The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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eOG4.iE gIas, diur. pATIMb&, I AY 1s, I1s. a VOL. I-N1. LXXXI L

THE IBAHAMA ARGUS. there asu nothllg dI the tnsation or the French epei- sed, that the Igenes l goverm n l, is uphdig the uthrity
-- edition to lialy,--lal is, dtu nothing had transpired will of the local aslboritiei, hd pind a eempltae tl y er
rUsILiuID sisi-wItLiLr InM mUst, N. r. repect to ill ciharcter and object calculated to ilrlu the t'rbles pet of the pop ulaiu,--hsb the ebola. e-
I Iis confidence in the good faith and sincerity of the Frchaliment (he s bt) whbLad een eot oa t of the awe a
Sight els per maum- adAe e. Cabii. (Hear, hear.}-e e repesed his declar- appae the nteo had b een peaceably allowed tne etn and
t r1i Cabhbt. (l[ear, honr.)--le then repeuld hi delra- to resume it old pst-hal the national plaed had been dia-
tion (Iear,) and that tim French Guiernnment oicially solved--ad that even the Ifctious in the capital had baee
Scomliiumicated tou tl Englillsh and Austian courts the fact overawed atthe display of so mck outrage joined wth so
oi their inteation to deap ichi a force to Italy in cane the much firnomeu Thi result mat le a Isnbject of nnivemul
Austrian G(overnmient should pagai iiterleme with imr satisfaction. and will so doub, tend to the cosolHidlti of
sannies in the allnirs of the Ilalin States, over which she oiernal order, should the promise of the Miiser be fulflled
clisied no noverignlty. (hlear.)-lle might o ate what Il Ihe establishment of a tgid inquiry into the conduct of all
hiad heen done with respect to tim rurcible occupation ul parties, and ihe inldiction ofr jasicA, but Dnot eengenee, en
the guilty.
. .---- -- the garrion at Ancona by tli French troops re rred to The prediction of resistance to the return of the troops and
POZT 5Y. in strong terms of censure by the noble Lord. He the report of Grrnoble barricades. have thua turned out in he
S-~- - -- _-__ would admnit, that the account Co that transaction oc.- the senseless invemion of faction. But we are told now by
Til' INDIAN GIRL' I.IM tMKNT. casioned grer t Eurprise to Miliisltrs (hear), and lad also the ministeril journals, that the original causeof the diturb-
mn PIrems by HWillW is Call. BRryn, on American Port. very much isrprised the French Goveroment. (Hear, dance ws not the interruption of a masked ball. It was they
As Indica, iirl was killing where hmear.)-Tlh French Guoverrnennt immediately disdained sow assure us something sornos. It wa no less than the
Altr 1lr. *,l la t int Ilale, lrtl : in the most emphatic manner all participation with tim result of a Carlis conspiracy. If as. the judicial inquiry now
set on foot must establish the fac. and the rllnaaem of the
Ilr maidlen vetl, her own black hair, conduct of llt cmnimunding offlor of die foice at Anco- oiernment will de sen mor pi anda.
:.ue dow ll*e o'er eyr. thal wept; iea (hea.r.)--rrealled tlat officer foithwilh, (Isear,)-uiade Accounts from Toulon of the inleant. announce the
And willll. ini hier wuodlland tingle. a statement of the acts to tlhe Austrian alnd Papall Go- arrival of v crsette at the pfun, from Navarno. the Comumlild
Thi s id and umIple lay she sing vernluents, which with its accouupanyling a uirance would, cr of which is the bearer ol depaltchei to the Fren-:h (Gllern-
r'ver pilldl away the shrubs that lrew rli rusled, be satisfactlry tIO boils; aid which lie confidently imet. connainkhi the details of a serious engllgemua lt which
'Ton rl. le slure hy .leepi hIad. expected would have lle effect of presenting llim elxedi- had taken place I lween the French and Greek troops. (il the
Ami liroke lhe Iorert ihullgh threw tIin from electing llle pedr( of Europl. Tlithe were aill 1* of lrF rary.
Ih';ar sllhndlw o'er the i ed, tshe circo eusances connected wills the tansactons that b he The French hail series the point of ther of ees, huch
had tasen three batlerles li the point of she haylees. which
That., suisinag fnmn tie .sweet south-west, sthen felt himself a liberty to explain, but trusted that they the (ieaks had erected between Nlis and Calamia.
T'he ialisealieis slight rejoice thi rest. would be considered, by their Lordvlaips, a a a tisfictory
Ii ,i a -ary, weary mad refutation of hle noble L:,Ea's clhrge adgainit MinisterL To m ti CLLr i T Rtidien. 00 T r.
ai t her o thr |ilestnr enal.cot, (Chrers.) Fresh repons from the delegate au Ancuian a tllile tindr-
,Where i. tou. il. hia serene ah.le, TYp Earl of Aberdeen confiasd hbinsell very much nailed Cardinal reretary of State underthe dJi.c erayle ne-
.11. e ms lhIy l:sths'r' glsost ; satisfied w ill the nobic E .rl's stutesicmi, and 0l1t lhat lie res.eai of addressing fieh cosoplaon to your 'cell.e"y.
\ everla.iin; ;aStelunn lie w .l onlay perfruriliingi n act lof duly in eliciting it.-Ad- In Ill;le of she proclaimaiIon s Ur neral C(ubierel, Ianl hl s-
(I. yellow wuo*.lls tuiuny skies. jiourled. surancei thai he does not ulrenl to mredld: with the ;on.til-
rs, I tie ieresl m 'e me 110' CO11ONS cal iuvernment, but. on the contrary. wishes It pnrotel tlie au-
a ias I l heeji 's enh d I. 1 O 1 t1or cities, reject the laws,. anl reprss the factions, ha, Aldju-
'*nTa. I tl. h.w an a d 'ii iTT.' uasisa Mlarch 13. ranit Major, 's Il'les, has ordered Ithal two personal conftnle
Ite-ilc thyil dll 'uhll- We'rNT INDPI- for liulilnial c(imre silijll be plrl)orniunallv liheraled. At tlie
T~ w in... iiin i5 e hel. I !lr. RAlrge B *ipshd 11 Lanow fIkun tile 'nrdor Colonial inretlie o Fr ih officer, al ai r all.goercally alliading tu
T lhy ..ol uieir ;iulsly usitr. Se-retar, i 1,,.1 r iti,. I lliers ir. lie had laid on the I'"t)iy wn introduced i. an opI.ra, wii II lalrud p ,jl l Ihr lsl .t
'IIii-c {lit a ala dccie-i all ii o i-a l antlclacttru i leosoi tile Iilclill.n ani el rl.e l lii i i
a an.ll tt I cse thy rea a l.i al all in1 sellia in i ,si polear of Mini- CrIe. alaisti the ;lGoverlnllent ia h1 I lullne-s, crrie whir,
ov'.1 il nll l 6l.l41n 1 .,llw Ilell Ilo ]1 , 'I.,l 'b r- arla , .. ao| r.-r G .if Ia I IIi i.tren
.\i,,l a,.iln a ii.- il re liia ,,i al, lo furni rile r |..,t eIa receit|li rd u- were hrdrd wih ,n| iunly inethe sreels. railel anl slet
An I !1 ..l I.- I.ll,.) il|ll tie t,; t he 6-h' h' I'i irdler ill riluin l of lie AI l of Nuslilll b r, in the. pl.lrards. eIr itiig ilhe I,",i e ti rrev ll. ar puhr li Py posted nn
il pli'-n Ih lWi- eielea. \ uit I ll 4I ll 'lie- 1 le et l inilialillnl l thest paI pers., lie Ihe allls. Persolisi nl sie, l ly tIhe p(unut cal on.vern mer .
A'ili eIhI tll'c lii ih.a Ierl.s as tlrmv iiauiinl I o atitswr I'rul tIter Guernor ul' Janmaica to hie anil r"clialed l Irrlm l r yarsr' a mnesty. are Irdely ailmited eint
A -. rllur ul sllutnuua lanme. or, er. the eieeriy W ihas vry ofn-ers wh, ure aid to Ie e ru far
TIL 'iad lliik h.ill, alet ai ll d.e curmrepnIli.ce liCI lwien the laPrivse iU in.,ntaining lr ipr (.nlificl .islhurity.
ITu'r happy now. or thou i piat. ihe aal-ie al "a a e esleoe casew we .. Ci .aringL thnes Incli ith slle la-arances g vle bh your
I'lie long a.lrk jpiarne. of the grar e. c llldiil th" lit- he hi l IId s,1 lllnL ild i, sle In cllIl cy I ;n you ,rle I f l .r lay .. f L -rn -lle, r r..nlh .
A.ln lhe laiel i tight, ale.t aad s al that Georial arhier, %. peve... of thi iews of she
Il.iril laeiei.l Ihe cood aisll brea.e-- t| a I. I. l iad l a h-arnce- Ii, t.,lin ( lil ile Irou le to i,, ,.i. Governi.ran, lw s bringlll s al fr h tu l -lpirl Il the enm
AlIIII. Ih, lliIhel nndl balm air, c nn.Tne x 1.1 i l.lti oI at thins. ai.r, 1III CuJl hale san ri: i r;IO ;iul a urlly ol Ihe lHoly iFalser and In Ihe npe lnlldronl
Tl'he lr:ivesa iil the lurelieq theree. Ilil it ii. nit pIks si ally pu- lil lJ r Ith,- Ja.asica alei uan integrity of hias sii e. it only remalnis with the uialeesign-
lit IH hItre .s atioon s siae Othrlir. It Iwa eIxpw a d bv tliu ed It requestl otr E'rellenry to filr tlo yourself the rid
Yet ,oft Iliine on dl r IIes ian mild. i..II ti aa't ,i an idwoustl a n I hih she rersi rrpinln oum o s imi e in ch The rcl r ros he delegate of An-
I.rn Ihere, thy thoughts willl say- lI- adl. '"on' hae proiieerl l in the nilllu ol thI Holy fatlhelr and
T'.lil who Irs where ll ulh. l .1d h.1'. larin would ai. ad.lnie f lhl occasion o he naqst )ilu t the lmre ain e in consider how ljul and
til weeps she houci adV. j it. harnc weolatke a.ils of thut occasion so n a stine soar -t teinsiglcr d b dow ailsnl
e. ;ilino, liar ,,.a ls ,, press upNri Miinlers Isl pnlrising nlerUsily if an illnes-eI inaitie were tlea ellln. wliah he onlerlnoed Adilucsl
'li hla.ik lhalt IticoI lote l lve lier yrl. d liate numerlre of illqlnry intlo l preent lailellr n ble coon- the Pinch troop, far Ifir, r cnlteulouie e n toh re-escoblesh
dition ul our \ 'cil india cololniuc, s illih view to remedy. inent of irnqalllilt. Ili il rn ntl-ilaon to Ihe reneail o( pal
AuI .hl ha oy sne o ,f thin ..nil tken Tha condition was lulch as coulJ lout inuclh longer li per- ,ieordler, oin er|l, e ,if all the dei lar.a l(ie Iadle lagiinst he as-
'tl i' lach liIe s ln i -arcly ak initllel lo eli, witlhit lhe inlluoas il coinatllicences, not aerion.
'rh n ei:e of le .l only to the colonists themsel 's, liul u tolat nimol country The olernigried oentls olien nl ulpon other Is.. whlri
fhbeing di ecill contrary to the hInoru of the Jmn.'h troops, he
A ', lo thee and nlir h-,as sum.le (Ilrar); and it wastle boundrn duty of die ieecutive not beino llnecly contrary to ihe honou or the Fren.-h roopi. he
lelleah .tie many-coloured sha te. to delay a single hour in cllling the allention of Parlis- I'"a li"e ,s repslrei lt once. ll AmI g hers permes-
ston was not C. ito the tiantaletal Iroors, who relived from
A rhnou dol wai al rch ,o mat me to ill d Olquenc. (ler.) hy I Siveri u'.s lrder. s lary lf heir Oa oe-
AMtainlHde it aew n se ilest. Mr. F. Buiton would shorll) bring ender dimir coni- ferl,. whh i ha l, in the barrack.. 1S were nm allowed
Andil; rhlinr.l what dellint mt I'f deraion a notiodhfor tle total eslioction of slavery in ihe to take their lohe. nor In have them sem to the ailiniry
raml Ihe hrlhlt land ofmrrst. celenies, in which it would lie men dhit h a laid not over- Iroapt. aor liey pi rmitiel to tiae ihe dralonn horne.
Itei v.ln. in every Iouined. lie hear looked llie interests of the West India proprielors. We must therefore riml-I io ihe name of the Ioly Father
'Thie ru.linig el my fotuicps lear. Mr. K. Dougla agreed with liIm her. Maber for Thii- against all then acti, dlerigtorI to the pontliical overerlnty.
Sf.rd as to the urgent neceseitv of an iamnediate inquiry "' orler tha the rllghts of l" Iolmsl may be granted actu-
into lhe condition of ime 'est India colunis,. Is huptl ally and fla the future.
IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. ,le Ch ancellor of tlm Excheqicr would give the Ilcous. n **Cardinad ERNF.TE."
IHOUSE: OF LORDS. upportllniy of discussing the %'wLt India question in gene- Rusin Moe anrd a'r t So'ity.-1 have onen bhen srck
T D March 1 ral on te neat stae of the Sua D i Bill. by the wnt of sciabily whch ens bewem he eh of
,TL'II. Mn. ]3. Lamr Althorp thought dint such a diasussion would be both .esew in he socielie of Pterml.rih. I ham mqeet.-
esi it Epnsrtt- TO tACItiN. higllly incinvenien, Inn would tak ae ore sll an opporttu- ly naked the roon. both from lodin a d gerlemen, f this
Thi F..irl of Ab.Mredern, after hvilng comnplainelod of le nit shodd be afforded for entering on the igneral question Ls. The ladies nlamllly reply. a we canned make
litte inlo iiadii that co.ild be obtained front the in verl-or in tie C ) the prresnl esuin. n the advances to the gith cll-men, anel they will enl take Imith
esnl in rellv 1t iitriaons on foreign alira t madl e inquiry Lord Howie k plelged himself to bring forward the s' us. were it not foryou Israngers, we should never eo-
UpItecLine lhe French seliedition 1o Anrona.. II wg a question on tlie earlil p ible opportunity, were il uonl change a word wilh the male sea." Agal Ihey say. the
tieil rjdv toIn ihnil lhll h .,ie iof prrevia |lacre : hIut to disprove the unfo undil salilme nlil which had been I.te- La"'lemen are llillnt and ilhlerlm e ; heir conversation
i __lu .bn.i. ll. Ilm ln lnourinn l dimic uf IIIrep n -nolh n, even if you c hatee to elrC i. They
6i also elltnilletnsd la I oim h .>ur and ditiey of tilie ... by made m willl riepect to Ihe c.slen of sle present co.ndtion ind their time in the n h, of I dlahe tl el tibli.hmlt.T
y mi1t s in aintineidl. Ilma .rlshiip im min.inen l f Che W%'et India Coloni athig like ll t llrt-am l or el.e onn luanl. U hel can they knoL w Wha rum the
iltthe ivaso of talv hy the French as in violation been held nut. G.overnmvnn had held out a boau fa ilie i y to amuse a lgenlewoman ?" The me justify theimel
iwoner principle of the law of nation%, and thlI it mnigh hienalit of bslh slave an-I planlel. Every uon must re- 1,i a iomerhal similar manner: they accre the women of to
i tonidera.l .s tlhe clmniencement of war. lie could collect .lr. Canning's language, who proposed it lle i treat parrlnliy lia foreigners, wit wh n ~ hm, mty. they
rdly hrimg liiuiwelf to l.lieve thlel ile h iuver Wet India (Colunis. rl-fiaud the measure he, It cannot comlpee winh any chance of success. They sy. lhe
am lne wasl rnesonsible for time proceeding. Iharas hercomir com reali n restrict tawirnaavigaon. That 'adw are aIhuillet negaltons, and hale not a word of o-
Ecrl Gres-Ile wouhl not he provokeld by the noble I as a threat; but in tlir instance G;overnmentl ad used ereer""n br"nel the French plaY and the last ball. Bit I
Sinto a prelnature dslisculiol, aild woul confine his re- no thret, hult onerel a ien, conditional indeed, of ad- I ot.lhne I a te another l moivaner shi etraln (ary
a ple lle of Tile no Earl said n ib ,- aosce itria. shut there aream mrany ge. neptnif ..hlar.
'l L orn. The of r I vaninge in the saInve. as we should uy, bei age) in society, who, as they always
hoped the explanation of minitlers would of a ch Lord Sandun said, thatl in the present circumstance of wear thea uniform., p the young men toon much t awe.
Otter calculalel to alleviate his fcars for the fpmaervtinon I r colonies, this important subject should be conidlereld as No man h any grade in snresty in 1,.na. her thano hat
c de place of Erurope. If Ilf noulle Earl wa sincere p.dilv as possible. In die exiting state of the Welt military (orecunespodin cl) sil nula. A seihlen. or cap-
StLt hope, it srck him ihas it would he just as well if Inlia internts ldie quletion was one of life and death. sun. dares nor lpu himself very forward in society for fea of
is htd abstained from exciing a discussion which was 'The motion was n agreed ro. niiurrmng a rehuke, and a severe one moo, fr(a his superior;
iessllv calcllaed to disturb that ian'ce,-fruom aggr- a_ nd of Ihil I have lately heard a remarkable instance, in the
"lg every circnmlnstance connectedl wilh the transaclion peron of aI yung officer s good family, bet onuof low military
It Acm likely to iiriiate FAone the parile.--and in F tNCI g nri*, whoew weenmd by hi superior tat he wn al inn l-
As -li.ely o is .ritas pa .io' Pmii. Mmlk i4.-The want of corn beIn fell in different mae with n certain heaulilul lads. and shal he had herer rtue
Sfm and a|.ninaciouly inflaming eervy daincel, a so of corn law has been priulosed In he Cham- hed sad ret thrust himself toe far out f h' s phere. e che
h"a aiainrsl I1h French (Givernient lltat had a toeden- br (o Depulties where II was discussed rsd her hea ily yileer- i consequence might be painful so him. t'onicere the ipirior i
t5 t cr te l stislllily hetwlnen the two pIleer, and thuIs da l. M arltuli and of the camp Iiang iaralll ii Iahe h. e .b
Omproimiis ihal t ,n'neral Iranq uilliry which thnole Earl Flsds earl 7-- -The Pran papers o Fnday and I. Iasl/ed suine), and in Ihtu r pil sh ) I, ,..r i.1wr i..' )i ,stio.
p*l tol have ns much lt h-airt. (Ileur, hear.)-On I contain acciauntl from Grenoble in the Jld launrl. by anil monet ininuate and dear renjyinruts.-t'rraklands' I'iLt
lccAlulln to which the nuble I..irl rtlfrrvJ, ihe sld lit which la appears thar all lls urbanices In lhat quarter had r-a th' r Aits rlf S'liv alnd Russia.

.Ibw ll. a I,, '
-*pg mq- e- agate my SIb, I dhahcuy^ .S dH a
PO.,as- IIf.liM.y,1 fa" .,.* i dtl- ,kt.x gta

tl shli d Ia d of the term, the Co t e w hi e i ap e w tr d mh he o rC s u t
t 'nwie lihg a odimwit lap olime had hew shwdt we shakn *l4u iisle~ehea md4Wt O. I
n ~.,. ,'r!k the the fualbwi stntam h rems todoa : dii apparel neglect I, houwver, s-le of iuy sek.' iIonlmld' ma temi.
l. Pos Lrcn y uribtbed o Ia e l m t having heard us, owin to daied and i amst snoa.ltrk, and so
Jh 8 W Pot-Grnd Lrceny. Fifthy ahe ilcsve nol i in he .net, wich" T h" allueu tit I warn l a mcmt iiledMa
Wla plec.I to. K accordinoly repeated 1w rap,-soouder, however, hn ads, estlo lmd th whapll s.slatI. .l
lot Ph i-Au. Fine ofr a. iad comes of thn o te asu oor; b llt 1 "lmd ol mll de oie Ny1 1c n Ui ck ,u t rctltl ra
Clun Padoo-o ly a. .,.i the doo," and was "estrenly icparti- Nor did I k1ow who k wua rtlarly 8d it1 .j
Cuirt. m a.d aobnive," I hare publicly my, dlit it imfola. turning lay huld, llsaw iy Mr. tiam dlllenBl'lA
Tih King The King Thau I did uxprosa ms y surprise, t the Police Magitrate fast r the door t s he ciuld ic o ihe., eai ein
S. ; n allowing wtu a tuinouh to be ii the street at the foot on my umind, dhat ha must-e it llh paeMi r l '
Inorge Phillip Wod George Camapil Andloo. o the l-ecutive's tsidence, and within muso lort a di. nm. Eimnraged at ihe oumt beyond my aio l,
The Solicit Gunoral filed two Ei-Omcio Infuoru ltions ius of lii own door, is moat true ; ail what nsowers after him, caught him at the doerpn l i
ainst.l li abore .alm.nd gotlemen ; the An nagi s Mr. as a nrefeltion, st oosof my h >vim 'tged improperly luby--I Iseized int wih my rigb, hsl.,tbj-ithie
Wodl.t for lusvismget achdelhlis t It t d, to CIsearime i--that tie valiant Poic Mnitmrae aintller dIreatened wihb nly lu 1 cauiilit him by. ihe IflHaidbJ thh
-W-uforl i..s .>lchis to coligruoms rnt 5 Pi 1 wi rlidli T ih rl" maym he ought haoo, an.d ddashd liu on tlm door, m lt a
R ,bi sa Elquinr, Poalic Maifrat. e of thi Co- m a sivese, i he retuntd me, that I was >puking kicld "lim ; Snd tlhis I di, co ncevio il i the
loly, and he Kfcond g int Mr. Anderson, for hvin l ri, in hl owham : wu were tien in tle pia., way of clutisig so blackguardly usg sla ,a
l,.-ictll tI b ier ol the clullenoe to Mr. Nesbitll, asd 1ui As to any thil llgi it may hive fallen front i Mr. Nesbitt act.
ijvli nsi:i.? i.s of ui|probriouI language oU thai pt.n, in tIe wouse, (for bas not there as Pulico Meagitrule,) I wga in Ithe at inificing that lkicking, hi
.I Ier I ict Ii. tocmit bleah of the ,ece. .sile.i nc I psitively deny it; and 11f Trulh'u inlfr- penon (Mr. Whitid. I believe ) put both hisdHNii
-re ifr iti .nc .siitg bceni ,h e imn- nation olf tdm proceadi. hiUd been correct, be nevr my waist, and pulled me from hih ; .atthis ti,'i w
Th htio a vi, BVi ed iluoo, poc micgtor i.e- coul lae listed lti such wan the cise, -- r it wast twogentlemen calledoirt, alna n Ith oundrdl.-in. ,
n..l..| Iyl l he Courl, that tlre uul proud lmilit iu"ue ar.r the Bsprasiseo mJae um of by Mr. Nepbirt, oul-he hao struck tlu Major ;" when Liot
al-aisi the dlefenisinta. taut I roe to rep to tiw l imlpiittion ; and ii was upon got iholdof him (Saudjiand.) by the coURl.,ad ka pe
Tla Chief Justice remarked, Mr. Wood and Mr. muy myiny, that be Mr. N. lid the a ipertmih ea t ending with liml de stain when I heard Mr. bS.4
Aleon .er lmn b lh in Cur, it would h. unneeesart et a rrtr rrrisea mm," tiurl I w cl.oe to order, andl linds say-" I have not my hat," or I nIant my ht.
A.runee Cos ahe t hwold buunne ry my lece, t n, was in ,!uldienc to the Spelaker' Lieut. Shourlnd replied, you cannot may hbe, Sir;
t.1 iuM a C'.api, si tlhey might b caraled upon to yld n~re ; ad as to mny nt the( c;llhng upon pMl. N. for an and it will be proved by a young gehnlsians; b. n abe
irth'hil.i. explaJnalin, I only answur--nls every uone mIy Itrnuect in a plodlic office, that a gentllemn of the Neer, utk
Mr. Anderson asked the Solirltnr Gerranl, whether lIe Ira n atlfairs a hei plasesr I will nor nllow MI. Trmull, his linh at Mr. cSnhlihmlams rlhe he was pol uile of
c,.l1 pr.ilcea uon cam whmre EI-Oticso Inubr..maij. lhla nor any ouo ele., o et his situation in lilt- he eve. so Ihti. or houfw, a.i said, "il you come back here, Ill break Py
h tn nr.l to, for olncn im lr In thae ith hicl otlhrwrie, to advise or didctur to am, lho I slonid act neck;" ad ibis young gentlmun related this f c
ll.n nWoflal to, for oftC lr .. thor I h td. wh hetl I conceivedl ,yself in aniy manner isulled; a imerclhant of high mslwcltabilily and Itnlll, ard dIe
Mr. W usl nad hiupN.,elf t iurl cdNrged. and had not Ite Pili.c Maiitratle bIen fully aware, thas g entleimen will comre turard. when the time rivin is
Tim Solicitor Generalrplied in seoIr a rone, as to ba I was tlI|h and,lhll~i.e tsIer incu ilu tm 26th of January, prove the fact. ileadibi, but was understood to say, tllt Ihe de- under heavy ruo 4imiz.incis Io keep the panice, ilnd to ap- Just as Mr. Whiltdek a I ulIeme from thii ghle
clin ld msaring the question, par in the las Aprillern o,to nvwer to tIo Ex-Orvnncn Jule, m sun and Sir Ja C. Sn th eame to eIhlip).
The dofedu wre urt t rally char d, and pll iu6ornlmations., for ialleyigel libel on His Excmelleniry thel i Wihe rre i tIhe scunldl silhtruck tm ftler-let nr
Th dfnoil'.t v rnor, a n.d t which si had directed tim. A M.oirnc t;M, nral at himi," said my son. No my Jder h v," said I I
ed nut gilv. to t ile aain st mnyvrlf, toli nine other genllenmen of this holir ieiven hlillii riIuiIl for the present-leave the sI:fr
Niclb l loUn-i, hI rsevt-r wuldu lure dared te have i4llrrrd ione e- ic our ild l r lher." You hail litler i," said !r
ra. I 4sult and Battery. pressiionn-en,ins word-to no, h icah swas ike% ti IItI JS JaieaS I o sonii, ai, r I'll no ut yuu in nu', ;'" In iw tin.(
S.i.lhlaiIi. iiii.i l IPe deuiatnd U li h llii i ilnumi hliat i :I xpi i :l ion. t: I on sail, ".MI| r oiruHs, N will o nl u ilr itt rls '"
Thi Chief Juulice dclivernl his decision, on tltii intion iAprehenllsiv. r. Mr ilmr, that l. hiv re i rdy tk.ii umL I cIaoll (;ul, Sil Jpinw .. d l yiiui nil see lc.e il. i, st 1k
f.r a sw. trlidi dai ctase. his Hoelo r, iaflr enSlring too nucli ol your plmlalr newsplrapr," u Itre," sail I ; Ynu will cusrilder viourelf in ai; 'r," rs-
uill, Inl,, the gruns which id aio urged upon the I ar I, Sir, p int Sir Jme.ns. I irnnoeditr i ;elad r. sa an
M t deuadas, t sena aside h eic ard bi. r oubas dii S erllvant. I.artt nd luing Ines rII ctlirllv, nspnid. "o rl li&
oss"i"llgorm t uodieta b m, vheremldi ctf ;cd rnssumilrdla notl htC iEUR(;E t' WOOD. .ir IJsirs." ie Ihs called Mrl he'lli, an altrll'k
unwiilliignea to ditlub III* vricl ; lad pnrnl)aed, thl ____ own in .iscenlt, and c mler ery comni ulds, and ikeftl
thie sholuuld remlil u otIm defendant tdaumiages t. li v tit ssco me tn mly Lougrters.
19, whidc hal hb s awanlad himi, sand reeiv only a ADVERTIMn E.IET. I ha.l ;irr,.lesl to have Mr. Siendilandis eo me amn-
eminal mumne as nomiasl d .al r od fy io 1ama giwoul evy ruol ast. be I.wa as dtir iar Argus. Id nlf oIy ) e can ed; int,
Thils proporiniM a rs cad on the prt of Ue palio- m--'Pthe Editor of tie R.oyl (;altte, still Irrsistine l.'l-'hiiilwr. I as l.tandie MI ma y nt b .ile; in Icri
til'; il cousal satiIng, thls the Immun of damage was in untlrue, unkind adnd unleneri IIstI.a.itnu-It in L piIp r, lr llUlir hlding It.' handill a md, ith a fare as pale 5
me object I Ibe plaintiff. I an again obliged, lls imblicl., to give cmitrsliction to I Batlho'l Ih' eli, lie tseln-" I am sent to require aewirly
Ae ie ether baiMss, the Court adjurned atil them. In the Ruoyl G.,nite," of the .5ih insr.nt, and i I'rim you., Mlir ic.r lls, to keei tIhe pear" town
tr Trm knowiing that a nel rilhd hadIn called fur, he ihas agin, Mr. Sasiandilans." I replied, that eb s no he r of I
W mI with an injurse ll dt no man potaucinu cjiimermi hoineit night it cnsie ti1 ny houre, and enter nIv bhe rhlmbt, is
W ir C hri M lr ie d a ndr rer. hi inro in ih ie would tberer' '.to, Iet forth an ai ticl for the s liphk ;fr scarittie,; tiha I wa I in Mrret by th
word** a mte" purpor uf injing 'my cause, and biii thiLveo jurors chief Meismrne,nhhll ad nt requicre.A uchwmcuritieas5
t The re tl i of the iforneiom emni d a great del of agesit ir wh who, Inlal'evnt of a new trial ;inSg ranltel, n Sit;" and, .iieling lu the dlou, I recnourral hkiui
amademer i Cn- ad ihat pan ra blr mne ;agaic e Mr. would have to drcide on nay cuae.-If tllert is Iliongtnl off. liri rreily wa, don't bl"n me, Major; Icaxut
Aedlnmu. wi ek tmlgd him with havin dlhvird ml rhtl- the caalogi of clln. uesne more u.jult nrol injuriu S Iu, i Slill sarering maler lle i ity" that I hald wm *ill, m
lage to ChaId No shi, to i a dl,. to lthe great the welfare of ti b ubjtect, or t the haeipine. of socil.y, temper got the rller of a mnd I told him. ai h e.d 't
mroIl athem C~irk m Nbim." em ra l'ilh it it the her, iugurou atnp, in.t erive fellow an sake li LIslf Io I welhd tick him out "f nIy b.a; I
a bur a I Ight 'e truth. of the ahnd oe ohe N-iw of, js.Ftiea.Iry deanh at to him. it was hii, aid atheIs lie him. that mad, amy It.'r iI .-
Oni*nl ti ai t iatrl. Alu. paooi r L'Lhe s oe y uur i ut in order the tir s wol ia large may c"m to a cur- wI enit lndurt, crilaed (thll unrfrtllnllI at" mi '-
rid late l oc* SI. rct knos^ < fd a, ihe whole rtremnnsnces, as llvey I .ninious in .whiily ; anrlt I ilriirl hin to 1 ill Sr Jam'.
Thisseu e occurred, Im e t- hem to ltie psihlic :-1 ras invitl ft lrun n.-, lhia I coisidrrl .rI Mr. Snadil ils' eriuore t In
N --'-M, RN. h M iA I. uto th ll mt di EPlie'Baldiltgs.a lin ltde d o ,rf Nemler niigh, w. I priisediatedl : AnI I itill shiot lo; "f I
tiffiaf, cl. P 1mih Mgt 18'. l*ast; I rirved ihere, danrtT after Sir Jamcs ,eal L.av kormns., tt wih the exception of Atw pMurseS wrhe b
m i Fd" lvref '" Balamf M Ar'gs. S onyth; ire m asi la rge eowd s the door, whirli, fir Iarwedy nums falsely sl oIrn, almou al the genr se.un
Sm--I hbeen Ln 10 tliornmagh,dirated with the a ,on, msde, prtretted re fro'm nittig my hors to the in lhe rnnin ill tia w i as, thir bClier. Ithat antch 1 i '
hardly codauct o C. R. Ilbit, lhe Police Magistrate step., wh ee I wl dto elilhtl. w" o you te tile 1,.1 fact. Mr. NelatI rwl the luinta w, nto f i '
s r h tw, whes a eihel* p o gs was snt to Int Major per di" mal I olthe cnrod. Oh1 ymes" siled him; and. from wha I have siree ka.'r. "
la W m lktl s r my me m ha he absocial- "e vo;c ; cr the w ay l" 01. lNick." Whlu is quitr hppy e ihd get ut of nw p-. m; I. r ns
o ded *i olb eh.m hldn lf o be or s despi- that," aid I, jdsr'g ,p stai r" Snte person in hti Ie o.seei'edislv dispe inteni.. o .. ...o'
aMe a ai i a kd such mflmgs, I would ot have crowd snweeml, t'i Goersor." Ilave they cum- ii,. to tond my ,in ltul intici|i>r m:e. oI I.-i 51F iI
amde r.inrde elumil ton the treIsc n, tId Inot fell remeneil dga cing" A Idl, nr. l wasollt rrpl. I Judet throith tlme bhirras As it hamil. ino .s', hte
myslt me Carnd a to sdo fronm oring in ie the ho u t ws mo lie;" I I .; then gave my horse utov ny lce, I count hbe snrro ivll mi rh'de i "-
Saifgl ObarM" -lteth inio, a leer hldr m d itI orderly, and tkI hhta not to go home. as I id nat intend mined to kt die hsinea drop. MBt I fA.-n. l )r
e dir. fhe at a oer ad th e acitmos a of to slp along.-The fc wasc I had no wish to go In the Sanmlilandls however ki* hI ouy h.oet o d nr s t. mslrt
STRUTH," a laig s* tatl ent ua fal as many B ll ; ner wcal I here go. hsd not Llebn Siort- society, hbd, ed.r ,th.,ry and vi;liclu -.r.i
as"*" wohi h a m' dinuogm rd.e clams of that e nd nt Ductor Ring both pre-ed nm,-,the rnier onb- pogsmsee him, in bmllin houir lfter mny sa oiioste
i'' ( a serv ing, il the presence of the latter geatleni, that it mane m aildaril aga t me; and llm the Prlie '*i
taI eshtllb esr lepr` tiat f tellin" TI. ," t oudi look trnltme I did i t go; end rrequessl d I uulhl trate, ('kharsr afgrso .eas tite, 1 Etqine,-iv l '
he ha ms Ie i a b Pohle t"t plain unvarnilhd alend, rather than disappoint those a he elpectlrd nue. I ing in his Mat iterial chair. tor nvo ( irneion ttiliIt
l "N whlcbaey ed a riMt o eplect frwn his iglnure; delerrmiu d to go, btt lso not to remain hug. On my Il sworm tp gUmin me, hid nrr sil thmnl sr; O'
ho wbhen e shoaw himdt to o (ns hI has beyond a entring dle monm, went up and mnad my hot lo Hi tlde oed i dJ Judlne' chanm w to seek for it, ndlM t- .
delk) de fal er ouf the ulhlead pary, I fo one, Elcellened. I thedr looked for .Lay Smyth, to wbon 1 Snalilemada luly betrvted, Mut only say tc*
wi make soms allHann tLhe temper he must also paid my repects; and then made it a poiul to eo buhot gl l friamd,a wll mathe cu identonfl s)ah
hsve bee i o "when mde aid l en; nad for his rn l, ean ow to r e.ey gentleman of them .svy in ie nd his l ; auy, .enofl hisown friid. As"'bs
IeeL aNdlp, whick hn eat own hM. id whith re bt mrom, s cme inie of my rank and years. es such conduct an tei, an m ending Ihat Mr. Heer **
maullmlr a thr, whty r hels ls d Ib hi ion iha a' dis- I had jer t pnr al dIuty, when I perceired Cap- cajalh i iUiau. Mr. McMLen, of ite Coimmilre sa. '
I~gal w .t Heum smd ot, howreer, have llowd tain HlohneaOf the oval Nvy, n due left of His Exc,.l- Black Pine Turucr e Ahe Walkins, e dl aded e !r
e o have diacovred Iim to he the author. As he lency; ahbdflino I might br consilered as nealgcrfl, i, i. ins me,.or the purpm of being forward **
a ed e em of "," ha-'duld have endhe- not salut in him f I hI the sher ollcers, I hasler d to- jmdie ue in the eye of the (Imoverui,,s, I mse. do".
oad to a have ea Mn tp ac flly than hr warns him, to rmake my autmm.-The part of the r'ams till then, rIved o the drefnsive.-- woned h saIk,
Tha dl.e d mal mrtide," rwhih he usa "a s be (l wuiee rlrv pnmld on thetrial) where Captain Iub- ,no time I lou-ld sct i' my own deas t Ice
bC on am s ty he." Ho, ls peba-d h, sn wood, was v crowded ; and trying tou gt gar hinm, "
mat of be asw e n oth I- tllln of the 10dk. tih I w wielm i pwhrsl rth d tncern : on oue m-ca, hin, I so, a e ia iSdlt-s q.; Ala u lrs 11
opunkinL of w mrlnnst ed v a d i b e ht er, my -iLr.v l ,,,.trlv fel ; ar.n fa in t, I put n tt my i (eft hl I ., tl.n eo m, swc. r t arost e.s, whn wendU r~a
p--h.nbt a lnetuaay. h hinm. whes e ges shot half ave mvnelf. I did sot, I solemnly declare, see Mr. Sndi- nulh ondeny Mr. ioa. t ,w t
wray tih~ug. iJll lle aagem he deop the a ki, sad lads at that motenL.--ui rfecling aiy i d, hlwesr.r, tu ugJrcd p iues a ca ue.


SU1of doI RI yel d eaaa k -nw Ubinu amNl.' le It Ie m nmme is light I iaMi buLt a h
W i* iesaL being ipsetimed agl aim l e, bhe as'. I'4M L iwadd Ithik a- m bt r wMu mi
r of ue bh, tim point. sill, is t pa i, ed .; di d. *i I nr di o prnai bhaMwen
,lma rwr sde au cr mmaS a prwelen thadt my conde t a em dair- ol as caenm a the,
imta'" t t- .lu wii I mtaltl I s prwe, by nemers
,rp o.atr, as set mil Mr. Sandilmds,. by aoch co- pg meM-a f eo r and slosp- tdal vwerety, t ae
Ci s I slulve hoadilly filkh, the i.l d tote p my d adl was in the sli hI degree diureaa
d ~it B t ity omad. u n pen iad manly; I fIl; and wi itedthem, aho,(thisia.ine bad of 64 ,
i puiig secru a. A i ruly prew isL Court I i wrha v onspired to injure me,) I will prove moe te
i ) vil lr a es au. su gmmalya prseeding, a they will like to hear, or what they hm e of.
by tls pTysrppnit aptly; I Oppeall l then a Mr. M'Queen mys, in his reprl ofa the trial in his
S*I my letter to Lrd Gray, while l l stah b- paper of the 5th inst., (with a vew, I verily believe, of
ugat a in the dark i ad I resolved to premed iaginls poiwsuing the minds of toy next jusor, in the event of a
ISai.lditnds by ilsictntuo t the l sit of lte Crown. new trial,) tlat, in Iis ideas of tuch matters, (I be his par-
do aiilaides ns.a. as a set ol got up two indict. don,-- believe lie does not generally get credit fur a plu-
pm is ginl o-l -by bil tlf, the other by lii well rlity of ideas,) and after bearing lde whole of the ovi-
,ulleiWsqs. Cherie R usre Neablt i ad, although deace, he did not consider it difficult to decide. Certainly,
nisl of the Griand Jury declared they never saw, it ought not to have been difficult t decide; and was it
ring their experience, so maly reipeciahlo witnesses not that, unfortunately, politics are permitted to take the
.ee forward, (asy one f-.whum, thliy told nl, tliir precedence of justice in soes nmen's minds-and a cause
wJd would honve batao suMcient, let alne. their oitl*,) ti which hnd nothing to do with polirs, having been viewed
appotnmy isdictmln against Sandilands, vyt the Grand with that unfortunate feeling wbich, for aoe time pat,
I bolbt sgh proper to ignore the three Hills. has pervaded society, by sonm of the ary-It might have
alillhtgtler wasfetod play somnMwlre, I riolved I would been settled in fie nrinutes; for the aumh was as clearly
Mtbd driven from my Ipulrpos, vi :--a public invest- proven, afourwitnessesof- epectbilityesaiypert,eould
((ion; and I, this end, I had recourse to civil action. prove any fact, and evea by almoot all Mr. Sandilans owa
'el re.ulth hli been, a v,,rdict in my favour; and the witnesses; and they muse know very little, who do not
antraordinary I ct, of a Judge being convicted of con- know,that if it is proved in a Court of lw at home, that
lt I suist hkave the world to give a naine to, in thai S. lifts his hand It N. and strikes iblm, and N. knock 8.
SCourt in wiich ha ad dhu honour of a seat on it. down, and gives him a good ki&kiog or baking, that N. has
ch. his acting afterwards against S. notwitlltanding; and it i
Swill now make a few renlarks. 11d Mr. Sanlilands an evesy day occurrence, a Mr. Sandiland's Solicitor well
laiSlt I wi* not sincere, wrlie I bvged h:is ;,:r.,)n for knows, particularly in his own country,
t accident ofi Ihaving trod on his tu, should ie no; To conclude, I hare said, ae my ton had shot Mr. Sea-
(bfo Ir hl ad rucuarsw to tie bllackgiurd net of liliinig his dilands, I had resu;ved to let the limiries drop; but lwhen
haln in society) laive either asked ae, *ir s,.t a frirnl to I Iinund the undermining conduct the opposite party were
mpirc, whether I in.isndedl to treall on his toe 1,1 11o1 having recourse to, I determined tolet diem see I lad both
W-'rn 'l Iae i Plire Ma.islrate waited on him or tlu the courage and address to protect myself-from the iabi
alliver, which, as the Pulice Magistrate s.n., lhu (San- of the midnight mnuffled auassin. I cannot be expected
di:. I.) hadl Iromised the Gouvernor last ni:lit, (here you to be more safe than others ; bat lot them attack me olwn-
l edallyv sc.ti ruo iracy,) lsdmuold not Mr. S idilhanld, Iv, and in the face of day, and they shall find I have
IJas, irp l',of ninly or generonis blood fltia'el in hi. tonsach for then, all."
mins, relu!iLel, no Sit The nHlair Ihas been sittlel ; I I am, Mr. Editor,
tnrk thel i.'llHsr, wuth-itut Irfording himi ansll exIplanalion ; your obedient Servent,
kiiln., hi slhl.anu through the breous; I cr.illot allow W.B. NICOLLR.
any vin lictiv .et Is to tniishl nmy rp'ltaliu ; I will not, --------------
rla.;t.,, i rs osy hliaon I any inppr to illa. I.r is roil, U'UST REI'EhI\ lI, per brig EJsrHnisi, fmeo Liver-
irin alry ,' thle Imtan. lIUs coinIct iwus l ineII stoI,.- 1 pool, the liollioing articles, which the Subacriber,
mal itv l vrva y pDascuile OL dn lil n iny iari. liI i it Iini e' ors luo fir < ASH :

ailo,!i.l. I Z'lra Strislid and Clerical Socks,
111. S5 n.lilai In kncT, that in alT.iirs of hmtoour, s-errrc %n onrln'' Slo:knLrS,
elt I"' i ospliil. On Wliit plk tlle-n, I 1,*,.kl ., c.ul I anc' n t.hto D ill.
hallt.ilit Ii t v llv u un r InIo nol to Sir Jun.i --'ll- t('ollin ),ill, Ssir'. T u; n,.
iapic ,,ct is Mr. ?jsndilnd r.mine to hl io r ti- I loir Ciorld and Flrlrninre Diumity
irp f if nsulling me, I do mt..s soleninlv beiev. e; -ind Iron Pots, Dulchi Ovens,
aIlis edI, lu.l screwul his couriE usp, not to the stlik- Sad Iruts,
ag, but Is. IlI, tli.sin, plirit ; anI her hr' to I lose, Jwie. Iroln Tear Keltles, lined inside, &c. cd &c.
Sconii tin tlo his friend, Sir Jotins-, w, i hk.iv oi aivl W. R. H. SANDS.
i,- t l I .l not difplsinitsl. r f l ;,lr ci s 1vs I 1,; lth1.
at hero s i ti; abuov me, tlh.t Mr. .s.iilFlinl. would NOTICE.
raere have .i J ited o hve liled lii, hand to ov,. l.s lie 0 Tuesday a"r, thy fr rrw day of May,
h*ril hlv itl.entn .ol fly I, if ihe had not a Il. ,,,. r.,n- I N Is. AI l'oT'IIE.W CHUiRAi,
itinI. thilat ir Jans would liave alrirdCl 1i:i hi., isI,- A( *I O'Jlock, (N'1-)
ill.. Wlat cause he might h-i'e had lor ui1-I % I (oieng)
"iol, is Ilats kauwn to himlf; bit ;,ivn" a.irl I ,'ill be sold or Reited, fur one year, to the highest bidders,
l dosl:.ied. it was ne iry ofi so i f .,.ioi ,,ad i llTHE WHOLE OF THll PEWS 1li SAIDCHIUKCI.
eIstaIl ailn nark to get up soule stor h av o*a uf )nliti The iurchasers for the ensuing yol o ay continue in
fkitions, il such low blacksimrd cnndiict ai berj ii..i ,-- the posousion of their respective PeVa, for die term of
ald it was aserted I tr-Wal-d tl. (iuv.-rn r wilh di,. three years, at the pscice they may purchase them for, by
mIipct; that I lIha tlruasenlrd I, do Ius when going inst paying annually, for the sane, to tim Clerk of the Vesry,
btOn I oln, an, nd, previously, In the morning of ilha day : previous to he day of sale.
we eiinsseM were pet ilnto Ilt bol. to prove thlla..r- By order of ihe Veltry.
Ira- e a higllv respectable merchants, the otblrbua .e GEORGE ARMBRISTER, Clerk.
Twer, ilias Witkins, (one of tlie there worthy wi- April 14th.
ams I have alreuly mentioned ;) this latter cwore very BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
ieretlly from her firt anidavil, as I ant led to believe-
ibsr. S.indJlandi had stated that he had an excellent Ons u7aday, the aItidgamel
tinsu in Illack Phlhe. She however swore, when At the lture of liM. Montil, in Mark l-rt,
sRhlt into Curt, that hn dil not hear me threaten any At O1 OPw be A0 1.
O. It would have been very hard for her, poor creature Will be ald
lreveer. tlm Judge's eoUne will stndl opipedu to her first WillAr the leat Rarw,
Aavit, anil the public are rerlnosted to keep ihr state All har remaining Stock i Trnde, coamsiig of
am is, that when copies of thee afidavits Pavilion, Book and Mall Malii,.
neatitouu to a*, which llhy will he, an lpportunitv 8li0ilng far drlms, Uinghebm,
,d be iafflrded of proving their trnnh or fhmlaboou. The Limn Drill, Twilled aeyal Crape,
in'altahle nmerchlant was Mr. Farrington, whom recent Veat patterns, Men's cloth Caps, Silks,
ie.-ic siliction ought to have saved him frnm ma abor- Buibasin and Bomebatt, Satiws, Volset
bi an attempt, as that made by Mr. Sandiland. Laces and Ribbon, Brains Doames Lace do.
lagiwg ilu the witness boi, he distinctly declared, Lace Veils, Gaue ad Silk Handkerdchiefs,
khrew noting of the matter. Ti- he.ok. however, was Gentlemen's coloured and black Silk ditto,
"into his hand-when he counsel for Judge Sandilands Cottom Brae, Pearl, Bone and Lace Buttoas
d i he wild not troule hio with anv questions; hot, Bilk and Coltoa Cord, Reel and Bell Cotts,
*ha hem swur, as well as I recill before e learn. Pias, Tapes and Bobbin, W. B. and Week ali
dgythlenu ial finished his olmwrvaiion, Mr. Farrington. Thread,
lI Are, aprevs .lhilewlf to the following ereclt: I have Ounce Thread, BaLau. Prayer Books,
iput in. h.-r-l- will give my evildetce-jutlice de- Ruled Meoic Books Legers, account Books,
W itl." Mr. Ker, as consei for the Jndmn. (Sandi- Novels in ets, Spellise and Picture Books,
tllbhee put the iqelion," did not Majef NicHl threal- Playin., Visiting and Conversalion Cards,
bkinck u a row, in a conversation h he d with you Ladies' nd Geatdeten's Silk, Co oo whole am.
lb morning of rI sd of Noveoner, at on that half Ilose,
l" His answer wea, m" I rer hew 1 lajor ay Ladies' and Geatlemen's Kid and Was Leat
Iie of the kind." Mr. Farringon evidently Gloves,
%Rasd for effect; on the disposition, that Phobe Ladie' and Gentemen's Slaoe,
knave isick to her firt anldlvi. Ihe, however, con- An asatorme l of Perfuerv, v.
m m c in such a way, that black, brown and bite, Roae ad Lavender Water, teoot and Hai
l to lauhb her not of Cortn and, with the exrepdlon Powder,
1Hiknor, who frowned, and expressedhis displeaaure Pomatum oana Iair Oil, Cologne ad Honey Wate
LaOISe every person premvn appeared to united the Milk of Rosa, extract sad Essence of Raw,
S *Ulck as par black Pho-be. An assonmeatof Soap, t ditoof Tora,
Sis there a human being that lives who can give er- Tooth, Hairs nd Com Brashea,
fl W. loJl erertoa. th, wt t these to imull the A small assorlme rt-Whaut! an offer of 37 yreretnaliver, o i WITI--
ii. a place as ball-room, th inuall lhe A asrtment of other articles.
SIl Sovereign !-poll pol, I is t lucontemplible, Ter-es-CASH before delivery.


On Jnday met., rel 14(1 twiaat,
AT Tri TBlOBE 1*t$1.
At 10 O lOIeek, A. M
Will he old
SepMene Flour, in wh and hI t arkm ,
Rice, Soap, 8Sar, Ac. ic.
The following goods ae Euphemia, fom Liverpol,
1 chln Tus,
Barrels old Madeira Wine, in boldm,
6 dozen old Port ditto,
28 do. Brown Stout,
Cases Pickles,
Hamper Polatoes,
20 tums Hay,
1 bale containing Broad-Cloth, Quilt, Check, kr.
1 caeecontaining etraSuperfine Lloeo, Whitu Quih-
iag Calico, Stocks, &c. A.
9O jars Pearl BDrly,
20 do. Split Peas,. c, &e.
Ex Bchr. Three Sisters, from New York,
40 boxes Troy Candles,
8 boxes aUcon, Corned Ueef,
2 casks Cheese,
Sausages, Cider, Ac. &r.
2 Honers Saddles aod Bridles,
Term--CASH, before delivery.
At (ae Manth' Credit, as giing uwriy,
40 half firkini Prime Butler,
10 cas Copsc Brandy, Otsrds' brand,
4 casks Pale Genew .
May 12th.

On Monday next, tIe 141k inLs t,
AT THu vrTJIIn note,
At 10 OQLoe A. M.
Will be sld
The Cargo of the Amer icn ic nomer Bingle Sailor, free
New York,

Flour, Condles,
Corn Meal. Flin Corn,
Bulter, Lard, Onions,
Chnel fllamn. Plttoes,
Cider, S oil, Girlick,
Smoked Mel Crackers,
Pase, &c. &c.
Tern-CASH, before delivery,
May lId2.


On Monday nesti, ti. 1441 insutl,
At 10 'abtoln. A -.
Will he omd
Superfne Flow, i* blels,
SBgar, in do,
Rice, Corn and Colee, in bhp,
LoafSuaer, Haus,
1 as Lien Thread, 12 to 24,
1 do. Reel do,
I do. Cotton Shirtinr,
A few piacea Hair Cord and Feilu Dimity,
Gu powder, A. ac.
Te TASill. on dtied

The follow artid l, a Enphlmi, from Liverpool,
At -.e flt' CMt., rai, sra d y,
100 llaimper Potatoe,
20 firkisi Irish Butter,
50 Ibom Sop.
May 121h.

On Maoday nent, tan 141t isua ,
At 1s O lk A,. E .
Will he ad
For CASH, before delivery,
Superie, Floor, in barrels,
Bugar, in do,
Pork and Beed, in do,
Irish Peeomo, in do,
Rie, Corn, Ham, Chees, Bmter, LarJdCade,
300 feet Y. P. Plik and Flooring Boas,
At ae Mntis' Crodit,
6 boxe Sep, ported in brig Enphemi.
May 1th.

B LANK FORM8, y decriptio, may be pA5
ScredMt this Ofee.
N. B.-Job Prmitlag ne ed with nerness and di-
pdh, ops iro paper, ad o sabre arem
January 4, 1832.

.aw 4one SfimS

W 7. am m .alad m 7d.*eoS -g- .. a--er rm p_ ,- OMNg -% ,
I AMpm a '. epquatlS y ih am.l Afriens, whoe gemm ma- their pm te
lt sappe gi t z p-vi l Mev ame dioL dLro in sme aspects from Brw plea
with dre Cpujmlp Ei ir aga ln she ohla law impmngedma fl r isrtI peer
great nrepuglle lio, he,.s i a -id be a.isrly pro to apply, dien- th con ti
rciacdMr i. plial .Cull ,la. ..&ih ltu No- im ly, d lka e eemd u to P .agam iiprued fhim a d cE
amber, w.hreisle C ,olWI d irary down a&e Ari, ma o Chrisun sl who we., in -o gree .pn a
Ihppeams qJuinatpr Ihe celOce of players toward a lt u, aqaiied whh the truths of the gapel, and the colonls, whi
lsler l.e, uimhidl, fr the abool. authority of tde ebliions of a oath It i not meant that in the Iapale emnomous
Cr.w over taldeti i calenes, it dos not appear of l me he actlenera muas always remain dissimilar, but spent on
tlmt tIhe lie propr can C fi d .any means f mrusiing. that some dirnnce hIsuld boe madu in regard to the eriod have nis
A saitem firl &n of Mr. Caaning's species C is qu loned of Ihe introduction iuoe le respective colonies. In this po
in the o ebevamthM" of the emumitil of Wels India point f view Lord Goderich evidently misunderstand the as
lantl, sad cosidermble srnelaid upon it. Mr. Can- Meaouing of dw coleh evide" those mentors
ailt nOi mUm (and to a cranin asione we gree with a a cheaply as fo
him), thai if the cunditieldl" the slave is t e uliprov'd, I, t i motourious, t the idhe of emancipation generally comptlilion w
that imperavenae er most be 1peroduc throLu h thi dt O i& J '
tha" inpr.nve"munt am i ias aruscd t hriogh di erdien ntertained a prison by the slaves is nor uo much de righl Msenu, ia his
of his m lssr." Now, it ls ll very well if the master will of choosing their master, mad working for wages, as a io- distinction."
soegest, support, ar aMt ppe, any useful nmsas re for lute fredoum from labour. It is evident that this state of
hl nreal well-btoing of losle. If theu master w*ill feeling is the wmust unavourable that can be to improve- Accountfr
liable tle us of the whip or abridge th loaurs of labour,- maot, uad that an mua will work chee fully if his mind s January. It
or e.l alish ima fair law of nmenumnaiio.-iur se ny continually haunted with tIe idea that he should be, by orders of the
olher of he anoy slop recoImmnded by Parliaw teu ri ht, in so much beler circumaUtancs as not to work at the resistance
Ith lekgilalrea of bartered culnie,. Ior the general all. t sloald therefore be the fist great object of the was to meet
..nrli.atln ofd e ircum.tunces of .tim lave, lwhy tlln Guvernmet to fru me oe mnswure which would correct onesure reor
t lin Ilmpsr.-'em-n" rpokoo of by Mr. Canning proceeds Ithse mistaken atiom, lad lwichl would so operate upon all supplies to
n aurnlly iltrioi,h the clitaanil wliiclh lie indicated,-amine- tls Ilave, tdla he would be prevented, on hereafter pro- (Cromiek.
Iv, thm of lie planltr himself, ned dut uournme o at. curing (hi freedom, from indulging in idle habits. or reven-
h,,,iN I,.s no Lexcuse lor interference. Bul if uo rli. s the deploroble condition uf lbl usva. ge.
a ts d n r anm tie deplorable condition of the savage. = 0
Il,,,.n.,-ifm l slave. bte over-workud, ad,lwhe. lur*i* > There can he no doult that the colini ts could sg-
or A.ul-.i lro. Pirn-c ve tail, if they be l then vr-pulish- ,l valuable expuldieoas fur accomplishing this end, i' the e Ererj
a!,t-if dvIaparaion nal ilises got aumng themn,-i- their rights of private property were regaled in the aue s- .
n0,,,raly Ibe ..I pl)llil, .and ii l ei u h r yearly, cred lmaner as is the caU in respect to property in Great ul resi
l..>tlshlydnitnllewy,-whaill ius adk, becou0 iB Uritain. Let tMe Government, in its acsl give a full give security
ol i. M. .iain.' l,. liman, i hl It lk potaI neo s r I hat, under eery change, tin eaitlion rights of iidi 0gf.r/o
a1' m., t'. ,1.i.i hb thte instrume.lnt for relieving lnd inproviug property are to be prrved, and te colonies no doubt
t ,, In .,ar ,.pinin,, and we have already ewpreed 'it' wi ill promptly, chst fully, and elicaciously propose further ter which, at
am, of .lito. Hnritnil (;.,verenaent has lain in continuing measures tor forwrding the work of i.adiUration, and may b obtain,.n ,if h,!.tvv ar action, cornlied with one ul cam- lpr.prig he way or final euimncilation, much better than
n irt;ral rimn.-n, hic hfor rruine Gavernt t indecen nd i ally timt iave litlerut brien proposed in tllis couultry. But
lr;lly illl,.ihl lur th Uo G,,v* enl lo insis a it cannot for a moment be expecltel ilIat tllis sel will ever """ou
s. a rku, li;,r thl comfort of the nesro ns mighl, under be nmnidieted so long as til IBritish Governmont is dis- C Februa
a1'l;.re.ta cicualtnc-iea.s, he easily acceded to by the West truiled. This district a natural and jus, hen all coni- ;lh Ap.l
it, r pi:antern. c questionable, ore donThic di n uoral adde alh o i l April
llii i.,tret. Tie plner, I e bl, m eralion of couinlnasiun is evaded till set aside, endl t "
rmaiJed to h. linl. They areo overwilmenod by lie wina every admission of thie colonists, however it navy ist i
c.anmittition i.i f ,reinnunr in the general usmrkelt tlht ale) have been guarlod snd d qualified, is eagerly seized and n .t
aredrivento esirl evrmi y minute's l.iaur which can by tan' acted upom to the full-st extent, and in the nlm.s u.nqualifi- tl;Ih
hban.iI a.tan. he wrong from ite sliavre s oil all estiatel s ed manner, witihou regard to the injury or risk tlhilc nmy e;s h
w w,.r ,-;r, the staple a the W e t la, is, is cullivail.l. e occasinel tou he rights of' prtierty. Th"e %.ry dlJ- soth **
I.. q 1v,.rnnw,,nl 1will ro n llit It) tiniah lt. sui i dalch of time Colonial SecSrllrv under animadalrsiorin is th M
t l.ts, ,,1 aI I* r lm os ihtil on ranl with III;a1ul bui In- | l tci tnl I ,o d tn- il o r u, llI. ac, a iy s ll linit i a l oc ror-
,,a a i. a',It u a oisatl Moas.>U's to tilln dl rirt l itrc litlyv tlant altia 11W lla .cIttagl 1tic CtAOlalls to co-uperale JU| iht .o
i, :.!,,,rh,.,, i, hi.e 1te appl)icalkt n ulof lt it llile itiInu- with i (;o U iIent s e on
la.-leru t khe. r night he extendudl in these uns proportion, a a *a Il.atrll
ai r lam'is aaf Ith paoor consulird, inslead ol be- The committee mighl hare, with propriety, cluvo their Ilook
i.a- sti inex.orihly scrrifiead as Ihy ,now are to thm landed ,bervations. laut tbere are still a few paisaga.n in the dci- Nble
i*,.-r..t,-litriher, if time Weat Iadies be no longer colau- patch, which, coming fro, toa e iigh utleority of LoJd (;o- silver
l 1h, la us r-.sort lto a dear and distant market, imnmtead of la terich miight gave rise to much misidlll.rrinllilg a the iIest ( uatl clh-ip on, for dI oniclim of first accnstal public mindla l if they were poase unnotliced. It .as rDe- G
,,r hi lll hy tan mlin na.d,-.Pairlamionl, or tim esecu- pectfully stated to his lordship, that it a:Is inpllillc, at tl., "a"ilo"a
live. (i.ovrnLnent, aly then enforce, wilbout scruple or premlt tieto ielse a nw order in council, cnlit.lttin T.Ille
c.,, ,e, uon the colonies, whenever course of slave relief sweeping changes in respect to property, alten it %.., (-ner
al auie.uorat.ln shall apperu Ihe nist etfactal to its known that the colonists wer driven almnut to despair by H'ind'
iurpoe ; nor is is alparehendled Ihal the gilalive aa- coulmmercial distreces. Irn
weihly of any of the islat will. undei such ciruI.- ,' Ilis lordip hai replied in a manner very extraordi- sewin
slanca, he di.pnoed to the slightest oppenition. We a nary ind.e Ho states that the great peermaei n cm ieun Nesls'
not seumciently nalstes of the subject to decide how far o that disure is to be found in the inrtituton of slavery, (reao,
ihe circular order of Lord (Jderich is calculated tlu the it is in vain to hope far continued prosperity in any Siavet
al.ieve tlI resldts .aticipated by Iis lordship, without pro- contrv in which the people are not dependent on other
during oevls which he bhas not fort.sen. It is but fair tu o volutry inustryfor deir supp.n, and tham ie can- M 9h.
thaowevluntary industry lfe heir sIIPPrtrteand flint te can-
sauv.lCel sa o f th e r ng in the Wobservation or not but regard the synsem itself as the perennial spring of
tlictlr's .f the Wo la mesaaine appear to t theem distreses, of which, during tie last 5 years, tie A PE
arutely drawn no, and smae pIaes written with no com- complaints have been s frequent and so ju.t. lRegarding, i Jos
usi ability. We lave ot eomo for mo them one or herefore, the orders in cuaned as n measured, hbu, at the. Providence, 9
two. I remarkingn the univo liyof o penraion which same tim, a decide advance towards the ulhinale ex- i he snme dul
Lord Oudrich rearir for his orders, they my- tinioi of slavery, he must on that accouu t r,,erd it a Esate, are lil
The West India colonies, tleagh chiely rising msgar tending to the coe of we pecuniary ueumirreusalnnu which meant, at the r
as their taple production, difer wldeity front each uodir in it is i to eahaicea.
read lo soil, climlae, the extent of nnoccupled land, the The conmintt eoaider tha these inferences on tle April 21.
csnnpamrali density of their punpollitin, ndl many part of his Lordship area ua well founded.
uds etm nlal physical circum asanes. It in quite evident, In the for plece, thI institution of slavery does nuo
Ihls Ihe inceniive to Iabouu mua vay according to hume necauarily ecamiu coammrcisi distress. By means o IllE SU
circu.mmances ; heing great in moma of Ihe colunine, from slavery, the Unitd SBato o" Americ derive almost Ihr concern
tih cainpraliae diffiulty of raring subsistence and ae- whole of tebir figacoammerce, and they have attained sotify to thou
cr m rklm; quile feeble in otlmer, from te profusion of a prospaity mproliled in the history of uems. that unless the
s.ntensor lavilshd around in ever direcllon. The slave "* In thie mad place, a denuncition of the great vious the
coes, tlrreftn, to proplre the way for voluntary industry, viiiitdes in Wel India commerce cones with a bad an Attorney-
to altr gradually the habits of the nerers, sad to make gram from a British Minister of Suate, when it is well
them acquauimed with the duties sad obligations of civil known that ith vicissitudes spring front the policy of the
society, must he, in many paticulis, essentially different mother uemtry, and from her having for an indefinite March31at
is their meamwa period of time, ad her pusioaus n passive isalruments, X U'MA
Een if we do not amps a comprehensive code, who mihte be uadlla pklrulre, and forced to bhed every
but luok merly toh I ming period, and t m exisiing cahge which policy or caprice on the part of the mother Apply
eate ol slavery. Ibe local circumstance is supplying the country might dictate
n grmr with and ery mast u riauly. Enaciments in In he third pace, it wenssated by Lord Althorp, in Fbro
this respect, h ch would e auplicable to Barbadeol or de Hase of CanoTm,that the West Indiana were de- Fe ry
Aeultir would be quite alarl d o Denmeara, Trinidad, or serving of relief, and that their present distress were
mIle Mauritime. no attributble to themselves, but to the forwn slave
"It has further het olservmd, that the basis and struc- Irde. I is ndd singular, that Lord Godericia should I
t re of he laws wary in the diflreoa colonies. The a-. keep out of view this great cunsidel aion, which is national
jority hae Englis law; but mom have Spnish, some ad nd t local, or applicable to the colonies one. 1The
Dluch, oese Freach; aud i is evhidat hae local institu- I is quite evident that if foreign Governments hold thn.
tim have rin which mandrr it mne ary to consult the ot every paminl amUsitnce to lheir psesiaon ; if Great
bits and premilectis of de people, if we seek to eect Britain, o du cotaury, give no sch auistace, and not April 24th
any ilueary change. All utesnue of eminence lay ly deny herdisiat subjecsl justice, hotl ras ad lin- -- -
down the maxim, tht i is 'ba r to improve political io- ate their loal govemments, the foreign cahivator will rob
itulions when defectlie, so thal dry may he in harmony the British caltivator of his bhiwils ; iad our dependen-
with the notion of the people, than totally to destroy cies, ne retained Our It parp of commerce, will be- bni
them, and mubstitut others im dtirr ? *, quito novel la come umle, involving, along with the ciuhivator, the ilmi Pr
their application, and framed according to moan gemk l shipowner and many colblamtl ad important branches of Lii
standard of guveroteneml. Irade, in rain. For Term
Be.sidi- the difference in the fimodamental straiere of The committee stated, in their first remonstrance, scribers.
tII., Isa. the comparative state of civilization, and ofi that it would be uttlrly impsuible for the British colonists
oral instruction, lal s in theli Jillcren cuania'. Sone lu continue their culliation, if their expenses wte in- Marrh Sd.

a I





at l nole m ue rame the ,-
Swas diminishd. l Is r te
tima uIe han to compete w si
Ea-naa--rk ; aadwhis
Sto subject theBri tih ~clmi
d disadvael ag l vir 1 _,my
d to sacourap g e Slas --
ch thi acmay, etmilr gA at
m smiually lavished -to ha -"
It is tWuly imporsmat CAto a g
of mnelioraio fior nithe
is not whelthr an p r t hi,-_e
a, it whedrneor s not ite Aa i
Mirg ugr. with which it a m "
hben it is brought to aus Ld ,L
I deatch, quite uwii n (L"s=. u

om Demerar yesterday, mre It ib lh ,
is found impossible to carry into A .s
English Government rspecting ei
is nearly universal, and the Cometa
t an early day in February, wirh tLhe
ted to would be, it was said, te t iJ
bte Government of the colony..-ji,

y person about to Lea these Isad,
d tItred for the apace ofrunr DaM,
lt the Secretary's Ofic, arpl uAphiou
FIrrrTEs DTIaJ prerius to tad isdepm.
any tim during rouTv-r-vI uDr, a Tacd
ry Elizabeth Sullivm
Emiher Robinsos
Marlulet ChLpeht
i"veamn Johanes
Emily Johason
W. I. Alsemdn
John Wildgoe
aranh BAl.tImI
W. M. Fon

CELVDI), per Ibrig KPIIL.MIA, andar
reastanable tenants, lur CA\II.
els, AIes,
and Eye Ilinges, usortrJ,
Ilemp, Awls, rc.
Ware Tooth Brushes,
;ilt and com0nmon Piltl,
uld Eyvd Needlks,
s' Cl1s4a Knives,
da. and Fork.,
an Steel Ilntd-iws,
ow IHooks and Siaplei, aborted,
Vire, fr T''inuare,
g Twine and Needles,
foot and P'* Oil,
Blue, Illck and White Painls,
Lead, &r. Ac. &c.
W. J. WEEC11.

RSONS having demands noet dte Earn
ph Stmnders, late of the Island dof *
entlevan, deceased, are requerst1d o 16
utt lestd ; and tlnwe indebted to tie la
kr-wie reqm.-ited t make imntediate pf
fice of (;. P. W it'ul, Equtae.

BSC:RIBERS. lavitllt alond 1il nrersrta
noof tie lae aliss J. Snl..dmIn, E.:" '
.who still remain inder'id l, 1 ,
ir respective dlemamnts al ;ItI ".i'"
it June, mhly will I ,ia ptlai, a "
lt-Law, for immoeiatei u ,' :
E. M. SOLOMON. EIecuu".
C. S. ADDERLEY, Elecu ort

SALT, Ibr ale at 13 cenul per a
At Eslm

he house and prenises, litely 'ai-
In. Poitier.
Ld premise, lately occupied by Mr. D
to J. W. MILL.E1

The choice of Lno of Lu-1 -'ie
adig mand iirmprovements tisherea,
line's street, generally knows by l -
ghtfoot, or Cupid's Row. I
and other par:iculars, apply mle


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I f If! Hi W !| t !( il \ m ^f. f ii It Sil t if I ^Ijc lyaljam^K ^rj^iiQ. iiet, who arincci m J/o< / /iusuu,,, or UuMutss JUtn^\^'^ . mIio lirouu'ht ibt' wIiomrtsth-ss, insinuiiiiiitj. .^ean l.;n„ i"^ '**';.. .1.^ I : /^ "'/ '""8 ''Umour r /•Vym tht LouduH Hr, mug Mail, March 9. M05it:Y-MAKKfr:r A>iD(;irv i\TtXLi(;F:\ct. Th. \:U'M -ccounu fHM„ AlKi*!tmIc-UMhIi7l!e"L^ \'' r-,,,,,;^ ,... -.ui.euce wl.ich was ulWd. 1. ; of all ..l.out thnn : U.ev aualu.v ou,..y7^^'^.r, -....r, f ,1,., ,,lac..Hatl iJj -. ,Im ,,r*^..t Lnt\'^::!::T!Z^"..':'^'\':^^^^ neve, ;, Ley are pitr^Millllly'llJ^K ^ intra! Cubicftu, die CiMiimiifiiiei-iii-Ci j K.Miuon lii^ *.,y i.> Aufuua, lluex|m ^... ._ ......,,„, ...,..„,...,.,^, .eaic hin i • iH'Vs ul iIjc liikiiii! ol' AtK-4iM reaclteij lliu Pop** luo Iiouk r.a.M... ui,|..uu ,,,. V^p'^'-M' 'I'.'' < B.mucUi ca led a Muj^recvdenttluMu, bul never Hiihi,. tbe.u ; d.c> cau .• *f '^ < ..nia,M., in a poi„, of vi.w. Tbr ro.n.n.iiiiraI H'''*:"' ''"" "'""^''' '''" f '"V *"^ *" *''*' ^.""'"'' "'"^ ""* ^ '*''^*' '*"*^ ''^^ '""^ '' '"^ ^•''^**^ 'P to aLh "*> k. tM of ib^r.dooM. HfH .aidlM.dIv to ..,c..nd (^ ,,, 7 | 7'''''*'^'':* '••/.^K.-en.ed lo be ve^^ or tbe manner, rannof .b^>p quietly tbrmselves unlerr "!**': "Wt l.a?.Mfrom lb. ,fiiv,ii.Kl.ven tbe H.lvan. ed i,o*t. of the ', "" '^ '•''**'^^''^ .d. con.placen.v, : tbeir neiybbour rise., an.l yoen to Im^J • ,,'• '^""* "C Hro.vln-v.d (ba. I.marn Considered .0 .m cupv a .i.oa.ion 7 ^""'"' '.''^''"' •^"=';'"'" •"^'l*' -'"^ '"iu' of war hI.o bin. ami wbo is VKsiied by bin "i "'"*' U, i' • I ••• . '' iVi'l'if III llii* iiiit'i .A \ iw>iii:i 14. iii'ii ii.i> l< I'l.i.i'li ^/... ..1^. ... .... > I... I I / ••nil. U'hiif HMiivlnymd (bat lio/' are Considered to .m cupv a -.iiualion 1 .'1 ", ;"";:" "V "" ""' """ """ """ *'"*' *"^' '** ^Ksiied by bin. 1 .1 ...irb ,.nl. Tbe .i,„.M.j>ix to introduce tl.e' c.rn.laiion *'*"'V" 'n *",'," "' T'"'' ^*''^" l'*^^*''"^ '' =4'"i.'Jrun a.j be keep.s, re^pnue be bas, and wba i.! ''"-f^t r.ved. I be Koinan (.uv.rnur, or Prok-ate, wisbed to inueb be owes, and bov n.ucb is o., '''^'^Mmi i:-.i. in \UjWf. Ilic inbabitants nill „ol receive *'.'>' franc "" '"" '*'^' '*'''''"'' ''"'"'''' '"'' ""' •''''''' '' ""'' '''"" '" •'"' ''"' '" "* fiice* hill at a of I.j ceniimes from the lair rale ot eKrIiHii.'.., H,|,|ouf of the tow n tiny v ill nut, it is allinne.J, |ias^ (oiiiiit at a?l. To add to' flir diHCoinfurt and ba/.Hid of ibin state of lbint,'s, tbe riilini.' Krenrb ;iul|joiitie^ary far from actim^ in bar-iiony uiib enrb otlu'r, >ind n |>oiiiv4i .|oarre| i^ !Ander and ibe nvr civil inlendant. Tbe U}Mifoo xcMjiiM 10 b.', ( tbe Fiemli bave coinmilfed ;j is,'nal error in tJn ir .iccnpalion of .\lifier>, in atuni|)iiii|f to aftai'ii (a Oioir side tinrude bordes wbo live in its vuiiiily hyncfof kindnmjiaM.I conciliiilion, — aconrjM'of pro delay, but tbe Fremb lenders did not desire it, and tliey landed in tin* nitdit, ami viilb a few strokes of tbe axes broke op.'n ihe L'-iti s. Tlic I'rencb soldirrs uere welcomed by the inbabitants, and treated wiili kmdneNS. Caidinal Albani bas left Uolot'iia, to vi>it bis relative and councillor tbe Duke of Modena. In liuloL'na a forced loan has been c.ilbd for, mucb to Hie disHjitisfaciion of tbe inbabi in tbeju.lL'iiient of some, is lo be aTna.rofT • ^"^ '^" IS, m otber words, to be a pj.iLM.e and a s„v "**^iui supplanter and underminer of all famili..; ' '/*^'^*'w.k„ 'IM • I • • ,. "••'•••lies Aiul I Ins beniL' a maxim of untailinu ,r,„|, ,1,^^ "" *ck-i,^ pries into anotliers man's concerns but witi < '* '"•' 01 to be able to do bini h misrbief. A „ '^'" '" buniour, doubtless ; and vet as bad s ; : "^'^ ^"'^Jiibl.. n.ol.i.... -. ....... k....L. I "" '^ ^""-eilieri„ tauls; but bo,K.'s are now entertained by tbem tbat tbe notbinu so base, barbarous .ml iliJ. i'.'""' ''"Pr, „ trencb troo,. u dl obtain all tbe tbey desire, joined wirb malne w ill ^;;:;.::l:rr'V^' ^be peopl.ot ,be Lcgalious sinj^ tbe h rend, airs. ucb as and often does, raise a a oiicb bi '" •" '•' ' '"^ .be M.US. .lla..^ &., „ H ,n.e i.self .be .pin. of excitetbou.b (it is to be feared) t a J fl" '" '^T *^K ".cni as a. work. Tmontulunne and tbe clerical lower in tbe next..SWMrv " K'^ ^!. papers ot I arisaltiiiipt to prove ibis act of Trance lo rec.T.lin..f whicb IS said to inspire in minds no feelin.' • ,. ., • " -but cnlempt. .\,. enn.r.d but .bat of a.fu.d f .r"' "" eid.e, si.le pm n .!! Tl' '"'"" reed. MP, lMcaii4Mi most b^ve involved a derrn-eof expense i ..""'"*''' ^^^' burrymg in all diroctlons to Rome and '"' "'inHin .here until one of .hem is tired or ""'"'*£' far more thin nMimiensuin.o with the object M .vine 1.'^'"'"*' *^^* '" "be n.ean time it is asserted that M. ( ^'"'''S s'u"S ^v the insretsjn wlnrh cas.his clie.J"'"/*'*''''"' fiMHl the other course, and fiiiled, ,f thise accounts a.e to '"'''" '""^ '•"' ^"•"" '^H1>"\V "'t' on the b.s. .erms, and '" 'l"' ^."""''> ""' '"''•''*''"' be ilepemk.d on, e sbo.ibl ihmk .be p.ri.Hj is noi far disi'. ',*.*•''''''" ""i*^ '''''* ''•*-' ^"""*'" ''''" *'*''''J '" ' Austrian i "'* '"' "'^" "* taut *hen wo Mi^y otp.rt to hear of the total abandonment "^}\ *'''rv tl") Belt^ic and Dutch treaty, and the afI o( UirirHtUMtipi at colouixa.ion in .Vfiica on the pari ofi'r'""* dl be easily arrant-ed." Me.ternichseemsinf 'uce. I cbned to -jivo way on .his point, lor, as l.i aL'ents state, it isralher stranje tbat the whole allairs of K.ii^.|M*b Fnipeior of Hussia. V\'W transactions have taken place lo-dav in any de•crip.ion of (J..vern.Mei securilie*. The <'on..|.ni irke. •* laiiHtr firmor than, and rbtso.1 hi H^ to .'J (^,r ibearr.Min. ; K.b.-.p.e. BilU m| 6*. to 7*. pm. Hr.ya' Ijiiii Stock i ratlKV hijilnr ; Spi"• ol \Uv. Powers, to rvaCmipany, rhich bave llhreto.e undert'one on.c lloctua! '^"""'' f''N^'<"vt Iv, by the l.'iih .March next, the |>ortion. Cmn : tbe res. are .he u.oM p..,i a d.-ad leinr at p.es4-,.t 1 "' '''''""' .^ ^*'''''' '"> occupv in ihe two coon..; s, with i TH^ pric*. of 7ld is rpmted at .Cl 17 s. \)d. the „„„e,.' '*•*' '•"•'•' •'' i" case of no..-c,m.pliance ib.v wil, winch IS ralbcr lower. Tlw laie torn in excbanije. u iib \ ^'"'.'.?^'"'*' ''.V ^' ranee and Kni-land. fl... rons.vp.ent imporf.itions of bidlmn, have e..wbled i|m> Bank, ^blcl. is Hhm^st the only purchaser, to decline lakini: BFL(;i! M. Brussc Is paf>.n, received on ^Sunday, font.iin the follow iny para^'ra|d.s : — We heMr of a new Protocol, which enjoins tbe Belbe The re.ireuM-nt of tbe main body of the Austrians from Roma-na, ,s eondr | by tbe FrJnch pafM-rs, ami it appeals 1 bat Boloena alone ren.iins ifarris.mHil bv very iinidl lorce of those Tl,.. F.encb scpiadVon, too. winch bad been counlcrman.led. and sent to the Moien. .Vn>tria. it appears, did not at any time much relish the i plan ol ainpaign, in the susceptible leyations of Italy incompa.iy wi.b iIk. M.blier., as .J.e i,,clii,alM,, | •-----?-?CT* Evrry person about to leave these Island,, a fUr haviufr resided therein for the space of rmnrr UAn Z j Ki'^r security at the Secretary^ Ojfice, or put uphUnam^, said OJiteforriyTKKS d ay h previous to his departure^, trr ,rhieh, at any time during FonTv-p.vE days, a Tuk,t may he obtained. NAMF.S OF PFHSOXa ABOIT TO orPAl?. TKKKTS KOR DKHSKTIM I.M Febrnarjr Kbx;.l>.ih .Sdln.n FiSlluT Uohinooii MartsHrd ('hipclian Freeman Juhnsuo Johiiauii W. I. AlfXitiMier Jtdin \\ iM)>ooi Aliss Denii.t Sarah <;(b IHfl. April <|st tisl rW,conl.ins|be|idlowin,,rticulars r-v r .coco M.mier. as tl.e incline ;:;;';, 77^" Acona :-.. (W .roopl .belof the lattm. whatever tbe n.ten..ons of her ;,^^^^^^^^^^^^^ .ld .... ,..,k , ol the town and citadel. On the | mi'.'bt be, would loan ratin'r to fomen. to la I^O'l'irK. .fe of ITavT |,Tm r r I T7"'JT ^''' '"'?'•' "'^"•''•'"' "'^"''' ""•"' • ""^'^ t'"^ '•^•^'ble revolt, .f^ ;" *''"*1''' '^-"uders, la.e of the |.s!ai,d iM .V. Tf^ar and T V/A.J J 7/' T V'. ""'.^^"i^'-'''* '"'"*""' -^'' ""^ '••' f^rance wi.l t a pretext for send.nj ^"^"''"' ". '"lcma.., dei .-ased, are .e-pavcd to rekt oi-wr, anil f ../fAcw.*^, and /^ I ic//r<' fri.raii.s. 'I'l... .rooi.. ..r m^Li.w. .. 1...1 :.. .. 1 • """'*tho same di.k..1.. ...... 1 .. • ,' . or-wr, andr../Y*cw*^, and /^ Virtnire T|.e usual ro,,,m,micaiions were oiK-m-d iKMween the cumnianHef ol the Frenrh i.pi.dr.m and the auiboriiips of iIm' iroops, ormakinya lodgment in the Peninsula. ,H.rl. On II i,d,.ol xW'i'2A two hi.t .l.nn,.' Vi' d "'/J'7 ^;* "'"''• "r" •*'; tmm an active and liberal magistrate Heennen. nf thol.oe Were it U1 m.r ,;.:/': L '•^/"'."••"•^ o. Kilkenny and U a.erford. dated Feb. .r.s, .ha, the ea.e, bavin. In-en shut ^.nLe '7.1 i -b7 ^ """ '"' '" """* '"'"*'"'*"' *'*•"* ''^""'''was lorcibi. „,.^d by'tbe \.z::'i1^s:i^:::\):^^^^^^ tho same duly ...l.ste.l ; a,„j ,|,„m. indelittd to ihe :. hsiate, are likewise iiup. sted to n.ake imme^Lale, at the offiee of (i. p. U „„,), Ks,,n,re. ... '*'"*>-^**-^<>N SAU.NDFRN, Execuior. April 2em>d by tbe (ainM>r ni" il.ut .. • I .. 1 .1 • • ' •'"••=•"' •" muinrv, TlKren.l, ,r,l, -a.,.;.,! \Vo „ ,r t ,7,""''',""'"' ""'""' "' '" ""I' 'I""'WV iMV.. ,„„,,„ ,„.„.^^ .Mi..,.. TlH, .r,.^\u: \f „„ tL c n. ""l ""' "" from on tu*nn\ t a-ir vess:tar.. •! i > i %* . ''*<^" ^l'V an' ui Pieat contril ..1 aU,. H^-ir , wi. .he ..?.;,, '^r'^'^ i "'T'" "' ^^'' •^/";''> "^ '""""-" ' ^^'in.-.h tithes. ^J,,,. j n.Mm Colonel, of the r>r, It .^w ,1. b.,' ^' "I ^'"'VT' ^"'"^'" ""> ''''"'' '" '"'" "* "-" ^ * " Un and marched towa.ds ,1. f. rtr^T^ i n a ba ,aultro catbuhc press, alter p.yonsly exuhin,. at tin. anI r,.m.u.ndant to reci.e a Fn. ...„ ^^^'^^-^-^^ '^^ ---^^^-"^OM o, tbe.r ab,.li„on, calls u.nm the pi-ople u. explanations two ome.;!. T: was a^r^d tl"; '"''^ IT ''"'" '^^'^^ "'"'•• ^^^"• ^^^-''"'"^ • French r..rre. to that of .ImPapal, ,|,.,.!m h* •dii.iiied mio tlw (..ririMts. and thai iIm. sirv ire tboulH J • ; /• r^ . ^"* cents perbwW. Aj.ply to FdwiMrv 4th. TIIOM V.s THOMPSON, At FinnMi. A leit..r from Borde..,x. received at .Nanti^ on the 2.1 „ '' ,c 1' "^' '"" """' ^p 'XlMTled every .nsL.savs, All our lar.e vesvds which were d.",>I said r"" ^'"'"''^''''''*''*''^' '•^•"' *" >i"l' 'P-rili have ios,lKH.n freighted by the a.ent. of Don Pedro t.i,.. Z^'I'lstTM^' ""^ "''*^''*''^ *^ "'' >-^' '^""oy.i to Terce.ra, where H^y nre to take on board Iroops and *^''eunvi V ihenito iIh* ntast of Portuiral." Extract of a letter rcceirrri hy a gcotleman in Phila.ieJ. phia, dated _; Cantnn, VJth .Ho. 0. r^H-.There is another „orm PRIVATK CORKKSPO.NDrNCF. The .ndin. .. tl. French troops A^l^blled .^.^^^in:^; ^^ T F;^^m;--('::::;U^::lr Ch? thespir.tot •^-^rench,,whib.,tc..n.ributesto,iye "^-^ ^"-.rnm,.nt. Two British ..u-n owL Wrr J; '^P''> =^^'h. Ufar,.>n .o the Italian Liln^rals, for •' il.e Rubi-on is '[-" '-''.-"' 'I.nfe.n. ustbat the wlm for :..'::, "" p..vsed. and f -nee as they contend, cannot cun>ent to "^^l'" <>" ''' h-^v to Chinn, and will arrive in It or 4 ^•e freedmu exlm.u.sbed m Italy, e.tber by ,|h. prie.ts or •'^^'^^ > "*. however, rather dispos,. to "b Ik h v Uie Au^tnans. The n.anner m which the fH>sJ^io„ of ^ .'^'" -^'— 'o the (^hinese ^tLr tl n e .n Ancnm w.. laken-by stratairen, and b.rce co.ubinedi '"'" "'P<"nive nd donhtf.d war '"*" i lm, in mM' decntseml.ariassed tlie .luestuM) bm „. 'If I ..... •>'>, •'III. NJI g I rf>i /• II — — l^lhation, and a sort ot S4l.s'.icti..n, the reu.ll has U-en '^""""•njt l.hel ingoing iK*. ronnds— NVrer frost w.rh |*r.ler.Ml Ml Captain Ciwlbds, tlie, ami of Cih V7V '" '.'I'^.T'* '""" ''^•" '"'^ " •"'-• '"' u-il |,er lu.-l Comk., of tl. 66th Re,M.„ent. Cnlm kil^ for iZ'Zl .\::t:r'..''" ""'^^' •*'"' ''^^ *'^''' -" •^" '"> ^"''v T:\OTICK. II K srBSCRIhtK.Solier for sale, bv private b'pain. (> hhds. clmice Madeira Wine, 4< du74'n do. d.). do. ^i< dozc-n do. Teneriffe do. 1 trunk tien.binen's.SJuH',, 2 blue Dinner Sets. lltSRV (VRFFNSLADF A CO. December 24ih. I IH^ house and premises, otcopit<"7 Mrs. Poitier. T,, ALSO— I lie house and premises, lately occupied bv .Mr. Dotlian. Apply to J. W. MILLFR. FOnSAI.K. The choice of '2 Lots of Land, wuh '"* bnildinirs and improvements tl're..n, simnt*'" Prince's street, ifenerallv known b\ iIhnan'*" "' Liirbtfoot, or Cupid's Row. ror T Tins and other particulars, apuU tollic -"^ scribers. ilKNRY (JRLLNSLADrA Co. March 3d. irii^ MfSmamm |}EOie. met thy father's phust ; \\ luTH fverU'it.Mii ao.iiinn lies On yellow wooiLs ami sunny skies. rs I rhe hroi.lerwl luoc'sen made. il.H. shod ihee/or (bat land ; 'Tvvas I th\ how and INiOws l.iid lies.ile lii^s.ill lohl hnd — Thy how in in my a hai.le hent. Thy arrows never vainly sent. >Vi.b wa.npinn li.l.s I ..rossed thv breast, .\n Amid .h' III. shell and bal.HV air, Th* bravest and the loveliest there. Yet oft thine own dear Indian maid. I'.ven there, thy thounhis w.ll earthward straj^ To her who sits where ihon werl laid And weeps the In.urs anav. Ye. almost can her ,'rif. ior;;et I'll tbnik that thou dost love her yet. And thou by one of those r.|| lakes That iM a shn.ini; cluster I.e. Ol. \0.irh (he s.iu.h Hind scarcely breaks The !ina::e of .he sky. A Uier (or thee ami ...e hast nixde lleiieath the many-coloured shade. hou dost wait and Wfilch to n>et .My spirit sent ts join the blest. And, seem, in every sound, to hear The ruithng of my foolslens near. there was noiiiin;^ in the .rans.u iio;i ..i il.e French expe; ••'''. hat tbe general governmrnt, in uph.iIdic.K O.e u.horiiy diiion to Italy, — that is, that nothing' bad transpired with '"* '^'^ '****' ^"'^""•'^•^>"' gamed a coroplese vic.ory over respect lo its character and object calculated to shake J *^*' *"'^"'*'"* 1'^" "^ '*'*' l'*'!'"''"'""' — '*'^' the obnon.ous reins contidence in the good faith and sincerity of the Fii'ncb '*'""*'"' ^*'"' ^^**i)*hi.h bati been sent out of the town to Cabine.. (Hear. Iiear.)-lle then rej^-ated his declara' f**''*'"' '^' "".T' ''"' ^V' p^'^^My allowed to return an.l ti.Hi /h.^ir \ ;.„ I .1... ... I.', I I' „ .V .. '" f"""'* 't "Id iM.sls— that the natmiial guard had been diB^nl. n* ; -•'^ •*' ''•^'^/^'"^/•/-•^'''""'•^nt uLcally .olved-and.hat even the .act.on, .n th? capital ha.l been com ..unuaied to the ami Aust.ian courts the laci overawed at the display of ,., mueh cuuragH jo.ned w.ih . ol their intention to desp itch a lore to Italy in case tbe i much tirmness. This result must be a subject of universal -Vustrian (iovernment should again inlerteie with her '''"''••^"'"""' fid will no doubt, tend to the consolidation .f armies in the allairs of the Italian States, over w hid. she j •""''^^' order, should die promise ol the Minister be fulfille.1 claimed no sovereignty. (Hear.) — He miebt state what I '" *^" ^'''"'^'''braent of a ngid inquiry uito the conduct ot all had been done with resfiect to the forcible occupation of the sj;arrison at .Vncma by the French troops, referred to in s.ronij terms of censure by the noble Lor.l. Ho would admit, tbat the account of tbat transaction occasioned j.;reat surprise to Ministers (bear), had also very much surprised the French Ciovernment. (Hear, hoar.) — The French (iovorrrnent im.nediatelv disclaime.l in iho most emphatic manner all participation with the comluct of the cjuimandinp otlictjf of the at Ancona (hear.)— recalled that officer forthwith, (bear,) made a statement of the facts to the Austrian and Papal (iovernments, which wi.b its accompmiyinmissurance would, he trusted, be satisfactory to both ; ami wiiicli he confidently expected would have the elTect of preveniine die ex|H-dition from alfecling the peace of turo^ie. These were all the circumstances connected with tbe transactions that he then felt himself at liberty to explain, but trustod thalthcv would be considered, by their Lordships, as a safisfictory refutation of the noble Kail's charijc against .Ministers (Cheers.) Thi Karl of Aberdeen confessed himself verv nmch satisfied with the noble Karl's statement, and felt that he w IS only per forming an act of duty in eliciting it. .\djimrned. inPKRiAI. I\\RLIA>f EXT. IIOL'SK OF LORDS. Ti;niiAV, .March 13. ^ PRRNCH CXeK.ltlTlOV TO ANCO.VA. The E.rl ol .Mii-rdeen, after having complained of llie little ialoiniaiioo that cold be obtained from the (tovernnt in reply to ipiestions on foren,'n atl', male in.piiry the Fiench exjiedition to Ancna. He was <|'nie ready to admit the value of preseiving jmare : but he also snlm.itted tbat the honour and di'jnity of il.e counfy must be maintained. His Lir.lsbip als<. maintained thaithe invasi.m of Italy by the French was in violation •f every principl.j of tle law of nations, ami that it miudit ke touMdereil as the commencement of war. He could "Hly brmiv himself to Indieve that the Fn-nch (ioverncijt al.iue was resp.msibbr for the proci'edinc. Earl (irey— He woiil.l not lie provoked by the noble wH into a premature discussion, and would confine hisretlvl *''"H*^ statement of facts. Tbe noble F.arl s;iid ^ opNl the explanation of ministers would be of a cha''cter calculated to alleviate his fears for the pf^servation ' the f>,.ar,. „f Kuroptr. If the noble Karl was sincere "ithat b.ip,., ,t struck bin. that it would Iw just as well if " had ah>tain.-d from exciting a discussion which was •nunently calcidaji-d to disturb that |H'ace, — fr.nn a^'jra^Ung every circumstance cnnectc.l with the tran.vaclion •t Ancona likely to irritate .ne of tinparties, — and, in ct, from s.udiotislv and |>ertinaciouly ijiflaminp everv **bncajainst th' French <;'tlMit bad a tenden^0 cr.aie hostility letween the two powers, and thus ttpromi^. that jjeneral tramiu.llity which tbe md.le Karl FOlesse.l to have so much at heart. (Hear, b<-ar.) — On * occasion to which the noble Karl rifcrred, he said dial IIOL'SE OF COMMO.NS. Thi, March 15. WF.KT INDIKS. Mr. Burge wished t.. know from ihc I'ndor Colonial Seeretary, whether the |pers 4iicb lie had laid on tbe table, contained all tne in formation in the power of Ministeis to furnish, wiih resjKrt to ili reception of Lord Oodtrrich's order in council o( the 2d of .\ovM.iler, in tlie West India colonics? On exaniinin" these papers, he found no answer from tife (.oyernor of Jamaica to thai iirder. L'ird Howick said, ihal all the corrc^pom fence between (he pmento. s of the colonie* and th uloowi otbcw wa contained in lb" (upers he had that evening laid on llic tnble. Had the learned ir*ulleman t.ken the trouble lo cxannt.e tiie dates of these pa [mts, he Hould ha\e seen thai It Was nut physically possd.le tor the Jamaica answei to be h.-reas soon as the others. It was expected hv the next p.ickeif and would be laid beioro lite lluust: uu its arrival. parlies, and the intliction of justice, but not vengeance, on the guilty. The predic.ion of resistance to the return of tbe troops and the report of (jrenohle barricjules. have thus turned out to be the iienseless .nven.ion ol lac.ioD. Itu. we are .old now by .he journals, .hat the original cause of the distuibances was not the interruption of a masked ball. Il was they now assure us something; serious. It was no less than the result of a conspiracy. If so. the judical impiiry now set on foot must establish the fact, and tbe firamess of the government will deserve more praise. Accounts from Toulon of .he l.-irh instant, announce the arrival of a corvette at the p,.ri, from .N'.ivurino, the Coniinand er oi which is the bearer of despatches to tbe Pren h (Jovernnient, con.ainhtj; the details of a serious enc^C^ninit which had taken place between the French and (Jreek troops, on the tM of February. The French had lost a considerable number of n:en, hut had taken three batteries at the point of .he bayonet, which the G'raeks had erected between N.s. and Calam^ta. From the (^untidienne. TO HIS rXCf.LLr.NCT THK IRETIell AMBASSADOK AT ROMf. Fresh re(orts Irom the delegate at Anons lay the undersigned t'ard.nal Secretary of Stale undeMhe disagreeable necesNi.y of addressing fresh complaints to your £>cellency. In spite of the proclamation ol (iener.d t'ubirres, and his assurances that he dues not miend to meddle with the pontifical goveroment, but. on tbe contrary, wishes to protect the author. ties, resjiect the laws, ar.d repress the factions, his Adjutant .Major, M. Pales, has ordered that .wo persons conAned lor poll. leal ctirai''S should be provisionally liberated. At the instance of Frent h olftcers, an air albgorically alluding tu liberty was introduced lu an opera, wheh produced .he most lively f-nthnsiasm ainouK tbe factions, and exctfed 4'diij. misf^d that tiei.rral drbierrs, possessed of the views ol the French tiovernniertt, wsi br.ngmit a fr-sh su||M*rt lo the temporal autbor.ty of the Holy, and to the tndepeodi nee and in. eerily .if his staii s. .t only rema.ns the iihdersigne•*" *•' the same tuoe lo consider bow jij^i and press u|)on Ministers tlie pressing necessity of an imiDcdiate measure of inquiry into ibe pn^sent lamentable condition of our West India colonies, with a view to remedy. That condition was such as could not much longer Im) permitted to exin, wiihout the most fjtal coriserpienccs, nut only to the colonists ibeinseUes, but to tbe mother country (hear) ; and it was the bounden duty of the executive not to delay a sin^de hour in calling the attention of Parliament to its causes and coi.seipiencus. (Hear.) Mr. F. Buxton would shortly bring uiider their ronsidcration a iiiotioi for ilie total extinction of slavery in the colonies, in which il would lie seen that he bad not overlooked the interests o( the West India proprietors. Mr. K. Douglas agreed with the hop. Meiiib'r for Thetford as to tin; urgent necessity of an imniesliale inquiiy into the condition of the West India colonies. Hf bo(M>rp thought tbat such a discussion would be |H> were the reasoii.n;;s which the undersigned adducel in his former notes, vir.. I bat the occupation of Aucona by the Frinch iro.ips, far .mm lo ihe re-esiabhshinent of lran<|iiill.ty, bad g.vtn occasion lo the renewal of past disorders, iu spite of all the declarations snade against the assertion. •• The Bodersigned omits ohservine Ufwin other f:< is. whirji being directly contrary to the honour of the Fren. h tro.ips, he doubts not wiM he repaired at once. Among others, )>ermission was not f^rn to the pontifical troepi. who retired from Ancona hy .hr Sovereigu's order, to carry off their ..wn effects which thl^ had in the barracks. Tlk?y were not allowe.l to take their cart'.u. h. s. nor to have theai sent to the auxd.ary troop. Qor were the) pcrmilte.l to take the dragoon horses. We must therefore pro..?st in the Dame of the lloly Father against all these acts. der.iBatorv to the |>onlifical sovereignty, in or.ler th it ih.r.ghts of His Holiness may be granted actually and for tht future. •'Cardinal BERNErrK." RH*$ian Male and f'emntt .SVir/y— f hsve often been struck by the want of s.iciahihiy who h ex.sts between the tooth of . , ... Ill • ^'^^ texes m the societies of Petemhorgh. I have lreiuent. highly inconven lent but would take care that an op,H.rtuj |y asked the reason. b,ih from |,.iM.s ami gentlem.n.^f 'His niiy sl.oubl be afforded f..renterinL' on llie general question j ,loitnrwunl. The naturally reply. •• e cannot make in the coiirc of the presint sessi.m. ^ the advances to the gcntl=roen, ami .hey will nut make them Lord Howick pledged hitusfdf to bring forward the •< ""• Were it not for you strangers, we should never esqiiestion on the earliest possible opfxirtunity, were it only *^*'*"Jf^ *""^ *"^ *^*= •"•d*" s^-x." .Again ihey say, •• the to disprove the unfounded statements which had lieen LiteK'"'"''"'"*" •'* Uiig illant and ilhterate ; their converts.ion Iv made with respect to tlnr caoses of the present condition I *""''"' '" "^'hinK. "• if you chance to elicit it. They v., u I I /• V .1 r. I !'"'• **'^" •""•^ '" 'be bureaux of the*f.t. ..f the^West India Colonies. No h.r^ like a lineal had J, ,,,, „ ,,,. ^^ bat can they kn^t \\ hat "a^^^^^^^^^^ iMM-n held out. (.overnment had Ik^W out a lH>on for tin.. \ .y to amu'se a gemlewoi„.n ?" ^Phe men juVt.fy them,;,;.; bemTit of buh slave an I plantei. Every one must rem a som.-what similar manner: they accuse the women of too collect ,%Ir. rannintj's language, who pro|osed if the Jjr'^t a partiality tir f.ire.gners, w.r'h whom, ihev say. .hey West India Colonies refused the measure lie suggested, to ''annot roin|>ete w.ih any i tiance of success. They sav. ike harass their commerce, and restrict their navigation. That '^dies are absolute negations, and have not a word ol conwas a threat ; but in this instance Oovernment had used •'"^""" fn-ynn.! the French play and the last ball. But I no threat, but offered a boon, conditional indeed of ad' '.*""'' f'-**" dHr^vered another motive for this ex.rordn.ary Tanta.e to the slave. ^'•*""^'! !'' •^' '-'' '^ "<> -"-ny f^o^,,, (r. < • I 11 L as we shoatii sav. big wigs) in society who as the* lwva Lord >andon said, that, m the preset;, crcumstances of wear their'rms.V,! the youngL:,^^;o^ , IwV the colonies, this imfiortanl subject should be considered as .No man has any grade lo society in Russia oiher than his 8pe*dily as |>oible. In tlie existing state of tbe West military (orcorresptmding civil) rank. A subalrern. or capIndia interests tlie question was one of life and death. The motion was then agreed lo. FRA.NrK. Pfiris, \f(nrk IJ.— The wsnt of com being felt in different districts, a sort of corn law has been propose.l in the ('hamber of Deputies, whore it was discussed rather heavily yesterdav. lain, dares not put himself very forward in society for fear of incurring a rebuke, and a severe one too, from b.s ujerior; and of this I have lately heard a remarkable instance, in the person of a young ofTicerof good family, bat out of low military grade, who was warned by his superior tbat he was too intiruale with a certain beauiiiul lady, and that he hal better take ; heed and not thrust himself loo far out of hi sphere, Jer tb* consequence might be paiaful to h.m. Conceive the ..pirii i i Martinetiism and of the camp teing earn, .i .m., (he hfar .. IahiJoh. Mnrrh i7^^The F.iris pafiers of Fnd<^y and Sa| c.vdi/.ej socieiy, arul info the privj. y .,( .,,.rie:, !• rf>f p isu turday contain accounts fr.m f Jrenohle lo the iiil insiani, by ; '•nd omwi intimate aod dear roj.iy.neut*.— /'rcMJt/uni* |' which it appears that all duturbaiices in tbat quarter had ceaf i % I If


if % ...i I *f ^ i\ U 'I fr,:'i li ;? I i. Iff' = > L i: i; !V !.. > II m .1 • ..J.J.iJl! ii lARO^IJS Srr--TSaer,:5r--;:iSSl*5Xr: M)s lUt^^ tbey came loib Police Mugifttr^ie^ iiuusit ;" anUa.% I vui npt awaie, oor do 1 betiuv, tttal tbe PuliM; Irto (lasauY one Hbuutbu etiahlisluuenl, who uulii 1mvi> writtuii Ihe letter ill tli** KiugV" pip^r, nave and ej^eept his own (iiinily, it is, I wv, but reasonabU; lur me to Mp puw, ibai iIm; autbur i> ho ulber tlian lite fatber. Oil iUecvuiiiit<; of lli£ lOib Januiify, tu cuiii^iij^itb Mr. A., I called at Mr. Ncsbiti's boue, at \\w front duor OEN.NtRAL COIJK r. r hIOAT, I ilfl ]lay, I'vl*. j^^-^ j^^^ g chuuu ai i^ir. i^usum s iiuusv, ( iiic iruiii e ('ouit of wbich we both rapped. Tbe .mI Tbe Kiiiij ft. Gi'orjje (^'ainpbcli Afxlorson. Tlc .Solicitor General filed two Kx-OtTicio InforiiMtion:^ •jain^l ili* aUovi; nanud gentleineu ; the lirsi a^ninst Mr. Woofl.for having ient a challenge to fitjbt a duet, to Charles Roifcn Nt'sbiti, FNqidre, Policy Mas?iloiiy, M'ld the M'con'i atninsl Mr. Anderson, for Ikavin^ U-en lli beaierof the clMlb'nL'e to Mr. Nesbitt, ami fur bavinji ni:i#ace. | — -f. .." k"^""-*/ "*"j ••" • luui ii The infoiiiiHti.iits having been filed, the Solicitor (e) '""*'"" "' ^** proceedings bad been aurecl, be r Oh:h1 prMved the Court, that ll.o usual procim mi-hi i*sue '^^^''''^ '^**^ '''"'^''^ "'^^ web wan tH cas*.,-';r Ji A^'aiii)! ihe detcndanls. Tfie Chief Justice remarked, at Mr. Wood and .Mr. AiHrori wtriibrn boih in Co *•'""<'<• llierefoto, was in o!'flionce !o the Speakei*i l.irhwit'i. ( '^^t**^^ I/*"*' as to my not then c;llini,njM>n Mr. N. for an eifdanation, I only answer — that every one iii-iv tranwici tbe servant to do o : this apparent neglect I, bowe\er, attributed to the licrvant not having beard us, uwiiig to the excessive noise in the strwf, wbich Truth" alludes l. I accordingly repeated tbe rap, — louder, however, than on tbe tij'st occasion; but, that 1 '* tliundered so indecorously at the Adot,^^ and wa e.\treuMdy iu|>ertineiit and abusive," ] here publicly aiy, thai it is/a/.v:. Thai 1 did expie^s my surprise, at tlic Police Ma^tstrate allowinfr uch a luiiiult tu be i the street at the foot of the Kxocutive's lesidence, aiirnevor was after the expre-uiun made use of by Mr. iNesbitt, that I rose to reply to the imputiition ; aitd i' was u(K>n my saying, that be Mr. N. bad the impfrtinrnct tit cast a rrflrctitm '"'iMm, I oniy answer — mat every one m-iv Mr. Anderson aske. tl^ Solictor Oeo^^raf, whctlK-r h. b.sown atfairs as be pleasc-s. I will no. allow Mi.Tr.i.b cwld prHliiceu.H? ca,e wliero Kx-OiHcio Inrormati.M.s kid j nor any ooo else, U-t bis situation in life be evt># so M^h, or hron reoried to, for oftinicM similar to those with which o'hcrwisi?, to advise or liictate to mc, how I sli.vdd act *' ^^ • --' ^' "• -' "'hen I comeived inyvjlf in anv manmuinsulted; Mr. Wood and himself sImx? charped. TiKj .Soliriior General replied in solow a tone, as to h in any niannor and bad not \\n: Police Ma^^isirate bj.fn fully aware, that I was then and, lud-Uun ever iince tlie 26ili of January, ^^ 1 • , ""> "ivii Miiu,ii ,„.„d,bl... bu. .., „„.lc.„,o.l ,„ ,,. ,1,., 1,. deuodcT l...,y a-r..^.i,„„c,.. .„ keep ,hc p...ce. JiTol dined ansv\ (ring the question. Tbe delrndanu were then severally chargtd, and pleaded not guilty. t .\icollt \ • ^ p*. > .\vMult and Battery. S;tn cake. His Hootir, aliir eirti-ring fulK into ihtt grouiwl* which hd bewii urged upon tbe [Mrri vf the dHliHlaiii, tiir !iettrn. tsid^ ihe venlict, decUrvi) hi* unwilliiignew to disturb ttw veniici ; and f>r.>poed, that the pbtiuiitf gliuuld remit to ihe defendaot iIm? d.iiiMta-s of X19, which lMrt of the f>laintiff; his counsel statinir, that tlie amount of damages was o object to the plainiiir. After fome oilier bosinws. the Court Mljoumed until Faster Teim. jHjar in the last Apt term, to answer to two Kx-Or'icio iufornwtions, for)i|Ut;etl Hbels on His Fxcellency tbe Governor, Jiiid wlwcli hthad directed llie .Attorney General to (lie .t;,'aiiMt myself, aiwl nine olhr gentlemen of this town, he mrver woiljd bavedaretl te have uttered one expression— nay, one Word— to me,wbichwas likely to have induced me to demand of him an imnifdisitn expl motion. Ap^M-ebeiisiv.', Mr. fcldiior, thaii have aire idy taken up loo much o( your pi>}M>br newspaper,'* 1 remain, .Sir, your obedient rnranf, GEOR4.E i\ WOOD. • We Kl neaHv commiftad a wd ermr. hj xmrrXmB x\^ •ord Kriiileian • here. ADVf:RTiMEni:\T. To tht tltiitor mj the liahauia Argus, fiR— Tbe Editor o( ilic Koyal (;a3u-tte, still fiersistine in untrue, unkind and ungeiiermissiat.-mtnU. in hi., pam-r I am again obligeil, tims |HiblicK, to give comn^liction to them. In the Royal (iajetic,'* of the 5tli instant, and knowing that a new trial had l>een called fur, he has again with an injisirrelliaT no man povsessine common ImiiLsty would iiavereaKsr* tn,t>i forth an aiticl*for iliee.\presx purp.ise of induing my cause, and bliisii<| those jurors f The rfidioji of rl... mCXr.„ • K"' M"'^ " ...j^iuiig my causo, and biu^iiif those jurors AoJec^n. which cb.Krrd h.m .LuI.^JT^ ZljirTl'/ T""''^ '"y'* "^ ^'*1''"" ">• case.-ff ther. is"" amon.s CJcrneMl lost hw jcrafii;. Alas, poor Chariey em juur IrurntU now mock yoti, ^ A r)Jeon. which cb.Krrd him with hinr dehTrrrd a chill I .u --. l r • ~ "'" '" •""""U'si Irnge to <:h4rlc. Ro^rr. .\r.l>,t.. ,o (\i^ duel, to ,hr J^l] • *^ can,hnrne .>f cf,mes,one more unjust and injurious to terror of tlie t;.id Cbarl^i Uojer. N>lmr." wh recrivn) whh ''**-' *"'McI. or to tlie Im.|mi,.vs of societv hur.t of Uu^fiter. The truth of the alleg;ttioo. aa lo Nm•^'* '*"* '''^' "ni^nerous attempt, to cWive a fellow rum! till Irigf.t. appfarrd to sirikr cffrj orif— tw rW Solicilor *" •'^'"ni! jmlicefaiHy dralt nut lo hiwr ^"^ '" '"*^'' ' '*' — rl at larjje nwiy come to a correct knowlmige oC ferrs. the whole f ki-mmtancrs as ihev occurred, I now five tliem to the j>,d>lic :-| was inriied to the Hall at tlie PoWmKoil.Jiugs, on the .'id of Novemln^r last ; I mved there, shortly after .Sir Jamo^ a.wl Larse to*fhe .tej„.wlw I wishrd toalisht. Wot vim let tinold Niaa^i N. P. Khh May, 18.'<2. To tk§ Editor of the }tahama Arjrug. Sl--I have bm-n so tlKwrniglily disgurtr sliotJd be associat ed with ooo wlw* M -, '^^^Wl .J ajor pirn r said I to tbe crowd. 0|, some voices ; rteor iIm.way for Ol.l Nirk •* Wl yes," said •U k prov.l hinHelf to be of so Tl .p j Zy^Ti ^ "^ ''*"* "' ^'^ ^2!'' ^''''^''' ** ^bo i* : and with „rh filling,, | ^oidd not hare Ir J^ I't^t B>e up stairs T iK^rwn in the rth.;r allusion to, I. traLction. had rnotti I ll'i,"?^ [! C i^.* ^T^*r^:. "'-they comcbU? a cast •ade any furth.r allusion to tlie transaction had I m^t f-li I j j • m^ .-..'iwie^ m^tianr u 1 -• ..r"^"*^'^'"' •'""'•"'' ""h not to go homo, as I did not inh.nH "-o. I ,_o stop lon,.-Tb.. f.ct was. r had no wi.h to go to the .%S'i rrii'^M ''"•* P*^-' ""**"• ^ f^'^^^'^ IKDIM, cotttiMomg statements as false as mnv I n ii iil b" '" 'of Ibers which have so often disgrace,! ,l cul„mu, ol Z K^ ^'''^'"''d I have eom^, had no, Lieuienam Sbortpiper. ^ *^ '^'"'""* ^ ^'* i Htnd and D,>ctor R,n^ both pressed n>e,-tlm t\H,uvr obvrrine. m tlie presence of the latter genthnran, that it have been in when h.maJe the ^lutement -and for hi^ I ?! i"v '''''***^'* '"^ ''***" "'^'^'^ ' P'" to eo keen feelings, which he must bnve had. a,KJ ibid, are I m t '*'l!^ '"^ '''''''^' ^^"'^'^'^^^ of the .Navy in U.e nalural to a fntlM>r, when Ikfind, ,hai bis son has IT lu 71' ^ """"^ ** J"*"'* "^ '">' ""'^ ^""' ''*'^^ gracM hinmdf. He >l,uld not, howvver, havo allowed ,.• f7 iT' ^^^^^ this duty, when I'lM-rceived Cnpme to have di.scoyered ,o bo the author Ts^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ assumed ,1m. name of "TaiTH," be sluMild have endcaI LT'^ i' "^'^ •^'^"^^/ "Sfht b.consi ". i" "'^ '" "' ^"^^ ""' ""'^^ ''^^''''''' Ir^Mom^i tohas done. ,l,r artifK-.," bifh he savs "marU tbl !/"".'* ^' "''^'' '"' =*'"'"— The part of the nmu. faulty mtM of society her^." He. in his rbt J 1.^ 1 ^" '^" ?'*'^'*>' l"^'^ " ^^^ 'f*') '"Te Captain Mob UjHain Hubiun, 1 mu.i ua|orfua( uioumnt, i.,Hj jn J. ^'^ ^%t what, in llie ,Mme of God, i ..idd a.k, To. mTu *"''^. mmo ?~.J liadjusi made tlir-apologfor ,ll Ji"*'^ '^ turned my head toward. Captain ilobsn t?**^'K was shaking hands, when i received a Lki '^' *'^* ^ of my neck. Jlorrified and thunderL'V*' '' danine that I wa*fo.a nwmenl bewildered and l.^f if '^'*^ '*•. bands, 1 exclaimed to those wb<.s*. gul-si I J^, u^rS "^^ ol the \ayy. I a,,, struck, without ,UySi r T* .Nor did I know who it was tbatreidly did 4t i '^*^''* turning my head, i siiw .uy Mr. Sm.diJa„(U '"'I'^H" last for the door as he could ; it ti.e.i, and onl v riift\ '' on my mind, that he must be the jhi-sum wI i ^ ^ me. Knraged at tbe moment beyond my coim^!'; f"''' alter him, ca^dit h.m a, tbe dmir post i^^ • .' "' lobby-I seized bin. with my riub, ba.ld by 1117 .;'"""''• wMb my hit 1 taught him by lUwaurba^d Wfc ''"^ Iio<.s, and dashed lum onil.o rioor, aiwi u;,!. ^5*^*kicked him ; and this I did, conceivi. ' t k J/ ^' w,.y ol clustisin, ^ blackguardly and' .^..tlH^^l^l I was rn Ihe act of inflicting that kicking •!. person (Mr. Whitlield, I beh^n-.) pu, both I^Jtl *** my waist, and pulled Hie from hll ; at this it '""•* two gentlemen c.dledout, damn the scoundreUllV"' out— helws struck tlie Major ; wln-n Lieut sii, ,'01 hold of him (Sandiland.) b.; the Ju^Z att"' eroding w„b him dowi, stairs, when I h.,.r.l .Mr. Sa^j" and^ say— •• I have not my l,i," or I wa,„ ...v k,..Shortland replied, ^ou 'cannot s,:;! ^t: and u will be proved by a young; .hok' m a fMibbc otfice. tba, a genilenum of tlie ,Nvv ^ .s list at Mr. Samiilamls when he was pnt ,ai„i, ; omJ l.ouse,^and said, ",l you come back here, I'll hu',\!2 neck ; and tbU y.mng gentleman repeated this i,Z a ..Huchant ol high,y and tniib, ar^j ^Z gentlemen will coim. forward, wU^ the time arnvr! prove the fact. ~ii^j, lo Just as Mr. WImfickl had pullcl me from rhti*ii.. tKe Judge, my s<,n and Sir Ja.m C. Smyth came to the L >Miere is the scoundnd tfiat „ruck iwv tatlK-r-l.-, ,. aMiim, said my son. No my dear boy," said f | I'ave ^Mven liini enough for the presenf-'leave t^e ,m:,o your old father." You ba.l better be ^,,aid ^, James to my son. or PH jm, you in arr^^s, ;" anuiun.;.< to me, Haul, '.M-ijor NiroHs, ymi will go to v Mir .,u.rlr v'' ;r ,". ^" •'^'""''*' '^'** y'" "" **•• tbrfMlow sl:iki T*. l^} ^'"^ '"'" ^'^^i'^^^r yourself in arwst," t,. p.H-d Sir JameN. I immediatelN ;.la,-ed ir.v hand , n,, heart, and bowing motu rBs|*cffidlv. n-pfied, c^rllI*lT Mr Jaiwfs. Ho then oaJM Mr U bitliMld, an K..vei, uf my own regmient, and iimler iry conimami, ami ordrr^l Mini to see R>e to my (|urters. I 'H'jrr.i:.jrtrtobaveMr. SandnandsowtaextsinmMig', and MripjKjd ortmy clothes to ;„ ,o M; mUn, I think, about half past i.-n. Mi. .N, sbat csme int., ii.v Ipl-ehainber. | as standinej at mv bod side ; U stiU •o<.r, holding lb,, handh., a„d, with a fare t pale u I Ka.K ho ghost, be sai.l— '• | am sent lo require seruriif I 'r*'" vou .Major ,\irolN. to kiM-p the peacr tumr-ii Mr. Sandilands.** I replied, that was no hour of tk ng It too.nie to my hmise, and enter mv bewitf to ilMt door, 1 rocommende.l hist to b '< II "'"''**'y**'**'^*>'>tW-"e roe. Major; Uuiscnt." Mill suffering imder the in^i^^niiy that I haJ met Wrti u temper jjot the Uiier of me, nnd I fold hiin, rf heU M lake him.selfoir I ,.uld kick him mit of mv hus,-; tr t It was him, and others bice bun, tiMt liad,bv thfir u.worthy conduct, cr.'aied tboair unformnr.i*'' iimHSfier'tandings m society ; ami I fhsirwihim lo tell Sir Jsri, j Iron) nn-, thai I considerer] .Mr. .Sondilaud.* roii^ I know,ib;,r. with the ejiception of two persons wbd bitt aln>ady nio^ faN,dy morn, abm.n aii the genflenk n h-i j m the room will sfau. itastlu-ir belii-f, that such . th* I u^''^* ^^'^^^^ iool the him. and went elT > I >w |ed him ; anri, fmn, bat I have sirrre k'jrfM. r-^r^' 1 quite happy he bad roI out of nv pr. trtW. s., );. I wa^t exceedinglv diMip{ii,i,:te: on li.e •:>.,>:" ^"•>me, to bndmy4m Unti anticipated me, and tMfl sIh.i i* J'd?e fhro!jh the breast. As it had, hoae^cr, Mes pUce, I could not be anerv mtli mv rhrW ,• " ^^' mined lo let the busimss drop. Hm I (,*^P^. thst H Sandilands, however bi||k le n.av boast o' h^sMulio.. m *"cety, bad, under tl... ..nprv and vitidicfive iWhn2*i>^^ pss'ssed him, in half an Uiir after mv soa wmi^vi* ^••'•. n^Ac an atfidavit airainM nw; and dial the P die* J^'^"*trate, Charles Hugrrs Xeshitt^ Fuv"'".— i"*l'*' ^' ^" inu'inbis MatrisUrial chair, fo, a^^ mH.rinat,on ih^t •*? be swoni to ayainat no, bare forwrH t' the womKletl Judue-s .bamb^r. to sefik for it, and ?M M^San.iiunds als*,hi,ely belraved, no< only wv rM>fd^'*. but that of my frieud, as well as the amti'dmice of m* •*. and his Inend ; nay, even of bis own ftiend. A^io*****""^ at such c.HxIuci ai this, and finding that Mr. Hoi^rv .MJ-H.Hb V\ dbanm, >lr. McLean, of the es ol ihu (im.rumrnt, I lU^. "-^ '^J 'til then, fe..Ive(l on tle deten,ive.— I wmiM n^L, *•* "ot liiic I should act in mv owu delcncc BiJtJko*^ It fa to hf depfhr^di 't* ihrre Ik a r1l^fact^r. ""^P! UUcerHMily mhf h armmirst .is. whr. wo'nliX ^^ infaro^"* enough to dr^,ro> Mr. X,cU.. lo stepping ^^^^ •^'"• ujuredpjtKUi'a cauat. itHf K.lilor ol ilie Ktival Ciatcite knew ol lliMe asMMioliin'iufrfTUies beii.^' pracimnJ ai^ainst me, Im says, in bis pafujr ol iJie 5tli, '• dm plaintili, not Uun^ yei satished, veAt An ward, made albdavit of assault, and procured ao iiJiiliui,'* 4u:. I>it, II was no, until Mr. Sandilands, by such con^j i* [ aiiove h.mestly sci f.irib, that I resolved to act on tiie lvrd I would Mtbe drivMi fnmi my p-irpose. viz :_ p,.blic investti?tiii; and to this end, I bad recourso to civil artioo The refill Ins been, a verdict i,, mv favour ; and the ,i:rajrdinary l.ct, of a Judye being convicted of condart I umsl leave tbe world ,o jjive n^,„j, ^^ j„ ,,^^j irer.v C^ui i m wliicb he Iwd ihc honour ol a seal on its Beii'li. I will now make a few remarks. Had Mr. San.lilands tii.ti.'fit 1 was not sincere, when i be%e.l bis , ir.lon for the -.ccdem ol bavin}; iriMj n his m.., shn-ild be no; (betor*. be bad recourse to the blackguard net of lifii„a bis h4.d I.I *oneiy) have either asked me, or vnta frit-nd to W/.urc, whether 1 mien led to irea.l on his toe o. not T W-^vn ibo Pdiee Ma.,M,trate waited on bmi for the •*.l.v,t which, a. the Police Magistrate said, ho (S.,„jil4.. Ih) ha.l promiM-d the <;overi,or last ni;,dit. (here you i#ci.K..ily see a conspiracy,) should not Mr. S m.lilamls minly or jjenerons blood flowed in h\l reins, replied, n., .Sii The ailair has been s^'ttle^l • I ••urk t!.e iatber. w.tbuit .Hording' iiim any explanation ; Iw^uabM |!uoUi;h the breast ; I canimi allow uyv.nli.Mive an, N, tarnish my repmaiioo; I wi|| not JereN.r,., ,,u| ,„y band ,o any paper ii,a: has f .r i-s end' fcrmpiryol tlw-se ,mm. Il.s conduct uouM have stoo! pl.i.yaudevery ptooecdingon my part, had it been l0|i!e'i. Mi S.Mi.liUnds kne-v, that in affairs of hmour serrecy sit least implied. On wl. „ ph-a tbon, I *o„ld ask, could hatt.Mnpt to ijive up our nanu*s to Sir Jame,.'— 'IV •pic i act is, .Mr. .Sandilands caniL' to that ball for iIn* ^ .s, of ins.dtmt, ,„,., I do solenmlv believe ; and,id, udscn-wodbiacourauf up, not lo the sticks', bat to the i,.im-poim ; and l.cho.eto do$o, when lcoMt.,r,„ty,ohwf,innd, Sir James, was hkely ,o avnd ini.-ind be was not disap,H.iiJed. I M ns'co.vinced tlieroi, a(.04labovome, that .Mr. Saielibuid* would rajjre have .laied lo have lifted Iiis hand to .ne. tba-. be •wU have attempted to flv, if he had no, a tborou d. c .n^M, tnnt S,r James would b.ive alfordcd hii.i his pro•eti.u.. WImi cause be mii^d.i have had for such supJii.on,MlH:stknowntohim^f; but having acted as I fcMTjHeculH..d it was nece*ary fo, s„ and •1>I0H an attack m t:el up some st..rv by wav of pistiH41KI,,, ,1 5„rh low blackguard conduct .an be justiiied — •nn.t wa, assoneJ | treai..,! the (iuvernu with disl^y^-n; tiMt I had tbrealeneJ to do so when Koiue into *c i.^ll room, and, previ.,us!v, in the morniiic of day • w.l.i.,v^, were put into tUu box, ,., prove ,fue a,a,"r^)— .oea highly respcciablo merchant, the oth.^^btrln•••^n-r abas Witkins, (one of iIm? tbiee worthy wit•Mvv. have alnady mentioned ;) this latter swore very ^"fervn.Iy troni her first adi lavit, as I am led ,o believer: • ''"";-'•;'' ^,** """•^' 'i'Ht h" Had an excellent •J^* m Hlack Pbe. She however swore, when •"•ghi loto Court, that she did not hear me threaten any -8. It would have been very hard tor hrr, rmor creature • "^'•tver. the Judge', „otc^ will Maud op,mse.l to her firsi WHMt, and tbe public are reqiH'sted to keep her state"•atmre.oUeCMn.tbat wlw-n copies of ,be*. affidavit, .1"J1^1^'"';' "'^''^^ '••*'-' '*'" ^' =" opportunity ^ airorded of provini: their truth or falsef.oo,!. The 2-t..ble merchant was Mr. Karrinjilon, wh<.* recen, •|^*t"ca.ll,oiin ought to have saved h.m from so aborr tn .ittempi, as that made by Mr. Sandilamls. "f^H.Hj ,„,^ ,ho witness Imi, he distinctly declared, •kn*"*^ n.Hbm.^r of ,he matter. Tbbook, however, was 2'^h.s hand^when tbe counsel f<,r Judge Sandilands ^. he w,„,|H n.,i trouble bun with anv questions; bm. .d^.L TV: '" *"••"* rec,il|oc;befoieibel(arn. rntlemau b.d hnish..! his ob,erva,ion, Mr. Farrington. ^*^ express^-d bmrsolf to tlie f.dlowing elfect : I have k'!l •'" t''*T' ^''* ^''^ '">' '•vi<1"nce-ju.tice do". .>lr. Kerr, a* co-msid for thf Jud^-e, (Sandi^iririw^ a tir. ^"^ "^""'"^ *"^ • '••' ^•''l 'n^* ''"ch Lt mv conH f"'^' ""^"'f^^g o* Person ha, sworn, that my conduct was a, disrespecitul a. conduct could be gentlemen of honour and u.,im,K,chable veracity, that no f^l 1 U Tin ^'* '" '^^ ••'*^*'*'' ^*^^"' di.r.>s,ect. bil, and I will tell them, also, (this liiile b^ml of •••••••• who iiave conspired to injure me,) 1 will prove more tliail tliey will like to hear, or what they dream of. Mr. M'Queen iys, in his report of the trial in his paper ol the aib just., (with a view, I verily believe, of po.sonm^ the of .ny next juiors, in U.^ event of a new ir.a ,) that, m his ideas of such matters, (I beg his parality of Ideas.) and alter bearing tin. whole of the evidence IH, did not consider il diificult to decide. Certainly 't outdit not to have been difficult to decide; and was'ii not that, unfortuniitely, politics are fM^rmitteil to take the precedence of justice in some men's minds-and a cause w ch |.,d noihmg to do wrtb H"ics, having been viewed with that unortunate feeling which, for mie iine past, as pervadcMl society, by son.e of the ,unr-|, „,i^„ \,^,; been settled ... hre nnnute. ; for the assault was as clearly |Hoven,aslourwilnoascsof respectabil.ty.onmypart.could prove any fact, and even by almost all Mr. Sandilands own witnesses; and tbey must know very little, who do not know, that If h u proved in a Court of l.w at homo, tluti S. I.fts Ins band to N. and strikini him, and N. knocks S. down, and gives him a good kicking or beating, that .N. has his action afterwards a-ainst S. notwithstanding; and il is an eveiy day occurrence, as Mr. Sandiland's Solicitor well knows, particularly in his own country. k 'J'o conclude, Ihare saiers Potatoes, 21) trusses Hay, 1 bale conuining Broad-Cloth, Quills, Chack, 6tc. A,c. 1 case containing extra Superfine Linen, Wliiic Quihing Calico, Slocks, die. &,c. 20 jars Pearl Barley, 20 do. Spht Pcasei dtc, A-c. ALSO^ Ex Schr. Three Sisters, from .Now York. 40 boxes Troy Candles, S boxes Bacon, Corned Beef, 2 casks Ciioese, Sausages, Cider, Aic. Ac. LIKKU'ISE^ 2 Horses, Saddles and Bridles, Terrfis~C\sn, before d*livcry. At tiro Months' Credit, on giring ttcurltm 40 half firkins Prime Butter. 10 cases Cognac Brandy, Oiards* brand, 4 casks Pale GenevA. May 12th. .t i Sad Irons, ''' Iron Tea Kettles, lined inside, Ac Ac. Ac May 12.h. ''' ""' *^^^^'^S. ^)M*^n fmt the .,m.s,ion,did no, Major Niclls threat".. up a row, m a conversation he had with vou ^ ".orning of ,l iM of NovondK-r, at to ball on t'hat •TiLi r I""?'"'" "•"*' ^ "^'**' heardii Major say *kaon 'j V ^ '''• '^ ^'••''"irlnn wn evidently •3d L. ^'^f' ""^ ''"^ "I'po*ition, thrt, Phrpl^ j;^ uck to l..r first affidavit. SIk-. however, ^on^2^^ m suH.a wav, that Wack, brown and white JJ^^iHuub her ont of Court; and, i,h the exception ^ r-nuooiiT, wlH>lrownod. and exprt^s.sedbisdisple„i,re '^HnorT^VkT•'"*i '"*'•• tt>^'** to mult the *^*br J I '^" "'^'^^''^ -^^ years staryding, go to '••af 1 <^ ** '''• ^^'**'"*' ^ •"**^' th<' rp,.res..nta•"• Novcreign !-poh : pob It is too contemptible. NOTICK. On Tuesday mnt, tht ^fteiMh day of 3taw IN ST. M irTME'W'S CHI'RCH At 19 OH lock, (noon,) ^^'iH be sold or Rented, for one year, to the lii,rhest bidders, THE WHOLE OF THE PEWS EN SAID CHURCH The purchasers for ihe ensuing Viiar, may coniinue in the posso.ion of their res|H,clive Pohs. lor llie term of thre* years, at tlie price iliey may purchase them for. bv paying annually, for iIk' same, to llie Clerk of ibc \ estrv j previous to tlm day of sale. By order of tlie Vestry, GEORf^E ARMBRISTILR, Clerk. April 14ik BY HE.NHYGREKNvSL.iOE A CO~ On Tuesday, the 22d instant^ At the store ol Mrv Moi.HI, in Market-stret t lO 0*OlPck K. \\ ill be sold Without the least Heurve^ All her remaining Slock m Tradv, conMstiog of Pavilion, Book and Mull Muslio, SiilTning for dresses, Ciingbams, Linen Drill, Twilled Royals, Crape, Vest pa Iter ns, Men's cloib Capa, Sdks, Bombasin and Bombactt, .Satins, Volv^jts, Laces and Ribbons, Braise Dresses, Lace do. Lace Veils, (i*orAand Silk Hamjkerchiefs (ienileniHu's coloured and black Silk diiio. Cotton Braces, Pearl, Bone and Lac^ Bultoos Silk and Cotton Cord, Reel and Ball Cotton, Pins, Tape's and Bobbins, W. B. and black slip Thread, ^ Ounce Thread,, Prayer Rooks, Ruled Music Book>, Legers,' accouni Books, Novels in se^, Spelling and Picture Books, PlayinT, \'isifing and CoQveraaiion Cards, Ladies' and (ienileiuen'sSdk, Cotton whole and half H(Hie, Ladies' and Geotlcmen's Kid and Wash Leather Gloves, Ladies* and Gentlemen's Shoes, .\n assortment of Perfumery, vii. Rose and Lavender Water, twth and Hair Powder, Pomatum an j Hair Oil, Cologne and Honey Water Milk of Ro^ot, extract and Essence of Rose An asftortrneitof Soap, a ditto of Tort Tooth, Hii and Coat Brushes, A small assoitmefit of Jewellery. M/r//— An assortment of other articles. Terms— CASH before delivery. BY 4IENRY GREENSLADE aTo On Monday next, tJu 14M instant, AT TIIK VBNDI B UOt'SK, AX 10 O'Olook It. Will be sold TU Cargo of the Ameiican sclHiooer .Single Sailor, from New York, (Wilhout RtHrvtJ via. • Flour, Candles. Corn Meal, Flint Corn, Butter, Lard, Onions, Cheese, Hams. Potatoes, Cider, Soap, Gariick, Smoked Betjf, Crackers, Pease, Ac. Ac. Terms — CASH, bifore delivery. May 12ih. •i I BY HE.NRY ADDERLEY. On Mondajf next, the I4th instant, AT Tilt VENDIK HOUaK, At XO O'clock, M. Will be sold Superfme Flour, in barrels, Sugar, in do, Riie, Corn and Coffee, in ba^s. Loaf Sugar, Hams, I case Linen Thread, 12 lo 24, 1 do. Reel do, 1 do. Cotton Shirting, A (ew pieces Hair Cord and Furniture Dimity. Gunpowder, Ac, Ac. Teraia — CASH, on delivr.y, ALSO^ The following articles, ez Eupbemia, from Liverpool, ,n^ '^ if-vi/A's CredU, OH gtrmg seatriiy. lOO llampers Potatoes, 20 firkins Irish Butter, .V) boxes Soap. May 12ih. BY JOHNSON A SAUNDERS. ^ On Monday next, the 14/A instant, AT THi: VrVIMR IIOIHK, At 10 O*01oclt, A. X. Wdl be sold For Cash, befnro delivery, Superfine Floor, in barrels, Sonar, in do. Pork and Beef, in do, lrih Potatoes, in do, 3.000 feet Y. P. Plank and Flooring Boards. 'v AM)^ ^t tiro Months' Credit, 2.5 boxes Soap, imported in brig Euphemia. May 12,h. ** t tJ BLA.NK FORMS, of every description, may be pro* cared at This Office. > B.— Job Prialmj; 'iecnted with neatDesi and rf^ patch, ufion good paper, and on fiKHkrttrteriiit January 4, 1832.


t > w •• %i^&. .? ; ^f) > Al i IT fi \ ei)$ Ma'^awn girflitg /VuM /Ac EvtmU^ Mail, March 7. It apiM'art tUl tht nuircltaNU aod pUnters connerted wiih ilie CiowH Coiunk't in Umj Wi-l loJie*, have eviiici-J ^r.;!i reptiunancfc, ami uliertfd loud complaint*, a^aijisl llie liiiMilar .l<'jaich of Lrd Gtidefit'li, dated 5tli last .\ociiilM;r, whcffin Ow Coloiiwl Sccrtiary laid down onnluiportiiiii r'tuUti not ap|i<'.ir titat tlif ihve proprietor* can find any means ol" resisiinjj. A MMilirncc Iruin ono of Mr. ('atining's s|H.'.clie! is qooied ol ilieuj Ciirrid on itrflave-trade much later than other*, ^ crcaMtd, whil at the same tnue the produce h ^'^ •lid consequently have "lor*? •^'''<^ ^h*)* general notlieir plantations was diminislied. It is !? V*' "^ ^'i ill the ob'rvaiion!" of the connnittee of West India pjariiern, and ron>idTahlf -iritanres of (ho slave, why then tlitf '* i#iiprovoinMii" spoken ^>i by Mr. Cinning proceeds riamrdlv ihro ijh ih hipiMMK, — if the slave* be overwoik;d, and, when furion> r suUr relieving and improving I' Ci'i ? |ri iiniinc*'s, be easily acceded toby the West India iiiti>rnkh the suirai ^ioiiri. Ill iM)ii)|iAf the duly on rum with that on homemid • |>i:ii, arid lu admit iiMtUsses to ilio distilleries h're ill l^n*^tao>l, where the application of m dt to the munu* lactiire of ke-r mi;;hi be exientled in the same propurttoti, Mud lie eiipivriH'uis of the p4>r consulted, instead of heiii;; so inexorably sacrificed a^ tliev now are to tiie landed iiH'Te-i, — fiirtlMtr, if the West Indies be no longer com|K Ued lo rr^orl to :t dear ami distant market, instead of a co.iti.nioiis tiiid ch"ap om-, for thi; articles of tirst necessii\ of which tliey stand in nH'd, — Parliament, or the executive Ciiv>rnin<;nt, may tlien enforce, without scruple or eensiiiP, u|K>n tlie colon it^s, whatever course of aiavv relief Ant\ aiiH'lioration shall appear tlie mo'U eli'ectual to its pitrpuMf ; nor is it apprehended thai the legislative assembly of any of iho isUmla wdl. under such ciicumlanc's, be di^fxised lo tlie slightest op|>osition. Wa are not sofnciently iiiasteis of the subject to decide how far the circolar order of Lord (.derich is calculated to achieve the re>ulis aniicipaie"tist diller in some lespects from itiose of tlie Creoles. 1" he laws res)iecting evidence, for example, it would be scarcely proper lo apply, indiscrimiaalely, lle same euactiucms to i'agans imported from Africa, and to Christian slaves who were, in some degree at least, acquainted wilh ihc truths of the gospel, and the obligations oi an oath. It is not meant that in the lapse of lime the eaactuienb must always remain dissimilar, but that soiue dili'ereiice slniuld be made in regard to the (>enod oi iliuir introduction intotlarespective colonies. In this point of view Lord Gixierich evidently misunderstands ihe leasoning of Uie colonists.*' • • • • • • ** Il is notorious, that the idea of emancipation generally entertained at preseni by the slaves is not ^o much the right of choosiug ilieir master, and working for wages, as absolute freedom from labour. It is evident that this state of feeling is the most unfavourable that can be to improvemeul, and that no luuo will work cheei fully if his mind is continually haunted wilh the idea that he should be, by ri hi, in so much better circumstances as not to work at all. It should therefore be the fust great object of the Cfovernmeiit lo frame some measure which would correct thee mistaken notions, and which would so operate upon the slave, that he would be prevented, on hereafter procuring his freedom, from indulging in idle habits, or reverting to the deplorable condition of the savage. There can be no doubt that the cobnisls could sug.;est valuable ex)H.'dieuts for accomplishing this end, if tlie rights of private pro()erty were regarded in the same sacred manner as is the case in respect to property in Great lltiia'n. Let tlie Ifovernmeut, in its acts, give a full •guarantee that, under every change, tlie existing rights of pro|erly are to l>e preserved, and tlie colonists no doubt will promptly, clieei fully, and elhcaciously pro(>use furtlier measures lor forwarding the work of amelioration, and pppating the way fur final emancipation, much better than any that have hiilierto Ix'en propos<>d in this country. Uut it cannot for a momeui bi' e\peclealch of the Colonial Secretary under animadversion is solhcient to check, if not !o siitle, any sentiments of cordiality that might arie amongst the culonisls to co-operate with the (jovcrnmenl. IIICII pMiitaiMJiia *aa uiiiiiiiisim'u. If ij y.f,\\ i "* British plantation sugar has to conip4Jte HJtb f *" '**< in tlie general Kuropean market ; and while th*'^" '^'*' things continues to subject the British colonic ? ***'•' ed charges ami disadvaiinges, is viriuully lo ru '***'••' possessions, and to encourage tiie stave ifa '" ***' *** colonies, which this country, after great eto* *'*'^ enormous sums annually lavished to foreiim p'^*** '"^ spent on the coast of Africa, has long eiulea***" *"^ have supprtted. It is truly important to considr**^ posing nitttiires of amelioration for ilie British lui*^ that the question is not whether sugar can be m'l^Ii **' those measures, but whether or not it can ba '"'^ cheaply as foreign sugar, with which it must ent**^ ** competition when it is brought to saltt Lord r '** seems, in his despatch, quite uncoiisci""-' "^ distinction." ''^" ^ fft Accounts from Demerara yesterday, are to the lOil, January. It is found impossible to carry into S,^ orders of the Knglish Government respecting lU ^ the resistance is nearly universiil, and the Court of vT' was to meet at an early day in Fobiuary, when rl (!^ measure resorted to would be, it was said,* the MoppTge^j all supplies to the Government of the coluuy.-Jw^ Chronicle, C:^ Every penon about to leave these Islands, afu, having resUled therein for the space o/thirtt da,wu( i^e security at the Secretary's OJire, or put up kisnam v, saifi Office fitrvw J r.v.s days pre virnis to hisdrparturf—tf. ter which, at any time dunng FoKrv-riVE dam, a Tuktt may be obtained, NAMES OF rKRSOXS ABOUT TO OBTAIN TICK.KTS FOB VrTAtiTVU. Klizabeth Sullint Kslher Kubinirm MarjiHrpt Chi}>iliaM Frreman Juhosi^o F!milj Juhnnoo W. I. Alcxandfr John Wiliigooj Miss Dennis • ^arah H;l