The Bahama argus

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The Bahama argus
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Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
George Biggs
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Newspapers -- Bahamas ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
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Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)

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University of Florida
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pgiE DBlGS, MMeeu t 8ATVENAY, nARCE IV, 189. VOL. 1-nw. LX.

0" THE DAIIAMA AROUs. N ra d richbe an the reaus, Paiely, to may pr- viuall. barely disduiaibhlmb from the rai -I, aec
so eaM, before do ck hlassruck the el hoew. We mv l their natoal l spri, dty cilg t together pnty mbh
shsltlsia NEli-WK3RLT IN MA.Au. Nr. nma them who leah their heoas in the moin r ig d onm, Iad sp at lea in tryi to sl ihe
of many thousands, leave the spot to return thither in E g plans; they ar, aie, perhapeamo remlak eoa-
rit SDOnl per amaum-4 ada th aftrnoa not wanh a spilling. We hae o tires -o estimate in encountering brge mad decisi h m
_casnons me a la n stand, tad even soton the hneras and itosiles, Som of them ia e mcqieed aemummalag
practical jokes of dae around him, who in da cores of but it i ofen ttemaded with mre rkaMbly Bi3 Impeoa n
the last hour had lot O1,(MX) sterlie; while another, in manner or appearance. We haven a I Ja w wr
umwre easitive, iasnds guaing wit wikiness and dismay at quarter of a million, who still reisied ti leek uad mas
the struggle which is going on bolEre lim, and at ie sight of hi brethren, who obligingly present ba of Mr'wa
of his whole property being swept away by the course to th public at he Bank with the astoondig o&r of ee
which the market i taking. This sase of things often for sixpeoce! Singing in tie Stock sebacinge ha b
------ continues, witl short intervals of abatemeat, during the mentioned, but only as alfording oc ciona racranham is
SOE TRY whole morning ; few men, hirever, lao bodily tllength serves however, much more important purpas; aN slight
-. enough to rontiadn long in tm heat, none, and premre violations of tim rules of the huma or indeed may on-
yT.j.Z\ r WRITTEN IN A CATIIEIDAL. of this raging group. Some retire awhile, herse, and dact in a member thlt gives displeaure to the l o s. poa
Sied, c amid dee silent miles, Iale, to recover their strength ; bh tu edt by cries whch him to a regular sor of musical pillory-lhe r ma -m
My ates theseap halls,- procood from the me (for each party proclaim its ri- roulded bya empate and iariMiu circle of i
ihere words, lie sKeent chronicles, umplh, ua the price riise or Ialt, with deafening shte,) nad forced to stand in tlut n wkard ad iMulatMd situ-ai
Are canured u'rr the walls: they rush again into the areas and resme the fray. while God ave the King,' or sme otller popular sMg,
A thlusand pluiums see to rise Ililhetrto all iha hee been, intense Triaunuss, heiglhten- is being sung; he then takes olflhis a, makes a bow all
Iknnest my lightes tread, ed solmetieon by disltes and personal feelings and ury, round, anl is released. Often, however, wiha heo thinks
rAl mrese hai te ba k replies wlle it frequently happens ltra the whole sene become hie is nout to eaape, either because his lmbc ha i
lunged iu a moumet, as if by magic, or tim effect of a grievous, or else liat the siag rer me is semly good
Dfalsk'* buret of a ithutsad yes.s sauddn phreonv-oevry one knocks osI his neighbor's virce, ani relue is called for, and in no cane, that we knew
Ilavre hm been talhnred in- Ih dl, turns the Ilips of' die citI over lis iead and snlhoul- of, evaded on the dlea of lnoareness or imdipositios. In
'the minute here the wine wa nears, ldes, or Iitau htliu wills paIlm Iir inbs clarMeod with saW- some inttanlces, Ihoweier, singin g lus been mod l in-
'Theseisr was S in sust ; idwy slap, bunlmp, andlI Istlo each other ; Bartholo- strument of more codlipn punmnent. O on car
Li aslpta" d side y side, stow fair, or the most exhilaraling oloment of a breaking a memltber, whose conduct was supposed to have amp
An eel bath reared its sta' of rest up for ihe holidays, presents nstlling enal to it for noise mixed tim claracter of the house with d petlie, wai
Blnis the grave osf ile or extravagance ; and tim vlhole frolic generally ends isnounded and sung lo in ti above maoioned maner,
with the Black Joke," or some other popular tune, whenever hi mndehis apprance in iha house. Being
Alikeer each-alike o'er all sung in full chorus by all present; even thoes who have a man of strong nerves anid aniulnpri, he boe h n ly
Their lone meosrials ware; been ruined in t e coume of the morniaK mingling with well for sam timie,hoping that he should soo ha
Tr ilia'r the n rve. wild mirth with the rest, partly from habit, and partly to to trasect his business quietly and comu rtably m a); a
Egah. herald-like. proclhaie te style l conceal their distress from tleir comlanions, which would, but these singing areopagite not thinking him an object
Anhl hearing ol its dead, if suspected, deprive them of a last desperate chance of fur mercy, continued to encircle him whenever he euca L
lei hagiiis un inoril.ll the while. retrieving their fortune. All this slay eune at fist il t slie house, and however urgent his butitas, Insisted on
Above caci saIlubering head! mere childish folly and estravagance ; uot it is perhaps an first treating him ills the old tune, till at las his i
A te e. l r, i b instinctive elfort of' nature to recover Irola the ellrcts of and even his health began to fail, and be was finay oblgd
utd Ihse. l he. e man cil hird, ome b' the violent and overstrainlti action to ihici dir spirits to sacrifice a lucrative ronnesion and retire from tn ba,
0( sii h :ri which denslh has hung on hign, lave been exposed. 'I'Tis interlude a, however, of sorn beinu, althoiugl a loyal man, unable to hear' Godl ame h
Anid f.liy weaes the woril ; duration, and in a few minlltes all is deep, concentrated, King' any longer.
eprs tIs. l. have one unvuarued tole, furious excitement a ain. O11 tlhee occasions it some-
Though uthiy sing of nansi an age. times I.ihppens, tll one uf those dense fellow fogs, which Mr. r C tblrlt a .Mao ester.-Mr. Coibett hau i
And lal a to thich each gravell..tule often darken ansl cliuke uvil tim narrow parts f time city, drawing escerdingly good house at the Queen's Timemn,
Is but the litl-p "a. tlruas a deep glool ova. tlis auaelialg Lroiu; se aa- at a the c h mmeoacrment of bil come of pa
TIe warrior hetr bath shearied his wonl, i".ct adi confusion of the scene become then diabolical; litical lecture ; ti procods will average about 84 p
The pine crushed his lyre. lnmlligit is substituted, anid Ihrdly serves with its yellow night. lie coocrlldeds I fourth lecture oe Thusday evea-
Thlmiser left his cosuninl blasr.l, glaring lic;lit to dilii linuih ite ainxious, agiltled countis- ing, having goit tlroughl four of his lisairtn propenition
The cleimitnsquselnced li tfre. nanllr pi.-ing aiherllnatly from light to darknue, wh!il which if nt adopted by the government, he alr it
The nai-len never r sere Iseals furt much of tle picture, is liiddle in whlt a painter would the new reform bill a ill be of no service to the utin.
Al sear h lIover' lure, rt call--rightful asssies of dsade. This knot of men, so 'he blowing is he substance of the four allded o:
lla the oldiertmear are emuteah occupied, fourl what is railed tie Stock Marrket:" the To put away all pensios. sinecure, grean, amowa
prie- whicl is ctalblislwd by ilnmi is quoted is the nwcs- half-pay, and all other oniluml nts now paid ouw of the
ire the pilgrim of she hoary head papers, andl alrcts the properrty of all holders oTf, r sp- ta ,, exC.p|t f)r slcl public services a upon a ery acr
la tlnf la el rutche aside, lilatoir, in, the funls. PJasusig over, however, tln laree p lloi rumination lshall be found fully to merit them, end
As thiI- young nmn lined tishe br.lal-hrd cla( of iperions whoin are inleresed in lhee flctultult'ih i. r redurre ll salaries to the American standard. To dim
Whl,. -i, Ii.h iks lIt ysung masi's brile; tle character of stockholders, and confning iurvslves 1 charge ill tihe standing army, excep ich part of the
'rise snstler tior shou i wear stnck lIhose who make them the medium merely of gambling, it orduI and artillery u may a weary to miamie
lI-., ordnance nd artillery aIe tay ye a ry ii
Al the Ih,. .lwhoe panh trom leaven. back, may s' estilnned Iporlia lhatal fie thousand Iressou are, the arenals. at time scalwmta in a state of resliUIs foI
e hutl ts l llloher'l womb ain an navcige, interested in hlis way in the actions anid war ; and to albmlishli e Military a Acadeuy, and to dau-
riffctu of this clister uf men asl tie Stock Eschange, pr- I pose of all barracks and other property tw applied to
The ~ li hlt il% witk her l sweet smile. rislvy in the same mannner that the iPersons whio sUround nilihtry uses. To make the counties, each according
fO'r Ishe hee'dllsainter's rl ; the gasioig-talle are in the result of the ga; e tlhee. to its whole number of menIben of Pnarlia nl. maui.
Atsh oroil ri Ir Ih AbI ai tvsle oue one thu mnd of thae are counter d with i e lain anm equip a body of smlilia, hoise as well at fool,
itp uiner has no w.h tu ro a Ihue, and pett generally dierefore on equ alteran will and arlil-lry at lihe country's espeaM ; and to have thm
hrmn his sae aud silent sore,,. ech other lharg ner part are the public, who en- bodies ai they are in Amenira, mutered at atied
al dhe weeping in the mourner's bome Pg. throit audium of their brokers, in this dre periods, so that at any time hundred thauoand e~rieat
b b oehed revemoren! operate and unaqal game. It would obviously I wholly men may be ready to come into the field if e def&ce
a s imponsileh to show in detail the effects of tie place anl of the kis.ilom iseilirs It. To abolish Ithem f eery
i. lines of which we lave here given a true but here description. To leve to the clegy, lh cLwuchl, all
ue i i s a an infan's sttll. outline, acting as it does so etensively. and o so large church-yards, the parsonage hours, and Ilthe e
Il. e alh hiur m fear eof ill, a number of persons. glebhes, nd for the rest, lea.e dem no dte vwleeay s
No gnef fLr vanished years- It will readily be conceived thet o men who are tributions of the people." I1 compri tB Itwo O -
t0e more. for th. wild worl I set de rted tlo o peculiar and engrasing a puuit, am dis- mea of Ameria mad Eaglad, bm om am
My ulitary bark. ing ishs other da g of o tiommunity, ad the expene of the mavr l ad military mrmMihmia of
Ir-hl e those sleepm shall yet eve from dei with whom memiday. a me of buse- America N cot aoe founrh as ch at oa r pvy am-
Go up man thus arh khey an apparady iurngidW ; dulty ve in fac t cillon auemly drew out of ibe peopee'a pockts. In he
the dligahte m preseslons to the chanter of mi of im- course of the lecurem Mr. C. amioed the ppla of
Frm te lAr ldMa Mfcbl edi. imMe, and have ao mor dimretem ibm wil then thea Manchester how they made me of he elective ftranche.
B s membersof ihe Jockey Club or e dte betting reu al which he had little doult would be granted to them, a i
LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE. i-,.wsorket. The phrase of ed or bd da applies was his opinion that ilat bill, or oe moral effective still,
Croeedir imagign hi tf in rhe large hill of the not at all to them, or is a men directly ppise to its ras ure to i*a into a law. To send no man to parti-
dtangr, on the morning fier tiae arrival of im- Isual application; all Ihay wal t is lucitto an the price ment who would inot pledge hirmslf to support tlae princi-
"a--tgll near pros(e t of war, issuing of iessc oi stock ; and, consequenlly, tiues of storm nd disaster Ile laid down in his (Cobbetl's) propositions. When
o ir unepecled niuntion of a loan by the Chan- are to them, as to birds of prey or Cornish wreckers, times alluding to what had been aid end written reapecing
El the Exchleuer. No business bring allowed to be of activity and harvest; they are, Iherefore, a separate commercial men being most fit persons to repr a tom-
iLL 1 I0 o'clock, until that time she mnmhbers. a- nd distinct class and have, as might he expected, pecu- mercial towns, he asked what Mr. Pagt of Lekesr, as
i umnsuanl numbers, end fnr the mos part deeply lialities of chuiaraer, and manner, and appearance. a commercial man, had done-Mr. IDe'nion of Notliag-
1n in the reneseuencre of lthe news, sunlei about, OW persons indeed, who affect, like Sancho's kinsman, ham, nad the four commercial men who had dl hoInar of
aemw pero, or cliea in groups, waiting quietly the a palate in llirC niatters, pretend that ihevy can always rpIl resnidg dei City of London I why, not ae of dm
Shbegia. Tbi is given by tie senior doorkeeper, l uisih a stock Et chamr n man Iron others, y a kind of had the courage to ree ip in the Houe of Conts i
k time laproaclhe, nauunsn several steps from offhand, reckless, sianeish manner of doing things, and aI opposition to di ma trary and aritnocratikl aee ad
hrnd holds elsended a large waIchloan's ratle, his mixture of the City aid l'atersall's in his drpss nd p- deny e theo reform hill w ed
asix sidelongon the clock. At the appointed no pearance. The suliden clanns' and appalling risks, to iIstroy tlie inlitlltions of the counlrr. irl tie
almpring theill-omened inslrumeni,nnd suddenly all which their occupation sublectl iemr, cannot always be lhe building calMd lite Military Academy, had cat
eir slate, and suoh iisulltineoIusly into'one favourable to health or tranquillity. Thews and sinews, to millions of money, and which wn fled by the mo
doiter--siutine, sIriiiglinC, and vocife r;iliii with inldeol, uthat nm proofarsinst man ertion, are shattering of those whn rould iust moat votes into parfiln, Ald
t a rctmolr ; a ime ull rings iro ia, ; aclih parry sam- sl pitces- by the constant ansiely and aritation of this be knocked down and thl miserisb sold to beld bars
~ll ain hts.,,ver diIs lhik l.rulatI to pro- pursuit ; pale, ansious faces crowd the canvass, thoh, ifa and farm houses. ln endeavouiug t Isho how ta
hir own en,,l n tlf n, i;,iiik, and. in particular to lun be allowable on so 'rave a sulijec, they can sever be people's money was wasted, he rearred to dU Nabob
ti'e firtor o.lni i, is n ;, sit their re- said lol itliou a 'speculation in their e,.' A itis well of Alcot, and stated that for sixty years commisoer
p. pmo Prposesi, li, r,, :n 'i:,rt anI point in tactics knotun lthat i II lncellm, play an nctrve and conspicuolts appointed td ins. tisiale tihe aaffilr of tole Nabo hald loea
.d a Sluch ocCI ioN ,LU i. ,, I ,,,. i, I,., nr s% 1 i , a lrt os tl k tlns i.i s.ll Is ,, v I. ris't thl at, reeivinv L l,.QmI l r annnm .ss l l. Mr. Cbl l'Is, in he
its effe s CF c(j,,n, I L i .; i in -,id'lerabll, sciUiton ".i l le "isdi, of st lili r s i Fli, ,iar.,, an ils h- u It1rencei s to the lubi oseaslc Pnditure, passed several very

ai ta anga sklum.


To el wtem l M l d Shlmery

hs Wa-s ldle oper.. We had Smd that uch i-
psasltb ddeati- had balse es ap l so obhllTeu and
th AthlUbser rB s-s hat neepaod of lee as d
alenidhies. Aad a- h a gum--- -nme t Mn
who mr wo to cry down de Wet Ind Plantes,
w readily acknowledge, thaul the aiv p rt hma
mech right to be hard, tad as mruo das to Julsm
tha happy degrees whm they fied uad clhe.--B
aeverthelen, those mierabls bireling who make a trde of
paltrsla, and liberality, and forth, are till attempting
ao imse upon the c edulus fools who rank amongst pthir
empprse with the old palvre of oppreasinn and mi-
ery, which every man of sene and julgniaot mut dno-
pla. They say ktha the alavoe are ill-fad, and grosly
aultsratd by Lair alters when it is notorious, thet
there is not one tenth of the miisry in our colonies which
exists in the favoured and free country of England. They
my that thd negrees are not permitld to ljol in da reli-
epos exercise of their fellow-chrilsthoa-wherea, it has
been roved a hundred anis, on t(i testimony of res-
pectablead piou m' that the slave are encouraged by
their meate to atond the chlorcliis, and improve their
minds by the moral iontructloi of tlhir Ministers. In
fare, the slave-holtrm know it to he one of their para-
maunt duties, as it is gn'ally to tleir interest, o rcullivate
she miors and intellectual rnpabilitiri of the negroms, for
by that eartn they are taught to love their henilactrirs,
aud to know their dutie. Again, it is sonytld ttl tu e
Plnters take every itant in their iiecr Ito dilii't raile
shildrn of the ,alavna f all o)pp)Hrtiitniy to itlll iilltrurlC-
io in the elements of knowledge.. This is a Ifailhoodl
as gram a the othtem whirc we Wjave notirce. Schools
hained i lahe Wmt India Inlands, and ihe children of the
rves are very early taiight to read, and in every respect
are edUcated far behind thair stati. In every thing
whkb respects the moral of the slaves, the planters are
mot amiduus. Corporal punishment are almost un-
known. The daves are treated hitter tAam eI e peasatry
or laIesre of any eranry in Europe-inded, in the
wel. They are iadepsenM t in all but lhe masae. They
hlia the prmetcal bleaing of freedom, and it would be
the wont of cruelty to encumber them with an empty pri-
vileg, the poemieon of which would be incompatible
with that happiWes and contentment which they now
enoy. Thee aem treth which all but the trading Anti-
itrr amvrty are ready t allow. Yet hery are not
agorent of tleir own puokion-they know that unless
they dange their tactics the public *ill begin to discover
the bmaunea of their conduct, sad the falehood of their
aenion. We now ee that these people ate proceeding
Sea new tack. They that the Wet India pTe
lavery system; that their esates are mortgaged; and
that the vahoe of Wert India property ha fallen in an
unpendeted degree within the last twenty yearn.-
Tlmrer, they qrge that slavl are rather a loss than
a gain to the holder of them. Thi ia the sort of logic
which the Anti-Slavery people addrea to the people whose
npalthie are now aroed towards the suffering planter.
ut reed we epse its fallacy t We ask, wherefore is i
that Welt India property has hllen I Let thin question
be put toevery man of information and impartially, anti
the amuwer is obvious.-The Anti-Colonial party, who
have been strggling o long to ruin the West Indians, are
the caeue of that ruin which threatens to overwhelm the
Planters. Had it not been for their infamous conduct,
Weat India property would have brought its value in full
at th lisme. But the ruth I, the public have losl con-f
dence in the ability of West India property, and the
Planter have accordingly suw red in credit, while their

Sy yow Exce.llact's rue a attentive comideralion
soiama n compmo amd td Las by whih their rights
,we Uimramen d ralm re t the time of the Jpitu-
Insoi f t is islnd, ad by the very t which ade its
Ishabiteats British Bjet d, the pblck faith of England
was solemnly and d pledged that i the Laws and
Onlinme to h aea y tir British Govemr at, the
Bgigms, the Propertin,a d the Religle of the Cap.ilanta
helde be preserved lnviolate. The Laws at that time i
bda Trinided,a tias a be-qnoy premulgld by
th ritihb Guvoverna, not only rcbled the right and
property in negro aves, but held out every possible en-
caragemoen t to the iaves mnt of capital in such property,
which consists wholly in the right of the proprietor to ex.
act the labour of his ave. he Claue of the Order i
Council which limit the bour of labour to an extent hither-
to unknown, and in a manner not requisite for protecting
the health and comfort of he slave, are a palpable inlringe-
mont of this right; the regulations respecting te Food
and Clothing of negro laves, are needlessly extravagant;
and thu enactments which permit persons appointed to act
as Salaried Informar to enter on estates and Negro-
houses at all hours, without information or even suspicion
of the tommnisaun of an offence, unnecessarily authorise
and encourage a direct invasion of the rights of private
By the Constitutional aod unaltered Laws of the Spanish
Monarchylo power ia the Empire can take or impair the
property of any individual, without previous compen-
sation ; and the Laws of the Partides and of the Indies
prohibit the prnoulgallion of any Ordinances by whichthe
rights or properties of any ('omnmuanities ae invaded;
lueclaring, in case any such Ordinances aslouldbe received,
that their enfuicement should be suspended, until the de-
cion of the King, or the Representatives of his People,
hliill be made known.
Availing ourselves of the protection and the privileges
which dle inhabitan trof thi Island are under, thws Laws
entitle us solemnly to entreat your Excellency to spend
the promulgation of this Order in Council, and more es-
pecially dUe enforcement of the Clauses before parlicular-
ly referred to, until such time as an bumble application to
the justice of our sovereign shall have beoe received and
But, in cae your Excelleny should not deem it proper
to comply with our requea then in the name and on the
behalf of all His Mlaesly's Subjects in this Island, We
declare to enter our SOLEMN PROTEST against the
enforcement of all such parts thereof as are injurious to,
or desuuctive of, private property, reserving to all he In-
habitants of this Colony the aid rights and privileges to
which dtey are entitled under the Laws of the Land, and
the engagement solemnly undertaken at the Capitulation
of the Colony, together with their claims it full and am-
ple compensation for all los and depreciation of property
which tey may sustain by reason of the promulgation of
Order in Council, r their obedience to the Provirioun

Robert Bushe, First Alcalde,
Frederick Brown,Second Alcalde,
William Roberts,
George Bland,
William S. Neilson,
David Hutchison,
Francilh Wallen,
Wright Sherlock,
John Watson.
abildo-llall, 4th January, 1832.

Frem the Kingston Cronicle, Febrary 27.

Our windward papers contain a variety of intereaing
matter from which we have arranged the following sum-
mary :-


property ha bee depreciated. Had the West India pro- BARBADOES. Who' got the Ch'.era Morbus ?--The eda.tons ofi aw
per had sent thrown to heir printer, ito h4 romipowed, slE
prices reemid even-handed justice from the Govern- The Order in Council of November had been brought icl e on he C'holera. Mlohus From it cltrms ke, l
e of thi costry-had they been allowed to manage under the consideration of the legislature, and the general it wa ilivied into sin paori. and given to an maen rte"utf
thir owi affiasr -- d, above all, had they not been the expatation was that it would be rtnisted. to. et up,." Just nallerar.s, a tinld grnllemanv. ha ad
ohjecl of atadc to a mischievous faction at home-they A subscription list hqd been raised mounting to 700 been for many weeks Iast adopting every precaullos t r
would have bees at this moment i a state of the highest for the relief of those wwi bad luffered by the dreadful fire "ent an attack of this laial complaint seirin i him. rs*
perity, iad thi country would have been reaping the at St. Thomas'L the office to Ihat awa) half an hour with Ihe leh'r"l
bet of tha prosperity. We trust, that the policy of A field of canes attached to Fairfield estate had been had not been there five minutes. before the" e araInio'' "

party, who pause their own selfish objects, without t- fames must have been kindled, and the striking cirum- spornded hat e --o" Ine-o' e hcontI' t. l .
d^: pr tveb^ Lnl and the stiking ^ Mn*r^*tis "I hav-e"-" n ave 'vego it
noting upon the ruin which they mo inevitably bring stance that a torch had been found in the centre of the you have hriked alt the timid goetseln airs
dowa open the rcotry and themselve-it is quite evi- field, not a doubt was entertained but that it was the act mre dea tha alive wi lar and agtation.d "'iht.e le
dent that unlis this change speedily take plan, the co- of an inandiar. Measures had been adopted for dt. ad, suiting the action to the wattl," he jumped dona
loies will nt be worth preserving-- consumaation discovery of th e under. flt flightof stairs, and was clear of the premisla io arn
which we trust will be averted by timely concessions on O i ling.
the pant of he Mother-cmtntry.-EFinhwur Eaning ADA.
Puo. The Order in Coune i4 been laid before the House,
in relation to which same excellent remarks had been FOR SALE-At l thil. e c
THE ORDER COUNCI. made. The bill for reliving the olured clam from l il o Lding
THE ORDER IN COUCIL. disabilities had at length been passed into a law. On a Bills of Exchange,
The following OLUn rPmruTr ha bern made by the reference to a report of the proceeding of the Amembly, Bills of Sele,
lahbita of the Island of Tammnnlagainst dh" Order puldihed in the Fee Press, we find tat tie following re- Manifests of Cargoes
i Cuac."df t diof Noember, 1881. molutioo, conveying the thanks of the members to our Blank Form fur the Custom Iloae,
TRINIDA, 1 Aet Mr. Burs, for hi exertions in behalf of the Leases and Releass,
TRINIDAD anS, d been uaimo eed to. General Court Writsu,
To Him Escelaency Mer -Geeral Bir Lewis Grant, K. Reolved upon amo Ross, that the Board f General Court Exections,
C. G rnor d Corregidor, ac. c. Council and House of Assembly, highly appreciating the Bills of Sale o Vessels,
We Majesty's dutiful mlbjesi, the Alcaldga in Ord. ealous exertior and uncommon ability displayed by Wn. Mortgages (with bends,)
rsled R egn o( the llustrious Cbildo, having been Burt, Esq. H. P. in advocating tim came and defending Warrants o Attorney to Coutom JudgwOea
a d that yonr Ecelleay hs received from His Ms- the interns of dte West India Colonies, do onsnioumndy Powers of Attorney,
jey'b Prhcipal Secretary of State for the Colonial De- vote him thanks, as a mark of the great estimation they Attorney's Warrants,
pnartent, sadi sabot to promolgate in this Colony, an Or- entertain of his valuable services. Arbitration Bonds,
e in Council, where some of the Provision am ub- In cosequence of Mr. Burge having expressed a w Aprrntioe Indenturs,
verai of the rights, ad' detructive of the Properties of to receive a cop of the Law of the Island, Inlrrior CoId ur
Hi Majevty's subjects in Trinidad ; and deeply impreen d t ra also Re ved, That the Committee of Core- Serora Ticrkets,
with a we of the responsibility whichdevolves on as as pondence he directed to transmit to him, t lMie and N. B.-Job Printing secuted with nestnesJI di
guardians* of tie welfare and protectors of the rights of also to direct, that ra of the Free Press," Island patch, upon good paper, and on moderate to -
the coummoimtll over alliclh we are alprlp l to preside, Paper, b, reg.larlv snt m, by the Packets, and that a Jpanarv 4, 1 1 2.
t ytcPtr~ n l~ ~lsr 4 R?

gmeug* seatr to d" ollr d ofCcsm4 ^

The attention of the legislature b ,.
Order in Council, but othim has i
th to print and distribute eo~sa tO
A copy of a treaty between Orat-iri,
had ao been laid before the Hoe
meie more pr cable tha .'y w*
he Foreign Slav Trade ad to chi "k,
Foreign sugar grower.
e transport Lord Wellington, l
arrived with the right wing of 69hth
tbecomanmd of Colooe Sira Charlea C
the detachment of the 19th had embarkent. t s
Trinidad. Wal
The Commimiones for taking the i,
during the hurricane, had closed their lI. @fit
amount of loas given on oath is Walted t
An order had been received by the Govar.
Colonial Office for the immediate relema of J I
land, Eaq., Editor of the Free Press, who, a
cannot so soon have forgotea, lad been, e i
months' imprisonnmelt or a libel. The Orde
hail been received. A new Paper, caled
Herald," had been established. al "
A very handsome addre had been presmantadl
cellency governorr Maxwell on his relinquishing tl
of Government,and another had been prt'enta
succeoor, Governor-General Nicolay, by the free
population, congratulating Ilii Excellency ot S
arrival, and, at die amie time, hoping that he aeov
deavor to carry with effect the recommendations
vernment rpecting the rights of tlehi chla,to 1iw
dren His Excellency was pleased to rentun hk
thanks, and assured them that every regrdn wead
to their interests. The Legislature had et,ua n
to state, that Body were already at variance. Tnle
had come to a resolution not to pan any bilg f
I on General Nicolay; and a string of iuaiat
tutionsis published, which conclude with Ida" l
nation to withhold any grant of money wheima;
adopt any recommendation of His Majesty's GtsT
until such Government not only evince a desi, I .
tually does adopt some measure for any relief, aod ml
us to know that in future our properties ae i bl U
sacred and inviolable.
The bill for extending the privileges of the feet e a
population had also been rejected by a large anie.
An earthquake was experienced on the 6thJay.
The coloured population had presented a ddl
His Escellency Sir Ewen John Murray MacGregor,mh
safe arrival. The LegislauirShad met; aestril e
presented by 157 proprietor calling its atteitionet .
ject, Foreign Fugitive Slaves, stating that,iaon een
of the geographical position of the Island with tilhF
Islands of Martinique, Guadaloupe, Mal is Galasles l
Saintes, the greatest facility of rommunicatioa Ulsf,
even in open boats, and a great inducement held eial
ilis osed slaves and discontented person nsto drmn dt
owners or evade the just punisliment of law. Tir km
te o a resoltion that tho number of Foreign Falit
Slves in the Colony had lieome a stibect requiring
ous attention, and a joint Conimmitlte of Ieth bnrad
tim Legislatuie, was appointed to ianke a report elab
ject. As thel niatter has been taken up so marl-,t
is to be hoped it will be brought to a satisfactory as-

flt Sfljwa Rst#,4

0g51 B.IGS, Ee ,ATRUDAY. DACE IV, 18,M. VOL. I-N. LIX.

- TIIH UAIIAMA, ARGUS. rori i ad richs a ne hd remua, repfnively, to mm pr- vidual, scrcely distinguihable from Ite Ftl il. acting
et, beloire the clock helstruck thn sent hor. We li thoei nalie l sprit, dthy cya together pisy mch
gLialso E:-w.RI.K.tL IN NAsA.S. N. Ir. n ieen shoe who lef their ian in the morning pmaiend tlr sclmmes, and a It ie t .ri to y ail th
u -of r y tholm dm leave the spot o retoran hidhr in egyptuan; they i a hpru a em ncLu
MainOtai polarg af*lui--n-4 &I&was h~e afternoon not worth a .hilling. We havo on ihs oc- ainmte in n&eout 'rie g Im l hil A d ln
S casions s ao n loan eand, and even retor the hanters and Geetiles. gm of Xave L acquId e sn althl
practical jokes of de around him, who in de ose of but it is often attended with remrably Mw lapse
the last hour had lst l0,(0)0 msrling; whie another, in manner or nppureace. W veh n a Jew wo
smoresnesilive, sands gazing with wildness and dimay at quarter of a million, who still rtaineddel look udmaam
tie struggle which is going on 6Inore him, and Ia die night of his brtllren, who obligingly pramet of eof sne
of hit whole property being swept away by the counsel to he public al the Bank with the atnondlig oer of tea
which the marke is taking. Thi state of things often for lsipence! Sinig in tin Sleek Eschig Ie s b
continues, with short interval's of abietemnt, during the mentioned, but only as affording occaiom l nmo im I i
POET .T. whole morning ; few mm, however, luve bodily strength serves however, much more important purpeo ; I alighl
.. -- oisugh to contiIue long in de heat, noise, and premmu violations of tle rule of the house, or indeed any -
r.lIZid WRITTEN IN A CATIIE'UH AL. of this raging group. Sonic retire while, arse, and duct in a member lat givesdisplensura thoth erporem
"6 M d hese silent aisles, lale, to recover their strength ; bt urged by crie which him to a regular sont of mmical pillory-the is s r-
My amei iaaotelp flls,- procood from the ms (lor each party prclainm it tri- runded by compact ald iplrious circle of r ,
Whoy wmor. like ancient chronicles, unlmsl, as tim rice rises or falls, with deafening shou,) and forced to stnd in that awkward and adated siaelesa
Are cattred o'er the walls: they rush again into the areu and ssume the fray. while' God save the King,' or asm otier popular sae,
A thouad phiams seem to rise Ilitherto all lie been been, intense seriousness, heighten- is being lung; he then takes oltis lit, nakes a huw 1lI
Ilenevtr ny light e plies ed oimetial.s by diistw anti persrmal feelings and furv, round, and is released. Often, however, whie he Ibinks
A emn hrilm hat mhold the repli when it frequently happens that the whole scen becomes lie insahLat to encap,,either because his alme ih been
iliangd i a moment, as if by magic, or lie effect of a griesous, or else clut the ailger me in umamuay good
Dpeih'*s arves of a Ioinusad year.f suduldle plirona-yvery one knock f ,f iis neighbour's voici, ain croa is called for, and in no cae, that we know
llaB hle been galhenred in-- hlit, turns thu lIps of dl o coul over his Ihad and shoul- ol, nvudedl n | phle of Ipuarvnesus or indispoition. In
'The in"ge where the wine Wa lears, lets, or plls hiss with ll'r Isotmbs charged with usa- some instances, however, singing lis been ns td in-
rThelaner was in ;- iuslit ; ily slap, bump, anid istle each lteir ; HBarholo- surument of more condlin punin ment. On o occsi
Lie dm g. soide ti side. im ew fair, or the boost exlilarating moment of a breaking a member, whose conduct was supposed to have oapr-
Ant. I (uh reared itI staf of resl up for the holidays, preents nothing equal to it fur noise missed the character of the house with te public, ua
ILsd the grve of jiride! or untravagance; and the hole frolic generally ends stnuunded and sung o in the above mentioned mnne r,
with tie Black Jkre," or some other popular tune, whenever ie madehis apperanc in dh house. Being
Allr eac' eh-a-like o'er all msug in full chorus by all present; even thone who lave a man of strong nerves nd aimlaplrs, e here i pretty
lewr lone mem'irial .avle; been ruined in de couse of the morning mingling with well for smne tne,hoping that he should soo b allowed
Tie thilsrionr the ulgrave wild tnirth with the rest, partly front habit, end prtly to to ransact his business quietly nod comfortably a- is I
igh. herald-like. proclaims the style conceal their distrer froni their companions, which would, liut theme singing armopagites noo thinking him in object
Ami hearing ol itr dewl, if suspected, derive liem of a last desperate chance of fur merry, continued to encircle him whoever he eonldL
It huags one aonnal, all the while. retrieving dteir forhnie. All this nay seem at fult eight ithe house, and ihowsever urgent his bminess, iuinted
Albve each denlubering head! ntem childish fully and extravagance ; bu i it i perhaps an first treating him a illi the old tune, till at last his p
th e an a t h, om b. instinctive effort l' natur to rercor Irom the efiacti of and even his health began to fail, and he was fn lly
Lndl the h tis. I le mn c an lcieit rd, coes b th violent nd overslrai,.al sctioni to which tsir spirits to scriice a lucrative connesio and reire from lr kom .
0 a dlse hrll whseh denth has hung on high, lave been exposed. Th'lii interlunde i, however, of shorlt Icinei, although a loyal man, unable to hear Godl a tie
Anil I.rcy wreates he iordnl ; duration, and in a few mlilniltes all is deep, concentrated, King'any longer.
In11s .li.ii h.lve one unwarniel tOll, furiulis excitement iLain. On these occasions it some-
Thougll thely sing ofr maiy at age, times lhappest, atil one of thoe dense yellow fogs. which Mr. Cobbletl a Maelrulecr.-Mr. Coibbetu h blio
Aid I.Il- to which each graven-ltone, often darken and choke up tim narrow parts of the city, drawing excditingly good houses at the Queen's Thlrm,
Is but the ti!le-pit: druws a d lan.p unau oer this Snr liug group; the am- -Lniiitn the commeemenat of hIt coa of p.
te warrior heam hath shearhed his wonl. I".ct andt ronflion of the scene hecunie then diabolical ; ltical lecures i; t proceeds will avoregi about 24 pr
The Ipt erauised hi Isre. li.liinght is substituted, aind hardly serves with its yellow night. lie conrllded bmfourtk lectureon Tbusday vesa-
Th miser left his counre l hiasnl, gllrin' Iliaht to dilisilnliill tlhe anxious, agitated counie- ing, ihav ing got through four of his tlirteen propesiioMs.
The chemini quneiched lha tire. n.ince ipa-. iniu alternately from light to darkness, while which if not adopted by the government, he alfra the
The aailden never alore slerls fourth mucli of tlan picture, is hlidi.les in whet a painter would the new reform bill ll be of no service to the matia
To hear lir lover's lute, call-frigrhtful umans of .hade. This knot of menr o 'The following in the substance of the four added to:
And all thade tru l rethe earth occupied, forl what is called lhe Stock Market:" IIe To put away ail pensions, sinecures, .grants, aowia
itprice which is elublisled by llhe is quoted in tlim Ials-, and all other emoilumiens now paid o of the
avre the pilgrim of the hIary head laP'-ers, an affects the prop.srtl of all iolders of .r sip- tI,,, es, iti fsr Ich ili mlic services as u upon a very r
Ila flung his crutch aslde, riulal.r, in, Itie fund. Piasing over, howesur, the large pulos iian iiation shall be found fully to nmrit thbe, an
And de ),tnmg mtn gainl the bridal-l'ed cl;l. of pers.Ins rwho are interested in lthse fluctuatios iln to redurce al salaries I tihe Anmrican standard. To diS-
Where .Irslh i trIe I young mian's bainde the character of storkliolders, and confining orselves It, charge ill tlu standing army. excepl such part of the
it olter iI Iee hom wear. ) imck those who make them Ihe medium merely of gambling, i Lorrdnane an d artillery as nuy be necary to maintain
Awl Ike hith- who,. path lfrom leave, back, imay be estiInaIted ierlhap, that ftle thousand si ,ons are, Ie! arsenals at tie seapicrts i in a tate of realimt s for
Was but Its mnlhe.l'n womb ion an evciage, interested in this way in tie actions and war; and to abolisl the Military Academy, and to die-
i.ffcts of this cluster of men at the Stock EIchlange, pre- i' p of all barracks and otlier properly now applied to
Te moonlight sitrs with her mid sweet smile. ari.el in the same manner that lito iwronI wieo surround lli ililnry usts. To make the countle, each according
O',r Ithhe hrdl.s, painter's ras: the gamnog-talble arn in the result of the gan e thenr. to its v.hole nunmier of minelbers of PIariiament. nni-
Ld hlih lrai rull gslE hrougz t1he vnlir l awle,l About one thousand of tIJwe are connreced with tits tain and equip a bdly of militia, hose well a fon,
1nt it stirs liul the ltinisre', tireaus-
tmanlner hba no w.ih to uni m lsoune, an petty generally dwierefre on eq(udl terms with anti artillery at the country's eaploje ; amd to hve these
Ahne his stai and silent Iilr,. uch other ai larger part are the public, who en- bodies a they are in Amnlica, mutered at alsed
ad the weepung in the mourner's ho e. Ihro i medium of their broker, in thi de- periods, so that at any time a hundred thoue d Bries
Ibtaled ormevermo petrate ud euag l gun It would obvitouy Ib wholly men my he ready to nme intn the feld if the debwe
impossible to show in detail the effects of the place anl of tie kingdom equirit it. To abolish Ithee of esery
he an infaa' ,still. lisiins of which we have here given a trim but bare description. To have to the dergy, tIe chiche, ad
har idaim Xn intm' l trs;II. outline, acting as it do. so extemnively, and o so large church-yards, the parmange houses, sad the ~en
lai.e ni hour ea f-a r i ill, a number of persons. glels, and for the res, leave ts to the wlnry m-
Ne gref i r animd n ear ye !-- It will readily be conceived dtis e men who are tributios of the people." In comptriln a twogwm -
Oe imoe, for thr i wild world I set dined ton peculiar and igring a permit, are di- meats of Amem ad @ EgEned, LbeAriI il
My Imliary bark. iqgu ishbnl ote r ele o r f the emnionity, ud the expense of the naval a I military anM m of
Iw--*he thome dlepes-n l shall yet een from theer witb whoB mien ly, as en of Imedlln America wal nu oe fourth a g h m e rivy e
Go up inis theart they am appLar y nl inarming ; theyhve in fca not cillon m umly drew ut of the piele's pockces In th
the highest preteanion to the chart of o bu- course of the lecture Mr. C. caeinad people of
FrIn e Iedw Mce liae. sifesU, and hvee mo n dIert memin whi thed than Manchester how they de me of thde elective franchi.
t he mumbern c the Jockey Clu or f the betting rom at wbich he had little doulit would e granted to hem, as i
LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE. Nwmarket The phrase of pad or bd time applies was his opinion that that bill, or one more elective sil,
lBrader imagiMn Mlda f in the lrlge hall of the not at all to them, or isn am directly pposite to ils was sure to ps into a iaw. To send no an to parli-
6 dmage, on the morning after the narival of in- itu l application; all dhey want is nucltatin in the price ment who would not pledge himrclf to support tim prici-
ls-_thlo nCer proicart of war, issuing of press 1o stock ; and, consequendy, timestof storm and disaster Ides lid down in his (Cobbet'll) propinitionv. Wben
e i or une ected nention of a loan by the (lan- anre to them, as to birds of prey or Cornish wrecker*, time alnluding to wlat had been aid and written repeating
Ih EIchequer. No bhoinm being allowed to be of activity and harvest; they are Itherefore, a separate commercial men being most 6it persons to re coe-
o 10 o'clock, until that time the numbers, us- n d distinct class and have, as might be expected, pecu- I ercial towns, he asked whlt Mr. Paget of eIrmier, as
Smui al numberL and for dthe mo part deeply liaiities of cluarrutr, and maner, and aldperance. a commen-rcial man, lad done-Mr. Lenison of Notling-
' i the consequences of die news, sunter about, 1 persons indle who lfert, like Sanrho's kinsman, hem, nmd dhe four commercial men who had the hoom r of
mp.Papers, or clint in group, waiting quietlv the palae in materst, pretenl that they can always repraeser-ng tie City of Londom I why, ms ote Ith
at" htei This is given by the senior doorkeeper, Sag isiih a stock Exchange nun Irom othern,ly a kind of had the courage to riue up in tim Homea of Ceo is
.s dtie aiprna ocl, uuiints several steps front offhand, reckless slangeih imaneer of doing things, and a nppisiokn to lthe arbitrary and aristocraticl ital m -d
r eand hold extended a large walcbman's ranle, hi mixture of tlt City an.d ratderMsal' in his drM annd ap- deny the amenion tha the rrfnrN hill w tL W
. idelonelon the clock. At the appointed nao- pearance. Tle sluden changes d an plalling riks, to ldestrov the insliotinof h country. hLt
1 'ping theilll-omned instrumentand suddenly all h .ich occupation subjects tem, cannot always be he bidding called tie Mlitary Ardemy, w ad cMh
ulement stale. and iush iimultlneoulh into one fvourable to health or tranquillity. Thews and news two millions of money, and which was b y the ann
a'ter--houling, sir otrugl,i and vociferating withll. Ieel, that sent prioofagainsit anr eertion, are shattered of those who aroid l t mt ote int plen int, A hd
. lanomlr; olh ring ,, n, i ac ,.h party uy,- .I p.ies by dhe constant ananty and ritltnii of thm be kI cked down .d thm nanrs sold i bild hbr
W ting wh soeiver tha tik llik lculati-d ps r- urna ii; pale anxious lacti crowd the canvas, though, ifr and form hemr. In endeavourig tr ho how the
Sown enlet on tIh n lltKi, .inl in particular Iton n be allowable on uso rave a subject, they can aver he I people's money was wmed, he rforreld 1o th Nbaho
" hirslor clipewn .e, a alil the re- r said lulewithouta 'speculation in their eyve. Ai it is well of Aicot, and stated that for sixty years comnnimsi r
Ii. poerlma, d~. Ill i,:" Pn ; rtal point in fartics known that Ila'.!ac!iesta' an a tisee and conspicuOls appointed i. i ins*tilgte lite affair or of the Nale., lad hen
t 0 I Suc th iocc .s li,.t Il, ,,. ,i, s,. si .c utp r t t l i thi Stock .vclh nLi., i Ii lv sir, eia d thaI rerr- ivini Z 1. t t |er annuini a c h. M r. C olbeu st in hal
isd eflects co i',,,e-'2,," r'. i ,' rmderlrah,, ,ll I"I ti oil 1ii he. I r i ir,, a. iinh- it trecnces to the ptiblcr cxiep-inditure, passed several very

SWe nasawma 4lrno'l

- 6 _-apse Saditry after is-

It la In~ O oaiesi.eplaeso give him a
p lM. mo iL his a,,.-

bi ina, s*

ATWEPAT.A~UCEW 7, I 18. 2*

Smei w ais, e Alowing vessel have arrived, vis:
the Amerie adeeer Cama Ann, Captan Miller, front
Pkild-s ; O scsluuoer Lily, of his pice, Captain
3B6, from Ner Orleans; ihe A mericn schuoonr Harvey,
Captlin Mooro, from Dultimnre; and the sloop Lively,
Capain Praodhn, from Jamaica. By all those vessels
we bave received film of neasmlser ; none of which,
Iowwer, onoaain later Europealn nws then duil previuus-
ly giveflu dem to time by us.
We asL ve by the Jamaica (ourant, thal the Houlse of
An aeely ea tim 2lmsh ullinsm, and we should have
give in this day's imnproMesiis thu s'ech of Hils Excullency
dJe Earl of Hlmiisse upon dw ourn.iin, but want of room
in our columns pria ''snls us from doing so, uneil our

The Arsl business tlat will be brought before the,
will he an enqiry into dle cause of dlu late insurrection
-... .. A. ... ... .. ...

i r


tl'lms am nd January nIil had arnivil in the packet Guvarmau .T Iloau, S
hanse IIspe, Lieul. Wiigh, in 3 days fromi Falmouth, 8th March, l13h .
las JeaO4. A motion was made and seconded, hllt a Committee
Wo have bee informedi, that Adlmial Colpuys riled be apmpinted to examine during the receos, into the sala-
is Ie ship Wiclheste., frone I'rt Hoyal, (Jamnica,) in ries and foes oejoyed by the different public oilicers, to
y as* j d h l o Bcertain if any of the seid salaries and fees be exorbi-
cuipany wih a m ship and she schooner Spetedwell, o sans, and to what extent tie samu an be reduced, and to
ite 3d iUnst mponud for Beremau ; they paied report the same to the House during tlie ext Session of
dirouam ish Crnuke ad Islad eag, n Saturldy last. lli Auenibly;
------ And tie question being put thereon,
/ TSm e. tsw perarive, have approved of our worthy .TIhm ouse divided:
It passed in tie negative.
overs" removal of Mr. Anderon, from the Comr- It WS moved nod seconded, that the engrossed Re-
dtislun of the inace ; and thau old imuheil Lord (o- venue and Approlri.tion bill, be read a Iliird time.
durek, is sesnn, la sanctioned and confirnmd that also of An amendment was nade and thie question prulomsed,
Mr. lDncunne, as Police Magistrate, if we are to believe That tIse Reveinuu bill he divided, uand that so muc
1li :Fcecllieucy. lisa Majesty knows as little of tIe re- Ilhereof as ilmposl s assm.n onl Il be rated by the Ves-
ivl oh Mr. Anderon, as olues tle Autcrat of all tet Iries of the rslnJrcivre 'Parishes, be ii a separnli bill,
,v. of Mr. Anderson, as does e Aulcrat insomuch as person of .olour, as wnll as White Pewsons,
Rsssis. Mr. Anderson hs been a resident in this Colony are liable to bu uasuessa by tli slid V\estries; tie mnim-
arly fifty year, and has filed, with few aceptions, bean of which, pero o' Coluur have no voice in elect-
wilder om lis or am some of the Out-lIlails, almost eve- lug.
y Colonial situation so which emolument does not atlach; And Blter a dihase, the question being put thereon,
i.iie Ifleus, divini!d.
id his conduct bhas uniformly met with the approbation of Feas-Mr. NeSbitt and Mr. Malcolm-2.
every ge lltire, administering lle Government. As a Nays--Mr. Storr, Mr. Wood, Mr. Farrinlton, Mr.
lMgistrate, wholw duties he has performed for thirty-three Tyues, Mr. MonteIl, Mr. Armbrister, Mr. WuIech, Mr.
years, a public testimony has mlon gives, of tie appro- hands Mr. Wildgoos, Mr. Miller, Mr. C. I)uncomr, Mr.
bemon of his conduct, by the inhabitants of this Town, wGr Jeensl, Mr. Saunders, Mr. J1. Adderh yu, ir. C.
SIreensae, Mr. Saunders, Mr. II. Ailllerlmy, SMr. C.
(a bkun it iso stated in our paper of the fiflh of Octobeur, Adderley, Mr. G. Adderluy and Mlr. Taylor-- ).
la year,)os hisdisoissal by SirJames Carmichael Soiytll, SA I passed in the negative.
a mecad liu, lor his ildependence. An amendment was made and the qui tion proposrld,
We would advise Mr. Duoncos to lay his erievanre Thai the Appropiation bill be kept distinct fruo the He-
heorea the Kig, and ot submit to the partial deellos of venue;
And the question being put thereon,
as weak-minded a Minster as Lord Gnderich; and we re- The House divided.
fcr our readers to e- amber of Ihe 19th October, and Yea--Mr. Nesbitt and Mr. Malcolm---.
we will justify our esertio, that the duties of the Police Nays--Mr. Storr, Mr. Farrington, Mr. Wood, Mr.
0ee w e pefmd infnilely better by Mr. Dusaome Tyne, Mr. Montell, Mr. Armbrister, Mr. Weech, Mr.
dl erhs b sreon". | oSands, Mr. Wildsgos, Mr. Miller, Mr. C. amn, Mr.
tlhey ever h baee since hL removal. whM Sa e J is Mr
*.- .. .. ,.. . W. Jobeson, Mr. Sawyer, Mr. J thee getlemed e*joy the regard and esieen of GUrmeslade, Mr. Naundere, Mr. II. Mr. C.
L whais commaaity, exact a few office aken, and Adderiey, Mr. O. Adderley and Mr. 'yr-0.
ma in eaPM MY of aisuites, so on as the bolen of it passed in the negative.
de wMlav tlhe m phlaen a to shake off thin Mur- Then the original motion, that tie engroci.d General
Ul Int" Reenue and Appropristion bill, be read a third lime,
; being put,
Resolved, is do asnhnstive.
PROOBmIDI GS The bill wa. ten rad a third time, and o amend.
Sr eant to Ibe 16th cloe, as amendment to the 40th chlae,
THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. ad nl amarnem t o ti 41st chao, agreed to; and a
TgnonM Marrh 8h, 183R d a dmen t by striking out tid 11h caue, Ae
nAMA IMtar.h s Imam pi tod to the 41kh cleas, nod si pr-
BANANA 18 poned p iaamed law the 41 t claum, diagrad to by the
CT H sm again is oumiue o the O eral Re- Hous.
v and Appropriatia big, A metin w a -d and question proposed, TJ i a
Mr. C. Dusm in d" chai. e im In the said bill, imposing dte followinl
On the Speaker remig the chair, taxes upon ai slc alarie sand allowances, excpt such
Mr. C. Ducome reported that the Comittee bad asm already reduced, in the said bill, via
gone through hd biD, and ad made several amendment lu. A tax of 20 per cent. on all public salaries and
thelrres, allowacsm of 4U end upwards.
Orlded, i the I l, with dtb amendments, be en- S3. A tax of 15 pa cet. on all salaries sand allow-
Pi-s*. ocpes of 100, extending to 400.
A ot was asi, and the qu saon propasd. hat 3d. A tax of 0 per cent. on all public salaries
ti Haem wil L6d I ,(y tIhe receiver Ge Jl and allowaices of JOU, extending to LM. m
Ti l apDwu g dIswbhck o hf half ef the 4th- A tai of 6 percent. on all public salaries and
ue ;Y Lamber and Shibage by act of Parli- lowsnces of 100, extending to iAu.
meet, in loe am being brought into a y pot of And the question being put on ihe said motion, and
e ny ro ves n car n away n Ihe after a debate thereon,
The Hora divided:
Pdeat L a on the table. It plsed in m neptive.
Adjournsd Igil Monday, at twelve o'clock. A moteio wa made, and die question proposed, That
MorTr, March l2th, IA. a claus he imsrted in the sid bill, imposing a tla of 5
The He met anmrdiig to adjonrsnleat, and adjouin- per cat, upoa all public salaries, stipends, and anualu
ad tl e asw morning, at Im o'clock, aliewance, above 100.
TrA, aMarc thn amennlsentl ws prop 'ed, lhal lhe following words
Tuec arD, March 1.lh, I1,2. e addol Io thie sld nmoln :
The Hloos onet arecordlin. to adjournnme.n, and .iljourn- S, se and exelt tl l,, -.lri%, w% ih have blxn sl-
ed until to nuirlow, .t ten u'clclk. rttl i lui ;"



07' Erery person abolt to Ileav trhese slshol,
aring resided tlreisnfor the spWre nf/TirInT ef
ive security at the Serretary'ts Ofr, or prit p k"s "S
said Ofe ferrir.-n n vaprrriulsto hissdtpartdr
tar ewich, at ay time during moTrT-nrE s ,'* a'
mar be etaoiled.
AIotrT TO OiTraI TICnLir rr"a neAs'ri
9th January Ta lr1
Itlh I:lhlibreh -,r"
lOlh Aphy l
ld February Al. s*anl" IIal
Ih .. 1 1nr lI. l-"
t ith i Al Tuekfl
I Ith Al M.Tid WalI

I llh1 .. ., W .rr
till I i f:vai



WmstiNm;OAr March 14th, L1. .
A Meage from Hi Ezsillecy the Governor, was
delivered by tdu Deput Secretary of tih Coloey:
Mr. pratker ari Geniaeea of the .Ilw of
Assmby, t
The act of Parll n of Ith 6th of George the 4th,
impoes a duty of dVailigs sterling on every barrel
ol' lear, nd ten pea sining an every buhsel of Maie,
or Il~ Corp, in.puM inte the Briish West Iudies,
fromthee Unilted Staaof America, or any foreign State.
Thle damis are to he allected by li Majelsy's Cuoslo
Hui, and tol e pid ever to tie Recuiver General ofthe
Colony. Sine it pauCing of this act, the yearly Reve-
nue and Appropriation Bill hi contained a clause, ex-
eopting thle Receiver General front calling upon the Col-
luctor, for so much of thee duties as *ere Iayahle upon
Flour and Corn imported for tlie service of Ilia Majesty.
in the Revenue and Appropriation Bill of last year, tlis
clause was united. Under tihe iii rersion lhal, in coOse-
qieneo of the repeal of tlnu non-intercourse act, orders
would shortly be received from home, transmitting another
scal of duties, as far as regards the importation of Ame-
rican produce, I did nut draw the attention of the House of
Amemblv t ttiu omission of tli clauses alluded to. As,
however, the dutioe have no been alleged, and the Conm-
usimariatl Lpartmelt ha, consequently, to pay to the
contractor, a higher rate for the Flour sand Corn required
for tim supply of Uie Garison, I recommend that in the
Revenue and Apppopriation Hill of the present Session,
thle clauseexempling the Receiver General from calling
upon the Collector of lls Majesty's CustomsI, for so much
of thiuseduties as would be payable upon Flour and Corn,
isipormed for His Majesty's service, be renewed.

----- I



And u qutn beiug pu, itq r up t
ded. o t mhe prigioal a io,
T l HoWus dgvied: .C a
It passed in the negative.
The original moltn beio g thea put,
The House divided.
Yeda-Mr. Malcolm, Mr. Areireter; M,.
Bands, Mr. hwyer, Mr. On ns lade, Mr. s t .
Mr. C. Adderly ond Mr. G. Aha dderbl A
Jys-Mr. 8tirr, Mr. Wood, 11 r. Moa
Wich, Mr. Wildgoo, Mr. C. I)uncua Mr.1.
son, Mr. W. Johnsuon, Mr. Iaunders MrI' -.' ,
Nesbitt and Mr. Tyne-12. qV, I
It passed in the negative.
The bill was then pleased and seat to oi a
tlhir concurrence.
A MenC se from the Council with tinm l
bill passed, uidMout oay amendment; a and G,'
passed with the following ammedl ents: f ll M
After tie word a" respectively," in t
froum the bottom of the said act, add,
Save and except tlitwelfth section of thi
cited act, of the forty hlh year of ti is *
inlt Majesty King Ge;ge the third, so far as
relates to free negroos, 9r other from Persan Ca
and save and except so fur as the said last redom
any of tihe clauses or provisions therein om ,
be altered by tlie inmendmenla
enacted by the aullthoriy afressid, That, uom
any thling contained in the llth section of th u
act of the forty eighth year of die reiu of Hikl
jsty King George th the ird, that wien say lni
liuy, or sell, or offer for sale, any provi.o ceu oan
this act, and the true intent and meaning Iht
such osiions shall and may be seiesd by I
and onsitables, only.
That, notwilstnanding any thing cotaiild i
21st section of the said recited act of Hi br am
King George tie third, no seizure of Brid %.
made uve and except by some Magiratoe or CoN|
And be it further enacted by the authority d
That, notwithstanding any thing coatainel a 6%
section of the said recited act of the I6ny eigill
His late Majesty King George the third, tih
of any White person, or of any free Black, eratl
person of Colour, competent to give iestmany, hi
sulticient to convict such offender, or oindman, Is
While person, or persons, or free Black, or alkr h
iperso of Colour."
Adijourund until to-morrow morning.
jni.i sh Sportiang .Vrws.-A mitlichlor 10. alda
siniilr nature to that rrrentll won by hMr. Odml ,
but on a intimlh snimaller scale, was dclerrmined Se"
last at keriall Motor. Mr. (Georrg Less, hse A. J,
,Mianchelter, undertook to ride lwenty-thlre miesl i
Kitrall Moor itlhi an hour fr a f bet of 10. Thep-
lHtioIs were, lialt Mr. Letn should nulotbe cooked r.
iulllibr of his horses, hbu that lle malh sh dauL b a-
picted before nine o'clock the blilowine mornia) T
cuurse at Keraill Moor is sauveln Ilrlungn 184 yards m
or 36i yards 9sholt of a umile, o that Mr. LAe.s, lhe i hr
the le, upwlrdls of six feet hili, antd o, lulenrby r. y
proportion would have to ride rather better ties L
miles within the hour. Ml. Ires look six horts, Itia
of which rare tlorounh bred, Antiope, tlle poum
Mr. Ytls, and Dritlle, the properly, we believe, (O Wille of lthe White Lion. The oilers etr is
Mr. Lues completed his task 55 seconds a hias ib
-Chester Chkronicle.
Currents in tl Atlantic kOm.-A metal rylinds t -
ino a primlllled nltiCe. hia been fOUI(l(o n Vivpro, aI dall
the niorh coast iof pain, which hall ,een throwneaes In
from II. M. S. t'lantirleer. on her return tem bar IreW
liie vntvae. Acrurdlig lo the idorumintl. it w00
to Ihr d'e'l on the -*il il Ma Ilas, illn li. 51 44 ILd i -
I IS. 4 W. Ihe weathe, Iling nine and the wind amlIbek
the norlhward. Oin he lil h o Sreptember is rw ie"
at Vivern, Hein lsn plant a1( nuels, in a IS. ,dirllm- a
Ihe pl.-. ahirh wo,llt Idl ul s o rIntIli.lC Ihal WhtII
influenrcet iy a sti ilrfirsal current setting i a rite ails
Iler s each Iwenty-four hour.

--DBD-- -
At the llfermitae on Bunday evening, aftar sa rlsM
4on llheburn. Esq.
On Tuesday nirmial. in the 71th year o( hi' ale. I'
Elliott, a native of B at, (Englatd.) and laie from (ChIni
8. C.
On Wednesday morning, in St. M~attlhew's pous
Mary Anderian, aged l yesm mald a monlhs.

to gMtr Maua rges.
H BoUBSCRIBERMS oC for mie, by prake har
Obb__ _. choke M Ideria Wine,
ORT OF MASSAi e. P. m4 down do. do. do.
TOF S 6N0 down do. Ta &eri& d
SAHRIVED. I tlrnak olalemen'si Mhe,
t llh--Mail Boat Morning Star, Cooke, Jamaica 2 buH Dinmer Beat BT HENRY GRECENTL ] KbE CO.
S!Ih Am. Scbr. Morau, Grinimell, to HENRY ORZENSLADBA CO. -
Flour, Pork, Beef, llama, &. December 24th. O*m 0 Nfi mnakhi 1M fl tai,
to lissatr GEENsLAsE &i E XUMA SALT, for sle at 15 cents per bumled. sAn "oo .
S13th Sloop Willing Mind, Cash, Abaco Apply to t 109 A. SL
Iron, Tin, Hair, & Chaie, from wreck THOMAS THOMPBON, Wi bo L M
of Atierian ship De Win Clinton, February 4th. At Euman Superfine Floor, in whleS hd half lns
to JOHN STOR. FOR 8 EPork, i. barrels,'
S14h Sloop Hltspur, Wright, Malanzas The choe of 2 of Land, with the Guinea Corn, in lot,
inBulles, 1 to FARRINsurTN. l buildings and improvemtentsl treon, situate in Terms--ASII.
141t Sloop Sarah & Margaret, Stirrup, Cuba 'rince' street, generally known by the oname At o ma mosns' C(eda, from the* 13 Ia,
Turtle to the master, Lightfoot, or Cupid's Row. TO CLOSE SALES,
l5th Sp. shr. Maria, Fenere. Cuba For Taros and other particulmis, apply to dt Sub- 13 barrels superior Beef,
Wood, to J. Tauonuon & Co. scribers. 80 bgs Flint Corn,
J&h ScJdr. Lily, Hloll New Orleans IIENIY GREENSLADE & Co. For CASH1, bIM n aells
Flour, Corn, Pork, Ialais, &c. &c. March Sd. 6 half barrels Philadelphda Corn lwA
to J. THOiNO Ia C& O. 6 do. do. do. do. POW
A en. a C..a M H;"r, A ,iD ''TO BlE dLEk ^ 1 dea1 antly ne^ 1 .<
Am. sehr. Cao, es Ann, Mili, r, Pohila pla and Preni.g. latly. i the 2 kegs Sausmages,
Flour, Curn. iBKad.s &i. .h occ 1 barrel Vinegar,
to II. (;eENa,..or & (B,. oaf Ilenry Adderhly, Esquira, with imanodiate i kbep TVipe,
S" Am. Ichr. Hanvey, Moore, Blltimorc poIsstioui. Ally to 1 barrel Cordial,
Flour, (Crn, Hams, Pork, Candles, Ja.q ADDEuryR28ilot, t Brad,
Butter, c. Juntiry 28th. 1 '% 15 bans Pilot, Bod,
to H. GRENSc.itaU & Co. OR SALE BY 'PIVA BARH( AIN.-A Lot 45 kegs a half barrels Win ai d Buar Bicuit,
17h Bloop Lively, Prudden, J _inmaica of Land, in the Eastern Di ri, witle a ulmtantial 2) barred Corn Meal,
Sugar, Rum, &r. D)wlling lnouse and out buildings, ow the residence of 10 do. Potatos,
to Jomone Tuourrsom. tile Subscriber. Al b
o s Shop Liberty, McKinnev, ,Cuba Anotlheri adjoining the above on the Sothwest, About 2000 eet White pine Board ad Phab
Switch buildiW ALSO-
In tde Il Boat Morning Star, liulu Jamaica:- A family of Nogro, five in number wi : March 17th.
L Sweeny, and two Clildren. IDeli, K ynar,.
lu the Sloop Hospur, from Mauanus:-Mrs. Freeman Ellice, 9' dito, BY HENRY (REENBLA B & CO.
jbhso and Son. William, 4t ditto, .
Itehip Byron, from Liverpool hound to Hvlann, was Amelia, 24 ditto, On Mnday ant, the 19th insid,
se the coast of Cuba, about 60 miles to the .indward Sophia, II monts. AT Tn vaOS M WiBemn,
d Jluaen. We cannot give all tlle particulars, but A AND- At 111 O@~b. A.
ilhas t lhh Cplitin lad arrived at Matanrius; wlg,re he Another family of Negroes, thro in iuler, via Will be o old,
pwed a v.sel, in which he started .,ain for tdI wrerk. Elia, I1 yars Folr ts Jfit r f e A d.
Ho Ro., 2 ditto, 1091 barrels Turuenline, being tie Cro of i
-lJan.e, 3 AI""nts American brig Abigail, Kelly, nmaser, having put b
11-i CdIt 1 i- Allr N m . a unt there are Wasers, Ironere and House thi port in distrs, in her pae a fro WilmF to
r m rBn arB i SerLvant. Liverpool, lld coudemnal by a hoard olf mms .
S.i D, A ALSO- Tern-lnmodi.i CANs.
IlaN"V iethe tli,.i, ofn ,,a ,l at thleogt.era I A Lot of Landl, containing about tweny-eight acres, Marcl, 17tlh.
imJ r flati n of sieqrfine Floor, Ordiir,,d, thali i at e
af do ih 211,. 4oz., id the i situate on Royal Isl.d joiningig on rthse w lad of BY 3IINSON &. SAUNDERS.
S.B . thle l.t Il tol In|amin Barin.t. decrased.
VIteac. y grde.rf the V c,,trv.Cl, &-. will Lb a--asl waN aon l pplisiom t o tin h JsWMdoy rft, tIe 19rtl Iateat,
T RooMMi rr, u Vestry C iirk. ,r rer, o ir to M,.srs, Il nm (v,.re nsade & Co. aT T Mt 5 ,
Toomy Room, 9th Marrh, IK-12. AT Tile V nNMO1V| NO LAm,
.. . .-h ... r -_h_ i If not disposedl of Ielore diu Ist April, they will, on that A
SGIEEkl :: LUI TO NOTlICE, Ten.hlrs for printi.e ida, Ihv suld at Auction. At IO "
t~ Laws, &A:. of the 11,1hamaas, Cre I ris,..ited to JOSEPII PRI'DDEN. Will be sold,
lluard lof Coulgissiuners from Mr. N:::. MU, i tI:: and .50 barrels Howard Street fresh superb 1i.,
b. GEUIoiE ; whn tie T.ndler from Hi I AUCTION NALEN. 96 busels Corn,
p dlaan being tli lowest, the same was accepted. 20 bags bRie,
By order of the Conii Yione BY ENRY ALDERLEY. 9 larel rel ad,
GEO. AIR.\IRISTER, ('clrk. On Taesda 20th iosrra. l bre l Cracke,
Jlk March, 1832. At the store of lti late Elias J. Solomon, Esq. cenased, I boles Candles,
LANT NOTICE. At 10 O'Clock. A. s2 n.Ilm,,
THE SFIISC(RIIIER intendingi to leave tli for Wi ll.. Sold I crats blum China Plas.
SMobile, early in \pril nex, again req.(lsts nil .r- (Withlout the leas rswejr) Dry Goods, &c.
a shvingadmandi against linl, to render the sanmi ;and By order ol his Executors, Tru,-CASH, before deliy.
mindebled to him, to make payment on or Iefor, tihe All his remaining Stock in Trade, coi siting of At twe MuntA'n Croi,
I f April. All accounts remiiinng unpaid at that Iron Puts, Dutch Ovens, Copper and Iron Tea Kenles, 0 barrels Jamaica Prime BSar,
t,awill bl put in the hands of G. P. Wood, Esquire, .aucepans, Branl and Iron Ilinges, Window and Door 1 frkins Irish Butter,
khsovery. BUlls, Steelyards, Jack and Smoothing Planes, Ind and 5 puncloons High Proof Jamaica ua.
lhei 14th. ROIBER'T WIER. cross cut ad whip Saw, an assortment of Files, Chise, Mrrch 17th.
IlTr I li jstrll es a........ So.g., s, Gin blots, sets Brace and Bits, Pump
... r Tacks, Bn Adne, hand Vies, Brae Corks, nm BY HENRY ADDERIEY.
Slili, eight trunk, contain uing (Genhleien's Co- C. l ltw, s8 (;n Flints, Gun Luks, Maa'
e asking and dress Shoes; also, unt' d Boys' wI ro, Iron rimsd Luo, nMhe, H plaM ON .*Memd eat, the 191A ins l
U abov Shoes are of superior quality a.d will r oug f lsme Lcsm acea Amnhn -lMeoo n
heln reduced prices, for Ca.r, Cover, Copper Nails, Camphouses, Anchors, Sheet Au
lurch 14tl. S% .fIIlEL JOHISON. Lead, Knives and Forks, Powder Flasks, Shot Belts, 0At O1. ao A. S
T ---- Spy Glaesm, Copsl Varnish, Cram Tartar, Ivory and Supr if bin
I S a Ul(astJtER les recegied Ia i hig Rolls, oupe Coe WhtebaplNs, ilverPenci uperfie Flour, in barrels,
I an eortment l Men's, Boy sua.d iol,rot' .Sloe,, Mathemnatical Instrument, Had Palt, White-wsh.Shoe Rice and Coar, it ,
ib ol.rlorMsle low, or Cash. and Horse Brshes, Metal nd Irmr Spoo, Tim. names, "oap ad Candles, b os
la "s 'W. R. H. S. Bridle Reins, BSrrp L rs od Hilra. Solar, Lard, Chos, Ac. h At
IIE MUBRCHBli R, intending to leave the Be- meat of PRun, Sceor, Peaknive, &c. G mad T -CA AABO--
hamne Ifor sunII lime, roqueats all persons having Hocr Whips, Gun Ir.plemous, 3 wery haind ns s, .4A o MsAh',s Crdit
ads agsium him, to render the sne aitlout delay ; Pistol, Ac. &c. 50 Ami e' Flour,
ladl thoa indebted, are rnclused to nmke inmdiaiste An uasslmemt of Stationary, oanmIfet L < and 1 barr els er l nd m Park,
IaJat. Foolscap Paper, Quills, Ink Powder, Port Fos Joor- W bies Bacon and H
leac SId. JOSEPl TIIOMPSON. nal and Ledger, Dictionarie and Bibles, Prayer Books, 2 hds double rfied Lo Su,
-IT l .--- ICBlank and olIer l ooks, Ac. Al la(iwar, vi. Candle- 2 kegl Barley,
I SE UBSCIllHER will put in mail, without dis sticks and Shades, Decanters, Tumblers, finger Basins,' 2 dito Split Peare,
r iwm* n, all \etnlue accounts due fur the last butter Dishe" Cbhapagne, Jelly (;lams, r. A&. A 1 trunk Ladies' Slhos,
w*With irms if not liquidated bly rl.trn dv. t carriage Harness,(new) wi th quantity of trimming, 1 ditto Gentlemen's ditto and Pumps,
Persons wIh aru indebted, will govern theu slvea &ec haI tons, B" r"m. Ldies' Sil' handkLrchiefs w oe aMe Calicoes, Ac. c.
tDnlmily. and half pieces fine Irish Lines, Muslim, ssoed,-Long March 171h.
aruhry 18h. IIENRY AIDERLEY. Slip and White-brown Thread.
TFle SI,(,II t, intending to lcave dt& An elegant London made Carriage and Hamrs., ca The Home nd Prmis a ps t oe~1d
1E SAl SCt ItlIR t, lintendig l Ito lve plete. by Men PoiMir. The Hom is raimy ld
Aprill nari n lr II.n Iniin d s Inh., trenIhrs all pPr- A handsome well broke Saddle and draft Mare. convenint, wthalargu Kitchen l dwadh e
ha L ingdlonmands against Ihine, to rendelr tllim; and 6 volumes Encyclopa-dia Britanicn, well bound; c, ir hn d mala f r OtL
loslosiebted, to make pinivot on or tire ll 06 volumes Encyciopadia Britaoics, well bound; ataid, csTir haso sad alh f t
debted, to makn pannl on or I-ri l e lltr h an elegant Clock; 1 Large aisnd Looking G(lam, Wash hoaras, extensive yard nnd ger piane. 'Th
ii rl. All be counts remaining Ionpalid aftr that Stand, Liquor Case, I Set Chairs, with a quantity of have been lately thoroughly repaired, and gsa pu n
Sil be left ( oice of Gi 1P. Wood, Esq. for other Furniture, &c. &c. of the fences have eeb newly put Up.
rl t lAND- ALSO
v 7h. .. F. TI-nNER. BOI. a valuable gardener. A tract of Land immed at the Village, mapihg 60
FOR NE I YORK. Ter.s,-AII sulls amounting to 40 and over, Riz ances. It is divided byth village-rad imt- IN'Le,
The liat .siling sihooeunr TIIREE SIS- Monliu,' Credit; under that sum, Three lMoths. Pur- western lot being imersncted by hde new mrd lading f
i TE. TI.S. Fr fight, or passaL, apply tou Livi g note,. ili approvedlendlorsers. the ville, .e into the Blue hill rod. This land wibh dei
i Captaiii G(andler, or ,N0.-i-I,' I,. .!1 lb lou e .notd rom da to d ay, until pos of in owner o lhre' as. .pi lv tIo
S|II. ,rt.LENSLADE & CO. sn liii"l ds ihe "l. .eh i JOIIN W. MILLER.
u1i t.NLAD & CO. h I h. September' hr 17tPh.
th.di Mavrli 14h. S Ptembcr 17th.

.go Maw4laa tlrle.
My eyewerewill am. I manthinag;but ins ahartv aifteu arId .
.B.l E V ti m e I b ard by ,el. he t d. to m t t s @m .den t@ u( a le l d .
1d = -ll wal di _lingering an m weasmb. .'. eei them ca,,msatd A But wht did Eay do 1-Hld th .si .
h.all -. .. ..shelome of t l le, lub d elami nd n meanieurly. They were plemw.d to he wu too gentle. Did lie get iulo u ll.
,.o.-f- .,,'e., luy cor- fid llli a gao l j.supd hidb uc rured. The de- was too kind ; she was loquent--a. ..t ,tI
0Is. pir" my amaray; and dle Previous to beginig dhei issection he pro luence I j
.a ..laaJ i my fria. oelt a that posed t try on m s galvanic experiaeames; and Sauce that tie Jack has kept a- uan ,as,
I had o l aw an am was asrl gd for lthb purpuse. The full Jtry o6lcde, nd isat P nt runner .o a
Om l dlay a emlgI sihe l elak place. I hock r nted through all my norm. They rung is al te boom of lle hill, gos many hirm
wai lUid wI, a i sep rd m r blt quivering-a ldjangled likethsearingor a harp. The students eprea- er oy a goud turn, but uha never lows his~
mai silald aey nd ther. adeniration at tlh convulsive er&ec. Time seond ture--is ruinous pliability of dsposisio. W
Is amn arsi y cusKe b, imunorblo strange faces; shock dimre my eye opera, sad de first person I s was I would rher," as Mr. ack says"l
ly wa e dle d visiory. aid without budies.- the doctor who had atlteded Mo. But still I wasas dead; a salt-see roarer," he a dady widiout w bit'
The hemsb ia d ableniy, ald I tried to move, but I could, however, discover among the students, tin faces without vanity, a Duatdman without a pipe., O l
mlM an o a sO tinm a terrible counlfisla over- of erey with whoml I m familiar; and whwn my eyes llman wiitout a fiddle, tlian a rery clever fell, o
whlmndl am; nad when it lusel onf, all nm rcrollection wore opened, I hard my name pronounced by s-veral of The story is mnst veritable and lth moral i p
rermawd wills tihees perfect disatoelnes, but ihe power the students, with an accent of awe and compassion, and I.
of uiMu Lad d i l r. I hherdl tim uoeul of weeping a wish that it had been m other snbjort.
at my peow, ea th voice of die suasm uy, he i Wlhe dley had satbld uthlesoIlve with the galvanic From the Laondon MJlring CAronLic DL,L
drad." |I asuie dmerihe whrt I fClt a these words. I phenomena, the demB traitor took ihe koif and pierced European lsatesmen will not only find di
easertd my eol power of vulitlntolo ssir myself, but I on 0 oles boom with e poinl. I felt a dreadful crrk- (elm address of tll Aieriean President) fall ie
oad ot mC een am eyelid. After a lauorlt l p mny Uli e lw, at e, th hot my whole fnre-m convulsive nation uuauily wilihheld from th pre profae ulliea "j "
friend ldrw and *ainig and runvusod alid grief, shudderiing insly followed, and a lriek of horror rose but deficient in the information which iusualv e1,s
driw bi arv my fac, and ehnnel my eyes. Tim fromall preLen T he reef delth was broken up-my substance of European state papers. ThPe Iiesd
wwM was the darkened, but I stil could heur, aid feel, tramm dea&. The al i exertios were made to re- us notlling of Iis dovagur mother, his wife, or uy i
aid -r. toe me, mad Ie is ea of an hour I was in dr full little Juckons, who, judging from Europei..
Whom my eyes ere closed, I hardly by the allelanls pIossio of l.l my faculties ought to be of intense interl to all good AwoiaI i
dthe my friend h lel the roou, and I on after founul laear nothing in it of the manner in which lie nmese
bhe elatkers were pnel-eril g ao hlh ae in die gar- THE HIS Y pose of his progeny, and of his expectation thal doi
me.s of ohe grve. Their thbolgalasi e wasmr THE HISTOIT OF A VERY CLEVER FELLOW. will unable l itn to make a suitable provuiio for 6
wfdl te dem i ul d my fries. They laughed at one I like you clever iews amUsingly; your open-brow- Not a word doe lie sey of lia owo esalishumeli j
another m dy tarmd astw siode to side, cand treated d, open-lenrtd, opaeul, undid, lhrewid ealcrprizing cla- places which are in progress, and the repairs whis
inl dally believedl s hl n e rpe with the nusti appalling ractel, but as to your very clever fellows-I mean Van- re(iqled to make ihe old edificm worthy of IIh lml id
rilikkie Lee clever-thelu is an oniinous uaplhasis.lj e.pres- r L'nii:t a nation. This cowae of ltruning the inia
Whm tdy Ind it me a t, these wretches retired, and sion. Tie apptllation was never Ib'tluwotIpoow iUa biu t t llitteen mlilliuns of nmen o on lio doe not psiL
thi degrldiag formaliiy of airtinir imounrning cummencal. oance and the I imagine I cuuld feel myself losing nsy knot tilir nami of his gramfhlb rt, though, of ccom
For three days, a member of friends called to aee a. I fuot-holtdlU n pecialily, and sliding, like thema nn in lnd a resndlfuller as well as oltr folkL. Is mo
lead eams, is hIom cents speak of what I wa; uand Loggetn's wory, dowio-down-down. But il's nlot to respect \lanrican state papers are dlef'rcive in i(mrea
nmes dha e emb wl tL khis flagr. On the llird the point. A correspondent points our attention to a display l
d.a, some if dhes tlkd nd Wo ll, of corruption in iud Did yu klw Jack Easy -I am asum you did, for rulity of tie Mlaaquis of Wellesley, in the Irish p
rum. you lived at dle am time, in the samne town will him. list, towards lis apothecary and lia private aom.
Thi eie was premed I wa lilfnd and laid in ; Every body there knew him, every holy loved him, and W\lhelber Andrew Jackson has an apothecary Ir ak, i
my Meed p~ ~ hld as wh was deemed il last every body aid he was a very clever fellow. fact unknown in Europe; bet if he lha mrmn a
piw, u I efe illrs p o my face. Aid a. beautiful hey h was, as healtlly ad cheerful apotliecry, he does not pay him by a p'inson ia dM i
WheL I abwha la y psliur insert in m.e had or a brigll-eyed, rlsy-chlweeod lad as ever played at hull, or ltaxs of tie UUnited StaIIs. To pay offlte natIuel dae
*e iidm lead a me in ie caeoi, h eumertaikers re- blind-man',s-bu. lie was the joy of Iisr parents, ile seems in .mes ica to be thouglht preferable to pseniei
lwmed rad mwad i down. Thoe were two of them pride of his playmlaes, amd llie fs frieied of every lihumain lo mothers of dukes, and the apullecaries of u sml 4
*gme Id i*em to go way olbef the task was being who had ever exchanged glances wilh him. the la te receiving '30,0),( a-year. But, indeed, cre
dea .I bad M fllew who w i hel bin to whliskt as Jack exhibited lis peculiar iarlilieL very uerly in life; llinl,,in lai ,rica ienms a perfect contratto whatl i m
e teared thb screw ails, bhe e chocked himcef, and when a claild he would give away all his 1.1ila ., aid lei in Etrol.I. ''le I hole expelnliture of lliriten nailch
completed the work in likence. ite little urelins salliit his top; and Inc ailw y.s treHstsed hiis if Intin, IliivinI. relultim n i verY corner of tIe la lris
I was them leA alier-every one shunned the room. I own gingulbreid as the Einglisl cle'rg)ymeictreat their II-. woili, and isvtesilg a n.ivy iecripe.lrs in everii ai,
kl.w, however, that I was nut ylt Luried; and laouugh rrishionIer-he look a tenth pIrl : ,labou thlire ihinlioisni and nhll si.rlilng. This li, ini,
darkened and smakmire, I lad still hope; hut this was He wa too fund ol llay the a gooad Klhonlr; y*t t- .. c.n.'l..t n,, the.n i .*lr.,,.ler e ..t' L. -, i-y
at permaided hIng. The day of ineeument arrived--I was o ready to acknowledge hhi errors, receisil Ia 'scll- iieeli.nlt iof the people of Irrlainl, ot i dn aise s anmd
hl the ca ela lifted d nd rne away-I heard and fel i i nt i is uch good part, was so kine annd conrilialing to s Ione Ihit ld part (o' tellH revenue, of tim' tinili. carries d
placd e the hbla Tler e was a crow of pIoplI teacher, listeand will so inutci Iti.incelo hli" Iong talkL," Engla nU nd, nl Ireland. 1II Euroi i) it i i ell kouw i
around ; Ia of them spoke sorrowfully of me.-The and paid so mach respect to hlis hltiilari, tildl tlse ellila- Ith lpeopi arte siltfere l exist licaus Linis uslusle
knbewa ile m ave-I knew that it carried me to the gogue could never find it in his laart to refornr" liii; so rnnotl il,)o ithlou pevli'. li .e Ainrica, the pope m,
grave. It hled, and the coin was taken out-I felt our hero, while at dIe acaldeun, learatxl little muirie itan it not fur thle kli of the gut rnilneil. hul the gvernertl I
lmyasnarir shoulders of men, by tie Inequality of descaihea circle on de ice, asel add apled. to lle seliciool the siak, of lirte 'i,1le. The Presidinl bem dt matii Ai pua eoeld-1 heard hie cords of the fund," byaubtracling tleLi fronll li l neigitiolur's orrihal. i, liion is cntiinglld bly i nnlliian In p, 16Iea-
c v ,-4 = ll Z i s mi as dlpendant by theem-il After living got dtroull, or ratllr got oevt r iss elIcr.i- si in arre renovedl Iln ny nl Iniidrl iilei frlom IhI laia
was LrW n d sedo the bottom of die grava-the ion, he a transplanted inin reilil store as clrrk, wler r m nlliII IntRuian, lwh, hia% nin tIraellc-II., never piloball inal
r wera dropped pmn t lid-- hIwrd ihem fall. lo he increasul his employer's plpularriy biy dinsli.ihin-., li% if .a DnI)Itnin. liat dllbI Ih ih I DIth ilald ll(eiins m
DriedlJ wi ~a dea l I Iheo m lde to exert the power of evealth ; the rich cuitmunrs would ner i nel.d, i iiir py it ai ot nt, t E rr lf Itii in anld dli Prisedl
aid, bs my while frae was unmoveable. fit, and lie lc not d cociRince. Io iask frot01 hl' iponor; (Ir;iinr clos.ily r'lateid, aild Ili.l is an rxrclleusl mre
Sin aIer hew dfull of ierth were dlrown upn lie always gave good Mieasiure, and i,.nisl eills, I .. t~i ti li Itll-'iin opr.ilel sl..uIl innrlrre in dlle iaiJi
SoamL. Thl e was another pause-after which an entire sronger to Il t lthliiou-l ialeke wi)y in .iihi Ill lll.,Ii. silu, lI, loriiJngl IhI Kiil, ki,,l'v i prd
the shbr wau I(yd, and the somnd of the reading e cheat ithir neielho-er, and Ilwnr.-b i-incl a r.lllm.- ai.r. Tl'Ih I'rms..i.,r I.n an be iy llig I n lin at iftellis
id, I omi d a, was fr oI e tremendous than tion for great sirewdne i nl n Is at less, li% master li loim t ani, If i li l les;i n ilwirds (;.crii.v ; i I ae
aeir. at I d make no efor. The sound Crl- shc that "he credit" sileof lis plrelit snd liCs" iroliini klhliI 'd l's i-sia anid lia ('Irt C r.r rnlaned; id
diblham l d Idmand by tle surging reverbura- wai bheorsiner e small, that it wounidl e ini.psotill for ieiln i.h in it wllare of ul a lion 1.ca011 i,,i,,i tio te ilsI
da Is I Ie ae L hae the grave was filled up, to retain hin; yet he moe usay, tihalt altdlluel lie Wam at asnin-lsw 1
sad do Scas was Iemieg i Ibthe ear, sapping tie cut cut fur busing, suillhe was a very cL ow. -
graf with te I f his sped This too ceasd, and Abet this rn e Jack's fallier died, lim ten IFrm an A erisrwe Paur.
m= anl g sglL. heml nd dollars as his pronie; whereume a perticalsr The flowing is fr,,m the Iaonl,,e, Tl f e'r ent 1.
I had as m f asel l he if time; and the friend of his (mlery always hrines periarlarns) who colulIl Oc"ne f the criorrnl., allinli aI,,, nni lI u- -f
ieI adrl a Tis i d th, dismi I, and I ant feel ihe peasures of hope," as well as Clampllrll could '1i"'inlanre, the I.aus ('hlslarl. Mthre.-
deemed ta remain e i eu til tie resurrction. Prm- walieL tse, splgeseed te expediency hfis eilmluviEi Iis W% hlve rie-eivle riterl from iahre getnllernie. if allae
s*mlly td body wi fhll ais eraption, and the epicurean capiatl i the namnufcer of a sew artieon so oin maade bes t" "a'n* lc oile*r th-ir tIethS Icy enJam urging sin e l
wearn, tlist lyf liidd rw of an robslee sa.m niW ill i power; are a i m Ihs llisr dhuliht of a for- '". eli thef irt les* over forl dio-.r"eihe, hen tlI s ."ll te
ai ran of di q h l ba b i em pro ed for him ltu's boin mrie l i a en tiie. Th'iei onlr was ac- shlam'elo nif hin. moral rel." Th.e tih h.,e fpwle
w Na omgai / o m. Iton J. n dum conoteplpiaon o df eped, y m m mthe prerjrt failed; teby e ainml. nml c l aong hm ingh m their pll siell i
i i m heisL baed a ow sad Maier mned In the w e e much ua pon dh gh pi eaur prirciLhelir iom eie e, e ore ito hntheir nlllll..,u n f gr sin
**ei r me I f. aled it he w ormn ad ta r ep tIasm the "manory wnt to the dogs, Mad Jack s me. Ith i they bed al preio.aly reso l n ,mkio i *'
i &rf ld m- ea t e- he me i end he rat of woet jal. eicbe te t iaemn liiee of popular prrijalic. ant h:I I'
hi grave wud m h ea The mo d lcmsinid Hers a bme eael haejo yed ilmdf in nmdisL- ed their leqaes wits their I wep eerrir ms. ll i "
igrwner and mi r. CaehI bk hp alldh, I, t lima seld | IhI Me am g quile as fod of imed- rorresponmleisa illudetd t ie a prdeln ,er in ihe Il h ..i i
ha my Meai epM cL hO buied meis oo t n tio as Mr. Hrvey, nor quite a much attached ealolitude Cvernity who had promised hi is tsll ias w u EI i 11,i .
The hi.em am ly rating rosi the glom of as Mr. Zinamim he was hppy to crmpe an arqniaill- "nc*I collection of that i neiulmo,. as he had rat, lo
d b, seae with the jilir' daghlcer.--le told her the rircum- Il me. The sseii i head in .o rh ,, million I Is c
The =and lunl, and prenatlly I feIkt the eends oe stances f le ti and reltmed what he wass pleaded In cil crtin clctirines in phlllreikel tIn whrch hea himwll( rm
S md l .d be working sahot my threat. They his miforNami: he spoke of oany a "deadlyv Ilaslac" of l noe tJhes opinc; : sbut Ilhe ..1, as. oae-..MTl i.n'
dragedl meO Ifa taio by hei ad.--l sFmeain the re st; she loved him fw the dunges Isl ad pas'sI," wllh the n craenm i. ihr di.ssinu t inhl- 'r g.r.l *'i
liiai air, hI i wl piarcimnl cold; and I was carried ndl I loved her diat she did pity tliin." Lovii llonll'! "naoumiucal Ilniin.llllrion. Ihallnin.. nr ac 0,M. u ..l
awil awy-1 IthL h o juJdgmet, p p erdhion. ale had a few dollars in cash, and lee wanted to cut Ie jail, u"e spur. el ko euig,. eladl his poetical In-lrn,. ah.e i r
Whe b arse to al e, washe thrown down o he nmrried her. IIroild more one side of the horu. lhe nllise rsilr s"ulslse
Ih ll t d- il ae the lrmL A moment after- Aleamleh. Eke Mr. Cob' et, ,lerinedly favoarhle to at By 'y s; hame rresoni.. r. t ,rh I (. 'ier h .b
wa I ta mynIl an a carriage; oad by tbe intr- Iatrimoniial slate, I do not llhnik our," pd eia nilht have be convin cedl. lCh. Iha, ull he l o.
eao e rle f e asaoi m a* .' Il discovered that man," was suaiciendy rautionl in his selersion, ,f ia c rnln,.e he wth ole ll hot lyc r,.a lls t
I wa a Le l lef tweo thim ruehas swh li b Iv r companion. "Whynoi"\' sv-"W. 'iseul" "hil ll r i, n of hiies hmore evrelly. tlwe
P lll niglher.v anlliag thie bdinse l" arent aI d --n o, reader ; se was genile as a dlve,. Was si I.., he a Sl r.. cln, as yes ..our h. lIe has In. le n.. I." '
chllia d m id One 0 olf he m s su elg umnch ad l l ol- I-oohe old rlk like a book. Was 'he atl- i ti enirtairnmlnlaor i he pulic in 1oan0ot pnarti. .l r'r"
rrap o of oab m sngs, a ee cart ralei over die pave- fill l"-no, she would trll all sin kLnw, and more tou. an"' Ameriena. anil has no hieTinrin to hr s- it h"fI "ti
memt of "t vrtn. Woll, laen ;" ou inquire il ino, whlist is r oljec- lI.c i as. ic hsri n. t sl,.tn ie halc l C ic I, *nr. f ,
Who k halted I w ied aLM, ad I som perceived lion tloerI" Why, to tell you die soler trullt, e as a ""l "" th h ..r I ll n .lr lnI,- t 'l"r I
by the e f the air, a. d the ch eof d temper- ier on of a way .- looking a tie stars; of csriling ii."l' " I p I. l. nl;s"nt " "llt. i
e i of wa 'f o i ttm strn o ltis ls ln. hlis ii isll., t hi f cc hal I. i ,P g
ise t l II was m mied i at m a ti rn dely I l imagination widtoul rlliinig leTr sediments; lilt crti hos; tics 1. ol-s Is c1c.. l In
srippedof my Ahrwe, wus placed, namk. on a tble. By ruse nw fr a tioning it--f taking n la' s too nel1t' ... .. a
Ibeconversation ',1 the two f'!;iws wilhk tdr servanl who there il'salou. l uct.n si i ii
dlo ed ki e I le learnedul, II as Iast os illt to Le t dit nlut mIy i ly r.ean i rr. do niot corn l hr. I ,o b nol nla ls I s..c1. ,,,l i : I i. i :'l.lil I, -i... ll'i
a cted. bUI ol e lln l lr I ,:,: : el, l :; a I , 1 ltt r. i. : -. i .. l I 1 , st ,. I'. lln.e

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'i' il< 4\ ^m i "i i M i: Mi'l j>i J* L i* I s^^^ iijiliiiiii^ g^ririfjs COLONIAL I.M'KKK.^TS. To in who have lUi our hly invest;^ tod the RUvorv VmHiU|>„, II mmt apjM.Hr vrr> cxiraordinHry, Uiat ihtr;. •r .nil pe,m|e i^ bliml U> fruil., . u> indulge in tin.niner. .J>lc caul of ininu^Jiaie a,„J „n,,ualifieer. cn*.jjne.uidi!,t^ And Ml ,u a ^reat moa>iure iIr-v an*. Me,, who wcr. wont to cry dow,. iIk, Wet India I',. now> h. kuowhdKe. th... ,|„. ,.rop.i.tur l.a. a Much n,h, to U, hoard, and as H,ro„. dailus ^o j.,„ico, L tlH, lu,p,.y „,.jro.s whom th.-y f,,.,, ,,„j ,,,. •rvrtM,le„, the n.,..rahlc. hirdinir, ^ho mako ,rado o pa.r,ot..,, audl.boral.ty. ami .o forth, arc till att...... to Mu,mH<. u,>on tiM. neduiou, fool, who rank a.nou^st tlnir •er>. whjrh evory u,;.„ ol „... a„d ju.l„..ei,i ,„.,t dc piae lh.,y .^.y ,hat tho hIvoh oro ilI.fot ouo t..nth of .Im,.„i.,.rv in our coloni^-s which •list, in t M< tavour.Mj and fne comifry of Hu^daud. Th. y •ay that lh',><,' are not fxr.iiitU'd to join in the rtli ncy' serious and atleniive consideration i meii;;i ^-e be scut to ibo Boar 1 f n~ ipact and the Law by which their riidas curicuce. ^^ pray your Kxti IK lo the iooleinn compact and tiKJ L,aw by which their ritd wirre {,'uarHutetd andaiuured at the lime of the Capitu laiion of thix iiiiand, and by the very Act which made its Inhabitaiiiv Hritish Subjects, the public faith of Knjjiaud was solenudy amj distinctly pledged ; that in tlie Law and Ordinaoces to be enforced by the British (joverniwent, the Kight.H, the Pro{xriie, and the Religion of the Capitulants *lM>uld bo prejk-rved inviolate. The Laws at that time in force in Trinidad, and those su!st)quently promulgated by the British Cjovornnicnt, not only recognised the rii,'ht and profM rty in ne^ro slaves, but held out every possible encoura^^ement to the investment of capital in such property Hhirh consists wholly in the ri^ht of Uio proprietor to exact tho labour of bis slave. The Clauses of the Order in >piu.^' Louncd whirl, limit the hours of labour to an extent hitfierto unknown, and in a manner not re.jtiisito for protecting the health and comfort of the slave, are a palpable infrini'olucnt of ibis right ; the re^rulations resj>ectinfr the Food and Clothing of negro slaves, are ueedlessly extravagant • St. VINCENT. The attention of the let'islai Ord *" ••re had beer measu.e more practicable than Tnvl'lf'' the I. Slave Trade and to check ul foreign .Sugar growers. ^ cus exerci. of their f.'llow-christians— whereas it has Uwn |,roved a hun moral instruction of iluir Ministers. In f-rt. the slave-holders know it to Ihone of their paramont dutM-s asiii,,rreatlyiotheir interest, to cultivate ".oral and int..llrctual r.pahilities of the negroes for iIm* tin by tUt means they are taught to love their bemlact'irs jud know ,lH..r du.i,^. Again, it is asserted th .t thJ lht,,in their power to dep,i^.. ,|,e thildren of M. .|ves of all opp<.r,uni,v to obtain instruc lion ,n the..ement. of knowledge. This is a falsehoo.^^rr or lab , .. .r .agant; and tlie enactments which jn-rmit persons appointed to act as ^alartrd Inftmnert to enter on estates and Nefrrohouses at all hours, without information or even suspicion ol the conim,s;,ion of an oflence, unnecessarily authorise an.J encourage a direct invasion of the rights q( private projiirty. ^ | 'ivaio By the Constitutional and unaltered Laws of the Spanish Monarchy, no power in the F.mpire can take or impair the |)ro|)erty of any individual, without previous comiKtnsaiion ; and the Lau.of tl... P:.r;.i.., ..r .• • .. les rivea Witt, tlie right wing of tlio C9,h r ''^Vl .'coDimand of Colonel Sir Charles C ,^"^^1 ^ detachnient of the 19th had enibara^*\V^ or i/i/w..-.^. .4'^^" '^'' peasantry v>nrl,. I H.y ar.. m^,/cm/e,./ in all but the name. TIhjv hav the ;,rc/..W blessings of frenlom, audit Would kthe wors of cruelty to ennimU.r them with an .„,;;^ p ^ with that happiness ami contentment which thei now eryoy. 1 1.eso are truths which all but the trariuJ AnZ >Wry party .re ready Id allow. V.-t ,!.,.„ ^e not .piorant of their own po,i,ion-they know that unle |ey chauyc their tactic, the public ill begin to discove" live b.seneuci,|.e,r conduct, and tho falseh.Mxl of tliei ..^.rtions We now see that these people aie proceelg tack. riH^y „y that iIkj West India nronJ: prohibit tlie prou.ulgation of any Ordinances by whichthe rights or properties of any Commumties a.o invadeddec anng, m case any such Ordinances should be received'. th..t their enfo, cement should be suspended, until the decision of the King, or Uh, Representatives of his People. sn.ill be made known. ^ Availing outlives of the protecUon and the privilece. the in mbitantscf this Island are under, thesTLaws entitle us solemnly to entreat your Excellency to suspend tl.e piomulgatlon of this Order in Council, and more es" jx^cially the enforcement of the Clauses before p^rtiTula y referred to, until such time a. an humble applica ion to irsCeS:' "' '" ^'""'^" •'""" '^^^ ^-'^ /cfce-v'd :nd But, in case your Excellency should not deem it proper to comply with our request, then in the name and onT behalf of all H,s Majesty's Subjects in tl am the the Trinidad. The C.jmmissioners for taking the r^ Huringthe hurricane, had closi>d Ihcr I^* <>( ^ amount of losses given on oath is sJtc^*' "^^ sterling. ^"^^,1^ antkuia. An order had been received by the r„ Colonial Office for the immediate releas^'/r f'ou, li, land. Esq.. Editor of the Free PreL .r*^^""^ C months' imprisonment fW a libe'l. ** The Oh''""*^ ^ had been received. A new Paper, callc^^? Tl'" ^^' Herald," had been established. ^^ ^^ fUIJLIIIB" i:H;-WKKKKV in NA88.%V, n. p. ftfht Dollars per annnm— Zb advance. PCETP.T. ST. KITTS. A very handsome address hid Itonn . cellency (iovernor Maxwell on his relinrr'^'^t. of (iovernment.and another h^Vb:"':-? '^e ^ successor, (iovernor-General Nicolay C C^'^ • population, congratulating His Lxc.u *^ ''^ arrival, and, at che -me'time hop "' 1.:;^" '^, "^ deavour to carry with effect the recomm!„^ *'"^* vernment respecting the rights of thJli'""" '"^ dress Hi, E,^,„,„^,^ was'^^l'' \tS;^.4^ hanks, and assured tln^m that every e|4rd w .M^"^ to their interests. The Lepi0..fMrn k T ^^"^ ^ M ~ ..a,e ,ha. Bod, we^^;: tlaTcrr:"^ bers had come to a rewlu.iou ..o. t.. v.ZZ'J^'"' en. on General Nicolav; and a ^,r^,!% ""'*'• rolution,i, p„„li„,cd. which ;„"cbKi,"h ""'*"' on a new tors aru Uic chief sufTorers by •lvry system ; that continuance proi yn.,> now .rou.l the suffer^^pL" "^ Bu nejsl we e,jo.e it. fallacy ? We ask, wherlfo^e s^j hat West India prn,x,rty has fallen t Let this q^estn ,n U. put to every man of information and impartinlitv 1 .1 H .n^er,. obvious.-The Anti-Coloniri part ^' who h-ve been struggling v, long to ruin the West Indian, a e h. cause o that ruin which threaten, to overw In Z Planter. Had it not been for their infamous J Jet He.t India property would have brought il, value in fu I •t ihi. time tiul tl truth is, ,be public have los, confi .n the stability of West India proper y,nd it Planter, hare accordingly .ufTeied in cred t. while the r profH^rty has been depreciated. Had the West InL trj. pcM^tor. received even-handed justice from the f '?J jnent of thi. country^h.d the^ l^en Irwed to ma::;; their own affa.r-Hi„d. above all, had they not C" : ohjec of ,tiack to mischievou. faction at bom would hare been at this moment in a state of tl prosperity, and this country would have l)ecn he engagements solen.nly undertaken at the Capitulition o tlw Colony together with their claims to full and am pie compensation for all and depreciation of proJrtv which they may sustain by reason of the promulS o^f the Ojder m Councd. er their obedience I'o the iCilns Robert Buslie, First Alcalde. Frederick Brown, Second Alcalde. W illiam Roberts, George Bland. William S. Neilson, David Hutchison. | Francis R. Wallen, W' right Sherlock, John WaUon. ^abildo-Hall, 4th January, ia32. The bill for extending th. privilege, of the fr cok been rejected by a larpo maio An earthquake wa, eipc-rienced on Xl^sTL^ population had al so been rejected by a lar^o majority: perienced > DOMIMCA. ^^^r:t:':^c^tz:.:%^^^^^ nrray Macd'repor, on ^^ Mre.„,c.d by 157 proprioio";" •"' ""•" "*-""' ' jecf. Foreign Fi of tho geograi Frvm the Kingston Chronicle, Fibruary 27. COLONIAL. Our windward papers contain a ? — tliey te highest bpn. .fi. of ,h.. pro.,.n.,. w7^::zi::"sj^ Bnamwdl no lor^..r be influence) by .ho An.rC;! jvirly, who pursi. ilw,r on wlfi>h objcci, without ,7 Jecn, u|H.„ ,b,. nun ,hich ,hc, n,u' i„. ir.bly I „; d...n U|H.n .Ik, co,>„y and .hon,.lvos-i, i, 2,„'"^ |l. .I. u„l. i^U change .,h,.„,||,. „,,„ pl.e^ "c c^' loi will not be prtiorvinpmatter from mary : — variety of interetting whid. weliave arranged U>e foUowing sum' BARBADOES. The Order in Council of Novemlier had K i under tlie consideration of the l^i lu re an^ t'""' '! expectation was that it would l>e resiS* tlK. general f.rV"*T"'"rT "'' ''*' ^^'^'" ^'^*'' amounting t„ £700 A field of canes attached to Fairfield estate h.A k. wt on fire, and, from the ^'''' ''"'^ ^'' flam afe ai rival. The Legislat ... ^, calling its attention tol-ugitive Slaves, stating that, in conc.,,. Islands of M J •" ^""^''"1 '*'" "'^' ''''"*^ with the fn ^ven 'nt ^r''*' '*^"''> "^->mmunication .„afior lis "n'" iT "'"-r.^ ^'"'' inducement held ou. : Zr '^"^1 and discontented persons to de^n:.ounors or evade the just punishment of law. Tl. r. Srv. I'T,'"""'^ !'• ' number of Foreign h,.. Saves in the Colony had In-comea sub,ert re<,u.,/,.rw "sattention.aod.joint Committee of= both L^'hs the, was appointe t sion. re .e. .u„ have b„ ki-Ilid and t S' "'"" "" ..ance ,ha. a ,u,ch had bc..„ (o.^.l ,^,,"tZV'TT fteld. no. a doubt wa, en.,.r.„„l bo,,,^i "'7.h of .n .„d.arv. M„.,o,, ^, bocn'^S t T rJ M'l'r-coun„y.-£j;„i^^,4 i;,.„„j GRt.VADA. The Order in Council had ben laid b,f„r. ,hp H m rclalion .o which „n>c e.o.ll,.„. '"? T V THt ORDKR IN COUNCIL. Th, following .o,.N P,.,T.„ ha. been „„dc hy the 10 Councd." of the 2d of November. 1831, TRIMDAD. Tollj.t^cellency.M,jor.(;enend Sir Lewi, Gran. K We 111! Ma|e,ly sdulllu ,uli|ecl, the Alr.l,l. • r\ jnary and Reiridor, of the llluMrlmMTbihll t^vin". K^^^ mfcrmed that your Kxcellencv has rec,.ive!^Vom7li; M^" ."ade. The bill for rTlevS'col""";': '""'^ ^disabilities had at length t^^^^^d^r a W 'T "" reterence to a rep,rt of the proofed ings of the "^^ WAos^or thf CUolrra Murbun .'-The editor, of lOfip*por ha.Jsrm down to their printer, lo he c..nuH,He,f,.J.M • cleon.. the Cholera ."• From its extreiiie J-^th. I was fliTided into six pan,, .,nd girrn to as manv ropn..ti JO Hct up. ^usf a ii„,„| genilnn'an. hobid i>een lor m.iny wr.-ks past adnptinf CTrry precaution to prevent an attack of this (aial complaint ^eirJng him. Me isH ffu.nrricefo(hatawa,f,alf anhonrw.fh the Rwder.' H* naonded the aforenrnd haI(-a-doxen conifK.!,UMrs. .'Thf W you hae ." shrieked ojit the timid Kentleman itj cufsft* more dea.l tha alive witb frar and agitation, '• then In of:" T It *"'"" the action to the wonl," he jumped do*"'** nrtt Ihghiof stairs, and was clear of the nreoJises io atwiolhug. published in ,1k. Fiee Press, we find that tlie foil Assembly, solutions, conveying tl. Thanks";? U.T meml^^? '" Agent, Mr. Burge. for his exertion, rtu^/^. ^^Z" Clfcnies.had bc>en unanimously agreed to '*** Ketnved, u|H)n motion of Mr. Ro^, that tKn Council and Iloo nf a., i.i.. .' ^"^* ^^^ Brd of J.m'. rnnc,l Secretary of State for tl. Cooni'l I partment. andis about to piomulgate in this Colonv" a. (7 diM m < ounc.l, when>of some of the Provisions are sub venuve of the rights, and destructive of Hkj P, *'^.*"^' ouse of .\sseinblv. hiehlv anr.r^ J-ji, f.s<]. .^I. |>. u, advocal nc tlie rtme 1.L1 a r j .IH, .ntcsu of ,lK> \Ve,t India Coloni'rdo^^^'' '"'''*' also to direct, that a coijy of the 7^ /^ "V,'"1 Paper, be regularlv sc-nllm, by the p/clets; Tjd 'thTa' FOR NALE— At thi Office. Bills of Lading, Bills of Fx change. Bills of Sale. Manifests of Cargoes, Blank Forms fur the Custom IIoiwo, Leases and Releases, General Court Writs, General Court Executiont, Bill.Hof Salefoi Vessels, Mortt'aros (with bonds,) >Varrants of Attorney to Confess Judg>faf, owers of Attorney, Attorney's Warran'ts, Arbitration Bonds, Apprentice Indentures, Inferior Court Writs, Subpofna Tickets, k '^'"•'"'^ Printing executed with neatness V^^ patch, upon good paper, and on moderate unis. J.iniiarv 4, 18.32. iXKSZ\^ WRITTi:\ IN A CATIIEhRAL. ||i)W kiud, amid the'U me back replies KniH h'HMO.'H thiit hold the tU:w\\ \\vw\k* liiirvrit of a ih4)iiand )e;if.- lUvr heff l;"eii gathered in — Th vmtajtc h^"' 'he wine ytj^ tears. The kitwiater wa-* tfleo'er tingriive. Each, heriild-like, jtroclaiins tin* sf^le Ami hraring ol' its deati, |at haii)(4 one moral, all the while. # .\l)uve eacii slumbering heail Aod the I)rre7,e, like an nncient hard, comes by, .\ii(i touches the solemn chords, Ol ill*' hiirp which death has hung on high, \iitl faoev weates the worlti ; J><(i;js that hiive one unvaried tone, Thou;;h they sing of many an ago. Ami tail's to which each graven-.>tune is but the tiile-puj(ul Tlie warrior here hath sheathed his Mrttrd, Th' ptM'i cruslied his Ivre, Tle mi*er left his counted hfMrd, Tii cheiiiif quenched Iih tire. The maiden ie.*vcr uiore steals forth To hear her lover's lute. And all the trumpets of the earth In the soldier's ear are mule I Ih-rf the pilgrim of the hoary head Has t1uii<; his crutch aside, And ihf young man gained the hridal-l>ed Wlwre death is the ymng mairs bride ; Hi', mother is here whtmi aweary Inick liC;! korrowin;; to iImtimih, Atvl the hah*, whose path Irom ileavea, back. Was hut its molhei'tt womb The mooiiliijht sits, with her sad sweet smile, O'er th' hi'edli'Ss painter's rt^it ; Aktlthi' or;;an rini;s ihrou;:h the vanlteil ahtie. But It slirs u| shall yet ^* up into that ark Frtm the IjomJoH MctrnptttUan. LONDON STOCK EXCIlANCiF. j^ reader imagine himsoW in tin' lanje hall of tlie tifli.,„.r, on the morning afur ilie arrival of imBcw^— the near prosjM.ct of war, issuing of press '^S "r iinrx|H'Cted mention of a loan bv tlie Chan**krf '"^^'M'^'rN< business b<-ing allowed lo be we HI o'clock, until that time the members, as ^W m llni. ...... I I I /. *"ed te unie approaches, mounts several steps from .and hold, extended a large watchman's rattle, his iJ^iKielonjonthe clock. At the appointed nM>. ^.^Prings the dl-omcned itistrument,and suddenlv all cliJ'"*^*^I'* *"'**''• '*"*^ '"^'' ^'""'''eouslv into'one "-r—, sitriitigJMii:, and vociferating with riamour ; s^mie ofh ring to Imv ; each party say^,^"^""J? whotsoever they think 'calculated to prV />*neflecton the market, ami in particular to '^-P.iTd *'i"^"'"" P*"'^^'' "'••'> suit their reOn TT' *""'"•' "*" '"'!'*>'"< point in tactics M iu "^^i^***^*^''*'*^"* **1"'' ihc neus is very imp,)rtt^^'tects consc(|.iciiily ra|.i.l a. id considerable, rum and riches are the re^dts, resp:tivelv, to m.iov |.n sent, betore tlie clock has struck tlw iiem hour. We have seen those u ho left their homes in the iiiornmg |H>!,sessMl ot many thou.oands, leave tlie sjkH to letiirn ihiiher in tlw afternoon not worth a shillint; We have on tlw-se ocCKsions .seen a man stand, and even retort tito hunters and practical jokes of tliosu around him, who in tlic couise of die last hour had lost £1(1,04X1 sterling; whik* another, more sensitive, stamK gaxing uitli wihluess and dwmav at tiw struggle which is going on lefore him, and at the sight ol his whole pro|>erty being swept away by the course which the market is taking. Tins state' of things often continues, with Jmrt intervals of abmement, during the Hhole morning ; tew men, however, have UmIiIv strength enough to continue long in the Iteat, noise, and pressure ol this raging group. Some retire awhile, imarse, and |ale to recover ilnfir strength ; but urged by cries whi<'h |>roccetl from the mass (for each party proclaims its triumphs, as the price fiws or falls, with deafening shouts,) iliey rush aguin into the arena and lesiime the fray. Ilillierto all bait lxeii biHin, intense seriouMiess, lieighteiV ed soiuetimeii by disputes and jK-rvma I feelinys and fuiv, when it fier bombs charged with sswdust ; they slap, bump, ami jomUj each other ; Karihok>mew fair, or the most exhilaratinjg moment of a breaking up for the holidays, presents mulling ecpial to it for uoimj or extravagance; and tlie whole fndic generally ends with the Black," or some otiier popular tune, sung in full chorus by all present ; even those wlio have been ruined in the course of thu morniog mingling with wihl mirth with the rest, partly from hahit, and partly to conceal their distress from tlieir com|>aninn, which yvouKI, if suspected, deprive tliem of a last de|)erate cliance of retrieving their fortunes. All this may seem ut fust sight mere childi>ii folly and extravagance ; but it is perhaps an instinctive effort of nature lo recover Irom the effects of tho violent aud overstrained action to which tlieir spirits have been exjxjsed. This interlude i.s, however, of sliort duration, and in a few minotes all is dei'p, concentiated, furious excitement a:.ain. On tliesc occasions it some'liiues happns, tliat ona of those dense yellow fogs, whidi often darken and choke up thu narrow |>urts of the city, tlurows • dtttip kIooiu uvur this st/u(j>ltnK group ; tli s jMrct ami contusion of the scene iH'Coine then diabolical ; lamplight is substituted, ami hardly serves with its yvllow glaring light to di.stingui>li the anxioas, agitated countenance passing alternately from light to darkness, while much of tlie picture, is hidden in wIimi a painter would call — frightful masses of shadi*. This knot of men, so occupied, form what is caMed the" Stock Market:" tlie price which is established by them is quoted in llie news[Mipers, and affects the projH.*riy of all holders of, 4>f speculators in, the fune class of persons who are intereslel in tliese niictiNltions in tlie character of storkholders, and conhiiiiig ourselves to those who make them the medium merely of gambling, it may be estimated [lerhaps that five thousand {)crsons are, rsons who surround llia gaming-table are in the result of the game there. .\hout one thousand of tliese are connected with iIn! house, and pretty tie iierally therefore on er of p-rsons. It will readily be conceived that the men who are devoted to so peculiar ami engroasing a pursuit, are dbtinguishabki from otiier classes of the coiuniunity, and oven from those with whom nominally, as men ot busfneat, they are apparently iniermiugled ; tlieyhave in fact, not the slightest pretensions to the character o( men of hu iness, and have no more direct coonex ion with them than ib' members cf llie Jockey Club or of tlie betting rom at Ni-wmarket. The phrase of good or bad times applies not at all to them, or in a n'.ims rlirectly op^xxute to its usual application ; all iliey want is fluctuatkin in 'lio |>rice d stock ; and, conscipiently, tiiiws of storm and disaster are to them, as to birds of piey or Cornish wreckers, times of activity and harvest ; they are, tlierefon*, a se|Mrate and distinct class and have, as nuLdit be expected, peculiaiities of cliaracU'r, and nia.Toer, and ap|>earance. SMie persons indeed, who affert, tike Sanr|io*s kinsman, afiae |alate in tlicse matters, pretend (hat tliey cnn always distm'.Miish a stock Fxchange man tr>m others, by a kind of • (tiViiand, reckless, sUnuish manner ot d)ing things, and a mixture of the ('dy and TaltersallN in his dress and api)earance. Tin; sudden changes and appalling risks, to which tlwir occupation subjects ilietn, cannot always be favourable to health or tranquillity. Thews and sinews, indeed, that seem proof atraiust an^ exertion, are shatterecif>d that nieuliuu VI dl be uude of tbcui licrc. TlK-y are, as indiM iw.iU,< l\ distinguishable from tho rest ; but, Hcliiig in ibeii national spirit, ihey cling logetlier pretty nnuh Ift their schemes, and agree at least in trying lo spoU the Fgyptians ; tliey are, alst), |Mrha|s moie'reckh-ss and oU stinate in encountering large and decisive lutx^iids tlmn l (ientiles. Some of tliem have ac<|uirl immenw^ wealth; but it is often attended with riMiiarkwbly littk* im(irovemeni in manner or ap|Karance. We have seen a Jew worth • cpiarter of a miliiim, who slill retained iIhj look and manner of his breilireu, who obligingly preM>nt baskets of iiranges to tlie public at the Bank with tinastounding offer of ten for 8ix|>once Singing in tlie Stock Kxcbange has Keen mentioned, but only as affording occasional recreaiiun ; i( MTves however, much more inqmrtanl pur)Nises ; all slight violations of the rub s of the houM-, or indeitl any con duct in a menii>t>r iliat gives displeasure lo tlie resl, ex(Mms him to a regular son of musical pillory — i1m ctil|>ril is surrouuded by a compact ami inqmrious circle of choristtrs, and lorced to stand in that awkward and insutattHl situation, while (fod save the Kine,' or some other i^qHilar song, is lN>ing sung ; he then takes off his hat, makes a bow all round, and is ndeased. Often, however, wlien lie thinks ho isalHHit lo escajie, either because h'w oAence has been griev OILS, or else that lk sinirers Hie in unusually goo, that we know of, nvuublic, was surrounded and sung lo in the above mentiont d manner, whenever he made his appearance in tlie Iioum*. IU;ing a man of strong nerves and animal spirits, he boru it pn'tty well for some iim',lK>ping that he sliould soon he allowed to transact his business quietly aud cundoriahly as usual ; but these singing artH)pagiies not thinking him an object for mercy, continued to encircle lum whenever he enterack the house, and however urgent his business, insisted oa first treating him w ith the old tune, till at last his spirits, and even his health liegan to fail, and be was finally obliged to sacrifice a lucrative (onnexion and retire from tlie houst% beini;, although a loyal man, unable to lu'ar God save tiai King* any longer. Mr. Cobbett at Manchester. — Mr. Cobltett hat btoen drawing excneilingly g04Ml houses at the Queen's Tlieatre, McW)aiarjinc the cuiiiniencement of his course of political k>iiig, having got through four of hi.s thirteen profiosilions, which if not adopteti by tlic government, he atftrms that the new reform bill will Im* of no service to tlie nation. The following is ilie suhntanre of the four alluded to : ** To put away all pensions, sinecures, grants, alloaraacaa, half-pay, and all oilier emoluiiM>nls now paid out of tha taxc>s, except (ttr such public services tu upon a very scrupulous examination shall be found fully to merit lliem, and to reduce all salaries lo the A marican standard. To dicharge all the standing army, except such p.trt of the ordnance and artillery as may be aecrasary to maintain the arsenal.s at tlie sca|orts in a stale of reai'iiiess for war; and to abolish the Military Academy, and to dis|K)sc of all barracks and oilier property now applied to military uses. To make the counties, each according tu its ulwle numlNT of memlMTs ol' pMrliainenI, niMintain and equip a Ixnly of miliiia, hoisc as well aa fool, and arlihery at tlie country's ex (tense ; and to have tliaaa bodies ak tlH*y are in .\meiica, mustered al slated ()eriods, V) that at any time a hundred thousand efTirient men may be nady lo coint; into tlie field if tlic defence of the kini!dom teqnires tt. To abolish tithes of every deftcri|ition. To leave to the clergy, tlw churches, and rhurch-ynrds, the jiarsonage houses, and liie muirui ghlM>s, and for the rest, leave them tu the voluntary contribuli effective stilt, was sure to [mss into a iaw. To send no man to parliament who would not pled:;e himwif to supfxirt tlie principles laid down in bis (Cobbett^s) propoilions. Wlicn alluding to what had lieen said and written res^iecting commercial men lieint: most fit persons to rt*tiresent commercial towns, he asked what Mr. Patr<'l of Leicester, as a commercial man, had done — Mr. Denison of .Nottinj:ham, and tlic four commercial men who had tlie honcMir of representing tlie City of London ? why, not one of tlwni had the courage tu rise up in llie House of Commons in npjM)iti.h bad lie* n receiving i^l,'.^K jer annum e:ich. Mr. Coblxii, in hia references to the public expenditure, passed several very M i I t 5 i\\ J


1 Sf I r


I.. I I I N^* \% 'I I i^n i 1 itl i' Zi}€ Ma'^mna Mvunfi* THE BURIKD ALIVE. My eyes wtTe !Ktil| shut, I Haw iiofliiu!,' ; but in a shoit is just hs ixliilarating, uiid ol'iuu a> dan tiiiiu 1 hudnl by iIk* biistlc in tliu room, that the studciiis oC, u •ol't 4nil whispering S4irrov iH' my frieiMi* uu^lit iiit* thai 1 haii liuthin^ tu hi|i(>. OiM* day Utytard* Ik* eveniwj,', (Im; rrisiu tiM>k place. 1 Wit* gei/^ni witii a siriiiige mimI iiMioM:rii)ublc i|uiveriiig — a ruxhinf^ MHiini w in uiy !.<•. I %uw artiuiui my couch, iunuiHrrihle siranifc fices ; llMy were brit^kt atu\ visiuuary, auiJ uiihuut Iwilie*. — Tlnrre wn liijht and sMibMiniily, ami I tried to move, but ruuW mK. For a ulnirl lime a irrible coufusioii uverulM-hm-d nil; ami when ii |MHH-d H, all my rei olleclion rilurut^l with iIh) Nio^t |HM fed diNiiu<:im!s, hut tlm power o\ Uiolioii jiad deparfrj, I lir*ard iIh? sound of wtcpin^' at my pilh>w, ami iIm voice ot* iIm? nurse ay, Ite is *i convid^'tl <^'^[\^ ^'riif', drew Im liarul over tny lace, and lox-d my eyes. 'V\iv irW WMt llien darkened, but I still could hear, and feel, W\ttu% my eyes were rIoM,'d, I heard by tlw attendants tlwt Hiy trtt'iul bad left iIm! room, ami I MM>n alter found Uw uwb-rlaki-rs were pr<|Mri(t)( lo b>diit me in Um; parmenis of iIhi ^rave. Tlieir tlHfii{^li( was more wful ijiau tin>;ii'f of my (rn rids. Tla'y lau^died ul one unotlMir Hs Hh'V turneMi on what whs deemod its last pillov, and I fek4iis tears drop on my face. postd to try on me smie i^alvanic ex|Mriinents ; and | Since that time Jack lias kept an auctit an Hfiparatus was arrangel loi that purpo:e. 'I'he lii it j Jottery office, and is ul present runner to a t • *^'^*''*''^ shock vibrated throuoji all my nerves. They rung I is n||at tinUxtoni of the hill, ^ms luunv a^|, 1' ^^ andjan!,ded like the strinpsof a harp. TliestudentH?xpresj ser^jpniany a good turn, but has never lost 1'^ "''•'M vmI thrir admiration at tlw convulsive eflect. The second i tun — his ruinous pliability of disposition, "* ^^ *• shock threw my eyes o|mmi, and the first (jerson I saw was *' I would rather," as Mr. Hackettsavs. the do< tor who had attended me. Hut still 1 '•^'Xhir i he story is mo*t veiilabie and the moral if ,1 1'. Mir. i''^'-.V. From the Lonitun Morning Chrouick tkt \\ European statesmen will not only find tlm d (the adihess oi the American i'resjdcni) full ?"*" maiion usually withheld from the profamMilL-aiiuj ""*'" ose but deficient in the information wliich usiihIIv f ^^"''*' my i substance ol" Kuropean state papt-rs. The IVtsil.'*'.'^ us nothiuL' of his do-yager mother, his wife, or Jy "', ? little Jacksons, wIk>, judging from KurofM-an aulk!* still 1 was as dead ; \ a salt-sea roarer," be a dandy wiiliJut 1 could, however, discover among tlie tulent8, the faces without vanity, a Diilclnnan witliout a pipo ; "^ ol 11 any with whom I was familiar; and when my eyes | man without a fiddle, tlian a r/y clever rJlJ ^' '^"'^'^ were o|>ened, \ heard my name pronounced by several oft Th • . the students, with an accent of awe anrl compassion, and a wish that it had been swmc other subject. U'lwn they had satisfierl themselves with the galvanic plicnomena, the demonstrator took the knife and piercen tor \\^x When aM wlio had any pcuiiar interest in me, had for a brighl-eyod, rosy-cheeked lad as ever plaved THE HI.STORY OF A VKRY CLKVKR FRLLOW. -. ,,,,,,. ^'•'t-'nable him to make a suitable provjs I like ywir clever leHows amaxingly ; your open-browI Not a word does he say of his own cstshlishmenij'/r^ J, open-ln'nrted, Ofwn-hamied, shrewd enter|Mizing cliaj palaces which are in progress, and the repairs ttlwrfc racleis, but as to your very clevi-r fellows— I mean Van| re.piiied to make tlie old edifice* worthy of iiM> UyJ/ kee clever— tlieie is an ominous emphasis in iImeApie>1 L' a naiion. This comes of tnisfmg tlie ag^K sion. The apiMllation was never Usiowe*! njkon me but 1 thirteen millions of men tooHenbo d once, and tlien 1 imagined I could feel myself losing my foot-hold on respectability, and sliding, like iImman in Lcjggeit's Story, down— down — ilown. Hut lhal' not to tlie |K)inl. Did you know Jack Kasy ? — I am sure you did, for you lired at the same time, in the same town with him. Kvery boowcr of action, but my wind*fmine was unmove.iMe. •Sooa after a few hamifulls eculiar (lualiiies very early in life • wIk'u a chihl he would gire away all his inarbles, and let llie little urchins split his top ; and he always treat<>d his own gingei bread as tlie English clergymen treat their parishioners — he took a tenth part : He was t>o fond ot play to be a i:ool sciiolnr ; yt bo was fco ready to acknowle]ge bis errors, received a scold know the name of his gr,iwlfatlef though, of cour ,had a iiamlfather as well a other folks. In u^ re$|K'ct \iiierican state pap<'rs are defective in inforna^ A correspondent points our attention to a ilisply of jib^ rality of the Maapiis of Uellesley, in the Iii^li ^ttm list, towards his apothecary and his private uxtm\ \\ hether Andrew Jackson has an apothecary or out, ii'i fact unknown in Eurojie ; but if lie has reioune'to n apolheiary, he docs not pay him by a pension out of i' taxes of the United States. To fiayofftlic imiioaal df* seems in Ameiica to be thought preferable io ^tjift,,., flic mothers of dukes, and tlw upotliecaries of semr:! the state receiving £.'),(KH). a-ycar. Hut, iridefd, n thin;: in Vmerica seems a perfect contrast to what is sm in hurope. 'I'he w.'iole expenditure of tliiriccn millioM of men, haviuL' relatiom in every corner of tlie Uitnl-^ woihl, and |H>sse^siiiga navy lespected in evny lei.ii about three millions and a half sterlinj;. This is, iaulMt nor.. tttrt tlirtv-vt-txttf tyf th tmit.'d cliurrliw W teacher listened with so much patience to his" long talks," | Kngland ami Ireland. In K.irope, it is ueil kr.oin tki and paid so much resin-ct to his haruini', that the fiedai the p-ople are sutferwl to exist because kings simT nnWrt gogite c.iuld never find it in his heart to reform" him ; so •' cannot d.) without people. In Am.rica, the |Kouli irr our liero, while at tlie aaideniy, learm^l little than to not for the sake of the governm.'nt, but {he ^overninc..! lui desci il)e a circle on tlie ice, anoph' should interfere in ihf afcuf im thumJer T,""""' "" — 7^ "^""••' gra1 mat tre credit" side of his *• prtdit and account dually became bs. and h.,, and by thesurging reverbera. wa^ be< omin, v. small, tfiat it wo'.iUl W in.po sibkfo i, ami tW Neitoo was trdi,( .. th,earth, slappinir the | cut out for b.n^iness, sIiIIIm, was a advan towards tiat of his *ymAe. Ihen all WAS ailent. I had no nwant of knowing tlie lapse af time ; and the silence cuminM^. Tins n death, UimivHit I, and I am dooiiNHl to remain in the earth till lU* resurrection. IViv s :.;."•-—•• •-' --' ^ -^ — • •>^r.^ :xxz!l r.frri!:ri 'C'i'^rt. as wi II as f anipUll could vmw llieiu,^t.d llie ex|M-dienry of hisemplov imr his ca#ital iu tU; manotjiclure of a m'W articWi to he iiiad> b\ alMiM jMiwei ; tlwro was imM tlie smalh-st doubt of a fortune's Immuij rediAi-d ia a Jililt tlic hand^ of Kmie dn-adful Uinf working al>out my throat. Tiny dragged me out of ttie coffin by tlie head.— I fehagJim tlie living air, but it was [nerctngly cold ; and [ was carrietl •Wiftly away— I aiou;:lit to judgment, (M-rhaps jx-rdiiion. When U>rne to some distance, 1 wastlwo thrown down like achHJ — it wasno< u|>on tlie grouml. A moment afterwards I (kiund inyseh on a carriage ; and by tlie interclage of two or ihnc lief *'ntM. is, I discoven-d that I was in tlit^ hapids of two of ||,M' lohUi s wIm> hve bv plwmWing tU' cr"*-, ami sellii.f iImImmIms of parents, and riiildrea, arNi Irii-nds. OneH ih of lie had pasM-d," >..e ol the UHM. M,.., snatclK-s and fixil !"— no sIh, could talk like a book. •Trap, ot obscemsongs, as th,cart ranU.i oxer Hk.' luveful ?"-no, she would tt II all she km nwnt of tlk' stH-cts. 100 as Mr. Hervey, nor (piite as much attadnd toMiliiude as Mr. Zimmerman, he was happy to scmf>e an ncipiainiaace with tlie jailor's dauchn-r.— He told h<>r the circumstances of his lite, ami related what he was pleas^| to ,-a|| bii misfortunes : lie s|mke of many a tract ; she lo\ed him for *' the dani:i-is •md Ir loved her that sIk; did pity them." LoviiiL' souls I she had a few dollars in cash, and he wanted to cut die jail •obe mairied Im r. Although, like Mr. C,b' eft, decidedly favoniahle to fbe matrimonial state, I do not tim.k our fiieml," uoikI ohsv man," was sufficiently cautious in his stdection of a omipanion. Why not t" you ask.—" \V.i she a vixen ?" —no, reader ; slie was t'entle as a dove. •' Was she a •* W as slic •t **y iicf iningioation without rylinint,' iK-r sentiments; of iv ruse me for AUiut this ume Jack's faila-r died, heaving him ten tlmuHnd dollars as his portion ; wl!reu|K>n a partioilar Iriend of his (money always brint's |Mrticulars,) who could | O, f ff.e rorfrs|HMid.i,t. alludrd lo. noisi bt our Mk rvi the pirasures ol hojie," as w. II as f anioUll roiild M"-""^nP, fhr I .mous < 'h:irh-^ MaihrwH— W'have rrreivrd U-Ut-rn from ihrtr trrnllem^n. nffrrilij heri.m*' iisHiil attpr fhfir death hv enya^ini: durmj: ilfPi'h to cue their (mmIh-s over for du^r'-rtion. when tliy •h" ^ •• shntHt-d otr Itiis mortal cod." 'f'ho :hcv h** fll"'^* ** exnmplf of <*ol. Jom-s in ilerbrm^ pnl.lii Jv ii. if pairtoiif w tenliim. and nnounrmg lhron);h us. their fitM ol>it wntniNiiHm* to s( lence, we owe it to their rtpiil;ifion for .rigiwK" • rate, that ihey had ,ill prerioulv rr<*olved on ni^kine fli' •• orifice to the correction of |N>pulir pr-jndicr, ;in.l h •! f^""'' ed their betpiesN with their n's|Htivr Iriends. <'•< "* correspondents allniled to is a prol.-ssor in lh* bii.t<>ii I •vemify, who had prnmiserl his skull two vrnri >*j:" I" ''^ *** mical rollertion of that inMiiiiiiion. as he no 'lou'x P<** Piously devoted his head io rhe |womolim of its iiiirn-^'' ^"*' I ime. The cranium was inttMided lo illiisirafe or ' f*^*^ certain doclrinrs in phrnolot;\ on who h he loinsril nii*^'*' ol no fixed opinion : but the body wis im < ^-.-.iril^ '" n"****^ with the cranium to thr flisvctm^ table lor <:'IhmI ol'""' anatomical (h-nioiistraium. Hmlituas, we aie loM. u" one spur, well know inn, addn his poetical histuri;fed (r my shroud, was placei, nakeil on a table tlM*conversalion ol iIk* two ft !iuws with the s< ivuii admitted tlKin, I h>arneil, that I was that ni^'iit tu Im sectttd. wIm) dismentioninit— of takint: a Ld;iss too mudi' iliere It's all out. Hut my ladv read.-rs, do not scorn her. I d-.ubt not bui >ome of \,n\ have bee.i intjxicaicd with tljttcrv, whivii '** Ins critics and his anatouiiial legatee. SirfJiIhert Iliathio.e, one of the nnist wealthy '" /|Jt! amiable Baronels m ihe I niicl Kingdom, it i .said. •"*"**^ •e rawed to the di;:nit\ id ih I'rcratctmmm '"dlMMaiMik. <^ QtonUE UIGCiiii, l::litor. ^s mmmmm^^ Tilt: BAHAMA ARGUs. rUBlJJilfEO .i)FMI-WRKKLY IS .ViSKAV, N. P. •Zn advance. Biirlit BUarB per annain< iVED\t.iiiiiv. ti iRi II *ii, ma^j. diate command of Major tM-nc VOL. l—IVp. LXXI. 1. 11 FCETP.T. #VMilAr Mrt ruimtitiinfor Aufpat. XnmTMiV STRAIN TO NlC||t>LA.S P\(7ANINI C.t b,.*jn*n : man of sharps ore sharp than sword. • QnnA exetutioner, that hauK'st in chords Ttie .Iviag notes throujih whieh our raiifu,e, • Sviri iiecli -romancer i^ (he niaKir .scroll Mviiic inoHiciau ub, let lae enrol MyhuiiMne with thepraise that KurojMgives? nn^M Caiahist, that exchaagest notes for notes' Wis.vtry, that dost secure all votes I IV't .hil-l ol Ushion :— |,.a,|er cd the i..n* •*^"' ^^ ill..u>'hbv Cotton 01 IIh; 1,1 ,„,1_,|„.. „„.„,„„., ,„j J 1 .ng l,c dc-s,ruc.i„„ „r p,„,„r,y, an.) „l,i„,.,..|v ,u,rmi„. a rc.bc-ll,o„ wlMch, a. ,l,e c, „c„ce.,>„,, .hrcaa'K".? lone Arth-talliaafl of the string siip|Mirtt*d bridae* HitiU sealer ot perlerlion's airiest ridj-e Oil .'botr can words thy vast perfection own True alchyiaist— illustrious Pa<;anini • Th iIihu canst turn each note into a guinea riiijs iinj; noirs a pre.ninni al„,v^ y.,|,|'. A l{.dv;mit. thMi inak'st dull hod,*.^ „ari Willi llmie electric touches— and ihou art ••>buterol Art.," more rde thju maybe told. Wwrhrf. Viotii, Spa:;noIetti, Mori Lfnt I). Heriot. hold Spohr. an.l 0„ry. Lo'l.r. an.l Cramer, and the rmled May. Jlf. all jireaf. are little atfainsi thee' Thou L,rd ol Crowdero,. compHit.on freV nif fu pfM ultra, and ho,i piu nndn 111 others indk-andrill. p ^^'T. every one. are. (hT 7'k 'n7' '^"l' •""''*^* "* ^'ream-owocr •• •< Ml... „ shall he said, wnh praise not srantf Wh bow and arrow, and w.ih Kosin. a'm-he?" Tky wdd. mysterious, ha,£Krd. unstrung hKiki l^j rjfcn hair :h it no cot-rcion brook* H. m.ele susp.eion try at a lalse har tye ; .t.e| I know thy douiKs are all sound; -s what mischief can in him be ft.und W twse Iriends. toes, fiddle, are ihke amatl f ThfT c.n thee name.-d ,oe their paltry shifts)-. A."o,u.-stri.iuM Jack of neck -ornothing ,h ^s^ But heed not thou of malit e such a stale tlH.v h..l .n. I 1 ^ "' "" ^ •*-' pn'jH-rties to which tly belonged ; and no doubt on remain, that by tlieir mfluenceand exatnple. the slaves were encourajje^I to ,^. |Kt tate the in which tlnjy have ben n so deeply invo ved. I regret to atate, that in suppressing tlu. most calamitous rebellion, many slaves perished m t!,e fmid, and numbers have been executed after trial ; buttlieaud.c,\y of the rebels wa, so great, that sti ikinjj examples were found indispensably necessary ; for mistaken k-niiv would have only opi^rated as an indirect encouracn^mem to the disaticcted, to jierseverein tlieii lawU>u designs I trust I can now, with confuk'nce assure you, that the rebellion may bo considere.1 at an end. buttiiiie alone and a speedy oblivion of past ollence^. can heal thewoumh It has inflicted, and restore confidence bctwe, n the mas ter and tlK.> slave. An awtui lesson ha. bt^n taught to tla, whole slave population, of the utter ho}>elessne8s of anv attempt to resist tkauthority of the law with clianco of success, and tlic fatal exjK'rience thev have Iiad of the promptitude and dispatch with which an overwhelming force has b€?en brought into action against them, will nuard against the machinations which lavo been emploi-ed to withdiaw them from their allegiance and the ,'uiv thev owe to their masters. ^ ^ It 'vill be your province to endeavour to trace this unprovoked rebellion to its true origin ; that a very e^neral impression hasU^n made on the minds of the sla've i)o„ulation. that His Majesty had granted their fn'edom, is undeniably proved by the dying declarations of many unfortunate individuals who have lufltrod under sentence of tlie law. I shall lay before you, at an riy period, such infor f tire justice requires, ami hy>hich aloWiruth '" ""'"^ maiion as may be oseful on this enfjuirv, in the pursuit ol *;"^''.'_* *' confident, you will pmce;d with that entire ant ustice reouirm. n< i.t,-^i.:..i_• '^ . ""v ceridinei • I ha can be as ve received His Majesty', commands to tubmit )A^K^h.U.,alse knaves ,odn.w';^;^-7;:r;:,= "^ thou but thine, lar better, ahhonj-h shorter • Ile^t1 their tales, .nd mind thy fidulet tid-ni lb g iMiw taught are, irler ; tad-piece. Ji^ hath beat many who before beat him • !•. t rtiou yield unto the ty.ant rim ^1 he or thee chaunt forth his mower's chime 7 J^^^hions change, and .seasons pa^H a' *< tbou m lame canst never know decay Wh art thyself •• the very Nick of Tii Fwrfl. ,n,,Ht mental instrumentalist J^'rtn.ed hddler' harmony's hih orieat • P.we1l.^,„,,ono,go,rhour* ^•"ure4r>,nd cash to any tunc. pii^s away. ou piopos.tion for the future regulation .nd ,overn.,K.nt of the slaves, calcul.ted to simplify and consolidate in our enactment all the laws passe.l on this subject, and, as His Majesty's (Jovernnient attach the greatestimporlancoto your early consideration of it I shall oso no lime in recommending it to your must seriiu* atlention. •' Mr. Spfaker and arntlrmn of the A,emnlu, I deeply lament the unavoidabto exfR-nse which been suVed m7 nr'"^ '" r*" '*'" •*'^""'""' '^^"'<< '-- b^t^e C^overntr.''''"^^^ '"" ^' conduct be.n adopted The re}>ori having been read, it was referred to tlie Committee of the wholu House->M,. <,,, „ ,rch^ r M Lvnch moved that tlie report should be read i^ara. graph by paragraph. ^*^ f*^* ^ When the para^jrapl. lo which we have just allude.!, wa. Mr. King rnovcd an amendment that it should be deled. aa U coiitain.-.l a severe censure .in the Guveriior Mr. Hatty seconded the ammdmenf, and Kve hit reasons for dot n,? so, in a sfnecli of consi.lerable length. Several Members, among wUim we,e Mr. Hodgson, Mr. Berry Mr. Lynch. Mr. Stamp, ^c. du^ op,K,.ed H amem iiient stating „ as their opiuK>n. that i tlie nr^ claiuatmn had bt^.n issuH at e. pro.K-r time. Hk, grea^ good wxiuld have resulted to the island. ^ of s[; ^>"'"'' • ""^-Ji*in<^ion, insiannd tl^. conduct of N r James Lyon at Barbadoes. who promuleated tlio proclamation imn>ediately after b. receivetl h Alter a debate of upwards of four hour.,' the comm.ttee divided, wlien Mr. King', amendment was agreed to by a majority ol U to 12. Pro|;res. wa, reiKirted in conson, as From the Jamaica Cimranl^ March I. An expre-ision of feeling took place in the House of /Vnembly yesterday, which bartlrs description, and exceeded, a. far as we can understand, anythine of the kind which has ever Iw'en witm-ssi-d within 'the walls of that House, on .Mr. Lynch submitting a motion to tlie House not to entertain any pio|M.sition having for its object the hirtlM.r ameliorati.m of the condition .d^ the slave, in this island^uring the prevnt Ses.ion, and which the Honourable member sup|>.>rted in terms of great nuKleration, •irgmg the impropriety of entering into such a discussion if-arcs t hope! ^hilt from us t..osoon : "" ni..kefhy stay w,th as a Hoohle sfo^i J •Utiasre. Cremona ?— rRiVTKR's D— L. JA.MAiCA. nOU.SEOFASSEMBLY. TWSr Sr^,i . TuKsiiAV, February 28 > Ver took the Chair at thn-e iviock, aL ap!"? to proclamation. '1* C louse had met le acM? island irom ; ' recently after the late niM-llion, and Iwfore the minds of sorb rr-lu.f rnil 1 o I T 'H HIV jmfgmeni, the slaves were sufficient! V ira I su< 11 relnt could be attorded.consisunt with '" ^ the exmencies of the public service. •* (itntlftnen of the CoHnril, u i* ^^'[' ^P^''''" "'"' (irntUmrn of the Astemhlif I leel ereat concern at the inconvenience to which you must be ex|)osed by the necessitv which re-assemble the <*omfiels me to npiiHi7.ed. Mr. Beaumont op|M)sed the measure, and entered into .'ument to fchiw that the miscondiKt of slaves who had instigated otiiers to rebelhon, ought not to prevent tlie House from extending its beneficence to the preat liody of tin! slave [K>pulaiion. Mf. Beaumont, in the course of his argument said, it was m sorne measure from the har.lships under which the '••'^'*.'*' K'I, bin.j in many instances unable to proan early aud saiufactory conclusion." Tm-RSDAv, March L ""Mhe following Speech: 'i;ntlfrnrn of the Council ^TJ:^":1\'^'^'^ '"fi-'^^'-V to IJsorrow' I •r*d as Jjlfen ^Clf attrtAt this assertion, loud cries resounded through every part of the House from Metnl>ers, as o Mr. Brnar(r< Bill for tlie relief of Invdvent Debtors read and passed ; and Mr. Bernard ami Mr. Dallas aJ pointed a Committee to wait on the ( ouocd, and desin^ tlnir ronrnrrrncr thereto. Mr. Mander^on moved that the following messace be sent to tin.' Governor : — ^*^ bute '"""v ties i hooks of accounts." ^ '^ P"'^''*^ ^^'" ^dd infinitelv In il. c.v......^ i '. ,,.... AcHKid to— and Mr. .Manderson and Mr. King appointed a Committee to wait on His Kxcellency therewith. On motion of Mr. Bernard, tlie Island Secretary ordered to sf>cakef could not enforce or.ler. \t ihi the Speaker wa, about to clear tlw bar, but M,. Stamp roU to speak to order, and remarked, that In f..r<. the Hoim decjl wlietlw^r tlie bar slmuhl l>e c learel or not, lie would address a f,!w words to iImcentlemen at tlie har ; which was, toreqiK-st that tln-y would restrain their feelings, sod liear out the rrMmlnT for Westmoreland, so tlwt they mnjbi lornri a complete iudgnvint of tlio opinions enterj tamed by him. This Mr. Beaumont objected to, statinL% that lie cared ,H>t/or the opinions, nor required the interference of the memlu-r for St. (ieonre, to enforce order. .NMne desultory remaiks then pasMnl among f>ther members ; and as the S|,..aker was about to take iha I *•• "^^ ** hoiw, Mr. Beaumont said he would not presa plete echo of the Governor's s.^ech-wiUi the'excetZn nrT77 ^""^ 1"^'"^ '^ '" ^'^T> ^^^^^^ •- of one paragraph in it, which expresses tlie I^rw ^ T .J 1 "'*"-"''• animated and d. ply interesting. '•*^iu.ed. An Vl .^'' c' '''''^'^ *'''^'-' '-I '-'. should have b. en so loo. a tiim. delayed and c,oe" ( Vll" A^ ""'* ''"'"*'; '" "'" *'-> '' '"M-r-Mon, but we ^' ade., lora., under the immc ,.1.^; the opinion uf .Ik Hou.. that ili^L^ul'XZ'^:^ V' VI *"'\P^^-'" conchismn we shafl urea.Jiul ctc only y that the speech ol Mr. H. a-imont was tiKt, and ;'""' •" <"onformitv with tli \ f HI if !l ^*~y'v