The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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3Ms"lI Bl6S. Edter. *ATURDAY, APrI L14, 18a. VOL. I--.o. LIXVIII.

TIIHE BA AMI AIRUUS. tile plains Ihe feeling of suffering the passion of re- veins of tie British empire, he situation of the Negroes
-- venge Tlhy are to be found in redundance of tie of St. Domingo excited the Iatmdiate attention of the
mesulamll, s I-WKKMLV 1.r aI n. u, N. P. population, tile grievranlce ad veil a of tihe poor; the National Assembly. It was rrengly urged,h tht heesial-
diviiun of society ilto tiw great the oppressor and enc of slavery was an abomination isconluismt with the
gnlt Dollars ir maH- em advau. uppreuled; tile absece of aiy miid g rank in tlie ate ; new-born principles of freedom; thtl rlI men were by
Smthe unaided, unequal and partial ninistration of jus- nature equnl, and that it would he a sting disgrace to th,
twice; the want of any legal provision fur tile labouring French Legislature, If, after having emasipated theom-
clasues; their utter destilultio in sickness an I old age, and selves from tie fetters of slavery, they permittiod them to
ithe totalLubsbiceuf all artificial uBnts, fronmthlexperienced hang upon tlie wretched rultivators of their distant cole-
impauoiblity of purchasing any of dbe comforts oF life. nie. In vain it was urged, by those practically acquaint-
A. those features unequivocally de tenerate lhat the poor ed with tile state of lie Negroes, that uch meaauru
are unlit for the enjoyment of trcedeni, and that their would, without Ienefiting the slaves, involve the whole
e-n---c .-.-.-.---.- emancipation frolo the restrictions of servitude would colony in conltdgritiun, and ultimately occasion the ruin
POXTR.'Y. only tear uiciety in pieces, so tile nmoat lamentable of them of the very nin whom it was intended to benefit. 'Thes
--_ __ ____ would be removed by the poor being the proluerty of tleir wise observations were utterly disregarded ; a society with
HOW SIHAIL I WOO IIER. landlonlrd We often hear iOf the poor in Ireland starving the tille of Les Anis des Nuirn, was instituted at Paris,
of lhuilgr, or being ilrive by the pain:slf want to rob- under tie auspices of Brinol and the leading Revolulion-
L', "'aine birn quine iil, '(mni : c et eon premiere. Iwry and tinirdler, bill never of the cattle waiting their sins, which carried on a corrmpondence with the friends of
1,, saurllr quot ulllvt sent ulus iilvllluritare aiaily meal. The Irish are in tmht state where not only emancipation in the colony,* and ut length, overbrne bly
Ia BrJIuwre. they are incapable of receiving any benefit from personal clamnour, and subdued by declamation, tiei Colonial As
i11ow shall I won her ?-? will auand fr'idoim, but tli stale of destitution which it ii'duces, sub- semibly pauled several decrees tending to the gradual abo-
Ihlraide her whinl tie lin.I ; jectsi, ih to a degree of suti-ring and distress, to -hich lition of slvery.t
Ani w;ach ihalt file mil fairy lhald there ii nuoding coumpurahie in time situation of those who Nothing could exceed the picture of prosperity which
Ai rla ,*r the qIaaiveni hnari : are looked after by their owners, on the principle of pri- the colony exhibited when these well-imenn, but fatal in-
'.mi -eel er sg vale nvatsioni, began. 'iThe whites were about 40),0(); lthe
A ,'.". wl.e erry lalsiarretc curil All Ihiese cnnsiderations apply with tenfoll force Into ie free men of roluor, `4),IM) ; and tie slaves, above 5.0,
S\\al. In lthia sn, to n. e! case of tli West Indiia Iiun 's. T'I'ey are inll situation (MM1. Above a thousand plantations, in different parts of
to extruieelv low, h'lien 'consideredI with iel''reTiI' tIo llriir the iIlaind, nourislired its nlnicrous inhabitants in peace
II. shrailll I oIi hr !-l will gaze caipallily of governinlg lieniselvei, or acainiing sulblist- anil liapipines ; groat part of themolt fertile portion of the
I n.., t .r ili wri liquid rs ence inl a state ul frieedirrl, itit it nil;y b Iorluriol i with island asu cultivated like a garden, and the saves, indul-
.l aimr'ktr i ''v h,.liqu rs perfect CLtrtlinly, tldu aty altelnipt, riat ilIn.'r!y to rnlmICi- gently treated and liberally partaking of the fruits of their
peirec .aaaat t ier air iralryt lam a''.
Ai.t I waill i tier. eye nimNri' ririt pate ierm, but even to irtil into their nlilisl tl idea tirt labour, eihlibited a scene of rural felicity and general hap-
'Tlaun2h braiht lir. ,ni no.i a nN tlhey are to Ib e nrilncipatIed, would lead iIImmeIdiately to pines rarely witnessed in tim freest and moat civilized
Will tiuii, a deeper strll lt-ln hi contllagralion, flunine, nlimiucre, anll ruin. ''liey are in- states. Evuryevnnin6,ihliowbhi!oaslaves,ol both seea.were
I'I Ie Ini i my ijra.i. capable of undlerliandi i inlat leedilom is, lie duties itll tole s,'aen dancing in festive circles; thesoundof music, dit
h11 iall I wl her l -1 whici it is iteiidedi thie res.inrl U.hiC'h it illllpUs'i, ndil voice of gladness, was to bewheard on all sides, and the
ThIeIharms rlito.r h l er,11 '- tl h laltlr wllicli i inllure's. Tleiy Ihast none of tile arti- traveller, captis ted lby tle saenclHe, bleussd tiea hbneA.
Anil bv irlh. a:In a: .III I. licial n illl re Ioin ile li( It a thlie an.III d un llin- t lhalld of nlaure, mliich h ld provided such ooraan of
and r.,re in ani m IC.. trrillptd loil m hlicIh (c tiilliitut i e l ic lh o ci\ illra rt pros- e Ilicity to tile hulmblest uf it
An, I I ail Illh1 hr. Ih*In I I1irlt I pjl ilv, nor o lia poU er o uI' oluintaiiy ralstrainl uponia ill- I t very dl il lt wns tile stale of tie island, when the
IS kllre illn utir year-. cli;inaion aHiid r(.ircion io pasimiln, whi ii s Irins ru lir demoin ln of rmaliiionairy innrvation found an entrance.
I irwa ntI rii li l! rlIp Arlartieinc-a' olf he nic'siL ot'l their extn ailn moving all A var.iey of lofaw, tlateinia ti o tie er'lncipation of tile ne-
I r.,ill "i l I..k lr lear! i, l I'of free cliz s. 1 ") i 'iiia, it!o ia cun i.s Ihl' ro.-, were (isla paiad in 17 i lind 1791 ; and at length
tHiar' hlall I wcm her I-1 will bow idt 1 iil thl inililldntlli Caii lit fi an ll restraint, tie tIr- on tl' 1Is. June, 179?2, adecro enancipaledall thIalaves
tllerre ilre hmly satirin.: Ilmanliitii o every s' cim uaf labour, thi uohdiyguisrd in- whln should take up arMs is 6vnur of tim Republic.i
AI I.y tIh e iprter I an vo the ow, IhIl nauice o if ely lciUai. It is not surprising that it 'irie conseiluences of dis well-meant, mut inludicioul
.1il tiresn liIr i .i lu irioie: ;iould bL so. Nature itever intended that men in thal innovations, are thus described by the contemporary re-
ANllt I illtell her. wheln shl. tpirli alage of society should be free, brreau se llir ei ancipe- puhlican historian :-
t'aruo assls thri* thelling ktl Iimiul ri Isrvoitude leads illnmei iatrel to evils, bolt to The black slaves, really more urnerous Illm their
'lh a menmors man heart lihemselves and to society, incomprilralhly greater than ser- mastrllr, had niIreadly nheardl the killing words, lirbety and
vallde itself. The inveterate habits of indolence which equalilot, addressed to tieni, rather by political ambition
Awa: Away the char Ds are maue, alI'way clihraclerisue Maage lil, lite Uiei vl'nient passions l ill In tile -piril of lhumanily. Inslrreclions broke out so
IThe hnard is rent ia im :- whllchi it in attended, II iailre ditrregard of tie future lay early as 17T),, which ce rely bly rrre:srom by measures of
luasu ca wake liia tiin. ite, which it it i inriably distllriniied, render men, in ilhal se lrity. 'Ther lisl nigrci wiho revolted, rrted in tMa
INa l. olIa l lnse i eks al.nai stage of civilization, aN imncdaale ou flourilsiing or ueen a Ne of Ithr Kiag. In their savage acclmnilion, tlhy
a m.ra's perjiry in lighter On ,; of existing as ireeiiin., as a child Iof three years of age i repeated the nanie of Louis. A4 length, after great dis-
Dam siuls t.hatl lre wha ) h;.e h rtt- ot counlrciHmidiig lite Principia, or fighting dia battle al l orders, a general insurrection took place in Jlly, !7171 ; i
Whlat hiae they lefi to will ? Waerloo. a lew days 15,0U) blacks were in arms ; they choe two
lluw is it possiller that men in ihe condition of African chlieil ul ime uanle of Iloukmao and Augiust. In a sin-
-- es Ngroes cal conduct tlHiamseies as Ireeilmin 1-They sete glu night, Ith whole Iluilations in time land were in
From nlarkrsin.r .iaEgainr. none but Ileiir Iialstlrs, tiH ouw iers olf tlie states onl which ld.lueu ; lie sugar works, the cuTlo panltllions were all
they work, and lheir overrscrs, and they e, pect of course dettiuycd ; tie whllites every where murdered, hunted
TIEll W.ESIT INII)I \ QI''STION. tlat when they become free liev are tl live like tllhen, and down, or ruased in the flames ; ite rich plain of tile Calm,
(Cmlined o lr ht.) enloy tie saine inmlnninly froin personal toil. They little so Iately smiling in prosperity, exhibited only a vast field of
('aard fruom our la.l) know dlal llt free lahliurer is ciained by uiry o se- carnage and contlagratioo.
C-iiered in this print of view, there can he no dnuhl verer toil than that which is wrung from them by the Insh Whien tie first 'uy of the revolt had evaporated, and
amech, perhaps most, of tire inusery of Ireland is ow- of the overseer; that they receive no certain provision in ite awhi t were all shul up in Cape Town, the blacks
tub*al tun early bulilion uf slavery among its inhabi- sickness or age ; are allosad tu big their breed through a s spread Iliemilves over tlio country, and avenged the eso-
,ihandthe primeaure extentiaon to itn Herce and pa~- land bowing with milk and honey ; and frequently iu'riah cutioun under which they had sullered, by all the refne-
al prpulationouf to imnasionof El:lillllrrealom, with- of want Mulidit tlir p1alacas of heartlecs opulence. 'They nimeu of tie most frightlul cruelty. Bolh parties elserta
lrlemikeralion of English civilization. Ireland is not feel none of ihe artificial wants, which sweeten to tie thelnnlves with the uuas tory; on the one hand tde he-
msle to be abletotear Ilie relaxation of itn labouring European labourer hii urceasinc toil ; and are drawn by bit f power, and an inveteriln colnempl for ilte mgr
mrn tile it hir i tl, or r dealr|ivathin of the Ltne- an irresistible attraction l ta e indolelnt habits, the dream- race, uo the otllhr ie pansion of revenge, prompted lI uae
Si prifvatestervilml. All Iravellersn I'cur in slaying ing elinlsnce, the lirbalu repoui, which constilute ihe hEardl-f atrocities.
h1y are icrimMrablvy mre Nmiserablel time rie rl chlif enjuymentsof savage lilf. The indulgence of such lThe land remaini'd a prey to the moet comapHllud
ala, or tie rours of Polan Pcridicrl famine, habiu mist be utterly drstruclive of tie Iplendid ill iu- disorders, until June 17!9, wlen the whole rwmaMder of
Siln tih rent of tile world starvation, unparle- prf-ctlly founded fabric of industry which tIe We;s Indie d li European population was shut up in the Cape Town.
l is mailerei Elnrou ; violence anil blhudi.ld, unes- eihibil. If tl'ir labouring cdasses are emancipated be- A At lu fbrst appearance of an attack, a porleo of dit is*
I evrren in liarubaoui starts, have sigonHlizel tim laual fore ags of ciilizuntin have given dlem tile habits, the labitants had made their escape by ar ; but a large part
ik personal frelonm, to men sill actuated liv the pas. wants, dae self-couunand, and llIe desires of ciiliied life, reniained, trusting that they would sauer nothing frs a
slad remuiring ltie nrtraini, of ssataes. tAni tal i'a l soeiry nst inailrnmaly lie resolved into irt pritin' elenillts; combat in which tlley had taken no part. No sooner,
hWY c tunry alfords tl le daresti pril, that the mnire time slmiing i niintationli, tiii illustrious villages, be des- I however, had e republierin ailhorirswithdrawn, than aim
e'me of ile hlirghest rrhinemenl, lli nrsa piiishell I truyd ; tile human race lie irduced to a tenlh part of its negro troops broke in, and finding either resistance nor
eae, ndl tie h st edurntion aanlong tie higher, ii no present amount, and a lia nIiFkld saiiL'es gain a prlarari- r trPsaint, soon cnmmernced ite amost hideolm excarcs.
wi ateivTer ai.ainist dine tllluost possible snll'rfine ous subsistencr anridllt lle uioml., wlich will spe'dily uo- '*sentiy thousand Alricall unrhaine mingle with tie
producec Ieed by tire prin.dlure extension of fredlon to' literate, under a tropical sun, all traces of formuc culliva I assailant; every ting was confounded in the indwcri-
bhs"iring clag ot a cie'!. '"'o enable mankind to 'i ion. minate mAssacre; inhalbitnts, mill alaves were but-
uwa eifl, it in inalil|*nslabile not merely llat ihe ric! Thls is not mcee a pecl.lation:--lle truth of these prin- cheered willhut nIrcy ; tim cooA tion which soon
*li relined and civilized, lunt lime pior inlustlinous, ciples have been dearionsilraitin in thle met signal manner; aruse, aniomented the horrors of the scene; at the light of
as", and .iarelinled ilh artifcial want ; than an es- Ihe epr thrilae epeient ilae emancipation has been ist illumination In he hbaveni, tlio in all tiei neigh-
m*ml opulent middling cl os should for a lengtll oI triedon thle IHimrcl scile, in 1th greatest, the richesl, anil pouring mountains demendCed into tlr in,and rushed in
les formed dhe connecting link elwiren the higher the most flourishing of I tcon- rn ino he Indi rlon c a- o into devoted city. Every excess whirh ves.
he lower clasese of societv ; that the firm esithlih- 0i.t ion, murder, anI ruin, signali.-d its comni mncm'ilent, gance, cnpiidity, brutal insolence, and unbridled pain
mld law and julsice lsould have taught mankind th and tlle most friglhiifl dissoulutin uof manners, a relid dll- could produce, was speedily coommiledl; ite asylonms no
tyi, sanl learnt leme the means, of restraining Iheir cine of population, a total crssation of industry, antl ge- young woren were forced, their persons violated, and af-
al; .la id t dl .l emanripation of the labourini poor neral sulTering anl..g elih unhappy victims of preniature Iterwards murdered; shrieking females, weeping children,
fetters. of p ivate anlhol ileyshould have been so freedom, have lien ils 1-sting elTects. It is thi dreadful trembling old men, were to be aen striving to frcer their
as, like he growth of a rlcild, ur tie innovations onample which has penetrated he West India proprietors way through a brutal throng, o gain the ship, ur pe ihing
Sto have been iniperc.plible. with a sense of tihe danger which tlieatens them, and it is under the riins of the burning edifices. In leas than
I se t.he real surrce oul distress in Ireland ; what :n the face of its lamentable elcects that the en deplora-
nei" wliclh in ili nineteenth enliurv, under British ble system is incPssantly pressed forward by a numerous (Conftnmed on the ldet Page.)
Iad nlaain in oifit u!o' tll Ihle sh shIores, have per- and well-nmeaning, but ignorant and deluded prny in this -
he ll r-i" n ,,f an.arclhy anl ,,,I .Ile ; .ave .stained country. a'i 1Ith.
i'ild l fld with namrdhra and li','rrd its mnidatiLrh W'hen tile fumes of the French Revolution had spread ThouI r. V. i 4.
se I [bnhuid I. ti.)-ageu IX.. l-L
rlrai.i l m mmas, a, s a' ir l tL lst risin this land thme smre i. inary niual n fl lilmae-rty antd p rality throu l,' II lunolahl. i' yai'ge IX. t.a
'U d lull. 1 iii. a ,i an, l.t uinily in its fur- its e nicasisc do ilanions, a1icli htisc lately panetratmed li Jounia I aV..

U a;r S 4, u 8.n

Th. A uiLtln towpsed lted," Capauin
Cr,.rri.nd i- ta lmF-J p yndy, I- r-
mn days I b iesMdoniMahe des not bring any laire
, e i.. si *a F preiouly received by way of

Ar M, JiMor u.-.ny len
A" Masl e Qua Corvlsasors.-"incurlry hen Ito long

gfa msWa Wfrgesu.

-~ I --


a - on-rr--r rI~- E~_aL- ~ ,- Os ~ --

ditlingehaised dom conduct of oar wrthly Ruler. to excite conipicuous" vrm nu ,,u ,,r'" ..... n
di in she public ind, af to I motives, in reli pe d, either ils prosprity or adversity. I wodld on- tluse dtere e removed,d and iho W
uMkiuin Ithe public a mind. t o hb motive in relayin Ilreant them to dsiat from waiting and implying their con- lenitd were all description of tim inbablibl,
in a trin so umml to the loyal and dutiful, and very Iset to ddresas which tliy had no voice in adopting; government, as well as during the period, l ,
rriesecbly signud address. prenntd by an highly re- and which are an ies Ia f invectives against the llouse of of tlie (Genueral, that Mr. Prasileuil ui a id,
peotablen body of citins, as the Tailor, BOucle, Grocer Asrenibly-the only source wlmnce they cun aclnire pti- rered it Fulnloe adulatory imo4aa, tiL .
ard slicler of thel paris. one the ul ins inta : : aned time vile'ge, will ut comanpronling tim sebty of their property. disputing in a tefold d e
Il Excel I would advise tIe to soUlport tim ilelllbers of eli late blacken each ell lle, will but deat Iheir i6%
alone will show, wheilur the men upon whm llisi Ecl-Ilouse of .assenibly not this factious crew, (Mesrrs. Kerr, poses. The venal aid of a Nesbit, to whb
Irmny les Invished unineriled praise, nd invarieily trreaed Nesbilt ani Malculm,) who look for their rewanrl to tle tion of lootmarn is no lander; the mippont dof
with uncommon olrtesy and civility, will unraltefullv yrearosity of the Abolitionist ; and when this toenmlp- who, in revenge for disappointed asnlitino, aul
eIntinue in spite e e conlseentlit kilnes friend.- uo's era has passed away-when the wounds that have by attentions unknown to hint until the arivlr fi.
couinue in, spoi, u ie con.s sc.n k, ldnei an n- been it icteds by ourlnternal enemies are Ia.led-then let sent G(overnor, destitute of couulmon nse, ldl
ly profeuionIs f rglb for lrir ilenbring forthl tlei claims, arrayed in lih modest garb assistance to thel pen of a hireling, who loe-n.tmr
sed by hims, Io Il|ppIsiM hi is .,.I.Urs-(..-asurie calrulatel of truth, before the collected wisdom of tile Colony ; and he bought by dtr very persoMn he ahlW, ca n
tI remove tllh jealousies, whicl I hml existed, long before rte e Iii wlo Ieave sworn to watch tlie interests of their possibility be mean enough to attempt it; will a
li cansn amonrst us, Inetw l n l-h different orders of o- ronsituenlts, and of the country, will not, I Am coirai.nt'r, forcibly show the ineflicacy of tie base masam
citl), ated to cent and hind their interests nore closely; l toy lem all the rights which their wealth and their res- to support a tottering cnuse, when opposed l t p,.
hi drive out of our brenla, all malice and ill will, and en- illIy ttet to Mr. Edir li, and principle.
I su, Mr. Editor, I ain,
sure as contelmenrn and halpintes: in fne, to enhance Your's and tie coloured people's friend, Sir,
lth vnolue of all -escriplti, s of propeny, mud render us LEONIDAS. your obelient servant ,
Si lhappvy aniad i united people." TYRANNIDIs IIOSTIt
R.fiLr to Il. Excellency's Sperel,to the fGir rrle. sctro That many of the coloured class are men of pronlwly, ia .-Eng i
Ilouse of Amemsbly; refer to hisi S crlh at the pro- is trite; bll tlrese, we m ay s" without ereption, reside ,r sorle ofa Ding.- -Enplean, s dinieed, V gitien
rtc-uag of the previous louse; to his numerous messirges lun I "w Out lslal s, and are nmule jealous of that proper- antilhoril)) said long ago. What is there i's mwa or,
It. that bhol, nn different subjects, wlwn they blinlly al.l l y tha. o"f ithe Iposssion of a few eniply privileges, aid are of ceremony, of associtlion, of charity, of pa1
ely reful to acce to his views ; andy ain stre uly ai nly opposed to ilt ni.isken plilan- conlvivi.lily, of bu.ineu, in England, which I
uls .,inlIresan must it leve upon trhe nmsind, of his dw I ihropv ol Sir J. C. St.ytib,, and the saints in the Motler coiiMpanied by a dinner 1 Tihe coronatia itlre,
judl inpregie n l i l ave upon the mind, of his dian- i t king cla of free lcks an wi dinner. Is not the King's s reh fir pnl
renstdmacrr.--ir "a l tforl pe, Lpping, Clunrtr. Ioi i onl tli srkin ,cl.a offre k wm li and water dinner I Can vestries tanstc parish Imimma.
and wpperitf the Isud," and his" smara Ig Ecolourd lersin'. on lii U ,Il oser whasn the Sm11 ouit u lining I WOl high ansd law, with geat ied a.
fo'rat absencee eo isstireal'." When we cilarlre ti,.- ilcilon have gHitil on arendIncld y, anid mnde tlle tluol In eating is thew oul and spirit of Engliish soci-r. W ho e
ne of Islads, peviois to Iia anU Iing 1, ri .irconiplish te ruin o lihe land And Slaveholders; his lhad not dined, aud swallowed wine enoirh to dirs
te ot ts Ilnd t p reiont to i susina e I, we wld askask thse dnslalued pe'iopl., by whom tisy are at dinner, rouhl naske thletpeecherl which we we repa r
gfd government, with tli prewmnlt tlinl-hwi diply Ilis, havull It-en delivereilat tavern Ilneeiilst WhI d' -
s his s.raermeid bilidies, and dhe isrnderfal prt(sent supportedl, and inellace theIy expect to receive George SA ille linuaelf, after attending Cron ai
amer .se, ich hs crowned blth kibeg r ear welarer, emi'lolmlnt iii timir seoral trades, ii Ithe proilrly ,I tlie bsniliines lir years, in 'urtlilernce of lisi great pje
is no us, ad in e grateful er l In landed and slave proprirtors, is taken from lh.ltu, or re- 1 freedom, at length grow so digusted will tle ulI
f u tJere d aheles tw T, 'lr luale of IJa T belly and ll nlenl- .rpIlication of hisi culleaeus and fhllowers t, them
of wir nlarunr, we xrclaim, with llalkslare's Je- aing a lernh to i;clare illiopinps, e
l)u I 'O Imow we Jona tlh. at a r, i. very iapriptri-it,.-- "d. I rgs. ,ical teastings, as at length to declare it las opines, w,
S Daniel ( we hoor le !" bt vry iproice i tlley eat l mucl, I.nd did sip litle in dr lruea, +
-- ArnlL lth, 1832. r uoailli, instead of luppotilers Of lhe bill of rights, a.
..NasM. s, April 91h, IK32.. To, the Editr of ItA Pioah Argia. called tih .pite s of tihi bill of fare I WhI t elvd Ul s
Toa it Editor af the llakamao Argus. SmR-My disnosition iiclinei mie to retirem-tnt. With- Lird i .Mayor's show, if it were nof for the disms t TX
Me. EBrrv,-Tl'leaddrless to Ills :icellency, publisl- drawn froiu almost all aeiet)-occupied,ssaelllasms@si- dinner is the sugar alter the physir. Nay, hle 0 er a
ed on laturdila last in lise Hoyal Gazense, aid sml to he ed, by lle rultivatiin of my grounils, anil tle iniprove- is not rinifined to human l-ing" in the anielpi aF
aiKigd bly 31 inihabitants and freholdlers of Nassau, has ment of my premisa-occurrence-l tha lhaiveltaken plnce the nere rr lbtsure of eating : the deligit of seeing aslr
excited lte clntenipt of every respectable inihbimni in here, I have been, until lately, as ignorant of, as IlI I eat is claracitristi' of la Irue Blrilun, and, accKran; ll
the comnimunity, acotmpanied with a degree of pity for ihe were an inhabitant of the Pyrenees. Sudi, litwever, find ihe glilleries of tverni-rrolom cilnisnl wilthie gs-
desperalisn to which the cause of the governor has aI lasI been. and unfortunately still is, lhe disco it I that talrilsr a dinners, and oil d that, at Pidrock's eniale
lenKllh arrived, when it requires the aid of such a weak prevails among us, that it lea oblrulded ilusll even into ni an eltra siiience is largred foir Irear to lkl t vte in
anil filisumui aerimpt to bue de underTOdisgI of men privacy. I alwaydtdctesel p iin: lv Irnrd to wlhi will nut Ilcumne lit w killing viclins of mirulk, nor the lion, give rise to angry feehlg, and freqmiently to ill blood. I a hidll work, unless illustrated i ilt plsntes. I lts h
isrlviaus of a manll who ft rnieIts the feelings of a class of I therufure avoided, when more in society, andl when Ilw CsA, Ihow shall t ais Rielnljil oa i!scrilw ir [1 r4
fellow sbjjct. intl jeelouiv--who, inlsead of alla)ing the parties ecisled, of ialrlilfying nac i f will e*iler; ratlli lii-, or lil amllv a Iere in Etgla it is rilg, it al Lr
cunlentluio and didlerences that have for so long a pei lid preferring it lave inputell so me, rself6 slne, iitlidlrence, of dilnelrrs Fulluo llthe Ianker or the mrrcltem ie, La
exited, eudeavours, by assumed prerogatives, to aug- or any other epidt, wilicli mnen, whose pasions are irot. i smoIlv siuhop or a'counal thing houe, in sane narrow bW
oid them. easily excited then mine are, thought proper tI, alply tI tie cilt : there he is in his dimly-liehiencd dr hi'r,"
The coalerid poplealisn of these Ilands have thrown me. Involuntarily am I inw foIced fruil mny retirensn, sbouln wi hii pen behil hisear, pale and w, lI
6thrmlvtletata rmmsf faiiling falumwkwhoareoppose conceiving that apalhv, any longer, would te a crime; wax work in Westminster .lbibey, dead, and I sel;
is ms having tlm ilentlls of lhe country in view- and thl it is duty a bich evesy man owes to his family, as lmlfpasl seven see hlini dining, lle bright ll;Lghu rier
wietasertma **e ell felluoiip towards then-man well as to aociey, to oppose, with lII his power, she ruin- from the shxliiing dislii his pallid rountenanrciid""'
wr n, to gtdiy their ambition nd'hity, thei, till yet di- oua and degrading measures, that are adopted by the pre- illuiniatled, ani joke said jel flow Inim hi, lip re k
appitosd hop o crf ing entirely our prosperity, would sent Governor. Froit mny habits in life, many of the sits aied enjoys his entree, and a~ his ,illery. Lek
go ny lengthd, am any garb, to thsurn bre iniersma grievances of which dt inhabitants complain, I was to- ine wholsak trader, glonomn in his warerlueMs, (
of It slivewlder and to secure lim.ehnesm u Ercs isd ally ignnnt oi: I, however, have been made acquaiiied allow for leing dull, praying thiel alprrn' ts iha*l
paer. with them all, and I have satisfied myself, by Iaking smnoe or tllu madder may be quolol an per last. H ha1 in h
Mny oft th coloured subjects are mn of property, trouble, alo their colrectoem. Tley have boen so crn. dinner limet lIe .ln tallow and rar- behind
and ma who Ihav many renarumebiLliuo to the arimuu vaaued, and by publicaliuos so frequently eipoad, as to be salipeIre and adeavCevr enter his hesal; lie inlls
se1airiht of the House of Amembly. Thuir property, understood, a well bore as elsewhere, that it would be and eood-nalnre, and looks, hs ten u'clurk nituk, a '
like tht e the whites, consists principally of slave-u superluous to recapiulate them. Since that, I have he woubl lend his friend a hInolrel pound' to ""
which dely chiely depend for de degree of conspetear emerged, (and contrary lo my wish,) from islimle ; each from han ilN. Next morning IId tallow and he m*'
they'now enjoy; and they should hear il mind, dus tueeir seek ha prdiuled ose novel, Ulom deglradin price-ed- rrevail iin, nd he is a dull and Mnmtimatioe with thislitl bhand,or action,isrecsaIgnedin in i, ufficien to convince th most increlulouu of the tro Ti lover who i o the sIiaIlll. tIl' i '."''' "
me other light, thee a virtual pledge of their willingness to of all that has been asserted, of the very fexraordilnarv sis either near or opposite to her in ahsIa all ha,
Jesip to the Abmlition s tie bonds bn y which alone they acts of the Executive; as well a to raie apprrlienrions, wishes centre. Tie look sinst nm, Inl < rwartk
Iod teibr lave property: and rtm time is not fat distant, that twr is no act, however ffrounlive, no rights dearest any biln lhemnislves, are all eiven and aken "'a e
when their own sigatees will be produced to confound to a British sbjct, and by our constitution secured to us, dinner ; a sniile or a goyd waiic cis rnas-onlA
arguaoes i dui of their right tomiecl posseion ; that would be taken into consideration, wihenevr the ac. of wine; and an olk-r it -if oimrnli'lll ll "s IA
and wIho they wl cast upon ihe world a beggars, uo- complibmnonl of any fivourite object is nmi litsled, or the detonstling nmaonll. See rhe fainer strike his barvoin
worthy the cimlmelio of their fellow aan-inas- gratification of vindictive feeling against any unlorlunate fat heaon and cabbago. Mark ih irad.aiman r"nl '
mdli as they rarwv Tr rei i own uasyL. Oan whDo us diplaed him, nad wIom hbe us in hd his shop from hi parlouu, snitlli: i v A I d' I
I wU, Mr. ask the coloured people what would power, as be comes, the iough onilbn wichl he a. : )h set
bdtwItrLsofd ielwies for wbichllhyroatendiflthev, Thee may appear to be stron expressions, coming had time to .wallow. Goto the an'sis. a sth t"i
er G m lrem the only aurce o' their wealth, by from a man, so long almost an anclmurie ; bet passions with which tie judges' dinners are errvi, s ass t
wich Sty ouid he nabldl to enjoy them, with credit to which, from siltation, have for a tine escapId frno being erfere with 0se condrenation of culprits trt d" 0 "r
nl siandl proulpeiy to the state I would enjoin ralkld into action, may. like te smnolltred spark fannedhb ence ofjun.s. hi eaorr, for where culd we I
them, by every lieethy owe their omalry-by every tie a breee., blir forth into irresistible violence. Tie dis- ealing is tli universal employment d our cane 0"
whhairlhs a bind theo tlhowwho mied dthe in dhedays content which prevail to such an lanrming height, i not mad, has haseen begrs oberrvel, so nlarsh tine "
of shuir poverty. and who libmered their enterprising spirit confined to the hilbilnlts loie ; it elxends itself, in no o the operation, and occupied by it. anm it i, n le
whIne daetpatd-by the ycient rspict they enertained small de~ee, hn every deparment of government. I1 viitlly intet woven with Englisuh sricry, lhat, l o ft
fa their whin hbrthswa in Ua Ieanda; I woul enjoin may not proper to particularixe : it is sufficient to sae, thing like a faithfio ketch of p.asineg rentI. n
thes consider whatail theenjoyed rights of the white that the intern of military men are o inaterially con. he mrved up on paper I well in p;rlxI-rs-J
popultion, when employee o purg te ld he hd i e red rented in being s gsod undertanmling with heir com- by Mr. T. Hnok.
emissaries lo the Alnuitionists of the Mlthl Coun ry, at mander, that it can he only occurrelncs of a serious ll t d*
whe. employed ltoaonleract the eneroachoants of injus nature, *lcting their fielins, a. men of honour, t. u i atllu of h en er ge * '.a i .eit e.'i r.
sece, ul luisrule, anll o' aslbitioi 1i-t must be apparently could witl.llarw rirl from hi.s iresnnc, e, tept ,n,.t, oulll nrvr, boi, ,l1; tlu l...kIa Is to "rr"
to ineiy dliinkiang d obur ing iman, dthatl liy lave nut when dult calls, or a -couillanild cutlouis. rors lur .. nr ir ,,r.'k

~ -- ----


a moityof the for-hl a fgatic and unjut iorna-
Hnt luas, when tbachd by -og rnaal Ra s"nd-
i iroma, to enfllfc edeOnc to. a smtablish as the
l u of tIe- IuJ, odMrs dutiremal to our interest an.d
which can never bhe au'te id to by tIe Ceoloall Legi-
Ialuer. Wthnis dllhrem of Great Briltin, to enforce
" ual reguuIat .lor ita trult of the foreguing position.
I w. ioso au u to mislead the colored cla
by any sophlistry ; I would endeav our to dispel teM
illusion wrougbl bf Ite hireling lia.licn of tll Mother
Couintry-I would iist time to discard thlse pinmps and
their Riosoer, wllu lve, by rfalshuod and political di-
huonluty, linlated ir mniod frunt their Irue frind--
the friends of" theircoonnry-tile only ladmirers of their
-----.- .L-...... ,.,-- ,L.t.. -i.n w'mm

The latchment of the natives to i- *
remarlable. Capric.e, e dee oef he7 N.q
induenca meo tbn hare, who have matn 4 ,
ao ead womaen'se i s to AnmatI S
cmrtry, p.perty.frid,- and a k ee,
ihe two lut yearn, Mna bud aiD g- il
counter clmyge of cliante vualy l tddiuffe mi t
an Ihair livi tohey have teamed. sIIn4
ficullies, an incolveniemasi wm elnl
cause, only, could have indKurpi eucbha O,
tldeir interests--o painful to their fceiab
recolleclion of the oldeot inhabitnt, tlh
confusion and dirgut, *are nevr keff s .
Some little dil c. aDC elated nt I = b41
was lnlninted to ihe ndliDnstrion : ha1

S,' r-k ,p.-Thr N. York eay cu.- CHRIST CHURCH PARIBH.
a. mansoited to abo t b cupola orf ciVy btll,l d
a ar i m umss of a oebmrvty. Four trn"a- NOTICE.
ams, .ae plaul s in whitc am to be iumi- A memg of the Ilahbitans of Chrt ChrdcbP Fih,
s;j ii Thb ms of $Imi0 ha. *.i appup A.. is req d o Moada., tbhe 1d l a1 (hbiql
i fbIne purchase of a lurms e (oc, iA .asrolno"at asur Meoady,) in the Clurck of the mid Paris., at
,ad a trait Insti'uent, all of which are neary 12 o'clock, for the purple of fakion chol of lfur
' Id Tie oiaf Advertier, in relation to permons to serve Varym Ir two ym 4l, tIhe BY HENRY OBEENSLAD 4 CO.
,n et, observe, Wie my cwgratulate our fellow rmo of those whose term of mIero will dien hae em-
, particularly 4m.mi aercil and nautical men, pird. By order of the Vesuy. O nt Mday mil, the 16l intd,
Ie pmrres im faurade awards tih establisulent of DAVID BPENCE, Clark. ATr 'rum Tn mouem,
IeC aory ; and we hope, er long, to felicitate oar VETu r Room, 3d April, 183A. At so10 o sk. A. .
amI through le country on a further mppr- -Wil be ald
Sby ou crpuamion, flr dti parchas of a thoo- T. MATTHEW PARISHI. Sup Flor. r barre,
f ad asiiiudalhmpamn d such other instruments Suar, in ditto,
ry lt i quired to complete ther publi obserpetory NOTICE. Rice ud Corn, in bags,
ame esia A N'eetling ofthe Inhabitants ofBt. Matthew's Parih, i Butter, Lard,
.- requested on Monday, the Sd inant, (being Easter Soup, Baoo,
arrredA .tAiml.-The narrow streets of Reneres, Monday,) in the Church of tlle rid Parish, at 12 o'clock, 4 boem Window GOlm, 8 by 10,
thorlJd with an imct lnse population, are infe.tld lv u-a for Ithe purp'm of making choice of four persons to erve AND-
sBd animals. Of tllhe the Brantin hulls Ifurn a ioisanee Vostry'men, for two years, in the room of tome whose 2 bales Cotton Wool,
d e munail iaaeu'itlde, more particularly to tid MoooMUl- term of service will then havo expired. With sundry other articles.
m pursnite of the inhabitants, who do not lihld them. By order of the Vetrv, Terma,-CASH, before delivery.
BI th Iliaedls, in deferunlial reverence. Allowed to GEORGE ARMIIRISTER, Clerk. At 4 Moluhs' Credit, n giving security,
utl theil devouring jaws intu'the.basketswlhiri.Traiiand VsTraY ROOm. lid April, 1832,l A female Slave, lnamd Tille, aged 15 years.
,n.vtablesareexposed for ate in fio ;, Iliy grow to April 14th.
i amieu Ari. anil, ovrrfel and growing vicious with AUCTION SALES.
Isr, become extremely dmanoroiiu. T'le paIuenger wiho, BY HENRY ADDERLEY.
tdked in .,onc narruw entry is obliged to await ise plea- BY HENRY ADDERLEY.
r,.,f one of these i*.'tnlI nilii:ils b.'i lre can pruceed 0 Mo mday Hnxt, rth 164 imuswt,
a l0 uay, may entrat hnl eielll cky If he eseaie without On Wedneday nest, tA& 1hl intel, sA TH0 V*IDUE o.Ua,
p.rinal injury. Monkyis of ilt sorts, parrols, pigeons, At e10 Oe' k A. M.
pmirks., sqirrels, nil Ienria doe inna.menrable, are It he AW THL v.- nr orm Will be sold
ill irlr;i while jickIs lluhrk i. the scret t S OWl [!s Superfine Flour, in bariela,
place~ ani kiitell and vulltrel, perched upon the ruul, Will : old nr in io,
pilar,. p.Its and gatelen' y of tll himou..s, iTerlori ltI, part (Withut Corn rnd Rice, in bags,
of .r.,aerrs, and rlear auiay It offal, wih.rl i Aban- 'The Cargo of the Am. schooner United States, from Phi- Soap and Candlel in boes,
d,. ,,,irely to tmir jurislictnidm.'fi.s Roberts: For- ladelplhin-Connising of lard, Butter, Bacon,
piLe Not. Pilot ant Navy Breed, Wine Ilisril., Botter ditto, I cask English lims.
CrrCkers, Cortn, Potatoes, Beef and Pork, in hisb. lalt barrel Tar,
Kids of bRrrls( orned BTof. 1 cae Piatillas, &c. A&c.
U-F3if jd Kidior Roun tirn Tongues, AND-
Lard, liHnm, huexs Cider, Potatoes, Cheese, O account of the Shipper,
( f Erery person aoht to. eave tlhee Islanl, nftrr PIickles, Candlo., ibarrcls Beans, Windsor Chairs, 4 bhoes Window Glas.
Irr rersided therreiefr I, r the Or of TInTY D.neAV, mIt Rocking ditto, fancy Soap, nets'Tubs and Buckets, ALSO-
w.r .a sty atl te .,rretry' Ojr, rput upisuar h barrel Sup erfin Flour. At three Muoths' Credit, n gwiayg pproed secrity.
' r itt the r Srort h S n lo s A mart Negro buy, mccuneaoMle to B41kauafilh
mad OiP r forrrrTr.:.v Is 11 prrinl.tokidepartire --nf- T'ER3MS--Casl h elore delivery. shop, r.
ir rwich, a.t any timae during oarYv-rs Ih, a 'Tidce .pril 14l0. p____ _6 coaes flue Black an d Drab laver IaL.
hr lbtaitrd. BY IIENlMY ADDl)ERLEY. Ipnil 14th.
SAoHT Tio olAtS lTAEIN Ii uk n Tr5TLI'RET. On Mo.lnday, the 7th Maoy,
llth ' M.ailLi at.11l AT THE rsi. 'UE Ht.LS.. On iMondlla nrtl, the 16th au t,
I *, A,,e T"rkIer At 12 o'loo~k. AT THRt VENtDm IIOUC1
;nth %. I. Aleeer Will lb m lo At o0 rOl h. AL .
tIlhh It heiet Wir
h11i ( Uenl ir:.l The following Slaves and Lans,. belonging to the estate Will be sold
inth ilhle. 1I. Iilairon of tit late Andrew Seton, widout reserve, and in order At siz Weeks' Credit,
sdt lt.i.h **iil.n 10to clos thie estate : 100 bamrl. Fnresh Superfine Flour,
tak p Il.Ihr rIIat deililful country residence, known by tlhe naims ,I. Mess Pork,
11 April ( riplhelr Inlahan Of W.lTOsr, situated uin tle eastern extremity of this is- t bohese Candles,
Illh MJ.rg.irel t' l.nd, with mrns, carriage hiosies, horse gin, and every re- 120 kers Lard,
- -I quite to enable tihe 'lcier, or rultivator disposed to pur- o2 do. Butter,
II has been lone notorious for its orchards, and the supe- IO bushels (Corn,
ri rilY of heir fruit, as eull ;u their variety of kind ;-i At two months' Credit,
compirits 7N7 acies of land,l (or r eabouut,) echisive of A small Sloop,
c Po r or ., P. four acre, anid a half, partl whitin the liume thernol, be- IO puncheons Rum,
POR -T O_ -WA losiging to tim King; on wl.ich there is a battery. Basn- 10 bags Hire,
--- . daries:-on ite west, by lands of John Andraun, L.- 4,0() feet Yellow Pine Plank,
AiitlVED. quire; and on all ouher silcrs, by the se. AND-
Arl 14th--Amu. schr. United satcs, Coults, Philadel- AI.,O- At three moths' Credit
phli That tract of lanil situnted in th e rstern Diatrict of 100 efroomn Sugar,
Bread, Wine, Buiwtr, Poatoes &c. this Island; bounded on the north, by the property of April 14th.
oo HInRt Auunm .r. Jem Eve, and eight feet upon Sbirley-stret; on the east, ---
a Sp. schr. Bnen 'Viane, Lleo, Cube by land the property of Robert Butter, Esquir; on tle BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
Sugar end llney, south, by lands of Mrs. Bunh ; and n the west, by the -
I to J. TnouNoa & Co. lots of Richardson Saunders ad (eorge Anbriuusr, On Mndyll mnet, the 16t ibaat,
Schr. J Eliza, I S Kitts Esquires. A T Ten ,,.mrIV. ortns,
Rm, Sugar and Molases, ALSO- At 1& 0 1
Thatn lot of land in lihe Eastern District ofthis Inlnd; Will be Su.
CLEA HED, bounded on the south, by Shirley-sreat ; on the mst, by Thom well known premia e called Tas BAl with ad
Ari llth-Sloop Bol, TriPo, Mobile lands originally granted to Thbom Ilodpon; on the weit, the improvements thereon.
Schr. boat Lady of the Lake, Nicolls, by land granted originally to Mr. Aleander; and on ALSO-
Jamaica the north, by the eastern aueway. This lot is well en- The llous situate in tie town of Nasm n secpi-
closed, planted with gras ud fruit tree, anul Iba ben ad by Mr. George Smith, due South of Mr. McQuem's
SAILED,' drained at a considerable expenen. Printiag Office.
PI lith--Sclr. boat Lady ol di Lake, Nicolls, ALSO- T7ermt-lAru mmalhAs' Cedit, givg eed s.-
Jaiuna That lot of land situate in the Eastern District of this cmy.
H. M. schr. Kangaroo, L. Ilookey, Cruie Island; fronting on Bay-street, to the north; on the April7th.
14th IL 1. clMr. Princher, Li .Tullsi, Cba eastern causeuny, to the south; to dhe east, by einds.
S _____ originally granted to Thormas lodgpen; ad on the wer BY HENRY ADDERLEY.
PASSENGER SAILED. by Iands raised originally to Mr. Alexaidur.
a rfALSO- On Me nd r mat, t 16th iutmt,
6dbe chooner boat Lady of the Lake :-William D. That extensive grand In, situated in the Iow of Nma- A* Tam Vasnu mesB.
-_____s___ ___ ; hounded on the east, by East-street; on the west, At 11 O#tno. A. 1.
by hr t and premises, now the residence of the llon'ble Will be sold
NOTICE. W. V. Mannings, un. E.squire; on the mnrth, by the lots If no dipued of previously NRlinn brgain,
O0 Tweday, the fifteesu day ef Ma, mea, of Mr. Frncis Bison and Mr. W. Ramos; a d o the That valubl lloUm and Lots, oIcupid by a Mn.
IN Mtr L'rtur.-u.l-s" .I ., south, by lill-streeL Poiser. The Houe is rosoy and erom ie wi. a

At 19 O'Clock, (noom,)
SBaldd or Rented, for one year, to thel ihest idden,
i p rL uetr for the ensuing year, naay continue in
pmeia l of their respective Pes, l r the term of
L yNr, Ia the price they may purchase them for, by
h annually, for the uame, to the Clerk of the Vetry,
5ia to Ine day of sale.
UI order of tIe Vestrv,
A 14th. EORG(E AR.H,181 ISTER, Cleck.
AI 1Ith.

The following SL es, field hands, vi:-
Btam, driver, Sue, his wife,
Ilannah and IN.' children, vir. Jane and Ilenry,
Kate and her children, vi. Rsm sad Margaret,
Dolly and her children, vs. Cythbi, Hebe, snd
Ned, and his wife IIche,
07 The above lands sold free of Dower.
TERMiS---i month.' Crodit, on giving approved e-
April Ilth.

lar.e Kitchen and was hose atachled, chlmr he and
stabling for three horse, extensive yard ad grup piae,
The out building have been laluy thoroughly nepaed,
and thb grueatr part of dte flea have basm newly put
A tract of Land sitoated at the Viliage, comainiag L0
aces. It is divided by the villke-rmd in'e two LoL tIh
western lt being intersected by the new road leading bee
the villeae into the Blue hill road.
TERMS-One Third Casi,; the balance i ap-
proved notes, payable at 3 mad 6 months.
April 7th.




/ 5
i .




awenty Itil no 11
sea his iss- gnm n a alatcitlrme fo ntrnaldd From d Jamic aJJ URBats G fi?^
ua tKnI t on tla diduaion of talolr, nd A deterninells e to ietiu By Lt Packet we lae received our LO L
Wbni 7 flled caruare go every innovation wUcb doe nut imi tio dle graduul to te il February, and Ppot to the r&A*
C ae, iated r wa of .a y dus sgs of ature. month lave bee brought by the Clue, .
11hi. -.uhea slh, nd the Rapld, at khpwt :
O0"fitied io thiem kd wthe f eh, =M klseiing Lohminan, ra BiusliPy ii.. 'T Tt. m i a rr e la n s iM dI d o
Wlh a d al Ifpm wliwk, whh Ieia ewly a- Is a,"Csmlitn, and Brsune Pe have arriveo. T ho is. r r gle i
quired fS ,a S mia ie ee pa en. Nsilly a ile of ell c reathl cy noti is. s that Du e probeble rpecaIl of os pmakt i l, L
minas. hbi Ipsliasgle we re d'iesclhod to the mo extending their lalcatiOn --a menaure in which we con- appointment of Sir Jans lbs i t
weigoalu l Wie ka lrsd tl e nl a aadnd rea of a mele hem to he p rfrlyr meuned. Thile French 'ofeer cannot as present attach much il to t
fouiuhisi cog ny alu s ks tac lay hipwr" ck oe who foeme il lart if he men. in the Noprh. mills wehr aIentl alhoul it bile werrfloundI is sI depar "P, ,IL
,irhot leave. havie been eantred to rrpair to heir respective land of the Erl of BDelMpn, Jaluai a winJ k **
Smrt rihowl; r points. 'IThe closing piter of the French funds on Wednes- the lossof a governor, leb e urlI tai uiln l
l. This rrightful refsnlrolr wa t the rI t signal of he day wee. see per ens. : ,. c. Three per crus. e, uc. to et hl e rielm h of lt iiAhiu ~ r a "e"4
iulilion o" lvery iy tlel paial u s tnciaiot uol the la e slairs of (re-re har lI have lately come under the coosider- deservdlly populIai nd pthe nlesure c'
ermras. This id, el" tile lielNliu of the ores u had asioen f he,, represenirives. of Ihe live great Powers: and the eppointl tpl hiss ucnmor may La "i
long blin spread in Fraile ild time coluties; I e dnreun, llheir determinatine la aid to tie. hllt a regular Monarchical ly to efface the memory of his rule in thi ,dl
of tie philinlltbrulpi ad pnelatled rveiallhe wol-urllopsul raru of (Govearnoeait. Ltilrsid irs authorily, lall bei re in sl
tr slaves. The opposiion of sla whites ain tllre ul blisdl., and a )ulng t(;aaa Prince. of high promise is ex- On ite lit of February, rr. Buiton gave I I.
rolosulr. speedily acnrlurtlud tIe evil; llry actually frerle pected to receive tile Crown. louse of Comnmonli, of motion o thei"
tiel slveia whoi were so be onrulloe to cumllmh eachll olier; It has lately become an object with the raidiedpress to keep .Abolition of Slavery, which i to be broulgh, i n
snd enfranchisemiren was always tIle irwar to which siey the town in a stala of feverish esciteneni., .b alter naely as- liuse on the 10th oif tie ensuing moInit. l
I.,ked forward, Hs U times r rlea oll. Tli. si wa suing he howl o d eIonllrncy and Ihe l. ultr l n mniae, has been often agitated, and a often II.
siirl.asusl utmir;rinl, It a c t cuiionr re-pcilmi the proll-itisi n in create antliter Bel of refounrm h, as oe Jimh
Is,, .red, uni veael, y a .tr th imo unms il Peer A insl n uerical lad itio n iris felt would he ridic tosea opposed to ima Colonies leave een inrr" e ~,
Frainc, onm Il' 21st Jusane, 17I), whchihl announced dialt all iiy ineellirnr, anl any rielargenlent appruoaihing the r'- not a st"ne" s Ilet un1urnel to overthrow every ea
lla neglrr-s who tlook up armUw ffir the republic, shi.uld r Ure Pteitent wou ld be a virt annshiliato, of the order.. I he Colonissl to bring the siljrct fairly before I iirl
rUccivei til ir freedom. Much were Ie allect of ti grul a1' Ie are ae indeed to nuti ie thai ie packillmn reject i se-o Nattion. The threat uflcal nrgulationsi will ar
inmasurntilirlted byphlilaeihropy,lnuararrirJdiinto rxcutliii I riously coun(emiplairlae-if e e view ltie scheeli proliiectilvly. I be acted upon, if linilser"cnnltinue in ufficet o I
willmut rug ardl iol lew c.Isparity of tiuse flra wo*Isu it U a and trace its conequlencen l t heir ultimate effect-we sh.ll late occurrences which have unhlappily b e.n aitu
ilniendld. Tle fatal gitl involved in ono ruiisicuu Ien-rive that a blow will have been struck ar the heart of AMo- ,,,ong uo, hibold opea lleir eyes lto tie falln a.
ruin tim sla- and Iltir sie a i nar imell; frm whL it ran never recover. llrie rt-e of sle w litiaiaU an d the certain
to- air P * ,1TT, his Ian ere is at nisllllhitry in tli flhi passions. more especially in m -
seir has time nitbqi-at late o, ) thll onee Ilriiln hus which il lullenc he Ileeiiuon of he pnrty potitic lan; I lendins rme agit slain ol f aurh dlocrine-. Thi d;
roloney hiin les calamitous. F.r tet years afelrwards, wo ul oher.wie he dificull to conceive how a rlld, anllaerr gone by when the Commerce and the Navy, which
it. hiiawerv was such a nrasinul of civil wars, disaolers, arrogant. and selfish indiv.nlal like the Premier r.iuld he o i Colonics supported, were considered as adlifg u
anil conelsiiLn, that the mat client historical research can totally sIseaiible to the gathering stemplt-huw lie could so strength and integrity of tilte ELpit, and Ite roi,
Ihrdly Iarmsa the dlnad Su the culhmities. Tlheir inde- perseerirrilyJ bLend to the suggelitons of a desperate enrhu- a fi w individuals dre able now, uwitrellatin U n c".
peulrelru-e is., estsrli.hed I built with t they have re- .4i't. when minjildginethe present and recklea fhl his future tell s, to sway tlhe Councils of Ministels.
lnsrl intli il irate of dilratlation, coinbining ~lit indoi,- 'Iesini. bhSt MIr. 11iti.aa a lhort lime .nrin tlir He House i
lete re sil rckli.rminen of u*r wit h the vice and tli. f onuinens as to tie very letter. 'The people ar e ae pliicl i n he Continc ,
conrta ilons of rk ivilisr lit.- it hardly caring to cul ivatsd ** wevewere h, iarily ired ol the lehrn l I .' Ani r seem to proi o p lomis Il ttOinioanr of tlle prn,,, ta 1
.rl rii, f ,iiv, i.el Ilet. Ira.llv wriinnl ts o culglivnig Cohhett, i lici ur tur;, o the Manchesier weavers, h.a di.- stale of things. Tile Kig of IlullHnl lI a repl-di,
pII o r u, lltl.y ,,, isei.blr Inoilih H w.asl.l, s ''ii 'it a intly enumerate luerr e en prol,.tte'. n. ll ul .hid. c lie as- comm.ui.,cirion fron ll.te Plenipoleniaries or ee vIej
pr.mro.lll iUlh.ieC,,e by our eolnlllriug llnimals ; .,rlt are ah.lutlely ill .ellaty te give rea liy to lIr, r(lOry's ( Cursin, in r lich tic drlnne t6 ascsdle to the larmel"
Iroen htain tnhein grvatl supi r Wlanl is the (;ull ul i aginings.e. Thece pruo ueso e h were emphatically puited C nc, but st. thathe is illine tol t
Melirl, M Ilnmlllro is rmll*h-l Ie to le lsreailv of inil- in Ihe lasted embr uf cirlan t-ltse faiimig t1 h I h Pro. l oI ose th ahPI opl1
In.tillt Ib.,t siw1 aeIl ,rllmbissteire; aildulation Iha rapidilv louse of rlnl .s; ande are thus enlurled li t liait;l i1 1,1 Ici les' resd I h rot col of lt- 271h Janiewr, ilN,
derhrlml, .ad iset is tie ncivirmal diaealuim.n of linasilici; Misilry aInd of Iho'e if their lrdedd supIllllort Irs. aIho ii i- te' oly ones "o 0 s lhich lie 'Iad ever signified Ii ian 4
asu tothrel.-isl, if aUcIt an evremt were ieiiE al nio di.- 'oIIRete the i l wi h all tie nearness which .411- rltre-t can and liih ire tolaly t variance iirtan ll lli e oni ald
tnlt peritl, ii empire ldestir action. 1 all ap11 aran ir wlhel* lhit'r ihe,' are" plr. r-ld to en Uh lts; ulh lrtllilluis I Iropse lal by tlie Colter ciice.
Sd, 1 t, l I llv are. let 1lin I iiiius.t ;i.tWt Illhi r ItIIiutaotto., an. i rthe
is a bn-siul'l ildand Il. h*f entry willte .numi-ol c ryt hen k,,w ol th are to rely oa. f ,i tire London, 4tA.--Tl'he amist dit irult and ti ew
Iy eukl I. ln., m re vicioa, anil *.s-rrlul, It,ul net cr,,,,It. Ithey w.ull I ,,l; M|,I r ,lr. u I et'.r. tt tls tt II ,r- el',er;ating CI asse- of the i-trt l)rl iill, flrr Isd
superior im civilisation or imis.rovemnent to tie lindiina wlie lons, tolly are ao th ruIdll a. nu .y thi lie i I -.i ratcig otne o the .lor ill
Sltel.lid hl ila sails of (C'ouin biNes. mere fami e .f rel.or II a.11 re, 1,.t" I,- ti. ilt .i, nt t, te I dtrtnati- is-h -n s h. il,-l. 1 i 0fic.lf
Tli *s fatt dare wurllty uf tlle mint serious coinsi- ret)lllill"lnull f lhos l- taes s.hlh llt lat- bIn so inllsrolully carrietl last night. I is otrt, t a i"it s i uncerIliaimsk e
dertiuoll.-Th-iry Jimssii.lrae, siml hunnan naure is, tie Iohl are to be found uiIly i the tI.ra f corruption I tIIt. of IH little amendienls proelmsa-il prn eenedl them i a
uami. in ll t l .rrid as ilia tenlmptnrae ione ; in lime sail,. It will e seen that rtle G(;vern nrtl haIs rinlsitur-,,l is exelp. I l s dti- r A. to ls11 e lifliculty if il ttmilli ng Ie rih
breaks oul tel Alrircan nelgrn i, n tlie stfll of France, or l '" den .neul toa the lratial ,.11 lor al Ir* S it l|l tioIn nIrotl I lit Io (l', te Il prty f1 llr ivil iee of I sllir sae of Ilm
lltr shun of luMisis. An individual dues uot becoule A rnduel oif the Hriustll Malriratu anlpl) inliilatd .; it vJ ir lllder hle sortllal system, in die numbe lll r nf ConaIn,
mau at sii yais us ou ; if we give lu cildhil tld in- 11) the evidence on lthe two tLourl.-Martial. l.awyeni, Ar. w cronw l tie roosuIofl d llaueo Ce.
dulgeuciK or tim freu o ndu manh oodl a life of unbridkIl Since the commeenement of aWhal misrule i hae been an mnin alter a general election.
assrsaullnlstllry duly Ii, illtulre inlu sur runlmer'lal rrlstiuus. -
passini, or iun-lens indolence, ialy with certainlv be aim- hsa h actyw becoulye asn auire aau l our conmer ial rheaiir. o n-
*ri rcrJ. I~i * ~ in n It h_ IHlW become al ;jllpalbanl one; orvur e run hear ul no- _
diipsalmt. It is by slow deshgree, nid iniperce-pble agr- ui. ,hig uoI thi ,, ubjlucl lu I,|e ie es larr.las l .nil | OTICE.
dati Ms, dime all th reat chanliges of nature are elleclual: Perchantl. and Ihe weidely-preading piauptrnm of ,lse en.- A LL 'PERSONS I.avini ,isandl asinsd Ite fars
contienl.ts the allbo lo mIillions, are luoried by tim ac- ployel in carrying their itrnsactliuns ,inl. elihl. The eeak- ulo Josip S.'uni-ra, l of im" Ilal
ruonulalonsl of imnusilmtaibe rlls ; uiirlls. hlichl Ire to Iw as of Mintiters in their iroceeliimia rrearding cholern has i-o, J sea daunrl, la o re Ilind II r
subialt for ae, slowly ariuaout of tIe struggles aid lire censed the i sp of commrrrcil tlistlf,. which hal previooul L tr ence genleean, defieasl, are iqr-ed iesear
hanl.lshi|s of infant existlens. Freeloml, I grrlalesl gifl e" llen i to the ri bi y the Ie( nln elamllour all tll er at she tit"e duly a*-lsll ; an tll"ho, ind bled to I d
of aoure, can tneilter be appreciated not enjoyuve fIr "of implldnry and mismanallgelllei oini their part, to overliw. ; E:. e, anr likewisU reiiH.IlIl to minke immledime p)-
er inuy period in the pnrtares of cisilialatin ; if ud- and the prospect before us as le'li allI.-iing. Firol t Ihe Irb nisni, at Ire siffice of (;. I'. Woi.l, I:qllire.
very iHl pesa sf ud e rar cauitiii r s taut- tu huoresy we can. are thau .o.m a.ouretrs. oil is ver wee.r TlIOMlI NON s \ DEX S, Exeae.
denlly il,>awrl on an crlaelippli tlomn, it lam un scilt. thr oul uf work )tlertl2y. aui it was ralcuIliale upon i,- April 2d. '
iII pMieets anId ibjUects islle to the eorsi of t)riannies, l l- mout IIusrrgin dala lhat the aitne number xul.hil lie li -
t ranny uf til-ir own puiuions and vices. If we would charged to-ilay. Shipping orders are entirely FINAI NOTICE,.
rcnsult tlie interests of Ibe shakers theselerel, if we would Ihe export tirde of tlle Linegtlm and Irsnieaclionm i ,n eAtr II
save lthem front Ihe doinies of lie most frightful vices, commercial market am earlyy para I.edl. In Minn-ig-lair all IfIE1 St 1 1it( IllII 'EN.S, have ricoeid the ruIlte
if we woulll preserve llcir i fre ron determination, uw. d i-cripiu.n e oi1 lit :i n ; ( r r iie ire ilrdecll g i a ..aluI .. contrne of Lie late Elias J. Suliimoen, I .,lrerth
muat aduim lsn.t., by slow degrees, anI ihupi w.cepible grd- aIn ugar. imilded, the Irute yeihte;ry Id 'd nt gie wa hbe- It ol l, to tlo" 'ho still r -ain indil.l-lte lo l'h I ..,
datihn so tim advantages and tie dlestitution of freedom. cause sales were not birmel: but it is useless so enter ievi de- iIss ln teir ri-slatice n el li-ilid -
oatlts to sheet commercial depression wllel ille eallrtueassn "larelus r o 1
-CAuc s mtl elapse before it can be intrdorled with- u i odi is in .bt meance. Orp .hoolnpli huuqe ai hn- ,ranfld lar: olrllSf In l e Jhe Junea, 0v %ll ill l.,1e tl r bhC e io os.
meandi cenlrt dMv of deutrction to les da ppulalion. rvelels ne.iris des. biennil f an, t. o be cleared of their a A.IurTIIr.-.Il -Law, iltr t ratcr lel'.
Wlne we a a middlilgedae, fornme which connects the goods y.eterday. and two ihousanld ive hlnd.lrdl biale of fr FI. Al. SOILOMO3 Et:wrnltl.
mpper ndi the l r cne the propietor andi the negro ; cloth to be relnded. In J.nirt. no arlitleln il be lfrwanlri (C. S. tAIfliJ LEY, Electr.
when rwe hbhljate regulakrly, imrlnrtially, and formnallv to their deitinations thal ran he enjurell hy the iproreas con- March Illst.a
dministeredl ; wheis i e arliiul wanitl prIvaio l "'eque"nplx"nquarmnlinte regllltiuon. In lhemrantime money I _
iamon tile powr, and etlry feir its nwn sake, is becoming scarce, eant every symptom ol meanutle panic I
r'a at haeid, with easts lme r e Ulse G rmeni who concern saisllage SA \LTA SILT, r ale at I-.,) cnts perbh I.
nd rns a of I lesM i ng with which it ianendd the commrc, occurwe of he Ad lmii.mlgn h. much L A \I pt0l S THOMP i
mad a lissmteavieion fiL tie Isnaustring sleans aslablics, conduol the Empire through the crimia they have proru ceul. TI'lOI.1S TIIOT4P.O4',
t.m, ell 'u t r the, the Islands .1i slavery nv 'lI The had feeling also thatlil. among f,fieign naliun lo.war At El..
abi When that pwrid arrives, however no efforts the present Mininers ,f irena Briltin anns inevitahly ngra- Febrh ary 4th.
oLf cmsies, soutruggles of a party, will hbe rnqalirel foIr atle the eva he i at the moment enidring. Will her Kins __
Negro etnlcipation; ter intrrresof tle wm-rsn llem- Uf HollIand of Iorlan t or Spain. paat etulion lo the reimon- o".ii
sla iml seiaid, as in te fi-udal Iagq, to li graduall en- sImncesa a set of Minrnloers repe-ting their reKult.ions for OTI
frIanchesematofhe poor; ithe crlage will beo rndul, the prevention of the IpreaI of cul holera, who have been rnn- II S'IISCRIBHERS offer for sale, v pirettle
ehl ho Impre pibl., and she chili will lbusoc am mantn nlng a tilt against them ever since they raine into office ? g in.
n..o be i andlhechildlwill became 4 rman rh1'"! the very natural l h : ,, fhee ling inn h hd that [besai Bn.
wIsthe beig sasible of the relazation of te par.n nsai l iher oery ane ill I elin In the i that ihE l anl Ii lshd. choice Mal eirs Wine,
audtbor. lt Reolutionary France and Ithe leliian Ivtnasty. |le rickret 4i 4 dot'h su. do. do.
The general error o the subject of the Writ India handling of the diplomatic policy of tlie G"(;y Cabiinet. anv ) dozen do. Tnermrifle do.
NeIroe, teienating fron aplishle -nd oChristin fia ling, *hew mee lavor to stan onurprient iatiounal tliifciulies; buei 1 Irunk Gatniulemn' Sima.cs,
say be tIrael o the smie source as tI political erors all other dyaisties. treated au hey have been by thie British 2 blue DiaMnr S-rm.
which are now lklh tshe empire to the foundation ;a .e*'nters'willanglrly ne on upon them in this tie hour of BIENRY (;REN"SLADE&-CO
dnIsgair of erpe| an inaltention to the lesons of trial of the country they a migoverin. Drrember 24th.
hisrry, med an of cr he po paet pr aof frreeoni The Choler 6 the prevalen disease e really of that rha-
oher parts Iloel. The time, helover, hna no r mtor) we re happy i" .ay. makes very sh3i. if anu pron- "o s, bet I W n tIl Pen aid (i-eore Street, aP
w ed. wrhsinpad minltimen w'lH not jutlfv insivae mc- re". in the suborbh of the rnetrlnruph. One new ase nly I.LJ of G;ild Speracles. The faimhr sill I he e"'
tims I ir n hBe pnmittd ma e saoue fterbtlands, ad wa report" l yeetlay. .lmehuirse.-wher none Iu I sonm-ly rewarded, on delivery of them at the offie o
y = is h. W m n minto in paou litica no- a remain. neither do any now remain in l.animbeh orsl notlher- paper.
tsy It em* is p". Whses m 5n5 In political an- Mhilhe. In some confied alley In the worst part of e emnln-- 1-srcih "20h.
cmen, wa aeqer Ifro Oims ne ely beaenlent ebiw icr, a person is staled le have been taken ill. hbut there in n _
bet enin Icondi nd sntioM s thbe mbjecs which pe,)f of his nmnplaint Ieing ('luier. several of the moel FO AL
they atailie; we lud it l el cuse for a physician, who has unclean pm eo Weslnen.eer were yeternly rftertually FOR ALEaI
scrid h patient by his ipmnace, that i mantma only wahed and pmnicl, and werll-founded hope ar.e ntertinel. The choice of Lons of Land, wit l.
to sdn hi od. If tiblr sid spread of knotled he, theha me is e longer danger in that qrerer. Tolhill-field l bildiesr nnd improvmenles t lermn t, *a i
elletted env thin, it should hwe men dlsret o1t heir Pr ne wa yenlter tay visited by the Magistratesl. annd found sit Prince'sstreet, gnerrrall known by the nh
pinion, se fWitir'd by the of experience ; e in a state of perfect heahrh;nesa. T'he precautions wirh re i Lni n.f t, or Cuirls now
O S)ss t to she (nuasts, o which we yesenla alludedl. have lhren or Tcrmss an oshr Cpaidss lyOw.
anl a emust prove wurs than anle-s, if it doano intspi r ar elly enfo.retd; ant in a daiv r l we rt felll he Ii Tr lsand her paticulas, ap to te
a a g. I.enhaled roanltounre the complete cesialion. of wh.t. inl m;Invy acrilers.
S'.oulanol IV. O--tl* in.msres at least, we can n. onsilr Ill. as weak IIENRY GREENSL.APE & Co-
t Maekermlo.iS lmullm,,,. ai) mise larms. M:arch d.

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Pi y!.*•-b :ia' It ^ *; ^ 'ii' il I I 4^i t i .*M.jffiU:. ^|)r Ma'^ama MvQun. THE AE3TrS The Amenctii ctMKner ** UnitfiJ Suics," Captain Cttutts, .irrivMl Imyi' TroiM Fliiiaielpliii yesierJay, in fifIciMi iImvh ; bul wetMiilrr'ttam) hIic iltn-n not hnm; iinv lalei Kiinipean now*, thn tliut prt^vicuHly lec rived Uy way ol Kinj^Mlun, Janiaicu. uiotety of the lorce which a fanatic and unjuHt guvcrn1114'ni hay, wh*n backtid b}' a birung navtl puufr and standmi: armies, It) t'liiorCt' ulMMiicncc(o, and t'stabliii us tht* )a\y oi' llut Uiiii, oolerit dtiriniental tu uur intert'stsi, and wbich can never be concntcd to by the (ulonial Le^iiaiure. Witness tir threat of C>reat Britain, to enforce TIh; attachment of ihe nfttives to tlieir ^''^^'' remarkable. Cajwice, the desire of char.^.'^'^' '* inlluenie men btrn here, who ^ww^ ,^ ^*''^r. country. |>rj>|)erty, friends, and a hime'V'*?*^ man and woman's estate, to abiirKi iJw two last years, peace and 1m "?' ^''>aii \ M.4HK or Ol H CoNVKRMioN.— Sincerity has too lont,' •' fiscal reguhiiion.s,'* for the truth of the foregoin^r position, i counter cJwnt;e of chnwle vasuly diircreni f ^*^ 1 would not endMVour to mislead the coloured class j all their lives they have etpeiiyiKtMl ,," I '*""*'*' •^'• by any sophistry ; lot I would endeavour to dispel the | ficulties, and inconveniences wiib<*ut'huii'u-'"^'*'** illusion wrouifht by the hirelint,' fanatics of the Mother | cause, only, could have inductwl such a i ^^ Ctxintry — I would assist tliem to discard thi>se pimps and their master, wlio have, by lalsehuod and political dishonusly, alienated their minds from their trut; fri'nds — the friends of their country — the only admit ers of their diiint,'uish'd the condu<:t of our worthy Kuler, lu excite conspicuous virtues—and the only |>erons on whom they can su<on wlMmi fiis K.tcellfore wT"^ *'*^. Some little diMei. nces existed at liie time (• ''***^^was apfiointed to the administration ; but jj*"*'"' ^'fHi those dilferences removed, and how 8ari.f;!!j **** "f* ^^t_Ma'l)mna ^vqu^ Vi^ }otk Obttreatuii/. — 'iuv .Now Vork city coun, C'lf II |ia'|^ f^H[ITl#ili| *Ami(bliji ,a,Mve resulved to alt.r the cu,>ola of the city hall, and *'**'' 1. 11 1 ICf. M t ^.KII1. t from si-jning and implying their con[ tented were all description of the inlabiuni i*"^ ^" wliich they had no voire in adoptinL' ; | government, as well a^ durinsj the period : '' k I iitiurositif oi the Abolitionist;/ ; and when this tem|)es tuoiis era bus passed away — when the wounds that have P*"" 0^ Buii,, who, in revenge for disappointed andjiVion iM • y— when the wounds that have [ by attentions unknown to him until the arriv'l f been inHicted by our internal enemies are healed— then let sent (iovernor, destitute of common sense "a ^' ( of an observatory. Four trans|>a^Mi ^<^** *""'* * ^^ placed in it, which are to be illumililtf*' *^f a turret clock, an astronomical fliirk, Hf"^ 8 transit instrument, all of which are nearly jjot|'^'' '" ^''t' '"*'^'t garb I assistance to the pen of a hirelin.', who lol.' o remove thoH,. jealousies, which I existed, long befor.i 1'? '"/^T '*"' '""^"''"'^ v..serty, and render us *• a happy and an united |>eeech, to the first refiartorv ll.mse of AsM-mbly; refer to his S|M''rh at the prorucuotj/ of the previous llous ; to his numerous messages to that IumIv. on diderent subjects, when they blindly and utstiiial<'iy refused to accede to his views ; and what a leiiy them all the rights which their wealth and their respectability entitle tliem to possess. I am, Mr. Editor, Your* uud the coloured jieople's friend, LEONIUAS. That many of the coloured class arr men of pro()erJv. is true ; but these, ue nvjy say without exception, reside upon the Out Islands, and are nioie jealous of that pro|>efly than of the posM'ssion of a few empty privileges, and are strnuously and openly opjwsed to tiie mistaken pliilanjusi impress!. HI must it leave upon the mind, of his r/iW. ^hropy of Sir J. C. Smyth, and the saints in the Mother Country. It is only the working class of free blacks and coloured jwrsons, on this over whom the .S,„vih faction have gained an ascendancy, and made the tools to accomplish the ruin of the land and Slaveholders; but we wjMild ask these d.ludr"'*'"' '" 'r iu'voral trades, if tlie prn|)rty of the ' impie*MHl upon UH, .ii.d in the grateful uvertlouinj i '""''**'^ ^"*^ slave propritiors, i taken from tbeiu, or renef o'lr nature we exclaim, with Shaks|Hare' Jen— *^*^'"*''^ valueless T The fable of the belly and the mem•• A Daniel •" O how wv Mouaur tUc !'* Nahhu-, A|ril 9th, 1H32. To the Editor of the Jiahama Argu$ Ml.. Emnm,— Ibeaddiessto Il.s Excellenc'y. publishon>at.dav last in the Hoyal i^azetie, and'said to .e •iKoetl by ol inhabitants and fretdiolders of .Na.vsau h veiled the contempt of every resp. ctable inhabitant bers at uar, is very appropriate.— fc'f/. Jr^a,. Drfenee of />mfri.— England is a dinintr naiioo ,: her people a dining |>eople, as, indeed, \oli,;u-e(u m auiboriiy) said h)ng ago. What is there in wav of iC of ceremony, of association, of rharity, of pinam conviviality, of business, in England.' which ii uu"" companied by a dinner I The roionati.m itself cowU with a dinner. Is not the King's sprtrh first promuij.v alter dinner ? Can vestries tiansait parish binine i,t out dining/ Wft high and low, with grtat ifwl . eating is the soul and spirit of English sociefs. Who liix had not dined, and swallowed wine enoueli'to difMi Ij dinner, couhl make the speeches which wc ef jfLry. having Iwen delivererl at tavern meetings] Wh\ Jv Ceorge Saville himself, alter attending Crown ; ban, b^Munn.' extremely dan;jeroiis. '|'be pasw-nger who, biucked ill SOUKnarrow entry is obliged to await the plea,urMtf one of these petted aniinils before he can proceed otiliis way, may estet ni himself lucky If he csrajMMvitlnmt injury. Monkeys of all sorts, parrots, pigeons, pcmncki. sfjuirrols. and paria doL'> innumerable, are to be' fcvii ill all dirertioiis ; while jackalls lurk iu the s.-cret pUct% and kites and vultures, pitched upon th(! ruofs. pillars, |)sts and gateways of tho houses, perform tin; pjirt of r.nenL'-rs, and char away the oHal, wl.i.h is alwnd.M(m. AJ April, lh.J2. BY HENRY GREENSLADE Sl CO. AUCTIO]^ ^^ALUH. BY HENRY ADDERLEY. ed as in • . • • ••••Munaiii III the couiinunity, acorn pan. ed with a degree of pity for the desp..rai,on to which the cause of the Ciovernor has at length arrived, wl^-n it require, the aid of such a weak and l.dsome attempt to abuse the onderstandirHjs of men Im. wdh.oi Ih.coiim. the wilhng victims of misrule, nor the, h^r f .i i> •^'^"'V*'^' ^^^' !U"U'hi, instead of supporters of the bill of ri"ht, k^a S.. Ml "-( ''^"""' "*'^"*i '""^'*' ^opfMU ters of the bill of fare T What ,uW U.. Sm-My disp.sit.on mchn.-s me to reiirenn nt. WithLord Mayor's show, if it were not lor the dinier ? T. drawn rom almost all society-occupied, as u ell as amusdinner is the sugar after the phvsir. Nay, ,1,, propem*. ed, by Ikcultivation of my grounds, and the improve^ is not confined to human beiU in the nutroi^rrir^ Zxl IhHy '[^'""^''-""^';-""* •'••' I'Hveiakcn place | the mere pUasure of eating : the delight of li oilr, Ignorant ot, as i\' I I eat is chararitristi'^ of a true Rriton, and, nccor.;;.."!!, it P> retires. Such, however, find tin bas''b^'„ •"'''^•*""; ';'" •*^', ''>'',';"!'^"*'^"•". ""'''ver, find the g dieries of tavern-rooms ciamnad .,litl.eH' bas l>een, ano unfortunately still w. .he discontent tiiat I 'ators ol d l.r,>.o. I al*,,,Jc,l,,l p,ltt,„: ,l„.v k.,„| ,„ ,,i,„„,„. l |,i|..,h.,y ar,(vv.imf ; in rl. /.if, in />*. .^ 83 aUJ'ilirAJrX*3 O'TTI D'J&. C'/* /-w'/Ty prrton about to It ace these Islands^ after ^nMir rtfidal therein for the spare o/tiiirty Hayh, must fWf rr,uit>J at the S,eretary\ Ojfirr, or put uphi%uamc in m>d da \ prerious to his departure antf tune durin>; niKrv-Kivt i>AVK, a Ticket Bsj bi uhtainrd. NA.MF.S OF PKRSOVS ABOHT TO oltTAI.'* TIlKKTS oR I>Ke\RTI'RC. Iltb


'// ' I t M iv i (' 'f .! i H ^ ^^^tMti^nmn MvMUis> luibiiiiiiis iiiAiMtrvtd wi dK|,.riiel. lw,.„,y.our Umi,,, CajH. Tu., iimi dcMio^cti. a,..J .b m, a cliJiigos ol' iiiitiire. •' WIh-m fmieiM) fmr) rauMuJ the disorHor c-HM., UI..I |h|. cuMfl;it?rHliofi \vm\ cva^^S Ut uuiit ot ih.Htf JarilH., lo burn. ilu. xvnx^,n\u^ bbrk iulialuunb ucre urL'...Md MHO bHKHliuns a.,J .1,,. ^Jav.., „oC k..uv,n.' wial lo .io fiiu)M iIh; i.'rHT;il wr.-rk, iili ilM-ir newly arM.i.mJ Ire, ,J,mi, unfiiiJi.d tlHiijMlvus lu ubiiiwi ioii oJ' notice js. iI.hi ihe Dutcb From the Jamaira Itugal (Maxtttt \i ^-^ By (be I'arkot w. bave r.-reived our V '' to ibc. 2.\ February, an.l , ,he ^?,';^'' i'^r^. nioritli have bf-en broii^'ht |,y t|,e da '>' tl* „ mouth, and the Rapid, at thin port. "*' *^'''*'^ It ^ Tlicre is a rumour given in the Stand\ the probable recall of our pieseni (iovj! "^ '*** ^' / of ibr idnhnilM uj.iM |,.,.| p,.„et, ..led even to .he w o. k>l.o,,.> ol "l-ive*. I h.op|H,Mi,on of thv Hbitesaud the u.en of thhUv*'*. Tillndour, speedily arnhrUed the evil ; ihev HM.toallv lavi. who were i.t U" enrolled lo i/ iIm freed ... oiuli.ii e;uh other: an. erjIranchiMMienl Wi.s always tin. reward to which they looked forward, as the resull of their revolt. 'I'his wa d'.l.u.d nniw.r^.d, hv ;. .h, ree of the conunisHiunera of hraan;, on ih. ;>J,t June, I7!f{,whirh announced that all ihe ne;{roe' who took up arms for tbrei: nil Wll iht rui their, h >ai.l t.i be. .ImI a i^i:ular';\ionaa*hu!ul ''"^ '" loriu ol (.overnmtnt, ImiiHiJ m n^ authority, .^h.ll be esia•a" pruiiiiae u exbli>hed, and a yoiin;; <;erfu;iu J'ruice of hi-h looted to receive the Crown. It has lately hei oine an object with tho radical •N ,\,^ t. ^ • ; .. / ••<•• al press to keep etoHuinaMaieol leven.h excitement, hv allernatelv -Z suinin^the howlut ,le*i>on.lenry and the l.fuM. r of ineiiarrespecting l|,o prop.,sJiioM to create another set of refo I eers. A sm;,U rnimeriral adrliticn if is Mx tvoiiM be rid loMsly inetheienf, and any eiij. rm icuppointinent of his successor may be s^T''""'"' 1> to ellace tbo n.eiuory of Jm rule in thi \l\^^^^^^ On the 1st of February. Mr. Huxton gave n!' House ol Con.mons, of a n...tion on ilu T"''""U Abolition of Slavery, which is to he hro.ll!!' r' '" '^'^ Mouse on the lOih of the ensuing n.on.l, a *'''* "•• has been often ayitated, and as often L I'^J'" tliose opposed to the Colonies have been i""^ ^ ISS^OKIiIK Blli^i;^, f:, or ensnaring Animals ; Irnn. I,mm ,ne gre st ,e"r ish.uj j., ,|,e (;,|, ^^ W.xiroSi. |>o„„„,,o i, „.,|„^,.,| ,„ „,^. ,„.peHsitv of iinMjintj both ,,M4H, and subs.steor,.; population has rapi.llv Hsiu threa..„, ,f Hucb an evnl nere possible, at no disam ,,..r„H| ,„ ,.,uire de.tnniion. To hII ap,,..arHnce MS l..,M.,.>J island iM h.lf a centnrv will he teninted onU* I.V naked 4v,,eeH, mor.vic.o.n. and rb^Maded, but not r^M *T M *7'*''^''""."^ '"M'-^'V em to the Indians who bi St beheld the suijs of Cohinibils.t Tbe^ f.,.!, are word.y of the rn.Ht serious consi;''7';<;xi;:;:;..iS^^^^^^^^ -rt. are .(..oluiely necessary tegive reality to 1 1 Ore r ''''""''•'"'•'7^ ''e Plenipotentiaries oHh v 1 ...nns These pro,H.s.tiuns were emphatically oo'kU f/'":"' '" '''"''' ''^ '^^^""^'^ ^^^ ^''^'"'Je to (ho cn.iV' the Ian, >.,,^on bv certain disiin^nished AlembVrs the i ^''"'••'*''"^'^' '^"^ states tbnt he is willin.^r/. ''* ol Lords : and we are ft.... ..r...i..i ... .._ ? "' ?*^ ri..l.. ..v..r^...J :.. .u.. i> '^^."""'^ <<^ *rati.> llnr. '^^''-'^''^^t^^ •' serfs of France, or llH.b,H,r.o| Kus„a. An indivi.lual dm,, „oi become a m..M4t s„ yeni ol .KV ; if we j;iv |„ cb.ldlH>..d the inPOETP.T. WRIITKN (>\ SI:F.I.\(; a PICTFRi: C \LLKi) THt: irsii M'PY J/ IV." Th" fiiice of triend^hip never iHuatiiet A well vote, we have pretty fair evidenr wuN oider till will |,e seen that the Government hai. considered it 'l-en toy.eldtothe ,d| for an investigauln i... jom uc, „f ,he Bnst .1 Ma^.trates. amply vin-lif:, ^^^^^^ by the evidence on th two C.o.rt-M.,r,ial. {*ince ihe commencement of Whitf mir..i.. :. k i i -----v .luty ,. ,.ore J'z ^ ^'r ^1^";;::;:^ ^ """^ ^ ^••"'•^"' ^•'-' It has now hecomean appalling one ; for ne can he ar o ' d.ln^ upon this subject t.ul the mc piO|M,sed prescnte.1 (k,„ As toibe ddhcully of deleft ess dei;ree. ^ •"" """^""^ '" iflefmii.iMpilit^ *^ 'd" the sfau,)l" !i,, • Hctua system, m the numlH-r of Conimin^; 1^ve.H. A.C. who crowd the roon.s of the Wo.^Z. n pteces, and MihjeCs men to the wotsl of tyrannies, tin t rannyul ibeiroun pavsions and vices. If h^ hoi consul, the interest, of tin, ./r/rc, thn^srlvrs^ if we woulu -tbemtrom.hedo,mn.ooof the most frightful "ce It we wo.ihl preserve their lace I roni fxtermmation, wi must a.imi. .lK,m, by slow .le^nH-s. a...! M^H;rcep,ible ^ranion. to tiK, advantages and the de.ti.ulion of fixH-dom —4 enturie, nmst eUpM b.fore it can |>e miIhj rertainiyof di'strnction lo iIk* I ee the smde thnt ever phyn tM lips when loved ones speak, I mark tin(ear-drop as ii s|ra%$ Aiiorii ilie riwv ebirek ; Ai.l then I think "of ihose briyht years U hen 1 wjk-i hajipy coo, Am. I vlie.i a.r.-fiou\ smdi.4 mid trars. Had p.iwer tti soothe and hou. VV'heii e^rlb wais unto me a lUe^m, V sweet and nia;:n \im^ ; Or like al.rijihl and iimr.nurinj{ stream. Thai d.uued with mirth ahmg; Uben on ilie iii:.'s of ^l^ul delight Kach hour would fly .way; A.mI I would look Willi joy each night L'l< the coininK day. H It each lo Mie a rhani:e hatb briiM^hf. Tlif ^tAW has been my foe ; An.l those whosM love anil joy 1 sought, In deiili lire lyim; low ; And I en |-|f alone to live. A sohury Uhh|(. V\ liu cannot iinlu others give Whallbey to bun won id hrinjj. inlro.ii i..„i, „ ,„ ,1,.. ,,,,,1,1 ,„ fn..,cW„..„, ,„ „ ,,,„ „,^. ^^„ ,_^, ^ "^ ,„, .. •.. Ik.M.,H,.rr,.,,„l.l.., „,„l ,)„. chiM .Ml b, „ .,,""„ I '"" .....o. ,H.„„ ....ibie „f „K.. ,..i...a,i„„ „.• .;: ;,.:;; Tlc.-nor.l error of il .bjerl of iImW. .1 I„di, wmcnart m.w ^wkini; iIhempire to the f, disret^ardol e^jH-rU-nce, „ inattention iMstorv. and an ie„^nce of .h. ,ms, projril^s, of fr.^.h,,, ollK-r iiarts M tim worhl T r-"" "' ire. ,|,m tads to shew commercial depression when il ff* not lorred: hut if ,s useless n, tnfo de n. .1 1 **' *^l"rtalion Of >nf caused two lear.-d <.r their cloth to (e relandeth 1„ ,|,„rt, to fhir (leMiii:itio„, f|,;„ ,..,„ j jjoods is in ah resHel M m ar,..vance. Que ,h.ppMig house alo s nearly la.len, Ixomd fr .•Spain, to he c .roods yesterdajf. „„, ,„ ,Honsand hve hnn.he.l hHle.";!'';,:;; ''7 "".*'";'*^ dlbe for;,r,led Ciui le iniured by the tun,,mu ^ -ecpient ,.pon quarantine regulatK-ns. Jr. .hen e J ? .. becomn.^ ,c„rce, . | every symptom 7,17, a T """""'' .-at hami, with men m the (^^crnm ™t Jh e ^^^^^^^^ f*=""^ the common ..rr..r. .., ... /7'^"' wm cannot inanajue "i: Srifsc KIMFHS, JMyi,,, HoMdtbe i,K>rrin. concerns ol the late KlinsJ. Soh.mon, K.,bfn^ •-nfv lo those u ho s,i|| r,,„,j„ i,,,,,,,,.,, ,„ j,j tM.,. Ibat unhssti.e.r res,H.c.ive demands are liouidsleJ piVMMis In ,|k. I si June, ||..y „i|| ,„. ,,i,,,.., i„ „^ |,„J, ^ an Altoine)..,t.Law, („, immediate recovei v. i:. M. .SOLOMON. Kxffstiix. ., „, <'. -^ \i)i>fi:li:v, Kiecutor. •March list. From tkt Sfnctatur #/" January 28. DEBATtS A.ND lROCKKI)l\(;.s I\ IARLI\. WK.NT. t miAN IHfTCII LOAM. M'. H.?rriHi brouijlit forward, on Tn III* biaii. a s disimci lecognition in the act of I'arliamenl that the payments KM'rM to be mad(.by cbe of the Treasury *' when the same iivay be from time to time payable, as spt'cihed III the said convention."— notwithstanding the strict limitation in tlie treaty, and noiwithsiaiidiog the occurrence of the fact which rendered it impro|Hir to make any payment—yet. for some reavms which be had yet to bear, we had for ibe last three terms of payment continued to a.lvance the money of tliis country. TImj case, be contended, stood on this distinct ground : the payinenis in cpiestion were to be made only so lonp as Holland and Uel;,Mum were conjoineil ; if they were L'^liedieni after tbcie twocounliics became sepaiated, Ministers ought to have come down to Parliam.-t.t und asked Its authority for tlieir continuance. Mr. Ileriics concluded bynmving thnre resolutions,— iwo simply expressive of the facts of the case ; the third to tlie etfect tlwt Ministers were not warranted, by treaty or act of Parliament, in ptying the sums they bave paid with rcfetQuce to tbo Russian loan. Lord Althorp said. tbetpiesiloA ought to be met. not as one ol pure economy, but as one of national lionour. What they were calleats, each division liaving its separate functionaries. He pru|>oed, Ilk refore. that tliere should be at k^astsix sub-commiiiees* 'acb taking one of tlirse depaiiiuents. But it would bo also necessiiry that there should be other snb-divisions. aad be thought tlwt as many as eight sub-committees would \m necessary. This practice was not new to the Hmise. though it was seldom proposed. Sub-commitiees were* generally taken lor some Sf)ecjfic purpose, and lliey afterwards r -turned to tlie general committee. But in this cas'.each subject rwpjired conslanl and assiduous alienjMm.aiid each must be confined to one fiiib-commitii*. TlirrHore, lie sliould prop>se that lirore shiMitd lie seven or eiglii sulHcommiitees, and that they slmuld meet at least four days a week. As it was necessary to provide for ilie unavoi a third prty ikthough, i, would In, highly dis' which, shouhl France f.xd incli„i;i. IkTy nZlTZr I honourable to take advantage of the ciicunislance .if ,hal '•' i object. ^ -Itoijeihcr deth.n ,,arty havifjg refuse.l to fultil his e.yjagemem. as a The tarl of Alierdeen made anoihe, obiecti... ega reavM. for also re using to fulfil your r^ngt^emeni. If namely, that tU-re was m.l an En.hsh as I d! t 'r nai ...irs.lav b, •^^/7''"7^"*"^"- 'I' " was contracted are altered '^eaiv The Knglish treaty, it apiK-ared wV nV lt....outi.epay.neots m li.pinU.i.m 7 ^'.^tl T no c"tr: I ^TTu'^'T *T *'"'' "•^' ^-^"^ •-! translation, not an'ori.inal tV;atv. ""'' "" ""'^ ^ ^. bv sutiag the grounds un which the p—s w ^ I .le.." "i ''' -^'^^^^^^^ ^.^' '" • ""'"' ^''^-"'" "' *'-' ^'--V cbdended the treaty as it oripiiiallv a<'reed to — i s so Th.;e was an addili.mal article in tlie convention of the \3tl, \,..s., lHi4. vibich was tiK. groumlwoik of our en|Hi,.c.nent. Ihe pr,.a,..ble to thi; a-lditioMHl article itii. tlie Law Oibcers of ihe frown, or AdrrntHTi, ,„ liifdrabad.^^^ii piicln^l our in or,ler,o ascertain whetlier, under the cK;u.;;M.n.;e;;;i l^X!^ ^''l^'^ ''''''''' ''!^'^ ^'""^ •*-> -" llie case, this couiitiy was bound to continue li k > ^ fc!;' 1 • •*'">' ".'^ equally wiih Holland such ^^. r rlM.-M.s as m.goi U-a-reed upm between the s..i,| "•rf'„a on tlie bead ol Its loan to Holland ; and the answer of tlie Law Orticers was. that e were boumi to continue these oay. menisby the treaty, of which Uk.act of I>.„ lianieut was a ...ere formal legislative sancti.m. In coi,Mq.,eoce of the opinMui .d theLaw Officers agreeing as it did o*ri, a leual Treasury clieck was issued "for i) oonmngmy iMusvdmaun coMume. I rodrtowar !* U" ri acconq>anil w.ib a native friend. Moideen Kitan V .•' crossed Ilie river at tlie Chadur (ihai. or s!.. ef d^i „ ^ entered tlie city by tlie gate of tlie same t an . \ i.'^hlv mterr.ung sight was now flordtfd us. Joi..a, uf di^ ed sireeu and empty liouses. these men of eve L, 'twere cruadcd ii.:b .. ,_,. ry casle. odour, and country of II, nd,Hirf„. Willi ins I he costumes, too. w, re widely dissimilar and highly pic parts frive.l, wlM>n j.h,| oif.iiiions K' lime, however, has no . *'" ""* justify insane c• .yitwsms,v.rt. NVImm. men m.ngle in JSi c„n mn^wervHpMi. from th.m no, onU l.^eJ.t ."wis;:; ho. rHiHrnalcondfic, and fnfornM.i.>n im the sfibjecls w hich ;•"' :^7;? **'^. ^ • n"exco for a phvsician, who has •-rrilictHi bis pitiont b^ his ignorance, that | nn^a^t onl lodohon .nni. If th. iHMsted spread of k HWt.Hl inv thmj, it should tea, h mnn imwlelge has disinit of their •.I"...-.if no, f„r,ifi..rf hy .h, l,,„., of ..,|„.r;„". "'"' '" "' l"^""""'' '''"' "w!''", if il .Iocs „„| i„,,>ir,' • I •Milon^'fion. IV*. Mil — v'fii. t Mackeiuie > St l)oiumg(.. larch 8d. rerlerirk Pollork. poke shortly, Mr. Baring at' len;;,h"T^ * t.irmHl our h>rses towards tlK-quarhT iumealso suppor.;..l tlie rr^^o^U.^'^^ L^ "^^ :;^^^^ saw, rushing toward, u,. 1 Ha.k ^ Is taken up hy that jjen.leman. on all r^ra 7 l ***'^*^;'y^'"?. "'"'e, his eye. starting from il^-ir • -i'ich H.||.,.,r.. ,rir;?' '^'I ^'^ ^ '^''•'""' ^^^^-^ '• ex,H,Mi.|i,ure of iIk. public nmiey is „ ^1"^? T Vf' *"'* *". '"* *^"^ ^''^^'^ ^^^^^i-. We prepared "^ ^^u a ;:'::' '"'V'*'''^ Scarlet, spoke Jibe question VL^M^ Ml ^T "'"" "^^''"^^ Inwas ,rursuld by a trca.y was br.i entered u,o. Mr. 0'Cont>ell, Ml. (;. RobiuM^.i. Sir Idaaid ^uldln^M l^^V^T ""." "7*'*^'"? -, '""**'^ "•'•^** •' "* ••^^•"^•'i -ugacn, .'^ir. wuh hasty strides after the fu|;myr, and, coming up with th I W'^' V, iif 4 t A * t ^m