The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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geRGEE IBIl .S, Editor. SATURDAY, MAY 19, l9 VOL. I-No. LXXXVII.

TIlE BAHAMIA ARGUS. Alu it is hereby further ordered, that every eth of the lis, 50 fO i e, and severaliher The
-- surgeon shall hvre a medicine clelt properly stored wllh number of amas I France might b related at 97,000,
PUeLIaii.I aUEMt-wi:ME LY I. *ARnAU, s.. P. medicine in proportionI to th number or persons on board 60,000 of which wrs efeclvl blad, and de remainder
Ul Tt Dalan per annam--h a dance such siip, of tihe kinds and according to the atortiment included the artim and invalids. With respect to the
_-- generally used and made for the like voyages on oeard expose, he mated, that the Aericam eal which con-
Hi Majesty'I ships of war: and before any such ship listed only of 5 ships of the lime alat, Idi 7 ia contrue-
shall be allowed to be cleared out, cuch surgoon shall tion, and 10 frigate, eat 28,0E00l,0f.; so that, taking
make a declaration subject to the usual penalties attached into consideration the comparative fore of the French
to fnine declarations, butlire the Collector or Comptroller navy, its cost mnst be considered as very moderate.
or the Customs at tile port front whence u0c chship is to be
cl-ared out, of the contents 0o such medirine chest, and frem the Ldep Crromnise, of Mmrte 81.
shall further mako a like de.claration, subject to time like Castion to Briik tShip Orsera.-We pouilish the
.. iW ppenallies, llhat tie medicines are of good and proper quali- following as a caution to British ship owner trading to tim
_ PYf _dty, and ol tie assiorlnient generally used and made for the I.'nited Statesof America.-An opinion is entertained by
r - -- vuyages oni boardl if His all.jest)'s hipi of war, to tine many lIriishl merclants and ship owners, that under the
ON Till: l )IDDN DEATH 01 .\ YOL C I.AI\iV. beit i his knI.oledle and beliel and that lie is ennged TIre. y of C('lomIerce with the United States, whatever
sr A I'n"1END. and does inendl tin go the voagie U-s sral'CiI n n .alid sucl privileges are enjoyed by American vessels in the imper-
An:d rcn it hb. thit thawt f.-'l faree
il. Irof it earthly dIll.wnl place, lsip; and tian allilavit of every blch blurg-on shall be lie- lntion of produce into this country, the like privile am
Nor sArn'd uol its linight ?, po.ited andi pre-served in the Cualions-hloua. e where tle enjoyed by British vessels in thle prts of tlle united
A..Il hs lie left her hon.-. or aye. clearances of sucli bip dli all be granted. States; but the fact is otherwise. The navigation lasl
'it slimnlter wiith her kindrl tei ,. And the ottwnir or nasterrof every such lship or ves- of thiscountry permit the importation by foreign vesetl..
is ln.i her last. -- good nighEln" l- failing to proe ilde a surgion so qualified, Uanu a medicine for home use. of articles, the growth, produce, or nmnu-
llhole we. ainls can only cliest properly closed as u.oreail, is Ilerebl\y arned anld future of the country to which the vessel belongs ; ;nd
IIhat any thing so fair must die. admonisiled thit llw penllatie andl puni.lllneni rlconsequent seome other artiles are allowed to be imported by d.t nm
WhreIt we last met. her mile w-i biricht, upon any snch dirbedilieance to tlis order, and to the provi. and bondal for enxortation, and others, tle importation
Iler iare as clear, her fi.arorte lil. sions ofti 1i i.l bhelre recited acts of Parliarntcn, uill be of whichil i prohibited, are permitted to be taken lackr.
Inhr Ih,ek in ynulthi fresh tlonmiin: fari illi eolffrced against hilni. but in none of these cases is ti vessel or cargo subjected
W\ith nl.i have ihounht that sh,. .f all Ana it is Ihelt rely frthiler ojrderail and directed, that to flfeilnre. It would, however, appear by the na i-
Thine titarina, f(trian in thie gay, Ih, ,.lil6in of each and ci~vt y paitsn.i-er, on bIoadd any galn" ct of the Itniled SIales that tli inmpnrtatinn i.1l ,i
sa tIn-an a ta te a(tin ,,i.I '.,il) i(r vesn. l tsal .inhen Ied y ey x;,usore tupol tih,- article is prohibited., excl -t in ves els of IhaI I n.. It
AnIl -li r kntil dieaih han ring. de,.k when tiun wiealwr aill ip : nit, daill during ll StatI s, or in sichi Il)ri, inv t -. as lsdy .tad > oi.l) L, .
Ai Ati .tgels tave her reqiie-m tinng Vane ; and tlie latt.atr of .tw si n or ve. el is hereby mlng tio le subjects of tiae ca r,,ry of whid, thell good.i ,
Ob' who sill dry that tolher' erye ? nainiishlnd that lie will hi-roine- sIubject to the penalties the croi thI, pnrodurc, or lmailnui'acre ; and ithat if torei,
Ani wKio ihall slay the heirsn., sigh; iI and punishments plovilndeds l l sucv b.rh befure-milnt.ined art vessels bring any otler gcsods to lhe ports f their L niled
Thi.l iases a mnler', ? fl.r any failure or n-.leci in airing tile aidl blding in (l talesle, they are subject, with their cnrgoes, I) bOu Seud
\lia lnhe-k ail .l r iha kI i l tt in ret.1 ania r lby thliis oilr dlittit. and condemned aH a forfrliinre to ie U'nited State---annl
A.,.ntl lltra si al ai lre.inan ith, lp. ('. G. GH'VILI,1 E." lsuch in lh rigour alth whirc lhe law is entrced, ti.,t a
ShI' l ct-e iiir 'rTl v Th-n foll Ordr in Council reicting u l British vessel hab recently been condenmned in A.\,1.
T. titn. with, loa'i ild r I ii i ta tll al-l crfiiared otini thi ltnotr- iri ttl' So lanl. I rally C(oinurt of Chinrle.loni. faor havinti broesi.t lhnat -.
Tr h o o tli h a t a .r --rp l r nT ol ltro bales of iltion, origin nally ,1' in11an1
a'-'I, na' tai a-r ta--a .an-I a l .n' ttn a-,r a. "mirttii'ii.f .- l're..,ir itain, art n ani kini iln all parts ( l.irlmslon in ia lanisn ed state, annd retuoine I tf a i tur-.
%\\ I 1 I.- i iA p.i.'i .aai\ : 1 f a i.ri-al I iliiin liir Ilri. I tIII Ia ) \ iinara d. 1lin I Iol- | itpo it olf xpolo ing tie frauduIlent inalllnn r ill wh ici 1.o
Alrl e 'tn l- it ., Ia n-a r 'I kalnwn. iot i t l ,la,-re iri it- r t, It 1 t l at ia rs :- cotton liad otihinialy been ]inckedl.
T'I? t lainni ,ia- ltI ,n tIl H,,- V ina n a.i, It);i ln , I t t; .., n a;-. lis Ir-it olP on SundanB ..
'a hli.e woin **ai a r prvein on tht-.r %a, a. ta, it', 1, so enah .a k tie ln .l iit alt 'iaisley.-Snndlay al'lernoon some boys disco-
Anti aii ln huse iiears lah niir.i ain- ihono | nirnitn l ('emnadn. 'lih .iiirt r |irtli nf thece ie ni- stred two nninl si sel and a ook on ti end of a cord,
3.I,, hn a iuly tanllu-.t ,-a ii- I, .r ;l IJ, le tie clunnlr in i-a 1u "1 lie eirnrntie concealed hineailtl a smail bridge lading frono couinryv
The course o tIher ffnri;e-i ul sa.- mIc C.'-ei l., tIn, llt.ns nd pros- road near tlh.s.tew bur)ine Lrtnni tnd. Tilise instrttetnts
Ait iear, ntl a-utlat mil snl .l y Il rii. t/- a ..tain -.- were inken tt ite town anal clisliliard tlire. Tlie public
Mhi. hanh thlel now lor fr,,.., ,,i i I c -lir n njiitis if II n- a l i" n t nlark- oaf c ier w .i' tous trnn stirre- t tie a tll i ei t tables,
'Ia at aIn...,atar an.t ar linear l.rmna n tn- ,' "
J'h ,1 ,ught er,. .ii r, h. in,- n. la, n on b ,iard a ihai e at U a rlian Irnldu far Li -arponl I tat a cra- d cr llacted early thi- foren n, antln d ral t r nca
A' I' cht the, ltin gl' ,I. tw take Ither pa Ila fNew %,.lYorka. To thi ha lhonsg oI ning I graves, in one- of tie first of' whiichl an enpty
A ,,d l n,.w talnhd er o li p nran, ,rei ; ri,,al iof 'o, l;: ri' tEl l Enilani. lFIr.. i c ollin s%- lAund. As tiis prnt oteseId. lite crowd
aItnd N ,11 inll ., t a it a IA hi vast Iou i t, tiare Iackin I a liign rint-lei anal co I- cr,,d routndl Ill scene of oihtnalelald n.
Angelshavewelcom'.hlPra ,II t. LLicriail taI,, a, f ,r na i ricrat lthatt tlhe si, a;,ret .oll al e A elch %u-ressive et'av c.i oltn-,d it wal discovered
t11 I() 111n .t pra ie tlndl ai l,,. ; I full t ,fr til i s ,,t t ,i.a a-,| 1.h ,,i ; I. rnt s i a t ; ; ln int' Il-ernce wn s received with a shut by lie
A\ n nat.w ,I ,jC i n, their Ia ho,i i.... h Li.-rl,,.; l at a tn,- t h Ih .a e not likely to Iy .. da ,- nu"l t 1t--. At lte opening of the fifth grave, on Ile .snle
Ai tw rate relinr a- nar i,. I t i a' -ra t ai t in fIorm a i an inunelmlennl being madnl, itle fence of stlbs round liae
II -rat r i r .na L'round uas Iorn lown. Snnnmbehr more romanl(..r.-
II Icons '- aI", toa s t l aiillar o I'n .it I U V, IUor is ilng" emal;r-rants
I In1-1, "aa1 g ta int t,, t IaC a tan .i t r ,. at at Ra-na Ite r t ryI ,ly-vingC foI lte mown, and esch in ividual on his nr ji .
-cdeclhre- maole a o than anotherr the certainly o. ..,
li r'*ei al"ge "' l-e" t a" n"." Anong tile nnTnleroI..u i,,rantnl.rml I'Tf on moard a grenenmb,.rol siip-yrtven. About twelve llhraflir ad
PA,.. :3h JaiuaQn, Ie2. vpe.s hi wh saled frolnl I)tle lloadl onl uesday last male s mitch noise, haml thl magiraies assembled for the
ur Quebec, is a wnmn 7t %rarn 31 s pe--de goes out, of preservation of tile pulllic peace. It wa insantlly agreed
.. .A. '. i )S. r- nte. not "s" a tll.r ,' i tle rou'd," hut to 1 ecr' t tat a r" l-id of lilv pounds htouild bie oner for ti- nI -
El ROIE\ N X 'I'II \CTS. l t, llla in ilte ,lnar,- otf i er riinltliomie, Iht- laa Imast-a c a tine al|el,(rrra. This Iad scarcely been resolved
nI ler foyi, fra'a daf tis ranotry ar lacinta IltaIr veosisl along n I or.. lovd Irricr. in ton norrbrre mr.rl wh
Or.-rr in C'anaci.---Rnlas a,, lmavr given an ordalr in wr ler. Snilt ciarrc i,w r ,llr. it l ian % ifr .lle c' nilr-o t a n v a, hs end wi
aIt stras, Is-aring an empty coffin. rhcv, notwithstanding
C.,. i. %edl i, Enlli (-un; rninenl u, .l. 1 able sun, considering i, .. n ,ansle had for acqui- e cIrtef n ll tll i nagistra.tes proceeCld through the tows,
Mara. ivs which it wil be sc-n, tll-t all s.nllnl g rinse it, her us%,al occupation havingheonbthat of goin on l h in s f o on n rke he wind he hospital, broke tle chodierr
fr n,11 n,, I li'nd Kinl.ndom for te I enltd ,. tan ir lri- lnnases tor farmers, in il.i neig hbeurhlod. Another er and demolished evrry tlin connect will. tie a-
t.' \ ,lri, living lilyv irtsons bno board, nula be provi- vt-,el, laden l itlh File emilrants, we understand sails this ,ahli.esent sofar as oihl. TIn rat im.lethecrowdcon-
.-*l ulltha r, gularly edclated suroelon. week from Leven, anl another Iroun tim uame port will sling lmos entien.v of half grown lads and rishen, vi-
f'ra, e fc leadn (iGetz.I.oarrh 27. sa,! next week.-Faftr lrald. sited the hopital. 'l'l.y wer.e.ersuadedrodesitfromntheir
A supphiil,-nent to. Gr.e tine ta ste ta- s iused il t night -- work of deLtruction; but after taking a turn through thl
roianl tng, an Order in Council, dltaed .M..,rci 2, wlnchi, LoIaon, .larich 3.1-The Paris papers of Tuesday town, they ranne back and broke the windows, forced uo
i.,-r rectinn. tile powers v-,.teol iln th 'ri'ry C council by contain a debate on tie bualtet of Marine, or on tim thi, gate, 'andl ,lit n tller mischief. A patient in t le lhopi-
tIe lat. ,ni 1i,,r tine prev-ntion ol utie a itaiw called Fencd Navy Eslinlita., in tlie (Chamblr if Deputies. inat ,nd I lentl.rn, as struck nn time head will a stlne,
i ,, rans ths :- This debate is only rena.,rkabll e Ifr lavng ralll-d to the I and Inadl it slitllhl ru ; he was not esperted to rerover-
ni I wlr.t i., tllin taid lsl.asi. hath extlenh.,I to dif- trilbine, in dlelenre ol Ihis naval adminisirait,,., Admiral; ,ut after scaling for assistance against tlis treatment, be
ifrn it iarts (t lirealt llain, and shiln, or erirr- aie Riga.y, tnhe eal af t .tiIp.tritnwn, n,,l tl,. comtan- s orly expired. Anoer patient. Mr. Kincaid, who was
totenrly expired. Anodter ailienl. Mr. Kincaid, sho was
ita pawngers to the llrltlsi poswsions isn North Atmie- der of the French Psitiadron under Admiral Codrinlgton in recovered, amrl who wato Iave been disniiued from the
S.4,,or to ie United Stales of Ania-rica. munny IN aln.celd tie battle of Navarino. hnopital this day, lIas related, and now lies in a very
.in int. saia dia.e-; it is thaern-f,,,, oari,ra.- d i n the t lIr, We, as EngliJlunen, owe him tlianks for dte candid ex- Idanrero.n state. A party of cavalry left O(hLgw at
tinl lMtine of UIlin Mljesty's most honn dr.allh P In i Coun- planation which lie gave of our apparent inferiority to the 4 o'clock lor Paisley.
I.I (af anolluat tlne Lord president of llia C iancil is one,) I North Americans in several engagements during thile lateo
in purnmnanc of tme Ipowersr vested iln tli.-m try tihe li.lore war between us and Ihe UInited Sltate. One of time previ- The following has been issued from I he Council
reilr act, al nd of all ollter powers ienalini, tIhemi- iln IIlt ot speakers had recommenthil jlto discoatinuanre of Office:-
h hllf, tiat no shin or vistel r;irryins -,,Ir.t an a hips ol f he line, of' ii.-lilh tie French have nin 440, and i" csHOl.asa DInTIiCTs.
R's'n- or ltor ny port or plain in Ilis Alije.t,'s poa- tile conntrction of smalla-r ssels; and as a reason for Loosuel" of the bowels i the beginning of Cholera.
eimins on tle continent br island olf Nortlh Aon.rrica, or to the change, mentioned that by these smaller ve rl s the Thesands of lives may be savedby attending in ilme
ay p prt or place in the ITnited Stadl- of Anmerica, carry- Americans had beaten the English in their last opv l I to this complaint, which should on no account he neglected
i'g 50 persons or awardss, inclhlining tile natl-r and crew, saruggle.-The French Admiiral replied, as an English- I by either yoong or old, in place where the disease pre-
tcmpnteil in Ihe taninner pincrilhed by an act ipxssed in ninqn Uiilil lhave done in simillnr circumlstaoces- At thlat i vail
le ninth year of the reign of tie a;lle, entileal, time it irs alngotlen thalil Fr French shilp Irl in rrheck Wh'len cramp in dlleg%, atm, and helly are felt, with
acct nto regulate e ith rrriagte ol iasnnasgers in mer- several of the English uslnadrons, and that tine Americans loosenemor ickness at the stomach, whe* medical suit-
tl nls' vessels front tihe Inil.d Kileailoin ino he continent were lins ablle. with some frigates, to fight with silvintarge a|nce i not at hand, Ihree reaspooniuln of matlard powder
sad islands of North t mnerica,' shall Ir rlreared out at any the Englisl frigates opposed to them. It was then that li in half a pint of warm water, or the rime qluatity of
Pat in E.nglan or W *leo lr.W siach iti lip Ir vessel shall Ail aelicans, li oml, r to obtain a sIuperilirily in th-l..- .erT. i war:nt asler wi:hl us Ioinh common sul a it will melt,
'"prtided with a sairgeon, who is to continue during the of encounters, put to sea frigates of greater diumensiuni should be laken as a vomit ; and aflr the stomach las
ulle of the voyage, andl whio shall producer to ihe officers tlnn any rev els hlillherto employed as frigtes, and there- theen cleared with more warns waerr, twenty-fiv drops of
ther reantl at lie prlt were tnir, shiit is io lie rleared, fore having II aelianll;ante over lrnm." The French navy i laudtum should be take in ma mll glasof any agrerabl
'enllic/eale of lin having passed Iliii ic nination at estimates do not amount ts 60,1 0l0,000 of francs, or ale drink.
It'repon'i Ha111, i, I.,nidon, onr t tIe R.y a, ('a, I n i,, less han .2, ,01.iO lI terltn. I Heated Plates or Platters to be applied to the Belly
ilreeants in Edinlir-lI or Diul, r I.- f. lse 1dical I In till clours of irs t l ir.s, the Miniser said it was and Pit of the Stomach.
*utl, of tine n i) i n adiuiteud that tnie Frenich naiy should consist of 410 shils "I a A, Persons run considerable risk of being infected by












wictaaJ d b D I". ddd Tlit Cllloum, e bmel.jmn iible., had oooa ittee om ime Bill. .Ifl hmee be soi rvL
J m hh m IolftUU sd it wily veia a .Sir Ja m.m.d, wa tak. ams thei Judgev;,e eoned h reading andm eanem Thramdes, as
um ..e .of P remum &awe Ito Mks ca Of1 w but weltl I a, thws -a u h b l. . ,lo n _opf;the uthe e acl e
N.uabe rof Pec am e t t e u bt well kw, vlur of t ga Judge wold mid di hr o of per ill take pnL

OVick bW.,dfe h ek o I I eray. was he rvi oui ea r i a linthl the fugitive was baurle t y have beglun'beffm the Miohilrie rot ,
o C elo rii foce Ia i. sif-barrasd in hiseeluddduouicle.-Ir *neUt rrii, Iin, ie p ored (or service. Al Oevery u heOu ,.
Whielm.l Feav. &L" insult o have been premeditated, hlave sm not glaring people with intenoumliaiteoe,and u ew J~n e
S h proo i r, IOw back il. h r ir Jelme Wb athe impartial rulo llIr elighit pIruerat natlioo odioed+lts d,.S
of thb Innd, should be Iave srll-red a piivave pique to supicioua eye, we do not know v r ma d
T lm Ai. S mpi Imh vit tie offended. will the puniliment of an even though it he bfat from Tisonday te AM oft
off under. flu urrsnet bhis enemy, lMjor Nicolls, for being iltall espedient. If Lord WhlurilrJ le .d t lca
g rouly insulled by tie Jidore; ie overrlomk tihe conduct of ithe nrm opinion, aimuld employ Sim ( three br I
WAYTV WAWf EAT IS, 1g3, orf tlu Judge. fur dirh1 minht hliicie himself dnr-d not : aober end ime fll reflection upon time crind af'
-I--_ Aod what imlierreice can we draw Irn, thlli, but that ilie bill in relation to ll stonte of the country, the undcriie
01s 'lmnwar y hit, the Editor of shie imper was taken Jualpn in iine previous conve-ithion will. the Governor, not have been uoad In vaice.-Tiers, fod &I.
out of Gol upon a writ of Ilab Corpus. Time iprivel led received a pruomnise, diricily or indlirectly, to be pro-
of limpri ment lving expired n tt d, s th tctmal in a oly insut he right attempt on tim Majnr. CHOLERA MOHBUs.
iof lia'impria, omn, the vi. epired on tllt dry, umy ihree Aai-s-the M.ijor is bound by a large sum, in self and Cl.dirr A Dm bliA.-Thne Dublin Evening pt d
monlln, *nd tlhe I of A150 Ihvingl been preyiouly secorimi-, Il kre Iht p ace e ih an asislant Judge of Tueday lust, announocuia trat the cholera Ie bnat.em
paid, he wasdicnrged upn eivig Iscurimies, hill in mnour B,-nri Iard broken, end ilh Judge is Lmured by a priu- in Dublin. Five cases Iave occurred in ihe virin.i 'A
400, and two sure ti in 0 eauch, to keep iim peace nmise (valite one ilrthing) to ehi patron, not to do any Simmmn 'r-hill, four of which hiave Iterinatmd f ta mll.
or 12 calenor meralb. nioire niuelity trick till niornin.. 'l'he rancour of Sir are exhibiting tim almost marked end virulent rIom-
l i aili iiha Jumns, ii rea l oven re, lo we fild, good eai ov mail, Ihe malady.-T-1he Morning Register of Wednai lt
we, leve, f as o or te ld te ai d Ibeen insulted by tihis terrible man, Ilme Md.jur, firms tile intelligence, and statel tllat gov'rngi-Lt
W.lo Iv..f wa t ll uIl orllr e dy.., Ild the rm- a e i ps s ho011 one or twao, wim tlie Jlrudge, to swear to it- usel tihe Hiclhmionl Pnilentliary to be filed up i,
tifiratiln to renive the ionramiilalitiie ol our frienl, hlo Ihur rllmlly entwininglmis a.faii u imi t ll if llMr. Sanii- rrreiption of patients, provided ncsaeuries and a ell
limau invariably epresiedl their mlnnishlsent. HI umlr air- lands, thinking Iheremby to shield tiee conduct of tiha Judge : advice, and meade other preparations fir the nm4. difds
suiail apliraince; hvilmn elpnirled to see us i ilii a fact, lout thet gmanliiomm wliuld nut answer fIr a Jury of honi-st poor w hio t ho aiiK flicted with tie disease.
similar In that of I, Kimighl of ilmns rrowful counie- 'mn : witness tile verdicl.-T'l' Maji.r is, tlrerefore, war- Edirnbrgh.--'l'here live been 9 casm aid 7 d el
Srantl. in assrlmog ihle weilee rsctio in hve simce. Sal urday, making tie total cass,. 50, and admu
n i a wprnelemmrdil.led trick .monln t mihi ainllv crew, uo .'nirall 29. 'lThe towns eastward ol EdinhIurgh have Ciel aS
Ili, Eicllnry, no dsolael, wlm nndr al impji|n him,--if c b we are to ge he cs, byit ect i or, in s r r, and rokond cler f ol
mimat mmr incarc.ralin woslil ocaRion the wit idrnawl of scrilitural language, tie tre by its fruil." A .'lc r I lepor 4 cand en rerko dermie hvo tcrmlle. At
liti. frirndsiip of the iihlhuilanmt frommi us, alld that ericIm a I au, Mr. Editor,. WaI r of it ; nd ca ses and 4 deainth at CanonemiIc sl
,i.ital dewalolon could be tle pasineg-bll to tlie Argpo. your obdient errant, li city oand iltenviro logerlli r, tilsrst ll been i. ti
erin d e l e lust four d;iv-v, 21 cares ando 12 deaths, a greater number
Nlot ill thal lie har been mistaken. The prioplu hase n et ,l.. s. i in r to
In old obsu.rvr .if the persetution shat 1s bheen i i. IN eE rln in any prcvioul tctn or Ie same lengt.-Stat .
mn IAT ur I Nr . .N. Gilasoro, 'c.--Uurim, IM et week case o"f isl dier
mld at us; thty imaveo not beheld, unconceined, thim laring The Trrhl shiia rIfo Co T rs nr. ih n Tir. niine i. Pnre iinn Cirl w ,y generally in all part of hii .as.
mimincepti u taion us ; hbut hyi hatve rie.n slarrng declara- from Iocil esaer. oi 'l'surl.s evmimrig. in supp.r nC Im J llin in l asin
i(,r isf nlllmlm g e hilmdr spepIoIse' IA immlmr iin -i onf. wneool. an I lle 'liT llun lllly number of pesonm allttacLed since the Idli
limis of ifriendsiip and uplNlmt. rTim Aergu is in a llri- ,, nlaniet aerfrt e. elrlherre l a .hrl hri spel. h. which loes infi. 'e lruary, when it first appeared, anoull tlo aI.bulhere
imin condition, as itl advertiing clhminsn prove ; our sub- neir credll In his h umamy anil rliicliainrl p.rceplinn. A.ier anud tise ratio ol' mortality to 'roin 50 to 5 per ecna.
lnrilsli tn lia lbueen rwieklyy, av alslln dai i nlo ainfe. Irelllv rrefrring; t u lir lrmi-,nl-s rrl ;IIaiinieil nin Ili, I'r m lition. of Glasgo U, Marcl 27, new ca.iss, 30; deaths, 15; r.
.rptionl renr n o r yhmarII, inhilm t which tilee beern sl, i ijced uln ileor i ; 1 rema,. ,Wf. 1TIoll case, 55-1 deahi,, 276; we,,

rol t d t aon te -,Ili druin aJ o. t he fa, t s cem .n rt -
fmr Ihe Iistl Ihro oor m h san thion- o lisll landing timl II a iory istenl (race osmercd. I tlloril m tiri.mIre rrPmlhnr. .Xr lt .-/Pul,'/t Mircll 27, lnew case ; dieLd 2o .
pirnoimal aisce m O o urilves, friminI di.e scene of mur Is- e| llima wmmlh iohilln i u iher age of a.Ih (.mIrme. n or fneir,,. rMii iin, 11. Tolal atesr, 21s ; dlralhs, 165I.' re'crsv ',
Pt 1he 1o 11 .1y r in this llnllo wai thal oi" inh u0Itin )i p*lpaurf iiiI e a,, s altn r nl, wlllre t 1o1 "* " r ma di '
m,mm'. n~,o, what dmo.s all lmis inl;.r i I Is i nt io lm oni- ,mmth was aloha n h m ,,e mirar mimm m ve.nt whne .--.cnl lit ea, otre nemmlc mlline, u. I la-l rfl rt T
sm:il',-. lI.l lhit p lle Ip 4ce .llnmos unliilmiedI con fihlrnrfi ,l m i nillmlllhr r iif houen Imsi liI y am mllm r l.- er I .i t i.m ,n 'I.. ;' r e -' -i.-- r dis ias al > pipT maredll 5i :1.
i, ,. [ c nl dois ii net rriti. i i ., rilalt mh (h ur, an r rt, isli a lsor p even i mfrlm mmer1 r eim Snm l-rm-nn t d mlhi r r - lhm. t. I sat, .hmmll L ersmo &c.
ammllm ,prv f.m- hlili,lays 11 mhe vs.m r. 'hir illecm of Ihl wim 1 Timd Clmar in mie I' l',m'm Kinduom since tec
o l i,, r lihn-e or f suIo s Ipi)H rlers, haI ee l tl ls ll ror i ier llmIml' It ihfin r h ll. l mi,. ail i 1e I irTh al, m m e rcno late, a mellCC -i mi, 711 7 ie; IUl ml dlili, ell eilt).
wllilh could al l lonll Iead ihilnl to uilpli ,e. lhal they am imid h lla 1 el caImI e l w.ri nlrrl hr muml ll 11onr i mlh i Cr mirl I- .
surre'd il enmenipiing the Shavehulders and ollHra, oanl I' -' A '1rgrE"'" in Ch i.hln. l anol a rnvilt.l mmm(mlltI" trv 1.n1: Tho .Loouon C.urier al l. lisu Jt1 Much conlais Ie
aI lllow mtlc0h it l mmmIi I o i mullllll U rl' ir thl ilcI lh i nn lin i-,| T, ;+l, I i telle as it wirl, hlods inkrd lull, buriink of ruin nIO. me ,,, A tii ,,, v o. l" llt-r l;llll: th a l lrnl:i T ulr. inm, itm remlmion to
is nirlla l llia l.. ,lhermt imnt lh r t n lri or' n ifniT. n -l i Iler ii tr eaEL IUNM.
In pullil ing, i ur1 lslu l t, .lle r ,crf u.r c rrospond- b d'rla dI % Ithe hll mo (i li, Smlrle i;lr mImie .imrres mmcnlli mImelln m l ','m r T llll fiillr lll lIrn m,1 m.i|<'rur Il \ lsriari;i, lilac i'n rrcsi riv d by rulj Ws -
reit, lvsmmti Na ll We n" iteId rIImTrkine on a Ie npih.r ao. lmr I oltumle dl .- In. s l. I h' me,,e, I I.I fr i,, ,i i 1 'mml ii.',, ,|r e A\Isrian ('ias mrP di'Al iiib. ls i ill SOl
lllic olo 'pi m l len u hnl irll lhllet rils ai panr to lI In i i a. aci r a l i l .l .i lm nmiri, r lrt I i m l m r,,l.ri i il:, I ir, in a t I th ie ('iimmi rn i, sa s i nt-ndda
biurln. n l'e allude to lhal part of hiis Ileer. wherein in bi erlt. if pren'mimin o l i.,.iih. T.' mI nmlmrm lh,' l -i1i. .rvl ,igriiin e i ng l o crni-mni, conitin: l, pn l
Ie y., the arbitrary nmeaure of prmrceeling by Esi. he micree' P mate de f the li thel mmien mir-,,ec fc hmi-r fli- l is mmi 6- rcfi-iva mf thr .ic- ar i ivhie ar.Bto TD
pirlvation el l' t er ,u )rnemlr- osh a I" is "- rer, ofk, thht ni._,.r it, te T
Oficio information. as gonerallyi unerstood o be resort- rI c aiiah.. in ihr prn e i t.rl--,hmr inori lf ,,., l I e sun. I sn Ii, dn"-m ie, i o t' na', Iaimnit, e Ul stey. Te
ed Iu only i cime of high tra...n, or wh-re tim gol, crll- wi ci e in after life anred w-mb 'o rer as ie p"lioh- l h' r y *e h re u
sa-t s ee inh i te anti our daner. n'fisi i asnme she so nl' ini- ih-r the hre f nr i.iiion cl a ie r l solrnHlntiary is a in hourly eapechims
eBnlt o Iraeo weso in inmselrdialu anm l snmiilmi dian er." whern hIuI lhaml ought Io he Inn e mi i h fn Ih iniptro.n .ei ,if ll' miim Iim ,im nimli rr..
llore, oer correspondent is in error. T'ri'nson, or anv Ihe lld are lereotfeilre Io lvpre hne tii: liir, ii is idr.dlm i n I I On tie suijile o of ITA l thi u le pnter lpsr a le fl l-
ellmr cluru-, ieoparnlisilig Ile life of an individlm., nmult Inln'th on ihe rusisao nmur P is air I lh l-l,i. n -*in .e. i l Ia aI atll l iira :r
ic .li snslloillo. ice psnmilmire mr.r. mnnl fml1iiC Ouir nm.immm.,rfm 'lime aa. rnomnmn fronim .nione are riOn~idtrwI bomb bh
(fwlowaa- ll o, fr s) be unctiond hy tim 6ldinl of a I lr mg min. c h pale. lrteil ii imll clrt mralh ,-1. tie th ,l ,il asiu Fint ti ( lrnera, cu o. pl.lrlt s allnf-

opon the health and l be'mlv viir of i, miomiaiosn. N.or isi s eta i
os he n onirh bell.... t L or ro bt h ad n i not .rem for Ilse most nairarrre mncreeif0 ei of [ i. e
ea, dd t tUhe positive enarlnIme of ihe law prevent it, on thil account alone ihai ihr ronnrv ir hnm d io prohlhlt im l ml been for ilan mnoil Ilrue rforrlgelleulels f ml
prnecalmio by iaditemnMt might he totally abolilmli, and 'sel'nm lha prlndines e nm'ermll. rice.rr 1.1i-eirelrllir an)d nlers ;iimh ueimanatuld rfonr the C(:,ilemt of mime l'lIkrae,
rirkely beine*--llhe sinted mlmlldrh .ih the hIm lv. m.+'I wPehkll r e h attIm Ion,'si.mirhim mu fl u d e'mlirlmo ol lm'e eup-miimi n.
every *Sacier m o ppol ce oflucr, be mnld time usinbjecl of int.le tt rPlerl arll.m, nni Ihn inp t',' rpehrlm.,rnl,',n At R imstovee thln ol tririal circnlilaint "
me ohia never Argto paaI.. and erope'seo ,he es ofnI, however, the noo,I trivial cmre.ubl nes ore
an Ki-OL o Informatlion. As it is, however, rE-Officio the tiholrd man. (Jns renr.uatlv anml r ncl'ri .rel an l'ronvermed byv tnrerlnio L'tonnl. fur noml' atlt.r cnotl In Im
Infa netiona can only boe lrohlly rieond to, for time thi" h bliy 'iuon. mad he pre. a. ,rrr. e r. Aii lr, l Iir Aid il in, .. lv tt e lrm iwes te: t i

Itub I gh pveanmnt, or immnedialety I.1 iilerfnre with the hms oly l lt ffr o/manr a trie, .' eincipal ilirtimtin indir a imep if irllin:g dm *, i'.
interest of the public, or the Mfit v of lhe cruo.n" The n., mr. ite lh.i heen mdl.l, ned ha l se tiln l d mo in inc' tie- "e i lanrlion -tiy iii. liI se Fm mith (;,r
Sronlnraihlrml. of Ihe rrcltirhe insflcrlmd m Ihe poor infantl rnn.- itlher nmiril no atllention, or at lt-sl are nimIll "I .'i -
Whlatlhr trrifying the PoLe' MGttm'ri, can be iened to Ihe *lmoaI anrea mingl lnlr1rry of lhel facror.... illlmprtdlce.
cosulmrued into as o Ifonca oi thish nature, reumins to be h ave recited a rmnmledahbl desire on ihe rl i orf lmoh Iel.n- -____. -. -
proved. Twelve ona will have to te minr, not the Ire ans pc"bp fl'rthe immeitle reaefr the rortfirers. . .l.
,ha sme nnhemllamn asaving. ihaml Imi Inslian .lar.rv is Sr .lndril 1orc 0 i I .r; Mm .ii. ii nn i'>
facts of Ibth challenge having bien wnt and delivered, o I e tru Irimiount Ihan the edorir of Engli.hh children in falnric., cm l m I ionm .o, i- r1,' i' l ,
l.h rt e ne"r0 CuaLsL Ro.m:a -O this, I m-o Ii te.rihe r her of mere lnrfnlt. m l.nt Itl female. mmnde; I''l of 'lm u 1 u r'm t1 ll. <.iml -i1111. .r mI.l iw.,
liters a be -- f m dae veina mih arue, being arm wem ll lIm i s or l:;n h r rrest l: o r[i ,
there a ha n doah ; buo the'y will have to decide on u oi the tli and rai.rhed if ant. uer t dhe ent.iustnr i.'. real crumm .I am. hima ml, i nim iill ......l I mimiitslid
the lgalty of Ithe mode of prowculioa, and, should they of severe labounr. ihey sleep hllf an hnnr hennd Ihe time. 'm"iPl"'d. "lits his hu llridd into l Isit ihm );m 'i
deem the dtoedisa. improperly brought before them, tthy e tshl.-msl- rfhr for he rennen-men of their o which is costimmmaildd by hin.wIf.-f mil llIIt- ir ti". r )
ill be b d to acquit. daih sl hnprleu toll. "an Ihe rprorli ot necr, saevery Iralr-.s arll ass mdrlmined aus limi< II.
____________ pirore any ca. if po"recmled s-mmreing more pa hei-ca af. It ins Is is' fcare.I Iia, like ,the aiii(prinlidn and d''r
Sfeeting than that of the pPoor lilmle girl, as hnrt :heroes if i ll war of ih....endelce, Jos .11u. hen ..i.l-
NsAasim May linh, :la1. mmo e s n i Fearing to truis her heavy ese-olsls in repms- n a parmy. Iim by only eigtnfmihlmlw'f

Judge Sandislaue sto insult, if not to atrihlwhim -Tl s hlIseh time uinrr mnrsisjeg mmtand rin n ihe ,lis,.n, far. he ran apply that will not r. adily receiro hii I This mimP
-Tire oknmeac. t he wintr d orewni *. o n m m i'nI nn appl that" .'" "l "ci "hills Th sterile..
hoimeem in wlmy, an anosmmn 6 ass proof. aowf 8hdl gasip5 t sllld en d thinly clad. till she cras. stusolstely worn still cmetillue in motioni. Several pieces of Artillery luaU
at vy dAeso, to reader h letters of th. K a. n uite, lae ao early Ik I f ,.,ohn rem mI lan
naimprMcaive asM pit Ale Bill, we Nro meld I n h oly writ,
" the te. shel eh k mn by its frr;" andd by n lmningi REFORMI. I i i cm mmkl
l.o c .dO or Sir ass, arfe the tr"nacti We sal Lord Wham iclne ls night sentled toL-H ronv the rDlling in h)ihrmstie.-l n rh enrecen ofswinh e 0a s
findl proof saw, to jla mi the menl causes r .,,l fed Iu bnl bvlad. Ethilorofte Toribune on Mla rshl Lleryl .Io
id po ce to j i mm r iiis. proiey of prpaing tli ae ond nrlie of the RItormil inandsntltool l h'atisin ntinal( usrd, four olicme"'h"
The blow-ir Jares evi-sly lw itm. Did he, chide Bill, from Thunlsay, the 51h,to Molndlaythe bof April,ca.rlroi the l.ralast m-sk, pamid a sikit to mie ofls OI
the o der I closely watched his vindictive eyo and because of the q*r i cio sn bel ithi' IhcTribh.nuem rlueNmn witlI-tlue hoel lam -
bclieo m., shll never fom it :--evy,, hared and eorseof theenseoilweek. Tl ie Prime Miini.erccde-l a very blhlyiug Taken are, le prlicifl
malice, amn. all blended in one look, hi(h he gve thh to I he prolmnition, and with a facility which leads. nm to Itliler refused "o mmet .a tly, of pemirs, tiht m*
victim of his pssions ; and all anieltv for his friend, the pr.Alme that the matter had hisn aulrenl .rrangrd be- In eive the Ma.-l hinm.t personal r li.mic'li.--
Jmdge, wes saotherd in it. The enuling Chlief bis then tween the parole. r .a (;ream tim mrme i e i e te winim le aair ml cud. heves. and in aIm i- rcuss n"- ri dlay
hearmd io exclaim, Mr. WhitlMd, as Form Adjuunt, I, his disire dtiml there ioll ir no diuv en.r ii..- ,-oen l im ,,ianv Ilinlnildd v.miII,. neci .l l.n iir ratfl alme iimf I"da
cuenund you, to we Major NcuH lls Iois quivu,.." reading, bil their Lonrdships sloulol oat ce pruceed to a lle t:ribuun-, to be lUluied s how.ardLUtl Uilon

tours) to rake a tdo odds; asd, securdingly.l the
M m on, of Thursdlay, intiomated to tIe eta-major public-
Sits columns, itha 67 editors of tie Tribtme" were BY ENRY OREESLA (c0.
t to o oul with tbe 67 oicers of which die eaul-mn-
is(af ) is compose. Saurd.dy produced lo first of O Thd, -i ad
, resulting from this cumleagm. en ma. Time At dte a.on of Mrs. NMall, Il t e..,
lr in this Iafair weae GenIU I queminut (of the a lm0 At 16 Qrn_. t:
l. ujor) end Mh. Baonta, the editor (in ciliol) of the BY IENRY GREENSLADE & CO. Wirlt ea Sew.
q5nta5 Tim bermor was satunled by .Genersl Oour.
--- AWhor imamlnla HMock in Trad, omddl, of
ant Colonel Taunon ; dmn letter by Colonel Bric- On MondayMa, #aN list irn PAierUkt, be an I MI Y erd1 ig
.ille (a deputy) and M Cattel, litor of de National. AT aSi VK. aoustn. StidaTor for el 0 h ,
,Ae opaic nn dair shs a, the aocodsis .ter i d, an At s 10olim k. Lien Drill Twiled Royals, Cop
I es certain, however, that die reanainisg 66 officers of WiNbhe sold Viar p Im eamn d cL Ca"
ll.nmjor will not call out the remaining 66 editors of Superfine lour, in barra Lacuin and Ribmos m, ram Dee, Lace d.
Rice, in lsp, Luas and Ribbons, ,1fa Dam Lace do.
SbIl ______ Corn, in hlts, Lace Veils, Gauze and Silk Handkerchnis,
Lon/,,o.Vl arc l.--The oftci.l account, of Sitamps Soap and Candles, GOnenlnn's coloured and black Silk dito,
irsd ti Newspaperu was published yesterday. We do Butter, Lard, Cotton Braces, Pearl BonU and Lem B ea,
;us know that so should have noticed this dourmeni, had Cider, Cheew, Bilk and Cotton Cord, Reel and BMl Cats,
Samt Ibecn for its very close connexion w ilh tile Reftrm lIama, &c. &c. &c. Pins, Tapes and Bobbins, W. IL ad black ip
"qlatioii. It lies been asserted, again aud again, thatl our I AND- Thread,
ha.laJ deci ued, in consequence of tie palt we havr i case containing very ietra ine Irish Linen, Ounce Tled, BILeLs, Prayer Books.
en in iltht grul niens.ure, aid tllence was inferred llte Cotton Socks, Calico white Quiltiag, Ruled Music Books, Legers, account Books,
Ldd recnr or indisl|ition of thi people to reform. We Printed Sateen, cN. Novels in sets, Spelling end Picture Books,
elnt nio be.ter criterioin of thel feeliml of the public. Our 1 Ihale containing Playing, Visiting and Converalion Cards,
s'efor the v,,ir 183) was 3,44F.,96. For last year it Black Broad Cloth, White Cotton, Ladies' and Genldenen's Silk, Cotton whole and
wm4,3'28,lt.25. Soi Itlt tle iincre*ae has been nearly one ] Quilts, Loom SirtinL, ac. ac. &d. Il.f i We, L
ili,,; 5.I1K)0 ,ore llta n entiripei.d in Drconler,- Tr---CASH, before delivery. Ladies' and G tlemen's Kid and Wash Leather
a n.iiber iiot buelw lhe total isle of sonme of tile most May 19th. (;ai'v Ge
ilar alnd nr.prctable evemi,.i palmr! Such is e ill- i-- Ldies' and Gentlc-nU's BShoer,
diotr ,nt refor b The John B we see, i.e taken BY JOINSON & SAUNDI. IS. An asornnient of I'erlunMtrv, viL
diifrencle to reform The John Ball, ie tv, liRo insen and Lavender Want., tooth >n IHair
lbhralI of tle .lAg. Every line fluid its level in iis On Monday next, the 2st L ndr ins, t h d
,,mlt' y ii dim tiite. We approve of time politics of h,,i- 0" -lodq next, or' 2lst iJtan Powder,
ter paper, .it there is a idle ditTercnce in tle ,la raicr AT THE T.NDIVu. O Pommtum and Hair Oil, Colore and Honey Water
f th1te Iw p.iblicarions. Poor CobhetL is at a Iow ehl At 10 O'*loek. A. Milk or oses, xtract and Eenoe of Rour,
lr lhan even last year All his lies ud ali,e won't \ ill be sold An ootamento Sa p, C dito oB Tow,
Tooth, Hair and Cost Brushes,
mIl him, up. lied.oes not sell stonany this, as tie FOR CASH, A small assortment of Jewellry.
Farmrr's Journal.-.ondonm Tisim. Superfine fresh Flour, WIT --
-T- ,Rice, Co n, Sugam, An assortment o.f oar artiles.
ir ii-.,rvrmy Sthirl Mr.g-The I tiornt tah. or pealimient. BHuler, Lard, HIlmn, TERMIS-Imnnmeate CASH, for all sims below if;
eni,." .inil autdn the public arcrounti. ''mThe king h.i aI ivln, Soap, Candles, l iTuacco, above llat amount, three Months' Credit, ao giving ap-
but ilim eIll h exereised only wire (In the s;ln plroplilllln Cheese, Pork, Beef, &c. bc. proved seerrity.
(im.n lht.i.horthini so that. if that boly paiss n acet ir mhe .IA N. B. The sale will he continued from day to day, an-
thur.l lime. It bhecornils law. imlrer It ro i. Inl fac. therelure. At Ito minthsl Credit, lil thle wlole is old off.
Ihe Ipower oIf ltie Kinl. when ol1po-edl to that ilf iIi, pieple'. 5 puncheonI high piuuoa Januiica Rum.
s.eiul. oinlyv o tiU. pruoraction of the (l4riul of a Ilw' fir-l May 9ith. UY IIENRY (HEENSLADE & CO.
operation tl lie ninth year. isn tile II*mentIIr of tie rllrlieel - -- -
Itveo I.1y. 'The .ortlini.a is o. ii lg. I :.v ,- II ., r I B Y jIII:tY ADDERILIY. On Monday he 28th inst*at
the smmnhltoy. In iprPenit a erunolS, m|pecltl Iv. ."m, e oi t he
uemn,.mr. ardreme.,l mi ro.are woolle cl,. like llnlketE. O nday nxt, the 21 stant AT Tir VRNDUE ln,
mwi! hair hIalgirll prfutseIlly ler lthe holiiml'rl I ,adtlljrttntt- A t 0O1 o10 l.l< if i r t.rlOnlllI: .iha a.,Il otl oil'm l .i t if l i. '1 he AT Tile 1 it: Mitr t W ill be told
,hlh cnloinec. Is well a% their humble innl, nf |fllaking, ,r A Jt 10 O'Olook AL U sl
ethe, n ,l.l ish e ln ir pini.n., n aln-1. i ,,, 1. l,, e,l ain At 1W ill le s That valuable Lot of Land, with the Buildinge and
pt.rly ,of Ihe.e worlhy oisns 01 our norlhern.ll.ll iry. Thr y I olltr iiiimrovenents thereoi, situate ae tt Nortb West
Il la alL oi dlay. onrcanown is her.. le ,ire Ir ] Smiiprfine F lo:r. ill barrel, corner oat tai Elasern Parade, tle property of the las
f lux.trl had inroiiduced almuses hicit rell h1 r i e'r.rr e i Suiar, in ibaruls, Mlr. Joseph lall. A full description will be given at the
hinml.-- l'rh handof a modleralr. judic ,oes. inIl l ('.ii i.I:.:. re- l'IlJ a Ilh.brcCo, in dlilto, l onsr of sale.
mmnn. ir tllie lal.bour of thie dav. lhe memllel i all .line 1o- I .oap andii (andllles, in boxes,. Terma-si- olls' Creddit, a giving apprord ar-
pillIhr III a tlrtP room in Ilie firsl nt r of lte I Ior in 11 .i1 h' Irisi liiliter, cariy.
I .I e. Thri ale i< li.i out neall.. Iltm i nolt mt I r. I.l) 'l. I LDrv goods &c. &r. iM.iv 191h
awl derirated withll owern. a sinmille anl'ul ubSil,? I SO-_ - -
for :he iler oramnesl of more lIsurI.lus rlo,,uni,,. The (Without reerve,) BYII NRYAD)ERLEY.
tolnilltulniln purely ilelnncralir. Allllmrrere ifC arn r 100 bar.Il C r
nore is rarritl to cith an extent. Ih.r onlr IhrFe ,if llir ne- 10 hars ('nrn,
ceat n,,mlms are left in Norway and he ll, set i.m wI le wlh Terms-C.\X ll, on delivery. On M.nday the 28tK iadmnt,
them. nr wirh their .ion.. Moral esexllence is hereafter Io At three months' Credit, AT THE VENOuIC InerILs
(mnnte he rly di.i rtion blriIet n all amnd man.-Elliutl'si A liandsoiei mild bruke saddle and draft Mulo. At 11 O'oloIk. ia M
lirtafmrn Ihi ."urthA.,f EKrojE May 19th. W ll usld
SThat valuable and well known plantation, called Cocoa
Tl'he meeting! of the Commissioners of Corres- BY IIENRY AIDEILEY. Nul G(ove, about two uiles to te Westward of de ltown,
pr irrc, is postponed until Monday next at two o'clock. O d a i containing Stilo acres-* great part of which has aever
ll i ppod until Monday next at two o'clock. O, t ist i been under cultivation. About one lund-ed acre an en-
h I14_h. Imsediatly fetafter te Sal at the Vendu Ilw, closed by stone walls, in ten acre pasture.
At time Stores of Messrs. John Thomson & Co. TIera is, on bse above Uanc, an imrnmen quantity of
Will be sold Firewood, which would render it a valuable consideratiM
A quantity of Bar snd Rod Iran, to any person disposed toenr ino cualract (io the supply
_.:ia Locks, Calircwa, Russia Dr;!l, o. Ac. of tih (Garrisun. Its inestlimmble properties, on tbhe am
.. -R Being sundries thrown overboard at (;inger Key, from of putlura e, are sowell knows,it requires Dorecmma-
PORT OF NAN I'. Nt P. the British brig Sterlinghire, of Liverpool, bound to the dation.-- h Fuoit lutre are innuaoerable, sad of every
tXll\ ED.) Ilavana, and mved by undlry wrecking vessels. description afforded on thi Island.
S. Terms-CASH, on delivery. In front, there are Irom 10 to 14acuesof OiaseoGra
Hle. 17th-l. 3M. schr. Pinche-r, Lt. Taullb, Cruise May 19th. swell stablidhed and from 500 to 70U Coco NMt ar-
CLE 1iREra, many in bearing.
Mlav 17l,1h-An.. ,rhr. T.Tlr. Si, e%, Glander. New Yotk JUNT RECEIVED, Th following vluae Slae, vis.
" lith Schr. Ch'rl.s, Parry,, N sa Scotia Front St. Salvador,a fine Gelding, which SOPIII, 34 j)ear, an excellent Cook, Washer ad
Slmop I'nion, Allmry, Ialtinmore s for ale. Apply lo
S" clr. Wave, Saunders, New York II. G. ARMBRISTER. Irne. 1
lay 19th. SIUSAN, 10 years, Ilous resah.
S AILED, JANE, 22 years, a good Cook and Walser.
WIyv Iilh-Am. Single Sailor, Fitzeerald. New York FOR SALE,-at credit, TONY, 6 yern.
" 17till Danishl shr. Gov. Rolidc, Olrgaard, N, A London built covered (;G, with good English har- WILLIAM, 8 years.
York news, and a Hur accustomed to buth draft mnd PEGGY, 36 years, Cook and House Serst.
B Sltp ivel, Clr, B. altimore saddle. JACOB, 10 years, very handy about Hem.
Ilth II. IN.t icr. Siwdwrll, Lt. Warren, Cruie May 16il
S Sloop I nion, Albury, Baltimore -- POLIDORE. 50 years, a Driver and Field hed.
NOTICE. BINAl., 46 years, dilo.
The Amerircn schooller McDolmnotnh, Capanin Smitl, LL PERSONS having demands against the Estate JEFFERY. 17 years,aerusomed Io work widhlMaie
en* Plhilddllplhia bound In, tal Ilavana, was wrecked on of Joseph aundlers, late of the Island of New and Plasterer for the lst two yarn.
I tll inttan,,, at Great Guana Key, Abaro. The crew Providence, gendenman, deceased, are requested to render PRINCE, 47 year, a Carpenler.
vell; alO,, the major part of thie cargo, which has beea the me duy tested; and those indebted to the id PR jr. 5 ar, ccuod dr
for PRINCE, Jr. 15 yease. accustossed to drive a Cat
Itanigh, to this port. Estate, are likewise requested to make immadiete pay- AARON, iE j yen, a very mrt waiuag Day, pini-
----- to ai ARr. recanl, at the office of (. P. Wood, lsqire. A lRON, 1 eas a very smar witi pr.i-
PASF.NGER. ARRIVED. THOMPSON SAUNDERS, Executor. GOR N, I ear co ploy wh Dray.
aI the schooner Puumon, from Philadelphia :-Mr. April 2d. JERRT, 10 ears, handy aboM a Hos.
I1ery Ba ldwin. FQR SALE. 7 sr.-.or.m a-.t' Credit, -a ria ppr a-
la th Am. schooner Crss Ann, from Philadelphia :- The choice of 2 Lnt of Land, with the critr.
n II schr. Pinchr :-L. Sephen Hill, o H. l building and improvements locon, situa in May 16th.
t. M.India R. Pin r :-sd Lade. Hill, of H. Prince'arstee. generally known by lhe "am of
SIndia Rin, nd Lady. Lightfoot, or Cupid's Row. LANK FORMS,of every descriplion.nm y be pro-
PA.iSENGERS SAILED. For Terms and other particular, apply tothe Sub- U cured at hi Office.
In die Danish schooner (;ov. Roltelc, for New York:-- scribers. NB.-Job Printin exerruld with nenlnes and doi.
Willih Wchl,, E.,-ilir.', C'omplroller of II. M. Custonli, HENRY GREENSLADE& Co. pech, upon rood paper, and on uoerate s ars.
Iad (;orgec P. Wood, EL.quri,.. March 3d. January 4, 1832.


S%.| orais, which always act is CiO ert with that ed Vienna, has, Eery persn about to liave these Ilas .,
was very genirl" la th L tr Cdalntta. "Moy water living ompeted i army, jut at an truoswig reided terseinfor the space of THIRTT D
timm qaad lives," aciaidlgf to a had bass diary levy of i f tr bael tlq-sON thie sate or
L- Is. ms h did mdIn k eace at 1 eosa, and is nanolngand arAy g ul 1 slips of war." gisve purity at the Seelaw's OJ. e, orpst uph Amas
Fulah(s 4 miles. W.),iLadhadjislgrillageM. ThaAnegburgh Gaeste of the fath instant, comsis saidOjcEf mrrrTim DA*s pcriousto hiadeprfot .
H. M. ship Connt had sl arrived from Mew oulth. Ih oiewing -" prile accounts from Cobleotz of th te tr whic, at Pn tim durig rPanr-vray av,
Wales, leaving unrd low *@Ai r 10ti iwdiion 'f 19h Instant, state that thiee vessels arrived there on the T
remnernail C IsTlabolea of Fltetrn'sblthind to (Oahllei 19th with about 1500 emig is, partly from Dad.n and may be obtaiAd.
" will be irmmembo id,"sys the Ualcmutt Gazette, pail from tlle Grand Durhy of lleme. They are on NAMES OF PERSONS
" that the Mule@"Is' apjild themselves with wives their'wy to North America. The convocation of the ABOuT TO OBTAIn TiCKETa rot a airan.
from isi Ilmand lbAmrs glig to Phealmr, and two of the statat of Weimar hs been postponed till autumn." Let- ad February Elizabeth Bulliv.
wimien whoie ctm-pi ted the Molineers returned in lthe ter from yienna of the 2Lst intent, quote Mletallics, ath Ember Robinsoo
T'renspitts 'lthe place ofiheir birth. The mealing be- Five per Cnts. at H711-16 ; ditto Four per Coats. lah April Margaret Chipehlr
tweer them Rid thelr relatives is described as alumst l-- llreinam Josona
dieron 'r.omn the Jamaica C'ur*nt. tt Emily Johnson
Calttai Ikeember 11.-While the Moulaveec in We have been requested by a Merchant of this City to tt W. I. AlerInd
Iower Manal are so active and dangerous that hor!, f.iotl publisl thle I llowing translation :- ih lmis Deanai
and artillery, re agent out against them, the din of distur- rtom the olgota Goermnitt Gazette, 23d Feb. slh Srahl IlklAWi
ance is coming down to as from the farther quarters of An absence of a few days in the country prevented tie nth .May IV. o. F
tih el pine. Editor from noticing certain publications in time Jalnaicu I Ih (eo. S. nIoy
We are compelled In admit that there is a growing he- (:Corant of k23m and 26th of December, niany copies of
li.f lhat Ifflirs are not procrteding in the calm ani train- which have been sent here to the friends of the had Io- Ri Ck'SNEW -YOK TYPE FQ '-6
quiil course li.y were wont to pmrsiue: and we regret ta. reirgners rreiding in Jamaica, who were expelled from tabliSed in Y813.-Trle ubscriber lias tcumt,
state thut. in addition to rumours of diaturbanre ilr re- i New Grenada, in consemaence if havin enn'ioilled rimnes ew ition orf iis book ol Siecime n., wii hidl, id
.sisanre to our authority, there is a very general trllaini I which in any other country would have forlfited their lives. I stone, ond oiler Prinles diof poed c o buhy froh him
of increasing poverty ld wretchledness aniun tIong lit's, The fliit article Iurlpors to he a letter from Bogona, and ay toers, sulid othn ppicrin HIs isp d un dry No him,
in the Upper Provinces-a renimrkable falling otil il the ahouno. in abuh of Ilis Excellency the Vice Presidlent, and 20e supplied on s pliat in e i Foundry ll.
rand 20 Augustus street, behind the City Hall. lie would
triillA-iolM of thle parl of ill-ni e.ipda'd in ltra anl a 1 IIencr Jose Maria Obandi, and ot many well tried Ia- remark, fIr Ith information of those who have not bee n
gpne', .I hakint of credit, which threatens to be attendeI dl 'i iws, mentmlwrs of i present convention. ~ n te hait of dealing with him, and because a deent in
with verv serihsionlese snd inconveniences tn the native ver ldoubltid that some individuals that yet iesid among lice his been extensively iniruluced, tllat Ili book coauin-
ba.esriOf Calcutta. Iil iapplearsltol e participating with Iei, of thrill sme foreign party that overthrew the constitu- nothing but the actual productions of his own Found,
othicr paris of the world in thle general stagnation of ll tioun, and murdered hundreds of our citizens in August,: and presents a true specimen of wlat will be furnislid ;
laboetsi of indlstrv, and the general a,|lrehensitin if sntie 11 M would move heaven snid earth to regain that pwe orders. The assortment is very cunmplete, lias been d.
siollnt disorgonisation in the old and stiled state ot which lt.y attainedbywadingthroughso nuclhlood,andll y liberately and carefully in twenty years brought to ita pr
iings,. rpeIraiig anso many crimes, and front hclich they were sent high state of perfection, snid embraces a variety of
latet from ('Cato.--B the ships Panama and Mc- driven in May ilst, by tle simullaneou efforts ofpairiotnlism. syles, adapted to different tis and to the various dipsn.
1,,ellan, we li-,e received (says the NeS! York Journ;al of Wliie lite few traitors Ihre have aniiles Inln tleir faces ,enisof printing Newspaper, Book and Job, t ghl iiI, ln.
(.lluerm I.) C.Aston papers to Dec. 19th, inclusive; Iboutl a"d henoy on their liltr, they iave poison in their liarts, ed. nd cast of the most servicebllc etoal. Not to notice
a i.on1t, lair tilhan our pr.oviou. accounts. lere they constantly cy oat peace ; obli vion to le past. the varieties which are distinguished by their uuumber is
A tiru broke out at Canton. Dec. 91h, which burnt to and profess to Ie satisfied to le the people M ake choice of the Book, it conlains of
,le,.l a poor wmrian, Iher danehler, ani two young chil- aheir own pbllic servants; but this is ill t Ialk Iypocri.y. HOM.N and ITALIC 27 sizes, from twelve-line Pica
lri,.. Tioe conflagration dmes notl ap|oar to have been These very Mnn. all if %hoi are well known, are carry- to Pearl.
ensivu,. nar ing on a wet-klv corres"lnldenco with (;arria-dl-ltio, I'\wO-LINE: snd TITLE, 15 sizes, Two-line Colum.
Wo have pleasure, vays ltm Canon Register, in nn- JohnsIon, andi O'Lear dvisinc then to rernail in Jamni- bian to Aae.
n.mncing thalt ai arranLaenint hlas let nih been conchi- rca, nd that err Ion, ti' party hre-, illi ret up a snr e- ISt IED, 13 sizes, Ten-line Pica to Long Primer.
hli- l ior ile Iaymeiwnt of Chun-qiad's delts. lwcei ile (etnlre and lthe So,.|h, whiti will result ltvour- Ir \ LI \1 7 .i7.,z, Seetn-line PI'ie to Long Primir.
Wlllia,. L .yo n, fou th oilrcKr of lime Company's ship) a'ly to their i inital 1i*rierrs. Public opinion in tI',. ANTI'I L, 17 sizes, Ten-lie Pica .iNonmreil.
Ilvhe, i.1 eit sanen, e dr N t, 'ntre .ine ro-ly o isrerIn ii trie,.ti .al. in ahnliouih nine-trenili IlL t 'K, 12 sizes, F'ou r-linoe Pia to MFI nioi,,
i', h.,i .t o a h l. t. of all the i,-ope are sincerely attached ti the goverineini, OP:N ILACK,5 size%, Fuur-lile Pica to Great P-,.
[nadalion at .Vanking.-The heavy rain first rbam- a"' th c.iiltry i;s sriklly ranquil, it is i..prrestIed r.
minencid in thle ttl 61f July. and conlinite l lti pour in lr- Ie in a oate of fernuiation hol.olly incomipatible it m RIPT, 2 sizes, Double Small Pica and Greait Pi- for three wlelo dys, o thatl th city was entirely te ei e of peace. e i Prese nd r.
roan e rely nrronn.irel fried of frii. o avern-ti
laid under w, .ner ; Init it was nolt ill lihe raurrlince on the 'nearly l e rolintitl frit-ile of free (ven- i|eitlei Ml|lsic, Back Sloip, Ornamentlr I.ltlctl and
5nhh and (th, tf JIf July, that the Yang-ilne-kranl over- i nIe t are r'epre.nltred as mi.onstr i. tin unin, snii 1-;. PIie Lrt -iigor, nI ri Suer.ri, ., \1 tiI..nm-l
tlHwd ils bank, a.nd ruling in a hody on the rity, rnm i corr's o se .lo arIe exp-led, and t re anii other oigns, Spaco Rulee, BUra ir 1s.., Oirn-..nitnid
tie .irects all inI otlhice to the lh.iht of froi lo 3' rudllleng I Jla l.. Ihope Y ,v natic nil al ruius I)es o. Long Braces, ore ilian 2W ki s i flur,
tied 4 cohlila. Timl vlagoe and colleges in the outskirtl Ibels u* i a i uC ll ihi g itonenrd w tet ,iiil 1% th( ts i. al O(rnanenta for School Uooks, oNes.
of the city were of course destroyed. anId those of their an1 u'on Ille Ilrest patriot of Niw (irennaIl, to dlera.le.
inla.bitnlt. iho did not perin h wilt them, reduced in that he country in the eslimaloit olf llll othr l tion.a d tmhua 1 11t I ll ersfr anof l and ,o fr Pre. Ch
IOrders fr ass- of aiier, and suit fitr Prese, Cliss,
over. Ild province to a stale of abject misery. A t create disconteltt ainnoni ie iopl),., int aid oi their oI .mposine Stick,, (, Furniturl, Prining Ink,or any
minitl.rha lus been specillally aiointed by theEmperor tol A w ine rlqued n the rinin busies, ill beex cuied
reqMir Ilither aid atlltnd to tle sullferers, wilh d on w, hy are frustralind with cres i'r fI jite. Wc lo tihe i Ii nvourable ternis, ad witl he nn ill ul ironi ln
to r all them gi in t public courts and temple, ot mention their nanmei biri, ii.ner ilne i. n iropr i. iar ck of t odry acles as
a"n to provide therm with daily provisions. vere l O thi has not arriv, l a ii i.,,rl lit. ,l,.,r. ,- at ieil.
cars haIve i ,n depraed for ine"ntion or extortion ; and irtuers riar C'au,, Rin, (oltotat it is Ittlitsel %:ts ii iRl
all the duties on grain vessels have bn remitted. The by a foreign n II hl-tJliia, ii ot r o pe st i al-riL-
nter province wh ich h .ave sl anurd ino ian-lw iybt, s lentn. in sIpportof a onar .)O'l.arr., 'I Idn1n- n111' e llr ain andho foear a irln"-r I tn"i tine t' to
Keagi and Ho-as ; ut being mountainous, tie on, and ae Invenofern tha i1e of it it clats can lungI ti .iti dr ill rece pas ioi nt itr aiI n am ne i, f. Ir
wme lua eor- l f then : lwhreas at NankieaLond itl inay o even uipon tlm p.nple of Jailaiir. hchale I'ruonil e Fou (lsto lu tr i.u s tile anioullunt
neigaiOhbebnl from the prolimily of large lake, t ie 'l e secondd prodliicii.n in whilh we hnvo mole a lhui I uin, w tiE I'CE.
catr. are drawn off but sowly. is 7ined e John Johnlssnn," which pilrprt. In he rplFi -i N esork, January, 1 -H1.
Boxeedi.-The yousn man whhorm have formerly a a letter frol Mr. Auiustiq Lelinod, o ldi.lied in (,n,. of -. ....
meationnedwhn waried formuirdering hb father and ih e New York pa|ns, conituning lh i ,ll, ,nowil u itilrilenl t .E N I, U tHRIDER U i
tvral othr of the frmili, by piltin niion in their food, --" The a.sH mins Jolnstn anti, who, noe yv-rr ju n rccois d, ier brrl r au, arod O.rn fnr
unelsrwoant o fth uh l.ala. low ad ignominous death, snce, cet siong the army hoverihr.w ,the cnitit.a- sale at lt, sh.p, l, ,t.,i1 occnpi,.,d I Mr. VIm.
r ri n p p pe llbrrey t6ib~ onl toher nrles, ai n ie ered n ter cnlt y n *th lle Ilnel I. Ilrenson, liri filliowing iriti.u an iirt'd ilt., vc, .-
heig ca ts paces by 36 knmvre. tiont l vso 1 snila tllr entr-ld ihe Jcity with their hrI
By a report of the board uf revenue, it appears that t1, i tov ewi blood st ill f ron he pril. rvin .;". (ria roet t,,lie J.Ip psrn.,I Ih. cr
the raccmulation of several, the provinceinf China viva I rli io y mue ran lo lherl ..,' w nere Sna, Hlir Sulpliue, Soi
min debt to (miveransent o the amount of 1',74,fl O to leave Cdonmhisa unnimol.-d, and witil the f,rTintr.,e whlirl It tic htIUe, Pet' its ll r Bla k. tII M]' rlui. ( aI-
ta of apaid dintes, taxes. fe. they had wrenched faun this iinforionatc people." Wh e ,lo l .iiate of SuI.o da ar, r triti \ I, rli.n.ll. l'lit.r
h om _alGprol o .- kno ew any thinC of the amount l f money which Jnhn-. ( il'rea,, ('eri Aiahtic, P'arl Ahl. (r.ait Tat-
ITALY. Iton took away with him, but it is sell known, .hat inlread l.r, MaInna, (:'amlmihr, lBal.ilcon (invalitll. 'Tin'
atract nf a ltenor from Rowe, dated the 13th inslanl. of ubine nnter y a military ntan, as lie a, lie wa for w as f ner''' (''''ae, Ni1[. Las. Imrr, Sill;hlriti ."'ir.
SAll faorei newspapers are prohibited, except then for long time occupied as a merchant, anti Iha tli ons Spiris Niire, Sppireit IIllrtirni, i .\'. ('" "%n
the o*vJe Amba ndoem and other diploneatic residents of ie rentees of the Salt Minres, and no one dMlob tlthl ti rel lie.ry'sie C.linl NMagnesi, I 4ru- I re
Ili Holine reafue o make any further concessions than he wna prompted to bsale his iandis in tle llnond orf lli I 'riII, Oil Ch .1i, Odi Ani.i. '
those granted by the Edict. General Cubieres has ec- people, by promises from la a un. int, rl lal s.a of a pecuainiary re n' "tal ,
rhentmd visi with the Captain of the Austrin frigate For his disinterested eiTirla to io jiiirce ton lil pele of'l urligion tIalsain, Britili U 7 i 1
Bandiers, which immediately aftPrwards got under weigh. New Grenada, Mr. Leland is entitled tu thie thanks ol all al'ovledi, .iciiItena I)lnii.. r...r. ,. (Ia-
Thn Coeul Ganeral of France at Civita Vecchit, 1h. honounlle men. mnlile Fi'l..-w.r, Oil i.\illir, I.i\ r i '. .. 'O,
tyl. is arrived at Ancuna. The Legate of Pesaro has Johnston (or the iadi idlitl whio prepared the letter for h ]larlaena 0.!, &i. &r. &..
published u edict to tranquillp e dhe inhabitants oa the im) after pourin, not the imnost innseastued fIou- upon r '. C. titu T.
iecl of the intealention of France. Prince Frederick r. Leland, assails the Virc President nd Mr. Moore, NI' Prcsrriptiis ill b1 Le ari lul) altt;in,.,lt I l
of Nemehe eamhed Femromwitha reinformentof n M)O Envoy Eitraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of tle nia le ulp.
Amrians. The only fore remaining in the Lation ia United Stateu with the moit stroeioti slanders, and char- May 16 1.
Rne of theo ohlcen of lhe Csierms nd of ihe police. as the hitter with having induced Mr. Lplanl to writeO C ---I
Reinforcement hlae baen anl to Civi Vecchia, soh the letter which called forth hi addresr. We aire u tho- FI NL L NO)TICr I:.
enot single French ship of iwr ha been h en off he elied n nmy, thaI dhis statemni is as deituleof f T IIE SI'BSf I CRIIIEHS IleiMn rli..! Ith nmerranteii
port. Autlia heralded d upun Sardini to rse-esblih witwih dation asuIe libel upon Mr. Moore, iened John ji concern of the late Hlian J. Sioloion, El.q.,El'ereb
all diligeece, th military rod between Manu and Sper- so" is airciou, wanton, and unprovoken. We know no.ifv to tlluo who still remain in deblehl t Iri lritalr.
ale. It appears to be decided, that in can tie French that Mr. Moore has never injured Johnston. Garin-drl. I tha unless their respective demands ore liquida.lid pre-
LIad en the coam of the Mediterlaean, the Ai ns a re Rio, O'Leary, or any of ateir eompanionn, nor given tlI siouns ao the I *t June, tley will he placed in the hnIds Of
it occupy R and te e of An The d hlghse pr vocation for much an attack. En oying the an Attorney-at-Law, for innedi e recovery.
Freimch as ctlecaing considerable o ite Crsica." entire confidenr of hiown nerneln, nd 'of hl to E. M. OLOMON. Efertroris.
A ltaerfrom Leghorn, daind the 19 h isL as p:- which he i accredited, Mr. Moore has nothing to fear from C. S. ADDUEILEKY, tecuior.
The' Astria bold oaut that shea i n accord with France, the milereble slanderers of Jamaica ; and it i with plea- March 31It.
a takin ea I tmon of the mironge poiaeas I dahisum wre add. that if any thine were wanting to trrnothen -
roetry. The passai of the Tyrol and of Upper Ital and to secure the attachment of the people of oBnrti, O" NII'MA S I\LT, for sale at 1. ce ts pIer Inhel.
is encumhe' with her troops. The Sacred College atihel Minister of the United States, (and of rlich Ihe is U Apply to
reanimated sn I the eight. It hao. probibited all the French biehly desrrvinot) it wruld unduulitedlv be fmirnihed ev tlie TIIO T MAS THOMPSON,
j.,mrnaln; and even the G;andl Duke of Tuscany has for- alt ise which] he lms incurred on account of his .yvml;ally At EIm"a.-
bidden his ;srdei Ju Corps to lead diem-a measure with thie pIrsecutd patriots of New 'r,-nada,. Iritar.s 4ih.

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f \ t4' M KJ U' i f r ^% i ^ ill i if It Cii< 2ia9aiiiA Slr£W ^ Cmuhtdtdfrom ike jirst Pagi) reitored. wlMiadvnUig prill Uhj wjfrern during such a •i^l* >l ihiot/^ iftfin by the fx.'cuiion of totno (> blarku ; iui wh^i rt-iuuiiurttiiun will they receive from iheir dyinJ tlrui our coloniiM,, WfHild tM}|tUe stale which would follow an early and tuiai emancipation. Susceptible only of the ba''r pHMions, ihe .slaves, unUitjht by |lu> bli**ed pri-cxp(s of reliirion and previous civilisation, wouhl either wrt'si iIkj supremacy (tom the hands of thir uianters, or sinking into that idleness, that vi$ inertia; incidental to naturr and the cliuMie, ihcy would exist as unpn>fiiabht sons of Adam, 'hey woidd he a nuisance to all oidoily and w-ll-,li!.|>,m-,I people, from their idh-nfiw, and Hiipat..d habits ; and in tin; course of a fcv*yeais, wasted by di*eae so piovurhially pr.jv.ilent among them', forced from want the very earth itself— these free men wiMjId bitti'riy curse i!i.; hour that called them free, and vainly long for ihe rciurn of that protection which' formerly ih.'v f/ould have received, Avhen in want, from their abuned mu stern. We say vainly long for it; for, alas' u\ Lngiaod — that vein in which talent is to he discovered — should i>elieve in sucb i farrapo of lies, and, Udieving, advocate the interested vieusof the saints, we must confess dues astonish us nut • iatle. • • • • What may be s^h'a ned from Mackenzie's not(?son Haiti, ends in the rnelandioly fact, that the negro*^ there retreat 10 the woods, and barely till the eaith sufficient for their subsistence. The cultivation of the cane has ceased, except for the pur|K>se of making a species of drink called taffia or rum, by means of which tiiey indulge their natural propensities of intoxication and bestiality. To this state it is that the slaves would be rer at lar.e. h A. n Z H... ?1'' uT:!'*'" ""^^''^ ^''' g^^-=^^-''-''ty of soil, the islands. CT" Every person about to leave thue Island having resided therein for the space of rmu^. *' ""^^ give security at the Secretary's Office, or put up l,i,„ said OJice for FIFTEEN days previous to hisdm > '"^""* ter which, at any time during roarr-pivt o^y, ^ "'* may be obtained. NAMES OF PERSONS ABOUT TO 08TA1W TIcKtTS KOR OfPAKTn., .5d February Kh.,e.h S^. [;''''^r Kobinson Margaret Ch.pch,,, fist •• J/~ Joh„oa ^' Alexaoder Miss Denois SBih 18rh April or at large, as fi,rmerlv they were ohiiifod to do for their oii sick and ajjed sIuvhs. Then w.Mild tlto warnint,' voice, once so ni'^jlected, recur to (lie niindi of :!.o |.r.,ievi )r of this theory ; and then, perhaps, tiMjy iHtc!it be iii.kcid to confef>s ihnmH.lves mistaken in ihMir calculMlons. and ovc.ha^tv to achieve thachan.e s vTn t T ? ""^ T i"'u '"*'^' ^V""'*^''"**'*^ ^"''biiierly reiMMUtMi on all haml... '''''""'" "''^^ ^''•*"8 =*; r\*^'-'^; th auth^^^^ resident in with little or no assistance from the hands of man, of themselves would sustain tlieir respective populations. Moreover, we do not hold the opinion that the slaves fhemsc'lvw W(mhl be inclinel to 5el much value upon their freedom ; and this we venture to say, having [)erused lateIt c;nii t>e assrrtet inclined to admit. S4ill, howrvi^r, ur wuuld not defend it on any the island of St. Vincent, a lawyer, and, as far as we know not |>ossessed of any property in slaves himself. I he book IS entitled An Historical Account of the Island of St. Vmcent, by CharUs Sheppard, Esquire.* It touches v.-ry slightly upon th.. theme of slaveiy, cither one •'ay or the other, and is chiefly coiilined to a mere history of the island, from its first discovery by Columbus to the present lime, and an interesting narrative of the Cliarib war which was waged between the original poss-ortunit> of >I.Mi!r|iter and devastation.'' Hitherto >^y .h. Br .i>h parliamen, in iHtKi. In that ar?' L iT. ^^d\^dU:i n r'^" "V "'''''"^' '*"' "J"^**"' -1 ^ ,h.. . .„,.,i.. -^ ,:.,„ r ,;;.•":,,,: > ::;i ;: ~.;"i Stsi;'' i-l-u,exirpt as re^nirds ourstKc*, we fear to very lit lie IMirpo^. Ilovf ever, a n'.mtiMl stop is now pot to that 'ide, wbich formerly was mt only allowed but coun wh.reas, as a slave, he is nouiished and rb^-rishtd in sickness want. and ajfe, and his pains analleviated bv regularly appointed nietlical attendants : make freend his existence is inirr. sling to none->prrhaps nuy bJ a source of dread to all— and he becomes wretched and inis^THble. MrMuppanl, after ennmcratmc some of the improveWCST KFCH \ Ffl .itr ^i • nients lately etfecled in the state of tfie Coloured r. ,n..l. Ji i /.V '**' ^"^' *'-^*"^-"'*' <^r' m Livt-rlion,add>^ ^'^*^^'"f*^P^'PuJ-_IP p.)ol,tliefo!h,wing article, which the SubscnUr. Notwithstnndinp all these, there is one lanjentshledo^ ^. ^^'!*'^'"^"'''V''"*^^'''^^^'r'l'* '• l'PI'nrssmo,aritv. i.nanrpH i,,,! encouraeed by tlxgov.inment; and that "Z *'*"^ice at l;.rge, us we b.ive already said, we assert MS now b, come a crinK-, for which a boon was loimrrly ,' "'^' "'•' ''"^** ' ""^ •" 'r preferable 'condition, being lM-1.1 out as an indiiceni.ut. Wc do not repine at ti.i/I """ '*''*'*'• **^'" ^ ever can be when fr.e, unless with In* nor do any of the owners of such property ; but we smile "'**'''""' '"* "''"^ h. enlai^'ed muHruIouslv. We oi when we conlra.l tlw acu of funiM-r parliaments wWh i ^*""^'^ """*'*''" *''^^ P''"^' '' '>"'dom to wl,, ;, h oi.ld tlMHeot tie prevMil, ruminate on tin* pro.j>ects of the '"'^'" '" ^^ ^**"' "*" ''ntani an^ iinqtialilicd emaf.r;futiiie. We see an assembly at one time hold...g out i''""""* '"' er state he would be cm red lor bv no eveiy inducement, every encouraceiiM'nt to the West In' "" dian, rearinjr him as a tender infant, and fjr much the same r.-a*>n thnt a mother would, lecaue tin; hopes of her age dfprnd uf>on his succour. Year after year wc watch the ificre;.ing thle of revenmderived from lheicttlements • nordowelwar any complaint from the plaatrs against the; iM-avy duties imposed by the mt)tlier country. Suddenly. Iwwever. the prospect is chargr,! with heavy clouds and the West Imlians perceive their blight fortune rhang-' n.g. Thcnaraesm the state a knot of men who advocate,, ^. ^ ^-v. ...... ..,„^,„,,„e no•trenuoody the aMition of that trade whirh/arw^r/v ,r '.'<^'<*"<'y TIktc is no public or private establinhment a sourct of K>eaUh and prnfit to themselrrs, and from ''' •''^ ''•'••t'f " tif agi^ or sick pooi trAiV^and /Vw ink'Airi lAey hare Withdrawn their sfKcuhUions. Xiie !"'""*"** *^^ ''-•' slaves on the estates in thyroid are lrae r""!'*' "' '''*^ '''*' ^''a**^'. He free blick and tinsl^vo ? |HN,pIo of England. Not content witii this, the same n.en, I l' "7;j."> one vi romantic as to say, better starve and Iter a while, as earnestly insist u(>on the necessity of eman, 1 disease as a freeman, than live happily as a slave ? cipating the sUves n..w on our difl'erent colonies with-' "<^ <^"*^. '" 0"r o-' ' • oit -• • . • the lh their side iIkj excited, and purjwsely misguided, filling, I P*^' '" '^^^'^ ^"^'^ infinitely s.ij>er;or the condition of a of th people, who, .norant of every thing connected i *!*'*' '" '''** "^ '"^eeman in thai island, when aee and inied with the most enorI "/T" "PP'-^m him. We m;.y take this as a specimen -'-' "^ '^ ^-'—^ UHo disce omnes. Let any one, like Mr BRUCE'S NEW YUKK TYIE FOlfNDRvT tablished in ISl.'J.-Tbe .subscriber has co 'l ^ a new edition of his book of S|>ecimens, with wUh customers, and other Printers disposed to buy from k may be supplied on application at his Foundry No. ?j and 20 Augustus street, behind tlie City Hall H. 1 remark, for the information of those who have not bee the habit of dealing with him, and because a different ^n tice has been extensively iniroiluced, tlwt his book ,oIZL nothing but the actual productions of his own Found and presents a true sj>ecimen of what will \^ furnished a orders. I lie ass(rtment is very complete, has been ^ hherately and carefully in twenty years brought to it. nn^ sent high state of perfection, and embraces a\I styirs, adapted t.. different tastes and to the various d*.pn mentsof printing Newspaper, Book and Job, highly finish", ed; and cast ol the most sorviceaMe njetal. Not to notice the varieties which are distinguished by their nuinbca m tiie Book, It contains of ROMAN and I FA Lie 27 sizes, from tvvelve.lineP.r, to I*arl. rWO-LIXE .„d Til'LE, 15,„,CJ„a. liian to Agate. ?P A^i*"i'vl^ *'*'^' Ten.:i.,e Pica to Long Prin.. r. I I ALI A.>, 7 Seven-line Pica to Lon/ Priaer A NTIQCE. 17 sizes, Ten-lin, P^ra toNoir,we.r BL\( K, 12 s!7,es, Four-line Pica to Minion. OPEN BLACK, 5 sizes, Pica to tirci' V mer. ^SCRIPT, 2 sizes, Double Small Pica an'" Ore P • mer. Besi.los Music, Back Shipe, Ornamented Leif..,nd Loiter-y h, Lauren, P.ece Fractions, Super! rs, Avtionnmr.' and other Signs. Space K-les, F^i.lrs, OrfMnt-ni^j L>asbes, Lon^ Braces, mora than 200 k.rls of f: t-rs and 1000 Cuts and Orna.runU for ••^rhool Books, .\caip:i}ers, ^nd Scientific imrkj. Orders for any of •hese, and al. > for Press* s, Chasr^, Comp ,sing Slicks, Cast^. Furniture, Pri ting Ink.or iiu thin^re^iuired in the Printing busiiu.HS, will be executed ^n Ihe iii.Ht favourable terms, and with tlie utmost prom^.ilude, a large slock of iJie I oiindry articles being al^vi onlnnd. ** (T/** Printers of newspapers wlio publish fhi^advertisen>ijt tliiee ti.nes, and lorwn-d a |.'iier c-.i-uinlnp jt to the I onndry, will receive payo.ent for ti.. same, if tiiev purchase from the Foundry, to fo-ii times ile am ,uot. ., V T GEO. BRUCL iNew lork, January, 18iJ2. oILts Iw for CASH : Zf-bra Sfri|ed and f'lerical Socks, Women's, Fancy Union Drill, i-otto.i Drill, Sew incT Twirf*. Hair Cord and Furniture Diiuity, Iron Pots, Dutch Ovcns, Sat! Irons, Iron Tea Keliies, tin'd inside, Arc. Ac. A-. ., ,„. W. K. B. SAiNDS. May 12th. rith tlie subject, are daily crammeu *,Tn me most enor. mous faUities. aad to whom exaggerated leporU are dished "^ ^^ '^**' up with all tlie skill of a French cook, who varies an egt five hundred Uiue*. Tliey are informed that the West In Sheppard, v,t tl^hut of tlie slave, and watch him narApril 2d. FIXAI. IVOTICK. d.a.s ab-.c .'H.i, Slav "" ^hU:\rJ'vT'^ ?"'"> his ho'ydays HpnE SUBSCRIBERS, |.^ d t:;e merrantr.. ca.-,. at.c ..,. s.ave. .eporu are propagated of wo^^'Z ._f 1^ "*' ^^">'f^^v ; and then let bim go into the 1 jL concerns of tlie late Elias J. Soien on, Eq.. herely men lacerated in the most disgusting wa\ At\d goaded on to work till n.liMje sinks exhausted untlertlieh^ad of c.ueltv • r r--^ -.^ w. ...„y „„e and sutTeniig. Tbu arm.Nl. the most sweet voices of tlw I ^*.'""g'n;. luewd guess as to the result of his b,er-' Kople are reser>e'"'"* 'er a long debate in the House town and UiPrr. m..^,, • ""•"""; """co inio inr i ^ cncrti, oi tiw laie U:as J. S.. .n on, K-).,lxTH rfroour .nrfThT^r "• rt-sKiencc of ,he .r. people noLfS,. ,h„.. h ,.il| ren,:.m i,. i.bud .o hi, E^U-K. we ,„„g,nP, ,l„ed e,„.„ „ ,„ ,he pos„lt ..f hi, „l..„. v.o lo tl, I„ J„„e, ihev will be place,! in ll lian.:. of in tlie iMuied braiw of tU fanatic, or enthusiastic n^Mhodisi ; who, eified with jbe os rotundum of tla^ Greeks purs firth an incoherent ihapMxly relating to the horrors ot slavery, and is a ereat prearber in his conie cnn bardly hope tor a just hearing of a fair statement of th6 facts which may be prinJuced in evidence lo support the view we have taken of this case. ^ an Attorney-at-Law, for immediate recovery. E. M. SOLOMON,' Executrix. „ C. S. ADDERLEY, Executor. March 31st. I r I*'* 'f''*""' ^*<*"ont of the Ishnd of .^t. Vincen* Bv pris. u> ; but that lhu*e who call tbm:cIrVs the gentlemen St."jlme. J''''"''' *"'"'' *''""^""' ^ ''^"'**'' ^'**'30' •, ftr-tfatioa. Tlwt liu h sln.uld be led away, does not suri ChJ] EXCMA SALT, for sale at 1-^ cents per bushel. Apply to February 4th. THOMAS THOMPSON, At Kxunii. t-^m^ <^ iili^HUi: muUH, lldilor. THE BAHA.MV AIi(JUS. ^iTiunvv. n\\ iiMsa-^. Hiiii M;ULISIIKI i:Mi-W*.KKLV l.\ .VASSAU, N. r. BiTlit D^lltirs per annum — Xn advance. ON THE SI DDEN DEATH OF A YOING LADV. V A nil KM). And can it be. th;t die. Whni we last m^t. lier smile >vi^ liricht, IIpi voire was clear, her lo(.f'tep li'jlit, Urnis in the yay hall, Whs tiesrin d to the tomb ?' And vet hi'i knt II of (leach has rune And Angels have her re(pieai sung I Oh' who shall dry that incMher'n eve ? And wtio shall slay the l>nrsnii^si"b That heaves a sister's hreast ? Who cheek the tears that kindred wvp Ai'tniid that sad and dreirnhss sleep, \> hicli K*als her earihly r -^l .' Or who, the heavy tidiii;.'^ tdl To him, who lov"d this ehdd so well ? There is a pcuver which wipe* :il| tear^, Aiid calueie. To ii^bi ihr panil'nl ulooni, And whispeis, that her |)artu):z hreaili Has •• triuinph'd over sin and death." AngoU have welcom'd her ab .ve. In liMiiiis of praise anilheat'niv love; And II4IW she ynus the throng. Who flow hefor*' ihejr lathers lace. And celebrate redeeming jraco III everlastirii; hjuij; :— '• Wep not lor her ; but sirivf to Rain, llet relune from disease and pain." Pahis. :Gth Jjuuarv, MUM. El ROPEA.N EXTRACTS. Order in CnuHcif.—]\rUi\v \\v hav^ piven an order in Cii;Mil, issued by the Enjlish (iovernment on iie J^H-li of M.rrh. by which it wdl be seen, tint all vessels sailini; from liie I'nited kin-jdoni for the loited Stales, or Rrirsh A oerica, havini,' lifiy |ersons on board, must be proviM with a regularly ediiCrtted surt.''on. From the Londmi (iazrttr, March 27. A supplement to the (ia/.ette wa puhlisheil last nitdil, t'li lining' an Order in Council, dated .M irch 2H, which', >ler recitiuLMhe powers vested in tin; Privy Council by 'Iw late act for the prevention of tho disease called ttinlera,rnns thus : — Ari<| wh;*reas, the said disease hath extended to diff-rent pirts of l^reat Rritain, and ships or vess.-U rarrv"? passeni^ers to the Rritisli possessions in .North Am'eI'H.or lo the United Stales of America, mny In* artected *mi Ihe said disease ; it is therefoie ord.r. d bv the lords |l others of His Majesty's most hononr.ible Privy Counf''. (''f whom the Lord President of the C Mincifis one,) n pursuance of the powers vested in them by the before J^fited act,an*;* to, or for, any i>orl or place i,. Hi.s Majesty's pos•••Mions on tho continent or island of .North .Vineri'ca, or to •r port or place in tho Cnited Stales of America, carry"? o() pTsons or upwards, including; the master and crew, f'^nipiited in the manner prescribed by an act pass<'d in •• ninth year of the reign of the hile kins!, entitled, ^" ct to regulate tho carriafje ol pasx ngers in mer"W'lts' vessels from the Cniled KifiL'dom to the continent •'•'I islands of North Vmerica,' shall he cleared out at any ^ in England or Wales, unless stic'ti ship or vessel sball ^provided with a surgeon, who is to continue during the *'"le of the voyage, and w!io shall produce to the ofTiccrs *l thecistonis at the port where the shift is to be ch-ared, c'riiiica(e of his havinc; passed his examinatioii at "^^•'ou's Hall, io London, or at the Roval VnW,.^*^ of .'^'I'eons in or Dublin, or befo.e liie Medical ••cuhy of the Cnixerbiiy of ( *' And it is hereby finilm uidcii'l, v.iv such surgeon shall have a medicine chest pro|)erly stored with medicine in jiroportion to tho number of [mm sons on board such sliip, ot the kinds and according to the assortment generally used and made for the like voya;es on board His Majesty's ships of war : and before any such ship shall bo allowed to be cleared out, such surgeon shall make a declaration suhject to the usual penalties atMched lot'alse declarations, before the Collector or Comptroller ot the Customs at ihu port from u hence such ship is to be cleared out, of the contents of such medicine chest, and shall further make a like d<>cliiration. subject to the like penalties, that the medicines are of good and piojur quality, and ol the assortment generally used and made for the Voyages on bo.ird of His .Maiesl)'s ships of war, to the best of his knowledge and bcliif, aneakers had reroinmended iht? disconliniianre of ships of the line, of uliicji the French have iio 441, and the construclion of smaller vessels ; ami as a reason for the change, mentioned that by these smaller vessils the Americans had beaten the English in ilieir last naval struggle. — The French .\dmiral replied, as an Englishman wieild have done in similar circumstances — *' At that time it is lui gotten that r>S French ships held in rheck several of the English sipiadrons, and that the Americans were thus able, with some frigates, to fight w ith advantage the English frigates opposed to them. It was then that the .\meiicans, in Older to obtain a superiority in lb •>< vrti. of encounters, put to sea frigates of greater dimensions than any vessels hitherto employed at frigates, and tliercfore having an advantage over them.'* The French navy estimates do not amount to rr>,(KKI,000 of francs, or are less than £2,.VKVHH) sterling. In the couc'.e of bis address, the Minister said it was adiuittud that the French navy slioutd con&ist of 40 ships %OI.. l—lio. I.^XXVIII. ot Uif iid.-, '><) In^aii.^, .nul several lighter vessels. 'Fhe number of .seamen in France might be slated at 97,(MK), r)(>,(KM) of which were efl'eciive hands, and the remainder included the artisans and invalids. With res{>ect to the expenses, he staled, that ibe American navy, which consisted only of r> ships of the line alloat, and 7 in construction, and 16 frigates, cost 23,(MM),IHH)f. ; so that, taking into consideration tlto com|aiative force of the French navy, its cost must b considered as very moderate. From thr lAvcrjHud Chronicle, of March 31. Caution to Itntish Ship (hriers. — We publish tho following as a caution to Rntish ship o\ ners trading to the I'nited Statesof America. — An opinion is entertained by many Hritish merchants and ship owners, that under the Treaty of (\uMmerce with the I'nityd Slates, whatever privileges are enjoyed by .American vessels in the importation of piodiice into this country, ihe liko privileges are enjoyed by British vessels in ihe ports of the Cnited States; but the fact is otherwise. The navigation laws of this country permit the importation by foreign ves.sib, for home use, of articles, the growth, produce, or inanufucture of the country to whiih tht* vessel belongs; iiid some other articles are allowed to be im|oriHd by tlo m, and bonels as truly .uid v.itolly belong lo the subjects of tho couii'ry of whi'.h the gooils are the growth, produce, or manui'acture ; and that if U>rei -n vessels bring any other g(M)ds to ihe ports (d the Cnited Slates, they are subject, with their carges, to be sein H ami condemned as a forfeiture to the Cnited States — and such is the rigour with which the law is cntorced, ihat a British vessel has recently been condemned in the .Admiralty Cmirt of Charleston, for having brom-ht hac! fiom lyiverpool two bales of rtitton, originally shippel ln/in Cli.irle|n in a damaged stale, and lelurncil for fhe ptjr|H>sc of exposing tho fraudulent maiuicr in which the cotton had originally been packed. Hint at I'aisley. — Sunday afternoon some boys discovered two small shovels and a hook on the end of a cord, concealed beneath a small brirlge leading from a coiintrv road near thttnew burying ground. The' instruujenis were taken to the town and exhibited tlnre. The public minected to recover— hut after calling for assistance against this treatment, he shortly expired. Another patient, .Mr. Kincaid, who was recovered, and who was to have Innn dismissed from llie hospital this day, has relapM'd, and now lies in a very dangerous state. A party of cavalry left Glasgow at 4 o'clock for Paisley. The following has been itsiied from ibc Council Office :— •' ( not f>R4 IHHTRICT8. Loos(^^reuof the Imwels is the beginning of Cholera. •* Tboosands of |jv< s may Ir saved by attending in lime to this complaint, which should on noaccfuint he neglected by either young or old. in {daces wIktc the disease prevails. ** Wlwn cramp in theh gs, aims, and belly are felt, with looscneta or sickness at tlve stomach, wh n medical assi.s|. anceis not at hand, three tras|)oonsfoll of mustard fK>wder in half a pint of warm water, or iho same quantity of waruv\ater wi:h as murh common salt as it will melt, should be taken as a vomit; andaflerthe stomach has "been cleared with more warm wafer, twenty-five drps of laudanutn should be taken in a small glasa of any agreeable drink. *' lleatecl Plates or Platters to be applied to the Belly and Pit of the Stomach. ** As Persons run considerable risk of being infected by P 'f ti ^ y


t I I i'. i i il U ^> 1 ii ;• L' | 1/ f'^ :f /I 'f ^|)4r Doi^diira flr^tt^. titiliiig tiuHM' sulfcfing troiii tliu liiv^Mj^ lu cruurfUNl j!uis, i( t% moiii ctiriiesilly rfCMiMiinniJi'd that only il ttiut ihi* (r<>;4liarreu in iiissecluuCMKiuniiciie. — inaMeitiriL', tnen, tiie pHreu lor service. As evu/v hour is now w i '** insiih to hH\t' Ixen premedilaKMi, have v*e not Ldarinu people with intense solicitude, and each nio\' "^ '> tl* [iroof, to lack it. Hud Sir James heen the imp.'irtial rulei the !hLdilest procrantination nie(hialedMii| '""*'**r(ii r the land, shoidd behave sutl'ied a piivave picjue to suspicious eye, e do iM)t know that sjich ** ''^'''"iHi einpt him to vNit theollended, with the punishment of an I even thou<:h it be but Ironi Thursday to \|, 'r"****lf <*, >rt'ender. Ho arrests his enemy, Major Nicolls, tor beinu j it!elt" expedient. It Lord \N lu^rnclitTe Hnl f^' ***'<' rrii<(!iilv in Jlldoi* he riiiwlnct Mtt tiie ;:ifiw> nniniikn uli.>iiM I i ''* lOfili Uti On Thursday last, the Kdiior of thi pa|M.T was taken out of (iuoiupon a writ of Jinhtas (^itrjjus. The period of hit imprisoiinient havini; expired on that day, say three nionthn, and the tine of Xl.>t) iiavine \nrt;ii previously paid, he w-ar 1;^ calendar monihit. We have, for the lasM wo or three davs, had the wratificiition lo receive the con<.'ratidat ions of our triend*<, uho have invariably CTptesHed their astonishment at our |H'rsmal afipearance; bavifi'.' expected to see us with a face, •iniilar io that of the Kuii(ht of the sorrowt'ul countenance." His Kxcell*ncy, no doubt, wan un(b'r the impresijon that nur incarceration wrmid occasion the withdrawal of iIk' friendship of the inhabitaulH tVoni us, and that such a siv'nal desertion would be the pa^Nin^-beli to the Argus. ttut in ihal lie ha* been mistaken. The people have not bien cold obniTVers of tlw fx-riwculion that has been levelb^d at iH ; they have not behtdd, unconcerned, the clariii" Hliempts to luin u ; but they have tfiven stronfr declarationsiof friendship and sup|wut. The Aryus is in u ihrivini" condition, as iti advertisinc cohituns prov** ; our suh•cription list has l)een Wf'ekly, nay almost dailv, Inr reasine, for the last three or four months, — noiwiihsiandin*' the pi-rsonal alakence of oursilves, from the scene of our labool^. Nt.w, what does all ibis infer ? In it not demonirahio, lhal the people phce almost unlimited conlidence i in u%} \nd do;s it not fi'ily i-kovk, that the elf dared not : 'sober ami bona fide relleciion upon ile cl *'. •^'*" And what inference can we lraw troni this, but that the I bill in relation to iIm* stale of the country the ^.^^*^^ ^^ ^^ Judife, ill some previous conversation with the Governor, { not have been made in vain. — Ttmts AlutchXl ^^ had received a promise, direcilv or indirectlv. to be oro— .. -^ ... ^.. ..„„^ > ^ ^v,.v....w., had received a promise, directly or indirectly, to be protected in any insult he init,dit attempt on the Major. AL'ain — the Major is bound by a lai:e sum, in self and •tccurilies, to keeji that peace which an assistant Jud;;e of our liench had broken, and the Jud^is bound by a promise (value one tartliine) to bis patron, not to do any more nnuLdily tricks till morning'. 'I'he rancour of Sir James, do-s not resi even here, toi we tind,i,'ood easv man, he aUo had bepn insulted by this terrible man, the Major, and {;ets some one ortwo, with the Jtnl^je, to swear lo it — thus artfully entwining his affairs with those of Mr. Sandilands, ihinkinr thereby to shield the conduct of tin? Judpc ; l)ui that L'aimnon would not answer for a Jury of honest men : witness the verdict. — Tlie Majiir is, therefore, warranted in asseriinjf the wbide transanction to have been a preme.vsteni. his (;r..ceob.erved. It on,!.; ,o be recoliti ,! >>,; p,,^,\, Vr I t' ^'^^ '*'"""' '^^'^ ^""' • ed that HithcbiMren up to the aue of about fourteen or fifteen ( --'''T"'' ""''^^' ^^^f*^'' -'' "' cases 4 ; died, 2;;.. •'•"••"-—•'-•-•'""••"• I •uHHiiji, 11. Total cases, L'SS; deaths, ICo; recovery niOLKKA MORBUS. ^ Cholera in J)ublin.~T\w Dublin Eveninp P Tuesday last, announces that the cholera bus br k^^ '^^ in iiublin. Kive cases have occurred in the y *" ""' Sumiiier-hill, four of which have terminaie.l fafal?' "'* ^ are cxliibitini; the most marked and virulent feai'^' ''"'^ the malady.— The Morning UoL'ister of \\\'(\ni^!^ ^ fnms the inlelli,ence and states that ^'overnintni U caused the Kichmono i*eiiiteiiiiurv lo be fitted on f reception of patients, provided iiecessaries ami bm"'! advice, and made other preparations for the rebel f i poor who mij^dit be afllicted with the disease. Ef/inbur^rh.^'Vhvri^ have been 9 cases and 7 ,e.,| since Saturday, making the total cascrs, 50, and deail 2\). The towns eastward of Kdinbur-b, have ceased i issue reports, and are reckmied clear of cholera 4| Z Water of Leilb 4 cases and 1 death have occurred ,,. our last ; and 7 cases and 4 deaths at CanonmilU l' this ciiy and its environs toj,.eilur, theiehave been m il" last tour days ^.'1 cases and ]'2 deaths, a greater nunij than many previous term of the same lenjrih.—.Sco/,^^, Giasfioir, tV*^.— Durinj; lat week cases of this dUca^ Imvc occurred very generally in all parts of Uks^n* The mean , NiMMT, Mav IHib, ia32. t^tke hdUor of the Hnhatna Ar^^m. Sia—Allow me ibrou.jb iImmedium of your paper, to rnlargeby facts, honesiHS well n.arcnmcntative, on the •sertion of .Major NicolU, re.,ardin the preoH^diiaiion of Judge Sanddnnds, lo insub, if not to strike him.—Tlie I<.eician ill say, an assertion is no nrnof. and rhidlv £ra,n at every chance, to r.nder ttnletters of the Major as as possible. Uot, we are tobJ in holv writ ••the tree shall b km.wm by i,s ;" ami by exaininin.' the conduct of Sir James, atW Uhj transaction, we shall fi.Ml proof onoud), to justify the aftseriion,— mr:w;, TIh) blow— Sir James evidently saw it. Did be chide the otTender ? I closely watrheU'r niannfaefurers There '^'•"^'"o " rLdulion to is much suuud pbil.isopbv in these l;rief senfenres. and it is ^FLI. eriainly the duty of the Oovernmenl to fake the most efrerinal Altbouch the ratification of the Bt^ian trcatv bt the ^.teps for the suppressM.n of the evil To confine ebd.lren of! ^Miperor of Austria, has b.-en received by Baru'i Wn. r::?:^:^rrr;;;;!;^::;':^,;:-:;;;;r;';;:cr;!:;:-'^ ^-"^^ ^•^"^''"' o be tolerated, it prevention is possible. To nay notbini! of the miseries en.lured by the little ones—m pass over their de privation of that ex^cise m the open air— those beautiful irambcds m the green fiebls-ihose invons juvenile sports which men in after life are wnnt to rejiird as the happiest ibis day be civeo in to the Conferenie, as was intcndHJ; the exchanue bavinir been n)a(b conditional, ufxm lU Uivinir in iIkratification of Prussia, loi which Baron Bulow has not yet received the necessary auihorily. To what this delay i owinc we know nol, but we understand ti I... fj_ Ill . .LV, the same pajier has llw foliw n-j;i'i Hs ine nappiest — "^ ""iHK wimmm* ooi, oui we unuenHana .cenes ol esMienc*: audio pass over the loss of e.fucafion. '"'"•''• l^ru^^ian IMenipoientiary is in hourly eiiK-'ctaiioB when hours that oucht lr> be ensmi-ed in the m.prnvemem of 1 "I" 'l*^* le.piisite authority, the mmd are devoted lo severe f.odily labour, ii is dre.,|,ul to On the subject of ITA reflect on the ruinous eflerts of the f-Ktorv sv,tcm. in brinlou Inc • inu ttious;u..fs to a |>rem:iturei;rave. an.Millui" our nrinuf;.r I Tl I • e a uirmg, towns w.ih pair, debil.nied. roid haceard wretrhes ihe I k • T "''''"il"*^ ''^"' Ancona are considered both bf hvins skeletons of the once r '<";r'''-1nlo irrioiiuls fur note alter iu,c to ti.e among unhappy beinss. who. lo use the em|.h iiir exiression "* AmlM>sail)r, it bein.j evidently the design in llii of a Manchester manufacturer. Aopf no /o>Mrf /oi< irw nwi/ **''-^ ^'^ nn? the chances to Km ope, and to sii.oilier tw harrortiff th, fnrm of their ff^rim!'' frincipal ipiestion under a heap of irillinj details, air'*', I he sMiements that have been made, and that still stand un"'"''^' <•"• '^planalion niwu by the Fienrb (iovernn* d^mredVo'Ljl' ;;;'''''•"'' '""^'"V ";• •*"" T' *"''=""^ '^""''"'•'*' ""'*• " ^"^--n'^-. ur at best are nieielv of secc. -• I^™ r I "nc-^'mg drmluery of the factories. •> importance, have rxc Id a commendalde desire on the part of both Iimms. lalors and peoplefnrihe immediate rebef of :he suMerers We have no hesitation iw saving, thai We^i Indian sf.irerv is far ess atrocious tfnn the W./ivrvof Kn-lisf, children in factories it IS terrible to hear of mere infants, male and female, undei ten years of age. being allowe.! but s,x or sevet, b..iin.' rest out of the twenty-four, an " of severe labour rhey si SPAIN. Afarfrld, March 19.-_J.,>^. .M,,ria, who now is an object of al irni to tin(iovernmeul, has ctuino' ureii bi (f"Jession of rf>er on iIh' yrc-al road itb ten or twelve m". ind punished if. under the exhansfion '"'"* '"*'*'*' nmuber, we hear, is now ;i<>0 uell nioui(tc produce any 'e.'s7of ;:*;.;.;:, snVri:::!:.r;x;;; w 7 '^^t'^ ""? ^^ ''^--"'-^ '"-•'•• lectmu than that of the poor httle girl, as published a short' i '^ *r *^''''^'''' ''"'^' ''*'^ '^*' ^• "' !>'• '"'"l'^ ^"^ ^^'^ lime ago ? Fearing to trust her heaw eve lids in repose as *^'^*^"' **'^' **''^"'' ••***^'P^'n*'ence, Jose ma\ heiome lli^ the morning drew nigh, and remembering the severe punish "'"'^'"^•'^ P'TlV. If, assisted bv only cijrhieen foll.**^ r'. ment that awaited her if she .lepf but a f. w nimufes too long '"' "'" ^*'V^ '''" l-''^""d against the Ik'sI efiorls of the Ot.. r ohfi'Tr"/!^ 'rK'^''"*'*'> '^*^*"ff her Jie:,,! „, jn^,,,,; ; nerals of An.lalusia and Kstr.-ma.lura, what chance i*tl*r d,; deiii^vl ormieJfl^r^^ u^"'' "'"" ''^^''^ of subduin, him when of an im,H„iu fol', Ihrou h' iT; w.nt^n nt-'"'^ -"^ 'o",he''rs7 ^T T' '*'"" '! \'*^'" '"'^^^ "'^^ ""'"^ '"" '"'^^ '^^ lor,.-badl, fed and th.r.'.rcla;.. tdlTbe ? f so ^ C'^t^n ni"" ''^'^'^' •^'' "'" "'' ""'"^ ^^'^^'^'^ '^''" ^'" T^ out, into an earlv gnire '^SupHo,, Paiwr •""*'""'*^'> *"'" '*" continue in motion. Several pieces of Artillery baft **-*" ••" lo Badajos and Salamanca. RFFORM. ^ ., Lord WbainclifTe last niaht su..<.esfed to Lor Grrv ih. .• ,"1^ '" '''^"r''— '" <-'^or,uence of some rrflec propriety of postponing the second re^ inp of iJ R f }' "** ^'''"'""""""^ T^hune on Marshal Labau, CamRill, from Thors^la V, life .50. to M .ndar.he 0^^^^^^ i '""o"'^"'' '" "" '*^' """ ^'••'"''"-' ^--H, four officers on tht because of the .ua'rter ^^r^Z^^l'^'C^^,^^^^ week, ,>aid a vis.t to .1. otiice of cour^'of llie ensuing week The Prioie MmiJIV j '"'••'"nee. Mouvement w.thlouse homelvlanptiaL-e-to die proposition, aVd ^.th a f^cibt wh^b T^t 1 e"^> '^"">'""•^^^'^?*''J'^^^^" ""^-"^-' ^''^ ^"'"'^ pres\,me that the maner r,d been 1!. I^^ • to editor refused to meet a body <,f persons I'U. oflcrcH .we..n,beparties. FaruCV iLs '.^^^ "^'^'^ '^'~' ^'^'-^'-' ^'"'-' l-rvmal sat.sfaci.en.' bis desire ^that there H.dTi^end, aTar'.l'''''^'^^ '''""""^'^ '''' ^•"''' ''"^-^ -'^ '" "— ^^ '*" '% reading, but their Lord:i;ipV:ho Vat 1 'p^o;;.:^ '"''" .!'-^^^ ' •'• ^:^ I J a. unci prucvcd lo ihc rribuii.-, pr.iviiij lo be *llucd w ajUi!il '••"i""' Zt^f MA^^m^ ^xQun /^l icieurs) l* lake off the oiair) i> com[>osel. Saiuiday produced ibe first of i|je duels resulting tVoui this challentre tn masse. The -j„ripHli in this alTaii wcie (leneial Jac(|ueiiiiiiot (of the ^,. major) and M. lialinonle, the otiitor (in rhiet) of the (frihnne. Tho was alleuded by (Jeneral (iour•aiwl '>^ Colomd Taunton ; llu* bitter by Colonel BricQiieville (a deputy) and M. Caltil, odifr of tlie N.itiuiial. \fter ail excbaiii;e of sliols, the seconds interfered, and fiwt particular atlair was at last made up. It is by no intaii'* certain, however, that the remaining (M) ofliceis of tiai-major wi liltTiibuue. not call uul the remainiii" 06 editors of (t^ The meetini: of the Commissioners of Corrcffxtii lence, is postponud until .Monday next at two o*clock. div I'bb. m^nUunxfit.^^ PORT OF ilIAH% I. P. AIU{I\ ID, M,N 17th— H. .M. schr. I'incher, Lt. Tullob, Cruise CLKNKKD, M^y 17ili — Am. schr. Three Sisters, dander, New York iHtli Schr. Charles, Parry, >it .\a Scotia SliNip Union, Albiiry, Baltimore Schr. Wave, Saunders, New York it SMLKl), Miy IGil) — Am. Single Sailor, Fitzgerald, New York ** 17th Danish schr. Gov. Kohde.Ostergaard, Nw York •* •• Sbop Lively, Clarke, Baltimiire ,**' IHth II. .M. schr. Speedwell, Lt. Warren, Cruise *• '* Sloop I nion, Albury, Baltimore The Americnn scluMxier McDonouub, (Captain Smilb, friini Philadelphia bound to the Havana, was wrecked on I'"' IMi instant, at CJreal (iuana Key, Abaco. The crew •oner Pounma, from Philadelphia : — Mr. M'nry Baldwin. In the Am. sciiooncr Cassa Ann, from Phdadelpl.ia : — >lr. Wilev. In II. M. ,rhr. Pinclier :— Lt. Stephen Hill, of H. M. *! West India Re'jinient, and Lady. PASSFNOFRS SAILKD. Li the Danish schooner (iov. Kohde, for New York : — ^^dUam Webb, Fipiire, Coiiiptndlcr of II. M. Customs, *id (itofjjc P. Wood, Lscpiiie. BY IIKNUV UKKKNSLADt 6l CO. l.ndoiis March '/7 — The official acc(uints of Stamps u.iicd to Newspapers was published yesterday. We do (iil know that we should have noticed this documeni, bad it not been lor its very close coiinexitin with the Keloriu nucstit'ii. Ii has been assertcMl, ai;ain and again, that our |jle bad decreased, in conseipience of ibe pait we have iitkt*n in that grand measure, and tliencu was inferred the liKlilTereuce or indisposition of the people lo reform. We Kuiit no better criterion of the feelings of the public. Our ^iefor the ve-ir IH.'JO was .'J,40<,9M6. For last year it was4,*J2'^,<^-^5. So that the increase has been neaily one i^iijliou ; '25,000 nioie ill. in we anticipated in December,— I leiiiiber not below the total sale of some of l!ie most! pi)|Milar and respectable t?veiiiu<_' papers Such is the inijitrereiice lo reform I The John Hull, we see, lias taken iIkb-ad of the .le. F'.very thing finds its level in this CDjutrv in du<: time. We approve of the ptdiiics of neiiIht paper, but there is a wide ditlerencu in the character of tlie two pu1)licalions. Poor ('obbetl is at a low ebb l.i#fr iban even last year Alibis lies and abi.e won't /i.)il liiui up. He does not stdl so many this year, as tbu farinrr^s Journal. — /.nndtm Timtx, Thf Soiu'fK'KTn Stnr thing. ~—T\\o Storthing, or parliament, iiruMVoked every third year. It imposes taxes, re;ulates the Miir'<. ;oid audits the public actomits. Tlie king bis a Vfto, bill tins can b exercised only twiee tm the s;uiie propositmn from ih<' ."*iortbiiig ; so that, if that body pass an act for the thiiJ time, il bect o()ni r hol'si. At 10 0*01oek, A. M. Willbes.dd Superfine Flour, in barrels, Hice, in la^s, Corn, in bus. Soap and Candles, Butter, Lard, Cider, Cheese, Hams, &c. ^c. &.C. 1 case containing very extra fine Irish Linen, (.'oiton Socks, (Jalico white Quilting, Printed Satteen, Jcc. 1 bale containing Black Broad Cloth, White Cotton, Quilts, Lo)m Shirting, Six. &.c. dec. Terms — CASH, before delivery. May IDih. BV JOHNSON 4t SAl .NDKRS. On Monday next, the 2\$t imtant^ AT THK VKMHr. HOlMK, At lO O'clock. A. M. W ill be sold FOK CASH, Superfine fresh Flour, Kice, (?orn, Su^ai, Butter, Lard, Hums, Soap, Candles, Tobacco, Cheese, Pork, Beid*, iVc dtc. At two months^ Credit^ /) puncheons lii^h pi oof Jamaica Hum. May PJth. BV HI.NUV ADDFIILKV. On .Monday next, the '2\st imtant, AT TIIK VK.\|IK IIOf.sK, At 10 OXlock A. BK. Will be sold Superfine Flour, in bands, Siijjar, in bairels. Leaf Tobacco, in ditto. Soap and Candles, in boxes, Irish Butter, Dry Goods Ate. &c. .I/..SO— • • (Without reserve,) 100 bar< Corn, Terms — C.VSlI, on dund to the Havana, and saved by sundry wrecking vessels. Terms — CASH, on delivery. .May lOfh. .IIJST RECKIVEO, From St. Salvador, a fine Gelding, which is for sale. Appiv to il. G. ARMBRISTFR. May PJth. AjLCT iqy aL1e7 BV HLNHV GRLK.NSLADE 4l CO. On Tuesday, the 2'2d instant. At tlic store of Mrs. Montell, in Market-stret, At lO O'clock, A. M. Uili be sold Without the Itust Hsservt, All her remainini; Stock in Trade, coiuistinff of Pavilion, Book and Mull Muslin, Stiffnin^ for dresses, Ciin^lianis, Linen Drill, l\v died Royals, Crape, \ est patterns. Men's cloth Capa, Silks, Bonibasin and Bombar.ett, Satins, Velvets, Laces and Ribbons, Biaixe Dresses, Lace do. Lace \ eils, Cau/,e and Silk Handkerchiefs, (ientlemen's colouretl and black Silk diito. Cotton Braces, Pearl, Bone and Luce Bultoaa, Silk and Cotton Cord, Reel and Ball Cotton, Pins, Ta^Krs and Bobbins, W. B. and black lip Thread, Ounce Thread, Biiti.F.s, Prayer Books, Ruled Music Books, Lepers, account Books, Novels in sets, S|Mdlini; and Picture Books, Playinjr, N'isitin^ and Conversation Cards, Laelow C'>0 ; above that amount, three Months' Credit, OD giving approved security. iS. B. The sale will be continued from dav to dav. until the whole is sold off. BV IIFNKV GRKKNSLADK St CO. On .Monday the '2Hth instant, AT Till vK.sriit-R iiotar., At la O*elo0k. Will Ik' sold That valuable Lot of Land, with the Buildings and otiitrr impre North West corner of tlie Eastern Para<-rly of ilio Utu Mr. Joseph Hall. \ full description will be g\\^u at tho time of sale. Terms — six moths' CredU, on giving approved ectkritif. May 19th. m BY HKNRYADDKRLKY. FOR SAl.i:,-nt credit, A London built covered Gir., with g04id Fnclish harueas, and a Hur^ accustomed lo both draft and Sadille. • May Ifitli. .\OTIC K. 4LL PERSONS havioL' demands against ihe F.statc of Joseph Saunders, late of the Island of .New Providence, c<*ntlenian, deceaseertii;s, on the scoie of pasturage, are so well known, it rmfuires no rcconimeo> dation. — The Fiuii tiei>s are innuuierable. bmI of every description afTorde^l on thia Island. In front, there are from 10 to Harrcaof GuioeaGraaa, well established and from 5(X) tu 700 Cocoa Nul U o c a--' many in bearing. ALSO-^ The following vulualde SUves, tit. SOPHV, ."M ) ears, an excellent Couk, Warfier and Ironer. Sl'SA.N, 10 years. House Servant. Jane, 22 years, a good Cim>Ii and Washer. TONY, 6 years. WILLIAM, 3 years. PE<^fiY, 36 years. Cook and II)use Servant. JACOB, 10 years, very handy aliout a House. POLIDORE. :>() years, a Driver and Field liaod. BIN AH, 46 years, ditto. JEFFERY, 17 years, accustomed to work wkh a Maaon and Plasterer for tlie last two years. PR I NCR, 47 years, a Carj. nier. PRINCE, jr. l.j years, accustomed to drive a Carl. AARON, 13^ years, a very smart waiting Boy, |Mrti* rularlv handy with a Horse. GORDON, II years, in constant eiTiploy with a Dray. JF^RRY, 10 years, handy about a House. 7 erms — three months^ Credit, on g^rtng approved vcurifif. May 16th. BLANK FORMS, of every description, may Ikprorurr,'s and din* patch, ufM>n comi paper, and on mouerale teroit. Jtnuary 4, 1832. Nu i Ii r, 1;. < 1


( I yil i rl A' 4 ^ '1 ill f "t It! i rf J Ic It I ^l?y 3^al)4t)ifK gyyimjg> J'T ''"''^•— "• '^^-lem (Mav,.) (.../^niu ha. hilI.ertounhcMrd of, aodevi.ieotlvilic rcsuii ol thr our.r..|>e.I C.Hlrutia pafM^rs lu thebc'tjinnint: orV;u,uai.v. nence of tiie French in Italy. The Cahinel ul Turin IM^ India <,a/^-tie tinUiH that tJM. Choh-ra MmIm, which alwayn an* i,. concert uiih i!,at of \ icnn:.. has' Um..Mndh.e,. according lo a corre.po-idrnr. had hcen dinary levy ol mc. fur ii navy ihronghuut the stale o< Imt in conH..,).wnce. It had also made iu appearance ai *-..,.:. ...wt :: i ;."^.. ..n :.^ : „ r uliiih (;>•! ii,iU.. S. S. \V.) and iheadjuinini/ villa|.s. H. M. diip Ciiinet hijd laH'ly arriv.d fVnin Nev* Sonth Hales, haviftt; relumed from hei interestint; exjiedirion ef reniovini/|he 7 inhal.iianf^ of* ritcairnN Island luOtaheit. •* li will he rniiemlMrred," sayi the i.'alcutla C;a/,<-ile, •* thai ihe Mmineert (i|>|dielanil lx-f'.re ^nin" to \*n ciiirn, and two ul" the (jenoa, and U niaiinin>(and anui/it'all it(M> cmiL'rants, {>ari!y from Badn and partly from the (;raniJ I>ui hy They are on their way to North Vfnenca. The convocation of the state* of \V*iinar has been postponed till autumn." Let ters from Vienna rd" the 'ilst instant, qnoto Metallics, wonnMi whM Hccoinpanied the Mniiiit-^rs returned in th< I ransporis lo the place .,f their hirlh. The imeiin.r hei .. **'' ...-o.,, .,„u,i; .mll'en them and their relatives is descrihed as aimusi lu'^''' '*'^'' ^'^*"^'^' ^^ ^^'^^^ '^'*'<* ^•"' l"-" ^'t-'Ht^*di^rol^.'* r./A,//M, Ihrcmhrr 11. -While the MonlaveeM in l.^iwer en.^il are so ariivn an.l d,.nL'erMx of December, nianv coriies of lUllK-ll I....... I.. .1 .• • . CyEvery puson about to Uace thtst 1,1^, havui{r rrsided thtreinfur the .pact of jnt^j, J '' *^''' Hive security at the Secretarfs Ojficr^ or put L T'^ ""^ said OfueJor.nrF.,:^ n.vs prerious to hisdrpaZ7'^ ter whith, at any time during *OKiv-nvt ua "^''^-^' may be ubtaimd, "* ^ ^^^d NAMFS OF ri:K80Xs ABOCT TO oarAI.N ncK.TS kok ukp.kt.,,. i;i/.al.etl. S„|i,va, J^n'dy JuluHon >>• • AlfXiwiJer '^I'ss Dennis ^• f^. Kor ^iisi