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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2011 THE OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE GOVERNMENT OF SAINT LUCIA FREE Wall Street is a long way from High Street, but as our economy becomes more integrated with the world economy through trade and investment, we also become more exposed to radical changes in the economies of the developed world. And so Saint Lucia has nancial upheaval. Remarkably, though, the island was one of the few countries that actually experienced strong growth in 2010. With a 4.4% growth rate, Saint Lucia had the highest growth in the OECS sub-region and one of the highest in the Caribbean. Permanent Secretary in the Minand National Development, this is a remarkable achievement especially when juxtaposed against some of the unique challenges brought on by 2010. This was when the island faced one of the most severe droughts in its history in the early part of the year and one of the worst natural disasters in the shape of Hurricane Tomas at the end of the year. Despite the challenges posed by both these phenomena, the island emerged from 2010 with a strong economic performance. Consultations, said the island recovered rapidly from the global this to timely policy action by the authorities. Saint Lucia also retained its severity of the economic forces marshalled against us. Some other countries were not so fortunate. Saint Lucia maintained its rating for a number of reasons including its exchange rate stability, base, moderate balance of payments and relatively low exteral agency which provides credit ratings on Caribbean countries.Continued on page 3


Page 2 Saturday September 10, 2011 The Government of Saint Luversity education more easily accessible has decided to transform the Sir Arthur Lewis Community University College. cantly to the development of the islands human resource, but in Governments push to make tertiary education more accessible and to provide Saint Lucians with the tion or further skills and training it believes the time is ripe to grant University College status to the SALCC. This is with the intention sity eventually. for the establishment of a University in Saint Lucia which would serve the need of the Saint Lucian society as well as the wider Caribbean. Government by Cabinet Conclusion #1387 of 2009 took the sion a reality. lined by the cabinet conclusion to be taken toward the realisation of the goal of transforming the SAL CC to a University College. This includes; the establishment of a a strategic plan and establishment the existing Act of 1985 establishing the SALCC. The transformation would require the formulation sational structure and operational modalities of the new entity. The Cabinet Conclusion called for the SALCC From Community College to Full-Fledge Unviversitydesign of a new organisational structure with the understanding that the orientation of a Communifrom that of University College and that as such it would require an organisational structure that a University College. provisions for the establishment of operating policies and procedures for the new institution; the conduct of a human resource audit; the establishment of funding mechanisms to the University Colleges ability to meet expenditures without complete dependence o Govtant consideration for the new facility, as is the design of a physical development master plan and the existence of various support systems, including adequate library facilities, information technology systems and mechanisms to ensure lor degree programmes in the areas of Humanities, Business, Nursing, Education, and Hospitality. charged with overseeing the implementation of these recommen dations. He is the Project Manager and says progress has been made toward the achievement of a numemphasis on the design of the Strategic Plan which will guide all othtablished in August 2010 to oversee implementation of the various elethat the project would last for 18 months ending in December 2011 project may have to be extended or subsumed under normal functions says, the board will have to make. suggested by Cabinet has been deferred in favour of a number the board, each one composed of knowledgeable experienced individuals. takeholder consultation was held to begin formulating a strategic direction for the exercise with various stakeholders from within the SALCC and the priviews and ideas to design a roadmap for the development of the Coming out of that exercise was a draft document which it is hoped the types of programmes to be ofa mission and vision statement for the new institution. the new Act to govern the institution would have been enacted and launch of the University College. Currently a team of consultants is working with the Government to review the existing Act as well as other benchmark legislation with a view to developing a comprehensive and germane regulation. The to the Board of Directors of the SALCC, who will in turn submit it to the Ministry of Education before as planned the University College September 2012. says critical decisions remain to be made on a number of issues such as the most suitable organisational structure for the new institution. This he says is critical, because as the transformation is made certain portfolios and designations will have to be decided upon. E.g. will the University College have a of a Principal? Equally important he says will be the policies and procedures required to govern the various departments of the new University College. A Human Resource audit was conducted to determine if the existing human resource base is adequate to deliver the degree programmes required by the new institution. One of the benchmarks of such an Degrees to chair faculties and guide the preparation of courses. Such an audit he says would help identify and address any gaps. established to come up with options for revenue generation to support the new institution. process by its nature is very involved and time consuming and as such a Dean from the Teacher Education Division with training and experience in this area has been charged with oversight for this aspect of the project. tant part of the duct of a space inventory which will give a true sense of the square footage of he existing College. This is important because it will help determine if the facility can accommodate or meet the expected demand and if it will need to be extended and how. As part of this special audit, consideration will also have to be given to the role of the other campuses at Dennery and use of those facilities. The role of the library facilities is being reviewed with a view to ensuring relevant content, and the feasibility of e-learning options. One suggestion under consideration is the delivery of some programmes via e-learning or online study. says, a lot of work has been done and a lot more remains to be done, but ultimately it is all for nought if success of the students he says that ultimately indicate the quality of the institution. Work is being done to create the sort of institution and environment to guarantee optimal learning and student success. the Sir Arthur Lewis Community sity. The establishment of such a facility will be expected to play a pivotal role in contributing to and engineering the future growth and development of our nation.


Page 3 Saturday September 10, 2011 Saint Lucias outstanding economic performance, says Mr. ments success in creating an environment conducive to recovery. Once the Government recognised the initial signs which accompanied the onset of the recession, it realised that creative ways would have to be found to cushion the impact on the economy and immediately set a chain of events in motion to do just that. the island from foreign investors but the crisis adversely impacted the level of foreign direct investment and brought a number of major projects to a screeching halt. The Government needed to ment and keep enough money circulating in the system while being careful to maintain macroeconomic stability in the country. nt paid particueconomic sector tourism. This sector employs more persons than any other sector and contributes the most to GDP, directly and indirectly. The Government sought to provide support to the sector by waiving taxes and duties on the importation of select items by hoincreased investment in tourism marketing through the Saint Lucia Tourist Board. The Board was able to come up with innovative ways to use those funds and the resulting marketing campaign bore fruit in the shape of a 10% increase in tourist arrivals. This was at a time when most islands experienced decreases in their arrivals. Not a single hotel closed its doors during this time. The same could not be said for o ther countries. The Government instituted sevcome tax allowance from $16,000.00 to $17,000.00 and the deduction for mortgage interest was increased from $15,000.00 to $18,000.00. The deduction for mortgage interest creased to $20,000.00 for a period of two years, after which everyone will receive a maximum of $18,000.00. The Government also extended the tax amnesty to a second year to give Saint Lucians time to deal with outstanding tax liabilities.nment also increased its budgetary allocation for income tax refunds from $2.5 million to $10 million and increased payment to pensioners from 2% to 5%. There was also a reduction in duty on a range of commodities that clearly impacted all consumers. The excise tax on fuel was reduced to cushion consumers. The Government also increased the subsidy on 20 pound LPG gas cylinders from $10.00 to $15.00 a cylinder basic commodity prices and stabiThrough the re-establishment of the Saint Lucia Development Bank, the Government channelled resources to facilitate lending to micro businesses. The provision by external agencies, most notably through the Exogenous Shock Fadence of the international community in the SLDB, the Government and Saint Lucia.duced a number of stimulus programmes in 2009 and has had at least seven since then. Under these programmes, funds are allocated to various communities to help generate employment and provide tangible assistance. These programmes are conducted at strategic times in the year such as Christmas and Easter when people are likely to be in need of the assistance the most. One programme undertaken in August this year, helped parents to purchase school books and other necessities for their children who are about to commence the new academic year. has been able to accelerate the implementation of key projects in the country and the overall project implementation rate has improved. tary says, has all contributed to growth and macroeconomic stability during this tough economic period. These measures rection and timely policy measures instituted by the Government of Saint Lucia.Growth and Economic Stability in the Midst of a Global StormThe Ministry of Agriculture is cess to resolve an impasse Fort and the parents of students, School, over unsanitary conditions from the nearby farms, which affected the operations of the educational institution. a long standing one, which at one point led to parents keeping their children also necessitated the relocation of students, while the Ministries of Education, Health, Agriculture and Planning worked to identify a permanent solution to the problem. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Hubert Emmanuel led a delegation to problems; the stench from the farms and the accompanying swarm of poultry farming has been practiced in the particular area, in excess of forty years. He explains though that problems which have manifested ing operations which have grown years. This would have resulted in the stench and the increase in the operations of the school.teps were taken to resolve both problems, starting able site to which to relocate the farmers. Several meetings were held with a number of stakeholders including the various ministries, the National Development Teachers Association of the school. The agreement was that the largest farmer who controlled at least 70% of the production in the area, that his relocation, because of the the school. he help of the Ministry of Planning and the NDC an area in this year, to which to relocate the areas was ideal because it had been and ruminant farmers as well as a couple poultry farms. g that the entire cost of the move could not be bourne by the farmer the Ministry of Agriculture petitioned the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration of an allocation of $150,000.00 to assist with the construction of a new pen for the farmer in Black bay. This request was approved by Cabinet and opened the way for construction of the new structure and reis anticipated that the relocation of the remaining farmers will cost about a third of the amount which it cost to relocated the largest. ase of the solution would involve the relocation of the remaining four farms from the area, following which the area within which the school is located would be designated a residential area. The Government had high hopes that this could have been achieved by the end of August, but there were challenges in the construction of an access road to the new farming area for the remaining smaller farmers, which is farther north of the school and away from any housing or other activity. Work has however, commenced on the demolition of the remaining farms, on September 3rd, just ahead of the reopening of school. the relocation of the farmers is an ongoing exercise in which the school and its PTA are constantly informed through ongoing dialogue with the Ministry of Agriculture. This approach he says is imbetween the comfort of residents, and the farmers who feed this nation. e of managing the balance between agricultural considerations and education is one that Government has always been the relocated farmer was critical to local egg production. The farmer in question is estimated to produce 25% of national production and is ranked as the second highest egg producer on the island. His conciency in egg production. Mr. Wilstandards including candling and grading of eggs. He is also the only egg producer who has met requirements that enable him to sell to cruise ships visiting the island. case story of how we as people and Government can manage the challenges of development in a small island context. This is even more critical considering the onset of new residential growth, the provision of community services, roads, schools and other services and the implications for existing farm land and other open spaces. Recognising this fact, Government continues to work to strike the balance between housing, creating jobs, providing education and conserving land and ensuring food security. With good planning it believes, these goals can complement, rather than compete with each other. The recent move by Government towards a permanent resolution of this longstanding problem, will no doubt be received with great joy and relief by the students, teachers and parents associated with the Laborie Combine School as they begin the new school year. New structure constructed for use by largest egg producer Problem Affecting Operations Of A ugier Combine School


Page 4 Saturday August 27, 2011 Get your Readiness Measure by answering these 10 questions 1. Does government have an emergency or disaster plan? 2. Does your place of work have an emergency or disaster plan? 3. In the past 30 days, have you seen or heard any messages that encourage people to take steps to be prepared for emergency situations in your community? 4. In the last year, have you prepared a Disaster Supply Kit with emergency supplies like water, food and medicine that is kept in a designated place in your home? 5. In the last year, have you prepared a small kit with emergency supplies that you keep at home, in your car or where you work to take with you if you had to leave quickly? 6. In the last year, have you made a specific plan for how you and your family would communicate in an emergency situation if you were separated? 7. In the last year, have you established a specific meeting place to reunite in the event you and your family cannot return home or are evacuated? 8. In the last year, have you practiced or drilled on what to do in an emergency at home? 9. In the last year, have you vo lunteered to help prepare for or respond to a major emergency? 10. Have you taken first aid training such as CPR SCORE OUT OF 10 _____________________________________ This section is taken from a larger Disaster Preparedness Manual. A complete copy is available on request from NEMO Disaster Preparedness Feature


Page 5 Saturday August 27, 2011 Feature Anse La Raye exists a small group of young people, silently and modestly working to change lives, one youth at a time. The Youth on Fire Ministry, quite aptly named, has as its main goal the inspiration and empowerment of other young people. Started seven the Catholic youth group in Anse La Raye, it was initially set up to meet the spiritual needs of com munity youth. Deboville says the plethora of challenges facing Anse La Rayes youth necessitated the broadening of that objective. The groups mission became the development of young leaders through participation in wholesome, meaningful activities that encourage skill development and self expression. This was important he says, because of the circumstances in which Anse La Raye youth existed -one of extreme of gangs. Youth on Fire Ministry he says, wanted to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness gripping the youth of the village, by being a catalyst for their moral and spiritual upliftment and the creation of productive and progressive adults who could in turn change the com munity. a variety of activities that are designed to help the over one hundred members tap into their full potential and develop into more well rounded adults. These include leadership programmes, mentoring, peer counselling, youth outreach, talks and discussions, dance, drama, music, and a host of other activities; all of this without adult support or funding. The nation got an opportunity to see the group UP programme last month. They put on an exciting step performance that served as a call to action for youth to volunteer through a wide variety of community initiatives and groups. Their performance was received with thunderous applause. and performer is intimately aware of the powerful transformative pro-Youth on Fire MinistryChanging the World One Youth at a Time cess that the arts have on the individual and on society and has been instrumental in including performing arts on the groups agenda. She is now helping other young and talent to unify the community and empower its youth. Through the groups mentor programme, members get the opportunity to meet and interact with individuals already working in areas they are interested in, who can share their experiences with them. This sort of encouragement Shanice says is important because young people in Anse La Raye in addition to all the challenges that come with their youth must contend with peculiar challenges that stem from living in Anse La Raye, including its extreme poverty. But there are a lot of positives that often go unnoticed. Youth on Fire Ministry Shanice says aspires to highlight the positives in the comto inspire young people to explore their potential as human beings in relation to themselves, others and to cultivate leaders and to create platforms of self expression for them to voice their dreams and concerns. At the same time she to raise awareness amongst the adults and the rest of the island of the current social and environyoung people and their future, so that they too can take action to ensure that it is the best future for everyone. positive motivated young people can achieve. Theyve learned to develop what is best in themselves youth do the same; not just in the community of Anse La Raye, but throughout the island. Government is proud of and will continue to encourage such initiatives by our nations youth.


Page 7 Saturday September 10, 2011 Page 6 Saturday September 10, 2011 The approach to development in the Babonneau Constituency is one that builds on a balanced approach and that addresses and integrates economic, social, environmental and cultural considerations into the process. This is apparent in the wide scope and nature of projects undertaken in the community thus far, as well as those earmarked for completion in the coming months. Ongoing projects include the construction of public toilet facilities and four vending booths at Babonneau to create employment for local crafters. The opening of the Rainforest Skyrides has meant an increase in tourists travelling through the community, and it is envisioned that central Babonneau. new police station in central Babonneau on a recommendation from the Minster of National Security and Police Commissioner for it to be centrally located. A new Fire Station is in the planning stages and the tendering process will start shortly. A site has already been A number of roads have been constructed or renovated with support of the Kuwaiti Government. The Babonneau, Fond Assau and Inner Cabiche roads are all under construction and will be completed in a few weeks. health facility there to a The health facility at Boguis was decommissioned following a recent landslide the void created. The Babonneau health facility even IV facility (one level below a polyclinic) has had to cope with growing demands for its services and that is beginning to test the capacity opment Fund, a project proBank and the Government ing facility and construction constructed on the grounds Combined School and students have been relocated to accommodate construction. A new wing is being built at Fond Assau Combined School, to replace an old wooden structure there. shortly on a new playing for that purpose and two new multipurpose courts will also be built a Ti Morne been upgraded and lights installed. son King, and the Honourable Ezechiel Joseph are undertaking a joint project to upgrade the Balata playshortly on the fencing, relaying of the surface of the facility, the installation of lights, and proper drainage. It has been noted that interest in sports has increased installation of lights at the various sporting facilities, which allows for longer participation in events and the staging of more night time of the facilities also has the from deviant and unproductive activities ber of inner community roads designed to make travelling more comfortable for residents while granting easier access to emergency vehicles from the Government of Tairoads have been done, with another four to be completed in the coming weeks.ment programmes are being undertaken and supported in the constituency cricket competitions, to football competitions which are sponsored by the Constituency Representative. This year, the annual Babonneau Youth and Sports Awards sports and academics. Geurre, Boguis and Plateau allon water tank, which served these communities. This problem has been addressed with the gallon tank at a cost of half a million dollars. Based on munities should have a reliable supply of water from now on. In addition the new tank should reduce pressure on the Garrand and lower Babonneau supply from the tank. Several school IT labs have been upgraded, including the labs at Fond Assau Combined, Boguis Combined and Babonneau Primary. Security fencing is being installed at the Balata Combined School. That school is earmarked to receive assistance in the form of a new library and IT centre. onstituency Representative is also involved in several unpublicised social programmes, and continues support to the needy and sick in the community. There is a very successful school book programme which constudents. Residents continue to gain employment through various projects including ongoing road and drainage works, owing to a deliberate decision to hire only local contractors and labour for these projects.Honourable Ezechiel Joseph Minister for Agriculture, Land, Fisheries and Forestry and Parliamentary Representative for BabonneauFond Assau Agro Processing Centre Some of the Products of the Rural Women NetworkHon. Joseph recognized two UWP stalwarts, Mrs. Raymona Cornibert and Mr. Denis Jn Baptiste who both reached the age of 90Bon Manje Road Cork Poul Road Talvan Desablon Road Boguis Ti Morne Road Drainage Work Balata Laundry Road Drainage Work Duncan Road Plateau Drainage Work Robert Lee Road PlateauSelf Help Project at Cacoa GiraudFamily Lane La Guerre Faway Road Balata Garrand Footpath Jacobie Road Des Barras La Guerre Health Centre Access Road Chicken Back Street Pork Palace Road Ti Ravine Road 160,000 gallon water tank erected at Paix Bouche Wheel Chair Assistance Babonneau Primary School students regcognised for excellance at the Common Entrance examinations Pre -Schools Sports Meet in the Babonneau community Childrens Party at Paix Bouche Bus Shelter at Des Barras Bus Shelter at Plateau2010 20/20 Cricket ChampionsBabonneau Health Facility


Page 8 Saturday September 10, 2011 As food prices continue to remain high, with potential increases on the horizon because of soaring oil prices and supply concerns, experts says there is one often-overlooked solution A group from the Barre St Joseph/Ti Colon Development mission to empower women farmers in a bid to relieve hunger while providing its Anastasie Augustin is the President of the Barre St Joseph/Ti Colon Development ago a group of forty three women from the organisation decided to start a kitchen garden project as a direct response to the rising food pricEmpowering women could also improve food security for their entire family, because women are more likely than men to spend additional income on food, education and other basic household prepared a proposal and the European Union and the Food and Agriculture Orreceived a grant from the months ago, to assist with used to construct a nursery in Barre St Joseph and to purchase farming equipment, a water tank and various other The participating women were able to purchase seedlings with grant funding provided by the FAO to begin Barre St Joseph/Ti Colon Women Agri-project crops produced by the women are cucumbers, carrots, There are plans to expand the range of crops to include watermelon and honeydew but heavy rains have delayed ised as individual farmers and community plot farmers dynamic among the group, and to allow women who are interested in the project but who dont own land to parhas contributed the land for ce from the project is distributed among participating members to surplus is sold to the community and to local shops has held discussions with the Saint Lucia Marketing Board and Super J Supermarket chain about possible part The major challenge for the group now is how to sustain the project since the funding eration has been given to the formation of a cooperative, but this will require a lot more the women have decided to establish a bank account to which members contribute a have been hindered by the However discussions have been held with the Ministry of Agriculture with a view to obtaining a portion of land at Roseau for expansion of tin says the achievements of the group in one short year is nothing short of spectacular and wants the experience to motivate other community developof their comfort zones and explore various opportunities for growth and developin the project she says had no knowledge or experience was an idea and they acted members on an eight month farmer training programme and those two women help equip yourself with the tools you need to make your drea an important lesson about bridging the gender gap in ing women the same tools and resources as men, innancial services, technical equipment, land, education and markets, could help increase agricultural production and help improve the group of hard working women for their courage and provide a good example of proactive and positive thinking transformed into meanno doubt contribute towards improving their quality of life as individual women and at the households and Women Acting to Secure Self


Page 9 Saturday September 10, 2011 The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has commenced the recruitment process for calls for a replacement to obsolete charged primarily with responsibility for patrolling the islands beaches and ensuring the safety of According to Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Responsible for Administration and Corporate Services, Errol Alexander, the growing importance of the tourism industry to the national economy, has made it necessary for the unit to be revived, Fear of abduction, muggings and rape, Alexander says are very real among tourists and may be keeping T and National Security will launch its National Crime Prevention Strategy later this month with an islandwide anticrime campaign dubbed UNITED crime prevention strategy will foinclude Community policing, the development of neighbourhood watch programmes as well as family-based programs for preventing and other economic activities is one other area of concern which will be ers says, have a marked impact on the tourism sector, given the importance of positive consumer ism is the largest foreign exchange earner for the island and the largest employer, he says the provision of a safe and secure environment for includes a behavioural research component which will provide behavioural solutions to the high rates of recidivism and the increasing gang membership in some mavision Programme, radio programmes and other communica tion activities will feature crime as to curb the nuisance of crime in our success of entire prevention strategy will be based on the accom plishment of six primary objectives key among which is the establishment of a comprehensive policy to address crime in a coordinated on the resources of all government agencies, civil society and the priunderstanding and common vision of how we, as a nation, are going to tackle crime is imperative to the success of inform and stimulate initiatives at facilitate the development of a set of national programmes and focus departments in delivering quality service aimed at solving the probshould also foster partnership with the private sector and civil society to maximize civil society's participation in mobilizing and sustaining crime pre Mayers says will require ongoing research, and evaluation of Best Practices as well as participation in regional and international crime of the problem he says demands a regional as well as national policy and as such requires a response that in turn transcends national borhe says must be co-opted because they can play an important role implementing violence prevention programs targeting youth violence, violence against women, and other ree development isment, Crime, and Education/Trainnot just as a developmental issue strategic objectives outlined by the tive measures to reduce the threat tive mechanisms to improve the quality of life and to improve the safety and security of citizens and vis s strategy is a coordemonstrating collective commitity for crime prevention is not exrequires the participation, of civil society, the private sector, community groups, government organizations, youth groups, faith based organizations, trade unions, and advocacy groups to identify hard core solutions and to mobilize parHe says while the strategy will seek out the facts and behavioural nt is guided by the template developed by the United Nations during its consultations in the Caribbean in 2008/2009 and the 2006 Deosaran Report on a Nationwide Survey on Fear of Crime and Community Policing in Saint Lu a Social dimension which seeks to reduce the socially deprived conditions which leads to crime, and the there are Justice and Legal consid erations which would encompass creasing the visibility of the police in the society is expected to also contribute to a reduction in deviant behav be given to protecting the environsuring that corporate responsibility is undertaken with innovation A major challenge for Caribbean countries is the growing threat posed by organized trans-national crime and the proliferation of small arms and light weapons and which necessitates Caribbean nations to combat This Mayers says will require Saint Lucia contextualize and streamframeworks and driven by statistics, and the hard facts that will enable the development of appropriate responses, A Proactive Approachsolutions and programmes to deal with the problem of crime in a decicomponent will be our guide on the way forward to reduce recidivism He says the government is heartcrime, to date, but the prevention aspect requires a social responpartners intend to harness as it moves forward with the UNITED The campaign will be launched during the last week of September and the programmes will be presented to the public and communi Resumes Beach Patrolslarger numbers of vi to the cruise ships that bring them other perceptions about onshore law enforcement, he says are very It is with this in mind he says that steps are being taken to ensure visitors a safe and stive of the Police department along with tourism stakeholders have decided to rement made provisions in the last budget estimates for the training completed on applicants and the interview process began as of Monrecruits will complete an intensive three week training programme during which they will acquire skills necessary to manage criminal activity in areas frequented by instruction in basic policing and be deployed around the island with a special concentration in the north of the island, where statistics The new recruits will be sworn in as members of the RSLPF as Special police Constables and will augment existing police patrols in various crime hotspots and popular With an average of 30 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants annually, the English-speaking Caribbean now has one of the highest murder says is a major concern to the police and the fragile tourism sector, which is especially sensitive to risserious implications for the tourism sector, as evinced by the recent removal of the island from Norwegian Cruise Lines itinerary following a tion Alexander says is critical to the success or failure of a tourism destination, and that in turn depends on the islands ability to provide a safe and secure environment for Ranger Unit he says is one step toward ensuring jSenator Hon. Guy Mayers National Security Vernon Francois Acting Commissioner of Police


Page 11 Saturday September 10, 2011 Page 10 Saturday September 10, 2011 Work is progressing on the construction of the islands new general hospital, with approximately seventy percent of the project already complete. Saint Lucias New General Hospital Coming Soon The new hospital when completed will boast a state of the art accident and emergency department. The new national hospital is a 116 bed facility, two storey reinforced concrete structure of approximately 14, 500 square metres.


Page 12 Saturday September 10, 2011 Please email your comments or questions to: order to properly understand the causes of the errors and omissions on St. Lucias prepared. All information on births for the state of St. Lucia is recorded on various registers that are securely stored at the Civil Status Registry (located on Brazil Street in Castries). member of the public applying to the Registry for a the particulars of his birth have been retrieved from the appropriexactly as it appears on the register. This is critical. To make sure of Registry. It is important to note that even if an error on the register actly mirror that which appears on the register. making amendments to the register. Any such amendments must cates mostly complained of are the information having been originally entered on the various Birth Registhe heart of the problem. not infallible. They will make the odd typographical or other clerical error during the preparation of stantial. next how are the Birth Registers prepared? A hospital birth form is completed for each child born at hospital. birth and the names of the parents are noted on this form. These forms are then transferred in batches to the relevant District Registrars for the initial recording of the births in the relevant Birth Registers. Howbirth the parents must apply to the appropriate District Registrar to have the child registered. (Before the passing of the Civil Status Act tion of a child was one year.) (2) insert a forename or forenames for the child if he was not already named at hospital and (3) insert the fathers name on the childs birth record if the child is illegitimate. Inserting a fathers name on the record of an illegitimate child involves the further step of a depogarding the childs paternity. The mother deposing that the man who claims to be the father is in fact the father of the child. for the various districts are transwhere they are stored in the Registrys vault. completeness and correctness of their childs birth record information both at the hospital and subseparents essentially have two opportunities to ensure that the information appearing on his birth record is pital birth form is being prepared. The second is during the subsethe appropriate District Registrar. fail to make use of necessary details correctly inserted on their childs birth record by alcient information to be entered on the hospital birth form. This may have occurred for one of several reato name their children from the hosat the hospital. (Note however that this was more an issue with the hospitals recording system than it was with childrens parents.)(a) tion have been seen in recent times but in earlier years the rate of illiteracy throughout factor in respect of the birth who possessed poor literacy skills would have undoubtedly found it challenging to convey the correct information to be recorded on hosproper spelling of their own names. These parents would verify the accuracy of the information actually recorded on the forms.(b) pital against naming their child absence of a forename from the District Registrars initial record in respect of the child. that a name was recorded for the child was therefore missed. (c) parents names entered on hospital birth forms were not ports and birth or baptism parents were not minded to ensure that the information noted on the hospital birth form was completely accutheir middle names and house created by the fact that certain names could be spelt in more childs mothers name might have been recorded as Crystal Taylor on the hospital birth spelling of her name was actually Kristal Taylor. or omissions in the information the importance of their child having a complete and correct time within which their child (d) Lax recording procedures at more an issue with the District Registrars system of recording births than it was an issue with childrens parents.) (a) registering their child without properly verifying the accuracy and completeness of the information which was initially noted on the childs birth form. This may have been due to parents not fully understanding the importance of their child having both a com-Why Errors and Omissions Exist on Part I from the time of his registration. In all fairnes spread until recently in 2006 accepted for the purposes of obtaining a passport or an ID for several other transactions for which only a Birth Certherefore was not absolutely necessary for parents to have their childrens birth record details in good order. Many parents did not fully understand the involved namay have also caused them to approach the registration of their children as casually as they did. Many still beply involves reprinting the bears the correct details. As a result of parents casual approach to their childrens for parents would remain on ents who were perhaps insistent on waiting until baptism to name their child would have lost another opportunity to ensure that a forename had been recorded for the child Some parents were adamant about not naming their children before baptism as they believed that to do otherwise would bring them bad luck. The names of unwed fathers who were not present at their childrens registration would not be inserted on their childrens records. Badly transcribed birth dates would remain incorrect on the Birth Registers.Continued in the next of issue of National Review