The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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~o~e ~~~a~Qac~sa ~

uEO RE BI e;$dito. WIEWIXES AYT, MAYT 3, Ia 13. WOl I-.sNo. LXXXII.

TilE BAHAMA AgGUIS. denied, dhat the run.darem aprnciple on which the w I e aI Belgium, siace dte fore amerl t wMa um within
S policy of thee Cours was found, was in direct oppn- the reach of her anie, and ki wa in vain to attempt It,
runtIt.u:u at"au-WAEILV Il H UAUn, N. lion to that on which was based ti Revolution of 10. induce Russia voluntarily to resig what me considered
Sirbht Dluae r u- a.di e ." Tlhere retains, then," continued he, only Engiald, one of the mot valuable portion of her empire, more es-
Ui...ap m-.. e in whose wake our diplomatists have plicod us like a ship pocially as France had nothing to oiur her in unclangp for
illhout sail or rudder. She certainly, has no ides of it. With respect to die uim.y of Poland, of hlich
i going to war with us. Laboutrine under the weirhlt of her so much had been said, France wa continuing to nuo-
Sdleb3, and tormented with internal pains, site has no other litate with die Imperial Court, for the pt poae of obtaining
idea than that ol finding mlldoynttnit for 1:1 or 14 millions the tnettfavourable terms for the Pol; bu it must not
of PrI'toaires, who are stirringiup disturbances at home; be forgotten toa those e wern great diffculhit to surmount.
and, iln order to attain this, maintains her monopoly of t(le The first article of the treaty of Vieuna, on which the ee-
__ commerce of the world. Little does it concern her whie- goliutions must he founded, was unhappily msolewhat um-
ther )non P'edro or Dln Bliguel reigns lt Li'bon, so lone biguou in ill expressions, a it only provided that ile
SOET. Ill ituie l continues Ito I one o heer Colonies. Little IUchy of Waraw should enjoy a distinct adnunistra-
r N i do es it ce nc lern whetllrr Spaiin be brutali.ed li fana- lion," and thal lhe Polish subjects of Rusia, Alutria, nd
Bi T igNZ s -.t aufs Tlt Ai al. liirisit, or Italy sink under ni ahhorrent yoke-she can Prussia, should have a representation and institutional
Bright. Illht ;. the eye of tle wil I gaulle. I,.'iin euially iltl thle pplessor anl tim oppressed; regulated according to the political system which each ol
And heI r id l n iior. h Iat el e : ll an&il it ltll1s It coullfiend that thin indifference or contempt tim (Governments to ahich they belonsige should think it
MAtirrori the htih ofn l rcral bell 'I wf thle rilghts of Niations-this tm;:rcantilu crotsmn, was proper and desirable to grant them." II might b said,
d lu ii puitmeernior ire;: liver sii ui:rkedl as under ithe present Ministry. (:;stle- that if Poland had separate ailinistratioos like those nt
Iui, I kimw. I LImsw of a brigllter rey, reaoh di:Ind,:,i with energy noil success tli national inde- Posen, or any olher great Irovince,the ter ms ol time Irea-
ft I. lite re grarl. efut l hi,,- I '"d~ilic ul'of PI'lnd in tll ('iolress do Vienna ; ba, at ty would be complied with. ie (M. Thien) did not mi ua
Ol i' bow liAhe tile pearl in it purity, lr' prei nl d.ay, :inglandl, wilituot tile lust emotion, suf- to ay that France Iouht to be Satisied with ch n ar-
it0 ha l i(a deeper roiil ilye fier lher to be efacedl fOom the nmap of Europe. Canning, gImunt, which he had only mentioned prove the dilh-
iThi tise rich pominegrainit lier o tiolintg all the force or liberal ideas, threatened the Kings cultiessureounding the angotations which were, however.
llr Isn lv re the pprilre crlii.a of Illr t let lise tihe tlempests adinst Ithm ; whllie ime successor still in progress. Arriving at tle question of Italy, the
%i illn thIlir tiild. like I.;n.ns I.IIF l ; if Wellington (us lie lhs acknowledged in hiq speeches), Honourable Deputy entered into an eplianatioo, of the
Aull tier s it rtlr-tial wuite is hiirne linll no otilr thought llihn htlow n prvenlt France from principle of non intervention, which le defined to be, not
tul it we'e uli tin hilnlbul'sq nite: inking advintiage or the happy cirrunistances which gave all undertaking to ahstain front any interference, by arms
lIl. 1 h*p ins the Ii rilla in n 1 alrillllg ruse. birdt to the ruvoltiion of July, to keepi her in a state of or by neiotialions in lit affairs of neiglhbourinl ciuun'ri s
Ti rl oif .i loiilyv 'Ine, ideliaseenmct, and love all things, exclude her froiil tlhe (since tile course pursued faith respect to Ibth Pul:.i.l : t
l i... lh,* iavi ar i ied ll light li.i !fows Scheldt. All I i s 10nt tlis lt hait Fo tie IIIilt of iele- Belgiurn, proved Iltat no patty undertood it iln lial liie :),
iilie ellw k, vatled ideas and generous soul, onild have undllerrstix l a hu nn engaIement iat there should not ie as he i-
i'r s..t hi tle forinr t ithe evmn'ns rionr, tlhi interestsof Englanld. lie would not have hesitated to fore, a coalition between a nuitllr of great Powers IIt
r;i sta;ir :wa s.irlvy riehtle- vow lis approbation o' time principle of our revolution, sI de liberty wherever it presented itsel; but dil, on Ile
.ii I i tliIs.ireil i lr.".n Iim rlie Iivrme rrepui and to stretch out his lianl to France. lie would at once contrary, liberty should find in France a powerful and en-
r-ile In the eor o lilyar i Ilav aoiled ir to reesiumIe te rannk sie ought to hold in lihlitened patronage. The only point for consideration,
5. -lI, swet*. tll1 i 1* the I.nn1:ll 'i ren'ami. the scale ofl' urolpe, in urilur to preserve its jillt equili- wis, llerefore, not whether France liad a rigit to interfere,
li I th I t. i i i .1. mii in) ii Ii..,, ll i-'.-. briut, and proilerted by ilius two nations, which excel but whether she had interfered in a manner calculated to
1r, I:i' trl e I n11''.1 ;in l er e ,Pifl, 4:. s iI aill olitr ill civili '.tion, liberty would have s, n i the seeds bring the affairsof Italy toadesirabletenmination. (lear.)
In IIr be. iin o1i 11ieo 3 is i it I oIf prosperity, uhich would have bicoimnme nI diately and To tlve this question, the lion. Deputy esnminel tihe
abliudanlly productive. 'uits our defiU-renvli fir F:ngliond, Italian insurrection under two oint of view ; either that
l,'t I is ll' tth l.iuiI ir e. alulliieA, and eCieii ioir co)niesceni'oion in abandlniingl litiunl at hier insurrection woldl have been confined to lli provinces in
i eI h i hli i s iu I ll ''11 licttlin, iis not been sulricint to m tke Ilrr ulr ally ; which it first broke out, and then, if surcessful, those Ire-
h\\1 Ill. r Ii i.iiii ,,I n hiir illn nglg sk .tiil in the norli, iis well us in Illt south, tire policy of our vinces which had not time means of imintaining their own
VI'i ill.. -airil isd o il, lirer Minilistry hasI not lIxen stresslu in diaiuinng a single independence would unqum tionably lave placed them-
.l al ihi jay ul m.y stpri hr., or insuring iln wsefurt of one I'werrfril friend." selves under the protection of Austria, or else, as was not
W'h' ihe i. y titt hal thi mile tniee m 1inie Ih al. Trie Ilol General tlhe juudged that as is ilmust be evident unly more proluble, hut almost certain, the insurrection
AnI sh fle. d iuof ilme lILnce aid thii i t liha tile piropaga nla of absolutiamn was hn full force, and would lhve spread over the whole of the peninsula, froea
Is uUeIr thi citrin irre iuslt naturally sooner or later bring thie I'owern who sup- Milan to Naples. Would the cause of liberty, Ihe asked,
pioirteI it into direct cullision will France, it was the height have been furthered by this state of things 1 Could a king-
tllh:NCII CIIA.MBEIl 01' I:l'l rPrlS. or iiprnidenuce in ihe Groverniment of the latter country to don ofl Italy lie established ? Napoleon, who lied dnreni
isolate Iltelf in the manner it Ihad done hy ahanloning all of an Italy as Ime had dreams ofl a Polnnd, was compelled
T' 'rtt: Marclh 6. those fromit u loll it ought naturally to look for alliance and to admit that centuries almost nmls elpise before the dif*
Il lssr-Ulo N ov i Tire. Pnr.n.v tit i.rrT. support. lie said liuhre were three points on which he ferent people of Italy could be amalgamated into a lilngle
After isome business of no gLeal inilmortance, tlie lCnin- must denmiid Fsecific f.llxlanaion ; the first wa, what nation. In Naple, tim aristocratic principle was greatly
her i.Im r.dl1.d It i te general diJcuuion of' te Budget of I had been done Iyy Iltse linilster to fulfil the engagement predominant ; in Bologna, the democratic principle was as
Ile I).-iorlinnl ,of Foreign Alliir. entered into in lhe spescli from tlie throne to secure t Ie miuc so ; tle interests of Milan were different from those
(; LaI.llariute cini.lUlinmtrcd hv reviewiniug e state atioinalily of iPola)1l, ain whether thelatLllugt they were of Naples, and ho tl atain from those of Rome and Turin.
or ir',in Ail .lirs uniler tile IRestoration. lie said IIt manileslilng their interllrt towards Pien ly seeking to Wlhere then could a capital be found In this state ot
at lir.s lit Ilmourlsmn were a uolly unnh'r the orders of tihe keel) ibe refugetcl frnm Francr, lorbidding them Ite capital, telling tme interest of France (which never called for tie
Ily Iliianr, bul lItIt after Ithe Calmpaiinii of slut 'l'roc.- and even IaIishiuig souet of those who liad taken nrfi:ue possenuion of territory on the olher side of the Alps) dir-
iarie adil in piroportion as tlie epoclh o'if till ue storatiun there 1 Th second point wasofevenmoredirectinterest; tated the course which had been pursued, via., to support
lra.eme lilrtir resuveil, tlie interest and Ionour ol it related to the frontier fortresses, tie demolition of which Piedmont on the one hand, and draw Upper ltaly firnily
France aere more considered, as was pritvld liv Ie had been promised in tlhe same speech from the throne, round that centre ;and support ti Pope on the other Iby
kelale of Nsvarinuo nd the ldexpedition .gai .t V!,iurs, tle but of which notlling hadl since been heard. It was in-. rallying Central Itlyfrmly round him. Atthesamo lim..
kller of which wai undertakein and immini"ia d in sile necessary for hii to say lhat it was Ypres, Alli, Menin, as the protectressol canstitulisnalliberty,she hadtorecom-
ul lihal iEngland to which hle (Governinlient haul plreriously 'roulnay, antd above all .luns, tile distrlrtion of which mend anil enforce, if necessary, the performance of lte
bhtun sto ilnisaive. It tp. even s;ail hv the .i lli iter r of was required by Fialnce, and not Plillippeville amln Mar- Ilomnises of legislative ameliorations in tie States, the no-
thl periunda ht lie (General Lanlt.ariie) lhad reason to be- rienlmourg, which were not conquests of the Republic or vernmenls of which s e supported. There oaurlioratiins
liaru il to I' tried. that Russia, when a isling Ilo niarch to- F.Emiire, but lad belonged to France of old, and were even had ieen partly granted; but the violent demands of time
ards lie' IllttiimuIont, hail offer il France as the price of at this moment supplicating for a re-union with tlie mother inhabitants of Bologna, and their refusal to adnllt tImw Pa-
her neutrally, i' aortlension of hlr front rs to their natlu- country. T'o destroy thelln would he addinghnother to the pal cockade, lad retarded tim roimletlion of them ; and as
nal biausildr, ltie Rhinde. Tlw (iGllanit (General iern ri- list of insults offered to etie country. Time third point," rebellion again broke out, France could not consintl to swe
hn-wa Iie complatiiinls which live o ortien bein made in said tIe lion. General, in conclusion, on which I lave confusion introduced into lilly, and tlrA Austrians IHakl
tl,'iii( tbilir, of the governmentnt f Jiio leaving forgotten 1to demand explanations is die expedition to Ancona. advantage of that confusion to introduce themselves ali.
i uriilln, and having e ndeavinrred rather to assimilate it- | (Lisely marks of attention.) This expedition is, in my It was not, he said, his province to give any uaplunattloi
Olf toillsi.ariv days or tle Restoratlin, in itr iIlsehliioui- u pinion, either an act of iloprudence or of confederacy respecline the hAnrona expedition, as he rwas Iot iI tlie t -
s tio Ihe plcnritiiPS- ol It e llily Aliianie, lita to take which otlllinig can juMif. (:erainly it is not for us to cretu of tiHe Cabin't ; lbul isigniu it a a a iinprrllslicdil I,,
tie sillntiion Uhich it oimillt to have awnunii, as t1ie frieniidi I'bne rth .Ministry fuor sucrouring Ce'litrsl Ilaly, whirl bv server,he should sh lin lilsipilpeal-rrd as runcslnlt wail tit:
I*.l shyv of all lh flie nations of Europne. IIl mlainllain- t Ailtcle : of tie Iar!liy ofi til: I1ll Jine, I1817, was piHlre I principles oI France as the i:lxe illlun Ino tio elgiuiln. ilI l *
at, that while every nation which lind alttemnipted to Itrow under our protection ; but canl tlow thousands of men ione case, France lha1 to lprptes lt a i:llllllr-revoluliion-in
e it chains, wih' the firm eiptcllion uf hbine alisird s ,enl to nrona he any rgal defence against ),(NI A.s- Ite ulster, In prevent the I-galnlinlms from falling under it,.
by Franc., had found ilielf deceive, ilevered and betray- i trian T Mayv they nut inore prl~Aly excile a pioulation ldominion of Austria, and trli Pe Pope from piloiusing mehnl-
,-. Franrc herclf lied iaen placedl iy tIe Minilrvy ofi so, anlld lal them n o enltrlain lhois, and orations without granting them. TI'w elxprlilian vas u0
the I:th March, in Ilie situation of bieinl redilir-l to lidve c ronnlit nats, of whirli they will themselves I 'conme the ieclred either against Austria, or against tlie Popl, hbt it
ci'esnrsions dictated to lrr, none of alicrh the Gorvrn- victillms I If tIeliiln e on tile coat of tle Adraltic ham s undlrtaken because it was not considered right Ili,
beat shrunk froml makin.. (Sensalion.) He then argun- been made will the consent of Austria their fault is even wilelc Five Powers were necoliating in Ilaly, on oniily
l, thal ilt re.sut oli this inoitaken pldicr liad been, that greater, fir she uwouhl never have riven such consent witl- dtould have an army there, and the others Ihe reduril ou
Frimirr lail h Itso luit!i her allies and her inflnrnce : Spain, oumt itniusing "Imion us an obliLeation to aid later in oppressing Ilth more influence of diplomatic notes. France chlue to
Pl'r'lt ,III Irdliiiout, nll fornmei l allies to lFriance, were t Ime people uf Italy. Thus France of July would not only add something more subsianlial to her notss, and nil,-ht
o'". le I i.l.:ill ippti.d tn lir ; tie liatt'r I owru, pnatl- i submit to lihe Holy A.!iancri', lhut btecnme a party in it, anl now remain at or retire fton Ancone, arccding as sale
"til., l.l iorltiedi its frontier towards Franre-(Hlear, tle tri-coloured ndal, hilherlto tile ensign of glory aad fond lthe promises made to her were fulfilled or violated.
tIir.)- lile it ronsid.'redl Itn delhne, nep'errnrv on thll freedom, would become liklhe r te Eagle of the North, tie As 1ir the inmlfflciency of the forces sent, lie rematli-d
'la of le .iria ; anld owiigl to tle inabil;iv or i- ulil-ence mark uf .!aver. U'nlil I receive all ite explanations I that although a few thousau men tmighl mat be niuch in
"t tIle Frilnlh iiplolnl;ltists, alps nielrt vrl have iel liu h;ave: required I cannot vots forthe bbileet of Foreirn themselves, yet whrn they were supported by a f I11t, ani
'i iKug of' Sardinia that lFrancr' and nlot .u r.tria was Ili AITairs. (This speech ats received wsith loud apllauseI were in posuseion of an important position, they formed
m"ilalaily, eig.ihty tIhoItsan nuin wroil in tie event of from the Extremnitie.) a strong force. The lion. Deputy their proceed d to es-
lr he lt the diispr..ti of i l l. lol litin, inste.l oflr M. Thier replied to the discorrl e of General La- amine whether it as true lhat France head no allies, an-l
h"i Ille allies and fIlll.s-aldirsr en u Ili French armies. 'marque. lie first di:fended the lii.Ce of policy adopted cono:lnded tlmit nothing could be leas fruided lian siot. a
iabh r'specl to tihe NnrtlHrn I'on-r,r Ie said, he wa respl'cling fBelIiun, relpI-aing the arguments whirh had statleent. If, itmleed, Fratnce lad acted oun tile u cls
tilffis in tshie ult tl old,, u tlIr thi pretsnt te satirfirld Iben urgedl in former hdebatl. to prove both the inpospi'i- given toher a year since by so1t ponple. .1e ini el I I.i%
lh arluie le tie :,71 7,ti i slrl-ltts i ai.n froim Nitolilon lily and inesuiedelnncry 1I making Brlgiumn a nmihitary S~lati, been situated as ..w *asin in17m'2, o ie-n I .is ., i I a
i li e allies ; and t' t l blAu It lV claim lo k.ce, or P'r.-ia lto %,,t. ln a l- nl .ill.l o nI olauIi, and esiplains d miliusnlion eltwern IthBi, inilited to o ,ppw uie ..lia.t.f
'ts's,.,a and Tl -VillI: mInt itl .u'Jd Iul, he u- 'i, h thlat Fraince had not tile smoe nisans of iitterrening the (Cnmcluliud n Ie tlait I'ge.)

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%.&t aI ihg rgw i5b ldayh III etaa I
T rained violoetlv. Sir L Chich m to popl, te.viait Considering ta l it iL expedient to mainmalm
Sioli ; i. res U .. A4e maa e ar d e Sacred Apstolical Clhak, is orer ad
.. .';hi I bl-elrblg the mlwn,i qitcaincommenc- the dleInt reinties wrkbibh -comeo fath k ,f s.
0 .W le wkiee -r aid i1 nor c*.li(l- ed, but ,wi grpatr" tmr es tIhn o the 91it. Tie ful, that he man reaontably provide or the piri i T o m;
tiHn if i .aIF psha dae force ro the Great Ca"podtbu h pr a It il cald, the ovenmeimlt patly, Ihd cities of the Grenadia p wo u le e h V -d- -W
Pl.ili.uisie al.S bi" emal s la w i, a a ve i. c, inkr.iiild tii ery iol ge Thu. l a on tdeir side for their p y-wdiaesise to lmaintls,
crept ie am *deas a are at aled asic-a t hre, was, hoeterC, much greater then on that of the liberals,, of their i -as they received it from their fel, s c'.
crep iee lil m i d ho, being short of aumauiltmoa, comfin ed themselves to
we lh nohlling aew shrin-hm. acting on iae defeoasive from their quarters. Their op- From La Frae Naoltw of S3d ark.
H Ma p r ae, (,) Captain Phillips, a- inoaets were supplied wilh ammunition by Admiral Ri- The Chamber of Peera has agreed to the proji
H Mjety' ip Arlw, (3,) C'plain Phillips, ar- card, efom the RuBsia ships of war. Several houses law relative to Charles X. and hhi familyy" No sl
rived yesterday srlng from die Bay of Honduras, hav- were kuncked down lby the artillery, others et on fire ; took place. After the report of the Duc de Broglie e
ing lopewid Had-Quartaer of the 2d Wetl India lde rest, with due shlop and bazqar, pillaged by the troops, deliberations and screiny took place, and a large major,,
IRegi;mt,-i.-a dileg of de Grenadier comnpny, under who, breaking Into the wine stores, and getting drnnk, a agreed t te amelniouent proposd by the oilmr Cha.rbe,
e commd of lin. and Adj t Ellio. The ild scene of bacchanalian horror followed ; allying into Thuis has ended a debate which was looked upgio n y f
lim coauInd d eo Lso ily aed Adjutant t Lhliol. The c- the wRouomeliou quarter, many of them llst their lives. ious persons as containing dth eleilentl of flormr cl.
hlola were shordy afltr landed at the new Barrack wharf, The Routnulitul have lost sil killed and nine wounded ; lisions between the great powers of thle State.
where a detachentoqf thle,Regiment, under the command tim Iu vernmenl troops had forty killed and sityr wound- The trial of those implicated in tle atfsiis of the t::l
of Cplain MicVlcar, was drawn tup to receive thlm. ied; what number ul' tim peaceful iuhalbiltant suliured, we of Notre Damne concluded on Wednersda. 'Tlev re a
The dletaclmnl ent wasen arched off, accompanied by lave nut ascertained. Several women were killed by ac e hand, to the hoae of Liet. Cul. Pattison, in whoe grInadesn thrown by lthe artillery. On laturday, the 2411, were sentenced to five years' inilrisroniment eacsh,':
II ole Rie si elilos finding their position untenamble without Brand lo two years. The prisoners Ifli the court cri ,
lands the colors were nlgod in doe fmrm.-Captain Cil- artillery, retreated on Corintlh, where lthy found tle Vive la Liberia"-" Virm i RepublipLe"-- Vice_ .
.ina, Paymaster of die Hugimenl, alsu arrived at tihu le houses shut up or deserted; they betlaved with great nm- poleon Second.'"
time, dleation, touleting no one, and paying for what they re- Tlie Messal'er dies Clianmbes s :ays:-" W le a,,, bees
craived. Along with the Rouunieiolu went Culutti, one of assured that after a lung deliliiratio yesterday (Welln-.
The sloop Bub, Teasoniu, master, eight days from the Golvernmenu t T'riumnvirule, wliu seceded from hii un- day) in tIle council, it was detriledc thdi an orderr lshuild b
Mhik, arrived yealerdaT, brinin us nrewspalpers from il"o colleagues. On tihe same day .\gostk u Cupodistri- immediately dspatilced fur tile' 31st regimuunt to
the-lae tio te 12th instant, which cotin Irre (ri- n; with the remaiins of ihe GoveriInwel, and tihe troops Grenoble. Tlti is serious inlelligrece, but it comeso i
Ihsraehnlichconlin tiulook up theim quarters in Nauplia. O t arriving at Corinth from snclh a ,surce that wa do not believe rthat it can ba
vjte) dates to thie Sth ultiniim. lie Deputies proceeded to appointing an administrative contradicted."
The Clolera, it is staled, is making great havoc at Paris, (Gurernlent, nomtinating for tllit purpose Coonduriottis, T'Ihe Cunstittlionnel says-" We have received the mao
4N cmes having been reported, sed 183 deaths, up to dIe Zaimol, and Culeni, inviting at the saume time Prince aumientic information hllat til Emperor of Russia, who,
evening of the first of April. I 3avrucordalo to ime situation of Secretlry. Thoe frst of it would aeem arriiules to himself the right of prblectinK
,'he following I these s from Ilydra, Ihie second, fromI tlIe Mores, the third all absolute Governments, displayed the most violent dis.
lie fullwin, i appears, was copied from a Ilavre nra n r iutimelia ; Prince lavrocurdatl is frum Couustanti- satisfaction on receiving the account of the landing of de
Journal f 2.1 ultiulu ; but we minls co.fel, Ihat we do ncople. French an Ancona. It is even said that in the first ga.
nit place illeimot inlplicit confidence upon that part of it By a messenger which arrived on lhle "28h, we learn Iments of irritation he declared not only that he weid
relating to mIJ attack of the combined di and France upon that of Russia, the later of which i1 tim pass into dte l'elopi*nnesuls; Isubsequently time head into no treaty whatever to which the French (uverameat
pted to have been d r d. quarters were removed to Peracloria, a port in time Egean was a party."
tp.rld to hve ben detro. (;ull. where they wait te Ilydrious and thuir other
From tla Motdr PIatriio. friendly lujoin theme. Grives, oneof the ouutieliot Chiefs, PPAIN AM) PORTI'GAL.
Tihe Ilarre papers contain no important political nma- had been se int o Mint Main to bring forward time Spartans. LCndon. Marrck 't.-We learn from a private sourn as
ler. Uider date Vlenna. 24lh March, it is shamed I1t a 'T'here are now two G(overnuentl in (;reece, that of which we Ihave relron to rely, that nolwilhtlandling tie us.
rep.r, prevaled in. hat city, oient thle Russian trmm.. hail ;he C apoilistliaun aly at Nau lia, and tloal of the liberals ;"" irai*" of the Sanish Ministry o the contrary. iis isteas.
Ie,,., a.rrelsied in cther retro t.le fmrc from Poland, h at Perachuria. Iydra cotMiues strictly blockaded, to der. te erencan of ion Pedri o. Pruthat l iS. h trh Ips. now
olr lr. gI overrnment.; a I it was not known o wlhat prevent tilt Deputises wliu hIil taken refuge there Ifrom n the rn,,,er, a. ,,n ,ry t ler.atsn.i o,,ll renr Pnrmu
i i. 1 llnr til lle Iiills m vementil. l'uland was slatel to e ''reclhing lte Caulllinelt ; but it was experlld t ll i al lf r IIp thuru p ol lidi Mi inel in lies enI.lh.oufs Io re.
i' ii m.l traniquil ; ane in no condlition for aritatiou. bIlockadi wooluld io raised, as thie lydrioi, tiontr du- main am iiitpe croin. Shortly after the reply of the Spa-
liirio;ll.irce iruli Liniou I ti mi ihh Marrih. had Ilturity fruio tlhe Adlininisrative Goierinullnt, at Pera- nih (C.litiel to th crrmonlanrrces if lord Pillanirhliin a mlle.
I- i ed II.irr. Thl'e king nf Ililalnd had relfmla deli- clhris, were arng their llir ips for ihat purpose. Ing f llie Al.4istlic Junli eas held. at rwhicl wi re olnil.
in. iily tI arc-ept ul lime ealty, which hal breI concocted Coloctlruni atn liiu n are represented as wavering ; wl' the ilirecl councrrence of the King. that as he res tonis
lrr himI. wilh ilt prearni conililiils. Il was ainounred if Ie also seeded fruim tIe TriuIvirial, Count Agestlineu I' mie co m.tillolional system in Spain musu ivneri.lly follow
llat Au,.ria had rv.lliil ii; and replriled.. Il, usia had w'ill ten Ie left lone. It is expected that Sir R. Cluch the iic il e ii wa sseii i pIr reliess
Sir e.Cich mim imrmine snile the (ClergL, thnat a.sailllce rhiii..I he 5iven
rliused liI do so. (Caus of Clholera .i ; dealths 4. will be invited by em lili.eral party to resume his situation to Don ligiel -T'hin having been unaiiou.l) armel a.
I'nder date Toulin 27th Marrl. a clirnirllsonlent wrile s s Colnniialdor in Chief of the Greeuk troops, aid lhe it al, suggested that private orders should he gI e in io i
1i ilw eliIor of the Havne Journal Ilhat ite news which is veteran Mliulis thai of the naval deparllmenl. Genernil c(-lonllding the army of obtervaioln. nlu rem neru-
,iremlaltin al that place, if true, is very eiltaordinarv Mr. Tricuupy, in coming Irlo Iyldra to visit Sir S. gal on ite s-inoinnii.l ithe ii|iurper. ilh in inlinmioion hil
and very important; to wit : tim sstealimboa which brings Canning, was taken by a schooner ol the Governmieint, although 11 inlhi twbreite ur-temary on the part of ili. Mtam.
the mal fruin Corsica to Toulon, reports, illat at due nio- s d broghitLll in arrest to Nauplia, bill was as speedily sent Iry t diiavow tile act, the Jnnin anil the King would raks
uwnl uf departure from tlut Island, a trading vessel frlonm bck to tie place front whenco he came. I, .1.ljest "lec'al ;are In reward the olnicer who shouhl by their obe.
.ivouroe,. had announced lill heI Ei.lish nl French brig Procrig ao s haeno sent for him, and lie is nuw widl ldw ;;,'e m ti,' orders of the Junta. eince their regard or tha
Levoumne, had announced alonr the OEnglise soill French ss hitar .lull the Ithrone.
divnsiuoa had united in an an ark upon ithe Hiusin flel Ieet assador. It i Pcled that is soon as tie Sparian, i wll e asked perhaps, how a pmeceding intelned io be
in tim Levant, and destroyed t I Th'e motive of tis ".re known tolie ler way to juiu thie uimrnlulhis, thllat kepi *rcret. shnldd be knowii to us.-Wr can nnl reply r hot
unrlpected hlwmility was, that Ilie Ruusians lad del,urked h"ol parties will nml and, bly occupying time heiiisi, in- the .iutho,nty uolIn which we akre it public is itol respermlirl
previously, aone troops, who joined the army of Co- I vest Nauplia, whilst tle Ilydriut ships sill take tleir lu admil .i iofuhi.
luoculaoi, and committed against the French, at a moment station before it in lde ilf. I -
when thelar bacould oet prevent,it, a aggression of a "I The St. Vutcena, Bl'Lidera, Alait Proaru and LATE AND INlPOlIT %NT FROM Bl'ENOS
similar nalun. .Albaa, were at Nauplia; also hle Iusniani Admiral andi AYRES.
The Editor of ihe Ilavre Journal state that he ha French Comntilodnl wlliseleral of tleir rrspeclise ves- Vrtr 'Fork, April 23.-By the hrig Mnnlevildeo, Cap-
been asured that fifteen or twenty thousand persona, will li. Lill F'arr.i, wo have received Buenos Asres pIal',i tu
r|iait to thea cily, fromI countries bordering on the from- MA.TA, Febiruarv 3. f ie 111l February, fronl which we eltractsune inilrml-
tiera, for the purpose of embarking for the United States, By the Cordelia, wiric arrived on Ihe 26 ih, from ing particulars, relative to tie Falkland Isles, whlch our
dilrieg theI.esuing summer. Already the Government, Nauplia, we have received lellers of the 19lt. S. m S. reader masy irculolect were coni!rrnd on Louis Verart,
foreseeing the incoavenieces attached to Ihis continual Canning left Nauplia on the 14th, by land, for .Epidairus. by lthe governmentt of Buenos Ayres, in setilenenlt of
emigration f persos, iwho, for he most part, arrive with- Tme .1ba ateamer wenl round to meel him there. The '" claims. Captain DIuncan, of tihe U. S. llieop of war
am resources, ih the French ports, had prohibited the eAttson frigate, the quite, and King's mesenger preceded Lexington, aIppears o have acted with great proimplines
ahaimsioen im die fronlior, of all such as did not pomssem the Ammlmnador to Ciostanltinople. I and severity, according to iljl accounts, taking signal
means f passing through they country, wilhut being obli. The Ilarkas friate, with MIr. Parish, had arrived vengeance on the Islanders for tim ditentiun olf tdi
lrmil resuntoicharity im the way. But it was said thil on the evening of the 14th, in three lavys. fri.n Mlan ; Anericann shlalers.
oasure did et prevent iese unfortunate persons fromit was expeclted thal sie also would sail i;r Conmtaltinolle, l ie wlhleUof this question im rather intricate, for in iie
arriving in the am ports in Uie mont destitute condition, I a there is no suitable residence for His Excellency on r,"' pldrl, the (Go' rtrnment of Buenos 4yrre. ia. ld.i.p
and temining there Iomm times, a very lung line before i hore. Ilof that ovr w lich they Iad no aioliriti, tie Flk-
she deuparmsar of a ve.-l. The Ilydrios, and other Diputies cooped up there, h' ld Illanlds being a pousseiomn of thie Brili.h Crown ; in
Ihad contrivedt make their escape, and lled arrived tihe nIext pluce, it rougains to be seen, even adniiine thnl
GREE.C:. Mletr'e. Cen a tisa only had been detained at Hvdra 'the righi of" England be not asserted, how far DBncn
(Priee C'rrspondeure.) by Ihis own kL d ti infirmities of old age. Mlaulis i lres coul" confrr an abwolte and sovtniin rigSt *
MArTA, January 21, IW.o was preparing the ships in port for the purpose of raising terrilory not Vernol. the exercise of which mnilt inter'rf
On tIhe lk. Hi Maj ty'i ri frrtlid in e the bl ockde. Te THoonuelio.s lithail d plsessed themselv with tie accu.uotend privileges of otler nation in fleabag
dnay re~ Nauplia. By her w 're lre rivned le "ll Easter Greece, including TheL*C Tlhntli, dc. ; In tradding.
e I lth oiat. from which we ltrItl the followineg:- lnd it was reported that Mlisilonghi opened ilt gates Theprclamatinn of the Givernmenl of Burnno 4y**,
fi eS. .Cning arrived i Nanplia on the fo20h. He to mm. The deslerion of Cnpodfsa's troops con- i and Ie circular addllressed to the diffeinnt Provinces, ir-
wa fl i tiein t it bult too lmte o pr l, the un inues; thirty of his artillery left him on ie li1HI. On Unish all the particulars of liii transaction fur shich a
happy pJ c di to wite, hichu t oo late to p ea, the the night of the 16th the Russian Admiral sailed fnrnl have ruoou.
hapy pt ecrtai w a .rccasm ed thich beg tohnce, 2ut it i Nmuplia, havLmt e on board, after dusk, alout fifty of PROCLAMATION.
akl that m the C odctraianjed haent tor1 o.e, bm it o die Greek artillerymen; his destination nwas unknown. The Delerate Government of the Prom since of Bueno
sued stieto e tIta c.prel lete between the l vdriot The inhabitans of Nanpllia are under the apprehe.n- A., to tl pepl e.
andRouoeio. In aT alr which look place in the Ildr si n of aieged madny families from Aibrg have laken Iellw Citzens-Tlhe official details collecle by
ald Roeunliot,. In un affair which look place in the po- refuge in the ciy." G overnnm.nt, have confirmed Ihe Iruth of mi e ,rcan,*lmu
rice office, the chief of tha department had his hand. e u _____ laid toIn It'e been conmmmitlled t hin uthe i"flklnd I l
off. Tha Govenmnml troops quarteed is the Tribunal I ROM COLOMBIA. Tiredo h.v.mnrof the United Sin. ship of'al Il
hird a volley from the wildows on the crowd, which Ragt a,Ma l I.b-Tlme C olnsitution of the Statp of' ingt n has invaded, in the nmidt of in n Iti wpr o
b-ugli do a doppimg fra of ekomc ly ifrom the lomi New Grenada is completed. Yesterday it was siged. b hb peace, this our new Colonyi ; as de tr ed., l rnrll'
occupied by l Roilenelloss alout I,00 stron I. I d ll thD mmo-ran o othe.Grenadian Canvention. It will nitegthe public property, an i ;ies rar mehl .iT 1.'
muor of'he'daynrtilBiry ssnt (roa Nm pia, s he imnmedily publish ;; and the Convention will pra-lIem'ects legally deposited there at ime dim im r'
nobo up a cummIatmg position on the heights tlae to the u ed m m pviaio u election of mi e high officers of go- I 'agistrate. The were mn c. '' itI3
low, rn. nd played on it. The affair did ot end till dar. e.rnment t eontine in office until the elections can be ;under a friendly lat, ; srnie of thri. -1, I ,. i r'
Sir R. Church wa in his houi at rgon., and was mpeat ld by the people, a,roeably tu tlhe constitutional provi- interior of the Islandl ; rili rs ',ri %m II rrfiat
elily ureal io lake command f hisul old troops, the Rollmte- sioni. i Iheir hintlues, or, under dcc-.tfhii premenCu'. ay been
Bots, but he wisely eertnd himself to called the disturbers Anmong the laws passed by the Convention, one enait, brutigt aduay an, thron'clanedellincl. upon time r(eas o

,Stlotw, which now aiHprda- i n" ,oble I
goallotwrs, natives and our fellow cridaens, flt
e .l l ...n. l r B'1 ."
a as prisoners to the Unitie St ies, itldr the ap.
-i.Ko of being tried theri 'lie unanhntlou in-
i. wlickb I odious outrage liea praouced in you O T OF N.I Ai. N. 1. '
wu Pied; ancd iuo doubt kth anse smnllimeul wib t ,be A- ,-
0lm'o honour li every pat or the itmid, who My 1- Maria, Fero s a Cba
1 citienl i ilpo siblo hatthe GO Tobacco, Supor, eC. BY HENRY ADDERLEY.
O. Washintn st ll aptrove 'ci lee t, as lonet nour 224 Am. loop Asli, Sawyer, Key Wes t*ure, sda, te 4
prs ohe prilciples to moderntion and justice which Fmour, Chairs, k c At dt Sernsof M r.a. Jioh Theson & C.
Srsrit, ill no dbloh tive a cu spiondlng arisfac- ,, .. to II. uu .. Co. At O vbO A.
Ito til dignity of the two Republics.e II.tM. ship Aridna, Ca. PilI, Hondurasn Will he mold
wi" a, whatever may be tihe result of thlse disagree- With troops II. M. 2d West lia A qny of i nd Red Ion
pstI9 v l RegsaimenL A nuesesy of Bamad Rd Items
Sounesl your Govornml nl will maintain with equal I. M. schr. ngaroo, Lt. Ilookey, Cruise Locks, Calices Rmia Drill, rc. Ac.
'. as its rights, the inviuolaility of tie persons and lMobie Being Sundrie thrown ovrboardl t Gi. o Key, fIn
rtvf T Norib Aerican sirilimi and in uo asem will lour b, Poenni, ter, MobiSinl Britih brig Btrligshire, of Liverpod, Koud a bi
,irIlf by any ignoble reprisal upon innocent rn, who F to H. r AA g CO. HIavana, and aved by sundry wreckiag ra s.
,peler tide nafeugrdof tile national rai.i, and tim n. Am. schr. Eclipse, Maisn, St. Augustine Tr -CASII. on delivery.
Slyuour, J RAMON BAL Flour, Corn,Rice, Hams, Baeon, Lard, May 23d.
ANi 'EL J. 4 Hula. AenuLaa.
Iassm Ayrem, 14tl Februarny, 183. to Hotln AnnrSe.2I.
CLEARED, 0n Monday the 28th isant,
Ciertelnr the difrent Ir',.inrs. aly 2I-Sp. Echr. LTErel Ag Cuba AT TU VNUDm e MOtua,
*ledirl.g lre Gove,,rnmnoti of uli i, r, o,'e las the ho- .. Sclhr. John Henry, Jones, llarifa Alt 1& OClefa
o addre-s. His Ex. Ills- Goive.rir of i0 infotm .. 22d Brig Eupheiia, Finodater Liverpool Will be old
ililt she li laical ainld mniitly (isitii u li he Fdlk- ,. SNloop Active, Jolnson, Philadelphia That valuable Lot of Land, with the Buildings and
ri Walls havian eaohargoedi three North A, erican 23 Aan. scu. Case Ann, Miller, Ditto other improvements thereon, ituate at he North Wet
.I, shlich IIad kaMen mrlii aHiilast orders olf lse (j- -- corner d th Eatern Parade, the property of Lbh le
its, i proceeded ian>-liiately 11 the investigation of SAILED, Mr. Jomph Halt. A fall description wir be giveo at
l5i.k Thu Ceonul of thali Iltepullic fowanrded t.llie May 22d-Sp. achr. St. Juan, Dina, Cuba time or sale.
anarmel his remonstrances; these were answered, hut I" Sp. schr. Estrella, Aguda, Ditto Termne-si Oant' Credit, n givii a-ppeJ d a-
e s.concldling the en(piry, or a decisive sentence be- 23 brig Euplemia, Findlater, Liverpool ariiy.
pioialanicedl ; tle Cuommander of the Un ited S!utes .. Sloop Active, Johnson. Philadelphia May 19th.
iaao Lesinzlon, which sailed from this port, willt lie PASI ER AIllRIEI-).
iledllject l taLu oir some ni. n, ilu laid been left on In H. M. ship Ariadne, from Illndurna:-Mstel r Wil- BY HENRYADDERLEY.
etllie Islanils, invaded on 31st Decenber last, the liam Anderson, on of Major Anderson, of the 2d West
ed La oleddd, went on heore with armed men, des- India Regiment. On Moaday tnhe 28 imtalt,
Stile arillory, burned tire powder, lisplmed of the I'ASSENGERS SAILED. AT THU VZNDIt MOonE,
ji and private property, mdl keeps under arrest on In the buig Euphenin, for Liverpool:-Miss Dennis. At s1 O'o4a6 As e a
id Ilie ail (Corvette, thedirector of the fislhri-.s of dee In tie sloop Active, for Pliladelphia :-Mr. Freeman Will be sold
l.y ,ol, i.i irolns .ix citize.s of tite {,si.ihit,. Jolnsun, Ladly and family. That valuable and well known plantation, called Coc
T. tveh tii.t of th u,,,i ,, ..s i ..n pro uad.- -JU T ECEIV ED -- Ntul Gove, about two mile to Ihe Westward of dt towo,
elto stl,,into sl tliid tates ,idc, o nr t JU 1 icr fiCE GIcn containing 360 acres-- great part of which has never
Sopp.ial to li, rights el tions, dd contrary t i From S. Salvador, a fie Gelding, which been under cultivation. About one hundred acres are en-
l Is Pahtru*sdno e of i.tihe P mrilwei hit Rcpl hics. iie fur Sts. Apply to closed by stone walls, in ten acre pastures.
List 1etvsinge of the Prt.lren of tle- I Toileld Statles i. G. ARMBRISTER. l'here is, on the above tlact, an immense quantity of
Cie ereqs, ietil, ith l ne hi a dhoiu t io I oia n Minister May 19th. Firewood, which would render it a valuable conmideraliin
alt ,,vr.e., tm ill a mose ny dilny ur 1 'M A s_ LT, lor sale at 15 cents per bushel. 1o any person deposed to enter into contract fa the supply
t G rl will lie IIiaIIL'lurin. J Apply to ofl the Garrison. Its ineatiniableproplerlies, on the Kune
;ed. ( ,rienc lru.te ihi tll. ni will lit is carbly -t THOMA.S THOMPSON, of pansurer, are so well known, it requires no recommen-
qld, sail I at he rizhis, af e nh,, it i charger d to At Esuma. daion.-The Fauit trees are innumerable, and of every
liU e pr ved, and R .ai n usied. Fbhrarv 4th. description affieled on this Itland.
MJN' EI JOSi --ALIIA. INOTlI'. Ito front, there are from 10to 14 acresor (;uiineOGrss,
A LL LPERlSONS lhavine demands against the Etatle well established and from 500 to 700 Cocoa Nut treef-
o Joseplh Saunders, late of the Island of New many in bearing.
IAte posiue.--I is the opinimn of all anatermins. tha I providence, gentleann, dilecran d, are requested to render AL.4SO-
Wah o deslrolin life can be lp.t in pr.ctice. whinh will the name duly alressed ; sanl lhose indehle:d to the sail The following valuable Slaves, v..
ase sltc.l irae ol lhence on tIhe rnemm," as completely iElate, are likewise requies-ed to make imnmeline lay- SOPHY, 34 years, an excellent Cook, Wasler and
aS. "mileile. i* hen mode wr.h sI,, a lins ahyraof ment, at the office of G. P. Wood\ Es.anre. Ironer.
m.n the esiet. r of the boildv, si.lrm ,,' nm be etrtel : THIOMPSON SA.INDERS, Executor. SlAS 10 years, House Servant
al', o examining the internal orgit.n, ithev recent I April 24i. . JAN E, 2 years, ag a good Cook and Washer.
asnIoIIe,, the sualiciun. lhat murlei has lien coinmnimed. RL'CE'S NEW YOIK TV'PE FOUNDRY, El- TONY Ii years.
rib coiirim e dl. Bs theme aplrarancer in the. iniersnl or- tablished in IHl:l.-Tl'her s sriber has completed WILLIAM, 3 years.
UlNt. |ladcedl 1y' natiuarl and ciniuiun dse.cs. at.t. a new editor of his book of Specimeoa with wliirh ll
s .-. i-o,,l sieves si ihemielse excit, e cen a suslcin, d P r 1 r. PEGGY, .6 years, ook and Houe Servant.
tn rl-s e. el. hi eas,) is to prulll etehvil in %tranuialla- customers, snd ocher Printers o buy from him C 6 ear Co and Hou ervan
AInllbu 1lear.ii upon any ,Atn us the ulra ltor of ihll may be supplied on application at his Foundry, Nos. IN JACOB, 10 years, very handy about a House.
eyen t ihe slightest dscolourtetin, se have seen. Ihul and 20 Augutus street, behind tile City liall. lie would POLIDORE, 50 years, a Driver and Field had.
heea far mo re efficient means of urromlplihin the nhoect rim.ark, lor trhe information ol thlos whoi have not been in BINAH 46 years, diuo.
tmltse which depeonl on stopping the re.pirati.n. Tlre the habit of dealing wihl him, and I cause a dillerent prac- JEFFERY, 17 years, acculotoed to work with a Mauas
ilpenon. and these poisons are becoming every day better lice has l een rentellivelv introdlurel, that his book contains and Plasterer lur the last two years.
Sans the vulgar, which will destroy lie with ahsolule rer- nothing but the aclnal proluctions of his own Foundry, PINCE, 47 years, rp r.
Sy troe oes to lour minulri, and tle sample expediem and presents a true s1pcimen f what will be furnished to PRINCE, 47 yef, a Carpenter.
IfpnleoL the boly fur a sliorl rime to a currently f air. or to ders. The assorlltent is very complete, has been de- PRINCE, jr. 15 years. accustomed o drive a Cart.
ilsmer of rai. wH w remoe an r.,, .e of ,ts presence and AARON, 13) years, a very smart waiting Boy, prti-
Pins. There anotherr poion otl.ih. mn he nute dose liberately and carefully in twenty years brought to its pre- crolrly handy with a Horse.
I'la grain, wall destroy the mo,,utr man In three minutes. sent high stato of perfection, and embraces a variety of GORDON, 11 year.. in constant employ with a Dry.
isere behind it not the slightest chararler hy which ils styles, adnpied to diiff'rei tastes and o the various depart- JERRY, 1 ear handy about a louse.
Pace esn he dlecrted. There is abund.liniv prodnfred mentsof printing Newspaper, Book and Job, hildy finish- 7eRmsRY. 1 o k' Credis, aio porud lr-
h asuobstance inl dila use. a I et:. under the Ifaalt influence cd. and cast of the nmoil s rvicesble nmiel. Not to notice ers- m s' C o gig ppre
tl[ch a person may be hbraohi. withnut if bring n-Irtihle the varieties hicli are distinguished by their numbers in rinty
Wkh i.n .agKcity to dileroer ilha it Iasa ha re. pn e hlio the Book, it contains nf j 7 The above sale is postponed until Mondayv, he
ll e a un e i cl h a f w i l inlai;hly eaingu II hiI HO R IN and ITALIC 27 sizes, from twelve-line Pica 1 251h of June.
lillhoul Ihe chance of recoverrv.,1 ad ilhoult he p i to Pearl. MIv -w.
~lof delecting itsc action. Ii. then. a be ma.levorth while TWO-LINE and TITLE, 5 sizes, Two-line Colum- -
rInllie murder as a trade, it can be carrie.l oI to a prilod- binn to Acate. FOR NALE -- al credit,
ps exeint wihsoii d-eterinn." Such are the warning- SII \)IED), 13 sizes, Ten-line Pica to Long Primer. bt c d w d E i
title lel.ltu,,re and public cannot ipa, h%. wharever he IT \LI AN, 7 sinze, Seven-line Pia to Long Primer. A London hult covered (;is, widi tood EdgliI hoi
heans which they may propose to avert ite threatened ANTIQUE. 17 siis, Ten-line Pica loa peureil. nS a and a lorse accustomed to both df and
L Maimty Raevie. BLACK, 12 *i.m, Four-line Pira to Miii. S"dle.
OPEN BLACK, 5 sines, Fur-line Pica to Great Pri- May 16th.
ii O l maar. FINAL NOTICE.
to rwltr tJTJl SCRIPT, Rise, Double Small Pica and Great FrA-
SCRIPT,2sie Doube S Pic a Ga ri- HE SBSCRIBERS having closed t mercantile
mer. L eoncerno of the late Fliae J. Slomon. Esq., hereby
E y person about te rare these Islands, after Besides Mmuic, Bnark Slope Ornamented Lettels and concerns wo il r n a h
kg reided hrrifor the apae asfrmy or, an Lotter)y Figures, Piece Fraction, Superiors, Asmroaomical notify to chro who still remain indebted td his Etce,
res therinfr the pae o.frua n nd nlher S ig, Space Rules, Bras Ruls, Ornamenlned that unle their respective demands are liq.ida ad pre-
limarr.ita the Srcretary's Ofre, orp at uphi in Dashes, Long Braces, more than 200 kinds of Flowers, vioum I the t Jone, they will be played in the auds
iWOdc ferrlTrrEr. n ts prerier to kisdeparle--olf- -ad 1000 Cuts and Ornaments for School Books, News- a" At.orney-at-Law, fo immediate recovery.
a r' e e papers, und Scientific works. E. M. OLOMON, rEeorl L
t*lnC., at y tiw d'inrg roaTV-rre Dar a Ticket Orders for any of ihen, nd also for Presses, Chase, CMa S. ADDERLEY, Esator.
t ie obtained. ComposinE Sticks, Cases, Furniture, Printing Ink, or any March 3t.
N. UErS OF PER.SONS thing required in Ihe Prinling bhuiness, will be executed on FOR SALEI
NAMES OF PERSONS he mst favourable term. and with the utmost propi- ALE
,aer To orTIr rTICeTs roa arranc ar. tode, a large stock of the Foundry articles being always The choice of 2 Los id Laad, with the
L.Felruary Ehloher h Pnllivae on hand. buildings and improvemenss thkmea, sitatr i
Ilm F.lhe Robinson 07a Printersof newspapers who publish this advertise- Prince's strlt, g enraly kow a by ae am of
II& April Margaret (Ciphasa ment three times, and forward a paper containing it to Lightfoot, or Cupid's Row.
S W. I. Alexander the Foundry, will receive payment fr the ame. if tly pur- For Terms and other particular, apply t e S
i Saerahl, Bahlwiae chase from the Foundry, to four times the amount.rib
( l Jon. o New Yk, Jvnury, 32. March 3d.
4 k, Emunel Johnson Now York, January, 18-

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-tt- do r 7cfA&U b .ae P0 '-q. doWe u s --u-dma ai o a da cma o arL wi h maidwnct the or
and I t i l J".eas tocbtiscesulrlb tba lately F ltind u aveexchangld steir resi fica .a fs
L8 an. d hoad o repflr i aie. would be senog mough fer i they arn coocensd. the affairs moso ,
Frane ac 41'.a sa. inmtile would h"e, Hnootmuble D puty afterwards presenatud spins any impatience may he dwmtishd i l l
hUaiabl e f kriendship of EnLsgm, wihs. I they san ure ly ofeogesity, they mult Yet im
" wiUin id s merm Fdsiet top i e lm said, ca u alway 6ad ecu ss enough to break of or ader ay nspect, brdg ebut a tol..Lis
ude Malsm mes wish so disterb the trmequillity of ba the moonsen o.ltrial coue.-Adjoutld. been already conmplted in this u0ffar onwli Is
Easarope, no cap to qhieti wown Egland, Aus.tria, rute@ spnst all now complication as ar soS
d Prile ; a asll t o contads wn An Estraoelary EIpress from Paris bring. a report ofr cerne4, and s far s tine peace of EIrasr i
wilatiam. is e"ggus people hr Frent. to f uerm the deute on Wedaesday evening. Tl e oullow are l Is. and we cannot tmo olte repeal it, tUast wa
aaliim E In E ral i example, leti was given for extracts from the speech of the Presidents f le Councal, front the declarations of all the Powers, wio, i,
...the ,ry fao s o s .l.aJ scndancy, a. d in the Clamber oL Deputies :- ing the motives of their conduct, never cook t iu
to the Wl igso t Ao teNe..Msi of power, while, as the BELUIAN QUESTIO(N. tinually in the most explre&ive t anaer, ie a as
.utineo tioe, by ultling i ena d to all difficulties as to terri- I sh conianue faithful to stin order of events, by naintitinRg the general peace, anl of coninua. i,
tiry, by tih minlesiion of our views with regard o Bel- commencing with calling to your attention the Belgian as for iu uows part, with all its power u ad ail al
iun, a iuso-s ad slid alliance between France ,nd question. duence.
ilaed was fpmed. If we had displayed either lmpo- I is useless to enter into a detail of the negotiations, lThis ncooiee n 11h a declare eprle, Ira' ,,
tasis a ambition. as we were rged to do, tie Tories andof the decisions which have brought about by turns l 'n. a Iotshe p Ler also mnifeste 'i'
would leave continued to rule In England, ad we should ltse recognition of due principle of tie separation of tile u in thesame t uerml ls ainTais u.nprms r; dia f,ha
have umbsuiled ourselves wih them. Our present lli- two Staues, and the domanuakaion of tlhir frontiers; tile s ken ,of lite nteranly now Anirr, laun. er t ed r
Inc i known to the whole world; it isanlhonour to both adoption of a form of Ouverinment by lthe Bclgivse ; tIe ;lliauce blaernt France anil Englrinal. ;r iI.,i haa I
ialtions. NIor can any laes he Ialrnatd at t, for we are ci hice of a Sovereign after a refusal, and somae exclusiaionit it rleacy. Eurepe knows that tlle cIoiit l 'hli.
united not to enslav-m ot to disturb the world, bill to on honourabla' molives; andl llu preference girvcn to R twao Intirila ha proalucedl lnE, blhwl. ail emaul, n e
a.insain peaIm, oad, by their powerful pmarenage, cause Princt e wlelue iprudelnce iad popularity tnlisil in sao striking anl. at .has thime, it as fit hilal Europe i olC I ai, ls., ,l
liberty to elish l. (H or, hear, hear.) Now, Gentsle- a m r nnno numnierle blind rejiiulice,--andl ftinlly tlie c:an gie tnirnten. ta o lite tiacr of t.. ..,,
nse, ay t be said, there i no long a Holy Alliance, recognition of the neulraliiy of llgialm. All tl.os I eR, 'ad" il lha ich is l.,ilal ill clh rioos
lut it may be declared hOe Fivle Powers lave cone to a pointsrhave been long elhausted, and are rlsined ia n lite ar" eah rI o hi sn Ils h'ill.norti lrsil llt al *l
f-tll hund n standing uponw tin raInl;sointy If uloll lie one of the gloah ri i of ilia, r",, .
fih unentaudin upon i real Interests of liberty.- 4 Articlus, and in th treaty ol i tl 1ih of Nuovesnibr. have ob tainl his result, ly he litiuii rtn i 'ts l
Thr uae, no ibs at, anaog thenu nation in wolich liberty The Blgian Conference having adliered o siIte 24 whirh related on ipreendeld natural htirratl asnd on, "'lal.
Isr lrut Ipade an uch progress as in Franna, such are Artleles, tie Conference did not eilRtate to convert it itlto je.lousisr. the unnile policy ofr lit interea, of aahid. '
tminia so d tue s, bil there re at thm e ianae tioe others a treaty between the Fise Powers and the King of tle the pacific rivalcirenf ciiliratlin. ThIn. gerilnesia,,,,
*ti leat d Lir support to liberty: wuh are Francs and inelgiean. 1Thi is li cltreaty of tihe 1lth of Novembner, perce e how generous i the Ifeling that preiatesr, a,
Engand. Ithas been sid tin the alliance between of which the las arnices contuini at the snate time, tlle proaicling islimnary of ton greal son relay
Fam.e a England is t irmly estalumised, there being guarantee o to he Five Courts, and the furinal recogniion ena ne""ans. t"h"" lln Ihre ala' alhlsas wh hie ll maW
ehl in the fae (r tho"',11 mfP aild n Wore rllh wilm uu
tses any cuntcnding interest. No, Gentlemen, all grounds of the King selected by Belgil..a are a rucom.n lguarl nte.i-neran I tre hl. e l. r .l tre .
of dibfrence between France and England are at an end. A chiuse of UIe treaty of tle 15th of Novuenler hand wort e i ltlir c u ld of imiae ,ete' e olution ar
Tho lraueswtia n e to colonies remains one no longer. fied the exchange of lthe ratiications of this act on tlle Such a polic derlies the old M dhiotrli of adtlainar d i
That relating to elginu is decided. Above all Iliae in- I5th of January last. In tle interval the King of FHo- belnins not in our dalys. sanil ithe IbrtaIs hinilitie. lf ai
tersts tWhich are, however, now put at rest, there i one of land aldreousd to the Confecrence a memorial, in which, cial lictluns. because tiey ulter tit all correcs mInta. in
inuensmu i mpirace, which predomniiates over nll other rejecting the monst eaenial cla.uss ol' tiue tle tmy, lie de- generous heart. satinsfuclion ndl scuniv. Tihe Eclish
consideration, ad uniwes the two kingdoms-is is lle minded oldifictlions, aliicli lnave formed the object of tih- sisters, we have to Iderlare it l.rlire our rcounlrn., lt r,a a
common interl of aivilisatiu n. Refarnm is at present serious attention lnd of a lung answer front sli Con- haesalyanti honoiurahbly tn the line f cannaluct in sI, 6 ,L
suore coveted 'by Eigl nd thn e lie eonesnlt. Be- erence. llvulion o July. properly underi,,aai sail Iraperl ,ppI.,
sitis,a t hes. lh at has she to desiree (A Mle br on 'lThis Prince addressed at the same time represen- Ieaus oneirire terrtin. all e rria n I his
dio right: "es! giv het Algiun rs ") France and .ng- tntions in the ena sense o deL l inte C lut I'rt l l. ersb urell; nplIl ier iJ t l thle ni. ilo n 1i ll l ItIIe l ,the r ,.
hbld Iave tiea powerful milotives y remaining closely al- Thise proceedings, and in particular tile siapp nl Imade to l e ina. m h as the eulsiiiil.n nill alil litrrpn t nl .n,
tacclhd to each other. Should oven-blla this appears ao fnilyr alfection, as wrll a' to tir d friendly srintients har. to this dlay. rhiI ItleaIrited at1o1 1s i i.l,a Rnssui;.
ne to in an inmposibility, as I think I can easily pruvu- the Esaperaor Nicholas, itnduced tlliI Monarch to osusprnd i lr.n min, alihe trusr enl Ilarl t.e 1111 alh n:al ., iar. tliaUi r
should even dolcuhin r which remain to be settled produlc the seeing of lii raifstiril.on; and oiut of considiernion anld lilnerty. It whlin ti llhe Alnl. rll at-l I, '..1, al 11 ,oI 1, m,
a ruaptlr, Fence, dallid with Erngihal, or assured of loser for Russia, tie Courts of Vienna Hnod Berlin liave atlop- a Il"" ""ial otr, l knit'r .o lion ii i11ill ,ipiii, 1-n 11, .
netilralily, hai noairg to fear from tihe rest I the Aorld. sud the same course. It waI thin hat tlne Conlifrence of ... "'. I a. rfli e l rla h ,
In fact there is a war which France, Iowover brave, IH-- London, in order to give an opisriionity for all tlie rtin- land and i talea
ever strong h may be, ought to dred-I n ean a war tfcaions to arrive, prolonged to lie of Janluary, ulit A s.i.le Ihlitallln liirhain 'rirt' Ip .. '
with all Euroop including England. A coalition of Ei- period frr it exchng. IIt on that ay, ion Pl olt lie. n.. la.iof r l.a al. *1 ,.
rope with the alitnce of England amounts to a combina- entiaries of Austri, ria rssi, anid isiraiH, not leaving rr- hith turns tin l itI mrnninreti rl Ioil 1 .T;
tion of the whole of the forces of the whole of time Cunti- i ct'ived the uordii ofr thir (CoHrlt tihe I'lenipttentiaries of France au l inurr inralinrle i II 'le ilp her 11 11
uent-for Englandfurnishes lsips and slubsdiJs." France andi England, counforiably to the delera inaltin point usnier ihon rraie. ihai .l i. ln l,.1. i Il.
M. Perrtr -' But sl ise ou noowale to do thl.' saken b lhsir (i,,ovurn.ments,earlinngr, d their ratiication lt'". In cons. n, an trr. ll tnil '" 1 in aI
Tlier-' It is hy smean of the vesr ls and aub- of it The Ireaty wrsl e tli ie li.'in Plegniotensisries. Bllt sIl P"anai"onel Ierrnmnar t: e nit ,ir nI Ia ..i' I-,' i
idlies of England that Rumsia must reach our frontiers, and Ministers of Austriae, of Irausm, iand of Russia, avin i an. a inlit n 1 i. .., .i Ii li. aire....
Ministers of Austria, of I'lamsi, and of Hi i Ru.i. dIn i (flv|nir. And Fr-pr"|trA, rlv ii
seattll 15tlh) men from the banks of tite \Viula to those demanded that the pIotoctil shoil ho renain open until tia) solemn assurance' rht a e rie ob e st n ai iire.aill t1 a
of the Rhine. It is by waun of the subsdlies of England should have received new oilers. tin I'leninlotentiaries olf ul.,,r,
tlat Austria and Prussia, particularly tite pr, nlmus Firance aod England, anl aluo of Begiurim, asenled to thie In relslion Ian Ital, thre Minarepr ialnl ithe riPrn ah.rh had
put their forces in slio, and transport then to our fron- piuposition. It is a nuw IpledIe ofl sIr r p irit of prudenrr been walre bh Frtance t incure thr PranIal C(nrrtamreni intO
tiurs; it is, finally by inea of Englalnd alone that an and conciliation that hlas nt ceaedi to anini le te luemn. crt:en amelhtiorans i an faCilr nf Ihnre to IIwni sIhll hil I'
available continental coalition can he formed against us. hlersofr se Conference ; and t IH fIr rieslnlion o lnrvtel repiacel irunder it an.shnrity. inal ihrerelrli are unl hel trla
But even if such a coalition were possible, it would lave i v the Posers to accomplili iite work of peace, to whlic relnt i" f fr'lesh llsnrl neurrae I nlrtuinalrel. Ihl' Ilit '. l
n thing to siarl us as lung a England did not form part lheir unite l ernts have beien couiecrrted, ou-ht cutm- a n "an i Ian sh snrs f e la
of it; s long as England eves neutral, no coalition can pletely to satisfy all resperitg any. diltrerence which I ASnti r e File IA'r en h. ;f r tahl.;nIl. i 1,,nti l ur. aI.
fonisi gIroundsforriou apprehensiun. While England definitively to noi ing else slaen a question of tern ande mi irplennari of Inlr (im an rnh Iiinurrl iT Parrtcehr "
leavesisham aslams, to ass, whe may etsa~asnu our enenties f~o 1ofm tht ftlreshas neeer of (other ('clern%. enalsa atsoureal tat phaer nrisa1i lit
leaves the eas open to n, we may embarrass our enemies form. l h-r In nere ria pnomise. an al io are the P
by wending ou dfeets to lae Bick Sua, the Baltic to every S Sch is li actual state of tine important alfair con- of lirte irnitablle roInqelI.s of nV ir I alo
prt of sld Mediterranean, and even to the Aldriair. fided during 15 Imonlis to the prudence of Tlhe reprsen- n.irls allr tire tof reason %ad nno htrnl. F'aiitfiil I
(Hlear.) Thus we may carry our operating into every tatives of tli Grealt Powelrs in Lnalun. The clasarcer potauy vu i i.das. ljst .errilbe. ahl, (.irerniame'5i es i bc
part of Europe ; it isenough (fo us tlha England is not of reclitulo and of inartiality, of whichI nil thlleir con- a iew tI- 1i n t na 'rarls"s a .wIIt I llt a Ih s re of "ht'"
against a, br beang furu is of conlpartively little im- duct bear tli stamp, has not however is beyond tir IA"l al wa reurdl- in2 he IIn rares or I. r. of .bh onh
portance. The lion. Deputy, in conclusion, argued d et Iatacks of somne critic iatore ulinina. than renEctine, to r..e"aved wash releaiu. care. i i :.' n "e liinll p"i-. h
lnie wer weible r ground of apprehending t ar ; whom tihe spirit of justice which they lave brougelt to their le leale ier ofl remeIn the ;'nalrr .rf alse l,,loe, Sr l'n men
asto sbu Belgian question t would not (l p ial) pretend to decisions is a uifirent answer. n ore permaaana tihn shun' ta a pIrieaial ripir..." loAl
muplain what might he tile exact circuntances which hall The Powers, aflier having placed Belgium and liol- nurarcrin-loth (lonIneritnse hlitos l i In Itr a ialrt I o I'"'r
retarded i ratification of lithe Treaty by de TThree land in their 1rective ancient limis., lave olwyedl anio- a letenninaain. n which, far fraln Ina .ng an l.italrt Is' i the
Northern Powers; but as it waa quite evident that Eng- other principle of finevss and equity, by arrangine, wsas n t flr lI ffiulsirn ahirh it was nerr..aary aI aena
lind waIs li Power primarily interesat in tie solution of balance fairly, by Inluual compenisations, the cllncenionn rarn. hr rmir is more aes-. .It tt
lhat question, and England led ratlied, there could be no which enacl of luwe pa ties mu istecr.-earil make to i. i a er thh our tr s 'lael at A a n
rettn tu apprheM d llat war would result froum any pro- otles,in order to conciliate, under otler re|scl.s, diergS 'alat inaser then said, tha haven eplainil hl p ,-
c'edirng on the part of Powers cwhoe intersis were so ing pretensions and inlrealls. aes ,n sieh France hail ac,.re he so u l h.te.n .oIrl s
lar interior, and so uch u le rsnllm In tie ltalihan This telstiony, lwhicl ite throvernment of th Kine aliat thlre .s, n-uhing in thi'he Ircerarliie who h should I'"
queision he also considered thal the Government of July is pleased to reader to te repnres'ntlaivec of tlle reut ilsr ,-liehirn unoaitres on tllit frielsn of Iarrse. 1I't "il, I
would find bat litle dificuly in untyingd ie Gordian Knot, Powers, it may with confidence invoke on in own account, nrrin on any iairmupainnn of the harmionlr l l, h *sl*"
without being driven to ua th sword to sever is Tims certain hlut it iuver lost eight, during t ie cours of a ai o"'g the iliferent lower. who wlniaal ara upltn tll (Iiautn"
country was, he said, at peace, and that peace had been ong and n y aLair, of what the t e itnosl.ts and as us sall thert. with a ewto. "la als mtl
produce by the foresight of Goernment in unduerstnd- dignity of Fr nce required. Itis thius th le quest iosn I l on r,. s like f ltpa, lt 'rigi a.,, nr. "
inag d asamcisia itself with the intermies of Europe, all of the fortreose has never, in the lhouighllt anad ilthe pro- | n sl en i In I t. erier.he i, rieare o'a
ol which raqul| peac, l ad iu seadily pursug an cerdings of the governmentt, been rpaorated from thaoe I ,idler, in, Italy will pranllrce. rie lTr.i,-on .ilrt o" f "
ihonourablo aad modere line of conduct. The coure which concerned llci.iutnS aull Holland. Tlhe 'ti tItin o l' r ran hair n uIntln. eif contra tnltong pfrtile aII 'l' 'Pat'"
reciomaeaded by bhe OppoitiO Orator at the time when the fortresses touched not eu thian thidt f Hutliuni thl Enropr aCainit ay rlliih in hi mrancith. -i, ihe Ila"ll r
Furope was in a state of uertainty *a to the views of acrurity and sonoou of France. ly Iarorinas real anal ceriadn .silaaea t hi. l aol,
France, and the aui-Reform party was predominant in Several of the principal foIrtesses ereclted on our rIy. iand tast terminating 'rtnalaal ineattri"'a"''
England, would infallibly inve produced war; but the frontiers by virtue of die treaties of 1815 Government knew better how to appreciate tihe interests polished ; d the other places that the treaties have pu I ""ad which mich herntms the cnsraitas a Iljhei ai i1afr l
of the country amd hosi of Elsop i and having succeed- under foreign influence, are in future, like the Ilelgian tsr- 1 trhe re e of u"r" -
ed in maisnirinua poeoe, would ew secure its continu- ritory, to be free from all influience other than dit Of (.v*rer.-Tihe Aherarn.. l le hrl -F.r in s "E
mnce by pa(iem a sut n course. (Loud ap- protection and neutrality. It was to a prudent and to- er1 pr wis on is anil naa a ,in
pa4 dente policy stmlt thla otaining tshi result is ai be astribut- affs never m.;i tI hare ahetm lernr dan sih, t .l.
M. TiThm ldtMt it wasnsrsupposed that the ed. The Govrernmentsdid not act npon each other ex- Ftram the fornth cenurn tie llte rfisn of \.I h. s 64il,
whole of Italy caomd be d iato one kingdom: all that cept by ways of persou.sin ; and is is consistent alike nearly fnr(gen;: hbeas 6h"e non rame a..,'llI o ioei1.
France ought to have dee a to have epported her own with their interests anl thllrir dignity to give those suI- fronm ilat time have kept tIp F ler r,- puiainn. (;,an
principle of i-erseslion, bfy pTenltag Ausri front ampkls to sie people ulo tle world. aers, we know. ran aw altlrt .rf,.r .a lin aIl' Its
inliring to preat ie revrulatioa front taking hl oewa In conresan, gentlkinen, the aassurarances that reach "e. s ndi hen air on. n In s.n h. .l, alei |itla | e' d"" a'n
couran Hseuhen argued that she Ancoau eptadition vas its givoconidence i tse a l Iicallelaiani l att ahom 'hrel The an r ie r l,"'l,
to lae ensursdil wlalteer light it waa iewed ; if it were shortly followed by a compllete adh.eion tn the part if all trhe naturaal shle rn csuesrln- ate ai.e* rries el five
intllned to suppons the Pope, is ughit not to have itiated tiMe Powers to an .qisel act, which w luds so, Iv to nreunite ,, rat a of iag,'a l uren foa ', w 1, e.ol.uro
hi sovereignty by b breaking into the town; i ifit acre to tle dirpausiions to which the% have alihuad g;ivri tllctr a:- billut pos nius hren had.

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( I yil i rl A' 4 ^ '1 ill f "t It! i rf J Ic It I ^l?y 3^al)4t)ifK gyyimjg> J'T ''"''^•— "• '^^-lem (Mav,.) (.../^niu ha. hilI.ertounhcMrd of, aodevi.ieotlvilic rcsuii ol thr our.r..|>e.I C.Hlrutia pafM^rs lu thebc'tjinnint: orV;u,uai.v. nence of tiie French in Italy. The Cahinel ul Turin IM^ India <,a/^-tie tinUiH that tJM. Choh-ra MmIm, which alwayn an* i,. concert uiih i!,at of \ icnn:.. has' Um..Mndh.e,. according lo a corre.po-idrnr. had hcen dinary levy ol mc. fur ii navy ihronghuut the stale o< Imt in conH..,).wnce. It had also made iu appearance ai *-..,.:. ...wt :: i ;."^.. ..n :.^ : „ r uliiih (;>•! ii,iU.. S. S. \V.) and iheadjuinini/ villa|.s. H. M. diip Ciiinet hijd laH'ly arriv.d fVnin Nev* Sonth Hales, haviftt; relumed from hei interestint; exjiedirion ef reniovini/|he 7 inhal.iianf^ of* ritcairnN Island luOtaheit. •* li will he rniiemlMrred," sayi the i.'alcutla C;a/,<-ile, •* thai ihe Mmineert (i|>|dielanil lx-f'.re ^nin" to \*n ciiirn, and two ul" the (jenoa, and U niaiinin>(and anui/it'all it(M> cmiL'rants, {>ari!y from Badn and partly from the (;raniJ I>ui hy They are on their way to North Vfnenca. The convocation of the state* of \V*iinar has been postponed till autumn." Let ters from Vienna rd" the 'ilst instant, qnoto Metallics, wonnMi whM Hccoinpanied the Mniiiit-^rs returned in th< I ransporis lo the place .,f their hirlh. The imeiin.r hei .. **'' ...-o.,, .,„u,i; .mll'en them and their relatives is descrihed as aimusi lu'^''' '*'^'' ^'^*"^'^' ^^ ^^'^^^ '^'*'<* ^•"' l"-" ^'t-'Ht^*di^rol^.'* r./A,//M, Ihrcmhrr 11. -While the MonlaveeM in l.^iwer en.^il are so ariivn an.l d,.nL'erMx of December, nianv coriies of lUllK-ll I....... I.. .1 .• • . CyEvery puson about to Uace thtst 1,1^, havui{r rrsided thtreinfur the .pact of jnt^j, J '' *^''' Hive security at the Secretarfs Ojficr^ or put L T'^ ""^ said OfueJor.nrF.,:^ n.vs prerious to hisdrpaZ7'^ ter whith, at any time during *OKiv-nvt ua "^''^-^' may be ubtaimd, "* ^ ^^^d NAMFS OF ri:K80Xs ABOCT TO oarAI.N ncK.TS kok ukp.kt.,,. i;i/.al.etl. S„|i,va, J^n'dy JuluHon >>• • AlfXiwiJer '^I'ss Dennis ^• f^. Kor ^iisi

I* .* R' 'i i >\ &. ^ ij Z'^t Manama Mrs^p -^U J iM iJL .. Jil1 ifOKsai Ji-U -gT-.TT 1% i-^u^K^inAY, VI iv*i:i. if9*a. i)er(j!iuari7 evciiiiig iKera wrrcsoiae u>ertiirt>9 of arcoHiuiodgtiori urn tfiHiuil near the iluly Ap4rstolical Chair. The ul Ja" both iides, whk-h pui an *^nt! to (he fniuj,'. Ni'XT day il beVirw ihus : '^ **"•• raineci vnjlcnily. Sir R. Chuuh unnu to Xauplia, to visit j Cori^tidenng that it is PX|)eilient to maintain a L^gw Jjir S. Cainuni^; he returned to Aitioji next morning, and ; near the JSacred Apostolical Cliair, in order to cuir ***" pryVlously (•> his t-rtieriifj; tho town, firing ffyain coninirncf the eUMet relatiwis with lUo cuiuuiun father of tlte f^L (STT W huXv to infM^in tHir rnii.kjfii. that our rd.tiL'a^.j^ ^ut ifh jjrtatcr fierc.'ss than on tin; 2^Ul. The ful, that lie may seasonably provide fur the spiritual aficae Xga lion (jj l)iv wurdiies composing the force of the ** tiueople, who rfre su disOnouf j^ increast>d its ariiller y to six gons. The hiss on their side for th*ir pioty^and so greatly desire to maintain lUo • His Majesty's ftfiip Ariadrje, (2H,) ("aptjiin Phillips, arrived yesterday morning from the Bay of Honduras, having u/i bo^nl the I lead-Quarters of liie 2d West India was, however, niiich (jrealer than on thai of ihe libeiaLi, who, beiiiK short of aunmirtition, 'i>idined themselves to acting on tlie defensive from their (|uatlcrs. Their op ponenis were supplied with Hnnnnnitiun by Admiral Ri card, from the Russian ships of war. Several houses | law relative to (-^liarles \. and hfs f;imilv, of their faith ;u they leceived it from their fathers Ar^ Prom La Prance Xouvellt, of 23^/ March The I'hanibi T of l*i.'ers has a^rreed to the were knockeil dovin liy the artillery, others set on fne ; the rest, with the shops iain Collins, Paymast<-r of liie Regiment, also arrived ut the same tiuM*. The shiop IJob, TenniHon, iimsler, eight days from Mi>htt;, arrived yMerday, brinifini; us newspaper-^ frmn ihHt I'dace totiM" 12th instant, whjch contain Harre (private) dates to ihi' 5th ultimo. The Cholera, it is staled, is making great havoc at Paiis, 4H3 cases baviuy been nporUuJ, and 183 dcfalhs, up to llie rvenoig of the Hml (d April The Roumeliots have lost six killed and nine wounded ; the (government troops had forty killed and sixty wounded ; what number uf the iieacefid inhabitants sutfered, we have not ascertained. Several women were killed by •frenades thrown by ilie artillery. On JSaturday, the 24lh, the R(omeliots findiftg theii position untenable without artillery, retreated on Corinth, where they found the Inmses shut up or deserted ; they behaved with great niodeiation, niolestin^ no one, and paying for what they receivoil. Along with the Roumeliots went Coloiti, one of the Government Triumvirate, who seceded from his unwise colleagues. On the same day Agostinu ('apodistrias; with the remains of llie Government, and the troops took up tlieii (piarters in .Nauplia. On arrivint; at (/urinth the Deputies proceeded to appointint; an administrative (iovernmcnt, nominating for that purpose Conduriottis, Zaimes, and Colelti, inviting at the same time Prince Mavrocordato to the situation of .Secretary. The first oi The foHowing, it appears, wa. copied froru a ,,,,,,,, •j'''**^'* •>^';"j'l;V ''•' ^^^^^^^^^ 1 • i. I Irom itoumclia ; Irince Mavrocordato is Irom ConslantiJournal oJ 2d ultimo ; but we must confeia, that wn do nople. not place the most implicit confidence ufMin that jwrt of il By a messenger which arrived on the 28ih, we learn that the Roumeliots had proceeded to occupy Megara and the passes into the Peloponnesus ; subsequently the head (juarters werj removed to Perachuria,a port in the Kgean Gulf, where tlwy wail the llydriots and their other friends tojoin them, (irivas, one of the Roumeliot Chiefs, relating to llie attack of the combined tWis of Kngland mnt\ Kra(c u|M)n that of Russia, the latter of which is ie|>)rtfHJ to have hen destroyed. From the Mobile fat riot. Tlie Havre pafM'rs contain no important political matler. Under date Vh'nna, 24th March, it is stated that a report prevailed in that city, that the Russian tnMps had In-en arreiel in their retiti-jade march from Poland, by orders of governnnnl ; and it was not known to what rau%<' to atiribuiH this movement. PolamI was stated to be extr.uiely tranquil; and in no condition for at;itation. liitrili'ienco from London to the 34hh March, had reich.'d Havre. TUir King of Hollantl had refusi>d definitively to acfept ut the litraty, whicli had been C(mcocted for him, with its presful conditions. It was announced thai Au-tria had ralifie4 ; deaths .'{4. Cnder date Toulon 27ih March, a cnrrtrsjwMident writes to die ent ; but it was expected that the blockade would soon be raised, as the llydriots, under authority from the Administrative Government, at Peraclioria, werearn>ing their ships for that purf^ose. *' Colocotroni ant his son are represented as wavering ; if he also secede* from the Triumvirate, Count Agostiiio •vill then he left alone. It is expected that Sir R. Chuich will be invited by Uie lilK-ral parly to resume his situation as Commaml.jr in (Jliief of the (Jreok troops, and the veteran Miaulisihai of the naval department. *' Mr. Tricoupy, in coming from Hydra to visit Sir S. Canning, was taken by a schooner ot the (jovernmeni, and brought in arrest to Nauplia, but wis ,in speedilv s'nt back to the place from whence he came. His Maicstv's brig Procris as then sent fr him, and he is now wiili the Vmbassador. It isexj>ectd that .is soon as the Spartans, are known to be on their way to join the Roumeliots, that both parlies will meet, and, by occupying the heights, invest Nauplia, whilst the llydriot ships will take iheir station before it in the (iult*. •• The St. ViHUnt^ lirlvidcra, Actaon^ l*rocns and Alban, were at Nauplia ; also the Russian .\dmiral and French Conimo4iore, with several of their res^tective vessels. .^ P'ojectof took place. After the rqiort of the Due de BroHi,. tl^ deliberations and scrutiny took place, and a lHr"e m i agreed to the ameiulments f>iopowed by the otf^er Cha I Thus has ended a ' lisitms between ihe great powi'rs ot" the State, The trial of those implicated in the atfairs of tht t ,|, of Notre Dame concluded on Wednesday. They ,„(, u acquitted except three — Cunsi.iiTe aiid Dugrtnue wIh were sentenced to live years' iiii|)risoniuent each* i,i Brand to two years. The jirisoners Un the court crvi Vive la Lilertt''^'^ Vwe la Uipuhliqut''—^^ iWAa! pohon Second.'''^ The MessaL'erdes Ghambies says: — '• \W have l)fe assured that after a long deliheralion yesterday (Wednday) in the council, il was detided tli.ri an order shofiltl f), iniinedialely despatched for the .'list regiment to r^-fntfr Grenoble. This is serious intelligence, but it coinesio us from such a source that wu do not believe that it can be contradicted." The Constitiitionnel says — '* We have received the most authentic information that the klmpt'ror of Russia wjio it would seem armsates to himself ihe right of pr6tectiiiJ all absolute Governments, display(>d the most violent (ji. satisfaction on receiving the account of the landino of riia F'rench at Ancona. It is even said that in the first rmh. ments of irritation he declared not only ihul he woolj oppose ihe ratillcation of the protocols, but would enter into no treaty whatever to w hich the French Government was a parly." 8FAIN AND PORT! GAL. London March Z\. — Wp learn from a private source o which we hav reason to rely, that notwithstanding lUe usurances of the Spanish Ministry to the contrary, it i iutcmb ed, in ihe event of thr invasion of Portugal krv th** torce.i under the c)minand of Don IVdro. that ihe Spanish tronps. now on th' Irontier, as an army of ohsfrvation, shall entfr Portugal lor the purpose of aiding Miguel in his mdcavours to tplain an usurped crown. Shortly alter the reply of thf Spnish Cabinet to therrrnnnstrancrs of I^irl Pahnrrsion a in*ftiuR of the Apostolic Junta was held, at which it was resolrH. with the direct concurrence of the KniR, that as ih** reiitontioa of the constitutional system in Spam musi inevitahiy folloir ih* sncc'ss of Dcrvatn>n. lo fni*^ PortuIjal on the tinnmons of the usurper, with in nil iinalion dial althi>ii|2h it inifEht become ueeessary on the part of llif iMinistry to disavow ihc act, the Junta and thtKing would take especial care to reward theolficers who should by their oIkdience to the orders of the Junta, evince their regard lor the altar and the throne. It will he asked, perhaps, how a procertling intpndrd to be kept secret, shoulil be known to us. — We can only rrply thit the authonty upon which we make it public is too mprc.utlt lu admit of doubt. Malta, February 3. By the Cordelia, which arrived on the 2f)ih, fnmi .Nauplia, we have received letters of the 19th. Sir S. Canning left Nauplia on the 14th, by land, for Kpilaiirus. The Alhan steamer went round to meet him there. The •iM resmirces, in the trench jHris, had prohibited tlw •'•f'rf'"" frigate, ihc suite, and King's messenger pieceded adiHissiori on the Irontier, of all such as did not possess the Amhassatlor to Constantinople. men% of phasing throuuh th-' country, wiib jut beinj: oblii '* The liarham fritati., with Mr. Parish, had arrived ^-'i:fince on tlio Islander goillorsorl locliarily.inthe way. But it was said this on ihe evening of the 14th, in three davs, from Malta ;, •^•"'•'i<" l>alers. ilMiiMure il.l not prevent these unfortunate (erson from •! was expecled that she also would sail for Constantinovh'! '"'*-' whole of this quoslioo is rather intricate, for in tlie •rrivmc "i tlie sea ports in the most destitute condition, as there u no suiuble residence for His LxceHency on ^""^^ P''"''". ^i Government of Biiemis Ayres has disposeil and riniaioin)( there soiiirtiuies, a very long time Ufore ^lore. i of that ov.t which they had no aothoritv, the K-lkLATK AND IMPORT \NT FROM BIENOS AYRFS. Nrie York, April 23. — By the brig Montevideo, Captain Farran, we have receivtrd Buenos Avres pa|Mn to the Pjtii February, from which we extract some iiiltrc'^ing particulars, relative to the Falkland Isle*, which our readers may H'colli-ct wt-re conterred on Louis \>rnpf, by llie (tovcrnment of Buenos Ayres, in settlement of his claims. Captain Duncan, ni' the C S, shop of wr Lexington, appears to have acted with great prmptne and severity, accordini; to lUjie accounts, taking siu""! for the uetention of ibe tLe depuruire of a veSMjl. The llydriots, and other Deputies coo|)ed up there, '''"'^ Islands bein<:a (xvHsossion of the British Crown ; in bad contrived to make their esca|e, and had arri\ed at '*'^ '"*"* place, it remains to be seen, even adniittinK that Megara. Cenducioitis only had been detained at Hvdra '''*^* ''^''•' "' Fngland be not asserted, how far Bueno* by his own affairs and the intirmitirs of old age. Miaulis ^y*** cdd couf.r an absolute and sovereii;n cigiit of was preparing the Uiips in |>rt for the purt)>sr of raising "'"ritory on \ ••met, tlie exercise of which might inierorted that Missilonuhi had opened its gates ^ *"' proclamation of the Government of Buenos Avws, them. Tlie desertion of ( a^Midistrias's troops coni ^"^ ''**' circular address<-d to the different Provinces, tar GRFFCK. (Prirate Cnrrrsp^indrnre.) Mu.TA, January 2.3th. He i• -in. WW just in time to witness, but too late to prevent tito un'"'"^' V^ **' ^^^ '"""^^''y left him on tlir IHih. On ; '"^'' ^'' '"*^ particulars of this transaction for which to % happy proceedings at A rgos, which began on the 2 1 St j^ "'<* "'Cbt ot the 10th the Russian Admiral saile.I from '•*^'-* ''"*^™is not crrtam what occasioned this ^ifstuibance, but Tt is I '^•''"Pj' ^••^'"'-''*i'n on board, after dusk, alou; fittv of I PROCLAMATION, said that the CajHwIisirinn jwrtv had sent to srrest a person ^^^\ ^'^^^ artillerymen ; his destination was unknown. 1 '^''*' Delesrate Government of the Prov in fuspectl^ lo hellie carrier of fetters b-Uveen the Hxdriots • ^*^*' "diabitants of Nauplia are under the apprebenAyres to th' (>eople. c.e of Boenos and Rounndiots. In an affair which tot)k place in the ik>^ '*'^" ''^ **'*'''^'^' '""^ ^''"-^ ^^'"'''^'^ ^''"'" •^•'^''^ ***•-' taken! *"">* Citizens— The official details coIlecie Homes, or, under deceitt'ul pretences, have be- Among the laws passed by the Convention, one enacts brought away and thrown claaJcsiincly upon llie (oast of rs ^3|y 23a|jiiWrj ^rflttxi^ ,Uric' ta I Slate, which now affird.s tlie 4 Al III and others, natives and oir ti-IIovv I rioble' hos, .y • 2iim i^iii\ I -•, imii.v.ii ami vMi ii.iii/i ciiiter.s, wro {acu-^ as prisoners to th' United States, with the ap^ jj^jU'Ct f heintr tried tlu-re. The unanimous inji^i, vkliicli litis odious outrage has produced in you ^v lustihed ; and no doubt the same sentimeut will bo hvnienof honour in every pari of the world, who yiieHi td" tbistramiaclion. • ,j(;.||()w ciiiteos, it is as impossible that the Oovern^(f( Washinj^ton will approve >uch acts, as that your ^vrinneiit can tolerate llii-n; in silence — the former actjgp to the priiicifdes of model Htion and justice which ^jflirise it, will no doubt t?ive a coiiespndini; satisfac(liM to the dignity of the twt> Republics. In the jjiiinie, whatever may be the result ol' tlii'se lisngroe.^ evcft*i y***"^ Cfovernment will maintain with equal ,j,(ws* as its rights, the inviolability of the persons and ittK-'ftyuf N(Uth Ameri an citizens, ami in no case will „B itself hv any ignoble reprisal up)n innooent men, who .tfii'ler the safeguard of the national lailli, and the nailiif>"Our, JUAN RA.MON BALCARCK, MAM KLJ. (iARClA. Jut'nos Ayres, 14th Februaiy, 1SJ2. Cirrular to the diff'i rent Pmvinrei. thfdrh-gato (i verninent of this province has the ho„if to atldre's His Kx. the Governor of to inform ijiat the political and miiilaiy < ivnnoi of the Falk^ lilands liaviuif emhargoi'd three North Anutrican reLsHhich had been sealiiiL' against orders ot the (joiii>(>oi, it proceeded immediattdy t( the investigation of ifait. The Consul oi that RipuMic foi warded to the nnient his lemonstrances ; these were answeied, but (ilj^mt concluding the empiiry, or a decisive senti-uce beDf uruDoiinced ; the Commander of the I'nited S'.aies fgrtntie Lexington, which sailed from this piirl^ w ith the ivose^ obji.'Ct to lake off s ,,.,,, , , I'S'" Anderson, son of Major Anderson, of the 2d West fgrtoi La .>oledad, went on shore with armed men, ijes^^^^y^.^ Reiziment ivV.SSENCFJlS SAILKD. In the biig (kuphemia, for Liverpool: — Miss Dennis. In llie sloop Active, lor Philadelphia : — Mr. Fiecman Johnson, Lady and family. tt


il^i n m H H f 'i* P rlJE UK^iJ^, i:litor. iUK HAII VM\ AH(it'S. PUULISIIKn SKMI-WLKKLr l\ NA8.%U, N. P. Ili?ht Dollar* per annam— Zn advance, fill oifmn ;H,uranct' ihai the b; •pecifii." irf'VMtl rhr rrrufll- ,„d K„g|a„.l l,i„I ,„ifi,|_ „,„, p ^''*"^'! " f'^^''Jer to ,hc i oupr, ,t may will) confuJcncc invoke iefriciHU of p.Hre. or lh;.f r.M.l.f \ rCSTP.T. i\(im the Lnntftm Ai^r. HI'FX'IMi:\ OF A CAIilMn COUOXAf.. (iMi'fT (irry, GMYt-r ilfi\, 'I'houyli the Kao|iiil:ir ineH^turi' mvjtt ly.tns ; \vt wliHft'ver lis lijl**. It H cU-ar t ,Uv .Slalf, vou're an ej;roiou<. a>s, (TaflTer (Jrry, Thai you're an egregioug aKi. Lnrl nroiiiihnm. Lonl llronirham, 'riHTf's plentiful ruuin,. For rrform in your ('hanct*ry laMring ; Hf civil, lie wise, Ki'r|) open yiMir cvei,* ^•,ei from Dolloiid Anutt'dud lo Heeyou iiiU'^t fill ; Hilt III tlieni deride, Yon yet s;f,.|y may rirle, On ihff bjnny ^rr^f „utre m your stall, , Lord Holland, Ou tlic bonny frrey nuire in your stall. I,ord AlllKirp. I^,rd Alfhorp, Cm Lfoidon or (Ja|lh(qi, A bungler more sinpid afford .' IVizH Itiillorks and pii^ii Tray oder ilits Whigs, Bol a;* for financLS— oh Lord 1 But ut fur fill inccii^-oh I^iUi Lord Alfhorp, ^ATlRDAl TIIV 40, IS3-J. VOL. |....\0. XC. SP r:dinrHtnn, I*almpriton, fily ?>on tf a ^un I Wliy fide with tlic iinhrcile warm 1 If your word were not stdd, And your Hentinientt ttdd. You'd pilch lo the devil l^eloriu I'.dmeriiton, Yo'i'd pilch to the devil Reform I i Lord Privy. Lord l*iivy, \V arm praiiteH to give ye, Wi* dare not, h*u maUer, refuse : Then of prai-*!' lake your fill, For we know, hy your Hill, Tkal yo'i are a great .S'w/o/i— guo!>e, Lord f*rivy, Urn yuu are a great •.Soioa-^goose. Pert S.':nley, p^rt Stanley, (With talent so Cannie) You think you're a cunning young man ; ilui as clever you'll find. Who will pay yuu in kind, Ifruu'll Kearch Irooi Berlieba to Ihin. Pert Stanley If you'll search from Reersheba to Dt/n. Jemmy Graham, Jemmy (jraham, IC^ a pileou'4 hanie, Thaiiayed ii ihe pnttioV$ hand ; When abiiMet you'd •inuh, ^ ou were only a Sub^ wliaia pity you're first in cominaod. Jemmy Graham, w^at a pity you're first in command I Billy Lamb. Kiliy l^rab, It'^ a bit of a Ham, Th.t tht mfosiirf you value a curse; With your own preity grace, Then back out of your place. Add abandon the post of dry-nurse, Billy I>amb, Abandon the post of dry-nurse CJooe CfOode sich. And are you a prophet, or mjp f \ on, hearing a dink. Mistook it for chink— "aa the jingle of bells in your cap. Goose Goderich, **' jingle of bells m your cap. Lord Jfhnny. Lord Johnny, _^ .My blessm^i upon ye. "Ow well the State vessel, yon steer I Your station yon till, W )th a nautical skill. Tbongh they say you are ml a lAindfrr! y^ Ixjrd Johnny, Tnoiigh they tijky you are not a Lmd-tter ^l^ allusion to the ('hanc*Ilor's nap while Rose was pleadttip. T Rv (i — d, mother, vou're ri^ht .'" — I^ird Brougham'$ '^l-iMiution. IVom the i'nitrd htn<.'d>itu. Tlic conduct of LiiMitennnt-Geiural Darling as povernor (d .New South Wales having been comiiifMitud iit>on io V.IIIO.JS n.Mrtt'd during the lust loriiii^jht in tlio columns ol il,,. Chnmide, a champion in the person of \\\s Lxceilency's bioilicr, has must maunaiiiniousK tiioiK-h injudiciously, entered ihf iJMs in his behalf. 'I'hu tieM>fration of the case has, houcver, com|>elled this advocate of a bad cause to resort lo ihreutsof legal proceedings, or the still more ar5;.mjentative inii.Muio of bullets and tripucrs • for armed wiih a colonel and a l^'Ner, it appears by hi* public • Aihcrthementsr tbal he lias vouchsafed a visit to ihc editor of ihc Chnmkk will, a view to iniiu.idatc l.iiu into siienci'. The siaieniont which has called forth the wrath of Lieutenant-colonel I)..ilin on behalf i)f his brother anP'are.hnthe ('hromdco( tin14th of iXcenibei last, undei I • <^ij4nature of Mile.^" which amounts to noihinu ...ure lltin a recapitulation of ciicunist.inces that have already iiroused the attention and just censure of our journal ; and winch no ingenuity can, nor sophistry fallaciously vindicate. It is not the snbierfutje of an appal to the ^l?cionsinaxmi, amlialh nun part cfu,\^WM:U C.d. Darlineso conn.lently quotes, that can now avail will, a public whose inmd has been enlightened on so many acts of L'ross oppres^ion and heartless tyranny winch have emanated from the uncontrolled scrpire of (General Darling. That monitory caution should loni; ere this have been sounded in the eais of those who have supfx.rte.l his measures in I)own„.^.street ;— then would not the unfortunate victin.s ul his unrestrained severity left to tiiourn their fate in poverty and distress~nor the wi.lows and orphans been made destitute, through the loss of ihcir protectors by the cruel harshness of his povernnienf. No less than forty-four mil tervantt have hecn removed from their offices by this wcond Dionvsius— most of whom have never learnt the cauof His Kxcellencv's liispleasnre. On the llih June, 1,S.'J0, the attention'of Sir George Murray was .liawn to this subject by Mr. Hume in the House of Commons, when that' hou. member i:ave notice of a m<,tion tor a '* Ketuin of all suspensions in New South Wales, of government oflirers by General Darlinjr;" but on the sic luL $ir juhen principle of a Secretary of Stale, tho retmm was po.siiively refuse*! Thus ashamed to publish the irt"lyriou nets of their protrge, or fearful of encountering the animadversions that lUif'ht ensue, tho late ministry threw tlM-ir ;...; ^r, ........ tions 1 i.-.r x.-,.^.; n, a,„| si,i,.t,ri/i<,yrt/ ni^mt in all the despotic measures of (ieneral Darling. It can only be accounteil for in the infatuation which marks the conduct of the present Ministry in retaining so many adherents of tl-e Tory party in their ranks, nnn whose principles are adverse to that spirit of liberty which they profess to clieiish and sustain. Surely Mtnieihing should be i concerled to ll,€ anxious wishes of the colonists in resfn-ct ; to a thorough chanee of late proceedings in New .Smlh j Wales ; — and tlic Colonial Secretary of State may rest j assured, tliatso long as any one memlwr of Genera! Daii ling's council remains to clog or Iruslrale the conciliating measures of the new (iovernor, (>eace and harmony can| not be established in that important colony. — [.Mr. i M'Leav (the colonial secretary u( (jenerai Darling) receives £27(X). a year ; the jCTiN). was granle(t as a |K-nsion from the Transport Board, ami is paiti by the colonists ; — hxjlwiothis, my Lord .Vlihorp He has, beside.s, grants of land of the most valuable paits of the town and vicinity of the capital of iIm; colony, Sydney, valued at least at Uoni forty to fifty thousand noutids! I I How is this, my Lords (JoJcrich and Iluwickf I India. — Diu tia.ii will, (lima, itivoUuiims ii more t)r less dt>es projHjrty to the extent of JC(i(),(KH),tKM> sterling, IS now in such jeopardy, that we hear the Court oi Diiectors of tlie Last India Company have very pro|)erly left the recent disputes l>etween the (anion auilioritiesard iie British fiee and ynincorfKuated merchants tnidin-^ lo Chin. as a government' question ; and we trust ii will be takei up with that sp,rit and liberality which Ihe imporl.Tiue of llie subject so im|H'riousy demands. We cenainlv Miinli an embassy ought lo be st;nt from our Sovereign" to the Court of Pekin witiiout d lay, m order that ,ur exiaoMVo commercial relations with that exiiaordinary jMjople may be placed on a more permanent footing than thy have hitherto been. The ambassador lo he < hosen shouhl be a man, who to sound practical knowledge would add tli.^nity by his iHisonal apiH.-arance, and authority hv his mien ; for among all demi-civilired nations, the two latter are imj>ortant points; a resfH'ctahle naval spiadron, with a small complement of Lin^ojM'an tr(ops, from the Bengal Presidency, ought to attend liie expedition ; and also a lew steam-boats from Cahutta and Bombav. But the important point to be decided is, shall our ambassador perform the Xo/wii (knocking of his head on llie audienc-siool) before tho ihione of the Celestial Knipire ?" We nply, most certainly. Where is the ditTeronco in reality between huvlmg before our own Sovereign, or kntouing before the F.mperor of China ? They are both mero ceremonies, equally devoid of meaning and ignominy. W hat sensible man thinks that in l)endiiig the knee lo his King, he implies the same reverence as wlien communing with his Creator ? And as far as mere fM.rscrform the act without thinking the dignity of their sovereigns at all compromised by it. The life of man is indeed too brief, and his business on earth too important, to Ihj f)ccupied in discussing such frivolous nonens; : if a nation, as well as an individual, lowers itself bv departing from the jirinciple of moral re. titude, then in?>W'a?.'.\*^.Hf,V.';'l''of action : in fine, it is for peliy desthrones aod „./'/'**'y' to seek to prop up loitering of (>omp, and the fuis'oine"[ValVt'i\.^ Gl"J'qlAJS\ir,^
  • iLi.tions empire, Whose march is on the mountain wave, W lne lame ii on the deep,"— stands in need of no such gewgaws ; and the consiitutionar Monarch who sways the destiny of this conmiercial country has Ihe happiness of his sulijecis, and indeed those of all mankind, too much at lieart lo be for one instant influenced by the h-elings which two frequently govern ilie proceedings of royalty : we therefore firmly ex|resa our ho|>e that ihe course above )>ointed out will lie adout*-d f(rthwith, orels; there is not an old woman in Kngland, who may not ere long be deprived of llie refreshing luxury which forms a source of enjoymenl within the reach of the (tooraa well as the rich, and furuislies an annual revenue of upwards of £;J,.i0 paid into the British Kxcheqiier with scarcely any cost or trouble in the collecting £ THE LO.^SF.S BV A WHIG AD!VIIN!STRATIO\. The reforming administration have l>een now iibove a year in power, and ihe ftdlowmg fmancial reinrn exhibit* the progressive fall in the revenue, from the political agllatmn who K they have introduced into the country. The first table eshihils the progressive (kcbne in the revenue duri^ the four quarters of the last yefef of the Wellington admin ^ration ; a year during the )yM quarters of whi. h the reIurfin in the fieer duly, which jplwluced X'^S.OOo.OoO aicrhng, came into o|>eration. Hfllinsrtnn A dminitl ration, /)rtrtae. Year ending :>tli April. IK. iO i:H64.040 ^th July eiM,0 loth October ith January. IRftl t0^o The next table exhibits the progressive decline tt( the rrvenue during the four quarters of the Grey almiDistralion m the latter voarters of which their reduction id taxation, estimated la all at JL* 2. HWI.OOO. came into operation. Grry Atlministration. Year ending 5ih April, 18;il Xl.lSKOM •^'^''"'r 1.6i.00a lOfh October .5 /,7s ,,.,r, ."iih January. lG3t .... ?J.9ii4.Ho Thus, while the year ending wnl, ihe lonclulm.juartor of ihe Tory administrHion. tliouph embt..rmg a remi.s!. n oC £:].OOO.noo of reveaue. exhibits only a deficien. t of .Co4n.. 000 : the first comptere year of the VVhig ^..verr.inenf, 'hniKh enibranng only a reded ion of tasainm to the nrr' nnt of £; KOO.IKH). exhdnis a deficiency n^t .,\Tmm inm ihII,oiis in other words, supposing the re<''4HBpMjri!nne .ri-io" from the Whig measures was nrarly11Wemimon an.I 1 hnll ? The Duke of Wellington left Earf(;rey a real sinking fut.d of i;i.!n>o.OoO a year. W here is that fund now ? Gone to ibe vault of all the Capukts.— .S'to/i/ron ll table ; at the moment. Dr. Jenkins wiio wh* very short sighliMl, casting his eyes rounU tlie labhr in search of a I >af of bread, hapjHned lo rvsl Ivj ^7 ^i iw^l •^-' II I i a ?