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SATURDAY, AUGUST 27, 2011 THE OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE GOVERNMENT OF SAINT LUCIA FREE Recognising that the island deserves a new start from the failed politics of the past, the Government of Saint Lucia, has embarked on a series of legislative changes designed to promote economic and social wellbeing while enhancing the quality of life of citizens. Catalogued here are a number of these legislative changes undertaken by the Government as solutions to the challenges facing our nation. Electronic Transactions Act No. 16 of 2011; The Electronic Transactions Act prescribes the legal infrastructure for electronic commerce. The main purpose of the Act is to facilitate electronic communica tions and reduce the barriers to electronic commerce by validating electronic records and signatures, and to promote the business (and legal) infrastructure necessary to implement a secure environment for electronic commerce. The Act allows individuals and businesses to use electronic communications for personal and commercial pur poses while knowing that their communications and transactions will have the same protection in court as paper documents. Data Protection Act No. 11 of 201; The Data Protection Act provides a comprehensive framework for the protection of the privacy of personal information on individuals. The Act handling of an individuals personal information and covers any data which may be used to identify an individual, such as: name, birth date, religion, sexual orientation and marital status. This Act is not yet in force.Computer Misuse Act No.12 of 2011; This Act provides for the protection of computer ity, integrity and availability of data. It further provides for the prevention of abuse of com puter systems and facilitates the gathering and use of electronic evidence in relation to criminal activities penetrated through computer systems. This Act is not yet in force. Financial Services Regulatory Authority Act No. 13 of 2011; The Financial Services Regulatory Authority Act provides for the establishment of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority, a single unit that is responsible for the regulation ECCB Member countries. The credit unions, building societtutions, insurance companies, tions that are not licensed under the uniform Banking Act No. 36 of 2006. Commercial Code (Bills of Exchange)(Amendment) Act No. 14 of 2011; This forms part the ECCB for the operation of a payment system to complesector. There has been a rise in the use of electronic methods of transmission of monetary instruments such as Bills of Exchange. It is therefore necessary to authorize cheques and other Continued on page 3


Page 2 Saturday August 27, 2011 The Government of Saint Lucia through its Ministry of Health has undertaken a major healthcare information management programme that promises to address a number of gaps and deon the island by computerizing the data at the islands public health facilities. The National Health Management Information System (NHMIS) will assist health administrators and the Government by extension, to make evidence based decisions aimed at improving the quality of healthcare on the island, hinged on statistics generated by the system. nal Health Management Information System (NHMIS) was procured by the Ministry of Health, and has since been modi based health information system. It is a comprehensive Health Infor mation System designed to enable of the islands national and local health sector. The system is part of the Ministry of Healths reform agenda and is being overseen by a nine member NHMIS Unit based at the National Wellness Centre. According to Ms. Sheralin Monrose, Systems Analyst and Acting IT Project Manager, this agenda was informed by the need to improve the quality of care and patient safety, whilst decreasing workplace inconcerns about the safety of their medical records. Health was developed. This plan outlined several strategies for improving the quality of services, making it more accessible and affordable to the most vulnerable persons in the society. The Plan highlighted seven (7) strategic directions to guide reform activities towards improving the quality of ening the health system in order to sustain health gains now and in the coming years, she explains. tem will in essence create an electronic health record for every patient that interacts with a facility but instantaneously be replicated to every other connected public health facility on the island, via a secure internal network, allowing authorized clinicians to manage on the patients medical history. Included in this information are patient demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology reports. The system was January 2007 and was re-launched in May 2011. onrose says is a critical concern to the Unit and so the system has been designed to be role of medical personnel with access. All authorized clinicians will be provided with unique usernames and passwords and their degree of access will be guided by their job roles. The system she says, will not allow any medical personnel to access more information now, than they currently have access to, under the manual system. In addition she says there are two levels of encryption at the local and server levels, which will assist in guar data being replicated. (8) modules, four of which will be implemented in this initial phase. These modules include the Admis sions, Discharge and TransferElectronic Health Record (ADT-EHR), Personnel Allocation and Tracking (PAT); Clinician Order Entry (COE) and Supply Chain Management (SCM)). The system documents all encounters with the public health services into an electronic health record (EHR) which forms the core of the system and around which all the modules are designed. It also captures data relating to human resources, pharmaceutical dispensing and stock inventory, laboratory services and public health. The NHMIS collects data from the various functions within the health sectors and acts as a central repository for this critical information. Authorized users, whether clinical the data. Strategic decisions can then be based on the information that will be readily available from the NHMIS. ding from the Caribbean Development Bank, the Unit is rolling out the programme at eleven health centres in this initial phase and has recently completed training for approximately 180 medical personnel at all levels. The Unit has recognised the need for separate computer literacy training for some personnel and has also undertaken to complete this training. Computer literacy training is currently ongoing at VieuxFort and Laborie Health Centres, and once complete the roll out of the health system will begin. Support technicians will be stationed at various facilities to provide post implementation support once the system is fully rolled out and until medical personnel are au courant with the system. tion, Monrose says, was due to the fact that the original system did not take into consideration some of the unique characteristics of the local healthcare systems. Consequently, the Unit has had to customise and functions of the primary healthcare level. tion is being prepared which would set out the legislative rules for collection, use, disclosure, retention and destruction of personal health information required to facilitate the introduction of a national health information system in Saint Lucia. This legislation is required to create a privacy framework applicable to St. Lucia particularly electronic health records; as well as address issues concerning com prehensive protection of personal health information, address gaps in privacy coverage, enhance the accountability of individuals and authorities who collect, use and disclose personal health information by establishing and enhancing requirements for policies and practices for the protection of personal health information as well as provide individuals with their right to receive access to and request cor rection of personal health information. Part of this legislative review will include consultation with the public and key stakeholders within the Ministry of Health. The Government stands behind the new computerized system which automates and streamlines operations at the various public health facilities. It has the ability to generate a complete record of a clinical patient encounter as well as supporting other care-related activities directly or indirectly including evidence-based decision support, quality management, and outcomes reporting which will improve overall healthcare delivery which is important to the Government.Computerization of Healthcare RecordsImproving patient safety reporting and data analysis Fellow Saint Lucians, members of the teaching frater nity, students; may I take this opportunity to welcome everyone in ushering the new school year 2011-2012 and to wish Gods tions children, principals, teachers, and all other members of the of Education. challenging year for the Education Sector. The Government of St Lucia, your Government, is aware of the hardships that Hurricane especially in our rural communi ties. Ministry of Education and Culture moved expeditiously in the restoration of the schools to facilitate an early resumption of Honourable Arsene Jamesschool. Government has made a special additional provision under the Education Assistance Fund to assist the most vulnerable students in the Country. ment. There is still a major problem with literacy and numeracy as several of the nations children are unable to read and write. The Minproviding a conducive learning environment through the improvement of the infrastructure and pedagogical practices of educators. The Ministrys long term objective is to have at least one graduate in every household in St Lucia. This commitment to education. gratulate all students who excelled in their Caribbean Second CXC Examinations this year, but in particular I wish to highlight the performance of Gabriel Jarnickae Wilson of the St Marys College lowing subjects: Biology, Caribbean History, English A, English Literature, French, Chemistry, Economics, Human and Social Biology, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Principles of Accounts, and Spanish. I also wish to congratulate all the principals and teachers for their dedication, diligence and hard work. Excellence Initiative that has been ucation calendar has had a boosting and serves as a motivating force in the drive towards excellence. The Government of Saint Lucia mainly through the Ministry of Education and Culture has the colossal task and responsibility for educating the nations children tomorrows leaders with the necessary tools for survival in this the As in the words of our Nobel Laureate Sir William Arthur Lewis, is not money but knowledge. Let us all work together in reducing the level of poverty, by taking an active role in educating and developing the nations children our children. wishes on behalf of the Government and in particular the Ministry of Education to all parents, teachers and students for a positive and productive school year 2011 to 2012. positive development of the education sector in keeping with international standards and the demands of the technological age. Special Back to School Message From Minister of Education & Culture Hon. Arsene James Minister for Education & Culture


Page 3 Saturday August 27, 2011 Continued from page 1 instruments to be presented in electronic form and to make possible the utilization of document imaging processes and other processes as technology processes. Act No. 2 of 2010; Counter-TrafLaundering (Prevention) Act No.8 of 2010; Extradition (Amendment) Act No. 3 of 2010; Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) Act No. 4 of 2010; Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Act to the Forty Recommendations and the Nine Special Recommendations developed by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The FATF is an inter-governmental body which prepares values and develops and encourages rules to reduce money Saint Lucia as a member country of the FATF is required to take the needed steps to get its system for combating money laundering and Forty Recommendations and to efCriminal Code (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2010; The Criminal Code (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2010 extends the category of seritaking; participation in an organized criminal group and migrant smuggling. 7 of 2010; This Act implements the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress sons, Especially Women and Children. This Protocol supplements the Palermo Convention. The Act criminalizes the following activities if used for exploitation: the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons by means of threat or use of force or other means of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or position of vulnerability, giving or receiving of payment or person having control over another person. Money Laundering (Prevention) No. 8 of 2010; This Act makes provision for the functions and powers of the Financial Intelligence Authority; prevention measures to be taken by engaged in other business activity; freezing and forfeiture of property; mutual legal assistance. The Act to a large extent implements the Palermo Convention.Extradition (Amendment) Act No. 3 of 2010; The Extradition (Amendment) Act No. 3 of 2010 laundering, terrorism and terrorist epartment approved by Cabinet. Under the new structure the post of Complaints ed in the Act. Micro and Small Scale Business Enterprises (Amendment) Act No. 6 of 2009; An amendment to the Micro and Small Scale Business Enterprises Act, Cap. 13.19 was also passed on April 27, 2009. The amendment makes it possible for a small scale business enterprise to make an electronic application to der the Act. The Ministry is per to facilitate the capture, retrieval, analysis and reporting of data as a result of the amendment. Police (Amendment) Act No. 1 of 2009; The Police (Amendment) 2009. The Police Act, Cap. 14.01 was amended to strengthen the search and detention powers of the police by facilitating the use of less lethal weapons by the police. is extremely proud of its achievements to date with respect to fulagenda. There is no doubt that our from these changes, which will contribute towards upgrading and modernizing standards in public service and governance. The Ministry of Health Attacks Dengue From All Fronts The Ministry of Health says it has adopted a multipronged response to the outbreak of Dengue Fever on the island with an emphasis on the prevention of the disease. ng to Wenn Gabriel, Chief Environmental Health the problem primarily on two fronts; preventing people from Aedes Aegypti mosquito), and part of the strategy he says, stresses public education, by encouraging the use of repellents, screens, the spraying pesticides, encouraging people to wear long sleeved clothing and to close their homes at the mosquitos peak active period, which is about an hour before sunset. The Aedes Aegypti, Gabriel says is adapted to breed around human dwellings and as such hardly ventures beyond 100 metres from any dwelling. It prefers to lay its eggs in clean water which contains no other living species. People not only provide the mosquitoes with blood meals but also water-holding containtires and discarded appliances in and around the home needed to complete their development Gabriel says. Their eggs become adult in about one-and-a-half to two weeks and the Ministry has been encouraging home owners to conduct regular inspections of their surroundings and to destroy any water holding containers. Merely emptying these containers Gabriel says, is not enough, as there is evidence to suggest the ability of the eggs to withstand desiccation (drying) and to survive without water for several months on the inner walls of containers. has forged alliances with several organisations and institutions he says, because it recognises that control and prevention of Dengue will require a wide and collective approach. To this end it has met with and recruited various Governmental and Non-governmental agencies to help combat the spread of the disease. Working with community based organisations it has conducted community clean up activities and has teamed up with the Ministry of Agriculture to reach farmers to conduct training across sectors. In additio been conducting random inspections of households and premises to both educate householders, and to treat potential breeding places. That exercise he says targets the mosquito at its aquatic stage of development. The Ministry of Health is also engaged in fogging activities which target the adult mosquito for a quick kill of the adult population. These fogging exercises aim to destroy the mosquito when its most active, (at sunset), in order to achieve maximum kill. These fogging activities have been centred in low lying heavily populated, urban areas, which are favoured by the mosquito. edes Aegypti is continually responding and adapting to environmental change. The Ministry of Health, Gabriel says, must adapt its strategy likewise, to deal with the vector, by using a multi-pronged approach involving all departments of the Ministry. public awareness aspect to the Ministrys work which is being spearheaded by its Bureau of Health Education. In addition the Ministry has extended the opening hours at all health centres in order to facilitate persons who may be infected. The Ministry of Health continues to call on all communities and organisations to partner with it and take action to reduce and eliminate breeding grounds and conditions for the mosquito and Dengue Fever. At the individual level it is encouraging home owners to continue regular inspections of their homes and surroundings to ensure that they are not contributing to the proliferation of the disease. Lets make this a national commitment to eradicate Dengue amending the Schedule of the Extradition Act, Cap. 2.10. ment) Act No. 4 of 2010; Under this Customs and the Marine Services are authorized to seize and detain cash, currency or bearer negotiable instruments that are in excess of US$10,000.00 which has not been declared or about which there is suspicion that they are the proceeds of crime. Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Act No. 5 of 2010; The amendment to the Anti-Terrorism Act 2003, No. 36 addresses access to frozen funds. The Anti-Terrorism Act 2003, No. 36 freezes assets using a restraining order. Act No. 5 of 2010 amends the Anti-Terrorism Act 2003, No. 36 to provide for the review of restraining orders, expiry of restraining orders and disposal of property seized or dealt with. Payment Systems Act No. 10 of 2010; The Payment System Act forms part of the suite of laws aimed at harmonizing and consoliits role of ensuring monetary and tion of Eastern Caribbean States. It advances the operation and regulation of the payment system gener erning the payment system. Money Services Business Act No. 11 of 2010; Act creates a body that is responsible for the supervision of money services business. It seeks to ensure that where the business is acknowledged as a funds transfer operator, the business will have to comply with the payment system law and be placed under the direct supervision of the ECCB. The Money Services Business Act governs money services business so that the Eastern Caribbean Cur rency Union can be strengthened. No. 2 of 2009; The Income Tax (Amendment) Act was also passed and came into force on January 19, 2009. This Act made various changes to the Income Tax Act, Act was expanded to include the determination of tax due and payemoluments paid by international organizations or other Governments which provide technical cooperation services were exempted under the Act. Distribution and Price of Goods (Amendment) Act No. 5 of 2009; On April 27, 2009 the Distribution and Price of Goods (Amendment) Act was passed to amend the Distribution and Price of Goods Act 2006, No. 35. The Act was amended to


Page 4 Saturday August 27, 2011 NEMO Disaster Preparedness Feature a tendency to throw out the phrase Early Warning System or EWS as part of the Caribbean Comprehensive Disaster Management Strategy and it is part of the Hyogo Framework of Action. Warning Systems for disas ter risk reduction enhanced at the community and national levels. Identify, assess, and monitor disaster risks and enhance early warning. e found that a EWS is as unique as the hazard that it is monitoring. By that I mean: (a) Epidemiological Surveillance for Human Health and Zoonotic Diseases; ries for eruptions and (d) Seismic and sea level monitoring for T sunamis. has recognized the uniqueness EWS and expressed it in their Expected Result #6 Enhanced capabilities of Members in multi hazard early warning and disaster prevention and preparedness. n earthquake of 12 January, 2010 has made some of us in the Caribbean take a long hard look at preparations for disasters. Quesof this earthquake that focus on Building Codes, Public Education for Quakes and Tsunamis and developmental issues on the whole. Over and over again it is building codes. Really? Raise your hand, how many of our Caribbean Nations (1) Have Building Codes and (2) If we have them enforce them without fear or favour. Much of the Caribbean, including Haiti, has no building codes. is a microcosm of what is happening and what will happen to the Caribbean when the 8M Earthquake arrives. 8M? rds indicate that the Caribbean has aver aged one 8M earthquake every rect to observe that the 1900s didnt record such a monster. So when is it due? There remains no way to predict when, where and how large earthquake will occur precisely. Earthquake prediction is still on a research stage, not operational. public education. With the main threat of a local tsunami [less than 60min to arrival] coming from a 5min arrival time to the north coast of Grenada if the Volcano broke the surface and triggered a tsunami Saint Lucia 43minutes. It MUST be explained to the public with such dramatic time lines that rive in time to warn persons. People must learn to selfevacuate the way they did in Chile on 27 February, 2010. The Earthquake in and of itself must become the Alarm. The receding sea and the roar of the jet engine is the indicator to Get Out of Dodge City! be explained to decision makers that when the Paissues an Advisory, Watch or Warning for the Caribbean informing that an earthquake has occurred with the potential for generating a local or regional tsunami, in some places there will be no time for the traditional pre strike meeting. The National Tsunami Focal Point in this particular scenario is Evacuation and head for the hills themselves. Discussions will take place later. tendency of Caribbean people to not want to evacuate will cost us in lives lost. Systems and SOPs of counPlans for a Local Tsunami can only do so much. Dependence Alert in such a scenario has the potential for hundreds if not thousands of deaths. Contingency planning as understood in the region has the luxury of focusing on Regional and Distant Tsunamis; that is tsunamis that are over 3 hours away. as never before. We MUST understand that tsunamis can be detected using our human senses. Nature gives us the heads up. It is up to us to recognize and react. So if we feel it see it hear it? RUN! FEEL Strong local earthquakes may cause tsunamis. FEEL the ground shaking severely? SEE As a tsunami approaches shorelines, water may recede from the coast, exposing the SEE an unusual disappearance of water? HEAR Abnormal ocean activity, a wall of water, and approaching tsunami sound similar to that of a train HEAR the roar? RUN evacuation orders. Immediately leave lowlying coastal areas. Move inland to higher ground. RUN if you see a tsunami coming! as happened with portunity for the Caribbean to learn and get our act together. It is not a moment of relief and comfort to look in the mir grace of God go I. The 8M lurks out there.A. L. Dawn French BSc (Hons.), MA (EPDC), PgD (RCDM) CDEMA CU Technical Advisor to CPD Hati and Director of the National Emergency Management Organsiation of Saint-Lucia


Page 5 Saturday August 27, 2011 Feature Jarnickae Wilson a student of St. Marys College is now a household name on the island following his amazing feat. The 16-year-old collected his results and was over the moon to discover he'd been awarded thirteen distinctions. The range of subject areas (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Economics, Human and Social Biology, History, French, Spanish, Information Technology, and Principles of Accounts) give an inkling of the varied interests of this multi-faceted young man, who claims to party as hard as he studies. The ultimate secret of his success he says is his ability to strike the perfect balance between his studies and extra curricula activities. He plays the cello, and is a member of the St. Marys College volleyball team. In addition he was a member of the schools debate team, and participated ment in his second year in 2008 and again in 2010. His participation in such a wide range of activities is sparked by a constant desire to challenge himself mentally and physically. He admits to a great passion for knowledge and a constant desire to learn new things which he believes ultimately led to his success at this years exams. That, and a conscious decision to write exams only in those subjects he was most passionate about. He says he is aware of students who wrote as many as sixteen subjects, and while he doesnt pretend to know their reasons for doing so, he speculates that it may be out of a healthy sense of out a healthy sense of competition. He says however he chose to compete only against himself. subjects but I felt that it would have been of no use to me, and it wouldnt elevate me in any way. I think because I had that passion for the subjects that I chose, at any point, because I enjoyed what I was doing. he explains. a blessed individual. Im blessed by God to have the intelligence and yes Im a determined student. I apply myself to my work but theres never been a point in my life where Ive experienced over exertion...where I other things that I love. My advice to other students would be just be a balanced individual and do what you to a fete or hanging out with my friends because I was doing thirteen subjects he says. At the end of the day, he says, the thirteen distinctions and all the accolades that come with them are good, but without the emotional intelligence to match the academic intelligence, its all you out in the world. How do you expect to function in the world? many brilliant people out there, who do so well throughout Secondary school, but they go up to University and they dont do as well, because its dividual. The American Cola balanced individual. The American College system is a perfect example. There are so many people who get perfect scores in the SATs to the top schools, because have to be balanced to be able to function and to manage yourself in the world outside, in order to make a plains. Aloysius RC Boys School he says he has always had supportive teachers throughout his school career. At SMC, especially he says, every teacher was supportive of always wiling to assist and there was never any suggestion that he shorten his subject list, even when he decided to study human and social biology on his own. a large and extended family also played a major role in his success. That ring of support and encouragement to always do his best and to strive for excellence has been a tremendous boost. Even though he was surprised by his results, he says, there were those in his family who werent. It is that kind of faith that has contributed to his approach to life and of course his faith in God. A strange conclusion from a scientist, one might say, but this budding scientist believes the two (faith and science) are actually closely interrelated. Lewis Community Colleges department of Arts and General Science, where he plans to study Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Econom ics with the hope of going to University to study Applied Physics or Nanoscale Engineering with a second major in Economics. His older sister he says is herself a Civil Engineer and that may acuth is that since Form two or so, Ive had an amazing passion for Physics. I think its a fascinating science in terms of Physicists being the only scientists who dont have everything so much room for growth. Physics is at the avant-garde of the sciences. Physics is really pushing the boundaries of what science can and cannot do he says. That statement perhaps explains his constant need to challenge himself and to be challenged. Lucia salutes Jarnickaes mark of excellence and his continued fever to excel. He embodies a success story Saint Lucian youth that this Government continues to facilitate and encourage. Well done Jarnickae. Top CXC Performer says:


Page 7 Saturday August 27, 2011 Page 6 Saturday August 27, 2011 The approach to community development must be based on an outlook that seeks to integrate economic, social, environmental and cultural considerations. In the constituency of Choiseul this is well recognized and embraced in the methodology employed by the current Administration and Parliamentary representative Hon. Rufus Bousquet. The impor tance of infrastructure for sustained economic development is well recognized, and a number of infrastructural projects have been undertaken in this constituency. However these projects have taken place alongside other social projects. The construction of several footpaths, bridges and driveways constitute a major part of the overall development plan for the constituency of Choiseul. that the rehabilitation of the roads in Coco, Morne Jacques/Dugard, Boisden, La Maze and Franciou has improved the lives of residents immensely. The construction of driveways in Morne Sion, Raveneau, Roblot and Le Riche has had its impact as well. Footpaths and bridges at La Pointe, Industry, Jetrine, Piaye Derriere Morne, Debreuil and Saltibus have been welcomed. Major drainage projects have been undertaken throughout the length and breadth of the constituency, and as a result the damage by last Octobers Hurricane reduced. Over one hundred and installed throughout the constituency and more are to be installed in the coming months as more requests pour in from the constituents. The Sauzay Bridge area is one area being considered for installation of lights. Bus shelters have been built in Delcer, Saltibus, Dacretin and La Fargue. The bus shelters in Bellevue, La Pointe, Le Riche, La Maze and Piaye have been renovated. Rivere Doree, Victoria and Balca will get shelters this year and consideration is being given to the construction of a shelter at the Raveneau junction. Achievements in Education to ensure that quality education remains accessible to children in the constituency regardless of economic conditions. Recognising that young people in rural areas are more likely than those in cities to face problems of access, quality and limited choice in pursuing and completwere made through collaboration with local agencies and sponsored partnerships with individuals and corporations, to extend the educational resources and individualised learning support that students in the commu nity require. Top performers in the Common Entrance exams, from the constituency have received laptops as part of a plan to encourage perfor mance starting in 2008. Two students received these lapdents each got a laptop and printer. Last year 2010, every top student at each primary school in the constituency received a laptop. A desktop was also given to a child the island. A further four laptops and a desktop and printer have been presented to the schools to be used by the students. To date a total of eighteen laptops, two desktops and seven printers have been presented. Three schools made requests for photo copiers/printers. These were presented at special ceremonies held at the respectiv e schools. Another school which complained about lack of ceived two one-thousand gallon tanks as well as guttering installed.The Choiseul Secondary School's IT lab had every computer upgraded to meet the demands of the pupils. The school also received a complete intercom system. The school's football team was also presented with gear for every player on the team. An agricultural project was introduced to the school.... compliments the Taiwanese Gov ernment. Sports A number of projects have also been undertaken to help facilitate and improve par ticipation in sports in the community. These include: 1. The lighting of the La Fargue Multi-purpose Court. 2. The construction of a mini court in the village.3. The upgrading of the Dacretin (Coco) and 4. The construction of the 5. The construction of the children's playground. 6. The donation of complete set of cricket and football gear to almost every team or club in the constituency, including the Choiseul Secondary School's football team. 7. The sponsorship of the JMD Bousquet tournament to the tune of over $5000.00 each season. 8. The sponsorship of the Bousquet T20 cricket competition. 9. The sponsorship of a cricket tournament by the Choiseul Credit Union. 10. The sponsorship of a one time football tournament in the community 11. Contributions to Individual Primary Schools to host their annual sports competition. 13. The provision of technical assistance (coaching) to the players. 14. The resurfacing of the Mongouge Court. During this year the sporting fraternity will see the commencement of the long awaited stadium, the construction of a Multi-Purpose Court in La Pointe, and the construction of recreational parks in numerous communities. Choiseul is well on the way to a bright and exciting future under the leadership of the current Parliamentary Representative in partnership with Choiseulians and the Government of Saint Lucia. Honourable Rufus Bousquet Minister for External Parliamentary Representative for ChoiseulDonation of wheelchair to elderly in Morne Sion Hon. Bousquet at ceremony at Dugard Combined School Newly installed lights on La Fargue Multi-Purpose Court New home for family in Dacretin La Maze Bus shelterClearing silk from the pond at the Chiousel Fisheries Complex Hon. Bousquet Sponsoring cricket competition Presentation of a laptop to common entrance student Completion of Franciou road Men at work on the Bois Den road Presentation of football gear to saltibus youth Winners of 2008 JMD Bousquet football tournament Progress on the Mongouge Centre Retaining wall at Roblot Jetrine road rehabilitation Section of footpath in Balca Section of footpath in Saltibus


Page 8 Saturday August 27, 2011 S Mon Repos Eastern Cooperative Credit Union Gives Financial Boost to Local Students


Page 9 Saturday August 27, 2011 average age Chase Gardens Residents Get a New Human Resource Development Centre great plComputer generated model of HRDC when completedBlack Bay Senior Citizens HomeA gift of serenity to older personsPhoto of soon to be open Black Bay Senior Citizen Home


Saturday August 27, 2011 Page 10 Important Information on the What must I bring to my appointment? Frequently Asked Questions What should I do if on my Birth Applications involving the re-registration of one or more persons Anwar Brice Ajudicator


Page 11 Saturday August 27, 2011 Re-registrations are handled by the Registry The Dame Sesenne Descartes National Endowment for Cultural IndustriesEnabling Viability and Sustainability


Page 12 Saturday August 27, 2011 Please email your comments or questions to: Reconstruction of the St Jude Hospital commenced in September 2009 soon after the unfortunate events of September 9th, 2009. This included the mobilization of support in various cal. On September 9th, 2010, the Implementation Phase of the Projceremony at the original site of the Hospital. The current works at the original site involved extensive renovation to the damaged as well as existing buildings to deal with aged, infrastructure. During the implementation of the Project, various updates have been provided to the public. A Press Tour was conducted on March 30th, 2011 in order to provide the Press and the public with an opportunity St Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project to gain an insight into the progress of the Project at that stage. During that exercise members of the media were taken on a tour of the Hospital footprint and provided with information on work in progress as well as planned. Following the physical tour, a Press Conference was conducted with key members of the project team at which time a general projection for completion of the Hosof 2011. It was anticipated then that this completion could have been advanced to early September. However the early completion of the facility in September has been delayed due to a number of unforeseen circumstances. Despite this however all measures are being taken to meet the original projected completion withect Components are as follows: 1. Demolition of the Surgical Building Complete 2. Reconstruction of the Surgical In Progress 3. Demolition and Replacement of the Roof Structure for the East and West Wings (Aged Infra4. Renovation of the East and West In Progress 5. Renovation of Ancillary BuildProgress It should be noted that the renovation of the East & West Wings are as extensive as the reconstruction of the surgical building due to the need to replace the asbestos roof as well as the electrical, water and wastewater infrastructure. As in the case of the East Wing, espeIn this regard the management the facility.nstruction works are ity renovated facility at the original site, it must be noted that the function commendably and satisfactorily at the George Odlum Stadium. The extensive facility at the George Odlum Stadium which included as Large Rooms have made a comfortable home for the services of the St. Jude Hospital which operation at a complement of services with a Diricane Tomas. Hospital and various options are currently under consideration for an appropriate way to remember A second Press Tour will be conducted shortly to update members of the media and by extension the public with progress on the St Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project. The St Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project is being coordinated by a Project Management Unit in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs & National Development. Prime Minister King engages in discussion with Project Manager Shanta King during recent tour of St. Jude Hospital