The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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University of Florida
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I81 I11.i Bmtllr. WIEIMuAY. zArCE go, ISO& VOL, K-Ne. LXXIL.
THo BAIIAMA ARGUS. B elgh-, i -la-n d im d Bri of dou rul 1 th e o bl u 'hswas n gy he 'd Iv
January. asr doe Cabhia. L btee hav a
eessIse. iu-wKi. LT iN mis, N rN.. A phl C setia was beid at Neaesuer ia nd, a heed, la Ed ErOy wie m be of Lrd t ain
ad JAmey,. to. Oalp's Fildaw-O40 prheasu d iTrea r as te aI April raest dwd.
t llare pr am ebld l o 'c111ck, and 10 at the m I by I.ii ubrm o -.f'Taw K and-m M dghe
p Uioplie wvert ianuim' et py e ln rGa dbj-a Pdinest en wes M l tm l
Sf- .. .... me bee to ptoo ro tinmm Him Ami al M of @aart s so s .om tiz = H asi sli-

do u lives hiding athae oa tB aowrn il vicmniy. Nothin dia i.. o he of.. p ra'ilh oot @ii This,.
nh lend hhhll naera to obuld le forth is i to believe that ehed ispaw l of mas K(nb'
athed thr e Vu, tby hialah i dae iadlvwm hoea t do handah
Anotbu jI h^ do M*e but ln>.-HrtK.I have she elhe a'cnd perlepai vewf of ero... iVn

Ao all Ip he main nt dstryed bI' the vioglen eKi of Him llrnd is is resi S ua. Iof A'e
"ir Io -afk Ilh nn Id prince ipho of Lor il.-l pparmde b the Noo .potiwer

wHl't, w ide dale f a t' l |>MI ; in the louse of Lords on the '*'Ik Juary, on moion of following so ignoinuiimi a G.OleO s.
t'M-.. wid sdered m.i.t of Lord Aherdeen for information in relation to the I- kSuock Ei~it~, Jhm. nf7, a tape 'rtIro.-To i
hirh o Ite Ocru-ue tha dy ld bowed. nionwhich ia e y mo tio, wlas inenald b vr the Moiey Market open o-y d I o 2s but ha s *inc bee
POTY. anor, anull by ti'srlm Tuk ellintoniag rlslqo hqu i! Tiam Dukeo of WtheIll Minigs eri mjorhiem i
I1 3aGn fair tn hioh, fo.lpm Nntrl ic curse puruIed b t e l nio sriy, in relation tir ( u maon l ish hih, ad prcey a delarne in the

Hfr ireamier met the hiires ; t I' tHe sujc.c renclh Funds the lowest quotaion, hownevr, for Con-
l~le I al.,~o rffrles.rmen, I Lore (oudrich warmlv oppo led lhe molion, and denied .ol, ls |Ken ... f. r money; "tlhy a-re w IBI|).
l tAi. AT bndA AfRB VICTORY. the bf interests ore toour "I nInnd hIsad i"n an inOmace Trese o'co. ed.-Coinols mlua n mmt oe,
UTe .hn u tlit N on ,. s hendn n co tpro nised by ii neliaty. i t Ibri y c ain- Ihan that o f he pr ae s t nd i-htral l .4
,' Thil not h.n lhl f ,ne or rue ie n n r, ,ily r, o freeth negain tI l. rivers a. l ave bieen ti p *jubjectf .ie neie ch nversatl th e m O eiI Kr K
L,' greelad beIml, do prove bu t aO.-MAitrEr.. men the mrcy of the Crw, i Hlland t th ireulv in iPwer cimon hma d rio s
.rannit evning's height repose Lishuo Lttears of she 14th Januaryare rhidy occupii Is it really eppmed tdot all t' Ias sn iY

A. r tire lil .wa .i .. are read iness t c o t, a di ad, full colr, hic, that ue o nlte uolcatim ss ir n ond u Pince o f Et* smlln of phe
H. h ,.ish r, conuc iio t the cnast lf llirulla brcy whic- 'gi e w, in ril O proverbial god to sari-
i, obu r .,,. eBtlU i *n l., nl.i s s nr ii n s, hi d i n ot img. ri' In lVb basts dalw couot rctivetil r)li rola timi on of PlM d Ho arc d rei ndu --o anew C ba m rtolec d a ; n ent, lk. Isryt bhe ro hrn bs ile ad been wonlay Lr .it hlnd, a n it m rot inaliblyd a loe e in doispe crad ii hardly e amse ; r or t ; iol 7. .t>o srad
1 'ioual thtr all shi. lthe main It destroyed, by t le viola nc read lth Trn.le. If hl iw us ; r", I ; d 1 i ed r truth,
le.r itsl i n. iokw re arin. lri ahy wr u nteord inLord.- in r mw, dlebe oof k plac N ob]. a Fn rihou -New cGs. ; roillrel, 5; e dil, power
(ta hn m dy n s un sril rlr in toe oue a Lordsf of is e .lud1. n ue al. arl rr, motion o foll kid amd Hll nurn Crm Ol .- o a w a ,.
I .on hith heirl thai nw wit Ioe iuhed oAr, i development of prii,;Lord Ae for orn tin in r rioa o the le- C Stoc ri or d lat. ma TW- i ce I r.e-

to him a dcvolopm.nta b,, cuan.aion. If ti Duke of cover.ld, 12; died s. Wlitr,-New UM. re
A Whi.elnn cene th. l d Nn Negotiaions be r tije lt i uiad by ont pat, n t h Dke Meney ld, r opened a th dy El butialli--Ne rbee.
Tlrrn nl lhdof Lchanti. r b y a .noDher, hal elinxon, br u of t he m i hea prly ;wi n o eovi ; di lld 4. M it eria, .-Nmiw r is;
hlt .ite anti frlu r en bumingh, ie prerh l nce cnur of po unule b) di e rinh try of rounr latiuon recovered, st; die h 5. patly to a dedia inteNo
Al v i k no rae, uhject to the ree of no the ne aljct. I rnclr Funds! the lorwet qott. 'im, however, -N Con

TW dIl brief uaen of humiin vwton treaty wra, that it rr.ndrremj it scarcely possible to avod S; mecooveral. I ; du war. Ih-.:dmilted til.iI llie Go. rnment had oeen ne 2; o ren-erw'ilsi ; derd i. Ten .,,.K I nd to death
H stream y holy se e e! Lorwat e imbarricaid, but appeared le it tiln, end denied s ola, tas e eno 1la ocurmned at P ry ae Pnoa.t i'r.
B'ilwit. wl hfi .mtil te't an 'le interesta or bIuntIr I Entlniud il ii any inta-nc e of po'c;
BT .ukl it or d ai cl -l ie s td the on m r elll d on to rteprret s il iie retiun briement of le IRELA ND.

WoI em..oM ,,n | ,ence, of Wallin on c r r to ledrn ult t n county of Limerty i ai
ILL a m .i r ult thatilent dep r r li ll li e, oo r enmits fithi foer ; and Tver tlat o m deb loa ble i uit e o e dinsoPr i. The follows gin
(Hi tih len.h i n eh .t re Oint. h eetnt in rotireneice to II fe hand i i it rivers been Wr seuject ne mor -
l .,leh I.h unl ed. tin Noble Frin, c l -d rt' or a n o ing d 1 iU city : and the re It in tis cl mnonsed U ivepl rise

,f lhe h<,ma ,n., ied q -lUeston whetiler one r' B.sker ,r uci.oed t u it v ler sin so un n of de smU lllness o Ii
luh basiit,r .i the be tue: upper h tnd. g n to he wd is auh i s the li stohi e vie i wan .atin nd murdered withi quarter of t m s.i hf
ll a the suj ,r. coaketl biCy i he Mle inierr tut he rold his hoi.ill On tie ic rum diy, liti i m u trial Nvriy.
sel al*, ini tIr ois nlI. titt ierite, and thereforue would 'lw Choleral. report of the 2tll iu a' kAIwa :-SeL -

T1i rlcivc t n riR II t ii tthen ts r appeared. e e la --N new cald y reo artild Il;, ; n I a .-I Ir

Y.. v I g frcurn npt that hseyburLh ihi 6 mird r of Al ority sin'pt t r elhe adr e li, et in do-i cn htir Nw cl. ag tma e d 10 ; i.ed a shlran
Cl. ts I 5 ohy. wonithr slis Noible, arl l'i read tu. 'I? r ai.7 II that i' a casls. 2; rec u oed, 1; i4l Nolrt Sields

l-e on John B atll of thl er Jan. ito ,,'rohc, i. .ris porl y of Tler Alew TcI, ; iruo v -wl S di ofl, I.
La Girt ,' mophi. mit lo ciarral to efo.m Bill h alf of it ted.--'Te t M noilVn rl-" M. Cal clunpowdr ad i I.B, and Cmaime*ay. M-o her e l-
et in htl heartsu that ner with love gtphred e- dr. il vopme o PRe!it Iniris dthea,. r f aew.or wb e ofs It) a-Wre ro-

AIt i tie InIen. of Lords, i been hckad if h I mpem aI t Parei from t .t L CUaoet ven o' doct k at ve il, 12; died t. ha lpperan et o-,d caOesr ti; std
nn byse hasri. ldNeih onti n of SIhe hk bringing hI e d fanlirs arnirneleat the del ke olieon of Kennedy d luaname, wAho rm ilae-No fiea uaes
Iltudh at te head f fuofn i vin iillthe BIgrin ft e noter, T lhe cllol of i im en of .tm L no rlov ri ; ihied 4D.m. lleti, 4'c.-Nwuenes
s mis e .' thRyennc l o tim" uncialhe neoion pve tho t all fe country thi u ow or duoveruiio of; dihe 5p. Ih ladiy d I m ir f .io
t ir i a lh les efore orie if it i d subject to the eto o 5 man other -hiae e1 mis ogbjctib toh e o e t ,.c .p r ; c ut n .r, Ce .w wl ) o'pny of da ,
Salit, bry n i n ago of inmoi" I "etor Ifnnay we. thts it renlrews] it icarely po .ible o evoa-i 7 h regien.. f;om d h 6. .eeat Bro d~ ach-- mn
t sa .dcdbweo 0Lord u n:yes propo l, .nd tI Par ior, am aiy I.-Lo, r frorm Cord e of n 2 r iLrt e ; ded 2. Tea es p a n d ,,to ,athe
A. i.e n i holy to es pre his lw dielnbarran s, buit aterivd t at it was but are ist ed sto lave occurred as P.raon Pa e.. -Gl r
it L, mo in re plyt o t he. ion of si erted hto with ia view t con es contion anc of po ; he., .
I Buoll to idictf. e .e .men.t every r- ld the utore t reod to part n the diferen betw of the Du r IRELAr D. h 7
i d. raa in moi t unqulli th d i e rm nd i nes t Por.te cnd the Vicelony of u p I a o lern delm the county ofd Lie wric s
rlir .,,n lthll lhat or itmber a f r m y t ihe Coalit utionl sar :-" Wei letrn from Bolana. .l i' "at li s dela oa ust'.. dmnrda". Th forlo ing
t, fmora Hnl, n c d" at t i he Pap tl troeop h foe oeile tred rhe aL tio s A p onurag r stated in a sinle nu ier of tlh Li rric-

W e adJ, we only heurs of wo nbleme who Ian letter frm o MlUln Itlu l o.tie A uter all t pa eur .... j .e tr on n o m no-
i I..n hill, t ho e no, likey ,to p i e d, u ha did io nioute to I.p hyl, that wo- hroirl iN f colne to bond:t itt WidA T o ,ar'
kl;and few on the olr antIer wl ho could Itre- esarbliedd orer. depedd pon t ri di eisc neurd me as rotrtid in ,i t T enleo
wh will irerini volne fr tle preen bill; tndl e- P b in I with Baker mo h peIrant iurd tie. .iu or din o rule-" m Shabrtid ake an uer.
an opinion tillm orty or wne Per. will be that we Irn throh eters from Koni ht 110 t~ d a b Kimn' di toy be pat by Ita pof Guarr."
l It'l bnr ull th Poler, who o oeltint ly wh'o refmd tl o r.-p. the A oldhr eo p. laid ad bidmu 1(foir I t e pMt r ) Pa y,
S .. I' m"1". fronlthr, havje ac l lst bain nister t h bid a7 tord b wim tl i uda ate' dioM Ftia rn l -
innvo h T Ime "thposttibl understand tien reasonni by whichn f.oth r of t. .reed faor e p fr ie Qu.r ot r plemlma lo clia h
Prom the SaeeaavohGarociaa .o Mnarch ISIt. actusatetd. was seving p y fo oins or who lest LighI

e n Trrirher lous e t hen t liilit.we t a, hp decided h e t ern en of Berwd-lin ino Mos by t inael bidd t; edsl l' if hi coi beI
SIX DkYS'l L 'rl R FROM UIIROPE. Contenttt-Presetl; Proxiesii5 N I damost unmerciyulonknsier leasime isma-ll f they hiArmsposm'
76 Chiller swim still to he on she decline in Eng- Not Contenss-Prenoat, q9; Preoues, dead. Thev to aerve it IN On aw

t hlre w nre, h wever. additional cis t in "Scotland old he ill .e g pori'ls'e a p Iht hep O Friday l
"ving uccure' d at M s.eTlburgh, is hhin 6 nil s ea.fh Majority a Ikin s,.se Addr dut-n, i nto pth
e Adjourned f lb paty of Terr Aita. They "ot pi" 1i i
tee Loa~ndlon John 111s4l or the 3R Jos. nthatt'Ishorit to a inare to' non ach ilof Kss--oe M. CO counpo ty and baw, N wa fibly et7"wilb -,
ld Gores's pIoposition to carry she IReform Bill by there1 Pat, J r ~ e.-The oi e-" M. Ca- gsapodat n hell, ma a a y sh vil-
IAi at eammlient mumbler ti t'ue'sr to prodltal't a eve mulle Peirir, f Presien of tdm Council's brother, ar- I&& of Newport -u shrown loans dae it Emu trauma
P4 is tie Itiprse of Lords, loss been chockel, if t Inoir iI at Paris trim Lmados as seven o'clock last eight. I natio by hie appearance Of to powerti l fedimee a d
aed by hia Leodlsbip, an sosnurance o the Duke bringing she tlefnltir. arramng a % fto(r she dnili'n Of Kennedy ad lurEna, ha cm is iQ as gapa -
Ingemseds b hehad Lordripi n 'r, having in tier Dehe Belgian farreomies. The concluin of this pars i, pisony of theasome a(i ti IcalseqIc at .he;
iti Fom a, declared a deasinetm to laim in t heir I l" be negos iations pree, 'hact shough all the ralt io ma o i admoitiona Of the jsieif as Rabd ay, hot ir I cias did
lie su, which thred ha.fute m(,.sd, ife it is attenthed R he Trsaty of Nov. 15 may not be enclsagmilo by the 31o I nt aplWr; hut Major Caree, wie a company ot th
1, .'of January (which cannot yes he Ltown,) thern it ma t- i 74h regimens. tings Neagli. and a strong dachseeal oa
N The mtte laper ays the Kimg lies given a .=1n:1 sn I douldI their being sowihota n loaisy." police, trived eriv in tday. ead rems. sail sh
L5o st o .ccede so Lord Gn:y's proposmi, end fiast Paris, Jauoy 50.-_LettFrs frtm C'orfu of rite Fkb Keimeadvt and Murnaeners had dnpervesmt.
is nsow beginning to exprLess has own disitcina' instant lante, that pn'atrt civil isohservablo in Use Bsich Tie latter laid Armed tiverselye wish stiii's, seytfhi
InW Israelit. qumron of flil Mediterranean. anti ever) awasre has and fies. h oday ess ies been appoinsed A of swte grand
%I Litlon Globe, in reply to she assertion of t, been takenlso facilitate jg concentrs tinn, in ran it should cPnlict hetweesl these miscrettKll. A fwa nigsto ar
1 1ull, ciniradicts tier eloso artaie t in every per- the required to take iprt is the dulerences between the ar p a rren Ae s ,eln at i, h y w s d ataed i
Mr. amd in flt snout unquaali'ned seems, aod renews Porte and ste Viceroiy of KRYPs. oyahirthoTelsv Alma, well ahmed, who drat ged fsing
14elrosiusn thaI water, nrumber of Penn msy The Cosstilutionn-a n,.:-" W.e learn fros Bologna, ou Ul htiouine and hen him tnily o ded, fr saing
4ftcwl to carry #A, Refore Bill. will be cral4ed.i' Italt the Papal troops have entered the Leaiaoe. A p n- that site T oKikn Aelt were bed d6hlown.
fi U"t adds, we only heat of two ntoblema who vat letter trom Milan states bar Amiou) Anme have In th Countssof Kilimnny ad Kildar. he lng ml-
f hr the last hill, who ar not likely to support the Im'! out from Messs 'a occupy he PIapal able, ad wring peasantry lava struck on eher Leal ad pIcew
bil; and a few, on slet otmive haol, who opposel I re-etabhlinli order. oroth perhapL5, I amined let Sa, tmsba-The "i ma'
h il will certainly vote fat the presentl bill; and ex- p i,, j i0.-11i with she ost pleasant artrins. *s according to rule-" bteiders sInram an ae-
Ia an opinion flat tory or tfity new Peers will bu that we learn through letter, from Konipheeg, that 5111 tioe, sad the King's duty be pow by sh purcharr."
BM W t o op ales w ho so obs iesse ly w e m re f used so 1`4-11- -At h A soldier or p rslica ma" bids 91 (for the person ;) Pad yM.
6tie J'or'iinl" limos the Engish naini s- fron tier, have as la st Oibtain'il a sli tr is Prusm.-iT li the a et, bids 7 o hmt e, m adI sta t int ncha
1 lwim suruita sf the Bl Tiri itlfirst. tihe JEing l dosh mink- niIesetion of a trneral sempiah in favour of tie'w enadlyfor dor ut, praou. pinmc, isa clisfb
%ledi ni t ierav ii to sitcr Reform. ise Jo a I I- stea gern, hasdecided the government of Berlin into th i f lve by ad"i biddig; -indget flowi hi cow be
"0' hid sin effi'ct of lowering the fulsid, hut in she lat- Id her; t pa his gow 'nmlth i n adr sekin s dhe) rint wil
*PM f th day triv rctaiiiedl itit-r former price. 1,.d-0, 24.-The vnnponeoant of tis Lesrat\'a to 1a i own ltle, and thepeang's dily into tha
% sudden death 'of Gu~ll flrlhitrd, Anebovemelt to' visit to London has gisca rite to a variety of ruruourn, hbata..."Dwblairp





I ',



' *m........ ... -I-*- d---*- auntdeto send thithlllbsrsaeljstly N.'L to imohs, dii. | ."
4 Adlio 1 ik a if" by i aiue sats

*- -I .... li DeIRe Blltrniu, Milbter- 'lts ', while tlu source from which im wt 'e ."n
ti( dH a RIvenue met, bimhe p as Cormm-uin rla. l iaA, the l c~le~y of rW, ha bet proud ac lTeonlyrof al.lquhi the ie.i
a'Nmg P Uo reler null upwards retignL. 1is ahs ee himsisi fIornahe slnansae qutston contained in Pan ora'n box-vwIth mfs '=
Sky "* "h" .r'[ cm"-- "rg &e irellga e nded by the b gove u an ed mtaost Idi l ea.
:W 45Ialt;b5jt| lv. B*delamsidIN oay, by i "urf the riorlter bae nng th retl pardon- ih eis ull p aII the.,' a ty
..g,. Gu_ .. .... P, ftour thel or:1 Gus,

lthme an(r.udiM Fet T ahe +lls of Cloni. ld. The couh m "artlf Capa.ln WArringiton was sill sit- an) dbviio look plase, te tiS et or 11
ci L, m W hi ad ptaC o antal o reo I rd whre ig. A"n nmenie mob il colectel at Mancl,.eer, in o.e- your aper, Mr. dtlq 19i I ; i
" i *A"Ipisf -' i ,- sl tt re h ry, or liencc t he c ll ori he Polintcal Unin t eley, and kbeen bers lhen r esant tit plhdie Lre itlu aea
yutia dpi d .mllleredtzry no. e 1; I,..v.. milit|, y aulhorti. .. muority would ha l oteeml ncrn ald VA i-
wit li l ,p e ,de rure he e wl e tt seen 'utm our e"trmdcl. ery Thile re l bills also passed the Ltgiltiv
m,*iil5ed bly di.JSewip'disqhis hiisue onMly, M'u unsettled. Imost important one--l'hely iMome bill--pe ap .
am falo y s s Hlia as a i-tIiy. The AMseni Ahe Isportai bll osi frma ng o nm Englwla i to hel contitient i to 3. Thlalrge maJrity i justlylita hl l
y isll oulny L sl*iTL a nial udy, which Ihuly r *e- hd ea.ld but the sehiage had not yet aalfptibntly rien pIlame I have hewupd btpload upent be, h
halcyon days.arrive, also,,spring arink

t~yl;, a* d ilts plthso, for lhat r.-sn, should Ie Don Pfis had ken forml leave of aouis Philip. prepr- from the remuinieg two, in the mmua re d
Ioe pfrl fad ig look by *Wy Britlih m bjei of lory to embarking on his projected Iavasion of Portug.l. I upon tlbe. A native of thes it lads,
t many d mlla e sla im t omly himrak, from dejputbm' ie w dressed in a l'ortules Field Marsharl uniform." country, and unilbioaly, as Io lr m eesl-
sid lPWllloh, wMich the people Ji.s RETROSPECT "tyour ieat tir el a rer 19io -
S ag, u o reference to bqi yof thie lritpli THE CAll os tADeoIGIN oi Ti ENoiinS iED tVio; sN (dsntil hal le pensVinCt d tht Ihy) I
sno' VOn di(until 1 u tile civiincd military teornuritty. .d

VEapils i ib ljTy (ee Iet, i alg of Ai tsos sALT aurrV, Is Tin .AI.aMs, which illoueucet d hini, are to be repstied, it
faeu isu scm j' a m lah-Nmd *e ilriet lit," tusiuNur TEiA 1T1.A : still deserving ufthe regard of his couea-
si also, ilT Couons Pulmg withindepn silence, u of the Bias, undiler the Romal Governoient i KNr tie ( Coloy ; ati d who, (to p se the wdonus dt
lus. eu e i llr fm to. r-i n. W Jame the first, of the Bhlimas, lave or Iteir fotnm h tiuii of it emioly in h plan, applied oil he l- ei
lla ia ofepJ il one"atl r fl te love. rie; and while the a,,rticiated Salp ditii's, levied with tolher Legis lative thes. blues ) wuuld sel their souls, to lits
we arl blid tf, *ml howd by the rules ud cuaoe of /enactmeoi, lhnn that of Nih George the second, of one sitiutioin, and to secure the countenanceoef 0o
tlse aueons, we are told, thatt w he so rightlto voa penny per bushel upon .all SMt reported. It is not oy (rfiiat itdnignation was expressd, ibut ha Mm
mt, as alari-, whih cannot e raied but by osr own intention to coimba at tlh- ppricty, or iitp.roprney of ot poised ulthr bills ; terrifying uas ih imai
toent, giled through str representatives, and in strict s levy; its strict glit, a id contitutino uldity oe i nt, and nmetig our very sa int n
conf6rmPity iths uins ofor pAltento rs. IsiothI shall leave to those Imore practise iO epousling the net, bfo the atmeable atie it which heps,

conformity i ll. uae of our pan me. Ift h hidden and abstruse mnysteies of sltatot and common would be thrown, by lhelnatural death of fl sihea
ai inaliiutM the birdright of every Briton, history, law, but s ervry nuddes change from bad to beer, in Could not all thesetehrvrc1ind oieing iinonvnIriud
etl shmorefrs us to a CasdLa or a Jba la points oIt l coimerce, iha its litundtiiin in lthi wants, or short sup- bht-n |ieveoted Certainly. Sine thendu jise,
Ii, elt amy invasion of it rights, is a wanton and o,- pint's of acciutiomed iimporier-, I slhll devote my siictores minhsion, bot to lIsas a Reveut- bill, wha y itptli
ml uf u tirely Itn lt pr.i'ball rimilt of the present rptim', a,'n it to a 1 ain, then, as it weas sluc hm i
wartlen of u 1sution. e ucdl fronm imy iwn alia knoiwleige anil osrvTtinT inli o the ou, wuud it liave been only Cts:.
GOn. Alrud, that wu should fr oiatne moment, innieate s thi t,'a. oI" lie enireaid idesiandi for lli.hama Sai ,l in) S siii;n1 ; and, tosiiqiirntly, eery billdlhn,
a disrespolr for te crunatitulHnl and herdimry rights of in the Tniitel Sinita, 'dsri:;i hei year aiitrcedeit ; anld if or not, w iild have renainced in full orce andvirrtaw:
dem Cruw; bhu in an olnigarrch, it soiundis pirasilorial the orrce, fro which licte ans uf affloring the iinijeil itiouhli rilireher.ill is lto e rsion, li L ho alt i p
dial use ,litMocry sliid I shou oit fruit its privilege reil, was delrive. prevcii, adnil t ,t las been instliuntil to iI lhh1
asil r e rd u h rnitii Sir are piplieil wi th this article from t);y ari,. limit tihe reason is uob vioii.- roster ye
nd ma.her intersl s e ,i.ciDrd p.hraihutrit We Th. three asrcrs vi : rom ti' Livrl snt ork, fror m contelutidatc by the uabsl'e of all law, shd I.t sa*

it ea ly y ur Kin, nd no by he , im c y!ni'all, 1In iea.n threi lifts from 'Ih ior their stoniaclis. And wliy iliho se the Untm, sadi llh
islemrIpt I rtll of a Salrp ; lthe rdei'muny ad for- first named, oun fiIlt from St. Clhes, and oi n lif lli Il~un country hT rllir. to excessive expenc bhyaMG ite
bh-arIa of one, we av witnesses, *as lly dsplaye. as n Blhamlas.-'The quanillaly is lied froi Livrroonl, to w' len, to a ccraint, h ei p me oleprpeTsativets, Ji -
w e illegal cenptiosi and acting of the o, he pi rjili cei of the othpr por.i, ihd oitl ari-en so ni h tiini in l thl ciiotrle will be again returned; sad m
ben. aisdl mpanie, o, sa froem s.uieriority of mnani.rture, as frni tlh great n.,'s- te late pioli ul mituority, iu all huan n protshnly, ci
b"n e a wde m reife. atsity of prrcuring nrtlurn fn reilhts--h ilil irutihis of lini iiiIf r c|>rsetl.taiions can Ipenerate dtI' cer-ew- ,rr.
Now, Bnal nian, ins time o wbe tri e to yourses whirntenti n to menllled the l;ir.laer class of vessels, to fill I or, in otllr words, the Prhlnx of Saibis, tha i u
linrlh atllh pireent crisis, l yosi uins, n s ins coilee tucp theit lower hhilis wilthi ti artirl, as hallast, fiw ouf ilh passage io th' tiroiie, el the il o niedirted s
"the storia is up, and all ison lue ha "r."" which class, enrriled less than i tous, at eanli trip. (iour nin,) will r..,'il un lmithe proper hbad. T7'tI l
P Isling the latl ysa, ea frei.lhtl sr rik, lie imrunin'porl ul o ur ouin. r sor lthl uh rrrry trret ofhi the l-S a
His Etall ency, fdu i, pursuit of Iis usual rile this Salt was nseleee front Liverhool, and our proxitiiii) ano ust, ol s l, da ilua of iensiy and w sh, th it
sic, i n o rn aced. ln hand astrse arv nthjci i of onsidlration, to Ih l' b eurt oul c brdlail nld veurltral joy.
m rnltin in te biry of ev O ra Slton, htor wh kept ute markets of the tInitl,., Sibttes s tuplied ; and I atl Mr. Ediltr,
tpih" coa by Ihe linu of ith Huval Editor.-We were hli-ce the caust of our veisr's incrensd icteor of your obedienl *.servt,
ie hospe, hal t he would hav found it requisite to pay a Bahama Salt. Freight from EI'.ilanl, are not wiaue it ws t HA
ii to his preset bt, wih th wlassistce leof M. Woa- rvwere last year ; the markr't for ualt have bben glitel -
d fo her ofbl hit w h thouo om ,(e bo M, e TobA, wilh n over importation ; ad lie prohlale demand fur IPRi OCn EEDIN ;G
adist, un a e r of h un er-atod (wn behie eve Tobri ) ithe veer to co., wi1ll be res tried, in a prait orgree, to ,li
n wua, with dIlculty, again mounted ; but found it pru- an iniport, former, from Liverpool, freely equal to a THIE IIOUSE OF ASSEMBLY.
dmnt to rssu5 forthwith, to die Kig's," instead supply, ct a having price. The quantity of Salt made in Tsouna, Mlarh 21Nk, Ia.
If Cesilreg h amoraing's ride. We sippot irs Es- r I islands, h ed always largely e txceded, annually, Ithe IA) .4MA ISLA sD. -
aoit y wi nl d it amonry, t tho p a e- esmied ; inl eorttlion, and a rely t arcunilnation had I en rie con- Puaves..
fLct, it is our opinion, dlmt he hl required it fremiintly for s nce; fand to fn caS.e she, is to be aliributedl, the A M--esge from the Council, by a master iona
Sbehntlie pf ast, wtnesl, atnlly d la y tck, from whence this large extra demand was supplied. Tihe Council cquainte;i tihe lhs. of Asam e ll
S tm p, p from aoher ause. 1 The old Stit hiavig been got ie l of, years of in- they agree to withdraw thea wndm-ntu i tmde r
distry and accumulating will be requisite to enable the the Market Bill, which bve referearie to he l aii. nSw
In re ose of a press of nater in our l*, we Sel rakrcini tatue dvantge of another such fortunate sections of Ihe act, of the 4H1h year ol the tgraii q
Nwre aleigeid a dfis giving the newm cootained in thue s- crisis; and. althosll our capability to prnluce largirt late Maijely King George thel hinr, aon hIel
Minah atd Arian newpppre.nt eriid by the Iniuin i cu. ulee lionablu, yit loI am ioallnt of any m entionod t ll th e lI tile lol dio ot eld .o*
rl sture Po andap i n iller, whicn ar ived hiere on grete e ployane of p al strength, or capital since IHoMs, for diaigreeing to tl smid asleuidu 1tsu
ro I Wing t neoaIol Cear of thisi yelr. Our islands r aviniig Cocc Ir CisArIu of l
Iliry It. We bie, however, inrs rted in this day's abeen drai ned cl their surplus Salt, ath Buahama R olareh 17lth, y o e i
im moch atacts from them as are of importance, tenue, for the commencement ail dimration of the aglori- They also auaint ihe Hoouae, tht dhry have o
frmnintlq in ome 81 of Jatile ury. oina and gldaeppcha.,depeedla lely upon the brine of dte fulluwing bill, widmei t mki. int g iay ,
ik clt by e IIhe Atlhntc" auet sow tows around our ldanseda,-upor a there:o:
O0 Meiay omlng, die Americasn chuioner Edipee, verydryasmee,-{fnrsateasesmlol),-endlhenuponthe A bill entitled an at as continue two seimal s
CaptaM Map ta rrived ia the offing, eighi deay Irom exigeny a s a neighbour, wro, ai I have already hot wn, therein mentioned, lor making provnsin Ior riAL
aiimore, br, but, ies o the Anmrican and C- will fnd a mre convenient channel, in the Liverpool line laws of tie Bahamla lndI ;
I ,oa. booat ckets, by which to supply hOimself, as herlertoore. And also, tll hill entpited, an act for risPROng a
Dally Adverler" o th 171h intae, onMng have ra somewhere, a very hrd nome, bestowed for the support of this w(ovsernmnl, adl for appr
Lewasi diaes to the 7th of Felbnury; from which we upon the man who laid f he foundation of hii building upon the ml ne, iad fur other purpuF.s
ia made ltrai in our I.l pag. We w esh copy the a- d ; and could the wise man who used it, have u ca r A. moAton was mae, Tmht Mr. Kerr, Ihe a
fouwlMg from t itpapr of the 13h, and shall give monr dreamt of such fully, as the revenue of a earle stualish- elect fur Turks Islands, be mcreqsted to slted acon-
haughy sc e s oof thetI an, the tnlft rlmaloies, nis to beao thue ir- A dliase thereon arising, and the question hse p'
s.A 'piacy Oa s a mpotmahe, it will be perceived. manwncy of the slar intlura ce uns our raw aed Tlhe ouls divided
ha been d'senvesd at Paris, hu imme ely put downb; the gauty" "climae, he wou have furnltheyd th e founder It maed in ihe ntegiativo.
JebIn eath Climr ou the ruedgs t continue, andu a tism thereof, fothlwilh, with the longe ouriular apschounate ofec On motion, Ieolaed. Thai the Minar ie of lte ri .
arm as mimto d elsMt as sil. Thein cMltraed Sect Midas, and tli ie I loiinal iapiiirten nces of pn ; ; lar din-as f thi Coinen:' ee, ap tin uledn de llail
of S1. rLmo nmean hawe st ame* Iheaitenio of ti nmem a eIt ie him s a council, a hbel of the iM lt bull of \e.liii to Irniii e I I 'Petie ioln patws. lh i, ii"
-e PuCheflasn. hesCapdu aMid he Hall whiredy her ald Bresitos, and telling him, thst s a stchlldtc l os char- to his Mliajesti.. r tdhe rtnoval s o Hid s i'ilht-nt"
ieur ianss aeoubel. ilers, i kere u Wi ose." Jnts C.riiitli .i -.Sii ytl, and otlwlN ,.iicnt res*
IEgclls Ind Vr bre ho tren derided sten e hilian BRIUT S MERCATORILdS. ihr d renl, to tlhe olhi thiale Aet,al to e- rr"h w i
Aibn. They khae ratified rhe Them a areed onr t c oi- ial Agenint tli ereo, b de for e >hl l d ll
don f'nEanfresn. Wte give otner ien iplomatic pmr n ceedin. the p ,, t dr i asley P 'n the brine o le rullo iong bill ing pi was agrin any
u ah.. m.n il que,,..o. Th ,the.o (;Atlntic" ont nowr lows i. und our .Il -u A tpo luton htg p thre .l'o:

o vesting t e a oie o er it, is sid, Sl,-Thre mani it is smulx, a..,ainirs liha an effect I ll ni c e
tise hld4 strh i ut d urcd language tou De ulnr por t he j ilrcr;nid could f uf us wh. k lnourtds i. lnd I a i i t A union ,was tuade, Tim a this IlIoue e wl t '-
Uwe bald t huue iwist J-1r lanuage to thor ulner powers- illsis,, like porciranioni% of ul. w, al, noitull,; ;olld 1 411,; A IuvIiUn was rliide, TiltL this IIUU'e '111YIC

l4, a ofHln |iusllee the Manages a t atad X. r Min Eaesev tl pei

Ageoit, iand that tuen be a m; tint His Maj asy, to ld in ald m Aope, ad hat thb "
a debwa thlemeoS arIg, mad t quetiua being said CosuMsleet be empowered to corem pod wi thm ed s___ _____
i agt m ad t wC, o take Cehfurnr ueps a they my $d qe ABRIVED
Ieloxo divided: expdieo for funlamig the objectsse fimuth is tme mil
pemalvnl in the alffinative. doculumnta; that Mr. C. DeacomJr.4C. Addery, Mr. NMw 4-... .Po nMj a I -
A motion was made, Tlle the Corrspondence laid Taylor, Mr. Wood, with doa Speakeu, be a Comn;ills bl ml .a i C.a Lo w
lih.e Humr, be m ru uad; for ut bar, I. L C. CLSrCsA. bas
IAsl l*quollion laing lul, AdJjotai util to-morrow morning, at son o'clock. M o li', Cuba
Tlie How divid : TiesrMn,, March 2d, 1832. 1 Am sbv o U eam brssme 1
Belolvrd in di negative. Mr. Sends, from the Committee appointed to carry Ilu lHi-LC Lr ~ L am BUe ,
0n option, Resolved, tla thin Hos do now aljoern Me.sage of yesterday Iii Elcellercy the (l overnur, C, C Pen ste, &e
a cs-morrom morning at niie o'clock. reported le' delivery vlereaf. ebh. Engle, WhhAd, Wli Keym
AIjournled accordingly. A Message fonm Ilia E"sclleno y tbe Governor, by tm Btrnaded .Mal e'. nd Tlll Ae.
WlauNmm ,r.niMrcl i 21, 1812. DUpu.ty Secretary of tli Colony: to Jeato W ma.
ir. err. a Mecer elect for Turks Island., being in Mr. Speaker ud al tkrme of te Heme of ** t7th-ll1. eLr. BSipack. Ia. Bhemald, Ona bs
as..,r, .Asseembly, ** ih II. M. ochr. Fiady, b. McDomelLu Jamim (
A iltomaia was mrales, Tlat Mr. Kerr, a mremnlr ro- With refirnmice to vour Mesage of vlternly, I min to
,Walid r Tharb Ismnall. do shlw .is quallituiuan a a roennmalndyoir salleidancr uo-mnorrow furenool, at eleven CLEARED.
Juml'r of llMis loue.. 'clnck, at tlie ear of the Council Clinaber, willtuch Bill. Mudrch 2d-A schr. Mem, Grimell, 'B Da
"Ad a debaI Isetorn au ririg, aull.die question being as you have prepared. .." 24dh Scar. Lily, Hal, New Ortlsme
ll. d IANU J. CARMcHAL-SMrru. I " a r. tn FBae, Ct
e II.M ,e d C lerk' Adjou N rne I ar. TMr sif.Im GO No aYorh
I amn,.d ian te 11ie tivw. Add March, IWiS. (" 7th lig Botll, Wasac., Lerwpel
iK.w wI a wnemediglly comdueed It the Clerk's Adjourned until to-morrow morning, at ten o'clxk. Ams. Camu Aae, Milr, Phildelphi ,
when the imml al. li ere adinistmred to iii ; FaIn.r. March ltl1, 1i32. " rns Harvey, Mo s, Beltinmm
w hidh, he wok his int. A motion was mlade and the question pr.iopmed, tlilt lte AILED,
Ou imisionu, Ktelvrd, trat ose copy of lite Ordor in folluu iing be, and is hereby adoptedd l doelarevd to b., a
CLacil, lriited by order.of thi. Heuse, bie lIfu.ided by ,sanding rulo of this llHose. No Mquesion shall he, in IMtah tsh--Ai r. MemG F anL, ambon
o Cl ark to ech of 11 Mo lIeer of tle Couocil; future, ,put on anv notion for a nlmemorial. Iltition or Am. sbs Thrme S ame G'-i New Yas
A >d l tquensti being put tlur .lon, .,lnres to His Msajesty in Council, or in lie House orf e tah .. hrHarvey. Moo. IBalseu .
It w%.reJ tl by Ihe Hon IlParliaisernt, or to the Goverrno, or otler peru n dmli- ** chr. Ca As. Mllr i, Pilhia
Mr. Y prei siedl a Petition from tille Rector, War- ; nisltring the ( of tiese Iand%. (addressaa in Pchr. Lily, Illl. New Oreia
Ads ad Vestry of the P.rish of Si. Truiho na, praying a answer to cunmunications, from Ii Executive, cou- A A .
Ifr gnmt n l' certain sun,, to comulpIle a Wall uarouad tai ing no new nl"atrl. teaUle ixcpled,) unless sucl a- Pm Hchmus, by- i .u Ia .te Re. John
.Rc'.y r .und.. inorial, petition, or ailddni., saMll h.ave ben laid upon hlm Crulte Wealsyn 'ni r, m "ry.
Orr.d, t, ie oc. tme be lk. Tbl'eul olf is lioua., in extens,, lor the perual of the YPA ENGRSB BAILED.
IM. Kmrr presented a PI'aiion from the Magi rates, member, at least one day previous to tIe putting uch In he schooanr Three io, f Ne Yo:-h I.
am otir Lohaubiuantsl of Torurks Ila ,,a lary inFg lat o question; John Brownell. Wevenly Memssonary, Lady and Child.
smf imamey neimh. Ia alatemprimaed or ime purtpU oif And debate theren arising,
calling a Nighlly Guard. And i ,a,,, ,a tion being pi,. NOTICE.
Ordered, to lie oU (IlHa IcmTlml rT. l.m.. i,..ivi.m, FJ IE sale of the late E. J. Solosos Stl uck in
rim, ia i le, trali i a hill to establih a I:as-Aim. Aluaell, Kerr, Mr. N. shiti and Mr. 3l Trade, ., ill be coatinsd to-a row making,
I. lar at .and Kr, 'lurkII-. at lIU o' locka Icrassly.
l.dl:, lnllit tll~e uid bill I. riad a lirst titae, hiichi .ay--Mr. wl'd, Mr. Faninnalon, Mr. Tines, Ma. IENRY ADDERLEY.
m ,n. ..,rhiiily. I Armiibrimr, Mr. \\ec,., M. Smaid,, Mr. Wil,Ideiou, Mr. larch .2h.
TIc m- mlr oful' le Jy being mtoiveal, ili I louas iaroced,lid iller, Al. (i ) Dunc a, Mr. eIl. J.aiIaa, AI. rI n- -
ilBke ilt. cn.laider.alion, le Ialimma lU.. inl ino a',. i o.sI ul ,l,.. aa. aa%.,h %s. M.. II. 1Adderkc, M. .rswver, Mr. A NOt
6Coni,,ii:ei,..ppinll by tile i a I.ll, ., As.\,, C. \lidearl'h, Ml. G;. \Addelly, Mr' I. I uncolun, Mr. b Ir. E I st'IisCICIBEll intending to leave this for
stli..alll. t l' i,' lilOi passinol by i1t lIne Io, I111 N, ti- Taylor-i_ I 1 Molnai.l marty in April nest, again requass all per-
gfoar in.i lei.asil of lHi Excellencry S'r Junmes ('rmi- Si it p.isied in the nreative meina leaving dearnads against Iinm, to render the slam;anid
-Sin%.i nl on I o n trdasrunnL oilo1i al l't luluoial ;l -ilhe Th a; lC '.ld. 'lal' lie sap iuiitd to inspect llhoiw eIlatld to himn, lto ake payment on or nl befoe the
J the .-*4l Miiutles anU l proctm b s haroce..ia,' haiini l iii i, ihe nte of ii Tr r, du g tle x iui r' 'r L Ih r.\| ld. All accounts remainlnin unpsid at that
Aiii lag th aIa'5i i recta aim 0. h 1, l I l
A Uoli as at. nail', ialt luni i' :iLir nI li- I e (;i.l er-il .\1( s mi l -parea int l o a n a't in auci ls ini will e put in tn lhanls of (i. P. Wood, Esquire, 1
if (l!ai read tiu tim llouia.,) be pre nt'ii'.l III IeIi MA cdAes' inal, usid irisidald. lr Hicovery.
t, i". s m lor Iim ramovav l Ial' Is i i. lli iII y ar OrdIar,.d, 'TiJIu l. T.Oir, Mr. Wil.]i o.i, .Mr. Miller, KOBERT WIE'R. I
laec a crmidrcel-S vthl. aHri., frorm llH (; t; Mlr. (;ir lale and r. Wiaieli, be a Couniillate for udla MarcIh 4Ii .
l 'd epFr thrce amendments promised, vhi|tlh |,,ss'd, ,,R,.i. "' HE sl. 'BSC('IIBEH, iniending to leave the Ba-
T im-,ion,. bing pula, that the usid Address and I ),,ilshi li. t ,hl lddres all petition %viead lu lli. Majecty, bu I de.nandsl lhim., to render lte sauM without deliy ;
lUition I l. doplind, by" p'rirnission, of thils house. and all those indebted, are requested to make mlno iae
Time %l.-.I. alMvili : jThe lhouIr or waiting ln Ilii Excellencvy tlie eror anor d I i nt.
F'ia--%r. H ai. Mr, F"arrintlon, Mr. lMnltll, IMr. Ianing arrival, tlle hllmor, arca.rdin]gly, sa.ilted upmu lla s JOSEPH THOMPSON.
A mbriatr, Mr. I eetri Mr. Sa.n.i, Mr. %% ildn%,,. Mr. Excell.-icy lime (itoernor in ilus (Cuncil Chanmber, and March :. .
IBlr, Mr. C. DI)iiniome, Mr. 'V. Jloh min,. Mr. S.ia ,r, being returned, Mr. S. uker, liri ti e C'lair, reported, -- SO TI'.F I-
Mr.J. Jr:naon, Mr. (;, alr. I ) Mt. iicam, .Ihait the House having waited ulonn Hsl Excellency time Il' S l fIS'RIlliRH inatlning no leave this in
R. Mlerh r. A' l'I, i,'y, AMr. G. adelleY rl (-o.vernor. hle lad been pleased to gie bi assent C llhe \pril nS fir he I nied S l requls all per-
saeir following Bill: a cs 'it inmg leca nals agaiuct hica. to realer them ; and
Npaq-Mr. Malcolko, Mr. kerr, Mr. Nbitl and Mr A to cnonin d nd n t, ed ildled an act laccinctb, t .oal. on, or ha
Te hfofir establilshing a Nigbily (Guarl, Wattlch, in U Town ebruar ANl ccounl. nmaining unpYld a W o t
'l in the ffirtiv. aau fr th ll) snd protl eion a thee Tow.. nd aa ae, will he l.ft at tie ofic of U. P.L Wv .E' w f
Gerld, that Ihee address and lrtihisn lie engrossed. Subrbe thereof.
Ismolion was made, iha the Ihnbnle mdlrea anl peli- After which, His Eicollency ws pleased to cloe the recovery. T. TURNER.
liratm te late Hlous of Asenlhily to Ilis MaJ.islv, S einin ih Spicd. Jan ina Tlh.
i(ag fair the reeIvIal of His Eicellenrc Sir Jamwn, [Time Sie cl already insrlted inu te Argus of Saturday,
Claiaeel-Simlvei front tie Cuolnmv, and th lh etiiion Iluon ime 24iL instant.] INIOTICLE.
hilllhni.ns m.l l' Island .af Ncw Irlmi.ldc,.l, and PUBLIC SCHOOL, NASSAU. N. P.
b hlilims,,an of liw Ilandof Aliacofir II' likepurpIirm, 7 We will give ite General Coast report for this 11iE above estnlishhmornwill be uetlded eonmsl,
dy d raitia intdu cMrim.eratin lvy tie Hiu, I.- plinledl, week, in our neet. antal further tice. Pernse drain of pIarig
n pih tIo l Ice M oname, of ;he paI lem'ss'a sion ;ther Ai-lde in be I
.., a deit It, ere Miniol nnf dt e pa quest e.iol.n; l.g teir Chedaen in i bis bhehemn, ntill be p mrd to
Ad dele un riin. nd I I u biug apply 1o, W. T. PRESTON.
Ti A^Anelic Me1hrck 24th. "
The Illme divided : Or. Wednesday. the tist istl*n MiMM. Riioo. afIer insta4th.nt- MileM.M c't r I _ -__
rs--Mr. Wood, Mr. Farrine.on, Mr. M.Alrli,, Mr. a long aml painmal illness. UMI MALT, luf sale at I cents per hanl.
r, %I,. Tyas, Mr. MmJelf, Mr. Wech, .!-Apply to
arnt, r. Wiyis,. Mr. M, ille, r. Wr. .i a ri r Doolli_ IT.oS THOMAS THOMPSON,
r.BAnf Mr. W. J. inain, Mr. J.. Jilohin Mr. (Gren- Feb y 4h.
MtMr. C. Addilei, I ..'. A..Mr. C Adderlea, Ar. Sanalner, f7 Errry person abuln t lu Is.n thL Islands, after February s -th. -
I. Aldierlev, Mr. Ta*vlor and Mr. H. DIuncomt-21. 1 OST, between the P'on and mGeoge S3 a pair
-Mr. Sevm.iti-r h~oing resided therr rIrkn tite spare ofrtu aryons. o of ;old S ,icctacls. Time fnder wi l he ae.d-
Allmiel in the elflnamilive. gire rcrily at like Secrclary's Ofrt,r port ap isasms is som oly rewarded, on delivery of tbemi a the sl a t
miotion ihe llou.sadjmourned until four o'clock. ,aid Oj e f-rrrrorrr.awna raeiustAlideparl r..--..f- rch th.
F'Oi:R O'CLOCK. ,r rir ,t any ilnyi during roTT-rniy ur, a Ticket -- -i-- i
P6 lsrolerd aldlreru and 4>lilioan waI read.
ros t e, ',ion being pha that !be aid ddreass and y be obta~id. O IIE .'BSCHIBERS offer for ale, byprimm bIur-
bal eieq aistion bieimg pal, that the samd Address and be MyItaietd. I[IlF.SlBSCllBtSo&r
N4lt P;lSI.% A inu|OF PERAONS gain.
Hno, AivBlO., nT TO o'nlh.' TiLkOts r iPATITRE'. 6 liMi. choice Maderia Wie,
I Mlr. MWdi. 1r.' FarrinIton, Mr. Monlell, M r. 21eh nlary t du zean do. do. do.
i55-,lMr. W.t Mr. A.Sand,, Mr. MW.ldgoel, Mr. Slhn Al"uh,.,l HAa n fi0 dozen do. Tenerile do.
A AI.ehnl.iry Alm'nier 1 I Tla
5, Mr. Syr. MrG. (A .dderhiv, .1ir. W. Johniasi, etch **l es7 I tsM-ar i"o 2hes
& n.ilh,,l,.,Mr. +a,..hl.,., ldecV, r. l I Ih ArTucker 2 blae Dinner Set0s.
Mes,, Mr ( a. a)ulcume, Mr. It. I)ul,,coenrlnd Mr. I l th Miide Wa.ll IIE HL Y (;REENSLADE& CO.
L -I i7h V W. 1. Alexan.ler Darembrr 24tll.
-Mr. N,.hbilt ,MAr. Krr, Mr. Malclm and Mr. th rch Francr, s FOR PHILADELPHIA,
an. a "t ""e ,,, F._.. OR ePiI -AD 'LP Io ,M
doT' Th adds d l i th I ( .ly E an. The fat silinr schooeer POMONA, Mil-
'l T hla, l r do slr ii dsirth,, n -oa .. ll mm l lam,,lon lor, meser. For psage only, (having good
l, ?1, Tai Mr. SpA-akl r do ,ign ir ,. J r homon aru.onmed.tio..) "v the ('p an.
'' ,-iL.' ..l to tlie (;,,ivrn,.r : lial firaI infir- ,1 lie)l r..Th.,m,n T, liE."J. C. ('LA\T'(l .
t "m",lha ,, ., , ,r al 11 lir ; : .l. h ,, ,n
i i i tsa ; i t h c a, , ih. li n t ,, f ; lrh ll l ,,h n M a rc h 2'I'h .

ogn MaspWa arges.rt
F4ma Ak iosr Aa an Adviin Ifrat(m Alauadd eceivedsTrisw, se tatlm Al L
A uW FROM FIRANCIL br cha had read a repulse at St Janu i ri E-A-l 8m il
aTh Cle md L Meas aew I erS Fruar Prt pb Urns day, be adored a gam alt ae m ala d Iowa by lis Mia~ea 'a re4 ra
pV t tIL d L a r t Frury, bot p laih a coua n d eight lhour, awitk -aer- (l f, r
iaclosive. Th. wn id EV UW at g ram a-d im ho *h M ohf
mThe 1sShV WibSa #1a15d Uni5 W sa l S nu -bt, w1* 6 bas. damaged, wa cop d r is m s jnmlgthieri g c

.pu antiof hls opr m tao l simamonc b .nis to lo- au coirnmasmdi1t Viuaroy. ER A ROCLAMATION..
lia,.ei: kidi, Ab. .l-c)a pm rris l yesIeraye bordan ndHEREAS t o in Au a umit y ie tl h
After a ng .CAnrelm of A ef the E ith emb a. To -m he .will l in the Conpe lands s prorogued unt hU thi
fluar GOe Pews e Paeideut of the frige for Teeceira, and the nut d the expeddition will o feo of March instant; Ame Waessls it I h s. ,
=c e e, 't f-7ly. se rie Cowmen mrm him. lme said General Assembly should be l
4amdCtcl Ve iae ma l at .t PemFtberg, by the The Jeemar des Drer of the tb of Febreary conain s thefirue ine thismy pruml-im deia .
Miiatserof thle Poweew cLA ir Peorh r uis p- the msaijco of Dun Pedr uo seMt at for his epediton. Geerl Auembly; And te si m he;tj
prd o ien o ppriWd ,ass do i mrlahmb between Jrldin. January 19.-The expllneln of the Russian Ca- accordingly.
Frem sa d IC C oumr If R Ro ing the late occur- bhios. o the Belgian questlo. will require a new negoiation. Gi q under my had and Atr he ed/ of h
remssso LRomaugu wl ben m enti i necessary to Still its language i may thing but warlike, and the retrograde at Nasseau, Near Proaidr e, this twentl
rad amas Freasb sa 41 ClImo I'echin spn is worvesmentef m te Russia -n op confirmed ao us trm St. I h e Lard
e is a (trk guiarstee of Mpeae. It mus t arc arf r d 1 ,.I
bra mladspwl of &a Melly Fatr. frgolte, O tit the oversgm. is persumling Leolmold to he- second yer ef Hi iljrysta Reig.
The reprml of as srmame fa Cilit Vecela, which cone Kiug, contracted duties towards him.-.dAsu4 i rgh G. J. CamuIcnan s
yesterday wa rsd ec t i pa now to rnas Our Government, It is sid received despatches to-day frm By Ilis Exceleacsf Cmmaind.
aiJn ueshamlry i esoma ot t be anrtice "e the Stg.Petersburg. announcing alt the ratlicationof the twenty- S. NESBIT 1'g
JIrmldd lA3 whh lelms a proced almost from four Articles by the ~sOms Nicuhlas was seon expected.- GOD SAVE THE KING.
wla Caba of *h Prim Minismr, or from the office of Joe. dh a I bia a a .el
M. la. Auin les 1n AAMr so e at Rome. H oae hi The Laondo CL rier of the rh settes that the des ptehen GOVERNMENT NOTICL
S-ls we en ger of uhentic. When the Times which were brought the do previous by the Russian Courir
simha t e cement ing do u tinea (r the Papl s., to the Minilser of F'aregs' Affainr. anu eed that Russia w s U OPRIETORS of SlavT ndA Aite r A
ikat of Fie npi t beigs dre inm e for he aopal cin not et decided as to the ratification ,f the Treaty of Novem- fr ubseut owner, who imy bi- .e .
th p nr, upon an ai- br : bt nerheles, it was hoped that the ratification .in S es from one ,lnd to nt er, ille prm
dental expression if ~ of the King's Aid-le-(ilamp. woull take place. eg es fram one island to smother, will s
Tima, howevr,it had am een beau discussed in the The Journal do IlHvre the toth notices. au I singular object tilhy have ill viewalnd"me tlemerlvsuaddlt*i
Co n'l. Iacl ien alin arn e cownple. The fact, that the packet hip Rhone, just arrived therefrom New .atmhoitio a-stt e denl ft Iro Ublo, if theyr illn mp
srFngltheaig of Auesris in t Legatiomn, her iaowel York, had brought a quantity of barley, being the first import.- ely attend to tle Rognlations, and afford, at a,hi
pulrpoi to iak them ands r her pr nloatection like tile Iiacl-. alion of the kind since the peare. From the increased telleir petitions, ile information without which .t Gn..
en of Meuma uad Perms hav. live n t lwe olijicts Iof liieca inercourse. by means of packets between this country I nor cannot give tlie permisaion required; sad wiM
pressing o on th part uof or Ahaslor. It was Iad 'ae. the editor infer that they can be supplied wih formation is very frequently at present not to i
evenaq o fO'B pur ar .deItwi n frknd Bos ton. as nn sa theI now ean until one or two letters have bIme written fmm dik
trie a qm tin a act dclarica ioth s imlte war siintttst .\I- aro m i D an d Id teain. and even frum Marsellles. umte a" Secretary's offi oce upon the at ,iject. The (inulam l
TlheCalanetIwas net is a tte to break with Atislar ; L.aate a Fwb. ~Very litlleloingon"Thnge lto-dry--Co.n- ..n fr the reniovlof a Slave in whi"l it in --L
hut ikino advantage of a clause inmlied Hm atl decnl- sole opened ad closed atl t I-t. This gore to confi ton fr e reovn hich .it is
ration .I the Pope's Amlubasador, it was discusaen iln he statement of Lord Allhrp that g., ername-it a about to and unequivocally stated.
council (the Kilng bring prrwent) wlielldr it was not ex.- obmil to Parliament alatermPur in faoaur of a reduction of It. Tit the owner of the Slave Is the prelimdi
poienlt to throws French coril into the Romnn States iespen particularly in reference to naval uofiers, many of an Estate, or has a share in the Salt pond on dathehl
in ordoe to annul tlhwruin the influence of the Austrian whm are to be placeai on half pay. which it is proposed to remoi e tie lave; and sihlis
armiuri wlhomcruoy or brrder illmpo tmhei i. TIhe discu sion SPAIN. for the pum pose of cultivating the said estate, o fltr ki
*t. animated, and the lresilutiHn of a srionus dneoun- Extract of a private lener from Mllrid, dated the 10th Sult in tie pal belonging to Ili smster, that p emmus r I
trati-n was ltken-it wes hlrever not oM'n rIegienllt, but instant:--" Imnnmiately after a Council of Ministers, e ri'emoil is requested.
lliari r fir f lonr are talked of, a nmbeIll r equal l to that of order was lde h to the Military Collnandnr o the l 2e. A certificate signed I the owner (or in t e r ia
tir mpriat e hin the Mal north ern provinces to retain only tha trumps .rictlyv n- olted o.neirl petrlion for tley or rmlul) is rIq sledi
Tia wrik article of tle Je ,urnrl esi ei Deba is the r ceary fir dlernt I r n, d send all ti tlers e attl rem ill not a cou ny epartiof a ls
illt those ucieioin. Ordeal wrrpgivnc by ilgrapl 0 to Iwards (,alicim al Eltrenaduri. Odern have lilre Is i 1, re Iao-.ltween nlu andred Wilt nny abear Pu mmd ;
equip at "Iilo two *IilI of di line IMI fie t riat an. td ben seart to oimpelun lotr two of t ho regiennts f lro i ,;i, nert luslnnd e Wit; e anr
i ch rt at art Mrilles and a m oe an una tr o f tt reinens rols r ildren t ner 14 ears of ae.
n irs a end 27thie att re dertiac veasedl tiht garrison to i lumlchd to Galicia. The intention ol A n x r d lae Ri er, O lr i
trarsimrtaa. Ila Ih. IJt I in lnll ar ileteMcl d, it ils to keep budine of trool upon tlma frotiers of Por. n- Ilatv AI gxlrar mret ccomny uCi I R iieiod kbrit
sai, for this extreduition. rnad. Thel,ready otyo led et kingdo in s rawil eSled avo e Roev ,| gistrar, must accompany aichr ptiti eon, driI
Thelc, r ta aomtn. aNi neil, a alorn n d to i enler lit kingdon in r pth i exe dition I e Slave or Slaves ; .nd in tlhe event of here b i
Tbiwca i wn s fe soaM. mennen r amnts tofiatn d is up D ne d etro hou land P ir ; l r in seiar i time lns a nvy transfer since the 1st Januaryw. Il,(mh do
,dq will d l te hile utilblfilncs. Caibla. of Loon nod Par,, i th King ib reilved to Lof oIlnl rPirlrtn) pa ioni ngu, inidnrstov
Itarly. P'm T s, Ja. tiL.-During tml combat of tine take part with Du MigueL Let M. Perier and Lo nl l las remrtin) peoners s .
?ehh l this r m ath ocivic g t uatefm i certiflaolti ol Registry, ccomnilopu their alpililetl ad
*. a' o this Ma InWs guards at Ime eaJdway fr Uey wake warning. There hus tben very warm aliere- i ill H l!s to ahew the lve b
,lce Ikn iinr ap l ) s idier ol te Potiff stained tio batwe M. Coomarde, the Miniler of Julsice, dnde I te ni odle; tere toaetos ctimla nd labe oe RaI u
a.y 1. ad it nmuincin nartillery.--Mot of our M. Salaaur. Minister of tiel MArine, tilm latter in eOiuse- i ah peron i he Propritor of tier End e us ekitI
atnallra rmetined upon llorli in good order. Tie otln quoce has resolved teo led in Ili resignation. is ilt eriold to entildov tim.
to le uulnier fa 150 or M entered CeLune. wlien they It hai jum bae announced at Court, that M. Salmon. I ll %len i rill r Petitions fur the rlmmvl of St
dilersud thewlmve amun Ie flilitu whlichl olffrd Minimerf Forn.ign Affais, died to-day at 12 o'clock. I be 'rt to the Public ocrt'rv-i ofie; and fo iks
the.m an anylum, i nd th.. I lm town miglh nut hb cIxpoed lIe had Bin ill for several dves, nd LIM. de Colonlsidel I in. hi tl are not ltric ll in vaeorfdine with iTe eke
t, Tlldea l o bi hid been charged with Ili. portbli o d interim. Changes Iles, m ll ae not srdi t to a" ordc w i
p Cia, s Feb -TheA tiana B gtons i rma dor porbtfoio a r d rules, sill he formarded tO iiW evernor.
Pais, FLt. 2.-The Aitrianl enter n Bologaon the in the ministry luad been spoken of for saile time. The ly Hi Excel len)'s Coana l.
lh of January at 8 o'clock in ilia meaning. There deaullof Ml. Sdlnioe, by duranging lhm seati iua, will on- S. NESBITT, 5n.
as mul the last disturbance. The Ausrian army had doubatly give rise to a new composition of l the (h rinet. GozaIatz1Rr hIst, .N ,
so takon ii position, u to enter iamultacously at all the As te id rcd e ivedtretm unclion ve serdav, il cle l 15 M ar, -
lates, of his Wsccessor wu ilrealy in deliberllion. TI'h, candi- 1h Moe F A2.
Is arid dhi 1500 troopsof he linelhae iust eumlrkad dlas tilt have the igreatet change of sle .rce alc Me. CHRIST CHURi~CII PABlhl
at Toul, and tat about 51r murm will he eulcrkald to d'Ofalio, Ambassador t Pari ; rI. de Labradur, titular
occupy Civic mccdi An ihs dor at Rome, but who is still at Mdrid ; Inud M. VrAs lre ra
A limultneous occupation of ths Legalion by hte Pleatlde as DadenaMinistcr at St. Peterbureg. The lasl o VI\N fined theo unr asir- at h dt
Yred smid Austrian trusopa will tar e aice,.-btll in such appeare own loiwbable, a his nomination would river per lmrrl nof nutrfirin Fulure mlrea,p t1 O
a aneaom a"d they ilaU not cose in contact with each thl Ie abiand Ich attlrc ou collt to that of Russia." shilliil Lt' do weigh Clbey. 7nL, al dtliw xpri I
athrr. POLAND. llb. 4Ma. Bv unorr .f t h \N elrv.
The followAin is e itrated kos a private letter, dated Tihe Warsw Joesma contain the folloring-- Princer DAVII) SPENI( :, \ nas Ch
Rladlgne, 9i:-" Cardinal Albeai ha l issued Plokewi hl jl lpblihad n ordonnce, reoulring V l Rlm, SO h Mrrlh. 1 i -
A m wll be sarinal At Kll speaks- itach~ toe jus rahnhed an ordoenanc. rtuhlsng V ofmay RHenit, Sfhdh March. 19u12 h
inhrlunuim h, bi e sitll S pMrks of the good inlt- the aid o be revisimay grnnted to oficers of the Poli.1s
inef m e Poep to irot to e r' vinc p mollie lon m army now deprived of tin mrans of suhuisaence, ms well FOR ALE-,,
Wal imd tr ri hw of he pmop. But N E cellY as to ithe wdows nd opblan who have fallen. A coal- The clnalce or t Lat ohf L ie i
mnais meton of amy reform to be we in criminal miasion hs been ltaiuhed under Ihl presiHkency of tl.a buildings and im riprovmseni thens*, I'*r
peri dags, lhih are am called fr by te people. Rusian Geaeral Dareky, which is to euanine the o.- l Pi 'rince's srent, rtheallYr known b) tie
The CrWlmal nr gel he patriolt. weln he tmert ua plikcaioa. Fro such aid ate excepted all tleMe who l Lightfoot, or (Clpid'i uow.
fCtius i murto; be diclah nthat hou who will nol ere proem d toa e nak of on-lr7 during ihe reolu- For Terms and other particulus, apply to ido
ouke a pim at d furl slbmistim are togive up all hope lian, u Wl au ta who by daMir c i nucl, might roe scribern.
of prsd l M a Is d thatthy will he truted unworty of l favswr of the E 0mpenr. The aid will HENRY GREENSLADE D C Ca'
acrd lsoderigear of amlw. Emigrini talnea be granted only fur three yenr at tle expiration or Mrlrh 3d.
impr The Adritic i watched by oa Aulsrin which the pern who have received it must pnvide for TO BE LET, that -"
q|md ; deb Creation ud Tyrolemearooed our c -a in elva l n ells. and Pre mise, lai,,I in thei e
try by lid. lg o The relief i to e igrnted to thme luilowrin two rlassesl of Henry Adde.rlv, Equire, with 1
A pel iatlacho of Crnlmnl Albeni, calHl. on a ll he -1. O mand fuactlioaries of the civil daminialr posslmsion. Apply to t \ DEL
ikibntb to i h up LheLr wm peioumM to the entry of cu, iho, sfoer the o rmnolemtl of the revolution. .AD L
Austrlas tIsi ihs mt waprdsed I m oder of above were admiueod to active ervice: ond who after having Janourrv Mlth.
N, mus*ets. AVl i rsa marai e Il. taken a p rt in the revdutlon, ipontanevmlj r mirel d,
We lrtia at Ib --i.ry mam r take y th Pid- without going beyond the frontier of the kingdom. in OK O 1MAI .,
wm rn lorer t. ad by Le GerOmW ts bordering Th crn Olh a( tin of vetens.. who were T The .ie and l'grmis at P"a.s' i 5lJ
on Parm, wih ulj d tmlS mad wfm s to into tIhe avicl of te revolutionary governntl, ifW itp- p. a hy Mrc. Poitier. Ti.e Il,e ss' i"
crtaificateof health,. .b..iui wn, in coasequea pen thmd they m brum tly retired from dtheatbody. Th. u convenient, with. lnrh Kitchlre d ana ssi
of the satisfactary eat oof mhel ih Isum uoo repet ive el for the relief of air. two classes ttace, chair house anmid sllo d -
It mated daul neilyd te whole of .im sns arrested e m ola-- coloel, 1,700 oad 3,070 ilorio; ; ho-s, extensive yrd and gr piece- The .t
o thIe Ud itint ae straItngern to P ,ria t P. molue ,nat-cbha, l,0 anal 1. Basi, ; a aotr, have been lately dhoroueglsy repaired, and lt tl "
par, tieo .inl dLbaig tecpil astbol being 1100 -ed 1,40 @ais ; a captain. 1,OO nud 1,4 b pu up.
mre amI a o a eve n; a gFrt Num er o il am ris; a liasteaSa, 850 d tIO lorin. 1. 6. W. 19
forrig ... I --I A mtvt of Land .itated at tlie, cnla ll
A pinel iat noeri d by is Kln of Englund for The ship Envoy, arrived at B Loa from Liverpool, haI lcr. h dis by alie vill.s-r-'cr'ad n"''" I.-, -
thellIa March, on sent of tle Cholerm Moh a cargo die nmt vsalable that b been brLh from I western lolotbeing intlcrected by dt illc n'id rli'. i'i
A letter of Sib Feb. fIr a person ar M. Tallevrald, Liverpool fr many yamn, the invoice value of which at ihe village into tlie Blue hill r,-,ld. 'l is Wloa le
savt" ire Conlfrence ilnce li 31tan, haid n mn Liverpml wuas upwmids uf .UO.OO poun^li, or ns lrnary idlin oa Uror three lute. Ar.'l )1'tI YILLL
olticial im tingi, lutl ll'y all reklirard to ihe state of 1W,44O11OI, ( nI l it is w;al l that the dllits on the crg N
tercrce, ad Iut tol i Ucliuni. Lill anlunut to LU etauccl :ll),tl.l and .e.llieI. Serpermcr 17tk.

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IK L r fi 'i i • 'im h^m ' ^'' i f; u 'ii : I'h (.•. ..n.... ,M. lb, ,,Hri .rt .VI.. Il..|,.,n. Mr. ||.,bM, Jm^ at. ...jrlpl .lib.. |.^„^, „^,i„^ „, ,^ (;^^j ,^ i„,i^ ^^HM.M h.m „, ,M. Court r C'i.„.KM. PU-ai. IW l.i. k-it. •^<{ fH. ..i,,|.Mlo mmiv hy tin-. HWh^I J.tiro. g'^c j0;i|>niwfi ^rjittg •HM, ^( rf. „..p.^ ..f bin „.Mv .o ,1k, (;vrMr. In ,Im, J., H^dy .^,^1 „.,. 4^,,^ ^.rW^^ ,^A ;cA llK, ,ry 4U.i no, ,| Chi^.f J..^ic , d,,,i^. .foir"'! !*'^; "'""r'^;* *'^" -•'^-" pre,K.rHtory to their ^^1 t? kwve u, load llw b froo. ViUlif.—Yol. I. p. Z t^.r,i ., 'T' ^"'" "."*'."'• ""• "' -'"•• -o, know wUh, fMmt ,o inf.^r,e him on~Mr. Ju.,i,.e ;U,.vi|le~-nMi -ppJie, ,o the ea of .. few,. ,^."-..-i,,.,.r,.i; :""''''" :• r r ? ''•"> •'"••*-•"' ••" i-i''"i!i i.i,„ un.t that Art tin, person, .wearing nd.elvn.av Ikpn^ uT ^^ '"^•^"'X.*'^*""e"t or Infoi-mat'um; Sect. V il ^' ? • J"'"*'*^^'' ''•** '• <''"'t ol Kinp', Uenrh 'iwl conform it, proceeding, to the King's ench in t.nj;land-~H to the learned individoal whose acquirements re almost minuulo.i,, staiinij that b.'cause a Grand Jury dre snmniune.f, .hereby the inherent rights of the Ciown •re to be annihilated aaJ its ofticero.isie.l of his undoubted >es must go befu.e ; ''0"'*''er wheiher they m,|| di.H( harge thei, du l*****' *)f common ass:u m a small communifv it .-.„T^' *'"^ltei -Main ruhl him the w.hI, of ,be TJTT *•" .t~but added-il the Court wi | Jr/*'*^ ^ will. "•* *"' ftke Ml irte,'' 'I'he Attorney-GeneralSe how I u ***" seated .' '^e bee Mr. Justice Glanrille— Then Mr Hi. *^ order of the Court. "'"" >> •o.g^ The Attorney-General—I would. "*• Mr. Justice (;ianrillr~But not accede totW I he Artorney-General— \o. ""<|oe Mr. Justice Glanrille— Are you not awu^.. • right to order it .' ^ ^ ''"**l C^oft. The Attorney-General— I am aware of , l^ evertheless obeyed it. "' ^ U%,jrf Mr. (;ianville-Then vou wanted ,k.r nut themselves hy making an cnl*r wbi 1 .k ^"'""e.. K. make, but would not accede to rj^o "et, ^> ^Z. Mr. Jnst.ce I>owdy-I do no, co.3 t";^; "". hJ,^ r-l has ,he riybt of fdiug Ex-Officio Inf >*' W used by the A,torney-(;S.eral of Kr^l.t fe^^^:. no ^ ^ -•',• •••^ ^'n>i I aa nut ini caes ol fdine iflformatious— cajMtal case, must go beVo.e ''ons,der wheiber they Mdl'dMc h^/Je'rhLow"" *'* <.rand Jury-.-nor i. it usual in case, of common assauU T '"'^"""' '" ""-" --"-X it es 1"'^' """^ or cas^s ot sp^ciai nature) to institute informations— I ^"'^?"^*""''^ ^'""'' ''i'l"i''h my seat *""' |,ita| or a priv,,,. |,„ iiM„,o,lil,lv aHocIs P..I.I.C M..i,c,., ,( i„„ „d i„„i,„,i„„, ,„ „, (-oio:;... ..„ -I If. ''.'''*'^ "•""""""' •""••'I l'>l'Ar.-,l.p„..™ri„,„. p.wull.,n i.. ^""" •'"" P"'"1 l"f"""t.,„ h.-,v,. ho„ f,|,Kl here r..,H.lcll ii .,.. *i-<;(-u(i,ri„ party. '*"^'"'*" ' ''"'' •''• i !'"';"->'.'''''''"ling ll>e relo,a„re ,1a. (lour, lu-veKn Mr. J„,r, l>„dy_l i,„ , di,,,i ,„ „ I ., """J"'S ."; "'"> "' ''i'P"'* '!' rit'l.i-s, ,„ ,|,e ho? oo rt. ,..,y k„.,. ,ha. h wi,„e., ca„ prove ^ i M 117 I 7 '^"'""""• u..un.,v d.ret„ me. -owieaji o! the l>oopuh,c;—,t woold b a d,l,itru. |„,er I aee ••> the hand, of any At.„r.Hy.(;e,M.ral. I..,., „f ,| ,," h.™.i. of tlH, k.a„.| Bentleman-ldi vin. ic"i,e 1 1 .. to, wcfl known ; if ever ...rh a „..le of prZ^ .ne be allowed, the Lord help o, .l.„ „,• „;. S^^^C tear.k-d sentleiuan (li a frown, if lie dl ,o a ,. ,, • he would havean E, 0.f.cio m.ia.ains'b'in. ^ 7 ^^^ A had reg,dt.vl the pr.^eodinp. of tin. Court, and will oppo, to tlK. utm^Ht any attempt to viola eole kw, which our forefather, have framed for tin. weliw •••I rejHHAiion of tl>e Maml. welfare .iJ l**" ^""" !l** '"^ •*•'*'"*** * ronsidof nn x\^ power of thAttorney.Ge,>er.l lo f.lo an Information.^.^rl^ '^ when the d lor ,oie ii„,e, reo.^-,,, all ocr„n. U .e...and. a,ai„„ hi„,. ,„,..„derW.. .ZZ^"^^ March 3.1. •'***'*^''" "^""^'-SW NOTICE. rpilK S(;|lscuiBKR."i,r,;di„g ,0 fc.., ,ki. Tlie r,H.rt_|, ran only he done hy way of . I "7 ^'""'"^•""^*> < !• an Information, rt-iurned •*M-if m* Joy ^ ,„d „;:.*i;:,urr:: .tit i^rrfhi^f-""; :"-• "•" "•" •"^"-^.i:: Jury and ha, been overruled II J^A.ill? '^>-^r--With the law l..fore n. and which h. vm, i..>r.i ^ W h i., ^re^ d:ct.^ r" An7on; •^.i HMy be pre,nt .m the occasion, i. Ih>u, d n o t to dis clo*e what may .ranspire : and the jurors thenX ^ *" •^ f they tf;i.jreM n ,kv are ftneable TI-. r .f .Lccedeto til.. .ppUcarion made by he ^ttl^ T' n*.ral, it will not only permit hut r. A^orbey-Gethy ,He Grand lu^y^V^i for .T ^'Z! ^•'-"-. */ The Attrney.fenJ:ral .^.t^d Ue^^tVo^:^^ I^JKt„.o„t a,r-i".t Or. .rm.n,bam forKneo^ .. |ha, c|rged u^ntx Mr. lU.oo. "^ "'^*'*""*'* po of bearmif esr.dence on m, ad after beim^ JZ T out. returned findim^No Bill. * ""^^ *'"•** The Attorny.C;efcer.l~-| i,;,vr ,v.;M mvself of . f>r..r,Hiatife of my office ami f.b. t = "'*'' nincio on the fiw ^v:: 1::: i:; ;•""';? ^"; -H cons^jK-nee,-^, know .: taUiI^ n ^^Vf ^1 ro-,Mos.b,|,|y...bnt I f...| actuated by an nVTrd L ^ f ,;-c.ahie i„h.if..a'n.: of 'tit 0^';': a',: z^,. ""': iory_..yh..v,.d,....,.i y ; a^nrUhliTnlr"" The Aiioney-Ce.^,^ „k„, f„, ,h,., ^ gie yoor opinion in writing ^ "' 'lonours h..':',„:"ir,i;^;r:::-^;' "•" -— '^ • -o, yoa/rrrrji'iT;;:™!'""' """"•"•••• —"....ha. Mr. Jus„crGUniUe-Tbi. Court will not .r k tha, msulted by ,he A,,orury.(;eneral-L ;,,1,*IT '" "^ mus, ei.her desi., or w. winiare this iC h ^ *"*"' A(lorrirv-(;eiifral — | onlv ar >^L. ... t\ : TT -; \j ^, lor Mic at 1.) cents per btoJjKL A Apply to 1 IIOMAS THOMPSON. At Lxofltt. Febfuary 4tk Fj^'rT' m'**"'" '*"' '*•-•" "•"' ^"^"rpe Street. pa.r -M^ of (.old .Sp^Ttack... The fimler .ill br liirj*onK.iy revvardtHi, on delivery of tln^m at the otf. of U. INI IN i Mnrch ',>fhh. FORKKW VORK. V"; '""t RHiImp srl uvr TIIRF.E SISTKR.s. For Fui^rb,, or pajwage, ipplf to t Hptain Glanrhr, or March 7th. _,, POHHALK. I be choice of 2 Lot, of Land, with tlit huildines and improvement.* tlK-nsui, ftiiif •• I rince's street, generally known bv tlic aawol Lightfoot. or Cupiut on . r"*^? possessed by ,he A.rorney-Gem [IfTieK... "^' ^^'^ ^-*5* Information ;')-,Ar.or„ev-C;e„era,of%:nland^o An^ ^^i. rj^r Mr Hob^n I r:. . t.d*Hne, they h.ire no. Keen„ ir ..T^.V'^'"^''*''* '''^'h*' Mr. Ilobson—I nsetooppoiotbl, motion— ^ \ttorney-C;e.H.ral-It i. no nH„io„. I ^f^„ Mr. Hr.h^n-.f>o not interrnp* me m the face of ,he Colonial Act; my bononrahle fr.nd (not frien.rtho J^! nourabU. ^.ntlema.i) cannot place .n Kx-lhfu-io iJT matMin on tla, R.cord, of tin. Cmrt-bere i. X Act t: ngulating .h<. proceeding, of Courts of Kin,'. BV-n'r IMvery \ct winch .nrt.nstlM^Court sitting here t.>.day ItenaciMhafttMiraml Jurors ami 4H P.ttv J.,rors I^fo U U .m.uoned-l.rwhatN-ifour forefada-rshayethougl;; .:^J::;Z:^-:!y;T'"^^^^^ ^ ^ "M^Uo these .owcr, possessed by the Atiom^. rl '^"'*" ' *" Reo,fds of tlH, Kind's C..1 l"^. f"*^'. T"* " ^'hf consider%ba, ., not bJirl, n..":!^^^^^^^ I C.d*oie they b.ire „.? been^eiven If • Ka I k^ .o grant to the Attorney. ;;;,!' "of ,L'V^ I'TIu .'b?"""" ers ot ,be A,ror,.ey-<;eneral of England, why' in he *"T' tororaisjiion tha, can be found is rrfeV^n,. i "* "'.^ Coh,,.e. for k..M.e ofTe A .ro^nTrf-erl',.'." ."" """' wea*! of l>eing dnee,U m;ide to rhe \t. ,1 7^ ""'" "' Mu^.np^J.Mr.nLy.LlJ^'^ >o,h„ Country. I ,„ Mt-, I. •"••nc s t..l'',--*he Court were desirriusTa^e J '^'^ "T' point and application was made ,o the A, U'cT'"'. '*"' ... production f/ his Commission, whK.hhe .T^h T**' .1"' ; Tbp Aftorney-Ccnrral-I ,.,. I •*^, ,''* ''"•^/^^^''"^^d '"do. would order i,. "" '^"''^ '•' i^ the Court To BK LET, that plea.^antlv ftl* House and Premises, lately in tla(K-nipit^n of H.nry Adderley, Es4|uir^, with iiiiii^ IHisaession. Apply to January 28th. C. S. ADDKRLEY. FOR SALE, The ll and l'r'niis<> at present ocrapi*^ hy Mrs. Poitier. TinHoum is nKiniv "wi conveni.nt, with a large Kitrhtn ami •a.sJi'h.ui* attaclied, chair hoiiMand siabliiig for thn-e bors.s extensive yard and eras. mmmi^m Belgium, is announced in the Pans Journal oj tlie 'tOlh amonu wbiib, one i^.ihal it wa* occaaioocd by tlw |ifvent un>eltlotl Stale of llio Cabinet. Largo bets Iwi^e bwn .itTeied, that Earl (irey *ill not be First Lord of the January. A iHiblic n>eeting wai lield at Manchester on Sunday, imcuro, wa\ ..•• .... ..c. - .. — 22d January, in Su Geor^e' Eields-^4!) persons liid | Treasury on tlie Isl April uvxi.— Standard. assembled by 12 o'clock, and 15(Ki of the military and PCS TUT. PBAn-H AT i?KA ArrER VICTORY. HT MHS. HKMA>S. .' r>e land sh.ill never rue, TT^hH to herself do prove but true.— SH.ikseEARK. •rimnrOM eveninn's brij;ht rejMisa \ v.iir.' ofpriiycr arose, Wlun the <.<'a-fifiht was done ; Tlie vns of Entfland knelt, With he^rl* ihal now could melt, r r ui) the Miive, her battle bad been won. Hoan.l th'ir ='" '•'•'P' '*" "='" tltnve with a dark re^ '''^ Occau-U.ueen that da)' bad bowed. Huf fieeand fnir on high, A native of the sky, HtT streamer met the brccse ; \\ rtwed oir fearless m'n, Tlkuu.:!) bitsb.tiid and biltl l|ke tlicn, nature llu'ir tjJod the) galbt rt-d oo the seas. Oil' Oid not tbont'ht of home tJrrearh Indtl spirit come. .\Hlr, waves that keep no trace, Thewibl, briet igQ> of huro.ia victory f A stern yet holy scene Kiliows wkere stnfe been, SiukniK to awful uleep; A' d viirds ibai bre.iihc tin' rtuj; hath been a star \Vh re eagle's wing u;'er flew; Kn^|:iMe,rue! Ijonilon, Jan. 87. — TIkto was one incierdea clKM-^re*! veliemently — not as it api>eared to us to repid tlw imputation, but to avow tlw wiah and design arhl>ed to him Tlw Duke of Wellinu'ton, with nH)r; rlietorical address than IS usual with bis Grace, declared that tlie policy Iw was rccommendintf eepiepp*erg.^-. ,....,.^ ^, w..^ luaded, in violation of her proverliial i:oon I'edro was •* j juJuomI to a^ sonewhat reluctant consent, it yet coubl tlieii at hand, as it must inlallibly have been dis(xr>i^, if j^^dly be reconr ik'il to tile interosta of France to ac<|M. not destroyed, by the violence of the alorm. | ^..^^j. j^^ ^^^i, ^ dislRinoorable retreat of Iwr wold. In truth, no French Government would hiure the will or the |ower of following so ignominious acounw. — (ilobe. police were assembled to preserve |N)ace. One object apiiears to have been to petition His Majesty to spare the lives of the men condemned at Bristol and Nolttnghaai — one of tlie speakers thought il wtiuhl be much lietter to haaff the Jud^rs, than tliuse unfortunate individuals. .Vnotlier object of llie meeting was to (lelition for Reform, on the principles of the Bill prepared by the National Union, which embraces vote by ballot, univenuil sutfra^'e, and annual l*arliament. Tlie meeting s>parated quietly. The petition from .Nottingham for sjiannc; tla* lives of the hve rioters, b4>ars llie sit;natures u( 2t).0tX) petMina, residing in that town and vicinity. Nothing can exceed the anxiety which prevails to obtain for tliese unfortunate men the mercy of the Crown. Lishon Letters of tle 14th January, are chiefly occupied with accounts of a dreadful Storm uhich occurred off iImj coast o( Portugal, by which gieat damage was done among the sbipfiing. It was a Britith House of L^trds. — V warm debate took place in the House of Lords on the ^hh January, on a motion of Lord .Vberdeen for information in relation to the Belgian .Negotiations. The motion was sustained by tlic mover, ami by the Duke of Wellington, both of whom Stock Kt^kan^t, Jam. 'Z7, Ttrrlrt oWlo^k.—Thti Money Market opi-ncd to-day at H^iS, but has since been heavy', partly owing to tlie small Ministerial majorities ifi deprecated the course pursued by the ministry, in relation j tliv Commons last night, and partly to a decline in the to the subject. French Funds tlic lowest quotation, however, for ConLord tJoderich warmly opposed the motion, and denied ^|, lias been M23 for money ; tliey are now at 82^^. tliat the interests ot honour ol Emrland hud in any instance \ Three o'c/oci.— Consols remain at H2Jli, ht^n compromised by the negolialions. He brurty main1 -p,,,. ,i^.,,„,j.^ ;„ both Houses of Parliament last night tained the same views on the suojoct of the I reaty of; ,,j^^^, |^.^,,, j,^^. ,,,1,:^,^, of general conversation this nMirmn^j Vienna in reference to the Iroe navigation ol tinrivers as ; . • ,,,^. ,..„„„„„„ h,, ^,iv,,n rise From the Saraunah (ieorgian #/ March KVA. {f Peers lo produce a ma| •tf ill tlie House of Loids, lias Iwen clieckwl, if not •J*lomMi by his Lordship, in consequence of iIk? Duke PKtland,'at the head of forty Pe^'r^., bavins in tlair ; ^ his name, declared a resolution to opptise the Ue*Bill, wliirh they before supjxirted, it it is a,temptel cam i, by an inundation oi new Lords into Parliaf't. T ii> same iwper 'Wtys the King has given a solemn ^e not to accede lo Lord Gn:y's proposal, and that '*1 G. is now bi?ginning to express his own disiiiclina* '•> press it. Tlip Loudon (Jhibe, in reply to tlic assertion of llie *^ O'lll, contradicts the alMive stalemenl in every |>ar^r. and in tlie most uni|iiHlified ttrrms, and renews *Her|;i ration trhtitrrtr numhar nf l*ctr% mny 'l^tustarif to carry thi Krform liiU, iritl be cnntrd." '• *jIIh' adds, '* \e only heai of two noblemen wlu) ***i for the last bill, who are not likely to support the **'"11; snd a few, on the otlwr hami, who op)>eew Peers will be T*"^ Journal du Has're of tlic 31st January, na'ntions *• li* autiioritv of tin; *' Times," that the English minisJ|^ withdrawn tlie Bill of Reform. The Journal du '"e attarlH's no rredit to the tumour. It, at first, how"'", hid the elTct of lowering tlio funds, but in tlie latP'rt of tlie dav ihev re-'ained tb-ir former price. Tba his Noble Friend (Orcy,) and concluded by slating his readiness lo go to a division, with a cobriousness that the conduct lion, had not meriteil, and therefuie would not receive, the reprobation of that House. Lord Alerdeen, in reply, said im was almost in doubt wheilier the NobUi Earl Irid read th" Tnaty. If that treaty were entered into t'>-in'irro\v, lie <'<'fird tlie Noble Earl to • e oiio half of it ex* uic-d. ThrNoble Earl called it a development of preceding >n!aKen.entl It seems to him a dcvolopmeut by contradiun. If ilicDukeof .Nemours was to b* rejected by one pirty, an't the Duke of Leurlitenherg by another, what Uctine of the independence an I of llic undeniable rights of a country thus suhjcct to the rrto of another state T Ills objection to the treaty was, that it renden^d it scarcely posaible lo avoid war. H; admitted that ,le (Jovi rnim'nt had be<'n some\\\\.\X cmbarr.iswd, but asTted that it was but sli(:hl. Ho uswrted that with a view to tlie continuance of p-ace ; he had the utmost reason to regret tlit retirement of the Duke of Wellington, whose character and whoso dct Js inspired our allies with love, our enemies aith fear ; rind luver at any nionwnt did he do so with more surrxss tlian at tlio moment of his lelireim at from otlice. After all thai had been done, what did it amount to! Why, that whether pi ace could be preset ved or no,, depetidotli is as lollows :— KaOK. rfrr/an//— No newcast; recovered 1 ; no death*. -Vcir. cns//!r-New cass, 9; recovenrd "Jtl ; died 7. (olt*hrad %,.w cast's, 2; recovered,!; died 1. Mnrtk Skieldt amd '/yu/'/aoM/ANow case*, H ; recover|, S ; diod, 1. Stmtk ShieUh aitd llrphurn f M/i/ry.— No aew ca>*^, recoveries or deadis. ,.Vfir///n'a— Xow cwo^, !•>; lecovend, 12; died 2. fVn//sf-/— N.^ fiise.. 2; tei^ veriNl, 1 ; no d'-atlis. Lar%den Collury—Svw fus., ; ; no recoveries ; died 4. Hettnm, ^-r.— New cases 21 ; recovered, 15 ; died 5. Hn>ldmigion amd rw-Ui/y— No new cM,-, recoveries, or os, d dead. Tliey took all ilie originals Iromhim, first swearing him never to serve a process ajjain. On Frid-y ^ night the Uwellmg* of Jolin Kcrwan, m the pwn mio a state t>f great cnstarHved at Pat^sfrom London at seven o'clock last night, | nation by the amn-arance of two j>owerful factmn. nam-d rinpln.^ the delinrive arrangements for the demolitron of i Kennedy and Murname who cae m to fight an oppt>. r^lk.lgian fortresn^. The conclusion of this part of, .ite party of .he un>e of iVv.t, In coti sequence of the h^ neco ialions proves, *hat though all tte ratifKration. of I admonition of the prn^st on Sunday, the latter factK,n dnl th^Trea y of Nov. 15 may not! by the 3M ,.ot ap,H-ar ; but M-.or <'7-^J"h <'"'l>-".; ^ ^-^ oTjanuanr (which cannot vet he known,) there ., no rea74.h n giment, ftom Nenagh and a strong ^--Hnient of 1 to do Ji tlK:ir b :— >N e learn from Bobigna, ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^,^, ^,.^ j^^ fellows. i that the Papal iroops liave entered tlie Legations. A pri, j^ ^^ C...i'ntiesof Kilkennv and KiWlare, the long sufI vale h'tter fr'mi Milan stales that 12.*>fH) Austnans have ^^ ,^^. ,^^,^ ^,^„^|^ „„ anotlier legal and peace' s. t out from Mantua to occupy ihe I ajial States, and I ^,,jp ';,;„j^ ^f baling tlw titlie dtKrtor. A cotter's c.w, -''' worth perhaps £5, is seiwd for .S^ titlies.— The sale com.... 'u.. III., -null . I. .......fI u.lden death uf Gen BJliard, Ambassador to visit to London re-establish order. Pans Jan. .'W.— It is with the most pleasant sornrise that we learn ihroofh letters from Konli.'slrrc, thai 3000 Pukui, who so obstinatrly wore refused to re-pas, the frontier, have at last obtaimnl a shelter in Pnrssia.-Tue manifestation of a g. neral sympathy in favour of tln-se Mran-ers, hris decided llie government of Berlin into Urn measure. lA^ndnn, Jan. 24.— The postponement of His MajestN 24.— I ne posip<.nr,m nv o. ...,,,.-,..,., i^OyhUn patHr. has given rise to a variety o( rumours, bat-aia. i^"*' / J anmces according to ruU— thr.^ bidders make an auction, and ticking's duty to be paid by U* \^'['^^^\' A soldier or Hiceman bids £1. (for the parson ;) I adtly, the owner, bitls £7 for h.mseh, ad after tliat nans contentedly for tl parstm, pt^x-tor, or polKreniaii, to chnch tlie sale by a third bidding ; confident that ,f hu cow be s^d.l, he w ill g.-t a good f.rit e for it. and tinit the |Mnu,n will have to pavhisonntvtlie, and llie King's duty luto the ^ A I I I p I I H '\:


? t-' !: i I J f •II J J^ '0 I'lW Ifill /* !)• 11 't tSE ilROTS. ^5^313 ii5Tri,K ^rfliii3. .".|.l.l f..,„m,„-.., 00 Ihe U.t1,.f|,%|tCH4lS. J tl" Hole..... r,„„..„r. a.,l.-.l, l.a,l,r.„,n,„j.,..|. n.'' I BflKiiMi (<>vf>riitiii*ri(. rt in sfiiewf in mi 111 ilit^^ ^^^ lavt lu'on t(M a now .„„. i;-*. '"'i "•.."... W. ..... ,1,,,U„...,. „„j „""""'"""• ^ ^ i l.iirvu„ d„v, arrive • r;;"'":'; f'K C" ,.!, ,1.,. I..,.; • ''^"''""'^.""'.-vm ''V"-""'" call of rhc I'uliiical l„,o„ So<-iy a..,l beenJ *""'' I'"'"''' M^, 19i„4indT?'*".... ... ..I.-. ,c.,v.,v ,„.Hv ,l„„ „„.. ,h,„„,,„, ^,| ^ u..,tM. '""••'•'", i I,.,,,. ,„||, aUo|.,:a-d.l,c|„.j,i,|„i,,"'J'"l..„.," Wy ..lK,.,„.vL,.Ki.l„,i,x.r ,,| |,,„, ..,.,.,, „,,,^ ••v.iv lirilisli suhjeci, ol VI'Wm1 Hitli M liiiUring look h i-r .1.. .u,,,H.r, of .IH. |„.ir a,,p,r.MU to l.i. .|.,,„, •'^''*l'orf„iorM or bullion fn.,nF:nch,n.I to th h*.lce.,|, but tlM exchai.ue. h.d not y.-t .utlicntly to hriiig It bnck URnin. I..n IVdro h,l taken f..rmnl leave of F.oi, Phil.n. prepnrnt'ry to enil.;.rking on his He wai (Ire^iieJ i or rilK CAU8FH AM ng on his projmed invaion of IWusul. '"""* •'^' '"^''""'"'''g two, in the censure il..*''^ •n a I'ortugnese Field Mar.haPs uniform." "'*'" ''""'"• ^ native of |j,t^ Maud > ^ counlr^^, and unifotn.Iy, as I have I, Jr. !' u '^ ' k, RKTRO.SPECT --^ -' iute.cs, I feel a' Velc.:r !ra A^'i"-^' ORK. .IN rK THE ENCRKAMKD RrVENUK KUOM SALT Dl TV, IN TUK BAHAMAS, IUKINU TIIK VKAK IKJI. ascribing, W li^ venality of .he other two ; and .hall, tberiL "^ (um.l 1 i,„, couvinco^l to the conirari/ ,k ?' '**which intluenced l.ini. are to be resicteH J^'^" ^*^dl deseivinir .,f il. r.......i „.• ^"*^''' ""'fth* '. leserving vf the regard of hi WH'*, Halari(>s. , •f,'>l to vote •. Hhirhranno. fe rai^-d but by our own -..,..,, ,i, through our repre......ive.. atd in str" -u.or.n.ty the u^^, .,• our par.nt .ate. f when ,hrrr.r. u, to • or a J.mks ' iMu..h.a„yinv,.....rit.H,h.,iJ::r^^^ 0..I f..rl.i,l, ,1,„ ,, ^„„.|,, f,„ „„^ A.r,.,, f„, ,,„.,i,„„„„„| ^„„, I, '• '"-"'<•""• ;;'l'er two, xrc „.,.„ „. puCtem ,„ fillX "^"i 'jH-nny ,,.,r b,„l,.l up,,,, all S„|, o,|.or„.H. I, „\Z ,,,v unTln^ "' f ''"^'"'''^ • "'"^ constitutional \ali.ay arise.. Uut tlie reason is ohvio.K-.r. ', *^ conten.plated by the aWnrc of all lau^^L^' UHMo be tried how military and 1 ;r;^^' ill Ml. ouse, anil pifit. *•. Ba|,Mml;,ns tlir time to bo tr r;';V*" '.'""''* ^^'-' -••' )•.ulnU compile • ""-'n„uup.and.llisun,heha.ard." -rmn. in company of the Ordnance ^..^^^,^ ^'^ •"'• clo., by the hou^ ,r ,he Hoval KdiL -1^: •" h-l-s that he would have fouml '"'""'-^^ *^'-^' '•npenorify of manufacture, as from ih .o yu.v.,v..^s;;:r;rz,:;i;7H^i;:!rt'^^^^^^^ their stomachs. And wh) dissolve the H r.juntry, hereafter, to excessive expence by new Kkti.. l'en, toacer.ainly, the n.e Representative.. ,f .jp. a-xl in the country, will be a^." ".*> the late pitilnl minority. lU iiin returneti ; aod all human prohahifiiv, omK K, and a I profrjfr, hut, with tlw* assista nee o< Mk. \Va, k'^ere last yoar ; the markets f( THK llorSE OF ASSF.MnLV lUiriHA JSLAAlJs:"'''''' March :.,b, 183^ l*KAVi;Kf<. A Aiestage from the (•ouncil, lv n ma5fer in Cl-nrm iJie ( omicd actpiainted the Hous*of A>Mn,W\,ik.< tliey atree to withdraw the a On Monday veninc. tl, A„M.rir.„ i the Atlantic" that m ^•Pt. Ma.ti.>n. .rr!:.Jl r^'l"" '^';^'"EcJi,e, ? very dry season.^/, •he Atlantic" that now How. Hround ou/ Mand'CJ.; this i^loril>V^"thebrineof!,he'M, pon a I there.o : rhey also ac|uaint thf House, that thev hare p*^ ouing bills, wiihoul uiakmg any aiDfof| France h: 'lir< oori t'unreicnre iJi'ff. *#e bji tht ... '^*'"y aRr^-ed on hy the F l^PjtivetheofTienldipl, n•i' .hr, „„..,.s„„p ^.,,.,.„„. The tHo'rr'"'"" '"''"^''"'Pmust ,jex I. led lan-uage to Ouu 'n*r poweni.— Sir,— The n fo His Majesty, for the removal of His FxrtllcnfV >* Jymcs Curmichael-Smvth, and other dorumenis rcU,io "'^•relo lo tiu. (Vdonial Aceut,and to corrc|Hmd wi,h iw I, Colonial A-ent thereon, he forthwith laid Uioniix tiuuse ; rtl'!.'..!! '* r'"'''** -"•:'^'''""'s Tiasan em-rt !n '^"!^ '''*" 'l"'"'*'*^" ^*^'g put, as a-reed unto bv .••i- the fH-rccraniums of u/weak >*^otulsi and 1 ert •" i A luolion was made, Tliat this House will te-Wi'i*'' y^g into coisideratioii, liic Miuules aod pi i;.tiiioiitt.e .ippoiiited hy the late Hmise irarNum the Petition Iroiii that Hous to gi)r mu'Dnma ^vquhs* oi;s o, emhly^^ Majesty, Hetiti lion to lite Koi movad. •7""; |\-VrT''"';: "•**'"""riPr^''l'*i.v,' K')lved, That a Comm.ttee of five n,em>*M's of this ^,1ie r.'Mi .val ol His Kxcelle.iry tla(;oveirSr;totliu Co' House, bo ap|>ointed menitwrs of tins j^jiil A', ami that there he a cull of the Himim) ; "? P'avinS ***' His Fxcellen.y's re ConinJtiee of five men to truiisniit the addie: J^DlllumfXit/^ hefoi" — 1 .^ Ami ll<" n beiog put, The H.itM' divided : Be>>Ked in the negative. On ni.nion, Kesolved, that this Houw do now adjourn M aatil io-:ii.i row luoiiiini; at nine o'clock. A'ljounied accordiiiyly. Wki>n:jeat. 0.1 motion, Kesolved, that one copy of the Order in Cou tk' as u for iJint pur(M)se. Aiijourned until to-morrow morninp, at ten oVlock. ., J, ^ TiiiKsDw, Marclii>-2d, 1h:I2. I>lr. .-sands, from the C ininec apiHjn.ted to carry the >^l.'e of yesterday to His Kxceilcncy the (;overnor, reported the delivery ther.of. A Message from His Fxc^dlonry the Governor, bv tiio Uepuiy Secretary of the Colony : Mr Sjnakcr and UtntUmrn of thf Ifmise of A.ttcinhlif^ ^ With refeinice to vour MessaL'O of vesterdav, I am to command your a,tend;ince to-morrow forenooi^ at ekven o clock at the bar of the Council Chambc-r, ui,huch BiUa as^ou have prepared. ., .. JCarmichael-Smyth. UOVERNMENT Hoi HE, { 22d March, \X\2. S Adjourned until to-morrow niornmir, at ten oVhck. Fkiiiav, March ^id, \>*:V2. A motion was made and the (|ue^ti.m proposed, that tlie loll 27ih Scbr. Suanah, Adderiev, Cuba ••"<*. o Pktkb Nimmo it Co. Am. schr. k>li|iaN., Maitbkm, UaUimoro Hats, Chairs, Lard, Ham., Beet, Corn, Potatoes, &r. Ac Schr. Fairle, Whiteheml. WindwaH Kev ^Stranded Molasses and Tobacco, ice, to John Sroaa • 7th— H. M. tchr. Skipjurk, Lt, SbortUnd. V iJith H. Al.schr. Firelly. U McOenneli, Jau 4i * 4 ruiMi auiatra ouucii, printed l.y order of thi> House, be fo.uished k,. I .'"!*. "'^' ''*•"']"* •reby adopte,! and declared to b,-, a c CI. rk 10 each of iIk, Members of the Council • j J'"""^'"^ "' *^ '•>' ""use. No (piestion shall ^K^ in AnJ tho q.ienion beinu put thureon, | ','7*^' '"''li"' *"^ '"otmn for a memoriHl, petition or h wd. asfwd to by the H.mse. | * ,'"** '" "'* Majesty in Council, or in the House of Mr. Kerr, pnscnted a Petition from the Rector, Wardens Vestry of the I'.uisii of Si. Thomas, pravii.a fcra ?ra.u ol a certain sum, to complete a Wall around tbc Ructoiy (/round. Orueied, to lie on the table. Mr. Keir presented a Petijon from the Magblrates nd inhabitants of Turks, praying that J iMiolMi.oiey miiih, he appropriated lor the' purpose uf ouhhshiiiu a .Nightly (juard. Ordered, to lie on ihe tahh'. Mr. fvi n, wiih l.-ave, hiou'jht in a hill to establish Niglul; (i li.rdai (;,and Kev, 'I'orks Mands. Oidfcied, that llio said bill be read a lirsi time which I arhaiiient, or to the Governor, or other per.on admimstering the (iovc-rnment of tliese Islands, (an the lableot this House, in extenso, ior the |)erusal of tlie members, at least one day previous lo the putlinc such question ; ** And a debate thereon arising, And the (juesti>n being put, Tlie House diviile.i : *'*— Mi.Monicll, Mr. Kerr. Mr. N.shilt and Mr. Malcolm^, CLEAR Kl). March L>2d— Am. schr. Morta. GrinocU, B^iston i?^*tl Schr. Lily, Hall. New Orhai.i Sp. sthr. Maria. Feriero, Cuba .1* "1'"* *^^*'' '''''' *^' ^•i*-r, c;iaol Am. ichr. Cassi Ann, Miller, PhiUde|j*iia Am. achr. Ilaivey, Moore, Baltimore t4 tt tt tt SAILED, March t f h— Am. schr. Morea. ""<:*' <^-ndier, and '• j '•overnor, he had been pleased lo give his assent to the W^ Mr. Malcolm. Mr. Kerr. Mr. Nesbit. and Mr. ^^^^Z t" '' A Tyoi*— .4. A I>ill to continue and amend an act, entitled an act Rolved in the amrmative. I f"'*^*^^''**''"^ a >k'l'tly (iuard.or Watch, in tlie Town OrdcK.l, that tiM. address and iM^titinn Ikcn<.roised ,^'*f'^"/ '"*' *!'*'' "'-'0 '"' protection of the Town, aiuJ A motion was made, that the humble addre.J and Iti'. ^'t{^'' ^'TT H V U '•rrum the late House of to His M-MeTlv ^ '^l'^''" "^•• j' f'ccllency ww pleased lo cloac Uie P:>.riC for the removal of His Excelbmcy Sir Jam;: ^^^" !'"' ^'^ ^'T'^ '^^'T''* s C*i.i. I. .,.J-.S,„v,h from the ( olonv, and the '.Htition Hon, .1 ^,1"; '**^'*''' i '"^''^ '"*^''*^^*^ '" *''*' '^'"* ^^ 'Saturday. *h:d,ManU of the Islan.l of New Providence, and '*''"':J >hii:.iiantst*f the Ulandof Aliacofonhe like pur|)ose, ^V taken intiMon-ideralioti bv the Hoos^, lw piinted,' •• at'iKMidu to the Minutes of il,e pi esent Session ; for Recovery. March 14lh. ROBERT WIER. THK SIBSCRIBER. intending to lave the Bar ^ ..^ a.M. j^eiHiou 10 HIS i>iaiety Dut I *,''"""' -'"' f"""' '""**• /••^"'*'** "" P<^'^ "*i"fc' by permission of this House. demaiwh ajainst him, to render ile aame without d< lay ^iahiili kid C^ Wo will give tlie General Coui t report for tliia week, in our next. a debate tliereon arising, and the ijucstion be! K Aiid Ti t Yrai \l! vv'''!i*i T. .. ^'. Wednesday, the 21st mstanl, .MiSiM..M. Bisson after "Oi-Mr. Wood, Mr. Farrin-ton, Mr. M.ilcolm, Mr. a lon^ and painful ill "' *"*' Dizr, o'mo'ji. and all those indebted, are requested to make immediato payment. JOSEPH THOMPSON. March 3d. NoYicTT" THK srBS( lUHER. intending to leave this in April next, for the Inited States, requests all pfrrsons lui\ing demands against him, to render tlwrn ; and those indebted, lo make payment on or before rl>c RHh February. AH accounu reuMiniiig unpaid after tliat date, wiil be left at the uihcc ol Ik P. Woud. Eaj. for recovery. F. TURNER. January 7th. PCBLIC S( HOOL, NASSAU. N. P. THE above establishment will lie attended tuaaoaasl, until further notice. Peraons desiriMis of plariit|^ tlieir Childien in this eatablishment, will bpleased to apply to, W. T. PRE.-^TON. March 24ih. EX I 'MA MALT, for aale at 15 cmrta per bnalieL Apply to On '*'lved in the ;tdnn.Htiv ">o,ion Ihe House adpmrncd until four o'clock. ipply February 4th. THOMAS THOMP.SON, At Exuma. If ace tkesc Jtland*, after tjuue •/thirty davb muit T .^**^'^' between the Pen and Georp' Street, a pair .WA of Jiold S|M;ctacles. The finder will be Itand* ^ FOi;R O'CLOCK. An!| 7^'"""'*''' address and |HMi,ion was read "' th' q.iestiort l)eiiig pui, that the said address and "*i^ ^ obtaintd >i n.t pass, y* Hous,. divide*! : aire tecuritij at the Serrttary's (fjire, or put up huname m aonuly re $ai(i OJiu fitrrnjvv.s hay* pnrwut to hiadtjHirtttre af ter vkith^ at any titnr during roRtr-FiVE davh a Ticket warded, on delivery of theiu at tiic o&ca of tbia $aid OJiu fitrrnjvv.s hay* pnrwut to hiadtjHirtttre a/"P*l*<-'r. March 2''t.-. Mr. R. Huiicome" and Mr. C^7^^''^'•''*'*'. Mr. Kerr, Mr. Malcolm and Mr. i) C.rri''^n'''\'^"'^'''^'^"'<^P'''i'i''n 'io pa'. Ts„ M "' ^'''"^P'akerdo Mjm the same. *^lam 7^?'^".''."^" ''"-' (ioverm.r: the fir., infor•^•u^";.^':"y "'"• '"^ prepared several B .IN for and il le iM couo, trai.siiotting a cofiy of the NAMES OF PERSONS ABOrr TO OBTAI.S TICKt;TS oa liKPABTlRE. 12lh January Eh/wibeth Barry ioih Aphi-y \\t\U Id Fehni.iry Alexander Barbier lilh • Hennr Bsldwin Alie • Turk*r MatiIdH Wall W. I, Alexander Francis McKee Roert Wier Cicily EiTHns William I. Hamilton Jrseph Thompson Henry Tbompsin Eli/.alieih .'•iillivao Esther Robinson ^'OTirE7 Uih


I 1 4 1*1 ''J ? >.':r r^^ m^^ J'^. ;i ii' i 1 M •Wi. I .iiatna glrfliis c 1(1. from the ilaUtmttre .imurtean, Atarck LATKST KIUIM KHANCi:. TIm* pwrki'l lip Siiify, ai New York, brinpt PiArU pAimf>l iIm* lUtii Mud liavrv to tiMlllli Kfliruxry, bolli TIk* Fritnch poviTnnMnt ha fMMMli'ni <>l Um Havre paper llius announces this inlell( M-nce : Xi'UT a lonff ('onfcrence of tlw Ainlmx^aiiors of t\te f.Mif (.'real Powers yi-sterday, at the President of the Counrii's, rebpertiiii|; tiM; ^tflfuirs of Italy, couriers were de|Htclieon the t>rniHl deniainl of th<7 Holy Father. TIm' re|H)rt of anarniaoK'nt foi (,'ivifa Vecrhia, which yestenlay was lieateij as a fable, appears now to assume more consistency, in ronseqotrnce of the article from th,* Jmirnal to proced almost from iIm* Cnliinet of iIm' Prime Minister, or from the oll'ice of M. St. Aulaire, French Ainbassedition. Ikrlin,Janiujru ZU. — The explanation of the Kussidn Cahinel. on the BTgiaii (pjeitton. *rill require a new ne^^otiation. Sidl ir language is any thing but wjirlik**. and the retrograde rnuvement of the Russian trtMpH. continued to ui from St. I'eterslMirnh, ij a freih guarantee o( peare. It must not be lorgtitten, that the Sovf reigus, in persuaihn^ Le(pohi | bocome King, contracted (Julie* towards! htm.'—Aui^sbiir^h Guz. Our (loverunient. it in vaid. received deNpatches to-Jay from St. Pelernburj;. aunouncin;; that the rutifuationof the tweuiyfour Articles by the Kmperur Nicholas was soun expected.— The Ltmdori t'ourir of the 8fh states that the despatches f kXMCi SLAND^. Uif His EtctlUncy Sir J^ (L. S.) Cimmautier-mChiefs inatuT''^ said Islands ami uf the Garrig^ ^ or that uuiy be sent thither^rT*^ ^!!*> lice. Admiral and Ordi r ^ ,.' A PROCLAMATION. WJiERKAS the Oenerdl Assemldy of tl^J lands stands proroj;ued unto tlie thiriy.^ '*" of March instant ; Anij Wuekkam it is exJd ^^ the &aid (ieneral Assend)ly should be disy|ved"'i therehire wsue this my proiiamaiioa, dissolvin, .l" ** Oeiierul A^iembly ; And the saine is hervjiv A "^ accordin^ds. / ''**<''^ under my hand and the Seal tif the $^ jj A'ussr/M, .\ew l^roriilencr, this 'ifra/i^iJ/^' Gieen at uf March in the year of our Lmtl lH3*i ||^ second year of His Majesty^ s Hei^n, J. C AKMH liAKL-SaTTS Jiy His EietUeney*s Command. S. NF.SBTTT ,,. GOD SAVE THK KINO. f GOVERNMENT NOTICE. i}Mke of one reijimeni heini,' destined for the Papd shures, it had pirkeil up a va;iie nimonr, fourtded tipon an acciflenLiI expression u\ on** of tin* Kind's Aid-de-('amps. Then, lMwever, it had not even iH'cn disntssed in the ('tHHicii. .Since then atfairs to the Mmisier of Foreign At*airs. aniiouured that Russia was iROPRIETORS of Slaves and Agents or Alf,;„ beri:.; but nevcrihel.... it was hoped that the 1 :* .J*" '^^" '""*"*"?• ''.*'" ">.* d.^i' of rt,. nut jet decided a* to the ratifiearion ol tfie 'I'reaty of Novt-mP would take place The Jonrtial du IlaTre of ihe 10th int; Slaves from one Island to a no tlie r, will exwj^jif ij, notices, as a singular j "'^Jf*** *'.'^'> '•'•*<^ '" ^"7 "f^'' '*"\'*'. ••''"'*• Ives and the PoWk Tin. <:alunet was not in a s.H.e to hre.k with Austna ; | ,,,,.j„,>,fe. 7_Verv little on 'Change to-dav-Con' ""'' '" '"!"•'•• """*' ""/ ^ '"*' '" '"' '"''•^" "^ " '^ hm tuku.e advaniavje ol a clause .u.plnd in the decluhuIs o,,^ned and closed at U 3- \i. This goes to confrrll, i '^" ^"^ '' removal ol a Slave, in whicJ. il is uotc&l, raiion ol the I o|m* s AndMssador, il was discussed in i ibe statement of l^.rd Althorp that go ernment h as alis(dution of a s4-tioiis demunfltrali'in was Mken — it "is however nut one rejfiuunt, but thn'i'or four that are talkeil of, a uunder equal to that oi the Impel iai triMipk in the Marrjies. Tl* wailike ariicle of tinJtiurnal des Debats, is the retell of this decision. Orders were ^'iven by telegraph to equip at Ttiuhm two ships of the line and five friti;ates, and to diaiter at Marstulh^s and One merchant vessels as trau^ports. Ttie fifiih, l.ilh and *^ih are detacbi'd, it is saisner amounts In eight, and is supp'fxil will amount to nine uiillions francs. Italy, Farnxa, Jan. '4^^.— During tlie combat of the l^.hhof this iMonib, IHIH) civic guardersed themselves among ibe faunlios whicli th-m an asylum, and that tite town mi to a TiiUaKe al*andonei4 tlieir arms Paris, Fth. Jfi. — TIh) A usirians entered Bologna on tlx5^lh of January at 8 o'clock in the njuining. There was not the least dislurbaiicc. The Austrian army had so taken its position, as to enlor sunultaneously at all Uie yales. It is said that \^0O troopsof tbilinehave just embarked at Ttiulon, and thai about .StX) more will bv embarked to occupy Civita \ iH-chia. A simuIlaneou occuiwtion of the legation bv the French and Atislrian tnMjpx il| take |duce, — but in such a manmrr tiiat the) lmll nut come in contact with each OffwT. Tlitj following is extracted fiom a private letter, datcd Rohgna, Jar.uary ^9 : — Cardinal Albani has iwued a I p 1st, That the owner of the .Slave is ile proprietor if I Estate, or has a share in the Salt pond on the islam) i which it is pro|>4>sed to remoxe the Slave; and tbiitv SPAIN. ^*^^ '''*'' P'"P"*<' "* cultivating the said estate, ot fornkin; Extract of a f.rivate letter froii'i Madrid, dated the lOlh I '*?"'^ '" *'"* T"" '^'""?'"l.' " '' 't'•^ '" |>ermwn lor instant :-" Immediately after a Council of Ministers, an \ ''"^ '''"'"'"' '"''M-'-'s**^^order was despatched to I lie Military Commandants of the 2d. A certificate signed I y tlic owner (or in tlieibrsr; northern provinces u retain only the troops strictiv necessary for different garrisons, and to send all the others towards (lalicia and Estramadura. Orders have likewise iKfeu sent to Pamf)eiuna for two of tle regiments from that garrison to be matched to (iaiicia. Tlie intention of this IS to keep bodies of troops ufMtii the frontiers of Portugal, ready to enter tliai kingdom in case the expedition o( Don PeJro thould effect a landing ; for in spiu (f the Cabinets of London and Paris, the King is resolved to take part with Dun Miguel. Let M. Perier and Lonl r . Orev take learning. Tliere has lieen very warm altercai ''^'if'^' "* Registry, accompany their applietiK.! sitl. tion between M. Calomarde, the Minister' of Justice and .""^ ^'*'^ ^ '" ^"^ "^"^ '***' ''"-' ^'^**' *^ ***'"'* ^ M. Salaiar, Minister of tlie Marine, the latter in con.^**^ ^""^ removel, do actually and bona fiile beUyio quence has resolved lo smd in his reaignation l>ers<.n who is the Proprietor ol the Estate on wbKhH ..,.,..,' '"^ J""' >"^" announced at Court, that M. Salmon, "T''"'^ '". 7'^'*;> '!**.'"• ^ , r , Jios which offered Minister of Foreign Affairs, died to-day at 1" o'clock All Memorials or Petitions for the removal of Slam, ght not be ex^iose*] j I|,. had Koen ill for M^^veral days, an.l M de C''olomaide *** "'*"' '" ''"-* *'"'''*'*' SecrHary's office ; anrf froai mhfw Iwd been charged with his portfolni ati interim of the owner by his Attorney or \gei;t) is n-qnlrHioM attachel to "acli |)etition for the removal of a Slave, Mtlint that the removal will not cause any separationof Fsiaiia ; that is, between Husband arnl Wife; belueeiiPsieDtfiiKf children under 14 years o( age. HtS. An extract from the Slave Register, '^'iprd h\ it Slave Registrar, must accom|>any each \>utio,dMcrikii; the .Slave or .Slaves ; and in the event of there hari^ Itefrn any transfer since tlie 1st Januarv, lKfl,(lli it 1 1 of the last registration) petitioners must, in addition to tk Changes in tlie ministry had lieen spoken of for sune time. The death of M. Salmon, hy deranging the statu f/uo, will undoubtely give rise to a new composition of the Cabinet. As be liad received extreme unction yesterday, the clmire of his successor was alrealy in delibiration. Tlucandidates tliat have the greatest chance of success aic M. d'Ofalin, Amliassador at Paris ; M. dc Labrador, titular A iiiUssador at Rome, but who is .>till at Madrid ; and M. Paez de la Dadena, Minister at St. Petirslmrg. TIk. last apjH'ars the most probable, as his nomination would rivet the hands which attach our couit to that of Russia." POLAND. The Warsaw Journals contain the following • Princf |.r.Hlamation, in which Ikstill s,K.ak. of Uh. good inlen: :hl'!^L^'''f '""''"'' P^sM an ordonnance, regulating Lns of die Pojie to ^.nt to tile provinces mX^^rat.ons ^ov.sionally granted lo otfice.s of iIkI'olish none ihat are not strictly in accordance with the lorfgwm rules, will be forwarded to iIk* Governor. By Hts Ejtcellency's Command. S. NESBITT, Skv. GOVKR'VIHF.NT llot'SK, 15th March, lH;i2 SK, I :iJ. i stNtod to the wishes of tin? fMHjple. But His Excellency niakea no mention of any reforms to be made in criminal army now deprived of the means of suhsisimce, as well as lo the widows and oiphans who have fallen. \\ comWINf; hxer(lf nenn) l^' Bv order id tlie \ csirv. DAVID SPEN( E, Vestry CWrl VE8TIIT Room, 9O1I1 March, \ML H shilliiiL' Loaf lib. 4r.sons arrt^tcd on tlK' 2l itixtant ate strangers to Paris, the utmost pro|)oriioM of tl>se really Ulonging lo tiie capital not lieing more tlmn one in seven ; a great number of theiu are fiireigners. •V general fast was ordered by the King of England for the^^lsl March, on account of tlio Choh^ra Morbus. A letter oi Sth Feb. from a person near M. Talleyrand, says ** llie Conference since the ;ilst Jan. have liad many nee ...I .h., .iK.y will i„. .,e.,;..i .„.„,„„ ..f .i;,";-;^;: JV i, ^77 "f,:", >":';;, The relief is to be granted to the following two classes. —1. Officers and functionaries of tlie civil atlministration, who, after the comniencemeut of the revolution were a.lmiiied to active service : and who after having* taken a part in iIik revolution, spontaneously retired without uoing lieyond the frontiers of tlie kingdnm. 2! eterans, who were admitted FOR SAKE. The clkiice of 2 Lots of Lan-!, with * buildings and improvements tlw-n on, !•!'•* Prince's street, gem'rally known bv ihe nanir' LightttNit, or Cupid's Row. For Teruis and olher particuUiis, apply to scribers. HENRY (JREENSLADE&^o March 3<1. thf JJ<*TO BE LET, tliat phasanily ^ House and Premises, lately in lla' i>'"f* of Hrnry Adderley, EMjuire, wiih in* (Hjssession. Apply lo January 2Sth. ,^iai C. S.ADUKRLtV. nlorraH ami lonary government, if it apf)ears that they subseijuently relircNl from that body. Tlio respective sums fixe0 florins ; a major, *"***" *^'*'" *'**'''>' tirounlLv repairetl. and tla' lTC"' 1100 and 1,H40 florins; a captain, 1,000 and 1 jj-lf) '*^ '^' fences have been newlv put up. Ilorm • ~ ^^"^ ' • ^'-ri a lieutenant. Hot) and 1,0.^ florins.* The House and Pn iui.m> at pres< )y Mis. Poitier. Tlie IIoumis ^•""'•' ronveniMit, witha lareekilclH-n and a>Jt attaclail, chair houMand slahlioc **^ Tbeouthuiklaei lnn-xrs, extensive yard and gravs pi<'ce. T,, ^ ^ A tract of I^nd situated at tlie Villac*^, tontsia 1 lie ship Lnvoy, arrived at Boston from Liverpool, lias I acres, h is disi^h*! by \\w vdhige-road mtoti*" •'*•'. ,, a cargo tlie most yahiable that has been brought from wrstt-rn lotln-ing intcri^cted bv the new nmd \>-<^f^ Liverpool fur many years, the invoice \al"" -.f .i-:-i .1 n • -i i>i i n _* 1 'ii .lartd •iH''* „ l^t>. "• >m wrsti'rn lot iH'ing intersected bv the ,. ''• of which at iIh' village into the Blue hill pad. This land • .. I •..,... ^•**^n*^'*d was upwuids of .JOO^OOO pounds, or iM-arly HommI of in one or three lou Ai>idv to .,0 oflical imxiings but tlwy all rtfcired to the state of *1,40(,(MI, and it is ,upf>oMMl that the rlutieson ^,^'';^";'> • •'^^ '*'''"' ""^ ''^ "'^^"^ •^"'^l^j,^ WMlLL^^ Greece, and not to Belgium. mi|| amount lu between $:KH),(KJt> and $400 000. Sr^mbcr Ulk. jt— ^ !OK4-e aiCJCSIil, KditMr. tHE BAHAMA AlUilM. Ari RDAl, HARCH 31, 1K3. POSTP.T. THE CIIHJ) OK KARTH. Faistfr Iter sluw stcj> i-ilh frrm dav to day UvirthN Kan,l w f,.n,My ,, K^-r ilarkt-ning bViw ; Yrt d.^h e foiMlly chug to eartfi, ;„,ut, ih ? nut n„H '" TIf spring hath rif>eik<| into summer-fimc s Tillseason's VH.•|,.^^ Uxiiidary is past • Th.. M,n hath reached his burning primeOh: mint this gimqise of beauty be tfiHrwi • • Let tae not wfiif,. „Vr tam1 aii.J tea UmIi 1llHt S|r,H. the Urd of |i;;b, „„,v,.; „„ Nf sHile ffie muriMur ..f lb*iiionuiain b)t (ireefs tuy dull ear with aiiistc in it ttme* rjfr,icl.i.e^ ,Uu„ ,nv eye .....i |„u:M.r i)n Ihe bruad meadows .i„d ihr uinei s\t^^ To w^fcb in silence wbuc the evenmravs r-lai.t thn.u^b tt.., fufir.g trees wifir,,, bU „\^.^^ r4.lrr the bree/es ,,|.,y arouncf inv brow-. I iim ontent to Jie — but, oh not now [** TfwMeak wuid whisHes: .„ow-.bwers fi,r and near Urift wit!iuut echo to the whitemui; ,?runJ • lt.nn haih p<^ed away. and. coM ami drei. Winter sMiks on with tror^'n mantle b<.und Yrt s:,|| jKayer ancends. '• Oh lauchiiiRlr Mv little brorhers round the wnrni liearlh cmwd Our* br.Mii. and briglit, nn>\ hi'a .\ii.f the rif>| rinni with toices li;|ir ;,nd loud •' 9^^rr me aMrhile ratsr up mv droopmbrow I Ml r.iuteut to die — liul, oli : uot now !*• TSe *|Kin; n come <; .in— the jovful sprinjj • \-H.n the l„nks with clustering Hower, are spread ; JV rilil birl ilipi upon its w;)nton wln^ r— Tile, bil f of eartb is numlwre-l with the de idl* Ibee never morn th.. sunshine ib;|| aw;k Bcimn;; all f,||y lbro.j-|, ihe lallice-i,.,„e ; TV ol iriendM thy may not break. y>H loud rtiui|i;r voire aroiiMa-'aiu ^-tb^kjei.r .badow veils tfiy .brt^ned brow*'•; dehi thou liuijer .— thou art bppier now ."• C0\SP|KACVI\PAHI^\ From the Comstdutiouoel of Frtday, ^rj '^""r '•>."' •'"'v. The following a're .Ih! Mit*r, regar.bng ,1, which wu have collected with •WindividualscauK', afewdavtajjo,to breakfast at At tliewme moment it became known tiwii an assem. Wage o from 3.0 400 men was forming a. h^ r! tile A Ta&l 'r rr'^^ •''*"' -^efrec.:Hrr'Vr J^t wt^o^i t;^""'*' "*-'^*^ '-^'"' In short it was mwiioned as a certaintv about tH (Jianiber of Oepuiica, that Uare ImuI bsa-n .xc^i an act Ti ""r ?,"^''*""" .^^^.^f" • Carlist. ami R.-puhbcans. I lie folU)win,r, „ Ml „^^ ,^ ,,^ Um— • To unite f^r itm sake of tiverturnm^ what exisu to convoke the Primary Asseinfdit., and to refer to ilieir decisi>n the mode ol government to he adopted.' Tlietc details, read with a bnal voice in tinSalle de Conference, emuxi ilie trim,;est indi^'nation in th !>,.poties, and I'laoce will have the same feeling. It it time tliat tlie true friends of liacountry thould closelv unite to rcjiresa factions, and to st'ciire ifie irmmrdi ol th Re volution of July, ISao. ,uch as France lias ma.le it and such as b raoce understands ii. Tlie (iovtrnment of July ought to place Its. If Iwhfly m |1n} defcMice of the Nanon/l interests, and it wdl easily trmmjd, over madne^, the inijwtence of which is every day betrayed by oxceasc, at once odhHis and ridicnhMM. We have no need to say th.t tlie public tranfluill.ty i re-estaldisfied, for it Ims never b*^m compromike.! These msolatwi attt^mpts witlioot e< fni in tlie mass of tlie naiM.n are, from thcu^ reaulu, a insignilicant as lite autlioni ara guilty. Every one asked this ovenlii|f in Paris, who were the A*******!^ "* *'"* '"'*'' ^^^n^f^x-Hcy Are ihev CaflisisT Aio tkrv Republicans! It u not the remit „| ,b;„ monstrous alliance of < arlists and Republicans, to |,.rh ue have alieady drawn aii<-nlion, ami to which we klMll still draw attention, in spite of denials, |„ch we do not r,^lii because facts preaeui ihemselvm in abundance to eive tlie' lie to tliem T w ^ "w To all these questions justice will, no doubt, answer with certainty : and we cannot urge too much oa tlie miThese order, pnxluced iIk, best'res'uirs. '\lT,re7ha^''^; I ?"." ?"'*""•' '*"'' '** '"*"'"'* "''^" '"** •""'''' " * "''i"'ividuals, will, file arms, poniards, lint and Ll W^ ST T ^TTT T '^^f'^' "*" *'"-' "'"•' -^'- • ' ^•'"^ "^^-^ and complete kii.d, that tlie whol truth may U' known TIkj Journal des l>ebat. says, that • nearly two hu.i* I seize*!. I here three shots were ftred at the puhllc force A ronspuator was killed, several were woon,|,.d. Amoup thlatter is mentioned the vaht-de-chambre of M l>.dev lu Ea.,u, feci of Polica, He had on him linen for dressin wounds. ^ At a .piarter pa*t 2 o'clock a patrol of 8 voltitf.K..rf of Ihe 1st ball. liUi legiun, coiiiiiMnfid hy M. LeuTand corjioral. passing the Croix-Ro^ige, perrei'vetl at tl en-' traneeof tfio Uue-de-Kour a greupof individuals, towards which was approachm;^ a palr.d of ih-j line of the Post of the Ahliey, when at the same moment tlay Uard the cry offo Arms !" in the Rue du I>ra;M,n. Ha% ,ng repaired ihithcr, K.gcther with the line. i1k.v found the .Sieur Kersausie str.igt,din!! with two police ageuU, who had arrested him, and who threatened lo fire ou tlieiu with two pHket pisi.ds which he had on kirn, and of which one was armed (or me.) The 8ieur Kersausie, on whose ficiition a reiiort was read some days ago to tle Cbanik-rof Defmties, was accouipanioaid that lb.! arrests exceeded the num!er of a liundref Pri Iws learned only thia akirning titat a coo.piracy had feen discovered in the course of tlie iu{;ht. Tlie muai C4>Mtradicloiy rumours are in circulation.** Pant, Feb. 3.— Tlie conspiracy discavared on ilic night before last is said to liave had four interests to forward :—vi/.. princiiially of iIh) fiiends of t|i#. restoration, m llie ptTson of llenr> V. ; of confusion and plunder^ under the name of a reptiblic ; of military goveinuMnt and glorv, under the nauie of Napoleon 11. and of tlie ••juste milieu" who wislicd to crush tlio spmt of insubordination, of which iIm' growth hai In-en encouraged by iIm I 1 ;. 7— '"I'vr, .. *.."..5u..,. /... ..Tciitng .fournai mentions aUo M urned yesterd.i> (iIhIsi h ebru.iry) at I I>-launay, Treasurer of Uie Society of Friends of th. iJie evemiij;. aud unmMuiad to |Im' I'cople, and tlif^ Menton d'Arenl of the Comcwnv I t v wouid hnnrl.. ca I .,..:„ j^ j, announced also that tin. door.kee(H.r of t'he j .u,.i.ous press ; and by tlie lurbulem, aiie lM)p4d so, for tlie honour of tlie Paris Exchange ; but tlie charge' is spoken of to' "**''^<^" <'ofr.^li (iifTicuhies that Lo'i^re has Ut-n arrested, on ibe clifge o4*v air' deliver;^H-ned l>y dep.tmg an earnest for tlKcost of tlie ed tlie keys of Uie Lou. re. ^ uHrTT' ';d even for the ralae of the nilrer pUUe. An llooouraWe member of the Chamler of Denuties *<<-^a) ni^ "'*'*" *"**''''''''^'' '*•*' ^*^"'"' "•'''"• ^^ ^^' ^-"^'•'''*'^ been cauli^med som.; 4ay, ago lo lie iiiiilu.i ^"" """. **;"*• ^'*"' i'*' f>**^^>"% several of ," his guard, as an attempt was lo l>e made on his life fori" '."'/^"T "•"•"•7 •^•7-" '^•••'^'-•nineni laieiy ^ 'i a fi,ure ar^l dress imire than eMuiv.M-al. How| havingbeen one of iJie Twohumired a,ai I^ccntyO^ *^"'**" V^ ^'^^* ^'^ "" *'"^'''^"n". <^r were, aa it is repu*t terminated trau.p.Hlv. th.Te was no alTlic-se reconimeudaiions were rencwtMl yesterday evenin. T^'I* "^J^/ ^"^"^ men who woie wldie in.ignias i "* ""'" • ' (Feb. 1 ), by a man to whom .M. D. O. vl^J^.'^^ '-'^ but.onliole,. to res^-mble tinorder of Henry V. and s **' •'It is said that fnlse painds of .National Oaards were ^^^^^ '"^ *'^' ""''**^' ^'^^^ * ^^ P^^a to disarm tlie posts, a^d seixe ilicm, but this uruiect was I i *' 1 • it . frustrated by an m.U^ of tin. stalf, received aVelevrn iT"'? ^u"^^ ""^'^'' ^''^''"^"* *^'*^'* *" o'clock in tlie evening, enjoining those in command of tla. I I"' "" [^ "•' **"**''' l'"' *"*^'^* tlu-onged a. usual iwstsof the National (;uard to give pas, word, to K\n^\f\Z!^l^\T^.^^.\':'^^^^^ nK*n, ami to allow no (KiiroU to go ouL It ap()ears that divers circumstances had for everal ^ ..:;,„ ,Hj uress imire iiiun epiivocal. Ho repu*t terminated trau.p.Hlv. th.Te was no i ;^f'ditics, Init iIk. comjiany had tlie air of hav, ^^'aiir iin t\^..xr...... A al. ... w. "•-.ii''" *""" ""'"'"• '^' ""'luigl.t a quantity of • •llsoit.were mtnHhiced into the house, and im^rli I ;" ,' • ''^ *^^^'^n "l ''t the pistoU and "''re fo,U.d without any concealment. ^ *\!^lTr' '".; '""'*' '*">' '" l>*'^-^'^i<'n of infi.r-liir'J^ "••"'""•"' of precaution n(>ce$sary CZl r** Chief of the Municipal police, ac ^ j-** b> a deiacliuHMit i>f tlie municipal guards, nA estaiirant of jxilice knew that tile ••^ odw.../ '---""••" ^ "c municipal ^afT 1^^' '" ltlouse of die He < / r„rairf,, wheie tUjwlice kne rr — — ••— j ii/i ^;er4i days pat the police on tintrack of this infamous conspiracy. Several of the Old Ouards du Corps arrived at k'>ii/**'l^"?.'^*"/*'' '*^'*-'> diey had watclied, were I I'^ris. Whilst in a popular society a mould was made of *^i<'eui fn 1... ^j '*' **!"* *** *• *"'^'*' ofl^x'tr to sum\ tli mask of Robespierre, tliere were distributed in several quarters of Paris, casts representing this personage of ter rihle memory ; there wr^rc also distiibuted m>dals with the .-^"Hu surrender. Pmicelei answered hv ^'^aputol. *hichtook efri-ct rm tlie dwthe head of ttie ^•heiv r •'"***' '^*""''*'**^ They tlien dashcfl into the effigy of Henry V., while and red labels against Loub S seized /""r**^'^"^ **^*'* "**^**" **'''^ ^" *^ **•"**• ^*''''P *^ *''" ^^^^y ^^y **^'''' ^'"''>''" nto the guard ^*.tie k '*'.'** "^ conspirators, ami> of all sorU, ; room*, wliere the soUliers of tlie line and ttie National l tile atta *k* **' '**** ^"*'^*^*' ^^' [ Ouards tore tliem with indignation. '^ ai ail 1*11^ J^^'t'n' there were several wounded ; ^ For several davs too, individuals whov opinions were i^iiicdonihcsKJeof tlie coM,.i.r^f..r. i^^^w „ had been' beard in coffee houses to announce a of the coiiY'rators. of any moment Ims rMclied u from tlie province. /'real Gaii^^nami's Mesun^er. rOPI8PIR^rY AGAI.VST THE STATE. •• For some time past the Carlist party, or jieTsoni acting in its name, have U-en aeeking for an op^Mirtunity to strike a decisive Wow againit tl present OoverametsL A sysAcm of cnlUtaieot had Ixen eslaUishod, and iu •execution entrusted to agents, wfm were enabled to distribute money to such men as engaged in the catis^*, and even to |iay theai a dady allowance. Each of these agents onderluek Xa produce a hundred mn, and *achof them hae\ delivered a list of naeit's forming a full ciKnjdimenf. Tlie Carlists, from iliese, reckoned ujwn a force of fioni 1 S.flOO to 20,000 men, ready to ric is aruM in one night, but tho *^ ']• j r'. I f .t