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SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 2010 The Pitons Management Area (PMA) was granted the status of a World Heritage Site on June 30th, during the 28th Session of the World Heritage Centre in Suzhou, China. The for our small island. The Pitons than 5% of the total landmass of related to tourism, residential ses. The site is mainly terrestrial forest and smaller areas of dry The status of a World Heribasis of natural Criterion I (OutHeritage designation for the PMA, ity related to tourism and residentage in Danger. in order in order to allow the state The meeting in Brasilia, Brasil was Hildreth Lewis and the Minister tegrity of th e PMA and our nation. Prior to the meetings the Minister was able to that they would withdraw the inHeritage In Danger. During the meeting Minister site and to safeguard the integrity of the Pitons Management Area as a World Heritage Site. r the State Party to ; State Party immedi formally mits to the World heritage examination by the World The Minister was also able to negotiate an understanding for Pitons Management Area as a and management regimes for Heritage Site and further to be


Page 2 Saturday August 28, 2010 A TYPHOONS, near Australia WILLY WILLY and in the Indian term used by the World Meteolatitude degrees froTropical Disturbance A ded showers and thunder storms. (2) Tropical Depression A mum sustained winds of At this stage the system is a number. (3) Tropical Stormname. (4) HurricaneLikely Impact Physical Damage Structures will be damaged or destroyed by wind force, storm surges, utilities such as overhead power lines, water and gas distribution lines, bridges, culverts and drainage systems are also subject bris can also cause considerable Crops and Food Supplies The combination of high winds and be lost or contaminated and it is possible that food shortages will Casualties and Public Health There are relatively few deaths associated with the impact of high may cause many deaths but usuThe threat to public health emerges in the aftermath of events when conditions such as water contamidamage to sanitation facilities may Lack of Communication Communication may be severely disrupted as telephone lines, radio and television antennas and satelby fallen trees or debris and aircraft movements are curtailed for Emergency Action Weather Warnings Who Warns? The Saint Lucia Meteoings and they are publicized by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in association with the National Advisories Types of Advisories include: Tropical Depression Advisory the development and threat of a Tropical Depression which system is not named unless it is which has been down-graded new tropical depression is asTropical Storm Advisory Issued when the wind speed of a tropical cyclone reaches Tropical Storms are given Hurricane Watch Advisory issued for a particular area when conditions are favourable for the development of a hurricane and there is a chance of it affecting a particular area within thirty-six to forty-eight essarily mean that a hurricane Hurricane Warning Issued when hurricane conditions are expected to affect a particular area within thirty-six Hurricanes Names for 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast NEMO Disaster Preparedness Feature Hurricanes


Page 3 Saturday August 28, 2010 Climate change has absorbed the interest of scientists for decades and has now transcended the realm the single greatest environmenlast few years, global warming variations in weather patterns Caribbean Islands and the southeastern coast of the United States have experienced storms and hurricanes of increasing intensity and this has been attributed by many been estimated that by 2025, there could be 3 to 4 Category 4 and 5 hurricanes per year in the Atlantic Basin, compared to the past long4 hurricanes per year in the Atlanricanes correspond to sustained winds of 131-155 miles per hour and more than 155 miles per hour, respec Saint Lucia is one of three Caribbean countries participating Implementation of Adaptation ed by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) and the Sustainable Development and the Environment Section Development and the Environ-Engineering for Climate Change in Saint Lucia The Hurricane Scenario:Second Workshop on Designing and Constructing for Increased Hurricane Wind Speeds from Climate Changement of Sain focuses on the implementation of select adaptation measures designed to address climate change sub-components is a pilot adaptastrate the design and implementation of measures to reinforce critical infrastructure against the neering services to assess vulnerCentre, upon local consultation, has been selected as the building of choice for the demonstration which gives due recognition of Second Workshop on Designing and Constructing for Increased Hurricane Wind Speeds from Climate Changethe anticipated impacts of climate verity of hurricanes, is the mainstreaming or institution of revised design hurricane wind speed standards, through, for example, the Development Control Authority (DCA) process, to facilitate enhanced designing, construction public and commercial buildings for Climate Change in Saint Lucia on Designing and Constructing Speeds from Climate Change, the for primarily for engineers, but also included architects, planners, technicians and others persons inIn addition to the Chief Sustainable Development and Ensentatives from the SDES, a total of 38 participants from seventeen This was part of a wider process updated hurricane wind speed information that encompasses the anticipated impacts from climate change and, in so doing, help to guide future building design In light of the devastating tropical storm and hurricane activity being experienced in the region, structing hurricane-reinforced buildings are extensive and notewas strong recommendation at means for allowing engineers and other relevant personnel in the is fully supportive of this initiative and is committed to providing the necessary policy support to facilitate the implementation of


Page 4 Saturday August 28, 2010 S for the Integration of ICT in the and strengthening institutional gy builds on unities. nity-based Organizations (CBOs), their households, marginalized y generally. nment of St. Luthat ICT is Saint Lucia Receives 4.8M Euros For ICT In Primary Schools mulated, a large number of Saint and intion. Those who dand learning methods through the use of ICT. gramme is to build the foundation tegration of ICT. of ICT. Programme, the following is 4. Promote ICT as a tool in the ment of the results highlighted Under Result 1 nities in general and to examine This nation-wide management of all agement Information System. The lessons learned missions. Under Result 2 will be maintained between the Under Result 3 This imates ment Unit under the Ministry of on. agreement). holder bodies to the full maintesustainability. The agreed mainbuy-in an The Minist


Page 5 Saturday August 28, 2010 Feature Bon our youth and that any idea of at all be entertained. Our dreams, forefront of the national agenda. as NYC President National Crime Commission. Bar manner the blending of theatre arts to 2002. He has also been nominated for youth of the year many times. Barry George management and outstanding inment Foundation (CDF), the Mintly th holder for the Haynes Smith Miss Haynes Smith Miss Caribbean Teen Pageant in 2009 for his outstanding al its name as a result of the struggle atre, out of the shadows into new immense talent that needs to be talented youngsters. ing the talents of young Saint Lutheatre Arts. lowing nominations and national Nomination for the outstanding the Traditio ming of N.T.N. Carifesta Delegation to Trinidad. for the Performing Arts. The followCultural Center in Barnard Hill, rranged by Barbara there are many talented your ing to do, as one of the songs in motion of the arts and theatre and that our youth are not only talentY outh leader, Cultural Activist and Dance Choreography


Page 7 Saturday August 28, 2010 Page 6 Saturday August 28, 2010 The Government continues its efforts in ensuring that Saint Lucia develops in an integrated, sustainable and holistic manner that empowers local institutions in strengthening its delivery of essential services to the people. Local Authorities play an integral role in that process and epitomize the very core of people centered approach to governance as they operate at the very heart of community life, offering a range of services including: maintaining physical infrastructure; land use planning and development control; providing sanitation services, including the safe disposal of solid and liquid waste; maintaining recreational facilities and open spaces; regulating areas of public assembly; maintaining community assets, such as human resource centers, etc. The provision of a quarterly subvention of EC$25,000 provides an opportunity for expanding the services that local authorities provide. The Vieux Fort District Council admits the efforts of the Minister of Local Government Minister in terms of the positive and coordinated approach that he has taken in empowering the ment by Government in ensuring that the services provided in the south of the island continue to expand. For the past two years the Council as been provided with a vehicle SLG 895 which has made its work much easier from the perspective of delivery of services to such as Vieux Fort North and surrounding communities. This is a long awaited dream which has taken a decade to come to reality. The support made available through the Taiwanese Embassy has assisted in ensuring that numerous community initiatives such as drainage works, renovation of public facilities, etc are undertaken for the direct is certainly not being left behind as the development plans for the south of the island are comprehensive and extensive. The expansion of the airport promises to inject in excess of EC$400 million in that community. The new senior citizens home, the abattoir, housing development at La Resource undertaken by the National Housing Corporation as well as other initiatives all indicate that Vieux Fort is well on its way to becoming the frontier of growth and development. Vital Coastal Stabilization Work Protection of Major National Infrastructure (East Coast Road & Inti Airport) Enclosure of the peremeter of the Phillip Marcelin Grounds, Vieux Fort Cantonment Drain Construction Refurbishment of Public Facilities at La Ressource, La Tourney, Bruce Ville and Backadere Renovation Works at Vieux Fort Secondary Campus A SLG 895 given to the Vieux Fort Town Council by Ministry of Local Government Refurbishment of Vieux Fort Coal Market Construction of Numerous Drains in the Community by Ministry of Education Refurbishment of the Vieux Fort Health Centre


Page 8 Saturday August 28, 2010 The Gros Islet Youth Programme was developed to provide the opportunities for Sporting and Self-development for the youth in the Gros Islet community through Football Training, Inter-Personal Workshops and other Activities. The Gros Islet Youth Football Programme was initiated three years ago by Ms. Jennifer Gaston and Mr. Alban Felicien. This programme was established by these individuals based on their observation that many young children were interested in the Sport, but were unable to par ticipate in the activities due to a lack of opportunities. developed and targeted young boys and girls within the age group of 5-15 years. To date there are seventy (70) youths enrolled in the programme and the numbers are increasing. Training and Classes are conducted every Saturday morning from 9.00 am at the Gros Islet Playing Field and the Gros Islet Secondary School is used for cricket. The training sessions consist of: Field Training Physical and Strategy Training sessions conducted by Coaches and indoor Classes designed towards Mental Training and SelfDevelopment. There are other sessions by Coaches and invited Guests such as Doctors and Proevant to holistic development. participants and the Organizers are dependent on contributions from individual business people who appreciate and have come to identify with the objectives of the programme. Through cash & kind contributions equipment such as balls and uniforms were made available to the Programme as well as used items such as football boots which have also been donated by St. Lucians overseas. continue to seek assistance from interested businesses and Individuals in order to sustain the Programme other services are provided on a complimentary basis by individuals interested in the Programme Gros Islet Youth Programme using Sports as an Avenue for Holistic Development of our Youthand its objectives. Such services include: Free Medical Services; Free Transportation to games; Assistance from the Police; Free use of Community Centre for Classes and Free Preparation of Meals for Events. have organized the following: d two Christmas and Easter Activities to thank and acknowledge all contributors, supporters and participants. This was supported by local and overseas individuals through their donations of food, drinks, medals and toys. Participants are also involved in yearly Clean-up Campaigns through assistance from the Solid Waste Management Authority. Additionally a Tennis Programme was started in March 2009 to encourage the participants in other sporting disciplines. This Programme was implemented through the assistance of Dr. Cleophas DAuvergne who has also provided some of the equipment. To date Forty-two (42) students have enrolled and assistance is being sort for additional equipment and coaching. implementation of a Chess Programme during the 2009 summer vacation to encourage the mental development of the youths. The Administrators are presently working on starting a Netball programme having received equipment from St. Lucian Netballers overseas who are interested in supporting such a project. The summer programme for the youths of the Gros Islet Community was held during the months of July/August 2009, to expose and enhance their talents and skills of young persons in Arts & and Sports. The programme was not repeated this year due to competing schedules. The intention though is to continue. rpersonal workshops dealt with the skills that a person uses to interact with other people. Interpersonal skills are sometimes also referred to as people skills or communication skills. Interper sonal skills involve using skills such as active listening and tone of voice, they include delegation and leadership. It is how well you communicate with someone and how well you behave or carry yourself. Also they help people further their careers. people in particular as it helps them interact with others and can play a critical role in behavioral development. Some of the subject areas discussed included: (1) Knowing Yourself; (2) Maintaining Control; (3) Maintaining Motivation; (4) Recognizing Others Interests and (5) Communicating Flexibly pants have received a talk on Christian lifestyle, while sessions on Law and Order/Proper Behaviours in keeping with the laws were delivered by Mr. sessions by a teacher of the Gros Islet Primary school Miss Caroline Williams and others. They also participate in annual clean up campaigns to provide a sense of common grounding and community work and participation. Overall the programme was deproper and acceptable behaviour and the impact it can have on their life and studies. cated their appreciation for the programme and their exposure to other activities. Comments of appreciation also come from some parents who have indicated that the Football and the workshops are having a positive impact on their children whom they can see from the approach to their school work and other activities. who manage the Team comprise of: Jennifer Gaston Manager, Caroline Christine Williams Assistant Manager, Urban Augustin Francis Lastic Coach and Myron Joseph Coach. rnment proudly salutes these community leaders and pioneers individuals for their dedication and commitment towards the holistic advancement of youth. The use of sports is no the Gros Islet Youth Programme provides a very good example of communities taking charge of their own development. This is an outlook which needs to be encouraged as part of a paradigm nurturing viable and sustainable communities.


Page 9 Saturday August 28, 2010 The Government of Saint Lucia expressed sadness at the passing of Saint Lucias Queen of Culture Marie Selipha Sesenne Descartes, who died at the age of ninety six (96) at her home in Patience on Wednesday, August 11th, 2010. Government in its initial statement described Sesenne as a Colossal Cultural Figure and noted that she had made an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Saint Lucia. Under the direction of Prime Minister Stephenson King a broad under the Chairmanship of Minister of Culture Gaspard Char lemagne to formulate funeral comprised comprised representatives of the Family of Sesenne, And Acts To Imortalize Her Life And WorkFolk Research Centre, the Ministry sion), Ministry of Education and Culture, the Cultural Development Foundation, the St. Lucia Ar Close Friends and Acquaintances Prime Minister. Lucias Queen of Culture. The funeral is scheduled for Saturday, August 28th, 2010, two days ahead of the annual la Rose Festival. cias Queen of Culture during an elaborate ceremony to be held at the St. Lucys Catholic Church in the village of Micoud. The event will comprise of a Tribute Forum from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, followed by the formal funeral service immeForum will feature cultural perfor mances/presentations by various cultural groups and individuals pard Charlemagne and Prime Minister Stephenson King. the Tribute Forum and Funeral Ser vice, members of the public will be able to view the body of Sesenne at the Church from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Following the conclusion of the funeral service, the funeral procession will proceed via vehicular procession to the Patience, Mon Repos junction. At that point the Casket bearing the body of Dame Marie Selipha Descartes will be car ried by hand to the burial site near her home, which is approximately 150 yards away. Lucians to share in this historic moment. Let Saturday, August 28th, 2010 be marked as a special day nationally to celebrate the work and life of our Queen of Culture, Dame Marie Selipha Sesenne Descartes. Government expresses sympathy with the family and friends of Sesenne and the people of the communities of Micoud Village, Mon Repos, Patience and La Pointe. The Government of Saint Lucia will move to preserve the memory and legacy of Sesenne Descartes, Saint Lucias Queen of Culture.As we celebrate the life of Sesenne, it is an opportuvalues which were embodied in ennes life was a model and demonstration of humility, love, kindness, Christianity, simplicity and from La Pointe, Mon Repos, Quar ter of Micoud rose from humble beginnings and was able to defy some of the conventions to success during her lifetime, to become Saint Lucias Queen of Culture. In addition to this royal stature, Sesenne had gained numerous accolades. These include: The British Empire Medal (BEM) in 1972; The Saint Lucia Medal of Merit in 2000; Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in 2004. includes: Acknowledgement by the United Workers Party Youth Arm in 1992.; Recognition by the Ministry of International Womens Day in 1998; Recognition by the Caribbean Broadcasting Union through their Caricom in 2000; and Declaration Folk Research Centre in 2005.Sesennes death has presented us with an opportunity to educate our selves about the value and richness of our folklore and culture. My Government is sensitive to the impor tant place of culture in the national development process. The establishment of the National Endowment for Cultural Industries, for which this year there was an allocation of EC $1.5 Million is testimony to our policy with respect to support for the arts and culture. I have already directed that this fund be utilized to expedite the recording of Sesennes music in digitized format. In this regard we will seek to work with per sons who have already been identiSesennes rich repertoire of work. I would like to use this opportunity to express thanks to the previous administration for their contribution of 0.529499 acres of land and a home for Sesenne. This Government will certainly add to this by acting in a decisive manner to immortalize Sesenne our Queen of Culture. With respect to the idea of developing the property in question into a museum in the name of Sesenne, I wish to assure all that Government is in principle supportive of this notion. With the passing of Sesenne and indeed, the passage of time, there is perhaps need to review the concept developed back then in the year 2000. This exercise would allow us to examine new ideas and to focus on the operational aspects and functionality of the proposed museum. soon to appoint a special committee for the purpose of reviewing and developing the idea of a museum in the name of Sesenne. Finally, my Government has decided on a number of actions which are all designed to imortalize the life and work of Dame Marie Selipha Sesenne Descartes. These include: 1. Giving priority to a special project geared towards digitizing the work of Sesenne. We expect much of this material to be available for the celebration October of this year. 2. Naming of the road leading to Sesennes home and the site for the proposed museum as Sesennes Drive. 3. Renaming of the endowment fund as: The Dame Marie Selipha Sesenne Descartes National Endowment for Cultural where Sesennes home in located and the wider area known commonly as Vietnam. Government will seek to establish a participatory process in or der to arrive at the appropriate name for this area. behalf of my Government and all Saint Lucians to thank the family of Sesenne who allowed us all to share the life of this phenomenal cultural Icon who we will forever honour. The memory and legacy of Sesenne will live on in her music and the many lives she touched. Mamay La Di Way. Viv Sesenne.


Saturday August 28, 2010 Page 10 The issue of social vulner ability has been one of the key preoccupations of the ing practical and creative ways to address this, particular in the context of the international drug trade which has passed extremely challenging problem. In the small island States of the Caribbean, governments and civil society are fully aware of the nefarious effects of the drug trade in fueling demand for illegal drugs, and in dramatically increasing the level of crime associated with drug dealers in the respective countries. Moreover, the associated crime of money laundering and related activities severely undermines the system and legislatures. King Administration is focused on addressing the social issues and stability to the nation as these socially as well as economically debilitating phenomena account for a type of social vulnerability that threatens the entire system of governance, the very moorings of the culture and has the potential to extend even to the integrity of the country. Combined nancial crisis and the situation in the economic sphere in terms of the erosion of trade preferences traditionally enjoyed by countries like ours, there is much concern that this can add to the pressures of other anti-social activities, which threaten to undermine our social stability as a nation. The Government of Saint Lucia has formulated a broad approach to address the immediate needs of the vulnerable population, while simultaneously equipping them with the resources needed to assist in securing a more sustainable livelihood. This is done through which is designed and built on four critical pillars which focuses on employment creation / reduce unemployment, generating economic activity, improving the size Holistic Opportunities for Personal Empowerment and quality of labour force and to increase and improve public assets and infrastructure. tered through the combined and Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF) in collaboration with various agencies such as National Skills Development Centre (NSDC), Ministry of Social Transformation (MOST), Ministry of Local Government, St Lucia Nurses Association, St Lucia Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry designed around four pillars of Employment, Training, Personal cial Re-Engineering Prime Minister King in his Budget Address of 2010-2011 stated unequivocally nomic growth will falter without strategies for achieving social well-being and harmony. Sustaining growth and recovery over time will depend on the appropriateness of our interventions and how successful we are at implementthe evidence of social decay is all around us, even as investment in health, education and other social services has increased. Crime, antisocial and deviant behaviour, general apathy and the feeling of separation from mainstream society by our vulnerable socioeconomic groups are vivid illustrations of this fact. proach to social re-engineering seeks to restore hope, empower the vulnerable and build human capacity for self-directed change. The transformation of our society can only be meaningful and sustainable if it is driven by the people themselves, and our role as Government, is to provide the avenues and opportunities for this to occur. Programme there was much to be proud of in that nearly 1000 per sons were employed island-wide for an average of 3 months. Additionally, hundreds more were contracted to provided services like trucking, storage, rental of equipment, water and electricity supply, etc, and over 70 Community infrastructural projects were completed island-wide. Over 80 in the private and public sector. hancement Training (PET) to eight hundred and ten (810) persons, and ninety four (594) males and two hundred and sixteen (216) females. of the work undertaken Ministers address to the nation on crime earlier this year, where he gave the clear indication, that form part of the strategy to combat the mounting crime situation being experienced in the country. Immediately a programme was initiated, formulated and given high priority in addressing Inner City issues as a component of E. have been undertaken: ation of inner city communities and their community leaders In collaboration with the Ministry of Social Transformation (MOST), RISE and other stakeholders to date 30 communities have Ciceron within the Castries basin. b. Engagement of Community Leaders By-weekly meetings are presently being concommunity leaders to engage them in the sensitization of our intentions, development of an inner city plan to try to deal with the many socioeconomic issues of these communities and to continually assess and provide valuable feedback as the programme is being implemented. These meetings are being conducted jointly with RISE and MOST c. Productivity Enhancement Training (PET) It has been agreed that PET would be administered with the help of NSDC to as many per sons as possible within these havioural change necessary to meaningfully arrest the scourge of crime in these ar eas and St Lucia by extension. To date over 300 persons from 10 communities are undergoing PET. The goal is to adminthe end of August, 2010. This year the PET has increased from 6 days to 15 days where more modules could be done and more in-depth. The training will be done in vital areas such as literacy, how to raise dence, stress management, communication skills, teamwork and critical thinking skills among other modules. All successful participants will receive a stipend of EC $200.00 at the end of the training period. d. Technical Skills Training technical skills of residents laborating with NSDC with their OECS Skills for Inclusive Growth programme. To encourage persons to sign up for this free programme for paying stipends to participants while on training. e. Micro Enterprise Development Several residents have expressed their desire to start their own business or develop their existing enterprise. As a result it was agreed a special programme has been developed to help them develop their business ideas and source funding with the help from strategic partners like Belfund, St Lucia Development Bank and SEDU. f. Mediation W orkshops Par ticipants at the bi-weekly meetings indicated that due their communities, mediators should be trained to facilitate organising a series of workshops to identify and develop approximately two mediators (1 male, 1 female) per community. g. Development of the Arts It was recognised that there is an abundance of talent in the arts (especially musical talent) in these inner city areas The Government of Saint Lucia has formulated a broad approach to address the immediate needs of the vulnerable population, while simultaneously equipping them with the resources needed to assist in securing a more sustainable livelihood made to identify and develop these talents. As a result a new project is currently being implemented called Celwhere one person is identisinging talent, by way of audition. These persons would then be put through a series of workshops facilitated by suitable persons in the music industry to help them develop their writing and singing talent. A CD would then be created of their songs which will be launch at a grand concert. h. Infrastructural Projects Members of these communities are being encouraged to submit small project proposal for consideration. To date and implemented a number of projects ter allocation of EC $3,317,000.00 in May, 2010 the work began immediately embarked on the frastructural projects from last year. Several other projects were assessed, approved and started. On the issue of job placement over EC $60, 000.00 has been spent on salaries and other expenses associated with this component of the programme. 22 unemployed both the private sector and public sector. Some of the organisations partnering with us on this initiative include: JE Bergasse, Min. of plies and Wayne Brown Design Build Co. cantly since it provides the most short term employment for the variety of interests expressed by unemployed persons. Even more importantly, it provides a good to these organisations who per form satisfactorily, to be employed on a permanent basis groups and persons have received sponsorship for implementing worthwhile projects. These projects and the amounts are presented in Table 2. major support to many of SSDFs existing programmes and tradiContinued on page 11


Page 11 Saturday August 28, 2010 tional initiatives. At the end of the following programmes with al Assistance EC$ $250,000.00; (b) Koudemen Ste Lucie EC$ EC$150,000.00. approved for implementation in 2nd Quarter include the James Belgrave Sports Complex Marchand Castries, Painting to existConstruction of railing to existing bridge Ravine Tou Twell Castries, Construction of Curb and Slipper Drains Ravine in Tou Twell Castries, refurbishment of drains Near C. Nelson Castries/Rose Castries, Drains at Agard lands, Castries. Other initiatives include slabbing of Drain Construction of Chaussee & Jeremie Street, ConConcrete Road & Curb and Slipthe construction of concrete footCastries. being addressed to ensure that the geted sections of the population. These include the lack of innovative project proposals from communities and as such there is a clear need to have projties to develop more innovative project proposals. Naturally this to keep workers engaged for sigthere is a need to have project ofidentify and submit new projects. o issues of Land Ownership which must be addressed by ensuring the proposal are carefully assessed and possible and dealt with before implementation of any project. There is also ing centres and facilitators and so there is the need to train a cadre of new facilitators island-wide in or der to make use of other locations such as dance halls, schools, and other building and furnish them appropriately. Additionally, there is the ever increasing need to get more private sector support in implementing Job Placement Initiatives. This calls for a more strategic approach and analysis of job placement methods, as well organizations island-wide.ment include the formation of the Social Reform Council to provide The Council will draw on the expertise of the private and public sectors and civil society to ensure shared vision of society as well as the direction to be pursued. One of the key responsibilities of the Council relates to the streamlining and harmonization of on-going reforms. Sector Reform; Social Safety Net Reform; Public Sector Reform; Reform of Legal Aid; Education Reform and OECS Family Law Reform. They are all being pursued against the background of fuel, nerable groups. They emphasize prevention, early interventions and appropriate transitions in the life cycles of individuals and families, promote inclusion, and foster inter-sectoral synergies and coordination. social issues which confront the nation and has also developed the Youth Development Program to further complement other ongoing initiatives. This program was developed and embraced by the young people of this country, and seeks to provide the basis for har nessing the energies of our young people as primary agents for change and renewal. The government recognizes that the talents and capacity for self development and leadership of our youth must be encouraged and developed not at some vague time in the future, but now. rogram will create syner gies and partnerships geared towards the mobilization of resources and their deployment in a range of areas such as entrepreneurial development, the establishment of arts and entertainment facilities in communities, the provision of skills training and the implementation of a National Youth Service Program. The Prime Minister is serious on sending a message to the youth of this country that is simple and unequivocal. The future of our Nation starts from this very moment; your participation and service are required now, so let us begin to change our society for the be at its very core is designed to address interventions for the changing, maintenance or creation of living conditions that are conducive to human welfare. The social policy forms an integral part of the public policy that has to do with social issues. The resources for public policy and practice are targeted to provide a holistic and comprehensive response in the ar eas of health care, human services, criminal justice, inequality, education, and labour. Government its social welfare programmes to meet the needs of employed per sons the disable and the needy. Continued from page 10 Table 2 List of Sponsored Projects to Date


Page 12 Saturday August 28, 2010 The restructuring of the Civil Status Department is geared towards improving tiveness with a view to enhancing the Public. The New Civil Status Act came into effect on the 17th March, 2010 making provision for the much anticipated appointed of an Adjudicator. amendments) all vital records i.e. birth, baptism, marriage and the production of a more accurate cated at the Y-De-Lima Building on the William Peter Boulevard requests for rectiStreet and paid for. Cur Set out below is the procedure to request. 1. A Valid Document, e.g. Passport, Drivthe application is required. If along with a letter obtained is required. 2. The Application Form must be completed before seeing the the one making the application must complete all relevant information pertaining to them, such as Name, Surname, Address, relationship to the subject, ID number, telephone number. belong to someone else other than the person completing or making the application, then to be amended is required. panies the application must be signed and dated before mending someone. Please ask. married) of the person whose correct, must be submitted. cords is consistent. entered or is different, submit card or Passport to show use of those names. Birth! If it is incorrect on the pital where the person was born. 9. If the Person was born at home form of supporting or compelling evidence to establish the persons Date of Birth, e.g. a to show that the person has been using the Date of Birth. Documents to be Provided 1. If childs name is missing or incorrect submit the Birth Certificate together with the Baptiscation. 2. If there is no Baptismal Cermother attesting to the use of tion for the said child, should be submitted. must be submitted. name on Birtconsistent with that on Baptisust be submitted. If fathers name is not inserted child was born after 1974, substating that he is the father, is aware of the application and is agreeing to the insertion of his er should be in similar terms. 6. If child was legitimated after marriage and requires the fathers name inserted that is not re-registration done at the Civil 7. If date of birth is incorrect subcord of birth from hospital. mother giving full details of correct date of birth, should be provided. The Reg records to electronic generation. This means that all data on the and the avoidance of fraud. The implementation and introsuccessful implementation of this Conseq to implement and monitor this creased cost for these vital records, which will be communicated to the public in the near future. The Government of Saint Lucia to the Government of the Repubassistance in the development of Clients awaiting service at the Civil Status Registry