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Escapes Panama
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Air Panama
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Costa Pacfica Costa Pacfica


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escapes 6 36182832363850 46 32 46 50 38 1844 Escapes Fauna 12 Escapes Favoritos 10 Receta / Recipe 49 Escapes Flora 56 Escapes Legal 58 Sabas Qu? Did You Know? 64 7 Diferencias Differences 54Columna / Columns Contenido / ContentsMayo Junio / May June 2008


escapes 7 Tel: (507) 236-5800 Va Ricardo J. Alfaro, Sun Tower Mall, Piso No.2, Local 69. Panam, Rep. Panam Direccin Editorial Lara Petrosky Coordinacin General Moises Escoffery Ejecutivas de Cuenta Nini Flynn Yasna Daz Diseo Grfico Evelyn Paternina de Sulbarn Asistente de Produccin Ingrid Luttrell Colaboradores Diana Stone Nomi Boyd Juan Jos Estrada Alejandro Balaguer Mary Menasche Ana Karina Guitierrez Agradecimientos Roberto Arroyo Pilar Baso Ral Morales Guillermo Avelar Servicios Internacionales CAU Internacional S.A. Fotografas Alex Schmid, Alejandro Balaguer, Instituto Panameo de Turismo,, Archivos Escapes Magazine.Las opiniones expresadas en los artculos reflejan exclusivamente el punto de vista de los autores. Prohibida la reproduccin total o parcial del contenido editorial de esta revista sin la autorizacin expresa de los editores. Los editores no se hacen responsable por el contenido de los anuncios publicitarios incluidos en esta revista The opinion in the articles exclusively reflect the authors point of view. Total or partial reproduction of the contents in this magazine without the express authorization of the editors is prohibited. The publisher is not responsible for the contents of the advertisement published in this magazine.Cortesa de: PORTADAFotgrafo: Alex Schmid Lugar: Escudo de Veraguas Editor in Chief General Coordination Account Executives Graphic Desing Production Assistant Collaborators Thanks To International Services Photography


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escapes 20 When Vasco Nuez de Balboa, discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513, he must have been amazed. He would have been astounded by the contrast between the Caribbean Sea and coast and the hugely different Pacific, or South Sea as he called it. Cuando Vasco Nez de Balboa descubri el Ocano Pacfico en 1513, debi quedar maravillado. Se hubiera quedado asombrado del contraste entre el mar Caribe, la costa y el inmensamente diferente Pacfico, o Mar del sur como l lo llam.


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escapes 22 In most areas of the isthmus, the Caribbean is usually gentle with its shallow blue waters lapping coral sand beaches. Al roar onto shore with energy enough to electrify a small city. the west of Panama City and have long been among the fa vorite weekend and holiday retreats for city dwellers. From tastes. Starting at about 60km from the city the beaches ex est and most developed beaches run from Gorgona, about an hours. The beaches reach out one to the other, but each has very distinctive characteristics. tion center for the displaced people of the original town of Gorgona: lost when the Chagres River was dammed to form gray sand, warm waters and wonderful tidal pools, great for childrens play and discovery. Although it has grown


escapes 23 laid back atmosphere in Gorgona. Coronado was developed as a private beach community for city dwellers many years ago, Coronado is the hot spot community of weekenders as well as recent newcomers who have made it their home. Coronado has long wide beaches of white and magnetic black sand. Here, in spite of its larger population, it still can offer the kind of beach experience that makes you feel that, you alone, have discovered some thing special. Although life centers around the beach, there is something for everyone. Houses range from little beach bungalows to palatial homes and condos. There is a develop ment for equestrian enthusiasts, a golf resort, a huge super market, restaurants and varied lodgings, from intimate bed and breakfasts to hotel resorts. munity, San Carlos is the largest town in the area. Although the beach is rocky and nothing special the town itself is quaint and typical of the area. Palmar the beach adjacent to San Carlos is small but popular and great fun for weekend


escapes 24 surfers. There are several surf camps that offer board rent als and reasonable lodging. Santa Claras beach is wide, white, and wonderful. There is no hustle and bustle at Santa Clara, none of the infrastruc ture of Coronado and no all inclusive hotels like Farallon. There are a few cozy inns right on the beachfront and it is a perfect place for wandering at the waters edge or lying in a hammock with a good book. really are looking for a bit of everything in one tidy pack age. They are located close to the Scarlet Martinez Airport, formerly an American military airstrip. These beaches are about two hours from the city by car or beaches offer all inclusive hotel packages for fun in the sun as well activities and tours for every imaginable desire. The beaches themselves are white sand and postcard lovely. American Highway but certainly not the last of Panamas and follow the Carretera Nacional; if your need for sun and


escapes 25 Pedasi is a pretty little town of friendly local people and a mous for their right and left breaking surf. The favorite swim ming beaches here are Playa El Toro and Playa La Garita.


escapes 26 beaches where surfers go. These are the beaches where surf ing is almost always dependable and the surf is so accommo dating that it breaks to the preference of the surfer. right and left breaking waves are at their best. tainly an environment for those who love solitude or long ro mantic evening strolls. The sand is black and the sunsets are beautiful. Turtles return here every year to lay their eggs. The Las Olas resort offers lodging and is the only full service resort in the area. border to border, Columbia to Costa Rica. Some, as we have mentioned, are easily accessible by car or by Air Panama and some remain wild and elusive to all but the hardiest of travelers. Panamas promise is that there really is a beach


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escapes 30 aving it all is what Coronado is all about beau tiful, tropical beaches, a world class golf course, a equitation club, and a vacation atmosphere with that is what Coronado is all about. Coronado is the oldest and most developed beach community in Panama. While it boasts long, sandy and, often private, beaches, Coronados main draw is the fact that it offers convenience to vaca tioners and residents alike. service supermarket, and restaurants, as well as hardware stores, pharmacy, veterinary clinic, and, next year, medical clinic, eliminate the need to go anywhere else. You can swim in the morning, play 18 holes of golf in the afternoon, take an evening horseback ride on the beach, entertain at night, much better. T Tenindolo todo... Having it all


escapes 31 Located about 50 miles from Panama City, the bumpy road wonder what they are in for. After the bustle of commercial activity at the entrance, the one and a quarter mile ride to the security gate takes you past the Equestrian Club, site of international horse shows during the year which includes clad equestriennes reminiscent of colonial times. boyant trees line Coronados many winding roads; they add a riot of color and hide homes ranging from enormous Medi getaways. Condominium towers continue to pop up throughout the community, but they have not altered the overall, laid back, 365 days a year, vacation ambience. The golf course hosts annual championship tournaments and competitors and spectators alike enjoy the beautiful, bougainvillea clad, hotel located on the premises.


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escapes 34 Lands End Panama, perched on the south eastern point of the Azuero Penninsula, Pedasi is a tiny town making a big impact. Surrounded by hills that gently roll right down to the beach, it is a picturesque village which, in spite of its size, has a lot to offer. on a traditional plaza in front of a classical whitewashed citizen, which proudly watches over her birthplace. of hard working people whose livelihood depended on the sea. Today, the focus is still the sea, but it has evolved into a and sea turtles all visit the coastline waters. Snorkeling and E


escapes 35 and migratory birds, and its shallow waters contain an im pressive coral reef easy to snorkel and witness reef life. the world where Olive Ridley sea turtles nest. Thousands of sea turtles join them, including the Loggerhead, Hawksbill, and Leatherback, and return every year to lay their eggs in and October. Air Panama, Pedasi seems to have become a tranquil refuge enough infrastructure to provide a comfortable atmosphere. There are small grocery stores; a dive shop, a surf shop, a few restaurants and bars, banks, a library with internet life happens on the front porches of colorfully tiled roofed houses with well tended gardens. There are well planned developments and a real sense of community among those who have chosen to live there. Pe everyone understands the importance of the delicate cycle that sustains mankind at its very best; where mankind nur tures nature so that nature can, in turn, nurture mankind. Where to stay Donde quedarse Hotel Villa Camilla Precio / Prices $180 $300En el hotel Villa Camilla los mens son confeccionados diariamente y con los ingredientes ms frescos. Los huspedes pueden escoger entre cenar en la mesa de madera de Corotu disfrutando de la fresca brisa y rodeados de orqudeas y plantas tropicales o en un ambiente ms acogedor, en la terraza de la piscina.www.azueros.comAt Villa Camilla, menus are planned daily using the freshest ingredients. Guests may choose to dine at the Corotu wood dining table in the breezeway among the orchids and tropical plants or in a more intimate setting on the poolside terrace.


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escapes 38 have varying deposits of black sand. comes from the same source of volcanic rock formed when the isthmus rose out of the ocean millenniums ago. in the grey based sand; it can also be treacherously hot to walk on. itself is composed of a variety of iron rich, dark minerals, mostly magnetite, which erode and fracture into tiny par ticles. They become the shiny, heavy, black sand found on the beach. its weight allows it to stay on the beach while lighter, silica based, sand is more easily washed away by the waves. L


escapes 39 allows it to be easily molded into towers and forms. The next time you kids, or even without them, take a magnet along and see what interesting spiky shapes you can make. The magnet will attract the iron rich grains that, in turn, because of their own magnetic properties, attract more grains until you have a cluster of sand that will almost perform as it follows the magnetic force.


escapes 40 Un paraso insular que debera ser considerado rea protegida. Al poseer especies nicas en el mundo, la isla requiere algn grado de proteccin. An island paradise that should be considered a protected domain. With species of flora and fauna that are unique in the world, the island needs environmental protection.Escudo de VERAGUAS


escapes 41 El Escudo de Veraguas es parte del subproyecto del Corredor Biolgico Mesoamericano del Atlantico Panameo conocido como Manejo de la Reserva de Humedales de Damani e Isla Escudo de Veraguas. The Escudo de Veraguas is part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor of Panamas Atlantic coast.


escapes 42 rom the sky, a patch of green rises out of a turquoise ty is seductive and the waters that frame it are what art. nerable, yet miraculous. chicks while others jealously guard their nests, incubating bed with uncommon clarity. Canals and small inlets of shallow water show off carpets of intricate coral reefs and meadows of algae. Alongside, the inch of lowland space to grow healthy and well on the Es At certain times of the year, when the seas are calm, Ngobe Por / By Alejandro BalaguerFotos / Photos Alejandro Balaguer y Alex Schmid, cortesa Albatros Media


escapes 43 Naturaleza nica since time immortal. The Ngobes have presented their complaint and ob jections related to the possible sale of the island to the Environmental Commission, and they are will ing to take extraordinary measures to defend what is theirs. Renowned by science as a place inhabited by species found no where else on the planet, the possible ced ing of the land for the building of hotels could spell the end for this paradise.


escapes 44 Unique Nature The island possesses a variety of endemic species, like the three toed sloth, the amour plated rat, the Escudo bat, a salamander and the frog, Eletherodactylus ru birds and a humming bird native to the island.


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escapes 51 1 quart prepared shrimp ceviche 3 avocados, set aside 1 small bunch parsley, chopped 1 clove of garlic, minced cup white wine cup lime juice cup avocado oil (olive oil) 1 tsp. salt tsp. pepper individual glasses.) Garnish with avocado pieces, lime wedges and parsley, serve with pastry cups or crackers. PROCEDURE ELABORACIONCeviche de Camarn y AgucateShrimp and Avocado CevicheINGREDIENTS INGREDIENTES


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escapes 56 1. / bird missing in upper left hand corner shore / First palm tree from left to right missing / Rocks on left side are missing 5 / Extra rock on the shore / missing algae on the shore / Girl on beach is in a different place


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escapes 58 T ing in color from the palest of yellows, peaches, lavenders and pinks to the brightest of reds, fuchias 15cm.. The plants can be grown in pots or as shrubs; they can reach up to eight feet as small trees. Growing well er to look at but also boasts of medicinal properties. gion as an offering to the Goddess Kali and Lord Ganesha. that promote good digestion and have diuretic properties. Hibiscus is an ingredient commonly found in herbal teas. Here in Panama, especially on the Caribbean, it is used to make the popular drink, Saril, thought to be systematically restorative. The bark of the plant is used to make paper, twine and grass skirts. times. E Hibiscus Common name in Panama: Papo


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escapes 60 1. except for members of a religious order, students, Tourists and students will be able to apply for their visas 3. in a Consulate. People with a Residence Permit will not have to request a Multiple Entries Authorization. Up to the present time, Applicants will be able to follow up their requests. 5. 6. approved by the Electoral Court. and 60 working days have elapsed, your application will be considered approved. Please take into account that these are just a few of the changes that will take place. The Law will be regulated before Residence Permit. REFORMAS A LA LEY MIGRATORIA PANAMEA PANAMANIAN IMMIGRATION LAW AMENDMENTS A Residence Permit after that date, you shall consider the following:


escapes 61 Concept Panama is a company that assists people with their real estate and relocation needs. While the prospect of moving to a new country can be exciting and wonderful, it can also present a fair amount of challenges. At Concept Panama we not only help people find their piece of paradise we also help them coordinate the necessities of an international move. We work with an experienced law firm who specializes in real estate, immigration, corporations, and banking. We also know the right people to help coordinate anything from packing and shipping house-hold goods, to purchasing a car, or furnishing a house. No request is too big, or too small. Our goal is to make the transition of the relocation process go as smoothly as possible, while keeping the fun factor at the forefront.Concept Panama is an energetic, successful Company that has helped many people with their property and relocation needs. We would be delighted to help you, to! Jorge Luis Roldn licencia #0328 de 2002 Panam a Coast Rentalsw h e r e w e m a k e r e n t i n g a P a n a m a b e a c h h o m e a b r e e z e !H o m e s to R e n t A t P a n a m a C o a s t R e n t a l s, w e p r o vi d e :P l e a se l e t u s kn o w h o w w e c a n s e r ve yo u :w w w p a n a m a c o a st re n t a l s. co m p a n a ma c o a st r e n t a l s @ y a h o o co mK at hy K r es s K at hy K r es s ( 507 ) 678 6 0 854Mik e A nd r u s Mik e A nd r u s ( 507 ) 678 6 0 853 O t h er S ervices P an am a C oast R ent a l s a l so of f er s:P r o p e r t y m a n a g e m e n t f o r y o u r h o m e A r ch i t e ct u r a l d e si g n s f o r y o u r n e w h o m e o r r e m o d e l S u p e r v i si o n o f c o n st r u ct i o n p r o j e c C o n ci e r g e se r v i ce s R e f e r r a l s t o l o c a l r e l i a b l e b u si n e sse s d S p a n i sh. Pe r so n a l i z e d se r v i ce i n b o t h E n g l i sh a n Sp e ct a c u l a r co a st a l r e n t a l h o m e s t h a t a r e i d e a l f o r y o u r w e l l d e se r ve d b e a c h v a ca t i o n. A h o m e t o s e r v e a s y o u r b a se w h i l e y o u e x p l o r e t h e p o ssi b i l i t y o f j o i n i n g t h e co n t e n t e d f o l ks p u r ch a si n g a n d b u i l d i n g h o m e s i n t h i s g o r g e o u s r e g i o n. Fa st e a sy r e se r v a t i o n p r o ce ssi n g a n d r e l i a b l e co m m u n i ca t i o n b e f o r e a n d d u r i n g y o u r v i s i t. A v a r i e t y o f a d d i t i o n a l s e r v i ce s t o m a k e y o u r s t a y m e m o r a b l e.


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escapes 66 Sabas Qu? Did you knowLa primera mujer presidenta de Panam, Mireya Moscoso naci en el pueblo de Pedas en la pennsula de Azuero. Panamas first female president Mireya Moscoso was born in the town of Pedas on the Azuero Peninsula. Panamanian banknotes were printed in 1941 by President Arnulfo Arias. They were recalled shortly after; giving them the name The Seven Day Dollar. Since then the only banknote that has circulated in Panama is the U.S. Dollar. En 1941 el Presidente de Panam Arnulfo Arias orden la impresin de billetes de moneda panamea. Poco despus fueron sacados de circulacin, ganndose el nombre de el dlar de siete das. Desde ese entonces el nico billete que ha circulado en Panam es el Dlar de EEUU. En 1929 el servicio de correo areo entre Panam y Estados Unidos fue ingaurado por Pan American Airways y su primera entrega fue piloteada por el famoso aviador Charles Lindbergh. In 1929 air mail service between the United States and Panama was inagurated by Pan American Airways and the first delivery was piloted by Charles Lindbergh. El nombre de el centro de convenciones ATLAPA viene de la contraccin de los nombres Atlntico y Pacifico. Panamas main convention center ATLAPAs name comes from de contrac tion of the names of the two oceans that border Panama, the Atlantic and the Pacific. El nombre original de El Puente de las Americas era el Thatcher Ferry Bridge, nombrado as por el nombre del ferry que trasportaba a las personas en casi el mismo punto. The Bridge of the Americas original name was the Thatcher Ferry Bridge, named after the Ferry that transported people across the canal.Para mayor informacin sobre nuestras publicaciones: