The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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""ii--^^^ ^ -'a- -- ------. 'F

GEORtGE f188i 4, Editor. i,, e. iVOL.. I,-N. CI .I.

THE BAIIAMA ARGUS. the drone 4Mfyo ancetoe sd have mie~ e ur cilor d e city of Lonlon, should be watnlog in duty to
danifuld homage at dh feet of Willen as sor pasla Img. ourselves and to posteriy, if we did not express our over-,
rUBLit LED BEMt-WX.EKI.I IN NASSAU, "Our immemorial right o addre th King .a his whelmiug sorrow at eacl a fearful calamity, and oer awl-
--- -_ throne, not only in the lanl ge of cpnratulation, but ou asppichensions dlt unless your Majeay be gracioauly"t'
igrht Dollars per annutm-In in the respectful storms of ade and reaontrance, is a pleased to reinstae in office your late honest ministemor
constitutional privilege wrbhiekb Corpaotioeof Leddon and to take measures promptly to give to the people of
has at all ties known how ipriae-ia. ered trust, held England the great reform bill, unmatilatod and unimpair-
for the Lbenefi of tie whole community; and although It ad ; an enduring but a bravo and determined people, dri-
would afford us unspeakable -isfaction ever to greet your ven to despair by the destruction of their long-cherished
Majesty in terms of unmingo gratulation, we feel that expectations, may lave to witness those dietieasing cala-
at the present alarming crisis we should be Walters toms mitie which have afflicted other nations when stlrggling
Sovereign and enemies of our country were we to follow to be free.
--- time example of those who have also acess to your pre- To aveit such misfortunes from our beloved country
POETR .- ssence, and, abusing the royal ear by crying peace, peace, -to strengthen all the sacred institutions of the realm-
-- when there is no peace, substitute tie soft language of lo restore tranquillity, properly, and happiness to all
THE WORI.D TO OMbE. unmeaning ceremony for the sober expressions of honest ca lasses of the community, and to secure to your most gra-
aowaJau truth. cious Majesty ll. devoted love anil nllection of your di.i-
If all our hope. and all oumars If, Sire, in recounting ti wrongs and injuries--he ful sub jcts, we do most earnestly implore your most grn-
If, travellers through thevale of tears, wants and wishes-tlhe dangers and idilicullies of suffLring cious la.lesty to take immnediao measures to enmslo e ith-
We saw no better torteldJyod ; England, your faithful citizens say aught that may appe-.r out delay thei passing of the reform bill-tlhe great cha -
O what could cbeek ih rising sigh. disgracioum-we humbly throw ourselves opon the good- ter of tile nation'- riglils.
What earthly thilg could pleasure give? ness of your generous nature to acquit us of intentional
O who would veman then to dime- disrespect, and to believe it has not been without thedeep- LONDON, lMay 16.
O who could these endure to live ? est isrrow that a sense of duty lhas wrung this pression Earl G;ry this morning had an interview with tlhe
Were life admk and desert moor, of .or m.letiminnts froin tur loUtal nd afflicted hearts. King. which lasted needy three hours. Tie following.
Where mia st d clouds eternal spread When it pleased Divine Pruvidence to call your Mas- .ays T T'I rur 'un, iar the conditions on whic Eairl
Their 11m veil behind, before. Jity to e tlhroni e of these realms, a long series of nlis- (;Grey consents to rT-assuini tile reins of government:-
And tellesta thunder overhead : i lul' aid brouglit our country into Creal difficulty anj dis- 1. Thait the King diiall permit tliu creation of a uof-
VWherept a .suibeam breaks Ihe gloomy, And ahll rwrel smiles hbneath: I ivse lax.laion, consequuiit upnll the extravagant saste of irllli Bill.
Who abuld exist in such a tombi.-- tlhe pihlic money, liad so prticdi upon all tile springs of 2. That some foreign appoiintlent be given to the
Who dwell is darkness and in death ? industry, that foreign and dmuieistic commerce failed to Duke of Cumberland to preienl lia interference in poli-
Aud such wen life, without the ray rewu rdi tile exertions of our eintel'ipiring merchants or to lical matters HI home.
From our divine religion given ; repay 1le toils olf thie prurient Iraidestim The ingenious 3. 'rTh Luori Ilill, shall be remoimed from the p g o "
"r'i this which makes our darkness da; rtisn.ii and the ilndiliious laIhnm r hald been ground Id uto Guards. 'Tis sliulmidliun is in consequence of Lildt Ihlli
'Tie his which makes our earth a heaven. the l y a longsiier of oplprr-ive excliion. (Crime, living intimated his intention of supporting hll Roulirni
nrighl s the golden sun b looe rtulhing froln the watant and miry of the people, ba1I Bill nd Ut having voted aal.
Anl beautiful tli flowers that bloom, reom immmtimed aid sil i.rnifius olm'ad of liall. t m m v a l
An all ss juoy and all is love, ai .icuingl, increased, and the iernicous .pread uo pia- Thursday Evening, May 17, 4-pa:t 7.
Reflected from the world to come. p1i""" had w.i l ni h "l llced all moral sense from a rge The .llinistrc.-i'p lo thii, tne tile re-aulppoini.eunt, of
_poriou of ou.r once indepenii.dent and virtuous peasnal- Ea.rl (;re, .,ml his rolleagnue is incompleli'. EarIl Grcy
try. and Lord Alf irp ll an interview itsi in- Kil, this
Fromlhe FalnuouAt Packet, May 19. ." Th" e people of England Il,.. long kno i that those I ai Loro, anid L,rd Arilop lerdit n v ile lw I ti n. Kio ti-
PROCEEDINGS CONSEQUENT ON THE RE- illo ralli e il resulted 1from tl corrupt state ill ti,, r ,ll,, llise elllnl ,at ,irrallntenlt l hadyet lit. ns cm-
E l- ew-, r cttalio, in pgirliamnot, and Ihat thpe lly s h l, ,.d, but tilero was a great prje ll,ahililv that a %:ti l'tfrtorv
SIGNATION OF EARL GREY AND iay o resture Ial inli..ssand imol.r y il ihe nation w'as It. i s t-ls l bmt come twa an g arlmai poalill te sma t lcrr f,'
Il1 COLLEAGUES. by scurine to ifue leoplo a fi amll etliriit reform of tle l amesll; Earl (rey, and his nombl, lfrienls thie colfi-
Co-mm-oi is e dmnce if time im Ju- ansi mhe cnmlltir mn mhe assumralluii tihat
The vote of the House of Lords in committee on thl, Yo.u Malesty's ar, es,-in "as hailed with universal t.y |thl hot" an n oe h he ri *"
ilimfori y woiim Ilst remain iI I n ithlire a m ImIumim i-rv siiessbii
Reform Bill, followed as ai was by tile relueal of the King I dJl'hli, in lh,. e.irne.-l hlop tlh. the royal will lo u.ildy asy ura roefain inl m lis e carry lhe Ief, iiil 'bla-
to create Peers to ensure its p .asinl, and by the reigmi m- .,sidllv gi a isiihms'e river, and r, slloe tI a luo al omiui al y f m be nag enr l tlo c rryes t.h R ref i, Ml il ith-
lion of Ecrl Grc y and the rest of ll Majuest's minister, a.d l.fitliul ople the ilull enl:, lnt of nthe' llo m I o tI ir lost rights. I, 1 .l r m n p n-
excitel thioughout tihe country a fullii.'of l surprise ulhicl I'his hiite as exhlianig- l fIr nhi build ci nfile n r. m I, em
was inimmdidloly succeeded by a determinalltaio on the piarl ti o nbhaundeI inov, wl1:- it plI-.ied )ouur M.aijety to Ili,- IIn ltl iuse of Lords, lii Duae of II'l/ingfton gavn
of the people to bo up and doing. The umivcrsul cry lims fruls your council \Uor roial pleicci(c r'ls late, nii- i dietaleld stat,-n mnl of lie tirlrin.actions iin u liiit he had
was, that llte country lad been beiraviyd by o%\ on whose' nlirr, whi. wla aliu eImimi bei heir ilhalifi a.IIlIos in olter tiri mn Linaged during the last liw da)y. lie sa111 that, on
patriotism tley lad confidently relied; thal lIm' King pre- results, improved tllenmI'lvs uundes.rvinig Iour ri>mal con- 4iiiE .-imnl ltr by the King ini ie dilemmila in wAlicrl Ili.
ferred bhe supremacy of tie Anli-rolrmorm faction in tlih filrince, msullini.' tlis n1l'mon by declaring a utornl iil pir- M)aesty was piReed by til(e i'sienation of I.s1 Minisierls
louse of Lords to tile advancement of ihe great causr, of liam-lent unniii'.es .itliu'i. its corruption ani senality he lail olfered liai Mijesty every assistance iun Ii power
Refarmbyanaccession to tie liberal Peeriee; andlai thlla I s noulorious to cry liiinking individual in tile Uniled to enable him to form a government to resist Iei advice
sovereign was not earnest in his expressed desire fur re- Emtpire. colven I) Ministers. Tis advice bad been a citation of
furm. Under these inipresiuno, auid a strong conviction IThe personal honour and tile political principles of I Peers to force the Reiform Bill through tile lihouie, which,
that the cause of reform could only be saved by the most ith nolle individual wlhomn yior i acionus Majesy wias it ilad bten followed, would lave put an endl o the rcn-
strenuous and combined exertions of the people, Illhir pleased to place a llt e head of lli, surcceeding ailnimiis- itlituton. llI (the Diike of -W.) was still of upininn that
leaders everywhere caine forward to give direction to itriion, ensured II, cormliln'ce of tihe people, who promp t- these measures of refoi rm were unnecessary, and imlurious
the grand impulse by which the iadliun was mIoved as one ly resipnded to your lMarlsty's wislihs esprePsed on the I t hel country. His Majesty, however, insisted thal tile
man. The city of London, of course, look tie lead. tllhn diisslutioni of Parliameint, by nobly lderliring the na- government should be franwmd with a view to carry into
On Thursday a Court of Common Council was lhl tlioni's will, ansi reiirn.,.j i.l every place where there was executio an exanc siive reform ; and lhe having hll choice
nd a petition to t he House of Cummiotsi agreed to, piray- even a semblance ofu a popular repre.sntation, only such of seeing lthe hill carried, or of adopting such parts of it
ing the House to withhold the supplies from any g.ivern- men as were willing tu support the bill fur an enfectual as that h.use miclht agree to, hail felt it prudent Io take
meant that might be formed which was nlt (!edg~d to rIrform of the Commons' Iliou., which your honest mi- tlllaltter course, but, in consequence of IIie discussion
grant a lull an efficient reform. This was ordered to ie niiers had soblimittld to tlie consideration of parliament. alilhi hlad taken place on liMnday alas at another house,
presented immediately which was done hv the SlheriiTf. The Corpoiration of London are too sell acquainted which prevented the possibility of forming anoill.r lMini-
On the following day the Livery of the City of London with lthe nconsitituional privileges ot the various branches try, such as was calculated to receive ih cionfiden
asemblod in the Guildhall, .mnd unaniimo:ot.l *.-pr'd to a of the leeislaltire, to qiefiioni the prerogative of lite io- the country, he I-It it isi duty to infiorm Hii Majesty lthat
similar petition. The elerctoir of Welstini~lor also mei narch to create or to refraiii from creating Peers, accord- lie could not fulfil tll coinmissison with himr lie iIhad been
au tie Crown and Anchor aivern, Sir F. Buidelt in lle mne to his royal will and pleasure ; but if such is the un- Ihonoured, when His MAjestv at tlie same time informed
chair, (Sir J. C. Hobhouse was abtsnl, through deli,'ary, qiiesliuned prerogative of tlw crown, equally umqueasion- I him lie would renew his ronomunicatiun with his former u
as being one of the late ministry,) at which a similar pe- I abll is the right of tie people to a full and ellicient re- I Ministers.
tuition was adopted. pre' iniatio.i in tliir n houmw. Earl Grey defended at great length the course which
On Saturday theelectors of Southwark held a meeting, II is notorious, thll during the reign of your Majes- he lad felt it his duty to puase, *nd concluded by ntimg
and unanimously agreed to an address to the Kinu, en- Iv's two immediate lredlecensois in the kingly ufice, un- that his continuance in office depended on his ability to
treating him to reinstate those minister, who hal so faith- der *he rule of successive Tory Adminiasrations, more carry into full effect the billon their Lordship's table in
fully discharged their duty to their King and to the peo- than one hundred wealthy Commoners were elevated to all its essential principles and paticulas. (Ctbeers.-
pie, and to support them by the exercise of his preroggs the peerace, principally on account of their possesing The Earl] J/aOafed, then rose,and was lef speakioi.
tive in such a manner as might be necessary to carry the nomination boroughs, or exercising a large influence in It appears that considerable i l l hims have intervoed
great measure of parliamentary reform; and to a pe:- returning members to the Commons' House, whereby ao to de re-instatene of Earl Ora. The King lha bees
ion to the liom of Commons, playing the refusl of all uncontilutional identity of purpose and action hls long kept in ignoranceof the sae of teantry-of the da
supplies until the Iform Bill loull be passed iwo a law induenced mjurillies of the two hoosne, to the utter sub- termined repognance to a Welingtoti dinismtrti-
unmutilaltd and unimpaired in all its main provhion. version of the independence of parliament, and the do. of the finr reaolotlon of the people B be put In p(
The Court of ce~ Council amembled on Nondfy struction of the people's rights. ion of reform. HIl Matay l e t only been kept
the 14th, when it wa removed to avail theselml of dte C -dint in the rmne of yur Majesty to permit ignorance of these fcts, bt owepresntation has e
privilege enjoyed by the city, of addrnmi g lhthned by your ministers, in due line, to employ all the cortiludion- renrtd to byan ledivldual-a man o little public nol o.
presenting the follong address to the Kig by the whole ml means under your Majesty's control to give effect to but whohae .m King's confidence-adl His Majessy b
court :-- this eat charter of the nation's liberties, the people of attached to bi request to arl Grey to continue in office
"TO Tuo sm'e NoSr acLc.rNT MaJaL Enland waited with patencs onexampled the realization some conditions, to which that noblemao cannot, consist-
Tle husa Addrss, Remsvstice,.md Petieio of their hopes, and in the fond anticipation of ultimate ody with his duty to the ntion and the throne, accede. ,
of the Lord Mayer, Aldermen and Commnau god,l have borne without repining the agravation of our
of the City of Londom in C emmon Co mci national difficulties resuling from the vexatious oppoi- Great meetings have been held f Brimol, Mancbester.
armse ed. lion and cruel delays in the paying of tint great m rmm Birmingham, Warwick, and Edinburgh, in all of which
Moat Gracious Sovererin-il hi with overwhelming which have been interposed by the enemai of all Re o spirit au manifested-an uoubated determination to
sorrow, that we, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Com. form. aek reform by every legal meas.
mons of the city of London in Common Council assem- The hopes of your faithful people having bei on- II appears that n the resignation' of Earl Grey, the
bled, feel ourselves impelled by an unrhanged devotion to happily blighted by circumstances which compelled e Duke of Wellington was entrusted by the King whh the
your royal person and office, to approach your Majesty honest and able minister by whom you were then sur- task of forming a new Ministry, to which Ili Grace
with the epression of entiments and feelings otier than rounded to retire from ;our Majesty's councils, earnestly s a work.anul obtained the consent of Mr. A.
!those with wlchl we hailed your auspicious accession to We. the Loid Mayor, Aldermen, and Comron Coun- Daring to take the office of Chancellor d tile Exchequer;

""- I. I II* L-_ I. F -:IJ)I~~. I "+" +- I -- "J. + ii .. .. ... - ....

rIF a' errs-

1 pnar. khat aoul s ma ing U ny c o at hinfpera., e oind mi Notay ol.
plarmeets, he Noble D ke,eon dy, re al a a p e as that o Cholera, em- c teha, bs m
Doke have aince face piechaveSj, it
ion ito the mMd HI ey, and at tIe s udy, through the medium of yo t ui o correctly, but that the dcripl 1t
time Insodrat al.a ir u 4a Bill t.y lha -end p0 tanr.k which, if a i 4 preparing for you were not eaxonrte"
el.Md m D lei LlPle a t. oba n l ia i i m uach .sIh dT A l m ef e isal ladaley trha despoticviews and intention sof .the. ,
bhi friends weo ard Godeir oppali dle for is is to him, i the m en o o d d o l
prrclude Ili. ho. .im c|. re- MIsh orarbiat Ordero in Council, were tLting iki iL voe
noursetureohs W od hi *r of'u it' linto on are told of thes. The way by which
tours. t scae ind cae tiha would a c S Ye as only o cape was left was pointed out uanto ya,
Sr. in onlgiom. We well k ouvla stlla h l mten lio kn iA dispatch Deputations of practical well informed
Ch t K% eldf t e tlive, who bock paI 6 very colony to England, tlll they might shern
^ oTH AA ATXff ar5lt r lfl wealth,'andthees tem ptlngshrineof face Io, remonstrate against ucha mischievous, u
t rsr sod hh red literiry raft i; d whiltolt ahippin als teinghe, ahlancea const al, and unnecessary proceedings, and,n t ie
b h lto the e aalmbitiou motiv, liems df hmln of ihouuat nd o their same i6s vour to o;mn the eyes of their ru n to
WEDVF RDAY, JUL ,Y 3. 1839. fell creatus e. The ontd of the medical advisr, i the danger would most certainly follow that nia
a, sm s loluma nd scred qsot oaice of him who yiIlds of Anti-Col l policy which they had adopted. For I
Th s idiom Edward Goderich, Captain Terry, fro om fort to our mental disea. ; fr, it in to him, in the moment ou i rmed ; butdifferent counI, 1
hour of "lago$ LIe eye at-onufidenc is raised, as the sum,
Kinptoa, (Jamaica,)asildBahamian, Captai Peudda, hr o f o hr eye of confidence is raleem, an the srome, unnerved m1 oinds and lulled your fearsr
SKinon, (J ca,) ad Bhmin, Cpt P pensn, through God, who is to restore site full enjoy- know the roesultan ld the course then pointed out bhu
from St. Kitt bbth arrived hero on SItirdary afternoon; ml of dhewatmuralodlly health : ani it is that confidence followed out with uses,,. the fatal Orders in Conaci
by the first of which, we received a file of doe" Jaaina which often does more towards recovering the sick, than had never been pro J aMd. You would have been Pre
SChronicle, and by the litter a Ihe of the" St. Kitts Ad- many of the nostrums of tie dispensatory. Of the truth served from the da which now surround and algne
vernier," containing London dl to the 19thi of May.- of this, my daily attendance at the sick bed has afforded you, and governnm .youed from the reproach and dil.
&triple proof. ;'bert is not a muscle, whose office is to grace which the pr lion of mosl urncoverlitotioal @ad
rlls Rajemy'B Ptke kyll t h eut. oLadd, wai ved ati-t press the action of despair, that can perform that office most destructive u h i enstigation of interested and
S Port Royl, In 8 days, on the 96th ulimo, with thu mid- unobserved by the patient; indeed, a cheerful Doctor has irresponsible mtoo, attached to it.
S ,le mail for May, having left Falmoulh on the o0th. wonderful powers over the fancies of hli patient. Colonists! I onceerM address you. Listen to d
r The Vo hig Minicten, we regret to state, are gain in But to return to the subject of contagion. Of what facts which I am about o bring before you, and to taiend
office, with augmented power; l the passing of the earthly use can it be to medical men, to frighten tle public vice which is at this tim given If these are attended
R i i with the doctrine of contagion, when it is so well known, i to wit judgment and spirt, your liberties may yet be re
utorm Bill th roug time House of Lor sa in an unmutri- that surer and more offectiv means of spreading the din- ved, your propelti.s may y l'U renovated and prear.
i ) elated state, may now be considered as certain. For par- ormer, cannot be found, than the very fear which such a ved, and tlli valuaile Colonial poua iona, once the pride
j ticilars, we refer our reders to the extracts from tho dif- doctrine creates in the breasts of those unacquainted and boast of your country, nty Y t be ved fioia ruin.
S fervent paper contained in our other columns. That with the modus operandi of contagion. By alirmin, tlhe Colonists You ire riglt ad your country in wroug.
ri Grey and is colleague have ben able to defeat l y it powerfully predisposes them to an attack i Falsehood, malevolence, and inji can blacken ad
IDuke of Wellington. in fomn a new adm inisration disease ; it renders the attendants often so selfish, ltha i nbrl your cnaracteri no furieir o ehei havo e In
Sormg the sarrilice the sick by removing tlhie l at tho saage he bl.koe'd uid injured in every corner of yor nti
in lie welfare of the Colonies ; and it i in tlis point of recovery, blat alarnis and ldebilitatec in such a manner, as Ifroto you rtie hf actions ofl ysur cuunlry, t | rentereaiat
view, tha we principally deplore their reinstalcnment to to destroy them by ntrnlal irritation and depression. I'lr thrt tllse have lreen alieCated. Your enemin habe nea
nfice. Front wir.ilrer. la o have mewn lthecn.slves o my own pa"t, I have always found thlat cae piove tie over-done tllir wicked work. Returning reason, and ,
.n putic o rrrn, st suIcce.sslil, were the patient was u naciduaintl with desire to iinquire into trle truth, have led inulliluden of
.a -- rdlo a of vested tights, thfe Colonie~ have every tlting tire danger of tie disease. your i.nlueotilal cuutlryrmeni to perceive the frauds which
I' 6, lu nA ','< A remarkable circu rstance, and one 'orlthy of notice, have been practised upto n them to your injury, have lurned
an I --.e occrtied to the sersvrit of a laiy in this town, on lOm,' (Iputblic feeling in your fAvouir, and led your countrymen to
litn olden times, before the comtmencemeit of the new veracity I can confidently dlohesnd. Ste as labouring commiserate the wronfis nd afflictions of their own flesh
S and happy era of the 2Gth of MaIrcl, Anno )ominib unde- an attack of Smial Pio with a conviction that she and blood, and moreover, to perceive ithat in encouraging
A !r ., it was usual for line Governor of the Colony to meet wouls die on the ninth, or critical ly. Sher refused al- the desiructio., of your properly, by the acts of arbitrary
i Council on quarter day, or. at o two ter, ery assstar ll was offered, to effect her rero- power and incendiary violence, hey are only aiding the
In'l Council on quarter d lay, or. at st to daya s afer, very. n this depl, r;ble state of minil, her mistress, marchlol Ihe tempest which will sweep away and destiro
and pa the warrants for therpnyment of the salaries ihe on the ci r lrth dilI,went an.l congratulated her on living their own.
S ilin -rent public officer, (hle salaries bring previo isly r I olivd elio. inllt, or appointed (lay of demise, which Coltislt Such is the state of maters atthi minonment
i raite by the annual vote of the Leplil'iture,) ;ind lsI. to produced so gool as well as dosirabli elfict rs tho pr na coitrrns your afidirs. A despotic Cabinet hias been
S s oarlrnls, in duo tlin, w.te presenled at Ihe TrerasrTr, creator,', th, in ltwolv horsr, sihe was, it use the lady's compelled Io pause in its allSilr.iry career; it has been
pi If, huawevur, any delay took plae in thepon i- th fear in a maligm.ent di as thi. mind 'j sooner beconmel s I sa(onces otl iii enforce lent of its trish ilrees will pruo
i of the ( ouinil, or the Trea,:ury lnplrnerl to bte at n I d'imilnred, loan it Iries that nervous energy which is duce, and for the mnonent, its aihi.rsI your implacable
IR. l* ,.Ilt, from i hlict the warrants were nol iminnidlialely necessary for tlre sup[lHrt of lite br*ly. eenmies, have been obliged ino Tlrink aslianu I from their
Iasnli:, tIle Iolder cold al S.), pass thllm over to moelic \\e are told, tiat the wetring of a flannel bri l ilsngerous and destrucltisve pursuits. Yet think 'ot that
o wiru of lle Vendue cMasters, to whom they wore n good o proved a barrier to ihe allak of ('rholera, in those r c.on- ill..r of tInsee parties ale convinced, or thal they have
r L w tries litcre it las ragel wilt most viole. (; fust we linv, hlii .ied sliir views. Quite toIe reverse. They watle
1 as cash ; and thus he public finctionaries were never ini bven tola,, alience its hbemfit ;irisi. The tange of bait or tIre hour when they hope to get public feeling
S obliged lu complain uf delay of pa): .l nt. But, S) lII' c,,,l:p.ise, tlle dangerous srir n c (n'hCliUla, which ushers in turned with greater foice than over against you, in order
I governor, I will have a new order of things ; I usl' nt llte disease, cills Ioudly for thinuli, to awaken the nervous to Iranmple you in the dust. Thei one party may tell oa
I ullws he salaries of the Ari Judges, the Law ofmers. ai d II hener, from its deadly slamnbr. Amnmwg the restorative otherwise, but do not believe them ; hecauseas at present
oltr otrv.nts of tll Crown, In dcpfnr upon the .snna nl "r'u ~' t lertof is flannel; and tough se ttay be iolu, 111th, composed, couasellLd,andim~elled, tinre is nuthiasDeoin
ter rit s of the w Iil ernd thue 'l bc a restorative, it mav move also a preventive, tlhre in their intention, nor sinceie in their declaration, nor
t. veto oftlire Iloue of Asoslemly; I will enfrn e IYn .. is a vet more powerful tlhctl derived Ironn it. than can first in their procedin. Trhe lanuage of DowningU
o f tlhin unronstitllounal control, and la) them nimynll; io'ssilly be atlriui l lo il menliclai qua ili t: it is its Sreet is, not lhat it is wrong, but that you are oblciolae,
aind this shall be tihe rnmmnrenrennt of a new, and of a ilthlinuc ce on tIe mind, iispirintl the wearer with that con- ignorant.and prrlidiced.
S lri,' ser. t now whether lie 'in malt ponld fienere and courage loc;i asrit deccredly tllh most elecilo (Colonistsi \ hat lave ou to expect from ith rulers
hI rme s orw reh h i. thei word of ra preventives against a i" e i*king so -ielen, and so of a country, whi,, while l oe ih braniche of thte eldgaturs
j s promise o other a heas e the word of promise drcaf ul, an attack on llt nervinis energy. Precisely the are, under tleir direction, laboairin, to tear io t by ila rout
to te llr ear, but broke it to their hlope. The 2itll of! mae effect has given r.e to tihe use of charms, incan- the venerable and the wse Constitution of threat Bnlaia.
SJune lals, closed t de first quarter of this new era, in which talions, and tlie well known camphor bag. do, in the same breath, issue, without consulting any -ort
Public officers, unshackled by a House of Assembly, Rmn history informs us, that tenmpl's dedicated to the or considering that they are amenable to any conuroulliln
te tso throw Mside all sordid fesrn, quit the state of neu- goddess fever, were erected, to inspire the citiuns with power, an arbitrary decree, which in ills operation, goe
f i4 lth in all sd fearsqui the sa nL co nfidence. I need then scarcely remark, how axlrenely not only to invade but to destroy private property, indii-
tralily in which thy were formerly bound by the appre- neceastry it is, to watch over the mind, in order to ensure, dual liberty, and personal rights, but farther, to redue
r huion of curtallment of slary, and fight manfully in if not an ecap from. at last a mild attack of, those alike to lle lowest sate of political bondage tbe civility d
i the cause of the Governor. The 25'th of June cloasu.t, rI I linease whoe ravas are principally directed against the master and the ignorant lave. From error so notoroul,
Ji. iMiit.aor, and re I Ilth of .iily has now arrived; but, alas! itearoo system; four ndenly a n, c from r both theory from political profligacy so glaring, and from incontleoncy
s tim r Public Officers remain without their warrants. h.e and practice, that tlle atverity of the disease is dependent so conspicuous and so great, wlat favour and what justice,
Ssay without on ite state of itea person's mind when atl cked. The eColonists, let me ask, can you or are you to expect or to
y without their warrant, became we believe that if stomach is another ncamosry ttinug to be attend- receive I
Sthes wet gran ted, (we much doubt that they will e,) ed to, a being the org which su mos from an Coloniss As cerainly as the sun irns nad ets your
They will remain a so much water paper in the hands of attack of Cholera. Cleanliness cannot. also, be too care- government intend to eifranchise all your slaves, not only
the difrent b alders ; and that payment never will be full' observed, especially in a warm climate, -ihcre tHe I without giving you any compensation for the prorstly
omade upona them, by Ihe Trasrer: at least of thia we action of lite extreme of tire skin. is kept up by so destroyed, hit they actually mean and ope to make you
'nh m that pu beh mitbiyuit r amui e, ae leasi o hi we omaniny exciting cansea, and elrpcially when we reflect on the instruments to effect their purpose. They inteendto
are quite nre- ihadl payment canot legal be msad, the ell known sympathy which exists between thie rind, complete this object at an early day i but the time wbee,
Tand if illegally made, that the person making it, will stomach and skio. and the mannerhow, ia to be left to tlem, not to you, to
bemraflr be made anserable for his conduct. But bo In concluding them remarks, I beg leave, once more, to determine. Do not deceive yourselves. Thee are ther
l ua may, thi Go eror is bound to attempt, at least, 'rge on the hoo are desisous of avoiding, not only an steady objects. They believe, and honestly and aincer
S keep his proemiz,.r o"raly hil$ a fo a dmit thi attck from Cholera, bet from other distressnlng maladlie I presume, they believe, hat they can, if you will olo
toai tth ito whlseb the human frame is subject, to remember tlhse obey their conmmandnmeus, accomplish the object, not oo
e has made a ia va uti b a promi tl t which he is Pgldte precautions :-A stout heart, a regular habit, and in safety, and without any lou, but abwoely wilh eat
s ,nable topetform. clesnlineu, will render yo almost invulnerable to the Idvanltag unto you.
We ooderstand pM blic siprited individual, (one attack of a thousand Celaa. ColoMi! It is in this mlst of Ihiegr-in thi state,
of our late Member for the towa of Neua,) ha I am, Sir, wher dngersof no common kied, and of the mosa pWs
the public's obedient servanl, sig oalore collect around you, that your friend ins Ili
t0ome forward, and advaecad na t ud dollars for S.J. CLITSAM. country have urgently required of she government, an.i-
the support of dU Potr's Hoa eablihabmat, in order quiry before the'.'Hlo of Peer.s Into ie nlate nd coadi-
lt,11 that valuable insiltio might be carried on an- "We would direct the particular attention of our readers lion of your slave populloat, end the ate of Bever ad
til provision is made for iM pport by the tothe fllowiogaeMrgstlc"addres" from JnamM'Qoeen, unprecedented distr miato which, as the Duke of Wtb
T Thin advance has b e made entirely upon the hith of Eluire, of Glahgow ; well milled that is importance lingna pertinently observed, you have been plaid by
I Iheacuatry. Why dbea no His c ac yany emale hts hi will more thaen rpay te tpoubl ad e which ih may ;' ioog courts of neglect sod misforune." This o-
quary, so reasonable aod so neesmary in itself, hus mmv'-
eample., and devote his salay to te pport of Por tak in lmeig6.-- Arge. tables ben granted with rluctn ae by the government'
Prfic Ofrm HI *1 ^ ADDRESS TO TIlE BRITISH TROPICAL COLO- Lord Godesicb deprecated, and wna decidedly opposed
S'----- --- NISTS. to it, inioring tha it mst terminate to your diavaa"-
NaAsA, 9th Jely, IMS. Coloisus! Twelve months aoe I addressed you, loge. Enquiry mea expose the errors and blen.rde, to
S r e A Editer if *1e Bhm Airqm. thereby to male known the immiotnet dangers which, from give tbaee no harsher names, of the offic over which His
Ste-Foaling it a duty inembet oa ma, s-a' peofes- she machisasiona of your enemies and t1b weakness and Lodshbip presides. and therefore, cannot be palateableto
on.sal person watching ovr the health and comfort of a the subserviency of yoar govcrnomenl. were then pres- him. nor loanyoneinit. llcncchisopposition;boulsuchb-


a f . .ss..5 C5 -, w ?'rs'ui t -- -' --


f **



i do state of the mm, we .all know a o t "Mub, ad td fm ad wakae-!
ly the government of rids country, wi of your vrm a do ,as ury then u d
au nllary amistance, ca pmt o motion, to doe
crash any proceeding to which they are huosd, ;
investigation which goes, or would go, to crin
or to enpose their ignorance. Aware of this :.i,
you must be prepared at e ery point to meet, to r
nd to beat it. ",duitiestedi ctua l ADDITIONAL WEALTH TO THE IAVANA.
Colonists The enquiry sought, and the on vi hven the minarg m amt of your y t ai
gained, isof great importance. If properly V c .,.l tiurouy, not let trl.,e lIponrtat By te arrival of IL choose KRangs ,Lt.Hookey
it will do you the greatest service ; but if ismpro ap iMtj b h ls; bI. i to ut dlia d me- we wlar thsta Spanimh (Blhv) lig, of 10 gea., contain-
naged, it will be productive of the greatest ,Ml It livy oa yr parte. m oae your llu nepe dlte- l 6110 Blav, wa captured a short timln re, after a
will terminate in your future weal, or In your oe. quillity. You ar at priest uadJli eiary day by slightoenga sment, ffthe Isla-of.Pines,hy H. M. schooer
You have sought, and you have chosen it. tere- Anti-Colonial miaion, who urse P l outorily M r Speedwell, Lt. Warroe. The Rlaver lost three nn.
fore, your dernier resort; your properties our li- you, and if you fail firmly easta ruling you case before
berties are dependent upon the insue. E or that the high tribunal appointed to enquire into that case, (and
your enemies can make by falsehood, rotation, you can only fail by the grenest sagligpnce on the part 9 6 M TA3 (03 l1llt2= 7
and political intrigue, however proe employ- of yourselves and your friends.) thal at a 6mely on 0L 0)
ed to cloud the truth, and to a to crush it. fact, that in future you will onal bve Anai-Coa llmn Obaw s w r about tg hawe thme Isla.ud, after
On this you must calculate. This must keep in horities, in every degree, pleated amongst you, and Amaing reidnd t(ereinf'or the space @f/un Drrr A, must
view. On your part, every nerve strained, and placed over you-men who, like tdme nonstern in Civil e scnity at th Secretary's Offce, or put up A usam in
every exertion made, t3 bring all the of your case, Government, Potectors, can only secure their places, said OfefrrirtrE oNDArs pm ioui to hiAdeparture-af-
the truth, and the whole truth, before t rmmitee, and and a continuance of grace and favour by trampling you
through it before tie House of Lords, eforethecoun- in the dust, and rendering you, as you are now sought to ter which, at any time during roar-rIVL DAY@, 4 'I'iL t
try. You have this in your power; af you neglect it, be rendered, beggars--slaves to your slaves, and personal may be obtained.
or suffer apathy, or political intrigl n trangle your ex- bondemen-goods and chattels to your misled, stultified, NAMES OF PERSONS
ertious, sow great will be your erpn how fatal the con- and ungrateful countrymen, who think, because they are ABOUT To OaT. sN TIltcKT. ,O arr DEPAATt'
sequences! How long this e qlryi y last I know not, able to ruin and degrade you, that they can raise the bar- 0.Md February Ekutlbeth HuIlli.In
but if it terminates with the al Pol of Parliament for barous and lazy Africans, not barbarised by you certainly, Yist April W. I. Alexander
this year, then it must almost attainly terminate before in the scale of civilization, to a point equal to dte enlight- ed Maria Juhnson
you can be heard in your own iuse, and if you are not ened and industrious natives of Europe IJth 8" A. Dode
heard, then the enquiry cannot e complete, will not be Colonists! You must tell, and you must slow to the
elfectual, because you, said r only, can correctly shew louse of Peers, that the African slaves which you put-
the present state of year during population, place be- chased from your countrymen, and their rogeny, are
fore the peers of 0 ain the contrast betwixt what your private property, in absolute right. They are and
that is, and what that been, and also shew, from unan- they have been constituted such by all the acts of the
swerable facts, the Il and the fatal effects ofignorance legislature, and by all the decisions f tlh Courts of Jus- O Nv Ai r -
and rash Europeoan lllation amongst them, and to you. lice of your country, during a period of two hundred PORT OF N A. I, N, P.
Colonists I Youlave, under such circumstances, only years; and having been so, you require that, if they are Aittl E:
one course left to pursue. You must, forthwith, send to to bo taken from you for any purpose, or for any reason,
tlis country, practical, abl, honest, and well-informed they must be paid fot by the nation-you, as a portion of July 9th--Schr. Bahaminn, Prudden, St. Kitts
men, from each colony, to give testimony in your behalf. l tia ni.iion bearing your proportion of tlhe purchase, the ItliIm, Molasses, ilgar, Ar.
There must be no delay-your friends here must keep the value having been ascertained by a fair valuation. On Iin J.nHNON ,& SUte rnA.
enquiry open till your deputies arrive. It will hardly ho this firm rock of prno.rtsy, in absolute right, plant your llth-Schr. Edward Goderich. Terry, Jn,:ica
possible for you to reach this country during the present fitl. From this firn istnd do not argue the question set- Sugar, unm, &c.
session of parliament | but as I am given to utdersltnnd I iled and immutable ai the laws of Great Britain. Keep on L ADDi Et. r.
that the session will not terminate before the beginning of! the Government and the l.gislature to this point. Leave IH. M. Srhr. Kan aron. Lt. Iluukey, Cruire
September, you have time to send your petitions to the them to combat the Anti-Colonists in ny way they may
Government, and to the Peers, urging them to stay the think proper. Enter into no details on the sulject. Your The sclhoner Fair L i.l, of Boston, lhenc-%e ln .ilrl
termination of the enquiry wanted till your witnesses can enemies wisl to entangle you in the snares of discussion, i 2d "o Maril on a ling voyage, was Ikn on thi
arrive, and be heard in the succeeding session of parlia- rearing the asserl avanag, he police ad ejus a a nk a ew d o, r, llt uare .Ie- sh11
or ""rcliqn retli tit a eri owerd Ca ain liadvtantge ul tlpos iy drs ( r
ment. This cannot, in justice, be refused, lice of .oinlncip.aiin, well knowing lliit, it ithy e you e-Flower Captain ptis'e, o his port. (row a"
Culonists The individuals you sendl must come pre- to descend tu this, lthy got you to relinquish your property ell.anl 200 barrels Sierin Oil.
pared to rebut every cnlunmny, and lalehood, that has in absolute right, and which done, they bring you from
been circulated. aglnst you by your bitter foes-they your siroti.g 1uld tacitly to acknowleilge their rieht and ALEOFPEW GN, IN CHIISTClIUlt'll.
must come prepared to state clearly, as they can readily the right of the government, io inlerlere will, to cut and
do, all the causes of your severe distress--(keeping im- to carve .uion, and to legislate for you and for your pro- NJOTICE is herely given, that the I'P w in (Crlnt
plovement or melioration of the condition of )our slaes prrty, as they muy tllink necessary or convenient. In, Curch, will be ,ld, ,r one ', t, ,,
distinct from emancipation or destlrurtion of property, such a site, it is carrely necessary to observe, you are Churh., on iM,,day tle (d Augull ne.l, at one u'clock.
two things which your enemies and the governimeil art- wholly defeuceless. You ha.v no chanr of receiving By order of the Vestrv.
lully and always blend together as one anil he same justice under any circuistlane,s more especially under DAVID SPF.NC Veslry Clerk.
thing,) how your slaves are treated, how they are fed, dlo- tli hue ind cry which ignorance and enthusiasm hWave VETRY RooM,
thid, worked, housed, supported, protected, punished, raised against you. Cut !irussiun short. This is our 3Sd uly. 18.2.
instructed;-preparod to state aliat they are, and what property. Here are thi Brrli laws which uake it so.
they were, ad to ,hew your laws, your institutions, and This was its value. Pay us for it, and take it if ..oi will; -TI .
establisnalealts civil and religious, and that where these, but, if this be ntt done, let si alone, and give our pr- IIl S'IISCRIBIER' n-ero inan SAM having
noie especially the two latter, may be defective, and perty, that protection to na hli the pp.owirly of every I abi condeld, he hereby forarns ll persons hari our-
wanting, that this proceeds from the neglect of the Go- British subject is entitled to receive from tim Govern- ing or eilnpluying him.
vernmrt 'in Europe, which thrusts more expensive :ivil meant and tit laws of this country THOMAS W. J. NECKS.
establishments uponyou, in order to secure political in- JAMES M'QUEEN. Jul Gill.
fluence and patronage; and further, that this want pro- Glasgow, 30th April, I512. N0-''I' -E.
ceel from the distress into which you have been plung- A L. persons has ine ileitans against the Estate of
ed by the deterioration ol your property, and the ruin of From the Courier, Iay 19. Mr. Joseph Thompst late of the Ilond of New
your credir aris:ng chiefly from the insane proceedings Our readers will perceive, hv the Report of last night's Providence, deceased, are requested to render tie same
of your bermies. These men must shew that th5. state debate in both Housesol Parliament, that Ministers have duly atteled ; and those indebted to the said Estate, aro
of distress puts it out of your power, even to instruct, or obtained a ltdl power to carry the Reform Bill, in an u- likewise requested to make payment.
to support, your own children, and, consequently, that m ilated state through the House of Peers. What the JOSEPH HALL,
you ind it im.possblo to extend the benefits of insIuc- precinearrangement may be between the King and Earl BENJAMIN TIOMPSON, Etecu"or.
ton more extensively than you are doiug, and than you Grey on this subject, we do not pretend to know; hot it July 4th.
have done, unto your slave population. Moreover. these i gn erall understood, that if ufficient numbeof FINAL NOTICE.
men whoum you send, must, as I know they can, abew Seceders front the opposition cannot he secured, any ad- L i iICE l
that the convicted criminals of the barbarous states of dition to the PeeraFe that may be considered necessary for A LL paronns indeed to dte Estate of Ih I 'e Re-
Africa, whom your countrymen legally bought from the tie Security of the Dill, will be made by Earl (;,ey. t bhe W. Elliott, Esquire, deceased, ate reqleted
Governments in Africa, and legally sold to you in the Casimir Perier has died from the effects of the Cho- to pay their respective accounts, oi or before tli 20th
Colonies, are, underyour authority,prodigioudly advanced, a. Marshal Soul is reported to succeed him. September nest, or they will be indiscriminately put in
and rapidly advancing in the scale of civilization, in all suit.
the social, moral, and religious duties, and showing this, ELIZA ELLIOTT, Executrix.
you will at once disbuse and disarm all the more rea- RUSSIA. HENRY ADDERLEY, Executor.
sonable, rational, and influential classes in this country, It is said ltat the Russian government is eliling the Poles July.4th.
which the efforts of your profligate enemies have, by in ihonlanlIs to Siberia, where they are destined to fonr new--
dint of reiterated falehood, misropresontations, and ca- settlement. The heads of these unhappy wretches are shaved. nIOTICE.
lumnies, raised up agalst you. The moment that you to prevent their escape. A LL persona having demands agiust the estate of
effect this important object, you will, thenceforward, oreet J William Viner Claxton, late of these Islands, mae-
with praise instead ofcondemnation, and protection instead D ter mariner, deceased, are reqouesd to render the same,
of oppresion, from your country. duly tynsted ; and thou indebted, ure requeeld to make
Culonists! Unle-- you accomplish these objects in the On Monday last, at an advanced age, Francis Ior -. immediate payment, to
pending inquiry, you accomplib nothing really beneficial. Hinson, Esquire, of Bermuda. The ocased was tlken B. C. CLAXTON, Executor.
Unless you succeed In geSttlg your property either paid ill the Wednesday previous, on board the sooner Edward June 80.
for, or preserved sad protected from ftuao nd continued Goderich, (of which vetw-l he was owner) from Kingston
detructive innortons, it is qute impossible fo you to (Jamaica) this port. Mr. inson has left a widow and Ej UMA SALT, for ale at 15 cents per bsbel,
exit; and, unlel you an, by the complete elpomre of three children, to deplore his dah and to seek in time E Apply to
all the falehood of yarw fe, put a and to the endlMe alone, the forgetfuloess of hia virUes as a hIuband aod THOMAS THOMPSON.
system of unneceary and dangerous European Iqi- a parent. At Eumna.
lation which these falMeoob ca Corth, you ever can, m e February 4th.
and you never will enjo, either in prison pr perty, FOR LE.
Parce, repo, or safety; while the want of thbe will __FOR SALE. NOTICE.
bring, and that peedily, too, rera as complete and irre- The choice of 2 Lots of Land, with the ALL PERSONS having deumda against tile Estrte
.ediable upo you, a if it were precipitate by inserrec- buildinpand improvements thereon, situate in of Jph SJ a under, lae of the land of New
tion and coangtio, kindled by the bad of your Prince street, generally known by the nam as Providnce, getleman, deamsed, ar requested to render our Lightfoot, or Cupid's Row. the sme duly tested; and those indebted to the said
Colonists Be wie,be prudent, be frm! Yield up For Terms and other particular, apply to the Bob- Estate, am lilkwio requested to make immediate pay.
ued surrender your rights, a British subjects, to brute scribers. Imeet, at the ate of O. P. Wood, Esqnire.
flrce alone, if it comes to be employed against you, but HINRY GREENSI,ADE & Co. I THOMPSON S a4NDERS. Eccultr
",rrrndcr these to nothing else. The malignity and mR- March !a.. pril 2d










.4&#_a _

i L -- TT ": z "
The Colonial Departmenl buly pro-
I s a eri o asf l ad
lsnio,. illmrstive of mapree de bm a
to amlia iatea d th ilav. X -s
documents willb-l. Copw ot a B ,lhlp
of Jamaica, aod any otheil formnsio in pr sele
of the Geraennt, showing the means furnisad by that
colony for d lloliltary es islmmenll oSof Jamaica, the ez-
religes lastruction of de coloured and slave population;
the number of ehurclh, chapels, and other places of
worship; and of the RecDrs, curates, and catechisbt, and
schools therein.-2. As regards Barbados, and other
colonies-Returap of the civil, ecclesiastical,and military
establishenet of Jamaica, the ereuae of wkic hare de.
frayed byay reeenuraisedia that Island; 3. the annual
amount of such expenses, and of any other expenditure
incurred, and which isldefrayed by a revernue raised in the
Iland ; and the ways and meomas r raising such geveltll
during the last 10 yeaI-4. The like returns reglrding
all hie other West aIndh Ilands.-5. Copies of the laws
posed by several colonial Legislatures," for tlle removal
of the disaillties of the free persons of colour," during
tbelostsil year.r-6. Of all laws passed by the several
Colonial Legislatures for the amenliortion of tle slave
population, since 1822.--Rfturn of all manumisuions,"
granted in Jamaica, and to the other West India colonies,
distinguishing tiue numbers in each year, and those which
S ar. "gratuitous," or for which only a nominal con-
sideraion was paid," from those whlicll are paid for.
--Morning Herald.

S Four Boards of Ilelt'. have been formed at Brussels,
S ith a view to preo aui.O:i resplecting the cholera, nnd
S rommissiuners fur a similar purpose asre to traverse the

SThe Duke of Modeno suilers from a two-fold terror-
-"' theapprehunsion of assassination, a ndihe dia er Lof repeait-
lteaurthquakes,-wlhich oblige hlim to spend Iis nights in
his carriage in his garden.
The Grand Dachess of Tuscany died on the 24tll ult.,
after a long and painful illness.

From the latest arrivals from Constantinn>ple, there
seems every reason to believe that the Stili;it ill be pre-
vailed on, by the representations of Sir Stratford Ciannins,
to accede to the extension of tl:' Greek bouIri nr Th'
King of Bavaria will, it is said, very so,,tn set out for
Greect, in order to select thi town where his son, the
Prince Otho, the fut:tre sovereign ua rile country, is to lake
tip his abode. A free corps of 2,(t)0 men will accnnoll|an
thle Prince wlin li' goes to take possession. Colonel
hllidecggr, ivho a well known fnr his exertions in llt cause
of rthe Morea, is to lold a high otlicu in the young Prince's

'The war hetwoen the Federalists und Unitaria
Which als so long devastated Buenos Ayres, he
terminated by the total defeat of the latter, in
fought in Noo, near the Andes. The few Unilt
rus who had escaped thu battle fled to Bolivar.
provinces comprising the Argentine Republic we
the feudal system of government ; and as bot
appeared lirtd uf war, a lasting peace was exI
tako place. General Quiroga, in his proclanmati
auxiliary division of the Andes, says, We hav
'd nearly 600 league's, campaigning from the
Tucumnn,and you htve terminated with hon
smililtry career. My ambitionn is satisfied, and slI
will see me retire to the repose of a private life.
follows the articles of tie treaty, signed by the
S nd the Hous of Representatives.
S The new prison that is now erecting at We!
when completed, will be so extensive that it il1
O cell. The prisoners will be classed, and ke
prate cases, and there will be a tread-millfor e
II is expected llal it will be ready to receive pr
S the course of 10 months.
The character of the Prisians is totally alti
the early days of dise cholera it was, with almost a
Subject for indecent mirth, and the pretext for I
lace to commit outrages tie moat disgraceful. J
ispaseded presimptuous security and increduli
Bots. aalrds, public walks, and gardens, are cowis
de ost d-the thetres literally empty. Eve
psmo y ou meet oldd his (or her) ehndkerch
oi s moUth, Impreed with the l ef hal the dieas
atmophere, and that to mlesr is death. No mt
or appears mused: aeva the st ret mlMrel-
wearied cl f tlhf the dmioal mv becoas
have fled d ecity. Irily believe hdou ta
sureable seneios em iepiuced io Pai at tbb
arises from the exercise oe besmlenc; ad, to
none be it spoke, that ib his ptycimd to a
ordinary oxten by the Paisians. Te weathe
have an unhappy i eene on the general breath
rits of the obhabiteajrt this city at this time, am
tribute mainly to the pu of the scourge.
S continues almos clot hpe, te e to dati with
S ispledour, aad the wid to blow early gale,
most chilling, or rather piering, colnenl.-- P
CSe Festmri ie k Ise America.-A bill
Siatrodcd into the Coopgaof New GrOainda;,
the amebiabopl to depene with as many of the
festivals as possible, excetiag the Sabbath, on thi
that the strict observance of so many produces la
e ffcecL on all branches of industry, and is favc

>*1P iki



PROCLAMATION. to he i seine respects defective I may it please)oir li.
By His Excellency Major General Si JAuMF. jesty thlit it may be enacted, and be it enacted, by li
CArMneCsEL-S.VTH, Bart. companion of the Excellencn the right lionourable Jda, Earl of Duaorn,
Military Orderof the Bath; Knight Comunian- your Maj.sty's Lieutenant and Governor Generl, he
der of tie Royal OLder of Ilanover; Knighlit tCouncil and Assembly of your Majesty's Bahama Islands,
of the Austrian Imperial Order of NlMria 'Tle- and it is hereby enaetedl and ordained by the authoritylg
resa; Knight of the Russian Imperial Order of the same, that the master, or other officer, having the
St. Waldirmir ; Governor and Commander-in- charge or connianild of an) ship or vessel, whicli salll sr-
Chief in and over His 1Majesty's RBliaoa Is- rive in the port of Nassau, from any port or place withlt
lands ; Clancellor; Vice-Ad ,,: l ,ind Ordinary Lit" lialits of these islands, and on board of which either at
of tile same. lthI time of her arrival, or afterwards, while sie continue
IlIEREAS it has leecn made known to me that al- in port, there shall be any sick pwi'son or persons whatever,
luugh l that drlc'ful scourge, the CHOLER A "hall, within twlelve Iturs next after the arrival of such
,1It)UBUS, has made its appearance in some parts of Hlis shipor vessel, or ulllewise, within twelve hours nell sfte
Map sty's North American Provinces,andinseveral places an'y person on board shall have been taken ill, makes
llthin thie United States of America, yet the symptoms report, in writing, to the physician or health officer, speci
thasu been comparatively mihl and subldu.d ; and the loss lying tile naine of such sick person, together with lhlt of
of hives, hlilthrto experienced,very trilling: Now, in ordir Ii ship or vessel, tlie aname of the master, the port froi
ililt Ills Majesty's Invingt subjects in these Islands should whencesurb ship or vessel last came, anid ho long uich
sofinr no unnecessary alarmn or apprehension, I am de- person shall have beLn sick, under the penially of twealy
sirous ihall th. should be made acquainted, will as little Ioundls, for ulery relusal ior neglect.
delay us possible, will thle real stale of thie case. Being II And I. it further enacted by tle authority aloreaid,
moreover impressed wi;i the necessity of every due precaii- that no suc sick person shall be removed, front at) ech
lion heing resorted to, in order to prevent the iutroluction lip, or vessel, to lodging on shore, unless with the appc.-
of a malady into these Islands, which in many countries nation of the lhysician or health offcer of the po, to ie
Ihas committed such dreadful ravages, I have directed signiiedl in writing, under the penalty of twenty poual,
thal the following extracts from our several Colonial Laws, to he paid by the alstei, or olher officer having the chrp
piling out those measures which are enjoined in case of or command of such ship or vessel.
the arrival of any Ship or Vessel having any person or IlI. And be it further onacred by the aihority foressil,
persuns on board labo.rinr under any infectious complaint, sht the physician or health officer of the port, shall gir
should lie Ipublished in the Ruyal Gazette, for the general a daily attendance on every such sick person, whether be
inlormalion and ctuidance .if all concerned. or she shall continue on board (vessels forming quaraniie
The Ist, the 2d and the ;di enactments of the act of excepted), or shall be removed on shore, sad shall at the
the n(hh of (;eorge 2d chap. I. obliging all vessels ar- public charge, furnish any such sick person with all neca-
rivinE at this Port with any contagion on board or rom scary medicines, and should the disease appear to be of
any places where contagious distempers rage, to perform malignant nature, shall as speedily as possill reportthe
Quaiantine. same to His Excellency the Governor, or Commander in
The 1st, the 2,1, the 3d and the 4th enactments of the Chief, for the time being, and to the Church-Wlrdens of
act of the l5th of Genrge the 3d chap. I., amending the the parish, under the penalty of twenty pounds every
act alluded to in the foregoing paragraph." neglect or refusal.
And with reference to the 4th enactment of the act of And be it further enacted by the authority afoe-
the 85th of George the 3d chap. I., I do hereby direct said, that upon such report being as aforesaid mle, it
that in the event of any vessel arriving off this Porl having shall and may be lawful for His Excellenc, the Owr-
on board any parson or person labouring under any in- nor, or Commander in Chief, for tihe time being, to C
fec4jous complaint, tle Pilot or Pilots shell conduct her to such sick person to be removed in tihe vessel, wherein hle
the anchorage of Hanover Sound, and to no other: there or she canoe, to Silver-Key, Hanover Sound, or any oter
to perform such quarantine as upon a due report and a retired place of anchorage, in the neighlbourhood c t
careful consideration of all the circumstances, may be Port of Nassau, there to perform such quarantine, asi
deemed eapodient by me, with the advice of His Majesty's be appointed by His Excellency the Governoor Ca"
Council. meander in Chief, by and with the advice of ils Majesty'
Given under my hand and the Seal of the said honourable Council.
Islands, at Nassau, the Seventh day of July, in
ihe third year of Ills Majesty's Reign, and in NOTIC&E
the year of our Loid 1f.32. r HE SUBSCRIBER being about to leavethe Ilead'
J. CARMICHAEL-SMYTH. L request an immediate settlement of all accoats
By His Excellency's Command. duo him, or they will be put in amit, iddiscrimintiiel.
SAMu .,. NerBITT, Sec'y. W. H. FULFORD.
80 GaOroe n. CHAP. I. 7 EIIE SUBSCRIBERS offer for sale,by prift bar
WHEREAS, many infectious distempers may be T gain.
brought to this port, by Teils coming from places where 6 hhds. choicalladeira Wine,
the same mortally rg, ad by the inadvertency o4 40 dosen do. do. do.
the maer and pies of this rt, they may anchor among 60 dozen do. Tenerife do.
te shipping hi tai harbour, and infect the crews of va- 1 runk Gesidemen's Shoes
mh, and the inhabitants of hil island; for prevention of 2 blue DOiner Sets.
which, be it enacted, by the governor, Cooncil, and As- 'HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
motbly, aad it i hereby enaad by the othlority of the Decemsbrlth.r _l.
ame, that if after the publication hereof, the pilot, orha
pilos, or any otr person, shall enrtr on board any ves. l OV --A Plated Gold Seal. The owner c re
Ml that may appear off this bat, witlato asi dl e ~s u. the asme, by applying at is office, and rewd
tr if thIre is any infectim dilresper na beerd, r ws h the Bader.
ther iLere mys rqI p is thel placefnm late A July 7th. ---
m, e or ther a o ald shall forfelt and pay the 'LANK FORMS, of every desciption, nmy hbe ro"
sam of teo pounds, current moey of thb islands, and J cred at thia Oice.
remain On board the vesl the tim limited r peforin N. -Job Printing exoceted with neatness and di"
quarantine; but if tie pilot asks the before mentioned patch, apon good paper, and on moderate termTm
questions, and it shall afterwrds appear that the master Januarv 4, 183P.

Ak 1 - --a '.'ChA, 4AA 4,V_..



inumorality and crine. The preauble thus
" Where, b~ a pMt solemn seItence of bh Supreme
Author d.Jef d nivemm, all he dI e cendasts
of A 1 to 111

Tmars, dr d and li 6 iqs.
elf a a to Ue damel ds h ar s in re a~b
draw him 'lm h heavens m his obserW .
Iuw w'pellitc yiLil tolh pllp, arr orf re t
tljy provide l a r herloer -..and now the philo-
sphlmr arrive-d laoduced-end-,tkes lis pipe.-
Deply as he bed atedied the wonder of the skies, and
learnedly as he could converse therein, he was avery in
he art of love, and no more knew how to begin, much less.
continue the mhij ct, than he could fly to the bodies which
be had stu4ied. '*bow and a How d'ye do 1" tremu-
lously jeoljcated, compared the whole of out hero's orato-
ry: he felt himself at a lons and-whiffed at his pipe; the
lady smiled, and the lover sighed ; he drew his chair nearer
to the lady, and tremhled violently ;-sbe smiled again,
and he was more than ever agitated. Oh, the timidity
of some men!" iawardlysid the fair damsel ; when lo! Sir
Isaac Newton had caught hold of her hand Now comes
the ilest avowals-he will kiss her hand, no doubl,-the
lady thought so too. Sir Isaacwhifed with redoubled fury,
and drew the captive hand near his face ; already the ex-
pected salute had vibrated from the hand to the heart of
the fair maiden, when, oh shame to manhood and philo-
sophy, Sir Isaac only raised the white hand, to umke tihe
fore-finger, what he nitchl wanted--a tobacco stopper!

ay infacioe thatI MYo
pi lae bh came fro, every.
h a y the sum of 6ffty poaodi, G t
i, and shall pay seven Ihillings anu
C money, to tie pilot, for every day he la
stay on board the vessel, during le r quarter
pilot shIll recover by warrant of dilerai et
istralte, to wlhoj complIint shall be umade of
S Ad it is further enacted by the authorily afols
a safety of any vessel that hlay appear off ihis .a
Ionfectious distemper on board, or coh n from
P same :ages, that the pilot sIall boe lio
to kee opera distance a-head of tle ves elwita i
boat, an ct her to anchor (wind and wear
mining), place that shall hereafter be appoi
performing e ; but if not, lie shall anchor bl n
the nearest aim fety, and apply to the Govrt e ea
Commander ii'M for the time being, for eb
who is humbly l to grant such immediate aus ',
as shall be thbl necessary for the preservalio o
vessel, and li sl the people on board.
III. And it r enacted, thats tile place and il
of time for pr quarantine shall be ppointed by
the Governor or 11umauder in Chief, for tile lime being,
will] the advice oi ris Majes y's Council, wlu is dsinrd to
direct such place ashIall be thought mnost securebuadli.
venient to anchor sU vessel.
33 E.nsO II. CIAPr. I.
WHERE IS, an act passed in the thirtieth year of ibe
reign of His Majestly Kiqg Guorge the second, eantiid,
" an act to oblige all vrsels to perform quarantine, thalt
shall come to this port, with uy contagion on board, or
fiom pIlaces wlhero colansgiuus dlitompers ragei" found



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t I M?*^ mum m%n mu%m ^t§iu 7 : ,' -,. I v tl 'tj, N) ^ ^4 .'" V •4


\ \m finUmfj iru|MraW diffic.ftic in fillinp ih dti^ a*. parlmenu, the Nublu Dttkc, on Tuesday, relumed his cowiiihiiiun iiilo the hand of Hiu MajcMyj and at tlio same •'""• •"*'— "d Ihat, Hn Wit Rpionn Bill Must paw, ho and gjr M^ijama Bvmub^ Cornattinity, to prepare tiieiii fur a tTilady making its apiMfttrtoee In u mortal n shapo a% that of (>holer, I embrnctbii eiirly oppoituiii'y, throii};h the medium of youf 1 journal, to otfbr a few rem uks ; whirh, if attended i jLIi^TrS Wi:D.\i:.§ID4, jri/LY 1 1. I83tj. ng upon yoo. The importance. mJuT^.^^^ .—59? Ihetid evemi which have ince taken pLe ? '"•^•'*'^' not oaly that 1 poke correctly, but tliat il *•"* of the mi.ehief preparing for you we e norexr'^'^''^" by me. The despotic views and intentions of th/'"*"''*^ menr, ,n Uie arbitrary Orders in Council wer 1 /A T*-*'"' unto mo. You are told of these. The'wa v ^'l!'*'*o only chance of escape wnsleft was pointed oumI'*' ^ name y, to dispatch Deputations of praciicaUHl "'? ^'"' men ron. every colony lo f-,dand^hanl.o;; jm^^^^^^^ ,••.-.".-.">...|.w..K ..,.. ...ui ace to lice, remonstraie atfamst such mkri ^ "^'' literary ; andwhd.t at these, sacrifice constituSonul, and unncwess.U nocep I i'?"'' ""• to their aml.tiou. nuiiives, the lieahi, of thousands of their same tinm, endeavour to o-,en"ihe overnf^!L ^"'*' *' '^ The ollico ofihe medical adviser, is the dangers' which would mnf r.r.J..;.. rii'^'V^'e's to .Till niiuw mat a tiiaiif: unill llJt;cl.<>e, lIKe (/bolora. ir. a fine fn-ld for the specuh^ive, who flock around the shrine of wenhii, ami lemptioj/ shrine of iilArairv CunM • nml uliil^t .•.i^^.-.^ti:...-.!.^.. ..• •!.. -i; V -,,., '-<<>^u 1^. ll^|| fellow creatuies. The ollico of ihe medical adviser, is as soltina and as sacred as the olfice of him who yie'his comfort to our mentil tliseases ; for, it is to him, in the hour of sickness, ihe eye of confidence is raise , ..w„ „, ut.a,jo,r, iiidi (.do periorm mat omce unobserved by the patient ; indeed, a cheerful Doctor has wonderful powers over ihe fancies of his patient. But to return to the subject of contanion. Of what i'* TIm,' schooners tdward Goderich. Captain Terry, from Kir.gHtou, (Jamaica,) and Bahamian, Captain Pi.uiden, fron St. Kitts, both arrived hereon S.iiurduy afternoon; b> the first of which, we received a file of the Jamaica Chronicle," and by the httcr a file of the St. Kitts Advertiser, containing London dates to the 19dj of IMav.-— His Majesty's Packet Skylark, Lieut. Ladd. arrived at i'urt Koyal, in .% days on the 2f)th ultimo, with the midtile mail for May, bavin;,' left Fdlmoulh on the2()ih. The Whig Ministers, we regret to state, are again in oflico, with augmented powers ; and the passing of the II. form Bill through tiie House of Lords in an unmutiI • d state, may now be considered as certain. For particulars, we refer our readers to the extracts from the different pafiers contained in our other columns. That Kari Grey and his colleagues have been able to defeat iho /)ukc of Wellington, in forming a n^w administration, must be a subject of bitter regret to every man interested .i. r • .• • e — in the of the Colonies ; and it is in this point of. [^rj^l^lol ^^lld d;^;^^ hl^:^l Mir j't v.w. that we pnnc.pally deplore their reinstatement to ; destroy them by mental irri.a.ior. at.d depL^^^^^^^^ 'Wtice.^ from Mu: ters who have shewn themselves so i '"^ !^^" P''^ .^ l':*^" a('ays found that case prove tin the dangers which would most certainly follow rhL' ^** 01 Anti-Colptial policy which they had adopte T'^ moment you ware aroused ; but dilferent counsel I sume, unnerved yom minds and lulled your fears T" krjow the res.dt. Had the course then pointed out t!!" Mowed out with the fi.mness, the fatal Orders in fe haf what facts uhich I am al.oul to bri.i" boforn v„,. " earthly ,e can ,. he to ,„e.l,cal men, to fr.ghten the public j vice uhicl, i, a, ,|,i , „ ve",, if tC '"'' '" "'•"'• must dostructive Ww,. .? the in^tig:.;;;::; ~' ^ irrcspons.blo nmi., has aliachcd lo it. "^ Colonist? I once more addrpss you. Liifon ,„ .l facts which I am about to bring before you. .„, ,„ ,1 ^7 vicL. which ual this liuio i.ivp.. If .1' """••'l-x .ha. surer and „,„re c.frec,i;e tnean. of lip-readn.'g t1,7d"is: ;;,;d\'o"u?rr;,i;.:';;:''j ^JU""'"'''" ""? ' '' ' us of those unacquainted and boast ol vnnr rn.m.r. ...„., ....i' ^.^^ "'* P^'J* 1 ,. I'woouaaiuus, once the nrii and boast ol your country, may yet be saved Jn ido Colonists! \ou are right and your country is wron^ Falsehood, malevolence, and injustice, can blacken ani ?• ^ardloss of vested lights, the Colonii s have every thin.' '"•^''^ /"ccessful, where the patient was unacquainted will. to lK'.'4. and happy era of the 2(;th of March, Anno Domini IKJ2, it was usual for the Governor of the Colony to meet his Council on quarter day, or. at most, two ii'avs after, and pasi the warrants for the payment of the salaries of the difTerent public officers, (the salaries being previo .sly granted by the annual vote of the Legislature,) and these warrants, in duo lime, were presented at the Treasury, Hnd paid. If. however, any delay took place in the meeting of the Council, or the Treasury hap,>ened to be at a \i\vit ititK r^.^ ...1.:.. I. .1 Ihe danger of tle disease. A remarkable circumstance, and one -vorthy of notice occurred to the servantof a lady in this town, on whosJ veranlv I ran #>nnA. I. ..>!.. j i t.i . doctrine creates in the breasts of those unacquainte,:,i. „f m , ^"^ "^\ veracity I can confidently do|)end. She uas labouring nappy era 01 the >t>th of 3Iarch, Anno Dommr undo'an ana.L nf Sn.nii p,.. ...:.i. • .• """ "g unde^an atiack of Small Pox, with a conviction that she woulJ dio on the ninth, or critical day. She refused almost every assistance thai was offered, to effect her reco^ery In this deplorable state of mind, her mistress, on the eighth day, went and congratulated her on havinc outlived the. ninth, or appointed day of demise, which produced so good as well as desirable effect on tho poor creature, that, in twelve hours, she was, to use the ladys own expression, another being. Such Is die action of fear mama, gnant disease, the naind /^o sooner becomes disturbed, dian it loses that nervous energy which is necessarv \ht> iir,ri*ri ..e .iw. i ...i.. '•^ .0. ...b. from which ... warran,: ;e;':; i': L , t::!^; ^'rr.;::;; x::7 -• cl.J. the holder could .Iw.y,, p.„ d.em over ,0 ,n.e i ^^T1 .[.IdM: 'X I ': i'^'^f a flannel belt h da:"''"' '"^'i ^•" '"'''^''' '" ''"" one of the Vendue Master.. ,„ wh„™ ,hey were a, .ood P'-od barrie; to .he atta.k "r"!!'':..^' 1 1". .t"",":,""'' '^_"'"""•"'-" ^ one of the Vendue Masters, to whom they wore n uonH ","t^""-" p"'-ncf"nc.ion.rL:rorv:iitv'''?;;'^T^'''Governor,! will have a new order of thino. I .^;n ... il,.i '. ... f . '-/''^••^'i^ra. which ushers in turned with L'realer foir,. iJu.„ ..^... „....„ ..... i '^. §) n obliged to complain of delay of payment. But, say* the I r .. f\ "'^ "' ^*'"*''"'^ "''''"'^'"''•e "t^go of <~r.lwinhavea neword^^f things; f J^!: Sfe:!;^^^^;;;^:i" u >. the salaries of the Judges, the Law officer,, and -er., from its deadly^lmir"'';;::;^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ other s.rvants of the Crown, to depend upon die annual T-^^ "* < i* Aonnel ; and though wo may bo tolT lit rote of the House of Aemhly ; ] will enfranchise them -^ ••^'"'-'vt'. ' "y prove also a preventive, 'there f..^ ...:„ . |s a yet more powerful efim derived from it, thin can tX)!SI 1 V h Mttnllli:...! >/x :..1!.; 1 1.. , --• tilt; \ft a iiunnei d proved a barrier lo ihoatlatk of Cbolfn in tl.v ^ I ^:.i r T ". puiuiis. ici minK not that rri.. u,l.,. :. u ,J','kra,,n those coun' eduT of these parlies ate convinced, or that they hpve from this unconstitutional controul, and pa^ them niydf; and this shall be the rommencement of a new, and of a bHl'py era. Lu us now see. whether he '.as made good f • I ., ...... iiviii II, man can possibly be atiribuied to Its medicinal qualities: it is its •ofluence on the mind, inspiring the wearer with that con, . • "•' "-"^ ^utiu i '"Jwnce and courage which are decidedly the most etreriivr> l. i|rom. ; or wbethe, he ha, kept the word of promise T '^r,'"" '''"" •" ""'''-B ^>!!Z, and ,o to thc.roar. but broke it lo their lio|)C. The iJotb ofl'''''^^'""^^'' "'""'"""'"' """•"" ""^'fyPrcciKly the nre 10 throw aside all sordid fear., quit the state of neu-' trahty in whuh they were formerly bound by the approiM n*ion of curtailment of salary, and fi^ht manfully i„ the cause of the (iovernor. The of J..:ne closed ,h. --,^|er,and tfCll.h of July has now arrived; but, alas' ^ tlM Public OtTicers remain without their warrants. We say without their warrants, because we believe that if Koman history informs us, that temples dedicated to the goddess fever were erected, ,0 inspire the citizens with confidence. I need then scarcely remark, how extremely neceiry it is. to watch over the mind, in order to ensure If not an escape from, at least a mild attack of, those diseases whose ravages are principally directed against the nervous system; for, I confidently assert, from both theory and practice, that the severity of the disease is dependent on the state of the person's mind when .Itacked'^ThJ stomach l :innltir.. .1 "" ihe> were granted, (we much doull that they will b,) ed to ..'L""" ." """'•> """? 'o be atlend!e'n'';r'""'"^'"r"''"'"^ •" "• •-'" ' '•-'<'<'' cfecSr^'turof^aLT','^"'" "" '-''""'"""' A'"""y.l.e.u„.ise,and.ts.your the different holder, ; .„d that payn.ent never will be I f"llv observed, especially ir,warcl'ima,; I ?^' ^r"""'"' '"''^"'* ' ^ of .hi. we I -'of .'h^' e..reme ,Ly of^rsk*;': rt'ep: ^^y ^ de tZV'' I,?,? ,i:"T T"'"''''.! "" "r^"' manv eTriiino^ r.M.. „.,j *" up oy so "JVOy''o, tint they aciuallv mean and hope to make you the instrumnntc f<^ #^>rr.^. .1.-:'rw>, i ._ turned with greater force than ever again.t you, in order to trample you in the dust. The one party may tell you otherwise, but do not believe them ; lecause, as at present corriposed, counselled.and impelled, ihere is honest in their inteimon, nor sincere in their declarations, nor lust in their proceedings. The language of downing Street is, not that it is wrong, but that you are obstinate. Ignorant, and pr-indiced. Colonist:* What have ^ou to expect from the rulers of a country, who, while both branches of the Legislature are, under their direction, labouring to tear p-> by lis roots the venerable and the wise Constitution of (ireat Britain, do, in the same breath, issue, without consulting any one, or considerine that they are amenable to any controullitg power an arbitrary decree, which in its operation, goea not on y to invade but to destroy private properly, individual lil>erty, and personal riehts, but farther, to reduce alike to the hiwest Slate of political bondage the civiliml master and tho ignorant slave. From error so notorious, from pohMcal profligacy so glaring, and from inconsistency so conspicuous and so great, what favour and what justice, ivofonists, let me ask, can you or are you to expect or to receive ? '' *^ Colonists As certainly as the sun lises and icts, your viAf'. • ; m ._ j,„j •••,•• ii:t.'r will oe ^made upon them, by the Treasurer: at least, of this we •re quite sure-that payment cannot legally be made, %.d If dlegally made, that the person making it, will N>reafier l>c ma.le answerable for his conduct. But bo .is as It may, the Governor is bound to attempt, at least •0 k.H^p his promise, or faWy a,d honestly to admit that' has made a vain boast, and promised that which he it unable to perform. We understand that a public spirited individua', (one of our late Members for the tow of Nassau ) has come forward, and advanced a thousand dollars for ll>e snpportof the Poor's House eabl.shment, in order r It that valuable institution n-ight be carried on until provision is made for its support by the Legislature his advance has been made entirely upon the faith of the country. Why dbes not His Excellency emulate this example, and devote his salary to the support of Potrr Public OJicers HI ^ I wy Nassau, 9th July, 1832 10 the Editor of the Bahama Ar'nL^. nmny exciting causes, and es,>ecially when wo reflect on :l7cll an-dTkin^:^'^'^''^ ^'''' "^^^^ '^^ ^''^ -^" TJuT i. *""^' ^"^ ^'""* ^^'^' ^"•re^^'ing maladies to which the human frame is subject, to remember theL golden precautions :-A stout heart, a regular habit a,^ ceanhness. will render you almost invulnerable ^ tl e attack of thousand Choleras. I am. Sir, the public's obedient servant, S.J. CLUTSAM. We would direct the pariicdlT^^i^n of our readers to the following energetic address" from James M'Queen, of Glasgow; n ell satisfied that its importance' will more than repay the trouble and time which it may take m perusing.— ^. Ar^^ ADDRESS TO THE BRmsH TROPICAL COLONfSTS Colonists! Twelve months* ago T addressed vou .Sir— Feeling it a duty incumbent .m m*" J . r ^^reby to make known the imn .lonal person w^tchin. ove the !ahh an^ T '^' 'nachinations of vour enemie's';;^;!;'^'""' """"I T"' IT"" " ^^''^'' ''^"'^^^ ^^ '^^ off"^ -' '^hich His hcalih and comfort ot the subserviency ofvoot go^rnntcn, ZcrcZT ^"** l/l^^^'"P P^^'^^-S and therefore, cannot be palateableto . g "'*^"'^"^ "'en prosh.rn.norioanyoneiniT. Hcncel,is opposition butsuchbt. -^ •' "•^/ ovujMiiy mean and hope to make you tfie instrurnents to cfTeci their purpose. They intend to complete this object at an early day; but the time wlicii, and the manner how, is to be left to them, not to yoo, to determine. Do not deceive yourselves. These are their steady objects. They believe, and honestly and sincei^lv, I presume, they believe, that they can, if you will only obey their commandments, the object, not only •n safety, and without any loss, but absolutely with great advantage unto you Colonists • It is in this state of things— in this state, When dangers of no common kind, and of the most pressing nature collect around you, that your friends in this country have urgently required of the government, an enquiry before the House of Pc>ers, into the state and condition of your slave population, and the state of severe and unprecedented distress into which, as the Duke of Wellington pt^rtinently observed, you have been pluneed bv a long course of neglect and misfortune." This enquiry, so reasonable and so necessary in itself, bos nevertheless been granted with reluctance by the covernment. L,ord Goderich deprecated, and wa^ decidedly opposed to It, msinuaiing that it must terminate lo your disadvantage. Enquiry iDust expose the errors and blunders, to rive these no harsher names, of the office over which His i S^$ M^f)unm mvmrn* '•• — fci l -W i i T n il L i nffiin ini^ Ihe state ot the case, we ail know what mighty nMlinery the government of this country, without an vtxtril auxiliary assistance, can put in motion, to neutraiilii, or to crush any proceeding to which they are hostile, aiui every investigation which goes, or would go, to criminate them, or to expose their ignorance. Aware of this oppoiition, sou must bo prepared ate\ery point to meet, to answer] and to beat it. Colonists! The enquiry sought, and the enquiry obtained, is of great importance. If properly condticted, it will .!o >ou the greatest service ; but if improperly managed, it will be productive of the greatest mischirf'. It will terminate in your future weal, or in vour future woe. You have sought, and you have chosen h. It if, therefore, your dernier resort ; your properties and your liberties are def>endent upr, or preserved and protected from future and continued destructive innovations, it is quite imfwissible for you to oxwt; and. unless you can, by the complete exposure of all the falsehoods of your foes, put an end to the endless system of unnecessary and dangerous Earopean Icgis'ation which these falsehoods ca!l forth, you never can, and you never will enjoy, cither in person or propertv,' r^^are, repose, or safety ; while the want of these will ^!!!r' ^"** ''at speedily, too, ruin as complete and irrci;^tdiable upon you, as if it were precipitate by insurrec'•on and conflagration, kindled by the hand's of your laves. Colonists Be wise, be prudent, be firm Yield up "(J surrender your rights, as British subjects, lo brute ^••ce alone, if it comes to be employed a-^ainst voo. but levolence of your enemies, and llie errors and weakness of your government, can do you no fuither injury than these have already done. Tliey cannot render your situation more dangerous, or more iaaecure ; nor your property the more unproductive and iiwre valueless, thin it is. Your country cannoi now wound you without inflicting a more aerious wound upon herself. Bear in mind abo how much and how often opportunities to do you effectual service have been lost by the misuitknogement of your affairs in this country, and not let the present important opportunity be lost ; but. by the utmost diligence and uctivity on your parts, secure your future repose and tranquillity. You are at present undermined every day by Anti-Colonial minions, who aie placeoiiited lo entjuire into that case, (and you can only fail by tho grossest negligence on the part of yourselves and your friends,) then you may rely on the fact, that in future you will only have Ami-Colonial authorities, in every de-ree, planted amongst you. and placed over you— men who. like these monsters in Civil Government, Protectors, can only secure their places, and a continuance of grace and favour by trampling you m the dust, and rendering you. as you are now souglit to be rendered, b.ggars— slaves to your slaves, and personal bondsmen— goods and chattels to >our misled, stultified, and ungiateful countrymen, who think, because they are able to ruin and degrade you, that they can raise the barbarous and lazy Africans, not barbarised by you certainly, in the scale of civilization, to a point equal to the enlightened and industrious natives of Europe Cohmists You must tell, and you must show to the House of Peers, that the .\fiican slaves whicli you purchased from your countrymen, and their progeny, are your private properly, in absolute right. They are and they have been constituted such b> all the acts of the legislature, and by all the decisions of tho Courts of Justice of your country, during a p<'rioil of two hundred years ; and having been so. you require that, if they are to be taken from you for any purpose, or for any reason, they must be paid fo i by the nation— vou, as a portion of that nation bearini; yerty. in absolute right, plant your fiM>t. From this firm stand do not argue the question settled and immutable as the laws of Great Britain. Keep the (iovernment and the legislature to this point. Leave them to combat the Anti-Colonists in any way they may think proj)er. Enter into no details on the subject. Your enemies wish to entangle you in tho snares of discussion, regarding the asserted advantage, the policy, and the justice of emancipation, well kntiwing that, it"' they iret you to descend to this, they got you lo relinquish your pr(perty m absolute right, and which done, they bring you from your strong hold tacitly to acknowh-dge their right and the right of the government, to interfere with, to cut and to carve upon, and to legislate for you and for your property, as they may think necessary or convenient. In such a slate, it is scarcely necessary to observe, you are wholly defenceless. You have no chanrp of receiving justice under any circuinstanre, more csperially under the hue ;.nd cry which ignorance and euiliusiasm have raised against you. Cut di>russion short. This is our property. Here arc the British laws which make it so. This was its value. Pay us for if, and take it if you will ; hut, if this be not done, let us alone, and give otir property, that proteciion to which tlie p,o(K.rty of every British subject is entitled to receive from the Government and the laws of Uiis country JAMES M'QUEEN. Glasgow, 30ih April, ia32. \)i\\ It S A. Bode Iplatfiicafist. FORT or \1?^A1 ]\. |. ARKI\L1>, July 9ih — Schr. Bahamian, Prudden, St. Kitts Rum, Molasses, Sugar, A:,c. ^ to JoHNKON dt •• llth— Schr. Edward Go H. AnDERT.EV. ** H. M. Schr. Kan aroo. Lt. Hookey, Cruise The schooner Fair Ladv, of Boston, whence she nilel the 2d of March on a whaling voyage, was sfx.ken on tho Bahama Bank a few days ago, by the wrecking sloop Sea-Flower, Captain Bapfisie, of this port. Crew all uoll, and 200 barrels Sperm Oil. From the Courier, Mai/ 19, Our readers will perceive, by the Report of last night's dobateinboih Houses of Parliament, that Ministers have obtained a foil power to carry the Reform Bill, in an unmutilated state through the H(.use of Peer^. What the precise arrangrinent may lie between tlie King and Earl Grey on this subject, we do not pretend to know ; hut, it is generally understood, that if a sufllicient number of Seceders from the opposition cannot be secuied, any addition lothe Peeraf? that mav be considered ner'esjwry for tlie Security of the Bill, will be made by i:arl Grey. Casimir Perier hat died from the effects of the Cholera. Marshal Soult is reported to succeed him. HALKOFFEWM^INCHRISTCHCRCH. 71JOTICE is hereby given, that tho Pews in Christ AS% Church, will be s.dd. for one vewr, in the Mid Church, on Monday the 6ih August next, at one o'clock. By order of the Vestry. DAVID SPE.NCE, Vestry Clerk. Vestrv Room, I 3d July. 1802. | KO*T IcJK~~ "^^ THE SCBSCRIBER'.N mgro'man SAM having absconded, he hereby forwarns all ponous harl curing or emploving him. , ^ THOMAS W.J. NECKS. July Gih. ~ "STofirK. i-l. j>ersons having demands against the Estate of Mr. Joseph Thompso late of the Mand of New Providence, deceased, arc requester! to render the sama duly aitesied ; and those indebted to t!ic said Estate, aro likewise requested to make payment. JOSEPH HXLL. ^ BENJAMIN THOMPSON, J "e<^tors. July 4ih. — ^ I RFSSIA. It is said that the Russian goTcrnment is exibng the Poles m thousands to Siberia, where they are destined to form new seltleroe nts. The heads of these unhappy wretches are shaved to prevent their escnpe. On Monday last, at an advancd age, Francis l-ort-^ Hinson, Esquire, of Bermuda. The deceased was tiAen ill the Wednesday previous, on board the schooner Edward Goderich. (of which vessel be was owner,) from Kingston (Jamaica) "i this port. Mr. Hinson has left a widow and three children, to deplore bis death ; and to seek in time alone, the forgetfuluess of his virtues as a ijUAband and a parent. FI]Af. ]VOTK E. ALL persf)nH inf1 bred to the Estate of the late Robert W. Elholf, Esquire, deceased, aia requeated to pay tlieir respective account.-., ou or befor tlie 2f)th September next, or they will be indiscriminately r,ut in suit. "^ ELIZA ELLIOTT, Executrix. HENRY ADDERLEY, Executor. July ,4th. I%OTIC E. ALL persons having

\ as ^jy lia^^ama MvQwst <4> i \ 1| S. i 4,jWEST INDIES. The roluriial Department is bustiy engaged to preparing a s^riev of document*, and a siiccvMion of iiifarmation, illuttrative of the progress made by the colonies to ameliorate the condition ol' the slave*. SAne of ttie doc iiinenls will l> — 1. Cnpyof re(>orts from itie Bishop of Janiaira, and any other infonndtion in the possevsion of ihe Oovcrnnp'it slMJuint; ilur means lui nisbed by that colony lor the military establi-slinit'ot* of Jamaica, the tireligious instruction of the colouiod and slave poptiKition ; tlje iiumbtr of churches, chapelt, and other places of worsbi() ; and of the Rectors, curates, and caiechists, and arhools thriein. — 2. As regards Barbados, and other colonies — lleturns of the civil, ecclesiastical, and rnilitarv cstahiishnient of Jamaica, the expenses of tr/tic hare defrayed bt/ani/ revenue raised in that Island ; 3. the annual amount of such cxixrnses, and of iuiy other expenditure incurred, and which is defrayed 6/ a riiunue raised in the fdand ; and the ways and nea for raiding such revenue during the last 10 years. — 4. The like returns regarding all the other West India Inlands. — 5. Copies of the laws passed by several colonial Legislatures, for iho renioval of the disnlylitie.s i)( the (tgq persons of colour," during the last six years. — 6. Of ail laws passed by the several ('olonial Legislatures" for the amelioration of the slave population," since 1822.— Return of all •' ma numi sunns,'' granted in Jamaica, and to the other West India colonies, distinguishing the nundiers in each year, and those wjjicb ai"gratuitous," or" for which only a nominal conidcralion was paid," from those which are paid for. — Morning iferatd. BKLGJLM. Four Boards of Ilea'ij have been {ormeA at Brussels, with a view to pre aui.ois respecting the cholera, and romtnissioners for a similar purpose aro to traverse the departments. •^. tl ITALY. The Duke of Modena sutfors from a two-fold terror the apprehension of assassination, and ihedangerof repeat^^Jtoarihquakes, — which oblige him to spend his nights in liis carriage in his garden. The Grand Duchess of Tuscany died on the 24lh ult., after a long and painlul illness. iuuuofality and crime. Tlit proamblu begins thus:-<>| Whereas, by a must sohntn sentence of the Supreme Author Sinii Preserver uf the Universe, all the descendants of Adamaad Eve arecoodemned to live by the tweat of their brows, 4u:.** A Philosopher in Love. — 8tf Isaac Nevrtoo once fell in love, aiMl leaving the moon and the start, Arie^ and /'//rM, dragon's heai I and dragon's tail, he offered himself as H suitor to the damsel whose charms were able to ilruw him from the heavens and hii observaiury. Sir, ant* no more knew how io begin, nnjch loss, continue the subi? ct, than he could fly to the bodies which ho had studied. A bow and a How d'ye do?" tremulously ejandated, comprised the whole of our hero's oratory : he felt hunself at a loss, and — whilfed at his pipe ; the lady smiled, and the lover sighed ; he drew his chair nearer to the lady, and trembled vioh^ntly ; — she smiled again, and he was more than ever agitated. Oh, the tiu)idity of some men!" iawardlysaid the fair damsel ; whenio! Sir Isaac Newton had caught hold of her hand Now comes the hiest avowals — he will kiss her hand, no doubt, — the lady thought so too. Sir Isaac whifled with redoubled fury, and drew the captive hand near his face ; already the expected saluto had vibrated from the hand to the heart of the fair maiden, when, oh shame to manhood and philosophy, Sir Isaac only rais. d the white hand, to make the fore-finger, what he much wanted — a tohacco stopper MIC0altd from him any infection that maTl^ ce he ^ ^ pay or filing in the place he came from, everv T ^A •htOl forfeit and pay the sum of fifty po,.nds T "*** my, w aforesaid, and shall pay seven shillinT!"> pence, hke money, to the pilot, for ev.^v diiv i "**• "bligwl to stay on board the vessel, dmu.:. \2 *"**'*" ^ which the pilot shall recover by wairant^f djir'"'""'*. aiy magistrate, to whom complaint shall I),. ,„^' /''*'*; '^"''>" pawnent. '^"^ o' noft. IL Auureable sensation experienced in Paris at this moment arises from the exercise of binovolence ; and, to their honour bo it spoken, that virtue is practised to an extraordinary extent by the Parisians. The weather is said to have an unhappy influence on the general health and spirits of the inhabitants of this city u. this time, and to contribute mainly to the progress of the scourge. The kv continues almost cloudless, the sun to shine with dax^ling splendour, and the wind to blow nearly a gale, with the most chilling, or rather piercing, cold nesi. — Paris Utter. BAHAMA ISLANDS'. PROCLAMATION. By Ills Excellency Major General Sir J.\mfs (.'akmiciiael-Smvth, Bart, companion of the Military Order of the Bath ; Knight Commander of the Royal Older of Hanover ; Knight of the Austrian Impeiial Order of Maria Theresa ; Knight of the Russian Imperial Order of St. Waldirmir ; (iovernor and Commander-inChief in and over His Majesty's Hjliama Islanrls; Chancellor; Vice-Admiral and Ordinary of the same. ^ WHEREAS it has been made known to me that alfl.ough that dreailful scourge, the CHOLERA MORBUS, has made its appearance in some parts of His Maji sty's North .\merican Provinces, and in several places within the United Slates of America, yet the symptoms have been comparatively mild and subdued ; and the loss of lives, hitherto experienced, very trifling : Now, in order that His Majesty's loving subjecU in these Islands should sufl'er no unnecessary alarm or apprehension, I am desirous that the\ should be made ac(iuainteth of George the 3d chap. 1., amending tho act alluded to in the foregoing paragraph." And with reference to the 4ih enactment of the act of tho .'J5ih of (ieorge the 3(1 chap. 1., I do hereby direct that in the event of any vessel arriving of] this Port having on board any person or |)erson8 labouring under any infecl^us complaint, the Pilot or Pilots shall conduct her to the anchorage of Hanover Sound, and tone other: there to pcribrm such quarantine as upon a due report and a careful consideration of all the circumstances, may be deemed expedient by me, with the advice of His Majesty's Council. Given under my hand and the Seal of the said Islands, at Nassau, the Seventh day of July, in the third year of His Majesty's Reign, and in the year of our Lotd |K;i2. J. CARMICHAEL-SMYTH. By His Excellency's Command. Samuel Ne.^bitt, Sec' v. GOD SAVE THE KING. performing quarantine ; but if not, he shall anchr^ '"'' the nearest pfce of safety, and apply to the Govero^''' -^ ""unander in Chief for tho time being for a J^ is humbly desired to grant such immediate asLt"*' Com who as shall be thought necessary fb7thepreservriioD of ,1. vessel, and lives of the people on board. ^' ine HI. And it is further enacted, that the place and lenoti, of time for performing quarantine shall bo 'Ainmr^^u the Governor or Commander in Chief, for the ^TC ''^ with the advice of His Majesty's Coun'cil. wlu> i! "'i IJ^f' direct such place as shall be thought most securo^nd^ venienl to anchor such vessel. "* 35 GKOROE III. CHAP. I. WHEREAS, an act passed in the thirtieth year of tU reign of His Majesty King (;corge the second, entity 'an act to oblige all vessels to l>erform quarantine tS shall come to this port, with any contagion on board o fron> places where contagious distempers rage "is found to be in some respects defective ; may it please sour Ma jesty that It may be enacted, and be it enacted, bv Hi. Excellency the right honourable John, Earl of Dunmore your Majvsty's Lieutenant and Governor General the' Council and Assembly of your Majesty's Bahama hiinds and It IS hereby enacted and ordained by the autl.oritvof the same, that the master, or other officer, havin/the charge or command of any sinp or vcasel, which shall arrive in the port oi Nassau, from any port or place without tinlimits of these islamls, and on board of which either at the time of her arrival, or afterwards, while she continucj in port, there shall be any sick p.ison or persons whatever shall, within twelve hours next after the arrival of such ship or vessel, or othelwi^e, within twelve hours neii after any person on board shall have been taken ill, make a report, in writing, to the physician or health officer, jpecify mg the name of such sick person, together with thst of tho ship or vessel, the name of the master, the port from whence such ship or vessel last came, and how Ion? such person shall have been sick, under the penalty of twenty pounds, for every refusal or neglect. II. And he it further enacted by the authoiity aforesaid, that no such sick person shall bo removed, from an) uch ship or vessel, to lodging on shore, unless with tho appro* bation of the physician or health officer of the port, to be signified in writing, undei tinpenalty of twenty poundi, to be paid by the mastei, or other officer having the clwrge or command of such ship or vessel. III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesakl, that the physician or health oflker of the port, shall give a daily attendance on every such sick person, whrfherbo or she shall continue on board (vessels forming quarantine excepted), or shall be removed on shore, and shall at the public charge, furnish any such sick person with all necessary medicines, and should the disease appear to be of a malignant nature, shall as speedily as possible report the same to His Excellency the Governor, or Commander in Chief, for the time being, and to the ChurchWardens of the parish, under the penalty of twenty poundi for every neglect or refusal. IV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that upon such report being as aforesaid made, it shall and may bo lawful for His Excellenc^ tlie Governor, or Commander in Chief, for the time being, to cuu such sick person to be removed in the vessel, wherein he, or she cnnie, to Silver-Key, Hanover Sound, or any otb*"' retired place of anrhorage, in tho neighbourhood r[ the Port of Nassau, theie to perform such quarantine, assliall be appointed by His Excellency the Governor oi Commandor in Chief, by and with the advice of His Majesty'i honourable Council. '' Wm\ ^ Catholic Festivals in South America. — A bill has been introduced into tho Congress of New Grenada, to instruct the archbishops to dispense with as many of the religious festivals as possible, excepting the Sabbath, on the ground that the strict observance of so many proteinpers may be brought to this port, by vesstds coming from places where the same mortally rage, and by the inadvertency oi the master ^nd pilots of this port,' they may anchor among the shipping in this harbour, and infect the crews of vessels, anl the inhabitants of this island; for prevention of which, be it enacted, by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, and it is hereby enacted by tfie authority of tho same, that if after the publication' hereof, tlie pilot, or pilots, or any other person, shall enter on bo^rd any vesscl that may appt^ar off this bar, without asking the master / there is any infectious distemper on hoard, or trhethcr there was any raging in the place from whtnee he catne, he or they so offending, shall forfeit and pay the sum of ten pounds, current money of these islands', and remain on board the vessel the time limited for performing quarai^tine ; but if the pilot asks the before mentioned questions, and it shall afterwards appear that tlie master .NOTICE, THE SUBSCRIBER being about to leave the Island, requests an immediate settlement of all account* duo him, or they will be put in suit, iadiscriminately. W. H. FULFORD. June 15th. T IVOTICE. HE SUBSCRIBERS ofler for sale, by private bar gain. 6 hlids. choice Madeira Wine, 40 dozen do. do. do. 60 dozon do. Toner ifl'e do. 1 trunk Gentlemen's Shoes, 2 blue Dinner Sets. HENRY GREENSLADE 6i CO. December 24th. ariling FOUND— A Plated Gold Seal. The owner can hare the same, by applying at this office, and rew the finder. Julyjjh^ BLANK FORMS, of every description, may be procured at this Ofiice. N. B. — Job Printmg executed with neatness and 'M^' patch, upon eood paper, and on moderate terras. Januarv4, 183*^. ^^mis '/ CiEORCiE Blears to he approachin?, shall arrive, it is difficult to conjecture whether equal advantages shall be aflordcd, at the least, for the spiritual improvement of the necro r^ce. Such are tho facilities given to Preshyieriin Ministers, tha three times their present number would find sufficient and immediate emfdoyment ; and such is thn anxious wish of the planters, 'nd of tho respectable inbabiunts to be su[iplicd with %OI.. I— Tlo. C IV. WBBmmm such clt'i^'ymen, that ihey are alrrady buildiu'; two church es, and talkiojj of building others, even before they have any certain prospect of obtaining Ministers to fill thetii." It is not, therefore, my Lord, religious instruction that the colonists oppose. Mr. Blvth sets that point at rest, at once and lorever, and a more monstrous stretch of arbitrary power cannot Wfll he conceived, than to find the Colonial Secretary of Great Britain stepping forward to command almost the exclusive employment of sectarians (I use the term without any olfensive meaning) to bestow ro)i|{iatis instruction on the slaves. Jlven on this momentous subfectv like orherr<^ mingr luipurt, the muster, it appeals, is not to be allowed to fudi^e, or to interfere. So says tho British Government : that ^'overnnuut which has left the emancipated negroes in Trinid.ul, formcily belonging to the West India regiments, the creatures of its hand, and the work ol its potver, without reliL'ious instruction, 01 iostructors of any description ; till iliey are again become so;>fl^rtMiSfr/, as to be cutting and carving pieces of 'imber into the figures of oouh, before whom they bend down and worship!! When General Grant laid the melancholy state of these people before the Colo lial Ofiice some months ago, he was requested to be quiet, and to say nothing about it so much for Taylor and Co.'s attention and anxiety to bestow religious instruction upon their black population ! The West ludM Colonics are particularly accused of profaning the Sabbath, by following worldly pursuits. 1 do not justify or extenuate those where they are lollowed, but romark, that the Anti-slavery Reporter may find eipjal profanation of the Sabbath goiuL' on every day under his own eyes in London and its oeijjlibourhood, where shops aio open, selling every thing eatable, diinkable, and wearable. At a meeting of tho Magistrates of Queen's Scpiare, [see Louilon Courier, "JA September,] a number of butchers and bakers were fined for selling articles on Sunday. They defended themselves by stJtingthat the practice was unive sal, — that it would hfi impossible to pay their rent andtates irithout so doing ;" iliai chcy '* took more money on Sunday morning than on any other day,'' because ** the poor people would n to reduce the master and his family to absoluie beggary and despair, but by every puUWc act and proceeding to debase him in his own eyes, and to degrade him in the eyes of his barbarous uependent>, and of the whole human race Great Britain believes, and acts upon the belief, that the African savape whom she has transported from Africa to the islands in tin* (iulf of Mexico, has deteriorated, and is deteriorating, u'ider thes\slem of per^ional bondage in which he is placed. A moment's enquiry would tend to sIk?w to the most ignorant and most prejudiced, '|lbat the fact is just the reverse. Great Britain, boweveis uill not believe the truth ; she IcLMslaies in obstin4te ignorance thereof, and consequently, she legislates wrong. Such conduct is worse than insanity. ^It cart only produce mischief; it can only drive back the stave |n to a state of barbarism, and it must, if further actod upon, produce the destruction of c'lr colonies, and the consequent humilialion of our country, and dismemberment of our enmirr. I am one of those, my Lord, who from experience know how greatly those feeliuL'S of afiection and resbett for our native cointry arc increased by being removed to the distance of many thousand miles from it, and to lle KHiiiiiiHmSi WSt mmmmmmsmm The immediate inlerierence of government can alone prevent this tremendous catastroplie. Government must tell this misled country, that tho West India colonists have been unjustly accused ; they must tell this country that West India pro{H}rty, like (*.very other properly in tho empire, must be protected and rendered productive : they must tell this country that the West India colonists are British subjects ; that while they remain such, they must betreaied as such, and protected as such ; an auli-colonijis make. It is 1 fact, ejually unrleniahle, that whenever any document which is sent fioni the colonies, partial and imperfect as many of tliese are, is deman.led by tho antiCfdonists, that the same is realily prtwlucod j while, a|. most every docuiiUMit that conu-s from the colonies however perfect it may be, which gor lo reOito the calumnies and fahehoods advanced by tho i iti-colunists, and to oppose tho particular theories which government hold on colonial subjects— when demanded, is most difficult to bo procured, or frequently withhrld, and when produced, is frequently produced in a garbhd and mutilated slate. Kvery one about the Colonial Office is acquainted with these facts. It would be very easy for me to name documents that have been withheld or garbled; but to enter into the detail of such matters, would greatly exceed my limits. It is, moreover, painful to bo conipclhd to observe, that scarcely in one sing!*' instance does any menibei of government, at any liuio when the ai.ti-colonists pour forth their falsehoods and inisrepretentaiions in parliament, come foru ard lo contradict them, as in duty they are bound to do ; nor do the cover nm-nt, when tho' anticolonial periodical press is spreading its fals.; arnii^ation'i and venom over th^ land, ever attempt to arrest the march of the pernicious system, by stating the trutii through the preu (a murder, a hanging-match, or cock-f.^^f, are r important subjects!) under its influence and controol ; on the contrary, government continually leans il tho anticolonial side. Under these circumstances the defenceless colonists must think that they are despised by tlie mother country, and deserted by the government ; and that while their ru'in IS pursued by the former, it is, to say the least of it, con^'Mted to by the latter. F.very order und every communication that is transmitted frMm Downing Strertn^ and anii-coioniai midst ot new scenes and things; but in proportion as '^^"cour, and tend< to humiliate and to abase the master those feelings are strengtliened by such a separation, so ^" * m<'''5"es adopted by government, arc founded upon deen and so Kivnnrr aill iho ho I., iV,^ I ^e the erroncous and injurioos notion, that it is impossible to be at the same time a colonist and a human man a colonist and a just man — or a colonist and a good man. It is impossible to conceive any state more degrading or debasing than this. The cxp< riencc of all a^t-s ha> shewn lo mankind, that the individual ul.o are locally and intimately acquainted with the society and institutions of n country, are the fittest persons to legidato for that country ; andev^ry day eoos to shew Great Britain, that sho cannot safely l^i*iate for possessions so many thousand miles distant from li^r, and with the particular interests, the habit*, the character, and ile piirsiHls of il^g population of which sho is ignorant and unacquainto#l. The anti-colonist demand and act upon measures of proscription. Governnwnl has been compelled to vieW to their views. Every new law is conscquenllf siarnpcd with a character which wounds, which humiliates and, in deep and so strong will the resentment be in the lnaitt of chihlren, when they find that the parent pursues a reckless cold-blooded (oiirse, which must, by precipitating destruction, burst asunder these lies. In no civilized community, but more es(>ecially in a British community, can, or oucht, men for ever to submit lo bo calumniated, reviled, and persecuted. In commerce, and in politics, it is Impossible that matters in the Colonics can goon longer without most fata' results. The consequences to this country will be throwing altoeelhcr aside the probable destruction of human life, the i.oss op oxk hunored and portv millions 8T' RLiNO of British capital, and property, vested in and serured over these colnnio*. The shock which this loss will occasion to this country, this country, great as it is could not poHsilily sustain. Its i'uracdiate effects would cover towns and districts with poverty and distress,Mind its more remote effects would shake to their foundations her other strongest colomil and internal commercial establishfine, which drives tbo colonists to despair. • Thus the nr <^rn tooncil, sent out last year lelf the government f