 Street said in print that if anyone could come up with an anchorage safe for a boat that draws seven feet that he has not covered in the guide he would buy the drinks. Thirty-two years have gone by and he has never had to buy drinks. Real sailors in the Windwards, Leewards and Virgin Islands circle in Streets Guide the anchorages that are NOT described in the other popular guides. Do the same and you will have quiet anchorages. HURRICANE TIPS! Visit www.street-iolaire.com for a wealth of information on tracking & securing for a storm Streets Guides are available at Island Water World and Johnson Marine Hardware in St. Lucia, Sully Magras in St. Barts, and Blue Water Books & Charts in Fort Lauderdale, or contact channelsales@authorsolutions.com GOOD GUIDES ARE TIMELESSUntil Don Street wrote his first guide in 1964, the guide he used was Norie and Wilsons Sailing Directions to the West IndiesŽ, published in 1867. „ Continued from previous page Each photo is presented twice: on the top page (the books format is horizontal) with a graphic overlay indicating the position of navigational aids and hazards, and on the bottom page in its unadorned natural splendor. Charts are essential, of course, but its amazingly helpful to really see the reefs and rocks. This book is your eye in the sky. If youre planning to cruise the Leeward and Windward Islands, Cruising Guide Publications has them covered aerially, too. Available at bookstores and chandleries or from www.cruisingguides.com.A Couple of Cautionary TalesSustainable Tourism in Island Destinations, by Sonya Graci and Rachel Dodds, Earthscan Ltd., 2010. Paperback, 226 pages, B&W photos. ISBN 978-184407-780-9. This is a must-read for anyone seriously interested in tourism development on Caribbean islands. The authors have selected eight islands worldwide as case studies to illustrate island tourism development challenges and successes. Two of these case studies „ Cayos Cochinos in Honduras and St. Kitts „ are in the Caribbean, but lessons applicable to the Caribbean can be learned from all. In the first section of the book, an overview of major barriers to achieving sustainable island tourism, the authors highlight the problem of development plans that are based on short-term economic profit rather than long-term viability. Two examples: € Small islands such as Roatan in Honduras or St. Kitts in the [Eastern] Caribbean have spent muchneeded tax dollars on a new cruise ship terminal to attract bigger cruise ships. Governments are not aware of the full cost accounting of the impacts of cruise tourism as governments measure success in tourism arrivals rather than revenue per tourist. Cruise ships can place a huge strain on islands and their existing infrastructureƒ. As cruise ships encourage guests not to use the local services at the ports they disembark upon, and many stops are very short (under six hours), the economic gain from cruise ships is low in comparison to the environmental and social impacts related to waste, water and air pollution, not to mention acculturation and the demonstration effect that impacts on the local communitiesƒ the impacts that result from degradation of the land and antagonism of the local people affect other aspects of their tourism economy in a detrimental wayƒ. € Governments in many islands do not have a vision for the long term (past their own electoral regime) and therefore do not seek the opinions of their constituents in developing a visionƒ governing terms are often too short to consider long-term sustainability measures if such awareness even exists and are focused on mainly short-term economic gain or being re-elected. St. Kitts is given as an example of the shortcomings of copycatŽ development strategies that, with a few attempted exceptions, focus on traditional mass tourism rather than diversifying to provide a unique and distinct experience. This has resulted, according to the authors, in a decrease in the tourism economy and related benefits to islanders: Developing four-star resorts has led to increased water and energy consumption, often at the expense of islandersƒ. [Endeavoring to stay competitive] St. Kitts has attempted to copy other regions successes in that they have developed new product offerings or exploited resources solely because their competitors haveƒ. Through the idea of up-scaling tourism, the island has also up-scaled its consumption patterns. Focus on short-term economic gain and copycatting arent the only problems: it is shown that even a goal as seemingly beneficial as environmental conservation can go wrong. Cayos Cochinos, located at the southernmost point of the worlds second-largest coral reef, were selected to illustrate lack of consideration for the local community in tourism planning. To protect a fragile environment, the Cayos Cochinos were designated as a Marine Protected Area. The management plan virtually eliminated the option for the local Garifuna population to continue fishing as a source of livelihood. Tourism was posed (or imposed) as an alternate source of livelihood. However, in the absence of community consultation, many tourism products were developed with a focus on bringing in as many tourists as possible without considering the long-term implications, and income from tourism was not widespread so that many inhabitants saw a decrease in their quality of life. Moreover, conservation organizations also tended to ignore community welfare. The Smithsonian, for example, recommended removal of the Garifuna people entirely, instilling ongoing mistrust of environmentalists. Available from www.earthscan.co.uk. Paradise in Peril: Canouan by Wm. Stephen Price, prepared for The Friends of the Tobago Cays, 2011. Paperback, 68 pages, color photos and illustrations. Putting tourism development even further under the microscope, this book reports on a 2010 study of the environmental impact on the formerly healthy Godhal Lagoon by resort development on the five-square-mile island of Canouan in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The study by coral reef ecology expert Dr. Price was sponsored by The Friends of the Tobago Cays after that NGO was approached by island residents who witnessed development activities they feared were irreversibly damaging the lagoon, supposedly a marine conservation area. This microcosmic study unfortunately illustrates an all-too-common situation in island tourism development. Price writes, This survey found a statistically significant negative impact on the marine environmentƒ there appears to be no regulation or enforcement in place to protect the marine environment from the practices of developers.Ž Its a detailed, illustrated and appalling litany of dredged and destroyed coral; removal of native beach vegetation and seagrass meadows; destruction of habitat for conch, rays, lobsters, fish and turtles; modification of beach composition, making beaches unsuitable for nesting turtles and shorebirds; and more. Youll need a strong stomach to read this horror story, but you wont forget it soon. Available from Friends of the Tobago Cays, fotcsvg@gmail.com.


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 34 Johnson Hardware Ltd. Chain & Rope Anchors & Fenders Electric Wire Marine Hoses Bilge Pumps Lubricants & Oils Stainless Fasteners Stainless Fittings VHF Radios Flares & Life Jackets Snorkeling Equipment Fishing Gear Antifouling Paint Paint Brushes Epoxy Resins Sanding Paper & Discs Hand & Power Tools Houseware & Cookware FOR YOUR MARINE HARDWARE, AND MORE Rodney Bay, St. Lucia Tel: (758) 452 0299 Fax: (758) 452 0311 e-mail: hardware@candw.lc He is a self-taught sailor, a talented musician and a skilled carpenter. He learned to sail on a Scorpion dinghy in Portsmouth Harbour, England, in 1982; he was given his first guitar at the age of 11 and taught himself to play it. He has been a boatyard manager at a marina in Southampton. All in all, Steve is a very knowledgeable and boat-savvy character. Maybe it was because his first boat, a 32-foot wooden sloop from Portsmouth, was called Spice Islander that he was drawn to sail with the tradewinds and discover the warm waters of the Caribbean. He first sailed across the Atlantic with his young family in 1989 on a 40-foot concrete ketch called Tiara They stayed in the Caribbean for three years, exploring the islands and enjoying the life and the freedom that comes with cruising before returning home so that his daughter could go to school. But wanderlust had sunk in deeply and Steve was compelled to set sail again. He is a true hobo, taking his trade wherever he goes to earn himself a living. He has sailed back and forth across the Atlantic three times now, enjoying the places and people hes met on both sides of the pond. Being a wherever I hang my hat, thats homeŽ kind of guy, Steve never likes to stay too long in one place. He loves the feeling of freedom and change, which could explain the 36 motorbikes and eight boats he has owned throughout his life so far. And wherever Steve goes, his guitar and his music go with him. He has spent the last 20-plus years with lyrics and music floating through his mind, penning his first song in 1989 when sailing with his family. More were to follow, culminating in an album called Fantastic VoyageŽ. Primarily influenced by his sailing experiences and relationships with the people he has met in the Caribbean, his music has a country/ folk/blues style to it. It is chilled and relaxed and you can just imagine the sea, the blue skies and palm-tree-filled islands that have been the backdrop to the life that has created this album. Many of you will relate to one of the songs on the album, Sailors LamentŽ, which is about Steves first voyage with his family and how, upon his return two decades later, he finds much of the Caribbean has changed: whole bays turned into marinas, moorings laid down where once you could anchor. In the song he makes a plea: Don Street and Chris Doyle I ask of thee, find me a place where my anchor can beŽ. Steve said that it is amazing how much the Caribbean has changed over the last 20 years and how tourism and the yachting industry have shaped and changed the islands; there are very few places left that are recognizable as they were before. There are still some places where an untouched Caribbean can be found, but he wont tell you where they are! Steve loves nothing more than singing in front of an appreciative live audience. He has been fortunate enough to play alongside many talented musicians who, like himself, carry their instruments wherever they go. Perhaps you have seen and heard him in the islands over the years, especially in St. Martin or Grenada, not only playing his own music but also doing some great covers. Or perhaps you have seen him sitting on the deck of his boat strumming his guitar, the tunes drifting out across the bayƒ. You may know him as Steve from BlitzŽ, Blitz being a 35-foot, one-off catamaran that he has owned for the last 11 years and sailed in Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar as well as in the Caribbean. Steve is currently working on his latest project, Meteor a 45-foot ferrocement Hartley Fijian that he is preparing to take across the Atlantic once again, to the Azores and then back to England for a major refit before he heads out on his next adventure. So if you are in Galicia or the Algarve a couple of years from now, keep your eyes peeled for the red hull of Meteor and listen out for the soothing tones of Steve Izac. For more information on Steves sailing and music visit www.steveizac.blogspot.com. Steve Izac is a Man of Many Talentsby Rosie Burr CRUISER PORTRAITS A man, a boat, a guitarƒ Steves latest boat project is the 45-foot Meteor and his latest album is Fantastic Voyage


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 35 „ Continued from page 10 ƒRegatta News Over the weekend there will be three races each for the Racing and Cruising Yachts, and nine races for the J/24-and-Surprise Class. The weekends social activities will include a welcome party and a dinner as well as the formal prizegiving. Saturday lunch break and Saturday evening with live music will be at the IGY Rodney Bay Marina. For more information see ad on page 11. Aguilar Match Race Set for December in St. Thomas The 5th Annual Carlos Aguilar Match Race (CAMR), presented by Ulysse Nardin/ Trident Jewels & Time, will set sail in the scenic Charlotte Amalie Harbor December 5th through 9th. Twelve Open teams representing some of the best match racers in the world, both men and women, will put their skills to the test in fast-paced highly competitive sailing action along the spectator-friendly Waterfront. Past winners of the CAMR read like a Whos Who of sailing: Finlands Staffan Lindberg won the Open Division in 2011; USAs Genny Tulloch triumphed in 2008 and 2010; Frances Claire Leroy in 2009 in the Womens Division, and it was the USVIs Taylor Canfield in 2008 and Peter Holmberg in 2009 and Portugals Alvaro Marinho/ Seth Sailing Team in 2010 that won in the Open Division. The USVIs Americas Cup winning skipper, Peter Holmberg, top-ranked Caribbean and USA Open match racer, Taylor Canfield, and USAs Stephanie Robles, who made it to the finals in this event last year, have already accepted invitations to return for the 2012 CAMR. Finlands Lindberg and the USAs Sally Barkow, who matched off against Lindberg in the finals last year, as well as past finals competitor, four-time Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year, and the USAs Womans Match Racing competitor in the Summer Olympics, Anna Tunnicliffe, hope to return. The winner of the British Virgin Islands Pete Sheals Memorial Match Race will also receive an invitation. The Open champions in this International Sailing Federation (ISAF) provisional Grade Two event are awarded an Ulysse Nardin Lady Diver and Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver precision timepiece, respectively. The St. Thomas Yacht Club and the Virgin Islands Sailing Association are organizing authorities for the CAMR, named for the late Carlos Aguilar, who was an avid sailor and match racer. For more information visit www.carlosmatchrace.com. St. Maartens Rhne Findlay Joins Maclaren Crew Maclaren is excited to announce the formation of the Maclaren Crew, a group of elite international sailors at various points in their sailing campaigns. In the past few years, Maclaren has initiated several projects to align the Maclaren brand with global sailing, including the sponsorship of Team Maclaren, the US Womens Olympic Match Racing team led by Olympic Gold Medalist Anna Tunnicliffe. The Maclaren Crew kicked off in April 2012 with Maclaren sponsorship of US Laser sailor Rob Crane followed by the recent additions of fellow Laser sailors Rhne Findlay of St. Maarten, David Wright of Canada, Nick Thompson of England, and Maria Mabjaia of Mozambique. Each Maclaren Crew member provides a unique perspective into the diverse sport of sailing. Rhne Findlay of Sint Maarten began sailing an Optimist at nine years old. From the age of 11, when it became apparent that Rhne had a wonderful talent for sailing, he entered regattas in other countries including the Swiss Championships on Lake Geneva, British Championships in Wales, Scotiabank Opti Championships in St. Thomas, and Orange Bowl Championships in Miami. He has built a calendar full of regional and international events, and is excited to continue growing his sailing skills in the coming years. David Wright joined the Canadian Sailing Team and campaigned actively for the 2008 Olympics. David won the 2008 Laser North American Championships and in 2009 finished in sixth place at the World Championship held in Nova Scotia. Nick Thompson has won a UK National Championship, a Bronze medal at the European Championships and one Bronze and two Silvers at the last three World Championships he competed in. Rob Crane is a member of the US Sailing Team and has competed in three Laser World Championships. In addition to a full calendar of Laser World Cup events, last year Rob won the US berth for the 2012 Olympic Games. Maria Mabjaia of Mozambique won the Bronze medal in the Womens Laser Radial sailing event at the All-Africa Games last year, and was subsequently named Sports Person of the Year at the Mozambique Sports Awards. For more information on Maclaren Crew and Team Maclaren, like them on facebook.com/maclarenbaby. Weekly J/24 Racing at Rodney Bay, St. Lucia There is regular J/24 racing every Thursday afternoon this summer at St. Lucias Rodney Bay Marina, with six 10to 12-minute, one-lap races that start and finish in front of the marinas Boardwalk Bar. Racing commences at 4:45PM sharp and continues almost nonstop until about 6:15PM. Marina manager Adam Foster provides an excellent running commentary of the entire event, making it great fun for racers and spectators alike. Races commenced June 7th, and will continue until mid-September. For more information contact Edgar Roe at edgar57au@yahoo.com.


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 36 THE CARIBBEAN SKY: FREE SHOW NIGHTLY! FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2The Sky in August 2012 by Scott WeltyThe Planets in August 2012 MERCURY Morning star reaching maximum elongation* on the 16th VENUS Morning star reaching maximum elongation on the 15th EARTH Thinking about getting on Twitter MARS Setting between 2130 hours and 2200 hours in Virgo JUPITER Rising just after midnight in Taurus SATURN Also setting around 2200 hours in Virgo Sky Events This Month 1st Full Moon 11th 15th Waning moon moves through Jupiter Venus and Mercury (see Figure 1) 12th Perseids meteor shower peaks (see below) 17th New Moon 21st Nice grouping Mars, Saturn, Moon and Spica (see Figure 2) 31st Full Moon (Blue Moon!) Blue Moon Yes this month has two full moons and that only happens, well, once in a blue moon! Since the lunar cycle is 29.5 days it happens that you can get two full moons to fit in one month (but never February). Next time is July 2015 so it is pretty rare leading to the popular phrase. There is nothing about color associated with it. In the 1500s the phrase when the moon is blueŽ referred to an absurdity and thus meant never. This has mutated to refer to the rare event of two full moons in a month or any rare event. Perseids Time once again for the Perseids meteor shower. During late July and into August the Earth passes through the path of the Swift-Tuttle comet. The debris left by that comet gets swept up by the Earth as it passes through and we get treated to numerous shooting stars or meteors! This year were lucky that the moon is nearly new and rises after midnight so dark skies will make for good viewing. At peak activity you may see up to 60 meteors per hour. You can see them anywhere in the sky but they will tend to look like they are emanating from the east from the constellation Perseus. While the 12th is the peak you can look for enhanced meteor activity several days on either side of the 12th as well so dont cry if it is cloudy on the 12th. Comet Swift-Tuttle passed through the Earths orbit and on around the Sun in 1992 missing the Earth by a comfortable 110 million miles. It will be back in 2126. The core of the comet is about 6 miles across „ about the size of the impact that wiped out the dinosaurs (and thousands of other species). Not to fear, the comet is calculated to miss the Earth by about 15 million miles so no need to cancel any appointments you might have. To Contemplate While Having a Glass of Wine on Deck A meteor shower is a great time to lie on deck with your glass of wine. It is during these times that you can try to contemplate the fact that the Earth is in fact careening around the Sun at about 65,000 miles (107,000 kilometers) per hour and crashing into that comet debris! Hang on! Elongation is the angle between the planet and the Sun as viewed from Earth. Scott Welty is the author of The Why Book of Sailing Burford Books, 2007. Nice grouping of Saturn, Mars, Spica (brightest star in Virgo), and the moon on August 21st at 1915 hours, looking west Showing the approximate position of the moon relative to Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury from August 11th through 15th at 0515 hours, looking east


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 37 We offer an excellent selection of imported cheese, exotic meats, salami, turkey, prosciutto, juices, etc. Seafood, shrimp, prawns, smoked & fresh salmon, fish, lamb, steaks, frozen bread such as baguettes, petit pain, multi grain breads, croissants, etc. Provisioning for yacht charters, large or small orders for restaurants, hotels, villas or simply to enjoy at home are accepted. WE ARE SITUATED IN CALLIAQUA, ST. VINCENT or you can call us at Tel: 456-2983 or Fax: 456-2987 gourmetfood@vincysurf.comALSO IN BEQUIATel: 458-3485 Ocar, Downstairs Coco’s info@marigotbeachclub.com www.marigotbeachclub.comWatermelon : Fried or Frozen, its a Summer Hit!When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat. „ Mark TwainOn a hot, humid, tropical afternoon, what could taste better than a chilled slice of sweet juicy watermelon? Watermelon grows easily and is available throughout the Caribbean. Watermelon originated in the deserts of Africa. Egyptian hieroglyphics depict an early watermelon harvest on tomb walls dating back 5,000 years. Watermelons were left in tombs as food to nourish the departed in the afterlife. Merchant ships spread watermelons throughout countries along the Mediterranean Sea. According to different sources, watermelon came to the Caribbean with Spanish explorers or African slaves. Today there are over 1,200 varieties of watermelon grown worldwide. Watermelon is not only one of the best taste treats, it is also very nutritious „ practically a multi-vitamin unto itself. Watermelon contains about ten percent of the daily requirement of potassium, which helps regulate heart functions and normalize blood pressure. One wedge, or a quarter of a small melon, has 90 calories, two grams of protein, 20 grams of carbohydrates, 1.5 grams of fiber, potassium, vitamins C and A. Watermelon is also high in disease-fighting beta-carotene. Lycopene and betacarotene work with plant chemicals, which are not found in vitamin/mineral supplements. Watermelon is the lycopene leader among fresh fruits and vegetables. Watermelon contains such high concentrations of lycopene that regular consumption may help reduce the risks of prostate cancer. Watermelons are 92 percent water and low in calories. Every part of a watermelon is edible, even the seeds and rinds. Watermelon seeds contain cucurbocitrin said to aid in lowering blood pressure and improve kidney function. The sweet watermelon surprisingly has only half the sugar content (five percent) of an apple. It tastes sweeter because the sugar is its main taste-producing agent. Watermelon Slush 5 Cups peeled and seeded watermelon 1 Cup sugar syrup (optional)* 2 Tablespoons fresh limejuice Put watermelon into a blender and pure. Pour into a suitable sized baking dish. Stir in limejuice (and syrup if using). Freeze until solid. Makes four servings. This slush will keep covered in your freezer for up to three months. Boil 1 Cup water with 1 to 2 Cups sugar for one minute and cool. Watermelon Mojito 4 cups peeled, seeded and cubed watermelon Ice 2 Tablespoons brown sugar 1/2 Cup water 1 lime, sliced 2 Tablespoons fresh mint Combine watermelon, ice, sugar and water in a blender and blend to the consistency you desire „ smooth or chunky. Put a lime slice and a teaspoon of mint leaves into each glass and squash with a spoon to release the flavors. Cover with the watermelon mixture and enjoy. Fried Watermelon For those who dont count calories! 3 Cups peeled and seeded watermelon. The red flesh should be cut into squares or circles about an inch thick. 1 Cup flour 1/4 Cup cornstarch 2 egg whites, beaten 3 Cups oil for frying powdered sugar Coat watermelon shapes with flour. Mix egg whites and cornstarch with just enough water to make a thick batter. Heat the oil in a deep saucepan. Coat the watermelon pieces with the egg-cornstarch batter and put into hot oil. Fry pieces until light brown. Remove and drain on a paper towel. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Three-Day Pickled Watermelon Rind 2 pounds watermelon rind, cleaned of seeds and red flesh 2 Tablespoons pickling spice 2 Cups brown sugar 2 Cups distilled white vinegar 6 Cups water 1 Tablespoon allspice 1 Tablespoon whole cloves 2 Tablespoons cinnamon Cut rind into one-inch cubes. Mix pickling spice, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and sugar with 4 Cups water and 1 Cup vinegar. Boil for five minutes. If you want spicy pickles add half of a hot pepper, minced, to the mix. Pour liquid over rind pieces and soak for a day. Drain liquid from rind and reheat it. Then pour it over the rind again and let stand for another day. Drain rind, cover with 2 Cups water mixed with 1 Cup vinegar. Let stand overnight. Then boil all together for five minutes and allow to cool. Put into clean, sealing bottles and refrigerate. Tropical Summer Salad 1/2 Cup fresh orange juice 2 teaspoons olive oil 2 Tablespoons vinegar 1 Tablespoon grated orange zest 1/4 teaspoon salt and black pepper to taste 2 Cups watermelon, peeled, seeded and chopped into half-inch cubes 2 ripe mangos, chopped into half-inch pieces 2 small red onion, chopped 1 Tablespoon chadon bene, minced 2 ripe avocados, chopped into half-inch cubes 1 Tablespoon fresh limejuice 2 lime, sliced thin Pour orange juice into a large bowl. Stir in the olive oil, vinegar and orange zest; season with salt and black pepper. Toss the watermelon and mango cubes in the dressing. Stir in the onions and chadon bene. In a large bowl, sprinkle avocado cubes with limejuice, and season with another pinch of salt. Stir and cover with melon…mango combination. Garnish with lime slices. For the Home Gardener Watermelons, citrullus lanatus, require a good sandy soil and should be planted at least four feet apart in rows six feet apart, in beds raised six to 12 inches to allow for drainage. Watering should be done by soaking, not sprinkling, which damages the leaves. The vine of the watermelon plant branches in many directions, with numerous large leaves. The watermelon flower is not very showy and must be pollinated by honeybees to produce fruit. Use a 20-10-10 fertilizer mix when they begin to vine, and 12-12-17-2 when flowering. It takes the watermelon plant 80 to 95 days to become full grown, and the fruit is ready for harvest when the part of the rind touching the ground changes from white to pale yellow. Trinidadian gardener Shirley Hall is the author of The New Caribbean Home Garden Handbook 2011. SERVING AT SEA BY SHIRLEY HALL


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 38 R E A D E R S READERS' F O R U M FORUM Stock Upon the widest selection and the best prices in Grenada at our two conveniently located supermarkets. Whether its canned goods, dairy products, meat, fresh vegetables or fruits, toiletries, household goods, or a fine selection of liquor and wine, The Food Fair has it all and a lot more.HubbardsJONAS BROWNE & HUBBARD (Gda.) Ltd. The Carenage: Monday Thursday 8 am to 5:30 pm Friday until 8:45 pm Saturday until 1:00 pm Tel: (473) 440-2588 Grand Anse: Monday Thursday 9 am to 5:30 pm Friday & Saturday until 7:00 pm Tel: (473) 444-4573 Read in Next Months Compass : Sea Leg Stretches in Martinique and Dominica Cruising with Fear? Cool Out with Cucumbers ƒ and more! KEEP MOVING Dear Compass Regarding Frank Virgintinos article in the July issue, about hurricanes and where to go during the summer to sit on your boat and wait out the hurricane season, there is no reason why during hurricane season you must stay in one place. GO CRUISING! As per my article in the June 2009 issue of Compass (and reprinted on my website, www.street-iolaire. com) regarding cruising during hurricane season, you can cruise the Windward Islands during hurricane season as long as you do not go farther north than Martinique and check the weather every day. If a hurricane or named storm develops, pick up the anchor and head south. For more information read the above article. Don Street Formerly of Iolaire and Lil Iolaire and now of the 74-year-old Dragon, Gypsy Dear Don, Great minds think alike: see Franks article about summertime cruising in the lower Caribbean on page 24. CC BBM-ING BOAT BURGLARS IN BEQUIA Dear Compass On the weekend of April 15th, I came to Bequia with a group of friends on my boat, Cattitude We decided to go ashore one night to have a drink at one of the seaside bars. On returning to the boat, we found someone had been on board during our absence. We discovered that an Apple computer, two iPods, two iPads, a camera and two Blackberry phones had been stolen. I felt that as we returned, we had disturbed the thief, as there were other valuables on board which he couldve helped himself to, if hed had the time! We went to the police to report the theft, and to get a letter from them for insurance purposes. We were told that this would take two weeks and that wed have to go to St. Vincent to get the report! The police showed very little interest in our problems. We also made a report to the Bequia Tourism Association who, unlike the police, seemed very concerned about our experience and that this kind of theft had happened in Bequia. We also chatted with a vendor about the situation. She declared that everyone knew who the thief was, and that when he was in prison, the thefts stopped. An English couple reiterated this. Everyone seemed to know who had perpetrated the crime and I wondered about the total lack of interest of the Bequia police. Recently a friend BBM-ed to one of the stolen phones, not realizing that the phone had been stolen, and she picked up the name of the person who answered „ and photographs „ so now the thief could be tracked. However, the Bequia police have not communicated with me so far, although we have the name of the present user of the phone. I have contacted the St. Vincent police with this information, as it should be easy then to trace the thief „ if indeed the police are interested! If the government of St. Vincent & the Grenadines is serious about developing tourism, as I believe it is, they should realize that they have a gem in Bequia and upgrade their police stations, equipping them with tools and the skills to use them to cope with this type of theft. Word travels quickly among sailors, and Bequia is a delightful stop most of the time, but when things like this happen, it leaves a sour taste in the mouths of visitors and it seems that, in such a small place, where little can happen without locals being aware, this knowledge should be used to track and charge perpetrators of crimes. Since Bequia depends so much on tourism, this kind of publicity can be very damaging to its reputation. Norman Sabeeney S/V Cattitude Dear Norman and Compass Readers, We dont often publish individual crime reports unless there is a particularly bad incident (e.g. a violent attack or armed boarding) or a persistent danger in a certain area (e.g. the Peninsula de Paria), but this type of burglary has been a pernicious problem in Bequia seemingly forever, with occasional breaks. The actions of a few thief menŽ not only harm the victims, but when visiting sailors are reluctant to go ashore for a drink or an evening meal, untold and ongoing damage is done to the numerous livelihoods provided by the waterfront bars and restaurants that depend largely on yachts for their existence. Another burglary from a yacht in Admiralty Bay was reported to the Caribbean Safety and Security Net on June 17th, and on July 4th a skipper told us that there had been burglaries from other yachts in the bay the night before „ and for this reason he and his wife would not be going ashore for dinner, as had previously been their custom whenever in Bequia. In some yachting destinations, the police have done their duty and decisively halted crime against yachts. In others, the affected business owners themselves have sponsored private-sector security patrols. One restaurant operator in Malgre Tout, St. Lucia went to the extreme of putting guards aboard boats whose occupants dined in his establishment. In yet other destinations, the yachtspeople themselves have addressed the problem by simply boycotting the place. None of these actions seem to have taken place in Bequia, and we cant help but wonder why. Your letter was sent to the SVG Ministry of Tourism but there was no response for publication. CC PS: As this issue of Compass was going to press, we received reports that on the night of July 21st, four men approached a yacht anchored in Admiralty Bay and a single-handed cruiser was shot in the leg in an apparent robbery attempt. MITIGATING MOONLIGHT MARINE Dear Compass Its that time of year. Youve hauled your boat out, decommissioned the engine, stowed the sails, set the rattraps, bought plane tickets to Peoriaƒ what else? Hurricanes arent the only things to worry about. At the end of every summer you hear tales of woe from cruisers who come back to find that their ships have beenƒ shall we say, lightened? The list of items nicked from yachts in long-term storage is amazing: dinghies and liferafts, propellers, navigation equipment, wind generators, self-steering gear, TVs, tools, outboards, even DVDs and tinned food! Were the perps local criminals, crooked yard workers, or as Don Street calls them your fellow yachtsmenŽ looking to cheaply outfit their own boats at Moonlight MarineŽ? It doesnt really matter. What can we do to minimize the risk of our stuff becoming somebody elses stuff while were bonding with the grandkids? € Ask around. Whats the reputation of the yards youre considering with other boaters? € Grill the office. Who has access to the yard? What security systems are in place? CCTV, dogs? Does anyone patrol at night? How often? Do they ever look up on deck or just walk around below? Who will have access to keys to your boat? What does the contract say about burglary? Do they provide a safe or lockers? Will your boat be inside a fence? Under lights? € Make an inventory, a list with serial numbers and photos, for your insurance. € Obviously, dont leave anything on deck or under the boat, and dont leave a ladder handy! € Do leave a through-hull open. We heard of one boat that was literally filled with rainwater after thieves left the main hatch open and the yard staff never noticed all summer long (i.e. three months of tropical rainy season). Whatever hadnt been stolen was waterlogged and ruined. € Make your boat the hardest target, with bulletproofŽ hatches and a companionway like Fort Knox. Then go have fun in your alternate reality. Sign me, Better Safe Than Sorry TRINIDAD, THE PLACE TO BE Dear Compass Readers, If you need work done on your prize possession, a.k.a. your boat, Trinidad is the place to be. My husband and I arrived in Chaguaramas on May 20th with no expectation other than to get work done on our boat. We arrived a day earlier than expected and were received at CrewsInn with a big welcome. Customs and Immigration being here on site was a bonus. As for all the bad stories we have heard about Trinidad & Tobagos clearing-in procedure, we have no complaints. We even cleared in on a Sunday and we did not pay overtime fees. Our previous port was Charlotteville, Tobago and the paperwork was just a matter of handing over their completed work and all was good. We took the first week to familiarize ourselves with our surroundings and scope out the various boatyards and possible contractors to assist us in the jobs we lined up to be done on our boat, S/V Joana One must keep in mind that the area is a commercial area „ a work area, not the place to look for a white sand beach. „Continued on next page


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 39 YAMAHAParts Repairs Service Outboard Engines 2HP-250HP Duty-Free Engines for Yachts McIntyre Bros. Ltd.TRUE BLUE, ST. GEORGES, GRENADA W.I. PHONE: (473) 444 3944/1555 FAX: (473) 444 2899 email: macford@caribsurf.com TOURS & CRUISES CAR & JEEP RENTAL Available in 7 Convenient Sizes50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 & 500 Gal.PROUDLY MADE IN RANGE EXTENDERSpace SavingAlways In Stock!DESIGN>Gasoline and Diesel CompatibleSimply Unfold & Fill with Std. Nozzle> +1-201-825-1400boatbladders.comatl@atlinc.comRamsey, NJ USA ORDER NOW! „ Continued from previous page The number of facilities, amount of equipment, inventory and technical talent is remarkable, but even more impressive is that it is all concentrated in one location. It is yachting repair heaven. Here you will find the greatest concentration of pleasure boat services and facilities of anywhere in the world, so much so that it is mind-boggling. If you are willing to look past some of the commercial aspects of the harbor, it really is a very pleasant place to be. May 26th was our haul-out date and within hours our boat was safely on land at Peake Yacht Services and work needed to commence. Monday morning came and by now we had a contractor preparing our hull for painting „ Allen Dowden of Yacht Maintenance Services. Carlos Fensom of Alpha Upholstery & Canvas picked up our tender to make chapsŽ and we found a sailmaker (Superb Sails) to inspect and repair our sails. We were so pleased with the canvas worker we commissioned him to make cockpit seatbacks, recover our folding chairs and make new interior settee cushions. Alpha Canvas is top notch in everything they made for us. I am usually eager to take on such projects but with the competence, efficiency and price it did not make sense doing it ourselves when we had so many other projects on the go. Our greatest story to relate to our fellow cruisers is the following: On the morning we set aside to do regular maintenance on our windlass, it became clear that it needed more than greasing and polishing. As we were taking it apart a nice gentleman (Ian Chai Hong of Winch Works) came over looking for work, claiming to be a winch and windlass repair and maintenance professional. We could not believe our luck. Here we were perplexed with a troublesome windlass and not really knowing how to progress and here was Ian, more than ready to assist. Over the next several hours our problem was determined and he took it away to be fixed. Chaguaramas has been more than a hurricane destination for us but rather a top-notch place to do maintenance, explore a new destination, reprovision, fly home conveniently and socialize with other yachties. This is a great place to pass your time during hurricane season. Diane Alarie S/V Joana www.joana.ca Dear Compass, Bravo, Louise Mitchell-Joseph ( Compass July 2012, Whats on My Mind … Time to Stop Whaling in Bequia). She is surely expressing the opinion of the majority of foreign residents and visitors both on land and sea who feel unable to voice these views without incurring the wrath of the local pro-whalers. Please, please let this be the beginning of the end of this barbaric and totally unnecessary practise. When the whales pass through the Caribbean they are at their most vulnerable with many traveling slowly and staying in shallower waters while tending to calves at their side. This is the very worst and totally unethical time to be hunting any creature, particularly one that is endangered. Nobody starves on Bequia. Whale meat is certainly not an integral part of anybodys diet. There is simply no case to be made for the continued hunting of these beautiful creatures whose very existence still hovers precariously close to extinction. Guests on board our boat were thrilled to spot a humpback whale off West Cay a few years ago but were moved to tears when they realised it had a harpoon stuck in its back and was being pursued by a boat full of cheering hunters. These were guests who had chartered with us in the Grenadines for a number of years previously but declined to return after this incident. It is indeed time for Bequia to stop whaling, shed the tarnished reputation that comes with this brutal activity and join the majority of other countries that promote and benefit from their conservation. Resident Yachtie Dear Compass Readers, We want to hear from YOU! Be sure to include your name, boat name or shoreside address, and a way we can contact you (preferably by e-mail) if clarification is required. We do not publish individual consumer complaints or individual regatta results complaints. (Kudos are okay!) We do not publish anonymous letters; however, your name may be withheld from print at your request. Letters may be edited for length, clarity and fair play. Send your letters to: sally@caribbeancompass.com or Compass Publishing Ltd. Readers Forum Box 175BQ Bequia VC0400 St. Vincent & the Grenadines Marine Insurance The insurance business has changed. No longer can brokers talk of low rates. Rather, the honest broker can only say, Ill do my best to minimize your increase!Ž There is good insurance, there is cheap insurance, but there is no good cheap insurance. You never know how good your insurance is until you have a claim. My claims settlement record cannot be matched.I have been connected with the marine insurance business for 47 years. I have developed a rapport with brokers and underwriters at Lloyds and am able to introduce boat owners to specialist brokers in the Lloyds market.e-mail: streetiolaire@hotmail.com www.street-iolaire.comZIPPORAH GICHUMBI


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 40 MONOHULLS Amel 54 2008 full options 599 000 Amel Super Maramu 2000 Superb 259 000 Beneteau Oceanis 500 1988 Charter version 100 000 US$ Hunter Marine 2007 Private boat full options 179 000 Beneteau 50 2007 Owner Version 179 000 DUFOUR 385 2005 ATTRACTIVE PRICE 89 000 Jeanneau SUN ODYSSEY 37 1996 Owner boat 49 000 CATAMARANS Lagoon 500 2011 3 Cabins Like New 550 000 Lagoon 470 2002 3 Cabins New Engines SOLD Lagoon 410 S2 2003 Owner Version 220 000 AMEL 54 2008 110 HP Volvo! Genset Water Maker Air Cond Full options 1 Year Amel Warranty Like New 599 000 Lagoon 410 S2 2006 Charter Version 4 Cabins / 4 heads 2* 40 HP 160 000 2008 89 Catana  4.900.000 2007 73 Executive $ 2,000,000 1999 60 Fountaine Pajot $619,000 2007 50 Catana $950,000 2008 50 Lagoon $749,000 2000 47 Catana  340,000 ST. THOMAS YACHT SALESCompass Point Marina, 6300 Est. Frydenhoj, Suite 28, St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. 00802 Tel: (340) 779-1660 Fax: (340) 779-4803 yachts@islands.vi Sail37 1977 Tartan, well maintained, stack pack, AP $39,000 38 1967 Le Comte, Northeast 38, classic, excellent cond. $78,500 43 1976 Gulfstar, Yanmar 75HP,low hrs. AP, $45,000 50 1978 Nautor MSailer, refit, excellent cruiser $249,000 Power26 1997 Grady White, cuddy cabin, twin Yamahas $36,000 40 2002 Corinthian 400, Twin Yanmars, Express Cruiser $250,000 42 1984 Present Sundeck, 135HP Ford Lehmans, needs wk $39,000 48 2004 Dyna Craft MY, 450 Cats, 3 strms $295,000 Call, fax or visit our website for a complete list of boats for sale www.stthomasyachts.com 55 2006 DynaCraft MY 3 strms, 700HP Cats, $550,000 Miss Goody 43 1987 Marine Trading Sundeck, Washer/Dryer $65,000WHATS ON MY MINDWhen We All Get to Heavenby Tom ServiceMy wife, Lilly, and I were at Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau, St. Vincent & The Grenadines for the First Annual End-of-Season Pig Roast. We were eating, drinking and re-sailing the cruising season just past when we heard the disturbing news: an SGV Customs officer had drowned during the boarding of a Venezuelan boat, suspected of smuggling drugs, off nearby Union Island. The suspected drug-runners resisted, resulting in a gun-battle; three of the Venezuelans were killed, one wounded, and the remainder of the vessels nine-man crew were taken into custody. The dead Customs officer, Othniel Whyte, was married, a father of children, a grandfather, and had been an SVG Customs Officer for over 21 years. As cruisers we have regular contact with these officers, and we enjoy sailing the waters where the incident took place. All of this was very sobering news to the sailors at the nearby Tobago Cays as well. The following day Lilly and I sailed down to Clifton, Union Island. Our cruising season was drawing to a close, and we were there to check out of SVG on Monday morning. Sundays in most West Indian towns are usually quiet, however, June 10th in Clifton was eerily so. We asked a local fellow on the street what was up. He said most of the islands residents were down in the village of Ashton for a funeral. We asked if the funeral was for the Customs officer and he said it was. Since we had come ashore to hike and explore we were certainly not dressed for a funeral. However, it was about to begin, and we decided to go and represent the cruising community „ dressed just as we were. Although SVG provides a single page clearance form, often when sailing through the Caribbean our contact with Customs and Immigration officers is restricted to standing before them at a high counter and filling out multiple copies of antiquated clearance forms, separated by sheets and sheets of messy old-fashioned carbon paper. Most of the cruising community hail from First World digitized countries, and to be perfectly honest, we tend to be a bit smug when dealing with Third World bureaucracies. But not today: today a man was in his coffin, and that man was dead because he did his duty and stood up against evil. Make no mistake about it, the people who manufacture and distribute illegal drugs are evil, and those that use this poison are fools. As a retired naval officer, the current fad to romanticize the pirate/drug culture image goes right against my grain. The Windward Islands of the southeastern Caribbean are often the first stop of the narco-terrorists operating out of South America as they head north to the United States. Officer Whyte was a casualty on the front line of the international War on Drugs, a protracted conflict that seems to have no end, and only a few victories. As cruisers, we are grateful that there are courageous people like Officer Whyte trying their best with limited material resources and scant public support to make the world a safer and better place for us all. Lilly and I feel quite strongly about the many sacrifices law enforcement personnel make for us each day, and that is why we found ourselves hurrying across Union Island towards Ashton Village on that quiet Sunday morning. We would go to the funeral dressed in shorts and T-shirts and the ubiquitous cruiser backpacks, and we would stand and pray with Officer Whytes family and friends. As we left Clifton a local man fell in walking with us; he told us how to get to Ashton and where the church and cemetery were located. „Continued on next page Above: The St. Vincent & the Grenadines Police Marching Band turned out in full regalia and carried the day with their lively renditions of Christian hymns Left: Othniel Whyte was a well-loved family man, and well-respected citizen of Union Island


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 41 CALENDARFREE Caribbean Compass On-line FREEwww.caribbeancompass.comAUGUST 1 Public holiday in many places (Emancipation Day) and Jamaica (Independence Day) 1 Carriacou Childrens Education Fund Annual Welcome Potluck Barbecue, Carriacou. ccefinfo@gmail.com 2 FULL MOON 3 Carriacou Childrens Education Fund Annual Charity Auction, Carriacou. ccefinfo@gmail.com 3 4 Cudjoe Head Celebrations, Montserrat. visitmontserrat.com/Cudjoe_Head_Celebrations 3 … 6 Carriacou Regatta Festival sailing races 4 5 Windward Fte, Lorient, St Barths (boat races and fishing tournament) 5 St. Maarten to Anguilla Pursuit Race, St. Maarten Yacht Club (SMYC), tel (599) 544-2075, fax (599) 544-2091, info@smyc.com, www.smyc.com 5 Rodney Bay to Marigot Bay Race, St. Lucia. St. Lucia Yacht Club (SLYC), tel (758) 452-8350, secretary@stluciayachtclub.com, www.stluciayachtclub.com 6 Public holiday in Grenada (Emancipation Day), in Dominica and Anguilla (August Monday) and in Antigua & Barbuda (Carnival) 6 7 Public holiday in Antigua & Barbuda (Antigua Carnival) 6 8 Public holiday in the BVI (Festival) 6 13 Nevis Film Week. nfcnevis@live.com 7 Public holiday in Antigua & Barbuda and Grenada (Carnival) and in Nevis (Culturama Street Parade) 9 10 Public holidays in Anguilla (August Thursday and Constitution Day) 10 … 12 Caribbean Dinghy Championship, Antigua. Antigua Yacht Club (AYC), tel/fax (268) 460-1799, yachtclub@candw.ag, www.antiguayachtclub.com 10 … 12 Aruba Rembrandt Regatta, Aruba. http://aruba-regatta.com 10 12 Tarpon Tournament, Trinidad. http://ttgfa.com/events 11 21 Caribbean & International Food Fair, Nevis. tel (869) 469-3441 12 Marigot Bay to Rodney Bay Race, St. Lucia. SLYC 13 14 Grenada Carnival. www.grenadagrenadines.com 15 Public holiday in Haiti (Assumption Day) 19 Windward Cup Regatta, Carriacou. www.grenadagrenadines.com 25 Carib Great Race (powerboats) from Trinidad to Tobago. thettpba@gmail.com 31 Public holiday in Trinidad & Tobago (Independence Day) 31 FULL MOON (blue moon) SEPTEMBER 6 Public holiday in Bonaire (Flag Day) 8 9 Back to School Regatta, BVI. Royal British Virgin Islands Yacht Club (RBVUYC), tel (284) 494-3286, sailing@royalbviyc.org, www.royalbviyc.org 10 Public holiday in Belize (St. Georges Caye Day) 16 Public holiday in St. Kitts & Nevis (National Heroes Day) 17 Public holiday in St. Kitts & Nevis (National Heroes Day observed) 19 Public holiday in St. Kitts & Nevis (Independence Day) 21 Public holiday in Belize (Independence Day) 22 Autumnal Equinox 23 Seafood and Fishing Festival, Antigua. www.antiguabarbudasportfishing.com 23 30 San Juan International Billfish Tournament, Puerto Rico. www.sanjuaninternational.com 24 Public holiday in Trinidad & Tobago (Republic Day) 30 FULL MOON All information was correct to the best of our knowledge at the time this issue of Compass went to press „ but plans change, so please contact event organizers directly for confirmation. If you would like a nautical or tourism event listed FREE in our monthly calendar, please send the name and date(s) of the event and the name and contact information of the organizing body to sally@caribbeancompass.com „ Continued from previous page We heard the procession well before we saw it. The first sounds that worked their way up the Trades to us was the deep thump of a bass drum, juxtaposed by the staccato trumpets of a marching band. As we rounded a hill and came down into Ashton Village we could see hundreds of people in the road ahead. They surrounded the hearse, and their presence seemed to lift it, giving the scene a spiritual buoyancy as the procession left the church grounds. They were marching, dancing, and singing loudly: When we all get to heaven, what a glorious day that will be. When we all see Jesus, we will sing and shout for victory.Ž We had come for a funeral, and found ourselves in a joyous celebration of life; the life of a man well loved. The St. Vincent Police Marching Band preceded the hearse in their full regalia, sparkling crisp white uniforms, the flash of their horns reflecting the bright light of the tropical sun, and the beat of their triumphant music carrying the celebration forward. This was, in fact, a celebration. We had come to support these good folks who had lost a loved one, yet it was they who lifted our hearts and reminded us of the good fight and a race well run. They sang this refrain as they danced down the road: Would you be free from the power of sin? Would you over evil a victory win? There is power, power, wonder-working power, in the precious blood of the Lamb.Ž Ours were the only white faces in a sea of black. The celebrants were decked out in their Sunday best, and we were in casual garb, but we were welcome and comfortable among fellow believers. Our spirits soared as we marched along with them „ good had indeed triumphed over evil. After nearly an hour of marching, singing, and dancing, the procession approached the cemetery located on a gently sloping hillside overlooking the azure Caribbean. A severe rainsquall suddenly swept in from the east and raked the funeral party, but it certainly did not dampen the islanders spirits. West Indian lore holds that rain is the teardrops of the dead, and this was easy to visualize as we looked across the emerald cemetery grounds, dotted with white marble monuments, and the fresh earth of an open and awaiting grave. Just then, as the rain poured down, several of the women left the road and headed for the grave. They danced on the graveside newly piled soil, and enthusiastically claimed the ground for their God „ and a final victory. This was faith: to stand up and shout when your heart is broken, when it would be so much easier to just lie down and cry, to dance and proclaim life and light when the deepest darkness presses in. These folks were clearly victors, not victims. Lilly and I had come ashore that morning in tropical sunlight, anticipating an enjoyable day of hiking, with perhaps an ice cream cone to top it off. But there we stood, in a steady rain, chilled and watching these good people celebrate life, and reminding us just who we really are „ children of God. Evil had indeed been defeated by light and life and faith. Thank you, Union Islanders. When we all get to heaven...Ž Tom and Lilly Service are cruising the Caribbean aboard S/V Tiger Lily See their blog at www.sailblogs.com/member/tigerlilly. As the procession approached the cemetery the skies opened and a tropical deluge poured down „ but the spirits of the Union Islanders shone brightly


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AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 43 THIS COULD BE YOUR MARKET PLACE ADBook it now:tom@caribbeancompass.comor contact your local island agent Caribbean Compass Market Place continued on next page ROGER'S OUTBOARD SERVICE St. LuciaOFFERS PROMPT AND EFFICIENT REPAIRS AND SERVICING OF ALL MAKES OF OUTBOARD ENGINES. WE PICK UP AND DELIVER TO AND FROM RODNEY BAY MARINA. ALSO AVAILABLE ARE PRE-OWNED RECONDITIONED OUTBOARD ENGINES. CALL ROGER AT (758) 284-6050 G O L D E N GOLDEN T A S T E TASTE R E S T A U R A N T RESTAURANT & & B A R BAR Genuine local and international cuisine right in the heart of Gros Islet For reservations & information Tel: (758) 450-9792 R O D N E Y RODNEY B A Y BAY S A I L S SAILS St. LuciaSail repairs, biminis, awnings, new sails, rigging, splicing, cockpit cushions, servicing of winches. Agents for Doyle, Furlex & Profurl Call KENNY Tel: (758) 452-8648 or (758) 5840291rodneybaysails@hotmail.com LE MARIN, MARTINIQUEwww.caraibe-marine.fr contact@caraibe-marine.fr Tel: +(596) 596 74 80 33 Cell: (596) 696 27 66 05 Rigging Shipchandler Electricity Electronic ROLLING THUNDER TRANSPORTATION SERVICES"Your Satisfaction is Our Reward"17 years serving western Puerto Rico's cruising community Affordable, bilingual and personalized services: Customs & Immigration (CBP) Parts & Repairs, Dry Dock, Mail services Medical & Vet services, Provisioning & Mall trips Airport Transfers (Aguadilla, SJU, PSE, MAZ), Car Rentals, etc. VHF: Channel 16 (Rolling Thunder) Phone: (787) 519-3177 rollingthunder9704@yahoo.com BEQUIA VENTURE CO. LTDappointed agents in St. Vincent & the Grenadines for Primer, Epoxy, Top Coat, Antifouling, ThinnersPORT ELIZABETH, BEQUIA Tel: 784 458 3319 € Fax: 784 458 3000 Email: bequiaventure@vincysurf.com € SPRAY PAINTS € ROLLERS € BRUSHES € TOOLS €€ CLEANING SUPPLIES €€ NAILS € HOSE CLAMPS €€ FILLERS € STAINLESS FASTENERS € ADHESIVES € KERRYS MARINE SERVICES BEQUIA Marine/Land Mechanical Service € Diesel / Outboard repair € Welding / Electrical € Refrigeration Moorings availableTel: (784) 530-8123/570-7612 VHF 68 KMSŽ E-mail: kerrymarineservices@hotmail.com


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 44 Caribbean Compass Market Place continued on next page "IF WE DO NOT HAVE IT, WE WILL GET IT" GOLDEN HIND CHANDLERIES LTD. WICKHAMS CAY II NEXT TO THE MOORINGS TEL: 1 284 494 7749 FAX: 1 284 494 8031 EMAIL: GHC@SURFBVI.COM ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR BOAT'S NEEDS! G R E N A D I N E S S A I L S GRENADINES SAILS & C A N V A S & CANVAS  B E Q U I A   BEQUIA Located opposite G.Y.E. (northern side of Admiralty Bay) Tel (784) 457-3507 / 457-3527 (evenings)e-mail: gsails@vincysurf.com VHF Ch16/68 NEW SAILS, SAIL REPAIRS, U/V COVERS FOAM LUFFS, BIMINI, DODGERS AWNINGS, DINGHY COVERS TRAMPOLINES,STACKPACKS & LAZY JACK SYSTEMS Makes Stainless Steel Sparkle. No Rubbing. No Scrubbing. No Polishing.Spotless Stainless Spotless Stainless beforeafter Available at Caribbean Chandleries orSpotless Stainless.com Available at Caribbean Chandleries orSpotless Stainless.comMakes Stainless Steel Sparkle. No Rubbing. No Scrubbing. No Polishing. Brush ON Rinse OFF Brush ON Rinse OFF REMEMBER to tell our advertisers you saw their ad in Compass!


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 45 Caribbean Compass Market Place For more information contact: Elvis Gooding Tel: 784-493-7177 jadeninc@vincysurf.comSpeed cruising: 25kts Engines: 2 x MWM = 4700HP Location: St. Vincent & the Grenadines HIGH SPEED FERRY FOR SALE LOA: 115' Beam: 31' Passengers: 218 Speed max: 34kts Our Advertisers Support the Compassƒ Please Support Them! www.caribbeancompass.com FREE on-line version! „ Continued from page 27 ƒProduct Postings Accons 708 Push Pole Holder and 708-R Ring Pole Holder work together to keep a pole safely in place. A riser shim isnt needed with the 708 Series since the pole sits 2.4cm off the deck. Installation is easy and only an 8cm x 1.6cm hole is required for each unit. The holders attach with four #10 screws. Optional waterproofing cups are also available. For more information visit www.acconmarine.com. Lifting Rings for Storage Lockers Retrieving gear from lockers should be hassle free. Accon Marines 101 and 102 Lift Rings enable boat owners to access their supplies with the pull of a handle. Both models are offered in locking and non-locking versions. They feature a spring-returned loop. Recessed ends allow for water runoff. The 101 and 102 Series are constructed from stainless steel. The 101 Lift Ring measures 4.7cm x 5.3cm, while the 102 Lift Ring is 4.7cm x 5.7cm. Both models require drilling a 2cm hole and secured with #8 screws for installation. The 102 Series is offered with single or double cam. Various cam lengths and offsets are available for either series. For more information visit www.acconmarine.com. Versatile LED Reading Light The LED Flexi Chart Table Lamp from Hella marine provides energy-efficient illumination for day or night. Available in white, red, and white/red LED models, the adjustable lamps are excellent for navigation areas, berths or anywhere a reading light is needed. The dual color white/red version lamps feature precise dimming via an integrated rotary switch in the lamp head. With a current draw of less than 2W, or less than 0.2A at 12V, these LED lamps are cool to the touch „ important in close quarters. For an ultra-long service life, multi-volt electronics ensure consistent illumination and circuit protection across a range of inputs from 9-31V DC. Completely sealed, the CE-approved LED Flexi Chart Table Lamp features a rugged, UV-resistant black plastic housing. White LED and Red LED models are also available with a white housing. The lamp head measures 104mm L x 46mm W x 36mm H, with flexible 316 stainless steel arm choices of 150mm or 400mm lengths. The lamp comes pre-wired with 120mm of twin-core marine cable. For more information visit www.hellamarine.com. LED Utility Lights Brighten Engine Rooms DuraLed Engine Room & Utility Lighting from Hella marine brightens work areas with an ultra-wide spread of crisp white light. An optional new ON/OFF switch on the lamp face is controlled by pressing the center Hella logo. To withstand the rigors of the damaging marine environment, the lights are completely sealed. Lenses are made of UVand impact-resistant acrylic with a heavy-duty nylon shroud. Their durable construction and bright, 12-LED white or warm white output are suitable for interior or exterior applications. Power consumption is a mere 2.5W. Hella marines multi-volt circuitry provides uniform illumination across inputs from 12-24V DC even under severe voltage fluctuations. CE-approved DuraLed lamps are reverse polarity and spike protected and wont blink or flicker. The surface-mounted lamps measure approximately 140mm x 65mm x 32mm. Each light is pre-wired with 500mm of twin core marine cable. For more information visit www.hellamarine.com. Pre-Engineered Fire Systems Use Safe Agent Enclosed compartments containing flammable materials require fire-extinguishing technology that activates instantly and safely. Sea-Fires pre-engineered NFD and NFG systems are automatically heatactivated, using 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. This non-toxic agent is the safest on the marine market, with zero ozone depletion and an extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just one. Sea-Fires pre-engineered systems protect areas from 0.7 to 51 cubic metres, such as engine compartments, electrical control rooms, generator areas, paint lockers and lazarettes. Each of the easy-to-install systems comes complete with marine-approved brackets, a system status indicator light with faceplate and owners installation manual. While all NFD and NFG models operate automatically with heat sensor valves, all can be equipped with a manual discharge capability. Sea-Fires pre-engineered series systems include a factory-installed pressure switch that can be used to monitor system discharge and other functions, such as activation of engine shutdown systems and air exchange equipment. Novec 1230 works by removing heat energy at the molecular level to the point where fire cannot be sustained. It has the highest heat capacity of any commercially available halon alternative, is electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive. It vaporizes quickly during the system discharge. Unlike foams and powders, the extinguishing agent leaves behind no residue. Novec 1230 certifications include all major international approvals. For more information visit www.sea-fire.com. Waste Treatment System Helps Keep Waters Cleaner Owners of boats up to 20m can rely on the ElectroScan from Raritan, to dispose of wastewater in waters that are not designated no dischargeŽ zones. This US Coast Guard-certified Type 1 marine sanitation device transforms wastewater so that it is generally cleaner than the waters in which the boat is traveling. The three-phase treatment process automatically starts with each flush. First, saltwater and untreated waste enter the unit and go into the maceration chamber; solids are reduced to minute particles by a cutting blade. Then, electric current is applied to electrodes, which convert the salt water to a powerful bactericide and oxidizing agent, hypochlorous acid. Bacteria and viruses are forced into contact with the treatment agent. The next time the treatment unit is activated, the treated waste from the maceration chamber crosses over into the mixing chamber. Waste is treated a second time and further broken down by oxidation, eliminating odors, reducing nutrients and resulting in sanitized waste and salt water. Finally, treated waste is discharged. Bacteria and viruses have been destroyed, there are no visible floating solids and no chemicals were added to the process or released. Salt water is returned to receiving waters. The smallest, most popular and environmentally friendly treatment system available, ElectroScan records each treatment cycle and stores key information in non-volatile memory that can be summarized on the LCD display or downloaded to a PC. Utilizing only 1.2 amp hours per cycle, ElectroScan generates its own natural disinfectant from salt water. Single button operation ensures treatment after each flush. Solid-state components offer ease of use and servicing. A salt-feed system and pump installation option regulates salinity. ElectroScan is available in 12, 24 or 32V DC. For more information visit www.raritaneng.com. Rust Response Lifts Effort Out of Rust Removal Leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly boat cleaning products Ensearch has introduced Rust Response, a super-effective gel that removes deep-seated rust stains. Rust Response tackles a wide range of surfaces such as stainless steel pulpits, stanchions and fittings, fibreglass gelcoat, teak, upholstery and paintwork. Rust Response even removes those rust specks that become embedded in gelcoat and paintwork as a result of angle grinding nearby. No scrubbing or scraping is necessary. Rust Response is simply applied with a soft paintbrush. Leave it on until the stains have disappeared and wash off with water while gently agitating with the brush. The products gel-like consistency makes it easy to use on vertical surfaces. Rust Response contains no abrasives so will not damage surfaces. It is biodegradable. For more information visit www.ensearch.co.uk. Note: The information in this article was provided by manufacturers and their publicists. Compass Publishing Ltd. accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of statements made.


AUGUST 2012 CARIBBEAN COMPASS PAGE 46 ADVERTISER LOCATION PG# ADVERTISER LOCATION PG# ADVERTISER LOCATION PG# ADVERTISER LOCATION PG# CLASSIFIEDS FOR SALE 1981 Cape dory 30 22.000 US 1982 CATALINA 32 19.000 US 1997 BENETEAU 36CC 49.900 US 1987 IRWIN 44 MK II 109.000 US 1986 OYSTER 435 135.000 GBP 1978/2000 FORMOSA 56 199.000 US 2009 HUNTER 45DS 229.000 US E-mail Yachtsales@dsl-yachting.com Tel (758) 452 8531 GRADY WHITE 306 BIMINI 30.5, 2000, center console 2x250 Yamahas, 306gls. gas, 48gls water, shwr/head. Suitable for fish/dive/tour. Fastload 6 wheel aluminum trailer included. For more info.Tel: (784) 493-9720 63FT DYNAMIQUE. An elegant sailing yacht, she combines exceptional cruising and sailing performance with stylish, comfortable living areas. Built 1985 refitted 1998 and 2008. Lying Bequia. E-mail: clairetabor@hotmail.com Tel: (784) 432-5201/457 3377 34' IRWIN CITATION 1984 Want to go cruising now? She is ready!! Owner looking for bigger boat. Yanmar 3GMF. New sails 2008. mast and rigging 2009, bimini and dodger 2008. Mack Pack 2008. Electronics E 80 Raymarine depth satellite weather plot finder GPS. Icon VHF. Solar panels 290 watts, wind generator AIRX400, 4 group 27 batteries 2012. St Croix davits, refrigerator, freezer,water heater (brand new) Fuel 32 gal, water 85. Propane 3 burner stove w/ oven. All safety gear, spare parts. St. Croix. U$30,000 Mark, Tel: (340) 514-8883 CALYPSO MARINE V-34 SPECIAL 2 x Yanmar diesel inboard engines, great fuel efficiency. Tel: (784) 4543474/495-4930 E-mail: wefishin@vincysurf.com 38' 1981 MARINE TRADER GRP Ford Lehman diesel and Northern Lights generator (both under 500 hrs), Aft cabin w/dbl berth, forepeak twin, large galley, 2 heads, dive platform, solar panels, fantastic live aboard boat with plenty of space for a whole family! Lying Bequia US$24,000 E-mail: tom@smudge.com Tel: (784) 528-9163 Details and photos: www.smudge.com/marine-trader-hermione-for-sale HARBOR TUG 30.5M Built Rotterdam 1981, 2574hp twin screw, 30T bollard pull. Lying Trinidad. Tel: (868) 6252927 E-mail info@maritimepreservation.net 27 WELLCRAFT NOVA Cuddy cabin, 2x200 hp Yamaha, low hrs. Runs good as is, where is, no trailer. US$ 26,000. E-mail: abel@vincysurf.com Tel: (784) 528-8989 21 BOWEN MARINE 200hp Yamaha w/ 240 hrs. Boat was just refurbished and in like new condition.Tel: (784) 533-1115 E-mail: forde@vincysurf.com 23 FORMULA w/cuddy cabin, 200hp Yamaha. US$18.000 Tel: (784) 493-3076 E-mail: bd.will@hotmail.com 40 SEARAY EXPRESS Sleeps 6, 2X350hp Caterpillars US$90.000. Tel: (784) 493-3076 E-mail: bd.will@hotmail.com 35 MAINSHIP Open Bridge, 2x300hp Detroit Diesel 7.6kw Westerbeke Gen Asking US$65,000, OBO Offer. Tel: (784) 493-3051 Email: crayfishwc@ gmail.com 27 BUHLER AchieverŽ John Deere 85hp turbo, ZF Hurth Marine gearbox, hydraulic steering Tel: (784) 494-9241 E-mail: ollivierrejmichael@ hotmail.com MOODY 39 Lovely condition, brand new Yanmar 54. Fully kitted for world cruising, spares, tools, charts, food, diesel. Lying Grenada E-mail: yachtbluediamond@gmail.com Tel: (473) 417-0681 GrenadaBOATS FOR SALE IN TRINIDAD Tel (868) 739-6449 www.crackajacksailing.com GULFSTAR 43 MOTORSAILER 1974 Lying ABC's. US$55,000 Details see: http://gulfstar43motorsailersloop. wordpress.com2006 37 CRUNCHI 34 EC100K recently spent on repairs, low engine hrs on Volvo 210HP supercharged, very economical.Sleeps 4, A/C, microwave,TV, radio E-mail: info@marigotbeachclub.com CLASSIC 20 5 beam, fiberglass, 85hp Yamaha only 4 yrs. old. w/trailer Lying Bequia. Tel: (784) 495-9067 E-mail: corinneandcolin@hotmail.co.uk 55FT. WILLIAM TRIPP SR. YAWL built by John de Wood, in beautiful condition US$300,000Tel: (473) 415-0837 E-mail: isdanny_donelan1@hotmail.com 48 PRIVILEGE bar/restaurant/ dive/sunset trips, etc. Lying Grenada. 120k Euro Tel: (473) 410-9602 E-mail: sailfunn@hotmail.com SEA RAY 550 SEDAN BRIDGE 1992 fast motor cruiser. Twin MTU's @ 645 hp each with 1,100 hrs. 15kw W/Beke genset, air/ con, 3 cabins/2 heads,big salon with refitted galley, big fly-bridge with bbq. Great liveaboard. Based Grenada. Huge price reduction to £125,000 E-mail: phillthomas@hotmail.co.uk Tel: (473) 449 9537 28 AB INFLATABLE 2012 Brand new, 300hp Yamaha, great design, very low hrs, great fuel efficiency. Registered and ready to sail. US$95,000 Tel: (590) 690-648838. E-mail: lile@budgetmarine.com WANTED MARINE TECHNICIAN WANTEDmarine engineering co. in Grenada is seeking skilled technicians with working experience in marine diesel engines, electrical, electronics, watermakers, wind generators, AC and refrigeration. Ideal for cruiser or independent tech. Please email CV to: enzamarine@ spiceisle.comTORTOLA …TRELLIS BAY Aragorn's Studio is looking for a manager or management couple to run a busy floating shop. The job requires excellent small boat (RIB) handling, a high standard of sales and communication skills and experience in tourism. A second language or more and knowledge of Caribbean arts, craft, fruits and veggies will be a big help. Ideally this job is suited for young energetic folks that live on their own boat. Resumes to Aragorn E-mail: dreadeye@surfbvi.com RESTAURANT/GUEST HOUSE in Bequia needs a Manager. Skills in foreign language and knowledge of cooking are assets. Send info or queries to: cheripot@hotmail.com MISC. FOR SALE SAILS AND CANVAS EXCEPTIONALLY SPECIAL DEALS at http://doylecaribbean.com/specials.htm SAILBOAT PROPS 3 blade 13" to 22" Winches, Barlow, Barient from US 250, Westerbeke 12,5KW best offer, Raymarine Instruments ST60/Radar Chtplotter, Aries Circumnavigator Wind Vane E-mail: Yachtsales@dsl-yachting. com Tel: (758) 452 8531 PROPERTY FOR SALE CARRIACOU LAND, Lots and multi-acre tracts. Great views overlooking Southern Grenadines and Tyrrel Bay. www.caribtrace.comGRENADA Approx. area 150,000 sq/ ft (3 acres, 1 rood, 19 poles). US$1 per sq/ft. Located at The Villa in Soubise, St. Andrews, 1 1/2 miles from Grenville by road and 1/2 mile from Soubise beach. Eastern section cultivated with various fruit trees; western section wooded. Telfor Bedeau Tel: (473) 442-6200GRENADA CLARKS COURT BAY East side,Approx. 2 acres for sale in various sized plots, one with 80' of waterfront, all plots have 10' right of way to water. E-mail: streetiolaire@hotmail.com SERVICES YACHT DELIVERIES International blue water. Experienced captain/ crew, USCG 100 ton licensed, power and sail. Capt. Louis Honeycutt, experienced and reliable. Tel: (757) 746-7927 E-mail: info@247sailing.net www. 247sailing.netBEQUIA CLIFFS FINE WOODWORKING for yacht or home www.bequiawoodwork.com Tel: (784) 431-9500 E-mail cliffduncan234@gmail.com RENTALS LA POMPE, BEQUIALarge 2 bedroom house and/or 1 bed studio apartment.Big verandah and patio, stunning view, cool breeze. Internet, cable TV. 2 weeks minimum, excellent long-term rates. Tel: (784) 495 1177 email: louisjan@vincysurf.com Aero Tech Lab C/W 39 Art & Design Antigua MP Art Fabrik Grenada MP B & C Fuel Dock Grenada 27 Barefoot Yacht Charters SVG 13 Bay Island Yachts Trinidad 41 Bequia Marina SVG 27 Bequia Venture SVG MP Boater's Enterprise Trinidad MP Budget Marine Sint Maarten 2 Business Development Co. Trinidad 17 BVI Yacht Sales Tortola 39 Caraibe Marine Martinique 14 Caraibe Marine Martinique MP Caraibe Yachts Guadeloupe 40Caribbean Marine Electrical Trinidad MP Caribbean Propellers Ltd. Trinidad MP Caribbean Rigging C/W 35 Clippers Ship Martinique MP Curaao Marine Curaao 23 De Big Fish Grenada MP Doolittle's Restaurant St. Lucia 37 Down Island Real Estate Grenada MP Doyle Offshore Sails Tortola 4 Doyle's Guides USA 33Echo Marine Jotun Special Trinidad 22 Edward William Insurance International 38 Electropics Trinidad MP Food Fair Grenada 38 Free Cruising Guides C/W 28 Gittens Engines Trinidad MP Golden Hind Chandlery Tortola MP Golden Taste St. Lucia MP Gourmet Foods SVG 37 Grenada Marine Grenada 23 Grenadine Air Alliance SVG 36 Grenadines Sails SVG MP Iolaire Enterprises UK 33/39 Island Water World Sint Maarten 48 Jaden Sun for sale C/W MP Johnson Hardware St. Lucia 34 Kerry Marine Services SVG MP LIAT C/W 9 Lucy Boat Antigua MP Marc One Marine Trinidad MP Marina Pescaderia Puerto Rico MP Marina Santa Marta Colombia 21 Marina Zar-Par Dominican Rep 26 Marine Solar Tec Panama 31 Maritime Preservation Ltd. Trinidad 29 McIntyre Bros. Ltd Grenada 39Mid Atlantic Yacht Services Azores MP Multihull Company C/W 40 Neil Pryde Sails Grenada MPNorthern Lights Generators Tortola 5Off Shore Risk Management Tortola 28Ottley Hall Marina & Shipyard SVG 22 Perkins Engines Tortola 8 Porthole Restaurant SVG MP Power Boats Trinidad MP Red Frog Marina Panama 20 Renaissance Marina Aruba 16 Rodger's Outboard Service St. Lucia MP Rodney Bay Marina St. Lucia 10 Rodney Bay Sails St. Lucia MP Rolling Thunder Puerto Rico MP Sea Hawk Paints C/W 15 Sea Services Martinique MP Simoust Charters St. Maarten mp Slipway Restaurant Grenada MP SpotlessStainless USA MP Squalls and Rainbows C/W MPSt. Lucia Yacht Club Regatta St. Lucia 11 St. Thomas Yacht Sales St. Thomas 40 Sunbay Marina Puerto Rico 18 Sunsail Marine Center SVG 12 Tank and Fuel Trinidad MP Technick Grenada MP The Nature Conservancy C/W 47 Tikal Arts & Crafts Grenada MP Tobago Cays Marine Park SVG 32 Trade Winds help wanted C/W 31 Turbulence Sails Grenada 11/MP Underwater Photo Book C/W 32 Velocity Water Services SVG MPVenezuelean Marine Supply Venezuela MP Voiles Assistance Martinique MP West Palm Hotel Trinidad MPWest Shore Medical Center Trinidad 6 WIND Martinique MP Xanadu Marine Venezuela 26 YES Martinique MP ADVERTISERS INDEX MP = Market Place pages 42 to 45CW = Caribbean-wide www.caribbeancompass.com DONT LEAVE PORT WITHOUT IT CLASSIFIEDS US 50¢ PER WORDInclude name, address and numbers in count. Line drawings/photos accompanying classifieds are US$10. Pre-paid by the 10th of the month.E-mail: classifieds @caribbeancompass.com




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La Boutique Palacio Acapulco
La Isla Shopping Village

La Boutique Palacio Acoxpa
Paseo Acoxpa

La Boutique Palacio Cancun
La Isla Shopping Village

Ventas por telefono (55) 5229 5468 / 01 800 821 7317.
Valido del 18 de junior al 06 de agosto del 2012. Consulte las areas, marcas, products. terminos y condiciones en tienda.






- [ -A

Que hacen los refrescos en tu cuerpo

Vieiras estilo Lizarraga

Darfo Flota

Estilo Veraniego

Golf para todos

Alejandro Zozaya

Marcas con sentido human

El talent

El plan B de Josefina

LVienes conmigo?

10 Herramientas que no debes comprar

Espacios pequehos

Que nos dice el president






Gem Spa, el impresionante spa cle clase mundial con mrs de 4,000 mr
ii -pi ra1i en la energia curativa de las gemas y un extenso ritual de 10 pass
de hidroterapia. Sofisticado diseno y liIi"'-, amenidades.


4<5 5 < i* 8

^^^OUL R^^^^^^^ UCHfiI-iCuN lff &

8IvL^^^u^^cfi^^^an9.5, L^^^t*6^^^^ZoB{!HcteiT=7Ti 00,H TTT3? onQuitKam^2oZ Mkico.Te^^ 5209KBjB3HC200 ^^^^^^

www. cancunissimo. corn

El pron6stico anticipa que este verano seguira siendo
uno de los mas "calientes" y "tormentosos" y, por tanto,
tambien ideal para optar por los contrastes que nos
refresquen y serenen.

En esta edici6n mostramos la mejor colecci6n de trajes de
bano para la temporada que en cifras turisticas promete un
repunte tambien de pron6stico.

Es agosto, fase final de las vacaciones de verano, en la que
deseamos que usted y los suyos disfruten -como nuestros
visitantes- de la riqueza natural que nos rodea: mar, selva,
sol; de la cultural y gastronomia que nos distingue; y de la
frescura y serenidad que nos identifica...

Felices vacaciones


Vicente Alvarez Cantarell

Gabriel Escalante

Gloria Palma
Sandra Somera

Alberto Charles
Clara Solls
David Salom6n
Fernanda MacGregor
Gabriel Escalante
Jorge Jufresa
Lfa Villava
Luis Moreno
Tabi Alonso
Valentina Castro

Ana Hernandez

Alexandra Iserte
Alicia Rodrfguez Avila
Angie Velasquez Fermfn
Carlos Loret de Mola
Fabian Quezada Le6n
Francisco G6mez Dfaz
Jackie Navarrete
Karen Reyes Estrada
Marfa Fernanda Figueroa
Michelle Espinosa
Sergio GonzJlez R.
Tabi Alonso

Doris Martell

Margarita Alvarez Cantarell

Mauricio SigOenza Islas

Edna Citlalli Bautista Ramirez

David Guzmrn

Elizabeth Ruiz

Joaqufn Espinosa

Jeniffer Mendfa Zamora

Ma. Dolores Velarde
Ma. Araceli Ruelas
Varbara Zaballa

Rucel Itza

Ofelia Alvarez
(01999) 925 5147

Farmacia Cancin Farmacia Paris Lavanderra Alborada Mas Mail Center
Inc. Sper Chirris Plaza Galerras Farmacia Canto Cafe Koba El Meson del Vecindario
* Morgan's Sper Ozzo Graps Cafeteria Sanborn's Voceadores: Av. Nader Av. Chichen
Itza Av. Bonampak Av. Sayil Av. La Luna Farmacia Canto ZONA HOTELERA: Plaza Caracol
Farmacia Extra Farmacia Turrstica Plaza Galerras Kukulcan Plaza Plaza Flamingo Music Home
Puntos de venta
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magfnense que en Estados Unidos una de las
notas mas importantes en las ultimas semanas
de julio, que llen6 columns y columns en los
peri6dicos y espacios en la television y la radio,
fue el origen de los uniforms de los atletas estado-
unidenses que competirfan en Londres 2012.

Los sentimientos patri6ticos 8o patrioteros? se
exaltaron a tal grado que miembros del Congreso
norteamericano se expresaron en contra de los uni-
formes de Ralph Lauren, inspirados en la historic de
los juegos olfmpicos con un estilo clasico y elegant
que ensalzaba los colors de la bandera norteame-
ricana. El arroz de la cuesti6n, decfan, es que los
atletas marcharan y recibiran sus medallas con estos
uniforms "Made in China", hecho que provoc6 las
crfticas de muchos sectors de polfticos, organi-
zaciones y ciudadanos. Algo como para distraer la
atenci6n de sucesos mas importantes.

Asf es como vivimos ahora las noticias; result mas
facil la diatriba y la patrafa que los trabajos periodfs-
ticos sustentados con investigaciones prolfficas. Hoy
las otrora ocho columns de un peri6dico pueden
ser facilmente ocupadas por los calzones de "x" o "y"
artist famosa o por el video sexual de otro u otra, en
lugar de dar a conocer los trabajos importantes que
se esten haciendo en alguna instituci6n pdblica o las
contribuciones a la comunidad de miembros de la
misma. No se por que raz6n pero cada dfa que pasa
creo que tiene mas exito en las noticias escribir mal
de alguien que alabar las cualidades de cualquier
ser human; que es mas facil encontrar la nota que
muestre y hable de desgracias que aquella que sin

ofender muestre la fortune. Lo que sf se es que la
libertad de expresi6n no es un derecho a mentir.

Asf, mientras en nuestro Mexico vivimos la resaca
electoral y nos parece, ya que asf nos lo dan a leer,
execrable revisar concienzudamente las elecciones y
el uso del dinero habido, y los polfticos vienen y van,
hablan y despotrican de sus ayer oponentes y hoy
aliados, nosotros, la ciudadanfa, como el chinito del
cuento nomds milando, y dejandonos impresionar por
notas de muchos chupatintas o seudo periodistas
que venden sus favors sin ningdn pudor por unos
cuantos pesos pretendiendo confundir la inteligencia
de las masas.

Asf es en este mes olfmpico que al final de sus dfas
se convertir6 en polftico a la espera de los resultados
en Mexico y de los ultimos noventa dfas en Estados
Unidos de Norteamerica de las campanas electorales
que tocan a su fin el pr6ximo 6 de noviembre entire
Barack Obama por los dem6cratas y Mitt Romney por
los republicans; tendremos much tela para leer en
estos meses de los vecinos cercanos.

Desafortunadamente aquf como ali no abunda la
madurez polftica y el agravio de la derrota impide
la caballerosidad de antafo, que hoy se ve como un
rasgo de debilidad en aceptar y dar el beneficio de la
duda y trabajar y proponer conjuntamente por el bien
del Pafs.

Cuando tengamos polfticos que piensen y actden asf,
los pauses y el mundo que habitamos respiraran me-
jores aires. Espero que esto no sea De (ltima Hora.

Un majestuoso parque a la orilla del mar
que te deleita con los tesoros de naturaleza y cultural de Mexico

N I NO $238 PESOS**

CANCUN (998) 883-3143 RIVIERA MAYA (984) 206-0038 01-800-292-2738* www.xcaret.corn E[jXcaretPark
'Indispensable para ninos y adults presentar identificacion vigente de quintanarroense en taquillas del Parque, **Valido para ninos entire 5 y 11 anos.
Ninos menores de 5 anos entran GRATIS

Certificado de Excelencia
~ tripadvisoro


Innumerables veces mis amigas -especialmente las
que tienen hijos teenagers- me han preguntado si de-
jarfa que mi hija o hijo tuviera Facebook y/o Twitter,
aquf van pdblicamente y por escrito mis 2 respuestas:

1. Twitter: NO
Agradezco profundamente a mis 1,550 followers que
me sigan, pero consider que al ser una red social
abierta (si la vas a bloquear con todos los candados,
no entiendo para que la abres) es impossible ser de
mecha corta o de piel delgada, es decir, si te va a
afectar lo que la gente -la conozcas o no- te diga lo
que se le de la gana... Esto no es para tf.

A mi en Twitter me gusta seguir al teacher Joaqufn L6-
pez Doriga en @lopezdorigal, a Juan Carlos Gonzalez
nuestro Secretario de Turismo en @SecTurQRoo, al
novelist y poeta Alberto Ruy en @AlbertoRuy y a la
gente que me hace feliz con sus comentarios, porque
la neta, para leer faltas de ortograffa y frases de per-
sonas trepadoras, para eso, mejor aplico twitt off!

2. Facebook: NO
Hace un par de meses fui a una conferencia de Lydia
Cacho, ahf ella hablo de la cantidad infinita de trata
de gente y de abuses sexuales en menores de edad
que se han dado a traves de esta red social.

Y... Simale el ciberbulling.

En resume, consider que a una persona de 13 o 15
afos la pueden hacer pomada.
Si estas leyendo esto y tus hijos ya tienen cuenta en
ambas redes sociales, pfdeles el password y entra a
navegarlas aleatoriamente y sin avisarles, para que mo-
nitorees que estan recibiendo y de quien.
Por si no sabes, enterate, sexting es la palabra, el an-
glicismo, con el que se define la acci6n de enviar men-
sajes o fotos explfcitas sexuales iProtege a tus hijos!

2 mujeres multitask:
Geny Heidelberg
y Ana Villanueva

SGeny esta casada con Oliver
el mero, mero, mero del Sin-
p. dicato de taxistas de nuestro
destiny turfstico y Ana, esta
casada con Rodrigo, el mero,
mero, mero de la Fundaci6n
Colosio en Cancdn, ambas no
paran un segundo, ademis
de que son mamas, amas de
casa y voluntarias altruistas,
cumplen al 100 con el papel
de esposas de lfderes como ellos. Tarea que no debe ser nada
f~cil, por la cantidad de compromises y actividades en las
que participan. Thumbs up para ellas, un ejemplo a seguir.

Domenico di Meo

Mi hair stylist favorite del #mundomundial, acaba
de volver de Italia despues de haber ido a visitar a
su familiar por un par de semanas, asf que aprove-
cha que ya esta de regreso, con todo el mojoo" del
Believe me! Tu cabeza no podrfa estar en mejores
manos que en las de este artist.


(Ya fuiste? Es la Universidad
que esta en Plaza Nichupte,
arriba del cafe de la Nader (me
refiero al que NO esta en la
Nader), a mf me gust6 porque
ofrecen licenciaturas y maes-
trfas, ademas de una series de
cursos-taller como el de foto-
graffa creative que impartieron
este verano. El nuevo adminis-
trador es Eduardo Olamendi,
quien durante anooos estuvo
al frente del FBO Jlo conoces?
Todo un Prince Charming!

P.d .1 A punto
de Ilegar al altar
mi querida amiga
Alejandra Aizpuru,
quien esta al frente
de Gucci en Cancun,
)tan tan taaaatan!!!!

P.d. 2 El dram6n
que Dostoyevski
narra en su libro
"El jugador" me tiene
cautivada y aunque
nunca he apostado
nada, ahora si for
once in my life! me
atrevere a jugar rule-
ta en el casino.


Si asf como una tumba vacfa
es como me siento por el fin
de las vacaciones, quisiera
que este verano 2012 hubiera
durado mas mucho mis!
Atesoro en mis memoirs
todos y cada uno de los mo-
mentos que disfrute con mi
mejor amigo David Salom6n,
ni como describir la experien-
cia de tomar un curso juntos
en Sorbonne, la adrenaline
de un concerto de Madonna
en Parfs o la complicidad de
nuestras noches en St Tropez,
sin duda alguna, lo que mas
anhelo es agenda los boletos
de avi6n del 2013 y liquidar al
centauro de mi Amex.

P.d. 3 Estoy segura
que el exgobernador
Joaquin Hendricks no
cabe de orgullo y felici-
dad de ver lo lejos que
ha Ilegado su hija Les-
lie. El discurso y la se-
guridad que ella emiti6
el dia de su toma de
protest AMMJE,
s6lo confirm lo
que yo intuia, eres
grande mujer!

8 cancunissimo.com agosto2012


El iiBanoNainaldeCancu

liiimaci 11 IsMBPo

c Is pr o tege tu conSde

Hogar Ba namex MAS.

Al contratarlo cuenWtlas con respaldo en caso de inun
huraane, inencio, obo, cl^osa veino, te bloes yMAH
Solicftalo, en Sucursales Banamex.^^ ^^^^^^
Para m^^s information llama al 01800 832 7696^
o vista sgurobanam^I^^ex^^^^^^^com^^^^^^


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^El ^Banc acoalceM^B ioBwB

Aplican Condiciones de la Poliza y de acuerdo al paquete contratado. S61o en caso de Robo con violencia a casa habitaci6n.


a jornada inici6 temprano, con los nervios de punta por la
posibilidad de lluvia, aunque el dfa amaneci6 soleado. Llega-
mos a la cita en la locaci6n, el Live Aqua Cancin, donde staff
de Cancunfssimo, models y maquillista, fuimos amablemen-
te recibidos por Rafael Fernandez, relacionista pdblico del
centro de hospitalidad. Despues de apaciguar el hambre con
suculento desayuno en el restaurant "Siete", lleg6 la hora
de trabajar. Staff de producci6n (Mar Garcfa, principalmente)
y models empezamos a checar los oufits mientras Israel, el maquillista, .
peinaba y maquillaba a las models de acuerdo a las tendencies actuales
y el look mas convenient
sen p para cada una de las chicas.
o para tod El clima no pudo ser mejor, y
aunque hubo much calor y
humedad, que hacfan sudar null
la gota gorda a los mode-
I los, fot6grafo y asistentes, las sesiones
fotogrificas en las diversas areas del hotel
resultaron exitosas. Poco a poco fuimos
palomeando los pendientes, las fotogra-
ffas individuals y de grupo, para despues
concentrarnos en la portada, un reto nada
f~cil porque la iluminaci6n no era la ade-
cuada; sin embargo, el profesionalismo
de Joaqufn sali6 a flote y con la ayuda de
Mar, David e Israel, se logr6 el objetivo.
scando la mejor toma entire las n I Fue una producci6n fotogrifica plagada
de buena vibra, de frescura y juventud,
que contagiaron a los que fuimos parte de
ella. Al final, el resultado fue el esperado
y todos fuimos a festejar con suculentos
platillos en el restaurant Azur.

pM D

"' C~u~ i d iporMar, ....

wy Lt-

Ni. -

iD men cno .inado3 por Mar Garcia

Joaquin bu

COntigO done ests
Ahora tambien en internet y dispositivos movies
Los mejores comentaristas del pais te acompafan siempre.

Descarga las aplicaciones en

92.3 FM 740 AM

Tel.: (998) 193 0200 Plaza Hollywood, Cancmn www.radioformulaqr.com 45 Cablemas 121 Sky j

r m elegir

base. -
N^ I1W

Lo mas important para hacer la elecci6n correct,
es identificar nuestro tipo de piel, las necesidades
de la misma y la ocasi6n en la que la usaremos.
Es decir, que necesitamos que haga esa base por
nosotras? cubrir manchas, granitos o imperfeccio-
nes; unificar el tono, mejorar el aspect? Tambien
es important cuando la vamos a usar, si para ir al trabajo, para
salidas de noche o para uso diario. Respondidas estas interro-
gantes, ya tendremos una mejor idea de que buscar al moment
de comprar.
Las bases hoy en dfa, vienen en varias presentaciones, usualmente
las encontramos en distintas versions:
LfQUIDA de distintas coberturas y acabados (mate, empolvado, sa-
tinado o luminoso) y en funci6n de nuestro tipo de piel. La ventaja
de este tipo de base, es que es muy facil de extender y se funde
muy bien con la piel, y tambien que casi todas son modulables,
si aplicamos poco product obtendremos una cobertura suave y
podemos aplicar mas para mayor cobertura y uso de noche.
COMPACTA CREMA que por lo general, suelen dar una cober-
tura mayor, ya que el product est6 mas concentrado. Este tipo
de base se usa much en fotograffa, ya que es muy buena para
cubrir imperfecciones tanto leves como several.
COMPACTA POLVO. Son como un polvo compact pero much
mas concentrado. Dada su textura, no suelen dar una gran cober-
tura y el acabado suele ser mate.
MINERAL. Estan hechas a base de minerales naturales y es por
esto que son recomendadas para pieles sensibles y/o reactivas, y
tambien para pieles secas, ya que ayudan a mantener la hume-
dad de la piel. Podemos encontrar bases minerales en format
crema, lfquido o polvo suelto.
Si tienes la piel normal, puedes usar cualquier presentaci6n de
base; si por el contrario tu piel es grasa o mixta se recomienda
usar maquillaje en polvo, para que permanezca mate much mas
tiempo, y tambien se puede usar lfquido, pero que sea "sin acei-

te". La piel seca siempre debe usar maquillaje lfquido, ya que el
polvo hard que se marquen los poros y las arrugas. Y para quienes
tienen la piel sensible se recomienda el maquillaje mineral lfquido
Otro aspect a considerar es el tono de la base, este debe ser DEL
MISMO TONO de nuestra piel, no mas claro, ni mas obscure, para
que al aplicar la base se empareje el tono y se unifique con la piel
del cuello y del escote.
Un dato important a la hora de comprarla, es poder probarla, los
tonos no lucen iguales en su envase que en nuestra piel, asf que
pon un poco de la base donde se unen tu cuello y tu mejilla y sal
a ver como luce con la luz natural del dfa, el mismo debe fundirse
con el color natural de tu piel. Esto es muy important, ya que la
mayorfa de las tiendas utilizan luces blancas que distorsionan los
tonos y puedes terminar comprando algo que no te favorezca.
Por otra parte, si necesitas que tu maquillaje dure todo el dfa,
opta por formulas de larga duraci6n, si tienes la piel extrema-
damente grasa consigue formulas para dejar un acabado mate
por horas. Si vives en climas frfos, busca bases que aporten
humedad a la piel y si por el contrario vives en climas calidos o
hlmedos opta por products secos y mates.
Otro punto important es cuanto gastar en una base de maqui-
llaje, esto es una decision muy personal. En general, el problema
que existe con las marcas mas comerciales y econ6micas, es que
no ofrecen una gama de tonos muy amplia, suelen ser mas bien
de pigmentaci6n rosada, y muchas veces result impossible dar
con el tono exacto de nuestra piel. Una buena base no deberfa
costar mas de 700 pesos, en mi experiencia, cuando sube de ese
precio estamos pagando basicamente la marca.
Y por ultimo pero no menos important, es necesario preparar la
piel antes de ponernos la base, limpiandola y humectandola ade-
cuadamente, y sellar con polvos sueltos la base una vez aplicada,
para que asf no se corra y dure much mas tiempo.

Nj *;




, ~a,




El maravilloso espectaculo Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy esta por culminar su
exitosa temporada en Cancun, en las instalaciones de Moon Palace Golf & Spa
Resorts, en una gran carpa con aire acondicionado y todas las comodidades que
hacen de las presentaciones de esta, una de las producciones mas aclamadas
por la critical, toda una experiencia que nunca olvidaras.


LuIS Heiaj
v liel Gioladeerg


Johan Talango y
Ricardo Carlos


I ....,



Nuestra querida Alicia Ochoa
nos Ilena de orgullo por su
triunfo en Espana, en la
Corrida de la Beneficiencia
2012, para la cual don6 la
ilustraci6n del cartel, toda una
distinci6n encargada por vez
primera a un mexicano. Alicia
hizo entrega de la obra al Mu-
seo Taurino de Las Ventas, y
tanto ella como el director del
Centro de Asuntos Taurinos
de la Comunidad de Madrid,
Carlos Abella, se mostraron
felices por este hecho, que
contribute a enriquecer el
patrimonio cultural de la
afici6n ventena, los visitantes
del museo, y el mundo de los
toros en general.

Adlia Ocnna oraullni con el cartel
en L4 Venl3a

Nine West present en excusiva su nueva lfnea Kids, con una pequeia pasarela en el
area infantil de Liverpool Polanco; lfnea que, por cierto, ya esta disponible en Liver-
pool Cancun para que las pequeias luzcan super trendy esta temporada. La presen-
taci6n de la colecci6n corri6 a cargo de Sun Lee, gerente de mercadotecnia de Nine
West, y Zahie Arriaga, director de Compras Infantiles de Liverpool. Nine West Kids
encantard a la nifas y mujeres por sus hermosos disenos y precious accesibles.

Tony Pallas feste-
j6 un ano mas de
vida en La Dolce
Vita, acompanada
de sus amigas, que
fueron convocadas
por Sonia de la
Pefa. Muestras de
carino, regalitos y
deliciosa comida...
mejor forma de
festejar no hay.

Con gran exito se llev6 a cabo
el Primer Torneo de Pesca
Cancun 2012 "Benito Juarez
Garcfa", que todos esperamos
se convierta en una tradici6n
al ser Cancun "la joya de la
corona" en el ambito turfstico,
como coment6 Julian Ricalde
en la inauguraci6n. Participa-
ron decenas de cancunenses,
uno de ellos, nuestro amigo
Frank L6pez, Campe6n del
Dorado mas Grande.

I ols .E am l'r Mariha% ^ iVlo I:alzadIG Marl Ilen Carln die Tinalero
Sonia e ITonvl Pallas Bora Elia Gar-a Martha H#rnmilez y Rcilo Ovalle

Miguel Quintana Pali, director general de
Experiencias Xcaret, y Gabriel Gutierrez Castre-
j6n, director regional Sureste de Telcel, acom-
panados de ejecutivos de ambas empresas,
firmaron un convenio que brindard grandes
beneficios a sus clients del Sureste: quienes
adquieran un plan pospago en Telcel, contra-
tandolo en los estados de Chiapas, Tabasco,
Campeche y Yucatan, obtendrdn un 15% de
descuento en pases doubles para ingresar a los
parques de Experiencias Xcaret (Xcaret, Xel Ha
y Xplor). Como parte de este acuerdo, Telcel
suscribe tambien su compromise de contribuir
a la preservaci6n de costumbres y tradiciones
de nuestro pafs, patrocinando, por 5 ahos, los
events: Travesfa Maya, Festival de Tradicio-
nes de Vida y Muerte y el Triatl6n Xel-Ha, tres
celebraciones que tienen un gran valor, pues
crean manifestaciones culturales de los mayas
y fomentan el deported.


6. G y

Horacio Cardenas, en la inauguraci6n de la
', muestra de su trabajo artistic en el Domo del
Ayuntamiento de Benito Juarez

Nuestro amigo Horacio Cardenas,
cuya obra ha cruzado fronteras y
fue bien acogida en Las Canarias,
celebr6 sus 50 con tres magnf-
ficas exposiciones; "las 7 claves
para obtener exito", "Recopilacio-
nes 25 ahos" y "C6ctel Arb6reo".
SSingular forma de festejar cinco
decadas de vida, Horacio, com-
partiendo tu creatividad y grata
Scompafifa. Muchas felicidades!

14 cancunissimo.com .agosto2012

* l"f S f

f !a


A. *.M- ."




,:: ii


Lt ~i



"Fashion Ticket... Tu vuelta

al mundo de la moda"

by Uitraemme



La prestigiosa casa francesa Hermes lleva 170
afos creando, y eso se nota en cada product
que nos ofrece, como la original y
deliciosa fragancia Terre d'Hermes,
creada por Jean Claude Ellena, con-
T E siderado por muchos como uno de los
L' I-.F I.IE'S cinco mejores perfumistas del mun-
do. Entre las creaciones de Ellena
destacan Declaration de Cartier, au
The Vert de Bulgari y Oshmanthe
S Yunnan, tambien de Hermes.
Terre d'Hermes es delicioso, em-
briagador y diferente; es limpio y
-- con clase. Es como un intense viaje
alqufmico a traves de los elements:
tierra, aire y agua. En resume, como
lo describe Escentual, "es una fragancia para el hom-
bre que tiene los pies bien puestos en la tierra, pero
con la cabeza en las estrellas".
Est6 compuesto esencialmente de naranja (de la que
toma el color), shiso y pomelo en sus notas de cabe-
za; mientras sus notas de fondo son amaderadas con
cedro, musgo del roble, ademas de rosas.
La ventaja de Terre d'Hermes es que es formal, aunque
es una version de Hermes que puede usarse en un
entorno informal, por lo que va bien para la oficina, el
campo de golf o una cena con amigos.
Sin duda alguna, es una fragancia que ha logrado po-
sicionarse como uno de los fconos de Hermes desde
que Ellena se convirti6 en "el olfato" de la casa fran-
cesa, y que ha conseguido tener muchos "fans" desde
su lanzamiento. Simate a ellos y conviertete en un
hombre con caracter y clase adquiriendo el tuyo en tus
perfumerfas Ultrafemme.

Con un espfritu marcadamente
deportivo nace L'Eau d'Issey pour
Homme Sport, la nueva fragancia del
genio japones Issey Miyake, con la que
pretend conquistar el coraz6n de los
hombres deportistas que requieren
control y precisi6n, de aquellos que
SE, gustan de estar en contact con la
SM E naturaleza y que continuamente estan
3. queriendo superar nuevos retos. Es
S.. una nueva version energetica y
poco conventional de la popular
E DISSEY edici6n L'Eau d'Issey Pour Hom-
POUR H 0 MME me lanzada en 1994.
SPO RT L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Sport
tiene un marcado aire aventurero,
deportivo y libre. Sin lugar a dudas
es una fragancia ideal para usarse
diariamente, pues es fresco y va
muy bien para aplicarse despues
del gimnasio tras una reconfortan-
te ducha.
Al abrirlo, la bergamota y el po-
melo ofrecen un fuerte y dinumico
inicio que se va intensificando con notas centrales en
su composici6n de nuez moscada combinada con cuero,
mientras que la base ofrece elegantes acordes de vetiver
y cedro, lo que da como resultado un aroma suave y
amaderado inspirado en la respiraci6n, como la del
alpinista cuando llega a la cumbre.
El frasco tiene la forma de su predecessor, pero con un
modern disefo. Es semi trasparente, en gris metdli-
co, con detalles en azul claro y puedes encontrarlo en
formatos de 50 6 100 ml. Todos estan al alcance de tus
manos en las Perfumerfas Ultrafemme. iAtrevete a acep-
tar el reto!C+C VITAMIN


La marca barcelonesa Natura Bisse es sin6nimo de alta cosmetica de lujo. Su nueva gama C+C Vita-
min Line contiene un coctel vitamfnico de anti-radicales libres en todos sus products, tanto corpo-
rales como faciales, que ayudan a reparar y prevenir de una forma muy natural los signos visible de
envejecimiento cutaneo. Sus propiedades antioxidants revitalizan la piel y tienen una acci6n protec-
tora, hidratante y despigmentante. Al moment de aplicar estos products, la piel se siente y se ve
mas firme, elastica y mejora su tono. La piel a lo largo de su vida se ve sometida a factors externos
que pueden llegar a acelerar su process natural de envejecimiento.
En su process de auto-protecci6n, la piel, no siempre posee los recursos suficientes para restituir el
daho ocasionado y reponer las reserves de uno de los principles antioxidants que nuestro organis-
mo posee, la Vitamina C. Por ello NATURA BISSE te ofrece todos los beneficios de la Vitamina C, para
reparar y prevenir de la forma mas natural y direct los signos visible de envejecimiento cutaneo.
Pero, que products conforman C+C Vitamin Line y d6nde puedes conseguirlos? Primeramente te
garantizo que encontraras toda esta lfnea de cosmeticos exclusivos en Ultrafemme Luxury Avenue,
BE Malec6n Americas y BE Paseo del Carmen en Playa del Carmen, en donde su personal expert ite
podra mostrar la mejor opci6n para ti!

C *emC



... ....
..A 3 ..me

El salon Sutton de la Universidad
Anahuac fue el scenario perfect
para recibir con honors a los alumnos
egresados de los Diplomados en Fi-
nanzas para no financieros, Impuestos
y Habilidades Gerenciales. Durante la
ceremonia, un representante de cada
diplomado tomo el microfono para
agradecer a todos y cada uno de sus
companeros y amigos tan estrecha .
relacion. Despues vinieron las palabras
del rector, Miguel Angel Perez, quien \
junto a los catedraticos Aldo Chavez
y Eugenia Sanzores, hizo entrega de
diplomas, para despues celebrar en el
saln principal con un coctel. -


/ .

Raael Leal v


y Ana Pio
yArturo GuiAllrn


Que lhacen os


en tu CUERPO'
SAL-p Su L

Cual es el product que es 1;i I pesd,;ill 1 d(1 i iltii olo, s y odontologos, del que
consumimos 163 litros al ai no, (pli ''voc;i ost(i ''l" sis, caries, diabetes y obesidad
y que carece de todo valor iniit-iniienita l AdI ivinlmoh: el refresco.

Se imaginan un mundo sin refres-
cos, donde s61o tomemos agua sola
o de frutas? Pues asf era hasta el i
ano 1832, cuando John Matthews
invent un aparato para mezclar
agua con gas de di6xido de carbon,
y ademas agregarle sabor. Sabores
como naranja, lim6n y uva eran
muy demandados. El refresco mas
antiguo que ain se comercializa en
el continent americano es Toni Col
(de sabor vanillaa; product mexica-
no que se encuentra a la venta en al- I
gunas tiendas naturistas y que existe
desde antes de 1880.
Por la misma epoca, en 1886 un far-
maceutico, Ilamado John S. Pemberton,
experiment con hierbas y especias
como nuez de kola africana y la hoja de
coca. El resultado, una bebida que bauti-
z6 como Coca Cola.
Desde entonces a la fecha, la popularidad
de este product ha llegado a niveles exor-
bitantes. Mexico es su mayor consumidor, con
un promedio de 675 botellas de 8 onzas (237 mililitros) por
habitante el afo pasado.
Ademas del simple gusto por su sabor, el precio es un factor pri,
mordial, pues han bajado a tal grado que result mas accessible
comprar un refresco que una botella de agua.
Sin embargo, estos datos no tendrfan mayor importancia si
no fuera por lo que implica para nuestra salud el consume
de refrescos.

Uno de los mayores problems es la enorme cantidad de azt-
car que contiene. Segtn la Revista del Consumidor, un litro de

refresco tiene 27 cubitos de azdcar, lo
que significa que un vaso pequefo con-
tiene como siete cubitos (o cucharadas)
de este endulzante. Este exceso de azt-
cares en la dieta puede derivar en obe-
sidad, diabetes y favorecer el desarrollo
de caries. Ademas, el jarabe de mafz de
alta fructosa, el endulzante mas comtn;
tambien aumenta el riesgo de padecer
hipertensi6n; segtn demostr6 un studio
de la Universidad de Colorado (EU).

Las bebidas light pueden parecer una
buena opci6n, pero lamentablemente para
quienes gustan de ellas, presentan sus pro-
pios problems; ya que el exceso de aspar-
tame (el endulzante light), ha sido asociado
en diversos studios con perdida de memo-
I a, confusion mental y tumores cerebrales.

P.:.r otro lado, el acido f6sforico, important
in,, iediente en estas bebidas, aumenta la acidez
de la sangre y obstaculiza la absorci6n de calcio
debilitando nuestros huesos, lo que predispone la apari-
ci6n de osteoporosis y el desarrollo de piedras en los rifones.
Algunos sfntomas de un cuerpo "demasiado acido" son: fatiga,
dolores de cabeza, dolores musculares y de las articulaciones e
infecciones frecuentes.

Lo ideal es que nuestra dieta no sea muy acida, sino que tienda a
una cierta alcalinizaci6n.
Por eso, la ingesta de refrescos es un paso en la direcci6n con-
traria y, como tal, un ataque a nuestra propia salud, ya que el
exceso de acidez en nuestra alimentaci6n puede provocar enveje-
cimiento premature, daho cardiovascular y cancer.

Mercedes-Benz Cancin
Blvd. Luis Donaldo Colosio 650
Tel. (998) 882 0623 al 26


La actividad inici6 muy temprano con un desayuno en
Iberostar Playa Paraiso Riviera Maya que, al concluir,
dio paso a la caravana de motociclistas rumbo a Ciudad
de la Alegria, como parte del program "Juntos por la
educacion", que tuvo como objetivo recolectar tiles es-
colares para entregarselos a los pequeios que forman
parte de esta organization altruista. Los motociclistas,
de grupos como Harley Davidson, Halcones y otros
mas que forman parte del Harley Davidson Owners
Group, fueron recibidos con much alegria, con bailes
y music. La actividad fue organizada en conjunto con
Mano Amiga y Ciudad de la Alegria.

Coco Cabaias,
Ana Paulina Torres,
Paola Gabriela Hernandez
yAdela Ozuna


Con la grata compania de sus nietos, sus hijas
y su esposo Guayo, Dora Elia Garza festejo su
cumpleanos en un dia soleado con espec- W -
tacular vista de Cancun, desde la playa de
Isla Mujeres. Sus hijas Diana, Kitty y Marcela
fueron las encargadas del menu, y prepararon
lasana, pasta y pescado, platillos que fueron
halagados por los invitados.

A. i l i

Maru Carrasco y Carmelita Toscano Billy Elliot, Alejandro Garcia, Dora Elia y Guayo Garza

Diana, Dora Elia, Kitty y Marcela Garza
L -1 '-dell ,"' '

Paty Galindo y Paty Lavalle

V'e ras est o L'z rw a

desEl Mortero

L a formaci6n empfrica de Rigoberto Lizarraga, chef
del restaurant El Mortero, basada en decadas de
experiencia, se ve reflejada en exquisitos platillos,
algunos de su autorfa, como el que nos present
como primicia para Nuestra Cocina. Avecindado
en este rinc6n del Caribe desde hace 18 anos, el
chef Lizarraga, originario de El Recodo, Sinaloa, inici6 su carrera
gastron6mica desde pequefo, con el apoyo de personajes a los
que hoy agradece lo aprendido pero, principalmente, el haberle
mostrado el camino correct para continuar en este oficio, al que
hoy le tiene pasi6n y carifo. Amable y sonriente, nos compare
una receta original, de su autorfa: Vieiras estilo Lizarraga, una
exquisitez que pronto formar6 parte del mend de El Mortero, un
spectacular restaurant mexicano que, arquitect6nicamente es
replica del casco de una hacienda de Durango de principios del
siglo XVII y, gastron6micamente, el sitio ideal para disfrutar de
autentica cocina mexicana, con toques internacionales, asf como
de 18 tipos de margaritas y mas de 130 marcas de tequilas.

(4 porciones)

* 800 gramos de vieiras
* 3 cucharadas de aceite de olivo
* 176 gramos de camar6n
6 10 piezas
* 200 gramos de espinaca
* 6 onzas de vino blanco
* 50 gramos de echalot
* 2 piezas medianas de
cebolla blanca
* V2 pieza de lechuga romana chica
* 3 cucharadas de mantequilla
* 2 limones

Salsa de lima

* 4 tazas de camar6n
* 150 gramos de azdcar granulada
* 2/3 de taza de vinagre blanco
* 4 piezas de lima, su jugo


* Se marinan los calls y el
camar6n con sal y pimienta.

* Se sella en una sarten a tem-
peratura alta para lograr una
costra caramelizada.

* La cebolla se corta finamente
en juliana junto con la lechuga
y se saltea hasta que reduzca al
maximo; se licua hasta obtener
un pure fino, se sazona con sal
y pimienta.

* La espinaca se escalfa en
agua caliente y se escurre.

* Se saltea con aceite de olivo,
mantequilla, echadote y cre-
ma natural.
* Poner el vinagre y el azdcar
en una cacerola pequeia y
caliente hasta que empiece a
acaramelar. Cocine el jugo de
lima por 10 minutes. Cocine
lentamente el caldo de cama-
r6n, por una hora mfnimo, y
sazone con sal y pimienta.

Montaje de plato: Se pone
una base de pure y espinacas,
enseguida las vieiras y el ca-
mar6n para decorar al gusto.





3. Carole, cantante y compositora, escribi6 "It's too late".
4. Maria Hartmann, "Novia de la Juventud".
7. Grupo ingl6s que revolucion6 el rock de los 60's.
12. Exito mundial del grupo noruego Abba.
13. Buddy, primer martir del rock.
16. Hija de la actriz Rita Macedo, era "La favorite
del professor"
17.Tranquilo vocalista ingles, fue Sunshine superman.
18. Elvis, el rey del rock.
19. C6sar Roel es su nombre real, cantante de Los Cami-
sas Negras.

1. Bill, y sus Cometas, primer grupo blanco de rockn roll.
2. Alocado cantante negro, interpret Tutti Frutti.
3. Estrafalario grupo que se pintaba para horrorizar
a sus fans.
5. Domenico, gran impulsor del rock italiano.
6. Checker, invent el twist.
8. Alberto, baladista barftono mexicano.
9. Michael, gran cantante y bailarfn, su disco mas popular
fue 'Thriller".
10. Ray, compositor ciego, sumo sacerdote del Soul.
11. Johnnie, famoso roquero francs.
14. Los Cinco... grupo argentino de fama continental.
15. Tina, la Reina del Soul.

Paolo Ceravolo organize una exquisite comida para cele-
brar los 60 aios de su esposa Hilda, quien recibi6 la visit
de casi toda su familiar que Ilegaron para acompaiarla en
esta fecha tan especial. La celebracion se Ilevo a cabo en
la residencia de los Ceravolo en Bahia Petempich, con la
spectacular vista al mar Caribe como scenario. No falt6
el baile, las tradicionales "Mananitas" y el pastel.



eLsoD'61 Aalsald' I ueAouo'L I essinf -9 1 AIoH' I
ep!fnbiqD' I sapeaa' L eDiIauv 'V7 u>I'E
'jauJnl' I souI-elT'I AepAIIPeH- I sapIeqD'0I uospeL'6
zanbzeA 9 AqqnqD39 oufnpoynIA ssi>I' o01pieP2I' AaIeH I
:S31VI11 3A

U Vl

Hilda con algunos amigos que la acompaiaron


ME Cancun es el sitio ideal para disfrutar. Con
todo lo necesario para hacer de tu experiencia
algo inolvidable, en ME la diversion no frena, ni de
dia, ni de noche. Con sus fiestas tematicas, como
Full Moon Party @ ME, Ladies Night, Mash Up
Nights, Madura Nights y events especiales, los
moments amenos y divertidos con los amigos
y series queridos se convierten en memorables.
Dejate Ilevar por el inigualable ambiente de ME
Cancun, por los beats de sus DJ's residents e
invitados internacionales, por el sol, la arena, la
playa, la luna y consientente en sus restaurants
Sal y Silk o el inigualable Rose Bar.

Pamela Lavalle y
Simoneta Morales

Pato G6mez, Jessica Salinas, Diego Rivas, Robinho y Nerea

Jonathan Dos Santos
yAlfonso Denigris

y Christian Lavalle





30-31 DEAGO Y

RE5ERVA,01 800 831 4199





Un cDa r
Un caminantLend

26 cancunissimo.com* agosto I .'



esde joven se sinti6 atrafdo a la tecnologfa y con
tftulos de obrero en electricidad y tecnico en
electr6nica, sonaba con Ilegar a ser ingeniero en
esta misma rama, pero al no existir esta carrera en
Merida, Darfo tendrfa que perseguir su indepen-
dencia econ6mica de otra manera. Opt6 a sus 18
anos por comenzar a dar classes de matematicas
y ffsica a alumnos de prepa, actividad de la que
se enamor6 y que practice durante 9 afos seguidos. A pesar de
trabajar como professor y ser un magnffico alumno, no se puede
negar que su historical academic estuvo un tanto accidentado,
tomandole casi una decada poder graduarse de la universidad.

Despues de haber ingresado a estudiar ingenierfa industrial es-
pecializandose en qufmica, un error administrative de su casa de
studios cost su baja de la carrera; se cambi6 entonces a estu-
diar matematicas por ser la unica donde en aquel tiempo podrfa
aprender computaci6n. Cuando a punto estaba de terminar sus
studios, recibi6 la decepcionante noticia de que el cambio de
carrera no habfa sido necesa-
rio; a tiempo que su escuela
inauguraba la carrera de inge-
nierfa en sistemas computa-
cionales, tema del que estaba
tan enamorado que decidi6
poner a un lado sus studios y
comenzar nuevamente de cero
en este curso. Pero no tuvo
tiempo ni de acomodarse en
su sal6n pues el haberse ins-
crito en dos carreras le amerit6
la baja de ambas y la unica ma-
nera de graduarse -aunque un
tanto enredada- fue terminan-
do la ingenierfa industrial con
que comenz6 la universidad.

Su pasi6n durante todo ese
tiempo habfa sido la guitarra,
pasatiempo que lo llev6 a for-
mar parte de una important
agrupaci6n en Merida. Cuenta
Darfo que un amigo le pidi6
suplirlo durante una presenta-
ci6n y conmocionado por tener
que tocar frente a much gente .
en un bar siendo professor, con- CO a
sult6 lo que debfa hacer con su iilarail S
madre. "Me dijo que no y esa
fue la raz6n fundamental por
la que acepte." Confiesa Darfo
ensenando una gran sonrisa. "Esa noche hice mi debut frente a
uno de los grandes compositores de la mdsica yucateca y al final
me dijo, relajate y disfrutalo, porque lo haces bien" palabras que
lo motivaron a tomarse mas en serio la idea de tocar. A sus 20
anos se incorpor6 a un grupo donde lo primero que le dijeron
fue que no eran artists, sino mdsicos y le dieron un libro para
aprender musica, se esperaba much compromise y seriedad de
su parte pues unicamente estaba compuesto por tres miembros
y el era el bajista. Este trabajo le daba bastantes beneficios y
comodidades, ganaba bien, tenfa coche y podfa viajar, pero los
studios siempre fueron su prioridad.

Darfo conoci6 a su esposa Marfa Isabel Cardenas desde que eran muy
chicos y en su juventud ambos fueron parte de importantes asociacio-
nes juveniles en Merida ella presidiendo a las Colombinas de Marfa
y el a los Escuderos de Col6n- ademas por su cargo y los anos que le
llevaba tuvo el privilegio de ser consejero de Isabel.

"El grupo femenil era el primer atractivo de los varones" recuer-
da Darfo "...y ella era muy perseguida, pero yo le decfa, mira:

este no te conviene, a este no le creas, no le hagas caso y asf
evitaba la competencia." Dice, a la par que confiesa los recursos
que utiliz6 para irla conquistando. Cuando Isabel cumpli6 19
se hicieron novios "El era el hombre que me ayudaba con todo,
sabfa de computadoras y no permitfa que me aplastara el mundo,
llegue a sentir much admiraci6n y termine queriendo hasta su
nombre, que al principio no me gustaba nada" revela Isabel con
un gesto de desagrado.

Ambos recuerdan la noche cuando Isabel fue reina de su grupo y
la unica forma de que Darfo pudiera estar ahf para su coronaci6n
era tocando, sin embargo, no pudo bailar con la reina porque
debfa permanecer en el scenario. "; Esa noche, le dedique todas
las canciones!" presume Darfo galantemente.

Marfa Isabel asegura que conocerse de los 13 hasta los 19 afos
les permiti6 madurar su relaci6n y pasar por etapas de amistad,
confidentes y compaheros hasta que se enamoraron. A Isabel
le toc6 ver la harina de otros costales, pues el era muy noviero

"Yo sabfa c6mo las habfa tratado, conocf su coraz6n y sabfa que
era buena persona, pero, si un dfa se me confundfa de fecha:
jey! jey! ;ey! ... ;esa fue fecha de fulanita, tu ex novia! o cuando
querfamos nombrar a las nifas: ;ey! ;ey! ;ey! ... ;t6 no tienes nin-
guna tfa que se llame asf, tienes una ex novia que asf se llama!"
dice riendo mientras le guifa el ojo a su marido.

Pertenecer al reducido grupo de personas que sabfan computaci6n
le permiti6 a Darfo trabajar en un despacho que ofrecfa servicios de
contabilidad e informatica donde uno de sus clients era la em-
presa Aviomar, una important naviera con intereses en Quintana
Roo. "Me pidieron asesorfa en Lotus, un software similar a Excel
y yo asegure que podfa ayudarles, aunque en realidad no lo sabfa
usar" recuerda Darfo, sin embargo tan pronto sali6 de la junta, fue a
comprar un manual del program y se lo aprendi6 en un par de dfas
...sin tener una computadora disponible "Me convert en especialista
de Lotus". En esa epoca Darfo estaba programando las versions en
espahol del software basico de oficina y se familiariz6 con los temas
de la contabilidad, por lo que al cabo de un tiempo le vali6 mas
dejar a un lado la informatica y enfocarse a lo administrative.

agosto2012 cancunissimo.com 27

Darfo viajaba tanto a Ouintana Roo por cuestiones de trabajo
que decidi6 venir a vivir aquf laborando de tiempo complete para
Aviomar que ya era reconocida como la mas important empresa
de turismo en Cancln: "Con las vueltas comenzamos a descubrir
un Cancun maravilloso; el tour, el paseo en barco, y nos decfamos
que un dfa serfa de nosotros hasta que lleg6 la oferta y nos anima-
mos." Cuenta Darfo, Isabel venfa embarazada y con la tarea de en-
contrar d6nde abrir una oficina para el despacho en que laboraba.
"Yo tenfa que haber estado muy enamorada" aclara Isabel riendo
"... no fue facil, en ese entonces no habfa sdpers y todavfa estaban
dinamitando para poner los cimientos de las casas."

Al cabo de various anos, el trabajo se torn6 tan pesado que Darfo
prefiri6 salirse de Aviomar y buscar nuevos proyectos; no tard6 mu-
cho y recibi6 la invitaci6n para abrir Magnicharters. "Comenzar una
empresa desde cero fue una experiencia muy interesante y al mismo
tiempo estaba cursando una maestrfa en administraci6n y mercado-
tecnia, asf que todo lo que aprendfa lo aplicaba al instante"

Estuvo ahf cinco afos y durante los ultimos tres comenz6 a invo-
lucrarse en asociaciones y fue cuando la empresa se convirti6 en
una potencia turfstica.

Durante esta epoca presidi6 la AMAV (Asociaci6n Mexicana de
Agencies de Viajes) donde gracias a su dedicaci6n a la solu-
ci6n de una antigua relaci6n conflictiva entire el aeropuerto
y la Asociaci6n se obtuvieron importantes beneficios, tanto
para las agencies de viajes como para el aeropuerto, que se
reflejaron en la reducci6n de un 80% en las tarifas que pagan
las agencies comparado con el precio de una decada atras
y en la remodelaci6n del aeropuerto, ademas de que, las
asperezas en dicha relaci6n se limaron permitiendo un mayor
enfoque para futures proyectos.

Darfo dej6 Magnicharters convencido de que era hora de poner
su propio negocio, ademas que ya era padre de tres hijos por lo
que abri6 una agencia de viajes que ofrecfa viajes Merida-Can-
cdn; ahf los yucatecos lo hicieron sentir cancunense de verdad,
ya que a pesar de ser yucateco de nacimiento, se oponfan a su
negocio por ser "foraneo". Darfo no se habfa ni acostumbrado a
su agencia cuando recibi6 la oferta de tomar el cargo de Subse-
cretario de Turismo por parte de Artemio Santos.

Darfo es un severe crftico en el tema de los despilfarros, raz6n
por la que no querfa aceptar la propuesta de Santos quien recal-
caba su intenci6n de dejar a cargo a alguien que pudiera pasar
de subsecretario a secretario. Darfo no lo consider sino hasta

despues de varias insistencias "le preguntaba si en realidad me
permitirfan hacer cosas, porque no querfa estar ahf nada mis". A
lo que Santos respondi6 concluyente, "Ve a hablar con el Gober-
nador" Darfo hizo caso; recuerda lo nervioso que estaba "... yo
iba caminando hacfa el event donde nos reunirfamos y recibf
mis primeras felicitaciones" dice entire risas. "Pensaba que era se-
creto y cuando por fin se acerc6 al gobernador Hendricks, recibf
otra felicitaci6n, a lo que el gobernador s61o me mir6, sonrfo y
asf me convert en subsecretario."

Consecuentemente y seg6n lo planeado, Artemio renunci6 y
Darfo se qued6 encargado de la secretarfa y a la expectativa de
su nombramiento official, hasta que recibi6 la llamada de un
amigo que le dijo "ya vi el noticiero ;que eres el nuevo secretario
de turismo, felicidades!" Darfo nomas sonrfe con aceptaci6n y
sorpresa: "De nueva cuenta intent acercarme al gobernador en
un event, ahora para agradecer su confianza pero la historic fue
la misma, el simplemente sonri6."

Pasados un par de anos recibi6 la invitaci6n -ahora por parte
de Felix Gonzalez- para dirigir el Fideicomiso de la Riviera Maya,
donde le toc6 la desastrosa llegada del
huracan Wilma, y asf la tarea de restau-
rar la imagen del destiny, pues se decfa
que tanto la Riviera Maya como Cancdn
habfan quedado devastados. "En diciem-
bre de ese afo recibf una llamada de
Carlos Joaqufn para hacer un recorrido por
la Riviera Maya que ya estaba arriba del
90% de ocupaci6n y uno de los moments
Sms emocionantes fue cuando pasamos
caminando por la quinta y los comercian-
tes comenzaron a aplaudir, ahf es cuando
te das cuenta que vale la pena hacer todo
este trabajo." Asegura Darfo.

Durante ese tiempo Darfo retom6 la docen-
cia, ahora en La Universidad La Salle "He
dado un total de 14 materials" presume con
orgullo, y gracias a un regalo que Isabel puso
en sus manos, revivi6 tambien su pasi6n
por la mdsica. "junte y junte dinero y plane
todo para darle una sorpresa muy especial
Ide navidad" dice su esposa "ese dfa, le pedf
que cerrara los ojos y cuando los abri6 lo
que vio fue una guitarra" "...una Ovation
electroactstica de edici6n limitada" explica Darfo adn exaltado por
aquel regalo. Fue tal la emoci6n que rapidamente se hizo del equipo
necesario para practicar a diario y transcurri6 poco tiempo para que
se corriera el rumor del dote artfstico de Darfo, quien ahora es cono-
cido tambien por su talent como guitarrista.

Entre muchos de sus meritos, Darfo puede presumir de haber
sido uno de los promotores mas importantes de la relaci6n
turfstica entire Mexico y China, uno de los colaboradores en la
organizaci6n del primer torneo de golf de la PGA, gran promoter
del festival de jazz y actualmente es el director de promoci6n
turfstica de la Riviera Maya y ahora, como tal, anuncia que se
consigui6 la sede permanent de la nueva feria de turismo de
lujo de America en la Riviera Maya. "Esto nos podr6 colocar en
las grandes ligas" asegura de manera triunfal "nos hard la capital
del turismo de lujo de las Americas en la Riviera Maya donde
llevaremos a cabo este event afo tras afo."

Darfo reconoce el apoyo de su familiar y asegura que es gracias
a ellos que puede llevar una agenda tan ajetreada, aunque le es
impossible esconder su pasi6n por el trabajo, y con su dinamismo
y la amplia gama de talents se asegura de que le siga tocando
hacer mas cosas de las que debiera, pero eso sf, siempre est6
listo para hacerlas con una sonrisa y de la manera correct.

28 cancunissimo.comi agosto .'I

Experimente la genialidad culinaria del

chef Martin Berasategui en Paradisus Resorts

Anuncio de la alianza estrategica con siete estrellas Michelin.
Gran innovador de la cocina vasca, el chef Berasategui es
conocido por su exquisite cocina de creaciones extremadamente
imaginativas y elaboradas con una tecnica magistral.

"La colaboracion con un chef de la talla de Martin Berasategui,
hace que elevemos la marca Paradisus y la experiencia
del client a un nivel unico en el mundo, un nivel que
tradicionalmente no se relacionaba con resorts todo incluido."

Bernard Wyss, AVP
Vicepresidente de Area de Paradisus Resorts &
Director General de Paradisus Playa del Carmen

Para reserves llama al 984.877.3900

Martin Berasategui

Exciusivamente en

R E P 0 B L I C A D O M I N I C A N A







Ante nutrido grupo de cancunenses, las hermanas Millet, Anay Jimena, lanzaron los nuevos
products de Yellow Tail, el vino mas famoso de Australia, elaborado por la bodega Casella
Wines, muy facil de distinguir por el canguro que ostenta en su etiqueta. La cita fue en
Cenacolo Peninsula, donde los vinos fueron maridados con las delicias de la casa.

Ana, Alonzo y Jimena Millet

tlelandra Moreno
v RPdnrgo Escalante

En la edici6n anterior de Cancunfssimo
(Julio 2012) publicamos en nuestra
secci6n Coleccionables, la entrevista
"Verena Graf, Arquitecta de Salud y
Belleza", donde incluimos un parra-
fo que por un descuido de edici6n
se presta a interpretarse de forma
incorrect. Cancunfssimo, comprometido tanto con
nuestros lectores como con nuestros entrevistados,
buscamos aclarar lo que fue nuestra intenci6n expre-
sar en dicha entrevista a continuaci6n:

Pag. 28, Parrafo 18, continua...

Con el fin de justificar el valor de los elements
necesarios para dar un buen masaje, Verena le ofrecfa
a los contralores con quienes trabajaba en los spas
de los hotels, probar dos tipos de masaje, uno bien
dado, cuidando hasta el mas mfnimo detalle, donde
pudieran disfrutar la aromaterapia, sonidos relajan-
tes y la cantidad adecuada de aceite para el cuerpo,
y otro prescindiendo de dichos elements, a fin de
que notaran la enorme diferencia entire ambos y se
justificara el presupuesto para adquirir todo aquello
necesario para dar de la manera mas professional, los
exclusivos tratamientos relajantes que estaban ofre-
ciendo demostrando siempre, que para Verena lo mas
important es superar las expectativas de sus clients,
encargandose minuciosamente de que la operaci6n
complete del spa march a la perfecci6n.


~, ~,YPe

**-;; ~;:-----------~n

% .. e.

. B . .
.I^ -- **^HI^h


a ..*.

*- a *

i a.. i

l U a m
:SJ a e
rm m

" ". S -- ,


IV tis

un mercado

lae compradores

1 mercado inmobiliario en Quintana
Roo ha tenido un crecimiento mfni-
mo en comparaci6n al ano pasado,
aunque sigue atravesando por una
situaci6n especial que no permit
a la industrial alcanzar los niveles
del 2008, epoca en la que se gozaba
de estabilidad y confianza. En la
actualidad, gran parte de los desa-
rrolladores inmobiliarios califica la
situaci6n del mercado como diffcil, pero con muchas
oportunidades; un mercado que, sin duda, es domi-
nado por los compradores, como afirma Jorge Casab
Franco, de Costa Realty / Mire Corp.
Asimismo, Jorge destaca que anteriormente cerrar
una operaci6n tenfa como plazo maximo 60 dfas, y
hoy los cierres se pueden llevar hasta mas de 120
dfas, ya que el mercado es 100% de compradores y
hoy ellos son quienes ponen las reglas.

"Desde mi punto de vista -resalta- el mercado inmo-
biliario est6 moviendose mejor que el afo pasado,
sin embargo, el comprador esta muy cauto, por dos
factors principles, el primero a causa de las eleccio-
nes, porque quiere saber realmente que va a pasar y,
segundo, por la inseguridad".

La demand, afirma, ahora esta enfocada al merca-
do predominante, que es el de primera necesidad o
residential urban, aunque el turfstico y el resi-
dencial de alto nivel se siguen manteniendo como
en los ultimos 3 afos debido a que Quintana Roo,
como ninguna otra entidad en el pafs, ha crecido
al cobijo del turismo, por lo que, en buena medi-
da, la lealtad de los visitantes general el floreci-
miento de la venta de bienes races de todos tipos
y niveles. Gente de muchos estados e incluso de
diversos pauses, llega a trabajar, a retirarse y desde
luego a divertirse, situaci6n que como en cualquier
PFIL-" otra urbe, demand centros comerciales, educaci6n,
w vivienda y servicios, lo que detona como en una
cadena, un fen6meno econ6mico multiplicador; y
.- todo ello a partir del turismo.

* $ 0u~It~iii



Actualmente existe muchfsima oferta y en este tema, Casab
afirma que aquf bien vale la pena hacer un parentesis, porque se
debe hablar de los proyectos pre-crisis y los post-crisis. "Estos
ultimos, son muy pocos y estan adecuados a las nuevas condi-
ciones del mercado y, en cuanto a los pre-crisis, si no se adapta-
ron a las condiciones del mercado por cualquier motivo, estan en
el limbo. Ahora cualquier desarrollo inmobiliario que se precie
de ser exitoso, tiene que ofrecer un equilibrio en precio-calidad".

Para la adquisici6n de bienes inmuebles, Jorge comenta que al-
gunos desarrolladores han optado por dar financiamiento director
a corto plazo, que no sobrepasan los 4 6 5 anos y son atractivos
para el mercado, pero en un porcentaje muy bajo.
"Los bancos estan abriendose cada vez mas a los credits hipote-
carios nuevamente, y todo esto para vivienda terminada, ya que
las pre-ventas estan completamente en la lona".

Asimismo, coment6 que es important diferenciar el merca-
do residential, que se divide en dos categorfas, el residential
urban con valores entire 200 mil y 450 mil d6lares, demandado
por clients que pretenden radicar en Cancun, y el mercado
residential turfstico, con valores entire 350 mil y 900 mil d61a-
res, demandado en su mayorfa como second home para retirados
o como inversi6n. En ese sentido, el pastel se divide en 70% de
compradores locales y el 10% de nacionales, para el mercado de
primera necesidad, en cuanto al turfstico 10% extranjero y el 90%
national, estos ultimos principalmente de Monterrey, ciudad de
Mexico y Tabasco.

Por su parte, Horacio Martfnez, de Coldwell Banker Domus, afir-
ma que en su experiencia, el mercado inmobiliario hoy por hoy
comienza a moverse, y afirma que es un mercado mas de rentas
que de venta, pero principalmente es un mercado de comprado-
res. "Hay buenas oportunidades para quien tiene algdn dinero
guardado bajo el colch6n. Hoy la oportunidad de vender la tene-
mos quienes demos un servicio integral al comprador y entenda-
mos muy bien cuales son sus necesidades y costumbres para su
estilo de vida; ya sea para buscar su hogar (patrimonio) o invertir
buscando mejores rendimientos y plusvalfa", destac6.
Horacio coincide en que el tipo de mercado que tiene mas demand
actualmente es el de residential urbana nivel bajo y alto, aunque
existe tambien un buen porcentaje de residential turfstico y comer-
cial. "Desafortunadamente -destaca- hay mas oferta que demand,
lo que hace que hoy sea epoca de compradores, que principalmente
buscan desarrollos que tengan una arquitectura innovadora, buenos
acabados y cumpla con todos los estandares de calidad y seguridad,
ademas de que tenga amenidades y servicios para sus residents,
buena ubicaci6n y, sobre todo, que tenga un precio muy competitive"

En cuanto a la accesibilidad para la adquisici6n de bienes inmue-
bles, Horacio destaca que, hablando de interest social, hay muchas
facilidades por parte del gobierno (INFONAVIT o ISSTE) para que
el trabajador adquiera su casa. "Por otra parte, si es a corto plazo,
la mayorfa de los desarrollos te pueden financial en lo que te
entregan la unidad. Si necesitas credit a median o largo plazo,
tienes que ser sujeto de credit, debido a que los unicos que te
financial asf son los bancos, por medio de creditos hipotecarios.
En el plano commercial esto es practicamente nulo".
Asimismo, Horacio destac6, al igual que Casab, que la insegu-

ridad que se vive en algunos estados de la repdblica ha venido
a beneficiary al mercado inmobiliario de la region, ya que llegan
connacionales que han sufrido altos fndices de inseguridad en
sus lugares de origen buscando su nueva residencia en Cancun,
o bien estan comprando para venirse a vacacionar pensando en
que pudieran terminar viviendo aquf.

Por su parte, Alvaro Camara, de Dinamica Realtors & Consultants,
afirma que, en lo particular, en el ultimo afo ha empezado a me-
jorar un poco la situaci6n en el mundo inmobiliario. "La series de
acontecimientos ocurridos en 2008 y 2009 provoc6 una situaci6n
poco favorable para las inversiones inmobiliarias. Ahora vemos
que el mercado ha ido mejorando paulatinamente, pero todavfa
no podemos decir que es un crecimiento important. Sin embar-
go, pienso que es cuesti6n de tiempo para que Quintana Roo,
Cancun y la Riviera Maya, principalmente, vuelvan a tener el auge
que tuvieron antes de la llamada 'tormenta perfecta'.
Asf mismo, Alvaro coment6 que el acceso a creditos hipotecarios
y una oferta muy interesante traducida en proyectos como Resi-
dencial Cumbres, Palmaris o Arbolada, han creado un fen6meno
muy interesante en la ciudad: "Si eres sujeto de credit tienes la
facilidad de cambiar tu vivienda, vendiendo la que tienes y com-
prando una nueva. Esto es algo que se ha dado bastante, por eso
es que cuando existen desarrollos que sf te dan esas condiciones
de vida, desarrollos nuevos, amplios, con areas verdes y seguri-
dad (independientemente el tamafo de los lotes), el comprador
se siente bien porque ademas ofrecen accesibilidad y eso de
alguna manera lo agradece.

"Los proyectos grandes, que sabemos que estan parados, ya se estan
reactivando de alguna manera. Pienso que eso se puede demorar 1
afo y medio mas o menos, porque de alguna manera la economfa
mundial adn no esta recuperada. El Caribe Mexicano tiene muchfsi-
mas ventajas ante cualquier lugar de la zona, con una infraestructu-
ra muy interesante en temas de salud, educaci6n y entretenimiento,
lo que lo hace un product muy deseable entire quienes buscan una
segunda casa o, de plano, avecindarse en la region.

"Y si a esto -destaca- le agregamos que la situaci6n polftica es
stable, con una alternancia important, creo que todo marchar6
mejor porque creo que sfva haber un cambio. Somos un pafs
stable financieramente y confiamos en que asf seguiremos, con
esta nueva generaci6n de polfticos, independientemente del par-
tido al que pertenezcan, pero principalmente porque somos un
Mexico diferente, mis abierto, lo que da certeza a las inversiones
en el campo inmobiliario".

En un panorama general, los experts en bienes races opinan
que la situaci6n en el mercado inmobiliario puede calificarse
de diffcil, pero a la vez lleno de ofertas y oportunidades. Diffcil
porque en principio se contrajo, ya que los compradores frenaron
sus decisions por la volatilidad financiera y la incertidumbre de
los efectos a causa de la crisis international; y de oportunidades,
porque hay desarrolladores que estan ofreciendo condiciones
muy atractivas de precious y condiciones de pago. A esto se le
suman los compradores que se les dificulta cumplir con sus obli-
gaciones de pago y estan revendiendo a muy buenos precious sus
condominios. En resume, es un mercado de oportunidad para
compradores con liquidez. Un mercado de compradores.

Doho-n D6i-,

Abraham, Olivia y Aida Torres


Como cada fin de cursos y desde hace siete aios, los
alumnos de Expresion Artistica compartieron con la comu-
nidad de Cancun la culminacion de un esfuerzo pleno de
creatividad: Ave. Broadway II, en el que los jovenes lasallistas
presentaron en escenafragmentos de "High School Musical",
"Mamma Mia", "Despertar de Primavera", "El Rey Leon",
"Hairspray", "Evita" y otros musicales.

Graciela Baez, Marcos y Graciela Guzman




I mIaL


-A In T_


[ 119


*884.8174 / 887.2129 / 884.1484 *proyectos@galeazzi.com.mx
Av. CobA N.55-C SM. 25 CP. 77509 Cancin, Q. Roo www.galeazzi.com.mx


' Mxico en Papel Ilega

a las tiendas del MoMa de NY
Los caracterfsticos cuadernitos con coloridos moti-
vos mexicanos de la marca Mexico en Papel debuta-
ron en las tiendas del MoMa, considerado la cathedral
mundial de Arte Moderno.
Como parte del program Destination MoMa 2012,
una convocatoria que exhibe el mis alto nivel en .
products de diseflo, Mexico en Papel fue seleccio-
nado como parte de los 36 mejores propuestas que
estuvieron en venta en el Museo de Arte Modern, en
la temporada de abril a junior.
De esta manera la marca mexicana de nuestro Can-
cunfssimo David Cobar da un primer gran paso en
material de exportaci6n hacia Norteamerica.

....... ..........
7 "

Luxury Avenue organize con gran exito, en su art gallery, la inauguraci6n "The art of
Beauty por Alvaro Quintal", muestra integrada por fotografias en gran format que
Alvaro dirigi6 en conjunto con fot6grafos como Gonzalo Ramos Solis, Pepe Molina,
Jaime Gonzalez y el estilista Yasser Rego, para publicaciones del vecino estado de
Yucatan, y que muestran el ojo artistic de Quintal y la magia que se logra a traves
del maquillaje y la moda.






i i

F s




I verano esta en pleno. Temporada de
esparcimiento y diversion, de dejarse ver
y lucir que en el cuerpo dejo el trabajo
realizado en el gym durante el invierno y
los primeros meses del ano. Epoca de
atreverse a portar lo mas vanguardista en
moda player, sin importar el qu6 dir&n...
jestamos en un polo turistico international
y todo se vale! Asf que, largos, cortos, coloridos o
monocromaticos, de una pieza, de dos, o de tres, los
banadores son una muestra de nuestra personalidad,
son piezas que hay que elegir cuidadosamente.

I',, TrI ini e i mi : j .lar. : i n :i:ilirn:I amci n
ili ,:ij nl. .: u iI:li:r pl.l ,, iij' i puli r. in tIldanif
" Jer-- larTe dlnano Par, & Ro:nen. e

.. Ve:h.1 ,: iar e R p.:i .1 Len : n :de:
nPuI ,tr.jc 6, t E Bl ril .jnillh-ln
Pul,>er.:i,.1e LI:, Lua.n

"s^ ^

Verse de lo mejor y sentirse comodo en verano depend
much del tipo de banador que selecciones porque es una de
las prendas mas reveladoras y de las que mas pone en eviden-
cia los defects del cuerpo. Por fortune, la moda es un gran
abanico que pone a nuestro alcance una amplia variedad de
formas, colors, materials y estampados que hacen mas facil
la tarea de encontrar la pieza mas favorecedora, la cual atraiga
mas miradas o ayude a disimular los defects e imperfecciones
de la silueta.

wi _ _ _


S- -


Jesus: Lentes 160 Subtle & Sure Tortoise Paul Frank s. Collar id
Eb Luan. Traje de baho Parke & Ronen de venta en Mare.

Aqui te damos una pequena muestra de lo que
podemos encontrar en las boutiques para que ellas,
luzcan despampanantes y, ellos, el six pack y los
pectorales, sin pudor. Disenos policromiticos, como-
dos, eclecticos y con formas novedosas que domi-
nan las tendencies para esta temporada.

Si quieres ver mas fotografias de moda
y del backstage, visit nuestro sitio web:



Locanda Paolo invite a clients y amigos a disfrutar una exquisite cena de 5 tiempos maridada
con vinos espaioles de las bodegas Hacienda Monasterio y Domini de la Cartoixa, como inicio
de lo que se espera se convierta en toda una tradici6n entire los amantes de la buena mesa.
Paolo Ceravolo y Albert Domemech se esmeraron en la cocina y prepararon deliciosos plates
que refrendaron su posici6n como la mancuerna culinaria exitosa que es. Los vinos fueron
aportados por La Europea, y despues de una amena y sencilla cata, vino la sobremesa.

Paolo Ceravolo

Claudia Urrieta y Patricio Beautell

Telcel Ilev6 a cabo la apertura del primer Centro de Atenci6n
Empresarial de la region Sureste, un concept nuevo a nivel
national con el que la empresa lider en telefonia cellular
busca una interacci6n mas cercana con los clients de las
empresas, con atenci6n personalizada. Durante el coctel
inaugural, ejecutivos de la empresa dieron a conocer que
pronto abriran un nuevo centro de atenci6n a clients en
Malec6n Americas.

.. .. .

Roberto Martin

Javier y Sockie Zubiran


Luis Martin Le6n,Adriana Mena, Ivan Garibay, Victor Pusi yAlejandro Ruiz, con las edecanes

Daniel Rueda, Paola Garcia, Jennifer Rios y Cristian Koh

ME ..-"

4 .. ..


Adrijan Vilami
v C3rmen Telero
Daniela Perez-Rea,
Ximena Ballesteros
y Giovanna Duran

SE -

7..o .
de '.. de n y s i

Victor Hernandez yAna Gonzalnez nvKlar dl.rpKes


arson Segerdahl y Melina Dfaz, quienes estan al frente de esta
maravillosa labor comunitaria, me explicaron con lujo de detalle
todos los beneficios de este program dirigido por el Mayakoba
Golf Classic, el unico event en Mexico del PGA Tour, el cual
tiene como objetivo dar a la comunidad a traves de "Golf para
Todos" la oportunidad de conocer y aprender a jugar golf sin costo alguno.

Esta idea nace porque en Mexico, el golf es considerado un deported elitista,
al cual s61o la gente con alto nivel econ6mico tiene acceso, sin embargo,


-S .. -.
-- .. *. .
C . , ..- *-... .
-. ...; ..*: : . ...... ..:.

este no es el caso en muchos otros pafses donde
cuentan con campos pdblicos y cualquier persona
lo puede practicar. Debido a esto y al enorme cre-
cimiento de campos de golf que ha tenido nuestro
estado en los ultimos anos, "Golf para Todos" a partir
de octubre del 2007, se dio a la tarea de difundir y en-
senar de manera muy divertida y totalmente gratuita a
todos los que quieran conocer y aprender golf.

En su primera edici6n, su meta era de 50 personas
y grande fue la sorpresa cuando llegaron mas de 250
participants, ndmero que se ha ido incrementando a
lo largo de estos afos.

Cada dos meses vienen al Campo del Mayakoba mas
de 600 personas, quienes tienen la oportunidad de
tomar classes en grupos de acuerdo a su nivel, es un
program familiar donde todos tienen cabida, desde
los mas pequehos con equipo y entrenamiento espe-
cial SNAG ( desarrollado por los jugadores del PGA
Tour Wally ), hasta los adults mayores. Es una gran


I -,-A

ocasi6n para disfrutar de un
dfa maravilloso, en familiar, con
las espectaculares vistas de
uno de los mejores campos de
golf del mundo, con instructo-
res capacitados y ademas con
divertidas actividades como
rallys, degustaci6n de alimen-
tos y rifas.

Por si esto fuera poco, dentro
de las ediciones hay events es-
peciales como el de contar cada
ano con la instrucci6n personal
del campe6n defensor del Ma-
yakoba Golf Classic; ser parte de
la historic al implantar el record
Guinness con la clase masiva
mas grande del mundo, o la
tarjeta de beneficios de golfista
frecuente que ofrece estupendos
descuentos en muchos restau-
rantes y parques recreativos.

Todos estos logros han sido


f $-

posibles gracias al gran
apoyo que han recibido por
parte de los patrocinadores y
voluntarios que mes a mes se
suman para dar un poco de lo
much que este bello deported
y nuestro estado nos ha dado.

Los invito a todos a partici-
par en "Golf para Todos", no
se pierdan esta maravillosa
oportunidad de aprender, de
compartir o de ayudar.

Para mas informaci6n visiten
www.golfparatodos.org y les
recuerdo: la pr6xima edici6n
sera el 9 de Septiembre de 2:00
p.m a 5:00 p.m

Una vez mas, mil felicidades
al Mayakoba Golf Classic, a
Larson, a Melina y a todos los
que participan en esta incref-
ble labor. iEnhorabuena!







IA '

.0 i






aminamos entire los pasillos abiertos del Now
Jade -que permiten admirar la belleza natural
de la zona- hasta llegar a la suite de Alex, quien
nos recibe con la calidez que le caracteriza y
una sencillez que impact; la entrevista no se
hace esperar y nos cuenta que para el, la clave
del exito es la pasi6n con que nos desarrolle-
mos en el ambito en el que estemos involucrados, y asegura
que no hay formulas secrets: "Se trata de simplemente traba-
jar y hacer con ganas todo lo que te propongas. Todo mundo
quiere superarse y hacer bien a los demos; yo quiero mas de lo
normal, quiz6 esa es la clave... pero en realidad no hay secre-
to, s61o trabajar duro en lo que te gusta y saber identificar las
oportunidades cuando se presentan".

Este joven empresario ha encontrado en la hotelerfa la mejor
forma de desarrollarse, y vaya que lo ha hecho bien: De ejecutivo
del Grupo Posadas, pas6 a independizarse y consolidar un empo-
rio, AMResorts, que maneja las marcas Zoetry, Secrets, Sunscape,
Dreams y Now. Bajo su batuta, la firma acaba de abrir su hotel
nimero 30, en Curacao -el cuarto pafs en el que tiene presencia-
y pronto abrir6 en Costa Rica -el quinto pafs-, con lo que la firma
llegar6 a 11 mil 600 habitaciones. "Nos faltan 2 mil 500 por abrir
y, a partir de agosto 500 mas en Cancin, con lo que nos vamos a
34 hotels. Somos la compafifa hotelera mas grande en el Caribe,
lo cual obviamente nos da much gusto", asegura.

Entre los planes a future
cercano, Zozaya coment6
que en diciembre abrird
hotels en Ixtapa y Huatul-
co, que se unen a la lista
de hotels que la compaifa
posee u opera, contando
diez en Riviera Maya y
uno en Cancdn. "Tambien
estamos negociando para
tener presencia en Cozu-
mel, con la adquisici6n de
una propiedad y renovarla,
porque pensamos que antes
de impactar ecol6gicamente,
serfa buenfsimo revivir lo
que ya estd. El tema es crear
nuevos incentives para que
todo sea mejor negocio y
hacer mas rentable las in-
versiones subutilizadas que
hoy existen. Creo que debe
haber un plan para revivir
inmuebles en las zonas que
tienen la vocaci6n; revivirlas
y hacer algo digno con ellas".


Como lfder de opinion, y en
una etapa en la que el pafs enfrenta grandes cambios -y gran-
des retos-, es inevitable preguntar a Alex acerca de su vision
de nuestro pafs, de que es lo que se necesita para que sea una
naci6n exitosa, y responded: "Honestamente creo que primero
tendrfamos que hacer las cosas muy mal para que no le vaya
bien a Mexico, pero no se trata de que nos vaya solamente bien,
sino extraordinariamente bien, much mejor de como nos ha ido.
Sf, hacemos los esfuerzos por mantenernos, pero no es suficiente
porque se nos mueve el entorno y otros pauses que tienen las
ganas, dedicaci6n y poseen talent, nos van a robar mercado y
oportunidades. En pocas palabras -destaca- se trata de no ser
conformistas, de siempre ver mas all de lo que podemos hacer,
tener vision y hacer las cosas con pasi6n".

Alex afirma con determinaci6n que hay muchas cosas que se pueden
hacer para lograr el cambio, y una de ellas es continuidad en el go-
bierno, en las estrategias de la iniciativa privada, asf como un sector
privado unido y fuerte que tenga representatividad para defender los
intereses de cada sector. "Los empresarios hemos estado demasiado
divididos y apiticos de la situaci6n, a algunos se nos ha hecho fdcil, a
otros no, pero en general, no se ha tratado de hacer un esfuerzo por
hacer la diferencia", resalta.
En el caso de la industrial del turismo, Alex asegura que esa continui-
dad de la que habla es necesaria, ya que hasta apenas hace dos afos
se han empezado a tomar las medidas correctas, concretas y consis-
tentes, de la mano del sector privado. "Lo peor que nos podrfa pasar
es que, con el cambio de gobierno, llegue el cambio de directives.
Serfa ideal que se quedaran los personajes, que continuara Rodolfo
en el CPTM y Gloria en la Secretarfa del Turismo para dar continuidad
a las estrategias, pues no podemos seguir dando bandazos. En ma-
teria de turismo, Mexico ha dado muchos bandazos, en este mismo
sexenio se intent desaparecer la SECTUR, en sexenios anteriores
Huatulco fue prioridad, y ahora no, igual que Acapulco y Manzanillo.
Debemos estar enfocados en las estrategias que son prioritarias para
Mexico, pero no solamente porque es lo que queremos, sino porque
es lo que sabemos que se tiene que hacer".

Asimismo, Alex refrend6 su posici6n de darle al CPTM la autono-
mfa necesaria para que vele por los intereses de los destinos que
mis aportan a la naci6n, como es el caso de Quintana Roo, y no

desviar recursos en promoci6n de proyectos que no son viables:
"Mientras siga el problema del crime y de nuestras carreteras,
nos podemos olvidar de muchos proyectos turfsticos. No pode-
mos estar promoviendo las 12 rutas nacionales, por ejemplo, si
10 de ellas estan en el warning del Departamento de Estado Nor-
teamericano. Tampoco podemos pensar en desarrollar la ruta del
vino, arrancando en Tijuana, porque no vamos a general mas tu-
ristas, sobre todo en el volume que necesitamos, en empleo, en
divisas, much menos promoviendola en California, por ejemplo,
hablando de una estrategia de marketing adecuada. Mexico, como
pafs, necesita enfocarse en los polos con los que, de alguna ma-
nera, pueda lograr el double de turistas de los que hoy tenemos, y
en muy corto plazo, de 3 a 5 afos como maximo.

"Yo quiero mas de lo normal, quiza
esa es la clave de mi exito"
Alejandro Zozaya

rr )


"Mexico -continu6- es un pafs multiproducto, muy divers y de-
masiado complejo, que tiene que venderse de la forma correct;
por ello es necesario hacer a un lado la marca pafs y ser mas es-
pecfficos, vender la ciudad que queremos vender, poner uno por
uno los products en los mercados especfficos y, principalmen-
te, promover los lugares donde puedan acceder realmente los
turistas... no hay que forzar un destino donde no hay capacidad.
Cuando propongo esto, siempre me dicen que no pueden cam-
biarse las cosas, que el CPTM tiene una agenda, que es vender a
Mexico como marca pafs. Entonces ahf es cuando creo que nos
hemos desviado, que nos falta enfoque, que tenemos que hacer
a un lado la parte polftica, porque tenemos el tema del crfmen,
que nos ha afectado muchfsimo y, por ende, la marca Mexico en
este moment nos hace daho".

En torno al tema polftico, Alex nos confi6 que es lo que espera
de quien ocupar6 la silla presidential: "Lo primero que espero
es que haya continuidad; lo segundo, es que ponga al turismo
en lo mas alto de la agenda national, empezando por c6mo in-
teractdan las secretarfas, y que lo principal que rija esa agenda
sea el tema econ6mico y no el tema polftico. Espero que sea un
gran promoter de Mexico en material de los acuerdos colatera-
les para combatir la droga y
la inseguridad; es decir, que
sea un gran promoter de la .
naci6n y que le de prioridad -gF e
al turismo".

complete, lo que te hace sentir much mejor, apren-
der mas y ser mas productive. Lo mas important de
estar conciente es que tienes una vida much mas
rica", resalta.

En la actualidad, Alex asegura que est6 much mas
enfocado al enriquecimiento spiritual, en estar mas
cerca de los suyos y trabajar en sus debilidades, una
de ellas, que no es nada paciente: "Estoy trabajando
en mi desarrollo personal y en buscar estar el mayor
tiempo possible con la gente con la que me siento
bien, sin pensar en recibir, sino mas en dar".

Al preguntarle si hay algo que, en este punto de su
vida, le gustarfa hacer, Alex afirma con decision "dejar
huella", y resalta: "Me gustarfa hacer algo que deje una
tendencia, no un monument ni algo parecido; mas
bien, que las tendencies que hemos puesto en march,
como la manera que tratamos al personal o el produc-
to en sf, que sean reconocidas como una tendencia, y
dejar esa huella como ejemplo para que siga y asf se
pueda general mas bienestar. No quiero ser un empre-


Alex disfruta de la vida al
maximo y practice la misma
filosoffa tanto en casa, como
en el trabajo y el tiempo de
ocio: hacer todo con much
pasi6n. Amante del buceo,
raz6n por la cual Quintana
Roo es uno de los sitios
preferidos para vacacionar,
se define como un hombre
hogareho que goza cada fin
de semana en casa, en una
zona boscosa a las afueras
de Philadelphia. "Viajo mu-
cho. El afo pasado salf 56
veces del pafs; me la paso
en aviones, asf que disfruto
muchfsimo estar en casa
con mis cuatro hijas, acom-
pafado de mi familiar y mis
amigos que, aunque no ten-
go muchos, los que tengo,
son muy amigos", destaca.

Entre sus hobbies, Alex
gusta de la cocina y el buen
cine. Del septimo arte elogi6
el cine mexicano y, en general, comenta que "Casablanca" podrfa
considerarse su pelfcula favorite. Cocina desde un buen cebiche
hasta una elaborada pasta. "Me encanta la comida y el vino. Me
gusta muchfsimo cocinar, y cada vez que tengo oportunidad lo
hago. Tambien me encanta el vino, y uno de los que mas me gus-
ta es Gran Ricardo de Monte Xanic, que muchos me dicen que es
un gran vino mexicano, pero yo digo que, en general, es un gran

Su filosoffa de vida, afirma es "vivir el momento, el present, y
asegura que es algo muy complicado de lograr ya que require
de much discipline. "Estar en el moment, en el ahora, es algo
diffcil; pero cuando se da, todo se conjuga y te conectas por

sario mis, quiero dejar un impact y un legado en los
lugares en los que hemos hecho negocio".

Finalmente, como genio de la industrial turfstica y
empresario reconocido a nivel mundial por su vision
en el negocio, lanz6 un consejo para lograr el exito en
el mundo empresarial: "Primero, reconoce los talents
naturales. Creo mas en reforzar tus fortalezas que com-
pensar tus debilidades. Haz excelente lo que, de mane-
ra natural, haces bien. Enf6cate en aquello que te atrae,
que te gusta y donde tienes una ventaja competitive, y
hazlo bien y de manera consistent y con pasi6n, por-
que hay quien tiene la facilidad y no la discipline, o hay
quien tiene las dos cosas, pero le falta pasi6n".

50 cancunissimo.com agosto 2012

El contenido es Io que cuenta

en tu L

Date de alta
S en nuestra pagina
web y recibe
u Injuu *ll Ias notices

P.or in u re m. r all d el d ia
M- meinuto a min,
h-,s, a rhoe- avs, xni o, ...
a www.elperidi ...........
PG a i la .ur.verd espoi 3bogadlos


ggf aI *a gaI g Igiill




Sir Richard Branson a
su Ilegada al Aeropuerto
International de Cancun
La Ilegada del primer vuelo director de Londres al Aeropuerto Internacio-
nal de Cancun fue todo un acontecimiento para el destino, para Virgin
Atlantic y para Sir Richard Branson y su equipo. La celebration no se
hizo esperar y apenas aterrizando la aeronave, Branson subio a la part
trasera del 747-400 vestido de charro, acompafado de dos bellas azafa-
tas que ondeaban las banderas de Reino Unido y de Mexico. Como part
de la celebracion, la Embajada de Reino Unido en Mexico, a cargo de
Judith McGregor, ofrecio un desayuno de bienvenida y agradecimiento al
president de Virgin Group, al que acudieron autoridades de la industrial
turistica. Tambien se Ilevo a cabo una rueda de prensa en Playacar, en el
Royal Hideaway, donde Sir Richard y su equipo hablaron de la importan-
cia de este puente aereo, que contara, por el moment, con dos vuelos
semanales en un equipo Boeing 747-400, con 14 asientos en primera
clase, 59 en ejecutiva, y 379 en turista. Con este lanzamiento, Cancun se
convierte en el trigesimo tercer destino para la aerolinea a nivel mundial,
lo que ayudara a incrementar el flujo de turistas entire ambas naciones.
Al final, Richard Branson y Steve Ridgway Ilevaron a cabo una mini
competencia en la playa del Royal Hideaway que, ademas de brindar un
moment divertido, anuncio la proxima ruta de Virgin: Rusia.

Eugene Rybicki, Sergio Gonzalez, Judith McGregor,
Richard Branson, Mark Carney y Jesus Almaguer

r L
\ lll- t -i- -
i ,,II

1iI.e" ...i...

Richard Branson, conocido por su excentricidad,
no dej6 pasar la oportunidad de divertirse
en el Caribe Mexicano

Richard Branson y Steve Ridgway realizaron una mini competencia como parte de la celebraci6n de la nueva ruta
Londres-CancOn, y adelantandose a Rusia, que en breve formara parte de la red de Virgin Atlantic

Jesus Almaguer,
Richard Branston
v PRoi Marquad

tauarao iiealna vora y LIzzIe uole




L as nuevas herramientas digitales de comunicaci6n
han cambiado el paradigma de la polftica en el mun-
do y en las recientes elecciones han representado un
important cambio en la forma de c6mo se comuni-
ca nuestra sociedad.
Esta es la decada mas comunicada de la historic;
hace 12 afos no existfan los blogs, hace 8 no se enviaban sms,
hace 6 no existfan Facebook y Youtube, hace 4 no nos pasaba por
la cabeza escribir un mensaje de principio a fin en 140 caracteres,
tal y como nos ha educado Twitter.
La web 2.0 lleg6 a revolucionar la forma en que nos comunicamos,
interactuamos, hacemos negocios y ejercemos la democracia.
En Mexico cada vez se populariza mas el uso de la tecnologfa
m6vil. Actualmente por cada 100 habitantes en el pafs hay 81

Lt'cz lto o n'im il, scgtn
studios de la COFETEL
La revoluci6n m6vil es imparable. No hace muchos meses hemos
visto como gobiernos de medio oriented han sido derrocados debido
al poder que ejercen las redes sociales en la difusi6n de mensajes y
la capacidad de organizer a multitudes que tienen frentes comunes.
La tecnologfa m6vil es un important desaffo en el que la polftica de-
ber6 continuar adaptandose a "nuestra" realidad, y migrar al mundo
digital sin olvidarse de aterrizar la realidad persona a persona que
exige la polftica offline. Conocer a los fans de Facebook, los segui-
dores de Twitter 6 tener una reuni6n con bloggers son tan solo un
ejemplo de la integraci6n del mundo online con el mundo real.


Los consumidores de hoy en dia aceptan, confian y consii men marcas que tengan un
impact positive en la sociedad, que tengan valores y defiendan ciertos principios o
simplemente que tengan peIrsonalidad. Al comprar algo, quieren sentir que son p1 rte
de algo mas grande, o por lo menos disfrutarlo, que no sea una simple transaction.

xiste un nuevo tipo de consumidores denomina-
dos los "consumidores G" que se preocupan por la
generosidad en el mundo de los negocios. Estos
consumidores rechazan la manera en que todavfa
funcionan muchos negocios buscando un benefi-
cio econ6mico mediante acciones deshonestas sin
preocuparse por lo que puedan pensar sus potenciales clients.
En cambio, las empresas que presentan negocios de una manera
mas humana siempre seran bienvenidas.
El consumidor cada vez es mas consciente de que desarrollar
una personalidad como empresa y general ganancias es compa-
tible, al haber cada vez mas histories de empresas que al mismo
tiempo en que son exitosas
pueden ser razonables, flexi-
bles y hasta caritativas.

Durante los primeros tres
meses del 2012, la fundaci6n
Paraguaya, "Fundaci6n Banco
de Alimentos", se asoci6 con .
las dos pizzerfas mas grandes
de Asunci6n para lanzar una
campafia en la que hacfan
llegar un mensaje a aquellos
clients que pidieran una pizza \
a domicilio. Las pizzas llega-
ban tarde a casa del client
a prop6sito, para que los
clients se frustraran. Cuando
finalmente llegaba la pizza,
el client recibfa el siguiente
mensaje: "S61o cuando tienes
hambre, puedes entender lo
que es el hambre. Esta pizza es
gratis, pero puedes donar para
ayudar a nuestra causa para
detener el hambre."

Gracias a las plataformas de comunicaci6n que hoy existen, la
gente tiene acceso a mayor informaci6n que pueden recibir al
instant. Es por esta raz6n que campanas como la mencionada
anteriormente logran tener un gran impact. Primero, la gente va
a estar content porque recibe pizzas gratis durante un period
de tiempo y pueden usar ese dinero para apoyar a una fundaci6n.
Cuando acabe la campana, las personas seguiran relacionan-
do a esas pizzerfas con causes nobles, por lo que estaran mas
inclinadas a consumer sus products, que de pizzerfas que no se
preocupan por la comunidad. Actualmente, la noticia se dispersa
de una manera much mas rdpida si tienes un buen desempeho
con tu comunidad o tus clients, serds premiado por la comu-
nidad de inmediato y tus ventas incrementarnn; mientras que si
haces algo mal, no tardard much en enterarse el mundo entero

e inclusive le dard pena a la gente consumer los products o ser-
vicios de una marca que tenga una reputaci6n negative.


Una marca con sentido human puede ser muchas cosas: gene-
rosa, humilde, honest, graciosa o flexible. Cualquier cosa que
los consumidores aprecien y con la que se puedan identificar.
Tambien tiene que ser consistent en todas las interacciones
que tenga con sus consumidores. Cuando la marca transmite un
mensaje en sus campafas o comerciales, debe asegurarse que

la experiencia del client al consumer su product sea la misma,
ya que si sus clients tienen malas experiencias al consumirlo,
se puede dafar la imagen de la marca al no respaldar con sus
acciones y products lo que promocionan en sus campafas, por
lo que el personal que tenga un contact director con el client
siempre debe estar preocupado por sus necesidades mas que por
las de la marca.

Debido al poder que tiene el consumidor hoy en dfa, el ndcleo
de cualquier decision o respuesta a una situaci6n dentro de una
marca, siempre debe ser la gente y luego la marca. Al hacer las
cosas de esta manera, los clients estaran satisfechos con la
imagen y valores de la marca, lo que al mismo tiempo hard de la
misma un negocio exitoso y respectable.

Con la presencia de Carlos y Noemi Constandse, asi como la president del Voluntariado
de Damas en Cancun, Nenina Albor, la Cruz Roja Ilevo a cabo la develacion de una placa
conmemorativa para agradecer a las empresas y personajes que contribuyeron notable-
mente en la Colecta Nacional 2012. Asi mismo, se hizo entrega de un reconocimiento
tanto a representantes de empresas de todos los ambitos que ano con ano se unen a
la labor altruista de la benemerita institucion, asi como a quienes, de manera personal,
tambien han apoyado la causa.

De Lunes a SAbado
de 2:00 pm a 11:30 pm

de 2:00 pm a 9:00 pm

I locanda paolo

Bonampak 145 Esq. Jurel, Sm. 3
Tels. 887 2627 884 8396

Con la temporada de verano en pleno, result re-
frescante -ante el calor y la humedad propias de la
6poca- la cifra de visitantes a Quintana Roo. A Can-
cdn y Riviera Maya han Ilegado miles de visitantes,
con un incremento significativo con respect al ano
anterior. La noticia es doblemente refrescante porque los war-
nings poco a poco dejan de ser impedimento para que los turistas
vengan a disfrutar de las maravillas que aquf se ofrecen.

Por otra parte, por tercer ano consecutive, las cheerleaders de los
Cowboys de Dallas, las famosas "vaqueritas", llegaron a Riviera
Maya para realizar el photo shooting de su calendario para el 2013,
nuevamente, pese a las alertas emitidas por el gobierno de Texas,
lo que nos parece una excelente forma de demostrar que aquf no
pasa nada. El exposure del destiny sera a trav6s de programs que
se transmitirSn en television national de Estados Unidos y en
canales locales de las ciudades de Dallas, Oklahoma y Arkansas.
Como parte de su program de actividades, las vaqueritas de Da-
llas participaron en la Mini Escuela de porristas que Iberostar Can
cdn Resort ofreci6 en paquete, y que incluy6 sesiones de prSctica
con rutinas de porras y baile, una cena de bienvenida, actividades
de playa con las vaqueritas, presentaci6n y firma de aut6grafos.

La3 VaQuerialj de Calla



Las vaqueritas de Dallas
acompaiadas de Miss Texas
2011,Ana Rodriguez en
El Dorado Royale

Las Vaqueritas, acompa-
hadas de Ana Rodrfguez,
Miss Texas 2011, tambien
visitaron El Dorado Roya-
le, donde fueron atendi-
das a cuerpo de reinas
por el magnffico staff,
siguiendo con la Ifnea de
calidad y excelencia que
ha caracterizado a Lolita
L6pez Lira.

Cancdn se ha distinguido por su conectividad, una de sus forta-
lezas que ahora se refuerza con nueva ruta a Londres con Virgin
Atlantic. La aerolfnea propiedad de Sir Richard Branson, volara
dos veces por semana de Londres a Cancdn, los martes y jueves,
utilizando un Boeing 747-4000 con capacidad para 405 pasajeros.
Con esta nueva ruta se espera el incremento de visitantes euro-
peos de alto poder adquisitivo.

56 cancunissimo.com -agosto 2012


Aerom6xico hace lo suyo, y ahora volara a San Jos6 y de regreso
diariamente en equipos Boeing 737, con capacidad de mSs de
130 pasajeros. El ministry de Turismo de Costa Rica, Alan Flores,
seial6 que esta operaci6n permitira movilizar a 150 mil pasaje-
ros al ano a fin de traer turistas costarricenses a Cancdn, ademas
de transportar mexicanos a ese pals, que son bien recibidos por
la derrama que dejan por su interns en el turismo de aventura. Al
ano capta ese pals 50 mil mexicanos y ahora con el vuelo subira
a cien mil.

Y para buscar mSs vuelos hacia Cancdn, durante septiembre la
Secretarfa de Turismo de Quintana Roo realizara una gira de
trabajo a Estados Unidos, a Florida, Houston y Nueva York, con
la idea de general un incremento del 10 por ciento en la llegada
de turismo estadounidense. La idea, segdn Juan Carlos Gon-
zSlez, titular de la Sectur, es que las aerolfneas aprovechen los
nichos de mercado que se han dejado sin cobertura, y record
que el turismo estadounidense represent mSs del 60 por cien-
to del mercado del Caribe Mexicano, por lo que a esta gira de
trabajo lo acompafaran los representantes de los Fideicomisos
de la Riviera Maya, Cancdn, Asociaciones de Hoteles y Mayoris-
tas, todos encabezados por el Gobernador del estado, Roberto
Borge Angulo.

El parafso de Holbox invita, a trav6s de la Asociaci6n de Res-
tauranteros, que encabeza Denisse de Kalafe, a participar en la
muestra gastron6mica y concurso "El Tenedor de Oro", con el
que se busca promover la gastronomfa del lugar como atractivo
turfstico y aumentar asf la afluencia de visitantes. El event se
llevara a cabo del 30 de agosto al 3 de septiembre en la fnsula, y
participaran los agremiados al organismo con el apoyo de hotele-
ros del lugar. De Kalafe, explic6 que se invitarSn a personalidades
del medio del espectSculo y reconocidos chefs para engalanar el
event, quienes estarSn calificando las especialidades con las que
participen los concursantes para elegir al ganador del "Tenedor
de Oro", reconocimiento que se pretend instituir en la localidad
como m6rito a los establecimientos de Holbox. Entre las persona-
lidades estSn Marco Beteta, Patricia Quintana y Albita.
Y hablando de Gastronomfa, que en Quintana Roo se ha desa-
rrollado muy bien, otro event que esta en puerta es Taste of Playa
2012, que se llevara a cabo el 18 de noviembre. Es la cuarta edi-
ci6n del event culinario annual que ofrece a visitantes y quinta-
narroenses la experiencia unica de explorer la amplia variedad de
muestras de cocina mexicana, contemporSnea y traditional, con
la participaci6n de distinguidos restaurants de la zona.

Presi Molino, Carlos Gaucne Ceni e e Ke jalae. Martha Rndrfig ez v I orma Argaez,
en la presentaci6n de la muelra gaironomica de Holboy

SI Gasironomica Internaciona


-k '-g

SiCompromiso de Todos!

uce sin Alcoi o

I program Preventivo de Alcoholimetria a conductores
denominado "Conduce Sin Alcohol" fue puesto en march el
pasado 23 dejunio por el Presidente Municipal de Benito Jukrez,
Julian Ricalde Magaia, en presencia del Secretario de Seguridad
Pjblica del Distrito Federal, Manuel Mondrag6n y Kalb, asi como
representantes de la sociedad civil organizada y autoridades estatales.

Durante esta presentaci6n, Ricalde Magaha hizo ver esta iniciativa"nace
de la sociedad, no es una iniciativa del gobierno, 6sta administraci6n
municipal lo arrop6 e hizo suyo porque es necesario, no es un asunto
de policfas contra borrachos, "es un tema para salvaguardar vidas,
integridades y patrimonios". Anadi6 que Cancin es el primer lugar
despues del Distrito Federal en done se hace este program al referir
la magnitude de tal responsabilidad.

El president municipal, Julidn Ricalde Magaiia reconoci6 alsecretario
de Seguridad Publica del Distrito Federal, Manuel Mondrag6n y Kalb,
por su participaci6n en el Programa "Conduce sin Alcohol':

Cancun es elprimer lugar despues del Distrito Federal en donde se hace
este program al referir la magnitude de tal responsabilidad.

Manuel Mondrag6n y Kalb, quien fue como invitado especial, declare
que es"excepcional"quese replique el programa"Conduce Sin Alcohol"
en CancOn, refiri6 que la voluntad political de Julian Ricalde, la emoci6n
que ponen las representantes de la sociedad civil, la participaci6n
de los sectors productivos y la capacitacion a los elements que lo
aplican, es garantfa del exito del program.

En Plaza de la Reforma, se dio el banderazo de arranque de las
unidades encabezado por JuliAn Ricalde Magaha e invitados,
quienes atestiguaron la salida de las seis patrullas balizadas con los
colors caracterfsticos del program y del inicio de actividades de 32
elements capacitados y equipados con la mas alta tecnologia para
medir el grado de alcohol de los conductors.

En el primer fin de semana, la Direcci6n de Transito que encabeza
Edgar Amilcar Alozo Paredes, report que un total de 32 personas
fueron detenidas, mismas que sobrepasaron los niveles permitidos
de los 0.40 mm de alcohol en la sangre, por lo que fueron remitidas
al Centro de Retenci6n Municipal y Sanciones Administrativas, done
pagar6n con un promedio de 20 a 36 horas de c&rcel.


"-y que repos c ondra a

A V enAVn uger qun rece":


En los fltimnos aft: la '. n cana 1 .' 1
veid lograio u1 o
^j lo8s (,,,,l' ,, , *f ,. ,} ,* 1 la s i, ..,1,1 i ,.,*'^ a e li

, i (, el n i

C0IO i i il

C.' CO i .


V .

1t (X*

O(.~e11 i l

i l.I oGi .G4

Roo ha

V, oz Vy oto

S. i, ,eI1
".: P I "' i n
.... 1 + ^ ...*,.1 ,> C1e

resi 1 de la 'Vcomo una de las i: ci. i i infl u

on mrs de dos decadas de experiencia
en el ramo, derivada de su destacado
papel como president de la AMAV
(del 92 al 94) y como sub secretario de
Turismo hace 10 afos, Sergio se plan-
tea importantes retos para su ejercicio
al frente de la asociaci6n. "El primer
reto es reposicionar a la AMAV porque
mientras que los agents de viajes
han tomado un protagonismo muy
interesante y tienen mrs fuerza que nunca, la AMAV en lugar de
hacerse mrs fuerte y poderosa, fue perdiendo la presencia que
tenfa en todos los foros y events importantes y ahora buscare-
mos que los agents de viajes esten bien representados", afirm6.

La importancia de la AMAV en la industrial es preponderante para
el desarrollo del turismo en Quintana Roo y, con 32 agencies
afiliadas, represent aproximadamente el 85% de los turistas que
Cancin y Riviera Maya reciben al afo. "Anualmente Quintana
Roo recibe 7 millones de tu-
ristas, y el 85% es manejado
por socios de AMAV... asf de
grande es la importancia de
las agencies de viajes, que
ademrs dan empleo a unas
10 mil personas. Toda la
gama de tours y excursions
que ofertan en Cancdn como
Xel-Ha, Tulum, los delfina-
rios, parques, Isla Mujeres,
Chichen Itz6... son vendidos
por las agencies de viajes de
la AMAV, asf que representan
un gran segment que me- \
rece tener una silla en todos
los foros y events impor- ,
tantes, en todas las discu-
siones polfticas; ademrs de: .
representar intereses legales.
Por ello nuestro objetivo es,
por un lado, reposicionarla
y ponerla otra vez en el nivel :. .
que merece estar, en los me- ....

dios y con presencia important y, por otro lado, representar los
intereses de los agents de viajes y trabajar en equipo con otras
asociaciones que son fuertes como ACLUVAQ, la Asociaci6n de
Hoteles y el Consejo Coordinador Empresarial".

Ademrs de lo anterior, entire los proyectos que se pondran en
march este ano destacan los m6dulos de informaci6n que seran
ubicados en diversos puntos de la zona hotelera de Cancun, con
el apoyo de estudiantes lasallistas. "Aurora Negrete nos present
este proyecto, que vamos a apoyar porque se tratan de m6dulos
atendidos por estudiantes bien presentados, que hablan ingles,
que saben de cultural maya y que les van a dar informaci6n im-
parcial a los turistas; esto serfa como parte de su servicio social.

Los m6dulos seran financiados por la Secretarfa de Econo-
mfa, con una inversi6n de 600 mil pesos para 12 m6dulos.
Nosotros vamos a estar pendientes de esos m6dulos, vamos
a capacitar y certificar a los muchachos para que den una in-
formaci6n adecuada, y en ese sentido es important destacar
que s6lo van a estar en los
m6dulos quienes tengan
el certificado que nosotros
les vamos a dar, para dar
credibilidad y legalidad al
proyecto", destac6.

Asimismo, Sergio resalt6
que entire sus inquietudes
al frente de la AMAV est6
el rescate del centro de la
.. ciudad, recuperar la imagen
urbana y erradicar los anun-
cios espectaculares. "Me
encanta lo que est6 hacien-
do Tiziana Roma, aunque
tengo mis diferencias,
porque creo que sf hay que
. demoler algunos edificios
S.que pretend rescatar, por
ejemplo, uno que tirarfa
es el que est6 en la avenida
Tulum y la calle Cedro, en la
entrada del Mercado 23; es

! : b1N i S e oy

[i-vE n L 'Hm ? .f :i1e'l', '~m -tn -F
U.I. TI- -l ,c:" "

. iarm

un edificio gris abandonado desde hace 20 afos, es-
pantoso... parece un sitio tras los bombardeos en Irak,
sin ventanas y todo grafiteado. Creo que pertenece
a Mario Ramfrez Canul, y no me parece just que
una persona tenga un bien abandonado que dana la
imagen de toda una ciudad. En cierta ocasi6n, una
persona me dijo 'tu no puedes hablar de demoler
por que eso es socialista, pero yo no soy de extrema
izquierda ni soy socialist; cuando un edificio atenta
contra la imagen de toda una ciudad, eso ya es de
interest general, de interest comdn; lo demolerfa y
harfa un bonito parque o un jardfn floral... algo para
rescatar esa parte de la ciudad de Cancun. Y como
este ejemplo existen muchos, en la Yaxchilan y so-
bre la misma Tulum. Hay que hablar con los duenos
y exigirles que arreglen sus edificios... este es un
problema de autoridad municipal".

Otro tema es el de los letreros, de los que, nos co-
menta Sergio, estamos saturados. "Ya en Cancun es
el colmo, tenemos anuncios hasta en los arboles, en
los semaforos, los de ne6n, los de madera, etc. uQue
quiere decir esto?, pues que no hay autoridad, la
gente viene y se anuncia donde quiere, y ni los tama-
ios ni los colors, nada esta reglamentado, o esta
reglamentado pero no se aplica el reglamento. En la
carretera hay 480 anuncios, entire Cancun y Tulum,
eso es un exceso. Esos anuncios son proyectiles en
temporada de huracan, distraen a los conductors
y, aparte, estan mal disefados, con unas letritas que
no se alcanzan a ver, le ponen el telefono, el mail, la
pagina web, quien va a ver eso? Si te pones a leerlo
puedes provocar un accident, y es contaminaci6n
visual pura. En vez de que veamos la naturaleza, lo
bonito que es nuestra selva, vas viendo letreros y mas
letreros. En la ciudad, la autoridad no actda, deja

que todo el mundo haga lo que quiera, pero en la
carretera hay un vacfo y se han aprovechado de ese
vacfo los que venden publicidad en espectaculares".

Sergio aclar6 que hay otros temas de rescate y puso
de ejemplo la zona de Punta Cancun, el Party Center,
que opina deberfa ser demolido. "Me preocupa, tiene
un letrero de 'se vende', pero quien va a comprar
eso?, se deberfa de demoler. Igual tenemos la Plaza
Flamingos, que no es possible que el sefor Aguirre no
tenga dinero para pintar su fachada, no es s61o un
negocio, es la imagen de todos. Creo que es un tema
que debe tratar el Consejo Estatal de Turismo, en el
cual nosotros igual pedimos una silla, como asocia-
ci6n. El Consejo deberfa participar en la reglamenta-
ci6n o la regulaci6n de este tipo de construcciones
que estan ahf abandonadas, porque cuando un
empresario fracasa en la zona hotelera, no solamente
fracasa el, si no que fracasamos todos, porque dana
la imagen del destino. Es irresponsible".

Finalmente, Sergio exhort6 a las autoridades a
promover una legislaci6n, como se hizo en las Islas
Baleares: "Para que los empresarios puedan construir
un hotel de cinco estrellas, tienen que comprar uno
de cuatro, remodelarlo o demolerlo y construir uno
de cinco. Nosotros tenemos que hacer algo impor-
tante para renovar la zona hotelera, entender que de
la zona hotelera vivimos todos y es nuestro pulm6n.
El tema es que no hay un compromise de largo
plazo, gracias a Dios la zona hotelera esta mantenida
por Fonatour, porque si se la hubieran entregado
al Ayuntamiento, Cancun ya se hubiera acabado. La
zona hotelera es nuestra fuente de riqueza, la fuente
de economfa, de ahf vivimos todos, por lo tanto, tiene
que estar impecable".


audia y Fernando Garcia Rossette

Patrick Louis, Sophie y Jacques Chretien, el Chef invitado

- "^1

Sonia Oiz y Celia Marin ii'
l,7a bu esa 6/ernacbl

SLubina marcada, Polenta de Pierna de Puerco,
SPure de Tomate, Emulsi6n de Albahaca

Sonia Ortiz y Celia Marin

El restaurant Piaf de Grand Velas Riviera Maya celebro
el 3er. Festival de la Revolucion Francesa teniendo como
invitado al chef Jacques Chretier. Con la amena compaNia
de Eduardo Vela y Fernando Garcia Rossette, los invitados
disfrutaron de un menu degustacion que sorprendio por su
riqueza en sabor, textures y aromas. Uno de los platillos
que mas gusto fue el "Parmentier" de Cola de Res Confita-
do, Pure de Papa con Aceite de Trufa y Reduccion de Oporto.
Todos los platillos fueron maridados con exquisitos vinos
seleccionados por el sommelier Miguel Barquet.

i ,\~ [

I I .lR

r-": p

F r t /r l urJJ Ji Jrll
( I0 rl r-l ljific aU

19U3 1j1 n

u4'WiJj, 2W1JJ.
, alkia cfjjdyiun*j

"Londres 2012, los juegos

mas verdes de la historic":

Judith McGregor
En estas fechas los ojos del mundo estan puestos en Londres y en las
: prendentes demostraciones de miles de atletas, que esperan con an-
sl.:i durante anos para llevar al extreme las capacidades ffsicas del cuerpo
i :-;arrolladas con discipline y asf alcanzar la gloria en la just deportiva
rin.:s important del orbe. Para saber de las expectativas de los Juegos
Illmpicos, de una fuente official de aquella parte del mundo, platicamos
,-ni,: Judith McGregor, Embajadora del Reino Unido en Mexico, quien lle-
o:, d:e visit a Quintana Roo para dar la bienvenida al vuelo inaugural de
I' i'in Atlantic y acompanar a Sir Richard Branson en esta nueva aventura.
Siip n-ptica y amable, Judith coment6 a Cancunfssimo que la esperanza de
que todo salga bien en los Juegos Olfmpicos es mas que evidence y ase-
u gu,,: que Londres es una ciudad que ofrece mas que historic, con una gran
li-t.i, .: atractivos, museos, cultural y economfa. "Este parque olfmpico es
rnii,-, Interesante, es muy bonito yverde, en todos los sentidos, no s61o por
I.:,s 300 mil plants que se han sembrado, sino porque esta pensado en
ofrecer events tan grandes como este, de una manera sustentable.
Atletas olfmpicos, paraolfmpicos y tambien la comunidad britani-
ca y sus visitantes tendran la oportunidad de disfrutar de esta
maravilla arquitect6nica y su concept verde".

Judith record que la villa olfmpica fue edificada en
un barrio tristee y sin empleos", con much crime y
ahora, despues de cinco afos de inversiones y con
la entrada de nuevas empresas, la transformaci6n
de esa zona ser6 complete. "Esta parte de Londres
ser6 renovada en su totalidad. La comunidad de las
cercanfas participara en los juegos trabajando en
diversas areas, con lo que tambien se vio beneficia-
da en el aspect econ6mico, lo que por si mismo, es
un ejemplo de desarrollo sustentable".

Tambien habl6 de economfa, y asever6 en torno a la
crisis que sufre actualmente el Reino Unido y la Uni6n
Europea, que con las medidas que han tomado los
jefes de Estado, de trabajar una banca unica en la euro-
zona, se espera una integraci6n que permit tener mayor
vigilancia y mas cuidado con las acciones de los bancos
en estos sectors. "Econ6micamente, pensamos que hay
buenas oportunidades en Europa; nuestra calidad de vida,
la educaci6n y la tecnologfa son muy altas, y eso cuenta en
el mercado actual, asf que creo que aun con estos problems
financieros, hay oportunidades, y hay consumidores de Europa
encantados de adquirir products de este pafs".

Finalmente, sobre Quintana Roo, Judith se congratul6 por el cre-
cimiento de los destinos, de su infraestructura, servicios y atrac-
clones de primer nivel, y la afluencia de visitantes, que espera ten-
ga un crecimiento considerable con la nueva ruta de Virgin Atlantic
y afirm6: "Dentro de nuestros planes a corto plazo esta duplicar el
comercio entire los dos pauses para el 2015, y para nosotros au-
mentar el turismo a esta zona es important. Comenzamos con
dos vuelos por semana a Cancdn, lo que ayuda much porque
con los turistas tambien vienen los negocios. Tambien es una
oportunidad para nosotros porque tenemos un nuevo acuerdo
de turismo con el gobierno mexicano; asf que, quisieramos
promover la industrial en las dos direcciones, pero tambien to-
das las oportunidades que vienen con la infraestructura, con
los servicios, con empleos... en todas las direcciones".


Alurin,:,cs o e lniel gernel rin 21:111 21:112 1 e Des-
kub e le-alo:n a i:jt-: su ,aljuacion v f .es,,ijl lde
fin de Cui n ,:5 e er l lue iajlici:al~ r:n ,r u'l:,os 'e pile-
maternal hnl .el rinlo 2 v ? Fue un cc:ili iajle
por l: gi', lan, les' ulesiuriirent:irs le lj hunianimlaj
enri ueci:1c ccn ir Ii jcia die ic ie, peueric:s ue se
luciel:n Cr n dir eliildj, ccileci:3i j nius jli:ujiCa3dj
con ios: e -i l:cs ie nlo:a

Maggie, Armando y Armandito Millet con MauricioVidal

I *, m-,

hospiten O

Es normal que los padres tengan altas expectativas en relacion at desarrollo de sus hijos, que este sea normal y sano, sin embargo, no hay forma
de evitar que un nifio nazca con necesidades fisicas o mentales especiales, tampoco existe la total segurdad de que este se desarrolle en forma

Si bien la estimulaci6n durante los primeros afios de vida es fundamental, no hay que olvidar que es important tener un control periodico del
embarazo y del part. Experts en neurologia infantil sefalan que existen algunas afecciones neurol6gicas en las que el dig n:,l.: precoz
permit un tratamiento mas adecuado y un mejor pronostico para el future y desarrollo del nifio.

Es a traves de la Neurologia Infantil, especialidad mrdica que se encarga de prevenir, diagnosticar y tratar todas aquellas patologias y trastomos
que afectan al sistema nervioso central y nervios perifericos (cerebro, medula espinal y todos los nervios perifericos), en muchas ocasiones (y a
causa del diagn6stico oportuno) evita o detiene la progresi6n del dafio neurol6gico, desde el embarazo hasta la adolescencia.

LQue nifios deben ser
evaluados por el Neur6logo?
* El nino premature. por ser este nitio de mayor nesgo Neurologico.
* El nifio que present al nacer encefalopatia hipoxico isqu6mica.
convulsiones neonatales, paralisis braquial paralisis facial apneas
o nfecciones congenitas.
* El nlflo que present retraso en su desarrollo psicomotor. ejemplo
el nifto que no sujeta la cabeza a los tres meses de vida. no se sienta
a los seis meses, no camina a los 14 meses, no dice palabras o
no entiende ordenes simples despues del pnmer afto de vida
* El nifio que no logra establecer un patron de sueito apropiado.
* El nino que no establece lazos afectivos, extremadamente imtable,
* El nifto que pterde alguna function adquirida en su desarrollo
o se estanca en su desarrollo.
* El nino muy blando que toma posturas anormalas
r' :r',1 . ,. .u :ll' '.l-1,'. re l-I.l :r r,. .,r -

* El nifo que present bajo rendimiento escolar, rechazo escolar.

frecuentemente se fatiga muy facilmente o con debilidad muscular
* El nino torpe motnz, al que se le caen las cosas, se tropteza con nada
SEl nifo que se desmaya
* El nino con tics.
* El nifto que present convulstones con o sin fiebre.
* El nifo que present un cambio en su conduct habitual
* El nifto portador de malformaciones congnitas. de sindromes
geneticos o de enfermedades metab6licas
* El nino portador de paralists cerebral

Areas de trabajo:

* Epilepsia
* Trastomos del suefno
* Cefaleas
* Sindrome de Deficit atenci6n
con o sin hiper actividad
* Enfermedades neuromusculares
* Enfermedades cerebrovasculares
* Desarrollo psicomotor y del lenguaje
* Dificultades de aprendizaje
* Neurorehabilitacion
* Traumatismos craneoencefalicos
* Enfermedades de la column
y medula espina.

Area de Neurologia Infantil
Dr. Luts Edmundo Rocha Rivero
Hospiten Cancun







nte la confusion que ha causa-
do entire la ciudadanfa el tema
del cambio de huso horario en
Quintana Roo, platicamos con
Cristina Alcayaga al respect,
expert en temas ambientales,
quien afirma que siendo este
un destiny turfstico eminen-
temente de sol, playa y aventura, con importantes
rutas arqueol6gicas, la mayor parte de las actividades
productivas se realizan de dfa.
"Sin embargo, con el actual horario, en invierno a las
5:30 de la tarde ya es totalmente de noche, lo que
afecta no s61o dichas actividades, sino tambien el
ritmo de vida de sus habitantes; por ello, es necesario
que todo el afo permanezca el horario de verano du-
rante el cual los dfas son mas largos que las noches,
lo que generarfa mayor beneficio al haber una mayor
derrama econ6mica hacia todos los sectors y no
s6lo a los involucrados en la actividad turfstica.
Adicionalmente a lo anterior se generarfa un ahorro
en el consume de energfa electric, al encender las
luces de inmuebles una hora mas tarde de lo que

se hace actualmente lo que conlleva beneficios colaterales muy
importantes", destaca.
Con este ajuste, Cristina destaca los multiples beneficios para la
comunidad quintanarroense, y coloca en primer lugar mas horas
de sol, que propician mas actividades en exteriores, tanto para el
trabajo como para el ocio, la practice de deportes, mayor convi-
vencia families y entire amigos y vecinos; ademas, puntualiza que
la seguridad sera mas efectiva ya que con luz de sol diversas acti-
vidades cotidianas se volveran mas seguras al no defender de un
alumbrado pdblico, como el regreso de las madres y los padres a
sus hogares despues de la jornada laboral o que sus hijos esten
en la calle o un parque sin que anochezca.
"Lo mismo se entrelaza con la seguridad en actividades producti-
vas como es el caso de las embarcaciones turfsticas y pesqueras
que regresaran al puerto con luz de dfa o el transport pdblico
que sera mas seguro al distribuir en sus casas a much gente
antes de que caiga la noche", seial6.
Sobre los mitos que existen alrededor del cambio de huso horario
y la "perdida" de horas de suefo, Cristina comenta: "Se dice que
afecta el ciclo circadiano, que es la forma en que el cuerpo 'lee' el
mundo exterior, y ajusta las funciones del cuerpo, haciendo que
descansemos mejor en la noche y estemos mas activos en el dfa.
El hecho es que el ciclo circadiano depend de la luz del sol, y no

de las manecillas del reloj, por lo que el cambio de horario no lo
afecta. Tambien esta el mito de que afecta el 'biorritmo' de los ni-
ios, un termino utilizado en los ochentas, asociando las funciones
del cuerpo con la alineaci6n astrol6gica de las estrellas, por lo que
no es un argument cientfficamente probado, y no es un termino
usado en las consideraciones de un cambio de horario".
El ciclo circadiano depend de la luz del sol, y no de las manecillas
del reloj, por lo que el cambio de horario no afecta este ciclo. Tam-
bien esta el mito de que afecta el 'biorritmo' de los niios, un ter-
mino utilizado en los ochentas, asociando las funciones del cuerpo
con la alineaci6n astrol6gica de las estrellas, por lo que no es un
argument cientfficamente probado, y no es un termino usado en
las consideraciones de un cambio de horario".

Asimismo, en torno a la queja de madres de familiar preocupadas por
la seguridad de sus hijos porque salen de casa rumbo a la escue-
la, en invierno, sin luz solar, afirma que es important recalcar que
como soluci6n adicional a esos temas, en otras ciudades y en otros
pauses, los gobiernos retrasan media hora la entrada a las escuelas
durante el invierno (noviembre a marzo) para que la luz de dfa siem-
pre este present desde el inicio de sus actividades adaptandose a
esta media escuelas y centros de trabajo.
Finalmente, Cristina record que las fechas para el ajuste de horario
de invierno y de verano estan establecidas desde 1996 por la Ley del
Sistema de Horario de Mexico, quedando como inicio del horario de
verano el 1 de abril y el inicio de horario de invierno el 31 de octubre
y destac6: "Por lo tanto, de ratificarse esta iniciativa por la Camara de
Diputados, el siguiente 31 de octubre Quintana Roo no modificar6 la
hora en su reloj, mientras que la Ciudad de Mexico atrasa una hora el
suyo. Es decir, Quintana Roo mantiene el mismo horario que hoy.
"Cuando llegue la fecha del 1 de abril del 2013, Quintana Roo, al
mismo tiempo que el resto del pafs, adelantar6 una hora su reloj.
Por ende, en todo moment a partir del 31 de octubre de esta
afo, habr6 una diferencia de una hora con respect al horario de
la Ciudad de Mexico".

ZDe que manera se ve beneficiada la in-
dustria turistica y el ambito empresarial
en general con este nuevo huso horario?

* Mejoraremos nuestra competitividad
respect a otros destinos del Caribe como
Jamaica, Bahamas, Puerto Rico y Cuba; ya
que ofreceremos mas horas de sol y playa
a nuestros turistas y como consecuen-
cia se dar6 un incremento en la derrama
econ6mica estimada en 1,845 MDP para
TODOS los destinos turfsticos del Estado.
* El ajuste de huso horario nos hard mas
competitivos como destiny turfstico por-
que mejorar6 la interconexi6n area con
22 aeropuertos de Estados Unidos y 8 ae-
ropuertos de Canada, principles pauses
generadores de nuestros turistas.
* En cuanto al ahorro de energfa podre-
mos ahorrar lo equivalent a la energfa
que consume casi 40 mil casas en el
estado (23 mil Kwh).
* Y desde luego tambien los turistas ten-
dran una hora mas de sol para disfrutar de
la playa, alberca, atardeceres, tours y todos
los servicios que se prestan al aire libre.


iVisitanos y conoce las promociones que tenemos para ti!
Caribe Kabah Playa
Av. Xcaret # 5-03 x Av. Av. Libramiento Kabah Lote 4, 5 y Carretera Federal Mza 53
Palenque Mza 2 S. Mza. 36, Cancun Q. Roo 6 x Lopez Portillo y Chichen Itza, Cancin Q. Roo Esquina Av. 32 Col. Ejido, Playa del Carmen Q. Roo
Tel. (998)881.77.60 Tel. (998)886.73.00 Tel. (984)877.27.70

A Buen Entendedor...

No todo puede ser

fe icidad con e Atante.

sta entrega de hoy, la escribf por
vez primera, me parece que en el
2007, cuando recien lleg6 el legen-
dario Atlante a Canctn, pero nunca
fue publicada por el Novedades de
Quintana Roo. No es la unica que
escribf respect del mismo tema,
Spero todas ellas fueron rechazadas.
Hoy que mi Cancunfssimo me da la oportunidad de
expresarme a plenitud, aprovecho para ponerla al
alcance de todos, toda vez que las preguntas que aquf
se formulaban hace cinco afos siguen hasta hoy sin
respuesta e incluso hay nuevas.

JPor que con recursos pdblicos?

Nos parece muy bien a todos que haya fdtbol de
primera division en Quintana Roo y especialmente en
Cancun y que haya mas diversiones y entretenimiento
sano para los cancunenses, pero nos seguimos pre-
guntando por que hacerle a Grupo Pegaso, la podero-
sa empresa duefa del Atlante, un estadio a todo lujo
con recursos del erario, 8por que? Antes nos habfan
dicho, vfa los medios en entrevistas de banquet,
que se invertirfan 20 millones de "nuestros pesos" en
la remodelaci6n y adecuaci6n del Estadio Andres
Quintana Roo, ahora result que fueron 38 millones.
oPor que?, 8por que con recursos del estado? Cuando
hay necesidades much mas apremiantes para esta
poblaci6n que un estadio de fdtbol professional, como
por ejemplo verdaderas instalaciones para la juven-
tud y el deported. Son una vergfenza por ejemplo, los
campos terregosos que le han dado a los deportistas
que practicamente fueron expulsados del Estadio
Olfmpico. Seguimos diciendo que no hay nada de
malo en que venga el Atlante, pero por que a costa de
nuestros recursos cuando es un negocio particular de
jugosas ganancias...

JPor que sin Licitaci6n?

Serfa muy bueno que alguien nos explicara, por
ejemplo el Gobernador o el Presidente Municipal, en
el tiempo eran Felix Gonzalez y Francisco Alor res-
pectivamente (que salfan muy orondos en la foto con
sus camisetas del Atlante), por que no hubo licitaci6n
de por medio para otorgar los contratos de construc-
ci6n del estadio, y si la hubo, serfa fantastico que
se hiciera del dominio pdblico. Serfa just por una
parte, que todos los constructores locales tuvieran las
mismas oportunidades y por otra, que los ignorantes

ciudadanos dejaramos de serlo y supieramos mas del
manejo de los recursos pdblicos que al fin y al cabo
son nuestros, 8o no?

oPor que en esa zona?

Es esta la cuestionante quiz6 que mas me inquieta,
por que permitir el desarrollo de semejante activi-
dad commercial (deportiva) en una zona ya de por sf
conflictiva y con alto grado de concentraci6n vehi-
cular? Habiendo tantos terrenos susceptibles para
desarrollar este proyecto, escogen sin importarle a
nadie en lo mfnimo el sentir de los vecinos, una zona
que a todas luces no esta preparada para esta carga
vehicular ni el aforo que represent la masiva asisten-
cia al estadio. Es claro que aprovecharon lo que ya se
tenfa, el Estadio Olfmpico Municipal, pero tambien es
claro que Cancun no estaba preparado para tener un
Estadio con aforo para 20 mil espectadores en pleno
centro de la ciudad. Semejante ocurrencia que raya
en lo locuaz, s61o refleja la poca, cuasinula importan-
cia que los ciudadanos tenemos para quienes toman
estas decisions.

iAhora lo resuelven cerrando callss, inadmisible,
absurdo, 8por que tenemos los vecinos que hacer una
tortuosa ruta alternative para llegar a casa ante la
intransigencia de los oficiales de transito?, por que
se tiene que desquiciar el transito, por que tiene que
haber vehfculos estacionados hasta en las banquetas
y zonas verdes, cuando pudieron hacer este estadio
en otro sitio ?

Simplemente porque no existe en absolute en nues-
tra administraci6n la cultural de la planeaci6n, porque
siempre les result mas fAcil cambiar usos de suelo
como esta de moda, o tomar decisions al vapor que
ver por el verdadero desarrollo sustentable y ordenado
de nuestras ciudades. Veo con tristeza que ahora cada
vez que juega el Atlante tenemos que soportar transito
lento, accidents, prepotencia de oficiales y desde luego
mas circulaci6n vehicular en nuestra ya ca6tica ciudad, a
menos que hagamos algo... al tiempo...

oPor que sin alternatives para los deportistas que
sacaron de ahf?

Los queridos y aguerridos Lagartos del fdtbol ameri-
cano de la OFASE (Organizaci6n de Futbol Americano
del Sureste) estuvieron durante quince aios en un

66 cancunissimo.comn agosto 2012

pequeno terreno que se ubicaba en una esquina
entire el Estadio Beto Avila y el Andres Quintana Roo,
en este pequefo espacio que no tenfa siquiera las
medidas reglamentarias de un campo normal, des-
de luego sin alumbrado y sin gradas. Los Lagartos
han entrenado y formado a lo largo de los anos a
cientos de j6venes cancunenses que han encon-
trado en este deported una excelente alternative
alejados de la vagancia y los vicios; los Lagartos
son ya toda una tradici6n en el deported de Cancdn
y various de sus jugadores actuales y egresados han
tenido reconocimiento y acogida en varias univer-
sidades del pafs. Ante la llegada del Atlante, ellos,
como muchos otros deportistas, han sido expulsa-
dos del sitio que por ahos utilizaron. La respuesta
official fue en su moment, otorgar un terregoso,
polvoriento y accidentado Campoo de fdtbol".
Ese campo, con la ayuda de muchas families fue
sembrado de past y hoy permit a los Lagartos
seguir formando j6venes, pero debe quedar muy
claro que fue sin la ayuda de nadie, mas que de
los voluntarios padres de familiar que le echaron
ganas al tema.

En el estadio olfmpico que era de nosotros los cancu-
nenses, practicaban diferentes disciplines j6venes de
todas las edades, era un espacio pdblico de la ciudad
que nos fue arrebatado, sin alternatives.

Aromas, colors, sensaciones, musica...
todo eso se vivio durante el Festival de
Verano 2012, la edicion 17 del event
mas esperado de la temporada. La gran
inauguracion fue en Luxury Avenue, donde
maquillistas internacionales y las mejores
firmas de cosmeticos y fragancias estuvieron
presents, asi como invitados especiales que
descubrieron el Placerr de sentirse bellos".


JPor que tan cars los boletos?

Recuerdo que cuando lleg6 el Atlante a Cancun se habfa
publicado un studio por esas fechas en algunos diaries
nacionales que revelaba que en las principles plazas
futboleras del pafs, los precious de entrada general oscila-
ban entire 70 y 90 pesos. oPor que en Cancdn a la afici6n
le costaban 200 pesos en entrada general? Pensaron
acaso los directives del Atlante que en Cancdn hay mas
dinero, que la gente es rica y por ello hay que "hincarles
el diente" ? NO sehores, nuestra gente de los mas esca-
sos recursos y que trabaja duro todos los dfas en la acti-
vidad turfstica y en otras, merece tambien poder acceder
a este tipo de entretenimiento a precious justos, 8por que
aquf mas caro que en absolutamente todo el pafs?

JPor que? que alguien nos diga.

Hoy para colmo, llega Lavolpe y limita el acceso a
medios de comunicaci6n.
uQue se sienten, el Real Madrid ?

Es esta s61o una muestra de c6mo se manejan y deci-
den muchos proyectos en el estado.

Cualquier comentario con esta column que va per-
diendo 1-0, favor de dirigirlo a:

Barbara Ferre y Tita Barrera .
IE'Mally Bengpd
ELS I iphnda Conles
% Mn ^ari


Lor -Maa ar ris i
Lorena Machaen, Harold y Marisa Giannattasio



Existe algo much mis escaso, fino y raro que el talent.
Es el talent de reconocer a los talentosos.
Elbert Hubbard (Ensayista Estadounidense)

uestionar es la primera variante en la ecuaci6n
de descubrir un talent, preguntarnos, sen que
tengo facilidad o en que obtengo resultados
excelentes?, pero mas all de eso, debemos
analizar, sen que siento que soy competent y
que me apasiona hacer?, porque una vez que
podamos contestar esas preguntas podremos
saber d6nde dirigir esfuerzos e inteligencia, lo que llevar6 inme-
diatamente al sentimiento de exito constant.

Sin embargo, el camino para descubrir nuestras habilidades a
veces es sinuoso, pues la educaci6n tradicionalista no acepta
ni premia las inteligencias que no sean las "clasicas" (por asf
llamarlas), como lo son la matematica y la ling0fstica; para
poder ver mas all de estas debemos adentrarnos en las nuevas
propuestas educativas que optan por romper paradigmas
en el pensamiento conservador, planteando como
I,:, l-,-.-i lI i :, ,: i,' i T t ,,l,:l : _i ;,,l,:,-

lcrjh c .1


Nuestra epoca actual nos reta diariamente a adaptarnos al
medio ambiente y a los diferentes contextos que este arroja; la
fuerza del verdadero cambio est6 en las aulas escolares, donde
los profesores tienen a las mentes de hoy y de mafana sentadas
esperando ser explotadas, son los maestros quienes deberan
hacer el "brinco" en el cambio de perspectives educativas, para
poder dar inicio al aprovechamiento del talent, con el unico
camino que se puede: la innovaci6n.

El reto es, como dice el educador ingles Ken Robinson, encon-
trar "tu pasi6n" para poder ser un individuo social feliz, pleno y
creative. Debemos fomentar el pensamiento cargado de ima-
ginaci6n y libre, no atarlo a los grilletes de "lo que debe ser" la
formaci6n, sino ser crfticos observadores y valorar las distintas
capacidades de cada ser human y cuando detectemos alguna,
fomentarla para alcanzar su maximo nivel de esplendor y conver-
tir asf a ese individuo en un recurso human natural.

,:l, i ,,t .1 r i.:, ,:le I d:.-, ,-h,,. el dicho en

lr i l -_ r ,, rit e,, ,,'-_ i-, ,- s6lo debe-

I I, I1, ,,


M w

6 8, ". lu i; ,ii.,in ,


La AMAV celebro el Dia del Agente de Viajes, festejo al que se dieron cita personalidades
de la industrial turistica de Cancun y Riviera Maya. Sergio Gonzalez, el nuevo president,
fungio como anfitrion, y destaco en el event que gracias al esfuerzo que realizan los
agents de viajes se han alcanzado grandes cifras de ocupacion en Quintana Roo, por lo
que es muy relevant celebrarlos en su Dia.

Internet tee/k e
Coberua y Velodad
iContrata ya!
Y recibe hasta 40'96
de descuento desde
$191 al mes.




UAWU I E153-6
M6dem USB para computadora GRATIS
y Seguridad Telcel


Mariana Gagoso,
Luis y Fernanda Macedo

Con animada fiesta en The Westin Resort & Spa, los egresados de la prepa-
ratoria del CUAM celebraron la culminacion de sus studios. Baile, deliciosos
platillos y much diversion fueron la constant en el festejo, en el que no
faltaron los buenos deseos entire los graduados.


Oasis Arena, el scenario perfect para todo tipo de espectaculos, Ilevo a cabo
con much exito el Festival Country, con la participacion de grandes exponentes
del genero, entire ellos Montgomery Gentry, John Michael Montgomery, Colt Ford
y Bo Bice & Josh Gracin. Un festival nunca visto en en este polo turistico que
desperto interest en locales y visitantes.

Joh-n Michel Molo e

Cr6nica de una

"jornada electoral"

El 1paisa;io o1 de Julio llego el domingo de cada seis afios done nos sentimos mas
mexicanos que al escuchar el Hinmo Nacional en el futbol: Elecciones en Mexico.
Discusiones familiares y casi perdida de amigos a diestra y siniestra (literalmente,
derechas e izquierdas enfrentadas en la familiar ley seca e indignacion por reales o
supuestos acarreos.

Esta es la cronica, totalmente personal y sin animo de offender ni a tirios ni a troyanos,
de una sola de esas casillas "especiales y algunos comentarios que salieron despues.

uf con gran 6nimo a mi casilla
Llegue a la 7:40 y ya habfa una gran
fila esperando para votar, esto me
llen6 de jdbilo pensando en las
personas que querfan hacer algo
mis por su pafs.
Y alla vamos a armar la casilla, con
los compaferos que Ilegamos muy a tiempo, antes de
las ocho de la manana. Lastima que la informaci6n ofre-
cida por el IFE no sea complete: Segin los anuncios las
casillas se abren a las ocho... ;mentira podrida!
La casilla NO se puede armar ANTES de las ocho y a
esa hora el president de casilla abre las cajas para
EMPEZAR a armar, ni un minute antes, o podran ser
invalidadas. Y esto toma por lo menos 40 a 45 minu-
tos, mientras nos gritaban que empezaramos, que
ellos habfan llegado con much anticipaci6n, lo cual
era verdad.

La gente empieza a tratar de votar, los animos se
enardecen y suplicamos armar una fila para 3' edad

y discapacitados. Me apena la civilidad (la falta de
ella) de nuestra gente. Y tambien hay que aceptar que
todo lo usamos para ejercer poder. Hasta tener mas
de 60 afos o estar discapacitado puede ser usado
como una muestra de poder.

Parte muy divertida y muy amable mis compaher@s
de casilla, Julieta la president, que hasta en youtube
saldr6 asf que habr6 que buscarla, muy preocupada
por sus alumnos y sus hijos que la verfan en su as-
pecto de cansancio y enojo.
Carla, nuestra maravillosa secretaria, con maravillo-
so modo calm6 las aguas turbulentas y redirigi6 las
agresiones, ayuda ser bonita... "la que es linda es
linda" dicen mis amigas. Roberto, que les hizo el dfa a
las seforas de la 3' edad con una linda sonrisa; y en-
tre 1l y Carla que me callaban cada ratito, y poco les
falt6 para sentarme de las orejas cada vez que estaba
a punto de responder a las agresiones.

Agua o comida? la que nos trajo nuestra gente, el
esposo de Julieta, Javier, un amor que trajo la man-

72 cancunissimo.com agosto 2012

zana mas buena del mundo compartida por ahf de las doce de la
noche, Jaime Valenzuela nos llev6 unos tes helados maravillosos
y un ventilador que nos salv6 la vida, ademas de sombreros y
protector de sol, el papa de Roberto tambien lllev6 gorras y pro-
tectores que nos medio salvaron de una buena quemadura.

Nuestra casilla estaba en los arcos del Palacio Municipal de Can-
cdn, si conoces la orientaci6n sabres que a partir de las doce del
mediodfa le entra de lleno la luz. El sol empez6 a migrar hacia
nosotros y a empujar a la gente sobre nuestra mesa asf que entire
agresiones, sentimientos de claustrofobia, (odio que la gente me
apretuje y se apelotone), y uno que otro ciudadano amable que
nos daba las gracias, sigui6 la jornada. De ahf saque una quema-
dura con eritema en cuello, pecho y brazos.

De comida ni hablamos. Los representantes de partido, unos
grandes aliados, compartieron lo que les habfan llevado a ellos y
ni asf, ya que ni tiempo hubo de un bocado, mas de 12 horas de
pie. Unas canelitas nos mantuvieron igual que "las aguas negras
del imperialismo yanqui" una coca es UNA COCA...

Me siento ahora como esos soldados que estando en el fragor
de la batalla s61o pueden esquivar balas y planear ataques

sorpresa, hacer escaramuzas sin tener idea de lo que esta
pasando en otros escenarios.

Me entero recien de resultados, de discursos, de programs de
tv. Un poco como aquel soldado japones que segufa en guerra 20
anos despues de que se habfa firmado la paz, nosotros segufa-
mos manteniendo nuestro terreno.

Yo cref, ilusa, que tendria tiempo de ir tuiteando lo que sucedie-
ra... Como no, apenas un par de mensajes de auxilio a solicitar
apoyo, agua o ventiladores y nada mas.

Al terminar dije que NUNCA volverfa a aceptar una casilla... hoy
creo que sf, si volverfa pero bajo otros terminos. Bajo mis pro-
pias condiciones. No tenemos idea de lo que hay y de lo que no
hay como apoyo y/o como necesidades.


-Un sitio DIGNO, con baho accessible y limpio, verlo antes y orga-
nizar nuestro lugar.
-Garantfa de seguridad para los integrantes, policfas que si llega-

ran cuando sean llamados sin esperar a ver sangre.
-Hacer una casilla especial-especial para 3' edad/discapacita-
dos o simplemente NO pueden votar en estas casillas de ford-
neos. El desgaste para ellos y para los demas es demasiado.
-Techo donde guarecerse. No s61o nos asoleamos, a la una de
la madrugada llovi6 mientras segufamos contando papeletas
y aquf en Cancun Ilueve de lado asf que hacfamos circo para
evitar la mojada, no s61o de nosotros sino del material.
-Tiempos de descanso para los que estamos ahf. No se piden
horas, pero no es possible trabajar mas de 12 a 16 horas sin
descanso, sin comer, casi sin beber. Los representantes de
partido se turnan, son various, tienen tiempo y se SIENTAN,
nosotros trabajamos sin descanso desde las 7:45 hasta las
2:10 am.

Maravilla haber encontrado nuevos amigos, acabamos muer-
tos de risa sacando el estres y el cansancio con unas cervezas
(olvfdense de las cocas... una chela es UNA CHELA) y una pi-
zza que nos dej6 Jaime en el horno; recapitulando moments,
enojandonos de vuelta y sobre todo riendonos de nosotros
mismos.... eso sf... la "casilla fresa" tuvo much exito. Porque
nos enteramos de que asf nos bautizaron, terminamos dicien-
do que bueeehhhh... "no me odies por ser bonita/guapo" A

fin de cuentas, una jornada larga, muy larga y agotadora que
me deja un sabor agridulce, ganas de llorar. Me doy cuenta
de cuan gandallas somos en este pafs, de cuanto nos falta a
todos por aprender a pensar en los demas y por hacer comu-

Gracias a los que nos regalaron una sonrisa, un apret6n de ma-
nos o un murmurado gracias por nuestro trabajo, una botella de
agua frfa cuando la sed apretaba o un grito poniendo en orden
a los revoltosos que nos gritaban que desquitaramos nuestro
sueldo 8cu41 sueldo? fuimos todos voluntarios; ciertamente ele-
gidos por el IFE, pero sin animo de pago ninguno que asumimos
nuestro compromise con nuestro pafs.

Gracias a los que votaron, gracias a los que apoyaron y
espero que esto nos ensefe a ser una sociedad democratic
y compartida.

Para leer mas comentarios y experiencias en las casillas; visit
nuestra web: www.cancunissimo.com

agosto 2012 cancunissimo.com 73


Un equipo professional de artists, animadores
y programadores, encabezado por el cineasta
Roberto Rochin, Ilev6 a cabo el lanzamiento al
mercado de "Pok-ta-Pok, el primer app-juego
a nivel mundial basado en el milenario juego
de pelota prehispanico para los usuarios de
iPhone, iPod y iPad, que puede ser descargado
para vivir un moment de diversion desde estos
gadgets. Esta divertida adici6n a la tienda de
Apps, esta clasificada como juego de deported


Elias Cisneros, Carlos Vidal, Alejandra Rodriguez y Jose Huchim



Tel: (984) 801 0265
(984) 116 4699

Organo Gold utiliza en sus pro-
ductos y bebidas unicamente el
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100% Organico Certificado. Para
aquellos que buscan respuestas
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Dra. Heidi Arista Castillo

Av. Uxmal, calle Roble #20 sm 23
Tel: 8809046
Cel: 9982149002
Previa cita
Lunes a Viernes: 9:00 a.m. a 2:00 p.m.
y de 4:00 p.m. a 8:00 p.m
Sabados: 10:00 a.m. a 2:00 p.m.
previa cita

Porque tu sonrisa lo vale; profe-
sionalismo, honestidad y calidad
en el servicio nos respaldan.
Atencion integral Familiar, Ninos,
J6venes, Adultos yAdultos mayo-
res, contamos con las diferentes
especialidades odontol6gicas.

Tip: Convierte tu cita al dentist en
una experiencia grata, acudiendo
regularmente a tus revisiones

agosto 2012 cancunissimo.com

Los #751, #132 y #170

La habfa visto esa mafiana del ide julio pero antes de la
medianoche del mismo domingo, la vi diferente. Fue
diffcil memorizar su nombre entire los dos mil 891 fun-
cionarios de las 413 mesas de votaci6n que se instalaron
ese dfa en Cancin. Ella fue president de la casilla especial en el
Centro de Convenciones. Ahf la vi; una joven a punto de perder la
jovialidad que parecfa serle innata.
Junto con los representantes de los siete partidos polfticos ante el
Consejo del IFE habfamos recorrido ya las restantes cuatro casillas
especiales y la situaci6n era la misma. Siete ciudadanos -por cada
mesa de votaci6n- hacfan esfuerzos descomunales por organi-
zar, controlar y contener a otros que se contaban por cientos. La
misma desproporci6n se advertfa en un letrero pegado afuera del
Centro de Convenciones: "En esta casilla solo hay 750 boletas".

En respuesta, entire esos miles de ciudadanos que en filas serpen-
teaban cuadras alrededor del edificio de Gobierno, del Palacio
Municipal, de Plaza America y del Centro de Convenciones, surgi6
el movimiento #Yosoy751.
-Gracias eh? Muchas gracias porque a la organizaci6n de ustedes
le debemos que mis hijas no esten ahorita en la alberca-, fue el
comentario mas cortes que habrfa de recibir durante los recorridos
de supervision en que porter el gafete de consejera ciudadana del
IFE. De los demas no comento y much menos escribo. Hasta ese
moment era adn possible decir algo; un par de dfas mas las agre-
siones nos obligarfan a callar.
El flujo de turistas nacionales, la migraci6n internal y, a la vez, la
omisi6n de los ciudadanos en actualizar su cambio de domicilio
explicaba que se agotaran esas boletas mientras miles se que-
daban sin votar, pero no fue una explicaci6n suficiente para mf
-como ciudadana- ni tampoco para los demas. El hecho -como
argumento- es que desde el propio IFE se ha planteado desde
hace tres elecciones presidenciales que aumente el ndmero de
boletas, pero la propuesta ha sido desechada por los legisladores
en vista de que las casillas basicas -que no especiales- tienen un
ndmero menor de votantes. Pues sf; en esas casillas hay un listado
previo de los que van a votar, pero en las especiales no. Entonces,
los diputados y senadores que elegimos en estas circunstancias
deberan responder al #751.

No obstante, ni estas circunstancias desbordaron la capacidad
de los ciudadanos que recibieron y contaron nuestros votos; que
permanecieron asf del amanecer al ocaso. Eran mas de las 10 de
la noche cuando, entire todos ellos, la volvf a ver. Con su paquete
electoral hacfa fila frente a las instalaciones del IFE; joven, igual
de jovial, pero la vi diferente: su rostro estaba iluminado como el
de aquellas personas que han enfrentado un reto descomunal y
salen victoriosas. Entreg6 su paquete y firm su recibo. Sin em-
bargo, a las ocho y media, Josefina Vazquez Mota habfa aceptado
ya pdblicamente su derrota. Despues, minutes antes de las 11:45
prendimos el televisor para escuchar el resultado del conteo rapi-
do que habfa anunciado, just a esa hora, el president del IFE...
Ya lo habfa dado. Se adelant6, nos dijeron, porque las televisoras
y otros medios de comunicaci6n estaban difundiendo indiscrimi-
nadamente sus propios conteos de la elecci6n y podfan enrarecer,
mas de la cuenta, el animo social...

Para: Tabi, Gaby, Vicente, Carlos, Hugo,
Fabricio, Hector y otros dos mil 884

"iVendidos, vendidos, vendidos! ;Corruptos, corruptos, corruptos!
iSalgan del baio cobardes!", gritaban la tarde del martes algunos j6-
venes y los demas, del movimiento #Yosoyl 32, les hacfan eco frente
a las instalaciones del IFE. Por segundo dfa consecutive habfan llega-
do hasta ahf desde el parque Las Palapas, y esta vez mas iracundos.
La foto de un medio local sobre la march anterior habfa circulado
extensamente en las redes sociales. Mostraba a un joven con los
brazos extendidos junto a otro que cargaba la bandera de Mexico y
atras, un cami6n de transport de Infanterfa de la Marina. "Cerca el
Ejercito a manifestantes del #132... Son encafonados con ametralla-
dora por los Marinos", se lefa en medios nacionales e internacionales
que retomaron esa fotograffa. Lo que era evidence no fue, sin embar-
go, cierto. A esa hora, entire las ocho y nueve de la noche y desde el
jueves 7 de junio en que se habfan recibido los paquetes electorales,
llegaba sin excepci6n el mismo cami6n de la Armada para relevar a
los marines en la guardia que debfan mantener en aras de resguardar
la bodega -sellada- con las boletas de votaci6n.

"; Fraude, fraude, fraude!", era el grito general ese 3 de junio del
#Yosoyl 32 aunque afuera de la sede del IFE se habfa colocado ya
la "sabana" con cifras del distrito que, adn preliminares, le daban
una amplfsima ventaja a AMLO sobre EPN, ubicandolo incluso en
tercer lugar despues de la claudicante JVM. El fraude en realidad
-y como siempre- se habfa consumado antes de que los ciudada-
nos acudieran a las urnas:
-JPor que votaste entonces por ese partido?
-Porque soy honesta-, le respondi6 una vecina de Cancun a una
periodista local ante la que manifestaba su preocupaci6n de si po-
drfa finalmente canjear la tarjeta de Soriana por la despensa que
le habfan dado a cambio de su voto.

"Hay que exigir lo basico: educaci6n, alimentaci6n, salud", me decfa
en receso una chica del #Yosoyl 32 que, acreditada previamente
como observadora electoral, habfa estado junto con otros estu-
diantes desde el inicio, el miercoles 4, de la sesi6n permanent del
Consejo Distrital observando, cotejando, anotando, verificando y
transmitiendo -incluso simultaneamente- el c6mputo y recuento
parcial de votos en las elecciones de Presidente, Diputado y Senador.
"eSabes?", le habfa dicho a uno de sus compaheros, "los insultos
pueden ser flechas que van en direcciones incontrolables y que
dan a veces contra uno mismo". Ese miercoles, sin embargo, cesa-
ron las concentraciones frente a la Junta Distrital, en donde algu-
nos j6venes "ifefos" -supervisores, capacitadores y personal- ha-
brfan de gestar su propio movimiento, el #Yosoyl70, porque segdn
dice el Cofipe en ese artfculo: "Durante los process electorales
federales, todos los dfas y horas son habiles"...
Asf llegarfa el sabado 7 de julio cuando a las dos de la madrugada
se peg6 afuera del recinto la "sabana" del c6mputo final, extensa-
mente fotografiada por celulares, ipads y camaras de vocales, con-
sejeros, representantes de partidos y observadores del #132, para
despues declarar cerrada la sesi6n. Ese dfa, de vuelta a mi casa, vi
entire mis mensajes el de una amiga con un poema de Cesar Moro
que me devolvi6 al principio; a la jornada del 1 de julio y a la casi-
lla especial del Centro de Convenciones: 'Y me rodeas de sombra/
Y me haces luminoso"...

76 cancunissimo.com abril2012

Cerveza Sol dio a conocer la renovaci6n de marca y cambio de imagen en Cancun, simultaneamente con otras
cinco entidades de la republican mexicana en su "Recorrido Sol". Enrique Valero Montes, encargado del servicar
"Icono", fue el encargado de dar la bienvenida a los medios de comunicaci6n y explic6 la nueva imagen de esta
cerveza. El recorrido nos Ilev6 a otros sitios, donde directives de Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, Roberto
Lozano (Vicepresidente de RH y Organizaci6n), Ruud Bekker (Dir. de Centros de Consumo) y Arturo Sifuente (Ge-
rente de la Cerveceria), reafirmaron los cambios tanto en el empaque, en la forma de la botella y el diseno de la
etiqueta. En este destino, Fonbia fue el grupo encargado de encender el dnimo de los cancunenses en la Plaza
de Toros. Los Consumidores en Cancun disfrutaran de las atractivas e innovadoras promociones de la marca,
en la que destaca el intercambio de su envase viejo mas $10 pesos para comprar la nueva Sol. Y pensando en
el planet, Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma cuenta con programs de reciclaje de envases y latas con la
finalidad de apoyar al medio ambiente.

E E.i .. .s c m
S .... .. .."........

'; E


EVITA EL EXCESO 123300201A1015 www.sol.com.mx t f

Historias de


E Pa n B e Josef na

Josefina Vazquez Mota sabfa que podfa
ganar la elecci6n internal panista. Que era
una apuesta de largo aliento, complicada
porque no contarfa con el apoyo del presi-
dente Felipe Calder6n, pero possible. Pero
en corto, siempre confi6 a sus allegados
que vencer en la contienda presidential
era un reto en la frontera de lo impossible.

Los polfticos siempre hacen apuestas. A
veces aceptan candidaturas sin future
para hacer meritos dentro de sus partidos
o irse dando a conocer en la ciudadanfa.
Los hay ilusos que en cada carrera estan
convencidos de que van a ganar. Josefina
Vazquez Mota era de las primeras. Su Plan
B, de no ganar la presidencia, era quedar-
se con el partido, quedarse con el PAN.

Le hubiera sido sencillo, casi automatico,
de haber quedado en segundo lugar en la
carrera presidential: la figure de la mujer
casi heroica que habfa peleado contra
la corriente dentro del PAN, obtenido la
candidatura contra todos los pron6sitcos y
luego luchado hasta el ultimo aliento con-
tra el poderfo de Pena Nieto, aun cuando
no lo hubiera vencido, constitufa la narra-
tiva de una de esas histories que fascinan
al panista. Desde ahf, construir un lide-
razgo dentro del partido, con sus mejores
alfiles colocados en las coordinaciones
parlamentarias del Senado y la Camara de
Diputados, sonaba hasta 16gico.

Ese cuento de hadas tampoco tuvo final
feliz. Haberse cafdo al tercer sitio debajo
de Andres Manuel L6pez Obrador la puso
en la indeseable posici6n de ser objeto
mas de reclamos que de reconocimientos,
de reproches por los tropiezos de la cam-

pana por encima de aplaudirle que haya
posicionado en la agenda electoral el mie-
do al PRI de siempre (este factor termin6
beneficiando al perredista mas que a ella,
pero esa es otra historic).

No obstante, hace unas semanas, Josefi-
na Vazquez Mota dio saltos cualitativos
que permiten deducir que su objetivo no
se ha modificado: quiere quedarse con el
partido. De entrada, recibi6 en Los Pinos
el nutrido apapacho polftico de todos los
sectors relevantes en el PAN, convoca-
dos por el president Calder6n. Fueron
puras palabras de elogio a su entrega y
empeho en la contienda, segdn revelaron
algunos asistentes.

La ex candidate ofreci6 horas mas tarde
una conferencia de prensa para anunciar,
con sus 13 millones de votos en la bolsa,
que encabezarfa un movimiento polftico a
favor de las reforms estructurales, ret6 a
Pefa Nieto y descalific6 a L6pez Obrador.
El Plan B est6 vigente.

El dirigente national se fue por la libre. En
esa reuni6n en Los Pinos los lfderes de
todas las corrientes panistas acordaron
verbalmente no iniciar un process formal
de expulsion de Vicente Fox del partido
por su apoyo al priista Pefa Nieto. La idea,
puesta sobre la mesa por Diego Fernan-
dez de Cevallos retomando al ex dirigente
Adolfo Christlieb, fue declararlo "fuera del
PAN", asf, de facto, sin darle el privilegio
del process para no "regalarle mas reflec-
tores ni agrandar el tema". Todos asintie-
ron. Luego Madero sali6 e hizo otra cosa.


Para celebrar la culminacion de sus studios de primaria,
alumnos del Centro Educativo Monteverde, acompaiados de |
sus padres y maestros, acudieron a una misa de accion de
gracias en la Iglesia Cristo Resucitado, para posteriormente
festejar con deliciosos platillos, music y baile en la Casa
Club de Puerto Cancun.

y Martha Rodriguez



L-1 F, (__j 0 E-) F

I -] -) N 0 S-
_AN,_k1', LL IILL, I I UL',O I

. . . . . . .. . . . . .

sil sn S i- Ielp

Storybird are short,
art-inspired stories you make to
share, read, and prim.

i~k< ,i,.d -d

Creando cuentos con Storybird

StoryBird permit la creaci6n de histories, novelas, cuentos, relates, y todo
tipo de narrative, con la novedosa caracterfstica de que pueden ser arma-
das de manera colectiva. Con StoryBird empezar una creaci6n literaria es
sencillo e intuitive. Una primera persona, professor, por ejemplo, creara la
cuenta escolar e ira registrando diferentes cuentas de los alumnos (bastan el
nombre y direcci6n de correo electr6nico) que participaran en el proyecto de
grupo. La historic puede ir completandose a media que los participants
se vayan integrando en su redacci6n. Tambien se pueden insertar imagenes
que ilustren los textos.
www. storybird.com

Create Read Tour

, j


George R. R. Martin
Juego de Tronos es el primer volume de la monumental
saga de fantasfa epica del escritor norteamericano
George R. R. Martin que ha vendido mas de 20 millo-
nes de ejemplares en todo el mundo. Traducida a mas
de 30 idiomas, esta novela ha sido adaptada a la televi-
si6n en una gran producci6n de HBO.
Martin ha instaurado un nuevo clasico, comparable
s6lo con los grandes como Tolkien o Lewis, rompiendo
con todos los t6picos de la fantasfa modern.


Leopoldo Brizuela

Narrada como el cuaderno de notas de un detective
que, pista tras pista, se expone al crime organizado,
Una Misma Noche es una novela de suspense que explore
el rol de los ciudadanos enfrentados a las formas mas
brutales y secrets del poder.
En esta obra, galardonada con el Premio Alfaguara
de Novela 2012, Brizuela ofrece una reflexi6n sobre la
injusticia en la dictadura argentina, y la conciencia de la
propia cobardfa.

Juan Villoro

Juan Villoro, reconocido cuentista, novelist y dramaturgo,
plasma en esta historic la preocupaci6n de todo padre por
proteger a sus hijos y la necesidad de reconocer que hay
un lfmite para esa protecci6n.
Max Maximus, el gigante del pueblo, no sabe c6mo com-
placer a Mini Marfa, su querida y diminuta hija. Ella tiene
muchas ganas de ir al mar, pero su papa no tiene dinero
para pagar un hotel que admita gigantes. Entonces la nifia
discurre un ingenioso plan.

www.angelciudadanoqroo.org Teleono: (998) 889 9999

ZQuieres aprender a usar tu Mac?
LOrganizar tu misica, archives, fotos o editar tus videos?,
iConocer mAs aplicaciones o trucks?
A / '



. *


Cursos 100% personalizados, en la comodidad de tu domicilio.
iT~ nos dices que necesitas aprendery nosotros te preparamos un curso especial!
o a *in. m o llama al tel. (998)1480311

*nb* r .-. de .
Insectos, roedores y termites
S UF,'- '

S843 2429 847 4548
Cel: 998 845 2872

I 1t Vn itnomrp e a dlinr, rle t.. jnrtn rlivieinn

www.puwiMsun e.com.mx fllolpumos cancun@hotmlail.com


Edad a
S1/2 a 14 afnos

m. awB

0882 1313



ww.reri Fa .'^Mo ., F 03 5- -



Abraham Lincoln ademas de ser president de los Estados Unidos, tenfa
una tarea adicional. Destruir vampires. Tras el asesinato de alguien muy
querido, Abraham debe tomar las riendas (y la estaca), para deshacerse de
los sanguinarios chupasangre.

Director: Timur Bekmambetov
Con: Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie,
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rufus Sewell


Una c6micamente fuerte experiencia que sobrepasa con much
las barreras del humor "polfticamente correct" y relata la vida y
aventuras de un dictador del "Medio Oriente" que por circuns-
tancias del destino va a parar a Estados Unidos. Sacha Baron
Cohen ataca sin recato alguno lo que se le ponga enfrente en
esta ruda comedia satfrica/polftica/sexista.
Director: Larry Charles Con: Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris,
Ben Kingsley, Sayed Badreya, Jason Mantzoukas

En la cuarta entrega de la saga Bourne, Jason es dejado de
lado para mover los ojos, y la acci6n, a un asesino encarnado
por Renner y que pondr6 en jaque a los servicios de inteligen-
cia que una vez mas no pueden atraparlo.

Director: Tony Gilroy
Con: Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz,
Joan Allen, Albert Finney.


Tras un accident de parapente, Philippe, un rico arist6crata,
contrata a Driss como asistente y cuidador, Driss es pobre y
acaba de salir de la circel. Una combinaci6n que tenfa todo en
contra, va evolucionar para dejarnos ver que los extremes pue-
den tocarse y mis adn entenderse y ihacerse amigos!

Director: Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache Con: Frangois Cluzet,
Omar Sy, Anne Le Ny, Clotilde Mollet, Christian Ameri.

Cuando Ansiedad (Ramirez), una chica que ha tenido una madre
momi ausente, desea fervientemente acelerar su adolescencia para ser
"adulta" se encuentra con varias sorpresas y sinsabores. Junto con
su mejor amiga hacen lo possible por "entrar a la madurez" aunque
e 8 eso signifique realizar sacrificios que no sabe c6mo afrontar. Cre-
cer no s6lo es tener mis aflos, sino tambien ser mis sabia.

Director: Patricia Riggen
Con: Eva Mendes, Matthew Modine, Cierra Ramirez,
Patricia Arquette, Eugenio Derbez.





L a pizza Margarita es una tfpica pizza napolitana
condimentada con tomate, mozzarella, albahaca
fresca, sal y aceite. Se trata de la pizza napolitana
mas popular, junto con la marinera.
Esta pizza lleva el nombre de la reina Margarita de
Saboya, esposa del rey Humberto I.

Cuenta la historic que en 1889 esta pareja real habfa ido de
vacaciones al palacio de Capodimonte en Napoles y la reina
pidi6 conocer la famosa pizza napolitana de Don Rafael Esp6sito,
quien era el dueno de la pizzerfa.

Fue asf que contrat6 los servicios de este pizzaiolo (se llama asf
al que elabora la pizza), quien era el mas famoso de la epoca
para probar esta especialidad napolitana.
Asf fue que el pizzero y su esposa Rosa fueron al palacio de vera-
no para elaborar las pizzas.

Le prepararon tres variedades. Una a la albahaca, otra con ajo,
aceite y tomate y la tercera con albahaca, tomate y mozzarella,
esta ultima con los colors de la bandera italiana: blanco, rojo y
verde. Fue la primera receta en incorporar queso.

La reina qued6 fascinada al probar esta ultima y esto fue apro-
vechado por el duefo de la pizzerfa quien la bautiz6 como Pizza

Tal vez la pizza napolitana sea tan famosa por la calidad de sus
ingredients, todos cultivados allf mismo, en los campos de fertil
tierra volcanica.

Por otro lado, la pizza debe tener pocos ingredients para ser
realmente sabrosa. Por eso, en Napoles, debemos elegir con mu-
cho cuidado d6nde tomamos este plato, porque corremos el ries-
go de caer en cualquiera de los cientos de locales para turistas.
Dicen los que saben, que las mejores pizzerfas en Napoles son
Da Michele y La Notizia.



Av. Coba No. 12 SM 5 MZA 1 L6
C.P. 77500 CancOn, Q. Roo
Tel. (998) 884 40 47
Lunes a Domingo
12:30 a.m. a 12:00 p.m.

Desde 1979, Rolandi's ha sido el
lugar preferido de CancOn, por su
deliciosa comida italiana y pizzas al
horno de lena y despues de mas
de 31 ahos, sigue cautivandonos
con su inigualable sabor y calidez.
Disfruta su tradicionales carpac-
cios, sus pastas hechas en casa
y la variedad de platillos en un
comfortable ambiente familiar, ideal
para cualquier celebracion o charla
con los amigos..

Pasa un grnmoe

- dms, eils.


Calle Pina #27, SM 25, Cancun,
Quintana Roo C.P. 77500
Tel. (998) 887 6337
Lunes a Sabado
6:30 a 11:30 pm

L'Escargot es uno de los tesoros
ocultos de Cancun. Este pequeno,
restaurant familiar sirve algunos
de los alimentos mas increbles
que usted encontrara en Cancun.
El menu es de inspiraci6n francesa,
pero, ademas de Cofit de pato,
Chateau Briand y L'escargot, los
comensales tambien podran esco-
ger entire atun, cordero, fondues y

L/s 72j....
Arturo S iIantamarf,]

oY^1 w?9



En la galeria Nina Torres Fine Art se inauguro July Contem-
porary, event al que asistieron cerca de 500 personas para
admirar las obras de diferentes artists internacionales.
Kiko Ricote fotografo professional estuvo firmando sus libros
de Miami Visually Speaking. Cerro la noche la voz del tenor
cubano Rolando Polo.

u L

Nina Torres
e Ivonne Torres

David Fave v Davjid Bos3

Lucv Cruz v Gabv Rivero


U- R cnjrl d L nl d KIfln Rcll Ie v ,flnn enm .riet

ii^ i' a

Juan Carlos
y Ma. Eugenia Cigala

MaAlelandra Rnomero
y Dario Vleo



s1I It St
II t I
t d*



Alas obras austria-

cas de la Colecci6n
Bass se les recono-
ce como las ms
del grupo "La Era
Dorada del Empe-
rador Franz Joseph"
El padre de John Bass fue asesor de Franz Joseph quien tuvo un
largo reinado sobre el Imperio Austro-Hlngaro, que abarc6 hasta
el period de Biedemeier. El arte austriaco en la colecci6n Bass
muestra la vision mas personal de John Bass, un vienes expatriado
que vino a vivir a Estados Unidos pero que nunca olvid6 su tierra
por complete.

Agosto 14 de las 10:00 AM a 5:00 PM
Precios de $6 a $12 dls.

2100 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Tel: 305.673.7530
Parquimetros alrededor


El artist Jose
Badfa ha colec-
cionado tambo- ....... ....
res de diferentes
cultures. Muchos Eff
de ellos estPn
bellamente dise-
fiados y algunos
son importantes
para las cere-
monias. Fabrica
tu propio tambor para jugar y mostrar. Unete a la procesi6n de
percusi6n con el misico Oscar Fuentes y march al sonido de
tu propio tambor. Apoyos de MetLife Foundation y Miami Salon
Group, Inc.

Agosto 8 de 1:00 PM a 4:00 PM
Horarios Normales:
Martes a viernes de 10 AM a 5 PM
Sgbado y domingo de 12 PM a 5 PM
Lunes cerrado

101 W Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33130
Tel: 305.375.3000
Estacionamiento pdblico con descuento de $5 dls verificando
el boleto


cancunissimo.com n agosto 2012




Con mas de 20 anos de experiencia Nina
ha estado active en el mercado del arte
enfocandose sobre todo en arte interna-
cional Moderno y Contemporaneo. Cada
primer viernes del mes la galerfa ofrece un
coctel VIP para mostrar nuevas obras de
artists de diferentes pafses con diversas
tecnicas y temas.
De 7:00 PM a 10:00 PM
Horario normal: Lun aVie de 11AM a 6PM. Sab de 12 a 5pm. Dom. Cerrado.

Miami Arts & Entertainment District
1800 N Bayshore Dr
Miami, FL 33132
Tel: 305.395.3599
Entrada libre. Parkfmetros y Valet Parking.


Legendario superestrella. Guitarrista
mexicano de jazz y rock latino. Mul-
tiganador de Grammy y considerado
entire los mejores de todos los tiempos.
Desde los 8 afos se dedic6 a la guitarra.
Emul6 los sonidos de B.B King, T-Bone
Walker y John Lee Hooker bajo la tutela
de Javier Batiz y perfeccion6 su estilo y sonido y en el memorable
Woodstock Peace, Love & Music Festival, entreg6 a las masas su
explosion de rock con sabor latino.

Agosto 24 y 25 a las 8:00 PM
Precios de $79 a $180 dls

1 Seminole Way
Hollywood, FL 33314
Tel: 954.797.5531


Las hijas de La Faraona juntas por primera
vez cantando y bailando en un scenario.
Con temas que te haran suspirar, bailar
y cantar con ellas. Interpretando a Joan
Manuel Serrat, Manzanero y tambien
canciones que sus padres cantaban. Como
siempre con un reperterio de lo mejor

Septiembre 8 a las 8:00 PM
Boletos de $70.35 a $144.10 dls

400 SE Second Avenue
Miami, FL 33131
Tel: 305.416.5977

Ethel Gonzalez

e Luis Carneiro y Oscar Gutierrez
, 1 ..g11, *l,g...

Lorena y Jose Luis Rebollero

Un fin de semana Ileno de pasion deportiva y
much diversion se vivio durante la septima
edicion del Mundialito de futbol player en
Playa Mamita's, donde la gran final fue Mexi-
co vs Italia, resultando campeon el equipo
national al vencer 1 a 0 a los extranjeros en
un candente partido, mientras que Espana,
campeon del aio pasado no logro clasificar.
Este event se ha convertido en toda una
tradicion en Playa del Carmen, al integrar a
la cosmopolita comunidad de esta ciudad,
donde reside un gran numero de extranjeros,
los suficientes para armar su equipo de futbol
y Ilenar las gradas con sus porras.
Suiza, Estados Unidos, Venezuela, Italia,
Francia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil y desde
luego Mexico, fueron algunos de los equipos
participants, destacando tambien el encuen-
tro femenil America vs Europa.

Patricio Mazo, Roberto Moray Pepe Calder6n




ST' ..

S... ....
" .. ,,,,- .... ,I.

I- <


<:. r


L: ;ncg


~ ~ri


ay como mil mi-
lones de uten-
silios de cocina
por ahf, y todos
ellos se ven tan
ingeniosos y
tiles sobre todo
cuando te da esa
compulsion de compras y ya
estas en la caja. CC6mo sabes
cual te dara el peor de los re-
mordimientos post-compra?

Sigue mi consejo y me lo agra-
decerds algtn dfa. Aquf esta mi
lista de los peores 10 utensi-
lios de cocina que debes evitar
como la peste.

Uf, 8De verdad? jTengo siquie-
ra necesidad de explicar por
que esta cosa no sirve para
nada? iUtiliza un cuchillo!
Hazte un buen cocinero prac-
ticando tus habilidades con el
cuchillo. Y si estas haciendo
una ensalada de huevo, jusa
un tenedor! Claro, siempre
esta la opci6n de tirar $150
pesos por el retrete.

El punto de este pequeno utensilio es pelar la
piel de dientes de ajo sin que se quede pegado
ese olor tan penetrante en las manos. La idea es
rodarlo por los dientes del ajo y por arte de magia
salen como se ven en esta imagen. Esta cosa
es, literalmente, un tubo hueco por el que estas
pagando entire $60 y $150 pesos. Es demasiado
duro para tf simplemente aplastar el ajo con un
cuchillo o meterlo al horno con aceite de oliva
para que la piel practicamente se caiga con un
paho hdmedo? iNo necesitas este aparatejo! Y si
te preocupas
por la peste
de ajo en las i........ ...... .-;i
manos basta
con que, SIN
frotarlas, las
pongas deba-
jo del chorro
de agua por
un minute ..
y eso sf, por ...
arte de magia ,
juro que se
quita el olor.

Esta baratija corta la mitad de una toronja, na-
ranja o lim6n en gajos por $200 pesos. Mira, si
puedes usar un cuchillo lo suficientemente bien
como para cortar una fruta por la mitad, no sera
gran cosa que separes los gajos con el mismo
cuchillo, Verdad? Vamos, en serio.


Este es un pequefo e ingenioso
utensilio para tamizar harina el cual
elimina todas las impurezas y da una
consistencia mas ligera. Pero a menos
que seas una empresa de catering o
panaderfa, ;no lo necesitas! Yo uso un
filtro de arroz o un colador comdn y
corriente, que es mas facil de limpiar,
y much menos costoso. He visto
estos tamizadores hasta $400 pesos
por pieza.

Lo admito, me enamored de este.
Tengo este mismo modelo y pague
$100 pesos por el hace various ahos.
Antes de que me lo comprara, utiliza-
ba palillos de dientes que son igual
de eficaces, y estan disponibles en
una tienda por 10 pesos. La inica vez
que esto sirvi6 fue para un pastel de
quinceafiera que era demasiado alto
para usar palillos de dientes. Ahora, la
mitad del tiempo no lo puedo encon-
trar en mi caj6n de los cubiertos y
termino usando los palillos de dientes
de todos modos. Mala inversi6n.

t. '


Simplemente di que NO. Sabes cuantas recetas con manzana
tendrfas que hacer para justificar una compra como esta?

Puedo justificar este utensilio si te metes en una pelea en un
callej6n fuera de un bar o restaurant, pero en su interior, los
cocineros reales le Ilamamos a un medidor de pasta nuestra
mano, ademas, de un poco de juicio y una pizca de sentido
comdn. Por otro lado si haces un poco mas de pasta hay una
cosa maravillosa llamada itakate o sobras. Eso me gusta. No
tires $120 pesos por el callej6n.


Si te compras esto es por que de piano... bueno ya sabes. Esta
cuchara muy bonita e impresionante es muy parecida a algo
que seguro ya tienes en tu cocina y se llama icuchara!

Los grades comerciales de esta cosa pueden quitar las venas,
cortar en mariposa o totalmente dividir 100 camarones por
minute. El que es para cocinas regulars se ve exactamente
como un cuchillo de cocina llamado mondador o puntilla. Esto
te costar6 unos $350 pesos si bien te va. S61lo tienes que usar
un cuchillo mondador y ya!

Y por el moment, el utensilio de cocina No. 1 mas indtil
y que es un desperdicio es:
*Redoble de tambores*

7 -.

Se que muchas de ustedes amas de casa y propietarios de condo-
minios van a querer arrancarme la cabeza por esto, pero los tritura- ..m
does de basura son la epftome de la nada. No s61o son peligrosos
alrededor de los idiotas y los borrachos que les gusta poner las .-
botellas de vidrio allf porque les gusta el sonido que hace; tam-
bi6n son perjudiciales para el medio ambiente. De acuerdo con un ""
studio independiente realizado por WETA, (un grupo de impact p
ambiental con sede en Arlington, VA) de las aguas residuales que
contienen una gran cantidad de material organica, son mas diffciles
de romper en una fosa septica o en la plant de tratamiento de
aguas residuales. Como resultado, la utilizaci6n de trituradores de
basura ha contribufdo a un aumento de las cargas de nutrients
en los rfos y arroyos, junto con la erosi6n y el escurrimiento de los
fertilizantes en exceso. Esto hace que las floraciones de algas y
otros efectos indeseables produzcan 'zonas muertas' como las que
hay en el Golfo de Mexico. Es muy diffcil pelar las verduras en un
peri6dico o en un recipient, en lugar de contribuir a la contamina-
ci6n global? Creo que la eliminaci6n de la basura, junto con otras cosas ambientalmente irresponsables deben ser prohibidas. Estoy a favor de
hacer compostas en casa, porque si no, vas a crear mas biogas o metano de los residues s6lidos en rellenos sanitarios, que tiene un impact
negative en el planet. Compostar puede ser un trabajo un poco latoso, pero para las generaciones futuras, esto podrfa ser crucial y mas im-
portante. Ademas, hay un viejo refran que dice que lo que fAcil viene, fAcil se va, y asf se est6 yendo nuestra Tierra por el cano.
Mas information sobre compostaje aqui:



Para poder estirar esos
pequefos espacios de la
mejor manera, basta con
hacer algunos cambios en
la decoraci6n para hacer
que el area se vea y sienta
mas grande sin tener que tirar las paredes.
Con ayuda de la iluminaci6n, los colors,
las textures, los muebles inteligentes y
una buena organizaci6n, logramos un
disefo interesante y una habitaci6n que
no se sienta apretada.

Aquf, les comparto algunos tips e ideas crea-
tivas para aprovechar al maximo el espacio y
embellecer su hogar.

* Rodeate de lo que realmente te gusta
Al vivir en un espacio pequefo, "lo menos
es mis", solo aquello que te inspira, te fun-
ciona y util es lo que hay que conservar.

* Enf6cate en los detalles
No hay nada mejor que un gran desorden y
muchas cosas para hacer que el espacio se
vea mas pequefo de lo que es.
Muchos accesorios decorativos crean "ruido
visual", es aconsejable elegir los que cum-
plan double funci6n: bonito y funcional.

* El color
Los tonos claros y frfos crean un efecto
de amplitud, los colors oscuros y calidos
crean un espacio fntimo y acogedor.
Utilizar un esquema de color monocrom6-
tico en paredes, muebles y accesorios hace
que todo se mezcle y visualmente crea un
efecto de continuidad.

* Muebles Versatiles
Siempre que sea possible, asegurarse de que
los muebles tienen mas de un prop6sito:
una otomana con espacio de almacena-
miento dentro de ella, que se pueda utilizar
como mesa auxiliar o como un asiento extra,
por ejemplo.
Un sofa sin descansabrazos tambien crea

amplitud por estar abierto.
Tapetes en color claro, sin disefos gii.:'r-e
y Ilamativos son mejor opci6n.

* Ventanas
Cuando las ventanas pequeias son una rea-
lidad, hay que usar trucks para agrandarlas.
Cuelga las cortinas fuera del marco de la
ventana y lo mas alto possible, de preferen-
cia que la tela sea del mismo color que las
paredes que la rodean para crear impact y
hacer que la pared se vea mas grande.

Cualquier habitaci6n bien iluminada se ve
mas grande, una buena combinaci6n de luz
natural y artificial es una excelente opci6n
para conseguir el efecto.

* Hacer invisible lo que no nos gusta
Cubrir y esconder bajo una cortina o una
tela bonita algdn element desagradable a
la vista es una buena idea fAcil y acertada
para garantizar la armonfa en la habitaci6n.

* Cocina
Esta parte de la casa por lo general es la que
necesita mas espacio y un buen disefo, para
garantizar que quien la ocupe este content

Hay que aprovechar todos los espacios, .:i-,
como las paredes de abajo y de arriba. C u.l- I
quier hueco es bueno para crear un espa.:i:'
de almacenamiento.

Hay veces en que necesitamos mueble-
para almacenar con necesidades y me-
didas especfficas, lo mejor es mandar
hacer el mueble con un buen disefadc. :i
carpintero que entienda a la perfecci6r, I:
que necesitamos.

Nuestro hogar es un refugio que nos recil: I
despues de un dfa de actividades, para d- -
cansar y convivir, por eso es important ,:qu1
sea agradable y disfrutemos habitando e-
espacio, que nos nutra y nos haga felices

-B I.~)t

90 cancunissimo.com abril2012

El Triatlon Sprint 2575 se desarrollo con gran exito en
Puerto Morelos, con la participacion de 450 triatletas
que le dieron un matiz muy especial a este pacifico
pueblo, que ya un dia antes de la competencia
vibraba con la presencia de los atletas, amigos y
familiares. Desde la salida los diferentes bloques de
triatletas iniciaron esta rapida prueba dispuestos a
devorar los 750 mts de natacion, 20 km de ciclismo
y 5 km de carrera. El nivel fue muy bueno debido
a la presencia de equipos de otros estados de la
republican, lograndose no solo un gran triatlon, sino
tambien una grata convivencia al final. El ganador
absolute del event fue Manuel Serrano, de Nuevo
Leon, con un registro de 1:04:40; en la rama femenil,
Melody Ramirez, de Veracruz, se Ilevo los honors
con un tiempo de 1:10:26.

1^;;;; ; ^v ^.L

a -
.' .o .. ...

. ;**- -:- -,*-' *-- .^"** .,

* a.




F! ,. ,, bag
La mejor opci6n para
fiesta de cocktail

Bowling bag o bolsa de boliche
Su caracterfstica principal es
que tiene estructura rfgida.

Messenger bag o
Bolso rectangular con varias
divisions, asa larga que se Ileva
colgada al hombro y cruzado
sobre el pecho.
Adecuada para una reunion de
trabajo informal con tus colegas.

Bucket bag o
Ideal para una tarde de cine o
visit a una galerfa de arte.

S .l .ll llll ll i B'..Bllllllm Ill* Ill'1 =



Crossbody bag o
La bolsa perfect para un dia relajado de
compras con tus amigas.

Bpark0pk o mochila



Doctor bag o

Bolsos inspirados en los
tradicionales maletines de

Ideal para para asistir a un
,Il ,, .II ..,. ,

Duffel bag o bolsa de lona

Es una gran bolsa hecha de
materials moldeables, en la ac-
tualidad ya las puedes encontrar
con Ilantas y asa para transp6rta-
las con mayo facilidad.

Apta para viajes cortos en don-
de tienes que viajar ligero.


Hobo-bags o

Grande o median. se caracteriz;
l:"'l t-Tl'IO t,:' r''ln :I l'lIT :l.; rn ,- JIhl,)

o bolso de Imano

contigo. sielnpre

NS. n
.. '.;

If /.

Ideal para llevar todo lo necesario
para realizar ejercicio en el gym o
al aire libre

Travel bag o

Perfecta para un fin de semana
romantic y viajes cortos.

Shoulder bag
o bolsa de hombro
Muy prActica para cual-
quier actividad o salida

Clutch bag o bolso de fiesta

Sin asas, se prestan precisamente
para meter todo lo necesario sin
arruinar tu atuendo.

Indispensable en una

fiesta de gala


111. 1.11 '.* ii I '.l 1111. 1 3



'i''; '



I I- N0 O.40

. sus puo Boui ,
co u 000 0ra @10cib de Sad


A Natalia, colombiana nacida en 1993 le gusta dibujar personas. Llora los viernes en el closet y
trata de buscar d6nde quedaron esos "no, cuelga tu", "tO primero"... Desde hace un rato ha venido
desarrollando un diccionario con palabras raras. "Voltaire es mi idolo, Innerspace es la pelicula
que mas feliz me hace y algun dia quiero vivir en Bali". Todo esto es sobre el enamoramiento y
personas con corazones bonitos, explica. Como buena artist la inspira el dia a dia, puede ser
una letra de una canci6n, un recuerdo, un libro (que seguro seria de Voltaire, Camus, Baudelaire o
Rousseau) una pelicula, la gente que la rodea, fotos, chistes internos, una conversaci6n, ver blogs,
todo eso crea en Natalia Swarz ideas que despues nos transmite a trav6s de sus bellos trazos.

ilmaginense! Una banda de musica formada por artists
visuales que ademas de crear ritmos experimentales
combinando algunos beats de hip-hop, electr6nica y
minimal funk tienen como su principal objetivo crear
videoclips con format de filme professional.
Es asi que en 2010 un colectivo de cineastas de
vanguardia y diseho desonido del Reino Unido forman esta
agrupaci6n Ilamada "BRETON" y lanzan en ese mismo ano
sus primeras dos obras discograficas: "Counter Balance"
y "Practical", ambas con diferentes disqueras sin dejar de
mencionar los premios obtenidos por sus cortometrajes
en diferentes festivales de cine.
Para el siguiente amo sale a la luz un tercer EP titulado
"Sharing Notes", producida por ellos mismos como
BretonLabs. Es cuando comienzan sus primeras giras
y apariciones notables en vivo, sorprendiendo a sus
seguidores con efectos audio visuales, paisajes sonoros
cinematograficos y lo que hace Onico a su shows es la
grabaci6n y edici6n en tiempo real.
Verlos en vivo es una experiencia que no dejaria, es la
combinacion perfect y complete de un concerto, ver
y escuchar. Cuando navegando en la red me encontr6
con su mas reciente trabajo "Edward The Confessor"
e "Interference" desprendidas de su producci6n "Other
People's Problems" bajo el sello de Fat Cat, supe que
tendria musica interesante para todo el mes.
No dejen de seguirlos en sus redes y canal de YouTube.

Por: Christian Matuz / @ChristianMatuz



Originaria de Puebla, Veronica Paredes,
estudio Diseno de Informacion en la
UDLA pero al mismo tiempo comenzo a
trabajar en la fotografia primero en esta
ciudad, despues se traslado a Buenos
Aires asistiendo a algunos fotografos
donde descubrio que la foto de moda es
lo suyo. Su ultimo viaje fue a NY donde
tuvo la oportunidad de asistir a fotografos
de moda.
Veronica nos cuenta acerca de su
process creative: "en realidad es muy
sencillo, depend de las necesidades de
los clients, me voy ajustando y salen
las ideas. Me imagine que mi inspiracion

alrededor. Me gusta el drama, me gusta
lo erotico, porque siento que eso provoca
mas al espectador.
Si es un simple retrato, aunque todos los
retratistas lo dicen de una u otra manera,
me gusta capturar la esencia, pero
tambien me gusta moldear y dirigir a la
persona tal vez de formas que nunca se
haya antes visto".
Asi es como Veronica Paredes hoy en
dia trabaja con clients que van desde
revistas, campanas publicitarias, artists,
disenadores, campanas political, entire
otros, siendo una fotografa versatil.

viene de la gran cultural visual que tengo, Te invito a ver su trabajo en:
y de lo que veo todos los dias a mi www.vphotography.net


El pasado 9 de junio se Ilevo a cabo la tercera
edicion del Pecha Kucha en Cancun organizada
por Horno Producciones en colaboracion por
primera vez con Pantalla Movil en las instalaciones
de Estudio Creativo; una vez mas este event
se perfila ya para ser todo un clasico, cada vez
se pone mejor y los asistentes salen pidiendo
mas de 6stas noches Ilenas de buen ambiente y
much talent. En esta ocasion algunos de los
exponentes fueron: El Arq. Charly Del Castillo,
Robin Sordo con sus ilustraciones, Estudio
Creative en voz de sus directors, Ernesto Vargas
Rueda y su poemario "Tregua", Proyecto LionFish
de la Universidad del Caribe, Betty Blue Make
Up, Maggie Calderon y su linea de trajes de bano,
Snuff (streetart), Ownerbeatz quien le puso ritmo a
la noche, Proyecto Lazaro, entire otros. En verdad
cada uno de ellos dio lo mejor de si, de su trabajo
y conquistaron al entusiaste public que como ya
es tradicion aguanta hasta una ligera Iluvia.
Mas fotos en:

/i V o

if 'y

En pleno veranc 1,11it'n,' l i' i.
oportunidad de I ..:U. 0 i i loI -.i; .: I.
gratos moment: ,l'w pci i(inEl Im l I't I I ;
I 11i.; playas de .nJiNl an1 k10,M I o .1 n .,,
pasan igual que I.'; .-: y il ,-,. ,: il 1,ii 1 la
playa hoy los vemos correr por otros lados.

Sna Hernandez

ieroIUI.1o "inin v Ramiro Carrenio