The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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irtt Saama Prgn4
-a~ -^j~bQB ^y2~~d

iBnE BltDIS, Editor.

ir tl.eallD aIII-WIKKLT II NMA As, I e. r.
gMigt kolae per soam-En advnose.

m,---- -- -
PFreel-MA leta timbfor .4ngut.

b hu-man a! min of sharp more sharp than swords!
I esUtema I, th thaL g' in chkoni
s dylel aNues tir h which our raplre lives!
eart Har mamasi of waic scroll!
ihk iesecise! Ih. v re merl
M lmage with he praise that Europe gives!
Ireat Caulhisl, that exehagemt sten for oles!
Wise iliry. tlhla dolet rWcre all v.tes!
I'et chelil ofllashiin -lnader f i1i lone i
An-h.lUlae o the siring suppotrlt Irulge!
Hul salerda perfection's airietl ridge
o! lewin words thy vsnt prfierCtn oin n?
Tme alchymist--illustrious Platini !
'TL Ihasou uant turn each nle into a gineea,
Thua ging nOleis a pmreusism sHife .iil.;
aphlvuisl, thuu mak'tl dull I id.e start
Wall thie electric Iuuche.-und thou art
*Maler of Arti"n more rife tiau may be told.
liehrl, Viali. Spagnolni, Mri.
Jait. DU Ileriot. Iold 8pOher. anl Oiry.
lster, anl Cramer, na.l her nll.t Maly-
ar. all great. are little against tiee!
hu lonl ul Cruwderos, coinmtliliill-free.
These plus ultra, anid sun pmu nilrui.
Uslther inilk-and-water, every one. are.
Cusepreil th thee, thou nmaine' own Creanm-ooer!*
Of Illen it tiiall lie liId, with praise mo scantiy,
*Tt is. the knighl berondiJAf ii-ha' a n.,
a,., o an nm wi-- Ra i miu atn e
iak bew niI arrow, and with Rusin. 'nt-he ?"
hei d, mysterious, haeardl. unsstrune nokL


VOL. I-lo. LXI.

diase commandtrf Major General Sir Willoughby Cotton,
proceeded to the disturbed district, ald precautions were
adopted to meet say anempt at insurrection in other pars
of tim island--thne measures had a speedy eect In arrest-
ing the destruction of property, and hlimatel sluppresing
a rebellionl which, at the commeneisenl, threatened cou-
sequenaces fraught with general and Imminent dangLe.
It i a remarkable feature in those transactions, and
worthy of particular and attentive cmideration, that the
leader and chief promoters of this inurrection appears to
have been almmt exclusively comped of peroos em-
ployed is confdential situations on the property which
they beulonl ; and no doubt me remain, dtht tdir
iinance and example, itheslave weolrecooragad to p
peolate the crimes in which they have en so dedf ie-
volved. I regret to tate, tht i Lppresuingi thi mot
calanitoul rebellion, many slav per ied in the od, and
numbers have been executed after tral; buttheaedacity of
the rebels was us great, thau stinkl n allM fond
iedispeeasbly mena ry for miaala y gum have
only operated as an indirect gpmronra t do tI doi-
affected, to pAreevere in tleil nlawle daegns.
I trust I can now, with confidere uuure you, that
the rebellion nmay be considered at al end, but time alone,
and a sipedy oblivion of past olTencee, can lcal the wounds
it has iillicted, and restore conldence between the masu
ter and the slave. An aqlul lesuo haa been taught to the
whole slave population &f dhe ulttar hpeleas of any
utteimpt to resist the authority of thie h wiLh a chance of
success, and the fatal experience they have bhd of the
promptitude and dispatch with which a overwhelming
force has been brought into action agabst them, wll guard
against the machinations which have bee employed to
withdraw them from their allegiance aed the .ulty they
owe to their masters.
It will be your province to endeavear to trace thtis un-
provoked rebellion to its true origin; that a very general
impression has been made on the mndl of the dave popu-
lation, that Hia Majesty had granted their fr idole, h unde-
niably proved by the dying declarations of numy unfor-
tunate indiriduils who have sufltre under sentence ol
the hlw.
I shalll lay before yot., at an erly period, such infor-
tnation as may be useful on this enquiry, in the pursuit o
which, I not confident, you will poucee with thaI entire
-i. urof paej...- -4i.6 "he split of hnpstlaitl
anil justice require, and by"which alol truth can be a
cer linlil.
I have received Ilis Mlajesi's comnmands to submit It

Sracnves hrir ;ih i, nuo cirreso bIrooku. Vyiou a porj.iiou fIor the future regulations .nd governlioent
Hie mnle ciun try at a false bar t'ye; ;if thi sl aves, cilrcul tiled to simpilhl anil ruiilolidate in ouir From hie Jilames Cio dai, March I.
lo well I know thy diltlll ae ll sIond. lei.,isla4ive enactment all the laws passed on this interest- An expression if f-cling took place in t Houle of
'' l whit illnchleod fcn in him be mad in, subject, and, as Ili.*sty's (G'overlnut-nt attach III Assmnblv yesterday, which blffles description, and es-
hse fends, oe, fiddle. ae alike greatest imiortanceto )our eall consideration of it, I shall ceded, I.sfar as we can understand, anything of the Iked
Tier call thee name--(l see their paltry lshfts)- no time in recumitiendiing it lu your lmou serious at- which lin ever I'tiei ilni-oies within tihe wall of that
h s-one striiinI J.ack of nrckt-or-nothing shai." Lenotion. IlouWe, on Mr. Lynh Isubllitting a motion to the Ilna
lnt heed iotl titou or malice such a sale triece: h. takr d a n of the Asemol, I nt to r'tertla any ilasition having for Is object the
ld. while fal.e kiaver IIi draw; thle long l taught s are, I ellt laistt ti.S e e Uian r iielaobl eosl'one sbti t Ith
ia thou but llnlle, far better. although shtrier I Jeply lament ai e unavoible einse which lle 'rther ami.ehra inm f ltI ronlitin of slaves in this
leglect their lales, and nsinl thy fiddle's tail-piece. effort to iqell the Idle lsuurrtectiu mast nuccusrnl, uutal island, daring ie ie prs.-nl S..sion, and whirh time Honour-
upon the Colony. sible Member stllportled in Icrmi of great moderatioo,
Thl hath beat many who before beat him: It has been nMy earnest desire to diminish the amount 'irgi"g the imiproprietv of enltring into nuch a dilcmnlon
Lail Iu yiel int tlo the I)lasl g"r" ? of so vast an etielsditure, and to relieve tIhe island from o rrcentlyv after IIIth lai re.l-tllion, and before the minds of
olln change. and .eaton pass away. the grievance of martial law, as soon, as in my l nurint I, ne slaves were siffi, ieelly t" irmnsillited.
LLhe in ie coamt never know Iec uch relih.f could ie allorled. ,onll t lt wil, ,;,lllllic dle.o,. r Mr. Ri.e; umlnt opl.I d'l Il' m,.;,llre, and entered into
Wb art thyself" the very Nick of 'ime!" I coundently report to yvul wiulom to devines lie an clahorate aryinirnle to irn w thatil the nltlunduct of a
iest mean, at a perisd of such great distress, us mele few ineinluntial slaves who ha d instigated others to rebel-
Ieat must mental instrumenialit! the exigencies of de public service. lion ughlt not to prevenl the llouse fom exltdin g its
"MS imed fddler tainnyn of t high riem! beneficence to the pgeat hdy of the slave popatilae.
ewettll!--.but do not go. thunIurest hope! Gentlemen of the at--, Mr. Beaumont, in the course of his argont sa, was
awaerenisr and cash to any tane. Mr. Speaker and elfielelm of the 4Asrmbl, Bn the court e ar i ar ner wic tL
lth Ih h ole il akl hift frm us lm sooo,n: I feel truet conern at the inconvenience to which you e" isme i sure .ir-: ii hnaryilps under t hice tei
i' a-ke .hy stay with as a doable tp! nmlust be exposed iy the necessity which compels me to abi e lu tine, f II. n n y -s inl unable t s pro
tUs re. Crenms-ne ?-Put'rtuEs D-r. r'-asseimhle the Legislature at this unusual peurlo, and cure freedom, allbosigh tley poeslied the means of
s_ when your presence, individually, is so peculiarly to be I purchasing it, that lad ctalsrd the rebellion, end that the
S caring r in no way conned rith itaed that eoel
JAMAICA. le.iroa in your resptive parial e, but I rely upon your .ct wer o I a had ced to the i could he aur
real and cordial io U iihi uted to dam! i- At ii ya etti led cin ris s owsd-
HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. an early and saiuctury coecliuion" ed through every pert of the HIm fom Meaben, a
Tusau.o, February 28. T uasoa, March 1. well a from eves l person a s bar, accompaied, by,
lSpeaker took die Chair atl drt o'clock, ad up The Speaker red a letter Icm GeorsF Adtinson, E hq. hniag, which became a gefsral and loud, dhlt de vic es
Cm Comittlee to wait on ii ticellcy the requein leave of aboeace v during his indisposition, which Iof lI Mebers cold eot o be heard. Several alled
*"iri,andequaintl im ust the House ld iet ac- order," but the call was nhmeeded by the peraonsel the
k, 'TedaSpekleinr hiv weirdat- tea ltnl of
*It proclamation. MMr. Brrnard~s Bill for the relief of Insolvent I)ebto,, bar. The Speaker ultimately Mated, that the cnedt of
I Cmnlnittee returning, reported the delivery of thn read and ipased. ; lnd Mr. Be.rnardl ..a Mr. Dallas ap- thee peeson was t, as. l as intermuprmi
anid shortlyy afleruards ile I rouvst Marshal oi~, led a Co, ,nie to inai on thi e ouncl., and dre l e proceln gs of the Houus. Thin, however, bad auS
5ipearnl at Ihe Har, and illllla .iln, illiee tir rcincrrnr ILri-o. an immediate effect.
Lyie, lie iinim diate r ilandance of Iue wolile Mr,. MllanuerTon moved thaL the following message be Mr. Beaumonl lien mnved, tha the bar should he cleal-
She Cuncil Camber. Th use accordingly te Gernor : ed, as die 'spker could not enflrce order. At this, the
oHi, Ecdl-nry, Ito was pleased to open the Speaker was about to clear the her, but Mt. Stamp rue to
sith the following, Salecs : .k to order, nd remlarked, that before the Hou de-
We~r*n t of t, counj l, I" We ale oirdl rl ,) the IHouse I,, uait on voulr l- I csd whether the bhr should ie cleared or not, he wold
Mr, aNperar and Gentlemrn of the A.4embly, cellency, and to rr-euit-s tIhlt y 1ou will le pleased to order addrie a few words to the gentlemen at the her; which
Ssiincere inilterr I feel in tite peace and tran- Ithe Receiver (Generl to lay before the House the publc was, toreqiest tael Ihey would restrain their feaslal ,
%f a colony towlhich I aml attached by so many tiai l books of account." hear out the member for Weastorelead, e that day
"and regard, add infinitely to die sorrom I must er- Agreed to--nd Mr. Manderson and Mr. Kingappoin- m form a cunmplete udgnmnt of the opinion er-
i announcing ito you an event which will ever be ed a Comnittee to alst on Ilia Excellency tllerewlh. ined by him. Thl Mr. Beaumont objected to, la
t shaving brought ruin and devastation on one of On notion of Mr. lernard, Ihe Island .Secretary order- ing, lutat he carel nt feor the opinions, nor required le
a fe"nile diluticts of the island. ed to sind down to ltie Iuuse all die original laws in his interference of the member for St. (ieorge, o elorce
I dose of the Clrisisnls Il lldavy, a, marked bhv posssion. order. Some desultory remarks then paied iong other
S Inlsrrectiun of I;ives, in lime parish of Saint Mr. (uy, from the (Cmmillee to prepare an ALdrem members ; and as the Npeaker wn about to take Ith
t-ich after iards extendilr in .orlions of the al- to the Governor, for lis sieeccl at lie openlng of lIme ea enie of tie holnse, Mr. Beaumet said he would not prle
_pMrishe, anil, in other parts of IIn island, alarm- sion, presented a report, lhiclli as ruad. Is is a cmn- I his mtiooen fur having the bar clearly. The delmme tlen
lltns ol disorder alo aptpeareil. So imn as plete edio of the G(-'.lrnor's i1--rch-widl the erceptllon I prcw-eedfl d, and lumrame nimnated and deeply interesting.
a"llN i lsuined a seriiitus aspirct, I summoned a of one paragralilin it, % i lii rilllt"it Ihle deep rl-rcnl t tll would I!- injislire to tihe lpeakre rto aitllnip l rive an
f Wiar, anil in ri;nluo iniiis w tli ilse unanimous of the Ilous', llIt l ilu" P ll.iui.sion oif tde Kint. n if June arrouni of el! dellate im llii ,., "t inii -r i-n, lut ue
t r M* nlbe .rl end, h s, Ii I I. d ll arllal L wbl laa r, ihoihl hlI ht i n s Iin i.. slUn. Ji l t and c p..I, I li:ll 'i ds at tn early ii ..I.. In ni irli ,n s r a slhall
i.naled. %nI' a a iltl- itt lore, utnd r i the inirm ilne Ihe it loinion uf liht Ilu t h.ila lt ti e lr.i.,llul sr nl-,et inI that lili -Istri c l Mt) I .llmont alis u11 and

which have ban encted I the lam nsulliw, wou have
been saved had a difreM Die o coduct bM adopted
by the Governor.
The report having been rad, It wau rtbn to dri
Committa of the wholm Home-Mr. Gey in the chr.
Mr. Lynch moved dht the inp sn ahld be ead le
graph by paragraph.
When the paragraph to which we hveL jt alluded, w
Mr. King moved an amendment dhat it shoad be deled,
a t contained a severe censure on the Governor.
Mr. Batty seconded the anndment, and ave Mi
emsa for doing so, in a speech of considerable le*ah.
Several Members, among whom were Mr. Hodgm, Mr.
Berry, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Stamp, &c. c e. opposed Iha
amemlument, rating it as lteir opinion, that if the pr-
clamation had been issud at e promer time, the grtest
good would have mrulted to the islad.
Mr. Lynch, in contra-distinction, instanced the conduct
of Sir James Lyon, at Barbadoel, who pmmilatled the
proelaiation immediately ufter he received it.
After a debate of upwards of four hours, thdo m-
mittee divided, when Mr. King's ammudment wM aernd
to by a majority of 15 to it. Program wai neporaed
in consequence of the lateness of tie hour.
The Clerk having read the amendment, the Speake
asked the pleasure of the house.
Mr. Lynch-I move that the pragph mmek emt i
the committee be re-inserted.
Mr. Leslie ccooled the moion.
The house divided-At the bar kr the amoldment
proposed by Mr. Lynrh,
Mr. Quarrell, Mr. Ledie, Mr. Berry, Mr. Jacknen, Mr.
Stamp, Mr. Jones, Mr. Guy, Mr. BrydS, MI. Bayly,
Mr. Cruwford and Mr. Lynch.
In the House against it :
Mr. Marshall, Mr. Mitchel, Mr. Lunan, Mr. Yates, Mr.
Mandersot Mr. King, Mr. Dallas, Mr. Beaunm lt, Mr.
Bernard, Mr. Ilyslop, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Hlyhoa. Mr.
Watkis, Mr. Batty and Mr. Lowands. Thi mns aad
f numbers werr, on nmonelu ol Mr. Lynch, ordered to be
publislo.d after te address is presented.
Mr. Lynch gave notice halt he would to-morro, move
that Commissioners should he appointed for the purple
e of (sctaining the amount of propery dmoeid i St.
r Jaes Trelawny, Ilaover -ad Wstmorelld dre the
.late r ellion, and that they do report tin am to h





' i
~ '


- -

4. <


coinmbed, bLtr. LL Mrtl s .q ee or two
crud. 0. s r _411. ,a
I tp ism I'_ I
cd I 1 l

WErIID B DAY, IAC e l, 1889.
-' ~- -- ~-- ~- -- - -
07 Lewi Kerr and Joub Jauwe Mclnalsh, Equires,
have h.o duly elamod Member of Assahly : dhe fr-
m o a seprseu Tork islands, and the latter the Caic--
both without oppjsidem.
A special Court of Oyer end Terminer at this day,
at 10 o'clock, ander a Specal Commasia from His Ei-
clleacy dbe Govrrmw, to try te Prioners charged wish
Ihmig. mbamh d proIpey, froe th wreck of the a0w
Amerkle schemer Nuort Aerias, ca away in Jamnry
ih uope Si. lveduor. The Court adjouraed until uo
narrow, 10 o'clock.
We have given below an etracl from te Weekly
kegllter," publilhed at NH. John's, Anligu ; which con-
uasni, also, a long account of lie whole proceslings tu
which il refers, and which, we sull give (entire) in our
-at. The ntikl alluded to, refers to de right of At-
trmys Omneral, in any of the Brinish Coloies, to fie
Es-Orr mic iloeratins inluted of submitting Ie matter
casuplaiad of, to the Grand Jury for their coumidertion.
We coasei t alrets to our Attoney General, a fealng
as degradilng i humanity, as llat which i stated to hveli
a clnedl Mr. Blanc, the King's Attorony Ceneral at Dio-
miuicak ht as we ave felt the weight of this unjusl onuodo
of pruaio and as dutn are f ive others now hanging
over m, M pIl as two each over nine of the mout -l e
p Ice lhts b ~ ti of this Iland-(eight of whom sa
Meaeao of Ameaibly, end singled out, doubtle, by
me mao sinuomarr, a objects of vengeance, as well
as km S-a w i political purpo.)--we siw&rly hope
6 me Atne y Genral wil pese, before he b prm
fuher, msem stituional ond disgraceful a proceeding-
a prealem g tiha has been reprobaltd both by Stateleen
cad Philkchpists ; cad which i well calculated to re-
dwe, inhe miads of Britbh objects, ti respect fur Law
ad JIes-neal wlhirh rapan. is principally Coldenive
to a44ostl vi e and morally.
Pm the Antigua Weekly Register, Odebrr 11.
la Dominica an latempt ha been made by the
Atlley General, Mr. Blanc, now a nan of great note-
rii, toWamlih a ri igt or filing Er-Olhcio formations
right which would he dangerous indiol if posmseed by
ny me n ldiag that office in limse Islands, and which,
Ste eireumstance of such authority not being exteded
t Ilraind, 'clal could never have ben intended to
opelmae them mre lisalnl parts.-lUut if it be loukeil
pas dIegeroun in the luhads of any men, how inumch
m on weldl it be in the possession of such a one II Mr.
Blbec, whois vidictive and intolerant character las be-
ca a omess them witlb ihoe even, who were fur-
imo kallows-for what did Mr. lHabson declare im open
C lie preceding thatl I which his trial cane
ii4a ida Mei Attorney Generar was actated by a
dsmi f prst rnerage, asi ti gratify personal h~ A
.ill 6M / n M edo ad. if M ;--t afl Ae was pnre
I foMf Irid. bl a Wll nfltu doebt f irr In Ai
*.rs ighWhO 1L* pabtic, nad of making te AUttrney
Lw l leard -n of Ae was ui the
A ast f Jhdii, a thln of dcf.ratd, awl duaP.
paited anlic. 'he conduct of lie Ausilant Jua t on
the occasion *a frel, and will haie tlIe erecl of shllering
their Ciommunity fri the gripe of a man who has show
himslfsegdredy of power, aud s prone to opprlu

Nausu, N. P. 19th Muarc 188L
re It Edier 9f trU BBamr Argua.
sIke-Ther is ethei;as e r, as Im messunwa a
t depa of tie eay r aU deof the pe--g mre
UpMo se ig d de of the Edior of li Royal fa-
aule, of thd w of a peromm f cel mqu irig be
admil ad memr of a ledge. ad f hie admiion, uhe
kI wN ee nd a procsie., I fed my matr Im bean
meedemel., as fr; hit the merit claimed, o hamng
proposu the measure, is more false than dti a pointed
L I every Saciety, Ihe cheirman. (or hr wtymeer
slher &ama clustos Umy have given hint). i bound often to
prpe wha he does ont require in and this wan the
m ias i im amet-fw the perse allud rd Ma, Creinly,
whiamwer be dthuMIg mated hi wonder at lhs qmp-
i of as of is a edo ." As fr a ga n ds tthe
meir de ed, for frnchimes attained in 1l4o and in
UlM, an chrmim or S eaker, he emly a'uM pt the
maur, and a peiem wiho mie is symosem with
del profnssi of Mr. Dilett, in coijeactino wrih another's
iL&mam directly opued to that of he lspmker'a, were
umainmid l sr o im carrying the memuw ine edact.
The mrtspedae of the Arges (my maer), ha,
dereifaon o pwmlerd trth ; but the Eitoref thm Royal
4(imlte has, a aul.t hLm the tool of falrse d sd mis-
your-ils.dirnt oerrvat,
I alrl to Larrv Larkins.

,.n' wass" &Arsv0.#

4-OM a


Fro w L Uaid igds Nfwqer of i'Ad Decea- an d, L .-We a lid ;
Ire. 1 ld. am mck ft" te Dutch. Our Ns',IZ
THE COLONIES. 14ed fresh order, coimadllg m Ari. eejj Q
The conduct o Lord ol5arm, dIe gpvernorefaamecak of the day for the return of the n on fmr 1
in u ompoln go disu n o d Home of AI mo t vad el'eu-. odg .-u T
iWodMP ae ato h uo to .* idnetm du oke e bi, hve jst herd it reported th ,-t ,
has obaimed, as it deerd, tie warn amniadvenioo of ess is arranged. The om fr
dlh mm iaie o ue tim egiuere, who received a gnuo a my information is very suspicios, lad I a.m
i .st om he a oe Hi u of Coonoes wu ld th o doubt ih truth; for the Emancipslta.e
f de King, inL speds fre thretloae, were to tell the faicltihout giving any reason. This l
oeluhr of parliamnt thy wee out to waste their ieon cel, and under the inbuen of Goen ras i.
in useless discussion I Scu an act of dompotlim require, TURKEY.
the iaunt recall of Lard BelMnorea for a governor wliu The intelligence rome Turkey i of loter. t
will due to cotrosul ( debates of a delibereave Auelm- for spoken of the warlike prepmeutlon of Ihe 8iLt
bly, vwl not scruple to amke any invasion on liberty which a report that he wse about to declare war fage.i ,haI
lh pensor n of puwer may permit im to do with imiu- Egypt. Those enticliations have bee. l ,
oily. But it is not oily oa account of ti inhabitants of realized ; for theitmller feu tory ha e aoi ieA. fl%
Janouicahllit we advocate he immediate recal of a colo- wi'ce under ikshbn Pacha, simIe he Puci y a1p
Vince ; and this stack had bean s s c ar s
nial governor, found uihlyof tlm unwarrantable exerciMe n Armhad advanced r to Bn Jean d '
of thIe Iobuity conidal Io him; it is, that it me operate menenog any seinou opposition; cveraI J ray"
as a0 o g to others; ad in order that we may thus ing its iam, &c. This has given real umn -LIT
demonstrte to heo mst distant or weakest brano of tan, who ha issued a finra, m wbich he ordbl
tin empire, lrst an invsionl the liberty of the subject Egypt to withdraw his troops from Syria diN
will no longer h.4slermnd; and tiat m Englishmain, Pachasto refrain fronmhotlities. ktemsie !tr
wlethr lhe ie living in London, or Jamaica, r Afric, or other Mihimid All Pacha (he of Eyptl),who is *,
New South Wales, ise Isal times (u was i. case with a cap bls ofdopposing his master, with ansclybehcql
ncwill olv a disober this firman. Should he Io rut ^
IHmun ciLtm) h.lpossao of hib inaliSou le right. It its manjlae, a Nas force will (orthwith Ineavg
Is (huo Ihbt wr colonies many he a source of arelgthl and and blockade the Egyptian ports. nd in the ai'.
weaMh,' teadu of wT uebg or impovorihiug tlim parent hc Turkish Army will enter Egypt. I is lltheioug
lase. Puacha will yield, a be s scarcely powerful o"Nik
openly the Sulltan, who would fnd it equally dljr ~,
ELUIIPEAN EXTRACTS. pose him from his authority, neless o ln open
-- grve opportunity.-The latest lvicul from Cew
oIdoe, Taraday Eain, December 27. sat. that both t Cholera and plague had eihulnmg
led.. Tars Earning. Da rr 7., prar ^ ed from ahose places.
The French P*pen of undayodssso eof yestirday'se
date, cIntain m it'facry accoI Cfro Lyons and (r- Gr ee remains in a very disoraed nsat. The
noble. AN firI the d in tranquil its thue placs. Tbo t Argos ham spli itself into two, one of whihk mlAwc,.
inheu eAcution of die gallanIt Torrij ad Ili par- toni. ews anxious to place Augustin Cape dIlstrm. ls
tic suomilatind prod a was To haveeenexpctedo his lre brother; but as both the French and
at socuc ,l e md fprsleced,. u s ou haveibeenip.rctd, ,,., rused to acknoiiwlml him. the RHuisin wi-m
Sgpratll action 1 Pari. The revolt Ia Neluc.cael was It fellow their example, and she matter fell to ti pe.m
said to be completely la an end, but a conflict wea on the Tlire is every probbhilily, however, of a civil wrip.*
eve of taking plae betworn the inlMbitani of li Upper playing Greece ; and this will end, unless the ran Iet
and Lower Valais. rTh Duke of Huvigu, on hli paIsage should muieeree, in Greece becoming a province of ih.
through Marseilles, mneouocs that dIe Frunch Govern-e
auent intended to cololie Algiors. lu eim Clinham r of Turkish Naeuwpspr.-This Journal. the fimrsit
Deputies the iesolutio for abolishing ilia celebration uo in Constantinople. cAlled Le Moniutr OtLonmae, a 1.
tim anniveriry of tussk X VI. bd been carried by u i .ia- .'I"rt pr"eleiu detailing its origin; t, en w rt
,irity of one hudnrd ,d eighty-six. Tie important trial june, iormed y the ullan in one of his
respecting the will f tk DLutke of Bourrlmon h la bn cou- ,,i ii ins te coure of which he sparmsni, to h ime
tuiued, but was n k,'l4 brought toa turIoination. It will h-.ploals. quile in the Na.pleon syle; t. the pannreLda
ib resumed on Friday eraL fire at Suler; 4. notice of an order rosed by ikthetl
We parmive dLet sh OI s ere de France astets that a the reasti on oltl e properutv of the Armenian Camis
amolrer has arrived at Paris o the Russian Anthnali of crease
thee St. Pbteras A, eI remg Itson m sn mm ..he s n I : list of the .pub.i. .O r4
er ldh l^n.p a -i.. ;-. ver ..
do to join with th Coeaereoce In m"kinr a declaration of Meiaid. the heir presu ptie at i ther ,a 4 a4ri
the good undersieasline which exists Itklween le rl e rea the elter regulation of the police in ases of fams &.;5
Powers, nd freuu which a general disarmament must I. the bulletin of the expedition against Itsiald:; t, .
expected. front the (Grtrenor of Juomie. detailin the snppri di
revoll : 11. the particulers of a review ol the tirom i *I
Landoa. Jm I l.-Wi received last night Dutch and Ger- Sultan. on the toth of Octuber it. a notice of tkheas
mas aperstothl IIth ige. Theyoontin rportsof military tary irgKnmario ; s.s few paragraphsof mewsi fn.iakl
preparations by Illland upon the lRelgla frontier, anl are lian papers; 14. severe comment on an mrnrile it Ithrs
otherwise of a rather warlike asper. The Chamber of the Cnstitutionel relate to the ire at Pe1'. in whs-h prn a
ntem-GeOneal at theI laine had sanctionedl the Hudget lire- reprreenrations are latred to have hren mnlel. .ield l
rented to it, though large, hy the Iutch Miniter ; and the I Molitur Orloman.-The Style is good and thet ypi'pira-
Kin enems to have the means. if he continue in 1* present execution is equal to our uwn.
wrong-headsed ldposition, to n.h into a war with hli revulled
.uhlects. Annricmm and IritiuA-buiit lips.-We line m
On the el(ian side matters look as if Ihey would not he ase .in a e at dif e of e ie ..d
taken unnlepaml: and as the parties, if they do rome to a"kl'U in *lnt the gcs d'lnurrPle of lil prir 6
blows, will meet this times pon more equal term as to prei-a. Alerican and a British-built ship consiss ; shl
ratin. the iue may tol be quite so favouble to the Iutch lornme should be to much cheaper liln ith laeII O
m i had been before. ana they coalently ouli:peate it will answer Is, lie difference principally arine ftem li
be now, price of wood in America compared with EIta N
We lea that dilaches have bhen received by Go. ship builders' wags in America are perhaps lia 11h
verameo which sate tbat On Polish oefcen in HSaony. who than in England, but not much. Iron, cordalg, wi
have refused the amonety of the Emperor Nicholas. wre o are also a little dearr, but theme will soon e i 6 *
their much, is mall delnchments. to France. Each receive with mu, n Ihm Amnaican proterlive s system l"
a small sum per diem from the asaon Governmeut. the growing of hemp and making of iron a k, *
The Duke of Wellntton. we regret to say, ha been erious- consequently, bath these branches of indr~m we
ly ill: but we rt he is geuiog better, though i is feared but flourishing condition. Tle gr st dentsge, kee
sloly. The Noble Duke was horn with a vigorous cunsti. the American shipbuilder i the low prin d0'
ttiun. and though asbject occasionally to sucks of severe The pasture oak, the fione description of the whh5
cold, has thrwn the off with little delay or effect. Such, coats in America from 15. to 25s. For ihe ned
hIbne.e hn ot boean the a n this lst occasion. Having in England for the sens porpos, which i not mt J
bLm affetedl bomt" a Lyto malomawt-. the chaen vm rier in qulthly dte Boitis bhier h.e yo h e
ra(e W..mer, he en em of* . As r elfm rt d alshe a St
Iaiheld~ f YIeelYer tfet h"amptesshls% hi batig e:- cheaper Ia Ansice hean in Engiand. Is .,.
paild te li i., hi mrleady tramme. fl Ornle iL ship-bhilder wa are, perhaps, a little hiln h
renlmu-me ee p- gal t town, whel lam the eee*- Unted States dn hee, we of course e*"
iy rfr esed a d copions bleeding, be has bea much re- amount of heir earnings in money. If we calrilre
dored no armnek; ad though mol m weak or low as he has in the quantities which they procure of the m et"'
been. it is aedntod tat he wil m be able for couiaiderbl life, we shnll find that they are lthre or four tifi to
nrie ia make sie grt eaes of mind or bedy t Or f but of course this fact has nothing to do with Ow l
all to enemuer dhe nmhrolesoeme air smad oppressIve business re i notr circiumienth which .i
of PaItlmL..-- .L ament. Three is another circunnlance whirh
The uawer ma he samermne inquiries made yesterday. Anerican hip-owner a gr.el.avantae orer tih
(Tuesday) at the mamem of ithe Iuke of Wellington. were he has no duty to pay nPon immsrane, and
invariably that" his Orae was much better." We hare rea- self is much cheaper in New Ynik than in Lois. T
eon to believe. however. that his Orace has been much worse difference, in fact, amounts to 6ve-eights or 12, I
thi is generally suppoed. and ththe laconit replies to the cent. This will make, in the passage of ta iip
mqineis after his Ome's health lave been dictated from tons burden, a liplance in fnvvour of the Am.ic, tc5
spiri mo a chenaL cd heof seldie Ihr thn e stateman. owner of 41 7,. 61., or, supposinP the ",* aMs'
-fid-mr H ". iuame. a year, 2i0 .s. per annuin. Such is
Portsmo t, Joe. 1I.-The Denpatih, R, Commander of thins, as Iartwfn the ship-owncrsof the rwo
Frankland, arrived ca Wednesday, in nine days from I -- orm If erald.
Lisbon. She left in th Tag the Priame Regent, 120 ; -- ---- e'
Cnptain Dean Dundes (with the lag of the Rarr A.hili. We iave suthlrivt to stair that lie depal T I
ral Parker), AsI, 84, Captain Hyde Parker. Revenge, Mauritius to England has obisinel its oljcts 1
74, Omptiin Mackay, ad Victor, 18. Captain F.llicr. land is to have an op, n Council under tihe u""tion
Doe Miguel was unwaried in hi preparations to reni-t Crm0n. Taes end esprnditure will b11 Iie f
the projected attack upon him. and though detoled by a ll monopoly abolished. A charter h er ni ,". aI
maly, yet the iUnience of tlle Prients was s strong over ertab.lishing a hank, with a capital of Xl4E't.. m
tie nmindl of ihe rLimp, aild the lw oero ti lead to: hoIlund rliunds in speciP is iiine fmt r.on ""I ie
lihe belief, ithat Il)H Pdlrn will find it an uphill work o! hank. All thii shows lwhat ih.rarevTeraincc
Iupse hli brother fruis the throne of ti e country., October l1.

81wu un4ama Li1

5 h e (rsed Ad rtwir, J amm 6. ing fro ar mic-book." Ptyawmb" a h oy a
ar7inem Ad the bsub inacy of thll Knae ll- madA with P i. l FIha," a &hirags lte. Lima
i~ haray of the Eupwror of Russt i givia Juice," wo Iruih BLr~n ia Mrr. T his date
tt lme treaty. am iot the oaly ubastacl which illtUum s a oy told is am idlen slyleof the Abbott's
Sheuslves to ttI sltltlemrenl f the embarraing Ktch Mukimsghling, us oaby Iriashm. Pages
aoma, swe &elium and Holland. There i. yes pmlre i," Ti C.ell d Rhodes" (ns), .n iw-
asLanrcnis ml hequatia, l as to what furtrew es Own W Igon, m which is ritm (b'an isedrm." -
,rsed, Fr ace and the other Powers being as Coenecticmt," yhavinghlbcitlager c td dp iso a BYtdY uiREEnaBLADE & CO.
lia, oiaS. The Courisr ays that nothing but piaws ag.T; t nms." A DOauan wt a put
- or delicacy towards the Soverein of Holland of beer khii head, of which he diaopmeai, ady Tmy &e-an. n- le md imttat,
tle Eumpror uNir dolas.urum lormaly recogniing T'ant Moun." Two Socka ridalnge a stuyled At lhe S. ; djan le, Equr
Srticls, of which, it is understood, he has already Mesieurs Gall and Spusheim." A Regilmet of the AT H P S L,
his approve;. The aem paper adds that his pro. Line t Drill." A row uof shrsen.jutsuch y as AT HALF PAsT 9 O'CLOCK,
r adre onow mure pacific tan ever. Thi ma ny be may be ta fishing in the New River opposite 8adler's Will be d
rad they may even be licere, aye and until he is Wells, every Sunday afternoon daring the ie we ; The Hull, Sails, AAlchn, Cabls, MaN and olher
i 'liat hie has cumplendJy riletued the chains of Po- and, Pennsylvania," a young painter, einedingl~ e Spa., &c. Ac. L., of the Aerican brig Abial,
Lihel is is notto be to uted As regards Hlollnd, ni peril. These are the nost striking subjects ih this Kelly, smaer, put into this port in diImme, and cdin
~4tac is very suspldcou, and lse jealousy which is book ; the literary part is good, ltliaoh not o hmwurou edl by board of survey.
ao. entertaiied of his intentions will et be allayed as we were led to expect; however, wih hde pi a, to use March ilst.
1fo luwing.brietf dot-renl, in answer to an uppli- the autler's words, it
4f Baron Heckeren, the aubusadour of King Wil. W fill lthe pmifg chasm. nre NOTICE.
IV i prroRoianttprstotK The denied laugb, sad keep s gae alitvN"E I CE'
The Enparo of Rusrain ncrt promise to The King Tb s plaft oP tm's Ceazisena Aut arojle a purl- H A of Elm J. Soom toc,'kha ir wilt, 11
EI' :*:"iev morenia d ol iMhi of I a mE9" t eu
ofB.lkndhe deires.sslaauce, if Il does not wish to 'liled. We hive looked at them; and fiuling they da R- 4 e donHEN! oADDERLEs
ntlhe 2i article ; but the Enmperur will nlot prevent ivwe more ths. shay sketch, we mAst dee our totir March 911.
iareof u llanLd triom continuing thi war at his own ti ll et weaek ___
4. On the contrary, the Emiperor experIts that n- *I A OR ABLY TO NOTICE, Teoedn for priatng
~) n er will interfre if he doe niot; and that th. TTh fr'u Sen.-The following use and tlesul Pari A the Loaw, ar. of the Baharmas. wer M e a
S( Hilndl may try to what extent Ie L cn succeed in' the pe. myetis. on no s mighB t be ta tim t the Board of CommU sios from M. t Nh L M aQ uaa
int te iel and mysen neelleeor: tsht c to haire r oes" Baelo; w hea de Tende fro a l !ase
1isd thB litan s patience with feebleness and q irdnews of infancy, and to
steal with noiseless steps ronn the chamber of the s gck :-getleuan being Ie lowest, the wa acaped.
AFRICA. ansl the woman night he instructedl anateed for the palm By order of the Commnimkmar
A ltter rm FAim l ys : On th1 Bth of N,v. lait, of scene ; to pour foruh eloquewre tl sIates, or to wade GEO. ARMBRISTER, CHl.
,,," e lnhiam ant n St. Louls for OGahlua had rurn- through felds of slaughtr to a throne. Yet r"evoltmgs of 13th March, i1M.
edt Gatv e,, s hi it was sent to aTfford l surrour to th' te soul would aleed Ihlasviileeeo im ihis abuse of
d by te n o- phicsl s leel seey ; whikehe ha of social LAST NOTICE.
w, .ilh, who veto tacked by "he nlatves of' tli coun- Prdar would ie dilel .d he IadLean5 lelily H[ liE SUBSCRIBER intending to leave ihis for
r.." Dr. Cla, the surpeon wih wi-t1 out with time ea- breke ,ip. We arrive,. thceal th cfnl iUo-dem sei s ee ilE SUBSCRIBER intendig to lease chi for
,lilion, waies a follows :-" Although almost all the intended fir different spheres, and construclTd i catenforit to Mobile, early in April next, again requests all po-
~.trmuns confided to Iny ren have hIl s-rillus attack. their r-peoive declitions, by him who bids the doik brave sons havingdemands gainsuhim, to render the ama ; ad
d Ihr ever at Gambil., I have not lied to lament the the ry of the tempest, and rhe Alineower len its check ihos indebted to him, to uake payment on or bse the
dthe df a single individual. on thebneiomn of eternal snown. Se dilparity doe not or- Ist of April. All accounts remaining unpaid at th
eqs__nly imply inferioriy. The highlpnlcaef the eabth.w h time, will be put in the hands of O. P. Wood, Esqire,
all their pump and glory, ae mdeed acessible only to the for Recovery.
*hri es Newpliwrs.-Weo understand thnt Lord Al- march of amhition or the grap of power: yet those who ROBERT WIER.
Slo tlit l)Nairtove of the ilea of Inkiig hir tih uai lc pass with Ifaihful and unapplaudeu d sil through their humble March 14th.
dl1 SMtamp duty on newpalslers' atI o,.ic, and that I.n in- round of iltiy. are not unnoticed by lhe' ,Ore' ____
i to :llhru to his ipla of lhoweriln thI duly to "2 i. eye-and their emnlwment.. though rcoansed powrvE among ndin leave te Be
bfcint is.tnre. His Lirlisip, h iw.evle, will int, i is men, rmy prove durable riche, in eltingdom of Ieaven." ai for sUBC tiRi riqueding t leave the i
al th clul- lovliip I- hot 11ollJ lume for sone time, requests ll peote hevieg
ei..IIir o h thish scale ohi tIsotiiint ltt. r,,|s ed iii e I deuMands Apin hiam, o reader him aente siteut dts wv |
tleirtmnenl lulty, btll do soutnihing ioure liberal iiid The faIhion of smoking cir h e o e- i boa il l no 1h '
:Iiil.-( U'ert JuIlh. eir anel. that the lies who elc r im .arst, lolid ge .LL* :- iP PON.
__l_ so---"Q/' to tolelieit. One a,& '. JOSEPH1 TIIOMPSON.'
Sha om oleralnl to i.. i. bat step.a tae t Much nd.
fle i luameris.- g vlonle under ths ll nain m ibe we may an the e ldi i..tate th.or. of
ipnuId Io the public s a Coomic Annual, wiih eighi Spia, sll of whoun soke ciar" ; ht ti r h ihof the NOTICE.
IIaa uq welb tha of the NOTICE.
d.., ; ., '.R I.....i'.n.g. St ir ltE BUBSCRIBER. I eling lave Ir 1 'L
Is abie of the Hmloniurist of last yeas, from thie pen of 1 April meat, for the ~lale State, r eq s ll p'r-
i. W. II. harri.,n. Sonie of them ire very clever--all The Riht lion. Viscoun Aretllnot has been re-elected luO having dteemns a gais Bh, 4 Mam tw ; aad
idete amusing; and we think lthre are Iaw also uill Lord IRecur of King's College, Aberdeen. thoen iadersd, lo mke. payment em or bhefc the Ilb
whabed It.piid I., pi.y their tribolt if ptrais to tlie atdi- _February. All accounts rtatainilg unpaid after tdm
s f the write wi) can pass fhi r ot pgrave to gt" firo- --- dse, will be let at the ofca of G. P. Wood, E for
l*v te se ;,ere w" wit much aIretli al siccers. o eyanry. F. TURN
It shall give noie extracts to justify our praise. e r--
asul do iriei ame with tile illuslralions, but we do not e 07 Erry person aoad to ewe tlhr Islands, after Januarv7th. ____
ktiito tlo ay lthal Cluikluhaink na-ed nuo be unwilling to haring resided tkerin for the space ofTHIrTT DAoi, mnI OM 'ST, between the Pea ad TGerge Stint, a pa
kre themI dtaributed to liii inive-tion. L of (iuld Spectacles. The (ider wil be bld-
Tlh Ironti.piei- of the Ilasmurult ist is burl.esue un giri iecurilyal te Secrrl tary's Ojfce rip esp kiponfa ia soamly rewarded, on delivery of thim aat d a rI t hi
i preset rage for einigrAitiu sad represeIts Iourtn said OfcfcfoerrxtrzI Iv prerisasto hisdpartmr-af- pap-cr.
"ns--".en woolen. sanl children, oil a hrse anl an ri, at y ti dra M roaT.-,iL Dors, a T March 201h.
ia car, lo dti vehicle will nol huld hemni all, and soe r at any time d A a
dbelt are upon the heor' s bhck-boing conveyed over may be obtained. I XUMA SALT, for male a 15 cima per bda L
a ewsaluins in Ireldand io the place of embarkation. NAM.E OF PERSONS E Apply to
t ar, as it gsm oln a roller inilead of wheels, i ad- aBoUr TO OeTAIr TtlZmn FOn urarrEnt. THOMAB THOMPBOt,
Iih couutived to fiul in each pebble an imp diment. th January Thomas Turnbull At EB .
Tkils a woman on foot aleeling thrue children in a la Elusabeth B" February 4th.
m with a child at her back, followed by a sow ad tabh Aeand. WBell FOs NEW Y R .
ad Febhnsay Alexander flarbi FOR EW YO
8marom progeny, paying the people ao th car, at a 1h .. lenry BRldwin The fas sailing sc r THREE B8-
iplldce, to overtake the hers on ful with burdens on 14, AliretT ecke TERS. For Freight, or pmIS, apply a
i sluoullers, who have already taken the lead of mllhw 14h "* Malild Wall J U CaptLia Glanler, or
t4ie afford t ride for the mlk olf epediton. The 17tb W. 1. UJeundb II. GREENSLADE L CO.
he of dte Roll" is illumrlsted by a nmart sketch of aS 5h Mmho Francis McKe March 7th.
iasr. Blu Bes ," or die Epicene, i a spiriltd 1Mh Roert Waer _
Mis el illuslranesl welkold slory. RHuusKnilgh," '4tk tsl' E.n FOR B ALE .
& *-s Kighls) ; this rint precedes a story of Dick a"th T1 dWc of Lao f Lad m. with
w o,, wh, being .ete-uck, w-s allplumed to sit h -olslmmgo and impvee m ts hurese,. sait.. e
corral wiadoa ai might. indulglng in visions of J. "t' Prut's santnu. ge erlm ly keowa by the mam
lan .ri,-atm., nail he bcil'd tbi okimatyurr i ieigjh3ll e RRlt Ill Ul,. m n.l lors CaperflJ w.
aw; the owls which surmount thdes, helmea; and Ithe ''. r. F Ta ther .pl t senhs, apply to the B-
lercockl spa.r and lances-lhe whole appreaiRg like h.... i i D Ca
*Pety of armed Knights. Tking car of the nain .POIRT F NA AU. P I. HENRY GREENSLADE & C.L
a -" Tom Starboad, one of tle character in an --- ED Mrl -d.
Stale, ernitled, the Veit.ras," is holding on by Mrh 1 Soo HAn SHEM. S. T LET, thae pleasantly a*iled
of clue saddle and the mm of the horse, which baa March 19th Sloop Hasaell ds & Sa wis, St. Se.11-
ha of het saddle and the mar m ul os" hosne, which .by er House and Premises, latell in the occupation
t aay wih him. Bubble and Squeak," a ig drown- Strended pr orty, to J SirinI. of Hi nry dderley, lqtuiire, with immediate
lianallock. A Pair.f Bllows" isilltratedby Sclr. Adean Wakins, Wndwlrd Keys oss'sion. Apply to
bawhocuts a nan's uar off whom le isshavin, in con- S arn l trope tn C. S. ADDERLET.
e of a lll pmlting his head in at the window, andl Ito II;. dt. : & Co. Jin ary Rh. ___
S.ig at the barber until h cutshis customer, and he o90 Sl op Ceres, Blfour, Turtks La.dand FOR NALE.
iwsm l tI the btils-i is c m tn for cu tting his ear, w1ittea I t -. . Irmn, B rk n -
a"l pabs elo itrn 'f cu''w it hi Bei s"' "R a The IaIsie a n Premir.- at prenstl occupied
S... .. ,h Beings" (sell J Mrs. rouir. Tbiiouwp inmy u and
SLdies of te Ulllingsgate persunsion iitine the pA NGERt S ARRIVED .. h ilri n
Wtethe ord." TJrv Negoe in a Punt re-with a lare K itchs, nd
S rd. Tlre r in a Pun" re- I the s ,oo Lirty, from C :-Ms. Patterson nd l, cbir hou and shlng fr dne
Pnt Negruon. Thie Two AIdjuIt.i" is due mi ont two Ithi tn. rantI r. Lou' Ca'se.a gra pe. rTheg f talings
uailm e sOtry in llt bhok, andturns ups lte renivoqute hae bee ie ln. ougly repaired, mad Air.e gr J. m
Shll being contracted in in rria e to a Colonel, hut, been . . ,..A H. .h us n ulnl Um nu repar'e i '"
*l il A.....A dlAi .t. Ts lCol. is preva CIIuponST CHURCH PARINH. CUloB I.T h...a a pu up.
eaulle relations of ulie lady's ro srud her, as a present, gsr. A ct dt auradr V m. maii e
'h.ill dll . k, ,rju t|. ;ao(o1| VlillTlT bIy noe .r. ,rj1- e ... g 1om.
il his bhun ll t to a ccompt IAi .d y a noteo rhih she VING x,.da the lmine ofn ra at the eIse ofs acre. r divided by the evilge-md intacwo Las, this
fhilv csredes to harown satisfaction; for she reads tile 11 barrel of supe rfine Flre, Ord-red, hal ut re wtmtern lIt beinl intersected byl s new s iled di .rs
i, t ..n..s nothing of Il. of the bird until the hiOing oa do t.irl 'ln. m... and Loal Ie illa into the Bl llu red. This lad i
.u 'II tL es hItlac. .A i thin sotinan, n oi llo edI by, lib. 4ozs ...v iilbr- ti % s str%. p sed oflin one or three o lts. A i t
t." I etatt, n w t l ut, tit aIn %"IIn1) Ii r sud) f NM est Clrk- JoN, W. M-ILLR.
-ilh "- Ls---Iootk:" t: ,., rook sulpt.d to b osing-. VzrTav Roos; )th .Marrch, Id2-. s 17th.

_ ____ __

The IMn PTk Gs mlal sne -

boes we e on Wel OP the Fpresnt
iof yroaaat.1. m. o. ba been iT'
4i= W il. ha. lik e ee@~ ofri111> *opines the
govrnTme, hr km ee mni rly del with ii7 rof d te
asestperid o. We giv th iig e IF pmemn his
5 W edo st mao to him tLi Ipr ua eaduct, pre-
eauims sld mnreight of the Kmis n Kn no this occasion.
but sImpqy .ntiuon fa rt l 1rhri l ot be disputed. Yet
i team te pe, diat If the me In power caliclate on leriving
any Mdvasag free the pdinne course they have adopted.
of dri am 1m tehea public discloare., lad ailing
themele f d a he in the proecutiaoe against m. tier a
wa of addwn i thus leading me go ove te he whole
ammed d Ie ciging Oe with changing my polinteit relaie .
who it would be sey for me. with fru beitr lie.dat flmo to
selrm the same nimprach to aUgu.t peronasIee. who ire nut
acco ealal whom i dno tM ccs myself, because :rcumI-
*uMa have senrd them with m eses.
** It is well known mln d Wto I b l pwelad of emlgra-
floe, duiS Mlrsid msm EnSle d Biisy d 8pien, ned
duwiU t el m yaw f th rtotrtioa, the presea KHis
i -pII ir to nt m ofmteiosu of his repemtauce anI
erms mimseu eity ehls obedience.m -C ld WiL am
I ideIedemlis eleatries of the eller brnIck. It i Ilsm
1HdL Mathi I et II lhe t iily for Cardt O lb he he
epad to ken command of a combined Auglo-Bic-iian ad
nUip l atmy ai e the neh. At that perHd he issued
a pmdelmal e J Ioa TTragolm. eddresed to the soldiers of
the dpMh mny. mgge theI to suppr the righie of the
SIlmislh rbom. ef 1i he died him-I the Fretivle med
repeIuontative; and he Im-esd maths the reek sol-
dine wallklllg them to Islm*lo h de Ussper's colours, sud
enllst thlemelmve under the barner of legiimay. It h lite-
wise known that in I Ip the rmns Prince repaired to Loe.a, so
eight under the dropedim U with the cockale nf (oblenie
.1ul emiigrlioen lort d caut ofI the lourbose of the elder
branch, ndl to repulse by oaree of arms, the tri-colour ofJem-
nmpes med Valmy I then returned (rm KIlb. and which,
butwirhilndls l d tthe eDue of Ie k Orlenta and
of he cousin Ckarls X. u Lyons, mud lof h other cousin.
lte Duke fS Uusrbes. s Viendeal-e f Ibs(o ke of Angou-
leum. IM Marseilles. and of his cousin. thejt M of Angou.
eme, at Hordeamu--ew with the imlwiriadlle. from lseeple
to aemle. the towers of Noltr Ur ne an the Tuileries.
whs kI ho hnlted ie the Ith March, the birth day of tile
im of Napoleon.
SBat wht in i ms well known is, that on the 14lh June,
tade. King Laus Fhillhlppe aid tin lQeen ol the Freh were
pt M". with heow aseem. the Duchessu Bent, when
Chi4 wi*pj omeruers aluna, armed at the Chatesa.
was earnest In his eapreiaiels of lively grnilil ioi n 'llllmli
mnie ryl prslinMneto which had been ahirvlsed by M.
PolictaICr''. lvice I all1 the rleiron, in whorh he spoke of his
ewtdnteral will. Charlri X. wals ilenrd wnth Ihe cumpliient.,
ml.1d a rrplv, There to nolhum in il but what i right.
Il is hnrt. lbul n i airanl." I could nile many witnesses
hl, hivrd the cogranllltaloan ep-yse.hl by I present Kl g.
e ihf, *irlies al sinle of flle roy l preilanaHtisn, and the
bwef reply o(a Charll, whose couensanacc espraMsd a ntis.
Is-lll l.1.1s lu all reys. The nlrds of Kings a not for
illeill. A.l Ilhei lrve i een sell remseuiere'e."

As we wren pirenl (usys a C(. rpilndlent) on a very
runsai iwtiuam.whbu tiiu l pirendlrs to gill ulof tlie lol)
Spirit -kihatol in uoa also ilevereunilnd Edwaird Irsing, anti
tli Hlierirol E;Jdard Irving before his rli ru.gautiun, we
will ibridly d.escrl te' I CIurM, of prio'ileinLg. 'I'he
riasel or chuirchi (Itir Is has cliristnedid ilt -&rlina Scetica)
Lusag pruoty early filiIl, tie Rvrrerendl gentleman took
I ad im rernimetaile chair, inuinuidsluly hadow dhe
pilpit and die clerk' dleL, buit uio a raised laifourla, and
Saillr aleli bli hiNe. On oae idle of Ililn st a MIr.
4:--. Mul t rfin u*illr alh- the cklrk, bill in dlilsin-
geikhed and nealltl sents. Tihn rHini s*ih prayer by
rth Itaveeind Esid rd Irvitn, which was followed by tnl-
reuling uat A vlthh it Sflrijture; in flt bsiidst uofwiiclh
i1t .4ishdiolotMiuer tof ltruy-squaro broke out inl a dor of
ti'rchn. lllt tei Lord Jesus was coming, Iatened by
**tju spirits." Thi saiertion was only ino iticly artick
I.t id, kitd ibtevers ed Edwardl rviug, for l he m lkneft if
dllasern w set mlo et o, rue anml ripe:al.rd, in a solu
Is 4,m tour, the w s dliverad by thesi mIl edlnl chosen
venal"--lniirhdil Tim luHly 8 lit ay," dl&c. Tim
wquaing w r Ith -- m da d, the udMe rn aoin
gcrdtI, bu ltog o wea wet m sitoelliglide, theagah
mes ki igl, aid thi Revewrl Edwrd Irving's
waii l>or aegly Jrk-,i ly a comem Neone of U"
r of" his c a Tl pant of the perforsa mce
hbieg uvr, mathnr ad ol" began to overflow
wih lhe giltuof tih Spiri-. Thb v the dilur of a
nunt respoarble and weiIhhy Bo Or, Be foird-row.
win centin el to speak, or either to ocirerate, for about
(en minutes, rep ting over and over agai Ib e ame words,
and with a seupreing pariity of idAus considering the
nirce in which they were uasered to originate. The
voice wes rtnrt like thet of a buy, but in any oiher re-
specs nt rmarkahln. We looked at the young lady al
tll tina ; b al mn a ioe, d o and her countenance
wes not pamlimly expreoe. She was Eghtl-c plel-
iheal d rather ple, avd at with eyes pnraid; bet
not emnety, i ad spiee, u oe inspired." She
rrsed rather abruptly, and a fer a hymn, the Reverned
ilwrd Irvin agait prayed st geter Iength, and retuned
thambh r the Divine flewtronig. After hi bonedictio
ladlitre .esiowed, ite congregation took up tmir heil
and walked-mome as if lot in wonder, and others (and
these sat few) looking as eacb oetr, f if aquiring bow
men coul possity e sc fees!

The following are specimens of the unknown tonere,
Vllish'ldl is a paumphlel by one of tihe true beliiev-rs. a Mr.
l'Kerrell, who states that a few wte'ks since, tde nuntbdr


got 264040 rgustfl

f te gIlBd was MTW Fm Pbae 2is kedtnfollw- .hianse at th uutet. Revsnge e eks s
gtmsiiost bi Vressel, paing him. ,s hnt, a L -
"Hipplo u- h Diepair, who wuas litingm b bowl a of -
Foorise Oitia Hoop TlasI tin- though Pity, with tears and upplilcadiu Ws
Noorasti -Nipi-es-1i us Banto-DBooei-- desist. tnd Hope pointing to ithesg far
O Pi -ise-iFlm---Hin.gku -Dmnte l a distat ell, endeavoured to duml the l
Hampumloei -Fariest-ArisLoE--Ektmpow.- by continually turning toward hbe i _th
Epoongae Vangpmi-Berm esinp-Tere i-ctig glat Fear e and hid b -"
assim-oUis-A hesu-h-0 Far Snugor 0 F.- might. Joy threw down his goblet, d wais
too Sogote. roundlayl and all seeuad to be afected bty
Deriplalt .ori-41y-e- nept Religion, who, on bur kouns pt^ eh
Eleotnleti--Erelie-Melaai." on heaven, and thoughts outpoured in play,
The following is a specimen of the hymns:- in her communication with dle ikiende fiea
"Hippo gersto eipmas, "O Deripangit boorim; every touch of woe.--Hiac Smth. ti
joeruti fuimi ; Arinasu eikaml- a
Ot lon dsuagr booriu Bsnoote hylanos nontliu. The Life of a Plhideis.-There uag-
Epoungou menaui. Ilypen hippo botero." men who will mot Ie ready to asse to i "i
thelu followingketch. It i drawn by e v" 4'
RESPECT FOR TIIE DEAD. tented to hve fatained eminence in h"i e-
There s no feeling in our nalure stronger or more uni- who is deiroua of disiading his neplhn e
veral than that which isits upon respect for the dead. it." 1
It is found in every age and nation. Tie mvage shows Of all profesions, that of medicine is I ,e
a kindness aod revereace to the dead, which he never oua, the nost disgusful, the mou thanilke Fes 1
pays the living ; and enlightened man rks it among honour tllu capricious, o ooetle the irritable,.
die most sacred of hi duties, to oer tie ast sacriice of the headstrong; to mingle in scenes which easn
aflectiou at the gave. If the belief prevailed now, a in rity cannot divest of their loallutsonem.; 1 is
ancient days, tha the spirits of the unburied suffered for gnawing of anxiety, when fathers, huslhead, sI l
the neglect of their friends, tlis feeling might be more coa ide their dearest interests to your skiK-
eaily accodmted four; but it does not suem to partake of when with tlie life of your patient owy o a '
rcpermtiio ; it is rather eatinment, enlightened, just, and lies at stake-and then, when ll is doi a e stt
nunly entliment, in fLeciaI not only the intelligent, but to hIve your swrvicea requited wi rudtam- it.
many beside, who in g(=l Iseem to be strangern to strong unthankful Ieart--uech is the life of a phyl"ic L,
and delicate feeling. oven in lite yeC of ihaM, who haoukid lknew h hei
Tim light-hearted soldier, at the grave of his comrade, cite your irnrir you will find tirt the dischLe 7,
afel a hoavines which makes him a better man for the pecuniary debt canelis all obligation. As if'
time; the rough eamaen leans thoughtfully over the side repay such services as ours !-Remeanber, J, m
of his vessel, till the waters which the Ilunge of the corpse speak of tire better (would I could say the gremernl
has broken, are cali and unconscious again. At every of the propulsion : for, as fo those whose only
village funeral, when the dead lies in the mlidst of the liv- to earn a living, who would draw the las drop fr(
ing, with a fixed and calm serenity on lis brow-witl an veins uf their victims. couldll tiwy iat coin it le p
unsiraclabilo depth of matiing in his features whicli no Nephew a ipiack you shall not be I ill beuy yI
mortal eye many read-If it be only a child perishing in this linad first !
the daybreak of its exisence, whose lon will be as little Believe ne, this is no fanciful picture. If yet.
felt in the world at large as the withering of a garden genius, if you be of an Iiimpalientl ernm r, if ye he.
flower--still he is for lhstime invested with the command- acter be proud and finely sensitive, I warn yos-.a
ing majesty of death ; dcildren join their hands and look medicine. Yet I repeat : as far a conc rm I
timidly around them ; old nen lema upon their staves have no objections; I am willing to insrusct y, ha
and ponder; though amdag thi, lie seems no longer of weigh well what you do-lest you repent, elsn pu.
tAem; the air of gentle and firm reserve on his countaq dance will avail you nothing."-Journal of Idski.
anc gimes thle impr n athat le saes what we cannot
wi ths e r. - of hear, and is already acquainted Two Frenclnmen at Berlin have lately id reemm toit
idt treme tnhicn te living desire singular naellthd of deciding a quarrel. One, who hi
and yet m knw been insultd, challenged the olhr, but as he chlal
either does this inIres in the dead ceae when they was a bad shtot, and an indifferent facer, in e
are hidden from our eya. La foll the-- ._ -.* -. .. uV q
.,.itr us ige.r.d .s mci i e iace were weiso aodbuth repair to the bedside of a perme ill
laid liem. Tlie burial plure is the retreat of Ihe thought- cholera and kiss himi. Twenty-four hours hlia vi na
ful; the ahoe of care and passion are put off by dolse without either of them being allacked by the manlay, i
who enter the lonely ground. It has a good effect upon seconds declared that the affair must be comi jkrd
lte feelings; it makes the unfortunate miule reconciled to terminated.
this world, and the gay onore tlougitlful of another.-The
cold gluaslineu of tlheculpturnd inarble--he gray stmne The Yorkville Pioneer, in ?ouinh Carolini, sel de
sinking, as if weary of bearing its unregarded Icgends of (reensboroughl Patriot in North Curolina, notify airm.
the accent dead, tie various inKcriltions showing, mtoue- scribers, that owine to iprsnsre of job work, daty we
limes, what tlie dead were, bll still oftenmr what they be under tim necessity ol omitting the publicationof dh
o.ugit to have been, subdu ie lic heart to mulness, tllugui paper tlie lI;llswing week. They must be bliekd wi
not to gloonlL And what a lion in the path is public feel- goo' natured subscribers at the soualh.
ang, to all who would disturb tle repoem of l theomb It
is easier to rifle the mansion of alh- living, than the nar- GOVEHRNMENT NOTICE
row house of the dead; for the living can protect them-
selves, and therefore an less regarded, while he while meo- D ROPRIETORS of Slaves and Agens Aini
ral force of a wide region is l once in arns to resent an ~ for o sent owners, who may be desirus mwf ~
insult offered to the dead. This feeling tmy he excessive inr Slaves froei one Island to another, will espel di
-perhaps it is-but no one can deny that ii is energenc object they hve in viewandsave themselves aidtllpk
and strong. We do not condemn nor delend it; but tle authorities a great deal of trouble, if theory ill mi peai
thirsny vengeance with which it pursues offenders, alowa edly attend to d Regulationm, and ailfrdi, a iri, i
how deep is lhe reverence of the living for ihe dead. their pMakitonla,i hiformti without whicklthesu-
One reason why the home of the dead is thus cmreil, nor coming give th perilna required; snd ti* d -
is, Ihat it is dle place where we loIa them. Up to this pkce formation is very frequently at present not to be mint,
we fblloe them through the changes if life and death; but until one or two ltters have been written from IIt Phbl
at the gatem of the tomb, they are taken and we ae lefa. Secretary's office open the alhc. The (overnorvi
We are I;ircibly driven back, andil the uind loss itself in not, in future, allow any notice to be take ef an ppli-
tainest corrtectute resetcciilig their destiny-what it may tihn for the removal of a Sleve, in which it is am cda
be, now it is thinssepalated from ours. and unequivocally stated.
Tlhmoeell striking dlmagnificient view we ever saw I. That Iheownerof te Sh se the ptopl~itd
of the g cataract of our conotry, represeald simply an Etate, or hs a share in the Bk poed on ite kSi
thwi abes o v e, de laog line where they ln to which it is proposed to remove the mve; aad de.
dim belw ; the sa was left to the imagination, whisc for thu puom of clahialing the aid estal, os Si rIaitl
mads oat for i a t ma proeaOnd impreio of the 4alt in the pma hIeongig to his mster, delu permiim. li
grandeur of thie tee, than representation or description the removal is requested.
by mnsre could possibly have given. The it is with 2d. A certificate signed I y the owner (or in the ibem
tie surface oflho ground where the dead are laid: hitherto of the owner by his Attorney or A_,nt) is repair' t1Oe
we come, but me further; we see not how nor weree Ihey attached to earh petition for the removnl of a Slate, leig1
are gone : this is te boundary, Iheond I which ilie living tllatthe removalwill not caue anv -parantiol of I'amli
cannot go nor the dead return; and it arrests and chain a that i, between Ilbahnd and Wife; between Pareisa
Ie ingintMion, like the place in the occoan wheoe some children under 14 vear of age.
galint wreck went down. 34l. An e tract from the Slave Regrisicr, signed bl**
S .- lave Regitrar, ment accompany eacl pr-ilion derbint
"ra of th Ilmas .l idl; an A.Agr-y.-Thet which the Slave or laves ; and in the event of tihre bavil
annoyed and interested hliml tie most, was to see the dil- been any transfer since the Ist January, Ill,(tIh dab
fervent passions of the hunn mind, each inhniliing a S.- of the lst recitration) petitioners mus, in addition t h
parate ceU of the brain, and each ersonifi.d and enlarged certificate of Registry, acccompany their application Wit
to his disemperd eve, until it aulime.d ire human site a bill of Sale; so as to shew that the Slave or Slarv pr-
and fornm.--Love et at the etrnce f hi grotto, point- ponsd to be reoved, do acrlflv and hona fide belim"
i every thing that he gazed upon in the brightest and the person who i the Propritor of the Estate oa whichl
mnot altering colours, simalo it when Jelemy, who oc- is intended to employ them.
cupied the next rece, turned is green eyes towarla him, All Memorsial or Peritions for the removal of Slaves,
they catl such a hideous hue upon his drawing, hat he be aenn to the Puldic Secretarv's office; and from hr a
sok his wings, and more than once threatened a fly to none that are not rictly in accordance with the fIreuv
the oppose cell, where IItrod looked out with a cowling Irule, will be forwarded to lte ;Governor.
and mllitanl vma. Rian stood at the door of his By His Excellencv's Comnmndl.
Ilwelling, rating like a ntisarc, anld striking at rn.enm willth s. NESBITT, SeY-
hiq weapon, whilc fortluninall did little injiry, since, hi lisi Gor,,rasqr-T lInei-. I
ailty Ind am idiouss iuanasugciiie of it, o had blinded 13th March, 142. I

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I.. I I I N^* \% 'I I i^n i 1 itl i' Zi}€ Ma'^mna Mvunfi* THE BURIKD ALIVE. My eyes wtTe !Ktil| shut, I Haw iiofliiu!,' ; but in a shoit is just hs ixliilarating, uiid ol'iuu a> dan tiiiiu 1 hudnl by iIk* biistlc in tliu room, that the studciiis oC, u •ol't 4nil whispering S4irrov iH' my frieiMi* uu^lit iiit* thai 1 haii liuthin^ tu hi|i(>. OiM* day Utytard* Ik* eveniwj,', (Im; rrisiu tiM>k place. 1 Wit* gei/^ni witii a siriiiige mimI iiMioM:rii)ublc i|uiveriiig — a ruxhinf^ MHiini w in uiy !.<•. I %uw artiuiui my couch, iunuiHrrihle siranifc fices ; llMy were brit^kt atu\ visiuuary, auiJ uiihuut Iwilie*. — Tlnrre wn liijht and sMibMiniily, ami I tried to move, but ruuW mK. For a ulnirl lime a irrible coufusioii uverulM-hm-d nil; ami when ii |MHH-d H, all my rei olleclion rilurut^l with iIh) Nio^t |HM fed diNiiu<:im!s, hut tlm power o\ Uiolioii jiad deparfrj, I lir*ard iIh? sound of wtcpin^' at my pilh>w, ami iIm voice ot* iIm? nurse ay, Ite is *i convid^'tl <^'^[\^ ^'riif', drew Im liarul over tny lace, and lox-d my eyes. 'V\iv irW WMt llien darkened, but I still could hear, and feel, W\ttu% my eyes were rIoM,'d, I heard by tlw attendants tlwt Hiy trtt'iul bad left iIm! room, ami I MM>n alter found Uw uwb-rlaki-rs were pr<|Mri(t)( lo b>diit me in Um; parmenis of iIhi ^rave. Tlieir tlHfii{^li( was more wful ijiau tin>;ii'f of my (rn rids. Tla'y lau^died ul one unotlMir Hs Hh'V turneMi on what whs deemod its last pillov, and I fek4iis tears drop on my face. postd to try on me smie i^alvanic ex|Mriinents ; and | Since that time Jack lias kept an auctit an Hfiparatus was arrangel loi that purpo:e. 'I'he lii it j Jottery office, and is ul present runner to a t • *^'^*''*''^ shock vibrated throuoji all my nerves. They rung I is n||at tinUxtoni of the hill, ^ms luunv a^|, 1' ^^ andjan!,ded like the strinpsof a harp. TliestudentH?xpresj ser^jpniany a good turn, but has never lost 1'^ "''•'M vmI thrir admiration at tlw convulsive eflect. The second i tun — his ruinous pliability of disposition, "* ^^ *• shock threw my eyes o|mmi, and the first (jerson I saw was *' I would rather," as Mr. Hackettsavs. the do< tor who had attended me. Hut still 1 '•^'Xhir i he story is mo*t veiilabie and the moral if ,1 1'. Mir. i''^'-.V. From the Lonitun Morning Chrouick tkt \\ European statesmen will not only find tlm d (the adihess oi the American i'resjdcni) full ?"*" maiion usually withheld from the profamMilL-aiiuj ""*'" ose but deficient in the information wliich usiihIIv f ^^"''*' my i substance ol" Kuropean state papt-rs. The IVtsil.'*'.'^ us nothiuL' of his do-yager mother, his wife, or Jy "', ? little Jacksons, wIk>, judging from KurofM-an aulk!* still 1 was as dead ; \ a salt-sea roarer," be a dandy wiiliJut 1 could, however, discover among tlie tulent8, the faces without vanity, a Diilclnnan witliout a pipo ; "^ ol 11 any with whom I was familiar; and when my eyes | man without a fiddle, tlian a r/y clever rJlJ ^' '^"'^'^ were o|>ened, \ heard my name pronounced by several oft Th • . the students, with an accent of awe anrl compassion, and a wish that it had been swmc other subject. U'lwn they had satisfierl themselves with the galvanic plicnomena, the demonstrator took the knife and piercen tor \\^x When aM wlio had any pcuiiar interest in me, had for a brighl-eyod, rosy-cheeked lad as ever plaved THE HI.STORY OF A VKRY CLKVKR FRLLOW. -. ,,,,,,. ^'•'t-'nable him to make a suitable provjs I like ywir clever leHows amaxingly ; your open-browI Not a word does he say of his own cstshlishmenij'/r^ J, open-ln'nrted, Ofwn-hamied, shrewd enter|Mizing cliaj palaces which are in progress, and the repairs ttlwrfc racleis, but as to your very clevi-r fellows— I mean Van| re.piiied to make tlie old edifice* worthy of iiM> UyJ/ kee clever— tlieie is an ominous emphasis in iImeApie>1 L' a naiion. This comes of tnisfmg tlie ag^K sion. The apiMllation was never Usiowe*! njkon me but 1 thirteen millions of men tooHenbo d once, and tlien 1 imagined I could feel myself losing my foot-hold on respectability, and sliding, like iImman in Lcjggeit's Story, down— down — ilown. Hut lhal' not to tlie |K)inl. Did you know Jack Kasy ? — I am sure you did, for you lired at the same time, in the same town with him. Kvery boowcr of action, but my wind*fmine was unmove.iMe. •Sooa after a few hamifulls eculiar (lualiiies very early in life • wIk'u a chihl he would gire away all his inarbles, and let llie little urchins split his top ; and he always treat<>d his own gingei bread as tlie English clergymen treat their parishioners — he took a tenth part : He was t>o fond ot play to be a i:ool sciiolnr ; yt bo was fco ready to acknowle]ge bis errors, received a scold know the name of his gr,iwlfatlef though, of cour ,had a iiamlfather as well a other folks. In u^ re$|K'ct \iiierican state pap<'rs are defective in inforna^ A correspondent points our attention to a ilisply of jib^ rality of the Maapiis of Uellesley, in the Iii^li ^ttm list, towards his apothecary and his private uxtm\ \\ hether Andrew Jackson has an apothecary or out, ii'i fact unknown in Eurojie ; but if lie has reioune'to n apolheiary, he docs not pay him by a pension out of i' taxes of the United States. To fiayofftlic imiioaal df* seems in Ameiica to be thought preferable io ^tjift,,., flic mothers of dukes, and tlw upotliecaries of semr:! the state receiving £.'),(KH). a-ycar. Hut, iridefd, n thin;: in Vmerica seems a perfect contrast to what is sm in hurope. 'I'he w.'iole expenditure of tliiriccn millioM of men, haviuL' relatiom in every corner of tlie Uitnl-^ woihl, and |H>sse^siiiga navy lespected in evny lei.ii about three millions and a half sterlinj;. This is, iaulMt nor.. tttrt tlirtv-vt-txttf tyf th tmit.'d cliurrliw W teacher listened with so much patience to his" long talks," | Kngland ami Ireland. In K.irope, it is ueil kr.oin tki and paid so much resin-ct to his haruini', that the fiedai the p-ople are sutferwl to exist because kings simT nnWrt gogite c.iuld never find it in his heart to reform" him ; so •' cannot d.) without people. In Am.rica, the |Kouli irr our liero, while at tlie aaideniy, learm^l little than to not for the sake of the governm.'nt, but {he ^overninc..! lui desci il)e a circle on tlie ice, anoph' should interfere in ihf afcuf im thumJer T,""""' "" — 7^ "^""••' gra1 mat tre credit" side of his *• prtdit and account dually became bs. and h.,, and by thesurging reverbera. wa^ be< omin, v. small, tfiat it wo'.iUl W in.po sibkfo i, ami tW Neitoo was trdi,( .. th,earth, slappinir the | cut out for b.n^iness, sIiIIIm, was a advan towards tiat of his *ymAe. Ihen all WAS ailent. I had no nwant of knowing tlie lapse af time ; and the silence cuminM^. Tins n death, UimivHit I, and I am dooiiNHl to remain in the earth till lU* resurrection. IViv s :.;."•-—•• •-' --' ^ -^ — • •>^r.^ :xxz!l r.frri!:ri 'C'i'^rt. as wi II as f anipUll could vmw llieiu,^t.d llie ex|M-dienry of hisemplov imr his ca#ital iu tU; manotjiclure of a m'W articWi to he iiiad> b\ alMiM jMiwei ; tlwro was imM tlie smalh-st doubt of a fortune's Immuij rediAi-d ia a Jililt tlic hand^ of Kmie dn-adful Uinf working al>out my throat. Tiny dragged me out of ttie coffin by tlie head.— I fehagJim tlie living air, but it was [nerctngly cold ; and [ was carrietl •Wiftly away— I aiou;:lit to judgment, (M-rhaps jx-rdiiion. When U>rne to some distance, 1 wastlwo thrown down like achHJ — it wasno< u|>on tlie grouml. A moment afterwards I (kiund inyseh on a carriage ; and by tlie interclage of two or ihnc lief *'ntM. is, I discoven-d that I was in tlit^ hapids of two of ||,M' lohUi s wIm> hve bv plwmWing tU' cr"*-, ami sellii.f iImImmIms of parents, and riiildrea, arNi Irii-nds. OneH ih of lie had pasM-d," >..e ol the UHM. M,.., snatclK-s and fixil !"— no sIh, could talk like a book. •Trap, ot obscemsongs, as th,cart ranU.i oxer Hk.' luveful ?"-no, she would tt II all she km nwnt of tlk' stH-cts. 100 as Mr. Hervey, nor (piite as much attadnd toMiliiude as Mr. Zimmerman, he was happy to scmf>e an ncipiainiaace with tlie jailor's dauchn-r.— He told h<>r the circumstances of his lite, ami related what he was pleas^| to ,-a|| bii misfortunes : lie s|mke of many a tract ; she lo\ed him for *' the dani:i-is •md Ir loved her that sIk; did pity them." LoviiiL' souls I she had a few dollars in cash, and he wanted to cut die jail •obe mairied Im r. Although, like Mr. C,b' eft, decidedly favoniahle to fbe matrimonial state, I do not tim.k our fiieml," uoikI ohsv man," was sufficiently cautious in his stdection of a omipanion. Why not t" you ask.—" \V.i she a vixen ?" —no, reader ; slie was t'entle as a dove. •' Was she a •* W as slic •t **y iicf iningioation without rylinint,' iK-r sentiments; of iv ruse me for AUiut this ume Jack's faila-r died, heaving him ten tlmuHnd dollars as his portion ; wl!reu|K>n a partioilar Iriend of his (money always brint's |Mrticulars,) who could | O, f ff.e rorfrs|HMid.i,t. alludrd lo. noisi bt our Mk rvi the pirasures ol hojie," as w. II as f anioUll roiild M"-""^nP, fhr I .mous < 'h:irh-^ MaihrwH— W'have rrreivrd U-Ut-rn from ihrtr trrnllem^n. nffrrilij heri.m*' iisHiil attpr fhfir death hv enya^ini: durmj: ilfPi'h to cue their (mmIh-s over for du^r'-rtion. when tliy •h" ^ •• shntHt-d otr Itiis mortal cod." 'f'ho :hcv h** fll"'^* ** exnmplf of <*ol. Jom-s in ilerbrm^ pnl.lii Jv ii. if pairtoiif w tenliim. and nnounrmg lhron);h us. their fitM ol>it wntniNiiHm* to s( lence, we owe it to their rtpiil;ifion for .rigiwK" • rate, that ihey had ,ill prerioulv rr<*olved on ni^kine fli' •• orifice to the correction of |N>pulir pr-jndicr, ;in.l h •! f^""'' ed their betpiesN with their n's|Htivr Iriends. <'•< "* correspondents allniled to is a prol.-ssor in lh* bii.t<>ii I •vemify, who had prnmiserl his skull two vrnri >*j:" I" ''^ *** mical rollertion of that inMiiiiiiion. as he no 'lou'x P<** Piously devoted his head io rhe |womolim of its iiiirn-^'' ^"*' I ime. The cranium was inttMided lo illiisirafe or ' f*^*^ certain doclrinrs in phrnolot;\ on who h he loinsril nii*^'*' ol no fixed opinion : but the body wis im < ^-.-.iril^ '" n"****^ with the cranium to thr flisvctm^ table lor <:'IhmI ol'""' anatomical (h-nioiistraium. Hmlituas, we aie loM. u" one spur, well know inn, addn his poetical histuri;fed (r my shroud, was placei, nakeil on a table tlM*conversalion ol iIk* two ft !iuws with the s< ivuii admitted tlKin, I h>arneil, that I was that ni^'iit tu Im sectttd. wIm) dismentioninit— of takint: a Ld;iss too mudi' iliere It's all out. Hut my ladv read.-rs, do not scorn her. I d-.ubt not bui >ome of \,n\ have bee.i intjxicaicd with tljttcrv, whivii '** Ins critics and his anatouiiial legatee. SirfJiIhert Iliathio.e, one of the nnist wealthy '" /|Jt! amiable Baronels m ihe I niicl Kingdom, it i .said. •"*"**^ •e rawed to the di;:nit\ id ih I'rcratctmmm '"dlMMaiMik. <^ QtonUE UIGCiiii, l::litor. ^s mmmmm^^ Tilt: BAHAMA ARGUs. rUBlJJilfEO .i)FMI-WRKKLY IS .ViSKAV, N. P. •Zn advance. Biirlit BUarB per annain< iVED\t.iiiiiv. ti iRi II *ii, ma^j. diate command of Major tM-nc VOL. l—IVp. LXXI. 1. 11 FCETP.T. #VMilAr Mrt ruimtitiinfor Aufpat. XnmTMiV STRAIN TO NlC||t>LA.S P\(7ANINI C.t b,.*jn*n : man of sharps ore sharp than sword. • QnnA exetutioner, that hauK'st in chords Ttie .Iviag notes throujih whieh our raiifu,e, • Sviri iiecli -romancer i^ (he niaKir .scroll Mviiic inoHiciau ub, let lae enrol MyhuiiMne with thepraise that KurojMgives? nn^M Caiahist, that exchaagest notes for notes' Wis.vtry, that dost secure all votes I IV't .hil-l ol Ushion :— |,.a,|er cd the i..n* •*^"' ^^ ill..u>'hbv Cotton 01 IIh; 1,1 ,„,1_,|„.. „„.„,„„., ,„j J 1 .ng l,c dc-s,ruc.i„„ „r p,„,„r,y, an.) „l,i„,.,..|v ,u,rmi„. a rc.bc-ll,o„ wlMch, a. ,l,e c, „c„ce.,>„,, .hrcaa'K".? lone Arth-talliaafl of the string siip|Mirtt*d bridae* HitiU sealer ot perlerlion's airiest ridj-e Oil .'botr can words thy vast perfection own True alchyiaist— illustrious Pa<;anini • Th iIihu canst turn each note into a guinea riiijs iinj; noirs a pre.ninni al„,v^ y.,|,|'. A l{.dv;mit. thMi inak'st dull hod,*.^ „ari Willi llmie electric touches— and ihou art ••>buterol Art.," more rde thju maybe told. Wwrhrf. Viotii, Spa:;noIetti, Mori Lfnt I). Heriot. hold Spohr. an.l 0„ry. Lo'l.r. an.l Cramer, and the rmled May. Jlf. all jireaf. are little atfainsi thee' Thou L,rd ol Crowdero,. compHit.on freV nif fu pfM ultra, and ho,i piu nndn 111 others indk-andrill. p ^^'T. every one. are. (hT 7'k 'n7' '^"l' •""''*^* "* ^'ream-owocr •• •< Ml... „ shall he said, wnh praise not srantf Wh bow and arrow, and w.ih Kosin. a'm-he?" Tky wdd. mysterious, ha,£Krd. unstrung hKiki l^j rjfcn hair :h it no cot-rcion brook* H. m.ele susp.eion try at a lalse har tye ; .t.e| I know thy douiKs are all sound; -s what mischief can in him be ft.und W twse Iriends. toes, fiddle, are ihke amatl f ThfT c.n thee name.-d ,oe their paltry shifts)-. A."o,u.-stri.iuM Jack of neck -ornothing ,h ^s^ But heed not thou of malit e such a stale tlH.v h..l .n. I 1 ^ "' "" ^ •*-' pn'jH-rties to which tly belonged ; and no doubt on remain, that by tlieir mfluenceand exatnple. the slaves were encourajje^I to ,^. |Kt tate the in which tlnjy have ben n so deeply invo ved. I regret to atate, that in suppressing tlu. most calamitous rebellion, many slaves perished m t!,e fmid, and numbers have been executed after trial ; buttlieaud.c,\y of the rebels wa, so great, that sti ikinjj examples were found indispensably necessary ; for mistaken k-niiv would have only opi^rated as an indirect encouracn^mem to the disaticcted, to jierseverein tlieii lawU>u designs I trust I can now, with confuk'nce assure you, that the rebellion may bo considere.1 at an end. buttiiiie alone and a speedy oblivion of past ollence^. can heal thewoumh It has inflicted, and restore confidence bctwe, n the mas ter and tlK.> slave. An awtui lesson ha. bt^n taught to tla, whole slave population, of the utter ho}>elessne8s of anv attempt to resist tkauthority of the law with clianco of success, and tlic fatal exjK'rience thev have Iiad of the promptitude and dispatch with which an overwhelming force has b€?en brought into action against them, will nuard against the machinations which lavo been emploi-ed to withdiaw them from their allegiance and the ,'uiv thev owe to their masters. ^ ^ It 'vill be your province to endeavour to trace this unprovoked rebellion to its true origin ; that a very e^neral impression hasU^n made on the minds of the sla've i)o„ulation. that His Majesty had granted their fn'edom, is undeniably proved by the dying declarations of many unfortunate individuals who have lufltrod under sentence of tlie law. I shall lay before you, at an riy period, such infor f tire justice requires, ami hy>hich aloWiruth '" ""'"^ maiion as may be oseful on this enfjuirv, in the pursuit ol *;"^''.'_* *' confident, you will pmce;d with that entire ant ustice reouirm. n< i.t,-^i.:..i_• '^ . ""v ceridinei • I ha can be as ve received His Majesty', commands to tubmit )A^K^h.U.,alse knaves ,odn.w';^;^-7;:r;:,= "^ thou but thine, lar better, ahhonj-h shorter • Ile^t1 their tales, .nd mind thy fidulet tid-ni lb g iMiw taught are, irler ; tad-piece. Ji^ hath beat many who before beat him • !•. t rtiou yield unto the ty.ant rim ^1 he or thee chaunt forth his mower's chime 7 J^^^hions change, and .seasons pa^H a' *< tbou m lame canst never know decay Wh art thyself •• the very Nick of Tii Fwrfl. ,n,,Ht mental instrumentalist J^'rtn.ed hddler' harmony's hih orieat • P.we1l.^,„,,ono,go,rhour* ^•"ure4r>,nd cash to any tunc. pii^s away. ou piopos.tion for the future regulation .nd ,overn.,K.nt of the slaves, calcul.ted to simplify and consolidate in our enactment all the laws passe.l on this subject, and, as His Majesty's (Jovernnient attach the greatestimporlancoto your early consideration of it I shall oso no lime in recommending it to your must seriiu* atlention. •' Mr. Spfaker and arntlrmn of the A,emnlu, I deeply lament the unavoidabto exfR-nse which been suVed m7 nr'"^ '" r*" '*'" •*'^""'""' '^^"'<< '-- b^t^e C^overntr.''''"^^^ '"" ^' conduct be.n adopted The re}>ori having been read, it was referred to tlie Committee of the wholu House->M,. <,,, „ ,rch^ r M Lvnch moved that tlie report should be read i^ara. graph by paragraph. ^*^ f*^* ^ When the para^jrapl. lo which we have just allude.!, wa. Mr. King rnovcd an amendment that it should be deled. aa U coiitain.-.l a severe censure .in the Guveriior Mr. Hatty seconded the ammdmenf, and Kve hit reasons for dot n,? so, in a sfnecli of consi.lerable length. Several Members, among wUim we,e Mr. Hodgson, Mr. Berry Mr. Lynch. Mr. Stamp, ^c. du^ op,K,.ed H amem iiient stating „ as their opiuK>n. that i tlie nr^ claiuatmn had bt^.n issuH at e. pro.K-r time. Hk, grea^ good wxiuld have resulted to the island. ^ of s[; ^>"'"'' • ""^-Ji*in<^ion, insiannd tl^. conduct of N r James Lyon at Barbadoes. who promuleated tlio proclamation imn>ediately after b. receivetl h Alter a debate of upwards of four hour.,' the comm.ttee divided, wlien Mr. King', amendment was agreed to by a majority ol U to 12. Pro|;res. wa, reiKirted in conson, as From the Jamaica Cimranl^ March I. An expre-ision of feeling took place in the House of /Vnembly yesterday, which bartlrs description, and exceeded, a. far as we can understand, anythine of the kind which has ever Iw'en witm-ssi-d within 'the walls of that House, on .Mr. Lynch submitting a motion to tlie House not to entertain any pio|M.sition having for its object the hirtlM.r ameliorati.m of the condition .d^ the slave, in this island^uring the prevnt Ses.ion, and which the Honourable member sup|>.>rted in terms of great nuKleration, •irgmg the impropriety of entering into such a discussion if-arcs t hope! ^hilt from us t..osoon : "" ni..kefhy stay w,th as a Hoohle sfo^i J •Utiasre. Cremona ?— rRiVTKR's D— L. JA.MAiCA. nOU.SEOFASSEMBLY. TWSr Sr^,i . TuKsiiAV, February 28 > Ver took the Chair at thn-e iviock, aL ap!"? to proclamation. '1* C louse had met le acM? island irom ; ' recently after the late niM-llion, and Iwfore the minds of sorb rr-lu.f rnil 1 o I T 'H HIV jmfgmeni, the slaves were sufficient! V ira I su< 11 relnt could be attorded.consisunt with '" ^ the exmencies of the public service. •* (itntlftnen of the CoHnril, u i* ^^'[' ^P^''''" "'"' (irntUmrn of the Astemhlif I leel ereat concern at the inconvenience to which you must be ex|)osed by the necessitv which re-assemble the <*omfiels me to npiiHi7.ed. Mr. Beaumont op|M)sed the measure, and entered into .'ument to fchiw that the miscondiKt of slaves who had instigated otiiers to rebelhon, ought not to prevent tlie House from extending its beneficence to the preat liody of tin! slave [K>pulaiion. Mf. Beaumont, in the course of his argument said, it was m sorne measure from the har.lships under which the '••'^'*.'*' K'I, bin.j in many instances unable to proan early aud saiufactory conclusion." Tm-RSDAv, March L ""Mhe following Speech: 'i;ntlfrnrn of the Council ^TJ:^":1\'^'^'^ '"fi-'^^'-V to IJsorrow' I •r*d as Jjlfen ^Clf attrtAt this assertion, loud cries resounded through every part of the House from Metnl>ers, as o Mr. Brnar(r< Bill for tlie relief of Invdvent Debtors read and passed ; and Mr. Bernard ami Mr. Dallas aJ pointed a Committee to wait on the ( ouocd, and desin^ tlnir ronrnrrrncr thereto. Mr. Mander^on moved that the following messace be sent to tin.' Governor : — ^*^ bute '"""v ties i hooks of accounts." ^ '^ P"'^''*^ ^^'" ^dd infinitelv In il. c.v......^ i '. ,,.... AcHKid to— and Mr. .Manderson and Mr. King appointed a Committee to wait on His Kxcellency therewith. On motion of Mr. Bernard, tlie Island Secretary ordered to sf>cakef could not enforce or.ler. \t ihi the Speaker wa, about to clear tlw bar, but M,. Stamp roU to speak to order, and remarked, that In f..r<. the Hoim decjl wlietlw^r tlie bar slmuhl l>e c learel or not, lie would address a f,!w words to iImcentlemen at tlie har ; which was, toreqiK-st that tln-y would restrain their feelings, sod liear out the rrMmlnT for Westmoreland, so tlwt they mnjbi lornri a complete iudgnvint of tlio opinions enterj tamed by him. This Mr. Beaumont objected to, statinL% that lie cared ,H>t/or the opinions, nor required the interference of the memlu-r for St. (ieonre, to enforce order. .NMne desultory remaiks then pasMnl among f>ther members ; and as the S|,..aker was about to take iha I *•• "^^ ** hoiw, Mr. Beaumont said he would not presa plete echo of the Governor's s.^ech-wiUi the'excetZn nrT77 ^""^ 1"^'"^ '^ '" ^'^T> ^^^^^^ •- of one paragraph in it, which expresses tlie I^rw ^ T .J 1 "'*"-"''• animated and d. ply interesting. '•*^iu.ed. An Vl .^'' c' '''''^'^ *'''^'-' '-I '-'. should have b. en so loo. a tiim. delayed and c,oe" ( Vll" A^ ""'* ''"'"*'; '" "'" *'-> '' '"M-r-Mon, but we ^' ade., lora., under the immc ,.1.^; the opinion uf .Ik Hou.. that ili^L^ul'XZ'^:^ V' VI *"'\P^^-'" conchismn we shafl urea.Jiul ctc only y that the speech ol Mr. H. a-imont was tiKt, and ;'""' •" <"onformitv with tli \ f HI if !l ^*~y'v


f A ,A % :. ti *. \ t 1 J l^ I )r* 1 1 r^f 33a|>giwjy glrj|t!?a coinb'iK'H, by Mr. Lynch, Mr. SlMtnp, and one or two uilM-r iiienilivr*, in a uianiier wliich reflvcU i\w liigliciti crirtlil on tlM.'ir uk-nti and JudgiiHfiit. Ml. Lynch was r*s^"dUul\y (-li(*red diii iii^ tlir cvfuing. -J 11 U %%Eii%f:^iiAi n.%Rca ^^i, i}^3*j. From Uu LaUcd Kui^dom ytirspajtcr of 2^1 h Dtcanhrr last. THECOLOMKS. The conduriof Lord MmoK', i^*^ governorof Jamaica, in atluniptiiig to diclatu to the ilouat.' of Ass*iubl> of tiuit i>liind, M to llie roursc* the> weie to pursueiu iheir dubaU-s, has obtaniud, as it dejfved, tlio warui animadversion of ttie members ot the lugisUlure, who received as grim au insult from the govcrucK a our house o( Commons would if the kin*?, in bin speech iVom the throne, were to tell the nKMulMirs ot parbaiiieiit llicy erti ot to waste their time in u*tless discuv.ion !>uch au act of despotism requires ; iJk; instant recal of Loid Beimore ; for a governor who will dare to coniroul liie debates of a deliberative Asseni liruMStls, Jan. 1 1.— We are still in great t^^ an attack from tl>e Dutch. Our MinisUfr^JJ*^/*^'^ ^l^ Lewis Kerr and Jcihn Jrfuies Milnloitii, Enquires, have been duly eleeted Mi'inb-'rs of Assembly : the for misto reprew nl lurks Islands, and llw latter tlie Caico~ blv.w^in not scruple to make any invasion on liberty which both without op^>ition. his pos.^;.Hion of power may [M^rmit him to do with impu;; iiity. But it ii not uK un account of liHi inhabitants of A sp;cil Court of Oyer and Trminer iiet this <'>', ^ jjj,j,yj^jj,„, ^^ j^j^^j.^,^. (j,^ immediate rccal of a colonial t'overnoi, found guiliyof the unwarrantable exercise of the authority confided to him ; it is, that it ny operate us a warning to others ; and in order that we may thus domonstiate to riio most distant or weakest branches of the eiMpiie, that an invasion on the liberty of the subject will no longer be tolerated ; and that an Englisiunan, whetlit^r lie l)e living in Loudon, or Jamaica, or Africa, or Xew South W'ahrs, i at all times (as was tlHJ case with a Koman cittzen) in possession of his inalienable rights. It is (hu inhabitants of this Island— (eight of whom aie Mcmbvn of Assembly, and singled out, doubtless, by §umu HUiU At'TiioMiTY, MS objecis uf vengeance, as well M to answer some political purpose)— we sincerely ho|>e UnU imii Ailarney (.leneral will pause, before Ih? prense** ^tbef, to uucuastituiional and disgiacefui a proceeding — a pruc6.itii(l wlijrh rMcpert, is princt|MiIly conducive Iu national viitue and morality. Frvm ike Antigua Weekly Rrgister, October 11. In Oomiiiica an aiicmpt has lieen m;ule by itie AilufiHiy Caen<>ral, Mr. Blanc, now a man of great notoriety, loeMablish a rieht of filing Ki-Ollicio Informations — a right which would l>e dangerous indee CMiae a cumnaon theiue with those even, who were lor•uerly his felkiws — for whai did Mr. Hobss on I o w . l. i i "^ V •'^••""s \ c 1 II I '^••••'"t 7^*'* **" ly ill ; but we trust he is gelimg better, though ii is fearrd but Ili.> occasHin was firm, ami will have tlie edMri of slieltering .lowly. The Noble Duke was born with avigorous ronstitlHor ( oiiiiniinity Ironi the grificol a man who lias shown mrion. anrl though subject occHsionnlly to attacks of sffrre UiiUSeli'sugretHly o* tMwer,aiui so prone tu oppress. cold, hai fhrnwn them off with little delay or eftprt. Such, i however, has not been the cswe on this hst occasion. Having I barn artectrd bra >u u^^ I have just lieard it reported that the qu^, fortresses is arranged. The source from which i*** '^''^ my information is very suspicious, and I am ^^^ ther to doubt its truth ; for the Emancipation ^'"^^ fact, iirithout giving any reason. This pap^r ij**"**** ctal, and under the inllucnce of Ueneral Bel||> f ^"^ TIRKEY. The intelligence from Turkey is t)f interest. U^ fore spoken of the warlike preparations of the gii^ '**• a report tluit he was al)iit to declare war againtt (}, \ ^^'^ Kgypt. These anticipations have been, in Km '^ *" '-"ftJI"" •"•'miiii-ipmn^n^j iin?c urril. III J()K. leali/.ed ; for the latter leudatory has sent inip ]p, '*'*''''. force, umler Ibrahim l*;icha, agahist the Pacluof / '*'" vince ; and this attack had been so snccessful, |j^.l*1'''^"ELUOPtAN EXTRACTS. Isondon^ Tuesday Evemiim, December "27. The French l*aj*ersdf .SunMige through Marseilles, announced that tlu; French (loverniiient intended to coloai%e Algiers. In the Chamber of Depot i;s the lesohuiou for abolishing llie celebration of tlio anniversary uf Look XV I. had biMm carried by a majority of one hundred aad eighty-six. The important trial respecting iIh.* will of the Duke of Bourbon had tioen continued, but was not yti brought to a tormination. It will be resumed on Friday text. We perceive That the Gazette de France staler that a courier has arrived at Paris lo ih) Kussian Ambiissjtdor from Si. Peterst)ur£rti, walKniig \\rc Kiwstan .Ainmtsn doi to join with tlie C^onteienci' in makint! a declaration of the gon the Helfrian frontier, and are otherwise of a rather warlike aspect. The Chamber of the States-General at the tfague hati sanriioned the Budget presented to it, though large, by the Dutch Minister ; and the Kin*; seems to have the means, if he continue in his present \ wrong-headed disposiUoa, to :asli into a war with his revolted subjects. On the Bel|{ian side matters look as if they would not lie | taken unprepared ; and as the parties, if they do come to blows, will meet this lime ii|Min more equal terms as to preparation, the LsMtie may not be quite so favourable tn the Dutch as It had beeu before, and they conAdently auli^jipate it will be now. We learn that dispatches hare been received by Government, which Slate that 800 Polish officers in Saxony, who have refused the amnesty of the Kmperor Nicholas, are on tbcir march, in sm.dl deiachments, to France. Kach receives A sni.ill >uin per diem from the Saxon Government. Kgypt to withdraw his troops from Syria aneij revoft prfn,, gave opportunity. — The latest advices from (^oiistawKy*, state, that both the Cholera and plague had eniiteli leofthe Abbott's iia ,, minense Waggon, on which is written '• Cumber lawl.*' ** Connecticut," a boy having his cut fmuer tieil up in a piece of rag. T'ant mieux." .\ Dustman with a poi of beer itf bis hand, of which lie disapproves, and savs, T'ani Meux." Two Jockies, riding a race are stvied Messieurs (;all and Spurxheim." A Hegimont of the Line at Drill." A row ol tishermen, just such a (larlv as may be s<'en fishing in the New River upp obstacles which illustrates a story ttild in an excelhol J^!,,! ilieiuM Ives to the scitleiiieiit of the I'lnbunussing • Kilclien. Moiikiesli^ihtmi.', set m by Irishmen. Fug Sences l'w^'* B^lyi'i'H and Holland. There is yet j pro;rt/ria," •' TU('olo*'.us of Rliodes*' (roads), an ii '^l^rtdMiruction intlieqii--*~ '" **• "'~ ....'. y Uj rated, France and ^l^r tdMiruction in tlie question, as to what for;res.ios *'' the oilier Powers being at ouricr says that nothing but KtHini?* of delicacy towards the Sovereign of Holland ^,.yi, (lie F^mporor Nicliol.isfrom formally rccognixing ''•jl articles, of which, it is uiideistood, he has already iilidd hi"> appntval. Tin* same paper adds lliat his (>roI his may be and until he is "j^^j arc now more pacific than ever. ,^ jnd ibe\ may even be siucore, ave BY.HENUY i;ia:FNSL\Dr: & CO. (,^4,Jflti.t he lias coinphilely rivelted the chains of Poand," Pennsylvania," a voiin painter, exceedin'dy iwih Utul; ^'"' '"'*"•*' ^"^ (*" ""'''^*''' ^^ regards Holland, o\' prnril. These a le tlie most striking subjects*' in this UiViiiucI is very iispiciuus, and the jtralousy uhiili is ,, .rlv eutertainetl of his inteiitioiisi will not be allaviMl Liiie t'i>ll>wi"C brief doadof uf King Wdbi.'ii ." — ' The Kni|)eror of Russia canr^f promise! to tlio King j< II ilUnd the desired assistance, if he does not wish U> ^^,tl \Uv '2-i nrikU:n ', but the Kmperor will iml prevent ilsWini.' <^^ Holland fiom conlinuing the war at his own pjk. On the contrary, tlio Fmperor exjHM is that no ((iif l'(i*er will interfere if lie dm** not ; and that th* Jlfn; ot HollanH may try to what extent he Ciin succeed i^rjlast the Belgians." AFRICA. \ letter from Senngal says : •* On the 8th of Nov. last, tlHe\|errtion si'nt from St. Louis for (>amhia had reiurnfilto G or ee, where it was sent to aiford succour to the F-i 'lish, wlw were attacked by the natives of the countrv." Dr. Clave, the surgM)n who went out with the expi litioii, writes as follows : — *' Allhongli almost all iIm? Eirti|ieins cmfideute| to The txDo .SJT*.— The following true Sin>.\ elegant par?grap is from the |>en of Mrs. Si^'oumey. '* jVhn miglu U' iwUiHted ,7 ii i r r' %m 'k^i./v i into the varieua*nd mysieries rnee,llewo,k ; taught to have "'•* ^"""'"^ "^ C o,„.„.5sioners from Mr. M*Qt .:r.N aiul patience with feebleness a;id wavwardness of mfaiicy, and lo | steal with noiseless steps arf)unif the chamber of the sick : and the woman might be insiructed tq, contend for the palm of science ; to pour forth ehxpienre in senaten, or to wade Turkish — This Journal, the first ever piWuM in Constantinople, called [^ Monitfur Dttonuzn, cuntaia-j a hort prospectus detailing its origin; i. An acroutt ot' i jtmrney pertorined by the Sultan in one of his Kurofnnpnvinces, in the course of which he apjiears lo h^ve rcw4^i merit, |iunished oppressors, inspected armies, ami Tia(d fir hospitals. (|uile in the Napoleon style; 5, the |)rtH-ulv>oi i fire at Suler; 4. a notice of an order issued by ihei^tibiw the restitution of the properlv of the Armenian CmIwIki ii Pen ; i. an account of a distribution of crmwei of avti amouE the troops ; 6, a list ol the public emplovs at CsMta tinopie ; I, an avruuiM n rcit> m im>,.v-. • fSfv>< "j' Mei/.id, the heir presum|>live to the throne ;%,• ov^W the !)etier resriilation of ihe police in cases uf (ires^e. ;l the bulletin of the expeitiiiun against Bagtlad; 10. a boMi from the Governor of Jumna, detailing the supprt w iw. if i revolt ; 11. the particulars of a review ol the tmopN b]f rbt Sultan, on the ith of October ; Ii. a notice of ih^-nrwinltary organization ; l.*J, a few paragraphs of new< tnim rtif Hesian papers ; 14, a strvere comment on an arficle ol iktfm Constitutionel relative lo the fire ai I'era. uiwhali |fn.!<4 wrefiresenrations are stated to have been made. Suck I' Moniteur Ottoman. — The style is g(M>d and the ty|M§ra|**"c execution is equal to our own. Ihtii OH \nripaprrs. — We understand that Lord .\lIllxKy doen not approve of the idM of taking off the whole f tb' Hiaiiip iluiy on newspH|'rs at once, and that he iniifKf* to adliere lo his plan id lowering the luiv lo 21. in dr til sf instance. His Lordship, lioucver, will not, it is BirsHi •!' raleur requiring lo be af a hNlgi>, and v£ kis adiuiMion, thai M was lo tilieiMj a pruci*ssion, 1 find nay aiaal/v has been misitifurm*Hl, se far; I;. a tlie mrrU riaiiued, f imvine pfojHised the iin' isiirr, is moTv falte than liie error |H)iiited •m. In every society, the cirairman, (or by w^atertT #lber naiiif cusiooi iiiav have given hnii), is bound ften lo profriae wlmt Ih* d(H>s not acquiesce in, and this was tlie asi tkifi instam-o,— for ih' fierson alluded lo, rertainly, vliataveJ^ he lbou^hl. siaied hrs wonder at ** tke prtsvmjh$im •{ a man of kis ridmf.** As far as regards the MMri/ rlaitwed, (ht framhises aitainel in lSii aod in 182b, Hs chairniaa^ or SjH-aker, he oaly rouW pttt the MNMsiire, ami a pennui whose arraif is synoavnious with liie prolrssioii of Mr, DiHett, in conjunrtion rith another's iiifbience directly op^.fced lo that ol" ikt^ S|>eaker*s, were mrii/f ia*/eiiW in carrying tht^ inHMsurw into effect. The corrcspalea< o{ llie .Vrgux, (my masterji, has, lKr'ffe, not \>tsr\"rU'ii imtli ; but lb* F^litor of the Royal 4t.iurtle has, as usaal, boea ibe tool ui' folsebvud aad misj3ejirt-M.-iilalion. I am, your obedient a": answer Is, llic ditTerence priiicipally aristn. frolfc* price of woofl in America compared with Knglisi '•* ship builde:s' wages in .\nierica are (M'rliap* liltlfkir''^ than in England, but not much. Iron, cordage, •s'l *•"*' are also a link) dearer, but tlwse will soon be m ^'^ with us, as lire American prolertive system wcosiaf^ the* grsiwing of lienip and making of iron at loii* *""• conM'qiiently, both these branches of indiislry fe flourishing condition. Tlie great advanta'/e. h<>ae'*^< ** the American ship-buihier is the low price of ti^The pasture oak, the finest description of tla* white*"' costs in Anvrica from 15s. lo 25s. For tl>e w**** '^' in England for tlie same pur|M>s', which is not st w*^ rior in quaRtv, ttie Biiliah buiMer has to pay froo ^ X8. As lor all sorts of deals, ihs, a little hikrberts^ United States than here, we of course |*8* • amount of iheii earnings in monev. If we calfii'*** in the quantities which they procure of the nece***'^ life, we shall find that thev'are three or four iiiw ff"*' but of course this fact has nothing tn do iifi o"' ^ nient. There is another circmnstance which ^^t, American ship-owner a gn>ai advantage over the w*^ be has no duty lo pay upon insurance, and insr l*-*L, cent. This will make, in the passa;:e o( a sh'P Ions burden, a Iwlance in favour of li>* Amerif^^ owner of £4.*! 7%^ M., or, su[>posing the 7***^.'*jj^ jMWMgos a year, £26f* 5^. per annum. Such ^^ of things, ris between the ship-ownersof the two c***** — Morning Herald. We have autboritv to state that liic Hrpftta;2* Mauritiu* to Kngland has obiainen Council unnditures will b> ''•""" .^^ ,,/ all nmnopoly abolished. \ charter ha< *****" Lwj for* establishing a bank, with a capital of£l^^' i',(,ffkt tlxmsand pounds in specie is going from r.nL' ^^^ ^ bank. All this shows what perseverance and u do. — Zuid-A/rikan, October 1?1. loqi through fiehls of slauifhter to a throne. Yet revoliings of the soul would attend ihis vKileuce to oainee. Ibis abuse of physical and intellectual eiierjiy ; while ihe beauty of social order would be detaced. aod (lie fowatain ol earth'a felicity broke up. We arrive, then, at ttie conclusion— the sexes are intended for different spheres, and constriictewer ; yet those who pass with faithful and unapplauded aeaJ through their humble round of duly, are nit unnoticed by ibe* Great Taskmaster's' eye — and their entlowments, though accounietl piivertv among men, may prove durable riches in the Kingdom it( Heaven." Mr. (>KOKi>E Biuos ; when the Tender from the laltut geniluman being the loue&t, ibu same was accepted. By order of the (Commissioners. UFO. AR.MBRISTFR, Clerk. 13th March, 1898. LAST NOTICE. THESUBSCRIBFR intending to leave this for Mobile, early in .\pril next, again re<]uests all persous having demands against him, to render tln> same ; aiid those indebKHl to him, to make payment on or lief'ore the Isi of April. All accounts remaining un(>ai€ i^'^* -,.^.^. ....., THE SUBSCRIBER, ioiending to leave ihe Babanias for Mime lime, requests all persons bavivj^ demands agaiiiM him, lo render llie same wiiiM>ut delav ; I^L. Tkf ITumourisf. — A volume under this title is again |ht:iiu-d tti the public as a Comic .\nnu d, w iih eigliiv Vsdke. ihe whole of the ossava m tins Annnal are, li thiise of the Huumiirist of last) eat, from the p4;n of ar. W. H. Harrisre arc few who will V lie disposed to pay their tribute of praise to tlie abiliBuf die writer who can pass from ** grave to gay," from •li\ily to severe," with so much freedom and success. !•• siiall '^ive some extracts to Justify our praise. We i! do the same with the illustrations, but we do not i. ite to say that Ciuiksbank need not be uiiwilliii-^ tu kvf ilicm attributed to his invention. Tlie Irontispiece of the llumuurist is a burlesipie utxin Ike proeiil rage for emigration, and represents tourlet*n ^••iis — men, women, and children, on a horse and an Ittib car, for the vehicle will not hold them all, and some iftbeoi are upon tliu borse*s back — being conveyed over ie Mountains in Iiel.iiid to llie place of einburkalion. TW cur, as it goes on a roller instead of wheels, is adairaUy contrived to find in each pebble an impediment. TWn is a woman on foot wheeling lliree children in a b4rr!ir, with a child at her back, followed by a miw ainl I Miotrous progeny, [Kissing the (x-ople on tlu; car, at a Mdpice, lo overtake the olheni on fool with burdens on ikiir shoulders, who have already taken tlie U;ad oi those iacan alTord to ride for the sake of expedilon. *' Tlie | llcr of the RolU" is illustrated by a smart sketch of a | isomier. Blue Bes>/' or llie Lpicene, is a spirited [ ^H, and illustrates a well-told story. Kuius Knights," (#/-u$ knights) ; this print precedes a story of Dick Anp^i, wIio, being slaj^e-airuck, was agcusiomed to sit hw jarrel window at night, indulging in visions ol' " future grraincas, until lie f^ancied the chiiuney-pols fnwur ; the rowls which suriiiouiit them, helmets ; and llie M!hercocks, s{)ers and lances — the whole appearing like frif of armed Knights. ** Taking care of the main wsce." Tom Starboard, one ot' the characters in an *iog tale, entitled, the \'etw, and •^•iug at ilnr barber until he cuIj. his customer, and lie wUiws at llie bailx i in turn for cutting his ear, which ••i^ a pir of btUou's. Two Selfish Beings" (.sell ^'h Lad'a;s of the Billingsgate p/>rsuasion suiting the ci!.>nt„ the word. Three Ne^'roes in a Punt" relf'>*'(U Nogropi.ut. "Tile Two Adjuiants" is the mo| iiiMia„iy in ,1^. |„,q|^^ ;,n(| turn* upon the eqniv(Kpie 5 lady being contracted in ijin to tolerate it. i>ne acca— #ror/rf •/ r uamw^' The Ri>:ht Hon. Viscount .\rbuthnot has been re-elected Lord Rector of King's College, Aberdeen. C7** Every person about to le^ct tkese Jslemds, after karing resided therein for the space o/riirRTY da\h, must gire security at the Secretary's Ofice., or put up his name in said Ojficj'forrirTzr.s oayh previous to hisdeparture — after which, at any time during loaxt-rivE DAts, a Ticket may be obtained. NA.MF.8 OF PERSONS ABOUT TO OaTAI.' fast sailini; scliooiMir THREE HIS* TF.RS. For Fieigbi, or passage, apply to f^aptair dander, or H. GRECNSLADE k, CO. March 7lh. ,POHT OF \%?. .March 19th Sloop Hannah A. Susan, Kvans, St. Salvador Stranded prnjierty, to John Storr. • ** Sdir. Adeona, Watkins, Windward Keys Siranl. A. Co. 20th — Sloop r*eres, Belfour, Turks l.slands Ram, f ASS E.NGE KS AR kIvkI). In the sloop Lilnrty, from Cuba : — Mrs. Patterson and two Children, and Mr. Louis Casaiiol)a. FOli HAL.E. The choice ol 2 Lots of Land, with the buildings ami im|>roveinenis tliereim, situate in Prince's sireH, gcrM'raUy known by the name o Liglilf<>li ot Cupid's Row. For Teraurand otUer partkulais, a|>tly to the Sab^cribers. HE^iRY GREENSLAOr A Co. Mardi Sd.. ••> To BF LET, that pleasantly situated H(>os4> and Premises, lately in the occupation ot lb nry Adderley, Ks4juire, with iniiuediate ^M'N>ssion. Apply lo C. S.ADDERLET. January 28th. iMi! marria e lo a Colonel, but, rf^aa aaaawaAjaa 'vcwitban .VdjiMani. The Colonel is prevailed upn of the lady's to send her, as a present, FORNiLF, Tlie H att;*l, cjjiiir lu>us4aud staMing ftte tlirne hnies, exieik-uve yard anf the IciK^s Iwve been ih wly pot up. .1/>0 A trart of Laivl situated at the VUiap*-, containiaf; 2.V> • Iw.l coUed an Adiulant'.accomJMoie.i' bv V nme" f'.'q^M' ^Illi Vff^^RX f i'l* Iwiroi lied lo accept llie Ad)iitai'it ; to whirh she BJ ^^^"^'^ fixed theassiw of at the late of 19 [ acivf. li ia divKicd by the villa|{id inlotwo l^ts, the -ily arc, des to lierown satisfaction ; for she reads the iv r barrel of •fler, but in. „,^..„,. .„. „^ .^.„ ...^ ^ .. „ perfine Flour, ()rd!red, that tlie weatern lot lieing inlervjcted by the new road lea/lir? ffr)m know, n<.thingof^l,e arrivaVottlie1)Tr.l'milil tlie s^llhitr Loaf do weicli 2lbs. 7al | tlKvillae* into tinBlw hill road. This land wdl Iw dis'|k Servant, w||o points I "••gli 1 thin wmnan, l*ollo\ed by lib. 4oz. to her and Ra\s MrssiBv order of iImN estrv DAVID SPKNf E, Vestry Clerk. La-U-Rooki." IS a rook supposed to bo sin^. Vestki Room; :^)ih March, 1832. i>oaed of in one or three lots. >^ {•> to JoilN W. MILLER. Scpt<>inbcr 17ih. ^1 ^ P'i I f 1 1 < %>A ] ( t *-'*•


it A u ;*' i !'*f I i vlj *'] iH ^.1 B^t Ma'^nmn ffrgwut Tin; KINii OK J IIK HtKNtJI. Th*New York ('ofum? Xiltrrunrt {nmnhtft fntm n Vrrnch |);i|)w, au 4ilHhf.| in the ^^ww^-fr Jei Cutmkrts, which ••-!• not rert c mmm ti hoiHMjr uM th! \t\nerd\ oftitiiuitu (W liOnU Phifi)>)>e, the prrMem Kiuj; o( ^rao^^•. Thn i^tr. I^eniiex, it nreiuM, h:iH f**-*-!! impriMitied in Hi. Petngie, on a rhMrt;e of ronnpirinjr u^ain^l the irtivernmeut, ariJ ha fx-en rtereijf d<*uh with by Mtinc of the iiiMii.iit'ri;*! pajMjM. We giTe the lolloping paMage Iro/.i hw altirria :-— •• We ilti nut At all mean to blame the pruticnt cuoiiurl, prer^iitiun un |ireHi'jit Kjiij^ on thin ona^ion. tut aitniity to incnthMi ;i far t whirh will not bJis|>u('(l. Vet It •.••! ft, !•. ih4t if tiie MM'ri in iHrnfrcilciilHt*on .lenring an^r ailvaoiat;e from the prfi> for ine, t; r IM-Iter loimdatMoi*, to a'hIreKfl the name reproarh to an;-!!-.! (MrMiiiay. ^, who are not accuaeil. aoil whom I ilo uot accuse mytvU, bccauae ircuui•lancen have nerved th-m with no exrune. *• It m well known ihat duriitg the wh-_.„,ro,to— lnpf>o— bortfos— senoote j D.spair, who was lilting a bowl of ^**8 •mi^ Joonme Oorin lioopo Tanio .\oo,,ti,i-. timuL-li Pitv, with iers and suonlirar"'*"' '* W !;!;• f\ooraslu— Niparos— HipanoH, li.nt.>s— Buorin— I desist, and Iloue Doiniina u. ,.:.*:_"'' ••npio.^P'* — Deripangiio — Booriitos — 41 \ pen — KhtanifCi — Kivtine — .M.n;iti.'* The lollovriii^ \>i y .sfiecinicn of the hymns : — Hippo peronto niparos. I () Derip ln^ito boorin ; HouraHtin (arimi ; j Ari.ntos ekrampon OFasto* rtuiii^or booriooi, I Senoote bvpamis noiwtin, Kpoonj^o^ menati. | Mypen hippo booro." "... ....ww„..,., „. ,„. „„ ,r,, K,,, ,,^ ,„f v^aiaioDta, where he eipecled to have command of a combined Anglo-Sicilian and Hpaninh army against the French. At that period he ia^u^d i i ^ ' ""'^ ""^" '"" "" a proclamation artake the Hpamth army, to enjjas" l'em to nnpport the rightnof the '"[^"<"*^" ; "t is rather sentiment, cnlig|iiene*l, juat, a Spanish It^Mirhrma. of wh.mi he called himHell rhe relative ann of Na|Hle(m. •• Hut what isfU'/ so well known is, that on the Hth June !*. King l^Miis f hilippe and ihei^neenol ibe French were at ttoii>. wiih Ihr.r niece, the Ouches, of Herri, w|in Charts v.. uh4^ nnmiroua auiie, arriv.d at the Chateau was earnest ,n his exprc,,.ui,s of lively Kfatitication'MWh^pJ UO..S royal jKmda.nat.on whH^h had b.,.., addressTbV M jud said .„ repu. .. There til.r u! ^ lm;':h:;;"!:^'::;;;• l. is short, but I. IS Mron,.I could name many wunefil. •ho heard the congratula.M„,. epre.,.d l.> .In pr'sm kI^' H. .|H, ..rm, „Hl sivle ol ,he r.^al proci.,,.., .m. ,d rh.! Wh.| repl>m Charles, whose cou,.u„..,.c^ r,pr,.ssed a ,s •••"• •;•';• •" •;'• ">'-• The wordu( KuIks are , To goiicn. ami ihese have been well tummUef^ti.' r I LATKST OF MU. IKV IN(i AM) ||I.s FOLLOW• KILS. At we w..r.present (says a Coires|Hmd..nt) on a vcrv rroi.a,Kc^,nm when il,. pr-.tcmier. to ^jifu „| „, uJ .>p.rii.xhilH.|.dUlo..UoH.v,.,vml Kdward Irvin.. anil Uh. Il<..v...„„d Ldward Irva, bc.ore his con,^.,.. .on w -.11 hrn-tlv dyscril., th. course, of pro..' I.n,. iv rlM,.l or choich (lor k. ha, chri.s,..n..d it /-rclrsi,, Seofua} L.ue pioitync..uly hlUI,,lH, K.v.rtmJ l.,ucs,er of Fitr-roy-Mpiare broke ou, .,. a iT o i;:t:;.';;"^'Ti "'^'''""^"^ ^v"'"^* ^uend^^,;^ r :: r. *'"***^^^^""*-'n>yiHlistinrtlvartic.i M. and tlw nevcren.1 F.dward IrvinJ. U .1. t^^ IM-' wim ., ...OS, rem .r.....„,d p.,,,,.,,.j -^ "J ^r. ton,., be wnrtU rhdiv....n.y thesupiM^'' dn '^n flMamg w.. tlM.n re....od, and ,1 ^rUn^r a^l", •rr^m.l.b..ttou.,thewor,Uwer^ unintelligible. iIk>uJ^ ...eant n^ Lngbsli. .nd ,! Kovocend KdwanI I vTne^ .teryr..,.,u>ne^u.Jyd.,k. partly .„ c.m.s,^.,ce o U^ broidiM ss ol hi. accent, fbi. part of tlH/^.rf^r.Hac! btMug over, m.,|H.r Hmsfn vXh| To 1 hI wi,lith,.,.,.,of„...S,i., Thi. wa, or auXorn n.M n.,,K>cthle and wealthy JSolicitor. In BecflWd-row who cntiniH^d to s,..ak, or rather to vonf.,,,, ,7/C; ten minutes, re.H.atini, oer and <,ver a^ain the s te word .ud with a surpris.n, paucity of ideas. consi^WiLtt ..Mircein which iIhv were asv-rt..! ,o oriirinate Thl vo.e was ra,h.r tl. of boy. but in anri' r^! s,H.ct not n.nMrkal.!.. V\ c looked at the young la Jv al WHS n,H rcubarly eK,^,ive. She wa, fipht-nm pie wvned a.,,1 ratla-r jKiie, and sat with eyes uprai.nT "^ RFSPfXT FOR THF DFAD. Tliere is no leelinL' in our nature stron,'er or more universal than that which insists upon resfK'ct for the doad. It IS lound in every ajje and nation. Tlic savajje shows a kindness and reverence lo tho dead, which be never pjiys the living ; and enlightened man raiiks it anion^ tbe most sacied ol his duti--s, to olfrr the last sacrifice of afTeclioii at tlie grave. U the bi'liorprfvaih-d now, as in ancient days, that the spirits of the unburieartake of nd but '. "'o — "" —^ •"' -"-"*i^i tv atronjj and delicate feeling. The light-hearted soWier. at lh grave of bis r(w.rade Itxds a beavinc-ss wlinh makes him a belter man lor the lime; tbe roujjh seaman leans thougliifully over tbo side of hu vessel, till the waters which tin* plunge of iln. corpse has broken, arc calm and unconscious a^ain. At every village luneial, wln-n the d.-ad lies in tbe midst of tbe livnig, wiib a fixed and calm serenity on liis brow—with an uiiseatcliablo depth of meaning in hi.-; feaiiirej., which no mortal eye may read-if it lie only a child iH-risbing in the daybreak of its existence, whose loss will lie as little felt in tbe world at larpe as the withering of a garden flower— stdl be is for the time invested with tlie commanding riiajeaty of death ; children join tlKJir hands and look lininlly around them ; old men lean upon tlieir slaves and ponder ; thmgli amonn them, be seems no longer of them ; the air of genlki and firm reserve ou bis counleiil ancc gives ibe impres^n that be sees wlwt wo cannot with those mvst^rWfs'Ji'S'*' ';*'*''• *"'^ is already acipiainted "•! yet tremble to know "*• ^^'*^'' ^''^^ *'*'" ^^^^re Neither does this intere^: ,u j re hidden from our eyes !"!^ '*e** cease when ihev ad t len.. | be bunal plncc is the retreat of the tbouL'bt'•;' ; Ihe slioes of care and passion are put ofl" by tboi who enter the lonely ground. I. |., g...! eflect uZ leebngs ; .j rriake. the unfortunate mo.e reconci eiMo H. s worM and tlu. gay more thoughtful of another -Tho ooldghastl.nessof ,lK.scuIpturedmarble-tlK, V^ay stone ^:::!^A:'r7 '"•'•"•"? ••-''•-^-^'^d Vend of Is wl^tdK'd *,'"'""' ;"'^'''^*'>-ing, .son,,.. turns. Hi at, be dead were, but still oftener what thev .-...^,M .t,..,j;,iMi, wiii), on iier knees apan Jl i*^ on hi.aven, and thouyhts outpoured in ,L •'^ W •" Urr coiniiiunication will, tbe skies,to fi/:\''''*l'l*if,. every touch of woe.— //oracc Smith. "^j^ The Life of a PAy>m;i.— There a^ l men who will not be ready to assent to L '^^M the following sketch. It is drawn by one ^'""""^^ of .s..nted to '' have attained eminence in lli !?J '"('/v. who ,s desirous of dissuading bis nephew U "^M -Jift* Of all professions, that of medicine i, .| ous, the most disgustful, tlie most thankless r**"'" hummir the capricious, to soothe the irrita'.U ""^ '" the headstrong; to mingle in scenes which ,.wT^ niy cannot divest of their loatlis.m.eness ,*" S" gnawing ol anxiety, when iHtlH^rs, lmsha,Js 'Z^^^ conlide deureat inleiesis to your ski'll '^^ when with the life of your patient' your own "^^^^ bes at Slake— and tlien, wk'n all is done that buT"'"^'"" to have your wrvices re.piiied with a grudLMnTl'*"* unthankful Iw^'art— such is tbe life of a phv,il ''' even in tbe eyes of those, wIh> sbouhl know ho,! ^^' ciate your merits, you will find that the dLscbr. ^ pecuniary debt cancels all obliL-ation .\,'i, ^ "^ repay such services as ours !-Kememher i^^, .'.p^ak of the better (wouhl I could say llie,;..,^'" of tlie prolession : for, as fot those whose o.,|v Ij" to oart. a living, who would draw the last d roil fT.' veins of their viciims. could they bm ,oi„ j, [J^ Nephew a ip.ack you shall not be I w.|| bur l^t this hand first f "'.; tfc Believe me. this is no fanciful picture. If vo.u gemus. if you iH) of an impatient temper, if voVrL acter be proud and finely sensitive. I warn ^ouiL^' medicne. Yet I re>eat : as far 'as concL:^:^"'? have no objections ; I am willing to instruct id weigh well what you do-Iust you refHiit. *!..„ ^ ance will avad you nothing."— ycmrtia/ o/ Utalti Two Frenchmen at Berlin have lately hadrecoorw toi smqular tnethod of deciding a quarrel. One, a |,o labeen insiiltvd, challenged the other, but as liw cliajfeiw was a bad shot, and^ an indiflerem fencer, it ^ .abo"th r^fKiiVto Ihe i,^isW of a pc';;;*; *iirf7 cAorra and kiss him. Twenty -four hourrr.a IZ without either of them being at.ack.d by tl J^J^t seconds declared that the affair u.u^t'be cuj^/jt terminated. vvuuvreu u rJ >' *'"'"*"' '"^'""^ Carnlina. ,mi the Oreensborough Patriot in North Carolina, notify ,|J^Ji scnbers, that ouine to pressure of joh ,nrrk iL IS o...htto have bee;;;;^,!:;;;:',;:;^;z:iT. '7 ::"'!r ""rr^-^'' ' ""'"''-^ ^^ X;M nolto,hK>m. Atid what a lion in t e nat^ MT^^^^ P-per the following week. They must be blced .^ \nv. toall who u'^.ii 1, 1 I ^ '^ [i^\mc teelA"W nri/Mm/ subscrdwr. ... .i :..• "^ "• ing, loan Who wouhl disfiirb the re|>os of the tomb • li .. easter to rdic the mansion of lUliving. ,. J* hVna row house of the do.d; forth.. living ca'n* ,,:;',:: I o ves, and therefore arc less regarded, while L wholllr^ ral force^f a wide region is at imce In .Z'l ^^uTTn .n ; ^*'I""^ ^"^^ *^^" ^^"v >H. it is eneriretic • nd strong. We do not condemn nor delen.l it buT^ n lursiy vengeance with which it pursues ofl^-nder's alt how deep „ the reverence of tbe living for thrdtd (ne reason why the home of the dead is thus *sar,^ I •S that ,1 IS ilK. place where we lose them To I i we follow tlK-ni th.ough the cha ..Is i fe a^5 ^ '. h ^7^ ..t the goK, of the tomb, they aie taken Ldle'':' 1^^ U e are forcibly driven hack, and the mind loses i.^lf m •aint^t conierture, resfnciing their ,t striking anH magnificiem'view we ever p'"'^""-i;"vc'lly stated, of the great cataract of our country rcrrern. !^ 7 v '"' '^* ^^ "^' "^ "^ ^^^^^ ">P^-P^'''* ^ .He wMers alH,ve, and the ^^21^^^,^^^'"^^' Ts^^"^^ ^' '-* '^'^ *" the Salt poinl on the H.-J .iasli below ; the re^t was left to The iWina^i^n u'u .t ^'""^'"^^ "" ^*'"'^^'' '^^ '^'•-^ ? ^^^^ "-'^ made out for „self a profcimd ZZT' %^t S '. ^^^ **^ cultivating Uk. said estate o, for r.l ^ .randeur of tl .cene, than rr^presemati^? "rT "" it '" '*" !"" ^''^"t-''"^ ^ '^ """"^^ at peran^io. :a l;v measnre could p,„,ihlv ha^e gi. en Vhu, t K ''"b ^TT'^ "-l-*'-' the owner (or in thealN.n^ weconK..butnofnr,lH.r; we see notTo nolli "" ^/^e owner by his A.torney or Atrent) is re.i-irH.ol. are gone : ihi, i, ,,., uJ,r..l.., u.'.lT T^^'* '•'^re hey j attached to each (>ef it ion for iIkremoval of a Slave. Mf thai the removiduiil .,,. -_ .rx.. ""loiiiH-r: we see not how nrr .. i i .. l i • ^"mMiM > ur .%j:'nii is re< uin.*! low are gone : this is houndarv Ik v ond u .-ch' t Tb •' i t7i 'l th '" '"'''] K'''''" ''' ''^ ^ ''' "' ^'-'*' '"^ cannot go nor the dead return*; and it arre u an f '^ "* the removal will not cans,, any sepamrionof TaBAi; tl* tmi^inaiion ML. .u. .,... '.. V '^""'^ "'l chains tlia :,, Utween Husband and Wife ; between raKn.i h* fc,>,uUM...,.,l, llw t.mcr,^„i„„ ,o„t j J" an,. ..IU.Ip,„.o ,, i, !„,, i„ „. ,„j P„„-;' h." II.. .. .,..,, fr.) lo.,k,„e ol, U. ., ir i„,|„„i 'h„, men couki potnhly be tuck fools ^ c The following arc spocimens of the unknown iono„e .Mi.slied in a pamphlel by one of tintrue believers u\U VKerrcIl, who states that a few weeks ,i„cc. the „uu,'bei^ tl* imagination like .K. *• "'"'^ ''"'^ <^'''n* gallant ireck ;;nt do'n.' '" "''''' "'•^'^' ^'^ ^''i'''^-^^^ H .vea"r;"of ";.eV V . ] — '*'• An extract f^rom the Slave Register, signed hr At ^itwoj tht Unman MinH ; an .4/!^^orv.— Tfnit wh;.V ;/"^^|^*^'"'trar, must accompanv e.ich pf>iition.dcsfribit annoyed and ,nier..sted him ,1,,: most, ,.r,o .^e |!. '''''^'" ""^ '" ^-^"^ >'' '^^'^ '"^'"? ferent passion, of the human mind, each inhabit „! a 71 T' '''"*^'"' ^'^^"^ '^^ J* J^nu^rv, lKSl,(the h^• .>arate cell of ,K.K,,: jnl.ab,„n, a s,of .he last recistn.iion) petitioners musl.' in addinonto the •TVl f^C"i^ '**'P'*'r.v. acr company their applioiion wnh "•' •-"r5,Ti.e oi msprotio rv;nf ** /'.^''^ '*"' o shew that the Slave or Slaves pn>^^ *^^ry thing ,ha, he ga/.ed up.>n in the bri.h .'st^lnd .T '^ ^ rvn^oy^^A, do actiiallv and bona fide Uf-.n: to uni ih'""'"' '"'"""'' ''^''"^''' *'*•" J"-''ov. wlK, c^ •' ^7". '^ *^" '* "'^ IVoprieior" of the Estate on ahicb it rupied the next recess, turned his green eyes tou ardl I T fT'*'^ '^ ^'"'P'"^' *"^hc.y cast such a hideous hue upon his Vawinrthat llL' 1 '^'' ^^^'''T'^''^^^ P^'i^ions for the removal of Stares, t. hook his win^s and nmre than once threatened Mrtl \L '*'"/ '" '*'*-' ^'"''''^ '^'^crelarv's office ; and from abrncf he op,sKe cell, where Hatred hmked out with a slwL^ T' '^V "'''-•>> i" accordance with the .u' nrJ'?„".^"^ :::'•-• --^o^l at the door of 1"! '"'"' "" *" /^ 'ir''?' ^" ^'-ernor. "> His hxcellency's Command. —..M .,,... ,.,i,„-, ,Hiie, ami sat with eyes uorais^^l •'• i '*'^ent passions of ih.. hnn.n„ • • '"*' ""io. eXHCtlv, in oor opmnm, '• a, o,^ nS^ si l-^^''" >^'ll oHhe ir^i„ ^^"1 -'*'• '"'-'•nint: a s,rv^s^Hl railH. abrnpily, and after a hvmn.r Revere!!,' ' ^" •i-'tenipl'l^d ; I | i; ai::m;d';^^' ^""'^^^^^ f^lward Irving again praye,! at greater h.n„h and remrZ "<^ '^'^"'--I^ove satai\l e iL ^ u '"'"'*" *'^^ thinks for .be Divine forewarning. After LTv'. ^?^ '^'^^^ thin. ha V ^^^^^-^ His ^, paintI. 1 1 1 . .1 ^. '*"^r nis nenedictMn "^ • ^"^^ inat he razed iirMn m iK.. iv.: .1 i S. NESBITT, Serf. t^m^ <• (;i:oKti: niciJN, i:diior MPMiipiM|fiBMfeMHM SATiKDAV, n %K€ II |, |n3'J. ^^ • ''*wp THE UAH V.MA AK<;US. Ml % OL. 1— Ao. i.XXI|. rUHLIMIIKU MP.WI-WKKKLY IN N.ilK.iV, H. P. Slfbt BoUars per aaaum— Xa advance. Orand Jmy havu to, the fact of U,,uaih havmi: been taken. It is for the Coiu^t to decide if the fact when proved is punishable. The Judi?es conferred, and tin? Oraad Jury were direct POSTB.Y, BFAITY. •Thi X lN fofm*s exquiMite mould— 'l*he silken curl's v>liipiis fh)w, The lightsome step, the witching eye. Tli sm dl. whit hands and snowj brow Can iImI be bnautil'ul that fades bike from the ciond of dun, Which withers al the touch of tinie. bike flowers beneath a burning sun? Wliai are the eharwis ao boaatetl of! \ lUeting i^lan. :e~a passing smile--i \ lrui whose graceful lineamcntH Cuiieeal too oft the heart of uuile; A V.1III ;md vacant smile may play On msv lip and dimpled chin The eye may brightly glance yet "ire No token of a mind within. But all, the mind — the iindyins mind. Hath holier beamy d il own A cbarin that liiiiters i>n to bless Wfien outward loveliness bath flown. Aye, litiKer when the rhe..k is pale, .^iid cara halh dimmed lbefy of mivtfi ; rnalierd by tfie lros( of luue. Or chaiiginit circumstance f earth. 1>0.\JI\1CA. an^sH/iuicu coi;r or KiN4i* rk.vch. ^ ... „ TuKsoAV, .*Septemler 6th. Ierire Mis Humour tlie Chi^-f Justice, the Him'bhs S Urwater, C. Ciiurt. and V. H. Oarruway, His Honour iJ. tilanvitlo, F. Howdy, Esq. I'be CHses on iIm; Calamler were Tkf KiHii v. CkuHe$ (i. //'ij,— IVrrjory. Tkr Kin'f V. J. Is. yrtaiK An, framed with a view of pie^•iiranv ilh.tr4| traffic ni Slaves; and, as tlie Preamble ^^, to shew •• the inrf re dis|Ksit.on of lire I^egisla•^af this Colony to guard against any |>ossihl infringe* •'W'rt tlm Law^s for abolishing ibe .Slave Tra.le.** f iwaae ilre is no (Jentleman on tlie (;rand Jnrv wlm •• niiwe Of loss acipi.iint.jd with this Statute— and **licable to docuimmti allegeil fo be sworn I he Court, consisting of tbe Members who sat vester! and subscribed by tlie paity accused, a. was deciurt of King's Bench Tthat Chief Justice addressed the latter as follows :" the Jural attested by tlie propc-r ^r^on before lun This case stood over to allow iIk, IndictnR.nt to be the oath ought to be taken is sumcK-tu proof of iu benn anien.led. but it is not rendeied more difl-.cult for tlie consworn by *\w person whose name is signed-^nd nroof If stderation of the Jury. The only difli-r^-nce is the intmI th*' handwriting of tin, ,H.rson.ignin,^ sufficient e^en e duciion of another form ol oath varyinv.^ry slightly, but ; that he was tlw imrson wlwi tm.k iIhoath. The Re.i.irv to the same intent. The ..(Teo*. i.dl i : i. .. '• A^. ..f .i. i.i ..'.i : ... . "\ "k'ry to the same intent. The olTence is alleijed to be a-'ainst the Registry Act— pasM-d with the csjiecial vi.w of aidini! the law of the Kmpire against Iratfic in Slaves, and as is lecit. d in the Preamble to shew tin" sincere disinUtion Act of the Island requires iIm? oath to be t MAxcn^er/. oliviously for greater severity against false returns. Mr. Justice (ilanville— I agre. with tho Chief Justjc that where Arts ar? passed relating to each otiier thv or Ihe Legislaiureof this ('olony to cuard against the |>o8-!a^*wt each other, except wh<.re the subseowm Act i' sdde^mlringeme^^^^ Law lor abobshmg Uk' Slave prt^^^'.v repeals any part of tlie former onc-il i, for you to <*r Kittv C-Ar >I>1. '.m ... 1.. *l.!' Trade. The 21 Clause contains a special direction as to the form of the Returns within certain columns ; under tlie cunsiiier how far this is so in this case. As to the rule relating to docunienu— its application ., -"-.....:., Muuvi iiTO ..-., ...V, .uiu if^iniMiq o oocumenu — its api>|icat on res|>ective titles are to be entered, tin mimbir, name, sez, appeared solely to Im> made to answers in Chancrv wher. Colour, rntutrd tiaf nntiu/ir,, #.jti./..w... .. j il.....^ i. .. .....i ri_.i .• .i ., /• ""^"w co/Mr, rrputrd age, imiuuiry tmpLymtnt^ encreasr and decrease^ with the cause of such increase or decrease. Clause 3d nM|uirt.s the Returns to be subscrilH-d by the peison making tliem. and an Oath lo the truth tliereof to be lakin iM'fore the Treasurer, who is l>ound under a fieually of £'>(H) to administer tite same — a form of oath is given, but as that form is altered by a subsequent Act, it is mK necessary that I should read it. By the (iih Clause the Treasurer is required lo record the Returns, luid such recorded Returns are dclared public pro}H?rty! TliH Hth Clause provides against erasures, and heavy penalties are im|M>cd on tlw Treasurer if he knowingly makes a false Return. Clause I3ih, makes it perjury to make any false oath *' to any matter or thing by thU Act requirtnl." WaiMm come to the Act of 1H-2H, which was |>asted to renaedy a complexity which Imd arisen from frerpient changes of pro|>eriy — it takes nothing from itie duties or the forms reetically — and in a few expreasiims, the im|>ortance of which you will judge, altered llie/rM of the Oath which must accum^tany the Returns. The eflVct of the oath appears tlie same, fbr tlie forms and nturns must \ie the saim. — and if tlie oath be taken falsely, it is equally ix-rjury as tliough no such substitution of form had taken place — Utr the 1,'lih Clause of tin. Registry Act declares, if any |>erson shall knowingly and wilfully make a/iy false oath to any of the matters or things requireoint out where one of tlie Judges had mistaken the law. Ml. Juauco Glanville— Denied that he had mistaken the law. Tlie Jury were retiring when the Attorney-CJeneral said — I object to Mr. Lockhart aitthig— the Oath wai to enable the party to remove slaves from one Island to another — and there was a prosecution against Mr. Lockban for removing slaves, and it were well if he did not sit. Mr. Justice Dowdy— Is tlicre any nason to suproM Ml. Lockhari's staves were not domestics T — Or that th crime of Perjury attaches to him 1 The Atloney-Gehor.l II. f,*,r^Ummc^l .^j ,„,^ ,i^,„ away b<.twccn tlie time required for making tlie Trieanwl Registry and then no oath was -^equtred, the former owner having taken it. Mr. Justice Dowdy— Tlie cases of Mr. Lockhan and .Mr. Hobsonare not parallel : tlie owdy — And tlie Court eipreta their opinion publicly — there is no occasion to aay any more — the Court have overruled tlic objection and you muat not iuthat xf there art srreral Artt npun the $ame nthjrrt, they t^iupt them. are to he takem together at forminf^ one tytt.m, alui at T1* Aitorncy-Oeneral— I did not hear them cxpraM mUrpreting and enforcing each other \'* wiltVtliy making a their opinion. false oath, therefiwe, lo any of the matters or things re' Wr. Justice Dowdy — Nor can you when you cause quired by the Registry Act, is perjury. The considera' *"^ constant inlernipiion. tions for tlie Grand Juiy are, the Perjury nnist be wilful— | Tlie Attorney-^Mneral — I object to Mr. Ilobfoe ; )i has expres9(x) an opinion. Mr. Hobson — I am not on tlie jury. Tlic Attorney-Oeneral — Objected to Mr. Coort aittinr as a Judge in the case of Mr. Hobson, on the ground of Mr. Hobson being an Aibiirator between Mr. Court and the competency of tlie jurisprudence, and the evidence. 1. Tho swearing must be /a6e— and it must in the terms of tlie Act l>e done knottingljf and wilfully. A certain degree ratiia therefore is necessary : not a mere false oath taken in ignorance or hurry or mis—• ••"""•> "^••"k •" /siohhot i>risrrrn mr. \ ourt and take.' Tliere must Iw reason to believe that the [K-rson i another person with wliom lie had a disputed account, accused, knew what he was swearing and wea prede^^'r. i'oun— Denied that Im> sIimkI in any aucli siiuation termined to swear falsely. with regard to Mr. Hobson— he feh himself fnes from And in jodeinifof this it is of the utmost im[iortance bias and would sit. that tlie Jury should hmk at tiie intent of the jMirty in ma' The Aitorncy-tteneral — You are Mr. Hobaoe*! Mte king tbe oath — and in tlie preseat case efip<>cially. The to-day, and to-morrow he is to be yourt. defendant is charged with falsely swearing that these \ Mr. Couit— I will not allow snch remarks, Sir ; ait down Slaves newly purcliaseil from the field were his dimiestics, or go on with the busineM of the (Joun. • -— .'".•^iii , in the town of Rousseau. Now I can easitv conceive that a [lerson may rei;is4er a Slave opon oath as a domestic though such Slave ne%-er had been employed as such or from change of cirrumstances never might be so employed, and yet be jwrfectly innocent of perjury, his not The Atlr>rney-"H— fs the *hi.:, he Im4 o taken, ilie oath required by ihe law. ^* Hi hirre ^ Anorney-fJoneral— I mijlit to have an opportunity ^••ving to what has fallen from Mr. (JIanville. ^'. Ju.tM-p (iUoville— I have only done. Ml. Attorney, ""Siull* *1 *"*''*' ^^"^ '•"'l"l>f in not doin^t. I hawtlTr '*"*' '""'"'"^ •" •^*' ^^^*" J'tsiice's charge, '^''v-o, '""•^"^'**"''"'~^*''*'* n'<*'^n hich can '^^'oin *Vr '***''''"""*^'*^ ••"^"''*' aru'ument before 'vV^I V' "*' ^'fand Jury ouirht not to be left to de^ uZ \\'^ '""' '*'*''' '' '" ""'*•'' " '••h'-tHer if the oath ^ Ikjh-rsoo iHkiiiit can ht. prosecuted up.n— x^w'TT'"^* ''^"' ^'"' '^'^ ^''''"'' J.irvare onlv '^* frttt — I claim to moot the question. TIk(..w, w.. ,.... J,... .r^ (.^ ..-, .....^T -^.^.i. . |*T7ijifry. Ills not I •"•' •'"• -•>"i'>"' ""liiM iMM IU sii — Hs ne r . rHinsel lor th. mere br?ach of the h-tier of the law that would conj Wr, Bermingham in a prrwecution in amHher Crwirt for stitiite p.ri:ry. Hut the Rrci^try Act was framed for llie removing slaves — and .Mr. Holison is also a Client of Mr. exfiress pur|>o4e of aidin? tlie laws made for suppression ^'^nville in otlier Courts — It is a fatal objection to a jury of tra/ling in Slave*. Whatever are iIm? Laws of the I "*^" '*** *•* '• •'tlH,r Attorney, Agent or Kinsman.— I Kmpire respect • • •• -i . Act is subsidiarv Mr. Hobson in swearing all thev; negroes were his domestics for thi' Attorney-Cieneral has stated a prper motive and I am express pur|Kse ol enahlin? him to violate those laws, ami n"t to presume any other — In the case f>f Bermingham I toex(>ort tlie Slaves to another ('olony. Is th're any j '" ""< *'t — *wt in this case I fc^el myself as im^Mrtial aad evidence of suclunlrmt on tlie fiart of Mr. Hobson — fJr ""interesied as man can lie — if I consider the fn*oner Slaves. Whatever are iIm? Laws of the I "^" '*** *• '• '•tlnir Attorney, Agent or Kinsman.— I rting Ihe dealine in Slaves, the hical Regtstf? "'• '" making this obj netrroes were his fiomr>;/-> IV.. .u' 4lliirnev-f.fnral h:< >i;4tft 3 t^n.fwi.p ...^t:..i i hall for i-*iueniui xivii MitT.iii w.i iiwj |...Fi ,ir. iiooson lor otiiiiif-i-'nr.i u^ ion rrto \w ii i COntNier Ine fn*OIM premeditated falw.hi or what fidloned th' oath. charge ihem arcordinirly — I lake credit lo mvvdf fi,. 2. Tbe Oath must be taken in a judicial or a public having yeaterriay prevented the firand }viry from perhaps prK-eeding — and before a competent jurisdiction — that ^nfling a prisimer guilty of an infamous crime ufK>n a is, before some person lawfully authorized to administer an | ''fong rharqe. oath. t Mr. Hobson — Repeated his objenion made on the first Tlie Registerinc of Slaves is a public proceeding I day of tlie Court to tlie (,'hief Justice sitting on bisrav.— ** the Records Publir Pmprrty" — and as to authority, ^*e Chi!f Justice liad prejudged him — and had pronofinced ihe Treasurer is not only em|Miwered to administer an : him a perjured individual as far back as February, IKV), oath, but he it subject to a pnally of £300, if he admits a | •" h*tter to (iovernor Nicholar. ""• "•^" "^•*' The Attorne)-n tath S. .\s to evidence — It is a settled rule that tlic evidence ii-^ \ J i K ft I & If I [Contmued on the Uit poge.]