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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010 The Government of Saint Lucia continues its forward march in spearheading initiatives that are geared at sustaining economic growth despite a global recession unprecedented since the 1930s. During an address to the nation, Prime Minister presented the welcomed news that his Government had approved the submission of the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Author ity for the redevelopment of the Hewanorra International Airport during an address to the nation on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010. During his address, Prime Minister King noted that despite what he referred to as a Global Tsunami his Government has remained focussed on keeping the ship state steady within the context environment sparked by the world wide recession. The Prime Minister explained what he said was a deliberate and aggressive posture to confront the external shocks while at the same time preparing the Country for anticipated opportunities as the global recession w aned. The Saint Lucian Leader referred to the theme of the 2010 2011 budget: The Road to Recovery: Engineering Growth, Engendering Social Cohesion and Building Resilience to External Shocks as capturing his Governments strategy. Mr. King stated: In this regard, Governments policy has been one based on the approach of applying public investment as a strategy for stimulating economic activity. Minister listed a number of projects undertaken to date, which he explained as: public sector investment initiatives not only to generate economic activity and provide employment, but also to position our nation at the forefront of emerging trends and technological advancements. The projected he noted had contributed to the creation of jobs and critical advancements in the health, communications, agriculture, and other sectors. He noted that the Administrations determination to continue its programme of modernizing and stimulating economic growth deain elements to ment. Prime Minister king stated the following: In the process of advancing their self-serving agenda, the opposition has resorted to attacking the integrity and professionalism of persons who proudly serve this nation. We Saint Lucians fully under stand the enormous challenges faced by their Government against phenomenal odds. Continued on page 3


Page 2 Saturday September 25, 2010 The gov ernment has a responsibility to assist in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty tem. According to the Poverty Assessment Report (1995) as cited in the Education Development Plan 20002005 there is an urgent need for more as greater sensitivity to problems of the poor in order to provide student support services/ programmes and strategies which will break the cycle of poverty and increase life chances for children from low income houses. This point is reiterated in the Pre-social Assessment Secondary Education Report (2001) by stating the lack of education is a core cause of poverty so that lack of inclusion has a vicious ect (p. 2). -Ministry of Education and Culturevices that have been implemented by the Ministry of Education in primary and secondary schools were intended primarily to assist in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty that threatens of students among the school-age population. istry of Education to make Universal Secondary Education a reality in St. Lucia, it was imperative to ensure greater equity in the distribution of education sector resources and by extension to ensure that the less privileged students receive the necessary support to access and participate in the education process. For these reasons various student support services programmes have been implemented to provide welfare, social and psychological support. Hence, the poverty stricken, disadvantaged, abused and marginalized students are assisted not only in gaining access but also in receiving quality secondary education that would equip them in satisfying the demands of globalization and the labour market. Education, Counselling, School Attendance, School Bursaries, Book Rentals, School Feeding, and Transportation subsidy to ensure that par ticipation is open to all students at all levels in the education system. In spite of these forms of student assis tance, the private cost of education at the secondary level is still prohibitive for some parents. assisted via the student support ser vices, the Ministry estimated that about 30 percent of the overall secondary school population was clasassistance. Counselling Services Presently there is one counsellor at each secondary school and one district counsellor at District Counsellors serve the primary schools and supervise the second ary school counsellors. There is one overall counselling coordinator. All Module Writing Modules in the diation, Stress Management, and Self Esteem/Self Worth are being completed for use in classroom guidance. The counsellors worked on these modules during the summer workshops and they will be completed for regular use by counsellors as well as Health and Family Life Teachers in the classroom. Character Education training will commence intention is to train all primary school teachers in that area. The ultimate goal is to implement character education throughout the school system. The Six Pillars of Character are Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship. The Career tured this year because the counsellors received specialized training last academic year in that area and they are now equipped with all the necessary materials to assist students. The Career Exposition will be held in the South of the Island this year and planning and preparation will comat the Gaiety on Rodney Bay in the North last year and was very success ful. All secondary school students visited the Exposition with over thir ty organizations taking part. Last academic year all school counsellors were trained to conduct Why Try groups and a pilot programme was conducted at four schools in District Two. The pilot is being evaluated presently with the intention of expanding the programme to ten other secondary schools this academic year. The United States Peace Corps was instrumental in securing funding for the programme from J.Q. Charles Group of Companies. kits were purchased under the HIV/ AIDS programme by the Focal Point for the Ministry of Education. Each one kit and the programme will be implemented at the primary school level this academic year. strength-based approach to helping youth overcome their challenges and achieve opportunity, freedom and self-respect by using education and interventions that motivate and create positive change. The programme teaches basic life skills principles such as problem solving, stress manwith peer pressure, living with laws and rules, that decisions have conpositive support systems. Parent Education programmes will be implemented at all schools. A developmental approach will be taken in the delivery of the programme. The coor dinator will be visiting all low per with a view to assisting principals and school counsellors in forming a team within their respective schools that will put structures in place for improving school performance. some of the preventative/proactive programmes planned for this academic year. However individual counselling of students by counsellors continues on a case by case basis. The Ministry of Education will continue to provide educational services of children with special educational needs as outlined in the Education Sector Development Plan for 20092014. In that regard the Ministry is to helping all our diverse learners reach their full potential so that they lives. the progress made in Special Education over the past years poor student performance is becoming a very hot issue. for 2010-2011 is high performance cant improvement in the educational opportunities for all learners with special emphasis on learners at risk. The Ministry will provide support through collaboration, consultation and teamwork (CCT). We will continue to work with and continue to network with other stakeholders of the Education System if we are to make measurable strides. Needs teachers, class teachers must routinely make good use of rigorous monitoring activities related to teaching, other provisions and outcomes, planning must be founded on robust evidence and good quality data. In this way there will be sustained evidence of strong improvement in the cial needs. positive learning experience that will facilitate success for students both at special and regular schools. All students must be encouraged to focus ognize their individual strengths in order to maintain high performance. mote and provide Early Intervention Strategies in order to identify infants with developmental delays; (2) Improve the structure to meet individualized needs of all students ries of disabilities (CP, blind/low vision, deaf, epileptic, severe mental handicap) and are in special school; (3) Provide continued support to students in the non-normative catbehavior or emotional problems, and are in regular schools; (4) Collaborate among Education Service Providers Special Education Unit, Examinations Unit, ECE, SALCC, CAMDU, SALCC and (5) Encourage parents to cation Support services available. cial Schools: Lady Gordon OpportuSchool ( in Castries); The Education Unit of the SLBWA (in Castries); Soufriere Special Education and Rehabilitation Centre and Special Education Centre (in Vieux-Fort). secondary schools are served through Special Education Student Support Educational Needs Teacher (SENT). ties with learning are referred to the Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT). The team comes together to provide comprehensive assessment and consultation and make recommendations for the increased academic success of the students referred. All MDT recommendations are assessment-based, and are achieved through a consultative and collaborative process. in partners with the Ministry of Health, Human Services, Family Affairs and Gender Relations, as well as the following non-governmental organizations: St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association (SLBWA); National Council of & for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD); St. Lucia Society for the Deaf; St. Lucia Association for Developmental Disabilities (SLADD) Child Development and Guidance Centre (CDGC); United States Peace Corps Volunteers; Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV). Services Unit are the following: A Speech and Language teacher; An Occupational Therapist; A Physiotherapist; A Special Needs Assessor. In addition to a Special Education mary and some secondary school there are 15 psychometric assessors, 18 Kindergarten Entrants Screeners in the System. each childs uniqueness, and will tional experiences that will foster high performance by the end of the school year. The Ministry of Education will strive to create positive, inspiring and safe environment that foster sharing, learning and growth, and will also continue to make a dif ference in the social and emotional development of the students referred for intervention. Continued on page 9Back to school Support for 2010 2011


Page 3 Saturday September 25, 2010 Continued from front page approval was presented in the following manner: My fellow Saint Lucians, It is therefore my pleasure as Prime Minister to inform you of your Governments decision on another mamonths of exhaustive review and a thorough due diligence process, the Government of Saint Lucia has agreed to approve the proposals of the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Port Authority (SLASPA) on the Hewanorra International Airport Redevelopment Project. The Government, accepted SLASPAs submission, for the redevelopment of the Airport. This will now clear the way for the start of preparatory work leading to the actual com mencement of the project early in the New Year. ment that all patriotic and industry stakeholders had been awaiting for some time. The new facility was designed by renowned architects; Heery S&G Architects International, based in Miami, USA. This is a company which has many years of experience in designing airport terminals. Based on the companys design portfolio, the new Hewanorra International Airport will follow the idea of a Caribbean concept featuring ample light, open spaces and greenery. The Prime Minister explained: Both the terminal and the airport grounds will be carefully landscaped with ers, some of which will be innovatively incorporated into the terminals interior. The ar chitectural design itself will include imitations of the natural environment, inspired by St. Lucias tropical rain forest. First time visitors will experience the arriving on our soil, and will know instantly that they are somewhere special. Departing visitors will our tropical Helen of the West to leave with. The new terminal will feature a number of improvements, which are designed to ensure a more com fortable and enjoyable passenger experience. These would include: friendly departure and arrival halls, for a less cramped experience during peak hours. nal designed to handle more than twice the number of annual passenger throughput. which conform to the internationally standardized CUTE (Common User Terminal Equipment) System to allow for the speedy processing of check-in passengers. will reduce baggage recovery time. riety of duty free shops, eating establishments, banking ser vices and other improved passenger facilities and services. The project also addresses a number of major elements of enhancement with respect to the Airport apron. The following are of note: larged and restructured. This will see the Hewanorra Inter national Airport which was pacity of thirteen. tions will be accessible via enclosed jet bridges. This will allow passengers to disembark and board planes with full protection from the elements. parking space for bigger jets such as the Airbus 380 the liner of the skies; the largest service. also be allocated for Boeing 747400 and 777200, which are wide body jets. include a technical block consisting of a new control tower control and meteorological centres. These updated facilities will allow for the smooth execution of airport operations and provide our dedicated Air ter work environment. Saint Lucians were informed during the Prime Ministers address that a group of companies will be contracted to rebuild the Hewanorra International Airport at a total cost of US$140 million. This ough evaluation process with the requisite due diligence. The four companies in question formed a consortium group which would be responsible for the execution of the project. Together the four entities account for a combined experience of over 200 years. The members of the consortium group are: a Asphalt & Mining (St Lucia) consultants of Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) and will be engaged in Project Finance and Administ ration. b. Heery International / S&G Architects will be responsible for Architectural Design, Ar chitectural Construction Administration and Architectural Project Management. c. TY Lin International will the lead Design professional, Engineering Construction Administration, Engineering, Project Management; and d. Delant Construction will engage in the Construction Management and Terminal Building Construction. The Prime Minister made the categorical statement during his address that there will be no Government guarantee, nor will SLAS PA have any of its properties mortgaged or debentures placed against its revenue. Rather, debt security will be mainly in the form of rights a lockbox mechanism, as well as a cash reserve. Funding will be done of less than six percent. The nation was also informed during the address that Hewanorra International Airport Redevelimplementation of an Airport Development Charge (ADC), to be realized through departure taxes of US $35.00 and not taxpayer dollars. Passengers leaving St. Lucia, of which approximately 80% are visitors, will incur these charges through pre-purchased tickets and will not pay any additional charges on boarding. pletion the new Hewanorra Inter national Airport will be expected to provide service for a period of approximately forty (40) years before there will be need for any sigPrime Minister King assured Saint Lucians that SLASPA had ers and the general public with comprehensive information on the Hewanorra International Airport Redevelopment Project in the coming months. The Board, Management and by the Prime Minister who publicly thanked the respective personnel and cited the professionalism, resilience and integrity, which they displayed throughout the assessment and negotiations process. cance of the project, Prime Minister Stephenson King stated: The Hewanorra International Airport Redevelopment Project will no doubt act as a catalyst for economic development and enhanced competitiveness in regional and international markets. On commencement, the project will provide major employment opportunities for Saint Lucians, particularly those residing in the south of the Island. These would include the Districts of Soufriere, Choiseul, Laborie, Vieux Fort, Micoud, Dennery and, indeed, the entire Country. Skilled neering, Carpentry, Plumbing, Masonry, Electrical Installation, Painting and other areas requir ing skilled and unskilled labour nities for employment during the construction phase of the Airport Redevelopment Project. Once the project is completed, it will create opportunities for a long waiting list of Operators who would like to establish business ventures at the Airport. These include: Tourism Transportation Providers, Retail Shop Owners, Restaurateurs, Travel Agents, Spa Operators, Telecommunication Providers, Bank Operators and Other Small Business Owners. In a note of determined optimism, Prime Minister King proclaimed that Saint Lucians will, soon be invited to embark and fasten their seatbelts as they par ticipate in what is expected to be an engaging and educational journey before a smooth landing wanorra International Airport Redevelopment Project. Prime Minister Stephenson King annouces Approval of Hewanorra International Airport Redevelopment Project EC $ PRIME MINISTER STEPHENSON KING ,


Page 4 Saturday September 25, 2010 Indirect Hazards The Eastern Caribbean Islands are particularly vulnerable to impact from submarine eruptions from the "Kick-em-Jenfeet under water. Also historical records have shown that a tsunami was generated by the earthquake of 1867 which affected St. Thomas and Tortola in the Virgin Islands. Earthquake Safety Before an earthquake for details. a First Aid kit should be readily available and working properly. gas and water using safety valves and main switches. earthquake and should practice these safety tips through regular drills. During an earthquake desk, table or bed and hold on. Do not use elevators or stairs. Move away from windows, mirrors, glass doors, pictures, bookcases, hanging plants and heavy objects. stay there. and bridges. and other objects. If trapped under debris whistle if one is available. Shout only as a last resort. Shouting can cause you to inhale dangerous amounts of dust. DO house seems likely to collapse. for updates on the earthquake. light instead. and rescue vehicles. they are in danger of further injury. What about the Triangle of Life? This is a widely circulated suggestion which states that during an earthquake it is safer to curl up next to a desk or bed rather than to go under it. We do not recommend this practice for the following reasons: life spaces next to desks, beds etc.are impacted in any way which may make them unsafe areas. buildings which would crush occupants as described in An earthquake is sudden motion or trembling of the ground produced by the abrupt displacement of rock masses. some smaller plates which are constantly in a dynamic state, pushing against, pulling away from, or grinding to move in relation to each other. When the adhesions along the fault give way, stored energy is released in the form of earth tremors, volcanic activity etc. hot volcanic material being expelled from cracks to form mid-ocean ridges. nental plates leads to mountain ranges being pushed up, accompanied by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. ranges; release compression energy in quakes. Many earthquakes occur as a result of movement along pre-existing faults or fractures occurring in the due to tectonic movements of the plate produce sudden movements along the line of fracture (fault lines) resulting in two blocks of crust slipping with respect to each other. This sudden movement produces seismic waves which travel from the source through the crust to the felt is called an earthquake. ican Plate at its eastern boundary, where the Atlantic American Plate is being forced or subducted beneath the Caribbean Plate. The subducted material underwent partial melting which because of its then less buoyant nature was, sometimes forced to the surface in the form of volcanic activity to produce the chain of Caribbean islands. largely responsible for the seismicity felt today in these islands. In addition, the sometimes slow, upward, less violent intrusion of molten magma into the crust of these active volcanic areas produces seismic activity which is felt on the surface as earthquakes. Casualties may be due to: Direct Hazards sign and construction materials. etc.


Page 5 Saturday September 25, 2010 Feature Jonathan Chalon was carved out of the beautiful clay from the induson February 2nd, 1981. He humbly admits that it is the special nurturing able, that has groomed and guided him and ensured that he mushroom into who he is today. He summed up his appreciation for his Mothers role in his life as such: For her angelic hands of guidance, her unending, usurping love and support I remain forever grateful, thankful and indebted. volvement began as early as his enjoyable years in the Boys Scout Moveoriginated. Jakes emanated from a strong Christian faith (Roman Catholic), and as his leadership skills developed from an alter boy, he served in other roles within the Church eventually becoming the President of where a group of young persons are suggestions and recommendations presented at the various youth consultations. This was then put into a communiqu or document which was brought to the Commonwealth also participated in youth Camps in collaboration with other agencies in support for Commonwealth projects hosted in Saint Lucia which involved entrepreneurial grants and undertaking workshops in that regard. ous organizations, national regional and international, he has acquired a wealth of skills and experiences which has proven critical and vital to all spheres of life, especially youth work. The table above shows a listing of his community/organization involvement and experience Jonathans employment experiences include: Primary School Teacher, Pastry Cook (Jalousie Hilton: 1997 1999 and Coconut Bay (2005 -2006). He also worked as a Customer Service in 2000, Accounts Clerk with Courts St. Lucia Ltd (2001), and Information Technology Clerk with the Electoral was aptly demonstrated by his successful honorary completion of a Diploma in Youth in Development Studies with the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus from 2006-2008. Moreover, in 2009 he successfully completed an Associate Degree in Primary Teacher Education at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, Division of Teacher Education and Educational Administration. He was the recipient of an award for Educational Research and now teaches Physical Education at the Les Etangs Combined School in Soufriere. Education & Sports as well as Human Resource Development. When he is not involved in his usual voluntary or Career work, Jonathan enjoys socializing with friends, playing football, cricket and table tennis, as well as performing and choreographing traditional and ballroom dances. ulti-talented Chalon is also involved in the performing arts/ dance and served as a member of Traditional Dance group named Chyrstilights Dance Academy. With a joy for imparting knowledge he did not hesitate to serve as a Dance Instructor this year for the National Skills Development Center in Choiseul at the Choiseul Centre of Excellence in Reunion for one month, June 2010. Jonathan also conducts dance workshops for Latin and Classic ballroom dance in Salsa, ChaCha, Meringue and Waltz. General Assembly of the National Youth Council held in Dennery from August 13-15, 2010, Jonathan Chalon was elected unopposed as President of the National Youth Council. He points out that his previous experiences have adequately prepared him to assume the leadership of an organization so vital and critical to the needs and aspirations of our youth. He has always taken a keen interest in the Youth Development and is not a neophyte in the youth movement as he was instrumental in the revithe collapse of two presidents within a year. the philosophy of the organization which is geared towards harnessing the talent, energy and creativity of Saint Lucian Youth and turning them into a potent resource for individual, community and national development. Upon his ascendancy to the Presidency, he focused and hightion, Peace, Progress and urged the young people at the General Assem bly to play their part in ensuring that the organization remains a vibrant entity that continues to serve the needs and interest of the youth. that the power of a national body that represents all youth can only bring progress through the vibrant par ticipation of everyone. He challenged his fellow youth to get involved, get others involved, participate and let their voices be heard. Chalon notes that under his stewardship, he is had in the NYC. He intends to do this with a renewed thrust to mobilize and organize young persons to confront the challenges ahead. berance and leadership, Chalon and his team quickly hit the ground running and in less than a month they have began to advocate vigorously on behalf of young persons, planned youth consultations on Trade, Caricom Integration and Unemployment. organized for the leadership and to address the Priority Areas of the Council. This workshop which will be held on October 2nd 3rd, 2010 seeks to achieve the following: 1. Design a mobilization plan that seeks to strengthen and establish formidable youth structures especially at the grassroots level. 2. Devise a Marketing and Advocacy strategy that will get all youth to more actively involved in their organizations and provide a voice for the youth of the nation on is3. Provide training that will ensure that members can successfully access and manage the resources of the organization. A variety of mechanisms, programs and projects have been outlined with the expressed intention to focus and adequately address the priority areas for the Council. These include the strengthening and expanding of the National Youth Parliament; a focus on research and innovation which is guided by a participatory learning approach, capacity building programmes for NYC membership, the revitalization of the NYC National Debating Competition, Youth Leader ship and Training Programmes, etc.lationship between government and the Youth Movement is one where a very healthy balance must be encour aged and developed. He recognizes that if serious national development is to occur especially in the youth sector, the NYC and Government must be partners and a relationship of mutual understanding and respect must be maintained. However, he says, Government must expect the youth of any nation to advocate robustly for the necessary changes and development in any society. positive and fruitful interaction with Government and non state actors in the development process but maintains that any plans or policies made for development without the involvement of the youth, is just a myth and not more than that. He adds: Our job is to build the country from the ground up and that involves the colSaint Lucian man, woman and child. This is certainly not the time to enthat will not take us forward. As a nation we must remain united and focused to row the oars of the ship of state against whatever tide that comes our way. when we should be teaching them how to grow their own plants. The date of the NYC and as such the organization is ever ready and willing to work with all organizations, (private and state) to continue to prepare our youth for nation building. to the management, leadership and direction of the NYC, the President summed it up this way. Management is doing things right and that I certainly intend to do, while leadership is doing the right things to take the organization to places it has never been before. When it comes to swim with the current, but in matters of principle I will no doubt stand like a rock, and that the only direction that I am prepared to go, is in the direction that our wonderful country must go, forward. commitment to family and as such recently plunged into the pool of matrimonial bliss. He is indeed thankful to his wonderful wife Jessica for her support and encouragement in his quest to continue serving his country. Jonathan Chalonthe Church Youth Group and subsequently Deanery leader. halon began his Secondary School Education at the Saint Marys College, where he derived an immediate passion and love for sports. His exemplary sporting talent led him to the leadership of his local sports club Village all Stars, where he guided them to unprecedented success in Choiseuls Community Sports activities in cricket and football. His leadership potential was recognized at the national level and he was selected as Saint Lucias Common wealth Youth Representative from 2004 2006 where he served with humility, commitment and dedication. Saint Lucia at the Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting (CYMM) in 2008 held in the Bahamas. He was a member of Youth Communiqu Youth Delegation Leader. This was OrganizationCommonwealth Caribbean Youth Program Choiseul Youth & Sports Council District Seven Sports Committee District Eight Sports Committee Saint Lucia Red Cross Choiseul Football Committee Choiseul Catholic Youth Group La-Fargue Development Committee Village All Stars International Peace Federation National Youth CouncilPositionRegional Youth Caucus Representative President & Others Chairperson Chairperson Instructor trainee (HIV/AIDS) Chairperson President Treasurer President Volunteer (Project Coordinator) PresidentYears2005 2007 2003 -2010 2003 -2005 2009 Ongoing 2004 2003 -2009 1996 1999 2007 2002 2004 2008 2010 ongoing


Page 7 Saturday September 25, 2010 Page 6 Saturday September 25, 2010 The approach of Government in the over all development of the island embraces a comprehensive and integrated process which is inclusive so that there is equity in the allocation of resources at the local district level. The allocation received from the Local Government to District Councils has been used in Laborie to improve the infrastructure in the community with foot paths, drainage works, safety railings etc. While the need for road improvements have been a major issue in the community, the Ministry of Communication, Works, Transport and Public utilities has engaged Members of Parliament through order to address community infrastructure issues in a balanced manner. In that regard the Morne Le Blanc and Banse La Grace Road have been given seease the inconvenience for mini bus drivers, motorist and the general public. The Government has embarked on a comprehensive road improvement programme in the community which has seen a healthy state of all the major roads in very good condition. Other community initiatives include the Rudy John ter which is due to be completed in November 2010 at a cost of EC$1.3 million. It comprises of toilet block Section A, while Section B This project is long awaited by the people and will no doubt elevated the village of Laborie and improve the local economy with increased tourist activity. Some of the key areas which are to be addressed include the Augier to Maganier farm road and Banse to Grace Farm roads. According to the Hon Guy Joseph, Minister for Communication and Works, this will be given needed relief to the farmers of the community. Additionally, an ITC Center for Augier and Laborie as well as a recreational in the upper Augier area is down for consideration. This will assist in providing an avenue for the youth of the area to have facilities nel their creative energies. seriously hampered by the use of the road going right There is a road at the back be addressed urgently so be hindered. Government through its relevant Ministries and agencies seek to continue empowering individuals and groups of people by providing these groups with the skills and support their own communities.


Page 8 Saturday September 25, 2010 Community empowerment is at the very core of the approach and policy of the current administration and as such is fundamental to Governments modus operandi in pursuing development undertakings at the community level. Government is that local communities are facilitated and empowered to enable them to play an active and more direct communities. one that embraces the concepts of capacity building, sensitization, or ganization and empowerment, in ties are functional and stable. Per the importance of the functionality and stability of inner city and rural communities, as being critical in the overall scheme of societal development. He adds that the approach objective is to provide support and direction to communities to make them inclusive in which we will be working in ways which recognize that discrimination exists, promote equality of opportunity and good relations between groups and challenge inequality and exclusion. organized so that they can bring people together around common issues and concerns in organizations and groups that are open, demoalso be co-operative by working to build positive relationships across groups, identify common messages, develop and maintain links to national bodies and promote partnership working. Additionally we must ensure that they are also incourage and equip communities to services and activities. shares a similar outlook and points out that his association views community development in terms of building active and sustainable communities based on social justice and mutual respect. It is about changing the way people think and see themselves by removing the barriers that prevent them from participating in the issues that affect their lives. tion as follows: (a) Strengthening peoples' capacity to achieve sustainable livelihoods; (b )Adopting a cross-sectoral multidisciplinary approach to planning and implementation; (c) A strong emphasis on organizational and technological change and innovation; (d) Placing emphasis on the need to build social capital through experimenoping the skills and performance of both individuals and community institutions. ahead to undertake its programmes and activities that are all geared in One of the main programmes cur rently being undertaken is the Afwhich runs three days a week on thanks to the generosity and help of patrons from the private sector like vital contribution to this project. as to start with twenty (20) kids but the programme quickly grew to thirty four (34) kids and from Kindergarten to CXC level. ticipate in the programmes hence the numbers are climbing rapidly. provides a serious platform and avenue for them to develop and excel, stay focus, improve their school grades and most importantly stay out of trouble. an Agriculture Summer Camp at of this workshop was to encour age young people to get involved in farming as a career option and the summer vacation. jective was to educate a cadre of persons on farming methods and techniques in the area of sowing and planting, weeding, use of pesvesting and post harvesting techdealing with group dynamics, self respect and cooperation. Award of the workshop. sident adds that the Association is working relentlessly to engage in activities that will impact positively on the community. Some of their initiatives in that reInitiative in September 2007, the Give Peace a Chance Initiative in September 2008 and the Alternative tries and comprises approximately tinues to receive the support and assistance of Government through community infrastructural projects. works, sidewalks and other community support initiatives. support and assistance to the organization and applauds the dynamic and forward thinking methods that it has adopted in changing the lives of members of the community. is geared towards focusing on the youth by providing guidance and direction to them and seeks to put politics aside and deal with everyis on the principles of learning, equality, participation, co-operation and social justice. tion, drama, violence, motivational lectures etc. Additionally with school programmes is due to start providing skills training in a range of activities which include arts which is part of a broader national program targeted at inner city and rural communities will provide cilitators, materials, snacks for kids and other relevant support assis tance. Government has allocated nationally. points out that his organization is valuable to the development of seeks to provide the necessary support and direction geared towards changing the associated stigma of the area. of the future so that the kids that we are assisting will take on the mantle and continue with the programme as well as the leadership trating on the mothers and fathers of tomorrow so that they will not miss out like the generation of their and parents to embrace the programme so that they will reap the is there any real value in being ar rested, and that there is absolute no gain in violence as violence begets violence. Instead Chairman Gabriel advised that they get involved in positive organizations to harness their energies and creativity. profound appreciation for the support and assistance that the organization continues to get. Special thanks go out to individuals like to its many programmes to come on stream such as its kids foot ball tournament, the annual stop the violence fair to be held at the Courts other activities to be undertaken. vernment of Saint Lucia is which contributes in a meaningful way in providing hope and leader son from the work of entities like that communities can take charge of their own development in partnership and with the support of Government. Government will the Association through its various social intervention programmes. e Wiltons Yard Experience Peter Reyonlds, President Wilton's Yard Association One of many Workshops at Wiltons Yard on farm training session Cheryl Clarke, Vice President of the Wiltons Yard Association


Page 9 Saturday September 25, 2010 Continued from page 2 and Education the Government has spearheaded numerous initiatives to reduce the rate of infection especially among Health sector, however currently a multi-sectoral approach to address As part of its response strategies, the which initially comprised education cantly and now includes curriculum development, care and support, creating an enabling environment and the Education Sector. it is generally accepted that education contributes to the knowledge base and personal skills essential for and secondary school l evels. education sector has been developed students, parents and other stakeholders when dealing with issues reand the work environment. The School Feeding Programme Approximately seven thousand children are served a hot balanced midday meal daily. Some schools also operate a small breakfast programme for some students before morning classes at a cost of approximately seven hundred thousand dollars annually ($700,000). year the following additional works have been undertaken 2. Complete refurbishment of the 3. Servicing and repairing most electrical and non electrical equipment. tors, and 7 cookers) 4. Construction of four large storage cupboards to facilitate the storage to facilitate the serving of food. schools and protective gears (bib aprons) for cooks. $32,478.40 In addition 7. Seventy cooks were trained in CP Level One. cation from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (London)ary Book Bursary Programmes mary students received book bur saries and two hundred and eighty three (283) secondary students are gramme continues. new textbooks. The Textbook Rental Programme at Secondary Schools At least twenty two (22) secondary schools par enrolled on this programme and the numbers continue to increase. Some students were also granted waivers continues at the schools. Saint Lucia Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) Bursary Programme Students accepted to the Sir Ar thur Lewis Community College and ary Programme) may become eligible to receive bursaries from the Government of Saint Lucia to pursue studof study, including: Sir Arthur Lewis Community College Advanced Level Programme (A Level); Agricultur Construction Engineering; Computnician; Electrical Installation; ElectriAir Conditioning; Secretarial Studies ducation. Secondary Programme) Advanced and Secretarial Studies rnment of Saint Lucia dents (also third year to nursing students only). In addition the bursaries would continue for second year students (and third year where applicable) who are continuing their studies upon their successful completion of the previous year. An applicant for bursary becomes eligible for consideration based on the following criteria: (a) Acceptance into one of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College Need: the applicants inability to supor family resources while at school or the number of dependents who rely per head in each household should be less than $200.00 for an applicant to be eligible for consideration. saries covers full-time programmes enable applicants to pursue proof Continuing Studies of the Sir Ar thur Lewis Community College, Campus. SALCC fees (which include tuition, registration, examination, laboratory and insur ance fees) and transportation allowances on behalf of the successful apSecondary Programme); (b) EC$200 year) for students who do not reside hensive Secondary School, Campus ogramme). tions for the coverage of bursaries cial year, the overall amount which has been has been budget for is EC gramme transportation to needy secondary ture, in keeping with the policies of new Government of St. Lucia has reintroduced the transportation service at the cost of approximately four mile transportation Subsidy Programme was implemented in 2007 at eleven secondary schools to address the need to assist needy children in covering the cost of transportation to and from school. In addition, many school principals on the island lamented the irregularity and puncan evaluation study conducted in recommended that a transportation subsidy programme be implemented blamed their lateness and absence from school on not having enough money to pay bus fare to and from school. dents from all over the island are benare now sixteen secondary schools on Special Education Centre. A total of with the subsidy programme. Ministry of Education and Culture Back to school Support for 2010 2011overwhelming success in the followcost to parents, thus making additional funds available for purchasing other school requirement; (2) mum participation of students in their education; (4) Elimination of loitering by students in commercial student participation in co-curricula activities, especially those held outerators and families Some parents have indicated that they are not able and regular absenteeism are also resellor to ensure that students of comschool regularly and punctually.Last academic year, forty three (43) unregistered infants of age ranging various schools. Several students of compulsory school age, who were deto their schools. Parents were informed of their parental responsibilities of enregularly and punctually at several parents were taken before the Courts because of the high level of absenteeism of the children. One student was taken from his foster-parent because she had not sent him to school for over should give priority to their childrens education for this new academic year New Initiative To Market Saint LuciaBritish Cabbies To Cruise, And Push, Saint Lucia wonders of the island, tourist promotional drive of selected to Saint Lucia. Lucia-branded taxis in London have begun experiencing Saint Lucias legendary experiences participate in a novel Saint Lufamiliarisation trip, will see them cruising and exploring the facets of the island. Explaining the innovative keting and Sales Nerdin St. tion trips usually target travel agents and journalists, however, thought it was important to sharpen the knowledge of taxi drivers since they come into contact with so many consumers, and potential tourists, on a daily basis. ride in a London taxi every day so the improved product knowledge of taxi drivers will help strengthen Saint Lucian sales and marketing iest markets. In addition, she indicated the knowledge gained of family members and friends." It is already educational for the drivers who, in order to qualify for tions about Saint Lucia, cover ing basic facts on the island as well as activities and special events.Another condition is that drivers hand out either a special host hotel they are stationed at to their passengers following be done for two months, in October and November. Apart from taking in the islands beautiful scenery, the drivers will also hold talks with their local counterparts. One of the British Taxis Participating in the Campaign


Saturday September 25, 2010 Page 10 established to provide skills training and career information ser vice for unemployed clients seeking integration into the work envihas since embraced its mandate to expose clients to the relevant aptitudes, skills and knowledge needactivities to access self and wage employment opportunities. out of a vision to become a progressively viable self-sustaining institution, dedicated to the advancement necessary for survival in the global working environment. ment Centre has a mission to work together with the support of the private and public sectors, to assist in providing information and training services towards developing a skilled, informed and marketable workforce, which will contribute to the development of St. Lucia. proach in carrying out its objectives: and public sector agencies towards creating a skilled and marketable services and programmes which will help unemployed disadvantaged clients become self-reliant and realize their career potential and international labour market incareer decisions. Eastern Caribbean States (OAS) and the United States Agency for Inter odology and includes self manbuilding, communication skills, job search skills, customer service and computer training. gramme is further complemented with training in the ng.NATIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTREDeveloping the Nation's Entrepreneurial, Management and Administrative Skills Table 2 Table 1 of programmes and services which includes Career Counselling, Proral to other agencies for which the cludes displaced banana farmers, school drop outs, teenage mothers, as well as youth at risk whom the their lives, socially, through their personal development and transnaturally collaborating agencies Government Agencies and Employers, which add to the broad ing programmes. Orientation workshops which provide in-depth information on how person can qualify for access to are held at the Centres headquar welcome to come in and chat with can explore their potential. dated through its mission to work together with the support of the private and public sectors to provide information and training services towards developing a skilled and marketable work vices and programmes which will help unemployed disadvantage clients become self-reliant and realize their career potential; (b) Provide local, regional and international lainform clients career decisions. ks to provide a holistic approach to the development of knowledge through the retraining of unemployed people. Additionally there continues to be frequent engagements in corporate endeaours with other social partners and funding agencies. that its services are decentralized. training and development has alMrs Selma St. Prix General Manager


Page 11 Saturday September 25, 2010 cal vocational areas under eight (8) training projects to date. coming a progressively viable institution, dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, skills and the the changing global work environand revitalized the Choiseul Arts tate increased sales. strengthen our nation through standards for global challenges. to work together with the support of the private and public sectors, to provide information and training services towards developing a skilled, informed and marketable workforce. by this objective, the steps by infusing quality into its policies, procedures and training process in general. As such, the standards and modules from the have been recognized and endorsed by the International Laparticipants as well as a Gap Autraining was perceived to be very timely and was well received by its participants who comprised is very proud to have taken this Institution. engaged in many projects two of small projects from proposals reCO, US generally, provide skills training and employment opportunities in a wide variety of areas ranging from just to name a few. Over the past move from strength to strength. to increase the number of persons trained in technical and vocational skill areas as well as to increase placements, but it has been able to partner with an ever increasing number of local, regional and international organizations, to share with them our mandate and vision Centre has collaborated with (POnology in the Americas, to ensure tion, which is now continuous and systemized as a mandatory part of C. successfully trained approximately clearly evident with approximately time. It is worth noting that one of those sixty full-time employees became a supervisor within a period of three (3) months. ly, all our corporate partners who have embraced their social responsibility by, not only participating in Programmes, but also by suggesting positive recommendations to help strengthen and improve them ultimately. mandate to train individuals from a wide cross-section of the of Saint Lucian population, satellite centre upgrades were required at the Paupgrades were absolutely critical in ensuring that we met the reeasier for persons to access training nearest to them at any one of the satellite centres located in the north and east coast of the island. project building training Centre in the south to further facilitate decentralization of training. ing through the European Union of the project is the establishment sion of equipment and resources on a gently sloping lot measuring (47, Ground Floor First Floor commodate an elevator and a secOther facilities include spacious parking area, fully air conditioned, security alarm systems and a structraining to unemployed persons in the areas of Hospitality, Construcas well as other relevant skills idenNeeds Assessments. ous projects listed in table 2 for the of our human resource. gaining Accreditation through the institute responsible for developing quality systems training). As a result, its services will be based vides access to skills training and recognized standards. sustainability plan and is based through the OECS Skills Project Level three (3) and above will be done in collaboration with the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College two (2) will involve networking with the Center for Adolescence ous interest from nationals of the suing a programme of study at the schedule to come on stream soon along with an initiative with the study programme with UK based ness Administration and HospiLearning Assessment Programme gramme will work by developing a tion. It will be based on evidence of work, individual portfolios and work experience. variety of programmes to enhance the skills set and capacity of our dertaken in collaboration with the on dance (traditional dance includwas of four month duration and will take place on the grounds of dertaken in collaboration with the youth within the urban and sub ur ban areas and will focus on dealing with delinquency and crime. Centre is the Auto Skills Project in purchased the master License), the gramme will target individuals up In his theory of economic growth Sir Arthur Lewis consistently contended that if there was a choice between foreign investment and dopreferred. In the absence of domestic capital, foreign investment should, given its scarcity and competing claims for its use, be encouraged and net results are favorable to the domestic economy. It must of necessity contribute to the development of entrepreneurial, management and administrative skills, the lack of which has hitherto served as a constraint on development in the Caribbean. human resource. In the process the Centre is rapidly earning the reputation of becoming a major national training agency. Training Programmes Beauty Therapy Training Black Bay Skills Training Center under construction


Page 12 Saturday September 25, 2010 was severely impacted. One of the outcomes of this was an adtiated to provide protection from the break waters in the event of providing coastal protection damage or erosion as a result of wave action. One of the key components included hydrological a l'Eau rivers and maritime movephysical mitigation options with preliminary costs and economic analysis, carrying out an Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed options, developing detailed designs, including preferred option of possible mitigation measures. nerable to storm surges and sea swells it became important to restrict access to the open comthere is a critical need to ensure that the geographical area along stricted by declaring it a Special Enforcement Area. may, for the purpose of preventunauthorized development, by declare any area to be a special enforcement area. marked for a community recreation park along the waterfront. the northernmost of the identitersection -a vertex) which is the DCA Declares Enforcement Area Along Dennery Village Coastline as it forms a part of the gateway has potential to develop as a major focal point within the village. economic activity and income riculture and other current activito create more than a park, but a basis for stimulating economic activity within the small east coast village. thinking and consideration, it is the project is an opportunity to demonstrate how careful design can contribute to minimizing environment impact and conservation of use of resources and ener gy. Some of the factors informing the design portfolio for the proposed undertaking include storm and proper drainage of storm waproject design which may help to ameliorate the negative impacts of these events on the immediate area. ages established allow the project to create links that both tangible (physical) as well as intangible nodes and the community such concept it is envisaged that the project in question will make provisions for relevant security and safety measures and to serve as an area of convenience to meet, play indicates that adolescents and the elderly are the major groups living the proposed park caters for all ages and will include accessibility for users with special needs. oject planners are cognizant of its environmental and socio-economic impacts as well as its potential for use as a rural planning model. Consistent with this model, the necessary infrastructure will be put in place to facilitate the utilization of solar energy as the preferred source of tephane welcomes the initiative and urge residents to comply with the Special Enforcement Area. He views the proposed park as a vital component which will contribute nomic and recreational activity within th Key A. Event Structure F. Boardw alk K. Storage B. Amphitheatre / Play S pace G. Colonade / Entry C. Interactive Sculpture Area H. Future Tree Grove D. Pole Field I. Lig hting E. Entry Beacons / Rest Facilities J. Earth Forms A C E F G H I K B J D D e n n e r y C o m m u n a l R e c r e a t i o n F a c i l i t y P r o p o s a l s F D L C O N S U L T I N C | melon|desig n:ar chit ec tur e Model of Communal Recreation