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SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 2010 The Government of Saint Lucia under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephenson King has acted in a bold and decisive manner to ensure that the safety and security of our country is not compromised. These sentiments were further emphasized during an address to the nation (see full message on pages 10 & 11) on Sunday, May 30th, 2010, to present his Governments response to crime, Prime Minister King announced a number of measures which included changes in the leadership of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. The address came following a marked increase in incidences of gun related crime within certain sections of the Castries basin. The Saint Lucian leader had earlier described these developments as intolerable and went on to state: We will be taking the strongest possible action to tackle the spectre of crime in St Lucia. Prime Minister King declared then: The criminals must be made to retreat. The measures announced by Prime Minister King received widespread support from the Saint Lucian public who have expressed a sigh of relief and hope that the Police will rise to the challenge of confronting manifestations of crime in Saint Lucia. During a Press Conference held on Monday, May 31st to introduce the new leadership of the Police Force, the Ag. Police Commissioner Vernon Francios commended the Government for displaying sources within the institution. The new Commissioner in a very passionate manner promised to put more boots on the streets. He highlighted a number of areas for and assuring professional standards across the in managing and maximizing available resources and a promise to pursue criminals in a relentless manner. The new Commissioner and his top brass have already taken decisive action in a number of areas. These include: armed patrols of hot ten years with the rank and ration of khaki uniforms for ducting a special meeting to examine their deployment as part of the strategy to combat crime. Government assures all Saint Lucians of its deter mination and commitment to confront the scourge of crime. The support and partnership of all patriotic Saint Lucians is required in HON. STEPHENSON KING PRIME MINISTER


Page 2 Saturday June 19, 2010 Minister Montoute welcomes the initiative by the SSDF which has sponsored some 200 young people various communities in collaboraThe young people are going to be ambassadors for the promotion of sports as a vehicle against crime thereby inculcating the necessary values of team work, fair play etc in the youth which will no doubt Scoring Goals Against Crimeauger well for the future. Fighting crime does not only involve the law enforcement aspect but there are several dimensions including the social and developmental aspects as well. This initiative will go a long way in helping to foster a greater sense of awareness and consciousness among the young people. The Mr. Joachim Henry strongly believes this programme will allow young people to demonstrate through t made of. Such character traits are ideal for developing a peaceful, harmonious and integrated society where all can interact with each other. The intention is to harness the non violence and positive behaviour traits of the youth in various communities through sports, which in this case is a football tournament. There are 16 teams and a child is peered to a team to the positive message throughout the competition and serve as the medium through which good and can be harnessed, developed and emulated. This idea of scoring goals against crime is an investment in the youth of this nation through the initiative that seeks to provide holistic opportunities for New R odney Bay P olice Stationhe sod turning ceremony for the construction of a new Police Station at Rodney Bay took place. The Rodney Bay Community comprising of the SLHTA, the Rodney Bay Community Association and the Rodney Bay Village Association, came together to realize this most New Acting P olice Chief Outlines His Vision For the P olice Force and Confronting Crimelice Vernon Francios has taken up the challenge of his new appointment with a degree of determination and passion that promises much for improvement of the Police Force. The new Commissioner has been articulating his vision for the Police Force against the backdrop of a recent proliferation of gun related criminal activity within sections of the Castries basin. lice Commissioner indicated that of immediate concern to him is bringing about an improvement in public perception of the Police Force. In order to address this issue a number of measures will be put in place. With immediate visibility of the police both in the city of Castries and in the hot spots within the town of Gros Islet. Both the regular police and the Special Services Unit will be mobilized to reinan environment of safety and tranquility among Saint Lucians. Heavily armed patrols form part of the new strategy. tended to intimidate the right thinking members of the society but to let the criminal elements know that they cannot have their way. According to the new Commissioner the rule of law must prevail and be respected by all. He is determined to cause criminal elements be uncomfortable and on the run. sioner has outlined a number of initiatives which capture his general outlook and vision for the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. These include: (a) Increasing the response time in dealing with reports made by the public; (b) Dealing decisively with corruption within the police force; (c) The revamping of the Complaints Investigation Unit with a preference for complaints to be handled by an independent under the way to probably set up this agency we have to ensure that complains made against the police by the public are dealt with expeditiously and decisively; (d) Increasing police boots on the streets; dence and trust in the police; (f) Working closer with communities and key sectors; (g) professional standards at all levels within the police force; (h) Formulate policies to direct ciency in managing and maximizing available resources; (j) Instituting measures to ensure Improvement in police morale; (k) An approach of consulting with social partners and stakeholders in formulating strategies to deal with crime. to the khaki uniuniform for inspectors and directive of the new top Cop. Mr. Francios explained that the black and white uniform was an experiment that probably continued for too long. The Khaki uniform is symbolic in what it represents and it makes a clear distinction bemembers of the force. Police Constables and aspiring members of the police force can now undertake their duties with the dream of one day adorning the revered Khaki uniform as a symbol of achievement, senior ity and leadership within the institution. Lucia and the public looks for ward with great expectation to the work of the new leadership of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. We anticipate that the Acting Commissioner and his Deputies will bring about the necessary changes to restore the force and to restore peace to our beloved nation. pressing task of building a new Police Station. At an overall cost of over the Rodney Police Station came to life. Its purpose and objective is designed to deal with crime and harassment that threatens the peace, welfare and comfort of our citizens, resident and visitors alike. It is the Rodney Bay Community simple way of pushing back against crime as it is hoped that this venture through is subsequent operation will do just that. The Rodney Bay Police Station 11th June, 2010


Page 3 Saturday June 19, 2010 inistry of Communica tions and Works has organized a strategic Planning workshop as part of a public sector transformation and modernization effort facilitated by the Caribbean Center for Development Administration (CARICAD). The over all purpose is to improve the quality of service deliverance to the public. The starting point for any such reform would be good strategic planning and management. This involves producing The Saint Lucia New National Hospital which is currently under construction was an idea proposed to enhance the health care needs of the citizens of the island. It is suppose in combination with the Univer sal Health Care Programme. The new Hospital is expected to boost the quality of care that citizens both young and old will actually receive. Though this project was originally tendered in 2006 there were some delays due to some technical funding issues. A review of all which led to the project implementation being placed back on track. At the moment the project is just over one year into actual construction. The new National Hospital is schedule to be com made to secure the equipment for the facility so that once the construction is done the hospital will be fully equipped at the time of its opening. Some of the main services of the hospital will include: (a) Pharmacy, Central Sterile Supply, Medical Records, (b) Hospital istration, Meeting Rooms, Mian phones Building Maintenance, Interdepartmental, Communications, Contingency Areas, Plant Rooms (maintenance); (d) ps snackSaint Lucia will be in a position on completion to boast of a mod ern medical facility that will not only add to the health infrastructure but will also provide quality health care to all citizens. Update on New National Hospital Ministry of Communications and Works Hold Strategic Planning Workshopa strategic plan that links the policy as well as the resources that are available in terms of the budget and the measurement or evaluation of the people who work within government ministries so that tax payers money is not wasted when people are not producing. This can best be achieved with a good strategic plan that links all the components together.The Ministry of Communica tions and Works has embarked on this exercise to ensure that throughout all its Departments it improves the quality of service delivery to all its stake holders. Naturally the starting point was to have a strategic plan for the next few years with the hope of ectations of their customers. The process involves people from all lev els of management beall sectors across ministries. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Richard Madavo.


Saturday June 19, 2010 Page 4 Saturday June 19, 2010 The Government of Saint Lucia tion along with the Taiwanese on the launching of an ambitious initiative to equip all the primary schools in St. Lucia with computers in three years. The computer lab at the Ava Maria Primary and Infant Minister Richard Fredrick, the Member of Parliament for Castries Central expressed his pleasure taking place in Castries Central. He urged the students to make good use of the computers in the furtherance of their education. He expressed his desire to transform and develop Castries Central qualitatively and is keen on ensur ing that educational programmes are developed so that students have the necessary tools to develop their skills for the future.very year there is a concenhappens in the schools with the goal of relating the school cur riculum to the practical needs of employers and the work force. The two days to highlight the skills and talent of the students from various schools. This showcase was held at the Blue Coral 7-11 June 2010. The programme seeks to encour age students to think outside the box and generate new business Hon. Arsene James who is the reiterates government commitment to supporting Carnival 2010. Governments support for carnival forms part of a broader policy which speaks to nurturing cultural industries. Governments policy is demonstrated by the fact that Prime Minister King announced dowment for Creative Industries. Government has also consistently increased its annual allocation to the CDF. This has moved from an Million in the recently approved year 2010 2011. It is not a surprise that the global ative impact on liquidity within the local economy. For the past three years government through the Ministry of Tourism has provided lion to the Cultural Development Foundation. These funds were used to support key components of carnival such as Steel Bands, Carnival Bands Associations and the Calypso Association. The three year experiment which However notwithstanding prevailcomings in the planning process, the Government of Saint Lucia is port for this years festivities. A series of meetings have been held between the Government and representatives of the CDF in order to determine the appropriate level of support to guarantee the success of Carnival 2010. To address this challenge, the Prime Minister has added an adsubvention. The Cabinet of Minister are working on a plan to make more capital available for carnival 2k10. Meanwhile it is expected the organizers will raise funds through gate receipts and sponsorship and through the partnership of the private sector. Prime Minister King istry of Finance to sit with the CDF atively and prudently. The question of a venue for the major carnival events such as Parade of the Bands Calypso Finals has also presented some challenges. The Ministry of Youth & Sports Government Collaborates with Lime and the T aiwanese Embassy for School Computer Project Mr. Charles Li of the Taiwanmain purpose is to provide pupils with early and reliable access to computers so that advanced ICT technologies, educational ers and pupils in their regular curriculum. cere appreciation to the Ministry schools to get ready for computer installation as scheduled. He went further to state that this project is in keeping with the missions of the of education in national development. He concluded with the view that we have to do our utmost to invest in the educational system to ensure satisfactory performance of schools and their pupils. ideas, innovations, inventions and income on their own. The students showcased cocoa products, breakfast fruit meal from the George Charles Secondary, a hydroponics model for areas where land is not readily available for growing crops.This exercise gave a clear demonstration of what the students can do to sustain themselves instead of just relying on someone to give them a job. It brought their creativity and entrepreneurial skills to the fore. It must be pointed that there what is considered as normal or of general education and is not alternative education for those who are not academically inclined and are capable of doing things with their hands. tors is that both hands and brains work in a complementary manner to achieve and that the brains without hands concept must be thrown out of the window for ever. chosen for the week of activities and as a means of removing the myth associated with technical and vocational education. For 300,000 and more in the hands of someone who supposedly cannot think to build a house. The purpproving the skills and productivity of the workforce, improving the link between education and work, er focused, providing the basis for cation and lifelong learning. ments made recently in upgrading the Mindoo Phillip Park will not be destroyed. The Minister responsible has explained his determination to safeguard the Mindoo Phillip Park and to ensure that its use for nonsporting events does not result in serious setbacks for the sporting fraternity. The Minister explains that such situations have occurred in the past and results in wastage of scare resources. A proposal put forward by the Cultural Development Foundation to place a covering that will protect the surface of the grounds comes be feasible at this time. Minister as a major national cultural event. However as Minister of Sports he for playing facilities ands to allow these to be seriously compromised. He argues that we cannot destroy our playing venues and that at the end of the day both sports and culture will be crying in one eye so to speak. He went further to state that culture has his full support but not one at the expense of the other. The Government will be moving to put mechanisms in place to ensure that the planning of Carnival beyond this years celebrations is treated as a business venture. This would involve capitalizing on opThe Government of Saint Lucia extends best wishes to all Revellers and members of the public for an enjoyable and safe Carnival, 2010. Government is committed to supporting carnival Focussing and Highlighting the Importance of T echinical, Education And Vocational T rainingTVET WEEK


Page 5 Saturday June 19, 2010 This activity will take place at a time when the island will be celebrating its 31st anniversary of independence. This will be a time when we celebrate our achievements and we would want to highlight and showcase as many of them as possible. We have much to be proud of at the level of the individual, commu nity, national and international arenas. Importantly, it is an opportunity for all Saint Lucians to recommit themselves to our ideals of independence by re-instilling pride in our country. Saint Lucia Homecoming 2010 is also a celebration of the contributions of Saint Lucians living over seas to their homeland and their adopted countries. It is anticipated that this gathering will reunite old friends and families who have not seen each other since they said goodbye years ago.It will be an opportunity to say thank to our people wherever they live overseas for the tenacity with which they have held on to the culture of their native land. They have enabled us to put our country on the map with their contributions in all areas. They have enabled us to sustain our of foreign exchange, regular travels back home and investments in housing and other areas of develmust signal to all that our nationals can continue to make their contributions to their country wherever they live. The theme for the 14th Biennial Convention and the Saint Lucian Homecoming 2010 is Tout Sent Lisyen S Yonn. It speaks to the fact that we are one people no together we must be concerned country. tremendous contributions to our country. They have enabled us to sustain our economies especially hurricanes and have also made economy of this country through regular travels back home and investments in various sectors. We must now move some steps fur ther to the creation of more consolidated groups that can invest socially and economically. ensure that Saint Lucians living overseas are encouraged to invest their resources, skills, mon-Anticipation Builds for Homecoming 2010 ey and time in strengthening our society. We also look forward to youth exchanges, mentorship programmes and the establishment of partnerships with Saint Lucians resident on the island. As noted by the President of the USLOA: I trust too, that the event will ways to tap into the vast resources held by St Lucians overseas. Every in St Lucia and to facilitate their contribution in every possible way must also be explored. More importantly, our country must develop an appropriate institutional frame involved in the social and political life of our country. The experiences that our Diaspora has acquired can relationships between the people and people themselves. The Governor Generals Award who have made outstanding contributions to their new countries of residence. The criteria for the selection of nominees are as follows: in Saint Lucia or be of Saint Lucian parentage; (b) Be 16 years cant or outstanding contribution demonstrated consistent and ongoing commitment to support, sustain and promote arts and culture. cipient has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the munity through leadership and volunteer services, and provides ment to the community. demonstrated consistent and dedicated commitment to lifelong learning and to transforming the lives of others through education. the Prime Minister and internationally from the various overseas Associations. The nomination form can also be downloaded from the website The deadline Why I am proud to be a Saint Lucian This is a competition for Saint Lucian youth between the ages of ple will be asked to unload a two meeting video recorded on a cell phone or camera and upload it to the website The deadline This will be determined dur ing the Homecoming activities. Persons will be asked to register and provide proof of residency they are returning to Saint Lucia The Largest Family to Return Home This will be determined during the Homecoming activities. Families will be asked to register and provide proof of numbers The Largest Community to Return Home This will be determined during the Homecoming activities. Communities will be asked to register and provide proof of numbers The forecast of Professor Grey of the University of Colorado has named which 8 will become hurricanes of which 4 will become intense with sustained winds of 111 Prime Minister Stephenson King who is chairman of the has already summoned all the the state of readiness of the island for this hurricane season. As far as the state of preparedness is concerned most of the community branches need to re-organized so as to strengthen their capacity to mobilize their respective districts to be in a heightened state of readiness. Coordinator is not at all pleased with the situation on the ground and The role of the various comtablishing the linkages and the local network should an impending disaster strike. Chainsaw operators, heavy equipment owners, disaster shelter management procedures among others need to be activated and the necessary sensitization properly done. and it is extremely important to ensure the entire national disaster apparatus is fully mobilized and is adequately The Prime Minister has scheduled an update meeting for early July to ensure the nation is ready should disaster strike. that the following must be done during the hurricane season which starts on June 1st to November 30th: (1) Check that your insurance is up to date and covers a wide range of areas inloss of windscreen, etc and (2) Clear drains, prune trees, store food items and in that regard shop strategically on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to avoid panic. Please check expiry dates and long shelf life of food products. Not only food items should be purchased but baby formula, hammers, nails and absolutely necessary to that we are fully prepared. Hurricanes and storms come in clusters and it is therefore important to ensure that we are prepared. move to shelters must also make certain that they bring along food supplies as the shelters will not be equipped with food items during a storm or hurricane. Fishermen and farmers in particular need to make sure that they put all mechanisms in place. Shelters are based at the schools, community centers, churches which will not open automatically but upon declaration by the Prime Minister prior to a storm. Please make plans with your friends and family for in advance so that so that you and your family can be in a safe that all important documents passports, mortgage, land deeds etc are properly secured. appeals to community leaders and inactive Disaster Preparedness Groups to act in a decisive manner to ensure that their communities are prepared for the current hur ricane season. Feel free to gmail.comNemo Urges Saint Lucians T o Get Prepared HURRICANE SEASON 2010


Page 7 Saturday June 19, 2010 Page 6 Saturday June 19, 2010 Hon. Edmund Estephane, Member of Parliament for Dennery is extremely thankful for the support that the people of Dennery have given to him. He is passionate and relentcommunity evolves into a place that remains inviting where the skills and talents of the people are harnessed in a productive and sustainable manner. The key priority areas hinges on the development and enhancement of community infrastructure as the basis for building the socio-economic factors that would inform and determine a community's strength and challenges and how they can be communities. Central to this plan is a major improvement in the road network and the construction of new roads to facilitate the expansion and the naturally accrue. In this regard a to develop the road network and drainage in the Green Mountain area, Over the Bridge, Lumere. This was designed to provide much needed vehicular access that will bring about the related services social and otherwise which are associated with such a development. These include access to water, electricity, health improve the quality of life of the people. hane did not hesitate to point out that for small economies like ours there are major challenges in securing ible funding which is central to infrastructure. It is from this per spective that special appreciation and gratitude must go out to the Government and people of the Republic of China/Taiwan. The idea and vision to reopen diplomatic relations with Taiwan has the government and people of Saint Lucia including Dennery. It has enabled us to under take many community initiatives which have improved the quality of life of the people by bringing much needed relief to them. Some of the projects undertaken include: (a) Major road construction initiatives at Over the Bridge, La Pointe, Green Mountain, La age works and foot path throughout the constituency; (c) Refur bishment of the multi-purpose center; (d) The construction of a new community park; and (e) Assistance to schools, churches and youth and civic groups. government intervention we are ments to continue to provide employment and to build on existing opportunities to expand and tourism and other industries that will enhance the quality of life of the people. The key question that needs to be answered is how do make community infrastructure more must be realized that Dennery is a tightly knit cluster set, in the way in which the community is designed. To this end infrastructural development and interventhere is a resilient social safety net, guided by inclusive social policies that provide the basic necessities which foster growth and advancement. Though resources are not plentiful the government is tal works programme to expand the ecotourism potential of Dennery to undertake new activities that will impact the area positively. The expansion of our Sea Food Saturday will see new injection and impetus that will take to new and exciting heights. We have over EC$ 5 million to be poured into the Dennery basin for the ecotour ism development and that will touch the heart of the economy of Dennery.We are conscious of the reality that unemployment remains a major challenge and this is why this budget is so structured to take the correct measures to address this in a serious manner. jor works to commence on the major reconstruction of the Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School. The vision for Dennery continues to grown in new directions and dimensions because of com tion through people centered involvement and interaction. These include: (a) Major Waterfront development; (b) Construction of infant and secondary schools; (c) Creation of recreational areas which include jogging/walking zone; (d) Development of sporting facilities; (e) Employment generating initiatives; (f) Road construction; and (g) Fishing pot rehabilitatio n etc, etc Dennery Community Park Refurbishment of the Dennery Cemetery Construction of Dennery River Berm Drainage and footpaths constructed throughout the community Green Mountain Road recently constructed Hon. Edmund Estephane MP for Dennery South and Minister for Labour, Information and Broadcasting


Page 8 Saturday June 19, 2010 Mr. Francis Parry Daniel is the President of the Castries Football Council. Mr. Daniel has expressed joy at the current remedial and upgrading work being undertaken at the Vigie Playing Field. The CFC Presidents sentiments is clearly sporting interest including cricketers, footballers and schools within the Castries basin feel about the project. The Vigie Playing Field has been a popular venue, which has been used over the year even for national competitions. The project Vigie Playing Field upgrade started in 2009 as a Government of Saint Lucia project through the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Government Undertakes R emedial Works at Vigie Playing Field as part of a National Plan for Upgrading Playing Fields IslandwideThe Castries Football Council has been actively involved in the manageThe approach to managing the Vigie Playing Field includes local stake holder involvement on the basis that true sustainability is built on social acceptability. Prior to the refurbishment the Vigie Playing Field was the place where most of the cricket and football tour naments were played as a home base ground. Prior to July 2009 the playing surface at the Vigie Playing Field was characterised by a sandy surface which was largely void of grass. But the Football Council was eager to transform the playing facility. Government was approached and through its commitment to provide playing facilities of high standards, funds were made available to the St. Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF) in order to make the transformation of the Vigie Playing Field possible. MThe upgrade involved improvements in drainage works around the perimeter of the grounds, the elevation of the playing sur face by 26 inches in some areas and the establishment of an irrigation system and seeding of the playing sur face. The current surface of the grounds is at a standard that rivals the Beausejour Grounds because of the excellent work of Ken There were some delays due to the drought as water was not available for ir rigation. Work is progressing smoothly and a grand opening is scheduled for is open it will be managed in a manner that will ensure that it remains in pristine condition. It is clear that the government did to see that it is degraded in a short space of time. he auspices of the Castries Football Council there will be proper management of the facility as it is hoped that it will serve as a home for District two schools. It is to be noted that football, track for juniors will for a core part of the scope of sporting disciplines that can be facilitated at the grounds. Fete matches will not be encouraged as the facility will be managed to harness and develop the talents of upcoming and budding sport enthusiasts. The washrooms have been upgraded to facilitate school kids and members of the public so that families can feel comfortable at the site. There will be two curators to prepare the grounds ahead of sporting events so that events will run smoothly. The CFC President acknowledges that such ar eas must be a multi-use facility mindful that we live in a small society and that playing areas like Vigie are very limited. However, the necessary investments must me made using the appropriate technology such as interlocking tiles which will help ensure that if the facility can possibly be used for non-sporting activities. This will ensure that the grounds will not wards, and other sporting events can take place immediately. Minister of Youth and Sports Hon. Lenard Spider Montoute points out that government has invested serious resources in upgrading the Vigie Playing provement of the playing surface, fencing and other infrastructural works. The Minister promised that there will be another phase to be undertaken which involves lighting construction of a new facility alongside the existing structures. The Minister is associatio ns of Castries will manage the facility in a responsible manner and with an understanding that will allow the various sports enthusiasts in track and be accommodated. At the moment many sporting facilities around the island have been upgraded. These include: Mindoo Phillip, Gros Islet, Peirrot, La Guerre, Corinth, Grand Riviere Dennery, Soufriere and Vieux Fort on those to rise to the challenge of managing such facilities, to take ownership and to maintain them in immaculate condition. This is critical bearing in mind being made. The Government views this investment as a worthwhile one in the future and development of our young people.Most Saint Lucians will agree that there is a certain measure of inconvenience and unsightliness in the functionality of the Cist of Castries. This can be related to issues such as solid waste disposal, vending activities and general aesthetics. Clearly as we move along the city we can observe what fortunately the images that one records are not desir able for Saint Lucias capital. wooden pallets populating the capital as the busy city life grinds to a halt in what the City Council calls CasThis has prompted the council to move expeditiously to address the image of the capital. The Council has launched a bold and courageous initiative which it calls: operation city transform. A major aspect of this initiative will focus on making the profession of vending more appealing to the eyes and more aesthetically pleasing to locals and visitors. Council is very mindful of that vending activities represent a vital livelihood activity for many. The myth that there is a grand plan designed to displace vendors in nothing more than a hoax. The aim of Council is to assist vendors so that they can work in an environment that is safe, worker friendly and conducive city side walks. Part of the grand design is to put in some collapsible units that can fold neatly and easily at the end of the vendors working day. This will allow both the public and the vendors to use the side walk with considerable ease. The new proposed units will be done accord ing the street sections and hence vendors will have to be registered according to designated areas in order to access to the units. Since the construction of the Jeremie Streets and Darling Road Plazas there has been a huge demand for vending facilities which has prompted the establishment of additional units at the upper section of Jeremie Street. tinue to be enhanced with plans well under the way to pedestrianize the Boulevard as well as the establishment on parking meters along the city streets. Discussions are ongoing with the Ministry of Communication and Works along with other relevant partners. The Castries City Council continues with its aggressive and focussed mission to transform the city of Castries to an image that all can be proud of and one that is truly representative of our nations capital. T ransforming of the City of CastriesT he Mission of the Castries City Council


Page 9 Saturday June 19, 2010 Introductionget is essentially the annual economic and ernment. It represents the main policy document that outlines governments economic policies in general and tax and expenditure policies in particular. As a small island economy where the private sector is fairly limited, the role of the government in driving economic growth and development is critical. In St. Lucia government is the single largest employer and central government spending accounts for of total expenditure in the economy. major player in the economy, governments ecoence economic activity in terms of how much is taken out of the economy in the form of taxes and how much is circulated in the form of government spending. Revenue from taxes are derived from various sources but is generally indirect taxes, i.e. from income and employment and from purchases of goods and services. As the largest single employer, govthroughout in the form of salaries and wages paid to public employees, spending on goods purchased for and health care facilities, etc. The plans for generating the revenue and detailing what such revenue will be spent on are contained in the budget. The 2010-11 Budget Address, with the theme The Road to Recovery: gendering Social Cohesion and Building Resilience to signed to lay the foundation for the resuscitation of the economy while addressing the myriad social dislocations arising from crisis. Notwithstanding governments best intentions in realizing these obthat policy makers faced severe constraints in developing the kind of programmes and projects that would have made the sort of major dent in resuscitating economic activity and job creation. Hence, what was needed was a massive injection of capital spending that would have the desired impact on growth and employment creation. Instead, dwindling revenue as a result of the crisis has daunted moves aimed at increasing governments capital programme hence the capital budget had to in 2009-10. However, the broad objective was not was made in ensuring that the programmes and projects in the capital budget priorities in keeping with its overriding objectives as suggested by the theme. Hence the strategic priorities of the government would have been clearly enunciated in the 2010-11 budget with respect to various initiatives to spur economic growth. These include: o The redevelopment of Hewanorra International Airport o The reconstruction of St Jude Hospital o The redevelopment of Port Castries o The refurbishment of the Hypermart building o The construction of the Ministry of Finance Administrative Complex. o The construction of the Fire Service headquar ters o The construction of Human Resource Centres and a Police Station initiatives supported by the various projects being undertaken by the private sector, will contribute to a meaningful turn-around in the construction sector and hence to overall economic growth. vides support for other traditional sectors such as tervention measures have been outlined aimed at improving productivity and modernizing the sector to become more competitive. budget is the support provided to social protection initiatives. It is recognized economic growth will falter without strategies to achieve social cohesion. In recognition of this critical need, a Social Reform Council will be established to provide holistic and efquestion of crime and security has been given renewed focus with the announcement of additional resources to the police force as well as developing crime. The continuation other manifestation of governments desire to support social safety nets and shortterm job creation. punctuated with various innovative measures aimed at addressing the developmental needs of the country. Some of these include: dowment for the Creative Industries in support of artistes in St. Lucia; (ii) the establishment of ment Bureau aimed at improving labour market information; (iii) Diaspora Issues and Homecoming 2010 aimed at encouraging St Lucians over seas to participate in the social and economic development of the country; (iv) Constitu ency Development Programme to facilitate greater consultation both within the commu nity and between the community and government agencies. global economic on small and vulnerable economies like St. Lucias have made budgeting a lot more challenging given the dwindling resources in the face of ever increasing demands placed on government in the form of higher spending. The Government of St Lucia has a responsibility to manage the economy in a manner that will support economic activity in the various sectors while at the same time expenditure that will result in unsustainable increases in the public debt and imposing unfair burdens on future generations. ognition of this imperative government in collaboration with the egy as outlined in the and Growth programme. This programmed is aimed at stabilizing the economy over the short to medium term and laying the foundation for more sustained growth and development targets established by the Monetary Council of the B. THE B UDGET AND YOUSummary of 2010 2011 Estimates of Expenditure


Saturday June 19, 2010 Page 10 Saturday June 19, 2010 I address you tonight at a time of unprecedented challenges for our small country. Some of these challenges are obviously beyond our control, but too many, I fear, are of our own making. The good news is that, what we do to ourselves, we also can undo. We can stop, take stock national interests. Challenges are not new to us. We are a famously resilient people. that too many of us appear to have lost all respect for human life, including our own and the lives of our families. We turn on each other like rabid wolves at the slightest disagreement. Never before have we seen such senseless violence, such anger and manifested self-hate. It is wholly unnatural; and uncharacteristic. Could these new and shocking traits be a fall-out from the so-called drug culture? Whatever the cause, it must be eradicated. It will be eradicated by whatever legal means at our disposal. My Government is determined to put an end to the atmosphere of fear, now threatening certain parts of our country. Despite numerous handicaps, mostly economic, St. Lucia can be proud of its ADDRESS TO THE N A TIONON THE CRIME SITUA TION IN SAINT LUCIA AND GO VERNMENTS RESPONSESunday, 30th May 2010achievements over the last three decades. I promise that my government, with the help of right-thinking St. Lucians at home and abroad, will not sit back and allow a relative handful to reverse the successes for which we fought so hard and long. wherever it might occur in St. Lucia, is like be removed in the best interests of those not yet contaminated. Already my Gov ernment has invested heavily in such innovative programs as the quality of life for our citizens, the mar ginalized and deprived in particular, we have targeted interventions at the commu nity level, utilizing both local resources and funds supplied by friendly governments and organizations. Inner city comfrom such programs. And while in our penditure, in health and in the provision of social and community infrastructure, we have always kept in mind that law and order and the nations security are of paramount importance. Some have argued, correctly, that poverty is a contributor to crime. And certainly, this Government has sought to reduce poverty throughout our country, despite our limited resources, and an environment not immune to the fallout from the worst recession in living memory. With much assistance from the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) we have gone a long way in providing employment for many young people around the island, Contrary to what some who seem to specialize in negativism would have others the Saint Lucia Police both in terms of human resource and equipment. In successive Budgets presented by this government since December 2006, the aland National security has been increased. tional recruits have been provided to the Police Force last year and a further 60 are about to embark on a new training cycle in the next few weeks. In addition, government has reinstituted the regular annual training programme at the Police Training School. Additional equipment, including vehicles and other facilities to support the work of the police, have also been provided. Generally, expenditure on national seget allocated to the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security has increased the highest ever over the last 10 years. Moreover, there has been a steady increase Ministry since 2006. ng level of criminality, the impact of which we have all experienced in the last several months, cannot be blamed solely on unavailable resources. If it is true that our police are not as well equipped as other police departments, in cia, it is also undeniable that the people of disappointment with the performance of our police. Saint Lucians do not expect miracles. They know, with our limited resources in these particularly rough times, what we can and cannot provide for our police force. Indeed, Saint Lucians know what we have provided. Saint Lucians know too, that what is expected of our police is not beyond them, if only they would be more dedicated to the protection of Saint Lucian life and property. Sadly, there are among us, some who us all, regardless of political colour. These short-sighted individuals, politically motivated as they are, continue to see in every murder recorded, every rape and burglary, every purse snatching, another opportunity to pull down another brick from the political ambitions are to them far more important that the safety of our citizens. And so, by their public comments, by their advertised refusal to cooperate with the authorities tell us is at the root of so much of the violence that now surrounds us and threatens our very existence. This government however, has always viewed crime as an issue requiring a national and bi-partisan approach and has never and will never use it to gain cheap political mileage. That is why only recenttional Security invited the representative to discuss this issue and very soon we propose to convene parliament in joint session, to further discuss these problems. My government considers the commu nity approach to be a fundamental part of the process and will continue to use all resources to work with the Police and communities to safeguard and enhance their environment by ensuring community involvement and participation. This is not a government problem, it is not an opposition problem, it is not a Police problem, it is the countrys problem and collectively we are all responsible. Since the escalation in criminal or gang warfare in recent weeks, during which period there were a total of four (4) homicides, government has been engaging, both at the Cabinet level and with the top management of the Police Force, with a view to making clear to the police that they are expected to tackle this issue head on. Permit me this opportunity to outline the steps taken thus far and the decisions made.At an emergency Cabinet meeting, convened on Wednesday, May 26, 2010, the following decisions were taken and agreed for immediate implementation: 1. The creation of a Cabinet Task Force on Crime and Security to be chaired by the Prime Minister, and compris ing the Minister for Social Transfor and National Security; the Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation; the Justice and the Minister for Physical less than monthly. It will keep the situation under constant review and serve as a mechanism to facilitate speedy decision making. 2. The Cabinet Task Force shall engage all social and economic partners including political organizations as part of the national strategy to address the crime issue. 3. Cabinet approved a Patrol Strategy prepared for immediate implementation by the leadership of the Royal Saint Lucia Police force. This plan will include 24 hour surveillance and patrol of troubled areas or hot spots and the police will be provided with the appropriate assets to facilitate this and associated preventative activities. 4. The immediate re-organisation of the Police Force in order to enhance efincluding the re-introduction of the Cadetship programme to facilitate succession planning. I will say more on this re-organisation later. the disbursement of the approved allocation of resources to immediately providing social and vocational skills and employment opportunities in the short, medium and long term. Continued on page 11


Page 11 Saturday June 19, 2010 6. The Minister for Finance will approach the National Insurance Corporation, with a request that the organization makes a one time contribution towards assisting in addressing the key social challenges, including the provision of employment opportunities in inner city communities. These programmes will be directed at our young men, women and mothers, ence; 7. The opening of the Police Substation at Rodney Bay within the next three weeks. is directed to take steps to acceler ate the enhancement, updating and strengthening of all relevant legislation to support the law and order enforcement programme. A report is two weeks. 9. The Ministry of the Public Service, Human Resource Development, Social Transformation, Youth and Sports is to expedite the appointment deployment to serve the inner city communities especially in the Castries area. provision of additional equipment to the of more than half a million eastern Caribbean dollars to ensure that the Police are adequately prepared and equipped for the task at hand. sider to be serious in nature, and I am not about to take it lightly. To this end I have made formal approaches to two of our international friends who have expertise and tremendous experience in inner city violence and crime intervention to provide training, technical assistance and equipment for our Saint Lucia Police. In Authority, Saint Lucia requested the placement of the issue of Crime and Security in the sub-region on the agenda, in an endeavour to adopt a regional approach to crime to earlier, will entail 24 hour surveillance and patrol in the most vulnerable areas. This is a campaign that will be institutionalized and sustained to confront, disarm, and arrest the criminals and bring them to justice. police will work jointly with the Inland Revenue Department and the Customs, to ensure compliance of all laws governing the importation of restricted and controlled items, licenses, the operations of commercial establishments, together with laws dealing with operating business hours, liquor and noise abatement. To halt and eradicate creeping roadside blocks that facilitate criminal activity, support will be provided to the police by the Ministry of Physical Development, to serve as havens, or points of assembly under cover, to launch criminal acts. There are a number of areas where it has been noticed that persons gather on the block, idling and loitering. These assemblies, fronted early, eradicated and disbanded. The justice system must be supportive and apply the full punishment allowable under the law for criminal acts especially must be consistency in the meting out of any disconnect in the justice system, and these anomalies will be made, to correct these sooner, rather than later. A strong witness protection programme is being implemented, so as to guarantee the safety of witnesses and to give the courage and sion of information, to come forward and share it with the police. The Police will engage communities mote and support Community policing. There is also a need to expedite aspects of the Castries urban renewal programme, to renew certain parts of the City, that have been paralyzed and seized by elements, who harbour criminality. In some instances there are urban communities that require pedestrian and vehicular accessibility for security and emergency purposes. Such areas require adequate vehicular access. The communities most compulsory acquisition of lands and properties required to provide necessary vehicular and pedestrian access. This initiative has been placed on an accelerated path and the Ministry of Physical Development has been directed accordingly. Fellow Saint Lucians, you will appreciate that the operational details of any strategy cannot be disclosed in a national address. dence in their ability to discharge their responsibilities and to arrest this spiralling situation of lawlessness. There must be no doubt that the Police have the full support of this government in their drive to rid the society of these criminal elements. In that vein therefore, I take this opportunity to publicly thank and express governments appreciation to all the hard working police serve this country with distinction in the exercise of their duties. You have an unenviable task, but rest assured that government stands by your side and will give the necessary resources and support to get the job done. The job must be done now! Notwithstanding the hard work, dedicaday, in the interest of law and order and the preservation of our country, there are those corrupt ones who destroy the image, reputation and professionalism of this disciplined democratic institution of ours. In this regard, Government will review, with the intention of instituting new measures to strengthen existing mechanisms for investigating police indiscipline and corruption.You will no doubt be acutely aware, of similar situations which our sister islands pact it is having on their economies and their vital tourism industry. The situation here in Saint Lucia over the past few months, begs the question whether we as a nation are headed on that path of self destruction, which some of our neighbours are currently treading? I am sure that all law abiding citizens, and all who love our country dearly are nervous about the mere such a precarious position. Fellow Saint Lucians, let me assure you that this government will not sit idly by whilst criminal elements amongst us attempt to reek havoc on our society. I wish to sound a warning to all those who have unleashed these unprecedented levels of violence on this country, that this will no longer be tolerated or accepted. Lets stop the violence now! We will not abdicate our responsibility to protect the citizens of this country and to maintain law and order. This government will not stand aside and allow criminals to trample upon the citizens of this country. There will be and there will be no hiding place for anyone. By your actions you have declared war on the society and as such we will employ all practical steps to pursue and arrest you and restore normalcy to our Fair Helen. I spoke earlier about the need to restore ness. In any organization, leadership and the ability to inspire, to motivate others, is a pre-requisite for the successful discharge of its functions. It is clear from the comments both in the wider society and from within the force itself, that there has rent leadership. Therefore, government has decided that it is time to revisit the current leadership of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, in preparation for a new beginning.Consequently, upon the recommenda tions of the Public Service Commission I have accepted the proposals for the restructuring of the Royal Saint Lucia Police 2010. Here are the recommendations: ferred from the position of Commis sioner of Police to the position of Dithe Prime Minister; Commissioner of Police, has been appointed to act in the position of Thursday 27th May 2010; missioner of Police, appointed to act as Deputy Commissioner of Police, with responsibilities for Administra Commissioner of Police, appointed to act in the second position of Deputy Commissioner of Police with tive 27th May 2010. of changes will be made through the rank In conclusion, it is accepted that crime is a multifaceted issue and must therefore strong arm approach will be accompanied by other programmes in the communities, some of which are on-going, while othcitizens, residents and stakeholders are required to deal with this scourge which is threatening our very existence. I implore you all to take the necessary measures to enhance and safeguard your personal safety and security. We must all be our brothers keeper. This situation requires that we all come together and take back our country from the hands of the criminals. It has to be now, or we will live to regret our lack of action. This government will not allow this to happen under its watch. To you I say let us save our Saint Lucia and preserve it for future generations. Good night and god bless you all; God bless Saint Lucia. I thank you. Continued from on page 10


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