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SATURDAY, AUGUST 14, 2010 The Government of St. Lucia is the single largest or ganization in St. Lucia wholly dedicated to the development of the nations human resource, particularly the youth. This is primarily because the development of our youth is fundamental to our nations success. The future of St. Lucia depends on the calibre of young people who will become the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, opportunities need to be provided for our young people in or der to ensure their success and, by extension, the success of the nation. the initiatives, particular ly human resource developmental programs of the Government of St. Lucia are designed with the young people in mind. Many of the opportunities created are created for the young people of St. Lucia. The Government of Saint Lucia has demonstrated its dedication to this mission by creating a unit, the Training Division, spethe purpose of creating and maintaining opportunities to pursue tertiary education and in-service training. sible for carrying out the Human Resource Development function of the Government of St. Lucia, with regards to its citizens. The Division aims to ensure that per sons at the national level are provided with opportunities to improve and develop their skills and years, the Training Division has processed numer hundreds of St. Lucians, especially the youth, the opportunity to pursue tertiary education. Several of those successful scholars are currently pursuing their programmes at various educational institutions w orldwide. ratitude must be extended to the several external governments, funding agencies and educational institutions and local and external organizations that have dedicated their resources to this cause. The individuals heading and running these organizations are to be commended on the young people of St. Lucia. vice and Human Resource Development wishes to highlight the process that is followed to result in the awarding of a scholarship to a St. Lucian citizen. The scholarship application and selection process is outlined below: 1. A Memorandum of Under standing is established between the learning institution and the Government of St. Lucia or the external agency announces the scholarship programme to the Government of St. Lucia through the Ministry man Resource Development. 2. The scholarship programme is advertised in the media, i.e. via press release in the newspapers, radio, television and on the Government of St.; The press release normally contains the following infor mation: (a) The type of scholarship award or partial, as well as what the award covers, e.g. tuition, accommodation, etc.; scholarship award and the areas and levels of study for which the awards The deadline date for submission of application forms; (d) The eligibility criteria to qualify for the scholarship aw ard. Continued on page 3


Page 2 Saturday August 14, 2010 The development of the Nalaunched in January 2009. The of a public policy consultation. The Natiovides a plan of action that har nesses the skills and creativity of the people of St. Lucia and combines them with modern information and communication technologies to enable sustainable social and economic development and to support the countrys national development agenda. The plan encompasses several sectors and focuses on ways in which technology can be used for the development and well-being of each sector. St. Lucia aims to: Improve the quality of life in Saint Lucia by embracing ICT to promote development, innovation and global competitiveness thereby enabling sustainable social and economic growth. This vision is supported by three core values that will contribute to and underpin its success: vation. achieved by: to electronic information and communications technologies education to develop human Government Moving to Implement Saint Lucias National ICT Strategy 2010-2015capacity, to enhance competitiveness, to modernize the teaching and learning environment, to facilitate equity of access, and to develop individuals who are capable in a technologically driven society. 3. Enabling greater equity in the allocation and use of health care resources by exploiting promote quality health care delivery and management. and social well being of the community through various programmes that would enchallenges and technological advancement. opment through the use of 6. Enablingcient supply chain management (from production to sales and marketing) through promoting the economic viability and sustainability of agricultural related activities. egy through the establishment of a suitable institutional framework within the infrastructure and architecture within government, and for social advancement and economic growth. nation of marketing and other tourism management funcand thereby enabling the sustainable development of the sector. olution methodology begins with the development of a then assesses the state of e-readiness of St. Lucia and benchmarks the country against selected counthrough the development of prociated outcomes and measures. The entire strategy development process is done using Working Groups made up of key stakeholders from all sectors of the society. (WGs) were organized to support ty Development & Social Services; Education; Government; Health; Business and Tourism. in social and economic wealth at an individual, organizational and national level. The Strategy is geared towards leveraging and enhancing St. Lucias human reaccelerating economic and social to facilitate the achievement of St. Lucias National Development goals and to promote national prosperity and well being. however, to determine the extent fully achieve these targets. This determination is best captured in an e-readiness assessment which measures the level of preparedness of a country to participate in the global information society knowledge economy. A countrys level of e-readiness is determined by assessing the country across are considered fundamental to facilitating national development which will strengthen St. Lucias presence online and provide visitors with a seamless, hassle-free vacation planning experience. ture will be upgraded to meet the needs of each community, particularly in the rural ar eas, and to support new and emerging technologies. will be enhanced to suption, collaboration and shar ing of information among ministries, departments and agencies. allow students and teachers greater access to information and resources to develop their skills and enhance the teaching and learning experience. health facilities will receive access and training to utilize the enhanced Health Manhealthcare for citizens and residents. productivity and service offerings, and government will provide an enabling environment through appropriate legislation and policy to support this uptake. gramme will make government services conveniently accessible to all, through the use of modern technologies such will also provide the structure and governance needed to a national level, and develop the policies and frameworks to support this development. be supported by a robust and integrated Agricultural ter farm management and expanded export capabilities. utilize these to promote community involvement and entrepreneurial development. million will be required to impleyears. The Government has already begun to seek funding for plemented. Marlon Narcisse Government of Saint Lucia Taiwanese funded ICT Lab


Page 3 Saturday August 14, 2010 Continued from front page 3. Application forms are made available at the Training Division of the Ministry of the Resource Development. The Training Division is located on the 1st Floor, Sir Stanislaus James Building, Waterfront, must also submit a completed Ethics form along with their applications. 5. All applications are screened sion using the stipulated eliapplications are processed for consideration. from the external agency offering the scholarship awards, request interviews with applicants during the selection process. Applicants are called in for interviews where necessary. 7. Eligible applicants are recommended to the Scholarship is chaired by a representative Service and Human Resource Development and comprises representatives from the Minture, the St. Lucia Teachers the St. Lucia Employers Federation and the Sir Arthur tee reviews applications and makes its recommendations consideration and approval. forms the Ministry of the Resource Development of its decision. 10. Successful applicants are infor the scholarship award rests with the external agency offering the scholarship award. tions are therefore forwarded are informed that approval by scholarship award. ing the scholarship award informs the Training Division of the Service and Human Resource Development of their decision regarding the selection of applicants for the scholarship award. The successful applications are then informed accordingly. 13. The selected applicants are then called in to complete their Bond Agreement to serve in the State of St. Lucia for a minimum prescribed period following the completion of their studies. The bonding periods are listed in the table below: ship award includes access to a Government of St. Lucia plicant completes the Bond Agreement, the Bank of St. Lucia is informed of the approval for the applicant to gain access to the government-guaranteed student all arrangements with regard to the student loan are made between the applicant and the Bank of St. Lucia, with assistance where necessary, Division.15. Applicants and the external ship award, with the assistance vision, make the necessary arrangements to facilitate the successful applicant(s) destudy programme. 16. Applicants are required to submit transcripts to the Training Division at the end of each academic year in or der to ensure continuation of or disbursements of their student loans for the following academic year. Illinois Institute of Technology Scholarship Award overnment of St. Lucia scholarships for St. Lucian youth to pursue tertiary studies. The Government is particularly supLucian nationals to pursue various disciplines. To date, only twenty-nine (29) of these individuals have met all the relevant criteria and about eight of them are able to secure Government Assists Hundreds With Educational Advancement the necessary funding to take advantage of this opportunity. erative that the Govtablished scholarship application and selection procedures were followed before a decision could be taken. is end, the Government of St. Lucia had an in-depth diaThe following decisions were agreed upon between the parties concerned: a. The Government of Saint Lucia will grant the remaining twenty-one (21) of the twenty-nine awardees who have not been able to secure the necessary funding to take advantage of this opportunity, access to the Government-guaranteed loan facility through the Saint Lucia Development Bank (SLDB), up depending on the needs of the applicant. b. There will be continued collaboration with representatives Technology and the Government of St. Lucia. ogy scholarship programme who did not have the opportunity to apply for the scholarship programme will be able to do so in the near future; have expressed their eagerness to participate in the 2010 St. Luproviding St. Lucians, especially the youth, with opportunities to pursue tertiary education and welcomes any initiative that provides such opportunities. provide opportunities to young Saint Lucians in obtaining higher education. The lives of 28 young people would change for the better when they leave the island next week to take up studies at ogy. Minister for Human resource der Montoute at a press confer ence on August 10th, 2010, stated that the government has guarantwenty one (21) students who did not have the requisite security requirements. the commitment and focus that played while working behind the perhaps the impression that was given, they were always inter ested in ensuring that this goes through even when we thought vernment of St. Lucia reproviding St. Lucians, especially our youth, with opportunities to pursue tertiary education. This is being done in order to prepare our youth with opportunities for tional development process and to meet the challenges of an ever changing society. Government welcomes any initiative that provides such opportunities. The Ministry of Finance, National Development is charged with the managecial and economic resources, while utilizing suitable consultative mechanisms to deliver high quality service to the public and to contribute to the formulation of appropriate policies, in order to accelerate social and economic development. quintessential mission and its role in the development initiatives of the Government of Saint Lucia, that the Ministry of Finance has opened its electronic doors in keeping with the Governments goal to maximize the use of information and comin the delivery of its services to the people of Saint Lucia. This initiative embodies case its work and to enhance good governance and transparency, in part through its various eGovernment initiatives. The Ministry of Finance, Development has now created a direct link between the people of Saint Lucia and a vast number of government ser vices, through information and knowledge sharing. The Ministry of Finance is pleased to present this new portal; a gateway to up-to-date information on Governments economic performance, new and existing government polices and their impact on the populace; as well as data on government expenditure and economic and social priorities. vides the transparency that all Saint Lucians, whether at home or abroad, expect, while ensuring potential investors, domestic or international, can ment incentives. This dynamic and streamlined vessel is in complete harmony with the demands of a modern and fastpaced economy. This new website acknowledges the centrality of infor mation technologies in todays sync with the development of a for Saint Lucia and provides unprecedented and unlimited access to government agencies, services and information from anywhere at any time. The website will be launched on Tuesday August 17th, 2010 from 9:30 am to 12:00 noon at Finance Ministry Launches Website


Page 4 Saturday August 14, 2010 ogy is a clear indication that we function and operate in a knowlrole of education is now widely recognized as a vital instrument in the trust towards the development of human capital. skilled citizens has more chances development that is relevant to the economic and social realities of a access to education can reduce poving the underprivileged resources and opportunities for upward social mobility and social inclusion. Government is Proud of its Record of Scholarship Support to Students and Public Servants AWARDS TO PUBLIC OFFICERS OF SAINT LUCIA TO PURSUE LONG-TERM TRAININGThe information in the table represents awards period 2007 2010 NEW SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS WITH NO GUARANTEED LOANS The table below details the costs associated with the government-guaranteed loans that the Government of period 2003 2010 GOVERNMENT OF ST. LUCIA-GUARANTEED LOAN STATISTICS Government understand the vital role that education plays in the national development process. The Administration has therefore displayed the political commitment in forging ahead with increased support by the state in providing more educational opportunities for Saint Lucians particularly the youth. in this context that the information in the various tables is being provided as evidence of and facilitating scholarship ar rangements that allow for much needed access to further training opportunities. Prime Minister King and his Government understand the vital role that education plays in the national development process AWARDS OF SCHOLARSHIPS TO NATIONALS OF SAINT LUCIA


Page 5 Saturday August 14, 2010 Feature Mzen on 19th July 1984. He however has lived and has received all educational training and complete immersion into Saint Lucian Society since then. District of Soufriere. ing. He consistently performed as a top student at every grade extending as far as the tertiary level of educational training. Most notably he graduated as the Best Academic in the year 2000. He then advanced his studies at the Division of Arts, Science and General Studies (DASGS) of Geography. taught for 4 years and then matriculated with the Division of Teacher Education and Educational Administration award for the Top Teacher of the graduating class of 2008. ary Education specializing in Geography and Educational sive Marcellus has been equally impressive in the extent to which he has served his community and Saint Lucia as a vivacious youth leader. He has served in numerous capacities including his outstanding service as president of munity development has been recognized nationally. To also earned the privilege of representing Saint Lucia in voluntary he has continued to apply himself in seeking Marcellus Cazaubon Commonwealth Youth AmbassadorMinisters Meeting in Barbados in March 2010 where he articulated the necessary interventions required for youth development across the region. Furthermore, in his capacentities in Saint Lucia to advocate for change that will lead to the advancement of young people including the National tions. He has delivered several motivational speeches and shared remarks across the country to youth and adult audiences alike most notably in recent times was his keynote adSecondary School on July 28, 2010 hosted by the Saint Lucia development should not be the cause of young people to aim provide some input in the process of youth development. He believes that it is apparent that the young people who are not or the disengaged youth also has a voice and a contribution to make. They must be engaged. Additionally, he believes that the current program structure of educational training in the country needs urgent review with reference to the Universal Secondary Education policy and how it is delivered, catering for multiple intelligences and academic versus technical vocational inclinations, the extent to which teachers are trained to meet special needs of students and the capacity of social welfare deliverables of students at schools among several other reform actions. collaboration among youth organizations as part of a strategic approach to executing their broader mandate of youth empowerment and development. There is a clear need for which youth are entrenched. of immense potential for social and economic prosperity. Nonetheless he thinks it is necessary that our nations development compass must always be directed towards the true north of social engineering, economic viability and environmental soundness. Summit organized as part of Homecoming activities he did not hesitate to put forward his heartfelt sentiments on per lowing: For me the most exciting aspect of this summit is we are going to capture our discourse and we are going to produce a youth declaration. This document which will represent our collective voices will be forwarded to parliament tions of this declaration as it moves from Marigot today deed, compliments should be paid to the Government of Thank you Ambassador. Today our theme refers to us ir revocably as nation builders and indeed we are. Today ence change in a profound manner. We have responded to the call but do we really understand the magnitude of ming from a shared vision will determine whether that the process of achieving that prosperity, lies in the continued empowerment of our Nations Human Resource, for indeed beyond that point, the possibilities for greater who exhibits the vital qualities of responsibility, discipline and commitment. He encapsulates and presents critical values which are pre-requisites for success. The Government of Saint Lucia is pleased to identify with and highlight the success story represented in this youth leader. Government will continue through its various initiatives to encourage and nurture young talents like Marcellus


Page 7 Saturday August 14, 2010 Page 6 Saturday August 14, 2010 Black Mallet bridge rehabilitation Black Mallet drains Recently Constructed Rock hall Road Drains at Ravine Toutelle Marchard side walk project Improved foot path to access stand pipe Finished retaining wall at Marchard Entrepot foot path New road Rock Hall Ravine Toutelle side walk project Ravine Toutelle step project Road signs Bocage drain projectThe Government of Saint to governance in a holistic manner that brings the goals of initiatives have been developed to ensure that there is equitable management and distribution of resources throughout the country. inistry of Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utility has spearheaded ments of constituencies of both Government and Opposition in order to ensure equitable resource allocation. Government has also embarked on harnessing the rich and varied talents at the commuty-based approach to social and economic development, through the development of constituency programmes that promote bipartisanship. This is all part of a policy which ensures the distribution of Government resources and This policy provides direction to all development programmes of Government across respective ries. like other areas, from numerous which is a programme of the Government which is based on four critical pillars designed to focus on employment creation and reduce unemployment, generating economic activity, improving the size and quality of labour force and to increase and improve public assets and infrastructure. Additional assistance has been provided by programmes funded by These include drainage works, foot paths, retaining walls, repairs and repainting of the railings of walks, signage to all streets in the struction of drains and a concrete road has helped to improve vehicular access to the area, mindful that there is a large community inside this area. It has also allowed to enter in the area in case of an emergency. The absence of a retaining wall in that area of the community created an added challenge and difthe road. Pedestrians especially the school children were seriously inconvenienced in accessing the area on route to school. The construction of the retaining wall has made life much more tolerable for the residents and the general public since they do not have to walk in the middle of the road, due to blockage by land slippage. A safer environment has now been created for all as a result of embarking on the construction of the retaining wall. other areas in the community are ious community development initiatives. In the case of the Castries numerous infrastructural works, youth programmes and community development projects that all residents of the area. These include refurbishment of the Bocage veyed, the construction of a playtion of a multi-purpose court in the and, as well as many other initiathe residents of this constituency. foot path at Ravine Toutelle Rock Hall drainage project


Page 8 Saturday August 14, 2010 Joyce Auguste pursued a graduate teachers course in music from one of the premier institutions in the United Kingdom for the study of music, the Trinity College of Music (London) from 1963 to 1967. Her performance was so remarkable that she was found time for her favorite sport, netball and made the West Indies Net Ball Team. that shaped her distinguished career and catapulted the folk music discovers a rich reservoir of history and knowledge that presents as a fortress of resourcefulness. Joyce Auguste revealed some of the early events that led her into developing what has become a lifelong passion with music and the phenomenal contribution that she has made to musical art form versation. A Cultural Icons Effort to Revive Saint Lucian Traditional Folk Music found joy in music and immeLucia; I was concerned that music as an art form and discipline should be introduced into the educational system; I moved immediately to make this a reality. The then Premier John Compton created a new position and I beI busily engaged in my new role of producing and implementing music education programmes in 1969.late to the work of the institution that is Joyce Auguste. Thousands of young students grew up being fed on the menu of Joyces thrice weekly school music programme. We can all remember the familiar drills of basic immersion into mu running, running, running walk .. ecall when the then Premier of Grenada Eric Gairy had the vision of bringing all the French and English speaking Caribbean islands together to enjoy and exchange each others culture in what was known as Lucia commissioned Mr. Derek Workshop to prepare a group to participate in that regional cultur al extravaganza. cie was prepared for the occasion in addition to a folk contingent and dance performances. As secJoyces duty to ensure that all was prepared and ready for rehearsals as Derek was based in Triniweekends. cie was prepared for the occasion in addition to a folk contingent and dance performances. Joyce local lieutenant, her role then being to ensure that logistics were in from Trinidad for rehearsals related to the production. cultural experience of the Grenada Expo had quite an impact of Joyce Auguste. That experience prompted Joyce upon her return home, to go out to the rural communities to engage in cia. It was through this initiative that our unique and rich cultural themes and the music which existed within our rural communiof a wider and more appreciative for our folk music became recognized and the genius of Dame Marquis, Charles Cadet and others was discovered. It was that course of events that helped to popular gave rise to its renaissance. Lucia diaspora for Home Coming 2010 gave fresh impetus to revive at this stage that Joyce Auguste in the 1970s. tation was consistent with Ms. Augustes innate inter est in cultural research and education and a dream which she has always had to further the preser sic by digitally remastering it on CDs. Thanks to this initiative by Joyce, the rich folkloric musical heritage will be preserved for the generations. has given its blessing to this project sees this initiative as a means tural activities especially those that promote ethical values and good citizens, recognize cultural icons of them accordingly, to promote and strengthen the and to provide incentives to promote our culture regionally and internationally. Three CDs of Folk Music have been produced in a compreOther phases of this initiative will seek to document other aspects of our traditional folk legacies of African Dances and Master Drummer Lennards from Piaye, Tribute to Carlos Mynns (for his contribution to music development/Police Band), Indian as made of some of the key individuals who made this venture possible including Prime Minister King for his vision in ensuring that our folk culture is documented for for guiding and coordinating the process as well as Mr. Clendon Prime Minister King in commenting on the initiative puts it of documentary cultural work that forms a core part of our national heritage. It must be taken into the homes, kitchens, work place, schools, dance halls, places of worship, and other gather ing places where traditional art is produced, used, valued, and displayed". Mr. King went on to ous about supporting cultural programmes in many ways and forms especially as it relates to providing access to the arts and raising it to the prominence that it rightly deserves. It is envisaged that through the completion of this initial phase a basis can be created for engaging schools in a process of learning about the richness of our folklore musical heritage and all the colorful stories contained in that music. The project which is being tural icon Joyce Auguste is being funded through the National Endowment for Creative Industries for which Prime Minister King announced a $1.5 Million dollar allocation during the presentation of his 2010 2011 Budget. The Govbe in partnership with Ms. Joyce Auguste in the execution of this invaluable project. Saint Lucian cultural icon Joyce Auguste Three (3) of the Folk Music CDs already Digitally Remastered


Page 9 Saturday August 14, 2010 aint Lucias entrance into the 21st century exposed the fragility of its agricultural sector to new and unprecedented changes with respect to the inter national, political and economic landscapes. These landscapes emphasize global economic liberalization, privatization, technology, the forging of strategic alliances, of operations and processes, and environmental protection and fair trade issues. many challenges, both internal velop the agricultural sector and to achieve the objectives of poverty reduction through improving food security and increasing export earnings. The internal challenges include low productivity, structures, low skill capacity, poor tutional and policy frameworks. Lucia is susceptible to weather conditions which determine the level of harvest and therefore, the varies with the weather. its declining contribution to GDP, agriculture continues to be a criti-Agricultural ProductionTipping the Scale contributed approximately 10.6% to GDP in 1995, 3.09% in 2005 and 4% in 2008. Figure 1 presents the status of agricultural production in the sector. crease in production (crop, livein 2005 to 58,026 tonnes in 2008 and this progress was accompathe volume of food imports from 101,828 tonnes in 2002 to 56264 tonnes in 2008. Clearly its an indication that domestic consumption of local produce has increased and local production has now surpassed food imports (volume) cit between the volume of food imports and food exports (43,230 tonnes) in 2008 stood at approximately 13,037 tonnes. central to the sector despite a decrease in production over the years from over 133,000 tonnes in 1995 to 30,007 in 2005 and an increase to 38,359 tonnes in 2008. Other important crops include coconut, cocoa, vegetables and herbs, other fruit and tree crops livestock sector is small and dominated by the poultry and pork sub-sectors, it continues to experience some growth, contributing approximately 1649 tonnes to annual production in 2006, 1685 tonnes in 2007 and 1939 tonnes in 2008. na exports to the Caribbean, more than doubled to 2,680 tonnes in 2009, as local banana exporters took advantage of a growing regional market for bananas. Production of other crops increased by 12.3 percent to 7,573 tonnes, driven by growth in pur chases by local supermarkets. This cate Programme which seeks to enhance production and marketing linkages between farmers and purchasers. The performance of by the deployment of additional ings to 1,870 tonnes in 2009. The livestock sub sector also showed positive signs of growth, as indicated by increases in the production of pork and eggs, despite a decline in chicken production. Ministry of Agriculture to do the geared towards satisfying domestic needs and demands and the other for export to generate foreign exchange. governments, donor and implementing agencies and stakeholders in the sector to implement strategies that will increase the competitiveness in the banana industry agricultural sector around bananas. ed to expand the sector by creating an enabling environment for a more entrepreneurial approach to agriculture and contribute to the socio-economic transformation of rural communities that are expected to be positively impacted by a revitalized sector. This will have an impact on economic growth, food security and employment, region as a whole. Sustaining local agricultural production requires that we grow what we eat and consume what we produce


Saturday August 14, 2010 Page 10 It is well known in our part of the world that natural disasters such as hurricanes have become a fact of life. Although the danger that hurricanes pose to human life is the most serious concern, they also threaten the livelihoods of people who rely est resources for their livelihoods. The tropical storms and hurricanes recent times have led to repeated calls for emergency assistance to strengthen national and regional capacities to cope with these potential disasters. that can be taken to prepare farm -For Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries in Saint LuciaHints on Hurrincane Preparednessmunities in order to reduce the risk that hurricane damage poses to their livelihoods. Prior to the onset of a hurricane, there are steps that these sectors/groups can take to protect their livestock, their investments and the resources which they rely upon and as such their continued viability. Communicating these immediate and not only the transfer of information, but also the adoption of best practices. Adoption of preparedness and impact mitigation techniques requires culturalchannels as well as legislative, policy and institutional support from the Ministries that serve the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries sectors. THINGS TO DO: LIVESTOCK1. Make a checklist of all farm animals enough medicines for at least one week, and so forth area ground 7. Farm buildings and livestock sheds should be strengthened or checked and secure as much as possible 9. Collect any eggs from poultry 10. Prune trees / windbreaks near livestock houses THINGS TO DO: CROPS 3. Prune trees and branches that are directly over livestock houses and other farm buildings 5. Harvest crops which are already marketable materials THINGS TO DO: FORESTRY1. Workmen should be contacted and be on standby 4. Prune branches that pose danger to electrical lines, etc. 5. Ensure equipment is in working order 7. Nurseries ensure seedlings are secured 8. Watercourses should be cleaned and cleared THINGS TO DO: GENERAL FARM PREPAREDNESS area THINGS TO DO: AQUACULTURE 3. Close down water system from stream 4. Clear areas around ponds THINGS TO DO: FISHERIES hours prior to onset of storm 3. Ensure that the boat is not in danger from falling tress or branches 6. Boats should be turned upside down and tied to poles securely communication signalsWARNING!


Page 11 Saturday August 14, 2010 Agriculture is a major economic driver in particularly with respect to the provision of rural livelihoods and income earnings. It most certainly contributes to national and foreign exchange, food supply, food and nutrition, threats to sovereignty, poverty and hunger reduction. This is important to provide increase certainty for food production through adverse weather conditions while providing viable alternative livelihood opportunities to rural communities. In or der to sustain this there must be an urgent need to adopt new technologies and farming techniques to meet the evolving needs of the sector. Consequently the Ministry of Agriculture, Land, Forestry and Fisheries is currently pursuing a vegetable production expansion initiative involving the intervention of greenhouse technology in initiative is to increase vegetable production and contribute to the reduction of the national food import bill by 25% in three years. from 1990 give some indication of the level of importation of vegetable products which are easily Making A Case For Greenhouse Farmingwas estimated at a total cost of EC $600,000. Approximately 70% of those imports occur between July and December annually. Tradidue to intense rainfall and high temperatures what is referred to as the hot humid season. The season is also associated with a period referred to as the petit careme (the small dry season) which runs hurricane month. programme embarked upon by the Ministry of Agriculture has substitute imports through the effective application of technology to protect cultivation during the non traditional exports to replace foreign exchange and farm household income loss due to declining banana fortunes. among alternatives the technology option available and seem most likely to succeed was the introduction and establishment of sheltered production or greenhouses. houses in the French Caribbean in Tomato 16 lbs/m2 ports of the above species (adaptable to greenhouse cultivation) quire green houses in the dimensions listed below. 16,000 m2, or approximately 4 acres of greenhouses approximately 96 (18-meter) or 67 (26meter) greenhouses. in collaboration with the French Technical Mission is therefore embarking on a programme of transfer and adoption, conscious of the fact that low cost would have to be a factor considering the would have to be imported, it was necessary to evaluate whether replacing the import of vegetables with the importation of green houses. This concern caused some farmers to experiment with local material e.g. wooden frames to construct greenhouses. The Search For A Solution ity vegetables in the wet season ing the hot wet season. This was demonstrated through a number of negative manifestations, which all contributed to the low production. ging and root rots, increased insect mandate of substantially reducing the importation of vegetables which are in high demand, and which can be produced locally the Ministry of Agriculture requested the assistance of the French Mission For Co-operation in identifying and recommending the appropriate technological options available, and advising on the methodology for its intervention to provide the necessary thrust that would best complement the import substitution drive. Vegetable Development Programme of the Ministry in collaboration with The French Mission introduced sheltered production or greenhouse farming technolsystem. This technology transfer cia was supported and facilitated and the French National Institute some Martiniquan Farmers and the Martiniquan Chamber of Agriculture. Greenhouse technology as it was envisaged could help solve the problem of seasonal variations in vegetable production and supply. farming is part of a deliberate strategy employed by the GovernMinistry of Agriculture to bring about the levels of increase in vegetables that can be produced locally. administration to revitalize the agricultural sector so that it can to continue to function as one of the pillars of economic growth and sustainable development. Thus far there are one hundred and three (103) farmers involved in green house cultivation. These farmers manage a total of two houses. This accounts for a total of thirteen and a half (13.5) acres of vegetables under green house cultivation. This acreage under green house cultivation is dominated by tomatoes, followed by sweet peppers, cucumber, celery, parsley and water melons. counts for 30% of active production island wide but the dominant friere and Choiseul. meeting domestic food supply and nutritional needs, demands of the tourism sector and most of all to augment the revenue generating possibilities for local farmers. well for the local economy and in particular the welfare of the rural farming sector, which is a major concern of this Government.


Page 12 Saturday August 14, 2010 Over the past three years Lucia has been paving the way for the development of a Medium-term Development and improving public sector management as one component of the overall macroeconomic programme of the Government of more balanced growth across the island, raise employment levels and reduce poverty. Bank (CDB) has partnered with providing grant funding for the Technical Assistance required for the advancement of the capacity Government Embarks on Medium-Term Development and Strategic Planbuilding aspects of the MediumPlan. Consequently, the proposed Technical Assistance will include, an appropriate framework to alimplementation of VAT; instituting new customs and clearance procedures; improving debt management systems; and formulating and implementing poverty reduction strategies. programme for development juxtaposed against the current global economic crisis, the need for sound macroeconomic management is critical in ensuring the ment involves monitoring economic performance, forecasting economic activity and implementing measures to steer the economy towards desired objectives or outcomes. to the institutional framework for macroeconomic management and for the formulation of macroeconomic policy advice. commences with a launch at the National Insurance Corporation Minister will deliver the feature address with remarks by CaribConsultants and other key govials. 1. Training sessions with minisplanning; documents 3. Analyzin and economic performance and prospects for growth in the context of regional and international trends and developments 4. Conducting interviews with key government ministries, stakeholders, multilateral agencies and civil society meet national development goals, objectives and priorities and 6. Devising a plan of action to guide the implementation of development strategies and instituting mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the impact of the strategies.Plan will help our country become more resilient to severe exogenous economic disturbances and sustainable growth path.