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Title: Annals of Augusta County, Virginia
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Title: Annals of Augusta County, Virginia with reminiscences illustrative of the vicissitudes of its pioneer settlers, biographical sketches of citizens locally prominent, and of those who have founded families in the southern and western states, a diary of the War, 1861-'5, and a chapter on reconstruction
Physical Description: vii, 374 p., 1 p. of plates : maps (1 folded) ; 25 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Waddell, Joseph Addison, 1825-1914
Publisher: Wm. Ellis Jones
Place of Publication: Richmond, VA
Publication Date: 1886
Subject: Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877) -- Virginia   ( lcsh )
History -- Augusta County (Va.)   ( lcsh )
Genealogy -- Virginia   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on the Internet.
General Note: Includes index.
Statement of Responsibility: by Jos. A. Waddell.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00098480
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 02687660
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oclc - 2687660


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A'.l^'A L ~" AiT'iST7 !I" RIC I IA


Jos. A. V iddnll



Augusta County, Virginia





..... .... .


The chiirf cc:[ ,,1 hli- SiiprIlemnen is mri pr"ne sorn' a,:-
count of numny pioncer eillvrr of A'gtiia :couiii,' and their
immediate dec n.lIcrants. It would d In,- niip.:.sible, wit inl aln',
revaonaldlr linimis, to incli-le the riliiiing eeileraticl( n iand. hence
the niamres of lis in p.rs,:'ns are g..-n:rall, i,."iiiii:i-l. rhe writer
r-.recrl tliact ,h 'annot [.re. t l r,- -v.kr chlie .' -,[her ancient and
\uOrth\v lamilic:.s. -ich a-, Lh Andt.er.:n,. lcin'chrst I Il H inite-s,
Kerr=, McPh Feter:'s:, Milhlrs. F'.ii:-r-,:,n-., I'l-. i.ri. W\ .ilker,, ec:.
The ere-aloies ,f ,'ral s:, :1 ,Ilot .1n m-I u, i l dlisin4.mi? hed
fainli:s- Le' is, ['ire si'n, Hoi : si.on, ec.-arr- :nminttd. beic. s.e
the\y' are gi\e'i fully in cothi'r public.iLio'n.. Fo*r much i aliab hi:
assi.i.i.nc- the A ricer i- irdeb:ted .. l acob Fuller, F.- ,. Liblrarian
of W\\'shiiiton in.l Lt-. Unri\.rity\, and especially to i.... Alice
Trimble. of Nrw Viernna, Ohi.:.
A. W.
' ',,to .', i ;z., .l/,a, 4 8.,S.



E ,rl., :.: I' .. t .. .. ... .. . '-

,-,,* r : l |..,r.: [ ._ i .-" l l : . . . .. .. ... '9
T i,_- i_ Ilnll_.l_,_- i 39 6
T I ,: i ,:, ,,= .. . . . . . . ,,.-,

Mrs. Floyd's Narrative ......................................... 401
The Floyds ................................................. 404
The Logans................................................. 404
Colonel William Fleming.................. .... .............. 406
T he Estills............................. ... ............. 407
Colonel W illiam W hitley............ .. .................... 408
The Moffetts ...................... ......................... 408
The Aliens.................................................. 410
The Trimbles ................... ......................... 411
Fort Defiance.................... .............................. 4 'l
The Smiths................................ ................. 13
The Harrisons, of Rockingham ................................. 41
The Alexanders and W ilsons .................. .. .............. 4'
The Raid upon the Wilson Family............................ 417
The Robertsons........................... ...... .......... :.
Treaties with Indians ......................................... 1-'i
The McKees ................... ............................. I::
The Crawfords. ............................................ 4:
The Bells ....................................... ..............
Capture and Rescue of Mrs. Estill and James Trimble............ .
Massacre of Thomas Gardiner and His Mother ................. 4
Some Curious Orders of Court .................................
The Acadian French-Alexander McNntt........................ 4.)
The Cunninghams ............................................. 1:
The Poages .................... ........................... 4.
Revolutionary W ar Measures ................................... .44
An Incident of the Revolution .................................. 7
Andrew Wallace .............................................. 1.
Thomas Adams ............................ ................
Errata ......................... ..............................
Captain William Moore.......................................... :..
Colonel John Allen ................ ....................... ... 4 ..,
Emigration to Kentucky-Perils by the Way ................... 4:.
Hanging for Horse-Stealing............ ....................... ..4
A Night Alarm...... ........................................... 456
The Black Hawk War......................................... 457
The Hunter Raid ................ ............................ 457
Travels About Home..................................... ... 458


Augusta Countv, Virginia.



Th-.: Count) CL urt '. I'rI .;: A. '- op ien i --I.ir 21, .i jand .,iio
Ih jIIhe I : i- ; h1 i ,cliu i ill the C -.in,-11 ., n :i'f ili -i'e' ." --aot,:> bi -7.n. -
ernor Gr.och. '%cr la i., [:.irilur., ir\ T-1 i r, IOr. ist Hue. M..r- n
tIltr in. i. l'i ni rn i :orLn.r in, thie 11l. 'i.:l .,hi i Sinllil
l n ,,:-w la-_i,,,r as1 i- -gr, irI l -h, r ,, ,.o ern...r ofines '.arl-.,.ur ind
Ij.i l,: i p ;-,rL..:ai r
/,cth.i r:. T )l. :r .. r- rhi,- .r.ira dl. either i .' tihi- i \ell'it- Pre.idJcnt :l tihe
U nitd l.l- iil" lh, tt.i-, i. 0l1 -
loistl Hlii (,e '' e 1 ,. In,] 31.'r-:jr M :n i In.lan ed in hl-i Irccr \.ill. .
T I-: l.-ii'r .i, i i .. '' \\ -i-'; A. I 'iit i 2r (t ii s aidi r.m :.-.
Irom I'i I' I I. rl .i Ln \. i .'I. l l[i l, *.-r v: '-ic:1l th-: irst ch Iin iin ih \ 1ill;v
s ltl' h ,,1 if : i'Alum .i... nii i ir, the 4,i'-nt C -It\ o. [. rlcl'\ l H e
,ilso ercted the fir:i Fpisc.-p il c-huirch i inth \' ll ih, i. 17.. -. t thi
ili ce no_ called c r:unLl;er llill. Hi- dli- in l I-6. l i g a on of the
.11110C' fari .
Accordiril,: t.o mr,idijori, Co:Ilonel .:.hn Le\iis nie( i.eiii iini l.:rl erde in
llliiiml. urg in i -36, iiin] in'. in hmi hi .ii i.:.-iiir:im n'. limn lin:,m which h
led it thlc acquisition by i.jrdcn o1 a I1rge- tr.,-'i clf land i ti n i. prec--ii
couiln of Roicklbridge, kn:i.. n as Lir'J,.:n S Gri nt "r i;e r-age iSCl \',..
thuil: it Iikel)'. hI:,'.e e:r, I.a-ut Coloril' L. ,i-, First encountered L.,,r rin
-at Or,ange Court In 1734, 7 rd:n p.'robL i, abl \,:.J in the IcP. er Vially,
then aI part of I-rang': coL'uiny, j l cert iiiily did iten ye.tl a lat.r. \\ Il-:n


.iL-nt" i.- i:.l ":i ,-. \,irr "|. .int.J p i i r I 'r,:-.-ri>:l : Cou- nt.:r in N, .dr cm -
1 7 :r, 1 hI i ,% -l 1 0 r ,.r, 1 I th-: l, ,i'll id I' *] 'i ll li-i n .
,l-.d ., J:.Luit L t ti'nt l i. t t Ii1 I. r i. ill ,d l .t t-:i,. r.] L Frre rick
i .:.ujt1 ( ',,urtl .11 r -, n L,- r t-rn i -i(, ,.i.. h . .. ,1, ', n lnlii, D .U CI .:,--d-
i.:. tIh.: il 1]. ,: -:, t .1 InlI K ,: 0. 1i n I i id -
Iodered to be c rtifie to .d ,the nerl As bl, :i', ih at I he li-'
nr t [lie C p l., r. I.- ll % inilli -1 .Ni njU -1 1, 110 I' l 2 nr,--.1 in i ,_ Indi iii %% "ir

\'all, i- i i l o..
I h.: I.1 :-1 ll,, ,, i n Llhi r ,c-r.i: d : 1 or -,n :._ ;,,11,:_, p.:..-l': ;i u nd.--r
date ul' july 2o, L;3,. O n LhaL da, J .,,.r .-n I'l,.r ni i,-,-,- :n l-l j tlh, .,-l
tion "of inhabitants of the western side of Shenando," which w*,
ordered to be certified to the General Assembly. What the '.tliiL.:,,
was about is not stated. The name now written Shenandoahl j-
formerly put in various ways-" Shenando," Sherando," Sheruiui.Jo
On May 21, 1737, the Grand Jury of Orange presented the Ri i-:.hn
Beckett "for exacting more for the marriage fee than the law JUtr- C."
On publication of the banns he exacted fifteen shillings. The tri il i -ii.:
off on the 22d of September following, and the minister, bein. I..und
guilty, was fined five hundred pounds of tobacco. But Mr. F' .-I-t',
troubles did not end there. On November 25, 1737, he was r.- p.i-,t_-d
to court "for concealing a tithable."
In his work called "Old Churches and Families," etc., Bishop:- .d1--
says that the Rev. Mr. Beckett was regularly elected minister ':i1 S
Mark's parish, in May, 1733, and continued until the year t;..-, H-
says further: From something on the vestry book a year or tw-o -:.: r--,
there would seem to have been a serious cause of complaint .-.,,ut
Mr. Beckett." The proceedings in court above mentioned giv- .1 c -,%
to the cause of trouble.
Under date of September 22, 1737, we have the following: \\ illi-ni
Williams, a Presbyterian minister, Gent., having taken the otih- ,-..
pointed by act of Parliament," etc., "and certified his internii:.,. .:.i
holding his meetings at his own plantation and on the plan: iii.-.n -.i
Morgan Bryan," it was admitted to record, etc. From subsequent ni.n-
tion of Mr. Williams, it appears that he lived in what is now Fr-.: ri-ck
or Berkeley. He was engaged in trade, probably as a merclihir iidl
was evidently too busy a trader to do much preaching. For .oral
years he furnished more business to the court than any other i--.rs.,:.
He brought suit after suit against his customers, it is presuri-... ,,..j
was uniformly successful, obtaining judgment in every case. On the
23d of February, 1738, two men sent up by Morgan Morgan, J. P., on
the charge of robbing the house of Mr. Williams, were examined and
acquitted. At July court, 1738, a suit brought by Mr. \illiams against
the inevitable John Smith and some thirty or forty more, for sig~rmn
a certain scandalous paper reflecting on ye said Williams," cam- .:-n.


T he prejachi r ... 4- ;.,iir i n triunr -Ii r.i M .r -_-. thI I .i- -"1 : 'o r. .:r 1 e i lli
" .i-Aii'.,l'i _i papi :r h l ,l .ackii.L Ir-:ddg:d ithir -.rr.r, -.. : .111. pr3a -
don. tc,, e .,i t_-vi J. p',inc 'ut .-I .t l Sit:pie.il-r Coirit tHi -hiii .I _.
altb -id- .~; Itc l io n S'ili on, ..':C.lll t 1 li s d atl \\linlch .l-n -iih
lhi- 1 ,\, s n e h .ii e n : icr i:ll, f .:l r .liil H pr.L, -,ibl ,.,: i i.. i,: h-
bur o r M r. \\ illi ii .
\ 'e ll t inJ i .li n ninth i pri.c-ail-l th- .li r l .il..i I'l.lari n Pr ,Ji ,r-:rn
in lim ,... (in ccobh.- r ::, i-.;, "/,n lar' L i,. I .l.. r- .tt.:.rn-., I r
1l.tr S ..rr-iL n n .i I i .. I ,nci_. i-rm- l ih, C.: rl i..i at lh. l iE. i ..= i:.
l.i iii. :i S il5 -n111 I.:.i r i: S li t .: ir .'in p- r-:n t o th1 n.J i.lin i ithl .
.ihn i'tll. ci :l i.irii I'n orl,.- i ipii. oli r, "' d... k- I unt i l'.. -.il ;li l
lll. tii tu' .n- r :-t-1 r 1 .j1 .." t-i rt lb.- lion.' in,-i nt 1 ,i r ,l-r i' t h.
F I i Ih la ll c .1i t id ', r-. r i ntAI _l l -, CI J .rI ,I i t i.. .it : I .. -rI b l C .- I rl :. rn,
.ia \in Plir ta r]:i *-rl., indr i li i .. i' rin, nd in ll-:,-s-i c,-:,, ,ni, -,- .p-
l. ,it ,., r -.arimnd. Jrr,. ir ,i..t-IJ, Eni ihilir -.-rrr. i' ,.r. ,-
Illii.1 a i '.lli *c.*:; l. rl r lini r CI r l- il: a T ir r n r lri. r .-I to 1 ih.
I.ll rI r.. **l r li u _*.*., r l .. li[ 1t-: 11i i iir.Ti.r, r'.. -.i II l kni:not.
i ln lthe l il I' Apr il,. l'i -- irdir-..J thilt ..rdinir. l;r--..ir t ,
' l li 11ii r 11 ihrir \ ir,.' fl i i [' l i th raiH .-:.I _l ,\ -hillin :.; p. ir i'l -
I n i.' A ll Ill, ':> li trilr., l r-c .1 l l.. r [lhc R icJi l '. d ll l .t kI .- [h-
.. iri i i- i[rr i--. il ardi4- Li ril .-r. ih ni r IJ- : ll i
\V llis' in lr -rl*: d 1,'- \\% lli ni C h 'r ." h Iir_. .i l, ,%'-. ,_r;. _:
u i J,:,- 'U b, rcl : rl.' t i arni. p--c r-,- n-. *,, ;- .li'ti l-i. :. re i .-r l i .. p-
lternL-:r :'ttl. I2 ,9
',n the- .1 e, ,J. it 1 .. ,,rd'Jrr, it t [tia[ h,-_ ' h -rfi *:*, Sharr.aiiJ. 1. .:
ptbli, 'li,_, ,'l '- *- .a. ll., I -it,- rminn,)l I-_ n lc m ,it iron, i ith-, riinlr,. [I
r l.tcJ hI.. '. ,'. r t,, t]I .]-. -le i .,I ,, ., i ,1ro v, :, b *Jtll' r.-r d to
\\'illi ,i.i I, --1 ll ,-1 t i i pr:-inii dJ t .1 ,.,pe _, ih,-rii ,-f i.inor i ;..:
(<..unn I h.-.,J .\1.- -...A tI ;lu- IM J;,._
T le .-,:l *:.t A- remlbl., ,-,n litutrin, ,\n -l-ti ,in.. Fr,.,1 r,. *,,rrick n ..-.
i asp.i-.,edJ N oi-. ilb r j, i, .'.' LioL itb. in .-- ...I th._ p-- .pl ,:,i Au.j l.Ln
wva. tran.i- 11 ,:d tt r.r. ,r. C ,,i rtli,,, t ill l'-._ .n'h-, r, i ; l-.. .\ r in t l ,.:,lrt
:.f .\ .,-ta ,.a _.- ani c'.J Ill ill, r,.-in .m i ,: all p-:, ri':-,w in th V all', ,
' h.! in_, 1nt,- l'. pr ._-::,it,: ph..,- ti, .r, ,t .,' i:., 11h l I .:- l ik,: 0 ,,. l.:.-hz
tl rp vi l,_,rec-,i,,i:lk lhl- ,l_ ll, [h, p. in lth r,,,i'i n'tIn ,l1-.1 I,, t* rt* lio
,p.-i1 .' ,+ )riri .+c .p--*n.ju i- ,_ r th,- _c i, ,on [h. ., ,. M ,,, ,. o:_r, .
a, thl r,_ wi. n. i. m n1 -Irr ,:. it,. F.-t il ,h-h ,l C h'-i.h r:llr I i e i, El i ll ', till
-4-, all c-,_,*lpl liin h .-- .1-nJ '.-. hi, t,:, m arrid, h-i.d [.- trai.d
.cr, s, tli,, 1li,_ F 'id;,_ t.,l O r o::, r ,-l..w hrr in A..rdt ,, .i r,,nilstir
.l ilh,.,n 'ed) b,; la., I't, s.. rl.,rmn tl,,: -, r'.t,..
\\ilh.i i I ',.- _rle.", de,, ,, |Iit n L _. ,s, i ,.. orr e H r ':d1 , i-,,. ,r ,
P,',.:,bertlu, indJ I:'.- Iric k:.. C' ipLt.ell w.. r: a.,Ini, itt ,J 'o reo: d i- e. bru.r .' : 2,

i.lli h-- ialu dao ".John Le- .i., i, nlit lhaid in:" t.-ik,:, ihr o t-iilll. n'\
siibsc.ribe-d lhiTe 4tl, ',.- ; . ; a rn inn I-,, I iin lita r:, I .-nair li-. :.t_-,n Incordingly.'
T he title:- o:r rank, is n5 :t i1g en, I.ut iItv ;i n,:, d.,-ub t Il It i_,I Co,' l .:,n I.
Zachar Tailor :htain an ] lic en e t,:, ke.: p an ordiri, r M irch 22, [7".9.

;,i_.'U'I.EMEU : I FO ] ilE

And now we have the first reference to a public road west of the Blue
Ridge. June, 1739, "John Poage, David Davis and George Hutchison
having, according to an order of Court, viewed and laid off a road from
Beverley Manor etc., It is ordered that the said road be cleared from
John Young's at the North Mountain to the top of the Blue Ridge to the
bounds of Goochland county." The order of court directing the laying
off of the road was not found.
Early in 1740, or shortly before, there was a great influx of popu-
lation into the Valley. On the 22d of May, 1740, fourteen heads of
families appeared at Orange Court to "prove their importation." The
first order of the series is as follows:
"Alexander Breckenridge came into Court and made oath that he
imported himself, and John, George, Robert, Smith,
-- and Letitia Breckenridge from Ireland to Philadelphia, and from
thence to this colony, at his own charges, and this is the first time of
proving his and their rights in order to obtain land, which is ordered to
be certified." He, however, acquired by purchase from Beverley 245
acres, on March 24, 1741.
The blanks above indicate names which are illegible in the record
book. Of ouly one of Alexander Breckenridge's children, Robert, have
we any particular account. (See page 14o.) Possibly most of the others
died young. There is no mention in the order of the daughter named
Sarah, but she was the wife of Robert McClanahan when the family
came to the Valley.
On the same day with Breckenridge, the following settlers in the
Valley appeared in Court and proved their importation in like manner,
all having come from Ireland through Philadelphia, viz:
James Bell and his children, John, Margaret and Elizabeth. These
were the Long Glade Bells."
John Trimble and his children, Ann, Margaret and Mary.
John Hays and his children, Rebecca, Charles, Andrew, Barbara,
Joan and Robert
Patrick Hays and his children, Francis, Joan, William, Margaret,
Catharine and Ruth.
William Brown and his children, Mary, Robert, Hugh and Margaret
Robert Patterson, his wife Grace, and his children, Thomas, Mary
and Elizabeth.
David Logan, his wife, Jane, and his children, Mary and William.
Robert Poage, his wife, Elizabeth, and his children, Margaret, John,
Martha, Sarah, George, Mary, Elizabeth, William and Robert.
John Anderson, his wife, Jane, and his children, Esther, Mary and
George Anderson, his wife, Elizabeth, and his children, William,
Margaret, John and Frances.
Samuel Scott, his wife, Jane, and son, John.
Robert Scott, his wife, Ann, and his children, Mary, George and


ElD i i, J \\'il ...i, i, \t ile. C h irn ir-.J -..,n. I ni -
hln. c i C .ld..i I ll- li- ch hiir-n. lM lr., I- ii Agiir- 1...1.1., S-ir-t. i.n-
l.,In .i ii-..n iil' h i ldl ni IS r iI l il i in r,. I
J...Ilih l'r r I .llr I -j I III i" I1ll 1 i .- :i. lll' l' -i i I 1 ,.,l,- LA b I |,--_. -l.. d
tp-r. i .." I I ii| ..rl il i .'.l', hr i I,' --.e I l'r;r- I Ill. ',u rt
(i .1l ," i 1-1,i, I .:, ri. lll- .:.b -l Il'* I i I- ,..uIlr I ...r i i l iii up' I ,-.i ".11

i l' rhii -'n i :. l f ii n, I 4.I:., ih l-,: .:. ill: i' i *i p -:, l p r.... l
th iIr Ili ,p., riil *n 1 i .ill." >._-,ni lr..i |l lrl2l. il.--liL I ,'r 7l,. :
li-n ,' h C ll i ibll i .i III l- l ill.lrt I .- I r l l. I. r I
K"t'-L rtI 'C ,.iii.; in.I llJ ii c i .lr.:l, A.- i i.l I.I T ii ,l ,Iuii. i ,il i.
.I ,-i S i I, I II, i .. I l iz .r e I I I lr I, ii 1 i '.. [ -

nl, I,- :1,, ,L.\ l -, ecl I -i, I j,,, r J. I ,C 1, -lIlT l I l ln I ii li iii- .i i ,n
l rh , ,- ln i- .,1",,, r, n n11 [,r,,n, li l U ril thn Ill= lll h n-

,, 1it h' i- -, ni',-r ,iLir ,ni i I -. i* -.] ,'i .I,: r.. ir iri
H :.,,,,., r ,-,,. n ,- n-r-:-e l-'[ -1,\ iI, h r..'n, i u r',, "'-. i m b', r :.", i '- .',
" l'.-r S.'iL. L, L i ..ii I-., Ir i .. l l .:. .. h.:.rI e 11 I I I ,rr:. ..., "
'.' 1"1n tiI.e" h n l...r lni. c ....i ... i .:.h in ..1 1 i i I I .- ..Il .
n i i r. -.. r.111 I .r- ..e.I- l -I I. l liCll;. Ir : i ,l | i % .:p r : i I i.r ;r -, -
i 'ln. nY'll rL~ : i'.,- rl], l h~,,l",l l -,[, I l,,. i 1. i ,l- l ,I: r: r: I I,.: i-,

'. l ," I1 .l ,-, 4i.r l. u...r._ : l .- 1 II hi n _l.:' .' II'l 'i" : 1 .1-: Ir i Inl

,-iil l n lll[ li1 ., ,n ll e r ,;r.[l 1 l i l :r '..,ii.: L.. ..J .I, hlr i-, t ].,. il lr
-* _-,1,:-,-,r ', l,,lr1 l- i -e 1 i ,r nI np r ,J In .l, i, rt r J rI ,;. r r] *
L" bl,, III. I .:. r l _n ., ii ,I,| .' to, n ; .r.:,1 I. .. i i r i J 1. ..nn l C h 'i- IIl. I

T hi- r [,, rl',: it b,.] h, : p,, l, ] .I i:. i.i n oi-, i .\.I, I- IJ. W r...'.. ', .h,, s.l -
ic, r-f u i .,. ., *, ... I i r i' i. .1 l i 1 1 1.1 .-

'\, I ,: I-II [ r I h i, il.: . *-l : ., .-I IIn I p rI ', i r i.. -; _. [i, l ,, I-n,?
1 1 r i I n .'\uJ.._ -I *
r ,. L wr.. :., :... i I .i" 1, i n ,I. .1 rIC 1t:l.ie ,, in. .. .. iI

C uu_, n.li l I ... : rl .r .:. l I' [ ".:. i i '., .,. :.l .i l~mrh nl 1. ,. L,- l', lI ir.-t .
,,f tl h in ., I I,- I" nll,.:. r i n'ni l 'iJ.1 i ,I'.1- r'iir n \ i..1 II .' I: _.. .if i.;...i sr i .: n,
J Fn, l i-, .l ,] ll-r: I"-'I '.I-.1 l I n ,,r. -r r ..l b.: bI I,- .r I l l I. -j '

"Ic ', *I1 il j- n.. d .uL:, l. l nT t ,. i.,:-"F 1 % 1:r-.-l,, ., l. r. eir Crr ,
"I e ,_ ,ilt .:r, ,irt: .I. I. ...J b ,, rI.: , ,,,i, T , ,l -.n i i .:,,. ,L. *, I -n

i : l' 1 .illu .i I. ,,. hi .ri r - 11 i. I- I1n,1 dF .:lh il i ll ii1 I 11 1
1-'. ., 0h '] ]. 1 . ll- [' r I, : I -.1 i I:,. lrL r: lE l .I l L

I.ll -n .. I 'l, l nl IIT l In.l.i I i- l il nI r i- i ..r .C I I I In
I.; 1. i.:,hn L .. I: ,~~l c rilL T h.: JI .:,'_ J I "1- 1 ll ; l].,: .-,l r .:.1 C ...l.1 :. :-1

fI nt i .' ;-,',nt l..l n I [h I i i -. n I- u,. :l 1 ., the N -.., *r: l r 1..r in

A lli,.. _. r ll li u ,; i ,hl i e .Ii :..,lli, i j. t-, n 1 hl i..-h i i u l. It 1in.[1, Inill
,_ I r-n ,.,t in co, I t h r I ..h , .

r I'i'i.E .ENT T'O Till

\V\ ll -,n=m I.- :,1,: ," t.,gr l.6-.l ;a- C' ,uin) LiteuTer .-n .I I ,'l wi e .,,h1 .l, .
.-. I ig ll-[i, l ..-1_inl.";r i .-4 1.
Under date of November 27, 1741, we find sor.ni tl-r. I l -.A. ,..ril In-
terest, viz :
The Grand Jury presented "Jonathan Gibson ._i Il' ;v 1 l .. *-' L.
Thomas, Gent., for not frequenting his parish cl-li'.-h .1-r ili- 'ic'Ce 'If
two months last past, on ye information of the R:i. i.,'lir.ir- I i-i .. :11 "
Mr. Gibson immediately appeared in court, cciil-.;- -1 iil-gri i. .r ,ind
"it was considered by the court that he pay the .:i, .rh ii l7-n- -.AI l.
Thomas parish ten shillings current money, or (.in Iiu.i:lri-Il Ir i.ui .-f
tobacco." There were two or more parishes in 'r. ,: *:--.. :r'. i lh11i
time. In one of these (St. Mark's) Augusta was ir.'lu,.Jl till i1 '.. 't
Thomas's parish was mainly in what is now Malc .:'ii :...ini
On the same day, and also on the information ,:. i ; i ri-.-*. ll, I th
following presentments were made: Richard C" --. I -n'-.- i 'lI md
Thomas Wood, for not frequenting their parish -.r, rnd Itill,'
Joices, Bartholomew Baker and Jonathan Hen:iiii, 'I.:r -. e,'inn .i
oath, each, on the 23d of this instant, November. i-ii
"Thereupon, on the information of Tully Joir:-. iitr- wr, Ir.._-.aed
the Rev. Richard Hartswell, ofye parish of St. Tii.I-,. l.,,i : inr. .runk
on the 23d instant"-the day the swearing was ,i.iir Tl-. ii- .1-
dently a spiteful proceeding on Tully's part. V.l1,k i'Ir- .f l-- pre-
sentment we failed to discover.
Bishop Meade could not ascertain the name :l. ii; r ri 1inii't.-r -I-
St. Thomas parish. On page 85, Vol. II, he says .\i hr rl,, in' I -4. -1I
"an old Scotch minister of the Episcopal Church, .i.. --: rnin: i m ii. -
not been able to ascertain, but who, it seems, wi- I.inJ ,.I tL.;.... I,.,:r
and a game of cards, officiated regularly at the clur, I. I.lr. II rt-i'.
was doubtless the person referred to.
James Patton qualified as "Colonel of Augusta I_'C.u', I." 1', i'-~-
On June 24, 1742, John Buchanan, John Smith, t .'ilel i-. i'rl oi
Cathrey and John Christian qualified as captain: :.I Iniliil i:r.ti .l.:li
Moffett and William Evans as lieutenants. On ,,. in. .1, tl. I-
lowing constables were appointed, viz: John Ste.;, ..r. nTI i.- -i, Turl.,
James Allen, Patrick Martin, John Gay and Jamer 'IC I1
Many deeds executed by Beverley and Bor.i-.l'. r-i--c'ti'l.. ,':
admitted to record in the latter part of 1742, an.- ii-,_ I h l r .:-1' -Lit-
had greatly increased.
On the 27th of November, 1742, the "inhabitaiit.. i... .i-l n': I r ci- "
petitioned for a road to W\ ood's Gap, and the C. t-i -rd,.-i...l tl.-t Ir
road be "cleared from James Young's through iini...r i.,... .
A new "Commission of the Peace was issue.-l ,I Ni,-.-.L,-.r. I J2.
and still another in May, 1743, in both of which C..Ii--:.0 ; .-, i.J i- at-
ton were included.
At November Court, 1742,several Indians, arre t.ltd I. r i.-ri .r':, I .-:
Lawrence Strother and on suspicion of stealin- Ir...,_ ...:'- .:.-.t-.ll,
into custody, their guns to be taken from then:' ill i-:. ir- .-. -.I, I...

ANNALS O .\ .'.-.. iTA COUNT I

i-p'-rl r til u ...I I: ..1 [:, l-ihe, hi % l ii.- cl,, ir.jd hli-ir 1l t i t-i lt t ll to I d : p l'rt
r.u-lI ,'-I t l'_ > ."<.,1 i-:l.' illnl .i ',I A U- ;.'
t n F'i brJi-,i' :r">, 2 i4.n 4. ,lIn ]'i-nd ta l- ', ii_ l' :i i ..tl i l din; h.11.
p.l ri1 h ll il I l, i i l" u t l,- 1 I-" n i :. ll II, -_...I :.n 11 i li red ,ll l I I, i : I I.:. t.i ':c ....
p ii,, l-2le I.., t : luii lr i rl.i. I I till- V\ le n.:.tl i ,ai ...I ll- l. ind it -i -

i t- lih ., ,. _.j_ nII.ii i, 1.rs .I _- lu- t ri ii l lln l. : ii ..].i r.i r ..ni ', iii in
..l Ih.:r u. t l' 1 .: '. I - i...l- I .i :J T- h _l, i ini ... -l i i, i li- ii -
l-nChurch ,iid i. l r-- lil Ii F,-rI i .;-i-, ,i *,r- I 'ul'" l'-] l 'r '.'_ L r'l. icI
I' n': ,:l',:rr,:,' 1't
I. j, I l, 'i-'i- 'I-rl i- p'r.i.. --> itl .tliu t .,i.iin t i m .rni I';. ll l" tri ii k Ci-': I ,
Cl. l l i.iJ *i- Ir Iu t i-,. ... ris._..i -, ._r .IP IA u-t .-
I n h l .i- .J I i'l -. b ru ri ,, ;j : .: .. J n i ,: . ll::lt r ,_I
duli-ri ;n ilh lt p.ir i ,.uI r ip I .: ,i call-j ,Au.t._[.i
OiI it .l l d..n 'etlie '.i. j 11 .,,,1 ..,li-rI ll -nI *;.-,i I- iiit cr:.r o i
(i i lR<.'i:, i]^ h 'ili ) |.I- eli: l-. l,, 1 11-,,: 1- .:, r. l -n it, ,, l. I rl.. l ti L Il e I, h' Ire
. dq lll ld l; l. l .0 i,,1 \ l., Ii I I ;I I i .il l I r.ni t1 il r l it 11,-:i ,
r rld p 't n' I' -: .1n i ..,.n. i. l luj nin I I id[lli tl, i ih-i ..i- n... i..,i ]
'.i "hin Ih i \ ri. il.,: .f' F et r I.:ll ': .1 ., l l in T Il.:, I .:. I .l irr i ,11] n..t
trh-. itl i Il.\ l j In, 1 .*ig ., .. _.. ni ui u- ll: -'rI : 1',.: i t lt li-e,, Ii ,d I.. .i
:i.- i f ir t .' :. r k'l, Ii hic h '.. i:. Ih i rd l T le p i ii. 1 .. i i -Z 'I dL
PTl-I .. i i ', ...i .:.! I ll : i ic' .: ,.,I I .i. : ii .lJ i: ... rl' i.n I' .
A ni l -,n -' th- I: i r. i. n.r i t i, I n nd. pt...hi.able i : i.:n i p- t.1 lu i
K enT lii:L ;, i "''-r, ir',-i 7-6, ,.'1'-ci. 'l d "- Il .I il h I.-i1 l_.,... ,'. H I
si,_,|" ,_l,- ,_f r- [,,,,n ': n,-.-h i-. i n i-in .. ',-': I,-,fllin '_ H it,:,',, i :- f ljIi -
iS1. I, )
M c., .-I. i .4 J 1,.i Lrn knrld T. un .. . u A lr -: ..,nd.er ir,.:.:l:,:r.r1.-l. ,
II' *'-p' 'l (;-l.ilrl re ling ulil] .d he;rr l. t t,_, a. Tl rr 11 h -: r" .t e i ': ..l" he.
d -cT'"'. ']d l'ii '"t' In 1,1 *''r 1' hi r ",''n 'r ,--_r,_.-, ,. I,,_, ,:,n -r,:jl init, L,,,in J.
I I I., l ,11 r h ll; l lht ,_,r l r i i 1 i'i I,_, t r.r,. I r,_,inn hl :r hI _,Il-r
1i r S li .rlt ,ll ,_ O C r. ,: _'I _Lirthu. :.- 1`1_r ,u.Jh i 11 ll1 ._, T h I .'.I ,r iofl
Il1lc, i I -,01 z i 11 ltur.ill, I li,% l n inrl I, ii M ri, I r_ _- L.: irli ,: ,i b, ; ,'. t-
Sre.- I -?r,it r i 1,,] 1 .l li- e r.
o.ln, i l _l.J Inn i l- -1, i. p ,.,nIIl.d c'., l it U l-: ill .pl : ,-.I .in -e .A nd-:r- ._i
F ebr, r *.', 1 14 li: i, :-. p r...t., & ll. il ie, ['riiii l-, l l -. I .,: .i:, e
d, :[p ui l, ui .,...r ..I .\I ll.'il .-.,i lit Li'lecen il.r. ": .
,A.t L '., F' i* h it. ,. 1 n Ei,.. , ,:l. 1 , ] -t, 'I Ii ll \ ..l] *', -n, I -fl-.-
Llr r U 1. I n' P.,n .-I l i l.n d lill I 1 11I itll, i r ,, rl t d .I toEl li,--, % h i.1
i,; ,ud 'Li \', r ," I'r-. 11 8 L rd, I F r i, : .1 r l r Il '. l i I i r:u .'l I I ,i .t p .1 t r L n'
th,- cutint, ca_.lliLd A il.ij_,, _c:i-din .. il, t o rdr m1. i d 1,,_:[ ]L rF-I "I
I lwhic' h tlh, r ri.:r I'. l. I. n.:e ; In, i 1, C.:. [ ,-:.I ,Id rd Ill. Lit li -,t z d
'\ ,.m b,- I t L.'t-'. h .,J : I tlhl r._.l Id].'
T l'h ; I -, ..i.J-:r .,1 jri]r.n I .,:,nll ill rlr- l,: l(.. .e L..'u I ,, ...r hl, r
L,.:'.pI.,Ih '' :' nr-r-.d il N . n ii b, i l i n, i I .- 4 ; h,.- A, 1 4 u.L l- i p .,rt ..I
Lh,: c,-., L-I' runni.[[ h;l. line- be ,-,n l \n the t (',, iie .. i i '.; J II W-
Si. ,'d



For an account of the Rev. John Craig ser r'' : -
In reference to Mr. Craig's personal histo:, .. L ib., I lrll i,. .-,..1..1 but
that enthusiastic antiquarian, Major J. M. \h.l.eL h1;. r, li. .ult 1..
light a record book kept by the pioneer miii-licr I: rr lr.- -.-,r. c _imd
in it sundry items of more or less interest.
The title of the book, as written by the mir t I 1r hii ,-,lI'. i I.:l..i i
"A record of the names of the children .ii-.i-.:..l 1.' tl, I.- '. i.Ilnr,
Craig, both in his own and in neighboring c ..,i_.,.l: ...rl . rrre I .i- ,n
His Providence ordered his labors." It, I... r. '-nrt.r i' .tl-h.
things besides the record of baptisms. Tl..- uriier n\ I .... t.ui r..
think of style, and some of the entries are t.,- ni.:.r iuiri-r:ii u L.-. iu:e
of their quaintness and crudity.
The first child baptized in the county b Mrl Cril. ... ii Eli .b,h-r
daughter of Jeremiah Williams, October -" 17.. _'n 'lc riher :rth,.
Samuel, son of William Logan, was baptiz~tJ iin-1 .i '1,I :il,. Al r'.
daughter of John Preston. Jean, daughter :I I...lert .lClanahl -is
baptized December 8, 1740, and this child, .:.n .r-... ,it.. ,r. hIe: iii, rl,.
wife of Alexander St. Clair, who is often mtrin .rncrl l_,, 't .n .-.
James Bell's twins, William and James, \rir bIpl,-ci:l i...'-i. .i.r 12.
1740. They were of the Long Glade fanl. \ ilhi n, x. .ili.:I in
battle during the Revolutionary War.
At the close of the first year, Mr. Craig ',it.:- Th.: *,.-. h-..,
ended, the whole number baptized by me i .: :. iihl n.rI,. andi. ili.l -
three: sixty-nine males and sixty-four female: I.l..,r .. :.* \ .:. i;
daily adding members to His visible church !"
It appears from Mr. Craig's record, as w.ll i .. .l .-ci -r tih-rt irh-e
was a low state of morals amongst the whil- i r. in t L.u r.,uli i.it. rth
county before the Revolution. This is not r... h ,... I:l..ra -l ,ii. m-ir.,
of such persons were criminals brought over ,nri.li_ -,niirrn .:lr 1.,i ri. .:.r-
tation. But good people appear to have soul lr r. ica itlr --hilir,in .:.r
the convicts under religious influences. (_-i liiijr. 2. i1:. :.It
James Patton stood sponsor for a child bapt :r.1 ,n.iined I cir. I..,r. iI
his house of a convict servant, a base perso... ,....uli 1 r:-i1 bi l.r ii.'le i i...
tell who was the father, notwithstanding all I...iar.n; :1 "
Robert, son of Robert Voung, was baptiz--..l i jl.iv :: 1-4: ..Iil r.
Craig notes that he was born with teeth."
W illiam Johnston's son, Zachariah, was bn.rp -..I -._-p.'nt.-r :., !-4:,
and his son, Joseph, April 21, 1745 (see page ::.
In the second year the number of baptism-; .-. e.l'l ti.._. ir.. rlie
record is followed by another ascription of r .....- r .. -.
Under date of December 19, 1742, we fir I 1.1 .1 ih. rt.l.- .,4
the Indian rebellion and the death of our fricliJ. 1t th lir Inh,-t r.,


t'c. i,ir ra T hr- -T lihe -1 i,, 11~ i. li iI -i 1'.; r. '1 .:.1' lrhn .h .- IC l : i l l I:n-.1
hiL C:o.ll,,nii.n-, in I hl Forks o)l di icm rt.-r l, 1I- Ig 'e I ,l .: i TI i re
I i,,-.:, h .. r, I n iiln li n r Illi i. i\ L Fir ', I- AnLt i r tLIli il lt, Ir:*.1-
' i 'll- ii] t.ur:, n .Jir I -. id ll i il pulu s r r.:-i; ir ': i ,1 ,
fire. tiipd n l hI-I I il .iI111 1T r ll '. i'r:lll n .-1 i[ tih ( r i : r.111 ,-atI i, i
1.'-.1 ,.l r 1LI 1. -'.l I. 1.
Li.- id Lo:.-n i :n d i,. I. J. lint,,in ii., Ia .. Ml iCr nl- M1 \ 1 ..

U1 n the ?i.l it, .- . *-'. r.lr i .'l7 r44 l S t se iri.it:-, .l .' .rti
111 1 lh i 1 l. i
M\ te llti *.l-, i-] i'h p.i, [ r 1,, -i1.,:i -l -i h l.r- [L : l t | : i 1, -:., -. .- ,, ,,lc"
l'inl lirin 'ri r. ,r rni I-. -. l,-:.-n [i i .r?-- 'i' I uIII ', I A I1 .I I-
bIl . 1i, ,'n -i i h .1.Jr--n I.. ,Li '. ,] Ti, '.. : r, .i ,I ,;,r17 t: l ,.pe ,
Fl nl, .p a-r i-" ',:rd1 I, .r..: l o, ,i i ,r r.:
T h .- h tl. ..1,f ,,.i ., , i 1 1.I i r..rn iri: .nJ. I- ..,n J i,-, I,-.. I i rnl;
%-,i- ia l ts :,: 1 [*,.,. f*,t r : I 1. 1NIr- rO ..'" r ['I i : .rl _- .,,. - ,p : , *r,

J r,: i ,,l i- r l i ,i.,. ,,1,.1 *' t.rs- [ .. I; .,r.re I-,,;, i .: ,""-c r. .-:,? -" i
iln..i, r: ':li: [-,.n -. . rn '\ ..i l r.r, >-. I ,.iL. ,11 .1 .Il tl 1 1 ,, 1r I 44
C. i ll ; i ;, il, *, l ._ I l. ll r. n, i. : [ ~, r itj] i C ,, l. l l l J A lr li r .1'1
L1 |li.,| T hi- ll). I. 1 k ,i t ,,.J I ,tl .'. lt-' c l t. 11
.A rth ur '-_ ni l b, [ *1 .- ,l'.<* | .._ ,
ir ni-:-l r niL ,:'- .:., Iil ,, ',.: b. -. *.- M, r.r lh i'. :.. i l.J, i,-ifn .?'
R , r-'.:,nl ---n , r : . \ rp r i l : 4 I I S -. : I ., -r i'r1ib l:4 t 1 .
"A pir R ,.,.-rt-,,,
' r i-' n r ,n r L I,.J] I, ,..,Ihi r,.." .1 .-, ar..-," h ,: .r. il- !,ii t,._j r ,.f,, lr i,,u r.,
1, 1- .4 Ii .:. 1, 11 L In .,.J .. I J I t .l t. ] I -I l,. l -,- 1i 'i ,
1hil ri-.n ri [ ,n I -,n I .-111,
I. l i .ib i, 11 rs .. i ll ir r-j,, '. : ip li J i r : I -- -, n .1
tlh : f-l'., l .. i; I ,. h lJ r .- l a,.l l 3 .1 s1 .-J ..1 1 I' I- :r =...n i l.
(''i,-lJI- r I 1.44 T" t,, r,. I, .,n. r t -.: -,, .\r l It- l.I j. J I.Ji, ir,. HnIIll -
,Ja u 'hl .r, i n n :l .. :-r ,l'ri. ,- 4-i. rI.. i. I r- .. ,.r,.l .,in \\it l i,.'i o .
ll r I:I'lt l. I ; .in'l d F a I : .l- ...... 11u u, I. r,r i1 l r.4 i 4
\\ IMlAl iii ]-' % 4 I :--.j iIII n i i 1 l- j I I- *F i r h I.* l- iai.
ii IL i _l[ o't r,. 4' :. T h" -, ',,. n t ,l r. b.; it n i .. : ,e1 k ill.
I I d I allIli- in i i .ii,.I In ,, ill iiI,] i t l lrl 'n irr ,:,J ,I1 i '- p l--.'
i -7) \\' illii .r,:l in,.r -d I'r.io 11i, r., .,l ritill" t ,i [- A:. I- 1 1: .: i
r l t 1 i th ["l-,; irJitti -, 1n,1 U'. 1,nil d i i.h '.f ,'[I t[i M .ml1 1:"
N ,r: 1 .: ,- r I ,,i i J.I t i. t. ? IIr- ,l I II ,,. .t T i ,k li. .l r i . .l\ fl r
rE ,c ,rJin.: l : I ,CL t i-i ,f S,,1 ,,Li-:L L .,i-.., '- hi I ':- ,A pril 4I i l f ., ,.
Ir. L;r .i ; -, in ., r J I. : I 'i- di:- I I .n.l ,ln 'w.llh Hil p i',-e
. l L i :. I ,, :: "['I*i -t,:Ir .,-. l Ift I r i; I" I eI ,i lli ; II 1 '1 11 lil]I i, -
Iijeetins-l,..,lie tb- u'tl hall, I llL-"T T s "
"'h >,[, nr lili ,ll." 1, 1, "r lr h L :il,,r, l P.i ,tli.n .. if p*;r1 ", i .e, p.|,l:r 4.. ,
S,.'., lbel li ,,r .in .:g .,1 C rilt ';.',:l. H-e ml ti osIL i, I _, I'-._ '.e r. i.i | il.n I, "- ,.
"T"17hl i .., CI.nel [P.a t: 1. 1 al :.1,ar-d -Il ni trn "


On Septenber i, 1745, Charles C.ii'r*.l-Il .,i1, i. l.i n ,- 'i.i 7,.
This child became the celebrated i, i..r. l \\ i i,, lii i i '-i ,pl.:ll, I Iin':
Mountain fame, the maternal gran.l llit .:.il \\ .l n. in. r.:-tn ..I
South Carolina. (See "The Campl.-ll': "i
February 26, 1746. was "a fast d& i.p...il.:,J 1'. it ..- .. rn.,r iiplii
ye account of ye civil war." The ., .r ]t.: ri,.J i. a .J.. i, .I.:; .-
bellion in Great Britain stirred up t,, I' ..rl.:. J., ,rd -...il ..i i.l,- I r-
tender to the British throne, which Il.;, i, in I-41.. *i.-1 i-,." -:n.Ir:i by
the battle of Culloden, April 16, rv- :
At North Mountain Meeting-hou-, ii..: I, I-4-., ,i.r*n il- -llddrric
baptized were John Trimble's son I0 .'.i: il .-l- i.n.l- -- r 1i ..rl -r
son, W illiam It is an interesting ... . l-,-l- r -: II ,I I ...i 1 rii't.l- .win
Alexander Crawford were both mi,.J.. -i 1 ,. I, i i, ,, in _1t.t.l-r, I -:'4
and probably on the same day, as ri-l i rl -..-. I I,., ]. r. TLiir l.l''-
son, James, mentioned above, prol-.t.l ..li-1 i .:hil.ll... -*I ,.]J in..-I:
child called by the same name, b.:. rr ,i ,i -.'-. ..-,,l,. n- ill i.ll,, s.
John Madison, the first clerk of :-,: C. lu ., C..urt .. Au, u-i., -i'l.; .,
and father of Bishop Madison, wa- I, .1 .,I l , -: ii.il l :ili- i llrIh
of England; but, no rector having t.-:.iI .1-I'.i. I .Il I-': .,-'. ,1-1 p i1,
his son Thomas was baptized by Mi I: i -;. iit. '-.: r.:.r, .- r-
David Stuart and Abigal Her i-.,i., '-.i-l l.: .-I .... .,,.
tized, after profession of faith and 2t.l-i ..I.-, I imIu .r 2, I -4-.
Thomas Stuart's child, Jennet, w i: tL' p -- d :-i .r.,i,. 2 i ,4 Tli i-
was probably the Miss Jenny Si,, iri 'i A -.-i l i .l i hi. 'l-1, . .. :.
was residing in Staunton within t.- r -:.].l:l.... I ri .-- .rI- il 1 i'i;.
M r. Craig's record shows that tlh.., .,r-_, r*.l-p l.:'- l l-,. Ir..n Ii.-
path of virtue, and not alone by Il.. .,-I ., .: .'i ..., .- It
would not be to edification to set I.I.-: n irl I.,.il 11 i, ,i. ii r :
civil magistrates were rigid in the irril .....--:m- t .l I i i.. 1 ; .i,.i iii,...r-
ality, and the m minister of religion lnI Illi-. .l:rl...rii.:tl I.- .lu I ll rl
prem ises as he understood it. i .l, -i :l- :l..i. ,- r,:..i -:.J .I
delinquents before they were allov I ...1 i, .: i n II, i.: i tr. .. -.,
The first rector of Augusta pari:.- ,- i l.. i..lin Hi- l i., iin .Ih.:.
was appointed April 6, 1747. (Se: 1-":- -. \\': Ih, .: .. .. .......1. ..I
him before that date. But he see...- .:. Ii,'..: ..- ., ii Li,---:.i .:r ,n.I 111
old acquaintance of Mr. Craig, wh.. rn..i...ir inin .: iiil A. r I ,. -4-,
as follows: "This day John Hindin .... .,-.i I Ii ir.,. ItlIi:.-J II, *:.,.i,
and now appears in the quality of i '-ihui h ..I .n,;.l .i) p..r-.:, "
Robert McClanahan's son, Robtri. .~- It. .ii-:.-1 l .ri i a - H.-
became Dr. Robert McClanahan, r.irri....I 1 ..-I iii.i.:r ..i T-I ,r ,- I... ,-
rem oved (after 1770) to the part of I ...il--.:.. r t i,.... r G r..:rt.. .. 1- .. .I.-
tain in the Botetourt regiment und-I '(...t... 1.-1 I[-c:iont ,i, i.:; i- i l1.ll...-
at the battle of Point Pleasant.
John Tate's child, Eleanor, was I..~li .:.1 ri .,-rtl. ,n t.I MM;I' .I -
house, November 5, 1747; and Jo--i-li t-Il .:li1,1 1 i, ... [. .i.iry :i ,


.1n lr l. : it v':.Il I .n inicI i> .- h pl 2 J S'l|-'[ either Il .- 4 ii
bt'C.niT .1 Licutrcr'.tl C-,._l, liii in the R -. i.lAut,.air., \\a r.
.lul r. Cr i I',.,ri ~ _._IIt .\l ',,nlid-lr iaJ I-itrick CL *i.'Ol r. l iiJ Ui;Jlrh r,
Mlrthll '.'.re i b.tpi.- Ill Ni ..: tlL-.r, I;1'
KR .t berl :lit [,: Al l] lll ,.h l. \\ lllt.oIln I.i-_ bpl d ',- .llllit r 1..., [i..-.
1.: ,. l, lli eii ,: L.: '- rrl F. I i.l ,[, -.:C ii h i 1" 'l;, 1.:. ,i..k e
_11 i. 2ilii. .' 22 I i.', M r C r.i' ti l.- i-- ll,: I',.l, I'. ll, - inu t i- h,,-.
f il Idi I. ni.-1 l II 11 aid i -:,1 III .' lU .l:1 l -ll-i l lll l':. : i[ '.' i ll-
r.l Tl -I Iip .' :.J .~ l .il l til r- ':r_ t: the. l : ii- i i-~ l l..'li . 1 ll ;.1i -till
r..i in .ine i .1 h i ... i r . .ii. \ \\ ,-re I.. i -Ir. a..I' %] *i l. I ** I
e r'. 11"2. l ih ili r,: l .., .1 1,:,. I .i l.J l L: .l i -:.: tlie *nl : l',:
h, .l, u tc

naI7 Tinli S d. r .rr d i [ -r r i. r t. ..bl .I. -
a Itli i -,,_ : .hriTi l. ti,,rrici, E-,_ r .i u ,iit- ,'vil 2 N'.1,1,:, I ,ar.
Siii iinlh \lliI.lil i ['iillibii r ic r.' I .:.ll i ll r. rn.,iui i' il LI.:l: ,
C,-ll t ir, ...il ',:,it ]-j -inr.

s.:n[ i. lt I L I I, [ I t l : I-r1. .-: 11 l, M a :r i I 4 ilt.i h.1 I i .i i .
,..ll ,t. I rc ..,: I i.,J h l i . i l I ,.I J h ,-i .- I. 1 , ...
. l )lJ I.. i., l i ii, l : A;,.t 1. 1ill 1. I i' i l. h trtr:l, li : i i.
in 4 u Liicr. Il. 01 1lr 1 f I l.. l rI :- I :lh r 1 .. I-.1
b i rll llll Ill h .' r e :1- r "i i ,lr. li. i .l :i l : r I1 I rl ,J .i l._. .,h .: ,L1

6\ 44 i rill,-i'l 1 'e ,:il I, ,i h '- r ,,I ,, i ., i ,,t ,f il- ,_ lilld r,: i .Ir.,' l]I| [,.,
riiliturit t
Ii-,[ t u I 'l I .I

i 1. .ilu' .t I l i I l, ti l H 1I ii i] 1 T h11 .r '_ -.. I .r I n --, I- d1
I. ';t : I r' ' -V l u- I % I

S .i Ill C I- ini li ,,i, nI.irrie, i11 ,l C r, -- n, u :l.rl, T i;, IIl ?
A" ili .i in iJ i, i ,l H .ii l linll I C-liri-n iihl : C : < ,-k, % -r ....- I [1 lil,
1I-l S.-ilih .
2. lI [, h H il[:,ll. IirIrr id L et- ,.J-i u hI-.r of I, u lll..- l r-;. f.,f
h'.]I| H e *-t e ial [,_:- ti i-_:,.:...rl i. i. ,J ic th .r. 1-I1: -_.ji, ,D r \\' illi, ml
H .iIIIll on., .I_ I i.i l, .ill i': -I_ ,iill I- h',-h i l.i :, I.i \\' I: roi L ui ,i r iW
As\ lunlt
A li I', t H- im iill.._ii, I ril, ri lcd N .,]I.:1 C r.ii n,. rel il,_,li
I I 1 -rr. i- i ;, du It- Ilcr ,. l_ Re v' i,:,l i t ra 1, ni L a' ri_J C i, rl u
;,-. l.:in t lb h i.. hl i[ tl, r : I -, 1 I1l N ir."i Mircli i I i l ,'. i|'i n [l._' k-in,
IS l-,,: ',e w ,Callh d ', , Ia'l ll\' \O,:, i dtd .-it h l I ttle :.1" I.Il'l il il I :. I
I I1- h-d in, ,.hlilren, Cipdl-i i ., C 1i, in. .-il' th .,aIr ,, I 12, ,And a
.* ughlcr, ''. rnalrri,:] \\ illhrni i rnicr .
II 1 i,:,.-I II I C. ira illi l r .gi r n lii, Irr h H a il .II L.rnlh-.r ,.I \'I llh.ii hu:.
b i, l] 1 I' atteni t: Ni i Chi lr nii

- i')1


IV. The name of Mr Ci.,i, : .I-.lrth JI u.- l ii ': i .: ki-..,. i Slihe
married an Atwater, ,ii. hiJd I '.. .l-hil ldren: i..-l ,. i>.l i li- i] n -eri. Ii-.
during the war of :' ,' .,'.J I l nii- ll. ,I.., n .irri 'l ,i.i. Cr .,f
Putnam county.


Gabriel Jones was ih,: -.,- i.. i . 1 l :lu-c.llu jl..TI ,:. 1 il;- .:'.-ul ,'
of Montgomery, No.rih \ Il.:- .\t hI l *J e l', c,..., e .n I'..
America is not know ii1. -, -iid l ill iiii .l-. i., \r .nir -. .i'.J ..i.
the 13th of August, lih.:ir I'r_; .i 1. .1 urhi-r .'n J E si AL,:l- h,
was born in W illian: i I..1 ,M i ..I ,':. ., Ih-.. n ILter -:.ri
M ay 17, 1724, G abriel n I,: rI...,I ,b. it ihtll I l-..c i. iii \\'i.i 1i,ii l:I,,' r..
Another son, named .,.in. ,,. i ,r ih i. ,r i ,i i ?. i\, I .-
John Jones, the fatli; .i--c".i. Ii h.. '- *::.1 L--..l..r the' r i -
M rs. Jones and her ".- il'Jr-l r:. 11 iII i..-ll ii d h 1 r"- i-. i 'irn *..i lh it
year, and on Februar:. 2..11 Ii' r .J Iu hlt:r i..- l.'.-ll:, J I '1 n':. n-
the-Fields, London, .1. -h.... t Ii, l.- rl: l r.:-...rd
In A pril, 1732, G at -ri:l .. Ia.; .]niiir] .i ,1 : I iihi :..I .I t. h.: P'l', I.. t
School," Christ's H c-I pi al. l ..r.iJ..ri ...ni Ih-e prr-' ii ir i ' Ir. Th..ni i :
Sandford. There h- r-oiii n-I..l ..._.n ,.. I'..1.r .Jt,: I prl i-
1739, the following e lir, ,il I ..r 1-1 .. ,r.,,.- ,. th-- -.h ... I :
"G abriel Jones is th -., I' l i .ir,,J ,J -h'r'r.' -J fr'r.... i : i ir '- ,1
this H hospital forever h.. LIii -b .:.. n, ,ii' .n.l r ,i i I.. '.Ir I. hn
H oughton, of Lyon', liin. ir' n i .:...nI.'l. 1 '1.i ,l[ll..1 1 ,l.. i[.. r in Ih,-
High Court of Chan--' i -.,i i h-i- I t.. -,'' -I' .* ;
This brings his hi- I r i. 1.. i.. ., n ...,h c. i. r h,- i..i ,. r h.J.
H having served out hI .iur,,i I iri. .,.-l ..i.. rh, ...,in., Ii .. r II, ii
twenty-one years of -:. % i i.. J....it-l i .JlItii ,, I ll. t.r h,-
fam ily were of genil- t......i iit ,i r -':..' :'J ir.'ir'.i aIn..:- .n'ri '1"
M r. Jones's descend n itii pr,:- r ,-: ;-.'', '. ..1.l .:..ij ..' I .l. p ic r ir ..,-
ping of which is w riiici ,. ro --- ..] liii. i' j 1. p rl,'i..'.., I re-
ceived from m y m ci'i-i. F[ ..il iii, li.-r I r:.' ..:.,.] i,.iih .A _
early as 1750 he used it-,: oii.- ,.. r n-id ,:..r....Ir 1ii :. ir \' Iliar.
Jones, indicating a rel I ,.r'.li.p .. i' h ih .... :l:b r a .ii..l r.i ,,
G abriel Jones fouu: i n ri,- l.. r..i.-r..i \i i r.. ........ i r re ..t-
tained his majority anil 1.. "i rce ..' Ii i- ..l...rr, H-- I..: e.. rr;t
in Frederick county, ,'.I ....;! M .r.i l i i. -4 '...u.. lii ir .c- .I rI ir .J r. .r
Kernstown, where hb- i'*,l 1.i i ri.l [- :. I -: I r-..r .
A pril, 1746, when he ii ., i .J r -. n-...ri, n ,., r .:\'i.i. .
and was then only to. .il',- i ... e ,r. ..I.J
O n the 16th of O (.ci -I-r. i-l. ir 1....1 ni rci..l ,i' r, r M ...rI...n
widow of G eorge I...rli..i o'.J .u''ht.:r ..I \'ll ii 'II '.r.i.l. ;,- ,,I I-.ig
George county. M rs l.....-ii a t.h ..ri i .1'. ii. '-i --. ] irn il. .il ht.r


liiI l t)'-;s'i .nl hl .-'ir S.h.: i' le', riltcJ i. i 1lady ,I C li iis' CI h[rilI;iI
ch jricer.

.crw-- 1.-uI ; ,. j -.irl J ...i;.o Cr. ; : rl rl[. t.l p. leiil J I u. i 'I-..-r 1%111i L

At, rJ I .:.. I. ":-ppo e Tillo i. h 10 A ..iEe .1. of 'e-W; -irn 1.- 1.1 Th. In-
mre ril i rll- r-r t 11. r .l n .iir .iJrJ, I 'r:::'J lr l i iii i i-. .1- I ii.. M r
,A rl]l i r 'a. ,illl J ,'.*? [:*.. [ 1 ,I ier l':'i. i r ,r 1 lt,,:- l ] l -1 l, I "]i II ; r i

i1-i I '.irii L.: :.,I I i e,:sI e ,iiii I J'. ,ll*i 1 F'_-i ll i..L :ni.rh :.I i .,i_ .. .1-ili l M .r
| .i Il I.c.J i.i I ,' jr;, :in.1 \sijhre [h' ie,1 1 -.: 1 -till j r,.l_- i nI r u% '
lrdi p :l I'.'..i r, .:nill. :4 l.: i. .1 or i.. h.:nI ,\1,:n A n1 i ,j i
L.CI1'il'e I d Ito JI ,:.: ; : i i I' l l _- i -l l -i n : 1 i'.- r .I r I lI .;
prei' ient ini :. i i cl- .: l Iol' --l l] I Fr_.J._r.'k pru, ..r : . :.n i hl il
h-e hli.l 1,,:-.l. -r'- -_llI -r ,. i '- : d 1.rL, L,'. Lt forfr if A' .- lite l lit
1e Ir i1en .'ir tio h'i I-, Irrn iiill .'' S -h iJ, -i. li n AuIIc t I.c l
]i nu il lIbo iir- I ., ,.-r l i.:. u J r -. 1'-J i ln llr. V' lic:i, ir il~-ili:L- u t l i
fir, 1 n.rn, i [..*; -.1' l, un r t% 11- Ir d ill AJL]Iur I H o 'L iJ 3.111 I. '
1 'h. iW] i r I I 'ri: c r iii. ni I..r lr i. e 1i i. n E i l i r'l. lii'Ii, he

i t; i 'in Iz -cdr l rz 1i .i' ] i a rin [f' c- m-A I t': jl, ]ii ji. i ]I hl r-'i
Mi -; ,nl:. 111.11 :-1 Ihq ,, l q' ,, o- Alh h lr ,jdilluo 1l.. A, mi' : -h f il,
IrriIab A iJ _ni[ .,_r v. Ii 1,, I .II 1 I1 r,,1js l. : Ir _-. ,] I[ -. l II' I e "B r ,I' es .
iTriil li i C mill i in Ind 'inI I.d l; r J iL ll 1 1111 i.:I'ilitI. H viL Il. .t
;iO-urn .\ ..li ,ll -h ,ll l J o il I .' ll -._. lie: d id i1- l. Fpr i j ilil_] rT; l *'.,'
l0j]:i, :'l r [.*'-in i '.'. 1 oi h i. b 'f I t er L.-. I i:.r I ; In .:. Il-e d. -I .:' r lst .-
jiCerlti_ p on. '. li ,r.:k.r ,_ *li.. p .i I n -i .:.i : 1i il- Aii .i [i l ,'' l
\ llann ., et I. l I. m i :l r r: .1A w d.1 1l0 2:.. I a d, an .* 1 is rv m elan,
.,hen ll ,: %.. i-- : 1.: l, j I :._,n- j]Jeed>, lr:,m1 hio ,. u a ,,_uni he ".I:
1r. l".; I "- [.,ul l i i illllnh -l ed stra-:[ll li l i'. -:'l : l1', d llJIul r j i in
abl.o l I% liu, il II: .1 rro l_ J i ,.:,Iullj ]r l .i1d I]lli ]i j.. 'i: i 11 'i-i
ail n11 : Ol ll o u I .ler Ih :es. re]e, tle ll ,,dera.l 1]I I |.ll] fl',r h.:

a n 11 r1 ] c l:ijII 'I' in .i_ : i;[,.} ed iRn i'" ; i' r in.:n b_ m i:'. '-IIi AJ *,: il-
?en_ 1 l l ,::.:,11111, o fll .'. i[niije,.h 1it l-., lp, :'j[,irl es pr,.:We, -u i __ ,i [llrI ii-.
He .. -_ t ni tler :of dho k.' te Cox'i '.e tr:,n i i h "' }-, tirh:.llMemr-
in.-1 -., i'hM :n s Le..I_, ,: lAls .::,]l,: i. e. of.[,l-i h-e tew i .n .:;z lo.u_
,,.I., oc 01- : ,r the :id :.op .:n ,.1 l Ie ed, r le C :,n. t[utio ] ir La: ...
V, .i , p :.pLIl [ h|ii 11' hle r ,]ir*' ,,u ii oi, JLi l j: Ir-hlil:_d I in .1
pLiblh : spetl l: ',:.re Lll: L i ,C_- lo |, [. l -_ Jd. lr dJC1I.', fd Ihl,- .- j.,|..Lri ..f
" the r,-,':il-i h ino. ie und,_ rmly;!.o ,J. ior.,:'p:'.'-.J l.,, ,.,i:,l. Ir Iln, L|a:L.]U-. o'f
ho -_:.:,il 'ln ','. -ih tlie f.:.rmer Ai h- lb ,d Slir, O w :'I a li At ij J, o n l lI.'
R'-..:kir,_;h m o ,:_, ,li onliu fo:r r I!o:ne; "h' .l[e-i a',rd, pr,-', jid- j
hli l i li I A1J, Lh o I, r .- hig n', lh is if.-_
lic C'InIIIIU J 10 pr_ a il_-c ]av liind ill: roLad h,. trw:%_le ). froi ii Hi- rel
dVI'|ii 10 lt he Ihr 0 LdO 1nl se_.at of Rcl:ingli..n. i _still c il TIII L' Th K er'..
Ro:' d. AI, anecdco:: e relate, ',l hlun. lv,,i:h r triu ur fIl.-; ]Illu-rai-,.
li.: ,wcr' he in.pird in hio l.atler ddys. It is -A. ] Olnt o.n o:ne occ:oai'- n,


during the trial of a cause before the Court. I,.1 :i'.:-- :. F: :.. hin .hali,
or Shenandoah, he had Alexander Hugh H.uirn.- lii-.r,' ir.-l the iiinl.d,
as his adversary at the bar. Holmes was rini,-.ii :ii ini ,r,.. -nd
the old gentleman became angry and prcl.,i.r TIh co.uri .jl-,t..i
from interfering as long as possible, but fin ,ll. iut tHi-ir I..- .I o .:.,_tller
to confer about the matter. After due c.:.iiij.lr iii.:. I, i'rr'i.lir.,
Justice announced as thejudgment of the c.:i'rii iht thl ..... --ld. -i.n
Lawyer Holmes to jail if he did not quit -nil; .n, i' I r n,_-.n-iar
Mr. Jones died in October, ISo6. Havin, 11' ,i. 1 i*-'-iinrl. hiimt i- ,
giant in size and strength, we were surpri-.-.l t: l[.' ,r ,t I lie I .I ..
man of small stature. His portrait represent: i.i 11 iii Ilir .-.1 i,.l)1 ..f
dress, with a large wig, and a shade over Ili r,i-ir E. ,.,vri- .. : hi,
descendants suppose that he lost his eye du ni; hi- i i. .. Iii.- ,.l .ih.,,r-
attribute the loss to an accident during hi& I. r r.r i ir- .: prIw'
of 1887, a window, in memory of Mr. and M.. Iii.- ,. liin--rti-il t.
their descendants in a new Protestant Epi-..p iI ':ihun.i t.I:h 1;tu.J
near their former residence.
The children of Gabriel Jones were thr-t. *-l:.lllr r -,:i l ,. -' .,n,.
besides one thatdied in infancy. Margaret IM.ri-: I i '-i- l 'li ilr,
married Colonel John Harvie, for some tim- .i i-tni i :' r '. *'-re r z -ind
for many years Register of the Land Office .: ir.;r. I.- .i.:- .
ants of Colonel and Mrs. Harvie are very nur.rz ..i...- inl nin., .:.1 Iheni
have been highly distinguished. Anotherd;,ii.l-r ihr,' I. .lii L-, I_ -.
of Fredericksburg, a lawyer, whose brother criii -ri 1 i-iicr .-.I n.-r i
Washington; and the third married Mr. Ha,,.l.i: .l .:.I tirl,.
William Strother Jones, the only son C.o ti'.tr.nl ,:.ii: .. i: t...rn
March 21, 1756. In the catalogue of stu lil:. :,t \\'lilih;ii 1II1I MI r .,
College we find the name of Strother Jon;'. :,n :.l Cit.-l I l-n--,. .l
Augusta, in 1767. His wife was Fanny 1TI..r'i..ll .I Fi-la-r-l rkt.liur
who died about the year 1790. He was a :t- ii.l ti Itii: C. .nniiinri ii
army during the Revolution, and subsequelii, .-..Io.-nr l I ..' ini; t.. it
is said that he was an accomplished gernii.niiii, 1.il Irnl-rtii.d hi-
father's temper. At one time during the .-, .ii ..r.- kr-l i.jrl..r
arrest for "beating a sentry while on post aIl i -i *.p,.r I1 ri i. tir "
W\illiam Strother Jones, Jr., was the only -r. i.I' ii,. 'l..i, r. H- .... ,
born October 7, 1783, lived in Frederick .:..mtil. Ir~-n ic1 fi-i .\im
Maria Marshall, a niece of Chief-Justice ?o.i.-.h l ii .l. I.:.-.,.1 .-iim
Cary Randolph, and died July 31, 1845.
The children of the last-named W illiam -,rr..rht r I.:.ii.- ,r.: Mrs F.
L. Barton. of W inchester; W in. Strother i..n..- ,.:.. ..' r ., ',..1:-:
Captain James F. Jones, who was murdere.-I i F i r,1 ,. .. I.
Lieutenant-Colonel of the Second Virginia ri- iii.m t..,h... ,, ii I:Ill .:1 ..t
Malvern Hill; and R. B. Jones.
RobertT. Barton, of Winchester, to whonm ,. "r- iJ-l.irt-id l..rt ni.:h
of the foregoing information, is a great-great -'r 1i l-..:.ii .:. I.- I-,i-i] |.:.
John Jones, the brother of Gabriel Jon-;. I,,I i .:,-- i,. r.i.J ohrn

.A N NN.I OF .AL .LiS r C L'NT',.

- alt, ricl, ,L r .. I \,.- :.r Iull-: %. 1 ,' 1 n A l l j ; I II l i -rI % Lu i; l.II
w- il 1 .-.. l I. il :,n l; :. 111l I ll.'-, i, '" ,.. Il g r, Clirk i I i .l : 'ln
hl' ri bt. -:] p.:, -,r. a r-r ..:I I ,. 1 1., .1 [,...I l r i .i- ,nli .i II ., rr.. t:.ur;: llllm -
b -r. l :. I Il 'li e .-r l ,\ 1. l l1, i l '1 ir ... t l1.,- i r lh IrrI l hI I rc
Il l: L.e ,ii -l.i ir- li.idl .- .il.,rnri l nl i. .n w ,r..:i- J I rl 'i -.. h, -lif -r -
ll- ni'. 11_ .l ,-,1 lie i .t. l..i 1 n : 1 1i rk [,: p r.:, : ,.. [, IRili in 1] Irh
la iic i r .l-, 'ia ; II'l i t i. . .. in ll I r. .-r I I .- r [rI: 1. -i r 1 .-i. ll, ,11 I'1 ll -,

.i n l'~ F -I 0, ,1. .I' i.-" i-rl i t,.r h- O .t' ._ I l' I.rl, [ l i l \ .l, -
I1 ,' r lll :l'll, 'l :., . r. n I .- .. :,.1 .i r '.- I l r-. hL ll'.r. .11J l, i- ir

I I. ii'. C I i lr. i. ,. C \I I r l'ln_,,-. i' 1 K 111 i 1 ln... t . L i.- l, l. I .:*.lln l
l-. n r l. l'l ,'i l',,.'. E' ',r.- n It i...'.i n .:. I' 1 M', -' l ,. ,, i] ,I i.- -i I t
ihr r ]i Li i :i l .I \ll,:, I, . T.,.i . I I.,h r .J J i i.. J 1 h., -Vi, r II i ln
u1 1 1 r 1 ;d n ..I In irivt 1. r rh. p .. I r but :- Irilli
UjI'-i r Il ;i .. plij -I ri 1-.1 i .| . 1 .I. I r 1 . rl-. r L Il ll I I r i I l
J. I, 1. v. I :n r.r i l ri 1. r I i .._ 1., l .l.-l .. r .i ,1l.iCk J Itl ii Ilti,, ..
.n,. , '1 r l ,.L l r .-r, : I- IIl -1 and i, ll.= h e',l .Jil ,:.n .j :t,'ii--
,lJ..m -J In i '.rir), J--. -h.. .. r. ,.-l. i: l -.irr-:.d l :-c :.e:d :d in lni,.,n'
t .- p| . ,,,.l 0 .-11 ... 1, . I . ,L ,,Ib r _
l. -I n ,.n.r .. I rl. .r- r ...- -"i .i L -. : ,a l .rl il r l..,r ,:, .rAI L l .1
p ,rt- I ll i ., l,,I n l n1 I I r I. i, o .I ll. '- r : l':l il' '-, h 7 b ri ,: l .i,:.n I
t,-l t ,i t ,-i I' -. i -, l I n- k r I h, I J i,..- L-r., h- r I. Ih L- '. Ir. '. tl,-r Ii.:..
,in i' hlr L-r..,tli. i i t: ll hI. J ".-e .:. lI L-,ir lIh

.11 ,- H 'T 1 T .'., E r i n. J.i I,..h r r .,i ,:.l,:.i,. l :.lil L.,-:. 111 ..
,r i n ci 'n'tir, l. rl t-n I., .r .n i' - tal '_. il.,i C_ .l,..o l [ n I"''1- pr-
d e' d I l'," ii l' i ,:. A ilI r..:' ,'i ,, li i. llj i F n -. i i ,-,.h i .11.i.i s
tll ,:e e.r. l i-.:.re H I- ir ,irri .1 .\ l.r:l n, i I h ii n* ir. l \\'. l.. I,
I '.:,rl .. id, ,ni l Ir.:.i ll it nl | l.:.- I 1 .-\ n i. ri,. i, l t i . ..... I L. I 1 .i i. :
i~ re : lly ir,-.,- Ir, l ",r, ,. r b, r- n....miii r r ill tl. I,,-hI [.- rd. i.
I..:,:.I: re lll i I L ... :. I- d.n' [I r ,, r ...1 I.iii J . [i -i 1 I l- ip
it.i-_ r- .I :. ] tih .rlr:.- l', i .\ i rn..1 1 r- I .. i. rt ,,J l,:r t. lJd r nll
c 'lr-ic ,:.%,.r i ,- :. .:I ,', t h r. : l i- lJrr.J |li 0r- .-', :r ,ll i 'r:J- I,t:ri i"
anii d l,'oi ,'j d :oI' li-- rP 1.,i .,1'. ri ,-r .i .. .I. lh r 'r : i li,: ll-h
.lIr q. 1':'. lN i ; I -" [l ri, in' i i, :, : l' i', ] i. ...., i ltil lr, n I'*, r" 1 .% -1,d
tl .. d iu; I-hrer;. b-li *.i : li:.lh l 'I .1 ..rn i, S, t.'I I L- t-l'l
lh,.l Ih -r un,_]] .-old r.n ail,] hrr lilh-,r. \\' lli Im L :' l 'i r- i. r;r,.'j-
d. k Et-, -l.- I A i l ll il I I i l- r .. ;I A .,:lil l, .:I n ih-il _1: -: -r _ll it l
IharJl pr-. l.. bli: lIh.i l i., n I r.uilak1 er1 in rle :, ,_ J I ,.r f-,l' :r. L-. I e
'LL i in k A nidr '%.. Le i; N i .,_ ,:, ...il. r:r ,.;,. ,:l. (W "- p -' ,- '-4 i IAn-
drc-.. i.e l ,i- i n --in: b.,, l 'ik'J n pri-rl .:r r [' C r. rit'. ,j l:, -i. ill 17 : :e
par; l- ) '' ; As d. linl, ,'[ '.u. 1,.., lr llthr-, \ ,-,-r ., 1r.. 'r:'u I-:.
I de. 4,l>:r'lc- h1r, l .r .1' I n', i ,,f .l iilln l plel,..



i.:.lin C -iiiim.l.-ll came from Ireland to Anmr.i 11r i :'. .h ri' : .-.r
S. ...r.:. ...... and several daughters, and sr l_. .1 r -r. i I. -ii.r~...r
c.i., .r,. I lr- n ln-,i ania. Six or eight years affi.i I .I h.: r ,rri..i .:JI t.-,
Ih.i t inrl -:.I '' t -,ige county, V irginia, which, i, i .-.. L-:.-,,n,: .- ,.i, -1_
c. .ii .. h- i 'nany of his numerous descend III 11i .-1 I.:.1 I-i.ii%', r.
Three ot John Campbell's sons came with hiiii ...- .-- a i,: I' t-
rick, Robert and David.
1. Patrick Campbell, who died in Augusta, had ai .iI.. .. ,. --. i--
Charles and Patrick.
i. Charles Campbell, son of Patrick, died .ii .,.:u t II i ,., I-.:
iwas the father of General William Campbell, o' Ii, .' l.-'i.it liit'n:
il, Ii . .1. .Iled August 4, 1761, proved in cc-uri and .d.11hl'.-:.t1 i :. i..
,-:..i,1 .il r.:li 17, 1767, he speaks of himself a,: i ri: '1llm : .-. [I r -rl- 'i
MI. -..'r H.: appointedd his wife, Margaret, sol -r: i.:.i I, .:.. lei lI.:r
I,._ : i.l....rl I..ft I,ooo acres of land on the H oi ...'r i.. II- -.in \' Illi[.,
.i.ij laii- i. tlle same section to his daughter 1 r. .' . .:.1' ..
i.a.-: --h.... .1 larger amount of personal prop.- l'.. ih,.i ..i ..... nii l.:.i
'i1t II,11 1 r l-':
\\.ii ll 1n ipbell, only son of Charles, was I .-'r i.. !,. I -hr.'it
LiT .l-:-i II,- lather's death, the whold family; i,-: .-1 I: .. I : Hi.:.i t-.-.I
1.1 '\ i'.'. Itni ion county, then in Augusta. Tl.-: -.-1.1- d1 .nlt.:r FEllIi-
I.._ ii. ilnrrn :.1 John Taylor, and from her the 1 I ...' ..' i,...i._.,,lr i n.
M...1,I;.:..-'..r, ire descended ; the second, Jane. im ri ..J TIh.- i i : f i. :
1 1.-: irlIr., M irgaret, married Colonel Arthtr C Iriir-1.. ll ti :r --: ...mn
ci.:.n.r. .i-r.1 iI.e fourth, Ann, married Richard !'.:.ir.:.-i
2 I' ar.lk i.ampbell, second son of Patrick ... I r.-iill.r -:-I Iliharlc ,
,.. .It .:. tiie --...thern part of Kentucky, and lelr ,i i 1- --c ti.l-ini:.
II .:,I.. r, C. ampbell, son of John and broth .i I'.tl .:: 1 ', ... -
.:.I t ih, i., iu slices of the Peace appointed for .i'. -t.' .:-..-m. I .i 1-.-.
i|.: -.I.l iri -r.8, without leaving a will. H is .J. ......,'ir-. I au',.
i,..t in.:jil|.;r.d by Governor David Campbell I i -i .ui .-.
I,1,.1, '.:.. roote's Sketches, 2d series, page i i:
II ['-,..-1 Campbell, son of John and brih.:l .:.- I'rrl.: I i i..I
hr..-r.:i- t ll ll i -rried, in Augusta, Mary Hamilti.I .. -I h..rl '.i: n-
'n I i .J.,u. lters, all of whom, except a son h.i... d,-1.1 :.Il..i riiii-
;r.l -.J I:-.:. l-: Holston. The sons were John .A rt.u,i I..--, i ll in.
L. I Rl J...l-t and Patrick; and the daughters \1I r,.1r.:tl. I,. 1 -irnI i.
i ,h. ~, in.. ,nd sixth not named.
i J...ii, C-.iipbell, the oldest son of David i I-i..rii in i;-il, in-
r.:.-:..- -.od English education. H e ac.-...-.I ii l.1 I 'r. I I.-.ki ,
\\' Ilk.r iin hi'- exploration in 1765, and purchas':d I'.-r i i. t' i ilhr i tir,.I
...I Iri.J ...,ll'-d he "Royal Oak," near the head .-t:r .-'i' i,... H.l -i.:.n.
A .,-.r .:r lt.:. afterwards, he and his brothel .\rirlur. a, I th-.r ,i,.-r

.A JNALS OF .AL'GLIs A. Ci. l .i

M .-ir' ,rei n .,. e r. [*:, li'ii pl.,,-e ,,_1 ri -iJe I ,ipr .:.r i2 r li. A L.,:i. l ]iI..
ille p -lil r. n ,I .1 I1 i. :.i lhIer i l lel l r -nll .:. .1 1.:. l e lic .II le pl.i-.:
.-.lInii C "',iill -ell ..15 1 L .i -.,ii. iin l 111I \\ ilhli ,n i l l -.l' :,-:II :-' il*|'.]ih', .

r-] l II, i.i ihr r. .i I : .. i i L . i i 1 . I :e L-I : ..l i,

I.i: I
. .n ni i..l I i ; l, ,i ll ...I h L. i l- i J 1 .:. i HI .:. 1 ... h i h
.[ i i ll i Ai.^i. u ll .:'' 11 l iit II .ii r- :l:.-I r 'I' iI '-. hii
r l I I .1 ri c u' I rr -r, i ti 1, ii-] 1 r--i rh-
* .- ir h i lli | lli'i '.' J .:'-.r l l. iii. .J .-r Ci l .--,., l l [ if i l I Iip .v ..! I .J i-
[ ...li l,'.in" [ l I..... l r l 1 .** il I '-r p I -l I I .1 l]e I .: \ .
..l .:.- .:-L .rn r i' I i, i h lll -., ,. 1-r; F .. ,5 a.*p -..:. , ,_ ,: .rk .-.I
i ,\,i ',; ::. C ..,,,,t' '-" i, l i, ;. ,, I h, h h e -.1.1,:e t l :. : il
,J -TItl .-.. 'iirr-.. I I. I _: ", i [, .1 r- 1 I lh r ...1 i- .\ ,:'lii.:.r L I 'I I.1 i_ li -ri[.
I., : I I
F .1 .i C iiCpi -I. *i I l. b r --ar -i .LI I' .n oi' ripi. I 1ii *':.II i ;: r 11i.
t.r,-.ch r ,.-1 -,._... ,:rr,..r C .irl p L, 1 . II.", t. ;i 1 -II -It .:.1 lll l..lic
I 1 -.I .. .i I i L.- r l .r J :ll r .. i L. i i .... .\ m.IJ- :i ir ,1. I.-
S1,.1 1 i ,.i l ', i 1 Ii iri-lr_] Il iirI E- I.J ilnl h I -. '_ ..l i l.; l i .- C h il l l C ij n -

I l i 1 _. 1.1 .:r .:r1 .: .: r l r h r
-. 1n'n .l ., r] l ,l,0 -. _. 1 1 ,1 ..r _lr ,

l-ilxi ii i ,r. M*iir.ir [ ,r:Ilri i I I- i c-. a r h ri-
r 'lll r i l _i- I1, r-l.1 in hi, ', ll; il'r n 'Lllua_ l T-li ... I.

i l., - Ir. .. i t a- l arr n
1. r_;' j -J C ni,. L...I1 I ll ,r -,- ,1 l....I r I J. .-,. i I r I J r n'r % .. J .-,
Ei,.i.-,,=-.. II ...i_ b l -1Jr l l ie .Jor d i ui 'J._r 1 1 he ]errh.,r\ [i,. ib, r,
.,r, :f li. i ,i .- -. ,: i e '- u ,i i- ,i C-: ur|l ( [ h : b l.'il t II rlh

I-.: ,.. .1 i L- i1 I hi .L -:..i Cl ,- i ,r i.. bli .- i I .- l I h, b en.
1 i I I .n Liini r. Ln il -d ho!' %r Ir- r it n._. -. 1 AI o r .].]| i rC.:. I H.; n Iw
,-,*,. I[l i' \
_. I-,,tL.rl C hli pC-ell Ih -..1 ,. L 1\ \l lI .1 n le1 l i ir -.lJ h1-1 he
%.V i .l i h _- I-.r,:,l h -r I.: i., i1. .:l- .:.i t- ,. i ...-.h-n L- I.r I, [hr _. r p e -
i, l ,.i.i .-1I i 7 ,J [in. lt-,:r ., Kl- I.r..l r i_ ..h .- .:.ni i, h %i b i ll. L ,i.'i

in.J In I ..- i s "11 4 -[' i irJ,.r ..]'._l, \U l i i ,i C l ,np t..l 11 F, I ;'
K ,117,nit in 1I1 i-e:,:'tic r. ; _' he -.r_ ', I IIlver C..,.:,i r:l .-\vrh Vr C 'mi p-
b :ell h l l I.l...ih r_ 1 il -I ll- C he- ,- l.r- ,\ller t].ll 4- 1 l'Ik n iir li t .
\\'.1inh i.>n ''*-* n ', m o~n rh n ili ll r ir r-ini... c. i.:. dh17
Sici L, h I .n,- r o ll,. T,-nn.- : \ J h.:; he Ph ie._ I r ,, I '.

K in '-. M .Liill[JIFI r li-tlr l_ J D t I- Ii- IL 1 .l illj I -hit l,': [d I:,- h. u e-
-te-L.:. Itn hii ,:-I.1 i--e h.- reirh, ,.,J r,-, \\ Ilin] ,:,r. ,_r.,LlhLi ,. T en ;e.-_- -
-n, ,J i _,c l lien] -it-.oul c];l1 id c r ._.IJ
" T h,= .- Lto.-hier- .:. L i.J .,hJ P'l.,r. _- ,': nlL,,;ll-
,.. M .1 r..;'ireot -inrr-ieJ LI.: U, ..J i: rni l.,,ll "I r',-, ere,-l,.J ,bl...: h:.h,:,u .,:


Il IJ'etii.esc, wviddly known as "Campbell's Station." Sh I .ii C,-]
spicuous for many excellent traits of character. Her J:,,h .,::urret
in 1799, at the age of fifty-one.
2. Mary married William Lockhart before the family iemn.:,.,l i..n.
3. Ann married Archibald Roane, who was first a te.n-i:r it L.iIert,
Hall Academy, Rockbridge, and successively Judge ...I li Sulpre-n
Court of Tennessee, Governor of the State, and Judge a., 'in Sh,- di.-d
at Nashville in 1831, about seventy-one years of age.
Several other families of Campbells, not related as f:. .a- kn,_-ri i..T
those just mentioned, were amongst the early settlers ol .\,irU ;1 ,iiie
of these was represented for many years by Dr. Samu,:l '_inip.ll ...I
Lexington, uncle of Charles Campbell, the historian; ~id ii,-..iIe-r i.',
the late Rev. William G. Campbell and his nephew, Prol'ii4..r -i.ll L.
Campbell, of W.ashington and Lee University.


Benjamin Borden, Sr., a native of New Jersey, obtair .-' II..,iri ... .
ernor Gooch a patent, dated October 3, 1734, for a trill ..I 11.I iiJ
Frederick county, which was called Borden's Man..r HF i
promised, also, one hundred thousand acres on the _w.ilr .1. liiime
River, west of the Blue Ridge, as soon as he should Ice a .1 I-.i.ir.-.
settlers on the tract. As stated on page 16, Ephraim M( .r.v.cll iI I-,,-
family were the first people who settled there, in 1737. Tl-. I -.. i- l
on Timber Ridge, originally called "Timber Grove," '1.:iri litr.ii,.i-Id
by the forest trees on the ridge, which were scarce el--:. l -.r if. Ilhl
region. Borden offered a tract of one hundred acres ., .,.. ..I, I ..Ii..
should build a cabin on it, with the privilege of purcil.'-i, : m.,.r. ,Ii
fifty shillings per hundred acres. Each cabin secured tc 11iii 1..1e thou.-
and acres. Mrs. Mary Greenlee related in her deposii. n r-i.-i-i i'e :.
on page 16, that an Irish girl, named Peggy Millhollt.-. 1 -r,.-, ra .:.I
James Bell, dressed herself in men's clothes and securjd i -l ..ir 1r,
cabin rights. John Patterson, who was employed to count ihe c.al.i.,
was surprised to find so many people named Millholle:i, lu i th- tri.:k
was not discovered till after the return was made. Amn..; tll- .. il,.r-
in "Borden's Grant" were William McCausland, WVlli'i -,l \a ,
Robert Campbell, Samuel Woods,John Mathews (father l S imni..:... ,,,j
George), Richard Woods, John Hays and his son, Charl-., i.i,, S ii n
Walker. Borden obtained his patent November 8, 173-; iH .1 .-.1 ,
the latter part of 1743, in Frederick, leaving three sons, [.-,_1.irI.n i.:.1i,
and Joseph, and several daughters. The next spring hi.. sor [,.1i i.-i,
appeared in Rockbridge (as it is now) with authority und-r hiir it-er'

NN'i \l., Oi' AL'GLI .\ COULIN V.

v ill t., ,dilr-l .ill llu at r- it li ne ile r -*.i 1 11i r ..I Ie I.ud, lio- t -
- i-ir, ri i : -: i Il-:iii- l efi I '- ore I 1. Ile- r z- li.
,1r- Ir _. iil : ..,, i ': l ni in n P -,trd n i r i. i llt i-r..lr-
rin1 -1 ,1 nlt i k I gk-.i : i i: *r-- ill r i o-r, In', irtl rr'it l. I L II pri o .. r
-,: b t ,l LIn r lil ih in in n i.- I on i -,n on.il.l-rnC .I I r.: ,: e-- The
i inr .- .:- d .i Ei- Lio-,r.er'. bill. p., :e l it.: [r p -r l.i H -
nm irr,e.1 r \! .-.-l- -1 I n ,e tl _.-I ., ill --.r.' ill. .1 r,:: \\' .:..- :t :of -.:k-
I'-r i .-.I" .:.- | c.l, 11-i. '.:..-.- l I, n l .:. .1 1 k i- ll l-. F l.|. I l i l1. L .: H -
b r. i-4: 1,77 i .1 a l-d li.-r h id ....1 in ; li r ot. rd.n'
I-l inill I te I.:.rnier be.:.-nie il-',: ,if'i- ,:, I '.:,b :ri I r H e*'r I, t la iTr-
ne, -r ii,'n rrr .1.
: in.i -IllnI F;..r. ] I r.. ..i .'_ -f rT ll.l-,,,. I r II,- 'n .11 ..,, 1d -
n'i t- i i. r-. r i t h. C 'i 's C.' ialt '.f .\ j. u i ,,i I-. Li r 2 1 i- ti. '
T h;, ..-_ iv,,, l .r~ | '|>., n i, 1j \ .' i, i_, n 1., 1... -rli, L, ,lJ A l ,: ni, r in, l
I -, .11-- ', il i. hi l 1 .. li r -i 1, i ,:i d I J,. li .. J r..- I. inl I.- r -ini .l
, -- ,t i -n. I ri I .. r tl- i. ir- ,. D urin: i ,:.- .,. ,.1 n .I, l .-,i.l llr-
M I .ii, n: B- :ir, n ': lr.r:l-ed .D ll. ir,.I ,o rri- -: '. Lit l t -:-n. l i :AlIni
B,: , r
I.. :rp il _r. -.r n i Lr.. t l- -r .-.I L ,re-r. imi r ir- : I'r .ii,:- i i, I il,. : -l l -
nrh-, ll 'Ifri 1 l l l,4Lter d [i1l In ., rla *:*. lli, I i' l .ll,. r, -- Ih,
. nliU c r.i uitl 1 ord, n : Bm':l r, : lut .:. 1 i -i r l e 11 I. t c
o fl' ,'k 1 ; 'o rd,-, :. l: I..:.l i .: 1 .I .i. 1., ', 1- ,.:.11 n.- n i ll i 1 c,.:. :ur, r f-,f
.AuiL 1 -I I.lll..-. i\ r .1 hlJi r ire ,d .,t :. ir r:I-: --.r rl i.

T h-i-. .:l-.i, l ri .n ...- i .hn r n.- l Mr .., I M, rI. .I. ll ..J.Sr- .i . ... ,n -.
,,ir n :.rl I r .ni I l r, -..i ,th1 ,- l it ht r. M .irthli t il, ,_I Ct. I re l ir ; ..ir i.
n Fl._i u,_ .-fr t ,\ o,; rn, .- ,I
IF.i Ir ,'ntinr .,1 "-Ii- nnls 1 .i -.,, _-l.n ,_I I '';.- i i -. -n. i i-, H ,'ii-
.IL'-li' i t- in.l ii .,t, ,[n.i Sh t-.-:r t i- i, r,- i -v: .. I K. [l 1; -1" th
hi- F i ii .i n1 r. i.. ii r-. i: .-r ll r, -ren. I, iiin '." l i > 1n r ,I.-.. ] i I i r i n
\'r t C r., .- f .-.- lu-tler- .% a l ,.. fF . \ -i lr.. A .n I. .tha,
fhr..1 I. l. r : .1" r .'ckllrin.-LR. C o.junt C o'.jJrl *i ...l I ill r-T .- 1 1H I T.. .-.,I,. ,,r, .
s.i.-..,,_ 1 Ml.:. i.... _..ll R e.,i.J, ...1 L e .In i .jn T I. ,_T l,,_r ni 'rrn',l J i. I s..l r.
.' h.. h -rin : 1 Sil l',, ....r 3i 1, I'" F 4. %ife 1 'i .-,l ,:b \\ .Illi,., .. Ci 'ih r-
,,l. _. '. ,,i; .n ., l._-,.._, -:n ill\ ,.,I ,,.- l ,-lt.-u r ll I ,-. .1 .1- fir.t z I .'r,-. b ,. i r in
m iir.i-l.r. Ih.ih ., 1 r. n, Inll.ill. I ALu l..O ..*, the 'i Supremr i. rL ..1"

S ,iiure l T.-['.",' ll .'.1- .-,ne .:,1 ihe tlree .rul-..:. o1 lhe I'r-. IenIuI.. 0,
C ,. rt n ,11. F u-1.1 ni t .1 -- : i, ii. i .:.n Ni I', : l' n m -.1 1 e ir --1 -o n i-l -
IniiT-.n 01" i 1n_ uC:k I 1 -. 1 n rF r E pI| r.- ni, M ,r', ... II --[,tN .l .- n.-e. .:i.i ,:
, ith r'r I hIi ,-r .'. I'n ) .lI11-1.. I ,i,1 r...nipll .:, 1.I1 r. i'f --' r,,nll ->tn. (io.:.j
in Fr iinbur ,'n. .., ,,l l n-l, .J n, .'.1- Lr, ,rnrnnri -r r I r.,_ ,- A n,"'.ii.
i l [iii[li'e ri,,r n1. ,: '' el ,r ,,'- l m I1, ':. 11 ,ill i ui rr, ,. ,_,. l IrM h ,11

andl i in irn':' r Hii :. L., rib -ri .: l :l f. :,r I'r.-:.Ir 1 -,n"i f i lIe
U nilti -.S[.jtr: ; in i --p ..1'nd l .11
Ijainm [l :il.: .:.. -l ,:.l I.:,l ,-: M,,1 LT .. i lene- r, .: ,-.ne ....i. n 1l..


named James, the Colonel McDowell of 1812 (see pag.: : : -I.: I. in..
father of the late Governor James McDowell.

The wife of Judge Samuel McDowell was Mary M.__lui.- Her
brother, John, was the father of William McClung, v..l..:, ier.i:' .I r-i
Kentucky and became a judge of considerable distincti.rn H- di-d in
I815. His wife was a sister of Chief Justice Marshall. in li- -,. n;,
Colonel Alexander K. McClung and the Rev. John A. .'11.: I11i, I ,
were highly distinguished. A brother of Judge McClui'o., Ii. I,.: Mr
Joseph McClung, lived and died on Timber Ridge.


The Rev. John Brown (see page 32) was a native of Irel.i. .-.1,ii:.ii:.e,
at Princeton, New Jersey, and pastor of New Providen..e :...n.i I:. ~ li...r
for forty-four years. His residence was first near the .li.,-- .:. !-.nr-
field, and afterwards near the church, on the spot whei- ilil I l: 1-:.Ili
Withrow long resided.
i. John Brown, the oldest son of the Rev. John Bro..n 1- I ..ri .1
Staunton (probably at Spring Farm, where his materr il r-.i,.l.-iil.e
lived), September 12, 1757. He was sent to Prince ,i .II.-.l. i:i' .
when the American army retreated through the Jer- .:,- u.J1 ih..
troops, crossed the Delaware with them, and remained i....n- iirm- .
volunteer. He afterwards was a member of a Rockbri.12. .,:,. I,, ,,
and with it served under La Fayette. His education .: .:.:.i.ll:.:.J
at William and Mary College. The sketch of him in C(.llin.-': H1i(..ri
of Kentucky (Volume II, page 252), says he "assisted tl-, .. .l.hi .I i ir
Waddell for two years as a teacher in his school, read I l.... l..I-:,.
of Mr. Jefferson, and removed to Kentucky in 1782." .Aill-r I.ill..rii...
became a State he was three times consecutively el-.i:-d I 1 ..ii1i-.
States Senator. He was also a member of the Hou.-T ...I -:,..r---l,
tatives one or more terms. In 1805 he retired to priv.ii.: hi.- 'in.il dile
that declined all overtures to take office. He died A-.:ii:t 25, i ,. -
Frankfort. His wife was a daughter of the Rev. John Mi I-,-i. ..I ;,N,,
York, sister of the distinguished Rev. John M. Mason.
The late Judge Mason Brown, of Frankfort, was a '-un i. :II- H.I,,
John Brown. One of Judge Brown's sons was the late r.-i inmn I,, -ii
Brown, of Missouri,the candidate for the Vice-Presider.., ,:il ; .' unie-d
States on the Greeley Ticket," in 1872. Another of l-- -...n- i .:t,.:,
nel John Mason Brown, of Louisville.
2. James Brown, the second son of the Rev. John Bry- :i .1i in.
guished as a lawyer in Kentucky. His wife was a sister .i .1Mr- H.i-nr
Clay. Upon the acquisition of Louisiana, he removed I_. :..;, (irrlet.

.\NN.\L., OF ALi L'U-T COii7'i

\ .I. i, -: il 1d tilli L ik II hL t'I',' In C ..nl'l .lli'.' (ICe I il ._l, .:.I 1l,..I R i:, ii-
S -\'.. ,. i llni i r-l i -1 I. ti ll .l-i ir':,. t 'r-.i,..irh l \ .'I : 'I '-
I u 'elI l, M ii ii ler I.: r i H ..11 -. Iii I- hi lll l, lI I. i I I l, I. l1-ti

ni I ir 1: I i l. ...: ., r i T r.. I. i r. i i I r r- .
4 r I'r, I i, W\'. i[ r'.l l rl i n ',, l .:. ". r lu 'l 1I : |i A ', : *I, -I
rPhl I l .ll riii I r ii, I cil i 1 -,I ,ck I ?,, i.' ii. i .. ''.
Ti L ,'. i,,hn -'rhr l, r i-: i -. ,r ,-.i '.,. pir .i l. I :- ii n -n '.
i: d- c, ,r [i,']u l -uch I'll l. '. .h hl : I f lh-,1.. ,] lh i. -..,, c.-. i'.:- ] riI
I %I.; ,.h ,,.l -i F r, ni l, rl i r. i --.. --,rI Il.i., r. h I l i 1 r .l I., .'',.- T I :

,L i h h ,J l ,J h lr .-_e .. r r-,. t. r, I,

itl't '-h r i AlIn i [i.i i: 'i -r .- r i l .r.n l ,l.iir hIi .,l r ii i- IIn

i..lihi H u ni h r i: i. i :._: i-i ., : : '.I % .r 1- t l"r l .l rl l Ii -..I i, tI

,.'n."I n 1 r.'*,-, .' .I l .i-: -, IIn i .. .,Ii ii h e U i: i1-,, u t I ,.1.. ,-tl, ,. l e, ir ,,I1. ,
.Ili, 11 1..1 e i.lil \.: ,r- 1 I n ,-[ 1. :iil T ihr- 1.- I .. ] in _.1J r_ r. f: : r,

rile',. iir .: i i h : i i r. '-,r i-- lu l -i I u ii ,. i .r .I .. | i I i -,r..
I i i ll r ,- il,:, -,I I,_, ,.l i'll l ,*.:'i nl ',, H id (* Ir ] 1 *-d i lI rrln t ir
.rl ,:r' rll. h e .ed i:lit iI ..- i l i I'. ,,- hilJr-n
\ err: llir,-, n- n .:; ,,ii _'- m i :l I-,n.l A r.:. h "ll ', l:,id I .F d J uizlhti r-
k li, r_ t ,- .h I . I r r p.: [ : el i ...I i.nu l M .: I'u t -,h in I Uin L L 1 -.
v ...d. ,',r d.1 :,I l IIl. -,. 'S \\ ill :.:jI, -m d A. r. l i-.i1d [ l.-1 i
F'r \]. \ -m l,-r H un i i .l_'-,r, ,i-' 1 ,:, ,,e t :- [ L 1 1. .Id '" i liu hil, r,:i'
H14- ,c.i i in. \ A rnr i -. lie i ilr" la lr t ini I 1,. i I'd I I.J hi, .1J lir t
rn-.ir N ,- .k F'r. i.i1,L;n.: i.lijrch H e iller, .rdJ- r,:ni,' _.. r,, -,r jrI ,,n11.
hli r,- I,.- p ric zi -d llii p r... ::l- .n till LII .-. -,l: l. i, i ., Ill< ,. l,.r.
ir.id childrei, ti e riii ,:.. -- J, :. : FrAn!li ; rl r , k ,

MRS. FLO'.D't S N,\KRA I'I\ E.

lr i..lt-- ;Ii V ].,d da .i u .hit-r ..I C .l., r -n l \\'ll], F .' [ :r, .g i, .1i, it I
*-A_ ll, l'r-t 17.... ern -.r Fl,.., Id ii t l- i, r I~4 \ir .- -1- ic.' 1i ,:1 lh -
r'r,..l n l il],, lo:r the ._-eru -. ,,I' ,I liii, In irl Fnh 'ri[ .t ,: .rr. ,p r ,1- re.d
t. M r. I-I. P. i- r-,.:lir -r M r F ].:. id-ntl, I. ." r r. i-rI h, r .,ma. 1
r :co ll, -. ti...n i l.mil hir ll, i.:.n % illh, Lt eril i .li ih, -1I i.,.. ,-i t.i
relerencr e .i_, a li ii .il i-n ..,:.r; rl, hlil .:s ,.r% ind i., I.ll,:_r rl r .. I l . .rr .:
in innd.Ir pr\, _art 'l l 1 --- C,.Mill. In r,' r1 r l _... t. t c 4. L.ur i i I. m uch
thl:it i_ inltere--ti _, .ird, In,. ,i.i t..r, iru,. LM -nr, 01 tlll I t>L- rl it,-d L,\
her .ir. .. -e i.' n i l tI l LJud ..t the- N'J il.-. ind le.. ,:thl rz % Itll 1 I n-
tion-,i here.


Colonel James Patton had four sisters, two of whom rieir,.i nm-n .1'
quality" in the old country. The youngest sister, LIz.,b.lh., b ,hile
crossing the river Shannon in a boat, had as a fellow-pa:r;- i : r .i .,.ii,
man of striking appearance, who proved to be a ship ciari..nt-r r,.in.,.d
John Preston. This casual interview led to acquaintihi.- aliid a run-
away marriage. The young lady thus placed herself ".-Lut *.- I .- .ile
of her family." Her brother, James Patton, having aftei ,id- ,:lired
from the sea and settled in America, induced Mr. and Ml: i-'r.-_..i. I[.,
emigrate also. Mrs. Floyd puts the date of their arrival in [he \'V.ll,,
as 1735, and says John Preston died seven years after.. ,r-. it Gjt.
son's old place, eight miles below Staunton." But it al-i-. ir- 1'i.ni the
records of Augusta County Court that his death occurr d ri. 147, and
if he lived only seven years after coming, he must have irrl., .d ii74.-
with Alexander Breckenridge and many others,as is gen- r.,ll iupl ...i.1
to have been the fact. whilee living in Augusta, remot- Ir.:.m li-. :.-r
board, John Preston employed himself as a cabinetmaker. ~i.iiitrucrng
household furniture for himself and neighbors.
William, only son of John Preston, was born in the tc. ...I No-., tI...
Ireland, November 25, 1729. He received most of hi- -.-ir. n. -n in
America, from the Rev. John Craig. Mrs. Patton .i .- huit.
woman, says Mrs. Floyd, and kept aloof from the Pr.-i-ii .\ ll
prediction of an Irish woman that \illiam Preston -..ui.l --.It Iii
uncle's fortune, so impressed her with dread of a merrn i._--, i- -n
the nephew and one of her daughters, that she all.:. ..t ,... Ii.cr-
course between the young people. She died soon aft-r iIl.rn.:i
of her daughters-one to a kinsman of hers named 'i hi.uiij .... nin,]
the other to John Buchanan Colonel Patton then induce. h,- n hi ... .
sister to remove to Spring Farm, in the vicinity of Staunit.-.n iijd urn
to live with her.
William Preston's first regular employment was postinr. i.,. hb..-l,- ,I
Staunton merchants and aiding his uncle in his extensive. .i.-i.,- He
became deputy for Wallace Estill, when the latter was li.-I .Jrhi..r ..r
Augusta. He was also clerk of the vestry of Augusta p rri:.-l ir .l. irL
of the County Court-Martial. Step by step lie rose to liil,.r -mnipl.\
ments. In 1766, he was the colleague of John Wilson in II-. t li-u., ...
Burgesses. His letters and official reports which have .:.n.m .1.:. II t...
us, show that he was a man of mTore culture than was -.. -nim-.n i. hi;
time and section of country. Mrs. Floyd says that Cl,.nejl I 1-rl.:.n
Thomas Lewis and others employed Gabriel Jones to pui,-h.,-_ I.1.ir..i.e
for them in London.
As stated elsewhere, Lettice, the second daughter of lMr-. .i..h, Pi,--
ton, was the second wife of Major Robert Breckenridge 'l i,.r .r.-i k-
enridge's first wife was a Miss Poage, of Augusta, and t~\ 1-1r !i,: haIj
two sons, Robert and Alexander. These sons, not living. hina.: ,ii.;.u-l',
with their step-mother, were sent to Hanover county to I .iin 11. : r-
penter's trade with Francis Smith, Colonel William Pre t...'- l...l.tir.
it-law. They became skilful workmen, and were empl, ..,.J b. C.I.nel


Freti.n i.:. I.ild the d.l.. i lihng ,1 Smithieldc Fhiy -er.cd F ,.. dite.
during the RC'.uluioni n1d I rnall s-tled in 'iurti L, v. iS e p.i~'e 11
Al a..idcr Brc:kel: rid.rig iniia-iilel the u dJ-... CIloni l John Fl.,.Jd. a
d i<:u lig er Io- Colo.iIr J,_,iLohn Pi chanii 1an .II 1-] gr*indt111 0LL J --:.; Colonel
Ja.ile Il':.ilh Thlu Ihe fl C o.ner il...ir Fl., J o. Vijr liia .,iri .l Janie-
L'. Bire,:kenrid.i -. .:.I l -,niit.k ..i .c il -t.ro h lir-.
C :.lonC el I're..:.-n w.a taken ill at .1 i r-- i eiiaIl ill iL t, JuI e :-, I. 1.
a .ii- died hll I. ll n.. ; nil-h H i: n_ II \ : leh. el.. e il.1 ii'.:t -, rl he, ht,
inclined 1 ,:.1.r .'aik 1C L -il ruddy l i ...iiipl-J; n I 1 i. l Il'h1 h% i .nd 11 .del
e .m H i_ ,ilfe I %it l l idll II .in : r ''. i _'23. ha.% IIn.l,1 .J .1 ,,-,n ''" rl
M i s. FI-.',d n ,- pi r-- l, IIl\ ,i. j. iil..ie, il, iji M rt MIlar', In h- -. inid
gives i itc .iile'd ~ i c'i'- i -1 lhr r i d '.-ill'ir-: iih _:ilr- hitl M r- Iii gle-.
;.-.v:- hirlh Io a f n.l' child three inc itlll .ilu i lh-i e pl_.lii.: jnjd in-.t
ihrel' ; .Iv: -, -- iiae.l L, DFr I all a ,il nd r-| A,-il '- i mtn ,_ "41 Ii '.lher
ic- e~~t her ac. unt i --ul- iiilill, lie -anie l_ i ;lii 1 n 111 lli
ArN .I. Pi t a r t eT l-;gr h ii.l dI i;i ier .:.1' M1i l iigle- c arn., -itl ,Jeniie .
ith, uiirrecinie-- i..l th-, Iulr l rep.:rit In re. d I. ,: il'e birtllh illdd- ': rlii
ol" an inlait. Sh.- e a-. .-i .i l i.i di d I ,ppen i,: M r -. .r.Lt-. C -
rD .-, idi-on, n ,i .1 in ioi, ni .."I' \N]r li le-'-, *nd iil, t [M r Fh .. ,l ill irl.-.
h c- err..r ..1' .inib ii'r. I.. i. ..I- nc hat u .OcLIrred r : ith- .'ihber i r-.
Cl'iarlt n. ith i, r-i i i i .i;ra l.id-.-i ild ol i -tI Ingle i = 'I iurIc-il
t2,r- oldJ wh':ii i. --e r r,amdwiii,,iiL': r ulie.1, .it nei l -i hi, rdl |he -L-.r. ,...I' hi
ini tl untLI il It V. r llt i iti.on- d M rs. Fli..., M it Inde-- di-.I i, i S I -,
a.4-d eight l -fl r.
\\' find Illi M lr-. FI:. 1i' i.11 1 .,i e ". riel' n,- 1i1i .-.1 ithe .r-- ilL be
Ilidia lis 114 ,il t hl e h u 01 D), id C]l:i, d, -,I hich i- rel-rr:d [ > j ag.e I '..
Colli.tel \ tilltiali I r -.t.:n i I.:. i, -n h l;<-d .I G r,-lii ,Il I ..1 ..,ic 0t,
SiduliItn. in M ,.ir:ch. 1' -I, .it eil .11 : *:l', ea rl, il [ e r .i-i nin ,;. M r
lre -ion a, I a l irtle-d 1:, t.. rep..rt ol It,.:' .- ii iii -:i1:.-l: ,i-i -ion in
th' .ire:tlion u .a t i t-2i t.r- ii..iu-e hill a mule -it-ah-io. ir --enil
lJ .eph CI.-.d ilde i.p i ,1 .. li...re .til- i .. t rk -" onii ,I ij r. lated
Lth u Indian-i hadl killed hii, bi.it.I- Jh-,n. lta.d -I..-i at h im.n ih ,--i,-lderT
tb.i niai liis -hirft and .l li i;z i '.e t t e lIui.1- I-.id p.i:ob.il.l, killed
iih Iii il'ther. MIrs. FP i-'ionI iiiliil .d eljl, --.ii a .'.:.ui fnl i h.:i I i e. i i it
he ho .e t noit iI e mrri : l i -ma ill Iri : I i 'n r Jii.;' CIek, iandi
lien de;p.Itihu-d a 1hit t: n tn anud T.% n. e r.:-.1 r .: Mr. Culo .'- The
latter itL.nd Mr.. C'lou.d tomaiil., i" Lk d in ihree- pla .e but 'till al e: .iid
con-: lil.. She told alb. l i. i.,lii S lie ll ,]ll. di I, their d- lll ig
irIiunk ipF, ing t he I lathIer be-l, -in. c. iri ,i 'ti lhe ,i..utc-, -..nl
of the Ind Jn-in i.[.e. i ihi bl,-...l Ifr.o i heI [teiiijplc a -li ai c, -orl obh,
-aying, PoF..r .ll \\-um ii' She die.:l the ineLt ornin ii lie -h luc
of th,. -tl,r\, ,i- ',ir ai- kn.i\.'wn, is ;.\ en .*:il prAlu e U-.


THE FLOYDS.-It is stated on page 74 that Colonel John Buchanan';
wife (a daughter of Colonel James Patton) had only one child at t.h-
date of Colonel Patton's will. Another daughter, named Jane, was bo: 1i
afterwards and became the wife of Colonel John Floyd and mother ...I
the first Governor Floyd.
The first Floyds in America were two brothers who came frorn
Wales to Accomac county, Virginia. William Floyd, a son of one ...I
these brothers, married Abadiah Davis, of Amherst county, who w.-i
of Indian descent. John Floyd, a son of this couple, was born abojit
1750. At about eighteen years of age he married a Miss Burwell, wl...
was fourteen years old, and died in a few months. Ten years after-
wards he married Jane Buchanan, a second cousin of Colonel Williaii.
Preston. From 1772 to 1776 Colonel Preston was county surveyor .I
Fincastle county, which embraced all Kentucky. He appointed Jonii
Floyd one of his deputies and sent him to survey lands on the Ohi..
river, which led to the settlement of the latter in Kentucky. His son.
John, was born near Louisville, April 24, 1783, came to Virginia when 1lr
was twenty-one years of age, served in the Legislature and Congres-.
was Governor from 1829 to 1834, and died in 1837, aged fifty-four. TII-
late John B. Floyd, also Governor, etc., etc., was a son of the first Go, -
ernor Floyd. Their home was in Washington county.


General Benjamin Logan's parents were natives of Ireland, btit
married in Pennsylvania. Soon after their marriage they removed :..
Augusta county, and here, in 1743, their oldest child, Benjamin, wn,
born. The Rev. John Craig's record shows that Benjamin, son of Davd
Logan, was baptized May 3, 1743. When young Logan was fourtec r
years of age his father died, and according to the law of primogenitu:-
then in force, lie inherited all the real estate which had been acquired.
Upon coming of age, however, he refused to appropriate the land :..
himself, and after providing a home for his mother and her younger
children, went to the Holston. His wife was a Miss Montgomery. H-i
was a sergeant in Colonel Henry Bouquet's expedition in 1764 (see pag,_
124), and was with Dunmore in his expedition of 1774. He was one .I
the people of the Holston settlement who signed the "call to the Re.
Charles Cummings to become their pastor, in 1773. (See page 52.) :11
1775 he went to Kentucky, with only two or three slaves, and established
Logan's Fort, near the site of the present town of Stanford, Linco.,,
county. His family removed to Kentucky in 1776. In May, 1777, tlh-
fort was invested, for several weeks, by a hundred Indians. As the
ammunition of the small garrison was becoming exhausted, Logan, with

..ANNALS 01i .\iii5.ii'A C ULNT.

t .C, i lr-,I n i nirii n rIe:.-p irf.-.I Io:r i uIl pl ,I I'"-, tl I-(,-i. .ln -I. lll-il -rl .I ..l
re, urn dJ in tel n J]l .,N i 1 :' lin 11. .: 0: _.n il il -,In ri.iln ,..l ih ,r.-
i.lilir.r. i nl. Ii e ii. : %ji-l lCi I..., n ,f Ci h 'ili :,C tle %I h :li i 1111 r1, ",t:,. r I I h i"
li..i tr,. I I: I' ll r -,r.: h I t :, r.- i i o r. I r .. l *:- -,1 h: I lu .:
L il. n- I I . 1|IIII tlI. .l l i .i1 l,-i lll-r: ,,.,: al r-. l, 1bh C2I.1] -,ri W':.- .I l' :
.-ind -pr:l: I |t:l I'A l I'ro-mlll i 0l -l l E alr:lliL,':r :'of 11:
lIc Illl.: l I. :l C o. I ; 1111 r I i in*1l -u- i t .in l i- n11I\ i ni ill:-er 1 *.I
ll .l [ l-ti l--. '-lI,'|jllr, [L.'-,i rl ,:.n1,ni J i:rn l k'~\ ,,,K, 1> 4ill-J O:r 11 ii
iC ol,:'hill H u t: l. :,l lil: l il,: %,l r,-li] I I Ip 4p ,:
\\l, 'h -', L':' a 0 : l :l :':n r ,-.r r .1 n. b .'-ir, lhi:r: IH rr.:ds-
Ci1l11 1 hur: Ih- n,. l ,l I l.,.: l. i:.. r 1-. i-- .. . 1,] I,,I l-,1 F.-- I:: Ih l IIr' .lll ,e
,:I ll ,. rr. l r:], ,,,:l. I. b .._: ,o ,-;." i,, j, ,: 11" l l ,: '-,i ,'l.: L ',> :.,i i ..I
.\[1"l'- owl ; % .1 .. [ .I .. 11 H i .H1 .h r': .... H1' II I i.'hni l.'J *'I'le = I-i 1 ,].:.i l '
-.,,:11rr u, ml.' ] I '. I 22 11- .llir ', o:,lul ,cr. I. F, -; ii ." i I
T ., ilIl': r:'. l ..l-- rt L ,-.. n .of, :, f ',:, l \ :r l, !'. .o: ,: In,. ] -_-..': .J
lo r n.l:.ri- lur lth i '- i 'lri l ll Ii i re ar;..i t l:. I I il ; Irr l. .. . II1 ..
Ithl l r,: c :l. ,r Ii.. ,' in' :e L: A m Ii : -i;l ,.'i I' l l id rlr5. H .- ,-1, ,. .: ii- J .
,1 L: li I l II 11'il] i 1 .,'id rei ill.- *: 1 1 :. L Lir 11-, i-n i rh .I .ri r .:' il"-
i\,x 'Ii .- \' -Ill:\ .h -il. ,-, J lD:i an r o h;, i.dl-, *:li hi ',:h. in li t i :
no:. .i -ik i., ld .: i ,.i t. T h.: I i h-1 : O ld i:, ,:,l hriu., ch l..lr- ri i ':
k-;uo.t'li-- .rn.irhniIn dl.,J .-in.l;, T hl: 'Fl -rnell r .'liefr hI- l ll'rli '-I s.:I tli --I0

' ;i: l li, .. Wloo],d i i n.:.l l ir a i n l ai-r Ol *- i *:i ll.i r: I. --i-r in
C |c ,in ._l .-.1 ,n l 1n in : ll I,-, t : 11. H .1 1I.. ro:l.il:,] 'I h e. i lll,, I -; 1 J- _-: l
O n K -'.: r ir r_,-_': If, i; ':',-'4 Iu l ., f. .i ,i: i-.11, ', r". ,-rin .:.1 ih-.ni ".*. :. ;
killi ,d .. r ._ iplur,.J Lb h.-l [h'-il -Ii I"i 1l th ".:e- y ..~" ~
nie: L .,.;..n r':nn- l ]--'J l tll li ih..I "i.r H i' .. !': '." :. n n shl -ir ic',ln,
1 1i ,J "]i l i'1 I ..il -< L .-[l-r h ii ll l -l:r, ,3.1, 1 -e. h id r-:] lit -',n .il',
fL.:.u r ,J l. i l er z
oln I- .,. 111 r ,, i h l ,,n : ,:,1 | in-- ,.o iol.J litil; -, io.-, rri d F .- hl,:I
J i- l h ': ..l.. ., ,, ,J i .j, t,_ .l -r ,,l" I\ lli i i .-l, 'li'r:_ :t r- l,-1J 1i ,.[-- [ .:,f il ,- F,,- .
D ; M ,. [' l.. r- .I I .:d r-,, ,1 .r,, rn ]1]- ," L 'u _' ." *>.,-1111 ', nl d .' 11 1
L. .n -ii E I.J:r itn i, ih :l I-t.ur,_t A n.h.i, ; h (_t.]J .an': [:. : .:, nii-ii-'.1e
Eu .-.abiu rm m-L -. I. JW.J 111 :] .-. tl-: I;c- i-'o:,l.:rt Lo': ,in. .a F -r t

,:fl AA hl.- t i.. t
A l- '-, l t,:l L ,:.,,. ,,til ,> |.:, :.n:, l,-,i : m td H nlr.-il ri', r, I. K .rn .
tuck O n. r .:. i- .:n- "- .r i -i il i l *-, i J ':--i -,. Izn l,,e R1- : '. Fi r I \"
L o,,.,- tli,'. i'r- -I.,-:-it ,t.-:ril il i 'al :r l' ,tt i l,:h io,,mi.j. r mlillIIck '..
R .l-: rt L ,... r,, ll,, li,:r :,.-n .. 1 a I [- 1 .re i ri, ,,iil i in ',te i ,,h .- li' ,,-J
rni ,t ir c l J d .,i:J 11 >t i' 11:n'lla ""r;lhia H ,. .! th I -r h lh-,
L te. loll.h 1-'. I .oi^ n of 10 1 '.11lin l ,:, : .l;e ]r' ,
ICo.-cr.. l i- I 'il f,:.irtll -:,l .1.l .Lo a a'it f' l .ll ll" a] -"1: l I1 i H 4L t
h ill it tl: L ijntifliffe, d1 ^ -.i .1hri i:'l !-'.:: l .l i. r h Ird-II -- .. r
5- 1, 1 ]. :. ..,:,:.nj e ,.. .l.f.t4 i Lee, .. e of n i, .s. ,',hil.r',n f"r.
lo'.epli Lo:,;. ,,an .I A rl-n ,..',,rr i
Br0nf minl L': -,I, m m mlIlli ;:n c,, '1 ini,- r.ind I-,ini] ih. ,.i- llir: I tllier :'
thr lIat.- -. A L,,'_ i. 0:f S.Lat J1i1-,n.


A daughter of James and Hannah Logan, whose name is not know.
was the wife of the school teacher, McKinney, at Lexington, Kentucky.
who had the conflict with a wildcat, of which there is an account in
McClung's "Western Adventure." Sitting alone in his log-cabin school.
house one morning in May, 1783, McKinney discovered a wildcat glaring
in at the door, Before he could arm himself with a heavy ruler, the
animal was upon him, with its teeth fastened in his side and its claws
tearing his clothing. By pressing the cat against the sharp edge of a
desk he succeeded in overcoming it, just as the people, aroused by the
mingled cries of the man and beast, came to the rescue.


Having fallen into some errors in regard to Colonel Fleming (ste
page rno) we give the following sketch, being indebted to one of hi-
descendants for some of the facts.
In August, 1755, the month after Braddock's defeat, William Flemin.
landed in Norfolk. He was educated at the University of Edinburgh
and served for some years as a surgeon in the British Navy. Not likil:,
that profession he resigned and came to Virginia. As we have seen
(page 83), he was a lieutenant in the Sandy Creek expedition of 17:-
and acted as surgeon. He was afterwards appointed ensign in the
First Virginia Regiment, commanded by Washington. In 1758, he was
commissioned lieutenant, and served in the campaigns of Forbes ani..
Abercrombie. He was made captain in 1760 and stationed at Staunton.
it is said. After his marriage, in 1763, he resumed at Staunton tl-.
practice of medicine and surgery.
Captain Fleming (so called in the record-book) was chosen a Vestr -
man of Augusta parish, November 24, 1764, in place of John Mathew.,
deceased, and continued to serve in that office till June 27, 1769. The
records of the Vestry show that he was repeatedly allowed payment of
bills for professional services to the poor, and from his private account
books it appears that he was often called to visit patients in Bedford
county. In the fall of 1769 he removed to the new county of Botetourt,
of which he was one of the first justices of the peace. (See page r131
He commanded the Botetourt regiment at Point Pleasant in 1774
In 1779-'80 he was a member of the Continental Congress at Phila-
delphia, and was the only person from west of the Blue Ridge who sai
in that body. Being a member of the Governor's Council in 1781, he
acted as chief executive of the State for a time during that year, in the
temporary absence from Richmond of Mr. Jefferson
It is said that he was repeatedly sent by the Government to Kentuck
as commissioner to settle land claims, etc., but never removed fro-n
Virginia. His death occurred in 1795, at his residence, called Bellmonr.


nrim r li,: pr-:.er tii... 0 1 oI .ianT i'-, .and I-,i- r.-main,' AI ';r" inte rr'-. tiller
inll tihe aI il bur.ii-..- gro.UnJ.


\\'all.:i E-ull, -l Irili-h in s t ...rL i,, Ne rnc , i i .'i:.
H is hrfil til .1 M ar. E..... A tI-E tle L rti .f i '..: .h lir-n h,
r-enln. .-)% I1 v. i I I. [ IL I.II|III t,:' A u. ,Ul.1 *.-.u m ,. b-, ..:n 744 t it. I. .in ) "n.1
1 i -i' Ii .:h lhJ ,It. 1-i:.rl I her-
c.cniniiiin F-nil, -:. ; nd :. n -'i vF \ ill .-c .1r1.J Ml ,r.; i- '.rn
S :p nliiil:r :i i ,1 ni. -rri.., in .K li, .i, l-I ,11. Ill i : :1 a ll U re
in [lic- Su l i. :l, n r, i. iU i, :[ i -.: [III .A 1.i7: .nJ ..il'icrd. I.],
r.riii ... iJ I.., th, I I n l: I. in. H i- .r '*,.- r C .tipi li i ..11iii I F I ,. .1
l i ;: t l.Ji r .\ ._ -t i f -, t i i' l u. l ni .iiLi in i i l :i '-e1 l.. i i.. -':

\ a. ll.u :c [:.itl ni .rr,:,l i ; r-.,:n.I lim :- M ,i r., i-ici i- m[ .br lII. .f .-i i J .i.1
P. ii L in rir i l li.- ,d in e qi l] idre in .i n ...i- h, l ni, l -ri:., b. rn
N I. ; n hb r I-, I ,:.,. ,'lnd S ir. l, _,...rn ItclLem -er I I -4f,
l inm F.-l ll ini.'rri:d in u:I.i i. F.. c h. l \\ r I ,-i Id r ..\ i d i..
r ni' ic nl i [ .,lr I r. : i h, ,:i t i] '.:., ]i r il :.' ,, l r:ll l. r nbricr tI..
Kr:icul'..',, I 'i i ] ] .11 [r -ij'- S 'nin, c i. ill Ih- prf- en ,itr idjn tic Ml .:di
. t i i i1 1 I ni : ul il* icr '.i hii br-: h i flilt ,- i t li ] ll- in,
,T,.] L, lfr; he d iil. r- ..i ,r': i lr.. il i [l' niL he lu i r\ 1 i i :' ll i
nilll .rabl i rillihr. t N l lii [thn: -.s. nd I'- al[ fti Il. Atc i t lie .d li
i:bi, I it\.'ciitI ,-1 I- Irni II 11. 1 .i r. : ;- -'. r, ,r- h i .-hEu 1 [11,. .. c I'i u iILit ll-n .r .*:.
I\\' l .,nd tr r.: 'no I 'ltii.:L r i r 1- i .:- .i .I i l-ni..... M i, nL[. ,, I. r,
C-LIrti,,' T lic 1-1ill .u lr.u th i ,1 lI ,-, l i ,lI l ...l I' M ,..uri[ Sllr-
lin.: .:11.1 1 kn'l ,.. ni ,:i Eh L,,l. :. ,1 L I l c ...IJuIt.I .,' ...r -. il '.
i l'E :'." lur In Ih-, iti le ,i nc I i I i: ui uili [ u a ,r ,ir ,r cJ., .1 it-
. e r1 parI of tEI- % h ll il '. i :l [; h ,test ere,-c l-in ir I-':,illr.dc filc ]c_ ,
c.1" thf Ili i.'n i% % ,, :-re aer ih niii IIr ,l [hl %, hii L-1.1i lhu', hlld lih
fi :ld .,, od th, l i:, lr\ i d .nd |i.tl:,tt d .- l ,-t -hr Il1n II-in a I.-.n, L 3"- -iiin '.- AiL ,ttLut
S1Ind 1-, iilh i_ I"ti tl "dlm ,.,L m \t r % n :i .ei't -i e Ine i 1hil[ n tr:d v:n t, h -ur -
,I In _.-ni ,:, lIh : nm -1 :i-..'l 1 i- ind i-_.il d, .i. i ti .-i r:- ,, he:r:
C aplia n L -lill :11 ] '[1 ,:. dip..-:tlli n I ht t uil, l.iLk. I It lIl,1: th[ ,: ur\li-
vor, ... ll,.' Li tille I, ,:,] '1 J m in ,ll ]j] l'-'r, ,1" lh4 --ll. ir .lhd tlh -:
Eran'asca'tlio-i O* -r il loldll in: d. -. A >:..Unil., in I'ntiulkl, -i
i-ille-, Ih..r C- pl.-iL ni Esi ll. (C,:llni.-'. H I- t.,rT .-.]' i -n uc:k\,. \Volunim lI,

S'i m1 J Ell[II, ,-wv.un er r.:.r ln .:. [ j in.- m.1 rried .i -ite "I'c ind Al-,
'-,:nt u Kcntt,.k, H-- %6 1- ,..-hrtud in ii \,_,]outh _n Indidan 6I tal r,
ind Iir h" i gre it z.,: in Il'- I tter ',,:.:rs At rle h ( n-I :* hi.: d ithi lie-
t,:ig l,:.l 4i 1- .-..und-.


COLONEL WILLIAM WHITLEY was born in that part of Aug i 1. I'.- II
now constitutes Rockbridge county, August 14, 1749. Fl.- oiirr,-l
Esther Fuller, and in 1775 removed to Kentucky, taking wit:i l Iiri il
more than his gun, axe and kettle. His brother-in-law, Geor.,- C'l i
accompanied him, and in the wilderness they met seven other i.,n ,* h.,
joined them. He became a famous Indian fighter and during. l1i. Ilil
was engaged in seventeen battles with the savages. His last --,.t--nLtl..ii
of this kind, organized by him, was against the Indiar- -:,lih I:.1
the Tennessee-river. It is known as the the Nickajack E.p-.1:.ii..'i
from the name of the principal town against which it wt- dirr- 1._1
The number of whites engaged was from five hundred it:. -r.-i
hundred, and the Indians were routed with great slaughter. In i -
Colonel Whitley, then in the sixty-fifth year of his age, \..,lu.-.i-i-.:l
under Governor Shelby, and fell at the battle of the Tham--. ,-.l-.rr
5. He was selected by Colonel Richard M. Johnson to c,.rn.mi.ld ,
"forlorn hope of twenty men, nearly all of whom were kill-.:i It 1
believed by many -persons that Whitley, and not Colonel I.:.li.......
killed Tecumseh, the celebrated Indian chief, in that battle. \\ nl..
county, Kentucky, was called for him. (Collins's History of K-iu itu':


At an early day in the history of the county there were ti.. iahinir.-
of this name in Augusta, which, as far as their respective d-.::-,. ,-
know, were not at all related. The ancestor of both fauil- i-- ,
named John. One of these John Moffetts was buried in il- N.:.rlli
Mountain grave-yard. (See page 153.) His son, William, ., l.: .- .. i,
was Elizabeth Gamble (see page 187), was for many year- i 1I. rlir.
citizen of the county. Some of the descendants of Jam.,' M.!.-1ri1
brother of William, reside in the Tinkling Spring neighborl.-.-: .d n iIn
The prominent representative in the county of the other i.-iril .. ...
Colonel George Moffett, who is often mentioned in the ANN i irl I.-
some members of this family we here particularly refer.
John Moffett, the ancestor, was amongst the hrst settlers of Ih .:,urnt .
His wife's maiden name was Mary Christian, and his chilir-in i.-r
George, Robert, William, John, Mary, Kitty and Hannah -r -,:.,i
time prior to 1749-probably as early as 1742-he left hi- li..ni. in
Augusta to go to North Carolina, and was never heard of illl-r, r.!-
In the course of time he was presumed to be dead, probab:\ Iill-d1 I.,
Indians, and his widow, Mary Moffett, qualified as his adtiri,-i otrl
February 28, 1749, executing bond in the penalty of 5c,. r.'i h.:r
brothers, Robert and W illiam Christian, as her securities. Ilr.. r'li,.-i.

.\NNA.\L OF \iUlll- .1 *z 'N I V.

i:,.I tr i l-,.-J --c> Ii] 1 il. ar u;,:- ri ll I-._hliA T r ril lr i ,: li :1,e i.t .1 :l n :
. ,i. ,I _n,- T rI..Ll.- I S r: "'I ,i- "i r 11 1 .1el I
l z'.,r : l .1 1 .- ..I L -. li;. : l : .. re M ..lfl:ll 'cc p .i, -c i. I i I .,I ,, Ii:. 1
,r,":llic r ra ]il,:,i': .. I.., i.,*- i .le- k I, i I" I' i l l [ h i I lf.] ir. r,: ill.:r. I ji r r.
t1. n l: inr .. nr Il I ri- \l ;u ll I d:i .l.: [I.',..t.,r I I .. 1-:.h ,I, i :.l i[h

l'\ 0-,. I.. l. l I n lill i: M h .I I .li II I.. ..i -. i ..,hl ,n .. ...r
'lithr li '.r*: h.:l r.Lu ., l i i. I lr.: ll ..... l, r Ili ir trill ., ,i, i ',1 Alli t .:.
T h" ', .-:,: ,, f II,. L,,,. ,' .r,- itL,,_,. .-',. -,' i l '. t-- l -. .:,- [,.,: ',,
Tl' cl y I' I i ,i l l.., l i: .i.i i I.. i. I [ I I 'ii .i. II i l l ll Ii .: i 'i

hi .ll : | -. ,: illl 11 I : i.-'.. i ll I IJr.- Ili_ .. ir%-d T '. .. '. I- n i.. ",I r"
.it i: p r 'a l 1 11. I In i iis 1 r* ** 1 i t t..- In I"n- -
1.,1l i.:''11 I -: ,'_':r ., lii 4 ,. 1 n 1 ..I lt l ,, .., J .. ii r in rI,_Iu li II l: 'l i ,
_ i |.:,lilh 't l a .in* I ., I... 1 l e% I nII II dl ill, i r Jl In r, l,. I1 _
. _l l., : h ., lh :.' i l, h i l i. I ,I r IU .. f I Ir : .. J i.. llsl | li.J
dllll ; Icturn .l I:. n .I ll l -I -re he f ..1 1 1.-..1 *Ill 1 11. 1,l.l u I ,
I l h i r r i [* I ,l i.. 11 i: 1 l r i I1. 1 -..I l i r i- r hr
!h,' lTit, .:, l- i I .- ,: ,.I-l... I l t letu r d :.J 1- i .- h I 1 1,
111..1 ..I. l r :: -. i It I. ,! ,,i ,: I .. I l ,ell l \ .1 ',r 1 l -,111 T it ,l
v. Ir. 11 * i. i 1 .. Iw-: l .I |[1 1.l.1 1 l, 1 J -I l i I i ..1 l i -
tI 'lu n Ii.1 i i I !1, I . . ll '. I ..r' i .h ** *. ).
n 1 '" i l ] ..ll' :.., li i l-.l l i :l ii, II '..., 111r T ri lL le i i %lr.

I .-C l I I i I l i ]. 1 1 1.. .l I I11- _1 1 1 :I I l l l 'l . i il.. .1.

~lr ;\11- 1 5 s ll11 ll ip h In .. i .e I.r II r 11*il. f luc I ri- Jina
u' .: l] l i .li 1 I.. h ai, n \h, I l i- n i .- i ,. h.1 I r r i 'l.k : i l i-. lI. ,I ,, li
i .-.:l .ll' i rl 1 1 1r- il l lC l -II. ,in ..l,*: nl, r d J.:*ll i. l .r1 il ,i 1 il- ,

II h-_ 0 ll- F]l',l, I, ., hfh l -r il i llrr I' l [r i l ihLo: _* 1 % I %. t Im J.

, i_,. i in. l I ,i:.-r i. ll ,- l I ': i 1: 1jr 11l t ,] .: i ,11 In. ll il, 1 i--. 11 Ih I

h l. IIr-I ldl, 1 i d i.I: l i ll.l i l, 1 ,,1 '.r l i. l .iL h -|. .i- -ll V r
lli, l,:, I'in 1 1 ,1 l i .l i -; i.,,, il i, jill l 1h .: -I -_- i .| Ji i 1"._-. 1 i'i.. L e r-
e c .niri l', I ....L l l- r,.,: i t l'i: r ii,, "i'ri.,]l.hl I i it il- ml r
'Ir 1 11i 11h i lli ,r, : .\ i': I i. 1 l i -j Iti i, t ri n -.:..1 l l all.iJ tll i ,1
A iL- I _. l ;i ur pid d i .l rr ., I i,.. .-,- t M1..11. .:l .:. \\\, .: 1), -A11. 71 d \\ '
^re l ir l,, i ,d I.:. hin I.:. :,u l .111.J n I t L r. h lli i ...iC r,.: r.i.- I, M I._ MP lI
r i r i'tl a \ i ,-, l ll r.. 1 i 'l I-. l :,1 ,,: ] it lll :,: ,. ,,. 1r .li .r. l, r i1" K .:l'iih .: l". |ie
ti l *I i f -Ir3 .r i ][- l .r1i. -hI : lijd !i l, I .*' il tT- l..1, 'i n i r .- 1 :.1 ,l
1 h ,l i i ,n'-ni I 'i .- .I,- I 1 ..1 i i..[i.:.:d l:f.r _: *:rIl -hI nI_ r I nl--n ...-l I I .i'
'.T il' 'n -i 1'. lil -l*:, I e i c k l U J I r iN I i I ,'. "- : ~'i"r 1 o l.I'l I i1 r leI r.
i\f lih I i 1"|. : l i p l .: :(, : .; lilc C.l '. '1'11; 10' 1, 'F. 1. id .. i'
I~, n', u ll ill .r lyi. ,-I,.;: 'I I 1 _ilk Ij i, 1lr rlll ,. I-,:, i ii,.: l .....d llh : I-r.I.h rn
I.liri Li.] -, -I1..1 I, l,: i[ n,: j 1 1, it Ihe ..nii, n 'i I1,~ l ic i lr | l, d .r-.l | ,- I"
. h ili ,l,: e rl, ,-] l l r-,];i: .r m ,'r .; tli, in i in il -,, ii; i l,:,ii iirii: .i..'i,
T h' ni.: 'i1 1 -n -.1 he kn'I i. M rs MillI- Ir..ill her hl :-iI,1-,,] I,, li r tii,?l.
.Then he .- ,l l,;. H1 *ild iIi, Ihil e l d ]...i \\ i..:-.; lic-c d
' Lr,.. lr. .i -,n I. l.ei, ... ,..1 .1 JeL.. u ,.-: hI- I' llie r I t hinil "
MIr. Tri i l- i lI urlheI r ll l d inr i h, II ik r 1 Iit : ,., .r ...J ii 1, in
Ni- orlh rni ib :ll ,.,i-, i,' r.i,, .i;,: -: 11.1: Il-I ,I d I', ," C. Til 6 l-L I" t l i 1-i-n T I I


recover the captive daughters of Dr. Hull, of Illinois or Miss..uri, ndi
that he did find and bring them into camp to their father.


James Alien (see page 91) was the oldest son of Wiliam Alien, r I,:.
came from Ireland and settled in Augusta, but at what dates unln.M,_n i
A brother of William was the grandfather of Dr. Allen \lr-h. Il.-nc
resided and practiced medicine in the Stone Church neighbori._.. _.,J.
It is believed that James Allen was seven years old at the datic :.1 il
emigration to America. His brothers, Hugh and John, were born iher,-
James and Hugh married sisters, daughters of Robert An.-I:r-,:.n, .
native of Ireland. John Allen, it is said, was a lieutenant :,i .ra.l-
dock's defeat, and was lost" in that disaster. Hugh was a Ih- i, nalr
in Colonel Charles Lewis's regiment at Point Pleasant, in r 1.. I-1
was killed in the battle and his body was buried by the side oi C.,Il.i,- I
Lewis's remains. He had three sons, John, William and Hui.i, ill 1.,
whom removed to Kentucky.
[The widow of Lieutenant Hugh Allen, whose maiden name I.l.,
Anderson, contracted a second marriage, in 1778, with Willi iin Cr.,ilC
born in 1750 and died in 1829. The children of William ....d 1i,,,.
Craig, who lived to maturity, were, r. Jane, wife of James Patrerz--... ..I
Augusta; 2. James Craig, of Mt. Meridian, died in 1863; 3. Sanl1II, ile
of James Laird, of Rockingham ; and 4. Margaret, last wife .. inn.l:-
Bell, of Augusta.]
James Allen lived near the place now called Willow Spoul c:.i rlh
McAdamized road, about eight miles north of Staunton. As ,.- hi...
seen, he was a captain of militia in 1756. He participated in llhr t.,,tle
of Point Pleasant, saw his brother Hugh killed, and placed a -loi:i- ,1
his grave. He died in iSro ninety-four years of age, having b.een rii
elder of Augusta Stone Church for sixty-four years.
James and Margaret Allen had ten children, two sons ani.J -,l-hi
daughters, viz :
I. Jane Allen, wife of Captain James Trimble, who removed L.:. len-
tucky in 1783, accompanied by the sons of Hugh Allen and ma:i% ..,ie.ri
(See The Trimbles.")
II. Ann Allen, wife of Colonel George Poage, who remo..-.1 r..ii
the county. Their children were, i. Allen; 2. John; 3. WVlh-mi.
Jane ; 5. Mary; 6. James; 7. Thomas, and 8. Hugh.
III. Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. John McCue. (See fage 239 ,
IV. Rebecca, wife of Major John Crawford. (See The Crc .r I:rJ I
V. Margaret, wife of Major William Bell. (See The Bells. 'I
V1. Mary, wife of Colonel Nicholas Lewis, who removed to K'.: ,ii:-.'.
VII. Nancy, wife of Captain Samuel Frame, whose children. .-er. I
John; 2. Thomas; and 3. Nancy.


A . il
In. \\' ll l hl AIi : I lll- ii rri l Siu-..l ri:ll. .r I ll : .inll relin l -i
to K1,'-ItId -k. III I;-, '.ilhi C'i 't- ih in i':. "[Trillnlair IlIJ :,ll i ers. H e s- t-
iIn J itid I. -iriL.nt -, -in, i, I I :i ildr Hi .-Io d J\ u .ight r nii.-rrir
M all .. jr'., _ll. i[hi -,r, .j I, h r ULi. ii. d Nil j i h-rr 1-.:- l-ir il e.:

I~riCl -* .lKir M i lr i -lulk I\TIi* 7 *.r ir 'f lh,:, L: i i.t.r AillI r:B, |11 r i lint-r
Richi.ar 1,l n le,, th, -, t l KiIdn u:i 1 .-,rit-, ,hr rlr .Iai. h i tr
ni.irri,:a l r.. \i 1, .' 'i..J r M .iit i .Ii' Fr.m n l.:i rt. nd r .i- h.r i-l ti h-
tI r.- nm arr,,.dl i(,hl -r [ r,,i. r. tlr .rl, -t i *, I C,." ,'ll 'i,' \\'illiiCp a .\lani \II. n

*.on ul ll C- liiiI-I \'IIlli "r.'i l-l. lln I'.r r-r l, i ..( | \it i a u-l :r.c r a -ir
in.iiih r iiC l-..c r l i p -ii ll : n.i :L AiIf l IIiii- .uri
) [niir3 s .\ll :, n li,:. nr lin .iJi El. i-.i th IE i il c 'h irir chliilh ir. .o.ere
I \ Ili n.. ,li.ri ri i 'rri ,d ,I .Ir [- 1 I. -in. 2i .lr h iiii lir -i.l i i.
uI .lI,' t r, ,,l','f.rd .r.I. 1- .A n n I; rr,, .. ... l .,I i-r \\ illini Il -' ,oo. in,' ,
rcinh i lii tl..t L .II l ii .1 l,.; i..oii nl-.r r .\rri' n lA r ".. mn inLi f-..r
tl t i I3 M -i r\ c.. t'.-.. C. -i ii n jI-,n \\ _l-h, j. AM. r lr,:, i,_-. ..n
I,-l .rii.J..ir '\ i ll., i r I l i'.,r ,, '.ut- ,.L' t l i..,_,. i>,il- a :f iihrri- l-_
LQN .i 6. S. mr, ll i f, C -'. r .-. l ,i r l '... a.i i ,and ; i.-ini
T" ._ll i,. ,x l : i.i r,. i. i -- i. ir. ii r. l, ..f' M ic,:h. h.0


F"U r r,:,lhrs i.ii.:. i ri wx I a,- i .:,ohn i anir .lMe .wndtr f'ri,,lr- ,
c i to .:. ilr : I Ir:,i'i \rl-i -r.l, I n r -ai .nl ic li l-, l..* n I ] ;io nd
1;4.1. 1-t1ll .: lild i,:, l tHl ,Jl III 'U-uilJ C0,'U[|H .
I. ,1 .-, : I'r ri ihl I br,.:.,.]-]i 1 ill 1. I 1 n1 t: .I111 -ri- 1 j c:, ri itc a: Io a j ir
A.*\r'_hi-ha l A-I :l[-_.; l Ii ll._t ll. i Io *. ;J ,:1 c .l.,r, :.I:r "id qlul* L h i li,.*:11
1n a I'-iidJ r,.irs 'r O _poll iI ..- ,7 r ,iln IT *-.I' A iluh C- O ntJ '. in1-1
l.),D t -be r. t -1 Ii- .,* i '.,- i 11,_> ,iIl .ll l 1 *, 5 ir ,[t l o rv, rlit it r-
.or. H e i inarri,:, -i ,r l-, Icr. ,, .:if il,:_ (-:.,- Coapa ti- re, andi hlt-,i n- ,r
vh, -_.ihe of Lcmx-si:.n. Hi- rni, inm r woer interrd, inr ti[i Olt Mnmo ..mth
gra. :,' rti H I- i:l ,].ron .-r,. r ] ,n: and l...ur ,.Li, i ht.r-. I r, r. i -, he
,l ,._: t il,.ghlcr, w.arrniel \W illium ,il'cI .1r: .1 n- m ,n r :, l i.iiil
Si- lei, a."c" wrr Q II- Rh .r:. i p is:mrl, il., o1 t" ial iiim ie S.iral i aii rri.J
S.,nitii .l_ : l .t l ri ,:iil .:o'. ,J i t ,it Iirr 1 I,:, '' ,:[iie :. -, irid ; -ch,:.i-1 m1 r
rild ll .ol -l1 Cdrtuthers \ .,ho al.:,o i.lt \,.:s
iJIlil Fri -ible. .:Oi o .f- 1,I3n :c -\ b-.rtl .-u ti-il[ 24, 1g49 ,' nt m ,rr i M 3r, A l.':,-a i, r, -t i A.licr .:.f C. p:li] Ar hi Althil Al. _'. nlJ r -,y" iW -
,-c. nd %l .nt r!' ; o-z. Thr: .-\il ,a ]i,. rt "i Lil:. hi- nIlh r. r.h 1 I ur-
',."' o r H ,- 1he- hil- 1 .t : .,i .: -. i l ln, I,:a]in' oni, i,:ne i c1i 1l s'_ i .' ,
t,,rn JuIl 5v.. i;', i h,-. ni., % a a .[|I hi I antl- r tD, To-,n,::-w-_: al'-:r hK r
,,.'o-'n l ni l r i"d. Ig tl ,.i\ ,ri l.ir. T11 : ,-in j]m r';-,: tir cani cf iack t' \ ir-
ginit ,litd :Il la. n ilth Ju.i .lg. C..' lter at S t .aun ._,io -rind r-Ltlriri if Io


Tennessee, practiced his profession at Knoxville and Nashvill. Hl,: *-i'
in 1824. A son of his, named John, was recently living near N 1 in ll-
Alexander Trimble, another son of James, was born FI, 'r,.ar i-.
1762, married Martha Grigsby, and died in rSI6, leaving no .:i-ildl 1-1.
lived at a place called Holly Hill, three miles east of Lexii..-'t.. i Il1t
widow, a woman of rare intelligence, survived him for mor,: tl, n I.1.
years. To a letter addressed by her in 1845 to John Trimble ,-I -I:-I
ville, we are indebted for most of this family history.
William Trimble, youngest son of James, was sheriff of F'P .*1.I ...l:.
and died in Staunton in 1794, when on his way to Richmond .. i --
collected by him.
II. John Trimble, brother of James, the surveyor, settled '. T.,iil,
on Middle river, about two miles from Churchville, five fr.-in L.u111 ...
Gap, and eight from Staunton. He married Mrs. Mary Mo. li d..
of John Moffett, and mother of Colonel George Moffett ;.l .l..!ir.:
His death occurred in 1764, he having been killed by Indi .: it 11,i
time of the second Kerr's Creek massacre. (See page 122). i. .. I...'
and his brother, James, qualified as his administrators, No.-', il' 1
1764. He had one son, James.
James Trimble, son of John, was born in Augusta in 175- \\ I...
boy of eight years of age, at the time his father was kill-. h- ,I.t
others were captured and carried off by Indians. (For an *,:.:.,,,t .,(
his capture and rescue see elsewhere in this Supplement.)
On the i8th of March, 1768, George Moffett qualified in -l: *..m'i.t,
Court as guardian of "James Trimble, orphan of John Trin, l.1.
When eighteen years of age, in 1774, James Trimble wasi "- ,nlIi.er
of Captain George Mathews's company at the battle of Poi:"r 1 1 i- -
During the Revolutionary war he was Captain of Rifle Ra L:-, ilI,
second wife was Jane Allen, daughter of Captain Jame- .All-, .:.1
Augusta. (See "The Aliens," also page 91 of ANNALS). i i-:. I,.
with his family and many others, removed to Kentucky .... -itleJ
in Woodford county. He liberated his slaves, and was abouo i... :... :
to Hillsboro, Ohio, when he died, in 18o4.
Captain James Trimble and his wife, Jane Allen, had eigl't Inl.l,1,,
six sons and two daughters. One of the daughters, Margatr i ii ir. I
her cousin, James A. McCue, of Augusta (see page 239), and -i.nt i
long and honored life in the county. The other daughter, '.l .. ,.1 ir
ried John M. Nelson, a native of Augusta, but long a :-,l.. i. ..1
Hillsboro, Ohio. (See page 225). Allen Trimble, oldest son ...I C.. i .-i,
James Trimble, was Governor of Ohio from S826 to 1830, .,,d ...w ..I
his sons is the Rev. Dr. Joseph M. Trimble, of the Methodisi I-.|.':... I
Church. William A. Trimble, another son of Captain Jam. T.... i ,
was a Majorin the warof 1812, Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel ii. IF-, I ir.i.-
States Army till 1819, and a member of the United States Sen il.. Ir.:..i
Ohio when he died, in 1821, aged thirty-five years. John A I r;i.L.|.:,
of Hillsboro, the youngest son, a gentleman of literary iimr- .a1 .
accomplishments, married a daughter of Dr. William Boys, c-01 ri.iunl..n.


The large and te.pectible Trimble finmil-, ol North Mi-iuntt3in, AugLLta
coitunt, *.-I hicl the I.te l.im ,c P.1. Trimibl a d J d prolininent mniinter,
ar. not iel.tcd,. s- Iiv .a. kniwn 1.:, thi dinil, of" Jiamn jnd John. 'Tli
John Trimbhi irme; ii.-.nd as hI.in;. in thil N rrtli M-:,untin tieiliborrh::.,d
in 755 (ei-c p.I.ge r't, a dli. o 7lo in ag 17531, as prt.:,bat bl the
ancestor if ihli lames 1:. nimblee f mild .
luditc Riob rt trimble and Ihi- br.,ihri jiu1Ige oh i T iiihl,. cre
dilstiigtuiils ..i cit.-en- of Kintuti k) Tht I,.rn-_r .1 i m im-ber of the
Supreme L.c.urt i the I.ini-l Std.t- u lin iir e di.i. in i -.2. A ,kctc:h
I liiiv. in Petr :'s R epon x, k\ lumc [I. *<. tl',at I,-: u b" i in n in A igusta
4cotllI: in i "7: but All the K tiiluck. dulhi.rlti:I i ;t ti that hI; u.li a
native of Herkele c-unti, \ Irin I. Hi-le r' [i.r.ib.,!.L d gr.inisn of
inei n thie thliree tnmigrrint Ln.rther. n ho did not crne rn Au.iiutr.i.

F.it. r DF: iAL.\r i. i he n.imr r.1 ', it.-. i- n the \'"ill+- F lr:.1d,
Ibr l[ nilln mle_-: n[irth .l 1[aul i ti l. ITh ninia s ia i ii li--e [o t [-e
bcli>l that Ion s.it .u .w an Oti p.-it [Jur ii rid... ir 1 t ie ,:.,i ll-
t,:enlti c, niur) Stiir- Ini.i in t' : i r credit.lu, [. rerin Uili.jeriik,: t
tell dbltit t11. people c.:,i gr.:-g.itl ll'th rr- in lti4l'. inf 'l .e i r, of the
iiilesmtiienit of the place t: India s., and of it- dit-rfnc on .- ne .:-r Im .,re
occa ilo':i. LLt nr:, tir tJ i n -. ei r built th,:re, and the rinirne I: .I ol urn-
p]iratik] c >ix e t i-ce iit n 1-*r t hi .ite nittelnt Ii -R l h h I t to ihri:p oi
the i ,-neraibl' Adam -ink, %% hi lied atd the pl.I1:- dnd 0nndicte.d .the
mlercnmiile bu-inI-s tIie- r ilnl man .ears....i. \. hi. rcnie inbers i\\hin
il.- name ini. rginii>ed. The A-.d s-tne church. fur qr W.x,> haindred )drds
oudtllh Forl Dcilmci -," :. I;ort ;i.id diurnin ti h: e rl\h tinli rtlr'>,d
.*:*, but.i .S i r is l.:. i .i. A .:. n. \ie er d-idIlc- L, .an enemn ,. [Lie r .:,rlt
th.1 1here \ a l -i.i crr3ne.i Pi s. g Sa oin ir15 clihulrh to th.-e prii-g.
eiititei unitr e.


Cdaptin lohn Smith, ithi in,:e.str ol the ALgust driand RF:ckiingham
Smith,. dppcare-d at Oringc C-:.irt, lnIti 26. i,-14,, and pri. d hits rn-
prlAtnlin." itli tile vie; o01 taking up public land Theli record slictxs
thau his- il'e a name ii as iM.irg.it it. rind that his c.: hiidren we;.i Abrahant.
Heiir., Daniel. iolin dnd ii>jsph The) came friCm Ire:land bi\ \a, of
Philadelphia, and \Wire dacc.impd nicd hy R-,.hert MAlcDon-i. Captiin
Smith and others qualif.d dS c.i[tain -l, militia at Orange Couri. June
24, 17.1. W e ne.-. hear of him as a c-iptain of rainge:r iin t 7- iSee
page ;7 I
The late benidInin H. Siitlh. of Kainawha,. a great-grindson of Cap-


tain John Smith, relates in an unpublished manuscript a s..-r-t. i'I evcnr
in the life of his ancestor, of which there is elsewhere, n... .:i:',ront.
According to this narrative, at some time not stated, Ci.t-lin Snitih.
with seventeen men, held a fort where Pattonsburg, on Jan rIc.r. Ii,:'
-t.iid,. \ which was invested by three hundred French and Ind, iin.. Altr
a tbr.le resistance for three days, the garrison agreed tc -urrnlrr the
i:.rl ul.'-.n a stipulation allowing them to return to their h..ni.-. Ai..r,-
ished and mortified at finding so few men in the fort, the crcni, Jtire,-
garded the terms of surrender and held the survivors, only uii.e or ien
in number, as prisoners. Three of Captain Smith's sons \, re .,ili, hlli
party, one of whom was wounded during the siege and L ll.1d b., ji
Indian after the surrender. The prisoners were taken .'. tie Firenllh
down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans, andl .-n the -,.
the two young Smiths, who had survived the disaster at the I,'rt. Ji.:d.
Only five of the prisoners lived to reach New Orleans. The C *ii-il.
and two others were sent to France, and he alone returned i..- Anicri,'i,
after an absence of two years.
Whatever foundation there may be for this story, some *:.1 the ,dria l:
are certainly incorrect. There was a fort, so-called, at tlle mIlluti, :.I
Looney's Creek, a mile above Pattonsburg, but it is s.le 1.:. w.-r thli
there never was an inroad into the Valley of three hundre-l Fr'nc, h ,ini
Indians. The only Indian raid upon the Pattonsburg nei:.hl,.rl,.._,,I, i.,I
which we have an authentic account, occurred in 1761. (:c: Ic- ,.;,c
Captain Smith died at the residence of his son, Danil, i .,. 1,il,,
north of Harrisonburg, after the beginning of the Revolur;,:.l.ir\ adr.
He applied for a commission in the army, but was refused .: .i .c-a.ul .:i.
his age, which greatly offended him His children who r; i .e.l him
were three sons and one daughter. The latter married Hu.gh L'.:. nci,
of Southwest Virginia, who was killed at the battle of King'- Ml:-iini.i,.
I. Abraham Smith, son of John, was captain of militia in I- .,6. 'Scc
pages 91, 92.) In 1758 he was court-martialed, but acquittl. ...,n'l hi,
accuser subjected to punishment. (See page 103.) In i -." h- ..,a.
colonel of militia. (See page 159.) In 1778, lie was one :.1 ttl, Ir-i
justices of Rockingham and county lieutenant. He o~, nd a. Ilri,:
landed estate at the foot of North Mountain, about tv.-. nmilee I'r.-.m
North River, which descended to his son Henry.
John Smith, son of Abraham, was an ensign at Point P'lIc -nm. fHe
was the father of the late Abraham Smith, of Rockingh.,rri ,-.i :.-:Ili
and Silas H. Smith, of Augusta, and of a daughter r.nimd i. lan,.
wife of William Crawford. (See "The Crawfords.") His; .*.ll ... ,
Mary Jane Smith, of Culpeper, a descendant of the Captain C'irh hio
visited the Valley, in 1716, with Governor Spotswood. H-Ir frst hu--
band was Silas Hart, who died without children.
II. Daniel Smith, son of John, was for some time presidiii;g iu,-i.:e i:.
the County Court of Augusta. In 1776 he was captain .:. nilhin.i (.,e
page 159.) When Rockingham county was organized in i7;--, he i.is


uone C(f illh Ihrst illlltic S. of lhe pa:,Ie. I I': sS appoil'ted aIls .4,lon- l
ot militia .id one :' Itv r'' crutIs. le tirt-.lr Co ui Co irt ,-f R(t k-
i11glih11.1 i',. held at Ilt: h-,oumi His ilTe .ai l.in Harr-.:', ter of
Beinianun-i H.irri-ion, ''l F:;..':l;ilcigiii. On the return .:.' i-e ro'pi.- Ironi
V\' rkir :\M li, i he :,r'.,' .,.ni. cel bri. -I. b, Ih rit ilhl .lfr\ ,.:. Ru-:ki-n-gh mni
at ,i a i.ind iti ev. C.luire-l Stitll' hor- takiln4.; 'it hlil t11 firilg,
spring -.u'le .ri1. [raini.i:l Ih ridei ; .i.dl. ':ued ii- L d jii inl a l''
i.i) Tllree ,of hi -.' n -,. I'irtil'cit d in tih -'; e e :' '1 1rl.io n. i.
I Iuhn. i.ithe-r i.f th, l.ite J dlld e. r'-nil S nitl li
2 sliniel, ho a s -- l .11 -: int Pl e e it P.
?. Bel in.jl iil I'ither 'I L.iiI liltm i I I.rri-..,n nSmithl :' k,-iilit hi
lil. \V l i jli l Slilil. -.ji uI J i an lirn nd rll r i ALir. i i .i iI..l r ni l
H is %Ia il i '- n l -., I Kie ItuLl., ir,. li i. -. L ,r:n lu-i -i hi t uf bl\ their \ ir-
glila rcl ,i .e-

Tiir. II h i -iN-. ..''I ...f.iini h.i e n i tinii i cl .ni ct:.d u tilt hI
S m ith Ilt. tjit ih,' I, hl -[ iri, ..I [he 'ifo iir I ;:il i I ii\ln) 't: IId i mlluch
ul.b curifl) Th,:\ .-r- : \ .il ,:1 i E eI Ilr.m ~l' illn: in : id |I[ lii:
tii: r i.lci. tenil. i i-ti ,1 Th iin l H irril-ln .:.n, .:. 1 -e il,;g i. hIi. iJ .-
di:e itilr i Kin lj Ch.rle. I t.. di- ih W\\'e i.:l -, Ihat :.' i in- l\ 2- 1I7 Ih
Re- ihn Cr siL L-jtal.i-:. rFii.l.:. th H-i i mn ;l dli per;n ', :iin
in jl.nu r .'i, 171 i-e ir ii .,i [',rA.i.] Sluri .\ii;i H f rri-.,n.
';Id iilL rii c on-, .il'lhir ,r,,l---1.>.n 1 I'.l h ,l u,_l .e., :; It is I-.r,-:
-untl el that the I leni ,l,' ienril n.':.l .-r, 1i ilt- 'er- *,1 thie H -irri;:'il
Innill. Jtn .ini. Reubl-i i ,rri- r- ir e nli :il ui i hinder id;d ,' ,'.
on .p i O C ur liln-irmat'lll l i 4 l i lt it H l\r, Ir.t :r- i.-.li i, .., er
inarritd, iud ii killed b;\ Ii- 1 ":, Reulben i.iarri-d, in.l h.l -' etrnl
children. C. .tlIill Daniel Il .i.rit- i ilet lit ie d in i C ,5 \ ', andl
m'=g i n i 17.- i '.. ;- t .-i and. i tl- hi1n. il -rri .u n in i, tin -:1-. : t li:
LCi: rt-im artiil -II Augti-- ..uinI c't-A..-r 3'... i-nj, .i-r Itliniii i, i1nu -.
ler H,.- L['init l and Natlh.ni-:ii l :er,- r-rlatd l,_ R,.-il,n ii n:i ln:..
Thomati Harri-on,. th I-iJunJ-d r ,1' Harriunllll.r,. ihe uiil ui' R ihtii.'i.
left fI',ur c':ins. E c kl:I RE.t-uLt i lin in-i I,''-ii h aid unc dia., h'l- r
.Ihu narrld \\'a arre-rn The .Tr t I ri HnI irri-ii. il ,1 .:.'kin.,-
haInI, i-. a. -un ul Reulenri n I ;i.rard-,n ul "'hunmil.
Beliiniin H i larri-..,n, ,i Ri':ckingt, ni ., a-t riieniLmer o1 the ALu', i
-ouirin-m arti-il. April !, i ,, in 1 --j :..ntiiiaid "1 -C.:iip i' i\ .ll
F'oini Ple' tsini. In lul\ 177-,, he ".'-1- .3|.|.u.intieJ ,*.1-t. in 01t .i -om l.m )
,, ni'ii le-nit-ni \\h> l r:ci __kin h-mni A. -riS i. rg ,.nized, in i 7",. -he, i,
irpoint,-,,, Lie.?-lmn i-t- .lI..nel i lh1- m lh l. ,f ..I Il-i Lco;, InlN-. A cu'. rdin,.
to lhthe inl..rnn iir.n h: h ',, ht r ni rel,,t.i i i, th> faiilil iof l Reubeni
ind Ela-niel Ha.rrisim, but cime Irimi F.i-le-rn \'irAini, pr:'-jb]ab ILul-
iloln c.-iunt .
[rT. P achy R H-arri-i'son. Irnr .n ':minienit .:ii.-n .m.I R.:ckiitgh.rI, i-
a .n ut Coolrnci B-eijni-imin I-irris..n, ii the y',,uilliiges-[ lI ci.'l children
He w'T; born in --"7., .Il dlied in I', Hi -li fi- Wa.- larn : art, a
daughter cl lohn Sturrl. .'.:, lii d near Ihi: Sin-i church. Augu-.it


The distinguished Dr. Gessner Harrison, Professor of An,_-inr L.,n-
guages at the University of Virginia, was the second son of Dr-. I r:l:h
R. Harrison. He was appointed professor at the age of i; i. .-:.ni:.
and held the position thirty years.

Vg In mentioning the denial by one of Mrs. Ingles's des.-i..rJ rin- .1
the birth of an infant, etc., during Mrs. I.'s captivity, we muit In,' r h,
understood as questioning the historical accuracy of Dr. H1.. i,....
" Mrs. Floyd's Narrative.") He is, no doubt, better informed .n r,- ,rd
to the matter than any one else.


Archibald Alexander, the Captain in the Sandy Creek .:.-dir .li:.n,
first sheriff of Rockbridge, &c. (see pages 83 and 164), v .i' t.-.rn in
County Down, Ireland, in 1708, and there married his cousin M irr.,rcr
Parks. Their oldest child, a daughter, was born in Ireland in i,- ..
Coming to America, in 1737, he settled first at Nottingham P':r,,.i' I-
vania, where four more children were born, including '.\1illirin, ilhe
oldest son. About the year 1747 the family came to the \ ill:, .iid
settled in Borden's grant, on Timber Ridge. The wife .1 Captl,,,nr
Alexander died in 1753. At the time of his wife's death, Captlun A.l-\-
ander was in Pennsylvania, having gone there, with John -H.:.i,-.:.r-. l.:,
present a call to the Rev. John Brown to become pastor of '.i,:c F .:...-
dence and Timber Ridge congregations. Before Mr. Bro, i.': ;rr'. :1.
the celebrated Samuel Davies visited the Valley and preacht,, ir T'i
ber Ridge. No doubt to the surprise and dissatisfaction .-.I' 1-: ,l.i .n
Scotch-Irish people of the Valley, Mr. Davies carried a ..:-lJ-h.:ldcJ
cane and wore a finger-ring, which had been presented to :imi in EilL:.
land. Most of the original members of New Providence nnil Fi'nt:r
Ridge churches, including Archibald Alexander, had been -n.erted
in Pennsylvania, under the preaching of George Whitefield ir.iJ ..,l r
called "New Lights." In 1757 he married his second wife,Jain: il.Clrec. I
Her children were five sons and three daughters. Of Architr.ilJ Al.,\-
ander's children, six sons and six daughters became heads .:,fI li.nnl,.
The names of the sons were William, Joseph, Jotm, James, :ini:l ,,rd
Archibald. Mary, a daughter of the second wile, became ih.- r, i- ..
John Trimble. (See "The Trimbles.")
Robert Alexander, the founder of the first classical sclh..i.. li iihe
Valley (see page 42), was a brother of Captain Archibald Alc.\ in.l.,r.
and preceded the latter to America and to the Valley. He mirr..I. ir
Pennsylvania, Esther Beard. His children were-
1. William, who died in Rockbridge, in 1829, leaving lildrlrn; 2.
Robert, who lived in Campbell county, and was clerk of th,: -:,unr,


court for mnan, r,- iiar .eini -ucceclu d n .'fii:e L In- b .. _,l, ,ndJ he L.'
hil son, I. lult callkl jack A.exan.ii.r .. Per, \'i i belh.."dJ icint
o,:. thle '\ e-_t 4 H u l-i, 'i.. ied unn ,.rr.'d 5 I.ni.. I i' n.irri d
Peg:g I.-. o:. Ro'kl.Kri.J .i.dJ re-rr J-d I.-Grcnii'rcr ard J.u-Iitr-
Ann, E-ther, Ell,.i arnd Sail, Fl.e lo.it rarn-Jd ',a thie I sec.'n.iJ ifl': I
C ..lonel -._Iln \V il .i, :, Ba lli ...ural..

W ilhli ,, .l :.n% ,-no d \ his J .ie. i -, r-,rb .r ,i ,,e ...ere in.rrie. in L itL',u
lin, lr,:l nid. T .e c.-na e to:' A ir l :,, ,lh.:.t i .. ,.I l :.settled a t :.rl:
o:f Br,,ii.l. \ i, ie. Ch.-ter c:.:ui[, Fe r .:., I' 111, Ai t lit place. lleir l soi r
:l 'hin, tiiienli.'i d ahl-:.. n ;: l:.:.rn in L-e.ciiin ber. i7.3 Ih the ll .:.
1;4;. thi- ln l\ c in r t: A.;u:t.i. .nid _. l.l-d nrei.-ir N-e I r 'ide:-nce
church li rni nt t. ci. ..-Il I.-. r...L-ert Al,-\.in ;er, r l be-ai.-r.in i fl:i11 l
surt'. ,-i.r. Thi .e \ llamn \\ I.~ ,r, .i"l A iu 'ucu t.i -.s -: u-,n '_- \* il-
llalll \\ il.: andJ t r'-it i1, ,Illi
In 17'6-. \V lli ii, \\ils.r. and Ihi laimn il\ re ir'ni. to-j l .- .:- .n'- r cr.
i.%, lgli,,l.ind c'-unt, near Stiri, Ri n chur.-h The rovit ..r tli-.
ere .,ziniled ., i band :of Irilar.- u ,'f e-' t. I, i'. '-ee i p.rt -,I'
thi os-i .e i. ih li erl.tr.a d tl.: hr t K 'rr'- Cr-el n'.i--.- cr f. ,' -- Tlie
Iadid up'.ii hIn \\.l ,...r. F.in.'l, "I
Alter llii. Indian r.,iJ t Li .i l'-.o rturrn d to: rihe ,- i: .;ghl rh:..J .
Nci '.-: .1 ide .:' .,ld rriillln.i tLi-re- 'IFl t1H : i.'cl ofl' thle P ,. ,ljt..nf r i r
m r, h ,i tdl eiiit b.c l... iact:-,_.n r.ei r. \\ illim \\'il-. diel in
Marcl-. 7195.
At the _tL*.iit-rcjk ,i1 tl.I R .:,luti on. l hn \\'il-on intleri:d Ith nilit-ir,
ser ic-e. and lie is saiJ I -i e c,,conir ia.-ir '...d i reg;ni-nt ':.I in li.t ait ihe
ie.e .:' ', :rkt 1. F'rei',.-.u.- to hlie .ir he nii rne' l i Ib-ell. Sc i;nr..lht.
hbt -ihe lied ,ciIldl.kii in 1 .h-jrt tin;a: in ri>,:i,mi.r. i i, i,- mnarrnre-I
Sally Al-c',jndJr, Jaugl.t'-r i'- h.I ,ld tea.'helr. H-e a.. ., le o: the Wrrt
.iu ist.:e .' bath. ..hcr, IIh t court ii, e:.F.iil-:d, in .79i. H is vile
died in 1 ,.'- ianJ hli n the 2i-t i..i i n ,r.i hIn..
I he chIildren 'I C. .'-.l. l i 'Il' n \\ l-'r ..Aire. -:,o'in. \\'ili.ini horn Inn-
,ir,' 9. l;'7, at Lti: I. '-.. I l.i- gr.-nd.l at r, R .:be l Ale'.irder, iani
ti:.': d. u l-ier: '*;:. .... ni.rried \Ir l ,nii ,. :i G recer.hrialer. .-,n-d
E-ther, w\h.: niarri-d M .r i.liri r. lir. ._f P-. Ilh.
\'illi.mi \\ i]-.':.n, Ir.. imarricd -all:, McCli.,r': i-i children -re 'ohn
F. h d'Jd unn-irried _us ar I!., nmarrled ,'J ,a-Ilrii in Str.-lilnl.',n. and
Sir.ah who n, irried ..dani Sit-lirii-.-..r of4 HI.'ll ind ci.u..


Mrs. M.,iriret Hann,, of Gr,:.:,rier countt, i h,.:, died .n ist;, at the
ageu -. clglit etrn \leir, lel an a.'-:,Ui f '_ t.lhe 10: 10_ 1. Indi_ i-n
up-.-,i the W\ ils.i f. ily in juln',. 17 ; 3, ritcil LN li:r at thle Jc .lid i n 0 :i'
hicr fIjhr, Co.loirnel ihn \\l l.:.io (FSee F'he \%\ 1.i;. "I TI-'; In.iarn-


-ript hni.... .in.me mitr,. 1.: hands of Dr. John P. I-al, I .i r,,.. .lihd
bt.. in I T.., A;'..:i /,: Uc,::ette, of December 27, i -, mnd *. e'.lra:c
i r.:.i it I.:.l. .I ; lhi ctie of the occurrence \a.- IIll il pre fctl
i-,ntlu ..I HiSl -n..i, In.:r '-lny Run church:
lu.t at lii- t;iir-: il \\'ilons were erecting a i i... ,id lakir r I.c-
hoiu- thIllan li.: or.iintil ..I iii that had hitherto serve: tllini.
Si, :l.r .l Ih .': :,ii. 1.:. D ll::mi on's Fort, not far awe .:. :;e1 m.:. I.-lp
f-,r Ilh, li us.: : ng .' I'. J.lay; while W illiam, Jr. i il,1.-l Thoiiims, b.,
-tlhr.i l,1 i-J L..i:- ir Iitl. ll ill,about a mile distant, t.. :.t -.[, i in mtn al
LCr.,, .,J l..r il.-: I -.ju. r,.i.' .. party.
F.. 4I thei- l i-tr. .i,,r aret and Elizabeth, we--: out ,:[i tlii ri\-r
h:.ii: ,.. j li.;.l I|] .t-.:-.m li-. W ilson, who was it. l,:eble l.e..,,Ih, had
S *ikl-; . .- ti i.. cre- ti... ,. ere at work; an Irish'ii. i had 1 I...,n i iii
the .r,._l ,...ji .. ,. u. i .vo of the sisters, Susa- ,i-. Itarhbi ra ri :-r
lit *L ,:.AJtin ir:irtii' tl,- tl.inily clothes, and the fath, r A. ......i : ,ll..:r
lin ii,. n r.e .I .:rl. o:rn hlie rin w house logs, when th-: ..rri I. ,i- rii.c.
it r'-:t' rnrin li'r i, tlli F,-,rt, John encountered th, liJtiih : ij ll:t-l',i
in ii i r ..lf ll r,,..,. TIi.-, fired on him, and a tb ll p.,I--; I tllr.:.ul
hli- 1..lt1.- i I t I., I' ir, rm, cutting the gusset i-dI h .lirl I Ie
,.].-l,..J I h t, .r-r.:ii .I.I., -,id fled back to the Fort I.:. -it iititnediat
help 1... =,:. to: Ihe riiue .i .r the family, and about tuncil., r-tinrlii.1 itli
Iike iilian. i'. p:..-d ,-in to the cabin. The .rl- aL tI' r.Ir,
i-i. -;i i, t i'.r.)i .-,,,Un; and started to run, atn.l ii ilh ,,- l m'ni
irn,.j i. I.Ilp tih.ir rit'hl: r away, but she told then, .. i;oz ,.] -.i.
ti m-.:ii l.,-_ .iiil I. .: i.er iI passing, an Indian tl.... .1 mtorn l. i Iu .it
l. ,,:|:i1 l:1,t,, :i-l :.tr l, ..:.unded her in the wrist a- :i.- lihr-: t up i-:r
l'iai.n I.. h,.r -- TI-h.: indians did not pursu- thlien, but li., rri-.
-ii .*. thl' ,al t. Tlc, ir...l at the Irish weaver, but e ti :i. ..] d a. it a
l>: -h -.ur,_l in h'.- houhil ,-l.r
S-\: tih, triter,:.i tih- Ltin, one of the girls, Bar tr -, ra, uit and]
Sa ki,.:l.-.:t 1 11,.1 i r .kull probably fractur,-d I'Lt -h.- i- 11..t
-..ill. l. TI. ;, g il r m ni ,ii in the cabin, Susan, .l -,, .d Il: J.. .r. ,n..
thLt..ri, inrdiii p.ii I. hind in to try to open :., -lie ni oi-_i iii.
burriedl hi I;'. -:Icr:- %i i i .ot smoothing iron.
i', III: line. 11I Il.thir and his men from the ine- iu' i.:.t-i..i-
lii..n i.ii tl, urI Jin.I. ai3r l t.:1 ihe Indians with hand-sr .it.- iri.. I'.t.i.-.:l;- ,
Ih, littrt. in ihrl hI' i.] .,.I Mr. Wilson, and drove tlh:,-m -,"
\\icn 'i, h.,ii. i.J lparr, arrived it was dark, aid tli:, ere rn ijl.,e
t* see h. tii i:clu l Iia .-l i. .n done. They ascended a iii i-. ..i ,J iIt p liil
il:.;ir I.,, L.:. :e- Ir Illi. :, i.'l d discover any fire-light r oth- r e .r n..

'e ,iii, n'....r :, il:,, c,-,ii..n-i dd ed or feared that the lniim], hwi.J :,Il b-,en
de,-tlro :,-I : i Ii rii., th.. _.. bin other dangers su ;:-'i,.l ih.- iih.n l ,:i, ,
i.h lIhrlni lI.i:I --.:.rl f...r,.e dogs, which had be':n tra iri...1 ..; r:iat
' .iltlll.li.:;, -.:'ic.i ,ere- ljught to sleep at the baci, .Jo.r ..I ih-e i.Lbin,
ild :...rnl :t l.- Ir.:.int. ,:. j, to give warning of apF ro,.,,lhi Ir-nim ,,thcr


direction ; it a do o,-c urrrd 1 theni that if one i, tI I tfn.milv s'r en i
li',h ,, ioul lin sentrIej .tloid .:,ut l, aclIl I.:r p.-. .i le r-uiirn o
the Inidi.n is during th.eI ght It i I a Ihe se r'Cuis i1ight I'r. ..n rheCn
In l l i uIpertaiimtl .. iolin \'VIIi'.o liari iseli t*:.k line I-aj. 1 adull: u .l:,
approacled the c."thin iid -IiLrd ilEd ii re'':chinii It ith l''it .,'ot d 'idni
"' Upont.l enlit. in th l >"-lin h '. ;. ri rii :el .:, tin l I- litLi.r ;nlrd 'i-ter
SuSui.n pre;-nt ajii iinhairnr .J blut i a.,. ir the ; -a e uril ne rin.1.. Il.. ri
hiis ista r arhi ri hanlYr ur h J .ini.l '. I i- m... r. tl si lter, hI'
brother W\'illi:,i aind tl he Irn- i .ie i vtr ill r.i mg. ni, lh,-r i' i .t
urik Ii:. in
At earl\ ,d %.t n ii-'i t nim ._,ri n; j.ulhr. i n i :- l ..~ ri', [irIc.l ..,ui i._, : iar(h
Ir'.r h.- ni ,i ring li. i Irr ,.k ItJ i'i- .rli-i r h., I [,l d .iboul rilel
up thei roiter. .'.hri-r Ir i iJ ilrirniircI i .ilked nJ i-I ra.* l- prI. --
hl\ n,:l kn..A ir,.; v.% lill,'r thie ,t-nt \\ tl- I'l.Jid :t ,.i -s nlircly O'ut
,,I her mint. in] JIdu in-.[ r '.i;iin.l: htsr mni Id nriciid-, .up[p.jinr thrcii
li-, be Indi.inr till I ur-uin licr i.t r.allid I.-r e.-r. .1ri.J Ih Jd for

"'\\V lliamn Ir., thl.i- 'lch I. 4 u- jall., r.,: lr :< il-, ]hid ,: .1 lhLi d I'
h l'ure pF ul '' L i .Ii r t."' -_*.I.'- C .[iII.' la. .rd1 t eli i l lie I 'ir 3rc er.
IfQULrid I..' loi, I i lj-ctr it h:k Ihre li i, i iipt le',:d I .:. Tuli i heni lhe
IlIdii a, d ic- :-,crr.id Ili nI- n h-re ] e 1.- li.ei d aH Id Ill I ,' ind Lt'r-iI
C.plur.ed by th.illn-% hire lurtiler al,..r, hiel, hlid lied hinm1 to a tree,
.ind a ler i rd- lo.:o' iid hi -i ai i ia :I. .i l ak- i, i -i oi T o1n il-h iteil. Hi .:
l-ither aliiat' t ':l lit ll l -11 I h- h[-:-i had on ri a.: nl inil` ir .d :.' 1 h.:. e
be i'oild lira.e escap. .-1 irn 11 a .ide.d :aptir. Hi: pursuer-_ werc c-,:i-
Id,--rut tlat lie had niad]e Ili: -'lit e-tr'c:: 'gii ",- :'co icu.:,u' a p .-. i
ble, si a- .:i eit ibhlt- hhei-n t -i 11l..t tht: rail, Ilit the. n '. r .:.'.erhr':,:,k
him arind he ..as. c rrreid :.'i i. t lie indian 1-:.i i rn- tee'-i, d li:th u lii'..
A r[Liurned prn.inet-r re-portpe.d [,, thi l.-iily, -'..,ie Iie [me 11leIr. hliil
-he h ild -,tel him .11 the Cihil:,'ith>- t,' ... in but \ :' r n..' JI l all ,d I... (tall.
Silth him She ..iI h, hi ,J h,-,:ii a, op .t..l .y. ,- w id.:i.. h. hidll *II 1
sonl, ind vi a- knilr.11, I[rt- t.-d. I-i n-ii. i ult h.-.lie, hut died in cip-
lii itl ."
An-iliher ,accoiiurint, I. h \I, \ ,rc[I en.lin-.,_li, F-1 ,1 [;-iath, .i Idc r-ndJ int
ol Coluo icl J, tni 'A il._,in, ,.p I,. ll, a ..
juirn \\i Iortn, on thi: d i Ii the raid. ,a ialj; nr. t'rerm S[an inn'iin,
t her- r lie hid bee-n tl ~e.t i.i.l to be [Nd in pulttin: up Ili-, n iw. hu-c,
.Illd hall pIrchiL, d a ni i h.ti \\'h-n their lid.i,in- -hoit it him hi-s hat
fell off,. and he sl._-pped hi- hrt- arid picked:k it up FIt- Iraiian- ~ere
soa : c -e j c wouldd li:,r Lth ir rp culi.-r g' r.n/i _' .I -ti-l'-icti iin Ihir.kin-; Irhe
had killed him. 1He ncrit l,' i -I.-cl:ade lur, ni aii w'h-r,- \\',illirini_'. ille
n1''.% I'-, arid g1lt Lhc mcii tl re:lurni %ithi him t, it nighi (line -l ithe rien
it .-s LI) .id G iv ii, tL ii ibuiut ,:ieitcc i %\cars f.- l' Ige .a a il:er ard.]-
.1 ciptalinl irln he Reolution, ojiLc '*1 lh ie l.3r ,st .-rnd 1 --it er- .:i F, Ith
countt, iind ,I nndlatl-ner r the k e.. L). itel \\. t.wiii. ) I .. .-1 Kr-n-
tiuckl, diflinguished Baptlist niiniiter."


Mr. Stephenson states that the son of William Wilson, t h.:. w.~~ c.ir-
ried off by the Indians, was named Thomas.


James Robertson and his son, also named James, came t... .Amiri_.i
from Coleraine, North Ireland, in 1737, and settled in Augusta c..unti.
James the younger died in 1754, and his will is recorded in Will BE:*.,k,
No. 2, page 72. It is dated September ii, 1751, and was pr.:..-ed iin :-.urt
November 20, 1754. The testator left his real estate to his s,-.n I-e..ree
and Alexander. His personal estate footed up 63, 3s, ib-.:.r -'..j.
The real estate consisted of 274 acres, conveyed by John Lu,- i1 t.-. I ir,
Robertson, February 18, 1743, lying on Lewis's creek, "in rth. M nl.,r ..I
Beverley," adjoining the lands of the Rev. John Craig and ..th.:r., being.
a part of 2,071 acres conveyed to Colonel Lewis by WVili.,irh ieverlyi
by deed dated February 22, 1738. It lay between Stau:ilt.- irnd ,Mr
Craig's residence, which was about five miles from town.
Of George Robertson, the older son of James, we hae Iliile inl'.fr-
mation; Alexander Robertson, the second son, was born N,-.ve-ml-.r .-2.
1748, about a mile from Staunton, it is said, but the distance w.i s ir.'-.blI
three or four miles. He married Margaret Robinson, A itigst i., i;:3,
in Bedford county. She was born April 13, 1755, on the R.. r..l-; ri,.r.
then in Augusta, now in Montgomery county, and is d,:s,:riLbd .is :
woman of extraordinary intellect and exemplary Christ: in .nir.ici;tr.
She died at the residence of her son-in-law, ex-Goverrn..r F.-.,,.r P'
Letcher, in Frankfort, Kentucky, June 13, 1846, in her 92d :,:ar
In August, 1777, George Robertson resided in Botetour;, n.Jd .\le.. n-
der in Montgomery. On the ioth of that month, George _ind hi 'is 1c.
Jane, conveyed their one-half of the Augusta farm to .Al \ai].ler, in
consideration of CIoo; and on the 12th, Alexander and '.il ii .:-n\v-,ed
the whole tract to Joseph Bell.
In 1779, Alexander Robertson removed with his family [.:- Icenlclk:,
and settled in Mercer county, where he built the first in-i h-.u-: in
Kentucky." He is said to have been a man of strong mindl. .terling
moral qualities, and very popular. He was a member of the St.ltI. C-n -
vention of 1788, at Richmond (Kentucky being then a parn .-.1 Virmcini i
and a member from Kentucky of the Virginia Legislature th,; i:niuing.
winter. HIe died in 1802.
George Robertson, son of Alexander, was born in M.-rc.r .':,iin .
November 18, 179o. He was educated at various Kentu,:l:\ -c:h-,.:.l.,
and finally studied law. When just nineteen years of a.j e he in.rr,.ed
Eleanor Bainbridge, who was under sixteen, and set up h..usi:.-k:.-;ping
in a "buckeye house "of two rooms. Four persons began diarried lilf. in


tilis h:.ii'e ind ., while occupy ing it were .Lucce ]-itely iccie,_I toi Congre:
-John Koyle. ,Saiuniel M: Ke c. George Rc :hrtlon and F'L.erlt I'. Letcher
Robcrtir'on re-i;ined in Iris third erni. i.1:i-': He w.,- ChieLf j1tice
if Kentucky v romi December :4. i>. 2 till April ,, I[.43 rid ig iin ,i
Judllgei f t Ilic Court of .-ppe il Ironm '. i0 to .,hcii lie rv-igined
Hi- tail di n li ; In ldicitIl L., the i o icte- lenij:rt d Ito hln 11 n :11 ihe
nja otlreid. bu:i dj cllin ,.I the liin6-- rn ,, C-':lunbai., tio:,uth Atm,-ri .,
and in I 2S. he ni ,' [1,t P.cru He I':ilr tine':. ecliiied cii- in the
Fedlr-il C.aiLinet. inrl I\r ic , .il o:n ihe benclih ,i Ihe lsprenie. Court
oif the United Sl.iiae- iL, rtlon C: iillrt\, lKeliitck. ,, A c-llirl lur hint
iCol'in.''. Hit.:.r, o1 KIer uck., ,,luimre 2, p,-,.l 'e ; di.)l. Ma., I,

.I1-...R J NiN H.\. h(-e: paeJ.Lc i and ii li.21 1 l -ii* lir ir umd.er
the Jump ,liountiin. R.:I:hbrtdige H,. 1.on- u ere-I Mich.it H-layc CI
Ohio., .. ho .% i. an ,ali:cr in ,hi I ie i d -,at&e.i Arms ir. im : .Andre ,..
H iy., a diiin' ui-shid laai cr ,:, NaTihille. T-.nnc::c: 3 -lohi F'r:.. n
H iv ol Colunil. ITcnncin e wh:. .li-c i- a -ieCr a1 I'r.-,idcnt
Polk ; .irul, Jlnic : C.amp lll H:..-, .:. 1 Tr. nne..:' i..I I ..i'. % h,:.
'.3a the lath.r of lack H i. the "l\.in iTRinaei


On the : d I lu j4, i ;. 'i tre 1. i .:on,.:lutcldE. at L.anc.a-.ltr Perin-
..il.ani a. beet-Lien I h .i-r. Le- e, nr iircibrr 01 the (C 0incil 1 Lf Sii in'l
one o1f ill: Judgei 01 ithe Siiprrniie Ci.urt olf [li Coli\ ,iv \' irginiai, unln
W\ illiaim Blc erl i.ey, C:.lr:n .inI i 'i Cuun Litnl i.ilipt -.:1 the cC:uinilt, ol
Orange ilnd inieniL.cr of thi Ho:,-e o:I L.re'--t-*. iCoiiiil-.::ion:er; ap-
pointed b:. tit Governiir o \ irginlia and ia.j ni f,- e I clil:i oi L1 'i
Lnilcitedl r-iai.r of l I n S rin III i oii ideratlon oii l lo r hundrrd pounds
current mnuncy of Purnnv.ylv.mia, p.ii part, in 0i,-. iinid pard:, in gold
rlionney, the Idliinn- rc.n-jur..:cd their rih it ani claimn to l tlie l:nd- in
the Colon-, of \ irinii. and ackn:,.ledgec'l the itilc thereto, :I tl-he King
of Great Pritain Thi- i kni., -ii .i: the Tre.alt, .i Linca-Eter and the
in-itrtin enit na .lrnei d b., Jainie: Patti-.n. R.-b rt Prookr. Jr., I a: ies
MuIdi-ii.n :intl utherz- The JccJd i proved in Ihe C'inLeral C.:'Lirt _aid
,rdercil :t be recordEdi Octobr :5, 17144
Sonei ii-,.-t-i.lactin hi a.h lg .irien ani-:.n tihe intiiians in regard ,:,
the Treity .-1 Lancater, :i conferefnc-e wi.i helJ at L. g -:on, on the
Ohio, in 1752, betrien chiel i:.1 the Six Nati'n-. ai los.liua Fr\. Luin--
ford Lonma\ and jame. Pi.tt.n[. .Conmi'm longer': f Virginia. lnd -inoiter
deed 'A. i exeCuted Lb,, _ix c-heid. co,-i-niing t Ilic deIl1d Al fuly 2, 1714.
and promising l o taOsist and proicci Prti:lih iubjecit: Selled "on the
sIouthlrn or ca.:tern part[ o'f the ri\-er cilleil Allcgh y This deed ,ai;


dated June 13, 1752, and was witnessed by George Cro:..hln., Th!-:.nim
McKee, William Preston and others.
Logstown was on the western bank of the Ohio, eighte-n r'lii- b,.luw
Pittsburg. It was an important Indian town, and consis'.:d -. f ..i 1t\ or
seventy cabins inhabited by a number of confederated trlL..- Iincludin
Shawnees. (See page 48.)
At Fort Pitt, on July o1, 1775, the chiefs and sachenmi :.1 LIh- Si\
Nations, in consideration of twelve thousand Spanish dollIar,. -r thl
value thereof in merchandise," and also "the great justi: i ,.1 mnlc-
rity of George Croghan to the Indians, conveyed a tra.:t '.,I lar.l .-.n
the south side of the Ohio River, beginning opposite tli n m.-.ith -.I'
French creek, or Beef river, etc., etc., containing by --ini,,.i-.n ,i\
millions (6,000,000) of acres. The deed was signed by i. c0h.:i- une
making the mark of the hill," another of the mount ir., :t,' aiiid
was witnessed by John Campbell, Thomas Hosier and Gr...r; Il.:,::le
On the 30th of July, 1777, George Croghan "of Fort Pi. In il' I- te
of Virginia," by deed to Dr. Thomas Walker and othei. itr. :o:n-idr-
ation of five thousand Spanish dollars, conveyed "one clc',r r_.l.t inl
fortieth part" (125,000 acres) of the tract granted by --,, i.i.Ji ,i lI.-
Croghan. Among the witnesses to this deed were Geor,: 1'I....j.- 1li
Strother Jones.
George Rootes is said to have lived in Augusta, near the Slti .:hlL r: lh.
but we have found no trace of him in our county archixr-. i rina. tile
catalogue of William & Mary College, we learn that, in i7;, ;r. ilip
Rootes, son of Philip Rootes of Augusta, was a student 'it Li'it iiit.ilti-
tion; and in 1779, Thomas Rootes, of Augusta, was a 'trlknt thri.-.
Strother Jones was the son of Gabriel Jones of Augusta.
The deeds herein referred to are printed in full in tl,: b.,ol .: killedd
the "Page Family in Virginia."


Ten or eleven brothers named McKee came from Ireland t,:. Ainrr.r:a,
in 1738, and settled near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their I:' th.l-:--
Robert, William and John-came to Augusta county, but at l h it d.-,,e i-
uncertain. Their descendants state that it was about 1760, -,iit ite rec:,,r.j,
of the county show that John McKee purchased a tract i:1I laId in thie
forks of James river, on August 16, 1752.
1. Robert McKee died June 1I, 1774, aged eighty-two \:car-. rid hi.
wife, Agnes, January 29, 1780, aged eighty-four. They 1,ud ti.. -or:,
William and John.
i. William McKee, son of Robert and Agnes, was born in I,'2, and.
probably while living in Pennsylvania, was, with his father. ir i.r idd:..:I :'s
defeat. He married his first cousin, Miriam, daughter of JI.lim Mc.Kee.
Sr. His residence was a few miles west of Lexington, and lIc I 'rn i-


ni A i .I. I- ,v iJed by descend in ; -: tI iihe R':-\ Dr. B!a\t r. It I- .-,dJ
tlat lie a t 111 battI l 'ju P.-nt I':.i .in iit st, irot. ubi \. Ll,,l.. :d
t, C-l:,[iel FlitlinH's I-,.,r,:ourt r, m .-n- tl H e r I|.'.re ,-i ,--:J R,., i.bri-.e
recpettlr el. : ill ihl I-,laul r.- li. III i%' [ 1- .l.;U :- Ijeli.i'l
\iAndre'v MI : ir'.: in 11t. St~1e Co.:I'n- ':.n iInh r ilht.-d i(h: I .-:Jer,il C(:l-
lttt1111o11 H '- \,. ali ', ':e I ii li'': l'14' uri I.I.l:rtl H aill A'..ad
enm%. in ', I: r-:n iu'. t.:* K nt..c:ky', andt- Ji-: Ih.:1 in i l.. H.
'.'"' knluw n in I\ r..mi. :i- C: il.: :, l P.:i,.:,-
Simn uel M cl::c, rl, i. i l. li.I i :.1 C :l..,..:l \' ll i. i l ci ':-- 1, .- :i ri in
i;.,4. H : ,.i fl ,:lih ,:r ,l ..k rl r c- 1 i" o r. i ki-[u>k ir' 'n i ._. L l i ..
,. .itt.- IUi.: and ,il, l u-d'J :.I Ln Ini St l:- -i rl lt ...unr[ H ni
.sons As r:- C ,hl.oniel '%\ .illia m E R'.:1 h' .:. l.il .:.1J it itll=- L. i ll *:.1
F.uin, \'Vii il:ru.,r? ,. li : lud ,' :..r;: R ci,:--, .nid Lr Ale .
,-n-],r R ,..lI -_ li e:it .ii.,ii H u.;-I \' M ck.:'. ...I illh L' tii.-d ( :it
a.,i , .1 ,,n ..,f C lni l \\ i]l|;i l -, I.i l] d .I1 I i'.-1 ill a1 '. hi
I.;t,\t Il [hI 1 i. l I \'r.il i .'r ,: in .:i .iri J ith : i C ...r .nii E:1 .: th111-

.I.i ,r ci1 ". \i .ns the
i alhr ..1 ill. :. L'r. I. L. :l: I 'K.: \ C IrIr'.: -Inl.: jt :i '.ltI Lr Ct':llie1
Kenini ck'.
2 i..ihn Nh: k Ith: '-.th'r n *:1 b: -it .iiiJ \ ir, Ii ni inri: L- ;,ilIer
I1i i':nlL '-i, iliJIil of I.. ln-:r il t) ni H :ou- .i.'n. \ ...n .)1 hi- al -.. iilli'il d
Il, n, a.i i ni' ~ i elr :1 Co.i;i: r.: fr, i' TI 'i r: -'-.:- d r':' *:, 1 :I th r1 l
i. nit-dJ St :-, S ii.':, r Ir:oni .\ -ii' n i.
I \\ l.n iJ l l'l.:i.. i -: r. n:. -r. Ji-'d iI. \ ii i'.ni. Ill : I ir.- l mr .:' ,:d
tu IkcnLLu c.\ b:il i;.',-" *". i1 nho.ii al J--h--.:-, llJhla: I1\, IIh I'.-l
[i Nl iI M cI -~ th yI:i u ,:,--t .:,l i1 thr. Lr'-lh-r-. '..hli'- canIm it ,,:
\'. 'I lii- .-., c in I crr' re k, In '..' F;:R cklrid.in I i- .il: i ijii
L-.u .i1 ind % ai kill'i 'd I\% In tin .n r: I :J i ;p i l;. H': i.jarred
* .-o,'nd LinT1., .1 i-arp .' -Ir' I ni J ed .:Cut:.J Mar hi 14. ; 4,1...
Sohii ]: K e .ind R:os nna.. hi- ii -ill: -'I K rr' .: re'k, Au,lt'l ..i l ., .'
C,",t \ilnr' tH o' hunlidrij nd ,.-_ 1, l *'.,n.: jcrc:- .,' land, p.3rl I1i \lzl.l' i
,and par( in P.oitLt.iirt. rR.:.ci;I.r.i,1- nult hal, ig [.l -n t-rni. d ,j iL it l
.ine. He dicd M l rch 2, i :;.. i-'d i.- lit, --ur. b: e r I .:.l 1 hi' eI"ht
children i cnt iu I-.'intucl:,, o:tlier- rclnillchlliZ in \ irc.inia. HIs Jd .
scendT ints ar, nun', ii..tj


Al c.\.ind-r iid I'Patrick Craitl"-rd, i.i'th'r-, n er. i m. 'in III- ct.irli'st
citl':[ i n Augusta co,:lnt,'. I'h y ar rr-. -t im,:- ] Iha\ be-iin nIotli% s
01 th- north :of Irela d. like ndio.:t .iI' [hi.ir cut,.:mp'o'rri i [the (,c unl-ty,
buit n:oihin; '.il I- 1 ;I rn:,r d I :n th ir *.irl, iL'r'. -I lhe ,desc ni:an;itts
b1 both i-a', there .,a a third hr,.th.:r '\ho 'id-_ i .imne tl i,.t \',alli iutn


whose name they do not know. It may be that this third I.r,.Ithlr Iar S
the grand-father of William H. Crawford, of Georgia, whose iatjhel. I.:,l
Crawford, removed from Nelson county, Virginia, to South C a.r. lria. in
Alexander Craoford, the elder of the two, married Mary I'.I.-: t.: r-.
but whether in Ireland or America is not known. He acqtir-.d an -\
tensive tract of land in Augusta, covering a part of the Lintl- N:orch
mountain, and extending far out into the plain. It embrace-d i te:.n
hundred and forty acres. His dwelling stood on a knoll, at th.-- .-tern
base of the mountain, and looked out towards the rising sun .:an a ide
tract of level land. It was beautiful for situation." The sr .,t i- .aitut
two miles northeast of Buffalo Gap, and a hundred yards s.'urh ,..* thi
present residence of Baxter Crawford, a great-grand-son of .1 I .andl-r
and Mary. The site of the house is now marked by a tlki.kt, suir-
rounding a pile of unhewn stones which composed the chinmn.i.
Here Alexander and Mary Crawford had eleven children. i- rn sins
and four daughters. They had an abundance of all the good thlin; ithe
times and country afforded, and until the Indian wars arcoc. h..'-J ii
peace and plenty. They belonged to a God-fearing race, and .l iIl.i-
less walked in the old ways of their pious ancestors. Th- Itail-r inj
mother, were, however, both slaughtered by savages,on their pri-mr ..';
with no human eye near enough to witness the tragedy.
Much uncertainty has existed as to the date of the occurr,-nce. :ut
at November County Court, 1764, William McPheeters qua:.iiid js ad-
ministrator of Alexander Crawford, and, although some of dh- Ijtrir
descendants insist upon an earlier date, it seems highly prob.il:.l-. iI nti:.
absolutely certain, that the slaughter was perpetrated by s,.nime '1 th.
Indians who made the second raid upon Kerr's Creek, in c:llt.obr .i
the year mentioned.
The rumor had gone abroad that an invasion by Indians ui. thr-,._t-
ened, and all the Crawford family had taken refuge in a hbui dt th-
Big Spring. This house was called a fort, being better abI Toi r-esii
an attack than most dwellings of the period, and was often eiorcedl ij
by the people around in times of danger. It is probably thi a.inc,:I-
stone house, still standing and used as a dwelling, on the sc.ulh -i.t- ..,
Middle river, two miles south of the present village of Chur:ch.'ill,.
and about three miles from Alexander Crawford's. It has I..,n; L.-:r:
known as the "old Keller house." The windows are few ,,, ninubcr
and very narrow, hardly more than a foot wide.
On the day of the slaughter, early in the morning, it is .iid A.\.\-
ander Crawford and his wife returned home to procure a -i-ppfl .:.
vegetables, while two of their sons, William and John, went upi.'n i he
mountain to salt the horses which had been turned out to gra...: Fr.-mn
their elevation on the side of the mountain, the two youth -,a: thl
smoke and flames of the burning homestead. On the same .I,, ,pr:.-
bably, the home of John Trimble, some three miles off, ...n liddIl
River, was assailed, as is related elsewhere.


\\'Vv mn iinaiii thllat h1i men 01 Ithe n-eighborh.jIo:. \ r: tnoi, Iom i.,t
sl., It'i ;.i seinL-le No tone kni -.i bLit Ii- hCoust ,.uldh be iittckeI ni;,l.
iid et\crry hI l Icfli]t it re il roL C ;.: hi ,)1n\ famil:, if p,-issible.
\1i Iell the people rallied ; -i.l re[p.iirtd 1t the 5,ra fi rd Iplace, tl,: d- ll-
ige h1ia-d I-ti'n -:on-nLI 1 .-I L,\ Fire Tht; charre-. re jinslr -l .Ale:A\iit-l, er
tlh house H-Ii_ \lni ': bt dj IC i.ld I ul.-id. e .il it .,'.i I 'l rreld that
lhe hi'd j(tteipll plcd I. esc:"F:. ,bill t %a- :u -:rlIak-i ar-id o l,..ili ed.
Tih rei niliio o.i bothl \%erec up L' and burie-d illi t e Gll re gra, r -
'Fle .l-bill 1 ,Al'..aider .'rallo:rd' pers-Ol l oi 'I le D..an LJun-il -1 l:)
,,, i ,, u .> ;,i l:, u is 1 .a ,ar ier -_ rni than i coimmc-ni :;t tl-hat d:.',

ihi rlic:].? 'M,,]J L r hi= adi, ,idt or r-- E 1 : ill .l .] c oll-r I|.. .AllI
the ~m ill rc:,.ri-d Mid ,l],i r ic. l:li l ,:l e ..'i >c: prerislld i tl-, tie
It I reil.ted Tr ll Ale'.\ ild r (. Cr iil.'d .a Salinllio. lit l be iI liinder
S" clan," J:h ;' c I ie d :1 In it:...ll1i hil.t r .nil impre -r, ,id iI
tlpn itil. Childje.ll Lhl Ihe.l \ lilllli re-p :.a I t,.: rii lht of pr nll- r.. >:(inlir
liit n c \ tiiin4 la- I'. H i; o:ld;t.. .:,i. \\'llihn;i-, did inoi ,*:lp r:.,.e :.l ihe
-chlemli ,, l)-i llij li Ii la iher' ishi l e l d ee rr -:.aeild Tle I: le. r .w.1, i
-killed iti rk .er Ili Iroln
Tlic .iilidreii A le.-,iilder and Mla:r) Cr.'mlord \ei-re-
I \\ tllillinl Cr.i lord, ih.: I- i l inin d Irc I ri e', r\ litl In ain i ld]
grTle-. rd, ,l i lii' h hill .-' rl uking M iddl. i e lr er. I [l in u .,I I l ihO
lil. Ephr:ii I.i 14din I.; an i ini:ent .ind -lone. Pl it o*n li e rodun lJ id
brt k l Ill .,.',:. iil',e in-.cripi,,n upon t11 ..hai h i, nri rlh lll t.Il c, i. a;.
,ollou- ,-
\'i CI-'raIlord epa.rled lir life i:h it r I,, i:i:-. id 4i ... r.
IH-e i.a lherefi:ire li nty r \ i- .l ..h lien hi- ip rilnt.- %erer: nii-. -
C:re:d. His will s pr.,:, d in court l [at l: ilitiEnil -ns hl: n if u, Ra .-el. and Ili; i: il.lJr in. A le- aier, Jlamrn il-Ihh,
\\ llhi.ain. Ge oi- lr F'11: N ln,:c .i in-J R ichel lie al-.. Ailludle. l:,
.imne_ Ellioit t .1- "i n i 1ihl-..-rin, land .lu..n r, iand Ifroni lthi person pr,.---
a-b,1 th, highel- st r-poini o the r,:.l Nurth I-M.-untain a nan ied. I-'l"
the clildIrern .i, \\'lliiim Cr(.i'urd-
i. A ,leu..-nd. r ~rnirrie.l h l L let anid Ihis children icre:, 1 1.)
,Villi.-mi, til i it\ l f" .a- % .Idau lilecr of C loeiil I AndriI, A -nders n. rind
ttlhou v childr,-n ire .\n.ren A. r.in ujrd,. i-.. ,i'.t-r Cira..ilrd, Mrs.
loseph B. Trnible an-l others Hi- .iuuricg-. -s.n, JIme-. R,:iberti tr. u-
ated at the \'irgilm Militiry lii-titutc, Se .-r.J d li lit e :ltl lf (' C:linel
W\ illtiim L lackson durniig the I le \t ar, nias ,-iulldcd .it L-'r,:,:-p MIu-in-
tain, .iiid died April o. 1: .6i.. I ) PoF':ll., mir:rried inimes Leslet-. her
Second Cublin, nd i i nlll It lin;t i i'.) i'In ai p`art -f 1the do-mnain
icq:uired bIy hcr greatly r.N:ind.ll.ti r, Alex.iide.r. 13 ) Rebec:ca.:, tiie of
Capt iln l-mes 'cll. hoii Ihe Ion- rliur ed. (4) jim 1 h.. m rried
hins full cousiii, K i chel, daughler c- Johni Cra., ford,. and died r I Te\ is


(5.) Rachel, wife of Henry Bear, whose son, Christian .\ Bl-ar. n.,
lives on a part of the 1,640 acre tract. (6.) Alexander .1...' ,. ilI- '"-V -
Mary Hottle, and whose children are William T Crav. I'..rd al.i ,-ilih-r-.
He was the founder of Crawford's Springs," now c.ll-.1 .\ug14,u
White Sulphur.
2. James Crawford, son of William, married Nancy Sani.r i.r r clni
to Tennessee.
John, William and George, the third, fourth and fiftl children -.:. \\il-
liam, also went to Tennessee.
6. Polly, wife of John Armstrong, had two sons: Willi.irn o I,.:. cnt
to Texas, and John, who went to Missouri.
7. Nancy, wife of James Tolman of Pocahontas count,.
8. Jenny, wife of John Gillespie of Tennessee.
9. Rachael died young and unmarried.
II. Edward Crawford, son ofAlexanderand Mary, graPl.nate iI 1t F rinc--
ton College in 1775, and was licensed as a preacher ir. i: -1 i, a
member of Lexington Presbytery at its organization. i .-_.rr.:it-r r,,
1786, and was appointed to preach for a month in Ty-:art \',all., j.n
Harrison county. At the meetings of Presbytery,in April .inl Sptiirl-
ber, 1792, at Lexington and Harrisonburg, respecti_ h: hr. %a- t;he
Moderator. Subsequently, he became a member of At-iingJ.:.n I're-t,-
tery, living in Southwest Virginia or East Tennessee.
III. John Crawford, third son of Alexander and Ma a, mnari ed
three times successively. His first wife was Peggy, ell-,;i .,l,;hlr ir
his uncle, Patrick Crawford, by whom he had one dau-,!hr.-. k1. lh nrr.
ried Daniel Falls and went to Ohio. His second wife ,,,i Mli,r, Cra.i,
by whom he had a son, Samuel, and five daughters. S'mirntel i,-in to
Illinois, and is said to have had sixteen children. Nothing I r:.:.; In :.1
the five daughters, except that one of them, Polly, wa ii- ,, ile o, tl.-
Rev. Samuel Gillespie of the Methodist Episcopal Chiiclh
The third wife of John Crawford was Sally Newman .41 Fr-tlr I:I;;
burg, and she had five children who lived to maturity I -i,..- \'li in
and John, all of whom emigrated to Missouri, about -- a J.ugn._.
Nancy, wife of LeRoy Newman, her first cousin; and an.iAllr. I:rianr,.
wife of Henry Rippetoe, who still survives.
John Crawford was a man of great energy and ac'.tl It i idi
that he was engaged in all the expeditions of his day ag in-;i h Indlliis,
including Point Pleasant. He was a soldier during tic h-.:- -..:..lu-
tionary war, and when not in the field was employed in nikiln; un
and other weapons, having acquired his father's skill a- an Ir.,n-. ,rl:.r.
The day after the battle of the Cowpens, in which he p.riic:iprt.-:., he
was promoted from the ranks to a first lieutenancy on .i.:,.:-uru ."i hi
gallantry in that celebrated battle. He was also at Guill.:r.j. .,d wirh
General Greene in all his southern campaign. Yet he n.. err ,,:. ui .,l,
cept pension or bounty lands.
Like his father, however, John Crawford was desirou- .If .Cl ui inz a
large landed estate, and there was a brisk competition bct i -, him ,ind


his neighbor, Fr icis CGrdirier (prlonounced by tie old p.:. pl Francie
Garier "'I .a to the '.-. rncr-hlitii ou liei Little Niriorth .'louil.itai r.ari;g A-
relatt-d, each discovered about tlie amie- linme thsat a ccrt.iin tract iiIl
hundred acre liihd tn:t beer' pai- rt.-I ntid ibtih sought Lt ic:tluire it
Gardiner got -'ahed ol Ci'i trd by St.irting to Richmond flril. but lihe
latter mounted ia blod...iled m.re iiil nc,-r re-ted till lie re.lihed the
calp;tl. pa;.in. hiil- ri..il orn iike it Cran 4rturd emerged ir':in the Iland
orFic.e %in h h, tI.le ri .: ci'miiileI inld T iti Gardiri -r d i li don r t i d' i r goiln ill
I'he mire. hi:l ita- iiu d iubLl l. h lit -_iiicli i 'or I thtil tli Ijirid. dled
Ir thl e .f f cts ol tliL trip
It is pil t% o -.pl p a, grand t-or r, Lo, .i. tnr .1 doubt in rel'rcri,:
to it, bit it imut be nienltiiicd that iclih a itrpl to Richn:lon could
hird'ly hb .- b ten ti :ce-.-.ar, i in irder tn, i:,bl. title to '. c;ian land. ...-
Lhe c'.iIntiy -.r':ttLir ai l al ulli'rizn el ti: make: iII e-nir Ne.- .rihele'- .,
Ith inai porthioi o llir -n try are nell i.utIhe tic.uied.
Thei rivalry btcl i r I.' .- neil iborr htic e dI l I lee in'.' one
i.v, whili: pr'r'- icttlng on tlec iri''tii.itli, tiin:, bL ie renga..:id I'l light,
of which .eric or bLith. i.- doubt. .Jil, rTep united.
John Cr.iv.ord died il lii- lonie on Buli ,lo :.r.nrhi. in lanuar, J -
and i, baurnrl in H l-.run C'liur lih-. ird. 1115 ttlrin -loie t c .e- hIl ae
as ninetI,.-one \-, rq, arnid if i-orr,_tl -. I .,r i =I c ,hldcr-I n ,-01 A l -
ane r riand 'I .ir in-ilr id of ti,: thlrd.
I' J.am .:- r r.'.. Ird. I-urthi -on t 1 A e. indIler an d 1Mart, bc,:3-,iie
vFre -'bvtenri *t ni, ietr. ofId ,a.T, hii::nird Io pr:, ilt ii 17-i-, 1Ic reirnoveJ
to IK.eintick ind i .a- fur mri', .,e ir-. p.,sior of \\alnui I ill churi:h.
n..ar l.e xinti;on.
V .Al-xa. under Cr .Ilord. fifth child m.i' .-\le :inder nila Mri wa u it
thi Lbattle of P'oint Ptleasani. Hi t ,,,e i' it :0 i. Mis; Ho.pkin. .1nd
his second a Mr-. McClure. liTh: children of t ii:, firl it lire er r-'oll\ ,
Ret'sy, Kitt- and Sill arid of the se,.:iid. I.itri~ E \\ lluri. G' o:.r* 2,
Saimuel and Robert. He i-.ed on \\'all-:r's c:rek. Kc-:kbridge anrd n a -
for mfianI, e.3r- a ,l lder in NI ei Pro. idence ,:l-urch Hi- d,.ith ,h:-
curred June m1, l..3',. I lree hi, soin- ilIiniit. Geor're and Sa.muel
-died young. Robe-rt lied and died orn hi. Ifaher'_ Ihome-t.td in
Rockbrtdge. A grandson ot his. Nev. Ale'., nde.r -Cr. t ford, i. noA
I SSSi pai.itor of a ciirc:iih at Ca'ripbellk% lle. IKentuky I iiimi E t-ra -
ford peillt the.i liiier v\ear; ol hi ;ille in the Gre..t C( ll Pasture. Au iu.:tia
His children' are I'a ter Cra fior] and uitheri
[Another Alxaindlr Cr.afi ord diid the lilitter part of 1764 or ea.rl. -n
1765 The in'. nt,_r c-f hii- c at. i t Iu file i d Mirch 1i,. it7-6 He hInd at
leas-t it childri. -. Iir\ nrid Rebe,'ca. lor whini a \Villiam Crmc l',rd
qualified a- guardian in j-76 \\'hat rnmil lie belonged tIo. uc cainnoi
\'I. Rebec:a. da-,later of Ale\anitler and Mar\ Cr;aford. married
Johli Sa, ers, aiid ,emtll tio Tenitess.ee or KenLtucks.
VII. lettie Crawiord iri said to have Jied in Keniucky.
VIII. Samuel iCri-wlfrd, the eighth child Nothing is known oif him.


except what we find in his will, if, indeed, he was the Snlluel ICr- i I:.rd
whose will was admitted to record at July court, I;-17. It -dJ-ak-3 f
testator's wife Elizabeth and son William; authorizes hi- L.r. .lll.r lame-
to sell land "in Cumberland"; directs his executors t.. ell a I1.-- in
"Nashville, in Cumberland"; and appoints William :lc:Pli.er.r-. Iohn
Crawford and testator's widow, executors. The son 'II.ham I= ;a.id to
have gone to Tennessee.
IX. Robert Crawford is said to have married a daugl.ir.r ..I' I,.; uncle
Patrick. The will of a person of this name was prov.:d .,d .Jnutled
to record, October 29, 181o. The testator mentions hi. n i', Sir.,l and
his children, George, Elizabeth, Hugh, James, Jane, F:..J.lr, \\'lliain
and John. John and William Poage were appointed e .c:. u..r- No.ih-
ing more can be ascertained in reference to this famIl it i iltrnige
that they should have disappeared from the county, "lI, :. n .-, r il; "
X. Martha Crawford married Alexander Craig of the Litill C.ill P-'a-
ture, Augusta county. All her children went West, e .,'ep:t lte' lite
Robert Craig, who died at his home near Craigsville, i, ir-:.
XI. Mary Crawford died unmarried at the home of l.:r :-it,r. Mrr.
Patrick Crawford lived on the farm lying on Mic..ll, ri..:r..:a-t .1-i
themacadamized turnpike, now owned by his descn-r.Ja.i. .,:,lini H.
Crawford. His wife was Sally Wilson. They had nin: c:ildrci.--:.iir
sons and five daughters. In 1756, Patrick Crawford \\.i: in-enihr :,I
Captain James Allen's company of militia, and at a court. la liil li.tIJ
September 2, 1757, he was fined for not appearing at a ienr'l n tu-ir.
His will was proved in the county court, December i i---. inl I
personal estate, including slaves, amounted to 2,4:. .- 7. 1 .1out
In regard to several of his daughters, much confusion ir 'n. nc-rat in
exists. Elizabeth, the oldest child, and wife of Alexan..l:r P.-.,,:rt-.,r,
is said to have been born October 18, 1751, although ihe l-, e.. :l-hn
Craig baptized Martha, daughter of Patrick Crawforl. in N,:..rntl.,-r
1748. The probability is that this child, Martha, died in infl.inr,) iiJI
that another born later was called by the same name. Tli. -\ J ,uJ,-
ter, Margaret, or Peggy, was the first wife of her cousin,, J.,i. Cr.,.. .r,
of North Mountain. One daughter is said to have mrrri.d ,1 A.l',:1 .s-
ney-her father refers in his will to his grandson, Ge.r:,c llch.:i]iCe\.
Another daughter, Sarah, married Robert Crawford Mlrthn. bt:rn
May Io, 1761, was the second wife of Colonel Andrew .\n.ler-ron. Mary,
or Polly, the youngest daughter, was the wife of Jame- Cr.-a,. 'or.1, i hI-
will be mentioned hereafter.
The sons of Patrick and Sally Crawford were:
I. George Crawford, to whom his father left the pln1m ilaiil ..I. .A ich
he resided. He was born October I, 1754, and married Ni.-:! \\ inier.
Mrs. Crawford's parents were William and Ann Boone \\ ini-r, the letterr
an aunt of Daniel Boone. Elizabeth Winter, a sister or iMr- CraJ i,:.rd,


married Abraham L.iicoln, the .raindlath.r of Presid,:- Lincolnh, aid
H iniah \Vinter. another .ui.rr, married HIcnry Miller. [he- LuiLidr of
Miller'-. Iron W ork., on M.u-,)' cr--Ck. AllUii-ut. coIIIit IS -: p -e 4-o)
It mnia be rlimitioaiicJ thai the grandtlliher of' Prsid:.ni LincoIln. tI l
living in the p.art o A;ugiusit Counity a IIIj i is ii.-n. Ro.:kt'ilghIin, at-
tendtd ., court nartinl t Sltniilon, M-. rch 13, 1776, aIs c i[' f Ci a
mtilitia comi.Ant Hi- n.mnie it- ui riiirin '. ALUir--ii Linkhorn "
All tie children uit Gieor.;c and Nincy Cr.a"W fr..I ,\or. da.ligNl ers, v:iz
I.. N \'yi, i Cur iohnm Millerh 11 in .ih, ii:r l Hl rra \ iller- 3 Sall.
second %iI;. ot I. an', :. O i lli. J c iI.I s 4 jan.. ir-i i.1- *.nl Frai klin
iMcCue, 5. Ma.rtlia, I- UfI" F ri r H.nii, :r ; 6 Polly ,n e I l.inJ l Bo r-
l ii, ; ; Rcl.,',cc -. di. i uLiii rri tC., n.ii. M.largi re u r o1 :nie
\\' ,Iker. ..lie ch;h-lh,:
II iuhn ir.tin ford. second .in ulf r'iirck and S l], .and knruiin .s
NlMijr joiun Cr. i ford. w i- L...r in M .irch 2 i :i i64 Illt- .*. i.,: i nc ReL ec:ca
AllIen.Jt digltrn of C.apn j.im i All- n (,- r Thi A.lk.n-.' I.and Its chil-
dren ,:rt: i. Elii--l,,lh l nif, of Capl-al in \ lli 'm1 li le_: .: S ll -hil
of j.ohn1i H),, .3 P,1 ir;ar:-, fir-.t f u ri_ H 'Je, .4 .inirs, kiiutnn
Ias M.jor InmUni Cra.i nlrd,, niarried Ctallnia .1Mc1inti. o0 Grc1,:iib.rir.
arli b ie -on, jli0n H., mn- ih F'Panr,: Crant.-.r. t r m Jon nairri.Jd
Harrier McClunIt. of 1Cr,,rrnrier. r, GC-orgc \\'.. died uirnli irtild, 7
Ann. or Na'nc:\, e-Cuni .d ;,l of Franklin I .-C'li, ', Mars. -.iil- of Dr
ELIward C M'iorni-in aind Re.b-z-.:,i %itl 1' SItuL-rt .:Cling. At

Ill. \\lliamr Cra ford, on o_, Pialri:k and. Sill. i b' orn Aug;il-t 6,
1767. Il si wit. a ., Nanc, Sm rl,. (S,, "- Th, Snuith- "i He Ilt'-d in
Rockiiigh im. .iand ni *- tlr farlrhr of ite latc [B'-nrlamni Cratilord, ol
Stalnton., WilliaIm Cran 'rd, 01" Fort Dtha.ieC, :.i.I ilh"ter;
I'. jilivt Craul.iJd I ,,;n Lr-,tlihcr of \ ,llal.:m, dJid unnimarricd
The: Ja lres Cra.tfurd. i ho married M.ir,. iiL iuli.-r A. P.-ictr,-k Cr:n-
ford, lied in .79., lea.viing to s urmic lhUm hi- ..dI.Mi and si% i-hildren.
A :e entc h c:hil.l I a bori il'lr her faI'.th :r' Jdi:.li Hii i.-- i, .er
G.corge. \\'ill-inm. Ja.nt- ind John, d in daught_:rs, Sarah. Ehz.iheil
and Polly. Geo:rge died unmtnrri ndand unde-r age; W\illi.,m .lso d;ed
nnmairried n, did J.ine- iI hio..ia kniun a, i '" luck> Jim Cru ford":
John married MNfrgiret Bell, d.iaughtir of Ma.ijir I\\'lli -m rell, and died
in ibr9 without is-ue S'ral Cra.'wfrd m.rriud Charl- McClung,
Elizabeth married Cilonul Siimue.l McCliun.g .ind Polly (the pusilliumoLIu
child) ,i as the tirt 0Ife of iohn Allen S : Th,- Allens "I
\%e le tI'-lnd it imipossibkl o l .btain an.iy -atiisicir .c':otint of the,
pa.rentae Of the In ir Colonel JI.Ties Craw'ord or of lii. rldtioni.hip
nith ithi Patrick Cr.ii,..l'ord frlnt ily. Hi-, f.ith r, ;.i to IJ T.e been n imed
Jlihn died Wvhile: I ,oing i .ti1. I'a.iiing te.ochildrien-Jam:s ind Simucl.
Tle-h liuvs were recred h\ i paterlinal uncle called Robin" tlho re-
itotn,,d to Keiiltck;,. Jimnie Cra,.lford, rc-mnllv Imentioned., Ul died
III 17-' is s-'id to lihat been i brother of lohn ind Robin. Colonel
Cr.In, lord w.a', a In yer in St.iiunon for i:man, uear. A'ter relring, fI'ronm


the bar to his farm, he was an efficient justice of the peace-, prreidrnt
of the county court, etc., etc. His first wife was a sister o:t Er.,-rnus
Stribling, and his second, the widow of his cousin, John CraAw .ord C p-
tain Samuel Crawford, brother of James, was the Lieutenant Cra., iord
of the war of 1812. (See page 233.) His wife was a daughter ..I1 the
Rev. William Wilson.


Three or more persons named Bell, not at all related. a. Il"r .i-
known, were among the early settlers of Augusta counts I'no ,,l
these, and perhaps three, were named James. A James L.cll r ..
member of the first County Court.
To distinguish between the families, we shall designate 1icn, l b tlic
respective neighborhoods in which they lived-North Mounn ,li1, Store
Church, and Long Glade.

Norlh MAountain Bells.-The first of this family in the .-ounlt wv.i.
James Bell, who located on a tract of land one mile and a hall etii oi
Buffalo Gap, on a part of which his descendant, John Christian. ILt4 .ii
present (i888). It was his dwelling that was raided by In.iii-oi. t-
related on page 30. His children were three sons, James, Samiuel ,i;,d
Francis, and three daughters, Ann, Betty and Mary.
I. James Bell, son of James, removed to Kentucky and .:t i Lexington. He was a near neighbor of Henry Clay, who c,:.ntsequ.ijiil.
visited the Bells of Buffalo Gap several times on his trips to and Ir,.'m
II. Samuel, known for many years before his death as NM jor Dell
He was a soldier in the Revolution, while quite young, and. ,nlt nin ii
of his countymen, was with Morgan at the Cowpens. He luci. on tih
farm recently owned by his son, Samuel H. Bell, and now b, A.rcl-i t.ld
A. Sproul, a short distance west of Swoope's Depot.
Major Bell was married three times. His first wife Nan.\.
daughter of James Bell, of Long Glade, and her children ivere: I.
Sarah, wife of Robert Christian; 2. James, who was a lieutenant ii the
war of 1812, and known for many years as Captain Jamn:; heIll; and
3. Nancy, wife of John Brownlee, of the Greenville neighbor hood
The second wife of Major Bell was a Miss Cunningham, lio h.id one
child, a daughter, who died young.
The third wife was Rebecca Hays, mother of Samuel H. bell de-
ceased, and Francis Bell, now of Pulaski county.
III. Francis Bell, son of James, married Sally, daughter ,.t j.in..r
Bell, of Long Glade, who had only one child, a son named i.amn. lx,-h
died in his youth.
IV. Ann Bell, wife of Francis Gardiner, a soldier of the R Jluti:ton.

Their c children .,erre i l. ie I.lii-e. aind Saniiuel e ardiner, Mrs He ry
Stirrctt. Mrs Robert \\'right. andIrJ Cliers
V' I'c,,l hll- nt.,l *Jii.hl lc r, tia, Ihe \i i .- f -: I -lnla min l;rciwr i ind
mother of" Mlijor J.i.,:ph .bre-. a pr.,min .nt ni.-,:n .i ll,: co-uriny ,-,or
nia', y.ear:.. .h rnemoted tl llin i .i in b.77. inlnd alteri -ird; it. MNli.-
.-,uri. NI i...r ,r,: vn' 'ii '. a ,J ua gliter of l.jac,, S .c. p... h- oldh
rmtrchant ind C iizre --ir.an
\'I Mar',, jir j J.au tlter i la llr ll l;ll, di i-d unniarrie

Th, .S'',:.. Co,,'~ c S,'.'.'s 1'h- re is-- ;: on LJnicerlr lil) in regard Ii-. the
na ime c tle ince:I,.- r -:.I hi l-im, il l. i ia pr.:.b.ihly loyi'e h, .i t ijr-
eph Pell piurchii ad e 1t,-,I IIn 't lrnflin. in itJf i ce i pi.; p ..i:. All thllat I
certain\ ki-'..i n .: hint ic, ihat he i a., a married man -ii-d had cliildreim,
onie of It h.o.n i, n_ mnid j:.:1ph, and tha'i he I nd hi u.* ic ere illur-
drred. (in a c rrin i a\. S lnhe .: r t--,i, knti-, n, lh.: chlldretn : l lic
minll\ .ent l.: church, and up.'n returning h.um. I',-frnd] thal h-ir parcnti,
had t:el k killed in tihir daiicllir, Ti, uhnit- intentird .er,uintsm." ,*
niln ind .1 a .:.nian. h.:. had ind pll--re ] r ii Iler h-ard I" nerc
;Upposed 'to liaiic Ci. rp-ltrtedi I lie ded.
lotcL'h Bell, so:n o"f the lornitr. 1,,a co,:rn in Augustn.t, M1a', 2. 1742.
aind died 1in IS.'3 His w -ile- ''s Eliz.ilb:llI He:ndcr .e:n Tlheir rce-id'nce
n.a oli thc pr:. s ni.:n di mitc'd inrnpilk, Iho.t l'oAr ini]e. n-rlh if

Tlie chil dr. n :. : -] ph and Llilzah tclh bell, aili, anttl iiu d mat1rii\.
'':rc tlhiree Fo:n: and l I... ''.iiilhlwr. le .' d ie Ian ers t i'a li '\. ,
ol" ih,- sen.:,r i, hn \V\'.ay. .'and h ..ther ihe n ic e If [r lolin lo hn;t.un
I See pagc.- IC', .nd 2'. c.c1.
1. \\'illian Rell, -. n f .I' :"',e-ph. knoit n a-,. la,.:r Bell. x.ai f.-.r m ninv
,-,arC.: ('linnlv r\rte r .' g ,\ r'sJia,1 Hi 'ile \ i M T.r re l dau hitr ..I
Cap.tain Jamrle All-nr ,,.e The AllenM ". Tlh'r only soi \xun i: l. .
\\'wll-nm I. .-. R l1 The-ir i tu;ht,:rs ixert. i F.lI-in-, h Alltn \ink: .,
lo-.eph 1). Ke,. ,Tr. of AII.-ll:han.i i.t y' -u n. nilie Co .ianic. Craii.
1 M '.:,iunt Mlleri-in Aui.in li'i .lar. ',ilf', i-' Addi c,n H ide: 4 MI.r-
garet A.. nhu married, r'l, I ,hin Cr-in rd hi d in hll.di t. a.nd. ,
:c.nal, (C':.1-.r:l lan. e'_-r l.rd r Nani \ il',- o .iclharti.h McCli.-
n .., ; ,. r h. e a.ond illte .-. luhi-i \\a,. l .nir, Rl-: c a. Ailt ,
Dcit.irnmin T R i-i, ; S. .|u], l i. i Al,-i .in er \\'. Arbu:klc : r n-
brier: and. lane. wite .-'I R \'. .ihn A \'a.n l.,-jr
Hi Jinme- Bill. -or, .I' l.,-ph. a- Iurn in 1 ; nid dIc.l ni i S36 lie
'a I-' lon; the l enir lu li:c of lh- c P .i i ac'e in A cut. I-o page;- ,. I ll-i
rirat ad \e .- Sar.,h, da,,ghter .4 (Captaliim mlme- Alle:n, iih. u-e children.
leavin- g p. t'i-rit t : er l tile ]OIie Colonel \W illiam A rkil..ind S. ar S h, tl iri
wile of ti,-ll \\N ,'t. Junior lic last-i ile of l.imen I I- tl Ii Mara.ir.,r
Crau..aind her%.hildrcn eicre, olin I l.a'id S I. \\'a l. an. H:n.i1er-.ni
M. BeIll, M rs. line Arbuckle. :f. Gr :. ]]brier, Mr.s. F.tlll t Kiiine : ,ti
Mrs. Nlarg.are-l E l miq, .:.f' Sl'ltilorin.
II. jloeph Bell, Jiuni.r. ti third son o" lI'eph. S-no:.r, rcedeJ,:d dlirit.



imost of his life in Rockbridge county, near Goshen. Ills \Iif- 'ias u
daughter of Alexander Nelson (see page 225), and Nelsoin I.ell. :.f KRck
bridge, and Johnston E. Bell, of Greenbrier, are two of hl~i s.:lr

The Bells of Long G/ade.-James Bell came from Ireland iIJd i.ilned
on Long Glade, Augusta, about 1740. His wife was Agn. ; III....-iicid
He is said to have been a school teacher, and also a jur :.:r -1d
scrivener. He probably was the James Bell who was on. :1' tlie 6rsi
county magistrates in r745. His children were :
1. John Bell married three times, successively. His first ie, a. id.:w
Young, and his second, Esther Gamble (sister of Colonel I ':wberl i.am-
ble), had no children. His third wife, Elizabeth Griffith. L1id ".:.iir i;.on-
and two daughters. He served two "tours" during the ke'.ol',,i..,i.
The children of John and Elizabeth were: I. William. i.i1 :. .\br-
(both of whom went to Illinois); 3. James R. Bell, who. minrlN i i ry
J. Brownlee. He served in the Confederate army, Fiftll \iramir r.il-
ment. Was taken sick at Swift Run Gap in 1862, and l1,lJ In ., *hurl
time. His son, Brownlee Bell, a member of Lilly's cor:i-'.an. I uena -
fifth regiment, was taken prisoner, and died at Fort Del.,w.,r-: 1 i'6;
Three daughters of James R. Bell survive. 4. Franci:. die.l .'unl.
unmarried. 5. Mrs. Rebecca Curry, of Greenbrier. 6j I.,. Ni nc\
Whitmore, of Augusta.
II. William Bell, son of James and Agnes, never mar. id Killd in
battle during the Revolution.
1lI. Francis Bell, married Polly Ervin. No children.
IV. David Bell was in the military service during the v. i .,I ii 1.2. and
was called Captain Bell. His wife was a Miss Christian He Ih.i1 fnve
children, two of whom died young. The other three w.-r--
1. James Bell married Sarah Coyner, and had seven .-.. n, si, or
whom served in the Confederate army during the war .:,l' i..i-'*. ,is..
(i) Alexander, died of disease contracted in the army. i 21 A.JJi-.,n,
killed at Chancellorsville, 1863 ; (3) Luther, died of dise.ise contiricted
in the army, 1862; (4) William,severely wounded at Kern'rj.,\ .M.ich.
1862, practicing medicine in Fanquier; (5) Daniel, wourd.l -i ; iGer s-
burg, still survives; (6) Frank, wounded during war, sur'., ze.. Fl..
first, second, fifth and sixth were members of Compan\ C. Filili Vir-
ginia regiment, Stonewall brigade "; the third was a nimrnL-r ,-.I the
Fifty-second regiment, and the fourth of the Liberty Hlill" c..m:..an\.
Fourth regiment. Samuel, the seventh son of James and '.-r.,h I-.11.
was not in the army, being quite young.
2. John Bell, son of David, married Sophia Ervin, and had s.-tn -..>ns
and two daughters, viz: (1) David, Company C, Fifth regimn-ni, di-d in
military hospital at Lynchburg, June 24, 1863; (2) Elisl, niemit-r of
Carpenter's Battery, wounded at Antietam, lives near I i-.J-r;ckl-: ti rg;
(3) William, Company C, Fifth regiment, wounded at Ce.J Cr.- k, I'r,4
survives; (4) Alexander, Company C, Fifth regiment, tak-n pri.:.n-rr :[
Antietam, and died at Fort Delaware, September 24, 1862 I i| Heiinrcn,


Co-inpai n C. Filth rvinineint, S.e% crul ,oul iJed -,t G _ll biinr., .nd -li.rr-
\ar.rd courier I'..r Genera j Juoihn l G'rd n i r I .V i Augu-i a, II i. lolhn.
practiiiig: medicine Iii Chli t'r.: i;) S.unu l., pr i.liciig Timedlicine *:II
Lo,;. Glale. Aulgu.lta .h M .In. urric e George H Lr'ini i.-i Nlarga-
ret. not nml.rried.
3 lete-. da.ihtier o i ,i id i-ell m1 irried Bethinel Herrli,.
\' I ll. ms .,:in of' I.ainm = and.i l .1;nc- i,. t to, Kc. llin "l;.\ ir.d ilic..d
\'V TIionii- [-ell. -i) ofi j1 l d J A,;gnl,. ]in.irrii R.it:cc i Robert-
',oil. ,1 :it-te:,urt He I h-.rtl- d t i. ItItr'- h-'in s.lrJ. .e pr.:nt
D'udl.:\ Llrmi. ,in. did. in if;c. ..c l c:;ht\ tn.: H eairs Hi- children n
I Jamn ,, ,marricJ .\ln;e r lair, ian had -nen :lildren. a.: (I?
Thrill -, i .-'rn|'.n\ C, FiII r,- ]n, I'C,,arl illQ .,u idJe'l it Ch'V iy -
ccllor-Ir ill NI ) II ;.' : lini.i A Co'Ipim n C. Filh rF i_.. int.
,e" er'.l '.:.'iidcJd it KI ri.tI., it nJ J _l J tida '_,m ItD jcii::. The r,:[ain-
1mg children it1 I irt.- anid ADnnie DCll ire dJiugier-., all .iihle:
2 Ale' in er R Lcll. uin 01 Ttiorin ,..J rRebec-,, niirrliJ Clira
Ho'-.headl. niiid ht.1 t[ or;- Ian- flt c dJ.iu htcr-I I1,- o- n Tillhloim'l A .
Filth regimentm., lld at Sit ot\ ,.an, Co_ urtl',u-: in m ik-', Hi, Aon,
lamin r, and tlre d.auihter ur\\ ie Oline ,)f the d ugllter, i- tHi,
if, ff ,r ,amul F,:ll, -on .:.1 "inmiil, and an1.lher the d a,,' o," Mof :
Hutton. ,f' H tr1t1 countl:,.
3 Sinmel [-I.ll, :on oi Thoin.ia and F:ebec-L::. ra.rried Sirih Eids.n,
andi hiad -:v:n c:tildren Hi- -ol Tlho-ri. P. -.:r:-il tt I.-Cmp-l t C,
Filtl rgimrrent. iC'a nrortallt\ oiunJdJ at Hatcher', Crick. Diin\iiddi-
Cioun) tv, Fr bruar\ iSo, .\nithim r -on. Iohn \ s id in F'l Lee'
,:.n..lr.. F,_,ur -,,n- .in,_o e ,,r l hlcr ,ur'n c.
V'll. Nane,, .cll. .l.Iuhte-:r of jlame. and A.gne-, ,a- % the irst ,alie %,f
NI iour S.aniu-:l ell. of North Mlouintain
'VII. S.-AlOl Pell. d-u.t;ht:r Ot lainr ,liJ A,;i.-. ..ai, the Mile oI
Fr nii:, ie-ll. il Noirth lMounii i
Ol the d -c.:ndaiit, o1 JIlin and Agine- PR:Il, hlI.:.: ',ri -olijIri
in the C' iedltd r ti, arni diurine tht ,ar o1 i. ij !-.:, t \ trt : L.wll J in
battle Of died of oJ'nd. and i Ci,.j ed Ol dli .'ea : Cttllra.:Ied in It,:
,-r ill\


Allusion i- Illlde_ or -.'i c .1:'6 1o th capltur L., inl ,l ,-.f "*,:.nl- (,I
the Triiblt e near lte prr-.rnt i llag: i' Chuirch.illl ;i ld :'n pig'
191 the capIurcF o1 .Mrs. Estill s r fc rrcd t1 Since tie: pihli lii)ln oi
the .\i.NALs, [lthe writer has obulta l iili much ini'Orl tion in regard. t tlto
ciaptuLir- ii'lh, persons in Imed, and the circ.iiui t i tces are too intereting
to be omiteld here.


Mrs. Estill and young Trimble, her half-brother, afterward; C ipin
James Trimble, were captured at the same time, but in whai :,-dar ,as
until recently unknown. One writer puts the date as 1752 i.r-.tlli-r,
1758; a third, 1770, and a fourth, 1778. The incident occurred, how-
ever, in 1764, during the last Indian raid into the county, and ab.:-i th,-
time of the second Kerr's Creek massacre. All accounts agr(-., in th-
statement that John Trimble, the father of James and ste[.-f'ilhr .-,f
Mrs. Estill, was killed at the time of the capture, and the i.-.:.J-d .,f
the county show that his death occurred in the fall of 1764. I 1 I1 d
on Middle river, two miles from Churchville, five from Buffal.. I, ip. ind
seven from Staunton, or thereabouts:
Besides the date of this occurrence, there is much diversity, .:i ;late-
ment in regard to many of the circumstances. The mem:-nii .' Mr;,
Jane Trimble, wife of Captain James Trimble, written by he- ,' n..l;.:.a.
the Rev. Joseph M. Trimble, D. D., a minister of the Methodi-i Chrc:-h,
gives the most detailed account of the affair which we have .---ii ThI-
author states that a white man named Dickinson, who had i.J ir.-,m
Virginia to escape punishment for crime, entered the Vall.-i at il.e
head of thirty Indians, and encouraged them in their cruLl '....rk.
They raided the dwelling of John Trimble, and killed him a- hIi. u ~
going out in the morning to plow. James, then a boy al...:ti 'ihl
years old, his half-sister, Mrs. Estill, and a negro boy \., r,- iak.;n
prisoners. Mr. Estill, according to this account, was wowi'.lti. F-.i(
escaped. Where Mrs. Trimble and other members of the finil, .,-rr
at the time, or how they escaped, is not stated. A strong si.:.r.: i.:.'>.-
stood then, as now, on the opposite side of Middle river, within .1 nile
of Trimble's, and possibly some of the family had taken relfu., ti.:r.:
It was called a fort. and is known as the "Old Keller Ho-.: Th,-
Indians must have passed this house in coming from Alexanrlr Cruu, -
ford's to John Trimble's. The Trimble dwelling was stripp-.d lic
Indians of its most valuable contents, and then burned. F.:.ir I.:,re-.
were taken and loaded with the plunder. The Indians, ur'li, lhir
prisoners and horses, retreated to a cave in the North Mount.-,. ,.- lire
they had arranged to meet two other divisions of their p ri, Tr,.-\
traveled all night and met their comrades in the morning, uo... h.i
secured prisoners and plunder in other settlements. The ui:l.l l.,I.l-
prosecuted their retreat with great rapidity for five days and -.lil:
The statement that Trimble was going out to plow when : i r I.J m.
assailed him is a local tradition.
The morning after the murder of John Trimble, Captain I'.e,.:.g
Moffett. his step-son, and the brother of Mrs. Estill, was in .i.r-ut ..I
the enemy, with twenty-five men collected during the previ..u, ia ght.
The Indians had fifteen hours' start, but Moffett and his part, rupdl.%
gained on them. The fact that the pursuers moved more r-pl11dl Ilni
the pursued was a well known one in Indian warfare, the laIer t.-,mg
generally encumbered and losing time in the effort to con.:- -i tlhe:ir
trail. In the morning of the fifth day, the whites in front of I~-mi pI,.;ri


disco,vtLrd tlh InhJins ..,il a 5puIr -I tlhe Alle-'lhan) Mi-l.unltl n, aind up...nI
.ia ct.hulhalijn it ..a 1 :l A ..il'llded ., p tuse in thile pursuit -ind nl.ake an
allack alier dark.
The lldinJ.ll had -tl.ppel d :lt a i prin; rcn r thi I' .It I tIII: Inm.unlaill.
Their looid a;i exhu-iitcdI. d -'iclir-.,-i lha.d g..nt in -Carilch f gu' ame.
Il.Aitl 't I pia"rI' '.'., lre wilhiin 1 ;il- I l tir ; s a.r.;,- s, m: n -iil te.illll ll draw -
in'; na rer, whln ii Eh- nire l.'ld y th,- e rr'plrt ,u a gnuin. Suipp ,.ringl
thev had I :en ,Ji i...cr.d, the ..lii 0 dropped hic r InIp.. psac'l- and
stariEd in .1 run I -lr;,J ,rd- hitiA .4 *i iliided djlet.r i..iundd acr.;.i their path. -ie -,"
I- t i men t- rucI k tltl n11 3Ial III ij lt i. u tli Ii li. 11,1 li ii li ed it to
turn and ruin k .A-inith'i r rep.;.rt -:* l un ;tl i n ;i i ull p. l, 1 i.I' i': the
t lhi t., that lrie -.I Ill: Indi i prti h."i d I illed thIll l r, indl thait the
S, lh,-Ip was a c.dll for Ihelp i.:t ciri y it irt.:- ca,. ip .l n Indi, n nhr liurie-
back %a4 inmliedl.iely seell ipproichinlg ,t a rapid pc---. Th, it litc,
coI.nceled ir, tall gr. -, Ere i 1. di-eI' ..tre. bv him till lie ita in the
imlidls of Ihin em, and tiih',' d;p.t:ch.d him in r Ini.- tant 'iLI.r hi-. i-ni.
panions. i-, camnil. uere ii are .1I Illir .lpproi :l)
Somei .' tle pris..ners .ere lie'i lugi Il -. hil: ll- \...rrnen .nid bL -.,'
ecre U n ..'nlin d M ri L till %.at, .linll :, :,i a I..., -'..ir, tilic-l i' i
sliirt .I her hu-baind at lt Ih: .iddiig .i1 tell Indi n ,i'-. l.Aii'icd het-r ji
hii: pri.:e. ljia i : Triiitbl-e :j at the ;prirti ,'lllt -.g '.1tr Th' :i In-
dimA.n Ib -id b1 irel] .imn tI.:. gel ihir 1n_1; bel,:or, lh, hl r:..t ,-r- i up ,n
llineni. ,A i lrf -l, niost -" .- II. iltarlldJ pri; :.n-r_ r.in -,-.m e Ji-,l n n .nd,
beconiin min mn.l i. ilt l lic -ndimin., itl "i ir i mp.-l l i.r iht- re,:-uerr
I-, lire, buI di:jc'. erin llheir tnil'like, thli'-y urntld ind r.in t, lthlir
iriend~. Theln the firin, tle 'zn i:,n t.ili. i :e;.[The ne;r'u I.;, 'A is '.i.t,
.ind iron ll de bl,:.-d dlOc'-.'ered .1-. Hi- trail .:* tlie vitri. Indi in'- it I s
e-ld' :nl llitil e\ tral ... i tiei re t\'.'.inded.
l.-f.etlt tind in-, pari;, J -'isld IC..iim lie pI-uruit. allnd c.-ileclit, the
lu, id n pruperly ,rin ruil,,,.ll.. lu Ji-l.n -, -pCnl .1l,- Flight. E Irly Ill-:
nI t inurnint" tihle l, eg n liheir I m ine ard l'i ur.li. \% I'lc hiditr,., li,:, -
eicr, r.llild rid g ttin d uf Ith: I tlllc- -.II ilhtl I, ainbuI-u ll I II
in narr.....'. p i I ll hey failed ,ia. il .. III in.l.tier .iltlile I pl .'1 Ith
samen kind. in a laurel Ihii'k.l Tliey hen 1'-II to 1li-: rerr and I..-ii.aedi
tile lilies ier setral d v-y but Ibciing Ioiled in ill their scii'mll. -, tie-
turnlld .:ll l; an1 unproiteteld :ettldmenIl l. 1 ', \.hl ih is ile d in lthIir
uJisual ianrnr T'hi .\ugusti lmen rt.aich.ed h.Jinm unhurt. ct-\.p i.nn
l,1 '. 'LundcJ inll he ni .nril.n pis-, andl 1,1s carrnied n i litll:r
ThI, lis Oi itiCe Indi.in-A wa' ,. kl ,il d and s ',it.'iral li-,dl, it uia.li:d
SuchL i- tlh aiccuult gi;1:n in ih': inte r ill 1 Mr. Trlmbihl,
In Cullinss[ Hi't'Ir) f i icin'.:ky i\uhlim II ne p e ,;r), .*,e iiind a
sketich ol C.i)aptin Jamies lTri le. uhijli g:ices i dilffrenit i-rsi-o n olf Ih
naffir. The i'riter :. thi. acc'."iit si.ate' tha ihe plriv .:.ner;. ,ere c.-piwired
L.) p part ii nine Indliilans, led iv .1 hall-breed named Dickl,on; thai
imImnedti.Ll) aliter the ic 'lpiiret. iiie Trinl'lnle v :1 d-idi.pcJ d 1I -.un l,'
Dicl:;.-,T; that Carptai,, ci-.lltt r-ized a p.irl\ o1 .i nle i:n n--i. ind


overtook the Indians near the present White ulplaur 'Dprin,';. iirJ tli.
at the first fire all the Indians were killed, except Ll: iorn .* . .- ipc
The late John A. Trimble, of Ohio, a son of Cipliar' I.,ni. Trinibl.,
in one of his numerous and interesting communicl...lnr- ti. il, I:.'::v .i've
Gazette, gave a third account of the affair. Des.-ribin, a trip hI- m.,de
on horseback from Mossy creek, in Augusta c.-.nii. 1.': his hi':mc in
Ohio, probably in 1827, Mr. Trimble said:
I was soon in the wild pass of the North Mountu.rn. indl ip[ro.1.;-hi
Buffalo Gap, in the vicinity of the early home of rno, I.athr h, n I -.t .cr-
took a venerable old gentleman on horseback, v. h... i'. n1C I1: n.ii nne1.
William Kincaid, and inquired my name and res'.l[o. H4 -.ijd lthi
name was familiar; he had known a Captain Jamn- Tri.nille u~h,. ii
a native of Augusta. When informed that he .. i.- m, l.itticr, hlle old
gentlemen was startled; he stopped his horse aid il-:1,: : Ilid: most
cordially. 'Is it possible !' he exclaimed. 'Wh:.. I %.,i i u:.uin m.in
of eighteen when your father was a prisoner, with his .;=l r. i.:.ung Mr'.
Edmonson, afterwards Estill, and I was one of lli: i.1- ,_I, \inho
went with Colonel George Moffett in pursuit, and ri -c.i.d Il,<, Ir-i:n-ir
away across the Alleghanies. Why, it seems as frIl. l., n. minm.,r\ ;,
of yesterday, and we are now within a few miles ..i *- hir, )r.'ur ,'r.lnd
father was killed and his house pillaged by Dick-,.n irn hi,- I'r>:,i:j.--
band of Shawnees. But we had our revenge,and Lkl.i':n.tli.ir IJ.r,
with a boy, were the only ones who escaped from ..,ur rnll, '...,r a, r_ ook
them completely by surprise, feasting and sleeping .ar:-.udl Ileir C:inip-
fire.'" Mr. Kincaid said that "at one time Colondl Nl:.nl -rriiind dis-'
couraged, having lost the trail, when, fortunately, ,n, ,':f ihe n--n I.iund
the blue-worsted garter of Mrs. Edmonson hanging ., l biu-h. i here
she had placed it while traveling at night."
Kincaid and James Trimble were both memb,:r- oi C.- iiin ,ri'o.rge
Mathews's company at Point Pleasant, in 1774.
We may add that a family of "Edmistons Id cd in ile co:.inmv'
early as 1746, but we have no information other iii, ith L,- ....e thit
Kitty Moffett was the widow of one of them wh-et -li nmiirriL-d l[.nia-
min Estill.
W e have still another account of the killing ,,i ih:.l. Triitbl. ..,in
capture of his son and step-daughter, embraced in .1 lie-ir trilteni b.
Mr. John A. Trimble, March 28, 1843, a copy of w ih.lh ir. ,l.c h idl- of
Judge John H. McCue, of Staunton.
In this letter Mr. Trimble gives the date as 1770., ri -rr...r ...I :=i \a,-rs,
his grandfather having been killed in 1764. He j:,- In- 'ilthcr. i mni
Trimble, and a negro boy named Adam, while plo..iing :orn, \.-rc -Ior-
prised by a party of Indians and made prisoners |il is pr,-jbli itat
the negro was plowing for wheat, as James Trinilrle ii-.:. \r:Aiiin: .At
the time to hold the plow, being only eight yea .. il. ,n-d tlc -ci-O.n
(October) was too late for corn.] The alarm was i.. ._-;ii t ith lih,:.- I- b\
the horses running off, and,suspecting the cause, li I' lathlr, .i..hn Tirim-
ble, proceeded with his gun to reconnoitre. The Indian,. I..,\ ig -.. :ir:d


the prisoner' intJ ild them in chrirge "C et r il liads. sirne.d I the
horic On thce %.%a tlheiy icounueri.d Jolin Trimble in ,a -strip of e,-i.'J
3inid 'I.Il nid ,r iped him H114 %lie' :-ca.ped fro ItI lh. lling-ll,
ci-ncc--led li lr..cll nc.i r ciou.g' lti i liiie; tli pdic MI ,erii ; 'nd i tirniiiing
of llic prcnemisi AIr Eslill (o called here L.\ Mr. Trimtble I-
ic'."II:cie', Ind belici un ibl tl o fl\ .i a made pris.:icn r. Nothing lr s i.t]
in rtefcrenc e t .: Air E lill
\\'liile [tuI ~i :.'a In' ..in. th': I un Indij.ii v'. r: i arhl inu t ilim o tlit
b) lhro;ting cll r toni, i .ii.k; t lte tr .ee : \l ,icli i iit I bictible il n..i
nied, ol'te ljst ni.in In- h ln .Il
'I hel arcc l;t bt Mr. Trimnt.i., cin tlih; itterciA the retreitl :1 Ilie
Indi.ain-, the pur.;iit Lb' Capii Alolultl ,and theli rc Cue :I the lpric lers,
is iltub .t iiill,, the ;.ri, is thli t lc. in bi \ l ii ll'r r. I rii L,' .l H eII .
hlio\,,c r, .iy 11'njihing a. iu' *"' Ce' tilhe Norcili MN.:uhIIaln. r aily
othi.r piarteii lui ill~, .anid ,.j the number 'o men u ih lA. .lelt j.
filiel ii o:.r t, ncrit! [li, nu ilm b-.r ', lindiain he plit. 11 eiA ,'t .:.r in11r.
Dlcksonui i~ H id t.: hi c bi en a rei eg iie hall tibl::d Ilndi.i. i h-.:. itj
iIll-kn ,i l i n i t i, the te tlirs..moilr \i lnllh he had it :e lfor several
c. aru \\ien l. .ciliine broke .tul he in.'ed i band 'of lh:i\i'mar:. i.nd
.ic.imn' i 'rrni d ibl- leader lie lId oAl'ln bNil t i lh>ii ITriintble'-
-iouu- and il'tir ..ilping Trmnblc, 'hiibiLtd lthe tropli to tle bo'
l.imri,. a ing: ini, lhere' tli ld iau i': scalp. L' ,o u klin:. it '* 11
uoIJ .,it iil, \ rrm. I .,ill mrke good indi.Jn olf ,.n, but il io t]ry tr
run cff. I it l hael ,,:,r icilp.' I-li trcat..d Air; F;iinll intii re.pect.
% ilkir g c..t inmtl I'' hitr idJ ai- -hi: ruJe:i on .a lihr e iIhrough thlh-
pi ie t I"l: nc'ur iintii Air;. [ 'iill'- tirt clhiild a.- born ai fI-v. neck;
il't-r hi:r return.
The negr.. L *\ Ad.in it ,1 ititi. Alric.in. r'-:cnt imporurt.ition..ind
spoke but Iinle rEn. ti M.r. TrnibI otllein herdI hinm, in hi i-l,. i,-,
reilie the iaciJ..r-i' oi hi- cAipt tll, Du)ring the- retr.-at 'f th li indi I;.
Ad o.in i Jin ~lciirr -lrrd u .iill,\. J.icket'c ner." iut i ~ the -p.ors' h-
cl'id a. v : %,ere i'in .alo i i -'Im of ihienl iere i-.iil'.I a;n.]
ltunriI bi, thi in-ecc- Tinl -,:, plae.;J rthel -impile minded ci'ir. lat hlie
u a;i.Louti I- rep[.at lthice ia hn ihl Ine in b1 ;..,i .mii-i.r.red 1 hcicn
a otiind bcaieinIg.
just bL tl' ire ih: .rri. i ol II. uclohte- it thiie india.n c imlp, Flick:,,n hllt
I anie; Trimnrll t, iti: -,priing for m.iti:r, % which. bLe ing: 'om :e.'. lh. niciddi
Sirhrn pr,:'.enicdl.' v..' hrlli n iti i' : th I f Ithe b ., t h ': ti hre ,il'--l
thv. hit tom.,ihav. k. ind ir.Jered to bring' another .uppl lie reiuri.ed
,:, th' .pril;,.ind ,ihil' e %n.iiii' for the water r ti, clear aiI: I irtlLd L.
Ithi rieprt of rifles Surlnln'ii; iliat rue cier u.':r' :it hand, he r in in
th:e Jirrcnhn of the solind and plc-t rl.,eli him;,lf am;,ni -ii- lrienJd,
At the nmi nr..cnt :,'f tli>; r"rihig.. [tlc-kson ,- -l.inccin, b., MrN iE:till.
leaning on hi tgun, .ind ginind drecticnsi ab,,ul riirtlin,; ,hirt i,, \\.as
making l'ir ibim. Sh-f 'prmang to her eel .iii r in lot .ird- hic lities.
taking, tlie prc iLalion tl -In achlc I L1 an \e-'el ,iand t*u' er hl r l e']d ith
it. Dick'im pursued her, a.nd hurling hi iom.ha.in k kkncl :d i e 'e l


off without injury to her person. He almost immediately ci:.nlfr'nted
Captain Moffett, at whom he fired, but missed, and then tuinr'J alnd
fled, making good his escape. Moffett's gun was empty.
Adam had concealed himself during the firing behind a tre', and
being mistaken for an Indian was shot at by one of the wh:te imen and
wounded slightly in the arm.
Mr. Trimble states that, except Dickson, all the Indian- I,:II ai the
first fire, either killed or mortally wounded. Dickson f.Ill...._, Ih~e
whites on their return, and fired upon and wounded or -: ..Il them,
named Russell, who was carried home on a litter. Russell ..-n. -,uiia'. ,.-,
Dickson at the battle of Point Pleasant, and killed him in a hand-ti
hand conflict.
It is said that the whole number of prisoners carried i.ll L- the
Indians and rescued as described was six or eight; but whl thli: n.re.
besides those mentioned, is not stated.


Thomas Gardiner, Jr., lived on a farm lying on Dry Branch. A-LIgI]I.l
county, two and a half miles northeast of Buffalo Gap, wlir'e |.lrin A.
Lightner now lives. According to tradition, he and his mrn.:.,tr ere
killed by Indians, but exactly when is not known. His wilr, Pe..-cc.,
qualified as administratrix of his estate, June 19, 1764, and .l it pre-
sumed that his death occurred a short time before that date. Trad.ilon
states that, on a Sunday evening, he went out to see after a c...w inJ,
calf, and was killed at the spring, within a hundred yards ..i Ii. ,Jd ll-
ing. No one knows by what means his wife and children r-cap'd. n,..r
where his mother was when killed. He had two sons, one .I-. ul..Im.
Samuel, was the ancestor of the Mint Spring Gardiners. lie .:-thvr.
Francis, was a soldier of the Revolution, who died Jel% 2.). 1542,
father of the late James and Samuel Gardiner and others.
Thomas Gardiner was a near neighbor of Alexander Crau I;..rd \, hu
also was killed by Indians, as related elsewhere in this Suippl.'in':nt
[See "The Crawfords."] Their dwellings were about two iiiles apart.
Gardiner was killed before June 19, 1764, as stated, and po-s.;blW\ iraw-
ford's death occurred at the same time. If the Indians came tlIr,:.t-h
Buffalo Gap, they must have passed Crawford's dwelling .:, ri,llh
Gardiner's, and it would seem unaccountable that the on'. -hi..ul lie
taken and the other left. But the proceedings of Indians t,:re ti :eiu
as eccentric as the devastations of a spring frost, which cut d.:.-. one
stalk of corn and passes over another. All we know :c-rtinl\' in
regard to Crawford's latter days is, that he was alive FebrL.,rv I'., -762
when he became one of the securities of Thomas Gardini.r, Jr.. in a
guardian's bond; and that he was dead by November court, lI:74.


ulll:ef hl. ,.,.lilliii tr-l r '.- ]ilill'l;ci H1-le I neli d I I uIa ILI-3l i.-1 l in.rli.lli t -.1
plars i.iaI pr.'rp:.rl .% lli in I i ih rdhi r coir,-c ;r'f affl iir- Ill, .iJiliirjilrj-
t-r I .au lI qual.lFy a . i ,a po'.:ible "l'r r hii. dt: ill, I, I-, liter l':.re.
.'rjbal l,..,l hc r Ce ,wa I a % l I tie l ia..lIIn r, n.J ii O..il :t ,I I r-T
\\W e ha. .. I ll,' I onriiaIionl l o i ilyV I .li i:an r;ai.. Illi' llic C alliat ill Ilit
s .pring, i r erl -iiiim :r i p-r,, i :'.('.. II. :l f th I li I ..ird.i r in.i 5-
-:1acre, jLIt iiMTialiii'icd Thii nli.----l, i"e li.: % i h ..i. btaaaln l.-p':r r.Lrelad Ib\
3 _lli'le In,..ian. .Illi-. pe| TL r,ai>o l I,% 1. .i- 1c l in o. th i.,':ll liij':nI[. It I.
I,:L aid, i.:.' e' cir. li nat .:ta i ''III It'Jiin ii ..1 I .' hs .h I lute. ini a Zal
llalt lim e,. allnJ a bliiit iiI l i.. Ill.i\ lia e ii.''iii inllit d t li I lurd.eCi lfor Ilit
aike if .plunder. An .JI. -1 'r, ith-t i'i rdi. i r lie d In oin:ll bunridI
in 31n iron p:,:( \ihihih hi- dl : ;:aanJ,in l- cai' J i: .'-r II d i 'Lille aceintlh
an elIipt .alienti pF-, %., 6n_ ond i' I, n ith lit |r':einl,:.. i n1: been a4,hd
our b' n Ire-he,:. id ia i i Itli t.-lil 1i i' co l lO- 1ii I' tc. : h 'o t l ..

S'.-l' i CL'r l i .TI. O 'IP i-. ..*F C I'a I T li: N' ..e..-~bi r 1-l:ri I ;'l -,I
ilIe C'l.unlr t Co rtiil A.i g laI: | .'. a, \ .uIi'- ',ne 11 I.e an a the
A.tlh andJ .'i-tunLi ,j I'I. ,., Ha Tie pI ,if.eed i ri;-1 .': -e ci.vt C I F\ L ) il
page.-. AL t is turna. Sil,-i- Harl qaal Cirr 'o AlbeL marle I .r aS ,llo'riev' -t l..i Tl- F. -Iate- 'If i':,liI I braille
aind A .lc'.IIder Cr o fl:.d, b .ill :. .. h:.nm hlii, l '':n killed 1. IndllJals inl
OIk bcr prcrdnir-1. .a re c(:I nfill I d 1.Ir tIlicir rv -p-i,:l\ .innit d 1 r11 ;111rI uI .
\illiana ielii, ..', -ai,-ii| :.- M1t.i e.a i 'a.. I'Geara' Slilietn Alc iinder >lc-
LCllii.ah.i] and iH'l- ,ia.l it .ll ',re rec:'im iennda'ed f'.or ,lp.a'pp lillilIent a-
liU liilC ; l Il !lie pt. C \e.
An ia.iir. g il-. rdri- ae ii.d l i I'ah r 1': .l:' lin g': "la.'l > i I'e'ler-. rl' l l.n Hi lpr'-
.1uccd .1 La C-I L'.aIt- 'f l hai, n .0 ri ': e ei _-i l .i lt. ,slcr- anl nl, .. 'i ha ii'-
lakeii tile u-.ual ..-atil .' h a; h I ie -i' per- ln aindt .l rt rii l. -uib-
scribed thie ,11-rILr;Il:'11 'i .alth ar.d t(e t, whichh i- -in thi, mi tia.rn, ,ordered
tC bte .ertified. iin order .:. hi- lh.: inm ilig L.ettlir- -if NIalur,,lh.Ilia ii
'I he l:erl: i h;: '. rote ti h- aeri-, -,-er .- ltini e- -et lilt rule- ..I grallil jar
,11d pe lli i de. r,'lCe. n1 i rthe 1..ll...i ng, %,ltat ..,- c,'p, hter-
all' :
(.> i" r.Iipl,.ait l ol' Faj rick L., c -\ tll I'.t. f Itii l I n il,aI Stcr, t\ il11.11
Snodein, doth ni:ot pro. nidle cl':,th I'- hr him. ni-aa a ll Inipl.:' hlm a- hi-a
-ervant it i ,:'rd, red Ihat lie _ij-id ,ia:.ten Ibc: -iullnilnonl d t, appear
hIere [lie ilext 'Court, 10 .ai ,S'.'. er ih l 31.1 a: pltr.1 il ,.ll it i- I'rrlier 'lr-
dere.d Ill the Ch Ch-i ar..len pr.i.. d lhim Nca'c-ar> Cl.'.lli- jand thal
[fle iin thle ilcarinlin hire hini -ill L,, _inal laeCtrai- th.1i ia, Illiik proper
b) In pln'., 1-ini' "
l-'ilric : ''.a_. I In, d llObi ...hi i ,.l f ,nl al ,-r ian'Il '" : j i i Il i
cotlm pl.aal 1111 :aIie ap a.t M.i,1li C,,i Jrl. 17''-.,,i. ll Aal. i- i-nli'-c I cr 1k,1
l.I the rclii' ,.f t rhe r.i, -t:r, ,a, tiLIh -" [,p-"'d brei ,I ich.:.ll. .ind. hia --d
out I.. the cihurcL,-''. ird,:n, a- li,: order reillired .. -Ih.'lld t e
An\nthar rrd.lr .f No, e hlnlir rnirm. I ;o.,. is equ..ll\ Cui,-'ut i (Ornrdcred


that the church-wardens of Augusta Parish bind Michail Lia:.L of tlle
age of nine years in September last, son of Patrick Eagin. t.o lin Pal-
rick, the father of the said Michael having runaway according ti-. lw "


The history of the expulsion of the Acadian Frer. h Ifr-inM Nova
Scotia is one of the darkest pages in the annals of Greer P.-ltan. The
ancestors of these people settled in the province bef'rc llc Pil:grim
Fathers landed on Plymouth Rock. They occupied i.eatilul and
fertile country, and in course of time farm-houses and i llages s .rang
up over the country. By the treaty of Utrecht, in 1712.. th,- pro. ir..;-
was ceded to Great Britain, and the French population -..Lnt.ld r1
the transfer without opposition. They, however, for s %m: iar- r..-
fused to swear allegiance to the new Government. W1A, .ir a,.iii
arose between England and France, the French of No, i S.1-il .r:rc
regarded with distrust by their British rulers, and it wa- dccrmiimcd t,:.
expel them from the province. Their villages were laid \ asite, jnl tile
country was reduced to a solitude. Seven thousand men ~i:.nen and
children were driven on board ships, and scattered am:onig th Erngl-h
colonies from New Hampshire to Georgia. In 1755, clccn hiirnlrd
and forty of these "French Neutrals," as they were calltJ., %r nr, Iandlc
at Hampton, in Virginia, without means of support, or pr, .i,.u- i.,tlic
of their coming. Governor Dinwiddie and his Coun.:il i.iainalnamcd
them at the public expense for four months, but the opp,:.-ii in on thi
part of the people to their remaining in the colony was uni'.rl. No
public land remained in lower Virginia upon which to itllc thcim, nlnd
west of the Blue Ridge the French and Indians were w,,iin, 3a rntil.--,
war upon the frontier settlers, rendering it unsafe to seni thlmni I... thlt
region. The Governor described them in one of his n'.inier..ui Iltlcr
as "bigoted Papists, lazy, and of a contentious beha\lo:r linall.
when the General Assembly met, it was determined I..l thl.i Lod, t,:.
ship the unfortunate people to England, and this was dnie ii :a, i oe tIo
the colony of /5.ooo.
On pages 46, 82 and 84 mention is made of Alexander R,.Nii. a- a
resident of Augusta county. He is supposed to have beeii III :.il.J,. rti Il
relations with Governor Dinwiddie, to whom (and not tc (..'.n cror Fau-
quier) he delivered his account of the Sandy Creek Exp.itioinn ,:.' I ;6.
After his affray in Staunton with Andrew Lewis. he wenlt tin r.ni1-i,.
and, being recommended by the Governor of Virginia. ma. ad.itlteid
to an audience by the King. Ever afterwards he wore ice pre~.ribrd
court dress. The French having been driven out of N_.,.a S' -'ii: .is
related, McNutt received from the Government grant-' c, rcn-,tm.\


tracts 'o land in that province- upon condition oi r ntr:dulcihig ..lher
seitlrs. He iccordIn',1) broightlll o,.er i:miny people froin tihe nurthl oc
Ireland, including persuii of Ii s own hinaie, alitd siLtr. lit. married
i Mr. Weir. Admiral Cochir.ne, of the iriti:hl n.iy, i- btelieed io be
a de cendani of Mrs. \VW.r, ..nd -Jther Io her Je c.eiidainis are n.on living
in Nova Scoi. i.
A letter fromll Halifa N,-ma Scotia, iubli-hed in the Cos/ie, Gaz:eHe/
)of Octi er 26. i ;61, "' I.at F'idJ.i, .irriked here tli-, -hip Hope\iell,
of Londond-errv, L', which i nlie Li L,.irdis of ) t,.L. ltiidred pel_ .. 's I-,r
tle ;etlen-m mn i ul ili-> PI'ro\ ,.:,:. .. lh C jolonel Alh .ii-ljd r lc: !Lill. whv,
..e are inl rnied, liai- ciuinlra-t.eJ for i..-e lthouisand i .ti shi l of l.Ilcti.
five tlloiisaiid buhliels of pul.lttes,. etc.. i,: Jur the tuse o.f l'e Irish
sielers in No),iiitber. 17I-2. Mc Nult arrived uillh un- liiiiJri al nd
se,.'enti settler,. and it ,JilierelIt tlimes ili niii i i more Tirhe l.i-[ in n-
tion of himn iii tlle archii v o thlle PFlO in.:,- i, [i 17-',, 'Alien lie Allt r-
nc: GClniicral ctmlplalncd tlhatl he i'aid iparccl.Jd o.u itrl.iin land n\llli:)lt
\\Wil li'.ing inl No\a :C.:,ihl, iI I ;6i. McNuiLt r'',LLitcd a piou er -I'
uitornell atlillh ri.. mm, Ii-' br..ittier. lohii. to :~'11 a.i o i: nltrn li- real e-latr.
Iii I lursLI .inir I e ul11' lll. ii.,trul l'.- lt lIl:h M cNl ,ott. ..nl A il..;i'-t 1, 16 --.. L:'on-
ictcd ilu Thuin.l- m lnui in .m -litiiirlii..i ,'1 'i It lot Noi. I.. in Siaun-
tin. i hIch 'L. purilT i-d It. AI \,ti.J r il I ,r .1 .. a I ,tate I a p.1.4
46. Bmiilumin.- afl'tcrard- ire .iedl on tile Iji were 1. l'ng kiij.ni a the
" P.ell T.nerii C.iptE.in ri'm i-s Smith11 i- Lh_- I. l.nl,.r in-lai\ 'lf rM1ichAIli
(;arDer, a hu carlln: IInto piossesi...ni 1 li : pri perI an 111 i o ln.J ir t -for
many years.
Ale\andlcr McNutLt -eemS rio hate r,.itrne i I.: Nui.a StItna alter the
Reol-,unti, a in dlii- ilJd if 17' he i. d-_-cribL.d .- Iile of .Agusta
county, n.an ial Hailifax, No'a Scotia." L;Bt I. did nut renrmin th-rn
long. li e appear, to hliae been a vi-ionar\ nian, tind in hi latter .e ir-;,
at least o.soilit.hat cf a religioiiS .-mii-i-ia-t While il in:. ii Ni,:a
Sc.ltii, lih attemiiiped 1i.. ,loiiid mier,- a -cLilerielit to bLe cidllc New
Jerutal'mni." It i' jirc-tirned ltat hi, lIal' iil thai Prut since i-re Lunif-
tated l hen lie cinie '.rn a.rnd i'incd i lii: Anrierican rebel- "; tti in
i796 he undertnok I,:, convc\ h de.'--d ICo,....< atcre in No Scoiiti it:
tlle S\nod of \'igini.,. i irtrint for thle Llimcnel ot Libert H.ill A:cademn,
in Rocklbride'. am..ing other purpo.s-c, "fl'r tl suiVpp-ort of public len-
nir'-s in ,aid iseititalr\ annually%, oln m311'- statc Lby nattire aind lliS% retiov-
ery bL free and inimerited gr icl. through Chri-t .e.,u-, and againsi oppo-
site error.s." P-u,,ihly findiing that thi, iced ouild not di.,, lihe e.\ecuted
another thlle next yeir dirucil. tLu thli ro i lce_ of Lilberty Hall. lor the
sane luise. The -ecCuiii deed 11as wi iensc-cd I. Andre.. AleCander,
Conrald Specc itid Arcliliald.I Alexiniucr. It i- nllnetesaryv iit, that
Liberty Hill did ni,, t ,-i- llie land.
NiNuti netier marri-id. .ii ieit no po-terity His old-lasiliiite-dc dlress
sword I is pre-eri -,1 l I,' to llltcrial dc:.-c.nl.iiit, Ale\ ider McNitllt
Gla Igow. o)f Rkckhridgt li : b at ih lime ii.. Hiouter'- Raid." il I.T64,


the silver-mounted scabbard was carried off, leaving i-.nl, ilirn naked
John McNutt, a brother of Alexander, settled on North rI -r. Rock-
bridge. His wife was Catherine Anderson, a great-.aunti of ludge
Francis T. Anderson. One of his sons, Alexander, w.,i ite lath, r of
Governor Alexander G. McNutt, of Mississippi, and grn.inli'.atlr lI
General Frank Paxton and General Albert G. Jenkins.
A daughter ofJohn McNutt married, first, Lieutenant McCrtirk.~ who
was mortally wounded at the battle of the Cowpens, the -ranllfallier of
the Rev. Alexander B. McCorkle, and great-grandfarlihr of Thi:m.i
McCorkle, Esq. Her second husband was Arthur Gla.-,:,.. grand-
father of William A. Glasgow, Esq.. and Colonel J. K. E.ln.-.n..l..n To
the former we are indebted for most of the facts here gi' ,n


Robert Cunningham, a native of north Ireland, seitld .n a, ari
called Rock Spring, in Augusta count about the year 17.5. i u.i
one of the first set of justices of the peace appointed in i;45. Ind :1lftr-
ward, it is said, a member of the House of Burgesses. Hi; wile ains a
widow Hamilton, and the mother of several children a: ile limn.i -, her
second marriage. One of her daughters, Mary Hamiillu,., i.nrried
David Campbell, and was the mother of John and Arthur Can.ptiill and
others. (See "The Campbells.") Two of the daugliltrs olf f',-,L',rl
Cunningham also married Campbells. He had no son. Hi; .J.1augleir.
Martha, about the year 1750, married Walter Davis, 'uho L-_'.crin. ilie
owner of Rock Spring farm. Mr. Davis never held civ:l :..il.. L.ut ..i
an elder of Tinkling Spring church and a man of much inllnenc'i. Ili;
daughter, Margaret, married John Smith, and was the motller *.f uI' iJI
Daniel Smith, of Rockingham. His son, William Davi.. born in .t,5.
married Annie Caldwell, and diedabout 1851, aged eiglhti.; le tams
a man of high standing in the community, a justice of tic p-.,i-c. liyI-h
sheriff, etc. Walter Davis, Jr., son of William, born in 17ui. \,ia for
many years one of the two commissioners of the revenmi in Augu-ll
county, and noted for his faithful and intelligent dischar z of lth dulies
of his office. His wife was Rebecca Van Lear. Wilh-ln C 1I zl, i
brother of Walter Davis, Jr., removed to Missouri in iSt. -.r IS'.; r.
Thomas Parks, of Missouri, is the only surviving grandi.llJ ofl' \\'iltcr
Davis, Sr.
John Cunningham, believed to have been a brother of Robher. Ii\ed
in Staunton, his residence being on Lot No. I, southwest :i.,rtlcr of Au-
gusta street and Spring Lane. He had three daughter rin .nl I,-n -,il
His oldest daughter was Mrs. Margaret Reed, mentioned :.n p-.te i. ,.
who was baptized by Mr. Craig in 1747, and died in is:-. \Antiher

.\NN.\1. LiF .'LGL U .UTA COLUN r'.

i,iug',hter. I aL.ell m.rrnid Miajr kI,,bert Lurn ., and ,.,a. tIhe iothlier o1
Mrs W .termanand Mr GJiambill of Roi kin'ghani. The third da.ug-iht.r
:.1 loliii Cuinniifajiiiit, Eli..,belli, mii rricd Cipta-in Thi,-nia:, Sm ith.
According toiit fil ir.dit(ii., Ca.pln SmAill ioimminndl lic thr -il
trciotp of ca' -lr, 11-at i- l nl i1 )3 Li: CLintiicrni il er icc lri-.m Augu-tl i
during ih le '.olul-ni.ir\ ..r III- ilau hlcr- \.cri Mrs Mirs chiAel Gar
bcr, Alr; M.Noses IcCu..L and i r- I...hn lone'. C il.diii \\' iW lr Cui-
iingliha ., ,.nl 4 n of i],-ii n rent],-\ d tIo Kcntuck, in 17Si;S anlld thus the
inalme disailppirtd Ilruli the counint
\\ar inidetbled b .- N.i. lor li.ni- P ['orm.,n, a grandsn i-.I Mr-.
Mlloise, i.nt. e. 1I-,r noi,'-t ,ii Ihli, aibqo e Ifacts


RobU-.r I'..age. ith ni.ni, other Scitlcrs in ith \ I'allI\, ippreared wt
klrat;tc court M.ii\ -2. 1 740. to p iro e Ihii, impi,-rt.iitOio," '.itlh the V.lie
oi leaking up. publii lnii T ihe rcCi.irl si:ts lrth that he ;. hii; i e.
Eli-abelli, and niie c:hiilrern. niamc:l c.ime frunm Ireland ICo Phlila-
Jelphii. and Iroi, then: tI. thil cio-lhn.'" his o\ n e\piense. He
man, ii e C.nmc -onm ic.ars i.rlHir thin ihe ilale nrintrlil-nd, but \u.
rind1 nic, tr'ac of I'nm tilori ilI.at tim. Al: andler Breckenrnldgt pr,:oved
hi n mp iri.rtilion -in Ilthie i mmc .a .inil er,, likely th l .-, fi m ili came
:icTr in the s.me -hip
Mr PoF'o e -,rtitJ an .1 Ip-lanltilini thrce ,n le-- north :.1 Str untonr .
iii.h he niim l hat' purclha.el lri.m \\'illijam Bed erly,. as the lAnd \as
in be erle''s Mir 1 Tlor he tac cntlld .-e'en liundred
and 3im.ent-, l'o acres. It \as there, n,-, doubt., that tlic :Lung
pre.clher. %McAJen :b.iainedJ Ih;- ir-t Jdnner .n \'r.rginia on S,iurdaJ ,
lune -,: i7'., ISee page i-:,'..
Biut he acquired othlr lin.Jt Jirctll from the government "There i1
before 1u a aritnt inin p[-trhnmntl. emcuntedL b% GoveCrnori GiCooi., luly
30. 1-42, inantinig to' Rb crti I';oa: : tlirzc hundred ind six acres :ii
land in tli: county oif Cr.n.,:. n the \\ucit .ui f _l thi Blue Rid.;g" ,-,
be held "in free ad common -'tiw ad :o n no in .,.'" or b) knightli
riceI." in cIoniideranon i-f lOtiri\ -hi shilliings: pro. ided the grant~i
should pa:y a fee rinl t I iic lijlling for c e r fril1 acre 3nnualll ", .n
[ie fea fl" St. Mich.hacl the Archang:el." c. The: -ial a.1 .ihet d tl lie
patent has on at in iniprtsl.iti _I tlthe roi il cr,-..n o l '.re t [ri'uin
Th,: .AiII oi Robert P'ua;ge, datid Oict.,ber 2'-, 1773 ii proved in
court March ',. 1774 Ther c u\ecilttl r, rri r \\ W illirn Lcic l. nd lci-ato.r'-
in. lohn Thli lt t ilt r mentiiinr hi- -'ii s i n, lhoini ,. IR bert,
Geoirge and W.Viillinim. antd his d iiihticr Mlarlih \W\'ood. Ell-'it':cit
Crawl-jrdi and l- irgarecl 'oL,:rio'n Ti tlit Ia_-t hix hie gate onl,


"one pistole" each, having provided for tl.itn :,ohlr,'iec The son
Thomas is not named in the Orange coutr. c.:.iur record iand tIhe
presumption is that he was born after thu;- 1aiinl. cam:e to .-\.iierlca.
The record referred to mentions, however it-,... dglterr, .1-,rv and
Sarah, who are not named in the will. Bot. li,.d pr.:ob.lt' diid l,,fiire
the date of the will. One of these, it is supp_.-Jd. aia ii,: 6i.t ,.ilt- r,f
Major Robert Breckenridge (son of Alexander). \a h : dli n while quite
young, leaving two sons, Robert and Ale..i.adcr 'reclkrnrilz'. \1loi
became prominent citizens of Kentuck%, iSr- p.a- 14i.. and, .il-o
" Mrs. Floyd's Narrative.")
The only children of Robert and Elizab-tli 'P.:..g:. ,:I' hum ..c Iin\
any particular account, are their sons John indl rirni.,
I. John Poage qualified as assistant to Ti...ni. Le i.s. Sur\ ,.:,r :of
Augusta county, May 20,1760. In 1763, he .: i n c-r', t 'ri.-1n .:. Aii. u_ ,
Parish (see page no). On March 17, 177 lie ii>:.-i, l-,, _41'-erii nM
on the next day qualified as county su:i..,.,r Hi, .ill d.-al rI Fb-
ruary 16, 1789, and proved in court April 2:. ,-i. nlrnli..nii Iit' \\i:.1
Mary, and his children, Robert, George, i.,ni,-. lut'r,. Tihm,- Fliia-
beth and Ann. Of most of these nothing i- L.I.ui n
i. Robert Poage, son of John, qualified a. i--, rtint c,:unit'. ur\r .r,
June 16, 1778. Nothing else is known of ilm,
2. James Poage. A person of4his name i,,irri .:l dau J.,~I r ..,f Mrs.
Martha Woods (daughter of Robert P.:.i,,e. r.I. ..t,.1 ri.l:,ni.d t,
Kentucky. If this was James the son oi I:'ln'. I,. ,i,,j Ii,. i ifc t crc
first cousins. In 1796, a James Poage wa- a. n.:ri..mt oi til- Iil.tt:k\
Legislature, from Clarke county.
3. John Poage, son of John, succeeded hi.; I'athil r a.; c'.'to, l .iii s l :,r.
He lived on a farm near Mowry's Mill, ab-._ut Ic mil.. rrth iri Si.aun
ton, and died in 1827, leaving several c:.ldrlrn. m.r. t -.I %rhi. m nkent
west. His son James, who remained in AuI.ui.. JicJ in i';.
4. Thomas Poage, son of John, Sr., wni .- pro.:nmii-j: ,.I.'L ni11ii.
ter, who died in 1793. He had recently n-. rri;d a Mlii J 'i. \\I.ik;ns,
to whom, and his brother John, he left his :.;-tat Trl: ini :-- i... he
will were the Rev. William Wilson and th- IRe. l,,tr.n P'o.tge CIni-lli'r'l.
The latter and John Poage were appointed \.cut.:.r. Mr C n-i|lrll's
name was originally simply John Campbell. hut lie iddcd three r .,m
Poage on account of his devotion to hi- frend, ITh'l:ii,., i'ualic (-,e
page 192).
5. Elizabeth, daughter of John Poag.. Sr. n ~; i l. nt i ...i' Ihe
Rev. Dr. Moses Hoge, long president of Hair'pdFil Sidne i CitlletI--.
She was married August 23, 1783, and died .lul.e. 1.:.2 Her thr-. -n.:
were eminent ministers, viz: Rev. Dr. Jam.-; H:'.-c. :1 Cil'in,,ri. COlli,;
Rev. John Blair Hoge, a man of brilliant .,.iini I, .:. tI: ',Icj -uI it
Martinsburg; and Rev. Samuel Davies H,.'.:. ,to;.:, al :. dicl r.-.il: rie
father of the Rev. Moses D. Hoge, D. D., .:,f Riclhn.n.:nd.
Of George and Ann Poage, the remainit* clilJr,:n I l.:.hi. i i..i:,e.
Sr., nothing is known.


II. Thniomas Poi-:e. .:on of Robert, Sr inherited and Iled on his
Iather's ho.nles.teadl. His wniie was FollI McClianh.-in. H; will. proved
in couri. January 2.'4, i.'i:3, meni :.'is his .clildrn, viz.. Elijah. Robert.
lolhn, 0 illiam, Eh:atlit Ann. Poll .-an Agne.,
j. Elij.ih PFoa;, mirrind Nin'an Grtr.in.i, daii.hter o' lohn G~r'ncan
t.ee [: p,.ag i:.'-S) Jul 3, ]. ;;, %nd ,enm .:, Ke,:ntu,:.
2R er. Rober 'P._.ae, -.:n lf Tllon-, Sr. married Martha Cr-.'A. lord,
Septelimbcr I c. 17i [. in'] '%el- t,-, iKentiu l:l
.. ohl P, -:,2 -. .son :of 1 l lihom .. 1r l.rri'd .' -nib, r ;7, i ,2.
Mrs. Rachel Cri \id, f l Cra i\'. rd, ,r,1 .Au i.'ll.i a.., d. ilugl'h-
tir ul lu:h BarIl i,, Lf. R:ockbridz: He lied it R-:- :Lridi.,:e,,rn at larm
i:iv n u him In-, h i Ilher,and ..ai ihe or:.id-l'ill'er ,:,f Col'nk W ill.am
T. F'P,.iag 1f Lr .ing.ion
j. \\ ill li F":',r,. .:. 'g.-l of' Thonm-' Sr tiNthe Miior
PF'ag, ih.:' l ted min\ eAr-r on ihe inn.,.tr.il .arm. three minl- Ironi
Slaun :rin. Hi- fir-'t ..a.; Be t .Ja.- hter oi C,-lon .el Andre Arn.
der.-on. Sh,. did ntI. uL it -:1r anird h,' i. married a .ai n F'eg-;, .ll.:n -ice
" -he Allen- "i, b- ut, r th-:rt .,- ,1 rar'e 'inr l,. Hi- *:..I Thlionmai
Sri in -L, er ih ;s:.luths .c. l \'i]- ir', ... ,i- -:i., lnel A:n,1 .1h1 I-I i ll l \ irgi nia
regillmerl rht n h :. w -.i- l1itlc d, Jon F.I n.kw sier, in Februri l.:.3. O(ne
,:f Ma.i:jor PF:, 'c' d.Jiau-htr- r. the. .h il- ,I IGnei.id laiies A kWall:kr,
late ic l i- ,nant-Cn .:,k rnor i_ l \ r lrli- Ti, A \\ Fc :.-'e I, \\ the, a
'on of Malur F'P -i e. '.e ire indi l.-td 'for mi,.h _..i thi lam il, hlii ...r\
t. Ann Paliz',. diau;hllr iof Thiiomar Sr, nmrnrid M Ajor Ar,:hiLt.alI
\\'iood u iPore[tiC irl, \i.ir.h i,, ', ho a,- ai o:n i. l rs. Iiartha
\\'o'od-i. Jau.htler ,o R.t-:ri P_.ig. Sr MI-nor \\'......i ,nimo.ed 10 O(i.o
c:uunty. aInd died in .54'-. l i-s -on, Thoriai-, lio .''- = .a hir of the
Nurth \'\,e--rn F;A : --f r. \lri l.a, i \\',el.'n. ;. '.a. the lI hLr uf ihe
Rev. EdJar \oud, of Panri:,pr A, ae-ni ., Alt.marle
6. Elizabtl-h dulighlTr ol Th,_'n-i.; Po.-Pu, Sr ti. [he fl'c i thof Re1 .
W illiam \Vi ,-:.ti. ,1' Au.4 ui-a chiurih i See pa'.: l.".'
P. Poll), dauizhiter -:i "Thom -n P[',ag, Sr., '.a' thie wife c.1" Thi.,'imas
\Vilsn:,. a broithrr :Iof -he Reiv \\illiamn \ il-Pon. Troni.ti. \\'il on li.h d
it Murganioia n. Noriht- e.( \ irginia, ind as a laiyir, menimber of Coln-
gress, etc. Hiis on, si l-. e e\. N-rval \\'ilk.on, ,;- Ion:. a proiinint
minister of the .eih,:di-t Episcopal -.:lLir.:i, and on- ri h" ; diniigihter.-
Mih. Louisa Lowrie, was a niis-ionair) in India. Among the grinJ-,-un-.
of Thoinas Wil.so-n are Bisholp Alphieu-, \\'ion and E. \\'.Wi \l -n,. the
preeeni GC-overnor of \Vest \irginia.
.3. Agnes, Po.-,e. daughter r of Thom,, Sr., died unmarried
An-[oher tamnila I:of Poi-'agcame froni Ir-elind ind etiled in Rockbrid -e
cominty. The name .,f the aiiic,:str in. not known. He was. prob,- bl\,
a brother of R-obert F'o.e. Sr., 'A ho seitled in Auguit.a about 1i4o
Hi wiltc wa; .lane Somers. Thli had Itn i.hildr.ri. One_ of the -on',
.jnaLha-n, .%a4. the gra.ndtather of Dr. F',,~e. L, L ou: .ockb[ridld o1i Mr
L.ane, a mis;ionar,' ii Bra il. and Aothr5. A diaulilter. Ann. .vasi the
wilfe of IsFaac Cartlthrs.. rid hias many de.scend.a nt ideall scatteredd

-ui'pI.!EMEN r TO THE

Another daughter, Martha, married .iamn. M.:.:.rr. The Fulh child d ul
James and Martha Moore was called l.ir.,. after li-,r l'atr .ldest istecr,
who was the wife of Major Alexander Situa. f'atlr *I-' lud .- A\rch.ibald
Stuart. Mary Moore became tir, '.il *:.1 tI.' Ff i inmul BF r.'..n. ~i.
New Providence. When a chil.J, iiiir '..,iI' i ge, living ..ith ier
parents in Abb's Valley, now T.i 'ir ll c:unl,., ;11t, ain cIlicr; were
carried off by Indians, July 14, i7'; and dnj ,':ncd in ,:i,.it'. three


I'-,:r iIhe -:nl, accountt of any pr'ilceedin',gs nd r t li i rd-n.i'n ::ct, pa .]ed
:t., t(i-e '1are C..rnvention in July, 17- pr,:.~i ; ,i r fI..r tlc irgd;ri alt.:.L n .:,f
"i1rinutII, nir.. we are indebted I-. tlh "-.I _ilnin r 'ip F r, iiurd in
ISl 1.', thrl \ rginia Historical S.:,ci,', TC.. .m, oI nerL flr l.m tI, e :.iun-
l.i:-. .' ,jlu kigliani Amherst, All.-ni.irlk .ind Au.;-ijn .ni [.:.ing a
.].triit (1 c p.iag, 157), m et on the 'Ill :I r':ptl 'iiLir. i7.-5. it ( hli u.c
l-.I lam '\\.:.di, in Amherst, .:.... N.el..- Thie r...nni--i..11trr- I'r m
,Augu[ta "ere Saminpson Mathewi,. Al .\arnr McCldn.,ti.,n ,ind f, u til
MIoi. -, ll It tas resolved that .\uIltl i lurni.h fur :.,lipn iil:, i:1I
fil,. mei i. nd that each of the otherr c:-.untlie iurni:lh i. .:. c'inip.-
n;i., m-.al:n, thel total often conipallicn Jai frv- liin.J rd n ticin re-ijuir,,l
%. rdi.JnianCe: George Matlhe,- t . \:. i ,u 'M i :h.:.u- in c.:']-: r l ;
Clharle Le.[c :.1 Albemarle, lie n r.ant cl, nil I[ \ ,1 1 amin -. m ji r;
and Fhl'n.:i Pa.tterson (or I itt.-ni .]l.dL tlcm.-, Ruclki.:u rhim.l,
c" o:.'i''- i r', -,I masters."
Thi'- :. rffirer ai pointed for the A.ugu.tL C (im nii .-i:re a. l.-.'i s :
iSt ri-nj. irain Harrison, captain, I len .. E. n., Ii.it-nint innd Cu-
rr.iJ I-ustird tensign.
:d. L.iniel Sitephenson, captain i.:,lii Mc~i: li.:.i IIeutl-n nt .nd
Sali 'iul Hi-n,drsnm, ensign.
3d.. .\li .ai,l r Long, captain, lnIm-, ar.'.r lieutleirnar aid )...h i
F ll:chin, cri, n ign.
ILI, \\ill..in Lvle,Jr.. lieutenant i ,id \\ illim n ....r1 ,. n.ign. T"['
c.ptjin ,1 .j l c.:.mpany was no: naii'd
IFle first c-.mlrpany was evidently, intl-ri.j It.:, i:e r.i Jed in lthe n..rtli-
ern (.pa t -, I Ith- county, now Rocl:in li.ini. and t. i ,1 Iurt. in iie ...itlh-
ern p.lt, n.'. R:.ckbridge.
The r ,iiiiientr was required :.:. i le t i .: tl. a.t ide .I l th ii,; e
F:id.L, .t a r.:.int to be designated bt tlIh co:l... l, 'l itlm II iree nmiles ui
S.:,cLni'h i", i'.
As lfr .i ',i: have learned, n.-. -.th-l r pr.:.:ce Jin \cr E tiaktn in
pinr-_ua.rii ..I' il.- ordinance, and pir,..Ltn al,]' ith re;imi:nt nier mnus-
terei. In L'ci:ember following, in .i-ir,,intc u as piin d fi.r raising


sc'.c n r'e inl(iits *:f1 regidl.ir4 In ,m,.idiion to thi. Firct 1ind StC'niiJ, 1i1d
cirget M a th.c4 Q..a= then aippr ointel b\ the Convcntii Iculculenat-
colonel Iof the Ninth (See prc-- 157., 15. ,,id 10i, I e latter ordi-
ninc.e tiuptr ,Jdd tilhe former. '.i hich propo.-,'-d hiierel\, v ilitia orgaitii
I.ll nlli
"1h11. ordii.:ice 1 'lid>, r;7. ,,i .:. called for t'.o re.;iiieicts :.1 re tl:-ir ,
the First and secondd a.; nm.loned :on paI e .r; S". 'ind the ditrit com-
ml .i'i',ie-rs at their nit-:.ting in septp : nib, r, d, : ign.-t-d ithe .o:ti:et-: Ifor
lie.:. cO'mp'illes. Amunni thi-rin i.i- Thoiirn H;F-tlh. -. tut ih. thi:r cip-
t.:in or lieuiten'i Il I l. ii ini ,tI- li i- tll ifru;n Dr. G Iiln r' i- min m r.In-
du.ln He ai i, ii er. ii J tb thei Ciptiin liugbec n-int n,-,ned :on
pige 1c9 W\'lian Robert~,or. ,f Au'.i,u ,_ i. ..-n lieute.r,,nt
Licuten:.nt FR.,b)rti.n it.r:,dJ Ib.. r :: in I77" .and ii.-. it the
bittl':. Grte.ti Bridge [,rr.d;nrirIc, Ger it.l ti.,ll .- l;irig i nmlcn-
bh r .f Col i.I1 '.l Ibthl reiriinti ,u Gerinatii i. ,he I.s i- krc
priusolnr the i.r, and dJainilJ three Aen Ti Alelr hi. diisdiijrge hit
rcJiule J 1i=he trly alid .aiertd (ill thr. clo. e *:.l ihve ii r. He dI.Jl
Nut\enitb r i2, i2 i.
[The onlt child of \\i'liinm RoKt.rttinn '. tie .ie :f Chirle. .A
SL uair. : r leenbrier i o tl.:, i 11i i h :, s ns, \\ illini R..hl rt i n l'c rid Io.hn
Sw rt[U .i u iceeded ,: toi-n: c-nitl. nitli'- [ro i- r He- .inl'j nt itone
tilei the mill liid.:, :ctd -h re the mill of it ., Hol:t is nc.:.. bu
,-lId it belre his de uih to li:cob Snith.]
The fuolov. ng in -atl to Iht e bci u, rt mrt-, I n ini:r[tl,:n I r i la IQL
ol on. e.*I ticn Au iz-tLa .ni* ]Ilp.inl:-. during ti Rl e i, : [l n. \\l :ith:-r it
.s.-i3 ,o useJ, Wc dL I) IO lt l kit .l :

W" \\' r e tnhi brn-.nr l.: I'.nl the c, iu-
(Of iniurc-d ree.d.nim .n. .r C:,uitr\ '- I ..
Thi-. b.inner, .,ritain. iim,.n no .11 t,: t11.-l
\Ve lto c .ti. chhilIr-n,. but it v.ll 1. Ir-e '

AN INC irTENT **F THE RE'ti'r.li11i :. '.L. i O-ic urreJ in .\ uu t,.-.
r-lated in the mnemoir *f Mrs lane Allen Trimbl. Th,. imni,:,t 'a d
chihlr:e of th t cr.i "cre lIft in chi rge f thr huon'in -te id., anndi IT, in1)
I em tlr -, iispli.'m;, ., much pitriotirin ,inhJ coura;.c .- th- mn- i rrin.m-
Itero of their l'ain lie Rigil t'conom', y ,aiii iIntirliu indu-tr., u cer,:
practi-e -d iiin cr hou. old, i-l mn i ., lan hli'_-, %lh,-;_e _- : nl il id
brothers iten in the &fi:ld .i- s:h.lirs tiere- Jhipceivilnt upon ihiir
neighbors I'or the- mni,.-ans i:l li ing.
A Germain f imil J\Ielhnri near ihe Stnti church.-ci:tm-,d to be OLut
of the pale of mnpa-th t -h.u r pntriJd:. soci',: They contributed
neither men nur ne;inm ti ai the u cauc rand ....crr reg irdcJ i Tiri:-.,
but afraid to ir.ot. their principles


An IffT. r ,i, l t lI-' \'ir':i i, lirI I Iil. d I I I il alk iif.' ,% ii.it ill 1777',
;rid.J %.- l .)i : i p. rt, .:l c ip.: ,d pnin :lp,]l\ ,"i l I rnm al,:, hli-,i the
c....nducl th:le i imiiI l-, llIJd'.l t I .-:- commr n ti -.J upon. A n-i,-ril,, .-.1
lic p rir\ LiN'.d [ih r i-i T i, -- I l, i..ul drrrl. ii l ul *:L t n-l h hL..ar-
h:,..-.d. lir-- lI i ,l ., -rJ .-: ...1f I e I ] l M i:.- r.'ir, ,n .-r .pp..--.l ih prop-,J,-
n,,:.h, _~a in i rliii p..,pl, iI drI.J ii ,i 'T , .:.ul.ld pru.jiL, t .. i I North
i. r.--'ri.ri 1ri. J 1i1 ll II c nuiTil:: r ..I ,icIll e I en ni..e--n t Il .-I, lhir foul'ore
,ir: tha1 ,ii : c : : l..uld i pl i IIit t1 i- II;.I -I"- E i I, t 'lj I -IlmT ri
riniTd, I.., \, rni i' ged I, rl-nem Th,. iii. InlclioiL- nid thliir plal
aIrd pr,..-.c e-. l : *.- i. r [ii i ',i :. i -ce ii t-i :.l .- Q', *niirfll niil *,,rhl ri.,
Ii i: ind. li':' r, r.-il th h,.u-,. I tIh LI-.rrii,, -l:. m il -i *:.11. l dL
ih Ill': tci' I nii [''. inrliOiliLtcd l.ih r .,ppr,..i.ech, ;iind Lt l nim ll.
~ ini t i1g .:.1i i-t...ml I rd ci : I r llt I' ei li Id .:' Itii l 1nilll
ipr ., irirn h-:.i--:ll .i 1 hIt d ..J:.r .:.1 lier d>J lc li ii i Lt,-, i' ri-r j hi ig -, ifh%': r,, i-,.,r- f,:,l, :h r r- :ir,:" [-z d -> "l',', n z' ,- l' ''i r,;n .
,lrd ci. n it ari *iicr. I, '.,ur inll i. r I i. ir, .' r l d i uI .i ,-hr ]-,: nhi rs,

till i, \:.U in j 110 *lll u I-l i l t-. ,i c I. iic.- ih ni. .n i-id liildr-n
ir.:.tli i t ". Li V ITIA -i cr itl r r l, iii n -I, m for it... ir ii ,cr Lup.j' -,l I'. r
t rii ii .,Iit:. ll,...d "
I lh, ..hi ..i,-ii '.L| i rn-rd. M i-r: F I,7.r. \ ,iL \ ill _di A % lo01C
'IT.m 1..11 cr.- .L l i d, n- 'ne, ..r pr.. i -i. id I I J niT il
:ia., it I ,rr I Th- Iu i niid tllrtip,..., ir ered: d ii .irld ll'c
c lnlricl [lit li r lille.d ,m,: ,.. ,cr,. ,. id t l in l ii ar
Sli ,.*e ,,,Liii. n ..Iii, ti' ltrril d i' d l l J Iheir r -.L,.:.rl. r,.,l,..hiiid E: :rC EC
i- *i i d j d pr-iii,- l f l c'il lit th_ p.i *:.I' .rii :'..'l i n 1 lic ie Iln- rprlisc
Thu ,i ,-inri'i :lniirft iri-ri,:r i r i-I 1- .:l I n.l] \ i ii i rild :i prJii','.rt i''r
ll,: t n.i ; l:-- r. i: ] L ii -, ,:, t, -n11i i n ,f i l' i t Irl ,i.i- .

.r,- E.. \\ i i. ,:E U i-p i 1t a tll...ra(y oI i.-, .1.d in ir list,[. it is
-ltil d i p.,-l 17l-, tlh, C:;pt.rL i \\',1l].i' r killed ] it tl ,i- l'i l .-.I
K i l,.l inii ir F,:,:.: -.e ., l..,i.. -er ,i ,d in. d.: l ,_-:, rr. ,,11 i liar
re ,i lhil-l it G iiIll'..u I r -er Sl: -[t.h s :. \'irVloi i;, :. : 'rind c ri:-.
p,': 1471 H : '.- "s C a' inp l Arr-li I \',-llc:-. fr..rni i;ir Le irnltin,
;a' i lh- rL cgil rr ic m id li.i] i l. ,- -h I i I n hrri.-ill a [r ni nrI m n.
L lial mf ..''Irf.I lr, I \p :- id i riiiirr, tul ,pr,:-,.ig I t i : t ',,- uld .LI l l ia
d i- In Llc c:ure t.. 111 I i-:rnI, i:. -h l l It r id himn ';-li Il..l i, I ia ir.e,
'witt r. i' n':- idlt;.l n- ..I l r'.ii E.iin'; r-pr... hl A n iTnrnm .di t.-h |c tl'l
it -, .h lt,_r, -n l in j m .:. ri_ r1.--- 1-d li, d, J, 1 .:.u n, ."
...:el i,- ,-i-..- A\ Irith-r ..t" hi-, pL i r.n ,dmni \\ I]l :._, \as
ili i' ni'..rd at ih.: 1-.rriL'le m ,-_a r_- -.r. t-e \\K \ihai A lin:r killing
nm in, t.I Il -niicln m illt I inr e-_i.i l-iori I 1'niil -.l tpi, : '" li di:d,
I.ra. cl Ir!I'tiing '
A t..ler br: rt-e r, -.rai-lin Hi'h \\ u]lia e, in, Ili re n ular i.t n\, died
I,. Prillad.- l:phia. .1 -Im all-pr .,


Ti"io .5s [..M.%i, a n11li'.'- o1 the i-UUrit ui E., x. Erigland. w.i in
early ile clerk *:. Henri-:o couli: :ourt. \irginia. iid liier 1 nmer-
ch:.int in L.on.don Returnini i:, Virginia, he rttled inl N K ient
county In 1766, he purnchai.serd rom J:ohn CarI le tvo lundIred acres o1
land on the Grcat C.ilipasturr rl.er. i .A.iuu4Iua in i;; he piircha:ed
irain Carl,'V rmo hundred ind tir; icre:. in the .ame .il.;, nid in
1772, he acquired fronlm \Wiliam \\il on hundred and ten .Licr.. on -i
" branch of the c.Grea Ri. r ofi ttc Ci" Pr.-ia ure Hei al.i ,o:,iuir.ed
lands from the irnn p t. A thee or n dceds dy'ribes himn a.
" Iholni. ; Adains, of Nc, Kent : I' i .ell kno ,i that mo-t ul the
African slaT.es imported int.: \Viri.iia in r:frmicr Lir.me nerr bruu:,ht
o'er by New England skippersrs"; iir. Iro ni a bill uf s.lr hii.:h h.,.
been pret erve.l it appear that -:-n the i2ti oi ;l'Ma,. i";.'. in co'ji sdera-
tion o1" .o 4, o. Thoi omi AJdams purch. -:d i negr, .irl front lo'eph
Han,'. o.:3 of Nubunr\, mn the i'rr:,, in:e of Ne' Hampshire, .\I,,rriner."
\'irgmna Hist..ric.al C: rlle: ion.. Vol \', paee :.;.
In 177S-'-:,. Mr. Adam.s hi.as a member of the Co-ntnenil C:n rev',
from lower Virgin.-. D[iririn the ear I-'-: he rem.,e-d to .\u i\ ustti.
and spent the r-m nde- r ,. hii Ile here l.AIed djateij No,. neib r 17.
i7&, by which he conli ~ed ir-o hilmirei-d anl thirty, .fite ac::: o:' land,
acquired b.-, parent i i in 1;. t.: M,-,ire F ii tld r.:, ., delrscrhes him as a
citiLcn i AILu sti. In -.'-, he represented the couiint in tlMe Stuir
Senate. He i described an an arlrnt pir:. ,-n.l r.: m his Writngs,
etc.. he 'as e vdenitl a nmn iol m ret i irntelliCaen:, and henesolence.
He died at his home in the PFs'tiLres in the ,'e.rr r .S, liea ing a
nid,:n, but no children Hi, uill dated Oc n ber 14 i;'5, and hegin;
.a lollow- : F.en. abuLt to tak- a perilJu lumrrne, to the OhI ..mi rier."
It as prs;e.:nid n the county, c urt of Augusta ind. proi.dl tOcua':ter
22. i7'is'. The itest..ttr pr.:,ouded amply fkr hiS wife, and C.-.nttltultd hi;
brIth:.r. Rich rd ard hi- nephe,..m \ illiam AJ,- anis r\, \\illianm
Smith .nd \\illiam A.ian-i. his residi-r\ let;.-ee_; anid ,.e i-eie He
.wa pairicitlar15 solic ,tsi fo'r the b ellare of ltio sla rci.. iid cnmin,:d it
upon lis l.cat-es t)o real them kindly,. and no. to sell or bartr th-nm
a t.ai as cattle." In regard to one of ihe ne r.es, he sa; : As there
is no man to horn I ,conier mnvell under greater obligaiion-. than to
my slave Joe, I hereby declare Joe Ireneman, and gi e him full a nd
comrpltte rmniancipatin "

ErR.MA. .-Thl: fort alluded to on pa.te *-. as probibl, ''assi' or
" 'an .v'," was nire likely Fo,.' Diaz:tiddJe
For c(ak /q c nare," on pagr iul, rrad -il'a',' i a" .se "
Govemriior Jlamne rmrt.,,n ,as t'ov.'h i-n-.'z:h :,of the tirsi Governor
Floyd. [lnot "-. tr b '.i-l.- ," as tlai-:d uil page it1.
For "Cle,.enri .' R..lao,,;," on pahce 334, read "Caibo 'n A'."
Fur dcrL'ed," on page 161, read dtemeyd."



David Moore, with hi.ni moi'her jad t.2n br...th.rr..iand j sister, Cmile
from the north of ]l. l'nld tn. ..nir Cai n ,-r.i ,d il .J ill [-, l'dlcn Gi.1int.
The maiden name .:1 hi: ni.:.[ll.:r .', i'..-r \\ .rn ai ..i girl. sh
was in Londonderr\. .Jurn rin l llan...; .i:'. *_.-f L' i vi Mo...:re's
wife was Mary Evani. inr.l hl- -on .,,:. \\.illiii iii- .Anire ... ISee
page 143.)
W illiam Moore ,,,: b.:.ri, ab-..u-i ti-l \c r i-4i:, i% <.ri ll.,:, rnt.u in
Rockbridge count:, .iil rci.:i'. ,J plliil erd.luc.ati: n ;i i:h...:. rl Iri IJl
neighborhood. Fr-.cin li-. i.:-..:. he .- a: remi rk ,:.r In. tIni prritL
habits, intrepidity, -ind 2 '- pli, -il 'r.n t .\i ini.;. i lt rl tlr:
country was in a stai .. .I dl im ..rl i An C .ullt *:,I Li': IriJl.lii-, li i .aould
take solitary excur.;i.ii.,- diiJ renliJaij i .u ll iiilI by' hii.-se-i In r ;,4,
he participated in tih bh itle .:.1 I .:-Iint 'lIeja- L'r ing ithi ac-. :.ii Il:hn
Steele was wounded ,ind ab..it to t:, sc:alrp..1, when Ml.:or.: ani-rpo.-dI.
shooting one Indian jid '11n.:..: '1i i ,1 .lc.inlh i *'.,r i i hi- ril.-. He
then shouldered St-eele. Il.:. i a .e ri I-rge: antl hc.i'. I, iin ain i ler
laying him down in .1 -.e i r'lac: iir:rl lii'. rmld: ,-_li. r-ilirnLircJ i o the
fight. Steele was ai:cu-tll ii-'J 1i *, "- Tti-rr: n.:, ..rillsi r irm in I the
army who could hlii. Jin.-n ii. I Ihi- oul-:I, o. r:I ii:- :. li-er .ihoi ..iiild
have done it, if he c.:ul.:l Mil.:-:re- i t-ele- i- :l to[ iiji, bee-ii 1ii tihc iil
tary service during tli ,Il. -le .. t.i i li-,. .:.liiit.. r:l ii t the si i irrei -
der of Cornwallis, ,e hei c i i-, -ink :.i ,:api iin
After the war, CF rla.i n Mloj.--r: -ttl-,.l in I.-:' Ii s n .~ i a- r'i rl-h.ini It
is said that he brou-hil to that to, n ih: r ir- s.ick ..' .o jncle .il ;eci.n
there. Like most r-nicrpri .ini : rri_, = ''.r r. he ... a -n 1,' since of
.his age." H is cus:.-.m il r- nl .:.i *i1'ii i l[ l ith *.:.nei j3l. it I,.
mained unsold tills._rn F'.r- ri.-.l..irii.. rri-d, mi rr h .-d it. Thb
people of Lexington ..iid '. ilnl,. .. r j11ii. k.- r ... I. i .-ao n ih- l.:e of' re i
As explained by an .:-1d l.J i .11, m i tilir-. li.r b.u-baiin ',Jr.irik ili.
broth," and she ai.: n.: zr-en '
After merchandising: .ri I -\i-.,i n t.ap iulnl I :.rr. hi,..d in Ir.-.n fur-
nace on South River i.R-:,;k.r'iJL:e. and. [h- n hIled n1ea Fiaitrlild. t-ur
many years he was i i, -: .e ,1 i [ l r T- e fi l ,\.1 hii h I i.her.i '.:,r i>,t:.
terms. He died in Le 'ir i ;e III i 4i i.--,d iil-. r ., -r l.r. -
The wife of Captain M_...:le ..i N min, ahCCMilirg jnd hi; cithdrien.
were Samuel, David I...nn, Eli.i-, 1 nei. Is .llI Lih .etilih iJ N in, .

COLONEL JOHN A LLI-N -, a .lrn Ini li i nI -. .-'-:,:kbild=1 ,.'. ill\3 .
December 30, 1772 His lajth.r l.rn-: All.n emigr.[- 1 i. o uiimuckk
in ...:,. ai-Id .- itled n-ar tih- preSii- t l...._ u .1:.i' Lan.illc. bli iter. jrd4


removed to Ihe vicinlt of CI ardto.,n In this town young Allen went
to sch.,ol and acquireJd ume claic.ial learning. (Coniiii toL Virginia,
he as~itled in surveying a Iract .of lind in Rockbridge and was ex-
ammiled as a witness in courL in a .Mit ahi:ut rhe land Juidge Archibald
Stuart, of Staunton, then a priacticing I:nyTer. 'aaS employed in the
case, and being pleased ,.ih tlic t o..n. man's intelligence. sought his
acquaintance. The result was thit. Allen cinlne tu inuntn in 1791,
and -pent Iour }ears in judge S.ij.ir ml'tce H. returned t*. Ken-
tucky: in r95. and irnmedial:tel eunered li.pu.i a iilliaint career A' a
lawyer, he ranked v.ith tlle fr.-t nim n i:.I hi I.rul 'e -.itli At the begin-
ning of the ir o lSi : he raised a regiment f,1" ri]enien,mand a ., killed
at the battle iofl h Riier Rai-eii., J3a uar. ::I. 15 ,Allei 'o.inr'. Ken-
tucky. i.'a called for hlin. (See Collin i' H ii,,r ...f Kent i:k I


As siatid on pize 2o7; irmin the inie u" the firt -.ttlemnt i of Ken-
tucky; till neir lie cl o-fe .:.t the eghtieenth century, thi rnim..t Ire.-uentedJ
route ol travel Irori the Eastern ,ind No-rthlern Stales ti, K-ntuck\ n ia
called the \\ildernress: Road lin Fil-on. i n air ...I Dlaware and
un*-e of the eMCrlieit settlers of IKeiniuck, rerurneid I his irrncr home,
in r;S6, and kept a jiourinal (.l tihe shopping place., and lthe di-slinces
between them t-irtine irom the Falls of ilite Chi' IL...:,mtillei i, he
mention- thirtn-:. lace hieti ren that point and SiA i.nt...n AIm.'tng
the r.lace; named ire i:'ardsic. n n H rr:'j'od. Sirai oil. L...gal: Sl tion
Cumnberland M: unlain, F'n.Pnell's Miountaiini, IBlack Hor-.s, \\'Wa-ington
C.,urthouse. Head .:,1 H :ol.stn Fort : Chis. ,ell Xie., River, Allegl-ant
Mountairi, BitetMour C.l.urlhou .-. SNorth Bra.n.h o.l ilarl'e Kier .ind
Staunlit.n. The ditanci: ronm the Fall-II tho : 'h 11ii to Slini.jtn bt,'lliil
routL, a nitlcd bh FI,:on a.i; i.e hundred and nine miles 'Life io
Filson, bL. C..lonel R T Durrmt I The irip on horseback miut hane
requiired conilderabl' miurtlr. than a n.,mntlh
In the year 1i73 ...r 7S.4 a large part, Au( u-ta p[reo le-.l-Ien-,
uM elt Tr.rrimble: an]d iothe-r-reni.vced to lKentl'ck), g,:inl by' tll
route just mentioned AMon.,ri thl- e:.grnt;s nas NI r-. Jane Allen
Trimble,. ife of Captam inijame Trimbhle. wuman ol rare excellence,
in whise ineltoir %\e finr a graiphitl. cc,.unl .fI' the triple
Soon after the RetMulliurnar, \,ar,t Captain Trimble and _.lther-. who
had been soldier. went to KI.enijck,., tio I.,c:c ie the lind, .arranti issued
to then for nililarr sYer.tics Th-; wer dJeligAhtd "ith ite country,
and on their reilrn to Augusta .i spirit of inirnlgrati-ri i"as -ni akerned
t hrougho t tihe cou.irty. Tlie ineiiliir states that it a iin -4., but other
accour.nt-, a i;7 In September of 'lne of tho:-e ,ear ., a Co.nm0iany 'nas


li.rr.in -d, c....iii, iil .-A eil ; l : r Inll ii'lll. I-- ,*i'*:,Il: 13]d kili-m r thllillt th
iOulil mric t 11, 'l uulln :-i in'tn the i- 1 1-l' (JO:C.*LA r. li. *:.r,,-r ri. *:ll..ratl to
KN iliit:Lk' adi, llie ir,\ I ..iLh.r- *. in.. 111 t iii *- lliti r Il i .I li ,lr-i i -',r
-n: thli rOLI te .* i -.\ii. '- .p ( ittn lt: .,LL,.i ,re. I ...1I- .-. tit,-ir departLire
thi ill-nri, d Ii:i r .-jC.:rl l llurl hie:.. j3i1 he- ir'd lIIt-r a rlll, ..-n5 ill
V\ rl'Irtl i liih \ :upp:.,i.J Mr.: Trimmll-l, -i tC ilinii.:.ir, r'lien
r .Cl Irrfr ,d l._ \ l .il. .. ': reli, ,': .1 X['.,- ri. ;Icr -i [l-i i- iti -11. i .11 illerft l-
iII.T and iiiipri i'.e. i1nR -e:ri<' i,: :tllcJ-nt f t t- U:r i> ie i-the
Ki inic i il _l .i nrd "zhl n ill. lit r [i :,i:,kl .:.I' h-r rc-e iriatl on i "
p r, i n-r .nd ir ll.Jr:il, .Lr.lt lltr: ..1nd l',. r i ri 1-n l n-t i li n i' r L:--' r,, r riho
hi>- rI l- l u i i': l iii unllt rii .i- .t: [ ,Il:l)ld i .*lt I' .II.:-\ri, In i h i. pedti:llh t
hrI n-* irinilt I. Li-o 1 -l I, z .- t h I iri. treC chil tre tlpi
firdinTh -- l il'c i: t. ril : li l i titi il t-lr' Ih ..r:( I.
t --i i: fii iim th lile t l i. r, -I ] r; ll ,:. t. r ieh li ii ic.c:l :th, r 111 .
A ll r i::t: up,., li-r- :., ild ip-n ..tlh :r .,r .,- ..e .._-r: pll:r ,d I- hli t.irm ingi
.ti, -I,: ,kinr i.iLEl ii., I-.._ in. ] L'..-:.l tllr ,*,d. .i.lin a tppheir-, i r..,i ,ii.n-,
-ll1 l u] i-.1 riil ie-e l. hi--e ltlr ..l ric: c'o:.n-i: -illl ':l l. i-'.li l':i. hall a
t,-,: T -i i..tIl ir th C i l ir niI. llr, -...it l~-.'. I' .-.l" n h .l' [li Prtir-
b .lT-ir n 'Church. and ti l h f- wlT I it i tdir I i i i Tii n nd I:-.i' carri d
hi l irlle .h i1 it n nit i il i .1-ii l :i l- .-.n i n i-i .:r pii l .: 1 1'.r , r I cl
l .l],]rfi ',* i- l,:,'l l ll-. II,, lh I \i lh ,l:rl -:---, ,--l,] l, t l.il': ., .] I-, -1. t- b %,c
im 'l rilniibl'- I' I 'll I ,11C i ,.e d *. I' **i ll .,hid ihir .e children, i tni

n iT-rri- t l Tile ,:( i-r i t,.* -ire ':- l l~in lit": tr il il ti l- i i l the I:tiler
'li-i i n I'. -.nih Thi,:- the i S .r ..h h lr c-1ir.- :. ... &.1 L 1n i r hap aj'd fir, ni w r
L-i:ha J I :d r Ti hus :.111 .,i[.pr-d, l : A innlllt c l' 1. uL p 1ll tr liiu i 1 .Mr. 1 ri:h,
;ir:l r bilddi .. I'nr: ., ll .I*:* lh ir l i rf piu. Irio.- :l-. M r, Tri, ,bl, hal dn
ni tc:l, .ni r .1 r:t ll[her. c iIl lii rir 1.311i111- i ,l": -: ,- ii ir nn'lher
1 [.;. t e ll n- i T l i r rr 'c li i,- nI .l1 .- i l -,i -,l J l :r C -. d 1 cl.
I Ili 1 li ir. ir .i d l li -, irr r-.d r; I i St li1 .1
I'r,.ln ier r,-,l, mli: 'i,:rr I ,, ili b l 1h., hjundJredJ ni,-.r,:- Ir.-lil C ir.:lldm a.
Tlh re.,-l',, rtl ,-,1" h:,: ,:r, l._rn :n nd childrenn I-:n,:ral Knx, vif
~,:\-lc il.ln_ r, i l., ni ,il'l ir.l I T ll i .Al ,,l i'- r -,: ri .-' I \ k .ir. I1ll ip

eillir .:-:-mirtiland *i l i r n .. 11 I i :.i : r .. 1 il
Clib I: 1 I n.l.- vi,,, ll l, .. l l,'h I_ j i: l r: -I,_1 1 rl I.h VlhlCrl Ih
ilr-;.1,r1l 1i 1.,'. ,:,r; ifi.'e..,d ille unll .:tr niL ..r.,d I ,_,r-,:nr .,i, .-1 'r-,rym
ll -' I re 11.,I i] ,,r,: ih ir ,, .n i .ill -i c-- C I. I, i ,ll 1i --, I., t, .*,; I '. I I I'|[_1 t
.n-id tl : r h:ir iri It, : rIt. r i t ,h lth: .. i al id c I l I -lJr n ,i l ,aid pack-
hlr-,: I n l,' unild ll, [There ]: I.., r d.:.,. nd l-h. Irll ,be ting 1,,i,-
en-JUg h 1f..r *:.hi II,,r-r li r e riti i r,:, ll. \> 11 I ll l ; i it : lile, I.;. rn i-l6 1:t
lin : : I Ie.ir]L. -I w ll- [I. _: A t i hi- e liter L,. : 1' i- linc-h l<:-titil- n
ihrt z. I e I 'r-_l ,rind i. llI...i ,:, I hIi m pi ,-r.:,1 I iit I r Ileli i .'l nlch
r I% r i m,,, v.- lln L. r, .itl rir-, -. i 1 111 cr. .- ing ii M r m. Irii-1,le -,,n.d

Lulhot': 1 lcr lJm r-11 'h


her children came near losing their li'.sc A NMrs. Er 1in carried l,,:;
ne-iroi children in a u:-illet diroiun icrosi- her horse, and these *..ere
wished Afl hy the curr-nt, blit re-cueid b.% \Mr. \\il;on.
A party cf eight horso:unmn overtuo, .k the tmiprant;s at Clinch river,
and prIectded thuem on tile rucut M:aile' broke out, indl there u as
scarcely a family) in the train th.t had not i pti,-nt tj: nir-c but, not-
Wtth-r.i.ndinz tlicir expo.l:ure: to: rain dilurin. -,'.ral Id s, u,no dJt ih
Be-ten Clinch ricr ,ind iC-nihrrlaiid Ij.ip, [lie rrcmiir.'rnt c sm
ipon the reritais of the eight horemcnr ilio liiid p -seid ou n tco.lor-
thelii. ThrI-:\ ha:d hien tr:iiiahi...i-ed, -calpcJ dn tru eripp'.d L'b Indl in.s,
and some of the hodiFe hIid hern part\ deutircd L b\ ,l.,:;. G:nteral
Knox and hi's pirty p tued I'onrg ncio:utglh tu:, bur\ the remaining of the
unlfriinati mernn liuring th, night 'h whichh f toll.:.- ed, there u er-r -inini.-
l:ikahle signs oif Indian- n ar lthi camp The 'A age. io..:'ted -In
howled litke .'ol.'.-s an'_td ului till alter midnight, and nmdie an1 inIuc-
Cc .sul tI ll:tm[pt ti:. starmpied th, ho:r:,:- Th. nei.t morninrgz the In-
dian5 were stc-:n o ii th. hill' ind their -i:nal ijtni .*.er- disrlnctrl he-ird.
A niht or two afriri ird_., when it- e camIrl firt-:- .ur- cr.e 'tinuIS'Lhd, and
noihing- wu,- h.ieard hult the .5:-.nd i.:.i the Iaillin:. rain .ind [the ':ccaiK.:ni il
tranmp il' hor-ei; -untlnel di-cl.:-'.crer ,an Indiani u iihin t'.' eny feet i1
him, and fired hs g-un. This ilirn'l ,d the canmp, and ii .1 i e ntuiitea.
the who-.l-I pirt;, .'as. irindr arm-. N.:. itirack .iai made, ho,-eer. In
the morning indiin tricks a\,ere diitinrict and numeiro,i,. and Si:.ni of
them w.-,re spr;inkld rlth Il:,:ood, s.:howin, thilt tlhe ;entinel had fired
'.'. lth eli'ect.
An attack h\ the idi,.in- a': rconrideittl,, e\p-eted at the narr.:.'.v
pas- .' Ciinihr-rlnd p., and '.er\ l ,reC(c tJion 'a;i takc l iscon-
certed in their plan.,i. the indiani. mad:e n.:. a:ault At er\, riter to he
crossed the utnliost ca:uLtion ;i.- o-,..Ler\ed I1 :-u. lrd ~tiinlst -.urprise;, 'ind
the Indi.ans fin all, a lbanidoned the ,purni't.
The cmiz:rant4 arricLd ,it Crab L'irchard, Keintick,, thie 1iril of Novem-
ber. This u--, th, frr.,nii,:r put in the nioritueliat border, frimln Au ch
etmigrdnts branrLhed of 0I their re-prci'.e deistiaiirni lll-re G,:nleral
Krno 'ook lea'. olf the pirt in in el-oqueuiit addre:.s, ',hindlh n.iis r.e-
ponded t10 uppropnriately Ln Captaiiii Trimblle.
Mrs. Trimbli. r,.emou,-d t, Cihi. unIl her children l'ter her lhusbmindi'
death, and afterward; made ri '..,- ri trips on horiNcl.acl t1, Virginia
Ont trip, made in iS, i. aiccoirmpili-h-d in ',.o, weeks. The child u- ho
rode behind her on her iourne. to KI-ntucki,, was-. AllIn, 1who for four
years was Ga'.ernor of i Ohi,:. She -ur'.i d Lill 1:4,).



In the lialttr pairtl i .,.. an unl:rtunrate n. iii -Liuffered deatll b\ hang-
irL. ati Stl.iunion, iun.ler cir-:urn'ian-,' ..hi l.h ha.- ,lili i -,'.cited popiu-
lar -srni.path., It i n.,t ilftn hlir l An a,:iu-dc. pe rsin ',- o.ndlmnned
C'ntrll r\ [- t pubhli.: cntim :nt, but it -c rii; I, II' 1. bh-en '.: In lii a cac.
l ,] l" e -re;ert ii ,J li-h e.' :ui, :]in i- reci rr-d t.. a- in in-t -ii.e of
iu,.di:.,1l murde-
ijhn I:.ulhliItr [i-e r;-:.iin llud, ,: ,- am .,un. rnin friir Ken ucky.
ain i- -ad .,: ha,,e i.:n of fl- clcb ;ri :]li:t Vh'll: n .Aucuil- count,
tIi': .'. ci I e c .l .I e1 .I',:.n ii; -irlal 'n. ...J .':.rr' 'i' a- dii ir:,n the
[.-li -i al.:i *i ].-A 1 i .1n .Ni .i. Sr A, hl (l i -1.1 C junlI *:ni thi I`(11 .1,-i of
S p -t rnibcr I l -, a ra\ lOr- t e tlie pric- .I thinrt, p tounJl .n-, a d .,thcr
pr.oierr, bc] -n.l I. ) ;.aii.d Nich.l|- :,, ci t l te ti. pounds."
r..ldl %.luc .." thc pr.pernt\, il'e, -r. \\'hl re I lit iI u-':-d m- a Iarom
S tnil_.cr i. ,-:. [till .\u;LJ -t 20. n.-, .- n.l.t .kn .i n There i- a tr idi-
ti-r, th.t li h .i- reiitrnirng tith the har,,c h n h .A. irrc -l-iJ On
the la.- rn-I nti.in:e. d i the -c unt., uri -.it I r hI'i e',il aii inat iil. -ii id [t
i t broui;hlt b lire ti il tr iLunl al Tl in .:.urt I- n-l cL.tJ -I A.le' ander
iK -be.rt_.:n .Alc n-.J r St. Cla-ir. R.,l-:rt D :utl ,.i. \\ illiarn -t:ictl and
Alc'.aUrnd r I Iumpl-ir.,-, n entlemnin Ilu-l-: -.' ind n ii [lie t tliir,-n\
.:,I l-.:ln N ici:,l, Sr. :lin Nichl ;. i. Irt e Atki sii.:.n and G.-.orge Se.a.
tlhI pnr-o l. r .-is ae tli or I-.:r i f;,:-l t ~ E i..r i- diEr t i c rt 1.- i holdlcn
at StLunt..n, ...i the. :dJ l-, ..' 5-p renibrr nri'.t "
Ttic jr-, r-b...-.k i_...n iirn i; tlr pr_ cc dJin. in tlit clU strict court (N-,..
-I laid- Ji.-app, arj i i d ithi r lr- 'ne: ic -inrr'no i .1 lii;h l lie id.e.-.n pr.-
id-Jd A t tlie trial i-id .,lidl per-in,. ..urnp[i-ed ll iur\ Neilier call w-:
.-.ertiii .. hl l r lie r t ere -i -i l pplic i.]i I- .i r I .i -t rr.:Ir r. n :.:r : i \ Iat
dl., tl e .-I:( .in 'i aI pp.int d i :t. nk- plb.- It i :ert.n. iri.-ie.er,
SI.a PUilliht .1 i -nd id.nrid. i ,iil lia r -t i- hintn :', n i-- J.o, U i;.e-
fqu ni t t- i.:l- iL-r tno i'
OlI lia dat- ite c'iJunt' c urt .ir.J>r- d tlie -lIcri. f nu crei.t ci a ilov.x
" .t tlhe lork .-I lite r.,a'd- Ic.idtli Ir,-o i Staun n t-. 1-) M iller'- irn-ill iirks.
and It. I'et-r H irgcr'-. .int Th'it. tl-i ord--ir \ "--hali l b o'.: ,n-idered
a4 ti-h pla~u i1 el cti.i.-r .., all co-nd>mnin,:d prer-oni in lluture,. whiihh
rmi., b, laiI be r,.%.J 1 the -h rl: I A i-..U -ta.l." Ei ndltl', the
court mint ,ipatcd brI-k a i bu i., Lu .i in (hat In.n,. TIh: I,-rt: .:1 ilhe ro.ids
alluded tl:- i, tli l point in the ni- ,rtlicrn p-irt .i, the t)oin hcre August'
and N ,. -ireel- unit-. i li -p.,t A- thein in[ t, iood-. and Ilog
Ihoa'~te buiil tl-h'-r allter. rd. ; ,ia lonl; *iccupid .b\ thli-e G rdi.r i I-inii ..
Tl.,r., ulltti pai.ld tle penalir .;.i hi. ltll for i pa,,-iltr\ offen,:e 'lid it is
.JoiubiLul i' h,- c:.nintn i.i. il .It ,' i c;irri -nti % ;,i'.d lat lhl \o I )t .-cr
Nic.hil.- loan d himrri tile h.-ir. :i1nd pr.-babl,, add.I.li nd bri-dle I' -.i tle


viullue ofl I', pound- "i. but thr,:.ugh k.ar o0 Ih, Ir',l0ir, ,m nin ol v ~oenl
temper, permiried the .ou:th to li: hull; is .t I'elon.
It i. related Lhl. the Re'. .. lohn MrilCiie 'i ,1 preeoil ,t the -e llun.
and btr.iyed *-.eat emoinol Thn 1 popl I-p eelill ..is laon_ g eipre-.'ed
1,' a yingi oi'le rep.a-ird to,: i.' .l childre Tliat Il person iw..uld
go to john .or.rl's li.:.use -iiid .,. i, hn Hullillh u it h .a er ,.i hunJ .
for Ile w.:.uld .*i\ n inI "
The gallo'. at [lhe pla:': dJ-ci It.,:. ;a tio A th, iiorthirnr part ofI
Staunillton the naiii :i G .ll. o.-t:.. :
The late lam. F, ill a ,. r:ung m in- I: l,...; nt, .:r, I1 i :-j., .ia. decput\
sherifl' thai e r. iani i:nr-l: ait th : eution.
The co-inEv court. -,n Oc:t..-'.er ... 7'.:3. ri-or .rid their clerk (I i:co.I Kin
ne_ i to purch.me a b II Ir IL- Co inrithoi..i-. li i.h, *:e L liee. is lhe one
still in I-i:.

Ci..u.':tl .I i\:r.. .- ANir i.:, w:. t1li Re..oIlui:ll;ir'., io:ldi] r ;id I:for
nlai n\ n-. l .: ,e.,ir i .del e:At Irolit lhe c:.:iiiil ifi tdlm e Legip l.lLri ,
,i as nlmai ric.d : u Th' e I :~ iJriEn .,1ii I s- i l e ierel : oi) Dr. Geor.e
AndJer-.on. o2, ,I.:,i i,.':ii ri, :-r, C t 1 Mr-. -Ero:, n. :1 lIKenuck',, ail
i .! tp hi I--t .,. 01 !1,i,_or \illli l I'W.L".oe. M:,1 A iK.u.ql1.
Th,; 'i '.- ni .. i .- : : ._,lIn- A, diier :son i as NI ,rt ,i. .d i.g hl-r :' F' trick
Cranifl'_-r and hier clilidreil .. -re, i I oh (: 1i n : il..:.ih I:1 .i horm
d.id',; in Molltor.nr i ...uilti ',. lea. n n-o children), i 1 RF;.-i. rt, .. ho: mair-
ri:. nir L'., L'e,.il, -:-f Gi reel-,brier. ,iiid i in Jan d :iJ on hi, l in'ri -
Middle ri.er .ind tlh ni a:,' im ze..l turnpike. i -c pip:e: S 141 \'illI.'iin
\'iio died in N '. irl i, i i N.inc'~. w'vie oI' \ili.aiint 'ri'. Iord. o1
North M.:,naiiin,, id 6:i Silk ,l, v l of J.-icor. R IIT.

Fr> N, I Lr. : L i '. .. . i.t.'i o .1 I.on. nd.rr'.. Ir-l ind, settledd
e rlu in the eirhteenth li c:nuri ne r tii plt-:ce n..' c.li, t Go-hiW n. in
RoA-lc:hrli.;e c, u tIIaII Hi- .li:- 1.1- 1 Mi_' Ir, n IS .: apage .- wI He
w a: m,:ni.,r _. Cupt-iin [ i:kin-L on'' ..'inp.1 I' Pointl '1lei n:. and
diuri; the Revoiltionrar A.ir p.i rrtic:Li a, in the batl.- ,l h:.- o'-.pen.,
Cuildr:.ii. l Y.rk[tiri H ii Lid ard I., .k.as Ihe I'nfah r ofl iudg-
William Mcl.uI ghin

i'E F.R H.,:;-.. th- n r-t 6 0 1 Ihe name- in the county li.._d inic r Staur,-
ton, at spring F.arm n,-n Tlo St anl'tn wuainr "ork,. Hi_ iil.e n .-i
Hannah iG hterr, and hi- cliildrn '. re rt -ir -. z Peltr. George.
Frederick. iohn idh d a. b.iachtelori and lai b., -In. hi- dnughlterl., Bar-


t..ra Rui.-h Han-irh 1-uIL. Kitt Eid;:o, and Elizabtli. ih.. died
I F .c r HanI.r, -:.i : l Peter jnd Hanrn.iih. ii,-d -:an the \V\inch r .ad, 1,:li.' mlit i Fr.:oIl blIa 1.l'..:.n. II .a place, I,.jr ,js rl. I i,-.;ly I ,kn ru n ...
H ,t .'er':.' a=nd L.itirrl, -1- \\ill,_, S[p-,ut." H i, 111Ce i,.- Cathi.rin,
Link, .ia l. ii:.rlEr n I- \M r Stniti. liI li.i four r-n- and four
dJLl.hllt r_, i-,i: li.1 t,.. t111,i1u111'- 1i- I. I-11i.\ i h.:. .. t.I t It. M it-
-.:.iirl 2 Fli.ah.-t n il.. *.*1 i .1--l la E ,ian;. -'r : ... HIl nnali, % i% e o[
I jlam Allrn; Frr. .i lin H..ia ; r .. F'P-E r II.-Inir, .-,1 S .iuli Rier;
r. l.ir.:,, . s F .- lirn-, ti. .. i.-] lic-,b Ba l r.
Ii ICurit. HaJ-t.r li. d:.n Middir.k fitcr. at SIluIt-rie ii1ll. His
A hi i .a .- Obcdienc,: FR :.l..Ini .i,. in], J ii ,_liildrn- 1. W\\'illtia L :. Alcx-
jnlder : la. o b' I 4. _..t..r' .-.in -. -'..tliari n -l1 ..I ',V illi.iil M111l-
Ili. .la. At. Han. ':r r- q_.i i d :., C'lhic. He hald Ltir, ui..r---Ru.crtnrl
i Irticrl,. -:.1 .'. H .:.p- \'illih.-n and lar c -
i\ [r dercrk H on.', r ...,r- thc l r--.,r ,Ilthli H jn .,r-.:.1' i,,h.- ...uth,.rn
par .ri .' u.'u-,i ,nd R-A' ,l.t -r' d ,e:


On ridja LDeccinta r Ii. l2. ir-r. girl %ia; huiLl: neair sriaunic.-n
I.-.r 1ii- 1iiur-jer. i, di ili.:. in i:.l -.I r lt-i-i r'_ in a ni lc ild. Sh1, jn
,ul;, ri:Jd ind :.,in t.. t ., thC C..iun[, C,..urt. t'.' ':.L._-r Mth, M r. P,.;'tcon
pr_...-ciJtini. inid Gn,-n: r Iil.:lckirn Jd:nlir th.-_- .1iCiu-d The cir-
i'LI'i-tIirnc u -_ ld It..I die-cn i.i nti n in n Li hi-itr\ :l i the c'-:ul'i btlt
an icidirii '.:.nti- red uilb it l ;' .-:t'-:, li ti iijl r tLin,-. M u.:t .niputlhy
\I i- '.A =-L:j i b th', ,.:. mni t \ in b-hall ,1 th- ini;.:r bl ,-irl. nutt0
r.r--,..-.- .i ul. ir.: n' h. ih-r ,- ir iter l ir i, Jr. :. '1 i- i- h : child. A t ,n
r L'r ti': -r ni -sI- at t.'., r -L .riji ri-lin r'. r: ii o .-I "itkl-s ift % .
L'Ur 111. El .i ni.11 ; l .ll*r i ,l_ >.'.c .U ii,_n [h1. p ,,iI .*l 6 .iuiLr ,,ll l. rc
.'iru*I.- d It, ,ll i ir l .Lilibcr LT ia l.m--.I tunij. rthl% r,.,-, i.'.l id inll --ip ,i,-
r i ul', ir rnal m r.-0rc-ilr rr:,i.-i r ,il 1 ,i-jund td llr_.u i t,.,. i n Th1 ,p u[)l-
'.siL r ill ri 1.V ,. llnt.:- thl-. ire, :..: ,I ;,eri iiI l Ithl : -,: rand -., of- *_. i the
,,ra 'U. t,:r- in._..U -*._ p.,,r -r,, ':_.t t.:. .1 '., -_e n [h -'i rl illud,.I w, tlttinz
on lIe -lp-- I i i ih..l
It 0a- '..ar"; I d-: .t. ii, C! i.- %i l:r.-C... '.. -.li3iCrl. ,j Atl( hl ti lile
-f the ...curr aor. id I'.-r r .in, *. r- ,Fa t.l.r i ard], a 1ir. 'e .: -t r
Irame Luildi.; -t-....-.d ri ihe nl.,rlth -t i-i.-rn r i, N' it:. ind C,..urth.:.uI -
str-e.!. :,ppuilt_ th. \\a',-h-r, .:.n-,: I' E Lfrri, aiJ in th I.,Illuld'i' l.- n. M >..r
ri', a pr-:-.r- r u- mtr'-hiint haid hi- i,:tor. Ht hiad in lii-, ctriplh..tnicnt
Slii-ii:hl--i...- I:|rk. ...r -4 l e mn i n. h.:- o...i ---d, i hIi llt xid zi: c tO do;
t h, LIthat .ih i .J CIIi l.ed t l :ll li r .i -... I' th- -t.:.re-h.:.-t E ihron lAgh the
trap-d, ..-r .and jar .u-i.d t ,he t: .s i % i -anE.-- .I' -pe.ilin- trumi pet.


THlE BL.,\K H w\\ \ \R.-in tli Siinmner of IjS32.a3 brez ct %31" c\lte-
nri tll U .1 c. iu ..ij i n : nIr n btI the: piasSage tIJl.roigi L- i I.. n .1
detachment of UInied SM it s troop.;, r,-tuirni_ to,' Fort Mon'roe: ir,_nm
the "Black Hark; W\'ar," in nortlhiirirr, illirnois The d.crn:hmrnn
con4_ isted cf 'si\ compinr~ i _i.1 artillcr-r ,r.iii;g as inilanlr., lake n, tw',
e.ich. frumn the Firit. Third arid Fourtli r:,ri'rlru a.nd .,a-, 'c.mrn.inded
by Cipltarin ,lin iMulir.c. The coniii'nr. \rii a l.icirutn.i.lt \\' A.
lThornri n. aind ..*ne ..I' the r I=ur ll ntr -, o l Jl .-h l h E.J: ..'n .hhu t-:-
c:anic th- di- .guii- h d C..IIl':d r;l n'-r I l-he Iruirl ini.ircihed
through aiiin trc t Irii llic I v-t i n mrnilhi.r, .rra., .inJ rI-,ltrd Il tEli
nieaido:, hl'erc the lfr ir htr dicp,:. of tr.= \'aII,: r,,ilri:..ad. 1(.\ -:tai.l.s,
It:. Inke' thl r ni.JJd.ay n i- .\rrnm, ,: r: t ..k J i and i.rips.ick,-; i. ll' lg.
and the ,,.ldid rs. lru.lucinlg I'ronri i t-r latl-r Lbread bnid b ccJ':r:n. p rt.:,k o'
their iinncr i.ri ith L r ,-i Thi ..-rc r Jr d J t lh \X _,\'iri '.rn 'I %Trn,
then keptiL bI-. Li.,u, ifarniin. in thi aillrnioor, tlie :co:mi rid '' it -,on
It,.,, ards \.' yrI\n-,b,:.rough
Miia.-r R..-bert .Al'der o:,., ,. -i':. c:,m ml ,lll .l i atL Finort '-'ini r in l.:,i
w .-i li t.: l t:i l anl it e 'I rlilr .i rl llery, n i i ., 1- t .,i hcih. r 1i- .i,-a 11 h
ihc dctachmi'h nit v. hii'h c_'ai thriou li l [ initor., 'ii I .1 n..t kr..,n.

THE RE' \\'ILLiI \' V 'iL'N -- pa3 1311 hli.J t ,,o 5on;, Fr. Ia. m~
\Vil.un and Thoiim I''. \VXilion. l; hrC:tlH.r. Tilonyn.. \Vilhon, niarrid
ai M i s Po.a of .i du:u-ta, rr.-i -,ttl:d in i l.-.r-;in i.:..i, ii,-ri,:n.:alia
'he-_ 'crns ,of Tnho- \'il-:on ri -r-- Ed.iard C. W\'l ,.n. a ,;i \er
arid nieriber of Corire -. 2 R> Nurial W il .i, i.il Il MRlhi'dist
Epi;c.:.p .l ,-hurch, fIth-r o: F'i -lip Alphli-l \W il:ro r .Arphr cu P.
W\ ils.,,ii, ,a prcnninrl n Ii' er .ind nrnl11-,r iof tihc Sl. it ''enatlr, Iruni a
district enihbracing all n._rtht,-e,t \ rrnr.i Ir''rom r'-ern- 'I.a i ti. i_ -n-
lucky. He remiuied to N., Orle.irni, Jnd irn I. .l-Il f irin a-eirl.oil
and w.-as dr-,wne-d.

THE ILIUNTEF. R.iD -A s ;tit-,d on page 317, the q]iirtermi-tr'_
wagon, nmovl up ith Gr--nirille round Sund., cvenrrinr'1 june ~r6.
They, arrr.-ed at Snitilh i lIt cr long a.l'ftr ;dark R tlng thcr- till day-
light, the train ihcn u. rit ori I, '.. r...- the Ri. li Ri..l;e d T e Ruji r G.i'.
Reaching thi'- Lu.p O the miiount.-,in. Mn,:d.i) evening, tent 'icre pitched,
ind the party made- theliel.:r- ,1 f a .i rnifrtihl c i. tihc) c:.l Min
reiugec-., ladies, a-i w&,il .iS n -i i ti, ', l itiher ..,rk p ,il.-; the C lr.inip illaT
e'.enine and the nec:.t da\, *,,imr4 into Nel.on, county. which %u 1. C.'p-
posed to be a alte relreat .A1 da\ Tucid., th.. qurtrna.ster'- party
remained ,on thc nIbouItin ii; hut o:n \\ednrc'd y they went donn into


N .I-orn li-.- -i. os-,.n ua Ien of a .aca. hIu-c knoi l .As Hub
Li.Wrd': Iirtr,' uinl\ .a Ie mile i' ni on irin.trin n epult. t-n he L (i.-ng
an.1 .\l .- in-Jri r. ilroa.1. nr,... th,- \'V r ini., i.Jlin.i A Il ni rr--t A d
anticiq. .d. .11 Illt pl.:., but Aillu r Jd rk .1 C :ut rii r arri'..d bri ri. ine .l
or.Jir 'fr.-.ni eneric l \ jauh in ih ir iin ti a ltrt' .- shod. : Il fur rded
to Ilirn i lt K.:Roc h I.,a[ Acco:i'rinI nimlt ocl il ii.igun:i l. j.ccoi'n-
p[ iiedl I-, -c ra- l .il*.icr-r .hiiJ n ti .i, -lli irr',' i[. l i ',,] i oJ ur.. a rd oni
Thur-dr i,, tlon;, l.- -,_l _i n t.b.r : Mr he u.n: R I ;c.. ,and r. mlip- d Ro:I:-
I-hI1 "r p il iluLtil the ilg h i Ti:r,: tidlir..- :r r ci.p-J b:, tii:-
gr.it ih, A h itl \.Ctl I ic i lt .i lu tiil I'tc Of hI e n il l r11 -ni 'l Itllt at
iHlubb:,rd'l .1 A p" t uf F-J,:r.Al lr.-.p-, it .,.. r--p.art-e h ..1 burned
Arrin-tl'i *j p' Sc'.ral JL el-iu -zd -bl ifor: ilii facts r:l; ; -r i-ccr-
C.pt-i.n R H-I Fnllli- lad rizn1.n,-i it Hu l-br. 1 ,- n ch.r;.-: ul -uc
ol[ ,r.:- it .u i- t-ll..u-ll r G Inenral \ -ugih.in .uli d ni -t nilii J. id uilli
hib n ,:re Aij. di.:.ni-\ i \\r.rn, J.ini- II F,l.i ,-k .,, \\illimn D.C.indl-ir.,and
*,her nlil o','s :- \\ .l lhi-\ 1 h r,-r ii ditig l r IljelF dinlller I 11: S.'tlliri
da*l,. I,:, [he:ir" r .nll e j-lonir lin uelt .1 part;,' o;i Feder. dl ,.3,, di ,, b1 urst
rupo tElilr n', l I, l. ll..ie on thlih-ir tir- i:k ac..:' thl-: nr.,unt.,ii Thr:
e-rr-nim . -hl-r. up .illi -I ihout. IFrit.g ti.ir pi-:to s And d.-ni nh i; the
.iirrri- .r 4 the reb-i. 'rien insta.ni. i OLd ifit.i p'idi.- I co.
r-.ilirig hini-oll in t,' a.id a.:ent n h.:.t Fid t[hr *,-ti .- uLrrrn.J rJd .t
Ji->-rrtl:,rni -o',.-- icre- I tr.'-ill bI ..,i.--in .-.p:n ini. iW l iJ. Wh, Ii.h u-c
A, *.: Oih fi a- nd in Ies [l.l n I.-i 11n hour thi. .nr-l i:, rrt;rr-l. 1 ith
I-eir I*r.r-iir-i .a-id i-.luricr. The litt.:r inilus.ki n. ,ri, 1 l.i ri pa, rr-
ain. mtiuch Ir. Airl, 10.I .ico:iiint of Wh- fccLi: ph%. -i'al .ijori ,.Jii. n at INh
tln ,:, J.l nic. : -H -'ld,;kl., .%d- lirnr d l o-e on p ,ro, lle a r a Rc.. ,J.y,.. ;
tut C( .jltin I-'illi .p ii. \\'illjina L,. Canidler .-r- tal:,iin ti. O lii:. and
J,:iini:d I...r liani:, rnontlh, in 3 ililitar\ pli -on


The nii.l iritE-rtif pait .f .Tih-gn-uI c:.untl,. in i4m rth -ji i: [he
-l.ip -.I --.,uilr. >- \t ,Jmc Irnum thI: irn .bri 0, ;,00:r,-, M middle rJi -.r, ,on
t :i, ,la nlto, l and Chlr- i ,,h ill ,-i,.j, oIp the rler t:, lI.- I..Lii1h ofl' ['ru ll l
I'r inl. and uip ri:'l streamn ind D[r., [rnch [u thcir rer'-icnui- ource:'
MiddE i rv io k thioii.f'iu it hi ,.,le -i.L:mt in .\uJ;ii-it FraOi its hood
-pi ru 'Iu..r ilrni.htriih ,.hurmlh 1 1i1 ti Hi illh, firdr ,i.luni M Innll is
onl'. ~1 ,uul tillir l ri n'il-., but Ihi: -i;'lh ot e 'trrc.in,. Ir itn i mcdn-
J-:inri .i-. 1 I[ tjrt -i .rlt O*:f hul .Jr.- l mr iles. -'..iliilnli du n ount in
rdIl I it ra'in .t a it : i.e ,ii lo.A3rd- 11it nfi:iih eib ,-c:Iliur. a3 id.: ind
b*eno: i riil in1 cr.


On tilh: is[t -i. of the ri,.e.. .*ilte bcunid ithe bridge. un the Dud-
Icj iarmi. is ;Iht rerr in u lf 'l ani:cieni artn rici:il mi ound. It lia. b eni
plowed ,c er ei r triyi t r \i.ir-. ,ilh i -, noi nearly lev.eled Hum.iii
bones, pIt p ; n:ii t'-:ne ,ilrr... .-hellds hIave ,ftn Ibeen Itur ,ic, up it is
suppo ed that. brflre the .irri.,il ol .li people i le V ille\, battle
ibcia ccn I n.mi in;, occurredl i.t e p. ol. Ind t] hat tlie shulitn .r. b uried
Going up 'ctreamri Iror' thlie Irdle ri.r.:-rred lo, fu r ib,.ul it. milee. (the
ruad crosu the ri'. r E:tv.: li nir .. 1'11_:ii rcl:, i.n i5 thicl\ setltd, arm
house beingri l:. e it, lih r ..ii Lb..ith -iJ.- it li ti.er. At sieIeral
p..int clifA iri-c fr..m the mnarirln oi [hie Chainel., making the scace
piciurei iuLe and p.-i ills atricti .e Iln :'ne ihf li~:Se cliffs. rr.ro abl
filly r tl irom I I= 'er ,and .sb.ut ii *:tn %-ri'. .le lr..,m the tp, there i
a h le .hir:h l Coo lik. inl n ra iitr li .'." rn itf course i itor
has been in'. eiei d i.to .: 'i t nl c li ,l Iit related that iin A.irls tim :e..
whei Indilan_ erTe ub'iut.. c. iinte main _n hibor-ebI'l; w. purt-:id qLi
sa1age-. *ind dis' hintr up t.. inie i.p iof he .. I if, i mii. led l him ell in thu
holeI, hile hi' hir.:re pu lied :l.er ind i is killed .\in in: peClion .l of the
pla- c, h e.. r .e. : i, c. ,i i.:lu el) l. it a Ithe inci ent a, replied could
1not liha c c.:..urred
Ll not I t'r wei *1 lhe Il l11', ._.i the north id,- of the ri'.:r, the la.t
massacre by liinl. iii tlie CuntLI tjuk [iir C: A- :-ipp.osed, it nas dn
what h.- bee i;n,:.. n f I r.: ',- r, a,-. itie io.ee.lin;: irni. [ha i, lil Trim-
ble nas killed, in 'I.Ictber IT6.. hi: 'd. cr n Li burnI, a.in his s:ri .. nd .step
d.it-qhtLr tik. c prisoners A mile or if ...rc lurth as nAow.: ioni llrt l d 1' r 1 _., li. lhd he ah" ode Of 1 W t e C we Old
Fort.l" r Old Keller Houie,-" ., Iich ..i ut d i linrme' ... dJanger -i ,a
pl.-: 01" rfu i e Ic th,: pe..ple -r.:.tind \%h\'hv h, Trimll, s ,did ni.t r,-.
rp-ir to this house iS. .. ,,-z I- Al 1i.nl '. or' im ,. ot i b,: e..ed, 1.he
younger children :,1 Ale\"aider Cra..ford "cre heli.red there, ind
thus es-.iped th,.- -.s .i;hier a which helell their pareiiLt at tllier humi ". The
il.dier pa.rl of thle slone ho:.u-e i in tate ,:,f dilipidati.n, the gible end
hi viing a.-leln ,:t biut the rniterr andl .tlher timbers rc r ... ...und .i- tihe:
,,ie a hundred ind t enti\-tie \Nc r. ae.'
The ,tone houi L -t.iid in bend i l 1 Middle ri. er. ,.l hi:h, ,oni'nii
Ir._nm th-. s uth. there turn .iAbruiti- ito til: ca t. jLu t it the bend BuLifr,
Branch cmlpi ii ntc 1 the rioer. At ai,, i(tiie ihelli sc i Lit the writer, it
was i misTiumrr l-, call tli= I,-rmeitr a branch *,r itream t- [he bed .ls
"dry s .1 bLone." [The broad channel hoi -\r. i n- full of t Il-norn
ri.'-r tolleu .jnd e.iJerilt a bold current l1.:.,o ed there -1 time' Rie;imin
in ith Gre a Nor t ':rl .:.iuntlin chliain. t the Ioot of Ellii.tL' Kii,_,b, the
strain, led by uniter ra in: nii l melted Sn,..' ili .prin;, Ilo.-'s. through
ButT.ilo Gp to.:.in Micidle kRuer. For s.:m eight mn,,ith in ihe Aer
the channel is lull, and thle il.atr Ni't:n raging, but during tlhi 'ummrr
iand early iall it is 11-u illy dry is ies-cribeil.
A shnrt dilsin.e wvt .-.1 the mouthili Bul"tilo F;rinch this Stre.nam i
ji'inltd by ['ry Erainch. The latter rises in the Little Norih l M,uritiin


r.anec, north q-1 Cu ffl' Gap, arid l-,r a part of lii :,,- r i.sa t:.rrent, but
dricSI up in iuinmmcr, a tlle r:inrmer d,:cs
[utl.ulo ['raiin:l rid Dry L:.r.-nch conie L:(getlier : i' cnd Fnoi c -, fled
bL Alc\iiander : Ligl-iner. .-.here Ihnias; Gardiner i.%cd in I; 6., 1 hen
lie .4- killed ry ind ,n-_. fouth I ,hii pe, nir. -,rid ']ilie near, ii (lie
i hl' imnipro'. ed frm ,o Ti :drJr: Ar Set. .nd lu=- th:.rc i. Ith
nmoit be.autif'ul mouri.air. vici i:,t' l lund l n ihe c'liiunti? Luiio GC p
i Sccrn in the i outlliiiei t, Ie.. ml, ; 'ii. li Little N ,rth M. :d-rin in
opF ncr d d ',, iI to its b'.i -rnd hey'nd tll ie c lft Elll':,i's lK'n h tol) er, up
t11. lL .lot Jd
i'h= ex\curz';onist, proceeding-l: along thi c,-irnnel of Dr) Rr.anch tezrt-
\\ rd (0 n: er tihe l,.-t i Llttie Nirih NMi-iu ninr iil com -it:. tI.o Spot
i heie .\le'rie r.i1c trI lorJ nir i' hi'*.. l r .re r .ii cred, inc I ;' "4.



-L'iPI LE.'IE NT TOA .N: NL- OF .\LGi'.T.\ COUNTT'' i1


In I .'.r i i r l nili [hi, i ,. na r i i S te r ill ,-filterdr, :
i ilh ihli ...ricm-i l 5,:,., r-I, -n ,,i
Fi' ,,r nm ...r-: r- -r ..n I Il '- ip .. ..-r- rr,:n : th : r.- rl, iil.:r ..I
,\' ug, u b .1 ,:..I0l{ l\. Oul. ,-f l 1_ i. n-,m-:: Stuirrii dird ini,:. t-i,- li, I ,
Hi: a.- Ir.-...,ihly II. l'tler ,1 .l n S i,;r "I..I the I Nl ..iid l : ,: :r .r
Shl.nI.ind.... .i. -- II i i- irr.la =,i I:. rr-c,:.rd .A LI UJ-t : i - I
4.I. h -, i,_ .. ",r,, '.-. n I,- ,i,] r, ir, .,: .d ,, r nr tr
,,., [' i "i -r. |h .\,,r .llih r ..l, in S ILi.r1 d"l -, i i' i .,, i r .,r .. i l ;o n lI th,:
If' rri-r. i -1 III I1.i ill nr o-llll I . Ii i ,-r. h. li. (I r.ilnr I r- 1 ,id Illl-
Jr:n- .ilar. I r.:r-ir l r i.t S-m uI-:l [-r i i~I-h i -k. II frri,.,n. ,:, It:,.:k-
i n l ia. In' rriirJ i 11.: ug -ii r : i.li Saii i rl .1t' I ni: Si.-r Chliiurch. ':r
MI J .l- F. I -r. i.i..lib -I.rh.....J i .- p -, .. il, :ii.1 fa n<. I*- he- in n-mli r -I
Thl |,srlil,-m r lfan i \ ih ._. -.. - r. n -1 .fi:l ii i[
T rl-,-- r-- .:,ller arlk -etl.-r. nr ni ,l Stuarr-Arc:hibald, [-'... .-in]
i.1ii-- r. t.. i,: .. I.,, .: l.ten l.r...ih.r -r nd I ---he. -id tt ir
ide :lnri,-j ii- .. hii.- nh, fl,Il.,,.rt .nl' .rm ill-.li
,A kcili. -.i, "'Ti. i T '.:: -. r -l ,cli -.. r'- i. '.. H i-. illi ,.
,rilii ed i':. r,-::,..ri ['.,.,-mt i' r ir ."v-, ..ir, l in I ITII m r, ii.:,, lr. i. : I Il'f.
il'." ,--1l hii ,: T I m "lll .i . A l-: ,. .n .l.r, -~n \ l'- r I I m- r. 11 li t. I. ler
El.-i.no:r. -i"n Iiz :-r tn.ndI: n -nii1 ji-iin.~ ike .A rc iib..i-1.1 ii idZ]: '-lu rtI
i r ,.. : S ,,i . n rri -d EhL.. e I e h .i : :. n id l. .l iiii,: ch li.rrn
Hi- *ri' 1. i i--
I I rri:- ', ho ilI-d r T .iin:--. :.

k n. ,, r ii. I i t I ,, I i., r i.- I r r 1.

S-Tl. rrii.rl>- tr I tn,., i*:l lii.-' i rhi.. rii, -.i Frn1, Il I

I .- -1 il t ; I IIIIi. I I- 1 11 Ii 11 *. IrII r r 111 l .J r A Q ill t] 14. -

i,. ir, ; ,d ., trh nrar ['L-[ ]irc e eI ,:r.i.., .ir'.] \\r l lar e l ,-.. i ,-:,l .:l:, ri,-,' -,tiIr
I rt- l .. i 'l tth: Ni r-llih:1:1 ,',-,r r '-rI- [Fc .r: a rl: i J .- u iflt "ii r>ii l i -i r :
l-.. ,.. J t l .t 1 N hle ri ll il : :.rri-. r of i r:.-ricl: In ] Le i
ir::L- i, re her bi:irri i i d t. il- ali. r a in, .-re-: n r ..r i i :.- n.
i :. rl:, hl': S ]i-- re :. r:d li .i' .'i -:. l'r her C'.'- ii- r'r i: .]ic
H ".l, fl,: lir-[l of lll' al r nm ,. l lill In -1 z-Juil lh:.r bre:-,clh .Iof m n i-rrn,:
c.:,iirict. ,ilihio %,, h-ir fl;.ll]id i'lol'n ,.I h- r l:orllne.
:. lui, lir;t % le :. C.ap.i:, i'rl \\'illia.m L I-. u:,' i':, l:briJ ,: "rl
rni..,ih,:r :, I ,- l-I';, M r- F'r. H :nr:, F:,fl'r,-r, -..' l...'in.,,i -i ld -llh :r-.
M. M ar' .ilte ,.f 1 n.. liL, I Il, ,.f .\u u-J l.i, "i, nd m ..tt.,:r .:.I il i o: .,i
M.oll',.l(tl, (i 13V\'illi.- n-, M .,l'i l, I.; BeIt, i.i o_ i.:lin r cClo.-r h -, l (.i
R .:,bert S. IN .,oi' tl (,- l. ,;e, ,il :.i' 1D r. ,:olin ,1.]oor:.- i ) rM, ;r,, 1.
of .\\-l -i,,,, r T P.rcltl,, 1i.1 T ho im,, .1 ..,1- 1, ",nd n o I|.lI -In I, ,:.I
* %\'illhI m P"'-I,..n


4. Elizabeth, wife of Captain William Paxton, of Rockbrd... I'.d
five children, among them the late Mrs. Alexander S. Hall, of Sla"'it.:.
II. Alexander Stuart-the Major Stuart of the Revolution (-.: p- ,.. -
1So and 192). He died when nearly ninety years of age. His irlr .. iie
was Mary Patterson, whose children were-
i. Archibald, the judge, whose wife was Eleanor Briscoe, of ., .. I in.1
See page 246, and elsewhere.
2. Robert, of Rockbridge. whose wife was Elizabeth McC i,.i H.
was the father of the late Major Alexander B. Stuart, and died "' i 5:-
3. Frances, wife of John Lyle, of Rockbridge, and mother -:.1 '.Ir;
John McDowell, who for many years lived near Staunton.
4. Jane, wife of Alexander Walker.
5. Mary, wife of Alexander Hall. and mother of the late a.- \ i..]r
S. Hall, of Staunton, Dr. Isaac Hall, Jr., and others.
6. Elizabeth.
7. Eleanor.
Major Stuart's second wife was Mary Moore, aunt of the Mar\ r.,I,...-
who is known as "the captive of Abb's Valley." Her chil.Jr-i .. er
James, Priscilla (wife of Benjamin Hall), Alexander, and PI'-1. ian
Alexander was judge of the United States Court in Missouri l'l-hr ..I
Hon. Archibald Stuart, of Patrick county, and grandfather cl ';.-lnr .1
J. E. B. Stuart of Confederate fame.
III. Benjamin Stuart, whose children were-
1. Major Archibald Stuart, the Captain Stuart of the war ol i : .
page 23r). His sons were Andrew and Benjamin.
2. John, who removed to Indiana.
3. Mrs. Nancy Alexander, mother of Dr. Cyrus Alexander.
4. Mrs. Mary McClung.
5. Mrs. Bettie Allen, second wife of Dr. James Allen.
IV. Eleanor, daughter of Achibald and Janet Stuart, married E.l.. 1 .J
Hall, a native of North Ireland, who came to the Valley in 17 -.r. a.r.l
settled on South river, six miles above Waynesboro'. They ... er-e .
ried April 24, 1744, and had ten children, several of whom di-:d ..-ul.:
Those who lived to maturity were-
1. Isaac Hall, Sr., born May 12, 1747, and studied medicine ,,, S.:.1,t-
land. He jilted his cousin, Miss Jenny Stuart, and suffered th.- 1-".,il ,.
as stated. His wife was Martha Everard, of Petersburg, h i,, lile
2. Sally Hall, born December 19, 1751, and married Capt.r'. i:,nie
Tate, who was killed in the battle of Guilford (see page 192). S ,- il.-:r
wards married Hugh Fulton.
3. Thomas Hall, born August 31, 1754-twice married.
4. Elizabeth Hall, born December 27, 1756, married Colonel ..i dr.r,
Fulton (see pages r8o and 222). Judge Andrew Fulton, of W\ .\il. ind
John H. Fulton, M. C. of the Wythe District, were sons of Ar'dr-.A il.
Elizabeth Fulton.


5- Alexander Hall, born May 24, 1759, inherited his father's home.
stead. Married his cousin, Mary I'atterson Stuart, daughter of Major
Alexander Stuart and sister of Judge Archibald Stuart. Among his
children were Mrs. Eleanor Douglass, Alexander S. Hall, Dr. Isaac
Iall, Jr., and others.
6. Benjamin I all. born February 17, 1765, married his cousin Priscilla
Stuart, and removed to Missouri.
7. John Hall, born May 31, 1767, settled in North Carolina, and was a
judge of the Supreme Court of that State (see page 279).
DAVID STUART.-It is stated on page 1 17 that a John Stuart married
the widow of John Paul, and came to Virginia in 1752 with Governor
Dinwiddie. The statement, made on the authority of Withers's Bor-
der Warfare," is erroneous. It was David Stuart, the Captain and
Colonel Stuart of the Indian wars (see pages 83, 90, etc.), who married
the widow Paul. If he ever was a protege of Dinwiddie he soon lost
the Governor's good-will, as many of the Dinwiddie letters express
great dislike to Stuart. The probability is that Stuart had no personal
connection with Governor Dinwiddie. He certainly settled in the
Valley long before Dinwiddlie became Governor of the Colony. A
David Stuart, an adult, was baptized by Mr. Craig January 21, 1747,
"after profession of faith and obedience." Colonel Stuart is said to
have lost his life by drowning in the Shenandoah river.
The will of David Stuart was admitted to record March 19 1767. It
was written by himself, and its meaning is doubtful in several particu-
lars. The testator mentioned his wife Margaret, his son John, his
daughters "Sebing [Sabina] and Elizabeth, and his wife's daughter,
Mary Pall [Paul]. Mrs. Stuart is said to have been a niece of Mrs.
Lewis, wife of Colonel John Lewis, the pioneer settler, and she and her
second husband are said to have been married in Wales, before they
came to America. The will appointed William Lewis and George
Mathews executors; but the former declining to serve, Mathews and
Andrew Lewis qualified as administrators with the will annexed.
Mary Paul, the step-daughter, married George Mathews (see page
1. John Stuart, son of David, is well known as Colonel John Stuart,
of Greenbrier. He was born in Augusta, March 27. 1749 [Johnston's
Old Clerks]. If the date of his birth is correctly given, he was only
twenty years of age when he, with Robert McClanhian, Thomas Renick
(see pages 107 and 125), and William Hamilton, went to Greenbrier, in
1769, and made the first permanent settlement in that region. McClan-
ahan was only a few months older. Stuart was a captain in Colonel
Fleming's regiment at Point Pleasant, in 1774. In 1778 a party of In-
dians assailed Fort Donnally, eight miles north of the site of Lewisburg,
then called Fort Union. Stuart was at the latter place, and organizing
a force, went to the relief of Donnally. The Indians were defeated,
and never again invaded that region.


After the organization of Greenbrier county Colonel Stuart ..- ,'p.
pointed clerk of the County Court, and held the office from I7. .) ,,ll
1807. At the end of the first deed-book he copied his Meimo r fr.min
which we have made copious extracts. His wife was Agatha. d ,u.-'l-r
of Thomas Lewis, and widow of Captain John Frogg, who wa.- kill-.:
at Point Pleasant (see page 136), to whom he was married in 177: Hi-
death occurred August 23. 1823. He had four children, viz.:
i. Margaret, wife of Andrew Lewis, of Mason county, a son of iC.'.--,I :l
Charles Lewis.
2. Jane, wife of Robert Crockett, of Wythe county, and mr..rl-or .,.
the late Charles S. Crockett and of the first wife of Judge J.,n..-. E
Brown, of XVythe. [Judge Brown was a son of Judge John Br... ii, c(.-
first Chancellor of the Staunton District, and was reared at St i.uiit:..
His second wife was a daughter of Judge Alexander Stuart. H-r .:.l,
son (Alexander Stuart Brown), who (lied early, was a young iir. .:I,
brilliant promise.]
3. Charles A. Stuart, whose wife was Elizabeth Robinson (see page
4. Lewis Stuart, married Sarah Lewis, of Bath county, a grand-
daughter of Colonel Charles Lewis. He succeeded his father as clerk
in 1807, and died in 1837. His children were five sons-John, Charles
A.. Lewis, Henry, and John-and four daughters. One of his daugh-
ters was the wife of the late Samuel Price, at one time Lieutenant-
Governor of Virginia, and afterwards United States Senator from West
Virginia. The others were Mrs. A. W. G. Davis, Mrs. Charles L. Pay-
ton, and Mrs. James W Davis.
II. Sabina Stuart, daughter of David Stuart, married first a Wilson,
and secondly a Williams. Her daughter, Margaret Lynn Williams,
married Thomas Creigh, and was the mother of (1) David Creigh (see
pages 320 and 322), (2) Dr. Thomas Creigh, (3) Mrs. Watson, wife of
Judge Watson, of Charlottesville. (4) Mrs. John R. Woods, (5) Mrs. Pres-
ton, wife of the Rev. David Preston.
III. Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of David Stuart, married Colonel
Richard Woods, of Albemarle.
JOHN STUART.-The Rev. Robert Stuart, of Kentucky, in a brief
memoir found among his papers after his death, states that his grand-
parents came from the north of Ireland and settled on Walker's Creek,
in Borden's tract. Mr. Stuart was born in 1772 and distinctly remem-
bered his grandmother. He does not mention the names of his grand-
parents. They brought with them to America an infant son named
John. Another son was born here, but died young, and there were no
other children.
We find from old deeds that John Stuart and Robert Stuart were
among the early settlers in Borden's tract," and that their lands were
contiguous. Of Robert we have no other information. He may have
been the father of the John Stuart just mentioned and grandfather of


It.: Rev. Robert Stuart. but the descendants of tihe latter think the
r.ra father was named John.
I..-njamin Borden, Sr., who died in 1742, sold several tracts of land to
I.Ii. Stuart. One of these was not conveyed till Benjamin Borden, Jr.,
iiule the deed, in 1752. The tract is described as 313 acre-, being a
Ipirl of Borden's "large grant of 92 1o acres A John Stuart-no
doubt the person just mentioned-was one of the signers to the call "
to the Rev. John Brown, in 1752, to become pastor of Timber Ridge
and New Providence churches.
Next we find that Joseph Alays conveyed to John Stuart a half acre
lot in Staunton in 1757, lot No. 3 at southwest corner of Beverley and
Augusta streets. On September 6, 1762, John Stuart and Sarah, his
wife, conveyed one-half of the lot to Thomas Lewis, Andrew Lewis and
William Preston. Stuart then lived on the other half, as appears from
the deed. The part retained in 1762 was conveyed by Stuart and wife,
in 1764, to Israel Christian. In 1765 John Stuart executed to David
Stuart a bill of sale for a negro woman and child and four feather beds.
The John Stuart, who was a party to the various deeds referred to, is
presumed to have been the same person who settled in Borden's tract,
and the reputed brother of Archibald and David Stuart. His perma-
nent home was on Walker's Creek, six miles west of Brownsburg.
During Indian times his dwelling was fortified to resist attacks, and
several Lochaber-axes and other ancient weapons are still preserved
by his descendants. It would seem that, feeling insecure on Walker's
Creek, he removed to Staunton in or about the year 1757, and remained
there till 1764 or 1765, when the Indian wars of that period were over.
John Stuart, only child of his parents, was born in 1740 and succeeded
to his father's estate. He married Elizabeth Walker and lived and died
.:.I ''i ,Ier Ci-eek. During the Revolutionary war he served as a sol-
i.he. iind .t he t..attle of Guilford was an officer. According to a family
tr.,.li.:n ll h, i;iied Ireland in 1786 and brought back with him a con-
-il-r.l-:1 ;i.'m .:.1 money. He died in 1831, when fully ninety years of
3.L Hi- ..'ildr-n were-
I. I-, Src' t, who when a youth served in the American army at
'.:.,l.:. in H settled at Orangeburg, S. C., and became wealthy.
i1 rr.. i, I, i.:.w lady, originally Miss Ann Sabb, he had one child,
,* h.: r-. .i'r Ithi- wife of William L. Lewis, a grandson of Colonel
\'ililm Len i. ,iid great-grandson of John Lewis. His grandson, Dr.
in-ii:; 1 Lirl L-evis, lives in Florida.
?I i.r S turt, daughter of John and Elizabeth, married William
I'.,lker i.,.l lh.i,. three sons and two daughters. Her descendants are
\V.,i ker. .-.:. i, I.ns Browns, Stricklers, etc.
SI.:.hn ru ,r married Virginia Wardlaw and removed to Missouri.
-. F r:.l-,er ,, lirt. D. D., born in 1772, educated at Liberty Hall
A.: li, ml .1d \\ ishington College, licensed as a Presbyterian minister
iI :..'. ini *.r-nr to Kentucky before the year ISoo. For some years


he was a professor in Transylvania Univer.ity. He- Ji.d 1 i- :.,. HF-
wife was Hannah Todd, daughter of General Levi T.l,, ..i... 1h,
children were John Todd Stuart, a distinguished .-ir '.i ..1 I llin.:..
Robert Stuart, of Missouri; the Rev. David Stuart. -.r,, ..1 I. II... -..rn
(Rev. John T. Stuart) is a missionary in China; ahri th,_ F. :. '.-.
Stuart, of Abingdon, Virginia. The only son of th. I.,.i n in-l J ri.'.IJ.
son WVaddell Stuart), a noble youth, died in the C.:.'ld-r -ri. ,rm, 1
1863, in the eighteenth year of his age.
5. Joseph Stuart, died of yellow fever in Charleston I, iii mirll ,
6. Hugh Stuart, married Betsy Walker and lived ..n \ oil r': Cr.l.
He was the father of Mrs. Andrew Patterson.
7. Alexander Stuart, married a Miss Walker antd i:,l ,,,, \\'ll..r -
Creek. He had no children.
S. Walker Stuart, married Mary McClure and lii -1 r rt.it t ia..-trl
home. He had four sons (John H., William IV., A'.: 1,n-irr.- J r ,1, --
J.) and one daughter, Mary, wife of James Brown \\ C L .,ri .:'
Lexington, is a son of James J. Stuart; and the .c.. C. C. Lrun,, .a
missionary in Japan. is a son of James and Mary Stuart Brown.
The male descendants of Judge Archibald Stuart are nearly extinct.
His oldest son, Thomas Jefferson Stuart, had two sons, both of whom
died young. The elder of the two, Colonel WVilliam D. Stuart, was
mortally wounded at the battle of Gettysburg. as stated on page 333.
The Hon. Alexander H. H. Stuart, Judge Stuart's fourth and youngest
son. had three sons, all of whom were cut off in the prime of life and
unmarried. The eldest, Briscoe Baldwin Stuart, called for his maternal
grandfather, Judge Briscoe G. Baldwin, was a lawyer of great promise.
He was about to marry a young lady of Louisiana. and in 1859, while
on his way to consummate the engagement, the Mississippi steamboat,
on which he was a passenger, was blown up, and he was so badly
scalded that he died in a short time. His age was only twenty-three.
The next son, Alexander H. H., Jr. (called Sandy), while a cadet at the
Virginia Military Institute, participated in the battle of New Market and
continued in the military service till the war ended. He then entered
the University of Virginia as a student and pursued his studies with
great success; but at the close of the session of 1867 he contracted
fever and died in July following, aged twenty-one years. The third son,
Archibald Gerard, a talented young lawyer, died in IS85, aged twenty-
seven, after a protracted period of ill-health. While a student at the
University, he achieved great distinction, being awarded the debater's
medal by the Jvfferson Society.
John A. Stuart, a highly respectable farmer of Augusta county, who
also was with the cadets at New Market, is a son of Archibald P. Stuart,
Judge Stuart's second son.

JAMES G. BIRNEV was not a descendant of Samuel McDowell, as
stated on page 399. His wife was, however.

S-. ,. i.-_ ,r I .I ',1 Lr.' T A ICO Ur.,1', t.


S'It r i.) I lll oI In l I I .l..l .. lh: i ir l 1 i t r ,*.,i ,fI.I I.'I I ,1 i.'I C l ii'il
,..1 ih I e 'Ip.. ll il l >I 1, ,. -11 i l l ,I ,.,l le : ill -Jo, u i tJrrl .i l il I._ -I. il. li.ll I

uIl li% h]LN ri uird 1 ', l -r ,.i, ,,l .j i: l :,- l. I li.i'e .ii..l Ill-r. "ir
IIllII r.," ni..r> l.r Ic illlr re \i ... i t ,. I th,. I', 1I *H ii.. C i I>.(
11 .' ;', '. "',' / .' ':.." .' ,' -,.', q '. l l 'r., 'n i i- i, 11 ll i qr: : r I,.(
Li .it ,n In- 1]3 i -i r 'i, ili. Hlie. IM .lI. il- lu._,r.~l.]c T hun.;i- I.,.ri.1 I".slil', :
n.rir -i ,-l c.- ,it. p.'rl 111' I',._, n1l -. I rl- .r llri _h 1, l.. pru,_ cil h1, r.i.i i,:
,l lll].i ; Ili1," bc t ccl l Iir ,'l..l .l- ,1iJ, L.,'i- l Fr irl I'.. I'rill I I., i,.1.
l-'_ i'1 ll, Ii :.p 'i- h.nl i,'I. l h. i Ih' lir _.1 -prlin, 11 li,- ii.'. rltli f- illl h -1"
[ _t ,1.:1 1 .,, Ih- ,l zll. 11- it i ld .)
1 lu i fl l ,.I 111 L -. M HrI.I i \\ I1:,. J lllll I n.ll : , 'l i:.Jl ll l ,
At I1' J id i ni, un i Thom L'. -[ll -:i4.l- ,oir- -..I ,I' T.
11 I ri irir J in j 7j-, .-in- I ii 1 1 1' h [ 11 -1 ,l' l 1 : iJl ti, .l.:..l
rl%'-r Tn ir tih .r I_ ..,, lll;,' o- f.'..rl I r tbli l, re I, ,l'l.1 r ,ir.J
.11 ,J and J ] 1i,- ,_ir 1,: ,1 i ; i'. ,,. prr ,t,.' l.,iIi i 1 ,Ii I :. ir 1
C r,: l il. ul ,l r m il : l i,-rli.;1- u l I.l.i ir.i, ,. I 111 I I 1 \\1.4. ..II I 1 1. l .-.Jd
-ii Ot : l1 1 1 R. lJ e in llicm .i'l'. Th.: r.idi ur p iih. 1>t- een li,
Il hlO IHe. ,':1 L. n- l'.d \ %',,,l- \, i- hru_ i ,h \V .,.,-,l-'. ..... .:,l]| :'
J ariin'-.
L3ilmn [D':r,-.n r i i, b-,tl, tl,, tl- I!enri, iuin; hu re" r. = r in ,'l
I the c r-i ind iu'., ,f 'll" t ; ,-,ir n nt', I i --u, I-Ir I. i kl lI .I Ih lrrf l- in b_,,
I',,' 8.l1il. illh I,.s :I .]:.,. ] ,.. i. l lii.-i 'rr ,.t $ ,-,- (*,.sl',: ", ,.
iri I l I ir_ . i, r .r I, v r ct 1 i r 11 ,r i .,: .- \ I I: b uLt r, l c
Lllfl -ri.,: m ile .-" .;, | Fir i.Lhn'.- ,.> Ii -e I., putll up
hI zre i -..,-i-'I i Ltr-:I I' in li inarlrthat [Ih. r Br rniarrin Fr.-inklin
jl ,:.ni lo n ,- -rr \M, I.ind ii 'r.J, e i in tll ,i[ ,_uiril I_.ul tn. AI lbemln rlt,
Frir l in r n,_ Jul it 1, -. |d ir .h -n miiill.lrl.n d ,Di.- t .)r. Fr.m ':n ln ,. .
d itii in IhlilaJ _lpli_ n .:,. .eJ in llTe i.[ 1 ', -*1 :l. ;lnricil\. r lI. i:,iin-li
pr u e -.,C._- .
'/"/ ,' ;.Ut -- .It Mut .pc.,_ul illmi. w, I'- i', 'L pl,.'i %l 3i'-l li.re w a_

o:Ilf th .: i.ir\ u E. 0 oi : f l h i- iem.' ind i,,'n \\t-i4nI ,-l I',,r k%-L..id F.irr i
A llcr liw, I1m ,.l r.r ,l -ll .l inil it H .:.nn:].ibl. \\ illi.ni F in-l'i\ ,nd
Ctlnr,1 \'.illimla L ..,rl,', hi- l.,rI shiii CMnmin,-.IIn ri.r .i -ez s.

a'iirl.i'. h"':i -n, il ,o, ert Rru.,,-. c, ne ul lir \1 i,'t, '- %. .E:, _.ur-i
C_-lo nl .i,, ti., F r'.. n, i r 1 71 ,_, i p:l.'Irid a_ l t 'Ili:e l in -r,-ld :'r"
,- :. hilhaiti.ll, in \\',lil| ni .,id .l r\ C, _Ill.; _, b ll an 1-4': r -;]J.:d in
,Albem ..,l,- Irt, I -:' .I-nd Lunll lord Lpl,\ and jam -i.m ., ',il(.:.i ,- n-
,-l dll ,t irea, ,.l h [th : il 3l,.ili: .l Lo i, i'. '-.-. i.n,;-_- -1 ,nd j.'i)
H i:m .. F ln .r i il ,i- ,_on l,- l. n,. it- n ,;p .l' V ir in i-., kn.:.. n : Fr.


and Jefferson's." In 1754 he was Colonel commanding the Virginia
forces against the French, and died on his way with the troops to the
Ohio (see page 61).
Colonel Peter Jefferson, father of the President, was county surveyor
and subsequently county lieutenant of Albemarle. He died in 1757
Colonel Beverley was the patentee of Beverley's Manor," in Augusta
(see pages 14 and 15). Colonel Lomax, grandfather of the late Judge
J. T. Lomax, of Fredericksburg, was a Burgess from Caroline county in
1756. Mr. Robert Brooke was the grandfather of Governor Robert
Brooke and Judge Francis T. Brooke. He accompanied Governor
Spotswood in his visit to the Valley in 1716 (see page 7).
The baggage for the expedition was brought to Captain Downs's by
wagon on the 12th, but the horses did not arrive till the next day. In
the meanwhile a camp was pitched in a field and was visited by "a
great number of the neighboring gentlemen."
"Sunday ifth.--Most of the gentlemen went to hear Mr. Marshall
preach, who returned with them to dinner. Several of us solicited him
to preach us a sermon before we set off. He, after making several reli-
gious evasions, showed us the impossibility thereof, and so bid us fare-
The Rev. Mungo Marshall was rector of the first Orange church.
This church stood about ten miles northwest of Orange C. H., near an
ancient mound or burial place of Indians, on the right bank of the
Rapidan river. Mr. Marshall died in 1758. The vandal spirit which led
to the dismantling and destruction of many old colonial churches, did
not spare his grave. His tombstone was carried off, and first used to
grind paint on, and afterward hides were dressed on it in a tannery.-
(Bishop Meade).
Colonel Peter Hedgeman, one of his Majesty's Commissioners,joined
the party on the 15th, most of which day was spent in inspecting the
horses. Fourteen horses were pronounced fit for service. The number
of men in the expedition was forty.
Several days more were passed in preparations. During the night of
the 17th the camp was aroused by a quarrel amongst a crowd of
drunken people, who used fence rails and stakes with tolerable good
The baggage being all packed on the ISth, a part was sent off under
Mr. Anthony, one of the stewards, by the way of Swift Run Gap, there
to be ready when the party should get over the Blue Ridge; the other,
under Mr. Genn, to the head of the Conoway(now Conway, a branch of
the Rapidan), where the survey was to begin.
"Friday, i9th.-\We set off from Captain Downs's with expectation of
reaching head of Conoway that night. Colonel Fairfax and Colonel
Beverley outrode the rest. We called at Hickley's and regaled our-
selves with some very good cider. Night coming on, we were obliged
to encamp in the mountain before we got to ye spring head."

\iLr'. ,_. :'i A, u LI' .\ I:-i.-i. T '. N.9

'. ,.,i.!."' '.. -- h .Ii: 11...trill *inL 111 11i.1 ,1..11 ., Il -iill a ..-,i r Tian.:e
It i .lI, h, TIha n .n i i *:*I >l ...Lir I1 hI r.:,L -i,,L i:i : i Ii.1inC ll ir i in-
[i.in;r'l h ,i. "

I .t .7' -I i Il hril 7 Iia'-ii.'. C Il 1 ill. '-u Ii.1r- l ''. 11r12
iii l I 1,: ,: ~i n ru Ji ]. l lr..',r: r- . -. i .l l I I : i hi "| : I t o r l'i
iln l [ .:_ rl ,. ; il J; iJ .'I LHi r ", o-ri.d iir-iic i 111- :.rI. r -. 1
, _d i .'- ,':r,.1 p r .e. i '.. ll..h l i Ir si -l] i --: t ir,ra,.-r- lii.l nir;. '-i .r J ,i 'it r
i 'l .i 't r ,i n ii l.iti .: ll l : ir-,li I I .. i- c iC ril il i I n Ir ; 2 .: ] 1[

iiii. lir. .: I.rin l r c :.rdir lfi ..ii- i i:... . i1 l.. *iii'h[ C ur lir i t .riii. l Ti )
I I t i 1..:. I I I I t ll II .B I c* -- u. i. io r -5 oi r I I e
.r-'- .:,;.i .'r -I I l '. riiai .: -iiI'. -.ll: ii r : tah I I,.l i- I ri .t.al i a l ir [li ,
r' ik,:i l M ....ih_ *i' ir i a r.:- :rit .- -r i ,ih ,5-r ,.Jt .ri i l' -h ,i ... '.a v
l i rp .L 1" | ..-l i ,. ,i : ii, m l l[-,:[ rid L,.i -,i 'i. 'irr l,r,,,_la., tid
i I.a ''iin I[ I, ,. 1.: l JrI 1i ir l ll il- Srli I rl ";

nirr:tl I
r-,'. r i i-. --,.':ii i. - Thi d.- .5.-i i.ii ..Il thlr: h -,..;-:- Ii l 1 hi .-i l _.-n
I'lIJi llii n r,1.: l. 1i .- ,i l r nr I I. i l l ir-, al : l i l iin i ihe
ll1t n -. t J. i-.,'r T i-J r1 rrn1 l- e l ,:. t ,ll ,J I iirirc.l ,r..
i .'. 7.i, 7 1 t aiai 11r1ii a 5 i uh .. .. r:.:. l> i ..t Ia. L. i Lur
I r .. :r : -.i r . ..*u r pi : . li. ; I I ': I-lli. : illl :lll I, [ 11r ll ..le
th i I-'1 ne J d .i m, In ui .rl ...I I I) n ar r I ;r o Ir'. r.. r." uT le
I' L. uni r v I .,l'a ,,. I,.. l i a ij -r. roi .l; m ,i %r l ,rii i *.'u r-
I..4 ith : .i l I 1 h e -al ] i ri_, lI r I i lla ,' ,l r.d tll
'h,_.,'-,:-- nr, 111 i i. ii dlia- iij i,:, .\] ] rilA i n i -, t ':Il. d tI f i'.:.i t
*-i It : nii i a i- al' ail iid'. nr : a .-ani %1 i l ai i a a in i ill i-r,mr:.,,l, *" h-ire
Ir: n ] rr i .- r -.'i r. ; -. , a I -- n l:- .i h lh aI 1 h -. .:iI i-n 10
,_r,_-- .' i',:r ii.--[ L .'in n .p i .-l.. -p I.- r lh ,, ri,.i-, -hid : 'imi "t 'i' t li-n
O'.hl.,,-l: t dl l.n ,n i- ':-. ... in. I i. llh uA Lr...k',:r -h1in ..r -.'.mn : ..ih-:r
mi ll i.rtun-:. LBut ,on -, i ll, rih ,r rnin,: ,I' lh,- :.0. ilh,', li.e. n i iIi] ... r the.
hlup -A. ll,: riuLint lIi
T ib,: Ii riin, ,-- ._.r., L i.. 11o , _..o-.i r i tl,, ], -, II-l, ,ir i r.i ,)
, i..nt:ln ] lih ill,. 1 J_ ir i,.ilti: ;, -, l lli :- .I, t i.i-I- rin 0 ..l I ,,:- ;th '\%
\l : r: :'i I i-uih ui' li I t n- I ll A', .I -. [,:r ,'\\ ': uh Il i ul, Ihl 1 ] i i t i 1
S stl ,,Jir,." [.udd l,:" ,., h,.t,., itrl: i.. r- t ,ir J l.. t% .ll>-_.-
',', .'.,',: .: -- i,\' :.i't t I., -ee ll .:.,u i i h u i h l ,. Ii d m il l vr,
-i L-il .*:.ni, l I1 _-, r',:p :, J h ,: .'[i ll li e .', iiiI , hI ,:h ,,.,' . p ,: 1' i1 ',.* v
nim -rrl. .
1.in .Id J th. -,_,trl dIt p -rl ,' l l,, p l -1 1 i l I 'h rl.rth _, I ll :l l [.:. I 1t.-
lith .j zijLp l i p ru, i,' i [- .: .:. Ill' [h, -I'h ". ,1' -1 r l' r'fr 1 I" r J - c n-,
, imd t:, i ll]o lhe 11m ll I v: ..,. li lhll.ir -lirt Cm th-r l ilt lic: : lni _..,d
oli L,,on -, : '. % t. r l .:i rli, i.: n i h i l.-th r.rinh
,' ".r'":"n;. ,'-* .- i l'h r ,,,r '; i ,: i ll, l " ,n I rl ill, : Ji m l p]- ,:.'r-
H C:, 0 1 Li. pI LI I',,in. -ri rl zI t -irik,. t,: r',_, III in1, I uIirr ll ,.r'_..i uf'.,
I r.* I,iirel. '. rind -_pri.:, pin-:- ,n ,:, [r.trii-ll thll. in i m ], th .,_.In. h
S ii0:i tl,, i.- r r l. th l .ron', .._ ino'p r 11.: th ] i lt ro, "-t l _..--pl Ie
l l.:.o l: ild . T h -i I it ,_ -l' I 1,: 1 ri.,:r ,:.I' d J rl: :r, :, m. l li :,i:. :. :.rn. l
il5 m .,I. -.n 6- i lr-,. I I t iI ,:d h II I i i rd i t. t .,Id 10 r :11 '.. It- J .l lb-, il,:-,:ut
I'..-lr r---[. T hp I.-lt.,mi i]]id ..\ id -.ii. h ,l ',l. ,i ht.:li m id-: ii ..irrr -ic : lt
f,,r ,n- [11 ,:ro, -. 1 .--1 l, th : I h:,r ..: ; : i liI- n 11 "itnip:l d 10 "i-,: rnI Ih,


furthest bank, tumbled with their loads back in the ri rr -.l U .:.f ur
baggage, that would have been damaged by the -ii-te. .'. '- t'i-.i;hi
over on men's shoulders, such as powder, bread and L['.J.l.-ii,..
Being without food for man or beast on Sunda., ih ,. 1l. ih- puti.
had to push on. On Monday the 20th, a deer and lurl ':, ,nr -:Il.-d
They heard guns which they supposed were fired '. hiiJi iit- -:,1 li,:i
none were seen. On the 2Sth one of the men surpril-J ond ;i:jli1d ,
buck with an axe, and on the same day the part\ .irri d ...i,- at
Coburn's, on Mill Creek. Several of the inhabitant- i li. .:- s~ li r
"Thlursday,3oth.-This being his Majesty's birtlhd .. lGr..r : il .\
concluded the evening in merriment. Drank his filat-t. I. li,- i.
which was followed by a discharge of nine guns."
'Saturday, November Sth.-Went down to Lockh '.r .,nd -a:c ,.nvip
Here we had left some rum ind wine, which contrit-t.-d I.:. ','i -.'I-id.
ing the evening very pleasantly. rejoicing we had sti nm.:.nite.-l ..- iin n..
difficulties." Here also two of the men fell out ,nrl :'i-. .-i.::... ii-,,
other a piece of eight to fight him. The challenged party accepted
and won the money, which, however, was recovered before a justice in
On Thursday, November 13th, the commissioners and surveyors wer,
together again. The party dined and drank his Majesty's and Lord
Fairfax's health, which was accompanied with a discharge of nine gun-
to each health." At Buckner's Quarter" they got some cider and
Colonel [efferson and Mr. Brooke set off for home on Saturday, No.
veff\ber i5th. On Monday the 17th, most of the men rt.-in di'char-.d.
the horses, tents, etc., were set up at auction at Cap: if C L:'. n l
on the same day Mr. Lewis took leave of the "getlei.Kin i:tiInI-
sioners and started home. He arrived at Michael \ ,:. ,dc i i' I:t:.,l in .:.
o'clock, crossed the Blue Ridge that evening, spent th ril it at 5 iu.il
Gay's, and reached home on the 19th, having been al...-lt tl:' iii.:'.itii
and nine days.
The surveyors had agreed to meet at Colonel Jeff--r-.:.n's It- ririt -.
January "to make out what plans of the Northern Nec:. -i-re ini: "
Therefore Mr. Lewis took to horse again on December :- ir- on -i,
at Colonel Jefferson's on the 3d of January. The othb- -jr ..1\ r-. r.Ir
Brooke and Captain Winslo, not coming, he waited 1Il it'-. ijIIi a.Idl
then started to Essex county in search of them. 11. uri.1 t Mr
Brooke's the night of the 15th, visited Colonel Bev-i I-. ,n th.. ic i,,
and in the evening went with Mr. Brooke to see Colo-.-l L .,m -
On the 23d the surveyors assembled at Colonel Jeffcr-.:.ni- r ai I.-a.an
their plans of the Northern Neck" the next day. L.'t I.ndti. th-.
wanted paper and other things, they had to send to \\tilini'r.iir- I.:.r a
supply. On Sunday, February 2d, says the journal, we all rod: .1.-.' in
to Richmond church, where we heard the Reverend Mr. Stith rpr.: .h
The gentlemen of the town treated us to a handsome dinner at r,.


C-.. lc'. ..Jiii.ir B y February 21st Captain Winslo and Mir. Lewis
" ,i'-d- :,-ii 'l in- of the Northern Neck on Lord Fairfax's account,
.,~-C- .::rdm;:; .:,t r iitiiructions from Colonel Beverley," and starting from
Col:..i-l letter-.s.nr' -:.in the 22d, Mr. Lewis reached home on the 24th.
Cl:...- I:ll :-r.r; :',-. residence was at Shadwell, in Albemarle, which is
.:I r i.,liit. .files from i Richmond. It is impossible, therefore,
1ll lt tI-: rl, ci : ild have ridden to church on a Sunday morning, as the
I llnitl-.1 -:,f rih o.t irnal would imply.
Tie- I.-:.. \\il. iill Stith, author of the History of Virginia, was a
r1,, l'-,-h .:I Sir j:.lii Randolph, one of the original patentees of Bever-
I:- ; ] in.:-r. III I- 3 he became rector of Henrico parish, and wrote
hi hi,:or\ ii I --:. i Varina, a seat of one of the Randolph's on James
rii..-r b--l.:., !1.:li.m .:-nd. From 1752 till his death, in 1755, he was presi-
dl=ni .:.l '\'lli ni iii.l Mary College.


A bri-i .:.:-:ouni is given on pages 179 and iSo of the expedition of
tli ,-.-ul.ui nd l.o:ckbridge men to North Carolina, and of the battle
o'01 i-.1ilfi.r C. H in 1781. Among the militiamen from Rockbridge
ua S.wi-ir.,-l II Iu-ion, afterward for many years a highly esteemed
P'r.-l.', I.-rl ,n mnii.er. Ie was twenty-three years of age and student
i: -i iw.11, n il-:n il-- call came for the militia to go to the assistance of
C.erIl '.r -rci .:. .io was hard pressed by the British under Corn-
S0ill I. l.tr 1 : ,le his books, he fell into the ranks of the Rock-
I.rild, e. .,--.ni..ia, .iid had Archibald Stuart. afterward the Judge, as
Ih. mcr nit4.i
Mr H.-i-tl:-in i;.:p a diary of the trip, writing every day, except one,
it'r m Iii. J-i:pirliu till his return, which is published in full in the
:,:,J :.i:. -' oote's Sketches of Virginia. It is provoking for its
Lr' ir ain-j -:,mr;i':in of much that would now be interesting, but con
ti .n n- : c iitni,- north reproducing.
ili-h i-..:k.indei company marched from Lexington to Grigsby's on
M:ood-J ,., F.-L ruoirr 6th. The next day they marched fifteen miles, and
er.: ini.,-J il I urg itory, near Buchanan, in Botetourt county. On the
1,t -ji\ :,l M1 iih the distance made was seventeen miles. "Drew
liiqu-or in tc nim:.rlimg," says Mr. Houston, and I paid fifteen dollars
I,, b I-r *I:.1 r- F.reckinridge." This lady was doubtless the widow of
C.: I.: il r.:bert I;reckinridge who removed from Staunton to Bote-
1-I.urt in -r-. I'li incident mentioned shows that the best women of
it..h: nim i i-r- no:t above gaining money y by any honest means. No
-I:l.ubtl it r .-. ,- nr.--d of economy and thrift. But the question arises,


did young Houston consume $15 worth of beer hims-ll i -rri.. I-i-
did, as the currency was almost worthless, like Confe.lc r.aii i..nc, : it
the close of the late war.
Apparently, the command was in no hurry to r-.-..1 lIh. r-i.i mi..
Imagine Stonewall Jackson marching fifteen miles on.- .J.i,. .,r.J tt.I
the next, while on his way to reinforce General Ltr' OI' SU'ibbth,
March the 4th, however, the day's march was twenty iii 'l,, '.:. r -..I
beyond New London. This day we pressed a hog, I.lil .: j -t-r -,1
without scraping." The word pressed," so familiar 1.:. I'_nir:jl:
soldiers, is therefore as old as the Revolution.
The night ofthe4th was spent at a Major Ward's, an..l :~ eii nil '.it r ..
the command crossed Staunton river, into Pittsylvani',. .,rl i mr.:tc.l
eight miles. On the 6th they advanced fourteen mil.-', l'1- .Ii .,r
Ward overtook them, with a complaint that some of hi.- i.t.-ir I''.-'-
perty had disappeared. \Ve were searched," says ittt .*I.rj, IrFl
Mr. Ward's goods found with James Berry and John Harris, who were
whipped. !) The same were condemned to ten lashes for disobeying
the officer of the day on Monday." Harris deserted on the 7th, and
Berry was arrested and sent to prison.
The Dan river was crossed on the Sth "At this river some mean
cowards threatened to return. This morning," (the 9th,) Lyle, Hays
and Lusk went to General Greene and returned. The same day deserted
Geo. Culwell."
The headquarters of General Greene's army was reached Saturday
night, the toth, and the battle of Guilford was fought on Thursday,
March i5th. Colonel McDowell's battalion of Augusta and Rockbridge
militia composed a part of General Stephen's brigade. The men were
ordered to "take trees," which they did with alacrity, many, however,
crowding to one tree. The close firing began near the centre,-but soon
extended along the line. During the battle, which lasted two hours
and twenty-live minutes, Mr. Houston discharged his rifle fourteen
times. He says, "our brigade Major, Mr. Williams, fled." For some
time the militia displayed great bravery; they repulsed the enemy
several times, and after advancing fell back, when compelled, in good
order. Finally they were assailed by the British light horse, "were
obliged to run, and many were sore chased and some were cut down."
Major Stuart was captured and Captain Tate killed. Eight or ten mar-
ried men of the Bethel church neighborhood were among the slain.
The men "all scattered," but soon came together, and with Captain
Moffett and other officers retreated fourteen miles. The following
night, through darkness and rain and want of provisions we were in
distress. Some parched a little corn."
Early in the morning of the i6th, the men were "decamped, and
marched through the rain till we arrived at Speedwell furnace, where
Greene had retreated from Guilford town." There we met many of
our company with great joy, particularly Colonel McDowell." Other


incli given up for lost also came in. In the evening orders were read
to draw provisions and ammunition, to be in readiness, which struck a
panic on the minds of many."
The next clay the men discussed the matter of returning home, plead-
ing want of blankets and clothing. "Mlany went off; a few were
remaining when General Lawson came and raged very much; and
about ten o'clock all but lcDowell came off."
Dan river was re-crossed on the rSth. "A little afterward many went
to a tavern, where some got drunk and quarreled." On the 2tst. we
paid lMurphy one dollar a man for horses to carry us over Goose Creek."
On the 22d, my brother and 1 hired Mr. Rountree's horses, and his son
came with us to Mr. Lambert's, when, after he received forty-three
dollars, he returned. We eat with Mr. Lambert and paid him ten dol-
lars each. I bought five books from him and paid him four hundred
and twelve dollars and a half. Ve crossed the mountains, and in the
valley saw the wonderfully mill without wheels, doors or floors." On
Friday, March 23d, Mr. Houston arrived at his brother \illiam's, and
there the diary ended.
We are accustomed to think of the men of the Revolutionary period
as all heroes panting for the fray, and patriots ready to make any sac-
rifice for the cause of their country. Here we see they were very much
like other people. The men who composed Colonel McDowell's bat-
talion were, most of tuem, worthy citizens, of fully average courage
and public spirit. But they were hastily levied, untrained, and easily
demoralized. However brave each man might be, he could not rely
with certainty on the support of his neighbors in the ranks, and there-
fore provided fur his own safety according to his best judgment. So
raw militia have nearly always acted, and nearly always will.
ihe second day after the battle," says Foote, when they must
-tillrr march further in pursuit of Cornwallis or return home, they all,
In f.ce of their Colonel marched off home. Some, both of the Caro-
lr,. and the Virginia militia, fled from the battle-ground on the 15th,
.r.-' never rested till they reached their homes. Some of the Virginia
iit,, that fled thus, in the fear lest they should be called to account for
thlir flight, retreated into the western ridges of the Alleghany, and
c..,, to old age dreaded the approach of a stranger, as perhaps an
oll.ter for their arrest for desertion."

\\OODS'S GAP (see pages 16 and 386), now called Jarnan's Gap, is
;c"tn miles north of Rockfish Gap. Two of Michael \'oods's sons in-
I.,. were Peter and William Wallace, and the third was John McDowell.
iS,:. page 31.) Samuel Wallace, son of Peter, removed to the Caldwell'
:ciilement, now Charlotte county, married Esther Baker, and was the
SI'd.Ir of the distinguished Caleb Wallace, born in 1741.



Among the natives of Augusta county who achi.t ..l ,'..r.i in1
abroad, General John Sevier, of Tennessee, is entitle- i 1 .'r,.,inrc-i
The grandfather of John Sevier, or Xavier, as origin al., r. rill-r .' 1
a native of France and a Huguenot. On the revocat:.r: ...' i lir E.l.:.r I
Nantes, he f-led to London, and became a prosperou- iin.-rc-l:io Ilh-r-
His son Valentine came to America, and settled in c.L.r \ 1ilc.. -ii tl'e
year 1740, it is said. Various deeds of record show t.i a l t.I.r .ili
or otherwise acquired, several tracts of land in AugLu.. i I ;: h
and his wife, Joannah, conveyed to Andrew Bird a tr.t I I, tel .eeii
Limestone Ridge and Smith's Creek, now in Rockl.,'-gi .:.:,,ri,'.
Peter Scholl was one of the witnesses to the deed. Some ten years
afterward he appears to have left the county temporarily, as, in 1763,
he sold a variety of personal property to Andrew Bird, and described
himself in the bill of sale as a farmer of Frederick county. He, how-
ever, did not remain away long, and in October, 1765, being then a resi-
dent of Augusta, conveyed to George Shumaker 31o acres lying "on
the south side of the North river of the Shandore, adjoining Benjamin
Borden's land." Among the witnesses to this deed was John Grattan.
On the ;7th of October, 1769, he conveyed to Thomas Reeves two
tracts, one of them, 304 acres, on the northwest side of Long Meadow.
It is probable that in the fall of 1769, Valentine Sevier went to the
Holston, along with the Campbells, Logan, Knox and others. The
Campbells settled in what is now Washington county, Virginia, but
Sevier went on into East Tennessee, then a part of North Carolina.
John Sevier, son of Valentine, was born in 1745, and probably on
Smith's Creek. He was sent to school in Fredericksburg, but, accord-
ing to his biographer, was married when only seventeen years of age.
In the new settlement on the Holston he soon acquired prominence.
He was better educated than most of the people, and a fluent and
effective speaker. It is said that he took part in the battle of Point
Pleasant, October 0o, 1774, but in what capacity is not known, probably
as an officer in Captain Evan Shelby's company. In 1777 he was ap-
pointed judge and administered all the functions of government in
''Washington District," as the region where he lived was called. As
Colonel of the mountain men, he commanded in many fights with the
Indians. At the head of a regiment hastily raised by him he helped
to win the battle of King's Mountain, on the 7th of October, 1780.
Thus two Augusta-born men, Sevier and Campbell, were leaders in
that celebrated engagement.
The people of the district west of the mountains complained that
they were neglected by North Carolina, and a few years after the Revo-

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