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Title: Panache Jamaica (PJM magazine)
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Publication Date: June 2007
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VOL 1 ISSUE 1 2007
Brit Bran, Cooyah, Miami Heat
FWB 8 Maxie Department Store
Sex Shops
Tips For The Trip
The Honda Boyz Nigthmare
This an Outright Challenge!






The People Who Made This Issue Possible

PANACHE'JA is published six times per year.

PANACHE'JA isthe premier lifestyle magazine
for today's young Caribbean. I is the ideal
marketing medium fcr companies and
businesses who seek exposure among
consumers inthetargeted 18-35 age group Our
major distribution points are in the Kingston
and Portmore Metropolitan areas, although
publications will are accessible islandwide and
in some international cities.

We offer, as our name suggests, a healthy
serving of style and flair in each of our issues
Our features include articles promcting r: Tl-
of self, community initiatives for our yotth,
positive changes to our lifestyles and
provocative pieceson social issues.

With features showcasing fashion, personal
finance, career, relationship, love, sex, music,
the arts, entertainment and attotoname a few.

PANACHE'JA has a little bit of everything for
everyone. SoEn oy!

Trida Williamson. MANAING6, &DITOP.
L An ecdectie mis Tntcia isa Uocharrrt. Modd and Award-winning
Photographer. A graduate of the Uniersit of the West Indies. Mona, she it
the Founder and Managing ditor of PANALHCa'. Her crrent passions
indcud i apng pool and eMplring anmaica'd hidden gems.

Cishon Walter. WP.ITPE Tandsh Monteith, CONTPIBUTOP

hods a SB.c in Computer event planning and ctitomer
Scsnte. PAso. as he is an avid care. Tantash is a graduate
Nlssan lower he cant stand al of The Queen's High 6ehool
pou Honda drivers ou there. and a huge fan of One

Shawn Wiltshire. SVEt.IAL W OECTS DIU.C-TO

A past engineering major. Shawn is cir
degree at the University of Technolog. :
of Twins music and will drown his food

Illustrations provided by

Tricia Williamson


renity pursuing a Computer Science
ranilana. He loves photography Twin
n pieded peppa' on ani otawon.

The Printer

^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^HB --- ^1 --- M -- -- --^--BB _^^J^ ^

Visit us at www.panacheja.com fora full copy online.
Letters to the Editor can be sent to:
mail: P.O. Box 77, Westem District P.O., Kgn 20.
e-mail: tricia@panacheja.com

Tel: (876) 772-9298
Email: advertising@panacheja.com

General Info: info@panacheja.com

CALL US AT (876) 772-9298 or
Emailto info@panacheja.com.
ADD US TO YOUR LIST panache.jamaica@yahoo.com,

Head Office: 821. 10th BarracudaWay. Portmore. Jamaica.

Editor's Letter:: The First Ink

PANACHE'JA IS A STRONG BEAT,which GOD has allowed to be expressed through us
here at the magazine. In its conception there were many forms ranging from MUSHION
(fusion of music, fashion and entertainment) to GINGER T (a concept more socially
conscious and culturally aware of the issues facingJamaica's youth). Fortunately,back in
February of 2007, after enduringweeks of grueling and unsuccessful events in my personal
life, I finally decided that- that was it. It was time I saw this dream through to fruition.
Then one Sunday while reading, I came across theword "panache'". I knew what it meant
but there was just something that resonated with me. Whether it was the confidence of
style, the assertive flambouyance, or just the fact that it is a Frech word for which there
is no English equivalent- in the end it worked. And from that moment,the project became
the very real and the now tangible reality that you hold in your hands or view on the
internet today.

With the help of others like myself, the first issue came together like a mosaic. With
special features such as the "2007 Braeton United Gully Scrimmage Football League" and the "Honda Boyz Nightmare" it
was important in this endeavour that our men were not forgotten and could find something in our issue to which they could
relate and discuss. Along with our "Fashion Finds" feature for the fashionistas who love to look fabulous, an important
health piece focusing on "Uterine Fibroids" has been included as part of PANACHE' JA's commitment to highlighting issues
facing so many of our women and affecting their quality of life today.


No issue of PANACHE'JA would be complete without a dash of something fresh and new! and in this issuewe feature the fabulous
designs of the new urban T-shirt lineKRASHENO. Meanwhile, as we are a magazine of youngprofessionals, we aim to showcase in
each issue others like ourselves who are making a future for themselves in the world In this issue, our PANACHE' Professional is
the charming, Mr. Alex Knights. And as we aim to satisfy the needs of our ladies, we'd like you to meet Reinaldo Fletcher and
congratulate him on being our first PANACHE' Bachelor.

It is therefore with a proud smile and a thankful heart, that on behalf of everyone who made this dream possible- the writers, the
contributors, the advertisers, the consultants, the printer as well as you our readers, that I thankyou for sharing with us this very
rewarding inaugural issue and look forward to hearing from you and sharing with you the future.

'Til the next issue, visit us at panacheja.com and
live, love and keep your head up!

link me at: tricia@panacheja.com

PANACHE' JA is dedicated to my mother,
Clunis Patricia Williamson PANACHE'JA 6

Prisents the
Ocea n tpray Jamaia \Vlfst
i 2007
A Jjlpea irdna Id rdston

(th generation cranberry
grower does a very
informative presentation on
harvesting of cranberries.

Companies and businesses islandwide and from all
walks of life helped to make the Jamaica Wellfest
2007 a huge success- trust us it did sell off! Some
notable mentions were the booths of Nestle', the
Jamaica Cricket Association, Ocean Spray Comedy
Zone and of course, their Cranberry Bog.

With excellent performances from all the artistes,
no one could complain even with the downpour of
showers! Plus, having plenty of Ocean Spray to
dunk, Craisins to eat and healthy foods to enjoy
didn't hurt either.

So it is only fitting that PANACHE' proudly gives
this accomplishment a huge promotion! After all we
are number one in Ocean Spray consumption per
cap ita....worldwide!
.. wo 4 d. Craisins- sweetened
r. t dried cranberries!
lSo tasty and huge a
hit with the patrons
there just wasn't
enough to go

I. PC Sustainable Energy Tent
2. Little girl painting a masterpeice.
3. Lady enjoying the Roots
Underground performance.
4. 6irls waiting their turn to jump o
the trampoline.
5. Comdey Zone- ram to the Teel
and a bell full of laughs all day.
It. Baby playing peet-a-boo with
1. Kiddie CricKet underway fi


Wellfest 2007



Get The Look

Brit Bran 4
Shop n-tr2i. Portnire Mall
he place for your must have
items. pencil fo stl iris, that to die
for clutch plrse... Bri Bran is a
ashionista's paradise!

Shop iu. trorore Mall
Established since life...and going
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Portniore! Cooyah signature
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give jou a style that's fshionble
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Miami Heat 4
Shop 21. Portmore Mall
C.~dusivel fr the ladies. Miam
Heat is te sore to drape one's
self in the latest shoes, dresses
and accessories for hose who
are sleek 'n" dhi to gam

Fashion World Boutique
Shop 4. Portmore Mall
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Looking for
amaLing styles to complete tiat
perfect look then there is no other
boutique with a more exquisite
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For the ladies...
Lasual. dhic. sophisticated and glamorous sites allow you to
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Guys you are not forgotten...
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packaging that get
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Maxie Department Store
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Nlakxie Department Store

Success Strategies for New or Recent Grads
Provided byYahoo! HotJobs

Many students head to college thinlkng that they signed up for a four-
year delay of the realworld. Students who major in socializing often
miss an abundance of opportunities to develop the skills needed for
success after they graduate If you're a senior or recent grad, it's still
not too late to develop these skills.

Here are some tips to jum p-start your career:

Get out of the Classroom
Students get too wrapped up in scholastic that they lose sight of
other opportunities. Hence they spend their time learning theories of
this and that which have very little backup and are so abstract and
are meaningless in a real-world context.

Gain Solid Experience
The key is to get out of the classroom and get some practical
experience on your resume. Take courses that require project- and
community-based activities.

Rethink Grad School
Still not sure what you want to be when you grcw up, even after
college? Don't be lulled into thinking that grad school will provide the
answ ers.

Don't go to graduate school unless it is a professional school
and you are sure youwant it. Otherwise get a job or do a one- or
two-year service commitment, such as becoming an English
Teaching Assistant in Japan (http:/Avww jamaica.emb-japan.go

Getting a job is like graduate school, except that-'you learn
more, you build your resume, you can better explore your career
interests and, best of all, you get paid instead of paying that
amount to a graduate program. It is proven that sklls are better
developed by working. It allows you to naturally acquire the
qualities needed to succeed (diplomacy, initiative-taking, and

Many people do not give back to their communities, which is a
big mistake both careerwise and from a personal point of view.
Doing good (such as doing service work mentioned above) can
be great for both skill development and job exploration.

Experience whether it's volunteer or professional -- is an
essential complement to your degree for .ietrig ahead in the
world of w rk.

Funding Your
Future:: New

3. Pont buy a new car
If you were among those wi
old beti or had no car
buying a new one can be vet
Butt it s a costly mistato
Keep you on a tight bidga
Instead, buy a car that's to
and save nuff money! Mor
put towards a down payr

L1r .-. 2 1 Pay yoursedi first.
'. (Acet in th h*it of setting aide a spedfic
W7LliT "* amount of money each month for saving or
r i7 m..' invesng. Point fall into the trap of paying
T B'- lg~fIi everything else first with the intent to save
"' 3j''!- M LI. F what's let over. Dne effective strategy is to Ying a brand
".LBS. E INr .&1i,., sign up to have funds automatical new... could eep
.!r. r" rE i-l. d.deducted from your paychecK or chewing a tight
T~t w1 account and deposited into a savings or budget for
investment plan.

ho drove an
at al...then
ry appealing.
ihfat could
t for ears.
Sears old
ey you can
nent on a

i '1' II ll 1 11 t Mllpli l lIill ll \I1 t'l 1l;!I ill' T'I I lt im
by Taneish Monteith

SThe Time of the Wedding- morning or
afternoon to determine the length.
SColour- Ivory/ white/ coloured
SSize- Moststores offer alterations such as
hemline changes and other minor modifications
so as to make the fitis perfect.
Tipe of Cut that bestsuits the individual.
STipe of Material- Satin, Tulle,Organza....
S Availability of the Dress-ensure your
S co nsultant doesn'tdouble book your look.
. Set a Budget and be prepared to paij a deposit.
S Try them all on- even though ijou have an idea
o I wliatjou want,be open to suggestions from the
p o lessional bridal salon staff.

For further advice and the styles you desire. Visit
Beautiful Brides & Mr. Tux,7th Avenue Pbza, Kgn 10

Top 10 Wedding Style Trends In Jamaica
by Taneish Monteith
S athedraLTraiL- Perfect for making that grand entrance
2) ohort Length/ Beach \/adding
S ) Strapess/ Adjustable S raps/Jacckets- these newness in
neckLines rangefrom i aile rnsp;red ka[l er5 ft romantri sweetheart
-j) The Pick-Up Skirt-a '.cr-um;rious baLL gown s5kiLrt ith yards oF Lux
Fabric Lifted 'nri el egan tucLs and foWds.
1 5) Jcrsette- WittCd to you to ensure you LooL great from every angLe
6) Mermaid/ Fish TaiL Pressesd.
7) 2 L-cur'e accent- bLue, claret/red. pink, black 5
Ne.uhite Lavender Loosh beyond the white and ivorAI...hues
::n range from 5of past Ls f- rich shades
) OfF The Shoulder/ SphaghetJ _brap / _."apless
) Laceack or Embroidered Dresses
m IC) \imple \/he i Lheioue:te Dresses

Need III iu out:wwwdavidsbidal.com and www.weddingchamndel.com PARACHE'JA 14

- ] l The Honda Boyz Nightmare

This is an outright challenge to any Honda man, anyone a oonuh, to design
a : L. from the Honda camp, with similar spec of course, that can compare ....
to my brainchild from a company that is really serious about performance,
NISSAN. Yes, you heard correctly folks, I did say Nissan. This motor
company really has some go fast goodies, and it is incumbent on us as auto
tuners to take from our preferred manufacturer and fit them together in
the ways that the speed-gods had originally intended.
I dare any of these Honda boyz to find any engine from Honda that can
provide in excess of 200 horsepower from factory. Right away the new
school Honda yute dem start to think about the precious K20a: 1998cc,
220hp @ 8000rpm, but watch dem face start looking confused &
flustered when mi seh the CC rating must not exceed 1600, lol. Yes folks it
is possible. The stock SR16ve produces 173 horsepower @ 7800rpm,
without NOS or boost & the SR16ve N1 does 197hp @ 7800, not quite
the 200 milestone that we were shooting for initially but a free flow intake
& exhaust would remedy that situation cheaply & easily. This is in excess
of 200 hp from a stock engine, put that in the light weight Nissan body of
choice the B13,.... The S e
The SR16ve N1 Engine

OO The Honda Boyz Nightmare

preferably the HB13 that's GTS version (stock with 4 wheel discs, bucket seats & the general race theme in the upholstery &
sexy ass steering wheel) .... for the uninitiated that is the famous Nissan Sunny, or Nissan taxi. At about 23001bs as the curb
weight, and about 19001bs without engine, this is a tuners dream, add to this a limited slip speed dose ratio gear box and of
curse the general must have after market products: light weight 15" rims (not 17" as them big shoes bastards weh the Honda
tuners building), lighten radng dutch (redu dng the weight of any rotating mass can only better afford you power), as mention
before free low intake, 2 12" exhaust pipe & capped off it a nice mellow sounding muffler drum. To push it to the extreme
we could go for the ignition upgrade, performance plugs (nothing fancy, maybe just four double tip platinums) & plug wires,
strut bar to keep the chassis from flexing around those mrners (thought we were only going to build it to run on thedarg strip
..... wrong), coilovers to keep the power to the ground (cause nuff a dem honda yute deh building crazy power but dem
can't get thepower to the ground ...... worth while investment).
Wait, how di place get suh quite..... Honda man dem stop talk to rhatid. Neva knew that cmuld happen. Anyway, for those
brave enough to find any weakness in this build-up, just try, and after you have failed one can only hope that you will be
inverted. Most folks did not even know that such an engine existed, the SR16ve, yes it mmes stock in the N15 Nissan Pulsar
VZ-R & B14 Nissan Ludno VZ-R but the real serious performer is found in the Nissan Pulsar VZ-R N1 and Pulsar VZ-R N1
SSS. Also, the ve in SR16ve might be new to some folks, it took a while but this is Nissan answer to the VTEC from Honda,
the engine is actually called Nissan SR16ve NEO VVL which means that this engine belongs to the notorious SR family, it is
1600cc & it mines with Nissan Eclogy Orientated Variable Valve Lift and Timing which in regular English simply means
Honda's death day is today, RIP.
Kishon Walker is an amateur tuner & a member of the SRalliance. Link him at kishon@panacheja.com

baton iouse (Art Iaherj)
5-1 hLgby iPart Road (5 ids Yort 'C z). Y n
Dbpn Mond,1 a tI SalurdYs 1tOo im tob e pm
TeI: 7154-516q maiI:jamaicguil phoo.nm

Why is it coo\?
Oation House is an old Tanhaican Courthouse restored and
transformed into a quaint and lovely art gallery showcasing
works of emerging and established artists. With its warm and welcoming setting you
can dhill with friends in a relied atmosphere while browsing the pieces on display.

A Loot Sact In Time
"he buidling was erected in the mid 19th Centurl. It is centrally located in the Half-Way-Tree area of St. Andrew on the corner of tHagley ParK
Road and Marfield Avenue.
The architecture of the building is 6eorgian. It i a well balanced building witi louvered windows, side verandahs, timber columns, wooden
jalousies and sash windows. 'there is an underarch-way which had originally been opened for better ventilation. he floors ar made of wood.
Since being buit the house has served a variety of purposes. It was at one time a travelers rest for soldiers from Spanish Town, a school, and a
guest house. In the 05os it was sold to the ICSAC. and used as a fire station in fhe 1ILos.
Until recently, the building was unoccupied and was in a state of disrepair. Artist. Lois Lake Sherwood and family. refurbished the building and
the area, cdled DaKton Par was made into an entertainment complex the upper section of OaKton House was provided by the Sherwoods, as a
space for the amanica liuild of Artits to house its galleryy, Gilft Shop and Se retariat.
The OaKton House has been officially opened since January 222oo.PA E 17


- * ,*
' .* .. A .-
C !: - .-^"

Photographs by



What is your purpose? What are you here to do?

Howwell can you answer these questions? Do you know your purpose in life? Ifthis question
is a challenge for you, then give this book a read and let us knowwhat you think at

The Purpose Driven Life is an advice book written by Christian author Rick Warren. The
book has been number 1 on the Kingston Bookshop Best Seller List and was the best
selling book in the world for 2003, 2004, and 2005. The book offers readers a 40-day
personal spiritual journey, and presents what Warren says are
God's five purposes for human life on Earth.

if The book is intended to be read as a daily inspiration, with each of
PURPOSE the forty short chapters read on consecutive days. Each chapter
R contains a personal application section at the end with a "point to ponder," a verse to
D remember, and a question to consider over the course of that day. Rick Warren has described
his book as an "anti-self-help book." The first sentence of the book reads, "It's not about you,"
and the remainder ofthe chapter goes on to explain how the quest for personal fulfillment
satisfaction, and meaning can onlybe found in understanding and doing
what God placed you on Earth to do.

The Purpose Driven Life is available at major bookstores island wide. So
give it a read today!
FA rI H-IE "A 20

Name: Alex Knights
Age: 25
Hometown Rancho Quernado, Trini cad
University attended: University of the West Indies, Mona
Degree obtained Actuarial Science
Occupation: Actuarial Analyst Retirement
Errployer's Name: Watson Wyatt Worldwide

What exactly do you do inyourwork? Pension plan valuations,
pension plan designs, mergers and acquisitions, government filings
for pension plans.
Why doyou love doingwhatyou do? It's always interesting. Its
always different. The opportunity exists to use personal skills and
intellect to complete and manage several projects
Where doyou see yourself in 5 years? I see myself having my
Fellow of the Society of Actuaries designation and being a
consultant. I hope to find ny niche at that time and become a
specialist in w hateve r that may be.
Hobbies? or Interests? Spinning, gospel music, television, trying to
get/keep fit
What do you love most aboutyour personal life? I love having
God at the centre. Everything else automatically works itself out.
How doyou give back to your community? I work with kids.



Favourite quote -II: l
I, I I .I-,,' [

-i-i - .r-,. .i ..- r I

rie.. r r-.:r-, r n r..-i r r
i- n. r :[ :ii :.ui : i :

Anything special about
yourself you'd like to add?
TrUi: i, .:.[ r -ill l: :..I m rr -ef
,.,,J [ I' 1 : I n- J II h -l i[ : -ili-r
.:-u [ -, le.i -e -n [ ln-'i- .i t C u l.[ -
ri.:- 1 er e ~r T ar, o re c --l : ul
limits I,'n na[ :u m a. 1: "r I
E. I- r rr- : : r-r:m l 1 1-,
I Il: mt-l'nr n-it cur
*:n u r-ct -in :.-: rli 1l- -
t .. 1:. L- - li I-, [
u-. ,:, ri,.nt) a r- .: .:.rirr.:l
S,:ur fjijre Thir, tE'

Lw r

Surviving Parne! rterviews

What is it?
In this interview, you
appear before a committee
or panel of interviewers. It
has increasingly become
the popular method of
choice due to its abilityto
multi-task interviewing
procedures, usually
including all those involved
in the hiring decisions,
allowing them the
opportunity to meet,
question and later discuss
each candidate,


Why panel interviews are
the most stressful
* It involves facing
several decision makers
simultaneously (3 or more)
rather than just convincing
one or two.
* Panel interviews make
trying to relate to the
interviewer almost difficult,
if not impossible.
SYou will feel
outnumbered, because....
you are.
* You may feel like you
have no control over the
situation. But that's where
we can help you get
through it.

How to approach, survive and succeed
1) Preparation for any interview is still key: study the
job description to pinpoint what it is they are looking for,
know your resume', ask meaningful questions, dress
appropriately, practice common interview questions and
be conscious of your body language.
2) Bring with you an outline of key elements about
yourselfthat need mentioning.
3) VWite down the namesofwho is interviewing you in
the order ofwhich they are seated.
4) Cross reference the answer of one question with a
previous one.
5) Make small notations of each person's concerns.
Even though they are a team and have one common
goal, each has differentiating concerns.
6) Though difficult maintain eye contact. Focus on
speaking to each person equally and focus intently
towards the one that asks the question.
7) Remember that you are an asset to the business.
So stay positive, walk in with a smile, relax, remain calm
and answer each question thoroughly and effectively.

Formore advice visit humanresources.about.com and www.interviewstrategies.com


Relationship with Self::: Handling The Underbelly of Unemployment

Here are some tips to liftyour spirits:

* Consider each employment rejection as a step
towardyour dream job. Job searching is a numbers game.
Therefore, the more job rejections you collect, the doser
you are to an offer.

* Remember that you have the power to change your
attitude and your perspective. Focus on the aspects of
your life that are stable and positive. Make a list of what
you are grateful for and add to it every day.

* Learn to think about yourself in a new way. The
career transition process can be a time of personal and
spiritual renewal if you pay attention to the ways you
have grown and what you have learned.

* Measure yourself by your own standards. Avoid
comparing yoursdf to others. You are the only person
you need to please, and your opinion is the only one that
really matters.

* Beware of negative self-talk. Notice what you are
sayingto yourself as you move through your search. Your

mental dialogue can boost your esteem or dragyou down.

* Seek the assistance of a qualified physician if your
sadness feds very profound and does not seem to be getting

* Contribute a few hours each week to making your
community a better place. Helping others tends to have a "pay
forward" effect. You endup feeling better.

* Try some newjob-hunting behaviors and methods. Often
jobseekers get in a nit and only use one or two avenues to find
work. Consider using at least seven different strategies. These
could include networking, internal company vacancies, your
alumni office, professional associations, want ads, the
Internet, direct mailings, going to a dass related to your
target, getting career counseling temporary employment...
and many more.

* Get enough sleep, eat good food, and exercise. Basically,
remember everything your mother told you about staying
healthy and taking good care ofyourself.
-www.jobjournal.com PANACHEIA 23

ThTips For The Sex Shop Trip

If you are interested in buying sex toys, condoms, lingerie,
lubricants, books or anrhinq else that may serve to change your
sex life, then a sex shop is where you want to be.

If you have never been inside a sex shop, then you Tr,! have
visions of S&M or scantily-clad women. You couldn't be more
wrong. Sex shops look like any other store, except that the
products they sell happen to revolve solely around sex.

So if you're ready to head on down to a shop to do some
browsing, and perhaps even make a purchase, here are some
suggestions you may want to consider first.

1 Browse sex toys online beforehand
It is advisable to do some research at a virtual store before
you head to a real shop. Check out what sex toys that the
online shops have to offer and, when you find what you like,
make a note of the product name and the manufacturer. Then
head on down to the shop and make your purchase.This way,
you won't have to wander around aimlessly and you will have

an idea of what to expectat a real sex shop.

2-Go with girlfriend
Whether it's your girlfriend or just a friend (although a ilirltrien-l is
preferable), a woman may help you feel more comfortable in this
environment as ,.,u'll have someone to communicate with about the
different products.

3- Don't passjudgment
When you walk into the shop and the salesperson says, 'H,"
reciprocate the greeting. This isn't a covert operation; there's a
demand for these shops, otherwise they wouldn'texist.
As well, don't pass judgment on other shoppers; they may be
newcomers or veterans, but regardless, a sex shop client is not a
whore or a gigolo. And neither are you. But even if you were, people
wouldn't know it just because you're at asex shop.

Consult the help, act natural and, of course, shop when the place is

4- Consult a salesperson
The people who work at sex shops are familiar with all the
products in the store, so don't be shy -- ask for help. Sex toys
can get expensive, so you should be vell-informed before you
make any purchase; I'm pretty sure there's a no-return policy.
And if you don't understand the purpose of a certain item,
again, feel free to ask.

5- Act natural
If you think something is comical, it's OK to show it. The first
time that I went to a sex shop, I laughed a whole lot, but I did
so discreetly. Don't worry; the salespeople are used to it. Even
if you think you've seen everything, you haven't. Nothing is

6- Head there when it' empty
While there is no guarantee that there won't be anyone there
at any given time, weekends and evenings will usually reap
more clients than, say, early Tuesday rmcrring. If you're
painfully shy about going to a sex shop for the first time, try
heading there on a weekday so that you can fully understand
how the establish me n t works.
Advice provided by AskMencom

For those of us not able to
shop online at victoriassecret.
com or fy out to get it at the
store...the sex shops...sorry
lingerie boutiques with adult
toys here in Jamaica isourone
stop shop.
Where's your favourite place
to shop, tell us at

What do you look for in a ioman?
The most importantqualities I look for in a
woman ate honesty and understanding.
Honesty is vital because without trust a
relationship has no foundation, that is, there is
no love. In understanding, there should be no
fear to communicate on a particular matter. I
also look For a woman that is affectionate,
ambitious, considerate, down to earth, honest
and has a good sense ofhumour cause I loveto
give jokes.

What do you think is most appealing
about you? I am quiet, which means I tend to
be secretive. Sometimes a little mystery can let
females have a different perception of me. It's
interesting when an element of surprise is
created, as it makes the females anticipate more.
In other words, expect the u expected. x

reprenuers::: Interview with Advertising Jamaica

PANACHE: So Alyssia when I hadyou pinned
as a promoter, I was right, just hadyou pinned in
the wrong industry. Tell me what is "Advertising
Jamaica" and when was it formed?
Alyssia The question shouldn't be a matter of
what but more along the lines of how. Advertising
Jamaica is a unit that was designed specifically for
the purpose of showcasing Jamaica in its purest
form while using the latest technology to achieve
this goal. Our objective is in essence to catalogue
products that show a different side of Jamaica the
"Real Life" perspective.

PANACHE: Who are the founders of this
company?Tel me more about yourselves.
Alyssia The founder of the company is Robert
Farr. He's smart, driven and has a vision for an
agency that can bring first world advertising to a
third world country. The country has a wealth of
talent and we at Advertising Jamaica intend to
make our products finn competitors in the global

PANACHE: Why did the two of you decide to
partner in this venture?
Alyssia: Well I came to find out about the company
when Robert and I began dating a year and a half
ago, and it was our mutual love of graphic design
that prompted thepartnership

PANACHE: Currently, what products does
Advertising Jamaica offer?
Alyssia Right now we provide webpage design,
postcards and the company houses a line oft-shirts
called Krashendo Apparel.

PANACHE: As a new company, everybody tells
you, "don't worry, the first year is always the
hardest". What other advice have you received so
Alyssia We get advice from many different angles
every day.M ost of it comes in the form of criticisms
of our products and at this stage all criticism is
constructive. We take all of it into consideration and
use it to improve upon our products.

PANACHE: Let's talk about your "Advertising Jamaica" postcards. Who does the photography
for that product line? What areas/ categories do the cards feature?
Alyssia: Robert and I are the photographers for the line. To be frank, we got tired of seeing
postcards with images that the entire Jamaica couldn't relate to; images of long white-sand beaches
with foreigners enjoying them, images that could just as easily be any of the many other Caribbean
islands. So we decided to create a line that would show more of Jamaica's culture and indigenous
features. That being said it's a little difficult to list out all the different categories that our cards

PANACHE: How much do your postcards cost?
Alyssia: Retail, our cards go for sixty Jamaican doll ars.

PANACHE': Where can people go to purchase these novelties?
Alyssia: Within a month (May 2007) our cards will be available in most pharmacies and gift-shops
across the island.

PANACHE': Krashendo! Krashendo! Krashendo!...I love that name. How did you come
with it?
Alyssia: The word 'Krashendo' (kra-shen-do) is actually the pronunciation of the word
crescendo, meaning a gradual increase in volume, intensity, or power. This speaks to our
intention to continually improve upon our designs and increase the power behind their


PANACHE': For our readers, Krashendo is your new
line of urban design T-shirts that you are currently
launching. Tell me, what inspired you to do Krashendo?
Alyssia: To be very honest, I just love graphic
designing and I had dozens of designs that people kept
sEying would be great on t-shirts, so I decided to run
with it.

PANACHE': Like with any new business, funding is
key. Just how costly is it to go into this business?
Alyssia: VERY!! There is no other way of putting it,
but when you have a baby that you know will be a
successyou invest allyou have in it.

PANACHE': Where do you source your shirt- locally
or abroad?
Alyssia: We are always looking for better quality shirts
at better prices, but currently we source our shirts
abroad and have them printed locally.

PANACHE': What type of shirts do you offer and in
what sizes?

Alyssia: We are putting the designs on all styles oft-shirts
fiom ringers to v-necks, andin all sizes.

PANACHE': Do you caterto females/ males/both?
Alyssia: We cater to both sexes and we have designs that
are masculine, some that are feminine, and some that can be
appreciated by both.

PANACHE': Who is your target market forKrashendo?
Alyssia: If you wear t-shirts consider yourself included, we
definitely have styles for everyone.

PANACHE': Finally, why should Jamaica make you their
newbrand of choice,why should they buy Krashendo?
Alyssia: If there were a way to hypnotize the Jamaican
public to make them buy our brand it would be all too easy.
The most we can say is that we are offering them an
alternative to the mainstream, one that is not exclusive and
will suite their individualtastes.

Want more information on Krashendo link us at
info@panacheja.com. PANACHEJA 29

PANACHE': What is the price range of the T-shirts you
Alyssia: Depending on the style of the shirt and the size of
the print, the shirts range in price from $800 to $1500.

PANACHE': Where can people reach you for more
information and to purchase your items?
Alyssia: We can be contacted through the Advertising
Jamaica webs ite www.advertisingjamaica.com, our email
address Krashendo.apparel@hotmail.com or our
MySpace account www.myspace.com/krashendoapparel.

PANACHE': Finally, why should Jamaica make you their
new brand of choice, why should they buy Krashendo?
Alyssia: If there were a way to hypnotize the Jamaican
public to make them buy our brand it would be all too easy.
The most we can say is that we are offering them an
alternative to the mainstream, one that is not elusive and
will suite their individual tastes.

For more on the interview goto www.panacheja.com

Advertise Your Business Here!

L1 According to the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (:I:NI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, 60%of Jamaican uomenare
r] overeig ht!
By the year 2025, 55 per cent of Jamaicans will be
7 / suffering from diabetes, it is therefore PANACHE's
commitment to promoting ways to change our
increasingly sedentary lifestyles and improve our
quality of life.

95% of diabetes in Jamaica is type II or directly
related to having too much fat (being overweight).

Challenge: The Potrtnm Hill
A favourite for walkers during the cool of the early
morning and laL afternoon. The hill is a true test of
endurance. With three varying degrees of difficulty
( literally, as one section of the path is almostatan 45
degree inclination), the hill offers a real workout to all
those seeking an alternative to the gym.

Entrance to go up the hill is located adjacent to the
Braeton Petcom Service Sta tion, Portmore.
Make A Change Today, For Your Tomorrow.

Ilt l'il'i iiLI' .l i .-ji -- tr i- II ,I [ .I -rlm on
I I, ... I I -..U II I II 1 .1-1 u l- 1 1 1.l ir . J -
.iI r I .I I- h l -l ll ,3 l i .r I
ir- r iri. i.l 'rl . rm in l r .' ir .rr.; iin,
-IT *n IT .: c- 1 r *:. 3 : -1-1 . :.r
:,:, E r:r in- r r. i i-it 3jr *ji'T l r ri: I
1Hg" "r, *... r ir rlc ha- e gr. ri, L.irr, j i



The Braeton United Lbully Scrimmage
Football League Kicied off its 9th season
on Easter Monda, April 9th, 2.001!
It culminates on Independente DPa, August
6eth, 2o00 and is open to participation from
any team in and outside of the city of
Established in 111S, by its founder and
chief organizer, Mr. Orville "Chippy" Irons,
the league was conceptualized to provide a
sustainable solution for youth development
IrMthe surrounding communities.
Ai ii thi'iA.s there and proudly offers
.llj tih ts Hh d..s ai. eas !


]l'_'"'=:lJ- i";-Ji J i~ K .......~i1~ 9 : ic


A i



LI I 1!


T~' tl"

Li 4

Braeton United Culp
Scrimmage Football League



Sponsors of the league are Major of Portmore, Mr. George Lee; Member
Mr. Errol Williamson; Mr. Barnes, Petcom Service Station (Braeton) and

of Parliament, Mr. Fitz Jacrson; TI Landidate,
Dr: Lampbell of the Braeton Medical Centre.

The League's
1 Planning Committee
has five executives:
Orville Irons, Mrs.
Tmrtman, Shawn
Wiltshir., Tricia
Witliamson and the

'"ig Upr" to The 'rixton BDoys Sound!


., '.. .. .
Fl.L11 kz aa 'R

~ i-~. c ? la


Beuty::Don't Malice Your Skin::

Many of us forget that our skin needs a healthy dose of
attention and routine care. We seem to only remember
it when we want something....such as "no acne!", "no
blemishes!" and "please glow!". Its time to give back
and this is the routine to ensure that you do.

1) Cleanse- with a liquid soap and lukewarm water to
remove dirt and oils.
2) Tone- Toners remove the last traces of cleanser and
restores the skin's pH so that it won't over-secrete or
under-secrete oil.
3) Exfoliate- This removes the buildup of dead skin
cells that causes breakouts. Smoothing the skin's surface
allows for the even absorption of treatment.
4) Steam-Steam your face once a week for 5-10
minutes. Adding chamomile in the water helps as well.
Allow the steam to cool and place towel over head for
a tent like effect.
5) Facial masks- Revitalize and tighten the skin.
Cucumber slices over the eyes are still classic soothers

::Spa Ideas To Try At Home::

Avocado Dry Skin Masque
Beat the yolk of an egg until It Is light and frothy,
then add the mashed pulp of a half avocado,
blending It well Spread the avocado mixture over
the face and neck evenly; relax on a slant board or
bed fora bout 20 minutes. Remove with warm
waterand a face cloth, followed by a rinse of cold
water ora mild skin lotion. The result should be a
marked Improvement in skin texture, and all-
around revitalizing,
Avocado Oily Skin Masque
Put the white ofan egg, a
teaspoon of lemon juice, and the
mashed pulp of a half avocado
Into a blender, In seconds, you
should have a lovely green mixture. Wash your
face and neck thoroughly, then apply masque
evenly on those areas. Relax for 20 minutes;
remove with tepid waterand a face cloth. Follow


Couture For Your Decor


Sr" 'I

:::StraEght frow. the catwaoLto dour couch:::

Start with a neutral
pallette as your base,
such as white or ivory,
taupe or natural greens.
Make sureyour larger
pieces of furniture or
expensive purchases are in
these neutral colors, so
they'll stand the test of

Now go ahead and
add some color. Small
area rugs and throw
blankets, pillows and
table linens are great
candidates for punches of
color. If your favorite
color changes with the
seasons, these items are
easy to trade in and out.

Another way is
to use flora in
your decoratingis,
green star apples
piled in a wooden
bowl, or candles
nestled in a platter
of dried kidney

Don't be
Do be eclectic.
An overly
coordinated room
lacks personality
and interest.


Think in threes, fives and
sevens...perfect balance and
symmetry is formal and
traditional. Put things at
different heights so you have
an interesting horizon. Cluster
your accessories, do not line
them up like soldiers.


3 _garli s p ,Et Good

,*, LiL



Combine5 waer S~wd ont re ios S hmcule alc
salt, aidallsicei i saucepan. Sring Soboil.Red

boilI. IS .. S I 5a

5~e 55 to5 8S irsi''i~s Srvn



L, Ocean Spray
A Poinsettia Mimosa


3 or 4 tangerines (optional)
Maraschino cherries (optional)
3 cups Ocean Spray cranberry juice, chiller
1/4 cup orange juice
2 tablespoons cherry syrup
1 sparkling apple juice, chilled

1. For tangerines,use a thin sharp knife to thinly
peel the tangerines (refrigerate fruit forAmbrosia).
Trim peel to form about 6-inch-long spirals. Race a
tangerine spiral in each chilled martini glass Place
1 or2 maraschino cherries in each glass.
2. In a pitcher, combine cranberry juice, orange
juice and syrup
3. For each serving, pour about 1/4 cup cranberry
juice mixture into each glass Add about 1/4 cup
sparkiling juice, filling glass nearly to the top.
Gently stir and serve.
Makes 12 to 14 (4-ounce)servings.

3 large oranges
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons rum (optional)
1 cup pineapple chunks
d 1 starfruit, sliced
1 mango and/or papaya, peeled, and
1/2 cup toasted coconut
1 papaya, seeded and sliced lengthwise
Whipped cream



1. Peel and section oranges over a small bcw I to reserve juices. Stir
sugar and rum, if using, into orange juice until sugar is dissolved. In a
large mixing bowl combine the orange sections, pineapple chunks, star
fruit slices, and mango and/or papaya slices; drizzle with orange juice
mixture Stir gently to coat. Cover and chill for 1 to 24 hours, stirring
J-iit once or twice
2 To serve, arrange a long slice of papaya in each dessert dish. With a
slotted spoon lift fruit mixture into dishes atop the papaya slice. Topw ith
whipped cream and sprinkle ith toasted coconut.
Makes 6 to 8 servings.

For excellent party planning tools and e-invites check outwww.evite.com. It's an absolute gem!







__E ha"a

Can you guess where in Jamaica and in what
decade this picture (left) was taken? Give
you a hint its somewhere in Kingston and it
was probably before you were born.

Do you have the answer to that question or
pictures of Jamaica from way back when?
Then send them in with information on the
location and date to:
photoj ournal@p anachej a. com

A Cool Nestle Saturday

Boys & Girls
Champs 2007

Boys & Girls
Champs 2007



Othe Rtis aoff



Ip 'lp c ..-
vwS I

Ocho~ lhos --?

4: ;wj,:X-hfim"a~

Ocho Rios a




,,,~d~fiu Jie e -E w us 4f 4, 44 "

z2-1-/ .- -/ ..1..4_ ..-. .-.. I.. l.'. "

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