The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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University of Florida
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rp BaaI Bre--

WWit" Sftlw flr-*a

IKOnRE BE1418, atie r. MATWIRDAY, JUNK 9, I I. VOL. I-No. CII.

iTE lAIIAM k AROUIL to pImaNs csulur which they could not er. Wil it ihe me to devote snunt disregardef thepopulatie ll isun-
-m- aid that la s lave popudatium, whel c ne cu my be fairand i n el ea ngl i ibkLheprjdiceagwim el the proprie-
PUBLiaUKI) SMI-WiKLY I IMASlAU, tl r. done, which always will be doue, arauin out of the wick- toron the slavsand intIna junl luwardsl e lts alreiadl
l-ilHt DUre per anami Zadaieoo. On- of hemana nature, where I solitasry iniace, or even clieelfully es red. (Cheer.) I beg to say iagu Il ut
ligt DlI- pe' mnm-lr O more sltn a olitary instance, miglt iccur, that it was To in any observations I make upon the orders l coun.', I
I-s-^ --'lihe macgnilled so as to sink tiw purprierlul of thIa property antm ntuated by no polillcal fe.linls. I reoiak a, i
in public estianion, and lu huld them ip to udium I flow orders as in my c9nscience I believe lt a '
Sdues the matter stand 1 We are unfortunlately is, injuriously to the priecr of thie colonl'ie. i.
ltancen It our returns .are bua,-if they anslmel ton th, distressed, there is an rccumollililon l ilaril:i, i ; i ,
nuoling, or ii' they aolount to liuile more lhan nothing, what ticularly as regard the colonies, one of lhirch, larma-
Souursc are we to adopt Why to hold on and suppol! i dues, had sulTered from the vilitiaiun oif Gd( rlch usu
i-- -l those persons frulo whose laimour we drrivu nothingl.-- cai n oily laineni, and not complain of. The otler was
-- ___i . ] ( lose, hear, hear.) Is that tie case will any olher d-e. from another cause, wliicli las not only hrnwon iia k *I
POEI n- PLY. nloI ot properly II' prrsins are einlon ed in iiaiiu- I interests of the proprietor%, iiiani of whosu' I'" i t
UIK ILT UI'V (l \V. lactire ; if public uurks are erieced, Ihce inuilcient those de.etroyed, but thrown bark (th e 'roIrI of s i\. z. ...
Te- 1 s i i work corua to be profinlabl, Ilha inomeatn the hands easi- TimIse moas anxious to promote the welfare :! tlh it pe,,' -
tr I f.i l y, iir r 1hln i rnd ly d on Thie are disisn ed. t' in U'e do that I niel- ltlion, were loing thus unwiMsly lowarcn ltI. i (i i 1 i.nd
\ *l i l ot. i trr eriiiir I rou l l ir I lion a to oshow dat it is noi th e wis l of ii perolriuetors tlhe propriulors, to allow any irrinlion oi f l.:tse c ris i';'n
l\'i1:i Ielee le piil gIut' aruoact.
J.*r s iles',s all Ihv soul pie-ns. lohil a Ipo)ulation ill Ihl il s.ille of society if tlhey could going lurlh to those colonies, as they can onl\ I'. ii.,u.'-'ll
Trel onilily le the,, rruah tl' fl-oweris oh utierwiis. Bilt let all lluhse wrlo are rfi nding iifalt %ilh to Ith master, and throw back he riviliustion of -h' mlnl i.
T'li or illhs lurfare itau.htro uluw;. i .shw ios the war out of it. II will not o u o say ithal Weare in wuch a situation, that we Irn compl lltI s iionl
Trnmpliiaeil 'Inim their .iita hoei rce l.r.l.use nl individlel lilies prchpcclty in tihe i e :st ludies tile one hand, and boggars on the oilier. (lloar, hear.)
'To I iet lillar sweev, o er H: au)t' g rae.' iil he is in and th,1 l li in iil to hlave u due con- I Iiterefore wie tIo deal as leniently as I can, and Coelt in
AllIl uIral.en let your uinitn In t .riraiion for hlisow illteresils, as well as for the peace, for a pamperims before Tlie Government, to ieo us relief.
i.rc welli thi IlfreshaiI wer.lin -,ii the hdappineiss, notwithstandingg tile slae1.ryn), Iue sal'cly I can say no more as to tho m ismianeinentn of ci lod ml
An er. IYou friii the sceecr pi;'p, ancd s .curilv irf lthieo iisla.ds.-(Cherii.) Inl Ithat state of affairs, but I could not resist stating what I have siatie',
*( In lour iiIIt roel c oIrNiiini i':i (;d. a.cciley a t. we nu livin;gin. I nimention the l things ti respecting time Orders in Council. I will lheIrefore con.
Tisn i's I e le sli r .ls c in r;. i. remove that uiwarrdnliblr blame hichl I.als been cst on clude by saying, we are all thankful for a.y assistance e*
l'.11 l.a 11 ldvel .ne d ril lir Il r i as li ersonar who were aillilly and willingly resisting an may obtain ill support of our!slves and pruporly, under
C.e"c i.-re s, thioliahil.d.s s nsi o nirle, iIcnc.cllullnt 'Th clare i nr t i rus ; anoid T lln I con- tie misfortunes both at Barbadues and Joamnica ; I ay we
A~.ul piaus .wiillr er lie.luity' (ir.;n.' 'il'lr iiore closely s.lne thef cirrcilitancelrs of dllrtrs,, arei not only thankful fur a hat IrIl been done, Ilut state
Swt.I wiliercd roe! mi' lrty ie 1u n indrr Uniichl wm e are, now sclTrri: I beL to declare lial I that we shall be thankfIul for what we have a right to ri-
C.ll iears into the vir il Ie 'ev I .II no.t liipcoseol to say hllat ervry .l'es ril)tion of distress lie't to b done-- right which, as British sulbjecls, we
0l il..y t le prnlmpreT l ui'ie llclllcb irllleruL! Ily li e propicuii, su.a occasl ied soldk by a stale strongly, and we cliii at llie hands of Goverern- Nlt
It1it-InIhri. -ll Ih l.vr iii t die is niiiaiii.g nt of the' lnsaved, or iy our inltrferunce wili I that Iruoleclin which is due to every Blitish subject who
A I;Il w lrll hr' i ille I.isr Io' v llllli. i ai,,t dsa e c pipllation ; li e re Ie ilr erilicu distance ole. lives under ils ldominioi l.
A11i iL i r, raitne ec ll' iiroperty f tiue old oculonic. The rcded 'Lord Selkirk loset move th first resolution: he said
iIjk hhhr wo I" Iic cIoc us tcd. occ' lonru Iluducel a grear I i lcicn. '.iat curtaiiily lia) s ce efect, l iut becaU se it lead it. prosperril of tlIOM cult. i.s was to be overthrown and
i'.1'ci, is i tIllie. ilicy ou' tlis country to lease our own crusisd, ii would bring ruin upn the comoierce and con-
W l:S -INIl IN\ TJl{ |lt.. cllonie., cdilril on by Biliii.l enliellrise anJd lrihi n- li r t-in no El'ngland. lie would not further occupy die in*
-- ic, te rIlitn. Slinccl tlnHI olicryv lII crept inlli. tl dis- valIaildce Lin- nof Ihe Imee'ttiig, for it was not necessary for
S1EE ['l (. iris ,ed c tate of cifC nIlst.ii'ce.Is ls e' xtitd.-(Ileur, hear.) hill to sayV n re, after lhe able' i. laellsation whirh the no-
'lT' sntyv, Arcil 5i h. I would wih lu Imllc I tit Uo a s ji '1 whlirh I kIuw t)e be of bi rli.e irman lead civieln oil' Iti l1pret for hlich this mirt-
In i):it iarin r of Ian in vilritali, siIned hIr ; gral nlI- atheii- ll a deliciat nature ; iand .i I amli di-peis'd in thi I ing had been convened. liI' should iinreCl move ille first
her ci' i I live h:IIs conil eci tld il ll te 'el i N\ I. I;.i ; cl. I ietin gl. bo ll wih ll rei' -i T o Iu ll i partli .di s 'nbled, and rsoululiion, which was dec;lralury of tll objects wlhih
aid, i, tei'hi.' --v' if III' noIlilelv, anl n..irlv iill tli I froln my ouwn feelings, to exclude any hincig lbacring a com- lteIy liad in view.
pris. i ecelesleilcs, hiiP-:ewne'i, &c. i,.rrs''r ,le i iIn tlll 'lion of political or pimy views, I disclaim it. I would Mr. Wi,',n 'nTaylor row and said, ceatI he had cI ea
prls '.1 ,I'i, ,i i* litrch 'o Irae Ihe ellr h liiil.s, a pilblic not as)i 'ar helro to-day, if I awlre lu enterlin ti e iulljeccl pleasure in secondiiil tlie first reiolulion inrpowdd by lih
mer": i '. hirl Ii.i al.y Ti d City of London Tavern. I in that poinl of vioe. s tlis 1 cannot helix adverling to unobile Lurd. lie mut confl-s Ihat Ire ead not fr quent-
Ti c li;I as el c'c'li.'dlnvliv ,'ruoli,'.l by goIv deti n of ial hiact of govereineuni rrlailing to tile Oidirs in Council ly pr.esenled hiimelf au public Ilteetinlg uponi this libjerlc
abe irsl let'orlihility, who look a reret inlclrest in the of Novemiiibr last.-(llear, IH'ar.) In adverling lt tlhel when lie felt that lhe inltrerls of tlme colonies would be
smell ul' dl'. I.Ay' prio'ceri lin.:s. Iileed we never wilt- Orderr inl (Council, I asie Ii to a resolution of ParliamentnI best taken ca e olf ly Ilhols who presided over Ihem, bilt
Im cd .Ia lino rr 'e ct.ell e ain ic.nilblac,. tle. or ir nlil.n I in 18H, and I miust s.ay tluh those who wea parties al ti'e pred.snl ularming crisis, alein the interests off tio
entl Ia ly Ior w-lla o(f acciuineII In. ioiI h.n lint room tI Ihiat resolution, aI II tio le decision if thu IHouse of colonires, iani those ul Ilany olher countries were atI lakee,
cometin .l. 'I'hli Iirs presc.nteld two sItrecllis f fpecrone Conlnlouns, in H82 I, respecting he ti lave mnagnienrt, when oue ofC tle deelwst and niost deadly bluws which
caItir li ly enoini ucp Hind gling dilown. | ought not to be parties ill th)e O.ler in ('uncIil, of 18I11. could eve uovertake a greal and duorishine nation was
There I arl of llireew.ul was iauiimoiiuo.sly called to the I We ware living i l ltheise of great colonial I about to be indicted, lhe had no hesitation in confessin
drair, :inl i'-er else col' c-tt clleiv lip'- r. ci,.l .I ~e were lio cen ih n liries u iuon gralt rcoloini.ial .to sei.n asl on liat e 'felt it his duty to come forwarded. It waste oo muro
of UIr' ie-.n in s..,i lecuI e sclioldi.ll, t le nole '..r i l ItuI-wlheI il would Io lavu ihe policy and widluol to have slie fashion to de'prrci ale in one way the interests of the
alliddi.l the Il' nlilg as fillium :-lle;ulli-nen, bewoen I concilintel rather llan to leave infla i'd. Bui what has coalnies, and this nighl be Irlced to the fanatical, fantasi-
pentoe I 1., ier IlliieI.s if llih, ilm, I ilegIls I .S n tin linst ais1 tu ll Ilte ercl f dll Order in Cuuncil of 1MI 1 bearing I cal, hypocritical speeches of a paity to which the country
lCat, ilo ime'tion lsitaa s.u le oIri ((IIP Ma rlli of ('haen- on tIhe face of it irritation Itwards tie colonnis and in lhad been unfurlnately too prone to listen. He hoped Io
do), whl. Ilas Iheew in Ihi halit of reprp'l..,lllll heern ltir justice to the proprieliorl, interfering by Isyingio long as wse time day lwen not only those wio were imelndiaely in-
neresis of the Wer lndi hi ly, is uiiiavliidall preveCII Id you permit liI clounies t llave clinical legislaiuies. and teres'ed in lhe colookie-not only thie who lived in
frnm ai tei ding -l.'y, whie al le is cau' of my o dIecide questions rngardling olloe iilandd it is unjust and another country, and lived upon Iheir colonial incomis,
ie i ig tlheel huiecor iof h'in aiisp.eliniei io lIe caliar. ''e ill egnll to interfere by helrs orders in council. (llear, bu when every peri|sn who understood a national question
*lb Lirl I s hic.n uInrer eniiiiiily Atteeive to the inter- Ihear.) Todictale to ]hon\eassebliies, not from parliament, wuuld be conviunced, Ilial England in every bainch of iii
oe uf the lWe'tl Incl ia Planieri, and I would nmIch rlherr but fron the council, and It satie what appears lo ie very I interest, was as deeply interested in this question as tIm
hai seie'. him in tie clhair upien lhis occasion nIr- i. I traotdIinary, to say ie least alf it, that ihey shall vy to colonlists tlmnselves (Applause.) lie wa happy tp10 s
lf. I, Iluiruel;re, bIe leave to ulrer on his behalf lIs th ce legislatures, we have certain I.-nefis tn cncIfer on cond cllhis resolution, conscious io asei was of the importance
apdllty lier ntf altsndling, bein pnre'-el ,by ollr matlers. I llse iandsan and if you dlo not agree to whale we dictate, tlIh tiuh ronnelxion I*sIwepn the rllonia. and thlle mher
'1 f al tat il.u'liig Ideloure so nuinerous i'ail resp'clitble I''i ', lal no receive tihe I nclils even in the dilsresseil county Iv shuldl Ie as intiloaite and mineinerrupled aDpom.-
A kely I. Ihlat now i)resquit, ha it a ilt 4irdu 11e a Id n('- i aid inking e.Lllition ofl' your iitirelts." Bea to say nn ble. If Ili colonies wree i ijired, every interest i smhe
lead)ivlv d uty is pi'd ip i 11' Lii.I. e evolurina to I ne iide, this is the reward of yiuli non-olellienc., and we Illloher country, the glory of ime nation, and every ri-
driw yvor alenlltiln, which I ido notl by anllv Ihie from i will sink thel colonies ii vou do nul do u ; but can vou sink soi urce and bIranrhuf cormTnerce would symplahise in that
mjieli, to the ilualion in which all the IA'esi India pro- the co.lonies witliul t inkine alsn tie interests of the uo- iIlilny. If Ihe West India connuesion were despirdl, ihe
piesor r are involved. I do nie desire tU atrrl l e that therr country I It was iyilng, if 1you d1o't follow this ad.- arl, manufacurles, and industry of lEnglaId would be in-
iltres el ainy piiricular circinaimulices colelerlted with vice, we will liinisil the nolllther rcounlry Ihlonlgh ihe jur,- jured, fur hley were vi.ified snd Invig ralted by the clpi-
arty or p',litirtl prsrons, bu I dI sir isir lNil dIlireCil liumn of tlhe CiilonkIs. I thec'r ri1anon or justice ill thli, all which nlcedl inio ll Ihe molltr country fromn he colonies.
bly he crlilseredrl, as ii o~lricate not onllv on i I, 1. 'i Is, iand look alt ihe I atl of tite cse'l, that duties A lon,. wish Sorry was ie Ino s*ce hal sich invaluable intlreth were like-
hl*on tllhe national interlisl of tIis coo'lltry. I I Itll Ile ie aliinml of csevn nilllons isr produced frou m the i im- lyto beuacrifacedl the fanalical hypocrites who hld forced
are ainIdis nllow Iian iNeuon oedinarv or4nesiiiiu I prrcnrl purl, and upward of live nllions fronlm tie exrlprl. Is their nuioue itin eovertnnenil, and when they had ruined
prlf hrl; oe vuuthe WtV'l ndlea piropiiri.eor', and in ti, lia tll Io bh sacrlficld bcc-. .a lie orders in rcunrril are nol the country, those wlum they had impo-sd on, would
on f tlhi s m-ropllpis, Ire I-. es" I I l-l it Illlre are. obevell Iow is il itha liT e diliins on cl.oniail produce Iarn round and say, IIow coultl we have been sel blind co a
p'rrsioni geone I'rlsh couicernine WrW t IndJia propuerl 'Bamountledltothalls! It uul.)lldsirislalicearloeveryperson caklniity, teimlwilriance of which we nuehl Io ilare fie -
which desrv t li ho mel fairly anI lilnesllvy, which we ill't any properly un winch seven nlillions duly could hla seen. They wuldl sacrrifice thatl which conlrilbuled to
a do hicrore oiur cuuniry).-(('ht eis.) I, aInong charged, nlust leave aun einurmdouu lhrlufit in the lpcpropietors. resources i war, and which leelsild In soup lnrt ev, rv
are< an a s.ulfrer; hill I .lam nolt a sllTirur nial to theun Is il sco So' far front it, dwre ihlli levied on Wesi Ildlia dearineent which gave stalbilivy tIo tle roclnotr, whirlh
ia meav have nolling IN t their W t l lidi. i prop-lerr. ; prIoipey is in .iiIIe c~'* so menchl property cojifel clrd suppolned the Iarts, nd whli( rePnered s Crm thI l- eral-
(Helr. hear.) t ins on their ibNli.if Ih I aim anxious io I (Hear, beart.) Can a ncociliery goon ha in hat staleo thisr? ct blessing. It michi he invdii or at leas incde'l e,..
t.1 ih r c.ire ., il' I cac il.ill':re.ntl I may say, aas Ito l' Is Ihal. or is it not, rlea ing Iar al hih Ie i.putelr fcelin' g in I if he l re Ie o eak ok hiimsell! slill I il u. r h lel he e' ul:,!
Ie uf :nv .iwn. (!1 ar,. l'r.) I'i.) re liivw e l b'i n si r l tie rc Ci r 1 II ici iii mp i oria l ho me Ti lm I should sltae not dlo inter dhi.n to adi. rl In a t ovt r rivrniion l!hel I r in'
feini." crealcil i n Ihi r nounlrv of iirji.;irce aioinsl a'l whal wo i. Ill i 1i, .ii, .in y iInInl on lin.linI very re. recenr llvy irili!l a rei al AcnAie- I pI.l' r i. n ic ...r
Pwrlelere f WoI In',la pidiprra v, a. po. wies ulo a c: t"'Iv tlha certain rev. ctael -rs l iI een pIIId I 1ipon tle i country. This partsisn hlad p 's .-.l I re':r, I u | ,.
& pjloplc clicn. Nit odil hIn i'at Ir-en I eal e aI c )Iicr s o cli'C.I t. TIey lef an illmir, 'slin I llr pii.ihr lion.l tlitl ap lproachine nle-ltie lI nll1gh i.iqr e in' e s I irests. (iMr.
Of chlar.. arains ii, ni if sr c T lerll rehIyr lIck'ilIv y nd d noting hail boeen donr, ;nidld it all ac .I teo dJ. rrc-ar '- WaLsun Tailor) lead answered that lie would attlnd lihu
Lpl',-rlv drivingn g profits 6io llsi di of ihuse in- ing theanrelioration e-f tlin coundliion of lti slaves. Thlal mrrt-ineg mil explain his vorws. anl that hil interes.l
tr i l. I ill .)Ik .1..' ll ;lr i h ivlf, but for all 'hu fr s n fair nwaards the 'he W hel lia bIody, in keep oln f roal not he so nleah injured, for Mr. Simon TTn Ir,
er pruoprieto~s if WeUl India iprelwyrle. Lia we would 'iclt anv ar clioraiioun that haf rn nscad in tlre rouloi- hIue property be inherited, hnd pot his family evnr
iaiiusliv, if we c mid, Io wilhoull III desIcrlllinn ofi I)on of the e lavs. I aInk, what has occurred wilure Ihe the reach of any sunch da rnrlion. Nverenhrlt., ip ft '
hui._rl't I r.) Bel we ae,,ln sa., thll ieine >ropirisrers, ver 1421- Ha there iben a stoppiage of imp)r, mernl it hi duly to act as if his only leo.e delielrd-el uTihr he l.
I* are n.ii iitlc dealt will: I .n a' i a p;eali c i In p'r in ite dlhri popoilaon T I I eis lhre ee any s tirnin: bac k loonk'. As far as his intePret was cI~e orned t i.- 0nj
m my ,c:ilvtryl, rn lis e aire ePnd.' o.'rlring i o rk lthia front i' el i c u'rsi of airl !i -ration N 1 ; a ;)rcrerr. ,ivi.e sate lion sa -I cinl line of derere, Ia l;.r r c r
i ater Iy civ ti ll'ssf. n'lal ii I I, 'lhl. cwhe n c'iurcied, of in provlllelle ha c Ieen cArrl; d on. Then where is tin I; rseoly lurc';s or '* ; whl lbel r lce i'enlic.' i c .i i r..;L'.
lr ki,,awr by tllue aliu codrCl, :oil lIni'e t1, be filn', or wiidon or the propricti of Ismuing orders in council whlcih ( Cowilul d o Ite la PIrg.)










Of il sthl*sL an hwrrit a in wylc a tl, n I *ppmni ly *a Bnhritih o t as Ao nsldlhrsald g "hea wh N-ur
lad.G ee wneckd f eaurs.. in0 i uSeu* on the C, onltU ,l ansd st.y, in the opi- ddeI pIary who had been denouned wad dialh luea

hur sm bS a g ue vernment--nIanwlyto be wall-inforymel b forI ia venlur seeks ritish Goven- uh arefid to Ihe uoin 'h r r a he
, ._ ......... o iuseedictsehat are to regulate te whole state of so- chant, in Ergland l o grstify their ranncou. Thi.
-cieiy in our instant nsse seeona. be borne-iti o-ly private injioutice individual m'+"
Hd Iappears to be iighly desirialo that a compl'let code only Mr. A. ruined, ad Mia. B. reducedto e ua
rat of laws for th protection of the iegros in our Colonies em, and so forth ; but this is out enough--oma.ouii "
Ir= J im" away las brood(edultitd so enmltrace th Resoluaiosi of Parliaient, n- iC nacted-ithe Colonies-the hated Colonies, m 1
MAT JEDAYn. JU a. 9 I a. IMy, 18) ls uld he made law in all Ithesu Coluonies; but ruined as Colomie. A rich West Indian is no,
t-- it ufo s ela elu a ner is i only by prudent and concilinlory coitlnct tial ithe be endured ; ge rich in Canada, at rich it h to P-
Ourlielii(l to-day isalniontleclusively filled with ater (uovernmen ei n accom lih iisl desirable oblirs. Reasi Indies-well and good-but you umst no:, and y,, l
elatinlg in die afaiEa of the Brill West India colonies ; and ihfrraitig oieuiares uc h as those aluded to, only de- notl, et riches, no, nor bnrid either, froni tie Wug 0 ld'
and on tIh first and lost page,willbefounda full account of feat th9e accomplilimentl of this desirable end. If a cmod. Beegar the planters, sys ouc, and then tile slae, m
the apweches and realutions entered into and adopted, at nf lawIn, such as we havu indicalned, were generally e- inure comlfortably off ; lay on a duly, vays anaohl', sd
Stablihed, amelinration would proceed under fair protec- then lthe Colonists will come to--s leans irritate ...e
||ee mreigi uf nollemen, merclhunu and others, held a tion ; and dut constant system of delraction anI irrita- circular dispaelces, and then, very likely, ihey whill 0
the rliy of Lindon Tavern, on Thurday, the 5th of April, lion which in practiced by toou m.y perss boil, in and nilt themselves by somn passionate act or word !
nieni oned in our Ilst. It will he observed, that lthe meet- out of irlimnrnt, wouldd Ibeh .d.ild ; a r-esting point And will ,lie pineent t yivernouint ie gon mt tu
in,.. ccion vy tb nd ningnurm ly from ct.cainl ameed ling wniuill tie.,, ;sid tIhe aiir Wo still hope they will not.-Coarifr, .uar ;ll.
alendedi, cnd wituld lose been musicl more o bit for s ie ib*m ect of hi t ,anity ould bi aetaiued ir a the ol FasC'If s. .e
manifer. We trust that the gziverliltient nay cell situ oros a o ptd uy a ntis atuntLoted.
staellnhes of the roon-o greater nihmber of erinis seriously consider the path theli hav lately paursued, asil 4 very impourant discu.ssean iicilhn.lnly arosento nn oa
having been ubligld to go away for want of accoosuala- eut hesitate to recede from such positions as ouoelt not "of ommoiua last ni, on a mnti.n for ,the ldo
lion, then ts who succeeded in Ipocuring seats. to be nantaintied. It is much hIeter to confess an error certain paier sto tbhe n ,verit lik uln as i ia ,
fS.veral of the London presses have already begun to whien commilled, thani lo persist in dloitg wrong for i he of the measures inended lo be pursued in reiard m alls
advcat e tih rcuse of he colonists, in a very able iman- i suriose of maintaining an ill-judged ciosisteiny. colonies, and ithe extreme danger anid inconvenie. e of &.
sveiie; aeid o A (Court of Conimon Coiuncl sas. held Ihis morning lay. was otronglv and earnestly urged upon the alieteime
ner ; eod now, ltie ubject hving ben conmumenced, wr n uilidhall, thie Lord MWaor in ithe Chlir. A disrU.siotin his M.jesty'i MHinilers. It was saed tht if 11 the me,,
think II very probable dus the British public, generally, eook pince with respect to the propriety of petitionin, of relief tobe proposed by the ovrtrnent ere o s %
will b dise d ied to enter fully into it, In order to cone io Parlian,,tl to carrv ino fect the Order in Council re- o ntingent upos the preous a optionof the conducitio am
'" I" w s i s a in ,; b in i ne. I t is u .muc I to "oiir an errou c ertai n pap he Croa n ov e it) contuhnes in C lth b I,,m
a currect knowledge of the true state of tle colonies Inive t t Went Int ia Slavery; and the Court w as ome- o. .l. the C on e e,.ton in the, rd'oitob,
ps.nmwfions so eseasially necessary to thle prosperity stbntt to 1 J tur trinadmhsiblew a rrnirg te eoo Colontal \e ,laires cousgk
of En. ; anl of who worth, by flar the greatest n an prarteges s andi ny attempt tr force tha Orater nai t
beie f tio |meple in nland, are enresmively ignuorant. We confess dthal e live Ibeen painfully disppointed Charlered Ctlusnies wiulild, in e:trei. destroy the uiil th d
Thie intly crew at Alilernimnhry, who have dispomei al the apparently finil resolutions of governmentt with re- their counoexos with the Mother Cuuntry.
of their own West India properly, upon advaningeonm C ird to tie W.sti India Colonies. Il weasn that no ma- "SvIt wa allempted to be denied that any thiet hwd Ihes
trin pt- odif w tiun of th pobnouiors Order is o bt enlect- held oaI t f t idce he tnolontfsis to comply with Ihe pwounu
terls, in order to embark their capital in what they coo- Mel-rlnio porioni of the nlale is to b withdrawn- of thal order; bu, on Ihe other hand. i was forcible U,,,
siderel nordn lucrative concerns, ol a worh character, and shat not even a rlmnge of lone is within the conlem- rtoat em, i ,anh l s owsn Citnre thi r s rltulo,.
have too long been rilline Joln, Hull. Thrigh theiir ir.- ilation of Ministers. Tha e hble of l his Orpi r iusuhtlce lherwe. upon he old Coloinl, afconitnc Io ihe esI.p.o.
lOresl, sne nol idrewlified a ilh any honoiranle dlis- is peteronplorily o be inflicted ion lte Crown Colonihs, ienriinit lf Ministers. was nilrher nure n or lesst sht iht!.
linctions-met wh noe of r i he sterlitup viriu-s ,ano its rtoceptlion to In r.icontieniesil in the. chartered tea vre thteal. Ti'h t sassdquto ii of ith iamynitatei a: I w,
nCooniear by tie alternallve of a bribe or a penalty, as a ciondiulitionai elttilitii 1p 1 I the sl.u's t as : p with ih ipei !.
of soul nhlu.r--derin e halr have olheir inleretn tha on fhlltis.. toniellei-ee of tho qiccshe ,.i nc oos r refu ofr n e sr i in han. it t iea 1 ,1 iu. ,
Ovr willn tie y are lo lord-leave been nt oe1 ro -ll later,, e TIe distlress if tei We"t Inian'-t is dhnlitled ; t of Ireland hohr niii d e pdlt ,t,. if tiler r., ,
ditlre.nt W tl India Ilands, (,omeof wlom have arrived ul lthe only notice taken of is is to extort obel]icncs r ctirr. aod lhatat re lropeitr si, ,t I I .C o 't,. Oe
hero,. ad are Ioliltan high stations in tIe (overnKent,) ilte price of any relie-nny, as thlle only ineins of ovui for doh specific portmieof robin shine aho fronis them itg the infliction 'of .itncl. The obedience rein hired t. tith regard to :snteii.irnce ihe ondtlition of ht,
'ill, in the d.litbenle lldgminlnt of every Westl Indian she continual aitation of this qiue an ham .lirtiJn l .J m,
ilhl e o nx ieeon of euippor. T li isn quiheuevident, ind i roprietor, at leto t et il brndl, introduce confusion hai lie most lianeful rllers is llepeniden of il.e ri.o
requires no furtlhr proof hean wlat we haove already ex- which inlst tend o destroy tihe single change existling of lion of prn|i urkincted. wpreserving the ('olonieis to England, end of civilizing the ow wandering ir the twoods.,i niit pri-li (,o loi.,erf.5 -
o- ... .- coltoured pwohlaion ; and lire penalty threatetied a-ill, before the we se.asoi cominenser; ati sou ly tbha iss Da th i
This morning, the slop llero arrival here from New York. even sa a three, lienate every heanr from lthe Plrent way io bene to a .rnce shhen Mewro hto l ,
where she sailed on the lth inslalt. The Cati.n favoir- italte, and, if indicted, produce t once and for ever a to- sed r there antillle rler in (Coi.,cd l o 1.aunlai. a
ld il with a file of papers from ihe Oth lo the 18th inclusir e; al y and irrumedlieble ruin. they afraid that the people of Ihut nhyntl man claim the pI-
oar f whaice coantala lo nion date to the 7th and ljverpool When the Uovernment ol Ihis country nssumes, and tertno of France Or hane the. at the relen .h li.uir, .
o the sip of Apil. The news, however. is comparatively of loudly i rotliinm, its fined deternnination to maintain such aun 1. see the dangerous consequences of Ibeir (ounie
hlitla mporanasc to that alreceed from Jamaica by the Mail an attitude of ri iliy towards e most ancien, measure -'
reieason Wednesdy. Thofollowion wa we sho summary e-fl whici moss ften tavooesi, atpall limes an o st important, POOH L-AWS.
Son y Thollo um f inrest, in he sum total of interests hih constitute hi, POOH LAW
kthe meo iamgnptat ITx :- great Empire, we anxiously ask what i is that tie rvpr'.- The apilirahilily of Pir Laws so thle cncnitizn of Ire.
The Reform Bi ha lots msrh of itl lomer high bear- sentatllivesl of Iin persecutied interest have done io prol- landl is a point very generally discumiel ; nd au umal, no
Si a*nd there is litle chance of i being ornetd i n the coke much unu m-a- nh unnmtural-conduct on the pan ten ps'rsns are foluund to agree in full in their opnitiN
Hoes orf lord upon Its crond reading--eleas (he threat of of the Parent nState I lve they, without the leave or Iutpon it.
cremtlng new Peer, should be immediately canh id into effect, licence of the Parent State, introduce a nysten of so. 'lIe advocates of a poor law for Ireland are many-
The Cholera progresses lowly. Total niumer of ease in ciety which munt be pat down at any inaurd 1-No! the but it lle so happen thatl liy all split lpn tshe deltai.-
the ut'nie Kiladomn, *,45 ; dieathse. .s Parent State Itself, by every known ortan of its will and Ti- only point d'appi iis she prIiaepir. On Ihis t.'7
T"he Saireb of Hollied and BelgiUm are not T seotled. io s wieh s.originmUid and cherished the system in q suesion. seem tI unite ihndus; but forthwith, each u ies of in
Sl it i Have the administrators of that vsysent intrbdylced ant tangent from every dleri.t of the circle, to oiane neMw iu
Ki L.Lop li aeooamplalim toclool o Ithe seond deserioratine novelties in t at variance wilh its primnar lion onf detail. Dr. l Aovl, Mr. S. ith O'Brien, Mr.
of the mnillti for liMt, ismountig i about IO.000 me scopet-No they ihve >one on regularly for the last i)' Jam s (ratilan, Mr. Sadler, Mr. St anlehy-lnmsl evety
haa eReflled the fortressesm and is making other scttSi years amending and softeningtlue operation of that system I one wnho m written or spoken in fivour of a Pd r Law
pin-riiantMo fr the defence of hi newly acquired ithrne. with sincerity of purpose, and a wiluom of design, which fr Irelandi, has fIvoured tli- pttblir ilh ilts tOe niwr of
These preparations ae being ma. si consequere of a iup- he Government of England has acknowledged nd com- the question,-anil the only union in detail that or hulo
pcltion. thatl n pper.l to arms will be nece.sary. mended in the onls unequivocal lters. Do they now discoerrd, is to le found in the Eaditorial article of mth
COLONIAL AFpogrewish to perpetuate he existence of this system, or to con- .Vortin ( Csronicir and tlie book just published by Mr.
COLONIAL AFFAlIS. tinuo it for on hourlonger for its own suke alone Not Bliler Bryan. This gentleman and the 'chrmc th can
They have openo d a path, which, carefully followed, will cnr in insisting upon a rate for tihe emn dil.mnr of sth
We understand sht she very emborrauing and dilfi- lead safely tlirough the forost-tlHtey have labored lo ereate habl-bodied posu. The usefulness ol'f & labour rate we
colLet situso in which the latir of the Westl India Co- that condilioa o lthintgs, in the pareedeint erisence of fully apprecialr. But then low is lhat rate io be klevid
t..I-s ere placed, is atracting general attention and in- which alone can the termination of the system be tladl Let llare Ie a general law for the poolr, ss the C/r'o
trewl a1monigt all tllh trading community of the city of found; and they now remonstrae against he etrnal goad- de.-Mr. Bryaorecommeei nd a proMerlty us and paneochl
Lsomin ; and we hear that oo l ihe mo nestenmive and ine, the bewildering agitation of an unappeatable Anti- assessment. If we renemetr righlly, Ihi ('4ur w
iltentiial s meetings of thlt community will be coqvenad Colnialparty, full as much that she ohjrcts of that party' r alsoi an ndvorate for a property lai, In favor ur of sin
T0 tie City on Tliurday, the 5th of nell munh, for the pretended com'rneration may it e received, s hait- tax, a variety o h good argumnios n irl t haorg sd. bl
purpose ol giving a public oxprenM of thuir opinsoa on it is the mie thing- y they mselves may not be made the pr rent every burthen flls le e sbio Land is tiMed
this subject. victims of the cheap uenros.tiesi of oilers. flr the maintenance of all thII isiilultion of lhe st'a-
We are afraid that he Govenment have been rather In setting ahout the clonevrion of more than t,000 of the chrci -f genils-bhriide.melnle-roads-ite po
rauh in the deenniinations they havr of hate comn Ta in blackslaveu-ilntroducedino tlle Coloniein tlesisips,cith (in England)-tl n arry-sd tflh-ie avy. It is smbje t
he annagrment of this very dilicalt question. Their the encrnudagement-nay, by the csmpnbion of En.dtoland the landlord's heavy rent-she aho.oimibn h liie-orIn ra ei
mieasres have spread antry feelinei belh in Ihe Colonies -into free itisens, yof must aint sensibly and disrretlyv- Ireunl-lie crand jury unconrollhd aenseneuat. Is lo.rr
and at home, to a very unnecemary etlent, whdh iy p- especially you mist begin with the herinning, for il is no war Th'e bonert dernse and fair considerations mighl have been entirely I matter eof degree, edic, or acrl or Parliamenit-tlre is no rivil list, or a prollirale psnnn list 1 The lnil in :
avoided-much tl their wn oedit and advantage. iAeu porue in the thing-there are nopresto movements, I-ar the pressure. .nd all this tine, o the fii.alild
It appears by the Pipers laid beritsre Parhlianent, thal except such as end in blood. You must work in tli fce from lax. ven Ithe disemistine le se C.
the Goveraonof the Crwn Cludaonue consider thn Order order and by the rules which season and enaperence have not the spernlanor or ithe aritloeal of ;e 't", ik .i"
In Council of the ud of Novemhr, 1831, to be (MIt for proved to be alone etilctual. II ytu anuiempi to reverse clhanLg. So that hy tile etmiing lawn-an induscrn u '. I
adoppiof Ia many partiaoier, sad b eri ve of the rights the onder, or to aler the mode, ye will nnot'onlv fail vour- 'the withdrawal of capital from agricuhulirl wns and the i
of prepery. Thee point are ao clearly explaied that elves but yoa will make il impossible that any should vleesin it in the funds i he l out tn thi monied into fthe
the Government do not now heinmete may that this other sunted. This atoms has been"to e'.ct. ls foods are filed pith
musl undergo mwodinlation! IUndear ac cirtsi mlso In Iba I-4, the Britlih Government hben this great money-while the (sil is unctliivaiid and she pvple s" -
it ceartily doe appear lobe very ualfortlsat. tt Lord work sensibly and discreetly. Mr. Cansin.i saill-" We. I ramploved. Thne animd nitvy-so perniriou. in it rrto*
Godewriebhould have written the Cirrular Dispatch of men take the matter out of the honds of an Anti-Colonial press,s alike upon all panti of thl- Empire: and itl
tie Idfil of Dcember, 1oc11, to the Governors of tim party, who are arnted with a na.r.inoe of half iruhls- a's ,one in he checked. O.e- of Ihe l ertsl iit, o I r tfr"
difopert Letgilative Colonies, le say thC a their Loga- ; he sm.t. dangenrrms of errrora : Ihey willerite sihe Parline nlt ouigst to I It, a untins-ial |preti|rt' it lr
latures siunt pasL aglwxb, emta yit i athe iricU-t iannr, aud uislead tlie houmnimtie of the nation : we mult stlc- lse cx of liand of is -armW nort-

rw- -w --

alt9 Maaiusa lEaTAs.
- iaw...rmcei.--mnA d taking capital rthou lie. r s
I,fst mf Il.. furals, and al|plying it toh eu ful, a.4 l
.pp of culsivtia the oil, giving euployu., sol 81t T W il j
Olpes boJid, restoring agricullura prsperity, amd 5r-'
Owing p.,upermis.. P1O1 "T OP N MAWA w. P.
Chaiu Sey.tma of Atrmamy.--'l'lh Cminueo are ARRIVED,
ayi pa |lb e i1 u.alm m itr ve'ry f ucini owmrvic o My as-Am. ach,. Sel, Do Y HENRY GHEENSLADE & CO.
S..l ,llin.. .Lrue na,. LIKW vor t nciEn Olinhy May 31<-Am. br. olm. Dovny, Baltimorel -
arailabl s .i tr nu lleny. "T.he Sh n ls liikes whBch they
pllioll arLe 1in IIw only in clrounaolty, Iwina to the vagu Shin les, n. o &, APNDoU ,
noner m. liill they am ruplrsed ; bul tly pruve that Am. schr. Rolbrm & James, Rowo, Norfulk Ar a T se uoa o
i tine o tif Y .o., sll.l than 2.inM) years Ilbelro our flour, &r. AB O, A. .
IN, alsoonny was cultivated in Ch una ams hle basisof to JouMv, N Sa nns. W ll be .old
lir public orerelioml Tim aimsiauck ail Amh. chr. Bv-Cuance Baker, W'lnlington Flour. Corn,
scs ,lumunmOt ul t.lipuel w, mm inlmm'rtoant ulaim .,e Tuhich Lumber, Shingles, &c. Cora Meal.
lmll miialc trilmbnaml wl 4 l16 ly llrnmem. Tlm' to JOHN EtLDWIt. Potaksi,
d olm.iv,., I ,l p.,l .u al &siaims ui mihe i aolu0a June i,--Anm. sclhr. Wabash, Smith, New Haven Buter, Lord,
; tslhe ol miimirad tieml pmo clvpiIra, amid determined Rice, Flour, & c. Bacon, Cheese,
in; ti'y sv I .lred ti byIl clyp rslrlsi, nid deter ined ic o Jona ON & SAUNDERS. With Sundry other article.
Spirit, ,f Ilk. e no with reel the, stars n H. M. schr. Firefly, Lt. McDounel, Cnrise Jamirn Rum, in puncleonos,
sdlp wail, ic ie is, ti ave l eveni e d i.,m' oil he 2d6 Aii. sloop Hero, Hli.nleell, New laven Do. Coffee, in bis,.
llmam .oll, They eve rn i ltv t,'1 in ir, ri.,,,n I lr Flour, &c. Term--CASHI, before delivery.
pshrin tin sgular distances oi th '; ,. Ity time to JotmlNso.N & SA:NDERA. A, two Mllt' Credit,
sion of lth..-ei lmalla, tile (Chii,.- had ,.yii inim m dri- Ant. sclr. Sirah & llarries, Spencer, Now- 50 hall boxes Bloom Raisiins
rgion of tllsin. ular yiar eicuelri ml> mily> ly i;lly mnlt llr port, (it. I.) June 2d.
uairi part of a ,lny. Tieyi ireunm mili tlle winr I isit. Lumlbr, Lard, Refl Clr-,eie & .4
Tihir cisi y,,er wa liumr..nd in order to trne 11 'lito JonIon & SAUNDER. BY JOIINSONn & SAUNDERS.
slsolar ear, they insui' IIume it time ph ritd mill nliim'w.l'
ior vear', c.mrr'rpllondini witlli 2:1 l hnar nmimtlih,, a l pi ioI CL. i\H D, O Jxmdaymcarn, the 4it itaet,
ctlly tii sm.unie Is CIliplUm 13 ye.:rs lani., Imi,,dICe MAYv 3io-4m. sloop Azelia, Sawyer, Key West aT Ta r VEr Du oN r.
haon rQrm-( L ililmnsack.-Asi thimir nmiIthI were altlirnati- i Jiune 2.1 Anml. schr. Eclipse, Mttison, Baltimore At 10 O O@Iek A. a.
Iflo twuntviy-ie and thirty lyi 'i tih-r llinar a'r cmnm.i . 1 Acm. schr. Gen. Lafavetle,Savoy, New York Will be old
jted of i4 diays, anmi was con.m-luuently sliorler by ele- .. Am. schr. Franklin, Grinnell, Boston FOR CASH,
ila doayi ll, iquirter thian i tl. ii lari; lCt ll In S LD The Calgoa of schooners Robert & James, Salim, and
is amomm tm ,if t .mes.s dillm-sm-ii'm. wi hl hitve e ,'mm, , Smi SA ILED ,
on in time yma.r, limey inlin.ihceil in ad ,liiin. l .ninmli. May :31t-Sclhr. Pomounu, Miller, Philadelphia, Wa sh, vri.
Tey h.,il ,lii.ll sie -,mmii.llor into,. inmm,.e,.eabl i June 21id-Anm. achr. Azelia, Sawyer, Key West Sitpermne fresh Flour, Bread,
mos, and romnslllalimons, in which thiyv ,dnr,,-r> I Rice, Pease, Corn, lma,
fly determinedilthe m-,im i or the fi Instead ol PASSENGERIS SAILED. Bacon, Smoked Beef, Sausages,
century, mi,. Climiese hlive a cycle f sity years and n In thel schooner Pomona, for Philadelphi :-Mrn. Ro- Neatl' Tongue, Lardl, Bu ccor,
sycle of istly Iays inltIead ol a; but li ,ie mll cycle binion and, children, Mrs. Chipclh.a, Miss Bell Findlnv, Suf Whie Pine Brourd.
df seven djvs,% in u-. throuelsl tlhie a., was kLnown to Mrs. Bldwin, two Miees Harris, Mis Craig, and
ien in tire ro.l...l -t liml. I.llu idiviion, of circulferMt- AN'D- Wi
mce as ia lwys eil.tglaiel in (in by l t he l;,i h oll f tre aster Henry We m d. 14 000 Cedar Shingles (inspected.)
r f hl h siwa i mm'gmmam'l in(simi s l mmmu m of mime ...... .. . . .June 2d..
jar, sotli at llo uon Il. rmril ei exactly uie dIeripe every I- XIIIA SALT, lor bale at 15 conts per bushel. ___
acy; hiss il1.,livi.ioimol lidmi.grm.erm,i thi.'mla.,' u.iplmhts Applv to BY HENRYADDERLEY.
nd all liir- r m.-assm rr,, w:ma; ain tllm. example I THOMAS THOMPSON,
iven for AihIt is m.ivl the ,minimn minmrnm nrilin \l Exuma. On Monday ,te 181t iosttl,
on earth, pis..vs., tllat Il-. divii-is, Uli hi ide. llli onier, Fbhrmary 4 th. AT Tria VTINDL OVS'S aa,
s many .ad.vanl;..ure, nldy becoune ly lracticu xcee dinlgl) -OTi At 11 O'osel a. .
pop uar. LL PERSONS having denindis against tie Estate Will be sold
S of Joseplh Saunders, late of the Island of New That valuable and well known plantation, called Coc
NOOTICE. I'ruvidence, gentleman, ldecm.eRl, are requealed to render Nut Grove, about two nilne to the W ltwardn of the town,
?- Tie, liM.-lber.s t im S i, N.ain's, Sielty areI he same duly altsted ; and those ind-ebed to the said contining 3 0 acre--a great part of which has ever
requested it1 .ill.lld II i amlimiornd isqua r'l mI,'ting, on Estate, are likewise r equeslead to make inmediste pay- been under cullivalion. About one hundred cresusser I
uMnday rven.i;mg iesi, at 7 o'Cl,,-k. nient, atI he noRre of (1. P. Wood, Fsquire. closed by tone walls, in ten acre pastures.
ROIERTl T.\LORSec'y. THOMPSON SAUNDERS, Executor. There is, on she above tract, an immense quantity of
June I'. April 2d. Firewood, which would render it a valuable consideration
RUCE's EW YORK TYPE FOUNDRY, E .- i ny person disposed toenr inloconlract fo the supply
3 O'sutfa.PttrJ a t 1W3 1 tolished i Irll.-The sub o.riber has conploeed f the Garri"sn. Its inestinable proerl.ies, on the core
a new edition of lis Imuk of Specimens with which his of passl.rae, are so wrll known, it requires no recom n-
p Erery perso about to Parr there Imlando, after customers, and other Printers disposed to buy froot him, dati on.-The Fruit tees area innmerable. and of every
Amiag resided therein for the space ofTimarl Insm n, msit ina be supplied oil applictain. at his Foundry, Non. Inhl doer ilon aTfrded on this Island.
stand "21 Auustus slre's. lmhimd Ihe ilty Ilall. lie would In tront, inre are Irum 10 to 14 aternof Guinea Goms,
gie acrritr at the Sr.rrretry' Ofrrt, or t up hnat in rmr, lo the information of thoe who have not been in well osablshd and from 500 to 700 Coca Ne t U
aid Oficr.frrrrEsr D n svy preriousi to hismder/rtre-af. the lalbimi t lof dlalin wills lii and became a died blrenl prc- many in bearing.
br whiic, oa nm tim during roarT-rve uAII a Tiklet tic, ha. been extensively iniroducedtlmt his book contain ALSO--
aq be obtained. nolini bel the actual productiUnes of his own Foundry, Tbhe following valuable Slav.e, vis.
NAMIIES OF PERSONS 111i presents a true spirc ewn of win will be furnidhd to SOPIY, 34 years, s ecaloent Cook, Waser and
older. Time amrlnenlt is very complete, Ila been do- Irosr.
aNdoF' To Omnnmr T lnos r mn mElat r ar. ilielleyv ad carefully ui twenty years brought so isa p SUSAN, 10 years, Hoes Servant.
FerurT TO OhT*,, TIC..T. , ."TI, .t. SUnAN. 10 "am. HO SMT..I.
tsAiAnl 14.. l 'A..Ir ent h"ih i slate of peri'ertimn, and embraces a variety of J lNE, years, a god Cook and Washer.
litb (;en i t, styles, adapted to difleren tastes and to te various depart- TONY, 6 yea.
ITlh S.mamuel J.lhson means of printing Nerwsipper, Iook and Job, highly finih- WILLIA. 3 years.
Ui J,,hn Aldav 1, and clst of she mnimt e'rvicebhle nmeal. Nol to not e
lJuse, Mlell the varieties whicl are dlimin suhed by their number in PEGGY, 86 years Cook and Hoie RevanOt
ad Malri., t,. e Bmok, islconiains llf JACOB, 10 ears, very handy about a louse.
_l__ ---. RUM IAN andirs IT LIu 7 sizes, from twelve-line Pica POLIDORE, 50 ywrs, a Driver and Field head.
FOR SAL.E. t Pr.arl. I INAH, 46 vec dittn.
STR.AC' of Lad lun Liko l.lIand, containir~ 500 T''WO-LINE and TITLE, 15aias, Two-line Column- JEFFRY, 17 years, accustnomd to work with 0Mason
ac re, within itue vicinitv of ilme ,Salt IP'oml at Great biain to A te. awl Plasterer for il. Iasi two years.
hllsbour, w.ll .la1,ll'te for I.e'" eiiiu.e U. ('C.rn and Coi-, SIIAD))D, 13 si-es, Ten-line Pica to Long Primer. PRIN 47 a Cr r
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DAVID SEARS. i no'r. 7erm-three months' Credit, on giving approved a-
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19th May, 1H12. I Ltuerv Fiunare, Piece Fractions. Super,,r., Autronomical June 2d.
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t Attorn.-y-at-Law, f.r innhc..,llai,,re,,m,-r,. i B rd at this On ice. For Terms and olher particulars, apply to ls SBub.-
E. MI. SOLOMNON, FI'm,,r. !t N. D.-Jub Priniinc .'(m-ruted wish seatnee aRd di'- Ksribeo.
C. s. AD)Il:itL. Y, Exeicuuor. Ipalcll, upon good pap.r, and on mod a tli mn HERY GREENSI M'.r C.
March 11at. Janiary4, 1R'2. March


Cg U804a Bre.>

= 16.-Atice ode., todidd teo at w age imgepeoibh t thus relief coetieget on dw am i
lahouers. o ( .qu the ofhe aaate m m. sleemw cs the s im uters t lly order of lhe King in council, dated Nlat-7 "
livisy smi.pp laq wakLhelin lf th ile idusiryr of iir plholther. a lieeof policy, which being vjirti llg d;
his -MiKttbourhbd. Mm e M@, bht the uown in M Go. uld, Charman of the North American Co- tbe legialtive colonies, by mosen of I "r "
which I, rlded d o i e injury I ll ar aipemminlgl tll lonial Assariaiu,. milaedmi the mawulutiu. laions on their produce, is moas objection.. it
rlonl,, fru. them him r county. PIrO a nall ndivi- The following are th resolution : cullted to widen the misagdermtandinal bealre ej
dAal su., Miy might age l o de gr eof ut nI 1. That, considering te awful crrisi to which the Bri- county and th e olonint, to increase io ze
lion. PTh wvl AI hnl lum alIee was diseperd in this tish Wae India culoues have ben brought by the pren- among duo negro population, and ihs o pn
country, and the arts mad lhdary which dignifind so riei, sre of pecuniary dilstres. a well u by ealaring excile- ruin of the colonies,. a la I l
would ulP ir, if dIkm cobl ieemrma ses depreswl. l soluantounl dhe Negro population, 'this meeting iL dei- 9. That thim imting nsionu for lt he dpi
II,. sw bigfre him w esmu peInutge by sluho lIae airiLuoo expresing its opinion on die value those colu- such further measures of loelierlaion na mayo
for Ilner nmi gfalbig of sIh Bn arme Ipich hald been nies to ti mouller country, on tlm policy which dhe has quiry, be found necessary to tie real welfare l.of u,
co.ribuler lio hi native country. lIh attemupled to pnri- lately puarsuu with regard to them, anid on the measures anl consistent with the Parliaenmtary resoluiiomn ./"l
diIre ile mselm results, lhultlh at an honaible distance: but best calculated to avert the ilmpeninrag calamity of their lo- a lisuling in which il is convinced that all the. ,ai k1
wlu leM relhiictled lln evrn hlv Ila n-itl parkie he ttililt tal l.Uss useful possessions of lhm British Crown. ers fully participate ; but this meeting ml u L
ellrn lhln l ii West Indlia pr.'.erty had vanisihd, Ih frlt f That Tlie vailim of the We India colonies l the re- agaiinls the harsh and ungeneroius policy which a.
it lii hlly tin ,inireact his expeniiliour, but he uainomted venllu, iianufactlrin industry, and mercantile marine of proffer roliefto tli acknowledged distress oif g ti
ihla tIelines wIlull .i1l on arlianis, dnial plerhli umploved i(real Britain, may be at once ascertained iiy rrlirence to ouly on condition of abandoning his constiullioaal icgl
pi v lriit bri.anlihes oIf indusilry, in the areatre ofwhich parliamoniury ildoiicent, whlerrhy it will awi pi ar lhal time 10. in order to avert, if possiile,, tihe d,
Siisislted lhe lillapliniess of natiioI.. lie cmildl not lrit duties annually rcllclted from West India produlco amount calalily of tile eilstructlion of tile Hrilish W'st ldi m
hl.iiiielf Ioldo mori than advert to recent political miilia- to seven millions sterling; that the annianl uloicial vai- looiins, tlli meetiia is of opinion that iilln edi .
na i'.2ihn, rex'iptl I. laentl the we aknel- of miniotlrs in lue of Briti il manufacturers exported Inl tlH colonies is huiolld blie b iveIn lto ll colonies, divested of the roidiht
ivi.ln w.Vy in .del a gr el nimionel que'stilon to tlla party about .5,5410 ), ) 1 i; and di amoilnt of shiping ei1pliyed inmpos.ld by Ils Majesty's Minisersi, and e ulctnlit el
whiom proreedlinoq he lhail witnessed il the llhuue of" in allm direct 'trle ablul 251),l111) tons; alltogi.ithur cdli- to Iaintain tlie colonies i culltivaiion.
(Coiiniasis., .nd which le could not but collfes llil hlad iin- bitiina li irainrh i f ci.niiiilrri :ilaim ot unaeiialled in l iiint i 1. I i That, as an acl uf ja4tice to i ie colonilst, Ac n Lt
enr.i wil iadlignsinia anl lilsat. of eisent, anil pecliliary in.ioraint on arctcoinl 1f itis in- a view of preventing thu fia l finrl of thamail cri
T'he rfsdiltine was dain put and carried imaniianotsly. lioinail tharncter ; file u iole imanaiiiiiing triin Hritia saiil- sb. 'cilUentiil which has already brought the cii|hle S n. t
Thime' ll i t. Vincenl lhen rose In move tihe sinadil jects, in Britisih vessels, and finally r.lturning alie whole brink of deslntrction, and of removing front o Ijiw
resolution. lfie fell It wIsull ami her necoemrsy to preface viahu uf cullivalli ii the colonies into tleH general r-e mind erroneous impressiionsi in regrnl to the owest f
Ilm! rt..vlillion which I hlad tlle hteuIao of salDbiillling ito auirceit lte noiallur cioiuiey, while ithe cultivator in sul- very in ith British cilonies, this meniein ia of opinimaon i
llh irtiii.*, bly a w ulnorvalions ol' his own, |pit icularl flurinig ilidte exremitv of distress. a full and impartial Parliaminlarv inquiry, on oth, lhs5)
aliN tfile i.lnlpi malres, of tl' inoblu cltirllaln l tin lhe 1- 3. That, in addliion to the direct illlrrorisse of Great be iinmlltidiely instituted 'for tile purpose of a rlcnlty
meral .statr uftie Weu s Inldij colonies, and lite l merilt lirilain l ilh her West India cIrulonie, an e~ollqsivl cross lie Itaw and iilasa gn f he Crolinies 1)1e actiul rin l:,*
ol lite ~susoion ley hail now In decide. He sliald r e trade s itllowe en those colnio. diiad lJ ritish ansl treatment f time slaven, their hlabis and dispriss u,
brief, fmi IMh I;l ies migllh immair tie force of l+hat th i eiesisions in N,,rli A.iuerics, Iulich allifrdi erillilonunl sand ti e degree of their lirogro.sive illiprovernmea a,
NoblS. Cihairimani liad mid, and he was consci'ou, e eilild tI upward of II),f(11) iton, ulf British sliipping ; andl, by i siilization. Tle inlfirimation ouhtained from sch iL.
ntil .Id vl.dili to it. Hle world e neret those who 1iad l tilrnishling a market for di fishi, corn, salllel provisions, and I ihorily would not only remove erruncoens imprepionlea
any illnertr r itin e Wea Imlia colunie, io rouideier un, liiuber ol' Hritih .AInerica, cinlrribnutis l enlially to tle I lead to ill considerariun of such farlllir neasutires f si
mnoimentl, li, Cenernil calamity that wild osumPr, if ein IIr-i..'rily of that olher vadt blanch of ililiiiiin, I liortiui ns, in ile words of the Parlianientary rM uli
proi.rly "if any delriptien whalevr whidi had bIcn crun- IoI which, jiinily with tile Walt IndliHia trade, lI ;rea Britain of h 182 shall ho cimlnatible will the of dai
gorreald by lae laws, should he invaded sad broken down. dleundil for II. emlployiient of at liasl onie hlird of IhrI v.IaeLt themselves, with the safll uof tle coloniie, Id
-(llea, Iwar.) II' counial propry wer en tis to be cri- who lieu merct.usli, miainr, anld c..n,)siiuintly, Ifr Ierr bts- wsih a lfir and equitable consideration of the in eres pI
frire, wlhal plrniery wuild be sle 1-( btilause.) If one lion antioult tim' natli:n of the worl.rl. ri6at Ipriperty."
salwriesofprluperly wer- tI be inv.le1n on account of some 4. 1Tel tie lous ofu il colonies, or te he ahandlonment nf 12. Thira peaaioni, founded upon lsesi resolutions bI
leNuoli.r shade orditinrtion, who could lsy where sucl in- interests, thus puseraildlly rlotrihibung to the re soulrcs of presented to lis lajesty, and to both Houses of Padra.
v.ion would top.--(llar.) Hureiomemieredacase inwhich lihe moslhtr country, woul inlict Oiponi nouineioiii blanches mieni.
a Ilan liad lanMin eilreollyv Irtsublsnesnil, od was l deired of inanill'fictring inlduuiry, as well as llU)on the revenue,
tu onis. oT I Ie llow relied, it lead as inturc rilin an injury of inrA.ildil.ile i, walil nv w.h.ilii never e .11iniarr ian His ll/fe.-Lod- and his diy
t, In Ineare as lnly bisly fur tli land wa;s ladle olr iniii- I4e c>-Oiisi|iiiled b.v lolri-en iraillt. Ser great a deslirlction urc'upi'ed Itwo shleping dJarltienls, connected by aI snr
kind, winlll.r an individual was dresigallled il| prlprirlitr of ol comiialerce, essentially 'li.eneslic ill all its relalitini, mnstil ane-chamner, bat aiiprorld froun dil-rent sides bL w-
or int. If, I pe ihehra i rine ul original rilghil, io ab- nlt oinly nl.til rlin upon nunii.rliss private famlilies, line pIarae stairtases. llHi Lordshipone night land brMathia
Iruclpriln iple., W\-st India property ruincialeel Ib leaw wiouldl witlllraw from llir mluaiiiiCiiurers 1of cnplr, iron, conlilentil Iifrtindl into he anrt-cliambnr, here lh
wIa I. be invalled, every man lurglll alproacll tlemn witlli ill-work, lhrdware, wmiolln ai.d cotlton g.oo,.ls, tlle i-lhe w're,' as osual dicusing politic nad l1 layingiii iI pl.bIa
dir sane ru u liad tal l the adlventage oi the risI, tle rcllierits, tlie dill provision Iraele of Ireland, uand of deba It wae lea1, 'ad every ixrson in he holse
N.ullt Chairmani, h i a resilience in lhe Wes, Idiie, and A.Il lih variills traid1es conliri t( illi ll iplling, a surce ofu hd rerd ret. l cours convert a r".
wierlined i r every thing relative lo aet general Inisiunu umplolyynin n woich hllir, ile inilriou class i hivo been n"C' bee "l'l e tonde ,cmentandili .ad ilorilshiii enllopr.
carried ou in that country. He did nut wish to make any accisiloinn.l lo rely in war as wil as in pai. A cre i. Tle hntrlst way lay ltbrilghl. lin I.mi'S e.
olservalkensoa what had fallen under lii, own nilice, as cosnvil sio ntIal shallow this lossof e.mplolen*l chamber. ir i le I npll ed oliloe Iour Ioif lll dr<, rfon.,sl
sn im .y of ihoMn wlhu i le addrdresmsed resided there; but while, at tlle ;.line li, lie revenue wild be seriisoly\ in so doing male a n ois. I le llin rocurvdi tuo llex.
he wiulil state, lianl whrn ie lived in Jamanica, no prndenl aerrledl by a great dIilminulion oI colulniion, arising out ro'"n, which lse he opiiell, leaslily iraverued it, onenli
nean woild venture to hicumethe lpririptorl.f slaves with- of dau dimpiniilm il ability of tllh people tou purchaaselus asibli hi lady's .inie il a viiicU of agony, and relurnedl Ito l
eon cois niing thlir fealiils. If a gang of negroes were cominod iti.s, and It e nnnortas advance of price of all fI riend.
to be pirrclssal by b p rson with within Ishy were unac- colonial articles, which moor at.iind tihle ahslralin oif Ii e I l'lt at nlla nian .laid ai hat li hal ever wilnesned i :
qsainlile, lIty would w end a deputation to use the ground preluce of lela British Wves Ildie firoui ll l gernrtel llar- a' tlnL'e o"f coIlunite ian e i shorl A in. m ricrr. .
*ad houmer lich wres to be allanld their, and if rid lv Lke of Europe. I a mninllt hal p;sseid, ;ndl tll. a.y smile haid 'iven pit
declardl a rsp ignnce to he ptlrheasel. no prnldenl ntan 5. That ti lost or abondonmlnil off Ilie rirli sh W Iest to e Im'l11 gn1 ssil sel' a c idaveniuiis eprniessin slts r., ;
woulil become Ieir propraltor. Facts like hams ought to India colonies would be no less illinrioui to nte real inler- be ctoneived. 11i hastily drank ir a lagI, g.*u I a % ,
ir known,, tor tlIn could not be lstJexcept in pamphllet, os ot f h Ialanit than to the coilllaiic of lli cilounrv. a'i uttered lnie inculoerent rexl.ialnaio a Iio a .L r
in which ull reetaer couMld sot unlersend nlhem rol i want The naegri if unsupported by tle premsn.ii., the intelli-. i ld seen.
Iof eal enlknamge. 'tepeoppluof this comtrya nghito g ence, alld capital of Eurape.ns, would speejil .sik intu A, lI. Ircaane smehat rainier, lie- tol '1 ., ,Iti
ikns what the real system wam. And unless proprilur a state of anarchy and moral duliaement ; and, wil on eante reu" l" room, Int ,-l:iinaly ... 1 i lli.- "I
of an estate was duelGined Ib rik very thllg on anl deplorable cessation of intslltlry, in raising articles for En.- s"", re'lercted b a lokinL ala.., ha Ilmsilv r.:rie:L
abstiaci principal, dla country might be brought to uneaer- ropen consullltpioni, would tli uns i it tih Britih colo- lthe o lpsime taircae. His wif' was nsie"p ir pre.,
stand the ipsicy and inld humanity ol dteir intended pro- eies, an irrtiaible inslurenent would be given to Foreigin s' t The goenemians wna ilr.,tsitl, and IIer fis ..
ceeding lI would uW beg leave to move diam second coloOies to increase their rnllivelionn, anl eitr tha purposl undilturbed. He went larUarl 1 ala ,ioir 'I
renoulion. t o elsend the friucn Slave Tlrade, which lhis counirv I tie escape hald been male, bull is Ti is r uI.Ill r. to.
Mr. Gili me Palmeret eimd incompetent In fol- by great ex.nrton andi exiesrllilnie of mine, lms long al'd C('ould tare lhalve beLe, ni neiuske, I"
low the NubA Lord wil ind jst met down. Little re. inefertuallv endeavoured to siipress. "Scarceli." lie hal seen tie lii:re in tlhhelokinD gl
ai d ufor him tuo ay bul o sucomd te rhe ulion whie i 6. That the conduct tf Iruat Britain tIwanrds her WISI o s plainlas ever Ie had wes, hiewn face there.
had been put into his h.end. TI tro wea, however, ono. India colonins ha neilher I en consislrnl will the print. I)id he know the lsan I"
aubjtml on which he m iglit ask for thlie inilulgenre of a few ciple laid iluow in tnI l Irliamnenlrry RHolutiions of l'2:1. Aigllt it nothave *peen a mere illition 1"
m ,metI of ti minening, which was, uills respect in tiu nor will hat spirit of justice anil conciliation which Us P He LorIship paused; ih sail llhu usaiiin had of hla
large amount of tle sltippinlg enueIC'l in tla West India anecesory to tIh atalinIoIIe of any national object. It i disturbed him andl heat Ih w.a noi ala;iys rCerldin at sech
trade.. Assa laip-own.r.and one converantlithsltipping should never be fore'tlln ahalt Iht vsystm of cultniaun I late horll that ia was perfectly clear in all his p1rrepiions
usiesam front hln earlinem years, he- wais probably abler 1 t y slave labour was e,.ablisidd bv (ireat Britain fur her aI rBlitill there was no dilspuling his seeris--unles, Od
My as mutch upon tlne importance of ldea subjer as nv awn bn benelil; tlal loue Colonist are E:nlishnn un, lawfully I e, will t si 1, I have lost 1m on allongeLher.
eoher man. lle mmian t Jdraw the attention uf the menl- po isseing proper under the direct snction and encoia- I1 returnd to the bed-roim, and oin conling hark, said
Iat particularly to the comparative importance of tll ragemernl of tle mollir culnlry, and are entitled to Ih. 1hat his lady contlinued to be anIlrep, and Ite room oa
Wa' Ildia lsipping with 1thal of tie shipping of the conn- protection which tlie Iiw and lie Constiltltion provide for i perf'ec"l undislurlhtd. Ilis wanted ucolnles had returned:
iry to erwr other part. Upmn thin Ite would refur to lh thie securiiv and initerilv of that property; they arr na- b malected to tieat lit matter as a mere dluion ; sal
returns which had beon made lately to til House of Lonrs lurally jealuus of their character and rihlts; ol then mut i he wanted rest; beggedl hi frienil n disnisi the wanis
--eturns in themselves requiring a great dual of ellpeula- depend thle execulion of all colonial laws wherestr ori- fr"on his omid alolugelher and haele hliun Laid night.
tu to render hdeut at all intelligible to the copltnunity al Kinaing, and ntu only are they mna compsltent to fraine I le was never I:te sale mana again. Hlur llyshiplisl
large. He leadlgreat pleasure in sponading the resolution. regl0ationsl for lie real connforl of ihe dlave, blut Ith lIave I ai ays high1 in tie etineation of social, but her kBshab
The renslutliu was dam pat from the chair and carried a direct inoltes in his welfare ; so that to discredit and I never l 'orget e figure in the eglas.
"manianutly. endanger their property by perpetual inl'rference, and HWe do not vouch for the Irull tf a single word in dti
Mr. Rubinson. in rising to propose the Inext esob hn. t) smigmatlie them as a clasu of persons derlilule of the tale-we only tell the story as it was tdll to uo, and d i
could noa forbeo ulserionl n expression of graLlicalton Ia conson Iereliag of humanity, can nehielr teal tl for- n" improve itl Iy adding a single word nl rorroblratsl
what he hard rwpecting tia comparative valul Imln im- ward tie purposes of justice, ofl sonnd policy, or of real derived from any otluvr rircumlnsanres. This is tlle I'e"
porance uf the shipping wrade with the Wet Indiem, and imprlovermen in cir condition of the d ave. d.ninn of tlle neretlete trumped up in Ulackhsia
hat of all uther parts of the gl~ba. And as to tin dan- 7. That popular clamour, arising from isalaken imn- -Court Jourwal.
er and abs ul ue ruin tmal might reull to the coulnists pressions as to the real coalition of the iinecres, and ex. Ir/sh Tithed he foHowg i sad Is an onllif' "f
Imnes s, uas well as to the oti rounlry, by any din- headed to Ih colonies, has. already pieduced the m, st si plan lihi. rsr i lte nd to.llmil to I'rliTallen Th
nuetilhnbrment of Ihewe colonies, or byny n eprnciali n in dislrouu eLffct, by alienalinig theulTscliun of ihe dlat e I i.unpusiltee lrclnnatenda tha. IIs uai,.t I- e v rlalh I." I
.ihe value of colonial tra4 il srck him win h amsonpop- Ir un his master, noflli master (ruoe iln mother counlrI advasnre .t incumbents of Pari.hei 0t has.viro, nr "'A
nmanp. Bls he mid again ih was highly gralif6d at destroying the credit of colonial properly, causing ron.- i .ia'ire t o mnuml n nt i uo ariihe d, not Il il e irns of
wring such a nmeting clcllet ed tgelher at sm shi a no- sant agilalion, ad thus seriously retanding thowe nOWa- Ich for m of m
tire and he hoped and believed that the imprmion that oures of giduial improvement in thi condiainn ol l.. l l
iol d be imae allroulghotll the country by the result of negsm population, which it was the object of ime Britiish Camtra.- I am lisd eamoh." mas rme.ll., in I e"r I1in ft)ltioin,anl upolnhistjMajel)t'sGovernamnl.of twhom lerisialtrr to acromplnl h. his friend (Garrick. -- Ie ave seen anid olberveal lhal we 'i
ito wIulil siak wilhl litb gie respeoP, wobld have the 8. Thai it .hil Mlelinl has observed with ra;ll regret, phlai'hinl o' Ifortune, and tda lt II drsinl- upon oeanhlull a n
l r1j issips.lnlg much of that de rluesin as to the ell- th at t a momsenl when rerief.i avowedlv ness.:irvy "e;t "f"s"' and irr.rnnun as the rosn | of heal "n.r"
ni.slemKh s. Ion precvil.e l ian llis rountlry, anil pro- tI lle praeorvas a of afe West India Cl oniS 'la H lis 1.- ,heri. i oiin rires s t l in.n e anI hiu r..*. llie s ti".rae "
dues a coinvitltion thut allwir interests, .and laboe ouf tie li o- : .s'- .1 ait,.rs have u'edl.rdJ Illh Illils'ullo to n e r. 1 it, r

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ii \ J: '.-.T* .. !> t i A i S} •' C^r Ms^i)uma ^rsu£(> franc;*:. .?*'** ''""^ Kukmnge, .VairA .'Ift—Five per ceni %l. .H)r. a 97. Throes tWf. e^\, 7l>r. S?,>c. Fours, m. tlJ()U:KA AIOKBI ji. /•'iru, J/rfA tut, H #*4:/„ci in rA wmiw^.^rn tlie liHl lbr* l.ivs .'iH pitMiii> liuH Ixt-n rarrkd im die ChoU'i H(ifirtl, |.'4if vrhoAi jir*' incc' dwiiJ. Bcttuifs tlwite, H (IcjflM liHW (M-currtxJ ill diiiirii paru of the city, viy, : — I III Si. A.iriiiiM-sireiJi, I ih .Si. J an an ad*;, I in Chlii.lir-.Uiw!, 2 in<<. I m llaat Mtiiiu, 1 in M i/.iine, nii 1 ki ilo irAu\*. riiH niMirfMrr wf vH\v% ill privnic i)OM miller < Obst.uach, r 1 • , ; I scendt-d to him from his forelathers — Tk T '"*nM.^ ol a cr.iiiu coiumuted against hei. 1 took down his pieontof hm walks, conversed with ihr m II "*' ^'*^^ ci.w exprewiooH, JKcause 1 was houmi to transinil i hecomint} at length irritated with the ian\'"'i.'^''*"''J'^a'. crime coiumilfed against hei.' 1 took down his pieontof hm walks, conversed with ihr mill expressiooH, because 1 was hound to transmit i hecomintj at length irritat^>d with i'them to those uho had sent me to him. This was the I '" ^'''"' '*><" '*?em not to he aw don, uouid probably ,.ve tlio lives m( ,unuy ihou^unds. '. "^'-nce from I'.uis was seen vniii pleasure, proJc-'cicd to tlu> It IS a remarkable tact that this nialndy has made it.s '*vrenee, their officers at their head, and their tla-/ unfmlapp.'ai.,nee under the inlluence Ha North wmd, which j t'd. The Mibscriptioti* received by the Cominittee to From the (CnnUm) Chinene Hftfu,t^^ /),, , I h' systnn o| f;dsehood carried on hv tl.. i-i • >!..... .......f.....^ I. C ^ v-U(f,f^ > "penenff her. ^,, ronla.ioiu. it would soon lulluw tln^iu tu ibei. place.of ^Iso .r.uiti.d .ludroiknim:; /n line'^il^ nmcrnl.^: T ^r"'!! "'*''''"'• *1:"'^ ""'' '"""' retreiit. '^ .. .„ : i i i . ^, "*^' •-'"* '"ucn more rnnhrm the novice in his on n ion ot rKm.. j i'.S half na.t 4 /• 1/ Pi . ""^"'^'i-'''^^ r.'" ''-V M-ci..l agents to iJayonne an.l MarThe per.o.l appear, to ho a, d w In Z\Z\ "* ^^'^ M.m HI no ImU .hv .' ;Jr;*^'f '" "r' ^r'n'^'V < '>"Hl the lound-tion of tin. mditaty clieM of the foreign residents will either he mucrilrom; "'" ''' '** l>. "'77"^" "-'':'>.'•* '^'*'' f'^n ^M to the Hotel. >|..M.iards. All these facts have been stated in a memo, iai '""^l* '"ore uncomfortable: a„d tt is Hell, c,n ^"^'" !>.; u I to he ll.Mpital Neeker, ami 1 u, la I' | addresv.l to (;cn. L.lavette on the MA NovemL iKiO "P^'-iP='' ''-"i^'-l" to be n. de upo .17;' J' "^ I inwrHth.-r contiuue. iid, and the wind still blow. ^'''"'" '''"= .-.:-..•-. iivtmiKr, irviw, ;'...i.i.. !...:...._ .. ."P"" ""^ thine,, from flMj .N.Mth Kast. In t't-m-ral there \ not nmrh panic amoin; the hi-dnr cIh,^ .., thooirh irn-at rb.inL'rH Imve In-en olwervo.! inthe dietot ihuHi. who frequent the coflee hoiiset and resioratears >iw\ also in the reu'imen of private fitmilies. It \ said there will nut U* more than five days interval Ih iwern tintwo sesHions. In that ca^il• wo sunjm rt there will In. biv prrsent to delilwrate, an thev aU *'ein dispos'o< are dh-d with timid iM-ople who .iru'eavinL' the capital to siek ^" •'•*^' "?"Its of the Committee, ineludin.' that of M •T ^fHv m iIm! Provinces which the Tholera has not visit1 ^'^''> l*-rier. Jr. but b.aring ed lodo^rt, eillK'r on arronnl of the la or Uh (uiu oJ tlie Cholera. J*afi. Mnrrh \\M.^'V\m niorniop tlK> nlb'd • i r.l. Suh .1 panir was ini>viiMblr on the first breakinfj out of iIn; .lipase, and the t^roaU'r on RcctMint of thr sudden maniiei in which it was annonrircd in the capital ; but in llin-e or four iUy% ,H.M)ple will think no more about it,— in hvo iUyt ihyy di Uuf h at it,— and in eiifht dav* tlioy will if. \ (hth,,,! is naid to have died of the Cholera lUMne da vs nioce at Calai*. March 24. — Sonif; iiM|>ortant disrovorios have Ikjcn inacW to iIhLie attempt to not tiro to llie urMJiial. A rsinvici tl id niadfl overturvs to a saihir U> bcconie ujie of •n aMociaiion of incendiaries, to whom ten franci. a day u.-io allowed until tlie plot wan fullv executed. TImj wilor bavine reveaUnl thi ap,.licalion, tlie convict waj. ex•niined, and then confined with double iron. The fi iuatc La tj fo inHmr^te thn condition of i the I -d,*!, nduaees, anil has decided that from the Ut inst t he followmaMowancw for kxl^inir: shnli be ^rantrd tlHJ olrlccr^ im'uely, to the superior otlicers an*' iHfr. a month, and lieutenants and sub-lieiitenants |2fr a month oach. The ,>y of the non-commissioned o'fTicers IMS U^n hxtMl at H s^ms a dHv, with a ration .^f bread tH. prix-ntes, .'>*>us dav. und a lation of bread. I InNoovoll.Hi,. foniMJIv dnio,tl,M there i anv founrtatioi lor the rep,>rti in cinulaiion o\ the intended ol the iriMp at Ancona. r* li-tltr from Toulon, daiod tlie 2Ut, says : •• Onlers IwvH arrive.l iM-re to lit out M) ships of war, of which f. nre to be of tinline, 6 frieHtes, and \H of lesser force I bsc fweparations bar.' ijiven ris*. to a thoiiRand tMrer U.fore I wa,. I have still in mv hands thirty-three ssitude of uflaiis, i commissions d;livered to the correspondents of tlucom ".itlee, .laied tlie iffxh. 27,h, L>S,h, and ').|i of \u,xui , require great ?,„. Iiiile extra inana^ement. hacked by an effective fore, J' >u^ ...i...i i' .1 • ^ .-. "iir, aat '"Hltl.c:>th IS:M, U.arini; the signature; ol llroii adniitt.-d upon the Ci.mmittCH.. I could not, theregam the wlnde. Kxcept in th? case of Captain \V(Mh Sir M. Maxwell, the Chine-e have never witneised the n -' '"nreign forces against their own pun v and ineffective rmZ these examples, thc.ugh very admirably answenng thrnV, Ml ffirrj lore, bavr been the person who piopost-d to M. Casimir crier, Jr. to join it. What I did (and which no doubt MS given rise to the mistake he has committed) "later jM-riod, and in the piesi-nce of his father, win sent be ver\ properly re.piired, fo induce hini to off. ""* "".. i'"i*"l^ "''" ••^7 """"""•> answennginrpuf poses tor which they were inten.led. are trifling to ,bf ! men which It will be proper to exhibit in the present ca i any warlike attempt is made anainst the Chinese fleet or !t teries. it shonld fie done most thoroughly ; for ev erv iIubm to be hoped from a favourable beginning. >*hnulU.' howpw, nothing result from this expedition hut a war of wowli. i,,^ sliould the hiu'h contracting parties couiprum.Mthe miiirr and the fleet be dismissed, itM departnre will h.the ii£nii,f every species of annoyance which the uigenuitv of the iW vernment can dexisM. In order to nrrurf to (or.-i;ti.^ ihe peaceful enjoyment of any privileges they mav ile^-re. it h^Vr^t ind o dv in. ":^'^'"""r "/ '^"JJ-^N --r for ". =.nd that she he tangh. by a summary !•*.„, L L, •HT •'"*?..""'>' •:••/'••'>. f ''Mnnr Perit-r, Jr. attend: •"• 'he invincible nation which she pre^nme. , thuik ^. I ir '^"'!''^* *^* '••*-' t'ommittoe. Ho still sccon.led us "•'"'' •"' "" ••"•|"sition i wanting on lier part lo c.r.lM w-itli all the vivacity of a new and sincere opinion whea **"' feciprociiy system which prevails so genrrwllt (.ol !. the Sfwrnards paswd the frontier, arms in hand 'l have **"*^'' '^*' '" '""' '*^ *'"' '**" exceptions), that there r.|.rt, rnav ap|>ear to neub-ct the nnbles functions which have "''""^ '^•*' "^''e ^** opened.' and then we shall eiijov injin! teen delegated to nw by yon, I nhull be tlie more anxnuis I 1'**^'''*""" "y^m of extortion and ol bnital policy.' to wh.i> hereafter to fulfil iliem with wal.' M. C asimir Perirr, to captains. I, and rvcall i:J, T\ "V"'" '^ '"> '""'"^ '""^-' '' the' produce of tincollections was eniploved in ar HeiHlini. tlie RefugtM... against the Spanish .'overnment was no enemy to the, ys, of tlie propaganda. I ca.m,^ therefore, lie that h.will now vobintarilv di^ivow -entinieim which were congenial to hi. age, his\HJucation, and his character, and which Imtook ho,M>,ir to him^df in liartakin, with u,. The nature of the accusation bro JCHmst nn^ call,.! for an answer. I have triven i.-eonh-MOK myMf entirely to what afli-cted me ,>..,sonallv, and m really to prove by document, and unimpeachable wn •lOMes, tlic truth of all I have advancr^ all that we at preient suffer is a trifle. I>id die ("^ imagine that they might now go iniudi f.irther with ii. wiib* compelling us to serious resistancf. they ilouhilfss oul.., mmti and hut when the immense inHnx of British trade i> pereend by Ihe^e cunning |)oliticians. then we shall see that, ymwmj upon the indispensihility of their commerre to foreijrtien. ih" will far exceed all former instdenre. and leave no hope of rfdresH. except from a late chastisement, which must be itie more severe, because no long delaved. Were t'oreigners re<s%estr* ( privileges which we never enjoy, aud which are luoieiodaw* restricted from vear fo vear. /?easc, Mitrch Ul. (Private rorrr*,,v>ndenre.)-" \1| foreiirrj r.evrspaf>e,.s are prohibited, except tln^e for hJ n';;™L^"'^*''"*"''* !*"'• ''••';'• di|>lnatic're.idents. Ilol lor tle ness refuses to make any furtk-r concevsionMhJn tl mi' craned by tl edict. Prince Frederick of .Na'sa, h^: reached Ferrare with a reinforcement of 2tltK) Austria Heinforceinenls have been sent to C ins. not a sinsHe French ship of war has l>een ivitd fecchia, thooLdi ;'n ofl the jMirt. It appears to l>e \U^ p^ir an answer froia im.. stating U. reCot^i!!^^^^^^^ T'T'^'^ l>n;dege of TvH anV::!, Jher.ahi. ...1. i --.. ' '^^^f.^ "icroachnienf at rest I \eir Opium Ijiw in China. — We perceive in a late Pekinf Oazetle. a new hw against the use of Opium, ni^de by ' KmjierfK. at the Kiigeei|ion of the criminal Hoanl. The li is. that any of the military or common people deierfed lo !> use of Opium, shall be punmhed with one hunl blo<. n.: two months pillory : — if refusing to point out the | the refugees resnJm^ in Fini^daml and other counitivs, nnd rate. ,,1"^"^'" "i" •"l"^'"='^^' =""^ 'he Government degnieraies mio n,j;„ dejM>tisr(. Of whom It wai purchased, the punishment shall b ifie ••• that of the seller, viy. :— one hundred Mows, and three vean tnnsportatimi. The punishment of any ofTicer orofficwl'"lendant using Opium shall he one decree more serere. The preiHisteroiis severilv of this law is alone sufficient to *tP as impracticable, t'.very CJovernor, Fooyuen. SiC. Ac commamled to rer|uire of' all persons employed in hi* f^'a bond that they never use Opium Can/on Rrgialfr, Dtt '' A sdioolmaster hearing one ef his scholars read. M^T. when he came to the word Honour, pronounceil the wordfotU the master told hini it should bev|.ken without the H.i*OMoi/r ; •• Very well. Sir," repJie.i the I id I will renieia**^' lor the future." •• Aye," sani hi.s master, alwivsdr.f fl• 6;i:oi:^i: uiciii^f^, luiitor. WATIUIIAV, Jr\i: *i, l^3•2. VOL. I— :\o. xc II. TlIK BVIIVM V AUUUS. Ht'ilLlHlIKO SKMI-WKKKLY IV NASSAU, N. P. aijlit -Osllira peiannum— Xn adirance. to Missiv.sacouurwliicli iliey eould nut Uai. Will a fts-em to denote anuttei disirgaidof ihepopulation! It isun•auJ iliaima slave ^lopulation, yliere some acts may be i fair.and it isstn.npthenim:thepr..pidiceat7ainst the propri.done, always wdl be done, arising out of the w:ck-; lor of the slaves, and it is not just low ardstl... elloit* already edness of huniar. nature, where a solitary instance, orevin clieeiluHv exercised. {CbtH-rs.) I b.-4; to sav ..fain tlui'l more than a solitary instame, might occur, that it uas t4) POETP.r. i,.>.> wMiirnr fie^ene. u i • .. i ..i> di**olinr If eh h<.pes and sanguine icrlings of th.he.irf. \\ fiocan ik'<-^'* t sn into t^ I and yet who ha? not felt Its be wilderiiiL' influence. BKMTYS (JUWK. sofrly, stranger I this is 'i-oiind V\ hicii no rude footstep sjiouhj impress; Wif!i tender pity ga/.e around, il.t sadness all fiiv soul po^' 'J'le mI sofdy : lest thou crush th.tlowrrs 'I'hii >r this fun' are ta .rhf fo wave. Triiisplariieil Irom fiieir naiive bowers T) siie I their sweets o er He uitys ^rave.' And Hlrtger let your nielimg hcirt Mirk w -dl iliH Iresh an I verd.oil .^od .' An I eryou froiu the scene ilepiri. let your soul conimiine ,vc!i (Jod. T'Utm (r>le and tion tlMi to show that It IS not the wish of the proprietors the proprietors, to allow any irritation of falio ci nccptlons •ohold apopuhiiion inihitstaie of society if they could U'oing forth to those colonie's, as th.y can onl\ be i,.iu.-=oiii lo otberwiM. But let all those who are lindi.jt,' fault with to the master, and throw back the nvili/Jitioh of ho ^biyi us show u^ thf war out ot it. It wUl not do to say that 1 Weare in such a situation, that wo are comp! ..naut* m. l.-raos.. an individual li.,hlspr..peity in the WeM Indies I the one hand, and beggars on the other. (lleai Inai.) that he IS a losei, and ih it he is nit to have a due con\ I therefore wish lo deal as leniently ai I can, and come in s.rferatmn for bisown interests, a, well as for the fM-acc, /o/-mfl ;iau;>cnf before the (iover omen t, to j-iyc us relief, the happiness (mitwithstaiidin^^ the slavery), the safety ; I can sav no more as to the mismana-emenl of c. lo ml and security of those islands.— (Cheers,) In that state of I affairs, but I could not resist stating ujjat I have staiei' society ai,we now hvm^nn. I mention these things to ; respecting the Orders in Council. I wdl therefore conremove that unwarrantable blame which has been cast on | elude bv sayinp, we are all thankful for aay assistance • us as persons who were ttiltully and willin;:ly resisting an may obtain m support of ourselves and proiM'rtv, under en.ancipation. I he cl arge is mt true ; ami when 1 coni the misfortunes both at Barbadocs and Jamaica ;'l say wo sidi-r more closely some of the circumstances of distress, I are mt only thankful for what Ins been done, but "state .•Oder Mliich we are now siilT,ri;ig, I beg lo declare that | that we shall lie thankful for what we have a right to mI Hill not disposed to say that every .b-vripti.m of distress : pect to be done— a right uhich, ns British subjerts we •sullere*. by the proprietor:,, occasioned solely by a stale strongly, and we claim al the hand.s of (ioveriin'. .it mismanagement of the slaves, or by our interferonce with 1 that protection which is due lo every Biitisli subject, who the slave (lopitiaiion ; tiiere are other ciitumstances o|m?| lives under its dominion. ratin;/ on the property of the old colonies. The ceded Lord Selkirk iosMo move the first resolution: he said coloiiies produced a q.iamiiy of sugar to this kin' the country bad prus|H'red with tlio colonies, and if tl dom. I iiat certainly has it.s elfect, but becuuNC it had its prosperity of these cob. 'iis was to Ih' overthrown and "ir.'ct, IS It the p.dicy of this country to leave our own l cruslied, it would bring ruin upon the commerce and concolonies, cairied on by Biitisb enteipris** and BriiLsb ca| dition of Kngland. Ho would not further occupy the to rum. .Sinc. |mlicy Ins crept in, the di[ valuable linie of the meeting, for it was not necessary for trusse.l slate of circumstances has existed.— (Hear, hoar.) him to say more, after the abb es[danatton which ilie' noI. .v..-,M,n^. f : .. -' — ^**"'^ ^*''''*' ''^ '"••""*J"a s .I.J. ot which I know to be of bbchairman had given of the obpcts for which this meeiJ7 lv.Tu.Uc/*'"V t" •' '^^•'-t" n-'ure ; and as I am di.pos.>d in this | ing had been convened. He slioibl li.erely move 11.^^1 ^"\ *7"' <''>';'"T"f*^'"' •.,"'-• ^Vest India Colo.ueeting, both with res,H.ct to the parties assembled, and resolmion, which was declaratory of ilie" ob.ccis wl rli nies.-i:udm,. several of tl,, and nearly all the from my own feelings, to e.xclude aiiv thing bearing a coinI thev bad m ^ r'!.''r,r.7'r'^l'V l""'.*"'"'!'' ?.'• '";"^^'^""' *" the pleKion of pobtical or ,H.y views, i disclaim it. I would Mr. Watson Taylor rose and sabi, that he bad .leai pr^s .ym .0 of h\tr.,.le to the We,, lu,|,.,, ,,,|,|ir not appear beie to-day, if I were toentertain tlaj subject pleasure in seconding the first resolution pn.rms. d bv iIk, oeem..; was ludd this day at the City of London Tavern. I in that point of view. Bm I cannot help adverting to ; noble Lord. H. | | > i t.y iik, wi:sr-iM)i\TKUJi:. MKLTiNt;. TntRsoiY, April rdi. **Mres,Md the uiretiog is hdlows :— Uontlerm-n, befonI | conciliated rather than to have inflamed. But what has colonies, and tliis might be traced to the fanatical faritast'il prce... I t.i the business of I he d^v, I uius. brg m tin' first been the elTecl of tinOrder in Council of IM\ ? bearing | cal, hypocritical sp.ecbes of a paity to which tli country Jtc,.. ,0 m.Mition that a no lile Lord (the .M.r.pi. of Chanon the face of it irritation t.wards the colonies and \Z | had iJ^n uulorlunately too pron!e to listen. He Ik.Z .0 .W V" fTu a^" '" I r' / "! fn>'-r-..i,n.j h-re the justice to tlK proprietors, interfering by saying so long as I see when not only those wU were immediately ininieresi, ut the \^ est I nrlia bo ly, IS unavoidably prevented I yo p<'rmit the colonies to have colonial legislaiuies, and • • ^ from aiieiiding lo-.lay, which alone is tli** cause of mv to decide rpiestioni regar.ling those islands, it is unjust and tcres'ed in the cidonies — not only thos*.* who lived in another country, and lived upon their colonial incomes. prtanre tfiosc islamls, and if you rlo not agree to what we ilictate, j that tli connexion lMtw..en tlie cobini-s and tlie moilMr y.u shall not receive the benefits even in the distressed ; country should Ihan intimate and uninlerrupied as'^poMi. and sinkin.i condition of your iiiierests." But to say on hie. If the colonies weie injured, every inlercsi in the . ,' ^ to ; one side, this is the reward of yom non-obedience, and we, mother country, the glory of the nation, and every reortw your attention, which I do not by any thing from | ill the cdonies witlMuit sinking aKo the interests of the mo| injury. If tlie West India connexions were despiw-d ih pnetors are mvolve.l. I do not desire to attribute that iher country ? Il was saying, if you don't follow thik ad| arts, manufactures, and industry of Fnglatid would btinures, to any p.ificular circumstances comiecied with vice, we will punish the motJM-r country tbioogh the mejur.d, for they uere vivified a Jd invigorated bv the capi^rty or political persons, but I desire that lint distress ; critr*s who bad forced but •"•re anxious n with Sorry was he to see that such invaluable interests were like•<>re anxious now than u|M)n oidinary rx canons to present 1 ports, and upwards of five millions from llie ex|)orfs. Is j their notions on g..verniiieiit, and when they bad ruine.l 2''dfb.d,,re you, the Weeartoeveryf>erson calamity, tlie im|)ortance of which we might to have lor. o That : meeting r.d explain bis views, and that his interejitf Jf-Jprieiors of Wsi India piop.rfy, as pwe*sors uf a 1 <"'"'v that certain had :> fiom tinlab.nir of those ining the amelioration tif tlio con.lifion of the slaves 'hIuiU. I will Mbe Ux lib. e ^ .... _. •wy couutivmrn wlm are endeavouring to s::fk that ^''n '•' ''""'"^ •'^'""'' >'"'*''•" • ^N a progressive Mate lionwa* only one of degree, bui wbefi ••'''<• by Miisr jMes-n'ati. 1., whi. h. when ro-irocted, of iniprovement has been carried on. Then wh.-re i, tiMjj twenty Jiors.ts or 'wo ; wbetl er he em|lov*d 4 .. inwtd ier be h-t/* kent fc ki^awn by those who concocled ibem to be false, or wisdom or the propriety of issuing order* in council which(Cmrlwifi on Ih' latt P^g' )


nl*^. r* 1^ ;( ^I'i H ^fyf Ma'^ama ^r|[tij9 iifimoMnr Off IKKINM TNK TATI,. or COLUMBUS. Hil. Culiiinhus we^ifrn (iuJer Hnii. nio i>r nMi-iirtJs, and wicli tj, !*''^"''^'*ry iin|MHe additional burllicns on sucli Colonit-s as do not | which u neeito of our uwn full p;irii(;ipaiioi "!'f***'^*'*'i; n4wy lliLill-Miiirt*d nianUlo of tlie iiovernnu'nt. Tlii' j ^urh lUere be, jusily demands of tin; nan "" ^'''. f it a inoiit hurrassinti; way of acting. It ajjiarontly SK'^ks | British (iovertinifnl hnst remittJ-d (he matter' ^^"* "* lo ini|M>eMliiin on the Cdonists ; and niiy, in the upii sane party who hud been denounced and d fl*"' ^ "* fiiuiiM of sonic, vrve til'" uutiio-vo ot acquiriiii; u nioincnCannini;. KM.rv Mi""c'slion of th'ii' ;. i ^^^} Mr. 1 . i_ __i. .1 1.1 1.. .• /' • ^^ .. ""'"Hon*-!! i.> .. THS AE3irS. .<.iTIUDAl, Jl>.\£ , l§S!t. lary (lopularily ; but it disrou'anls the real duty of a (iuvj'rnnient — riauiciv, to be well-informed beturo it venturer lo issue edictN that are to rrjjulate the whole statu of society in otir distant |M).Hession8. It appears to III" Iii;lily de>irahl(' that a coinph'te codi* )( lawsfoi the protcciion of th<' nn^'roKs in our C'olonies (calculated to embrace the Kfsoluiions of Parliament, of May, lH-2-i) slmuld he made law in all these (.'olonies ; but i I /• I.. • .1,.. .,„i ; I ni I 1 it is only hy prudent and cum iliatory conduct that tiie Our sli'M'tol to-davialnio • (I'ivernujent can accomplish this desira!)le ohprt. Kasii f.-lat.nj( to die affaits of tho British U est India cohmies ; and l.arrassinij measure>*uch as those alluded to, only defind on the first and last paces, will be found a fidl accoum of i feat the Hccomplishnu'nt of this desirable end. If a coih: the (tfiveches and resolutions entered into and adopted, at "' laws, such as we have indicated, were tJencrally estlicineeiiuK of noblemen, merchants and others, held at tablished, amelioration would proceed under fair protec,, -. , rp rp, i r 1 .• .. ''"" 5 '"'•' ''•'^t constant system of detraction and irritatlie ritv of London I avern,on I hurday, the /iih ol .\i)n . i i • 1 1 "1 i i • lion which IS practised bv too many persons both to and mentioned m our last. It will be observed, that the meet! out of I'arliajnent, would he av'oided ; a resting' p.dnt ioK on that occasion was very respectably and numeroulv | frm constant meddling would be esialdished, and the fair intended, and Would have been much more so, but for tiie "'^1^'*^' "' humanity would be aitaiiwd in the most secure of the rooni-s* greater number of iK-rs.H.s "'•'.""•-''• ^^' """^ '•" ""' ,i;<(!H'Mioiis so essentially necessary to tho pros(>orilv uf KntrUnd ; aiuluf whose worth, by farthe greatest numbei of tle |)e4>ph' in F'nri. This is quite evident, and requires no furtiier pnH>fthi:n what we have already experienced. A Court of Common Council was held this morning at (Juildhidl, the Lord Ma>or in the Chair. A discuNsion took place with respect to the propriety of petitioning Parliament to carry into eflect the Order in Council relative to West India Shtvery ; and the Court was occu[)ied with the subject when our reporter left. — Courier, March 'J8. respect — every incisure framed accurdi srription— insults are oHered to the most respeci1 1 \i chants in KngI ind lo gratify their ranr.Mir. -im ** *^*" • be borne — it is only j)rivale inpistice, individual "' only Mr. A. ruined, and Mis. iJ. redmedto be a'" '^ ess, and so forth ; but this is not enough— MjnH.'il ^^''" Is exacted—the Colonies— the h.ned C'oloiiii^ "'^SC'. ; ruined as Colonies. A rich West Indim, mii. '„""!' be endured ; gel rich in Canada, g*t rich : t|t "• '"* Indies — well and good— bnt you must no and v, not, L'et riches, no, nor bread eithei, from tjie VVvVtl V B-ggar the planters, says one, ami then the jilave ^'ii more comloriahly off; lay on a duty, savs am.ther '^ tlun the ('olonisis will come to — at Iciisl irritate t| .' circular dispatches, and then, very likely, tlk-y wilP" ^ mil tliemselyrs by some passionate act or word '^"'' And will the pieseni (nivernment he so manap ^ i Wo still hope they will nol.-^roMriVr, March M. From a Cones pi mtUnt of the Slnmlurd. *'\ very important discussion iiuidei.tly aroae m (7n[] We confess that we have been painlully disappointed at the apparently final resolutioiis of (•overnment with reL'ard to the W. st India ('olonies. It seems that no material modification of the obnoxious Order is to he exjM'Cted — that no portions of the menace is to l>e withdrawn and that nctt even n change of tone is within the contemplation of Ministers. The whole o( this Ord:r in substance is (lerempiorily to be inflicted iui the Crown Colonies, and its reception to Iw r-'commended in the chartered Colonies by tin* alternative of a bribe or a penalty, as a coiisiMjuence of tho accpriescence or refusal of the legislatures. The distress of the West Indians is adinit'ed ; hut the only notice taken of it is to extort obedi of Commons last night, on a motion lor the proiiuci!''*''*! certain papers reblie to the West India Colonies bv'V Burqe. The ahsolure necessity for an inimediateexulaL ol the measures intended to be pursued in rej;;ir.J , th'"" colonies, and the extreme dainjer and iiiconvenirnce ol dl' I lay. was stronjily and earnestly urged upon the atteiiuou tf Mis .Majesty s Mmisters. It wa^ siaied that if tfif meaiur ol rebel to be proposed hy the tiovermnent were to be mj,7 contingent upon the previous adoption of tiie con-lition* 1' |Msed upon the Crown Colonies. containe "^ interests which constitute this 'I'k. 0.C Oil CI u ^ . R'"*?'*' r-nipire, e anxiously ask what it is that the reoreIheKeform Kilt has lost mnrh of in ormer hiifh be^rLto.:. .i • j i ""^ reprc'^" or^r sentatives of this pervcuied interest have done to inc the infliction V>f a hiiilct. The obedience reipiired vill, in the delihefjiie judgment of every West Indian [iroprielor, at home aiid uhroad, introduce a confusion which must tend to destroy the single chance existing of preserving the ('•ilonies to F.ngland, and of civilizing the coloured population ; and the jxmalty threatened will, even as a threat, alienate every heart from the Parent .State, and, if inflicted, firoduce at once and for ever a total and irremediable ruin. When the (iovernment of this country assumes, and loudly pioclaims, its fixed determination to maintain such the means of compensating the Planters. ** \\ ilh regard lo aniehoraiinc the conlilion of the ntpn, the continual aifitaiion of this ques.ion ha^ alreadv uima.t i had the most baneful ellV. fs. Independent of ihe dektri.< lion of pro|)erty. thousands of the poor crearnres, mht, ae now wandering in the woods, nlu^l peri-^h of huiijjer. #t n belore the wet season coiuinences ; and surely this is not 1I4 way to beneht the neijro *' It is a curious circiimsiance that Ministers have not ) seul their infallilde Order in Council to .Manritins. \fe ihey afraid that the peojile of that island nia> claim the protection of Fruice ? Or have they, at the eleventh hour, b*gnu to see ihe dangerous consequences of ihfu farounit measure ?" ini: and there it little chance of its hemg carried m the yoke such unusualpr. POOR LAW.S. The appllcahility o( Poor Laws to the con jiiion of IreII IIS r>ein# rarn^i .n ih. .11 1 • 1 '*'"'' ''' ** I*"'"* ^*"'^ generally discussed ; and as ustial, iis House of i.rd, upon its. e.ondrea;:;:::;:.:;r;h:;: :?rp:;zt-'i.:r;ht^;;rr.:::r:!;--^-^ '-'^-^ ^'""" •-'--'' T? Vr? *'''"• '^'"" *r T't'^'y "'"'^ •"'" '^•^'''^•*^"^ "' ;'• *;*•" ^T' ••''^^"<''<^ ^vstem of .soj The 'advocates of a poor law for Ireland are manvThe Cholera proj^resse. slowly. number of cases in J^ety which must be put down at any ha/.ar.l T-N„ .|„, but it dm-s so happ^-n thlt they all split upon the detailvIhe I mied Kmgdmn. 9.49f ; deaths. S.5Kf. j 'Hft'nt State itself, by every known or;an of its will and '•"' The atlairs of IIoIUihI and Uelgiuui are not yet settled. '" **'''^*''**'^''''>''"'"*'*^ ""*' ''^**'''''*''*'<^ *J'r.en, i^r. hs ficlaalled the fortresses; and is maku.g other active '"'''***' ^l"'^^J'/'^^ ?''"';"'' "''5'''*''-^' ^"'" ''•'' '••'^' -*< •''^•'''•^ • lM>re-ciate. But then how is that rate ,0 he lcv.e.l! must undergo iiHMlilication Cn.ler such circumstances l„ i.>'i_4 ,\^ p .• u rit cert.iaiy do apjK^ar lo bevery unfortunate ihat Lord : "'"""*' '""''''" siicceefl In l>work sensibly and discreetly. Mr. Canolnsj said M inririvt. This hnnm has been its efl'eri. The funds are fdh^ *"^ nient heinn fi is great j money— while the soil is uncultivat.-d and the people uje employed. refdilTs, (ioleri,|i should have written il>e Circular Dispatch of .T''"?rL'TL" """""'"'''7: .^""•.^ •''•'""'-' *"J—" We employed. The animosity— so |>..rniri<.iis in its ^ iIh. lOih of December, IH-ll, to il. (iovernors ,,p ,,^ "^J';' ^;^ "'•"^'r ^t of iIkhands of an Anti-Colonial presses r,like upon all partsof the Fmpire: and it '^'S-'^' duTerrni Leg.slative Colonies, to sav that their Le-^isfu ^ .J" "'" "'""r "" !"'-''"''* ^ ''^'^ truths, at .•nre to be checked. One of the first acts of a refor.'. laturesu,u>tpa.sL.|*s.e.ubo ^^s jiiruii 'ri'ices— and (.ikiii>; cipilal that uuw ius iise1(0, out •' the funds, ami applyin-^it to ||k us; lul, and fi/bt fJiii;>o* ol cultivatiiig the soil, giving employuieiii to jj,^ able i>jJied, restoring agricultural piusperiiy, and relioving p luperism. Ckinite Sji/stim of Astronnmif. — The C'liinese are ^iponly p'Jople wiiose annals oU".m very uiicieni oi>ser\ aiionk ivailabitf in asiroiiuiuy. The liist eclipses whicli they pQi\Uoi) are ol use luilv In chroiiolooy, owiiej to the vague Bjaiinei 10 ^vhic'i they ;.re lepciried ; but tiiey prve that ifl the time of \ t.Mi, morf than 'J.INM) yesirs bei.ue our ^a, astiouoniy WIS cultivated in China as ihe basis of liigir public cereuioiiit's. The aliiiaiiack aud the an^nceiU'Mii of edipsev were important olijects, foi which I mathematical tribunal w ix expressly fonned. Th'y tlK*n ohii'ived iIk' niei idi.ioal siiadows of die tjuuman iitlie solstices, and the p.issige of Ihe stars on the meridian ; ih.'y ui.Msured tiiiehy clypsedras, and determined ^ positi.Mi of the m Calipus, lA years later, ioiioduced into the (ireek idmanack. — .Vs their months were ahernat*jyof twenty-nine and thirty l:ivs, lunar year collided o( ;i'i I riays, and was conMM|uenily sihorter bv eleren days and a qmrter than the solar year; hut when ihe amount of thesr; dilleiences would have exceeded one oon ill the year, they introduced an additional month. They hid divided the I'quiior into twelve im*n>>yeahhWfss, and iweuty-ei.jht consiellatiiMis, in which tliev carefully deteriiiiued the p.>.4ilion of the soUtices. Instead of iCiMitury, ilie Chinese have a cycle of sixty years ; and n cycle of sixty days instead of a we'k ; but the small cycle 1^ seven divs, in use throughout the Fast, \as known to them in the re>Tiotest limes. Tho idwim. June 1st — .\m. schr. Wabash, Smith, New Haven Kice, Flour, 6ix. to JoMNMON At SaI!NDEK8. " H. M. schr. Firefly, Lt. McUounel, Cruise •* 2d Am. sloop Hero, Hiudsdell, New Haven Ftour, Ai.c. to Jnil\soV Sc SaiNDKIIIS. -\m. schr. Sarah Ac Harriet, S|)encer, .Newport, (R. I.) Lumber, Lard, Beef, Cheese, Ac to JoilNiio.M dc SaINOKKB. It CLF\RKD. .May 31 St — \m. sloop Azelia, Sawyer, Key West Juno 2<\ Am. schr. Kriipse, Matlison, Baliimorc .Am. schr. Gen. Lafayette, Savoy, New York K


• V if ^1 \ ft li^ > -i '" n ^i; \ 1 j4 f 4 tr* ^^? 3iTD4lllK flrfillJ9> (i'utittitutdjrum thr Jirnt i*uji*r.) I ilH.r couiilr} u(!ie o il'iiiilfd (licit it was iiit|m:iibl(> iti iliut rfliel cunlmuent on ihe unnual .tr>oiircror I<'<<|, dH not cuiiivni ilu* i|ui!iuuii of ilir arj '|arate llieni, or loaffict the one without materially in, orJer ol the kiiii; in council d uV,! \ '^ 'PK)n i^~" iviiv Mul up(Mrt whifh he coolil i;ivi? Co tlie iuilu.iry ol'i |ttring llw oIImt. h lirit^ of pol'*'S ^iliich beine viitUHJiv 'P'*'"'^'^ ^. Hv^r iiyn.Myihourhoniall mdivii The lullow inj/ arc the ffsolutioni : dud raU-, iIm'V miuiit arirui! to ilie Male ot the nai I. That, con>i.ierin^' the awful crisis to which the Hr^ titMi. 'V\wvt*'A\\\\ from ihtr toloni'i wh<4 disj>4r'*d ni ihi% tifM wire deprfsse.l. ment iiinongiH the Negro j)0|)Mlation, this meetinir is deH'>iw hi.'tiirt iiuii a vtiHialde )M'is.inafe by u|mm' lasie sirous of expressing its opinion on liio value of those cojolor Imiith an i^aiioniKf of the fio.; arts niu< h had been; nie* to the iiniihcr coniilrv, on the policy which she has rooiriboii-d lo hi> native country. He attempted to prolately pursued with regard' to them, and 'on the measures dure ih*vMw result,, ihoiiifh at an htnnble distance : but \ best calculated to avert the impendinij calamity of their towI.c.iIm' retlrct.rl tiMt .v.-n bx the mxt p okd he ini'^lil : tal loss as useful possessions of tin; British Crown. l.-ai „ tli„i bis \ In.lia property had vaniNh.-.), h... f.-ji 2. That the vali... of ih.West India colonies to the reII his duly lo contract his exp-nditurr, but he lauicnied venue, inanufacturi.i.: industry, and mncantile marine of that the loss would tall on artisans, liwA p'rsons i-mployed \ (i'leat Britain, may beat on counliy and the Ciilonists. '>'^S lo increase the 1 '^'*"'^f amonii tl> nffiro population, and ihui ,(, *''"^"nh8i ruin of the colonies. P'^'ci|Jiiaie ij„ y. That this meeting is anxious for th^ a such luriher measures of amelioration as ma '^""" "^ quiry, be found necessary to the real we|far/'(""i ''"^'"* and consistent with the l*arliamentaiy r.-sojut '*" "^S^". a leelinj^ in which it is convinced that all tl,Hr'""i "^ ^^''^ tcrs fully participate; but this meeiin.. ,7 l^"' a;,'ainst the harsh and untjenerous policy , Pi '*'"'"*' prolfer relief to the acknowhrdLM-d ._Lo.d and hi, Uy Iw cmiiiK-nsated by Nnviirn tra le. So L'reat a destruction ^''^'"P"'*' '^^^ sh-eping apartments, connected hv a sort of ol co.umcrce, essentially uoinestic in all its relations, must ,' "''-^'l'n'r, but approach.d from diirrent sides l,vi,-. not only entail ruin upon numlvrless private lamilies, hui '*'*'""'*' staircases. His Lordship one night had hroacLu woull withdraw from the mannfa.turers of -^-...<..i..-.:-i i: ... ^ mil withdraw from the mannfa.turers of copper, iron, '^""''•'•"''l 'Viend into the ante-chamber, where Wr ill-work, hardware, wo.illen and cotton go<.ds, the fi^he-' i '*'*^''^'-' "^^ "*"'•' l''*PU'<''ng jioliticsaud layin.) down pU 's, the collieries, the salt pr..visi(n trade of Ireland, ^mS f ^*'-'j-. It was late, and every fjers'on ^n th.h,m^ ~ MiniTted with shipping, a source of **'' '"''•"'•'• to rest. In th.course of C(mversation h xAnrepormance to l>e piinhasnl, ,,o prudent man I p:issel, :inl the gay smile had ti'vpn pU would iM-come their i.rooruior' K.rt.r.L .i' i i i*'!"'."•" '"*' "•" abondonmeut of the British West ''* *•'*-* '""'" '^''^""'.^ a*"' c^'lnverous expression thitt ro. c h. kno.o, lo^h n co^;; :; stateieot ::::;"?;'' InJ.a colome. wouW i>c no less mpuious to the real intet^ .— vedHo hastily drank otf a large ^U, of .,... iu which tlH, f.^.\,^r could not und 'rsta,ol 1*^ n ro a .' t' ^ """ '" '^ *'" '""•^* "'^ ""^ '^'"""^v. -" ""-^-' — • incoherent exclamation as to .l^t :,e • **" "**"• ''^'"* **^"t T '• tiogr.K.., d un*up|>orted by the presenre. the intelli1 ''*"' **'•*"• ma iimkI for him to say lut to mjcr ' • '^' • >"i'f're^. the escape had been made, bin ii v:is CMfnpUtely c osei. •' Could there have been no mistake ?'* Scarcely." He had seen the fiijnre in the looking yUi Boh iu*on. in riMne to pro|)osr the next rwolufifw. could not forU^ar Uttering u express.on of cratihcal.on at common leelmgs of humanity c^n npiti what he heard resj>,.ciing the comparativ ' ,' oi numanity, can netti omianoer their property by per|K!tual int.-rference, and' ^^e do not vouch for the truth of a sinHe word in rti to siiiimatiie tliem as a class of persons destitute of the I tal'7-only tell the story as it was tol I to us nd slwH for! "**' '"'P''ove it by adding a single word of rorrohorati.n >|M*0 am! Jelieve(| that the impression that wool. I hv uKide throughout the Cimntry by the result ol ni*etin4i,and upon hin Majesty % (Government, of whom h.would H|Hjk with the hitrlM'st rrsporl, wobid hav tlo eife^t i^ di.ssipatin4i nuich of that didusion as to ihe col nil's, wTii^h had v> loot; prevailed in this couitry, and pro oduce sures ot gradual improvenient in the condition ot th. U H'^'l : •' to acromphsh. j his fnend (J^rrirk. '• lo have nern and ob.ervrd that wr .irr .H n. I liat this .Aleetni.j has observed with unat rf"rel I l''^>'*""Cs ot fortune, and that ir drpn.N upon -omfihina <•• that at a moment when reli. f is avowediv necessary eve J i •"'*'2''''^''"' '•• prf^'*'^'''"^n'io rises to a/nM#>nce and hononrs. or continue* '", '' "'" '-' ""-". -"•' "-e .. .1,.. „.o. ij.-,-;.M,„u,;:;: ^:"iz:i r;: :,::::;::; ;„„;::: ^-^^-^ "^' ^^^:^<^i^:^:-::a .;;.. uf cii:oiM.i: uiuus, i:ciiior. TilL BAHAMA AKLilT PlfBLISIIKD SEMI-WKKKLY IN NASSAU, N. P. ai?ht Dollars per aaium-^n advance. I^IKil % Ol.. |...'\o. \< III, hut Ironi a thorough conviction ttiat the sud.len and luiuunse change proposed to be made in the condition of the slaves, by the enartmeni of tlie Order in Council, niuM be ruinous tu the t.woer, w.iliom any adequalo bunohi to the •iU\i:.—Uomiiaca Colunht. From ihp Amulet for 183i\ MiM:Ni.i(;HT. There are no stars: thou lonely moon, Thou art alone aajid the sky : Wethinks thou must he saMINICA. Kui'ort of the joint Committee appointed to investigate and report their opimun, as to the aiiernaiivo lo^ be taken, vvliether of '' uiironditionally ad .pting or absolutely rejecting," the Order in Council of 2d \oyeinber last, and how tar tlu' piovi^ons of tho Order u.. i Kre^, c-xieni are noiinri...!. i : i .a Counc. are un.t by the Slave Act pa.sed in June other Foreign C.d.i ^ i ub ec It e rlh "^f !\ lasi. and also how far the s;iulOr/tor;.. r.:i V..O...I. ill '^^ '^"'Mk:* 10 the rigfii of mutual Maicb. Allowing howev.r that this measure will nrovo p.Mn r,i ., I, r threhel id the West India loieusi are iob.kl;ihe first is the conrhiMonof aTr.-aiy with France lor thfsuppress...n of ibe Forergn Slave Trade, by which sumo clKJck woulil be given lo the growth of foreign Sugar. Iheleehugsol the British colonMs, equally with their mterests, .ould be highly eratified by the co'mplele success of this imasnre ; vet although your committee cannot call mto doubt the b.nwst intention of Ihe French Government in accedingto ,|,o Treaty, it may appear remarKable that the coasU of tht FnHch U'tst /m/ia Islands, where iiofriously the Slave.T,ade has be. n ,rned on to a great extent, annot include.l in thos-^ of the last, and also how far the s;iid Order in Council ma> be adopt -d with safety to the Colony, and wiiiiout iaIringin^ unnecessarily on iif'^att^" pro|>erty. lour Committee in prosecutin'j the emjuirv which your honouiable boarilund house have direct.1 them to n'lake ^n 'Ui.u'.jec. of His Majesty's Order in Council of the ^^i .November, ls;il, ,., giv n to that Older, and to the effectual for the suppri'ssio.Md" a LTi-at part of the trade a lapse of nrany years mu>l naturally take place before any beneficial eUeci could bo made on the colonial market. The other measure which His Majesty's Government have announced as their intention to uilopf, in order to I,, I — -..V. .w i,,x. "J •HI i-iiiioii lo uoopr, in oroer to various explaaatorydocu.iientsw huh ucco.npauied it their "eH in some de-reo the exiL'-ncies of the West India A FRAG lENT. Life's but a vision— a inr.mont's dreaiu, A varied scene of sadn-^s; Lifes adark camaicu— a tainted stream, NM • lul of gl id,i,.s^ Why then slrugi^le wuh ruthless Death, To stay the last — eternal breath ? most serious and deliberate attention. They luuv also been a>sisted, during the course of their in vest 1^,041,) n, Willi the statements of many of the most inlrlligent and opulent Proprietors in tinColony. The result has impressed on the minds ol your comuiittee tho solemn conviciion that to give to the Or ..m in qm-stioii tho force of law, would operate, in so far as regards the interests of the owners, as a virtual emaru i|)atiO!i use of A.s^nhly. on H,s Majesty's Or ler in Council r,f the Uol Nnvuber last, in regard lo the future troveinuient of d.vesnilh. Colonies, re.omm.M, led to the adoption •f Iho Legislatui-es of those Islands, not immediately undof ihe coniroul of the Crown. It will be s.en. that the points rcferrt^,] to the ronsideration of Uie committee, and on which tjiev were directed iinii> sorb the small revenue at prese it derived from the cul tivatmn of his e,t Me. When to ilds certain and fixed annual expi'use, are added the iicreaM of Colonial Taxati.m lo provide salaries to the ililllrenl oflicers, the los.of 1, jM^resuliini: fV.mi the sint; the nominal title, but commercial interest, is on of Fiscal rendarion so devis^'.! a* io)H productive of real and substantial relief; what is the expi.^aatureof the measure propose.t, or what tho ••xterit of relief to be afTorded by it, your Committee have not the power of ascertaining. It must he evident, however, that, in order to alleviate in any decree the'nrtual ilisir.ssof the Planter, i.o measure of" ndief must not only influence his present condition, but must likewise inclmle the effect of the alteration of the existing system of slavery resultiiiL' from the operation of the proposed Or.ler m Council.— Your Committee will now allu.h. .odv t.i a few of the leading p.dnls of such alierati)n an.l relcr to Iho corroboratin^r details set forth in anoth.-r part of this their report. The regulations for feeding ami clulhinf: v*dl triple the present exp.nceof the Slaves' maintenance while lle restriction of labour wdl lake away a fourth' pan of Iho cultivation of ilie Estate. The amount of th.?se losses can Imeasily and correctly ascertained, hut the d.-crease of cultivation which woul.l in all pr.ibabiliiy arise from the changes intro chain il... n..,.row..^i.. 1 vooi (.....mno.. #,. .1... ....i.c.i . ."P*-' I . — 7 •.aii.Miii-.'.iuii 01 Ills '—•",• iMir 10 SI pan or r re.i.t tl.e demand. ThII .use of Assembly passing over ^''lat lias been p.-r'iaps eU-whore r.reived w^th -mewaattoo mach jealousy, as avo.iri.iir of diciati.m, and desirous ol giving a r.spectful, cal.ii, ami patient coniideraion to the propositions ol the Kins', Ooveromenl directed tin com-nitt-e to rep, ri how IV tho provi,ioos th. Order IU C.iiril coincided the enictments already nia le by the leu'isl iture of the Colony, on the uf)|ect of the governm.'nt and protection of tl'ie slav.'s and inla-it slaves, wliich constitute al least a third of th. whoh' fiiimher. In morefirtilerountries, the r?slriclionsol iIih Orh'r in Council may be le-s onerously fell, but in this Cdonv, where the amount of pro.lur.annually cxp.uti-d is but small, the enforcement of the Oiler w.iuld conifd.'ie th. requirj. that .he Order in Council of the second Novem'Ofr IKjl, shoold b.' njerti'd. Your Commiii. e now proceed to the ronsidrratJon of the pl^asint. pari of the la^k required from them of refKinintr '* how far iho provisions of ih.> Order'^lo C.mncilare me. by the Slav.. \cl passed in June, and how far ruin of J very in.liv.dual, wl.o, •. r.-liauce on the tr.wd faith '"'Haifl Order in Council in., 'v b." a.i'.qMed'^wiirsafeiy 'io of the j ''e Colu.y and without mfrincing unnfcessanly on pnoflhc.Brii.h Government and on the inviolability -mn, u.o.eeessaruy on r Unrter wti'*--' '--v'-^'-' "• '^^-I'i.n. this (;.h,;;y 7;;;;' :::: be adopt.-d, some w-t very slU, '^l^^r^^ U^ .ndisrrin.ioa e!y ..f d the reproaches which Lord Goderich inhi. cirola fc>an.| t*. !>o antic^pat d b tL S^^^ e I '^^T ^, "" ^?'''^ T^ t '''''? ^*' "" '^'^''''' to 'Jospaich of tenth December, li* addn .-d the fl lav,w:lileonly3^.aye^ reiete:^lJ"m^ I-.f their c.m.mernial L...;slalures.eneral|y:an.!hadit m.twith H.s^^^^^^^^^^^ clausesboin,suchascou..fnotbLapphcalle o tlL^^ I m uin s.T' ,. ),"^;';'>'" •'-C'>'-es. both from the approbation the slave p,,.dation of this island Co^^ld ture of our C.>urts. appi.camt lo the str-jcm nense slake of Br, ,si, capital invested in lie m, and the '.aw been deriving ihe benefr of the many imr>ortanf ad lan-ea-oounlof yeirly revenie thfy cniribute to the *^otage$ whrh the Act had liber; lly exier'ided to them M .rner Couairy, are undoubL-diy entitled to its fullest pro'^'^ ''' "^ '" ....:* ""*^ ' "'^"•• We congra'u.ate the Colony, that the Lorrislature .lave W acted— w,en>)Oice that the question has been met with • d...sire to deliberate, and, if possible, to legislate thenon "1 A spirit of candour, an I a willinjnoss to discov.r Wherein the Slave Code c auld be improved. When we contrast the respectful consideration which the Order in ^'^•ncil has received from toe L-Mslafure of this Cdonv With thf* impression that an in.-mperafe rejection ofil would mfalhblv have ..roiucel, we ci-inot but exp'^ct rou H.s Majesty's Government an acknowled-rrmnt' hat where it has been .leclared. that the provisions of lection, yet your com nittee would tail in doing justice to I leir own feelines, M-re they, on f'lis occasion, to omit d.'clarinj the hi^h satisfaction ilw^y ex|K>rien(e in Si'eing recorde.1 the expression of such seniini.nts on the part ot lis Mijt^sly's (iovernmeof. Th. y hail it as a happy assurance that it couM never have been the int.-ntion of that G >veriiment lo increase upon th.* Plantr the pressure of those evils und.'r which lu* is now sutT. ring. They feel from it a convictio.i that His Mi|esty's fff the whole of tho Onler In Council captious spint, or a to adhere to rooted prejudice,, 1 The mel=ure which Hi. Ma.evtv's Cov.r^n have 1 he first 26 Clauses of tlic Order in provide br X\^. apwintmen? of a Profecior and a sufTiient numberof As-sisfant Protectors, and fix the dorr, s they are to piTforn. Th.. great objection which vour Commirtco submit with res|>ect to the apprdnfmeni of theur Offirrrs, i the utter impossibility of providing for their Salaries by any increase of the Coh.nial ex|>enditurf W hn it is considered that th Govern..r receives only eight hiin.lred pMinds sterling p