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Page 2 Saturday July 30, 2011 Saturday July 30, 2011Working Toward a New Vision for Local Government Laborie Vieux Fort North Micoud South Lucian Isidore Director of Local Government Choiseul Canaries


Page 3 Saturday July 30, 2011 Continued from page 1 Government Takes a Structured Approach to Post Tomas Rebuilding Effort An Overview of the work of the National Reconstruction Unit


Page 4 Saturday July 30, 2011 NEMO Disaster Preparedness Feature ReinforcementEquipment Awareness Cautions TimelineReinforcement Equipment Continued on page 10 Part Three


Page 5 Saturday July 30, 2011 Feature The Youth Action GroupBringing Out the Best in Young People


Page 7 Saturday July 30, 2011 Page 6 Saturday July 30, 2011 Work has com menced in Castries East to repair potholes and improve roads in the constituency which were damaged by the recent harsh weather and unseasonable rains. These improvements are in direct response to the publics concerns for priority to be given to road improvements in the constituency, with particular emphasis given to the Pavee and Rock Hall roads. An inclusive approach has been taken in the community, allowing residents to be more involved in their own development. this area and a plan has been implemented, to address the deterioration in the network, starting with potholing works on the more heavThe potholes along the Rock Hall and Pavee roads were of particular concern to bus drivers travelling that route, Drainage work has also been completed along the length of the Pavee and Rock Hall roads, in order to prevent further water damage to these motorways. Once funds become available, the plan is to have these roads entirely paved. in the resources which are made to maintain a high standard of carriageways and pedestrian pavements in the constituency. A number of footpaths have also been constructed in Castries Rock Hall area in particular concrete paths were installed bulance and other emergency services. Drainage work done in the constituency shortly before the passage of hurricane Tomas has been ducing the damage caused by the resulting heavy rains, and bridge repairs ensured residents were not entirely help, once the hurricane passed. drainage and access routes in light of last Octobers hur ricane, in order to prevent problem of water making its way into peoples homes cant work has been done in this regard in Black Mallet, Entrepot, Ravine Toutrelle, Bocage, Trou Rouge, Bagatelle, and Rock Hall. Drainage is accepted as the proper way to control the penetration of rainwater through the foundation walls of these homes. Residents and other interested parties play an important role through public consultation, in deciding how their community will develop and by making their views known and recommending projects to be undertaken in the constituency. These sort of public consultations have yielded calls for a variety of initiatives to be undertaken in the community and highlights that Government is reaching out to the grassroots in order to impleto development that is both inclusive and consultative.Construction of retaining wall in Marchand Construction of retaining wall at Upper Pavee Refurbished Black Mallet Bridge Railings Construction of road at Rock Hall Drainage works and foot path at Lower Rock Hall Refurbishment of inner road at Bocage Construction of steps and retaining wall at Bagatelle Construction of footpath at Maynard Hill Construction of bridge & foot path at Lower Pavee Foot path and drainage works at Ravine Toutrelle Improved Drainage Works at Black Mallet Construction of steps at Trou Rouge Construction of side a walk along the Entrepot Road


Page 8 Saturday July 30, 2011 It is said that rural women are the backbone of the agricultural sector across much of the developing world. That fact led to the establishment of the Saint Lucia Network of Rural Women in 2003 with the support of the Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture (IICA). The network was set up to enable and empower rural women get them to treat farming as a commercial activity. In order to afford food and other basic exnities have had to diversify their income by combining multiple forms of employment. The Network has helped them to do that by moving from farming to agro-processing. It has helped them identify more lucrative markets and connect them to better growth opportu nities. Nowhere has the programme been more successful than in tion of better-educated women cultivators are taking an increasingly commercial approach to pating farm women and their families toward change in work and family roles has undergone a radical transformation. President of the Micoud Cluster of the Saint Lucia NetNetwork has raised the status of these women in their homes and skills development and technical training have been criti cal to their success. Months of rigorous training in everything from food preservation to label competent bu siness women. The Micoud Cluster of the Saint Lucia Network of Rural Women have began cultivating bigger and better crops than normal and are preparing themselves to supply both local and CARICOM markets. The variety of crops and products among the Saint Lucia Network of Rural Women Micoud ClusterEmpowering Rural Women to become Entrepreneursmembers is pretty extensive; Nurse says the cluster is engaged in negotiations with the Ministry of Agriculture for the acquisition and use of the Anse Ger Agro-Processing Plant which they hope to make their base of operation. It will take much of the processing activity from private to a more corporate organisation setting. She says Micoud already has a thriving cottage industry with ample room for expansion but the ultimate plan is to move into commercial production. This is critical to attaining their their products. She says funding remains one absence of a suitable processing facility from which to operate. The lack of a proper base of operation Nurse believes has ity to meet demand and to keep members interest. The Micoud Clusters participation in the fortnightly Craft and Farmers Market has provided much needed exposure for members. The Craft and Farmers Market was organized by a small group of artists and held at Rodney Bay every other Saturday. It profarmers and agro-processors to display and sell their products. Homecoming 2010 presented return to the island of thousands of Saint Lucians resident abroad. Orders emanating from these activities unfortunately could not be met because of the lack of proper infrastructure to produce the desired quantities. Despite the setbacks and challenges the group has enits accomplishments is the proan opportunity to seize productive employment. Nurse is proud of the groups provision of skills and technical training to members. This she says has helped increase their prosperity and improve the well-being of their leadership roles in their homes and in the community. More women she says are now making a comfortable living for themselves and their families from agroprocessing. Now they see themselves farmers or mothers. They have been open to learning new corrected and to new opportunities. Once you can change the mindset of peoplechange the you can change the minds of the entire household. So we are the lives of their families and by extension an entire community she says. The Government of Saint Lucia salutes the Micoud Cluster of the Saint Lucia Network of Rural Women. The commissioning of Agro Processing Plants in Fond Assau and Anse Ger is part of an overall strategy by Government to facilitate the growth of community based enterprises like that being pursued by the Micoud group.


Page 9 Saturday July 30, 2011 The Government of Saint Lucia as part of its commitment to treme poverty, which is its the amount of welfare payrefers to the cash transfer the Welfare Department of the Ministry of Health, HuLucia Social Development the Ministry of Health, Hucess these p An outline of the increases ncreases impleministration represents poverty improve their cir assessments of all new appliassistance services in some reshape the framework of its commitment to improve poorest as quickly as pos-Government Committed to Fighting PovertyIncreases Public Assistance Rates ment that is empathetic to Anthony Ferdinand INCREASES IN PUBLIC ASSISTAN CE BETWEEN THE PERIOD 1995 2010 Categories Of Households 1995 1999 2005 2008 2010 Public Assistance rates in 1995 Public Assistance rate increase took effect in April 1999 Public Assistance rate increase took effect in June 2005 Public Assistance rate increase took effect in August 2008 Public Assistance rate increase took effect in October 2010 Rate Last Rate Increase New Rate Last Rate Increase New Rate Last Rate Increase New Rate Last Rate Increase New Rate Single Person $40 $40 $20 $60 $60 $25 $85 $85 $50 $135 $135 $35 $170 Two Persons $60 $60 $30 $90 $90 $35 $125 $125 $55 $180 $180 $45 $225 Three Persons $80 $80 $40 $120 $120 $45 $165 $165 $55 $220 $220 $55 $275 Four Persons $100 $100 $50 $250 $250 $50 $200 $200 $50 $250 $250 $65 $315 Five Persons $120 $120 $60 $180 $180 $70 $250 $250 $50 $300 $300 $75 $375


Saturday July 30, 2011 Page 10 Awareness Cautions Timeline About the Author: Paul Purcell is a terrorism and natural disaster preparedness consultant in Atlanta, GA. Hes also the author of Disaster Prep 101 found at NEMO Disaster Preparedness FeatureContinued from page 4 Gale TC Rigobert Thrust into the Spotlight Hurricane Preparation Tips for Riding out the Storm


Page 11 Saturday July 30, 2011 The results of two thounational mean, while one thoume -2011 Common Entrance Registers Improved PerformancePERFORMANCE BY SEX SUBJECT PERFORMANCE increase in performance in this TOP PERFORMERS DISTRICTS PERFORMANCE mary SCHOOLS PERFORMANCE parents as well as the teachers ALL! The eleven (11) top performing candidates for the 2011 Common Entrance Examination came from ten (10) primary schools on the island. This group of candidates comprised six (6) females and five (5) males with s cores ranging from 94.00% to 95.67%. Jevon S. Charles of the Camille Henry Memorial topped the list with the highest score of 95.67 passing for St. Marys College. Michelle Porath of the Dugard Combined, scored 95.00 and has been assigned to the Choiseul Secondary School. Jyasi R Daniel of the Bonne Terre Preparatory School scored 94.6 7 to enter St. Marys College and placed third. Medhini Urs of the Montessori Centre tied for third place and was assigned to Saint Josephs Convent. Other to p performers are listed below. RAN K NAME SE X PRIMARY SCHOOL SCORE % ASSIGNMENT 1 Jevon S Charles M Camille Henry Me morial 95.67 St. Mary's College 2 Michelle Porath F Dugar Combined 95.00 Choiseul Secondary 3 Jyasi R Daniel M Bonne Terre Preparatory 94.67 St. Mary's College 3 Medhini Urs F The Montessori Centre 94.67 St. Joseph's Convent 5 Rohan W Alfred M St. Aloysius RC Boys Primary 94.33 St. Mary's College 5 Euclyn Amorsingh F Ti Rocher Combined (Mic) 94.33 Vieux Fort Comprehensive (A) 5 Rochelle Emmanuel F Morne Du Don Combined 94.33 Castries Comprehensive 5 Trisanne A Frederick F Ave Maria Primary 94.33 St. Joseph's Convent 5 Dion J Recai M Carmen Rene Me morial 94.33 St. Mary's College 10 Marcell L Biscette M Reunion Primary 94.00 Choiseul Secondary 10 Shekeena F Dantzie F Morne Du Don Combined 94.00 Castries Comprehensive DISTRICTS PERFORMANCE


Page 12 Saturday Jully 30, 2011 Please email your comments or questions to: Department of Fisheries with the St Lucia Fish Marketperience, which showcases Saint awareness of what it means to have also to promote the consmpton of tions will focus on innovative ways PWESON NOU Saint Lucias Sustainable Seafood Festival There of marine conservation, innovapersons event will also feature a sphere