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Panama Canal record
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 Material Information
Title: Panama Canal record
Physical Description: 34 v. : ill., tables, diagrs. ; 24-30 cm.
Language: English
Creator: United States
Publisher: The Panama Canal etc.
Place of Publication: Balboa Heights Canal Zone etc
Balboa Heights, Canal Zone etc
Publication Date: 1907/1908
Frequency: monthly[july 1933-1941]
weekly[ former 1907-june 1933]
Subjects / Keywords: Panama Canal (Panama)   ( lcsh )
Genre: serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Panama
Dates or Sequential Designation: v. 1-34, no. 9; Sept. 4, 1907-April 30, 1941.
Numbering Peculiarities: No more published.
Issuing Body: Published under the authority and supervision of the Isthmian Canal Commission, 1907-Mar. 1914; of the Panama Canal, Apr. 1914-1941.
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 01761828
lccn - 07035378
oclc - 1761828
System ID: UF00097368:00002

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        Page A-11
        Page A-12
        Page A-13
        Page A-14
        Page A-15
        Page A-16
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        Page A-18
        Page A-19
        Page A-20
        Page A-21
        Page A-22
        Page A-23
        Page A-24
        Page A-25
        Page A-26
        Page A-27
        Page A-28
        Page A-29
        Page A-30
        Page A-31
        Page A-32
        Page A-33
        Page A-34
        Page A-35
        Page A-36
        Page A-37
        Page A-38
        Page A-39
        Page A-40
        Page A-41
        Page A-42
        Page A-43
        Page A-44
        Page A-45
        Page A-46
        Page A-47
        Page A-48
        Page A-49
        Page A-50
        Page A-51
        Page A-52
        Page A-53
        Page A-54
        Page A-55
        Page A-56
        Page A-57
        Page A-58
        Page A-59
        Page A-60
        Page A-61
        Page A-62
        Page A-63
        Page A-64
        Page A-65
        Page A-66
        Page A-67
        Page A-68
        Page A-69
        Page A-70
        Page A-71
        Page A-72
        Page A-73
        Page A-74
        Page A-75
        Page A-76
        Page A-77
        Page A-78
        Page A-79
        Page A-80
        Page A-81
        Page A-82
        Page A-83
        Page A-84
        Page A-85
        Page A-86
        Page A-87
        Page A-88
        Page A-89
        Page A-90
        Page A-91
        Page A-92
        Page A-93
        Page A-94
        Page A-95
        Page A-96
        Page A-97
        Page A-98
        Page A-99
        Page A-100
        Page A-101
        Page A-102
        Page A-103
        Page A-104
        Page A-105
        Page A-106
        Page A-107
        Page A-108
        Page A-109
        Page A-110
        Page A-111
        Page A-112
        Page A-113
        Page A-114
        Page A-115
        Page A-116
        Page A-117
        Page A-118
        Page A-119
        Page A-120
        Page A-121
        Page A-122
        Page A-123
        Page A-124
        Page A-125
        Page A-126
        Page A-127
        Page A-128
        Page A-129
        Page A-130
        Page A-131
        Page A-132
        Page A-133
        Page A-134
        Page A-135
        Page A-136
        Page A-137
        Page A-138
        Page A-139
        Page A-140
        Page A-141
        Page A-142
        Page A-143
        Page A-144
        Page A-145
        Page A-146
        Page A-147
        Page A-148
        Page A-149
        Page A-150
        Page A-151
        Page A-152
        Page A-153
        Page A-154
        Page A-155
        Page A-156
        Page A-157
        Page A-158
        Page A-159
        Page A-160
        Page A-161
        Page A-162
        Page A-163
        Page A-164
        Page A-165
        Page A-166
        Page A-167
        Page A-168
        Page A-169
        Page A-170
        Page A-171
        Page A-172
        Page A-173
        Page A-174
        Page A-175
        Page A-176
        Page A-177
        Page A-178
        Page A-179
        Page A-180
        Page A-181
        Page A-182
        Page A-183
        Page A-184
        Page A-185
        Page A-186
        Page A-187
        Page A-188
        Page A-189
        Page A-190
        Page A-191
        Page A-192
        Page A-193
        Page A-194
        Page A-195
        Page A-196
        Page A-197
        Page A-198
        Page A-199
        Page A-200
        Page A-201
        Page A-202
        Page A-203
        Page A-204
        Page A-205
        Page A-206
        Page A-207
        Page A-208
        Page A-209
        Page A-210
        Page A-211
        Page A-212
        Page A-213
        Page A-214
        Page A-215
        Page A-216
        Page A-217
        Page A-218
        Page A-219
        Page A-220
        Page A-221
        Page A-222
        Page A-223
        Page A-224
        Page A-225
        Page A-226
        Page A-227
        Page A-228
        Page A-229
        Page A-230
        Page A-231
        Page A-232
        Page A-233
        Page A-234
        Page A-235
        Page A-236
        Page A-237
        Page A-238
        Page A-239
        Page A-240
        Page A-241
        Page A-242
        Page A-243
        Page A-244
        Page A-245
        Page A-246
        Page A-247
        Page A-248
        Page A-249
        Page A-250
        Page A-251
        Page A-252
        Page A-253
        Page A-254
        Page A-255
        Page A-256
        Page A-257
        Page A-258
        Page A-259
        Page A-260
        Page A-261
        Page A-262
        Page A-263
        Page A-264
        Page A-265
        Page A-266
        Page A-267
        Page A-268
        Page A-269
        Page A-270
        Page A-271
        Page A-272
        Page A-273
        Page A-274
        Page A-275
        Page A-276
        Page A-277
        Page A-278
        Page A-279
        Page A-280
        Page A-281
        Page A-282
        Page A-283
        Page A-284
        Page A-285
        Page A-286
        Page A-287
        Page A-288
        Page A-289
        Page A-290
        Page A-291
        Page A-292
        Page A-293
        Page A-294
        Page A-295
        Page A-296
        Page A-297
        Page A-298
        Page A-299
        Page A-300
        Page A-301
        Page A-302
        Page A-303
        Page A-304
        Page A-305
        Page A-306
        Page A-307
        Page A-308
        Page A-309
        Page A-310
        Page A-311
        Page A-312
        Page A-313
        Page A-314
        Page A-315
        Page A-316
        Page A-317
        Page A-318
        Page A-319
        Page A-320
        Page A-321
        Page A-322
        Page A-323
        Page A-324
        Page A-325
        Page A-326
        Page A-327
        Page A-328
        Page A-329
        Page A-330
        Page A-331
        Page A-332
        Page A-333
        Page A-334
        Page A-335
        Page A-336
        Page A-337
        Page A-338
        Page A-339
        Page A-340
        Page A-341
        Page A-342
        Page A-343
        Page A-344
        Page A-345
        Page A-346
        Page A-347
        Page A-348
        Page A-349
        Page A-350
        Page A-351
        Page A-352
        Page A-353
        Page A-354
        Page A-355
        Page A-356
        Page A-357
        Page A-358
        Page A-359
        Page A-360
        Page A-361
        Page A-362
        Page A-363
        Page A-364
        Page A-365
        Page A-366
        Page A-367
        Page A-368
        Page A-369
        Page A-370
        Page A-371
        Page A-372
        Page A-373
        Page A-374
        Page A-375
        Page A-376
        Page A-377
        Page A-378
        Page A-379
        Page A-380
        Page A-381
        Page A-382
        Page A-383
        Page A-384
        Page A-385
        Page A-386
        Page A-387
        Page A-388
        Page A-389
        Page A-390
        Page A-391
        Page A-392
        Page A-393
        Page A-394
        Page A-395
        Page A-396
        Page A-397
        Page A-398
        Page A-399
        Page A-400
        Page A-401
        Page A-402
        Page A-403
        Page A-404
        Page A-405
        Page A-406
        Page A-407
        Page A-408
        Page A-409
        Page A-410
        Page A-411
        Page A-412
        Page A-413
        Page A-414
        Page A-415
        Page A-416
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        Page A-418
        Page A-419
        Page A-420
    Back Cover
        Page A-421
        Page A-422
Full Text
. . .- ,
-i;,L.:% :,'! -
1 ; % t : I T 7; T:i 1!11 .! I .... ..... ; 4 ., ii[7-11.1.;,;.-.;:.:;:.,.,.,- .,!:.;i-..-.L.,-..".;!!7.1,:.'I-i- 7.1!
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,; I i I l Li I .1 i ; r r : ': ; ; !i : . . . I w . I m ,,,, .. . .
I I : 't ; I : : ; -: ; -, I! . . I . . .. C T .1 t *. I I I ; ;I- %f -
-, I ; !I 1 1 : t I : i Z' -. 1 -, I. T : *1 ; : i:: ; 7 7 6 1 1 7 7 ; t7 -. -, : I 7 :7. -, i ., : :,;: *, : - T ' "M qvq ., ' .. . ., I -, : I .
.d.-:!1..t1-1-v.. .! : `ti 1. 1. '.
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.. . . ; ; ;%- ;;L;-;i t, .1 I ....... i t! %*!' j L ; : 1, I. !.%'-;, I41- -,-:,-.g%;: .-.,%"!,,.'- ., . ..; ,.;[t` 1. .iL;, F41":
:ii: ; I I I :;:;- ,; : 1% ,kl 11 I;; ; ,
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: .!:: ;: .i; i:. '@*
i!iiii! ,:! ; ; ;., I , I T ; '.;! 3 m I P'll I 1. -1,11 I
;ii ;I Ti ., lli,-iiL;;11T. .71.;,; ;I:;-,"",'!j ......... ,a:Ll ;j.;1,.m!-,I-,
-- - il -,
: ,:, r: .... .. - I .. -1 -,!-.! - . I liv 1 .1, 12:
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1. I ...... .;. -,-%-- '. I I
....... ......... ;.-.!l1!;H.*1:% -.! .:-::,-. -.
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.... -, I .. ,'. ., I; ; ,.' i it. -.; - .. .... .::!!: 1 t .%! iLe ., i., ..- I
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,: :- , .. ., : ... ... I. 4" .."i-1. ,,,' 1; I, i 11 i-
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41--% ;17. WIMN.."'M !:!'. .'g .11 .1.1.1. .1m...
.L.: .%,r,.7j1,!.,.,.!.7- I :,.
-r!..*:-.:-, .-...- %-j.-..':: . . . 4......,!,.Pl.&,.;::!;Wt:*.,:,*,";;,.'',,I.:.", P1. --.- ...... !ri,! I.
.. ........... .... j.... 'i
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1. 117:1.1i.;`r4l. I
I I I I 1, .1,1 -;'-7. . --------'- ":..... i,., ,.,.+. :! 1, n t ..:!*,!i::.,.!i:-,:."....-i:i..,-"!..,-,'.1l"*
L:::. .I.,. r;;.: - - - - I -, ,, I I "T.17:1.1i.;. -% .%1.1wM1.!: .... ...
.i. i.,.;,i..;1':t. ..... - .i!., .. ..T
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I . ... .
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:1 -; ;:,;.!,:-,, %7 % 'i --i %11. .. I I ...'!-`01-1:1% 'I.. j1j'-'%-%t:! T LT .,. .
.,.,. "'I"..; .1 ..
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....... 1:",.1t;,:, .; -:; ilp- .1 .. E .
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.;iti;i, 141W 1; I V! .,,,;. I i I I *1 I .N.41
, :7;1; ..i:I '.11 1.1", T ----ijj:;..-,-.-. -Ii,., '. , i'l v.17.
,. .. ,;, I.- i ,,- I
I I .%.. ': I= .T*, ... .1. I" %!.. ..
:% I .1 !T.'.,I%,, ....... . -
-1 t, 111;l, r, .1
7:% '. .ilj-4' !% I . : I 11 .,tl
.:: 'i... .11 ...... t I .. T: I . I ; '.. .! r. -%%%!: %T.!;T : ,:T::%:.Im.,% i%'. .. ..; 11;1`111ii. I
*.`.' ,::;:%,:,;r. I ! !';--' .1 p ---..%VT-' ,;.'r.'.'.,;; ... I .111 11" IlLit.- .. , "K'.' "-
I - .L.. 7 1 .. -. .. -.,
. I I ; : ::: I :- -. -.- :-:::!-'-' 111.! !.1!-.!1; :: I .1-1 I* ".1 *1 ':,-. ',I^,i7N%;;l
.-. .11; T.". .. 1-. %V` 7 I ....... ....
'4;t:- .. -- ;.I.%%LTNT *1% .,
r. 7-!. 7.%j".i `!`.T.'% 44
-,--:-..:..;.-- ii -, III
,'.-,-%-:-,;:-::.-:t1:,- il.%! "'; : I., 4141. .1 .1 .-;.,
1. .. --- ... ..... .. ... ... !_.. ... I %,.;.%..- .-..";N%,i! ,.:!
I ....- ; .: N ? .1'.. ,
. ;T -, : .-I-;-, 1 I
-:; I . 1. --. ,...,..I I.. "" - i
... 1-.;;-T.;-'- -, .J:Li!-j:!!;:., %;- --t-'%T" "' I .1%,.%%-.-.-.-.j, ;--+%;;T.;j -- % lj%-; I :! ......... ....... . ..
.:: . j :.,, I . 1.
:. .. . .., !! -, ,-,.4:,-.i!; .. - ; ; I i * -, '.
.1 -1 i ;! %*:7.171111 1 . 11 ..
7A I ;:,;.-. .1% ...... ; .. .;.
-i ;11:4 ;-r:::;,*i '...." .1. I T %;`%. . .-J. ... I 11 , !-*111'47.111t: 11!:
1. I 1% 4'... T -- 1! .7 I I --
I: i: :. 11 I iT.;%'.1%;.1 -, k I .." ., : .HN... r ,
`r,':,. : 'i!:,.:,;. .. ,%-'%''i:+i:-, -...!::. .1.11 . .. .. I ...... I -
-M. I !. %......,:7
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I :.. 7:v;m1:-7;' .7, I . . M..... . 1 !;::% ,;%.?.1 %,P!I. ,,: . . & ;! . ... . :P:;P., .....;. .
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, 4 ........... P. .:.-. 41 ...., 11- 1- p . . . I '! .!; *. .. ..... p p ... . . d- I . .. . . ...
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M.. . .. pd . .. ; li.. d .;.. .I-- -, ;;t.r ---i! t..-.: t, .;:! , v !!-,.- x- "i- :.. . . . .. ...... d .. ,.- P I 7 m t i : T ., !; : 1 L, r : ,; T .' : ; p -
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'. 6 ,-. I ;1, .. l I I . . I ... %%T%!.'. '. d m ; ;.: .;. ,,, . ,
: ; : :: : ., * : : :. : e', : i: i :- : ; . P. 141-
I I 14'i . p .-i ..... : I 111,11.1. ;: :%`..%%%W;% ,;.-: 4 - .. d., d %.,:,% -....; I
1. I! .:;:4%'1 ,%,-, d.!j, i m, : ,:.:::.-.-.-. ;;:i,;d,.: I i%%! ........ ... :. . .. ;,. .. ,:! %d", I -. ., , ,...." ". .. . .: I :,;! %%%,l : 7.*,, . r- .... q .- ..
I I I P. . - .;11 .T.- ... -! d 7 .. i, ; '. '. % -.% i7.+: I . . I ;; f N., ..", : . .......... . P%-.j- i'O".. -.?;! 1 I ; ; i ;1 !! I : I I %p.%7:T. :%% "'. % ....
I I I - I 1; i I 14 i I I : . .. , w. .. I ..... ..... I
.. . I .. P, :,:..,.- '. l-W.", 4 ...... . .. 4. - 7'4.11- .
.- w - % % . : Lk: :: a . '. . . ... ., ; 1% .' - .. I - -. !.-. ,;Y ,.h p . ,Pd;P:11 .7i -,.-,; ... - d +
-, ,; %T %: %, 1 "I. %4 ;?:!:%-.--r.w.-. L!:T q'i 1,i
-..7;:, i I V , + i : , : 1% ...7 I. ,
I .. ..- ..r .;d d .;. 7 ': i : :,-!: . !, .1 d I ....... d
7.. ; :;:, , , '. ,.% 7.1i" 7.- -, I
.i; . i . i't. ;T. 'Tr!1 T.t!- I . . . . . !.. :** .: 4 :'; .'% 7.;!
. . --- i ; ;.-, i :, : d I ,;. ; mp -. j, ,7,. .* . "' ; T. 'i % '.,'.- -;, ; M% 'jr .. .1 .
i; ... 4 I
I I .:ii ., T ., l ., i! .
t-.1";- i ... :"in, ; 4;1t% ... I I I .. --!.- 1. L :i;!. I : 1. . . i 11 : i' :i;! i : : L : :
:-:.. ., .4 ......, .. .1. I i 4i .. 1. i -P : : . ,: . -1 P.P.
I .
4 "! .: .1 1"', ,* , t.*. ".i .. ; ; t: '7 .. .... . ! i I*: % 7: -I !4 ; v `P !, T-
1, . , I . I .. I .1 .. i . 1% -, 11 . I . . i ........ :-IT ;N-l 1. . l . I T ;Tj%1:,,-. : - "'......1. . 1, ".... ., t! .. WO ..... .
11. .. - -- -. I.... ;f;d %%%-, ,. ..., I'L .: i; ll ; i "., ...., .1 1-1.j- . . . . 11'iV. *::Td !-;:I.: -!. w 1!1 1. i i i t] Ir;% I : ;;' I 1, . , +
I '. ,. .... ,.!. -ld ,. :; ..; ;% . ,,, ;; 7:-i.% :! t .!--:% % P;!
d.... I ...... ...... -!,,,..d% .: :. ,. i it....'.., i : I, ;
I., ,.,;! -i !. . "" ... ..... I I. .- li:., t ....;,., t. : ; T ., i %. % : .
'.T. L .:. ;,.,: :;!-'-.-.!: :;:r: ?1!I?.,.d;, isi., , ,; 1 T % .T; 0 .. . p .. d-p. I ; . . ,
: .:-:-:-1':;:-,':-,:-, . .; o% : 1 ; 1 : : ; : ; I : , , I



f7^ 3 2 /' ^ ^.^-


SEPTEMBER 4, 1907, TO AUGUST 26, 1908



Digitized by the Internet Archive
in 2010 with funding from
University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries with support from Lyrasis and the Sloan Foundation



Drowning, 62, 106.
Explosion. 90, 205.
Accountable officers, 294.
Non-expendable property returns, 254,.
Percentages-for surcharges, 375.
Transfer invoices, 262.
Administration Building, Ancoli, 147, 31.
Air as motive power, 20.
Air-compressor plants, 4, 345.
Americans, number on Isthmus. 233.
Administration Building at, 147. 318.
Amusement Association, 141, 147.162. 182. 18S. 343.
Clubhouse for. 319.
Cow shed. 362.
District Court, removal of. 362.
Fourth of July celebration. 298, 323, 310, 315. 339,
349, 360.
I.ibrary for, 346. 414.
Lodge building for, 340.
Population of. 412.
Protestant chapel, 340, 402.
Reservoir, new, 329.
Telephone Exchange, 169.1
Ancon Hospital-
Description of, 381, 390.
Improvements in, 330. 362.
Visiting hours, 394.
Annual Report, supply of copies exhausted, 225.
Applications for employment, 218, 339.
Appointments. See Circulars, Official.
Appropriations and expenditures. See Finances of
the Canal.
Arnheim, Edward, arrest of, 245.
Arrests, 69, 138. 170, 171, 190, 203, 245.
See also Police Reports.
Athletic meets. See Clubhouses.
Atlantic Division-
Assignments. 406.
Headquarters at Gatun, 346.
Organization of, 337, 342, 369, 401. 406.
Territory of, 353.
Automobiles, speed of. 178. 219.


BALBOA HILL, platform on, 293.
Bandstands, building of, 33.
Banton, Pembroke B., bill for relief f of, 251, 258.
Barbacoas bridge, 273.
Barges, 65, 81, 82, 137, 201, 202, 233, 306, 378. 394.
Baseball, scores and notices. 5, 12, 21, 31, 34. 68, 74, 94,
118, 123, 147, 155, 171, 195, 206, 214, 223. 231, 239,
248, 256, 262, 271, 280, 288, 295,304, 310, 320, 323, 336.
Bas Obispo, new stone crusher at, 393.
Bay rum as a beverage, 170.
Beeks, Miss Gertrude, criticisms of, 53.
Bierd, W. G., resignation of, 18,27.
Births, register of, in Zone, 214.
Black Swamp, 26, 33, 377, 402.
Blasts, 250.
Bloodhounds, to be used for criminals, 187.
Blythe, Samuel G., articles on Canal Work-A Study
of the Red Bug, 277.
King Yardage. 245.
Board of survey and appraisal. 294,
Boggs, Capt. Frank C., duties of, 370, 375.
Bohio, quarters at, 378.
Boiler inspection service, 30, 330, 331.
Borings, to determine the geological structure. 393
Breakwater to Naos Island from Ia Boca, 305.
Barbacoas, 273.
Bridge 53, diversion at, 314.
Gamboa, 17. 97. 273,
British views of Canal work, 251.
Bubonic plague, 243. 278.
Commission, 117, 134, 147, 205. 227. 348.
Construction by contract, 89. 178.
Construction of private, 118.
Gatun, 42.
Laws, 28, 51.

Iodge and cheb. 330. 340.
Operations and cost, 21. 73.
Plumbing and painting, 34
Proposals, 106, 123. 130, 193, 31-1. 322. 33,
Building Con struction, Division of-
Division abolished. 369. 375, 3S9.
RcorInnization of, 337.
Transfer of stores of to M. and S. 343.
Work of, 2. 146, 250, 322, 343, 353, 397.
8cY a/so Chair an's Mon thly Reports,
Burglaries ill bachelor quarters, 290.

Camp Elliott-
Amusements at. 75, 110.
Improvements 7it. 1)0.
Marinesat. 20. 2. 94, 300.
Canal, changes in plans of, 129. 132, 153, 161.
Canal Officialq. S. Directory.
Canal Record-
Distribution of. 14. 22.
Purpose of. 1.
Canal work, eight millions for faster, ),
Canal ZAone--
Boundary, survey of, 34.
Death rate in., 16.
Liquor licenses, 282.
Population of. 14. 209. 412, 413.
President's power to govern. 251,
Sanlittion of. See Sanitary Department,
Water supply. 225,
Cars, steel dump, new and repairs to, 1S. 150, 313, 379.
Cardenas Hills, dykes south of. 297.
Cement. 33. 59, 185. 218. 34,5
Canal Zone, 209, 412, 413.
Commission quarters. 90.
Central Division-
Established, 353, 359.
New dumps, 377.
Notes. 402.
Offices of, 378.
Organization of. 401. 406.
Chagres Division, work of. 33, 101, 337.
See also Chairman's Monthly Reports.
Chagres River-
Flood stages in, 407.
Protection from floods of. 33..
Chairman's Monthly Reports-
September, 1907. 57-61.
October, 1907. 89-92.
November, 1907. 121-124.
December, 1907, 161-164.
January, 1908. 193-197,
February, 190, 225-229.
March, 190., 265-269
April 1901. 297-301.
May, 190I 329-333
June, 1908. 369-373.
July, 190, 401-404.
Checker player, challenge of, 372.
Chicago Drainage Canal Excavation. 98.
Commission Buildings. See Buildings.
Notices. 52.58, 82,100,107. 123,135,156,206.211, 22.
246. 255, 259. 275. 91.292, 380. 410.
Work in the Zone and Isthmus. 27, 60, 69. 87. 107.
134, 139. 166. 172, 174. 214. 326, 340, 391, 40I.
Churchill. Winston, an English tribute by, 18,
Circulars. Official-
Accountable officers. 294.
Accounts, adjustment of, P. R. R. and I. C. C. 20.
Age. maximum and miniiiuli for employes. 327.
Aliens to give way to Americans. 401.
Applications for employment. 21s.
Applications for reinstatement, 342.
Appointments :
Joseph Beaunmont, as signal engineer, P.
R. R., 198.
R. W. Bergin. as assistant superintendent. P'.
R. R. 15.
R. Budd. as chief engineer. P. R. R. 315.
M. B. DePutron. as assistant toChiilrman, 262.
S. G. Forbes, acting electrical engineer, 303.

Circulars, Official, Apoointuments-
G . eer, acting general ianazer, P 1 R
Beilj. I.. Jacob.son, ;.cting chief clerk. 2'4,
C. A. Mcllvaine, ;is chief clerk to Chaivrnalln,
J. 31. *Moriarts, Ias acting muastr mechanllic
Geo A. Ninua, a.s chief clerk. 37,.
R. T. B. Peiree, as acting chief claim clerk
T. E. Porter, as actir: chief clerk. 2,4.
C. Brother; local ulditor of p. ., 79.
I,. K. Rourke. as division e uieerl s3, 59.
1. J. Slifer, ass neral mn er1 f p R. R..50.
H. A. A. Siith, as acti c. ief clerk, 375.
J. A. Smithii. I .supe(rinteidel t of tr,,msportai
tion, 15.
F. B. Stewart, as lo!l auditor, 519
G. B. Strickler, as acting division engineer
Geo. C. Taulbee ;is a ti'JU, chief timekeeper
Chas. T. Wilring, Ia assistant engineer. 140.
W. W. Warwick, as examiner of accounts. 331.
Atlantic Division, assist ments, 106.
Bills against employes,. 35..
Board of survey and a)piiirisal, 294.
Boiler inspection s rice. 331.
Borrowing money from so Ihorin.te- I, 1.
Car seals, 246.
Central Division established, 359.
Changes in Canal organization. 342, 375. 406.
Checks, star metal, 19 .
Classification of disbusenentis. 367.
Cost, lower unit, 102.
Coupon books, hotel, commissary and transipor-
tation. 102, 1U3. 143, 234, 265.
Deductions from pay of contract laborers, 143.
Deductions for loss or damage of tools, 311.
Destruction and .-xpropriation of improvements,
Disbursing office. general accounts, 406.
Electric current, furnishing of, 367.
Eniployes' admission to hospitals, 303.
Employment. enplopes given opportunity to find
when discharged, 5
Excavation and dredging department ;lbollshidl
Examulinations. physical. 262. 312
Furloughing employes, 102.
Freight, application for reduced rate :ud fr,,e en
try. 367
Gardens and truck farms. 262.
Half-rate requests, 2, 3,.3.
Holidays, 262. 359.
Ice, requisition for. 21.s
Importation by employes, 175
Injury claims, 406,
Inspection of shops ald machinery. 27'',
Laborer,. Grade A., abolished, 311.
I, eaves of I!Sel--c with pay, 123, 27S.
Letter- of ,rectiItenlation, 19.
Locomotives, board to define duties of cr 37,
Longevity ipay, '2i.
Materialteeri dispoa i. of. 67.
Meal tickets. 15. 2,.
Miemoran IduII transfer an.d receipt, 359.
Mless kits. 1sbor1rs' .i
Nevw employes and p ouotions. 3,2.
Overtime, lii 21, .
Pacific Division established. 35.
Panana. elections inU,; .
Panama railrodol in siV.cs of. 133
tncroachllnt n It igh of wav 342.1
Passes on railroad 67 1'3
Pay car schedule. 351, 399
Pay for holidays, 266, 29;
Pay. once a month, 1).
Percentages for surchar.e., 375
Photographs, official. 190.
Preference according to colnpiete lcy. 3
Premium oin lohlS, 39.
Prolnpt rem-ov.l of fr.ighI l 27.
Prope'rly ricol. -il r 1i1*,, .. i
Public works, .Ii.. i ,., -..1 1. of, 351.
K.R I and : I o, 12. 1 1 1I I
R 111. >f employes. 42. 106. 218.

8 i ti u 111c11fi I 4 "'All",~i ii .i,17tI,
1zJIeil i, ,t io 14

l~~~s1 ,,t15ii' L

I lol shou gui 379,s

vvi'h 2111

114, sf ti, I ts

NI~~ i7, 11L i

'I ev62. t at, 1 5. 1 l7 3

Rui7 1) 4i ,i 1. ii -

26t. 1, 2<7' t, it Ii 4

1 .1, 41 1
Clii s i' lti 17 "I"i!t Club '11utict,

C ~eiltl t"11

0,5 istal S3(117.

...... ig 4..... I, 12' 2

Water i i lslu to ii

C llltil1! liiNc Dif ersit, 44 .31
C(-, 1 17.I1)1seroir I c su42

NV ti i iti i th ll,,v Yi ork i I is 4 103.lli ,7'

C~reisto a t1,17.17r I4 ttl 111 1

I, oiit lsi oll t', 1 ,i5 i17 It ilk)iii 41113 2 1

Cills et i- li "4r is f- q" ls 0
I,;11454 a 24097 27A'511 32" 1, 212 i ,11 '4
47o11i1l'il~liei an flower Nt os 111k llS
I ti4141 i11 t~iokjo. 4,lI~u: 45 e,-itis 'S41
pl5X41. -lielli hut iii 12751 l'. l4 1f 4 7

49.)~~ ~ ~~~ T4. 432 '1''.S7". 1741,7
Jt). 27)1 1. 2791

1,1Ik of, 27, 177.1

merhalt ilLilvc 27)

lIleb01747f'i h~jitil 454r-VLii


Collnission decisions and actions-1
I:bor, Quarters and Subsistence to take over
Washington IHotel, Colon. 242.
iLongievity rel4atiionl 6, 178.
Marines atnd their families, medical treatment

Medals for ltemployes, 242.
Pay. final, int United States. elhen resigning. 6.
Pounds for stlray an.itals. 2S3.
Prisoners, s1um of money to be given wIlhen dis-
charged. 178.
[uartrs. -SY Quarters.
'alvatiion Army, kitchen for, in Colon. 242.
Sick leave, o7 account of injury, 62.
1Transp)ortation, diplomatic aud consular officers
grnted employes' rates, 242.
Water rates in the Zone, 94.
Co es-. bills of-
P Banton, relief of. 251, 25i,
Em0ployes' liability, 278.
Oscar F. Iackiey, relief of. 266.
Lands Canal Zone, authorizing lease of 290. 28)3
iPay for injured employes. 206. 331.
W'a^,es. no reduction of. 29,<
Report of, 10s.
Visits of, 66,74. 3, 114.
Construction plant. equipllent. 10,
Consislar Corps. .S;N Directory,
Conlviet -
I Employment of, 236. 22. 257. 331.
To be gitenl suin of money when discharged 178.
Coroil, rowtli of, 378-
Ancont fitted with electric lights. 358.
Cost of mlule tenln', 17,
Cristobal and Colon, 3('5
W.ignlls not to follow in old road tracks, 339.
Corespondence. official method of handling. 30.,
CoI-t of Canal. 35.
Co of living on the Isthmus, 97, 103.
Cowss sAie for iat Ancon. 362.
CriminIIs. conviction of. 21)
Cri-tol,;t -l
Cold storage and allied plants at. 337.
couilmissary It, K7.
Corrals at, 305.
Docks at. 73. 136, 210, 30S, 322, 393, 411.
FoIurth of July celebration at. 309. 330, 349. ;1,6
Jail. 34s.
Market, 1239
Shops a;t. 3. 32. 411.
Water at, 70.
C n .mr 1cha slide 41, 19, 57 65, 73, 81
Commission hotel at. 14.
Cut, transportation ill, 3951
Reorganization in. 1.
Slides inl 250.
Work i 24. 6,. It 314, .37, 345. 354, 355.
.S/W afo Chairman is Monthly Reports'
.Sr also Fxcavations.
IslaIl. quarantine station at, 137, 307. 345.
Ci inhlis, E. C.. smoker to, 36.


DA Nlt, .Sw Locks ard Danis.

(i nerall .%' Sanitary Reports.
Indlividuhl, See Obituaries.
Decis m of Joint land Commission and Findings of
Tn1 11ire, 3')1 4112.
Dentists for Caual employes. 2731
l)vol, Maj. C. A,_ assignment and duties. 349.
Directory, Canal Zone-
Caual Officials, 16. 24. 32, 40. 4S, 56. 64, 72. 80, 88.
96 1041. 12. 1201, 12S 136, 144. 152, 160, 168, 176,
144. 192. 200. 20S. 216. 224. 232, 240, 248, 256, 264,
272, 2sO. 2', 296, 416.
Diplomatic Corps, 51, 1S, 112, 254.
Marine officers. 36
Di lmrsemeatse classification of, 367.
Dihbursiag office, general accounts, 406.
Discharge o4 am employee for violation of P. R, R.
rules, 318.
Discharge of aliens, 401.
District Court. Ancon. removal of. 362.
Camncho river, 33. 313. 314.
Dry, at Cristobal. 210. 411.
Permanent. at Cristobal, 393.
Receiving., at Gatun. 394.
Dogs, ordinacI es pertaining to. 341, 386. 411.
Donnellyt Samlael Bt., inquiry into labor conditions,
Dr iinage canal at Colon, 339.
I.I-" 18.

French, 18,. 25, 42, 210.
Pipe-line, 330.
Suction, 10, 18, 41. 66, 73, 83, 105, 131. 137, 201. 278,
293, 370, 409,
Sea going ladder. 81. 297, 330.
Timbers for, 25.
Colon Division. 330.
See also Chairman' s Monthly Reports.
La Boca, 18. 210. 346.
Plant, 18.
See also Vxcavations,
Drowinigs, 62. 106, 396.
Drying houses, 323. 361.
Dumnp Ground Records. See Exclvation.
Dumps, new. for Central Division, 377.
Dump cars, purchase of 200 additional, 37S.
Duties of the Chairman and the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission, 161, 162.
Dykes, south of Cardenas Hill, 297.
Dynamite. See Explosives.


ELECTRIC CURRENT, furnishing of by P. R. R., 367.
Electric lights on Tivoli road, 22.
Light service. 402
Plants, 3. 13. 390.
IEmigration of laborers. .See Laborers.
Chapel at, 410.
Schoolhouse, new, 226.
Shops, 3. 39, 362.
Town site. new, for natives, 394.
Admission to hospitals, 303.
Age limits for, 327.
Aliens to give way to Americans, 401.
Anniversary dinner. 282.
Applications for reinstatement. 342.
Bills against. 351.
Borrowing money from subordinates, 150.
Checks, star metal, for, 190.
Comparison between privileges of those in United
States and those on Isthmus. 106. 118.
Conditions of. criticisms on, by Miss Becks, 53-55.
Conditions of employment, 7.
Deductions for loss or damage of tools by, 311.
Dentists for, 273.
Discharge and reenmploymnent of, 359, 378.
Force, reduction of, 114.
Forloughing of, 102.
Furniture allowance, 6. 170)
Importations by, 175.
Injury claims, 4046.
Jury service, 242.
Leaves of absence, sick and injury, 7,19.30,37,38,
62, 67, 102, 111, 137, 340, 379.
Letters of recoiniiindo tion. 399,
Liability of. 278.
Longevity regulations, 6, 14. 87, 178, 246.
Meal tickets,laborers', 150.
Medals for. See Mledals.
New employes and promotions, 342.
Number employed, 29, 102.
Number of white, on the Isthmus, 233.
Pay of-
Final inll United States, when resigning at end
of leave, 6.
For injured, P195, 206. 217. 251. 331.
Holiday. 6. 7.2oo, 294.
Increase ill, 97
Monthly instead of semi-monlothly. 19.
Overtime. 19A. 218.
Proposed reduction in, 187, 298.
Transit and leave. 67, 91.
Payment, dates of, 19.
Physical examinations. 262, 342.
Postal, transfer of, 251.
Preference according to competency, 385.
Premium oni bonds paid by Commission, 399.
Quarters for. se. Quarters.
Railroad passes. 67,
Reprimands and suspensions, 406.
Responsibility for property. 294.
Rules for promotions, 274.
Separations from service, reasons to be given, 118.
Timiekeepers to take examination, 387.
Trackmen, supply of, 307.
Transportation of .See Transportation.
Vacancies, daily and weekly list, 203, 375.
Wages,. Congress votes against reduction of, 298.
Women, in Isthmian service, 310.
Work to be same as official rating, 42. 106, 218.
.S'ee also Force. See also/ Laborers.
,.-r;. -'.-.ll ,. to have preference, 203.
4,11 i l.ir 113,186.


Engine houses, 3, 4.
F quiinlel- *-
French it Colon, 330.
General, 10, 25, 64, 82.
Railway, 169.
Reducing cost of repairs to, 150.
See also Plants.
Erecting plants. See Plants.
Examinations, physical, 262, 342.
See also Civil Service.
American and French records, 4, 13, 45. 77, 109,
149,181, 212, 244. 284. 316, 356. 388.
Car measurement of material, 354.
Chagres Division, reduced. 233.
Chicago Drainage Canal, 98.
Comments on by a contractor, 111, 138.
Comparative figures, 113, 122, 153, 161, 173, 226.
Division, totals, by steam shovels and dredges,
monthly and annually. 4.5, 9, 13,25,33, 34,41, 45,
49.57,65,73,74, 77, 82.98, 105, 109,113.114,
122, 129, 130, 138, 141, 145, 146. 149, 153, 154.
162,166, 170, 177, 178, H1, 186, 193. 194, 202,
209, 210, 212' 217, 218, 227, 230. 234, 241, 244.
250. 251, 258, 266. 274, 281, 282. 284. 286, 289,
291, 293, 303. 306, 313, 316, 321. 335. 337, 346.
353, 355, 356. 361, 365, 385. 388, 403.
Government vs. private, 218.
"King Yardage," 245.
Mesaba Range shovel record, 98.
Monthly. See also Chairman's Monthly Reports.
New York Barge Canal, 235. [359.
Excavation and Dredging, department abolished, 353.
Executive Orders-
Amendment to Code of Civil Procedure, 375.
American citizens to have preference, 203.
Automobiles, speed of, 178, 219.
Escape of transients, 171.
Judicial circuits, establishing three, 171.
Jury trial amendments, 266.
Powers of Commission and its Chairman newly
defined, 161, 162.
Sale of unclaimed property, 171.
Vagrants, mendicants and loiterers. 171.
Willful injury to public monuments, 290.
Expenditures. See Finances of Canal.
Handling of, 314.
Lecture on, 194.
Magazines for, 257. 318, 394.
Supplies. 8, 118, 306, 327.
Explosions, accidental. 90, 307, 314.

Appropriations and expenditures, 6, 9, 15, 43, 70,
154, 170, 186, 226, 242, 287, 299, 319. 367. 400.
Provisions for fiscal year ending June30,1909, 341.
Fire Department-
Automatic alarm system. 13, 162. 257.
Extension, 26. 178.
Fire at Cristobal, 166.
Fire at'Mount Hope. 298.
Fire possibilities in palm trees, 49, 57.
Regulations. 28.
Tampering with supplies, 138.
Thanks from Colon Fire Department, 210.
See also Chairman s Monthly Reports.
Firewood, proposals for, 374.
First stroke of the pick at Panama, 383.
Flood protection and drainage, 338.
Flood stages in Chagres river, 407, 410.
Food. inspection of, 10.
Football, 69.
Canal, full. 113.
Labor, 65. 73, 169, 242. 3C'9.
Number of white Americans on Isthmus, 233.
Reduction of, 114.
Reports, daily. 29.
Total, 02,169, 185, 339.
Forgery, arrest for, 171, 1911
Fourth of July- [350, 360.
Celebrations. 298,309. 310,315. 323, 326. 330, 339, 349,
Medals won at Ancon on, 362.
Proclaimed a holiday. 359.
Fowls, cale of, 274.
Delivery of, at Ia Boca. 362.
Prompt removal of. 278.
Reduced rates, 175, 311.
Freight houses, new, 33.
Fruits of the Isthmus. 325.

1.nun ..- .n1 .l n.5..rt1' ; " 11-5. 15 195.
.r kjl-lhui L in 1 baseball.
S;ardens. Commission, 262, 379.
.ee also Vegetables.

Buildings at, 42.
Change in railway at, 345.
Clearing ground at, 262, 290. 324.
Erecting plant at, 17.
Experiments at. 249, 252, 370.
Headquarters of Atlantic Division at, 346.
Lake. 105.
Lock and dam work at, 1, 17. 65, 401. 409.
Lock site and receiving dock, 394.
Spillway, 338.
Steamer for work on locks, 337.
Village, removal of, 249.
Gorgas, Col. W. C., dinner to, 44.
Athletic Association, 83.
Sewers in, completed, 303.
Shops and foundry. 3, 10. 329. 357. 362, 371.


HARVEST EXHIBITION by colored employes, 259.
Health Reports. See Sanitary Department.
Health Statistics, 86, 254. 413. [nal, 78.
Hicks, John, U. S. Minister to Chile, views of. oni Ca-
Prison labor on, 242, 257. 334.
Zone, 2, 202. 332. 339.
Hodges. Lieut.-Col. H. F., appointed a member of
the Isthmian Canal Commission, 361.
Holcombe, J. G., dinner to, 6.
Fourth of July, celebrations. See Fourth of July.
Pay for, 294.
Proclamation of, 90, 262, 359.
Admission of employes. 303.
Ancon, 330, 362, 381, 390, 394.
Colon. 241, 397.
Culebra Island. 307,
Santo Tomas, 309.
Hotels and Mess Halls-
Comments on, 330, 358.
Commission. 8, 14.
Concentration and personnel of, 377.
Coupon books, 133. 137.
La Boca mess, 102.
Laborers, 303. 305. 370.
Number of. 66.
Organization of, 386.
Tivoli rates, 42, 67, 142.
Washington Hotel. Colon, transfer from P, R. R.
to L.., Q. and S., 242.
Hunting privileges in Zone. 67.

ICE, requisitions for, 218.
Immigration of Laborers. .S'e Laborers.
Inquiry into labor conditions. 292.
Insane patients, removal of. 67.
Time. 75.
Watershed. 57.'
Instruments, auction of old French, 339.
Conditions on, 78, 97, 99, 103, 235. 34A.
Crossing it in 1852. 347.
Early days on, 15.

J AIL, Cristobal, annex to. 348.
Jones, M. K., resignation of, 361.
Judicial circuits, establishing, 171.
Jury- |242.
Employes to receive usual pay while serving on.
Trials in the Canal Zone. 29. 203, 234, 266.


KNIGHT. BISHOP. impressions of. 324.
Kramer, Philip F., murder of. S',, Murders

Borings at, 361.
Commissary, -09. 273, 329.
Dredging division, 18. 346.
.%S, also Chairman's Monthly Rep rt1.
Freight delivery, 362.
Mess at. 102.
Power plant, 345. [161. 162
Removal of locks and dams from 129 1132 153
Road, 231, 3401.
Ship yard, work at. 2'21
Smnt-gling at. 72,
Work at, 29.


Labor, Quarters and Subsistence Department-
Abolished. 369, 375.
See also Chairman's Monthly Reports.
Advice to new arrivals, 62.
Attitude of Commission toward, 236, 242.
Deduction from pay, order of, 143.
European, 2, 73. 169, 198, 242.
Force of. 65, 169.
Grade A-l abolished. 311.
Holiday pay for, 6.
Immigration of, 8, 369.
Italian. contented, 190.
Labor conditions, inquiry into, 292.
Meal tickets. 150, 266.
Mess kits, 379.
Replenishing supply. 297, 314.
Skilled, increased pay of. 97.
Time lost on account of rain, 133.
West Indian, 242, 303, 305, 370.
See also Employes.
Sfee also Force.
Lackey, Oscar F., bill for relief of, 266.
Lamps. to be returned to stock from buildings sup-
plied with electric lights, 338.
Land Claims Commission, 298, 322, 398.
For Canal purposes, 298, 322, 398, 402.
Ownership, leasing, etc., 146, 179. 230. 283, 346.
Zone, to be given to old employes, 172. 187.
Las Cascadas-
Church and Lodge building for. 330.
Coal chute, 4.
Engine house, 3.
Laundry service. 17, 126.
Laws, Zone, codification of, 186.
Leave, sick and vacation. See Employes, leave of.
Legal Notices- [415.
Estate of George Blake, Jamaican, 387, 399, 408,
Will of M. J. Gerdes. 266, 276.
Lepers. See Palo Seco.
Levels, precise, 321.
Liability of employers, 278.
Ancon. 346, 414.
Clubhouse, 1, 249.
Law amendments. 410.
Licenses. 282.
Engine house, 4.
Planing mill, 394.
Lock and Dam Construction, Department of, abol-
ished, 337, 342.
Locks and Dams-
At Pacific end, changed, 129. 132, 153, 161, 162.
Cost of wider, 169, 195.
Lock and Dam work, 1, 17. 65. 105, 153, 225, 227.
249, 252. 338. 361, 370, 394, 401, 402, 409.
Reasons for widening. 195.
Width of, 35, 99, 161
See also Chairman's Monthly Reports.
Duties of crews, 37, 43.
New., for work at Miraflores spillway, 338.
Repairs to, 150, 346.
I,odge and Club Notices. 15, 22. 23. 30.31, 34.38,39. 47,
52, 58, 59, 60, 68, 70, 75. 86, 95, 100. 102. 108. 110,
116, 118, 130, 132. 134, 141, 151, 156, 159, 167, 171,
180. 188, 198, 203, 204, 211, 213. 219. 220. 223. 228,
235. 237, 239. 246, 252, 253. 259, 267, 270, 275. 277,
286, 291. 302, 308, 310, 318, 319, 324, 326, 334, 350,
366, 380. 389, 396, 397, 407.


Machinery, discovery of old French. 89.
Magoon, Gov. Charles E.. mission to Panama, 298.
Personal and railroad, 351.
States mail to be on steamers at 2 p. nt.. 104.
S, also Postal Service.
Malaria. Se'e Sanitary Department.
ManltU Congressman James R., views of Canal, 114.
Manufacture on Istlinus, cost of, 266, 313,321.
Ml aps-
Gatun lake. 34.
New Isthumian. 66.
New progress map of the Culebra Division, 26.
Marines. .Sv Camp Elliott.
Markets. Zone public, 146,. 39.
Marriages, licenses issued, 236. [270. 296.
Martinez, Blas. arrest iai conviction for murder, 192,
History of. 133.
Flood protection and drainage. 338.
Material and Supplies. Division of-
Corral work, 17,
Division abolished. 401, 406, 415.
Work of. 13 201. 2 -3, 13, 281. 343. 407


Car measurement of, 354.
Cost of manufacture on Isthmus, 266. 313, 321.
Disposal of waste. 67.
Shipment of, for Canal, 251. 410.
Sources of Canal supplies, 8.
Value of. 1, 409.
Mechanical Division-
Work of. 22.130.
See also Chairman's Monthly Reports.
Mechanical Plants. See Plants.
For Canal employes. 146, 242, 274, 282, 303, 319.
Fourth of July prizes. 362.
Mesaba Range shovel record, 98.
Mess halls and kitchens. See Hotels.
Meteorology and River Hydraulics, division of. equip-
ment and building at Ancon, 338.
Militia on the Isthmus, 74. 291.
Mineral rights on Isthmus, 130.
Minstrels, 83, 158, 162,
Accident in tunnel at. i U5.
Equipment for spillway, 338.
Locks and dams at. 129. 132, 153. 225. 361. 402.
Removal of insane patients from, 67.
Slide at. 393.
Tunnel 97. 383. 3S5.
Money, counterfeit. 346. 358.
Mosquitoes and oil, 11.
Mosquito work and malaria. See Sanitary Depart-
Motive Power and Machinery, Department of, abol-
ished, 369, 375.,
Movement of ocean vessels. See Steamship Sailings.
Movement and repair of trains. 2.
Mule teams, cost of. 17
Municipal Engineering, Division of-
Abolished. 369. 375, 389.
Reorganization of, 337. [386.
Reports and work of. 81. 129. 225, 255. 257, 339, 343.
See also Chairman's Monthly Reports.
Murders, 29. 69, 130. 138. 170, 192, 203, 270, 286, 340.
Murderer, would-be, killed, 205-


NAOS ISLAND, breakwater to. 305.
Needham, Henry Beach. inquiry into labor condi-
tions. 292.
New York Barge Canal. excavation by, 235.
Nombre de Dios, tug service to, 408.

Alexandre, John J.i 360.
Brown. John W. 300.
Caswell, Arthur 0.. 317.
Coggan. Clifford J., 307. 308.
Cuniff, Thomas. 380.
Fraser, G. W., 300
Grant, Mrs. Pearl M.. 396.
Hammond. Mrs. Marion M., 380.
McKenzie, M. M., 374.
Mills, W. J., 396.
Nice, Ada Jane. 317.
O'Brien. Michael J., 340.
O'Shea, Dennis. 324.
Roch, Frank, 317.
Roche, J. P.. 307. 308, 326.
Rose, Charles A., 389.
St. Clair, Erman, 300.
Tanksof Union Oil Company at Mount Hope, set
on fire by lightning, 298.
Use as fuel in place of coal, 185.
Obispo Diversion. 33. 1[375, 389, 401, 406.
Organization, changes in. 337, 343. 349. 353,361, 369,

PACIFIC DIvisioN- [401, 402, 406.
Organization and work of, 153, 225, 353, 359.369,
Paint supplies. 34.
Palm trees, possibilities of fire in, 49, 57.
Palo Seco--
Fourth of July celebration at, 326, 350.
Leper colony, 205. 361.
Death rate. 16.
Elections, 359.
Extension of Avenue B, 394,
Panama and Colon improvements. 81, 129.
Population of, 14.
Revenues of Republic of, 194.
Sanitation of. See Sanitary Department.
Street travel in., 170.
Subway in, 257.
Water. 26, 236, 257.
Panama Railroad-
Applications for reduced freight rates, 367.
Articles left on trains, 289.
Baggage in passenger coaches. 290.

Panama Railroad-Continued.
Beach improvements at Colon, 241.
Bridges, work on. See Bridges.
Car seals, instructions for using. 246.
Change in line at Gatun. 345.
Circulars. See Circulars, Official.
Encroachment on right of way, 342.
Fire-proof file rooms, 346.
Freight handled, 43, 278.
Freight houses, new. 33. [346, 402.
Improvements and changes to yards, 217, 241, 315,
Invoices of. 133.
Lands for lease, 346.
Movement and repair of trains, 2.
No notices or signs allowed on property of, 339.
Power plant, transfer of to M. P. and M.. 345,
Quarters at Colon, 378.
Relocation of. 26. 33, 97. 230. 265, 345, 377.
Sinking of track through Black Swamp, 26, 33.
Slifer, H. J.. appointed general manager, 49.
Slides on. See Slides.
Sunday express train service. 307.
Sunday and holiday schedules, 304, 307, 344.
Time tables and schedules, 23. 215,223. 231, 239.
247. 253. 279. 376. 384. 392.
Trackage, 201.
.See also Chairman's Monthly Reports.
Panama Railroad Steamships- [251, 314.
Baggage and other rules for passengers. 66, 94.
Docks at Cristobal, 73, 126. 308. 322.
Improvement and repairs to, 193, 241, 394.
New, 185.
Reduced rates to employes and families on, 311.
Reservations on, 130, 282.
Steamer chairs on, 322,
New town site, 394.
Railroad cut-off, 265.
Shops, 3. 386.
Slide. See Slides.
Water supply, 330-
Pay. See Employes.
Pay car, schedule of, 351, 399.
Paymaster. Ancon, removal of office, 318.
Pay-rolls. See Finances of Canal.
Pearl Island, trips to, 6, 14, 204.
Pedro Miguel-
Coal chute, 4.
Commissary, 362.
Lock and dam work at, 65, 361. 402.
New town site at. 394.
Shops, 329.
Personals. 46, 50, 60, 68, 75, 84, 91. 108, 114, 123, 131, 139,
148, 156, 163. 174, 180, 188, 196, 213. 219, 228.
237, 253. 259. 267, 276, 285. 292, 300, 308., 318,
324, 340, 350. 360,1. 366, 372, 380, 389, 396. 414.
Peru. standard time in, 386.
Photographs. official, 190.
Plague, bubonic, 243. 278.
Air compressor, 4, 345.
Bakery. 387.
Coffee roasting, 387.
Cold storage, 281,387.
Construction, equipment of, 10.
Cost of Canal. 3(15.
Cost of manufacturing at, 266. 313. 321.
Distilling, 25.
Dredging. 18.
Electrical, 358, 387, 390.
Empire shops, 3, 39. 362.
Erecting, 17.
Gorgona shops, 3, 10. 329, 357, 362, 371.
Ice, 387.
Ice cream, 387.
Inspection of. 278.
Laundry, 281. 387.
Lock construction, bids for, 227.
Marine shops and dry dock, 411. [357, 362,371.
Mechanical, equipment, description. etc., 3, 4, 329.
Mechanical, repairs and manufactures, 2, 22, 130,
Pi, r ,n r i r.Jilro,, -h..pl it Cristobal, 3, 382.
I ,r..i-.- r-I I dr.. -it1-I shops. 3, 329, 371. 386.
Power, at La Boca. 345.
Printing, 7.
Plumbing work. 34.
Pneumonia on the Zone. See Sanitary Department.
Police Department- [322, 374, 394.
Monthly reports. 82, 114, 154, 190, 217. 165, 270, 290,
Work of. 36.
See also Chairman's Monthly Reports.
Population. See Census.
Port Business of Canal Zone. See Revenues.
Porto Bello-
Rock crusher at, 97.
Tug service to, 408.
Work at. 225, 273.
Postal Service-
Employcs eligible for transfer to service in United
States, 251.
Late mailing in New York. 97.

Postal Service-Continued.
Money deposits in post-offices, 121.
Money orders, monthly, 10, 42, 81. 113, 153, 159,
185. 186, 217, 249, 289, 321, 369, 409.
Money orders to Trinidad and Tobago, 322.
Post-office at Station "A," Ancon, abolished, 273.
Post-office at Miraflores, 237.
Post.offices on Panama railroad ships. 65, 122.
Rulings of New York postmaster regarding mail
matter for employes, 314.
Sending personal mail as railway matter, 351.
Special notice, 39.
See also Revenues.
Pounds for stray animals, 283, 314.
Precise levels across the Isthmus, 321.
President Roosevelt. See Roosevelt.
Press notices on the Canal, 14, 18, 23, 27, 29, 35, 38, 51,
69. 78. 86. 98. 99, 101, 108, 111, 114. 134. 138, 173,
202, 218, 226, 235, 240, 251. 254, 277.293, 298,330,
346, 348, 383.
Printing plant, work performed, 7.
Prisoners. See Convicts.
Promotions, rules for, 274.
Accountable, 293.
Accountable officers, 294.
Board of Survey and Appraisal, 294.
For cross and switch ties. 399, 408.
For firewood, 374.
Public Works, Division of-
Reports of, 378.
Superintendent, duties of, 346, 351.
See also Chairman's Monthly Reports.

Culebra Island Station, 137. 307. 345.
See also Sanitary Department Monthly Reports.
Quarry at Porto Bello, 97, 225. 273.
Quartermaster's Department, organization and per-
sonnel of, 349, 369. 375.
At Bohio, 378.
Bachelor, mosquito bars and cuspidors for, 300.
Census of, 90.
Drying rooms for. See Drying Rooms.
Family, or married, 7, 42, 62, 67,162, 314,394.
Miscellaneous, 233.
Number of, 303.
Panama railroad, at Colon, 378.
Quinine and sickness, 2.


RABIES, prevalence of, in Canal Zone, 386.
Railway economics in the States, 98.
Railway trackage, 24, 25, 201.
Rainfall. 20, 41, 73, 96, 104, 105, 120, 128,136, 144, 146,
178, 211, 255. 287. 304, 310, 313. 327, 336, 344. 351.
354, 360, 366. 371, 377, 383, 385, 393, 407, 410.
Rainy season mishaps, 290.
Reorganization of Canal work. See Organization.
Requests for work, 415.
Requisition regulations, 331.
Requisitions for emergency work, 415.
Zone. 41. 101. 249. 302. 329, 402.
See also Water.
Resignations of officials, 6, 18, 27, 349. 361.
Revenues- [289, 321, 369. 409.
Of the Canal Zone, 10. 42, 81. 113,.159, 186, 217. 249.
of the Republic of Panama, 194.
See also Chairman's Monthly Reports.
Rewards for information leading to arrests. 130. 139.
Reynolds, J. B., inquiry into labor conditions, 292.
Rio Grande-
Engine house, 4.
Reservoir, 41.
Roads. See Highways.
Rock breaker for Canal, 201.
Rock crushers, 97, 379, 393.
Rodger, Sir John, views of, 251.
Roosevelt, President-
Acceptance of Jackson's Smith's resignation, 349.
Congratulations from, 9.
Message on Canal, 121, 195.
No third term, 130.
On anarchism, 262.
On Canal work, 409.
Plans of, 18.
Power to govern Canal Zone, 251.
Trip through Southern States, 34.


SAILORS for naval fleet, 292.
Sale of unclaimed property, 171.
Salvation Army, kitchen for, in Colon, 242,
Sanitarium at Taboga. See Taboga.


Sn.inl.ir Department-
-He Ith in Panama, 254.
Ht -I th reports. 2, 4, 16, 146. [260, 293, 326, 397.
.M.-inhly reports. 27, 51, 85, 115, 157. 189,211, 221,
Organization of, 401.406.
Plague, Isthmus well guarded against, 243.
Plague notices, 278.
Pneumonia in the Zone, 43.
Quinine and sickness, 2.
Typhoid fever and malaria, 19.
See also Chairman's Monthly Reports.
San Pablo, progress at., 337.
Santo Tomas Hospital. 309.
Compulsory attendance, 158.
New. for colored pupils at Empire, 226.
Public, 58. 202.
Teachers' Association, 227, 267, 302, 340.
See also Chairman's Monthly Reports.
Scrap nr.-ti. profit inl, 414.
Screening of buildings, 147.
Sea-level project. 35.
Secretary of War. .S'ee Taft; Wrfght.
Sewers, 255, 303.
Prompt signing of invoices for. 20.
Canal supplies in American ships, 251.
Shops. See Plants.
Simpson, Maj. Wendell L,., duties of, 349.
Chagres division, at Caimito, 290.
Cucaracha, 41, 49, 57, 65. 73. 81.
Culebra division near I,as Cascadas. 250.
Miraflores tunnel, 393.
Paraiso, 297, 318, 337.
Relocated P. R. R. line near Gatun. 265.
Slifer, H. J., appointed general manager, P. R. R., 49.
Smith. Jackson, resignation of, 349.
Smuggling at La Boca, 72.
Social Life in the Zone, 37. 46, 50. 60. 68, 76, 84, 91, 100,
110, 116, 123. 131, 140, 148, 156, 163, 174, 180, 188.
196, 204. 213, 220, 228, 237. 246, 253. 259, 268, 275.
285, 292, 300, 308, 317. 324, 332,. 340, 349, 350, 360,
366, 372, 380, 389. 396, 414.
Spillways. See Locks and Dams.
Sports and Games. .Sre Clubhouses: baseball.
For work at Gatun locks. 337.
P. R. R. See Panama railroad. [pany.
United Fruit Company. Stee United Fruit Conm-
Steamships, sailing of, 16. 24, 32. 40. 48.56. 64. 72,80. 88,
96, 104, 112. 120, 128. 136, 144, 152, 160, 168, 176.
184, 192. 200. 208. 216. 224, 232, 240. 248. 256.
264, 272 280, 288, 296, 304, 312. 320. 328, 336.
344. 352. 360. 368, 376. 384. 392, 400, 408, 416.
Steam Shovels-
Excavations. See Excavations.
F.- r.,:- .,,i i ,* ,1.. of, 113, 177.
i.r,r', r I .1 i; [IJ 386.

Steam Shovels-Continued.
Mesnba Range shovel record, 98.
New, 17. 89.
Number in service July 1, 1907. 2.
No. 222, rapid work of. 98.
Repairs. 150.
Stevens. John F., testimonial to, 51.
Stone channelling machines. 113.
Stone crushers. See Rock Crushers. [369,375. 377.
Subsistence Department, organization and duties of,
Suicides, 155, 374, 389.
Supplies .See Material and Supplies.
Surveying instruments, auction of old French, 339.


Boat, 2119. 235.
Sanitarium, 155.
'uft. William H.-
On) Canal work. 173.
Resignation of. as Secretary of War, 344.
Trip around the World. 27, 66. 90.
Visit to the Isthmus, 290.
Taxpayers, notice to, 326.
Telegraph and telephone oil Isthmus. 74, 169.
Thanksgiving proclamation. 99.
Timbers for dredges, 25.
Inspection service, 75.
Standard time in Peru 3S6,
Zone. changed, 273. 278.
Timekeeping instructions. 303.
Time Tables- [304, 344, 376, 384, 392,
Panama railroad, 23. 215. 223, 231. 239, 247, 255,279,
Tug service to Porto Bello and Nombre de Dios, 408.
.Se' also Steamships Sailings.,
Club. r'e Clubs.
Grounds and park, 84.
Hotel. .Se Hotels.
Road, lights for. 22.
Tomato plants for distribution. 276.
Torpedo flotilla, visit of, 226. 234.
Town sites, new. at Paraiso and Pedro Miguel. 394.
Track men, supply of, 188,
Trails. clearing of, 188.
Eminployes' monthly passes. 67.
Employes' rates on P. R. R. ships granted to dip-
lomuatic and consular corps, also Panamn state
officials. 242.
Facilities, land, 17.
Freight invoices. signing of, 20.
I r.i -iI i prompt removal of. 278.
ii ,u l' requests, use of, 19. 203, 303,
In Culebra Cut, 395.
Passes, errors in r..... .
Passes on freight ,
Reduc- 1 If.- .,, .. 4 ,irl freight rates to employes
and I, 1 ': .


Sixty trip ticket coupon books, 102, 143.
Transportation department employes to have book
of rules, 303.
Trials by Jury. .Se Jury.
Bolivar. repairs to. 298. [305.
Cocoli. formerly the Katherine Moran,73,105. 153,
la Boca. formerly the F. G. Reynolds, 105, 194.
201, 305.
Service to Nomber de Dios and Porto Bello, 408.
Miraflores, 97, 205, 3S3, 385.
Panama, 257. [172, 214. 219.
"Two Suggestions" --Curfew and Prohibition. 154. 163,
Typhoid Fever and Malaria. SeeSanitary Department.

UNION OIL COMPANY, fire in oil tanks of, at Mount
Hope, 29S. [leans, 370.
United Frait Conmpany, new steamers to New Or-

VACCINATION. 103 120, 128, 136, 144.
Growing on the Isthmus, 267.
In cold storage. See Commissary.
Output of Isthmian gardens, 310. 315.
Tomato plants for distribution, 276.
See also Commission Gardens.
Venezuela, no mechanical or clerical work in, 170.
Village, hidden French. 89.

Reservoir supplies, and, 25, 101.
At Panama, 236.
Consumption in Paamna anud Colon, 26, 257.
Distilling, 25.
Rates in Canal Zone, 94.
Sterilized for Ancon. 211.
Temperature of. 233
Waste of, 212.
Zone supply, 70. 225. 21. 330.
Water sheds, inspection of. 57. [359, 386.
Weather conditions. 74, 106. 14, 178, 210, 243, 287, 319,
Wilson. .l i ,1 *.... T.. duties and assignments. 349.
W wireless i i. .r 1i- .- Colon, 129.
Women in the Isthmian service, 310.
Women's Clubs-
Miss Boswell's observations, 78,
See Social ILife in the Zone.
Wright. Luke E.. Secretary of War. 349.

YELLOW FEViFR, case from Gunayaquil, 224.
Y. M. C. A. .ee Clubhouses.

The Canal Record


No. 1.

The Canal Record
Published weekly under the authority and supervision of the
"The Canal Record" is issued free of
cha.re. one copy each, to all employes oft
tiu- L ''nirn-m- whose names are on the
I' roll. Extra copies can be obtained
from the news stands of the Panama Rail-
way Companyv for five cents each.

Address all Communications
Ancon, Canal Zone,
Isthmus of Panama.
-~~ ~ -= -- ----- -

The primary purpose of THE CA-
XAL r,. ,11].. is the publication of
accurate information, based upon .ilti-
cial records, .-.ij. iiiin. all branches
of the work of Canal construction.
So far as pr:-t .,1J1.. the progress
made week '.i week, month by month,
and year by year will be shown in
comparative tables of statistics. In
addition there will be published such
information in r. ,,d to the social
life of the Z',,w. its amusements,
sports and other activities, as is
thought to be of general interest.
Space will also be given to letters
from liii 'l .. relating to .11,' topic
upon which tII I ii.,, choose to write,
.,1i.. ,i ..-il to the restrictions that
such communications must be couched
in ,.-).i. t fu,1 1.i ,n..l-, and m ust be
1i1-n 1 in each instance with the name
and address ..I the writer.


Lock and Dam Works at Gatun.
'1 In work oni the locks and dams
has taken such shape that it is now
possible to see something of their
form. It is believed that the actual
masonry work can be commenced at
the Gatun Locks within eighteen
nionths. F.,,. steam shovels are now
dlig; in., out the site for the locks,
and construction can be ',.-'ii after
I,,- recavation for the top lock of the
Light is completed. Two steam
.h,,'.el- are |I,.1 ..i,-,' the site for the
ri. Ti.iin of the spillway works of the
1n.itun dlam. Railroad trestles are
lI.i.-in' :-rected across the line that will
m.iurk i e inside and outside bound-
,n-- 'if the big dam, and from one of
ili,:,.. ,lirt trains are now dumping

dirt upon the site of thlle dam. Pre-
paratory to the installation of pipe-
lile i1,,.. ,. .. .. which more rapid,
work on the dam will be possible. tlih
'hagres river has been diverted from
its main channel and danmmed. The
pipe-line dredges should be installed
by tile I 1i. of January, when the
work at Gatun will be as actively in
progress as that at Culebra. Suitable
sand and rock for the big inas mry
locks have been locate.l, and. whiil is
equally interesting to the ,.-in ,-.
material for the i I I I, I, 'e of all
thie necessary cement has been lo-
cated on the Isthmus. It is hop ed,
however, that cement can be secured
for suchli a price in thlie Unite States
as to make it more advisable to pro-
cure the needed supply there instead
of manufacturing it on the Istlihmus.
The general features, design and
details of the G(atun and other locks
have been worked out, together with
the general type and number of lock
gates to be used. The survey of all
the country to be converted into the
great Gatun lake has been completed,
and the ln-1h.l. reports show that the
area will be 171 square miles.

The Reorganization in Culebra Cut.
With the approval of thle (Chairmnan
and of the C..,,ii...,-ir I in charge
of all the excavation, the ten miles of
the Culebra Division was i ..... i :..1
on the first of July last in accordance
with a plan presented by Mr. L. K.
Rourke, after discussion with Mr.
Bolich. This created four divisions,
each of which is, about two and
a half miles in extent, and is under
the direction of a local superinten-
dent. Mr. George A. Greenslade has
been --.-i,,, 1 to the district north of
1.i I,.- Iii. which is now officially re-
ferred to as the Tabernilla District.
Mr. Dan E. Crowley has charge of all
the work between Stations 1(;0) and
1; :o. 1. -. .1 t.1 tlihe Empire District.
Mr. Joseph Little is responsible for
what is known as the Culebra Dis-
trict,.'l. di. ,- from -i.,i .. I, 1, O to
184o. 'I'l, Pedro D _uel District.
running south from i S..n 18i0 to
La Boca, is in charge of \i. D. B.
Brown. Between AMatachin and Bas
Obispo Mr. Fred L. IIHrtigan is in
1,,.'.- of what is known as the Bas
Obispo District. Within their re-
spective territories these local super,

intendents are held responsible for
everything that is done therein.
They report direct to the Assistant
divisionn ii _iI . lr. Rourke, who
in turn reports to Mr. Bolichi, the
Division Engineer, to whom the Com-
missioniier in charge of all excavation
looks for results from the Culebra
Cut. Within each subdivision pro-
motion li..i, the foremen, so far as
practicable, is, according to -,.,i.'rity
and ,r 11 .. .. as determined I.'.
actual results. The Ile. i of this con-
centration of authority is shown in
the records made so far during the
i I season which have been second
only to the best accomplished before
the rains set in. It has been esti-
mated that about 5":.- n.'. cubic
yards would have to be removed froni
the Culebra Cut to complete the canal
authorized by C.,.ir.--. Of this
amount there has been removed at
least .' tl()(00 cubic yards. About
4,'175,(00 cubic yards of this have
been removed di iri the seven months
of this year. and the total for the
year is likely to reach l,.nih.;uo
cubic vards.
Club House Libraries.
TI. libraries which were purchased
by the Commission under direction of
the Secretary of War for the four new
Recreation luniliinj- have arrived and
will be placed in thle reading rooms as
soon as proper provision for their care
can be made. The books, of which
there are about (ioO for each ll:ii,
were purchased in tlie --.,t.1- by
a representative of the Commission,
who was aided in their selection by
.,h1. of the National Y. M. C. A.;
who have had l:ir-o, perimene in work
of this kind. 'I,'.' -i 'I r I reference
books, and the works on history,
travel, science, philosophy and relig-
ion are tie same in all four libraries,
but the fiction is .!tlir-iil in each
case, tile purpose 1Li i1, to :ii-,- it
about from one liilriij to another
from time to time, in order to make
the whole body of it accessible to .ill
sections of the Zone.

Nine and a Half Millions in Supplies.
The total value of all the supplies
thait have been received down to d i.,
by thie Division of Material and Sup-
pies i, '. ,- -1'" nine aind a half million
d llai- \1" V. 'I' 1, .. the 1 i .-1 of
the Division. 1 ,,.I- that of this
ailounlt over 190 per cent. covers pur-
chases made in the I i,,, .iii -
Dnibi,,- the last fiscal year their .' '..
monthly i-lur-., iin of the i i .'lIu
amounted to :.'""

Volume I.


LQu,.,Lir r,: Sickness.
There I .asI -1 dispens d hi

ZoneJul .. y th' mIowL o> July lasl.
I ha duff. ; :ny :is mol !I of
the press t ilear. I in .ianuiti Ihe
total issue :i: qli ll l ). 11 ;1-.". l poine ds
iavoir uSpoi4;. I) i,,l Fe. 'ru'ry IlIe

x iIi> r I rt l. In til '.In wall
.March lasi tie r issns dropp le to
;)S.SK aml Io ,' 18 pounds, respew-
tively.t hsl May 1le amo unt hell( l
to be increa .ed to 4 I't.15 oInn1als. In
July lhe ol quaItl nn mi list rentl
lnimilth d t( o i lV 3Oe .111 ..1 re .' .
ill ii..ii1. e nmi nl er of la horers lUs
lI i,,gro lerh l ian in. ulv. !)11.l ilI..
sick rate per tholh andii \w in Jultn
1 M1 ve. ;n t in .Il,, lli, ie t waso f :i Jper
tlihousI l. I'l i.e d athiil rate for l itly.
1 )T0'. was i' per thoiisn .. ..i .. llhei
whil i ... .j aI l in I ul., I I.O i l 11
was uly.) ie r thi i us tnd. In W Ilv, I1titl.i
the death lrte .1, ...1a. (he "asne ro s
Vas epr thousand ai s against 42 pI r.
thousand tlis rer; aind in the total
force .I t (' fal r i. l .... on tihll rolls,
in July. i., it wcasd (4 per Ihousand
as i._ .i 1 .. per thousands in Jul,

('o lon. ,, ;ni. July. !)(l, hlad a hal
rate of l77 ]r thousand. IDuring
July. I'* :, this fell to 43 pler thousal l.
On tih Caioll Zone; the .de1th rate Ior
tile entire mative population was 7(;
per thousand in 1a,,. 19o)n( ad only
*il per tlhousa;nd in .Inly. 1 h)d. e

Movement and Repair of Trains.
In the shops the amount of work.
necessairyv to keep lhe railrho d anal
exxcav 11 in. machinery eapabhl of doing
as ut1clh in tlhe rliny Keas( o as in the
dry is very great. An item in lthe
amS.al report of tlhe o I naman IWilroad
shows the increased activity of tlhe
,,ll. sl Steck thal mustl he cared [or
1,. the .. i. ,. 1i I e-par!iinw( ts ofl th
(:'onimissionl and of the lailrhoad. In
June, s ',,.. the railroad handled 91))4
trains on its own atuco nt; m l ,(2>.2
on 14oni o f anal constr 1el ion.
D i,,mi l JounI, 1!))(', the cohnm ercial
and strictly 1. 'ahnniwa I ilroa l trains
numbered 1,an8 while those handled
for the (Mos Irution of the ('nnarl
amounted lo -:1. I'!. ie rbase in
tlhe nuo1ber ol trains l ..... i on tle
Isthmus. inlicated hv tiese ... .
hlas been such thai i here I ,,
times Ir, .;. dhe Ipresen, ruiv se)sem
when he mteller of Irains ,. .1,_ a1
a '' 1, point on a single dav has beenl
as many 10. The work hiv whiirl lhe
.Meclh niial .IN.]artlia nt oeni riuluts to
this netivilv ean lbe umderstod when,
it is remem en)rd that hu ".... ij "' ol'
tIh.' ears and ,, }" 1 si'en ic'e are
]illy subjected to llie wear a dl utnr
of heing lo:aded hbv steam shlow.l
which, in a. desire lo in rease their
record for a l',. day's work, nol infrc-
q.uently drop on ia car a single rock

H,, > Il

lti'.i l ii'r litiir i ."n
in'l tih or V .' I I
lI ') ia t el I
I )t t} H ][ : [
pasl year, at 1 1 ...
Slocom tives ; i I l
r paired : thn .... ", I
which ;re no ,,, ,,, ,

im M ,I I ll. IIi

4 iWll

A t, I in

P il 't' A i = 1 i, A a ij

E~ 'tli' 11) 1 i ii', , 1- 1 11

Ui ni Ii. he11 tiiii Um of III

t4 "1;. hi t III \\, I ( ill'hit'i li
I oire I" lit' la Iiii'ilir

1*11ii to it ilwgw"il xIi wit
illaki~'' a, c' (ti Ii 01-1", Iii ..
Ii Ind Ill' i~i t 44t kaii
gmia In ih"0 Iii t'liiiil
'Itdv sI tl la nil lii.' I

tru [itilkng":z Depatiento\

tw li'iel one N o t' IV W. o

tiei oft editi of(s'

It ~ li W Inut -K, if Tht
I AM leNorwW1114

' I"' -

C."n'lvnii'sir Club HoUses.



-I, I I I L_ .\ X \ 1. P 1: C I I N D

I '1 ,, 4 i, .

,i i . I ', .,, | l ,' ,. ..I n i l it
S I, I i, \ .IIH ' I lIt, I/I 'I iI

I 1." I I_ I r I, I' I 'l l II p 1' il. l l,
'. ,( ,., r, I' ,,r,. I. . ., *' I, i 1

'" I. ,., ,'.i. .- ,d n lr,,hie t ..; .i l ...I
,l I 'I so ..,.. t ,. i e II' l 'i'i ''I l'' ' ls l l
' -' 1'" i) l. . .. I 1 L In r, e n .! Uh -

iiiiill l. ,il0i

I"> Itt la t o .' I u .... ie ni l.. ,lses a-il
i,',,ii i* ', . ., ,i .'. .. il, ), _ul. r

S, i .t. .. I .'l, e I s .. I, ,, I I that it il

d Eiupi'e n esI to II .' t 'l l ,i Iteotiiilit- it
id oa, i .i ,i1' .i. .eI ,e,_ ie _lk .I -
ti I rai li>i tl[,, . II I Iasket It.ll Ipnm u t
A a a i, n, ... ,, .. ,I,,, io.n .

j;,i it' I 1, 1 ,rent I' t I , I hl,,l'ese ii spae l at i
I g 'r l,, ,a, ,e,,n I e ] m eet.

i' .'t e'i f'i, t l lir ,, l it .. Sta itesI I, li '" l.,l 4 II
tIle man de ia o [illad t ''1 willn lie i ....ni .. ,i as

* o. WCl. n ing urwe n Lab r rs i8
"I i <',' .',, 1- rtta ine ,ill hole u esnis red

n wi a Ioad t t, 1. il i. l iirt ,lr l uili.

the in de- for _.. o ..1 a ,,,, as sesle

kw, t ile ,._ i,, gr e xer 'mi E tropea i Lal rers a it

ll Empire l>t [ I ivi tn fe houres e urtai ns an
Si ro. l l ie l (] t. s .iin 1 ., I ak I I. the aie .

In ii til, t he' e li"' plu . a en temlI s i tlte
ii ie-- II ii I( I i

lao.. e IIe .i a 'Ii.. iea l Iou seu St in 'iiill

i dan iu l enln. r tl i, resmI t s paolr e i .I
i1 "" lie ,,,"i . i C lon iz .. 1 E wi w lpee La e.ee

e 1hi x thei wj ol d hre- lt, in-t hll* 'u. .:iIm
'eon con- f1o) /he U, nited rates have proved

'i o i" i 1, 'l'yi 1 N 'hl l':l, w ill Ce ..u ti, i i

ri I s. t 1il.y as e oshl l l. I'1, next series
i eW lu"n, i-..ii.. L a lo 1'1a t er, .w ,l i,. ,:.,,
m0 omf h, is exui l,(, d t, arri .. 1-. : ..
itd ii .1)uni. T -o ai / rove l e('081]O .

,k. I, H iiision of l a or, Quarters45,1




Lric i.i'n. Equipment, FLr:- an-d Description
of Work.

flitlit' I tzii L I -lx ne] ( li e n '1 xx liuiIdai l

ixrat-tii-alY as, le'ft bx' Ithe Freii''li. but
whuollv jixxtIdequate Iit th lieilmarxilds.
futur 4 oeeul-x.o N

nniiit etixitle anl n~l'exr ofstn"
shovesaxi ".III lee (I nii n") An: aiii I I Hutt
at Pardonxxu for lightl x'euirix' wily, ofa
pial;,,;;l uof the equynijxit'iat xx liv
smxoit entl of the 1 w. \'x lin manii-
ple.til aill oft' lx, e ldinnts will
1xi Ii \ th machiineiry thlaxt Itv
xlxoit vixoxieli 1xrnii' ielxxx has xx ii tax5
Nx tIh(e lx->t oblutixiliale. 'I'l iEmp irexiix
Plzntn is toI Iw operaxted by~ xi -i'iii of
kdlect nt- itio t ol .
()o oi- xiI lie iiniiiti llit of' imIi'\

jf I, I'' xie L tx le exi[1e xi r i ou;-

ly)Aixxixty to its wor,oi. limili x
tu- foir 1.10 eqijxxiiieiit hi ni-
in Ii 4 p0> aiQlniti Im 1440ile
;t I 'I a I 1.a' tx 11iii 6 raII'x iii (tio
s'epli'ei thle (ixlt ( Iieunwhxila, enginox
Lovse), ati 'lxilettillxx, ;iiil. lit Onli
near fixitir, xi ldar fxxeilii es x hil avxe
to bet proxddxed at ( atnx xxixl lIn Botx.

(MARi Ame 24th i,1 Ikflendo VWV lhtiG hem'

llIlxcr the Ireniel x'e'iuiiC thiey were.i
as hioxx' IIhe princeipaxl shopsl on the
Jstlinii us. 'I I emiii. s-t of thie t'illoxx

Fo0 ly P1 1.1. 70
t liro ettlpoixis. emorxo to ii'. wiid '.ix
Iirxxs -Ftitiaei>. wxith Ii xll lie -- t'~ xix:

:11 '~ ' n p ott t i x u ll 414 x 'i 1 Iw a s, xx' xli x

ra le ,1 ,-;I'x .i 1 ), i'lx't I -fIm," x' ' ti 1. xitx'

.I o'xily xx htl Ihe iiixiki Imlam'

ppr4u1 tciul fir h4 im i~ 1n IN centis fIw

ri-,.4'4. ~i th'4is Ii Pi 4'4 _,4 iii ixit storei

. ' dler i;< I. nil a Ip itern
tiorag house ;l: f Ai '5 feet ,ii r I Ih
', lll p 'r',- iiaionl o) pattern s.
I'laning M ill ti 0 h lI I fil fully
ei'uill'ed with Wo.o) r, illg un-
ehinvry a;nl toI s.
BilKer and Tin S>4hop--)4 hj Is

.. Shop- ., '!'' 1ic,' -
motive pits. each division ,0 hy '
reel. A\ tri nsfer pit i byi i 'wit l
si ailll r ] ii'llel 1r aills or ll v ., l'(') I
hlon lKieswcn ti he .'I 1 I, lp a d
thl inal lli t'lx i is t i .l o I . 510 fl't
wide' runn11 ing th eli ii ri'ti leiin th ol f i'
(*'o tilli' -Shop.
M1 imhmlhl by.... ,* I, l o oSl 1i t. tlool
omin :1' liv i fc l. i'rnii r 'tk ) lby
S11 > fe'l. ir ,i'p' ir : "l iho ;il 'pi iii'r
shopi n paltxerln stiop. I Ithre
-hlops, II pr i';.ti :dlv oi4,. ', 4oi-
l inil inl ; '. id1 i, 11 i by) :2 5 feTil.
in w whichh re three )r'i.i(ks ruinting' tlhe
en:irc .. l, of the '.i.. i. with a
vapal it'i of 3i' airs.
In this imu l sii >p is :dso installed l oin
li0-11. I l' e iin ani d (mol ii 100-I W .
gen' eratoi'--- ,n .. ,' (. ie ]> ity to lur-
nish xall the lights ii ed ;i0 the io ps
xixnd | t!; tiirt('r.i, ixlrx xi l' xsl 'xtii lx 'i i, .
and (iqluart' i andi ll i e' .

lilhtwksinith ,. . hy :'5n feel.
iPowtr I'lail-u5o by A) feet ciii-
aining x battery of six -).' hoirse-
power oilers, front which stli nt n pipl.s
runt' to all of, th' o lh r slhop 1" _
where statioiia'ry e c iIs ar located.
Painit I 1i 11 I ti'' el o)i.'i-
u xxn i p na plz lformi x 0 by 7al i'xel.
Oflice I !.i. ,, ".. hly 50) N o'c t.
stru nent irpair Shop-:;() i 40

xrPaiiits, curreli t e i i I i I- ]' P .
(lods ,, waihes, a .nd Kol'hetl i n ltriuio.'ints
of precision.+
Luva xlris and JaL ri4n' -Txhe sIhioi
is well eqnijupped with l.valory ;antd
latriw facilities.
'Empire Electric Light. PI' iby
365 f''t iontaining two Il0-K W. gn-
eratlorn l diri e t onxi n te d to a )I0-11. P.
tandemi compound )>;ll i with a
S)o-K. W\. generator ad( l arrisliur"
ginixe now .. ita 1lled furiinish-
v. in additionn t the power at the ,
i. .. ourrenit for 'r, ..i ill 'tar-
ters an streets at Enpir., nd ('io h ira,
with .",;i' i ', rl i s rve er i daily y fo21 r lit e
l l, t .' ._' i ne' ded1 :lt Lis aisei;id s
roundhouse and Paarid bslis. ;s
well as lthe varioiiu lbls or e ainps !id
setlitlmmis Ibetween lhese two points,
which are seven miles apir'.
Tower lanlt--1 ly 11 f'IeeNt, on-
taining a ba ttry of liv elvc e"O-liorse
Dowetr lboilers, to> furnish se'ion> f(,rthw
()))era1ion of tlie air .... *s r jilant
(detrile<.l In der tleh liad o' lilts),
l)lants) ind t lhe leh r '' "_. )l>nt .
I1, i-,.. YI ard aI re Ihe i mInd for
ade,| title {?'t ( 'i > ; l ,I "+ reooI .

CixiSTOiIAL SI. 111S,

I'1l, entire plant t
(in Noveni er 15., I l ;i.
(le Paranall i ilroad
(peraf ion. iin i r le I se.
thi fulll iing:

IL i'xiixdxtsx of

v la0hine -.. ll by 116 feet.
lhu-ksItilh '- --.... I hy 118 feet.
1ioiler Sihopli ;o l Il i feet.
I ll- O ht ) b I S]o feet.
powerr ose--:S) by :30 feet equip-
Pld with -1 boilers of I .15 horsepower.
'arV 100 by 14')0 feet through
which ruin i trucks with a capacity
of i' Iv ears.
<.i I'~I 1 ;d',,_ I by (it fe t.
A louindl II '... ... t wen t y stalls for
handling loxm'itives.
Ernding Slip-"i ,by i 200 feet con-
lahinng Imile pits.
I, ., .. Pitis- (O hxy 1i00 with a 60-
fiItI t irasfel table operated by steam.
Ietween lie ereo't iin' shop and the
tiallnsfer pil is a platfor'n" .O feet
widle I n... i... the entire ,- i
('oil ( i, .-oni which ears loaded
with coal are elevated liby steant winch
and cable, and dumlpedx into ) Opockets
for delivery to locomotives. This
xililding al x)eContains applianeies for
drying I ldelivring sand to locomo-
The plant is provided with the nee-
essary cinder pits, store houses, oil
honusi, 'ic.. xandl full equipped with
the necessary x i'alchinlery and tools for
the miecha'lixail I'eaturesof the Panaima
Railroad work. The shops also handle
tlhe repairs to marine eqlipiment of the
lamann.a Ra.ilroad and Steamship Coln-

These shops consist of:
Mam hi e '"...i ... 1.0 y 1i0 feet.
Blxckisiith and Boiler i "-1,--'. by
Is) feet.
( )iee ,,10.'ii ;,11 .. -20 y 50 feet.
re( ,;i -I- 'i -: by I .'., feet. con-
taining (i pits of sulh construction as
to he suita'le for loih loumontive and
sea shovel repairs.
SLattrini e .nid Lavalor ,i liv (10
Iron Iteak- )O by GO i.,
(arptliter Shop-3l.t by (i feet.
There is also 1.. ',, ereted for the
xivixon of Material andi supplies a
storehouse :!) by 140 feel, with anmple
platforml space.
I .. h u di re ,d nd t -i .... I n
11 cl make the lii i., force in these


This x mo sists of a i. i Yii .i.,1 build-
ing iIu1 by 300 feel ,-' ,i4 ,in. -. i iks
with I tol tal c pa. i 1 -i..in 40
S,_i, with the necessary cinder
pis and aI small repair shlp and mIa-
chinery to i, ,,,,', tI 1 ,1,1, i pairs
of tIlte hoeo oll ivcs .... I l.,i II. Ir'.


L. S CAS.( A S c O\ 1 (. I II I'TiE.
At LIs ( Casloda is located a coali
chiute. on which (ars loaded with coal
are elevaed lby 1.1 pressed air fromi t ie
air pipe liie, aiil tlilniedl into twellty
pockets for delivery to locomotives.
This l1., .111. also eoittains appliances
for ,Ii i ; l a i.d I,. i;,_ sa lnd to loco-
This is a small '.1;11.1: 121 b l 2t
with ai ,[' itI of 10 -i i11 This
'..i11.-i is new, as the old one (erected
by tile French) was torn down oll
iccolnlit (if '" In ill the line of exca-
vation. The plant is designed for
f .ill-n care tit .i-lht of tihe engine-
working onl the side of tile Cut oppo-
site (.ulebra.
A new ijLi.._ house is being built,
54 by I fvti with a capacity of nine
At Pedro Mignel is located a coal
chute, on whichli ars loaded with coal
are elevated i*'. comllpressed air from
thle air pipe line, dumped into twenty
pockets for delivery to locomotives.
This 'i1 il ii._ also contains appliances
for ril, i_ and delivering sand to loco-
For the purpose of furnishing coml-
pressed air to operate rock drills, stone
crushers, etc., ticere have been con-
structed three plants, connected by
:,..2 miles of 10-ilicli pipe line mains,
\. ,-j.lli,., from Bas Obispo to Pedro
Miguel, with it-inch and 4-inch leads
running into the canal prism for the
various purposes. These plants oper-
ated by 91 men contailled on June
30th an a.ll' -',.t of 12 air comnpres-
sors, eacl with a capacity of *.'.nii
cubic feet of air per minute, at 100
pounds pressure, all feeding into the
one line. These plants also supply
air for operating the coal chutes at
Pedro Mi.- i I1 and Las Caseadas, as
well as thie necessary use of compressed
air at Empire and Paraiso shops.
Thle completion of tile Enipire shop
plant will necessitate tlie addition
of approximately 250 first grade skilled
mechanics, and tlie necessary helpers
for same, to properly man the plant.

Deaths from tropical diseases, ill-
eluding employees and civil popula-
tion, onil thle Isthmus, during the
month of July, are reported by Colo-
nel Gorgas as follows:
B eri-beri...... ................. .. 1
Dysentery ........................ 9
M alaria ....................... 44

Total.................... 54
Death from all other causes 303

Total deaths............ 357


11 highest elevation on new center line of Canal before excavation began by
tile French: FEET
A t C ulebra ...................................... ............. ................ ................. '1 12
A t B as O bispo .................................................. ...................................... 2 .::S
Greatest depth of excavation by the French:
On I. C. C. Canal axis at Culebra...... ..... ................................ 161
On 1. C. C. Canal axis at Bas Obispo..................................................... 148
Greatest center-line depth i. i., i..iiii, toe excavated when Americans took
control in order to reach iri. Ii. -t.'ii of an 85-foot level canal:
At Culebra-at same point as above................................................... 111
At barrier on Contractor's Hill ........................... ......... .................. about 140
A t B as O bispo ...................................... ............ ....................................... 45
Amount excavated under American control: CUBIC YARDS
In Culebra Cut (canal prism) to April 1, 1907 ....... 5.7... 11 ll
Total excavation by the French at all points and ii..liiii. .h i '. iil-.
channel ..................................................... ...........................................ab out 7 111 i.r 11
Total estimated excavation required April 1, 1907, for an 85-foot level
In canal prism ................................................................ 101 "'-, 111i10
O n lock sites......................................................................................... ... 7,965,000
For regulating works and diversion channel ........................................ 2 1.li.ii.n
IDredging in old Canal, Cristobal to Gatun, to open construction chan-
nel, and at Panama, to keep channel open to La Boca.................... '9."i.,,nii
T total ........................................ ...................................................... ......... 1 4 ... .

Monthly Totals since American Occupation at Colon.


1905 1906
In Canal Outside of In Canal Outside of
Prism Canal Prism Prism Canal Prism

i ,ll i iI1.
February ....
M arch.........
A pril...........
M ay ..........

November ...
December ....


".- n,.0


105 .,0 O
64 7.,
1'' ;,-',4,
,.- 110O


In Canal

1 7 00
* 1 4....-'.


Outside of
Canal Prism

1 1 1,11 i
o 107,118.

Total to Aug. 1, 1907-2,170,488 cubic yards.
On this division there was also removed from the prism 731 yards in the Mindi Hills
by steam shovels.

Monthly Totals since American Occupation at La Boca.


January ......
April ...........
May.. .......
July ............

November ...
December ....

In Canal Outside of
Prism Canal Prisni




In Canal Out.side of
Prism | Canal Prism

9 41 1 0,'.i


In Canal Outside of
Prism Canal Prism



1114 1 5.-
122 157

1.191. 1 1

Total to Aug. 1, 1907---' 4'2 ", cubic yards.

TIHE C.\X.\11



t. lbe I ds Cubic Yards I Cubirc Yards Cubice Yiaird






221 642

914,254 2,663,771

T otal, 1904....................................................... 1- cubic yards
Total, 1905....................................................... 914,254 cubic yards
Total, 1:'.m 2' I''" 771 cubic yards
Total, 1907 (seven months only) .....................4,985,712 cubic yards

Grand total to Aug. 1, 1907.................. 8,747,102 cubic yards


Steam Shovels.



From Canal Outside of Canal
Prism : Prism

TA il.u i.r...... .....

A pril.....................
M ay.....................
July ............... ..
u l st .............
q. t i l ,..:r ...... .. ...
October............ ..
November.... ........


From Canal Outside
Prism P

J. P. Avis, of the I ... i ,in'.,
,i,.,. announces that the 'All-Ken-
tuckians" lhav organized a team,
iceepted tie elhallenge. and are anx ous
to try conclusions with the i,.,,2:1\


"..h ~n' re. .........................
M arch..............................
April.... ........................
M ay ......... ...... .......
June...... ......................
. I-. 1. ...............
*. ii '. ii- l" ................
November ... ...........
December ...................


e o

7 .2' -

11,51 7
1 2- 1...

To tals........


' Canal A.B.
i Brya in ...... 4
Huff, P................ 4
B ell ......... ..... 4
C ;- 1,l. 4
, I,4
A vis.......... ....... 4
Yingling ........ ..... 4
Huff................... 2
South th) ......... 2
Sorrell.................. 4
3,832 -
14,628 Innings ..... 1 2 3

I. C. C......... 0 0 1
Empire........ 0 0 0

H. P.O. A. 1,
0 0 2 1
2 1 0 0
0 ,s 1 0
0 2 1 0
0 3 3 0
1 0 0 0
1 4 3 0
0 0 0 0
2 0 0 0
o o i o
0 9 1 0
6 27 11 1
5 6 7 8 0
3 2 0 0 x- 6
0 o 0 0 0- 0

Two-base hits-Huff, P.; South. Double
plays-T. .. I 1.. 1 .r Craddock: Chris-
1. i. i 1 1. 1 1 ,. 1 .. Sorrell. -. 1,-. I .
0 .- .... Bell. .- bases- I. -
Prn,i ;., Errors-I. C. C., I ;
I I, I .. -- .ll Sorrell, 3; off Henry, ,. ,
18,460 outs-Sorrell, t; Henry, 2. Base o:. i. --t
.., ii 3; 1 Tkv. HIT; h 1. 1 r -- .
M atill e I, 1 I .... T ** II ii and fifteen
mtliniut es.

Chess and Checkers.
There are several chess. checkers,
and billiard tournan tents in ll 1.'"". --
at the Empire and tie I' II l, I clubs.
where the results will be known in
in time for publication ill the issue of
September 1 ttli.

Team. Played. Won. Lost. Percent.
Cristobal 9 7 2 .777
Empire 9 5 4 .555
Gorgona 9 5 4 .555
Culebra 9 1 8 .111

Monthly Totals Since American Occupation


Steamn Shovels.

A team lihas been organized at Cule-
566,750 bra, composed entirely of players from
638,644. the state t i T. are open
815,270 for challenge 1I.... any baseball club
879,527 ,.r-; l;i,. of nimembers from i ,, i one
690,365 statein the Union and would like to get
770,570 a Ini' at an early date. I. 1'. .,
should beahddressed to W. S. Halstead,
care C(inef Engineer's .,... Culebra,
Canal Zone. 'I i.' men from Georgia
line up as follows: Brown. catcher;
Arnell, 1.,i. 1... Roberts, first base;
J. B. liit .- cond base; Gamble,
4,9s5,712 third base; Fl, .i, i short stop;
i in II,,,,, ri 2,1t (1, 1.1: HI alstead, center
field; P. l unit, I. It -, I,'I.
The first game of baseball of the cham-
pionship series took place at i,, i'l, .
August 27, between the I. C. C. and Em-
pire clubs. The following is the summary:
A.B. i. H. P.O. A. E.
Erile.................. 2 0 1 1 1 2
McCusty (5th) .... 2 0 0 0 1 1
Gazzonii.... ...... 4. 0 0 1 2 1
i ..0 1.. 3 0 1 4 2 0
3 0 t) 0 0 0
S1i1 1 3 0 0 4 0
Toone................ 3 0 1 3 0 0
Fussner .............. 3 0 0 6 0 3
Craddock............. 3 0 0 3 2 1
Henry........ ........ 3 0 0 2 1 0
30 0 3 24 10 8
I. C. C.

J"110'.1 I .....

Nil. .n.1'ni n.


F. ls.........




Final Pay in the United States.
Enmployes wIho I. .;-,i while in the
'iiidicl Stales. lti linow wiith thlie apt-
tri)vil of the (Cairtnman the Com-
mission, le paid for lave will pay
flra'anld them. less ile week. without
i., :,, required orturn it lto the Isth-
nimus. provided they shall have coin-
pleted ali least wo years service iat tihe
exp)iration of such leave.

New Furniture Allowance.
I \I -1I 15th the ('onimnnlissionI
adoi t led a resolution i...'.rl i,, I i
tl l lILWi\AllVice of fil itrlli 1 -i i I ,i,,1 i, -
of em dploes receiving less thai l I, 111 'I
per niotithl, be 1I .I as follows:
1 1 ,..,.. 1 fr : .. ,
1 i'. .ii.,: hied 1 Double mattress
2 Pillows 1 Kitchen table
2 Kitchen chairs 1 [i -i, i '11.1,k
6 i ,iiiL' 'chairs 1 l'J.i. t.. I l
1 L tiiti..hL 'rc 1 Dresser
2 Center tables 1 Bedroom mat
1 Mosquito bar 3 Wicker rockers
Thatfor employes rece"i- ;i $0t0.00
per monthly or over, the fille....i i- ad-
ditional articles be authorized and that
same come up to -".. ip ...ii ... laid
down for the former C class of
3 [t;,,ini,.. Iairs 1 Dresser
I L. lhitii' Iic 1 Bedroom mat
1 Towel racks 1 Parlor wicker
1 Parlor desk rocker
2 Parlor chairs 1 Morris chair
1 Porch swing 1 Porch double
1 -.:r, ,,, table seats
That the issue of beds. mattress
and mosquito bars in excess of this
allowance e ) utli, .. .J. to t in, i- -
with children.
Two Assistant Secretaries of (Club
Houses, capable of ....l I ii. ,\ iii-
nastic exercises have been authorized
*at $125.00 per month.

Longevity Regulations.
T'I'l, following regulations in re-
gard to 1,,,,.i'. il, increases in pay,
which were made tI. ive M \ i 1,
1!)07, under the instructions of tilhe
Secretary of War, and with thlie ap-
proval of the President, were adopted
at the 'in iii,-, of the Isthmian Canal
Commission on August 1st:
(a) All ,itl...' not natives to the
,I -. i i. who occupy the positions
herein I1. -I..t i. shall be granted
the ..il....... z ,. ....es in pay for
lellgil t .I, I i i i 11ii service onil
thlie Isthmus:
Five per cent of thlie basic or
class rate for the second year.
with a cumulative addition of
three per cent. of thlie basic rate
for each subsequent year; pro-
vided, however, that such cumu-
lative increase shall not terecd a
total of ttwenty-five per cent. of
the basic rate.
(b) The positions to which these reg-
ulations apply are as follows:

In I :.i .. s

Car Repairers
Drill Runners
,h i l 'l -
S.'.. Il, I l
Train Conductors
Cabinet Makers
Dlianiond Drill Set
Iron W\Vorkers

Steam Shovel II i.
Steamiliovel Crane-

Captains of Steamn
Planing Mill Ma-
chine hands

(e) In the case of an .,p1.,i,. trans-
ferred to thlie Commnlission from
tihe Panamna Railroad ('Company,
his service on the Isthmus with the
latter will het reckoned the same
as service with the commission .
(d) By "service" is meant all time on0
the ('onmmission's roll in any class
of Ia il,... ni, i. from the date of
entering the Isthmian service to
tlihe date of termination of same.
(e) The class rate may be 1,, i_. 1 at
any time if circullistances arise
justifying such action.

Holiday Pay for Laborers.
I'li. ( 'I Ili in li's Circular of VT 30,
lio;, r..' i1.11 2 lhat l l.l I 've June 1.
pay of I,'i I..- A- laborers will be at
the rate of 131/3 cents silver per hour
for ten hours, and time and one-half
on 20 cents silver for time over 10
hours an 1 ,n S ,i1.,- in holidays,
lias been i'. i ,lil' ..]l "i
On J.ilia 1i, 1, February 22, May 't.
July 4, Labor Day, Decoration Day.
J'li:, iii,.'_. 1ii,-r Day and December 25.
when laborers work on the day pre-
ceding and the ,1 i, subsequent to
holiday I1I, should be allowed 9 hours
gratuity time for 1,.1'l.1 ,t and if be-
sides '" iN,' present (either for a whole
day or a fractional part *I ... ..I) on1
these days they actually perform ser-
vice on holiday they are entitled to
their t.iiiiill \ time plus actu.l i.,.l
tim e put in on ],.,id ,I Ill. .\-
laborers to be paid thins gratuity time
and1 -l.i;.lji time at thle rate of 20
cents per hour. If a laborer. (rade
A-1, at 133 cents, works on tlie holiday
but does not work on the 1, preeed-
ii,,. and the day 'f.ll... ,i 2. his service
oni that 1,,1.1.,. should hlie computed
as straight time at tlhe rate of i cents
silver per hour.
All hourly employees not 1. . ,it it .1
as laborers, who perform, ..
higher class to receive 8 hours i_- I il .
and tillme one-alf for actual service.
In this connection, see copy of the
( in ,a ii 's circular of .\.ll I I I1 1907,
-!.... ,,_ i .L.. '. who should be
considered as 1I. l1.., i-.l to this class
of laborers.


ApF.r.,pr.atlon- and Exp.ndilures Down to.
Ihe EnJ ol 1q0t.
\ ,l,,,. i, ,. -I, O 1. i -0. t IL, .

'larl h t. 1..., 1.r lital ea
. e. ,,in t .h, I .. 1, .. ,7 ..
Ii"ingI iiacun. i ti"s........ -..I

Thcnmount ofaudiW w : . -h
tures to DIecember i I ", -
Divided as follows:
For canal .. right of
w ay and i' ,,, I,, ...........
For Panama Railroad stock
owned .............................
For at,.rial ar. -I .

-. traveling ,., .' ,
1 hLn' si expenses, materials

1A 4t''

F(t ,, ....i ,,, .1

., :* . .1 i t. 4
I- l ,,n and t I -1
i ,'

ond maili track ... lth-

Loants o the Pilanana Rail
A d .' i. i ..." i i
road Company............... i,. 'n
Indi viduals and *. -
i .r .i.l. t ind serv ices
Iiir 1. i l i IIi P a ana a
Railroad Companiy, and
other interests tsi 1 ti
allied work and i., i ll.h.
collections have been or
will be made. and the pro-
ceeds tlt ,i> .1. -it" .d iii
th e T I ... -I, i L L
,United 1' .. -1 i1 ]
la.neous receipts...... ....... 1 'i'-"' 7

Dinner to Mr. Holcomnib,
i itmile A mnericin" y'ic -Ie l ,l i. ''Iit1
S .1, 1 *, '. i,,i 3 1 1. lI .,J.I T -, 1. ,i I ., ,. ,'
ot Mr. J. IG. lotilcotbe the chie, 4.I' Lr I I--
ioll of Municipal l Engineerit:.. :i ..I-
combe sails for the States on Ih i,..ii.,
on Sept. 4. His hosts include I
Win. M. Acheson, J. A. Avery. I i. '-.
C. V 1' ill,,. H I '' t Lill, I. ',',. .', ..lll \ ,
Louis ... .... P. I . o. It lr L .
rick, R I. % .- i RobertCoc, l II i1 L LI..
C ', 1 1 1. 1 .. 1 ,..,.. .... ,
Filostrat I I- ..-...r, Fra i I,' I ,i, ii. I
Galindo. Jr., C. E. Guvani II il.i,'ii.
.V F r i W W Ili,.. 1.1, II., I
i ,, ] '. 1, ',\. E K rale 1 i I .. ,.
C. S. Leftwich, C. R. .. ,,, Si..,.i
Latchford. Hiram Mclro I .'..
land, Abraha n I 'i T /, I I i i
C. P. PM. -. John W. Mullen I..... .I
.r t. .', ,, B. Ma.xo Wn, W. A. i '. I'
.lI,,,. R. HI. Pearson, (Oscan ,' l'wLl.
Rol)t. Pote win, John I: ,,,,I A L !:.,-i,,,--
,, ; I, N. Rohrer, G. I'. ,-r ,,,,, 1. IF
I'. l h., C D 1, 1 l h I I, I l., I M1
Tebbes, W A. I . I... I [. I. i,\ t L '. t...
Chas. T. WW -r.,_. C a. I l \,... Il i,.I
. Wright, \ l. \, Chas. V. \,.hl 1i



Th,' new conditions of employment, adopted on June 11, '. at the 129tli
in.- 1li. of the Commission to be made i1..,., .July 1, 1907, provide that
lii i. il:; I there shall be no distinction between itI .... on the ..1.1 l ils andl
those on the silver rolls; 1, ,,: ,,,, I ..1.1 rolls will not in the i i.. confer
ii', special 1. ;il. .2, ".'l, ,i. li. hne now is between laborers and those
above the _-, t'I. .t I iborers. ordinary laborers are _.'. 1 two I.t ;1. which
I, I...t., il,, have not received, one is l;, i,1- days injury leave, the olier is
h..1..,.. pay.
1'.,11.. ,,i.-' is a comparative statement of the most important 1, ,,. made
1,a the new I .ti.ti ; :

1.1. T.i A pril 1I, 1907.
", application for married quarters
will be received until an .1 .. .. has
been in tlie service on the Isthimus
1[.r six months.

A former no .,.., i ,_ .1 i.
dIi I liMe Isthmus will be amul con-
Iin- i Pon from the date of his re-entry
inti. service on the Isthmus and be
Ii ir 1 the .* r'nment rate of

,.. weeks leave of absence with pay
...,11 .1 employees whose salaries are
6'i.l ,, an annual basis if said leave
is taken in the United States.

Annual leave of absence is not to be
cumulative for more than one year.

All ,_.1.1 Ill1.. are granted sick
leave ,i l .' at the rate of Il.,. ,
dt forench six months' service which
leave shall notr be cninudalive and
which shall be -.iii .1 only when
the ini .*... has work 9(! lI 'r rent. of
il .- I Ih. .1, i or hours. comi-
l" II ,l ... 1. I l lea e ',, ,i I- P.... M.'. after
Il p ,[di'.ii.n of the six monhllis str-

1. l,., .. .. whose comipeisal io is
.li,'.' .... hourlv lasis a lnd whio re-
, .,, i l .ige of ,. _.,,l, an hour or
I, ,,.. ii. ,.d,1 for holidays.
I l- l -.. n ot ri .... i i! for *' i
illin [, ii 1,. after the expiration
.1 I, . .. ill forfeit ,:.1, to pay for
i .. period.

1:It.. Ji., ,July 1, 1!)i .
Family quarters will be assigned
when available. assignments to lie
liade ill accordance with date of ap-
plication. Experience shows that
about tell months elapse between :.p-
pliealion and l.- t m....
A i..,i, iI employee from the IUni-
ted StYates who served less than one
year if ,' ,:. ,'ed for duty on the
Istlhmus will receive pay only from
tlihe date of his re-entry into service
andm be charged the Government rate
of transportation.
ai weeks leave of absence granted
emiioyees whose salaries are i ..' I oni
an annual basis with the statement
liat said leave is granted for the ben-
efit of the .... i i n nr in preserving
lie health of those ti1. '. inot
aeeistoiimedl to work in a tropical
country, and will be ..'iih -1 to such
,,i. .... . I i.ll ust be taken itn a
..... i, A, i ..,i the necessary change
of climate.
Annual leave is not to lie cumn-
lative except v 1,.. .. ''"...... is pre-
vented by the ('... i i,,i. ii' I talki g
leave when due.
All ,. i mplovees iliove the
giade ', I ,I.,i. i iun 'aCentSoinled to a
tropical climate may lie ,i ." 1 tifteeni
davs sick leave for each six months of
service. This leave may lie eumu-
lalite to a a ln mount not i ,,_ i
thirty 1- and payment for same shall
he nmade the hi.- pay period after the
employee returns to duty.

All horly employees above t lhe grade
of laborer will he paid for holidays.

Employees not reporting for duty
within iii .1 .. i, after expiration of
leave will t.'. ii right to pay for
leaxe period.

'1 h, Conmmission rese'ies the it ,i to pay in any m money, the valhi or
Ipii' of which is guarlnteed )y the Iniitld -i i. ,. i, on thle ohl roll
,. ill ,.,i in lilim re confer ,', spe) ial i ,, i.,; .
I I iiinlission reserves tlhe i'i I i.. I, .. i _.. an i .'l1.. at any time
I',,r i .ni-'. .iI to terminate :a provisional appoiliint, l when the ;., ,, of
Il i' .. require
\11 p-" ..... .,.,1 appointments will, at the end of each leave period. lie so
.ii..11i.-. :I- i. ii I.Q suchi appointments correspondl to tlhe thlie existing ruiies
.1iii. rt '1,il.ii T0ii of the Coilm mission.

i l | 's tm u,'rt- hm .,b: d ..,r t.,. titn,.,
resolution are hereby terminated, to
take i.,. i at the end of the next leave
period i.. iN. under such appoint-
ment. Conlltions of service thereafter
will be in aecord with the rules and
I. i, i ...i.. the (ommn mission.
Ti,. n regulations also provide that
all laborers shall be paid for L0.i.1 .,
and may be granted leave oil aeMount
of iniii incurred ill tie performance
of (duty not to exceed thirt. 7,.1 in C'.
cirreInt year. In cease of illness or
injury laborers shall receive free
medical attendance and care at the
No application for married quarters
will be received until an employee has
been in the service on the Isthmus for
six months.
An employee discharged on aeeount
of reduction of force may be 'i'.i i. 1
six weeks leave of absence with ...i.
and may be paid in the United Stat'es.

Work of the Commissary.
\ ...... ;,- to the most accurate
-n,, ,- obtainable tlie Corlonissary
department is now f., -l, .lil ,.
and otherwise supplying the material
-wants of more than .:.'..,n people.
'Ilil. includes the 1. C. ('. hotels,
hospitals, messes and private families.
Besides the main Coimnissary at
Cristobal, there are branch conm-
nissaries at Gatun, Tabernilli, Gor-
-... i. Bas Obispo, Empire. Cnlebra,
mio Grande, Paraiso and Pedro
Mi11. 1 One is 1..i,.- built at Las
Cascadals, one at La Bora and one at
Ancon is contemplated.
A new price list of articles con-
stantly carried in stock, filli n a i-
pacge book, has just been issued.
i'l,. ice and cold .'.. ..-' plant at
Cristobal is modern in every particular,
but if the present rate a.l increase in
business keeps ,i. it must 1ie con-
siderably id.,. *'. It has a eapaeity
of 5I tons ot Ice per day. and is ,i InI
out 4i tons.
I'l,, Coiu issarv's co111 raet witli
i. I ..n Morris & Co. for all kinds of
fresh meats is the largest of its kind in
existence. The bakery I has a i a ii'.
of I.'I000 one-pound loaves per day.
and is now i, -..i_ out 15,M(o "daily.
Every morning a supply train .1 15
cars leaves Cristoatl for lihe Line,
made up of tive ears of ice and cold
,-i .. .. provisions, two cars of fresh
bread, one ear of *, .. iil. .. and
seven ear of staple commiissary sup-
plies. 1'1. business of the Comniissary
shows a stead monthly increase. Ini
July thle value -.i coupon books sold
was I$1i. i'' miiore than iin June.

The Commlission .li ,,4' plant
turned ..ni , ,., ,, l -. I printed
matter Ilnti n li,' I -t year.

Commissary Prices.
For the week ending \ugust 21-:
E iI TS. lCTS.
XIutl e1 2nti ie or*|il iarters, p r 4,.... 10
l sh t chops...... 10
M button. e... ................... do 1 7
linit), 1' do (< 1
L am t, , it) 11
Lamb, Ie.. ....... do
ef, sirloin, r t.............. do I1
eef ri r st, sh rt ut..... o 17
t'ee lln roost, srcon l nIl... do l>
e h c r t......... ..... do

eakis, Porterho e...t ........ .. o 2
Steal s, sir loin...................... do 21

Ste aks .-...,. do 12
SlcaI', d , do 1 2d
St ,. r ond........................ 4o 1 .
Be c .rnc wi ........ ............... do 10 1 14
1 f, soUp ............. ......... do 21
Bc stlew .......... ... ........... do 10
PO LTRveal, short-ct ch p ........... do

Veal in....................k ed.. . do 12...
Veal,. entire 111rquarters1....... do 2i

4Ve. | i ir s ..t ................ l .
i 1 loins, entire strip....... do 17
i cuts..... ....... ... ..... do 20

S, ., . .....................per do en 14
.'u', ,, p ,i ,,ilk fed) cach..$1 .40

..i .. ........... do 1.20
1 '*I ... I 00 .... ....1d o <

. I .. . 1Ido .zen .1
C ce ... cream.. ....... ........... each... 22do
, I, Ntufichaeelc............... do 1

Cheese, gono n Ainer ca....... do 22

il, Briarli Farm..........per quart. 25
S............... lit pe r dozen 14th date

of arrival" ......... port each 10
rm -ited .......... ..... iliper do ten C li-
I o ..... received menial hundred sup30
plies f i al c construction
o f .. "** i ,- 1 4 ...... i

July 1' 1.07-Haaon VII, fro m
New Orlcans with 1,190 barrels of
molttu esq.....it.. oil... ............ ..... do23 11
Schooner EdwtvarId from Barran-
uOnilla,onsbri......ck................... do............13
July 3, 1907S S. Harbadian from1
LiVerpool, \itrified pipe............. 31
July 4, 1907-8. 8. Venetian from
Ncw~on, ..1 4 M1. pipe, etc 90
JuI 1907- '.- from New
reIndicates cents alurlowniture return of
iThe r,,l........................... t e dat
.July 1907-1. S. Prinz l .,7 - ,
fro New Yiv ork, pig iron and portge in t
eral c r, r ...-...... ....................... 180
July 11 1117-S. S. froantont, from -
uples fporte al piconstructis sice
July 12, 1907:-. S. H. T. h. I

July 1, 107- Haa- 1 VII, fro in
aquilltim coke............270.................. 513
July 16, 1907-S S. ardian flt gal
Liverpoold vitrified pipe.................... 310
July 1907-S. S. 10an from
New York, ,1 ,,,,, ;,.m pipe, ete 90

General ...................................... 180
July 11 7-Tg S. SnPowerfulton, from
New Ort News, three steel barge.........
Newp~ort News, three steel barges.


July 18, 1907-S. S. lIlh., from New
Orleans, ... I IA cargo.................. 16
Lumber, li.. i feet.
July 20, 1907-S. 8. i. ., -. 11 from
Gulfport, lumber, 1 1 1- 11 1 feet.
July 21, 1907-S. S Prinz Eitel
l'riedrich, from New '1. tur-
pentine ....... ............................. 10
Galvanized iron pipe ..................... 100
Jil 26, 1907-S. S. I1../.,'., from
",, Orlea-ns, *xnlril carro........... 31
July 27,1907-S. .- 'i !....I' from
New York, three boilers and parts.. 50
Track bolts................................... 30
Steam slammer (one), steel, brass
and plates ................ ................ '
Hoisting ,. (six), petroleum
;:,TI -'I :.hne 100

4 ,I .11 4. 4 r',.. I. l
July 29, 1907-S. S. I,., from
New York, general cargo...............
July 30, 1907-S. S. t. ... front
Baltimore, rails and accessories....
August 2, 1907--S. A. Karen, from
New Orleans, general cargo............
'I1.,1 3, ',,,- -, ,. I ,.. suction
I', ,1, Ancon.
August 4, 1907-Hermia, from Gulf-
port, lumber, *-,1. 737 feet.
August 4, 1907-S. S. Trent, friomn
New York general ,. "
August 4, 1'i,78.-S S. 1,' ,. ,.
Liverpoo! fire clay..... ............
t I pipe........................
B rick .. ........ .... ...............
August 4, 1907-S. S. I'Prinz Sigis-
muind, from New York beams and
channels .... ...................................
General cargo ............................
,.,u t S, 1907-S. S. Haakou VII,
tro2n New rle'mnl general cargo
Lum ber, 1 ., .',I lI i.
August 8, 1907-S. S. !.-,1 from
New Orleans, hay ........ ..... ............
Oats.. ......... ........ ............
General .' .
August 9, '.i"7- /', '.. .7.,t,
from Gulfport, piling, 4,553 pieces.
August 11, 1907-S. S. Altai, from
New York, galvanized pipe and fit-
n [r.o I.-I ..' i
General c ii-..
August 12, 1:.,7-- o, ,!.n..,
from Brunswvick, Ga., cross ties
1,512 pieces; 41,952 pieces.
August 14, 1907-S. S. Britannic,
from Fernandina, lumber 1,53,4,632
August 16, 1907-S. S. Mlobila, from
New Orleans, mosquito oil ............
H ay ...............................................
O ats............................................
Switch m material ............................
General cargo....... .... .............
Lumber, 11. 1, feet.
\iin, t 11 1907-S. S. Prinz Eitel
,I g..e' n.. general cargo................
I.i.. t 19, 1907-Tug Jack Twohy,
i .' ... Baltimore, steel oipper dredge
August 19, 1907-S: S. Asian, from
Barranquilla, brick .........................
A,,.,i-t 23, 1907-S. S. H. T. Inge,
coal facing ..................... ...........
Drain tile ........... ..................
H ay... .................................
General car o ...............................
August 24, ',7- S. lWanderer,
from Liverpool, vitrified pipe.........
1., -, 41 cases.
\, -t _'., 1907-S. S. Venetian, front
N, York, nails.............................
General cara...................................
August -- l' ..-S. S. Westhamp-
ton, from 1'. iin..... dynamite.....
Switch material.............................





C .rrn, .i t ,l r. ,i ,tnl-"
I't [l,.p t.H : i.1 i cl. .. . .
Steel rails.. ..................
Di ...1 m aterial.............................
Jul "., 1907-S. S. Advance, from
.' '. York, safes............................
Steel bars................. ...................
W ire cloth.....................................
Bolts and nuts..............................
Genera' *..."'
July 9, 1'.ii7-4 S P',.',on.i, Ir-.,i
New Y.,rl:, e .1% o, ,.,I p1111. :.1.1
Bolts and nuts ...............................
Car material ................................
General cargo ..............................
July 1I;. 1907-S. S. Brunswick, from
New York, pipe and fi~thi. .
W white lead......... .................. ......
General cargo ...............................
July 24-, 1907-S. S. Colon, from New
York, incinerators i c '1 r material
Pipe fiitinz 2
L inse. -I .i, I 1 li c.i -. .- l iati li. l,
4,181 kegs, shovel material........
General cargo ................................
July 29, 1907-S. S. Advance, from
New Yorl.. 2'..,,, .,1 c ii ,.
Shovel ,ic'ar r'il
n t 2, 1907-Panama, from New
i-., I. rock channelers (3).
Galvanized pipe ............................
Pipe lt i,

'. 1, r pipe .. ............... ...............
G general % :, r .................................
Cement, 1 .' ,"' barrels.
August 7, 1907-S. S. Dunottar
Castle, from New York, cement,
3,500 .'. r,.l-.1 Illlp car material..
Steam il. l In ..r-, (2), safes (4).
General 1r,,'
August 14 l'1i 7-5S A ii-oa- .ir. r.i
. York .i i cargo .............
.\iii-t 18,'',,7-->. S C..l.o. from
New York, sulphur, --ni I..-,rels.
Dump car material.........................
Rock channelers (3), iron pipe ......
Bolts and nuts ............................
General car o .................................
August 25, 1',-, -- S. Advance, from
New York. general ( -'L .................
\,... .i -,.. 1:'7 -SS.S. Panama, from
York, general cargo.............
Galvanized iron ............................
Iron hydrants, 100.

Immigration of the Year.
















Exclusive of the contract laborers
brought to the Isthmus at the expense
of the Commissionl, .lin,.' the fiscal
50 year i 1ii, .111I., :11i last, tlhe num-
70 her I. !'"i.'"I:ir' arriving at the port
40 of Colon, to which comes practically
50 all the labor for the Canal, was 7,1 .,
in excess of the number of 1* ,1.1,i1..
11 This excess includes '..1, cabin and
.-, ..' 1]' .,- .. with the latter
largely in the Ii i'., li At the
.. ,i 'I terminal of the Canal, the
40 Collector of Customs reports that the
number of passengers who I. ti the
10 port ,1lii,, the last year was 1.:!l.i
41 less than the number who entered.
60 The explosives used during the

.04 mouth of July in the Culebra Cut
amounted to 150 pounds of black
powder an1 1 "1 ;;.140 pounds of .ii ,-
50 Inite, or a t,' .l 1.- I tons.

0oo All Commission hotels are to be
45 equipped with electric fans.

The Canal Record


No. 2.

August's High Record.
The August excavation from the
line of the Canal by steam shovels and
drit.l,. -. in detail, was as follows:
The steam shovels dug in the Culebra
liiii.ii. .;'...-,;t; cubic yards; at the
Gatun Lock site and spillway, 105,223
cubic yards; at Mii',I. 1'*.'.'; cubic
yards; at La Boca, 6,784 cubic yards,
and in the Chagres *lii-i,,i.,
cubic yards, or a total at all of these
points of 91i;...'.,i cubic yards. The
dredges, at the Colon terminal of the
Canal, excavated 189,170 cubic yards,
and at the Pacific terminal 168,284
cubic yards or a total of 357,454 cubic
Higher Steam Shovel Records

Congratulations from the President. The best steam shovel records for
Aii.n -t. are higher than those of
C('rLI:-:m i. SEPT. 4. 1i,;. July. Of the 95-ton shovels, during
July, No. 211, made the highest re-
PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT, cord with a total for the month of
OYSTER BAY, N. Y.: 2'i.''4 cubic yards. In the same class,
Sexcavation from the Canal shovel 213, made the next best total
August excavation from the Canal of ":.-..179 cubic yards. In the ;:.-t,.,
Prism by steam shovels and dredges, class, during July, shovel 126, exca-
1,274,404 cubic yards. By steam shov- vated 24,615 cubic yards and shovel
els, 916,950 cubic yards, as follows: 124 took out 18,240 cubic yards. All
Culebra, 753.81.S; cubic yards; Gatun, of these figures have been surpassed
105,223 cubic ya.rd.: Mindi, Ch:,li.... by the best totals for August. In the
La Boca, aggregate, *24.Uil cubic 95-ton class, shovel 205 dug :!,,,.,13
yards. By dredging, .i.73,454 cubic cubic yards, and shovel 200 took out
vards, as follows: Colon Division, 33.l.19 cubic yards. In August, one of
the shovels in the 70-ton class, did bet-
189,170 cubic yards; La Boca Divis- ter than the best .,b-t.,, shovel in
ion. 1t'.2S-l cubic yards. July-shovel 126 excavated 31,513
This ex,,ed- all previous United cubic yards. The shovel of this 70-
States' records. Highest preceding ton class that was second f..r Ai.i.,-t.
total for the Canal Prism was 1.Ii..-',776 by making a total of ",.1.4:".; ,.il,.
cubic yards for July. Rainfall, 11.89 yards accomplished more than the best
inches. second record for a shovel of this
GOETHALS. class in July.

Sept. 5, 1907.
I heartily congratulate you and all
the men on the Canal. for extraordi-
nary showing you have made during
the month of August. As this is the
height of the rainy season, I had not
for a moment supposed you would
be able to keep up your already 1,i.,
record of work done, and I am as sur-
prised as I am pleased that you should
have surpassed it.
Ti[o[: onr.R ROOSEVELT.

Eight Millions for Faster Canal Work.

CULEBRA, AUG. 18, 1907.
Secretary of War,
Construction work for this fiscal
year is developing faster than was
contemplated. Report of expendi-
tures for July shows we are exceeding
monthly allowance for labor and have
already o1li at:.d., very largely, appro-
priation for material. Results are
',einii obtained in proportion to in-
creased expenditure and with lower
unit cost. With present organization
:id |l'.-ir:iiiiuLt. Canal ,can be com-
pleted Iin:rn- r.,iidtlly lh.in by keeping
within :4qtrpr .,ti,,n:.- ,ii.i."available. As
compared itii last year's :fpp,"-'qri ii'tIi

The Canal Record

Published weekly under the authority and supervision of the
"The Canal Record" is issued free of
charge, one copy each, to all employes of
the Commission and Panama Railroad
Company whose names are on the "gold"
roll. Extra copies can be obtained from
the news stands of the Panama Railroad
Company for five cents each.

Address all Communications
Ancon, Canal Zone,
Isthmus of Panama.

Volume I.

for construction, we have one million
dollars less for labor, and the same for
material, notwithstanding largely in-
creased demands due to the necessity
of starting new work on the Ch:grc'
Division. and relocation on the Pan-
ama Railroad for which no allowances
were made. Work on locks and dams
on each terminus has been opened up
and should be pushed *;.,i,.u-l\ this
year. Very little was expended at
these points last year. Time of com-
pletion of Canal now appears to de-
pend on work at Gatun, progress on
Gatun dam dependent on removal of
present railroad track to new location.
In order to lay concrete in locks next
year, plant must be contracted for
this year, but appropriation not suf-
ficient. If in accordance with Revised
at.,,o. :,.:^'. request authority to
continue expenditures in excess of pro
rata monthly allowance on account of
present necessities and unforeseen de-
velopments since estimates were sub-
mitted, with m1i1,l,:r't ilii.,u that Con-
gress will be requested to make addi-
tional appropriation to cover the
d~, ikti.- v at next session. Addi-
tional funds required for construction
this fiscal year, four nuilh.i,-, for labor
and four millions for r:il.r; il; total
eight millions. This is required, not
as an increase of cost of Canal, but in
order to work faster. If not approved,
request to be informed as soon as pos-
sible so that work can be reduced
and expenditure kept within present

Aug. "*.;.-27, 1907.
President approves your request of
the 18th to continue expenditures in
excess of pro rata monthly allowance
on account of present necessities and
unforeseen developments since esti-
mates were submitted, with under-
standing Ci'ri-r will be asked make
additional appropriation next session
to cover deficiency.
Acting Secretary of War.

More Fresh Vegetables.
The supply of fresh vegetables for
the Canal Zone is to be increased by
200 tons every two weeks. During the
past ten days a contract has been
closed by which that amount of fresh
.-*. it ial-s is to be 1-.r.,luht from New
YAi.rk i.. Cristobal Ibv the ships of the
Royal. Mail.


New Supplies and Lower Prices.
Th.I additionn V!f nw ar.licls ainl
the inlle se in ,;riety oI sIandar1d
goods ilm ke Itie S l iurh c i5-1 itinis-
sarv price list ; pi -es. -.1. iin 're
ihan lhat of Atugust. Examination iif
Ile Iist i" llshow ai rednu tio n i prices.
(r ill u lasted .,_- .1 in 5-pountlld sac ks,.
in .\,. i was 2.: cents: loW it is 4 01
cents: in bulk. the A,' _. i lisl quoted
.I i a l i e'. cei nts a I potild, now it is
;;V3 rih:s. Yellow .-- was 4 eennls.
now it is 3 cents. Thlie Jaiaian I 1
What were 15 'entos are now I cents.
Van ('amip's Evaporated Milk bias been
added and sells for 4 cents. English
York HIains, another new article sell
for 25a cents a pound. Currants tlat
were 12 cents, sell for 10 cents. Tiem
best _, '.. of centrall Amerilan l -. ll, ..
formerly 2t0 ents a i.,t'i..1 is now 24
cents. Another grade that was ":3
cents has eeni reduced to 1" cents.
A Ceylon tea as been itadded to those
carried and sells for 24 cents a pound.
English bloaters, it 12 cenilsatin; An-
chovy sauce, in pint bottles, for 40
cents, are some of the new articles
shown in tIhe September lit.
The supply of shoes hia been greatly
increased. The new list shows li.,
more varieties of women's shoes: four
additional kinds of misses' shoes and
four more il' ii, i varieties of clil-
drens' shoes. i l, new supply of wo-
men's dress -.....- includes antrimn
lawn.ll (' il.' ,, voile, in assorted colors,
Carenie, Niagara cheeks, anil balls.
,ill.,-Thistle and WVbii ion chiani-
Zone Postal Service.
Moneys orders issued during die
six hn.... i] ......,,_ Decem ber l 31

Thle amount of money ordrs ismwued
for thle six months'period eld ing Jine
30, 1",,:, is $1.499,1 1.4:3. which
shows an increase of over per 1oni,
I'l,- shows a tolal of mnOv ovrers
issued li.,i._ the :;., i year just ended
olf 231": 1.! ..34. a ld this a unlto niti V
bedistrilbuted as follows: 1. 2 '1.-- 2.2i0
to the United S altes: ?2!'-S,'C;S.(;.
drawn ion land payable in the ('anial
Zone: and -. "! 844.4 to 1the follhwing,
\West India isl:s: Anuligua. 8-9.11 '.7:
Barbados. 8!W4.2IS.W4: Iomninian,
,''..,.' ""': (ren~nl( 4; W IT(M).30: Jamail i-
a, ~8l1.1 '. .. M[onlserrat, 8:3.121.47:
Nevis. 85;'.: 3: St. K itts. 2..;0.. ,:
St. Lucia. 1 lMSS.30: Si. Vincent,
S;. I'- 4.;; and British IIHoindurnk.
D l,,in. the first six limo Inths of this
fiscal year -. ...* D) m beih r l3 1I!c;>,
tlhe sale of I." ,e stanmps in the vari-
outs -Il . i I ('1an 1l Zone nounlit-
ed to 8%: 'n 01. and for lthe six
months ... ,, K Ju:e I :n. A 1 (>7. lile sale
of stall ps amounted to 3; ..11:1.s';.
This shows an increase ol the ist six
months over the ... -. six m.,ntis of thei
... 1 year of almost 33 pr centil,


1), i,, six months' period end-
;.,_ I' i 1 31, . nI'l m money
onrdi-rs were issued, admi d,;. the
six months' period '. June I;].
Il ). 53.8 17 Iioiev orders were issued,
ian increase of over o70 r cent ill thle
number of orders issiedl.
D-'ui,: the six months of this fiscal
year n i'inr. 1,Decimer 31,. 1 .. there
Were .' M'ed in the Canal "**.a
413,1 I, i and parel0 ls, and rin.ll-
tio six months eiding June 30, 1907.
there -. ,i ,, .-i. red in the Canal
Zone .... ..ll.. I titers and parcels
dom estic and f ,, i_... 5 .: ".. ... i,.
an increase of moral than A3 per cent
over the last six months. Of the
niber registered in the last six
nm months .l .' were 1. _1 It ,' ..v1;, -
.,1i r, *c.
'I i,. i., were handled InrA. the pe-
riod January 1st to J 11, .V ', 1 n-,:.
".1 01 pouches, tic sacks and n, .'i-
tered sacks of nmail.

Inspection of Food.
I'lI Secretary of War has made
lt. N, ..r. ni with the Secretary of
Agriculture at the request of the Canal
Commission to have all commissary
groceries and II .i.ii and other
foodsnl 1s, inspected before shipment
from tihe Ulnited ,, so as to insure
compliance with .-, .. .i I and
VIrevent the shipment of adulterated
food supplies.
i :,. Department of Agriculture hias
place I its lahb'rtoriLs and all facilities
atI New York awl New '(l '. . iatt the
ilislsiIl of' the ('o mission, and care-
ful nwethodls have been instituted to
t;ke s; gples from all [ l" o1 ,1.. l. to be
co( ip-an wilih salnples 0' established
pirilv in the Iabloratoris of the T)e-
p)rinlent, of I W .1 'e.

Canal Port Business,.
1' ninh('.r vessels nd lthe -
.* i (heir on: ;Pe handld atl the
ter inual pornis of ll0 :nal ,,;.,. tile
I i years of 19 G t I';, )P are
sho w n in oine of the tabihs CtOn ilpai -
K', the latest annual report of the
l'aonma railroad. D in;,_ .lthe Ii- i
ye:ar of 1 .' *. 71i vessels 'Vr,._n i
33T,574 tons of fin.;l,' to (Lolon anl
('ristobal. and carried awav 131.74"-1.2
tons. D.,,i the .1 I ye r of 194( ,
there wer -,-. vesselshandlled at these
two ports andl the total amount of
I kI. .,..*, ,_. wuis W0().!".3 as against
I '. ,. ; i 1I.- vea1 I I,,.. Or a;n in-
er'ase of 43 per cent.
At Panama and La lMen, the num-
her of vessels handmiled .iin,.- the is-
elt year' f l4 iiU was 14(h. 1)ni..
tle .. I' year. Ii) ships were c red
for and their mubiined cargooe-s _-lre-
4. ,' 1 9,7'Z' Iolls morie than the total
handled .10n. the oiseal pear of Mi,..

Zone Revcnue.
ThI. ( .',llI '.ir of Reenues frl' the
(anal Zone reports'l.i I '1liiI_ the fir-t
six months of tile liscatl ',.\ of l'"i.
he received 1.1 ':'. I, for the distilla-
tion of rum o1111 tlie Zone. F-,r 'l11
six months Il in.1. June 30, 1907, the
revenues I','iin this source were
;.,,7.:io. As rent for lands and
buildings '' 1'l, i,_n.,- to tle Z/., gov-
i,1,, nIi. there was received during
the six months' period ending Decem-
ber .:1. :'.,,.. the sum .If : '. 10.09, and
for tile six months' period *--,'il, .T .11,.
. 1007 this amount wa- '-4. 1'.i'.
The former municipalities ,tI th1 Z.'ie'
were h I._.t.1 into administrative dis-
tricts and transferred to the depart-
nen t of revmn lies on April 15. 1'll;,
and since that time and to and includ-
1,-1 July .,I. 1907, the frll..,\i,.., col-
lections have been mad : 1 is' i, t of
Aneon, .I'. '.: district of F.mIpirc.
$13,764 .''.: district of i;,i'..n i.
**.15985; district of Cristobal .':. !
i hi -1,ij a total of ,.:..:;43.23.

New Suction Dredge.
The first 20-inch pipe line suction
dii. "1 for use in the construction of
the (Jatill dam has been (d Ii .r. '1 at
Cristohal, and is now in the process
of erection. l l- H ,iin.. r in charge
of the dam at (.ii. 1,1, Ii. to have this
lill-.:. in operation '.t the first of
January next.

Commissary Expansion.
A new conmisstary store will be
established at East La Boca lI riir. tl'.-
next three weeks and from it service
will be made ',. i .,i, to tle Aneon
distri'ut. )Dring th lie last week a store
was opened alt L:s (aseadas.
Si, Cr'istoail laundiryl has noew been
improved aund is prepared to handle
work froi aill parts of the line andl
to mnake return wit hin tile same week
of all work received 1 1' *l, 1 .v.

Construction Plant.
The ,I 'I '. is a statement of principal
items ot eqltpmellt in serve or available
on the Isthmus June 30, 19J6, and June
30, 1907:


LoIcomoHtivres, New Amnerican..
CarI, r r enlel Ilsinp_1..:.....

June June
30. 30.
1906. 1907.



ro nryi, d


Why the Sanitary Department U ehl 3,200 Ear-
rels of 01 or about 160,000 Gallons During
the Last Fisial Year.

"What's the use of wasting all
that oil on that pondl? -on', you
see the wind blows it; from side to side
and the skeeters can nat 11 fly up
in the clear space and not get any on
their ini .-- is the question put ini
one form or another by almost every-
newcomer on the Isthmns to every
sanitary inspector.
In the first ..1. there are about
fifty known species of mosquitoes on.
the Z~.i,- and there are probably ten
more unidentified. Of these fifty, ten
and probably eleven are known to be
Anopheles and one Stegomyia. Of
the Anopheles two species are posi-
tively known to be thie carriers of
malaria infection and all' -,,, myia
participate in thie conveyance of
i,-lh..A fever infection. What the
remainder of the Anopheles and the
large number of Culex which are now
considered only troublesome, are en-
':.:1 in, is unknown.
The Sanitary Department is now at
work on the solution of this problem.
All the til'r\ or more known species
of mosquitoes have different life hab-
its, that is, they breed under hli. rhi.
conditions, they live and thrive under
different conditions and in different
places. Ti.' perpetuation of each spe-
cies depends upon diil,..- i conditions
and their whole course of life and
action depends upon their environ-
ment. The Sanitary Department takes
the broad _r.u'ii that a mosquito
must be exterminated whether produc-
tive of disease or only profanity.
Brirflv this war .f extermination is
carried on against the 'i--_.....,i, and
certain ('iih''., varieties by the destrue-
tion of all water containr-s a''.1 .- in -
the Anopheles and other ir'. ... o -t
Culex '0, oiling and other measures.
All streams and standing water are
oiled to kill the larva and to prevent
the female mosquito 1 ,.iii her eggs
upon such waters. A good quantity
of water is necessary for the l.....di_
of hn'i-,pi;I,, -. Tb, \ do not breed in
tall grass, ".i Id or brush, or in 'i '
damp places and fogs and mias matie
vapors will not answer at all. The
water must be clean or foul for some.
sp .'l .-i .- .:- t ii or Ilo., iL for others;
ith. a. ; r in a tree hole or hollow rock
will answer for some; only water within
.dlL'.- '' r li scum), will answer for
ii'T.r-. liit idl demand an appreciable
co n-r.iiit -tipply of water for their full

\'l.i ii i female reaches thlie 1, : ,,
period she selects, 1, i to lthe
l .ali eI I i. r |.. i, the 1 .... o f
water best ."'.'i ;. W" the , I of


her young. All mosquitoes propagate
their species j......i, the medium of
eggs. M.i y species cni be i 1. I
byx the number of . laid, Ithe man-
ner Iau shape in which they are depos-
ited in the water and often li the
cliharacter of tile egg itself. Some
mosquitoes lav ai number r of eg s and
glue them togIether so thi they II.,
on the water like a boat: others de-
deposit .1,.- egg's andl yet others
deposit < surroulled with a ge-
latinous mater like that surrouniid-
i frog's eggs. ..' we do not know
whether a mother mosquito has lraiiis.
but we do know that thli eggs are placed
on the waiver with the . r -in_ point
of the \-..,i- downward,. as even ai me-
ment's exposure to the strong sunshine
would be fatal to the newly born baby
mosquito, and we do know that the
mother always selects thlie kind of
water containing the kind of i .... that
.ii -I. the best environment, for the
full development of her offspring.
The eggs once launched upon the
proper water surface, undergo rapid
changes and under favorable -ondii-
tions hatch out the larva in from
twelve hours to six days., ......1i,. to
"Be those things yon call larva.
1,i. ._.,-.' and do they cone front
mosquito i _-''" is another question
the sanitary inspector has to answer.
The x"wigglers" in the rain barrel
are nothing more or less than larva.
But every '* -. l.l is a .. i_' "'
after his own kind and Nature has
allotted its position and work in this
world as carefully and explicitly as our
own. N. ,two larva are alike in form,
native habits or necessities of environ-
ment; every one of the fifty species
has a plan of development and life laid
out for it which iliil.. front every
other of its kind.
For practical purposes all larva pos-
sess onie tra.i ill commonly, viz: that
whether bottom oi surface feeders they
must, at greater or less intervals,
inspire oxygen, and for this purpose
must come to the surface, and extrude
their breathing apparel us into thle free
air. This is where the Sanilary 1)e-
,partment catches the mosquito, for
d1, ,,_ i I i twelve days of their larval
I, i,. i i... developing iiito dut mlos-
quitoes these babies are at t mli mercy
of the man with the oil sprinklI r. The
l-1i ten 1i of a lh'va are devoted to
. 11 and Vl t i .. llie last, Iwo
.1 .. when a Impup lo 1., l -
alone. The larva dois its br. 'i .
at the .... end, so that ihe funllc-
tions of ( , and br, .,I l -Wall
not interfere wil h one ai no!i rl i I-

the body., i". '1 f' roitll l b UI al
diffterei nt according !i hi spe-
ci's. the 1 hi an i -
the. poisiiion i ie lae 'i ahli com in
ti the s rlit' e i '' r air. TI tilub ofl
Anopheles, olr m larial larma, is at & ''

." 1. to the body and is so short that
thlie larva lies absolutely horizontal
.., I,,, 1.i ... i1i ,, T his position dis-
11,, .. ,. i Ir, i. all oi er larvas,
as tlie '. ili, tI u es of lthe 1 '_.'
family of (s'ulex and others. permit
them to assume almost, in. position
except the horizontal, even to stand-
ing on their heads. BIhyond thistube,
at the extreme end of thie larva is a
pIln t url eran} e ( ,1.; i ., ;. .' ,, a tuft of
Wiirs which act ,- i.. I, ,-." as the
bristhls on thile flac of a eat.
One more lit tle contrivance of this
baby must I e described. Tilis is a
little valve at the opening of the
tube which remains shut. to keep out
lie water when the baby is sub-
merged and opens to admit air when
at the water surface. \We can see now
wvliat happens when a larva wants to
breathe: with a twist and a turn of
its tail it i.- 1. to the top, thrusts
its breathing tube into the air, opens
tlie valve and takes in a full charge
of oxygen, and down it goes to its
t. 1i,,. again: hut where there is a
a little fihn of oil on the water surface,
this respiratory act has a lilb.r.-mi
Before the br. .ll,. l tiube reaches
the air tlie little hairy '"feelers" have
; .I 11,.1. "back water, danger ahead,"
and without opening its air valve
down it goes. an anxious and much
i,,, -i .1 larva; it can not spend much
time li,1 '. it over, its air supply is
running short fast and up it comes,
shoves through the oil .:.t-,inI' for
breath, tlie valve relaxs and admits
o,.. oil particles.into its tube and
through its "Il it slips like molten
lead, if it has strengtli to rise Ai' ,i,1 it
is onlv to receive one more deati blow
and de ath quickly follows. Duiiii'.-
the I w"' or tliree days of its pupa state
it devwlopes two air tubes,, like ears, at
each side of its lead and loses the
one at the extremlity. Now it is
douhly susceptible and falls an easy
prey to t Irt'oil trap set for it.
01' course the perfection of oiling
would be a film over the entire sur-
rase buit that is mniifiestly impossible
to maintain. What are the chances
of escape for lie larva from this im-
perfect spread of the oils. All larva
must come to the surface for air on an
I i I o monce i two minutes
andt t he frequently come oftener.
(onsequently their life is endangered
:1 times an hour. 7"' times in the ".1
hours and '.'.I' times hiiiui' the
twelve days of thMir larval existence.

D ,ii ._ the month .4' July there
was diillte: in the C('lcbra Cut by
stln and air drills 55'.0 lilneal feet;
well and iimechalical ehuri drills,
:;l..2t lineal feel: hand li dll ...
/2.; ,,,,' ., a total of Il,, . ",
lineal tfe or a toial distance of 19.38


Isthmian Baseball League.
Thli second season of the Isthmian
Baseball League just closed was
begun on the 28th of January last,
when the fr.1".. ii: teams faced the
flag to try for tihe pennant: Parnama,
Ancon, Cristobal, I.C.C. (Culebra),
Empire, (orgona and Marines. It
was noticeable from the start that it
would be a close race between I.C.C.,
Emnpii and Gigi.1.. these teams
being about evenly matched. Just
after the season strii. -d. the Panama
club dropped out of the race, and a
little later the Marines lowered their
colors and withdrew, their place lit."
taken vT the Kangaroos, leaving I.C.C.,
Enipiror. Ancon, Gureit.,. Cristobal
and the Kangaroos to finish the battle.
The regular season closed on August
18th, when the I.C.C. team beat Gor-
gona, r..rl:ring the race for the pen-
nant a tie between Empirr- and I.C.C.,
each having won 15 and lost 7 games.
A series of three games was then ar-
ranged by the League for the purpose
of settling the pennant race.
The first iam.- of this series was
played at Empire on Augnii 25th,
r.Fuilting in a victory for the LC.C.'s
by a score of 6 to 0, in one of the best
played games of the season. The
second game was |il,i.,l last Sunday
at Ancon, the I.C.U. team 1.-iniir
again victorious, this time by the
score of 4 to 2, thus taking two
straight games of the series and win-
ning the pennant for the season of
The firm of M.illr... Lupi &
Co., of Panama, presented to the
league, tlri,,iiHh President Purnell, a
very handsome silver cup, to be turned
over to the club winning the pennant,
which now goes to the boys from tlhe
heights at Culebra.
The season just ended has been an
unusually satisfactory one, both from
the standpoint of interest manifested
by the friends of the various clubs,
and the continued increase of atten-
dance at the games, besides a steady
improvement in the class of ball
The friends of the I.C.C. club have
arranged for a banquet to be given in
honor of their victory at the Hotel
Tivoli, on next Saturday -l', iiiii. at
which 100 guests will be seated, the
invitations being limited to that num-
ber, although scores of others have
expressed a desire to be present. Those
in l,;ar'm- of the i.. ii, say that it will
eclipse :m. 'hiii.1i of its kind held oil
the Isthnlmus in years.
It is not known yet just when the
next season will start, but the baseball
men believes it will surpass the sea-
son of 19u7, as the interest is growing
and the rivalry is intense.


Below is the summary of the game:
A.B. R. H. P.O. A. E.
Pr. 'n 3b ........... 5 1 1 6 2 1
lut c.f........... 0 1 0 0 0
'I 11. 4- 0 2 14 0 2
'. iit, r 2' 4 0 1 0 3 1
'. l. 3 1 0 2 1 1
,lI ] I' 4 1 1 0 0 0
*.' rT 4. 0 0 0 0 0
' inulhne c 4 1 2 3 8 1
-lilii..n L 2 0 0 0 3 0
Sorrel (5th)...... 2 0 0 2 3 0
3I 4 8 27 17 6

Sazzonni, s.s ....
FIuh.rit v. p..... ...
1'iti-rm.,n c .........

C r,, .i ck *'i ..

i. ri -i r. il,
HM nC 11*I *.- ,

I.C. C.........

R. H. P.O. A. E.
1 1 2 1 0
0 1 1 11 0
O 0 1 2 2
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 3 0 0
0 0 4 1 2
1 1 8 0 0
0 0 0 1 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 8 3 0
2 3 27 19 4
4 5 6 7 8 9
0 0 0 2 0 0- 4
0 0 0 1 0 0- 2

Stolen bases-I. C. C.. 2; Empire, 3. Two-
base hits-Bryan. I..... ,i r1 '. --Gamble to
Bryan. Base hits-(fT Shnn.ii.n. I off Sorrell,
2; Off I blllit 8. S.tlk ..,,-ii.--P Sli:.nr,..,,
1 ; by 2..'el. 2; by li. ir. .7. B... .i
balls-By Shannon, 2; by ..x.Til, 1; by Flu-
harty, 1. fIit 1.. ].ilh.ir--Bt S..rrell-1,. Um-
pire-Dr. I *..r,-erill Si .'r r-%\'. G. Manley.
Time ot .ii,.-T\.. i.iur.

Culebra Chess Club.
The classification tournament, which
started August 5, closed Monday,
September 2. It has been well attended
and very successful. Of the fifteen com-
petitors originally entered, thirteen com-
pleted their games.
The following is the schedule showing
scores and rank of each player:

1 M. Meltzer 10
2 T. C. Hubbert 9
3 W.C ( ,M li. rI 9
4 J. i* t \ eirtl 8
5 S. Seli in 7/
6 L. I' ..I, 7
7 H. E. Griffin 7
1 A C. C.rj. 5
2 J.C.K ..'lI.:r 5
3 Geo. W. Strong 5
1 L. T. Manner 3
2 G. Johnson 2
3 C. D. Newman -

2 plus S
3 plus 71V
3 plus 6
4 plus 4
4 plus 312
5 plus 2
5 plus 2

7 minus 2
7 minus 2
7 minus 2

9 minus 6
10 minus 8
13 minus 13

In the following tournaments a victory
over three players in any class entitles the
victor to be numbered in that class.
The officers of the Chess Club are: Geo.
W. Stri.ii. president; M. Meltzer, secre-
tary; \\ mi. DuBois, chess master.

Bowling League..
S :i ioiiini of teams on September 7:
-'Number of Games-
Cristobal... 15 10 5 .666
Empire...... 15 10 5 .666
G;. rl..,I- 15 8 7 .55
C.i,rlr:, 15 2 13 .133

Empire Club.
Secretary J. Floyd McTyier reports the
following lecture schedule for the coming
week at the Empire club house:
Friday, September 13, 8:00 p.m.-Smoker.
1'r..., ,t, i consist of music by orchestra, solos,
i,.n. l-..7u ,- ventriloquism, etc.
Saturday, September 14, 8:00 p.m.-"The
Interior of Panama." Lecture by Mr. J. C.
Tuesday, September 18, 8:00 p.m.-Star
course entertainment. "rThe Mim.- i -i,, fJ i, *'
hy Mr. Thomas McClary of .m .ni .1h, Mir;n

S-trl-.Fr S'.prrmZ;c r 21. 5 it0 p.m -Lecture
bI .1r M .|,n..] MI .I 'hell
Sunday, September 22, 3:00 p.m.-Meeting
for men.
Besides the above-mentioned events, the
regular activities in and about the building
that will take place at the usual hours. rec
the following:
Spanish Class No. 1-Monday and Thursday
evenings each week at 7:30.
Spanish Class No. 2-Wednesday evenings at
Boxing Club-Friday evenings at 8:00.
P.li;dl;riin open for ladies every Tuesday
anil Thur-day afternoons from 2:30 to 5,
and are invited to all public functions.

Gorgona Club.
Mr. Ralph R. Wolf, the secretary, has ar-
ranged for the following evenings:
7:00 to 8:20-Gymnasium Class, hall. Mr.
Ferris in charge.
8:00 to 10:00-Local bowling tournament.
No. 2 vs. 3.
8:00 to 9:00-First Aid to the Injured. Dr.
2:30 to 4:30-Open house to Women.
Women's Club meeting.
8:15 p.m. sharp-Second Isthmian lectures;
Messrs. R. W. Bergin and H. G. Prescott.
Subject: Old Days on the Panama Railroad.
7:00 to l --P1'sinl .nd wrestling club,
hall. M r. i,-.i..i cl.-.rLcr
8:00 to 10:00-Practice bowling; first team
vs. Scrubs.
1,,, ,, .' ,.-r, ,- i .,i.. committee room Mr.
....r.r i, t .11 ..Ii ,rg :
7:00 to 8:15-Gymnasium class, hall. Mr.
Ferris in charge.
7:00 to 8:00-Conferences of all members in-
terested in Spanish.
8:15 to 9:45-Spanish class, mess hall.
Zone Bowling League-Culebra vs. Gorgona
at Culebra.
8:15-Public reception to meet newcomers
and non-members; ladies invited. The Gorgona
Woman's Club will receive, and have open
house to all the white public.
3:00 sharp-Third of Isthmian lectures; Mr.
L. F. ,le M..-ntii-r, n,., S`,.ject: The Old Isth-
mus 'it .'- nI .O.I.lir- Open house. No
Mr. Thomas McClary will give the
fourth Lyceum entertainment on either
Tuesday, September 17, or Thursday, Sep-
tember 19.

By the I. C. C. Band at La Boca, C. Z.,
Sunday, Sept. 15, 1907, at 2.30 p.m.:
1 March.................. Dunlap Com-
mandery............ Hall
2 Overture.. vn,..l Thomas
3 Waltz ...... .... lowtow
4 Tr ,ier nr i ... 1.-.1 .'V Iinark
5 B .,i i. r r.. 1. e .nil the
Gates ofPara-
,!ie king
L l. 1s%. c r, i. S.
6 Medley .... ...... Rc'nnl Iliti Lunmpe
7 Idy l 1, h.ni lell
8 Selection....... u Ti urhcmiin
iil . Baille
9 Descriptive fantasie Cavalry Charge... Luders
SYNOPSIS-Morning of thr uitie. in-
fantry hi ,rl 'l i 'r .,....1.;j ',itll f,'r- .oifd
drums; c'' .lr.. in th distance, eoiilng
nearer and nearer until they charge upon
the enemy; cavalry, infantry and i.rillerv in
the melee of rb..tk defeat of the meninu
pursued in the 'J-l.iit.i by the cavalry.
10 March...................Heart of Rome.... Brooks
Musical Director.

THIE CAN.\L R, 1:11


11: i'hi -. L L .,r,,,,. ,i,, ,rw center line of Canal before excavation began
T l,. I- r. l t. lF PE IT
\ C. lt-lr ....... ... ............. ... ............... . .. 312
s li'..i L'-. iitl, ,ii l\.- .tion bv the French:
S)n I L I o at Culebra ..e.. .. . .. . .. ... ........ . . 1 1
On I.C.C. Canal axis at Bas Obispo........ ........................ 14S
Greatest center-line depth ,.- '.r..;i. I., 1i excavated when Americans
took control in order to -: ..i.i i. 1 .-....., of an 85-feet level canal:
At Culebra-at same point as before................. il.... .... ........... 11
At barrier on Contractor's Hill... ....... .............. ............... about 14 10
At BEi,-, - .. .... ..... .... .45
Amount :.', .'ii 'Ima .I *T control: cUm C V\ R)S
In Culebra Division (car .Al .ri-,.) to September 1, 1907............ .... 9,63,3.763
Total excavation by the E ir. .I,. ti all points and including ri-,'-rti. tp
, I1. ..r, 1 ....... .................. ..1i 70,600.00(;
T.,i il c L-hri i[,I tI .. iT...n i.-..i.r.I .'-1n1 1, 1907 for an 85-fcct level
In canal prism ........................ ........ .. .......... ........... 101,50000
On lock sites............................... ........................... ....................... 7,9 5,000
For regulating work and diversion channel. ................................... 2150,000
Dredging in old Channel, Cristobal to Gatun, to open construction
channel; and at Panama, to keep channel open to La Boca ... ..... 3,350,000

Total ...................... .. .......................... .. 114,515,000

Monthly Totals since American Occupation at Colon.



1 ", I 11 .1 .

In Canal Outside of In Canal Outside of ,, ,,,. ,
PCanal Canal ... r
Prism Prism Prism Prism l'rsm Prism


Monthly Totals Since American Occupation.


By Steam Shovels.

Month 190 J, 1905 1906 1907
,Cubic Yards Cubic Yards CubicYards Cubic Yards

Jaiuliryt ....

Dec.. r...
Octohcr ......




7 5,935
-. -,



Totals... 243,472 914,254 2,702,991 5,773.046

Total, 19014 ................................... 243,472 cuh!c yards
Total. 190, I1 I cubic yards
Total, 190( *I .cbic yards
Total, 19(15 107 .t .1pt. 1, 1 I. 9,63,76 c cubic yards

Grand total to Sept. 1, 1907.......... 9,633,763 cubic yards


1-'3,5 tO





1,027,645 121,322 621,701

Total to .3-z 1 1907-2,170,488 cubic yards.
SOn this I-,., ,,i there was also removed from tie prism 731 vards in the Mindi
Hills by steam shovels.

Monthly Totals since American Occupation at La Boca.



In Canal Outside of In Canal
Prism Canal Prism
Prism Prism I'rism





S T{buary ..
M arch.......

June .........
July .........


I 1906

r11t CIanal Onts-de of From Can
Prism iCana Prism

1" 7


ial Outside of

1 I 3:832
17 14.628



522 572 18.460

Outside of In Canal Outside of
Caal Canal
Prison Prisnm P' 1isl

J'intu any 95,940
I hLI.,- .." 95,940
M.11 ,_h 1. 116,820
.A .r.t 110,700
May ........ 112,340
June......... 50,676 62.697
July ......... 41,533 98,400
. II-u." 54,530 111 ,930
Snt..r"iIr 114,308 105,780
I 1...,1..'I 1 Ii 97,170
N.\.. .Il.r 71 .1 7 92,988
L,,:c.]ihlr 71,094 90,528

Totol... 485,153 1,191,233

Total to Aug. 1, 1907-2,423,825 cubic yards.


9 ,710
92.3 19
S1.2' -


January ....
Fcbruiry ...
M arch.......

J, ,
Suly ............

November, I r

3, 36 7
4,72 4,907


5,263 19,839

.rno-lii]' the items of material and One hundred and IiI'i buildings at Thepoleline li the Cullebra-Empire
u'pplee handled during the last fiscal Culebra are now equipped with a total electric 1.lpt plant is to be extended
i:..ir. Mr. ',l,.i reports -t;.;,,.,i of 2,393 electric'i-' i At Eipire. 70 to Las (Iaseadas and Paraiso, and
feet of lumber; 254,000 cross ties, houses contain a total of 1.030 llii. these towns arc to bc wired for lights.
4.11.11 piles and about .,',.i.in tons of
miscellaneous cargo. This material Material and sunppli's received dur- An autimnatic ti., alarm I.. I.i
was handled by 252 gold ciil.~. i. ing the last fiscal year amounted to ., ,, for Connlission buildings at
.:i4 silver men and 503 colored labor- 37 full i r... of mat erial and A.mon and in the city of Palnaia is to
ers, making a total of I .':-** men, part cargoes from about 150 ships, be established.

The ni r..i .- number of men on the One hundred and sixty-tw lot(inii-
roll of the Building Department dur- tives worked in the Culebra Cut dur-
inii the last y1-, .i1 year was .;.."; men. i..- July.

'lrI. (Cmmisslin architect prepared
1 .15 IIM -I, .1 sets of ,1 ,ul _- -.lmi,.,
the lhst year.

M1 arch......
A pril
i 'Ir,
I ..] .

ili il .r.r
iL pct l.-

T otals...

- otals.


ti t (: :t s i c:! r :c i t ,-.; : :f t h e \ci t cr ./u

A Pearl Island Trip.
1 ... ', the e:torts of .M r. 1. II.
a, .. i I ., I Departm ent
iI 1, II. aoro ( tulb ra, a trip. over
I..'. I .. Pearl Island. in tihe
Iacifi e. .*' 0 mihs south of Pan-
aita. ws ,: i_ I iand carried through
suetessf iP .
A s'hooner of lhaI(ut thiriv tons
(apreity was chartered from Pinel
IBros., 1 111 .. for 8.00 .-.11 C1 om-
rmissary supplies to the amount of
about *. were purchased, and proved
to be more than -i. ,,,. i i for our
needs lri ,i,_ thie trip which coonsumted
approximately two full days. Ti,- cost.
per member ...- ..11.t :hi, like 81.5(.
The pariv .. ,, ,r,.. ,I t, men. mtiale
iii. ..f ". r.In Ctolel)ra tanld 4 frimi
I.ul.,,. and left Pinel Bros'. pier,
near the inii t' i. 10 o'clock Saturdlay
i] lI. \\, ',* rowed out. to thie
schooner which was anchored about
a quarter of a mile .'I shore. Anehort
was weighed at 11 o'clock. With a con-
tinuous ......1 wind we should have
reached the island 10 o'clock Sai' ,i .
II.., i_: as it was, we got the 1 '. i
Sunday afternoon. The vessel an-
chored amileand a half off shore, .,i,.
it was nearly 5.30 before the whole
party had been landed.
The island is the largest of a group
and the pieturesqueness of its natural
beauty, as well as that of the sur-
r.i,' lilii.- islands, is a delight to the
* .,. rI'[,. village on the island, com-
pli-i,. some one hundred or more
shacks, is so situated that every but
can be seen as viewed from the deck
of the schooner, with the diminutive
spire of its lone church showing up
most prontinently,
Owing to tnie lateness of the hour
at which we landed there was very
little time for touring the island or the
'.ll i' ,. The natives are of the type to
be found in most of such island settle-
meiits and in the more remote native
settlement, tlhir,_.. iii thie Zone, as
we know them. Pearl flti.. is prac-
tically the only industry'.
We returned to thle vessel just as
dusk was (ominig on and remained
aboard o.. l-.li Early AMonday miorn-
iii,_ thie I.. 1rr : .... returned to
the island and spent t tic liie until 11
a.m ., '.** i.. the village. 1. '. a ind
,- Ti,,i. photographs. T'l,. i aMn
excellent beaclih at thie '.iii i is all
that one could wish.
We started al the return trip at 11
o'clock Mondayl morning :ind arrived
at Panama about 4.:;0 ''ttar.day after-
nooni. The trip down colnsuitted 19
hours and that returning iari hours.
To those of oulr frietis who coalteai-
plate such a trip wte '" leave to men-


tion that the petty Iha'd ships inciden-
tal to samte are outof all proportion to
tite pleasure to be derived PThat is to
say, with a limited time ait your dis-
1 .i 1. liche use of a somewt hatl antiqua-
ted -, a,,. v. -1. with no means of
r ,ii.- t he inclemencies of the
weather or the II. heat of the stun,
I';, ." on deck wrapped in h a 'I1 ii I.
ecu.. one is ap to feel that .
The 'icolebra .. ...ni .. contprised
Messrs. Oliver., D.iin ...a ll .t, Broawn,
I- .' '. i 1.,.,. ., ,11 I;_ !y P oore,
', :,.- 1 ; ,: ,. IIubbert, llarring-
lon. (arr, Bell, F. A. Brown, Cotton.
Ihll. (Cameron, 1. i,'., Windsor: that
i, ..11 Empire, Messrs. P. W. Davis,
0. M. Davis. la bitt, t a1,, and
W. o. 'l; 1: Iv.
'i;1. l .,.. Sept. (;, 1l 07.

Extra Copies of The Record.
I wish to subscribe, if possible, for
one or two more copies of THE CANAL
IIECORD right through the year. and
have one of these sent to the Engi-
S... h._ Library. University of Illinois.
W ill -., kindly write me if this can
be arranged at my own expense.
G(atun, C. Z., Sept. 6, 1907.

[A copy ofTHERi: CORD will be sent
free regularly to the l ,.... r i,.
Library, University of Illinois, as such
institutions are entitled to receive it.
Such extra copies as employees desire
can be obtained at the Panama Rail-
road news stand. No subscription list
will be kept.]

Locomotive Engineers and Longevity.
We were all very ._1 -.1 indeed to get
THE RECORD to-daty at Las Cascadas
and I for one want to thank you for
filling a long felt want on thie Ist hus.
and I heard nmanyappreciative remarks
as tie men read the columns of your
neat little paper.
I noticed in "L. .. ._.ii .nl ,-
tions" that yon have in'advertentlv
left, out of the list Locomotive 1'i_;-
neers as ..' I ;I_ the ''- per cent.
increase after the Ii'-, year's service
and the additional three per (cent
after that: all thle locomotive n_-
neers will thank yon heartily if you
will correct this mistake in your next
I i1 ,, al-,, you ill advice for the
favor and a I... you the very best
success, I am, i
Locomot11e Engineer.

[ 1'1,. Loconotive Ti,,.in. i have
been added to the list.]

Culebra Hotel.
(Extract frooma letterto t Ile [.I.t ailan Si )
I would Ill... t, *., <. i,. a little in-
formation as to ilti a .. I served liOrr,
for wheln I left Baltimore last April to
come here the newspapers had a -_'.,1
deal to I'. about tie food served Amer-
icans. Let me say 'i._iht here that
there is no hotel in tlii :i,.- that can
serve such meals as are served here
for .', cents. hIotel could make
expenses bly -' r..ii._ the .tainl.it\ and
(q1|.dli, of food as served here for less
than 50 cents. The hotel (kitchen,
I tt i'.., ` liiiii-' room, store room,
butcher shop and bakery), is inspected
by tie district |ihl -Ii iii two or three
times a week. TFI, f...... its *1ii.lth,
how ....1.., 1, how served, dishes. uten-
sils, silver, -_1 .-- -. table linen, hotel
help, etc., are all inspected. Yet
some of the boarders are always kick-
ing. Especially in the dininir room
reserved for clerks there is always some
1:;. kiii' by clerks, who, no d1,1il,
never had a li,..r position in thlie
States than .ll, 1 I. oys or chief clerk
at some business place at $5 a week.
Admiral Rosseanu, Major I.ii,.l in'. and
Lieutenant Wood all dine here. They
never kick, no doubt because they
were used to good living before work-
ing for the United ".,i.i,. or coming to
Panama. Below is the bill of fare for
t.-ihlt'- dinner:
Oyster stew; roast turkey till ..1.
with eraitberrv sauce; beef ia tla i].1,:
sliced tomatoes. -,ii:n corn, mashed
potatoes, rice fritters with vanilla
sauce: ,'- ir.i ._- ta, st, banana cus-
tard,, .1i .. ri at rni.-l., tea, ,.1iT.-:: and
:... if thereis a hotel in Baltimore
that can duplicate this at the price,
and serve two or three orders of any
dish if aboarder ask for them, I would
like to know which hotel it is, so that
I may know where to stop when I again
get back to Baltimore.
With n.mi -, ..... wishes for the suc-
cess of flu- ',un.
Culebra, Isthmus ,,' Panama.
E.1-.ir IH. de Senan. in it.i_,"' of the
hotel requests the publication in THE
CANAL RECORD of his menu for ",. p.
tember ." I. as follows:
Mixed pickles; Rhode Island clain chow-
der; lobster with mayonnaise ; roast
young turkey (., iaii.1, with cranberry
sauce; French toast with fruit sauce; as-
paragus with melted butter; potatoes in
cream; clhcolate ice cream; jelly cake;
cheese; crackers; tea; cocoa; coffee. Din-
ner-5 t o 7 p.m.

The population of Panama is esti-
mated ''. thie Sanitar'y Department to
to be : I ': that *i ('olon as I 1.e.;;
and that of the Canal Zone 54,3,25,

Order of Red Men.
Referring to your announcement in
the issue of I'li: RECORD about pub-
lishing matter of general interest, I
would thank you to insert thefollow-
The Tilpr..l.1 Order of Red Men,
with tribes at Cristobal, ;..r ..i., Las
Cascadas, Empire, Culebra, and Pedro
.Mi.nii.l. is the largest Fraternal
Organization on the Isthmus. 1. r i_-
almost 700 members.
Cocdes Tribe No. :3, at lpi,. is
especially progressive, and on Satur-
L.i\, August lilth. initiated a class of
ten pale-faces from Pedro Miguel.
The tribe would be pleased to have
all members of the order visit the wig-
wam at Municipal Hall, Empire. Canal
Regular meetings held every Friday
evening at 7.30.
IHARRY E. P1 i 1.1r.
Chief of Records.
Empire, Sept. 5, 1907.

Ohio Club.
GoRnosA, C. Z., Sept. 8, 1907.
SiI..- Ohio ( li.I. of the Canal Zone
will give a social at G.. _..r,, Hotel,
Saturday *-'. i .-. September 14th. All
Ohio men, whether members or not.
are cordially invited to attend. If
those wishing to be present will notify
President C. W. K.- ir,';..!|. the neces-
sary .ir:i_.. ii 1. will be made. All
the, '.i" i... . I iis social will be borne
by the Ohio Club.

Knigh's of Pythias.

EMPIiRE, C. Z., Sept. 7. 1907.
\Ill you kindly publish tlhe follow-
ing notice in vour next issue:
T'1 i.- will be ia special nme 'l of
Empire Lodge No. 2, Knights of
Pythias, on September 14th, for the.
purpose of I;.- 1 tiii.. ('ulebra Lodge
N. 3. All members are requested to
be present. Vl-i;.; i brothers invited.
P. F. M iEutR,
Chancellor Commander.
------------- ,

From an Address by W. C. Haskins, of the
Department of Material and Supplies, before
his fellow-citizen', at Oelwein, Iowa, in July
TIn- i,. -1 quarters .,--.i-i-.'1 me after
my arrival on the Isthmus, July 1,
I'. 14. were in an 111 ).11 ward at Ancon
Hospital, which lies just outside of
Panama city. "l,, i,. were as near as
I can recollect about tliirty -1 2..-1 iron
beds of French make, i ii .I hospital,
4tvle, a row on each ,i..-f the room.
Our conveniences there were far from
de luxe. One -ir.. hi'-l I .,.l 1,. chair


was made to do duty for tlie entire
bunch, and1 this useful article was
generally r.i.,ir in the morning ,l,-..-
side the bed of the one who was last, in
at night. We had but one laii p. and
this was usually empty. There were
no mirrors, and tlie fortunate posses-
sor of an individual looking glass was
to be envied. Some combed their
hair and shaved with the aid of thlie
.,: in.L glass windows backed up
against the wall. There were but two
washstands for all of us, but thanks
to the French, there were a couple of
pretty decent shower baths. We lived
in constant dread of the alacran, or
...|.'I.,. who seems to have a pon-
* I11i i- buildings long unused, and
for going to sleep in your clothlies or
shoe after having retired for the night.
One ..i,' 'i,.. one of these fellows'
which have a stinger where their tail
ought to be, dropped froni the ceiling
to the wash basin, where I was per-
forming illy ablutions. On another
occasion I shook one out of t lie fold
.-' my collar, where he had been enjoy-
ing a quiet snooze.

Commission Clubs.
A. Bruce AMinear, :.. I ,1 secretary
of t he Y. M1. C. A., has prepared the
following statistical report of the
operations at the four Comimission
Club houses. during August:
Total membership, -- 31......... I 1.1 -
Membership increase ior the mionith 273
Total number bowling games........ "I. ..'
Average per day........................ 20S
Total number games of billiards
an pool...................................... 10,4;0
Average per day ............................ 400
Total incomiie friomi soda fountains.. $1,2 Vt
Average income per day................. $1..05
Number of different mcniusing gym-
na iu l ... .............................. .. 222
Number enrolled in Chess and
Chelcker clubs .............................. Sl
Number car llel in Glee clubs....... 47
Number enrolled in Dramatic and
M instrel clubs............................ 3S
Numib' r enrolled in I h- ';, s if;
Number enrolled ittn *. ..'- 34
Number enrolled in Bible clubs...... 12
Numbe r enrolled ill Spanish classes 86
Number enrolled in M:echanical
I .._ class .............................. 12

Total attend iance.... ...... ....... ........
Number of Travel Talks................. 3
A -. attendance........................ 1 0
Number of imported entertain-
mients.......................................... 7
Average attendance ................... 272
Number of functions outside of
Associati on '' I I 7
Average attendance...................... 01
Number of afternoons for women 36(
'.1.. .. .* attendace......................... 13
:-,i,,,,. i of evening functions to
which women were invited ........ 37
Average attendance of women..... 31
Nuiiber of committees................. 56
Different mien on commifttees......... 274
Number of letters written at
public tables........... .................... 6,925
A ,i .,-" p-, r dq" 223
T o tal ,. i. ,. i ..
elusive of functions by outside
clubs.............................................. 2 1, 90
Average attendance per day......... 690


Appropriations and Expenditures Down to
June 30, 1907.

Approprhi~n s-,
iForI' 91 I il e (I 'l~ .. -1til


i'or d il ,,I l i:
June 2 1 2...................... 1
I)ecem ber 21. 19'._ 5 ............. 1 A ,. ..... . .
Februanrv 27. 1. ............ 5.990.7s56.0(10
June 30, 1 ( ............ ....... 25,*15 6,*115.08
To la *,,'] ";-';'1 10 ,4.47,201.08
Revenues . .... .. 215,09D.09
Total..... .... ....... ....... 102.6(0 2,295.77

For can l i Ti;,'lht of
v a nd 1 ........
For Panama Rniiroadl stock
o w n ed ...... .. .................... ...
For mlaterita an:11d s l, in-
.61 1 t. of trllase,
0, 1, I',, Il 1 "d trnn1pli orta-
a d e lsive
of material i s1' u e d ;t n d
charged anaint the account

Ixpenditurjts for salaries,
wages, traveling oand co
ting"ent expenses, and mnatte-
rials used:
For i neril administration.
For I.aw and (Idloverntillt" ,
For Sanitation Tand lItSiii-
tals ..................... .........
ForConstrctlion and Ingi-
neering .. . .......
For plant.. ... ... ...........
Loans to the i'Painam Rail-
road Comlpany. ...............
Advances t tthe Panamlla Rail
road Co mp any ... ....
Individuals Ia n dI companies
repreenllting expend I tirc.s
for supplies asd services
furnisled t he P n
Railroad Coi panj an.l
other interests en,- t d im
allied work and for which
collections have been or
will be made. t-- i"
ceIds thereof I ,,
the Treasinr y of the
United States as miscel-
laneous receipts ........_.....


1.93,655, 613

4, 3G0,,s75.43
15,3 94,8 3- 17
I11,, t4 0 0.7 b


Total........................ 00o 49o, 1 6. 1

Statemllent of mounlllits 1111e to
Isth.i:111 Caial Cnon t nis nill
hVe individuals and
comipari 111 -" I th 1a ina
Canal ( ,. to vnri-
o(is in liiduVia s ,
.une 1 but included
i statemeI :
011p1aiId x .i 't a 1nd, tIiscel a-
leOn. collection for individ-
a5ls and cil l" ........ 3,252,655..11
Dune to I. C "I'
tion, services .,, i
.material s ...................... 716,976 30
NeL alanre t1 ue Iv I. C. C. ill-
c e1d1 1 1 ill l d s itemlviill
hut tunset tlcd June .:0, l1107. 2.535,678.75

COLoN, Sept. 6, 1907.
Effective this date. the following changes
ill organization will be effective:
Mr. J. A. Smith i; : appointed Superinten-
dent in charge of Transportation including
water terminiiiials at Colon and La Boca.
Mr. R. XV. Bergin is appointed Assistant
Superintendent, the position of Master of
Transportation being abolished.
Ass nit to President,
:,n general 1In6fggr.
President t


l.icut.-Col (c \.-V. (. .i a,. '.S-A Clhar-
iaiin ani CIhief Elm/ii, cr. Culcli.i.
MXaj. I. 1D. G ill ar, I'. S. A., C iulh ra.
'I XX i. L. Si-ier,. U. S. A., Cu lbra.
I I. 11. R unsciau, C. S. N., Culeb.I.
Mr. J. <. [ lack|lurni. Anicon.
Col. W C. I'. S. A.. Ai. c in,.
iMr. Jacks s:. *- ', CuleIbra.
Mr. J s.eph Bucklin I.-'. ,. Sceri ltari .


Construction and Engineering.
Lieut. Col. Geo. \X. Goethals, 1'. S. A..
Chairi.man and Chief 1", ;,. Ciiledbra.
X\in. IHoward n i., . .
Department of Excavation and Dred(ing:
Maj I1). D. Gaillard, S. A., Culebra.

'1 1. 1..I. ir I ..I' ,i. U. S. A., Division

S M .Ill ...... chief clerk.
I). W. Bolich, Division I i. iii. I Empire.
S. J. Kennedy, chief clerk.
R. B. Smith, Re.;l. t U.;.i. i C ;.'i. 1.1,
XXW .G. Com ber, i,.,1 .,n I- I,,,, I -. i i
David B. Stratton, chief clerk.
I. I' "t i. ni of Lock and Dam Construction:
'. .1 ,., L. Sibert, U. S. A., Culebra.
I.. '.1 Sands, chief clerk.

1Mi Cheeter Harding, II. S. A., Division
I I i..i ill
L. I'. lcuaiipson, chief clerk.
Win. ~ .'i Division Engineer, Cristobal.
ir- L.. . I'll. -..W. chiefclerk.
Sydney B. Williamson, Division i ii..... i.
La Boca.
E. A. LeMay, chief clerk.
R. M. Arango, Divisiom ETi .,ii. i (Divis-
ion of'.1. i. .r..,. .....I River Hydraulics).
I). \Y. MacCormick. chief clerk.
Division of Map Making and Ti.I, ..-,. I.!.
Charles F. Bertoncini, Chief, Ancon.
Department of Mun,,.. I.'! ]'i, ..1 i.
tive Pow er and 'I1 .... i 1. 1 I...1.
Construction: H 11 i ..--,- .1 I '- .

J. G. Holconmbe, Division I ....ii. (Divis-
ion1 of M u:,' I I Ei| i i.' '. i ii,.- Ancon.
I C M l' .. r I i il ,, c ... I I I
0-. .... D. Brooke, Superintendent, Motive
I', ,* and Machinery, Culebra.
F. W. Doty, chief clerk.
W. M1. Belding, Master Builder (Division
of P,.iii,.-: Construction), Culebra.
t-. H. Barbour, chief clerk.
Division of Material and Supplies: W. G.
Tubby, Chief, Cristohal.
.tMax Dyer, chief clerk, Cristobal.
W. C. Haskins, chief clerk, Ancii.
Win. Krugel, Stationer and Printer.
Civil Administration.
IIhni. Jo C.S. Blackburi,. Head of the Depart-
inll it, Ancon.
II. D. Reed, Executive Secretary, Ac, n.
J. K. Baxter, chief elvrk, Ancon.

Tom Xf. Cooke, Chief, Division ,f Posts,
CustoMnls and Reven 1es, A m ,i.
H. M I ...... D .,,: .:lle. >. Ane,),
George i i ..,, I. "of I Aiiiin.
I). E. McDonald. chief clerk.


C. Ii. \ iii i, Chief, Fire Department,
A nion.
1E. 11 ale, chief clerk.
G i 1, C ipeiin, W at er *....1111 --...a. i
Xi en.

Canal Zone Judiciary.

Canal Zorn J.udliciary: S supreme Court, Dr.
F'. Muids llurn11. CIhief ustice, Aneon.
H A '* .'. -.< ," '- .,,. I'nipire.
L ori, <. .. '.- ..- \ . .1 1. C ris-
t .,il.
\ aler Emery, clerk of court, Ancon.
Cir, uit Ciurt, First circuit: Dr. F'. Mutis
Du'ii, Judlge, Aieon.
alher winery, Cireuit Court clerk, Ancon.
Circuit Court, Second circuit: II. A.
nd.izer, |Joi''. Ei'mpire.
libert M. I.... -i.. Circuit Court clerk,
Circuit Court, Third circuit: Lorin C.
Collins. Judge, Cristobtl.
Nelson R. Johnson, Circuit Court clerk,
Prosecutiiing Attorney: George M. Shontz,

Actitng P.-i. -,.ii,._ Attorney: Thomas
F. Brow ,, Ji, \T,.. *.
Translators: F. H. -'I. l'.1 and Charles
M. Brown.
Col. W. C. Gorgas, U. S. A., Chief Sanitary
'I ..r Ancon.
Harry C. Boray, chief clerk.

II. R. Carter, Director of Hospitals, Ancon.
J.C. I ,..., Clh fQi, ,, ,,,.. Officer, Ancon.
Joseph A. Li i iin. L, ii Sanitary In-
spector, Ancon.
I i, John. L. Phillips, U. S. A., Superin-
tendent, Arcon tH..pital \nie. n
J. F. Leys, IL S.N pirni. ii it Colon
Hospital, Colon.
Labor, Quarters and Subsistence.

Jackson Smith, '.I I, .. i Culebra.
Lieut. R. E. '......I l S. A., Assistant
I ... Culebra.
a. C, Klauber, chief clerk.
Etdward J. Williams, Disbursing Officer, Em-
\V. M. Wood, chief clerk.
Examiner of Accounts.
HI. IL. .rui. Empire.
\V. D. AMabry, chief clerk.
Panama Railroad Company.
WX. G. Bierd, assistant to the President, and
General Manager, Colon.
XW. G. Tucker, secretary, Colon.

Movement of Ocean Vessels.
The f .11.. i, is a list of the sailings of
the Panama Railroad Steamship C. mlP..,.
of the Royal Mail Steam n '.. i.cr C.m.ii
S and of the I1 H i.,1, 1.. .riic Line,
, l'anaina Rail.a l.i -'1. i, 'I dates
leing subject to change:

O t.ioc,............ ....... 3 ... ' 7
Ir .: e*,...... .......... I' 12
Vlf i i . ...................... ,' .. 14
.. .. L 1*.. c-.- ..Sept. 21
li ni i: C .as c ie....... .i . .,,.r u 4
I i a C ............ ........ I. uK .UIon ;11 t lu" steat i'rs of thi ,i .* .'. '_ ~kmnerican
1 : M ail lines eall I-. .... ., >, enroute

S 1 . ir ,.i c I It.i 1.i .1 c.,pc 9
F/'', e. ..1 1, . ...r|,,, 1 .-.,'e (."i 14
Finya ce..... ..............P rl .,t 11 ,! t4 .M,,( 1
Alt I.......... ........... li 1 ri ,i,.r 11
l, r P ,'/, I -,., ,,m 4',i
Advance .................. p n .. ,, .-
Trent...... ......... ... R .M in .,. .r .
Ve e ia .. .......... .. H I8 ., ,
Panattna.................. P T, .; P 1 ,'. I.. I
All koyal Mail steamers mentioned above,
and the PIrinz hitel Friedrich and Pri '.
mnuadef.l ,1 ili,,. -..,n enroute to New 'i ..ri
T h e -i.l t I ] l .. i.. i .1 1. i. l. ,
steamer front New 'I t.. il,. ,I
, cl. due to arrive tl, I'.,11 11. I I. .I .i'
,>...:- hy this line from .,,..h *i , tl .
S,,,,r,.- ,, tilce French line (Cie. 0Gnlrale
I .. it ,*11 i'l.ii for Venezuelan I.-a .. : Tlar-
l ,,..".. i h '' i .,,leloupe on the 3d ii -1 .1 of
*h 11. riih nnections made for Trinidad
by steamers sailing on the 23d.

Commissary Prices.
For week ending Sept. 7;
Mutton, entire forequarters, per b.... 10
Mutton, short-cut chops .... do 19
Mutton, leg ........................ do 17
Lamb, f.,r ;e. do 11
Lamb. ii L i r... ... i...irt do 11
Lamb, sl-,,I'r .c, .. h., -. do 27
Lamb. leg..................... do -4
I;- sirloin, roast............. do 1 -
14,'L. rib roast, short cut..... do 17
I,..,. tilb roast, second cut.. do 15
B-[I, chuck roast................ do 1 "
-t, I... Porterhouse ...... ..... do.'
5r-., sirloin.................... do 21
r," .. r 1.1 do 23
SI, i hi'l, .r, 1do 22
I r n. do 1; .
lI, r], ,..*n,.,I do 10, 1 2 1+
13 '" soup .......................... do 7
[' ,l stew ........................ do ICI
Veal, t.L i IIC'- do 21
veal. rtn.it i.ii i,. do 20
Veal, I ii do 12
Veal, ...,,t,, l. .-.iIr ,r do 9
Veal, i..r -.t. . do 8
Pork, cuts.......... ............. do 20
Sausage, pork..................... do 17
Frankfurt 1iiane. do 17
Ham, S.,. ,r C ar.: ,-in..l do 2
H amn l/.. I',, .i" r,., :lirf, do -i,;
Bacon, -.,,- .1I, ir. l.i' i-. '.hL>;.I do *t;3
Chickens, dressed, (milk fed) each...$1 4.0
Fow ls .................................. do 1.20
Capons, Philadelphia_........... do 2.40
T,,rl. I- Irrlb...... 2614
lTr,',.-hr. I .- ...i]]>kth each... :."
Eggs, fresh......................... per dozen 29
Butter, prints, prime quality.per Ib.... 34
Cheese, cream ................... each... 22
Cheese. Neufchatel .............. do 6
'i,. ,: C.,i, li,.[i do 28
C h e. l. .i.'ei, ,rt rr lb .... 45
Cl, ,:. t ..,, ir, ,. do o22
:,Illi ['r,.r..l]]l F.-, l. .-r quart A-25
Lemons........................... per dozen 15
Pineapples.................... each 10
Oranges........ ............... ......per dozen 15
Nr pplr: ....perlb ..... 6*
Lii ....per hundred 30
'r dozen 5
| ,,l. per lb...... 12
c, I r It.r bunch 22
I n ii. r rp.r lb...... 5
New potatoes..... ............... do 3
Sweet do..................... do 2%
Cabbage .................. .... do 3
Lettuce.................... .. do 7*
Onions............... .................. do 3
Watermelons.................... each 25
C ,nt ,, do 8
i l ,0. "i. i'i- .per quart. 25

* Indicates reductions from last list.
' Indicates 5 cents allowed for return of
Sold only from Cold Storage and not from

The total number of reported deaths
on the Isthmus .ltiriii, the month of
July was 357, of which 145 were in
Panama; ..; in Colon and I.':, on the
C.ti.i1 Zone.

The Canal Record


No. 3.

The Canal Record

Published weekly under the authority and supervision of the

"The Canal Record'' is issued ire' o
charge, one copy each, to all cmployes ol
the Commission and Panana Railroad
L*,,/,'.'1 whose names are on the .,
roll. Extra copies can be obtained f1omi
the news stands of the Panamnl Railroad
Company lor five cents each.

Address all Communications
Ancon, Canal Zone,
Isthmus of Panama.


Early Work on Gatun Dam.
A dipper 1,.d'1. n ow engaged
1, .ii'l the *.,fi i, iti 1.I1 from tilhe
bed of the I hi.i. within the space
to he occupied by thle dam. As soon
as this is completed the old I I1 ,. -.
will be shluti -t11 at tile down stream toe
,I thle damn and ai 16-inchl suction
.Ired. i now in conlinlission will |be
pl.u-r-'l ill position for il lin - mate-
rial into the danm. It is hoped tlhere-
Ilor, to start the construction of tihe
Gatun dam before tihe first .I .lJinarrv.
as announced in the Ilst issew.

Erecuinsi- Plant for Gatun Locks.
w" ll..- "-,i the ereetinlg plant for
the Gatun Locks are well advanced.
'1 1.1 present thought is to transport
'\ water, all of hlie stone. said and
cement to a dock *near lthe loek site.
This material is to be unloaded by cable-
way-. and transported to *t..-ire. and
also dI, ii to a platform under which
will pass cable cars in which will he
loaded l -ti...... sand and cement ill
proper pr'..T i..,, for concrete. This
cable road '". over the mixers. The
mixed concrete will be transported by
small ,'.'i. and cars to able ways.
By iIn., Ii,- -. these cableways the con-
crete in the ili,. and in the wider
part of the walls, will be laid. it is
hoped, in the d ry' season. The upper
and narrow parts of the walls will be
laid by some form of crane. working
under temporary shelter so as to pro-
tect the concrete from the rain .i il II
the wet season. The concrete will be
lkvi,. red to the crane by the cable-
. ,\-. These pl.il,-, however, 'have
notbeen.llpprd.I. and .i., he. I ,. -,
In the 1 -i-'., of the power plant.
it is lthe id,' .1I 1i. it will be utilized iii

I e t1 p I 1m1nol, power l i i .s, ttl be
,i m.r1. i.. thed operation of lie lh ks. .
!i, .l', i l of Ille Caliial. etc'. I'i 1 pres-
int1 plan voniteplahles lthe use of elec-
ricitV-oil 1o oe used its i flel inll the
..... i 11, ..1 orf his electricity. It is
estimated hlt the little hoomotives
it) transporting tlconcrlto from inixer -
Io cablewalvs will travel ISi.0no miles.

Improved Laundry Serviceb.
Employees of th' omtlllllisioli "ilol
irf the Panalna railrhid uinV now h;0l\
their I' el ii 1th f 'e aS I ell. sl orched
and ironod ;otl itn ('othe illiiSSion l;ii i-
dIries ill i. .h ,' liM price,. or if l lnI '
iprefer, te la'lundrie- will only V 'I-j
'ild siarCi wi)al Is ;ind b Ul rc inrn ipl.
leaving the ironlling to lit. iloIt it holill.
The ro1ut01 BI d'r\ w ras lilg" nlow
received lby the l;aiundries ilu411lds all
classes ,of fanilliy wailint i.halt would
require starehilng except shirls. ( lIars anid efft8 for ineil and Il woleln.
Laiudr\ work will now I" colllected
and delivered -if all points where th(e
I)epart ment of Lablor. Quarters iiund
Subsistence iiiunainis :i delivery ser-
vice. anid elean ,n,.l .. when paid lor,
at the (C'ntiinsa!r. will be promtitly
delivered to tiuart' rs at (,'lu lir;c Eil '-
pire. atiill aitld G,..i ... i 'ihe, new
(C'onllissary whliic'l is, to bel opened til
Easf La lHoea. will have ai deliver
service thal will ._ I ltiis con eniieli .
to tile Allonl distrwi. .\1 Colon aoll
('risholal wherelihc (iniinisary depari-
inent lilaintaiiins it, owln d, li\eri
wagonlls. pa*vmenll lt cyloponiis lliaV be
ilade. whlien tihe work i! deliveredl il
the door.
New Railway Bridge at Gamboa.
Award was miade on Sepite)ber lOth.
to thie 'enn Bridge (t)inpany. Beaver
Falls. Pa.. the lowest bidder, for ai
-;ii. -1. I tra k. Teell railroad bridge
:Icross the ( i, i-. river, at (anmboa.
,,r-l-r'in_ of one *i lo. ...I riveted
span and fourteen n.i,.,,i plate 1ii..,
ipans. The price. >5.(;(0. includes
delivery at New York. The' ';.1_,
will be erected by thile 1'onSmsi.
Delivery at New York will '.. ..i. Feb-
ruary 1, 1908. and be completed
April 1, l10O8. Bidders were allowed
to quote on delivery both at NeN
York and N. -*, Orleans
The '.;,I1.. is required for the new
line of the Panama railroad onil the
east side of the Canal and is being
built at this time in order to make
accessible s omIel _. areas over which
material removed ftromiii the ('anal
prismi in C(ulebIr Division can he

Land Transportation Facilities.
I'l,. Land Transportation branch of
the Divisioni of Material and Supplies
is now itjuipped to aid construction
work anl the dolndition, of 1;iiin' oi
ilhe Isthitus. al every point on the
line of lle Cal;il where such aid mav
Ie uIlsed i14 .4 h 1 ,I i .. About six thuln-
dred horses anid mules with all tihe
Inecessary ,._.-. Carts, ambulances
a111d other ql1ipiiinell are located in
"'1'rals atl Cristobal. Gatiun. Taber-
nilkl. (riGoionia. IKis Obispo. Las Cas-
'ttas. KInpire. 4Culebra. Paraiso.
Cri'ozal.. A.i aneo. ai1d La Boca. Each
.orral is under the inlunediale juris-
diction of ;a corral foreman and is
Il.1 I to visitation and inspection, at
least twice ia week bI) the Superinten-
dent ',r -"" "ri,'., and a veterinary
Ilrgeoi. iTh present system of man-
,I .,n,,, 1i provides for a daily record
and report bI which it is possible to
kno1w exactly' what class of work has
beelln performed by every Commission
vehicle or animal. for what length of
line :ndt for what purpose.

Cost of Mule Teams.
The ......... number of Commission
iule tea ni working during the first
qutarier of t.his calendar .year was 21'.
'I I. average num1iber sick was '21. or
10 per cetIt. The cost. per mo1th.
per 0l1111. in the Commission. for
those reain actluallv ,-kiij.. includ-
iiin4 all charge es for labor, for.,.,l
and miiscellanleolus, ats well as expense
of sik teamns was I 10i.48. for the
14,ove 1nalned period.
A pInoposal was recently received by
thle Commission from a contractor inll
t ie United States, who has had consid-
emrable experience in similar work in
Central Anmerica. at the rate of $450
per month, per team. or over four
times what it is ... -t*li. the Commis-
stion at thle present time.

New Steam Shovel Contracts.
Award has been made on I'l oirto.ii
tU-ton steamt shovels, having a dipper
.,.,, ;I of 11/2 cubic yards, seven of
them to the Bucyrus Steam :lt.,vel
Company. and seven of them to the
Marion Steam Shovel Company. When
these shovels shall have been received
there will be 85 shovels on the Isth-
mus. Delivery by each contractor of
these shovels on the wharf at New
York will begin in about sixty Jjd:
iti. award on) contract, and shovels
will be delivered at the rate of one
every week thereafter. Contract for
six additional unloUader plh, has also
been placed.

Volume I.


Coal Consumption.
Thie it'aniout of 'o;l! rqiitirid for tli'
Panima railon ad inl for ti liiechalii-
cal plan s I ' '._ o tlie onlstrl'l
tion ,. ti lin' al l hais e.i; irl i doubled
1 illi lihe last e'ar.
In July. lI ;. tl; t h :_'h' Ir. il", -
.i tihe railIrosIa conulnsled 1i'." tonls".
anlid in .In',. 1ii. 1.2'i; tolns. The
i.,ii.., I switch 11. 11, consimiel 1 ;
tons i nior .'I ill_ Jul I'.1- tha li ur-
ing lthe saime imolnth last year. Iii tie

nissiol in .Inly. 1 H i 6. 2* .44: to ls ,.
oal were iised. in .Inuie of this lear.
3,4 4 tons. aiid iin Jly .f4 this z, N .
4.0P4:' tons.
In tile Transportitio I Departnmeni
of thie Catal work. :1. '" tons were
used in .Jlii', 19 9n. and illn nly this
year I.5"04 tons. an inclreatse of 4.1 '52
Thie anitouilt Of coal required for all
purpose's l:as increased in aboit the
sale |ii'..pi ii..i in all branches of the
('anal work. Tie IPanatin a railroad
bialisled 11.0(23 tons Il.i all puipiss
diiriig Jly. 'i',. ald 2-ii! 3a tons
'li ii. i.- July. I 90tT. Tihis is ati i'lrease
of .i.,,t tIons during tlie year.

Five Hundred New Dump Cars.
Au%. nI was made on Septeimber 3ird
to the W\in. J. Oliver \1 in'if,. ,niii,
Company. Knoxville I. f. i.i li,.
mIantifacture of. '..' ,,1, .... 12-yard
dumnip cars. oIntiiigent lpon I erlainll
iii,,il- If.. .,li ,. ,i.. aside in details
without additional cost. Thlie (contract
price amounts fto .....,.n. These
cars ill lie verv inctli neledd lI rlii.
the coining 'l seiasoli. The tolitl'rc-
iorias stated Hilt lie will ship samnIe to
thli Isthmus via New Orleans.

An English Tribute.
Mr. Winston Churchill, who must Ibe
regarded as a well informed authority not
unduly prejudiced in favor of America, paid
an impressive tribute the other day to the
etficieney of American sanitation on the
Istlinhmus of Panama. In October, 1905. lie
reported to Parliament there were 22,000
employees on the Canal, of whom 4.000
were non-immune: yet only one case of vel-
loxw fever occurred, and it was not fatal.
By way of contrast, in October, 18S4, there
were 19,243 employees, of whom only 2,706
were tion-inmmune, among whiim in were S4
cases of fellow fever and 21 deaths. Of
course much of the credit for this improved
state of't i r- must e giveii to the general
advance of the world i"' .... led (ri. if germ
diseases. But, as Mr. Cl, -. i!, -. ,1, much
must also be given to the enforcement of
sanitary laws and -:,:.' ." of the anti-
mosquito regulations by the American
administrators on tle Isthiuis.-New York
Tribune, Aug. 31.


President Roosevelt's Plans.
1',. V i. I, i ooseveli ill leave 0 -,I ,
Bay for \Vashi ngtlon on Septeiber'
"ihi where he will remain ii ...i ,.i',.
timber 2'tlI. lie will tI en go to
'ailtoin, Ohio. to participate ill li1
.i 1 1lii,' I I the inollnmenit of the la e
President McKainey. A' ... i..1- ihe
will -', to Keokuk. Iown. aiil d board a
stealnier fora trip downl the l,--.
-i1 .1 V1 .l 1-,1'ul l u' .i.,i .| II '
be liidle at i. Louis. ('siro .,I ,.i \1,.,.I
phis. After leaving V\ 1 -l.ii. lie'
will return via \ ri, iil.,. where a
short stay 'l i1 le nl adle. and ;
r'eacli 1W ili1,i ,.1 a oluit October h -i ii.


Present Capacihy and Near Future
The ('ooll Il.,-;i,-. Division eX.-
tetnds from tile Locks at (ati un to
deep water of the ('aribielan. I,,,
esliniaited tl oint of niaterial to be
relnoved, on Jutll 1. 190). from this
Division. was neairl '21 "'.. ii. eii ic
yn-rds. .i' which aholt 3.A00(. i>0 cOnil.
Yards consists ,I roek. sI ai the rest of
earth ind i nitd. Thle *I *-',I_." 111a1n
of the (olon Di, l :Il-_ 1)iviiolln now in
opera t ion cnmpri'ses:
1 sea-going suction dredge, Ancon.
I old French ladder or elevator dredge.
1 r'.,r, dipper r1redle
1 1',,iii.h snictior. ,.r .
.A notlier .- i'( i ,li'd ,1, .1 ,. is
under contract and ,' ,ll I .i..I,.,,l libe
lilt in cominllission ,ii. in, October.
A second old Frelich !i i I i or elevea-
tor ,li, is now leilg' repaired aid
will le put in operation in about two
mont Ihs.
These .1r. ml,. -. ., rved l i- four old
French -. '1-* .... "' fi'." hopper ,- -
known as "'elaipets." and thlrc, -!ii
hopper 1,,i r..-. whlicl are toweni cI tthe
,l,, 'ii **.'.1 ,'.. EKa li of these last
Iatueil l)ares hlas a capi ity of 1abo1 l
3.(li eubi' yards. T[iree additional
S.- h liave been einiph'led in the
unitedd i ,'. and slihould arrive on
lhe Islthmlit in thie near future. Tlie
six iarIis last described will be towed
iv tiie "t t ',.' ii"andl h tle "' I ,. -.' "
Tlie La Boea Dr 'i ,_ D)ivision ex-
telids from tihe Locks at P'edro .I-_ ,, I
to deep water ,.f the 1'., ill' Ocean.
buit does not include the hick site at
Sos.a. The estimated amount of manite-
rial to be removal fromni thlie La I'' .1
D'. .lii._ Division., on July I. 190'.
was a little over I ..'* ''.'OtO i...
yaM.is of which about .'.. '"'' cubie
yards consist ..,i rock and thlie rest of
car lih ind mud. i. 'I, -. ;, plant
of this Di vision iow* 'i'
1 old French ladder or elevator ir, a1:,
1 5-yard dipper dredge.

The -, ,i-'..i,-' suction lr,--.l.,. ( -
lehra'u" i i., ',. tei te i .ir' r.i,,l
1'i ll M ke i II, llli ri.' Land i lti-'l
'i. ... I i .,i I i n .' ji -
1,, 1 i,, I'. i,,.i via C aipe l ,, n litl r

:',itu A se hoitd 1 rI . li I ii
1 .1-, i 1 ,i- I. 1. l11 i 111 I IIl
l.Rel.'. he )nt in coinon oion about
Septenilier .'. I' ,' The .I i1.l,.-
at La Bhe In,;I he served li sev en old
F rencl i- ,.i, ,-1 1 . r 1. r .- .
ki io un .1- i .11ii 1 vI I i
steel lo,'., r 1, *...r about I' cubict
anr'ds tlu .liiiiii,:,,e _i..:'i. by "celaPTtD."
Tie hlioir I -,: ., are unler contract
1ul It i ,ill ln t aI rrivx l the l I-i !I, i- !"I
t ev ri l in suii s. Ti 1c I. t 1i i
aIs w hiol,. w ill ie N.i' .)-1 Ii i ll\I
inf 'ea ed pi
Resignation of W. G. ;;erd.
\V. G. Bierd, Assistaut to the President
and General Mainter of the Panama t ail-
of Tl;-I it h !I H is I -*'. I I '1 t
accepted anl is to r i ..* r ... in time lor
him to reach the States In" Oetolier first.
It is understood that he will in the near
futureinter U1.,ii I .. ..'. *r 111 'h l *i I ,,
onl the New i. . f . ..... Il. 1.l
;: ,ii ..I,, ,.' under l., Stevens.
I.I, I. n,,. i ,i II C chief Ie .., .I., ot tIhe
Istniian Cl anal Coinniission.

The Isthmus To-Day,
D)r. t;Glen Gilbert, an l'.,.l,'-I.,i n, 'vhlio
was a practising physiei'i .. I',- <,t 'ir
many years prior to tlie B er war, and left
at that time t -e: .,' .I. ''. the
British ar:ny, returned i-t'..r1.' I* i1 a
trip around the world.
Ir. Gilliert arrived here on the steamship
inoms from New York, having ".
there from Panama in returning via San
Francisco and the Pacieic coast ronte from
Yokohanima,. after -I,,.1i I. six months
touring ini i. 1
In speaking of his trip to Panama. Dr.
Gilbehrt mentioned that lie hlad been a sur-
georn for the canal company during the
French reiihni. He stated that there was
no comparison between the present condli-
tions on tlie Isthmus and what it was
then. Hlie comninented most favorably upon
Sthe sanitation 0f Colon and I .,.,., i and
said that lie had not seen a mosquito
while on the Isthmus. and that everything
was as clean as a new pin. This was in
most agreeable contrast to the conditions
when lie was in the French service and
deaths from fever were daily occurrences.
T1.. -ir..n lid that lie believed he could
.,r. '.. a I', assertion that in those times
i .-, :. mi ,, life for every tie which was
laid on the Panama railroad. He eon-
eratulated the American Government upon
it- ,.. .,i '.. '.1 work, and said hlie hoped it
....ll ,.. i lanll all. .Ti Ti i Central Amer-
ican coast.-.'enw Orleans Times-Democrat,
Sept. 6. 1907.

The ,\,. i ,-' cubic 1,- loaded B,
eac-h steaii shliovel i 'I.. ( i,. 11,.,
Division in Jl' was .4 :.* eubie yards
Jiore Ihll~ in illile.


Circular of Information Concerning
Typhoid fever is caused by a small plant
that gets into the human intestine and
there produces a poison that causes the
fever. The typhoid plant is scientifically
known by the name of "Typhoid Bacillus."
This plant is smaller than the point of a
needle and the use of a very high power
microscope is necessary to see it.
Typhoid fever is communicated only
from one maan to another by this plant
passing from a man sick with typhoid
fever into the stomach of a well man. This
comes about, .;.u,. .il., through the water
one drinks. The stools or urine of a manila
with a mild case of typhoid fever or one
just beginning to have typhoid fever are
passed on the ground, the rain washes
these into the nearest stream and the man
drinking from this stream drinks the
typhoid plant and thus becomes infected.
If all drinking water is boiled, the Ty-
phoid Bacillus is killed, and the water
becomes safe; if the watershed of a reser-
voir is so cared for that no typhoid organ-
ism can get into it, it is also safe. All
the water used in our water systems comes
from such reservoir and can lie drunk
with safety, but most of the steams near
the line of the canal, particularly those
streams from Pedro .d., I to Bas Obispo,
receive the washings from thecountry thick-
ly occupied by our laborers and are therefore
very unsafe and apt to give typhoid fever.
Typhoid fever can also be coununicated
by ii.-- which have been about a contaim-
inated privy or locality, thus getting the
typhoid organisms oni their legs, and then
alighting on food which is being eaten by
man; or can be communicated in nlany of
the hundreds of ways in which the organ-
ism can get on the hands and thus be
transmitted to food.
To avoid typhoid fever, it is advisable,
thi. .,r>. to drink boiled water when
practicable, or drink water from the water
taps furnished by the Conimmission-these
taps all bring water from a carefully pro-
tected water shed. Avoid drinking water
from streams along the Canal, particularly
those streams which come from an occupied
watershed; always wash the hands with
soap and water before eating; protect the
food as much as possible after it has been
cooked from contamination from flies; use
a privy, when possible, both for urinating
and defecation, so as to avoid contamina-
ting the ground near where cien are work-

Malaria is caused by a small animal
which gets into the blood and there secretes
a poison, which causes the fever. This
animal can .'ll live in men or in a mos-
liiili. if it gets into other surroundings, it
di.-. and it can only live in one particular
kind of mosquito, the Anopheles. The
mosquito to become infected has to bite
some nman whlo has malaria-only the
female mosquito bites. A mosquito in blit-
in.' first injects her saliva into the wound
lti.i she draws the blood; with her saliva
she injects the minute animal that causes
the fever. The little animal multiplies very
rapidly as soon as it gets into the human


blood, secretes its poison, and in a few
days causes the fever.
To avoid malaria, therefore, you should
avoid being bitten by an infected Ano-
pheles mosquito. Live in a screened
house; always use a mosquito bar at night.
The malaria mosquito is a night nmos-
quito and bites principally after dark,
therefore, expose yourself as little as pos-
sible to the bites of the mosquitoes at
This particularly applies to the native
villages. As most of the natives have ma-
laria, mosquitoes biting them become infect-
ed, therefore, a man who is bitten by, an
Anopheles mosquito in a native village is
much more apt to have fever tlian if bitten
by an anopheles out in the country away
froni any habitation.
Quinine is a substance which is deadly
poison to the malaria animal, but not poi-
sonous to man, therefore, take about three
grains of quinine every day. This quinine
rapidly gets. into the blood and does no
harm to man, but if a malaria mosquito
happens to inject the malaria animal into
this man's blood, the animal is at once
killed and does no harm to the man.
Chief Sanitary Officer.


Sick Leave Regulations.
('CLE:Bin.. July 25. 10;h.
('ircular No. 132 A.
"1 I_ following will be the netlhod of
S.i sick leave in all cases:
itck It ave will be based on lic ser-
vice year inste ad .,l the calendar year.
An employee a ill be entitled to fif-
teen days sick leave with pay for each
six months' servicec, 1 il,._ front tlhe
i" _i _. of the service year as deter-
mined below. Such sick leave will lie
cumulative during the. ,nl.l... en-
tire service. bnt lno more than thirty
1-,\. will be granted in any services"
The service year. for the purpose of-l
, i.,l,,,i .- .;, 1 leave, will be calciula-
I Il I I .1 I, .
(1) For employees appointed in the
United States who were entitled
to sick leave prior to April 1, 9Do7.
and who have had no change in
their status 'since that date: Upon
reporting froin vacation after
July 1, I ,I:.
(2) For l.1.... whose status was
1 ,,._ ..I . or after April 1, 1907 ':
I 'n i l ive date -. challge of
(3) For all employees appointed on
the Isthnus and entitled to
sick leave prior to April I. 1i)0?:
Fron April 1. 1 1,,:.
(4) For employees who were not onf
April I, i',,:, accorded sick leave
privileges: Fromn April 1. 190-1.
(5) For i)[I 1'. . who entered the
servi \p1,1 1, 19U7, or subse-
(lutlent thereto: From ii.-. ive
date of employment.

In all eases under (1) sick leave
will be granted in accordance with
contract -.1' t iil -. i, m, 1 i until begin-
II i. _' of service year provided above for
such l -ll,.., -.
For hourly employees, 120 hours
will be the equivalent of fifteen days.
GEO. W ;,i ii i .i .
New Half-Rate Request Blanks.
The new half-rate request blanks
ere tput into use Monday the I oth
instant. These forms are iade up in
books. 100 to each book. Form 121
('. E. (on white paper) is for first-class
tickets, and form 122 C. E. (on colored
paper) for second-class tickets. These
books will l)e supplied, on request.
from tlie Chairnuan's office. The fol-
lowing instructions will govern their
1. Employees of the 1. C. C. or members
of their families may be granted the half-
rate -., 1i I .- at any time.
2. the half rate on second-class tickets
may be granted to employees of all grades.
3. The half-rate on first-class tickets will
be limited to employees above the grade of
laborers, and be subject to the proper
discretion of the official authorizing such
half rate.
4. It is desired that the following proce-
dure be adhered to as closely as possible in
granting these requests: As soon as a
book is issued to any official authorized to
sign such halfrates, his name will be stamped
in the first blank space on the top. Upon
request of an employee for half rate he will
tie furnished one blank, which hlie will fill
out, sign, and return to the official whose
name is stamped thereon, for 't-.i -i. m:.
ture. This official musthavepositive knowl-
edge that the persons for whom the half
rate is requested are entitled to same.
5. Theidentity of persons to whomntickets
are to be issued must be shown, as for
instance: For io-,.il and wife;" For
wife and two children," etc.
6. Requests must be presented to ticket
agents, who will issue tickets at half fare.
Conductors of trains will not honor these
requests, except from points where no
ticket agent is stationed. In such cases, if
return passage is wanted, one blank will
lie necessary for each direction, crossing
out the words "and return."
7. The misuse of these request blanks by
officers or employees is punishable by dis-
missal from the service, and Heads of
Departments and Divisions must keep an
accurate record showing the number of each
book received and to whom issued for use.
,- i. .rii C. C. Z., Aug. 21, 1907.
Hereafter there will be but one payment
per month for both gold and silver em-
plloyees, including all laborers.
This change will become effective October
1, 1907, and payment for that month will
lie made on the first scheduled pay day in
[ ...1.] GEO. W. '.i- TiI.\L',,


Na is ,,- 4, -414441, i, 1 ".t''%, o 11444.

'.1442- 4' 4'''' 44ld I 4 ,, x 41411 1,1'I

441j 444.llljtl- 11 44s41"' t 1.'l it t.glll. 1, Ole 4.t'4m4i
Ef'tctx a v itumm will' 1144. l 'A44 av4. i.,l.

Met- .1 ,414l4'l' o dcpl-t'1l ,144. 4

1441. 'o1 .itl i 1 '. 14.4441' I. o I ;, 4' rtt't'44 441 1 1
sili14441t' II a- i- 44411 w'x .. 14'14.l.g 44 ill I.1

c '44.4,,a 4''' t'C'i t ". anti o 14i it' ii '.l111'144. 614

411114 iiiii' be lit (ld414b responsib 114'le t41 f 44 .4n
except1421 Ill14 t ile list' 1l4t'4.'iptillxxi111411 41414.''
144411 iclx lii. as 'ofli44llr ll'44Illt'44 .4444!

Carept on f Cold -soltogee.p mr

be ] Illk' Inade l4o.441 voll n kl'iI tt

1.iri witlionl Ilos 4'1I'I 114.111441 44

Go14 \V4 I'.-'IAI

ifl 1141'4j144l'4' fo lo ed wxa 443ill llr Ililt

4'jlrhl. 4'. -IM1. -441 w & I444 l42Il, '4in
.,'4I ll liii' in t'fIm- !i'', ~ of1 cold ot44411

44,,14 114 4'ipot144' or fll ji, to14 11'e,'-

ordinary tin is'4424 444 sc by,.' liv'e14114:11 Imar

unti k' i ill e are441 i414'' Ii '-44111'' ou l2'I

1 44 liii'l lilltal \i 11 i41 t '41 the In'-a ill4 I In',


Ii Ii "I 44 W 1 II I -V ol"l ." P )s'44

1 . 1 1

,Ii 4 1 1 1 ,1 4 'o.m o n d w a T
1otI (w14 1-wh liii l wiai'-~ii h le I 44'

m-l"Kni 1 un hai~" Ai 1hiny' nili I III lul

W~ain i,'s "io aemai denat Ia" Ellot

ex laii ri ,'i'l onhly 14 "In r th t fil

1441. aid i' f'4' AhmIi 11114 i i n out Ilil

1"" 141 il "r

Comimi ssary Prices.

'.4444.44444,[ '4.4'2 4 '1 N44" 1..II

1441414,'I ,H II' 14127

1241.- t.4 141. 10 S rl44 .4 .... 2o1
.. .44 ~ .. .. .. .. .

"I O wn 4'4l4'l.41 4.2

F o w ls..4' _ ........... .. .. ..-4 1

Capons1,144 I'.441 ik' ge i ...... 41,, 040

l',44'. t.41' ,, 41, 7o4
-. . e ,, it W 17

a44,44' r. '2 '.,.1
4 FR4U'. I TS ANT 4.14444
.'.. .............4I .. p,~~ r d 44 4 en 1 4

1 ~ ~ e 14.'."4 224
I '' 4. 4Ii. 44do

Auus lne.4.C ilt'tlf l,' for TheeYers

I aLI (lliI' 1905 19061 i 11907

C ristol. al ...............
BIraz< Brook........
l, itu a ......................
i l lii< .. .. . ...... ...

c tib. ... ......
.... i I4 l .....
L ulchra .................
Rio G;rain le .... ......
L,;t lo c;> ...............
incon ......... .......
N a -s isl 1 4l............

. 13.01 18.-4 4

.. 1i.7N 9.}2
.. 1 1. 1 S 113 .3
13.24 .6.10
11 38 12241.
.. 12.02
.. ..... 12 97
.. 11.35 12.011
1. .... 7.4 ,4
> .;l 6.4:3
. . !)

1 -, 37

11 41


Taking the aie'rage work mloe dhur-
II'. 1 1 ast s1 x 1evi'ie I i th' li ii -. lir
ais '11 Mini' v |),(Iv r, th drSIlls htve
S.... I "S feel of hole aea.h per
-' a.. lift, as ,. ,i,-1 17 feet per
Milachim when le drills wore driven
hv shlurn1.



No License Fee for Baseball.
At a meeting of the Isthinian Canal Com-
mission on August :;1-~, the Chairman
presented a letter addressed by the secre-
tarv and treasurer (of the Empire Athletic
Association tIo the Head of the Depf)artnimnt
of Civil Administration relative to subsec-
tion 2, under section "I" of'section 7, of
the regulations |i.... 1;,. for certain taxes
and licenses in il i..l Zone, approved
May 17, 1907, which reads as follows:
"Section 7, ('I') -,' '.In *.i.. musical,
.' ns',. .I i. tic, and all other similar shows
*'I .lit,.., ,r 'i-eun under canvasor within
an enclosure, -. for each performance or
Under this section the Empire Athletic
Association and other associations formed
for the purpose ofI .i........i, baseball arc
required to pay a .. -. ioreach game
of baseball i1 ,.I l on their grounds. In-
asmuch as i. .- Ilh. policy of the Coimmis-
sion 1 .... ..,', ., healthful atmusement
aid or.,L i[,.,i I..r employees of the Con-
iI,--,.., mnd as it is not desired to tax the
,,inl %,lii I efforts of employees in this direct
tion, on ni. .,r it wINas
Resolved, That subsection 2, under "I."
of the fr .nl.i. i -..., .1,,, for certain
taxes .,..I Ii. i ,-. in II. C .Il .1 Zone, other
than for the sale of int"vic-i'tin.i liquors.
he amended '.. --r l.,,_ ..,,r hI., word
ilil' t, so thi i. .,.1,, ,I 1 read as
"Section 7 ('I') (2). Minstrel, musical.
,variety and all other similar shows or ex.
IiI.i.t.,-. ; ,.1I under canvas or within an
Inclosure, I.. each perform inue or exhi-

Gorgona Club.
Schedule for week front September 1i io
September 22:
7:30 to .:30-Librarl commilittee gamll
H to 10-Local bowling tournamentl No. I
vs. N.
8 ., J,, i. i, .,i illn lall, ; M r. Jenntings inl
1, ,rl-Co.uncil meeting ; conUlllnittee roon
2:'0 to 4:,3-Open house ito women ; Women'
iui. nJ ,, [,i "
' r ''--1 ', .... coIlmitte, room ; Mlr.

St *--l .. ,I h I ,Ih .,i. hclub ; N'wrestiil ng

8 to lO-Local Iowlillg tolirnvallent; No.
vs. No. 3.
8 to 9:30-Spanish class.
7 to '' .: 1,,, ,.:,,., class; hall ; M r. Feri
ris im Ih ..-,.
8 to 1 -i...i i. ,"g toilrnalit eit ; No, 4
vs. No. 6.
8 to 9-First aid to the irlured; Dr. Macy in
2:30 to 4:30-Openi house to women ; IWoomens

S7 :'.,r.-- 'Ir [.O. m as 1ll M I. .rthi
I i 11 L. L ri .l i 1,, I . subject, '.. ,. of
1irf,', ,.Inii.-,. ,, ".0 cents gold ; members
tree; open house.
FRIDA Y, SEPT' 11 PR 20.
7 to 8:15-Gtinaosit ca1ss; hall; Mr. Per-
ris in <'h'*rx'-
S to' : ..,--- ,,.i. ., iass.
:Ji r,, 0 ,,*-I. r'. i I club: conimittee room.
league, , ,i. r's. C t ,' n n. ,- ,
ket-1hatl .ii. Cristobtal vs. Gor-ront ,i
Baxley. i. I. ., G. Gustavson, umpire. Open
house, white public invited,
3:30-Address to men -.11 ..i ,. tihe
I.,1 I'. ,.' .. .. to be' '' r .. I , ,',, .
*Is.. ..... ',' ".',(' to the Isthm us; .... .
1. C. C. Band; brass quartette, ,..r '
white men are invited.
Messrs. oi. 1. 1 I hI'escott will lecture
tion Tuesdoi, '. .1'" i 2; suiject, Old
If ,i on tfie Panama Rnilroad.


Statement of BLildinig Repaired and Constructed, Demolished, Remaining and Totals, from
July 1, 1906, to July 1, 1907.

lown ori R rSit

F aran.....
La Bi e ..e ...... .

a naIt i C ity .........
A eo . ...... ... .. .......

L O i ..i ... . ...

Rio iirantde infeior.
Butte Ciardcinas ......
E xcil se 10...............t
M iraflot es ...............

Kilo ...
txeluses 7 ;i1d '.....
Exeluse ... .......

C iiaraechla.,.....

Rio <^rande ..... ........
C'erro r ier ain........

Cerrl o Lirit .... .....
Ct lehra.... ............

I.irio ... .... .... ........
C y. _} ... ........ .....
ICes Caacir... .. ......
lim pireni .... .....

al OisB u oe..........

Alliaeut a ....... ...
Crt es ..o ..... ...

l .s I 1ei:'.

/i /

2 1'

2. ..

I 1 "
11 22

31 2s
21 7

2'1 22
1 ....

:11 2-i

-1 ) :;1 I5
147 7.1- 1i

61 tt 1 .1: 1

:; I 1 I

70 3

14 1

1 .. .. ...... .. .... .
1I 21 .

1 rilie n ,

i ' i

-1. 'i.cellaeo s

I" ii'
2 .... h ,

''t 1.
:. offices..
[ 'ire 1'-I
3 mess i .
I a r-rea
'*> {. qtuarters


1 hospital
1 Fire Dep

1 storehiot
18 tilartei
1 corral ...

ts I... ..

12 1Tows's5. 1 1i1,trtr..

1' .

i ten, ....

1 7 fl i; I-

...t..... .
3 lt'i1 i i

5i I


i :1




1. 3



1 t-.

. "It

7: z

.. 2
1 :5




I '., I- operations-Continued.

Town or Railroaid

I .

M atachin .................
Bas M t tachin .........
Kilometer 4.3,200
Kilometer 44L,000) "
Kilometer 1 .00......
Goirgona Campiient.

-,I .- L .r 4 1 1 I '
Caba'.l. i* .
Juan : ..i
Iaml ei......................
Culo Seco...........
Excluse 2 ..........
Coca Lane..........
Caimito Mulato......
San Pablo..........
New Town...............
In r,

Hx Enterprise ......
Sin laVoiedu Kil. 29.
LI ii .r ,
i-' r ..r -
I I . I
Derivation 4 .... .......
Excluse 1.................
lDerivation 3............
Penas BlancasArrila'
Penas Blaneas Q. L .1
Vanios Vanos .........
Gatni i ..............

M indi ... ........ .......
Mount Holpe..........

Cristobal and
Fox River.............

. at ...... s ......

27 7 1 12 21

S .. ... 1
31 ... .....






Class of
S1.. i construction,


12 11 quarters, ....
1 mess hall_........
8 quarters .... .....
1 1 qn irtfer.
2 l,.,
1 jail....... ...........
15 11 quarters......
S4 shops................

40 30 jii.
i ,,'.
4- .i,.I ... .* .

1 band stand........
1 club house.......
1 Fire Dept. bldg..

1 1 l I ,i , ,,
r> + .,, ,, ,- .
6 5 quarters...
1 mess hall....."'

2 j1 quarter.
... ail..... ..............

2.. .................. ...... ...
2 1 quarters .........

2 mess bails ...
1 office................
2 storehouses .......

S ............... ................

1 ...... ... ....

.......... ...... ........
. 1 1.. ....... ............. .

92 73 quarters..........
1 jail ...................
2 mess halls .......
58 stshorehi.,.
i 3 .t. i
i 4 : --.] rr- .. i

3 ...... . ..... 3 ..... ...... .. .....
20 2 ...... 12 1 4 1 jail...............
2 quarters ..........
1 boiler house.......
249 121 8 5 96G 19 74 61 quarters..........
2 hospitals.........
3 storehouses....
1 i ,;1 addition ...
1 1 1,-: Dept. bldg.. I
2 shops................
1 club house .,.....
1. 1.. hall....
band -' .1, I

Totals............ 2265 1018 252 1 113 678 204 767


Some of the Principal Items of Work Done During the Fiscal Year.

Work. Gorgona. Empire. Paraiso. Cris- Sub. CoI.
tobal. Div PI'nt.
Locomotives repaired in shops........................... ...... 20 2 1 ....................
Locomotives, ru n re airs....................... ... 1 ... .I 4 1 1 180 ......... ....
New locomotives erected ................................. ......
C ars erected ....... ................................................. ... 109 .................
Cars ;,-.,aj ,,.'.*2 I ,, 30. ............
w ork .I ,I.. , I1. .............. .. .
Work .,,,,i. ,.1 r nI i i .'.' 30p ..........
Steanm -,, i l I a 11 5 .... ...... ..
Steam shovels, running repairs.............. ....... ............... 750. 1
S ..i ,ere r 17,155 122 ,755 ......... .......................
L.*' i.. r..Ir. r '. i 17,1531 12,75 ..... ...............

Manufactured iron castings.......... ..... -
M manufactured brass castings........................ 2 ......
M ani fractured patterns, castings ......................... 1,780 ....... ................. .......... ........ ......










(Cotmmnticationts to this column must .i' -*.""tI
in each instance with the name .amd :i.'trt ....
the writer.I

Lights for Tivoli Road.
It is respectfully -,, 2- -t.. to the proper
authorities by meai,- .I . ;ir valued pu"li,
cation, that the public I(" ik-11 i- In, Iii ti. -
ular) would be much benefited by the instal-
lation of a few oil lamps fixed on judiciously-
placed posts along the road i,., from
Panama railroad station to Tivoli Hotel.
Such lamps, lighted at night, would materi-
ally add to the comfort and safety of persons
having occasion to use that thoroughfare
and would minimize the hazard of vehicle
Ancon, Sept. 9, 1907.

[An order has been placed in the States
for a powerful electric arc light, which will
be placed near the two il poles on the
road :" i..z to the Tivoli Hotel, which is
the boundary between the Canal Zone and
the Republic of Panama.]

Zone Army and Navy Union.
Having received a copy of THE CANAL
RECORD, wish to ask you if you can favor
me by publishing the following:
Mr. L. E. Herman having been appointed
Assistant Inspector General of the ]* ''ul'
Army and Navy Union of the I i i.l. ti:- t
America, wishes to aniiounce that heintends
to start a garrison in the Canal Zone for
those who served as regulars in the Army,
Navy and Marine Corps fior a period of
more than ninety (0)) days. Information
requested will be -..1 -1.. given. He is now
located at Empire, Canal Zone.
Disbursing Office.
Empire, Sept. 7.

An Elk C'lub for the Isthmus.
24 1 would thank you to insert the follow-
It is desired to organize an Elk Club on
the Isthmus, and with that intent in view,
it is requested that all members of the
Benevolent Protective Order of Elk. kindly
send name and address to
Office of Examiner of Accounts.
B. P. 0. E. No. 14, Chicago, Ill.
2919 1. 1,,1., Sept. 12, 1907.

"The Record" for Panama Railroad
I see bV THE CANAL Ri.CORai that you
send the paper to all I. C. C. employees.
I I i are several of us working for the
Panama railroad here that would like to
have your paper and would like to know if
we are entitled to it. Thanking you in
advance. I am,
A.aclihnist, P'. R. R. Shops
Cristobal, Sept. 9, 1907.

[A copy of THEll RECORD will lie sent to
each employee on the gold roll of the Pan-
ama Railroad Company.]

A Card from 'Mr. de Seinnn.
I wish to state to the readers of TilE
RgcoiD that I had ,..t I- 1-1.. vith the
letter written byh ,. l i. Iv.-iii,. i to the
Bialtimor >' and .1.*.I ,, ilI RECORD
of September 11th. EDGAR H. de SEN.xN.
Manager, Culebra Hotel.
Culebra, Sept. 12, 1907.

A Steam Shovel Man's View.

(Fromn a letter in the "Stean Shovel antd
lDred*e," of Cii'ugo, AugAust, 1907.
\\e hasve nicely furnished rooms
with baths, electric I ,i hi. and toilet
rooms, aInd the hbord is exceptionally
.....l In fact, .' ,. ihi i is done to
iimake it as pleasant as possible for t lie
Imien, anti I have not seen a man that,
was not I I;-'I .1 as for nfvself, I like
it very much. This is a1 pretty town.
I an stationed at ( Ilebra, which is
the largest and deepest t elt on. the
Canal. It is forty miles south of
Colon and is onl ( k -i ri miles I ... ,
Paanama city. which is the ]',, ii. en-
trance to thle (anal. I I- r. are twenty-
eight shovels in this one cut. It is a
great sight to see so limany .,1.;i_ in
one place at the same time. Molie
f the shovels are 200 feet above the
others The Ii I week I was here I
was on a shovel that was on tlie top
lifi. and yol1 could look I'.. it the
sMlokestackls of a dozen other shovels
below yol.
(, Iil,,'.1 hlas a population of about
i..iil people-all government em-
iln,,. -. The town is laid off ill ter-
races anid graded witilh streets and side-
walks. The 1.ill.lir.- are I i ._ and
new, with mosquito inettinlg I,'...i top
to bottomi, I-lowever, they do not
need thle It ili., as the mosquitoes
have all been killed a year ago. I
have not seen one11 since I calle.
The I.ili1- are cool-iin fact. youl
have 1, -I,..p under a a blanket. Tie
days, however, are very warnl.
A great i (.i of th:e stemI shovel
len l have their families with llilnl,
and if I -.1i onl this job i intelld to
have inl'. finlil'. eO 0 here just as sooIn
as I can ..*I a house.
'l is. a 1...l demand for lionuses
here, and ii, is hardly probable that I
,i,,, get one for several months. At
I li, presellt time '1I. are buihliing
houses on two linew streets. These
houses would rent for $50 per month
in most of the cities in the States.
These are the houses they give thlie
11arried 1111men, fitted up nicely with
;baths and electric lights, free of charge.
'liii,' in the cornmnissary are about.
as l.i I as they are in the States.
1 :.r\ i .iii. in thle conliimissaryl has to
pass im, ,,-,,., i,. so. as a general
l hili.'. \,i t t .** I stuff out of it.
\\ ',. .L,1 :1 ,. L ,,,]-,. N1,. X of
the International 'H. l. i, ... I of
Steam Sl.i I I and Dri d-. Men, which
has elected Al,. Bates as president.
A I'Il.I i l he l .I.. n 11 A X .


By the I. C. C. Band at G.r -.n.. C. Z.,
,il.,, Sept. 22, 1907, at '. "
1 March................. Chateau Gontier....Pischlin
2 Overture. t .: r', .t Thomas
3 Waltz... i.. .,r Strauss
4 Intermezzo .......... Starfand ............ O'Connor
0 Duet forreornets... Tie Nightless
Land ................ .Pinsuti
6 Two i-* I i'.amra 1 '; '
7 Idyl... .', in the I I .1 ,. .
8 Medley, selection. Remrick's .1....
9 Descriptive ....... Cavalry C'Ih-re I.uders
.' T,,i I l .I 1 r.. .i,,n '."itli fifes and
In ,-.-,- I, i ,i 1 distance, coming
nearer and nearer until they charge upon
the eneiy ; cavalry, infantry and artillery in
the mniele of 1 ,l, defeat of the enemy.
i.. 1 ..I, I i. I .I rc. by the cavalry.
10 .l '.. La Fiesta ........... Roncoveri
CHAS. E H l.',i\. ~

The next concert will be given at Cule-
bra, Sunday, September 29.

The Independent Order of Panamanian
K.,i.. iir..- will give asocial and costume
.1 Il. Ir ti,.: Y. M. C. A., Empire, October
5, 1907. A valuable prize will be given to
the lady and to the gentleman appearing in
the most original costume. All costumes
must be of cotton or calico. Special train

Dump-Ground Records.
The f. i- a statement of the
amnounti r. nat. rI handled from the Cu-
lebra Cut at the different dump grounds
during the month of July:
La Boca................ 90,510 cu. yds., or 12 'I,,
Sosa-orozal darn..... 42,714cu. yds., or
Corozal...... ..... ........ -' eu. yds., or
Pedro Miguel............. I- ., en. yds., or 41 /'
At inside dumps trom
Paraiso to Bas
Obispo ...... .'1 '. eu. yds., or 2S
S. , 1 ,17 enu. yds., or 2 7.
j'. .... i ,ri 48,1 )6 cu. yds., or 1
M .m i "" 1471 cu. yds., or It ..
T -,,.,, **1 1 cu. yds., or .", *
This table shows that there is still being
dumped on the inside or those dumps close
to the l)ivision, the largest per cent of the
excavated material, the dumps north of
Bas Obispo taking only 42 per cent of the
total output.

'aanama I.. .1, .I 1, Knilhs;onf Pythias,
Chancellor L.i.,n,,:,,,d. t. ,ilpt:in J. M Nich
,olson, meets every Saturday night at the
Cristobal lodge room. Empire Lodge, No.
2, P. F. Maher, chancellor .... i,-kr
meets every Tuesday night in ilh.- .,ijiii.
pal Court building. Culebra Lodge, No. 3,
M. C. Nolan, clrancellor commander, meets
every Wednesday night in the lodge room
at Culebra.


No. 7 No. 5 No. 3 5 U S Stop No. 2 No.4
Pass. Pass. Pass .g F Flag Station .S S Pass. Pass.
Daily Daily Daily STATIONS .0 Daily Daily
Leave Leave Leave Arrive Arrive
SMiles Miles
p.1. A. A. X.. A. M. M.
4.35 8.50 5.25 0O tCOLON........... 47.65 9.05 12.30
s4.37 s 8.52 s5.27 0.42 Cristobal........... 47.23 s9.03 s 12.27
84.43 8.58 s5.a3 1.-90 Mount Hope..... 45.75 s 8.58 12.22
f4.4,- 9j.04 f .3a 4.52 Mindi................ 43.13 fs.O 12.15
SP. M.
s4.55 s 9.10 s5.45 6.96 t Gatun... ... 40.69 s8.43 s 12.10
S5.03 f 9.18 5.53 10.62 Lion Hill............ 37.03 8.33 f 11.59
f5.0' f 9.23 5.5 12.73 Aborca Lagarto 34.92 N.27 f 11.53
S5.15 s 9.30 s6.05 15.50 t Bohio ............ 32.15 s8.20 s 11.45
s5.23 s 9.38 6.13 18.73 t i'r 28.92 S8.10 f 11.36
S5.31 5s 9.46 Is6.21 21.60 t 1 ],,.railI 26.05 s .03 s 11.28.
5.35 9.50 6.25 22.82 Barbacoas ......... 24.83 s.O0 11.24
s5.37 s 9.52 s6.27 23.54 San Pablo....... 24.11 s7.58 s 11.22
f5.40 i f 9.55 6.30 24.55 Bailamonos....... 23.10 7.54 f 11.1s
s5.4.5 s 10.00 s'635 26.00 Manei............. 21.65 87.50 s 11.15
s5.53 1 s 0.09 s6 44 2S.65 +* .rG : f 19.00 S7.41 s 11.07
so. s 10.14 s6.49 301.02 f I t \ illiN 17.63 s7.36 s'll.12
S6.03 s 10.19 S6.54 31 38 + F ...... 16.27 s7.32 s 10..58
s6.OI9 s 10.26 S7.00 32.95 1 t I L ..... 14.70o s7.26 s 10.52
S6.17 s 10.35 s7.0 35.30 l..i .r rc 12.35 s7.18 S 10.45
S6.22 h s10.40 s7.13 36.30 .. Ii., 11.35 s 7.13 s 10.40
625 10.43 f7.16 37.54 R.... .... r.i 10.11 f7.07 .............
6.30 10.48 7.21 39.16 Cucaracha ........ .49 7.03 10).27
6.32 s 10.50 s7.23 39 63 Paraiso.............. 8.02 S7.01 10.21i
s6.37 s 10.56 s7.2s 40.79 tPedro I;u. 6..6 s6.57 s 10.22
6.39 10.538 7.31 41.33 Pedro .l.-.. i I 6.32 6.55 10.20
s6.12 s 11.01 s7.33 42.15 Miraflores..........' 5.50 s6.53 10.18S
s6.50 8s 1.O8 s7.40 44.62 t Corozal........... 3,03 s6.45 s 10.10
6.55 11.13 7.45 4B6.82 tLa BocaJunct.i 0.34 6.38 10.03
7.001 11.18 7.50 47.65 t PANAMA........ .00 6.35 10.00o
P. M. A. M. A. M. Tl. r..i A. M. A. M.
Arrive Arrive Arrive Leave Leave

....... STATIONS -
No.41 No. No. 351No. 33 No. 31: No. 32 No. 34. No. 36
i. L . I. ...' 1, -, Arrive Arrive Arrive
P. M. P. .. A . A.M. A. M. A. M. A. U. A. M.
5.50 5.10 11.10 7.30 5.,5 LA HocA....... 5.30 6.50 8.00
6.00 5.20 11.20 7.40 6.05 PANAMA....... 5.40. 6.40 7.50
A arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Lea\ e Leave Leave
LABOR TRAINS-Daily Except Sunday.


No. 6 No. 8
Pass. Pass.
Daily Daily
Arrive Arrive
P.M. P. M.
3.20 8.00
s3.17 I 7.57
3.12 s7.52
3.05 f 7.45
s3.00 s7.40
2.49 f 7.29
2.43 f 7.22
s2.35 s7.15
2.28 s7.06
52.20 sG.58
2.17 6.55
'..16 s6.53
........... f 6.50
2.10 s 6.47
s2.02 s6.37
1.57 s'6.32
s1.53 s6.27
s1.47 s6.21
s 1.40 s6.14
s1.35 s6.10
........... f6.03
1.26 5.57
1.25 f(5.56
s 1.23 s5.52
1.20 5.50
1.18 s5.48
1.10 s 5.40
1.03 5.33
1.00 5.30
i' I i V
Leave Leave

No. 40 No. 42
Arrive Arrive
P. M. P. M.
12.50 5.35
12.40 5.25
Leave Leave

-.. ?"N.-. 2 N.-. ^1 STATIONS No. 22 No. 24 O 26

Leave Leave Leave Arrive Arrive Arrive
P. M. i P. i A.M. A.M. A. M. P. M.
5.30 i 12.25 6.20 I COROZAL....... 6.20 11.35 5.30
5.40 i 12.35 6.30 PANAMA........ G.10 11.25 5.320
Arrive Arrive Arrive Leave Leave Lehave




IT ,,n \ l li Si .rt, I S.. A. Culehr a.
1I Ik ,Clcirxi

XhII.xH. I mssca, i', S. N., Culehra.
Mr. J. C St Iltlckburn. Anei in
Col. W C' i . I". S. A., \icoi,.
\lr. Jacksti. -., ,.. Culeblra
1NrI jseph Il ckl Bisho cp,


Construcliou and In ineering.
licut.-Col. Geo. WX. Gorthals. U1. S. A..
Chairman and Chief engineer. Culehr,.
Win. Howard May, Secretary.
i. K. Del'ltron, chiefchlrk.

NMaj. II. I. Gaillard( S A., Culebra

.1 dl. ,, 1 ,1 .,,. I S. A .. I vision

\ 1. I . chief cfc'i r
I. W. Bolich, Division Enginier,. I'impirc
S. Kennedy, chief lerk.
Wii. I,' riI. Division Engineeri, IGttal.
1- .. L. Mcl'herson, ehief l erk.
WXV. Ciiler, Division Engineer, Lta IoIa.
David yV. Striatton. chief clerk.

]'i, *,1 *' (of I, a l.1 a I Dal] 111 Co structiom :
I,, '.,., L. Silbert, S. A., Ctlebra.
1<, Al. Sands, Sccretarv.

Maj. Chester Ii -i. I'. S. A., Division
:... Gatun
L. i'. Thompsonx, chief clerk.
WXI. XC. i.. Division Engineer. Cristob)al
'I ... L. AlePhersonu, chicfelerk.

SydIney I. WilliamIson, Division Elnglneer.
l.xa Boca,.
E. A. Le.l a chief clerk.
\V. Contier, Division ". ', La Blocia
David V. Strai tox .. !. ,i : .
iEdward Schihlhiauer, EIlectrical and A\le-
chanii :1 Enlginiier, ltock Co nstuctiron.
K. MA I 1 ... !. ;< sisiom Ii.:, ; "
in in o f [, d I' . Ii , ,i. .,
ID. W. Maclormnnick. chief clerkl

Department of lMu. i ,,. .1.,
tive Pow er anld '1 ...lI .,,.,I,,.
Construction: 1i i i l ..

G. lHolcom be., ,ir l., .. .... [', is-
inn of Municipal I .. i, rrn. ,
E. C. M.cFarland, cluei cl erl.
G;eorg I B. .B .i r .. '.,i ....... .' M otive
Pow er and I ... ..... \,[. 1.1
F. W. Doty, chief clerk.
W. ._ .I..I.I.. l Master Builder (Divisioni
of 'i' .1 1, unstriction), Cule1ira.
P. ,- jr.. Architect.
J. H. H!arlour, chief clerk

Division of Material and Suppl..s: W. G.
Tubby, CL IF Cristoba.
Max It)r. clli.f clerk, Cri x tobal
W. C. Haskin.s, chief clerk. Anco.t.
W\n. Kru'-cl, Sntathonr :nd Printer,

Division of A 1' "| 1 0,. and Lithographt..
L ,,.h F. i., 'I ., Chief. A. con.


Civil Administration.
IlIn. JC. S. Blackbur. lead of the Depart-
ment, AleO).
l. D. Reed, Executive Secrtary, Aneo
J. K. Baxter, chief clerk, Ancon.
Fom -uI Cooke, Chief, Division of 'Psts.
CustoIims : d J1, ,Iii Alcon.
E. Lewis ltaker, Delmty Collector, Cris'
lierman I hidlger, Dleputy Collector,
S. R. Shaiitoin, Chiefof Police, .ncon.
1,. I MclI.inild, chief clerk.
C E. Wridiiian Chief. Fire DeparteInt.
E. 11. Hale. chief clerk.
Geo. I, Camipen, Wiater Ciie!,m issioni.-

Ilief icii Gt Iliomi. legal adviser. IAniii, .
Canal Zone Judicia ry.
Canal Zone ;liIpl. u lrcemc Court,. Dr.
F. Mutis I"' ;, I ft'Justice, A con.
11. A. 'i-,., '.ssocinate Justice, Emllire.
Lorin <.1 . Associate justice, Cris-
Walter iiimery, clerk tiouri.I An iiii
Circuit Court, First circuit: I Ir. Multis
Durlin, ]. Judge, AIn .
Walter EI ery, Circuit C urt clerk. Anllei.
Circuit Court, SecoilI circuit: 11 A.
:,, ,1., Judge, lEmpire.
I il 1 1 L, Empire.
Circuit Court, Third circuit: [.iriii C.
Collins. Judge, Cristo1al.
Nelson I. lohnson. Circuit Court clerk,
Prosecuting Attr Iney: George X. ShoiltZ,

ti.it r . ,,t t, A tort ney: hlulllis
I i'i .. ... Jr-, An ae n.
Translators: P 11. Sheiblev and Charles

Col. W. C. Gorgas, U. S. A., Chief Sanita.iry
( '11 1 i Anclln.
i... C AlC McC . i. r S. A.
I. .. .. 0)Olicer, AIcoI.
Harry C. I, vay, chief cleric.

II. R. Carter, Director of Hospitals. Ancon.
J.C. Perry, Chid ef i I .. ,,, I .. ih I Culo .
Joseph A. Icl'r I' i ., ,,i ,y x u-
spector, An icl.
Iajl. lohn. L. Phillips, I S. A., Suilerin-
tendent, Arcoti Hospital, Aneolu.
F. L eys, U. S. N., Superintendent. Coln
Hospital, Colon.
Labor, Quarters and Subsistenee.
.ackson Smiith, I ,, ,-. Culchra.
Lieut. R. R .' .....i i S. A.. Assistant
'.1 .. J Culebra.
L. Klauber, chief clerl.k
Edward 1. Williamns, Disbursing Officer, En-
Wn X. Wood, chief clerk.
Examiner of Accounts.
H L. Stuntz, Empire.
W. D. Mlabry, chiefclerk.
Panama Railroad Company.
W. G. Bierd, assistant to the President, and
General Manager, Colon.
XW. G. Tucker, secretary, Colon.

Movement of Ocean Vessels.
The i .11 -. ,.- is a list of t'. i.iln.- ,.1I
the Panama Railroad Steamnsl" C *,o. I,
iof the Royal Mail Steam I '.l C" II
,... and of ill TI %i ... ,,. ,:, i,, Line.,
tile Panama .. 1i .. ...I ... dates
heing sul ijct to change:

lii)tiifl .. I I
I 'nor S,,'u-.ru ia-i,? .' i '

Sept 12

.. I .' .1 s.,,l .l i -l 'I
1 ,, f *.., li h'P 7 llc . r .k.FI It-

t'' ,I I I I . 111- ,1., I I I'

II'L Ill- 1v 1. 1 1
. , ,IL, I' .'i' \l,.,rl, ,l S.' i,! ,

Sr n i I l I I 1 ..- r, t
1 iti i i ti 1 ,lgllr.l.' I)., I.'

t i.. ........ I I ii ., LI/
.I . .... i ..'.,I II .. . 2.

T I i.. I. \ ..'... l ,r.l r ,. 1

%. l. ; It t ,, I i 20

M I .l l ... . l 1' i. I I E I l '
7 ...0 L ... .. .. 1 t i [,,1

Cohn,.... I. it n0.I
F 'r ,, t 1i* I -i' ir,, -. .Ot "'

a,1 1. 1 -i7. 11 ln .l I
i'ii. i ,t,, r i I ,".i .W -
zrent..... I / '>II I ; L -9 2

Colon ...................... R 1 ..iel l A ov 1

A El .. i j i I. o. N I 'O
'riz Eite Fr. r, ic.. i/ I ..

.4 rato.. ....... ..... ,r I t. It ,o
Ten.i.I .' ..... ......... H. it ,, i I t
\ th s tni e I. 1 the/ II ,,, i n.i;, \ .i ,

a:n Ro.. if. I7 '-rn-ri 7 1.

FinL nc... I' lrI I I ,. IiL Is
, itai .. .. ... ... i \ T .ir Tr.i t 1i

. l r. I I ,t ...,i. .11, 1
Pri n Fr.. ... .....r ti .' 1. , -.I ;.'ti 12

L. Rf .1 2..' v 0.. ru 26

' (I P ...1 T.x, ....l Nov. 1"'
l n .................... i '.. , L I t 24

All Royal Mail steamers meIItioned above
mand clil a ilt 1 ii ILI *' f1 enrout.le to New Y,. rk
tinhe t ............. ......i I n patches
eam r fo N....... .............. ,n Colon every,

11n 1 ,r- J to arrive the rt, i ,L" r, l
S1 .,. ,,lin f I ro I C I7,, r.. I ,. r.l 2-,
. i r i the French li | .nei .- lo 'I

I' .-. LEt ..... Veiet elan .... o i i
til ...... ..... ....... I, kh ..i .... hl O 34 ,1

/ a,, . ,. ',, + I i .T .. .. O(

"1'iere wx -.-2- riils or iww rail-
Ssil d i l Ihe m nt '., .. Til
A lta i.I 1 ...... ........ / , 1:.
at ... . r' ', n ..,c *J'yi Oc + 2,,

A a, e, . I' 1 i e\ .in,, . r .t i

P ,,,', I" .' I ', '1.1 '. 10
A.d, ,h, PrIn i rh ,, ',,Pii ii.. 1
t amr fr o ,., ; 1 ./ I' '. ., C 'o o e *er

V r -i r, f/ 1 t.. u n'. r .' .>.. .'
D Th e~i,[ ,r .tfr hh" Tm l re .l:,r /,tW -"'


and the Prinm Btel Frm edrich and Pri',z ..i.?*'l

sion ,hn'ing the month ,o|' .T,,l\

The Canal Record


No. 4.

The Canal Record

Published weekly under the authority and supervision of the

"The Canal Record" is issued tiee (tl
charge, one copy each, to nil iemrnlor'yes of
the Commission and Panama Radilroad
Company hose names are on the "'oll "
roll. Extra copies can he obtained I'rom
the newn's stands ul'the Pananir, '.ilronil
Company fbr fire cents each.

Address all Communications
Ancon, Canal Zone,
Isthmus of Panama.


Additional Cold Storage Stupplies.
Through the courtesy of the Nav.Y Duepairt-
mnent, the use of the transport Culgon. re
cently equipped with large rel'nrigratitii
space, has been accorded to the C..'mni-isiini
for a shipment -of fresh nients .id 'eveta.-
bles to supply current needs This ship i-
loaned to the Comnniisi.,n withlit other
expense than coal and pr,.viionsn '.i ihle
employed on this service. She sail .l ion thuc
21st instant and is due to arrive at tI'l.,n
on the 25th.
In view :f' the limited could st.ragi space: ii
the- steamersof the Panama Railri,a iSt'eniii
ship Company, it has beetl aditlicult tri-l. t,,
supply the demand fr fresh inmeats nii ve'
tables. It has been ldeteriniied tI enlai,'lge
the cold storage facilities ,iin the .4 liin 'a_,
Colon and Panama, and :a c iItr nct lin-
also been entered into '.'ith the RKi' lI Mail
Steam Packet Comlpany fr.r c'.,ii sti.raget
space on steamers of that line ilup t.i 21.
tons per fortnightly s-ailin and tile 11: --,I
space on other sailings %i which can not bh.
taken care oif '.y Patialnii r;iilronil stemiii-i
ships. With this contrnet withl the R,-a-nl
Mail, andenlarged cold st...rn faicilitict oni
the ships of the Paiuain R'-lt-..nil Stitcin-
ship Company, it is believed thtre -.%'ill lPe
sufficient cold st,_,rage space t nimeet all
requirements. It will then I-e p' isille t-.
furnish additional kinds ..I' refrizeratol
goods for which there I:Hiec heeii re'.estti .
but which the Commissary has ii.t I been
able to furnish on account of the l-ick .'.
cold storage space. In the tieantimeic, tihe
Navy Department 1by the loan '-ftheCulgoa,
has helped to relieve the ,;ituati-in lhiere.
and its action is greatly appreciated.

Report on Distilling Plants.
A committee compousd of Mr. George I,
Brooke, Superintendent of Mi._tie P'..\'V
and Machinery; Mr.J. -1 Holciimlje, Divic..
ion Engineer, Division of Municipal Engl-
ueering and Dr.T. S. Darling, CGhif, Bjard
of Health Laboratory. Department of
Health, was recently appointed to report
on all matters in connection with the I'ur.
nishing of distilled water for drinking and

" lth.r lIurp I,, ti Itie i IuI ,In I. .'- f theI
Ic." im i .ui t; .11
The r-port Ilf theii.c .mi 1tlIL 't It.h',o -t-
ice anil covered tlih, picratiiiti .'' the li; till-
Li .. pl, r'ntc :it A n.:.n lih, pitl.l. "IJ. .lil ]l. L .
riulchra. E nplic, L:.i i'a; e:i]'-,i, [,-.- fihlip- ,,
Gi...,rs- ,l rg.r itna i' ,Ip- :iil ;iiz'iiii Th-'
dlistill ,ng pl.nt- e.,l'-m t ,11 ,,i1 Ftrew.h .,,,-
1It:s rr ,, inniilur-, a;nd tn inlh, lbi-tilld w .ttvr
Iii suite-e tliit ,iil: title i i t- ltiriii.-hi I antl d i kli -
crol- free .,.I' c...t t :,ll nipl.,.. .. ,t tlhe
ll, rV > 1 lll. I llll', :t l .'" C'.1 I. '
.lh. i, n n1 ,-i. .n i j ilt l .'i: It I r .' Ill. ]I
A n Id I It I -InIla I tLit llI.II .' il't.11 i- I,-u -II
ire.-terl ;it T .ilriillo. All v :Ittr '.i'.lill.
I olu n, 1'n1 ti 1 i:l 'Ill*it]n I';. '1 1 '1 -.I I "
thr'Iu'i'li llieclhilincI l tiltlr liL C. .l iiiit
tec rt:,: .,inni liil.d that l.- li.. ii nu:il l i; t' I
erectI.d n, cirt.lfln-t: l.,.'., ln Lt.it-i 1tL ]Puif.,
Nlig. -l.1. Pnrais.s-, Ri, '. Ian.l ritlte N.1 ,.31
I Pana n.n rn-- ir i I 'li n1l).' llllil"|- :;i l1
The Ctiiiintiltl rI. li niiien -l:':d till. -: i
.1 i :'n r. ..*' .l ityi;- 1" ., .'i t r i ... kli r in 1it ,i
thlCle 1i n in it- l a d l"l.-I th ?,t t II r -e...ill:
in ] -:, l ,' . _. d l.-. '1 ll i.l. intt -h I hi i 1 :
ila l .II\ l t I l. tll *Lr I I t-p Ctil ir t i. thit t '.
.,.,.rat.tirns ,.." the pl.int. 'qh uhld 1'c iunsl.r
tihe I1 l i. ,t i I' -4 M it ., .l [ n ,.. .. ,.1
th.It : ll ', : l r li. .1li i u .ti .
h u ti ne II i mi-ar ll [i-i irt r l= i i r n i |,l rril'iit tin
.I '.'. t tr .< u I a.. l ',V tl. [la p rLt in t I.
ilt r, i i r. irti: i n i i.] t S il.ji -ti II_'l .
Ti l;h rt Ji lllr i u PLIt'.'r fi tile '" .- i1iih I..-
li., i h ,li. .,i ppr. i iil

Culebra'r Highe,-i Shr.cl Aleriage.
The t-uil'- utl'uii. I l-. t '.1 tli : i -hi i. l

I-,r 17th. 1' s 4,116. I C ,Ii .. i -r. l- -. l ~

.l V rI l li]' --1 0 1 z" P h i, rll 'I -. ,.LIC.I
S ,lilI 1 t 1!' -I. .. Al ..- il i . : i l
,h lstr;lcte ll: t' i tl I il. I I l ll 1, I I l'" lIh
vI. ir:.,. ,f w ,,1s t 1,1-cc il %Iub1e .114 ,:r1

(itl ui e V l 19 7 t-,t l rI .C',LV ii th- i

U ti er ,i -th at'i.-. t \e,.. it, l ',p,: ati.tn, th,
i,'ve r ...ie pL ,r h,, J ,- th.: t6.11:4 th Pl",r
n t tniterl

Phases o Work in Culebrn IDlision.
ile l, i, lL iII ',, 1111L .1' C l l l- tl Ill thI
I IIlUbr: [hI '.i4-it r ,l111 l the -I .e l I c. I
CInd in,, lune 3lI. 1 '. 7. 7.- 7'. ,,0 t"i'-.
L,>-t;zIn $51 :.-,,403 ,.2
O)n luly 1r 1, l!t i. hlr .I. ':3 ml ,n ,
tra! -,k in -, ) t erAti' l inll t lihe I llil r.i r l .1 Si .11.
,,fI whichh 2' 1 lin le- .'.r. lr laid itI .I ri d I '"
aiina ra ilr.i.nl i:ni P.Ll,-i:itn r il, i in .ulk.- 1 .
191)7, ti-, I e ere 1I 1i inIl t 4 I tr..l l.
Iiriictic'illy ll -i' cli .. I h. .. n hl i ,
ti l A ilei t ic:ill -t.c I r:ill
I n the p',r. *,.'r.-s i, t lie I Il.i, *tin * pLr itt .1 -
1lirii. thlie fiscal yev r cinilin J. n, ic I. 1 i. 17
there o .re drilkI. the fll .... i," oum r I,
Inie,-l I':et Id h I. .Ie i, th0 ul l r.t ['I '1. I-l 1
l *I, ..n' .1l 1 .nl lr.11,- 4 4 2.! ". hl'.i; I' f i .- 1.
W eil -,r lill'llrn] 'i l 11. 7 .1 n 1 1 1 I; i, .l
H .,n J ql l- 7 111. 3 l. I.'. it 1 ,,Ile

(In June 31t, 1J07. thl.i'e I ere 1li .ic:r-
atlin in the Tran-pirtatiii Dep]artment ni

liIe I't tleI ra D. i\ .. -.n. ilt,: I Illfv.,ill a erlUllp
oiii n 1 :

it ,rr .flu. I" i I .lt r- 1
.iirc.iiulr' 1.l

.1. '1li4 t 1, 1111.. C '- t
.. l .I ". -. ',

Vr-ry Heav.3 Timbers.
T h "liC i I ti i .il .r u 1 I- ls I lItI l -1
;, rr in l ;t L'J B, -c,' f,.r It-e r.n thli noe dlip-
per di ilc ll I : I I 'r til I .rg. t tiubers that
i tic I.', r rii lir titi: IIsti Il The. r le, ne
i l'..lt'ini 1. re.." tiul iar- dl the hine.t
I th, ] "1 1I -jc l tu.m i 1 4 hl' e i cIthF Iy
I l.,,:t iiiil..i :r 1i 24 '. v 'iii iticl. -s h 6till
'. .'ti lth ti nrhird Xr' l\. ii ii, lic:her 1)' i1.1 et
Tln eh.c n.-,iluu 0l e u l t, lcp Lthelre.dge
Stliir pr'op.r p.~.nil ini I l: at I-',l.rk and
,'ill' tI. r:a1 l.' lb l.'.'. :rtl ) itc tnii. There
i ii i t .hler .". t Itin e dliil sit n't t., he oi"
in il .it th,: en.t-itrn c.a-t 1e.1 the unitedd
M t:l I'lc i, ] .'h i i v.. rc Iir. i tght
I'..-: Ir. i tin St.iate- nii the ilrd-e which
iir ,.i ,l c ii t] .it CO lnII. I 'iti ci l of' bein g
-I].'I: ti',,l r , .:l'-. ol t t : li c i.cl' ,t If lih tr
t1lic lj r-l. t'l I t t,, cthler

tI ehnhiltaalted French Dredge.
h. l'he i.' i.ilitu r.u .I $20, 00 .) '. r IJlbir
nitl I.1t'i r'Il .1 i.' Frtl nch lati i er ..r ele-
' ...r dred .' l lh Ih'l l-cei lyin in the
I r ',r i -k -,,-r l,.-,', L .A B,..ca lI r iii...re
l it lr.. Lt i. \,.:tr l Icl r. tod red Iin
u. i rp:irt tl it it il n .', capable .d.
,'.: .ilinh; 1. I i. i iin bi, vards ,ell '!i'tl rial
picr iii. lrili ;n1 ;i. iUl.' u t i-t'U ivalent ti ei ti t
r. i,- '.1 I ,' f. iur 't t..n hi 'e yar'ld s it'ai
-li ... I '- fTi ridgL-ie ". liei i I e rvice.' :it
Ii L i P.t ." i, tr.ii,:e -1 l I : I' :in:i %\%ill dt.
ip,,. l'. ,, i. rl; t li ,_ e 'i niui t.l' r [ i it!' ,lr ii' '
r. t t-s l nl tt 'r 1 d i lppi r pe
In r>. n.: -.itru t i~ ; 'ic drnnl.*c all tilhe
&4.;,t]:il pnrts u->u1 l 15.r. Frcich The;e
S.'.ere i.,ui l in tie iiiiule tir usni.,ng other
i..li FrenchLi ril.m C 'titt,:redi :pla.ne the lint
. f tI. : I l T I h, thrcel. iler. \w lich have
ih liu il-t:.,l<:d ill p ainct ., l tihe: w., origitial
,l h. -. r. f-1' ',,I d1 ii thie .l rlel nrear Sa l
P .hlh. ,-hei th \ hl t Ittl bcen ]%,ing for inrc
t t t-.,.] t -\..-y 'ar Tb.:v. ,'-re in c.,e-llent
k,,111 ,I t n I Ic.. 11.. 11 c...rt. -i.,I ], a nd a ll hl a r-
111,.- il l' t ntu'1 \%'.re in ,iid w orkinl g
I11lri T i,. t -.. blinders als, caillne' frnn
LI.i itilIL:l i 0nl 're ill lilk .'.tcellent c.inld -
,,,i Thbir v.l < 110il l." IIe reCet and new
lil itLu-dl. ;tlr, i' ,_,, iii,, .. l iuni n "--. The .iig;in e \ which
Il;itl r,: ln itld I ll the liull U% ill I\ch Vllent
,, r-.lit .n i, l nd C .lu i n. It Ilh .urpasI se, I I %
in.ld, rn luincin l r% l, I,'trl s t,. ad.iuwtmIent
,,,i ,, m..I ,I d *-*1 1rt1. ,1 T hl :_ copp -r
-,pI t 11 ll th: mtAchin..ri Is 4 f .erY
I 'yi ihl- n anl, -i.lni, ,. m uclh li r'L. car<:-
ill v..rknt tuliii i th'ii, i- 1'ii l l in m iderl
ii. lih i-ry ThI r-I'nIlrI..ilie- [I)VstrV\ tioU
-,f tlus inw:ilhinrry v.' I duLI i:1 l11t first place
t., tLheL lhi 't gtlil:ilit. -f'. n lteri.il sed in con-
-truitlfi], n, lin ilt scund place to the

Volume I.


IIt I ..IOlr I, ,'- I Il ..I, I. '
il i I , ,iiL' l l i I

l I .. , i, ,.. . ,,
i,,l r .I ll 1 . i .l l I. iI, i T, II .

i. I . lii I, i 'I l' .111

I)l f iti 1. 1. 1 1,
ilt i..i I .... I''? ,i hI I I.. i,

+, r, ,[1 I. t h, -lJ 1, I 1

I ti I I I ii l I I I I .
siiiiiii r. ii lii'..*ii ..........I I1.

III It .I. i hl t'i I-I ,,iI i i i I li Ii

or iL. ii II I I
IrII .. ,, h . I F I I. I' ,
., .,. ..1 ,L ,h ,IlI .1..i '.li"". .
1 1 ,I,,. .I ,-1 ,1 il 1 , , .,,
ii .. l i ,L I i iii .l- IIi '

I ,l. ,I W., l, I
[ ., i i.. .. I i I I i.i, i i+ i L I I '
i. h i ,,i LI ., Ii I,

lI. I I I. L i 1 i .

,l~ ~I L T ii. TI 1 1ii, ,lii ,? I,, ,. ,

l t t I, I T i,- ] I I I, III I
tS ..h 1' 1 ', l l l. 1 .. .. ".. l J .. i li { ,
t.L', b..,tle ,_. ,,, ]I th n. ,, .].

I T i' 1 1t l, I A'
I It l .11 l ,,1 ,1

t h. In .I q
,I, H io b 1 I ,

II ,,. h. r ... 1 11 1 I L I I .
II., Ii i. i I I l . . L. ... ,
..1., [ I~ i .II ',i'l l, r. l.1

N g'*, I i. i ..mI iI' [' si] iI l L J "l*'
\\ .,l l .. r ], 1 . ... , I, . .. l ; ,IJ

II .[ illh ,i *I, ., t l, Il . 'I ... ,,i, .. ,
, , , I ,T .,.,,. .I ... ',, a 1
+. I is'1, ,ra, I . I .a i s * [ I I r ,I,] ,. ,
+ r .,, l l ,,i ,. r, I ,,,I l h ,,Il 1, , ,,

i ,.1 ,1 ,, 1 .T , I, I, ., . . .I . . .. ]. I =

11 1 1 .1 I ,hll I'l, h I, ,I -, ,r ,,, I.,,. ,. r r
" h ,,] r I, ., ,L 'I .. , i .i, . 1 I
a L l [.I..1, i ll, i ,il,] .. .. [ ,, ,,I ,, -
5 .,n I ,1,1,, ,,,,1 I, I. . I ], ,J, 1, t I "-
n,.. . . I I.I, h .. l L, 1'1 = L i, .,=. ,=, I
h e, t ,. I r i ,.. I I, ,,I i, I ,,,I lII .:.. I I' I, .
1 '~ .. L L l,, T r ,t I L, r, , I ., ,
h1 h t,' l,' , ., u ,,h r, .I I, .,,, I' ,1=..

l, I I,, d .i i ,- I ,, . Ijj , i . ,I ,i

o p) I,, IT l h L '. I 'I 1 [ 1 'L i ,, r ., = ,.
''. ,. r 'I ..I t ,,. I ,i~ l lI .. u I ', I 111.
I I i 1 ., 1 II' I.. ',, r 1I .. s I ,, 1lJ
p 1- .t lll, ] 1, ., I ,,, ,I l ... . I.
t o I, t h ,. , I ,h ,,. ,,,, I ,, r, ,.
l it } , ,t i h .l]u ,I l l I, I . , ,s ru ,,,, | .,,
" l lII .\ 1 1 .: rII ,,I .ll ir ,I, ,
'. inll t, .[l I .ti s 1 ,. l.1 i r- .1 ,' i 1. T ,
1, .- l th s , ,r'*, [ ',, ,,, i,,].
> ts ,,,, h .,. ,. I ..,, I Il I. S 1 . 1
,iuT ,Tl ,'u II h t II .." I ... .. I .. .. .
t h },,. ,I ,ln I: I ,., ,, i ,, ,iI I
II .,,, [ . :., ] ,II ,Ib I .. . I. . .
I ,, ., ,t i,,. 5 ,. h 1l II , .,.I .., 1. .. I. ,
+ Jth iJ 1 ,J s r "* :a l I .. ,,,. ],1 1 I,,
.1 1t l ,., lh )+.. . nr l, l ..,l I'' ,h , ,'" 'tl'" ,
t. i lli t,,,, .', t- i ,',,. ] isis r i' s .fh .lll L h ,
l i~ eilr 11 '.. ,l J+, I 'lL. ,] ,. ,-. [. .',,J Ih .. t .


ii ii ii ii i I. 1111 ii '- ... t i ,u .
i t . I I d 1 1: 1 ,,1 ," ,

I ii 1 i ,.i ,.i I V., il I i .[
,[ r [ ,,,T r 1 .,, I , r ', ,, , f 1
I i .. I . .. ,., I-. , |i .

1 h % it l 1
.. , ., ,. h.j, , s l, 1 ,,

1 , I !, I il .v i Ill 1 il II I' I 1 J

[ 'L ,_ ,, 1 :,l .,h ',11. 1- \ 11],. 1h ,
II ' l-lI., 1 1 .1

, I rk I : 1 1 I 1i
*li *. li i.i..i 'ii ll ai t iii =

I tpir..-. d "nt i ip i lit.. .

I' Ii '~ If i Ii
k lil 1 I ., .I i Ii .
il- I~a II. s lI *

I I ,I .I I II -. 1 I IL ,I i .i
t o.. 1. i I , 1 1 ,
II 1 .L I ...l i ,

I Ir ... ,, ,, 1.

I i "q ,., .'.L:,. ". I
] i ,:. . h a 1 1'i .j .L .1 il .i L .- I, l

I, .. s I I 1 l ,. I ,, . a h.. l ,, I

I I . l l t . I
1l i i, .i .I .. ,,] I ] . .. : ,
h I, h l , il iI. l .I i l l,, h. ll.. ,

Li ,,I ,, ht ', I

i, I 1 I ,1 , I
1 1 II i' ,..

1 I i I | ,
] , I nl ,I I i ' I h

h I r *ii, ii '. .. I i L, l .i I,.i .
I I i
1. . . rI ., ,1 L I. h ,. s ,, 1 ,

-. r 1, 11 + I i i.. i |r l i
I 1 n [ I .. I h ,, I, ,I .I I 1 .
,,I. ,~~~ ~~.I I ll I I. l h .

I I i I i : I I l h . r i ) i. I

,' , i I I h h I !r a .t I r i I .,
l I , 1 , 1, ,, r .. .. ., 1 h [. .
, I 1 1 1 I. . I ., T, ,I i I I ,rI ,.

.1 .. .,i,,lJ it, .,,il l q ,1 .

I I .l r I l I L ,, , I, i r ,
,. r- ,, i l ,, ,, ,, I h ,
I l l , , I I r i i

*, ,'" {,L '"I '" ,, ,.
.- ,Is l,. I, ,, |h. I. . I 1 I .

L iL t I '. Ir . .h ,I ,r 1 l
, . . I ,. t ,I.,. I . .. . J n .

t 1 i .1 i T1 , r I,, .I, + t ., ,,
, ,, ,I l j , i, I , 1 ,, ii l ..
I I. i ] t I . I ,, i i I 1l

1 ,. a 1 ,I I ,I I , , I ,ll 11 I ,. i

I I I, I i , I I ,I I .. 1 ,, ,i. .
II1 ,r .11 r l , ~ , h I i i i l,

,i, 1 l l ,,l ill l I l i , l i i ~ t
,, l. i, r ... J L l l l I aiT .
I ,, I lI~ I +, i i t l' 1' 1. ll i I, l
I,,, L I. I l ... I,1,l 1 - l 1,,i. ,.

i r i 1ii.;it, i i,, ,r ti I a. lditlim l eirtip i nc it
tl .'it .II l i .- l h, i t- e l ith ]ili the tnewv
i ]i 11 I n ~i f i1 "*.i *i [i'[ '=il] utii id r i ll i t: rill
. il- lI L I -.ili I I i]il, *. I ti. i, i il ,i c 13
S l 1ii 1 i. i. i | I -.. I Il. 11.i. i. \ t L iii. c i
I 1' 1 ., 1i i .1 l . i Xt ..t eii n l t
hl,], u l.. r.. l la,'l,]:r, andi tile
II li i'- I.' i t I L t ii'.' l,. ih l t- i i] i tilt'r
L i!. I I fILl:. 1I I [l l11 11 1 lr I L XI I lV
liL II iii lit i ii lK it li. n 'i L r iL .|ie
11i. I t I. r i I I ,l i l I I 'il t.il S -I' LL4 i.
1i: i L. ,. 11 .' i] i' l, i, l i n,
I. i, l h.i I ll,,i ll li I' i re l i:i il li vs-
l.11 "i ll lI,. .111 r .ul *in. tl:n t n] \

4 l. i l l i l I it ,. I.it'.I i i l I l i _t, l t i
,, I I t h .. .

SI I I i I .t i ;,I I I I r l I L tlit
,.I I l 11 %i I-

A11 'i ' .n i 1 ','1 ] .p;r '. n t p h.
iI l 1 n .* i . ith.'i
,,1,] l ll in t [i l'. l ']ric, 1 1.h L ', llll ll s,-

i r . I .I I, l l. L i 't i l L II, i. l I| tl l. il i t

i s. i. i . 1 1. i i,.p I- L nri i| r
l ,.. I l . .... 1. l i, .

iAn'ii LC n *"'Sl mp t'" in Itfl iek Si'amdlp.
il I I' T ''l L i"r I. I i L 111 i l iH i tl i L'

In. .- 'I. 0 1 1 1 1i ,L|) E l'ri'.ny

S, II' ] I I. I l 2 l i l IiL
I.. In.., I, L- r. t. L i
tI I, .L i I t h I I lt .'L11

S 1. .., I 1, 1 1. 11 i II I. In i i Il c I le
I~ n I,,I n I Ir I n l I. I ] 11. e l .t I ,t '

11. l -I, IL 1, I 1 .u ;, ol I i ti .

11 1. 1.1. I I I , I.I I ,l ii . ,I . lI -I

I,,l l l 1. 1 11, , h 1 1 h. I I nr I
S,, I 11 . I 1i i l ,. t L l t I. l.- 1a -

I I ,I IL I ,I I I .fi l l 11 o l 1Ir.
, I I, I, i 11r L. -

I I I .. i, 1 ]'. i I| 1 . I .r 11h 1 I. .I

S .. L I 1 1 I tI I, I 1h.. 1' I". %, I l 1.i1 I l

i, a I ,i l. i',h him i oIn i P i i.ra. t .l l ,i ,, -I ..I. ., I ll r.t h i l,,,T. r i I I ]] .l t h].

i. . 1 1 1 h l I l Ir IL .-I I l I 11 l I'- li-
I., ],. .I tI, n i" ii d I n ll I. triil l
1' l iL ,I i l ,111 IJ I. t I'll lh i t '1

1, .. 1, I l l l l. ,f1l i. \ I 1
,, ,.11 1 I, .I ,. i..h i \ .\ h hL -. l. t +..i l [.p i'L

I ho t ,L I" I 1 In 11. I. i .. 1 I'' li'L-i.2 2

,*" ;I stL, L I",,1 th,. Ill,,h th ,, 1" L+."s' ...- .'

The Depaiturr .."' 7'.i. .i rJ..

A l l- .i ) Ni *, % h l .. 1. 1 .1I .. .

IIll. ll. S .. tt' [ 1,1 .' I tl I Ii i i I
. li 11 l, i I i i l .- i i

Fill l Ill 1 r l'- i .1 1 % 1 I l l I 1 i'
tii I i i N i i I I
I. 1 .-.
M r . i il r..l II l i i

S. p])t ll ll r.e r -' r I'.hl , ]i . ,I I i l I ... i

.l t l ll t l l . . I

I IN ti I il I li l i.i
ih. l] i I IA1 ,.i. -1, .1 .. I i 1

Ilil-i. ,I l i. ,. I I I i. I ,
I t. I I l i ,
S3, tU l l,. '\\ .h rl, n. .

-it .' lIt', l L i ii I i' i i I . ii i I I I
th e fi r l .. .ill 1 1i 1 l .t ,, ' i,,

tliii. [ i .iL ;l t 1. d .1 iii. Ili i,

,-i l i.'] ,,i lI, '1 h ?L I . i l i 1i, J, .
't l IN I' il t. i i i i I
I.) r litli

St ..ta I sl ^ n.r 1. s. rI .%
hl rci %t .`l. L IN' I .'l-
e i l- .l l I l I I . i i .. ,

St... l -.h . I, I, ., i

IJ ,h.r t l h ll I II r 11 i
sI% C hrre \lo 1. l .. .. I

t J.'h l' h -l I L. ,,, 1 , ,
li I % 1. I I L.Li 111 N11. ,. I ,i I .t .I i,
t 'n ij ,1 r, ,c i, i 1 4 1 1 1 ,4 11 1,
it ', l'. ," iil h I hL I II i

. Te din l h], ,' ,.- I .li. . . ,l 11 .A 11 1 IN

Ni-itn iH ,, il ,. 1., l ...
t' :u .. t,, k I, -I .. II

h Ir L,.th,. I,.- ... I r-
~i~\ l ',_" 1,. III t.,,
t. r- l t r li J1. 1,1,'II

I r.r luLi

Chur i 1 '!. i: :.-L. Z

tl l..r .1 1 i .1 r l E I . .

B ir,, ll lt. i l L h 1 I II I 1 III'' ... 1
C o ri- i t b ir l1 1 1 I i i,.
1I -II In a i-iI iI ,ll 11 1111

Il ,li .. ll I h I N, LI .. I ii ,. s,

Lil1 l. i . I 111 .r li t ,i INC .1 i h1,
U TLI'I k 1 7IL 1' No 1 t1 l l 1 Ill I I I I

Zi-itl lxl Iltl ,lk 1 1 ,.


1 . 1. I iln ; .... r.. ixtll h .ll

] 1 hI I2i.i 1 *

1,I i J ,111 I Ii, I i.i'. 11. i i



i, *, i I
,I Ii,, I ..'- it. ,, .. . ,

I I I. Ih *l I I ' I ,, ,- ,

i, -',, 1 ,I .ht. '

i, -' i tI I ." I-l il I' I .
-. i. lt ., i 1 ' Ii i I


Ih,, I I
I i .1 . i , ' .

i i .,, 1. ,- . , r I.,
I" i' ,I, .. .. . i ,,

I,, ', , ,,,,!I,'.,,Ii. IJ ,

i~ i~ . ,ill i, II I I , ,
i I i l I , i i f ,, I ,I I i .
1 l h l :- iI... i u i 1, , ,

,I I 1 ,1 ,,I i i , h II i ,

I, i], , I,, ,. ., I l ,, I h

II ..

I, i .1

i t . .' iT I 1 ,, . th.l .

Lb 1 1

r. .
...... I , , i I

II..ti .i

I I 1.
S ...T. , . h I
, I I 1. rl'll
i i I rI
It, ,. ,' t i i i i i -

I . . I ... J ,h t i i,..I t.I ,,h. Li

L- I


il f
S it Ih.I' ,I i. r' Iii J

,. I 1 1 1". ,

i ,. i 1 .l

,i i *' it i, h .. l .i., ,, I l.-

,I ,iI. [ ii iii ..i .

.. ii ,II, i -lJ i ittL J, Ii+

. i ., ." ti. ,,i.. I' ', ii. iI . ii

.I..I.. I.II Ii,

, ,i i I I i, ,. I t ...i.r l

. . i II ii i i Jl II i ii '

i ,. I . . h .I .I I *, ~i t ill


I I , , I
. . . I "

,, h

i I I ..... I. I . us.I IN,
I .. . i i I , I ., ,i j i , l i i r l ., . 1 ... 11. .

II I Ile

. . I , ,I N ,II 1- I a rl i r l I
.i, I I i i . . . .. .i II 111 1 i ik h ii i 11s .. . ., Jir . .' i l i

,I I I 11 n ... -. 1 ,
,.,,, ,. ,I' il I ,II I ,, i' I, .. I . I.

I I.


THI E L c \X \ 1. R :E.C IilIN


Paragraphs of General Interei fr'-umi ithe
New Book of Rules.
73. lIe shall inspect the kitchens of all
SaIlhnie-. hotels, mess halls and hospitals
to see that the provisions of these regula-
tions with respect to the erection of stoves
are complied with.
74. He shall instruct the occupants of
dwellings in the use of chemical extinguish-
85. He shall see that the mechanics do
not leave the shops or premises, or any
portion of them, littered with inflamnmiable
material, iuport inli any infringement of
th*. re:.ulhtimii to the master mechanic.
If the lpr.atice is not iinieiiiiO.i. stopped,
he shall make a written report to the Chief
of the Fire Dep:ir tneiirt
87. One contint,' un blast of the shop
steam whistle will be blown as a signal of
fire, and the members of the shop company
must promptly respond and perform their
fire duty under the command of the regular
138. It shall be the duty of all officers
and members of the department to attend
all alarms and fires at stations to which
they are assigned or detailed. unless ex-
cused by a superior officer; but in no case
shall fatigue from duty at a previous fire
be accepted as an excuse for failure to an-
swer an alarm.
170. At each shop a company of at least
twenty members shall be formed from shop
employes. No employee who is a member of
a regular volunteer company will be re-
quired to serve in such shop company.
176. If the foreman of the first volunteer
company arriving at the fire is not present,
the assistant foreman shall assume com-
mand and remain in charge until the fire is
extinguishel, or until the arrival of the
regular fireman or the foreman of either
company if there be more than one volun-
teer company at the station.
179. When a volunteer fire company is
summoned for actual fire diut, each officer
and member ri,-ipuiiin,. to the alarm shall
be entitled to pay for such fire service at
the rate of one dollar ($1), United States
currency, per hour, or fraction thereof.
191. Too much care can not be taken ol
the nozzles, as a s.ihIht dent or rough sur-
face in them at the dicharre ripening will
prevent the discharge .I a -.. I stream of
192. Great care must also be taken in
handling the pipes and hose coupling, as a
slight dent in either destroys tl -iretkflaiel .
193. The fire-alarm telegraph system is
connected with a bell in the engine room
of the Cristobal ice plant.
194. When an alarm is received on the
bell at the ice plant, the engineer in charge
at the time will sound the following signal,
iiidiea tiinr that a fire is in progress:
r-,IL -lrli. i.re long, and one short blast,
T'e.i-. 11111 -ic. after an interval of fifteen
195. The steam tIlr,,'- Crm.t,,dil andGatzn


:are 1ciirmjpprrld %\th turret iiozzlt, anld, mui
hea.rii' a;iI aitrni ,f fire at :1 i1. ck in C-Jlon
.. Cri--t i.dl. tiuil. 1 i ll tile %% In ttl ilf the
Cristobal iLL' pl i-t. lthty ill iirceed tI) tlhe
fire with .ill in t i L *Li ilt' I dispnch l .ii I
Ir niiiit l go into acti ii
196. When an alarm tin lt r tc Iitit .11 i
the ice plant i 'l,.i :,nii .1 T he I' ll.i. ini.'
223-Doeks in Colon.
13--Dock 11,
332-Dry Dock (Dok I i..
the engineer on duty n ill s ..un1L theI g. n r:ild
alarm of fire (one short ant I o n a ndl ,ie
short blast), but wil nit ii i..il lie sten.il]
tugs until advised to I- 4- hl tlie fire il.
apartment after its pr, .il :.t th. fire. IIf
the presence of the It]'-" i ri- irud, the
following -i,..1 will liC '.:llt in ,LL- liCe fi.'111
the box lr',ii which it v.a*.I -ri;ginall.i
sounded: 1-3-1. Cn re:t-it Ild ti]1 in.I.t-ce
the engineer on dut. .it tire CLriir,lhl ice
plant will at once call the a.-,rt ancLe .l'I tlhe
steam tugs Cristobal ,till G.a un by s ii luI.
ing the following sig!nil- ni. tihe ice pirInt
Onel.-i. tlid one s.-r ',t--clir, lid
Four i blasts-i'... I 1
Five long blasts-Dt.l I lIr,. i....k
to be repeated once an *i. ,r tce i'i ,ii rititod n
211. None but met-.1 l.].- -i-,ll Ii. u-tl
in'.uilli.'-., and no l. t '-LIC -4 le<- thiin
150 degrees proof sliel! I hluriin-l iii tlicin
or in kerosene stoves.
212. In setting up t.t pijL. ;]i I. itlIit.l
of li] llIr or in a ither C. liniiir l.n 1
".tlldrrl-. a distance ol tv... I Mi.l.A riust ire
left between the sto pi.: anl tie v. .
through which it pastr-, ti,: crilii'c dt-ia nie
around the stovepil.. If thie t,\e i'
nearer than two feet ti a .1 ,,ilii %all i.r
pi rthi .ii it shall be i]r..tI tcd 1t r i .ce Inl
zinc or sheet iron.

New Zone Building Lawis.
The r., 1l i L, 1 n, uil :.i rcf l. Ition,- .1i tlti
Canal .:..n % nic beer. l.pite.l i thie n.' dl
Commission, effective Si|. 1, 19 ii7:
1. Persons intendij,. toi ,:i-,t I.uiiliii. int
the Canal Zone shall sl.,it .ircl[ir:ct'
plans and specificati,.-, .. r] m the I.."l,..Ic
thereof, a builder i.hr, .\ itn. ti tlie leictd .1
the Division of lin ii-ip.'l Eiieii.,lring lhr
his approval. Such pla.in .r Irait.'.iiag
shall show clearly the oca 4f thet I] it u ipi
which the building ,i t, be I natr.l. their
location of tie "luthiiln I,'ii itkirenc t,
the lot lines, the g:rriirIl i,]., thie cie\,ai.
tion, and all id i.,r '. i li,'.'.- :,nd ,)tli'r
,l,,i.ai]_- for purposes .t li_'lt anl ientilia-
tron. T here shall als. i. i,. -llitted t.i tlih
Head of Municipal li.iIMttLrin, l..I ;p.
proval, ilcIh.I iit I -, -i1. .,n;. let ily' tI l
material to be used i, ,:..stru'tiin tihe
' itilihl
2. It the plans anll -itceii.'itr,,iis emitted conform to the. buil-lhin, re'.ulattii-s
herein IrI.-crill t. ,Ie ile:i ,.I the [li-mit.in
of Mli]IIclJ.,I i .irilicnuri.ri s hall ;app)rive
theb r iin v.I rii il,. in thi- nappri ,ial si:ill
constitute the builder'- fill iuthUliJl ti
construct a ',ilieii2 iln-ildr tlie plan's .nldi
specifications ihiiiittcl
3. In the l:l in.il- out .1i ni-A. t. I'. i andi
i'n,,,,khin -,. ..I .1i1 tov. 4 i t, str-cts sihall nl.t
be less than forty t0 I lit \ nile, iintii.
tini :1i ,;t',\ ', of hil 1ty" tm (3 feet wide
.iinl -,li. .' llr ...I five i.,i Ic':L \\hide .ni mdle
of said 'n-l' .iv. N.u |I.rcihei" "r strips
shall e ri-I.,I i 1, 11 I 'lce r, itided fi-. -rlt-
I. l I. t l I',LICl1i 11I C I iht c, ndIl .t' r%
may ,.\,-rli then six l161 i.>'t

-. There shall be either a free space of
not less than fifteen (15.1 feet between build-
rigs. or else the walls shall be joined to-
gether with no intervening space. Ill this
Iree space nil ouitho'uses, annexes or veran-
tidas. steps nor staircases, shall be built,
;rnid no material of any nature shall he
storedi therein.
There shill lie a ekar space of not
lt-k than three 3i1 feet between the ground
and the foundation frames of any house,
accept in tlre ciseof bululdings located odi
itirpiwa ground thie floor of the building
ait .ile tll Ilia I.be at ani elevation ol
nuit less than one loot above the
gr,'.Aund lecl, proi ailing tire average eleva-
tiou is three Itet ir more. Buildings used
in whole or in part for business purposes
shall coifirnim to the above requirements,
unless. cincrete floo-rs aire installed, which
shall lie raised n.ot less than six inches
ablive the ground level, providing the space
be filled solid between the floor and the
grui ind. Farnm buildings, stables, black-
i.mit I slips shall beexcmpt from the require-
iments of this section. \\ hen a cut has been
niia-le in a hill to obtain a site, there must
ihe kft a space between the building and
the fooit of the slopec not less than one and
a alilf tilme tie heilght of the slope.
6. The ground beneath all buildings shall
lIL graded and drained in a manner to
Ire.'et the 1acciniulation of water in
lipdliles. C'nrircte gutters below the
e ves imy lie required by the Head of the
Di\ isit ii of Municipal Engineering if, with-
lut this precautiiin, the drippings from
the rniof \uuld accumiulate in puddles.
7 Gutter? shall not lie used on buildings
except over doorways.
Tihe distance between the floor and
tile e,.dily shall in no instance be less than
ten I'ect, and in each room there shall not
lie 1lss than one wini'dow opening upon a
strtct. yard -.r patio.
ti. There shall be a Iret space of fifty
Ifet Ietween tile back of one house and
that t' another when the houses face on
ritfferent streets with back to back, pro-
vidul, that in special l canss, to be deter.
.iiiiel Ih.' the Head of the Livision of
.lunleipal Ei'rii.ieeroiin, thie, mlay join
Fiirtlh.rniore, there shall not lie built
-ied i'l'e,:inics, ,.ir a'nexes itl an- y de-
-ecriptioii iI1 thi, free -pace, and no material
,t ant\ nature -ihall lie stored between
11. Att:elied ti, each hiuse there shall
1I .1 fli-[,rproofl pirty, whichh shall be lo-
catel .t a d igtance of noit less than twenty
1i2ti feet fr..im the h.Iuse. This require-
ieniit shall noit apply when sewer connec-
Ti.i is Lire lnaile
12. Ni) solid fences, such as pieces of
galvanizedd iron, shall be built around or
Iet .'.-ce I houses; all -uch fences constructed
shall ie either iof -,ire, wire netting or
picket.I I, bail.,o, ir %%'oid. The pickets
iniu It-. than thiie cinches apart.
1.:. BuildJiii~s of hamhoo, cane, or similar
materi:ald. r buildings roofed with thatch,
may lie constructed if standing alone in
tlie lielvil or in rural communities, but in
t'.', i-. anid villages all buildings must be of
'v.. .l. illasiil.y, plaster or corrugated iron,
*tilt] .liall be roofed with til, corrugated
irna or other nrrinlaimminable material.
14 Any person who shall violate any of
the prvisri'ns of this regulation, where no
penalty is pr.,vided, shall he subject to a
fine it not less than five 1$5; dollars, nor
excecing t,.vwenty-five t$25i dollars, for
each and every offense.
1 ). Any builder, contractor or agent who
-hall construct any building in violation
of this o ordinance. shall be liable to the
pniailtie.; provided and imposed by this
sect ion.

The daily force report [I pirp.areil and
kept by the comrraissi.incr in charzgc -' the
Frepartiitent I"f laIIbr, (Jnarteis :an I i SLub
sistence sh')\w at If glilnce Llie e'.- t l itiuiil lr
of men w ,irking e cli d.ii'n fIr L cry I .i'e -.1
the d.epartInaits of the C';Lllnl "'-., rk a;I I
the PanaIma railria, d ; thlie i illilI v ihI..
are pnid by the iii ninth il g, ilal anil inl
silver; and the numbihr pai. I by, tlie hour
at each of the rates prscril'e.J l. tlhe
Commission. The work men pa:l IIy tlic
hour in silver are further classiti-l in tlitse
reports so that the lhe'ds of the depart.l
ment mav know iit;iitantlVi laiv.' iiiaiiv .1
the total force of coliliiion laborer, are
sufficiently familiar v. ith the handling .'I
touls to be available f',r rissignaiiiet tLi thli
divisions and departmeniits tl.'Iat ia-i. call I;,r
the cheaper grade of artisans rather than
the pick and shovel an.ii.
Examination of the figures in these r I| ,rt
shows bow closely thlie rDepartment o'i
Labur actually nimeets, .r iI s.miie ca.e.
exceeds or falls sbh.rt ft, tihe daily demianil
for ench class :f rlibir needed on the ltl-.
111 us.
The daily I'oce report f.r the 11tli .j l'Sp.
member, summarized belii.\, intliete-ic- that:
15,520 silver laborers of" nil kin.l-S wcre
workingon all the di%\ sirain r -if the DLPi:nt-
ment alfConstructioan :nd Eiginectin,_. .c
this report is arranged it is .'i' to see thIl-
number is 316 less tliin the number \ .rl:inl
the same day -j the niainth prcviou-ii. It is
equally easy tn see that if these fiuri res i-

.i tli.i iina t l. t hI I 1, 11 1 '- I.- -
h 1cea u,11: 1,. II I ril[ 'i ,t -;vI Li I

'ii t l .i n tI ii i Ii i I I Li l .I .1
Ifr 1 I .n- t the I i L a i l' I . rth .. I. 1 1

-aI in-c l.t I1t 1 i h i li, ., l ,IIL ,. ...rI I -.
t e l..u te i- i' r Llr. l It I t I il i l.I .
111 eL ry i ,.l.it r II.'Il ii tl I. 1i t i l.. .'r Ia
thll anie ti' '.\l -iLl s Ih. \ tl t .i11 l .ii- I
thle i..rl.., th.: ti ,ll ly 1 I ...t' j li h .
to- kei-p the I niiI licr 1ul o 1 I,1 ,. ni 1, l'
c..i.stal it. T ih1 r l[. .,, rt .t [, it i,,l .,I i 1 1 1
.-l iii, ti t thlie j-iI ltat I I. r i r a I. i 'i
,i t..ta l ..1" 2 ,1 0 . ., -i r [1 i l. l -
er- .,n it i..,ll<, \i '. 1 .it ..n th.. 1 I I
the r.-pl, t .I.1- h,'nl.. .il 1.7 1i ,l
T hie Cn- Ji, t 'i .'."- lt .-l ti.. iI L li I .. t .1 .

l .i t I1.1t l h III 1 1 nr i ,rc .. i -. I
the nit: iiithI th n .1 t '.t Lr.- pr.- it ,,u iiI l ut h
T his ue". ,.. S '-1 l| 'l '' l .. I -.

4 11th t.,t.,I l li .C r, ..., I ... ...

-lI ; ll l -~c- ".\ .rl n I I, r li' I lin.L ,,
. .,I.'I I.'t I il -. iin 'in 'it 'I l ts ..I ti .: I .-th I
l lls .. Li t lh,: I ll i S. liI. rur l .e- |i .e hl,,l .
h,.rce ri ..ri t -.1r th it ,1 ttc. 4h.- rI r i hJ,1 1 -
t.,t l I -I.nlV 1 '22' 1I thi:nh th, I..- r..t.,l
in cr'. I theL 11th .i I A iiu. -i, t. ,nI in.],
lI:,nr. the h, l i.. l h t l ..: .. 11 1 11' [ ( 4ih ,
Sy.' tc li'ih.er

SIL\ i.R :M I'Li iL [:-

Dci.'rt [i ieC t

C TI .a 'a

a --'ii I



Construct1in :and I
En ierinn cnr n 1.'.. _" '.' n7 4 I 3 i i ,"1'. ''' "
1. bar, Quarter, I
and Subhs',tenlcL 13.'.4 7 1 1 ".1
Law .ril Gonern
.Tie. t .. 4I 1 li
Sanitation. .t i *' 1. l ~- 4 1 7
Diabur-enent i
Ex-rnnt'r o Ac. .
c-runts . I

Sept. 4. 1907;
Changes . .
August 1 1. 19I07
Changer .. .

.. 1 ;'2 Hi .. '-1 .

a .!

I '' '

37'4 ,;; ," ,". 'r *i ,', ._*-.-.: _"'., +47' 1 i ',', i ''.i-. '. 2 2',. I -_' _',, ,'7.,
763'1 .'4-; '' -- 11 ,. ;" ". 7 .4 ._' 1 2 : 1 '.i'. 4i'. ', _J .
t3: t41 tl T 1+ -ll lj -17'_ tI I ,I 12 -.4 T 1
It: s, 1 'oill ."I .a' .. i,1 1 '.-, ",, '.'_- 4 '"
I -11 i2 ,, 7 JaJ 21 1 I 2 -2l- ";- 1. -.7 -1-,

Panama Rjilrrc..il.
August 2S, 190)7,
not included in to.
tal.... . . .. -i41 111i i 1. 4 + 11,1' - i
Of whom 012' e tni 1n ir.tn.ia.l:,'I. It2l ,i,..r. -,: a tihl o ti. e- a i.i'-r ..t,

Freight Steamer Arrivals.
Mobila, with 95 tons -If Iir.aigc
Atbheniana., with ah biut 1,1 etI, lumber.
The Finance, with 140 tols i aii-cell,.a
neous suinll fieightl
Steamer AMersario from New \N rl. nrra~il
at Colon to-day bringing 4,001l0 tijls if
rails, etc.. 251) barrels crude carbolic rncid.
The balance of her carga was several th.-u.
sand tons of coal.

Tic [Uti. r'ontil, / ,irl ii ii a intl i l rinll
-i tLhle Ith *..ail thraW -li. l..ai L- al an
han ing l.C,. i,, li.h \ '. I'i, f ii NL .. irll- ,,-
til ue .All u:lu t 3.
Tlhe A'alltltc ,\ htL'i -tile fl ,Iii N,\ \% .k -I.
,iI till ."I th, \V Ill cI tll .it F'rn c ,lid 1 i .r1 .1
CtIar'y., l iii l,.ar, rI.ri- r aIiI 'r. .-ii '. '. Il. .
sc.-era lihunrlr I'L - L, i ii l 'ii ,.. l hii. rI
Srt:iiall'r Lt'/rai i'tr. a rania -. vi ... 1 .
%,'hLre slie lalt L n the l'th in1a.,it .1 Ir 'v.-lt
ait CrI'stt.lal last ailght '.ithl 3.:; in :...
IIcs Nvw. uiaiiialiiag at I .Ick 1



St9 azd C.on% ic-liil-n fur N il ilrdL r.

i ttiei l 111 1l' Ii lna t rt l. ii l 11
N .' LL. i -LI r .-' il i u t I i. ri r in

h,11 I .. I' I t 'l i. .L i I . i .
1, i ,- 1* -.n.l ..' ri

L 'LII f11 11. c r.i ...

1 ,, I, I, I h I i. I
L. II-i

I .'. 1 h

I ,.il* l LI,. . i. . r 11 1 i- I I 11 L
SI I I,-. t I.

S I L' .. .... I J11 h
; a h II .. 11,. ... lhl-

l ." I .

I I.ir I Iri II I lI 11. I ' L h. i .I'Iti

C ji.t. \ l'. I l,. it ii, i '.r I ri .I el N Irl .1i.
S II I I It I .

S, i I i. .I i .

IM. l . I1. r
,t I hh, ,etll,., t l

lh I I ,, ,. . . I .. I I

,M 'IrL .r | i*l' .
I I r- l I. ii i il i , . i LI l i i I1 L ; ..

'.I ri l.Ii | I |
i, ,. i,. I I. 1 1 1 1.. .. h ,, it
,L', I 1 .. vi ,L. i ll .. i i ..I .. [ if ,

L I III. r1 '.I.I. .i1 I rlh rI. h

iI. l. i .. i. t l l. h .P, ,,-" L. hN lh1
L i1104 M :' I ,i. C i 1 1 I11 ., hI . IhI
C I .11 ,rll ,, I ,ll i ,. I I L, .. i I rr I IhI

I 'I ...l 1 I I 1.

h II 1, ,' ,i r 1. 1i i I.1 1 1, r ,I I

t.. 1.It L 1 1 1 I 1. 11,rl. H ILL tt.d

M I l..u Cl. i I ..l l
., 1. I 1 ,,..t . 1 1l itir t. 11 I
L I ., . i IL I. .. ,r l. ,


.', I ,,I ~ r l n -
, I ..i i i I Ih n, ]

it is ... I I Ii '' n I i I t
i .l r .ll i . .. i l I .h II ,I i 'L n

fIIi I 1 1, .

['.,, I I ,- I J n n n nL h I -

.ini hi,,I lI ,hn. L,.,', t lhii. i In n'.,J

Ii, I '.. I II --II. I .' .. .I:

n. I Ls.n,,] ",L I .' 1 IH -] ,

LI I L..Ii
1. .,- .,. IL n i- ill I. .L 1
I I I l1 l -I .4 i .in ";, n ,t ,I I I

I IIi l '.1,'i 1 I .. 'I . I I .11 ,

I o ,,,, I. I''I i I" I t .. I ,

Ii r ,.n .i I --I_ , .I i I.,,, l IiI
I ',.., ,Ii I '' t '. ]' I I .. ., .,I 1, 1 I ,
i. i I.[. ,. IIi .1 Ill I 1. I 'i Ti '

I I i ,b .... ,'a ,ri b.I

* I'I I. I ln i. L, In'. In i iitii. I IItI,
.IIII I i'1. I I I I. i I '. '

1 I ,i .I.I ri I .In, I..,i I i .l n
1 I. 1, i, i. ir i ,,,,I l ,ui ,i,
I] ,, . ,. I ,. ,. ,. ,- ,r -. ..z l i', I ., i l
!In Ll t'. . n h~ n n [ i .. ,i,1 l o,l n T..n. ,..i ..
h, ,] I', r , H i ,, ,r ....FI . 1... I IJ .
h iT. l t .'- 1 I~ n % 1 l -, I [ ,, . ln . l n

-,,r I 1.h .- i :-, .i [- I,.i i z l. ,. i ,,,n.

1-1. ,,Int .. , . .1 r ,1... .,," I, I I ,
[ ..LI I I f.' ll_ I I I. ,.- I

s,, is *,I l,, d I," I ,, i' ,, 1" 1L. ,I I I ,

. .I 1 , ,', 1 ",L ,,, ., I r h l ,. ,
] .., ,t e h i,, .,,. r .. . ': ,, , I

.n l.. l.I 1.. -,, p,.. r l r'. e tc' In ,i. ,
, n.. I, l. ...1 ,,l I" ., 0 1 1. I I r, ,, ,
"h ,,(, i i, ,,1 J I sin .~ n. t .. ., h r l ." , I. ,
! l ] r a .- I, In ., 1 , I i h nfl I I .. I.r b .

-i" TnnlI 1 h 1 l. l" t L II Ill J. n1. ln .
" ,J, .,l- t .. .,I., .I rl n ,1 I" :i T , ,i -

, ,I ,-. ,I ,I ,1. h l I I b . I
i 1. lln ,I I 1' I p..II I .. I .1 1 L' n

.,,, .b n . LI. . r, 1. L, I i n1 ',,I ..A r I n -
t I rl~ I I,, h l I... lnuT. I 1, I 1 1 I I, I I

.:..,b I 1,- , .. ,. I I, I

II ,L i .' r_ : i r I ,

[. l n 1 LI l f ,I .In l i , u, 11. I,,
I [ n.. , J i I.. . ,., I..l . .' , n , ,

1,] l, I z I, n .I .. ;, , i i .' ,, ,
-, I n 1. i, .~ . .. I , ,
s~'l l t l 1. I , I' In 1. 1 In, f n n 'I l l
0 .1i l l l' l 'l 1. l' l 1 l l l l

n ls, I bn, , II ,. I, i t i m ,i h u

'1. . 1 ., 1L h h ,. ,, I j, I I I,, ,

t In l 1.. ., ,a~ ,I , 1 lb r unni n, n.. J ,


\ I t 1 I iil .i III I ithI L ':i' i. ll I' I.i
ii.,- I i i, I ii ., 111 LI LI f I -

h I il l I I . i iI iklI l n ll I.
- i i , i ,i ,, i ,. i, i- I -. i i I i. l ,
I' I, I i i,, I,'i,,,,I i I I, is -I''.

I I ,, , h ,nel, n ,,I ,,Ii.i .

I Ik I lI t I I lil

L I ''. ,, il i i

I '_ h ,

i l TI I, ,,,,' ,i,
., i.I' i ,..

I I I I . .

SI .1 I .. .
h , i i . '

-'''ii I 'ILi -.
ii', I' Ii i*
TI . F I
Ii *1. '''' I


i-i' I'. i-i
* 'ii L ii

I '
I ~ 'I I
it I ii iii'

I ii ''
ii '' I' ''
-I'. ii

Ii 'ii I
ii i'i *i...'i
ii 'ii. I
Ii'''. ii
ii I''~' t I -

i-I ii -

I. '-I 'ii I -

I I''''' II
- I I 'I '' i-i.''
I I 'i-i''

-'ii' *. .1

I I' '''I
'''''I'''' I'
I 1.-I ii
I' '' I. V

iii I
I I ...LI'ii...... I

-I.. tiul"

I' ''ii*.'' I
''ill ii
ii I' I ii. .1
-'1 i..., I -'-1.1'' I



hI 1 -

''I'. I i-i





111 l / ll~l..*i- 'i n T iii. r/j 'JiL-r 1i. 'In'! ,il I i

" i, 'r ,, IIL,. r L L. .IIII

I i'lh-pt-end'ui l O)r.ler Li Forc-t.-r'.

- ,i'' i 1.] J 1 7
I . r- 1 f ..i. (.

i-.1..1.' *I S -' I. 'I 'l'l

I-',,i*~i **P I k vI riT Pulnt f it JrrIf lie. d
'ii~~ N, iiI

'a.~~~~ Ii L-.* ,li' ~ :. I'' I L' Lii': 1 iiLIl

'2i i A I CAiL d- d II 1' 0, 1 i ii

l' l Ih I- 111- itj *t 'I I ii Ill, I 2 If '- -I II h-t

1' ilI ILi-Iii l-Ill h i

I .1~'
I ''.,.'.', I 1.1 ii
ii. ''

'-I' li-i'

ii .i~.''.'ii''..
Ii'. ii C I
Ii....'. I
ii *' I I

IL. ''
Ii I

I ..~i'i..i
I .1.

I ii- I.
I *..I.ii' I
I' ill....

I .''i I'
I-li' ii

-~I~~~~'' -
- i.i.'.~ ii

1.1 ii..,.'

Ii Ii''~ I. Ii

'\ \1. I 1 .: 1 I -O M .\S,
L IIr t',;., 1, ( Z
L I. -I ...1 1 ar I 1 i 17

I l .min Lodge N,.. 1, K. o01 P.

ti L I- h Ir ii'o. tli,,' l Culeh'irI Lr, .I."ze
:' i.,l li s 1 .l I'P t] ,-ir ..hich as i .i Id.l
i t.1i: 1i . li: r ,.,ii '-it Culebri \\ctine -
.1 i i> iiiniii -I..]t 1ii l i WI I.i r 1 tl a r '.lu ti in
I 'Ll l il.- i 0i -, n l-r -,l t \ LI l .r I T Il, I i.t.L .
, .. ,1" 1 i l nl lt',' I s p li : in i i ine> l,,r il l. ,I
,Ill r- ,Li.,i i n iril..r- Il ii i r. L [..'', i.i- N.; .
-' l ll i l liLi i '. trl in il i Litt i. in I'
uiL iq.I ; l.-.l'i.' -_ N i 1. T i, ; n r uI li L.In .ilA
S .t i,: 'r. ii I,_ tI t r ,,f thiprc u l e ,I' .I ri,.|.
I.n '. i4 h.lr i ell r ir 'ii ,ll ll the llinuter i.11
Sli.. i r-t iLn t.Litn 'll C ul r.a L .,l._,,. N ,
\\. 1. A11.\A 1 ,
C," .C t" J, ,
> l L,, I, l i ." l t .'. I.

K ii l iofl" P% Ihin-

i nl .." 1 4i i , r I rl : .

1 1' L l ."
,=..,r ,=r, =,?i . =l..'rr 1 .l


Farewell Retepliuan to lMrs. B;rcd.
M ri s \W I6 i 'i..r,1 '.'.',L i-. d. I '.L l ri ., "'I i
f-ire -cv ll rc q,'O |l I I." th,. I- .1 -1, L',ihii
:;ilil C ri.t. ,i lm ,t i tl Ii 11 .i M- I ..I i i I,

".en t M r.I. 1 l.1i M r- L.ll 'II I i I[ .
.11r-. \\hilt. M r-. Il:ig..in., n .11 M I I L.
M r,. ThmI n.;- '. M I MI:C ..,i iIl. .I l. lHi.
1.11, M r B I t -lIII,. M ,- I .r..:, M I '..'. ..i .
l''. M rs ':i l.er. MI Ilt.l- ..,. .M r,
Mc'G.ill Mi.n 1:, il.. MNI-- M iI I ., ii. I Mi ---

The Ti.uli Cluib.
A l ti i, ;li l l' lit .I *, rI ,,I r.h 1,l n ', 1..,1 1
]:itt 1r |i, rl I ,f t II. ] I- [. tL1. fI.ill. i, .- ,it l. -
It1I,11 i ,. re Ch ., cjse ll [,, i .2 I s: E. -l' l- ,I '
tile li 11, c l, i. '11 i' t i\ Ii , it i l .i I -.
.' S Hl:1l l.lU rii Jr lil t i l.l Siir'.,. I t
I'crry, first % .e ]irl.i i.lt i 1 I _\ M .it_'..- '
mI:ll: k. "e s -t l i1.0.e ll' 4 Il1i Vr l \' II M i. F i
l v:. ti asur'I r. MM al'u ,I I. 11 I.tt rI t'ilr
tI t'lE: t, ,.i tl-t r , h I I I, .\ 1 1 .1 I l l i,.,, lil ,
:ind M r i'. C. Mh .irliniil.I. ,., I .:... hI.

II, eI ,Ll'. l-. l i.r 1 "li lt .' I.. ll l
;I t ll ,,.IN 11 .1 it. i -,. I..l:, ,I ,.. i,..I I.. h ,-
ith e :1 i1- i i lln i.:r li I 1 ,", 1 i
T1" -L .i n ] i i'.. 11, ,ll ... l n ,,ilth ,- I,1 ,1'I
a t tll, H i[t,;, T i,: .i .i r. al r, ,, .t,.-',l,,.] 2'1.
\ lth M rt Thi.., C I.,- :,. i., r. .. --
T he lr: .\-. t i ; rl ll. I I 1. -- ll l 1, 1 I 1 --I "

EaanjuLl at CGrpiin.

M r L [. \ 'nii]v ]H I Ih m II I i., I I1 I r .
.i,,1 li ill. l ri ,l,' l l ,i lit'. t il, l I, i L

lInm lit l l'T 'r tl L. '... iin 'i ilu l.irt l 1 i -
.'rT t If ll "

nL r''i LT : ,l i 1 .. n il,. t ,, h=o i ii %1 1 .
I1r/ t., .i- .. tll T Ih .ll 1t 1-- 1 '.'1 '. "

2r,1. i > ..ii i. 1 1 .

].-" ] ii '7. i t'

F1 % the I C k. I., 1 ',t .. h i, I
St Id-la, Supt .i, 11.117. ,t -t

I ri r.t
: I i tL r .
4 -..-r. [ I g r l ir u I

7 'i. Lli

U L .. ir

I I I.' \ .1
L // t' I 'l ., ,, r
I. i .rti '

.;, l + i s I.', r,
i 1 ,-i ,1 1

L, 't I- ; i r ,
i llllll,., i

I' -,


.114 II''.-'

i'esl Club IInriutLl.
T he T .' : I 'lil, ., ;, ,.,; lo. I I 'l 'I% ,-
I;L-t l :i lt :I t h i i I T .*, I I I h,
l i i *_'lr' i,,, li u i c r% l ii,, i tt Il ,I.l _,, .1 i l -.i Lh
i:llisn lutitiill' iI thEl I I1ii.Il ST i t I' P
m ili.I,:N iil I'\ 't-, flI I T ll l .1 Il11 -. I. ll ilt
I rim ,f' a T :i l] (fIL .,r it ..I iLI II I
piotteCl Il;ilnti T h li I '.lit il'l IL'- I LI
'L i'Ted inll I il, lit .iin"I lli, 4t n I ,
tit Tn:lrii'1lvti- ll', 1' i ir,, A i- .Lii -i.l idtn I
large' '.vA litC" .L IT, 'lll 'ill ill, **I Lin: I- -o.
Star Stit.e S i..il i .L l .ir ,'.a it ." i, I '. I
by L t. i: t .-C ,l i .. I V rl i- 1 \
C on mi i ssi. ,1..r II II b. .u .--.. :,]l -.I. I
Ed :-r J-i: lItin. 1' 1 A. 'TI u.. tIi ,-.
ter tar, M r. \\ 1' :..In, sir 'ii, '.n' l ,.h I.
s -pu lles V '1"t ill.-ihi .lin, ill I.1 ci l th [I t I ,1",
dluctd tiiclih apil' iii.Iu
The talics ", crL wct i r 7., i .iil ,ili tL o
S ts i'it' liliic ll-d iir iCiiU iii.il .\t L.I I Il itl.


.% :1- .1 L ,1 I.-, w, t ,_,t Wt] o 1,1,, 1, 11 -,,
i \ t ilh ,]% II' i r, ..1 1
i i 1 1 \ I I
I L li j [ i

I i,. ,.. r ," .; ,ui i II. i .,. .1 i le
I i III- Ih, h I
., . h u .h. . I' r .1 I . . i I., i s

I. .h ,l.... . ..l .. i. I'l
Il i I l i" '. ...i, I I t
1 Diy r II I. lI. C'. n lll'l IlC iin.

S I f n I.. 1, I I 1'i ., 11 ri ni
:i .. 1 11h 'lIII i 1 . r , 'l L I, i 'tl

-I ,, .I I l- ... .. .i i.' I'. .. ..r[! .Ll I -

l t. 11... i i -I I I. Il >. it.
i 1 ,*,.i. -, ,I I. I i ., i t /

I .i .... hli .h i'.II' , l. i- fl

h ,I ,,I I .. .. I ,, ,,' h

I ,. .., h, l. I ., .i... .. 1I ,
II ..' [ .. I. .1,, 1 .. III., I i ,,

I. I. I i. ,, I. I .1 .I .. I I

l iil. r I

* l. . r hIII .. .I*l e l l

i ,, i 1 ,, .11 ,
, , , . . r i .i . . . i ,. . I

I I I hte
I,-, , i i ,i I I. .. ii i. I i ,- 'I

L. .
. I I t ,,i I I.t , , I "
ii i i, i i n i i [ i I .. il i, b e
i h. iii. . , .i .,i I ,. ,

I u l l 1J : i i .I h I I ,s 3 I ., : h i i i . I J l

i I ,ii . h ri .I .Ii I ll i i h r I.. 1 I. I .i
I ,,,i . i . i l, .. i i, iii i ,- i ,,
b .i ..., i ,.i ii . i.i 11i 1 i. .el

i11 ]-. .il ~ '. .,I, .. .-.r [
h 1. 1 . I he
[,1 o I ,,,

[ i~ i .ii ]i h i lii iil ., l i i l, i i ..I ,

Commi--aa ry Priee-.

SMutton, entire foreIlartcrs, perlb).... 10
Mutton, short-cut chops...... d(1o 19
Mutton, le ...................... do 17
Lamlb, 1" r -,. do 11

tLa i .. I. .. r h ,. do 27
3 .s..... ..... do 21
Beef, rib roast, short cut..... do 17
Beef rib roast second cut. do 15
I I iitick roast.............. do 12

I B .e P.....rterho se............ do 23

S ISteaks, sirloin ..................... do 21
Steals, so ...cu. Ido 23

l soup' .......................... do 1 '
S stew i ... .. ....... ......... do I
Beef, soup.......................... do 7

k, cutlets ... ........ ......... do 21
veal, short-cilt chops ........... do 20
V eal, 1*,in ...... .... ............. do 12

Veal, i. ," I ,.1 -o d N
Pork, cuts .. ........... ..... do 20
Livers Bee ............. ........ do
Frankfurt .. do 17

Livers ......... ....... each...
Sweet breads, Veal ........ per Ill..... 1.20
Sweet breads beef ............... do 25
h,, i .. I i nilk fed) each...$ *1.30
I i- ......... do *1.00
II li 'd do 1-25

Broilers, frys (chicken) .. each... -
I- .. l do 35
S ,, h i '. dozen f30
' I . each 70
p rints, prim e jiiality.per 11....
<. 11 '., cireau ................... each... 22
Cheese. Neu felhatel............ do 6
Cheese, Camei le rt............ do 2s
*_ i Roq 1efirt ..............per ...... 45
S. .- *, Youg America ....... do 22
Nllilk.................. ................ per quart 15*
Lem ons................ ........ ...... per dozen 1
S......per dozen *12
.' i. ....per i...... 6
oI a.o. ... per ltundred 30
S...... | dozen 5

C_ 1. ,i. bunch *1

- i I te 1 1- ,

C aliba e................... ...... do
le ttuee.......................... (Io 7
Onion ............................... dio ;
Grapes ............ .............. do0 *G
\VWatermelons...................... eacth (j30
Can t a lou pes.......... ........... o *G
Pears.. ....... ................ per Ib..... r 10

Indicates 5 cents allowed for returti of
Sold only from Cold Storage and not froin
C (m I issue ries.
Ohl Price. New Price,
Cigar>., i., ih... 10 8

ldo i ...i. . ho 7
do ,I ,I.. do 10 8

Tobacco., llrllin"
1 Ond's Naturti

iil ..,i il "''tl' 5
Soda, bi-courb, 2-o/s... pkg 12
.Asparagus, Jemnco,
tin :S4

paper. ............. h et 2

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\l.i I | I| r, 1 lil I '- \ .iili. l r '-i
1 I. \\ 1 i .| i I 1 .\ L u ll' l ;,
i[ II II i.:.. i --tii. Ia S i l.I r '
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1. 1n 1i V l,, I. i, l l T i.. ., I .I I, .in
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i. 1 II r ,lh t- h l '. il,,,. I .. \ I, | |. . I
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I' 1. 1 I lo .ir .c ,. I r..1 .I


Eii.i.jiin if nMaterial ;nild Supplies: \V. G0
TnlliY, Chief, Crjistll
M .I .: [l,.r, chicf" clerk. L zri-t liial.
'V L' X l.s-.nn, lCi f clurl., I.\ IC-Ju

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l I.I.Ii K r i|. I. .-,l 1 1 .11..1 lri h It l :
, .,I.tiiga .nI I.ith,,grnpln.,:
li i]ii I" I .rti ti li C ii-l"l \ i nci l.
Cl II Administration.
II., IC S I.ll ,t llurni. IIL l .il tlihe LI-p irt
Ill.I 1t, A. li l 'l
1 i. [I K inil, lEx iiFC.ltv S-cr it'ir,.' ,, .
1i K C'i'.t CL' lr rl:, .A l 4ll. .
1,I".111 M1 C l,,, L hlir,. li bi .i.i 1,.1' i' -t .
i.ui-t,' i- .,1 .I t'- R te -rlr A lilc -ii
I: l.t'.'. l. tl.. [ ..-put C Ile.I.. C r ri-
L. i
lt- hI'tI \ ,I ii h i.'r. i pilp CD 1 ,rllit t, i r,
,A I .11 If

l I: C .' ,.[ hlM ,-h, i.kl rl:.
t_ I\ iil i hii. l 1 r, Ii l': [I i [);irt it it.

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i.. 1 C li [" ]l. \\ 'tla .r ; ] minir .'a irini*r,

I '.n1[ ii i il HaI| l.t rl'il '.l I h in .-ir, \nl. li r,
Canal Zne> u.ldicinrr.
L' i.l ,,li ,In iii ii inr Si]iupriiic C,,urt. Dir.
i: ll I u'r",], IC lil:fi justice, A ici, i.
i .\ .1' .'] .. .A -.ciiat: u-.ii:c, E mipire
[. IiL LC ,Ill -i .\-s, ).ilt0 Ill't _e, L'ri.s-

', Il r r I ,r l l. il lirt Al.i.i
Cir' i Ci Iin I Fll-t circuit Li'. F. i tita s
1ll '.',',, ltt l'A-'. .\ o r,.
\,\ It. I ii. L'rcuit C,,int lier'. ,\nauc i.
Ciije it r C.urt. S rc. .,l circuit: 11. .A
i ,l-'i. r .1 I,1,.'L. Em pire
l '..rL _"'.1 i .... .1 -.\~ L C II_ Ir C .,,irt clcrl..

L.ir.utii L ,, t, Third c:rcTi;t l.iiii C

L.' t il ,]. L n A t L rnt t chl rl. ,

l. i l i, t I .. t i
AL -... I

Y. I R ,i .. i.
I "r ,t, i 1 C IIl ,r.. ,h, t 'h.Il -

S ani ii T ion.
II I C .i t .I i.t I 'I ,\ .l i 1' I'ai:iL t
ti 1. .i.t all I . -

MI I- -.lt. 1. PN. I' aip A .h LI."', Ill
.'.[ i., L a 'I l, ,:li, I \ li u .

C P ..i. P 11

Il'-ir. 1 i' ,rr i. I' II a.lf ,I II I

M I11 .i.ii I. riih hp-. A piciil
t '11., ,' t, "t &I ][ = I I" 1. .I .pSi p,.-ri,,t. ..h.j t.L', ..
I t:i 1. L I. .I .
11r- ..t, L l.tl ,I,.' L' 'll' .. 1 1 l nt.,I M,
1 .i.,1l I u't ir l,;l l t. th h OI h. .. r.

L..il.,'. -.nar'ler- and riubsistence.
,l.n l. ^ l li il l i'd s.' r, L ill l,';. ,
1< I. \\V .., -- r I-IIt +II.'IL S. L I 1. I i j,.r, c i,.'le :l'l<
[D i'lus I asm !n u I l -.

.\ : I \\ ..... icl ,-| lcrl
Enmtiner of Aee eIInit..
Si [. ,tliit?:. CE rrliri
\V. I .M ilhr,. ehclL'ch..rk.

Movement of Ocean Vessels.
Thi I'follro,, in is ni list of the sailings of the
I'.ianii Rtiilro.irl Ste'rimhip Company; or the
?o0 %l i MiI Stc im PaLkLt Coirzpany, and of the
IIinaIlJL ug \n'triti n Line. the Panama Railroad
Croil an e.'. ia;tes I.being subject to change:
FROlcJ NI'.' V'PK.
P.rin*ma P RR. I'ednesday Sept. 18
I'rinz rgr-rraini H -4 Saturday .. Sept. 21
.4 rat, R.11 .Sarurdar ...Sept. 21
lurinrttir Cantle... P.RR.Tuesday ...Sept. 24
.-twe. .. .' H.-.4 .Saturday Sept 28
J riL .. .. PI Rt.Alordi .....Sept 30
Li/in P RR.Fridn .. Oct. 4
I'nz lErel ri-dr/ri.h H -A.Saturday .... Oct.
7 rcnt ..... .. R.. Saturday. ..Oct 5
4,lvance .... P RR WIednesdnar. Oct. 9
i fiicref.... H -.4. Saturday. Oct. 12
P.in,iraa.. ...... P FR. Tuesday ....Oct. 15
Prinz Sigsmund H.-A. Saturday.. Oct. 19
La Plata ..... .. .P AI Saturdar ...Oct. 19
lunottar Castie P.RR. Al.onday Oct. 21
Fi,nri ...... .. P RR Friday.. Ocr. 25
lr .. .. .. .....H .1 Saturdar ..Oct. 26i
Colon ... .. . P.RR Thursdar ..Oct. 31
IPrtin E irl Fritedrilt H.-. Saturday Nor 2
Tniguw . R .V Saturday ....'o 2
.it a nice .. ..... P RR. llednesdayr.No. 5
I'rentia... ... .. II..4A Saturday ... Not. 9
Pin..mra .. ... P RR Monday ..Nor. 11
Prinz Si rumind Ii -.4. Saturday ... Nor. 16.
fiorirr ct.. ..... R.M. Saturday.... Nor. 16
riun..atar Ca-tle.. P RR.Alonday ...Nor. 18
Finance. .. ... R Friday ....... Nor. 22
.Alta.. H.4 .Saturday Nov. 23
C-.l,:n ....... P RR. Wednesday. Nor. 27
Prinz Eatl nFredrichl H -A Saturday ... Nov. 30
treatt . . .. R Al. Saturday .Nor. 30
.lranc.... ..... .P PR Monday Dec. L2
I ndiaU H.-.4 .Saturdav ... Dec 7
Panama.... . ..P.RR .Monday. .Dec. 9
Flunoittar Castle . P.RR Saturday . Dec. 14
Prin:z ig.ramund .H -4 Saturdar ... Dec. 14
Trent .. ....R.11 Ssturday Dec. 14
Ftiance . .... P RR Thursday ..Dec. 19
All'_,. . .... H.-. Saturday Dec 21
l,..n P RR Tuesdar .. Dec 24
Prin Eialt Frdrit.'rtb S... Saturda a . Dec. 28
L., Plata.. .... R .M Saturday .. Dec. 28
4j iance ..... RR .Monday Dec 30
Alli l -taintner- or tlhe Hanibur'-Aimeriecan
iii Roy.il .ilail line' call at K ingtuno en route
i, ColIon
A."i anLe P PR itcrdricidar. Sept 25
Trnut ............ .M.. WiVedaneday. Sept 25
1 eneta . . H .A. Sat.radar .Sept. 28
Pcnama . ... '.PR.Tuesday .. Oct. 1
Fitzriot-t"ar Ca-tie. P RN.Sunday..... Oct. 'i
Prin Si~ usund H 4..Tuesday .. Oct. 8
L.a F1l.t .. .11 .lIednesday Oct. 9
Finance. ..P RR Friday...... Oct. 11
.ltii. .. .. H *-..Satarday. Oct 12
Lcr,o-r P RR.Thursdary ...Oct 17
.Ilt anct .. 1 RR. Tuesday... Oct. 22
Prinz Eiatl Fracdrich H ... Tutd-da r .... Oct. 22
7.,Z'; .. R .A1 Wtdnesdar.Oct. 23
I' ric t i, H -.1 .I aturda.r. Oct. 26
P'.aian na P RR Alonday . Oct 28
Dia..-Itar Caste ...P PR Saturday .. .Vo. 2
Prinz 1i-iinnlnd I1 -.4 Tuedary Nov 5
(riunaucou ... R 1 'ednesda r..Vo. C
fiaIce P RR. Tursdar...Nor. 7
.AltHi H .aturda....aNo\. 9
.',l../- . ... P RR. I edue'day.No.v. 13
.4l.,rntc P RR 11ondar.. .. or. IS
Priai: EliSt Fred.JribH .4 .TTuesday ... Nov. 19
r.,,.. R..X1 TMednesdar.Nov. 20
t enet i . ..H-A Satairdar... Nov. 23
Pa, arIi .. P RR..Sunday.... .Not 24
[:a intt n r Cs- le ... P.RR. Friday.. .Nor. 29
Prirz SgTirimund .. H -4 .Tuesday. .. Dec. 3
Finance .PRR. WIednesday Dec 4-
Trnt R Al Itedncsda.lr. Dec. 4
Altar H.-.A Saturday ..Dec. 7
C-on ... P RR Tuesda..... Dec. 10
l\ad-ancc P.R .Sunda...... Dec. 15
Pri'nt Eat.I Friednr,.h H .4 Tuesdar... Dec. 17
La Plaina . R AM.Iednesdsr. Dec. 18
Pirinai . .. P PR Saturday... Dec. 21
l'trt ra . .. H.-....Saturday....Dec. 21
i[u.tiotar Cist/e P RRN..Thurdayr.. Dec. 26
F'iiI. ria .. . PRR..Tuesday. Dec 31
[Prfri Sgiemund .. II.-...Tuesday.... Dec. 31
. ,ratu . R.M..Tuerlar . Oct. 1
Trent R MA. Tuesday .... Oct. 15
L i Plt .. .. R .1A Tueidar .. Oct. 29
7Tir., .. .... P....Tuesday... Nor. 12
iIri.o . .M. Tuerda.... Nov. 26
Atralo ..... P.1 .Tuesday ....Dec. 10
Trent. ........ R .. Tuesda'y..... Dec. 24
All Rc, vl NM i'l -teainer. imentioaled Rbore
:.nil thet Prinz Eitel Friedrrch aini Prinz Sigis-
minrrid call Kit Ia]]iE.ton enrioute to New York.
The tInit.d Fruint C-rmpatny dispatches a
tcLrianer l''ron New tirlerian for Colon every
Sitnral'd .. iure t-. arrive the following Thursday.
>'ailing- bI this Tine iromr Colon to New Orleans
every Tue-sdai
Sailings ot the French line ICie. GEaerale
Tr-in'rtlantaique for Venezuelan points, Mar-
tinique and Gu.ide]oupc on the 3d and 23d of
c.,ch irmonth.

The Canal Record


No. 5.

The Canal Record

Publi.h ed wpe ly under the sutlhorily vad jrl upi.:rui n 1l the

S7h (. .in / 'i ,/ ,. i ', / i..'. 5- 4.
"t Lr o p .' t : ll 'i *t l-. r 71, 1.. ,,L ,,.
t.in,,'t. art '-,' I/i t L'..h/i r. Ii l r-i t .' L'.,i
, *e ,-,!. .,ri frir. / /f' tru t f r '* ; f f u' P ',.,'I 7 *
I.,e l r... i.i -Lt.r '.'ll nT. i' .- ti t ,'c.'r a.1 I,

Address all Commnunications
Ani.on, Canal Zone,
lsthmus ol Panama..

Cold Storaoe Supplie-.
Th,: t.'niip)..rt 'Ci / .. v. Ot iih the Na'.
Iil i',:rtmnent i,-'1 ic l t lhe I-tllin 1la l <~ 'tu td
C miiinii- ,ii I 'r thi'! purp,. r'i rm" 21iniu 2
c,,hl 4t,1- ;,19 SUllplic, t,, till .tl,."I ..
arn it .d ;i t Cri-t.'l, :l 1'1; Siund;l. l.-t '. ith
" ,i 'i' ui rirtcr-, ," 1,' I" .iland 1' ll, . .i
m ilk, .-ill il eV" lkllt ..11 ihtllnil
Thtre ,iill c tie n f iur'th r cAld t,,:". ,. stup-
ph... I..r tell d..: :t i- th tnnottar Castle,
.I which arrri.ci .L l 1. '. il:, last, is not
quiilictld \witlh :a .. il st.--'.'ge plant, and
tlie Fin.'ine., Inich i:i ,' I booked to sail
Ium New '. .. i tl, ;ulith inst., has been
takenii ill f.r rcl.iiu h.. r machinery. The
Coniinis'ri prices, thlircl, .re, published
thi" in-\'. l v.;ll i. 1I t mi h'l' t ged.
T'ilc It-xt t..' ,,' r t,, iir .e will be the
Coh.,, h'liih 'lii..l r.n im NMew York on
I'ctober 4. Ti'e I ir.-w,.c will take the
pl ice i, Il .h/i .'ani'r' .,ii tht regular sched-
tilu da:t. ( ti..L..r '

World l" Iof lh CIa-iie- Division.
Thi. Cii:',.:- [ini-i i, .:'.ltcnds front tile
ti>, ilt ., hi liec I'l,., ,.- ri. er first enters
tie' C.iii l ii i',- iin .ir .ltachin to the
,Je.ll '.'. ItiL iln It til I.tl ,. It com prises
that pait.I'thli Can.,il, h I.!i coincides with
thle e.ent].1 irt4..0ti. ..'i ith Chagres river.
Th!. c', xti. '1 in the ,li.i-ion will aggre-
*-tea.pi .:mmii:tet! 13 111111,m';iu cubic yards,
alibut 5,00ii 1 ii il ,1 hiclh i e estimated to
I,. rcl., iinhl tlh, I.- l.ic. c 'Lrth. The dis-
tunce finr M', taiclhii tI '.'itunn, along the
sailini.- line .' thl: Can.al i4 boutt twenty-
thr-e inil '
In tlin- distance thie Calnil will intersect
thl rivr iv:r t.,entiiy nim..-, forming pen-
inmsuia. whichh iritui.,11 lhi.-ide the work
inti. a larze nutiiil'ir -if idlatively small
piece' Tih. .,rdin.iry 1 I.\ ''.. Liter surface of
the riv,-er is l-.ucr thli i llh I,.d of the Canal
in tlihl nrth,'rn jr.rtin Iii several of the
southierii penitnsl.i'. ti- i. c.mtrary holds.
Thrnmigliot ni',st .1'f 1t. h-igth the flood
height. i .if tlit ri'-..r n-, .-i..ve the bed of
the Canal.
All their Ingh r,.cl. *,....; 'ill be done by
dr.y es.:a.-alti-,n. Ti.,. ..,,."r earth cuts
w ill lie d .nie Iy I.' i, r ili.i .I l-.,' ;. Il
thie w oter in ti ll.:d le 'I- hlt. I ti -....l t- ;i
suiLable height Inl s. nw..- inmsii.lj th:.

rock and earth are so mixed that it will
be necessary to remove the earth in the
dry with the rock.
The proximity of the river, its relative
position in respect to the Canal hed, and
Ilihe inc. iii it and suddenness of its floods
are expected to cause situations which
will vary with the local conditions existing
at the different peninsulas.
Work has been commenced on the penin-
sulas atT-.I ril II San Pablo andCainmeto.
The excavation at Tabernilla is nearly
completetf to full .. ili I'1 to the present
Sr;oeId of the Panama railroad at that
point. The remaining ten feet of depth
can not be taken out until the relocation
of the Panama railroad is completed.
On the San Pablo peninsula, which is
about a mile long, the clearing has been
completed, the dump opened and one shovel
has commenced operations.
On the Caimecto peninsula, opposite Sail
Pablo, and also about a mile long, a
strip has been cleared and the tracks and
dumps are being developed. A shovel will
conunence operations on this peninsula at
the end of this month.

Bids for Cement.
The Department of Locks and Dams has
been ;. -ti,..iti:- the question of procur-
ing cement in the States, and it seems now
that it will bepracticable to procure cement
in clinker form, transport it to the Isthinus,
crush it and grind it here, and thus avoid
the cooperage cost, which is, at least, one-
third of the cement cost proper.
Bids will probably be requested soon for:
First-Furnishing cement, delivered in barrels
or bags, t Colon.
Second-Furnishingh it similarly packed, and
delivered at any port onl the Atlantic, iulf or
Pacific coasts.
Third-For fuirnlishing it on the Isthmus in
packages provided by the Conmmission. This
method would probably involve making the
cement clinker in the States, shipping it to the
Isthmus and grinding it here.
Results of these bids ill. of course, de-
termine the policy of the Commission in
the matter.

Gaitun's Highest Steam Shovel Average.
The four steam shovels excavating mate-
rial from the proposed site for the Gatun
Locks removed on September 17, -1 -'I
cubic id.1- averaging 1 t*- cubic yards
per shovel.

Panama Railroad Changes.
The present main line of the Panama
railroad is to be diverted at a point just
north of Paraiso and carried across the
channel to the Canal prism on a trestle so
that the Canal Commission may use the
present main line between Paraiso and
Pedro Miguel for the construction of the
locks to be built at that place. This work
wil' 1. 1.. in within a few days and willI
be e ii,,,iL. til within three months.
On SP|i)Lcnal..r 30, the railroad h,4 It1
l-l.; tlh.. niw double track between I ii'..
:,nl I, di.. This is the last strelh of
d. l.ub! track that it is proposed to! ... .. .

the present main line of the railroad. A
-" 'U.,utr track" of 500) feet will be used
over the "black swamp."
Work is to beheguniat once to convert the
present terminal yards in Pananma into a
modern diamond yard of nine tracks.
When this work is finished all of the old
railroad will have been rebuilt and re-bal-
lasted and the Panaain terminal will equal
the new one at Colon.

New Band Stands Ordered.
At the ineetint of tile Isthunian Canal
Commission held on September '",. a resolu-
tion was passed directing that band stands
be erected at Las Cascadas, E[.,ir... Bas
Obispo, Paraiso, Ancon. and Cristobal.
It is understood that the band stand at
Aneon will be placed in front of the Tivoli
Hotel, opposite the entrance. The one at
Cristobal will be placed in front of the Com-
mission club house.

New Freight Houses Necessary.
The unexpected increase in the amount
of the local and Coninission freight handled
by the Panama railroad has made it neces-
sary to erect at once a new freight house
at Empire 30 by 70 feet. Similar new
houses will have to be erected in the imme-
diate future at Culebra, Las Cascadas
and G(orgona.

Obispo and Camacho Diversions.
Plans have been approved by the Chief
.1i.....:i I for the Obispo diversion to the
Chagres river. When this new channel is
completed it will take care of aU the water
east of the Canal and north of the Conti-
nental Divide which now runs into the
C .I1 i .ll 1 ,I i .. ;rhi the progressof the
work. Part of this water was taken care
ofby the Frenchin a channelnear theCanal
prism. TheConiinission last year started
new channel further away from the prism
and have completed it from near the Conti-
nental Divide to a point opposite Cunette
where it now empties into an old French
diversion channel and then into the Canal
at Las Cascadas.
The water from the drainage area east of
the Canal opposite Empire has several
times broken through from the French
channel into the Canal. The worst break
occurred opposite Empire during the Presi-
dent's visit, half burying a steam shovel
and a train of cars and flooding the
Canal. The new channel is now completed
north of this point so that no mnre trouble
is anticipated.
The work is being pushed to the north of
(Cunette. A new bridge has been completed
across the old French diversion opposite
White House and track will soon be laid
across this bridge following a grade made
by the old French t- *, 1' -i As soon as
this track is laid connections will be made
with approved new channel and several
steam shovels will begin work atonce. It is
the intention to complete this channel to a
point about one-half mile north of Las
('ascadas, where it will empty into the head

Volume I.

, lt I

I I I I .1- . II 11' I I .I I i
i 1 i I' i l . I, u -Li 1 ..,

It.. l h 1.1 -c. 1 5 l t I I

-r .1 I ill I r i i ii li 1 1- i i.

: I -. - i I i I t. ...i l l i i l l li-
P ii l l- I I I I r-i l i l 1' i I II I

1 T '1 l ,2 i l I I -.It I I ll' l l ti I II..
-lii.. I tilt-iii ir l,1, ,, 1 1 ... 1 il i ,

Ild h1l,. i t I ,iltli t ,1
I l ,ii 1i ll ii I t L. I ti Il l I ..
', % 1 I .. 1 i hlt. I ,, I .. t *, ti l, i il.%.

,- -. Ti. I ti l l si\ > ~[ i1 %t I lI I .
II' l l lt l l, l '.. i, .1 11. ll l l .. 11 *l ,l l l l l r

li ti ,'i, L ,i, t,,itli r -.iiii i Ir -I .'lii] ill i rI-it

ti ilt I. ,' the I1,t.' i %,':., I.l Ei e .i, I t l I >:
:i i ll .'i e I .Cil' ll rl l ,' rv, [i|. .r -lii ,ll.. '

-ll ti l hi.'i ll L I i t, ll li '| t 'I I'I -' i i. th l l r

peridl Wor Is n *il progressic -oti a m.
.I 1 1 1 l I ol f 6 ri-II t e
C oIi il [I.. I I 11 %l' 1 ..

e itlrle i.n ll ilae aidi. the C nr: i i .r I tG h:
ti ,L, i. l I<|- i ,,i Il ih l ,' te ., isi atile i ,r 1
ihe ,r. pot i. of' titeh l S pintendelntiloli f i1 ,1 h
nl" l t L. ,It li h ,, .l:r. i;r ,!,h ic -ur,.. I i',

l.atghws, th at r sin .. i .th ,.'li *Il nu '.Cw i the
I'I V.iA lerid lial pl i i Ol i ili i thILe ser ic-
i1i the Con himm Iss in L in th elItll t, i viirt

wIt hto.dernlll saitary! pitain I 1 T713I, .

.t 1-i i l li i t e b i.. i ti lie i ndl l I an ll tl ,
l.fl, p (Ie lsed r a e; : s I ,- Imor t 11,mn 751.
t ,i r e Ibs.-l r i r tn I pi 11 'I liL rr tl iV
t Pl l 1t | rl I .. ll l +1 1 k.. t i L SL 'iy *L t C I
T 4, ,l. ,,11 L Lh,: Ill'. (I n L .1 I'I, p ld l t lI l I ,in :,\ I.5 l -i : i ]i. th .
Thin [ .- I .I Ll the i -ult 1; th lt t:i .s k
:I c C ll' t n-I kth!. lI : L the d ul tLihL
period. Work is now in progress on a nmap
made on a scale of 1-40,000 covering tilhe
entire Gatun lake and the Canal from Gatun
to the sea.

Plumbing Operations.
SThereport of the Superintendent of Plumb-
ing shows that since M i... 1904, when the
first American plumber entered the service
of the Commission on the Isthmus, over
1400 Conunission houses have been equipped
with modern sanitary plumbing; 173,667
l;ittiii.- Ii %,- been installed, and the amount
of pipe used aggregates more than 75
miles in length.

Commission Paint Work.
The amount of paint and kindred sup-
plies needed on the Isthmus by the Conimis-
sign is not generally realized by those who
(1o not consider that here it is necessary to
Paint all those parts of the interior walls
which in the United States would be covered
with wallpaper or plaster. The It-iJl,.r.irn
nature of most o(f the structures makes it
necessary to paint the surfaces of floor joists
that would not he painted if the buildings
were what is called sealed. There are now
:,l)out 652 painters in the service of the
Commission and figures prepared by the
S" I' i, ..h. ih t (,f Painting indicate that
the amount paintt neededon the four-room
C mmnission house known as type 17, about
e uals that required on thle twr',ge


I'l.i1lftIl l I I l 1i 111 IIlltli. Il1 l llt. I' lltlil S t-'llC"

*I i I . 1. 1 '-L ..r 1 t 0 l I I. a 1 -
,. . .. I 1 *.' ,",', 7 I -' I'* 1 -, I h. 1l d ]
.1i l' ', 1 1. it I, l' I LIIiL I l ,,i. II l .

In r r -t CIul H.i ieJ F:icil;lies.
l I. l-- I -- 111 1i l '4 lil ll- i. 1 It [ I'1
t I' > ,i i. "11 i[ nlh r i '.'i . Iti t' ri'.] t i -Ii

1 1 i i Ii i' l i l fl .ill

, 1 d i li. h .ur ] i l i ,Ur. ]..

Prl-.idenl Rios,, ell's. E' ti-titld Tril,.
I'riii .l i t l I I .i .i .l l lli. tl > iL lli i l 1,,- it .i ir
I ir. *it 11 r li S i iu ih rit -i 'L 1. i :II. ,l _I
c,',.i.i el l f LI 1 \' hi1 1 4 : I. t i -.al. ll II
lli -ritll ill p I l t:l I hl : Ii L- I ii C i I i Lr l -

. ii_ -, i 1 r i h: r L. r ii i it fl, i V 1 l'i .

tl iir ,,li -'C t ill i r, I.,,i I,, LC in t, ,I,
l i,' I. Li ll i r tl ic l te Ill Ill t iI 'i M li Vii L. 'I I Ill. I

I ALInt"l1',t 3,ith t Pt t ir n I e.l k ll

.in i L-i] -. lIitI. l r II. i I I I..' l i t k i .. r
SI'1 l i -11 l t1 t , L. i n .Il tl M I. l, ]. I --,
"r.' i ti t I1. [. ,l.I, r 4 1itLr \ l 1 li h li
'v' I r 1. f r li] l ;, i i ll i 1. "', l rl, r1 i i l l .
I ," I lie r.: ut it l 4 b 1 .l.- r -2 1 li, I h '. ill
.T li, ., \ Il I 1 1r1.', Ill IV I 11
S.. .. I.. I r :. | le 1. ll ,. i hl .n h l i .- ll In .,
N i 1 1 trilp i \\ ., -h r. _. i 11 In:i ], 1 1 ll. 1
i rh1- i 1 .,:v r rith ti.- n l :;i -l, ill:,. T .ill
11l'i\ II \ lh ;l l, r.. p tI l, U d L, 1 hl 1 ill
; ]r e. i > 1 i I t I 11 -r.. i.. ..1. I ;

Anc'n Knighlit- oa P.tlhias Lodge.

- I,,l-- ,r .. L l i,,II. I.
* i. f I, i s! % ll 1 l ,. i I l l I ill I I ; .. 1 II

.' P I, I \ .[-. .\u,.,. ,,,, ;

o 0


January.............. ... .............. .' .
Pebruatry....................................... .' -
Maruch ....................................... 1 .
April ....... ................ ..... .. .
Mlay...... ....-.................. -- .....12 It
STi, 1, -l1
I l- 1,4
- i i., i ,- -1
,,. t,, i.. . 2

Jan'ia y 31 '
f"'ernr. 3'4i -. -
,"iI'' I i4 1*422

I '
t .' [

s- -,-
47 v
V1I '

Empire Beats I. C. C.
Thi> Ii-.t g;.inii l 1 i .' li:iball in the Lcr'puc
S'ii- '.. .- ip'lai'ed -t [l in iiCr l S11 i ,
- Iliit i -I.. r 21 r2 .l illnII in Ig II L Il 'ilat 1f"
t ill" ] L .' L ':,i l l i ,." I: lil[1 r',? l. .] S t.,, ..r *. 1
t[* i C.. L' ,l ,111,. i.s the sci.' -re
I L e t.,

D r.*,, :1,
i',ii r|. .

I' in 111.' ,.n ."
-i.ili II. cr.
1ii-.Il'.,2 C

I It i rli. l i *
? .1 1- I

.irl- .1 1

i L i r.

I I l r I}
.1 -l it .
-l,-lr' -,

A. 11 I' It I''
4 ii 1 2
4 i 2 1
4 hi I I
4 tiIi ii i
2 2 c

1) i 7 2 4 It.

4 1 1 1 11.
1. Ui1 i

'2 1 1 i

l. .1- 27 4 --7 1t A,
------ Itr-r.' -- --
I '. 4 ". 7- 7 03
i L" il i I I I I i Li II I--1

Sir.i Ii i -- 1 I i' 'li .iri. .: T Vi I7.
I, ,. hir- IlIm ;:.l Lr L. il ,I ,, -- H uff. L.1
1 l i', I', 1 ,. it- I r t l l. -. I i .- i .-
. -1." ,r,.,.r. 1 . IT ]-.r .n : r l .. 1 i [-- B i
I Ii. it..l i.. 7 I tS,- r - r. S i i.
-lllt. -- I l-l- I' I-'h

r I'. .. I i l. ,nl p '., llil t i 1 i tl E i,-
[i I'U. ii t l I n i.L i .I i ili llill 'iL 'i.r ',1 l i
1Eliii 'I ,.ill i ,,I Iil t 3 -t .'. 1'L

Pan.Hel lenic SoeCiLt..
A ", I Lil: ['.al.Il ,.I 'ciH S CILIVt ,If
t6ie i .1 11 .i Ill liC h .i 'it il, t,;I Tl'l.di
-.11 S itu LII 'i I. Pl,,i.7l .'. l .' T .7 .,c -li ,.;1

il I . i I i ,i 'i r i ti' ir tI I It I 11Ci I t l te
r h I ', L I ,tI. r IL( it. t -I eI I I C 11t ,l 4

\\ L lf i E in E [ \ ,

' Illll. ll -- Tll l -

I. ; I.I

-- -o ..: -.
1.- C 2. .

2 '" -2 "! '"
I ",i

4- 1i 1

-27 1 ; 1. 7,i-
-' ; .'. '., 1 1- -.1:
J" 'J441
7 4 .4 1 .T

7 4 7-
- 1 1".1 I' '

-' i t I I
' i I' 1 .2, i'
i' i'% ii ,.72
-7 72, ,,iiI

1 i;1
1 1 4


ii r-

1 ":.-.'
11 24

I .i4


7 4i1

.7 1.
11 74

Trh , ... i.. of the shorel i la ,. ..i,.n t.h: .. rl 1 ,v 1 .1 Ihi [,. ,
T he ,-i ,, ,,. ... . of' s ovct i i M ay v ,. -, n , h i! ,1 -ii h, il',, i, .., 1 i l ', 1 '.,i i- r i.. 'rc
On tMay so large a nitl er of teat', .h., i 4 h-]lit. i i i I r ii. ini I li. r, I- i ,i4ill '1 iiiI < ii il:
tt l 1a tiot I tte n l shovel w ere -,, ..' l i II.,,,- I 1 1 ,l l., II, 'L ih i,- '1 .i-iw'rt-l.'i' I .
I;aru tn{ ther as, foIa l i *i .1-c i' r i.,. -li.j\% I i.ii.Al iilr ..1 1 1i .-1 .. 1. 111 tilt L 1 ill' o l
I r itn o riionv t o th a t 1t !Vtl n n ttn n o n l !',nilri ,1 "


Culebra Division.


A Seni mental Eint rieri .

p a.I ro ll "it I' l .n.1 1 .. .I n l E I L n i l.: r.. 1

SI' 'j i'.i r% t* i tr \ *I \ l lii T I. 'l .nInnnIi ..I "1

lInd t ai I ll T l hl iill ii L iNi.'TL I T n i i. 1.
Al] et.11 h l' t l I 1 TT II',' 1 0 11 E, ., [. 1 ,II1 I I-
b l r% sh I II I, 11 E ll iLlr. I N. I I ,r j ... 1.-*..I r

i lr t 1 L. C i' t it nh il tl 11 IT 1 i,. 1. ,,I
1i .t1 L, itr ,. l i Is t 1i ,l ,n t i l I i r-

'il l t ii t 1 i li i I I m t i .. 1 .I I-. ilp I- l I
tItu t. il L il lL H ll l i, Li 1 I l l .., ii ii'. I
I' [iI tiil r, it ii li,. Int i- 'i i1.. rm ', ii iin li i L'?

i. t i] ll rII l.J i i IN i. [ ii ... I I L L L i . I lr \

c i ii tu1 'i l I.. : i I t i s I . .1 1
m u" J tr' it i hi Ii L' i t .. L L 11. .1 -
,LI ~(1 -[\ %'. llh 0 '. thi Li ri .. 1 l
1 1st i. i ir t ill riI. 112- I -- L 1 iii 1 I I
(J l ) Ti 'lu it I I. h i I l .. ,', I l I i r 1 1
|tt ..' tl"he C.01I li i i.ie J .n1t it i il

T ir'i- l i. I.T- I .I 11111ti Il. L 1.II L l h iI1 i'

tii i I. '.-l itTl n' tL : I nt. ,. I L.l r ,t .,Il .11 t. 1 1., I
I0 r ~b It,, ill' a i. tilt I I I n L ii IW II ii
,-Ill 11-1 i 1 II I i*,, i- n l- h i-,l: I r .I ,
Liii t. it ri i I '. l i .I ii i .il- . . i I lII

4 PEint Oeirlooked.
L' ,t ..I' 1 L 1 ]'l1 11,it L .' l r[lI- I M 1 1 -Ii.
t I Ir I- ... i ,... I. L i .i I .l . tI ., .','

Width o the Locks.
rl l i lr r 1t i t I .I-Nt' ,I 1 iC1 ., t

pl. I' I Ii .I. .'in i i .i I. I 1 i. Tt. .. i lF i -
i hl i- ; i\ IN ll I.l- 11 .1- t I i' N. i n. . .i
L*'ilt 1'.- ,int t l. Cn itl ilJ, tI t i.n[Tr'' ulI. ,i
re. ir.'n T t ." 1 11 ail. l l n " r I l l, n i l n r l-

tlltr Ps t i l l; L 1 ,11 I . .l i i- i f u Ii i h.
F h. ]..r,. slr" I I '. I r N .v

e" | I: n 1.. ..r i Ii I L I I l l. I

-I Se.L .-,. i-ll i l ia .N.

-. l l. f_ .'n i L ii .ll ii i .i i, r i, it I i i-
O in ? i .tu, ..ii 1 til . t.i11l1 '.i ..I i[ .,l I i 1. 1 i I

lIoltr ie i tir. s ..t 111 'ILt . L t 'ut i '. r I I i

)Fn Iu 1 1ili a' tat*t. l Li Ln.' n i.- i" in
fh . I' e I- .i I E .L.. h.. I rl.

it l 1L . .0lil I. r i I In 'Il 1- i.,
tle :,,,r Ih i,.' I1 1
I fh : Il .L t l aI I I oL r I.- F -., ,.
,l L f, 1 It E IIL 11 h 1 I ,1 r N

h l n :.11 o % .- i. I l, .Ir ,1-11- 1 n ,.r .. ., 1'1
l -. hlLa il e rll Ir ih .- L.. h n 1 I1, 1,1 h ,
'ire L -- 1 rti 1h e [h i inL l r rr L I .. .,il IIh I
thle L- I It I-.. E <- l. 11. ..r .1r I, r, ..I [
N ,l t i v* I L jl l h [ E ill r.I. liell I" *'1 I b, 1 I
U 1:,1 II.l l nl '- IN 1..1 rEl, ll1 L IIh.. 111 L, i -'h

Look'ril. nt I'h Li ., lihlll, ,ll,,ll 11 .[ l' 1
.A0k e it I l lrA 1 u'b I

Se. L lvtel Pr'ojct'l i in.

L r, TI I I .I '11 I,] , 1 I I, i i ,l n ,
; I. lr r t -.r. Il ,' ..- 1 1 tI
E-.., C I B v", 1 I I. t Ihl- I 1 1 ,h 1 1 i i l1 1 11

% .v I .I hi I ,l lie I 1 i -Ill '1 1. h iE I I L .. -I Ih I.
1- 1(:lu ll I fl I. I rk -.1 1 C L. L .. I ..r .,I ." h

T ile .I. I litL tll 'I I L.L -La ili -11 II.I 1 1.1
In tO till! 111i1,1 1 i11 III l INN. 1 L ,- 1 LOI N -I ..[
aronuse dIII0,gltful plasro to Le ut-c-11t Is:


Il -- _-1 --
phI ". Il 1- .1 I l 'I, .' I,, n , i I
.ii t 1 .I- ..[ti.. ii .I' ii I ," ''lit.. ,1' 1 i ,.' .
l' .li r'l t i ir... .. T I. ii ....lilt h .I
31 1 I i, , 1.;..' l .'J .'1 .. aI u se r, L .II 'st I ,1 ,+

Finnil Co-t vil 1|1e Ca. nah'l.

1 I 1a1I 1 EI T .. I ri 1. I .I. Ih ... [ ,L lI ,

nI.t itt *r, l at .-.. ti1,1 I itt.. i...r ne
... .. 1 for, I r i ... h1.

Th n I I I iT .nl li-h .l it .- 1,1 iii ..r t i iD.1 .
Lt h r'n r I. h. rl'. .'I. I I i' I l

i. i' L it Ti h i ,i i .- I 1I i r ,L I -t ,h I t
I. -'CI I IN IN, I. .. I ll Ci I
[LI 1, 1 1 i ,,, ,0 r ,h l, i,,, it,, i h .lira

It t L.. i, h I l i. ili iN I INI . I .. I
I|, : t, ,I .h i lf L l~ L ..r 111 riL l ]l,, r si[ '} ,r .

i l 1 ,| l h, I ,t L I iI. i 1 ,.. .. l, F, . ,
I I L. 1 i. I I, l i LI -1, l ,
I. iI : I 1 ....i r r i rlll. l r r ,. ., ,'I 'i
+,..'I LL T' ,i I.i,. I. '., t ..ri i .. Lh . r .

-At ti l it- -i -- t r l -is iiti..lrt -* 'F- ts. -tit II .'

11.r th j iHIE r r i ii.'i .1Ir i .i r1.1. .. I *i <
it. ] .. l ii [ . .l i I t i. .i., p rr

r i t ..f "1 t ..1 i ...I 'li rt....i. .r. .ri III'' N.,IT-
,,t.1 1 If' i llll ll l J rir .,a l-hlr .. i t.. s. .1 f, ....
( re stI .n ln J'.. ,t .il ,. ]. I'I, .r ..II tl ,. I" rLu r ,,I

H .l n i" t L t I L ,L i- I I,..- I I l i, .' I Ni -,
r~s e. ri nton I l -* i I~ .1 La 11- L~
., +1. II r s ," -I I,,, l o n il 1 O .1 .. .. b i I ..
I-i rs = l, I -t l l *iI L r r", Ir I, ,, . f l [, t .
I'I' t r11. 1 .,1 r J r 1. _' ,, ,I tl I, l lh Ir r '. 1 1 n '
H .l u -c." "1 r ;, .r I "t 1. ,I .. 11 ..lh I. ,,[ .. ,

.. I' L nI" I .I'I I- I. ,1 h ., I rI ..

Cn i h I. 1 I. i . l l, .N ,

r'.. .I i I. . .1 -,. .n

r. i . T I l i rI ,.t
Th .I I I N. o,
.IF LT I I i_,1 .niii ii '1 1 r11 1 1 .i .. ; I ,'

1 1 i .
r h . r s }T J r = t .
0 h . I '. .| lr l ... = 1 1 ,,. .

Ti I I l ll h II ,I 1 .i
II m .r ,. ,
I rN IN i ,. I. I. 1 1 . .I ,
1 [ I r I I I I I ]t .l. ll I. r. |rs f '. ..., ,

i .1, ,i IL I~r1, r, I i. I

II ., I NII I, I I I 1 i 1i . . ..1
S I i I- I I
l.. 1 1 . 1 ,r ,
T i, T I r .. I 'I
,I r I.. 1, .1. '
h.. r i i . I
I t' .. I .. .. .

r N. 11r N
IN 1 l1 .. . I I


I .I ... .I II .. IN.

r I t I 1 LI % i .r

I i ini i 1 ll Ol 11, % 1i I 1 1
I I I N, t 1. 1-,I 1 ., I, [ I' l.11' I I

*, Il t ..i 111 n.I o1,w nh ', I, ,I ''
,r r L ~ ,, r. ,l i- l 1. t h P 'l sl .iil 1 ).I I I, ,, I
llr Ll lr ,# . .. i. 1. *, ,, .r , ,' I t 11 I

.| l I l ar thre a Pi+l ] rt ".. lr l |}L i .1 i 1 r.
,h r,.l .l .r t ,+ r.' l ..i s ih h '.l l 'I .
.I. I r .- lh [h .' I .. .''t 1.. .l .1 I... 1 I L.l rl I '
, IL,, ,I ., sri, l ,' I s .I.L ", FI ir t .. .1 ,L I l I
i.I .-. I .I Il l r l -r I + I LL l h n i it I ir.

,% i. II ]r .' 'I li alu r ..J L r" I. |" 1'.r ,. h *L %
.n.,,,h .,' nl r aT . : .L . h IL + L,,rl .<
h ,. nl i', .n I' nl ,, T. [h i n 1 n.. I u s.. 1,, I n
i* I I I l I L inL I firn, n i if

I.I .." II, tr , I .li TI .i.r : .. il l. I 'L II I
h h. l1, L L .. ,V -, t* -T 1 ,h h .. i IIr-
it....i L' I I I L Lh Iii +. I. I i I I tllnl. t lu ll I,
1 1. I' ,I- .. 'Is hil '* .- I o Ll h ". I''' L I .* r l
I. 11 1.i la *'* In nLLs b I, n i 1. IS- tl n. .1 ni I l [

"Ir ,, h1 I *I.' hL L '' .' I is I i' h ol l 1 LI I
1 1,, I r, I sh ,..r I.l,i, .i l' n"u IIII i 1 li4 1 rni

. r r.i l I t h ,. = l .. ]i i. ." lh I [1 1 In s* I s a, ll II I '

,,u ,.,t lI, 'l ,, nn ie .nn,, T ,It n,, -rk n , t ,

I* i l . I i I I I. . I ., I I i I I I., -

I I IhN. t.. Ii t ,.I IliI tlt,,

Ir. 'I ' . I v L i i I .. I I I I t i. .1 It

1 i LI .. ii . mn i /I i ri I I: r, h. I .'l" ',., .i- > ,. .i
"'i2 eih " E. l iiii .i h. r( re-.* Ur I -1
I, n r r -I .r .I Lir I I.-IL ..:t hi n
SL ," 1 I i I. -- q 6 or' r d l ns ,

S iT .

.-' 1 i I . 1 iili wi I.., liJ rT

I, r i ll i i I I t ti I i i, 1 it

I ii ti t I1.1.1,. l l. .i > i i i ll i 1.1t 1 i ..,1 ,t r i i l. in
S... I I... -, . .. , i I Ih I. ,.
iii L .lll L n ni I .. nTLr. I. i I. l { 0

l .l h er .- r .l 1' 1.n.- 1l C i ..h l -" .

I1, 11. .1.1r .. ,. I T- i II 1 E.ll, r

I L I ,i ri L i ., ... l In c Ii i .r t

1 1 r. 1 ., 1 1 I II. I' t i .i. e I' h h h
I i .II .. L r I 1' t I iii J i. I I tL
]It t I -r Itti -ll h L-r ,. I tr 1 -h 3'

)I2E~iz i r t- [In itIa .In-N' N iirt' I -rin' Nov
1 11., i it. .. I t. .. % I- 11 i .... E a. El l

I 'II. tI i. i tI 'rJn i i i

I L It I t i-
,I IIn .J Ir,. Di i z.i II ii ne I larin a ..miiln. r .r e

.r r - . I ;I. I ,r I I r .rue

nIt, I I ,

iti'' DI I I It Fle h .NII I r.rn

1 1 I 1 .. 1 1
I- I iI I. I- t
C. L IN. I n

I J 0 it, i ,
I I i .

l I D ., n i '1 I I ,

II i ,, ,.. ,L- ti t I.
'... III. i I '

,In ,' ''IN it iCI i ,
t l, 1 t 1. I ,
,I enI Di

i ,,l I it I ,iii tj i 'i til

I 1t t i 1 I i -l .i I ,,I .11 .1, l I

Irru~~li .1i~ I I t l' i ., I 1-...
I.,.. -r iiti' "l '' ri l l r A,.I .-rih I .



Officin i sl-itiK'- l''. Ii- Ci''. ip"iliiij and
IH. On July 1., 1907, the au thlrized tIn -i
of the Canal Zone Police Departmenlt was
293, this frcve ceiiig divided a[i log eight
iain stations, in addition to the head-
quarters of the department and twenty-
nine outposts, or sub-stations. A number
of officers were also detailed on train-
guard service on th PatnamaI railroad and
fior the .11. ui.i. I ,--cars of the Isth-
niian C i'i.il C..iiiiil---Ii aid the Patnamn
The total number of arrests fnor the year
t.,IIl.. June 30, 1907, was *'..2"i'i and the
principal charges on which same were
mnade, with ntinher of arrests on each
charge, were as follows:
11mi- i' lirn.- '-gie 1 M6 HMalicious mis-
L.. ,. 2(03 chief ............ ...... 70
Assault and laLt- Ohbsene d it nde-
tery .............. 128 cent language... 69
.ii l ........... 48 Petli li -ln" 4-12
i i.-i .i thI e ,., 1 - ,. .- .il, , 116
jpea eC................. 2 6 -5 I h l .. 1 -I. I. -
l, I ,. 1 i 1 .. ..... ... -6 9
'" I .1I. i tary regulations a 925
ii ,n ,, y...... n i 263
in .',it. iI1,1. and i I' ''*I iil -.. 8' $
disorderly ......... 787
There were in all 84 lifferentcharges oi which
arrests were mIde, anl ouit of the total number
of persons arrested 365 were females, as against
5,871 males. The total number oi convictions
Ir -.iliu ig" I'l ,ih li,, \- ,irl-L t',i *",236 arrests made during the
ri-. ..I .r ecii.lt.i. June 30, 1907, there were
3,355 arrests made during the previous fiscal

The tot 1 ,iiilit ''f Police Depart-
ient p '. .i..II- i. the fiscal year
-I' L t 'li .I*i il ,' 1 Ti .h .. il lI. .I ,I
on itembers of the fotrc -i.i i1i.
that period was .......................... 452.319

Total number Zone prisoners on hand lunle
30, 1ticIII 4.I
T o tal lu. l *..i,' I' .'.. .. i i r I
s e lit.t .I i l. ill1 ., 1 .[. , i -. ,
30 1907..._ _... ....... ........................ ........... : 8
Total nunom ler discharged and pardoned dur-
ing fiscal y r ..................... 4r8
Numlt cr on l.,I i 1' 1 n ical year ......... 82
The cringes for which the Zone prisoners oni
hand at close of fiseat year were selltenced wvas
as follows:
A rson ...... ........... .. 2 T .............
Attempt to iuicrder.. 3 'r'" 1.. 1 rail-
Burglary.................. 18 ,. L.. I ............ 1
Crime against n t.. l ......, 2
ture g..... t........t..... 1 :I '. ', 1
Em bez element ......... 1 Rape.............. .......
Forgery...... ........... 15 Sodoc' -.-........ ..... 1
Grand lareey ...... 23 Ri oting ................ I
Of the above number, 52 were able to read
and write and 30 :n1,1b1le to do so.
Their occupations and uationalities were as
follows :
Blacksmith ............ 1 M achinist................ 4
Brakeman ........... 2 er-sen e i
Ci '" irk 1 .I,. 1
C ook ........................ 1 T' i (, 1
Farmer........ .. .... . .I
Fireman ........... ... 2 Switchilan............. 1
Forem an .................. .. 1 Vendor.................... I
Laborer,.................. 48 '." 1.... .. 1
Lanndress.................. 2 .,.ii .. .n 2
A m erican............ .. ,8 It lian-.... ............... 1
A n, 1 11 .... ..... 7 Ja tie in ....... ........ 14
Chilian..................... 4 4 i. '
Coloc hbian ..... ...... l ., 1 '-1.
D ani Ish..................... 1 i i 1 ,. i1
:.i.I hiclh..iii 1 I .. ,'':.... 1
German...................- 1
Thie ages of these prisoners, of w\vhoci tIhe
youngest was 13 years of age 1and1 the oldest 77
years, imay be classified as follows:
Under 15 years........ 1 40 to 50 years......... 4
15 to 30 rears......... 63 70 to R0 xears......... 1
30 to 40 years.........13

S *... ** .. h -I i. .I.0.tl I

I li 111. ir h i l. i, i- l .r li. l.l I \
riod was.....

Cortcntr'sci't'c *c*p i'. 1.1 I lK it
* d deaths *T. t ,.. iL ri .' i .,- L'h.liii

deaths bhin :..
Ritroni nccidel i.. -' '. 'i .n

The monthly ,, I'
the Canal Zone i ..
siowsthat508 iir.
tile various tol
A e ain..............
Las Saban s ....
Corozal ...........
Pedro M igutcl..
There ,-ere I .I
sented aniionj.. i "
A rllerica.[ ......


Colombians i ..
Costa Ricans'..


The departnlilt ii
on its arrest bo .1, -


I t ol

7 1 Cr i I

I n.

The nunluber of .. ' 1 i-'. i. ', ii '.I
at the end of I1 1. iit ri i '.i "7
Am ount of pa' r i I: r I ,I.,i .
. r. .. -i. ....1 '
ofieers w s... _' i
T,, i, I- i.. l, I h i ," . .. ,',f

Smoker lf'r ItMr. tiLurninli-.
'H]il CANAL RE- 1
Oni the eve N' I I l il. ii ri .. i .! i I ,
('.iunl ings, 11,' . t ili iiii. i I I.- i1
shops, w ho lel' h. 1 -, I i, ~ u 1- .- ....
tion o il '.2'i. ,I. _' i -i tl ; l ; i
in h1 s honor i 1 1 "ul .ll. II l i I
clerks in his i..'-i It ', ..Lil|. I i i th I
itor te p Ir.. ir l -i i li-. I.,l : l- :1 ur r l t',
for it i tas aL ii i i''..il- i' ii'i.n ..' h I r
of the ni en to I liii.' I h10 ii, .. il
revealedan uI ii. ii lii' l:ilt, I. l i 1]t l I
siasn unique :il -h,. -. ** lh cii.i.. ii.,i,..
The gathering t .i l. II .i in..I iii .I l ii-.,
w ith the result tl... 1L l' i.'L-' l. ,.I tlcl
f'ore nen and 1".- 1.:- .. 1 l L i l- li.i- i i, .- 1- 1.1,,
of the office ,i i. : ]i. .*..i i 1 .i
not aLttend, V I . ii I I .i', l. I l i ti.. I
had they knov' .I.. I !..i r- v. In .. _ii it' .
A more compl : I i il it i i' < I ,'i I .. i
the sa ll xe -t li',. 'i'l,. i- I li it I.'h ,
selected froni thl.', ].. .l ,.'_- u \ili 1 M i 'Lii-n.
mlings'jurisdict.... I i .I ln ,. r.c ri --....l I
fortu ell havih 1., I ,.. ft .1.***.I.1. .1 ,..l'
for ten porary 'Ilt h ,.illi th Lulilili .,li. e
to I'. i] i; -.i .,
M ril i I I '.. '.- I l'..l l i -tl r .f
cerellm onllies, w L i :, 1 '. Hi I.IiI.. i i.
as could be 1.1., .I i ,i,,.. .I.i,l Ih rr
speeches w ere iil'r-|i i i il. ... i l,. i, t
who exclainlled--
O () for alv i i ils, t
Rich Pf al. in, -i *hi, I., I1.1 i it .
would have h.,d hl- I.,l]i l,.. -- L'r'.tifriid ;i

lne ir'is su l grritieil ti %%,,i wouldd lie plius[silel
n'[i thu IIthnmus. fir thise'i xccllcnt purveyrs
1 t i+ ;. lii ri tlerl 111 .1 Iulffct lunch, and liquiti
rtIfr .liiitint '. ere lrint I:t laing The talks
*' i.h -1 % '.l\" c rlllril h.'lllVit.. in that t h yL'% 'l)ver'd
:Ia ale ra.iic .,[ -ilhjLCtl fr,,lr ] c.-ntril'ual
., ,-,r ;, It el. ritir ull fiir.:c- iii I'tl liin u ._ p >litiC tin
* Jilt '. i t.iIc*l J h a Li ',m l C c.i,' --Iljut till lid up tf tlhe
iIll.i ll \prl '-i.i, I in i .i r l 11 '1tlitil -r, 'ii tilted
., 'pe;ILt-r t.,, 111 l M i I uL iilhl-ill- . litilil. lit
..I :tll.'l.'llI. li. 'ill t' 'miil \It' ll shin i. T he
-]it l o i'n |1.l ,l it .n -thi ..l ii tu iV.'" l t hil eir
SI,..I 1. I i11. th eli VI. li il. '-1" 1 1 Xll- ]Il.'l

I, .I ,,,,h ,li i U i i. r M r Iu i tHine If'r the p[.isIt Lini
\ 1. ir I I.r iIhIIe. i'1 I' il.i it result .iLccIntI-
2.p' [i-liIel I, M r Cuti t i inin :ini ] t lie )ri iii-
I *".. ;i l uill uJ' I,\ In In : ,l a;iiur. v. e'll
i r the I'Lll 1 r. *i c.iii t I la irliin i- 'in p -l% ilt
,-tI' 1 elr 1 11 I her c n ;ony w l]i, think
1 1 -1 lli,:tlt ,Inly c int il r '.' l it I natural thing-
ilI. i mi1 ii ,[ th, r .L IltlIhl II .1lid lIMo Lry ,

i ] iii]]lrui i ife ;,nid th, litalthinmr-t sentiments
I' ;it tl-" 1l tlhe 11hLii lri ii ilfe The n. ilit\'
t' t*lurii all L' Il. all sun it o 1 ci pr sca lit
1% 111 1 I L oI i th, ir Lljiprenatioc hip nliong
-i..h li]l -. .,LF.n l,,t prc liLile theiC faculty
L i l hli ., i. tll tllC ', "lllil -i11 v -ll, has
i rul ti .il : i. I ] r i i'.'lit. -is e ll iS :inii tli r!'.
"l hl i\ I ..l.ic -i1ic I'I t. I M IL.,it al-- l a lhl,
1 ll i: L .li. i i- r ] .r li*i s 1 en li i.aill l t,'
]I'. r'ir ] :L-Li] trl ill- rtlir t.1c thluini llt of
llih ': ,ill. h t ll- ,, lii ,'t l. r :l **1 111-f I4I .v I

T li, i ,: il. [ iui':\v. il.:l- .il I pI l h.l .-ps lin,'.c
li.i pl.it"- lhri .\ m i nLuultider, I % i-li tu
It.ttl. ti thlii. '* .ill I l., sii ip, c-,titcrtniln.
I11 sIt i 1 % id I it IL t i % C r il lii h limI 1roilIs
r ci Iii .l ii li' t. i .!]il* l t ', the u l"i t.l ,
Ii'.. i iii;. it iur ; 'in l.LIIiih.ll tr.ni ', M lir l inl.
ililiit" lli t.l r ;i pli. ll t",i Ll.r 'ly, -- i .tlltlplc
Isi-.rt t., hei i t.-i lk- -li... ii thI t le full
,Ippr,. -': '< liV Cri't li- t' I i iili. 1 '-1 t ihei rie ]itr
I.,' hli ti I h i t t .l.'_.l i._l ly a i l ,,ll-I
IIc 0 i i [ilt 1 t l t l 't '. \i.-L l lite ist.% -
i'l tli I. h 1 i n I l .e 1 il rt. ilI .' A'i DiIl til:it
i. >.-. i t' i i. li th iI i,,tt t.i hL Illit
;i- th lll 'lt i ll r '' \ L t l]t I Jt ll IIuL'
lt i. Il ( ilnc n.. i Li-r e. l '. lli t. 'iiei. llitr.iliili
.,I thlI I, r t I" Ir .-r tIr i i, ,i .1i iL I'1in c A.
t: I.' I':!i i.L u \ ev \!r, ..I I,1... r C' uim -
i-llii. ,illl 1 1h. linch i L : i t1 *iurc ;Lppealcd
t . : r i.i i. c . t, I.' i. tli:it l L- S lih
hli l] .. l. :, :,. il..in %wh. liiI precviutii
tile <.i 4,1 1t. l t-i ,l 11i .I' -, lilt? i l" th.-iC prc.en t,
h,:'l I li h C-l .U ti'ii il tal ,l-.. tiih L thle
ICe- lt. ;ill1 IilIt lihe ;.11| t her. lIr tse'l t % 'were
li h. I tell t hu.li hll.'h
11 'ill. It ; -- :I t', ih;1 illl r%'llh the
',.cLl I .L ,! llI h. 'ar[. L lld itf the ,..(d \ ish .-
,.' I.ltie 'i l 1k : i t lilt. CL]ii ld ycd at I Tu' Vg ill.i
-11I| - .i tLi.11 :1 tlhe' i ij N I r C uIli
i.llli'' \' .r-'<. ilhi'l hil ..i l"urii in [he
S .I I l I. %. ll lth t coul l In- \U,1 led int r
i "in l ],. 11 ill r tun rn r1 1t 1 ; ,L r:lt..l alt .r

I -' i 'it .\ r :

i '1. ,,I i ,,\ *- ....r1 i..1 l. .' I A li il B
1 i l .i n 1, .I l ..- ].. L .I .' r. .\ .
i li i ,l 1 t 1 "- i u , ,l i l. I 1 "' . .. i i 'I .
C H i- l >ii I .l I L I lI 11 '.l. ,rir..r. L r
K 'li' .' 1., il 1 1 [ ,, L .. T 1 I,.1 i.. \ ii|i.,ir.

li. | h \ 1 .1 i i- I r'i l i klL i.l i I ]1.jif I' l eiLr. I
I-'i i l thr ,' l .l l ll.I ~, ii| l. I I-'.' L i i.. h, i ll 1 .1
Cu.. l.c.u. .11 IKM n .> l

\ P, L.,c\.
L'uletbr,,, Skpt. 23.

..- 4 I 1iT.: ,1 L, 11 0 -


O re ni,'h o1 I C n u. .i1 U i- i .'' ic' n al
CZo11- T'1, .iZ
11' ,' [ I i .. 1l I i ,, 1
Ill.. it 1 I ;-t I -t .. .. I 1 I i -

'i M l i. I [ '. ll I. I lll ,. I . I. 1 in I i i n
l n r.n 1 1 '. l ,. n ,. l. . i .-.. ,,',1' ,,

li h I. I . '. '.,.I ... ;11 ..I 1 1, 1
cll I, i I. l' i. l iU l '- i L- l I .. n h I r i i. .11
.'p t, m h ,.t k I ,,r v l. i l ..... '. l. I i I *1 1

t I.. I-. 1 al l t l 1. I I . . I

kr 'e ...,h i ..li i. L % I l I 11 I .-

'ou ,, q'I,' l. ,i at each event.
At C l'l.hi i ;,i i III.. lleeting w 'as
111 il-1 't l Hitr I, I. L,. I l-, I. i l their

linl'. lt) i.'fjoiming a Club should such be
.l' .. '! lh .ere 1.: tl., a ni been a move-
n'IIll in '.. organize a club, of which .nA
\\ NI :II-I (I 'i,- Ill lii,l but i here hati
A t t l,. ..... 1i I0 1 I' --- -. .. tl .,- 1- i I-

ii-dt ik. il, i , ll she stated clearly her
rt Cl.-i. c ie down. It was heeting wash
to meet the American women on the Zone
in, to confer with them-l..., to learn their
*iet L' .. rganiie a luh, of whid Mrubs.

It 1 .1' t. P 'l i t . t cl .b.t, cot ld be fohere d
in tli II i r.'.r .ce nte l, .e n,. Cul -bra, ted.
sh)ii:. hL'1no. and Cilon, with b'Iaches,
'.\t th. p '...t orgal izL- '.. .. t ain f tl neig -
bi iw_, e I l1. 1 i. eacl1 club to be tlodel'
-l to.1l inl. all tl shbe afstated early there
till'. I. lii Canl, I dow. It was heruwish,
ii 1 il.Kr suitable apppll,'Iitio; 1. Tie elub
tomeet the for sican women ona the Zor
Sto confer with social them, t. alearn their
.'i .- ri.- I. L Il.I., tem, as org anizatio of lubs.,
t.11 L ar part centers, i pa, Culebratt, Goi -
erni. .. schools, and Co matters wih branches, a

." r ..1 ',.c organizations in the f s ne h-ii
r.s i ..I aln t be forced, a rooted der ticher
oUL'IL d. '11d1 luelhjers admitted to the
cl-- it -Ill' rates. She spok- o(f tlhe real
Sol,1d Oi -.-'lulel)n are doing here, of the
1101111 ill -,I tie sight of domestic life and
l| Iii. on thle young ineni. XXWhile
till If .I '. C anal Zon re is a busy onLeague,

tr t'r suitable apkinppl. ation.e hear a lot
,,l,.-I I t I .I ..I social l, ... aOong thet e

Itl. ri a par in municipal matters, ov-tre
',I,.. l... idomf womay en, said Miered to
.ls r ,:..mlel'i be of their da ood teachernt
nl lu'.. i member-p is scadmiarttedly to thee over
2L1iII thiL t All ar do ing phere, of ighe
Intu. ,,iLi the sight of joininmestig c life an
clu l.y I ..u1.- on the young men. Whileto
tle : i". 'Il -I ......I of God,' 'th e l bro-
I r ...lie .- l.1 uIr. lib, as it stood, it there
H...ll Th- -11111 :, ..... of their development

,, i.l'i ...1 llt is scarcely to proceed uponver
'1 tll t. l i ll t, o e present sI gni-

el tl I- I u.p of joiniy arranged a womanss
cluh h. id. b L it I. .. o ,n;.s i1. but owing tout

7.i li u',, Ithb, asThe it stood, it wasreception
held in the 0e.inl_' r..,,n wa followed by


a short musical programme given by Mrs.
E.J. Banta and Mr. ".' tii. introduced by
Mrs. Belding.. Miss Bosw~ell made an
address in which the substance of her former
t.' l ,-.-rep ,.( 1 1 II..' i. this it w as
iI, -.n.. -' .' .,.I to to take the prelimi-
nary steps toward organizing a club at
once. Thirty-nine of the wolen present
enrolled as members, an.i tlih .. .,..
officers were elected: Mrs. X\. X. M. I.iiIn.
president; Mrs. W. M. Childs, secretary;
and Mrs. E. S. IInleu, treasurer. By unan-
imous vote it was decided to elect Mrs.
Wm. L. Sibert honorary president, pend-
ing her acceptance of thle office upon her
return from the ..' when a committee
of ladies would w:vit upon her. As Mirs.
Silrt ihas already expressed her .li -
ness to take an active part in a woman's
club, there is little doubt that she will
become a leading spirit.
At ( .., _. .. .. 1. l._ of a similar organ-
izaticr. ,,l 'i .1 i '. [ >ok tie form of a
formal club meeting, the president, Mrs.
Morris, in the chair. Gorgona has already
a woman's 1 .I.. ;. n..'inbers, with offi-
cers and a .... ,I ., This club was
organized in July; its purpose is almost
purely social. There is a very well devel-
oped social spirit throughout the commu-
nity. The club has committee for visiting
the sick in the hospitals and fir ( ,1!,'e ,
upon the newcomers. Unofficially con-
nected with the .. u. lut still
working along the ..... I, '. the work
done in the Gorgona Commissary. The
women make it a point to meet there in
the morning to speak to tile newcomers
and help them over the rough places by
advice and kindness. The Gorgona club
promises to be one of the most active
along the line. At the request of the pres-
ident, Miss Boswell gave an interesting
address, in which she .. .... .i,1 '. the
members on their enterprise. lietore she
leaves it is expected that the committee
will confer with Miss Boswell on the sub-
ject of enlarging their scope of work and
affiliation with the General Federation.
The officers of the Gorg'oloa club are
Mrs. Frank Morrison, president; Mrs.
Whitney, vice president; Mrs. Ilay, secre-
tary, and Mrs. Calvit, treasurer. The club
has its meetings twice a week, one occasion
being social, and the other devoted in a
measure to business matters.
In connection ,rii i..',. i club move-
ient, a preliminary meeting was held at
Empire on Thursday last, when a conmmit-
tee of ladies met Miss Boswell, among them
being Mrs. Miracle, Mrs. Beck, Miss Eunice
i', in... Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. McTyier, Mrs.
I' .n .1.' Mrs. Gorhamn, Mrs. Mcaler
and Miss Heller. There has hitherto been
no club in empire, and tlhe .' was
welcomed with enthusiasm. A meeting for
the I" ''' of arrangements was held on
I iii-.1. October 3.
A large number of women attended a
reception at Cristobal on Friday afternoon.
Invitations had been issued, a temporary
committee on arrangement having been
formed. The coi milittee included Mrs. Lorin
C. ( ..Ih,, Mrs. Walter G. Tubby, Mrs.
M. C. Rerdell, Mrs. John Burke, Mrs.
Charles Guckel, Mrs. Claude C. i i.... Mrs.
F. II. Powell, Mrs, Lewis Baker and
Miss Pritchard. The rooms of the club
house were beautifully decorated, and the

occasion was one of festive character. It
had been pi. i i r-l.. arranged that the
organization of a club should be effected at
this meeting and 'l 1l'ire number of the
women present -,,,I,.. i their intention of
becoming members. The fil 'l.. in. gov-
erning officers werc elected: President, Mrs.
Lorin C. Collins; vice president, Mrs. E.
Lewis Baker; secretary, Mrs. Guckel ;
treasurer, Mrs. Walter G. Tubby. Mrs.
Collins was foinrmrly vice president of the
'l" ,.. W\loman's I I..I, taking the duties
ot president for a long period. All the
Camp Elliott ladies came down for the
reception. Miss Pritchard of the Colon
lIospital ald a number of the nurses of her
staff were present. Gatun was represented
by a party of the women residents. Guests
of distinction were Mrs. Mender and Mrs.
da Sylva, wife and daughter of Governor


Sick Leave.
C(IcmCLAR No. 144:
Attention is called to the fact that the
regulations governing payment on account
of sick leave are not ..- 1li enforced.
The regulations adopted at the 1-'ili
meeting of the Coummission, effective July
1, 1907, provided that-
All regular employees above the grade of
laborer, unaccustomed to a tropical climate,
minny be granted fifteen day's sick leave with
pay for each six llmonith, service, on the certif-
icate of an authorized physician in the service
of the ".. i. .. ..._ o.I of Health of the Isthinian
Canal '. ........ that the employee has been
tiablei to wvork on aecount of illness contracted
through no fault fr his own. or because of in-
No time will be allowed for sick leave
unless the employee furnishes a certificate
from a physician in the service of the Com-
mission, specifically stating that the illness
was contracted through no fault of the
employee. The certificate must be on the
prescribed form, signed by the ,rtimlil'
physician and not by proxy, and must be
presented by thleemployee immediately upon
his return to duty.
It is the intention that sick leave with
pay shall be granted for legitimate causes
only, and unless the employee's illness
comes strictly within the meaning of the
regulations, lie shall not receive payment
for time lost.

CU'LERA, Sept. 23, 1907.
The following are hereby appointed mem-
bers of a Board for the purpose ofil I',in.:
specifically the duties of the crews of loco-
motives controlled h)' the Isthmiian Canal
Commission, in respect to the care, repair,
etc., of their machines:
Mr. L. K. Rourke, Assistant Division Engineer,
Ctll 1ra Division.
Mr. Arthur Sess' 1,1 1, ,. .i.erintendent of
-ransportation, C Il i .. '. I I I
M r. E:.J. B anta, M echanical i . ...
ir. J. C. Johnson, .aster 1.. i ,I,.ec Empire
Two I repretsentative locomotive engineers (to
he selected by Messrs. Rourke and Sessions.)
The Board to meet at such place and
time as agreed upon by Messrs. Rourke
and Banta.
GEWO. W. *', I II u.-.
Chairttin and Chiefnangineer.


A IH .. rh ..il . I'- L i i n nll

,. , l i , ,l l

.,, h ,

.1. i I

-- Ia --- I I

* Ii I ii .i .1

- I' i
I A'. Ii
* e. I iii
I. *'' I-
1 I lii
Ii II I ..~i..
I e i..
'.1 I IL'


i~~q'riih,'r. \ mii H. I .,L S

I I I.,I in,

II II. .LLL'i,

- L I I..
'.1, I iL.I.
II il
'.1 I' .1

I I. *' I I..

A ~i
Ii ''ii.

2 21 1' 2 _-

2_''' I 'I I--,

i 1. C. A. B u I;n,*4 Le. 'i .

A. ..ni L, las. i
l i I Til :" l
V ri ., 1 ,J "-'_ 1 1 1
Sl 'j 1 1 1
1 1 i -l

A second 'tsoker was given last week, and
about 3,.000 men were resent. The members
entered he artily iito the various fea trees of tIhe
entertainment provided by themselves. Music
was firnisilt'd by an orchestra and a doulnle
Two classes have been organized for the s"t. y
of ISpnish with an enrollment of c 5. I r. F1. 11.
Shilbley lias been engaged as instructor.
The excellent barber service whici hias been
installed is tilling a long felt need.
The I. C. C. band will give a concert in the
entertainment hal of the club house WVeidnesday
evening. October 9, Mr. Chas. It. Jennings
director. The white public are cordially in ited.
11Mr. GeI. B. Carson, office secretary, is at I pres-
ent confined at the Ancon hospital.
The Cristobal tean won three straight glamles
inl the match with Culehra played Saturday
nighlit ait the Cristnobal clhib hon.e niaking a
total of 2,4.4NS pins at agaiinsL 2,28S for (lor
gonla. The highest team score male t'hus f1r ini
the Leagie was made by Cristobal with a total

Al ueh godl naturedt rivalry exists lietween
teans reprcseitiaive of Lihe single men and the
Married Imen in Lthe I Material nd Suipply oftice.
Several mlatch g;Laes i have been played with the
benedicts in theiletad. The gaines the last week,
however, gav e the 'bac-lors their revenge. The
line np isas iollowvs:
M1 .ir ,,'fht --m ii.. I. ... ILeonardl Iaycr.Jack-
title men-Happlmn, Bryon, G3lmartin, Win-
luimisen, Pike.
The single men won three" straight games with
a total margin of 231 pins.
At a nleeting of thie Boad t of .\Mam rs of' tihe
Y. M. C. A. Bowling LIeague, liel at Cristobal
Saturday light, the f elected: L. A. iurand, E]iire, ]resilclntt ; C. L..
Van DIen Houelr, Go.irgona, vice president; H. A.

I i L.


i1 .li. ,- ..flli .. I . i .A .. ir IJ'li 'l e .'r

.1 I" l ' It Li 'L I iL' L, Xi

I .I i .
S 1 1.= I *1 1 1 r,1, ., I .

I. I n .11 k , I. I. .11- .i ,, I . 1 I .
1' ", ..h I. I li, ] ii Ii., I'. ''

I \ ,' I II ,. 1 11, 1 I. I. lI., Ill '. 1 I i ll

bowli -l iiu .I.scb1 .l.
T le following ii I- il. I I I dt L Ilv eri

se si- ,,. ,,'ve be-ii c i, d i, I t ,e I, t' t. I e
-r I,, ,I I

. I. ..- . ..

1I6', of Posts, -. C. ., I be

-'r 1- till rcqe. Iof -edressee :
AI I I I I1 .. I Ir I .G

A .ii .. IR ,.h ,, ..1 II

TI I rC ti l I, th I t. Ci 'IL. I. 1 )i i I1, i 1,
tee, m I nt r ; *i o. e' ofliai.
IA Io r , , Gi ,. t h r. I. ,

I orn in P ii i I'. I i ,. Ally
Bo.w.er, Vrnon C.

S1 I'. i CII i per, I '
S. 1 i i .L Ralph Co ta G .iijl

LeVine, Wi. M. ( ok) 3e ar, David.
F .ttrs, AVi I. rye. I obt. J.
artin, Patrick I r1. mahI, P1. L

,leC tillo h, Frank 1. I J. C.
xleKR eon, 1'luiel Dii. . R.
Oliv er, Ralph
Phillips. Clarence ''.
l l. .u t ,ll . i

Slii t. l II. 0. Spa.liio be 4J "V. J.

luit.I t, Cpt. F. F.
-n r

'h Lops- t:-alter I t I, nley, I let:i,
A littn, ,ti I 1 Vincent, Frase J T.

lrii toige H. t Bg I ei the I'st- ana cn1it r,
It clion reate of ei the the workij of th e et

chearc of te work in that city, in tim I
Al. W 1. I last, on Oct-obe, r "


VI.aculion Ltan e.

In V. .iC ir -t I. ic .I r 'I.:tr l h lr r, _, l.-
[i t li r .i.. L". 1 \I i, Ill illn It li 's, lbut the
111. I' ir L il l i0 lt'.' V '., '. ii- i C:LL I
hi I'. I l. I II i l' I i l at i i :. ilil re il .il i,,t i ins
i*rinh t lli 'i l ,'t .il -i.Ar L. 1- lit iii'intlis' ser -
vIlev i l I I1 11 Ih .i, .i ,- l lo l l n Ii i llis, i ]IdA
th I u. i Ip' i., I r1 .1 l'n. t l C 1 i c t 1 l i. ill .i-

I h-. I 'ldI l, i L 'I I I *' -', I ,i. I l r I' l
In n. i i' in i. 1. LI. .f.n!, .L I l i ii_. ..'l l i.' r
L-,lh ,*ri,-' i.:l p. L ,L i t :.' l. t iiill tis \\ ,ii
'.1 II k i i hllry ite t l li ..* re .ir ildul ti s
Iii.Itl.,.r tlllr,, I tl ,lr: a ,,iltii ll-. If T Il L

Cool. .1 .. C ZI
I L. rE LM 11II.
C.,1 ... d I /.. cl IP.. I'

.hh '. l ..t .i it Ill 'L. .i

II % I II 14 .T l.,.'[

Plili M 1.
o ,iI tlh t 1,rI vlt o r f r,,e the ho rt. i l[

t hiN'li td t lie l i thli. LI I II
iIr lit I:e t i C I thner- 1 t. ill i'[; t i e ltit '.
A\ g i ha n .o1 l w a .ri .i i \ s' -, ii IIstlak'l
hiiel Ior -.tvh th' t th l," [. ai d ] l',re 1 rL i n
lit. tt Ieo ile 1., :i t Ciltebr : ;i.,, thl|:t
AM r. ,t I- r..t ',S -,l, n I.'.I ,l. ,'c

II'fId B [gT 1 .
Si I1, Cn 1 Ii 2Ii ,i I
.r L.'r ,. I*o Il 1p .IIe I 1 li\TI.'
. '. ...l , /' ,,/ '' I i .i n, n l ,,t l1 e- ,,Ii ,s ,t"

l. I .' i. L'.L, ll I t. 1 iTi il l I. 1' iti. lh r-
i. t I r. .I- P l 'Ir, .', ..LL liMci

and .tgIaa..
I 'I[ -, % c '.' r I.. ..

,h., .I ..'I h.L i. LI ..-r i'-. Tl..' l

III .111 -i x I P IS .
G over lm ent recently offered free ho T- ,'- t,, r1 ,.
r jid couples along the Canal route ,1n I" i'., '..
the hts1ad nd to be em ployed in the .**.. -. ,',..t,-.rl
wvorka. The result wa; a rush on tl]. r,'. *,i t.h
ei p ll o e s to e t l C t m7 riedl a n d t'. ,p .Ilv 0 1
brides in the C anal Zone .. .i .,, ii e' Ii .u,-to l
An gen t has now. arriv, I 11. ., s \, i Is -,.,.-l,,ic-
Ivi'cs for the Canal employees, and .itml 't h-
mnet with considerable success."
"' [,loro ;.T L.: IT.
l .,',.. ...il C. Z., Sept. 21.

Order of Eagles.
All present members (tf h. i', ,r.,i l
Or e1r (01 'E '- 1.1 ill please -ciud th110 11inL .
IInatme .tl.l Iilil r of .r Erie -To I.,c a lt,,,
and their present dlli.w t.. ilih under.
-i.,,.l The F.', I -1..ul.1 t t h r
and organize acl Ilt *1, Ii, I.- ,,,.1

Culebra, C. Z., -, I. -2

Knight Loo" I'yhi -.
At thelast i. L. .- i,,1, I..Il'I I
1, K nights .,l I'. tlh ,t ., ,I, f i .,

l I I- I I r 1.1. i I I t. u In. l It 7 I l. l 1
l , .Ill I 1.. 1.- 1 I r . I, I 1 2 'r .it
8 o'clock. \ .:..r I, I [1 -1 ts n i. 1 cr 1.r ,..,
to ..1 i-i ;, S-r i iit hr- -u the li- ithl s
to 1i 11 11-1 til. 111. I, I ii L!111 1 .--d

A of I. at .S
'i, lI ,, C. Z Sq t. 2,3.


The -'.Iillp, ni Enipdr,.
'I'll.:e,10..ei,'lC i,:ric I 1' 1

iiacii itl t~ i t,-i 11Cr, 'ol 11 1.~

['iu t, I 1:. hill p''I 1i,?.' tirs V IllL

nul.'ci w Ir l xiII I.-l L

co nII L~i rl -.1. .1 I .. I I' i .' l e C I 4lll

IMPC e~l~eri- Ii.%2 ( k t IC Ll'.t3.7- .1 ii,-.l -I' 011

li'tlir ui 6 ,r -I-l-.,

']1u ..l'.p ne .1-.1. -1l 1 % 2

silal.iti Iul III .rs ie p i .]-

to.'l !.ILb- oe dtill I'V Ire .l1 j. !V-

It .lure oIS lll 1 .1.11 ll S -.1,: .1 'i)

life tlluIiiC I. th u 't'.:ii_- e .II I n 1 1 I2 ,

IVliil.u .15 T ll' l tl h l a lli I'- tIi. .


Il,-: .Il '.11 be distributed by b to
t l utio us points of consumption.
... I1 rioni is limited, but the ar-
I 1.: i,. I,. of track is is such that it will
ii,. .11 i requirements for some time to

I 'fective Monday, September -'3 mail will
1.. irried on train No. 6, leaving Panama
I p. m. for the following points: Pedro
iI.'In'. L'- .."hr.. l .i_,,. Las Cascadas,
i' Obispo, C,, r..., i Tabernilla, BRolio,
,. t0n and Cristolal.
N[he regular mail messenger will be on
i1i4- train, ni.il to be handled in the same
i1 ,i..ner as it is handled in other passenger
ir mis of the Panama railroad.
Director ofPosts.

Improved Order of Red Men.
L ".,riqni Tribe No. 1, Culebra, C.Z.-Instituted
I intry3,1906. leetsevery Saturday evening.
o..n Bias Tribe No. 2, Cristobol, C. Z.-Insti-
11111 I March 16, 1906. Meets every Tuesdayl
,-1ies Tribe No. 3, Empire, C. Z.--Instituted
.I i,..-h 29. 1906. Meets every Friday evening.
I.-,ec Tribe No. 4, Pedro Mligael, C. Z.-Insti-
i..ii.l June 16, 1906. Meets every Thursday
S.ih ng.
L 'olo Tribe No. 5, Gorgona, C. Z.-Instituted
I. inber 10, 1906t Meets every Monday even-

I .as Tribe No. 6, Gatuu, C. Z.-Instituted
i. a,-ry 16, 1907. Meets every Thursday
i llg.
C. ribb Tribe No. 7, Las Cascdarls, C. Z.-In-
-I.r..ted MNarch 16, 1907. M eets every Wednes-
i1 evening .
i 'lrreta Council No. 1, D.of P., Culebra, C.Z2.
-ii,.tituted March 26, 1906. Meets every
I I.. rsday evening.
II proposed to organize a tribe at Ancon-La
[:.... in the near future.

Commissary Prices.
I .*r week ending Sept. 27:
,'.'ron, entire rf ...,. per lh.... 10
.i on, short-. .t i do 19
t.i[ioni i.* do 17
S.i), i. r -. ,: do 11
i '' I do 11
I. short-ci chops........ do 27
[ 1 legs .._.............. ......... do 24.
S sirloin, roast............... do 1s
i 1. .. *i .h .- i e tt..... do 17
II i- .... I .-.. ,d cut ... do 15
I I .. .. .. ... do 1
i.s, Porterhouse........... do 23
- .i. s .irloin ........... ........ do 21
, rut .p.................... do 21
i s tenderloin .............. I do 22
p .4 .. nd do _"121
.. r do 10, I 1 i
I ,,i. d 7
*.i r do 10
.. . do 21
Sshort-cut chops ........... do 20
.i in........ ............... do 12
Si , i *'1" T do 9
*,d I, . dO S *
., cuts .......... ........... do 20
I... "s Bce f................... ..... do- 9
i do 17

S 'breads, Veal........... er l h.... 1.20
I 11 *. .... 'il k fed) e h. *1 10
S. .. l i;;.,.i,.l|.',; d o 12.401
S*',, I I, ..- do 1725


L . eachd... 22

Sl... ,,,.,. . 1 ,., do 22
r i.ll r' q art **a15*

L iemons................... ... .......per dozen 1i
S... r doen 12
S..per lb ..... 6
Littes...............................per hu dred 30

i .i, i lh ...... ao
Tomatoes ........................... per lb...... 10
COld ......... per bunch Price.

. iCTS. do CTS.

6 i 1 ... 10do 8
"d do *6
S.1 .... ,. ch 30
,, i do *<

i' indicatess 5 cents allow ed for return of
i .1,,l fro1ii Cohld torage an1 not froin

Old Price. New Price.
, ,, (GovernrOis, each... 10 8
After Snipper, do 3 2l,)
do Bouquets ...... do 7 6
do Caballeros.... do 10 8

I 1 Drum-
,, ...i Natural
i I I -' 25
ii hI .1 1 I rle S
Soda, bi-,arb, 2-oz... pkg 12
'. ' tin ?,4
. .. i lb 11
I, ,r I
paper ...... .......sheet 2

. .. ,..

I 1r 1 '. w h '.,
Tomatoes, ., 1 I
Vermicelli, 7.T r., T Is I, -
Chocolate, i, .i .l1 .. *. I
Pileles-White onions, Lib-
!, ." . \, i 1 I -

bv's 5-gallon kegs ..........l... do
I I . 1, . ... ............. tin
H . .. brushes,
stock N- "7 4'1-e -I
Knives, .I
37,471 .......................... do

s 7 t" ." ( >do
Arprou--Overalls, No. 310,

No, 37,475....................... h...
Pals, t colored jean, No.
2P a .n p .r l '. [i ,i I
stock X'. 7 II .1
Pants, col r, . 1

No. 37.474 ....................... pair
Co,.'. 1r, ,, "o0. 102C,
C l '. 1. "'i. I .i. I stock
No, ; 7 7,. 7 i
,. 1 7'. ...... .............each
Shoe laces, white, black and
tan li .*.'...... df stock No.
37,1-1 '
Hall-hose, tan and. .
i -. do

37,483.............. ..............each











First Canal Zone Odd Fellows Lodge.
Istlhmian Canal Lodge No. 1, Indepen-
dent Order of Odd Fellows, was instituted
at Gorgona, September 17, after some
delay. The charter was secured upon the
application of the following petitioners:
Bros. Morris, Cole, Kuncee, Ilecnl I- and
Bardick. Spec. D. G. S. Sisson instituted
the lodge andtinstalled the officers with the
assistance of P. G's. Mead, Hiett, and Smith.
Tuesday is the regular meeting night,
lint a special meeting will be held Saturday,
October 5, to institute a class of 25. Broth-
crs from .Jl... tile line are urged to he
present and have a good time. Accoummo-
dations will be furnished.


Lieut.-Col. Geo.W.Goethals, 1. S. A., Chair-
man and I. I, I1.,., .. .. Culebra.
Maj. I. D I ,il 11,1 I \ Culehra.
'.I .i WaV. L. Sibcrt, 1. S. '1 Culebrzt.
'I I II. sseau, S. N. Culchra.
Mr. J. C. S. I. ,,I I .11 Ancoi.
Col. W. C. Gorgas S. A., Acoi,
Mr. Jackson Silith, Culelura.
Mr. Josepli tucklin lishop,
Secretary, A.ncon.


Construction and Engineering.
l.ieut.-Col. (Goo W o-th-l' UI. S, A.,
Chairni ar .;O ,nil I'd Ik I. i. .1 r, Cnlcbrn.
W i Ii. 11 . 'I 31 .1 , ,tary.
M K 1I ', l ., I 1. k,-
A. B. ;,, 11I -.. Office Engineer.

Department of Excavation Iland I '..;.
Mlaj. ). D. Gaillard, I'. S. A., Culelira.

.M',i ,Pgar Jadwil, UI. S. A., Division
I'l. Iii, L aI Gortona
I \ TMcllvaine, chief clerk.
D. WV. Bolich, Division E,.; ,,. Empire.
S. J. Kennedy, chief clerk.
Louis K. Rourke, Assistant Division Engi-
neer, I,,i.!iin
W im i I 1, -r .,, Pil.. ...... Lulln.
M rs. C. l. ., i i. .. n. I.. 'erk.
'. G. Comber. i,., .., .1 1 i'.: I. I. i La Boca.
David V S,, ,1. .1, I, 1 ..'. I

Department of Lock and Dam Construction:
Maj. 'Wm. L. Sibert, II. S. A., Culehra.
R. MI. '- ,..i- chiefclerk.

'I.li Chester Harding, U. S. A., Division
.', i,.a G(atun.
i. Thompson, ciief clerk.
Win. I a,. Division Engineer, Cristobal.
Mrs. C. L. McPherson, chief elerk.
Sl ,1 P.B. Williamson, Division Engineer,
I I:,.
E. A. LeMay, chief clerk.
W.G.Comlbc, Pi ;-;.. ,..i.i...,.La Bica.
David V. "' tI tt .a n I rk.
Edward h1.. ,.,,,, Electrical and Me-
chanical i ,ni.. i ilelibra.
lenry Goldniark, David Moliter, Structu-
ral WVorl' Dinenl,
L. D. (.,.I, ]l. T. Tucker, Masonry
DI, .. Culebra.
P ,d Arango, Divisiot, i 1,. :, .., I [,. ...
ion of Meteorologyandl I'.. r II .1 ... n.. .
D. W. MacCormack. chief clerk.

Department of Muni. ;i .1 Ei .in. ;I.
tive Power and M lin,., n. 1:.. I.I.,,
Construction: II. 11 I'..i I S '

J. G Tl,1com bq.lp ; ;.1..,, 1-1,.; ,., i, ,,.

I. C '1. I ,- 1 ..1 cluet clerk.
.. [. D B r.,.,1, -' i .. ,..i . .,i M otive
Pow er and I .. l ,,, '._ [ 1.
F. W ID.). ,-, '
Earl J. Banta, Mechanie;': I ... .
A I. I'. 1.; ,-..... E electric: r i .
W :.1 I' 1.1.,,. Master I 1:1.1 .t ,, ,,
of P-1d I-_, I .% struction), Culebra.
P. 0. Wright, jr., Architect, Culebra.
J. H. Harbour, chief clerk.
Division of Materi l and -i' ii, W. ;G.
Tubby, Chief, Cristobal.
Max Dyer, chief clerk, Crisaulo. .
W. C. HIIaskins. chief clerk., Anoe .a


\\'I I i ui , t1. it. I i, i. I I 1 ,m ..

l ivisi.... L 1 I .. ,n O l I t. ,. ,

L I 1 % i illhl -irIl- l u .l,
lhon.JoC. S. .1 'i I'm II. 1.1 of tle Depart-
lient, A neon.
II. I, Reed, I.'.. n'6 .-;. i i Ancon.
J. K 1]axt r J ,iI I. 1,' \ii, A.1
Toni M. Cools- U l l -, r I' ,..,h ,.f Posts,
Customs and Revenues, Ancon.
1. Lewis Baker, Deputy Collector, Cris-

lHerman A. Gudger, Deputy I L.t....
S..... R. Shanton, Chieifif Police, Ancon.
i.. h. McD)onald, chief clerk.
C. cE. Widnan, t. h. i Fire Department,
E. 1H. Hale, chief clerk.
Geo. L. Cmilpen, Water Cornimissioner,

Inoc ncio .- ,,l I ., legal adviser, Ancon.
Canal Zoue Judiciary.
Canal Zone Judkiu, ",il.lii.. C'.urt, Dr.
F. lIutis Dur ,iti In In i . \-.-...
H A .( ;.l. i .... .., l, . h i,,..
L orin L' .- i, \' ... .. ,, i | i . C ris-
VWalter Emery, clerk orcourt, Ancon.
Circuit Court, First cilfcuit: Dr. F. Mutis
Dnurin, Judge, Ancon.
Walter nmery, Circuit Court clerk, Ancon.
Circuit Court, Second circuit: IH. A.
',,.la. ".....- .,.pire.
II., t t . .1 '. Circuit Court clerk,
Circuit Court, Third circuit: Lorin C.
Collins, Judge, Cristolhl.
Nelson R. Johnson, Circuit Court clerk,
I --.. L .... Attorney: George M. Shouitz,
S.'i.. Prosecuting Attorney: Thomas
I '. ,, Jr., Ancoii.
Translators: F. 11. Shleible and Charles
M. Brown.
M. C. 'i, ,:. !i Senior District Judge,
C uilebra.
Thomas E. Brown, jr., 'District Judge,
J. M I i., i.'. District Jiwl,,. T a Boca.
R. B. Myers, District Judy. I '.pi
R. '. (Goodale, District Judge, (Gorgona.
Col. W. C. Gorgs, U. S. A., Chief Sanitary
SIlt I AnXon.l.
Maj C. C. Xc-Culloch, jr., U. S. A., Execu-
tive Ohiccr, Ancon.
Harry C. i: . chief clerk.

IH. R. Carter, Director of IT..- i.iL i. \,1 ..-.
Ii I I I ' 1. l 'I, A COll.

: I'.l. i. i i 1.r U. S. A., Superin-
I ... ','. A rcon IT -TI:f -1 .T 1..I
S '. I ys, ] S. 1 W.. i Colon
IT 1; 1l Colon.
..-. . Claude C. I'ierce, P. II. and M.
HI. S., Quarantine Officer, Colon.
Dr. John II. Purncll, Health I '1 ,.
Josepli A. LePrincc, Chief Sanitary In-
spector, Acoi n.
Labor, Quarts, a dll Suibsistence.
Jackson Sminl, r.... iC,' ,l t.
R. H. Woo. i ', L L .Culbra.

Di sii' rse i mtlnts.
lEdward J. ',11 ,l Disbursing { ,n .. i.,, Em-
SW. Xl. Wood, chiifclerk.
^lmniti*r of AceeIiauI.
II I .. i ,Empire.
W. D, Mabry, clifelclrk

Mj~pve~izcnt of Oceann NeseIs..

10,,-~j C-11 "I.n i ul 0'7. .,

/ on'' mi.LI., Ra --Ini

4.- nP in, M IT~ r-1
P1i /II I En.' i:
Tro 0, .,..i'1n. ( .~
a ''1.1 IL .. Lii 1., 1 f.I, L I,. I.
I~ -,. v .* 0,7 ti Jlla'.L .

Vrinac ... .IS i,. 1''. fA .

F., 1,~Ir./ 1, Ir.'
7 I' 0. IM, a I

I,..~~~~ ~ R0. 'I. ~ri. .T F

I i b' l/aa.i ['Ll .0
I *,'* I *.fl I F*7. P *Ei PE mL Ic I

In.~~ ~ I zu ~*.I j Fr,, 2 1

J~~~~~~ Ice-, 2 .i~'ii fn I

A~J, I]I .'~', In' 2
"rI. .?I n,/,i i i,.. L'. 2

tol CLokiL.





l r I i ~ '

P !. I i.,.

H. Ii Ni r., I
A' 1 .In* .

I I Ia .I jn

fr I T .. i '.t

s.XiixiCs iriom c' 1.i n. '0 r..

% I .nTf,
i I 7'r
.1/ 7 it, .


PL. 2

..i Uliti IiI ..~ a', Ia. 0 L

11,Qdcr tilt 10 in in.,. It 111i .1 '1L

oftit lb.C13 't. C .
IiiiU an 1nd- '.''.. L I 1 .. Ic 'Ic ii ri

p d- I I''nnI I rI \pril 1, iq o id,

The Canal Record


No. 6.

The Canal Reco

Published weekly under the authority and super

'The Canal Rtcord' is ssueJ trce
one copy each, to all empl,.ree. of ite
sion and Panama Railroad Compa
names are on the "gold" roll. E.tra
be obtained Ifror the news stands of th
Railroad Compiny for tfre cents each

Address all Communicalions
Ancon, Canal
Isthmus of


The Cucaracha Slide at Its Old
Owing to the heavy rainfalls of
few weeks, the Cuicaracliha slide
remains quiet during the dry sea
again begun to move. This slide
east side of the Canal alout ha
south of Gold Hill. and first began
in 1884 ur 1iS5, during the time,
French company. It gave this c,
good deal uf trouble during the er
that operations were in progress
vicinity; but its movement cea
after the failure of the old cin
1889. It remained practic:lly1
during the entire period of contr,
new Frenchcotipany, thle reason bI
no operations in the Canal inl thi
were carried on by that comipain
the resumption of work by th
States il 1905, the slide again I
move, and has continued to give
less trouble during every wet seas
The total amount of material in n
is estimated at about 500,000 cu'
The plan pursued heret,.ire has he
tack the slide during the dry sea
steamshoncls,cutting as w-ide a ber
siblein the matermal outside of the
the prism, so that, during the wet se
moving material would be caugl
berms and would not get into t
The movement during the preser
has been more rapid than usual
berms have been filled up, permitti
of the material to get into the Can
Shovel No. 223 was caught by thii
mass of material on October 4,
extricated unimpaired on Octnber
No. 109 was also caught, but \w
out by the wrecking train on Octo
During thie next dry season
shovels as possible will be put
outside ofthe Canal prism, for the
of removing all the material now ii
which would be liable to get int. I
during succeeding wet seasons.
amount of material involved in
(about 500,000 cubic yards), wos
in the estimate ol'f April 1, 1907, w
the total amount of material vet tr
vated in order to complete the Ca
the existing project.


vision of the


Over a Million and a Half Cubic Yards

The grand total of all excavation during
September %\ as 1,517,412 cubic yards. For
'Corinmr. the first time since United States control
n.r i hose thlie million and a half limit waspassed. Of
Copies .,n, the 1 517.412 cubic yards, 1,481,307 were
c Paansran
takl,en fr,,in the Canal prism. The August
total fr,,iti thie prism was 1,274,404, cubic
yards, or 20*,903 cubic yards less than
the Septrimher total. There were three
less w..rl;ing days in September than there
Panama. vcre Ii August. and the rainfall at nearly
Panama. all point I ilh.ng the Line was heavier than
last year. At Empire, Culebra, Rio Grande
S. and l.a Bica, the rainfall was very much
heavier, ranging from half greater to more
Tr'ck. thai t'', ice as great. The excavation in de-
the pa3t tnil is appended:
, %wIchi
Stll, has Depirtment of Excavation and Dredging.
is ,'.n the
lf a mile 2
to mo- e
f the. ,.d L,..c3 n1 a
mplny a U E
entire time |
s in this (
sed soon se: rsh.el-- -
Ipany in Culel.r; OI, isi,.r. 753,288 180 7".1 469
quicsceent Milil . 28,7a3........... | 2S.. iT
' by the cigrr L, -nr, 21,546 2,200 23,740,
.1 by the --
ein1g that T-,siA .... 803,671 2,3 806,051
s viciinity DIof ,ts -
[y \\ ,' li C '.l r, L.re.li.i
l]":inon .. 4'.3 542 17 0-1O 420,842
e United La B,.ci L,.rlgiag I
brgan to) .... 144 *-2. 9,350 153,975
more or "..tal. .... 548,467 26,350 574,817
.)on since. I, 7.1 .- ..---
CIr ,m I l I ,. -.2 1 7" 1 .l -1,r,
bic vaids. Department of Lock and Dam Construe-
een t.) at. tion.
son with- ---------
r i so 1. 2. "
limits of '
aso', the ... i ,
it on the U
it Canal E . I
it seasonii
and the
aStpt l ni i, ,h, el .-. I
n. ,a part ,; i -,... 4. .. 87,4.23
il prism. t'. tun. ptiHi. 36.31:. .. 36,315
L, Bo.: l.,ck." 5.431s "...I 5..-ai

e moving
and wa.s
6 Shovel
-as pulled
)ber 5.
as un,
to' work
e purpose
i motion,
the Canal
The total
this slide
* included
which gave
, he excn-
nal under

T-,tal 129,169..... ..... 129,169
lii ed,'c andIlt~r,.
La B.o,a distr~i.,, _____7,375~ 7,375
I.rind ti -,1 129.164 :1.1 i*. '
Entire Canal.

e >
Ila"w exer'itmed. ~a .

Fl dredgeq.'r q1 546.6,3.27 2-~ 1:~.2

Trtal 1.4 1.3117 311 10i -1 117.412

Volume I.

September Rainfall for Three Years.
Station 1905. 1906. 1907.
Cristobal....... .......... 6.80 12.48 11.72
Gatun................ 1032 1502 7.94
Bohio......................... 11.22 13 43 13.63
Bas Obispo........ ........... ......... 14.71
Gamiboa .......... 6.65 9.42 14.01
Alisuel ........ 7.70 10.75 11.88
l.i:,l. rr ......... 6.65 6.61 C 010.86
Cnlehr, ...... 6.22 11.38
h4i.. Ir.'in.le 13.85 5.14 1199
Lna Bnc 6.40 3.86 9.99
.\in.:..n 7.46 4.83 11.14
The average rainfall in the Zone, as shown by
the above table, excluding Alhajuela, which is
outside the Zone, was 11.65 inches for the
September Steam Shovel Records.
The steam shovels which made the high-
est record for the month of September, 24
working days., were as follows:
95-ton Class-No. 207, 11,284 cubic yards
of earth, 16,927 cubic yards of rock; total,
28,211 cubic yards. No. 202, 13,485 cubic
yards of earth, 13,486 cubic yards of rock;
total, 26,971 cubic yards.
70-ton Class-No. 122, 2,912 cubic yards
of earth, 21,370 cubic yards of rock; total,
24,282 cubic yards. No. 110, no cubic
yards of earth, 17,497 cubic yards of rock;
total, 17,497 cubic yards.
These figures are below those of July,
with 26 working days, and of August with
27 working days, which were published in
THE CANAL RECORD of September 11.
To Increase Capacity of Rio Grande
In order to increase the storage capacity
of the Rio Grande reservoir, the Panama
railroad is proceeding to raise three feet
Bridge No. 56, at the spillway dam, which
will enable the dam and spillway to be
raised accordingly, and will increase the
storage capacity of the reservoir nearly
150,000,000 gallons, as compared with the
amount stored at the beginning of the last
dry season.
The Sea-Going Suction Dredge "Ancon."
The dredge Ancon is a sea-going suction
dredge, constructed by the Maryland Steel
Company of Sparrows Point, Md. Its
length is 288 feet, molded beam 47% feet,
molded depth 25 feet, and it is propelled by
twin screws. There are two 20-inch cen-
trifugal pumps which discharge the dredged
material into two bins ofa normiiilcapacity
of about 2,000 cubic yards. The dredge is
capable of digging to a depth of 4.0 feet,
and its cost, delivered at Sparrows Point,
Md., was $362.125 witi.out equipment.
She arrived at Cristobal ir. A.ueut, inakiini
the run from Sparrows Point, under her
own steam, in about nine days. She has
been working in the Canal entrance in
Limon bay ever since her arrival. She
operates in a stretch of the entrance chan-
nel about a mile and a quarter in length
and 500 feet in width. Starting at the
inner end and in..ving slowly seaward with
her pumps in olpcrati'lu and her two drags
sucking up mud from the bottom, by the
time she reaches deep water her bins have
received all the material which will readily
settle. The suction pipes are then raised
and *he steams out to sea off Toro Point,
afen the hjns are opened and the dredged

( CoIlti ae
material, dupn).'d She makes in ahmt
16 round trips in thie 21- h -irst :id ;t eieh
trip removes buit 750 ciic x yards of mul.
IEvery S:atturlray it is aces'. iF' tor coal the
vessel, and oil that day she average es only
from one to six round trips, the rest of the
lime being eols1ed in co. ling.
Another se-going driedge, the Cudlt' bra,
precisely similar to the. Ancon has just been
tested at SparCows Poit, .Md. and will sail
for Panam11a via Cap Hrn, under her own
steamn, early in October. If all goes well, it
is expCtedl that she will arrive at Panama
about January 1, 1908.

Satisfactory Work by the RebWilt Dredg .
The rehabilitated French dredge No. 11-.,
described in TmE C ASL RNicoau of Sep-
tember 25, wats put in operation in tIhe
new channel offiNaos island in the Pacifi
on October 2. Her performance is even
more satisfactory than was anticip ated
The engines and tran mission ilmach nery rn
smoothly, the control is simple and
and the consumption of con: cc om ial
for the power developed.
Owing to the lon hal, hthe cl pets, or
miud barges working with the i, i.' ar:
unable to dispose of all the mater al! tat
could he removed by this machine iand
therefore no figures can be given .as to m:ax-
imum output for twenty-four hours friom
actual test. Thirty-five minutes are con-
sumed in I '!I a single clapet whose h p-
per has a capacity of250 cu l yar ds. Ar-
rangements are being made to add newx
barges to the fleet. One Frenchl balre hias
been rebuilt and will be placed in comims-
sion in the near future, and th e work of
overhauling another has be1 n. \ When
this shall have been done the iou tput of the
11 '-d. will be consierably increase d.
Very little time is lost'. in placing or mov-
ing the dredge owing to an easily con-
trolled system of winches. The movement f
dredging equipment on the Pacific side is
quite a difficult problem, for, in addition
to allowing fir two 20-foot ti es e aci
day it is necessary to govern thle forward
and lateral progress within a very exw f et,
in order that the businesss end" of tie
bucket ladder may have proper contact
with the mud bank which is being cut
During September the old Scotch dred c
A-2, rebuilt by the Panama Railr ad Com-
pany five years ago, excavated in 2 2
working I I ., 122,580 cuic yards, ptice
measturement, iin the new channel offNaos
Gatuln Build igs.
The F.lit, Di.epnrtment reports the
completion of almost ail the i ii tt
have been authorized for (at ,. "
operations at that place eljcan the matter
part of August, 1906, and b tw en tht
(late and .June of thi.s ear 97 ', lve
been erected. A lodge hall and church
have yet to be completed bit wo rk on thlem
illnstbe iki,' .i .- m I ' to lov
the structures now on the site where they
are to be placed.
The building work lat cGatui ,s fro m the
first bee ronal t uer splC ial dif rie -
ties. Before any work couill lie d e it
was i t-- 11 v [I construct a 16-f ot I lank
road I.,"r ,.' I. i .r llmore frOl i the railroad

TH1E C.\~'.\I. RFCi"Prl

tracks to the i. 1 s :4
all the 1. I material I
construction a o many hI use over this.
road and up a s' I a' l to t e wo. 1
There have blener ed atGatin within a
year alto t ile ajile nuibver of' , ,++
s ... as lie ar at Cu l! r.

That the busin .s ftllhe (o veron'nt in
all its brn ehes has l;ept pace wih the pro-
:. ;>f the Canai is shorn by tie report
... Coi.ctin of 1.ave usjnst l:submitted
to the Iiad of 1)epa tm t f Civil Adiin-
itatio at ti cloe i I aess '
her 30.
A conM:arpson 1. f te irsi ; a rtvr f the
fisc l year of 1907-S il thl 1 ,I *
of tie fiscal year
Postal sales fonr tic tlne monthss ending
Juie 30, i c1 to 15,675.8, while

a mounted to ;16, '1!.7 .
hloney orders wiicr, iss lld drh lg the
t. 1 C 1ths Jm 830 to iieanxmut
of $ 57,532.!8, wxlile for the eorre ip1nd-
in peri of thiae ionthis edinj o .
ir 30O, tthy amounted ti .'. 79.
There xwere issu.ed dnuriaa the qi'nrter end-
ii) JIIIKn BO, 2-1.7 lind Ict.s, and 26C- for

quarter ... 30, equans $2,163.12,
39, $2,1i1.72,
I1o1nn all oiler .ouos t na i. the qar-
ter ,. Jwre tlecvrlx s collected

oteitn. 3D), t.733.29.
.. .... ....rrt r . ...

The tot aout f moys handled by
the I pu'miit of Revenues r thi e quar-
ter eniiletd Jua i x. was ".. wlil
fir the quarter eiied 1 ube.r 30, the
totl aoanmt x.was tl,0',>l 0 1 n in-

The i eber o1 vessel'Si enteric g the ports
of A.'>ii and Cristohal dui" g the quarter
endinIJine 30, wa 37 vessels with t t tal
tonna gef lo.,and for thle period
edii4 Seii member 30, 38 vessels vwith a
tot'u t :jla^: I. . -! toL s.

Addltltioal Family Quarteers.
Oin October 1, tI number of. ,i
fr , qularters in excess of present
accommodations, completed, under con-
struction or authorized, was -. as fol-
lows :

Scin i ospita .....l ................... .. 5
C r-o ....................................... 2
I'm ho IxI iwl. l .......... ................... 3n
IP i.o ... ..................... ........ 15
l' i ...... ................... .......... 1 3
T l: l . . .. . .. . .... . . . . . . . . . . . I i
1 .I h i ;'s...... ... ... ...... .. .... ..... 2

r I ............ ........... 'i9
All ith .. I. veen filed since
ithe e'iiitin : :', t eal xeart anli
til.e lsi' rtn l o of ihe ie ied t [i ters,
f itin e, ., w vtir, a d1 sewer
'syste m e-tiid us, tte wouli
eutc a l an . , of ,, .. , >
In view itional '-1' li; "
wlhkh are coiantly being :.. .1 ,t i

,' 1 ....., .I -, 1 k l. I, Ie I t ih : '.:
S ,,v.. ,.' 1 .,1,t -. rt !o'-,.: ill% tl!v ,Il
tilde of _'i.. ..., "; p" '; .' hl.- thi
I T I : .1 rt 'i. .:,, .. ,l I,.- .1
, ,* ,.| r .r*i,,1.,1 i. ];- Ll,]-,. . a p l I

h IS I. a,,I tII- 1, i I ..l h I .., i, i ,f the
I 11 i ". r l.t- .I ,C.. C i l i, ''i t'i .-l

the vis t I b 1. .l . l i, .'u 0 li r I t' he



C I i ,\ s t I '., I'.'07l
To the le:ds olfDeprst ra:: x:x ,.ino.'-..
In t ,1 w olk to 1'r,* ki pll.,.'., it .

ti ir t I len n r.t i la k ..- :| ,j.
w ith thi e ,t 1.., t1 ..f Ir i r.,ie at al
contract ,' .i ',.' I, .* I p el.,y d
I is appointment t ile h ii I .r.r i t-
ing and in i iIl.l" 1,, 1'' i 1t .b..
Co ine sione is practi e'!. I ,,,.l I -.:..e
xhim work in ac cordana t, i. J C
\\ hen n 2i "I'1 .'. I. i .I ,'1 i' i,: 1.
c m ,l s in conditions since r I'u-i'. ,i v..,<
received 1+y th e labor a.cnl. i,,,.'- th,',e i.
no work :or him in the trad.. ,r r'itm_: i
which Ie wNas i : the I,',m; p.,-
xed're will >e nece ssary:
1. W ork int ano' l ..r .. : .h
I u I. 1 i, ..:. I l. I

l)1 ixt ll. 'C ( I' c I t i I. t .r
1a.t c on' I.ei. p', ,.-
2. It s ul hbe clearly n I I .,l
that tie Co.l ssion cn ot .. )o t

bv the duties of his trade.
3. In case there is no wor7 f.i , i,,.. in
the trade in which he wia.. .. $. ,I i,
is either not fitted or not ". *l.n,, t., I'.rfl rm
any o t: +. f work, it will b i .. .
ar to ... hi for "2lakof 1.
It essential, therefore, to secure at all
i .,-reei en t letw een .1,i.. .' '. l ,. T i, i -.
sitions and reqaireinen4 !''.,I ..rI .,,
sl uld be revised each mon,,.h ..r ....i.r i!

G o. W. "*' h i, .
fC..ratotel and Chicf En'gieer.

New Ratea at Hotel I ,v .:.
Efeetive OctoLer 1, the ," i i,,: .t'
wi he in force at tle IHotel .', *,,'
Grade No. 1--!' .... one person in ,'". .,
$1.50; two persons in room, $2.25.
Grade No. 2-Room, one person i,, ,. 11.
; ,' ; tw o persons in roon. ' -,
Grade No. 3-- one *r., i.J i .
"' two persons in room, ",
Guests in e-rn'e No. 1, No. 2, .,,, I .. '*
,oom s have IL, se of pu',> I, l,,, ,.,..

Grade No, 3 B-Room ,' ,I. l.,ih ,,l "
person in room, $4.50; r." Ir"" i- ,,i

M eals: .' ..i 5f 7 '.,.,. h, ,i l.,l 7".
cents; dimmer. $1.

rate i:s foil.
'R oo t s ii: i 1 l i .. '11t 1
grades N o. ,,.! '. '. H. ,'', i',:r
7\ [ '.. ', , ,- '. .' '. :> lt ]t .!, 1, 1. ,

r. .... h otel ,',ip .,i I,. ,.,!..

r JI C 'I;. P. T'


.Iae III au I.. 1.1 1' 1ii 1i ZII i L,' ip ~,

11.W, .1..i. 1.,

ta z r mi El I 'h a ', It - I

iii ii, ilLr 11 V Ih

It. L- H .,i I. I ii-I
1io1i 10 th1ifecl i re

e' nit n Ctliii'to11 Of til el.ca

ii, 1 .,,1 1 x '. A i eo 1 Lb

U.,ttx I h

M i,.,, ii tile t1:1 lit (I I

I fo ""ai antx 'ctt

I'l ll,. '' I '.,, lei ..... and I -I,:cl(

1', 1i, L I L !I 1- 1 -,vee :xlid (i

C. I'.. I. i Ita
Ii' ..,.'., ion, I.,',,, -

10. ~I i ' lill 3 .1 hil
TI.." .cpp ~'I:., it iIl'i lte.r

There 'as aa increase of about 10 or 15 p er
cent iu the n1nuter of colored employes flroml
Ja.lliary 1 to Jnie 1. Very f:w c colored 1n0 '
arrived (and 1 tniumyber lft) inl O'tole anll No-
venber of 190 Thie h avy iniportation of
colored contract laborers began lilt I iatn uary
1-1 atl Ceased May 16, 1907. We do not Lfind,
then, any re Itilon to sea.oa or ti01 of yt :xr.
,2) Localt.y. ~1xhibi B.

ale:e of pleuon ial at dh!er nt !ocalities, hft
gi ives noiiCit as to til ixe Cas OCS.lh dit ,'erx'.it.s.

Tab till with 30 at Ci .obal a.nd 2 t at 1,a
Bet, where tle .rorinld x .s enialy low' and
appl o nl a ly thi e s' ame ecl hati condition s lre' -
vaili' 1. 1eep1 sueCh as miht be dx e to tx e pres-
ep.e of salt' airi itun b'il little higher thlin
Taxerniilt 21 0 eases pex tol C satd, ald isC
in tie snxi i. water district. The tor ma
ca pn..ent, an elevate place, gives a Iiji
p1er itag'I while Lat 1 as.adts, ao I'near the
saIm alti tud a I as 0' r s ie i a i t, lit e same
c liat e tc aii 'tio.s, gives te lo e i st o' i thi e list

f C i I 1 L 1 I '.
G atit, Plro Mipuel and Tabe taie during

til. ti ite were giv xig tie i largest pereitn agce of

ilal ria. teya' :0,. 0 and 1f0 per tho.:i and-
cgisen of pI.1lam nia: rev 1 ctiveiy. T1 1 ere seems

to be io relation then to alioCd e or prev al iee
lOf 2a5 h'-0,'es ilenli ie as Logenerali ti ii

Ithen ltat is spread bilty otst ilctiou. c t

It was attempted to iet Ldata on 1i. 1a ind-u

hin o f fe patiet had s ep in tIhe top lnk
or not. Thi. itq liry iva naot 1.ex''n at the be-
xinn aclI'd is, therefore, less extensive thatn I

ncerat e because, while very generally t1e pa-
tienIt 'did 'not know the nmbr of 'l house
xyet, he see.i ed al way 's to k0 xo i t o ther t e
xtsp' ,n thlie top 1nI. oir nt, an' th1is stents,
three fee'lt igh, jnivt under t he caves sad just

tu's havet (1 btlr enttlIation and (2) aretI ,
ii mrte expv'sd toL dafttc tspL )lihae o l.py t i' te

top tiii'. point of121c Itl less thal onle-third
oloreau tse ifo t 'e i larraecl i' not entirely full (whicil

we~v;r, is ot uailIty lhcd iase), the top b1) is
em~ty as it reqaires more c~l imng to :et to it

:titll tlhe oth ts. It', the, laci of t'ent ilatiit
de'id'edly lel thlan o l -tiird of''ie total 01m iler

OPf '111 as O >the 1n I1a ian t.e top bn t'k. ift hot-
ivt' t x it' Ille' 1l dI lit ha s been st ih a cause,

tlerx s1,ilt' 1 otiVer O 1 e-hird of the lp I nk
Ilj1 in the pneu, oIia list. Inx point of i'alt the

tle ratil of tle pit'ii oc tp, inI ihe top )nllk toi
shtowv tlaL deliciesc veatilatioa due ot sleeping

in the lower banks, or exposure to draft due to

the prevalence of pnue .ronyial,

Thenuabcr of m< new :I n" (nien not over th.'ee
months on the Ishuha:s) and "aold .Tims (enan
over three month oa the sth nns) aiam i the
colored employes; of the Comuai vion at the onl-
S.. .. 1 1 lnonth ; also the 1 1 I I Io

dnrin ea mh month with tihe ta le of the n nmber
of' *e n en n tb the number of "uld mIn" on the
**ncw"' to tlhe nuuiitinr of cases to tie n'old

1tiemiiomnnai he ratio of the ratis shoul be
be 1; if tihe "oil ni a" are moee liable to
ptetuonao tile ratio shold ble I s than 1; it on
thle other han l, tlie "n ,w onn" arc in. 'e liable,
the ratio sa ol: I be Kreater tlut 1.
An ex:niaatio of this exhibit shows hi~t m

edly so. .ae cotI.lio l o lie 11. t I0 the
.... three mont hs d :e give a decided protce-
,.. , against pnu mania. Tiim- is the only pos--

tive finding I, 1. 1i-:s investigation, i. e.,
examination *. i, ,. ,, 1 i records.
To sum up your Board can not find that the
prevalence of pneumonia is effected by;
(1) The time of year.
(2) The altitude. Tabernilla about 12 feet
above sea level and absolutely flat, and Gor-
gonsa Encampment, about 105 feet high and
well drained. gave the highest proportion ofcases,
while Crist bal, La Boca and Corozal, all conm-
parable with the first, and Las Cascadas, Pedro
M1igu-I and Paraiso, comparable with the
second gave low percentages.
(3) The prevalence of malaria.
(4) House inspection-by previouscase.
(5" Deficient ventilation and overcrowding,
as they exist in Commission quarters.
(i) Exposure to draft-as they exist in Com-
mission quarters.
That it is decidedly more prevalent in men
newly arrived-under three nmonths-than in
older residents.
That it is mainly due to the presence on the
Is thus of an infectious catarrh, which natur-
.ally is espcially prevalent among the new
arrivals, and which predisposes them to pneu-
That the process is generally the production
of an inflammlationofthe accessory sinuses-due
to the catarrh--the mucous membrane of which
i; thus fitted for the reception and growth of
the pneumococcus, and this serves as the atrium
of entrance for that organism.
Since we can do nothing to prevent the em-
ploye contractingthis catarrh we must do what
is possible to render its course, and hence its
Cfiects milder:
(1) That the role of the infectious catarrh
prevalent on the Isthmus in the cauzation of
pneumonia is clearly recognized, and that there-
fore it is treated by district physicians with that
knowledge before them and considered as a
graver disease than it has hitherto been.
(') That as far as possible the newly arrived
colored laborers be grouped at places where dry-
ing houses are located, so that clothes and bed-
ding may be rapidly dried.
Indeed the general introduction of drying
houses would, we believe, render the catarrhal
symptoms of this infection less severe, andthere-
fore less likely to lead to pneumonia.
(3) That blanket and a piece of matting or
canvas, or two blankets be issued to the col-
ored man on his arrival, unless le has sufficient
bed covering, and charged to his account.
Two coverings are advised because it is advis-
able to put some fabric between the cloth of the
bunk and the man. The piece of matting is bet-
ter (warmer) than thecanvas, and has been used
to cover canvas cots with great advantage by
thile Iospital Division. Naturally either is
cheaper, and less good, than a second blanket.
No loss will be caused to the laborer by mak-
ing him take a blanket. In general he buys one
about the third or fourth month, paying more
for it than he would for one from the Commis-
sary, and which lie would have at the most
critical time, for him, on the Isthmus.
A fK w bunks have bottoms of iletal strips, and
no cloth. These especially ought to be covern-d
by some non-conducting fabric,
[Sgd] H. R. CARTER,
Chairman of Board.

Isthmus Pay Roll for August.
lngincering and Construction.....$1,1 93,609.14
Sanitation.......... 113,314.07
Labor, Quarters and Subsistence 62,(36.84
Law and Government................ 38,850.61
Administration ............................ 26,035.62

Total................... .............. $1,434,44,6.28

During the fiscal year ending June 30,
1907, the Panama Railroad Steamship
Line carried from Colon to New York freight
..- ..,.. to 12,568 tons. Thi- t ,.ii.i.c
i.i .II .1 1 1'. tons of bananas, !i I;'., i,,i,.
of scrap iron, and 2'.11*-i tons I.1 r, I',l

The set of rules recently issued for the
..,.1 .... 1.eomotive ...,;,m, i- contains
th i .,h l. ..,. lt .', .... , ll I e held res-
ii., ,, r i, clays caused Iy failure to per-
I ,i i, *. 1..i their fireman's work, or fail-
ure to report intelligently work to be done
at the shop."



Much Labor Saved by It in the Culebra
On the basis of the work acconiplishicd
Slu ii ;.' thi final month of the last dry season,
the I. .. IIIL' notes show the number of
men that would be required to do the con-
struction work in the Culebra Division
without the use of machines.
Steam Shovels-Sixty are of the 70-ton
and 95-ton type, the 70-ton having 21/
and 3-cubic yard buckets and the 95-ton
5 cubic yards. We have had shovels that
loaded as much as 2.173 cubic yards of
mixed rock and dirt (about half and half)
in one day of eight hours. Of the 44
shovels we averaged daily at work during
the month of Mari4i. each averaged 18,600
cubic yards forthe innio h, this representing
for a day for each shovel 744 cubic yards.
Say a good man would load 6 cubic yards
in eight hours, this would equal the work
done by 124 men and the work done by 441
shovels, in loading only, would represent
the work of 5,456 laborers, as against 298
laborers used as pit men in moving up the
shovel and clearing track and firemen, the
two white men on each shovel (engineer and
cranemen) about equaling the number of
white foremen necessary to handle 5,457
Bl. tiig- \nt..thlr point that should be
remembered in using the steam shovel as
a means of excavating the Cut, is the ques-
tion of drilling and blasting the ground into
such sizes or weight, as that men could load
same on cars. A man will generally handle
a rock weighing 150 to 200 pounds, or 11/2
to 2 cubic feet; a steam shovel will handle
rock weighing 21,000 pounds, or 189 cubic
feet (taking weight of rock at only 3,000
pounds to the cubic yard, which is very
Comparing with men loading, the fact
that we would have to do fully twice, if
not three times as much drilling as for
shovels must be considered, and also that
while we can, for a steam shovel, blast a
cubic nar.d of material with one-third
pounds of explosives, for men, we would
use a pound of explosives for a cubic
yard of material loaded. Therefore, on our
drilling and blasting, instead of 700 to 800
men, it would take 2,100 to 2,400 men,
and instead of using, as in the month of
March, 260,000 pounds of explosives for an
output of 815,270 cubic.yards, it would
have been necessary to use 780,000 pounds,
or more, of explosives to do this part of
the excavating by hand.
Spreaders and Trackthrowers-0On the
dump ground as to tracks: These are laid
by hand and do not involve the question of
machinery. After the track is once laid,
it becomes necessary to keep throwing it
out to the edge of the dump in order to
waste more material. In throwing this
track, we use a track throwing machine.
This machine will throw 5,400 lineal feet
(or 120 feet over a mile) of track, 9 feet in
eight hours, and represents the work of 500
to 600 men in same Ikn thi of time. This
machine is handled by three white men and
six laborers, and as 5,400 feet of track

throwneach day 9 f.ct on an 18-foot height
of dunip w midl take care of the daily out-
put at this time, this inaciine would shov.',
therctf,rc, asavingin the number Of laborers
of from 500 to 600 men throwing by hand.
The nine men op ritin-i this machine are
about equal in number to the firemen that-
would be required to direct aga.n if 1500
to 600 men.
In uilodiid;ii material from cars with
plows and unl.aders, i material gain is
made in less number of laborers needed to
take care of the output. The best record
that has been made here by a single
unloader has been 16 trains in eight
hours, or .3,0.)o cubic yards. This shows
that 7 unloaders and plows would take
care of our daily output as to month of
March, and would mean that 28 white
men and 12 laborers and firemen, with the
machines, could unload 32,000 cubic yards
a day. Estimating that a man would un-
load 12 cubic yards a day of eight hours
by hand (as against 6 cubic yards loading i
it would mean that by old me tiids, nr
unloading by hand, it would take 2,660
laborers with necessary white foremen,
(say 10ii as against machines with 28
white men and 43 laborers and firemen,
This has actually been accomplished by one
machine. But even assuming that 20 ma-
chines were used the comparison would
show that the machines with 120 laborers
would accomplish as much in unlinding as
2,660 laborers by hand, the white men on
machine being about equal in number to
the white foremen handling the laborers.
After material has been plowed off cars, it
is then pushed away from the track by
spreaders, which throws the material out
from the track on which cars have been
pl.)owed. from 9 to 12 feet, and cuts down
the new material to the bottom of the ties
of the track on which the spreader is work-
This machine, in a way, does not save
handling all the material by hand as, nat-
urally, with track thrown out to edge of
dumps most of the material runs down side
or slope of dump, but it does save in
the cost by not making it necessary to
throw the track to the edge of the dump
every cubic yard per foot of the length of
the dump and thereby stopping the use
of the dump every hour or so; else the mate-
rial plowed off cars would have to be
handled by hand.
This machine really expedites the pro-
gress of the work, but to accomplish this
by hand would involve, without doubt,
the use of 3,000 laborers as against eight
machines, 16 white men and 24h laborers
and firemen.
Hauling the material from the h;,. l'.l. or
the startni ag point of the output, to the dis-
posal, or the dumping of same, Ijriniig i the
transportation or train service, and the
modern engine and car as compared with
the engine and car of 25 years ago.
The engines as used by the French c.nnpa-
nies, and which have been rebuilt by us (i. e.
the standard type used by them), will haul
10 or 12 of the old French dump cars, which
hold (as we estimate in our reports) 4 cubic
y.-I Id, or would represent a train carrying
4,8 cubic yards .jf initerinl
Our engines lhaiul 20 \\%estrin duuipcars of
12 cubic yards each or 240 cubic yards of

material per train, or 17 flat cars of 18
cubic yards each, or 306 cubic yards mate-
iial; or to haul rur present output of 32,000
cubic yards daily, it would take 1i66 French
trains, as against 133 trains of Western
dumps, or 104. trains of flat cars of our
American equipment.
As a comparison of methods used by the
French (which of course, were the methods
in vogue twenty.five years ago, on con-
structiun work, even in the United States,
or .)in could -say hand work only), with
the modern machinery and 7,000 men,
superintendents. foremnen, timekeepers, la-
biorers, etc., all tuld. on the Culebra Cut,
we are getting out and disposing of, as to
rn.iinth ol March, S15,270 cubic yards as
against 2x2.52, cubic yards by the French
at the height of their operation when they
took that amount out of Cul-braCut none
i.nnth with 16,000 to 1,.000 irccord not
quite clear laborers alone, not incl'dimg
their superintendents, foremnen, etc al-
though probably of this number ,i laborers
50 per cent was the efficient working force,
jor 9.000 laborers. The results per month
v.-,uld be per laborer 32 cubic yards each,
under the French as the output of every
man conrnecttd with the Culebra Cut of
116 cubic yards each per irn.,ntli under the
A imericanis
It lhioud be considered herc that our
figures are from actual results and not from
v.hat the wrlking plant sh.iul.ld o. It is
in.,t considered at this time that the steam
shovrels arc \oirl:in.: m,.re than 60 per cent
of the time they should. on account of all
the ronjlli stick n::.;a,-ry to ke.p the
hIn ,vcls going t,-, their full capacity not
la.'ing been received, though ordered.
Toget the Ifull outpur, would not involve
;]iv material increase in the nurnhber of
lab.-irers n. v w ,rking, as it is cmlii 'eredi
thie maxMrinii number of labor.:r ri,'l.-ici
tu get thie d.-aly .,utput to thie -11 lint nee-
esS'iry to complete the Ciil-brlr.- LC t in five
years, has very nearly ben ibtainel

DIsiner to Cul nel Gorgas.
Thle C in.il Zjin.: .rledical Ass icitiun gave
a liiiinr iu. CI \V C. lnr.is, Chief Sani-
trar (ilTicti niid imhinl.cr .f the Isthmniian
Canal Ciiiniilissi'i, at Hotel Tivui. in
TIur-,liv evening. October 2, in li-iir of
hi fi t pth.i; r Iirtlhi;, Ton. sts w cio ie-
i"' ,ilI to aS flulloIv,,, :
.. I 1. ll.. lt..' ." lion J. C S Blickhiurn.
lii. S.i,. .. iL n." Lr 11 R. COarter.
ti I; ,t '. -iL ices :, i the Canal Zlo e,"
1..| L. Phlidhpl .
1 h ai; la ies, Dr. J F I-l ,s.
lniii tatirin in E.rlher Days," Dr. P.
iJ.b;.i rit.
Lights anl Shaduows of Istlihnian Life,"
Or. H E Canfield.
I'hI, pre-sent ,Aore: Col. W C. Gorgas,
Hi. j C. S Bl'iclhurn, Mni. J. L. Phillips,
Dris. Grurer, Mayncr, Noble, Olarrio, An.
dreT%-r, Lstcmr, Tuinmalli, Purnell, Burr,
\Valsh, NMuna'., Decks, Melton, Caldwell,
Crabtre. \\'hit:dler, Connur, Smithli, Ear-
hai t. Hearne, Vauglm. Scannel, Pierce, Ross,
MNacY, Ztiler, Brar ton, Carter, Reeder. Me-
Cullocli, jr., Curan, Darby, Hale, Lynn, Leys,
Noland, Bc-verly, Williamson, Shoor, Lane,
Taylor, Jamnes, Hally, Gibson, Nelson, Oren-
stein, VWillians. Shifl'ert, Scales, and C. E.






C iL Fl. I L -. it. M J i l i .1.\I L T

MnnIll h S

JRnuary .
M rell
O totuber
Not ermber
I 'Cenlalltr.

3:2 I-1

3 0".

3 ", 0 ",

T,,inl. -'4 4--72

Tot.l. 1904....
'I total, 1905. . . ..
r.,tl lI, 1916 . ... .

1 "6 7 t'
7.7 9 "
76. ., -
49 *1
4 7 0.

'".. .4.
4t s14s1
t,.l 4.')

1-0 *;' i
1^- 41 I
2'., 17
II. 4 1 '
1 7

1 7
212 ,;2'

A14 _..*
-'+,4 *'
-""l 4-.2
I , ,

, 2, ., 11,i,

. 112
1 7.' 1
71- 7-,1

7 .

',1 I 2-.4 2.-7, :."2 '- 1 2, .l t

jl 4 -. cul.: 1. r.l- I .-.,I .

Total. 1907 ininc m .nthtli .* Il i ',. ". I .'' .1.1. .,J.-
(rrnnd totnl to Oct 1. 1907 10..:'. 1 Iu.,.: .V '.
CThrre r were also reiaIo',ed fr-'..iL the Ch irr- 1 .,.- s, I I
teinber 2 .?,746 cuhic t.rrd,. '.I hl li .1," a.' ,., I_.: ,. 1 .J .L r
fr.-in the Canl pri.m


i .,
I, **1 r,, ,'
I I '*l* '

i i:1 1 i
ar ed. s r ~ r i
I, ["
i',, ?,l,.

I .'..Jd 1:




] 1." '

In ,,, .1 Outside of In Canll I Outside of
Canal Canal
S Prism Prs Prism


"i 'no0

11 1,.i i


* .. .i* .5
- ~ 7'


",i .I 7

1,027,645 729,591


1] -4


in Ir, rll.. -i in \. ..i,. ] I.t her there was also removed from the
;, .'i .'% .r.-I i it. l..i. 1 1 -tit iI slhovels.



Locks. Dams and Spillwvays.

L it I Cl '. ,ftL. FL i I" L '. l II L% '.I


,i I

Frn. in C an.Il Lrt--niC Fr.. o C .1
I PrI ,,,P, FP .i

4 7, I
1 1 77 1

1 ) 4 .

71 I .1

'.* 7 .
71_ "7'T

3.n:, 05
11.517 I
12.,)06 I

I.t'l ,l
I l n

'. T l
Sul r

142 % ,, l.

1I ..,I

r. ," ,'

111 .'5
-1 1': .
7! ,1'


I,. ....l | Outside of
| ", Prism




In Canal Outside of
I. Canal

S1.71 A

I I -._

64-,352 67,228
144,625 9,350

1,191,233 485,599 584,099

Tot.h alt , i q .

Total to OrI. 1, 190 .:'.G G'" .,..,l.Ke

S I 1.T '* .' 1 i ---? .:',,_1. .. ,. 1 . irds.
7" 4.C' : 4 .... :, ,. t,.t' .l i .Ir...! -, . .1 I ,,i -.46,968 cubic yards.
__ c.- I ', ,I I .e i., ', .. ..I Ir.-,_ ., t ) Oct, 1, 1907-16,806,605 cubic yards.

, r,.It


Locks. Dams nid SpiIIlvaiys.

CL DIiC N1' 1l1 Pl. 1 I 1C 1 I t'J ::. N

19 :'6 1907
Months .._____ __ ___ .__
From Caniil Out-.idC of -n.ii. C s.n .F1 '-JtsJ .
I. irn t L .in..
Prirmn rn. P, r.i 1, .


. 1s 7. -
1: 7
741 ,
.4, 1 ~ 55

Totals. 1 7.5.: I "t L iu

Total to Oct. 1, 1007-46 s.1 s cui,lc '. r l,
Grand total by .% teT]i -hlio t, Oit 1 1".,u -71 .:..,;k;,s 7
cubic yards


il -i i .1.- 1 1 .. u,., s ri,, t ...[ C i d before excavation began

i .\ L' I.. I.II ,
1' I' *1 i' r ',1; .. .. ._. .. .

i. H. I.- i >.iit, ii'.* .[ ri rr.'i .ii,,i,, t.. I., ,cavated w hen Am ericans
,,I. ,* ,, i,,I l ..,,'l, r .. I|, h T, I, ,,, r an 85-feet level Canal:

'1. I r ',, ,-,.i .r r .. [ II1. ...i. ..... ................... ..about
t L' i * * ... ...... ..... ............ .........




l\iI.. inr .. t .: J % Il.k l ,11 .. r .1 CITRIC YARDS
I 0 . i .i .. . r, ... ,1 1. 1 . 1 1.*.: .i.er 1 1 9 0 7 ...... ...... ......... *- .1
'T .r..I ..., ,.; ,,, lI i .,,,.,. hjC \,., .. ,.controltoOctoberl, 1907 1.' *'. . '.
TO.T I ... .. 1i. I i. i , .11 'ic, and including diversion
S............................. about 70,600,006
T.ti .1 .. ,,,.. ,. ,. ,. ,, .1 \[.,l 1 1907 for an 85-feet level

I,, C -.I ,I I, I.. In, .. 1 01 1 tO 0
S. i r ,,,. .I I.. ............. ...... ........... ...... .

i. i ihn 1i.11- 1 tili l,-'i, Ii 1 t 'I nllS, to open construction
h ,. l *.i n, ,t [1 1i j., l ,..hi ,,I..I open toLa Boca...... ..... 3,350,000

..................................... 114,515,000


a n u ry.
Malch ....
M ay, ....

June .
ljul.v ....
A ugi kt
Lcemein ber

April .. .
M ay........ ..
June ... ...
July.... ....
Decentber. I

__ ~

mo01` 1 .,'

:i'l I.- '. .i r i IAC MEAASUREMENT.



"I ,:,.t .

Fui1t5 I'.'.i..,m:i tn and Organization of.
',' no I, .- I liil.- ci the Cainil Zone.
Byr Xiis J. I XACKLI T I :,T-.
The work of organization of women's
clubs in the Canal Zone under thlie direction
of Miss IHelen Varickl Boswell has gone fir-
ward w'ithi gratifying activity and enthu-
siasm during the past week.
On Wednesday, October 2, a meeting was
helid in the club room of the Commission
liotel at Pedro 't .... x when thie resident
women turned out in force. Miss BoswellI
briefly stated the oiijet of her visit to the
Isthmus with reference to the benefits that
would be derived frotm organized clubs in
the Zone. The meeting was not large and
Miss Boswell was able to obtain the indi-
vidual expression of each lady present. It
was the unanimous opinion that such
.. .. .1 ,i ..... v.. i... a crying need among the
women here and much gratification was
expressed that some one had come to
take the initiative steps, which none of tlhe
resident women felt able t o do .i l.... ,
each stated that she was willing to nndler-
take her portion of work in the organiza-
1'.11 ,. this preliminary, the organiza-
tion was formed,the i..',.' ',- officers heiing
voted in: Mrs. I'...I .t-, president, Mrs.
Schick, general secretary, and Mrs. W [i ,
It was arranged to hold a social meeting
on October 9, when a musical programme
will be given, and Miss Boswell will give a
short address, in which she will enlarge
upon the scope of the Pedro '!,. .' Wo-
man's Club. Additional officers will be
elected, dues decided upon, and other busi-
ness transacted at this meeting.
Paraisi was the next place visited and
the ladies were assembled in the club
room upon Miss Boswell's arrival. The
same eagerness to become an organization
which had been shown earlier in thle after-
noon manifested itself here. Several sug-
.-; i.. were made by the ladies to Miss
Boswell upon matters which they felt would
need conime within the scope or organization
work, to the benefit of their coiun in ity
and become a part of club effort. When
the point of. -*: ,,i. ,-. was reached, Mrs.
J. C. Barnett, one of the first women to
make her home in the Zmone, was tunani-
mously elected president, Mrs. F. R. Cozier,
secretary, and Mrs. J. R. Barnes, treasurer.
On Thursday, October 3, thesecond meet-
ing at Empire was held, when the organiza-
tion was ".' f''. 1..I as in the other instances.
The following ladies were elected as office rs:
Mrs. F. M. l. I... '.. president; M1rs. E. P.
i ._., vice president; Mrs. J. F. MeTyier,
secretary, and Mrs. R. Rainwater, treasurer.
The meeting was protracted, many points
being taken up for discussion. Im. .... her
informal talk, Miss Boswell outlined in a
measure the work of the club within the
scope of its four departments as above.
Following the discussion, Miss ,oswell,
who had acted as chairmanli, turned the
office over to Mrs.. I...,. I as p1)residlent of
the newly formed I .,' ., "., and a busi-
ness ii"...'. ii ;Ti i,. i ,i i1 order xwass
held, ith.. ..i .*. ii of the constitution was
considered seriatim, each clause being voted
rill la
1 .. EBnpire W'oman's Club will hlil its
meeting on the first and third ,li,,- I ,


of each month. A committ..... f d.1 ...t,
was appointed to meet at a -.. .> L .1 .,r.
euce to be held at the Hotel If.. i .... *n i .
her 12, when the question of affiliation of
the Canal Zone Woman's Club with the
General Federation of Women's Clubs in
the United States will be decided. Each of
the new clubs organized is enthusiastic on
this point and all are willing and eager
for its accomplishment.
The women seem to enjoy and derive
much inspiration from Miss Boswell's very
inf rmal talks, and are entirely in sympathy
with the idea no clib comradeship which she
adv ocates, and the emphasis ofsocial spirit
as the fundamtentalni principle of club life.
11e ladies of Gatun met in the Connmmis-
sio n Hotel on i',,1, October 4, at 2.30
o'clock, and after hearing fronom Miss Bos-'
well of the purposes for which the clubs at
other points were organized, twenty ladies
expressed their desire that Gatun should
have a woman's club for social and educa-
tional work. M1s. Chester Harding was
una nimniously chosen as president of the
Gatun Woman's Club, and other officers
elected were: Mrs. I. L. Elliott, vice presi-
dent; Mrs. A. B. Shippy, secretary, and
Mrs. O. L Brownell, Ireasurer. The presi-
ilenit appointed Mrs. R. C. Nownes, as press
Several lines were discussed and the ladies
were enthusiastic in the belief that the club
would prove both useful to the community
and interesting and instructive to the nimem-
Mrs. il nI asked Miss Boswell to give
a further talk on such club efforts as it
would be suitable to make in a small c om-
munity and the ladies were k en in asking
questions and giving opinions as to howe
the elhnb should be conducted. Mrs. Harding
called the first business meeting of the club
for Tuoesday, the 8th instant. All the ladies
present wereanxious t' i
a Commission club house operated by tlte
Y. M. C. A. similar to those located at
other centres may be erected, feeling that
there is great need for such a s ocial centre
for both the men and women of atun.
Althoua h organized only on ., .i, Sep-
tember 2 7, the Cristoba Womant's Club
.hIeld a leetng on Monday, September 30,
for committee organization in order to en-
able each member to understand inore
thoroughIy the departmental work of the
T1heCulebr a Womi an's Club has .. .1
a social meeting for i !, ......,
October 10, when a :musical programme
will be given.
The' . '....' Woman's Clu.b lheld at meet-
ing on i ',,,-, September 26, the secre-
tary being absent, all other oilicrs p resent.
The president, Mrs. Morrison, occupied
the chair. A vote was taken, subject to rat-
ification at the general meeting, that an
entertainment be held on Iliollowe'en night,
and the I,.ll..'. ladies were elected to
form a, I -' ", committee: Mrs. Wolfe,
Mrs..' I,' ,!. I Van Detr Meuch, and
Miss Faxoi. Those who are to meet at tlhe
S e .. irence at the Tivoli were elected,
,i 1, busine- i '.: .1
A convention of a ... ,.. ci,.il in
this article will be .i i I i l. I ii' oi,
.Ancon, on Saturday, October 12, at 2
p. m. This will blie an open ,, _. ,.vhiehl
all w omen will be welemin 1.I.. ,. h only
delegates will have the right to vote oni
questions under discussion.


..! .1j-. l,' . M Sth i t .-l l:d l.r lthe
States on the Panama on Oetob.r 1 lie
will return on the Colon which till <-us,
from New York on October 31.
Edvward J. '.\\ : i- Li *.lur-n. I inlier,
has gone to the States on a three n.,.,iidt-h'
leave of absence, the first he ha, t.d I.n
,'ii,.i.- his twenty-two months ol ,rx i..
on the Isthmus. During his absh..:e Mi.
M. C. Gay will be acting lI,-Iu-li.l; ii.m. .
Lieut.-CoI. H. F. I! .1 .-. Gel) r.ul Pur-
chasing Officer of the Isthniaui Ca,,., I ,l.
mission, after a visit of twelve ,. r i. the
Isthmtus, returned to the States ol tilc lia-
nottar Castle on October 6.
The Dhnoottar t:.. tic which aritIil .ht
Cristobal on I. i, I..r 30, bro'.i.t "-,ii
1.. I... i,..' .'i,, M rs. F M uti Linr.i ,
. .. i i'. L iii.i J istice of the ip,,ll .i.
Court of the Canal Zone, and the l.. i: .[
Cooper, who has come to Colon t,, t.'.c
the place of Archdeacon Hendricks :,- I.. tI,
of Christ Church. )During the voyi-cii l tl,
Dtnottar Castle, on Sunday, Septcnilr ..ti,
a service was held on board, conduiice. by
the Rev. Mr. Cooper, at which a chll1 I1
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Keeleu .I f' is
S,,i,,l..,. was christened Edward I'rmil.lhJi
W. I. Baucus, acting resident ...,.i'i.
Division of Municipal L-.-a :l.ci., .-. i',
has been with the Commission si. iuly
i 1904-, has, at the request of ..'...r.i',r
Magoon, been transferred, tempo; ';, I r
duty in Cuba, in charge of constrl.,. [n 1.t
sewerage system in several locali"i ,.h r'
Mr. C. H. Guckel, in charge of ti.e ..!h.L .-
cal work for the Panama Railro .l '.;-i.
pany, sailed bfor New York by ti,, S. -.
Panama on October 1,for a six weeks'vaca-
tion. Mr Gu:' .I- fiiiiil'- ;i. .ip'ii..l him.

By the I. C. C. ian at Ancon Iospital, C.Z.,
Sunday, October 13, at 3.30 p. in.:
1 Marchi...............e. e rt of Pr ..i' .. ti ui1,
2 W a it.................Don't Be t r,_,.- nllie
3 *.1 i n ..1 il
ntes of Para-
"c King
D. FK. .I *! .,,-*
5 I .. i ,,, ,j T. . i
6 ] I 'l / i Jj L I li l e i ;i l.',nI > 1
7 Soing or e.rnet .. onmewher .. l r.
8 Air et varies ........ Austrian Hyrmn... ..
9 Overture ............ PF st.................... I.. '.,. a
o10 archi............... Chateau Gontier .. Fiseltlin
clAS. r ,j ,'_-,"

The next concert will be given at Cristobal,
C. Z', October 20.

Sailing Notes.
The S. S. Manette arrived at Colon,Octo-
ber l, from New York and IFre 1,. in .
with five Mann Dirt Spreaders and a careo
of lumber. This lumber is to replace tli.
cargo lost by the Navanna which x.-i'
wrecked last .T ,.
The S. S. Sohmtra will leave '.e '.. ..I..
October 8, with 20,000 barrels f.:..m.. i.
for use on the Isthmus.

OUne ofthe '' ... .. ,i ... ~i ,,f l ,,., ,, ,.!:h
W est Indian il.' 1, n. ,c r .,. ......-I- i]-.
tion of thIs ,llll. r ,hl. l.... u ]1 ,l l ,ll .l
.per month.



Acti' niL' or 1. -- V'O*II.g [l'?n": Ch it.tl:,in
A .oc.':; .' .1.

T ilrtc ii, :r ', i1 ', r C l. ,, . ..
tle ,'.tlh,,i l 1 Cit *r I.. I. '-r, '. *-i,

'T, r e l II. t . I I
i.. .J r' l i. , I ,, r., I ,

Il -. t I. l II.i, i

I 'lk7

lut- ',r 1

Il Itltli
SI ]i ,. n

M 1
i I I .
I I .' r. ,"r
S t"' Lil,hh

I. -I' I r .i r
G I .' I I I I Il.: T ,T I 1

- II

1 7

'a -.' .

I n I", I I.. r .
L1- 1 l

n r-i i l I .. h ." . o. ,

,, 11 l
r I "
r i ,

N i r .rr l ,u -1 . . .
iH li 1=.- [ it l .. .

Cl .... .r ,, I : I I n .

h t .'ri rIL r II,. . 1 i Ir: i I.
t i, I I t
,l L ar .l ,,-n n t -l ,I -r I I ,-' -. h |.
\I C i *r1. ". r F t........ l
chi t i. r I .I i, '. 4

] 1 11 Ic. L I I I I h .i 1 I i

!r 1. 11, T ,,, . .
< I.111er i 1 ii ri/r I'i,,41 i I .. I 1 1 Ii

r ill 1 j'.. r . I

I i.t . r, ', i J r i . . . I i 1 .

S 1 it I -. l l r i 7 2 1
I -. I.
't ,'r 1 I r -- IJ l .' I -n 1
I IIl 'll ', I h .

C I I h. i. I.- ....

r Ih Ii I'.- ,iu 1 .

r LI i L d- c 2, I -.r I' IIL

F ru- stral I, -,i :.r,,t, nnl n... r I r,',ll.1.1 Iinl"

' I .1 'i, .I 'I ,'.11 i, ,1. I

Le t,. I
I I h ,' ,I I ,r I i I I ,f

it ;.. I .
I. *, . I, rl I
I I I I I '

7 !,, P THE~h UNTEr, ",nJ, .l
,... ,I 7 I It II, ., .

I' ". ~ ll I' Ii I .I, ,II "1 1. ll
..I ,% Iii I .[1.,, h I i' ...i J I' IIII

I *. .,r, .
I I .. I I , ,
,,,-. I ,I I . ii t ,."
, , i I, tiil I ,


II . i . .
iI I ., o ,,I ", I ' I

'' '''Ill

.- .

S ,, , ,, .

It. it

1 E111 ROM THEi LINE'.
1 ,, I h ,- 1 I .. ,' . t
I I .1 .. t r h .1. H h.I h ,
-. ,- [ I I , I , .t J, , I

', r I i 'l i .... 1 L ", 1 ,. I-
li1. i n i i. i. l i L [ [.. .. T I i,

I'. [ I '. I I' h I I | ,, ... s. . I
i 1 I r, ,. i I ,L

[ i I I i ,i [ ,.1 il I ? i i, i iF

[ !i I i i i ' .' l i' r l I h I

ii, ,

T, J.. 1 1 11, .* ,

%4I1I, rL,? '.'n 1 . i I I II t I

I". i ., .
i i, n, I ,, ,: ; ,. i . i. I J ,

1. .

C LI1ti Wr. I -

! I. VI, I .I 1

M i 0 fi.. ntud Letters.
S'' .11 iently addressed letters
S,- ', 1 ,,el States and its pos-
S,, i., ',r,'.. ,ved in thie oflt e of the
i. .. -n,.on, C. Z., and tmay be
i "n .Idressee:
' '" Archer, Eugene
i t I rr.J... I T i .
S in ,-_ ir .I .,.,r 't bur T .

I Ii

Dunning, Wim. E.
Pinch, Donald
Georgia, George

S. i peterr
il'T.i'.ii llPecr

I ' ,. Long, Geo, H.
I I LI I. I. [ L caq, C. K.
I , 1h, , i 1M Lion, Etell
I .1i .. Meyers, Tlhos
s i r .. j r, i"
i Pruyne, A. L.

,,* Robicheaux, I
i .... [,1 ; i; i, r ,,. .. ;..

- ' i f i, .pier, A. G.
.,' istacy, Harry

', li i i ',Wright, Jno,

. J.

irs. L. 'P.
i'. C., c/o


C-. n.u:s.nnry Prices.
S ii i I' Lhed last week remains
1 ir lowing exceptions and


Old Price. New Price.
S -r. c a.

i -, [* ., .*

S. e 8
S .- , ,',' h 10
12 10

I. I'll. 10


S 0

.-' l *$ -
I , ,,' . 1 .. .

1 . '

,J. ,. . ,,
.. L ,,

.;. ..





$1 .50


1 "2




do ilS

do 12

o 12

'1 .,, ,, :'" ," ' O /i
S..... per pas ..

S' r "

S do
r ''.** .... rdo



$3 0


:.i i i. t if i .. 1-... ii. :- \ Li I i
Iii i'i .i f . i,_ I I i -. ih..- I L lsI r.
,['. f I ]i n i l ,i.I I .A L ii lir,i
'. ,l~ '. iI I -..I,,l I \ C. li l .,
'if I I I I f .,--- -, I 7 . 1 1 l 1 r
A lt L 1.1. I I t. \ .. .. i
1 .', L I' L I "- -I- I-- I ,'
'ftr I., i ,, .i h. D IlikL 1
I i -i I. I l 'I 1 1 A , 1-
I i l;i1 \ 1'1 i n


C.t'.tI ituciLl-'i ntil 'tJl i1 1,'i itr.:.
i i, .I I .,, \\ -. i -, I. I .I
4 1 1 ii ft It Lt't l f iti I 1' I L -i i r e

C, I i i ', : ,l t. ". ,l ,' .r ',

M'l .. i ,. I tl ,'. i t I t r. ,1

I'. l !i M 1 l il 11. .
\\] i ] I i .: I" iif it r .I l n ,-
1 I i'. I-t 1. I. ..Ill. i \ I l .. l

| i r ( 1 1 1 1 1 1 I

: l I.'.. \ilI 'l I II ,ll. I I

l I'. C I [.ill .
I 1 r I| . |I .:lIL I .

.i t .. i I. -i .i l .i l
\\ i i '. r f I f 1 I r.l .... l r .. i' i, li

l. I t i i t [.. I.. l l- l II . ii I ,.

i i -. ] i .u i I' i i, .r.
I l t T I ... fl. ,: ill .

l i l I I r f 1 itM .ftlf n ,i, t I

1 i i t i ,. i- l. ..ii ' i ii;]-..' s .i M Li -,
i i i M .\ [. 1. 1 r i I ,l I l chi l.
1 1. ., ; \V ilh '.. ,11-,1 i -,1 i,.-l l., .,

i I .I I I ." t l rl
\\ l, .l .. [ i.[ i [ i:.1 ,. r ].'i ,
1 '. !, V trui t ..it,.h I, ,l l .

I- rt i] ] ,] h ' i i , i. ., i -. 'i l ..t .i ,
t hi i < 1_' i] I 'IlI- i r. l i ,.I .r .

11 t., i11 .I i n rl I I ' I 'i. I. .fti ,t i
r l t,...nl [I-- -

] i.._ I "l h_ ,i i .t

\\ alc o .1 to t.v n ll5 1t. ,


hi .. 4iL ,1 IM: l M iil .- a i l.i a,,.];pln :
t_' lIru l I I', 1., t.,I,;. ['h'I f1 A.\ i0 ,1
Cts il Adln in isirntio .
Ill. .C N 1 Ij. ktIkburn, I, 'I ,, LthL 1 p, art.
lint- .\.?i i S '.iklii ii

I I i ,t.,, 1 LLt.1, ,'c. tt tlairt, Ancon.
[ I t ] I'i.t t i. cl. I. i-lir, C\ i I

\iic Li li l

C .nit Zone- Iidie r. r.
II 1 1 11 / .tif i -'l' it ir l t i i.ni .t t IU t, ii
-1 [ It I I i i1 I f ll

I fi 1tz o. i ti : I C 4
AI .I \ I l '.i 'iir, 1 i tl Clc.ii rI C i A
L .Fiiirc .C intl* I". 1 l 1l.t 1 lLt' ,

t i. r CiI II.
1i'. I I l i. i, I 'lt i t l.

\ l l l i ill
I, L i I ,IiIIg'l . i11[) r i ti. il 1n1t 1,"
"',. ]l, ,, ,I .\ J ii i. I
Cnannl Zone Itnd -i ry.
. 'i t l j. II.i ldi I'in Si |)rr.,if e I .urt, L'r

t_',. ii.t L ',, nri.. Fir- ca ic ii l'tit- It M L,.
M .l I I, C l l ,\ ,c
I l. itr i' r .- L I' .l l I l i lerl:. ,\i )1
] nr, h .,l rt, c i,.u,,l cu ric e] t: 1][ \

L .. [i r, i'i,. Ltt c' LI .. L -ni i t
r. t .pi .,I

ChI t ',', t. TC ci ] ,n

*i1]. 1 Ct I II1.-r
f i t.. ...

h ll l W .'ll | I -tI -I ll f. 1 1t
C H', i- I

.I :',1 F. rn.iim!i.-. ,'i.t ititiJ, s..e, I ', tl.c i
If r1: St l. . .['11t ict tlu .., [-Cp r .p' M

.T 1..4111.l
t 1. I 1. I r I lI .\ 1 11 l 1" 'i I lr \
r,.nr I.\ .h
.I 1 '1 L" A ll ,, ., I \ '... L Cl .
I i I" ., i. .

7 iI I i 'ii i i li t" I 'l 1 r I n

11 1. V r>-.1 .n I i, i -i'it .M 1.
I .- F[ ,l. r l .. .I. I' .
k .' r [; .I ,iL [". ',.'.I.IL, 1 .< A iu. lic '.r -l

ur;,...li U ;.,lir,. C I'... :'. P I .r,,n, M
I[i{ ,, I ll 1 .n l I 'f ,,.r. l. 1
l r '*i II ,', 1-1 l. n l ,l LI .1 ; ill I'lti in .

I l i .\ I.,. 1 U' iil ii ,t.,rv In .
lp L.. ,.'r. ,A l ... .ji

-I r i:l' ] l...r, .. i l rl:

rY li I ii '11( iiLILI- .
I I 1 , , iL V i l , ,,l . i l i.r jl r ii L : . r F n u

II i. StLlih i l. E u.[,in,
W I | [t ,i ,1 ,r0 r l l' 1 ..l

Movement of Ocean Vessels.
Thl'e r.,llu ing is a list of the -ailings of the
P:iri.iznn Ri'ilr'nad Steamship Company; of the
Fro" .-i1 M.61 Sitiu;n Prcket Company, and of the
l.t'niliirc -tincrctin Line. the Pananma Railroad
C-, .i|.ny a l iter- being subject to change:
C,-.-: .. .. PR Froda' . Oct. 4
Prinz Eit I Fcriirt h H.-A Saturday .. Oct. 5
Trrei R M Saturday .. Oct. 5
rillice .. P RR. iednesdar. Oct 9
l i rll. .... H.-A.. Saturday ...Oct. 12
P'iiarnm .... P.RP.Tuesdnr ... Oct. 15
Priti.. .ytirnund H -. Satur,'re ... Oct 19
Lnr Plin ......... R Al. S aurlda ... Oct. 19
Du.,i.'t.,r C.'tle P RR lfonrday-... Oct 21
Al,''rnc P RR Friday Oct. 25
AIt.L . ..... H-.1 Saturdar OLt 26
C--lt .. P RP Thurdaiy Oct 31
I'nr. Litr I'rie.rirchiH -A4 Saturdar .Nor. 2
Tqizi-. . R ,\1 Sarurda. ... Nor. 2
FiiiiCrt . .. .P RR It dnsdn.r. Nor. 6
tenrcia. .. .. H -.4 Satrirdary. Nor. 9
'.'i..mni . P RR Al..ndy' .. Nor. 11
ir azt i.s inw-rt 1 1J H.-.4. Saturdr ... Nor. 16
Orin-,co R AiI Satuiday.. .Nor 16
DEtimoiir L.I-/tlc. P RRI Aonda& ....'Nor. 18
.4AI'an-c ... 1P RR Friday ..... Nor. 22
.Ati .. .. H.-A. Saturday ... Nor. 23
, .. PRR Wiecdnesday. Nor. 27
fritz lsitl/ F'ti-irirbfhl.-A. Saturday ...Nor. 30
Itr 'to R PAl. Saturday. ... Nov 30
Fina ui .. . .P R ,-1r.nday .Dec. 2
l'i eti.l .H -.1 Saturdqtr .. Dec. 7
P:uiintii ... ... P R Alonda .v Dec. 9
iioirtt.ir Cattle P RR Saturday ... Dec. 14
Prin: .S giimani. H -.4. Saturday ... Dec. 14
2 re.r .. .... A Saturday Dec. 14
.1 / .i P RR.Thoursda .Dec. 19
.A ,iit H A.I Saturday .. Dcc. 21
CW,, .i P RR Tuesday. ... Dec. 24
Piz I.. ,til Frldrit h 11 -A. Saturday. Dec. 28
l i'li.P. .A.. ... l. Saturda- ... Dec. 28
F'i i'0ce. C. .... P RP Muonday . Dec. 30
All til,.: itttti.r4 *-f the Haminhurg..American
k.,tii! "n-t: .l 'll litrie c'ill ait kingstc-n en route
ti. C n c o n.
Ftiii-i COI.*ti
.~lr .. ... ...H ..S ttiurdgr.. .Oct. 12
L,-r1,. I P RR Thursday... Oct. 17
F-itmnc .. .. P RR Tuesrln.ir.... Oct. 22
Prirz Itel Frcdrl lh H -.1 Tuesday ..... Oct. 22
r,-t .. R Al. Werdn.esdar. Oct. 23
I 't i'a *-A Saturdar. .. Oct. 26
P:,ia'nri. ... P RR ."onesdar Ot. 28
Efl, r..- rir tCq.1', P RR S.aturdai .... No. 2
Pr r. y St .F-,mun.rl H -. Tuesdaj'r Nor. S
t-,r,,f.. IR MA.. n edeFdnyy.Nor 6
.1iri '.. I RR Thir.ida. ..Nor. 7
. tt . i ..4 .. turdar... Nor. 9
Lit,,n .. P RR ittndatl,..r Nor. 13
Firi,.i.re P RR .Aondar.... Nor. 18
Prin: l. til I'rcune ihll *A Tusday Nor. 19
.Air .., R l Wc'dne 'dar. NVor. 20
itei'li. H .A S.aturday .No.. 23
FTi,.c ... .. P RR unday.r .....N'or. 24
r'i'it.nrt C'r- H .. P FI Friday ... Nor. 29
Pr'n: t.ii' .'ouutJ, H -..1 Tucfdrf ...Dec. 3
iJ-ti ri /P A'R l'eduesCdarDcc 4
Trc il 7 .A it e.nesda Dec. 4
li.t:, H .A .Sq turrday. ..Dec. 7
CL"rnl'- P P. Ti -lay.. Dec. 10
"in'-ce ... P IRR .Sunday .... Dec. 15
ir, nr.z Fret Ft -i.nl .1 H ..4 Tuezday... .Dec 17
Li P'it R .1 fl'ednesda.. Dec. 18
P. nririta .. P A'R S1turday... Dec. 21
Vctirc't i .S \ Iurday . Dec. 21
DaI-.-.. r.inr Ltl.- PPR..Thursday..Dec 26
AL irice .... PRR. Tu-day...'.Dec 31
Prinz .Sigrsminnil .. H -A .Tue 'dday ... Dec. 31
Trcnt t A. Tue'dar. Oct 15
I.! l'liti .. R" R .Tuesdpay .. Oct 29
7 nf, . R.. .T'uetdnry Vor. 12
kIrIrn't't) .. R If..Tut.,ay ...... .'or. 26
. It r ,-, .. .... K AM Tuei r .day. . Dee 10
Trent .. ...R .11 TueFl.ir.. .Dec 24
MAl I'b*. "1I M :il 'tearner mentioned above
.i11.1 tl," Pri.rr Ercl Friedrlrich nd Print Sigsh-
frtlijic ll .t kir m-:ton enroute to New York.
Tr..: initte, Fruit Comp-iany dispatched a
:tir.iiiei fir.,'n New Orlean.n for Colon every
tiotur.f' fu-e to arri %e lthe following Thursday
S-,itinv'- ui thIhr line froin Colon to New Orleans
e' re r tue-, irv.
lin'-l L.I tiih rrench line iCie. GE6n rale
Ti n.nitl ,Eticluc i or Venezuelan points. Mar-
ltiiliI,': inl] i]'i' i le,'ilie on the 3d and 23d of
- h.i' bi nril i h

The 'United Fruit Co '. Preston will again
Irt iiiic- hr run in theColon and New Orleans
tradr, and is schedituld to sail from Colon,
on fIctblier 23 The Preston hasundergone
a through overhauling at the Erie basin
in New Ynrk and many improvements have
heen idded to her.

The Canal Record


Not. 7.

The Canal Record

Published aeelly under the authority and superisiion of the

*The Canal Rccord F.4 iIIed tree .:-' tri l.'irg .
one copy each. tr, all crnpIo.locc of 'he C'oimmrni4.
sion anid P-inima Railroad Cornrpat.T ii ir.- r
njrnc- arc or th/ic "'gill" r',lI. Estrn c.pc"_ cnn
be obltainc.d nrom tht ne i'r' nd- of ./' Panama' 7,'
R-lro.ad C ompany for five cents each

Address all Communications
-Ancon, Canal Zone,
"Isthmus of Panama.


The Cucaracha Slide.
The work of removing the material east
into the Culebra Cut by theCucarach. slide
has continued without interruption day cind
night since the last issue 'if THE C \Nt
RECORD, and several hundred citl)ic nards
of material have been taken '.,ut. To. avoid
delaying the nmnve'innt t" dirt trains a
track is being laid from the b.,tt.no ifthei
Cut up to the second level on the west -ide.
This track will he cumiplted in about a
week, and when finished the moinveiient .of
dirt trains will cease to be effected iby the
slide. This will enal:le the \\ork upon the
slide to be transacted nire ecinonnealli
and without detriment to the other part'
of the work. Although causing suIIie
temporary annoynance until the present svct
season ends, the slide will in no way dela.
tlie completion of thlie Ca:nal.

Gatun Steam Shbovel Records.
The Division Engineer at iGatim rcp.)t ts
that during the period between Octuber 1
and October ,', steam shovels Nos. 113 and
114-, at the spillway, renovedl 4,499 cubic
yards of material, car nIea-.suretiunt The
two shovels removed the largest amount of
material on October 2, when 1,1.S cubic
yards were taken up Shovel No 114. itiade
the largest average in any 'ione day. having
removed S3S cubic yards -tf niateri',l inm
October 5.

Vessels Carrying Col-. Storage.
An arrangement has been made by the
Commissary Department with the IUnitcd
Fruit Company for three cnlii storage ships
a month from Nev.' Orliani,. the Grecnibricr.
Appomattox, and Chickahominy. These
ships have cold storage plant; is hlich occupy
their entire holds and are r,- gularly, em-
ployed in carrying fruits from B cai ; del
Toro to Europe by '.'.;' av if New v.rle:ins
They will bring from New Orle.aiis ti. the
Isthmus vegetables, including ptatnot'.
turnips, carrots, and parsnips, iall 1.init i.l
California fruits aind apples from the \\est.
ern States. The first ship with its cargo
left New Orleans on October 10 The Com.t
missary Department by this arrange.'ient
increases its plant ofcold storage vessels to

tUi. Thlei cnrc fise .% th c I'.,, I .. .' : il-
rI',: ] Cl !lll;lll]. % 'N Slll.I jih "l t., l u ,, 1 .1 I
c pac)t it' *,il albo-ut .; i. i t. 'it I li-c I i .-
h1)t lhiusI e \t -LI' i:l].. i 'tili.rri. ,i l -f iii
ilar prr'lto Ct4 :nl . p. rti. .i I ti l i,, it
stipply T lr,: 'ire t . I t.' h, I.' I ll
shlipi), ach v .ithi .1 t-i p 'it ly .I 'i i ..t.,-.
%w hii C i e l.cr. t v. ic. .. 1 I. 'til l I T I.- ri,
Io I C Lctil'li. but i 'i "i iin l l-. t-h Ir..]i
S iLi t l i:1ii .tr i, ,ti i .i l, i Itic -i it- I. I ,c
Sing li i l i] i i. i ". Ii I- i 1i 1 -l .it
thrri llt f I inl i i :_'l r i i i I -. ,:. i l ri i li
entire pj',t< ;, '
Theu n a iii- r' c -i'-.rit '. .' "1.,-.
t,-ns i .I1 i t I ,r;i -e .ln. t i. ..I th l I
fccJ ;,h ,.. r -'H .. 11. 1 ,....I,1, : ,i l . .,. r
. 1 t 1' lll l :ls '. h i r 21 lif 1 [
_i. -i. iI trni T Iri iii l i .I i Im t l- 1.'1
Itn sl lt C t., l tic l'. C '.'e 'U r -

[Fire Pu.sibilitiie. in Palu I rnce.-.
Duritl g a thl]iu] li' r t..rn .n S p|'rii> .i
24. ,,a e .-- th- jic ni t! i, i d 1.i11 ,
N 1,,. 6 :3. t it T.a ici ll-i, v'.- ti i, I ,,- hl t
nil'.1, T he uil Ili [ptIe tree int. .'H l IJ'i ,J
Iia.de -iitch .t ti eCt : 1.I t z t i'l. t 1 .. .I. l'
h h' trI l ,i rl t i: r buIl .li,. o '.u I I t r II
frc ,mii c.itc liiu ,r li e \I 't n, t I r .
canutit n, the i .tIhI- r iln' ti'- i. th

''-2'. -
hullOf m g '.'. ill ii ci lt Il .', '

September Dredgine.
Tle l llh viriic ar.: th.. .ff.t 'fi l i. ir..- .
,drcdiging dlurinc'. S:-temer -
C i -i' i -.r. .i .

it'., r.. rl. i~i ct., Ir 1e.. Si 2. .
S'li' ri a-ncli 1i.' r -.' 1 .

I .t I .. .
Of" thu ani cnt. 1 7. .i .Il rl '. ,.r,.
idred -cdi in tIh Ch e eir-s c i. r i r icr' -t. I
tilt I t un D 'li l i: all .1 l t ic : ;r '.. .- ,1
f'rcimi the Canrial jipri
I i:.,i \ ,,l i 1.- [>. i -l'. l ci

Oi j m rt. li 1I .i., r il, r l. \ .' I ". . .
It "I ri i cr 1] I tii r. cc.iiilcli i'. ',, '.-iti

T ot 'il 1 7 ,c i . .
The latt:ri dIr: ;,e. N,. 1 ... puIt in .... ,
111mit li t r0 t i Septe lilbel 'i..'. ..Ili .i.'' r-'.i.
w ith a i._le 'shift li r i(.," ulntI I li. e iIl I.1'
the nolith d '-f ti h tl t'l- :-t ,in i-ii t .. if i ill.
rm l e xe ta. tcd in thc I I I I' ,: [lrei_ Ii-'
D i isi.n, 144.62-, 'l "t i v -I' -'-., i : I t- l. i
from thet'aniAl r'n-i..n.., '.l.'.-+,. i-?ul.l > r.l-
In-r n the 4 iJip c [h:ii t it IiI t lII M i I .lit I ..
I'aiinamt i l R. h,' CInlp.ii,"- (I I ,
It is int rtc stintI ti co, p I tl.: 'it ii r
I'" th li drcc .l c .Icn:' c ii I'. i l lise i.,. i I t .
tell cr '.vith th t I' theli c er In sh.' l tl'i
ttal 'am ou lt m .itI r.I l i i, i .il I h thl -
dliedge during t[lie n'., l., w .%I .I...i thI .
- inic as that r, i ..i.-i l I I -t,. ,i, --.I I-
T In rlred,c .I ,ii p .' I. . .11 Il I i i I ..1 . I
.a te'l, C.e r' it- i t 11 t r,.r -L-t I li .t i'
a l,,n t :3 1 ill..- T -.. . 1 th :. 1:i,.
1'l o u, 1iL t o'f il .i tl, 'I .% I ll 1 1 I "n l,. 1, -l ; 1 I 1 4 ; -
w would rc tquire i a i,.ut :') l..l Itr i. .i] ,1 It I1n..
of about 16' cars coach -l r tiil', tl.1thl-r

,.,. ith l,. ii 1-.cin, ic ic ,i ,1" .i'-_',, ticti t'
litl ll-c' 'i h TIi- 'icllii- i -' .'.. I It cit %' t's )
'I,. ,lk ct i C I .dd.t.i i. rii t..n : fi e.v
-0I -, c 11.I . . 1 .h l- Ic I-. l ih CI n it I- c rt
fitll -. ll I c-C I the .r l i lic. iti c e

,l -, c ci, Iii i 'j, ,ii'i t i .It i t l t I i .,iii
-11-' >. .tn-l i t r 1 I it ic,. .,- ill rc illiire

hNe' -.'.e,,L-. r I NIunn:.i t'r of itte Panuman
I 1n ilrr.nd
M Ii~ t.,,,, I "' Ic '.. I i I hI '- 1 .,, 1p,
ci uI .-I 'ir lit-l i- X' IA -tcc
]. .I ti. -Iu ... '.Ir l 'hi .: i tc t
I. 1 .l. t 1 *- I 1. r:il .1 i i lr tir r%
ti t. I r .1 rr ] I t I- t. I ,
. .. i_' ./.. . i :L..I.. r 1 1, -, I .i .ti rcI l

11 1 I . n .1, f
MJ i 'Ii l,. r I, : Ji ,, lI ',|'r. ,' i' '.i l:c ',i c.'e

., .I i .h I i I li ,i thi ['.I Ilei]C
t. .I .. ..I '.. ; I. I. i I I h. l'. li tl

1i i i I c .c l ..' .. 1 ..i c l i 1 i I

]- . tic-'' It' '..'ic tic tire?

tl .1 ', I I. r1I 11 i I c i d .. l 1i i
1, ti i,, r.., 'lfIrif .'. r -- i 1 1
I I i l ,I I. 1. r1 1l 2 I.-. .-- .I- ill Idh

SI I-. I l- I i I i ,' IL I .' % ', I c t 11 t l Ie

t i .h l, Ci r I , '. i rl.,ii \ .-li c l il 1r-t
,, 1u .. ..1 --1 I ,l i, ', or J11. 1-1,, 11 ,.

Hli, i th l l.c c.c ri iri 17c c..fill 1ct'ii,
I .' 1, 1' 1 i 1 1 .c '- c 1.1c I' ccI I it i i r
I I ..I n I uhl | -. i llt I .. 1 inchl , l

ii '. I- . I1 c I.,- I I t .,,h -.
I,,. 1 .- 1,I I .w i "tr I I C 11 th, t` :,ir ,,
'hi l .lI . I r. l I '.di 'in- .. l. 1 c i. It; .'c
Itc 1 r1I,,_ r iI 1 r" .1 Iti i ..i l''11 1 L :u 1i
Ct l '.c. i. t, ir i th l .,tii cc 'cii cl' .t..,i It

S' ut c.I ic . .. i 1 c ci ti c. c I c' *i r ci ,.h .n rI it-
'lc'-'.i'ii. ic.l ('r'cc l ii'hi] cI l c, n -.It. [.1T i- .i ,i,

C.li i'' c [t. ti c ii 1.. tic. '- I c -,I i. IO\. I l' r i
S Tc' i.~ t .. i ci i .- ir i 'it'l' it ]. c l ..-i pir' c .1
l rl, [t th Ih l ., h .. l ll r n. hr._
v c,- c,, ,, ,u b i c 1c'.-1 1, tr It I -ite I

I l,, t, ,I I i t l c. l l. i 1 n i : iLc.'i l
l ..itL ... I r ..1: I . 1 1 ., t. I I

'1 i l. .I i ,l L.. r, i ri .ir .' .i l '..i nc i l

in i. i c I i ti~ ti : lji i i iL I t I n I'
c,,i, 1i. ..i -. c iii r,. ', [ "c- r.icici ,iim '
t l I' r - l i .- i ll 1_ i It -- I ,, -. t t Ill
I. i [ i. ,I\ ', N tl c ih l-i

.'i t i.c ac L'. t I c .r ',r c ii, .i .i' iiiI\.c, iilte
,- h I .. .. .. 11. : L. 11 '1 Ill

C: h l I ll C "t T.
l 1.1 11 0i ,. :'... "1 t l. ] Ili .t '\ 1.. ,

li I I hI ,\Lr L [, j I 1.i- 1,1r ICrI
.r l. -t i ii riii, a r i Iild'- n' ,

1, 11,1 I I m .

Volume I.


Canal Zone PIed cratiI Fo mecd nd Ceti-
sftitutiot Adopted

IV ANi J. MACK The culnii tinig p)int of the work of or-
ganizing wxoen'selubs in tlhe('anal Zoe 1 y
Miss IHelen Varick lBswell \vas rIehied ii
Satunidnv. (Otoer 12, \xhclntheconfirene Ic
delegates took place at the lIhntel Ti oili.
Thliere were present a large iiiinnii)r '1 memni-
hers of thie dif'en'nt clubs. niad t iicii e inter-
estedl iu thei movement -. .. *' tleir syin-
pathy iind intention aof l ecminig mem ers
lby their presence.
Thlie mieetinlg iwas held in the rcsildc' t's

drapeild at either cniid of thie long vcraniin:i
gave tile staiinip intiontal chaiactl'r to tlte
oceasion. Thel fist iftein :iiinities were
claimed by r te oilcial I ht"arorpher, who
hald ibeen ctailed to take thi group, .ftcr
which tInh e meeting .I. ...... to thile sitting
room, whlen thle regular ualsiness w"as ipr -
creded with.i.
Miss fiosx ell ina short ahdress we!coeiedi
the delegates ail visitors and eplaiined the
nature Iof the meeting, whkh was Ifor the
purpose of Ora nizing the chain of Zone
clubs under a specific title fIr afiliation
witli the General Federation of \. imen's
Clubs. She spoke ... i of the work that
had already been done in the short time
since the clubs were organized, of the
interest in which the women were tlak ing
up tie work along the lines indicated in
tld cm:ntithutioni,-the horn'., educational,
plhilanthropihy, and music and literature,
alln of the n road seope and possibility es of
the future. "It is a historic occasion she
said, "which has 1ironght together suchi a
gatheriniig if 'womnlen froinl one e1l1 to the
other ot the Zone."
Acting as chairman, Miss Bosxell ihe L
proceeded wilxL the business h of th day, re-
questinlI a roll call of tle delegates. This
was taken by Mrs. Ralph D. Wolf, oif (;r-
gona, act in ais secretary, pro tern' ore,
witlih lllwing results:
.Ancon-.Mrs. W. C. Gora' x Mrs. T. C. l, st c'
NMrs. ;. t. Luinhy, Mrs. Charlet s Te:11 tt.
Pedro Aliiu!xi'-Mrs. R. B. \aikicr. Mrs. I' .
RohLrts, Mrs II. N Shick, xirs. ELn. t Fra.Tri
1'arni'\i-Mrs. J. C. Iairnett, MrsJ. R. i. iw-
ner. Mrs.. Ml. S xid., Mrs. xWni. Iowc.
Empnltir-e-Mrs. 1 1.M Milie, ?.m. J. i.
NeTyier, MrsI Ili. T. Bennett, is lm iic-.
(TorNfonlt--Mlrs, N. F. MO'.is, .Mr.;. S, li.
.Calvit, Mrs. C. iBegstron, xr-, V Il \xx t"
(i:xitu i-Mrs.x J. L. broxixi eli, \xl, It hij>-
lie M rs. J L I .. liitt
Cristohal-Mrs. L. iBurke, Mirs. M. C. Niiirtl.ll, Mrs. F'. I. i v II.
There were n1 representatives froin tile
Cutlelra club.
For the election of oflicersof the Canal
Zone Federation of Woimein's'. 11 ., a slate
W\as presented, the 11 ,,. eiiidates
being unanimously elected:
President--Mrs G o, W. Goethals, CUb!rs.
Vice presidents--
(1) Mrs. Lorin C. Collins. Cristha.i
t"I "Mrs. W. C Gorga,. Anen,.
(3 Mrs. Win.1 L. Sihert, Culelra.
'41 Mrs. C ester Iminlinig, Gatunn
Recording s'cretary-Mr s. Ft. M. Mirack.l
Cori'esIo diiiR- i eictary- J x rs. Lewxi; i.l'r,
General PeIt'txrtion seer tar'--mri x .iR]ia.sli.
C i, .
1 '. '-- 1 I R. Roberit. P1i'r, ,,iu
,li..,--'Ir- I. C P r'-t* Paraisn.
ii.i iin .1 l 'I tlie 1.1 Coiliitiee'-:x rs.
Frank Morrison, Gorgona.

Mrs. Lrin C. C collins then took the chair,
Sdil the Articles of tlie Co stitution were
voted upsn seriatim, and ado pted. It
was also x ted ti t tiht quart'ly meetings
oi:the E mecutive Committee, i. e., i,...
shoul bie hi el at ditiireut sta'thiuns I ..
the line, due Lo ice of tlhe date andl place
t.i li sent li th1 secu:tary. Tlle fiscal year
l,' ,ins in ( eti r, xiv.en elections are held
ad dhe's ae-, palale, and business o" like
natre is to ~e transacted.i

president of tee Z'me mediat ion wxs made,
1l sut s it was not iin rde. Miss IBosxilI
bei, a inol resi ient if tile sthInus, tlie
io tion waxs an nded aiii Mis Ioxwxell
x:s I lde l. ooriary 1 t o tr a thIe Zone
elus. The imotioun ftn a risi'g vote of
thf ks to Mi.s swellel for her i rk ionIig
the wimen cn the Ithlumuus ias respnidi d to
witi enthusiasm.
1. ii the adj urneint of tie meet-
il' xi in i rmai l r eptioi was ld'', teI l
hi'iirg served on t ce vcra n a.

points. The tew3l elected executi e olieers
of the FI ederati n of Zome (' uls also c n-
vned fr a short time.
Miss IBoswel siils on I . Octoiher
17, to resume herl work w ih thie Natiional
Ci ic Fder atiin. White Itr xoilk on the
Zone has .en attend ld v. th nmny pleasant
tealtures, it hs been hard work of a nature
require lig utmost tack andliii dimcy, andl
the results have far exceled the exc1tat in s
aof lniy e l re. It was just '" te Iitle
pslih fim ithe outside" h t the xx omen
iion thl Is lis lelede to I"1lg iL t the
lest iliat is in tiem to enable them lto see
theih re-sponsibiiities toward each other
aid t1 e cI i iuurixy ii which ti.y live.
Tuh lie ii mean new li4 the Ameriean
x i t.n 'i the Zin 'e.
Tlie l ir, ila tii f li eir hth in tihe
cin of Cmao l '/i.ne Womln's C!u. s was
pereti. Id Wi'dnesday, ('ct. .t, i i Anon, wxiei
linswe l in tlhe Hotel Tiv li for lir purpose
of discussing the iuestio ii.

Tie xxViu onii o Ci :zl x'er'e wxel repre-i
scented on this ocex:si ad joinucd hlartily
i thie iimovement. They will unite fr tihe
presnt witli the An on 'lub, as their oxin
elm numily is so snall
i' ,' the -. ; . ... 1 -. w henll every
xwmii presn t h.i expressed herself as
not oiy t 1 Iecome a meIlbnher bulit
i Io I mte the interests 'if the clb, and
nite in its effort toward pul)Iie uid soci al
goM i tihe fi110 l in ig governing .: i were
elected: Mrs. W. C. (orgas, presi dent; Mrs.
l. M. iaguire, vice president; Mrs. LIstcr,
Ssecrt:ry; Miss 1 sell, treasurer. I)le-
Saitels xxere elected for the conference on
Saturday, t' cter 12. Thle presidentcallcd
the irs t eetinug of tlie club fior i Wednesday,
October 16, at *2. 3 pi. The lhtel Ti'ivoli
has I ,...I ,ered to place a rom at the.
disposal of the tmen for theelubi meetings.
There is so mucht scope for tIhe devel op-
ment o chii life in AneoAn that the organiza-
tiu p romises to ie in active one. Spianish
classes will e arr:gxd f, r; the(i e is talk of
a physical l eilture ess, and club riding
Sartiie. Little :ul card i x will als
lie V, b at t
The WX'oman's Clutlj at '. ri huld its

regular i ... .n- ,,n Ifl'.'- i 'ifutrni im.
October '- hi i ; .'. dI m. i- .I i [I'.ri it.
being in i 1M I' .1.. v.:," the'A
gguest of ti< '1 i '1 ,1 I ., ..,- n \ II.11'-ii 1
prog xrain ,' .. .i ,,
It w asd.. ,., d..I i, !h .1 ll, -h.,ni [ ,ie
a I ollowx ,, i. I :' IL..' let il- 1i'. e ir-
ranged later. Mrs. Ileal .- ..iL. t
chairmt an of the entertain .' .. ,,,in. tc.
to be assisted iy Mrs. Lowe ', I v Ii- V, *., h


Commissioner H. 1I. Ro .--. i, -..i'..1 ..n
the IDunottar Castle for : ii.. iit li..\:
in the States. Ile will reton i..,i l. in i ,-
Dr. H. R. tCarter, Direct il I ..l..t-'i l. t
Ancon, accompanied by his ', I 1 iin. li-
ter, will :'all on the Colon. n i' lr 17.
for a six weeks' visit to tl, I- .1- I lihv
expect to return on the L, mut ,r LC Q;i,
due to sail from New York .... ..' ml r '29.
M r., Iarry i i Reed, LExe.., i i,.< .it.,i .,
was imarriedi in ''. .I ,, toii i C -Iai '.- 1-
urdty, Septei r -' -. to M, .Allh- i.- .ail
Mitchcll, o E orto, ii Mi'ol .,.!, ;,.1 'V is
Reed wll lie home at Anc n Ii.r .' iiM.
her 1.
Mr. A. Bruce Minear, C'.,rl .Iet v
of the Y. M. C. A. on theZ .d... i i -,al ...
the Cloon on October 17 fi r ....Ir..i f
eight weeks in the States. i i '.1 .I.
mialn will be acting general x .i i...i li 'ng
his absence.
Among the passengers oni I, '.. ith. C'.d it.
wxiihi arrived at Crsll ,t 'u' dx. il'l' ,' r
)10 xe e:e M rs. ' B. I .'...* '..1 .,il
daughter, Mrs. P.O. ". i.i i. .. I t ..
childi'en, and Mrs. (,eo. L. C .1. ,.
Profess or David T ,i1. pr l. '.-*. .'i -tr.,.
only and director Aof the Astron...i. .,1 A l .
siexiValor. a:t Au hierst ( I . .
comipanied bly hs wife nud da.',i.. '
been o:t the Isthmus since OctIl 2 :1. i
will sail on the Colon for New xY '-
row. i1e left the States with hi. i' i,, i ...
May 11 last, arring i ere on th I. .i ..1
sailing fir Limii on Miay 21. I ,, I uii.t
ie wenit to Iq.(uitue and establi' .*' 11 -
t uroioi ical station in the desei r 'i., ,-
le'a, fuir the purpose 'ft 1 i i. i.l'....,r. ,.i,-
of Mars. He observe .i .1 .... li L I lin
sun on tlie lOth ofJuly, and for -.' ..
took photographs of Maxrs e'i ini.i
obtaiuning about 7000 plotogr. pn ii .i
In these tihe so-called "double ,u !i ,.
Mars were photographed for til ii.-. W .ii
I'rfcissor Todd returned to L,'..' I I .'.i-
gust 1, and spent six weeks thl i i* -
elevatinis for the purpose of i i 1. 'i
compressed air tank, which he hi i- '!. n'. I
for use in taking observations ati i_ .i i.


s,:teral In t"a ger Paatnuta I' i mil
CCI. Ci1A, C. Z,, October 11 1, 1, I
Effe'tixve this date H. J. :1.r i- 1|, i i'.-
ci1 Assistant to the Presde It a1id '. .r ,d
Manager of the railroad a : -'*: m-lip
line, in charge of *.. .. ,1i.,, ,iiim 'iiril....
iand la !ds. Local ",Ir... I. I 1 ], ;,ili.. .
dlep rt i n LI ts will report to hii I.'. t'il
officials of the Traffic, .'.* .. .*,ti .: .. iiI I'tir-
clhasily I,. 0 111' l, I ) l ,, p t t,, Li'
rice pri:sident.
SiCEO V. .'i 'I Li i -,
/on ]. ..I

Tll rv 1_, AN." I, P.T-CI)PI1


C 1., II I ,: 'olohil I.. G I li

II Illi '1 14 7 A"i I 1 '' 1'.-' l

'.4111114~I'( ra, I, iL

lamt Ea~t, I ptt r 'i. Ii 1 LII

1 i t' .1 I li I. 11 'I I' I i' 'I I Oil)

e Ii Illie I II t1i~ (' 1. ..01 1 I )ii fl1141

.\ll2 'II % N'i 1.II ii o lil, l I 1. 1 14o

111 i 'Ill lii. '10, i-ll ,xhil 11, 98l
Ii' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ile I'l il .)f a ~,gvn s 1 t~~ll

hli.41'I Ili th11111 1. ,I'1l1 ,1i 1 t le (14411
rcilt, 7ii 1. i I 'tg fle41 tll. gl).
*I I.- I- W .111 1.1

-.1 'e Zon was 7t.l 1'x rox wh. c

'1~~~ litl Over 54l per1 CL1t'i.
Ih Ill I'l L Ili I I to t l 7, tlIl0el 7Lone

It- IA flod' 'II 7 0.'i us a'nl an)11 imal111

rIl -I II II 'i l: '~ 'I ielt'E1)Lll d show- liI1ii'
CIlt 'I ; L % '' 11 a l'e xiiP n

II ,'''iII' I .I' I.. I1)411LIII i fo all tilegIirt'
--l 'l' I i' 'll '11 to ll 'o t li llli'ev

I 1 -i 1 1 1 ,' Ii.. 'ori. h th intict 11 tleiixx

Ill L'0- ... I. Is lii -- e 1, ll Ilx''s, Oltl i s

miii:~~~ lieA ~i'~i

Al P111 1,u L tI.,r I 11
t ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t 1 1-~i 1.ii L.1; ; I IL ll II

Call ;tllxil Ll~ih, iii xi. '14 il tile4

It I lui.i, t\c I 0 1. Ii I Iii

Ntil ~t 11, 1 7, 1 '1, '17 ..... 1-1,7
I tl 7_4 .... 1I2

1et.7, 191) 7. ..._1 A13
I4 !411 l7_.. _.1 1.)
V, 117 1......A.3

x-le ll dI 'It El I,1 1i1i.~ ,LI1x101 It 1,11.0

a in ii tl ,I Iill n li!t' I i1j14 iie rio ti 11 eveo it tia
Ill4)1 4 !,v rk1 x T1 Io w L: I' x hi In 181 h i' r A tI e tIC IIIi
1 I4 i'll l hIl t Lit, ~ !tp te0't1101 i

HI eaN lth ii .il -d-- i4hll ixx'I pot bo 1th l 'ut'

anlie ni,;ii' 1Li ~t1- Ilaif sid i del .tt1 Li ab Q11 oiut'4 .te

'l'lne 41Its 1,.t Ci-Iim E i -I while oil tile.i At 1'ntci sea-
(OLIEE LI.; Li. i,l t .l -t -i b l 21' 11iithtr a..it Levf Ea,

11'4 N I i .1 I ,Y o If itll .'ett'll si iil4 ,i~1 Cliet

t~At, liv 450 411'1 4Ld`'14tiI 11- 110 1x ltI4i0 IiN4
townt x. 4h.iN abouI Iot~ (40) 0 '1oes lit' illP l'AI111

the xlii, Ol w ias ti.' 1 ill1 t'illd~ Su~llx il, flii14 ic Ii

1" ll oLi tCin1i. 1%4! I ,14 f LiC %l it'lle x'l.il e

A~~ewi l~liih t tl l Ill In, 1 C. RI ,o l T ill i

ill ~ ~ ~ i iiit, iltth~11
1rI ie all t 1 ft t~ti 41 lie [11 iif 111
).11 Slt Lem lX 1,1 Shllli il Ai ti.isitip

U~~~ Tilt 14 lihE ell' l I 41 c

th I'4111. i (InlC L'ill /1J ij~ki I'l '0I1 S, Ill !the

1sthmimn Cannl Commission, and ..,' 11% irt
r 1.,'I ,- i ll,. 1 property of the I li. -',i
.* i .' i. .,0 no n'ew building shall
...'. ., ,. .p t atsuch distance from
S ... '., .'..,.. o itthe Isthmian Canal
Ss I '. .. t-restribed ly the
ei'., nt of ,..1 .. -;
9. There shall be a free space of k. .,'5,,
fceCt between the back of one house and
tl'i o;f another when the houses face on
differeLt streets with back to bach ; Provid-
ed, T tll in special cases, to be determined
by the Had 1'o the Division of Municipal
I i i i' f.y may adjoin. Further-
h ot , pr.* ie nies, r a lnexis of any description, except
privies us provided : r ,.- i... it 11, in this
lree space, and no my 1. ... I ,iny nature
shall be stored between houses.
1I Attached to each house there shall be
a fly-proof privy, the front line of which
shall be located at a distanceof not less than
i. i ,,' feet from the house. There
S, ',' ,a 1 fee space offour feet between the
backs of the privies. This requirement shall
not apply when sewer connections are made.

Testimonial to Mr. Stevens.
[I'rom the iWashington Hlerald, Sept. 28.1
John 1. Stevens, one of the vice presidents
of the New York, New Haven & Hartford
Railroad, and former chief engineer of the
Panamna Canal, has received three hand-
some .,11 ,. from the employes on the Isth-
muns as a testimonial of their regard and
Mr. Stevens' service on the Canal work
extcnde I over the period when the lock type
was determined upon; and the work given
a successful start. His leadership was sup-
ported by remarkable loyalty iii..... all
classes ofemployes. A comminitte. ,.i mnal
officials purchased, with the funds sub-
scribed by the employes, a magnificent sil-'
ver service, each piece of which is engraved
with the Stevens monogram; a gold repeat-
er watch, and a ring with a unique setting
containing a two-carat diamond. Thetray
of the silver set is engraved "Mr. Stevens,
from Canal employes," and the salver is en-
graved with a scene showing the completed
Canal, with the locks and dams and other
characteristic features.
At the request of the members of the Uni-
versity Club of Panama, which is largely
composed of Canal -.t:, I- Mr. Stevens has
presented the club with a large autograph
i.! *.-.._ 'Ih of himself, which will be hung
- ......,, of honor with those of Presi-
dent Roosevelt and Secretary Taft.

By thle IC.C. Band at Cristobal Point, C.Z.,
Sunday, October 20, it 2.15 p. it.:
1 M arch................ La Fiesta ............ Runcoveri
2 W al tz....... .... ...... I ,m a................. Bendix
3 SelectLion .............Prince of Pilsen....... Luders
I. ltlerllezzO ..........Star.ind ..... .......O'Connor

(1 11114 t '41 iiiJA i .l I it Ixl lIl
Trombone 1i. A.',- U s y
6 M kdley selection.Renmick's Hits..........Lanmpe
7 PI trol. ............... Tlhe Blue and
S O verture...... 1 .,. 11, i j lI..i,, .-
9 Descriptive .........Thile C sartlry
C ', . -.. ..... Luders
.". ... I. I. I 1.1.-, infantry
I I ** *i i I 1' i ii i' 1,It fi ts and drum s ;
, .. Li.h .*!i i coming nearer and
S I i .1.1I .1 i ', .-' upon the enemy;
cavalry, infantLry and artillery in the melde
,f the battle ; defeat of the enely, pursued
hy the envatvry in the distance.
10 .M1areh................ Dunu lnii Corn-
mnadery u arch........ 11 all
Cl-l.s. JENNNfGS,
Musical Director.
The n.Ct concert will be given at Culebra,
C, Z., Sund ay, Octoler 27.


(L rii ii I" 'f i to this column must b'e signed
iIIn i i. I'-.. ,. with the aamie lini address of
thie writer.)
Church Services.
Tile CA.AL RiN, .CO ):
I beg to draw your attention to tohe fact
that services are held at the Protestant
chapel, Ancon, adjoining the bachelor's
quarters, every Sunday at 9.15 a. in. These
services are conducted by ministers of dif-
ferent denominations, and rotate in the
.11'.. n'. order:
First Sunday in the month: Rev. A. Brit-
ton lii,- visiting chaplain.
Second indl ,' Rev, J. L. \ Wise, of the
Baptist church.
Third .tnitl i. : Rev. J. C. Elkins. of the
Methodist Episcopal church.
Fourth Sunday: Rev. E. 0. 1 - .,.., of the
Episcopal ch urch.
Fifth Sunday: Visiting chaplain.
This information may be of interest to
some of the readers of TIE- CANAL RECORD,
for this reason I send this communication,
in the hope that it may be inserted in the
M. BlITr0rN KiN(,
Visiting Ch:tplnin, Anet .n.
Panama, R. de P., Oct. 4.

Card of Thanks.
Mr. and Mrs. 'in. Maclntyre, through
the columns of THE RECORl desire toexpress
their grateful appreciation of the kind aid
and attention rendered by the physicians of
the Commission located at Culebra, as well
as the Ancon hospital officials, on the occa-
sion of the burial of their infant child, Octo-
ber 8, 1907.
W:l. C. MACINTYvrl.
Culebra, Oct. 12.

Regular Army and Navy Union.
I am pleased to find the result shown by
my letter published two weeks ago in
regard to organizing a garrison of the
Regular Army and Navy Union, and wish
to state that a meeting will be held in a
few days, when I will institute the new
Notice of meetings will be posted in all
towns along the railroad in conspicuous
places, and hope that the result will be as
good or better than the last notice.
A. I. G., R. A. and N. IU.
Empire, C. Z., Oct. 5.

Improved Order of Red Men on the Zone.
On Saturday evening, October 5, of the
Common Era, on the fifth sleep of the Trav-
clli'.: Moon, there was chosen by the chief
of this tribe a new set of chiefs, principally
young men who have the interest of the
order at heart and will devote their leisure
time to the itnprovemnient of it. Therefore,
we shall be pleased to entertain any visiting
brothers on any Saturday's sleep they care
to call at Fraternal IHall. The following
is the new list of chiefs, all of whom are
employes of the Division of I'ii.lii. Con--
struction :
Wil. C. 1' lntf(' ,i.,r1- -acvhemi.
Harry E I. I i.* i' 11. I, senior s.guiamore.
Paul D. May, clerk, junior sagaumore.
M. D. Cantwell, foreman carpenter, prophet.


,. Keegan, clerk, chief of records.
Win. Wirtz, carpenter, collector of wampum.
Albert Berger, foreman carpenter, keeper of
wvainnpu n.
C. S. K':EA.1.
C. of R., Chiriqui Tribe No. 1.
Culebra, C. Z., Oct. 10.

Gorgona Burns Social Club.
Kindly insert in your columns for the
benefit of our members who have been
transferred to various places along the line,
that we hold our iiLnetiiI,-- on the first and
third Saturdays of each month at 7.30p. m.
in the Assembly Hall. All persons interested
in the objects of the club will be welcomed
as mnencbers.
Gorgona, C.Z., Oct. 9.

University Club.
The annual election of the T';,c r-it' Clul,
will be held at the Club II,'use. Sindalv,
October 20, 1907. Ballots .- ill I, m.itiled
to all members, who are requested to return
the same to the committee which will be at
the Club House for the purpose of counting
same, from 9. a. im. to 3. p. m. on said date.
The annual meeting will be held on same
date, beginning at 2 p. im.


Activities of the .iiungIg Men's Christian
A- nc iatiln.

Total member- ,i, -i i, o i, ',1
Total number ii :
S ,. < .lay ....... ..............
i ,i ....i,. r of pool and billiard
ganes .... .....................................
T-.[ . .. I, i. sodna fountain i I
-' .. ,. income per day...............
N,,ri of different men using gym-
nasium ...................... .....................
Number enrolled in chess and checker
clubs ..................... ....... .................
Number of men enrolled in glee club...
Number enrolled in dramatic and min-
strel clubs............................
Number enrolled in debating club.......
Number enrolled in camera club..........
Number enrtlled in orchestra club......
Number enrolled in Bible club.............
.Number enrolled in Spanish classes.....
Number enrolled in mechanical draw-
ing classes......................................
Number of Sunday meetings ..............
Average attendance ........................
Number of educational, practical and
travel talks .... ........ .... .................
\vc' '? attendance........... .............
\-0 ,,.-. of imported entertainments..
tverope attendance........................
,ii,, . r . 1 .i [ ri.;n r, .-l L
S'i.i,. ir of functions outside of asso-
ciation management........................
Average r'..l n.e
Num ber.*I in ri- i -- v.., lti-
Average attendance
Number of e- clinic irnii. tr- i .. L'hi
women wxv-re r, -,i.c.

Different mer, ,n -- '11.11.i Ii ,
Number of lCri'.r- V'-tite 4t i.tL-lhC
tables ....... ...... .......................................
Average per day ...... ..............
Total attendance at I...il.uii xl ii-
sivc of functions by ,, i .IIl lii.
Average attendance per day...............


t. 7i6






The moving picture and stereopticon enter-
tainment given by the American Stereopticon
View Company, was so generally enjoyed that
a return in. ". .c siiit was secured for last Fri-
day nighi II .i .'i each program was a travel
lecture, illustrated by stereopticon pictures, and
half an exhibition of moving pictures.
A committee is being formed for the purpose
of giving a local talent black-face minstrel
show in the near future.
The billiard and pool tiuii1 mnriient, under the
direction of Mr. M. L. ['a ILr ii welll under
way. Preliminary gam-..- hii e i..cen won by
Messrs. Greegor and Straw.

M. r. C. K Turnr lhas been elected chairman
'it the Cie-s and Checker club. and under his
iirecti(on l:in open tournament is being held for
the purpose of selecting .la~ eri for the Inter-
A -solCciEi nri league.
Half in ir.in- t..ch Mlrntlav night is g;ien O.ver
to boxing A, --.,,,n ai a c.uipetent instructor
can be sicrired. regildir le-,nns will be given.
Jui.glr h lion.a- Br,.t n. ir., v ill represent
thc Cri-ti-.lil as.o ference of Sundn%. Lhlihs.
On W fdn -il.,r e\ening. (j.t. #, the nrii-nlitr-i
of the ', M. C .\ orid tfliendi ecnirioe, a con.
certby the I C L .'indJ utinder the direction of
Mr. Chjrlis E I'nn.ngs.
Fridi- e'.*cnrim of 1'.i -t ek Mr. Cha.. T
Manning &.re ;a etLclire on his experience of
thirteen i'rs in CLentr ll Aiieric. The lecture
was not .' nly i nter -ng from I historical
point of '. Iw. But c O, t 'illi rluch ini'ornition
'egn riling lilt: c'.n.liL;lii of ithl co lntryv

The Y. M. C. A. Bowling League.
I^ IININ-. 'IF 'rE'k UQ T ..

Enipire .
High t hid i
Empire club ..
Cristob.i club.
Gorgon., Llihib.
Culebrri elii._

,-Nunihber o01 Grinie
F'lfi ed. Won. Lost.
27 1", 9
*27 17 10
S 27 14 13

idusa cirres-
.. V\lhnam .. . .
Booth .
..O liver . .... .... ..


i !27

Higihet rnrJiidu 'i attrage for three tonsec-
lic'e amnle,-
Empire c lut V., 1li,. 2041i
G,. -., n i Ili" t A .recken .. .. 194
C I lt..i. 1i c i l. ,-iliit '-ti in . 19 2
Culebrn ciln . L.ii.-ter .. .. .... ..1S .0,

Culebra NMinstrel Show
The Cl.r-i., ,nrntrl-, Lapnil,..I.cd men ,ii
theCuKl'hr-t V N M C A p--,et lrir ir't enter.
tainme-it in the CI onihiil.'n 'liii. Ii.olr at Cu.
lebra on Thur-.I, c:"ning- i'-ct. lt lien the
following ] ine .'i., in I,.e-cntCl
Si h, T R T
1 Ope.:in c/ir.ru-NIMei' t, Yr tile troupe
2 Coo,. 'or '--'.,,.t, (.
MEr r.r-reenl.n't .1 C Pnrsoi''
3 -..li.-iS.iner> here il. S Holte.n1d
4. Loui *onr.-lie 1 .c Cuu-.n
i.1 lI inrc F [i Fi, rin
5 Quart.tI- \nnir L..lu
ri.: I P t' 4 It C P ,r,re. II
H ...,, ni ; I 1 liolmt:
6 Coo ',nr./.-Il.e'. It Alon: . 11 I figRelli
7 Solo-A..tio, . I" F B.n1i h,..tff
8 Coonl e'..,.-] Is. ,'ir H 1 Timrrian
9 So/o-Ari.i.'fer ,.'il I; /I1 H-,lrne.
10 QuarLc-iDe-ir 1i,1 l.irl I P 4 i. it L'.
Pouor-. 11' H S...uhi. '; H Hir.lnes
I .i tlic tr.--. 'pe
-;l -11 P 1 R
1 Clog D'Ln.t-i Ti..iin i:rrLtI. .1 ,liholllandl
2 C.\lii.l/'iue .I Ct Par.onf
3 .1'ttii1hti tin.l I 7ult a /r duct
it E Tra-..'-.r .1 S licLarenr
4 Son01 *Hii, L .iiL. H. .4 .loorre
5 .-,,.' ,-h./. . .. ..C R Ra
6 .4 Fro Irn@h I-.lF.ninlLrice4 R. 4 Artewi'rt
7 Somet hinig El'-.
An avt.'lirte .1i iji.i per-..n_ v as in .ttendcl
ance, ailI '.\lliiitel IIL .II eill.-..i.'n ent Lit i lie per.
formall: % re.'luet hI:. been inallde to t[ie
minstrel- Lu relc'it their shine n.t Culel'ra. atInd
also at Einiiire Gur',n. ii I Cri-t-i'll it is
underst.-odI il..it tli-. %,ill il'. i in th.. near
future. T1 I 'roll-. %.i. n ie thle iciinilier- f tlihe
organiz.t il..ir
Interl, . I-. r-R S., nls.
End iea-i-J. C Par.-- ,n, F r' Frlnn. It V"
O'Reillj li 4. Ticmrnan
Mhl.llu nin-n-l. S H-Aletld. 11i" F. Bennr-
.-i...ff 1. P .4 %ii. I' CL Poore. I1 H South. G.
1 H.:ltes,, H R. .1 is. B L. Incrb/on, F. X
;l a.r., L hKitietl, C. R En-.ey, J. H. Depew,.
F. S. lItic'itmen, lit.gh M.1cPher.on. F G De.
moll, J. N Englaiid. It. E Tragsd..rl, .4. S.
McLaren. Tom inarrert II .4. Aloore, C. R
Ray,R. .1 Stewritil
Director-/J. C Par ni R. .4 Ste\tnrt.
Acconpaniits-iEd/t .Arnhbeim, J '. Tallty.r,
Jas. McA.ea/l.
Designer of stage ainLl rnutto-H 11. Baumer.
Electrician--S G. Forrbes


Brief S.unmmaries of Them ~olih Conimilis. -
by ihe Islhulianl Canal C.mnillii-siuir.
C_ pita uf th.- ]i p[.., t ,f '..Ii- li. tirudrI
Bcels tli tihe N'cti, .. a l L \l i I..'.l. Ni tn '
setting ft .l thi the r'E-ulpls I l .' li'.'l~tiiti.' .
of tI e condi l ust-ii urritl isIId iL' II il.npi' ,I, E -
* ftll, U nited Slt.',tcs ,'ll t0 lll l:- .I- :
ref'rrl"r ,d I.- the C h iirnJin -.I lht l sthl, .i,
.Canal iomilnsiinil] ti L..miels iI..' iil'.r ... I e
C( m rnii s.4it_, l and tI., the I i.ul '*I tle ,'. ] .
niisarpay Dpartlimit -.t Eth l': .i I .i
road C:mnptany, l ill tL s. i.st th it ..'Ch
of the.e pirson. liritld 1it lil tli lt' -ll,
mlade upon lIIs brnin.i ,I tii. :- '.i,.'L" .i,nd
sul.nir tO, the C i1-iri 1'i' I 1 I li Isi n-
replies ihrret.. F r,.I. Ih .t .plh t I. I'llI
hlo ing stol, li L ha l-. c.. ,i,]ilLd ;,& ;1
1i1erp il cuin'ri.e ni I.,\ the s ', il 1--i ,i i ii
the criticizes an.'i d i L'-ti 'sl aill 'ii.:Jd 1..
Nlias PEcel.s. tie : .lrdl r ..1 hI r rI.rt rt I ii-i,'.
fulh(,.\'ed 's nl early a. p.'--] le 1
T hat could shi 1 '.'. i.i l. i l- i. ..t .,1 ..
alle flor fi',mils'. u-s th, t ll in11,i ll '1 1..t
use cold s ...\ er hii tl s, i h:, r til. l I,',ri i -
ash.,ild he is llb titttlt .dl II i. i' l ll iiiiri L ,: -
and speciall lI.-sIth h,-u t-. '.v ith h..L ., ,,- .rA
siliuld b prb iinltd hi r i I..liil. i-
Com mi i Iti.
Tht ttiiperature .fi '* ti.lr a's it Ii--ni-
ifr'nlli Ime top nii '. r \ i is i,ppri s'itl'.. lfr i,,
the t' ei' .'te LetilIpLir'tunirI L -i the L lI ,l.'si-
w\'hich i i is 9 d5 ,yr.e-s .. thliaL Llh, t. rii ".' I.
shouv.er batl' ...'ii thi 1-tLll us hli:- Is t the
F Ij i e ileanip in lthe I. i l,, il, I .-t. -
T here is no cin-pl'-ti-:iii ,,11 1 i 'h-ii. -i i...
the neceesitv l7,r hli.t a.tr I I.: 1,ii., I
cim e-l entire' I'rji i i \ iii. i- Ii'. iln tii i
riedquarters, wlo,;is Mi- [il.k: -k.' ", 1.
hav': %later hli tnicl i i lliL r L.-11. t. .
The additional co,st p i I iilth' i..r ji-t ,Ils,-
tub. hot N dteCr linil r niiil ill t uisi-p inr
lieu of c,.Id siht I.',.r I .* ,thI ; ,, I.uld I ,I* ,r.'p -..-
i m atiely : 10I In tilhe tpirna .n11 ..I' ?lil. t i'.l
Sanitary iffihe.r, the 4-,., .,r I.atlh -.' -up.
plied, c \-% rs -''ry 'lillnt, ry in c. -ft ..
Ci ilicism.
In s."pe ilii.g 'i I, l iiti.-d tl.I ttc It j i 'rt r.. I'.r
I t li ana Canal C ..]-III1111 i .41 11 tIpl. .
MIiss' Blc'l s StatLs thl.t 1 .00I 1 I lli nl i C -. .11
structi-,m e:smn'es ,i tl l r is.iiI.I ari i | ,r -
tered in bu, e.iar
These air nit I l.iiiinis'-i... l CI 'I|ih .i .
h lut PF' oiln s. r;,ilrIr d ih.,i. I r .. '.'.ld *.n
M nintenar,, .l' \\ ay,. alid in tlhe i'el,, it,.i
of thl F'Pa in n. r:,nl....Id Th1 i- i. 1i ine ,I
their dIuty i such thI l t h, i.\ ILi. 'i ( Is tp r-
min nentily quarticr'u.l iT 0ii',- I thli I s i1i
i li;.ioni Is l.l] iir c.ani -,.
There i .r.it n. i.si ," "l'ibhliti_.,sal Ilniu ii
qual ttrs. '1 I ie sigl i h -,- ii. nlirL s,: l-
able th1 1 the l',.ur i'aninili h .u4 n,1.'. IK. I.
constructed. It ,s dS irl.'ihi I.r vair ..Ii'
reasons te. i have niu.,e 1.inil'i hfi: nii tl.
C mn i I.
At pre-ent iliteie are U.ii.li l allll ll i. tllii'
Istlhnus. There is grtit dein d fI'r ;,dll-
tional faiu il quarters, ai.iu, nti i.p t, eral hundred It '.'.ul '. riLqulir a nillh.',l
and :i half dollars durin- the pii.-ijt tfi-c'l
year to supply this Ileiiinul The fuiii.s
av'iilabln fr llhe prc-ent fi-cal \.Air .-ill i.t
perm it iore In il]y ,lt;irmCt - hiIIL, eC-1,.
structed TIIe cis-t IiI lItildin -i.,-ii it-
quarters is fully 5i I.r rilnt in v.x.s- ,I til.t
o' the I111ur faniiily t pe ,r 1 .louip I.lmiihl
this would reprcis.nt ni 11ii.rcasi.ldco-.t il'Iullt
$1 1,0(10,00I4) ill buildnluL ,, aliii. Furtlci n,,.r.l
detached lhouss I.bv %.v. ring a LIreat.'t r :ci
would mean incrii ilas.d estniieu ii their.
structioin of roads. ds.lisr-' i c.i' ii]]m' -sar'
supplies, c,.al, distilled iiater, and .tlELr


things ,s.iil.h ,',re Iui n1li.d I'r'. by the Con-
iiiiss-i,n. In ...I i r il. the c.,* t of pv,..hi ."
:1 li ile. 1i .r a i:aI i 1 II. 'iii -s to irr,. Ii -
ll'.t i'elinU red t. 111.' ,li, 'i is le for a bach-
il..r, ,I,.l i.. l iit iit ..i] il. I .. lie; that is to
-.I tIh. Com-i i. 'i,- 1..,. ti.e same, if it
i |llUuis.B .'-J."-,l t.. In' ri-Is 'inarters for a.
Ib'ich ., I, ILt .' ill l ri 2. '*I. to furnish
,i:s.rliLr' r I'lr' a i fii il'
C rI ,. i ni.
).l.r> 1,.,h, l .r filu'.rtir- ,i, needed. M any
;ie .l.,:' ii I'i 11 ii' *...ni nd often times
thcv '*r ni.t c. .i,' l' ..l t..i E ..' i another.
C' jII ll .i r .
'l.i'...],.l.. i. i rt.i I" ... .ilequate w hen
I llL] 1i,-,.i O ..C *-trtii tion areconm-
ijpli.etl I. l ll.c]li..' I 1 .it men in a room
r ti s,,i t..rl.'! .,'i l i',,t ti-.: rule, for not
per ci. t '.I t h .\ 1 ,ii.'r iii' iIpl ,, of
itl'i. C rsi.iini .... .ie ,ju r:rtErs. in that
1':,. At [' nit b-" hli th,.r,- are four in a
i ii .. iii. l..c il.iic: tr c e iii er construc-
u L.n i ] ,,,. *h-ti i. t-- r tl.. 1 t ll . .
,, lir ],v h :- f,.r tll. <],,'1l p.ir,.':u t ', ..
Il. it i-. l ,.-.I nI i.le t. 'itr :Iu ge transfers
Sth'.'t Im .n ,.a'in. .It' n c':j.-il.il compan-
I,. k I, it I,- vi.. .,12: \V hen new men
-.'IiI in I,. t.il.Le 'p ] l l ': iin-Lion ofconge-
iI;ilIl t i1 II :.-rt.L'.r i r[lI ii M en are as-
..' t, ': .. i'.:- h re they exist and
I .r .iil. it 1.-11- p,.rti are w killing,
r .n -l.C r i I ii i ..l. .
I i t ..I. hI. .- iIt ,I lwn -lI,.pnig room s are
I.ill i Ir ni -. .l..ri it,.ry should be
],01 Vl 1)l', I",ii ] lii h 1,-11-1 D irr ii.: 4L "ere

Il.c ,. v ii. -4 l. ;i ..i pi'.ttl ell 'Irenched, and
j,1 t n.l t I.- I....r It 'is "auth .1 itively stated
l'. it J ', ..' I, I.. 1n .; IP' to sleep w ith
1iia1i ll. .*.. r tI 1. liii I.Lc.Iu-- the rain beats
I II .t l I i c l l l I Il l I l [L Jl A
Cur. mi1enI.
\\ I.ii thC LInr- --' 1 d-rl,. .ry was first
....Ciul .l ii '' -., .I r I I -t [i outside blind
.1'. i ii -lii.iitt .. thl.' r.. r .i s had not all
K.'.i Il i 'i .Ce 1 .1 nl an iin nnstually severe
.-,r' i I.rl. :.- ,l.ih ,,*cdir, l in Decem ber,
t.l'.,i tl. I .iiiludi,ll. '.': IIt nd unconmfort-
al.,I.. .1 Tlm i.m -. .. c..,,I[ uicted that it
'i I,,.t I..: *tl,. -.l .,irs. .r less by the
S'.Ii .i..i r li .I..r -,.'i .t storm w would
i,, i itE ,ll,' uimi .l :I lc during the
'in 'o n': ,'1 v '..I l li .r in the tropics.
'I I inir i|lI i Inn ro % I r.. L from strue-
Il s l I I.. ,- :r. ; -i. ni ,.1'1l designed for
It' ; 1,, '[.- It lI... -..* md, rainproof,
.eiU il.it'..I r. i. l', I ,i cn implantss have
he'.. i il h i l ,i .,ii,' it *,t ...:cupants during
thl l',i t .:, h '.ll -.

['".'. i .... 11u1 -1,.,. lt I... provided for

I' iii- f, r dir\ ir.; i ...i n f..r bachelors and
ill. .r Ir li I'1.ii al-Ii.r 'cd, and two
tij'. rijll [.t.lt il'.. n. r,.,,. ieuc at Gatun
f'ltl Eli. 'Etlh.i :i[ I'lI lt._.1il. *ire nearly coni-
pletLiI \\ lia it i h d ii'..,i'tiiit'Il that the
e .[I'riniintt'l on.'- re ir uiiiiii.l, additional
,,,ii.- ..ill Ic r.,i.- ui cti:C.l Thirty-eight are
enttt 'iii.iti.Il -.'t | e. :cE.'h a;t .1 total cost of

.niiiIEi r .-i.-. .u11. dirt'i',cult' the existence
4.. I, .I.LIu;s :'ill v'i.rjiin t.. uch an extent
a 's Li t l c .ri, ii- di- I. 'i l. it
Comml. 1,
T' I i n L. I t i. .. p, .cL I in a climate
.. i l :1.'l k I .. ir, .Ct hii'. Ti,. Commission
L'i, iiLats it I,' cl .I", I'I. Ui- 1i its power.
'istin 'ig.iEt.rs '. ,l.c l '..ls'..1 It Ill all
p,,ir .s~~i i l th h ., ll. L '; I lttT' L -~ .. of
iii. liii c] iil l .iil i r i i ,i','itsiLd at once,
.nid all iiil.ttr N.1 -.- 'i put lhr..u,'l the
pIIcL'" t hli rt iiLterv l-

Janitor service is very poor in the bache-
lor quarters, and it would seem desirable to
affect sons. ui,1. i -'I .'ii'., with the Govern-
ment of 'I["ii' .s '. I. Is.h, Chinese servants
might be secured for general housework.
The janitor service is not ideal, but the
standard of. iL 0 ,- has greatly improved,
and a system of inspection has been put in
force, whereby all rooms are scrubbed out
tI it'. i l -1.1.. The laws of the Panama
i'. .piil-, i.r..d .- L the introduction of Chi-
There was much 1;-- i-F, i,,.., .]..,i-. the
American bachelors who were sleeping upon
cots. All had been promised beds, 1II many
had not yet received them. There was also
dissatisfaction because of the inability to
get furniture.
There are practically 8,000 white em-
ployes of the Commission and Panama
Railroad Company, not all of whom are
Americans. Possibly 2 per cent of this num-
ber are -I1.,ii. on cots, but this fact is
due to the loss of a steamer with 128 beds
on board. All of the men are provided
with mattresses, even those who are sleep-
i '..- I. cits. There has been a shortage of
lsi ni'.ur., but it is due first to the burning
of the Mount Hope storehouse with a large
quantity of furniture, and second to the
delay of filling all kinds of orders in the
United States, which has extended from
three to six months after the date of agreed

Copper screen is required in the climate
of the Isthmus, where everything rusts, and
yet iron screen has been received largely.
It was observed on new quarters and hos-
pitals to have split in a few weeks. It has
been accepted in a spirit of desperation as
better than nothing.
Nothing but brass .s-.:' in;ii has been or-
dered or used. Some of the Ir:'- -s, .i-'. ni',
has proved defective and 1p' i i,,' r I.. tl,
same withheld from the contractor.
A' iii I. t 'l ..' rij tenement house laws,
the air space in quarters for laborers should
not be less than 400 cubic feet for each
adult. In only one type of house has that
number been allowed. The i,, i'.,rits of cots
are of canvas, but many ar,. dv ,,li of metal
lattice work on which the men lie with
nothing underneath them. It was s-hc,.ill'.
stated that 1,000 metal cots were'secured
as an experiment, that they have now been
adopted as the standard type, and that
more have been ordered.
There is not a camp on the Isthmus where
there is not over 400 feet of air space per
man. With the exception of two camps,
none of the laborers' barracks contains 75
per cent of its capacity, and some camps
are entirely deserted. There is a super-
abundance of laborers' quarters on the
Isthmus. A trial order of 1,000 metal cots
was placed, but 1lsu. were found to be un-
satisfactory, and are being covered with
canvas as fast as it can be obtained. An
effort has been made, tii.tiu..i. -' ill'.. to can-
cel an orderfor anotlh.r 1,1,11 .'.)ts, but
those will be covered with canvas after
they arrive. They have not been made the
standard I1 t.., and they constitute less than
10 per .,ot .1 the total number of cots or
bunks available.
In the location of ,,ip- the recommen-
dations of the .si.t ,l Department have
not always been alist. .1. and they have
sometimes been pl..icol .ii low ground,

Which wull make' tihem I be-
Cvoil.lt I

Tire g .rlt ' I 1 ,tio" aer s o"in thie
Isthimts w a: ' I i. campss and ave
bet n i t a ted t 1 tiy .... tilhe
, 0 : .: ,'! ,! th e

..I i t ie ,a titiry telpairtn. nt, and
thait as i ~'.' i l which t li nc ssity
of tlih work 1Tlmel t li : n L it whiie every
sanit:ay precaution advocated by til. Sa-
ierta I ept rtient las beLI t ake'.
Crit' el ii.
lie I rie at tihe liotel Tiv la : :I '
aid the serve ice is po or. her is no' ii
W {er idi thie btithrimt s. Til ool{sl ic

S. ..1... !=l, I 11 ,, ,1 tihe lo tel a Re nu t
per itt i i i, I ,1 i i i in t Ie I ,tel, and
it is not axhat it shuihiltie, a c tnreraiting
place of niploye s.
Cos nt.

arily fir the accommodations of employees,
lbut was intended tlo lite r'nl i on acomienr-
cial basis. Much tof the criticism is true,
but it applies to the past rather than toi the
present. The service aml ifood ave bo th
been iniproved. Thie transit nt prices for
S n***. a..-. hav le leen reduced. F ,.1 F
hi r ...r I ire uno t fo rb idhd e n o ,1 ,, ,
lbut oily those who are o,, '.I are li' id-
den tot attend, beealse presence at
their posts is necessary for tlie tcon: veniec
and comfort of the patrons r f the ilotel.
i .. Ira v'e 1 iel m/ ist ai to is lilac

is claimed that brick can hlie laid oer it.
I',, ,,. is one of the contributions to te
'an.manian Government for the ''
of constructing the Canal.
Common t.
The use of brick paving in Colon in place
of macadam would have increased the cost
several times, and the water rates to amori
tise thie cost of such expensive pave'inlt
would have been prohibitive. 1' .. is
not one of tile contributions to thle Pati-
in iani G(overnment f or the privilege of
constructing tihe Canal. The entire cost a"
thie work will lie reimbursed to the United
S- .1tuth in Colon anid Pallanlma.
IDistillathio and sterilizing plants have
bien placed in some camps to -I'l. i i, ,i"
mid palataleh '',, ;,,. water, i ,-, ,: ...
should lie ai!opted in preircence to steriliza-
tion, andt the work of uinstaliig distillation
plants should ls: pushed.
Commen i t.
u,;, in! ,i .,t l various points is sup-
plie. II .1 ..11,. [.' mlilts. Additional plants
wail i, ',,ii ..,. as fiunds are available.
An ef tot to secure distilled dr inking water
at the 1t, o.."t shops has not met with
success. I f i t i.- the watercir-
culate in pipes .... I t ice, *i "..
its direct contact with the water, would ibe
most desirable. This miethlod is stucessftul
i1 factories in tiie States, and the failure at
s n .. i i should no discouragee a further
, ii. ,ii that dire tion.
There hias been no failure whatever at t'he
ror-:.,nn <-top, i3i the supply of distilled
' *ii I ,It, ,,,_ l ) ,iPis circulating around ice.
,,, ,,,,,l. .[,i.l of cool, distilled w water
., ,I ,1... i..] .u employes. is supplied in
precisely that mnaunei.
It is dcsiriable to extend the ,',1 ..- of
streets to all ,, .... matter how r mote.

The principal settlements have been wired

T'iL C\\'AAL IlI'oC RD

and are now liglh,, I 1 ,,'.. .,. It is

i 1 .. I i, sm.lklr deta hed ,i..,
,.I thevalueto le .i
t .1 tHie co t.
'Tiir lack of nutritious food uiliiidoubttletily
lias ieen the cause of dslisentcry and other
Thie Chief SatiitarC ( ,
1t t ie i ;1 "- ;
rI tI leri II *I ii. . ,,
to the cui racer of the foot euten."
.At tile .Aic hospital ti ec is uiltoubt-
I i" ' ..p]aint within r reference to
tooI i I of the hospital and pa-
tients. It is climed that "it is cold every
,1 in thi It i looked in a central
kitchlien I .1.- ,I in I throughout tihe
grundhs to the wards, mess halls and nurses
Iquarters, patients and emploves eating the
sati!e food.
Thlie Chie Salitary Officer says : "I take
y meals at t s whici Miss B ecks
reirs and i tiry see tie fI~nod served
patients. It i 1 plentiful ant nu-
tritious, I liher very e.w complaints with
regard to food at Ancon I' ' and
none of the complaints I i .I seem
i I, -t It is true that the food is
S. i .' 'ntralkitchen and sent around
froin that point to tlie di trent wards, but
each set of wards has a local 1I. li,
'1' I' ,, I-
tood is warmed I beltre being served."
Il iii ent cooks are needed. Cli') ose are
noted fti. I .. good cooks; they I 1 i be
secured *I. I ,. service, and the use oi tile
other type discontinued. There s oul ble
one chief cook, coiimpitelnt to ctilnal d 1
lnulch ii1 i salary i hilan nov,: paid, wlho
wAoutd I. .tI. his time to supervising and
I .1 ..- the cookls, with a view to placing
II ,... i HSils on an equal n s.h
Fit]hcient cooks are need, btil great dif-
ficulty is experienced in E i' l. Out
iof22 cooks aio"canc to l 1 'i ...- Xxithin
thie last four .I1- six ria:Min, and but
two of these r i .- cass. The others
I ., lI;. l ,, ,, T h e

S I ,I I .I . i p t into t effect.
Chinese Can not be secured because of tile
prohibitive :., .... ir. ., law of the Panama
There should ble a no i . .
of food -nill|1i Aefore ', -1 .. ,i
the Unit. .I ...
The q , of War hals m-:ole arrange-
ments ., Secretary of i I .l at
the ,. .' of the lsthnmiai C 111 .. uis-
sion, to lave all groceries and iroa'isions
ilud e iler food -. i eofi> e
slhipInent front the i .. ., : as to
.. .. ] iJ ,Et l , .. ,-
i" h "' i... rt of .i I ', I fiod
There is no adequate supply of fresh
vegetables on the Isthmus.
A conitrat was closed early in a- .i i
for rii additional supply ot two hundred
tons of fresh vegetables to be V I to
Col. .l. '. two weeks from Ni ..... by
thie I '. .i..I te Royal Mail line.
All inspection of the ..' at the Amaiin
Co1 Ilissary revealed a i, i. ,f such -h.1.
overalls and other goods as would I. ,I..

tt'S "ind iiil 1. :c11 1 tt iiii

Q011-t Il,!

t 0ll it.T u

hut .I 1j Ii I ii EMIL i

all(x't L t il I L, I l~t~ tt I''
Ik 1% % 11,1t P i niI' t 'li s.i t i -1i iiii t I-

hilt] Ie I -a i.1 n, II El.l'lt .ti i i~t'

tro i, Il.ii r i.- r .1 0

A:c- I llu u.iiltlt. t IrI.Lr 111in-lr11
SW : pl~o L '1.nn 111 ".7th
COV.ii' iiI I-J liii' ill" i. '

I~~~ ~ ~ 'I' t'i I -II ,1

rIrn ItI t i I A .1*L -l~ I -lilt1
]loit. i 1t 1 1t It.
nad ]. I .lt T_

T' hi it. t "' 1,
ilar I i t i lii li it ..t i It~il'io i.i ii..

=,C r... ..i .

C W." 'l t.

"I lI .. Ii h .- I. I I. I
. t l ,.1 1 .. .. i ,, , I .I .1 ,,

' 1 ..I ..i -i .l.. 1 1. i . .. 1i. .i I .
I n ht l 1. I l ,. . 1 I 1

Il ,t.i ll, '. I 1.i I- *1 . ,I h

I i l I, I. I, .
r r, i,, I

Ci ci..-icr.
'ii.il 'i '.. ,i, ii, nttl.er not quoted l]. i i r n,
.i h ilit l- ,i l I In I n.-lliil I tl, o 1 .
I Il I h ,i -I I i .- ,I I 1.! k. i I i. r i i ll,

tii*' 'l .' I i t 1 ,, 1i. i ],[., f' t' I, ec -t
'.10 c.', h. ,I i~ m [ I. .. ix ., ,,..h

*i- l 1 111.] .i i. 0 I I E I. I. I s f ,.. t. l

.Al l 1 11.) 1 1 th. i .-i b It
ilt i.- 1.. l.i.. .1. .. I. ,il t e edt

I t I I i I- -i .11 I.i ;. ..ir li, n in
II -I 11 1 i l 1. l.... i i. i ... i l iit i t o,

:i ..lli < r ii .II. i .-i i t he slisc th f .th
i -1 a11ld ini lit .. Ic i I it so t io a
t l. II . I 'I, s I il. II l t.aid ]i !l e c i e'I

t .' i I .I

i 1 1'-|i "lh I I .l i ,'. i -' .t s .ort xt a is

li.l i, I. I .I.. I i h,. C .1 . m. ,, .

l i T il -i 1 1 i i i IIhit h ;i, 1 e e .
TII1,,. I 'II, ', In. ...11u1 1 d L a i shedts,
',,.,,i th ,lii.1h i,. ,ltlhiler not quoted a:o rei, o i

in [',i.- i 1 'h ,', to fii nd i. d i A se 1 I

11tilt t it l. pt.,r I l icI Q bidr Qa C eno dh

.CII l .i i ii.
;,. i l .] I ., l.... 1I,,, i . , l e . .' to

, .- Ihe 1 .,,_ 1 1 I .. six , I he
.,ull I,,..'. pr. i r,..., ,imie d hree grains

'1, tl. ,,], I r.. I ** (,Ios fie ta elargestI I
Ili l llll, r ol t l "'

1.11.1 1I r i Itit s1i l e i.i i

T I 'l t t l ,, ,. .,. m1'! a-1i.es i0 n
I.*-o_ ill -h I l. ,1,i | I ".t 'y l l)
.L L .l l I'll.. .' -~ ., e J ,,, , t .
t.11 1 I ,. ,'1 1, -, L e scy the' ,
I ,, n r e]1T,,' 1 ,,,,ItI 0o s .

, .n I-t ., he it ',T. I 1

an LiJ',LL % -r' -.. ,., .Itt short I i nterva s
fo ,I,,,, tht h,,,. ,,,d ,I. I,.:,,,J an eessd Ie

for the prr,-t.:-,-t..-,, ,4 ,-, crl.mnen and woubld


1u an covering 1 il" the whole line of
I\: (Canal with these sheds. There are no
II ds that could he made availablle for this
S* rk ai i.i' even if it should be e on
* ,'ered ... I1 i to 1do so.

Circular saws should be guarded.
mall circular saws in all the shops on the
1* lmus are guarded; the I ii ones it is
..: customary to guard. Asa matter of
t they are situated in the middle of a
t, e table, which in itself serve, .,- ._
, the saw, and there is uo 1 .,i., ,- i
; operatorbeing injured', if he uses reason-
,',le care.
i 1uropean laborers have been deceived yl
,1li,.. statements with reference to hous-
,-,, recreation, and other matters. Promi-
-. Q have been made in the States that a
i,, ,n would be able to get married quarters
irhin sixty days, and verbal prinmises have
'n made of rapid promotion.
If representations and promises of this
S,,d have betn made. they have been given
I -olutelv without authority, for .. .ilii
* tW he kiWd appears in any of the ., '
*., lars of the Comlmlission.

Commissary Prices.
or t~l i;fornmtio- of prrrch-strs fromn rthe
\.* .CiSn n Ais s n (tilt" I o n" ,he per- ei 'I-

,- < cdld to the inv oic c It of coyi s po r i
seaL These !t'er cntn70s cover !I tr. 2s-
*tttl + f an tut p r'ch:i~ti expc se expenses
r i cei cs fit1il io. la-s.crgng :ri o tf., os p c-

tscripiioii. 20 per cc: t
iDry p4'i.s1 shocs ;iJ i e ti H. 25 terce, t

c nt ths
of sso

N, sesa iVitc, c .nd n a i ipl a Ic rc, i 0
lardn'iarc, ^**31 per c unt.
It jovin l.rn oistr-t iti'it it is ncc ti l.'rger psrcenlif;fe to arlcl of ad ns.s.vdre,
it 1 0'...loraz 0'Hn hotiol n(rrc on .eco/j.t 01"

'plsgs v; gulc, A, .srticlts ani.f. uniictur, ii
c.ciure oir tihe Lb ioutii (itessgry to .,ly fir

itIhel iii, I/it tinii li~ iit t$ i of I pl pait.

Ir 1.k . Oct. 1. :

.Ch1 ll .1//.4- T'S.
c yirh i st................ Ier i
l +/0

I ti .p. .
I lit)
t i do..
t t-cu

I .h i cl-rO eist e................. ,. $. soup.......,...........,......... dlo
.' +t +w\............................ tfo
Or ned......................... 1
,/3i ,e ; ri -i r iu d i i+ i b iLtt s,
t ell .. ......... (Io

" ,. sirliDon.............. ..o
orterhotse............. d
i tiff/i................... ... O
Litt. dl 1i1....... ........ .

I , L ,I
Cetire tlicijti t'teris...... do
;- rio
,, It I i i i i/i

... . do

XIISCtLLA I I !0. 1 *l
f. *' > cf ................... ...... p /1 Ib..
l ,,. ,ailf........................... .
is ;. l p.11 h..................... .. i r l

/ it c.





2i, t ',$]i





.., *' 'per lb
S , do

m ' I 1-
,,, i. t Icht ..


pi Ii

secllrd o(l refjiesl o

lik, t're, A.
oi l S.

lick. John
T' i i iwa rd

+tlhnorC John E.
nmickinmi. John II.
11 t. M isi. I +.

Jeker. I saix
J ucmncdy, Arcliv
Levy, I. w-vin e/o I.'
W,'. l.ivy
l~eonanrd H.
.l !c y, Robt.

.Maxwell, Mr. T ie-

S M .+
S\ eson, ri. R. u .r

7 I; rso ts. C0arele
SRich rds, Idat Miss
1l St. CltIr. Mr.
lZ for Cetiint
3, ittitr. A.

sO West1ot1t, Harry
16; ea gley, Jas.ri.

1 t tiL

h i, ldt
C ut. Ch'} (,., Tilic Ilsi>.

I I+i+l> ;l:' (S.
Hn u, Roger
i Edwin
I Krnes.t
ireen, W. B.
lontiil Mrs.i Dlicy

loi(t-K'o, R. S.

m nll etlez, C rilos R.
Kcnn I.contnarl. Mary J.
1.inltg Chias. .

Mills, C. E., Y. ai. C. A,
" i ,, ", .\!rs. i5.

mi.ster, Tlhos G.

I' nrlcr. R. A.
Roarns. Htyiar 1++

, i .u M .,,IE.

' ;" Chas.. c.'t .'W t
Wright, L. E..r.
You llrnt, Frank 1.

,do ..IT

S p, > er Ib........... b..

,, d o-
S + '. ". ( do -
Lotrd,r .lb. tilis.................... cac+.' 6.
F I 10'10 tins.................. do ..;0
t 2i -lb. tins ................. per I ... 12
Butter, prints, prime quality. per lb... tar
Cheese, cream ...................... ea wch-. ,-
Ne .i.....te ............. do
oiin iciii ert.............. o i
. orn. e rt ...... .... per ... I
c .. rie. ...... do .22

S ., Go uda.................... t o *
Cheddar lantf........... do :.2

i............ ........ r dozen
it .............. ... per ib..
S................. iper hundred )
tt.I nnii s............................... per dozen 5
Pe .cl es.................... ........... 1 o '

C t il s .... .. .... ........ do
t rai' s n ................................. dlo '
C-+ic tillo h ersi................ ...... p i

I1 d..n l .. ......... .. ........... !i o 2t,

n Iudiicitcs reh ciicnts ro~l fat o!st.
It J d+icates t.< Sli'! e ton Inst list.
Sti.c1 t 5 c ecf.rlas .l oid fr re1 r0(( *I

NSolI os.'h fa'+> Cogif *t.rn e an:
'(071C1 or 1'1, :.1 CtI.IAG YES.
(Sil P ice. N O ii 'irh.P
11 CT..

iiI.. f

Misdirected Letters.
The f,,ll- win. h.sufi.chty t t re.sed hitlaers
ori~ n ti* ,' l i the T'nitcd Staes nd its pos-
se ctor'i Si h e t hee l! n' ci i-t lic -* 0f c of the
lDrPctor of t P .s:s, Atlc ,u. C. Z., 1nd y ]Iv

Mlil!. steriliz-e 3'i :s-
*" 1r'een1i utt:r+


I. i..'I I .'i . **, .h i I .\ L'h .
,,'u ., ..I ,- i i'ti Li.i. i l, ... ,t
l i I I ,i i 1 l i \ L l.. I,
.1 I.. i i,, i ,. I 17 \ Cii'll t i nl.
S li II I .... 1.. I I I l l] .

. .,I :, i .i 1 .. I i \ \ ,- ,,
, i I I II -. 11 i T,, h L II I,,,,
' ,1 1 .. -i I. 1 I. > l. l 1i 1 I, I-.


L -nlis r 'lllnll n, u l ( 1' aiit' ri .11 c
[ It l 1 .. \\ i '.. .,i i. I .I \

7 i, 1 I ..I C .. 1 i.. I Li I l l ,.

It' 1 1.tl .1 't1 i 7 lit i 1

:I I. I"[ur ,, LchtLl
\ I'. b, i iI .l I I i lr ,., -

\' ] I. Ir ,1|i ',. .,1 I .'- \ L' l l .10 r,,

1 . I .1 I .

i' ltn' ti ",' 1' .
i .\ i .. i i .t' II ... I. l- I,.- , I ,,
i .- I i l .. .l r l

I , -I I rI1 \ 1 -, t i, t i .. -,i .,l Ii ,
'. ', -- 1.I- "i' i 1 1 -, 1 i i. I 'i'. .
\I I 1 n l. t n] . i I [ I 1' '11 :. 1 1 1 11 i ll -

IL t 1. i1. ]' .1,-. i i,. r l .
\'," 1 ,, ,, [ *', I' I-., i n'-. nn I. ', I .. 1
,' .',,I \ 4 ,t ..,, ,.

L II 1 1 .. .: I. 1 I ll [ Ii t. i- r.1 I -. .

I ii i 1- .i I it i .

\ I --ii
I, ..1 i ,Ii. .1 ,,, . i 1 i T ,..
i '. ' ,u I. ;, ,'],, I l ,.l,

,. I ', 1 i I l 1 tI l, I .' -t, I. ,

'* L" C 1- 1 ,n.] h l. .'1 ~ ,J l',], 1

I 1,,, 1 1 ', I 1 .. .. r 1 .. [ ', ,,,. .

\ .l -


I I .- I* I i l i.m |i llu... i -Ii '- -
il. 1 it ] ] ; l I ,lln Ii I. II. L 1i1 I . I.i..I I i

I .1 |, ,, > -' l.il, nl r,,. v I I. i, ti .ft, V' .3,.1 "
liC ii .1 1.\ '

I I i'. i t r, t' I I', rl.. \ Inle i t
I. 1 .. .. I L C i 'l I -, 1 .., I'. -
i II i k I I. ll

I. n ,i i i >r. I I'. I y lt l . 'l-ii

I C, i \ 1 .ii ll r .,.11..Sil
Il ,r, I'. 1.. t , I, LF Ill ] ['. il, '. c\hn .l

I 1 I I l ,l t. i i l, Al ll.I Ii l

I I il t I. I L l I I ,I c' I

1 ]. It 1., l. t h ,-11 I E

[. 'l ii l llll .h l i. "I ll l i I:.l .
I ., I 1 l i
',i l I n k ,..| .'Ad ii I i i'. i

11 uli i IjI Ar
II tl, ii. t i ., u r ,- .. *i i '" i l > [ i l 1l t i .

.lL.,t 1 i. Ci I
I ti i ; ,, i 'l. '. . . l. lI, i l 'ir.

C lj C ,![*l.
I u t l l ll I ,r'tI r t ,'c n t" l' 1 [" l tt -

I,- . ..\ c ,,,
'' il r .l lI .n... Ui ii. \L _,L >u i Tll .\ n ..r. ,

1 r. l it. I . I.r A .. mi : t lt .\

1' .Uit lif I,; l irn, C_ n m, l' ,utt rl.-
I,, I X I i t.'. i ii
M ,,,( 1[ r ,, .u i. n, Lt x t .- ti i i
aISI C 11,11

,Z :.1 P I I fll 1.11
I, I l i. .I I l I i "i h, -, |
l r . I. I l..' .j .

I I C. l .I Il I-' I 1, .| I l. N
I 'll. 1 I l -?I
P l i 1 l i I 1

I 'l r *. 1 1 I -pH I I I \ l 11-. ,1] 1
I . .I.
-A. F l r. I r l SI e l c,. r
I . i-LI.1I
I 2.1 l ,.r .... I ,. ,.: i, l l. i, ,,. ,
I, l r. 'I url -iit u r ial li, l' nl el

I \ 1' ..... II . L ', .I *, L M.I 1,.r' ... .

L.',,I .1 M ii,, r. 1 "- I. .I- 'I F. I I I,
,',I '1 .'l l I]' l lT. h. TI .m: I ,. ,r-

Commissary Departlmentl.

I. 1 li ilL. l .' .iles Mn nr. : r. C rit' d.ial
"M \\ iit, (ilL v ral Si rt-rekic per. CL'ld
.,,. r;, l^l. 11.11 ti il t, Cl'istI l.l

[I.l ..' "I1 I \A ihlli ., I| ll .i-ml llffn.er, I.ni.

\\' \\ ...,.l. ,.lih ll' [le rl.

A. I. 11 i *r-. h ll rl

Mlovenment of Oceau Vessels.
I in, r Ill. -il. i. .n I.n. ."' I ilt -L linl of the

'I l 'III l l'' n n lI- t, .' r nt t
I i 1t r- P....l, r.,1 C .iip i i I t e
.. ,I i l I, I, 7 ,ii' .1. 1 .7i l r th2

r L Z f ..1 11 1 111 .
Sii I .%a .. r'i.., r Orw't 1;
i' 1 i Ci I'. l If. '1 it -' t i .. N .t 1 .

IT .. r L . A .1 ',rirln i Nt'li[ 2

IFt RI *r..I I, Oy I
I fitt .n. 1 ; I rt.t Ili do r-.
i 1. F'.u F- 1 *iinriea' r 'F 1
1 1l II 1 ''.* rl /.-I.' .r 'N o(. 3;r
i t 'n' I. Ii' / I'll fl I | Al *itiijl- ,i\'oC "'
T..' i .; '. I S. irrd.i ,\' r. 2
/ .,11t I' F : iii n. ,/.ii ,POt 1;
S. h turnrn ..r Dec. 14
FP' .1 .I / .-iitirltr ..or. 17
a l/. e /V' V11, ,' rd,/lri .i i'o '. 1 ;
'i ,'.,l .'r i lh I' ,f ."J*i.\ ,l rt'. 1,i

.. ,y .ny r (t 2
i' I li hi rrt,.lI 1 7't /i .'.-" 2'.
L,, ., ;* /,*F, l c,]n ..-la. '. it '. 37
I'r I ; .' ,r I I t r.: 11 ,-i ,,r-l. r O t.' i 3
t ," ,.', I- itrrl "r '. 3

P 1 I I l i' t' r cD L 2
it'e i . P. I t 'i(Lt u ,i n [/. t

I /rn I t A i7 ...tl, i iLt. 1 '
lI" ti ,r 2 ..,11 1' .i i uri Det 14

Si,.i 'i. I I % I I,,'nrl'.r O c-. 14
I .' /- I Il r ,- I -'liIi f
-I, ...,. V A/ Tihur,/i D'tec. 19
.u...R I 1 1 1 ,' r..r I l C l

H I i -i'.'' i/r tp nr 4
rn-,' i'm. iil f' tici./ 1i 11 I ITburr.i 2 n hN
I i I'i i l i." ..W .'' rhR',]...'ii 11-c 3'1

i ll tin . ii. r vl l nl r i .tl r c rir 2n

F i' I I 1 1 i i ll L R -i r .n r 1 -e
i .-. l09

S..,-i', I' i\i; 7 /ii r:,.l." .D rt I
O |; r .i1 It 7 r-in; r IL'

In', i i /1 1 Tui''r.I;t t( ".-';
I'..r n. l" / /il ,P ..,f-, ,.t S7

I'u il,, :i r' A-R'' 1 0.' hl; 'id.,l i Li',t '
i F, .- .-ii I lc.i' /I /I I n tl .. 1i r i'

Ptii..... P RR S I 'r i I Citi,'. I.oke 1i
1 . I' ,t I S 7 h r '/.r d 1 ',;. "
1 r.i p- u 1| .' ]t h r..I Y ..\'o 9
t_',,I H I' T' c,ri;,I .y ..'r r 9.3

!'r, l i t i ,Ar ,itt -.1 T'/L *,'i" ,O'ct' 1.u
1[ ; [ . I'k i| dn, w '' .l.|" 1', '. i

R .1 l P A .r.i . T, iP [ 2
R r,.1 1,.,.r i, ,,.m r -1 TNie ,,' ) 1 .2
-,r' .c f- R: .' ll UL' _"11.- ,t N r' r 2f;
Tro'rt .. 11 iT ',lntr .I. rlc. 10
7i 1 re 11 T fI 4 fT.1r . 24

ri-r+ ., I"7++,.l 'rirfr lI I \n Tur ,i 1ly . D e. 27;"

I r.',, ;.- I ... ur, ir t Del. it
4i ..+' f r' esl.. U P fR'f; Tier=.l i.i" Dec. L'G

Tr 1rr It, ithe I n IID\
7"_,.',+. PR. Tu -, -.t" .'.llc 3.1
IIr, z .l.* H ,R I r ..L :r. .. .'ee 31

.r r I i -r.1-11 Tu '-ii.1.t .. Oec l 1 .
L 1'ri I,. .L Til h .r .Cl.i e c .1 2S
7 r..-,. f Rr M Tiic r.i'it p .o.lr M 1ar

7 L , A ,t. (, ,r\l niu, t. 11 tlnid 't"

r /. .. ll i Rl ^ iL-t, r *.nl c-i 1 N.r t 2ork.
l h, I Ri .il l'rnnt T7,it1,' .'hiio1n it

. e ,linr _- h r Lr ji,-t- ,l l' Tu-,i r t'lin e l vI O. 'lt.gec
. .li 1' '-,l (i lr. 'rt.r-u. l t it C ien. -rl n,'rale


Volume I.


The Canal Record
Pul:hsiEd meekly u d.'. r Ith' author.,y 'i.di .u er l.'.ior, thi

*The ic .'.n 'l R't r,- I- i.-,....' I': c ..L't,' . -
'ri.l i" r .i i I- ,,n i nam/i1 .Lt t n L ,1 1 i L
t i.on! fr,.I P ,.nit ~l.'r l. '.ill ... .l I .'.Il, I r 1 i ... !
nlL rtt 0r /ic' ru,, r. ,i t .. o, . r
f a r jta i, I'..in ri t nc n T, 1 t, /'. I f ,, .
I,,-Iro ,'l C, '1C. i t.t'y r..,ir 11 L' I ilr N t

Address all Communications
Ancon, Cana! Zone,
Isthbrrus of Panama.

The Cucaracha Slide.
Dtrir tihe p;lst '"fcl; the ;-,', 1, of removing
the material cast into Culebra Cut by the
Cucaracha slide has continued with undi-
m1inislhed en,rg Rilectric are hli.t, have
been errectu I -it hli: lide, and the work has
been nirri, ed I.,r ..,.ard day and night with
three -till, i- ,..I.;I The effect of this has
been t', z,; 1 .I -, Iv but gradually on the
slide. aml it IQ I',.pl, that within ten days
or t'.'. ,.ii.k< the moveenent of material
trains thr..ug;hI th.. Cut will be resumed on
the ,I].1 Ic eCli: This gain has been
nachiec:-.I ;1i -pirt. .i the fact that dlin;,i the
l.,r tI vcit'. 'I1 % thie rainfall has been the
li.aVi,'- t -I the .e ir
Chniirman's. Monthly Report.
The rep, r t hr tl.., I airmanof theIstlhmian
Cannl C,, -.mim.,, i.,,r September is publish-
ed in lull in t h. r -..,l imns of this issue of TlE
CAx. m. Rc, rci, it :L.' yes specific information
as to tlie pi'r,.--rc .*f Canal construction in
all divii.'ii- ,'I tli., work, wt-r,' tl> r with
olTc1.I Itl. : s i .fI :.cavation, dredging, rail-
.iv. c.Instruct 'ii. trestle building, etc. It
sh .'.s thaLt tiuri,,_" the monthly there were
blrouii'lit to tilhe liithmus 783 laborers, of
wti'mni 1G.l v.ert E iropeans and 119 West
Indians. Thlre \ c rc employed in the United
States 214. g.,id i li,, and on the Isthmus
146. A\l the ad .,I' the month there were
v..rlhming "..r tli Cilmmission 4,638 men on
tlie gldl r. lls -od I \,969 on the silver rolls,
a tital ',,rce .,' 2'..0117. The Panama rail-
r..-'i, forct uimilirCicd 6,238, making the
t-t:'l v ou'l.,ig f,'irce of the Commission and
railroad 29, -15
The siublsist,. ce ...perations of the month
shi.ed a I.,ls of $2 1423.40, due to the fact
tlit there .' ere 0lk. 30 days in ., lri lc,..r,
inludiii t".' .e Suni,l.ia and one holiday.
Tihe pai\ r.-II 'ind, I. penses of the mess houses
vrere about nas ui-'d, but the revenue fell off
appieciably. Rceipt.s a'ppr'caiu,.-te $5,000

a day, and the loss of receipts for one or
two days is sufficient to ttrn the balance
sheet from a profit to a loss. It is believed
that the operations for October will show
a p .fit that will more than offset the Sep-
tember loss.
The postal money order sales for Septenm-
ber amounted to $332,287.95, an increase
of .T2",,-- :"over those for Auglust. The
collections to be turned into the Zone treas-
ury by the Revenue Department aggregated
$5,628.23,an increase of$564.92over those
for August. The average daily consump-
tion of water in Panama during September
was 7:'1. ,, gallons, and in Colon 292,567
Coal Consumption on the Isthmus.
The consumption of cpal on the Isthmus
amounts to '.' ,,U tons a month, or 1,000
tons per calendar day. Of this amount
4,000 tons aroused by the Panama railroad,
12,000 tons by the Transportation Depart-
ment of the Isthmnian Canal Commission,
- '1111 tons by the Mechanical Department
of the Commission, 4,000 tons are supplied
to the various steamship lines at La Boca,
and 2.000 tons are used for miscellaneous
The coal situation the latter part of Sep-
tember assumed a very serious aspect, as the
reserve was exhausted and there was diffi-
culty in having the transports recognized at
the United States terminals. It is hoped,
however, that the crisis is past, and efforts
are being made to secure a requisite number
of colliers to make good the existing short-
age in the reserve supply. The colliers Aln-
mere with 5,000 tons, and Aiistor with
4,700 tons are unloading at Cristobal. The
Cunaxa, Vortigern, Sangstad and Ran are
reported as en route with 18,300 tons.
Becauseof the shutting down of the mines
between December 20 and January 12, the
reserve supply must be sntliciently great, if
the prosecution of the work is not to be in-
terfered with, t) tide over this interval.
Thetorpedo flotilla, comprising six United
States torpedo boats, that is to accompany
the fleet from the Atlantic to the Pacific
coast, will take about 1,000 tons of coal at
LaBoca when it arrives there some months
Gold Commissary at Cristobal.
A commissary for the exclusive use of gold
employes is to be opened at Cristobal
about December 1, in time for the holiday
trade. It will deal entirely in men's fur-
nishing goods and clothing, and articles for
1-i. -, wearing apparel, shoes, etc. There
will be a v..ii in, room for ladies from the
Line, in which they will be made comfort-
able until the departure of trains.

Watershed Inspection.
A thorough inspection of theCamachoand
Rio Grande watersheds has been completed
by the Police Department and all human
inhabitants have been removed therefrom
with the exception of a single I'.iil)' of
natives who have inherited rights of prop-
erty, they and their ancestors having been
living there for many years. Negotiations
are in progress with this family for their
removal which is likely to be accomplished
soon, and then both watersheds will be
entirely free of human habitation. Several
families of "squatters," who had no prop-
erty rights, have been removed from the
stream between the Camacho dam and
Empire. In future monthly inspection of
the watersheds will be made and they will
be kept clean of human habitation in order
that all danger of contamination of the
water supply may be averted.
Highest Steam Shovel Record.
The Division Engineer at Gatun reports
that the maximum day's output for the
period October 12th to 18th, inclusive, for
steam shovels in the lock site at Gatun was
on the 18th, on which date five steam shovels
excavated 5,472 cubic yards, an average of
1,09 4 cubic yards per shovel.
Shovel No. 107 led with 1,600 cubicyards;
Shovel No. 102 was second with 1.152.
Shovel No. 117 was third,' ihl Il.'.'. Sli'. vI
No. 120 was fourth with 1,024; and Shovel
No. 104 which was hampered by a narrow
place in which to work, was filth with 64-0.
The highest daily record hitherto attained
was that of Shovel No. 114 at Gatun, 858
cubic yards, on October 2. Consequently
the four shovels first named each broke the
Fire Possibilities in Palm Trees.
An article in No. 7 of THE CANAL RECORD,
entitled Fire Possibilities in Palm Trees,"
points to the destruction of a palm at
Tabernilla through lightning, which set the
oil in the tree on fire and created a strong
enough blnze to endanger a nearby build-
ing. The article also states that other
palms in the vicinity of buildings should be
cut down as a matter of precaution, but to
save any of these from being destroyed
unnecessarily, I wish to state that there
are only two tall growing species of palms
in the Zone settlements which contain a
notable amount of oil, viz.: the "Attalea
cohune," to which the article refers, and
the Cocoanut palm. The presence of these
around '",ili .'r should, however, be con-
sidered more beneficial than harmful as they
will invariably protect houses from being
struck through -i, r.cin.: the lightning
upon themselves. II it'p 1'; SCHULTZ,
Ancon C. Z., Oct. 18


No. 8.


Outline of the Work for the Year.
The Canal Zone free public schools reopened
after the summer vacation on October 1.
Schools for white children are established
at La PBoca, Ancon, Pedro Miguel, Paraiso,
Culebra, Empire,' I.as Cascadas, Bas
Obispo, Giorgona, Gatu anid Cristobal.
A school will also le opened within at fe
weeks on the beach near thle hospital at
Colon, for the benefit of the children of em-
ployes of the Panama Rail rod (Company
quartered in that vicinity.
Schools for colored children have been
opened at La Boca, Las Sabanas, PIaraiso,
Culebra, '.iiilir, Cruces, Matachin. Cor-
gona, T.il I iiill I. In.I., Gatun Cristobal
and Playa de Flor. It is intended to open
others at Pedro M -itna Las Cascadlas
San Pablo, Bas Obispo, I' ..I.- and Ma-
In the schools for white children 2199
pupils have been enrolled, while 638 pupils
have been enrolled in the schools for colored
The teachers for the white schools have
been very carefully selected from the numer-
ous applicants for appointment; prefer-
ence being given to those with normal
school training and previous experience in
the United States. All but four of the
eighteen teachers employed for the white
schools have had such experience. The
colored schools will be incharge of the most
competent native and West Indian teachers
that it is possible to attract to the service.
The delay in opening some of the colored
schools has been due to the difficulty expe-
riencedin securing properly qualified colored
The schools are divided into eight grades
in conformity with the similar . 'iii.,' ii.l
of elementary schools in the United States,
The curriculum includes reading, writing,
spelling, granmmar, geography, elementary
physiology and free-landdrawing. Inaddi-
tion to the instruction in these -nuic't FnPw-
lish-speaking children are t .iii. i -l....Ii
and Spanish-speaking children are taught
English. For American children who are too
far advanced for the elementary grades,
high school classes will be organized at
Culebra and Cristobal, in which instruction
will be given in algebra, geometry, Latin,
Spanish, botany, physical geography, gen-
eral history, rhetoric and biology.
Children of parents who are not employed
by the Isthmian Canal Commission or the
Panama Railroad Company andu are not
residents of the Canal Zone, will be admit-
ted to the elementary grades wherever local
conditions will I. I mI, upon payment of a
tuition fee of $2 (gold) a month, and to the
high school grades upon payment of $4I1
(gold) a month.
All necessary material, including books,
pencils. pens and paper, are furnished to
the children free of charge. No expense can
be incurred by children of the Canal Zone
attending the schools, except a nominal
charge for the mutilation or loss of books
or other property resulting from the pupil's
carelessness or niCL hli_-. 1'
It is the-aim of the Division of Schools to
provide for the children of American parents
instruction similar to that which they
would receive in the public schools of the
I'mrad States, in order that they may not


he handicapped by reason of their tempo-
rary residence on the Isthmus, and to pro-
vide for native children and children of the
Commission's West Indian laborers such
schooling ns thLey might obtain il. I -
lic of Panama or in their native i-1 i,1.


Activities of the %iont Men's Christian

Beck eand oriange Ims lie chosen as the \.
Al. C. A. colos. lThe yllina. in committee
las .asksd that ail nemnes bh sklet-lill, and other alh tie trai ns prox ide
thel sel is with 1 a/ldii.s sleeveless shirts l
uade in black, with l-ilh aige ,trilpe itrss
the chest.
The library recently installed Is being very
generously I .i ,..1 nild aets a long-felt
want, not iI i '. 1i fietin., but lr refers
enee books and standard technical works as
well. Mr. Harry Orenstein is iin charge and is
classifying the books according to the -ir.
in vogue in the large public libraries ,, 'i.
State Additional books are C eig aI added
tlitr'llgh lie gnaibrosity of J1 1 nlhiis and iris id s.
i on uill ient hlas been received for the meeslll
ieal drawing claseis ard K Ar. an l tirice io., of
Gatbn, secured as instirucntor. The class will
open about the first of Novemibr.
On next Thursday night there n ill be heldl a
indoor track meet un r the direction of Mr,
Geo. H. Old, chairman of the athletic commait-
tee. The program will consist of high running
.unmp, run ilg broad ,hnnl pole vault, iotato
reliv race, high dive, etc., elsing wxith an exhi-
biti on game of blasket-hall.
Messrs. Hughi T. Kinney and E. .Tahlley lhaive
been asked to organize and direct the indoor
Masebati work, which is being intrdniced rrfi
the first time
Equipment has blieen added during the week
for volley ball; like ise ten profession l ionlI
ing balls and sixty new pins have Ieen placed at
the disposal of the howlers.
H. Itlan and l. L. W tomack are this week's
winneirs in the billiard tournament; a Ir. Harry
ano and I'. II (reegor in pool.

Mr Louis F. La Nose, late physical director
of the Newton (Mass.) Association, is expected
to arrive Oct. 21. Mr. La Rose will be the new
assistant secretary, giving special attention to
gvyilnastis, athletics, lasket-ball, howling and
billiard tournaments.
A reception will be given Mr. La Rose on
WXednesday, Oct. 23, to which the entire inem-
bership is invited. The gyninasitni and track
tmen have organized a unique program fothe
The following additional privileges are ex-
pected to lie installed within the next thirty
da ys:
A well-equipped barber shop, with an ex-
I, I- I ..1 .r ,fessional bharlsr, and a shoe-
1 i, I .1i r I
One first-class additional pool tablefrom the
old Cristobal ecllb.
Cigar show-case and cigars,
Six-limndred volume library fiction now
ready) ; deposit systemni used.
New outfit of chandeliers throughtiot the
house, with 50-e p. lamps attached.
Ten new official howling balls.
Complete set of indoor baseball equipment,
an official volley ball, volley net, and one dozen
new foil masks have already been received.
The second series of the local howling league
games has been organized. It consists of six
teams of three nen each: teams are to bowl
two games each night; total pin-fall of the two
ganies to count as one giame; the teal win-
ning the highest minber of games is winner of
a challenge c p; if a tie, the tean wit the
highest average pin-fall ins. Captains of
these teams are as follows: No. 1, Geo. J.
Loughery; No. 2, It. Collins; No. 3. Adolih
Getnan; No. 4-, Jsssic C. Hiser: No. 5, J.
McKorie; No. 6. Daly. Mr. C. I \"tti dei
Heurk is inana'ger.

'hine yI I Ii 'I- ln- ii, NI
'iii. ii '1.1 I. .~i .ii Ii .i *.h I I U~i Iea

th bl li I'i.i I it I I I,
nieiulcr01 I *. i.

(liil~~~.i~ii~i Ii ii~ii I


M .;ci x,i I.I i I. i'' 1 lr

The IEl .
Clab fmic, ,,i r
Messrs. I I r
C. HI. Andc .
bold, Hienr 't

I I I~ P. Pu' i'll,..
j I

7siir of 1 . i .

taiat itgi'........... ii I I I I T

friia Ie I ii i re.. I i f

tin- 2, t, I, e.i.


p.iililt w i ,i II o - -i I thu
(,et l_'i 7.

C131az'ains C;iI
TInIL CkA :t I- I I 11

unian ~ ~ I 1an iiL 1. 1. 111i. 1 I 1,01

1-: I I. t 'l i

i. a 1n r C17.1


R-'..rrlt of rcl ,.rn.-c iolh t.. Cvrl..,.-i, ,n ci-"
L. lcjt9 c. 51:11 i.,.c-li.neal Smir ..' -

li'. i Il/. ,,I I i I ,. c I F .n
ctc ,I, r I .F- - I- - - F. nl ...... nn n. nn .n

li -..., l . -. . .. ...I
In, h c cll T tl. .i i i c I i . I
iiI i ..an L i.c.ic. I c i .- F .ii il
*i ,. i c i l -.i i ,i .
|'],r Ii.,. - II .I .1 . iii,"
II,. ci I c ccL I II I 1c c i I as , I'

SI in I I.,,I. .. I
-ic" i i i li nl ,h ,c i nc i I c. '

ir's I,- Ili
1 I i c.I .E i + L .L ..
Lc IIctF .... ci 1.,

cc Lc--cci cc
fI I I -c ic I . ..I . . .
I.1 1. c c ,1 , . ',1 .- ,,

cIi n ci . i I . i ..... .i . *

I *,. 3. aF-cc ., .,.... ., .F.'I
I FcTI i i c I.- i c- i c n l . i. -

'1 1 v ii ' I P Ll II i i l I n l i
I, ,I I ,I5 h i,1 .I .. i. n r I .. i L i
I r l l. L rII I I ,I ,1 I '. r, I ..
r I t.." I -%. ... ,. ii. r h '.
I I L i ,1i' rI ,,,i ,,i I I 1 L I I ,.,, ,r ,
-I I i cI [ i n l ,[i. c r-I I 1 I i

cc-icc-c.... 1 ,.., i..c I Iit . F F

*i ..n. ..il : in. ... i
.I' .., , , ,I 1 .1. .,. ,h i . i ,i
I. .I. ,hi l , ,11. t.I, ,,
h i,.l,. I cc ...
'i l r ,I *i i .1 .. .. i ,I c *I
ii inc ..I i i, I ci . .I i II nl
II, III ... TI I I ..,. c I '. ,, 1

il.. r -l I I i i i i i ., ,- I i ,i
-'icc I i. ,,n i i .. . i ,Ic ic .u
n ii, rI,,- 1 .F ci ic c cnn cI I. ',, I h I
i JI. hcc. . ii .. .n i I . I .ci

Ir il .1 ii I. . .s . .i T .. i ii
on :,.........ccc,
I'c ,.' 'l i ----I --nn ---, i ii'
c. cI1.1, L c .

-ci. I rc F c i c F
h, ic .I.1 c c. . c-cc F.
ili Lh Lf" I 1 nndl n c L FI .. c L ,I n,

l c-c.-. r, i -i i -. .l r i Icc' ci. 'ccc Fh4 -
-,clt1. I cc,I I,r, '--c, Ic F "c LIi.

l. I, n .. . ..
cc 1.15 cci i. c c
ccnll , Ic iI I I I '.
'ii r .1 c cls Il. I
1- 11 tc l cc '
I = c1==1 I iF. . .... h

.Ii i . i. i i , F I. ., ,I
.I cIi .. cFI .I . . .I .,i i..
..I. L,.I -. I -rll t r. I ,.. c.
II- Iic cc..iTl ii.,,n i l I' ,

iL r' l c.I ,, -, c Ic l c ili L I r. I
inI i I. -. c'i I II I h. .. I cc ...i.I -. ,, -

cI, TII-II h .1.cI' .,,"F c ',-c I IIII11 F -'.li"
,' n.I L .ul 'r ' L.... I ,- n , l
-h., i.- cc ., Lh. I i. ........ .i,' c.

cc -c. I. 'c i.
~,-, L .c c 'F'i i cn i, c c,. iI cc
l i h t' t c., i ri i. i n.*c c c '' ',
'c l..tc.. .c F i c h, c .. -i ,1 .

.. v., L c I,'.... .1. . . .- .c.'
cit cccT.I ccc .,1 F..,I i. I, -cit' 'n licc

ll l I1 I -.'. I- ic i n 'c. ." L . F Ji
cc1c1[ ,+[[ iL ~l.' Il T'i. -c cii ., i r, r L
i. c,IL .'lic ni n lIcch, nc c .,. c n t.-I I

h h .. .I I. , ,.-

l .,c11 I I.-I i..- h l .. i '1 ., i I .

r t Iccik..ii,i c i, a i-c.cc .cci cI .1n c c. ; .[ c.

TlHl C .\N.\ RI CIRll D

I i I J .-',1

I. I

I , i h .. .L

I L Ii .
I, ~ L u i .1 I r nl 11.

L IF1c1c 1
,i I I i ,i.I
*, . h 'I i. --i -i, cI ,, h Ii ,. I .

ncl,. ~ c .c I h l I .

I1 .iI s
i ,I i c , I I
I i . i '. h I, ,

1 I l--' I I I I r ,
i , ,c..1 l h :.,I ... -.. I

I i
L - I . , F
i I i -. '' i h .li 1 l , ,
It i c .c I. I i .h
SI I, c i ,,c ,c
iF i ,i , I c.c .1 .
I I . II .. . ,, iF.- .h ,

1 ' ',,, , I . c c, 1 1 I 1

ccc ,, .-c.. c i ,,
n ,i ..i nl I i F r

i , ,,l i F. c c c , I
I I, ,, ,' I I .. ,I ,I , ,

,cc ,-., ,
., ci i .c I i i i

,I I
S l ... I .
c+'" i I. F. ... .I -I c c.,, ,, .,. ,..

cccI l.. i, .r,,,. u i-. ,ic c, ,,,. I,

-n1, ,, . "c. i ,,, ,

c Ic i, I I I, . i c , c I i l
. . i ', Fi .. l .

I, .i c , i.I ,,'
-c ,Ici I.!., cl, ] ... cc1 I . i i -. c ..

c c li c- c,. I
.1.1. .. i i c. I -1 .c cii" i ic ] c .

cc. cc., c .c
j ,, I .. , . .~ I q .

h .c i l cccl, 1
-I, 1,, l c i . i, F cci I ll cIc 1

. c L Ii. ,, Ic
, cc..1 I .l c c c .. .. ,l ,I ,c h
I ll.. ,, I c l 1 .1 i c cc, i 11J ... c ~ .cc ..c.-

ci ,c c .. c i ,,, ii i i ,1F- .c i h I
,c clt, I i I .n i l. I,,, c in *c ,n ch i ,i1

.. l 1 . .. . .* : I l .1 I .[ 1 1 1 ,

cc I c. .. ,, . i ,, ,. F ., hi
i F,, ii c. c,. c, .i ,, ,, h~ -c i I II. ,r

cc cit ,1 c 1t-' li., c n .c I i. . n ci,' .,,i

. 'r. Tl, r. i... .i r...-its of lignite occurring
, 'i, ... t .*1 1 1, rciilla m 1ight be considered
, ..... ,i ,,t ,. c.lment. Fuel of this type
., ,, ,.i ii,1i ,i.-ld directly would be of
',i ,.. .' ii,i I. i-.hI percentage of volatile
i i i,, tI. lignite could ble taken
.* I ci *,-, r h. c u- -if the gas producer, and
S i I rid for power.
s. rs.
,. .... .. .' I. c barrelit finished cer ent

S i .. ... ...............$ .15
S.... ................ .69
i I t .I . .................... 1 2

F c

... .. ............. 3 4
-I on the following unit

I . '.. 1 I ..I tnd deliv-
I ............... $0.20 per ton
.- '." c li 'i I ........ .50 per ton
S............... 4..50 per ton
.\ ,. . i I minimum capacity of
1 i,, .. F ,, F ,r would call for twelve
1 hii.- d would cost about
S .. .r..in .1 39 cents for plant and
S. 1 .' r r ciarrel would absorb the
.r at 6 per cent in five

S. i .i ic..i forlaborin a commer-
c1 ,r ,. ri. try is for packing the
S,,, i, '" F "c c "I,**. bie eliminated on the

\1 I i.' .. I nyopinion, maximum
S .. 1i I n., -:-Insiderably reduced in

l11 I I ce of coal, taking into
c.- ,,c, -c, ,.c n1 I-. ceney, the price for fuel
., *c. ,I, reduced to 50 cents a
S'"' .tlion to the use of oil,
1 .. ,.-" i . 1.. il,: dependence of one kind
S i' i.. .ie source, and the conse-
S, ,rr., ,, r, ..Iling pricesand insuring

1 I ,,.., ,n -c i..in,.d front lignite would
S i I .. E still furtherifanabun-
I. ,.. c, L ,I -"- good quality could be
.... i ri ic.ri .,,s. Itisunlikely that
lI*l.'] .' c l .i Iliis fuel exists at points
..' ... [-.justify the installation
S. i .ilt; so that should the
I I' '-.. [ .I'' it undertaken, coal from
ii i hc..I -n L ..icl.l probably be the best

n i i **F CLIMATE.
I....... existing at all times of
i i. i the rainy season would
i cc c -. I.,",iul effect on the finished
c'- cc.' II r i FI c, c1., humidity would be an
i c,,. the process of aging,
.' ... in-.. stood, consists merely
Si -Ii i, r. rr illnmethatis presentin the
S ii l .... .' .iL r burning,
t lI '* SIONS.
ln .. ...I. ii .i...- i.e said with confidence
ii, .r l I .I .. ... .rt equal to the best grades
cIni ih l' i -, ,in c it Fr in' c'dStatesor Europern may
I Ic Ir tiI l. -r I.-.ias and at a cost not
-' i I h l .' i rrel, and probably less.

Litin .'t-.r-niv Club Election.
I'lic iii ,i 0icitlcit of officers of the Uni-
Sr.-I% Lc. h .- 1.,l1 at the club house
i l.],i. tI..I.. i*n. 1907. The following
,'cIL- tc. ]., t i.1 I.r the ensuing year:
lP' -,,lcnt T"1- I".i Blacklin Bishop; first
'. -. i- .ki \1 i l....i.1 Shanklin; second vice
,. 'l.., .] .!.-...- i i' .-tellcll; honorary
i ... cl, T I i,.....1.ci Roosevelt; honorary
c'c .rc ,_ it.. i- t .1 ',iiii.l Atnador G., Domin-
,. i. 'Jil.Ic c.' .\ Austin Arango, Gen.
'I' .iin, ,- HI Il l. I.nidl. governors: 1, D. W .
.i; ,i -. A "* L.... -.r; 3, W P. G,.r .u.,
4. l II ... I.i v. 5. Ernesto L kiir. 6.,
1.1.0'. 7 V.,l..i Obarrio; treasurer,
C \i I ..il ,iil: -: cc tary, P. Vince; assis-
t Lil -,..r t i', I] L l[arsh.
S1h.. c.I ulI 1.,,,, 1. .~. membership of 231
I ,,.h.hi 7'. ILl.r ,-.il are Canal employes.
[Jii I,T th2cI \c.ir i li.iraryof 525 volumes
v,- ,I. ,i.t I. I .'r. ri'homas H. Hubbard
,1 :<;.... '.c l I liI library now contains

\ -i,, ..I. r \ il 1. en i iltii .y,Oct. 26.


Continued Successful Working of the \\o-
men's Clubs in the Canal Zone.
Miss Helen Varick BoswIll having c. iI,
pleted her work of organizing clubs among
the American women in the Canal Zone,
sailed on October 17 for New York on the
The regular meeting of the A ncon Wo-
man's Club was held October 16 at the
Hotel Tivoli. The president, Mrs. W. C.
Gorgas, was in the chair. At the request
of the president Miss Boswell took an active
part in the piI... dAll-'. In the absence of
Mrs. T. C. Lyster, Mrs. Charles II. Jewett
acted as secretary. The meeting wascalled
to order, the minutes of the previous meet-
ing were read and accepted, and the con-
stitution was adopted. This being the first
regular meeting of the club an informal
discussion of the work to be taken up by
the various departments was held.
A recommendation to the home depart-
ment to develop horticulture was received
with enthusiasm and lively discussion en-
sued. It was pointed out that there was
no reason why the gardens of homes should
not be made beautiful and attractive, that
with a little care and attention almost
any kind of plant and shrub could be made
to grow here, and where the soil is arid all
facilities would be given to the procuring
of loam or richer earth. It was indicated
that seeds would be forwarded from the
Agricultural Department at W\Vashington
upon application. Those who have no
gardens were urged to take up window
gardening as a great many women have
already done.
Touching upon the educational question
a resolution was adopted which embodied
appreciation of the efforts of the Commis-
sion and Governor Blackburn, but expressed
the hope that a strong, progressive school
organization would soon be effected.
Several points were brought up with ref-
erence to the work of the philanthropical
department, the president naming Miss
Russell chairman of the committee. It was
decided to elect a second vice president to
ensure the presence of a presiding officer ini
case of absence at some time of the presi-
dent, Mrs. Gorgas, and the vice president,
Mrs.Maguire. Mrs. Boxer, of Corozal, was
elected to fill the office.
A suggestion that has come from the out-
side is one that has aroused considerable
interest. It is thought that I .11. .. driving,
orlaunchparties could be formed for expedi-
tions to the historic places on the Isthmus
and the surrounding islands, a special study
of the point to be visited to be made before
the excursion, and papers oil the subject to
be read at previous meetings.
The club will meet on the first and
third Wednesdays of each month at 2
o'clock. At the next meeting, November 6,
Madame LeI'rince will give a talk on art.
The Cristobal Woman's C(lub had a large
meeting on October 16, Mrs. Mabel Loomis
Todd, of Amherst, Mass., being tihe guest
of honor. The rooms were tastefully deco-
rated for the occasion; a musical program
was given. The president, Mrs. Lorin C.
Collin,. introduced Mrs. Todd, wlho gave
an informal talk on "Astronomical Expedi-
tions," Professor Todd having had charge
of nine or ten such expeditions, in most of


I. l h lI,. 5' ,- 1,,.. ',',: ,. I, ,n i,., lI 1 1 I i! ," dl'
.... 1 \.. t. ..t th .l. ', ,- t..-]i l, .r [ l t,
1 1 I. 1 ,-1 ,t il ...i i 1. I ..1 h..IL .1i
-,,, ..I ,I ,'u ,.i ti. ,, 1" I ...... to t h, ng

Thie Cristobal club is preparing for work
of a strenuous character. A lecture on
lome Nursing," by the lead nurse of the
the Colon hospital, has been arranged by
thlie cniiittee of the home department.
The literary department is i,.,.l. Kth,.
arrangements for a course of papers oa
Japan and the Japanese.
The president of the Empire club has ap-
pointed the following chairmen of the
various departments: Membership, Miss
Eunice Pr.' i. i.. literary, Miss Jennie
Heller ; refreshment, Mrs. George Bennett.
The regular days of meeting are the first
and third Thursdays of each month. On
October 17 a musical program was given,
followed by a reception to new members.
The Gorgona club has appointed chair-
men for the various departments. The
club will give an entertainment on Hal-
lowe'en; the following program committee
will act: Mrs. Wolfe, Mrs. Calvit, Mrs. Van
den Ilcurk, Miss Faxon. The literary de-
partment is considering a course in soci-
The Paraiso club meets Thursday after-
noons of each week. Mrs. F. R. Kosier hav-
ing tendered her resignation as secretary,
Mrs. William E. Lowe was elected.

Degree of Pocahontas, I. 0. R. M.
The regular meeting of the AlfrectteCoun-
cil No. 1 will be held in the Fraternal Hall,
Culebra, on the sleep of every Thursday,
at 7 p. m. A Spanish class will he formed
next meeting, and the course will be free to
all members of the degree of Pocaihantas.
Visiting sisters and brothers are (.i.hi .ll
K. ofR.
Culebra, C. Z., Oct. 18.

American Social Club.
T'ii CANAI. R coRD:
On Saturday evening, October 12, a very
delightful social function took place at Las
Cascadas when t he members of the American
Social Club entertained the members of the
community. It was the first social event
that had taken place at Las Cascadas and
the ladies of the town undertook to prove
that in spite of the fact that the inhabitants
were so far from home, a social occasion was
possible which had in it all the character-
isties of a similar time at home. There
were alout a hundred i couple present and
a number of couples danced to the music of
the Marine band whilst others enjoyed the
games of various kinds that were provided.
A bountiful supply of refreshments was pro-
vided by the ladies and much appreciated
by the company. The Social Club feels
that the thanks of the wholeconinuinityare
due to the ladies for the fine entertainment
provided and the carrying out of the pro-
gram in such a manner as to create a desire
on the part of all present that such social
gatherings should be held often. J. A. Cres-
by aided the ladies in their plans and proved
himself a fine host.
W. J. LYoxs.
Las Cascadas, C. Z., Oct. 13.


M r- 1. I' Kitch. v.*,h,, h'n lh ..n visiting
her .ilt qr, Mr-- ril:.cl.lii M i, since the arri ral
*I thI. '., r. ,r 'i ni d li In tm iily on the Isth.
mus, sailed on the Colon on OctJ,Ilr 17,
and will spend the winter at Ihm lime in
Washington, D. C.
Mr. William Gerig, Division l.ii'mvei at
Gatun and Cristobal, sailed or. lie Colon
for New York on October 17 for a 1,r v. cqk Is'
leave of absence. While he i- :, .lih w,,rhl
at Gatun will be in chargeol' 'I.jor Cliestir
Harding, and at Cristobal of .laj.r Ed.inr
Among those returning to the I-thmu ii.i
the steamer Advance, which arrived at .'r Is
tobal on October 16, were the till..v--iim*
Dr. S. H. Caldwell and Dr. A. P Herrick.
Ancon; Dr. G. H. I'uitnf., Culebr.a. .i Pi M.
Harry C. Bovay and wife of Ancon.
A. m.,O' ltl,, I|.: r-l ,'i s -ailing on theColoi
on October 17 were Dr. and Mrs Ml. L
Conner and Mrs. R. B. Smith, all of Cri.-tc.
Mr. W. G. Comber, Division Ern-rineer :t
La Boca; Mr. C. E. Weidman, Chief of thi
Canal Zone Fire Department, and NMIr.
T. St. Clair Hunt, General Agent of the
Panama railroad at La Boca, were among
those who returned to the Isthmus on the
Panama which arrived at Cristobal on
October 21.
Mr. Geo. H. Ruggles, Resident Emin -m],:cr.
Division of Municipal rlm,lh.niniI l` ri s
removed his office from 1impi ,ri t Im u lira.

Archdeacon Bryan's Plans.
New York newspapers announce that
Canon Henry B. Bryan, Archdeacon of
Queens and Nassau counties, and for fifteen
years connected with the cathedral of the
Incarnation, is to give up hli;i- 'IIL ith
the Long Island Diocese to ic:. pI th.. Coiu-
missionofArchdeacon ofP..,-,' ia '., .r
General of the Panama Can..i ..n,- .n :ld-
jacent sections. Canon Br, ,ii; ..-,l'. t, ,.:
tile Chaplain of the Aumco. I1 il.t Il.t P ,a.
am a.
On his arrival at Pananii .il.,.it N.,iim.
ber 1, he will practically ti-'..- ih: p.. t i.n
of Bishop of the Isthmus .IP lii.iI:t ille
Canal Zone, and one-hall .'I tI. Iliiitd
States of Colombia, havin .ill tl,. p,..ers
of a Bishop with theexcepti. 111 *.j ,urd.hn rii,n
and confirmation.
The first work of the Ar.:hl.-lt.n .'.ill he
the establishment of Epi'..'p ,1 clii'clies
under American supervision f.'r thie benfit
of the 10,000 Americans, e: .gai.rs, ailr.ia.u
men, and surveyors. Ca-r.ii Brv-mi Inter
may establish a diocesan -ch-li..l on ihe
By the I. C. C. Band .: .tCi i..r',. i ,
Sunday, October 27. at 2 p. m11
1 M arch.. I,. i n ,. i'-- ilr t~ lcu
3 i i l I-L ill.. i I r 1 1 , 'i i. ,r i

D. a. E r .r!' ;-
a IO-., I' ...o'" S %- I ,, ur
6 Idyl,. i i .tre
7 Overture ............. . .r
8 Patrol..... .... I 'r. ',1.1l
i [N. l '. l r
Ci u i E. .1Ll. 1 '- ,
1 ,i,.,ni Iir-c for.



Monthly Report of' tie Chairimn to th(lie
Secreani.v of .ur.
i .. L. -Lcr IG. i'. i7
T'ie* H.. -.r., IIi.
7Th- .Sl .r.r t.f- ,, il '.ir

S I \ h,. i .. r t* *.-ul.. i llt thI e 1.[-
I "'i. iprg r't r l,, i ",ri' i,. l" ti ,i ,.U t' .L [-tihlii li
I'll tir. it-I, ta lli, fl' t-, i al.lu 1'JU 7
U r. PA i T '1 I i .." L .. '..* l. n' 1 .1 \'.'.i I . I ,
I 1. L i l 1 -In. 7 .'
L.n m"l 1.1 tint III li Lh i 1. l t ,I .rn,,,, r ,1 ,L *t l i

i c lt it U- n ..- [r t. n ,f .1. "1 '"

[t. " -i 'lh. - 1 t ..1 -.r -. ,. I Il 1

I 1 '.,J 1,. 4 I ',1.1,. ... -t i I'', ].. I. ,', -

Sep. -
"110 7 4 U- 7 I 4- 1 -

tu t- ie ir.., i I I., I 1. 1

1906t, and that the average amount per shovel
was 4.2 percent greater. A larger relative amount
of rock was removed in September, 1907, than
dlnrsi [I.-_ L'.le ii, in last year, ..hile the
rm'ninf.iil .' '. I III. .greater than for the
ait*, hiii.inmthu ani i li l i
190 i a id that the aerag.lled during t pe month

Sof rock was removed i in September, feet

I- .4.+2feet 20 5 miles
Id rn 11.e: i-.,e i. li, 10l7 tons of explosives

r *l;i,-.- iri 10,9 miles of new track
.i .-i ... i 1.ii ofold track removed.
r liinf l .l .. i. -i ii., ier of laborers atn f ork
Sil in 1.. .586over the average

ile i'il. .. I l lledrk wadurings accothe plisonted
L., ti iC\' it it io r. i.c i'- 1rtment, on the dumps,
i l.i t ir i..,11 ties the latter leing
I\ rgcl. eiril- ii ,'.1 in takingcross-section
]."ur, 'it nt: -- .i iii shovel work for use in
coin Ih L ri 1 -.ii, 11mii 1. i'7- lint ofns excavation.

IL r.TI1 is 1itii.t11. -1i 13a,1,96 cubic yards of
e.Tihe ,-,rn, .'. s' r .. crust abernilla, prBas Obticaly
il f ..i 1d i....l I* ii, taken from theCanal
ni r-rles f nw trak
All i1 ..l I I. .i .,- ofi Tabernilla hill for the
pler;- ii.,. i -i u j..iti.',ted to an elevati pill -i .1,c .i Y .-". r I.n er10 feet of depth can
nuot I. rr-,.i I e w.ii-,ii.'l. until the Panama
r-olruudi lI itt, .1* .1 ed.
A, S in I -..r, t i. .. cu586c yards of earth
Ir, irei,-, ,t f-t i. Canal prismt, and 42
L.ci the ni l itrL e I L, cortmenpleting the dumpre
olinitr .t sie ,i rn aI.. Ill.. nt prism and vati ost
01l It: flaupi i ii i -. .IV .
At C rl n-ito i- ,,I. ,ivi opposite S con Ptinulo,
-rth er. 1 I -il -. ,t Ti h red, c rnilla, pratic a lout
i-rc 11 th the Cle ,cit n, i c, essa i.-f r lth.. Canal
Iprii-ni a.r.llt'I ur i i viciity. The shovel
w.il a nt. e ir .ii, :i t TilO la to Cai lleo, prthe-
pleairi i..i to li,.,' ia-.i,.t cad atio an t the latter

Editing i.. e n.-t r-. 4. 10 feet ofnew track
%rsre li d.- 2..-,3 i .track were ballasted;
were Lai d. 2.550 lect t' track were bullasted;

:1 '. l '" .- -l".i:.,1 .? '4'.' flm I I .,] .-nI I.'.0:o

-I r *. I *
Trthe rainfall at San Pablo tor September was
13.39 inches.
During the month four dredges were in opera-
tion on this Division, three of which worked in the
Canal prism and the fourth outside of the prism.
The amount and character of the material
removed by each dredge are as follows:

Dredges. rial.

1 F i' ,* .. :i I, "
Ir -\. ', Soft

dredge ............. Soft
1 Sixteen-inch sue-
ftin dritl re Soft

J drsI.le -..,-s Soft


Place measurement,

17,000 cubic yards

132,101 cubic yards

10,968 cubic yards

260,773 cubic yards


The sea-going suction dredge Ancon and the
old French ladder dredge operated in Liion bay.
The 16 inch suction dredge worked at the point
where the pre-,ent Canal crosses the old French
canal at .nI h.1, I lie dipper dredge operated in
the Chagres river, on the site of the Gatun
Work was continued at the Mindi hills during
the month by two steam shovels, one of which
worked in very swampy material, which greatly
hampered progress, as also sickness of the crew.
This shovel removed 8,671 cubic yards from
the Canal prism. The other shovel suffered
from delays incident to sickness, but worked in
morefavorable material, removing 20,166 cubic
Gatun Locks-Four shovels worked through-
out the month at the lock site, and a fifth shovel
was started on the 25th. The total output
amounted to 87,4.23 cubic yards.
All borings were nade at the south end of the
lock site, and 1,145 feet were drilled.
At Porto Bello the work during the month con-
sisted of iorina for e ravel, clearing on the reser-
voir site, *. .I -.,. r ..', .: on the d nam site.
In the office, work was continued on plans for
tlhe concrete plant for the locks, as well as speci-
fications for cableways and cable railways con-
nected therewith; also on plans for crusher plant
at Porto Bello.
Gatlin Dam and Spillway-During the month
there were two shovels at work on the spill-
way site, the excavation amounting to 30,315
cubic yards. The filling at the bridge at the
upper end of the dam was continued. During
the month 187 piles were driven on this
The sluicing of material from Dump No. 2 into
the dam was continued until September 27,
about 5,000 yards having been sluiced down.
Work on the 20-inch pipe line of the first suc-
tion dredge is practically completed, and work
on the hull is progressing satisfactorily.
Dredging in this Division was continued by an
old French ladder dredge, a 5-yard dipper
dredge. and a second old French ladder dredge
which was put into operation during the month.
The total amount of material dredged was
Locks and Dams-Two shovels were in opera-
tion at the lock site part of the month, the exca-
vation amountingto 5,431 cubic yards. On the
cast side of the lock site 540 feet of trestle was
driven, making a total of 1,417 feet on the east
and west sides. The trestle on the wel t side is
being used as a dump by the Culebra Division.
Boring operations were continued between La
Boca and Miraflores.
Theexcavaturat thedrainage ditch progressed
746 lineal feet
Preliminary work was started on the various
features of Sosa lake.
1lhe rainfall during the month was 10,14
Connection tracks from operated lines-At the
close of the month connection tracks which

'. r I .. t ...1 .Ill, n .' .v i . 1 J I . .1 [r .

4 i lII I

9 LIa L a ',t .,1. I ,'

10 Buena .. .I
11 Tiger H .tI ,, .,. .., ,.l
-' -I ',11. the month, 66,677 cubic
yr'.i .1 .. ,re,. .1 were excavated, and 162,777
cuhic yards were placed in embankment.
Trestles for filling-The third trestle, one mile
south of Mindi Junction was completed.
The trestle in connection track No. 6, to Corozal
dumps, was completed.
A trestle 500 feet long was constructed at the
south end of connection track No. G, to connect
with relocated line.
Five hundred feet were added to the trestle at
Ciametillo river, leaving 200 feet to be built.
Bridges and culverts-The temporary trestle
for Gamboa bridge, 1,035 feet long, was com-
The south abutment of bridge No. 309 was
completed, and piles driven in foundation of
Pier No. 1.
A total of 524 cubic yards of concrete was
placed in small culverts between atindi and
Gatun and Pedro Miguel and Panama.
About 5,000 lineal feet of foundation piles
were driven for the 10 by 19 arch culvert at
Track-During the month 1,618 feet of perma-
nent track was laid, making a total of 15,439
feet to date.
The force of laborers averaged 850 men.
Panama-A force of men has been engaged on
paying work in the vicinity of the new theatre,
and a small amount of maintenance work was
necessary on the roads in Ancon grounds. New
roads were in course of construction to the new
Governor's residence and Sosa hill.
The crusher plant at La Boca was operated,
yielding an output of 1.200 cubic yards.
Line iVork-Work on the road at Pedro Mi-
guel was continued.
Between Paraiso and Cucarach aa 4-inchand a
6-inch water line were relocated.
The output of the Rio Grande crusher for the
month was 5,436 cubic yards.
A road to the post-office, Culebra, was colm-
pleted, and other road work was continued at
this point.
Camacho reservoir was connected with the Las
Cascadas system, thus permitting the dismant-
ling of the pumping station at the latter point.
Colon and vicinity-At Mount Hope tanks for
the fuel oil supply were placed, and a sidewalk
was constructed to the filtration plant.
The installation of house connections was con-
tinued at Colon, as well asthe work on the Boli-
var and D street sewers.
The driving of sheet piling on Dstreet was con-
tinued, and a small amount of macadaim was
laid in Colon.
Work was continued on the construction of
roads at Cristobal.
The usual observations and measurements
were taken during the month.
At Ancon and Naos the mean temperature
recorded was 81 degrees, and at Bas Obipo and
Cristoial 79 degrees.
TI .r,.,-* rI the central section, from Bas
0,.-Ip Grande, the increase in the rain-
fall over the corresponding period of last year
was from 4 52 inches at Gainboa, to 6.85 inches
at Rio Grande. On the Pacific slope, the increase
was 6.13 inches at Ancon, 6 31 inches at La
Boca, while at Naos, only three miles distant in
the Pacific, the increase was only 1.68.
The work in the Mechlianical Diviion dating
the month comprised the following :
Erection of new shops and installation of
Work on construction of five track shifters and
five pile drivers.
Work on erection of three Lidgerwood nn-
Repairs to old French locomotives.
Installation of new boiler plants at Rio Grande,
Empire, Gorgona and Paraiso.
Erection of 400,000-gallon tank at Gatun.
Repairs to locomotives, cars, steam shovels,

mlnloaders, spre aders, track sitilr er.1 s, imr-
rivers, nl other eqtip| 'ilnt
Mdiseelhtwvnuts new ;ndit rrp""r "''"'! !''" otte-r
diviio.11 and depr I iis.

111f 1"' :11 :1
Eref.'tifil t>('f;>tile ta wt'r- frr lii. I'.u ar-.-o ficc
tri line.
Iirin "a +a + -^w^-+\Viri n *+ i1n Ciill;brai-l".iiitire ;in'~l (;, *l"-
T'lc ir, ulill V w~li ill vijrinc liOIl, liiiliin t i;'lw !i l t r|! lIir t I hop, eIetl
li 1ht 1n1i1" t, itl. .Iss r )>' lnlt s; Itlso I ork in
PtIV+Si't7 0!** l I m"11M'^ OISTRS.1CTI^

11111 I Ii 12 II 1 11111.
ill I itli's
i',dI 11.111>1.

I ''t.'
* ii
ii' *t II I 't*' I
l~i.I I l'lil'lil...

L a.a 1 0 1 y O1 ......... 1
- i ..... l
:- ,, Inlj)rcrs'
I; +rr.-i-l;-! -No. .......a
"r i t 4tt "s t'" ........ 20
T'1 5 1 7 h I' -I ........ G
Type l- ISinruitor'iys+ G"
Ty|e 19 i h tl s ........ 2

' tal .....................tsi3

repairs were ade to )1 bimdi ait 1 t
old buildings Were de minlled.

There were ilroniht to ti Is lnIls dtrit g lt'he
IlIot/lh, 119 West I 11i;n hIl)tlortrs' an1d 61 ft11. Plto-
i , la towers ;t tol 7of t .

I ,' .tt nIle t of gold I 1 i i I t i 11h
Sl.t111s was N2 )t+, a 2n 121 ti 1e t t lll
l Ii 1 .1 oi the Ist llt I tt 14 +i
,1 30th OI Sepltemer, there Wer working
for thie CommlliN sion +,(;;! enl1 Oin thle g~hd rolls
And 18,969 Itse11 'Il tile silver rolls, kitng !it
total fhoe of B3,G07.

Tli Panlamat railroad fuT.cwas r>2ISR1
The subsistencee operations for thie mtOU til
shlowcd at loss of t $3.41i;!- 1L0.rhis lost i>s to. li

1 accented for 1l t.he fact ta cpt IIr d
llI .ll irty days atod included '.1 e S'dt ys a1 d a
holiday. The paroll d general expenses were

11112 i'ettr .t et',1 (1111 I .mI'll, tt.,.
Oiint the same, It tthe reen1e f i of conid1

erably. As th receipts ap1r1x.iati lt)'i,
'day the lss of one or twli d14 t It y -ll il
ttrn (he 1. alace sheet fron a profi 1a li'iN,
The net inconle during the t iotil of Octolier
wiillnore than ce mnterbala nee thlis detiescney.
A n~eW hotel W.'S opened at Bas ()lispo >.n
Septeiber 7.
Ge,)ne ra-At a conferene between the S t rty
of Governml. t of P atnaii.o the Chaie-mat of tile
C o m nm tis s i o ne a n ld t hi He ad o f t ie r . ..
of Civil Adntinistr,.". ,, '- '. '
the cable of ti .e I. i merican
Telegraph! (Coniit>;uy theecingh Mlzn:ainil~a lay,
.* l iodns yivciV~li as~n a+lrranged,+ Ipenldiii the
adjustment of the qnestion of jurisdiction oser
those waters.
Tl, *r .. ,' ; of" LO1b.'ico, free ( idn~ty, wasN
.1i . -, ,. i t" corr-esp~ondence, anld il eonl-
ference with thle Secretary of ( ov;rnnent of
lPanlama,~ with a view totlevisiln; an arr al illeint~
whereby the Commligssary mlighlt pnreha-.;1e duty+
S; I'i 1 acCO at coal, Iplus the IPanamat~ dnly.
I',, ,. the mOntll, b ete
the Foreign Otfie of t 1'na~t
indltile Head of tie I~e): . i Adminis-
tration, also included iifsoti.tions reipc1lii;
tiie f tllowhig suljeets:
Sisning of revised contracts fo~r the coltlectiu
iif Waer rents inlli cthrties of Panamall ;I and-(loi(I/
Tnic assisttane of a representative of tie et)-
lie of Panamal): .tit the quarterly rc dlng of thie
water meters hi the city of Panlim
The mattkilg* of mapsI)F sllioyin the l calioln i
the bollndaries of the Canral Zom.'. :l? determlliL+ d
by recent joint su vey.
Thle ;, *- f It street in thle city of IP;m-
amaa "* .a street railway y IIghas ee laid.
T rie p>aym^, and Widenin/g ofj s treets int theC
vicinity of thie netW G;ovtlrn.lentl pa;l:ee andl
Nationazl theatre, in tile cily of l+anama.
Htarblor regla ~ltions of thu' ports of Panama
;11d Cohlon.
Under the terms of a tircelar issed by the Pan"
lmu Railroad CopaIncLy, utheelihil n o I'anana-
lliitan citizens arc granteld i redt ced rate of one
farle for tile roundll trip fronm Colo io NcW .o(rk
anld retulrn, "when loitnil to) ti i to
atttcnd chlools+ B~y a recent tti
C2ommissiN: on, the same rate wasN exteded to
Peruvian stwtldllts n a~tlendrng sehoIds inl iie
Ctlitis--The Supireme toilet wais trot inl se~ssionl

hurillg tihe inoii1h of Iep temtbr Ie In the Ci tjil
Court, r lil mi 21 crimial deaet I' e tse ttI
Iri the district coiirLN, 51 civil an d 418eruintna
ase** were disposed of,
erx'ac~ie )^tpig i]rtriie^--Tl ie sales iof plos tage for
tI'll lmloth 51.1 It I 'I ie.' moIt
N3;i292 7.. 53, .in'increasei >F a~i0 3T .9o over the
sles for A s I,
The uu..' busites \\'is W itsnisticled l, o rdec
tiln with te Iposlal service, t ,s eoleetilos,
iSll tos, ut 'ti .treml ies c isi ild islrntlj

lT "tll~til >"tid lob S~u 111' is'it II th tti Zo '1re1
ury -f. oiitidti $5i ,;51. o ii' lm p1red C iti'
SIt>Ott l ttt9 uli. tl' iin l7 tut AliltCit. Th1
flinc it' till I 11 tur'.t in iy i I. 1li 01ilit jiilges
,it Pxlicte WJkplrt ti to lii, tiK* itill thee
WI ir.' t* '7 rrlts, 'u I'l'. c iirod o1 tllh I ilt ditr Igi
Aul ust, t 'iri "Id ., it irti iij hl. T.1 itl c s.n ti o tis'
the iiiuilr in AiW .....' .. iv t'>lii
il lt.l t tie n into cuslltd on thi' I hir l
Illlrin' ti'e m1otlt', 11 pollc'rt i were itllited,
,"tnd 12 dischtar^'es1 thiE. force on Sciptclnber 20,
hIt itin ll00 oit*c+'s' lmlen.
ttltli] t01 liill/01 T N er it 1,)e itn pcn+ ciitt-
wry y-entcliees; anxd T convicts were dischlarged
frosi lw the inliteildal+) I}3 re;sonl of tiie +expira-
'it oi of i tt'ir S int i t.I.en S.
As cotincr of Ilie Canal Zlit flie e Chief of
l'oli e reiofti- 1 0 IetlIs durinI tte ilitlth' 1i
fr~ which were due to raulrond accdu.en $.
Fire tep1rt'meit--tils Chief of the ife 1 cei Irl-
InciUt trc|orted '.l fires 11 the Ci.la Z Ill andi one
Ill tie ehy of IttamI llll dititnll the nlontli All
tile firesi in tihe Zinmc we're exiingui-^^e before
serious dilns e st.ltd. Tlite fire tie city of
tl~lt;inl;i deslroyetA two lildllgs s i,
depot, u%'iued an~d o (ccupied I)y tie i ... '
ro;iad (*onli|)anv.y Thlese' uiuldimls were entlrcly
destroyed, r<.stllui^l in a hw : of $10,00(L
The personui of tiie Pire l>prtnet va
inlcrc'^s.td durhitl the tionthi hy tile ', ',i
of 6 t rctmn, tile preset stret th I 1
leing 27 paid f l'ee and ) ^ vo CJluters.ii-
The periodicald ins|eclti o f CoinllisissionI prop+
erfty ) ty nil-mlM-r, Of lhie Ii'ire lje|> r~llleit, vn^
contnniL'dlc dunliI tihe iotl.)lil, ;ild sltep !mve ++
IH-Cen tahcnt~t to ret~luce to a tmilinllmn Ltic datnger
of tire i'Zt. tile +l)or ill'toer iltn (i' hnu Hdinlg.-
Illt!SIO. ()V a~l *IoOll+-
A iru' e lltoxtiit of+ work-, prleprtiK ory to tihe
open/inl of tile Zonle >chiools on 1+ ,W'i
aeceotl~i''hie by t~ie Jnls~ivin of durirln"
SeptemeiScr+ Teachers [(+r ;d the<- cliols liu+ve
b~eenl nppoinlkeid. ()1 tiie i~ippomtecs, 5 .tire lne-
gr one{ r~xceplioiil arle Anmlerian tealcher~s, 7 lI invtin
bgcnt tende~red a|4j+l ntnientls in thle IU piled
*The Eni[ipertenl~~eu{t of Sil{hOo>h- i-s preparedt
c:ourse s ofl Stuidy, general rulk;. l T
te-'iehleis iwsll the schools awJd a 1

OnH Sc|>t~enihcl ;0, there+ V,+r++ 1.0)+92 wa ter con-++
nleetion/s inl list ill tie city Of i: l'anam;!t, 14-0 in
COohm an~d 50 private cormectmtliis inl tile* ZtOIM
,'if eompnlred with I.C175, 11D a:nd 47, re:t~-|'e
+ n .I I A nuttmber of p)e++lists
, b3 i)]lunliing instjeet insla~;i ll)ions inl tihe Cities of I'laniii'in lll1d Co1lon.
Thte t|i!*'rteri* readying of tie* eters w.+is coin-
i, ;' ., !** IIama a nl d Culo d ;rin;<
.,, ,,,,* 1+U72 fills for+ wakr gitcO- am lloi t Of+ $15,822 .gO)ld Wer'e ilprepred..
t .'nder the amllendeld ag~reemenlt' t. t~li !tII*a!tiiia
In- which th.at Etoverltlnienlt ^tarantecs~tl ec< Iche-
tiun1 of SI l4-!0(l (jti." rte I v, onl aeeo{ t of Wafer
rents inl 1'anama^l{I i1 iS nll) ]'jo-,.sioe, liin l ll e col
]eeiionls ]ittve lbeen eomi)Ilce t.c to lunouiit jiayiddc ly Ponla~llii for* X 'ter t*USed fulr
pubflie purp~oses dtliuri tile p[st qiiarteg, Inl
Colo n the ros > inopn%}lt forwl" i+/ch b)ills &v.vr

i I cr ge daiij" e2onlslIultionl Of V terlrl tlie
U V ofl~I; inuna <~linria the nloiitIJ ++Ij^ wS 731 ,:00
a sidi~lt {nercase orer the eonSt-Umltion
t n Colon1 tiie .' t+e; j^' daily consumptllionl wasLt
1:92, o7 ga llons.
l!:i PAR"ISH{NI OiF 11 J- ALT It.
[Tlhe full report from this Dl ep r (.ntenf w~s|,Hti-
lifdhed inl THlE KI:CON;D o f I st wteei ]
Gil:0. W.' GOI .KALS,

CO' i?. ";.:,ON DECISIONS.

A t I' i i -' .1 1 1 i ', 1 H I '.. iL -
iss I ,, , i th I II, '. I I tliI' ii

was Lt ',
for fantii . ** 1* : hl,.l i .
1t Wt'S

Seso ,' 1. r. .

te* to pI- III Ii

I v tI [Il

..l . E1LI_ i 1 f ( I I l C I
or alll tll h r, I i i. ,2 iml I ,

.1 W I

'a ie rt I l i h I .I. i I i, I I ... 'i* l
p r1i d f ... . .. .. n i I 1 it tI
Ti ilt I. i I h i l. i. t I . .i l

relitll .t i t l it! I' iii lI I,. l1
1.tsilI12 I I I,, i ,.tt. ,* Ill I ,

j Ilto l. i ,, i' I' i 11 tl l l. *lt
1of1L5l1 i "I Ii ,' ,,* 1 ," ,I I *Il

.1 I . r l. 1 i .

T wh or , ,h1 L I ., I ,' l l' ;:

I C 1 1 1 i I .' I 1 I-

l oit e I I I I. 2 .. I I i m mi.
w as1 1 i .i .. '., .' ..itt ,i ,,. 11 r"
Th c t I i ,, i I i..1 I ; l. I L1,.
1a n 1 II l n1* ii i n il i ., l '.'. I' it

t u *t i i* . i l I . i -. i !h ,L ..

t wiro w ] . I ,. 1 ri b i l,, .1
Ii'Kl a iC I : i I 1 I I ' i '' *i
t~lCo O t ,,* r . .'I ,, 1. I. f L I ,ll .

e '. i il i r I i li . I-.

hin ,1 i i r .. i . l- .i m F

M ira f0 .. ... .. ,*i = l t .* I l .l ...
c a m ps'~ ' i ll ' ''* 1] 1 ' I *. I '1
Pe biil l .. ., .. .. I i, . ,,r 1" il
W a s b I I * ll' l '1 i" l' l''t l l'* c
c rf . . i . '" h .. *' t '. I.' i 11 "

n .t 1x . 11 1', I .i l.. i : ." Irii
w ith ,. r *"* l *i I . 1i i L" Ii *-
l lte '_' *,.1 i'. i 'i i h* ** Lh* I i i ., i- .
ct r Ie I '1. i i 'i L 1 1 i. ',k lh rni llt

I ll O Sl . : *, 1l .. I! I l, I, ,, lli- j 1i 1 1 Il.t 'l l "'l -.
th e i i i . '. u -.i... ,lii .l ; 1 *. thII
T ' I .. .. I l.,, l.I . .. 1', ,t'.l ll... l 1"11

I1 [1: L .'. \ l. I, I : I ', i L



Nt.tice .

r / *i r. n ,' t l - i l, l *, .' ', ,

I r ri .r ,' i h, ,
n i i.. r 1. i f r ,' '.. -. I

i _r7 r ,' [ *, . i . I
*l l .I t ,c.'i. ,r i i .. i r .. ,'. .. .

C I. r r ,. . 1 )

1 I r, I i, . ,
I r . . ,. .. ;
c.r r -L i- ; :. , i' h .. ,\ .,
,t i ,. . . .
-. ,, -, ,

l,. rih It, 5 5l- 'r , 1
t,c .5,1.0 l "q ,, ,t.h'

S I ~. i -

S t r .' 1 ..I .
L ,- i .I' rli: ... ... ... ............
l f .t. ,..sl l t . . .

*,,.,, r i '. . i. .' . .. h

1*, .,t t '. *. r

r 1,, > t/ .. I i . . ... .. i ti ,y

f , .. .' ,','.r,, /*s, C,,,. 7
'" n.1/-1 '' *' . ,,' Aloz dn ny

*is t .p s t
Ir ,r . r I i ..i .' s .o t ti y

* ,' .: .r .' I r ., . i p s stress
r ,- . ,. 1 ,,.,. ,, , g c t h y

r ib r ,.1 J1. i, i i ,: 1 .vi.cc..
'",r, .*.'.I r . I mmst masf
h .'. r .', *. ,t,, .: . r. ,l, the C fstl!ohd

' ,1. l ,. ' ... .. . * a n J ro 'lmi l

(i S n.*. j*'55, .. S i

L 5...I ..I
I. ,. r l ,j 1 r, .. . .

,,,, r r ,,' .. ,

.liAsttsi stills

iet~si 5./sc, si is

',1 331

CL'Imuri -ti v I 'ii -s.

S rr n I. I r i r: 1 7 ,

; u ..,r' rt, : .. t

f ,. r. *I .
ic.. I 1 ,
.t.i. rs./* I.- ., I. t l .,

.,tl ii SIl
i t r l. . .1
L. .. I .. 1 ..
2f.1.1i. .5*.-t.r
1-1r, 1 -ll* .

St, ,S .. ., ..'t .
i.et.,, ,1 IL .I r .. -
L i l I: hr .

'. tl.s a

.. l r l: i .ll ,.. ,
. t ,t - .r *
I. r ;.l ,,X , '

TI.;ull rL w ...l

\ .'il. Ju /'"

lo.,rl orlthl
\. lir.'. L .. llilH l .i i ll[ r
1..tess usur .1 t r Il
In.fri l ;. I; .rr- r 1 1 ,
MiLtun*, IA

P.iirt. cu ,

C/T r.



Its ~'r~4





S1 I I 1 .

'I '1

.... do
Ctattlito wer' ..................... do
Toa toeuc ........................... co
Yam s ... ............. ............... do

'''" dicftses reductions f-rmou I. 'st list.
+ lt.cic:Ites usiachtre ou last i st.,
I ji'/cateCS 3 cef*,f at.-f s ? f :: :r^ lr ra .Tr
*S I+ oQnly frot C2^1/f! + : ^tr,"^ ^ jnf-t
Is dts< ties r., .t: sl*! s tr.g :ui C nSt
in i a '*:TC. iS,'. s s' s~s

The tlu l:f.in c rot: hI.s c!en n.iclc in

pIilisi. Price List N a or ( ctobeir, 190':
S. 1-Dtter. Pls tit .s. 2
I 1 t-2 tI. cs. '
r 1ci-S:KUsa f.
k rwt+ ... d,
1 1. p r 11....


stock No\ .S7,t7 U.........e.. e I:

, i .+t ron

It o ; 47:,

. . .. :it .2

. . . . ..A I

l'?e:3- '.rttit c,


i~ sit 5, 1 stisi

7, 17 ......
7 t a ~s' iStock sic,

P : 50-U-ndr BDIntuec . ,
i:.xt ,ifite i
Al'1 F11 A"1 1

i i, sliced., Atlrmour '
Is...................... tin.. 25
Is tai, sli et., Lshby s

C+rcd-hecf tt1+sh, A.zr
iti sr's .............. sir... I
C, siir., itt m :tti its ibis-
5i5t r, r .. s...... Af 05.
Caiart ;i ,'s Ru.-,
, .
l , , d i.

, +. ,



is , tock s N
5 ,tit

stock A

s / l, ;T -ia
:I ... sto'ci 5.

10:77r, st
N pktis, t
sv7 '2'l+ st

l il- st d.

,to 1.35

ti.t .3..

do* 1.35

dso 1.35

<:i> ].W

- h

--' . o

5 -- s.. do
ssk As A7 .,.
,S5k . ..... ..

I 5 d le. ':, *Ao.

o A " tls>
1 C 2o)s, tu isl, 2:'2 rdt-, No.

0" toik K\i+ r!. do
i N tl :/ 'le. .Y. ,. A io

lotht ttlbIc, L'sx2 it ") .
.S;T; L*L24> stock ANo. " do
rr.'i' Cvlot +s lnhi. y arrr.,

Ss 1 ;iock Ao. No7 t O
l'rtc c (?l o l t table S x 3 ,

.Cloths, t at x r .
2( stock A'.o. 37, 1.... do
i s t:b - yanis.

L+ie"+.. sh >e., silk. ubite.

,s j ir ...,

I..:'ss sioe il', t i, 3O-Dit
2 N ,o. 35.t). sItock \. . 5(: .57 dosi


f iHsans i I per lb...

Co. r' ............ ......... per in
I per Il
,'.* .. per b t...

T r scuit............................... per tin
5 C.. tfroose rt d holders, tuck
X . 3T,: 7........................... euch...
s r + a2k, .o, S,

123 Trun:. sicner, n. / KA ,
S25. ;-i., st c o. ..T .... do

st ter. .o. J Ito

s""^ Tra ks, sts a wr. 36.in.,

Tr nk.s steimer, 32-in.,
stot k No,, 37,t 2 ................. do

Trunks, steac ime, -Sin.,
stock Yo. 37 t do

S- S 2410, J11tthi.slip
45 lr i l, tn o k No. 3 ,3517..... suit..
"+. 1834,
0) stock

+ Suis, ns h,. lot A'o. 20s50,

5 A l!" do
'. lot N .o. .' 2 I27,
*' b t st 1k

"9 Pants, whsi, lot Ao. 1*7.4,

to d p
A't wastit lot A\os, 24119

b irl ock Ao 7,S 9..... do
si"t. 2 iranst, stock

". "i . .............. .... d o
is t 'o Lts, wtst, lot A'o. JOJ0,

s+ ., ,, . . .. .

o .' t in i, w t r-
ttf cf -+ /

4 .4

2 03



I. 70

I .70





















3 ,3st

, I I .

. .



A.ir it . ,/ it.... ItI r;.. h i l I .S 1 .
L Ii t.r' . ,,S...l L VI .'U. it. r. L /' .,r
M 11 II I' ,,..,,l.r.!. I .\ tl, l.r.,
.11,, ~11t, 1. ,rto l N .1 t. l ; ,
r Ii II I.', --r.C .,,i. I .Vi r .i l .r.i
.W1r /., L s. fl., k,',t ,. .In,..u.
S.. l 1 L I i. r._-... i 1 I ,_ ..t.
-fr / i. .'. .. i .Iith I L L. lt
.u'r .I, .;.. u l !n I. 1, '1'.


<.'n:l|b.lUuicli l iui i |i L-IIlnllee'rlllL'.

7 i" E .. .. 11 ii. i r I .cl- 1 e
Lh.i.t I'arbl h r L I .r. r L l r r. L

\ t ',,] .r . I I .i. r

,.h ,'t. a .t l ,.'I l/ i.. t I.. elr'' t, /I c ;a r
\f ) 1/ l,,l il.,r./ I .1 _.,L .,

il r, r, .1t.1 . I ': 1 1 1, 1+ i' -

en 1 ... I'. .. M itor, Deiging
L. 11 .. L r, I .. Tucker. i. :', i -
a I r' r,, ,t,., o i .. i i

tie Po. I r a I t 1 L ht I ,. l r t /I . II I I I
',* r l ; ;,, r.

Constr L ution:. II Iit. L Sill L

Of '1.'unic. .. ;r,.- Aneon.
11 L rJ ', ii i. i r .., I .

./'George D. Br .r. i' > .i LL r. Motive
P I e and r..:. i. Ir -

F IV. Do r .... ,!.. I 1 r,, f I r
E nrI I ta, .%rit. I. .. l ,. A,- .
La Coca.a
E. T. .'I, ..~r I clerk.
W. G. C -i.s'...r *, ,.;. ,, Engineer, LLa Boca.
.Division of Material and Supp.,.ricaland i echan-
icalTubby, Chief Cristobal,
Hnry ... chief clerk, Cr' olitor, Designing
1 r.. ..... r structural W'ork DCsi An.
L. D ion of ri. 'i, F, Tucker, Designing n-

RHon. S Black rn, H. ead of the D,., .

"ifl' iu ', I w .
I 1 i .. 1 . f S cret;r .,,, on.,
). MacCornald chief clerk.

Department of M ml',, i, il [.i,'L ii.; .riir... .11.,
tive Power and ./1 ILIII' tIL .,111,t, l-,iil.,]ii
Construction: H l! i,',,.. 1.1.1 . s V.

J. G. Holcomhe, Divislon Engineer (Division

E. C. .f,. r ,,"', ., t ',,, clerk.
George D. Br, *I., ".ri. . ... M otive
Power and 1! r./.,,tr L c.i ," ,

EarlJ. Bnta, lt .'n,.. .I, ,. r,,^;'

H .A r .,.I ,, ." .t.," /,, l'.,'tr ," ,,., of

P. i t ..',,-* ,- \r.'/, t, Culebra.
.' li ,_ ,* , r ,'i,.i .+ erk.
Division of Material and Supplies : IW G.
Tabby, Chief, Cristobal.
Mfax Dyer, chief clerk, Cristobal
W. C. Haskins, chi\ .h i. t, con.
WVm. Krnugel, Statiouer.,'r.i' /-'r,,int Ancon.
Division of .V[ 'i . r ,!.... 12 and I i/ It,..; ,1 ,.11 ,.
Charles 5". I i ,i,,:i Chief, Ancon.
Civil Administration.
Hon. Jo C. S. Blackburn, Head of the De-
,': rt ru( ,'ti ;, .-1 it ,, 1
1I l, h'|.l /- .1,; .ti e Secretary, Ancon.
J. K. I r tr chief clerk, Ancon.
Tom M. _'. I.e. Chief, Division of Posts,
Custom ,' P i >,,,l 1 r, ,,
E Lew is l ,1' r. ',.l ,,,,* _.-,-rt r '-r,. obal.
Herma n A ,;.. '-.r '*,..., r, L.? ,,,'A. :,.r. An-
George R. Shanton, Chief of Police, Ancoa,
D. E. McDonabl, chief clerk.,


L" -. El i'C/. i TIn, Chif. Fit.r ,part-ricfr,
L '.,/. r
I. II tide n. t'a t F' h .;
I. L II- ,..I.. It r L ...L rfl..',htr. .1.
*- / [. ii, 1 L T L .rI . HI N, \ -
S is ht L II [_. 11*n1 .1 ^f/'t ,1l .L i rsl ,'' .1 In I II
Canal Zone Jiidieinr..
.mrrn ut Lurt [ir. I" .lliti [i ur:'n C'hul

i .rt L' I r. 1 l. .I -''.I. L 't. .'.',l
I 1 I r I rL' . '..' l .-r ...I r e .r
Litr r C'.., it I I -' I..t '. r I '. t l:
L I E L 1 C .' 1 1 -. F I . I- L ,*i t,

I- I. 1; t
L i. I., r I..t ,I' r'". < L. .r I .-.. i L .o'

L ... 1 d : r it 'i 1 ,l 1 1 .. .
Sr 1 i 1 L.. L I I I '. ,
/'. (. r -a t L-. 'l r I-. r, "I I L

' I L r l .

1 d 1 .I I.ri' .S n. I O r..
J fi ,1 r< *i'c. i it i Sa.nIn i tary T s'eI-,t

La 1b 1i .ar e an, ib 1. 1 t n
a r., .,r ./ M a*,, r Culeb L r .

S. io, s* t netL a

IJ '1 r..1,r . r- l"-' ,. rl C i. U,, ;. ,

.: [I I trrL i P l1 -. ..1 .11 1; .1Z
I. r, II L1 r / C- i

I : i .. ?. P r. ..r, "

I a l a .il . 1R a' IIroad C mpa

H I J, lIrr .. .A s *ir o t h e dnt A a
*. t r '. i i .'l f /- , lo, ,'-r

ie I a. r a g fer, C... l orn I,, e P n .'
1. i ., 1. i" I C I Sanitary Inspec-. ,

I."ckson S.ith. SMaaer, Culebra,
R. E. Wood, Assistant Manager, Calebra.
S. Klauber, chief lerk.
-, .,1 '/ -, .i,. t_ co;, r C 11. a d L' 1 H .

E i. i 1 [ '. ar,.. , ( V on.
J ,.j'. C .1 :. -'r | ivisio n fD a I.. I nspec-
tAr, Ancon.

GeneLabor, arter anager, d Subsistence.
Jackson Smithucker, Seretar, Clebron.
Commissary Department,
oR. E. Wood, Alssistant Cristager, Clera

Edwardj. 1ihiJorhn i.a., lr: CIhaLn-s

WSi. Woodber, chief clerk.
n.. Examiner of Accounts. ',r

H. L. Sntlir, EmpAssistant to te Presideire.t and
1y . abTuckr, Secrietary, Colon.
Commisdisary Department.

Aoh Burkecon, Station A, Oct. 19. 2 oa.
. .', i ,,.. +,,'r, r r. -d.esed .ltea .
S, li't,,Il r ".,',f r.. > .I i kt, ,-[.'.i. Cpo/d

Storage Depar- t ..I in' the. ice of the

Edward J \ ,.. 1 ,'.i.1 : be secured on re- L -

r x, a iner of Accounts.J.
H. L,. Stntz, Empire. lair
C arroll, Michael Loulan. rank

MisdirecteDavis, Clifford W. Marsh. eI ters.

HenriquzJDivision of De I I .
Johnson, Ancon, Station A, Oct. 19. ,

Kelly, Jas- J. Tierat H. A.

Movement of Ocean Vessels.

i .in iL i I .. lr5, .l, ni r' ill -l _.iii I ill in ', t. I ii
hir i I ,ll Sire ,hl 1' 10 .0'l 1.'01111] ,1v '*Iln ,-1" the
11 i. 1.]i 1.'. 1.r. ..i l n 11 le h in.1 1.1 R :il irr,3.I

FR,-,i 1: 1 IIR K
r it- Si. .. I ... .I a r. v .. I 'L
I.n l'lt: h' M .s,'[, ,- .i Oi. t A11
I,ii ,i t -,r ,.tll / P'tR l.,rit :.it r Di '1
,M r .... . II I s'io tr.lk r l t r' .
L *h.1 P RK T7ur>. i h 1) 31
it'r ri Lit I tl ril, t .i.ll -. ,illr.1:s 1 .ii. 2
T. ., . "R \1 ,.,i r,., r V,,n r. .2

I 'if I I t r '. *. I t .,..i I F

Sr .' ..i I 1 e lt,' I I j
Coln..t ..... P.' '. ., ir.' I . h .o ol. 1Jj
r'lnii.i.ll:r -. [; .fiP P U ..i 1%',i ] s
FA .va c. L i' 1:, lt.,l:.,... .\- 'I 2
ir;,n i ~1 : 1 lur. "ri .. r'. -"3
Lth i P f' I' 'i'. ,iay 2.\.n -'
1 I,, I'i l-. it, t I ri,,r. , t, 11 .1 S.i. urI.f i" .'.'.' 3r-. 3,

anrola..i . I' .1 ""..tlrir ... ri. 23
If. E i I' -.1 N e Ii. ;. Il

I, I,,;,, r LI.,-tt. I r'[' S.' ill. ir 1 D c 14
e'r ei. s..' ..r..r. II I S ia t(id a Dt=c. 1J
D'/ u'tL tar C t .I. .'' I r l t.I, )'i 14
r" ',,n i. CA .' if T ii r. 4l. Dec. 'il
11!n1 .gi i I i-.j T ','...f /c,,i 21
L I I .1 ,'/ ," c. I"4
IJr#n. .d I I Oi'l ic. 1i 1 S I I ir,' I /-[CL. -"_2
I. I I I .11 ur Ftrn Dec 28
1f.1 '. Ct I' N W.ii.Il I.r tic .' 1
'I] tll. r.a il. s. 1]r J fi 1 i r. ." l r ini,11
Sr 1], ,,n

t.-e ni E IR I .'r.i ...; 1 )a t 2.

I.rea er ro, iN 11 rl n l it'I,. C .r. .t A ;
",,..n i. I. /T T71 r-.r0i I .,r
,./ -. Hu o ,ll t ...I... .'. .r ,;
i ., I I ii nr l,i .--1. 1r
.I ':it. i I" Fre c .li- n., I . N C0l' 1.1
I' tt 1 I I Il F I ,'rIL I 1 1 7 T -.,h, .Ir . .'. .I I
i f ,, .A' I. I I' I rr .. l 'l. ',' r 2
I, ,' 1aHa l oup Io '. ii f r .', 1 i 1',

h I.F. Oa i..I. .iE 1 4'
7 .r 1, 1.,,,,,/ ,; I T 1. .', . -i '. A

'I7 t s. a 11 iIst i ant.l .i/tou. (
A tai....................... H t <.t.fr.; ,. ,' I
Colon..................... .. P [,'" T.,n w r. ,ec II,
A advance ................. P I & -,1 ,1 /. 1 L' 1
Prinz Eitel Friedric'g 1 1 Trrr -.s i D:.. J r
La Plata............ i ; .2 1 ii e ri.,:,, r'
Panama .............. b 24 ih s .' i'r. (i .. :'
.Venetia ..... ............ 2 i r 1 r r'
Dunottar Castle_...... P..r' T u",Ll/ I'r.. "'<;
Finance.................. .' R '.. '-I.... Lef '- 7
Prinz Sigismund .......H.-A..Tu ,l..\t 31
"J":,.',+ I- f T,'c l r ,I1L, C 1 2

Wt'r sr i .i . 1 6' l TA l e t.r . f', "LI:
te';., l Tirlc y1 .. ."r r.'.." 00
7tiL'e P .'1 7uf'.elli r. 7 "'
All Roal Mal Mail steamers itntipl :70. .
and the Prinz Hitel FriIsic'l mi Phiz ,,-ei.
mund call at Kingston erout it N. .a \O rl
T he U united Fruit C om pt.n ,l,-r,,r.-1hr: .,
steamer from New Orleans for C',,In ei ry
Saturday. due to arrive the fell., z.1 ] 1i1r diJ.i I
1*-Ii, I. Ill.- line from Colod i ,-i -r. ljrlt.inn

m.iin 1 he French line iCic .. (', r.ile
"i r.. 1. 1 iini, 1..I for Veneziu.l'.ii p M ann1 A :lr.
tinique and Guadeloupe on t',e :',J inr] 200th Ilf
each month.

Cost of Erecting New Equipment.
The Mechanical Division rep-rr tl.0- follow ing
average labor costforerecting ne-% eniipTictnt on
the Isthmus. The labor cost i- ior 1,.I..r .ictviall%
applied, including foreman's siini:.ci-i.:,p
200-class ......I9 b t 2 inches -ln 2nl i -"9iii.1"t
300-class ...... 19 by 24, inches 7.l-.--'ul. 79) 30
600-class...... 20 by 26 inches :.h.-,,I .. 42u 00
STEAM ~ii..*. EL S
45-ton.................. ................. D. -"
70- 1 n .. .. .. '0.4
95-t,-ui .... 770 OL,
W western l.,n.. -r 18 6-n10 -.r.k 40.-0
W ester-: .,IniI :.r 12-y:.r. . . 1=' 00
40-ton -" ,rlkn r.ir. cars........ .. 77 10
50-ton steel flat cars... . 82 7 1
Ingoldsby dump cars, -1 ) tn ,untomtic 64 90
Goodwin dump cars, +0-ton an.atom.aric 67.40

Volume 1.



The Canal Record

Published weiIily under the authoray aim *uc;rv,..un o0 I Ih

Tle C:'-lnzi Recor,.' i i-'j.,.. ;rc ,f i/i;--,
one copy" s9. 7 l, to. r l/t r nipl, ct I t G, L. ,, rrn, -
s' '.n and. Pqrl r ,r ,,ion.l I. ,- i i r
o f qro s -it( o'r, t -r '"_ ,'td" r. ,'1 E I' r I I. IL Lt ,
be ,.t'lanr, Irr ni tlr ie ne' .t',,r' . -n .win1
Railr.- r*il Conrphny t'i r r If i eL i; t l ah

Address all Communications
Ancon, Canal Zone,
Islhmus of Panama.


The Cucaracha Slid'-.
The 4'.v,,'r ,I ret vin. ti!e iii't..ri:il t
into the Cut by the Cuc:-i.': '. -liil: 1.- .,.i-
vane ld er\ FJ ,,r r ybl\ iir:n' thle p-,-t
week, 1m i a tC.1-i, '.'.iin Lill n il -,' h's
bl)-en ni'd: O n Su:it l- v IllI. itI a'd)iit '.1,)
cubic vard, wcr.. taken .tit and .,ni %M.iri:i
lurre than i,'Cirl cu lic I. : i].' Liltirng
the first tvwo w.-ecl. the -sh.I: 'jld sr.. i.illv
toward the Cut t ilthe raiel I iout 14 1t-.:t
per dlay. but thi I it." --f ir-,_tii-,l 11-l d..
crea-ed i, the iist I'i, r 1 r a ... :lr Il
O ne throuz i rr'icl: i:. I.:r., l i.J. .i l i
second will he :iirl within thi ne t i':. i :,--"
if" all goe-- N,.1l The niv,- ient ..f hir,
trains t ihrm ..h th.. cut v.i' th.. I'. ,.;
I'ptill thie v%.ii.. t '. c..iilti.'t.< r,.r.:trrl .'
the slide arte rir' I. '.jir]li thran r.- fir.t
anticipated tiey co. uld I'-' ;'t tllh ti, -.
T he total Lont.li t -, I :,r th .v In .I ill Ia,. e
to be r in. v ,l i i.I l l. r..I l.I, hi h l. .l t ,
\\an lirste ,-;iiate,. Sten y id r,,..r,.~ I ,'
been made- in splite ,,f tlie a:ict i :at t' .,,
of the nmiith lu i-. l.e ii the hit:r .i i. f Lthe
yen r.
Lock and Dom Work.
Thile new bIurings. .. 1.1 l hl- 'e C eeli aII:LdL
over the entire 'ireca .,f th.. I.l. c ,ite .-it I'.ii'lll
show that thli,. lcls ill rst i.. their en.c
tire length i .n rck. all r11 hul.t no this
print has bln ievil :'.1 \\'i.rl .n ii h.
designs if thlie eksi. gati.L nd 'li lu CC'' \
is advancing steadily. ;id fr r. thlie p i,'..t
studies ccritain p i. t li, h- \e I. 1i d.eca ]il
The gates are t<. he in dluplic,- i. nd .11' thi.
mniter type. 1n1d thile I..11lg p-ate, simil ,i to)
that now in use li thle uili. I I,. .r v. il I...
substituted fir the duiplicate s.t ait tihe
lower end of each surrnjit le\:I h,'cl In
addition, there,.ill be pr vidtlfl nu ;oil liarv
pair ofgatts at the hlw..i endf i,,eh flht,I
for use as c-rifer lanis in tse it iv'.y Ihe iic.-
essary to pulnp lut thlii I. i, and it Ihs:
been determined Itnt;atvely ad 'pt a
swing bridge type of dami tr enicr-ge.cy

u-t -1 h. method of filling and emptying
t.-: i..ch. has been (fin 11il decided upon.
Tih..- .. section of the dam has been
i.F.-tl'. changed and the upstxeani slope
lh.i hi.a made more gradual than origi-
nu ll ;,' i ,i[, sed.
N,'v..' 1,rings have been made in the vicin-
it2 .lt ,i. I'edro Miguel locks and dam, and
,...:''..ii,,- for the lock site is proceeding

Pozi Offices on Panama Ships.
TIhe p,,-master of New York has an-
n.iiunced it h t after November 1, the steam-
'ilhp, ..I tie Panama Railroad Company,
plyin! b.etwveen New York and Cristobal
.vill 1'. fi.t.d with sea post offices, in which
:,11 the pi Ils to and from the Canal Zone
.-'ill Ic rlitributed while en ronte. It is
u.] -ti......I that the first steamship to be
rIiippic. .. ith such a post office will be the
C.'..l.n, .'.inch will sail from New York on
i .c '.b r .1 A room for this purpose has been
i, t.:,.l up .* i the ship. The proposal for this
,., 4..i r-e has been under consideration for
t ., v. L s :ad has been pressed urgently by
the Z..iin postal authorities during that
p,-r...l .\t present all mail to the Zone is
t. l. ii b hulk to Colon and distributed thence
t. t le .c rious Zone stations, and on the
C t iiri trip all Zone mail is taken to the New
V'.r]. ".- t office and assorted before being
ort 1., its destination. Under the new
-,,' :in ..,:iait the unavoidable delays inci-
i.iit I the present method of distribution
\il 1..: i.ninated, and a gain of several
1 .111 i .k livery will be secured, both in the
Z,.e .,, in the States.

Hitghest Steam Shovel Records.
I'hI- tiil.joined table gives the highest
d ,,!v i'....,rds of steam shovels, in the De-
p.irt n i. .f Excavation and Dredging, from
SictrIr 1lt to 24thinclusive:

,,. re Location. Kind of
S. material.

1 1 "- "*li -,h ,1 r... and earth
'27 (,nct 1 R ,- ... and earth

1 I .I n 1 ., 1 I i t
2 2. 'Q O t 1 ? ,L' l r i 1 .i ,'* .. I a n d e a r th
4-'I ,- i ,it i- i i i., i C. and earth
1-4 'r ,' h l'r I 2''.,' r'. I. and earth
*222J Lt -lr I ',lh"iii -,, i t .I and earth
,''.'i 21 i II. .. I d- ... ., d earth

,i_ cieti.rber 14, in the Culebra Construe-
ti..i Likirict, Shovel No. 106 was, in an
niii' rgencv, under steam for 16 hours con-
tirnu.uii-y. and during that period removed
2,.,in l cirilic yards Fi'.L shovels at thle t.tiin lock site, dur-
intg the v'*ek fndi--, October; 21, moved

30,112 cubic yards, an average of 1,004
cubic yards per shovel per day.
Shovels in the one-hundred class are 70-
ton shovels with buckets of a capacity of
2V2 cubic yards. Shovels in the two-hun-
dred class are 95-ton shovels with dip-
pers of a capacity of 5 cubic yards. The
shovels are under steam for eight hours per
day, but are not actually worked during
this entire period, time being lost by the
necessity of moving the shovel forward,
blasting stone too big for the shovel to
handle, keeping the shovels supplied with
cars, etc.
A Rebuilt Hopper Barge.
About five months ago steam clapet orhop-
per barge No. 7 was hauled on theshipways
at La Boca to be rebuilt. This barge
wvas built originally at Renfrew, Scotland, in
1885, and upon examination, when on the
ways, the hull was found to be in a remark-
ably good state of preservation, so that
most of the rebuilding was confined to the
interior of her hull and to the deck houses.
A new double furnace Scotch boiler was
installed, and the twin screw engines
were thoroughly overhauled. These en-
gines, although twenty-two years old, areas
efficientand aseconomical as any compound
engine now made, and being of very heavy
material, are better than the majority of
modern engines for the hard service required.
An interesting feature is that not one piece
of new pipe has been fitted. All the steam
pipes are of copper, and the bilge pipes
are of lead. They are still in fine condi-
tion, and have been refitted to the new
boiler and pumps. The original boiler
mountings, which were of brass, were also
fitted to new boiler. On her trial trip in
Panama bay on October 4, she developed a
speed of 10 knots an hour on a coal con-
sumption of 21/2 pounds per indicated
horsepower, and was immediately put in
commission with ladder dredge No. 14.
The total cost of material and labor in
: .l.il'lii' this barge amounted to $15,000.

Labor Forces.
The skilled force of the Isthmian Canal
Commission at the end of the fiscal year 1906
was ..ipir ,'.in..l.:1' 2,500 men, and at the
end -' r i,.- r-.: ear 1907 it was actually
4,404. In order to provide for this increase
of 1904 men, and to supply the vacancies
caused by the usual separations, due to
sickness, resignations, etc., 3..-3t men were
brought from the United States during the
year. At the end of the fiscal year 1906
there were on the Canal work 500 Euro-
peans and 13,625 West Indians; at the
end of the fiscal year 1907 there were 4,317
Europeans and 14,606 West Indians. To
maintain this force of laborers and also to
provide the Panama railroad a force of
about 5,000 men, 6,899 Europeans and
10,947 West Indians were brought to the


No. 9.



Isthmus during the year, an average of
1.500 men per mouth. The total force of
skilled and unskilled laborers of the IstLhian
Canal Commlission and the Panama railroad
on June ?0, 1906, was 19,600 and on
June 30, I '.* 7. it was 29,446. or an increase
of 10,000 men. iPuri.i- the fiscal year
20,884 men .were liriinult t.. ilie Isthmus
from the United St it-. l:ir.li.-. and the
West Indlies. At the close of the fiscal year
1906, 1,129 houses were available for quar-
tering all kinds of employes, and supplying
the limilliln. for olces, hotels, messes,
kitchens and storerooms. On June 30,
1907, there were 2,20S buildings in use for
the same purposes.
At the close of the fiscal year there were
15 hotels in operation for white Americans,
,it.plyinii meals at 30 cents each, and 18
nie hi:ill- for Europeans, supplying board
at 40 cents a day, and 23 kitchens for the
West Indian laborers, supplying board at
30 cents a day.
The number of meals served during the
month of June was as follows: hotels,
197,419; nirs .'. 2 i. 155,1. itchen-. .';,7t-.,
or nearly a million meals for the month.

Long Trip of the "Culebra."
The sea-going suction dredge C.'Li.,i
built by the Maryland Steel Company at
Sparrows Point, Md., for the Isthmian
Canal Commmission, sailed from that port
on October 9. She reported her arrival at
Barbados on October 18, where a stop was
made for coal. Her next stop will be at
Pernambuco, Brazil, thence to Montevideo,
't ii2'i.', Punta Arenas, .\r- niin:,. on the
Straits of M:'I.Ill.I, and Callao, Peru, at
all of which points coal will he obtained
and her arrival reported by cable. Her trip
of about 12,000 miles will end at La Boca,
where she is expected to arrive about Jan-
uary 1. The Culebra is a sister ship to
the dredge Ancon, now doing such good
work in the Canal channel in Colon harbor,
and their cost was about $375,000 each.
The Culebra will be used in drhi.l.,iic the
channel for the Canal at La Boca.
Information for Steamship Passengers.
In order to facilitate the prompt -. .iii
on schedule time of the Company's steam-
ship from Cristobal, the management of
the Panama Railroad Company make the
fll.. 11. *nz suggestions to intending passen-
First--Properform of transportation must
secured. On sailing days,when departure is
set for 3 p. m., the agent of the Railroad
and Steamship Company will sell tickets at
the ticket office on Dock 11, Cristobal,
from 10 a. mi. until 1 p. in. Steamship
passengers should leave the train at Cristo-
bal station. No steamship tickets can be
secured at Colon during these hours, nor
from any source after 1 p. m. Passengers
will not be allowed to board steamships
without tickets.
.atton./-lH.--, : ii,,1 li checked from any
station :hl,,ughl to New York, provided
regular tickets are presented. Passengers
holding orders on agent at Colon for trans-
portation should check their baggage to
Pier No. 11, Cristobal, and after securing
their tickets, they will be required to

iil n lll',, th, 11 el .-.. r:r ; : ]l, I reII..,l- it t[,
. ,*> \ ,I,11. P,' ; i'. "i ,,e f 1 I l.,. ,,l l is -J h ,ll ld
CI 1 ,,h r., .,, l I. l 'l :1 '... 1 1 i.'z ,Il. il l I
.1 lii,.l. when the steamshlio l, .r i l-. v..il
see to its prompt 11 1.il 1, t. -i',. rI,,.,
A transfer charge of 50( ...t- *'., I.ir
trunks and 25 cents ..,1.1 f ilkr :tirii:4
w ill be m ade I..ri ,ill. I. 1 I , t n.. ..,
Colon or Cristobal and Pi N., 11
77,irI- l';.1 ,. . ill ; I!., .I . .1 ,1\.
pected to board steamshil.- |p i"l'l. 'it 2
p. 1n. and up to 2.45 p. in i'.i:,.: ,.hich
time the marine surgeon ill Ii. in .
The laws require that all I -... 1 1l.-
ing for New York mustpa.- 1ii ,,"1I' i.,*.
and after boarding the stt. hi. Il- 11 .
not be permitted again to l te ll ti..l..
If I'"i-- .. i. ,'i w ill obser'. I lie I'.,r. .* .
remembering that the ho.iir i ir il 1 1. in t.,
2 p. m. must he used for 1., i1. nil Il -,
steamship's papers, and th it tlie Ii- t rifti.
minutes before sailing time ti iir I,.: i- ol If..r
closing such papers, th, *...ill liia i.'
cause to complain of the 1. I.i .., ..i th.I
Fruit and Vegetable Supplic'-.
The first of the Unite.] Fiuit C..-i.
pany's steamships bringi-..: Iri:-li cta.
bles and fruits from New Orl.,n-. iini.ii ti,
new arrangement which tlle I.nii i--.lri
Department has made will, i. ii Ia. :.0.
rived at Cristobal on the :,..: i ] ,i t ..
her 23. The vessel was thl i r,... uni, w'r aO.I
brought about 140 tons, dr r ilit...I i- I'.:.
lows: 65 tons of potato.,-. '2 t.i-,. ..I.
ions, 1 .ton American swLt ipi..,it .i<, 1 .
tons apples 20 tons c.I.I ,-.-. I t..o
grapes, and an assortni.t ..I* r.ll -lii.
tomatoes, and other -i,.,ll i.,iii. iii
vegetables, ,,-,..i th, t, ,,.,.t -i, t 1 -
They w ere I1 I li -:.. .l. .1i c .i.. Li.n i,.,l
were transferred at one. I-.ni i.: .iip
to cold storage, the tran't.r I. ,,,,, '. ..-,-,i
polished in less than sei li.i .,1,I
their distribution over ti, l-lI-n-, i,.
begun immediately. The ..,it::,.t ..Ith
this line calls for three ih I- I,. r ii h.
arriving at intervals of tI I I:, ..,l n -
expected that they will ki.., ti r ..,,..
sary well stocked with i 1 .I i,.I .,,, ..i
fresh fruit and vegetables.

New Maps of the I-tI.ItmI.
The Division Engineer .. !h. 1. I., I
division, damsand di'iil.-i. I r,.oci i
been instructed by i. Cli. I 1..,_, ,.. i t,1
prepare general maps of th.- Il-ilhii.. i -
three scales, viz: 1-121 1ii,, 1. Iii) Ai.I
The 1-T12- il map wil. I. a c .iiip..rc
map of the Canal proper ,iJl .1 llct..i-n.
nearly to the Zone lines, sl' I., -ill ri
graphic and artificial feat:., .mI ., II.,
complete in three sheets, api p, .i., I. .
feet in length by 41 feet in 1 li
The 1-40000 map, one sl... r %..il ,-i.r
all the Gatun and La Boca 1.,' '.i,1, ri lu
approved project, and wiI '. p,,.iiirl in
three colors.
The 1-.1' liO. map will c..- r thie eliit i
,dr.il, i.c -Ind .1' lihe draina.-.: 11-t ci it theI
C .m ',l la, l |.. _: rh,: Chage-,_q. F,'.,. l-" .m tl. ,
(' ,,, -i n.I T i i, .,I id rivers m,.I ill e,, vr
some hundred square miles .1il ih.c ie 11.
ouis m aps v ll 1., i.rint.:i I.:, tli pliii, ,, li-
thographic pli ._:ss .ntll di- iaI lI ti ti ,.
various departments for .l:,.ci.l -" i ,ir.

Coin-;.e-.rnmeil mnh~in -aime Is!Ibnan-.

iii: lhio~. ii ~I.LIIL i-.'IIL Ilivil. %% ill tail
in. ti~e 1ll i.iU. ,Iii [lhe Culuoi ftoii Newv

--! L ''c~ tleC 'loniLLC [ci 1 til ..0 nucmnl-
ii., i4 Ili, Il-.u ..iid pc-~~lolirson~il
ii' 1- 1l lim ."C'c of -A die !, il1 is iti he-

''it iii 'e I tol I -I tiltl: puIrt;' it

.1ii I kt i i* ei ilut.I 1

L 1- i zi'P 1 -, I: .Ii I i i. 1), r ii

hF..I I I.b :I
Ien l Iw I L~ I'm 1' I I i r IpJn

1.i. ,r l IIII :mr Ll I': IF mtii on 9

L, Ii rii i I .ict rl r ;l I. 'Ilri

rji'- H iiIi-lr2 i i-et i

at tea:6Tf l tie Il, i~iP le I0 Ni--mlipp r 2,

ni I in .%t k- IlI ri- d L rxl at ten a bai.
Li Iiii V 1- C- Il~hihm HmtIr1 I ` ftile
*~~~- In i i'. .t.1,nli-4.1 Is! ~a vi parad


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svtizm h if is 1d. %.5 .aSl.Irib
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tnic he pfiie 1,n i. c L llC j Ir, .-- Ill~.1

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.:.Iir c.. I:1 t,,' c1 c 'lie hist ,lI, l

Quori os ni _-i, M.-I f 'I.' tIl III .kc I'..
]A.i isr Lio .sr iis I lclil i si, if.
dliSFir.SILI'i rcitlr.'lll' IL- 1 v~ 1i~'. s. 1, r 1c.,

cinsr if,7.1 1 1[.- Ir It Ii C..'5 l'
icc.lC: I LL t ithe HILL rlo. tI ,r f ll c-. ll, s -. i lI.l~l
chid : K Il d lI rj. 1- 11Z'l ii'. .lI. Il l.I

the tziilsI lid1- r-111 1-.il' 'l r., ;t 'r 11 O I t O lil


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illvt na i jiIitklis*Li ii'oc'%i

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iiI T I

Zone Hunting Privileges.
Th;tlit tll. pt. plc >.l" thn Z,.li1: al[pri -i.lte
[I.. f,.',ro l, upp.,rtunI e., flr huntinnii -In
OIi n.-L ,luiL-, I. s ,I.'.AiI Il,' the I.irce tMLilu 'et
u' i.qut.sLI for pcnmit.s fur this -purp .e
which are made of the Treasurer of the
Canal Zone (who is also Disbursing Officer
of the Canal Commission), at Empire. Such
permits are, in accordance with the laws of
the Canal Zone, issued by that f.ecii. the
license fee in each case being $5 American
currency, all such perinit [hinig on the
15th day ofJune next I fl'tl.lvlg the date on
which they are issued.
Before permits are granted, inr..I.iihg as
they do the pri'.ilL,.. of carrying loaded
firearms, although not in concealment, the
matter in each case is referred to the Chief
of Police of the Zone, f.r it .'.'?l.i6 ti.,il as
to the character and -taiwhg f thie appli-
cant, with view to ascertaining whether or
not he is a proper person to be entrusted
with the privilege.
Hunting permits issued by the Canal
Zone Treasurer cover, of course, Zone terri-
tory only, and do not apply to territory of
the Republic of Panama.

Removal of Insane Patients.
The insane patients of the Zone were
transferred on Thursday and Frid.it, last
from Miraflores hospital to the new insane
wards which have recently been completed
at Ancon hospital. This task, which gave
promise of being a troublesome one, because
of there being a considerable number of vio-
lent patients, was carried out without dis-
turbance. Dr. Grosbeck Walsh, the super-
intendent of the asylum, was in charge, and
in addition to the staff of attendants, the
Police Department, represented by seven
officers, assisted in the transfer.
Special trains with two coaches each,
were run for this purpose over the Pariama
railroad, one on Thursday, the 24th in-
stant, when the women patients were
removed, and another the following day,
which carried the male patients. All were
taken from the trains to wagons and carried
to the hospital, the United States mail
wagon with its enclosed sides being pressed
into service for the violent male patients.
There were 121 patients transferred, of
whom 45 were women (all but one insane),
and 76 men, all insane.

New Transient Rates at Hotel Tivoli.
Effective November 1, the following tran-
sient rates will be in force at the Hotel Tivoli:
Grade No. 1-Robin, one person in room,
$1.50; two persons in room, $2.25.
Grade No. 2-Room, one person in room,
$2.50; two persons in room, $3.50.
Grade No. 3-R."..m1. one person in room,
$3.50; two p11r,,s i1 rlmin. $5.
Guests in grade No. 1, N,, 2 and No. 3
rooms have the use of public bath rooms
located at convenient points on each floor.
Grade No. 3 B-Room with bath, one
person in room, $4.50; two persons in
room, $6.50.
Meals: Br.alk:ffI.-I. 50 ceinti, luncheon, $1;
lmii.r, $1 25.
Einpli,%r of the Isthmian Canal Com-
i|l-.,n'I v. ill be granted reduction on these
rates as follows:
Room in grade No. 1, 33% per cent; in
gr.idcsN. 2, Nuj 3, andNo. 3B, 40 percent.
.\eal: Brtcti, l't 50 cents; luncheon, 50
cents; dinner, $1.
All payments at transient rates by an
tmnploye must be from hotel coupon books.


Preparations for Hallowe'en Parties made
by the Women's Clubs.
The work of the Zone women's clubs is
going on with unabated interest and enthu-
siasm. Although the organizations are
still in the formative period, it is the general
impression that there is much work to be
done as well as an ni' i'i.nlii- social life to
be led. LI'. L1 Ithr.iig.li their means. Hitherto
the intere-i- .I' [the women have been so
widely divergent that it requires a little
time to become accustomed to the new
idea,to find the best direction forclubeffort,
and to get things into smooth running
order. But the dIliCilit is disappearing
r.ipilvl and the clubs are beginning to make
their work felt in every community where
they have been organized.
The chairmen of the various departments
of the Ancon club have been named and are
c,.ni icriii:. their committees. Miss Russell,
chairman of the ]il,1.,ihb .[.r department,
feels that she has a large field for work
among the Jamaican negro women, and
hopes to organize a vi-itii'" committee for
the purpose. Another field of activity is
.suL'cee.td in the preventing of cruelty to
animals. It has not yet been learned what
steps may be taken in this work, but it is
felt that every woman and club member
should hold herself responsible for the treat-'
ment of the dumb brutes in her own com-
A meeting has been called of the officers
and chairmen of departments on October
30 when further plans will be discussed and
action taken on several important points.
It is desired that a permanent club room
should be i r;,i i el Cf .r in which classes and
Inettint g-Culd 1, 1,..1.1 This will be taken
up at the business meeting. Some inquiries
have been made with regard to the Spanish
classes. Particular interest is felt in this
study department and it is ti,. iif,blit that it
will form one of the leading features of the
club. The educational department will ar-
range for some interesting papers to be
read before the club within a short time.
The Empire club is giving an allowance of
two weeks from October 15 for the admis-
sion of charter members as many of the
women of the community had not had suf-
ficent notice regarding the organization.
The meeting on October 24 was well at-
tended, and much enthusiasm manifested.
The membership is increasing in a most
gratifying manner. The club will give a
Hallowe'en party in the entertainment
hall of the Commission cl6b house.
A motion prevailed that the president
should call two business meetings Iji'eo.- in..
the next regular meeting for the purpose of
perfecting the organization. Mrs. J. F. Mc-
Tyier was appointed chairman of the music
department. Plans are being discussed con-
cerning the organization of Spanish classes
and other educational features.
The Gatun club held its regular meeting
on October 16, the president, Mrs. Chester
Harding being in the chair. A general out-
line of work was discussed which promises
to be very intcrLstinii._. It was decided that
the club should give a Hallowe'en party the
nature of which has to be determined at a
later meitlt iig Mrs. J. L. Elliott was elected
chlntli.iin it [iL: entertainment coiniitteeto
be assisted by. Mr% I.1-1,, ,andI Mr.- Carty.


I I, I ,ll, .' ih ":'. l li i. I il iioln i.k Ill
I i ,l lli1 r- ,lt i b : t ,,1.11i l ,;> i''l i' .l>r]
Mrs. Frank .M.'r i-i, ,. ll Ii-, -.kiit, Mrs.
R. C. M,,,d.., secret i3, %lt-. Ethel
II:,.c-. treasurer, Mrs. C i. it, and conm-
ililI ti L- appointed as follows: \ Ilt Ini, coam-
mittee for the next three months, Mrs.
l.'i-.. Mrs. 1. West, Mrs. Van der Heurk,
Mrs. Calvit, Mrs. Seevt, Mrs. lituLl., Mrs.
Prison, Mrs. :vl. iL. and Miss l.ix.i. sick
.... *,i t*, Mrs.. MeCL'it h.ii. Mrs.Jack Fog-
erty, Mrs. i'rti.-..i, Mrs. Heukle, Mrs.
The club has decided to hold its business
'iiL' ring's every two weeks on Thursdays.
The Pedro Miguel club will give a "Ghost
party" on Ilallowe'L. night There is a
:i.t'.l felt need of -.-.l l ,li\er-.ii in this
community and the club is making every
effort to meet the situation. %Mttiig.- are
regularly held and plans for work are being
constantly discussed.
The Paraiso club will hold an informal re-
ception on Hlallowe'en night in the Commis-
sion hotel. Light refreshments will be served.
The club meeting on the 31st will be omit-
.ted, the ladies coming together instead for
the purpose of dc.or.itii.; the room for the
evening. Business meetings are held on the
first and third Thursdays, social meetings
on the second and fourth Tliiiih.l:i.s of the
Owing to the frequent change of residence
by families in the Zone, it was decided at
the meeting of the delegates that any wo-
man who is a member of one club can,
upon her removal, be admitted to the club
in the station where she may be placed
without further formalities than presenta-
tion ofa letter from the president of the club
of which she was last a member.
In response to requests for copies of the
photographs of the delegates and club mem-
bers taken at the Hotel Tivoli on October
1, it has been ascertained that these may be
obtained through orders sent to the chief
draftsman in the office of the Chief Engineer
at Culebra, at 20 cents (gIl di each. It is
desirable that the president of each club
should ascertain the number of copies
required and club orders should be sent in,
as these will receive more prompt attention
than can be given to private or single
orders. The completed photographs em-
braced in any order are forwarded to Mr.
Hood Hudson in the office of the Chief Engi-
neer at Culebra who delivers the same upon
receipt of the price.
The ladies of the Cristobal Woman's Club
are entering enthusiastically upon their
work. A meeting was held on October 26
with an attendance of about fifty ladies.
The feature of the afternoon was an address
by Miss Li, 11ly C. Thompson, head nurse of
the Colon hospital, on the subject of"Home
No,.h,;." Miss Thompson gave practical
illustrations of correct methods for the
treatment of injuries and sudden i'n.li.pi..
sitions, one of the women present kinily
I .ff i ;c ir assistanceas "patient" for emer-
gency treatment.
At the close of the address a general dis-
cussion followed and the speaker answered
a number of questions called forth by the
interest aroused by her remarks. Tea was
then served, after which the meeting was
adjourned. The club will hold a business
meeting on October 30.


Ciim niii.i'iicr l:,ilr \\% i I. Sibirt and
f1ai ly, ,and Conmi-iiii.n,-r 11. I1. Rousseau
i\ill return t i the Istlinus r, the Finance
w which iiilt It ..nI l c \i ,i\ V.iI l'n U l ,oher 25.
,i1 .1 H Ir'.wi l mi' llLIr_ L .the Anco.\
hl,-,pin.il i,.l ir. 11. Er-., District Physicirtn
,il I risi nl.,.i, \.'ier t .inll jng the p.lissengersr
iin tIlL ilm .tlicet N Inch .sanl'.i u_ Ocitber 22.
Ar.\ ,.i'.I Liti .e- ] i i-..'-r r e tuiniiiig t.i llie
liiii.hm s ,'im li, [tn iic-iir C';iL l/, xhichli
;,rrnt >l;.t Cr,.t.,lj:,l m. n iy, S-3 tln i 27.
".'.'.r [it,;i:C .1ii, lis II A. Gunilger and
d.l i.L'ter, r,. Edig:ar J:idwiii. s.',i and
J.inul[hter. Mr aiod Mr,.. M. K. J.ines f1 Ein-
.ir'., ar-il [lr anl Mr.> BaLtes ul A' iln Hus-

Ti-col Club Danees.
; i" i n .. [ILn I iet that tle C i,,inni ir iai
Llul. In I' 1il.- n : lis anniiuniced thlie inte.il-
ti.ii' .r,i ing :i dti cit. .-,r i tl 'i 2nld ol' Nom em.
'i,. the B 'ar l 1" o ,.v.rniir uf the Tivoli
Chiul' lia- di eic .ll t.I pi.st oine tlie dance
Inchl v.iulild .il Iu arly .i'C hLen g$ien
;.ii that l:iate anlI iha. r'.-.,l\veil, if the nee-
e.-..iry arran'e.cliituts can lie m:iide. to
giLc rLclpti, 'ii liil di nce IIi ljh nor of
tlr A.Ipriljrjiiirn C.'iiiniittCe it tie -l.,H use
-.1 I,'.:prr c- lmnt ti'- ,.' ilell Cl i c niilEttee Is to
",' it tli l .sthlu .. inll I l. .'ii '1nl1 ini No-
n,,il.cr Tih: di' eL ill tal.e place .ilijlt
the Ihtlh i,f N.\. ciil.A'r-e.fact i:iNt e ['1 lie
aIt' L t.ICLL", I':tt r
Thie t_.i'. iinl iiI nL ii N. .': iljn r ihas ecin
-rt fI..r tlie iighlt I,.LI ii. Tlianl.agi inig. No-
\ .-mn in h r 2 7 .
nA le, ct. I.c r 1ii

Ilthmiaun Baseball LeaLue.
i..In ,'ne f th" lliill ln r n ...r t ll n L ., L '[I ci rl-ii .
...n ., nr i li. e J 1- .lli .. i h. l L '.oi.uL it .il
, .l ll . i '. 7 .r N .i i oi r. I .\ ie,i t i.

. .':tl I. l i l.L 1 n S ni i u c t'.'l 'n l 1t 1
.i. in In ll .. \\ 1 R% al. .\no.n [i.

;E I ,. I 1t.ihe. [i., r h i. I *i li. t of pr IJpee .
-. 1 t,' I ti i .n r ] .1 i l ,:. i f i l' ^ ','.- l l, her
SI 1 .'*-" ...' r iL[',I.L. ; ,J, r.'n l It il
,. il ,.1,h .1 it t i-i I l tin/ i i.htt r thi e lnI gue
L 'ill Iu '.I 1 *i I jr i l t i'lu l .\p|ll- .*r.T..ins
:.. r fI l i ill i ts I.e 6il' in a.iJ ancc :.' til lil- etinrn
1, ILI. L'I A. B Ht i'Icl I ,cr % .C JQ nliJ r.t or \\ L
R tj--.ll. ,,t .-'i i..In L... 2l.|l hi.u i n L tLe con.
..x-i .. t l %ncl n N-.- .fll. nbe]| n. ne.i r- irc .
n E -t. .. 1 t; I .1..
L rI t.Lr11. krio lnem.

It% 11. i C C Dn i .A T i r .I 11iln. '. Z..
Aliril i N cir lis.r 4. ir [ 4 p. I.

I NFi-- RA 11
I 'iii' I' Ct.'ite..x Georiier.

4 F I n n.. A .rt

'I .LI1. 11
f'. rt' All Llrpir
7 TJ .I i rc .%I I -rriin In 'r,'.n

ii I'..iriLL

"t. .",'% r. Suppe
7Tie h,'LSt et/J
'f iif ... D L

Thie iiiBrf L f
,..ie .. BrLuk =
CL H. E. jE\:F lCi.i-,
,ul.tnal Director

t1 ''L lii
CiL 1., ii

F rnizii



Views of a Recent Visnitor to the Isthmus.
When Juhn \ Boce. I'ulnted t.lti Att.rne.,
for the First D, IJe iic A..1-.i. li't J.[lunc:i c iout
[, ni iritln n o I',r P.ntill,.. t.,i .pcndi thl re
a ] :.r t ot h i s 0 1 '.l r ., .,,iitc r .-1 1n l e J fr ...In
ti e Istl I 1.11 l -.I r i -,r \ ..: L 1.` -.1 l t .' i.
York '"'rnr, ne 01o (-,t 1'3 hP %\%.1 1I" "' -l'
reg aird in k tihe i t-:is ,i .iT ir' i ,s l A 111 I '. ,i.I
ZOnue. Mr Hive.- n., irn iw %. rh iN. I'.
1w.)y back to L ii i1 .-J t 1 t. i Inc ,I .1 I.1l0, r ps., ....
m i-tic. ,n I Iet. alter ..-i-Oi.iI ncL- 1- ti,.n :.I
the r.gre..s ,l" tiC v. ..k or- the g.. ,t '..lter.
Aty-V lit he ,l d ihlL-d .J[-tl til It r

in file etar!'.' -.i.d M r. B ..ce, ettc rd ,y, 'il the
pr t[ .'t .t 4 c nV i1uJd
M r B .-.',e ps .n t 1--.,n t .l' i I t i i .,.
ti t i r l % o. n t n i r% ,.i I g ._. E l i e l n l 1 1 : ( iti l
it thl t t111ne n A.iblt him I ... rn ie. e.in inLill t nt
conr.par iun bet't ( 'lie %oil. ldone li tile
French ind th.t J. ic I,. rhe \h.:rl ..irn e-rin-iat r-
. r BU' ce -'-itil
"I had tho ll], the i nnte..I St i t i [, ,I1 I *,
muclh wl...n it .' i, rlhe Fi .-nch C, ,1C iii'' .
$400.,li0,i.0 ,i I.ur [ I[ rve '.h n..zrd rny u 'ir-i-.n.
I 6I-iw' "i h.it the l'1 nit id St ite- c.J..t ',,r ti l ie n ll .,,"
arit I think it r? I r iin
1 pl tt Io I -t Of .ti .. ,e r-I, iliO -i trip ,I I"' -n
rinm cIti Tle T ir.t thlin tli.t i.r ipr.--.e 'ne onI
rirriin' there ,r. cet-,.nti l-n.
T here .ie t ., re r.1,.- *f t:l.- lilt -a it r
% here the feeli, I'Vc.r i,',-.li, .t.i ul-il t,. 11. ike
iu home. Til. nioT'" tit- too, liE0 l,'t'n c-Ll ii
nated. In -ix noiu th4 thc'e ii. r.nly t-ne .
of yellow f(e er, .and that I..-i br-.n,, it in fr.- i.
The engineers l if %e been i '11.3t. Ic "i1 iviirk ,,I
the C'iri,-. nAnd the volunie ,. -.,i rk I. ,o.:re.r.-,n.1
by gs % tletre]I .,rr',gre s.i.-.i There are 163 l, co, .
nioti\es illn lwa in cartint i-, tr.,in, of' dirt
andt fitIlllingo hetli uriro-e4 .,n..] in Ci 1cibr.i Lit
there ar I lorti E%.o Etc.in]] I..el in m;e ]
hli e c- xhiillAeJ tIhc work ,'n tle l['trni- ini.:
Rn.Iliriad terin-n l]. a'n. J.jo thl t o' tile Ne\,
Vork Centr.al, anJ I aii. cntirel i iFe.ri I
" hen I sa-vi ltih tl.e iteaii ._1li-i-ci -ire hanii.Jl .J
rn.,re expeditirul I]. :il.nl eL tctr ir, Pa.n.ii, a bai n
the-.' are ionr ei her-of t Ioi. o Ji i,:,'u
Then. ic-,. tht.er e .-;il. E h .: s4pir.t i- .'..-..l
feeling among the wor.rkine c.jrr., The ur .rn,.-
zation is excellent, id thle i r.en v urk will ii.e
nppreciati..n., aprirenily. th.t eyi e r.: i]. ntiu.
fied with one of th .m r.0.rl.i rTea.ti ia ]-,, ie .t .
An increase of the efficient rr the ,vorkinri force
is the i.ijidtlt t ttil which the loadiniz ,- lIe
It take, .--11 the %Itr : thIrt r. m.e r .it,- t..
Io.Jd a train ni" tert- r, itll dirt.
"The American encmier.i hI c sir .cc.-'le.l in
solving the r r.-.lemns pr. cnted IL. the Cli I:rec
river and Culel.ra. a which prciv-d twliniblin2.
bl.:.cks to the Frenih e giinrci.. The I =uii it,.-
tion L.f the Am. erli n i .ici min'-.t..e,-. fur tie I recli l
re .rnes h._ a01,. mire r .ed ti ..u't puLt il.,lnid ji,
The hLo pit-, l fr.r thel ii. .ni ar,, a ble| J ..,rk.
'ers is n in-titlluri.n ti, e prota l ..I1 Ir of -' i i.,
of t'teen or t ., en.t buiir.line... Il itn rr .,lc-n
equ;pment It I., -irrouronil, I. -, p-irk i.i>..n
tle P:i namia Nide. lMen iperiiinentj di ilted
rm i if th'v ehoune. r'.in.1ii thlrc irnJel nietl, .ir
sti:ccit p.F -.1-a e to thi ir i.jime..
I** 1 have c n tie .rii.: min. of u Nl i G.certru.Je
Becks. 'Jf the N:.t.onaoi Ci ie Fedcr.iltin. but I
could rl,serve i.:,r.e of i,,? gl rln z lI.lit th, t
she p luints rtl M -, trip tE., li, i-t rli u I. lu ,.,1 .
serted mIe ai-i 1- p s-,iniu. l tl.. rn einmhiui i:|.t [n
TlIIc t of PrL ,icrnt Il to r r,,. I f-t .
mui inirkclN1d in ei.-uJ ilicr,. .,ind did nMuch ,..;d
The late .,, eici hi lri.pcnrinp i now piLcd t -u
long before or aiter the f're.,Jnrit a .herr..
Mr Bu..ce cc di .usAed LI.) the ,-,c.rk bei .- d..'me
on the JIthniuu L. tie N\L.ung NiMn s Chri-4.iti
Associuti-ii He -'id
"The .i'-aig Mleti C uhrilt.in .\ .c.at,.on No
the Canul ?.one Ihas a .,in hr r-.r hit] .i1' nearly t t .
thlous.ind and .*ccupeI-, four large c'lul, hoiut
erected Liby the CIan C, -ni-in.iion Thei nr.m.
ber-ilii|, is cOI :iA'._isic o l Arfi -i '. n :, iJuiil inlen.
all of ]I)ni a.ire enrr[lo ts i1' tiL. Cjr,:.l Comnri .
sion The club ihOu liard rooiis anrd librrics., ;,n-1 .r'e surrounded
y I large veraud's 1In the elerIrni. l l .al
tbr..nged Ilth uung ri.-n. One of the ,tminel'i
of the Canial Cotnnui-.iuin reci.aitly i-l Lhat no
money I'bing spent on the IEtl1ilulis Nv.r. pruduc.
ing better result' than tliat ftor the erection O1i
these elul' buildmgn, and Iour thiL iaDintenitue of
the work in then "


Cristobal Uuion Church.
During the first week of September there
was Iranized at Cristobal a Union Church
lf.r the purpose of carrying on ..i !.;]
rtligiu'u work in that community. Wcii.i-.
iIig the undc-iIrahility ..r'Irgainizii. :ind car-
rylitL' ,r,n work on :t...i .,, ii ti.inil lihi I it the
representatives of the various denomina-
tiui-s decided to unite and work together to
develop and maintain an interest in re-
ligious iu.l and work. The following offi-
cers '.ere selected: President, Mr. Max
Dyer. \ikc president, Mrs. M. C. Ri' r.ll,
scrt tirv, Dr. Hearne; treasurer, Mr. Hugh
T. Kitiinyn; musical director, Mr. W. F.
Cliriati.i; [p:i-.t.r, Mr. Win. Pearn; general
c.irinl;ttc-, Mr. IV. G. Tul.ly, Judge T. H.
Br,..iin, Mr. W. A. Graham, Miss Emma
B idk. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hageinann, Mrs.
.,li. Burke, Mr. McCormick, Mr. P. C.
B:al.r. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Baker, Mrs.
,M:ax ['1 r. Mr. M. J. Stickel, Mrs. Hermon,
Mr. \\'aWi:d. The officers of the organiza-
tiii. liurin the executive committee. On.
Sinida\, October 20, the Sunday school had
6.ijl attendancee. Two services were con-
duct.d -iihiultancously at 10.30, the preach-
ing attendeded mostly by adults and the
"CChildren's Church" attended by the
\.iuLig icucmbers of the community. The
aN ten, :I a ce at both these services proved that
thie rc.-ilnts of Cristobal are thoroughly
iit,isi:tel in the church work.
In addition to the work described clubs
1 h0.e 'rn organized for the boys and girls
1. li -,. t,)o young for either the Y.M.C.A.
,r the lV.,men's Club and these meet twice
'.',e, .lv Mrs. Pearn has charge of this
-'\, r k

Unidentified Package.
A r',:,k. ge has been received by R. C. Shady,
,trL. I,,,per at the Ancon corral, containing wear-
lii' ,igi.i l and sundries and a book-" Garde-
nier's HRe.y Help for Locomotive Engineers,"
t lih n Nile "Louis Dent" on the front leaf.
T here I- no outside mark to identify the package.
I hI u. nri can obtain same by applying to Mr.

Misdirected Letters.
Division of Dead Letter
Ancon, Station A, Oct. 26, 1 .1'7 J
Tie dt.,l ii i.,'^ .r, ric lif/.l a.d1Iressed letters,
..riMia tianr ni rt ( a -iJ ct'itc and its pos-
c..;i.,st. ti.. t been received in theoffice of the
Director .-f Posts, and maybe secured on re-
1uu. t I aiddressee.

.1Amir?,oo. il, C.

ih r.'ei f. I iobt. V (2)
CL.t i-. JuINerz (2)
[hLt-1..rrf iJi S.
L.rf IN.F

E ri,... .1 IF.
t- in pauirf Thl.. In,
,;.r, ;n r, I-.
Hadhli, J/ F.
Hairri..,i. Sama
flenticr,,,,. Percy
Il It b. Ei S
Kciirncr. 11 J,
Kiri.-. John VV

Letr./..,.. .11

.Il L .unn John,
Al 1, otr. r.,, To m

'iIi. I. Mrs. Annie
P-',. er verhJ. L.
Rslbr/.,n. Hasrry
It, .i,r. ilarri
kiI.."r.1. 4 K
SLi bet: in I.. Rudolph
Tiaii.., Ftcitr
2 /INIi~er, R B
It ./1ing. Earl
lt~idson. Lewvi E.

Arterburn, John H.
_fr.inr,. ll, HUarr.t
Br-..-. -N .'uortciu r L.

Er, ..lile Tbos.
I'ur.i, .11
Erion, C. E.
Everist, A. C.
Ewen, Wm.J. (3)
Ford, L. '.:n S.
Full, A'li aird E.
Gibson, Philip B.
H uEmpitr'. Frank
tHd,.u kfIN.i La wrence

Johnson, Oscar
Kercheval, Thos. A.jr.

London, Gilbert L.

/., -.' .4A ron 0.
.untli nhir, L.
c.., l. Walter B.
.h I le, Mrs. Lewis B.

Putnam, Jas. Lee
Ridley, Miss Albertie
Rowell, G. M.

Shaw, Sherman E.
Toll, Albert C.

West Coast Trading


Activities of the Young Men's Christian
The Culebra Y. M. C. A. Minstrels presented
their entertainment on Ti' w. evening, Oct.
22, which was highly enjoyed.
On Thursday evening Frank R. Roberson de-
livered his lecture on "The Land of the Mid-
night Sun." It was graphically illustrated by
two hundred hand-painted stereopticon slides
in natural tints and colors. It was instructive
entertaining and humorous.
The Empire bowling team holds first place in
the league fte tr .ini.g thirc "straights" from
Cristobal on tih .- ..i i let. 19.
Robert G. Goodman, formerly social and em-
ployment secretary of the Twenty-third Street
Branch of the New York Y. M. C. A., has begun
his duties as the assistant secretary of the Cris-
tobal Y. M. C. A.
The night school classes will open on Monday,
November 11. The following studies will be
offered: Business arithmetic, English grammar
and composition, mechanical drawing, stenog-
raphy and typewriting (beginning and ad-
vanced), Spanish (beginning and advanced).
Other classes to be organized if there is suffi-
cient demand for them are: Business law, first
aid to the injured, elements of music, bookkeep-
The use of the public school building has been
granted for these classes. A tuition fee of $5 for
twenty lessons is charged to cover the cost of
instruction and other incidental expenses.
Team. Gaines. Per cent.
Stim son ........ ... 6 ................... 162
B arte.............. .......... 16 .......... ......... 162
Gilm ore............... ... 12 ........................ 156
Strong ... ........... 9 ............ ...... 153
Culbertson ... ........... 8 ........................ 151
M urray ..... ... ......... 5 .......... ........ 151
D illon.......................... 1 ........... _....... 150
Leonard ..................... 5 ....................... 149
K r.. I t 8........................ 142
S Ij. crT!,,il 14........................ 140

Cristobal Social in4tiltation.
The Social Institution building, erected at
Cristobal by the Isthmian Canal Commis-
sion, was opened for use on October 27.
The Rev. W. Pearn presided at the exercises
and speeches were made by Rev. E.J. Coop-
er, W. F. Christian, M.J. Stickel and others.
The Social Institution will be in the care of
StaffCaptainJames Simons of the Salvation
Army, and among the features will be a
reading room for the general public.

The La Boca Foot Ball Team.
A foot ball eleven recently organized at
La Boca is meeting with much success,
enough men having i.iiii'med their intention
of joining to form two teams, and practice
games are now being held. A game on the
morning of Thanksgiving Day is desired
with some other eleven on the Isthmus,
and all interested are requested to commu-
nicate with Mr. G. R. Dempster, La Boca,
C. Z., who will furnish full particulars.

Disbursements of explosives at Culebra
for the month of September were as fol-
lows: 98,850 pounds of dynamite; 43,800
feet triple tape fuse; 12,600 detonators;
17,750 electric exploders.

Arrested for Maurer.
The police at Tabernilla last Saturday, the
19thinstant, :ir.irthrnlnded John Hughes, white
American wh:. I1 %.,iited by the sheriff of Osce-
ola county, Florida, on a charge of murder in
the first degree. He is at present detained at the
Ancon police station, awaiting the arrival on
the I stlitius ,_. tihe sheriff or his authorized repre-
sent ai t i. e. itih t lihe necessary extradition papers
to take him back to Florida for trial.

T H E C A N A 1


Apprupi inti i- fl ai I' i.plnditlluir. Douni to ju. re 30, 10l7.

If t .-li - r,,r i t, rl[ I i .. ,r, :.- v r t r r ,.., s i : .. .
/L" / ;c '- 11 '1 1 I 11 k 'l i N, 4 . ...1,. ', .' ,r I. , I,. I a, I li,

i- i n t1 I .i. I -t Ni c i iiti i i, n I
r d^ .i t / 7 / I- r' l i '. r] '. i L r p r. L * . r [ t l 'i/; i o f.i( / '" / .i t.' I'-'t ' a'f i .r L L]
t , I ,? d 1 r I ' n ] ed i, ../ i. fii i, r 1ll. .. : r t. .'' ru i Jll I l Ji t.r :

. 1 .,L, */* 'i r rin ,' i .. ? i (- ..L '*,r L.h,, ; ri ir t. i.. -,r., > .l, r *I n ,,: lo ,r Ir fi

.1/ F n < *ifr.. i i ** ;* ;
1 1I i r i i l i i i >*


j. .
Li i','.1* i h-. l it 'i' 1 l'r i -'

'' I .1 ,

.1111 r1 I' .'r ,.

F'. t j i r. i I' 1 I
I .. . I I1 1 ., 7

4 1
*1 i'ttt'I'i

i.I : i,, 'i n t tIr

t|I LlI i] lt i 'ill *1 .ii. *i I .i4 1 .
i l I ,,.i i 'i i .
1 % ,-- I I.. h .l:h, I... ..

.1 1 1 I .h .1 r1.

l t ,l .I 'l r 1 l .r I l
, d 'l h I l-l T -- '.< , Ii~ iii l i11 ..I r .- I ,,n -

i e ,. .+ .r,", l k l.. m rinl .i.I .. I
h l 1. 1 I.I I. I .1. t L t
1 ri.-- l ng u. ,h ?. l. l.., 1 *

1 f i l .' i p .. .

I I' "'. .Ii


.1, 1 I ,1 1

2 -' 1.... ..

7 .n ,,, ,,,
. , . ,. ,.e .

i ." .. .. .t

l3 n,, l 1 9

I. t I . ".
c .- .,.,.. -. ,

i ',, JF ',1t'1
L ., nI rin rn .iI ..I t- n, iI

'tt l r.i 1. i

it'' '. '.. i t 1..1

l II .' I ,l
nrll .. n .. r I. -L li
hintl'I ',J tit ,27

',tt .t ,,t .ii iir." 1 ,1 nl, n.nlt, '
I V.1 t T' n I .-.
L .. l- I, ... 1 r
It .. .I ..... 1 1 1 .1 i 1 .11,
"1 ,r.,l 2 7 7lI l i.
S, ,r.. L. ,R r I Ile I I,, .= T
L 1, t. r 1" I' UI.,\ L n1 J., .' I .r.

iI ihl. . 1 17 1 1 1.0 I *I A I .r I ,,i ,, r, a l .,
11 1. .1 r. .I 'L . i L IT .I I, 1 i .r i1 i ,,, I,. r i,,11 ,, ,d ..11 ,
L. s II, 1.. I i r I 11 iii. h II I L 1,1 1,.11. i 1 1 l ,l l .

.. l. 1, 1 L ,1 J, l I l l l h I 1 L .,II h i ah h

I' L.' I , 11I... ..

I, ..I ] ..u II i 'T.- 11 "
rln rt L ,..I r ...I h L I I II 1 .. .. I_ -' .]

L o I.I I] t11 r1 I s l Ir. I. . <, I, I, ,I n ll
L..I rt. j r IIIJ I 1 s*I,, 1 a I .l .t. II h l ,l, "

wllll .,I |- l .I n., s .rh It ] i .11 4 I e'-g L,' I h
H. L .II a .l i1 1 i, 11 ,.1i., ? 1, ,1 .
] .. L [i i I l l r '* .l [ i, , I.. l .

"| ..I ,L ],,,hsu tl,,
[* .1.I ,, ,,I .r.lt I.1 l1] ] I ', ,
[ *I .I

1,4 1 1 1 7 1

1 I '

1.1 1 -

C. a 7*

41 2 I 1 1


i L r;trjrerli'1 rJ i r. .' I t itill/f rit| in2 t a J si jl l-'i l
j1 a .-Lr J I.l:I'I/..v" c r t r/fk ah n. nam 1.ani Inl.irans of
l % i -fl r I
Regular .A 'ia. anr Na.vy Luion.
I'mll., l' i L Ii tL.. 1 ,I r
L i. i- t IIL 'li.t .' A I* I ii-. i] a l W il r 1,r-
ri-.,in ,,1 4 1,. i<> [.l r ,- A\ iy : ,: ,til .n y I ,I,
*I Lir I ii .il[L 4 0I i nliS'! 1i. "n 1it c h I in
I3.1 hIL -i 1:11 Uililihhn1 :. [.fil l ,t., C Z un SIJui-
tl.\, U : --' .r t., 3;i l I II., li re. tIlic
Itt \tlir i 'ilIfi 'I III, I .l irri-ir iL ii ti iul

c. -.'.ir, L II lL"m ; \v..-i t 11-ill 'I-. Li'd
'Jhur,- ,.Il] r--. ,v D iji .'tin;g at I li. L 1, If
pi'i c ,,m .,iitLld .,. N 1 .c': lih.r 10, 19' 7.
A.\ lh .L iI.*i-. c:,.i ith pr., 'urJ I. v virI citi g
lIC till,] 'r'1 l li"]nvi .it alll, tI1mle
I JI \. rn-i i,L'. L. E. Hi.- \I N,
.lilti I ct ., .4 I. R A & L S
LI-t. ODia. L Z

ULnited Spanish W'rir Veterans.

II I l' % .' \ 1 1 Is I, I
il .\,,,z" .,ri I "d o, n [I, ; Ih tllih m '' ,,-" Pnnl-
rin.,. I % ill cimle''t. .r v,.itlt the :.i' of other
I cile t i lb ,, I 1 1 i> i p C Dhe l I 'i : n ,:, Spanrl l.S1
\\ .1r \ aL 't ,I It :ill in'i n .', ho li ve str' elI
itl Ilie i..Iul.nr Armi'. Nar- ar inrtt e Corps,
r V, luiii.. r ,rinyv lurtnii tlhe Spani-li-:iim r-
si .11 i-. o r It ,- n i lnt y .1, 1 .'-. I, t. June 1, 19iu2.
.i '.41. '' it, .i' Ith liia.C lt-nriiallc dl] clhar2r c papciS

.r c: r Ill h1 iit tten
.up. .I la. tic v t
In|ri I I \X ATETL_.I,'VS
4 -. In i., -jcn l S It V" .
f;.r-o/i'nn, C. Z

!,.r T fi 1 l r i i .
I'. j.i. -'a.. p. I:.rr',r C R

Cri ohbalI W aIer.

Tr i,: i ti .1 L'ri.cdt, iilI lt;ts a Vu '"T di..l-
. .ri 1jie I,' ]. .r, ti l ht .is I ie i s ') I' -ir SijiliLl
1l e n1 h.l c ,L ,i, 1] .di tl i '. tl:- W eL
V-.,. V.'IvI n i I. It ,., h %c -hli- lld v'ater
*ijll e ,. i I-.C R. PorTT,.
linrtl',nlg Dep3irtrnient
i'r .tIv l ,I -7. )ctL

[ [ 1,. ',..... l:ttr '.',a: cint to the Divis-
i..n ,i f *,Tu il.'p l'.l Ean ic-ring f,.r c ,nimeat,
I the] 1I. .11, \ ,,. ruply '..is received :]
I ,' 1 i t lie 1 .ii lu 1, 1r ..IttI- fro nl I 'I.Ine R
t' L .C 1niIIld ir 4 i tul.d. rd-I ite to dis.i-
Zr II 1, .. Jr Irn. 'c .Lne l in Il c. r 3r sor s ic
lt .I.
."- I- ].l- ..ITi. I- 1il ri -c.] .t ._1 'i I [,.o rt thi. t Li l
.- .11 T. t ;., | A i. .C.it l c L In il I II, Uf I tlir-
i r 0r. lh i .i lil L'il i 't iTll b I ,njic hli in
: ,", .L 1 .r" lh t, l L- 'I I I, I cr % lI .le fi l, is
> i. ii. c r >. iri L.1 it I i iii r in y ri .i ii 1r 0 Fla. ltili, -iiii1
l\ ar11 v i" ***] .i ii .1*- 1 t 1? ir. gi l e, to thll. t. ; iliii .l ra -
1 ~ ~ 1 1. -in .l u1. Iun Ii' .v l. 41. I\ i i- mr u- -'Ji
i r. I 1 .1*, i l .. hl 1in1 0 1 O 'f t IL*. ", 1 is h. In LI, .-' ill
t.,.I ,rl IhJ P ,,, ,Ill 4 ., :. .] fl l-h n ." (,1" ;dl

.L LIc F .i -i r -W i l e,-- I. .. 1 "n' iT..rti p iblle ,'J
11r 1 I Ih n I' I.,'e.I e I' I i L -I % ..1 I1 .I t C- ,re :'L 0 1 1:I ll-'-j 1

". L [1 :[' il *I ..h l-r I._ l.e r I: l V. -r i. ...-ll il,] red
'L r I Ih. .-[ ." L l l.1 1 1 .1:1 .1 te r I.I1 itI ., I'.-, I fL le V Uil'I.
t.A .-l -!': lt. h r th !L2. 11-117, If ,\ III | 1
I- L 't I ll: Iiin J .-1 ., -I..; -1 .0 [1E in ch r1 ..,*f tle
I 'I i iL nI II.iu li. u il L II1 i.)i r iiL' l *i .. Lk iili0 tire ,
I r Lilt I.rl .1 t r i rn] i -. iI I,. [1 1 .- 11 i L lie
i r'lai "iLi : I ii n- rej]~ i> [ t .. i li (. Ilu 'l 1.n iii .' 1 I L

\1 .,-horl t,.nii L'. C
SII I 1 [I i lli I n t .. I-[. I i i Ii Iir I. r I 'r. m I I L
real. r Iir.: ij L~ill ir i..n .1 1 .lt r ;it a rlun licl:.---.:r \ .
I i h '.. r ln irli ll JnL.. .i rl J IT .a1 ll i j -
NiIi,; I'I., C 'rI .'I, '+I h itL r t c i L u j --If% .jl ilI

I\ 11 ..iL [h t -h e ils tr, n.,* 1 1-l:iii ll J .. i.i
y.. 4 1 .* 71 , e'r i,,- l II l reni 'tt.-' .ill ih -,tIr in ; LIolI'%.
1,alu .1. L, | .1- 'tii Llin t rIi 1. '- -1 I lIt il II II J
..11 1., tt Irit o lu e v co u n C lasl .1I r,-.1 IV til
~, _' '. | 1 , . l i i' 1 1 "'- p 'I C 1.' .- :E 'tle Clt_ l. -i [ Ii h 1 1n: i i l1 1 i tx

.', ",*, .'1 n:i] o r- .11 i n i E l- t inlli- 1I'It 1. 1 I lee t Ile
? ;4J Ijl. ", t .lUlit I.Ll

7 1 -1
1 7 1

". 7 - 7


Statement of Its Organrizatioun, Llmcicrt-i of
Operalio..i tnd Suppli-I.- ruirnihed.
Thle C.'ommissriY Diieprirtlici.t, \li, .lI l :is
been o(rganizel T,,r the I.,cliA.t it l" U .Iir o'..-.
of the Isthnilialn Canial C. ,ii11rr-'-i.jn :ti..]
PanamI;a Kiitllro':ad Cf li. n.,' v I rlrirt' .l
lby the P-nt1.1 1,a Pa.11l 0a. C n l'ilIII -[L".
J.obln Burle is i ri;in.'.-:"r ul" tie C. ii'i, .
sa'ry Depaitit ient, rtp[irt IIIL iri.'ci t., ti
Geiner.al Nilain.er tif" tiL. r.1h,,ai T[iii
drpartinent, the ]ica'](lil-,rt-cr' .I ich .,ine
at C rist.l bt l, ca Irrit. 1 ,.. ,pl,. ..:1. r
rnillis The fi ll wI.j.r ; i .1 briI. lthc ..I'
the or'gI nizatiizt ,.l it ':':,t .1 i .\
Crist.iLba tliherc ;,e :
L.' or i'.art.r v % i li Lch is ii nc arg.. ,i -_ trc.
l.eper, i, -:re, dr, '.1,. 'i-i.'l .Art r.i, I '
ic's, etc are s.lId
Alain it ir house. '\ re r' cnly,' niir.,i..i'-
In'ts iof zi)ts lire li r,i.l T .here. a : .:,
ernl divisions to thre m .iiii '.rji'ii-._. ,ic
-andli g dr g ..... .i,, : Ir.: l V ,! i .I l I,
g i e..Ctric'-, rach I ,f ".i e]i i i .'!, r a *. i *.
st.r ic liett' 'lir f r':-.-.rt t_ it ti .-t l C epiJr
iner chli r- thl irair ..v. 1 tr It,'ir. I] t*i l.!
tinn thtre arc .hilping dry g.. .-.ni
shipping gruceries" di,.'isim., I. chl
hnrlile hiolen nel e_ ,,f p ..-l. inr :i
wh'j s:r'le \v '.'. -.' cli at'r shlpp,.Il t.- r "
trons alo.'z the lie, in4t.niid jif hii .m I. .
chal se directly f'ri..im thi' lial c'-ill-o ni .-irc-
Cold .sorage plant, vilic ol ci..I t.' -i z .
prodtcl.t'ts tire hlia iled. .'vlui. include I'rnL i
m -t , potat -es, r 'l l I c h1 ,'tlier pl 'J11
able v'get-trblte. butter, e~..', etc.
Iee plant arcnd bakery', -.. :cli uipph',- nil
der anin s fir tlihe e .-oi" lIl i.il1l:; 'i.c 1.- l i' I
Conni sii-s.rion .airn P:r .'ina r'ilr. i,- ,.
plre.ve thlrouithoniltr the 7.-'.',-
L.aundry ila.ir. le,!h p L. I. I .1 tinc
neerls (of thie eri'.l... .. i t ll C .L 1r1.-, ,1
antid P.- un ni't r.-iilr. l I r I.i ''': I.
Prtnting ipl,rpt, IN..i.h 1 is 't [r.... I'. -
all thle printing v.' .or L. r ; ire, i .I... .".l",- i
ation ti ul e C. r' .is.;ry n I ",- th; ,.t
thlie l '-ic ii-ua i si l 'Liad
Brai .'ch c rnllm i-.ari, i. I- c l' It l ..t til,
l,,illo\\iii ,, ,i .i : G~r-u.ui B ., il,.-p.. E ,.
pire, PF'i) Gran.le P.r.. .c. inr,.ni .. i .-be.i
nillin, C uI hr'I L- ; .' :,-.;Il-', [' ,.',, 1-- ,.l
T hem re im L. ; liliti<.t ,I c.'i .i l.'
inr blilug co-.i itruictitd .,-. I ,1 ..:
.'hi 'h i t is xl C' t ,'. ,l I ,. I j, ,, 1 . .
slirrt time.
E:acIh iof tll :se I-r;aiI..] eC.,, 111m -"I l Ii
clih rge t"f a Iiiiler.1 Sti lLI ,C pI.r L l .., i, .
as full n line of -uprphl ;r r. ::nr ..1 ,, tih.
mail w-irehtu-riie r. Cr l' ..-i-, l e hIt,
c'oni nit saris nrc i,', .1 o tif r hiv i ti. .I.
ina stt.irclieic'per>., ',' ,ir-, ilt i 1. t .i i-it
them l"req eiic ll'\t an-' iii.'.- ti,:le iiY c.ii,.
plaint- uni tle. It i4 l.1 l, tI t il t r ..f tie
traveling st,.el:eep t to s.c thai nt Lc.
sarics are l-rpt ultini rdii in i 0ill .-. l1'i rli
manner at all times lie iclr* -. f'. i:,,ui -,
to the iiilaE.'r, v .-i i ill tliN V.2i, tlT -i
blledl ti keep iII t ... t uch .1.1tli Hll.. Ls r-i
coUlilini snries thlirnuic-..iut I.i1 Z.,lie
A sutppl,\ tronl lhi'ta Lristio'.al :r 4 ;
i-'cocl ench lliior'lliilg. :lin11 i-iil.ce (lchti'.rt ri.
of cold st.-,rnge o".]s, ice. laiumilrr .v ild
bread, at all pi-ntS .qlnnrg tle ilue .-I the
Canal. ari- viiin at I'.irr.1111:1 .nllinut .'11
a. ni. [et'l'.-rics ait point ots utl-ire ..1
Cristoiril, l'ricl this train, as I- ll i- fruin,
the several criinnliic n"i Irit lo.'tdil alrcina tih


lii': are 'u le ucinI'kr th: diii .:-i.r1 '1t" ill_-
[tit p .1ltllii t. ,',' 1 -. -., r, I'it l'ir ; 1 14 i l S ill,.
si' teilc,
The I il1 ii'r t v thi.. tllppli.l s i-'.i..,Il 1'.
die II '.. ik.ii ,'iry Flp'i ,rLiiir m t ei Ilr ii.i l 1 .11
in t i. lI nilt .t'r..-, t- h r,..it ..i ,', ..-
0 i ,'.r it i1 lI \ ,l"r 'l iu 1 N L i l. i-. 4 .,.t

_i . It I r,- l t L t i i i l Ii 1 -. .. .

l ) 1t 0t : O I ti S lt t c' 11 L e h1 ii ,1 L
I,1t '* r I -, t i i l. l u -. i' "l -1, n\ .,l 'l ,t I .
hi, -.tl It pir i tl t l i 'd lt l h -1", n.l l l. ll,. -
.\Ir t1 .- '.':.- Ir I; r tli. .f-l LI'ulr 0 11
' l *. '. c li c. o-ul, r',. t liu I i *rh 'c.- I
Sh11,- I re.l ti' .c ,-,ei t I t i tr..li i t ..

],,-- ," ,i l.h. ..- ti th.- ..t I c..-t *,ri ,,

h li i. i.' l : i.'t_ -till'lu l li l ., ','. :r l l'r O "-
,.-f h i,, l,,n .. 1 i, ..r.,t...i -..ll n, .t .

.f. 1 .I. Ii p r 1 t *iir: 1 I I '. 1.1

rw o c l'l t . il. .l, . I, _, l i .r i..

rI e :1 [' ,111 1:l, IL, I" I I l ,-I l T .

.r ii l 'ir piirplil c .. re t---,.,I i..1 ,.' I n r.;n i v.
.\ p,,:,u -,l . l c t ., ,t],l .r-]._e h -t ', ,Il
Sl v t1,.Lt l [. I Ci; I1" i.. ,lll l ll r,' I '

ril. e1 : er. tIhe rO 1 t l 1 PI Lt .I t I.. S 'I ,-
; ....',l, ;I th I i l 'l. t I l S .1 i t

Commit issary 'Pricee.
r.ii nI 'C! 21 i i i *r' ;

;r~ ~ ri icI
trr'l* 7.--.. 1 i r.I.

f: I L;7'r. V .'-'-71-1-.-11

I cr~ nc N-` I

ri,. k- L- r ri~

2. .L".

-' I c



JIcc-r Cr.'if- c-r-rl, -w .,i r ..r V.r1 1,0
II1 Z 1 l Iicc I- I l
L'I,- A ~ c .:2

In,~~ ~ 1:-r I.I 7.1 fiLl.'

.. : 11,1
ri. I. I,, lilcli, 1 0
-, c *'' c' 13

It f j-'f r
1.-it 17- d

3. 1 2 1

1 iA E

r--I' -1. L I i


*r irt

!--E 1 ;r c -

1-0- T,1 I' .r( 'i J r".

7: 1 .

IN ci r~~~ 1n
m I i

T 111

r 1 ini.


2 11;


c- 1
I It-,

1,1 ,, .,'

',* if

c-I "






L.ir- t -Ltl ti, 11' i;.(,th.'U.i I S. 4 .
C(.lhirint.m i n L l/, I/ '-rin-aec r. Cullbra.
.11.,i. 1) / .i'll,/ r., I' S .1. cl'ulkhr.ir
. II 1i .'i,,eri, 1' .' .4 Cil bra
M1r H. C /,'/i-ai.-u, t .S A Cilhri
31r 1 L' ;I, iikl'iin, .ISi.,,ii
- ,/. 11' ,r r .1 .ltrt, i
.l-r .i;,ek r11 Sminali, L uil.r.
.Mir .l.cilh I;inekhli Htihrilm,
Sttrtr .rr', *..i.-_, .


Curin- ric li 'n anidl E engineer ii .

I. htia L ,ol. 6 ,. 11 f;..,l l/ll-d 1" .:' I ,
C'hi.ll ?i., .itil tiCitlrl EnC ntirLr, CL'rlclh .i
.11 l' [ ,li L. r.- 'li t t..r |.h r
.1 /I ."'irt ,f. -titn l' .t, ,,,; c r

Stpari nItirt o1 E. ittof'i :' l r lul *
.Ill [ I GillnrdJ, I[ .< .S Cliclbra
11 7T" I 'i t. N.. rL re 'rr.

Ai E !, .lr j .ld ul rl. ("' s 1 l l I.... I:.]
g'rt ri, -.-.rgorin
C. A. McIlvaine, Chief Clerk.
D. W. Bolich, Division, Eh itettI Empire.
S.J. Kennedy, C Lt f IL r)l.
Louis K. Rourke, Assistant Division Engi-
neer EImpre
W m t, rre -D -i. -, I. *r.-ltlL .i", *.,tra.
.U r. L. 1, TL'lt.L ,.-ii,. L',.lC Clerk.
WV. G L-..,t.i cr. ili ..r, L -.'-rr- .c- r. Ia Boca.
'** r.. i trr ll, ,. L.',c CL '.rr

Department of Lock and Dam Construction:
Maj. Wm. L. Sibert, U. S. A., Culebra.
R. M. Sands, Chief Clerk.

Ai, Cl'-t.1cr il.,r.Il,a, U. S. A., Division
L t-,, u er t r, 'ruit i
E. P. TA .nr_ -, C,.:, ClChrk.
ittli './'., I ,l ,i L .,'t cr C-istobal.
> y.h ic li'- i t t1 .ui ...- I ,,..i Engineer,
La Boca.
B. A. LeMay, Chief Clerk.
W. G. Comber, Division Engineer, La Boca.
Edwari. .ith.7,il i.t r. El,. ti;.. ,t i 1.'- l a rMechan-
ical L itncer. C Lh iri."
Henry :. .1in irl'. l ,ii i1. t itur. Designing
E.ng f r L rr:. L. I, ',inr.h, H. F. Tucker. Ie ...vnau. En-
r .1' t c.r. .' ., *'re i'.I Ilt' r L H ,rC 'r .

D. W. AlacCormack, Chief Clerk.

Department of Municipal EnI,iirct i'L'.*, Mo-
tive Power and Machinery, and Building
Construction: H. H. Rousseau, U. S. N.,

J. G. Holcombe, D: i-i.,n L': i .'-ec r Division
of Municipal L ru' ict ri,.'l I i,ci-' "
E. C cFF',l:r h,.l. Cltacl L .r A
e-,,rv-c D. i'r.~.,-~. a .%IpLi t iit-c . M otive
I % i 'r .'t ,,.1.J Ia ll, ierr. C ,L'a, 1 '
F. It. lotv. Ch/in CIlrA
EarlJ. Banta, Mechanical Etitrrr:r
A. L. Robinson, Electricza I ii',-r,cr
W M1 i el.h .U .lcr l .,(,(r ,. t; .,,..,, of
ilrtri'h, .. fj .:,'i:trn, .i Culebra.
P. 0.I iiri,;ht,jr rt htrirt, Culebra.
J. H. Barbour, Chief Clerk.
Division of Material and Supplies: W. G.
Tubby, Chief, Cristobal.
MaxDy r. Cl/, I-clf . LCr, i.- al.
W. C. H., l.,,. Ciatl Ccr lu Icon.
Wm. Krugel, Sr i.tirer .iilf Printer, Ancon.
Division of Map-Making and L ith,.r trahi
Charles F. Bertoncini, Chief, Ancon.
Civil Administration.
Hon. Jo C. S. Blackburn, Head of the De-
r i,,'rinii iIi. 1iLct I
HI D RcEd.f, -. i.le tive Secretary, Ancon.
J. K. Baxter, Chief Clerk, Ancon.
Tom AM. C.-. :I Chi, d '.. .,. ,,." Posts,
Custom In. ,i,. i I., i . r-
E. Lewis l:r i r'. [te,1 i-iL',.. .r Cri-robal.
Herman A '..1 ci. 'c ,'".i. .ii,.i:r .,r. An-
George R. Shanton, Chief of Police, Ancon.
D. E. McDonald, Chief Clerk.


C. rE iV' tIm'll tn. Chirel Fire f'l,.qrrrnerit,
.J If llne. Chief C/lrk
L. L .'iij 1'c-. 11 'It cr Curnarmi--.-t. 'itf. .,

lIna-tcnc'ie, i.6iii lo, L.'gal .I'i v'cr..4 'in.
C'., ] .1 .'J -.,,rrr, Sanrt of sl.it.-.i. ..lraon.
Canal Zone Judiciary.

Sni/rcilit. LC irt fir. F .htitii Dtirni. Chi.. I

II 1 n. it ,'.'. r, 1: ,,r t E l,. -ta te, Er .f'ir i.
L Iri- 'h ., itt- 1 .,.-l fciti'i l r' c o L -i. ..I..
It' i r I- ter.- r L'Crh of L'Coia r. .Int. ',i
CLr ii tt C,-urt. Firit cirluir Dr .11orl -
I. 1.r'.. Tile. lr ,t
j .,Itr r n LTer .rl.'.Ciltr 'Crlt rr CL'rl., lr.../n
L'/rL-iIr C .',tr , e..,,h,'/ i red, It .1 .-,,'-Ag ir,
Lih.crr 'L a: ." l,^. L',-n. C ,irr L rK, A lrn.-

Jirt'. i t .. .ii-ri Tlr-i i'i#r-. lt L.-'111 C LC '

I' I i. rt .l r,1e t, -I. ..41rrr,-, .r f r
tl i r.it,. C l. -,n C1 n mir tr, ., 'ti L'il P.r ,ri
X i C r i-*J. .1 ,i,; i:. n.
'- i[ trn ,hit f [1 .eirri rL r,- 11 I*t aI(.

c r Id ci.s.r.ir tlr ,r.c ; t ri7 "-.r,

Col. W. C. Gorgas, U. S. A., Chief Sanitary
Maj. C. C. I i, ir. E ior., U. j A. CExec-
t. iv r. Ancon.
S.11 -rn ./, Joa, Chief Ler, 'k.
R. B. Myers, Dxstrnctju-de Lrilrart
R. C. Goodale, District liof i,. .-,ti ,. Ai'.

Col. pt. C. Gorgs. Noble, U. S. A., Chief Sanitaryl n
spctoer, Ancon.
Maj. C. C. .,alCn/.ch, Pr., U. S. A., Exec-
utive foril.cr, Ancon.
.rr C KlaBobeay, Chief Clerk.

H. R. Carter, Director on; C. C.. Ancon.y
Empire;: n J. C. Perry, P. II r'. .1 H. S.,
Lo 'e, Jristobal, division ,e- '. i n
M aj. ***nL ir'wilip I 1 .1 :'.Ji rinten-
den, ...Disbursements
J. Fd ., lliam s, Disbursing Officer., Coon
Hospital, Colon.
Capt. Robt. E. Noble, U. S. AC, General In-
spector, Ancon.'
re.- CD. Mabry, C rhief P.H. and H.
General r'f r, C. ol. on.on.
J<, .,I LtP.'..r., Ci-.; Sanitary Inspec-
or, A ncon.
Labor, Qummissarters and Subsistencet.

Jackson SBurketh, Ma er. Culestobl.
R. E. Wood, ;--iLotlet .1 n i. -ctr, Culebral.
S.eC. Klauber, Chief Clerk.

E. Fletcher Domire, Ancon; C. C. MticColley
Lowesteward, Cristobal, division was arrested and

Edward. Williams Disbursingtealing hcer,otel-
TWm. M. Wood, Chief Clerk.
Examiner of Accounts.
H. L. Stun.t Empire.
W. D. Mabry, Chief Clerk.
Pianama Railroad Company.

H. J. Slifer, Assistant to the President, and
General Sup11rvisor, Colonr and Quarters at
W. G. Tucker, Secretary, Colon.
Commissary Department.
John Burke, AIniir-gr. Cristobal.
W. F. -4rnfe4 Ct A' i; >r, Cr -Ibal.
S. M HII. cle. lit r.,l reA-., r. Cold
Strawhich gehe h ,ri names. Crte pleaded guilty

Sentence of E. F. Dominick.
E. Fletcher Dominick, who at the time was
steward of the Gatun hotel, was arrested and
tried on September 5 last for stealing hotel
books and selling them through other persons.
He was convicted and sentenced to nine months'
i.irv t.-. yeafor larceny, upon the testimony of
iii r-*i.i..j.Iso* On October 26 he was tried for
gr..ndr larceny on a charge of stealing from the
de-i. "-. the Supervisor of Labor and Quarters at
Corozal two Commissary books of $5 each, in
which he h.-1 (-. ced names. He pleaded guilty
and threw hlu'lli on the mercy of the court.
His plea was accepted and he was sentenced to
serve two years in the penitentiary at Culebra.

Movement of Ocean Vessels.
Thle 1f- l-v;gl i -n 1 II n t Of the lilill Z- Of tile
Poo1 :l m ,a Iru i [.-.i[ | C in | 1an of the
Roi.,il '.l.-l S.t Lill P'acket C,-ino.an' in.Il f the
li.anillitr&- IL. t ricr an Line, the ain ,rn: Ruiilro.v
C oinrp.-i 1 J ite laii:,,: 1-ihc et t.'j ch'inge.
FRr, M N..% iORK
..'l ia.r. . P FR FridIAI '.et. 23

I'rit'-inz .Licl rf JI,'. i 1 -.4. S. t tJt ur.l.%t .? ?'or. 2
T ."'l . .. R A. tur,,, .'
41n4 .in ... ro 1 .R Iturd.n .
P a1 ti P 1,' R'lond'Jay .ov. 11
Prtin .Ii.i'.rwi rtl. IH .i S ur' r ... o 16
lrin.'-, a .. R a ln.. :J,r 76
Oi istl -ir C[n t It P i rkl.,-n.r l . A', I I,;
T iic'. I I 1? 1 r lJ. iT'" '.'or 22.'
. ta I I,, .I rui "C 2

.... ,.:i l F P;, P'R '...,,,i,, ,,.'., '
1 a P c ut r.Il lv il .. 13

I cnth ,1! .I' 1 .T l ur I. l .r Drc i_
PI n.' r i nis'"I il l .I' htr l.V / Ic.. 't

Dt re't, I .M1 .liturlh [.lce 14
I'"'"r11 l. 'h T l.Jr.-rfi:r *1'-" 1:9
-,,'i- ,. I i- 7 uI ..,Ji, . tV e i '4
lir ., Ciril Fr,..irr.,', II -.1 c...t;rda "r fiet f
S, /'',I., i h .' r, .' t .iV iit r .i ItL 1 !,#
.1i J- P h'h t,-n.lar,., Die 3
\lj tli" "i -nrilcr t l"1 11l.: I I:'r-t'ni.i r. rieri' ,'irn
:i, 1 i'.,. I l 1 I Inn-- : .11 -S K inr, --r..r en r-.ute
Lo ClouiI.
FOnM ..L.r.
Dunottar Castle.......P.RIV .S t,,r.'-, .'n .?
Pr'iz <._T.ru irnll II I U C .u d II . .\Lir .,
'.'rn ,. .... i 1; .H '. fi sd... .10. I
Fi -"'i t P i.1' Ti:urs.d ."a', -
Altai ...... ..............i... S i-rd . .'o
Colon....................... P Ir.'f ij I,'ni ;,]'1 n 0, 13
Advance................... P 'I-i" Ilnj, r v ..'or I
Prinz Eitel Freidrichll .1 I 7",c-'d O 19
Atrato .................. R.AI i1 t Jn-a-i'r 1.n o 2,1
enetia ...................... H ..1 Sa ar, rd Not 2.1
Panama........ ..... P A i n.r. .'.' t" 24
Dunottar Castle......P Kl,. Fr.,a. ... Vor 29
P'rine .-rrinitirl H -.. Ti. ..r [tLC 3
.1:11, we'd P 'l." e. hlt ldyv Dtec 4
'I r t .. .. 1 l c li.ii ,a. Dec. 4
.It .'t II . i.l.,r,.i.ri Dc. I
.: ,t t" Rif : ,ei ,r D.cr 1.'
.lIt ti r . F' i J' .M r,*n .I./. . D)ec J'
A'r..z I" tcl Fri -rl ii l T ite.l.' Dir. 17
L., I' '*,,I . . R .' I i t,. nic v'in Dec i e
P.., *' P hc[ .-i"ttir,1r., 2t' 1
VY-,'.:s H I ..: I a,rd'. DL e -1f
D r,,,ortt. r ,.',tle PIA I' Thi. -'i Dcv. Ir;
PF llri.:r I''h' Ti 1E .0.1"r V t1 31
P ri.,Z r. I ..lT' : .,. Li ..: 31
SAILINGS FROM COLON F"l i It tR l.. I..% C\1.LI ''.
A'r TR 0i.'.i
L. rI/./t. 1I. T'L -i;.,- Oct -9
7"; ..i . I . e.' / 1.i '. .. L' -i 1
Rr..,-, I t M T ',-.' 0 .'o 2Q
.A l,' ,' .1 TA ,_;-., tre IU
Trc I I/ I Ti .., i eiL 24
The Panama railroad reriili-ii, p =.il at 3
p.m.from dock at Crlstol.I ., Jr,.rct to Nei% Yoll-
The Prince Eitel Frederf.t 11 .nd Pr,,': Seir.
mund sail from Colon at 2 i 1 i- .r .,n.
Jamaica, for New York.
AllRoyal -.l.tI -,: i.i- r. i,.Lt ",i .. i e l, re
early in the morning froni Ci lon ii.. K ingptn,'.
Jamaica, for NewYork. \11 itn il :.n.I i.-'-cnctr-
should be on board Tues.1:i. :nrin-_
IThe United Fruit C,.iii-,n. .hii-...tcl5hes .
steamer from New Orlc',n' I'. C-.'o"r eer
Saturday. due to arrive tl,: trsll..c .ne Tliursd.ly
Sailings by this line from CI,:,-i t., Nr'% i-lei'ins
every Tuesday.
Sailings of the French lirne iCtse 'nditirale
Transatlantique) for Ven':..ci ia ir.nt'. Malr.
*ini.r.it *, nI Guadeloupe or, il. .'- and i 2 lth nl
>).i m .-inrlr
The steamers of the Le, I' in L-ric f.'r ",%.. Or.
leans, via Kingston, Jar., .' il., vi l il ,n- C.'o.
ion as follows: Asian tii.-ur N.o-h'iller 111.
William Cliff, about Noveiiner 1'.. and tranieri
(names not yet known) .i'-ur Li.Uemi.i 9 *ind
about December 21.

Smuggling at La Boca.
There is said to have I--.,n c. i...Jer.iih' pett%
smuggling at La Boca r>.entlij. quatini,e. .-.f
cigars, tobacco, Panan' lhiat- :ind utiier si:7iill
articles having been receri ed ;n m'.-ll i- .arc.l-
fr.I',ulln -1i, 1-.,1inC atthait port. .lnd t.ke'l *n .1:,'
l.crr oll.,1 b tl-e purch st r-". 'i ith..It |:-aymnen1.
0.-'lutl In Orl Lir to 1).I[I .-t a t-,pi Ir, tlln rr il. ntce.
tlie oll1ctor ot Re enue- li'.- .tatlinned 1 -.,
customs inspector at thlie L:, Bnca wli harl, a bo
are assisted by the police in cnluictng thil Inws
upon dutiable articles.


\'oliinie I.

The Canal Record
Published weee ,y under the authl ll oi id supervision -i tir.

.t op. l ti 1, all pirph o .-", C lit Z ., rri,.
/l-'ajnc ir f t "'. u' r. // [: ,.\r, t ..i i , ",'i
.i-e -ljfti# elrl tI',_rin thi lell : o[l i' r, fh/ J', ,n ,1,1
R in' si' ITc [,, ,' i r i'r. i- r t 11. ir ,

Address all Communications
Ancon, Canal Zone',
Isthmus of Panama.


The Ciueniracha Slide.
Ste '-ly p .'rrc-s ha] t.e: miilc riirun '
t lihy .: t "-du.il In r .l 1-in,vi.g! tlh. I .t.iAl itt
int,. tih: Cut b- lthe Cii .rr.li:a -.l. T'.
v. .rlk: kI IJc ,li .- d IA 1\' t J e .- '. i.,.,'.L-, i .
of the 1shl. \ ich l; dr., i ,p :.! l'..- 1 1 1. lI. l
: t il, ., thi r:LtC Ill..i ll i t .11 I I ; : '- i : t
two wceka, to about 4- feet a day. 'iwo
tracks have been laid past the foot of the
shi., :ii.l a third track will be in place with-
in a It.w .Ina-'. T'e movement ofdirttrains,
to th1i l'Ill ca.p.,citL e'-rting before the slide
e.,ccurred. '.'. ill tliein li ri.-inied.

October E-'ca nation.
TIe grind ti.i d'f.xc:ivation during Oc-
tubi.r v.:. l.'.s.7- culiie yards. This ex-
cteels thl: .r;,ndl t.-,t:il ltir September, which
vwas thi. hi.ht |pre.. mus r,.cord, by.'., .il 7
culicy r.l~-. O til.: i ct,,.lI rtotall,844,471
.unl.,ic .'ird r: t il...n I'r ji theCanalprism,
:.',164 iir'C tlin ', I.' removed from the
p.,risnii in S.'%lt,: il.:r T h...Aiountremovedby
straiii 5h....i-l :-li, c in i'et.)ber was 1,085,-
325 CUbic vtr.l-, '. lch c'.'eeds by 102,339
cubic ar'ir tih' 1.',t ic.' r'l heretofore made
sinc> Amrin c ni ci' ,uirr.l,. that of April last,
v.hilih 'I- the El,.-'t ii.-irth of the dry season
%,hen there .,-s p r'ctically no rainfall,
.-berea f i )ct,lcr thie rainfallforthe eleven
stat- .is al-.i. thi. Iii, ..I't lieCanal averaged
17.1 iclel;-. At Tahib.nrll.i, where the prin-
cipal dlnip i-- li ii.u the rainfall was
2Hi 46. Tins ani.iiunt h i- een exceeded only
t,- icc c.n the Isthmu lii i the past 38 years.
In Oct.:..cr, 1";72 the r... fall at Cristobal
was 3., 32. and in COcti.ber, 1898, at Bohio
it wa s 2.. 23.
The gaiin in h,'...l out piit in October was
achieved I.,- the ..iae f -.roe of steam shovels
and cars that \i as at \\,.rk in April, and
was achieved ini spite -If the interruption to
the miovi'ment ieil itit t trins caused by the
Cucarnch. shIl.e
Of tHbe grand t..t I .1.f c:.avation, 826,891
cubic yards v. r,- 'r -i.. Culebra, 177,015
fruiom .'l.,t n I .I.'.c s ,-nI spilb\ i., ail 73,813
from Miidii, I'h-,.gr- adil La Boca. The
total by drel.g., is 766.754. cubic yards,
409,632 at Culihni and 31.7,122 at La Boca.
On accessory wc.rl. outside the Cnum.il prism,

24,258 cubic yards were removed, of which
7,608 were by steam shovels and 16,650
by dredges.
Below is the detailed October excavation :
Department of Excavation and Dredging.


Locality. :
U a

Steam shovels-
Culebra Division ... 826,8911
indi.................... 4 7
Chagrts Division... ", .-
Total............. 893,596

1 .. i 1.

Department of
Department of

CL' ,; .

5., ., a

0 -a -0

7,6081 834,4909

7,608 901,204

409,632 16,650 426,282
357,122 ........... 357,122
2I 2 1., .- I 411'

Lock and Dam Construe-

Locality. .

a--a -o a~

Steam shovels-
( i locks... 136,777 '.. .... 136,777
,. ,. spilhway.... 4.)236 ........... 40,236
La Boca, locks...... 7,108 ....... 7,108
T"'tal............ 184,121.......... 184.121
Entire Conal.

How excavated. a \
S a

i ,1 .. I. 'i. 7 7 17 7 -
1 cI ,i .- 7 '',\ 1-'. ',4 m 7. t 4.
Total.. .......1,84.4a 71 24,258 1868,729
October Rainfall for Three Years.

Station. 1905.

Av'ge No.
1906. 1907. since of
station rainy
estab'd. days

Cristobal....... 13.45 13.34 21.99 14.06 30
Brazos Brook......... 16 40 18.42 17.41 30
Gatun ............ 20.70 17.72 19.27 19.23 31
Bohio............ 14.90 9.91 19.00 17.18 60
Tabernilla......... .......... *26.46 ......... 31
San Pablo...... ......... ........ 18.94 ......... 31
Bas Obispo... ......... ........ 13.62 11.50 27
Gamboa ........ 14.85 5.98 13.02O 12.75 29
Empire.......... 17.99 8.97 15.44 14.13 27
Camacho.............. 8.05 15.88 11.96 29
Culebra......... 6.65 8.48 15.27 11.02 30
Rio Grande... 14.75 .7.01 1509 12.28 30
La Boca......... 7.37 3.37 10.18 8.98 21
- l. .i.,Al 10.88 8.26 10.88 12.51 31
Si- h 111 miii nt of rainfall for October has only
been exceeded twice on the Isthmus. At Cris-
to al ber, I -', . ,- and at
Bohio in October, I 1 r, I l 28.23.
The record covers i,.r. .1 I. 1 i,'.,ti years.
fTli i ir 'ie r ,in .11 ii the Zone as shown by
ith..i .., t I '..k. .cl. 1 l 1 1 i -h..it.i r hichisout.
ul.-, t1 'e Z i-lu, .1' 7 1 1n..I h r th.. month,.

Building Operations and Cost.
The 767 new buildings erected by the
Building and Construction Division during
thelast fiscal year brought the total of Com-
mission buildings on hand to 2,919 of all
classes. Of the 2,265 buildings received
from the French Canal Company 252 were
repaired during the year, and 113 were de-
stroyed. There are remaining 678 of these
",il T'1. yet to be repaired, remodeled or
demolished. The average force employed
by the Division was 3,570 men, and in the
year's work there was spent $4 ..157..., ..
The largest single item was for quarters for
gold employes,amounting to $1,432,415.51.
The next largest item was for the construc-
tion of silver employes' quarters-$482,-
502.88. For the construction of '.o lJiiJ.-,s
for hospital purposes there was expended
$315,196.57, and for supervision and cler-
ical force, $193,763.73.

New Sea-Going Craft for La Boca.
The Catherine .'lrr.,. a sea-going tug
purchased by the Isthmian Canal Commis-
sion for use at the Pacific end of the Canal,
sailed from New York on October 25. The
first stop for coal was made at Barbados,
where she reported her arrival on October
30. After leaving Barbados she will stop
for coal and provisions at Pernambuco,
Brazil; Montevidio, Uruguay; Punta Are-
nas, Argentina; and Callao, Peru, and will
report by cable her arrival at each port.
The Catherine Moran is 110 feet long, 23
feet beam, and 13 feet depth of hold, and is
expected to arrive at La Boca the latter
part of next January.
The -,. ,....i'., suction dredge Culebra
which 'l1-l inI Sparrows Point, Mary-
land, for La Boca on October 9, and stopped
at Barbados for coal on October 18,
arrived at Pernambuco, Brazil, on October
30, with all on board reported well.

European Laborers.
There were employed on Canal work on
November 1, 5,775 European laborers, and
of this number 5,121 were actually engaged
on the work. They were divided as follows:
.-, Ital- Greeks Unclas-
....J inns. sified.
Cristobal Division.. 509 74 367 20
Gorgona Division... 1,085 265 70 7
Culebra Division..... 1,908 129 ...... 9
Ancon Division ....... 838 459 22 13
Total. ............. 4,340 927 459 49

Capacity of the Cristobal and Colon Docks.
The Cristobal and Colon docks of the
Panama Railroad Company have the ca-
pacity to handle in a working day oftwenty-
four hours the following amount of mater-
ial: 3,000 barrels of cement; 150,000 feet of
lumber; 35,000 cross ties; 250 piles; 300
tons of rails, and 700 tous of coal. When
no coal is being unloaded the number of
barrels ofldeqc-t can be injrepsed to 5,000.



No. 10.



Development of thi System on the lathmnus.
Beginning with 1i "'i.. il, l ..... the
Telegraph and T. 'ph., i II I 1 I ..1 has
to-day a line of 18 wires from Colon to
Culebra; 24 wirestronm Culebra to I' ,, ,1 i
on iron rail poles along the railroad, and a
line of 8 to 24 wires fiom Basii. -' to
Pedro Miguel on creosoted wooden poles
along the Canal prism. These wires are for
the use of the excavation force in the Cuk-
bra Cut, practically every steam shovel or
other important unit in the Cut being con-
neeted by telephone :, .i .1.... i'i.
headquarters. It has t.,ii. I1, I I I1 1-.1
phone exchanges; installed 800 tele-
phones; opened 24 new telegraph I.. .
making a total in all 32; erected 20 four-
arm, iron mast, semaphore signals, with
which has been established a manual block
system with stations about two miles
apart, with telegraphic communication
from block to block.
The wires are divided into uses as follows:
8 for tel..gr..ph,, three of which are used by
the C,:nitrail ,;l South American CableCom-
pany, one being in thri.u.hli circuit from
New York to Buenos Ayres, leaving five
wires for Zone use as follows: One train
wire, 1 block wire, 1 through wire and 2
locals. There are also 5 pairs of telephone
wires between Colon and Panama, with
3 additional pairs between Culebra and
Panama, used as follows:
One pair for a trunk line between Colon
and Gatun; 1 pair for a trunk line between
Colon and Gorgona, and also for trunk line
between Gorgona and Empire; 1 pair for a
trunk line between Colon and Empire, and
also for trunk line between Empire and
Panama; 1 pair for a trunk line between
Colon and Culebra, and also for trunk line
between Culebra and Panama; 1 pair for
trunk line between Colon and Panama;
3 pairs for trunk line between Culebra
and Panama; 1 pair between Gorgona and
Culebra for trunk line; 1 pair between
Gorgona shops and Culebra for Mechanical
Department; 1 pair between Empire and
Tabernilla for Isthmian Canal Commission
Transportation Department to all dumps
between these points.
Three trunk lines, 6 wires, are of No. 9
copper wire; 1 trunk line, 2 wires, is of No.
12 copper wire; the telegraph and local
telephone lines are of No. 9 and 10 double
galvanized iron wire.
Authority has been asked for an addi-
tional cross-arm between Colon and Cule-
bra carrying 2 No. 9 copper wires for an
additional trunk line between Colon and Ct-
lebra which can be connected through to
Panama to make an additional trunk line
between Colon and Panama when two con-
nections are needed at once. It will pro-
vide a pair of No. 10 iron wires for a trunk
line between Culebra and Gatun and one
from Gorgona to Gatun which will be a
great help to the service, pr.,, I .: i11. doub-
ling the present capacity between Colon
and Culebra.
The department has been called upon a
great many times to make quick moves and
changes in the lines. It has moved 35 per
cent of the lines at different times and places,
practically without interruption to commu-
nication. It has been called upon a great
many times to have communication estab-


II I 2 I r [I Ii I I I L r. I I .I. 1 1. 1* 1

C ~ ~ ~ ~ I I. o I i il1i. I
C i .! ,1 I I' ILI tkili '.1'A

I~~~~ I~ LF 1,:%. 1,~ ll

illt I' l

II 'III ll-' I'1 I -I. 'I I i T It III k ~.'

'ILI 1,,i I I I t I IIll '. II '

11II 1 1.' I'lk I I I LI 'I' l 1 I1
.... II' I .- i i'I I -I ?' . II I1I1I
1. ri It

I-i I I it t e 4 1;, 11

'.IE1uimii Ii II iozh111'! '1 1. 1110 .

iI'ii- .~ *I .11,.it i- 'm t

LI1 L 11111 "I I I'. I l II ,-.I I l
lit .IIP,11 1 1 ~ 11 1- -1- ; 1 _-I til-

Iih I .

---L 1 1.01 L II..II..II

'-. Il i I It II.l i'' I j. ~ l~'

L t IL .'.A HIj `it -~l tel..iC fI icer
I~~ ~ ~ ~ U.e II tI ,I 1 1. it Iiiht:mr% iut I

],I!r a ii.. I. mmmii .h.e.!tl.\

I f. it 1 II 1 Lit I .l IiL''I '11

I I 1. '' 1 L r I Im L Il I I 'I lIlI ? I IiI

11 L t I --i

I. II 1 .1 IL k l. Il .I,

II .. p. ,ItI i.I [ 11 --I%

'I~ Ii L.

k I 1 II LI II II V I q ~' I lIi

II~ ~ ~I I I :1 I V. IL %.1 CI ,I1I

Ii I L I I' tLl'' I 'II I IZ.41i .jI 'I

I. II I' I.. p r.I lt LI i

'It~ IIU& v ''1 II LII' .

I Il. .' I 1 .11,' Let i S Ixi *I Itm Insu
W- "11

C.. 1 1.11

4 3 1~ 1 1 013,

4 .4 4. 1 1 4'I 12

t'm' Er C i 111 11 C.i oa I Z.-ii Oct,,L 'i 1 7.


21 7


Jimmus.- LOrdtl 1'. A.. M.

I'.iL II!-.

17ziclt I nt

(% % I20 L~ 1t

I- I' Ll 11 1I l. C A 1 11 I-

S, 1 Ii I .. i I,. -i- Mi -1i 1 If
iot'. 211 riii L aI. ..I- : t a '

We, 2t101,11.k -ij.] I.. Ti ,iI

T.I G il]' tI,

Ill' ~c ri ic e i.ui~n ''r i.. .1 Il' Iit I li 11

i: I' It c ..

I, I "

H&.s C n 11 '1 -L

I I S I I I I it I

It- % t i 11i !I '

Cui Ili I k. IC 11.' It J.-1 vl II i,

ticitzr "i ~-~ett .illi. M
E'I 'eI SIW I ,.ll%2 I.*I IT'r -CL 1

E iiIt.ic I.L 1111 tAal .oii~r .i- t ii, C.. IL..
g~~~~t' ;i I.i~ Ir ,rI'.Ii.

tuni CAL 7t


h' ..i LIIL PLI r i iI . 'ii ,

I' li ,, I I I.. I II. ....~..... '

1.1 -II 0 1- 0 1 - 1 111 1- 1

it I i i 1 k.'
r~~~ ~ ~ I l 1 IIIl

11-01 'i ., 1. 1 .

I r.*..

I..*r:.1 .1I -.

t2 I l, It


'>..u,, I Hi Tafithas decided to make his
ii to i, Plhil;lI;uc- longer than was
0 lirst 1i....l.I H.I,- plans now are to
I e Manila on November 10 on the U. S.
'1' Rainbow for \ I.i.1 ..-.t,,l:, and to
it ,,on his trip overland fiom there on
...ember 19. By this change of plan he
IIl reach St. Petersburg about December 4,
1. I lin December 7, and New York about
I' ember 18.
commissioner Major Win. L. Sibert and
fI ,ily; Commissioner H. H. Rosseau; Miss
IM ,garet B. Slifer; Mrs. L. S. Gardiner;
Mi George D. Brookeand ,. ili. and Mrs.
f1h. mas F. Brown, were among the pas-
-ii,.ers on the Finance which arrived at
tobal on Friday, November 1.
lnajor J. L. Phillips, Superintendent of
\,. n hospital, wife and daughter; Dr.
'* E. Deeks, Ancon hospital; Drs. A. J.
I'i.nstein and R. M. Nelson, Colon hospi-
r.il Drs. Grosbeck Walsh and E. J. Scar-
n, il. and C. L. Carpenter, Resident Engi-
,i.-. r at Gatun, were among th. [,.*-[-s..crs
..I the Panama which sailed Ji.,in CrI,..
1..1 on October 28 for New York.
M.r. and Mrs. J. Macfarlane sailed from
L. -tobal on the Dunottar Castle on No-
her 2, for a six weeks' visit to the States.

The Tivoli Club.
I liere will be a reception and dance in
'II..,)r of the Congressional Committee,
I e. led by Ilon. James A. Tawney, at the
il ..el Tivoli, Saturday evening, November 9.
l' members desiring cards for friends should
,l,,nit names to the secretary at once.

*' i" ,. Time Inspection Service.
hi, .. .. ,,,-, I ei first Chief Engineer of the Commis-
S-.. Mr. John F. Wallace, ordered that a
L [... ol time inspection be devised for
,. urpose of determining that the time of
1,loyees of the Isthmian Canal Commis-
. ,, '.i.,. -2 .I was being accurately kept. The sys-
i was first placed in operation in August,
C ml. Ini 5n,..Itr. I1 I >, when seven tnen were secured and
I. I,,I, i ,... -.,, ,, i" Into the field with instructions to see
.1 .1 i1 .., r, .. ,, I 'I there wereno irregularities in the time-
. ..v, l. 1I I.. 1 ,.t i I .i ing. As the force on the Isthmus has
, th,.,, ,1 ,1 ,,,,t ,... I reased, the time inspection bureau has
,.1 t. I in ., 'i. ,ii.l, 1 -2is .i, .loped, until now there are about forty
,,,,. who give their time to this feature of
I'll i, \I,,,. h. work. For convenience, the Isthmus is
... r. ,i,.. led into ten districts, each in charge of
.1.. nior inspector, who has from one to
Comeern. I,. r assistants. An effort is made to check
.1 .1 1i..i r ... ... il. time of all hourly laborers onceaday
S,,I all others as often as possible.
Iis force of inspectors is appointed by
S. ..r ...'I is under the supervision of the Exami-
S1 ... i of Accounts, and it is their duty to see
/ , .. ..' .ii thie men who keep the time understand
' .' I .1 business and keep it correctly, and
ii. ,, ,, ,.., .. r iI,',i the time of the employees is not
.. JI ...... Ii < ,ted to the personal use of foremen and
, .. ~.~ .,, rs, and that there are no irregularities
I I T.he li .1ll' .I m material.
'.7 1 1 lI ies i-pl.... I. work very closely with
',., ".),' i,.i1 t heads of divisions and departments,
S r.i...* to them immediately petty irreg-
i .. ul'tities that are continually being found
,, i, ,. i .. der that attention may be given them
i .I ':1r I. ,.. Ice.



Old-Fashioned Entertainments and Hal-
lowe'en Parties Mark Close of the Month.
The women's clubs have been prominent
in the entertainments of the week, nearly
all of them having been given under their
The Empire club is one of the largest in
the chain. Mrs. I). W. Bolich assisted by
-Mrs. Beck and Mrs. Kennedy had charge of
the entertainment given at the Commission
club house on lallowe'en. The barn party
idea was effectively carried out in the decor-
ations of apples, corn, d..... iiit -. Chinese
lanterns and palms; a fortune teller, the
Blarney Stone and a Dunces Stool were
amusing features. The evening ended with
old-fashioned square dances, including the
Vi .ti., Reel, and a confetti frolic. Each
member had the privilege of inviting two
guests and the attendance was large.
The club has appointed several new com-
mittees; Mrs. Bolich is chairman of tilhe
social department which provides entertain-
ments. A part of the work of this depart-
inent is the organization of a dance for the
bachelors one evening in the month. Mrs.
Bolich has the privilege of choosing her as-
sistants for each occasion. A chorus has
been organized under the direction of Mrs.
Adolf Faure. A circle for the the discussion
of modern literature under Mrs. Bolich has
been arranged. Mrs. C. K. Harris has been
appointed chairman of the current events
committee. A short time will be devoted
each month to this discussion, the chairman
appointingtwo ladies to assist. Short sug-
gestive papers will be read, followed by
general discussion. At the meeting No-
vember 7, Miss Heller will read a paper on
Satsuma work. There will be music.
At the Hallovwe'en party of the GorgoIna
club, "The Deestrick Skule" was acted to
the great enjoyment of those present. This
was followed by a "Spelling Bee." The
Gorgona male quartette gave several selec-
tions. The rooms were decorated with
apples and doughnuts, the Jack o' Lantern
grinned with gir ii,1 i,,- If. F rli,.l-- and the
home-made refreshments of pie, coffee and
cake were ,r'. appreciated.
The first of a course of lectures on Soci-
ology was Ji ..,, on October 24 by Mr.
Ralph R. \\..l The subject under con-
sideration deals especially with the develop-
ment of community life. The opening
lecture took up early life in America and the
development of the farming communities.
The course will be brought down to modern
sociological conditions.
The. Spanish class has been organized
with twelve members. The newly appoint-
ed committees have undertaken the fol-
lowing duties: The visiting committee
calls on all newcomers and urges them to
participate in the social life of the club and
community; the sick committee has the
work of visiting the sick in their homes and
looks after those who may be in trouble.
Mrs. Ralph R. Wolf has been appointed
secretary pro tempore during the absence
of the regular secretary, Miss Ethel Hayes,
in America.
At the meeting of the Gorgona Club on
October 31, a letter was read from Colonel
Gorgas. in which he granted the request
made by the club to supply canvas canopies
to be used over stretchers in carrying pa-

tients from the hospital to the train as a
protection from sun and rain.
The business meeting of the Cristobal
Woman's Club held on Wednesday, Octo-
ber 30 was characterized by the same spirit
of enthusiasm and hearty co-operation on
the part of the members that has made this
club so marked a success since its .r...111
ization. Reports were read by the d.iil. .. t
department heads, Home, Philanthropy,
Art and Literature, showing the progress
made in the work of each. The president
announced the appointment of Mrs. Albert
0. Herman as chairman of the Educational
Department, thus completing the organ-
ization of departments. The I.11.. ii mo-
tions were voted upon favorably: that the
hour of meeting be made 3.30 instead of 3
o'clock, in order to accommodate the nurses
from Colon hospital who wish to attend,
and that the ladies of Camp Elliott be
granted the pr. ri. of the club. The fol-
lowing resolution, presented by Mrs. Mears
was adopted and a copy ordered sent to
each club along the line:
Be it, Resolved, That every club woman in
the Canal Zone constitute herself a committee
of one to foster favorable instead of adverse
criticism of the conditions of the Zone and of
the Isthmus of Panama.
The next meeting of the club will be held
in the club rooms \\,:n I r, November
6, at 3.30. The subject, in charge of the
art and literary department, will be "A
Tour in Japan," by Mrs Mears, and will
open the year's study of Japan to be taken
up by this department.
The Pedro Miguel Club gave a Hallowe'en
party on October 31, the entertainmentertainment
taking the form of a sheet and pillow-case
dance. Much enjoyment was derived from
the old fashioned entertainment, as well
as the bountiful supply of pumpkin pies,
doughnuts, cakes and other provisions
appropriate to the occasion. There was a
good attendance.
The last in the chain of women's club in
the Zone is the one organized October 17 at
Las Cascadas. The c-ii,, tiiit'. is not large
and the position being somewhat isolated,
the need of a social club for the benefit of
the many young married women who are
located there was Ir,.i tl1 felt. There is a
well organized men's social club and tillis
organization extends the hospitality of its
club room in the Commission hotel to the
women at any time for their meetings. The
room is large and the tables are supplied
with a good assortment of current maga-
zines and newspapers. The woman's club is
organized under the title of the Nonpariel
with the following officers: Mrs. Randall,
president; Mrs. G. S. Lingo, vice president;
Mrs. Williamson, treasurer, and Mrs. W. II.
Boregard, secretary. The club is purely for
social purposes. The second business meet-
ing was held on October 31 when it was
voted that the meeting should be held
every Thursday at the club room, the first
Thursday in the month to be a business
meeting when the appointment of the en-
tertainment committee to actor the month
should be made. The remaining three
meetings are devoted to social entertain-
ment: on occasions programs will be given
or cards parties will be arranged, or other
form of amusement provided. One evening
in the month a ball will be given.
The club organized a Hallowe'en party

which was given October 30. Mrs. \V'il-
liamson, Mrs. ETni-ir,l Mrs. Lingo, .ami
Mrs. Kaiser being appointed iempiprr'ry
committee for the occasion. Boxes 1" hmiiie-
made refreshments were auctioned off dur-
ing the evening and the sum of $S 510
realized; this 'will be devoted to the piano
At the mIL tilin of the officers and chair-
men of the various departments of the
Ancon Woman's Club which was held at
Hotel Tivoli, October30, thepresident, Mrs.
W. C. Gorgas presided. Work was dis-
cussed and the names of the different mem-
bers to act on committees wet.; -ubnmititl.
It is thought that at present the Literary
and Music Department will be umlbraced on
der one head, Mrs. McFarland being the
chairman. The organizing of quartettes for
church exercises and other occasions will
be taken up at once, the necessary steps be-
ing taken to determine the musical u ni y
of the c..immunit;, .
The Educational Department, Mrs. Ma-
guire, ch ni 1ii110. i- *irran._ii'g f..r tie Spanish
classes which will be given three times a
week; Sefiora Paredes has been named as
teacher. Steps to secure permanent quarters
for the club meeting were taken and the
committee appointed for this work is ex-
pected to report at the next business meet-
ing. A talk on Home Nursing by Miss Mur-
dock, assistant supervising nurse of the An-
con Hospital, has been arranged. Other
papers of unusual interest are promised for
the near future.
The Home Department, Mrs. Trask, chair-
man, will take up church work, each inem-
ber of the committee being urged to use her
influence in persuading club members and
their friends to attend the services of their
different churches whenever opportunity
offers. The club hopes to be able to have a
good representation of church v.orkers it
aid Archdeacon Bryanon his arrival to take
up his post as Archdeacon of the tI iImi usf
Panama and the Canal Zone.
On November 6 the club will hold a lhisd
ness meeting when matters of gencrial im-
portance will be brought up; a lar.e at ten-
dance is requested. The business miii.ting
will begin pro'lptly at 2.15, and will be
followed by anaddress by Madan, Lt- Prince
on "What to Do and How to E., It," a
applied to art and artwork onth. [- thimiu.-.
An exhibit of the speaker's water c:.lor w'.ill
be dil'l:,i. d. Tea will be served a t te in-
formal reception following the paper.
A public exhibit of Madam Lei'rince's
works will be made at the Hotel T ir, i on
November 7 and 8.
The women of Coirnz.-l ga:i e: ir re-. i ve
whistpartyat the r .-.,,cnei.re l .Alr. miiid Mrs.
E. F. Quimby with an attendance ii' :Nh.ut
The Gatun Club gave a Hallowc' ,ii party
in the hotel club rooms October ';L. '.which
was very well attended. The rcii .'wire
attractively decorated with palms "-nd J:ick
o' Lanterns. After the program rl'rtsli-
ments were served, the remainder of tl-C
evening being devoted to dancing, %vliich
was _r:.tl enjoyed by the y-*un pue,, ple
The club held its regular iilt.: , ,: kil.
her 1. A literal, i v.nr.mirm m,.gi'.'emii. T-ea
wasservedand tie mI.ii tn,: .-i,.liudle, frie
rT.rul:ir in.:ctl. :s are held on the fir.t Ini I
thirl Fi ida .'d of each month.






L tli i t, l i *.1. 'Ii k-i f 'I, i 1

l3Y I)NEIl)(ES.


-.. I .

1 .' ,

2 .
'.2' :. ."

T ,t.-t l. 19, -ii .
T:L to I, J ".
T I.t..I 1 ii I .

i 41.,
,I'. 2
:21 17

*. I 1 4 "-

. 11 -
,* ,1 ,


". 4
".a ,-.
. h G,
..% *.*,,
7 ,

S1 i 2 cubic ...1
,1 -. 4 cubic I-
. 7,_' '.-91 cubic ,. i-

To'ril. 19,17 it't ....'irh h.): 7 '.1 "13 cubic yard.
G.r.a.n t.:.t..I t.- N-.. 1. 1 i'7 11 -1 730 cubic yard-
Th, l re ,'. iee '. ',. s.. .-l i ih. ,1 *i '.--- r -vision in Sep
tei'i,.ir :n.d ...t1.,Ir t.' '- .. .. .,. -.,. .I w which 47,172
CIllIic % Il13l i.Lre it, l 1h "i l i* r IT l


L.ocks, Danis aid "pill\ ays.

Ubbll kAhvab, 1 LJLI.h L,- lA-tiOMENT.

SI ,

1' ',.

1 ... ,.

I ''I I ~,, I

' I. . .


4 1


I, ",h

,I -7*".s
,7 2 "

Ill '* ,-,
17. 4 '

-..4 4-

I C.i

1 1 1 ,,,.

l -
- ,i .
-. 1,,,,

17 I',

T O t .1 ... 1 1 ",,.--- I7 l :... J iI.
*On this division in Auniitt ,i.,, ......', ind October there was also removed
from the prism 70,646 I. a ii, i .i.. iiil. by steam shovels.



IM oiths

1,027,645 1,139,223 660,478

In Canal Outside of
Prism prisui

1'I '.

Fr,-,. ill ,I [il .^ il **I r. in .., .i i.i,..[.l ,

S' '., I '

C 1 1 1 77

I 4-I
7,1 _

1 1 *
3 .i" ", 1 ,',1

11i 17

.l..r. l,


' November
'* December.



S1 ,1 -,


In Canal Outside of In Canal Outside of
P is Canal Prism
Prism Prism I iis ,,

. ,,
1 1 i,,



"'" 1 i
III '.l'

94 71'



1,191,233 8412,721 584,099

Total to Nov. 1, 1907-3.103,206 cubic yards.
'",1 .'- "-. '-',' Grand total by dredges to Nov. 1, 1907-- """i' 7 2 cubic yards.
Grand total by steam shovels and dredges i. 1, 1907-18.706,636 cubic yards.

'l Ot.il .1,-- '. ,V 1 1.-17- '47 ; I. 4 I


Locks, Dams rind SiliiV.T s.
L i1 l i l 1,.-- I I 1..I le 1 .i I ,d ',

I '7.


[IEC- r n .-. 1 ir- I I ... , I ]

J III i n 'i l ..
Febru ir ..

I pril

June .
U t1l .
S pt inn -r
lIto lier
Nor' idlll,,. r

Totl.d-. I !

1 7.,,

t '.,

1 ",

1 7

7 1-

Tot 'l to :,o 1 I l'Il7--"' 1 ..11 l. ri
Grand t.,t-il hi ,iIi *-I ih l- t,. N,. 1i l1,'17- 1.m, .7i, *2';4
cuble uards


li'.- .- 1. ,..,.. i i' w centerline of Canal beforeexcavation bcgan
i'l, i '* I-' ..I ....... ..1

it I Ll .*.,. ......... . ......... .. ....... .. . . 233
,Greatest depth of excavation by the French:
I On I.C.C. Canal axis at Culelbra...... . .................. ............... 161
I On I.C.C. Canal axis at Bas Obispo ............ ........... ................ 148
,Ireatest center-lin .h ,1,* .*i.., i.. T.2 excavated hlien A imericans
took control in r.I, ., ,-, .. [. i., T .,. of an 85-feet level Canal:
At Culebra-at same point 1. I. . .................... .. .......... 111
At barrier on Contractor's 1,11 .............................. about 140
A t Bas O bispo ....................... ................ ....... .... ....................... 4.5
.iLount excavated under American control: culmc YARI)S
In Culebra Division (canal prism) to November 1, 1907.................. 11 -. 7 2
I'otal excavation at all points under American control to Nov. 1, 1907 ..... 1 7 ,
I'otal excavation by the French at all points and including diversion
ianael.... ......... ....n......................................... ....... .. ....... a o t 70,600,000
lotal estimated excavation required Aprifl,-1907 for an 85-feet level
In Canal prism......... ................ ........... ......... .......... 101,050,000
On lock sites.........:.......... 7,965,000
I','i i i .. I i .11- work and I.,,..,- i. ,lh.ii, lI 2.150,000
I *-'.1*.h i. 4 .. 1ii T. I iL h I Cristobal ,, 11', i .-> openly construction
i l iir ,tl .I i ,i 111 to keep 1s i-.i1 1 r, toLa Boca........... 3,330,000

Total....................... ...... .......... ...................... 114,515,000


qin a.,r


1 1I
N ,I I ..

(.l i l .r

Liece ,.l.cr

1].' ,ntl

: a1ur r .
M1 ir.li ...
Al I .

I notl r .

cpi .oL.r
N,, vemnber
lJit-:enl .c r

J r' nt11. ;

1 '. "

71 i 1 1

7 ", ,

1 1, ." ;

I I Ild .2' : I ;2 '.1 4 '-" t - 7 '.Y'. 7-. ..1 II1

1*.** 7



Comments of Minlister Hicks.
The 11on. lohn Ilicks, United States Min-
ister to I hl,, I- I thr..i.-l Panama a
few weeks agS On his v 't I. I to his post
after a visit to) his homne in Wisconsin. sIe
pent several days 0on the Isthmus, and
wrote a longt account of his observations to
the Oshkosh '... t .'* ,. 1 ,. a newspaper of
which he is the editor and proprietor.
From this ancount the following extracts are
I had1 crossed the Isthmus five times before
and the last was in August. I1905, but I was
astonished at the changes that had been imade.
Ip to two years ago thile ears were small, dimly
lighted, dirty and out of date, running on a sin-
gle track, with very few passengers, through a
sparsely settled region with only half a dozen
dilapidated villages where we could see by the
light of a kerosene lamp into tlie interior of tile
stores wherenegro salesmen were sellingtobaeeo
or calico to a few straggling colored men andl
Now the trains are made up of excellent
American cars with cane seats and every car
seemed to be filled. Two tracks have been laid
nearly the whole distance across. Darkness
camIe before we were half wav over and all the
wvay out of Colon and along the Chagres river
we saw evidences of the Amlerican invasion.
Long trains of patent dumlp cars filled with
Cart, huge shops where Imachinery is put
together, great buildings used for boarding
houses, numbers of locomotives hauling trains
loaded with supplies, and the sound of the ham-
rmer, the forge and the machine shop made a
scene in activity quite in contrast with the trop-
ical silence of the Spanish rule.
The most interesting sight was the very large
buildings we passed, brilliantly, 1. .. I I, elec-
tric light, andiil reminding one .' i i'., in-, man-
ufaeturing district in the United States. One
was a boarding house, another a magnificent
club for the vorkmen, a club provided with all
the newspapers and magazines, billiard tables
and gymnastic appliances and other conveniences,
and the nen have the free use of the building and
contents at the price of $1 per month. Secre-
taries provided by the Y.I.C.A. but paid by the
Government are in charge, and there are already y
four of these clubs in successful operation. The,
are part of the wise and salutary arrangements
instituted by the Canal Commission for tile health
and comfort of the men.
It seemed in the darkness as if w rewere passing
through a well-settled country, judging by the
many large and well lighted buildings we passed,
and yet this whole region was a wilderness
when I passed over it two.years ago. Finally,
the long train stoppedat the station in Panama
and we took carriages for the Hotel Tivoli that
could be seen on a neighboring hill, shining
from turret to foundation stone in a blaze of
light. It is built somewhat like a summer resort
hotel in thle United States, the mains walls of
red bricks and the rest of pine, the doors of oak
and the inside finish of Oregon pine, it looked as
if it had at least 500roomns, for it is three stories
high and consists of three immense wings, but I
am told that the number is much smaller, be-
cause the Commission built it with regard to
the best sanitary conditions, and no expense was
spared to make it comfortable and healthful.
Onevery side of every story all around the build-
ing is a fine veranda from twelve to fifteen feet
wide. Every room in the house is a large one
with great high ceilings, and it opens to the
outer air.
There are no elevators, about the only real
convenience that is lacking. But everywhere, inl
all the wings and on every floor there are 1nu-
leroulls hath rooms and toilet rooms with
l osaic l marble floors and every convenience, and
every room is supplied with the finest sanitary
washbowis and an abundance of water, aud
greatest of all, every door lanld every one of
the thousands of windows are furnished willth
strong iron screens, providing for a con-
stant supply of pure air without the slightest
danger from mosquitoes or noxious insects.
Nowhere else in South or Central America ha ve
I seen a screen. I have been particular to say so
much about this hotel because it is the first and
only one of its kind in tropical America and it is
destined to work a complete revolution inI the
hotels of Central and Soulth America.
For, in the old days. Panata was a plague
spot to be shunned by the travelers. The first


time I ...i,,.,1 at a hotel, the wails wer. ,,l..n
w ith rin, 11..I ri' .-i'in the m errors *r, 'il .
colored h t', I ** 'i-. tihe rooms w r i,..,!
with thie i, .' .1 i of years, and I ..
,. 1,. eatertained by some friends, I i. il.l,
,,,' il it n the rooml I occupied a nman 1 1 Ih..l
of yellow fever only two or three month:- i .. .r,.
Now, travelers I an t lme to Pan: a to -I.'r! ,
few days more pleasantly and more safi i II
any where in the sirronndlg country.
Not only in this hotel and inl the b. o '. ,,,
houses and clubs built by the Comnlisii .1 .ii
tile improvement e seen. Tw'o year- ., -.
wlhen I drove from the station to the hi,. i Il
carriage became stuck in tlhe nmud several ti... -
and always in tIhe rainy season the pr( 1..I
streets were ,,, .. ; ,,.l foul with ,, ....
Now all the liA iic 'r -are paved iihi. I ,.
and kept immlnaculately clean. Not only,: ii .11
every house has been renovated and *,ri.' I .I
with sewer connections and an abnlianll -i.n.I -
of water. l When one realizes that the mia'.- I I .
inhabitants were negroes, Chinese, Itali .1u .1i
poor people generally, with tlie sloveni Ih ,I.r .
of tropical natives, the enormity of the t i ,
be understood. Every here can be seen tin .
denies of American energy. In fact th. a I..I
enterprise is an object lesson to the pn..i.l.. ..r
South America and tile whole wor1 .il,,
thile world never has seen anything- 1i, c
it before. Expenditures by the Canal .
mission on the Isthmus to date will 1 ,-,'
$4t8,000,000. When one sees what Ih:.- i...-,
accomplished here and takes into ,, :. t
the prodigious difficulties that hal. I. ..,
encountered, the amount seems small. 0r ui,
I have seen but little so far, btnt I am s, -.I'.l
of the belief that the work is being hone' i
riedon and thatit a l*.. i .l .1.,, .. 1. ,1 i ,
and will stand forever as a lmonument r., it.,
foresight and intelligence of Theodore Rc ..... .l
and the good sense of the American peopn..

Miss Boswell's Observations.
Ij l the New York Tribune of Otcl-t., '2
there is published a long interview. ith
Miss Boswell, who had arrived fr',, tl...
Isthmus on the previous day. Fr ii, hl.-
interview thefollowingextracts are t:.l c,
When I crossed the Isthmus for tile li,- r 'l.
there were crowds of women at every -1 i 3.1 Ir
tlirowing flowers and letters. I could ':- i.. I'
thle tears back. and I forgot all the hard .. 1 ?
l1ad done. I had spent four weeks goint r I I
fro upon the Isthmus, riding in engine l.e- .....i
walking off thirteen pomuls. But I au ..,.I.1
glally have walked off thirty-six pounds "..r ,I,.:
joy of seeing the women get this new intL...i ..i
their lives. I told them if they liked mo .,. ill
not to let thile movement die, and I kno. ii,...
won't. I know when a tiling has vitality,
Yon see, it has been very lonotonous i.. I
women on the Isthmus. The mlen hai ie.' ,s'
work, but tie %vwom en had only their ihont,-i I
ing, and th le l .... .. l..j, i isn't the th, er i.
ing tling it .,,- i, I Ii. I r i, more like ]I....
keeping in a eaClp. Besides, a good man .l I I, .
women have sent their chi1lreln home ,.i 1. Ir
them lehlind because of tile lack of ednca0un,.d
facilities on the Isthmus, which relieves them of
another care and robs them of an absorbing
interest. They had no social life, either.
It was inevitable that such conditions should
cause discontent. Living conditions were satis-
factory, but there was no variety or interest in
life. Now, the Canal Commission wants the
women to lie happy, because their discontent
extends to their husbands, and other men hesi-
tate to bring their families to the Isthmus. So
tlhe Commission very wisely adopted the sugges-
tion of tile Civie Federation to organize women's
clubs, and I was sent from the federation for that
The result seems to nh e simply wonderful.
First and fotremost, the clubs have broken the
ice which kept these lonely wom-en apart from
one another.
But in addition to this there is much practical
work that the clubs propose to do. They are all
organized with four 1. .rp ., r.I 1.-,,. ,i i, i-,
tion, philanthropy ,,,.I ,,,,,..* .1-,.1 11... ..',.*
1nder the head of 1ome many things aire being
done. One is the beautifying of the dwellings by
imeailns of gardens and vines. Some of the houses
have no ground in front, but they allhave broad
piazzas, or "'galleries," as they are called, and
thliese can Ie made beautiful with vines and
plants. For this purpose tlhe ri' ., in ...., ir..i.-
eal flora can be utilized most .in.. i. .i, u rg.he.I.1
that we consider rare grow in the jungle there

.inI 1.., l,. itIt 'aI hn lbIq 1 ,., l l II I k, 1. I'l Inl

thii r,. I. it. ,IIil .r lv

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 11 liiil it.. 1,, i ,111,m- r ll .~t~u. 11tv

ni I. 1t~~,IT sI. .1 itu L', ,I I .ir 1, 1, oT Ill I
-:' 1II 'it. a, III ... Ia u.) ru .1oin the

11 .1
I~~~~ l.I .'l It, In,1 1

0h~j.l. d~il i l. 1 1n i 1r.u e

T i t 1 1 1 .1 '. l'. I I I l 1 ,!Jr.tI 1.-l ilth
Lu iI,,,.I., II'' U I. Illl-. I keu e- vl

.I 1 I, t. .i,,- i e Iar

1,,irta spo1 t ir lI, -t I'eE.l l 11, ika uni

ii, l hfr Le l oI L I 1 1 I I 1 1 fll. I l I,

Mo IILIing pIi I.~. I t ,, I rs it, I,, I I- mp

rog car w Ih r ~ .,. I. ,I'11 1 -LI Il.i 'Ill2 T liept'i lel.r
un erakn 1-t ...1. rr Ir "I r I tI rg 11. in1~

tall ite tuIres ie ,I ,' 1 e ILL I N .,i rc1 :I n-
..io wa r.i. in Iu I1 I IT,. r ie Ii. r, I. --II, II
moved~~~~ It t- Ci 1 lu'40 i',
rrcial ci -. I 1.,I 1 Ph L.a,1 'I -.1,111
~~~' Ih w on .11. .1',.r 11Iie I tilsl.
titerethe~Il o tr -,, rar, I

eIn ago vh n I r., I,, ,u I.. r 1s. 1, r.-. I

abou th e task I I. 1n 1, 1'. 10 1 i. 1 ,'

fIt raIt Co d ,., I. uIsI I I 1 '1 r- -u- 1 t 1 1. .

cot~~ 1 11 1 V.1 ''li I ru, It eI' IlT 5. l I


ActLIitIle' of hie Yoru'l MI n's C'tri-tlinn
A 0 1c taI ion.

T hl rL. L '.[ii .n1 .. i.. r ii "tl "r L. I'
i. [., -ct tll. tl '.' ".- .I. [ l ': ,T .. I *. >n ti '
dis c nt rn., ii tC r t* T. I1n .2. 4 1 r

m ariltllO'11 ll' 1 0 *.l' 11 .1 1 r-71 1 lL C 1-..S 1 ..1

,- [rlcr .31. I. i I. - i 'r-. '- I 1 \ ih I 11
I I li i .' 11 1 .. In. I
Ci' n lll tl I... l in ..e I lh, ii I.11 r L1. 1 1 I,
T i .. i lu: I i': . '. t i r

l I'.t r ." n r-l .I l1 1 L I ..l I' 1..I I I.
[ T. i l.. 1 c r i i, h i ii.l I , l lt

IT O L r'' Ie I II- t '. IL 11 ,111 11
t lie 1 I i .

t I lie i [ .' I l c Ii i.ll

T h e i nl,- Vll lh 'C. .1 il hl
tr1. h 1r l, . I .. .1 t 1 l . >, i l. T .1,1 I .

t 1 I .- I .- I .. c '. - 1 . l I I

I I C L PT I I P L IitnL in ni i ,i-

.. 1 i'. L ih i r I hr -i
V.'. I.'h.it1 t i . 'i I

FItI'rlh I : II +I I. II I I- n i
DIrLtl, Ilf-, to 3 I .hi-I i. t. E.'-L L ,'. .I I,

di l 4r. 1.. 1 7,11
th. t I, ,l i. F 1 L L
Lit. i'lL I I i

t..l L .-. l 1h ,.t I" '
N.G ,lr. I e [ l ..,r

It -i ',-t :., .. [" ". utl i 1 l,,' i i ... "
1t r, I ) .i ll ill r

.S1 r .*-.t l J I, J" I.i \. .' 1 1.l .h Ii
,J 1 I. i I .

lrE flrl' t Pr.1 iit N, Ir
i L11k Pi- ,i i h ,r. ;
['r; ll a"r L. 1 "'

P. }r t ll. jk I- I 7

BL. I r L ,.1 11 w

'*oler. C.

Hari.,i, i\'il J1 -r}, i. ih Al[,* .LL r1 1/ .1 -,

I, ll ti,,:-t i ,r ,. 2 .. .. i 1 r
StJr,.rc. .I r .t. Fl l .. Al r, I.
i p \\ I.i d .. r, ..'d alli

T?1/Lk. lhss tllt1
,chori, F .' ,1 e +, L
Schuitz Thor .c. /. ,i 1 r L.

r m., \/fz L .N\lir i 11,II/ H. n"?
n'i eef r. Al 11 M 1*

York. Pq. II



.ii'narn Rhi[r'.nd C.iriln ..

L It' ti 'r il, l. I L' t '
[ *,liltA l] A, iLlln ." L. i i L i'lt .L r, I L ,l I, -
,lIt ,rt. I- 1L i' .1 l1: r v'i.,L [', ;" tn -i II

-il ,'. . ii.lf it.
,.1 .r '., ,

H A 1 j. n;..
. r tt i.,

Pit''"" Fi P i. '

F'-h 1 . /I .1 !. 1 1 '

i r.* I r

[ L, I . C

I. L I .

L I r .I'

L b I , ,.
l ,' t
' / l , 11 i I. r. -11 '.

I.,! . .'
Ir , .. ..' I .

i. > .*I

r .
, ,i

p. , ,t .. ' '

1" 1 / I,

i r '*I I
r ,i l" I ~ i+i,

I r , r ,
/- , .,' . [ 1 .

I, rr ,r ihl r, r rI
.. -.r _ ,_ r .r

( ;.r ... ., I ri ,.

I L.l I. i IC l / '

l r l 1 I , / '

F I.

I.ll *

t' ., ,,. ,

P T*r.
- 'I ii I- rt'
;C r al't rIt

!.,i I,'
i. I I I
.. ,* *

'i I i
.i _
(" ,[,
r .1 .
. pfr I.'




1,.' ii







III ,/', ,1 'r ifc .
i 1 ",', ,r. r ,

IL. It .

; j .
"* ', **, r : .

I... I,

/L, I',

* ', /l

I /

i. I I I J '
+ i / / i' '. .I "-

. .r , t. i "

L '.. ,.r i . . r I / f '* j r 1

[ ,,. ,, ,, jii .t L i- / ."

L '
_I ,, .' r., ,


.. . ,
i.C ', ; .

l'II*. '




I, .

'I I
ii ,*i

if .
.. .

ii''' '.1'' .',

A.... ..



.* I r.

." ..',)

, .1 r .


I , t I , . ,

. '. . .
S ,. . . .

] , ,r r . .- ,,, f, .1_ '









Lieut.-Col. Geo. IV. Goethls, U. S. A.,
Chairman and Chief 1r.. b. Cl,. blra.
.1 / D D ,' U 1 L n / '.r ,
'/,, Win1. /. '...F, U'. S. A., Culehra.
.Jr H,. II. ,.. ..... 1. S, N., Culebra.
111r. Jo C. ,' .". r '. I Ancon.
Col. II. C. Gorgas, U. S. A., Ancon.
M1 [ ,, :, ..'* in,' ', Cwlchra.
.I, I ,... ,!l /u *,'./, ,. ,
Secrettary, Ancon.


Construction and Engineering.
Lieut.-Col. Geo. WI. 0.., .'.. U. S. A.,
Chairimanl and Chief !.'r..,i,, Cullebra.
Wi'n I 'r , 'F ., ~. -, r ry .
1. H .; 1' , '.. . .' ,t .

,, *. of Excavation and .!, 1. ',,
,',. J i '. .,'.r,', U. S. A., Culebrn .
%'. T7. ri yc, Sccretary.

.t i. .- ,- I :, U. S. A., Diiision En-

., 1 ,' '. t, ic i. ,. ,, ."- E mz f re.

L tuis IC. Rourke, Assistanlt Divi ion Engi-
ne. i r
l'rni . !. . . i ... rI .. L', G itrun.
i i 1 '2 ,.. F ,r ., Chief Clerk.
II. *. r Div vision I r. L ar L.a Borc.
: I Stratton, .1 i'. ri.

Depart mnt of Lock and Dam Construction:
Maj. IWr. L. Sihert, U. S. A., Culchrn.
R. 1f. Sands, Chief Clerk.

: .' C" -ter Harding, U. S. .1., Division
CC'' t ter .
I' T lerk.
S*. .r i ...i. t .... ' Cri atobal.

I .. ....

l I .'i s I i 1' ** I r . I 'i i/ R oc t-ali.

.U .. .., '" Miolitor, Desig'nii'
I ork .
I ii . '
S] r r , ,, .

D). 1'. T:IacCour:nck, Chief Clerk.

D. . I fiuniciFpal Engineering, 110o-
i and Machinery, and T,..' ',',.
Con'trumction: II. H. Rousseant, I ',
J. F. ijolconuffe c .. ,' . 'Division
If Ilniicipal . .. i I
I. C. AlcF. r. ' ,.. , t
.- Br ' ., Al otive

F. IV. Doty, Chief Clerk.
EurlJ. Banta. M ech ani i .
A L. Robinson, Electric ' I

SP. ,r

Division of Material and S1jpj.dies: G.
Turiy, Chief, Cristobail.
rIlx Dyer, Chief Clerk, Cristul il.
it. C. f: I hief Clerk,. Ancot.
\'m. K}ruge and Printer, Ancor.
Division of1 11 r and L.:l *.., .
Charles 1 I. .1'., ,i., Chief 1I ... ,
Civil Administration.
Hon. Jo C. S. Blacklhrn, 1li:l1 of the De-

Si / ... ' I. .... i ce Secretary, Ancon.
J. I r Chief Cler'k, A 'eon.
eren MI. *. Chief, DiviLion of Posts,
Customs and BRevenuies. Ancou.
.' Lewis I .' ' e c it, Cris oba l.
h .eri a .' ., 'rc I, t. An-
')S'eo i KI. I 1 e lI l Pi ':'." lucon.
I/ T. [* Chieff A
C. 1'. Wceidtlr i, C1liet, Fir' Irp:>.cipent,
Cri: tibt;'.
I. II. Hiale, Chief Clerk.
Gec. 1. Cmnpeu, Water Comni'issioner, An-

Iniocetcio GOtC .'. t --,' \, r. c I
Tavidc C. O't c..- i. .I. *: I .' i r,

Canal Zone Judiciary.
Supreme Court: Dr. F. MAutis Dturin, Chief
,Ti' t, Ancon.
l i i ,'- r 1 . ." i n r i nm p i r e .
j. 1 L L i. ..' .....C a .. ,' tI ..C ristoh al.
I L '.Li f 'J F-I I "i l.
il 1 .I 1 .. L I 1 ..1 1- r I nco .
.,<.. t L i" r. .r. .*r..'r. i*r. F. r.utis
' ui....,. Aicon.
L t- ur .' ,i I Circuit Cot C Ci rl Im ,i
Circuit Court, Second circuit: li .! *;,ii. .r.
Judge, Empire,
Elbert Al. Goolsby, Circuit Court Clerk, Em-
Circuit Court, Third circuit: Lorin C. Col-
',1.,. l..dpi't ,r-i.t..h:,:
.* I J '. t, .. Court C7crk, Cris-
Geo. H. .' i .i/. nF 1. *.' Attorney for
Isthmiit,, *.,i ,i.... -- 'I and Pannama
Railroad, Ancon.
Prosecuting Attorney: George A_1. Shonitz,
A zncon.
Acting Prosecuting Attorney: Thomas H.
PDrown,jr., Aneon.
Translators : F. II. Sheibley and Charles AI.
211. (_ A ,.," t h I I l '. i, 1 .1 "tlt C rtle,1 r1 .
Th o., I r ', i. i t,.,i i Q,, ", C ris-.

J. A. Fernandez, District Trl e T D Boca.
R. B. Ayers, District] "'. I., .rt
R. C. Goodale, District ., .. m'n.
Col. IW. C. Goifgas, U. S. A., Chief Sanitary
t hi',.. Ancon.
S, C. L. ).h1.I. *i. '" r., U. S. A., Exec-

Harry C. Boray, Chief Clerk.

HI R. Carter, Director of f r~.1i'lI Ancon.
-.... J. C. Perry, P. i ..' 1 H. S.,

I .' Colon
i i Colon.
.. t E. Noble, U.S. A., General In-
spector, Aneon.
Surgeon Claude C Pier-ce. P H. and lf. II.
D r.j ,..' .' '. . .' ,th O icer, P an. am n.a
Joseph A. LePrince, Chief Sanitary Inspec-
tor, Ancon.
Labor, Quarters and Subsistence.
Jacison Smith. Manager, Culebra.
R. E. 1Wood, Assistant 'I *''.. ', Culchra.

i .
E npi i. -

Edward J. Williams, Disbursing Of-icer, Em-
Wm. Ar. Ilood, Chief Clerk.
Examiner of Accounts.
H. L. Stuntz, Empire.
IW. 1) Mabry, Chief Clerk.
Panama Railroad Company.
II. J. Slifer, Assistant to the President, nnd
'\ I., !. I .1 I ., Colon.
it t,. Tucker, Secretary, Colon.
Commissary Department,
John Bm'rke, .\. er, Cristobal.
W ,. F. "' '* S l'." "' --- Cr-'fe- .l.
S. M .' .' .. Cold
Storage Depar rl. ', I- '


Ministers Resifding at Panama.
tH. G. Squires. Uritcd States.
Cla id Coventry-.'l / 1. .' .
Artonfo d' Fo ril '.r.. ." .Ir. r .I i.
A.J. de Aimarol Ql i) ., I. .,., DBrazil.
iiln Lega tion.

Charge d'Affaires.
Henry Mloet, France.
AI. Leo, I. r,'in, r E interim, France.
Fcderico 1 ., [- ., Peru.
Alberto Bresani Rossel, Attache.
Fcderico ; r '..
E. J' 1 e1mala I L *. < *
J.li I L .. . L ,racas, '* i. ,.

Consuls Residing at Pararna.
Arnm *' .' I' I .1 Consul General, United
1'r I .I.' r' charge of interests of
Greece and China.)
Felix Ehrinan, Vice Consul-General, United
t.', l.ir L. Dreier, Deputy Consul-Gentril,
I i_..' States.
Sam uel Boyd, ., n.-..'.,-, .. I I '. .
Jos' F-r.,. '.. .1 L. : ' '. l ? i ., Guin-
t 1 I.1' I

'. dr.'l'" >d. Co l's..i.Geit nc"- Sni'ador.
I. I' [-I'd.ort t Ci'iiliO Ltlg'urn
I ,i','L l r,. i '.. L'or.- I. litr ill
i . ( I r -'u t 'u'i. /, P- R "lt '
I # ,.ri ',.,,ttr. L'O r . ,'torr.
'-. .1 A*r'i, t C" ,nr ,bl. Lti ntn irA
,I r n, I 1,.'.' ";..,c, L on6i7rl. %all [O imi r a i'o
J rtii, i ',natL'ti C:.,:-. l L 'tnla t.y rie d It.a r
J ....-e \ 1,rt .. r:r, liii.-si C.' i, ll, ,.uc. ';o
Dr. A I.t .rir L'.rr,ul 7 ,.e V,\'thiarlarn'j.
Juan I' t. r l- I ..rtir,rtz, LC..ir ul. Spainr.
Coroii.t .l I'u I'1 ,-.i .il IL e/r .L/L I.
Jorge;, I.ri it hi ..i t. Cotii ll, ,r'or .i..r ir rtd-
ir.. ti II., tt., i. (.i .f i .
T i.rm I it, .d .1, 1 ,t '. 'l. i'l t r .I
Pedro Arias, IF, Vice-Consul. Liurledr
Albert Ritt, Vice-Consul, 1- rint
irnesto .1 i '., lI ..r,-t. '..n.ul. S ,i .i,.tr.
I'- .Ii,. 'r.' .5 / I.... .. 1,.. -r ,,i, i..i". ra nut.
, : t, L*.rr....,L, . ii, ri r %l, nri. Petru

Movement of Oceau Vessels.
'Tie following is a list of :.1, .,;iling, of the
Pan:una Railroad .i-. iTI4i1-;. C ih.I,ni oI thel
Royal Mail Steam I .I1 tt C rim[.irn .,ii.] .'i the
Haunlsurg-America: i hi. il., *.n..wh. i]|r..-il
Company's dates being subject t' eih I r.i
Advance ............... ... r KIF ll'cI niteiS.ir _,'P,r'
Ve etia.......... ........ II I Sat, .rli ,\U 9r
P a niam ................. fl R ,, ,,ii ,\or 11I
Prinz Sigismund. ..... .l i.r.i .. ,I
Orinoco.................. .uJ S.2 t rdll. ,rr. 1 3
Dunottar Castle.......r- i. lbuda I 'o. J.,
1 '. ... I RP Fr-d',; . 2'2' "2
i I II I ., u .j ,',I,-,. C2J
*' *" P P [i. I\'.,,l h i., Nor. 3 7
I tr.r f-,[. lI ,c Jrt l, i . r %_,,,r 0
A trato ..................... I s',ttar.']'.i ,','r, 7. 3
Advance ... .... i -' A ,.., i Ltc.
'enetia ......... ........ il 4 S.v' jr,.', L 7
Panama..............._.. p R '11.nd,; PI. .i
Dunottar Castle...... p i', .p ,,r'n [ec. 14
Prinz Sigismund ...... I I . I.,ri 14
Trent...... ................ ,1 .1 'irir. [ y '... 1 .
Finance........ .........i R 7 i r.. ,i' /.'e. I
Altai........................ ,.I i t r'j .,- [r i ]
Colon P PR ? i,1. [ tec. 24
Pri: ,t : I 1rre t .1 ,f ,r... Le.. L'S
Ia b '.Ii 12 .s: i.ir.,lf [,-. J,
A di ,,,L,- 1, it.'R i:,.,,..'ii'" L'cc ,,,
All the steamers of the Hamburg-American
and Royal Mail lines call at Kingston en route
to Colon
Orio.'-- r 7 1.- -, r,., .. "r 6
S"' [ T,/ r .ilt .,\oi 7

IA 'i! ,.* l Jiur!l ,. 9
P*--' it,. 1 Ta,.. i 9
I'nn a ma.. ... ..... ;.r. 1 ,' ; (i. J.'
A ' IL1 [. I' c. /n he '; a .y.1 'i <

t 'cnc i . '. ] .. ii i rI Sr A. i i'.. "1
PrD ot- Csi-e-.:I;I,'-I n 1 .T'ta .i rL.

h i 1 1 1 Lr L,t,i' I I
Co'. a I R I ,n.il.' ,.' ,.,l i "
A ., /' [ /, I V,. .

Panam a ....................p i'.n 2 : .n, i, .' .l i- i.L
Dunottr Castle...... I ITr 7Til "' /t"-
o .I,,.I Pfr Neat,,r Y- r
P rI.a ,.th. .. ',i i ..i 7t..n .' .' i tii. ..
SAI.INGs FROM COLON FOR e BArI .i.. : L.1. ,
I, I .1 T ia .'. .. 12
ir .i '..I I.1 i' lf .. l .\ I N *

T7 it i i' .'i7 7 -e.nuc li l i. 'I
The Panama ratli-i..d.] r nie-lnh i- r.,il ..t !
p.m.froIm dock at C .-t-.:-I-.I .ir,:,t .:. Ncio. X1 rk.
The Prince Eitel Frederich and P'rir .szr.r i.
mund sail from Colon at 2p. rn vi., lii.,itoii.
Jamaica, for New York.
AllRoyal : I ,I I eI. e Iul li, i ,U ] .1-,e 0 l lea %e
early in the 1,. nixp f I'r'..-n- cIon v-. ]. icn torn,
Jamaica, for New York. All main, l ij-t icvr%
should be on board Tuesday evenii n
The United Fruit Company ,i.:ll..tchri a
steamer from New Orl.:'.er,- fer Colon evr1
Saturday, due to arrive hle |lle.- ins ThurdJa-.'
Sailings by this line from Colon ro New (-rlens
every Tuesday.
Sailings of the French line iCic .'I, trale
Transatlantiqne) for Venezuelan r,.ints, Miir.
tinique and Guadeloupe on the 2.;'l .:i 2,'li ,
each month.
The sleamers of the Leyland Line f,,r NL'A Or-
leans, via Kingston, Jamaica, v .11 .;,ll ir.rii Co.
loll as i'. l1 '' 1 ; '/1 a .,'[il N 'T "" t-r l0,
il1iam LlhI .. I" uI .\. ii.. l r lta, .r, l Ic.till]r
(names not yet known) about LILncmlter C and
about December 2'1.


Volume I. ANCON, CANAL ZONE, \VEDDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1907. No. 11.

The Canal Record

Published weekly under the authority and supetl~ion of irti

orne ropy e i _' i c ... the C.'ii'ni.
"ion anrd Panram a R ilroa-i *.omrra,,,.' in .: _
names are on the "*goti" r,-ll. E \.tra oi p c'ii..
be obtained from theneiw: stin-t ot the P.''irni '
Ramlr'ad Conpai.r i,.r i, cr re t if .- r.', i

Address all Communications
Ancon, Canal Zone,
Isthmus of Panama.

The Cucaracha Slide.
oJwing t,, t tle proeres nuade in il, r.--
n'oval of card fr.,min the Cueurach:t -lidc.
night work is now no lmongr rncn,..ry..
Two tracks are in .perati',n ait the Ihti. ait
the Cu te weston idee west i. one f which i- uI-.
for the passage ',f l.'adLd inmtcrimil itrami
andi the uth1i r as 'I IO:l.liniL' track: 1,i '.t..ni
shovels. The passage ol all hIa.kld inmt.-ri ,l
trains through the Cut to the s..uith h.:,.
been resumed. but in rldecr t, intiniilcri :,
little as possible ith wv irk -it the li.!c
em pty traiinsare 1..r,u ht i: ..Ai l. 'I ti e liiir
of the Panaia r.ilr,_'ad
Sea-sGoing Ladder IDr-'rlIe A-3.
Tlihesell-prop lli ng sena in.L' Iljddcrdri,!m.e
No). A-3 isan .A.I Sc.,tch dlroie thit cameto
thle Isthmus, uniIk r iher iv, n .ton ni, fromnGlas-
gow, Scotlian,i in IMS,, and vl as in service
about 1S nimonths in thle 'Id c-inal channel
at La RBca. Since, tlhin it has Feen lying in
the mul in the 'i.. Crani,:. In the first
part of fcetolier shie w\v:i;s ii mht to La
Boca and dismantling ',.I- It-,gun prepara-
tory to rebuilding. After tih ...ld wood-
work of tihe suiprstrui.ture i- cleared away
and the hull cleaned out she v.'ill be placed
on the shipwayis, about Lecerinber 1. There
will be two biilcrs installed, which were
taken from ild French ,i:iterial found at
Colon and which are in lir.t dlasi c',n.Ilit.-in
because of tlie c'ire taken tr, pro...rve theinm
Hllr engines were fi.ntd t, hbe in a good
state of preservation. .A cr:iinl shaft and
two cevliiders will be put in. and these
also .were I;und nminior the m,Id French
material at Colon. Practically all the bal-
ance of the engine and nmachiii.ry found in
the dredge will be uceid A .ine main deck
will be laid. and quarters for the crew
erected on an upper decki. The entire dredge
will be lighted by electricity
This dredge is -.f the saime t. pe ;as S. k th
dredge No. A-2. which was ielnilt I'-V tl .;
Panama Railroad Company al,,-Iut ti\,.
years ago. and which has nmdc such a
remarkable record of continuIus scrlvicc,
having lost a total of only forty days for

rel-. r.- t dihe last five years. But as No.
A.-2 Ii',- i.'er had its ow n |.',.[ : liih' m a-
Ihli,, I. 11 .-t lled since being ,-'.u lt, No. A-3
.. Il I,. ,,I iluch greater service, as it can
-hill it- p..*ition under its own steam.
A\ iic. ,licige of this character and capac-
it.' c.*.-t .lIout $200,000. The estimated
c-,,t I..r rch, bilitating this dredge is about
. iin, '., id it is expected to be ready for
..,rk in il,. .t four months, and to have a
im..ilily c, ipacity of over 130,000 cubic

Thie L,[>.I ior I lli., >. of these dredges is
h "..ii in the October record of excavation
Iv ,r,.,l...- ,t La Boca. The monthly table
....*.' '. t. tal of 357,122 cubic yards, or
n.ire th.ii twice the yardage as shown by
the Scpti iih.er report, and of this amount
143 5 cubic yards were excavated by
i,' .I, N i 14 in 26 working days, an aver-
,..: .,. .; r 5,500 cubic yards per day.
October Revenues.
T I,.. I':. i 't of the Collector of Revenues
I,,r the Im .nth of October, 1907, shows a
',._.,.I.. Ihnase in business. Money orders
i-i]..I *liniie. tI l L1 ,nth Octoberamounted
t $,?.'2 .17.63, an increase of more than
.14 i n .,,. I any previous month. Thelarg-
i, :,i,.uit of orders was issued at Eim-
1,.re. .,gating $59,673.63; the next
Io,...t ,- at Culebra $50,373.32; Gor-
,,, ,, -,- lose behind Culebra with ..,,.-
.2- ,. .,td Cristobal was fourth with

I'u .bag sales for the month of October
am mounted to 1.* ,.25, an increase of z ....""
over any previous month.
Other collections .hi in October were as
follows: land and I.n,lIhi..- rent $1,486.48,
miscellaneous bills $1 -*-', internal revenue
(tax on distillation) $271.40, and for the
administrative districts of Ancon, Cristobal,
Empire and C.i,,,i .. $5,707.51. Fines
aind costs for tlI, .,-i.'ciCt of Ancon, Cristo-
bal, Empire and Gorgona, $. 2- .4.70.
At the ports of Ancon and Cristobal for
the past month there were entered, thirty
vessels with a total tonnage of 57,040, and
there were cleared, thirty-three vessels with
a tonnage of 71,'> 1
Rebuilt Coal Barge.
An old French coal barge with a wrought
iron hull of 50 tons I '' ,,. which had
been abandoned in onu. bt. i. small tribu-
taries of the Rio Grande near Pedro Miguel,
has recently been rebuilt into a barge with
a capacity of 100 tons and was launched
from the shipways at La Boca on the after-
noon of November 6.
As the stream at the point the barge
was found was not of sufficient depth to
permit of the barge being taken to La Boca
by water, it was decided to transport it
there by thd railroad. In order to do this
and to facilitate I ndline, the hall 'was cut
into t'v. r s-:cti-ni. Q" irl to th, size oi the

first section taken, it was necessary to have
flat cars placed side by side on the double
track of the main line of the railroad, and
in order not to interfere with the movement
of construction trains the transferring was
done outside of t!h. r-c.Il.rI traffic hours.
The transfer was -h .l-fll, made but to
make handling easier and more economical
the second section was also cut into two
parts and these were then brought down
singly by train with much less trouble.
When assembled on the shipways a new
section, 40 feet long, was inserted amidship,
which added about 50 tons to its capacity
and brought the total capacity up to 100
tons. The barge has been completely over-
hauled and put in first class order at cost of
about$3,000, while a new barge of the same
capacity would cost about $7,000. It will
be used in c.,.i,,r.- the fleet of dredges at
work on the Pacific channel of the Canal.
Panama and Colon Improvements.
At the close of the last fiscal year it was
estimated that the cost of improvements in
the cities of Panama and Colon would ap-
proximate $1,750,000.
In Panama 13,000 feet of water pipe have
been laid,consisting mainly of extensions in
outlying districts, practically completing
the water-works system. Connections were
made in 2,093 houses, 1,04,8 meters were
installed and 133 hydrants, 7 water cranes
and 35 public taps were placed. The aver-
age consumption of water per capital was
about 20 gallons per day.
Sewer pipe to the amount of 12,232 feet
had been placed, 2,096 storm sewers had
been' .,it 46 manholes and 62 catch basins
had been constructed, and two large storm
water sewers had been built for special
drainage purposes. All brick paving in the
city was completed on April 3. This work
included 21,725 cubic yards of grading,
9,056 square yards of concrete foundation,
and 29,066 lineal feet of curb. In the brick
paving work 1,922,297 bricks were used,
requiring 16,565 square yards of macadam
foundation. There were laid also 2,7468
square yards of macadam paving and 19,088
square yards of concrete paving.
In Colon the water-works system was
practically completed; 3,956 feet of water
pipe were laid, 75 house ,' mnicCti .i.s were
made, 414 service boxes were installed and
122 meters tested and set. The sewerage
system was completed, and in this work
24,521 feet of sewer pipe were used. On
cross drains 1.'.77 feet of sewer pipe were
laid. Excavation amounting to 16,300
cubic yards was made and 62 manholes
built. A sump was constructed into which
all sewage flows.
The completion of house connections with
this system and the completion of us.lcri
phit 1.i, i. i in active progress. Paving in
C.*I',n inc hil l 2 500 square yards of exca-
vation, 9,031 square yards of brick pave-




ment, 3,211 lineal feet of curb, and 2,910
feet of header for brick pavement curb.
On the streets of Colon 36,993 lineal feet
of combination curb and gutter were laid,
43,101 square yards of macadam, 15.25-.4
cubic yards of earth fill, 2,218 cubic yards
ofgr.iliiinL. 1.5 51 lineal feet of excavation
for curl trench, and 7.ti;5 lineal feet of con-
crete header. Forsurface drainage, a 16-inch
gd'.aii.u.d iron pipe was laid on Eleventh
%tr. rt I'r.iti Bolivar street to the beach, and
on Ffllhi. Seventh and Ninth streets from
Front street to the beach. In addition,
1,795 lineal feet of vitrified pipe were laid in
macadamized streets.
Steam Hopper Barge No. 9.
Steam clapet or hopper barge No. 9, the
last of the fleet ofclapets that will be rebuilt,
was hauled on the gridiron at La Boca on
September 23 and will be launched Novem-
ber 17.
The hull of this clapet was in good condi-
tion but it was necessary to put in a new
boiler, new steam and bilge pipes, and new
crank shafts for the twin screws. The
crank shafts were brought from the States
and are the first that have been bought
for any of this fleet of eight clapets, all of
which have been overhauled. The original
cylinders and engine are still in excellent
condition, it only being necessary to replace
some of the smaller parts with old French
material found at various points along the
Canal. An entirely new deck and super-
structure will be put on and the entire
,inr,': put in thorough repair.
TIts clapet has a capacity of about 280
cubic yards, and is of the same type as the one
described in THI CANAL REcoRD of October
30, and together with the other seven
already in commission will be used in con-
nection with drel..i.i at La Boca It is
expected that :t .. ill Ih- ready for use about
the middle of December. The total cost for
rebuilding will be about $18,000, while a
a new one would cost about $75,000.

Equipment on the Isthmus.
Statements of principal items of equipment
in service of the Panama railroad and the
Isthmian Canal Commission on June 30,
1906, and June 30, 1907, were as follows:
Locomotives, French....................... 24
Locomotives, New American .......... 24
Coaches, first class,..... ........... ..... 17
Coaches, second class........................ 22
Cars, flat......__........ .........._..... 48
Cars, Rodger ballast........... ...... 100
Cranes ... .............................. 5
Track shifters .......... ...................... 1
Pile drivers......... ......................... 2
Cars, box, old.................................. 474
Cars, box. new ..............................._ 476
C ars, coal..................................... .. 150
June June
Equipment. 30. 30,
1908 o 1.07.

Steam shovels. 4" .n
Steam shovels, ., t-'..
Steam shovels, -,. t i *
Locomotives, lRr'nc eh
Loconotives, 'N, \%,,- ., n
Cars, French dump,.............
C r- American..........................
C' 'r-, American flat I wood) .......
Cars, American flat (steel) .........
Lidgerwood unloaders ...............
Bank spreaders....................
Tr cik llti .r- ..
Pile irij ers ....




Highest October Records.
The records of the two highest steam
shovels in each class, in each of the four
construction districts, with the number of
the shovel, for the month of October, 1907,
consisting of27 working days, are as follows:
No Earth. I Rock __Total
2?' l i ,j7 ,,ii '.l I 1,1. 2 41 ..". cu % 1.4

No. Earth __Rock Total
111 1' ..1. 3 2 A I. ,I l,,;4 co I.1 i
I 1 ,..:..i7 C. ,] 1 .0 l] ... 1 l I '.ll

No. Earth Rock Total
215 11,740 cu. ,.], 14 159 cu.yds 26,089 cu.yds
1_ '', 1I1 *-..,r. ,.l- l -.-,, ..11 .l. '2.,.l _.i:, i, . ll.
70-TON CLAss-None.
.'.-. "'.-,j i r. l T..i,I 7.:' ,' 1 u


1 "-'- -",u; 2 1 'l- -1 r..'Lk T ,,t ,I '1 -'. m .,,' *
N.. E .ril, Rock Total
211 16,845 cu. -rl -!22.770 cu.' l. l" i ,1 yds
209 2,814 cu.o.I -:,. cu.3..'. ,l... c, yds
No. t Earth | Rock Total
123 11,365 co.yds 5,683 ca. yds 17,048 eu.yds

Highest Daily Records.
Thesubjoined table gives the highest daily
records of steam shovels, in theDepartment
of Excavation and Dredging, from October
25 to November 9, inclusive:


E Date. Location, Kind ofi m-
2 terial

103 Oct. 26 in.li 1 .'." r i.k ,n, r.,ri .
221 Oct. a0 I i l., i ..' 1 ." 'r ., l, .... r
I l O ct. 30 l.- 1') l ..., l .*,.. k l',- ,,- tl
207 Nov. 8 Eiu.i ..-ir i k.i c ,,l 1 1
225 Nov. S' F .|,re- 1 .4Ir. I r. .. Illt
222 Nov. h Culebra ......... 21iSSrockandearth
l,' \ 1. C lil.r' 1 ,71o ri., .,nl trlh
", '. .. .. i i' t r .1 n1r l m 0 -n ;-i r.. k
2 2 i1 N s *2 Mir '. ti e l "2 '2 ,, *.- ,. ,,
Shovels in the one-hundred class are 70-
ton shovels with buckets of a capacity of
2/2 cubic yards. Shovels in the two-
hundred class are 95-ton shovels with dip-
pers of a capacity of 5 cubic yards. The
shovels are under steam for eight hours per
day, but are not actually worked during-
this entire period, time being lost by the
necessity of moving the shovel forward,
blasting stone too big for the shovel to
handle, keeping the shovels supplied with
cars, etc.
Gatun Shovel Records.
For the week ending November 2, 1907,
there was loaded by shovels 113 and 114,
at the spill, -' site, Gatun, 13,980 cubic
yards, car measurement, or an average of
1,165 cubic yards per shovel per day.
The largest day's loading by both shovels
was October 29, when 2,S32 cubic yards
were removed.
Shovel 114 made the largest output for
any one day in the week, loading 1,428
cubic yards on the 29th.
The maximum daily output of shovels at

Gatun for the past six working days was
made on Frd.-iy, November S, when the
total number of cubic yards, car measure.
ment, was 5,232 f,,r the five shuoels. an
average of 1,04.6 cubie yards per slih'. el.

October Police Report.
The October report of the Chief uf Police
of the Canal Zone sho\is a ni,ticeahie de-
crease in the number ...I arrcstsi for the
past month, 537 arrests having been
made in September a.in 429 in Octo.
ber. The decrease is partly ldue to the
special endeavor made in September to
suppress .z.:iiIljliiig on the Ciia l Zone, 42
arrests being made for that oei'nsr, and
with the same activity in Octdilr, only 13.
The 429 arrests were f.r 37 different
offenses and 30 different nntionalitics were
represented. They were li'tided maino', the
various towns as folio'., s"
Ancon............ .... 20 1. L C,-..ls 26
Las Salianas. .... ... I i- ..o... I . 11
La Boca.............. 53 Ior..r,i.i ..
Corozal .......... ...... 'I 'i,, 1il'i . 2
Pedro Miguel......... 19 E.Il., .. 6
Paraiso...... ....... 10 I.;iL,,n 16
Culebra ................. 60 L. r,. -iu ] ... ..
Emnire .................. 56 T- ...

There were 69 prisoners in the district
jails of the Zone on Oct-.ler 3 1.
Thecoroner held inquests, in ixtuctn cases
of accidental deaths during the month.
Eight of these deaths wIre-: ci used, by dr.iv.n-
ing, five were kilJed on tlhe railroad and
three died from other cauiss. Seven differ-
ent nationalities were rcprert nted.
At the penitentiary there v.'re 4 prisoners
received and 6dischargrd i:urnlg the miiniith,
leaving a total of 82 con iets still on hand.
Thevalueofthework j..rf riikt,1 by thecon-
victs on roads, etc., am.,until t- $1.070 3i'.
The total effective police fIrce n Oct.ber
31 was 177 men. Fines a, iiuniting to $27
were imposed on members of t le ftrce, and
the total amount of payroll v. $1 4,.179.33
for the month.

Civil Service Exam-natiLi.
A competitiveexaniination nid.. r i lic rules
of the U. S. Civil Service Ci.,mis.i,,n fitr
the position of clerk, st,.rigrapher, and
bookkeeper, in the service if the Istl.nian
Canal Commission, will be hell on Sunday.,
December 15. The exact hour .indl lace of
examination will be announc-il later.
Applications for this exmiinatit-n inust
be made on the prescribed blank 1.,rm,
which, with necessary instructions. may be
obtained from the uiidu r-ignel, at the E.\e.
cutive office, -.hiiiniii.trnti..n Bildiiig. Pan.
ama. (P. 0. address, Ancon Stati.n A I
Applications will not be accepted unless
received before 4.30 o'clock p m ..n De-
cember 12.
All persons wishing to ta'.c tins exinuiinn-
tion should secure blanks and fill then out
at once, in order to allow time fir any
necessary corrections.
Secretary Civil Sersn r.,air,.
P. 0. address, Sta .1. An.,'on. C Z.

Episcopal Church Service.
The Ven. Archdeacon Bryan will hold a
celebration ofthe Holy Communion at the
Protestant Ciapel. Aneo'n Hospital, every
Sunday morning at 8 o'clock, beginning
Sunday, Novenmbr 17.

"t 1. . -. -



The Committee on Appropriations Speed
Seen Bus_ Dlay.
Thie L'o rariS n. ip'l r t y, 'isI-intLIIi i 'l nine
M eniirit'r ol the i .' iitiiiilt teI: tii .Appri .pri.
atli i-is n I lit HI-i *.C l iepr'rsciitaItL1 s. .Lnd
sl.-tv r. l frie id!st irrr'.'.ii lit 'ri'r t[,l.':it l the
Colon on Thlurfti;i N*rt ril.i.i 7 Thl' p r.
sonnci iiof the party wa- liini l.iNe .\.
Ta %ne l, Clihiriii:i; .\. S Burk-.n, Tlc\:'-:
A L Brjcki. lidiai: : J.,-eph \ G..rat. Illin.-,
\ashingt'.ri lGarldni r, M IcitI"ii.I, I 11 ',il-
lett, M1:is.aclhui...tts, .1 \V. K lk-r, iilln... .
B Maddenri, Ill.ui,i. ;i .]e ti r'r \\ T'l;,, -ir T ,
.\.ljlin rl r l\ in .:r, i .1 tih. Lt r iiiii[tt e ,I
.Approprirtiiiini ; L.i.:re'4 :ii i lani es 1'.
M .inn ,.l lllji.14: Mle--.rs 1.Ii.,1 C C ..urts,
iC.lrk, and F r". FIllows. ;L-,'1S t,-iit cltrk t,
the Couiinittec. Mr. J LL. Cnriit.r, iffiticil
ciminnlttee stenographcr, Mr. R \V. Ga.l',r,
secretr> n tI. Mr. Rnil,. aii,]J MNsr 1 M.
Dinienrt. \\lhillim H L'irid. [II M.i.n riJ
\V. \. Smillth.
They '.'.Cer mlet .I tile .', hairl1. [Lil eitinare
I'tliirtn i I C.iinail C'. iiimit i, I.,r ,. irl tlis 'Jhlin r.
man at its hema. After insp',.tin tlie :c'.''l
storage plant, lie Inlur.Jr., i.'. Ir.'., mi tichine
slips and tierr pl.iacc- J initer-st :it CIrn -
tlii.il, they lui chii el d lit theli l',illlirlri .'it mless
hall :ijinl were afttr., ardJ t.l.' li y si' .i .il
tralli Ito atiint S L r.-i] h.,ur %ir e isent
there in iilspectinhg th.: ilteS I.U tlh I. ., .. aiid
the 0 'iItund:iinii:id -pillv'..i B.,airdiri the
train a_,ti tile p.ir') i'til;d the du1m1 p lit
TaLijrnilla, v.,h re they -: t: the tracl. tlir.i.\ -
ing nichinlic ill Tperlitl.n :in al;4 the Lid-
gerwodii I_.'niI '. ier l it tvrk s'l .v thiell
wveiit direct itE I'llan niild i [ ill lltel Tiv
i, where iLthey l1ilge- i 'iblir l tliiir -t E
II the eve- intil [lie [il t [ aitcle-.l ;i l.irn e
receptc il gi'V'l Ill their li.in.ir i.v tile
Hi.n. .1i C. S lil:tickl)uri ..I thie l_-t.liihiti i
Catinil iiConinii i ini li t' i c l t-iiHe ..I, An.
c.liI Hill, v. here tli: lih l i an I ,i r u-.
nity ,.f meeting ii' t f'I tihE prominent
fanilirlhes-f 1a ar :i.11, til tic lier ,. ihli the Amer-
ican re.iderlenit f .riiincon anld either places in
the Zone
On Friday ni.rining tlhe part '...-cr: taken
by tle Chaniiran air ild nienilir-i i1 the Com-
niisiiur iii .ptc ial idl.l.el 'lti.ni car to
Pedro ?.ligtiel. \%i'h-re tl, centerr-'i upon the
llie ufithe 'anl.-i, p.I.Aiiiu tir.,ughl the Cut
tit Bar, Obisp.i. 'lity wtent next i.j Gorgo-
na, whire they iri;spceto] tile sh,,ps, after
which they returned ti tle Hutcl Tivoli for
lunclheoi. In the al'tern..-oi carri.iges were
taken toi Anm.ur, Ho-pt.ill. wlicrc they in-
spected the v:iri.in '.vird- and! either build-
ings, arid were sub5squiintly i ri.eln to La
B,,ea, where they '.iv. ci thlie lick and dam
site[. The return tu thL h'.tti \v as made
through the city rl'" P.aniia Alter'dinner
the party was tal.en 1i:y .pr cinl tr.in to Cu
lebra,where they attended a perf',, finance at
the Colinn-slilin Club H.,use, \ which had
been specially arranged fItr thElir entertain-
nmnit by tile Culcra ..r-isrtils At the
close.f thie performance theyli tiirned to the
Hi tel TiviA..lh r tlie .liht
OCn isaurrl.l\ I. iriiim, tilt\ ci.t by spe-
cial [rin toi Lrijiire. where tlhe in]ijected
the Disbursintg i lffiee :i(iln afltr w"rd, re-
turneii t tl_ uleira., liie c tihe.\ ilrinil t r'lttiin
Building was inspector. Tihey lunciehl ,it
the C'ulelbra iiss liall and retiurirtd t he
Hotel Tivoli in the afltrniinm In thile ecn-
ing they w''er thie guests Cf 4li iii.r nit ;i recep-

tion and ball given by the TivjA
the hotel. Tihe atttcnd.ince %%:is \
com pricing a larger part ,.I' the
enl'iy n i tile lsthitiu and p

Oil SUilI'Y .i trip i..i l ikein
/ru li:r tl. i'tili. ig,:, li, tre i luniil
r(., '.d it [lie SaniitaLrliul tillrnd I %
tu thile n il lc \ ill:I;Z Pin thile i-l.i mll.-
ithe pa;li t -ituirioc l tE l Ti .,li f'i,r thi
Iin .Mrinla' the Ciniiilttee Iec.L
ing i..i tile estil ati s It.'.r the lie
ilipiprialtin. The lir.t ii.etlingg
I. Culebr'l liil] Iislted thr.,tighiii.
and vtVring
till T i -ti- .-, thle 4LC ind mi' tingi.
at thie lH te l 'Ti. ., C.iitinruinLr tih
the dcla Ini the i\eiingi thile ilielil
C',iinnittLce were the guettit 1 h.I
Sintker at tile L'nicri- ty Clulb
On \\ctinensday altrrnii..ii the p.a
I;ir New YVi ir .'ni the L'C/
,.ri-lt- rla l.

Cult-bra Ntlu-ircels.
The Culelira Minstreli pnae a.
ance in hinajr .f the Ciong;re-i 'lilt
the C:i.nliiin)ion cluLI h-usc at C
tit- evenniig ul Nv'eniel e N, ,.
-njioyed I-y n111 au.lience i-lf 55i pLers
l.. ivn. prurgrnmi i %a rcniiierlrd

01 'i-il rf
L-.n.n l r 'T ./ i
-- j',r t1 rig. Brili-rl
-.-. .. s..nn li re 1c I,
'.n.-ni .- l. S a r.. .lt ..J l- *
S.-r.,'irieitr Ann.r L ic t P
L P. t..r L .4 Acth I rll t I
Lor.'tin >. ni, itl in L.'.I rI
aridl I ifil It
7-- /, o. .,^ lli r '' ti f"
e--.'o r .i'r n A11 I i,.tl
.1 i. T I ||, 1,T) .., ,. h .,,'i t
1i,--I uijirlfie. [t.ir 6l'J if 1 Cii I 1 1'
C P. . i If .>...u h c
21-Cloaing ioris, .he Gut d Uld
U. S. A.......By

Selection-" Popularity" (Cohan) ...
1- Clog Dance.................... .......... To
1-Monotogue 1. C
,- ranailin.h ntil if. l.r ou r t li'. E
dorf A. S.
4-i.- n.- arin'd J.i Cc H.
S f/'cni itii'. t-i' i ,' A,
i I "t t ti tic% 11 t[ oo
F. X. Ward W. S. Hols
P. D. Flynn B. L.Jaco
6- F, le ......... ...........

The following are the members of th
Interlocutor .................................... R.

'. C. .'it
W. V tI Rciill.i
W. S. Holstead
WV. H. South
H. B. Avis
F. S. Wickman
W. F. Bennyhoff
A. Kctlimn.
J. C. I'.tErll
Iuuc.h MaePherson
H E Ham

Tom Garrett
A. S. MeLaren
Directors .........

F. D. Flynn
i1. A Tiernan
J. P. A ris
1. X. Ward
C. R. Ensey
T. G. Demo)l
W. C. Poore
B. L.Jacobsot
J. H. DePew
J. N. EnI'nplnd
D. G. ;.'rIoninri

W. E. T.-.,, -..
H. A .\l'.;or
A. Stewart
J. C. Parsons, R. A

h Club in Gorgona Athletic Association.
cry l. rge. A ri Ietllig f re prr...-ehtll : i iern I'.i r-
.NlliericClli g..ii -. ..s 1I,. I tile I .ffcc ,I, M1r C L
"r.li lit. 1 l lrl , in lrri i.\ Ceill ll .. i.'.\ i l.,r -,
i', r r i l- i i .. ,,f ir l r I. l i a i.. i a thli tic
i-1 ll th i .Lil l:i ..1 I',, 1 Il th l .,lit .1l ., lii'.,llt.iil.' .d .ir
l %l.' 1 ,ll .*U th .It |,, i ] I I,'i tl Ill, t' C. illl|, tile
I.-It n rii', le ;i l-1 i1 ,,11 ih i i i ll l .lriiL- ill I.; ir .i Ilf
I't. r %% liit'h .1 -,,iI ,I ,l I r d Ii, r 1 .% ,I it h, ,c ,I r iCt| c
ce tligh t. 7n1L i t.''g .ir i. .1.- I i, l T lit I'. t1 in g ,
in ;i hear. :i i ;iiiii i I I lhi' | 'r. 1 ,, u, : .-
Xt C :ri..'l In l .i -l .>11 ,,1 .i ,r ilt, il, i, 1 i r
i.- h lid II C lk v'. 1, ii.,. r .,1' il i .. I ,', ,. I,,'l .
it tlir 1 1 I 7l l ,l. .1 1:tcIl 1 1 C l 'i riir i I r. [c r/ ,,., -, s il,,j
i"., N 1 t i, -.... I;i t[ i' = prt,a pu re c
u I..I, 'I I,. hc ltli \ i 1i : ill l ,, ,,r r 1,r il,:
riiLl..u ,li. t elilhir i.ir. M r 1, K J, Il.'- i iJr d ret,r If
.-rs iIl tlbe tile L.iipirc l'.ark A<,-- i atial i l i, ire '% s
i ir lit a l. l i.r iiif l iilliri in r,];ilIe. ri the I tX.ep
rl lt -. 4 il thi.itl iir a zlirltr i ini tilh ir int:LtIp.
rtyv sailed t[ .l IiI, [ .i ltiir ltit -ii t gLiilti t1i : i lleC1 liig in
W t fr'1 11 t llc .rl. 1 r.l. L.r> l li l. i ii in l ; l't,..r kv ir i I iliter
,' ll-iirlri iiIt e l ICeit ilie li h'd i lri-;irtr l ti
t] ..- r--clt lt.c r I' .wleit.'I t ;iid rln'.s 'is
1,,- lrite I.'-t liiiintl r ..I r. .Ltcolure. 1 lie
picrl. ,r t Irll'. i rh .i' 111 r.. i 'ris 'r ;i,|,irptrd-

prrt .El lir.-- p h t r ;, .i .ihill t- .e : i pp.,intid
llelrla ,i.i ,,r tie lit.,ir| L c ,i jcrle .il ni .i p'rlrlirn it
'l] h ,. l r.L :ili Z iLI-1.1 i ;1 1 il[: il l; hi I ll ltu ,.rpi, 'iti,.,n.
r,,il "l' iIIltr- Ili1.Z -,Ilii i n I luri lierinri. I le pi r...
.,;ct t., ll lc.'. --Ir' tl l1 i:1 c'a l l .t l uli bui si.
iit- ijii- I,
i.IrL hei.-,i atc b' -- T hrit l li p i)r. ,I .[ i i.,|'... i. n ,.
I ire',., ir, irr. ic, v ilt ii 1 lirrlrlliri ci c |i[llt lizri-
It ler. Ore i ,,h.| ,i i 4 111.li ,|Il
-" ii*,.., I/iir'r Il- I rl: l I i pril ni[ck i'ttire pl .t
/th ,'e *. p i.t' ;i-fi.'] l i ii I"h '.-li il.. 1ii hl r -

.1,1 ii 1 ti 'ir :lui h f 1 .1 p r hlir-h i., Chi 1 l c, d

7tern'f i ll itii h I le ii. l ie 1I... li l. i[ it i liii, *l i hi,i
c lii. r, Ili. . 1 ; ,

t A cci, ., 'r. .i.. .t ri,,.J t'ul,.1 l i he .- r ,tcd.
which was dilie i whi lhie lolloting person-
the troupe nel:

Mr. R. W. Hebard, chairman; Mr. H. C.
Orchestra Dew, secretary ; Mr. C. L. Parker, Mr. E.C.

m Garrett Cummings. Mr. Chas. S. MInininig. Mr.
. Parsons Thos. E. Speight, Mr. J. B Cooper, Mr.
. Trags- E. M. Robinson.
A. Moore A motion was then adopted that all
. Stewart present should be given an opportunity to
Stead subscribe for stock, whereupon the books
bson were opened and subscriptions were ten-
Orchestra dered and recorded for 145 shares, amount-

ing to $1,450.
e organi- Representatives from the Empire Park

Al. Sands Association, the Empire B4seball team and
the M. P. & M. Baseball team of Empire,
were present, and stated that they were
authorized to subscribe for a total of 200
shares Gorgona was thankful for the offer
buL it was decided to table them.
Upon the completion of the recording of
stock subscriptions, the chairman, pro tem-
pore, suggested that the Committee of Pro-
n motion and Publicity hold its first meeting
on Monday evening, November 11, at 5
o'clock sharp, which was agreed to.
The meeting then adjourned. The presi-
.,rr dent pro tempore, will give notice of the
next meeting.

. Stewart

M. L. Robb J. W. Talt-
C. .Jennings A,.J. il:l.'. t /I
De' 40iir rif S-iA'ge in.] \luott,, It H. Baumer
Elecrritratn z G. Forbes

Secretary pro tern.
Appi ovcd
H. C. DEW.
President, pro ten.
Gorgona, Nov. 9.



General Activities of the Women's Clubs.
Each week brings fresh interests in the
Women's clubs in the Zne. New names are
constantly being presented and the scope of
work enlarged, suggestions being eagerly
seized and acted upon in accordance with
the special needs Iof etach individual orga-
liiini;, the past week a nuttilmber of talks
have been given in several clubs on thework
of other organizations in the chain and it
was observed that each club took up the
points especially adapted to its own com-
munity and several new measures ;f useful-
ness were adapted.
The interest displayed in the study of
Spanish was universal and in several of the
organizations this promises to be the most
useful and prominent feature of club life.
In all the communities, the club influence is
making itself felt in social life, in the in-
creased spirit of contentment and broad-
ening of the lives of the women. In this re-
spect, the efforts and work necessarily ex-
pended for maintaining the organization are
well repaid. One of the most .iiiiti ',,
features of the movement is the interest
that the men are taking in it. Not only the
unmarried men who greatly appreciate the
increased opportunities for social intercourse
but the married men as '.., II. give every en-
couragement to their wives to take an ac-
tive part in the work.
There it a general feeling of satisfaction
in the action taken by the Cristohbal Wo-
man's Club in the recent resolution quoted
in last week's issue of THE CANAL RECOlnD,
that the women should unite in fostering
favorableinstead of adverse criticism of con-
ditions in the Zone and on the Isthn us of
Panama. Several of the clubs have already
taken action on this and expressed their
intention to support the Cristobal club in
this movement.
A great need is felt for intercourse animong
clubs which could be brought about in the
way of invitations extended from one organ-
ization to another for social occasions.
This would accomplish, not only the object
for which the clubs were organized, i. e., to
unite the women in social and educational
influence, philanthropic work and musical
and literary study, but would afford oppor-
tunity for the exchange of ideas, and the
study of the methods and work of the other
organizations. The general ti,.;,i n, of the
Zone Federation of Women's Clubs, which
takes place quarterly, different towns being
appointed for each meeting, will be beneficial
in this respect, but it is greatly desired that
theexchange of courtesies among the organ-
izations will be arranged as frequently as is
convenient with club work. It is generally
understood that business shall be trans-
acted in closed meetings, and that invita-
tions shall be extended for social occasions.
The social meeting of theGorgona club on
November 5 was well attended. Miss J.
Macklin Beattie gave a short, informal talk
on the American Woman's club and some
special features of American colony life in
Berlin, Germany. A discussion of the work
of the club followed, the president, Mrs.
Frank Morrison, presiding. This club is
desirous of taking up the horticultural
movement, members applying their efforts
to i- ulil' iyini]. public grounds and squares

of their town. The meeting was adjourned
for the informal reception during which ices
were served. The remainder of the after-
noon was devoted to exercise in the gym-
nasium. The women of the club are partic-
ularly fortunate in hllving at Gorgona Mr.
Louis F. La : ... the newly appointed
I'l .* .'I Director and Assistant Secretary
* I i 'i XM. C. A. at that place, who aids
them in their work ifthey desire it.
The club had a called business n,.e.tiln
November 7, when it was decided ih. i tinl
Christmas celebration in the town should
be one of especial interest. Fuller details of
the arrangements which are practically
complete, will be given later.
There was a large attendance at the meet-
ing of the Ancon club November 6. The
president, Mrs. W. C. Gorgas, presided, and
the business proceeded in regular order.
The minutes of the previous meetings,
read by Mrs. E. F. Quiniby, secretary pro
tempore, were adopted. The reports of the
standing committees showed satisfactory
progress in organizing the work of each
department. Several inquiries have been
made regarding the action taken by the
club in regard to the school question. One
of the points urged is the advisibility of
electing a school board, which should include
among its numbers, mothers, and others
whose opinions pertaining to matters of
educational work would lie of value, which
should visit the schools from time to time
and report to the authorities the results of
their observations and the progress made.
The educational department has suggested
the expediency of opening night classes for
the study of Spanish and the further sug-
gestion that husbands of members should
be admitted to these classes was received
with favor, action upon the measure being
reserved for later decision.
The home department was able to an-
nounce that in connection with the horti-
cultural work, club members desiring slips
for planting would be supplied upon send-
ing their names to thechairmnan, Mrs. H. R.
Trask, Corozal. The music department
has sent for special music suitable for cho-
rus and quartette work and expects to
begin work at once. The literary depart-
ment is arranging for a current events pro-
gram to take place at one of the November
meetings. In connection with this depart-
ment a magazine club will be formed,
The literary event of the afternoon was a
talk on What to Do and IHow to Do It,"
given by Madam Le Prince. The speaker
was founder and former president of the
New York Society of Ceramic Art, a society
which started with a membership of about
one hundred and has since developed into a
national league with headquarters in every
large city in America. Madam Le Prince
gave an interesting survey of the oppor-
tunities for the development of art and art
life on the Isthmus. She is desirous of found-
ing an art colony among the American wo-
men here. At the close of the paper there
was an exhibit of the water color work of
the speaker. Several visitors were present.
Pending other arrangements, the club will
continue to hold its meeting at the Tivoli,
the courtesy of the use of the parlors having
been extended to them for that purpose.
The Paraiso club held its regular mietii.,
November 7, the pi,-id,.lt., Mrs. J. C. Bar-
nett, presiding. There being no specialbusi-

lne's k lfore tlie club, thle meeting was of
S,,ci.l ciaractir. T it sum.ess of the Hal-
liOt'ei l,.t'ty, duet) the efforts of the cunm-
hilL,' L n" irrf.ilgemen lts, oil which Mrs.
Healv Wa'" chairman, v.'-ns the general topice
n 'l r etL rt'LinIIIniint lfor 'Thanksgivin!
It.,. .\ Sp:l. lil clas ; I i'lg n arranged
'.,r ild thle lub expects to cntinlence the
ftiil 0ili that lan.'u.lge within a short time.
The I'elr.i M1I;.,ul chinl will give a Jap-
ls. ,'- tL.: .t their ,s,itaml mle tlniz. November
'l,. .n ,I1 h tti. lt il on11 invite. n to tlhe
'.ii, '-,I clul, 'ir the ,..c.i-ion
The Cri.t,,Il.il W\ In ii n's Club nlitt .'nl the
itl' rn.iin .i Nueiller G nt 3 30, about
-Lt,'ti I iCJihs heinL' i'retnt Tlie program
I.' eli rg. i.t the depri tllient l- art and
liter.tilre. iMr I:Frel.rick Mears read a
paper "N ,tes .n Japnn" which was fol-
i.,v.'t l \.th interest 1,v all present. After-
v.:,r, l- there w.'as an open discussion when
hbrim'ficniiii.int \.re miadt. The next meet.
ill', -f tlie club will lie on November 13,
The miltilr.-I ol ilt Las Ca-.cadas club on
N,..inuler 7 a:is w ell attended It was
decilel that the clulh shliuld -ive a "Pedro"
li, party, N.tieilber 16, the proceeds of
the t iitert.iiinliilt tu Ije *levited ti tlhe
]l ; .i l ll i l

Ml. P.ic.hard Reid R'errs. Ilcneiil Cuuinsc
f, tr thli Ilthnlii a C.m.il Cimlll nsil 'iiion and
'in:iiif R'alr.. L.nipriny i r]\i ed at
( ri-t.li'l I.il the t',dlon, -i N. veniiler 7 ILr
S.-l.,'rt vi'it to tlhe Isthmus. lie expects
i.* etulrnl t, tlie States I i the Panama;,
;.'hili 4ail- fl ,,in Criktiial !.n ic mbcr 24.
Mr. irct-.e IM Shliutz Pr,,tecutiing iAt.
t.ri.. NMr. E. I Cumiiinli.s, Miastcr Me-
cI:Iiitc it Ia;,'rgi ila. .nl ,Ir'-..J \V. C. Coam.
f, .'t '.'.re iiiiii.i tlie pam t ligers r turning
I', the lt ilus oni th'. C'olonon Ni'ovember 7.
iMr. \V. F. Sliiple., s:tlcs iianriger of the
C.,-iiiu ir;.- r[T.irtm iit PanamaRailr,'ad
C .iIll,:i . .,liILd ..1ni the F finance Ir.,m Cris.
It.lI.'l '.. N vcniiml-cr 7, lir a busints;s visit

Tivouli Grounds and Park.
The v..'irk f1 i mipr..irng the grounds
ariiiml the lHotel I'lli iadi'valncing rap-
idll. inl v. hi c., npleted they. will present
a \vU\.I IttrniltIe Ipprl it.Iicc with their
-l,,pin l. -. w,.ell nlaid drive\\ats, and
I, .' ut rul s ib er
T ie .and st-nd imiimdi.itly ,ipp.-,sit-: the
entr;iinct to ti'.: oli el is cornmplttd and ','.-as
it1-(1 lfil the fir-t time on Sunday, No'\ember
3 Arrarigeiencts. are Ieing inmade to have
t ',ticert there eidcr Sunday afternoon hb
thel dicti'.ntt b:iiidl<,,l tile C.an'i;.l Zone.
Tihli parkr. v lth its music, its tennis
cAlrt, it fit. l',catilon an.d proximity Lo the
h.tel. I.- lil.l]\ to bec.'ime one lof tle most
pi, [ll.ir rt irits on the lsthrnus
[. itn- I c C 1 'inc l ] ,me L Boc., C Z .
. i '.. Ill r I 7 :t 1 30 p. II .
F R -.i. '.I
I nM I.- The .4nit, z ,ltor. Batplt
.- s I Liton .-1 inonrt., Czihult a.
M1 iri r.,iii LdI "1 r tit-
i- \t *,l/ Itresim ',, Heae- n .. .Ba. er
tilt so.n. "n ier H.. ....... I rr
t %5S. I. JI 1M1 -..
r I1 'ire. Tar/e .. ELilenicr.si
7 i.1, I Lne t.ior ir. .V.,rtr,
I si.li..li^L'li. Tradirw .Sf /e- . i- %tseY
0 N\.,,- -leltc Ja. rrnm e .. ......... Bendix
10 .lirtih \eni R tchelle ...... Taylor
C Ri.. E. JL'i'sI,'.- Alusicaf Director.
1 lie wI XtX n .'.eli L'vl t ; tiei n' Goi-' nr.iii
C Z.. Sunday. November 24.