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SATURDAY, JUL Y 31, 2010 The King led administration is focused on and dedicated to improving addressing and managing crime in this country. To meet this objective several approaches and strategies are being employed to mitigate the crime situation including the advancement of the legislative programme of the government. Recently two new amendments were tabled before Parliament. These two amendments namely Ban on CamouAmendment Bill form part of Governments wide ranging assault on crime. to the Public Order Act chapter 14.05 of the Laws of Saint Lucia. The Section of particular concern is Section 30, which reads as follows: A person commits an place without authority; (a) An article of clothing made from any of the deused for making the military uniform commonly uniform or any other clothing resembling such as is likely to deceive. may appear well intending and appropriate, but the use of the phrase likely to deceive is subjective and means that the bur den of proof rests with the ar problem in proving in a court of law that the person wears the to deceive. This has created an impediment in carrying out the real intent of the section 30. As able to act decisively having the knowledge that it is near impossible to prove beyond reasonable doubt that a person wore of deceiving. through all its stages in the House of Assembly on Tuesday 13th July, 2010, addresses this by impediment by removing the wording: likely to deceive and, therefore, making it an outright prohibition. This now clears the way for police to act decisively to enforce the ban on the wearing and sale of camSubsequently the amended section Paragraph (a) of sub-section (1) of Section 30 of the Public Order Act Chapter 14.05, now reads: An article of clothing made from terial used for making the military uniform commonly called the other clothing resembling such. Crime Amendment Bill, the pur pose of this bill is to amend a previous Bill to permit the prosecution in their possession the proceeds of crime such as money etc. More recently the Caribbean Financial Action Task force (CFATF) had insisted that its member states including Saint Lucia, enact legislation to control money laundering and as such a number of related Bills have been passed over the last eighteen months. lates to the Proceeds of Crime Amendment number 4 of 2010, the intention is to strengthen tively prosecute persons who are found to have in their possession the proceeds of crime. If a person is cated under that law. That bill was passed earlier this year following which it was discovered that there was a slight limitation which had to be addressed. provide for the police to retain cash that has been seized and is suspected to be the proceeds of crime. Consequently government moved to strengthen the original Bill through an amendment, which gives the police the power to not only seize money, but to retain it for some period not normally for more than 48 hours, but it can be held further upon an order from the Magistrate. It should be noted that the amendment requires that as receipt be provided to the person from whom cash is being ted. ebate at the House of Assembly, Her Majestys Royal Opposition felt that the rank of the ment side was of a contrary view. Following the vote on the amendment, the Opposition called for a division. The results of the division revealed a tie of six (6) each. for subsequent deliberation. The Bill will no doubt be re-introduced at a subsequ liament at which time Government is expected secure passage of the Bill. The bill seeks to amend the Proceeds of Crime Amendment to insert a new section (Police Power) which gives guidelines on how seizure and detention of cash should be made. Under this section the police may seize and detain any cash in sonable grounds for suspecting that it directly represents any personal proceeds from criminal activity or is intended for criminal use. Under the amendbe held beyond 48 hours unless the continued detention is authorized by an order from a magistrate. addresses maters of seizure and dentition of cash. Such an order must not exceed three months beginning with the date of the order and that further dentition is allowed providing that the total period of detention must not exceed two years from the date of the order. amendments related to camof crime are part of what is intended by Government to be an aggressive and ongoing programme involving the review, updating and introduction of new legislation which would strengthen and position law entheir assault on crime. Members in particular will all welcome the new legislative ammunition provided through these two amendments. Government assures all that it will continue on its aggressive programme of legislative review as part of its commitment to confront crime in Saint Lucia.


Page 2 Saturday July 31, 2010 Saturday July 31, 2010Mr. Lorenzo Rudolph Francis was sworn in on Tuesday 20th July, 2010 as Saint Lucias new Attorney General and Minister of Justice, in keeping with Section 27(2) (e) of the Saint Lucia Conthe advice of Prime Minister King to Her Excellency, the Governor General relinquished his position July 16, 2010, paving the way for the new AGs appointment. The Prime Minister further advised Her Excellency in accor dance with Section 24(2) (a) of the Constitution to appoint Mr. Lorenzo Rudolph Francis as a Senator, to replace former SenaGeneral and Minister for Justice is pursuant to Section 60 (4) and 62 of the Saint Lucia Constitution Government Press Secretary Mr. appointment of Mr. Francis as a Senator and Minister is consistent with the objective of exposing Aggressive and Dynamic Approach New Attorney General Promises new and younger persons into the process of governing the country and bringing new ideas into government. holds a BSc in Economics and Accounting with post graduate has served the public of Saint Luan Accountant at the Ministry of Education and at the Inland Revenue of the Ministry of Finance. Francis played a critical role in restructuring the Inland Revenue lation, regulations, formulas and procedures. His academic career was followed by extensive tax accounting training in Canada, from which he moved to the post of Acting Revenue. I realized that at that level and given my age I needed to expand my horizon and I knew that one day I would like to serve my country in the Parliament, so I basically prepared myself for higher national service. His decision to pursue legal studies was a result of his interaction with Sir Vincent Flossac a for mer Chief Justice and President of the Court of Appeal of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, who convinced him of the need for expertise in the areas of cooper ate and tax law. This is when he proceeded to study for a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree and later specialized with a Masters degree (LLM) in Tax and Corporate Law from the prestigious London School of Economics. University, City Banking College and the University of Leicester. He has also taught at the Univer Arthur Lewis Community College. rience in both the legal and tax administration arenas, having served in various capacities in Senator Francis acknowledges that he has a serious responsibility and says he intends to focus the proper functioning of the Attorney Generals Chambers. of urgent priority the department of the Civil Status Registry and the High Court will be strengthened. A collective and consultative process with the speedy resolution to outstanding improve the general delivery of services to the public. Senator Francis is looking to cases with a less than 40% chance of success should not be pursued and alternative dispute resolutions should be explored. Such an approach would speed up the Chambers. by someone who will not hesitate to stand up for them when it is afraid to pull them up when they fall short or breach the laws of the public service. As a signal of his proactive and aggressive stance, the Islands new Chief Legal Advisor and Minister of Justice has presented a nine point broad Plan of Action to address areas of concern and priority at this time. The nine point plan of action includes the following: (1) tively as a legal chamber, bearing is the Chief Legal Advisor to the Government; (2) Be more strategic and timely in responding to litigation. This would involve pursuing determined to be in the best interest of the state; (3) Improve the public Chambers; (4) Restructuring of the Civil Status Registry; (5) Restore tus Registry; (6) Protection of the in the court system; (8) Improving working conditions for MagisGenerals Chambers provides the best legal advice to the Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers. Senator Francis says he is humbled by the opportunity to serve his country and looks forward to improving service delivery to the public. The debonair 47 year-old is father to Jodi, Jada and Jai, and husband of Cheryl Francis who heads Lime St. Lucia Ltd. The Government of Saint Lucia welcomes Senator Hon. Lorenzo Rudolph Francis to his new position. Government high expectation to the tenure of its new team member.


Page 3 Saturday July 31, 2010 Government Supports the Establishment of a National Fisher Folk Organization in St. Lucia The agricultural sector remains a key pillar in the economic tripod of the nation and contributes meaningfully to the Saint Lucias development. that growth is poised to take on new dimensions. Prime Minister King in his budget address for the Financial Year 2010/2011, in an all encompassing theme, The Road to Recovery: Engineering Growth, Engendering Social Cohesion and Building Resilience to External Shocks, highlighted the perfor Prime Minister King noted the following: The performance of the aggregating devices, resulting in a Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) in its region embarked upon a capacity building programme during the period 2003 -2004. A regional study examined the organizational strengths and weaknesses of existing national and primary or com organizations. Results revealed fered from challenges of weak manto information and limited com munication and advocacy skills. shortcomings and the need to apply remedy there was a recommen dation emanating from a regional workshop held in Belize in October, 2004 that as part of this programme a Regional Network of National Fisher folk Organizations would be established. This proposed body would be comprised of National Fisher folk Organizations (NFO) in the Caribbean region establishing relationships and linkages to form this network geared towards capacity building and institutional organizations. It would require at least 50% of the ACP countries + 1 establishing their own national The overall objective of the National Fisher folk Organizations is to improve earnings, foster higher standards of living of an. In July 2007 the Government would facilitate the Secretariat of Regional Fisheries Mechanisms consultation to launch a national Lucia. This consultation would form part of the Governments programme at capacity building and institutional strengthening of St. Lucia. most CARICOM member states is underestimated and pledged in its developmental plan to improve the major contributor to food security, employment, income and foreign exchange earnings. As part of this development plan Government nities, such as Anse La Raye and Choiseul and, have increased the onal consultation caplators and practitioners of co-oper ative legislation. This consultation recognized that the Governments already spear headed an initiative organization. Five out of a regissions to establish this type of organization. Consequent upon this it seek registration as a national or secondary co-operative society to function as a representative body tives in St. Lucia. be advocacy, institutional development and training of primary tation on bodies such as the Fishrial, and participation in activities resources. Society Limited secured registration as a body under the St. Lucia Co-operatives Societies Act Cap. 12.06 on September 21st, 2007. The main operation of this society is as follows: a. Promotion, development and provision of services to nected to the welfare and occupational activities of their members pursuant to their economic growth and par tor and the sustainable use of b. Sale of inputs/commodities used by members pursuant to (a) above. c. Promotion and processing of approved products to gener ate sale within local market segments and possible for export. d. Training of co-operative members. e. Supply of products and ser vices and engage in consultation, forums and activities relevant to laws governing g resources. e objects of the society are to promote the economic and social cally to: a. Promote the organization folk co-operative in St. Lucia; b. Enhance improvement of the c. Carryout collective supply of and their members through economies o f scale. d. Safeguard the common inter ests of its members; e. Raise capital, funds or loans for the objects of the Society; f. Associate itself with other registered societies and related regional and international agencies for mutual concerns; g. Undertake such other activities that are consistent with the operations of the Society, the economic and social interests of its members, their community and promotion of the co-operative movement in general; h. Invest in or carry out allied economic activities which will serve the economic needs of members; i. Provide whenever necessary, representation at all bodies touching or connected to the interest of the Society; grammes for production, marketing, planning and regulations to assure improvement of standards, regularity of supply and income generation of members. k. Promote and engage in activities of education, technical assistance and research which will al operation of the Society; are incidental or conducive said objects. ership in the St. Lucia Fisher folk Co-operative Society is co-operative societies operating in St. Lucia. Currently the membership consists of the following societies: (1) Castries Fishermen Co-operative Society Limited; (2) Choiseul Fishermen Co-operaFishermen Co-operative Society Limited; (4) Soufriere Fishermen Co-operative Society Limited; (5) Gros Islet Fishermen Co-operative Society Limited; and (6) Anse La Raye Fishers and Consumers Cooperative Society Limited. The St. Lucia Fisher folk Co-operative Society Limited was formally launched on the 27th June, 2010 Vieux Fort Fishing Port in Vieux Fort. The launching ceremony was addressed by Prime Minister Stephenson King and Minister of Agriculture, Land, Fisheries and Forestry. Government continues to develop and support this cooperative likewise all co-operative endeavors in St. Lucia through its eratives which is charged as part of its mandate in administering the Co-operative Societies Act to stimulate, encourage and develop co-operative association throughout the island. Government welcomes the formation of the St. Lucia Fisher folk Society Limited and looks forward to working closely with this new entity towards progressive growth and development of the sector.


Saturday July 31, 2010 Page 4 Saturday July 31, 2010 2010 Common Entrance Examinations Results and Data by Key Categories of two thousand, eight hundred and thirty-seven (2837) candidates who were processed for the 2010 examination, were male and one thousand three hundred and ninetydidates were assigned to the twenty-three (23) secondary This assignment was done because their average composite scores do not fall within the range of scores for the secondary schools of their choice. females and 51% were males. Both males and females attained over 50% mean performances in all the three areas namely English Language, Mathematics and General Paper. shown in Table 3. English Language and Mathematics recorded an increase in performance in this years examination. Mathematics recorded the highest national mean of last year. English Language recorded approximately 5% increase while the General Paper recorded a decline of approximately 4%. In the General Paper, all subject areas recorded means of over 50%. In Mathematics, all sections of the multiple choice paper (Rational Numbers, Number Concepts and Whole Number Operations, Measurement and Geometry and Money and Graphs) and Problems-Part 1 recorded mean of over 50%. In the English Language, all areas with the exception of Comprehension recorded mean of over 50%. Overall, the highest mean of 72.7% was recorded in Number Concepts and Whole Number Operations while the lowest mean of 42.6% was recorded in Mathematics-Part 2. For this years examination, the average composite scores (1511) or 53.26% of the candidates scored at or above the national mean, while one thousand three hundred and twenty-six (1326) scored below the mean. continued amination are disclosed in Table 5. These eleven (11) candidates came from seven (7) primary schools on the island. the national mean. Thirty (30) of these schools were public and six (6) were private. Table 7(a) and Table 7(b) reveal the schools with means at and above the national mean while Table 8 presents the performance of all schools for the 2010 Common Entrance Examination As the global economy rapidly changes and new technologies are introduced, more highly skilled workers are required. In the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), the priwho are adequately trained to meet the required skills set. This occurs while the number of unemployed low skilled workers recent economic booms, youth unemployment has remained high, indicating a mismatch between skills acquired in school and the critical skills demanded by the labor market. relevant education and training to prepare young people for the demands of work. In this context, the OECS governments are seeking ways to foster economic growth and competitiveness and strengthen their human resource base. How we pursue this as a government and people will determine the future of the entire Caribbean region in all aspects of enter prise, development and civilization. The Government of Saint sustained educational standards and performances.


Page 5 Saturday July 31, 2010 Feature The 2008 Entrepreneur of the out that progress and success are not only the product of forging forward, but also stems from an understanding of the wisdom in Shakespeare (Hamlet) This above all: to thine own self be true. He explains that there must be that key ingredient of believing in yourself and having faith in your talent, creativity and abilities. For it is with some reayour own powers, success will not stray too far from your path. As we liberate from our own fears, our presence liberates others. background in economics and immersed himself in accounting services for a local building conenterprise, he got engaged in selling downloaded music as a side hustle. His involvement with the Naprovided him with a sound grasp of the labour market as well as the to the island youth from the center. This also provided him with key and vital information that was instrumental in inspiring ideas for him to embark on new and bold business ventures. ion of the telecommunications sector in Saint Lucia and the region saw an end to monopoly control, high costs of services, low quality of services, limited access to technology and telecommunications infrastrucsal service to ensure the widest possible access to telecommunications services and products at freedom to communicate over an nications network. Fair competition practices by discouraging anti-competitive practices by telecommunications providers; and increased penetration of usage of telecommunications services, provided a window for new opportunities to be nurtured. by Robert T. Kiyosaki it completely changed his view of life and in par ticular money. At a trip to Miami phones and thought that he would certainly like to get involved in supplying such a product to the Saint Lucian public. For Jermile that opportunity could not be missed and led to the birth of his new creation, The Cell assistance from family members initiated with overwhelming response from the public. He however notes that the greatest support came from Ms. Myia Samuel, who not only provided unwaver ing emotional support and motivation but managed the local operations which enabled him to expand regionally. The new and unique service in retailing mobile accessories was done from a 200 square foot mobile phone shop. The evolution in the retail of mobile accessories immediately which the market grew exponentially resulting in a need for more locations. Jamal thought to himself that if KFC can have many outlets, Michael Chastanet could expand all over and people like so much over the years, then there must be a way he could do it as well. Three months later ushered in an expansion of two new outlets on Jeremie Street in Castries. As an ardent supporter of regionalism the Cells CEO plunged ribbean territories namely Grenaand Nevis, Barbados and Guyana and is a fore runner as the largest in the Caribbean. I share their vision and direction in which the company is headed in terms of its people centered approach to growth and development. The young CEO Guru is extremely proud of his professional and dedicated team which is a tightly knit group that goes above and beyond to achieve its mission. His advice for young potential entrepreneurs as an example of what contributed to his success ize your life like youd want it to be and create it; (2) Never say I cant. Instead ask yourself how can I? (Block out negativity); (3) of opportunities out there if youre gressiveness that you had growing up; (5) Believe in yourself and the potential success in the world, family and loved ones are still Jermile also admits that he has grown stronger in his spirituality and believes that one must remains very focused on the road to success. He notes that you cannot be in business by having one foot iel puts it at some point you just your wings on the way down. National Review asked Mr. he responded with continued focus, direction and hopefully luck, a success story that other young persons in Saint Lucia can emulate. He can no doubt serve as an inspiration to Saint Lucias youth. Mr. Jermile Daniel, CEO, The Cell A Visionary and Pioneering Youth Entrepreneur


Page 7 Saturday July 31, 2010 Page 6 Saturday July 31, 2010 Honourable Rufus Bousquet International Trade and Representative for ChoiseulChoiseul MP and Minister community in Saint Lucia and in ism that exists at the community districts and small communities there are numerous infrastructural Each one of these communities tinct from each other and that is not to say that there arent inherent This leads to a situation where tent that each community desires where one community does not want the other to use certain faciliany other community facility. This many areas in the constituency where the infrastructure is less This has led to the construction ment of roads and community of Choiseul are creChoiseul in a holistic manner and cards for execution. The MP is focused on the future Donation of Wheelchair to Morne Sion Senior Commencement of the La Maze road


Page 8 Saturday July 31, 2010 Saturday July 31, 2010 The Saint Lucia Hyperbaric nization dedicated to proto the residents and tourist populaterm care basis. The equipment is located at the use by the Saint Lucian public. The conditions. Hyperbaric chambers are in most paralysis and or death. compelled and determined to seHyperbaric Chamber Donation same time. equipment at a reduced cost. She premises. The St. Lucia Hyperbaric ciation is to cia. That no one should be turned ulcers. The other conditions are more Hyperbaric chambers are used to Acute/Emergent Chronic Research treatments are required. The traditional u the limits and body tissues become blood stream upon direct return dissolve the bubbles and to breathe der controlled conditions. When individuals chose their destination acility. What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? green medicinebody and restore the soul. With than sea level atmospheric presal treatment that adequate supply. barrier and stabilizes cell memmediately to deliver the necessary save lives as modern medicine is Saint Lucian expresses its apprenity spirit. Photo of donated equipment


Page 9 Saturday July 31, 2010 n January o Lucia. The Minister on his reulcers and retinal eye detachCuban Government Provide Medical Specialist to Assist with Retinal Eye Complications and Diabetic Foot Ulcers The Ministry already has a daLucia plans to continue such clined by Saint Lucian Specialist at Herb patients. Diabetics tend to have problems tations. time. tion supervision and examination Lucia. to the provision medicine and health care. The lives in a mSaint Lucia to Mas on the Square as a maship problems experienced by the Prime Minister King Steps in to Rescue Pre Carnival Mas on The Square such had become an important trato nurture and stimulate the carnisentially be described as a vital inbouyon that is inister Stephenson that they had become so used to. turned out to be a massive sucnival enthusiast Saint Lucians timely intervention to save the the Square. Prime Minister Hon. Stephenson King Thousands of appreciative patrons enjoying entertainment at the event performance


Saturday July 31, 2010 Page 10 Saturday July 31, 2010 T need to be addressed in or der to ensure the sustainable that it critical at this juncture ity to tax payers to ensure that ment is convinced that there is need to determine a clear vision to channel this discussion action is arrived at. in-depth and comprehenthe preparation and subsustainable carnival product. commitment has been evidenced by the unprecedented allocation extended this support by providprovided support to various cia commends all Saint Lucians enthusiasm and participation displayed by Saint Lucians. portunity to also commend all to ensure the smooth execution all other major contributors. and sustainable Saint Lucian


Page 11 Saturday July 31, 2010 create additional employment opand contribute to the improvement port substitution and to increase production enterprises. mnational economy by its share in industry. The subsector contributes l meat production and ultimately lead Construction of National Meat Processing Facility Underway in Beausejour, Vieux Fortrabbit enterprises exceeds producproduction should be aided meal cost ratio. necessary. enterprise and their true commercial potential should be ascertained. ity tourism product and ultithe sector. meats and value added meat prodes. local meat to the community and erate at the community level are not displaced by the intervention. uation remains the same today. There are a numtial serious health hazard. and is absolutely critical in encour mortem inspection.Expected Outputs in less than one year. meat production and ultimately lead by mid 2008. The anticipated schedrelevant areas. mary and secondary products conditions. For the period under review, the graph (Fig 2) shows growth in the relative Computer generated impression of Meat Processing Facility


Page 12 Saturday July 31, 2010 Government Approves Policy on Faith Based Organizations T Lucia is currently in the headed by an advisory commitoutlines the assistance and supters in the State. criteria set out in the policy as it and that as their membership the services and support available development at schools and naPrinciples and Values and tolerance. Policy Implications approach and understand issues social development activities. The in our borders. to build tolerance and social har on of Authorization The authree or more consecutive years The the State. us Ceremonies The tion baptism. served. Marriages include but are not limited to the any circumstances. There must be Income Tax applicable. Concessions to concessions. The concessions plication a Statutory Declaration Transitional Provision cessions at the introductory date