The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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University of Florida
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4 I

3B105, B11 .E. SATIUDAYT. NACE 34, 83. VOLe. 1--3 .o. L .1

THE BAIIAMA ARGUS. UrInd Jury have to etabliah the famet tLd m having oef kas h hasks s s m o ia fr p
--- been take. It i for the Court o deild if the fact Ihe caMue I lach co dlera would oly he lih I,
pnULIHRID aEWi-WERELT IN NAlmeAe. NP. proved i pniLshable. oath.-"** Bi tle r mle n l at me undlerae asll
'rh J. ,s confr ed. a a thi OrndJ Jy won d byt- ing that dw in aamrls m di ni pr ke lrh d Ame H
Wht m Pwll agmurk- vlorl d to withdraw to their HRon, and raise there am to by dd dlisat fr it "my muIai a m"i
Time waiting for the Indictmats. be prvewdi by ar witme it mayrms e &n tho a si ds
Gramd Juy are to ke the law into considerutios I can- wrrant the convictio." If tlndre aron mn t
not send up the Indictlnt, it uan be altered, whih call- one witness, the whole. a in other Mcn tImm uponp tiM
ot he done before to-morrow. credit attacbed by the Jury to their tlalry mind in
SCief Justice--l there is no other coue, the lat case where a perAo furnishes evidence against ir,
evil nust be submitted to. by Isearing in one plac in contradictioa to hi owa rath
The- Court adjourned fill u10 'cacke-marrams morning. another, the rule does mo apply.
POZTRY. WiroreDaf 7th Heptember. The rule applicabl to docatem s alleged to be sm er
." a- The Court, consisting of the Members who sat vmer- ald sultribed by the patty acmed, as was deldU by I
I.UTY. day being assembled, and tli Grand July present, the Lord Masfield and the Coul of King's Bench, oh, th
on "me rhe forn'a eUil. e mould-- Chief Justice addrces d ihe latter l s folluw :- the Junst attesd by the proper perw ore who
r'Ir ilkel curl'a e noin si flo This case stood over to allow the Indictnent to b e te oath othal to be taken is luifcieet proof of is being
T lie m al Whie ihnd ld sadn r niamended, but it is not rea.leId more difficult fur the con- sworn by *he peson whose amm is sigam pr of of
Cau lt be beautiful that fadei sderatioo of ihe Jury. Tim only dillfunco is the intro- the handwritingof th prnonaigiug, i uS oile evece
Like rainhws from the cloud of dun, duciion of another form of oath paying very sliglhly, but that lie rws the I n who took te oath. The Ir( iry
Which wilher a tie tlouh of time, to the sa~ie intent. The oflCnc is alkh2d to be an aiinst Act of the lland requires the oath to be satire, iobte-
Like flower bealth a bhrnin snuni? the Registry Act-passed wid the especial viw o'f ail- Woly for greater severity against fatbaterns.
\WVa a the ham o ban astel i ning the law of tlit Empire against traBc in Slaves, and Mr. Justice (ianville-I agree with the Chief Juala
A tlesslal glaumace- pmaseing il is is eritld in ti I re able to hey tim slinere dispieiion that where Acts ar psted relating to each other, they
A fur whose graceful lirineainrns of li.e Le.ilaiture ,f this Colony to guard against tlie pI assnit each other, except here the s suenlut At ei-
CA.rens ua oft the hema of auile; sible infringenment of the Law or aboliing the Slave pressly repeals any art of the former ne-I is for yoe to
A rei ag:f Caaui .snile mina play 'rrade. T'im t2- Clause cintains a special direction as to consider bow far ths iso D in this cae.
OnweoV hlil inl iamtplerl chui- ihe form uf tle Returns withincertaiecolulnns ; under the As to the rule relating to documents-i s application
TI eye may brightly glance yes gve respective titles are to be entered, the mmbr, name, Is, appeared solely to be made to answers in Chamnry, swhem
No l ene of a mind l thill. io r, reputns red age, ordinary emplymerunt, rA s mt tirer is perpetual Order of the Court respectig h-i-th
Bum alh. the mind--rhe unlyine mind I decrease, with tlle cruni of such increase or decrOese. Oath should be lo ed to have ben taken.
Ilash holier lhautr iy o.-- iL. Cainue 3 requirni lioe Returns to be utlscriwd by the The Allor-t enerl then wished to Lddca the
A chlnn that lingers 'n to blen person making them, and an Oath to the truth thereof Grand Jury: sTCourt did not think it rLequite. Hoe id
When ouiwtard luvlineis hnlh flown. to be taken Infore the Tsrasurer, who i bound under a he only wished to point out where one of th Judges hed
Aye, linger whetn the cheek i pal. peinally of 54) to admlinister the me--a form of oath mistaken the law.
Al n carehalh dimmed lhi ere o' miath; is given, but as tlIt forl is mherel by a subrluent Act, Mr. Justice Glanville-Deoid that he hld mistake
Utller'l by lhe hroas of time. ii ilt i n necessary that I should rad it. By the 6th tlh law.
(Jr ,'irtuntumance of earth. Clause t Trre.ilsrer is required to record the Retul n. The Jury were retiring when the Attorey-GeOmrl
Ilast cl suc reIcrdeod Returns are declred public property. said-
DOMINIC.A. TI Wth Cluuse provides against ensure, and heray pe- I ehject to Mr. Lockhart sittile-the Oath was to ea-
nalies are inlmpsed on the Treasurer if he koowingly able the pry tu remove doves from one Islad to eaMdir
IJr414m-rD cCOerT or KING'S e-., makes a false HReturn. Cluse ILth, makes it perjury to ---nd there wu prosectio nlainM Mr. LockharL n f
TamiiU, September 6il. make ny false oath to any niatter or thing by thi Act reamonovleivs, nd it were well if he did t ait.
hAirm His limonur the Chief Juttice, die llon'bles S. required." Mr. Justice Dowdy-is there any reame to smaPee
irwate.r, C. ( nrs, and F. H. Ulrrjway, Hil Ilouour Wew emal to the Art of 1R2 winch was paonsd Mi. Lockhan's slaves were nou dom-esi l-Or that the I 1
IJ. G;lnvill., E. Dowdy, Esq. to remedyv complolenity which Iad u ien from frequent crime of Prjury sttauch to him I
The cauon on the Cularmler were changes of properly--ik nke nothi o fBom le duies or 7eu AUn-sy-Oe.oeJ II. r,..L.-. l .,. ,
The King v. C'hader (. HIu4l, ,--lerjitry. the forms required by the Registry Act, hbe directs tlat the away weent the time required flr making dhe Triennial
ThA King, v. J. IL lernliegkmn.-Pejr.r numes si.t be entered alphabetically-nd is a few el- Registry and the o oa th wa required, the former ewer
tSr ir.and Jury bhing empanelled the Chief Justice pressuin, the importance of which you wil judge, allered hinl taken it.
drstl ideim asl fllh-: the frm of tle Oath which mst accompany tie Return Mr. Jusice Dowdy-The cam of Mr. Lockhat w ad
Wer l ,1 n address vyou o the general die of a Granl T'he effect of the oath a pears the sane, for he forns Mr. Hllioonere not parallel: the Grend Jury were cm led
Jh, k itlhuld do litlke imre llmn reailu rae thllN Ilobsrve- and returns must be the smme-and if the oth be aLken y.strdy--he was not objected to tham.
SI spl Wo i ln we inet on tl first day of tIle 8r falsely, it is equally perjury as though no mch uso lubtiton The Attorney-General--I Stae my opiaio publity, I
ha. Thky apply, qosunt ma eo t to the ca now ti of orm had taken plate-fur The 13th Clause of llr have public duty to perform.
i sem up tio you-l-o receive which, your -srvices on the Registry Act declares," if any person shall knowingly Mr. Justice Dowdy-And the Camr enprrm their upi-
pmai ith Cxnltry ive been required this day. and wilhilly make any false mlnh to any of the matters or union publidy-there ia so occasion t my any mre--th4
ifem e *ot new met t try the pliniful question whe- things required by this Act, Ak." Ad it is a rule of Law Court have overruled the objection end you mean i-
be Mr. Ililhn be gilty ns he is chirned ill tie Indit-- tht if 7hmier ar arres Acts epae the no abject, thy tertupt tiem.
L, hl whtk i upon le evidence to be set t up to you tren o be taken together a fo/mcsl e orstm, ald as The Attorney-Oeeral-- did aol hear ho- t e slpr
rme ms made eas as calls pon the defendant to answer iutrpretmul atfndenorey ac eter;" wilflay making a their opinion,
m are. false oath, therefore, to my of the maters or thing re- Mr. Justice Dowdy-Nor can ya whe ea ye
Ta i a prmireutiou Imar Te m lState of the Colonn qoired by the Registry Act, is perjury. Tih codmidr- mC constant interrupion.
Aid Ai c t ur the ReHisterig of Slnes in this ls tions fr the Grand Jui are, the Perjury mset he wilful- The Attorney-General-I object to Mr. Hoeie; he
i-nt' IIIu impIortant Art, friimnd with a view of pre- the compoency of the jurisprudece, and thI evidener. has epressed an opinion.
nsilny illegal trIfl is hMow; andas tie Plramble 1. The swearing must be fatbr-and i nmt in the Mr. Hotnon-I am ma on the jury.
4to d el w "t l iseerdisp t itino d L.eill termsof the Act be done k&anrily and itfully. Time Anorune .Gienrl-Objecmed to Mr. Cowrt sing
edf .thi Claer fsy M a grd e u M y possible i nfe- A a iMn demre 4 delibemn e therefe i necessary: aI Jdp in the cae of Mr. Hdon. md l i
" thei Lraws or Ilorli the dTave Trade." I oI a mta false oleah taken in ignorance or hurry or mis- Mr. Hobon being es Albitrtrl be Mr. C t ad
Im l dtre is no (;noodma on the Grand Jury who te.' Tiem mint ib reason to believe Ihat the person another peroo with whom he had a disputd menl
is more or leos erquainted wi th is Sttaute---ad accused, knew what lee was swearing and as prede-. M1r. Courn-Denld that he stood is ay mceh iati
*it4 Te misamiely nr. lersined to swer falsely. with rerd to Mr. Ilubml--Lm fe k himn f f ft I m
0W lluonsr ilw eitd wsiin Cin eeis of the Regis- And in judlinof this it is of the utmost imprtace bins nd would si.
To ct of 1417, himt as the- lae are -nne into in the that the Jury should look at ihe itent of the puny iM The Attorney-eneral-lTo are Mr. obe'ls jumdg
d i ne aestdy weoIom them in tha place.) king he oani-nd in sik preset cae specially. Time to-day, end to-morrow he is to be yeam
4. Justice OGanille, thli epr sed inirs If to there defendant is charged with fuaely Mwaring that dees Mr. Cost-I willm os ow el so 8; s dow
l Jry to following l'ro : aves newly purchased frio the eld were his domestics, r M oa with li issl d CAh .
bkume--lt is not meal for a junior JdIge to ad-I is the town of Rousseau. New I can easily counire illthaI Atorney-(Oe ae .l- aL l1.
a s rund Jury, nordim I intend o do so, Iut in con- a perna may resi pm of an omiasion by the Chief Juimei I should he though sch Slave never bed he employed oen a b. or a a jud-I b e a.a l"iram a o me .I up far the
ilei my duty, if I did nt y a frw wordsto yii from change of cirrlmntances never might be no am oe ie Dr. @er g ig-- -it Im mam
e Ie Chief Justice's charge to yon it aplnrs th at played, and yet he perfcmlly innocent of perjury. Itis not thnt Mr. GOlnv a ghti si t- e i CaImer for
Ilon is cclsem. of wilfal and corrupt Perjury in I the me re brch of the letter of the law that wild con- Mr. Bermningham in e prn utmin in aoter Comrl for
i e Ih O ih dirrctad to be taken hy the Reaiilralion tiller perjulrv. HBull l K~rri lrv Ar was framed fr ihe "mOinr! re-end Mr. Hoht n is s a Chent of Mr.
ef 1417. Since tlie posing of that hlw, in May express purpose of aidinr the laws made for auppreion Glanville in other Caoml-I i a ftal ejoismo to .jery-
~ nther Vrt h been passed, the lot riau e f! of trading in Slavoe. Whatever are the Laws of tm man that 'h e is either Attorney, Agent or Kine .--I ,
di irefm the Oath to be iaken on making fniure re- I Empire respecting the dealing in Slaves, Ihe lioal Rrgi y nm, in making this ohjmction, o, ly etoestd by my dty;
ts and rhe .1 clause Ilpres ly repepis ao much of the I Act is .ubsidiary to them. And--he Indictment ci rgesit is for Mr. Oanville and the Coert to decide.
e oa n renIs ime Olth required by that Act to Mr. Ilohbon wih having committed this allegd perjury Mr. Jusice Glanvillo--l is fur me lone to deci-llm
i*ken. Tim quisimifr for vmr consideration are firit in swearing all theAl neernes were his domneieio for h Ih Attorney-General has stated a proper mstise and I m
M Mr. i ,lmon taken a f(lse oath; Seeredm-I the enpres puriepwe of enihlint him to violate th1e laws, and nont I pre ame any noher-In dtm raw of Bermiagham I
owhirh he len so taken, tie oath reqiuired by lliu law, so report tihe Slaves so an tnllr Colony. Is ihpre nv will not sit-but in this car I feel myself a imetre d d
atoifwrri. evidence of msclilntent on the part f Mr. Iloluto-f(c unintertesd man cn be-if I cmide Ihe prmomset
T Allournmy-Goeral-- I mn-hl n Ivrr an opportunity prenmeditated fal.showd must be julged by what preceded innocent I hal direct the jury to ocquo, if G ily I shell
"i'i" to what has fallen from Mr. Glanville. or what followed the oath. charge them arccordiily-1- take crdit t myself fr
**. J-kire Glanville- have only done, M. Attorney, 2. The Oath mint be taken ia a judicial or a public having yesterday promoted Ihe Greed Jry from porhp s
SI umid have been culpable in not doing. I have proceeding--nd before a competent juriodiion--.hat fiint g a priner gilty of sa inf m i Ou a
-sY w .. as iited ins he Chief Ju.sice' charge. is, beoreom person lawfully authorize to administer an wrong charge. ...
Atrny.(;,snrral-This.. a q. sinn which can anh. Mr. IlUoblon-Repeatel hi objton de a the ir
mC e on in the course of a regular aritlnent before The Registerine nf Slaves is a public proceeding- day t the Court to the Chif J-ae mig on hia
The (;rnd Jury oa'reh not toI e lef to de. the Records Pahdic Prpert"--and as to autllrily, the Chief Jutice la prejudged him--ed ihd prn med ed
.Lhch 01 .o .r.e is in ., i ,r whPiher if the oath ihe Trre.irer is n,,t only o nl Iow..r.P d .t administer Jil him a perjured individual as for beck as February, ISn,
eI, li, Itr -,n ski ,,. is ran nh panr eid ip in- I r th, hilt lie is sil*llers lo a pI nallvy f ul.), ifhe adlnmis in a e ttlo.r t (a vernm'm irhasr- t
e are i u.i, n.,f l.n. m..It h- (;,.nI Jurv ie sonll- R sitrn nuo ulpn ,oa.h. T ie Atolrni'-ttnerdl--ThT s mos r-4sraordlnry
;-udF l i fsr, t-| ).tn ,, ,n.i ihe qeTtioun. Tlnt- S. As ts csvid c,' -II ns a sltlcl ride that thl eutodeinctI'd on e tlot pag,.]

I '__V I .t M..atW -a i l .. .
,nI l oaies, as l tz l 'he ph egisaturl L e m B noy. oi dses H for his owa me ; otod th e N ai,.
S-r ,, au olriz, in thMrl mn .R ue ill. I lhee of their coonsituit-s, ia .
... I.--. .- duti, lu, evi, d k iadU the 4ltl oe (l t b, are by eight for the towo of Nassau, fr a te a
T-,R ,. 4. Law, (whe, n ao utct is mt suspendedl, u.tly at the di- strict of the Island of New Provideses, f e
a ...c e Le Kinr, -~a His Majea.y to dly slao Distar :t of bt e said Islad, eli mi,
I e'it Hi Ec'llncy the (;uv.r- erop. of tlis o.ioerll ml At IIw period to which I Abaco, ix for the island of Elsemah l l'
IMlnfi.W -it&Sr Ahd lly hn Council Chamber, have a.unola, that part of she act of the 8th Geo. 21, land of Harbour Island, six for the
.,r SW etlAM, r m -h m, ftr bi Mh eah tushberises i htm dadty,. -a up ede. Tla feam Ihe land of Long .lnd, i6r far l9
'dk." W!UAad darig "a t. ..i: Nih tl Salt| duty was hlr b ilinbtgrla collected. The Pair- Salvador, four for Ibo dstiict of Wof hil 'tng 1.
hIad.'.lli a d.ri t Giell," tno, Irsin: Thie Nihilalsiy J.'duidid not es; ,he anned Revenue Billwus, Hum Key, four for the Turks lan, e d. fi
Guad Bill," go .i l' Bill," "'lse P'rintin! Bill," e,,S,,iiuentlv, ialiios t-he only source of incoa,, and Caicos islands, three for the Island of i
;iil d Ikl RvasI sad 4ApprliprUitatn Bill"--4o die fir.l whirl, being withheld by the Asse rtbly, tlhe (overnnmenl Acklin's Island, three for the IslAnd of b Aia
Mailed d' which, he as pleased s give his assent; could only be curried on by credit, ndl in the hope of an nd llat one copy be (orwarded by the I lr s
ad de lted the B .esh,-l t, following Speech sped tljusa*nl of those difdereces, which, a that Island of Ragged Ilasnd,'iduoe one to t- he
Spriod, Uosirlunatll ey ealstedl. ,ilimn. ..
S "sira t ,iho, comit, ali. The act of tle Mh ono. 21, ws, I find, suspended. A call of thosU maieodd fr to-ie,
M.o r, neas GeAllsaea of the Illomse of I
Mr. Sypeakr s Je U l..n of Ike Hlusue of" ,rivioudy to lihe year 11a, for two consecutive periods Adjouznod au -morrow lea to'en 'c
asnims ',e, I s i If teIan years encl, anl from that year, it has been annu- FDA MrCi
IIm alse hm prouraph ltli (G.-enral A.ssembly, nilly suspended by a Clause in lle Revenue and Apliruo- I'RAVr. ED.
writs view l in ull d iu di i dissolution. lpriinion ill. I have not been abk' trace, lwhat wern Tlhe llouse prCead to ltak into a._ilssea
T) dimpey eronl whicl, uuder ullhr circumlstnces, I Ie, motives whlicr originally, could havo induced my Pre- motion of tlie Mth instant, thal this lioue w
coin rp t bin libe, m b~iuag couasplled to dissolve a (e- decesome, to give their consentl o a measure which took tie Receiver General'-nd Treasurer, hi nll sh
tra*l Assembly of Ithse I laoal a second liIoe, and wish- frUoi Ial Crown, foir lhe tline, lte tontroul *nd super- back of one hll' of the dlty levied upon lias
in ls ib pwiinal, is ementially diminialwd by my con- ineeclend e ofle ti Civil Lis o'f this (Coilny, andl left alie Slingles by act of Parliamont, in dlle sest
viatlnl. unily of the absoluli necessity of lthe mruasure, Judgs, uad tle ollher 'Public Funcioainries, to be paid, and being biouglht into any pore of entry in the
kbet M ha lbnel up, ua it necessarily will be, by the rc- time "aammnIt of their respelive salaries to be filed, by tie vessels cast away on lle coast tlereof; -'
eo pio umnqumauuable naal cIinatitotiunal riglil annual vote of alt Cuolnial Legislature. On lle 25thll And Ihel quiesion being pua thereon, -I
aIf O(rwa (which hals.l'en allnawed too long to lay of thisaioutnll, lbe annual Re\ ilue ill will, however, ex- Resolved, Tha'l the House do same to tjmas I
dmreio, it wl coatrilmle ii.a gremier degree, tuwarnl r'e ; nd s, as you livedetermined not to do any further The second reading of the six following i't
la, f tum raiuuet u-qitalili), liapislah-s of laa In Iuiess witla m*, you have put it out of your power 1t viz : the bill to continue the acl to anmad u .L
('ilihmy, titan alo uhier oexpeliout whicl could lie dupt- renew IaI cluseni in quedlie Hii Miajesty will, consu- better rguilalionl of tle offce of Peroo vores
*. a. . n., l.. s. quo I ly, as mntteor of mere, re-assmme, on albe 2llh in- bill to continue the v dieral Out IsrondseB Bi
Sfr. Speer anld Genlkeatr s f te Hoe of ,,lan, hlis ancien and pioti tles ronalluul over lth Civil bill to canlinue the -11blll acts; the bill to aie
AIIl, Lis of llistColuenv; the iesutiaes of which will be do- Q aranntine act ; the bill to comitnt io e th Spil i.
tlh dleatrsedr tio to ptariocd further in ali, bait- flayed by le .nianae and Sylt alleai, a. rpreld bSay looni aproriad ; 'le bill to continue lime Public Sc a of rte, C. la.Iy, duir such period as Ili* 3l.Mlity IIe Hill G(u. 2.1, esiclusively lto thal purplose. Thel'I; Wlhe n lh pIrevious question having been leI
n,.sy r ltia uik. i i d e (;ioveann nl of ttlaW IslalII duties, which ar finu unsaely in(,mprovinl, meeryv ye w, will I'lhe ditel :
Id Ito witch (h your prtiiio of tll e l1t insaall, tl Hi i ,, enable uno to pay, Ihb Ciil., Ie' Judic"i.i, aind tile (:e- It .tasI.edt in tiha negstlive.
3.I.-Ay.) you a*o yuu bLve rni'm, readers a imra itir rical t .anblimIIens of lali Co(ilnv : la, 1.101aonal of the (OIn iHnlio.n, the Hlloue proceededJ to nak I .
4ipuni n*, li *stmpl Is carry u11 lltl phullic buMsines will- I rlimenenlarv dulie, coall e-l y lis hi's Custumn sideratl.i.n, Ith minien-.l.nenIts ia rpoa a da by te Ci
viu ypuir mi amir. I shall nt sashrink frua tli he discluLar I I, l ave iiteun already allaouel by the L'gilaslaure, ianl ti l l bill etlilled an act to conninuile two miest
of miy sIlu ; ImI shall raere aiy bust eileavours, I r- will be saricaly exlnlnled, srcCrlinaa Iu Lnw, aer iab mur- i lllreTUin ientalioned, for regulating tle public Mlaeblde'
isent li Majestl's service fruolt stalfriang any serilo. icn- inas specified in ltu Clhlninl acts, includingthe luto wn so 'lasia ;
c faM, froua t situation in lulich vou have place iaynem of tlo intIreal. nid of suich a proler.nion el .tll tlie said Himednients being read,
ol, I e (leilald of lle ideb, u tllo Slaleof li Ituveunue, Tl'e Ilouse rolved ilelf into a coulnii itn lf
il.l' nture of. lni diiddre whicl you tIhoulgh pr-)- not oturwise almriqwaipledl by Law, will perinil. Tlhe IhIc'a, 1.on the maid nmendnentu,
prr l prpf lso e., reply to my St ylcd alt ll opren- ai.e,,,a o, er aI. \auine u, a t.d wlh either duties isllie Leeiv- Mr. W lHd in tle hair.
aneld a 'plrIssen IssL ral Aussemblyv, was saihI as li pn- Ihlan u la v been in llthe hia it .voltin unnuallv, will bto ir. l.Seaker leaving resumed eln chair,
ckel4 .elPaolely (Prn my uuianl ill epelis ul atise los Io tie Treaury, and, cona.quenltly, allure services ti Mr. Wood reported, That the committee hi nar
Ilwpm, misg made, with your asis:isance, in thi clispetei which lase monieas Ihe bmen usually aiplroiprii.,at, can.I the allowing t resolutions.
vl' e d e.m I O lght, witl great pro larn tl)l), nit be bse plraforac. I11'0n Ilc wl,,elI, hoIII.ver, I may l I. l'lTht il be recoamonmsnld tl the hllou. I sem
lorlniJriipve iir ue, lus the ssiia. I S .s, luowver, I saa.elv a,,sser tt Lthe P'blc rvi,',c will will sutller, bi "so b Iiclil .l' t lluid ;sauenlndinlt as relaltesa ieal lIw
iyliang.I uippMos, tutl It eight ite mistake., and nio youar lcterainaitin of l ote 21t inl.tme, iinconvetiel~(-, I 2tcIlaitrs oU thlLe clt of AssmIIIeol., piassd in dile
lasl a Io eLspalse Ih cunlanit)y at tlie mnconvlnl"- even of a temInnrary i ature, to say eitena, E la a llUl ta ar ul lthe reign l" ul late *laMllsy King Unspg to
once of thie Il. of lIa Revenue, ihe lMilalia l, i, c lol which ims Ie alppreal -nle. hird.
...te ...e ;...., u.c ill. i iedurl i il, pa i ntly, 7th. Havimw thu.I,}l. lShaker andl (Genleiien of la, I T'l. Thls iu he recomlndCnirie tMo h Hmr, ite di
l, i f p yir utherior, deliberahms. l .eimlbly, lll lained to you, e tiancial situation of to s e o mnuclh of thIe staid l aenadrents as Irenlai to ith I
1. Your she trinerw allut luct lhis slwwn, tira my opi- this Cublny, and uie steps I inltend to adopt, in corun- an"tl 2711h scclins o.f tle laid a:L
nieon. tsei alui. o well ftm laI. II ia very IIrui, you Io,,tV que.II of youi. dnteriaindtin already nlloaled to, it onlv And tle said resolutions bcuig everaUlly noed sdil
prWircl Id. l'vwm anod A\plmlrriathue bill, bul oniaa remllains fCr me to ,,l pres y I,,,ip, tlhlat hI e then. Lni.- ltene',
lse onalctl'nol to whilc, yost nuvet ,.e'ren,lv could leave lU cape I I iI lu nlA Ame is gai c ped, I sllestn being pul tllrielisn,
supsdl I s.huldl r;se ny asenr., Our Militi.a Bls col ,,smbly, tle nmjority of Ilte uaemiers of which, will iee ''Te Il"use dividl.d :
a censidlraoble seut of ueoury, both to talo public, and .IIt preprity of allesailg tIo tiiue .utsi tlmy will lhave Resolved in Il, aliremtive'.
inm;dllv.'l, and is nouwi a very respcltablek sltoe f di. Ib rhosen by lheir.broalher lreelidler.s. Inrrfurm. Tile eullrua sd I'r.ltiag bill rtail a thirdl im, i
ciplio salld p lee icy. In youv petition to His Majesty, I think it, however, right, candlidly to tell yon, lhat it piJed.
Jyou copleai *l a uinsubaurinaion, and you slprei appears tu om to be vry dlouullfitl il, under aoy circuol- A conmitilee of two Menbunrs ppoiintel e mar
yr 'ree q da possible imcurtteclin of your Slaves; ,asces, llis.Majesty will ever h,. again advised to uanc aid bill to Ihe Council, .nd desire their oIM
aInl yel, tis lthe monsen you chose for refusing to c" lion aIm unqullolilwdswsplnion of llthe acl .f tlie tl, ol(;eu. thereon; alki, to carry a o .sesge, infarmisg tiahuian
it i 1he1ii Ilw. Yoe have ketf back Ithe Nsaln lla.ld; andltiersukiteisdltailseC(ItiCiavil LisltiftisColo- of dte ReIsoluiounsl ta, Ii louase,,aoheansedn te asd
lilalcd t act; sad aanner then ianelit respeI bleo I ey, to deliall usen ti manel ve ul lie Culoniol l Legi. iu. by Ib (Council ut the l Market bill, and rempaie-mAea
livus wo epp II be of a darker coumilexain then tra. la thereby aflloring to lim Hloue of Assemdbly of tes.' ferente' on tile subject inllmer of disagrie-ement ibi
yeL'.ve, to hve any voice in regulaing the affairs e I slead, an amual comroel o-er Ile Judges, the Law 01- returned, repunred lie delivery of imt b bll a id
powl, Id a ds ar espene of shi'h thcy contribute llto r ficnlbs l tle odner Servant alf Ir Cr(on, nt alll ,we hl v Adjourned until ws-nmorraw morniniu a ton n'di.
ill sw, you prefer suing up ime schoel, and deprici- t con.lilsacn, even to Lde lHoe of Cuonsluoua of Ih, SATUIIAr, Mlarch 171h, NI.
ll 1U0 po'w chilIrol of the of intrructan-. lUited Kingdo. A memag frem t Comcil, agreeing Ito a l
ry ill eiarl, oesurege*irnt, respring 'e ; Mr. Speaker sad Gestri e of tAe Ilrue / Conmmita of two MeO ersb of those Councilblid
P hu Ehliment, ai ww i AImUy, point to meet a Cuimmse of tdlli, se is hCe
rmew i uglp esI lali Cileonial Ievenue. TIh Viah Marc 181., will, I rIts, he the com enac.s ference Chamber ai. II o'clock.
S:. a ymn tir n of ti Ri#tt leoourJh h ie1eh mea of a new anr ofa happ era, in the politial bisso On mo tion, RHesolve Tints Commikse
tAhbn L .rcraoinyf late. suan this subjct, you have ry oe these Islands. T lh liberation of the ('ivil Lis to draw up reasons, to be oflired to Cth l "
i, alsherls pr.p sn to ry. To the heavy cha'r from tie necesity of being annually voted ly time the subject mUatlr of dillfrence, so dsei amusim
l' admmCaol Of' Admelltily, I priclarly directed yr Le Is' lamwre, i riesore to the Crown aloea constitutional I I l Market act.
astaw., by a srrial luema; ecla pointed mit, in what I influence sed utl rity, of whkickoueghl never, for a me- Ordered, that Mr. Taylhr and Mr. Wood Ces I
semi Y" s I Ilas the espeissmsef litigation, to luch meIa, to have been do p'ived, miaete for that postpone.
no ym'r it'a R 'is I & leave Sisve property to d- I The risgh of te Monarch are as sacred, and, in our Mr. Taylor reported, from ti Conmitte i mp
le in thIe C.ear Thi mlect you have equally neg- I well baiaced comiaation, fully as necessry for the main. to draw up mason to be eifered to thel Council a u
e Th l. eanse of the ib eries of the peopIe, as aIt privileges lferauce for disagreeing with their board tn shi r
"- is to he Market bill, that the- Cam i
S #T e r o alm am mammal Resents' bill, r t 1 ana i mnmuonitim of either of she other branclbes of he Lje- ment to the Market bill, Ithat ds Coanminte lid -
eig -, .or of ltse --in-g the Salaraes ofgisl ure. up reasons accordingly, whicb be was directed lo
dinm e iie'altwi b ag mdi t lthe Appropriatiiea fsl fen l e Cof the Coewil, to Houe, which e leod in his ple, mtnd f"t'n
e .,m,,emoe. h,.-ve. I so el aware, popn nccaw- A Wl O. l;".
Ims*, have, Ia olawll aware, pn former cca- .Mr. .eaker and GrntIre of It, l ,se of delivered in at the table; wleher time ame lu nlls
sasiM led I may oiaconhtalional inegmilaitiss. whichaF Awobty, first and second time,
bIowee bee mo'ied is this Cdouny, flat a ider- D y vinue of the power and anihoritv vested in me by And upon the quoetioa being pit lIerropon, n was
iamt ta #a referring to yur recds, I find' li L Mlojsv, I preroguo this (eneura"l .Asata"y, "ntal' unton by laim s.I e naodre a. ls fle" :etI
nh, o (mm I .lo of'lly-. dcine tbe earns 1117., u atibdav, ate i..sfot md ahi ti. , neral Ae, a blysv i B U se, I re't-.icisn i iamle b the Iweh ei al
I, 19 mod rnls e l wn 1 ala aul nal RevenUe bihl; bleby pirorwegand accu rdingl. of ite art uf ith 4.h Geo. A.d, on ,r ler, and" P
li conqeess o f whik at only the pltlic OICeam of J. I of Colour Isave never been held to exlendl to fr' sro
blam tise mu ms dpr'eoasl, wartl ne ofthear Ca-sc rNC C or other free poisons of C -olnur, and ncaaS ee'll i
pmlct'e slar, batsece lulm of tRevnuue ws occasion- 2:1 Marchl, 1132. amendmnent made by the Cotuncil to tie saidJ ect
ad is ab Chainui Trsstry, that time Lgillsaueo was i
sud be tieralyiaietasleryi aslhe ihe giltillue wse Immediaelyallerwanrds, a proclamation was issued, di unnecessary.
Ip te ieauea of Imth Colu y.. I have to explain Itn solving tie Assebl y; which uw will give in our I per ol. BJcals so much no tae 27h i- nf .it a
yel, Il wear anciael silhlarin hJs, iince etlt period, i Wednelday nerl. I cn virtllly rt o tice ll b otie n t of (r\ee -e tbl o IL
m.wliley oleagd; n match so, tal upon the pre' nl ItII I ; c,. | ,. b, es n r Oct o ". ... .n l"rs"
u a. ay vrei li PROCEEDINGS (eo.. 4 th h. 2, f or gram tling m riler eixesion
."Misesis 1 WA a. walll ;lel u ery cmonsillers evtlor leges to certain free persons of 'olonr, int rtriali;
cat possibly acert. THEII HOl'S OF A.SF:MBLY. alt therefore, the allaendeent mi4de bhy li Cie tc""il 0
b Our Celoiol Re oen i derived from three distinct T'irn a y, M1rrci 15th, 1Ih2. said "27t claute. is also unnecessary. Time IhIl, hi.,
An Fi leL Huh an Id tonnage delties, evied, d B.4I.M.4 Is't,l .ns. ever, suggest tllal solnlalld tie (Couucil Ita-s lhe bell 9"
urilJallvy, e hekr the act oof Ibe l Gee. Md. andl during TIe Printing bill tased n wcand tine., and ordered to 'ou the aiaulment la;t nmentionl., a e lt'e 1 e1" ..ON Wa
tie ssposin of tIal *etal. iv lu nnaul ilesate Bill,. he anretsil olajcut to incrls in lle bill after ile word rbrfprc"is' .
S,'on.I-h-lon tIh, lianwi'asllr aletas collectdl by Ilis Hteehse(,. T' I.t' a. ore s in ('Cuincil printed ble ordar allw flollh"wil wotrds :
Ml.,*e'.a'q (''leeon Ilti.e, 'nd s lte i int. Ihe Kine,'s CiIl- tof thel,, I-e,. Ihce,'I uIer tlhet' clhar. of lthe (',rk i Save nld except %o far as tae sanme or fNv pPin
Us.L ',ll, n Tib, o lle11- Irolll nii \ lsa ed t. % 1ii su1h si llll h t)l oe, Iheui. .d ii II i l .s t ,,s :--Vi ne ot eIa. to to tact 11(aelltal parts tlcr.ol', o a or be i)Lcn a,,daI t r ri '

sr any arm *f lCt d f e Grav Am bly uf I se anid la rdqin yau wa slume1 Ii enad.ip, IiN ae tbr pthu b wr 4imm she D Mor ad m i
isJulu. n w is fre." il reb aas :L t nimLa tioum Wr I ha tai l w m e es I ti e aer eI mb *
That M1 r. Taylor, Mr. Wevt, Mr. H. Ad- Io d-- adm dillb e *mul uor %e olfr BM roor di t, I-gud -a of tLo Ci m, Reaiw i. sI *
CM( Mr. Folrrrhigon, t i CouUnmiti to rnetl fle Olicers of the Csunoum in the Colmiam, whichh h is of In proposing ll Lamb dos o is da
ouf a| ClompLil in conference on ihe aUeod- apiniUl will admit of rduclon, lthm my Lord proupus tura all pnh s of h WAi- Ii-iiei hl
Sitor ti Mailet big. vll s date alh of dulseliamils, atl o ly period. IDsupmbdr, ithb y which "l h R O E m M n lams e
ld, fruuI dICWlouiiiUle, reported to the llous. Iu, wai md cWhe adgl mihl tlh l a----m o of
bat aset a Conittnee of tfie Council io cunfar- My Lord, &UHwson&, grated jcoram n itm nthe of
l hail ,delivered tim riamon0 of llI Honse, for dis- your uhbdisom Sorvant, their eohmemnm, and the srei ld e awmmm I* OlImo
to ha a lliendmnl.ts made by the Council to tile (Signed) SPRING RICE. and Naval Ofm. The ainly ceell
bill C Iliafol., in addiom to mirmri wU h w iM en M m
'l rnm Ilii Picellenry the Governor, by the Eractifrom Trreuy .Ullmatc. dated 25th Nemdetr, of dte fund s prided by this amuniom e Ie ds
tcrrt.ry s of th Cul,,y: 1h11. a m me neam rily jacidmal to comduesll dlin
m 1aker -d G M U l qf te Hone of My Lord.lake into considtratio, tie mode which is of die deportml ot d e C(;usmr my lard an
Aslerbly, now in operation, of payii.g Uim uilriesuftUe Oflcerotlo t ls oL ear o Cm I m haw, nme ,y l ll-
lirill Ilsa mmi l t ys u of Circular disptcll, tih Ciuslons in tdose Coloirts, where tim Ollicers were used a sris enqmiry iheoalilth iid Mliicires, wUl d r
j11 161 1 December, hlhiclh I leave hld the honour rmuneraited by r e, prviously to the prasing of the Glh Iview lo ascertain whether any of thoen my h. -d nd
e A fri iom It liiht Huonourale die Lord Vi.ucuni t GUe. 4th chI 11. li, lich fms were aboliheda by tim act of without injuring the elicieoy o iW piti l e Irw id
hrli, ei.l misiag crop o' a leltlr from the Sucru;ary dtit Goo. 4h eh. 105, suction ll 7, 1i a md 234. my Lonlrs wi direct die CoimiimeL m1 i mN to
Ijl Lords Conmi:siieioners of His Mmjesiy's Treasurr. My y Lords hoave betome themii, time numerous represen- insruc their Omcer lay an acoes of hele chrgm
I d 6i DL,.euir. ladrurLmmd lu Vilsciuht IlHuick. nations which1 the several ('olunies 1 mev made, objicling to mI d fxpnces before the Ooverano fo the pape of
creliry o' St!e fur IIr Calu-nil DeiMrilmmunt, boalh the arrangemienias Ir paying tim salaries of liea their hbing exhibited to the Logielaerel d d Cam.
sl'ing copy uof a Treasumry nmiiuli, ddled- 2ji. ; Ollicers of II. Custumis, which wure sumlriiuon by the iniusionern of Custolm willedinc to caceidr Ih o I i
AliMr, Lll.eaphintory l)f proponsed new arrange. re-.pclive Miuutes oI Ili BoaIurd of ilhe 2illh April,' 186, sections, which the Legislate im y Colony may l- lio
Sdr she paymoo of thim ulari.s of tile Ollicers uofl a'" nd Decesiabr, Ith^, and thie arguments advanced at an of those changes or ep
,m*,.'s C mion, s rmall f tie crnainigent expetes ol I varions timu m, bl diflbremt Colonies, against the nlst lo T ranma copy df Ihis MiaM L ord H4. lu i, thL
al es floia EIsbhlishomhnit hruuginami lue (Culouuies. of p"aimeiltl, prescribed by the 5 limie of 2nd December, infolraiio.( time n SHortry of name, nrequ il p Ri
.1 1 Hsu will. I lave no doubt, duly appreciate, and 1W28, ashichl mpersided lmut uf IRn Lordship will comnimaate lhisprgopoe ft 4 lb Ca-
J wiflh riict,amJnd gratitude, this additional iit.lanLoe Ulmon a considlration of tie whole question, mny Lords lunies having Colonial Lillaum I i, t oasei
nd s i ing car and nullnuionu wih which th n'ail re of oiiiioin, that the preiseu uon tile several Colonies, acq..niut the su il (reacrtive Goemm,.o ie lh \ .
l Lart iW Colony an- protected by l the truly paler- I undur "'h-. uo.ration Iof e Mhiuule of 142i, i> uneqiul; nal dnly propoLd to l pd, of pay I
.iGold mmlet of Hi Ilajeslmv. an- lll u iti .ecCnlary to a .lYp Use otiler plan, bwich ing die eIpoes of calr ei tc l dailat Catlo,
J. CIarlm.-iei.-MtUTM. will bear more fairly on time Revtnus ot tdie respective linmied to po shilligitm -dlapea Pr my Ldsde 'd
Goomiai lneuva.I Culoli,.i, in proupin lion to heir amount. nut intend, by fiing ut mllmi, la eprm ay mitoles i
ltis Mart, 18:1. If le (Ilieiics of ll' U llicers of the Cuilonam wre coo- time epediency of imnpi-oalighr someal dly for p-r
A inird in Ilte .,l object ol collecinig lte Culomms Revenue, po s. of Reveaus --.-y Le o ai rmamrt, tlh-t d.o-
(CVit.) mi luiglh be easy tu hi an il.scblisunaoet, proportiunate to cretary of Stale wil in stret d e Gwma of the r
CIRCUL 'IR. tie uanounl of tili ruceipi; bat as those Ollicers are lM'Clise Colonies, so romunicate to l. O mea of lte
l)nwnia-l .T charged with tie performance of oulh important dulies, Custoims, the arquiotence of suchofthe Ceslla m aay
CIflI DceI)~e l,5 connected oilld lile observance of be Nisviastion laws, ncrclee to this arrangement; and my Lords wt dior the
g, timeu guanting Ceilificaels of tme origi of tim Produce, ill C'oumiiiuones of Custm to ilnstrt ms ir Ocw to
Iecnlr tl vot, i.rew.itih, a cornmmnircalion which lai elforcing mlie slave Actl, and the mal;nlaamlnce of Cap- carry the measu into effect, as fr a ts ey s e o a ne rd
i ; rca-.ivl thll dm mliirinlf i l t m a im ie ocre tu, d Negroes b U, buolt before and afier emancipation, it is whenever they dall he informed by thd r3es n Go .I
uri to ieu Lra C v o a' I. m h-abi olutelmly necessuy to ainaimthin Establislinenl of Off0- vernonr dihl de Colmial lmgiuewha Lus e igaidl ir
ig ma miao of hint ila md m ime 11 o a1 ri Cers f lCitIomam ins ja A..l Colnies, more lpelnsive itan acquircqoce. c
s l f ,e lh ries of ie Cms,, Olicer. i t ei is riequisile fr uile soi c l.lyl of collecllng the dluin. Resolved, That this 1 oo will, at i in dait
.i llmai L ..i saliue A.,.wliil. i will On thes groullld, an) Lords have been I.)I ready djourn until Molday netat twelve e'cb.
AIed io a.,k, an early oupl.omrnit of layvig rcopis of to int lii, tham a considerahih IopOrtiun of e Salaris of Adjlumrnod aco.rdin.gly. .
i palr b.lre (a Caoucal aal-I .I I. -amlly i your the Otli:rs ouglt, im the cne of suomle Of time Colooies, to MONlDAT, MaLc 19gb, =1-
Sril.ern ,l a ,Il a express filat c ll l el.. s i l iie h Ia bodelliaed u.l ul th d uti.s playable. n the Crown ; adI The lHouse me according i adiammo u ad ah-
miatr1, ethat- ulw a 1ran l w l, lr.u,|liutd al be u dLh priil|,|, I|E Mlnutl. of %ed Lc lumber, it>', jouined u p-il to-morrow rning Uloed. .
i lctlur) l, il.. (ilu ial La.l 1 6 L oaa.. I lun l.d.
I Ibai Iil. t l ailor lto lm 'I adel :l, rrecila.ions laid down in that minlle, tle e-- Nasna, M Men l m.
Sil, penices of thl (a'tiiiUnas Ik:lalinlinients were tohe divided 0*' A me ting of lce Commimn of- C-e s I.
your u lalmetsiini biiLt n tlie Crru u anId il i Culoie-tl Crown to pay deuce, i required, oa ptmrslcer bikm lN, M te b
unioble thernl.t, a propiiniun equal to lme Sularmi pai p prior i to the bli- Correspomlldace, oa Tiedy as-, dh* 27 iWmb 1a
(Sitb1) il:lI 'CII. lin ol' ('es, the Collunies ol conlrlriae a proportion ai Ion u'cLuck Is the foresee .
lnjor ; I.i. .1 sir J.. mmas C. SmA y, . etecliln tilc anumnnl of fees fiorimielly levied; and in can G(. C. Amuo aeme, W. I. P. Jamm '
U.mI........ airline ,lioul .hl bm* any e or f iharge, iht smiin io be do- RonusT TalrLo, II. U. Ammmlloe
travel bly tie Crown. JUm Stom, (las Amnml ar,
B Ve'ry Ifiw of time Colonies lave acceded to Ibis irrt-ge. W. FarmNuTOm, JM. 1iamm-,
nTearr--llnr. mena, and great conilsiaun lt.e cosimuLueumly, arirs a io H. GaimiULAm U. P. Wl,
bil aIaeeamilmr, 1li1i. this branil of lbe Public srv ice. Jounl WaILD oo,
v Loas, M) Lord, have before thioam a short stalatmle of the t
I am co, by im Lords Comnisii nofe His f i mode i whiich salaries of the Oflicers uf the Customs, E07 Mr. Solooa' s5 to be captioud wit Fridly
y'sT~ro.ury, l rao amitaui to 'o I;h, ilh. inf..rmatiltm are now provided lor, in lthe several Colonies, where he,
d finounlt Gklrich, Mi oda c y,,f lni Lanirihi Onticers were forn.mrly r.emunerated by fues. AUCTION MAAJLB .
Sam of t" Viallh ultinlI, i. II pU,,p .mI l, imn) Fromn this tiadle, n it is uevidentL a trn rn i a n geent
thliarisfl. f lul Offa-re aUl lis(e us.lins, in tllle (Cl,,ni.s, which weo proposed n Ilpd aln has proved esamtisfac- lY JOIISON & EAUNDEL.RL
div iln e i..leu, f tlhe lliadm.l oulf Culiomla, lwellhar story to the Colonies, ouehlt no to he persistld ia; and my
bihor Croa n m dul.i,. willi Il per cenl. on 'imo oruo Lotdisare of opinion, tht it highly expedient to ende.- n medl most. ter a2&1 inde,
m; and in rna- sel, chlirg, shall be ilkluf. o to make some general arrancemeon thla may prove AT THr vaniI mou"
kll or tli pllurploe of de.fruaing tim said salaries, nd smlifactrwy to all llowr Colonies ulich passe Colonil At 0 **lhu4, A*
trelpinioms In he ciharred all-wun, Ihal a lonnafe duty Legilatures, and to propos- lo all of them se on e plain Will be old.
dr llbilling and linpeuce pu r loa. should lhen be ini- upon fair and equitlabl principles, wlch they may he at FOR CASH.
ilon all alippinl elntring lhe rem.wctive port; and lilerty to adopt, ud-lr whlaeier circuminnces Ihey my Superfine frsh lomtr. R Ca, Iad.
li o request tlt yo will eiaswr lis i L lg.llip to cou- now be p iead, oilher hy hain alirely acrlcd l t tioh Hflam, Baeon, Baatn, Pr, L -w .CS4di
los ti prou i ul lto ll the Cukolon hoaing CQluoial plan as id down in tie aid Mine d d ILecember, Tobacco, Dry Gmoon. .
i-nl ,, and na >e m tim to acqn int iei n-- 1,8 ih, or having parnlillv ncreded to it, or having rejected
9n G(uverri hars ta, Iabilmqgh the smmag duly pr- it, or having adopted soen other plan in which this Go- Al rf Mm s' CMJdi,
for lme peirinoulf plring dhe expienm... f cullecting vrmnmenl have acqais-enl. 10 punchroos WimdW ud Islad d ; ,
didmieul Cai'u.I.m i limited to one ,, hllin ind lail- Afle nrtlure dr-literation, the following general plan Marrc 24th. .,
Super ton, my Lords do not isulatled In hni I hlni for providing the fuumn no-crary for the Salaries, and all BY IIHNRY GBEENILADE & CO.
Mto express any pmimiun O the xillle. ii. Utmin- lth,,r cilrges and expeoces of the Cusom instash:obltimC -
e higlim t onnole iuly for purpolus of Revenue; i, the Colonies having Colonial Legilaltures, appears os Mnday swe, th ti Ld o.
leb imilract hem to conimuniate tou die Olnr of lhi: o1 my. Lords, under all the various cd*icmminces, to be ITv Tn .seI m moor e
S*Ms, te arcqeiresmnee of such of lle Coulunia a mIa just and fair, and one to which they can anticipate no At 10 OWi btIA. ~ -
bhtlen this arrairenmentl ; sad anv Lmral will in.tru;rl eaonble oljectin. Wil be m
IComnmiHmers of (Cus.lomus, t, direcc thlir Ofirern so By the plan which my Lords purpose in this Minute, FOR CASH, hIfre deiveiry,
i~rythle m.ieure inloeltel, as fa as tihe are concerned. he hnle of the dIltioe of Customs, whether Colonial or I11 lbarels Phimledlmp Flur; 0 half Lreb da.
'hmser tlley shall Ie infonrmd by the respective Um- I brown n duties, shotmld be changed with len per cent. on Corned Pork; 6 do. Best; 4 enlT Psk; I do.
irs,that lue Colonial Legislatures have signifld their the gross amount tll-r,-f, tole applied ofr tie purposes Vinegr ; 25 kegs Lard ; do. Cordil ; 100 bp Ca,
oEeuece. Ieltaor satod ; and if the said charge of ten per cent. on, c. c.
AsJ.owr'ver, tlhiarnmngement, if ncmedid o, will nnl time colonial dialies, in addition lo ten per cent. an the ALSO-A wel loned Piano Forte.
Le the clinull hici he Couanins of Biarbhil.a, An- Crown duties, shall be nlore then suifrient to delay the Mlirrh21_ __ !2
Sli81. Viniiwil, Grenada, hI)moinics, Il. Kills, Tr- a.laries, and other exipe.ces It he clharedl uon the said BY IIENRY UREEN.LADE & CO.
iNo l elarnl, and a.Ne ia, laave adi ancedl to r,-cive ld. ouiuli, tlha in such case the armsnnl toi hb dleducid thierre-
l iamont i f Cislinmland. i r, in tel! lir.t instance, fron : fram,,, ihoUld le pie prprlionaiIly diminished, and that a n I ias rrdil, mn giiW mirra~my before dlailr y
Period that tile cnt o if ulli (Gn. l.4th ch. 114, camn I arrounl thereof shlimld be rendered iay dis- Cstonis Off. i of property, (W tIomuit he kaSt RIearrW.)
* Spialion, nammuely Ill 511 January, IlM 2, n el e rers to t e (;iovrnor, ito hIl hld ltafore lhe Colonial Legis- 172 bulems Blop; 6 cases Gentleme's, Ladims' mnd
paill lillne, lmy L.ia, lI eiiie aniasol tlhai all diffirollty halrr ; tult iha in ra-c e said charge of ten iw rent. Childrrnt' ShOi es I bale Drill Panualoor; 3 do. d-
ad hlg:lig.n cl IshIIul rdU ., are d-.irtum Io consiler hlI on lile cro amount io all tlie duties, shall bi insu inrienel ntiic G;imiq ; 1 raise Leghorn Bonnets; IU gallons
Iion nwithl a view tIll ie iit lp,.n I1 mIo eqnItailib I to defray lae salaries .a.ini other eipensc to be charged Cordial ; I case Medicine.
d amirabl priniplis ,; and will IN- rradv to gi, thiir I terpon,' hait onna'-ad- tvn" oni shi lialliiandsimpence per AND-
l attentionn as a'ny 'a .rianmet. s ii, sicle Ol l oInn i nI Idl I imldoei d ",n all shiplliin entlrring the res"pr- .1i gutlln realCogvacBrandy, is lo.ts, to pdi- delit.
ll ri"s a may LeTt.i m lly liiii, lor providing a due tine ports, exceptt ve.i-lq of small tonnagec, wliirli, as in March 241h, 1
ion oful 1 rhlirarge lior l lw .alarjo ,,. i O)lirerA, tir cawe' of Janaica. tlid he h lharred only unre in iTICE
t piri,,, ov ,,a,, iil. i ine., ii IIm. comulmniai,.ei.-. ni' ofI i.rv v'-ar,) in make uca dili d.-lrimenry, for lhe paymnelt NOTI
L w arr.i ,,n,,.ii ; anll sIan acrIl giriIlsin hemi:l of tlme said .alariL .e clharoes, and telIIeCnCs; and if dlIe PUBLIC SCHOOL, NAASAU, N. P.
my, mny l i..r. l mairer til Isllich ha& lae.rl said rlarer of I1'e1d. p*r I. be more than maisicient to HE ahove establidameawmRl ll atteadd slassa. aue
taird ,1 of m ill a hrosa,, mr.eda ,1 ainal duimi, a to- Iw mlil nmLe aip thi a-ilr a,, Iat lma ( 'oulony should have liae until forthr notie. Perso desiroe f placin;
bhe CIol,. n il I(H ,.it,.. .M LI.i !.rlr lr roitlr. .i ,e,,,,n, in ilil, r if r 1i 'i,. 11 l hl.ll: dllIy, o .. f rarrtini IlCir C:lildien this esth MlisonHme wiH he'p`tl d to
i i'i a.u .i '(,,,l,.ih am mi .,, .. a ,..Ma I,,| ,.,,,, m, ia I .,A u a Ii . u I i. t l.. I .1 I ..I. Ih i m'. And in is hos 4. apply Io, W T. PRESTON.
.11C to lhe i ;,, ril'. rni l, l m ui w lio d Cold- in aiia sa i. l lmii na l idi i Ill 6d. pcr tuo lw ten llar Marchl i i2i.
'' l


elr SoaU4 mgu.

c.eonllucaee d fCi n I. W Lmunii M-. aoele ed W.

ra..- ie lrd .-. ir Ca .a. i ..i i
iCle A liN s eAMob by she Chie Juslte.
a. SiLm- L at a. eda mysyf r ye Mr.
A me p- apal L~ aim atpJuia mar es
d de d e e ei- ,, e mmasimme. I
Thi AlMt si i..bgg d tca oa Mr. Hlubiwe,
mo he as pamehshetly upm a mneo no
aim o f6iuind 7z amet ios Uewamwr. a do
rn -rimpeb m Was ma degaimsr M. Hlilmas; it
t* --l-y ebrl W adead hM fad
d aeln iiie dm As hdeo bn- k hi ad k eil sasil
rl ad eme= eism hod dpe hblem he da ech.
rimd t lasIM hi u or itasg he h a ao adr-
Wiiks thma hiLs man cateUl pom-I bear Msch a comeac.
i i bMr.MiMhame b pmati. I. had amu bin sp
theim cwMes -- h involved n ba which i was for
ther and the Chef Juid o kcia
Wh whoilea h ba e wre prepnUty r tI heir
going up lo dhe mind Jury-d Aaer y-OoaerI ad-
drem tll Coin akMlwa I--
I. tAg te s sM he in f6m Chiry.-Vol. I. p.
A s imlmel, apmxin thdM Kineg's Beae, where
Ida dl a ed o idr areeda thn to permit
she to be prese t during h *sit ing f the
(l ca onduec the cvi-ame on he pan of the
Cram. e M-dicm- m frw high m nes on, where n he
ef- r hi J mt is dh pm| e Inslinely injoud., any
t "L g'semmel my anIn(edM dblw e pem on
hi bo.alf, a bcmt rp-ume penm -r do not
Swish lalf rat, bi te Id haksome ra emen
huiM he Met I 4 sel te my ca ll a witness and
ah keek w polS to es age s bte on-
MA j.r alMew i-Tham pp iles to case of a

Tlim Auoresy-UeOerCt-- do eot knew what a private
pmassuion i.
Mr. Jarice OGlsvUi-A prsuties toi which thr
Kis(r me pmulidly pnry.
Mr. Jiainm bewdy-1 ads Oe dlpid So mark thi
me by eyr tang un IAk-wlat th Ateraney-Oenera
Arwi re a dum 'met n ual hbre-how have the jury
uhri5 owr to eImm iaHe., aid thi i
= r 0Itkl d- 0he law itrom, exnd his
aw dA M.dh0l dea thime oem befoe them-1
a ea mucm in r i-i ti sma wll emmauity ewry man
on bdmjy ko w wholt each whtas cun prove.
The Asarepo-seri-Yeslea me to suppose that.
Mr. Jouda DIelwy-1 pek ae my knowldge of trie
eoomusiay dirtes e. .
T he nrIt( bu~ t noU a d law direcUs yoa.
Mr. sJot *- a o per tapet Ailed i
ae hipineae( dbe is, hI I b htshl. undererad the
eq6 1 the Ahsla -ypOm-a e the psdle before the
Count ll opi coincdes with Mr. GleiriMe'e.
Cr Jy par J d in teimnr Ben sa, g e hi their
lading-bts M.
Two JuI stamm di tat they had m evldesea of the
ash hacIla bowe Me.&
The Auemel pram al requested i t diml might be en-
twid o tIhiemi and thte it might a inbe entered
tIt Mr. Mrldgewur wa cot ermlied.
TIr Cr-s-rh ateo oy he done by way of a present.
p*r mit lat (edo t I In that way they my.
A 7 h J M- aheaik dy baen usted to tle
Jwr a bU oeverreled.
Mr. JIloI rohly-Wit the law before me and which
the Ateras0Pmeral has I in the posu ion of the
Court, I lchO cmaset to plcinon tei minutes of the
Court the resobe gIvI by some of the Grand Jury for
bavia igaeredL l It her dcaed, Any one
who may be pr( l the occasion, iu bound not to dus-
clen yhat eiy I ra ; and dle luro n henuelves pre,
hl tMof 1=r ea- h lbid under dth same ebligalion
Ma If 4t *iVI It dty bre" The Court
if i ee to the appllDtUni made t by thB Alltorey-Ge-
mral, k1 wI etl per* l but bnction a violation of the
law by de OGmad and for aicl they ar punishab..
The Aim ta el NtaWIe hWe a prepared with an
Ila W la Dr. Bermimgiam for the aumea Uoeacu
as it eoe|leapi Mr. Habos.
Th Grand Jy wore requeonedl o relu n fur the pur.
pos a bq 4 el1dme as ii, sad afer being momte lime
uts. Mret mI ldl-No BI5.
The Atar l tstI I he failed mvyslf or the
prlmugst ef my aIm e nld .a inl'rellnon Ei.
o'G is a do ao the CoImt-Imr and reg.rdlIess of
al Lr m..l m k-a I a klig oh lonylf a high
respellbi-b6l t I meel elmd by a ward know-
Sd i ha I amdrhnerbieg a public dnty, and that I am mos
uiritad by ea private mtive. I am msiom Ifuom
what ha ar a the this dedit qndergo a public so.
quky and ivipgatliea--I do otx intend to impugn such
rsecthl labbitebb Of dais Co6ly as are o thi Grand
Jury-i y hive dea tnir duly ; and I shall do m*ii-
id m b4 uas I aidl thiaaeumArtle situalio. t the Bar
aU rwse mi Ke 1ma ee .W i--
Mjy vrtef : Ik Pmlive0 o my oaIe. I pt on there
Reoirfds1h KdighC Cart, the Ki g's information
Mr. liuhean-- rim to oppose ais motte-
Atteuny-qoeerml- i mei, I ifer. the

UMr. Dns PDe aMe ism e in fe p of tla
Colml4 Act; my oa--mie iMe (asm friee doi ho
o..urahlit'glMei ) meot pa. e Lt-fOikb Infer.
mlamie am h Reod Con-reh ate Act far
rPohlting th preMeding of Comt d Kin's Beach,
tlie ry Act which uectie urCoori sitting her to-ay-
Ihwcarela thea1t rMnd Jurs andl 4N Pnry Jurors hionld
I smoiiound---for what I---if our foureftllhr havethought



hi w g for h beeuhd t afe ofye e t C e atoony t tmen
here to aneroverthem 1-I halloppoeineovatimelulong
as I stad upon my egs-If the Court will look into the
Act of ihe legialamt it emra tis the Mimihal akN
amuses a Gand Jury ; they have been umminmed end
they hi done oltheir duty.and deserve the Ilanks of lthe
commemity-WIen d Cwt Ihve decided on the pro-
prily of hs filing Es4-Olicio I will lise challenge hi
to go before a Pety Jury-he says I challenged him
yJusnaay, I challae him again to-dy. I have common
ame d i jry hen common mrm, d I will sow
dem dtht th u ptraei and mot pr aima .
The Autt y-Gorau-h it painful or a Lawyer to
dispee each a propedton-d4mt the Crown cannot by ie
own O cer file an lanfemation m ill own Court-the
Caurt Act, Clau I8, p. 968, provides that for perjury
against that Act the persons Iwearing fialely may he pro-
aismed by Indlictam ,Pr Paeiment or In/frmerlin; Hart.
116, p. ,90, provides that the Court of King'e Bench
hall conform its pnreeding to the King's Bench in
England-as so the learned individual whose acquirements
are almost miraculom, sIating that bcwese a Grand Jury
r sumanmoned, thereby the inherent rights of tle Clown
me Bh beonnilulated l nd its officer ousted of hisundoubted
prerogative-why, the Crown Ias not the right in capital
cuea of ling inCarmation--cpital cses must go before
a Grand Jury-nors i usual in cases of common aasolt
(or cam of special nature) to intirule information---
but in t ca where te law of Ihe Colony and Acts of
Ihe Mother Country ae violated, the right oi the Crown is
endoubted- if any men may return 29 leavess as donK.-
lies mother may rourn 100, and Ihereby tim laws may be
evaded and the Colony depopulatel---this is not like a
capital or a private ipaoecution---t iinnlditily ev lects
public jlstici, liaw and institutions of time Culonh3--
the public oicer isnot ousted by lils Acl-.--heprreedling.
of lhis Court must cmform to the Court of England--
Informations lave bmen Shld here repeatedly, it was re-
peatedly done in 1814-1 will not cunndescend to spiilvpi
that, notwithsuitling the reluctance lie Court luave slhewn
in allowing it, they will dispute the righlt---as to the Im-
ourbleand learned gentleou n being fearful of tre laws
and constitution being broken down---I cliallerge him to
appear before a juryand have a public iinvestri atin---
why insinuate that I am @cling from base mutlives 1---1 sni
anxious that if my rondct is wrong, it should be proved to
be n before my fellow Colonils.
Mr. lloh on-I do not oppose Ea-Olnicio informtnlonl
as regarding nmysell'--e lns been falsely sIHlted, hti pro
* pae6bes,-it would be a dangerous power to place in
the hand of any Alltrmy-(;eneral, aislt of all in the
lands of the learned gendleman-lti vindictive dliNspsi-
tin is soe wel known; if ever such a nade of prifeed-
ing be allowed, the Lord help one claim of Hi. Majesy'.
a jbcts; ao man i future would dare to look at lte
warned gentleman with a frown, if he did, to a ceriainiv
he would haven Et-Odicio fille against him. Tim (Cort
Act had regulated the proceedings of the (Cour, and I
will oppose to the utmost any ntlinmpt In violate Ilsne
laws which our forefather have fraoned lur lle welfare
ead reputiaion of the Island.
The Court having retired to consider on the power of
the Atoraney-.Geeral to file an Information, returned-
when the decision of the Court was, that tie Inforniion
should be taken off the 6fe of tle Court-Chief Justice
The Alltarey-Gmorl asked for their reasons.
Chirf-Ju~lto-As I hae giveo my opemo. contrary tn the
other Justae. I thik I may give the reasons why they differ
fmIr I-" that e lt e Alloraey-Utanerl ha 1n the leiarv
power that the Artorney -Genral of England has."
Atlueay-4nerl---Tle Serretary for the Colonies hu de-
elued my power ( A linl informautio.-W-ll your Ilunour
gin year opinalo ia writig
Mr. eJutice Olmi)e-ll I. not cu janry to do so nor
khae you nay right oe equin Ih.
Atlormey-lne rl-TIeoyr Iw lomou are r w illieg thoa
o remae n onold apper I
Mr. Jouice Ulmaville-Tbhi Court will nut sit Wher. o be
Ihen insulled by the Anoruey-General--the Atloruey-eerael
must either desist or we will leave this Bench.
Altorney-G(enerl-l only asked a simple question, I oily
asked the Court if they were willing their reason should ap-
p,'er ?
Mr. Jumstie ChMea--I beg yonr pardon Mr. Altorey-
yui md" then the Cears uawilling"-tshe mrane of the
ahervmitmu Am oefftgfe.
Allncey-4eaeal-l~ hd so ilenlha of offending the
Court. I ealy sukd it lipte question.
Mr. Jaioie Dowdy-lf you had ao inrealion of offewdini
youa dim at e ake me of oteoavo which you know
muot offemd-l hae mo idea of the AIItornm Geessl uiial the
most offelive conduct, then telling the Courts had so am-
lentin of offndiir. I am not unwilling that my reasons for
mol dmitIinlg the Informaion should be male pulirc-the
re these: on referee to the only comisnion o an Atlltone-
General h be found a record in this colony, thei of the late
Mr. Willam Glamille. I hod that there wa granted to hi
all Ihe powers med iimmunie panessed aod enjoyed by
Mothe Atnorney-Gemer in the Wiondward and Leward Ca i.
bee Islands," hiAh I oadern.lad to be in cotlradictne to the
powen posesed by the Atroroey-Generl of .Enland. I
consider that i not being emesuary to extend the powers of
the Atlorney-leMel of England to Anorney-Gen(rl o the
Coalles they have nt been given. If it had heea intended
to grm to the AtroneryGeoral of thi Colony all the pow-
en of the Atlreiwy-leneral of England.. why m the olyi
Coaimiua that ca be faad. i reference mde to the olher
Colones w kaeewledge of the Atiormey-GOeoenr' power In-
need of being dteest made re rhe Mother Camtry. I am
led to sppom Mr. Blec'i Co mo ioa doea aot dler fron
Mr. Gba vlk'e-te Court wer Ikirdei of aeen aiiam this
point >ad appickatia was trade to the Attorney-Georel for
the production i his Commision which he had declined to do.
The Alorn -Gene ral-- I id I would gi-e it if the Court
woahl order It.
Mr. Justice Ieil-Are the Court to be sulijt to these
cons'lil liilrmpltlnl S

The AtmoMey.-ao-nrlI fhae b .
Trew. did I am my I wogM Shia it Iff
Mr. Trew-Whiso &a directed to -h
nl fr him Comaisson-he said ik
lire it lh.m-who I retmiued wvil
y the Cour. done Mr. Blaue mealI
I aid I would returned md get hi
agaIo told him the i k of the CeiLns.he
gIe it-bet added-i the Couwn .ek a
will. I
The AItomrey-Geonerdl-Se how I hr. ~
sealed I
Mr. Justice Glhwille-Tbhe Mr. Blems yen
order of the Court. '
The Atuone-Gyneral would.
Mr. Justice OUmrille-Bet nme rde w hd
The Altorney-Oeen I-No.
Mr. Justice Ohaelll-Are ye not
no right to eoder it C
The Allon-ey4 eramrl- e m a wne o
meverthilee obheyd it.
Mr. Jeslice GOlallk-Thee you wanted Ii.
mit themseltee by making mo onler which Z)A t'
to make. but would not acede to its cest o tle
Mr. Justice Dowdy-I do not cousei r Ith A t
ral has the right of fling Ex-Oflclo I(o ti"-
cied by the Attornsy-Goel raof Eaglanmal..dl ,
general produce his Comm-issio. ad i mnaa
Ihereby granted to him it will be time for tI 1
consider whether they will dischare theirty di,
o dangerous in a small rommuiy it veted i
for one would rather relinquish my eeat. I
The Atlorney-.(cnerl-- have to request that bl
to Mesrs. Corle and Glanville with my re-
tered on the minutes.
Mr. Ilobson-Then I reqnet tham my ojecltea
Justice and my remain be also minuied.
'lThe three Jutices objected. reed o retid ith Ai
the remaining three overruled the applicaritoe...

T II: SUBNICRIBER intending to leave i C
Mobilr. early in April next, again request jd
sons having demands against himn, to render the m;
those iidlebled to lihi, to make paynment on bliefat
let of April. All accounts renimaiinng unpaid a
tinw, will be put in the hands of U. P. Wood, Eni
for Recovery.
Marcht 14th.
T IE SUH.SCHIBIH, intendlinig Ito leae ie
SluiniSa for Iinte li'w, requests all heiamrl,
ilemanidcl aglaintl Ian, io render the slvi wilthuti
and all Illho inalebted, are requetsed to uake imu
March 3.1.

T IIE SUL'SCRIBER, intndling to leae this
A pril next, for the lUiiled Statlr, reqursteal p
*soo having derumtlns agElils him, to remer den; ani
t.- indhsl bt,. l u make upayn .iit i or bror e a 1
Fe'riarv. All accounts remaining unpail aiter I
dlat, sill be left at the uice of G. I'. Wood, Es is
Janoarv T7th.
E X;MA NAL'I, lorle Ia 1:, cents perbo-m.
Apply to
At Etm
February 4th.
L OST, ltrween the PIen mad G(;irge Simre, a p5
of (;old 'The finder ill In e-
sumely rewarled, on delivery of them at tie eilsd ft
MErrh 0th.
The fa t filing ~trhsehvr TIIREE PIl
TERS. For rreight, or pausage, apply I
j Captin Glualhkr, or
MLrrh 7th.

The chutce of 2 Loi of Land, witsh
buildings and improvements tlemrmo, Mi4 *n
i a i Prince'street, geirrally known by the 0mmd
Lighlfoot, or Cupid'. Row.
For Terms and other particula., apply 10 the sg
March 31.
TO BE LET, that pleisantlyii
HoUs and Premioe, ltelyv in t"II aoc
of Henry Adderl.y, Esquire, with iinm
puosesio. Apply to
January QtAh.
The House and Prenines at present cas
by Mrs. Poitir. The llous is ronty l
convenient, witle large Kitclhe'n il "'d was
attarhed, chair bouse and sl'aling far ti
homes, extensive yard and gra. piPce. Theoutl bl
have been lately thoroughly repaired, and the gr-m PoI
of the fences have been newly put up.
A nct of Land aituatel at the VillarP. ro"ttim"L
Icrei. It i divided by the villac -roud intlol Io LI
western lot being intersected by the new read Iedin f1
the village into the Blue hill road. This land will e d
posed of in one or three lotL. A pilto
Sepmme her 17th.

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it A u ;*' i !'*f I i vlj *'] iH ^.1 B^t Ma'^nmn ffrgwut Tin; KINii OK J IIK HtKNtJI. Th*New York ('ofum? Xiltrrunrt {nmnhtft fntm n Vrrnch |);i|)w, au 4ilHhf.| in the ^^ww^-fr Jei Cutmkrts, which ••-!• not rert c mmm ti hoiHMjr uM th! \t\nerd\ oftitiiuitu (W liOnU Phifi)>)>e, the prrMem Kiuj; o( ^rao^^•. Thn i^tr. I^eniiex, it nreiuM, h:iH f**-*-!! impriMitied in Hi. Petngie, on a rhMrt;e of ronnpirinjr u^ain^l the irtivernmeut, ariJ ha fx-en rtereijf d<*uh with by Mtinc of the iiiMii.iit'ri;*! pajMjM. We giTe the lolloping paMage Iro/.i hw altirria :-— •• We ilti nut At all mean to blame the pruticnt cuoiiurl, prer^iitiun un |ireHi'jit Kjiij^ on thin ona^ion. tut aitniity to incnthMi ;i far t whirh will not bJis|>u('(l. Vet It •.••! ft, !•. ih4t if tiie MM'ri in iHrnfrcilciilHt*on .lenring an^r ailvaoiat;e from the prfi> for ine, t; r IM-Iter loimdatMoi*, to a'hIreKfl the name reproarh to an;-!!-.! (MrMiiiay. ^, who are not accuaeil. aoil whom I ilo uot accuse mytvU, bccauae ircuui•lancen have nerved th-m with no exrune. *• It m well known ihat duriitg the wh-_.„,ro,to— lnpf>o— bortfos— senoote j D.spair, who was lilting a bowl of ^**8 •mi^ Joonme Oorin lioopo Tanio .\oo,,ti,i-. timuL-li Pitv, with iers and suonlirar"'*"' '* W !;!;• f\ooraslu— Niparos— HipanoH, li.nt.>s— Buorin— I desist, and Iloue Doiniina u. ,.:.*:_"'' ••npio.^P'* — Deripangiio — Booriitos — 41 \ pen — KhtanifCi — Kivtine — .M.n;iti.'* The lollovriii^ \>i y .sfiecinicn of the hymns : — Hippo peronto niparos. I () Derip ln^ito boorin ; HouraHtin (arimi ; j Ari.ntos ekrampon OFasto* rtuiii^or booriooi, I Senoote bvpamis noiwtin, Kpoonj^o^ menati. | Mypen hippo booro." "... ....ww„..,., „. ,„. „„ ,r,, K,,, ,,^ ,„f v^aiaioDta, where he eipecled to have command of a combined Anglo-Sicilian and Hpaninh army against the French. At that period he ia^u^d i i ^ ' ""'^ ""^" '"" "" a proclamation artake the Hpamth army, to enjjas" l'em to nnpport the rightnof the '"[^"<"*^" ; "t is rather sentiment, cnlig|iiene*l, juat, a Spanish It^Mirhrma. of wh.mi he called himHell rhe relative ann of Na|Hle(m. •• Hut what isfU'/ so well known is, that on the Hth June !*. King l^Miis f hilippe and ihei^neenol ibe French were at ttoii>. wiih Ihr.r niece, the Ouches, of Herri, w|in Charts v.. uh4^ nnmiroua auiie, arriv.d at the Chateau was earnest ,n his exprc,,.ui,s of lively Kfatitication'MWh^pJ UO..S royal jKmda.nat.on whH^h had b.,.., addressTbV M jud said .„ repu. .. There til.r u! ^ lm;':h:;;"!:^'::;;;• l. is short, but I. IS Mron,.I could name many wunefil. •ho heard the congratula.M„,. epre.,.d l.> .In pr'sm kI^' H. .|H, ..rm, „Hl sivle ol ,he r.^al proci.,,.., .m. ,d rh.! Wh.| repl>m Charles, whose cou,.u„..,.c^ r,pr,.ssed a ,s •••"• •;•';• •" •;'• ">'-• The wordu( KuIks are , To goiicn. ami ihese have been well tummUef^ti.' r I LATKST OF MU. IKV IN(i AM) ||I.s FOLLOW• KILS. At we w..r.present (says a Coires|Hmd..nt) on a vcrv rroi.a,Kc^,nm when il,. pr-.tcmier. to ^jifu „| „, uJ .>p.rii.xhilH.|.dUlo..UoH.v,.,vml Kdward Irvin.. anil Uh. Il<..v...„„d Ldward Irva, bc.ore his con,^.,.. .on w -.11 hrn-tlv dyscril., th. course, of pro..' I.n,. iv rlM,.l or choich (lor k. ha, chri.s,..n..d it /-rclrsi,, Seofua} L.ue pioitync..uly hlUI,,lH, K.v.rtmJ l.,ucs,er of Fitr-roy-Mpiare broke ou, .,. a iT o i;:t:;.';;"^'Ti "'^'''""^"^ ^v"'"^* ^uend^^,;^ r :: r. *'"***^^^^""*-'n>yiHlistinrtlvartic.i M. and tlw nevcren.1 F.dward IrvinJ. U .1. t^^ IM-' wim ., ...OS, rem .r.....„,d p.,,,,.,,.j -^ "J ^r. ton,., be wnrtU rhdiv....n.y thesupiM^'' dn '^n flMamg w.. tlM.n re....od, and ,1 ^rUn^r a^l", •rr^m.l.b..ttou.,thewor,Uwer^ unintelligible. iIk>uJ^ ...eant n^ Lngbsli. .nd ,! Kovocend KdwanI I vTne^ .teryr..,.,u>ne^u.Jyd.,k. partly .„ c.m.s,^.,ce o U^ broidiM ss ol hi. accent, fbi. part of tlH/^.rf^r.Hac! btMug over, m.,|H.r Hmsfn vXh| To 1 hI wi,lith,.,.,.,of„...S,i., Thi. wa, or auXorn n.M n.,,K>cthle and wealthy JSolicitor. In BecflWd-row who cntiniH^d to s,..ak, or rather to vonf.,,,, ,7/C; ten minutes, re.H.atini, oer and <,ver a^ain the s te word .ud with a surpris.n, paucity of ideas. consi^WiLtt ..Mircein which iIhv were asv-rt..! ,o oriirinate Thl vo.e was ra,h.r tl. of boy. but in anri' r^! s,H.ct not n.nMrkal.!.. V\ c looked at the young la Jv al WHS n,H rcubarly eK,^,ive. She wa, fipht-nm pie wvned a.,,1 ratla-r jKiie, and sat with eyes uprai.nT "^ RFSPfXT FOR THF DFAD. Tliere is no leelinL' in our nature stron,'er or more universal than that which insists upon resfK'ct for the doad. It IS lound in every ajje and nation. Tlic savajje shows a kindness and reverence lo tho dead, which be never pjiys the living ; and enlightened man raiiks it anion^ tbe most sacied ol his duti--s, to olfrr the last sacrifice of afTeclioii at tlie grave. U the bi'liorprfvaih-d now, as in ancient days, that the spirits of the unburieartake of nd but '. "'o — "" —^ •"' -"-"*i^i tv atronjj and delicate feeling. The light-hearted soWier. at lh grave of bis r(w.rade Itxds a beavinc-ss wlinh makes him a belter man lor the lime; tbe roujjh seaman leans thougliifully over tbo side of hu vessel, till the waters which tin* plunge of iln. corpse has broken, arc calm and unconscious a^ain. At every village luneial, wln-n the d.-ad lies in tbe midst of tbe livnig, wiib a fixed and calm serenity on liis brow—with an uiiseatcliablo depth of meaning in hi.-; feaiiirej., which no mortal eye may read-if it lie only a child iH-risbing in the daybreak of its existence, whose loss will lie as little felt in tbe world at larpe as the withering of a garden flower— stdl be is for the time invested with tlie commanding riiajeaty of death ; children join tlKJir hands and look lininlly around them ; old men lean upon tlieir slaves and ponder ; thmgli amonn them, be seems no longer of them ; the air of genlki and firm reserve ou bis counleiil ancc gives ibe impres^n that be sees wlwt wo cannot with those mvst^rWfs'Ji'S'*' ';*'*''• *"'^ is already acipiainted "•! yet tremble to know "*• ^^'*^'' ^''^^ *'*'" ^^^^re Neither does this intere^: ,u j re hidden from our eyes !"!^ '*e** cease when ihev ad t len.. | be bunal plncc is the retreat of the tbouL'bt'•;' ; Ihe slioes of care and passion are put ofl" by tboi who enter the lonely ground. I. |., g...! eflect uZ leebngs ; .j rriake. the unfortunate mo.e reconci eiMo H. s worM and tlu. gay more thoughtful of another -Tho ooldghastl.nessof ,lK.scuIpturedmarble-tlK, V^ay stone ^:::!^A:'r7 '"•'•"•"? ••-''•-^-^'^d Vend of Is wl^tdK'd *,'"'""' ;"'^'''^*'>-ing, .son,,.. turns. Hi at, be dead were, but still oftener what thev .-...^,M .t,..,j;,iMi, wiii), on iier knees apan Jl i*^ on hi.aven, and thouyhts outpoured in ,L •'^ W •" Urr coiniiiunication will, tbe skies,to fi/:\''''*l'l*if,. every touch of woe.— //oracc Smith. "^j^ The Life of a PAy>m;i.— There a^ l men who will not be ready to assent to L '^^M the following sketch. It is drawn by one ^'""""^^ of .s..nted to '' have attained eminence in lli !?J '"('/v. who ,s desirous of dissuading bis nephew U "^M -Jift* Of all professions, that of medicine i, .| ous, the most disgustful, tlie most thankless r**"'" hummir the capricious, to soothe the irrita'.U ""^ '" the headstrong; to mingle in scenes which ,.wT^ niy cannot divest of their loatlis.m.eness ,*" S" gnawing ol anxiety, when iHtlH^rs, lmsha,Js 'Z^^^ conlide deureat inleiesis to your ski'll '^^ when with the life of your patient' your own "^^^^ bes at Slake— and tlien, wk'n all is done that buT"'"^'"" to have your wrvices re.piiied with a grudLMnTl'*"* unthankful Iw^'art— such is tbe life of a phv,il ''' even in tbe eyes of those, wIh> sbouhl know ho,! ^^' ciate your merits, you will find that the dLscbr. ^ pecuniary debt cancels all obliL-ation .\,'i, ^ "^ repay such services as ours !-Kememher i^^, .'.p^ak of the better (wouhl I could say llie,;..,^'" of tlie prolession : for, as fot those whose o.,|v Ij" to oart. a living, who would draw the last d roil fT.' veins of their viciims. could they bm ,oi„ j, [J^ Nephew a ip.ack you shall not be I w.|| bur l^t this hand first f "'.; tfc Believe me. this is no fanciful picture. If vo.u gemus. if you iH) of an impatient temper, if voVrL acter be proud and finely sensitive. I warn ^ouiL^' medicne. Yet I re>eat : as far 'as concL:^:^"'? have no objections ; I am willing to instruct id weigh well what you do-Iust you refHiit. *!..„ ^ ance will avad you nothing."— ycmrtia/ o/ Utalti Two Frenchmen at Berlin have lately hadrecoorw toi smqular tnethod of deciding a quarrel. One, a |,o labeen insiiltvd, challenged the other, but as liw cliajfeiw was a bad shot, and^ an indiflerem fencer, it ^ .abo"th r^fKiiVto Ihe i,^isW of a pc';;;*; *iirf7 cAorra and kiss him. Twenty -four hourrr.a IZ without either of them being at.ack.d by tl J^J^t seconds declared that the affair u.u^t'be cuj^/jt terminated. vvuuvreu u rJ >' *'"'"*"' '"^'""^ Carnlina. ,mi the Oreensborough Patriot in North Carolina, notify ,|J^Ji scnbers, that ouine to pressure of joh ,nrrk iL IS o...htto have bee;;;;^,!:;;;:',;:;^;z:iT. '7 ::"'!r ""rr^-^'' ' ""'"''-^ ^^ X;M nolto,hK>m. Atid what a lion in t e nat^ MT^^^^ P-per the following week. They must be blced .^ \nv. toall who u'^.ii 1, 1 I ^ '^ [i^\mc teelA"W nri/Mm/ subscrdwr. ... .i :..• "^ "• ing, loan Who wouhl disfiirb the re|>os of the tomb • li .. easter to rdic the mansion of lUliving. ,. J* hVna row house of the do.d; forth.. living ca'n* ,,:;',:: I o ves, and therefore arc less regarded, while L wholllr^ ral force^f a wide region is at imce In .Z'l ^^uTTn .n ; ^*'I""^ ^"^^ *^^" ^^"v >H. it is eneriretic • nd strong. We do not condemn nor delen.l it buT^ n lursiy vengeance with which it pursues ofl^-nder's alt how deep „ the reverence of tbe living for thrdtd (ne reason why the home of the dead is thus *sar,^ I •S that ,1 IS ilK. place where we lose them To I i we follow tlK-ni th.ough the cha ..Is i fe a^5 ^ '. h ^7^ ..t the goK, of the tomb, they aie taken Ldle'':' 1^^ U e are forcibly driven hack, and the mind loses i.^lf m •aint^t conierture, resfnciing their ,t striking anH magnificiem'view we ever p'"'^""-i;"vc'lly stated, of the great cataract of our country rcrrern. !^ 7 v '"' '^* ^^ "^' "^ "^ ^^^^^ ">P^-P^'''* ^ .He wMers alH,ve, and the ^^21^^^,^^^'"^^' Ts^^"^^ ^' '-* '^'^ *" the Salt poinl on the H.-J .iasli below ; the re^t was left to The iWina^i^n u'u .t ^'""^'"^^ "" ^*'"'^^'' '^^ '^'•-^ ? ^^^^ "-'^ made out for „self a profcimd ZZT' %^t S '. ^^^ **^ cultivating Uk. said estate o, for r.l ^ .randeur of tl .cene, than rr^presemati^? "rT "" it '" '*" !"" ^''^"t-''"^ ^ '^ """"^^ at peran^io. :a l;v measnre could p,„,ihlv ha^e gi. en Vhu, t K ''"b ^TT'^ "-l-*'-' the owner (or in thealN.n^ weconK..butnofnr,lH.r; we see notTo nolli "" ^/^e owner by his A.torney or Atrent) is re.i-irH.ol. are gone : ihi, i, ,,., uJ,r..l.., u.'.lT T^^'* '•'^re hey j attached to each (>ef it ion for iIkremoval of a Slave. Mf thai the removiduiil .,,. -_ .rx.. ""loiiiH-r: we see not how nrr .. i i .. l i • ^"mMiM > ur .%j:'nii is re< uin.*! low are gone : this is houndarv Ik v ond u .-ch' t Tb •' i t7i 'l th '" '"'''] K'''''" ''' ''^ ^ ''' "' ^'-'*' '"^ cannot go nor the dead return*; and it arre u an f '^ "* the removal will not cans,, any sepamrionof TaBAi; tl* tmi^inaiion ML. .u. .,... '.. V '^""'^ "'l chains tlia :,, Utween Husband and Wife ; between raKn.i h* fc,>,uUM...,.,l, llw t.mcr,^„i„„ ,o„t j J" an,. ..IU.Ip,„.o ,, i, !„,, i„ „. ,„j P„„-;' h." II.. .. .,..,, fr.) lo.,k,„e ol, U. ., ir i„,|„„i 'h„, men couki potnhly be tuck fools ^ c The following arc spocimens of the unknown iono„e .Mi.slied in a pamphlel by one of tintrue believers u\U VKerrcIl, who states that a few weeks ,i„cc. the „uu,'bei^ tl* imagination like .K. *• "'"'^ ''"'^ <^'''n* gallant ireck ;;nt do'n.' '" "''''' "'•^'^' ^'^ ^''i'''^-^^^ H .vea"r;"of ";.eV V . ] — '*'• An extract f^rom the Slave Register, signed hr At ^itwoj tht Unman MinH ; an .4/!^^orv.— Tfnit wh;.V ;/"^^|^*^'"'trar, must accompanv e.ich pf>iition.dcsfribit annoyed and ,nier..sted him ,1,,: most, ,.r,o .^e |!. '''''^'" ""^ '" ^-^"^ >'' '^^'^ '"^'"? ferent passion, of the human mind, each inhabit „! a 71 T' '''"*^'"' ^'^^"^ '^^ J* J^nu^rv, lKSl,(the h^• .>arate cell of ,K.K,,: jnl.ab,„n, a s,of .he last recistn.iion) petitioners musl.' in addinonto the •TVl f^C"i^ '**'P'*'r.v. acr company their applioiion wnh "•' •-"r5,Ti.e oi msprotio rv;nf ** /'.^''^ '*"' o shew that the Slave or Slaves pn>^^ *^^ry thing ,ha, he ga/.ed up.>n in the bri.h .'st^lnd .T '^ ^ rvn^oy^^A, do actiiallv and bona fide Uf-.n: to uni ih'""'"' '"'"""'' ''^''"^''' *'*•" J"-''ov. wlK, c^ •' ^7". '^ *^" '* "'^ IVoprieior" of the Estate on ahicb it rupied the next recess, turned his green eyes tou ardl I T fT'*'^ '^ ^'"'P'"^' *"^hc.y cast such a hideous hue upon his Vawinrthat llL' 1 '^'' ^^^'''T'^''^^^ P^'i^ions for the removal of Stares, t. hook his win^s and nmre than once threatened Mrtl \L '*'"/ '" '*'*-' ^'"''''^ '^'^crelarv's office ; and from abrncf he op,sKe cell, where Hatred hmked out with a slwL^ T' '^V "'''-•>> i" accordance with the .u' nrJ'?„".^"^ :::'•-• --^o^l at the door of 1"! '"'"' "" *" /^ 'ir''?' ^" ^'-ernor. "> His hxcellency's Command. —..M .,,... ,.,i,„-, ,Hiie, ami sat with eyes uorais^^l •'• i '*'^ent passions of ih.. hnn.n„ • • '"*' ""io. eXHCtlv, in oor opmnm, '• a, o,^ nS^ si l-^^''" >^'ll oHhe ir^i„ ^^"1 -'*'• '"'-'•nint: a s,rv^s^Hl railH. abrnpily, and after a hvmn.r Revere!!,' ' ^" •i-'tenipl'l^d ; I | i; ai::m;d';^^' ^""'^^^^^ f^lward Irving again praye,! at greater h.n„h and remrZ "<^ '^'^"'--I^ove satai\l e iL ^ u '"'"'*" *'^^ thinks for .be Divine forewarning. After LTv'. ^?^ '^'^^^ thin. ha V ^^^^^-^ His ^, paintI. 1 1 1 . .1 ^. '*"^r nis nenedictMn "^ • ^"^^ inat he razed iirMn m iK.. iv.: .1 i S. NESBITT, Serf. t^m^ <• (;i:oKti: niciJN, i:diior MPMiipiM|fiBMfeMHM SATiKDAV, n %K€ II |, |n3'J. ^^ • ''*wp THE UAH V.MA AK<;US. Ml % OL. 1— Ao. i.XXI|. rUHLIMIIKU MP.WI-WKKKLY IN N.ilK.iV, H. P. Slfbt BoUars per aaaum— Xa advance. Orand Jmy havu to, the fact of U,,uaih havmi: been taken. It is for the Coiu^t to decide if the fact when proved is punishable. The Judi?es conferred, and tin? Oraad Jury were direct POSTB.Y, BFAITY. •Thi X lN fofm*s exquiMite mould— 'l*he silken curl's v>liipiis fh)w, The lightsome step, the witching eye. Tli sm dl. whit hands and snowj brow Can iImI be bnautil'ul that fades bike from the ciond of dun, Which withers al the touch of tinie. bike flowers beneath a burning sun? Wliai are the eharwis ao boaatetl of! \ lUeting i^lan. :e~a passing smile--i \ lrui whose graceful lineamcntH Cuiieeal too oft the heart of uuile; A V.1III ;md vacant smile may play On msv lip and dimpled chin The eye may brightly glance yet "ire No token of a mind within. But all, the mind — the iindyins mind. Hath holier beamy d il own A cbarin that liiiiters i>n to bless Wfien outward loveliness bath flown. Aye, litiKer when the rhe..k is pale, .^iid cara halh dimmed lbefy of mivtfi ; rnalierd by tfie lros( of luue. Or chaiiginit circumstance f earth. 1>0.\JI\1CA. an^sH/iuicu coi;r or KiN4i* rk.vch. ^ ... „ TuKsoAV, .*Septemler 6th. Ierire Mis Humour tlie Chi^-f Justice, the Him'bhs S Urwater, C. Ciiurt. and V. H. Oarruway, His Honour iJ. tilanvitlo, F. Howdy, Esq. I'be CHses on iIm; Calamler were Tkf KiHii v. CkuHe$ (i. //'ij,— IVrrjory. Tkr Kin'f V. J. Is. yrtaiK An, framed with a view of pie^•iiranv ilh.tr4| traffic ni Slaves; and, as tlie Preamble ^^, to shew •• the inrf re dis|Ksit.on of lire I^egisla•^af this Colony to guard against any |>ossihl infringe* •'W'rt tlm Law^s for abolishing ibe .Slave Tra.le.** f iwaae ilre is no (Jentleman on tlie (;rand Jnrv wlm •• niiwe Of loss acipi.iint.jd with this Statute— and **licable to docuimmti allegeil fo be sworn I he Court, consisting of tbe Members who sat vester! and subscribed by tlie paity accused, a. was deciurt of King's Bench Tthat Chief Justice addressed the latter as follows :" the Jural attested by tlie propc-r ^r^on before lun This case stood over to allow iIk, IndictnR.nt to be the oath ought to be taken is sumcK-tu proof of iu benn anien.led. but it is not rendeied more difl-.cult for tlie consworn by *\w person whose name is signed-^nd nroof If stderation of the Jury. The only difli-r^-nce is the intmI th*' handwriting of tin, ,H.rson.ignin,^ sufficient e^en e duciion of another form ol oath varyinv.^ry slightly, but ; that he was tlw imrson wlwi tm.k iIhoath. The Re.i.irv to the same intent. The ..(Teo*. i.dl i : i. .. '• A^. ..f .i. i.i ..'.i : ... . "\ "k'ry to the same intent. The olTence is alleijed to be a-'ainst the Registry Act— pasM-d with the csjiecial vi.w of aidini! the law of the Kmpire against Iratfic in Slaves, and as is lecit. d in the Preamble to shew tin" sincere disinUtion Act of the Island requires iIm? oath to be t MAxcn^er/. oliviously for greater severity against false returns. Mr. Justice (ilanville— I agre. with tho Chief Justjc that where Arts ar? passed relating to each otiier thv or Ihe Legislaiureof this ('olony to cuard against the |>o8-!a^*wt each other, except wh<.re the subseowm Act i' sdde^mlringeme^^^^ Law lor abobshmg Uk' Slave prt^^^'.v repeals any part of tlie former onc-il i, for you to <*r Kittv C-Ar >I>1. '.m ... 1.. *l.!' Trade. The 21 Clause contains a special direction as to the form of the Returns within certain columns ; under tlie cunsiiier how far this is so in this case. As to the rule relating to docunienu— its application ., -"-.....:., Muuvi iiTO ..-., ...V, .uiu if^iniMiq o oocumenu — its api>|icat on res|>ective titles are to be entered, tin mimbir, name, sez, appeared solely to Im> made to answers in Chancrv wher. Colour, rntutrd tiaf nntiu/ir,, #.jti./..w... .. j il.....^ i. .. .....i ri_.i .• .i ., /• ""^"w co/Mr, rrputrd age, imiuuiry tmpLymtnt^ encreasr and decrease^ with the cause of such increase or decrease. Clause 3d nM|uirt.s the Returns to be subscrilH-d by the peison making tliem. and an Oath lo the truth tliereof to be lakin iM'fore the Treasurer, who is l>ound under a fieually of £'>(H) to administer tite same — a form of oath is given, but as that form is altered by a subsequent Act, it is mK necessary that I should read it. By the (iih Clause the Treasurer is required lo record the Returns, luid such recorded Returns are dclared public pro}H?rty! TliH Hth Clause provides against erasures, and heavy penalties are im|M>cd on tlw Treasurer if he knowingly makes a false Return. Clause I3ih, makes it perjury to make any false oath *' to any matter or thing by thU Act requirtnl." WaiMm come to the Act of 1H-2H, which was |>asted to renaedy a complexity which Imd arisen from frerpient changes of pro|>eriy — it takes nothing from itie duties or the forms reetically — and in a few expreasiims, the im|>ortance of which you will judge, altered llie/rM of the Oath which must accum^tany the Returns. The eflVct of the oath appears tlie same, fbr tlie forms and nturns must \ie the saim. — and if tlie oath be taken falsely, it is equally ix-rjury as tliough no such substitution of form had taken place — Utr the 1,'lih Clause of tin. Registry Act declares, if any |>erson shall knowingly and wilfully make a/iy false oath to any of the matters or things requireoint out where one of tlie Judges had mistaken the law. Ml. Juauco Glanville— Denied that he had mistaken the law. Tlie Jury were retiring when the Attorney-CJeneral said — I object to Mr. Lockhart aitthig— the Oath wai to enable the party to remove slaves from one Island to another — and there was a prosecution against Mr. Lockban for removing slaves, and it were well if he did not sit. Mr. Justice Dowdy— Is tlicre any nason to suproM Ml. Lockhari's staves were not domestics T — Or that th crime of Perjury attaches to him 1 The Atloney-Gehor.l II. f,*,r^Ummc^l .^j ,„,^ ,i^,„ away b<.twccn tlie time required for making tlie Trieanwl Registry and then no oath was -^equtred, the former owner having taken it. Mr. Justice Dowdy— Tlie cases of Mr. Lockhan and .Mr. Hobsonare not parallel : tlie owdy — And tlie Court eipreta their opinion publicly — there is no occasion to aay any more — the Court have overruled tlic objection and you muat not iuthat xf there art srreral Artt npun the $ame nthjrrt, they t^iupt them. are to he takem together at forminf^ one tytt.m, alui at T1* Aitorncy-Oeneral— I did not hear them cxpraM mUrpreting and enforcing each other \'* wiltVtliy making a their opinion. false oath, therefiwe, lo any of the matters or things re' Wr. Justice Dowdy — Nor can you when you cause quired by the Registry Act, is perjury. The considera' *"^ constant inlernipiion. tions for tlie Grand Juiy are, the Perjury nnist be wilful— | Tlie Attorney-^Mneral — I object to Mr. Ilobfoe ; )i has expres9(x) an opinion. Mr. Hobson — I am not on tlie jury. Tlic Attorney-Oeneral — Objected to Mr. Coort aittinr as a Judge in the case of Mr. Hobson, on the ground of Mr. Hobson being an Aibiirator between Mr. Court and the competency of tlie jurisprudence, and the evidence. 1. Tho swearing must be /a6e— and it must in the terms of tlie Act l>e done knottingljf and wilfully. A certain degree ratiia therefore is necessary : not a mere false oath taken in ignorance or hurry or mis—• ••"""•> "^••"k •" /siohhot i>risrrrn mr. \ ourt and take.' Tliere must Iw reason to believe that the [K-rson i another person with wliom lie had a disputed account, accused, knew what he was swearing and wea prede^^'r. i'oun— Denied that Im> sIimkI in any aucli siiuation termined to swear falsely. with regard to Mr. Hobson— he feh himself fnes from And in jodeinifof this it is of the utmost im[iortance bias and would sit. that tlie Jury should hmk at tiie intent of the jMirty in ma' The Aitorncy-tteneral — You are Mr. Hobaoe*! Mte king tbe oath — and in tlie preseat case efip<>cially. The to-day, and to-morrow he is to be yourt. defendant is charged with falsely swearing that these \ Mr. Couit— I will not allow snch remarks, Sir ; ait down Slaves newly purcliaseil from the field were his dimiestics, or go on with the busineM of the (Joun. • -— .'".•^iii , in the town of Rousseau. Now I can easitv conceive that a [lerson may rei;is4er a Slave opon oath as a domestic though such Slave ne%-er had been employed as such or from change of cirrumstances never might be so employed, and yet be jwrfectly innocent of perjury, his not The Atlr>rney-"H— fs the *hi.:, he Im4 o taken, ilie oath required by ihe law. ^* Hi hirre ^ Anorney-fJoneral— I mijlit to have an opportunity ^••ving to what has fallen from Mr. (JIanville. ^'. Ju.tM-p (iUoville— I have only done. Ml. Attorney, ""Siull* *1 *"*''*' ^^"^ '•"'l"l>f in not doin^t. I hawtlTr '*"*' '""'"'"^ •" •^*' ^^^*" J'tsiice's charge, '^''v-o, '""•^"^'**"''"'~^*''*'* n'<*'^n hich can '^^'oin *Vr '***''''"""*^'*^ ••"^"''*' aru'ument before 'vV^I V' "*' ^'fand Jury ouirht not to be left to de^ uZ \\'^ '""' '*'*''' '' '" ""'*•'' " '••h'-tHer if the oath ^ Ikjh-rsoo iHkiiiit can ht. prosecuted up.n— x^w'TT'"^* ''^"' ^'"' '^'^ ^''''"'' J.irvare onlv '^* frttt — I claim to moot the question. TIk(..w, w.. ,.... J,... .r^ (.^ ..-, .....^T -^.^.i. . |*T7ijifry. Ills not I •"•' •'"• -•>"i'>"' ""liiM iMM IU sii — Hs ne r . rHinsel lor th. mere br?ach of the h-tier of the law that would conj Wr, Bermingham in a prrwecution in amHher Crwirt for stitiite p.ri:ry. Hut the Rrci^try Act was framed for llie removing slaves — and .Mr. Holison is also a Client of Mr. exfiress pur|>o4e of aidin? tlie laws made for suppression ^'^nville in otlier Courts — It is a fatal objection to a jury of tra/ling in Slave*. Whatever are iIm? Laws of the I "*^" '*** *•* '• •'tlH,r Attorney, Agent or Kinsman.— I Kmpire respect • • •• -i . Act is subsidiarv Mr. Hobson in swearing all thev; negroes were his domestics for thi' Attorney-Cieneral has stated a prper motive and I am express pur|Kse ol enahlin? him to violate those laws, ami n"t to presume any other — In the case f>f Bermingham I toex(>ort tlie Slaves to another ('olony. Is th're any j '" ""< *'t — *wt in this case I fc^el myself as im^Mrtial aad evidence of suclunlrmt on tlie fiart of Mr. Hobson — fJr ""interesied as man can lie — if I consider the fn*oner Slaves. Whatever are iIm? Laws of the I "^" '*** *• '• '•tlnir Attorney, Agent or Kinsman.— I rting Ihe dealine in Slaves, the hical Regtstf? "'• '" making this obj netrroes were his fiomr>;/-> IV.. .u' 4lliirnev-f.fnral h:< >i;4tft 3 t^n.fwi.p ...^t:..i i hall for i-*iueniui xivii MitT.iii w.i iiwj |...Fi ,ir. iiooson lor otiiiiif-i-'nr.i u^ ion rrto \w ii i COntNier Ine fn*OIM premeditated falw.hi or what fidloned th' oath. charge ihem arcordinirly — I lake credit lo mvvdf fi,. 2. Tbe Oath must be taken in a judicial or a public having yeaterriay prevented the firand }viry from perhaps prK-eeding — and before a competent jurisdiction — that ^nfling a prisimer guilty of an infamous crime ufK>n a is, before some person lawfully authorized to administer an | ''fong rharqe. oath. t Mr. Hobson — Repeated his objenion made on the first Tlie Registerinc of Slaves is a public proceeding I day of tlie Court to tlie (,'hief Justice sitting on bisrav.— ** the Records Publir Pmprrty" — and as to authority, ^*e Chi!f Justice liad prejudged him — and had pronofinced ihe Treasurer is not only em|Miwered to administer an : him a perjured individual as far back as February, IKV), oath, but he it subject to a pnally of £300, if he admits a | •" h*tter to (iovernor Nicholar. ""• "•^" "^•*' The Attorne)-n tath S. .\s to evidence — It is a settled rule that tlic evidence ii-^ \ J i K ft I & If I [Contmued on the Uit poge.]


r.. I 14 'i\-tt. J 'ril ', •• f l lii I %fM h fii k^ f V H ^'^t)t jUatiitma ^r0wa> THE AR37S. il (iiilit iii< I MiiHUiH iiiuu-H, aiiM(.loloMiiil Iv L'isl.jtiirt; (i..iv ilimk ol iIkliouNt-. lor Ih> own iwi; a,„| u, im* ,;, H m. ^ I iMOjM-r )o iniilMri/.-, in ib'tr .iiimul KiVimiui* U.II. tur iluu.m* of llirir oiinitiitiits, in nianru-r VnllT**** Tl.r levi..J m.i.Il'I iIi' 'Sill of <;.•>. 2d, aro lv eiijiii lor the town of N;ssiHi, four for thf f ""^ Ltw, (wJu'ii til.HCt is not o*alof lli* KiiiLMtMiMiMe His Mmi-sIv to d. fray llif ri> Distrirt of the said Island, si* for tlw | l. ** ^'t-'iH rdd), at ii o'riotk, itt K,ielitiK-> iImj •"''"" "'^'^ 'l'^* <••'"' ''"'y' .)*''' 8us,ended The ; lor the [.land of LonUland, tour for tl |,|J^; j ^,, ' ^^^ _, . ,. ,,., j Salt duiv ua* |,u^ irrt-ularly rollected. The Parlia1 ^idvador, lour lor the dislnct of \\'nt\\nu\ u1^ ', nil" I iiientarv duties did not 4Xist; the annual Kevenue Hdl was, nuiii Key, tour tor the lurks Islands f^^ "^ <.'udrd liiil,' '* the MaiUl Uill, "the I rinliiii; ill," ,.„„!Mjuently, almost the only somce of inrouie, andK'airos^ Islands, three for the Islands of' Oo^l ''^ aiidV iImKeveoue and A|^ro|iiaiion Bill" — lo the flr^t whirh heiiej; withheld hv the \H-emhly, the (iovenuoent Ackliii's Island, three for the Islnnd of \„j N iMitttiotied ol wlii< h, he wuh |)leus(l to L'i^e hit Sesitioii, in the following S|Hech : M(. SimiLif ami ijicHfituun uf the llnust: of \ ^iii nMie here U> pror<;i"e thi.^ (feiierHJ AH4.iuhly, ividi a view to its intiiMfdiau? (li^Milutioii. 'I'hf th'ip ri'^ret uhith, under other cirniinstances, I rould not hut li.'ej, itt bein>.' coiuiielhd to dissolvi.' a (;iieral \ss4'iiiidv of thi-'te ldan (d" tliLs ('idony, and h-ft thu Judi;es, and the other I'uhlic Functionaries, to he paid, and the amount of their res^Hictivc salaries tube fixed, by the annual vote of the Colonial Legislature. On the :^oih edieul wliich could lie adopt • d. Mr. S/trakri and (imttr/iun of the Jlouse of AtMmhijif, TIm." fk-icrttiiuMlion not to proceed further in the hiisito III ^^ and that one copy he forwarded bv the naid cl^ *'^l Island of Kaijijed Island, and one to the Island "'^ Bahainu. *' '^fUni A call of the Hoiii^e ordered for to-n)nm Adjourned umJI to-morrow at ten o'clotj^ i-Hii.AV, March Rrt>,u,, Tue House proceeded to take into corisjd*^, motion of the Hih instant, (hat this House v/rtl iJl*'''*' the Iteceiver denerarand I reasnrer, in all.nrinfa^ back, of one half of the duty h.-vied noon f... u "** Mun,des by act of Parhaim^nt, in the cnv* ,>f ,|^ ^ bein^r bioui,dit into any port of entry in llK'BalKu.ias**' vessels cast away on the coast thereof ; '** And the (pit'stion beint^ put thereon, Kesolv?d, That the Houh*' do acree to the sjim, The second reading of the six follow inir i,i|ij ^^ vi/, : the bill to continue the act to anx^nd tlip k-i^^.^" T i,^ anv art or act* of iIm* lietierdl AsJM-Middy I I ijiids MOW in ldi liansiwit to y<^ii copy of a Circular dispatch, ,^,. Ifii I l)iM:euil)er, \*liit''tter regulation of the otTice of Provost Maribl; n^ (jucntly, as a matter of course, re-as*iunie, on tlw.' l?nts proposed by tk' ( Konfil lloiis, have U'en already allotted hy thu Legislature, and *^' ''"' hill entitled an act to continue two si'Tenl jni .< •"> -'uu ; hut slull i lert my best endeavours, to pre} ^j,, ^ ,„i^,,^ expemhMl, acrordim/to Law, tor the pur\ l'^''tiu mentioned, for regulating the public Marke,i ^ *eMt His M.M.-Htv service Ironi any srr.oos ini ,h,,os ir)ecifi.d iu the dilVerenl Colonial acis, inclodin.' tlio tv. '. of Nassau ; cunve,i5.,ce,frumthesitualionm Inch you liave placed,, ^,,,,,^„, ^,-,,^. i„„.r..,t, and of such a proportion of **"!* J|, /. 1 1 1 i. I I f t'*? Capital of the debt, as the .State of llie Kevenue, Al. TIknature of the address w Inch you thought l>r>. „„t „t|,„r^i,,. appro,>riated hy Law, will , The ^r 10 (MeiM.nt lo me, m reply to my .S(H.ech at tino,N.n| .„,„„„„ ^f ,,,,, \ ,,„.|.„.,,„J sm bother duties as the Lclmsint: ol the present <.emral As Iron, my mind nil cxpectat.ou o| any j ,„,t ,^ ,,^, ^^easury, and, consequently, tho.seservices to pioKivv Uju.g made, with your as.s.s:ance, m IIm^ dispatch ^|,ie|, ,I,om.; Iwve Imnm, usudly" appropriate.!, can! tf'f following resolutions, vl ilicjHidKr Imonesiu I nni;ht, with ^-reat IToprnt) ,„„ |h, p,.rf,„.iie^. CfMn the wh.'de, however, I may I^t. That it b recmnmended to iho House, lo^ewio forUmuh , an etnl to the >ess,on. I w is, howe-ver, ,^,viy assert, that the Pubhc Service will not sulVer, by \ >*"' "luch of the amendments as relatesio dr lltbM your determination of ihc :^lst insiaiil, inc4nveiiieiice, I ^^Lsl claitx^s of llu! act of Asjiombly, p:iss^ in ilwiii even of a tein|4>rary miture, to any vclant, like that I y^'<"' ^t the reign of His latu Map-sly King Hv^p tb which has het;n apprt^ft-nded. third. 7th. HaviuL' tlius, ^Ii. S|)aker ami (lentlemen of the ^d. That it he rocomdiended to tlM> Uonse, tn t^iufm iuienihly, explaim*d to yrou, tlie fmanciiU situation of : <<* so much of the said amendments as relates to tlic l:Mi this Colony, ^nd tJie tle|M 1 intend to adopt, in cons4^cpience of yonr determination aheady albnled to, it only remains fur me to express my hopi;, that wluii the Lei,'isUiluie is agatQ conveped, I shall meet a House of As> \i\i\ the said amendments beint: read. The House resolved itself into a commilteuof tlxdiwii Hous4', on the said amendments, Mr. Wood in the chair. Mr. Spaker having resumed the chair, Mr. Wo{hl he mistaken, and mv f nxiety not to ev)>4e the conmiiiuity lo the inconvtMiiiMice 4>l' llie loMM of ihe Kevenue, the Militia, tlw SciuKil, y.^.1 .>)l,r '...,|. .r ...I lull,, indiired me tu twaii, paiiuntly, nH{ iMult q( your uflerior deliberations. M. Your subMupieut romluct has shewn, that my opinion was hut loo well founded. It is very Irue, you have pru|MMe<< a Ittviniuv and Appropriation bill, but ronliiiniM'j eiiariiiieuts to whirh you novel seriously could Irive sopi>o*4d I should L'ive my assnf. Our .MiJitia has cost j n .1 •. *• .1 1 .• 1 • • .1.-;.. .11 III 1 ,1 ''^ I M-'iublv, the maiority o( lie menil>ers ol whic 1. wi see • (.•nsMjefahle .' be I cipliae and eflicicncy. In youi (Mtiiiun to His .Majesty, jruu cuni|daiu o( i\w insubordination, and you uxprcms >.Kir alarm m Uwi possible iasuriecUin of your Slaven ; • nd yet, this is th moment you chooso tor refusing to co|Jinue llie Mdilia Ihw. You have kej^l back ill*; .Nawaii PuhUc SchMdact; and sMuier than admit res|)cctahle yidiviiluals, who luippou lu be of a darker complexion tlian los*' iiutien they will have y their brother freehohlers, to perform. and 27th sections of tiie .siiiJ act. And the said resolutions being severally read a icntd lim(> .Viid tin* ipiestion luMng {mi ihcreupont TIh? House divided : Kesolved in the anirmative. The engrossed Printing bdl read a diird time, iU 1 think it, however, riiiht, candully to tell you, thai it |ws-sc'd. appears to oi to Im) very louhtful if, under any circum' ^ committee of two M.-iiiIhts ap(>oinle again an.s>on of tlie act of the th of Ceo. thereto; also, to cafry a an-ssage, informing tlwttx^iii llie 2d ; and toper mil tlicdelailsof tJH' ('ivil List of this CidoI *^' t''^ Kesolutiims of the I louse, on the aineiidiueshin' ny, to dep'nd u|Hin iIm; annual vote ol the Colonial Lejfisia' ^> l'"*-' Council lo llie Market hill, and reqOuce of uith reluremo lo thu observ.Hions which \' ba Irum lime all duties shall \nn.Ml!K'nl, that ihe dwtutrnry W aukie lo lime made on Ine amount of lle *Uii^s of sMne of iIm* gooil out uf llitr CiMlooei KeVDtme uf ropriaiion eu.t<*liiM>nis, iMve, 1 am well aware, upm former occaM4in, h d to niany unconstitutional iriepulaiitics, which jMe MO* U'en sanciivud in this Colon v, l>r a consideraide hu'jth iif iiiiM>. }^t\ refurrint: to your recf)rds, I tirxl 11 •' mem of a new and of a happy era, in iIh political histoi ^^'> niolion, Ues4dved, That a ConmiilU* benppo**^ ry of tliese Idands. The liberation f tlie Civil •" ''raw up reasons, to Ik? otlered to the CiMiiicil, "l** frmn llie necessity of being annually voted hv the '^<^ "m*-"<^t malior of dilLrence, on liieir aneBiia*s*''' Legislature, will restore to the Crown that constitutional ^l'*^ Market act. inrtm-nce and authority, uf which k ought never, for a moOrdered, that Mr. Taylor and Mr. Wood l) Citmeni, to hav privileges and immunities of either of theotUr brandies ot the Le: ">*-'"* to the Market bill, that iIm' (\mimitief had J"" 'lf'*up reasi.ns ^ccordincly, which he was direrted to nix^ (trntUmrn of the CnuHcil^ Mr. Taylor re|M)rted, from lb*' Committed sppon"*^ to draw up reasons to be olTered to Uie Coiwcil •^''^ ference for disagreoiny with their iMiard in ilieir •••'^ lo the House, which he lead in his phuc, ami alurwriH Mr. Speaker and Gtntlnntn of the //yjr o/! delivered in at the table ; where llw same being "*" Asumhltf^ first and second time, ^ By virtue of ili power and authority vested in me by -f^"*! "P"" the qui^tion licinir put thnronpon, wa* •T'™ Majesty, I proroL'Ue this (ieiM'ral Avsembly, until tinto by the House, and are as follows subs('<|Meutly oblicJ to authori/.va loan, \%liich still prt^sses uiMin iIk* fes4iircis of iIn* ColonvI have lu explain lo iio4i, inatorially chaugtrd ; §0 rnach so, tlint upon the present cMvaMon, I dv tt*ii upfMcta cid any very con.siderable evil caa jHKsibly accnif. 5lli. Otr CoUnidI Revenue i^ derived fiom throe distinct auirc>s^ Kufcl — lr4in iIh? Suit and tonnage duties, levied, ori|inallv, under the act of the 8th (ico. :^d, ami duiini; the sus)M'nsem of thill acl,1)y tliu annual Kevenue Rill, .^.•^•ondlv — I'uMii th.' P4ili.inientar\ thities collected hv His iM.)esiy*s Cusioiu lluose, unA fMitl int the Kin Wednesday next. Immediately afterwards, a [iroelaniation was issued, disunneces.sary. of '^^ ^'!j fj^',^, relates to I'lee net'roes, or other free persons oK OK*' been virtually refK-aled hy llie act of .Vssemhly oi n*.^ (eo. 4th ch. 2, for granting a hutlicr extension ol |*^ Ie<:e8 to certain free persons of <'olour, in *•'''''", ^'^ji^J and thnefoic, the amendment made by llie ^'"" ?,. 1H.12. s,iid ;?7th clause, is also unnecessary. Tlie n<>iJ% I ever, suegcst that should the Council pa-s bf ^* PiiocEEiii:vc;s ny THK HOCSK OF ASSEMBLY. Till RsiiAY, .March l.')'li. i//cvi isLi^ns. The P• ili'rm ing bill lead a second time, and or.lered to ont the amendment last mentioned, the Mouse •o"''' ',! be ensrossp.i. 1 . • 1 u r 1 1 r.succli**'vbill after the word rcsp*^ .. I 1.^ 11; u I I 'IM I • ^ .. objert to insert in the d hy Is H-.' |c.l, I hnt the orders in Council printed hy order 1 the followin, uorne copy lo each nKinhei parts thereof, has or have been amended, ri|H<*^ nial Treasury. l Imdly-troni the \ euJu.and such other ,0 be ilistubuted ai lidlo^vs :-one ^ool*';.;: Jii^.:.::"' Z"^:^"" ""!' r""*^*'' ^ *^".'' ^''^ ""'KJ''r'lii^. levisc the scale ol these salaiM's, at aft eail\ [M-riod. i am. My Ltud, Vour obc'difiit Servant, (Signed*) SPttINC RICF C j DetemlM'r, IS'JH, by which iImK^vcoik' of Ureal Khuin was niaf coiupriHMiiiun allow anc's, granttNl y aiy IHdl Mv Lonlstakc into considoiation, llie mode which is now in operation, of paying the silaiieof tho Officers ol the Cusionis in Uiose (."olonies, w hero the Odn ers were remunerated ly fees, previouslv lo the passing of the fitli Ceo. 4lli ch. 114, uhich Ices were abolished by the act of blhtieo. 4ih ch. 10.'), sections 117, lio and i?.l4. My Lords have beton* them, the numerous representations which the several Colonies have made, objecting to both the arranueiuents for paying ihc salaries of the (4m Lords (7i)ni:nissioner of His Majesty's Treasury, 1 5j|, IK'ceniber, aldress'd to Viscount Howick, j.^ Secretary of Si-i'e for the Cwloniul DeiMriniiuit, , • , • •^[nuTopv of a Treasury minute, ,LiuM ;>rHh ; Ollicers ol the ( usioms, wnich were sanction.-.! by l^^^ SI' 1.^*1. •'P1='"1"^> •••• '• l"-p--i "<'^ arrange. I respective Mmules ol tins Bo.rd ol the .'.„h April, ISjW>, Tt^r lu^ ("•vmeul of the salan-s of the Ollicers of '^^ --'"'l December, Ih-S. am the argamcnts advanced at u ..'-r..-i.oos ami. f the nmfineHnt exii..o.Gs ot various limes, bs difleient Cidonies, against the last m.>le .. .... Lordship will commuBicate this prirporsal lo all f v/OC|M)n a consideration of the whole qiiosibn, my Lords as are necessarily incidental lo conducting the dulir* of llie department of iIh* luslonw; and my Lords aro intormed, iliat the BN>ard of i'lisioiMs liave recently instituted a stiicl enquiry into alt tlie incidental charges, with a view lo ascerlaiu wlielher any of lluin may Ik* reduced without injuring llio etbciency of iIh|Mibtic service, and my Lords will direct the Coinmhifnera ol Cusioim, to nstruct their Olficers to lay an account of lliese cliarges and exjHjnces lKtor<^ the lfOVrnors, for the |orpoe of iheir being exhibiiel to tle Lt gislature ; and tlie Commissioners of ('ustouis will be directed lo consiiler iho objections, which the Legislature m any Colony may taka tw any of those clwiges ir expenses. Transmit copy of this .Miinite lo Lord Hoarick, for iImj -wivj* wifli rysoecl and <'ratituile, this itlditional instauci .. , .<. 1 '"'^ I .. -.1 1 • 1 .1 ^ 1 are ol oiMiiion. that the pressure uoon ilie several t-/Olonies, ./ fK unccHsin" cart and aitentitMi with w iich Uie real "'^ "' "i""" ""•"' '"^ i' .. ^ , .^ 1 1 j .. .^ . 1 ., i... : i <_, ,s^ ntxt-n^^m^ nf mtv* •"*•*" :. ... I under ill op.raiion of the Minute ot 1H2H, IS une(pial;l nage daty proiHisod tolimpose*l,lor^tyw}fHirf^ lonies having ('oUin'ml Lih Maich, IS:W. ^ (Cupy.) md tlial il is necessiry to adoj>t som* other plan, which will more fairly on the Revenues of ibe respective Colonies, in proportion to their amount If the duties of the OlUcers of the Custom! were con ing llie ex|>ense8 of collecting th doties of Customs, i limited to one shilling and ixieiice |ier ton, oiy l.onls do nut intend, by fixing tliat limit, to ex^iresa any opinion on iIk' expediency o{' inqwsing a higher lonnag*) doty lor purCIUCCLVR. l)owxix<;-STnF.KT, ^ IGlh Hecembur, 1,H. ) 8i, I end. >s<* In you, herewith, a communication which has lieea reccireil at this department troiii one of the Secre; Uriel t 'he Lorensiv ilian is requisite for the side ol.p'ct of collecting the duties. Governiu Mil, a:id lo express the conlident ho|K-s which I alcrtain, tlii< the .iiraiii^eiii'Mit therein proposed will be giilaciory to the Colonial L'^i>lature. 1 have the Ininour to be, Sii, your most ohedirnl, bumblo ^M:rvant, (Si.jned) <;oi>i:Ricii. Mijor (i'Mht.iI .Sir J.iiiios C. Smylli, ic<-. V. dc< Bahama*. B THr%rKY-rnAMnrR, I 6lh I>ecemler, iSdl. } My Loan, \ m coionriuded by the Lords Coimnissioiiers of His Xtjcsty^ rroasury, to transmit to you for tininformatilNi )) Visc>unl (fodericb, the enclos'd copy nl their Loidiiiips Minute of the '2.'}th ultimo, wherein il is pioptised to pay tbe salaries of the Olfit'ers of the (Customs, in the Colonies, bycharciii^' ihe wnclivc Colonies, to coinunmicate lo llie Olhcers of tl Customs, tlie acquieacence of such of tlie Colotiies as fty accede to this arranpeinent ; and my Lords wdl diiecl lH Commissioners of Customs to instruct their Ollicers to carry the measure into eflect, as far as they are concorno*!, whenever they shall be infnimed by tlie reapective Ciovernors that the Legislatures have signified tlicir acquiescence. Resolved, That this Hous) will, ni its rtsmg t^ day^ adjourn until .Monday m-xt, at iwalvc o'clock. AdjtHirned accordingly* MoMDAV, March 19th, 1HJI9 The House tneX accordintf lo adtiuifimseni. aad •!jouined until lo-toorrow luoiniag at ten oVIock. On these yrounds, in} Lords have been alviavs ready to admit, tlial a consideralde proportion o( iIr' Salaries of pJeit-Jlot.ike an early opportunity ol laying copies j BV JOHN.SON Al b.U NDLRS. ptMotf on all shipping entering the res|N'rtive ports; and It* to request that you will move His Lordship to coiiiiNsiratr litis proposal to all the Colonies having Colonial L^tidaiures, and at lite same tinio to acquaint tlie rcipective Governors, thai, altlmugh the |tmna>;e duty prop"d for the pur|H>s<:of puyini; tiMr ex[M'iics .f collecting tile duties uf Customs is limiti.-d to one shilling and six^ftce per ton, my Lonls do not intend by lixini! that hlM-rty lo adopt, urtdir whatever circumstanrts they may now be placed, either by liavme entirely Hrred-d lo tinplan as laid down in tiie said Minute of 'M l)cndwr, IhiH, or having partially accedeons Windisaid Island Hum. March 24th. I Uf ( Soap, W, lo express any opinion on the expedieiMV ol'^mI ^fl^.f charjes and expcnc's of tlie CuatoiiisilsiablishiiiOBtt ^aiftg a highet tonnaje duty for purpose;* of Revenue ; \ in ili*. Colonies having Colonial Legislatures, ap|x*an V Lords, under all the various circumstances, to lie to nM >Milo inst I uct them to communicate lo the Olficers of iImdotaois.tlKi acquiescence of such tif the Cidonu's as nia\ j„m and fair, and one to which tliey can anticipate no •<^*de to this arrangement ; and my Lords will instruct i^.^sonable objection. tW Connnissioucrs of Customs, to tlireci their Officers to j Bv the plan which my Lords propose in this Minute, n-ytlie measure intoeHect, as far a tlie\ are cmcerned, ,1^. whole of the duties of Cmstoms, wheiher Colonial or •twnever they shall Uinformed by the respective GoI Crown duties, should lie rhanjed with ten (mt cent, on 'iK)r, that t'lie Colonial Legislatures have signified their t|„. yross amount tlK-reof, to Uapplied for the purposes •cquiesctnte. BY HENRY GK:i:NSLAI>£ dk CO. As, however, this arrangement, if acceded to, will not •tlie tluclaims which the Colonies of BarbadM*s, An'•fua, .St. Vincent, firenada, Dominicn, St. Kilts, TorWa, Montseriat, and .Nevis, have advained lo rereive the ff'iss of Cusloni duties, in the first instance, Inmi 1^ period that the act of the Oth (ieo. 4th ch. 1 14, came ''> op>iation, namely the .5tli Januaiy, Ihin Momdsy nrit, thr 26<* mutaml, AT THI I ^ r>l • Mm! ••r. At 10 O'clock. ML Will Im; sold FOR CASH, lH-lorodrliv.?ry. 1.')0 Ijatrels Philadd|diia FhMir ; 211 half liamds do. f:oriied Pork; 6 do. tlo. Beef; 4 barrels Pork ; 1 do. Vinegar ; 2.'> kegs Lard ; 1 do. Cordial ; PN) lia^ Cof n. Ace. 6lc. ALSO—K well toned Piano Forte. M'^rrh *24ih. BY ilLNRY (iRF.F.N^LADE 4t CO. before Slated ; and if the aier cent, on the Crown duties, sliall be more than suflicU'nt to dclray llw' salaries, and oilier pxjHnc> to Incharped n|M)n the sakl outies that in such case the amount to b' deducted tlwo.^ , „ u Lr Jt ?ro n sbonhl be propnrtionahly diminished, and that an .1^1 1 V'fAs' TVr,/. oa ^,r.n^ ururity before d^hr^ry account thereof should be rendered hy iIkCustoms Offi| of trrop,rt,,, ( W Uhaut the Un.t H^'frtr.) ^ errs to the (iovernor, to Ik^ laid liefore tlie Colonial Legis, 172 boxes Soap ; (. ravs (.entlomen s, LadHs and ht rrbut that in ca^e Uksaid char.e nady to give their 1 thereon,' that a tonnajediiiy of ono shillinc and sixpence ficf p'Mtenlion to any ariani."'menls which the C.donial ton should be imposed on all shippinu entering the re|K'C1^7islat.inrs mrtv resixetively submit, lor providing a due i tive ports ('xcept vessels of small tonnage, winch, as m P^ofMirtion of tlie cbaiL'e for" tlw salaries of tl... OiVirers, | ||k) casr of Janiaira, should he rliarged only once m frtwn the period above mentioned to the commet.rrn.ent of pverv year,) lo make up iIh' defiriency, for tlie jiaymeot y the salaries ^ml oibr exr,ense, to he charged Cordial ; 1 case Medicine. .V> gallons real Cognac Brandy, in lots, to suit purchasers. March ;?4th. •lail and if llie ''*""*'| •>"' of die iiross proceeds of tiie duties, to lie paid ^'I'eColoniai Revenue. Mv Lonls. therefore, request ^t > (ii)iierich wi!l niaka roMimiiiiirMti.n In that *^. to ihe < iovernors of tiie beluie uieiitmiicd ColoT .•NOTICE PCBLIC SCHOOL, .NASSAI N. P. HK almve rstablishmeBl will hf atte

IK L r fi 'i i • 'im h^m ' ^'' i f; u 'ii : I'h (.•. ..n.... ,M. lb, ,,Hri .rt .VI.. Il..|,.,n. Mr. ||.,bM, Jm^ at. ...jrlpl .lib.. |.^„^, „^,i„^ „, ,^ (;^^j ,^ i„,i^ ^^HM.M h.m „, ,M. Court r C'i.„.KM. PU-ai. IW l.i. k-it. •^<{ fH. ..i,,|.Mlo mmiv hy tin-. HWh^I J.tiro. g'^c j0;i|>niwfi ^rjittg •HM, ^( rf. „..p.^ ..f bin „.Mv .o ,1k, (;vrMr. In ,Im, J., H^dy .^,^1 „.,. 4^,,^ ^.rW^^ ,^A ;cA llK, ,ry 4U.i no, ,| Chi^.f J..^ic , d,,,i^. .foir"'! !*'^; "'""r'^;* *'^" -•'^-" pre,K.rHtory to their ^^1 t? kwve u, load llw b froo. ViUlif.—Yol. I. p. Z t^.r,i ., 'T' ^"'" "."*'."'• ""• "' -'"•• -o, know wUh, fMmt ,o inf.^r,e him on~Mr. Ju.,i,.e ;U,.vi|le~-nMi -ppJie, ,o the ea of .. few,. ,^."-..-i,,.,.r,.i; :""''''" :• r r ? ''•"> •'"••*-•"' ••" i-i''"i!i i.i,„ un.t that Art tin, person, .wearing nd.elvn.av Ikpn^ uT ^^ '"^•^"'X.*'^*""e"t or Infoi-mat'um; Sect. V il ^' ? • J"'"*'*^^'' ''•** '• <''"'t ol Kinp', Uenrh 'iwl conform it, proceeding, to the King's ench in t.nj;land-~H to the learned individoal whose acquirements re almost minuulo.i,, staiinij that b.'cause a Grand Jury dre snmniune.f, .hereby the inherent rights of the Ciown •re to be annihilated aaJ its ofticero.isie.l of his undoubted >es must go befu.e ; ''0"'*''er wheiher they m,|| di.H( harge thei, du l*****' *)f common ass:u m a small communifv it .-.„T^' *'"^ltei -Main ruhl him the w.hI, of ,be TJTT *•" .t~but added-il the Court wi | Jr/*'*^ ^ will. "•* *"' ftke Ml irte,'' 'I'he Attorney-GeneralSe how I u ***" seated .' '^e bee Mr. Justice Glanrille— Then Mr Hi. *^ order of the Court. "'"" >> •o.g^ The Attorney-General—I would. "*• Mr. Justice (;ianrillr~But not accede totW I he Artorney-General— \o. ""<|oe Mr. Justice Glanrille— Are you not awu^.. • right to order it .' ^ ^ ''"**l C^oft. The Attorney-General— I am aware of , l^ evertheless obeyed it. "' ^ U%,jrf Mr. (;ianville-Then vou wanted ,k.r nut themselves hy making an cnl*r wbi 1 .k ^"'""e.. K. make, but would not accede to rj^o "et, ^> ^Z. Mr. Jnst.ce I>owdy-I do no, co.3 t";^; "". hJ,^ r-l has ,he riybt of fdiug Ex-Officio Inf >*' W used by the A,torney-(;S.eral of Kr^l.t fe^^^:. no ^ ^ -•',• •••^ ^'n>i I aa nut ini caes ol fdine iflformatious— cajMtal case, must go beVo.e ''ons,der wheiber they Mdl'dMc h^/Je'rhLow"" *'* <.rand Jury-.-nor i. it usual in case, of common assauU T '"'^"""' '" ""-" --"-X it es 1"'^' """^ or cas^s ot sp^ciai nature) to institute informations— I ^"'^?"^*""''^ ^'""'' ''i'l"i''h my seat *""' |,ita| or a priv,,,. |,„ iiM„,o,lil,lv aHocIs P..I.I.C M..i,c,., ,( i„„ „d i„„i,„,i„„, ,„ „, (-oio:;... ..„ -I If. ''.'''*'^ "•""""""' •""••'I l'>l'Ar.-,l.p„..™ri„,„. p.wull.,n i.. ^""" •'"" P"'"1 l"f"""t.,„ h.-,v,. ho„ f,|,Kl here r..,H.lcll ii .,.. *i-<;(-u(i,ri„ party. '*"^'"'*" ' ''"'' •''• i !'"';"->'.'''''''"ling ll>e relo,a„re ,1a. (lour, lu-veKn Mr. J„,r, l>„dy_l i,„ , di,,,i ,„ „ I ., """J"'S ."; "'"> "' ''i'P"'* '!' rit'l.i-s, ,„ ,|,e ho? oo rt. ,..,y k„.,. ,ha. h wi,„e., ca„ prove ^ i M 117 I 7 '^"'""""• u..un.,v d.ret„ me. -owieaji o! the l>oopuh,c;—,t woold b a d,l,itru. |„,er I aee ••> the hand, of any At.„r.Hy.(;e,M.ral. I..,., „f ,| ,," h.™.i. of tlH, k.a„.| Bentleman-ldi vin. ic"i,e 1 1 .. to, wcfl known ; if ever ...rh a „..le of prZ^ .ne be allowed, the Lord help o, .l.„ „,• „;. S^^^C tear.k-d sentleiuan (li a frown, if lie dl ,o a ,. ,, • he would havean E, 0.f.cio m.ia.ains'b'in. ^ 7 ^^^ A had reg,dt.vl the pr.^eodinp. of tin. Court, and will oppo, to tlK. utm^Ht any attempt to viola eole kw, which our forefather, have framed for tin. weliw •••I rejHHAiion of tl>e Maml. welfare .iJ l**" ^""" !l** '"^ •*•'*'"*** * ronsidof nn x\^ power of thAttorney.Ge,>er.l lo f.lo an Information.^.^rl^ '^ when the d lor ,oie ii„,e, reo.^-,,, all ocr„n. U .e...and. a,ai„„ hi„,. ,„,..„derW.. .ZZ^"^^ March 3.1. •'***'*^''" "^""^'-SW NOTICE. rpilK S(;|lscuiBKR."i,r,;di„g ,0 fc.., ,ki. Tlie r,H.rt_|, ran only he done hy way of . I "7 ^'""'"^•""^*> < !• an Information, rt-iurned •*M-if m* Joy ^ ,„d „;:.*i;:,urr:: .tit i^rrfhi^f-""; :"-• "•" "•" •"^"-^.i:: Jury and ha, been overruled II J^A.ill? '^>-^r--With the law l..fore n. and which h. vm, i..>r.i ^ W h i., ^re^ d:ct.^ r" An7on; •^.i HMy be pre,nt .m the occasion, i. Ih>u, d n o t to dis clo*e what may .ranspire : and the jurors thenX ^ *" •^ f they tf;i.jreM n ,kv are ftneable TI-. r .f .Lccedeto til.. .ppUcarion made by he ^ttl^ T' n*.ral, it will not only permit hut r. A^orbey-Gethy ,He Grand lu^y^V^i for .T ^'Z! ^•'-"-. */ The Attrney.fenJ:ral .^.t^d Ue^^tVo^:^^ I^JKt„.o„t a,r-i".t Or. .rm.n,bam forKneo^ .. |ha, c|rged u^ntx Mr. lU.oo. "^ "'^*'*""*'* po of bearmif esr.dence on m, ad after beim^ JZ T out. returned findim^No Bill. * ""^^ *'"•** The Attorny.C;efcer.l~-| i,;,vr ,v.;M mvself of . f>r..r,Hiatife of my office ami f.b. t = "'*'' nincio on the fiw ^v:: 1::: i:; ;•""';? ^"; -H cons^jK-nee,-^, know .: taUiI^ n ^^Vf ^1 ro-,Mos.b,|,|y...bnt I f...| actuated by an nVTrd L ^ f ,;-c.ahie i„h.if..a'n.: of 'tit 0^';': a',: z^,. ""': iory_..yh..v,.d,....,.i y ; a^nrUhliTnlr"" The Aiioney-Ce.^,^ „k„, f„, ,h,., ^ gie yoor opinion in writing ^ "' 'lonours h..':',„:"ir,i;^;r:::-^;' "•" -— '^ • -o, yoa/rrrrji'iT;;:™!'""' """"•"•••• —"....ha. Mr. Jus„crGUniUe-Tbi. Court will not .r k tha, msulted by ,he A,,orury.(;eneral-L ;,,1,*IT '" "^ mus, ei.her desi., or w. winiare this iC h ^ *"*"' A(lorrirv-(;eiifral — | onlv ar >^L. ... t\ : TT -; \j ^, lor Mic at 1.) cents per btoJjKL A Apply to 1 IIOMAS THOMPSON. At Lxofltt. Febfuary 4tk Fj^'rT' m'**"'" '*"' '*•-•" "•"' ^"^"rpe Street. pa.r -M^ of (.old .Sp^Ttack... The fimler .ill br liirj*onK.iy revvardtHi, on delivery of tln^m at the otf. of U. INI IN i Mnrch ',>fhh. FORKKW VORK. V"; '""t RHiImp srl uvr TIIRF.E SISTKR.s. For Fui^rb,, or pajwage, ipplf to t Hptain Glanrhr, or March 7th. _,, POHHALK. I be choice of 2 Lot, of Land, with tlit huildines and improvement.* tlK-nsui, ftiiif •• I rince's street, generally known bv tlic aawol Lightfoot. or Cupiut on . r"*^? possessed by ,he A.rorney-Gem [IfTieK... "^' ^^'^ ^-*5* Information ;')-,Ar.or„ev-C;e„era,of%:nland^o An^ ^^i. rj^r Mr Hob^n I r:. . t.d*Hne, they h.ire no. Keen„ ir ..T^.V'^'"^''*''* '''^'h*' Mr. Ilobson—I nsetooppoiotbl, motion— ^ \ttorney-C;e.H.ral-It i. no nH„io„. I ^f^„ Mr. Hr.h^n-.f>o not interrnp* me m the face of ,he Colonial Act; my bononrahle fr.nd (not frien.rtho J^! nourabU. ^.ntlema.i) cannot place .n Kx-lhfu-io iJT matMin on tla, R.cord, of tin. Cmrt-bere i. X Act t: ngulating .h<. proceeding, of Courts of Kin,'. BV-n'r IMvery \ct winch .nrt.nstlM^Court sitting here t.>.day ItenaciMhafttMiraml Jurors ami 4H P.ttv J.,rors I^fo U U .m.uoned-l.rwhatN-ifour forefada-rshayethougl;; .:^J::;Z:^-:!y;T'"^^^^^ ^ ^ "M^Uo these .owcr, possessed by the Atiom^. rl '^"'*" ' *" Reo,fds of tlH, Kind's C..1 l"^. f"*^'. T"* " ^'hf consider%ba, ., not bJirl, n..":!^^^^^^^ I C.d*oie they b.ire „.? been^eiven If • Ka I k^ .o grant to the Attorney. ;;;,!' "of ,L'V^ I'TIu .'b?"""" ers ot ,be A,ror,.ey-<;eneral of England, why' in he *"T' tororaisjiion tha, can be found is rrfeV^n,. i "* "'.^ Coh,,.e. for k..M.e ofTe A .ro^nTrf-erl',.'." ."" """' wea*! of l>eing dnee,U m;ide to rhe \t. ,1 7^ ""'" "' Mu^.np^J.Mr.nLy.LlJ^'^ >o,h„ Country. I ,„ Mt-, I. •"••nc s t..l'',--*he Court were desirriusTa^e J '^'^ "T' point and application was made ,o the A, U'cT'"'. '*"' ... production f/ his Commission, whK.hhe .T^h T**' .1"' ; Tbp Aftorney-Ccnrral-I ,.,. I •*^, ,''* ''"•^/^^^''"^^d '"do. would order i,. "" '^"''^ '•' i^ the Court To BK LET, that plea.^antlv ftl* House and Premises, lately in tla(K-nipit^n of H.nry Adderley, Es4|uir^, with iiiiii^ IHisaession. Apply to January 28th. C. S. ADDKRLEY. FOR SALE, The ll and l'r'niis<> at present ocrapi*^ hy Mrs. Poitier. TinHoum is nKiniv "wi conveni.nt, with a large Kitrhtn ami •a.sJi'h.ui* attaclied, chair hoiiMand siabliiig for thn-e bors.s extensive yard and eras. mmmi^m Belgium, is announced in the Pans Journal oj tlie 'tOlh amonu wbiib, one i^.ihal it wa* occaaioocd by tlw |ifvent un>eltlotl Stale of llio Cabinet. Largo bets Iwi^e bwn .itTeied, that Earl (irey *ill not be First Lord of the January. A iHiblic n>eeting wai lield at Manchester on Sunday, imcuro, wa\ ..•• .... ..c. - .. — 22d January, in Su Geor^e' Eields-^4!) persons liid | Treasury on tlie Isl April uvxi.— Standard. assembled by 12 o'clock, and 15(Ki of the military and PCS TUT. PBAn-H AT i?KA ArrER VICTORY. HT MHS. HKMA>S. .' r>e land sh.ill never rue, TT^hH to herself do prove but true.— SH.ikseEARK. •rimnrOM eveninn's brij;ht rejMisa \ v.iir.' ofpriiycr arose, Wlun the <.<'a-fifiht was done ; Tlie vns of Entfland knelt, With he^rl* ihal now could melt, r r ui) the Miive, her battle bad been won. Hoan.l th'ir ='" '•'•'P' '*" "='" tltnve with a dark re^ '''^ Occau-U.ueen that da)' bad bowed. Huf fieeand fnir on high, A native of the sky, HtT streamer met the brccse ; \\ rtwed oir fearless m'n, Tlkuu.:!) bitsb.tiid and biltl l|ke tlicn, nature llu'ir tjJod the) galbt rt-d oo the seas. Oil' Oid not tbont'ht of home tJrrearh Indtl spirit come. .\Hlr, waves that keep no trace, Thewibl, briet igQ> of huro.ia victory f A stern yet holy scene Kiliows wkere stnfe been, SiukniK to awful uleep; A' d viirds ibai bre.iihc tin' rtuj; hath been a star \Vh re eagle's wing u;'er flew; Kn^|:iMe,rue! Ijonilon, Jan. 87. — TIkto was one incierdea clKM-^re*! veliemently — not as it api>eared to us to repid tlw imputation, but to avow tlw wiah and design arhl>ed to him Tlw Duke of Wellinu'ton, with nH)r; rlietorical address than IS usual with bis Grace, declared that tlie policy Iw was rccommendintf eepiepp*erg.^-. ,....,.^ ^, w..^ luaded, in violation of her proverliial i:oon I'edro was •* j juJuomI to a^ sonewhat reluctant consent, it yet coubl tlieii at hand, as it must inlallibly have been dis(xr>i^, if j^^dly be reconr ik'il to tile interosta of France to ac<|M. not destroyed, by the violence of the alorm. | ^..^^j. j^^ ^^^i, ^ dislRinoorable retreat of Iwr wold. In truth, no French Government would hiure the will or the |ower of following so ignominious acounw. — (ilobe. police were assembled to preserve |N)ace. One object apiiears to have been to petition His Majesty to spare the lives of the men condemned at Bristol and Nolttnghaai — one of tlie speakers thought il wtiuhl be much lietter to haaff the Jud^rs, than tliuse unfortunate individuals. .Vnotlier object of llie meeting was to (lelition for Reform, on the principles of the Bill prepared by the National Union, which embraces vote by ballot, univenuil sutfra^'e, and annual l*arliament. Tlie meeting s>parated quietly. The petition from .Nottingham for sjiannc; tla* lives of the hve rioters, b4>ars llie sit;natures u( 2t).0tX) petMina, residing in that town and vicinity. Nothing can exceed the anxiety which prevails to obtain for tliese unfortunate men the mercy of the Crown. Lishon Letters of tle 14th January, are chiefly occupied with accounts of a dreadful Storm uhich occurred off iImj coast o( Portugal, by which gieat damage was done among the sbipfiing. It was a Britith House of L^trds. — V warm debate took place in the House of Lords on the ^hh January, on a motion of Lord .Vberdeen for information in relation to the Belgian .Negotiations. The motion was sustained by tlic mover, ami by the Duke of Wellington, both of whom Stock Kt^kan^t, Jam. 'Z7, Ttrrlrt oWlo^k.—Thti Money Market opi-ncd to-day at H^iS, but has since been heavy', partly owing to tlie small Ministerial majorities ifi deprecated the course pursued by the ministry, in relation j tliv Commons last night, and partly to a decline in the to the subject. French Funds tlic lowest quotation, however, for ConLord tJoderich warmly opposed the motion, and denied ^|, lias been M23 for money ; tliey are now at 82^^. tliat the interests ot honour ol Emrland hud in any instance \ Three o'c/oci.— Consols remain at H2Jli, ht^n compromised by the negolialions. He brurty main1 -p,,,. ,i^.,,„,j.^ ;„ both Houses of Parliament last night tained the same views on the suojoct of the I reaty of; ,,j^^^, |^.^,,, j,^^. ,,,1,:^,^, of general conversation this nMirmn^j Vienna in reference to the Iroe navigation ol tinrivers as ; . • ,,,^. ,..„„„„„„ h,, ^,iv,,n rise From the Saraunah (ieorgian #/ March KVA. {f Peers lo produce a ma| •tf ill tlie House of Loids, lias Iwen clieckwl, if not •J*lomMi by his Lordship, in consequence of iIk? Duke PKtland,'at the head of forty Pe^'r^., bavins in tlair ; ^ his name, declared a resolution to opptise the Ue*Bill, wliirh they before supjxirted, it it is a,temptel cam i, by an inundation oi new Lords into Parliaf't. T ii> same iwper 'Wtys the King has given a solemn ^e not to accede lo Lord Gn:y's proposal, and that '*1 G. is now bi?ginning to express his own disiiiclina* '•> press it. Tlip Loudon (Jhibe, in reply to tlic assertion of llie *^ O'lll, contradicts the alMive stalemenl in every |>ar^r. and in tlie most uni|iiHlified ttrrms, and renews *Her|;i ration trhtitrrtr numhar nf l*ctr% mny 'l^tustarif to carry thi Krform liiU, iritl be cnntrd." '• *jIIh' adds, '* \e only heai of two noblemen wlu) ***i for the last bill, who are not likely to support the **'"11; snd a few, on the otlwr hami, who op)>eew Peers will be T*"^ Journal du Has're of tlic 31st January, na'ntions *• li* autiioritv of tin; *' Times," that the English minisJ|^ withdrawn tlie Bill of Reform. The Journal du '"e attarlH's no rredit to the tumour. It, at first, how"'", hid the elTct of lowering tlio funds, but in tlie latP'rt of tlie dav ihev re-'ained tb-ir former price. Tba his Noble Friend (Orcy,) and concluded by slating his readiness lo go to a division, with a cobriousness that the conduct lion, had not meriteil, and therefuie would not receive, the reprobation of that House. Lord Alerdeen, in reply, said im was almost in doubt wheilier the NobUi Earl Irid read th" Tnaty. If that treaty were entered into t'>-in'irro\v, lie <'<'fird tlie Noble Earl to • e oiio half of it ex* uic-d. ThrNoble Earl called it a development of preceding >n!aKen.entl It seems to him a dcvolopmeut by contradiun. If ilicDukeof .Nemours was to b* rejected by one pirty, an't the Duke of Leurlitenherg by another, what Uctine of the independence an I of llic undeniable rights of a country thus suhjcct to the rrto of another state T Ills objection to the treaty was, that it renden^d it scarcely posaible lo avoid war. H; admitted that ,le (Jovi rnim'nt had be<'n some\\\\.\X cmbarr.iswd, but asTted that it was but sli(:hl. Ho uswrted that with a view to tlie continuance of p-ace ; he had the utmost reason to regret tlit retirement of the Duke of Wellington, whose character and whoso dct Js inspired our allies with love, our enemies aith fear ; rind luver at any nionwnt did he do so with more surrxss tlian at tlio moment of his lelireim at from otlice. After all thai had been done, what did it amount to! Why, that whether pi ace could be preset ved or no,, depetidotli is as lollows :— KaOK. rfrr/an//— No newcast; recovered 1 ; no death*. -Vcir. cns//!r-New cass, 9; recovenrd "Jtl ; died 7. (olt*hrad %,.w cast's, 2; recovered,!; died 1. Mnrtk Skieldt amd '/yu/'/aoM/ANow case*, H ; recover|, S ; diod, 1. Stmtk ShieUh aitd llrphurn f M/i/ry.— No aew ca>*^, recoveries or deadis. ,.Vfir///n'a— Xow cwo^, !•>; lecovend, 12; died 2. fVn//sf-/— N.^ fiise.. 2; tei^ veriNl, 1 ; no d'-atlis. Lar%den Collury—Svw fus., ; ; no recoveries ; died 4. Hettnm, ^-r.— New cases 21 ; recovered, 15 ; died 5. Hn>ldmigion amd rw-Ui/y— No new cM,-, recoveries, or os, d dead. Tliey took all ilie originals Iromhim, first swearing him never to serve a process ajjain. On Frid-y ^ night the Uwellmg* of Jolin Kcrwan, m the pwn mio a state t>f great cnstarHved at Pat^sfrom London at seven o'clock last night, | nation by the amn-arance of two j>owerful factmn. nam-d rinpln.^ the delinrive arrangements for the demolitron of i Kennedy and Murname who cae m to fight an oppt>. r^lk.lgian fortresn^. The conclusion of this part of, .ite party of .he un>e of iVv.t, In coti sequence of the h^ neco ialions proves, *hat though all tte ratifKration. of I admonition of the prn^st on Sunday, the latter factK,n dnl th^Trea y of Nov. 15 may not! by the 3M ,.ot ap,H-ar ; but M-.or <'7-^J"h <'"'l>-".; ^ ^-^ oTjanuanr (which cannot vet he known,) there ., no rea74.h n giment, ftom Nenagh and a strong ^--Hnient of 1 to do Ji tlK:ir b :— >N e learn from Bobigna, ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^,^, ^,.^ j^^ fellows. i that the Papal iroops liave entered tlie Legations. A pri, j^ ^^ C...i'ntiesof Kilkennv and KiWlare, the long sufI vale h'tter fr'mi Milan stales that 12.*>fH) Austnans have ^^ ,^^. ,^^,^ ^,^„^|^ „„ anotlier legal and peace' s. t out from Mantua to occupy ihe I ajial States, and I ^,,jp ';,;„j^ ^f baling tlw titlie dtKrtor. A cotter's c.w, -''' worth perhaps £5, is seiwd for .S^ titlies.— The sale com.... 'u.. III., -null . I. .......fI u.lden death uf Gen BJliard, Ambassador to visit to London re-establish order. Pans Jan. .'W.— It is with the most pleasant sornrise that we learn ihroofh letters from Konli.'slrrc, thai 3000 Pukui, who so obstinatrly wore refused to re-pas, the frontier, have at last obtaimnl a shelter in Pnrssia.-Tue manifestation of a g. neral sympathy in favour of tln-se Mran-ers, hris decided llie government of Berlin into Urn measure. lA^ndnn, Jan. 24.— The postponement of His MajestN 24.— I ne posip<.nr,m nv o. ...,,,.-,..,., i^OyhUn patHr. has given rise to a variety o( rumours, bat-aia. i^"*' / J anmces according to ruU— thr.^ bidders make an auction, and ticking's duty to be paid by U* \^'['^^^\' A soldier or Hiceman bids £1. (for the parson ;) I adtly, the owner, bitls £7 for h.mseh, ad after tliat nans contentedly for tl parstm, pt^x-tor, or polKreniaii, to chnch tlie sale by a third bidding ; confident that ,f hu cow be s^d.l, he w ill g.-t a good f.rit e for it. and tinit the |Mnu,n will have to pavhisonntvtlie, and llie King's duty luto the ^ A I I I p I I H '\: