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SATURDAY, JUL Y 17, 2010 The Government of Saint Lucia is deeply committed to ensuring a buoyant and vibrant economy amidst one of the worst economic down turns that the world has experienced since the 1930s. In this regard Prime Minister King and his Cabinet are moving to strategically position the economy of Saint Lucia on the road to recovery through engineering growth, engendering social cohesion and building resilience to external shocks. Tourism no doubt has a key role to play as one of the main pillars in this has seen an estimated growth of 10.3% in stay over arrivals compared to the correspond ing period last year. During the same period last year an estihas contributed to the island recording an impressive 14.3 % this year. Saint Lucia along with the US Virgin Islands was the only two Caribbean islands recording double digit growth in their tour ism industry for that period. Lucia's Tourism Industry appears to be well poised for double digit growth during the summer period of May to August and indeed for the entire year. Minister for Tour ism and Civil Aviation Senator Hon. Allen Chastanet, noted that capacity from key markets like the United States which was strategically negotiated to cater to travellers looking for an exciting summer getaway. increased capacity from the US Market by some of the major air lines servicing the destination. These include Delta Airlines which is upgrading to a daily service but are also adding two additional Sundays. This provides the island with a vital connection to our US dles prospects for the once existing market in the Atlanta area. Added to these positive developments, Jet Blue began additional services at the beginning of May with an York. In addition, the morning 188 seats. ures for tourism industry arrivals, the island has been ranked within friendly climate. This assessment has been made by Smiths Travel Research, which is an independent benchmarking company. Saint Lucias Minister of Tour ism who has the reputation of bemany of the current successes within the industry today. The Minister has employed a deliberate and aggressive approach to improving the Saint Lucian tourism product. This includes promoting the island in a more profound and systematic manner and utilizing various avenues. of his strategic thinking in marketing the island and how that relates to the current positive showing of Saint Lucia. Mr. Chastanet presentsummer we felt that Mexico would not recuperate. There was an opportunity for us to be able to steal some market share from the United States of America and we went out very aggressively. Once we were able to secure the TV show The Bachelor, we then spent a disproportionate amount of funds on the campaign in the fall along with a major radio and Internet campaign saw immediate results from that. ing in St Lucia we expect to see the strong growth and is recorded as a major contributor to the overall growth picture. Arrivals from ter Chastanet has expressed his of the US Market. He was reyear we had 9000 seats a month coming out of the US market. This year we are going to have we ever had. So we have seen real g of the Government and the Tourism Minister in particular is paying dividends and has created a strong platform for the islands tourism industry to continue on its growth course. The news of Saint Lucias industry performance is certainly welcomed by all industry partners as well as the thousands of Saint Lucians who gain their livelihoods directly or indirectly from the industry.


Page 2 Saturday July 17, 2010 Saturday July 17, 2010Secondary education provides important opportuniand social development. Both the public and private sectors make increasing demands for a more sophisticated labor force, which is further compounded by the challenges of globalization and the growth of knowledge-based economies such as ours. It is clear in these modern times, that a secondary school education is as essential to our survival as the air we breathe.The common Entrance Examination provides a gateway to further growth and development of our vital human resource. Although a sense of anticipation and come parents and students, there was much joy and excitement when the results were released. Of the two thousand, eight hundidates who sat the examination, male. Of that total two thousand, candidates were unassigned. The coveted title of top per schools on the island. This group 2010 Common Entrance LeadersCelebrating Excellence men Rene Memorial School and Henry Memorial School tied for St. Josephs Convent. Ms. Auguste she felt so happy, overjoyed and elated to hit the top spot. I want to thank my parents and teachers for motivating and preparing me. I want to tell students that they should study hard and always try to do their best in everything, and that even though you do not become number one, still try to do your best all the times. Lovelle is passionate about helping others becoming a doctor. ry Memorial School expressed her sentiments in that she was the examination and prepared by studying a lot, going over past papers and doing extra work with her mom who is a teacher. feel really good about my score beI feel like I just have to maintain score I was crying because I was so happy, then I stopped and let it of the other students in the top ten particularly from the out districts schools. They are Shernia C. Joseph from Ti Rocher Combined/ Micoud, Tia K. Joseph of Augier of Belle Vue Combined, Leon P. Abraham of Pierrot Combined and Kedicia J. Edwin of Augier Combined. namely Sundar A. Jawahir from Carmen Rene Memorial (3rd Pierrot Combined (who tied at respectively. Although out numbered by the females the boys gave a good account of themselves. Sundar A. Jawahir told ful to God for taking him through to this point and advises young people that the true mathematical He believes that there must be a balance between work and play. Sundar is passionate about his favourite sport football being a keen players himself, however he has been juggle the balance and keep focussed on his school work. and particularly his three year old brother who always cheered him up when he was tired or feeling on a down side. On the issue of what motivated him to excel to the top top performer for the common entrance, I said to myself that when my term comes I want to top the his thanks to all his teachers from cially Ms. Evans and his lessons teacher Mr. Philip Etienne. He wants to be a Gynaecologist and also the Daren Sammy of professional football for Saint Lucia. aham of Pierrot in which his school is located. He says that he has always been working hard and is thankful for the support of his family especially his grand mother. In his own words he admits, I am very happy that I made it in the top ten and will continue to work hard ing with family members. I am a hard working student and would encourage the youth to stay focus and always work hard at every love for mathematics (a subject which he excel Surgeon, and looks forward to enjoying his school holidays so that he can be ready for the next stage of his education. indeed pleased that there was an candidates scored at or above the national mean, while one thousand three hundred and twentyIt is important to note that both three areas namely English Language, Mathematics and General Paper. Special mention must be made of the Dugard Combined School of Choiseul which placed Private School top both the public Arsene James in his response to pleased that students have this year registered improved per formances generally. However there is room for improvement in need to put measures in place to develop the capacity of students The story of these young people is one of courage, commitment ance and dedication our nation ity and growth, once the right investments are made in our youth. The discipline of these students talent becomes ability and skills translated into perfection. This is the recipe from which legends are nurtured and evolve. leaders, that sport and other forms of recreational activity are key factors in their drive and passion to that the sporting and social development programmes pursued by the Government continue to form a key component in the education system and building a holistic society. ing light, our nation must be the candle that provides the oppor tunities for our youth to blossom and the youth must be the mirror the joys and rewards that comes work. rom the great results we have seen for our youngsters, is one geared towards the path of success and excellence. The Government of Saint Lucia extends congratulations to all successful trance exams. In particular Government joins in celebrating the excellence of the top performers.


Page 3 Saturday July 17, 2010 Prime Minister Honour able Stephenson King has commenced an islandwide tour of schools on the island information on the conditions under which students and teachers work. Mr King has visited was accompanied by a delegation ing mission. The Prime Minister Prime Minister Stephenson King Begins Islandwide Tours of Schoolsvisited eight schools in the CasSt. Marys College, Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School, the SDA Academy and the SDA Primary Schools, Castries Comprehensive Secondary School, Vide Boutielle Primary and Secondary Schools and the Camile Henry Primary School. nature is vital in order to channel the necessary resources and interventions needed to enhance the educational environment for students and teachers. Minister explained Governments recognition of the importance of developing the technical vocation aspect of the education system as a means of reaching students who are not necessarily academically inclined. He expressed the view that Technical Vocational Educasure that the system caters to the needs of all students. the students to stay focus on school, and stay away from bad education is essential to succeed in life. The Prime Minister gave the enhancing the services and facilities at all schools on the island. O Computer Lab Project funded by the Embassy of The project has as its goal, the provision of computers for every primary and infant school on the island. Since the commencement of the project until July1st, year was concluded, there have and infant schools all over the labs. The school labs have been ties of computers dependent on the size and number of pupils at those schools. installed at secured classrooms in various schools within nine have been placed within schools Castries Central, Castries East, Transforming Education Possibilities in Saint Lucia Taiwanese Funding for ICT Computer Lab Schools Project Castries South East, Choiseul, is based on collaboration between at least four parties, namely the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Embassy of the Republic LIME. Stephenson King, the Prime Minister, has rendered his strong support for this ambitious project to schools in Saint Lucia with a computer lab in three years, so has Honourable Arsene James, Minister for Education and Culture. All the Principals, teachers, parents and students who have witnessed the handing-over ceremonies of computers to their schools since the inception of the project have expressed their profound gratitude and excitement at the possibilities which this project presents for reaching new frontiers in Education. The main partners on this project are contributing as folLucia for identifying this project as a top priority and assisting Embassy of the Republic of China generosity in donating computmaking this project possible, and training teachers to be ready to utilize the la providing free internet service to party cooperation in education will soon resume in September once the schools which have been both in terms of training and setting up of the basic infrastructure to accommodate the computer labs as well as satisfying the critical criteria of commitment. The value of this project cannot be under-estimated as it will cer tainly contribute to the transformation of education methodologies and potential/opportunities for learning. The Government of Saint Lucia will continue to facilitate the implementation of this project which in it carries the vision of on the island with computer labs.


Saturday July 17, 2010 Page 4 Saturday July 17, 2010 Good Governance and Effective Public Sector ManagementGovernment Ministers and Permanent Secretaries par ticipated in a retreat held at the Coconut Bay Beach Resort and the second such retreat for Ministers and Permanent Secretaries under this current administration. retaries in St Lucia participated in a retreat held at the same venue, under the theme, Good Governance agement for Cabinet Ministers and Permanent Secretaries. The exercise and accountability of public sector institutions, and create harmony between Ministers and Permanent Secretaries. This retreat was funded by the Governance and Institutional wealth Secretariat. GIDD funded the second retreat for Cabinet Ministers and Permanent Secretaries in St Lucia under the theme Improving Performance This exercise was necessary given the crucial role that Ministers and Permanent Secretaries play in the public sector transformation process Development. Cabinet Ministers set the policy agenda and are accountable to Parliament and citizens for the performance of their Ministries and the government. Public Ser vants advise Ministers on policy options and implement the decisions determined by Ministers. ly as it followed the recent passage characterized by great economic and ence thus far has shown that Budget implementation is rather weak. The working sessions were geared towards strengthening the leadership, collaboration and teamwork among Ministers and Permanent Secretar ies to improve Budget execution. This retreat was structured difMinisters and Permanent Secretar ies were separated initially. CabiPermanent Secretaries convened the Minister in the Ministry, Special Advisers, Cabinet and Permanent Secretaries; Policy Making and Policy Delivery; Performance Management; Service Delivery; Leader ship for Senior Leaders; Portfolio Coordination; Public Private PartPolicy into Law.This retreat provided Ministers and Permanents Secretaries with opportunities to strengthen their leadership skills and to strengthen the collaboration and commitment among them. Essentially, the inter action provided Cabinet Ministers and Permanent Secretaries with a fectively work together to achieve strategic objectives for their Ministries and the Government and for Additionally, Ministerial Colleagues and Permanent Secretar ies were presented with an ideal platform for sharing experiences and identifying best practices from the Commonwealth that can be adopted locally. Government Ministers and Permanent Secretaries Participate in Retreat on More than 80 elated people gathered together in the Ministers of Government, Hon. Lenard Montoute, with responsibility for Public Service and Human Resources, Social Transformation, Youth and Sports, and Hon. Arsene James, with responsibility for Education and Culture were among ofScholarship programme. Also present were Hon Dr. Rosemarie HusbandsMathurin, Speaker of the House of well as parents and families of the benScholarships. Both Ministers Montoute and James joined H. E. Tom Chou, Ambassador of the Republic of China were challenged to study hard to excel at Universities in Taiwan and conduct themselves like Saint Lucian Ambassadors to Taiwan. GovTaiwan are pleased to see that and increasing number of talented Saint 14 Talented Saint Lucian Youth Granted Full Scholarship to Pursue Degrees in TaiwanLucian youth are chosen not only to further pursue academic development in various disciplines, but exchange mission. Since the re-establishment of bilateral diplomatic ties between Saint Lucia and the priorities of their cooperation programme. The Government of the with other friendly nations have in providing for the training needs of Saint Lucian academics. Over the last three years we have witnessed a trend of increasing supyear. It is generally expected that the awards for next year will follow the trend with an increase number of young Saint Lucians selected to undertake these scholarships. This year saw the submission of over 110 applicants vying for the limited placements dents have graduated with distinction and awarded Master Degrees by Universities in Taiwan and are moving on to achieve their goals in life. The Government of Saint Lucia and indeed the scholarship awardees over the years and their opportunities granted to young Saint Lucians to contribute in a meaningful way to the progressive development of our nation. Below Name of Awardee Constituency University Study Programme Edwin Henry University of Science and TechnologyMaster in Tropical AgricultureCresida Bishop Anse-La-Raye UniversityGraduate in International Human Resource Development UniversityGraduate in International Human Resource DevelopmentGermaine Mitchel Micoud South UniversityGraduate in International Human Resource DevelopmentHumphrey Regis Dennery South University Graduate in Civil Engineering and ManagementShanna Emmanuel Castries South Graduate in Marine sciences and resource managementJanice Gaspard Babonneau Taipei Medical University Graduate in Health Care Administration 1 3 4 Name of Awardee Constituency Study Interest Shorn Justin Master in Tropical Agriculture Tricia Mangal Lee Joseph Gros Islet Mechanical Engineering Gros Islet International Relations Mara St Clair Civil Engineering Laborie Computer science Kerdel Paul CanariesInternational Trade and Management 1 3 4


Page 5 Saturday July 17, 2010 FeatureO the nations Youth Parliamentarians took their seats inside the House of Assembly in order to participate in the annual Youth Par liament exercise as part of activities in commemoration of Youth Month ery month as one of the highlights of the annual programme of activities for Youth Month. Although the exercise can be viewed as largely symthe youth Parliamentarians who par ticipate cannot be under estimated. Youth Parliament serves as a training forum in the art of public speaking and parliamentary procedures. The young persons who participate in this important exercise are given a certain measure of exposure. They are able to give voice to their views and aspirations in the hope that the opinions and sentiments that they Government Policy. The young people of Saint Lucia took over the House of Assembly for two days with a display of much splendor and panache. The composition of the Parliament for those of such as Clerk of Parliament and Speaker also took their positions. The subject of the debate for the special Parliamentary session was a motion of futuristic concern with direct and practical application in our current technological reality. The motion put forward by the Opposition was That Government takes immediate steps to introduce legislation to Parliament designed to institute and ensure the protection of all citizens of St Lucia from the criminal injury or damage that would likely be caused from the Youth Parliament has several objectives, among them, to provide opportunities for young people to learn about procedures of parliament, to speak on issues of national development that directly concerns them, and most importantly to ensure that young people have a voice in the national decision making process. thinking decision was made to submit the minutes of Youth Par -2010 National Youth ParliamentA Positive Showcase of Future Leadership Saint Lucia. The Ministry of Youth sponsibility. This is done with the clear expectation that the concerns, issues and recommendations made by the Youth Parliamentarians will be taken into consideration by the political directorate. The Youth Governor General Dame Louise Victor did not hesiters of business captured within the motion. She delivered a solid throne speech dissecting the diabolic nature and tendencies of cynot hesitate to catalogue the usefulness and importance of a world wide internet system which is so vital to our modern mode of communication and interaction. The Youth Head of State was went on to point out that the ills and misuse of the internet in par ticular. She posited that the internet has an evil faade that erodes its true utility value. The Youth Governor General argued that while it is important for the promotion and encouragement of social networking people sometimes became so engrossed that the intended pur Dame Louise Victor during her address indicated that she was tion available online, which ranges from everything such as how to make a bomb, to how to kill someone without leaving witnesses or Thats the power of the Internet, Is that what youd want your child too much on technology to raise our kids, and almost totally mould their Characters. But, can technology be totally blamed for the behaviour of young people? Should decay so rampant in society? These cyber problems are a manifestation of the true social issues that plague our socie The real Prime Minister Hon. Stephenson King was present. Prime Minister King made his presence felt by granting the young aspir The Saint Lucian leader addressed of Youth Parliament and that his value and recognition to the Youth Parliament debate in a meaningful way. Prime Minster King commended the exemplary performance and conduct of the Youth Parliamentarians and clearly articulated his desire to use the proceedings of the youth debate as an instrument to communicate to the sevision and intention of young people, and allow the Parliament of the land to consider their resolutions and bring them into actual law, and into the consideration of the Parliament.The youth opposition leader Alisha Ally opened the debate at the disappointment that the opposition had to be the one to put the motion to the House and in that and vision of the government. She urge members to work together to protect the citizens of St Lucia and stated that it was not the intention of the Opposition to about oppose for opposing sake. She seriously urged members of Parliament to examine the merits of the motion in forward as a nation. The youth Prime Minister Mar cellus Cazaubon, made it very clear that the House of Assembly was certainly not the place for neither political comedy nor partisan belligerence. He went on to state that his government recognizes the need to protect citizens but we cannot allow passion and emotion to supercede logical thinking, and believe there is a need to protect citizens from cyber crime and computer misuse . . but we need to recognize the challenges that exist, moving forward and protectCazaubon felt that enacting such and human resource investment that would undoubtedly deepen national debt pointing out that from negative growth. Discussions range from the need to work at the OECS and CARICOM level to taking preventative measures to deal with the situation. There was much discussion and debate which centered on the use of peoples images on the inter net and misuse of cell phones. The idea that this motion was introduced by the opposition was seen as an interesting and an instructive development which departed from the norm. Although parliamentary procedure allows for bills to be introduced from sources other than government. This is something that is seldom if at all practiced. It is certainly a new approach that presented new possibilities for our Parliamentary sytem. Debate also focused around a heavy reliance or inclination to restrict the use and access of inter net thereby allowing for creative misuse of the technology instead of empowering of youth to use the technology. There was also an examination of what obtains in other countries but such legislation was limited and not all encompassing. The participants all agreed there was evidence of thorough research in the various presentations made during Youth Parliament and that sionate. It was generally felt that the majority of the youth Ministers handled their portfolio very well and that their speeches were well Article Section 40 of the Constitution provides Parliament with the power to make laws for the peace order and governance of Saint Lucia; the application of Internet Technology has evolved whereby it can be available through various mediums including computers, telephones and game consoles; the Government through the Ministry of Education has endorsed the use of the Internet Technology in the national curriculum of public and assisted schools to encourage students to pursue and advance their knowledge and skill to prepare them for the challenges of this technological era; the Constitution of Saint Lucia demands that the Government protects each citizen and that with the exception of Saint Lucia Cap 3.01 (which deals no other law to protect Citizens in Saint Lucia against any abuse relating to the use of the te chnology; through the the access and application of this cient evidence to substantiate the abuse of the technology through the creation, storage and distribution of sexual images, photographs and video clips for display to the the application of Internet Technology as a form communication has modernized the social, economic and political status of many countries of the world and that its indiscriminate use has caused the introduction of many institutional controls in many countries designed to ensure protection from the misuse by individuals or group of persons; that the Her Majestys Opposition demands that this Government take all immediate steps to introduce legislation to Parliament designed to institute and ensure the protection of all Citizens of Saint Lucia from the criminal injury or damage that will or likely be caused from the abuse of the technology. Leader of the Opposition outh Parliamentarians express much joy, excitement and enthusiasm at the opportunity to adconsideration of our nations leaders. The participants applauded the Department of Youth and Sports for continuing the programme as a regular staple of the annual youth month calendar. They indicated that it not only provided a great learning opportunity through the many training workshops and sessions, but it further cemented the bonds of amity among youth par liamentarians that will last a life time. The Youth Parliamentarians are eagerly looking forward to addressing the real parliament when the Government Bill on Cyber crime will be introduced as Prime Minister King promised. Youth successful venture which proved the substance and insightfulness of nations youth. The Government of Saint Lucia salutes all participants in Youth Parlia


Page 7 Saturday July 17, 2010 Page 6 Saturday July 17, 2010 The Member of Parliament for Babonneau Hon. Ezechiel Joseph humbly expressed his gratitude to the people of Babonneau and the surrounding communities for investing their trust in him, as their District Representative. He believes that this to working relentlessly to ensure that the constituency develops in a holistic manner. He has plunged immediately to work and has undertaken numer being about much need improvement and relief to the people. To this end a comprehensive infrastructural development agenda was initiated. This led to repairs to major roads which including the Babonneau to La Croix Road and the Alan Bousquet High Way. A number of community roads have been repaired and constructed including the Des Barras School Road, Boguis Health Center Road, vern Spencer Road, Morne Du Don/Balata Road, the Aplough link Road between Cabiche and Babonneau. The Balata Laundry Road, the Inner Ti Morne Road, the Popo and Dollar Road in Paix Bouche and the Ital Street Road in er road projects included the link farm roads between Chassin and Des Barras and the Comba area. The community continue to see many developments in the areas of renovations/expansion of a number of community halls. The De Barras and Paix Bouche Mothers and Fathers Hall, the Garrand and Balata Mothers and Fathers Halls were expanded and repaired for purposes of housing Pre-Schools. Work also continued at the Boguis Mothers and Fathers Hall as well as the complete construction of the Plateau Community Hall. The focus to education remains right on target and a concerted computers to a number of schools in the community of Babonneau. given to the La Gare, Boguis, Babonneau and Fond Assau schools programme. Additionally an Information Technology Center has been set up in the Fond Assau School while an assembly hall has been constructed in the Boguis School. development the Member of Par liament was instrumental in reorganizing a vibrant Youth and Sports Council under his leader ship. A successful youth awards ceremony was organized to recognize the contribution of the youth of the Babonneau Community in various areas of community life. Numerous football, basketball and net ball tournaments have been and continue to be organized to promote and develop the sporting talents and enthusiasm of the youth of the community. A num have been refurbished to ensure sporting activities can continue in the community. With support form the European Union the playing surface of the La Gare commencement works for the construction of changing rooms was made possible with support from the Government of Saint Lucia through the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund. The lighting with the support of the Taiwanese Embassy and the government of Saint Lucia. A similar development will be replicated on the Balment in surface works, drainage, toilets and change rooms as well as some concrete pitches for cricketers to practice on. Government has acquired lands at Union Terrace, Cacao and Ti Morne communities to build a multipurpose court and community hall. These lands are cur rently being surveyed and commencement of the establishment of these facilities is soon to come on stream. In the case of Garrand land has to be acquired for the and that will be done during this there have been two Gospel festivals designed to develop the spiriwhere most of the churches par ticipated in the activity. major improvements in that the Babonneau Health Center is currently being upgraded to a level four health facility and the La Gare Health Center will be brought to a level two facility. The proposal for La Gare has been approved by Cabinet and lands are being acquired to achieve this. With regards to other projects, land is being acquired in Central Babonneau for the establishment of a Police Station. A Fire Station will be built on Government land in the vicinity of the Babonneau planning and conceptualizing the projects with commencement works expected before year end. A new school will be constructed to replace the La Gare Combined School under a project of the Ministry of Education funded by the Caribbean Development Bank. The resources are available and contractors are currently beFond Assau School will have a new wing developed to enhance the capacity and service delivery of the school. There was also a historic development in the establishment the Babonneau District Council under the leadership of Mr. Paul Edgar and that institution has been undertaking a number of community initiatives. community in the area of added value in terms of agricultural production has been foremost on the mind of the Babonneau MP. The old boxing plant was converted into the Fond Assau Agro-Processing Center which will house the newly established Babonneau Rural Womens Group. The District Representative expresses is heart felt thanks and appreciation to the constituents for their patience, understanding and support as they work together for the enhancement and development of Babonneau. The Member of Parliament is deeply thankful for the support and assistance given to the people of the Babonneau and all Saint Lucians in general by the Government and People of Taiwan through the Taiwanese Embassy. Their support goes right to the heart of the people contributing to profound improvements and changes in their social and economic condition. Hon. Ezechiel Joseph MP for Babonneau and Minister for Agriculture, Land, Fisheries and Forestry MP Hon. Ezechiel Joseph and Taiwanese Ambassador H.E. Tom Chou at opening of Levern Spencer Drive in CacaoLevern Spencer Drive Caption Balata Mothers and Fathers Hall Awardees for the Babonneau 2010 Sports Award Health Outreach Programme Refurbishment of Babonneau Health Center Lights on Babonneau Field 2009 Babonneau Gospel Festival Garrand Mothers and Fathers Hall Babonneau District Council with Member of Parliament


Page 8 Saturday July 17, 2010 Saturday July 17, 2010The Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafar ians and the Ianola Multipurpose Cooperative Society have collaborated with Government as part of the comprehensive strategy in dealing with unlawful acts. The approach is one that is similar to the Peace and Love Initiative for warded by Hon Richard Fredrick.The idea of this initiative was born out of a realisation on the part of Rastafarian leaders that they had to act responsibly in upholding the values and principles of peace and love for fellow man which is professed by their faith. The organisations also felt it was critical to come forward and be counted in safeguarding the stability of our beloved homeland. In order to embark on this mission the two entities chose the medium of music as an avenue to communicate the positive messages of peace and love. A series of peace concerts were planned targeting young people through positive music. The strategy being, to tap into the exuberance Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari/IMCS Partners with Government on CrimePeace Concert Initiative Aaron Ras Iron Alexander President IMCS and dynamism of the youth, by channelling these energies into positive expression. With music serving as the vehicle, a number of local artiste have come forward to identify their performances in a campaign which will serve as a weapon in the war on crime. The use of muthe leadership of the ICAR/IMCS represents a bold and courageous which Government recognises and appreciates. Government encourages other civil society entiresponse to the challenge of crime among us. Such methods run par allel with similar undertakings by the SSDF through its recent Scor ing Goals Against Crime initiative. The ICAR/IMCS Peace Concert project was launched on May 29th, 2010 in Millet in an effort to harness the musical creativity of our youth in the area. This activity was largely successful followed by another hugely successful show on June 26, 2010 in the east Coast village of Dennery. The next scheduled show is set for July 31st, 2010 in the village of Canaries and will be followed by concerts in Choiseul and Gros Islet during the months of August and September respectively. This campaign by the ICAR/ IMCS has received the support of Community Action Programme for Safety (CAPS), which has alof staging these concerts. The organizers hope that this programme gather momentum sector interest who may wish to partner with them in this creative venture geared towards bringing about a reduction in incidents of serious violent crime within our society. Government commends the ICAR/IMCS for their bold and courageous commitment to join the scourge of crime in our nation. One of the Artiste Crooning Lyrics of Peace A section of the Crowd at one of the Concerts Performers at one of the Peace Concerts


Page 9 Saturday July 17, 2010 The history of the Community Action Programme for Safety (CAPS) goes back to the National Crime Commission which was launched in 2003. Dur ing that time period the organization engaged solely in information gathering on crime data to help formulate its platform for a broad approach to dealing with crime. Through that intelligence hot spots as an examination of the instances various areas in terms of the sociocultural dynamics. On the advent of this government it was felt that the time had come to get into action to implement programmes based on the been ongoing for sometime. This gave birth to a new entity called the Community Action Programme for Safety (CAPS). The safety aspect deals with programmes geared towards the reduction of crime and crime prevention. Meetings were schedule with deviant youths/gangs, to the extent that a number of gangs were brought together for a football competition, lectures on anger manageetc. These sessions were facilitated by personnel from the Ministry of Social Transformation, RISE and other local experts. The idea was to nal and behaviour changes through workshops both in the north and south of the island.Numerous lectures were organized at various schools such as St. Marys College, Ciceron, Gros Islet Secondary, Monchy Schools, R.C Boys Schools etc. The churches have requested the support and assistance of CAPS to address their various groups. CAPS is deeply involved in doing the ground work to bring about peace among comcrime and violence. Recently, as a result with the work done with the school children a new entity called RAWKY was formed. It means Reach Out and Work to Keep Your community safe. One such group has been launched at the R. C Boys School on June 19th, 2010. They developed a pledge which is now used as the national pledge for the RAWKY Clubs which will be established at all schools island wide. I a RAWKY member, pledge to try my best To be courteous, knowledgeable, patient, kind, generous and accepting of challenges and in so doing it is citizen within my community. early stage to get involved in doing things that will bring about safety COMMUNITY YOUTH ACTION PROGRAMMEand respect for each other as well as to urge them to get involved in clubs and other positive social groups to channel their creative energies in a meaningful way. Workshops and lectures continue through out the island in various communities and in some of the Hot Spots. These workshops addressed the critical aspects of anger management and some success In Anse La Raye and Monchy where big brothers programmes have been formed. This programme was initiated through rie Smith who felt that too many young boys were appearing before reach out to them and give them a mentor and role model to nurture and protect them from graduating into seasoned criminals. The idea is to have these young boys assigned of their interest to learn a trade or skill so that they can develop a career and stay out of trouble. CAPS has also been working with the churches particularly in the Babonneau with a programme called cross of life. Areas addressed respect for each other and for authority, managing anger and so on. There was an urgent need to develop a road safety programme called ROADS which means Reach Out and Always Drive Safely. This message is essential due to increase road fatalities which averaged 31 in 2009. The intention is to launch this programme on a big scale sometime in the near future. Youth and children will be targeted dur ing the school holidays especially those going to the beaches as there has been a number of incidents of drowning (15-17) last year. has been launched at the Rodney Heights Aquatic Center for ten weeks every Saturday. The Aquatic facility as their contribution, St. Lucia Electricity Services (Lucelec) has sponsored the swimming gear and the Ministry of Social Transfor mation Youth and Sports has provided transportation. The participants were drawn from at risk areas such as New Village, the Grave Yard, Marchard and Grass Street. Many of these themselves on the beaches. It was therefore necessary to equip them with swimming skills and techniques and to let them know that there is no where in Saint Lucia out of their reach, certainly not the Aquatic Center. CAPS is now se bourhood Watch Programmes, so that the communities will take charge of their communities. It is a slow process and the eventually it will take root as it unfolds. Meetings are being held in communities all over to get members of commu nities to be our brothers keep and interact in a manner that should remind us of the old African adage that it takes a village to raise a child. CAPS message is clear that if war is the violent resolution of hout violence. The upsurge in Crime and Criminal activity has raised eyebrows in all sectors of society. The shouts from citizens on the island to do something about this scourge can be heard all over. These shouts have not fallen on deaf ears as is evident by the unrelenting search for solutions to our security challenges. We cannot and must not allow these challenges to overwhelm us. It cannot be business as usual because these challenges are great and stakes much too high. The time for improving commu nity safety is now. We must make it a priority. We have to come together and act as one unit, because any initiative that is pursued must involve all residents. This partnership of residents, governments and NGOs to maintain community safety will also enhance the quality of life. For this we must forge alliances. If this approach is to achieve the desired results, we have to engage all stakeholders in formulating a strategy which incorporates a participatory approval that will result in the implementation of policies designed to prevent crime as well as reduce violence. One activity which will engender this participatory approach is the Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhoods are the heart of a community. It is the place where the hopes and dreams of citizens are shaped, where ambitions are cultivated and where lessons of citizenship, community and personal responsibility are learnt. Bringing the neighbourhoods together as one unit or encouraging them to form watch groups, empowers them with the ability to devise strategies to ensure safety in their communities. It also sends a signal that the community is taking steps to improve the quality of life of its members and in so doing ensure safety in the community. that are derived from a Neighbour hood Watch: (a) In essence it brings the community closer together community members oper ate as their brothers keeper. (b) It engenders stronger community spirits as people get to know each other and look out for the vulnerable both young and old. (c) There is the likelihood of less fear of crime as people are aware of the real risks and are therefore empowered. environment since people have more pride in their surroundings and work together to prevent vandalism. (e) Such groups also gener ate improved services from other organizations as they are seen as a united commu nity. (f) There is improved commu nication between the police and the public; they get practical crime prevention advice from the police. (g) Criminals are deterred from entering an area since they know that residents are vigilant and have taken steps to safeguard their prosperity. It must be noted that the relationships in Neighbourhood Watch groups foster a community spirit and give peace of mind since Crime is Everybodys Business pect of the crime prevention strategy and is designed to operate on a 24 hours basis, to allow members of the public to provide information while safeguarding their identity. The public has made it clear that there are major concerns when it comes to reporting incidents of a criminal nature to the police. The number for the crime hotline is 453-9999, a simple and easy one to remember. Fighting Against Increasing Treats to Humanity (FAITH) is another of CAPS programmes which works with the religious community thereby contributing to curb crime in one form or fashion. The only way we can get an improvement in living conditions is to change and ner towards each other. The organization continues to work with all relevant parties and has a strong relationship with the police, mindful that the current Acting Commissioner is the immediate past chairman of CAPS. CAPS believes like Carl Thoresen that it takes courage and commitment to act in a more forgiving fashion. It is not at all a sign of weakness, but a mark of strength. CAPS continues to soldier on in its crime in Saint Lucia. The agency has undertaken an impressive suite of programmes and initiatives and has now established itself as a key manage and reduce crime so that peace and love can prevail. Mr. Linwall James Consultant CAPSPUTTING A CAP ON CRIMECreative and People Centred Approaches to Crime Management


Saturday July 17, 2010 Page 10 Saturday July 17, 2010 The Government embraces the view that society must encourage and reinforce the notion that each citizen is a valuable member of the community and has a special role in our nations development. This is even more so for our elderly who have contributed as fore-bearers and architects who laid the foundanow. Age is not just a number but is equated with that glorious crown known as wisdom and experience. The quality of a nation treats its elderly. Government advances the policy that our elderly must be treated at all time with the outmost respect and dignity. The establishment of a stateof-the-art home for the elderly in Black Bay, Vieux Fort, encapsulates that policy outlook of the Government. The facility which is nearing completion is being built at a cost of EC $ 6,454,485.65 and is designed in order to bring quality care and service to the elderly who would be housed within its walls. The new home for the elderly when opened will be a source of pride and dignity for our senior citizens and their care givers. The new facility is expected to open its doors during the last quarter of this year. The facility is equipped with a Black Bay Senior Citizens Home Nearing Completion special sluce room so that the handicapped can be aided and handled with ease, assisted living centers, two major sleeping blocks, a central multipurpose dining area, a small and internal court yards. This is not to exclude the administrative secand toilet facilities. All of this adds up to an impressive facility that provides assurances that a warm and wonderful atmosphere is provided in a manner that is more conducive, healthier and comfortable to accommodate the residents. Additionally the spacious interior allows for sufvisit their loved ones. commissioning the old facility at Soufriere has began in order to ensure a smooth transition to the new facility. The new senior citizens' home will accommodate approximately one hundred and ten (110) residents in an environment of tranquility and peace. look forward to the opening of the Black Bay Senior Citizens Home which will usher in a new era in care and custody for our aged citizens. The commissioning of this home will certainly be a milestone for our nation to celebrate. The Near Completed State of the Art Senior Citizens Home Home Coming 2010 promises to be a great and wonderful experience when we celebrate success, beauty, national achievement and unique Saint Lucian heritage. The Homecoming 2010 Secretariat ister enthusiastically invites all Saint Lucians to support Homecoming 2010 activities as we unite with fellow nationals overseas in celebration of our rich, unique heritage and identity. As numer ous nationals return home from all corners of the Diaspora for two weeks in July to celebrate all that it means to be Saint Lucian with us, let us cheer on, Tout Sent Lisyen se yonn! July 26th comprises a colorful concoction of culture, talent, cor porate and social partnerships, an elegant awards evening hosted by the Governor General, community outings and recreation and indispensible dialogue among the youth of the Diaspora to name a few. of overseas nationals have registered for this historic event with large contingents from the U.S Virgin Islands, The United King-Home Coming Is Here dom, Canada, Texas and Miami especially. Though special homeby hotels on island, it is indeed a pleasant trend that most returning nationals are opting to return to their communities and to reside with family during Homecoming. The enthusiasm of these nationals to return home during this period to share the experience of our par adise island is extraordinary and is primarily due to the visits by Ambassador Dr. June Soomer and her special delegation to various parts of the Saint Lucian Diaspora over the past two years. extremely informative and engaging as Saint Lucians overseas displayed overwhelming curipertinent to our island and its development. It was evident from these forums that Saint Lucians overseas longed for such oppor tunities when they can make direct contact and be kept abreast on our progress by persons such as Dr. Soomer and her colleagues who live and work in Saint Lucia and are currently making contributions toward the advancement of our island. ing Church Service on July 25th rapidly approaches, much excitement is underway as regards the Youth Summit and the major Fashion show scheduled for July 28th where Miss Saint Lucia UK who will be here especially for Homecoming will make a special appearance. This fashion show will be coordinated by award winning local icon, Queen Esther of Kuumba Designs and promises ing appeal. artnership fair which will give local businesses and non tions an invaluable opportunity to forge partnerships with each other and with Saint Lucians overseas has drawn much support. Approximately one hundred local organizations have booked their participation in this four day even commencing July 26th at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds and all Saint Lucians are invited to view some of the unique prodisland. able Stephenson King, will hold a special reception in celebration of Homecoming 2010 and on the 27th, of July Governor General, Her Excellency, Dame PearlAwards Evening to recognize Saint Lucians who have made outstanding contributions to their country of residence. We have so much to be proud of as a nation, especially the phenomenal impact which Saint Lucians have had and are having on the world stage in the arenas on arts, academics, science, etc. which this historic Homecoming 2010 a Saint Lucian pride and to cherish our unique identity in this globalised w orld. For the complete Homecoming 2010 program, please feel free to of the Prime Minister or download it from the homecoming website at Saint Lucian Homecoming 2010July 16th to August 1st Tout Sent Lisyen S Yonn


Page 11 Saturday July 17, 2010 During Prime Minister Kings addressed to the nation on the crime situation in Saint Lucia Sunday, 30th May 2010, he made it abundantly clear that his government has invested heavily in such innovative programs as HOPE (Holistic Opportunities for Personal Empowto enhance the quality of life for our citizens. The Prime Minister at that time noted: Already my Government has invested heavily in such innovative programs to enhance the quality of life for our citizens, the marginalized and deprived in particular, we have targeted interventions at the community level, utilizing both local resources and funds supplied by friendly governments and organizations. Inner city communities from such programs. The Saint Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF) was established by the current Government as a vehicle to advance the administrations social intervention programmes. Since the launch of the SSDF they have implemented an impressive suite of projects and programmes which have brought youth and communities. SSDF interventions have been channeled through a number of programme departments namely: Basic Needs Trust Funds, Social Assistance, Slope Stabilisation, Koudemain Sent Lisi and HOPE. The Saint Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF) is the amalgamation of the Poverty Reduction Fund (PRF) and the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF). The Ministry of Social Transfor mation initiated the amalgamadelivery of the services provided by the two agencies. As an amalgamated entity, the SSDF eliminates the duplication of of these two agencies in a single, strengthened, and coordinated manner to reduce poverty and vulnerability of the most marginand economic advancement of the Saint Lucian society. The core mandate of the SSDF is to ensure the delivery of basic ser vices to disadvantaged and mar ginalized communities in Saint Lucia. This involves implementing infrastructure projects, providing vocational skills training and upgrading, building capacity and institutional strengthening, and facilitating the construction and rehabilitation of water and sanitation systems and social asresponsive and accountable manner. The agencys mission is to provide services that will facilitate the highest social and economical well being of disadvantaged citizens and marginalized comresources, fostering social integration, towards social cohesion and national prosperity. The SSDFs operations are guided be certain core values. These include: (a) Transparency; (b) &Stakeholder Participation; (d) Community Strengthening; (e) Sustainability and (f)Technical and Financial Soundness. With these core values in mind the SSDF carries out its work based on an established implementation methodology. The SSDF takes one of the following approaches when implementing a new project: where the community is responsibility for the implementation and management of the project. independent contractors are hired to implement the project. the community provides labour in the implementation of the project. The Development Approach of the SSDF For decades poor and marginalized people were viewed as the target of poverty reduction or contributors to the development agenda. Development experts saw themselves as the sole owners of development wisdom and having all the answers to the problems which faced the poor. Hence they dominated rather than facilitated decision making disregarding and undervaluing the local knowledge and capacity positive and sustainable development in their locales. The predecessors of the SSDF faced challenges but also learnt from these past experiences recognizing that development initiatives which ignore the input and contribution of all stakeholders, ciary buy-in and project sustaindertaken in communities were vandalized and destroyed while others became nothing more than buy-in and to make projects more relevant to the needs of the communities and in that way ensure project sustainability the SSDF has mainstreamed the participatory and community driven development approaches in its community development initiatives. Community Driven Development (CDD) is an approach which responds to the needs of individuals and communities rather than imposes development initiatives on these communities. Hence instead of viewing communities and individuals as merely the recipients of aid, this approach treats poor people and their institutions as assets and partners in the search for sustainable solutions to development challenges. Participatory Development is probably the most utilized term in present development jargon and is an approach which the SSDF utilizes in the delivery of its development interventions. Participation, or participatory development utlilises the local knowledge and expertise which exist in a comand stakeholders in all stages of the project cycle through community meetings and consultations. Through those consultations the views and input of all stakeholders are elicited and included in the preparation and implementation the use of this approach as it inhances project sustainability, two factors that are crucial for successful project implementation. The Saint Lucia Social Development Fund seeks to deliver basic services to disadvantaged and mar ginalized communities. They also provide support to the poor and the needy, persons with mentally or physical disabilities, the homeless, the elderly and the youth. The SSDF is governed by a twelve (12 person Board of Director, which comprises representatives of various Government Ministries, women organizations, the Private Sector, Non Government Organisations and Credit Unions. The Board of Directors is chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Social Transformation. The King administration is clear ly rethinking the social agenda and is not just limiting it to merely safety nets, which in and by itself does not achieve the desired overall impact that will adequately redress years of social imbalances. THE SAINT LUCIA SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT FUNDCreating Hope and OpportunitiesIn this regard the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund serves as a focal point and implementation arm of Governments social inter vention strategies. Ciceron Multi-Purpose Court with Flex Surface Finish Enterpot Foot Path Grave Yard Drains Marisule Road Bisee Retaining Wall and Drain Georgeville Foot Path Trou Rouge Stairs and Drains


Page 12 Saturday July 17, 2010 The UN Public Service Day was designated on 23 June, 2003 by the UN General Assembly, in its Resolution 57/277. The intention is to celebrate the value and virtue of public service to the community; highlight the contribution of public service in the development process; recognize the work of public servants, and encourage young people to pursue careers in the public sector. prestigious international recognition of excellence in public service. It rewards the creative achievements and contributions of public service institutions that sive public administration in countries worldwide. Through an annual competition, the UN Public Service Awards promotes the role, professionalism and visibility of public service. The government of Saint Lucia joined the rest of the world in celebrating Public Service Day on June 23rd, 2010. This year the celebration focused on promoting the role, professionalism and visibility of public service under the theme Renewing Our Commitment to Improve Public Service Delivery. celebration was designed to recognize the valued role that public servants play in bring about improvements in our society. The activities included a wellness walk held on Sunday, 20th June, 2010; an ecumenical service which took place on 23rd, June, 2010; news paper articles, radio and TV shows featuring Public Service agencies as well as on going their roles and functions and initiatives that have led to an improvement in the quality of service delivery, and awards day 9th, June 2010 at the Castries City Hall. The idea of the fair was to encour age young people to pursue careers in the public sector. This provided an opportunity for persons to interact with the agencies of government in a oneDepartments exhibited activities and services that they provide and also use the opportunity to engage the public on any concerns to which they may have with respect to these services. whose service and dedication has been exemplary based on a set criteria consisting of the following factors: perfor mance, dependability, and the creative display on the job, along with their ability to meet the goals of their respective Ministries. This year the awards are being conducted separately by various Ministries/Departments but the plan for next year is for a grand ceremony that will cover the entire public service. Service Awards is to recognize the institutional contribution made by public servants to enhance the role, professionalism, image and visibility of the public service. The following are the (a) To reward service and motivate public servants to sustain the momentum of innovation and the improvement of the delivery of public services; (b) To collect and disseminate successful practices and experiences in public administration improvements in country level public service delivery; (c) Through success stories, to counterbalance any negative image of public administration, raise the image and prestige of public servants and revitalize public administration as a noble discipline on which development greatly depends; (d) To promote, encourage and facilitate networking among institutions and agencies relevant to public administration and strengthen the networks of the United Nations programme on public administration and development; and (e) To enhance professionalism in the public service in rewarding the successful experiences in innovations and excellence in the public service. one representative of every agency of government to coordinate the awards and to set the categories for commen dation. These include Most Outstanding Performer, Special Recognition for Innovation, Most Improved Performer, Most Outstanding Department (Unit / Section). staged their awards over the past weeks in observation of International Public Service Day, which is commemorated on June 23rd, 2010. These comprised: the Ministry for Social Transformation, Human Resource Development, Youth and Sports; Ministry of Labour, Information and Broadcasting and the Ministry of the Public Service. The Saint Lucia Fire Service also conducted its awards ceremony. tion and Broadcasting held its awards ceremony at the Sandals Grande Resort sen from each department and Units of the ministry and the winners are as follows: Most Outstanding Performer : Mr. Kervin Louisy (GIS), Mr. Andrew Quashie (Labour Department) and Ms. Auriela Evans (Agency Administration). Mon Louis (GIS), Mrs. Cynthia Francois (Labour Department) and Ms. Bernice Esther Fletcher (Agency Administration). GoldMs. Rose Marie Harris (GIS), Mr .Andrew Quashie (Labour De(Work Permit Administration) (Labour Department), Mr. Bar thelmy Mon Louis (GIS), Mrs. Verena Monbelley (Work Permit Administration) tiste (Labour Department) Samantha Edwin (Documentation CentreGIS), Ms. Cyrilla Louis (Labour Department) and Mrs. Agnella JeanCox (Work Permit Administration) Lois Jean (Agency Administration), Ms. Dawn George (GIS), Mr. Barthelmy Mon Louis (GIS), Ms .Maria Medar (Documentation CentreGIS) and Mr. George Melchoir (Labour department). Government Information Service tion, Youth and Sports held its awards on June 24th, 2010 at the Entrepot Human Resource Center with the following individuals being awarded: Theresa Cavalier (Administrative Assistant) -Miguel Trim (Youth Facilitator) Kendell Lawrence Administration persons were awarded and was recognized for the St. Jude's Fire which occurred on September 9 2009. There was also an award by the Governor General for Medal of Honour for Bravery and in Hazardous Circumstances which was won by Leading Fireman 316 Peterson Mathurin. AwardeesLeading Fireman 316 Peterson Mathurin Fireman 516 Mike Moncherry Fireman 430 Chervine Bicar Fireman 523 Kimron Badal Firewoman 505 Doyle Firewoman 547 Monero Special Commendation Leading fm 244 Ligoirus AlexanderFireman 543 Rohan Lesmond Fireman 448 Jowin Emmanuel Fireman 469 Tim George Fireman 520 Kerten Jankie Firewoman 578 Mondesir awarded seven persons for Public Ser vice Day Celebrations. Awarded for Long and Long and Notable Service Lfm 130 Hayden Charles Leading Fireman 146 Victor Jn. BaptisteLeading Fireman 137 Uosiah PaulOutstanding Initiative Fireman 442 Owen Cazaubon held it Public service awards in two Walk held on June 20th, 2010 and the winners are as follows: Award as Youngest Participant (8years old) staged the second and major compo nent of its awards. Below is a listing of awardees: Alisha Errance (National ITC Of(Organizational Development Division), Ms. Verna Augustin (Training Department), Mrs. Cathalina Preville (HR Department), Mrs. Flavia Francois (Administration) and Mr. John Arendel (Security Department) Mr. Richmond Felix (National ITC nizational Development Division), Ms. Verna Augustin (Training Department) and Ms. Irene St. Croix (HR Department). vice -M. Pamela Cadet (Organizational Development Division), Ms. Jacinta Belrose (Training Department), Ms. Linda Prescod (Security Department), Ms. Flavia Francois (Administration) and Mrs. Margaret Vitalis (HR Department). Mrs. Augusta Toussaint (Organizational Development Division), Jesse Scotland (Training Department), Mr. Shemaiah Pierre (HR Department), Ms. Gilbertha Prospere (Administration) and Mr. Mario Greaves (security Department). Alcee (Organizational Development Division), Ms. Maria Mom belly (Training Department), Ms. Jana Bousquet (HR Department), Ms. Flavia Francois (Administration) John Arendel (security Department).OVERALL AWARDS OF THE MINISTRY OF THE PUBLIC SERVICE Flavia Francois Ms. Verna Augustin Hyacinth vice Ms. Jacinta Belrose (Training Department) Departments above conducted their awards to coincide with the commemo ration of International Public Service Day, other Ministries and Departments who did not do so will be expected to tervals during the year.Public Service Awards 2010Celebrating ExcellenceSpecial Recognition for Innovation Ms Lois Jean Minister for Labour, Information and Broadcasting Long Service Award Mr. Peter Flood MOST Awards Special Recognition for Innovation Miguel Trim MOST Awards Most Outstanding Performer Ms. Theresa CavalierMOST Awards