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SATURDAY, JUL Y 16, 2011 THE OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE GOVERNMENT OF SAINT LUCIA FREE The Government of Saint Lucia demonannounced at the end of June that it had acquired the Saint (SLBC) shares in WINFRESH to the tune of EC $26.3 million dollars 177 acres of landthe SLBC shares and acquisider to ensure that the interest that of the Government to enral use. Lucia. He noted: The reason are shareholders of that comvolved inContinued on page 3


Page 2 Saturday July 16, 2011 Saturday July 16, 2011T communities. DP also creThe Constituency Development ProgrammeBuilding Equity, one Brick at a Time of communities and for Parliaous communities that form their mentarians to communities on a use lo ce the area. The construction of drains and constructed in Grace and Carristruction of a concrete road in and the construction of drains on stitheir homes due to the construction of concrete roads in their in Green of Governance. Water too much or too island had seen in decades. The Community Gets New Water Treatment Plant to the Canaries the status of the old treatment Tomas. This means that Canaries Residents The restoration of the Canaries ies residents. The Government of Saint Lucia salutes the determithe Government of Trinidad and WASCO Pipes Hope to Canaries


Page 3 Saturday July 16, 2011 Continued from page 1 SLBC shares. The critieria and of SLBC assets. more. The Ca the SLBC in WINFRESH latest actions of the Government of Saint Lucia. These actions f the current Government. Government Provides Safeguards for the Agricultural Sector Over EC $26 Million Paid for SLBC Shares in WINFRESHT u. lutions and ideas for consumers oducts. s and some fruit. cessed and used to manufacture dasheen and achievement of the Government of Saint Lucia and a demonstraNew F ond Assau Agro Processing Plant Adding Value to Agriculture Through Healthy Convenient F oods


Page 4 Saturday July 16, 2011 an intro list. the structural enhancements About the Author: Paul Purcell is a terrorism and natural disaster preparedness consultant in Atlanta, GA. Hes also the author of Disaster Prep 101 found at www. 2010 Paul Purcell. Continued on page 10 Part One NEMO Disaster Preparedness Feature


Page 5 Saturday July 16, 2011 Feature I the lives of their societies." certain schools and leave other of academics and technical vocastudents. that not all students are academithe fastest turnaround from classdividual success. Grand Riviere Secondary SchoolTraining Young Minds, Moulding Young Hands A school for the future


Page 6 Saturday July 16, 2011 T Barre de Lisle the Government of Saint Lucia -Ministry of Communications & Works of reference for further studies in Fond St tions for certain areas. nt o Leading the Post Tomas R ebuilding Process


Page 7 Saturday July 16, 2011


Page 8 Saturday July 16, 2011 level of the Carnival Bands The or Carnival. The Government of Saint Government therefore idennival Band. Keeping The Ritual Alive D has either lost its the Roman Catholic tradition the festival has evolved to mer masters. that characterised Carnival tion line costumes devoid Ritual rooted in the tradition of costric or Saint Lucian-centric ee River mass rather than distinct cant themes and events and Rituals to commit to teachschool them in the mechanthe creative scale and even in environment comes from from the Curriculum and construction of costumes. vent (SJC) to assist them


Page 9 Saturday July 16, 2011 Towards Success and SustainabilityAn Emerging Vision for Saint Lucia Carnival The St. Lucia Governfor the festival. decision to create the comsium on Carnival in Januover their level of involvethe 2011 festival. The Comtives of the various Carnival Force. It also included one the festival. vision for their individual vision. Government to measure the success of the event and its milestones.


Saturday July 16, 2011 Page 10 11. Fill some em tant household items such as Part Two area. house. if needed. them on. until the storm is over. free information and lots more For the full article complete with free PDF download, visit and look for it on the News and Articles page NEMO Disaster Preparedness FeatureContinued


Page 11 Saturday July 16, 2011 Hurricane Tomas lashed the island at the end of th sector included. While most of The dental treatment area housed the Richfond Health Centre. moved to the Richfond Health constructed at the soonest and cost of EC$400 000. ditions at all health facilities. The hurricanes. that is more resilient to disasters. of Health has demonstrated the alth sector.World Bank Helps R ebuild Health SectorDennery to Get New Hospital by 2013Reconstruction of the Dennery Hospital is currently at the feasibility study stage, with the tendering process expected to start by January 2012. This leaves the rest of 2011 within which to conduct and complete feasibility studies and other assessment and preparatory work. The reconstruction time is estimated at one year Dennery Hospital Damage after Hurricane Tomas


Page 12 Saturday Jully 16, 2011 Please email your comments or questions to: the child into the home or famtimate aim is to trace their homes The home is divided into three dential Edu-carers and one Senior health etc. Division of Human Services and erations of the home. uniforms and shoes for the chilGovernment in 2006 at a cost of of the home have emanated from and environs. understand the nature of the resifamilies. and homes to the residents of to come into the It is also the demonstration of a Caring F or & Empowering Vulnerable YouthNew Home Promises Youth a New Beginning